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Publisher’s Note

NORTH turned one year old with the release of our last issue. In that time, we’ve had the privilege and access to meet extraordinary leaders who are shaping and leading our community, through their occupations, their passions, their service to others, and their contributions to the region. While we have lined up several more amazing cover stories for 2023, we are still taking nominations for the following to be featured in our NORTH People section. Nominees can be sent directly to me or There’s no cost to the nominee or their business.

• Future Leaders: Stand out, school-aged children ranging between the ages of 16 and 19

• Young Professionals: between the ages of 20 and 39, actively working, high-performing adults, leading the community in meaningful capacities inside or outside of their respective occupation

• First Responders: Recognition for excellence and acts of service in their re spective field: includes all first responders and health care professionals

• Armed Services: Chances are, you have someone in your inner circle who is either a student at AFA, on active duty, or a retired/veteran from one of our armed services. We’d like to show our appreciation with a short profile and sample of their extraordinary and selfless service to our nation.

NORTH Acknowledged with Everest Award – This fall, NORTH was recognized by the American Advertising Federation-Colorado Springs chapter with the Everest Award, the organization’s most prestigious honor. We are humbled to have been nominated and acknowledged in a room of our peers in the communications profession. Thank you, AAF-COS and our amazing audience, for this great honor. May we continue to lift our extraordinary community and those who serve it. Find the NORTH Compass: In each edition, we are hiding our brand compass somewhere in the cover image. Could be anywhere (except the masthead logo). It could be in plain sight or subtlety embedded in a reflection or lighting element. Email: by the 30th of the month of release, where it is, and your correct answer could win you a $50 gift card to Mission Coffee. A random drawing will be held prior to the next edition’s release! Join our partner, KKTV’s Facebook page and see NORTH two days earlier than everyone else! Liven up your conversations with what you read in NORTH! At your service,

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YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region

As one of the most established nonprofits in this community, the YMCA is a place where you not only better yourself and your family but the entire community. When you join the Y, you become part of an organization dedicated to strengthening your community through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility for all. Membership means more at the YMCA. Join today and help move our community forward.


NORTHbusiness wealth &


End of Year Tax Moves

In the last issue of NORTH, we took a small diversion and described cost segregation and how it can accelerate cash flows on your rental or commercial buildings. That was fun, but the holidays are here, and as such, it is time to talk about year-end tax moves. These are not new nor are they that riveting, but they are good reminders.


The deduction for what you pay in sales and property taxes as well as state and local income tax continues to get squeezed. This is commonly referred to as SALT deductions (State And Local Tax). Why is this important?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act limited the amount of SALT deduc tions on Schedule A of your Form 1040 (individual tax return) to $10,000. Therefore, if you have property taxes of $6,000 and Colorado income tax of $6,000, you are only able to de duct $10,000 of this $12,000.

There is a work-around for business owners of S Corpo rations and Partnerships. Colorado, and 37 other states, allows business owners to make a tax payment based on net business income to the state. This does two things – first, it reduces the amount of business income subjected to federal income tax (your ultimate tax deduction). Second, the state provides a credit for this amount and reduces your state income tax calculation on your Form 1040.

The basics are this: you pay 4.55% of your estimated 2022 net business income to Colorado, and Colorado effectively reduc es your tax due by this amount (and this amount reduces your federal income tax).

Quick math: 4.55% x $200,000 in business income equals $9,100 and, at 24% marginal tax rate, this puts $2,184 into your pocket.

Confusing? Talk to your tax pro, and make sure you understand this amazing workaround for tax deductions being limited by SALT. The cocktail party fodder term is “PTET election” or “SALT workaround,” where PTET stands for pass-through entity tax.


Let’s talk about the Hummer Loophole since that is where most taxpayer confusion comes from. Yes, at some point, long ago in a galaxy far far away, businesses could buy heavy trucks and deduct them 100%. Was this a loophole of sorts? Yes. Does Congress and the IRS like loopholes? Not really, un less it benefits them. Did Congress and the Joint Committee on Taxation change the Hummer Loophole? Yes.

But 2022 is the last year of 100% bonus depreciation (it goes to 80% next year, and keeps on trucking, pun intended, to zero by 2027).

How does this work? That F-150 pickup truck or the big bucks crossover that weighs over 6,000 pounds theoretically has no limit for first-year depreciation using 100% Bonus Depreci ation. The Hummer Loophole is back but you might want to buy something by December 31. So, there you go.

The problem still remains with luxury passenger vehicles weighing under 6,000. Those limits are $18,000 for the first year under Section 280F and there are problems in subse quent years that I won’t bore you with.

Let’s talk about the Hummer Loophole since that is where most taxpayer confusion comes from. Yes, at some point, long ago in a galaxy far far away, businesses could buy heavy trucks and deduct them 100%. Was this a loophole of sorts? Yes. Does Congress and the IRS like loopholes? Not really, un less it benefits them. Did Congress and the Joint Committee on Taxation change the Hummer Loophole? Yes.

But 2022 is the last year of 100% bonus depreciation (it goes to 80% next year, and keeps on trucking, pun intended, to zero by 2027).


How does this work? That F-150 pickup truck or the big bucks crossover that weighs over 6,000 pounds theoretically has no limit for first-year depreciation using 100% Bonus Depreci ation. The Hummer Loophole is back but you might want to buy something by December 31. So, there you go.

The problem still remains with luxury passenger vehicles weighing under 6,000. Those limits are $18,000 for the first year under Section 280F and there are problems in subse quent years that I won’t bore you with.


This is an oldie but a goodie. Need some cash? Sell some of your profitable stocks along with your dogs. Not literally your dogs, but your under-performing stocks. Sell enough stock to create a $3,000 gain and sell some more to add a $6,000 loss, and presto! You’ve pulled out some cash and created a $3,000 loss and tax deduction.

Here is another variant to the above year-end tax move: you sell securities at a price that is stable yet lower than what you paid. You use these losses to reduce the capital gains on securities you sold previously (profit harvesting). You wait 30 days to prevent wash sale triggers and re-purchase the securities that were sold at a loss (only if you believe it will eventually rebound in a timeframe that makes sense given inflation and other economic conditions).


We chatted about this a few issues back, but it warrants re peating. If you donate significant assets such as cash or secu rities or both to a donor-advised fund, you get an immediate tax deduction for the fair market value, but those assets are not immediately donated to any one charity.

This allows for two wonderful things; first, playing on the income-deduction matching principle mentioned earlier, you can make a massive donation during a uniquely high-income year. Second, you can then take your tax-deducted donation, and spread it out over multiple years while enjoying the tax benefit now.

Here is another consideration – let’s say your itemized deduc tions add up to $15,900 yet the standard deduction is $25,900 (for the 2022 tax year)…or a difference of $10,000. You could donate $10,000 each year with no additional tax benefit (yes, the state might give you some) since you would be using the standard deduction versus an itemized deduction ($25,900 vs. $15,900). Do this for 10 years… and your $100,000 does not move the tax needle at all. Zippo. Nadda.

But if you donate $100,000 to a donor-advised fund, you get $90,000 at your marginal tax rate as cash in pocket ($90,000 x 24% is $21,600 in cash). You still get the itemized deduction bump of $10,000 to arrive at the standard deduction for 9 more years, your charity gets $10,000 each year as desired, and you are $21,600 richer. That’s real money, folks!


Having said all this, if you are going to have a better year in 2023, then delay your tax deduction until January 1. Why pile

Jason Watson, CPA


You may contact him at 719-428-3261 or

on tax deductions in a low income year? Silly. Conversely, if 2022 is unusually high, then, yes, pile on those tax deductions. Either way, have a plan! Don’t be shortsighted. Don’t save taxes just because you can – make sure it is the right move.


There are always the standard year-end strategies of in creasing your 401k contribution, putting kids on payroll, paying some business bills sooner (such as rent or insurance), among other things. But we’ve covered the biggies. Talk to your tax professional for more details.

Watson, CPA, is a Senior Partner for WCG, Inc. a progressive boutique tax and accounting firm located in northern Colorado Springs.

Know Your Coverage, Protect Your Assets

Two key elements of insurance is to understand your coverage and how best to protect your assets. The Amy Newland Agency believes in covering your gaps before a loss. The team is a dedicated and passionate collection of professionals whose unique backgrounds, training, and experience have prepared them to find a solution to your coverage needs. Let’s take a quick look into the office and get to know each of their specialties.

As you enter the office, you will be greeted by their bi-lingual Client Relations Representative, Lluvia. With more than seven years at American Family Insurance alone, she knows the ins and outs of policies and is an expert with billing. She can easily walk you through their AmFam app.

As you continue, you will find the sales team: Marcus, Joe and Casey. Marcus has more than 11 years of experience and takes pride in providing a variety of home, auto, and life options to protect your family. It is his goal to work closely with clients and get to know each individual that he works with. He enjoys paddle boarding and playing pickleball with his family and has a passion for volunteering as a basketball coach.

Joe shares this commitment in building positive relationships with his clients. His passion stems from his desire to protect clients and their loved ones. Joe has a knack in completing a needs analysis to assist in determining the right product for what you are looking to accomplish with your insurance for life, home and autos.

Casey is thorough and has a passion for finding the right coverage for your family whether it’s your home, vehicles, or recreational toys. As a musician he knows how important it is to protect those special belongings – like instruments –that make you, you.

Office Manager Shawna has an extensive insurance background with a couple different companies. She takes pride in reviewing your policies to determine if the coverage is still the right fit – finding all the discounts to maximize your savings. Her attention to detail and her philosophy of working for her client help her build a unique relationship that lets you know she is on your side.

As a business owner herself, Amy will find a policy that is specific to your business and customize the coverage around your needs. Each business is unique and she is a problem solver when it comes to answering questions and looking for the coverage that best fits your needs. Amy grew up on a farm in Missouri and she loves learning about the different farm/ranches and businesses that make up our community. Often you will find Amy and her two daughters, Rhyann and Shaye, out and about and sharing their love for adventure and the great outdoors. The Amy Newland Agency is known for helping, educating, and supporting clients as they develop an insurance portfolio to protect their assets, family, and business into the future.

As a business owner herself, Amy will find a policy that is specific to your business and customize the coverage around your needs.

Stop in and get to know the Amy Newland Agency and the value of working with a local group that personally knows your family and business.

Call them at 719-686-4216 to schedule an appointment

9 Recognized by American Family Insurance as a Life Diamond Club member in protecting families with life insurance
Gold Key Agency working with business owners
Peak Harvest insuring farm and ranches
Finding Solutions to Protect Your Investments & Your Family’s Future. Amy Newland Agency LLC 3522 Hartsel Dr., Colorado Springs | 719.686.4216


Since 1964, The Resource Exchange has partnered with children and adults in our community with disabilities, delays, mental health or long-term care needs. We do this using a person-centered approach in coordinating care, promoting choices, and collaborating with community partners.

2022 was an impactful year as The Resource Exchange (TRE) connected more with the people we serve, expanded our programs, and innovated our approach to services. We now serve over 9,000 people across El Paso, Teller, Park, and Pueblo counties – more than double the number of people we served just three years ago!

In the past year, TRE:

• Supported 1573 children with disabilities or delays through Early Intervention services to help them meet their full potential

• Purchased over $51,000 in assistive or adaptive items for people with disabilities like iPads, sensory-friendly items, glasses, adaptive clothing, learning tools, toys, and bikes

• Hosted 36 events providing essential respite to parents and caregivers of children and young adults with disabilities

TRE is empowering people, strengthening families, and building inclusive communities through:

Home and Community-Based Services

Home and Community-Based Services are critical benefits that empower people to remain in their own home when they might otherwise be in a nursing facility or hospital.

TRE coordinates these vital services.

Early Childhood Services and Early Intervention

1 in 8 Colorado children is affected by a developmental delay, but in many cases, if they receive extra support before kindergarten, they can reach their full potential without the need for continuing care. TRE Early Intervention teams are geographically located throughout southern Colorado and are comprised of physical, occupational, speech, and behavioral therapists. Early Childhood Mental Health consultations can help parents and caregivers foster strong social-emotional development.

Family Support Services Program

Families with children or young adults with developmental disabilities or delays often incur costs beyond those typically experienced by other families. Caring for the caregiver and strengthening family bonds through essential respite and other supports are roles of this important program.

As we look to the year ahead, we understand that in order to truly deliver the best in person-centered services, we must continue to anticipate the needs of the people we serve in a rapidly growing community.

