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Contributors Melanie Paticoff • Editor in Chief Valorie Johnson • Content Editor N-KCreative.com • Magazine Design Jordan Livingston • Featured H W Tween Evelyn Ethier • Baking Columnist With special thanks to all of our featured H W friends

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Dear Readers,

17!” It’s 2016”, and, “Hello 20 er Ov e am “G y, sa It’s time to e (featured in eo game character you lov vid ™ the , rio Ma to llo he say ® rio Run Ma also time to er Sup in e on iPh the to who finally comes Apps We Love on page 4), is like a game of you ever felt like your life ve Ha ! ays lid ho the for e just in tim levels, finding little new skills, reaching harder ng cti lle co e u’r Yo ? rio Ma will you play Super t when you need to. How ar st re g tin hit d an y, surprises along the wa to the game? at new skills do you bring wh — tly en fer dif 17 20 el Lev coming Obst acles on page 6, er Ov in n tee ed tur fea r ou , xt level. Jordan Livingston e being able to reach the ne for be es rdl hu w ne on ing when knows the feeling of tak nted to be an airline pilot wa he t tha le op pe l tel uld some After all, when he wo port along the way. In fact, sup h wit t me ays alw t sn’ he grew up, he wa se he was deaf. he couldn’t be a pilot becau him l tel to d trie d an him people doubted cles along the way, his goal, conquering obsta ds ar tow ng vi mo ® pt ke an y Instead, Jord Airlines. Jor dan is def ini tel st we uth So th wi hip ns er int and even landing a dream

soaring to new heights in 2017 and

beyond !

8, knows that Mark it with an E on page of , lyn Eve t nis lum co g kin Our resident ba d. End of year tests, en school finals come aroun wh is r yea ch ea s ge en all ybe she one of her ch als week get sticky… or ma fin let n't wo she t bu , up e ® best homework, and projects pil Treats ! After all, even the ies isp Kr ce Ri k ea Br y ud will, with her recipe for St fuel up ! players have to pause and , we game is over, but in real life the e for be es liv 3 ve ha t lcome In a game, your player migh e it our best once more. We giv d an s, ng thi w ne try r, w Year's get to start fresh each yea follow through with your Ne , als go ur yo t Se t! les ful d recognize 2017 by living life to its ng the way, look around an alo win do u yo en wh r, be resolutions, and remem , don't forget are. During the holiday season u yo ere wh u yo t ge d lpe the people that he s, teachers, even your

end to thank the players (your family, fri ning team. audiologist!) who help make up your win

ief Mel Paticoff, Editor in Ch and maltipoo, Sophie

Look for these symbols throughout the magazine for special tips !

Hearing – Info about hearing aids, cochlear implants, and listening devices Talking – Tips for speech and language


Self-Advocacy – Ideas for sharing your hearing loss story with others

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rio... a M , e M ve: It’sn® brings your favorite video gamneds.

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inspirati n Stati n “ A successful competition for me is always going out there and putting 100% into whatever I'm doing.” —Simone Biles, 19, most decorated Olympic Gymnast Who better than Simone Biles to inspire us to get our heads in the game? Simone won four gold medals at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, but we think it’s her confidence and drive to always give it her all that really make her a winning role model! In fact, Simone showed that even gold-medalists have to use their self-advocacy skills when she shared that she has ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), and that taking medicine for it is nothing to be ashamed of or hide.

Simone proves our differences don’t define us, but they can help shape who we are and make us stronger!


Look We Lge 1v1e,

W rds, W rds, W rds

Benjamin, a Gurnee, I L k, which shows Ben’s spor ty mohaw chlear implants, of f his bilateral co we love! Ben is definitely a look ternoon from took a break one af g seball, and workin playing hockey, ba in black belt towards his second a haircut. Ben taekwondo to get a mohawk had always wanted r. His mom in his favorite colo matches says his hair now tgoing, his personality—ou eat sense friendly, with a gr of all, of style—and best s hearing loss Ben never lets hi hold him back!

Miss the Boat

Language can be tricky, especially idioms, which are groups of words or expressions that mean something different than what they say.

ve: L e W k o o B

o wn y Kid: Double D ook #11 is on p im W A f o ry Dia py Kid fans, b

– Wim o-game-loving e d vi by Jeff Kinney r u o , g re it? his book, G vie. Can he do o sale now ! In t m ry a c s t! a o make own to find ou D le b u o buddy, tries t D f o y pick up a cop You’ll have to lls… r language ski u yo ild u b o t the reat way talking about Reading is a g t e g t o n y h w er, s and but even bett ith your friend w b lu c k o o b vorite ho are your fa book? Start a W . d a re u yo ook as ext? discuss the b k will happen n in h t u yo o d her t ha ory? What ot t s characters? W e h t f o rt a k club? r favorite p Wimpy Kid boo r u o What was you y r fo f o k you thin questions can

You might hear the idiom miss the boat and think it has to do with sailing… nope! Miss the boat actually means ‘to lose an opportunity’ or ‘miss your chance.’ Like this: “I really wanted a new iPad for the holidays, but I missed the boat by not buying it during the Black Friday sale.”

