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graphic standards manual Luxor Resort & Casino Las Vegas Version 1.0 | July 2020

letter from general manager

We are proud to announce the launch of our new company brand identity as part of the ongoing evolution of the Luxor Resort & Casino, Las Vegas. The Luxor Resort brand is one of our most valuable assets. We want you to become advocates for our brand and help us use it contently. Our brand is expressed in many ways — our behaviour, our service, our communications. We are asking you to pay special attention to all the ways we express our brand. The pyramid at Luxor Resort in Las Vegas, with its beam of light, provides a striking visual even on the overtly glamorous Las Vegas Strip. One of the most recognizable structures in Las Vegas, the 30-story pyramid — an architectural wonder — invites curiosity, while the inside rewards visitors with equal parts excitement, mystery and intrigue. Since we are owned and operated MGM Resorts International, our mission and core belief are closely inherited from our parent company. Over the course of the last decade, MGM Resorts has engaged in a sweeping transformation, building a new Company on an entirely new trajectory and forging a single, unified vision about who we are and what we do. Our Las Vegas roots are a proud part of our history and a signature element of everything we create, wherever we may go. In our eyes, entertainment is not extracurricular – it’s a fundamental human need. Therefore, we exist to ENTERTAIN THE HUMAN RACE. Experience Las Vegas is in our DNA, so we take the best, most innovative ideas of our hometown wherever we go. Believing entertainment is more than fun, it’s a fundamental human need, we develop and create immersive experiences that redefine conventional notions of entertainment and are extraordinary in every way. Place & Scale We create spaces that allow our guests to immerse themselves in the experience through beautiful architecture, compelling design or surprising elements that create whimsy and delight, culminating in inviting spaces that bring people together. While our destinations are inspired by the lights, sparkle and sound of the incomparable Las Vegas Strip, we strive to ensure that our resorts honor and reflect the most special elements of the surrounding community. Community Our projects are integrated into the very fabric of the region and aim to reflect, sustain and build on the best of a community – its businesses, neighborhoods and institutions. Its art, culture and local nuance. We invest heavily in locally and minority-owned businesses and community nonprofits. We work with government, business and civic leaders to earn the licenses we are granted.

Nik Ryttertrom General Manager LUXOR Resort & Casino

Graphic Standards Manual

table of contents



1.1 Logo Evolution 1.2 Construction 1.3 Clear Space 1.4 Scale

2.1 Typography 2.2 Color Palette 2.3 Logo Color Variations 2.4 Incorrect Usage

identit y

LUXOR Resort & Casino

v isua ls

3 .0

a pplications 3.1 Staionery Syste 3.2 Toiletries 3.3 Key Card 3.4 Door Knob 3.5 Signage

3.6 Media 3.7 Shuttle 3.7 Advertising 3.8 Tableware

Graphic Standards Manual

02 | LUXOR Resort & Casino


identit y 1.1 Logo Evolution 1.2 Construction 1.3 Clear Space 1.4 Scale

Graphic Standards Manual | 03

1.1 logo evolution

previous edition


This is the third version of the Luxor Resorts & Casino, Las Vegas. The letter X indicates the iconic pyramid architectural style and high beam. Our company logo is the single most visible representation of our company. It is used to identify our employees, communications, and products. Used effectively, our logo will help build greater awareness and understanding of our company.

04 | LUXOR Resort & Casino

1.1 logo evolution (continued)

preffered edition

preferred current version

The combination of icon and wordmark that identifies our company and service. We replaced Las Vegas by Resorts & Casino, which reflects our major business more straightforwardly. The location will be include in other applications. The icon indicates our iconic pyramid architectural style, which splits in the centre refers to the high beam direction and welcoming consumers to enter the pyramid. The wordmark using a subtle elegant serif typeface with personality.

Graphic Standards Manual | 05

1.1 logo evolution (continued)

alternative configuration

vertical placement

06 | LUXOR Resort & Casino

The icon and wordmark can be placed vertically for alternative use. Use this version for vertical, narrow, or centre preferred applications when the primary brand identifier cannot or not suitable to be used.

1.2 construction

horizontal (primary)


horizontal vertical

The cap-height of wordmark is line-up with the unclosed pyramid stroke. The gutter between the icon and wordmark equals to the stroke gap height (in icon) and the height from secondary wordmark baseline to the primary wordmark baseline. The gutter between the icon and wordmark is equal to the gutter in the horizontal version. Each side of icon is line-up with the centre of the letter U and O, which is not perfectly centered due to visual balance.

