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From Six to

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Finally FOUND IT!

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After years of searching, Josh Denne has finally found the honest opportunity he’d been dreaming of.

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From Losing It All to LIFE


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Opportunity Spotlight TradeMyWay


Together At The Top


Get Paid On Services People Use!

After years of highs and lows, Tom and Kim Challan are exactly where they want to be.

Learn from Shane Douglas, a top income earner and trainer, how you can get paid when people pay their monthly bills.


From 6 to 7 Figures


Finally Found It


Goodbye Measly Income. Hello, Big Money

Mark and Tammy Smith left their multiple six-figure income to start fresh with a new venture - a choice that paid big.

After years of searching, Josh Denne has finally found the honest opportunity he’d been dreaming of.

Discover how Aaron & Sophia Rashkin have changed their lives with their new business.

Photo Credits: (top left) Challan Family: Photography provided by Tom & Kim Challan (top right) Mark & Tammy Smith: Photography provided by Mark & Tammy Smith, (center) Shane Douglas: Photography by Dana Lynn Photography, (bottom left) Josh Denne: Photography by Photographs by Tracy, (bottom right) Aaron Rashkin: Photography by Valerie Koop, In The Moment Photography



Have you ever asked yourself what you want out of life?







Maybe you have and you already know the answer or maybe you have to stop and think for a minute. Is it more time? More money? More freedom? Whatever it be, it IS possible. Home Business Connection magazine is a living testament to that. From a bedroom in his parents’ farmhouse, the late Phil Longenecker grew his business and this magazine. He had a zest for life, saw a need for connecting people, made it a reality and became an industry icon. No it didn’t happen overnight but then again nothing rewarding ever does. As you page through this magazine you will read success stories of average people just like you and I; people who come from all walks of life. These individuals have had the courage to make a change and are now reaping the rewards – whether it be of time, money, freedom – or all 3. Each ad has a story behind it and exploring the opportunities out there will only get you one step closer to possibly finding the one that might be perfect for you. We’ve been connecting people since the early 1990’s, let us help you! The possibilities are endless - your path begins here… HOME BUSINESS CONNECTION magazine (“HBC”) is an informational source only, and should not be considered an endorsement or testimonial of the publisher Cutting Edge Media, Inc. (the “Publisher”), or its shareholders, officers, directors, employees, agents or representatives, of any of the products, services or advertisements contained herein. The Publisher does not verify all of the information published in HBC, and as such, does not assume any responsibility for such information. To the extent any reader of HBC relies on the information contained herein, the reader does so at his or her own risk. The reader of HBC assumes all responsibility for investigating the reliability and suitability of the products and services contained herein. The Publisher does not assume any responsibility for any action or representation of any entity or individual represented in HBC and the Publisher does not guarantee the outcome or results of any correspondence, arrangements or subsequent transactions the reader makes with any such entity or individual. Furthermore, the Publisher assumes no responsibility for the delivery or merchandise, starter kits, supplies or other products and services offered in HBC. By using HBC, the reader understands and agrees that the Publisher makes no representation that information contained in HBC is medical, legal, financial, accounting, tax or other professional advice. In the event the reader requires medical, legal or other professional services or assistance, the reader should seek the services of a qualified professional. The Publisher assumes no responsibility for any changes to the offers contained in HBC, or for any entity represented herein that goes out of business. In the event a reader has questions or concerns regarding any program, products or service contained in HBC, the reader should direct all correspondence to the entity or individual, not the Publisher. Articles appearing in this publication express opinions, experience and research of the respective author and not necessarily the opinion of HOME BUSINESS CONNECTION magazine or the Publisher.

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hen Paul Garcia (an Orange County Private Equity Fund Manager), picked up the phone on his vacation, he had no idea that what he was about to hear would change his life. And not just his life, but the lives of thousands of others. Before he left for vacation, Paul had read an article in his local paper explaining the foreclosure situation in southern California. The article pointed out that if the average person had an extra $700, he or she could avoid foreclosure altogether. That thought was in the back of Paul’s mind as he listened to the man on the other end of the phone. The man was at his wits end looking for someone who could help him launch his proprietary stock market software. Paul knew there were plenty of day trading products out there—and he’d heard about most of them—but this one was different. Instead of a get-rich quick scheme for knowledgeable day traders, the system was designed for the average person, someone who didn’t have of time for trading, or a lot of knowledge about Wall Street. “The product he had created was for the average working person who is interested in a decent secure return,” Paul explains. Paul says that many working people don’t have time to watch the computer screen and make trades. Most people can’t afford to spend their days sitting at the computer, nor can they afford a big investment. “Fortunately, you can start with a small portfolio and make money even with limited time,” Paul says. “You can wake up, execute a trade and go to work.” The system takes care of the rest, showing you which stocks are hot and

