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Contributors Melanie Paticoff Grossman • Editor in Chief Magazine Design • N-KCreative.com Overcoming Obstacles • Kasey Mark it with an E • Evelyn Books We Love • Eva With special thanks to all of our featured H W friends

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Dear Readers,

ck to using your se back-to-school means ba Get your ca pe s on becau ur r a great one! You’ll need yo yea l oo sch s thi ke ma to s superpower r so cia l sk ills listener at school, your su pe at gre a be to es vic de ing su pe r he ar y sk ills to set up your d your su pe r sel f-a dv oc ac an , old d an s nd frie w ne -O ! to make s—you’re a Super-Hear thi t go e u’v Yo r. yea w ne accommodations for the st acles. featured in Overcomi ng Ob , sey Ka l gir ver co r ou is -O what she One inspiring Super-Hear loss get in the way of doing ng ari he r he s let ver ne o had casting Kasey is a young actress wh goes on auditions, she has sey Ka en Wh s! ng thi of t lo ays proves them loves… and she loves a r hearing loss, but she alw he of se cau be act to y ilit it to see where directors doubt her ab Daddy’s Home 2. I can’t wa e lik s vie mo hit in es rol d wrong. She has lande e her! Kasey’s acting career will tak ulous We Love, we explore the fab s ing Th In ff! stu r pe su h t a weakness— This issue is packed wit t having hearing aids is no tha rns lea o wh r cte ara ch a pie book El Deafo about , Evelyn shares a recipe for In ! er ow rp pe su a n it’s a strength—eve et a super athlete named ie's spotlight, we me ph so In o. er fit for a superh Madelyn. ated to helping uman powers who is dedic erh sup h wit r cte ara ch c roi o is learning A superhero is a he is someone like you, wh -o ar he A . rod pe go su for ers. others or fighting nd up for yourself and oth sta to w ho d an ry na rdi rao you ext how your differences make super one! I hope this school year is a Grossman, M.S.D.E.

Mel Paticoff

Editor in Chief

and maltipoo, Sophie

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Hearing – Info about hearing aids, cochlear implants, and listening devices Talking – Tips for speech and language Self-Advocacy – Ideas for sharing your hearing loss story with others

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INSPIrati n Stati n

erent is that it “ The upshot of being diff to be empathetic.* strengthens our capacity who face their ow n We are draw n to others to help and support challenges, and we want ater gift!” them. I can think of no gre Deafo —Cece Bell, author of El

books We L ve: Eva’s Bookshelf

Eva is a 10-year-old girl from New Jersey who has always loved reading! She has hearing loss in her left ear, but with the help of her Roger Focus® receiver and wireless system, she never lets hearing loss hold her back! Ready to discover your next favorite book? Eva invites you to explore her bookshelf.

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*Empathetic: theshfee are another person’s understand and ons experiences and emoti

El Deafo by Cece Bell is a graphic novel based on the author’s life. The main

character, Cece, has ordinary kid struggles such as making friends, keeping them, getting good grades, plus much more… but there’s a twist! Cece has bulky hearing aids that stick out of her ears and make her feel self-conscious. Even though the hearing aids make her different, they are also powerful, so she creates her own personal superhero, ‘El Deafo, Listener for All.’ I think this memoir will make you laugh, smile, and keep reading!

son Plans El Deafo: Lesolo om PS4 in Brooklyn, gist Brandi Singaram fr al audi ired by El Deafo ! Thank you to education your students were insp d an u yo w ho g in ar sh New York for


ntest corner

Author Cece Bell invites you to write your own mini graphic novel! It can be a short comic strip or a longer story. Try using empty speech balloons to tell a story without words. Send us your story by October 1, 2018 for your chance to win a signed copy of El Deafo. Your work may even be featured in the next issue of Hearing Our Way! info@hearingourway.com

