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From Once Broke


Time & Money

FREEDOM F I N A L LY F O U N D From an exhausting corporate gig to newly found freedom. Tracey Walker wanted something better for herself and ended up discovering a business of a lifetime. SEE PAGE 24

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APRIL 2013

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MLM of the Month


Opportunity Spotlight

Total Life Changes

Direct Pay System


Imagine if you could get paid monthly on these services that people already use!

Bills Monthly - $73

Phone Pay Cell - $91 Pay Gas - $118 Pay Electric - $73 - $30 Pay TV Security Pay Home - $35 Pay Internet


0 = $42

*Rates vary depending upon location, family size and specific types of utilities and companies that provide those services.

People When Get Paid ly Bills! Pay Month

Get Paid When Others Pay Their Bills Shane Douglas one of the home-business industry’s top income earners and trainers has assembled an experienced team and wants to help you achieve the same level of success he has had.


Make More Money From Home


Time & Money Freedom Finally Found


Entrepreneurs Share Success Secrets


From Once Broke to Big Money

Young, rich & totally free. How Brian Carruthers left behind a career in real estate to start a home-based business...and became a millionaire in the process.

From an exhausting corprorate gig to newly found freedom. Tracey Walker wanted something better for herself and ended up discovering a business of a lifetime.

With over 100 years of combined experience “The Big 3” can help you make money and achieve your goals.

Top income earners Aaron & Sophia Rashkin discovered a life-changing business that turned their world upside down allowing them to enjoy more time freedom with their sons.

Photo Credits: (top left) Shane Douglas: Photography provided by Shane Douglas, (bottom left) Brian Carruthers: Photography provided by Brian Carruthers (center) Tracey Walker: Photography by Amy Arrington Photography, (top right) “The Big 3”: Photography by Mark Perlstein Photography, (bottom right) Aaron Rashkin: Photography by Valerie Koop, In The Moment Photography








Maybe you have and you already know the answer or maybe you have to stop and think for a minute.



Have you ever asked yourself what you want out of life?


Is it more time? More money? More freedom? Whatever it be, it IS possible. Home Business Connection magazine is a living testament to that. From a bedroom in his parents’ farmhouse, the late Phil Longenecker grew his business and this magazine. He had a zest for life, saw a need for connecting people, made it a reality and became an industry icon. No it didn’t happen overnight but then again nothing rewarding ever does. As you page through this magazine you will read success stories of average people just like you and I; people who come from all walks of life. These individuals have had the courage to make a change and are now reaping the rewards – whether it be of time, money, freedom – or all 3. Each ad has a story behind it and exploring the opportunities out there will only get you one step closer to possibly finding the one that might be perfect for you. We’ve been connecting people since the early 1990’s, let us help you! The possibilities are endless - your path begins here… HOME BUSINESS CONNECTION magazine (“HBC”) is an informational source only, and should not be considered an endorsement or testimonial of the publisher Cutting Edge Media, Inc. (the “Publisher”), or its shareholders, officers, directors, employees, agents or representatives, of any of the products, services or advertisements contained herein. The Publisher does not verify all of the information published in HBC, and as such, does not assume any responsibility for such information. To the extent any reader of HBC relies on the information contained herein, the reader does so at his or her own risk. The reader of HBC assumes all responsibility for investigating the reliability and suitability of the products and services contained herein. The Publisher does not assume any responsibility for any action or representation of any entity or individual represented in HBC and the Publisher does not guarantee the outcome or results of any correspondence, arrangements or subsequent transactions the reader makes with any such entity or individual. Furthermore, the Publisher assumes no responsibility for the delivery or merchandise, starter kits, supplies or other products and services offered in HBC. By using HBC, the reader understands and agrees that the Publisher makes no representation that information contained in HBC is medical, legal, financial, accounting, tax or other professional advice. In the event the reader requires medical, legal or other professional services or assistance, the reader should seek the services of a qualified professional. The Publisher assumes no responsibility for any changes to the offers contained in HBC, or for any entity represented herein that goes out of business. In the event a reader has questions or concerns regarding any program, products or service contained in HBC, the reader should direct all correspondence to the entity or individual, not the Publisher. Articles appearing in this publication express opinions, experience and research of the respective author and not necessarily the opinion of HOME BUSINESS CONNECTION magazine or the Publisher.

