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A Life of Consequence

Springtime in the Rockies! It’s that time of year when you can change from a winter down jacket and snow boots into flip flops and T-shirt in a matter of hours.

In this edition, we pay a tribute to the 41st mayor of Colorado Springs, Mr. John Suthers, as our 2022-23 Person of the Year. A Colorado native, our second elected “strong mayor” has served as the city’s leader for eight years, beginning in 2015. Now, as his term sunsets, the former state Attorney General (2005-15) is fixing his sights on new opportunities and away from day-to-day public life and service — he began as a deputy district attorney here in town in 1977.

An experienced and pragmatic leader, Suthers set the stage for strong collaboration between his offices, his colleagues in City Council, and numerous other community and business leaders, allowing his tenure to be marked by one of the strongest and most widespread periods of contiguous development and expansion in Colorado Springs history.

Suthers and his administration have presided over an extraordinary season of growth not only in gross population, but also in economic expansion that includes commercial and residential/lifestyle development, the attraction of several new large employers — like Amazon’s Regional Distribution Center and Entegris — and several key municipal and regional infrastructure and service projects including the Storm Water project.

This collegial and productive relationship between the strong mayor’s office and city council, paved the way for Colorado Springs to emerge as one of the nation’s larger booming economic engines — nearly $40 billion annually — and a city that is continually rated among the most desirable places to live in the United States. In 2022, the Milken Institute ranked Colorado Springs tenth among municipal economies, up from 98 among the top 200 in the country when Suthers took office.

Suthers also led the city during the hallmark designation as Olympic City, USA, as home to 24 national governing bodies, the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee, USO&P Training Center, and delivery of the five unique venues associated with the City for Champions initiative: 1) U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum, 2) Weidner Field (COS Switchbacks), 3) Ed Robson Arena (Colorado College), 4) William J. Hybl Sports Medicine and Performance Center, and finally, the 5) U.S. Air Force Academy Gateway Visitor Center (under construction now at NorthGate Blvd. and I-25).

And there’s much more. Whether you voted for Suthers or not, it’s easy to see and appreciate his dedication, fondness, and many contributions to this amazing city — elements that will be felt for generations to come. Read on to learn about what Suthers refers to as a “life of consequence.” And to learn even more, look for our NORTH-Plus short film feature on his life in public service, coming in late-spring 2023.

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Paying More In Taxes

Yeah, you’re reading that right. Previous articles here expressed ways to save on taxes, but they also had an undertone of building wealth. Building wealth is your mission – not saving taxes. If we can do both, wonderful! This article will take building wealth one step further and broach a topic not often discussed – paying more in taxes. Why?

There are a small handful of reasons, but let’s start with borrowing. When a lender looks to give you a pile of money based on your good looks and charm, in the back office they are actually doing two things: they are ensuring you can service the debt. (Do you have enough cash flow to make the payments?) And they are looking for collateral to secure the debt in case your good looks weather away. Charm only takes you so far – you need collateral.

As an aside, understand that lenders are in a continuous conundrum. They need to pay their investors and pay their bills, and on top of that they need to add a riskadjusted premium to the interest rate. This can be a self-fulfilling prophecy since if the risk-adjusted premium is too high (ie, risky borrower), the lender might put too much debt service pressure on the loan and unintentionally push it into default.

Ok, back to the two-pronged approach – cash flow and collateral. This might come as a surprise, but most people want to pay the least amount of taxes; to that end most people want to maximize their tax deductions. However, when a lender looks at your tax return, they might envision the guy from Monopoly with the empty pockets.

There can be a balance here, right? On one hand, you want to pay the least amount of taxes and, on the other hand, you want that big fat loan (and at a respectable rate). It might seem counterintuitive in taxes, but you’ve heard the saying, “you have to spend money to make money.” Taxes might be one of those money expenses. How?

There are certain tax deductions that you can elect to avoid, and therefore not list on your tax returns. A great example is your company’s discretionary 401k contribution. In a solo 401k situation, a business owner might want to have their company put 25% of their officer compensation into the 401k plan. Perhaps hold off a year or two during “borrowing times.”

Another good example is reimbursements from your company for home office, cell phone, internet, and mileage. You are not required to reimburse yourself for the business use of your personal assets (home, phone, car, etc.).


As a lender reviews your company’s financials, they are determining discretionary cash flow. How much cash does this company throw off after paying its operational expenses and other commitments? For lack of better information, any expense that becomes a deduction listed on a tax return must be ordinary and necessary for the company to operate.

So, as you attempt to stuff a bunch of expenses into your company to lower your tax bill (yes, that happens from time to time), please understand the downstream effects on your borrowing capacity.

Let’s talk about that big fancy truck that you want your company to buy and then depreciate. Depreciation is a funny thing. Depreciation is built to offer you some tax relief for mortgaged purchases of real estate, machinery, equipment, etc. For example, you spend $100,000 on equipment that lasts seven years and the bank gives you a loan for seven years – match made in heaven. However, those loan payments are not tax deductible, so to help with the “expense of purchase,” depreciation comes in with a tax deduction. This makes sense, since most machinery and equipment goes down in value. But what about rental residential real estate? Typically, these purchases increase in value, yet you are allowed to depreciate the building over 27.5 years which is similar to most loan terms of 30 years. Even if you pay cash for real estate or equipment, there is still a cost of your equity that you are wanting to recoup. Ergo depreciation.

Another aside – Canada tax law allows you to opt out of depreciation on real estate. In the U.S., however, allowed depreciation is assumed depreciation. If you don’t depreciate your rental, the IRS will assume you did when you go to sell, which can be very bad (but there are depreciation catch-up solutions).

Back to depreciation and cash flow: a lender is going to typically add depreciation expense back to your tax return, plus other little odds and ends to arrive at your global cash flow since depreciation expense is not a cash expense. However, if your depreciation is associated with a purchase made with borrowed funds, those loan payments count against your cash flow. Please don’t be confused. Making certain choices – about 401k contributions, or reimbursements, or deferring certain expenditures into the future – is not the same as manipulating your financial documents to not show actual expenses. If the company needs to survive by spending money on certain things, those expenses/tax deductions must be expressed on your tax return. (While orange might look good from time to time, it is not a good look on a daily basis.)

One of the other good reasons to perhaps pay more

Watson, CPA

Jason Watson, CPA, is a Senior Partner for WCG, Inc. a progressive boutique tax and accounting firm located in northern Colorado Springs. You may contact him at 719-428-3261 or

in taxes is selling your company. We have seen a lot of small business sales lately: some good, some bad. Similar to a lender, a buyer wants to know how much cash flow your company produces since most small businesses are selling their future cash flow (and perhaps some assets here and there). But here’s the rub – if you want to sell your company today, you should have started thinking about it five years ago and tightened up your decisions and financial documents.

There you go. This article was certainly a departure from the norm, but then again it’s mid-March. And the tax man cometh!


Better College Solutions

Most parents don’t view college as something that is purchased – like a car or a house – but Beth Walker can show families how and why they should approach the college purchase in the exact same way. Beth is the author of “Never Pay Retail for College” and she is a mom on a mission – protecting parents during this emotionally and financially vulnerable phase of life. She is all about helping other moms and dads create better futures – for the students heading off to college and the parents they leave behind.

Starting with what the family can afford, shopping in the right college zip codes, and finding the most cash flow efficient financing options available, Beth combines her financial expertise with those of academic consultants, and career and majors consultants, to deliver an integrated, studentcentric solution for families.

Beth’s new book, “Buy College Better” (out in April 2023), details her formula for successfully “buying” college and saving tens of thousands of dollars on the overall expense. Her college FICO™ score philosophy has helped parents maintain their current lifestyle and stay on track for retirement while sending their kids to schools that provide an outstanding education.

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Spending years in physical therapy appointments with her daughter, Lindsey Carter now owns a new physical therapy clinic of her own.

Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers opened recently in the TRE building where part of the Carter family’s journey began. Lindsey and her husband had been part of the TRE family since 2015 when their daughter, Lynna, was born with a rare syndrome. CHARGE syndrome affects vision, hearing, and development. Lindsey says, “You see some kids walking at 10 months; Lynna couldn’t hold her head up.”

The family was connected to Kristen Merrell, a TRE physical therapist, to begin Early Intervention.

Lindsey shared a then-and-now look at Lynna’s progress. “I tear up [seeing the photos]. There’s no way Lynna would have walked without Kristen’s intervention.”

Thrust into the world of developmental disabilities, Lindsey developed a newfound understanding of the challenges and triumphs that parents of children with disabilities face saying, “I had a kiddo that suddenly changed the script.”

“I leaned into the professionals and said, ‘shoot me straight, is she ever going to do this, is she ever going to do that?’ because maybe that dose of reality would help. At the same time Lynna, thankfully, met all the milestones and exceeded them, again I think, as a result of having wonderful therapists.”

The experience with those therapists led the Carters to launch the Fyzical franchise. The connection to TRE came full circle when space for Fyzical’s Rockrimmon location became available in TRE’s building.

She says, “I can’t imagine the other office spaces being as intentional. It’s been so wonderful. Everyone wants to help each other here.”

Fyzical ‘s emphasis on balance and gait training has a special place in the Carter’s heart since much of Lynna’s own journey focused on progressing from a gait trainer to a cane to now, running and jumping.

Now seven years old, Lynna is her own vocal advocate. Lindsey explains, “She’ll say, ‘my name’s Lynna and I have hearing loss but that doesn’t mean anything besides I wear hearing aids and they’re pink, aren’t they cool?!’”

Lindsey says, “That girl’s got a TEDTalk in her!”


BRAND BYTES Creating Memorable Brand Experiences

In a study by the Global Institute for Inspiration in the Most Inspiring Companies report – personal experience with a brand is noted as the most powerful way to move your customers to buy more, be more loyal, and become an advocate by sharing their experience with a friend.

If you think about it, we all sell to human beings, and human beings are multi-sensory machines. If we as entrepreneurs are not leveraging how our brand is experienced through creative multi-sensory environments, then we are truly leaving opportunities on the table to engage our customers. Martin Lindstrom – author of “Brand Sense” and advisor to Burger King, Lowe’s, Google, and Pepsi – says that the “more sensory memories activated with our customers, the great-

job is to define what attributes that car evokes for you and begin to think about how to make those attributes tangible through your own actions and behaviors in every aspect of your business.

Let the creativity and distinction begin! Apply these attributes to your customer service experience, your hiring processes, your culture management, operations, and more.

Wow! Now that’ll shift you into the right side of your brain, won’t it? Digest that for a minute. My clients do it all the time and benefit from the clarity this fun exercise brings to the table. It helps them create amazing memorable customer experiences that build trust and advocacy.

I will leave you with this thought-provoking quote from the book “The Experience Economy” by Joseph Pine and James Gilmore: “In the lack of a distinctive brand experience, price becomes the default in your customers’ purchase decision.”

Well, that is my Brand Byte for this time – hope you didn’t get too full! For more information on building your brand experience or a brand assessment breakthrough session with me. And remember, your brand is your business!

er the bond they will have with the brand.” So that begs the question: what sense or senses can you capitalize on with your brand? The answer is in your unique Brand DNA!

Here is another sensory-provoking question: were a genre of music, what genre would it be and why? This quick sensory audit should force you to think about your brand style. If the answer was classic rock, then your definition of that specific feeling that classic rock evokes for you should be represent ed in how you show up as a brand in everything you do. Think about how that could show up to create distinction and, for the target audience, competitive advantage!

I could just as easily ask: if your brand were represented by a make and model of a car, what would it be and why? If the answer is a Mercedes SL Roadster, then your

We all sell to human beings, and human beings are multisensory machines.
brand clarity expert and author
If your brand were represented by a make and model of a car, what would it be and why?

A Warm Hotel that Started on Ice COMMUNITY


For such warm people, their business owes a lot to ice. Coloradans Bobby, Brooke, and Nate became friends in 2009 while hosting other outdoorsy companions for an annual ice climbing pilgrimage to Ouray, Colorado. On the drive, Bobby and Nate bantered about starting a business together.

Fast-forward seven years, Bobby and Brooke Mikulas and Nate Grimm, and his fiancée Jenna, and a few other friends enjoyed a 10-day adventure to Iceland. They reveled in the exhilarating outdoors, local food, and hospitality of the down-to-earth Icelanders.

In one small coastal village, the Americans met a gregarious local woman in a coffee shop. That chat led to her gift of hand-knit Icelandic sweaters and a fishing outing until the sun came up at 1 a.m.

“That experience really inspired us to create that type of local experience for others, whether they are new to Colorado Springs, a business traveler, or a tourist,” Nate explains.

The Iceland trip came at the end of Bobby and Brooke’s yearlong quest to engage in the lifestyles of people abroad. “When

planned to take before we had children,” Bobby explains. “We split meals, we did cheap date nights — we saved our pennies for years.”