should be purchased and which should be sold. The program makes it obvious, so with a few clicks of a button you’re able to buy and sell, all thanks to an exclusive software program that you won’t find anywhere else. Garcia was impressed with what he heard. He wanted to help, but he wanted to make sure that the program really did what it promised. “I spent two years after I retired just day trading,” Paul says. “I lost money...a lot of money. I told him, ‘this is compelling, but you have to prove to me that it works.’” Once the system was up and running, Paul started to work with it. He invested $200,000, and saw incredible returns. But he still wasn’t convinced. “When you’re playing with that much money, you have some freedom to take risks,” Paul says. “I wanted to see how it would work with smaller amounts.” So he next invested $25,000 and saw significant returns. But Paul wanted to make sure the average person could really use the program and make money. So he invested $1500. And he got results. That $1500 turned into $27,000. “That was it,” says Paul. “I knew this was a real way to make money.” Paul was so impressed that he purchased a 51% stake in the company and is now an owner of TradeMyWay, a business he wants to share, as he’s looking for Franchise partners that are interested in making a significant income from the comfort of their own homes. “This is both a business opportunity and a way to make money on the stock market,” Paul says. “Look at me: I believe in this opportunity so much I bought the company!” n

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AT THE TOP After years of highs and lows, Tom and Kim Challan are exactly where they want to be.



om and Kim Challan will never forget it: it was a few days before Christmas, and repo men were hauling their cars out of the driveway while their daughters watched. They had been dealing with creditors calling for months, and now, with no presents under the tree, Tom felt like he’d hit rock bottom. “We were trying to figure out where we were going to live, since we couldn’t afford to stay in our home,” Tom recalls. “I looked down and saw my 4-year-old looking up at me asking ‘daddy, where are they taking our cars?’ I never felt so low.” It was a defining moment for the Challans. They had started in the network marketing industry right after college with big dreams, and they made plenty of money. But they spent more than they made, and they were burned out trying to keep themselves, their team, and everyone else afloat. “We sacrificed so many things, our health and relationships,” Kim says. “We finally reached a burn out because we were doing everything wrong.” With 4 kids, no cars and only inches away from moving back in with Tom’s parents, the Challans had to move fast. Since they had success before, Tom decided to get back to the industry he knew worked. “This time,” Tom explains, “I wasn’t going to repeat my same mistakes. I wasn’t going sacrifice my priorities to create wealth, and I was going to focus on my strength and utilize systems to do the rest.” Tom and Kim jumped into a company because it was the only one they could find that paid daily. Working just 20-25 hours



per week, the Challans earned $11,000 in their first month and became top earners within six months. “That year I personally enrolled 600 people,” says Tom, “and that duplicated to over 40,000

“We are creating a blessed Epic lifestyle together!” worldwide. I had figured out a system that worked.” Unfortunately after about a year, the company started going through some major changes (as they often do) and the Challans found themselves in a season of coaching and perfecting their system for the next several years. Fortunately that gave them a new mission in life.

“Today, I am burning with the desire to help as many people as possible transform their lives,” Tom says. “My passion to roll up my sleeves and go to work is stronger than ever.” But this time it’s different. They have a six-figure income with their coaching business. They don’t have to get back into business or help others. “Plain and simple: helping others succeed is my purpose,” Tom says. “It’s what God put me here to do. To lead. To build. To transform lives.” Tom wants his team to experience financial success, but he says it’s about much more than that. “We want to help people truly create wealth, but to do it while having a life,” Tom explains. “We do this by utilizing a system that allows people to have more time for their priorities. For us, it’s our faith in Jesus Christ, family, health and then wealth in that order.” “After 20 years and coaching with several top leaders in many companies,” Tom says, “I’ve learned that there are 5 pillars that make up a solid business opportunity in the networking industry.” Tom and Kim say there are many companies that have 1, 2 or 3 of these components solidly in place, but are missing others which would make them the best kind of opportunity. There are very few that have it all.

“Kim and I have chosen to take our experience and marry it with a company that we believe is possibly the only company to have all 5 of these pillars,” says Tom. “I’ve never seen anything like it in my 20 years.” The Challans believe this business has a platform that will enable many people to create financial freedom, debt freedom, and time freedom. “We believe that there will be marriages restored and parents spending more time with their children, raising them up to be the entrepreneurs and leaders of our future,” Tom says. Tom and Kim are 100% committed to their team, and are looking for others who want a home in a solid business. “This is for you if you want a home that will support you with everything you need,” Tom says. “But more importantly, you can be part of an army of people who are creating wealth while staying focused on their priorities.” n For more information about earning money and creating a new life for yourself by joining the Challans’ team, visit