Cutting Edge Media Publications

MAILING ADDRESS: Cutting Edge Media, Inc. 1595 S. Mt. Joy Street Elizabethtown, PA 17022 PHONE: 1.866.235.4770 FAX: 717.361.0860


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You Want e f i L e h T e Liv

Almost everyone dreams of the ability to work on their own schedules, with plenty of money for fun, travel, and savings. People start home businesses every day with the goal of becoming financially free—and, just as importantly—having time freedom, too. But when you’re thinking about starting a home-based business, there are a few very important things you need to pay attention to. There are lots of opportunities out there. But if you don’t find the right company, you may find yourself slogging along without much success, or end up foiled by circumstances beyond your control. However, if you find the right business with the right products and the right leadership, you’ll be amazed at how your lifestyle can change forever. Total Life Changes (TLC) has the right pieces in place to let you live the life you want!

Strong products The basis for any business is the product or service that it offers. If you don’t provide something that your customers need or want, your business will fail. Total Life Changes offers a variety of products that really work! Their cleansing weight-loss tea is showing amazing results in people who are watching the pounds drop off, while their skin cream and body wash reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and seemingly roll back the aging clock! Customers who try these products are clamoring for more. And the newest product, Delgada, is a nutrient-infused coffee that you can make quickly and easily if you are on-the-go. This delicious coffee has the same weight-loss properties as TLC’s already-successful tea, but it’s great for people who can’t get through the morning without a tasty cup of joe. All members of TLC can get free samples of Delgada…and you can get a free sample, too, by visiting

Strong company Without strong leadership, every effort fails. The good news is: Total Life Changes has a knowledgeable CEO and stable leadership that KNOWS what it takes to keep a company going and help its distributors succeed. TLC has been in business for 13 years and has expanded into foreign markets around the globe. They are not going anywhere.

Strong business The final, and some would say most important, part of a home-based business is what it provides for you. If you’re a distributor, what is the company doing to help you build your business? At TLC, as a member of the Powerline, you get a replicated website to do some of the marketing for you, 25 leads a month to help you grow your team, and free samples that TLC mails out FOR YOU! That means no shipping costs for you—and if your potential customer likes that sample, they’ll be coming to you for more. Also, there are no sign up fees or distributor kits to buy. You can start your own business for $44.95. That’s it! You won’t find a franchise or any other kind of business for even 100 times that amount. With their new product launch and a growing company, TLC has what it takes to help you succeed in your own home business. Take a look, get a free sample, and see how Total Life Changes could totally change your life!

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See our company review on page 12




Imagine if you could get paid monthly on these services that people already use!

ills B y l onth


$73 hone P l l e Pay C 91 as - $ G y a P $118 tric c e l E Pay 3 $30 V - $7 Pay T rity u c e S ome Pay H - $35 ternet In y a P


0 = $42

*Rates vary depending upon location, family size and specific types of utilities and companies that provide those services.



ople e P n e aid Wh Bills! Get P y l h t n o Pay M



When People Pay Their Monthly Bills Shane Douglas, one of the home-based business industry’s top income earners and trainers, has assembled an experienced team to teach you how to become successful in your own home-based business. Visit


t’s a fact that everyone has utility bills: Electric, gas, cell phone, TV, Internet, and the list goes on. And no matter how financially challenged or wealthy someone may be, these essential services are needed and can never be paid off; everyone will have to pay for them for the rest of their lives out of necessity. So when a global communications company that is open in 23 countries worldwide and endorsed by one of the wealthiest people in the world, who featured this company on his hit primetime reality TV show, says you should find out more, would you want to hear more about it? What if this same company said they’d pay you generously for helping others get paid when they pay their monthly bills, would you want to know even more? Shane Douglas did, and it’s paid off in an incredible way for him. It’s been seven years since this Idaho native, coming from a town of 1,500 people, started his home-based business helping people match and surpass their current monthly income, plus get paid every time they pay their own monthly bills.