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estion, but the one nt responses to this qu re ffe di ny ma d ha 2 KGrades ning Superpower because te Lis eir th s wa on ed re ag answer they all ew pictures of ey use to hear. They dr th y log no ch te g in az of the am up! oes and loved dressing themselves as superher ent than Cece? ilar to or differ m si u yo e ar w Ho en assignment was to

o . Their writt Grades 3-5 read El Deaf in character. themselves from the ma st ra nt co d an e ar mp co with the book They really connected , too! and had fun dressing up

No Limits Theater Group for deaf and hard of hearing children has produced


over 100 original professional productions nationwide, including Carnegie Hall. Through theater workshops/performances, children with hearing loss develop vital skills that improve their communication skills, creativity, self-esteem and help foster lifetime friendships. Learn more at: nolimitsfordeafchildren.org

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On the Fly

ring loss and wear Phonak™ Kennedi, 8, and Addison, 6, both have hea craft, and do Lego Robotics. hearing aids. Together they love to play, vere hearing loss when I was Kennedi: I was diagnosed with moderate/se going to get hearing aids, but seven-years-old. My parents told me I was was getting hearing ‘eggs’! It was when I went to school I told my friends I nounce my words better with my so funny. Now, I can hear better and pro by repeating words when she hearing aids. I help my little sister Addison . doesn’t hear them, and she helps me, too We both have hearing aids, Addison: My sister Kennedi is my best friend. doing arts and crafts with my and we both have our ears pierced ! I love ist. I do not need to hear to sister. When I grow up, I want to be an art draw things I love. ineer so I can build new and Kennedi: When I grow up, I want to be an eng o Robotics together. My exciting things. My sister and I are in Leg participate—I just work hearing loss does not affect my ability to extra hard! so we understand each One Last Word: We both have hearing loss, ring aids and support each other. We help each other with our new hea ring. We are learning sign other with our dreams of art and enginee is ‘I love you.’ language as a family, and our favorite sign

Language can be tricky, especially idioms, which are groups of words or expressions that mean something different than what they say. You might hear the idiom on the fly and think one of your favorite superheroes is soaring through the air… nope! On the fly is an idiom that means a person is making a quick decision, often while on the go without any planning. Like this: “I didn’t make a list for back-to-school shopping. I’m just going to get my school supplies on the fly.”

hole art of the w p is ss lo g Hearin y with e your stor family. Shar m gourway.co info @ hearin


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f Stories o Inspiring You ! e ik L s Teen d n a s id K

Kasey’s Faves H BOOKS The Land of Stories series The Fairy Tale Reform School series

H MUSICALS Wicked The Greatest Showman

H CONCERT Taylor Swift

H TV SHOW Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn

H FOOD Raspberries Hot dog and french fries Chocolate ice cream

H FUN FACT I have won the science fair at my school every year for the past five years!

H W does Kasey hear? With her headshot in hand, two adorable Labradoodles, and a hearing aid and cochlear implant!

All About Me

Hi, I’m Kasey from Duxbury, Massachusetts! I am 10-years-old and will be starting fifth grade this fall. I have one older brother, one younger sister, and two Labradoodles (that’s a labrador + poodle) named Ollie and Finley. My family and I love spending time at the beach, but that’s not all I love to do! I also love reading, swimming, drawing, going to Broadway shows, playing basketball, softball, and volleyball. I even love sloths. My favorite thing of all is acting, and I have been lucky enough to perform in plays, commercials, and movies!

Hearing My Way

My hearing was normal until I was about four-years-old. Things started getting quieter, and I kept asking, “What?” all the time. I was diagnosed with enlarged vestibular aqueducts (EVA) in my left ear but was told my right ear was fine. Shortly after my diagnosis, I tripped and fell on the playground, and when I stood up, the hearing in my right ear was completely gone. I soon got my first hearing aid and at age six got a cochlear implant in my right ear. I recently got a new hearing aid for my left ear that links sound to my cochlear implant.

been in many plays and have been fortunate enough to be cast in a few commercials and feature films. I love acting and being on stage. It allows me to tell amazing stories while making great friends at the same time. My favorite acting experience so far has been filming Daddy’s Home 2. I had a part in the last scene of the movie, and I got to meet famous actors Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlburg, John Cena, and John Lithgow. It was such a cool experience to see what goes on behind the scenes of a film, from production to sound to set design.

