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Osteoporosis Explained Causes And Osteoporosis Treatment

ďƒ˜Osteoporosis is a sickness of bone prompting to an expanded danger of break.

ďƒ˜Types of Osteoporosis The most basic reason for osteoporosis is age.

ďƒ˜Osteoporosis likewise can be brought on by maladies or different components, for example,

ďƒ˜Hormone issues ,less than stellar eating routine , certain prescriptions an excess of smoking or drinking Causes

ďƒ˜Symptoms There are no side effects in the early phases of the disease. Symptoms happening late in the infection include:

Fractures of the vertebrae, wrists, or hips (as a rule the primary sign) * Low back torment *Neck torment *Bone torment or delicacy * Loss of stature after some time * Stooped posture

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Osteoporosis explained causes and osteoporosis treatment  
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