I don’t sell anything; I just simply show people how to get paid every month for services they were going to use anyway and teach others to do the same.” “I was tired of all the promises from other companies that say you can become wealthy overnight only to find out you have to sell and teach others how to sell products that are either overpriced or only appeal to a small percentage of the population,” says Shane. “Our company is different: We only offer services that people pay on monthly basis like gas, electricity, TV, internet, cell phones, home security and more. And I don’t sell anything; I just simply show people how to get paid every month for services they were going to use anyway and teach others to do the same.” Shane explains that recent deregulation of Energy providers around the

country has opened up a significant opportunity for more people to choose who they get their service with. “People like to know they have a choice,” Shane says. “This, in turn, creates more opportunity for entrepreneurs to grow their business with our company.” “In this declining economy, home-based businesses are on the rise. People want to supplement their income and possibly replace their incomes while working from home. So the opportunity to get paid every single month when someone turns on their lights, heats their home, uses their cellphone watches TV, logs onto the Internet or arms their security system is a no-brainer,” he says. The way Shane has grown to be one of the top income earners and trainers in this business is by following the system the company offers all of its independent business owners (IBOs). He says that he tells people they can get the same services from the same major service providers and get paid. Then, according to Shane, all he does is direct them to his online store, which is included in the company’s start-up business package. “Our system is 100% automated for you,” he explains. “Simply direct potential customers to your online store that the company sets up for you, and they can sign up for any of these services with many of the major companies that are available in their area. When they sign up on your online store, you receive a residual commission every month when they pay their bills. It’s that simple.” The key to his success, he says, is that he doesn’t complicate his business; he just goes out and shares the company’s program and his personal story. “It might not be sexy—it’s utilities after all—but it is simple to share the story. Everyone can relate, because everyone has to pay these bills,” he says. “I’ve been fortunate to have had major success with this company by taking action and so has my team. We’ve grown to over 200,000 IBOs in our group in the last seven years all by doing the same thing: keeping it simple.” Shane is looking to mentor someone new in 2013 to the same level of success he has had, would you like it to be you? To see more information about this company go to Shane and his proven leadership, who started out just like you, are here to answer your questions and help you get started.





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Take the Next Step Toward Your

Home Business Connection recently sat down with Brian Carruthers, a top income earner and leader in the LegalShield home-business opportunity, to hear more about his business and the exciting news he has for readers like you who are searching for a reliable way to make money from home.

HBC: How is LegalShield helping people earn money in this “untapped market”? Brian: When evaluating businesses, people often look for what’s the next big thing, the next trend. The problem is trends come and go… they pop then fizzle. What I have discovered is that LegalShield is what is called a “MARKET DISRUPTOR.” When you can take an existing market and



turn it on its head, in a lasting, sustainable way – you have a home run. Look at how Apple changed the way we purchase music with iTunes. Look at how Starbucks delivered coffee conveniently and better. Look at how Google changed the way we find information. Look at how IKEA changed the way average people can furnish their homes affordably. Every one of these situations depicts an existing market that was not invented… just made better. And fortunes were made in this disruption process. Take the legal system in America. It works, but only for those who can afford good attorneys to work the system on your behalf. When you can solve big problems, you can expect to cash big pay checks. THE PROBLEM – 90% of Americans cannot afford the $250/hour access to attorneys. THE SOLUTION – LegalShield gives each of us access for merely $17 or $26/month. Same quality attorneys you would normally pay $100’s an hour for, you now get for that much for the year! LegalShield is DISRUPTING the legal system. And you can bet that fortunes are shifting to those giving people access to this new model. Why go to law school only to come out in debt and only get paid for working long hours? Why not join LegalShield instead, and connect the consumers with attorneys. Let the attorneys do all of the hard work, yet you sit back and get paid residually whether the clients use the attorneys or not?! If you ever wanted to be on the front end of a trend… being on the front end of disrupting a mega-billion dollar market is way better! Not everyone will be a customer for a bottle of juice, cream, or lotion. But