School Cool

Overcoming Obstacles

At school I get to work with my teacher of the deaf, Cara Jordan. In addition to my hearing aid and cochlear implant, I also use an FM system in school. It is one of the accommodations set up through my IEP (Individualized Education Program). When my teachers wear the FM, I can hear everything they say clearly. Sometimes I even catch things they don’t want me to hear!

Act One

When I was just three-years-old, I went to see Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at a local community theatre. I was asked if I wanted to be in the play as a little bunny that helps Snow White tidy up the cottage. I said, “Yes!” and that’s how it all began. Since then, I have


"Thumbs up" after Kasey's cochlear implant surgery

Sometimes when I go on auditions and meet casting directors for the first time, they wrongly assume that because I have hearing loss, I can’t speak well. That can be very frustrating, but I never let it hold me back from doing what I love.


I have made many great friends through school, acting, softball, and Girl Scouts. Even though I wear a hearing aid and cochlear implant, sometimes I’m still not able to hear my friends in noisy environments like the cafeteria. If I miss something, I try to be a good advocate for myself and speak up. One thing that really bothers me is if I say, “What?” a few times and people say, “Never

mind” or “I’ll tell you later.” They never tell me later—I wish they would tell me now! It helps to have friends with hearing loss to talk to because they just get it. I’ve made friends with hearing loss through school, the audiologist, local hearing loss groups, and Cochlear Kids Camp in Colorado.

was bitten by a shark and lost her arm, but got back on her surfboard just a month later! Filmmaker Steven Spielberg got rejected from University of Southern California (USC) twice but kept applying and eventually got a scholarship to attend. They are amazing.

Little Kid, Big Responsibility

At the end of the summer my family and I are going to California. I can’t wait to see the Hollywood sign, take a studio tour, and go celebrity sighting. We will also visit Advanced Bionics’ headquarters where cochlear implants like mine are made!

Even though I have hearing loss, I’m just a regular kid. I do have to be very responsible for my age though because I am in charge of some very expensive hearing equipment. Let’s just say I definitely learned my lesson when my labradoodle puppy chewed my cochlear implant to bits, and I had to go without it for a few days. It’s a good thing he’s cute!

Role Models

I look up to role models who have had to overcome challenges. Professional surfer Bethany Hamilton inspires me because she

California Dreamin’

The Final Act

Disabilities can become abilities if you let them. Hearing loss does not define me or what goals I can achieve. In the future I would like to be an actress, author, director, producer, lawyer and/or an animation editor!

Kasey and her siblings on a family trip.

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PACS PALS • • • Meet Tyle r !

Hearing My Way

Super-Berry Wonder Woman Pie PLUS: • 3/4 cup sugar • a favorite pie crust recipe or • 1/3 cup cornstarch store-bought crust • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon • a Wonder Woman logo cut-out • 3 ½ cups blueberries • 1 ½ cups raspberries • 1 Tbsp lemon juice • 2 Tbsp cold butter, cut into small pieces 1. P reheat oven to 400°F. 2. T ake a portion of your pie dough and roll it out into a circle 1/8” thick until it is big enough to cover your pie pan. Tuck and trim the edges when putting it in the pan. Place in the fridge. 3. R oll another circle of the same thickness as big as your pan, about 14”. Place that circle on a piece of parchment paper and chill in the freezer.

I have had a progressive hearing loss since birth. I was diagnosed at eighteen-months-old and was fit with bilateral hearing aids. My hearing loss progressed, and I received a cochlear implant during my senior year of high school. It was a difficult transition at first, but now I love my implant. I am bimodal, which means that I have one hearing aid and one cochlear implant.

My Dream Career

I am studying to be an audiologist because of my personal connection to the field. I had amazing audiologists growing up, and I aspire to be a role model for my patients. I hope that by my example I may show them that their hearing loss does not need to define them nor hold them back from pursuing their dreams.

That’s Super

My favorite superhero is Iron Man because of his intelligence, willingness to help others, and technological abilities.