NORTH BY COLORADO MEDIA GROUP | COLORADOMEDIAGROUP.COM 15 ELEVATE YOUR WORK Conference Rooms Meeting Rooms Dedicated Desks Flex Desks 719-301-5477 6385 Corporate Dr. Suite 200 Colorado Springs, CO 80919 New Altitude Coworking & Office Space is a new coworking space that empowers people and builds inclusive communities. New Altitude’s Membership and Conference Room Rentals support TRE. 23,000 SQUARE FEET OF OPEN, COLLABORATIVE SPACE WIFI PRINTING SERVICES BEVERAGE STATIONS 24/7 ACCESS TO THE BUILDING NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES INTERACTIVE WALL SPACE AND BOOK LIBRARIES FIVE UNIQUE CONFERENCE ROOMS TWO BREAK-OUT ROOMS GET A FREE DAY PASS NEW COWORKING SPACE 24/7

NORTHreal estate

Happy Holidays From your team at Flying Horse Realty, we’d like to wish you a very MerryChristmas! Flying Horse Realty and The Northern Communities 2748 North Gate Blvd. | Colorado Springs, CO 80921 | (719)886-4800
Live 7,000 Feet Closer To Heaven… Flying Horse Realty is Your Gateway REALTY TM
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Tina’s Corner Call Tina at 719-886-4800 to Schedule Time With One Of Our Agents

The Flying Horse Realty Report



If You Build it:

Once confined to the coasts and the Southwest, the lack of enough housing production to meet demand now affects nearly every state and several major metro areas in America (Growth Research)

They Might Not Come

The housing market is the most interest-rate-sensitive sector of the economy. It’s on the front lines of the fallout from the Fed’s efforts to bring down inflation (Moody’s Analytics)

A Little History

Mortgage rates have reached levels not seen since the mid-2000s… with the average 30-year fixed rate mortgage sitting at over 7% (Redfin)

But Demand Is Still High

Home price declines could be limited by the number of existing homes for sale remaining well below historical levels and millions of millennials moving into their prime home-buying years (WSJ)

Depending On Who You Ask

Experts believe there is a nationwide housing shortage of between 2 million and 6 million newly built homes (USA Today)

Statewide Real Estate Snapshot:

September, 2022 compared to September, 2021: Median Price up 13.9% (to $575,000), Average Days on Market up 32.1% (to 37 days) , Months Supply up 69.2% (to 2.2 months), Percent of List Price Received down .9% (to 101.9%). (Co. Assn of Realtors)

Who Wants To Be First?

Metro Denver tied for fifth, nationwide, for how quickly its housing market slowed between February and August of this year and 14th nationwide on having the most expensive median home price ($545,000) (Denver Post)


From a labor market perspective, there is zero indication of a recession in Colorado. The unemployment rate remains at historically low levels and is holding steady (CO State Labor Economist)


On Track

Colorado has a track record of being one of the best long-term real estate investments in the U.S., and its strong economy gives buyers the ability to spend more on housing, consequently increasing real estate prices (Norada)

Balancing Act

The Denver metro area appears to be entering a “period of neutrality” as homes stay in the market for longer and inventory levels shift in favor of buyers (Denver7 360)

Nothing Neutral About Rental Market

Rent prices for some of Denver’s most expensive neighborhoods are decreasing while prices in more affordable areas are increasing

Local Real Estate Snapshot: Sept 2022 Compared to Sept, 2021: Median Price up 5.2 % (to $465,000), Average Days On Market up 100% (24 days), Percent of List Price Received down 3.1% at 99%. (CO. Assn of Realtors)

The World Is Changing

In every Colorado county, the premiums sellers once commanded above the list price this spring are gone. Sellers in Weld County came closest to getting the full list price at 99.8%, followed by El Paso County at 99.7% (Denver Post)

Oh Give Me a Home. Conditions in the Colorado Springs real estate market seem to be in a sustainable, upward direction and show no signs of slowing down. Inventory is low and prices are increasing at a steadypace. (NORADA)

What’s Not To Like Overall, the number of home sales in Colorado Springs nearly doubled between January and August, rising from 1,126 at the beginning of the year to 2,130 last month (Pikes Peak Assn of Realtors)

Oh Give Me A Home Between July and Sept, 2022, the largest source of Redfin inquiries involving relocation to the Colorado Springs area came from Denver… followed by inquiries from Las Angeles, CA and Dallas, TX (Redfin)

Rent or Buy?

Apartment rents in the Springs spiked to an average of $1,570 a month in the second quarter the 10th record high over the last 14 quarters going back to the start of 2019 (Gazette)

And More Options Coming

Developers have planned almost as many apartments in just 18 months as they proposed during a much longer, five-year stretch from 2016 through 2020 (EPC Regional Bldg Dept)

Your Gateway to the Northern Communities 2748 North Gate Blvd., Colorado
80921 |
Springs, CO
REALTY TM (719)886-4800

QU alit Y. inte GR it Y. e XP e R ien C e .

Centennial Radon Solutions provides Radon mitigation, Radon inspections, testing, and removal for all of Colorado Springs. Our company has over 16 years of experience in the radon removal industry. We are fully licensed and certified Radon experts that offer our Radon services to both residential and commercial properties in the area. Centennial Radon Solutions is a member of the NRSB, NEHA, AARST, and Better Business Bureau, and adhere to all EPA guidelines.

Leading Radon Mitigation Team For

Residential & CommeRCial 719.494.5461 | CentennialRadon.Com
a V ete R an o wned B U siness

The Art of Holiday Entertaining

Only one month left of this year – can you believe it? We’ve made it through Halloween and Thanksgiving and now we approach a few more holidays to end the year. For some, entertaining during this time is stressful and so simply avoided. But for others, entertaining brings excitement, elevates our spirits, and connects us with friends and family. Over the years, I’ve hosted parties, large and small. But regardless of the size, my attitude when planning is the same: “If I was a guest in my home, what would make me feel welcome?”

While great food is at the top of most people’s lists, so is how your event makes guests feel. To this end, I have carefully studied people’s behaviors at gatherings of all kinds. I’ve observed that some people congregate in the kitchen, while others prefer the outside patio. And what I’ve concluded is that the energy of any get-together is where all our senses converge. That is, the heart of the party is where you see, hear, smell, and feel – wherever the food, music, and seating are – chances are, you’ll find your guests there too!

Many people encourage wearing Christmas pajamas or ugly sweaters, but what about asking guests to wear funny slippers where the winner receives a gift? It’s a great incentive to get everyone to participate too (who doesn’t enjoy comfortable footwear?). Or, have them bring a funny or ugly coffee mug or tumbler for a gag gift exchange? You can consider asking guests to dress in certain colors or styles of clothing. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel here: look online for some creative entertaining ideas that will make your day memorable and fun.

Here are some more tips:

One of the things I love is to print questions on small pieces of paper to place under each table setting or chair. Questions like: what was your favorite holiday memory as a child or what was your strangest gift? Or what would be an ideal New Year’s destination for you and why? Find ways to start fun conversations and keep any family tensions at bay. Because, let’s admit, the holidays can stir these up for sure!

When it comes to food and beverage, your guests are only going to consume what looks appealing and is easily accessible. For example, if you’re serving wine or beer, make sure the requisite openers are nearby. Other items you may need are ice, cups, garnishes, mixers, napkins, stir sticks, etc.

Also keep temperature in mind. If you are hosting an event in an outdoor space, you’re going to need a fireplace or heater of some sort. I like to place outdoor throws and blankets around so they are convenient for guests. Choose ones made of durable fabrics: nylon puffer styles and even small wool ones are ideal. A basket of slippers is also a great touch!

9 Keep decorations simple and to a minimum, especially where guests may congregate.

9 Monitor the temperature, especially with fireplaces. They can heat up an indoor space quickly, causing guests to be too warm.

9 Soft, dimmer lighting will make guests more comfortable and encourage them to relax.

9 Be aware of your guests’ special physical or dietary needs – find out ahead of time so you can accommodate and they will feel more comfortable.

9 While you won’t please everyone’s taste in music, consider a varied playlist with several styles of music and not one specific genre.

9 If you have games or activities, make sure they are close to your gathering space to keep the energy of your get-together flowing.

9 If children will be present, provide enough games, food, and entertainment options for them, as well.



Twenty-plus years ago, the term design-build pertained to the highend custom home sector. At that time, it really didn’t exist in the world of remodeling. But design-build has become the newest buzzword in remodeling.

At a recent remodeling contractor event held in Scottsdale AZ, every company in attendance, from across the country, defined themselves as a design-build. Yet the descriptions of their designbuild processes varied drastically.

For some, design-build meant knowing a designer and having a tile rack in the corner of an office. The other side of the spectrum would include a teamoriented, process-driven, design phase. Ever evolving to improve, which better describes our approach.

Before defining what the most important pieces of the design-build process are, let’s define what the termdesign build means.

Design-Build is a process, where one company takes ownership of everything, from establishing the layout (schematics), to finalizing selections with clients, to purchasing,

to developing subcontractor scopes of work, to project management. It’s an all-inclusive approach to remodeling that minimizes the work of the client, prepares the construction team for the job ahead, while producing better, more unified, results.

For Stewart Remodel Design Build, the evolution of our design build process began out of necessity. For the better part of a decade, we were a deck-building company, and still are today. We would occasionally dabble with remodeling, only to reach the conclusion that remodeling was complex, full of pitfalls, fiscally challenging, and something we preferred to avoid.

It wasn’t until hiring a designer, Tera Kane, that we began to pursue remodels seriously, and our design-build process began. Without a robust design phase, the chances of success, no matter how you want to define it, are unlikely at best. We proved this repeatedly, no matter how well-intended we were.

Does this mean design-build brings about perfection? No, as much as I’d like to tell you otherwise, but it does bring us a lot closer to our goals of providing the best service we can.

As mentioned, not all design-build is the same, so what are the most important pieces of the design-build process?



When plans are developed, even for something as “basic” as a kitchen, does the person completing those plans (often a designer) understand construction? Can’t tell you how many plans we’ve seen where load bearing walls disappear, sinks are relocated, appliances moved – and the cost and impact on the house would make those changes unrealistic.

Is the design outsourced or is the designer an employee of the construction company? We used to take on an occasional job that had been designed by someone else, at the owner’s request, but we no longer will. Those jobs never went as well as we expected due to lack of teamwork, lack of clarity in roles and responsibilities, lack of familiarity with each other. Too many unknowns that negatively impacted the construc tion process.

When a designer is a part of the same company as the con struction team, you have cohesion, processes are in place, and the client ends up with a team of people, including an estimator, that know their project intimately well and see it through to the end, together.

Who purchases the materials? Having local and national accounts, as a reseller, has two distinct advantages. First is a cost savings. Secondly, and more importantly, is that when material arrive damaged, or are the incorrect materials, we have a company rep to call to fix the problem who knows us, knows our business, and is vested in making things right.

A company’s team of subcontractors really is an extension of the staff. Without buy-in from the trades, such as plumbers, electricians, drywallers, and painters - a company’s goals will never be achieved, no matter how good the planning is. The reverse is also true. If the trades aren’t set up to succeed, they’ll stop working for us.


We had this discussion with one of our electricians recently, we asked them if we were setting them up well. Their answer was yes, they prefer to work with our company due to the level of detail our designers provide and the organization of our project managers.

They did ask if, in the future, we could provide appliance specs for existing appliances that remain. We provide specs for everything being installed, including new appliances, but will now add existing appliance specs to the list.

By trying to take care of the trades, it does by us some grace too, and gets us a few extras along the way when needed.

Having a design center sure has its advantages for the designer and the client. It serves as a place to have meetings, to review materials during the selection process, to look at displays, and it minimizes the legwork, and time, of the client. Maintaining an office, with a design center, also lends to credibility, which is something to consider when investing in your home.


If you are considering a remodeling project, an exterior project, or would like to know more about our design-build services, please call us at (719) 266-0336.

26 NORTH BY COLORADO MEDIA GROUP | COLORADOMEDIAGROUP.COM Visit our new locations BRIARGATE 9625 Prominent Point Colorado Springs, CO NORTHGATE 7 Spectrum Loop Ste. 110 Colorado Springs, CO DENVER TECH CENTER 8000 E. Belleview Ave. Ste. B30 Greenwood Village, CO Opening Soon FREENORTH North Mag, Nov 2022.indd 1 11/16/22 8:48 PM

In my 25+ years in the mortgage industry, I’ve partnered with over 3,500 clients and real estate agents to create customized mortgage solutions to fit each individualized portfolio in every economic situation. I’ve found long-term perspective often provides the best guidance for making financial decisions. We’ve just come through a season of historically low mortgage rates and unprecedented home affordability. The combination of these two environments, in conjunction with the pandemic, created opportunities for homebuyers like we have never seen.

Now, with the market experiencing a necessary cooling, the question I get asked most often is, “When will rates come down?” followed by, “Is now a good time to buy a home?”

Here are the opportunities I see in today’s market.

In the last 7 out of 8 recessions, mortgage rates have decreased. While we don’t have a crystal ball, industry experts across the country believe a mortgage rate reprieve is coming in the near future. You can see in the chart below Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, The National Association of Realtors and Mortgage Bankers Association are all expecting lower mortgage rates in early 2023.

You have more negotiating power now than you may have in the spring, especially if mortgage rates fall.