Phototgraphy By Kate Ervin, K. Leigh E. Photography

HBC: What is all the buzz surrounding your company right now? Brian Carruthers: LegalShield is the gold standard of the home-based business industry; one of the rare opportunities to join a rock-solid, proven company tapping into a GROUND FLOOR INDUSTRY. With the $650 million purchase of our company and re-branding… now is the time to get in the game! Many people who’ve been around the network marketing industry have heard of us. After all, the company is one of the few that has withstood the test of time, with impressive growth over its 40-year history. What is so amazing is that even with its remarkable product and business success, the market it serves (without real competition) has still barely been touched. In the last decade, LegalShield has reached close to only 3% market penetration, yet in this period, paid out over $1.2 Billion in commissions to its marketing reps. Think about how many times someone has approached you to sign you up for a legal plan. Most likely less than a few times so far in your life. That means it’s an untapped market screaming for the message to be brought to the people.

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everyone needs this service. And best yet, how many other legal plan brochures are on your desk you can compare LegalShield’s to? None? Exactly! LegalShield has put some lucrative opportunities in place to attract marketers/reps to help sell their two products: the Life Events Legal Plan and the Identity Theft Shield. On a $36 membership sale, LegalShield pays an advanced commission the next day of $69 up to $252. Very few direct selling companies can or will pay daily. In most businesses, if you sell a product for $36, you are lucky to earn $5-$10 commission, not $69-$252! On top of this, they share the future revenues from the customers by paying the marketers a percentage of the monthly fees from every subscriber “member”. This is referred to as residual income. Now there’s a new chapter to this story, and we’re going to see this proven, long-standing company’s model put on the fast track. So, what will it take to launch it into a “critical mass” growth phase? What will cause other network marketers to suddenly choose to join forces, and the masses to flock to ride the new wave? New ownership Partners. HBC: How will the new owners create even bigger, faster growth? Brian: They’ve developed an integrated marketing, branding, and retention strategy that we’ve never had before. Quite frankly, few if any network marketing companies have ever done such a thing, much less to this extent. New ownership plans to create so much brand awareness that people will soon wonder how anyone does not have the service/membership! In other countries, legal plans are extremely common and taken for granted. For example, in Germany there is an 80% market penetration already. In the US and Canada, it’s under 3%. This untapped market spells massive opportunity for those smart enough to enter the game at this point. Just think, if you walk down your street and talk to 10 of your neighbors, nine of them do not have this service, but they need it. You share with them what the service will do for them in their lives, which takes all but 10 minutes...and you get paid immediately AND residually for the life of that customer. It’s not like you are trying to sell your friends over-priced jars/bottles of some product that they can get cheaper elsewhere. No getting stuck with a garage full of what you couldn’t sell! Refreshing, right? You are simply sharing a professional service with people that will benefit them and SAVE them money and make their life better. This year the public will see LegalShield PR campaigns to support our marketing efforts and brand proliferation. LegalShield has over 34,000 company owners offering the legal plan and Identity Theft Shield to their employees as a benefit. That speaks volumes!! Obviously people see the need. Name one other network marketing business where people are earning 6-figures just from selling the product WITHOUT RECRUITING? Not one... only LegalShield! LegalShield has always had the steak. New ownership plans to bring the sizzle. New CEO Rip Mason and President Alan Fearnley just announced some hot new incentives, to start. On top of the company trip they just had in Maui, Hawaii, they added yet another to the Caribbean and to London. We also have a new BMW program - only 5 points a month (as little as five $27sales) and in 12 months you get $500 for BMW payment! That’s $135 in, and $500 out to you. Unheard of! Every other day someone in America is picking up their new BMW. When many companies are tightening their purse strings, New ownership is taking the lid off. And the new permanent compensation plan they just nailed down is unrivaled in the industry, at all levels. HBC: Is the business hard to do? Brian: Is it hard to give people a DVD to watch, or send someone to a website, show them a brochure over coffee, use social media tools or share stories of how you have used the services yourself? Of course it’s not hard. That is why LegalShield is such a successful business. Anyone can share the information with the world so simply. HBC: How has this business changed your life? Brian: I used to have an extremely demanding real estate career, but I knew there must be a better lifestyle to be lived. After trying a few different businesses on the side, I finally

