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Hi from Mel!

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Contributors Melanie Paticoff • Editor in Chief Valorie Johnson • Content Editor N-KCreative.com • Magazine Design Elena LaQuatra • Featured H W Tween Evelyn Ethier • Baking Columnist With special thanks to all of our featured H W friends

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Dear Readers,

green grass onto stage? All around us


to spring sts. 2017 IS HERE ! Are you ready ds are hatching in their ne bir by ba d an , om blo to ng wers are starti

sprouting, flo ll! Is there a spring me out of your shell as we co to u yo for e tim at gre a d before? Now is this season you’ve never trie rt spo w ne a t ou ab at Wh ing wardrobe musical you can join? a part, perhaps your new spr y pla to me stu co a on ts Just like an actor pu s all up to you! d half of the school year. It’ on sec the on ok tlo ou ny comes with a sun In her story ows how to take the stage. kn ly ite fin de o wh ne eo ing her hearing Ele na LaQ ua tra is som vergirl talks about how los co r ou 6, ge pa on les ac dan ce, an d of Overcomi ng Obst ed her pa ssi on for the atr e, pp sto ver ne is git nin me to at age 4 Pennsylvania USA deling and reality tv to Miss mo m fro nt we e Sh g. min per for with dreams of e is a digital video reporter Sh re. the p sto ’t esn do It ! admired 2016 is someone I’ve personally na Ele TV. on er ort rep t becoming a broadcas sets her mind to! ubt she can do anything she for years, and I have no do lyn from this spr ing . On page 8, Eve ge sta e th set to ys wa r Do n’t mi ss ot he ht at home to make your next movie nig ipe rec a res sha E an th Mark it wi r most iting update from one of ou exc an ve ha we 9, ge pa On ‘popping’! ge since o continues to shine on sta wh i, Cic ns, tee ver co le memorab r Way. 2014 cover of Hearing Ou er int W r ou on r he saw t we las is curtain is rising. A spotlight e Th ve. mo xt ne ur yo tch wa u will The audience is waiting to Words page 5)! I know yo , ds or W , ds or (W rs de on you. Break a leg, rea do! be a star in whatever you

itor in Chief Mel Paticoff Grossman, Ed and maltipoo, Sophie

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vorite P.S. Share your fa Mel’s was moment of 2016. ay with on her wedding d, Andy! her new husband

Hearing – Info about hearing aids, cochlear implants, and listening devices Talking – Tips for speech and language


Self-Advocacy – Ideas for sharing your hearing loss story with others

Subscribing = loving! Please subscribe and show your support! Your subscription will help us reach and connect with even more kids with hearing loss who listen and talk. All images of Elena LaQuatra wearing crown/sash were taken in 2016 during her time as Miss Pennsylvania USA.

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Apps available for your smartphone!

CapTel 2400i

Captioned Telephone

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Alexander Hamilton

otography Tea for Two Ph Image credit:

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books We L


A le x La ca m o ir e Musical Director of Hamilton

an American Musical

r. s me listen a little harde “My hearing loss make own bubble. I can really It allows me to live in my me . . . e out the world around focus in on music and tun ses. It’s about overcoming Music involves all the sen where you don’t feel it’s a disabilit y to the point a disabilit y anymore.” hit musical sical Director of the Mu g in nn wi rd wa -a and Grammy his hearing loss Alex Lacamoire, Tony , but he has never let od ho ild ch ce sin s way hearing aid le to write music the ab Hamilton, has worn be d ul wo he if iting has often wondered is responsible for wr stop him. In fact, he He y. wa ue iq un a ch hear sound in su l Be Back.’ he does if he didn’t the King’s song, ‘You’l ng di clu in n, lto mi entire sections of Ha


Potter is still as ce the first book was released, Harry Though it’s been almost 20 years sin vies have some inal book series and accompanying mo orig The y? Wh . was r eve it as now m, popular Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find The was rs ate the in out ly ent Rec d, a play set ns. exciting new additio don was Harry Potter and the Cursed Chil Lon in ge sta on and s ore kst boo in ed a prequel to the series. Releas trated editions, perfect for younger illus in le ilab ava now are ks boo two t the firs 19 years after the last book. Finally, omstick and take your pick, wizards! bro r you on hop So, . ries sto s ry’ Har made-up audiences ready to get reading ht think Harry’s spells sound like silly mig You ? lary abu voc new n lear to at way Did you know Harry Potter is a gre e from Latin root words. com y words, but most of them actuall e someone’s protection So, expelliarmus means forc le: mp exa for s, mu ar lli English pe Try ex ir wand) to leave/go away. The word in the y uall (us m Armus comes fro t back without a wand, Expelli comes from would be disarm. It’s hard to figh . ma ar d wor find the root in Lat demort? We figured it out… can you Vol it, the Latin word expellere. the t isn’ That sounds a lot like What happens when you get words of the 100+ other spells? pe ty a r, Harry Potter mo ar You ool? sch t time you sit down with a stack of 7 nex expelled from The n. protectio t you’re doing, you can are forced to leave. of books to read and your mom asks wha s! ’re learning new vocabulary for your SAT you her tell s mu ar + lli expe OWBookClub Share your favorite books using #H