Those saved pennies and a plan for “outrageous hospitality” paid off for our community. From those discussions, climbing ice, meeting Icelanders, and a little help from a community bank, they opened Kinship Landing, their 40-room hotel in downtown Colorado Springs in March 2021.

But there were some slick spots before the dream became a reality. In 2017, Bobby and Brooke reached out to Nate who was managing a Denver hotel.

Nate recalls, “So, it’s the beginning of June 2017. Jenna and I are on our honeymoon in this amazing treehouse in the middle of the forest in Hawaii and we get a call from Brooke and Bobby saying, ‘We need your hospitality expertise. Will you please reconsider?’”

During that phone call, Jenna took one look at Nate and said, “You’ll never know unless you try it.” With that, the partnership was sealed.

construction overages and meeting with a bank that would collaborate with a startup that was also a hospitality venture. Fortunately, the local Small Business Development Center recommended First National Bank Colorado and their SBA 504 small business loan.

Plus, it turned out that First National Bank Colorado knew Bobby and Brooke from their first bank accounts with First National Bank of Monument as youth. Brooke recounted a trip after high school to Africa, where cyber criminals used a camera during an ATM withdrawal to steal her PIN number and all $1,600 from her account.

“When I let the bank know what happened, they immediately replaced the $1,600 as a gesture of kindness,” Brooke explains. “So now, working with First National Bank is full circle for me. The same kind of character that First National had then translates to now.”

Kinship Landing’s owners appreciate that the bank didn’t tell them how to manage their investor team or how to balance their budget.

“They trusted us to run the operations of our business,” Bobby explains. “That trust goes a really long way.”

NORTH BY COLORADO MEDIA GROUP | COLORADOMEDIAGROUP.COM 17 768 North Gate Blvd Colorado Springs, CO 80921 (719) 955-5577
“I think banking has gone increasingly corporate and increasingly impersonal. First National Bank Colorado is totally capable, responsive, and timely, but we also feel like we are part of their family. We value the hometown banking feel with a level of expertise that we didn’t see in some of the other community banks.”

Making Strides toward a Sustainable Energy Future

Colorado Springs Utilities (Springs Utilities) stands ready to take on major changes in the energy industry, from regulatory deadlines for reducing carbon emissions to advancements in renewables and energy storage.

This plan, developed with extensive customer input, is Colorado Springs’ roadmap for how the utility and its customers will take on these changes and meet Colorado’s Clean Energy legislation, which requires an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030.  Here are the highlights...

Improving Air Quality

Significant strides to improve Colorado Springs’ air quality have been taken. Last year Springs Utilities closed the downtown, coal-fired power plant and will close its other coal-fired plant, Ray Nixon, by 2030.

Carbon-Free Energy

This year, the utility will start using six modular natural gas generating units that will provide a reliable bridge to a carbon-free energy future. These units are cost effective and efficient, and while currently located on the downtown Drake Power Plant site, they will be later moved to support the local electric grid for many years to come.

Transmission & Substation Improvement Projects

Several transmission and substation improvement projects are underway to ensure that the grid remains reliable and resilient.

Battery Storage

Over the next few years, the utility will add battery storage, the first of its kind for Colorado Springs, and more renewable energy. Battery storage will help maximize the efficiency and reliability for customers.

Colorado Springs Utilities is making strides toward a sustainable energy future while continuing to deliver reliable, affordable energy services. Its rebates and incentives can help you reduce your energy use and save money. See how at



Our Sustainable Energy Plan is designed to reduce our carbon emissions 80% by 2030. See how at


Younger Perceptions of the American Dream

In this article, mother-daughter duo Tatiana and Gaby Bailey explore the changing perceptions of the American Dream among younger generations. With a focus on the unattainability of homeownership and its impact on economic opportunities, the authors provide data and personal anecdotes to shed light on the current state of wealth and upward mobility in America.


As an economist, I track a plethora of data points, and use both logic and anecdotal conversations to interpret that data as best I can. This is what all economists do.

As a mother with a brood of children ages 17 to 31, my kids are a big part of those anecdotal conversations. For any parent, the perceptions and experiences of our kids are both personal and formative in how we see the world. And what I hear from them and their friends is fascinating to me as an economist.

Those conversations help explain the disconnect between my age cohort and today’s young adults around the importance of work and the accumulation of wealth. Since I am part of the “older” cohort, I’ve pulled in my 22-year-old daughter as a co-author, so you too can hear her voice as a representative of younger generations.

Central to these anecdotal conversations is the current unattainability of homeownership. I pay close attention to residential real estate trends because, for most Americans, owning a home is the primary method to obtain wealth and financial security. All age groups agree that the American dream of owning a home should be within reach for anyone who is willing to work and save.

The fascinating cultural shift, however, is that the affordability crisis has gotten so bad that many young people dismiss the notion of buying a home immediately. It’s striking to me that I hear this from young adults whose parents have done well financially. I wonder what those conversations are like in households that struggle financially.

Sadly, in the work we do with lower-income school districts, the unattainability extends to college attendance. School counselors and administrators say the vast majority of their kids don’t even broach the conversation of college or other training after high school. And postsecondary training is often the means to higher paying jobs that enable someone to earn and save for a home.

It is disheartening that the unattainability factor is impacting perceptions of opportunity and the associated motivation that usually goes with attainable goals. Cynics might say that’s a cop-out; but if we look at some data, these young adults have a point.


The American dream has defined our country’s history. The 20th century was marked by war, the Great Depression, and the fight for civil liberties – but a predominant theme was the tangibility

of upward mobility. This theme encouraged participation in the labor force, and readily engaged members of society. In the 20th century you did not have to be exceptional or “rich” to own a home and provide for your family. You did not have to be exceptional to die in a higher tax bracket than the one you were born in. Hope was a prevailing theme, as most young people acquired more wealth than their parents, not less.

In 2022, nearly a third of homes purchased in the U.S. were all-cash deals, up 8% from just the previous year. Today, there are more all-cash home buyers than first-time buyers, suggesting that “only the wealthy are buying homes,” as stated by Lawrence

How can younger generations start to build wealth if they are completely edged out of the housing market by both higher prices and competition with all-cash buyers?

Yun, chief economist for the National Association of Realtors. We are also at a 40-year low for first-time homebuyers, who made up only 26% of all home buyers in 2022 even though today there are more millennials than senior citizens. In 1981, 44% of homebuyers were first-time purchasers. How can younger generations start to build wealth if they are completely edged out of the housing market by both higher prices and competition with all-cash buyers?

The typical age of a first-time homebuyer also increased in 2022 to 36; it was 29 in 1981. Younger generations face other factors: rising student debt (average debt is approaching $40,000) and the steadily increasing cost of living which makes it nearly impossible to save enough money for a down payment. For the average home price in Colorado Springs of $500,000, the corresponding downpayment is $100,000. If you don’t want to live with your parents, the option is to rent. But rents too are off the charts – with almost a quarter of today’s renters spending 50% or more of their income on rent alone.

Homeownership disparities also persist along racial and ethnic lines, with 74% of White adults owning a home, compared to only 43% of Black Americans and 48% of Hispanic Americans, according to Pew Research. Continued increases in home prices exacerbate these disparities, making it increasingly difficult for all demographics to achieve financial stability through homeownership. It seems to me we are moving in the opposite direction of our history, with economic security becoming more and more out of reach.


There has been a lot of research on the growing wealth disparities in the U.S. and its association with homeownership. An important dimension centers around the value and proportion of the gross domestic product (GDP) going to “capital” – these are in the form of

stock dividends, property income, interest payments, and other gains from investments. This investmentrelated portion of U.S. combined wealth has been growing since the 1970s, and especially since 2000. At the same time, the value and proportion of GDP going towards wages has declined, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In other words, the income from owning stuff is getting larger and the income from working is getting smaller. As Warren Buffet states, there is also preferential tax treatment for investments versus earnings of middleincome wage workers, in particular.

This partially explains the wealth inequality I often address (Gazette, January 2021). But to defend my cohort, my husband and I have done the “right” thing by investing in the stock market through retirement accounts. And we’ve only been able to do that through hard work (not inheritance). And, if we live into our 80s or 90s, we will truly need those investment dollars just to survive.

But what youngsters see is that my age group owns all the homes (including many second homes), we have little or no student debt, and we live very comfortably. At some level, they understand that older, wealthy Americans have “portfolios” we can live off without doing much, in large part because the American dream was more attainable when we were young. Today’s young adults are put off by the perception that they don’t work as hard as their parents did. They turn it around and say that older, wealthy Americans live off their investments – and don’t “do much.”

Wow, that is a huge disconnect with oversimplifications on both ends. I

would worry that my husband and I have abysmal parenting skills with our kids’ perceptions, but I hear the disenfranchisement from other youth. It’s apparently also pervasive in the (younger) social media outlets. What I will say, as an economist looking at the data, is that the pathway to the American dream is tougher now; and it’s impacting the next generation’s decisions around work. And this is happening precisely at a time when we need more workers, with one in five American workers at or above age 65 by 2030.

Comparisons between the young and the old are an ancient theme, but this many seniors and this low labor participation rate for prime working ages (25-54) sets us up for ballooning deficits and stagnant growth rates. We may bemoan the situation but focus needs to be on efforts that restore an (attainable) American dream where our youth work hard, but also thrive.

Tatiana Bailey, PhD and daughter Gaby Glassford, Associate Director of Workforce, Data-Driven Economic Strategies




It was 1976 when this 30-year-old, a teacher and coach at his HS Alma mater, and die hard Eagles fan, decided to take on a challenge and entered the unprecedented public tryout for his beloved Eagles. Papale, a ten-year season ticket holder and former track star. who did not play a down of college football, not only paid the price and made the cut . . . he made history!

Event: Colorado Springs Hispanic Chamber Luncheon

Date & Time: June 27, 2023, 11:30am - 2:00pm

Guest Speaker: Vince Papale, Philadelphia Eagles & Walt Disney Feature Film “Invincible” Captures His Journey

Topic: “You Are Invincible - Dream Big!”

Hispanic Chamber Members: $35.00

Future Chamber Members: $45.00

Corporate Table of 8: $400

Presented by:

Learn more about this event and future Hispanic Chamber events at:




This is the third and final article in the series designed to help you develop a personal blueprint for improved performance and achievement.

According to Mel Robbins, author of The 5 Second Rule, “there is a five-sec ond window where the brain moves from idea to action, or sabotage sets in.” This sets the stage for the final installment of this series.

Here’s a recap of the three steps from the previous articles:

To create a world-class day, determine your AM blueprint background. Upon awakening, before you do or say anything, spend 60 seconds and become aware of your first three to six thoughts and determine if they are positive, negative, or neutral.

The next steps in the process are:

Next select three power thoughts that reflect the person that you choose to be. Is it Focused, Productive, and Kind or perhaps Joyful, Optimistic, and Strong? Paying attention to your typical thoughts: acknowledge, release, and replace those typical thoughts with your three empowering thoughts.


Now that you’ve deployed your power words and are dynamically present, it’s time to take an immediate action. It’s one thing to think it, another thing to speak it, but you seal the deal when you transfer those thoughts and words into action. Please remember that the likelihood of doing something diminishes the further you get from the initial moment of inspiration, and your confidence erodes as well.

I have discovered that your thoughts and words are ready to take flight and move you from inspirational to operational. Your life changes the moment you make a congruent

This requires a shift from thinking to speaking and declaring! If you selected Joyful, Optimistic and Strong for your empowering thoughts, make these your power words! Apply the words “I am” in front of your empowering words and communicate them outloud.

commitment to an action. The first three steps in winning the day will position you with a good chance of success, however, to make the leap from good to great and win the day; follow-through is critical. You can choose to take action on any or all of your power words.

To demonstrate, my three power words are powerful, impactful and purposeful and here are my first few actions.

As soon as I have deployed my words I:

• kiss my wife on the cheek (an action),

• Pat my pup on the head (an action), and

• Express my gratitude (an action).



The final step to ensure that the day will be nothing short of a glorified exhibition of brilliance is to perform your personal affirmation or declaration. Affirmations, in conjunction with declarations, are the use of powerful words and positive statements designed to combat negative thinking and drive your attention forward. Here is my declaration:

“I am the decisive element in my home, office, church, and community. It is my personal approach that creates the climate. It is my mood that makes the weather. Because of this mindset, I have the innate strength to make today a glorified exhibition of brilliance. Today my thoughts and words will be instruments of inspiration. With this mindset comes tremendous responsibility and great power. Today I choose to be a champion because, when I can champion myself, I can then give rise to the voices of others.”

Friends, this is how we seal the deal and set the tempo for the day. I encourage you to write out your very own affirmation/ declaration.

Wishing you the best of everything, my name is Charmas Lee, and I build champions!