learned about LegalShield and got excited. In my first year, I earned six figures. Now my old annual income has become my monthly income. I now work from my dream home. I spend time with my son Talan and am able to really be there for him. I’m also a big believer in giving back and helping others. That’s why I support my church, Hospice, and my favorite charity, (for kids fighting cancer). One of the things I like the most about my LegalShield business is helping others get ahead in life. I had a good mentor, which is important - so in turn, I vowed to be the BEST mentor in the industry for those who join me in the crusade. Let me just be bold and say this… I will be the one who helps more people get freedom than any other upline mentor in this industry. Someone locking arms with me will have a better chance to earning 6-figures than with anyone else. No other million dollar earners in the industry are still working as hard in the trenches as I am. Yes, I’m confident… not cocky. I am smart enough to recognize the reasons to run with this hard right now. And if people want to finally come home to a company they know they can count on being here in 40 more years (paying them), then it’s time to get away from the startups and competitive product categories and get with a stand-alone, Non-Me-Too model like LegalShield. I have a system of building power legs, and I can help you build a team under you. Let’s do it BEFORE LegalShield becomes a household name in the next 12 months!

Take the next step to learn more about this opportunity directly from Brian Carruthers or one of the experienced members of his team whom he has mentored to success. Visit or call 1.866.224.5358 to discover the exciting future that awaits you.



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Fi nally Found Freedom! Tracey Walker and her team have found the business of a lifetime with Empower Network

Photography by Amy Arrington Photography



Tracey Walker was praying to be laid off. As a young woman with an MBA, Tracey had taken a decent corporate gig in Atlanta. But the hours were killing her. For four days she worked from 7 AM to 7 PM. The she had four days off. But when she came back again, she’d work 7 PM to 7 AM. And this continued for months. “Some days I was eating lunch at midnight,” Tracey says. “I was miserable and I literally cried every single day. I hated it.” But she needed a job, so she kept at it until her company downsized and she unexpectedly found herself holding her severance package and unemployment papers. “I called them my ‘freedom papers’,” Tracey laughs. With her newly found freedom, Tracey was able to take care of her terminally ill mother and spend time with her family. She was also able to embark on a real estate career, teaching herself the ins and outs of negotiating short sales and helping people avoid foreclosure. “I wouldn’t touch a deal unless it netted my company $25,000 or $30,000,” Tracey explains. “But even though things were moving and the business was going well, I still needed a deal to make the money. I didn’t understand the power of residual income.” The lack of residual income was a problem when the real estate market slowed up and, with no new deals, Tracey found herself out of money. “The house went into foreclosure, my cars slipped into repossession, I had to rig up my utilities and get on food stamps,” Tracey recalls. “That was quite embarrassing. Realizing I didn’t have a way to put food on the table was a very low point.” A friend introduced her to network marketing and Tracey realized she had another shot. As with her past careers, she threw herself in with both feet, working hard to make money. She did presentations at people’s homes, managed a growing team and then burned herself out. “As my personal team grew, I didn’t raise leaders, I did it myself,” Tracey says. “I was doing presentations for home parties for my team throughout the week. Tuesdays, Thursdays, trainings on Saturdays.” Tracey reached the end of her rope one winter day when she drove through “snow up to my eyeballs” for 40 minutes and did a home presentation for one person who she says was “probably tricked into