In a recent UBS survey, 44% of respondents plan to pur chase a home in the next 12 months.** This indicates that the spring market is likely to see a rally in home buying traffic, which could push us back into a sellers’ market. By purchasing a home now, whether as your primary resi dence or for investment purposes, you may be able to take advantage of:

• Fewer multi-offer situations

• Reduced home prices

• Potential savings with tools such as a seller concession for a mortgage buydown

• An opportunity to save money if mortgage rates increase or to refinance when mortgage rates fall

Looking at the average rate of home appreciation in the last 20 years (including during the 2006-2008 financial crisis), home appreciation still averages 4% annually.

For example, if you put 10% down ($50,000) on a $500,000 home and get 4% in annualized appreciation, that equates to a 40% return on your investment in one year. It would be tough to find another investment to yield that kind of return.

In addition, rents across the nation continue a steep climb. Those making a $2,000 per month rent payment are paying a minimum of $120,000 toward their landlord’s mortgage after 5 years (if there were no rent increases). In most cases, it makes more sense financially to apply that money to a home loan and benefit from the equity that will be built over the long-term.

Each real estate portfolio is unique. To take full advantage of opportunities in our current market, I recommend a customized plan based on your short and long-term financial goals. I would love to strategize with you to discuss how you can best manage your most personal asset, your home, in a way that keeps your best interests at heart.



*Source: KCM Bridge Builders – October 2022 ** video/2022/10/03/44-percent-of-ubs-surveyrespondents-plan-to-buy-residentialproperty-in-next-12-months.html

Michelle Bobart

VP NMLS 137164, GR
MLS 2611 Mortgage
Projections Why
is Still the Time to
Real Estate
Where are rates headed in 2023? If rates are expected to decrease, should I wait to look for my dream home? Is real estate still a good investment? How can I best leverage today’s housing market? AL - 72981, AR - Licensed, AZ - 1007852, CA - CA-DBO137164, CO - 100035767, CT - LO-137164, DC - MLO137164, DE - MLO-137164, FLLO17860, GA - 67205, HI - HI-137164, IA - 34440, ID - MLO-2080137164, IL - 031.0002302, IN - 14945, KS - LO.0039572, KY - MC701827, LA - Licensed, MA - MLO137164, MD - 137164, ME - Licensed, MI - 137164, MN - MN-MLO-137164, MO - MO-137164, MS - 137164, MT - 137164, NC - I-189254, ND - NDMLO137164, NE - Licensed, NH - Licensed, NJLicensed, NM - Licensed, NV - 66499, NY - Licensed, OH - MLO-OH.1371164, OR - Licensed, PA - 76869, RI - Licensed, SC - MLO - 137164, SD -
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WA - MLO-137164, WI - 137164, WV - LO-137164, WY
NMLS ID 2611 For more info, visit
- VT137164,
Guaranteed Rate 2022 |

Real Estate Wrap-Up for 2022 & Looking into 2023

Colorado Springs continues to be a desirable place to live, and people continue to move here. Homes are selling at a slower rate, and inventory is low.

number of buyers looking, but the relatively low inventory supports the seller’s market.


Mortgage rates have increased 3.83 percentage points since the end of 2021-the biggest year-to-date increase in over 50 years. The rapid rise has been challenging and has impact ed affordability for Buyers by about 35%. Example: To get the same monthly mortgage payment, a buyer looking at a $500,000 home in June would now need a $325,000.

Experienced Realtors remind us that a 7% mortgage rate is historically a good rate. Mortgage rates have impacted the

It’s important to understand why is this happening (inflation) and what to expect going forward?

As the Federal Reserve raises the federal funds rate, they are trying to lower inflation and slow the economy. Mortgage rates tend to respond. While inflation is high, mortgage rates generally remain high. Economists feel that rates may contin ue to drift higher over the coming months, but not at the rate they have. They will likely vacillate.


The Wall Street Journal asked economists about the chanc es of a recession over the next 12 months. Their responses changed from 18% likely in January to 63% in October. As inflation has stayed high, we’ve seen economic pressures in the world and housing market


• A recession does not automatically mean falling prices

• In four out of the last six recessions, home prices increased.


• “The Housing Crash/2008” was an anomaly specifical ly as it relates to poor lending standards back then.

• A recession often means falling mortgage rates, not falling home prices.

• The foreclosure rate is historically low at 151K in 2020 vs 2.9M in 2010


Experts are projecting a deceleration in the appreciation rate next year; anywhere from 0.7% to 2.6% (2022 to date has been 10%, 2021 was 18.3%, 2020 was 13.7% in Colorado Springs)

We are returning to more normal levels of home price ap preciation; 2023 is expected to be more neutral with more moderate increases and decreases.

According to Deputy Chief Economist at Redfin, Taylor Marr: “For those bearish folks eagerly awaiting the home price crash, you’ll have to keep waiting. As much as demand is pulling back, supply is as well. And that’s reducing downward pressure on prices in the short run.”

There are so many concerns and uncertainties in relation to the economy and real estate. Learn to navigate through the information with a Realtor who can decipher the data that incites the facts to add clarity to your questions.

About Marquesa Hobbs

• Top producing agent

Shields for 2021

at ERA

• MRP, CNE, Peak Producers, ERA

Leader's Circle

Please reach out with questions about the market, your home value, or for a tour of the new communities.


End of Year Giving 2022

Many folks in the community find great pleasure in connecting with organizations who are supporting others who have met with less fortunate circumstances. Others find enjoyment in supporting the arts community or those agencies who help create community through activity and fitness. Still others want to support organizations whose missions are to help protect our children against the ills of society.

In each edition, NORTH showcases a number of these organizations. We are so proud of the work they do every day, quietly and consistently. If you are seeking opportunities for your end-of-year giving and philanthropic dollars, and would like to “plugin” to these charitable organizations, this section prove useful in your search. Thank you so much for your valuable contributions and support of these incredible people and missions.


Life can change in an instant, creating obstacles and chal lenges we never imagined. A few years ago, that happened to Justin when he suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed and un able to walk. After he exhausted all his physical and occupational therapy covered by insurance, Justin’s family struggled to find a place where he could fight to regain strength and indepen dence.

Many places turned Justin away – but not the YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region. Where others put up obstacles, the Y partnered with Justin and his family to find solutions that met their needs.

The Y is a place for all, and no one is ever turned away for financial reasons. Because of generous people like you, the Y can say “yes” to families like Justin’s and offer programs that emphasize holistic health and wellness for all.

Learn more about Justin’s story and the impact the Y has made in his life at https://give.ppym

GIVE TO THE Y; one of the oldest and most trusted nonprofits in the Pikes Peak Region, and know that you are making a difference in thousands of lives. The Y also offers additional tax benefits through the Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit, which allows most donors to leverage 50% of their donation amount as a credit on their Colorado income tax return.


The Volunteer Boost


Many of us like the idea of volunteering, but in our busy lives, it can be challenging to find the time. Science shows us the effort is worth it. Research by Carnegie Mellon University found that older adults who volunteer regularly are 40% less likely to develop high blood pressure. Volunteering is also credited with offering a mental health boost, lowering the risk of depression, and relieving stress, according to a 2020 study by Simetrica Research Consultancy. That study explained volunteering boosts our sense of social connection, and many of us experience a “warm glow” when helping others.

National Charity League, Inc. (NCL), Colorado Springs Chapter, is a non-profit service organization where mothers and their daughters in grades 7-12 volunteer side-byside. They help at national and local organizations, including the Ronald McDonald House, Care and Share, Silver Key, Children’s Hospital, and the American Cancer Society. With a total of 22 agencies on the list, every volunteer can find work she values, whether it’s helping with children or seniors, supporting first responders, artistic endeavors or natural landscapes, or increasing access to educational opportunities or healthcare. NCL President Stacey Baxter and her daughter Shelby Grace enjoy donating their time at the Humane Society of Pikes Peak

Region and the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. “When I first learned about NCL, I loved the idea of doing charity work together with my daughter. As the years have passed, these experiences have grown to become some of my favorite quality times spent together. I love that Shelby Grace is learning about leadership and service too.”

According to the United Way, volunteering helps young people increase self-esteem, gain greater empathy, build a lasting sense of generosity, and improve school performance. Specifically, volunteer experiences teach leadership, communication, dependability, time management and decision-making. Many colleges require volunteer work as part of their application process, and unpaid jobs can be a leg up in applying for paid jobs. High school sophomore Shelby Grace Baxter appreciates how volunteering teaches her valuable life lessons about responsibility and teamwork. “NCL makes me happy, generous, kind, and thankful for what I have!”

Volunteers keep our community running, as we take care of our neighbors in need. Many non-profits state they couldn’t accomplish their missions without volunteer support. So, it’s good to know that the people who take the time to make a difference stand to gain a lot too.

Locally, the Colorado Springs chapter of NCL has contributed 6,322 volunteer hours to area non-profits over the last three years. In addition to volunteer opportunities, NCL also focuses on developing leadership skills and providing cultural experiences for its members. NCL, Colorado Springs Chapter, is accepting membership applications November 1, 2022February 17, 2023 from mothers with daughters in sixth to ninth grade. Visit chapter/coloradosprings for more information.





Last August, when the FBI field office in Denver and Colorado Springs joined in a nationwide operation to arrest human traffickers and recover their victims, FBI agents used backpacks to supply 11 child victims and 11 adult victims with clean modest clothing, hygiene products, and comfort items (more than 30 items in each bag). The Colorado Springs non-profit Reclaiming Hope has supplied those back packs (called Hope Bags) to the FBI for years. The supplies are the first step for FBI agents to build trust with victims and help strength en a victim’s courage to tes tify against their traffickers.

“So often, these are the only items they can truly call their own,” an agent says.

More than 5,000 victims of sex trafficking have received Hope Bags across 49 states and three US territories. Re claiming Hope meets these practical needs as well as the need for mentor-friends for female survivors locally.

You can help Reclaiming Hope fill Hope Bags, and enable us to walk with a survivor. You can donate the cost of a Hope Bag, which averages about $120. Or you can donate something as simple as a new hair brush, which helps someone who has survived with little to no basic comforts. All items donated for the Hope Bags must be new (not even light ly used) – law enforcement agents say there’s a good reason for offering only new items.

“The bags offer dignity to the victims,” an agent says. “What I appreciate about them is that there are all new items with the bag. That shows the receiver that they are worthy of new nice things, just for them – not pre-owned.”

Reclaiming Hope trains women locally to walk with female survivors of sex trafficking. A donation of $50 provides help with food, diapers, and gasoline – basic needs for a survivor who is rebuilding her life.

For more information: Email; call 719-4259405. Or send donations through Zelle (sues@re or Venmo (@reclaiminghope), or our website:


Survivors of human trafficking – mostly women and girls, but sometimes men and boys – need temporary housing once they’ve been freed from their captivity. So why would Reclaiming Hope lease individual apartments for survivors instead of referring them to a group home?

Three factors: Stability. Peace. Safety.

Over the last year, Reclaiming Hope has provided apartments to two survivors who are part of our mentor program. They are women who have struggled to find landlords willing to rent to them. Because of their spotty resumes, their low or non-existent credit ratings, and low self-worth, these women didn’t feel they deserved to live in a nice place.

The women we’ve housed have bloomed – they have been able to get consistent sleep, knowing that they’re safe. They no longer think of just surviving each day, but make plans for their futures. Living in separate apartments, they are taking responsibility for their own household budgets, developing time management skills, and learning to successfully live independently.

Reclaiming Hope offers this wonderful opportunity because donors have been generous in meeting this critical need. If you’re one of those donors, thank you! If you’re interested in helping us help survivors, please let us know!


Asking for help can be difficult. It was for Carl. A provider and warrior his entire life, Carl could not bring himself to ask until he hit rock bottom. Physical limitations ended his post military career, and even more devastating, when he tried to increase his VA disability, it was cancelled all together. Carl felt defeated. He became depressed, suicidal, withdrawn from his family, and eventually, homeless. The barriers to ending his situation seemed hopeless, but The Salvation Army helped him rebuild his life and pay down debt. Carl graduated from The Salvation Army Veteran Program with a savings account and apartment.

The Salvation Army has one of the state’s largest and most successful Veteran programs, exiting more than 30 veterans into permanent housing.

1 in every 15 people in the Pikes Peak Region receives help from The Salvation Army!

We need your help to show LOVE BEYOND!

Give LOVE BEYOND Christmas - ring a bell, fill an Angel Tree tag, volunteer, or donate at



Coming to the Table Ready to Lead

What does this mean for our friends and partners in northern Colorado Springs and El Paso county? More meaningful opportunities to engage with partners who have trained to help you build a vibrant and prosperous future. We will all benefit from a more inclusive and prosperous Pikes Peak region. Cooperating and cultivating our talent together lifts everyone in the long term.


This is what we’re building — and why we ask both members of the Latino community and our allies to participate:

• Qualified leaders who have the hearts of servants to become influencers and thought leaders

• An alternative pathway for undeserved and underrepresented emerging leaders to serve the community

• Representation on private and nonprofit boards, commissions, and economic development groups

• Opportunities to galvanize the Latino community, celebrate our identity, and elevate the region as we elevate each other


Latinos have a major stake in the culture and business of the Pikes Peak region — accounting for 19 percent of the local population — but they don’t always have a seat at the table where big decisions are weighed and made. Recognizing that leadership is something for which one must prepare, the Colorado Springs Hispanic Chamber (The Concilio) launched the Adelante Leadership Institute (ALI).