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1/23/17 1:11 PM

Look We L


li e a n n ! S u p e r K ayye lateral hearing ar-old girl with bi

Kaylieann is a 4rld!) with her dad (and the wo ed ris rp su o wh ds ai cture day this year. When pi o ot ph l oo ch es pr ts for her laid out some outfi om m r he , nd ou look. came ar chose a Superman e sh d ea st in t bu Kaylieann, ed by wasn’t too surpris Turns out, her mom s at least ever y day she wear t— es qu re s n’ an ie Kayl socks om her Superman fr , m ite o er rh pe one su her dad, st part was when to her cape! The be e. He fan, saw the pictur a huge comic book r own ughter making he da s hi ng ei se d ve lo ng out from the choices and standi showing of f her crowd, especially ch a young age! hearing aids, at su

g Siblint sp

ings Meet Celia & Lelainalet, sibl hearing loss from St. Louis, MO, who never lear get in the way of fun! Celia, 7, has a coch er implant and a hearing aid, and her sist y The . Lelaina , 8, does not have hearing loss Linus ! both love music, scooters , and their dog

because I feel like we are school, and she helped me feel twins. Lelaina is there to help me in t surgery. better when I had my cochlear implan night, and when we watch Lelaina: We love to have ‘sleepovers’ at ns on. At the end of each TV together, I always put the captio tem to the nurse’s office. school day, I help Celia take her FM Sys ny moments. I named my Celia: Hearing loss can lead to some fun en I hear that, I think of a cochlear implant Ronald because wh g. One time, we went to funny character who knows everythin ck to the elevator! the audiologist, and ‘Ronald’ got stu becoming an orthopedic Lelaina: Celia has a lot of big dreams, like led Pet Hurricane! I hope that surgeon and opening a pet shelter cal all of her dreams come true. ect my relationship with my One Last Word: Hearing loss doesn’t aff matter what! We feel so lucky to sister, because I love her the same no have each other.

ter Celia: I like being so close in age to my sis

ole family. Hearing loss is part of the wh ringourway.com hea o@ Share your story with inf

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W rds, W rds, W rds Break a Leg

You might hear the idiom break a leg when you’re at the theater and think, ‘does someone hope the actor gets hurt on stage?’ Nope! Break a leg actually means good luck! In the theater, it is considered bad luck (like a jinx!) to wish someone good luck before a show, so instead they say, “break a leg!” Like this: “Sam, we are so excited to see you in the play tonight. Break a leg!”

Best friends and sisters Lelaina (left) and Celia.

5 1/23/17 1:11 PM


f Stories o Inspiring e You ! Teens Lik Kids and

Elena’s Faves! H PETS

Miki Taco

With a microphone in her hand, a sash across her chest, and one cochlear implant!

All About Me

Hi, I’m Elena! I am a 25-year-old from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who graduated from college with a major in broadcasting. Oh, and speaking of Pennsylvania, I just finished representing my state this year as Miss Pennsylvania USA! Now I am a Digital Video Reporter for an online lifestyle and entertainment channel.

Hearing My Way


Dry ‘N Store Box


The Great Gatsby


Billy Joel Daya

H W does Elena hear?

She’s from my hom


Nutella Greek food Sushi

etown !

I wasn’t born with hearing loss. When I was four years old, I had an infection called bacterial meningitis that took my hearing and balance. I had to work really hard to learn to listen and talk again—I had cochlear implant surgery, and I went to the DePaul School for Hearing and Speech for four years before I was able to go to my mainstream public school.

Sister Sister


I'm lucky that my sister is only 18 months older than me, so we were almost always attending the same school once I mainstreamed. She also participated in the same activities as me—dance, acting, etc.,—so she was like my sidekick and always had my back if I needed something. She advocated for me when I was too young or shy to advocate for myself.