being there.” “I told myself ‘I’m working too hard for the money. There’s got to be a way for me to record myself doing a presentation that I could share with my teammates, so they could play it for the people at their houses,’” Tracey says. And there was. That idea launched Tracey into a world of blogs, video recording, and emails. She realized the power that technology had to help her grow her business and she was excited by it. Every day she wrote articles, made videos and learned about internet marketing. She was also making good money doing it. But there came a point when she was discouraged by the fact that her team wasn’t seeing the same success. She wanted something that they could duplicate. That was when she found Empower Network. Her interactions with Empower’s founders revealed to her that they shared her dream: a business where everyone could succeed with a little bit of effort. She signed up on October 26, 2011. “My first week, I made $9,000,” Tracey says. “One month later, in November, I’d made a little over $20,000. Today, as of this interview (17 months into the business), I’ve made over $504,000 with Empower Network and purchased my dream car, a Maserati Gran Turismo!” But she’s not alone. Tracey has seen her team members succeed, too. “This is a proven system and it’s proven not just because of my

results, but because I have people on my team who can now pay their mortgage from their earned commissions,” Tracey says. “There are people who’ve purchased brand-new SUVs for their families, people who’ve been able to quit their full-time jobs, and people who can finally stay at home with their kids all because of what they are earning with our business. If you’re looking for ease and a systematic approach, there is no faster income generator than what we have with Empower.” Tracey says that a person with no experience could see decent results in 90 days using Empower Network’s system, if they follow the protocol. “With our formula, we’ve seen people who follow the steps making $15,000 a month within a few months,” Tracey says. After experiencing a lot over the course of her career, Tracey understands almost every hardship: being broke, being on food stamps, getting divorced and working too hard for too little money. “I’ve cried myself to sleep many nights, because of worry or fear. I understand having to start over, or being laid off and having to collect unemployment,” she says. “But through it all, you’ve got to be willing to want better, no matter what!” Want to find out more about improving YOUR life with Empower Network? Visit

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The Company that Changes EVERYTHING These men didn’t think they’d EVER find a company that actually worked for its distributors. And then they found Nerium International. Del Williams, Tom Thornton, and Kevin Baadsgaard are three of the biggest success stories in network marketing. Over 14 years, these three men built billion-dollar businesses full of high-income earners. They each earned well over 10 million dollars themselves! But all three say said that their real satisfaction comes from helping others achieve success. As they saw what network marketing had to offer, however, they realized something was wrong. Overall company expansion was slowing and new distributors had limited to no success. They also saw a product that wasn’t exclusive to them and a lack of field experience in the company’s management. “We were getting frustrated trying to recruit new distributors and we saw that this was even more difficult for new people who had limited or no experience,” Baadsgaard said.

Seeing new people struggle, in addition to the ongoing product and leadership issues, led Williams, Thornton, and Baadsgaard to look for a new network marketing company. The three men analyzed hundreds of businesses and personally visited 60. What they found was disappointing: every company was built around the same faulty model. Then Williams, Thornton, and Baadsgaard heard that Jeff Olson, a well-known author and businessman, was launching a brand-new company called Nerium International. “We heard that Jeff wanted to build the perfect network marketing company, and that was music to our ears,” says Baadsgaard. “We thought that this would be the company that would change the face of network marketing forever. And we were right.” Baadsgaard says that the combination of Nerium’s unique product, Olson’s proven leadership ability, and the



fact that Nerium is built on giving, not taking, makes it a “triple crown” winner for both experienced network marketers AND brand-new home business owners. Nerium’s skincare product, which scientists discovered “by accident” has been proven in independent clinical studies (and they have the documentation to prove it). It’s also part of the anti-aging market, which is a multi-billion dollar industry, and—best of all—it WORKS. You can see the results right on your face! Jeff Olson, Nerium’s CEO, heard about this breakthrough product and decided it was the key to a new kind of business. Olson has worked in both traditional and network marketing companies and knows exactly what distributors need to succeed. “Jeff has created a ‘giving’ plan to pay distributors, not a ‘taking’ plan,” says Baadsgaard. “This is the first company I’ve ever seen that really understands what has to happen to help people be successful.”