P.S. Hey Pokefans, did you know that the Pokemon term ‘wasting the master ball’ is actually an idiom that means the same thing as ‘miss the boat’? Like this: “I wasted the master ball by not realizing how rare and useful it was. I feel like I missed the boat by using it so soon in the game.”

Be sure to try out these idioms for yourself, and don’t waste the master ball by leaving these cool new idioms behind!

books using Share your favorite




f Stories o Inspiring You ! e ik L s Teen d n a s id K

Jordan’S Faves! H ACTIVITIES

Flying Snowboarding Traveling Watching hockey


Top Gun Miracle


Hatchet by Gary Paulson


Johnny Cash Sting U2


NHL Call of Duty ®



Perogies Poutine (a Canadian dish!) Beef Brisket


Colorado New England Alberta, Canada


H W does Jordan hear? With his aviator sunglasses, Canadian passport, and two cochlear implants!

All About Me

Hi, I’m Jordan. I am a 22-year-old senior in college originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada with a major in Aviation Business Administration at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona. This year I was able to intern with Southwest Airlines as a Flight Operations Safety Intern in Dallas, Texas.

hy © Zac Adam Photograp

ng vercomi

Airplane Mode

I have had a passion for aviation long before I could even speak, and began flying at age 15; I even received my Private Pilots License (PPL) before I got my driver’s license! Now with my degree, a great internship under my belt, and training for commercial ratings, I am well on my way to achieving my goal of becoming an airline pilot and an air operations investigator, which means I can fly as a pilot while also investigating accidents and incidents as a pilot representative.

Hearing My Way

It hasn’t been an easy road towards my dream career though. I was born profoundly deaf in both ears but wasn’t diagnosed until just after my first birthday. A hearing aid trial didn’t give me enough benefit, so I received my first cochlear implant at age 3½ and went bilateral at age 18. After intensive speech therapy, I was able to mainstream in kindergarten and continue speech services until 5th grade. I never gave up my dream of being a pilot—in fact, for a long time I didn’t know my hearing loss could affect my chances of becoming one! Every time someone tried to tell me it wouldn’t be possible for me to become an airline pilot because of my disability, it only inspired me to pursue my passion even more.

Cleared for Takeoff

When the time came, I began to look into the medical regulations for becoming a pilot to see if I would be able to legally fly even though I was deaf. Many people had doubted my chances through the years, and according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), people with hearing loss can receive second or third-class medical certificates, both of which have various restrictions. However, I wanted a First Class Medical Certification to pursue my career as a pilot. As a freshman in high school, I received my Third Class Medical with no restrictions, allowing me to become a private pilot. I asked the medical examiner about my chances of getting First-Class, but he didn’t think there’d be any issue. I completed the medical exam before starting college, and when I received it with no restrictions as well, it was a huge relief and weight off my shoulders to have conquered the biggest obstacle in my career so far.

Hearing Gear

It can be really hard to hear in restaurants— they’re just so noisy! All of this noise is being fed into my cochlear implant microphones at once, making it very hard to differentiate my friends’ voices from background noise. I recently started using the sensitivity feature on my implants, and it’s really helped me to eliminate the background noise and participate in conversations more. And luckily, even though airplanes can be even noisier than restaurants sometimes, I don’t

face this same issue because my headsets are fed directly into my cochlear implant. Pretty cool technology!

That’s Just the Way We Hear

Because I was mainstreamed since kindergarten, I was often the only student with hearing loss in my classes. After I attended AGBell’s LOFT (Leadership Opportunities for Teens) program in 2011, I was able to meet 23 other teens with hearing loss from all over the U.S. and Canada who grew up with so much in common with me! We bonded over just four days together, made friendships that will last a lifetime, and even consider each other family. We all encounter the same struggles and understand each other in a different way than friends we’ve known our whole lives can because we all grew up with hearing loss. We organize reunions across the country (good thing I know where to find a good pilot!), and it instantly feels like no time has passed.

Time Flies

The holidays are my favorite time of year, beginning with Thanksgiving, and luckily for me I get to celebrate it twice! As a Canadian living in the United States, I love celebrating both Canadian Thanksgiving and American Thanksgiving. The food is all so delicious—turkey, pumpkin pie—but what’s most important to me is being with family and friends. Well, and my mom’s stuffing… the stuffing is very important, too!

