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2013 Art Festival flooded with entries With bated breath, some of the Art Festival crowd


eld on the Australia Day weekend, it was perfect weather for viewing artwork - and ducks! A lot of attendees were glad to be out of the house on the wet weekend Unfortunately, Coondoo and flooding in Gympie prevented our Mayor, some sponsors and participants from attending. Even the markets, live entertainers and wine and cheese were kept at bay. Not to worry, Ricky Modin filled in to present prizes and give speeches left, right

and centre. With an extra 50 more entries to last year, the fifth annual Rainbow Beach Art Festival was the biggest “Brushes by the Sea” yet. Local artists from around the Cooloola Coast area of Rainbow Beach, Tin Can Bay and Cooloola Cove were eligible to enter, and enter they did. Organisers Bev Starr and Peggy Howe were delighted to see the flood of photography entries, the seccontinued on page 6

Five Gympie Girls having a blast of a Summer in the tranquil waters of Inskip Point 2013 People’s Choice winner was Carolyn Smith with “The Magpie Fight”.

“Best season ever!” A Lena Brodin took out the “Our Local Area” - Rick Modin will display her artwork at the Sports Club for all to enjoy

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fter the last couple of years with poor weather in our peak season, it was great to see so many smiles around the coast’s businesses. 13th Beach’s Shane Mahn agrees, “the weather saved us – we were flat out.” “It was a record breaker for us at the carwash – above 2009, when it was really good, and many other years,” reported Scott Elms, Rainbow Beach Chamber of Commerce and Tourism President. He tells us many other businesses are saying the same thing. Tin Can Bay Chamber of Commerce and Tourism President, Kevin Reibel reports it was busy times in the accommodation, hospitality and real estate sectors. The New Year’s Carnival was a good success with probably

1000 or more attending. It was great to give families and parents a night of entertainment and music with the fireworks. Adam Rummery from Rainbow Beach Hotel was smiling, “It was the busiest we’ve ever seen it. There were 20 people out the door waiting to get in on New Year’s Eve. That’s never happened before. The two separate bars were constant. On our busiest day ever, we served 270 lunch “covers” – that’s main meal only, not counting kid’s meals, starters or desserts with 260 covers again at dinner. Across the busy season, the whole team worked twice as hard and twice as long.” continued on page 3

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Confused Chickens, Beach Fees and Nature Coast … As we go to print, the Australia Day weekend has been immersed across our state. Our thoughts go to all the families coping with the flooding in our region and across Queensland, and thanks to all the organisations and volunteers helping out. What a start to 2013 we’ve had, with lots of smiles from visitors and locals enjoying the holiday season. We’re delighted to hear about the Nature Coast – we need initiatives that will benefit not only tourism but also our environment. There are a couple of articles on the Vehicle Access Permits – you can have your say at the Community Cabinet this month or text the editor. Join us online, you can share your news with family and friends out of the area. The tide charts produced the most responses last month. Be assured, they are quite correct for February. We really do appreciate your feedback,

and would like to publish more letters and texts to the editor. How have the VAPs affected your business? What should the government do with the Lighthouse when the lease is up? Do you have any suggestions for Council, GCT or our Chambers of Commerce and Tourism? What else should we be reporting on? Congratulations to everyone – organisers, sponsors, artists and crafters for our 2013 Brushes By The Sea Art Festival, it’s been another brilliant event. As for the Confused Chicken, you’ll have to ask Scott from the butcher about that one! Until next month, Heatley and Michelle Gilmore PS School’s back – kids, please walk your bikes at the crossing and drivers – slow down and help keep them safe.


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Low tide queues at the Shell were regularly past the hardware shop continued from page 1

The Surf Club has had a fantastic twelve months, with December well up on last year. Manager, Brad Robb tells us the new hot and cold seafood platters were a best seller. “For so long, I haven’t seen so many cars parked in town,” said Judy from the Waterview Bistro. “We were booked out every night. Queensland has suffered a lot in the last four years, and now we are coming out of it. People are buying real estate and going out, it’s on the up.” Judy says it was amazing, just like town used to be this time of year. Ruth Modin from Foodworks said “It was the best season ever and the icing on the cake this year with Christmas falling on the Tuesday, many people had Monday off, which meant an extra lot of visitors, preChristmas. For our business, rain generally means shopping time for lots of visitors so we had a few anxious moments with the continued dry weather, however, shoppers came anyway. The main street was extremely busy and still is – it’s the longest the season has lasted.” Ruth continued, “Water and drinks were our most popular items – we sold pallets and pallets of them. New Year’s Day we are the first shop open – for thirty consecutive years we’ve seen partygoers returning from the beach in the early hours. This year – all I saw was one empty can in the middle of the road.” It was the best behaved New Year’s crowd Ruth has witnessed. Coloured Sands Café experienced their busiest season in the last 5 to 6 years and they have employed more staff to keep up with it. Everything on their menu was in demand, but owners Andy and Alison Steifler said fish, chips and burgers sold the most. Wayne from Rainbow Beach Camping and Tackle was hard put to tell us what his best seller was, as “not one thing” but everything sold so well over the season. Gas stoves, bottles and refills, camping and fishing gear, kites and umbrellas were all popular. News from the Chilly Bin was positive - it was a “great Christmas with great people” visiting. Nev and Juanita said the most popular items were the 20kg bags of ice. Gas was also a big seller, and they sold “tubs and tubs” of worms. They said there was no comparison to the last two years and they noticed there was more money around this season, and felt it was a sign that things were picking up. Tony Dean from the Iceworks said it was the most ice he has ever sold in a Summer. It was the biggest season since 2008, and would have been bigger with his wood sales if there wasn’t a fire ban. As the only

local manufacturer of ice between Brisbane and Bundaberg, he says he picked up a lot of new business and had to put on more staff. They spent three months in preparation for the peak season. Sandy Brosnan tells us that the wet weather last year was great for their laundromat business, The Soapy Seahorse. Despite the sunny conditions, it has been a bumper festive season, well above previous times. Their fresh seafood has been the most popular seller for their other business, Ocean Breeze Seafoods. A spokesperson from the local Queensland Parks and Wildlife Office said that all camping areas reached their peak capacity during Christmas/New Year (Inskip Peninsula – 3000, Teewah Beach 2500 and Freshwater 300). Following that period, numbers stayed consistently high, comparative to other years with ideal weather conditions. Like Judy from the Waterview many are “exhausted but happy”. No doubt about it, there will be plenty of residents ready for their holiday in February! Editor’s Note: To all the visitors who chose our beautiful region for their Summer holiday, thank you!

Jasmine Durrant from Brisbane was loving Inskip Point

Tin Can Bay NYE captured by Scott Johnson from Phocus Photography Alison Steifler with the Coloured Sand Café’s newest recruit, daughter, Ella-Rose

Local News

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Case not closed on Beach Fees

Every day locals want to enjoy this pristine area, there is a cost


f you lived in town September 2008, you would remember the hundreds of locals and holiday makers protesting and the 300 strong four wheel drive convoy from Rainbow Beach to Double Island and back. They were standing up to the proposal for payment to drive on Cooloola’s beaches. Local member, Mr David Gibson provided support at the rally and in January 2009, at a meeting held at Inskip Point. He also met with Labour Minister with a contingent including representatives Scott Elms, Sandy Brosnan and the Mayor who travelled to Parliament House to try to prevent the introduction of Vehicle Access Permits or VAPs and the impact permits would have on our town, tourism sector and businesses. Since the introduction of the fees in October 2010, the fees have been a reported as

a barrier for tourism and for locals enjoying their own outdoors. Rainbow Beach business owners, Sandy Brosnan, Ruth Modin and Matt Collins met with the National Parks, Sport, Recreation and Racing Minister, Mr Steve Dickson in Brisbane, August 2012, to advocate for change. Despite claims to the contrary, it seems that the case is not closed. Last week Mr Gibson told Rainbow Beach Community News, “I remain of the view that the current beach fee was nothing more than a cash grab by the previous Labor government in putting a toll on an existing gazette road, being the beach between Rainbow Beach and the Noosa north shore.” Mr Gibson continued, “It is my understanding that the departmental review of all QPWS

fees is still ongoing and is not expected to be finalised until mid year, so whilst that is the case I will continue to advocate for a better system than what we currently have, a system that does not deter tourists or penalise locals from enjoying our great coast. He states, “I am also still pushing for a review of the lease over the Double Island Point lighthouse as there still remain many unanswered questions about how that lease was awarded.” “But for us to be successful we need to show the strong community concern on these issues with as many people and groups attending the community cabinet as possible,” Mr Gibson urged. Scott Elms from the Rainbow Beach Commerce and Tourism Association is also keen to see the fees abolished. Foodworks’ Ruth Modin queries, “Where has the money been spent?” as fees were supposed to benefit our region. One wonders what the answer to this is. Sandy Brosnan from the Rainbow Beach Progress Association, a group that have been involved since the beginning, believes there may be other options for revenue. “We suggest returning the lighthouse to Cooloola, as an environmental tourist destination, capable of generating income in excess of current VAP fees that will protect as well as share our beautiful coastline.” Now is the time to support the fight once again – give the Progress Association your letter of support or encourage your local group to attend the Community Cabinet meeting this month.

Celebrating their 10th Anniversary, Brisbane couple Dave Taylor and Nathalie Butt with niece Isabel Lucev at gorgeous Double Island Point

Returning to their place of marriage after 10 years


risbane couple Dave Taylor and Nathalie Butt were married Christmas Eve, 2002 at Double Island Point. They stayed at the cottage just after it had been renovated, through their connections with Noosa Parks Association and family in Tewantin. This is their first visit to Rainbow Beach and they tell us they love the area. Glen Wiggins drove them back to the scene of their nuptials on the Surf and Sand Safari Tours last month. It is no surprise when Dave states, “Double Island Point is the most beautiful place in the world”. Happy 10th Anniversary!

Local News

Lilly Bond, Tilly Duggan, Annie White, Jasmin White, Jorja Duggan and James Worthington - soaking up the culture

continued from page 1

tion was well supported by the local Camera Club. The Jewellery returned to the Craft section and a new category, Drawing, was introduced. There were also more Quilting entries this year - Bev said her jaw dropped with “all those quilts!” and Peggy commented that many more teens had bravely entered their work in the sections other than Young Artist. In fact, there was only one category – Watercolour that did not include work from our younger residents. National Mortimore Prize Winner, Tricia Reust kindly travelled from Redcliffe to judge for us, good practice for when she continues the tradition of the Best in Show recipient, being a judge in next year’s Mortimore award. Tricia conducted a drawing demonstration, which raised money for playgroup and donated her artwork from the morning for further fundraising. Tricia stated that it was a rare thing that our community had – such a positive community for artists to thrive. Many artists received a special mention for their work. Judge for the photography section, Ken Ferguson was not able attend due to the weather. Luckily Gympie Patchwork’s Margaret Sanderson and Denysse Swan had judged the quilting the previous day. Peggy Howe gave a big thank you to co-host, Bev Starr – especially for answering computer questions and arranging artwork. She thanked Ian and Glennie Thomas for their generosity with making stands, the quilting ladies and golfers and all the other volunteers who helped with the set up. As it was pounding down outside, Bev Starr made everyone admit to saying “Gosh we needed the rain!”

Brenda Stokes poses with her photography win

Winner Annie White’s “Polly Parrot”

Organisers applauded Rick Modin, saying there was so much effort on the Sport and Recreation Club’s part, and that the event would be impossible without Rick and his team behind them. There were big plugs for local businesses, most family run, urging locals to give our support back to the sponsors. This year the Encouragement Awards for each category was sponsored by newcomer Café Jilarty at Rainbow. Section 1 was Our Local Area. Sponsored by the Rainbow Beach Sports, Memorial

And Recreation Club; “Bush” by Lena Brodin was the winner of the acquisitive prize and the encouragement award was “Home” by Carolyn Smith, the judge loving her the artist’s interpretation of the theme. Sponsored By Rainbow Shores Resort; Tricia Reust felt Section 2, Acrylic was the most difficult section to judge and deemed “The Magpie Fight “by Carolyn Smith as the winner with “Pied Oyster Cather” by Annette Wiggins given the encouragement award. Section 3, Oils, was sponsored by the

Page 6 Rainbow Beach Tourist Centre. “Flood Plain Sunrise” by Robin Hines won the section and “Bush Fire” by Shirley Markwell was rewarded with the encouragement award. Rainbow Beach Meats sponsored Section 4, Watercolour . “Snowflake fantasy” by Carolyn Smith won and the encouragement award was “Flowers” by Leonie Guerin. Tricia Reust said the winner took photography to the realm of artistic endeavour. In the Photography Section, sponsored by Foodworks, Brenda Stokes was thrilled to win with “Sunset Wollogorang” and the encouragement award was “beautifully composed capturing motion and focus” was won with “The Eagle has Landed” by Neita Lindfield. Always impressed with the work involved, Quilting was sponsored by Ed’s Beach Bakery and the accolades taken by Tina Guy with her “eye catching” “My Secret Garden” and “Around the Bend” by Ann Weller won the encouragement award. Cooloola Realty sponsored Craft (section 7) to reward Gaybrielle Stewart with her beautiful embroidery in “Bottoms Up!” and the Encouragement Award was well deserved by Grant McFarlane with his driftwood creation,“ Bones”. A very humble Graham Chappill won Section 8, Drawing with “H.O.F.D.I.”, sponsored by Cooloola Cove Landscaping And Garden Supplies & Cooloola Hire and encouragement award was “Last Man Out” by Hayley McFarlane. Dr. David Smith supported the Young Artist (9-16yrs) which was won by Jasmin Adams with “Kurt” and “Inside Out” by Georgia Modin received the Encouragement Award. Judges gave two special mentions to

Local News

Prize winner Hayley and Mum Kathy McFarlane with a sketch of her Nan “Our Beautiful Angel” Caitlyn Hayes for her artwork. Polly Parrot won Young Artist (9 & under) Annie White a prize from Surf & Sand Safari Tours. Jonas Hempenstall won the Encouragement award with his “Revenge”. There were two special mentions to Jasper Yallowley. After such a huge line up of prizes, there was suspense to hear the ever popular People’s Choice Award winner. Sponsored by the Rainbow Beach Sports, Recreation & Memorial Club , it was Rick Modin’s job to announce the 2013 winner was Carolyn Smith with “The Magpie Fight”. This is the third time in the last four years that Carolyn has won this coveted prize. Each year a different local community group is selected to be the recipient of the monies raised by the Festival. “Brushes by the Sea” 2013 supported the Rainbow Beach Play Group to purchase outdoor equipment. The afternoon saw the ever popular goose raffle with over $1000 of prizes including a $250.00 photo shoot and various accommodation and meal vouchers. Playgroup would like to send a big thank you to all the sponsors for the goose club raffle including: Phocus Photography, Debbie’s Place, Pavilion Restaurant, Waterview Bistro, Rainbow Beach Meats Luke Simpson, Serenity Beauty, Beauty by the “C” - Body Shop, Kylie’s Hairdressing, Bitchy Chix , Mitre 10, Skydive, Thirsty Camel, Tribal Travel, Bessie and the IGA . Due to the flooding, the Club kindly postponed the raffles to another busy afternoon, to maximise fundraising efforts. Peggy was glad to see the younger generations soaking up the artwork, and is very keen to see more children enter next year. This family friendly event regularly has two or more different family members – sometimes a generation apart - enter their creations. Once again, organisers received lots of praise for the conclusion of another (the

fifth!) successful “Brushes by the Sea” Art Festival. With the “Mystery Painting” name Tsunami, artwork bought and sold, artists and organisers relaxed and enjoyed a quiet evening (with BBQ on the deck) as the blue skies appeared.