Graphic Standards Manual | 07

1.3 clear space

horizontal (primary)


clear space determination

08 | LUXOR Resort & Casino

In order to maintain the integrity and legibility of our brand identifier, a suggested clear space has been created where nothing is to encroach on the logo. It is determined by the same gutter (between icon and wordmark)in our brand identifier.

1.4 scale & minimum size

minimum size

Full Logo

1 in

72 px

Full Logo

0.75 in

54 px

To ensure the integrity and legibility of the logo across all mediums, adhere to minimum size. The minimum size for the primary logo is 1 in in width for printing media, and 72 px for digital media. In any other situations where a smaller logo is needed, the vertical lock-up should be used. The minimum size for the alternative logo is 0.75 in in width for printing media, and 54 px for digital media.

Graphic Standards Manual | 09

10 | LUXOR Resort & Casino


v isua ls 2.1 Typography 2.2 Color Palette 2.3 Logo Color Variations 2.4 Incorrect Usage

Graphic Standard Manual | 11

2.1 typography



Goldenbook Heavy 26pt

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV W X YZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 Goldenbook Light Goldenbook Regular Goldenbook Bold goldenbook

Goldenbook Extrabold Goldenbook Heavy Goldenbook Black

Typeface helps with expressing the Luxor Resorts & Casino’s personality. Goldenbook is a subtle serif typeface designed by Mark Simonson, released by Mark Simonson Studio. It’s available in 6 different weights listed above, no italics available. The weight used in wordmark is Goldenbook Heavy.

12 | LUXOR Resort & Casino

2.1 typography (continued)



Ideal Sans Book 26pt

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 Ideal Sans Extra Light Ideal Sans Light Ideal Sans Book ideal sans

Ideal Sans Medium Ideal Sans Semibold Ideal Sans Bold

Ideal sans is a humanist sans serif typeface released through H&FJ (now known as Hoefler & Co.) in 2011. It has a clean but friendly quality that suitable for body copies. There are 8 weights available, with italics as well. Body copies recommend weight is Ideal Sans Book, 9.5 pt, +20 tracking. Headings recommend weight is Idea Sans Semibold, 16 pt small caps + 50 tracking.

Graphic Standards Manual | 13

2.2 color palette

primary colors


CMYK 0/0/5/0

RGB 255 / 254 / 250

Hex # FFFEF6

Luxor Midnight Turquoise

CMYK 71 / 19 / 0 / 69

RGB 24 / 67 / 83

Hex # 184353

secondary colors

( In Use of Secondary Graphics )

Luxor Cream

CMYK 0 / 3 / 14 / 8

RGB 235 / 227 / 203

Hex # EBE3CB

Luxor Bright Turquoise

CMYK 62 / 10 / 0 / 43

RGB 55 / 130 / 145

Hex # 378291

color usage

In order to implement consistent yet diverse material for the brand, a primary and secondary palette has been chosen for use in the development of all media. The primary color — off-white and Luxor midnight turquoise, and secondary colors — Luxor cream and bright turquoise. Secondary colors were chosen from lighter or darker shades of the primary color, specifically for the usage of secondary graphics, see examples on the left above.

14 | LUXOR Resort & Casino

2.3 logo color variations preferred usage on light background

alternative usage on light background

preferred knockout version

alternative knockout version

primary color usage

The selection of colors in the logo help to define and enforce the brand. Consistent and careful use of colors will ensure the integrity of the identity system as a whole. Whenever possible, the logo in midnight turquoise should be reproduced on the chosen off-white or light-colored neutral background. The knockout version should be reproduced on the chosen off-white when the background color is comparable to the primary Luxor midnight turquoise color or dark-colored backgrounds.

Graphic Standards Manual | 15

2.4 incorrect usage

DO NOT condense, distort, or change the portion.

DO NOT use opacity.

DO NOT sheer, rotate or expand the logo or any portion of the logo.

DO NOT use the brand mark in any color other than the specified color palette.

DO NOT match background color other than the provided color palette.

DO NOT attempt to reset the logo type with an alternative typeface

16 | LUXOR Resort & Casino

2.4 incorrect usage (continued)

DO NOT seperate or remove any elements.

DO NOT apply drop shadows.

DO NOT use outline.

DO NOT use gradient as the background.

DO NOT use the logo as background.

DO NOT use the logo to create pattern.