Soaring to New Heights

Growing up with hearing loss has helped shape me into the person I’ve become. Each lesson I’ve learned has made me more driven, has prepared me to overcome whatever obstacles I encounter, and has taught me to believe in myself and never give up on my dreams.

t Spring 2016 Jordan during his Southwes p with other interns Flight Operations Internshi

Share your story of Overcoming Obstacles! E-mail: info@hearingourway.com

I WANT YOU TO HEAR. Every day, I want you to hear the love in my voice. The music box singing to you. The lullabies as you fall asleep. I want you to hear your name called at graduation. The words “You’re hired.” The words “I do.” The first words from your own child. I want you to hear the world today, tomorrow, forever.

Call 1 866 922 9211, or visit www.IWantYoutoHear.com for more information.

©2016 Cochlear Limited. All rights reserved. Trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of Cochlear Limited. CAM-MK-PR-273 ISS1 MAR16


Hi bakers! My name is Evelyn, and

welcome to my kitchen. I’m 12 years old, I have one cochlear implant and one hearing aid, and I live in Canada. I’m here to share my love of baking with you, so whip out your spatula, and let’s get cooking!

Don’t let school finals get sticky…

Study Break Rice Krispie Treats


INGREDIENTS 1/4 cup margarine or butter 1 package of marshmallows or 5 cups of mini marshmallows • 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract

• •

Look out for boLd text to know what supplies you will need!

— TIPS —

6 cups of Rice Krispies cereal Food coloring (assorted colors; we used yellow, blue, orange, green and pink) • Icing (black and white) • •

DIRECTIONS 1. In a large microwave-safe bowl, heat the margarine and marshmallows on high for 2 minutes, stir, then heat for 1 more minute in the microwave. 2. S tir in the vanilla extract.

Double the recipe if you want more treats.

3. Divide the melted marshmallow equally into 4 bowls. Dye each bowl a different color using the food coloring.

Use the pictures as guides to help you along the way as you prepare your pan and decorate your ‘notebooks’ and ‘pencils.’

4. Stir in 1½ cups of Rice Krispies cereal into each of the 4 bowls until well-coated.

If you don’t have a rectangle cookie cutter, you can use a knife (with help).

5. Using a lightly buttered spatula coat a 13x9 inch pan, then press the 4 mixtures into the pan, being careful not to mix the colors. 6. A llow the mixture to cool slightly in the pan. 7. U sing a rectangle cookie cutter, cut out rectangles of each color, except for the yellow. These rectangles will be your notebooks. 8. F or the pencil shape, use a knife (ask a parent for help) to cut out a long thin strip of yellow krispies with a triangle point at the end. 9. U se the white icing to add details to your Rice Krispie notebooks. Put 4 dots on one side close to the edge like the hole punches of a spiral notebook. 10. U se your black icing to draw thin lines from the dots to the edge of the notebook to look like spirals of the notebook. 11. A t the top of your notebook, make a small rectangle with white icing. Then, write your favorite subject in the box using the black icing. 12. T o decorate the pencils, put a little bit of black icing on the very tip of your pencil for the lead. 13. D ye some white icing pink and add the eraser at the opposite end of the pencil. 14. E njoy this sweet treat during a study break on your own or share with friends as a special study group snack. Best served the same day they’re made.


© 2016 Rice Krispies Treats is a registered trademark of Kellog. All rights reserved.

Siblintg sp

d Jack, n a x a M t e e M tchester, NY,

Wes siblings f rom aring loss get e h t le r e v e n who fun! in the way of

thers who ck , 8, are bro a J d n a , 11 , x ax had Ma This year, M *. a ti ro ic m e had v both ha next day, Jack e th d n a , y e BAHA surger ear canal. Th is h en id w to atch surgery ideo games , w v y la p to e v o l an d brothers lo walk to scho en ev d n a s, ow movie every day. . . n er h et g to in home aga ly love ! that ’s brother

with a small ople are born use sound pe n he w n io it Microtia: cond nductive hearing loss becaiddle ear co g r/m in us ca ear, rough the oute th g in s s pa e has troubl

Max: Jack and I have a really special bond because we both have microtia and can’t hear out of our left ears. I’m glad we had our operations one day apart because we were able to recover together, keep each other company at home, and wear our bandages together.

Jack: Max is the best older brother. He helped me through my operations by calming me down and making me feel better when I was scared. We understand each other.

Max: I love to play sports like basketball and soccer. Sometimes when a coach or another player is yelling, it can be hard to tell if they are talking to me, but my hearing loss doesn’t stop me. If I notice that Jack doesn’t hear or understand what someone says, I try to help him. Our favorite game to play together is Pokemon GO ! ®

Jack: In school I love using my FM system, and sometimes it even leads to funny stories! My teachers sometimes forget that they are wearing it, so I hear things that I’m not supposed to. I tell my family (including Max!) what they say, and we always laugh!