Graham Chappill’s decapitation wins the Drawing section

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Local News

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Our New Foreshore

Views from the Propellor

Family Anita Klrssen, Diego, Jordy and Isa Pira visiting from Italy, admire our views at the lookout.


ork is nearing completion on Rainbow Beach’s new public amenities and associated infrastructure and streetscaping improvements. Gympie Regional Council Division 1 Councillor Mark McDonald said the old toilet block had been replaced with a new, modern facility last year, with finishing

Our new beachscape touches to things like landscaping all that remains. “New footpaths and a pedestrian crossing have been constructed to improve safety for people accessing the beach, as well as other pedestrians,” Cr McDonald said.“Road signage had also been upgraded to make vehicle drivers

aware of the pedestrian environment. The end result is safer and better connectivity between public amenities and the beach.” Cr McDonald said the project’s landscaping component was now in its final stages. “Australasian native plants have been utilised to enhance the area’s coastal characteristics,” he said.

Local News

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Have your say at the next Community Cabinet


“This is the best park in Rainbow Beach!”

Climbing fun Joe, Hugh and Archie

More of the same..

“It’s also good to see the use of recycled plastic throughout, with bollards and even components of the new beach shower facility containing recycled materials.” Nearby, council is also replacing play equipment in Phil Rogers Park with a new multi-user swing which can accommodate up

to six children at a time. A shade sail and softfall surfacing forms part of the upgrade, which council hopes to complete by the Australia Day weekend. Editor: We’re looking forward to hearing about the new steps to the beach – stay tuned for more details next month.

Phil Rogers Park – waiting, waiting in anticipation

remier Campbell Newman has announced the next Community Cabinet will be held on the Fraser Coast on February 24 and 25. It will be the sixth Newman Government Community Cabinet held in regional Queensland. Mr Newman said the Fraser Coast’s unique attributes made the region an ideal location for the meeting. “The Fraser Coast’s profile is growing every day because of its unique heritage and environmental attributes.” Mr Newman said. “The region’s mix of attractions and boundless opportunity means it will have a key role in getting Queensland back on track by contributing to our four pillar economy. “Community Cabinet will be a great opportunity for locals to meet with members of the LNP Cabinet and tell us about their concerns and what is important to them. By taking Cabinet to different regions we get a good cross section of views about how we can make a change for the better in this State.” All nineteen members of the Cabinet will travel to the Fraser Coast for the meeting.

Member for Gympie, David Gibson MP encouraged locals to consider travelling to the Fraser Coast for this community cabinet and registering for an appointment with his Cabinet colleagues. “I know there are many issues that local residents would like to raise in a face to face meeting with the relevant Minister.” Mr Gibson said. “This is an ideal opportunity to share the community’s view on the Rainbow Beach fees, Double Island Point lighthouse, and beach camping or any other issue.” All members of the public are welcome, however you must register to request an appointment to have you say. Meeting request forms are available from: • Department of the Premier and Cabinet - telephone 1800 448 377 or 1800 448 378, or website • Fraser Coast Regional Council – 77 Tavistock Street, Hervey Bay, or 431-433 Kent Street, Maryborough, or by calling 1300 79 49 29 Deputation requests must be submitted by 13 February.

Local News

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Wolf Rock Dive Report T

he warm diving weather this month has been enjoyed by divers with water temperatures hovering at 26 -27 degrees. Grey nurse sharks have finished their mating and are now moving into their gestation period when we get all the pregnant females agGiant Anglerfish gregating at Wolf Rock for the next 6 months or so. Lots of big eagle rays around in the first few weeks of January which indicated they could have been a mating aggregation as well. In summer months we often see the eagle rays in large squadrons of anything between 6 – 20 rays at a time. Throughout the cooler months we usually see them moving about by themselves. I guess if the sharks have a mating season then the eagle rays are probably the same. Some really big giant Queensland gropers have also been seen. Turtles, the odd bull ray,

Eagle Ray Squadron

moray eels, octopus, wobbegongs, leopard sharks....we are so lucky to have such a healthy dive site to enjoy. Another highlight for me just recently was the sighting of the biggest anglerfish you will find in Australian waters - the giant Anglerfish which grows to a maximum of 30cm, so the one we found at Wolf Rock was definitely fully grown. According to the book Sea Fishes of Australia it is only found along the length of the Queensland coast here in Australia and it mimics the colours of sponges to try and blend in with the reef. See photo this month. Visibility has been averaging around 8 metres so far for the month but as this report is only for the first 2 weeks of January we anticipate we should have some better visibility for the Australia Day weekend. Cheryl Maughan Wolf Rock Dive

Men’s Shed have land


embers of the Tin Can Bay Community and Men’s Shed Inc. met on January 16th for their first meeting of 2013 to announce the happy news that Council has now granted a lease on a piece of land situated near the Community Hall at Tin Can Bay, subject to meeting certain conditions. The group’s inaugural AGM is set for 7pm on Wednesday 20th February at the Tin Can Bay Country Club. President Bobbie

3 hour Surf Lessons and Dolphin View Kayaking Tour at Double Island Point


3hr lesson Learn to Surf on the Longest Safest Wave in Australia Both Tours include a 4WD beach drive past the famous Rainbow Beach Coloured sands Also available: n Gift Vouchers n Sand and Surf Board hire n Hardwire, Surfwear outlet

Sunset kayak tour departing 4.30pm daily (2 hours) $29

Paddle with the Dolphins and see these amazing animals in the wild!

$65 3hr trip

Rainbow Beach Surf Centre

Shop 1, 6 Rainbow Beach Road, Rainbow Beach, Qld, 4581 Ph: 0408738192

Wessling is asking the local community for their support so the group can in turn support the local community. Men and women with useful skills or trades are especially sought to manage and assist with forthcoming local projects which will benefit the whole community and keep our local residents safe, active and social. For further information contact Bobbie Wessling on 07 5486 4941.

Local News

Page 11

Cupcake Decorating Fun B

lue, pink, green or yellow- choose your colour or have them all. Then the fun bit...Lollies, but no fingers please! Many bowls of sweet goodies are placed on the table with spoons for serving, 100’s & 1000’s, nerds, milk bottles, and mixed jellies, just to name a few. Allan or better known to the kids as AJ is there to supervise and assist with any artistic requests. The kid’s eyes get bigger and bigger as the building begins. Some are very artistic and others are just a great big pile of YUM. Whichever way you choose to decorate, the best part is at the end, when the kids get to eat them. Breakfree have been running this school holiday programme for almost a year now and is proving to be very popular. It’s open to holiday guests as well as visitors and locals. At $5.00 per child, remember to

book ahead so your child doesn’t miss out on cake, then sit back and enjoy a coffee or a cool drink in the Pavilion Restaurant, while the kids have fun decorating. Charlie and Jake Spence, on holiday from Pottsville, NSW, have been having a blast in Rainbow, they are staying at Breakfree and have been very busy doing as much as they can, Fraser Island, The Beach, Seareys Creek, Dolphin feeding and are heading upto Carlo Sand Blow this afternoon with their Mum & Dad. Jake thought Seary’s Creek was lots of fun, even though the water was a bit cool. Ryan, Jordyn, Hayden and Kaylee from the Gold Coast have also been enjoying the pool at Breakfree and trying to build big sand castles on beach before the tide gets them, but the boys said the laws of nature

were against them. They were all enjoying creating their own cakes while Mum and Dad enjoyed a quiet drink at the Pavilion bar. Breakfree Rainbow Shores has been running on full occupancy for Christmas holidays and the great weather has certainly helped keep Rainbow Beach busy. It is great to see so many people enjoying their holidays and all that Rainbow Beach offers. The Pavilion Restaurant & Bar will also open for breakfast during February. Every Sunday you can come down and enjoy a full hot buffet breakast and every other day Allan prepares a cold continental breakfast for guest or locals. Lunch and Dinner is also available from Tuesday through to Saturday. So why not book a table?

Local News

Page 12

Blood Bank

Locals Carolyn Smith and Warrick Olsen with Blood Bank staff member Jools Lancaster

Christmas Lights Challenge is on!

Margaret Missen encourages Harvey Barkwell to have a drink before he donates his blood Jo Cook checks on Pat Barone as she gives blood


onna from “Donna’s Magical Christmas Lights” at Carlo Point, hangs up her elf hat. The last of her lights and amazing Christmas decorations are sold, gone is the last season watching the children with rapt expressions as they not just look, but prod and clap and try out every single singing, dancing Santa or plush toy! It wasn’t just the kids - adults too were mesmerised by the laser displays on the trees. It is timely that we set a challenge for 2013. Let’s see Rainbow , Cooloola Cove,

Tin Can Bay and Wallu get in the Christmas spirit next December. With solar and laser lighting available it is becoming easier to put on a display. Plus there is no harm in a bit of friendly competition … so Rainbow Beach Cooloola Cove Community News would like to organise The Cooloola Coast Christmas Lights Competition and we can map a Christmas Light trail for locals and visitors to enjoy. If you have any suggestions, send them in to or text the editor on 0407660198.

Local News

Page 13

Meet a New Local

James Fitzgerald N

ot really new – this handsome little fellow has been living here for five months. James Parker Fitzgerald was born on August 17, 2012, at Buderim. His Mum, Tessia, owns Rainbow Hair and Beauty and you’ll see Dad, Darryl most days at the Fitzgerald’s family business, Rainbow Beach Meats. Tessia says, “It was exactly half way through my pregnancy that his Grandfather, Jim Fitzgerald, passed away. A week beforehand, we discovered I was carrying a boy. Before he left us, Jim knew that his

namesake, James was on his way.” Like his Grandfather, James will have the best of country and beach lifestyles, enjoying time at the farm and receiving lots of cuddles from family and friends in Rainbow. With Grandmother Sue, cousins Bailey and Kody, their parents, Scott and Zaneta (another business woman, owning Serenity Beauty) he is certainly surrounded by family, a very lucky lad. Once again, congratulations, Darryl and Tessia on your little bundle.

Mark and Tanya from Rainbow Ocean Palms dining at Waterview

What’s On at the Waterview Bistro W

ell, I think all business people in Rainbow will be smiling with exhaustion. What a great season! We have been consistently busy at Waterview and have loved looking after our locals, regulars and new visitors. Our Lunch Special will return on Wednesday 20th February (main course includes a glass of house wine $19.50). We are going to close for a break in February

from Wednesday 30th January and re-open on Wednesday 20th February. We are looking forward to more busy times when we get back as we have a wedding and Easter is early this year. We are still planning another Wine Dinner, but busy times keep getting in the way of finalising a date. Take Care Matt, Judy & Andreas

Local News

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Rainbow Beach Police Beat A fter a string of good weather and relatively low crime late in 2012, the start of the New Year brought with it a spate of property related offences, especially around the Inskip Point camping area. We received numerous reports from campers who had all types of property stolen. Everything from fully laden eskies to camping chairs were targeted, along with more expensive items like generators and mobile phones. The most unusual report we received was from a bloke camped at the end of Inskip, who had his freshly caught mud crabs stolen from a large esky on the tray of his ute. I was talking to him earlier in the day after a theft at a nearby campsite, and he was telling me how lucky he was that none of his property was taken; that was until he went to cook his crabs. Local businesses are not immune to property theft either, with one local establishment recently becoming the victim of a drugged up thief who brazenly stolen money and other property from an unlocked office, before walking out past numerous people and staff. Fortunately the registration number of the getaway vehicle was obtained and we were able to recover most of the cash and property a short time later. These incidents once again highlight the need to be vigilant when securing your homes, businesses, vehicles and other property. Crime Prevention is the anticipation, recognition and appraisal of a crime risk and the taking of steps to remove or reduce that risk. The more we can do to deter these offences, the better for all of us in the Rainbow Beach community. I strongly urge you to take a few minutes to look around your home or

business and see if there is anything you can do to reduce the risk of becoming a victim. Since I arrived in Rainbow Beach I have been fighting the sentiment from some people in town that ‘it won’t happen to me’ or ‘that sort of thing doesn’t happen in Rainbow’. Well let me set you straight, it has, it does, and it will continue to do so. If anyone would like information on steps they can take to improve the security of their homes, businesses or anything else, please give us a call, or drop into the office. Al and I would much rather talk to you about what can be done to better secure your property, than be talking about what you had stolen. Let me start you off with a basic tip. Risk can be easily reduced by removing potential targets and taking preventative measures. In practical terms this means locking doors, removing cash and valuable property from view and NOT hiding spare keys in vehicles or under doormats etc. It doesn’t take much time but does involve a change of mindset. With the new school year underway it is a good time to remind parents, and others travelling with young children, of the child restraint laws in Queensland. These laws state that all children up to seven years of age must be secured in an approved child restraint. Up to seven years of age means a child that has not yet had their seventh birthday. Once a child has turned seven they can legally be seated in an adult seatbelt. If you have any queries or doubts, come in and discuss them with me, or you can look on the Queensland Transport website for more information. Michael and Al Rainbow Beach Police

Kat waving goodbye

Westpac Rescue Helicopter drops in to say hello to Rainbow Beach


t’s not every day that you can get up close and personal with the Westpac Rescue Helicopter and its surf lifesaving crew. Patrolling up and down the Sunshine Coast beaches the crew decided to drop in to Rainbow Beach for a chat. What a lovely sight to see the helicopter just sitting on the helipad and kids of all ages having a look inside. The crew were happy to chat and have a photo or two with grinning children and parents too. Jordan Johnston, from the Sunshine Coast, was on a camping holiday at Double Island Point and had a great time asking Kat Atkins (rescue crew) many questions. Kat was more than happy to answer them all, and show him and mum Leah inside the helicopter. All good things come to an end and as the helicopter took off to head back down the coast the kids all lined up and waved

goodbye. What a great way to end Jordan’s last day of holidays in Rainbow Beach. The grin said it all. Kerry Leyland

Kat Atkins, rescue crew with Jordan Johnston

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Rainbow Beach Surf Club Donates Just married T

he Rainbow Beach Surf Club is a not-forprofit community club that contributes to community groups throughout the year. Last year about $150 000 worth of donations in cash or in kind was made to many different groups such as the Rainbow Beach State School, the RSL members, Lions Club members and many other The FARA organisation is not well known. Friedreich Ataxia Research Association (Australasia) (FARA(A)) is a not-for-profit organisation whose sole purpose is to fund research on Friedreich Ataxia (FA), a condition for which, currently, there’s neither treatment nor cure. The first symptoms of FA are usually difficulty with balance, poor coordination in either or both of the arms and legs, and thick or slurred speech. It affects males and females equally. The disease usually presents in children between 5 and 10 but could be up to early twenties. A current beach patrol member of the Rainbow Beach, Mark, has a daughter

who had been diagnosed with FARA and wanted to bring to the community some knowledge of the disease. It is a confusing disease and often it takes many tests to rule out other diseases before FARA is diagnosed. Brad Robb, Manager says, “We wanted to help with this little known disease so from our monthly Friday night raffles in August we were able to match the money raised from the raffles and donated $1000 to FARA. This means that the Supporters Club still received a $1000 and so did FARA. We are proud to be able to offer this and thank our customers and guests for purchasing raffle tickets”. Last October’s Pink Ladies’ Luncheon that is held at the Rainbow Beach Surf Club where about 130 excited Ladies joined in the festivities of a Pink Caviar theme this year. Brad laughs and says, “We love having this function – the ladies are fun and the cause is very worthy and we look forward to seeing everyone next year!”

Brad Robb presents a cheque for $1000 to Maree Van Oirschott representing Pink Ladies for the Breast Cancer Network

John Greaney presents Mark Perry with a $1000 donation for FARA

Maree Van Oirschott has confirmed with the Rainbow Beach Surf Club that the Pink Ladies Day in 2013 will be Friday October 18, 2013 and was very pleased to accept a donation from the Rainbow Beach Surf Club of $1000 bringing the total raised from the day to $6150. Fantastic! Maree says, “Thank you to all the volunteers, the people who donated all the goods and the guests who make the day so much fun!” One such donation that was skipped in the process was from Judy Cantrell on behalf of Avon, who is one of the corporate sponsors of Breast Cancer. Thank you to all. With about 1000 members from around the region the Rainbow Beach Surf Club offers all the usual club facilities but with a fantastic view! The RB Surf Club continually strives to improve their Club all the time from new menu items or new poker machines or behind the scene facilities to improve the smooth running of the Club. 2012 saw the new carpet and the new storage facilities for both kitchen and back of house and 2013 may even see some new building renovations – keep your eyes peeled! If you are looking for somewhere great to hold a wedding, function or fundraiser check out the facilities at the Rainbow Beach Surf Club! Or come in and check out the Rainbow Beach Surf Club for a family orientated visit and enjoy a cold beverage on the decks or enjoy a delicious and well priced meal. Supporting the Rainbow Beach Surf Club means more than just supporting this Club – it means supporting your whole community! Caroline Dalgleish


clear blue sky and the ocean as a backdrop set a perfect scene for the marriage ceremony of Peter Mileson and Rachel Blabey. Peter is a teacher at RBSS and Rachel runs the local business “All About Bookkeeping”. The wedding took place on the rooftop of the Plantation Resort at 10 am on Wednesday December 19th. The pair had met exactly four years earlier while exploring Lake Cootharaba. The happy couple was surrounded by friends and family whom had travelled from both near and far. A lunchtime reception and celebrations took place at the Rainbow Beach Hotel. Peter and Rachel Mileson wish to thank all those who have sent their best wishes and good luck over the last few months.

