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Contributors Melanie Paticoff • Editor in Chief N-KCreative.com • Magazine Design Rachel Raak • Featured H W Tween Evelyn Ethier • Baking Columnist With special thanks to all of our featured H W friends

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Dear Readers,

to do something for yourself, to be creative, you just need to take time tured in like Rowan Blanchard, fea s eb cel ing pir ins t tha ge teens to find that you love. It’s a messa wan encourages kids and Ro d. an rst de un 4, ge pa nds up for Things We Love on y believe in, the way she sta the es us ca for up nd sta d their passions an pet. Go, Rowan! stereotypes on the red car e ag im dy bo es ttl ba d an equality for all



el’s story of Overco on or self-advocacy in Rach ssi pa of ge rta sho no o als There is ed to see a teen with bone ask rs de rea ny ma So 6. ge ry. She was Obst acles, featured on pa proud to share Rachel’s sto so are we d an , ver co r ou ng loss. After her anchored devices on no one knew she had heari d an d, -ol ars -ye 2½ at ina adopted from Ch es her BAHAs, goes on learning to do, but she lov e ag gu lan of lot a d ha ation ! diagnosis she rd in school. That’s dedic ha ng rki wo ps sto ver ne d adventures with friends, an e. Thank you bringing you a great magazin to ted ica ded e ar we , on ati we may Speaking of dedic Rachel, we may be young, d an n wa Ro e Lik . lay de the ge 10 for sticking with us during to make a big impact! On pa ing try are we t bu n, tio program. be a small startup organiza y’s new group subscription Wa r Ou ng ari He t ou ab ge e, your support is an informational pa eiving copies of the magazin rec es lov ce offi or m, oo ssr you but for If your school, cla to continue our work, not just for us r we po em l wil ion pt cri bs su id and our through a pa nkful for you, our readers, tha so are We . rld wo the d many other readers aroun do it without you! sponsors. We could not it, ble if you put your mind to ssi po is ing yth an d an , 16 It’s 20 ds, s we learn in Words, Wor put your heart in it, and (a ot forward! Words) put your best fo

ief Mel Paticoff, Editor in Ch and maltipoo, Sophie

mbols Look for these sy magazine throughout the ! for special tips


Hearing – Info about hearing aids, cochlear implants, and listening devices Talking – Tips for speech and language Self-Advocacy – Ideas for sharing your hearing loss story with others

g ed a HearStron Mel was nam h it w k for her wor Ambassador Way! r u O g s and Hearin Sophie’s Tale

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TV we l ve Everywhere we look. . . there’s a reboot! Last year we started watching Girl Meets World, a spinoff of the beloved Boy Meets World, and this season on Netflix comes Fuller House, a new take on Full House. We love young stars like Sabrina Carpenter and Rowan Blanchard, who always have a great message both on and off screen (see quote!) and can’t wait to meet the new Tanner kids. P.S. Did you know most Netflix shows now have closed captioning? Make sure to turn on subtitles to use this helpful tool!

BookS we l ve

ay season, d li o h is h t e g a books re all the r g e w in r s lo k o o c o b e r g o in M r Colo re in sight. e h w o n oloring s c m r e e se t t d o n P e y e r r h a t and cluding a H in , n o so s e r new, o t a s in s ie r o t s e are hitting time favorit ll a r us in ! u t o n f u o o C e n ? O y ! a k w o o g b ven relaxin e , e iv t a e r c , e iv interact


inspirati n Sta ti n “ In order to quit ap ologizing to other people, you m ust first and foremost learn to stop apologizing for bein g yourself to yourself .”

—Rowan Blanchar

d, 14

Sibling sp t Meet Dominick and his siblings from Highland School in Midland Park, NJ, y of fun! who never let hearing loss get in the wa Dominick was born deaf and has two cochlear implants that help him hear. His older sister does not have hearing loss, and his younger brother has two cochlear implants just like him!