Graphic Standards Manual | 17

18 | LUXOR Resort & Casino

3 .0

a pplications 3.1 Stationery System 3.2 Toiletries 3.3 Key Card 3.4 Door Knob 3.5 Signage 3.6 Media 3.7 Shuttle 3.8 Advertising 3.9 Tableware

Graphic Brand Graphic Standard Guidelines Manual | 19

3.1 stationery system


20 | LUXOR Resort & Casino

The letterhead is designed as US lettersize. An off-white color paper stock has been chosen to engage eyes better, which also matches the chosen off-white in our primary color palette. Brand logo and company information are reproduced as the Luxor midnight turquoise. The cream color Egyptian cat god, known as Bastet, works tone on tone as our secondary graphic. Bastet is highly recognizable as Ancient Egyptian style, but is also suitable for the elegant fancy Las Vegas vibe.

business card #10 envelope

The front of business card background color is our primary Luxor midnight turquoise, while Bastet appealing tone on tone throughout the visual system. The back of business card indicate name, position, email, phone number, company address, and company website. Typography also match the brand color. The #10 envelop follows the layout styling of letterhead.

Graphic Standards Manual | 21

3.2 toiletries


22 | LUXOR Resort & Casino

The toiletry set includes a soap, lotion, dental kit, and face cleanser. The scale of Bastet may vary depending on the usage.

shampoo & conditioner

Shampoo and conditioner alwayas come hand in hand. Thus, the color of bottles and caps are opposite. The scale of logo, texts, and Bastes keeps consistent.

Graphic Standards Manual | 23

3.3 key card

room key card and holder

24 | LUXOR Resort & Casino

The room key maintains the Luxor midnight turquoise. Text “Key Card� fits in the negative space of Bestet body and tail. The instruction on the back of key card also set as one of our brand color. The holder maintains the minimal cream colors, which won't compete with the key card color. Blank space is also flexible for front desk may write down any required information.

3.4 door knob

double-sided door knob

The door knob is double-sided, one primary color on each side. The scale of Bastet depending on the negative space of texts. The curve of Bastet creates some movement connections with text rags.

Graphic Standards Manual | 25

3.5 signage

hallway wayfinding

26 | LUXOR Resort & Casino

Since our resort’s interior design is heavily influenced by Ancient Egypt and mainly made of wood. The hallway wayfinding may be engraved on wood walls. The style of arrows follows the outline style of the icon in our brand identifier.

exterior signage

The mockup photo has dark tone background with wood side details, which fits the exterior and interior design of Luxor Resort.

Graphic Standards Manual | 27

3.6 media

reservation page

28 | LUXOR Resort & Casino

The website design is fully responsive, which fits desktop and mobile (tablet and mobile mockuped above). The photo inherits from our existing website. Extra pictures of hotel lobby, rooms, and venues are available for swipe-browsing next or beneath the “Book A Room� box.

email confirmation apple wallet

As guest finish reservation online, they will recieve an email confirmation in minutes. The email confirmation contains a QR code for easy check-in and also allows clients to add it to Apple Wallet. When guest add their reservation letter into their Apple Wallet, the button wil automatically changed to “mobile self check-in.� This UI is designed specifically for COVID-19 policy changes, but also for further convinience.

Graphic Standards Manual | 29

3.7 shuttle

lumousine shuttle

30 | LUXOR Resort & Casino

Since we are in Las Vegas and our core belief is to “entertain the human race,� the shuttle we decided to go with a lumousine. It allows our clients can go with styles whenever they need and whenever they ask for.

Graphic Standards Manual | 31

3.8 advertising


32 | LUXOR Resort & Casino

The horizontal billboard is designed for freeway and city view. It includes our brand logo, slogan, and photography. The knockout version of logo allows public see it from distance. Please note that the logo is the off-white provided in color pallete. It lets our potential customers to know that we are accepting reservations again. The night-time photography can best express the personality of Las Vegas while highlighting the billboard during daytimes.

metro billboard

The metro billboard keeps minimal and mysterious. It draws pedestrians’ attention and curiosity without causing delay and confusion because the Metro is a fast pace location in cities. As they pass through, they'll grab their phone and browse our website for more informations later on rather than stop and read.

Graphic Standards Manual | 33

3.9 tableware

alcohol glass set

34 | LUXOR Resort & Casino

We serve alcohol drinks within the lounge and casino. Those are examples for different size and shape of alcohol drink glasses. The usage of secondary graphic depending on the scale of application or needs.

dine-in tableware

The example of dine in utensils including plates and tea cup.

Graphic Standards Manual | 35


for further information +1 (702) 262 - 4000 3900 S Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89119

Copyright Š 2020 Luxor Resort & Casino Las Vegas This version of the brand guidelines supercedes any previous versions. Please ensure all use of the Luxor Resort & Casino Las Vegas brand complies with any applicatble regulations and has been approved by a Luxor representative. All Rights Reserved. Do not reproduce without permission of the copy right holder.

LUXOR Resort & Casino

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