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Council Disco

Vale David O’Donnell 14/02/1952-14/12/2012 Jeanette Hawkins with son Flynn Irving from Wallu at the Council Disco

Zaraya and Shakirra Grosskopf and Taliesha and Brianna Wall swimming at the Council’s Free Disco at the Aquatic Centre, January 22. Well over 100 visitors and locals enjoyed the event.

Public Notice

Beach Hazard – Double Island Point Cooloola Recreation Area Great Sandy National Park 16 January 2013 until further notice Due to natural erosion, dangerous beach conditions have developed at Double Island Point on the Wide Bay side north of the Liesha Track. Access past this dangerous section of beach is currently not recommended while these conditions persist. There is a risk of vehicle roll-over into water at narrow access points which could result in serious injury or death. Drivers are advised to remain alert and drive to tide and beach conditions at all times. For your safety – please observe all signage, barriers and directions from rangers. Do not enter any closed areas.

1515 – 16/01/2013

For further information check our website <> or call 13 QGOV (13 74 68) For an updated conditions report, visit us online at


t is with great sadness that we write to tell of the passing of Dave on the 14th of December. David passed away at home with his family at his side. As his friends were aware, Dave fought a courageous battle with cancer over the last 4 yrs. Dave did not have a funeral as he had donated his body to science. We will however,

be holding a memorial service for Dave on the 14th of February. It is to be held at the Noosa Heads Surf Club at 10 am. As this is Dave’s birthday it will truly be a celebration of his life. For all those that knew Dave you are most welcome to attend. I would also like to thank all our friends in Rainbow for making our time there memorable. Debra and Brendan O’Donnell

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Memorial Service for Kelly Geissmann B

ruce and Terri Geissmann and family cordially invite you to attend a Memorial Service to celebrate Kelly’s life at 6.30am on Sunday, 3rd February on the beach at Rainbow Beach at the Rocks, then to join them at the Rainbow Beach Surf Life Savers Club to share a Champagne Breakfast in Kelly’s memory. Kelly Margaret Geissmann, of Tamborine (and Rainbow Beach part time), passed away peacefully after she lost her battle with Melanoma, aged 34 yrs young. Kelly is desperately missed by her loving parents Bruce and Terri and brothers Michael and Billy. Kelly was also a devoted sister-in-law, aunty, niece, cousin and a good friend to many. Kelly is now at peace alongside her grandmothers, Ma and Margaret. Kelly and her parents Bruce and Terri came to Rainbow Beach just three short years ago, after buying the local Hardware,

Fishing n Camping Store (down by the Shell Servo). Although Kelly still lived in the family home at Tamborine and worked on the Gold Coast in the Film Industry, every opportunity she got she was up at Rainbow Beach, helping to run the shop. Kelly enjoyed swimming, running, flying kites on the beach and she especially loved fishing on the beach with her Dad (Bruce). Kelly loved being on the beach in the early mornings with the family dog, Beau. We will have orange flowers for you to toss into the waves in Kelly’s memory and you may like to wear something “orange”. Kelly’s favourite colour is orange, she always claimed that she made orange fashionable, she was wearing orange long before it became trendy. Donations to Australian Melanoma Research Foundation in memory of Kelly would be greatly appreciated.


Roy Evans


ell known, local identity Roy (Torsa) Evans passed away on 24 December 2012 (aged 85 years). His funeral service was held at Nambour on the 2 January 2013 and attended by his extended family and friends. Prior to retiring to Rainbow Beach, Torsa was raised in Maroochydore. At the age of 18 Torsa joined the Army. After World War II, Torsa returned to Maroochydore and worked in the family business and eventually began his fishing and prawning career. During this period he raised five children who with their extended families survive him today. Torsa’s life revolved around his love of the sea - whether it be crabbing in the Maroochydore River, taking the young family camping to Teewah Beach and Fraser Island, beach fishing or working his trawler off the Sunshine Coast. His love and his passion was Surf Life Saving (of which he was extremely proud) and was part of the Mooloolaba SLSC. He was a member of their R and R team and they won the Australian championships in 1955, where he received a gold medal. On his retirement to Rainbow, Torsa continued his love of the sea and until recent years was seen daily in a Boat in Tin Can Bay fishing and crabbing or driving along the Beach in one of his many 4WD’s with his beloved dog Bruno. Torsa began a huge collection of fishing gear including Boats, 4WD’s, Outboards, nobody ever had time to do an accurate account – they were running or in a various state or repair. Those who had the opportunity to visit him will clearly understand. Torsa also enjoyed socialising with local identities again especially relating to fishing and crabbing including the local fishing club, fisherman on the beach and at Carlo Point and Bullock Point. Below is an extract from Roy’s Service: When we think of our Dad and Granddad We think of driving up the beach, camping under the stars, having a few too many drinks on occasions, of discussions that ranged from heated to heart felt, of swimming, fishing, and enjoying the ocean he loved so very much. We think of the man who sat in the backyard with all the local prawners laughing among themselves , mending nets, swapping tall stories and talking about life. We think of the man who loved swimming so much, he taught us swimming techniques on the kitchen table so when we got into the water we knew how to kick and use our arms effectively. We think of a man who dearly loved his parents, and we think of the joy he now has being united again with them. We think of and are thankful for the heritage he has left us, a love for life and a love for each other. We will see you again Dad, we love you.

Local News Cooloola to be part of Nature Coast


ympei Cooloola Tourism (GCT) is a financial partner in the Australia’s Nature Coast campaign and will continue to partner with Fraser Coast Tourism, Sunshine Coast Destination, Noosa Tourism and the two biospheres—Noosa and the Great Sandy—to work towards creating a point of difference for international marketing of this area where personal natural encounters and nature tourism can be found on every doorstep. Contestable and matching funding has been achieved by our partnership and further planning for international promotion will continue in 2013. This is an exciting project which GCT is proud to be a part of. It will highlight our combined region on the international stage. Keep an eye out for updates over the next few months. Gympie Cooloola Tourism

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50 Shades of Red D

oesn’t everyone love to be appreciated on Valentine’s day? It doesn’t need to be extravagant (but by all means if that is your plan…go right ahead), research shows women want time with their partner. Remember it is the little things that count the most – letting your someone know that you love them and why, enjoying a quiet romantic night alone, a massage, or a moonlight walk on the beach … Locally, there are plenty of options to shower your partner with love and attention: Dinner is still a chance for the two of you to spend uninterrupted time together. The Pavilion restaurant offers a 2 or 3 course menu including a bottle of wine and rose for the ladies. The Black Cockatoo and the Marina Bar and Grill also offer special Valentine menus. Many other restaurants will also offer something special – so look out closer to the day and be sure to book ahead. Watch the sun sink down together at Carlo Sandblow, Carlo Point or Tin Can Bay Marina. Sit on the headland or esplanade and tuck into fish and chips.

Linger over a lazy breakfast – or perhaps your partner would appreciate a sunrise first? Low tide will be around 4am or 5pm, so before breakfast or tea is the time to enjoy a romantic meander up the Coloured Sands, or a drive to the Point. What about some pampering? Always a winner of a present, Rainbow Hair and Beauty are offering a free treatment with every shampoo, cut and dry, and special deals on an eyelash tint and hydrating facial and more. Book in advance and you can relax at Rainbow Beach Massage or Serenity Beauty. Extreme Romance? Skydive/Paraglide/ Hang-glide dates with a difference (for adrenalin seeking romantics only). Picnic anyone? Take your pick: coloured sands, bush tracks, hire a dinghy or canoe or Inskip Point. A picnic blanket, book or fishing rod perhaps? In Rainbow Beach, you may not even see another soul when you venture back to nature with your beloved. How about some Trivia? Sailability are hosting a trivia night at the Tin Can Bay Yacht Club – get a team together for some fun. February 14 has been re-named Library Lovers’ Day! To celebrate this year, Gympie Regional Libraries are offering free reserves for the day. There is also a Library Lovers’ Competition with the prize a beautiful Library Lovers’ gift pack. Drop in to the library and register to win. Still have the kids in tow? That’s fine, take

a family walk on the beach, you and yours can still enjoy the moonlight while the kids race around Mudlo rocks or scoot up the sand. You’ll love the kid’s room at the Pub. You can sit just outside it on the verandah – enjoy a drink together or a meal, knowing the kids are happy. The 14th falls on a Thursday this year, but that’s no reason to ignore it. If you’re both working and busy – write your beloved a voucher and then you can anticipate your time together.

Zaneta Fitzgerald from Serenity Beauty can pamper your Valentine with manicures, facials and even hot rocks

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Shorebirds and High Tides New future for tourism services a step closer I G

These last few weeks have been extra hot, and extra dry – but did you realize that the king tide which should have been extra high did not even reach predicted heights. I kayaked into the Crab Creek shorebird roost on one day and the following day also came to take photos of the foreshore. I have taken photos from this same place for a number of years and the most spectacular king tide was in 2009 when the tide came up and over part of the path that runs along the foreshore. This year’s tide height was predicted to be only about 10mm less than that one. Instead it came nowhere near the path and only just came over the grass at the edge of the foreshore. In all the talk about climate change and sea level rises I could not find any reference from other coastal areas to what I had observed. However, the Bureau of Meteorology website had information that a prolonged period of high pressure off the coast could lower sea levels and low pressure could raise sea levels. I think this must have been what we were observing. Tide heights are especially interesting for the shorebird watcher. Shorebirds have places where they prefer to roost but if the tides are extra high or extra low they often go to other sites. On very high tides most of the roosts go underwater and then the birds fly off and circle slowly overhead and sometimes fly off to check for exposed land at other places. At Crab Creek there were quite large flocks of Bar-tailed Godwits and Eastern Curlews which were eventually disturbed by the rising water and lack of bare

ground. They flew off and circled for some time then flew to the north-east. I wish I could have followed them to see where they eventually went. If you want to join our monthly shorebird counts then phone Dorothy Pashniak: 54880057 and if you want to read more about the birds I see every week then visit my blog at

King Tide 2013

ympie Regional Council is a step closer to taking on the delivery of tourism services following resolutions made during last week’s Ordinary Meeting. Gympie Regional Council Mayor, Cr Ron Dyne, said council would offer all three Gympie Cooloola Tourism (GCT) staff employment as planned and, subject to GCT’s agreement, would also aim to start operating visitor information centres from Saturday 2 February. “There are a number of operational elements we still need to discuss and finalise, but council is 100 per cent committed to the transition and realising its long-term vision for tourism and destination services,” Cr Dyne said. Cr Dyne said council also resolved to

seek a meeting with the Minister for Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games, Jann Stuckey MP, to discuss council’s plan to market the region as the ideal destination to live, work and play. “Council looks forward to working with all tourism-related businesses, whether they are GCT members or not, to continue to drive the Gympie region brand locally, nationally and internationally,” he said. The new arrangements will also implement economic development initiatives. Gympie Regional Council – supporting a strong and vibrant community. For more information about council activities and to have your say, visit www.gympie.qld.

Your Community News is Online Eastern Curlews

King Tide 2009


t’s easy and free! From January 2013, your Community News can be found on the internet. Simply visit add your name and email address and a link will be sent to you. People are telling us they love that they can share photos and articles with friends and family out of the district. It also means you can access the news first, and keep the Coast’s calendar of events right on your computer. Regular visitors or holiday

home owners can also keep on top of all the latest on the Cooloola Coast, without waiting for your next trip here. Be assured, we are still circulating more paper copies than ever, and at more outlets on the Cooloola Coast and Gympie. We respect your privacy, the link is sent once a month only and we do not share your details with third parties. In time, the website will be up and running as well as social media. So register your name, and stay in touch.

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The Jellyfish Bloom R

ecently we’ve had many people commenting on the numbers of jellyfish in the Sandy Straits and Tin Can inlet asking us if it was normal. Apparently there’s growing evidence that some jellyfish species are exploding in number globally and there’ve

also been some extraordinary blooms recorded recently in Australia. Over the past couple of months I think everyone has now noticed the abundance of jellyfish washing up and down the Sandy Straits as the tide comes in and out and they don’t seem to be showing any signs of decreasing. With this in mind I decided to do a bit of research into jellyfish and found some interesting information. These jellyfish are commonly called the blue blubber jellyfish. It has a dome-shaped bell that can grow to 35 cm across, and is the most common jellyfish in south-east Queensland. Its name is slightly

misleading because in southern Queensland and Victoria it is blue whereas in the Sydney region it is white or brown, due to the presence of plant cells in the substance of the body. These blubbers are often found in dense swarms, swimming just below the surface of the water and occasionally hundreds of individuals are washed up on beaches. Although it doesn’t usually cause a serious sting to humans, you can apply cold packs or wrapped ice for pain relief if required. Another example is the recent bloom of “sea tomato jellyfish” near Broome, WA was recorded by seabird researchers. When the researchers got to the beach, the jellyfish were so thick the seabirds couldn’t actually land to feed on crustaceans along the shore. They decided to travel on further but even after driving for 27 kilometres they still couldn’t get out of the swarm. In 2011 there was an increase in blue blubber jellyfish numbers in the Redcliffe and Scarborough areas to the north of Brisbane. A representative of the Environment Department at the time said blue



Blue Blubber Jellyfish blubber jellyfish were most likely blown in by northeast winds and that there is nothing out of the ordinary in the current prevalence of jellyfish in our waters, which drift in from the open ocean whenever we get a long run of northeasterly winds. In 2004, a bloom in Moreton Bay knocked out P&O’s Pacific Sky cruise ship when its engines ingested tonnes of blueblubber jellyfish. A jellyfish bloom also shut down a power station in the Philippines in 2000, and Lake Illawarra, near Wollongong in NSW, was found to contain 18,000 tonnes of blue blubbers. Blooms have been recorded in the Mediterranean, the Gulf of Mexico, the Black and Caspian seas, the northeast US and Asia. The most dramatic have been in the Sea of Japan where outbreaks of the gargantuan nomura jellyfish growing up to 2m in diameter and weighing 200kg have occurred. So the question is - are the blooms natural or are they a result of manmade factors? The answer is yes, these blooms are natural; however there is concern that they can also be affected by human activity. Jellyfish blooms occur cyclically and we are now in one of the peak phases of the cycle which occurs every 20 years or so. Global jellyfish populations undergo natural fluctuations, including a rising phase in the 1990s and early 2000s that has contributed to the current perception of a global increase in jellyfish abundance. In the 70’s there was a period of high jellyfish numbers that went relatively unnoticed due to limited research at the time. What does all this have to do with humans? There is much speculation that human activities are primarily to blame for these recent population rises. Blooms are dependent on currents, nutrient availability, sunshine, temperature, prey availability and oxygen concentrations. The 3 main human factors are as follows: Overfishing - Fish normally keep jellyfish numbers in check through competition and predation and although blooms are natural, there is evidence that overfishing can contribute to the increase in jellyfish by reducing their number of natural predators allowing the jellyfish to dominate and eventually take over. Eutrophication - Excess nutrients from fertilizer runoff and sewage into our coastal waters can alter the environment and lead to algal and plankton blooms, which in turn can augment jellyfish food sources. Low oxygen levels that result from algal blooms are also not a big problem to jellyfish, since they are able to survive low O2 environments. As they die the jellyfish themselves actually contribute to the low O2 in the water killing off other species of marine life. Climate Change - Jellyfish, like many ocean fauna, thrive best in warmer temperatures. Scientists around the world are now starting to monitor the jellyfish blooms and further research will eventually determine whether we as humans really are having an impact on them. For the moment, all we can do is speculate and try to minimize what we consider may be harmful to our oceans. Cheryl Maughan, Wolf Rock Dive

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Congratulations Renee! R

enee Wheeler commenced high school in 2008 at James Nash High School in Gympie. They were long days travelling on two buses to get there each day, to and from, except on the odd occasion when Coondoo Creek was impassable due to flooding, this being a welcome relief for the students - and the bus drivers, I’m sure. Renee has always been drawn to the arts, music and literature and having the choice to excel in these subjects, she certainly did, with high achievements in these areas. In 2010 Renee was accepted into the Gympie School of Excellence in Music, and studied there for two years as well as graduating from year 12. This gave her experience in recording, sound engineering/design, song writing, performing on stage, which she did at the Gympie Muster two years running, as well as a multitude of other aspects in the music industry. In that time she formed some great bonds with like-minded students and hopes to keep in touch with them in the

Renee (right) with Jackson and her bestie Teagan at her Graduation future. Renee completed the School of Music in 2012 with High Achievements and a Cert 3 in music, which will allow her to follow on at University. Her passion is with sound design and the background scene behind the music. Her future plans are to move to Brisbane next month and work until mid-year and enter her studies at the mid-year intake at Uni or a music based degree at a music/ technical school around Brisbane. Renee has worked at Woolies in Cooloola Cove for the past 2 and a half years saving for her future.