Charmas Lee is the co-owner of Believe and Perform like Champions, a business that specializes in creating winning organizations, cultures, and mindsets. Lee has been challenging individuals to transform their lives through his dynamic brand of facilitated introspection, motivation, and personal development. He has co-authored and published seven books, written various technical articles for the national publication of USA Track and Field and has twice been a TEDx speaker. Lee is a high-performance coach, professional speaker, author, and sports and fitness professional.

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St. Mary’s High School and the Diocesan schools of Colorado Springs are dedicated to enriching the lives of children so that they may become faithful, healthy, well-rounded individuals who are productive members of society. To fully achieve this goal St. Mary’s High School and the Diocesan schools of Colorado Springs have formed a strategic alliance with one another as the Catholic Schools of Colorado Springs.

Catholic Schools of Colorado Springs!

Your life changes the moment you make a congruent commitment to an action.
Colorado Springs. St. Mary’s High School Branding Manual Branding Standards • August 2022 For assistance, questions, and approval of designs, please contact the Pirate Gear Group at Table of Contents Introduction, page 2 Primary Logos, page 3 Crest, page 4 Wordmarks/Branding Blocks, page 5 Athletic Logos, page 6 Athletic Wordmarks, page 7 Colors, page 8 Approved Fonts, page 9 Sports Gear Branding Requirements, page 10 Non-Athletic Gear Branding Requirements, page 11 Gear Approval Process, page 12 Approved Vendors, page 13 Do’s and Don’t’s of using our logos, page 14 House Branding Section, page 18 ENROLL TODAY!
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Leaders with a Heart for Helping National Charity League’s Senior Class Presidents

Ella Bender

Ella Bender is already laying the groundwork to make her dreams happen. As part of Colorado’s Career Start program, she simultaneously attends Discovery Canyon Campus High School and International Salon and Spa Academy, where she is earning her hairstylist license. “Having two schools is actually a lot of fun because I have so many opportunities to do new activities,” she says. “At International, I am able to be creative and try new things with hair design. At Discovery Canyon there are many out-of-school activities and sports events I can go to.”

Ella is also the co-president of her National Charity League (NCL) class, where she has honed her leadership skills with event planning. She has fun volunteering with her mom, especially delivering meals to seniors through Meals on Wheels, and she appreciates the relationships she’s built with so many different people in NCL.

Ella is headed to the University of Alabama next year to study business, with a minor in interior design. Her advice to other students: “Work to meet your dreams. Without goals, we have nothing to look forward to. Really take advantage of everything your school has to offer. Finding things you like to go to is important so you can find people with similar interests to you and make new friends.”

Ally Frith

Ally Frith is passionate about business and she’s a born leader. The Pine Creek High School senior is an executive officer for her school’s chapter of DECA, a business and marketing organization. She oversees social media for the group, and has qualified for DECA state competition for the last three years, recently making the finals. As an officer in National Honor Society, she serves as the Philanthropic Committee Chair; she’s in French Honor Society as well. She also danced for more than 10 years — ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, and jazz — and participated in National Dance Honor Society.

As co-president for her National Charity League class, Ally is inspired by the impact she makes volunteering. “No matter where you are in life, there is something you can do…even the smallest things add up over time.” She especially enjoys helping at Ronald McDonald House.

Ally’s favorite quote is “everything happens for a reason.” She explains, “It has helped me get through some hard times and remember what I am doing this all for.” Ally pushes herself to be the best she can be, and there’s no doubt that drive will carry her far as she heads to college next year, with plans to major in business and marketing, with a minor in French.

Photo by Stu Duffy


NORTH’S Mayor John Suthers

The Honorable John William Suthers emphasizes he is NOT “a wild and crazy guy,” but he does have a much better sense of humor than most people think.

“I’d like to say I’m a very ‘non-flamboyant’ guy who’s lived a very interesting life, been married to the same wonderful woman for almost 48 years, all in the most beautiful city in the nation,” says Mayor Suthers. “I take my job responsibilities very seriously, but I don’t take myself too seriously. I can laugh at myself and have a great time with my staff. That really surprises people.”

If you’ve heard this one before, you’ll just have to hear it again (it’s one of Suthers’ favorites).

“I say, I’m so pleased to have my wife, Janet, in the audience tonight. Many of you know she’s been my rock all these years and she really keeps me humble. In fact, on election night when I became Colorado Springs’ mayor, I looked at my wife and said ‘honey, in your wildest dreams did you ever think you’d be married to the mayor of Colorado Springs?’ She looked at me and said ‘John, you’re never in my wildest dreams!’”

Suthers does have an interesting story, starting from the beginning of his life. He was adopted when he was three weeks old by a loving couple who settled in Colorado Springs. His father was stationed at what was then called Camp Carson (now Fort Carson). His sister was adopted five years earlier.

“I had an incredibly loving childhood – my parents were fantastic people – but I didn’t get to have them in my life as long as I would have liked,” explains Suthers. “Unfortunately, my father died of a heart attack when I was only 15 years old. My mother died just six years later, as I was graduating from college.”

Suthers says that, in hindsight, these most traumatic events of his young life had an incredible impact on the course of his life. It’s where he learned perseverance and dedication, in both his professional and personal life.

“Experiencing such loss at a young age places you immediately at a major fork in the road,” notes Suthers. “You can go one of two directions, and I chose to take the route that would make my parents proud of me. It helps explain the resolve I had as a young person to live a very meaningful and purposeful life.”

Suthers says he was lucky to earn a scholarship after high school to the University of Notre Dame. He was required to make the dean’s list every semester to keep that scholarship.

“I was totally a library nerd,” explains Suthers. “But my intensity paid off, as I graduated magna cum laude and received a scholarship from the University of Colorado Law School.”

Happy to head back to Colorado Springs, Suthers would reach another milestone in only one short year. “I met my wife, Janet, on a blind date...I always say she’s the one who was blind,” he laughs.


Suthers’ storied career started with two infamous cases, which helped him decide the prosecution side of law was where he wanted to hang his shingle.

“I started as a deputy district attorney here in Colorado Springs. I did research for a case that ended up being the serial killer Ted Bundy,” says Suthers.

“My second case involved a robbery gang who killed several witnesses including a waitress, Karen Grammer, who was the sister of an actor who would make it big – Kelsey Grammer. I knew I wanted to make a positive impact for crime victims.”

Prior to his stint as mayor of Colorado’s secondlargest city, Suthers honed his skills in some serious positions. He served as the attorney general of Colorado, the U.S. attorney for Colorado, executive director of the Colorado

Department of Corrections and the Fourth Judicial District attorney. So how did a career lawyer decide to run for mayor?

“Interestingly,” notes Suthers, “I didn’t get into politics because I wanted to be in politics. It was because the job I wanted was in politics.”

In 2011, Colorado Springs was growing rapidly, and outgrowing a city manager form of government. The voters initiated a strong mayor form of government that could better respond to the needs of the city in a quicker and more efficient manner, according to Suthers.

“A lot of business people started asking why didn’t I forgo making a decent living for four years and run for mayor?” Suthers laughs. “There were a lot of problems in the city. Our infrastructure was a mess and we were being sued for our stormwater processes. So, Janet and I talked. We thought long and hard about it and said OK!”

Suthers became the mayor of Colorado Springs in 2015 and believes it has been his most satisfying job in terms of leadership and results.

“With the law, your job is to look at the facts, look at the law, and make the right decision,” explains Suthers. “Being mayor is rawer and more personal. You’re impacting the essence of people’s quality of life, from bike lanes to potholes – it’s very personal to each resident.”

Suthers believes, as his last year comes to an end, there has been success. He created a collaborative relationship between the mayor and the city council. The residents and city came together to invest in critical public infrastructure. And, finally, his office and city council focused on job growth.

“To put it into perspective, it took the city 143 years to build a $30 billion economy,” says Suthers. “It took eight years to grow that $30 billion to a $40 billion economy. We also went from the 98th best top city economy in 2015 to one of the top 10 economies in 2022.”


Among all the wins, Suthers’ biggest loss during his mayoral career had nothing to do with politics. It was the tragic death of his son-in-law in 2019. “There is a huge void left in our lives,” he explains. “He was being responsible, coming home from a concert in an Uber when a criminal plowed a stolen car into his Uber.”

Suthers has brought his compassion to not only his own family, but to the entire city during the last eight years, with several tragedies hitting the Colorado Springs community.

“It’s something many folks don’t understand about being in a political office such as mayor. You become the chief consoler of an entire community,” reflects Suthers. “We’ve had three major incidents in Colorado Springs during my tenure – the shooting at Planned Parenthood, the domestic violence killing on Mother’s

Day, and, of course, the Club Q shooting.” He adds, “It’s also up to me to make sure our community is defined by our reaction to these events, not by the events themselves. I’m immensely proud of our community.”

“Being mayor is one of those 24/7 jobs,” admits Suthers. “So, when you can take moments off, you make the most of them. I love to play golf with my wife on Sundays. I carry her bag and watch her play – a lot better than me.”

Suthers likes to hike at Bear Creek Park and Stratton Open Space, when he gets the time. He also absorbs strength from being with his family, especially his two young grandchildren.

“The reason I still have a sense of humor, and my sanity, is a well ordered personal life. I have a very happy marriage and two terrific daughters – who love to make fun of me when they get the chance,” he says. “I remember my younger daughter talking about what it was like to grow up as the child of the district attorney. Needless to say, nobody wanted to invite the DA’s daughters to a wild party.”

Suthers enjoys watching baseball and says he’s become a huge fan of the Colorado Springs Switchbacks. He’s also an avid reader, just finishing a book about the relationship between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.

“I find history stranger than fiction – especially American history,” he says. “You just can’t make that stuff up.”


“I’m pretty excited about my life after public service,” Suthers says. “I’ll probably go down to my law office in downtown Colorado Springs. I’m honored to continue as the chair of the amazing Daniels Fund, which grants more than $80 million in college scholarships to seniors in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, and New Mexico. And there is a new book I’m finishing.”

Suthers is the author of six books and is hoping his seventh, an autobiography, will be out in June. “All This I Saw and Part of It I Was” is the title, which is a line from a speech by General Robert Cameron given at the founding of Colorado Springs on July 31, 1871.

There will be much more time for travel, too, says Suthers. He and his wife are planning two big trips, starting with a visit to South America.

“I want to extend a huge thank you to my wife and the people of Colorado Springs. I have been able to live the life I intended to live because of this community and especially my wife,” emphasizes Suthers. “I believe my parents would’ve been proud.”

Five Things You Might Not Know About Mayor John Suthers

1. Suthers has a sense of humor that surprises people. He takes his job seriously but doesn't take himself too seriously.

2. Suthers was adopted when he was three weeks old by a loving couple who settled in Colorado Springs. His father died when he was 15 and his mother died six years later, which had a significant impact on his life.

3. Suthers graduated magna cum laude from the University of Notre Dame and received a scholarship from the University of Colorado Law School.

4. Suthers started his career as a prosecutor and worked on cases involving serial killer Ted Bundy and a robbery gang that killed several witnesses, including Karen Grammer, sister of actor Kelsey Grammer.

5. Suthers became the mayor of Colorado Springs in 2015 and believes it has been his most satisfying job in terms of leadership and results. He created a collaborative relationship between the mayor and the city council, invested in critical public infrastructure, and focused on job growth.


Entrepreneur on what it takes to run a small business

Ramon Alvarez’s resume boasts roles in Fortune 500 companies in North and South America. But his first work experience was in the farm fields of central California — his father brought the family from Guadalajara, Mexico, when the younger Alvarez was nine years old. Now he owns Minuteman Press of Colorado Springs and serves on boards for the local Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Southern Colorado Better Business Bureau.

“My wife Alana and I purchased Minuteman Press in August of 2019, just a few months before the COVID outbreak severely impacted most of our clients,” Alvarez explains. They serve hundreds of customers with graphic design, printing, promotional items, direct mail services, and more. “Our onestop-shop convenience is geared toward making things easy for our customers, and gaining trust that we are a dependable resource for them,” he adds.

Prior to purchasing Minuteman Press, Alvarez led large companies (mostly retail) expansion plans and executed far larger budgets throughout this hemisphere. He says he grew up professionally in the corporate world of matrix organizations and performance teams where financial results were key.

Alvarez says, “We have applied large company mindset to running our small business, like establishing strategic approaches to talent acquisition, retention, operations, and client service, while maintaining the agility and care of a small familyoperated business.”

He admits to expecting “quick and robust” success as a small business owner — perhaps naive but no one predicted a global business reset. Now Alvarez sees how owning a small business has tested all the skills he’d fine-tuned in his professional life. Without the significant resources of a larger corporate machine, he developed a transition strategy of the best people, critical thinking, and healthy accountability.

“I’ve always had an owner’s mentality in my corporate roles,” Alvarez explains, “but the truth is that steady income allows for some levels of confidence and bravado in making business decisions…Nothing can be taken for granted as a business owner, especially cash flow. I’ve had to assess my decisions more closely, evaluating the ripple effect they can have in my business cash flow.”