Greek Girl

Steelers Penguins Pirates Ithaca, Greece

6 HOW-8-2017 v2 Jan 16.indd 6

Do you know the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? That’s my family, except no wedding… yet! I love my family and look forward to our family holidays and vacations. I visit our homeland of Ithaca, Greece for a few weeks each year. I love the Greek culture, the thick accents, and the feeling of home I always feel when I’m there.

Tiara Talk

I spent my teenage years competing in pageants, winning the prestigious title of Miss Pennsylvania’s Outstanding Teen in 2007 and Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA in 2010. My biggest title was won just this past year, 2016: Miss Pennsylvania USA. I represented my state at the nationally televised Miss USA pageant, and since then, I've met so many incredible people—celebrities, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, humanitarians, politicians, and more! My years of pageantry have really improved my self-advocacy, language, and social skills. I am so confident and comfortable being interviewed for a job and/or by the media because I've been practicing these “interview skills” since I started in pageants when I was 14. You can hand me a microphone and ask me to speak in front of thousands of people about anything and I'm able to grab the mic, speak off the cuff, and entertain the crowd confidently. Having the confidence to network and talk to people, whether it’s one-on-one or in a crowd of of a thousand, is something I learned from pageants.

All images of Elena LaQuatra wearing crown/sash were taken in 2016 during her time as Miss Pennsylvania USA.

ng vercomi

Giving Back

One of the things I love most about what I do is having the opportunity to emcee or serve as a speaker for charitable/fundraising galas. Of course, the foundations close to my heart are related to hearing loss, such as AGBell, Starkey Hearing Foundation, Cochlear Americas, and the DePaul School for Hearing and Speech to name a few. I also work with other charities including The National Kidney Foundation, Glimmer of Hope, The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and more.

Young Elena with her cochlear implant. She’s come a long way—she recently upgraded to the N6!

1/23/17 1:11 PM

All images of Elena LaQuatra wearing crown/sash were taken in 2016 during her time as Miss Pennsylvania USA.

Role Model

Being involved in pageants, people automatically see you as someone who is a role model to others. Overcoming the adversity that I faced with losing my hearing is inspiring to people. I, of course, didn’t realize this when I was younger. I was just a little girl doing my thing—singing, dancing, acting. Now that I’m older, I realize that speaking with parents and others in the deaf community provides them with a lot of hope when they hear my story of perseverance, and that makes me proud. When I speak to kids, my advice comes from my own personal experience—that as long as you don’t see yourself as ‘weird,’ ‘different,’ or think negatively of yourself in any way, neither will others. Additionally, I feel that having hearing loss has made me humble, relatable, empathetic, and patient towards others. I don’t know if these are qualities I would possess if I didn’t have this hardship at the beginning of my life. I've never let my

hearing loss define me or prevent me from achieving my dreams. However, it has definitely enriched my life in many ways.

Overcoming Obstacles

I think one of the biggest obstacles I’ll have to face is still ahead. I'm job searching to enter my career in broadcast communications (on the news) full time. While I have almost 10 years of experience on camera, there are many aspects to reporting the news that I haven’t had experience with yet, and I’m curious to see what obstacles I may face with my hearing. For example, news reporters and anchors wear an earpiece called an IFB in the ear (like an ear bud) and that’s how the news producer gives them instructions/cues. It’s a lot of multitasking because you’re trying to listen to your producer and co-workers, report your story or read the prompter, and make sure you’re staying within the timeframe. It may be tough for me in this situation— I hear through my cochlear implant micro-

Elena always shines when she’s on camera!

phone, so an in-the-ear bud wouldn’t work well for me, and I have no hearing in my other ear—but I won’t let that stop me. With new technology like Bluetooth in my cochlear implant, I know I can figure out a way to make it work!

Share your story of Overcoming Obstacles! E-mail: info@hearingourway.com

I WANT YOU TO HEAR. Every day, I want you to hear the love in my voice. The music box singing to you. The lullabies as you fall asleep. I want you to hear your name called at graduation. The words “You’re hired.” The words “I do.” The first words from your own child. I want you to hear the world today, tomorrow, forever.

Call 1 866 922 9211, or visit www.IWantYoutoHear.com for more information.

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7 1/23/17 1:11 PM

Hi bakers! My name is Evelyn, and

welcome to my kitchen. I’m 13-years-old, I have one cochlear implant and one hearing aid, and I live in Canada. I’m here to share my love of baking with you, so whip out your spatula, and let’s get cooking!

Popcorn Cupcakes INGREDIENTS Chocolate cupcakes: • 1 1/3 cups all-purpose flour • 2 tsp baking powder • 1/8 teaspoon salt • 1 ½ cups sugar • ¾ teaspoon vanilla extract

Look out for boLd text to know what supplies you will need!