Meet Miranda ! My Dream Career

Growing up with a dad with hearing loss, I always admired my father for his dedication to the things that matter in life, like his family. He never let his hearing loss stop him, though now that I’m older I realize how much energy, patience, and work it often took for him to live with hearing loss every day. His story inspired me to work with people with hearing loss, and because I love working with children, I am studying deaf education and plan to be a teacher of the deaf. I love learning about all of today’s new technology for kids with hearing loss because I know digital hearing aids and cochlear implants make communication easier than it ever was for my dad growing up!

Finding my v ice

When I started ninth grade, I was the new kid who had just moved and barely knew any of my classmates. I felt pressured to change who I was to make new friends. However, I realized that if I stayed true to myself, I could find friends who appreciate me for me!

I Would Tell Young Miranda:

To stop worrying about the things you can’t change in life! Life is filled with trepidatious* moments, but sometimes you have to embrace them. *trepidatious: nervous, scary, apprehensive

Overhear: when you hear something you weren’t supposed to

Home for the Holidays: We love the holiday season, including celebrating both Chanukah and Christmas! One of our favorite traditions for Chanukah is lighting the menorah and saying the prayers in Hebrew with our family. This year, Max is hoping for a new bike so he can give his old bike to Jack. Jack hopes for an iPad.

One Last Word: We are two brothers who are so close people even mix us up sometimes! We fight, but most of the time we get along and take care of each other. When we grow up, Max wants to be a surgeon or an engineer, and Jack wants to be just like his big brother Max! Hearing loss is part of the whole family. Share your story with info@hearingourway.com

to stand Tips & Tricks Never be afraid es it’s hard, tim up for yourself! Although at te. oca adv you are truly your best

Interested in learning more about Miranda’s graduate program in deaf education and audiology?

Visit pacs.wustl.edu



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h word for c n e r F e h t ow that e Wii? Did you kn pronounced just lik i’, ‘yes’ is ‘ou

us !

write T


t, w Send in your ar otos to ph poetry or

gour way.com info@hearin ext issue .

the n to be featured in


It is your mission, should you choose to accept it, to find all words listed below. Good luck, pla of the yer !

1. Gameboy 2. Nintendo 3. Wii 4. Playstation 5. XBox

6. iPad 7. MarioKart 8. Madden 9. Pokemon 10. Minecraft

h the g u Sno hro t wf y a lak w em r u o aze y iF nd

! s y a d i l o H e th r fo e m o H y a W Bring Hearing Our liday gift Looking for the perfect ho aring loss, for a child or teen with he ist? friend, teacher, or audiolog aring Our Way is An annual subscription to He rent, grandparent, the perfect gift from any pa ! or teacher this holiday season Game Over Don’t delay… we’re hitting ng Our Way can on our 2016 rate soon. Heari $1/month!) st still be yours for $12/year (ju we press en Th . 16 until December 31, 20 ce, $20/year. Restart on our new pri

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What to Expect: for kids and teens • Hearing Our Way magazine 4 times a year with hearing loss delivered lf-advocacy tools in • Language, listening, and se every issue hearing loss • Inspiring role models with d just for kids & teens: • Engaging content designe re ✓ Books, Apps, Movies, & Mo ✓ Interviews ✓ Baking Column ✓ Games & Riddles


Start 2017 with Sophie & friends! The perfect holiday gift

IFTS GREATs,Gbirthdays,

ay for holidimplant surgery, r a le , and h c co students friends,ger siblings! youn


The Award Winning Series about Hearing Loss and Cochlear Implants

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write T

us !

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Dear Sophie, My name is Summer, and I am 9 years old. I was born with hearing loss, and I got my pink hearing aids with sparkly purple earmolds when I was 4 years old. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have hearing aids, but then I remember how much they help me, and I am thankful for them.

Dear Summer, Thanks for writing to me! I am so glad you love Hearing Our Way. It sounds like you are doing a great job telling other kids about your hearing loss. I am glad to hear that you like your hearing aids now. They make you unique and special, in addition to all of your amazing interests, like Irish dancing, and your great smile! Happy Holidays!

—Love, Sophie

When other kids ask me, “What are those things in your ears?” I say, “They are hearing aids, and they help me hear just like glasses help people see better.” Thank you for writing Hearing Our Way magazine. I like to see (and hear!) other kids like me.

never miss a moment



HearingOurWay.com @HearingOurWay


— Your hearing aid pal, Summer, Richmond, Virginia

Hearing Our Way is reaching over 10,000 kids and teens in 35 countries!

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