ALI was created to formally cultivate promising Latino leaders — in the public and private sectors — who embrace our ethos of community involvement, civic engagement, and selfless service. An eight-month fellowship program grounded in these elements will equip more Latino business and civic leaders to make impactful contributions to regional economic efforts and boards, both public and private. Monthly meetings will explore leadership styles, government structure, cultural inclusiveness, and board governance.

Partners, allies, vendors, and more are needed to capitalize on this moment. Let’s collaborate! Contact Joe Aldaz, President & CEO, to discuss the impact of your pledge to ALI at info@cshispanicchamber. com or 719.231.5353. Learn more about ALI here: https://www.


Making History!

In 1923, 75 women came together to build what was for so long the heartbeat of our city, the Colorado Springs City Auditorium; one of the last historic structures in our region. Our beloved City Auditorium will be 100 years old in 2023 and we are looking to the citizens and regional corporate partners at large to support the vision for the next 100 years. The Community Cultur al Collective (CSCCC) has a vision that is reimagining this iconic structure, built “for the use of the people and the glory of the city.” A donation to the CSCCC is a legacy gift that ensures our original city center is afforded a future. “She needs a great amount of work and this adaptive reuse project will give the Auditorium 100 more years of relevant purpose in the midst of our growing and thriving city.” Says Linda Weise, the Pres ident and CEO of the CSCCC. “This vision will afford thousands of citizens access to creative and cultural activities, events, gatherings and performances. Your gift is an inspired gift; join us in making history.”

Greetings from Neverbland – the Pikes Peak re gion’s thriving and spectacular arts & culture scene,where you can experience dazzling artwork, stunning theatrics, electrifying melodies, exquisite cuisine, and much more. – the online cultural calendar for the Pikes Peak region – is home to hundreds of events over the coming weeks and months that will brighten your winter days…there’s always something to do in the Colorado Springs com munity!

One easy way to stay connected – and answer the question “what are we doing this weekend?” – is by signing up for the Peak Radar Picks, a weekly e-blast that brings 8-10 local events right to your inbox each Wednesday evening. Use the QR code to sign up!

Explore and follow @PeakRadar on social media to see details on upcoming events, spe cial features like our Holiday Guide and Gallery Guide, and additional content like our Public Art Directory. The creativity of the Pikes Peak region is on display like never before, and the best way to brainstorm your next cultural adventure is through the breathtaking lens of

*Peak Radar is a program of the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region. Learn more at


Healing Happens Here.

Hundreds of men and women will spend the holidays at Springs Rescue Mission.

They are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters — all in search of hope, love and healing.

Will you join the Mission this holiday season

Give Online
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the shows as well as VIP lounge and restroom access. With the lifetime suite ownership you can make
with family and friends in a setting
1880 Weiskopf Point, Colorado Springs, CO 80921 ank you for voting us the Best in Business! Dining | Spa Resort Accommodations Meetings & Conferences Club Membership Real Estate Opportunities The Steakhouse, The Spa, and The Lodge at Flying Horse are open to the public. BEST GOLF COURSE BEST PRIVATE MEMBER CLUB BEST HOTEL BEST RESTAURANT BEST SPA BEST CONFERENCE & MEETING FACILITY BEST NEIGHBORHOOD BEST HOMEBUILDER

How Marquesa Hobbs Became The Real Estate Agent Who Gives Back

Local realtor Marquesa Hobbs knows from personal experience that with each unique child in the foster care system, comes an equally unique set of complexities.

It’s why she’s become involved with CASA, first as a member of the non-profit’s Circle of Impact, and now as a business partner through her real estate business, Colorado Hearthstone Properties at ERA Shields.

“CASA is important to me because I saw firsthand how it supports kids in the foster care system in Colorado Springs so they can be with the right people who can love them, nurture them, and provide the very best to them,” she said.

An adopted child herself, Marquesa always knew she wanted to grow her family through adoption.

After being blessed with two biological children, she and her husband set out on the foster adopt pathway. Their first placement – a brother and sister – almost became a permanent part of the family, but when the adoption did not happen, Marquesa was left wondering how the lives of these children might have turned out differently if a CASA had been involved.

Three placements later, Marquesa and her husband, Dirk, completed their family through the adoption of their third child, a nine-year-old girl. Today, with her kids much older, Marquesa works to nurture a servant’s heart in her daughters. That’s why they are involved with organizations like National Charity League.

“It allows them to try different philanthropies and see what is out there and then they can align with the ones that speak to them,” she said.

Marquesa is teaching her children to give back, but she also walks the walk.

“People in Colorado Springs are amazingly kind,” she said. “They’re generous and they want to help but they just don’t know how and sometimes need information on organizations and the kind of support they need.”

As a CASA business partner, Marquesa donates to CASA for each house she closes, and educates her clients and the community about CASA – both the manpower needs AND the financial needs.

Before jumping into real estate as a means of controlling her schedule during her busy season as a foster adopt mom, Marquesa worked in healthcare business development and marketing. She knew from the get-go that the best way to build her real estate business was to provide exemplary client service and to really take care of her clients.

Whether it’s a first-time home buyer who could use some education on credit building, a senior who might need some extra support and guidance, or a military family who is relocating and needs basic advice like how to find a doctor, Marquesa truly enjoys coming alongside all types of clients to educate and serve.

“What I really love about what I do is my clients learn to lean on me and draw me in as a lifetime partner,” she said. “Often, real estate involves a lifestyle transition like birth, death, up-sizing, downsizing, and there’s a lot of emotion around that. I love being a component of my client’s process and helping them achieve their goals as smoothly as possible.”

Having been a valued community member here in the Pikes Peak Region for over two decades, Marquesa knows the market. She continually studies market influencers and listens carefully to the needs of each client to craft a plan to help them achieve their goals. If you’re in need a real estate agent who will help you achieve you dreams while giving back so those less fortunate can achieve their dreams too, look no further than Colorado Hearthstone Properties at ERA Shields!


How the Roots Form the Branches

Colorado Springs’ Most viable economist is a spry, five-foot redhead who speaks with animation and awe of her heritage, her family today, and how her past and present drive her fervor for what she does.

Tatiana Bailey is the granddaughter of a half-Irish, half-Norwegian American man known for his intelligence and his wild spirit, and the granddaughter of a SpaniardBolivian beauty, Irene. Tatiana talks with fascination of Grandfather Kittridge Abbott Bailey who left his small hometown in Minnesota after serving in World War I and attending the University of Minnesota for an engineering degree. Tatiana marvels at his fearlessness to have gotten on a ship to South America to run mining projects during the tin boom. As Kittridge finished with one project in Chile, he was asked whether

he wanted to go further inland to Bolivia. Arriving in La Paz, Bolivia, at 12,000 feet above sea level, he heard a woman reciting poetry at the hotel where he was staying. Fast-forward a dozen years and the unlikely pair had seven children, number six which is Tatiana’s (redheaded) father, Humberto. Kittridge didn’t make it back to the U.S. until the 1960s, which is when he brought Tatiana’s father because according to Kittridge, Humberto’s English stank.

Kittridge passed only a few years after bringing some of his kids back to the U.S. Tatiana says it’s amazing he lived into his 60s given his heavy

I always tell my husband he’s my first and only true love...but honestly economics is right up there.”

smoking, the toxins he was exposed to in the mines, and his Irish drinking tendencies. Tatiana never met Kittridge but visited him at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia where many great veterans are buried. Tatiana did meet Irene and remembers her well given that (true to Latin American style) she lived with her family as nursing homes aren’t much of a thing in the Latin culture. Fast-forward a few decades and Tatiana’s dad lives with her family. “That’s just how things are done. It’s not really questioned.” Tatiana does give her own immediate family a lot of credit for understanding and accommodating the idiosyncrasies of her culture.

That heritage created an interesting bridge of opportunity for the life of Tatiana’s parents in Washington D.C. where they met. Tatiana’s mother, Miriam, who is a native Bolivian left her hometown in Bolivia at age 20 with a job she had with the American embassy, which allowed her to work in the U.S. Miriam always dreamed of traveling and living abroad and she courageously made it happen. Tatiana speaks with admiration at how hard both her parents worked achieving the American dream of homeownership, and ample educational opportunities for their three children.

Tatiana was able to capitalize on the opportunities her parents afforded her. She attended the Catholic, all-girl Academy of the Holy Names near the nation’s capital. With its small classrooms and lack of (boy) distractions, Tatiana feels she thrived in that environment, and it is there that she had her first economics class.

“I always tell my husband he’s my first and only true love as I met him just after I turned 18, but honestly economics is right up there.”

Her love of economics all goes back to her roots, she says. Every year Tatiana’s parents would take her back to Bolivia, and those trips had a profound impact on how she sees the world and now, how she counts her blessings and lives her life.

“I would get off the plane in La Paz, see the bluest skies I’d ever seen, snow-capped mountains and then promptly almost pass out

from the altitude.” They typically gave her oxygen at the airport, and she would be sick for a few days acclimating. “I should have disliked the trips, and yet I marveled at the delicious smells of the street food, the colorful layers of pleated skirts with the derby hats that women wear, the cousins who I adored, and the overall feeling of being on a different planet.” She says she also liked how everyone else was about her same height.

“The old cliche of travel being the best educator and human equalizer is spot on. But I give my mom credit for taking it all one step further.” Miriam belonged to a philanthropic group of Bolivian women in the D.C. area and these women would routinely charge whoever was going back next to their home country with the transport of medical devices, used clothing, donations for food and other necessities. Miriam would always take Tatiana with her to the orphanages or medical facilities to deliver the donations and she would remind her daughter, “This is how most of the world lives.”

Mix these experiences with the dinner table conversations about politics and social issues, and voila - you have a political science and economics major who eventually earns her doctorate. Tatiana became the first in her immediate family to earn a college degree. And then her Master’s in Economics, then her Master’s in Science, and finally her Doctorate in Public Health (because she found health issues so intricately tied to economic wellbeing). “Honestly, I studied because I loved and still love learning. The degrees were a positive externality, but I think my nerdy brain also knew I would need letters after my name to have the career I wanted as a five-foot Latina with strong opinions that more of the world should have the opportunities I did.”

While at graduate school at The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor with her new, Canadian husband, Ian Glassford, she surprised herself and found she had an even stronger passionhaving children.


“Funny because when I was in high school and several of my girlfriends would talk about how many kids they wanted, I would say no kids for me thank you very much. They all said I was going to become a senator or some such thing.” But Ian, one of nine children, convinced Tatiana to have a child as she was finishing her first master’s at UM at age 24. “I found my love for my husband trumped everything.” Tatiana, who had been focused on academics, found out how much she loved being a mom (to child number one, Bailey Glassford). After she finished her second master’s, she had her second son, Samuel. After finishing her doctorate, she and Ian went all out and had a daughter (finally!), named Gabriela, a son, Rory, and one more daughter, Adriana. Tatiana had to convince Ian on the last two. “I can be very persuasive when I need to be,” she says. Tatiana gives her husband kudos for going along with her own version of adventuresome not only with having five kids, but also giving her the latitude to study in Ann Arbor, and even homeschool for several years. “Best years of my life,” she says. Partially out of greed to spend more time with her kids and partially due to some shortcomings she saw in K-12, homeschooling also cemented in her (economist) mind that the skills gap in the U.S. is a huge challenge, but also an opportunity where perhaps she could contribute once she did fully return to the workforce.

And return to the workforce she did. The University of Colorado’s Economic Forum had an opening for an economist as one of its founders, Tom Zwirlein, was planning to retire. He called her an economist with a personality who could grow the Forum. “Honestly, when I first flew out to meet the search committee, I didn’t think I would uproot the family. But I was astonished at the way the community embraced me, and my gut told me I would get to really use my education and background.” Once again, Tatiana had to convince Ian, which wasn’t easy. “I will not die in Michigan,” she told him.

Tatiana realized she too has the adventurous spirit of her grandparents and parents. Now she finds that spirit translates well to starting her own venture. “Working for myself where I can direct my training and my passions to help others has never intimidated me. I am just incredibly fortunate that I could have the educational opportunities, the full family experience, and a community platform where I can work with others who have similar drive and aspirations.”

Tatiana speaks very highly of Colorado Springs and how many people she’s worked with who collaborate and dedicate themselves to the betterment of their community.

Tatiana stayed at the Forum with her highly valued associate, Rebecca Wilder, for eight years. “I’ve never done the same thing for eight years except to be

Everyday I’m astounded at my life. It’s always been incredibly busy as a mother and worker, but every day I marvel at this life and wonder why I am so blessed.”

I know good talent when I see it. Gaby also is young and can communicate with high schoolers as we start going into schools. She represents the next generation and how they see the world.”

Tatiana and her son Rory on a family vacation

a wife and mother.” They both re-purposed an existing nonprofit Tatiana helped start with several others in the region seven years ago. The new nonprofit, Data-Driven Economic Strategies, or DDES, has a mission to enhance economic opportunities with data-driven strategies that inform community and workforce development initiatives.