— TIPS — Print off a popcorn-themed wrapper (on cardstock paper) to go around your cupcakes. If you look for petal dust or luster dust ask a parent for help making sure you find one that is safe to eat. They can be tricky to find, as some are for arts & crafts, so read carefully!

8 HOW-8-2017 v2 Jan 16.indd 8

Vanilla frosting: • 3 cups powdered sugar • 1 ½ teaspoons vanilla

• • • • •

A sh treat foowstopping r your n movie n ight in !ext

1/4 teaspoon baking soda 3/4 cups unsweetened cocoa powder 3 Tablespoons butter, softened 2 eggs 1 cup milk

• 1/3 cup butter or margarine, softened • 1 to 2 Tablespoons milk

“Popcorn” • Mini marshmallows • Yellow petal dust or luster dust (optional) Cupcakes: 1. P reheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line a muffin pan with paper or foil liners. Sift the flour, baking powder, baking soda, cocoa and salt. Set aside. 2. I n a large bowl, cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. Add the eggs one at a time, beating well with each addition. Stir in vanilla and 1 Tablespoon milk. Add the flour mixture alternately with the milk; beat well. 3. Fill the muffin cups 3/4 full. 4. B ake for 15 to 17 minutes in the preheated oven, or until a toothpick inserted into the cake comes out clean. Let cool completely. Frosting: 1. In a medium bowl, mix powdered sugar and butter with a spoon or electric mixer on low speed. 2. Stir in vanilla and 1 tablespoon milk. 3. Gradually beat in just enough remaining milk to make the frosting smooth and spreadable. If frosting is too thick, beat in more milk, a few drops at a time. If frosting becomes too thin, beat in a small amount of powdered sugar. Popcorn: 1. Use a plastic knife to cut a criss-cross X at each end of each marshmallow. Then spread all of the little sections out to make it look like popped popcorn! Repeat with each marshmallow. 2. Frost your cupcakes (you can pipe it on neatly using a ziploc bag with a small hole for a tip). 3. Pile your ‘popcorn’ marshmallows onto your cupcakes. 4. As a finishing touch, you can ‘dust’ your popcorn with yellow petal dust or luster dust with an unused paintbrush. 5. Serve with some real popcorn at your next movie night!

1/23/17 1:11 PM

Cici’s Hear To Dance

Cici is a young dancer with a cochlear implant and hearing aid training to be a professional dancer. When she was on our cover in Winter 2014, she was 12-years-old and had just finished her first summer intensive at the Dance Theatre of Harlem in New York. Today Cici, who is in 8th grade, was selected for pre-professional dance companies at the Center of Creative Arts (COCA) in St. Louis, Missouri, and once again had the opportunity to attend the Dance Theatre of Harlem last summer. It’s not always easy to be a dancer with a cochlear implant, but Cici, her audiologist, and dance teachers always find a way to make it work, from taping her FM microphone to her tap shoes to patching the FM into the sound system during a live ballet show. Cici wrote about her experience in NYC last summer in her blog, Cici’s Hear to Dance.

July 22, 2016 Dance Theatre of Harlem: Day 5

ng This morning I was on the subway tryi tooth Blue my ugh thro to listen to my music could I loud so was Phone Clip, but the train my d nge barely hear my music. So, I cha e cochlear implant processor program. Onc ked bloc I found the right one, it completely ic out the subway noise and made my mus stand out. I was pleasantly surprised! and Pointe rehearsals. I felt I did my morning stretch before Ballet es were much cleaner. confident in Pointe today. My pirouett ic and fun and also a serious core The warm up for Jazz was very energet to show your character. Technique workout. The focus of Jazz today was ized to use our personality and is always important, but it was emphas to be sas sy !!! sass in our performance. Yay... I lov e Janet Jackson piece. This will In Hip-Hop class, we added more to our t. I'm proud of myself. I wasn't shy be my first time doing a Hip-Hop due Hip-Hop experience. I did my and decided to loosen up and enjoy the ally perform… in public! best in a style of dance that I don’t usu I had a GREAT DAY !!!!! !

Meet Kyle! My Dream Career

Growing up, sports was a way of life for me, so my dream was to become a professional baseball player. However, as I got older, I realized a better fit was education, which would make use of my patience & passion for working with kids. I became a second grade teacher, but inspired by my older brother who has hearing loss, I am now earning my Master’s in Deaf Education. One of the best parts is my wife is in the same program pursuing her Doctorate in Audiology!