Her Graduation night was on the 14th of November 2012, which was at the Gympie Show Grounds Pavilion, and a great night was had by all. There were a few emotional teachers on the night as well as many very proud parents... This was followed up by an all-nighter after graduation party, where the parents and teachers were banned. I have to say it was a little sad seeing some of these kids who I have known since the early stages of Primary School, now very grown up and ready to take on the world. Good Luck to all of you..... Shauna Wheeler Editor’s Note: Thank you for sending in the photo and article, we wish Renee and all

Your Computer - Why you need to Backup and how H

ello everyone and welcome back to another month of tips and tricks. This month I want to cover some information regarding the backing up process and also which programs to use. Most of us have a lot of important information on our computers that we don’t wish to lose, be it personal photos, tax or general documents. The problem with most of the computers being sold today is that they have standard hard-disk drives, meaning that they are a mechanical device prone to failure at any given moment in time be it tomorrow or in six years from now. There are a number of reasons that cause failure, but in the worst cases the information can be hard or impossible to retrieve by standard means. The retrieval process then can become extremely expensive and time consuming, so it is a much better idea to keep a regular backup of your data. The best way to backup your computer is to purchase an external HDD or a sizeable USB flash drive and backup all your important documents to it. There are two methods that I general refer too when it comes to backup the automatic method and the manual one. When a external HDD is purchased it often comes with backup software, this software can be setup to do a backup of your selected data at a specific schedule, there is also a lot of third party software that you can buy that will let you do automatic backups. The manual method is where you select the files you want and copy them to the HDD yourself. Before we continue on it is important that both these methods are carried out correctly as if a mistake is made your data may not be backed up, if in doubt ask. For most users the standard automatic backup that comes with the HDD purchased or just backing up the data themselves is good enough at least if the computer does crash their most crucial files will be saved. The only problem with doing a basic file backup like this is that if the HDD does fail completely, all your settings and entire windows system will be lost also, meaning that all your programs will have to be reloaded and all your settings re-entered before the

files can be loaded back onto the system. This is not a difficult thing to do and for most technicians it’s around 2-3 hours work, however it can be expensive depending on the hourly rate and there is a way you can save this money by doing what is called a image backup. There are a few programs out there that let you do image backups; some include Norton Ghost, Acronis True image, Snapshot & Windows 7 (in built). For the most part I would highly recommend Acronis True Image or the built in Windows 7 backup method. I personally use Acronis as it has many advanced features over the standard image backup that comes with Windows 7, however if you’re not a business or not looking for these extra features that will cost you approx $69.00 then the inbuilt Windows 7 backup does a pretty good job. In any case an image backup creates a standalone image of the entire HDD on your external device, its simular to a camera taking a photo (snapshot) of something. Anything & everything that is on your computer at the time will be stored in the image, and if your HDD were to fail a new one would be installed and the image would be transferred to the new drive. The beauty of this process is that your computer will be the same as it was before the crash and the whole restore process will only take 30min to 60min, depending on the size of your data. Andy Feldmann

the RBSS class of 2007 all the best. We do apologise any errors in last month’s article. We would welcome updates from other past students as well.

News in Brief

Page 24 2013 starts with nearly $30,000 Congratulations to two local community organisations that received grant allocations for this round from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund: l Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Association – Tin Can Bay - $26,567.27, to construct a training shed; l Rainbow Beach Sports Recreation & Memorial Club Inc - $2,974.55, to purchase an aquatic wheelchair;

Grants Available Local not-for-profit organisations can now apply for funding as part of Gympie Regional Council’s 2013-14 Community Grants Program.Social Wellbeing Portfolio Councillor, Cr Rae Gâté, said grants were available in seven categories: Culture, Education, Sport and Recreation, Public Facilities, Safety, Regional Promotion and Economic Development, and Welfare.Council is also now calling for applications as part of the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) – a Queensland Government, through Arts Queensland, and council partnership to support local arts and culture. Applications for both community grants and RADF programs close 5pm Monday 18 March 2013. Application forms and guidelines are available from council offices and online at To be eligible for a community grant, organisations must prove community benefit, evidence community support and provide details of attempts to secure funding via alternative sources. Groups are encouraged to explore opportunities via websites such as au,, www. and www.

Look out - there are children about The end of the holidays also rings in a new school year and according to State Member for Gympie, David Gibson MP motorists should take extra care around school zones from next week. “With school back on Tuesday I’m urging all motorists keep a good eye out for increased traffic and children around Gympie’s many schools. There will be plenty of excited children

being dropped off in school zones and, as we know, young ones can also be unpredictable around roads. So taking a little extra care in school zones and sticking to the speed limit can go a long way to preventing a tragedy,” Mr Gibson said. “It is also important that parents teach their children about road safety, make sure they have the correct restraints when travelling in a car, and ensure bike helmets adhere to safety standards.” State Traffic Branch Chief Superintendent Andy Morrow said officers will target school zones, including speeding offences in 40kmh zones, parking and no standing zone offences in relation to the drop off and pickup of children at schools, school crossing safety and any other offences detected around schools..

Council seeks 2 community reps Committee Chairman Councillor Ian Petersen said council was calling for two new community representatives to join its internal audit committee, which plays an important role in independently reviewing council systems and processes. Cr Peterson said the role suited people with senior business management experience in the public or private sector, preferably within complex, service-based organisations. Internal audit committees are a requirement for larger councils, such as Gympie Regional Council, as outlined in the Local Government Act 2009. For more information and details on how to lodge an Expression of Interest, contact George Moczynski, Office of the Chief Executive Officer, on 5481 0754 or email

Australia Day 2013 Gympie Regional Council Mayor Ron Dyne said about 40 people from eight countries will officially join the Australian family in a special citizenship ceremony as part of the Australia Day celebrations at the Gympie Civic Centre on Saturday 26 January. “Australia Day is a special day for all Australians to come together and celebrate our community and what we love about the country we call home,” Cr Dyne said. Australia Day is the most popular day to become a citizen, with more than 17,000 people expected to become citizens at approximately 430 special ceremonies across the nation. “No doubt there will be many informal, community and privately-run barbecues, breakfasts and activities as well – so, however people choose to celebrate, I hope they take a moment to reflect on how great it is to be Australian.”

Page 25

Three new businesses open on the coast B

oxing Day was opening day for the new Juice Bar at the Rainbow Beach Surf Centre. It was a promising start for them as their window in the arcade was flat out feeding thirsty beachgoers. Co-owner Ty tells us, “You can come back from your surf lesson or kayak with the dolphins and enjoy a cool drink.” “It’s been excellent. Locals and tourists alike are taking advantage of it – with Mango Crush and our vegetable juices the most popular so far.” In fact, Ty and Sean had to employ new team members to keep up. It was Amanda and Ashten’s first day when we popped in to try a Crush. Both from Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, they chose Rainbow Beach as the place to earn some more travel dollars. Ty says, “Customers are choosing juices over coffee as their starter in the morning – they tell us it gives them a boost for the day.” Operating from the same premises means that the new Juice Bar has lower overheads.

“The Surf Shop has been operating for 18 months now, and the hot weather has really helped our business this season. Kayaking was more popular in October and November with the whales around, but over Christmas the demand for surfing lessons has been huge. Normally Backpackers are taking lessons, but we’ve seen this summer that lots of kids are learning to surf. It’s been great to see their Mums and Dads having a go, too!” We certainly recommend their Mango Crush and we’ll be back in to try some of their other combos. Two other businesses in Cooloola Cove shopping centre have also just opened their doors. Belz Pizza is run by a local operator with quality products and years of experience in the food management industry. Cove Bakery is a new café and bakery and extension of local owner operator from Tin Can Bay has bread now available, sweet treats baked on site, pies, sausage rolls and lots of other delicious options.

Bronson Purnell with new team members Ashten Sihota and Amanda Boe

Shop 1 Dolphin Shopping Centre Gympie Rd Tin Can Bay 07 54880734

Your Local Agent with Global Reach We can sell your House!! 10 Habitat Ct Cooloola Cove

15 Sailfish St Tin Can Bay



3 Sweetlip Circle Tin Can Bay

32 Tailor St Tin Can Bay

Cooloola Cove Family Home With Pool – $399,000

Located in the popular Cooloola Sands estate is this spacious rendered brick family home. • 4 Generous sized bedrooms all have built-in wardrobes and the main bedroom is air conditioned and has an ensuite & walk in wardrobe. • Kitchen has a dishwasher and plenty of bench space • Large air conditioned media room 8Mts x 5Mts • Open plan living/dining area opening onto entertainment area that overlooks the sparkling in ground pool • Double garage on house • Good side access for boat or caravan • Walking distance to shopping centre • 891 M2 Block Noel: 0427 654 019 – Sherry 0403 277 555





11 Bonito Court Tin Can Bay

10 Dory Street Tin Can Bay



11 Drummer St Tin Can Bay

3 x Commercial Premises

Tin Can Bay Invest For The Future - $ 340,000

Under Offer • Located in Cooloola Cove and only a short walk to the shopping centre is this modern 4 bedroom brick home. • All Bedrooms have built-in wardrobes , main has ensuite • Open plan Kitchen /Living / Dining • Separate Living room • Large covered entertainment area • Double garage with electric doors • Secure 1.8 Mt high colorbond fencing • 1012 M2 block with good side access for boat or caravan • 3 Mt x 3Mt Garden shed Noel: 0427 654 019 – Sherry 0403 277 555

Tin Can Bay Water Views - $ 300,000




Your Property Address

We would love to advertise your Property HERE!

We are delighted that Ian has decided to join our Agency. Call Ian, he will make a difference

Great brick highest home. • Water views of snapper creek from front deck • Walk to shops, marina and hotel • 3 Bedrooms (2 upstairs & 1 downstairs) • 2 Bathrooms • 2 Car accommodation • Elevated 637m2 block Noel: 0427 654 019 – Sherry 0403 277 555 Due to growth in sales we are expanding and we welcome Award Winning Sherry Fuller, joining Noel Kay who recently won an award for the top 10% in Sales on the East Coast for Professionals. Sherry grew up in Gympie area where she started her career in Real Estate, she then went on to the land in Wondai and opened her own very successful office, Sherry has a wealth of experience, being in the industry for 12 years. We feel privileged that she has now calls Tin Can Bay and Cooloola Cove home and has decided to join us. Sherry would love to speak with you and can be contacted on 0403 277555. Please Contact the friendly team at Professionals 54880734 Email:

Sherry Fuller

Ian Dower m: 0400 047495 Real Estate Sales

Now being open for 3 months, 4rent4sale is a beehive of activity and is going from strength to strength at what we do best... Selling & Renting Properties. 4rent4rsale is an accredited REIQ Agency and is the Cooloola regions very own real estate brand, staunchly independent and dedicated to superior customer service with effective results every time. Our team Tricia, Andrew, Warren, Ian, Kate & Eleanor LISTEN, CARE, FOCUS and STRIVE HARDER for our clients. We keep in contact with our clients. We all have a CAN DO attitude and it shows. Call us today to experience the difference. you won’t be disappointed

Ph: 54864577

* 2/69 Gympie Road Tin Can Bay

Introducing the Cooloola Sands

N Sa ew L l es a n d Eli 46 Q Of fi z ce Co a b e u e e olo t h n ola D r C o i ve , ve

Land Sale ^ $110,000


Rod 0428 726 272

Buy now at Cooloola Sands and you will be entitled to a

se u o H and ^ L d n a ,000


0 7 2 $

Council Rates Rebate Package for 5 years! we will mow your lot for 1 year. So you can relax, take it easy and enjoy everything Cooloola Sands has to offer. Total package up to the value of $10,000 *Council Rate Rebate at settlement. ^Prices correct at time of printing. Offer valid on selected blocks. Offer ends 28th February 2013.

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Rainbow Beach Community Information And Resource Centre Ross Brown shows off the $1 books for sale at the Community Information and Resource Centre

Hi Folks, Happy New Year everyone. We will open at 9am on Tuesdays for Playgroup

Change of Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9:30 to 3:30 Saturday 9:30 to 12:30 Community Hall Management: During February the Information and Com-

munity Centre (us) will be taking over the full management of The Rainbow Beach Community Hall. After this date we will be able to place in the paper procedures, responsibilities and costs for the hire of the Hall. We have had positive feedback over the Christmas holidays re fees and quality of venue. 2013 is also looking promising with numerous private functions. Music Evening: Call for interested persons, adults and juniors to form a group to organize a music and entertainment night. A meeting has already been proposed however aspiring or proficient artists still required. Interested Persons Contact: Frank Barrile on: 0438080950 or the Community Centre on 54863355. This will be a fun evening for all Community members to enjoy. (Not for Profit event) Medical Meals – Just a reminder for any one visiting specialists, returning from treatment or hospital. The Centre in conjunction with the Sports and Recreation Club offers an evening meal for both you and your

partner. As a service to the Community the Centre pays the Club for this meal which is then delivered to you. Forms are available at the centre or Dr Smith’s, just fill in the form with your details and drop it in at the centre and we will place your order with the club who will then deliver it to you at your home. Remember: the Information and Resource Centre is a non profit organization run by local volunteers, and not subsidized by any State or Federal monies. We have various services for minimal fees: • Fax and colour photocopying services • Laminating Services for both A4 and A3 • Computers – first ½ hour $1 ( WIFI and Skype available) • Books for sale We also offer assistance with access to: • Health and Welfare Services • Employment Services • Public Trustee • Local JP We are here for your convenience and will endeavour to assist with any enquires you may have. Thank you to all those great supporters who continue to supply us with preloved books, these donations help to keep our doors open. A special Thank You also to all our Volunteers and Members for all their effort during the 2012 year, without your strong support the Centre would be unable to operate. Yours in Volunteering Heather

Coast Guard Raffle Results 1st: Mark Perren of Gympie (ticket # 0434) - Mobile Tool Workshop with tools valued at $1,699.00 2nd: Alan Freiburg of Bargara (ticket # 1760) - Sonicrafter Multi-Purpose tool with 45-piece accessory kit valued at $109.00 3rd: Linda Murphy of Cooloola Cove (ticket # 0198) -Mitre 10 voucher valued at $50.00 The raffle draw took place at the Tin Can Bay Country Club at 7.00pm on Friday 21 December 2012. Congratulations! Details of the next major raffle will be available shortly.

Page 31

Church Of The Good Shepherd News W

elcome and special blessings to all our residents and visitors and also to all the children and their families beginning the new school year from the Rainbow Beach Christian family worshipping at the church of the good shepherd and St Peter The Fisherman Catholic Church. Also special prayers for safe travel for all!! “About our Church!” The Church of the Good Shepherd is a worship centre of the Gympie Anglican Parish, 17 Carlo Road, first street on the left entering town.