W rds, W rds, W rds Put Your Best Foot Forward

I am glad to hear with my cochlear implants, but sometimes I wish I had normal hearing like my sister. When I go to sleep, I take my implants off so I don’t hear anything in the apartment above me. I sometimes worry I wouldn’t be able to hear if there was an emergency, but I know my sister would help me if that ever happened. I’m glad my little brother has cochlear implants to help him hear. I am protective of him and always watching that he doesn’t break his devices accidentally because I know how important they are for him, just like like they are for me! One Last Word: It doesn’t matter whether or not we have hearing loss, we are always looking out for each other as siblings, and I know I can always count on them !

Hearing loss is part of the whole family. Share your story with info@hearingourway.com

Language can be tricky, especially idioms, which mean something different than what they say. You might hear the idiom put your best foot forward and think it has to do with whether your left foot or your right foot is better... nope! Put your best foot forward means that you should always try your best at something and be the best version of yourself. An example is: “I’m nervous about my first day of camp tomorrow, but I’ll try to put my best foot forward and hope the other kids like me!”


ng vercomi


f Stories o Inspiring You ! e ik L s Teen d n a s id K

H W does Rachel hear? With a confident smile, her running shoes on, and two bone-anchored hearing aids!

All About Me

Rachel’s Faves! H MOVIES

Amazing Race Fast and Furious


Green beans Pork


Running Fishing Biking Listening to music


Mall of America Slide Rock State Park, Arizona Lake Superior, Michigan

Hi, I’m Rachel. I’m 17-years-old and a junior in high school from Edgerton, Minnesota. I like to run, bike, and listen to music. I also like to spend time with friends and family.

My Hearing Loss Story

I was adopted from China when I was 2½-years-old. My parents did not know anything about my hearing loss at the time. As soon as it was discovered, we started going to appointments and seeing specialists who diagnosed me with conductive hearing loss. This meant that my hearing loss was caused by a problem in the outer ear, and I would need a different device than a traditional hearing aid or cochlear implant. I began wearing a BAHA (bone-anchored hearing aid) on a soft band when I was 3-years-old. I had to wait until I was 5 to have surgery for the implanted BAHA on my right ear, and three years later I was implanted on my left side with another BAHA. Getting two BAHA’s has been the best decision I have ever made!

on in high school include needing extra help and support from teachers and from the resource room. I still have to work on my speech and listening. There are times I think I talk just fine, but I’m reminded there are ways to improve and speak more clearly so that others can understand me. Certain subjects can be more challenging for me, and I have found that I struggle with some tests, such as true/false or fill-in-theblank, more than others. I’m more of a visual learner and do better when I see things, not just hear them, but I know that everyone, not just students with hearing loss, learns in different ways. I always keep in mind advice from my parents, who often remind me to do my best, show effort, and work hard. I know that if I’m trying as hard as I can, my teachers will see that and work with me to help me succeed.

School Bells

My FM system is an important tool in high school. It helps me hear my teachers better, and I recommend it to everyone! It even creates some funny stories, like when my teachers forget to turn it off before stepping out of the classroom, and I can hear their conversations loud and clear!

Overcoming Obstacles

Since I didn’t hear for the first two and a half years of my life, I have had a lot of catching up to do on things I missed during that time. Some of the challenges I continue to work


friends ! Rachel loves hanging out with

Hearing Loss Gear

My favorite accessory is my own personal audio cable that goes directly from my iPhone to my BAHA; it’s my favorite way to listen to music on my own.

That’s Just the Way I Hear

When people ask me about my hearing aids, I like to explain to them how my BAHA works. The BAHA is unique from other devices because I’m able to let others see what it’s like to hear with it. I have a test rod for my BAHA that I can snap in and ask people if they want to know what my BAHA sounds like. They plug their ears, and I hold the rod, pressing it against their skull bone behind their ear. As I talk, they listen through the BAHA, and I think it’s a cool way for people to begin to understand how I hear!