Alvarez has surrounded himself with the best team, people with skills he doesn’t have, and modeled the behavior

Alvarez’s three pieces of advice for the individual considering small business ownership:

1. Have a why — that purpose should be documented so it can help energize the owner and connect them with their customers. My purpose is to serve and pay mentorship forward, which is aligned with the actions I take daily.

2. Plan your business journey with the end in mind — leverage some of the many resources available to prepare for the journey (especially from local business organizations). Include financial projections

expected from everyone. The staff is well trained through daily development activities to maintain mission alignment. He includes big company tactics like onboarding programs, internships, cross training, and high standards of excellence.

“We’ll continue to focus on having the best people, creating the best product, while executing our process flawlessly,” Alvarez declares.

That process includes treating every client as a VIP to demonstrate commitment to customers’ business success. From a website with printing templates to full-scale direct mail campaigns, Minuteman Press aims to focus on the client needs and doing what is right for the customer.

Alvarez feels his roles within the business community are as important as his role as business owner.

“I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs launch and grow their business,” he says. “Being bilingual has also helped me provide these resources to Hispanic business owners in the Pikes Peak region and continue to pay it forward…to help their hard work translate into positive results.”

We are blessed that the community has embraced our servant mindset. We have a great team whose mission is to provide excellent client experiences.

Alvarez sees clearly how helping the prosperity of the Colorado Springs business community, and serving others, means contributing to the creation of a land of opportunity. He volunteers, mentors, and serves internal and external audiences as a testament to his life’s journey from the farm fields to the Front Range.

in your business plan, how you will be organized internally, and everything necessary to execute what’s needed to reach your goals.

3. Remember that you are not alone — surround yourself with people better than you at their role, and create a high performance team of resources inside your organization (and out) who will help you and your organization be better. Create these relationships proactively, and nurture them with servitude.

“We’ll continue to focus on having the best people, creating the best product, while executing our process flawlessly.”

Hi. We’re Ting Internet.

Nice to meet you! We’re a local internet provider offering lightning-fast, ultrareliable fiber internet. We really think you should get to know us.

Internet that gets you

What’s so great about Ting Internet?

We’re glad you asked. And honestly, where to begin? With the friendly, community-based, local teams who do your installation? Or with the lightning-fast connection? Or should it be the transparent prices, guaranteed to never increase? From there, we could talk about the incredible experience, the customer satisfaction, or the future-proofing you’re investing in?

It doesn’t really matter where we begin, really. Ting Internet makes sense no matter where you start. It’s perfect for homes with many devices, loved ones, visitors, high

demands and downtime. It’s also perfect for homes where it’s just you, coming and going, living and working. Basically, we’re just the thing for your homes and your people. And we like people.

That’s because we’re a company of real people, and we love what we do. Like we said, our prices are transparent and they won’t go up. Our customer service is friendly, fast, and human. We want what you want, great internet at a reliable price with incredible service.

It’s internet that gets you.

free installation and a free router with your refundable preorder. It’s just $9! Visit
@tingcoloradosprings Preorder now
. 

Meet Eton Pearcy

Restaurateur & Music Festival Organizer

The COVID-19 pandemic caused worldwide devastation to families, communities, and the economy. However, Colorado is beginning to move beyond the despair of the pandemic. Crucial to that path forward is stimulating the economy through tourism to our beautiful state.

Jamrock Events, founded in February 2022, envisions leveraging the increase in tourism to Colorado Springs as a prime opportunity to provide various events for our community members and guests. The event management company was created by U.S. Army veteran Eton Pearcy.

Inspired after independently and successfully organizing Colorado Springs’ first Caribbean music event in 2021, Pearcy has a passion for organizing events that bring a fresh, unique approach to the event management industry. As such, he is confident this culturally immersive two-day music event will have a positive economic impact on our city.

He employs methodical marketing and advertising tactics to target diverse concert attendees in and around our city to participate in a musical experience that incorporates various genres, and highlights Caribbean music and culture. As a result, the event will generate an influx of visitors to the region, which will increase traffic to local restaurants, attractions, hotels, car rental services, and other goods and services.

Pearcy says, “Properly executing an event requires a strategic vision, a comprehensive marketing plan, and building and sustaining a reliable network of partners and sponsors.”

Regardless of size and scope, Jamrock Events approaches each event with meticulous attention, clear tactical goals, defined milestones, and a comprehensive plan to ensure a successful event that meets timeline and budgetary expectations. The company’s strategic planning entails thorough research of regional demographics to ensure the intentional selection of a range of artists and genres to appeal to a diverse crowd.

“Caribbean music and culture will remain at the crux of our events because, as a Caribbean-led event management company, we are intentional in our efforts to add oneof-a-kind, diverse events and experiences to this community,” Pearcy says. “We believe music is unifying and Caribbean music can be incredibly healing!”

“Thousands from our community, surrounding cities, and even out-of-state have attended our past music events,” explains Pearcy. “We are confident that our efforts will attract an even larger number of attendees, from near and far, increasing revenue to the Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Region and positioning our city as an appealing concert venue.”

“We are intentional in our efforts to add one-of-akind, diverse events and experiences to this community”

Local Author Memorializes His Father’s Heroism

This Memorial Day, remember the countless soldiers who were on “the forgotten front” by sharing the riveting true story of Lieutenant Philip Larimore, whose astonishing experiences in southern Europe during World War II are revealed for the first time by his son.

Walt Larimore is a retired family physician and best-selling author of nine novels and memoirs, as well as several other publications. His latest book, “At First Light: A True World War II Story of a Hero, His Bravery, and an Amazing Horse,” received a Silver Medal from the Military Writers Association of America. It is an International Page Turner Award finalist in five categories and is currently in judging for several other Book of the Year awards.

Readers on book review websites (i.e., Amazon, GoodReads, and Barnes & Noble) regularly rate “At First Light” a five-star read, with many

calling it the best WWII book that they’ve ever read. A review by General David H. Petraeus, retired four-star general and former director of the CIA, reflects on “the story of our WWII heroes, those selfless Americans who put it all on the line downrange…” Petraeus also calls the story “extraordinary: an almost forgotten hero, tough combat, tragic sacrifice, gripping aftermath, a marvelous horse, and an astonishing ending.”

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Host: Dirk Hobbs Founder, Colorado Media Group and Executive Publisher NORTH Author and physician, Walt Larimore

Profound Change brings Profound Insight

A search within to find difficult answers

The Amy Newland Agency represents American Family Insurance in Colorado Springs. An agent since 2014, Amy Newland moved here in 2020 — relocating her husband, her daughters, and her business. At the time of the move, her daughters were three years old and five days old. With all the chaos of relocation, she put off regular health check-ups, at a time when everyone’s routine health concerns gave way to global crises.

For some, health care delays are inconsequential; for others, it can be devastating. Amy explains, “I have a strong family history of breast cancer and in 2019, after (finding) a benign lump, I was referred to a specialist who recommended annual MRIs in addition to my yearly mammograms.”

So after receiving normal mammogram results in mid-2021, she pursued further testing just before the holidays. That report said something different — and not normal.

“The next couple days were filled with many prayers and disconcerting Google searches,” Amy says. “By the time my doctor reached out, I already had in my mind a game plan.”

Amy continues, “My biggest internal thought was my grandmother, who had a double mastectomy in the ‘50s after being diagnosed with cancer. She lived a beautiful life (to age 96), growing old with her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. As a mother, I didn’t want to live in fear or be thinking about the potential of finding something worse with each future exam.”

What followed was months of biopsies and genetic testing, which revealed lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS).* The increased cancer risk, family history, and a second opinion gave Amy the information she needed to make important decisions.

“We began the request to my health insurance for a prophylactic double mastectomy,” Amy explains. “By June, I had a surgery date set for August 9. After six months of biopsies, waiting for results, filing for divorce, and the final approval for surgery, I felt relief — I was able to focus again.”

The struggle to remain positive left her feeling vulnerable. She learned to lean on those closest to her, and build stronger relationships and develop her support system.

She also learned “how surprisingly unsupportive some can be for a personal decision.” Amy continues, “Between trying to juggle my business, choosing to pursue a divorce, and remaining strong for my daughters, many days felt heavy. This last year alone I’ve been faced with several decisions about the future.”

Amy feels the knowledge and wisdom she’s gained through the lengthy process serve her well. She has new insight into how and what to prioritize in her life.

“Putting myself first — and pushing hard for something that I felt so strongly about — is one of the best gifts I’ve given myself and my daughters, as well as my business.” She concludes, “I’ve learned it’s important to give myself grace, take my time on big decisions, and weigh all outcomes. Some of the best things come from the most difficult decisions.”

*Lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS) is a type of breast change that is sometimes seen in a breast biopsy. In LCIS, cells that look like cancer grow in the lining of the milk-producing glands of the breast. According to the Mayo Clinic, the risk of breast cancer in women diagnosed with LCIS is thought to be approximately 20 percent. To put it plainly, for every 100 women diagnosed with LCIS, 20 will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

“Listen to your gut, talk out loud, share concerns, and provide feedback. I think it’s so important to share challenges we face. It may help someone else consider a different approach.”

God Incidences

How a South African created his American Dream

Many major life events led Lynton Mare from his childhood in Pretoria, South Africa, to becoming a successful businessman in Colorado Springs. He calls them “God incidences.” Mare grew up in Pretoria, South Africa, a large city near Johannesburg. South Africa has one of the highest rates of sexual violence and homicide in the world.

“Coming from a third-world country – it’s very different,” Mare says. “People in a third-world country kind of have to fend for themselves – it’s very important.”

In April 2015, Mare moved to Missouri to learn American football, just months before the first U.S. professional rugby league – PRO Rugby – started. Mare went to Denver, where he played for Denver PRO Rugby. Later he played for the Glendale Raptors, a Pacific Rugby Premiership team.

“A God incidence,” says Mare.

Then, the woman he had a crush on in college moved to the U.S. temporarily.

“I would probably say this is my favorite piece to my journey here in the United States,” Mare says, recalling the beginning of his relationship with his now-wife, Simonè. “I call it a God incidence because it 100% is.”

Simonè was in Philadelphia, so Mare worked full-time to afford weekend trips to see her. Using his project management degree from Northwest University of Potchefstroom, Mare began work as a project manager in Denver while still playing professional rugby.

“It was rough. But the thing was I knew exactly what I had in her,” Mare says. “She’s one of a kind. She’s the most incredible thing that’s ever happened to me.”

After her time as an au pair in America, Simonè moved back


to South Africa. Mare had a dream of raising a family with Simonè in America, so he took another job as a rideshare driver. On a typical weekday, he would wake at 3:45 a.m. to train for rugby, then go to his job as a project manager. He would train again during his lunch break, then drive for Uber and Lyft for a couple hours after work. On weekends, he would drive 20-25 hours more.

“It’s not motivation, it’s discipline,” he says. “There’s a very, very big difference between motivation and discipline,” according to Mare. “Am I motivated to wake up that early every single morning? No…but that’s where the discipline comes in.”

One weekend, Mare received a Lyft ride request for 3 a.m. from Colorado Springs to Denver International Airport, about an hour’s drive.

“I’m tired, it’s going to be a very, very long night, I’m hardly going to get any sleep,” Mare thought to himself.

But, he had a feeling he needed to take the ride so he did. During that hour, Mare met his future business partner. The two went on to co-found a company, giving Mare a new work opportunity in mortgage lending. To Mare, it was another God incidence.

“I want to put a family in their dream home and really help where I’m able to. That’s the kind of value I wanted to implement in people’s lives,” Mare says.

After five and a half years of a relationship spanning the Atlantic Ocean and nine time zones, Mare and Simonè reunited in America as an engaged couple and were married in March 2021.

“We were creating opportunities for our downlines, our bloodlines,” Mare says about the years of long distance. “Our children’s children, our kids’ kids, 150 years from now, they’re going to be [in America] because of the sacrifice that we chose to make.”

Call it a gut feeling, call it a coincidence, call it luck. Mare calls it a God incidence.
“I want to put a family in their dream home and really help where I’m able to. That’s the kind of value I wanted to implement in people’s lives.”
-Lynton Mare
Photos: (above) Lynton and now-wife Simone´-- after five years and nine time zones. (right) Mare's career has included playing rugby, driving for rideshare service, and owning a mortgage lending company.


Preparing Your Home for Spring!

This can be a funky time of year. Let’s be honest – winter can drag out when we just want the sun to shine and warm up our bodies and houses. And kick winter to the curb! I get so excited when I see the smallest sprig of grass poke its way through my dead lawn. I start visualizing my outdoor living spaces full of fresh flowers and sunshine. But not yet! Colorado can be quite wishy-washy this time of year. One day you’re wearing a jacket, the next flip-flops, and then you’re shoveling snow again! I moved to Colorado in May of 2001 and drove my rental truck through Denver…in the snow!