Church Services 9 AM EVERY SUNDAY This is an Anglican or Uniting Service to which people of all denominations are invited. On the third Sunday of each month, a Uniting Church pastor will celebrate while on other Sundays, the celebrant will be an Anglican pastor. Morning tea after the service each Sunday provides an opportunity for fellowship. (7am at St Peter the Fisherman Catholic Church in Manooka Drive) PRAYER GROUP AT THE CHURCH 10AM FRIDAYS - ALL WELCOME RAINBOW BEACH CHRISTIAN RADIO - VISION FM 87.6 THOUGHT FOR THE MONTH - “Look for the Best in Them!” ‘…always pursue what is good both for yourselves and for all…’ (1 Thess 5:15) Bob Gass writes: “I don’t remember the exact date I met Marty. Like a lot of people…the line I was in wasn’t moving as quickly as I wanted and I glanced towards the cashier…an affable-looking man in his seventies. …For the next few minutes I watched him. He greeted every customer with the usual, “How’s it going?” Then he did something different – he actually listened. …he would respond to what they had said and engage them in brief conversation. I had grown accustomed to people asking me how I was going simply out of robotic conversational habit…I could reply, “I just found out I have six months to live,” and someone would reply, “Have a great day!” Then…the old cashier walked round to the customers, extended his hand, looked them in the eye and said, “I want to thank you for shopping here today. Have a great day.” The looks on their faces were priceless. There were smiles and sheepish grins. All had been touched by this simple gesture… Some walked away, paused…and looked

back…they couldn’t quite comprehend what had just happened…I wanted to take him home and feed him cookies! I’d been in that store a hundred times and never walked away feeling like that. A marriage counsellor asked a couple to list each other’s good qualities. The husband listed twelve. His wife couldn’t think of any! The Bible says, ‘Look for the best in each other, and always do your best to bring it out.’ That’s hard to do when you’re looking for perfection and focusing on the other person’s shortcomings. The Bible says, ‘Love…keeps no record of wrongs.’ (1 Cor 13:4) In other words, always look for the best in them! To receive it in your inbox each morning, simply register your details via this website – - highly recommended reading! Your prayers are requested - if you know anyone sick or in need of help and prayer, please contact the church. We offer our condolences to the Evans family on the passing of Roy (many here knew him as “Torsa”), a former longtime RB resident who passed away on Christmas Eve. We also pray especially at this time for Fr Andrew Cooper, Pam Lidbetter, Audrey Gilbert, baby James

Bellette, Barbara McGladrigan, Alex Barritt, Cyndari, Jahli and Seth Parton, Lesley Whackett, and Rika Martin. We give thanks for the blessing of healing received. RE lessons were taken at the Rainbow Beach School last year by Glenys Badcock and Marie Casey. If you wish to help this year, your offer would certainly be greatly appreciated. Please ring Glenys on 5486 3433. The Kids’ Fun Club We have the venue and a number of willing helpers, as well as children inquiring when it will recommence, but we need to pray for new people to come forward to lead the club in 2013. School Chaplaincy We pray for the appointment of a Chaplain for the RB School in 2013 as the children did not have the benefit of a “chappy” during 2012. Would you please remember school chaplaincy, RE, and the continuation of the Kids’ Fun Club in your prayers! World Day of Prayer Service - 10am Friday, 1st March – Cooloola Cove Hall All are invited to this interdenominational world-wide service where there will be participation by members of all Cooloola Coast churches followed by morning tea. A plan-

ning meeting for this will be held at 9.30am Monday, 4th February.

Church Activities in the Hall Mahjong/Games Mornings are held at 9am each Wednesday while the Arts & Craft Group meets 9am 2nd and last Tuesdays of each month. All are invited, especially anyone here on holidays. G.S. Church Auxiliary Annual General Meeting - 9.30am Monday, 18th February. “If you want to learn to love better, you should start with someone you don’t like!” God Bless! Annette Collins

Local Groups

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Rainbow Beach - Library Happenings – February 2013 OPENING HOURS Monday & Thursday 9.30am – 12.30pm Wednesday & Friday 2pm – 5pm Saturday 8.30am – 11.30am Phone us on: 5486 3705 Visit us at: Membership Gympie Regional Libraries are always happy to welcome new members, so bring along a form of identification showing your current address, visit your nearest branch, fill out a membership form and take advantage of our generous offer of 20 loan items over a 3 week period. Once you have your library card, tuck it away and bring it with you each time you come to the library. Visitors to the region are also most welcome to borrow materials or use the facilities and services available. Library Lovers Day –

February 14Th 2013 Forget Valentine’s Day - 14 February has been re-named Library Lovers’ Day! To celebrate this year, Gympie Regional Libraries are offering free reserves for the day. There is also a Library Lovers’ Competition with the prize a beautiful Library Lovers’ gift pack. All you have to do is fill in one of our entry forms, which are available at all branches of the Gympie Regional Libraries. Gympie Regional Libraries “Great Reads” If you haven’t collected your copy of “Great Reads” from the front desk, now is the time to do this, especially if you are looking for inspiration and new choices when selecting something to read or watch. Every title mentioned in “Great Reads” is held by the Gympie Regional Libraries and if we don’t have it here at Tin Can Bay, we can reserve it or inter-branch transfer it for you. Contri-

Ambulance Report C

ongratulations to Pam Ottaway from Tin Can Bay who won the recently drawn raffle of the trailer full of garden equipment. Many thanks to everyone who supported the raffle by purchasing tickets – maybe next time!!! Once again a caution about how easy it is to become dehydrated in weather such as we have been having for the past month


or so, with the promise of more hot and steamy weather to come. Keep drinking plain water during the day to rehydrate the body as this is easily expended in perspiration. The hours of 10am to 3pm are the worst hours to get burned by the sun’s UV rays, so best to cover up during these hours if out in the sun. Also keep up the water to pets and give

Youth Librarians, Jane Gunn and Lynn Alsop and proud children holding their creations from January’s Library holiday activity in Rainbow Beach butions are welcomed, so if you would like to write a review (good or bad) about any item you have borrowed, please drop it off

at the library or email it to: library@gympie. Visit us online at: www.gympie.

them a cool place to lie and even put some water out in a shaded area of the garden as birds would really appreciate a drink when water is hard to come by. There are a lot of blue bottles on the surf beaches at the moment due to the northerly winds we have been experiencing so there have been a few bathers who have been stung. Advice from the Life Savers is to put water (as hot as one can tolerate) on the stung area, and weirdly, if no hot water is available, cold water or ice. There has also been a report of a bather being stung by a

stonefish, and once again, best thing is hot water on the site, or if on the foot, place the foot in a bucket of water as hot as one can tolerate. Emergency call number 000 – non emergency or query call 13 12 33. Don’t forget that Bingo is held at the Tin Can Bay Country Club at 9.30 am on Thursdays. Morning tea is provided with a cup of tea /coffee. Profits go towards providing the local Ambulances and Officers with up to date equipment. A very worthy cause. Good luck.

Fishing & Boating

Page 33

Rainbow Beach Fishing Report

This young fellow caught his 1st Red Emperor

By Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters


hat a wonderful sound on the roof as the rain has finally arrived, let’s hope those that need it most get plenty of it. Earlier in the month on Baitrunner, the wind would nearly blow a dog off its chain, although we did manage three trips that week - included in the catch were Snapper, Parrot, Pearl Perch, Red Emperor, Sweetlip and a lot of Gold Spot Cod. There were lots of small Black Marlin about which provide some great sport on light gear. Mackerel were scattered about the Bay but don’t appear to be schooled up offshore. Mid-month, conditions offshore were pretty good. The catch included Squire, Frying Pan Snapper, Sweetlip, Maori Cod, Pearl Perch and Red Emperor. Sharks provided sport, but were not very welcome. Reports of a few spotties being landed have filtered through but they don’t appear to be schooled up yet. Hopefully they won’t be as scarce as last year. Marlin and Spanish Mackerel seem to be providing the sport offshore. Just the one trip offshore last week for a reasonable catch of mixed Reefies. The main species landed were Pearl Perch, Squire, Maori Cod, Scarlet Sea Perch and Sweetlip. Looking at the charts and weather forecasts offshore fishing for the next week looks very doubtful. Most of the action could be in the Straits as there are plenty of GT’s and Sharks at Inskip Point. Some of the locals are catching good quality Mangrove Jack from their favourite spots. Cod and Moses Perch are also along the ledges. Early in January I heard of good catches of Mud crabs from way up in the creeks, but they have been very salty due, I guess, to the lack of freshwater run off. Mid

month, some Muddies have been potted in the Straits, but again the thieves are back! The rain is very welcome - an inch or two should stir up the Muddies. Beach fishing seems to be dominated once again by the Big Golden Trevally at Inskip Point and the occasional Dart. If travelling to DI Point, take care as I believe the Beach may be shut close to the lagoon due to sticks and erosion, with the odd vehicle having a swim. Well I hope you all have a safe Australia Day weekend. Make sure you eat plenty of Lamb Chops and Lamb Pies. Until next month, Tony Stewart. 54868666.

Editor’s Note: Always check the Cooloola Conditions report: parks/cooloola/pdf/cooloolaconditions-report.pdf. The last one dated 19.1.13 stated: Due to natural erosion, dangerous beach conditions have developed north of the Liesha Track. Access to this dangerous section of beach is restricted to authorised vehicles only. There is a risk of vehicle roll-over into water at narrow access points which can result in serious injury or death.

Well done, everyone!

And another!

Go slow for those below in the Great Sandy Marine Park


oaties planning to enjoy the waters of the Great Sandy Marine Park which includes the Great Sandy Strait are urged to slow down to reduce the threat to marine wildlife. Turtles and dugong are particularly at risk from increased boating traffic during holiday periods. Turtles and dugong are surface-breathing marine animals that regularly need to come to the surface for air. This makes them vulnerable to injury or death due to boat strike. The crucial message is to slow down and give the turtles and dugongs a chance to

move out of the way. ‘Go slow’ areas have been put in place over critical marine wildlife feeding and resting areas. Operators of marine vessels including jet skis, travelling through ‘go slow’ areas are not allowed to operate on the plane, or in a manner that would reasonably be expected to result in striking a turtle or dugong. Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service rangers regularly patrol ‘go slow’ areas. On the spot fines may be issued for ignoring these important regulations. The ‘go slow’ areas nearest to Rainbow Beach include Kauri Creek, and a 500m

circumference of the Double Island Point headland. Get to know your marine park by familiarising yourself with the zoning maps at boat ramps, or go on line to view the marine park maps at parks/great-sandy-marine . By observing a few simple rules boaties can help to protect dugongs, turtles and other marine wildlife. These include: l watching out for wildlife and taking extra care if boating in known habitat areas such as over seagrass beds;

l travel off-the-plane in turtle and dugong ‘go slow’ areas; and l stay in marked navigation channels where possible. Anyone who comes across injured, stranded or dead marine wildlife should report it by calling 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625). For more information about the Great Sandy Marine Park or anything else about our wonderful natural environment here at Rainbow Beach, please contact Grant Phelan, Community Engagement Ranger at the QPWS Rainbow Beach Information Centre on 54869 900.

Fishing & Boating

Tin Can Bay Fishing Report

Page 34

he Month Photo of t

By Tin Can Bay Boat Hire


ow, 2013 already!!!! The waters around Tin Can Bay and the Sandy Straits have been extremely busy during the Christmas period with most days the car parks at the boat ramp being full to capacity and boat trailers parked everywhere! Despite the extra traffic on the water, earlier in the month fishing has been steady with reports of Bream, Moses Perch and Flathead in Snapper Creek. Mangrove Jack are still coming from the creeks like Teebar, Dinnies and Kauri with the added bonus of the odd Threadfin Salmon. There has been a few decent fish about - on one recent trip to Big Mick I got cleaned up after about a five minute fight I was bitten off using 80 pound leader. Mid-month, the weather has been a little average with those who did head out having to take cover in the creeks to get away from the wind. One customer recently reported a mixed bag of Yellow Tail Pike, Bream, Moses Perch and Flathead coming from Teebar Creek. The big tides were a perfect time to get out and explore the upper reaches of creeks like Snapper, Dinnies and Teebar. And con-

ditions should be ideal for chasing Jacks in the creeks. On the open waters of Tin Can Bay it was worth heading to places like Big Mick, Bluff Reef and the Channel between Inskip and Fraser to try your luck floating unweighted Pillies for a couple of Mackerel. With temps between 35 and 37°c forecast for Thursday and Friday. With rain and possible thunderstorms forecast for most of the long weekend the outlook appears a little gloomy however with winds tipped to be 5-10 knots it should still make for reasonable conditions to hit the open waters of the bay or even the creeks. Upside is a bit of rain should hopefully bring with it some relief from the hot weather we have been having of late. The past week the bay has been fishing fairly well with reports of Snapper, Sweetlip, Moses Perch and Cod coming from the shallow reefs around Tin Can Bay and on Teebar Ledge. A few nice Squid have also been caught around Norman Point. Reports of Mackerel have been a little patchy however large schools of Gar have been sighted around Big Mick and make great bait for Mackerel. A few Queenfish

Thanks to Greg Pearce from Double Island Point Fishing Charters for capturing these customer’s grins have been taken in this same area and where they may not be the best eating they do make for a great sports fish on light gear. Mud crabs have been in good numbers for those who have taken their time to set a few pots but as usual around holiday time they are still getting raided. There are still a few reports of mud crabs coming from the creeks

as well as a few Jacks with those taking the time to gather live baits being well rewarded for efforts. Please share photo’s of your holiday catches on our facebook page or email them to Good luck and see you on the water. Jim Cole from Tin Can Bay Boat Hire. 0408 329 167

Fishing & Boating

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Double Island Point

Fishing Charters

Page 36

Peter with one of the first Saturn Antennas sold in 1998. Ted is still using it in his travels. SMILE!! Now that the “silly” season has passed and the kids have returned to school, Rainbow Beach has settled back into its own leisurely pace again. Whew!! But, aren’t we lucky that we can enjoy such a beautiful place all year. And I’m glad that our visitors have all gone. It’s great to have them here, though, because we make the effort to ensure they have a good time so they go home speaking about our wonderful town to others that may be encouraged to ‘come see’ for themselves - after all, it’s because of the TOURIST that our town survives. And speaking of that topic, we received some great feedback from both lots of visitors about one particular shop assistant. She was bright and bubbly, welcoming and friendly, with a warm smile. One of our visitors spoke with her and thanked her for her helpful manner (they hadn’t had very pleasant experiences in some other businesses). It doesn’t take much effort to smile and make the visitors in our town feel welcome. AND the raw facts of WHY we should treat the tourist well, is that…..WITHOUT THE TOURIST YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS/NO JOB…….So, please, next time you have a customer enter your premises, SMILE!! DIGITAL TV RECEPTION OK, enough said! Let’s get down to the real business of TV reception. This year, 2013, is the year that the whole of Australia will be switched over to digital reception only. The last areas to be switched over are the capital cities and the remote areas of all states. There are major changes for the traveller. Some areas of the capital cities are having new towers installed so that the digital reception will be better. Yes, you did read correctly - some areas of the cities have bad TV reception. One place that we have stayed where the reception was very ordinary was

Graham Engeman and his raffle prize with Surf Club representative Ron Organ Rainbow Beach Community News

Emu Plains (between Sydney and the Blue Mountains). And that is one region that has a new transmitter to service the people living in that area. Another place with a new transmitter is Geelong (near Melbourne). Hopefully, with all this ‘new technology’, we will have better TV reception. SATELLITE TV RECEPTION In other areas, like some towns in remote parts of Australia, the government is subsidising each household’s purchase of a satellite dish and receiver. This will certainly allow the people living in these towns to have perfect reception all the time. BUT, what about the traveller! Without a satellite dish, the traveller will receive NO TV. Before you jump up and down about “TV shouldn’t rule your travelling experience “, let me tell you that there are many travellers who find their TV reception is important - especially during the footie season. One lady told me that if they can’t get the channel they want, they move on to another town where they CAN get the footie. My question for the government is “Are they going to help the caravan park owner in these towns to install satellite reception for the TOURIST?” - because without the tourist dollar, these towns may not survive as well as they do now. If you are doing your “shake-down” trip in Rainbow Beach and are reading this, be comforted that we, at Saturn Antennas, cover all TV reception requirements. We have the Saturn Antenna for the TV reception areas as well as the satellite setup for the more remote areas. Give us a call on 07 5486 3471 to discuss your concerns. GOODBYE By the time you read this, all our “Rainbow friends”, we will be on our way south for the start of our caravan show season. See you sometime after Easter. Enjoy the beach and the fishing for us. Peter and Margaret Grant