Share your story of Overcoming Obstacles! E-mail: info@hearingourway.com

Fishing on Lake Michigan!

IMAGINE A TRULY WIRELESS WORLD, NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Cochlear ™ hearing implants introduce you to a world of sound with our true wireless technology. You can now listen to your favorite audio devices without the need for neck-worn loops. We have a full range of true wireless accessories that fit your life. Learn more about Cochlear™ Wireless Accessories at www.Cochlear.com/US/Wireless FUN2287 ISS1 JAN15 ©2015 Cochlear Limited. All rights reserved.

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2/25/15 3:38 PM

Hi Future bakers! My name is Evelyn, and

welcome to my kitchen. I’m 12-years-old, I have one cochlear implant and one hearing aid, and I live in Canada. I’m here to share my love of baking with you, so whip out your spatula, and let’s get cooking!

Cochlear Implant Sugar Cookies Sugar cookie recipe: 2 cups all-purpose flour, plus extra for rolling 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, room temperature

1 cup granulated sugar 1 large egg 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees. 2. In a large bowl add flour, baking powder, and salt. Mix with a whisk.

Look out for boLd text to know what supplies you will need! — TIPS —

If you don’t want to make the royal icing you can buy some at the grocery store or at Michael’s. This goes for cookie mix as well. If you don’t have a J shape cookie cutter you can trace your own implant, cut it out, and use that to make the shape, or you can print out a template online. If you don’t have the correct size circle cookie cutter you can use a small glass, a decorating tip, or a template.




icing recipe : Egg-less royal ioner’s sugar

fect 1 1/2 cups con ilk 4 teaspoons m rup s light corn sy 2 to 3 teaspoon la extract vanil 1/2 teaspoon


3. W ith an electric mixer, cream the butter and sugar, then add the vanilla and egg. Slowly add in flour mixture. Beat until combined. 4. D ivide the dough in half and flatten into a disk-like shape. Wrap the disks with plastic wrap and freeze until firm, about 20 minutes. 5. L ine baking sheets with parchment paper. Remove one of the dough disks from freezer and let stand 5-10 minutes. 6. R oll out the dough between two floured sheets of parchment paper. Roll until dough is about the thickness of your pinky finger (not too thick, not too thin)! 7. T ake a J shape cookie cutter and cut out as many as you can. Flip the J cut-outs upside down so they look like cochlear implants. Pinch and pull the hook part of the J until it looks like the hook that goes over your ear. 8. Remove the second dough disk, roll, and cut out circles the size of your coil. 9. With the scraps, cut out a line and attach it to the ‘processor body’ and ‘coil’. 10. P ut the baking sheet in the oven. Bake for about 10-18 minutes, rotating the pan halfway through. 11. When done, let them cool completely.

Royal Icing:

t You may wan le b to dou this recipe !

Add the sugar and milk in a bowl and stir until smooth. Add 2 teaspoons of corn syrup, then add vanilla extract and mix. Divide the icing into 3 batches. Color one batch with black food coloring. The other two batches are up to your creativity—I chose brown and light brown to match my processor and coil! Put your icing in a ziplock or decorating bag, and outline the processor with your dark color. Use black for the wire, and the dark color for the coil. Use a toothpick to touch up the design. Let the icing harden. Use your light color to add details like lines, dots, and ‘buttons.’ Use your own implant as inspiration as you design your cookies!

Have you attended an IEP (Individualized Education Program) meeting with your parent or teacher of the deaf? Have you read your IEP? If so, you know that there may be different accommodations such as preferential seating, closed captioning, and use of an FM system designed to help you in the classroom because of your hearing loss. Hearing Our Way reader Katrina created a simple self-advocacy tool that breaks down the most important IEP strategies that she wants her teachers to remember every day. Use this template to design your own “Cheat Sheet” to use at the beginning of the school year, with substitute teachers, and any time you need to share information about your FM system and accommodations.