DDES is now producing economic and workforce development reports for Colorado Springs and other communities so regions can make informed decisions on how to allocate resources and grow their local economies.

DDES is also working with K-12 and higher education institutions to better align labor demand to training programs. Tatiana is excited by the receptiveness of certain partners such as Widefield and Harrison School Districts, Pikes Peak State College, Trinidad State College, and Pueblo Community College, as well as a couple of out of state economic development entities. Tatiana continues with her local and state-wide economic presentations with five updates in November and many on the books for early 2023. She also continues to write timely articles, produce podcasts, and broadcasts weekly economic updates on Fox21, all of which can be found at

Tatiana is also ecstatic to be working with her third child, Gabriela, or “Gaby.”

“It seems that the Canadian-Bolivian mix of Ian and Tatiana alongside all those dinner table conversations about social issues and politics has rubbed off on our two daughters.” Gaby graduated from CU Boulder with a political science degree in May and Tatiana quickly snatched her up. “I know good talent when I see it. Gaby also is young and can communicate with high schoolers as we start going into schools. She represents the next generation and how they see the world.”

“Don’t we all marvel at how quickly our time goes? I have always been contemplative about the human experience, how we need to spread goodness, and the relentless way that time marches on. So much so that it spills out now to some very non-economist, creative writing like short stories and poems where I process these bittersweet emotions.”

“If I can eke out a few more work years where I can do what I love and maybe contribute something small to my community, I’m happy. It’s just icing on the cake now. Well, that and trips with the family skiing or beaching, watching Michigan football, or Avalanche hockey. Everyday I’m astounded at my life. It’s always been incredibly busy as a mother and worker, but every day I marvel at this life and wonder why I am so blessed.”

On the Other Side

I’ve walked into another room Had no idea it’d be so soon Left-right, left-right, time marches on Right-left, right-left, I pass the baton

We all are warned, but do not heed That time she runs at such great speed We think we have her in our hand

At our beckon call, at our command But in truth she slips away A great illusion, she never does stay What I would not do if only I could Step back in time, where I once stood To relive those days of such great bliss Like when I held you, oh how I miss So now I tell you with sage hindsight Don’t let her rob you, put up a fight

Each moment you squander with the trite or with hate

Time she’s laughing as you’re taking the bait

Instead, be laser focused on all that brings joy

Be the center of goodness, let time be your toy Do not assume all days will be given Be cautious with life, the reckless is not forgiven I’ve crossed onto the other side Fewer days ahead, the rest untied I have no sorrow as my time is well spent Time lives on through you if you live life as meant So please be the master of time and each day These words I tell you As you fly away

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I G N KICK OFF Join Yemi Mobolade for a historic night of celebration campaign to become the 42nd Mayor of Colorado Springs Paid for by Friends of Yemi Respected City Leader | Successful Business Owner | What’s Right for Colorado Springs



September marked the eighth anniversary of 3 Hundred Days of Shine, a moonshine distillery located in Monument. The place is like a step back in time with warm wood tables, antique stills (one from an original bootlegger from Monument – Chester “Chet” Porter), and old newspaper clippings plastered on the walls in tribute to Colorado’s own bootlegging history. There is even a small gift store with more than logo merch – you’ll find a book on two of Colorado’s most notorious bootleggers, the Carlino Brothers.

Mike Girard, the proud owner and master distiller of 3 Hundred Days of Shine, is anything but your typical retired Army vet. The name of his

moonshine distillery is a bit ironic since Girard was not feeling the warmth of those 300 days of sunshine Coloradans brag about when he started his business. Instead, after 23 years of active duty, and four combat tours, Girard retired from being an Army bomb tech and, like many vets upon retirement, he found himself facing physical and emotional issues. To that end, while he focused on 3 Hundred Days of Shine, Girard’s wife, Jennifer, researched mental health resources for all vets, not just her husband.

“I’d known friends who had taken their lives, including one of our own employees,” says Mike. “I had those thoughts, too, but I was trained most of my life to be an Alpha, apex warrior – I thought I was stronger than that.

Mike Girard, the proud owner and master distiller of 3 Hundred Days of Shine, is anything but your typical retired Army vet. Pam Bales; Photography by Stu Duffy


How long have you lived in Colorado?

I’ve been here for 12 years. Most popular moonshine flavor? Apple Pie – no contest!

Your favorite Colorado bootlegger?

Chester Porter. He was innovative and took pride in producing some of the highest quality moonshine in the West. Due to the 18th Amendment, he used his knowledge and wit to create a successful illegal liquor empire that federal law enforcement couldn’t take down until three years after prohibition ended.

Now, I understand that this is a disease – often precipitated by what vets have experienced physically and mentally, deployed or stateside.”

Thanks to Jennifer, Mike, and the whole distillery staff, this year’s Veterans Day marked the second year for their o.K event. “Zero-K because we don’t need to run,” chuckles Mike. “However, we do need resources for our brothers and sisters in the military,” says Mike. “When it comes to veteran suicide, there’s really no one fix for everyone, but we’re trying to help connect vets and their families to those resources.” Each organization that participates must offer their services to vets for free.


“Moonshine is truly America’s only unique alcohol,” notes Girard. “And, Colorado has a fascinating history of moonshine, bootleggers, mobsters associated with them, murder, intrigue… you name it!” Girard is dedicated to making traditional Colorado moonshine – and his has won numerous awards –using Colorado beet sugar.

it’s the Army’s no-alcohol policy. General Order 1,” explains Girard. “As a leader you have to be aware of your soldiers and that they will try to get over on General Order 1. Joes will try to make beer and wine but never heard of them making moonshine. I overheard a couple of my soldiers discussing moonshine and, with a little research, I found it was feasible. So, I figured if I could do it, I know my soldiers could as well.” After devouring books on bootleggers and especially moonshine in the West, he decided to build a still while in Afghanistan. As a bomb technician, Girard understood chemistry and had access to the materials he needed.

“We disarmed and cleaned out a lot of pressure cooker improvised explosive devices (IEDs); we then used them for training and that was my first still. That first batch was not very drinkable,” recalls Girard. “We used a mash of A&W root beer, yeast, and water with the whey jug as the fermenter!”

Girard proudly displays his dedication to creating something of such quality with a nod to its origins in the old West.

Girard jokes that he was bootlegging at an early age (19), growing up in a middleof-nowhere town in Montana. Seriously. Girard explains that there is a list of middle-of-nowhere towns and he was born in the number one town on the list – Glasgow, Montana; he grew up in Scobey – the town second on the list.

He started developing his moonshine capabilities while deployed overseas. “Many folks don’t know that you can’t drink when you are deployed overseas –

Girard’s tinkering got a lot better in his garage and, after three years of experimenting, he opened his distillery in its current location. “My wife was thrilled to have me move my stinky hobby out of the basement!” Girard says. Girard proudly displays his dedication to creating something of such quality with a nod to its origins in the old West. “People may read this and say – is distilling moonshine the best thing for a vet with depression issues,” notes Girard. “For me, it’s more about the art and taste of my moonshine; I don’t have to drink it. My family and my employees come first.”


CREATE MORE Guests from out of town than just memories in our city

Your sister doesn’t repair potholes for a living, but when she crashes at your place for her vacation, she helps keep our roads in good shape.

Colorado Springs has a .57% 2C Road Tax and a 1% Pikes Peak Rural Transit Authority tax. The 2C road tax dollars are dedicated solely to improving roads, sidewalks including pedestrian ramps, curbs and gutters. The PPRTA is a collaboration among Colorado Springs, El Paso County and several nearby towns to improve and maintain roads and support public transit. Thanks, sis!

Your college roommate isn’t a landscaper, but their hotel stay in COS funds parks and trails.

There’s no arguing that Colorado Springs has miles of great trails and acres of beautiful parks. We have your college roommate to thank for these outdoor options. When they settle their hotel bill, they pay a .10% tax that goes to Trails, Open Space and Parks (TOPS). Did you know that when TOPS purchased Red Rock Canyon Open Space in 2003 it was originally slated to be a resort community? Thank goodness for your roomie!

Your bestie never cooks for you, but when they visit COS, they keep 20,000 locals employed.

Did you know tourism is the city’s third largest industry?

Attractions hire many teenagers during the summer, helping them develop a strong work ethic and learn the finer points of customer service. There are more than just entry-level jobs in hospitality. Many people earn a great living selling guest rooms and meeting space to event planners or managing a hotel. Others have gone out on their own to start the small (or large) business of their dreams.

We all love to share Colorado Springs – Olympic City USA. After all, someone once shared it with us, and we were hooked for life. Our guests create so much more than memories when they visit. Total spending in the Pikes Peak Region by non-residents was $2.6 billion in 2021 – BILLION. Let’s take a tour and see how out-of-town guests help make Colorado Springs a great place to live, work and play.

Your flatlander friends may need time to adjust to our high elevation, but when they visit COS, they keep the Colorado Springs Labor Day Lift Off soaring. There’s nothing more fun than going to an amazing local event. Let’s give a cheer for our out-of-town flatlander friends who make it possible. More than 185,000 locals and visitors attend the Lift Off to see colorful balloons ascend into the deep blue sky.

Your dad no longer sends money, but when he’s in COS, he saves a family here $847 in taxes.

Make sure dad knows how much you appreciate his visit as well as how much he spends to take you to the Summit Visitor Center at the top of Pikes Peak for those views and delicious donuts. His generosity contributes to saving each Colorado Springs family of four nearly $850 a year. Thanks, Dad!

Your cousin never pays for dinner, but when they visit you, they keep your favorite restaurants open. Some friends have a way of slipping away from the table when the check arrives, but they’re still contributing to our vibrant food scene by visiting and asking you to show them your favorite foodie spots. Our restaurants thrive when their local clientele brings in outof-town guests who are eager to share photos of their beautiful drinks and savory dishes on social media. Visitors are the key to keeping your favorite places open!

Help keep Colorado Springs vibrant by continuing to invite family and friends to visit you here. It’s why we have nice things! Learn more at


Red, yellow, green and blue streams of light streak across what had been, just a minute ago, a deep dark and dying December sky. Smartphones read January 1 and the midnight rockets bring kaleidoscope color to the snow blanket snuggling Pikes Peak. If the night is clear, the rockets dazzle spec tators below, who bundled up for the countdown to New Year’s midnight.

About 30 Pikes Peak area men and women hike each year to the 14,115-foot summit of America’s Mountain on New Year’s Eve day, leaning into the wind, their faces down, fighting fatigue, to help put on the midnight show. The hikers belong to an exclusive club, AdA mAn, whose members have climbed through blizzards and gale winds to set off the fireworks show for 100 years.

Stationed at the firework control panel, 120 feet away from where the fireworks launch, is Mr. Pikes Peak himself. Donald Sanborn is the only man to climb, race, and run on the mountain: AdAmAn Club climber (19962017); Pikes Peak International Hill Climb driver (2000); and Pikes Peak Marathon runner. Sanborn is the grand son of a former AdAmAn president. Together, they are the only grandfather-grandson to claim membership in AdAmAn. The club adds one new member a year: hence the name, pronounced add-a-man.

Sanborn sips a chai latte at Tattered Cover book store in downtown Colorado Springs, his easy laugh bringing life to a quiet Sunday afternoon crowd of readers and students, to talk about the mountain whose peak he first visited when he was only a year old.

The collector of AdAmAn memories, Sanborn recalls the days before electric ignition, when fireworks were laid out on the counter of the old 1964 summit house, “and they’d bring them out like a bucket brigade. One guy would drop a firework in a mortar box packed with sand, another guy would light it with a flare, duck down, and another guy would clean out debris, and then they would do it all again,” Sanborn says. Now the fireworks launch from a specially designed trailer that dou bles as a Christmas parade float.

An engineer by training, Sanborn led a centennial construction project in downtown Colorado Springs: AdAmAn Alley, complete with murals, LED lights, and an archway, all situated between Nevada Ave. and Tejon St., with a view that frames Pikes Peak. It opened in November.

Nothing makes Mr. Pikes Peak happier.

NORTH BY COLORADO MEDIA GROUP | COLORADOMEDIAGROUP.COM 53 The party begins here... what are you waiting for? Great food, even better drinks, and the best vibes in town. 719.266.2090 | | 812 S Sierra Madre St. Colorado Springs 80903

Finding Purpose in Your Work Or What Does the World Need From Me?

Dr. Vinh Chung often says that Vanguard Skin Specialists began with a failure. After ten years of moving all over the world, he and his wife, Leisle Chung, wanted to find a place they could settle and put down roots. When they visited Colorado Springs, they knew it was the right place. However, after fifteen years of training and many job applications, he did not succeed in landing a job. It was out of this failure that Vanguard Skin Specialists was born.

Although Dr. Chung and Leisle will be the first to tell you that Vanguard Skin Specialists was “born out of necessity,” over the last thirteen years, Vanguard has evolved into an organization driven by a mission to make a positive impact on their patients, the community, and the world.