Boat Winner Announced

Local Groups

Page 37

Cooloola Coast Medical Transport Inc


our Medical Transport continues to be very well supported by our local population, including fellow volunteers groups and traders. This is so important to allow us to provide this much needed service for our community. A very big thank you to Nev and Win Davis for having the Medical Transport ‘Wishing Well’ at their incredible Christmas light display in Cooloola Cove. This year they raised almost $700 which is quite amazing, this goes to show how much everyone enjoyed viewing their display. Our organisation receives no government funding therefore all donations are received with enormous gratitude. Every year in February we review our transport fees, although we are a not for profit organisation our running costs still need to be paid, which includes fuel, servicing, and insurances to name a few. For our clients that are not aware, the state government has increased the transport travel and where applicable overnight accommodation subsidy for travelling to specialists services that are not available within 50kms of the nearest public hospital. More information as to whether you are eligible to claim the rebate you need to contact your doctor prior to travel. Our members are all volunteers who give their time to

help this great community by providing a door to door service which is unrivalled in this area and beyond. Bingo is held on Sundays at Cooloola Coast Bowls Club -eyes down 1.30pm, everyone welcome. Friday and Saturday mornings at Dolphin Shopping Centre Tin Can Bay you can purchase money board squares or raffle tickets offering great prizes. New volunteers always wanted. 5/6 Scullett Drive, Cooloola Cove, Phone 5486 2488

Betty Bradley and Betty Sallaway selling tickets at the Markets

Rainbow Beach Playgroup News

Byron and Clint checking out the slide at playgroup


he joys of Christmas and madness of the school holidays are now over. It’s time for all parents and carers to get together again for our weekly chat over a cuppa, whilst our children play, squeal and interact with each other in a safe and happy environment. We would like to thank the organisers of the Rainbow Beach Arts Festival who gave us the opportunity to receive the monies raised from the event. It was a very successful day and we will keep you posted as to how we will spend this money to benefit children within the community. Playgroup is specifically designed for children aged 0-5 years of age. A playgroup

is a place for you and your children to have fun, make new friends and develop skills through play, in a relaxed and friendly environment. We operate throughout the school terms and look forward to meeting new parents, carers and children alike. Our first gathering will be on Tuesday 5th February When: Tuesday mornings 9.30am – 11.30am Where: Rainbow Beach Community Hall (Centre Block) Cost: 50c per person per session Further enquires phone Tina 0429 420 267

Local Groups

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Rainbow Beach Over 60’S Brunch I

n January we gathered for the first event of 2013 on the deck at Neeci and Col’s, where we enjoyed great finger food, lots of good conversation and a fantastic view of the Wide Bay. At the AGM last year, it was decided that as well as our major gathering each month, we would catch up informally on the first Tuesday of the month. To that end, on Tues Feb 5th, we will meet up at Arco’s for a quick coffee and a chat when we pick up our mail at around 10.30am. If you are in town don’t forget to drop in and join any of the group that may be there. Our other upcoming dates are as follows: FEBRUARY Saturday 2nd Pool Party at the RB Sports and Rec Club. Swimming from 7am. Entry $4. Breakfast at the club 8am $5.95 Ring Mar-

Mick and Keith “Are you sure?”

garet 54880284 or Barry 0418989301


MARCH Wednesday 13th Ten Pin Bowling and sausage sizzle. Gympie Bowl. 9.30am start. Cost tba. Margaret and Ray 54868201 APRIL Wed 17th Exploring Maryborough’s Heritage. $20per person includes entry into 3 museums and art gallery, 1hr bus tour of heritage houses and lunch at Muddies. BYO morning tea. Helen and Don 54863323 John and Marg 54868153 MAY Sat 18th 4pm. Italian night at Dot and Don’s place. Byo chair and a pen for trivia. Rsvp by 15th May. Dorothy and Don 54862357 and Gary 54868429 New members are always welcome, so if you would like to join us at any of the events telephone any of the numbers above.

Cooloola Coast Garden Group

Annette and Val

Keith & Noel

Evonne and Lil enjoying the atmosphere

e meet on the second Thursday of each month from February to December. Our meetings are at a different garden each month. Every garden is unique... Large... Small... Tropical... Native... Eclectic... Wallum... Cottage. And some with a collection of all of the above. We have a relaxing afternoon... Wandering at leisure throughout the garden... Learning …sharing knowledge... swapping plants & cuttings... and we finish with Afternoon Tea and Friendship. Throughout the year we have bus trips. On occasions we invite speakers and or demonstrators to chat about the various aspects of “All things plants and associates”. Our FIRST MEETING for 2013 is on Thursday 14th FEBRUARY at the private Garden of: MARCIA and DAVE MIDDLO 58 GOLDEN HIND AVE COOLOOLA COVE Map Ref: BAY BULLETIN D8 Note: (the 1st entrance)Left from Investigator.... follow Gold/Hind Av around past Brittanic Av on Right. 58 ... White house with flag pole in the front. 1.30pm Start BRING A CHAIR and CUP SWAP TABLE – plants and cuttings Afternoon Tea – “Bring a Plate” $2.00 Fee (for Bus Trips) ENQUIRIES:- COLLEEN 5488 0309

Local Groups

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Tin Can Bay Camera Club


Lynn Milnes-Honour-Halong Bay

he Tin Can Bay Camera Club met on Wednesday 16 January for its first meeting of 2013. The topic for this month was ‘Open’ and Richard Bassett from the Hervey Bay Camera Club was our judge for the night. This was the first month where we had an A & B grade and there were some beautiful images in both categories. The winners in A grade were Cathy Reed (honour), Louise Smith and Diann Bourke (merits) and B grade Lynn Milnes (honour), Mary Boyce and Frank Posh (merits). Julie Hartwig spoke to us about our new website and Scott Johnson told us how to prepare for digital images. Thanks to both of them for their informative talk. We welcomed two new members in January Brodie Riley and Jennifer Gamble. Next month’s topic is ‘Sheds’ so why not come along and join us at 7pm on Wednesday 20 February at the Tin Can Bay Library? For information about membership and club activities contact our Club Secretary Cathy Reed 5486 4010 or email cathy@ or refer to our website

Mary Boyce-Merit-Jet Ski Acrobat Frank Posh-Merit-Hello

Cathy Reed-Honour-Two’s Company

RSL Update T

he Sub Branch will hold its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 13th February 2013, commencing at 1400 hours

at the Surf Club. All members (financial) are invited to attend to select a team to lead us in fulfilling our community obligations for the ensuing year and also to review the previous year’s activities. Joe Casey President 0422546042

Diann Bourke-Merit-Polar Bear

Local Groups

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Tin Can Bay Quilters T

Buy your raffle tickets for our charity quilt

he Tin Can Bay Quilters have made their start with new projects for 2013. If you would like to visit us, we meet at the Community Centre every Tuesday morning from 9.00am -12.30pm. This year on the 14th May we are holding our Friendship day. Quilters from Bundaberg to the Sunshine Coast join us to share a fun day with showing and telling of quilts, food and friendship. Raffle tickets for our Charity quilt (see Photo) are now available for sale, and the raffle will be drawn on the 14th May. In January we started the year with Ann showing us how to make a spiral table runner. A special wedge ruler is used to cut wedges and then they are joined up again in a curve. There were some great colour combinations, which I will show you another day. On the 29th Jan we are starting a block of the month. It has an Australian theme. A new block will be released on the last Tuesday of each month. There is a quarterly meeting on the 5th February. Preparation of items for Friendship day will start on the 12th Feb. On the 19th February there is Mystery Bus trip. On the 5th March we are spending the day making

colourful pillowslips for children in hospital and to keep on their own special pillow. For further information contact Val on 54880226.

Members Coral Johnson, Mary Boyce and Rita Mancktelow with Tina Guyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s My Secret Garden, prize winner of the Rainbow Beach Art Festival

Cooloola City Farm C

stems. Tiny, raised spots turning into yellow pustules will ity Farm, opposite the Community Centre, on Tin be the first sign. Then the leaves curl up, new growth rolls Can Bay Road, is open to the public for plant sales back and red-brown lesions replace the yellow spores. on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 am-3pm. Some plants survive, but others may be seriously defoliContact details: Phone â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 07 54862304 Email: ated, flowering may be affected and some plants may die. Website: Advice varies regarding treatment, but caution sugI am interrupting my series on the various types of gests not moving or handling the plant, taking a phonative plants to discuss a destructive introduced plant tograph to a nursery or sending it to the Queensland disease called myrtle rust. Myrtle rust is caused by a Department of Primary Industries or Biosecurity fungus, Uredo rangelli, originating in South America Queensland for confirmation of the disease. Biosecuand only recently found in Australia. rity Queensland can be contacted on In that short time, however, it has 13 25 23. They use the information spread from central New South received to obtain information about Wales to Victoria and Queensland. the spread of the disease and to How it arrived here is not known, but learn more about it. as it is spread by microscopic spores In terms of prevention, it is recomwhich can survive for months, the mended that you buy healthy plants, possibilities are many and the chancmonitor the health of plants in your garden and keep clothes and gardenes of eradication are miniscule. Not all Australian natives are affected, but ing implements clean. the large Myrtaceae family is, and Plant of the month is Cordyline petithis includes Melaleuca, Callistemon, olaris (Broad leaved palm lily). This is an Syzygium, Acmena, Austromyrtus attractive, many-stemmed plant to 5m. and Backhousia to name only some. It has long leaves; flowers are white to Wet, humid conditions are optimal lilac and occur from winter to spring. The for plant infection. Myrtle rust affects edible fruit is red. It requires protection Plant of the month - Broad young, growing leaves, shoots and from wind and sun to look its best. leaved palm lily


Local Groups

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Rainbow Beach Progress Association Inc. W

elcome to another year, and by all reports, it has been a bumper Christmas, largely due to an extraordinarily good run of sunshine instead of the stormy unpredictable weather so typical in years gone by. The Council has certainly been busy with the beach front upgrade, and besides being much more ascetically pleasing, it has provided a much safer pedestrian access to the beach and toilet facilities by diverting traffic along designated walkways from the Surf Club ramp. 2013 promises to be a busy year for our association, and I urge the community to get involved. The Progress Association is your voice for “The Betterment and Prosperity” of Rainbow Beach. *Our first meeting will be Thursday 28th February at a

time and venue to be announced to members and invited guests. David Gibson, Member for Gympie is our special guest, so it will be a privilege to welcome him, and we thank him for his time amid his very busy schedule. Beach Driving Fees: We Have Not Given Up The Fight!! In September last year, a representative delegation, including David Gibson, met with Steve Dickson, Minister for National Parks, Recreation, Sport & Racing. We presented our case for the removal of “Vehicle Access Permits” or VAP’s, including vehicle numbers from Noosa Barge, the impacted weekend trade on local businesses, and generally how we locals feel about losing free access to our “backyard”. As with many departments in the newly formed Newman Government, “DERM” is under review, with no expected decisions until at least the end of June. But that has not stopped us from writing a letter to the Premier, or gaining support from the LNP Coastal Division and Mark McDonald, our local Councilor. Subsequent to this, we are in the process of applying to the “Government Community Cabinet” late in February, for a hearing with Campbell Newman and any other Ministers who are available, particularly Jan Stuckey, Minister for Tourism and again, Steve Dickson, in the hope that we can further advance our cause. Come on “Citizens of Rainbow”, send me your letters of support! After all, this was a “Pre Election Promise” from the LNP. Let’s show a united front and keep fighting to remove a very, very bad Labor legacy “Grab for Cash”. Premier Newman, with deepest respect, there are other ways of doing this! UPCOMING: *Qld State Gov. through Dept. Transport re: upgrade to Carlo Point Ramp. *Rainbow Shores Decision Until next month Sandy Brosnan President; 0427_863007 Sandy Brosnan Business Owner Rainbow Beach I can confirm that the Cooloola Branch of the LNP is firmly committed to NO beach fees to travel from Noosa North Shore to Rainbow Beach. The current beach fees have impacted on local businesses and residents and have restricted access to the declared public road along the beach. It has impacted on access to the coloured sands and the Double Island Point area. The opinion of the Cooloola Branch of the LNP is that this fee should be removed immediately and appropriate measures taken to manage the campers using the dunes and hinterland of the National Park. The beach should be available to travel freely between Rainbow Beach and Noosa. Regards Graham Engeman Chairman

Cooloola Branch LNP Rainbow Beach Progress Association P O Box 535 Rainbow Beach Qld 4581 Dear Premier, We have recently written to Minister Dickson (on 5th September 2012) on the issue of Vehicle Access Permits (VAP) on the beach but have yet to receive a response and as this matter is having such a drastic impact upon the Rainbow beach community we felt it was important to bring it to your attention. As you would be aware the LNP, when in opposition, was constantly critical of Labors’ Recreation Areas Management Act referring to it as draconian legislation that impinged on the rights of individuals. It was this draconian legislation that the former Minister, Kate Jones, used to implement the Recreation Areas Management Amendment Regulation (No. 1) in 2010 as a way of appeasing the environmental zealots by imposing more green tape and restricting vehicle access to the Cooloola Recreation Area. Two years down the track and despite public protests and petitions being ignored by the previous Labor Government we can now show that the imposition of VAP has impacted adversely upon tourism and the community of Rainbow Beach as businesses are shutting their doors. I know that this matter was raised with you before the last election when you were holidaying in Rainbow Beach and at that time you spoke about how, if elected, your government would remove the green tape that was damaging small businesses as these beach permits do. We are now writing to you as this Labor policy failure, compounded with the overall downturn in tourism has pushed the Rainbow Beach tourism sector to the point that it is struggling to remain sustainable. I understand that the Minister for National Parks is conducting a comprehensive review of permits, authorities and other business transactions that are related to national parks, but it is imperative that the VAP is removed if Rainbow Beach is to have a viable tourism industry. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss what can be done with your staff as soon as possible. Yours Sincerely, Sandy Brosnan President Mob; 0427863007 Email;

Local Groups

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Qcwa Tin Can Bay Branch

Members Mrs Doris Wright & Mrs Frances Sheppard – two of the most senior length of service members of the T.C.B. QCWA – Christmas luncheon T.C.B.


eing the Branch’s first article for 2013, a short catchup from December - four Branch members travelled to the QCWA Kilkivan Branch Hall to participate in the Division Meeting, which was well attended by numerous Branches. Following much decision making, the QCWA Imbil Branch members provided a scrumptious lunch, which would be difficult to surpass. This meeting provided an opportunity to mingle with other Branch members who live in various areas of the division, and wish them the compliments of the season. The following Wednesday brought a complete social

occasion in the form of the Branch Christmas luncheon at the Lazy Bay Café of the T.C.B. Yacht Club. No ‘dancing on the tables’ again this year, however, being joined by husbands, partners, family, friends and members of the “ Seventies of 1941 Club “, provided a pleasant atmosphere, particularly when Secret Santa arrived with gifts. As Dec and Jan monthly meetings are not held, the first 2013 meeting on Mon 11 Feb, will no doubt have an extensive agenda – preparation and diary date claimers for:- fundraising: community commitments – i.e. Volunteer Awards Presentation and RSL TCB Sub Branch morning tea provision, attendance at TCB P10 State School for Anzac Day and Student Award events, liaison with other local community groups: members’ briefings for QCWA competitions of photography/public speaking/essay writing/floral art/handcraft/knitting and crochet/piecemakers/cookery: QCWA International Day Luncheon. As well as the above projects, the QCWA has for years lobbied applicable authorities for changes to be made to the Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme (PTSS). Over a number of years however, the subsidy has not kept up with the yearly increase of relevant costs and the out of pocket expenses for residents of rural and remote areas has continued to increase. This scheme was designed to assist people living some distance from medical facilities, in the form of accommodation and travel subsidies. Please contact the QCWA Tin Can Bay Branch Cottage Convenor on 54864192 for detailed information regarding the T.C.B. QCWA Cottage facility. Publicity Officer – 54862726.