Let me challenge you with a fresh perspective on this time of year. These are critical months for homeowners – April and May are when I focus on any remaining indoor projects I want to complete at my house. In May, my focus shifts to the outdoors. The sunshine and warmer temps lure me outside to clean up our patios and decks, plant flowers, get our lawn ready, and generally clean up. And then summer hits and schedules are in full summer mode! Who wants to work on inside projects in the middle of the summer!? To eliminate my own personal stress, I don’t let spring and summer compete with each other.

By the time you read this, spring has sprung! So that being said, I encourage you to consider some of my favorite home spring projects:

; Purge and declutter all unwanted items from your spaces

; Wipe down baseboards

; Rotate out winter clothing

; Touch up paint throughout your home

; Schedule a furnace tune-up and cleaning

; Service (and remove debris from around) the air conditioner unit

; Deep clean carpets

; Clean light fixtures and fans

; Freshen up/reset mouse traps

; Clean windows (inside and out)

Designer Tip: While April or May may not be the best time to get deals on patio supplies, it is the best time to ensure selection. Start thinking about any new outdoor items to purchase for summer. Last year, I waited until the first week in June to purchase a new patio rug and my size was sold out.

; Wipe down and clean the inside of cabinets and bath vanities

; Deep clean your fridge (get rid of expired condiments and thoroughly clean inside)

; Powerwash garage floors to remove winter sludge


Designs for Life… Architectural, Interiors, Staging

Imagine the Possibilities

Live in the home that you’ve always dreamed of – on a homesite that feels like heaven. We’re with you every step of the way…and seeing the design for your custom dream home come to life is easier than you think.

Start the Process

Flying Horse Realty, through our affiliation with LGA Studios, offers easy and affordable custom home design sessions…beginning with an introductory meeting where your initial thoughts and ideas are sketched while you watch and adjust. And the outcome – a tool for both dreaming and planning, as the resulting rough layout assists in determining projected square footage needs and cost ranges.

Add the Heart

Our clients also have access to expert input on interiors, finishes, furnishings, and accessories…and our in-house client staging service helps obtain the best price possible on your existing residence.

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I can only recall two instances in my life when my mother, the happiest and most loving person on planet Earth, became distraught. One of those occurrences happened when my sister and I discussed making plans for the last chapter of our mom’s life, a chapter that would eventually include moving out of her home of 38 years and into a retirement home.

Our mother’s trepidation to even consider moving, years from now, is not unlike many others. In a recent AARP survey, 77% of adults 50 or older said they would prefer to stay in their homes for the long-term.

Other studies report people living in their homes longer, including one conducted by the Harvard Joint Center

for Housing Studies, which concluded that in the 1980s, homeowners moved on average once every five years. By 2019, homeowners tend to move once every ten years.

There are a variety of reasons people are staying in their homes longer, including working past the age of 65 (20% of the population), millennial kids living at home (the highest rate since the Great Depression), remaining healthy and active, and the high cost of moving.

The percentage of people remaining in their homes longer will presumably continue to increase since there will be an estimated 71.5 million Americans aged 65 or older by the year 2030, twice as many as there were in 2000.

In the remodeling sector, we too have seen this play out. When our clients consider moving versus remodeling their homes, they overwhelmingly make the decision to stay. They are often empty nesters, updating their homes to better suit their tastes and needs, knowing they will stay indefinitely. Or they’ve made modifications out of necessity – usually related to health issues.

Universal Design – a focus on accessibility so we can live safely and comfortably through various stages of our life – didn’t exist when many of our homes were built. These homes may not have main-level or open-concept living, but instead have lots of stairs, narrow doorways, and rooms defined by walls. But there are solutions, like











widening doorways, leveling floors, installing chair lifts on stairs, elevators, and even additional dwelling units (ADUs).

More common modifications during a remodel, with accessibility in mind, include slip-resistant flooring, removal of walls, levers instead of doorknobs, grab-bars in bathrooms, curbless showers with benches, and roll-out trays and shelving, to name a few.

Two members of our staff at Stewart Remodel Design Build carry the CAPS designation (Aging in Place Certified), so if you have decided to stay in your home for years to come, please contact us to discuss options on how to remodel your home with the future in mind.

If you are considering a remodeling project, an exterior project, or would like to know more about our design-build services, please call us at (719) 266-0336.

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The Flying Horse Realty Report

Will the Uptick Stick? There has been an uptick in buyer interest since the beginning of the year related to three key things: seasonality, acceptance, and discounts (Fortune)

One Diagnosis. The housing market is like a patient coming off a strong narcotic. The result isn’t a housing recession…it’s a return to normalcy (

Going Back to Normal. Over the last 50 years, 30-year mortgage rates have averaged 7.75 percent. Mortgage rates in the 6 to 7 percent range were common as recently as 2008. (NerdWallet)

Demand is There. Seventy percent of Americans who had planned to buy a home in 2022 did not succeed. Some of them made offers that were not accepted. Others shelved their plans because they couldn’t find affordable homes (Harris poll)

And Will Stay Around for Awhile. Household formation levels are expected to grow and be a “tailwind for housing’s future” through the rest of the decade. With mortgage rates where they are, housing needs all the tailwinds it can get. (John Burns Consulting)

Not Crashworthy. For 2023, the Nat’l Assoc of Homebuilders still forecasts an average sale price of $385,800 … about the same as 2022. However, Redfin predicts a 4 percent drop: bad news for sellers, but hardly a crash (NAHB, Redfin)

Let’s Stay Put. Over 80% of current homeowners now have a mortgage rate under 4%, which makes the prospect of moving and financing a new residence less enticing (Bank of America)

Work It Out. When it comes to available jobs for unemployed workers, Colorado is in about the “middle,” nationally, with 1.64 jobs for every unemployed person. North Dakota is highest at 3.13 and Delaware lowest at 1.15 (Bureau of Labor Stats)

A Taxing Time. Colorado homeowners, no longer protected by the Gallagher Amendment, could face unprecedented increases in their property taxes next year as the run-up in home prices during the pandemic works its way into the state’s tax base (Denver Post)

Let’s Be Real. Sellers were getting 101% of the list price for single-family homes in Colorado in January 2022, but that dropped to 97.9% of the listing price in January, 2023 (Denver Business Journal)

Live Where You Work. As the Denver housing shortage continues, City leaders are researching ways of converting outdated/empty downtown office buildings into much-needed housing. During the pandemic, that area lost more than 1,000 businesses (Denver Post)

No Surprise Here. On average, nationwide, home prices have appreciated over the past 32 years by 288.7%. Colorado home prices, during the same period, have appreciated 578.8% (KCM)

Also Not Surprised. In Denver over the past 12 years, rents have more than doubled and the cost of a typical home has risen 165%, pushing out many low-income households and severely stretching others (Denver Post)

Be Prepared. The incentive for existing home inventory to come on the market is really low right now. So, we’d expect more home buyers to be pushed into the new home market (Bank of America)

Start Packing! What does Colorado Springs have in common with Ljubljana, Slovenia (and a number of other worldwide destinations)? Both were listed recently as being among the top 50 places “In The World” to visit in 2023 (Forbes)

To Be - Or Not To Be. In 2022, average rents for a 2 BR apartment in Colorado Springs ($1,514) were well above the $1,151 that HUD says is the maximum amount that a family of four should pay to meet the HUD definition of “affordable housing” (City of C.S.)

But Who’s Counting? The average sale price of a home in Colorado Springs was $415K last month, down 2.4% since last year. The average sale price per square foot in Colorado Springs is $203, down 4.0% since last year (Redfin)

Eastward Ho! Los Angeles homebuyers have been searching to move into Colorado Springs more than any other metro… followed by Washington and Boston (Redfin)

A Mixed Bag. The Colorado Springs market has seen an increase in the inventory of homes for sale and the time it takes to sell a home. Additionally, the median sales price has decreased slightly, although the average sales price has increased (Norada)

Who Knew? In terms of the housing forecast, the Colorado Springs market should remain stable over the next year. This indicates that home values are expected to remain relatively consistent, and there are not likely to be significant changes (Zillow)

Be Not Concerned. The housing market for Colorado Springs suggests a slight decline in the short term but a recovery in the long term (Norada)

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As one of the most established nonprofits in this community, the YMCA is a place where you not only better yourself and your family but the entire community. When you join the Y, you become part of an organization dedicated to strengthening your community through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility for all.

Membership means more at the YMCA. Join today and help move our community forward.



One of Colorado Springs’ most sought-after professional residential Realtors, Marquesa has helped hundreds of clients achieve their real estate goals. Recognized in the top 1.5% of Realtors in the area with over $23M in closed transactions in 2022, she has earned the respect of clients and colleagues alike.

As a 24 year resident of COS, she believes this is the best place to live, work, and play in the country. She is also passionate about supporting her community through volunteer work and advocacy, small business growth and development, and spending time with her family.

As Seen on American Dream TV & The Negotiators

MARQUESA HOBBS Realtor® CNE & MRP 6760 C orporate Drive, COS, CO 80919 (C) 719.238.0330 (O) 719.536.4444 Home Buyers & Sellers Investment Properties & 1031 Exchanges Military Relocation Corporate & Executive Relocation First Time Homebuyers Luxury & 2nd Homes New Construction Land Purchases & Sales 4th Straight Year


Is Real Estate the Right Strategy to Help Your Children Grow Their Legacy?

In my 25+ years in the mortgage industry, I’ve partnered with over 3,500 clients and real estate agents to create customized mortgage solutions to fit each individualized portfolio in every economic situation.

Once you have established your own long-term wealth strategy, it may be time to consider options to help your children build their own path to prosperity. With the proper research and education, real estate can be a powerful tool for creating wealth.

Millennials right now are receiving mixed messages regarding the value real estate plays in investment portfolios. They may have heard that it’s better to rent right now than to own a home due to current market conditions and inventory. However, it’s important to understand real estate methodology before deciding on the right path.

According to Ken Johnson, co-author of BH&J National PriceTo-Rent Index, “One of the difficulties with the rent and reinvest model is many people…simply rent and spend the difference…That’s wealth destroying.”

In other words, the only way renting succeeds as a better investment than owning real estate is when you take ALL the funds you would apply to owning a home (mortgage payment, taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc.) and invest it in a successful investment portfolio.

On average, homeownership tends to win as a wealth builder due to more reliable returns. Statistically, there is a significant difference between the net worth of the average homeowner vs. the average renter. According to the Federal Reserve, the average homeowner has 40X greater wealth than a typical renter as you can see from the chart below.

Whether your children are considering buying their first home or looking for another property to add to an investment portfolio, it’s important to research:


• Is the property located in a buyer’s or a seller’s market?

• What is the average listing time for properties in the area?

• What is the current price per square foot for the property being considered?


• Where are mortgage rates?

• Are there any down payment assistance programs available?

• What is the cost of waiting?


• What type of property works best for your child’s situation?

• How long do they intend to reside in that property?

• Do they want to be responsible for maintaining the property themselves?

Additionally, consider your role in assisting with real estate financing in your children’s portfolios. Understanding your best options for structuring financial gifts and/or cosigning as a non-occupying co- borrower will help everyone maximize their returns.

Call my office today at (719) 820-3533 to schedule a complimentary mortgage consultation so you can empower your children to embark on their own legacy plan. By integrating Guaranteed Rate’s cutting edge mortgage technology platform with a well-executed plan, we will pave a successful path for your children in the years to come.

MORTGAGE LENDING IN ALL 50 STATES Michelle Bobart NMLS 137164 | Guaranteed Rate, Inc. NMLS 2611 For more information visit AK - AK137164, AL - 72981, AR - Licensed, AZ - 1007852, CA - CA-DBO137164, CO - 100035767, CT - LO-137164, DC - MLO137164, DE - MLO-137164, FL - LO17860, GA - 67205, HI - HI-137164, IA- 34440, ID - MLO-2080137164, IL - 031.0002302, IN - 14945, KS - LO.0039572, KY - MC701827, LA - Licensed, MA - MLO137164, MD - 137164, ME - Licensed, MI - 137164, MN - MN-MLO-137164, MO - MO-137164, MS - 137164, MT - 137164, NC - I-189254, ND - NDMLO137164, NE - Licensed, NH - Licensed, NJ - Licensed, NM - Licensed, NV - 66499, NY - Licensed, OH - MLO-OH.1371164, OR- Licensed, PA - 76869, RI - Licensed, SC - MLO - 137164, SD - MLO.08664, TN - 204296, TX - Licensed, UT - 12468410, VA - MLO-13110VA, VT - VT137164, WA - MLO-137164, WI - 137164, WV - LO-137164, WY - 8521

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JULY 21-23



30+ Sports across Colorado Springs

AUG. 12


Pikes Peak - America’s Mountain

SEP. 2-4

SEP. 8-10


OCT. 24


Pikes Peak Region Trails


Broadmoor World Arena

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Turning 60 Soon like I am? Let’s talk about Election Periods

And no, I am not referring to the upcoming local mayoral and city council elections! I am referring to Medicare election periods. As if insurance in general isn’t confusing enough Medicare has multiple times throughout the year that someone can enroll. And many of us start thinking about and planning for retirement about the age of 60. Many even earlier.