I am a refugee, and I always will be. But in a way, all of us are refugees. We all are born in a time and place we didn’t choose

As a Vietnamese refugee, Dr. Chung is no stranger to adversity. In his book, Where the Wind Leads, Dr. Chung writes, “I am a refugee, and I always will be. But in a way, all of us are refugees. We all are born in a time and place we didn’t choose, born without language, property, or money, dependent entirely on the decisions of others for our very survival… and as we find our way in this world, we need to help others do the same. We all have been blessed – every one of us – and we are all expected to give back.”

Gratitude fuels the Chungs. Vinh’s father performed manual labor in a factory to help put all his eleven children through college. The eleven siblings together hold over twenty-two university degrees, including five masters and six doctorates. When Dr. Chung holds a scalpel to perform surgeries, he knows it is possible only because his father performed manual labor on the assembly line for over two decades.

Leisle’s parents also labored in factories and on a farm to put her and her younger brother through Yale. Leisle later earned an MBA from Harvard Business School, while her brother wrote and directed the Oscar winning movie Minari. The Chungs have been blessed with much, so they are driven to give back to their community and the world.

Over the years, Vanguard has given back in many ways, including opening offices in underserved communities, serving humanitarian missions in countries around the world, including Cambodia, Haiti, and Rwanda, and even handing out personal cell phone numbers to surgery patients. According to Dr. Chung, the question to be constantly asked is not “what do I want?” but instead, “what does the world need of me?” This transformative idea and their mission guides everything that is done at Vanguard Skin Specialists.


Several years after open ing Vanguard, Leisle met a seventeen-year-old girl, “Ruth,” while visiting a trauma recovery center in Cambodia for children and women who had been res cued from brothels. At the center, Ruth was studying to become a cosmetologist and asked Leisle if she could do her hair and makeup. Leisle describes, “Here I am… a woman who has come from the comforts of my beauti ful home in Colorado, and when I give, no matter how generous I may believe I am, I have everything I need--I am only giving my extra. And here is Ruth, who gave literally everything she had. Everything. Yet, she is the one brushing my hair and thanking me. It was one of those moments where God puts a mirror up to your soul.”

Leisle and Dr. Chung re turned to Colorado with broken hearts and a re newed sense of purpose. They started clara skincare, a subset of Vanguard Skin

Specialists, as a way to help brave young women like Ruth have an opportunity for a better life and ensure that children are protected. 100% of clara’s profits are reinvested into clara and donated to support non profits here and around the world. In addition, Vanguard and Clara run an annual Give Thanks initiative to feature and support local charities.

Today, Vanguard is prepar ing to embark on a new mis sion in southern Honduras alongside World Vision. The mission in Honduras is to provide clean water to 100% of households in the region and promote economic development. Additionally, Vanguard team members have been given the life changing opportunity to sponsor a child through World Vision’s Chosen pro gram. Dr. Chung, Leisle, and the team at Vanguard are as passionate about making a positive impact as ever, and it shows.



The Colorado Springs Airport (COS) – also known as Colorado’s small airport – has big options this holiday season. Four major carriers offer daily nonstop service to major hubs with hundreds of connecting options. At Colorado’s small airport, travelers enjoy small walks, small waits and small lines, and this holiday season – big savings.

COS is relaunching its popular holiday parking promotion. Long-term parking will be just $4 a day from Nov. 21-27 and Dec. 21-Jan. 2.

In addition to its holiday parking promotion, COS will see some air service changes over the holiday season. Southwest Airlines will offer nonstop service to Houston (HOU), San Antonio (SAT) and San Diego (SAN) for select November, December, and January dates.

Looking ahead to summer travel for 2023, Delta Air Lines will be reinstating its nonstop flight to Atlanta (ATL) beginning June 6. Atlanta is currently the largest underserved market at COS and serves as the gateway to an unlimited amount of domestic and international destinations. Start planning travel for this summer today!

To learn more about Vanguard Skin Specialists’ providers, services, missions, and projects, visit www. To learn more about clara and shop for clara skincare, visit

Vanguard Skin Specialists is a dermatology and plastic surgery practice with eight locations acrosssouthern Colorado. Vanguard’s mission is to make a positive impact on patients, thecommunity, and the world. This mission drives everything they do from opening offices in underserved areas to donating all retail profits to simply giving patients physician’s personal cell phone numbers. Vanguard Skin Specialist’ doctors see medicine as a calling.

A New Yorker’s journey from homelessness to healing

Fran’s story of brokenness and healing starts like many others. She was born to a tight-knit, Italian-Catholic family in the Bronx. However her father abandoned the family when she was a toddler. Her grandparents — especially her grandfather — stepped in to fill the gap, ensuring that Fran and her mother were well cared for.

“I had a wonderful childhood — the most beautiful family,” she says. “I was born with three silver spoons in my mouth.”

By the time she was 24, Fran had been married, abused, and divorced; and became a mother to a baby girl. After her grandmother died, she moved with the family to Florida, where she remained for 25 years. When Fran developed health issues and her daughter was diagnosed with cancer, life became overwhelming and difficult. Every day was a chal lenge.

“That was a hard time, but it made me realize how short life is and that I should be grateful,” she says.

Fran’s daughter slowly regained her health and the family decided to move to Colorado – first to the Denver suburbs and eventually to Colorado Springs – where they rented a house that they were unaware was in the process of foreclosure.

“That was a shock,” Fran says. “We were given just a few days to move, and we just couldn’t take every thing. We lost most of what we had.”

Fran came to Springs Rescue Mission (SRM) for help in 2020. The journey was daunting for someone who had never experienced homelessness, but she was committed to do whatever it took.

“I knew it would be worth it,” she says. “At SRM, I had everything I needed. I’m so thankful to God and to everyone who helped me.”

During her two-year stay in the women’s shelter, Fran became active in nearly every aspect of SRM’s programming. She engaged in work programs and Bible studies, and began meeting with a case manag er to help her secure permanent housing. In Febru ary 2022, Fran and her daughter moved into a nice, spacious apartment with a mountain view.

“It felt good to be home,” she says with a smile. “My experience with homelessness made me closer to God. He’s where my healing comes from, and it’s Him who gave me this home.”

NORTH BY COLORADO MEDIA GROUP | COLORADOMEDIAGROUP.COM 57 Dentistry Made Easy! At Pine Creek Dental we create a painless experience and help our patients feel comfortable. That’s my promise to you.” Bill Thompson, DDS LASTING RELATIONSHIPS • EXCELLENCE ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY • COMFORT “ Contact us at 719.268.9400 or visit or ← Scan the QR code to learn more about our services!

Health & Wellness

Medicare Annual Enrollment Period Ending

December 7th is the LAST day!

Enrollment numbers for Medicare Advantage plans have increased in Colorado over the last dozen years. In 2008, about 180,000 people signed up for Medicare Advantage. In 2021, that number grew to some 450,000 out of about 970,000 residents eligible for Medicare.

If you are turning 65 and going on Medicare soon, read on. Or maybe you are on a Medicare Supplement Plan and are considering switching to a Medicare Advantage Plan. Here are a few fundamental tips to help you navigate the sign up process:

• If you still plan to work after age 65, you may not need to sign up right away

• If you have worked at least 10 years of your life, you will receive Medicare Part A premium free

• You will need to apply for Medicare Part B when you go onto Medicare and you will pay a monthly premium (for Part B)

• It’s best to sign up for Medicare Part B one month prior to leaving your employer’s health coverage

• If you have a health savings account (HSA), you will need to stop contributing to it at least 6 months prior to applying for Medicare to avoid a tax penalty

• You cannot make contributions to an HSA once you are on Medicare but you CAN make withdrawals from it to help cover costs (premiums, deductibles, co-pays, or co-insurance)

• The easiest way to sign up for Medicare is to go to

• Once you have signed up, you will receive a welcome packet (in about 2 weeks) that includes your Medicare card

719-440-4242 |

Some 450,000 Colorado residents are registered for Medicare Advantage plans. That translates to a penetration rate of 46% of all people eligible for Medicare.

Subscription Health Care No Copays/Deductibles Full Scope Primary Care Office and Virtual Visits Onsite Lab & Pharmacy Affordable Procedures Same Day/Next Day Visits J O I N F O R O N L Y $ 6 8 / M O * ( 7 1 9 ) 4 6 5 1 5 7 9 | P i n n a c l e A P C . c o m C o l o r a d o S p r i n g s L o c a t i o n s A c c e p t i n g N e w P a t i e n t s Leading Family Medicine to New Heights * P r i c e s S u b j e c t t o C h a n g e

How Chiropractic Care Can Help You Age Gracefully

As we age, it’s normal for our bodies to go through changes. We may not be as flexible as we once were; we might start to get aches and pains in places we never had them before; and we might even notice that it takes us longer to recover from injuries. All of these changes are a natural part of the aging process — but that doesn’t mean we have to just accept them. There are things we can do to help keep our bodies healthy and strong as we age, and one of those things is chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care is a safe, drug-free, non-invasive treatment option that can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions — both acute and chronic. And best of all, it can be beneficial for people of all ages. Whether you’re a new parent looking for ways to keep your baby healthy, or a grandparent wanting to stay active and engaged in your later years, chiropractic care can help. Here’s a look at how chi ropractic care can benefit people at different stages of life.


When it comes to prenatal care, chiropractic is focused on making sure the mother is comfortable and her spine is properly aligned. This helps ensure that the baby has plenty of room to develop properly and decreases the likelihood of the mother experiencing back pain during pregnancy.

It’s not just pregnant women who can benefit from chiropractic care — newborns and infants can too. Adjustments can help relieve pain from colic, gas, ear infections, and other common childhood ailments.

Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you have to slow down. As we age, it’s normal for our bones to become less dense which can lead to an increased risk of injury from falls. Chiropractic care can help seniors maintain their balance by improving their posture and keeping their joints in alignment. In addition, regular adjustments can also help reduce the stiffness associated with conditions like arthritis.

Connected Health Colorado Springs is here to be your partner in health, offering customtailored, individualized care for every patient at every stage of life. (719) 510-6730

At any age, chiropractic care can help alleviate pain caused by conditions like arthritis, migraines/headaches, postural changes, carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle tension, sprains/ strains, and more. In addition to providing relief from pain, chiropractic adjustments can also improve range of motion and increase flexibility – which is great for activities like golf, skiing, and pickleball.

No matter what your age or stage of life may be, chiropractic care is a safe, drug-free treatment option that can provide relief from pain and improve overall health and well-being. If you’re looking for an effective way to keep your body healthy as you age gracefully, chiropractic care should be at the top of your list.



And How It Can Support My Loved Ones

Every year, millions of people around the world are diagnosed with a disease known as dementia. This disease affects a person’s ability to recall short- or long-term memories, make decisions, and even care for themselves. Dementia symptoms are different for every person, including the rate of decline. When a person reaches a place where they need a residential retirement community to help meet their needs, their family will often seek out memory care services. This specialized area of our community provides residents with a structured environment that allows your loved one to maintain as much independence as possible while also remaining safe in a secure area of our community.

Much like assisted living, memory care staff follow a personalized care plan that is specific to each resident’s needs – physically, emotionally and cognitively. At Liberty Heights, we provide residents with the awardwinning Embrace Program. This is a specialized program that is tailored to fit each individual based on their specific needs. The Embrace program isn’t just a program dedicated to memory care; it is a real place, a welcoming neighborhood where experiences and personalities are brought to life. Dedicated to changing perceptions around aging, we are building bright lives for our residents, not only by getting to know them, but by truly connecting with them.

“When memories fade, it’s the moments that matter most;” this is the motto we follow in our Embrace Memory Care. Embrace exists to create moments that are altogether authentic and enjoyable. Memory loss is difficult to navigate, but we can work together to greatly improve the quality of life for each and every resident. By balancing structure with freedom of movement, we empower our residents to feel like themselves again. We honor them for all they have done, and for all they are yet to do and be.

“Liberty Heights was Outstanding. They really did a nice job with my mom. They were sympathetic to her and understanding about what she was going through...We love this community and are so thankful for all they’ve done for our family.”

Memory, Cognition, and the Effects of Hearing Loss

As we age, health becomes more of a priority, especially brain health. A key part in taking care of your mental health is by ensuring you are hearing properly. Untreated hearing loss can have negative effects on memory, cognition, and family connections.

November was National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. An estimated 5.8 million people in the U.S. have Alzheimer’s Disease with 5.6 million of those people being over the age of 65. People with moderate to severe haring loss are up to 5 times as likely to develop dementia. Research suggests older adults with hearing loss – especially men – are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease and dementia compared to those with normal hearing.

How is Hearing Loss Related to Brain Health?

We do not hear with our ears, we actually “hear” with our brains. This means that, if you have hearing loss, the connections and areas of the brain that are associated with sound reorganize themselves. Because of this, untreated hearing loss can lead to memory impairment and deteriorating cognitive function.

If you have hearing loss that has been left untreated, you may feel tired after conversations or have a

difficult time remembering spoken information. This is because your brain must work harder to simply “hear” the little information it can hear due to hearing loss.