Lunch at the Country Club

Cooloola Waters Retirement Resort Happenings W

ell, who doesn’t love a good time? And just because we are all a little over the veritable hill, it doesn’t mean we have to slow down; no, it means we simply pick up speed. We might only be here for a short time, so we are here for a good time! And of all the good times residents of Cooloola Waters village enjoy, one of those

times is when the bus picks them up and they go off to spend a couple of hours at the Tin Can Bay Country Club. In that time they not only enjoy a hearty lunch, but they also enjoy their own company with lots of fun and laughter thrown in. Remember, you don’t stop laughing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop laughing!

Members Cherryl Mossman and Lorraine Bishop on board local Reibel family’s trawler “ Wandering Star “ – attending audio/visual information presentation on efficiency and conservation requirements for Qld fishing industry operations.

Local News

Canisters on Beaches

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TCB Markets


ith the recent cyclone in the Coral Sea the waves and the wind have been washing some interesting and hazardous things onto our local beaches. Up and down the coast of Queensland aluminium canisters (pictured) containing Aluminium Phosphate have been found and present a real danger to anyone who opens or punctures these canisters. Station Officer, Grant Feeney from the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service says, “Several canisters were recovered from Double Island Point recently after being reported to QPWS rangers”. The granulated powder inside the canister reacts violently when it contacts water and creates the extremely toxic gas “phosphene”. “It’s possible the canisters have washed off a ship during rough seas as they are used to fumigate shipping containers” Officer Feeney said. Anyone finding these canisters should refrain from touching them and call ‘000’ or tell a ranger. If you have to touch the canister, do not remove the lid, place it in a bucket, cover in sand and place the bucket away from people until authorities can remove it.

Jasmin Betteridge cracking macadamias at Ross Pirie’s Tin Can Bay Market stall

Saturn Antenna’s Rebecca Grant at her mobile accessory stall

Graham and Val Knight with grandchildren Justin and Grace bring their Goomeri produce

Local Fay Hilder with daughter Nelly and grandchildren Demi and Reese Hilder from Brisbane enjoying the markets

Santa comes to Rainbow

Luxie-Leigh Duffy-Findlater and brother Blake Findlater meet Santa at the Sports Club

School News

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Welcome back to school at Tin Can Bay P-10 State School


e have an exciting year ahead of us and all the staff are pumped about meeting up with the parents and students again in 2013. Please be aware of the following date claimers for February: 7th February – School Banking Program visit for Preps and Year 1 7th February – A Community BBQ will at the school hall and class information sessions will then be held across the school. BBQ commences at 5.30pm. 14th February – Cooloola Summer Sports trials. Our students will travel to Gympie for this exciting sporting event.

19th February – Select nominated students will compete in the Cooloola Swimming Carnival Please come in and say hello to all of our wonderful staff. If you have never been in the school grounds before or you would like to see what happens in the school, make an appointment through our front office on 54881222 and I would be more than happy to take you on a guided tour. Looking forward to working alongside our magnificent community members. Brad Roberts – Principal, Tin Can Bay P-10 State School

Rainbow Beach Holiday Program

Faces on: Annie White, Sarah Speirs, Lilly Bond, Jasmin White and Kiona Scott

Volunteers Rebekah, Andrew, Jack, Courtney, Rebecca, Michael at “the Tents”

Jaida Trusz-Samford, Jasmine Major, Courtney Beveridge, Sara Major, Rebecca Wakeling had a fund session at the Holiday Program

Rainbow Beach School News


irstly I would like to acknowledge the fantastic work that the previous Principal Paul Manttan did, not only for Rainbow Beach State School, but also for the Rainbow Beach community. I’ve been a Principal in the Gympie area for the last five years, and I am thrilled to be joining Rainbow Beach State School and the community, to continue the great work of providing a quality education for the students of Rainbow Beach. My family and I have enjoyed spending time in Rainbow Beach and we look forward to spending even more time in the community. I am a keen surfer so I particularly look forward to spending some time in the water. The school year begins on Tuesday the 29th of January and I look forward to meeting both parents and community members of the next couple of weeks. Kind regards, Damian Principal, Rainbow Beach State School

Jokes Insults I took my dad to the mall the other day to buy some new shoes (he is 76).We decided to grab a bite at the food court. I noticed he was watching a teenager sitting next to him. The teenager had spiked hair in all different colors green,red, Orange, and blue. My dad kept staring at her. The teenager kept looking and would find my dad staring every time. When the teenager had had enough, she sarcastically asked: “What’s the matter old man, never done anything wild in your life?” Knowing my dad, I quickly swallowed my food so that I would not choke on his response; I knew he would have a good one! In classic style he responded without batting an eyelid .... “Was stoned once and got friendly with a parrot. I was just wondering if you might be my kid!”

Page 46 Employment My first job was in an orange juice factory, but I got fired because I couldn’t concentrate. Possessions A very successful attorney parked his brand new Lexus in front of his office, ready to show it off to his colleagues. As he was getting out, a truck came along too closely and completely tore off the driver’s door. Fortunately, a cop in a police car was close enough to see the accident and pulled up behind the Lexus with his lights flashing. Before the cop had a chance to ask any questions, the attorney started screaming hysterically about how his Lexus, which he had just purchased the day before, was completely ruined and would never be the same, no matter how any car body shop tried to make it new again. After the lawyer finally wound down from his rant, the cop shook his head in disbelief. “I can’t believe how materialistic you lawyers are,” he said. “You are so focused on your possessions that you neglect the most important things in life.” “How can you say such a thing?” asked the lawyer. The cop replied, “Don’t you even realize that your left arm is missing? It was severed when the truck hit you!” “OH, MY GOSH!!!” screamed the lawyer. “My Rolex !!!!” Fig Leaf A nun, badly needing to use to the restroom, walked into a local Hooters. The place was hopping with music and loud conversation and every once in a while ‘the lights would turn off. Each time the lights would go out, the place would erupt into cheers. However, when the revellers saw the nun, the room went dead silent. She walked up to the bartender, and asked, ‘May I please use the restroom?’ The bartender replied, ‘OK, but I should warn you that there is a statue of a naked man in there wearing only a fig leaf.’ ‘Well, in that case, I’ll just look the other way,’ said the nun. So the bartender showed the nun to the back of the restaurant. After a few minutes, she came back out, and the whole place stopped just long enough to give the nun a loud round of applause. She went to the bartender and said, ‘Sir, I don’t understand. Why did they applaud for me just because I went to the restroom?’ ‘Well, now they know you’re one of us,’ said the bartender, ‘Would you like a drink?’ ‘No thank you, but, I still don’t understand,’ said the puzzled nun. ‘You see,’ laughed the bartender, ‘every time someone lifts the fig leaf on that statue, the lights go out. Now, how about that drink?’ Shopping with the wife A married couple had been out shopping in the town centre for most of the afternoon. Suddenly, the wife realized that her husband had “disappeared”. The somewhat irate spouse called her mate’s cell phone and demanded: “Where the hell are you?” Husband: “Darling, you remember that Jewellery shop where you saw the diamond necklace and totally fell in love with it and I didn’t have money at the time but I said, ‘Baby, it’ll be yours one day’?” Wife, with a huge smile, blushing: “Yes I remember that, my dearest love.” Husband: “Well, I’m in the Pub next to that shop.” Could be hung for this one 50,000 Kiwis meet in Eden Park for a “Kiwis Are Not Stupid” Convention. Prime Minister John Key says, “We are all here today to pruv to the world thet Kiwis are not stupid. Ken I hev a volunteer?”

Ritchie McCaw the great All Black gingerly works his way through the crowd and steps up to the stage. Key asks him, “Rutchie whut uz fufteen plus fufteen?” After fufteen or twinty seconds Ritchie says, “Eighteen!” Obviously everyone is a little disappointed. Then all 50,000 Kiwis start chanting, “GUV HUM ANUTHER CHANCE! GUV HUM ANUTHER CHANCE!” Key says, “Well, sunce we’ve gone to the trouble of gitting 50,000 of you un one place, end we have the world-wide priss end global broadcast media here, I thunk we ken guv hum anuther chance.” So he asks, “Whut uz sivven plus sivven?” After nearly suxty seconds he eventually says, “Twunty!” Key is quite perplexed, looks down and just lets out a dejected sigh and everyone is disheartened. Ritchie starts crying and the 50,000 Kiwis begin to yell and wave their hands shouting, “GUV HUM ANUTHER CHANCE! GUV HUM ANUTHER CHANCE!” Key, unsure whether or not he is doing more harm than damage, eventually says, “Ok! Ok! Just one more chance. Rutchie, whut uz two plus two?” Ritchie closes his eyes, and after a whole minute eventually says, “Four!” Throughout the stadium pandemonium breaks out as all 50,000 Kiwis jump to their feet, wave their arms, stamp their feet and scream: “GUV HUM ANUTHER CHANCE! GUV HUM ANUTHER CHANCE!” Efficiency The American and the Japanese corporate offices for a large multi-national corporation decided to engage in a competitive boat race. Both teams practiced hard and long to reach their peak performance. On the big day they felt ready. The Japanese team won by a mile. Afterward, the American team was discouraged by the loss. Morale sagged. Corporate management decided that the reason for the crushing defeat had to be found, so a consulting firm was hired to investigate the problem and recommended corrective action. The consultant’s finding: The Japanese team had eight people rowing and one person steering; the American team had one person rowing and eight people steering. After a year of study and millions spent analyzing the problem, the firm concluded that too many people were steering and not enough were rowing on the American team. So, as race day neared again the following year, the American team’s management structure was completely reorganized. The new structure: four steering managers, three area steering managers and a new performance review system for the person rowing the boat to provide work incentive. The next year, the Japanese won by two miles. Humiliated, the American office laid-off the rower for poor performance and gave the managers a bonus for discovering the problem. Good news, bad news A bloke’s wife goes missing while diving off the West Australian Coast! He reports the event, searches fruitlessly and spends a terrible night wondering what could have happened to her. Next morning there’s a knock at the door and he is confronted by a couple of policemen, the old Sarge and a younger Constable. The Sarge says, ‘Mate, we have some news for you, unfortunately some really bad news, but, some good news, and maybe some more good news’. ‘Well,’ says the bloke, ‘I guess I’d better have the bad news first?’ The Sarge says, ‘I’m really sorry mate, but your wife is dead. Young Bill here found her lying at about five fathoms in a little cleft in the reef. He got a line around her and we pulled her up, but she was dead.’ The bloke is naturally distressed to hear of this and has a bit of a turn. But after a few minutes he pulls himself together and asks what the good news is. The Sarge says, ‘Well when we got your wife up there were quite a few really good sized lobsters and a swag of nice crabs attached to her, so we’ve brought you your share.’ He hands the bloke a bag with a couple of nice lobsters and four or five crabs in it. ‘Geez thanks. They’re bloody beauties. I guess it’s an ill wind and all that... So what’s the other possible good news?’ ‘Well’, the Sarge says, ‘if you fancy a quick trip, me and young Bill here get off duty at around 11 o’clock and we’re gonna shoot over there and pull her up again!

Letters to the Editor No Respect! No Punishment


Over the holidays my fiancé and I camped at Inskip Point – Natone Camping Area. On Monday 14 January a number of four wheel drives delivered about 12 teenage boys to a spot within about 50 metres of our camp. Camping gear and eskies were carried to their camp. Soon after their arrival, a ranger arrived and spoke to them. He also spoke to us. He said that he had spoken to the lads about appropriate behaviour and respecting the camping area. He said that should there be any trouble, that we should contact the rangers. He also said that he had recognised one of the lads as a Rainbow Beach local. Over the next two days we observed the boys to be drinking beer in stubbies. Some of these boys looked no more than 13. At night time we heard loud cracking sounds like trees being broken. On their second night we heard that they had terrorised another camp close by. During that night, when my partner was getting a drink of water, she turned with her torch to see one of the boys standing at our camper window looking in. The next morning the boys packed up and were picked up by their parents. When there was only three boys left two rangers stopped and supervised a clean up of the area.

Text the editor I am sorry it has taken me this long to contact you to congratulate you for an amazing Christmas edition of the RBCN. The local perspective was both authentic, believable, & newsworthy for visitors and residents.

Page 47

After the lads had departed, my partner and I went down to check out the area. We collected a large garbage bag of empty stubbies(some broken), food tins and other general waste. This waste was just thrown into the bush behind the camp. We also noticed 5 tree branches which had been broken by the boys. Some of these branches were 20cm thick. It would have taken most of the boys hanging and bouncing on these to break them. The broken branches, some in excess of 5 metres long, were dragged away into the bush and dunes. In disgust I rang the National Parks and Wildlife Service to complain and request a meeting on site with them. Within a short time two rangers arrived. They were the same rangers who supervised the clean up and had warned the boys two days prior. The rangers acknowledged the damage caused by the boys and said that they had reprimanded the boys. They claimed that because the boys were under age, this is all that they could do. They also said that as they had some details from the boys, and they would be informing their parents of the destruction. They said I could put in an official complaint. I am in the process of doing this. My concerns are:

The to do list was brilliant and addressed a big void in promoting the area. Well done. Loved it. Can’t wait for the next edition. Cassie Head, Rainbow Beach Hire-a-Camp “The paper was bright and colourful and the kids ideas of the best things to do was great.” Mary Boyce

Trivia Teams at Sports Club “Dr Who” show off their gift voucher

“Kelly’s Eye” had a fun night of trivia on January 22.

There was no favouritism for “Just Google It”

1. How can their parents supply these boys with alcohol and get away with it? 2. How can their parents when collecting their child accept the damage that these boys have done? 3. How can our laws allow these boys to get away with the wilful destruction of this environment. These boys apparently had permits. Surely if a person is old enough to purchase a camping permit, then surely they are old enough to be prosecuted for this damage. If they cannot be prosecuted in some way, then the laws must change to make permit holders of an age that they can be. If minors are to get a permit, then parents and guardians must go guarantor and accept penalties applied for their child’s wrong doing. This destruction must stop and people must take responsibility for their actions. Chris Chant Sunshine Coast, Parrearra


Page 48

Dragon Boat Club Welcome to a Sailability New Year!