Katrina’s I. E. P. Cheat Sheet wear and curriculum. I have one for you to n I use an FM system to access the ’t use the ments by the students. If you don com for d use be can t tha r the ano ts say. eat or rephrase what other studen pass-around mic, remember to rep understand. use visual information to help me n In addition to listening, I also l when speaking, allow me preferentia Please remember to face the class rk assignments on the board. seating, and write down homewo I need be closed-captioned, subtitled, or st mu s clas in d use ia med any lso, n A ilable, ching it. If none of these are ava to be given a transcript while wat t. I am not responsible for the conten s for ead, and take notes, so my IEP call n It is difficult to try to listen, lipr teacher-provided notes. hear?” r me?” try asking, “What did you n Instead of asking, “Did you hea page. to make sure we are on the same r of the h me, my parent, and/or my teache n Please don’t hesitate to talk wit deaf: _______________________.

FM Syncing Instructions 4. The indicator light will turn solid Ask if I’m “on program 2”

1. 2. Make sure the FM is on

(indicator light is green) es of my 3. Hold the FM within four inchbut ton ct” nne “Co ear and press the

green for two seconds if syncing worked 5. Put on FM lanyard and speak normally and ask me to confirm that it is working correctly 6. If you need to mute, press thehold “On/Off” button, but do NOT (indicator lights purple)

FM ! of your own ic p a e id v ro P

How can you adapt this tool to work for you? What other strategies do you use to help meet your IEP goals and advocate for yourself?

Send your ideas to info@hearingourway.com!

Meet Krista ! My Dream Career

As a person with hearing loss, I want to be a teacher of the deaf to give back to the people who helped me when I was growing up. I have severe to profound hearing loss in both ears, wear bilateral hearing aids, and mainstreamed into kindergarten from CCHAT auditory/oral school. I could not have accomplished all that I have without the professionals that invested their time in me, and I want to pay that forward to other families.

R le model:

My mom is not only my role model but also someone I consider a best friend. Now that I'm learning about deaf education, I have even more respect for the decisions she made when I was growing up. I really value her advice and look up to her.

Krista’s IEP Cheat Shee t

The most important accommodat ion that I still use today in graduate school is my FM system. In high school I had a teacher who did not want to wear the FM, and it taught me the importance of strong self-advocacy skills and com munication. I learned that I couldn’t rely on my parents or itinerant teacher for everything. Now I send out an email each semester with FM tips for my professors; being proactive is so important, and it’s my responsibility !

Interested in learning more about Krista’s graduate program in deaf education?

Visit pacs.wustl.edu


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write T

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t, writin Send in your ar otos to ph poetry or

gour way.com info@hearin ext issue .

the n to be featured in


Hearing Aids A Poem by Wini R.

Hearing aids, hearing aids You are so nice You help me hear the world so bright I am so fond of you But don’t walk off in the night I can’t hear without you ! I put you on in the morning light And my world comes alive again ! Zoom off to school, I hear the bell But wait — I forgot my FM Oh no, I go back… my FM is my friend I use it so I don’t have to pretend It helps me hear my teachers And I am so fond of them ! Time to go home and that’s the end… There is no more.

u love lity print magazine yo ua -q gh hi e th g in er We want to keep deliv ! rld to kids arounds the wo and ks to your readership teens an th s ue iss 5 st fir t ,000 kids and We’ve had a grea now reaching over 10 at’s a lot of work ’re we d an , rs so on our sp Wow, th st a year and a half. in 35 countries in ju for one little dog! and cochlear ds with hearing aids ki e or m h ac re us lp s out? You can he . Ca n you help u er ib cr bs su id pa a g implants by becomin

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ribers: es, Hospitals) G rou p S ubolss,cAu diology Offic (Teachers, Scho

S p o n so r s:

or ent, sponsor a state em is rt ve ad an se ha Purc rtunities! her partnership oppo ot t ou ab k as y, tr un co

o r e? W a nt t o k n ow m

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