Better Hearing Means Better Connections

Especially at the holidays, your hearing allows you to connect with your friends, make memories with your loved ones, and to hear all the wonderful sounds of the season. It is important to preserve your hearing ability to ensure you keep your brain healthy and active.

Cognitive decline and difficulty with memory does not only affect the individual, but it also affects the whole family. To maintain your relationships with your loved ones and to ensure you have good mental health, it is important to take care of your hearing.

As the holidays are quickly approaching, we encourage you to be proactive of both your hearing and cognitive health. Call A Better Hearing Center today at (719) 900-5599 to have your hearing examined or to learn more about the connection between hearing loss and cognitive decline.

Information for your patients.
Monument 574 W. Hwy 105 Monument, CO 80132 (719) 900-5599

Joining a Health or Drug Plan

When can I join, switch, or drop a plan?

You can join, switch, or drop a Medicare Health Plan or a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C) with or without drug coverage during these times:

• Initial Enrollment Period. When you first become eligible for Medicare, you can join a plan.

• Open Enrollment Period. From October 15 – December 7 each year, you can join, switch, or drop a plan. Your coverage will begin on January 1 (as long as the plan gets your request by December 7).

• Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period. From January 1 – March 31 each year, if you’re enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan, you can switch to a different Medicare Advantage Plan or switch to Original Medicare (and join a separate Medicare drug plan) once during this time.

Note: You can only switch plans once during this period.

OPEN ENROLLMENT ENDS DECEMBER 7, 2022! To ensure you’ve got the right plan for you and your loved one, contact AdriAnn Bossie at Senior Insurance Solutions. 719.440.4242 | Call AdriAnn Bossie Professional Medicare Consultant


Strata is just what the doctor ordered: a health and well ness center with doctors and providers who take the time to listen and care. Every comprehensive consultation, assessment, treatment plan, spa service, and Wellness Experience is customized for the patient’s unique history, needs, and goals. Located across from the magnificent Garden of the Gods park, services offered by Strata at Garden of the Gods Resort renew the mind, body, and soul.

Nationally recognized car diologist and Strata medical director Dr. Michael Barber, a Colorado Springs Magazine Top Doctor award-winner, leads more than 20 medi cal professionals who offer wide-ranging services, such IV Therapy, chiroprac tic care, cardiology, body composition evaluations,

naturopathic services, and more. With a dedication to comprehensive wellness, be havioral health professionals, Dr. Angie Dunn and Dr. Tania Lynch have recently joined Strata as a part of the inte grated wellness programs.

Full-service spa offerings at Strata include pink Hima layan salt rooms, Ayurvedic services, and a wide range of salon and massage options. The new Strata Boutique proudly presents items by artisans and all-natural products, including hand crafted gifts, Colorado harvested grains, and truly one-of-a-kind items.

Strata is female-owned and supports diversity, equity, and inclusion in our interde pendent world.

Learn more about Strata at

Strata is located at 3314 Mesa Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80904 (719) 428-2202

Here Are Four More Things You Can Get at
addition to stellar spa and medical attention: 1. Services and memberships available
everyone—gift cards available, too! 2. Specialty,
3. Treats
4. Skin
Strata, in
all natural Immunity boxes with supplements, natural cold and flu relief, custom tinctures and teas
just for
to help you relax, including a variety of massage modalities, two Himalayan salt rooms, and dry floatation
and body renewing advanced services, including state-of-the-art medical aesthetics laser treatments, nutritional counseling, chiropractic care, and much more

Happy Patients, Happy Doctors

Health care insurance in America is a colossus that makes no one hap py. Like Lord of the Rings’ Sauron in his Mordor – so entrenched and powerful an industry – it can be hard to imagine anything or anyone taking its place and lifting the gloom. That doesn’t deter Frodo, or John Dygert, D.O. of Colorado Springs. He’s a disruptor. He’s offering a new approach that requires some explaining, and a little faith. It sounds almost too good to believe – and Dygert knows it.

Dygert speaks of traditional medicine from experience – de livering babies, treating trauma victims and attending to cardi ac patients in Indiana, Kansas, and Colorado. Insurance would dominate the conversation. Whenever he would hear from a patient, he would be thinking of how to code what he would do in response, all for insurance coverage. That detracted from putting the patient at ease. All in the service of a system where certain middlemen enriched themselves.

Primary care physicians who work for hospitals often must serve 1,500 or more patients at a time. Burnout is common, lead ing many physicians to look for a way out of their contracts. Dy gert balances his office workload with his family life, making time to attend his first son’s baseball games and second son’s bas ketball games. Dygert is father to five children, ages 8 to 17, so balance is very important to him. Patients are just as unhappy. Premiums keep going up, deductibles keep going up, and they can’t get an appointment with their doctor. Dygert is no economist – just ask him; he’s read one economics book and watched a few YouTube videos on how to write a business plan – but he knows that doctors and patients alike want primary care that makes more sense to their lives and budgets. So he started a business.

Pinnacle Advanced Primary Care in Colorado Springs is Dygert’s solution. If you’re under 65, you pay $68 a month for your primary care membership; if you’re 65 or over, you pay $78 a month.

By circumventing the people who take an outsized cut – such as health plan administrators –Dygert estimates that businesses can cut their health care ex pense costs by 40% if they enroll in Pinnacle and pair with health plans that serve self-funded employers. That helps explain why 81 businesses (at press time) have signed up for Pinnacle’s plan. Eighty percent of Pinnacle’s patients are employees of plan participants.

Dygert says recent federal and state legislation helped create a market for Pinnacle. Beginning in 2021, federal law requires that hospitals be transparent in their pricing – no surprises. The Col orado Legislature took it a step further, passing a law prohibiting hospitals from hiring third-party debt collectors to go after pa tients for unpaid bills unless the hospitals are in compliance with the national transparency rules. Pinnacle’s pricing is transpar ent. With membership comes a concise chart of available proce dures and prices. For example, an annual lab costs $12.

“The political environment has given us a crack through the door” of traditional, bloated primary care practices, Dygert says. “And what we need now is for business owners to take responsibility for this: switch to a self-funded plan, switch to an alternative plan so long as you have 50 employees or less. Whatever the case, business owners and employers are the sleeping giants of health care re form. They need to demand the transparency required by law.”

Dygert knows that doctors and patients want primary care that makes sense to their lives and budgets
John Dygert D.O Interview by Tom Hess

NORTH lifestyle



The Mind is the Battlefield

This is the first of three articles designed to help you develop a blueprint for improved performance and achievement.

According to Chris Voss, former FBI negotiator and co-author of Never Split the Difference, “the brain works up to 31% better when operating from a positive frame of mind.” Therefore, it is important to make good thinking a habit! Neuroscience indicates that the first three to six thoughts upon awakening can determine the trajectory of the day.

As a human performance specialist and coach of over 33 years I’ve learned that the quality of your joy cannot exceed the quality of your thoughts. I have also learned that we have the innate power to make each day a glorified exhibition of brilliance.


My friends, if the goal is to win the day, you must first win the morning. More accurately it is imperative to win the 1st hour of your morning. According to Napoleon Bonaparte, there are 15 minutes in every battle that will determine the outcome of the war. To win the day, it is important to identify your 15 minutes. For many that battle takes place first thing in the morning and shows up in the form of negative internal self-talk, fear, condemnation, competing agendas and internal conflicts. It is a battle that takes place in the mind therefore the mind is the battlefield.


Every morning, upon awakening, you have access to new baby nerve cells which were born while you slept. This is called NEUROGENESIS. These new cells are at your disposal and can be used in tearing down toxic thoughts and rebuilding healthy thoughts. Thought management is an important part of the AM ritual and thought selection is critical.

Your brain processes between 45-60k thoughts per day, with up to 80% of them being repetitive. Please note the following:

• Our minds are always eavesdropping on our self-talk.

• Our lives move in the direction of our most dominant thought.

• Our biography (internal narrative) becomes our biography (physiology).

• Every action is preceded by a thought.

• Success or failure is typically one thought away.”


The first step in creating a world class day is to determine your AM blueprint background. For the next several days, upon awakening, before you do or say anything, lie still and

pay attention to what you are thinking. This is called Metacognition or “thinking about thinking.” It is important to pay attention to your internal narrative (internal selftalk) and become aware of the first three to six thoughts. At any given moment you are either selling yourself on yourself or selling yourself out. Ask yourself the following questions:

• What were my first three to six thoughts upon awakening?

• Were they positive, negative, or neutral?

• Was I greeted by a chorus of despair?

• Did my compliments outnumber my complaints or vice-versa?

• Did I sell myself on myself or did I see myself out? Answering these questions will help determine your AM blueprint background. Recognizing your internal narrative is the first step in taming the freeloader that occupies the fertile soil of your mind, which will allow you to take the first step toward winning your day.

Here is a recap for step one in creating your AM Ritual.

• Upon awakening, lie still and pay attention to what you are thinking.

• Determine whether your thoughts are positive, negative, or neutral.

• Write down the first three to six thoughts. Wishing you the best of everything, my name is Charmas Lee, and I build Champions

For more than 33 years, Charmas Lee has been challenging individuals to transform their lives through his dynamic brand of facilitated introspection, motivation, and personal development. Charmas is the co-owner of Believe and Perform like Champions, a business that specializes in creating winning organizations, cultures, and mindsets. Charmas speaks to Vistage groups across the country and has been featured on several podcasts including Bob Roark’s highly acclaimed Business Leaders Podcast. Charmas has co-authored and published 7 books, written various technical articles for the national publication of USA Track and Field and has twice been a TEDx speaker.

Charmas Lee is a high-performance coach, public speaker, author, and sports and fitness professional.

Charmas is a Certified Registered Exercise Physiologist, Certified Strength, and Conditioning Specialist and Certified Level 3 USA Track and Field Coach, qualified to coach athletes at the Olympic level.


Gifts & Dining

Understanding Wine

To some, wine can seem overly complex and intimidating. Words get thrown around – like tannin, acid, body, complexity, and length – but what do these terms mean? Read on to learn a bit more about some of the core elements of wine.

Overall, there are many components to wine, and producing an attractive, finished wine all comes down to how these components are balanced. The big question is: What creates flavor? A common misconception is that, when wine smells or tastes of, say, raspberries, those characteristics come from adding raspberries to the wine.

However, those attributes all originate from grapes and grapes alone. Wine is made up of several hundred aroma and flavor compounds that result in different smells and tastes.

Two common compounds are called pyrazine and rotundone. Pyrazine is typically found in Sauvignon Blanc and results in an herbaceous character, commonly labeled as grassy or similar to bell peppers. Rotundone is the compound responsible for the black pepper aroma in your Syrah. Think of these like the seasoning in your cooking! Pyrazine and rotundone, along

with many other compounds, create interesting and potentially desirable traits in your glass.

There are other traits that affect the way we perceive and enjoy wine. Components such as tannin create a dry chalkiness in your mouth, as in a rich Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon or dense South Australian Shiraz. Acidity helps to prevent a wine from being overly clawing and flabby, while sweetness helps create lush textures and supports rich stone fruit flavors. With the right quantities of each of these, you get a phenomenal drinking experience. Try a Spatlese Riesling from Mosel, Germany, to see what I mean.

Even more important than terms to describe wine, what do you like to drink? The best way to find out what suits you is to be adventurous; try new wines from new countries, grab a bottle of a variety you’ve never heard of, and have fun. That being said, if you ever want to talk through different wines and enjoy a few glasses, come down to Vine & Wheel and see me. I’m always excited to introduce people to new wines!


Holiday Gift GUIDE

From the Promenade Shops at Briargate

Gifts for Beauty/Wellness

Looking for the perfect gift for beauty aficionados this holiday season? Face Foundrie’s all-inclusive facial bar has something for everyone this season! They offer facial, lash, brow, and skin care services from focused facials to brow tints, plus brand-name products. Prices vary based on service/add-ons ($50 - $200); gift cards available from $25 - $100.

Gifts for the Homebody: Pottery Barn

Know someone who would rather stay home as the temperatures drop this winter? Purchase holiday pillow pairings choose from Holiday Whimsy and Festive Plaid; $50 and up. Treat the homebody to ultimate comfort with an Ellsworth Chunky Border Throw. This handknit throw is cozy, comforting, and super soft; $50 to $129

gifts for your Coworker: paper Source

Paper Source has the gifts for your coworker besties: whether you’re searching for your work wife or your water-cooler wingman. From silly socks to desktop games, there is something for everyone. Scoop up a book by their favorite celebrity, such as Matthew McConaughey’s unconventional memoir, Greenlights; Anthony Bourdain’s guide to some of the world’s most interesting places, World Travel: An Irreverent Guide; or Jerry Seinfeld’s collection of favorite material; $30, $37.50 and $35, respectively.

Premium home furnishings from Arhaus make the perfect gift – they offer an exclusive assortment of heirloom-quality furniture and décor. From specially scented candles (start at $39.00) to Faux Fur Lux Oversized Pleated Throw (start at $299.00), Arhaus has it all this season.