4. M ix sugar, cornstarch and cinnamon in a large bowl. Add berries and lemon juice; toss gently. 5. S poon the filling onto the bottom crust from the fridge. Dot with butter. Place back in fridge. 6. U sing your Wonder Woman logo cut-out as a guide (grab a copy at HearingOurWay.com/pie), use a sharp paring knife to carefully cut out the four individual pieces of the logo. As you work, the dough will soften up. If you notice it getting too soft, chill again for 15 minutes at a time. 7. Using a 1½” star cookie cutter, cut out 10 stars as well. 8. O nce all pieces have been cut out, remove the pie from the fridge and assemble the logo on top of the fruit. Place six stars on the top edge and four stars on the bottom. Place in the freezer to chill for another 15 minutes. 9. B ake 50-60 minutes until crust is golden brown and filling is bubbly. Cool on wire rack. 10. Enjoy with your favorite wonder-women, super-men, and hear-o’s !

Learn more about Tyler’s graduate program in deaf education and audiology:



fun e&s gam an’s derm i p S is ? What e month t i r favo y ruar Web-

Super-Hear-O tees are perfect for back-to-school and Halloween! Shop TiedToHome.design and be sure to use code hearingourway for 10% off your order.

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’s Thor ? s i d t Wha ite foo r o v fa as -till Thor

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write T

us !

Ava, 9, lives with her parents, sister, dog Max, bird Kiwi, frog Frack, and fish Bubbles in Long Island, New York. She has unilateral hearing loss related to enlarged vestibular aqueduct syndrome (EVA), wears a ‘pixie pink’ hearing aid in her right ear, and practices listening at Island Wide Speech. She created her Hidden Hearing Aid Challenge for H W readers and wants other kids with hearing loss to be proud of who they are on the inside and out!


t, w Send in your ar photos to poetry or

gour way.com info@hearin the next issue . to be featured in


An exciting new PEN PAL PROGRAM presented by Ryan Brady with Hearing Our Way ! Pen pals will receive an introductory letter from Ryan and an assigned pen pal. Sign up is free for Hearing Our Way readers at www.HIPPkids.com

Dreaming of a Disney Vacation?


with Nolan Gardner First cochlear implant competitor on American Ninja Warrior

Friday, October 19, 2018 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

The Cochlear Mom of Inspirely Travel is here to help you every step of the way. Mention Hearing Our Way to receive a ‘CI-sized’ felt Mickey, like you see here!

Nolan and a Clarke teacher of the deaf will spend a fun and interactive day helping students • Develop social and advocacy skills • Boost self‑confidence • Form friendships

Designed for students in grades 7‑12 with hearing loss who are attending mainstream schools!


clarkeschools.org/connections Thank you to our Sponsors: Hearing Our Way and Gallaudet University!




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Award-Winning Book Series

aring loss “Every child wit h he ine !“ az shou ld have this mag is the

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sophie's spotlight on madelyn

Hearing Our Way is a 2018 Parents' Choice Award winner

Sophie loves shining a spotlight on amazing kids with hearing loss around the world. To shine a spotlight on someone you know, write to us at info@hearingourway.com!

Madelyn, a talented athlete and high school senior, has played volleyball for four



years. Although she faced obstacles due to her hearing loss, Maddie refused to let these challenges interfere with her love for the game.


In junior high, Maddie hid her hearing aids and refused to use assistive devices. As a result, she suffered from auditory fatigue. Now 17, Maddie has learned to accept her hearing loss. She has new hearing aids, wears her hair up, and uses assistive technology. She takes advantage of accommodations including an FM system, pass-around mic, CART (live captioning), and preferential seating. Now, when Maddie is in a noisy gym playing volleyball, she has the confidence to advocate for herself by asking her coaches to step closer to her so she can hear or read their lips. Maddie feels a huge difference in her energy level as a result of these changes. Madelyn will never forget the day she received her first hearing aid, allowing her to hear sounds she never heard before. Maddie aspires to become an audiologist so she can be a part of amazing moments like this with other families.

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