So, which one is right? Which one should you choose? Let’s talk about them and how they can apply to you.

The first and longest period is called your initial election period (IEP). It starts three months before you turn 65 and lasts until 3 months after your birth month. That gives you a 7 month window to decide whether or not you want to enroll in a Medicare plan at 65 or wait until a later date.

Then there are Special Election Periods (SEP). These can occur anytime throughout the year. A special election period happens for many different reasons. If you retire and lose employer health coverage, if you move to another state, if you qualify for state Medicaid, if you are retired military on Medicare and Tricare for life, and if there is a natural disaster are some examples.

We have all heard about Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). That is the 8 week window from October 15- Dec 7 where anyone can enroll for the first time or change plans for the upcoming year. And if you have a TV you’ve probably seen the commercials!

And finally, we now have an Open Enrollment Period (OEP). This happens from Jan1-March 31 each year. Who can use this election period? Anyone on a Medicare Advantage Plan that wants to make one final change for the year or wants to leave a Medicare Advantage plan and return to original Medicare. Still confused? That’s where I can help. I can help guide you to figure out when the best time is for YOU to go onto a Medicare plan. I start talking to people about their choices long before they turn 65. I often meet with people as young as 60. Especially since this is about the time when many of us start really planning for retirement. Health care costs in retirement can be a scary thought since it’s an unknown and could be a large expense. Meeting with a Medicare professional like me early in the retirement planning process can help alleviate a lot of the anxiety about what your costs could be as you age, and help with your long term financial planning. So please feel free to contact me even if you aren’t near 65 yet. Starting the education process early is a smart move!

719-440-4242 |

Pinnacle Advanced Primary Care Opens New Briargate Office

Summer 2023

Pinnacle Advanced Primary Care is opening its third office along the Colorado Front Range in just 18 months to meet the growing demand for quality healthcare through Direct Primary Care or DPC. DPC is a proven model of healthcare where patients pay a modest monthly subscription directly to their primary doctors, not to insurance companies or third-party payers.

We already have a waiting list

"There is a lot of demand for affordable healthcare. We feel the I-25 corridor from Colorado Springs to Denver is where we can make the biggest impact serving our business community,” explains CEO and co-founder Dr. John Dygert. “We already have a waiting list for the Briargate location which will open early summer. As we grow, we will continue to move north into the Denver metro area."

We get more time with patients

Pinnacle North

Co-founders BDrriaDryggeartteanM d eDrdiAcparlil CLyenn c t hearre passionate about the DPC model for two main reasons. Coming Summer 2023

"From a patient's perspective, we get more time to spend with them,” says Dr. Lynch. “This is huge because you can't get to the root cause of an issue in a five-minute doctor's visit. We focus on someone's chronic illness or wellness plan to really get them back on track."

Physician burnout is real

The second reason is something patients don’t often hear about, according to Lynch. “Physician burnout is real. The average primary care provider in the Front Range is responsible for 2,000 patients and they see 20-30 patients a day. With DPC, we see around 6-10 patients a day. I have more time with my patients, and a work-life balance that allows me to spend more time with my family," says Dr. Lynch.

Robin Pasley (center) with Robin Pasley Interiors meets with Dr. Dygert and Dr. Lynch to review the final design plans for Pinnacle North. Pasley also designed the interior for Pinnacle South.

Pinnacle has doubled their clinical staff since opening in 2021

To keep this ratio in place, Pinnacle has doubled their clinical staff since they opened in 2021 The group has plans to onboard more physicians as they continue to grow.

From a business standpoint, Pinnacle is also filling a much-needed gap by offering direct primary care as part of a business’s employee benefits package In addition to their individual members, Pinnacle has more than 125 business enrollments of all sizes

Employers save on healthcare costs

With Pinnacle, employers save money on healthcare costs and employees receive high-quality primary care services at a fixed cost, reducing the need for expensive emergency room visits and hospitalizations,” say Dr. Dygert. “When we launched Pinnacle, we wanted to ensure we could serve our entire business community A family-owned business can get the same discounts as an employer with hundreds of employees "

"Our member retention and strong reputation in the community is a sign we are doing something right,” notes Travis Bockenstedt, Chief Experience Officer. “We credit our chamber partnerships in the community for contributing to our growth Pinnacle is a proud member of The Southern Colorado Women's Chamber, Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC, and TriLakes Chamber.

Design rendering of the Pinnacle North waiting room by Robin Pasley Interiors


Add the Science of Stretching to your Colorado adventures

The incline, a Colorado Springs icon, is one of the bucketlist items for those of us who are “almost-native” or those visiting the Springs. For some of us, it’s easy – for others we think “how can I make that goal possible for me?” In Colorado Springs we are surrounded by fantastic trails as well as easy access to outdoor activities.


If you think this is the year you add activities to your list, or if you want to reduce your chance of injury through better flexibility as you get outside to exercise – read on. Your

body will thank you for the information as you reach for new heights.


Did you know that when we stretch a muscle – like trying to touch our toes – our muscles are actually contracting? Because of sensors in our muscles called muscle spindles, a lengthening or stretching motion causes a protective contraction or tensing of the muscle group. When we stretch, we are actually doing an isometric contraction, or tensing up. This will not improve or increase our flexibility.


For more specific stretches and content from local fitness experts check out this link.


1. Warm up by moving at a gentle pace that allows you to maintain a conversation while you exercise. The warm-up should be

Use opposing muscles to release tight inhibition.” When you contract your quads in an active knee straightening motion, your hamstrings will reflexively relax. This is a great way to improve hamstring

Stretch or move after an exercise, such as hiking. Your body will be warmed up and stretching movements can help move the by-products of exercise out

NORTH readers submitted photos of getting out into the great outdoors. HAMSTRING STRETCH COURTESY OF RENEE RAINS SUBMITTED BY MORGAN (AT THE TOP OF MOUNT ROSA)

The Mental Effects of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can affect your communication and speech recognition, but did you know it can affect your mental health as well? When left untreated, hearing loss can lead to social isolation, depression, and even cognitive decline.


Hearing loss makes it difficult to not only hear sounds, but to process sounds into information – because we “hear” with our brain, not our ears. Untreated hearing loss can have a negative impact on your brain’s ability to remain active and healthy.

When you can’t hear well, it’s difficult to keep up with the conversation. This can lead to feelings of embarrassment because you may respond inappropriately or you must ask people to repeat themselves. In time, you may withdraw from social interactions altogether.

Individuals with untreated hearing loss have reported more negative feelings compared to those who wear hearing aids.


You deserve to have the freedom to interact with the people you love most. Don’t let hearing loss keep you from socializing with your friends and family. One of the best options for managing hearing loss is to wear hearing aids. Not only will hearing aids provide you with proper amplification to hear what is being said; they also provide clarity and can filter background noise.

Don’t let hearing loss affect your mental health. Be proactive and schedule a hearing screening to take control over your hearing. Call A Better Hearing Center today at 719-900-5599 to make your appointment.

Where are you headed next?

There’s nothing quite like hitting the road in search of your next adventure.

When you get the itch to drop the top down and go, make sure you can enjoy all of the sights AND the sounds!

Just as a road trip is good for your body and soul, so is healthy hearing. When you hear your best, you improve your ability to communicate, increase your self-esteem, and support your overall wellness. So, hit the open road with your loved ones, confident that you won’t miss out on their stories, conversations and laughter!

Contact us today about your hearing health.

STOCK UP ON SUPPLIES! Check out our NEW E- Store Hearing Screening FREE Expires 6/30/2023. Not to be combined with any other offer. Jim Stobaugh HAD, HAS, NBC-HIS, BA 719-437-7747 MONUMENT, CO 574 W. Hwy 105 Monument, CO 80132

Maximize Health & Minimize Pain

Chiropractic and integrative medicine are powerful tools for pain management, especially when it comes to neck pain, back pain, spinal instabilities, and joint issues. Connected Health can help patients avoid surgery and the potential side effects that come with it. In addition to traditional methods of adjusting the spine and joints through manipulation, Connected Health also offers regenerative therapies such as plasma rich protein (PRP), bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), and joint injections to combat pain and degeneration.

Connected Health takes a holistic approach to healthcare, focusing on lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, and stress reduction, in addition to chiropractic adjustments and rehabilitation. This can be an invaluable resource for those looking to maximize their health and wellness. Your healing, like stress, is cumulative – the more you do something to heal the body, the better you feel. Consistency and self care are the most important parts to a healthy active life. I am here to walk that journey with you every step of the way!

The integrative approach at Connected Health has also been proven to help people lead active lifestyles, free of pain and discomfort. It can greatly reduce the need for medication and allow patients to take control of their own well-being in a way that suits their individual needs.

In short, chiropractic care is an excellent alternative to traditional surgeries for those looking for a more natural approach to pain management. With regenerative therapies, lifestyle modifications, and a holistic view of healthcare, the team at Connected Health can help their patients achieve the healthy and active lifestyle they deserve. We can provide a comprehensive approach to pain management and improving function. Start your journey to a Connected Life with more energy, less pain, and a healthier lifestyle, at Connected Health today!


Connected Health Colorado Springs is here to be your partner in health, offering customtailored, individualized care for every patient at every stage of life.

(719) 510-6730

Dr. Kassab is a Colorado native and avid fan of sports and outdoor activities who returned in 2017 after graduating from the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic - West Campus in San Jose, CA. He enjoyed a 14-year career as an athletic trainer working in professional and collegiate sports, then decided it was time to earn his Doctor of Chiropractic degree to service a new niche of patients. With his mix of orthopedics, rehabilitation and chiropractic, Dr. Kassab delivers care that is unmatched in the Rocky Mountain region. Using his experience in rehabilitation and sports medicine, he gives his patients more than just the quick fix – he works with the patient to find the functional root cause of their pain or dysfunction and equips them to mitigate the problem for their long-term health. For more than 20 years, Dr. Kassab has been working with a wide range of patients, gathering experience from diverse and complicated cases.

“I look at the body from a functional restriction aspect. Patterning and fixing compensations are the key to unlocking the body’s healing and movement potentials.”


There is no universal answer to this question since it depends on various factors, such as your budget, the scope of your remodeling project, and your personal circumstances. However, if you have issues with the functionality of your home, or simply wish to update its appearance, now may be the right time to consider remodeling.

Ultimately, the decision to remodel requires careful consideration of all these factors and a clear understanding of the potential costs, timeline, and expected outcome of the project. It’s always a good idea to consult with a professional contractor or designer who can assess your home and provide guidance on the best course of action based on your individual needs and preferences. It’s important to do your research and plan accordingly before embarking on a remodeling project – but with the right team and approach, remodeling can be a rewarding investment in the future of your home.


Now is a good time to remodel, as lead times shrink and many contractors offer great deals, due to reduced demand after the pandemic. Product availability has begun to fall back into the normal delivery times. Pre-pandemic cabinet orders took 6-8 weeks; then, during the pandemic, we saw cabinet delivery times jump to 35-40 weeks. Another complicating factor was the labor shortage but with slowed demand and people re-entering the workforce, we are now seeing skilled tradesmen available to complete projects more quickly. Additionally, if you start the design process now, you will be able to finish your project before the holiday season!


Remodeling can be a cost-effective and efficient solution for homeowners who want to upgrade their living space without the expense and hassle of moving to a new home. There are many hidden costs that need to be taken into consideration when you consider moving. A short list may include paid commissions, repairs, updates, inspections, cost of utility transfers, moving expenses and many others. A comment I hear often from my clients is, “If we buy a new house, we may still need to remodel it to fit our needs.” The alternative may be adding a new room or updating an outdated kitchen – remodeling can add value to your home and improve the

overall functionality and aesthetic appeal of your living space. Additionally, remodeling allows homeowners to customize their living space according to their specific needs and preferences, creating a home that truly reflects their personality and style.


Remodeling your home not only improves its aesthetics but can also increase its value in the long run. The current median home price in Colorado Springs has dropped 6.8% over last year; this presents an opportunity for homeowners to take advantage of the lower cost of remodeling and invest in home projects that they may have delayed. Consider reaching out to DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen to help you identify costeffective remodeling projects that will provide the most value and beauty.

In short, the answer to whether or not now is the right time to remodel depends on your individual circumstances and goals. Therefore, it’s crucial to carefully evaluate your situation and work with a trusted professional to make an informed decision.


Reach out to DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen to help you identify cost-effective remodeling projects that will provide the most value and beauty.

With the right team and approach, remodeling can be a rewarding investment in the future of your home.”



c a r i n g

We’re a service-minded community –that’s why over 65% of our residents have a military background, whether in service, as a spouse or with immediate family currently on active duty. And as the only gated senior living community in the area, you know that we’re safe, secure and dedicated to your well-being.