Nerium’s attitude—that distributors should be built up—means that they give away product so that new distributors don’t have to spend a lot of money on inventory. Baadsgaard says that’s revolutionary. “This is a breakthrough in network marketing and a paradigm shift—it’s a whole new way of thinking,” he explains. “Nerium’s management team is really focused on making distributors better, not on making themselves quickly rich.” Thornton, Williams, and Baadsgaard believe that Nerium is an opportunity that could change the financial destiny of a family for generations—or just provide a few hundred dollars extra every month to pay some bills. “Whatever you’re looking for, let us share our combined 100 years of network marketing experience with you to help you achieve your goals,” says Baadsgaard. “It just doesn’t get any better than this.”

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GOODBYE, measly MLM income.





e’ve all had weekday mornings when we open our eyes before sunrise and want nothing more than to stay under the warm covers to continue that wonderful dream that was so rudely interrupted by the blare of the alarm clock. Thing is, we can’t. Most of us crawl out of bed and begin the agonizing process of getting ready for another day at the office. As much as we wish we could, we can’t just roll over and drift back to sleep. Aaron and Sophia Rashkin can—and do. After starting an online home business, the couple’s lifestyle was transformed into one of those fantasies most people only dream about while they sleep. Aaron and Sophia have hundreds of thousands of dollars tucked away in the bank, a thriving business that continues to soar, and two boys who get their parents’ undivided attention every single day. “Our new business is completely life-changing,” Aaron says. “How many people can say they wake up every morning without the financial pressure of today’s economy?” Things weren’t always so nice for the Rashkins. Aaron and Sophia were top leaders in a traditional network-marketing company where they worked tirelessly to achieve a lifestyle of total independence. Unfortunately, the hard work wasn’t paying off. Though the couple was



among the top earners in the company, they quickly found out the phrase “top earner” is relative. “We worked our tails off but weren’t making the kind of money we wanted,” Aaron says. “Our monthly checks were just enough to cover the mortgage, and we were among the more successful people in the company.” It wasn’t just the money that had Aaron and Sophia frustrated. There was something far more valuable at stake— time with their children. The Rashkins put in countless hours every week building their network-marketing business, and it came at a price. They desperately wanted more time with their eight-year-old son and had another baby boy on the way. Aaron and Sophia knew they needed a change. “Our business ate up all of our time and caused a lot of stress,” Aaron says. “We weren’t able to bond with our boys because we were always doing business. For the amount of money we made, it wasn’t worth it.” But today, life is very different—no cold calls, no hitting up family and friends, and no home parties. “It’s a real business, and it earns real income,” Aaron says. Aaron and Sophia’s new business has given them the lifestyle they’ve always wanted. There are five digits on their monthly paycheck, and with a business that’s growing every day, it’s easy for the Rashkins to take a few weeks off here and there to relax at home or go on vacation. In the past year, they’ve visited the Dominican Republic, Lake Tahoe, Austin, Las Vegas, San Diego, New York, and Florida, and so far, they have trips to Asia, the Greek Islands, and Hawaii scheduled for next year. More importantly, though, their family never takes a backseat to work. The couple has breakfast with their two boys every morning, and because they can afford a full-time nanny to take care of their youngest son, Aaron and Sophia are able to attend every event at their older son’s school—something few other parents can do. Aaron and Sophia stress that their situation isn’t unique to them. “Anyone with a sincere desire to be successful, who is willing to put forth the effort, can achieve their dreams through this business. We have countless members on our team who are experiencing life-changing results in a timeframe that’s worth getting excited about,” Sophia explains. “There are so many people making big-time money here right out of the gate,” Aaron adds. “What took us five years to make in our previous company we made in less than a year here. There are team members six and seven months into the business who are earning more than they thought possible. This business is the real deal.” n Go to or call 888.879.4441 to learn more about the home business that allows Aaron and Sophia Rashkin plenty of time with their family and has eliminated their financial worries for good.

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n “2 to 4 hours a day to make $30,000 - $35,000... I mean Who does that? Where else can you do that?” Tracey W.

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Home Business Connection Magazine - April 2013  

From a bedroom in his parents’ farmhouse, the late Phil Longenecker grew his business and this magazine. He had a zest for life, saw a need...

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