Gifts for that Chef/Grill Master Williams Sonoma

Get your grill on with the best grilling gifts that go beyond BBQ sauce! Splurge on the Traeger Ranger Tabletop Grill, this compact portable grill is ideal for tailgating, picnics, and camping, and lets you enjoy wood-fired flavor. Smoke, bake, roast, braise, grill and barbeque on the go; $449.95. Or give the ultimate set of tools, The Cuisinart Ultimate Backyard BBQ grill Tool is a 36-piece set that comes in a rugged plastic case to keep everything organized; $74.95

Gifts for the Fitness Enthusiast: Lululemon Athletica

Designed for yoga and perfect for the fitness enthusiast lululemon’s Align ™ High-Rise Pant offers the ultimate light weight feel and flexibility; $98 - $118

gifts for that special someone: arhaus

From outdoor wear to unique and exciting gadgets, give him gifts and grub he’ll love. Designed for ultimate warmth he will love Columbia Men’s Labyrinth Loop™ Omni-Heat™ Infinity Insulated Hooded Jacket; $185. For the serious outdoor enthusiasts, head to Fjallraven for timeless wallets, small bags, travel, and hunting accessories; $25 and up. Gift cards are always a perfect fit: Apple or Bad Daddy’s are center favorites; denominations $25 and up.



These joyful gifts of lotions, body fragrance or body wash are already in the bag or box. Choose from yummy scents of fresh-baked holiday treats, vanilla bean, warm caramel, sugar cookies, whipped cream, and snow-kissed musk; $9.95 to $90, depending on selection.

Shop for curated fashion, accessories, and jewelry at Francesca’s. The cozy Angel Teddy Pullover Sweater is stylish and guaranteed to put a smile on their face; $56. Or visit the party shop for festive holiday outfits, featuring sparkles, sequins, patterns, and more. Don’t forget the tween in your life and scoop up the Faux Fur Hoodie from the Franki Collection, sizes 7-14; $58.

Need stocking stuffers? Claire’s

Accessories always make great stocking stuffers, favorites include Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Christmas Squishmallows™ 8” Mystery Plush Toy; $19.99. And let them sparkle and shine with the Silver Butterfly Crystal Multi-Strand Necklace; $19.99.

Gifts for your Fashionista: Anthropologie and Paris Market Vintage

Gifts for the Foodie/ Entertainer: Ted’s Montana Grill, Biaggi’s, PF Chang’s, Seoul Korean BBQ

Take your foodie on a tasty adventure around the world. Explore delicious cuisine from Seoul Korean BBQ, Ted’s Montana Grill, Biaggi’s, and PF Chang’s and don’t forget sweet treat options from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Gift cards available for any amount in denominations of $10 and up.

Searching for trendy bohemian boho chic or romantic feminine styles? Trendy and luxurious Anthropologie’s Hutch Velvet wrap dress is perfect for any occasion; $198. If comfy and cozy is more her speed, shop the amazing three boutiques in the Paris Market Vintage store. Select the perfect cardigan, hat or accessory, or choose or Much A Do’s best-seller, the Dakota Cable Knit Cardigan. This is a must have and comes in a variety of colors; $49.

Holiday shopping simplified! We’ve curated the best gifts to help you check everyone off your list.

the gift wrapping with wrapped and ready gift sets from Bath & Body Gifts for the Man in Your Life: Columbia, Fjallraven, Apple, and Bad Daddy’s Gifts for Teens/ College Kids: Francesca’s, Claire’s and Bath and Body Works

You’re engaged. CONGRATULATIONS! Now what?

5 Steps to Finding the Perfect Caterer

Hiring a catering company is one of the first steps of wedding planning and should be tackled early in the process—the best caterers are often booked over a year in advance, so start planning as soon as possible.

Shopping for the PERFECT caterer – weddings are all about celebrating your love—but food plays a major role in the big day too! After your ceremony, your guests will likely be hungry, so good food is essential to a good party! That’s where the perfect caterer comes in. They’ll make sure your wedding reception features a menu of everything from hors d’oeuvres to entrées, drinks, desserts and more, all beautifully presented to your guests.

Things to consider:

; Booking early is important!

; Search social media for testimonials.

; Consider logistics.

; Establish your budget.

; Who does your venue recommend?

Set up a menu tasting– We recommend you do this 6-9 months prior to your wedding day – no earlier – personal tastes and trends may change, so you don’t want to schedule your tasting too far in advance.

Who should you invite to your tasting? Typically, the bride and groom enjoy their tasting, but it is not uncommon for parents to attend.

Dietary restrictions that need to be taken into consideration–Will your chosen caterer accommodate your needs/requests? What special menu selections do they offer?


Style of Service– How do you want your meal served? Keep in mind your venue, wedding style and budget when choosing.

Plated Meal Service –Sit-down dinners help parties stay on track with timelines and provide the perfect opportunity for speeches and toasts. This option gives your guests the opportunity to choose their entrée selections. Something to keep in mind is that additional service staff is typically required for plated service.

Family Style Service – Remember family dinners? Large serving platters of food are brought to the table to be passed around as guests serve themselves. This type of service takes up a lot of space on your guest tables, so keep your centerpieces and china choices in mind, as extra rentals may be needed.

Buffet Style – This is the most traditional choice of meal service for weddings. A buffet is a self-service style where guests serve themselves. This style is a great method for feeding large numbers of people and offering a variety of choices. Alternatively, service staff can serve your guests as they go through a buffet. Served buffets require additional serving staff but also help control portions.


1. 2 French baguettes, sliced ¼” pieces, brush one side with olive oil and bake in oven at 350 degrees for 10 minutes, until golden brown. Cool.

2. Spread layer of Garlic and Fine Herbs Boursin cheese on crostini.

3. Add one teaspoon of Apple Topping on top of Boursin cheese.


Important Questions:

; Who does your venue recommend and why?

; Are they a full-service caterer?

; Are menus preset or can you create a custom menu?

; Do they provide rentals such as linens, glassware, etc.?

; Can they work with certain dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, glutenfree, etc.)?

; Are they licensed to serve alcohol or will you need to hire separate bartenders?

; Do they offer menu tastings and if so, how do they work?

Picnic Basket Catering Collective has a questionnaire that covers these questions and more. Our goal is to deliver your wedding day vision and provide each of your guests a memorable meal!


; 1 quart frozen apples, diced small ; 2 cups brown sugar ; ¾ cups butter ; Pinch cinnamon

1. Heat butter and brown sugar until sugar dissolves. Add diced apples and cook until tender. Season with cinnamon. Cool before adding to crostini.

2. Top with approximately ½ teaspoon of Fruit Chutney.


; 2 cups butter ; 1 ¼ cups dried blueberries ; 1 ¼ cups dried apricots ; 1 ¼ cups dried cranberries ; 1 ¼ cups dried figs

Brown butter in sauce pan. Add fruit to sauce pan and cook for five minutes, stirring constantly. Allow to fruit chutney to completely cool. Add chutney on top of apple layer. For an added touch, top with micro-greens. Enjoy!

CROSTINI Call 719-635-0200 1701 S. 8th Street, Colorado Springs, CO View menus A full-service catering company specializing in Santa Maria-style BBQ. We travel the Pikes Peak region with our custom-made grills to provide Colorado-style catering with rustic elegance. “I do” IS BETTER WITH BBQ
NORTH BY COLORADO MEDIA GROUP | COLORADOMEDIAGROUP.COM 79 Offering the best hearing and balance solutions in the A Better Hearing Center community! Call us today to schedule an appointment! STOCK UP ON SUPPLIES! Check out our NEW E- Store Jim Stobaugh HAD, HAS, NBC-HIS, BA Services • Audiological Evaluations • Hearing Aid Fittings and Repairs • Vestibular Assessments • Physical and Vestibular Therapy MONUMENT, CO 574 W. Hwy 105 Monument, CO 80132 719-627-9271


How to Make an Impact by Not Leaving One Birding Ethics

Greetings from your local Leave No Trace state advocate! My family and I recently went in search of a Christmas tree: we bought a permit and drove into Pike National Forest on a chilly Sunday morning. While part of our group was carefully considering every conifer they came across, I ventured off on my own to enjoy the sunshine.

In the back of my mind, I was hoping to spot a porcupine or some other mysterious forest creature. I stopped to look around and suddenly heard a tap-tap-tap on a nearby Ponderosa pine. When I looked up, I saw a bird I haven’t seen since my park interpreter days in central Arkansas: a White-breasted Nuthatch!

Birds may not be “mysterious forest creatures,” but they are a very special form of wildlife that can be observed from anywhere. Then it struck me that encouraging people to stop and watch the birds may provide a much-needed outlet for meditation this season. Follow these ethics, developed by the City of Colorado Springs and Leave No Trace, to respect wildlife while birding this season:

• Know Before You Go – Learn about the areas you plan to visit and follow all local rules and regulations. Visit in small groups and split larger parties into smaller groups.

• Stick to Trails – Always access birding areas using durable surfaces such as existing roads and trails, rock, dry grass, or gravel.

• Dispose of Waste Properly – Pack it in, pack it out! Bring garbage bags to carry your trash home with you.

• Leave What You Find – Leave plants, rocks, nests, feathers, and any other natural objects as you find them.

• Respect Wildlife – Observe birds from a distance: do not follow or approach them. Use binoculars or a telephoto lens to view their natural behaviors.

• Be Considerate of Other Visitors – Be mindful of your voice and other noises. Loud sounds can cause birds to fly away, impacting your experience and the experience of other birders.

I hope this list inspires you to take the time to observe, and listen for, birds this winter season. Research shared by the National Audubon Society shows that birding can improve our mental mindsets by reducing stress and enhancing cognitive functioning. Especially right now, that sounds just dove-ly.

Remember, it takes all of us. Until next time, enjoy your world and Leave No Trace.


The Broadmoor and Colorado Springs Sports Corporation have joined forces to create The Broadmoor 2023 Winter Polo Classic, which officially brings polo back to the Pikes Peak Region of Colorado for the first time since the late 1930s.

The event will occur at the Norris Penrose Event Center on February 25, 2023, at 2:30 p.m. The match features polo players from around the country, and a new package from the luxe Broadmoor resort, the longest-running Forbes Five Star property in the world, makes attending the event a stylish and seamless affair.

The Winter Polo Package includes:  Classic accommodations for two nights (upgrade options available)

Priority seating and tickets to the Winter Polo Classic event for each person on the package Transportation to/from the polo grounds Exclusive commemorative welcome amenity

Pricing starts at $778 based on double occupancy and is available on a limited basis, as it is expected to sell out—more at Winter Polo Package | Horse Polo in Colorado | The Broadmoor: https://www.broadmoor. com/special-packages/winter-polo-package

In addition to the event, guests of The Broadmoor can indulge in other winter equestrian adventures, including horseback rides that provide a variety of mountain views, from deep forests to panoramic settings overlooking the Rocky Mountain region. Onehour rides, best for chilly winter days, are a fit for all riding abilities and include knowledgeable guides. Winter Polo Classic attendees are instructed to be prepared for an “après-ski meets glamorous” vibe at the event, which means winter’s best fashion paired with (somewhat) sensible (and warm enough) shoes + outerwear. Should shopping be in order, The Broadmoor’s 19 specialty shops have an array of men’s and women’s

plus accessories to outfit any equestrian adventure or polo pony-watching in style.

RESOURCES Birding Resources to check out: See Birding Ethics and more at El Paso County Bird Checklist https://cobirds. org/CountyBirding/Checklists/Default. aspx?co=21 Birding with Benefits: https://www.audubon. org/magazine/winter-2019/birding-benefitshow-nature-improves-our-mental Contact Gillian Rossi: The Broadmoor & Colorado Springs Sports Corp Presents THE BROADMOOR 2023 WINTER POLO CLASSIC Gleneagle Candle Co. Discover a new boutique located in the beautiful Gleneagle community. We hand pour our candles and wax melts in house using only all natural soy wax and certified clean fragrances. You’ll also find fun seasonal décor, gift items, and much more when you visit our store. Located at 13796 Gleneagle Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80921 Order online at and pick up instore!

Thank you to each and every advertiser listed herein. You are greatly appreciated and are why Colorado Springs is an amazing Community. Thank you!

Air Force Athletics

Altitude Hospitality Group

Amy Ward Agency

Better Hearing Center

Boot Barn Hall/Notes/NOTES Live!

Centennial Radon

City Auditorium

Colorado Springs Airport

Colorado College Athletics

COS Sports Corporation

Force Broadband

Flying Horse Realty

The Club at Flying Horse

Guaranteed Rate

COS Hispanic Chamber of Commerce


Liberty Heights

Marquesa Hobbs, Realtor/ERA Shields

National Charity League

Picnic Basket Catering Collective

Pine Creek Dental

Salvation Army Shops at Briargate

Senior Insurance Solutions

Springs Rescue Mission Strata at Garden of the Gods

Stewart Remodeling


Tri Lakes Chamber of Commerce

Vine & Wheel

WCG Accounting

YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region

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