With breathtaking mountain views and a convenient location in beautiful Colorado Springs near the Air Force Academy, the experienced staff at Liberty Heights has been providing exceptional care to service members and their families for over 30 years.


Call 719-481-5009 to schedule a personalized tour.

Meet Tyler R. Bron, MD


Dr. Tyler Bron completed his fellowship in adult reconstruction surgery, with specialization in the treatment of arthritic hip and knee conditions. He received specialized training in dealing with complex problems of the hip and knee while attending the University of Colorado. He has a particular interest in the treatment of hip arthritis through a minimally invasive anterior approach.


Dr. Bron was born and raised in Kansas City. He received his undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Kansas. He met his wife – Dr. Mindy Bron, an OB-GYN physician – while in medical school. They both developed a love for Colorado through many visits over the years and couldn’t wait to start their practices in Colorado Springs, specifically. Dr. Bron’s family lives in Colorado as well, making the move to the Springs an easy transition. Some of his interests include hiking, mountain biking, skiing, and spending time in the great outdoors with his wife, beautiful children, family, friends, and dogs.


“I believe the best clinical outcome is achieved when you listen to your patients and have an open, comfortable dialogue between patient and surgeon to determine the treatment goals to meet each individual’s needs. I strive to be available to my patients and to provide as much information as possible about their condition and treatment. As a general principle and when appropriate, I like to exhaust all conservative measures and proceed with surgery only when absolutely necessary. I take care of my patients the same way I would expect another provider to take care of my family – with the utmost respect, diligence, and integrity.”



Adult Reconstruction Fellowship, University of Colorado, Aurora, CO


Orthopedic Surgery, University of Kansas, Wichita, KS


University of Kansas School of Medicine, Kansas City, KS


Bachelor’s, Biochemistry, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS


American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons

American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons


• Total Joint Replacement

• Hip and Knee Surgery

• General Orthopedics

• Trauma and Fracture Care

• Arthritic Disease Management

• Minimally Invasive Anterior Hip Surgery

• Partial Joint Replacement

Dr. Bron is one of the few physicians in Southern Colorado to use a CTguided robotic arm to assist in total knee replacements.


Seven Pillars of Health

Health and wellness are vital to every aspect of our lives. People who regularly eat a balanced diet, exercise their bodies, and are lifelong learners remain strong throughout their lifetime. When considering a retirement community, one of the most important factors is the wellness program that you will have access to in the community of your choice. At Liberty Heights, we aim to create a holistic lifestyle that embraces healthy living. To achieve this, we look at seven key factors that allow our residents to thrive for years to come. They include:


Nutrition Socialization

Learning Opportunities


Wellness Workshops

Spiritual Outlets

These elements are proven to reduce anxiety and depression while allowing residents to develop meaningful relationships with their peers. Active residents can participate in various activities that are designed to support engagement, connection, and fellowship. Additionally, specialized programs for residents with dementia help boost self-esteem and brain stimulation. Our social opportunities include outings to the movies, art classes, community games, happy hour with live entertainment, and more. Fitness programs include chair yoga, balance-building classes, or water aerobics in our stunning indoor heated pool. Our dining services work to develop a menu that is well balanced and offers a variety of meal options. Residents are presented with menus and given choices that allow them to enjoy dining service, the way it is meant to be.

There are many volunteer opportunities that allow residents to feel connected to the community through

service. These opportunities include teaching a class, arranging flowers, serving on the resident council, or even working with a new resident to help them feel more at home. Continuing education is offered weekly at Liberty Heights, including wellness and education workshops that allow residents to continue to gain new knowledge, key to a healthy lifestyle. These classes include foreign country exploration, Brain Health University, community member education series, and physician presentations. To meet the spiritual needs of our residents, Liberty Heights offers on-site religious services of multiple denominations, to allow our residents connection with a spiritual leader.

Liberty Heights offers a wide variety of community engagement opportunities from community outings to lifelong learning courses; senior living groups are doing more to ensure residents get the best possible care. Moving to a retirement community isn’t all about the on-site housekeeping, 24-hour security and transportation services.

We looked at every community in Colorado Springs for my parents before settling on Liberty Heights. We chose Liberty Heights because of the pool and the community setting. It is in a residential neighborhood that allows my parents to feel very at home.”

-Jackie W.
NORTH BY COLORADO MEDIA GROUP | COLORADOMEDIAGROUP.COM 71 Dentistry Made Easy! At Pine Creek Dental we create a painless experience and help our patients feel comfortable. That’s my promise to you.” – Bill Thompson, DDS LASTING RELATIONSHIPS • EXCELLENCE ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY • COMFORT “ Contact us at 719.268.9400 or visit or ← Scan the QR code to learn more about our services!


It’s been said that the best specialist is one who has combined talents and skills in multiple areas, and then uses them in a unique way to serve the needs of people better than virtually anyone else. One great example of someone who’s taken this concept to an entirely different level is Dr. Joseph Ramos. His specialties include both that of a board certified and licensed medical doctor as well as a licensed attorney in multiple states. This incredibly specialized combination of knowledge, skill, and experience allows Dr. Ramos and his team to meet the needs of people across multiple states, including Colorado and, specifically, those in our Colorado Springs community. In short, what makes Ramos Law different, makes them better.

Ramos Law clients enjoy a unique advantage. To learn more, visit or call 719-309-3000.

Avoid Adding Insult to Injury

When someone is injured in what is known as a “personal injury” situation (car accident, dog bite, ski injury, work injury, boat accident, etc.), there are a lot of things going on simultaneously. Experts help ensure that the injured person is taken care of from a medical perspective, but there are other important aspects: the injured party also knows how their vehicle is going to be repaired or replaced; how they can assure that their job is not at risk; or, if injured too severely to perform their job, that there are resources to help them move on with their life. There are also the issues of insurance coverage and who should be paying for what throughout the case, the needs and rights of other people who were involved in the situation, and how much of a settlement is fair after such a traumatic event.

Whenever anyone is injured in a scenario that would be considered personal injury, there are four key steps that must be taken in order to recover completely – not only physically, but emotionally and financially as well.

1. GET ALL THE INFORMATION POSSIBLE. It’s important to get the names, insurance information, pictures of the scene immediately following the incident, and names of all people who were involved in, or witness to, the incident.

2. GET MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY. Injuries always have improved outcomes when treatment starts early. Waiting to get treatment can lead to long-term health issues.

3. KEEP A JOURNAL. Documenting how a person’s life has changed following an incident allows their story to be told months or even years later when their case is ready to settle.


INVOLVED. It’s rare to achieve a good outcome if dealing with insurance companies, defendants, witnesses, and even bill collectors is a part-time project. The main job of the injured party is to get well – not to fight, argue, negotiate, evaluate contracts, and more. Specialists in Personal Injury law do all of the “heavy lifting.” This allows many of the burdens of the business side of the claim to be taken off of the injured person.



When the Grass is Always Greener

Meet the Van Hilsens and Grass365

Sara and Zach Van Hilsen, like many couples, have enjoyed an amazing journey raising four children and juggling busy careers — she in marketing and education and Zach as a pediatric dentist. Then a few years ago, they set out to “merge” their lives, intent on starting some kind of service business together.

After months of research, Sara says, “I finally found the perfect area of service and the perfect company – Grass365. With my husband being raised in the construction and landscaping industry with his father, this was a good fit for us. We love the unique product line and the opportunity to serve our community.”

They have truly merged their careers — and enjoy the time they spend together — helping Colorado Springs residents achieve the beauty, look, and feel of a beautiful yard 365 days a year, without the work of natural grass.

“This turf has been crafted by a 30-year industry veteran and two engineers,” Zach explains. The under side of their unique turf is 100% permeable — with

holes for drainage — so water filters through the material up to 80 times faster than the industry norm. This keeps Grass365 turf fresh, beautiful, and green longer — virtually eliminating the odor that can be associated with turf.

Sara and Zach currently run two crews to bring turf to our desert landscape and are excited to share their services with the community. Their installations are completed with the precision of a surgeon and are designed to last over 15 years.

“Our customers become our friends and we love to see their yards transformed by our work.” Zach says, “The smiles on their faces bring tons of satisfaction as they enjoy every facet of our work. Children, pets, and people all love the transformation of the yards we install.”

Call us at (720) 634-7277 to discuss for your lawn's future possibilities!
“ By far the best turf company in Colorado!”

Website has blogs, listings, videos, links and webcams that highlight all there is to see and do in the region.


Our online trip planner allows you to quickly create, customize and collaborate on the perfect itinerary that will please the entire gang.

Official Vacation Planner

We’ll send each of your guests a printed or digital guide – our treat! Our online form makes it quick and easy.

3 2

Social Media

Follow VisitCOS on Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook for fresh ideas on activities, dining and events.


To really experience a destination, you need to get to know the people who make it special. Tune in to Peak IntoCOSfor captivating episodes and follow @PeakIntoCOS on Instagram.

Visitor Info Center

Sometimes there are too many choices! Stop by 515 S. Cascade Avenue to meet our staff and volunteers. They will help you figure out how to keep everyone informed, wellfed and entertained.

Hotel Happiness

You love your friends. You love your family. Love them even more by setting them up at a nice hotel, cabin or B&B. They’ll love it, too!


Being a great host for a vacation or a weekend getaway can have serious side effects, including, but not limited to, becoming the go-to person for wedding planning, family reunions and work functions. Luckily, Visit Colorado Springs can assist with these as well!

6 5
Get started at

Shop Local or Shop Small?

How to Do Both

Did you know there are hundreds of searches each month on how to shop small or shop local? That means there are people who want to do it, but don’t know how or the best way to support local businesses. Let’s learn the difference and how you can help your community spend money for local needs.

When it comes to supporting local or shopping small, some people mistakenly believe it is more difficult, more expensive, or more limiting than simply going to a large chain store. But these are misconceptions – let us show you how to make it as easy as possible.


The Shop Local movement endorses shopping with locally-owned businesses in your area, whether you purchase online or in person. One factor often dismissed is that shopping local includes shopping local franchisees because, while they may be part of a larger organization, franchises more often than not are owned and operated by local community members and thus are considered part of the shop local movement. With most franchises, the owners buy into an organization but still have some degree of independence to do things like local marketing offers and sponsorships to support community endeavors. This makes them more like a local business than a corporate-owned chain store. The details of these arrangements depend on the franchise, but they’re still considered in the realm of shopping local.

You can expand the shop local campaigns in your area to include supporting local nonprofits, local artisans, and consignment stores – groups that are often forgotten in a traditional shop local campaign.


Shop small is often used interchangeably with shop local, however there are differences between the two. While many factors are considered when calling a business small, typically a small business employs up to 1,500 people, with annual receipts below $7.5 million; it can be an online business or a brick-and-mortar store. While these are the standards according to the Small Business Association, most individuals would not consider businesses employing anywhere near 1,500 people to be small.

Encouraging someone to shop small does not necessarily mean shop local. That could mean supporting a small business hundreds of miles away from you directly from their website or through a mega retailer. It is important to recognize that many local business owners rely on the big guys to get their product out, like Etsy or Amazon. Without a distribution path, they would not have an efficient way to sell to more than just family and friends or those who see their Facebook ads. Don’t always discount someone just because they sell online – research where they are selling from – because they could be your neighbor.


In review, shopping local is a marketing campaign used to persuade consumers to support businesses within their area. To split hairs, that doesn’t need to be a small business. On the other hand, when you support shop small, that means buying from a business that employs fewer employees but doesn’t have to be in your geographic area. That’s why these programs are often combined to support small AND local businesses.

This may seem like nitpicking – and it may be – except that 57% of U.S. consumers say their main reason for shopping small is to keep money local. Since that’s the case, consider shopping at your local small businesses. Towns and cities depend on sales taxes, sometimes the largest contribution to their budgets.

If you want to help support your local community services, by all means shop locally – and when you can, shop small too.


to Leave No Trace during Shoulder Season

Greetings from your local Leave No Trace state advocate! We are in the wonderful and wacky time of year known as “shoulder season,” which takes place between seasons (winter and spring in this case) and is infamous for inconsistent weather and haphazard trail conditions. During this season, it’s important to know how to interact with nature’s gift that keeps on giving – mud!

Leave No Trace Principle 2, Travel & Camp on Durable Surfaces, recommends that trail users hike or bike through the center of the trail, right through the mud. Yes, you heard that right! Attempting to walk or ride around the muddy area contributes to vegetation damage and will eventually widen the trail itself. Plan ahead and wear shoes that you do not mind getting muddy. For those who prefer to keep the tops of their kicks clean, consider investing in a pair of gaiters (panels that seal the vulnerable upper section of your boots). Remember to rinse or shake your boots off before heading home to avoid bringing home any hitchhikers (i.e., burrs and seeds). This is a great way to leave what you find at the park!