Andrea Casey, Norma Anderson and Sylvia Simpson, Dragon’s Lair Cafe


he year has started well with good numbers on the water at our Thursday and Sunday paddle sessions. This year we will be holding regular Come and Try days on the last Sunday of each month. We would love to introduce you to the fun of dragon boating. Bring along a water bottle, hat, enthusiasm and $5. This will kick off on the 24th February, see you there. Congratulations to Brett and Monique on the safe arrival of their baby daughter Kaya. 2nd February – We are catering for the Croc’s annual swimming meet. 23rd – 24th March – State Titles held at Kawana. Team training will intensify leading up to the titles with a 3rd training session planned. Come try Paddling for Fun, Fitness & Friendship. Thursday 4.00pm Sunday 8.00am We meet near the Yacht Club hardstand. Contact Gayle 54886 2929 Sandra 5486 2695 for more details Sherry Fuller, Publicity Officer

ccording to the Chinese the new year starts on the 10th February and this will be the year of the Snake, sometimes also called the junior Dragon. This is a year of the water Snake, and all things will be possible. So if you were born in the following years, you are a Snake ! 7th January 1941 -14th Feb 1942 14th Feb 1953 - 2nd Feb 1954 2nd Feb 1965 - 20 Jan 1966 18 Feb 1977 - 6th Feb 1978 6th Feb 1989 - 26th Jan 1990 23rd Jan 2001 - 11 Feb 2002 10th Feb 2013 - 30 Jan 2014 Here are some well known Snakes: Julius Caesar, Queen Elizabeth I, Audrey Hepburn, Mahatma Gandhi. Bob Dylan, Christie Brinkley, Elizabeth Hurley, Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Kennedy, Kim Basinger, Linda McCartney, Oprah Winfrey, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Our very own Snakes— Bill Forbes, Alan Jones, Pete Pickin (all in ’41) and Greg Gabriel in ‘65 Book early for our Trivia Night Yes it’s our annual Trivia Night, our fun, fund raising event of the year! Please make a diary note, last year it was booked out. It’s Thursday 14th February at the Tin Can Bay Yacht Club, starting promptly at 7pm. Teams up to 6 per table; $15 per person; Raffle; Art Auctions (well-known local prize winning artists Carolyn Smith and Robin Hines); Lucky Door and many Spot Prizes. Seven Rounds of Quizzes; lots of fun with Supper included (Catering by Patrick) Phone 5486 2783 or email Sue, to make a booking. Sailability Pathways Program It was great to recognize the achievements

of the Sailors from Maryborough and Gympie Special School. The children were awarded their Recognition of Achievement, at a ceremony at their schools in December. Devised by Sailability Tin Can Bay and called the “Pathways to Individual Achievement” “Having fun in a Sailing Dinghy” and these children were participating in the Introductory Level modules: 1) Going Sailing 2) Sailing Direction 3) Turning a Corner 4) Handling the Dinghy 5) Trimming the Sails. We recognize each module and some of the Sailors were able to achieve all 5 modules and are invited to advance to Level 2. The following students were awarded their Recognition of Achievement, from Maryborough- Brock, Ethan, Jordan, Kirsty, Krystal, Matthew, Melissa, Rodney, Shannon, Shaun, Taren, Taylor, Toby and Tyler. From Gympie Special School- Dylan, Gemma, Maddi, Milly, Nathan and Zoya. Once again many congratulations to all of those taking part and we look forward to those Sailors continuing in the Pathways program. This is our fifth year of operations and therefore a landmark in our development. In 5 years we have grown from a beginning of ‘borrowed everything’ and $1000 from Sailability Queensland; many visits to our kindred organisations down south; as to suitable operation models; a handful of (apprehensive) volunteers and sailors and the faithful and accommodating support of Tin Can Bay Yacht Club, to where we are today. We now have over $180,000 in assets; over 50 active and committed members, with a strong sustainable support base involving disability organisations including schools etc. and local benefactors (and the

Barry our President, Co-Coordinator Marg and Sailing Instructor Jon hand out the awards at Maryborough Special School

We farewell one of our regular Sailors, John and his wife Annie presented with two framed photographs of John in ‘Purpal’

Another couple of regular’s — Charley and Valda, joined in the Spirit of things with Carer Lynne and Valda’s Sister. Valda also recently ‘tested’ the PFD, and yes they self inflate when your hit by a big wave! faithful and accommodating support of Tin Can Bay Yacht Club). Yours in Sailability Barry Ryan, President.

Sporting Shooters Tin Can Bay Branch Inc A

ll disciplines are again up and running after a short break over the Christmas/ New Year period, and three of our younger set have returned to shoot Air Pistol/ Rifle on Wednesday nights after their holiday cruise. Most of the rest of we shooters just enjoyed a great Christmas fun shoot with rifles, pistols and shotguns, followed by a cold luncheon, rumballs and white christmas. The Archery discipline is always looking for budding “Robin Hoods” of any age, and enquiries can be directed to Niall on 0417 449 949. Wattle Grove Park range at Amamoor is open for use of larger calibre firearms, and further information is available from Bruce

and/or Wendy on 5484 3555. Big Game Rifle postal events will be scheduled during the coming year. Upcoming major events for early 2013 will include a Zone 3 “Air Rifle Field Target” to be held over the weekend of 23/24 February and a traditional Junior Camp from 11 to 14 April. This camp is available to all junior members from ages 11 to 18 years of age to enhance safety and their ability to handle firearms ie. .22 Rifles, .22 Pistols, Air Rifle/Pistols and Shotguns. Congratulations to Alex Lee who won the “Bazza Kluver” perpetual trophy for the “Most Improved Junior” of 2012. Alex turned 11 in 2012 (the age when young

enthusiasts are able to gain a Minor’s Licence). Alex showed a great aptitude over the year. The trophy was kindly donated by Jerry Kluver and family in the memory of the late Barry “Bazza” Kluver who was a dedicated rifleman, and a mentor to many junior shooters. This is a prestigious trophy for our young people, and is not awarded every year; our first winner was Sam Taylor in 2010. Sporting Shooters Tin Can Bay Branch still regularly holds Safety Courses for those who wish to gain a shooters licence for long arms & pistols. Access to the range is by appointment only, except for regular scheduled events. We do always welcome enquiries.

For further information contact: Gordon 5486 5208 Ted 5486 4135 Lois 5486 2559

Gordon MacRae presenting “Bazza” Kluver trophy to Alex Lee


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Rainbow Shores Social Golf Club T

wenty keen golfers turned up at the Shores on Sunday 20th January to start off the golfing year. You had to be very keen, because it was very hot!!! An Ambrose game was played and the guys have started the year well, taking out first, second and third place. After a break for surgery, Paul Scott has bounced back with two new knees, these obviously


anuary 10 was the first night back after a short break and we were all done and dusted by 6:00pm. The pool temperature was great and the kids had a large audience due to holiday makers still being in the other side of the pool during our events. A big thanks

work well, he and Lionel Lund finished in first place. Second place went to, Laurie Bernard and John Craig, Trevor Ansell and Dave Tardrew finished third. Welcome back Paul, and well done to our winners. Weekly games: Ladies Day, Tee Off at 9am every Tuesday. Any ladies who would like to join us, please come along, you will be very welcome.

Thursday at 3pm is the Tee Off time for the Chook Run throughout the warmer months. Lots of fun, and we all take a Chook home sooner or later. I can guarantee this because I eventually won one at the end of last year. Golf is played at the Shores on many Sundays throughout the year. The first Major for 2013 will be held on Sunday 10th

to all the parents that helped this month. All the kids are looking forward to meeting our new swim coach, Kirsten Porter. The club has also secured funds for a wheelchair designed for a pool – so it’s now on order. The Cooloola Coast Crocs Meet is fast approaching (February 2) and it’s fantastic to see everyone getting behind our neighbour’s meet and putting in a great Rainbow Beach Club representation – more than half our swimmers will be there! The club is also registered with the GET STARTED program which means…. If you are aged between 5 and 18 who holds or whose parent, guardian or carer holds a Centrelink Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card and are residents of Queensland you are eligible for receiving funding vouchers for up to $150.00 to go toward paying your Swim Club registration fees. This will provide you with membership for a season and a half!

All you have to do is ring the club 5486 3191 and register your details over the phone with Afra or Rick. This must be done as early as possible. This is a great QLD Government initiative aimed at getting more kids involved in sporting activity. Don’t miss out… register early! Our Facebook page is up and running and the Swimming Club page on the web site also has a social plugin to it. Please pop onto facebook and like our page http:// . Photos and general info will be posted to keep you up to date. Get your family and friends to like the page too so they can see what the kids are doing at “Swim Club”. With a new coach and a new year, look out for some changes – come in and grab the latest timetable from the Aquatic centre. See you soon at the pool.

January Bronze and SRC Camp, Surf Club

Crocs Swim Club


013 has kicked off at a fast pace with our members competing at the last qualifying meet in Wide Bay before the QLD State Sprint Championships in February. This Meet was the Pelican Waters Caloundra Sprint Meet held on Saturday 12 January 2013 which attracted 55 clubs from throughout the Wide Bay, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Great work for some fantastic PB’s made by Paige, Maddy and Nikki Reibel in your swims, some really good times. Congratulations also to Kirsten on your two medals at this Meet - Silver in Girls 14 years Butterfly and Bronze in Girls 14 years Freestyle and for qualifying in both Open 50m Butterfly and 50m Freestyle Dash for Cash events, (an event for the fastest eight swims of the day over all age groups).

The Cooloola Coast Crocs Swimming Club has three members who have qualified for the QLD State Sprint Championships on 9 & 10 February 2013 in Brisbane. They are Kirsten Kenney, Thomas Kenney and Paige Reibel. Thomas has qualified for:17-18 years 50m Butterfly 17-18 years 50m Freestyle Men’s 50m Butterfly Page has qualified for:14 years 50m Breaststroke Kirsten has qualified for:14 years 50m Freestyle 14 years 50m Butterfly 14 years 50m Backstroke 14 years 50m Breaststroke Women’s 50m Freestyle Women’s 50m Backstroke Women’s 50m Butterfly We wish you luck and fast swimming!!! Results and details of our very own Swim Meet held on 2 February 2013 will be outlined in the next issue.

February. Golfers meet at 11:30am for a 12 noon Tee Off. There will also be two Fun Days in February on Sunday 17th & Sunday 24th. The start time is the same 11:30am for a 12 noon Tee Off. If you enjoy golf and good company come and join us at the Shores. Good Luck in 2013 everyone. Mary Cottam

Calendar of Events February All month Gympie Gallery – shows, hands on activities, kids’ treasure hunt 2 Croc’s Swim Carnival, Tin Can Bay 2 Cooloola Cove Markets 9 Tin Can Bay Markets 14 Valentine’s Day 14 Sailability’s Trivia Night, Tin Can Bay Yacht Club 54862783 14 Library Lover’s Day at local libraries 16 Bull and Bronc 23 Mothar Mountain Speedway 24 Simply Classical Concert, Gympie March 2 Cooloola Cove Markets 9 Tin Can Bay Markets 9 Suitcase Market, Gympie 9 Kilkivan Great Horse Ride 17  St Patrick’s Day & Gympie St Pats Race Day 23 Mothar Mt Speedway 30  Kenilworth Cheese, Wine and Food Fest April 1-4 Easter is here 1-14 School Holidays Qld Get active every week Mums and Bubs, Learn to Swim, Squad, Supervised Playtimes call Rainbow Beach Sports Club for details 07 5486 3191 Monday: Calisthenics 2.45-4.45pm Karate Tuesday: Playgroup 9.30-11am Golf – Ladies Day 0429 668 255 Calisthenics 3.30-4.30, Tin Can Bay RSL Resistance Circuit 4.30 -5.30 (Childminding available) Yoga Wednesday: Mahjong/Games Mornings 9am Pilates 9am , 10.15am Easy Movements Class, Tin Can Bay Karate Thursday: Aqua Aerobics, Aquatic Centre 9am Golf Chook Run 3pm Cooloola Dragon Boat Club 4pm Cardio Kickbox 4.305.30pm (Childminding available) Swim Club 5.00pm Yoga Friday: Sailability Saturday: Aqua Aerobics, Aquatic

Centre 10.15am Sunday: Nippers 8.30-10.30 – rain, hail or shine! Kid’s Supervised Play Times, Aquatic Centre 2.303.30pm Cooloola Dragon Boat Club 8am Tai Chi (during school terms), Aqua aerobics, Swim Squad, Sporting Shooters, Bowls, Darts, Tennis, Golf, Line Dancing, Belly Dancing, and more! Community Date claimers QCWA 2nd Mon in month SES 1st and last Thursday of the month SES Rainbow Beach Prayer Group Fridays 10am Arts and Craft Group 2nd and last Tuesdays of the month, Rainbow Beach Church Hall Over 60’s 1st Tue month Dragonboat last Sunday of the month “Come and Try” Soundwaves 2nd Sunday of each Month, 3-6pm February 2 Over 60’s Pool Party Rainbow Beach Aquatic Centre and breakfast from 7 4 Coastcare working party, Cooloola Cove 5 Over 60’s Arco’s 1030am 5 Quilters quarterly meeting 7 TCBSS Community BBQ 5.30pm 10 Golf Major, Rainbow Beach 10 Soundwaves, Community Hall, 3-6pm 12 Residents and Ratepayers 7pm 13 RSL 2pm Surf Club 14 Cooloola Summer Sports trials 18 Good Shepherd Church Auxiliary AGM 9.30am 19 Cooloola Swimming Carnival 17, 24 Golf Fun Days, Rainbow Beach 19 Quilter’s Mystery Bus Trip 20 Deadline for Community News 23, 24 Air Rite Field Target 24, 25 Community Cabinet meet on Fraser Coast –have your say 28 Progress Association members meet with Mr David Gibson, MP If you have an event or date claimer you would like to add please email Annual Events on the Cooloola Coast January “Brushes by the sea” Rainbow Beach Art & Craft Festival February Cooloola Crocs Swimming Carnival May Bay to Bay Yacht Race June/July Rainbow Beach Fishing Com-

Page 50 petition June 28-July 6 August Rainbow Beach Triathlon September Tin Can Bay Seafood, Boat and Camping Show October Rainbow Beach Invitations Fours Bowls Tournament October Rainbow Beach Nippers and Masters Carnivals November Rainbow Beach/Trail Runs December Tin Can Bay Foreshore Family Nights Local markets Cooloola Cove Markets: Veterans & Community Hall, Nautilus Dv. RSL Hall. 1st Saturday of the month 7am to 11.30am. Ph: (07) 5488 0436 Tin Can Bay Markets: (Opposite IGA) Tin Can Bay. 3rd Saturday of the month 7am to 12 midday. M: 0408 066 988 Gympie Southside Markets: Gympie South State School, Exhibition Rd. Every 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month. M: 0418 151 352. Glenwood Community Markets: 3rd Saturday of the month. Glenwood Community Grounds, Pepper Rd. 7am to 12 midday. Sites are free, Bookings Ph: (07) 5485 7468. Gympie Museum Markets: Gympie Lake Alford (The Duck Ponds). Bruce Highway or Brisbane Rd entry. 1st, 3rd, 5th Sunday of the month. P: (07) 5482 3995. Dagun Growers Market: Dagun Heritage Railway Station. Every Saturday. P: 07 5484 3749 Kandanga Markets: Kandanga Railway Station, Kandanga. Every Wednesday & Sunday 10am to 12 md. Ph: (07) 5488 4605 Kilkivan Railway Markets: Kilkivan Railway Station. Every Sunday in the month 6am to 12md. Ph: (07) 5484 1032 Amamoor Markets: Amamoor Station Train Visits Open 9am-12md. 1st Saturday of each month. M: 0488 075 955. Imbil Country Markets: Central Park, Yabba Road, Imbil. Every Sunday 8am to 2pm. Ph: (07) 5484 5109 M: 0428 843 480 Kin Kin Markets: Main Street Hall. 1st Sunday of every month 10am-2pm. 5485 4226 / 5485 4228. Widgee Country Markets: Adjacent to Widgee Corner Store: Second Saturday of every month 6am-12md, Ph: 5484 0355 / 5484 0102 Sunday Museum Markets: Gympie Gold Mining and Historical Museum, 7amNoon. First, third, and fifth Sunday of each month. 5482 3995. Market information provided by Tanya Easterby Events in All Directions


Music & Entertainment at the Rainbow Beach Community Hall Sunday 3pm to 6pm Calling for performers/ entertainers ( Musicians/ Bush Poets/ Dancers/ Comedians etc) from Rainbow Beach and surrounds for the inaugural Jam Session on the 10th of March 2013 and then hopefully every 2nd Sunday of each Month. Interested persons should contact Frank on 0438080950 or the Rainbow Beach Community Centre 5486-3355 to register or enquire. No experience necessary, no age barriers, you can solo or we can arrange backup/ small groups to support. Acoustic/ Semi Acoustic acts for the first event due to limited sound facilities but with the expectation of improved sound, expanding into bigger concepts ie Battle of the Bands.

Simply Classical Concert Sunday 24th February 2013 St Patrick’s Catholic Church, Gympie Music of the classical period will be performed on this occasion on Piano - a Sonata by Beethoven played by Sue Ellen Flute - a Concerto for Flute played by Rachel Driver Bassoon - a number of pieces of the period accompanied by piano and played by Neil Heymink We will also be entertained by the following: Violin Duet - Vocalist - and more. Treat yourself to an afternoon of cool classical sounds from the days of pure musical form and style, that the above musicians have prepared for you. Enjoy the music and join us after for refreshments. Entry - Adults: $10 - Children: $5

If you have an event or date claimer please email info@

Rainbow Beach Community News February 2013  

The february issue of Rainbow Beach Community Newspaper

Rainbow Beach Community News February 2013  

The february issue of Rainbow Beach Community Newspaper