Tips & Tricks

Everyone learns differently, so don’t be afraid to ask for the accommodations you need to help you learn best. Always make sure your devices are working before you start learning. Finally, practice new language all the time; even if you haven’t mastered it yet, you will if you surround yourself with language and vocabulary opportunities!

Spring ont stage

To me, Spring Onto Stage me ans to set yourself apart from others. Figuring out what makes you special is important. Wo rk hard to become the best you can be at what you love.

Fun Fact

Have you ever heard of a ‘13th Streeter’? Probably not, because according to the Guinness Book of World Records, there is only one street where you can attend preschool through college all on the same street in the same neighborhood, and I am one of the few people who have done this in Reading, Pennsylvania, making me a 13th Streeter! Interested in learning more about Kyle’s graduate program in deaf education and audiology?

Visit pacs.wustl.edu

e Dreamer, lead soloist in her role, Th Cici takes the stage as a w. sho y ual holida for her dance center’s ann

HOW-8-2017 v2 Jan 16.indd 9

9 1/23/17 1:11 PM

& n u f es gam ear ou h ctor y d i D a t the ugh abou oke thro r b s? who oard b r o o the fl ng t goi s u j e! as He w h a stag g u thro

love igs p o d Why heater? t the to ove l y The it up! ham

Word Scramble

These words have gotten scrambled on stage, but the show must go on! Help the actors by unscrambling the words.

1. gstae 2. nopcmheroi 3. ncdaeeui 4. rmerferop 5. laspapeu 6. irectrod 7. arorgpm

Stumped? Answers on back cover.

ge sta heir o d t Why s like ? r h o act muc o s jobs y! l pla l a It’s the did to t a Wh y n? k sa duc omedia c up ! the me k c qua You

write T

us ! riting,

t, w Send in your ar otos to ph poetry or

gour way.com info@hearin ext issue .

to be featured in

Center Stage Charades Have you ever dreamed about being center stage? Try out your acting skills with Center Stage Charades! Take turns acting out these phrases with a friend and see how many you can guess correctly.

Flying a kite Playing baseball Riding a bike Catching a fish

Building a nest Playing card games Making breakfast Visiting the zoo

the n

10 HOW-8-2017 v2 Jan 16.indd 10

1/23/17 1:11 PM

Hearing Our Way: ! u yo ar ne ss lo g in ar he h it w ild ch a to coming soon Includes: ing Our Way Subscription ar He d teens ra fo Looking for the perfect gift loss, child or teen with hearing ist? friend, teacher, or audiolog

for kids an • Hearing Our Way magazine 4 times a year with hearing loss delivered lf-advocacy tools in • Language, listening, and se aring Our Way is every issue An annual subscription to He or t, ren pa nd gra t, ren pa y an e models with hearing loss rol ing pir ns I the perfect gift from • ar. ns: rt at $19.99/ye teacher this year! Prices sta ools, hospitals, t designed just for kids & tee en nt co ing ag ng E • sch Bulk pricing is available for oks, Apps, Movies, & More Bo ✓ ! ces and doctors offi teens ✓ Interviews with inspiring with hearing loss . ide dw rl le wo a teen Hearing Our Way is avail ab ✓ Baking Column written by m .co ay rW Ou ing with hearing loss Subscribe NOW: www.Hear ✓ Jokes and Games

R E P SU haker S Strongest Vibrating Bluetooth® Bed Shaker


ay for holidimplant surgery, r a le , and h coc students friends,ger siblings! youn


Guaranteed to wake the deepest of sleepers Control multiple alarms through the free app Find at:

FREE Catalog!

Let Sophie help you share your hearing loss and cochlear implant story! available at: SophiesTales.com

www.harriscomm.com (800) 825-6758

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: FREE Shipping and Returns!

details on website

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The Award Winning Series about Hearing Loss and Cochlear Implants

11 1/23/17 1:11 PM

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THANK YOU TO SIMA, an 8th grader from Spring Valley, New York for

sending us her original jokes! Sima loves to read and take photographs for yearbook club at school. Additionally, Sima, who wears a bone-anchored hearing aid (BAHA), attends an inclusion sleep away camp, where she loves meeting kids with hearing loss and other differences.

Hearing Our Way is reaching over 10,000 kids and teens in 35 countries!

hen can you sink a boat W without using any water? W hen you play the game Battleship!

If you have any jokes, poems, stories, art or photos that you would like to share with Hearing Our Way, write to us: info@hearingourway.com

12 HOW-8-2017 v2 Jan 16.indd 12


us !

1. stage 2. microphone 3. audience 4. performer 5. applause 6. director 7. program

write T

1/23/17 1:12 PM

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