Another option for those who don’t want to get down and dirty is to avoid muddy trails altogether and check out some of the region’s paved urban trails. My favorites are the gorgeous Cottonwood Creek trail and the northern section of the Pikes Peak Greenway trail, where I’ve seen wildlife ranging from Great Horned Owls to moose!

The shoulder season can also include sections of trail with lingering icy patches – to be prepared, carry trekking poles or a pair of microspikes to navigate slippery areas. Plan and prepare for this hot/cold/muddy/dry/icy/snowy time of year to stay safe and set a good example for your fellow trail users!

Remember, it takes all of us. Until next time, enjoy your world and Leave No Trace.

No Trace Principle 2 - why/7-principles/travel-camp-on-durablesurfaces/ “Mud!”
Author’s contact information for

A Palate for Wine

Wine is a distinct, individual experience; what you like in one wine may be completely different to what the person next to you enjoys. What drives this differing experience? It boils down to your own unique palate. Your palate can be described as a personal preference for certain flavors, aromas, and textures. Some prefer the grassy freshness of a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, others like the rich style of a Napa Cabernet, while some just want to unwind with a soft Oregon Pinot Noir.

Now that we’ve defined the palate: what determines your personal palate preference? Our enjoyment of a wine is closely linked to the unspoken chemistry of each wine. The balance of each component, how long the flavors linger on your palate, the intensity and complexity of these flavors – they all form an objective quality in a wine that can be measured against what you prefer. To hone your palate, there are certain core elements to consider, including: acidity, sweetness, tannin, alcohol concentration, and body. If this sparks your interest, I’d love to walk you through identifying these elements the next time you’re at Vine and Wheel.

Wine preference is not only driven by physical wine components – it’s also linked to certain memories. For instance, maybe you have taken a trip to Tuscany, Italy – you enjoyed an unbelievable view over the rolling vineyards and a nice glass of Chianti as the sun set. Now whenever you order a glass of Chianti, it takes you right back to the vineyards, the warmth of that moment and its lack of life’s responsibilities. Sounds nice, right? Frequently, our favorite wines are closely linked to our favorite memories. I thoroughly encourage you to venture out and look for these flavor moments as often as you can.

Whatever your individual palate may prefer, it’s important to remember that if you like it – then it’s good.


Through event promotion and community development activities, Colorado Springs Sports Corporation (CSSC) plays a critical role in bringing civic leaders together with some of the nation’s premier sporting organizations to promote tourism and create positive economic impact. Colorado Springs Sports Corporation hosts annual signature and partnership events in addition to supporting the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee, National and International Governing Bodies of Sport, and the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum.


To inspire and advance Colorado Springs, Olympic City USA, and the Pikes Peak Region through sport and community events. Visit our Website Watch our Sizzle Reel



Whether you are a seasoned property investor or purchasing your first home, count on Michelle’s tenured guidance to help you create a customized mortgage plan to fit your short and long-term financial goals.

Licensed in all 50 states, Michelle’s personalized and efficient mortgage process provides solutions for even the most complex financial situations.

VP NMLS ID 137164 | Guaranteed Rate NMLS ID 2611 | For more information, visit AK - 137164, AL - 72981, AR - Licensed, AZ - 1007852, CA - CA-DBO137164, CO100035767, CT - LO-137164, DC - MLO137164, DE - MLO-137164, FL - LO17860, GA - 67205, HI - HI-137164, IA - 34440, ID - MLO-2080137164, IL - 031.0002302, IN - 14945, KS - LO.0039572, KY - MC701827, LA - Licensed, MA - MLO137164, MD - 137164, ME - Licensed, MI - 137164, MN - MN-MLO-137164, MO - MO-137164, MS - 137164, MT - 137164, NC - I-189254, ND - NDMLO137164, NE - Licensed, NH - Licensed, NJ - Licensed, NM - Licensed, NV - 66499, NY - Licensed, OH - MLO-OH.1371164, OR - Licensed, PA - 76869, RI - Licensed, SC - MLO - 137164, SD - MLO.08664, TN - 204296, TX - Licensed, UT - 12468410, VA - MLO-13110VA, VT - VT137164, WA - MLO-137164, WI - 137164, WV - LO-137164, WY - 8521 TOP 1% MORTGAGE ORIGINATOR Mortgage Executive Magazine 2012-2022 TOP WOMAN ORIGINATOR Scotsman Guide 2012-2022 LICENSED IN ALL 50 STATES CUSTOM PROGRAMS FOR YOUR UNIQUE WEALTH STRATEGY VA - up to $2M Jumbo - up to $3.5M Conventional FHA Self-Employed Niche Programs Renovation Condo Long Term Lock/ New Construction Call today for your complimentary mortgage strategy consultation. 312.953.7365 Applicant subject to credit and underwriting approval. Not all applicants will be approved for financing. Receipt of application does not represent an approval for financing or interest rate guarantee. Restrictions may apply. Guaranteed Rate has no affiliation with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, the US Department of Veterans Affairs, the US Department of Agriculture or any other government agency.

MAY 10-12

The Civility of the Book Conversation, Collaboration, Community

Celebrate the plethora of regional authors in the Pikes Peak area at this 3-day gathering of talk-backs, readings, masterclasses, and keynote speakers. Additional vendor opportunities are available.

Cement Stage Series - Film & Music Festival

A monthly summer series highlighting local music and film behind City Aud. Accessible to all, with family-friendly activities and vendors bringing energy to the downtown COS area! We will highlight local film talent and well-loved homegrown music.

AUG 25-26


City Aud Sounds Downtown Music Festival

The first annual Downtown COS Music Festival highlighting venues that already host live music, downtown shops, restaurants, and galleries. Spanning over two days, it will bring all of Colorado Springs to the downtown area. For the grand finale, a headliner will attract people from all over the region.

City Aud Eats - A Foodie’s Dream

Highlighting the CSCCC Capstone Culinary and Hospitality Workforce Program, this foodie’s experience will tantalize your palate. In an experiential and creative environment with local artists and performers, this event will activate all your senses.


OCT 27-28


DEC 31



Tickets on sale April 10th.

Coroner’s Halloween ‘Aud’ Ball & Monster Mash Bash

2022 was such a hit, that we are bringing Dr. Leon Kelly’s Coroner’s Halloween ‘Aud’ Ball back! The “odd” ball is for all the freaky, funny, and weird fanatics in the Springs. We are bringing in a surprise national act to make this the event you certainly won’t want to miss!

City Aud Gala - Celebrating 100 Years

A formal black tie gala featuring the Chamber Orchestra of the Springs and a surprise headliner, this legacy event will include an awards ceremony, a silent and live auction, amazing food, drinks, and dancing. It will be a night to remember!

NYE Midnight Masquerade

Join us for the grand finale of 2023! Live music, dancing, and fine dining await as you and hundreds of your friends ring in the new year together. Register for this one early as it will be the New Year’s Eve event you won’t want to miss.


Access to Justice

At some point in your life, you may need to sue someone; and at that moment, the complexity of the court system will be overwhelming. Therefore, you will probably find yourself looking for a good lawyer. But anyone who ever said “talk is cheap” has never talked to an attorney. The truth is lawyers are expensive.

Unfortunately, the battered woman with three young children who needs a protection order from her abusive husband many times cannot find work that pays enough to feed the family and pay for day care on top of the retainer for an attorney. Justice can feel impossible when the reason you are

seeking assistance from the law is because you have been cheated, wronged, or injured and are unable to work.

Colorado has long been a proud leader in the call for access to justice for those segments of the population most deserving of skilled lawyers. Our state’s Supreme Court established the Access to Justice Commission in 2003 to promote the development of legal programs for lower income populations who may not be able to afford a lawyer. The program unites leaders statewide, including from our city, to address barriers in accessing the civil justice system.

Elizabeth Vanatta is a divorce and custody attorney in Colorado Springs, having spent her early career as a deputy district attorney working with law enforcement and victims in prosecuting violent crimes in El Paso County and around the state. Ms. Vanatta has a specific interest in broadening the conversation around services that can help victims of human trafficking.

Legal Aid Programs in Colorado Springs for LowIncome Individuals and Victims in Need

Here in Colorado Springs, our courts have developed programs to pay for lawyers for low-income victims and individuals with the most need. Through The Pro Bono Project, individuals may be selected to receive free legal representation if they fall below the poverty line and their case is sufficiently severe. The court can assist the individual with the application and will notify the person if their case is selected. The Justice Center, another local agency, also offers a weekly Call-A-Lawyer program where volunteer attorneys donate their time to take questions in many areas of the law. So, whether you are a landlord with a non-paying tenant, an employee experiencing unfair treatment at work, or the parent of a teenager who just got a speeding ticket, your leaders in the law in Colorado Springs are working to make justice as accessible as possible to you.

88 NORTH BY COLORADO MEDIA GROUP | COLORADOMEDIAGROUP.COM Owner Nicole Mendoza 13796 Gleneagle Dr Colorado Springs, CO 80921 719-646-2122 Shop online 24/7 Handcrafted Soy Wax Candles and Melts Gleneagle Candle Co. is a local, woman owned business. We believe in supporting the community that we live and work in We offer in-kind donations to nonprofit organizations to use for fundraising Email nikki@gleneaglecandleco com for more information on how we can help your organization or fundraiser. We also offer a daily 10% discount for military, educators, first responders, and healthcare employees. CUSTOM CANDLES • CURBSIDE PICK UP • GIFT WRAPPING PROUD SUPPORTER OF

Seeking Safety in El Paso County

Colorado Springs boasts robust growth across industries, a rich outdoor lifestyle, and beautiful scenery, with the city sitting against one of Colorado’s favorite 14,000-foot peaks. However, an sinister aspect of our community’s reality is that, because we sit so conveniently placed on I-25, our city is a hotbed for human trafficking. According to the 2020 National Human Trafficking Hotline Colorado Data Report, our state saw the 15th highest call volume of all 50 states and Washington, D.C. in 2020 related to human trafficking cases. And while sex trafficking constitutes the highest percentage of cases at 74%, other areas of trafficking do exist, such as labor trafficking, which makes up another 12% of human trafficking reported in Colorado.

Many legal professionals in Colorado Springs are working tirelessly to combat human trafficking in its various forms, as well as the impacts human trafficking has on the victims and their families. The 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office employs deputy district attorneys in its Special Victims Unit, specifically assigned to track and prosecute crimes involving victims of certain felony-level activities. These include Human Trafficking for Sexual Servitude, a crime under Colorado Revised Statutes 18-3-503 and 18-3-504. Those deputy district attorneys are highly skilled trial lawyers who sometimes spend years helping victims escape the brutal realities of life as a trafficked victim. The District Attorney’s Office also employs victim advocates pursuant to the Colorado Victims Rights Act, who help victims navigate and understand the vast complexities of the court system. Luckily, Colorado has prioritized the investment of resources to help victims of violence and human trafficking. For example, TESSA of Colorado Springs, a domestic violence advocacy center, received grant funding in 2019 to establish an in-house legal team to assist victims in obtaining temporary and permanent restraining orders.

Unfortunately, while we know that human trafficking occurs in our city, according to the 2021 Federal Human Trafficking Colorado State Report, there were zero defendants convicted of human trafficking in our state in 2021. As a community, therefore, we must find new ways to combat this ongoing problem.


NORTH Advertiser Index


Thank you to each and every advertiser listed herein. You are greatly appreciated and are why Colorado Springs is an amazing Community. Thank you!

Air Force Athletics

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Charmas Lee

City Auditorium

Colorado Springs Airport

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First National Bank/Colorado

Force Broadband

Flying Horse Realty

The Club at Flying Horse

The Pinery North

Guaranteed Rate

Glen Eagle Candles

COS Hispanic Chamber of Commerce


Liberty Heights

Marquesa Hobbs, Realtor/ERA Shields

National Charity League

Pine Creek Dental

Ramos Law

Rocky Mountain Vibes

Senior Insurance Solutions

Strata at Garden of the Gods

Stewart Remodeling


Vine & Wheel

WCG Accounting

YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region



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H i s t e a m o f o v e r 8 5 a t t o r n e y s , p a r a l e g a l s , l e g a l a s s i s t a n t s , a n d a d m i n i s t r a t o r s a l l s h a r e h i s s t a n d a r d o f t a k i n g c a r e o f o u r c l i e n t s w i t h t h e s a m e c a r e a n d c o m p a s s i o n t h a t g o o d d o c t o r s t a k e c a r e o f t h e i r p a t i e n t s … t h a t ’ s d i f f e r e n t .

C o m e e x p e r i e n c e t h e R a m o s L a w d i f f e r e n c e f o r y o u r s e l f

C O N T A C T U S T O D A Y !

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J o s e p h R a m o s , M D J D

An elegant and contemporary full-service venue in North Colorado Springs. Perfect for corporate events, family gatherings, private parties, and more. Book between January and April of 2023 and GET 15% OFF YOUR ENTIRE EVENT. | (719) 634-7772
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