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ills B y l onth


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t’s a fact that everyone has utility and monthly bills: Electric, gas, cell phone, TV, Internet, and the list goes on. And no matter how financially challenged or wealthy someone may be, these essential services are needed and can never be paid off; everyone will have to pay for these services for the rest of their lives out of necessity. So when a global company is open in 23 countries worldwide (launching into Latin America in 2013) and endorsed by one of the wealthiest people in the world, who features this company on his hit primetime reality TV show not once but twice, says you should find out more, would you want to hear more about it? What if this same company said they’d pay you generously for helping others get paid when they pay their monthly essential bills, would you want to know even more? Shane Douglas did, and it’s paid off in an incredible way for him. It’s been eight years since this Idaho native living in a town of just 1,500 people started his home-based business helping people achieve their financial goals and showing them how they too can get paid every time they pay their own monthly bills. “I was tired of all the promises from other companies that say you can become wealthy over night only to find out you have to sell and teach others how to sell products that are either overpriced or only appeal to a small percentage of the population,” says Shane. “Our company is different: We only offer services that people pay on monthly basis like gas, electricity, TV, internet, cell phones, home security and more. And I don’t sell anything; I just simply show others how to get paid every month for services they were going to use anyway and teach others to do the same.” Shane explains that recent deregulation of Energy providers around the country has opened up a significant opportunity for more people to choose who they get their service with, people like to know they have a choice, Shane says. This, in turn, creates more opportunity for entrepreneurs to grow their business with our company. “In this declining economy, home-based businesses are on the rise. People want to supplement their income and possibly replace their incomes while working from home. So the opportunity to get paid every single month when someone turns on their lights, heats their home, uses their cellphone watches TV, logs onto the Internet or arms their security system is a no-brainer,” he says.

The way Shane has grown to be one of the top income earners and trainers in this business is by following the system the company offers all of its independent business owners (IBOs). He says that he tells people they can get the same services from the same major service providers, but get paid. Then, according to Shane, all he does is direct them to his online store, which is included in the companies start up business package. “Our system can be 100% automated for you,” he explains. “Simply direct potential customers to your online store that the company provides for you, and they can sign up for any of these services with many of the major companies that are available in their area. When they sign up on your online store, you receive a residual commission every month when they pay their bills. It’s that simple.” The key to his success, he says, is that he doesn’t complicate his business; he just goes out and shares the company’s program and his personal story. ”Before you join some other company that makes pie in the sky promises, ask yourself one simple question. Would people I know buy this product/ service even if I wasn’t involved with this company and making money? If the answer is NO then you should be prepared to be in sales and the team your going to build better be prepared to be sales people. Because no matter how much money they say you can make it won’t matter if you or your team of business partners can’t sell. This is where we are different, as I said before we only provide essential services that people need, want and can’t be paid off. This is an incredible business model with the right services behind it,” says Shane “It might not be sexy—it’s utilities after all—but it is simple to just share the story. Everyone can relate, because everyone pays these bills, because they have to,” he says. “I’ve been fortunate to have had major success with this company by taking action and so has my team. We’ve expanded all over the world by sharing this simple concept with others. Shane is looking to mentor the right motivated individual in 2013 to the same level of success that he has accomplished, would you like it to be you? n To see more information about this company go to Their proven leadership, who started out just like you, are here to answer your questions and help you get started.



Part-time Hours, CEO

Industry leader Jiri Hradsky guides others onto path for success.

Life Unlimited Jiri Hradsky’s first introduction to network marketing was in 1983. A 19-year-old kid, jumping up and down and drawing circles on a whiteboard, turned out to be his entry point into a decades-long career. “I said, ‘if this kid can do this and make money, I can probably do the same thing’,” Jiri remembers with a laugh. Jiri, an immigrant from the Czech Republic, was living in Canada and working hard at his furniture restoration business. It was a good business, but it required working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. He and his wife had little time for the skiing that they loved. Sailing the coast of French Riviera

By the time his friend dragged him to the meeting in ‘83, he was ready for a business that allowed him to have some free time, so he got started in network marketing. He tried various opportunities over the years, making money at each one, and finally, when one of the companies went public, made enough to semi-retire in comfort. He continued consulting with start-up network marketing companies on the side. And then a friend called and invited him to take a look at joining a new company. “I asked him to give me one reason why I should take a look,” Jiri says. “He said, ‘because the owner is Ken Brailsford’.”

My personal 911 rollercoaster

When Jiri heard that, he knew that he’d found his next opportunity. Ken had plenty of experience running two very successful companies and Jiri knew he could trust him. “I told my wife, ‘let’s do this one more time,’” says Jiri. Now, after a few years with Zija, Jiri has 50,000 people on his team, a beautiful home, time to go skiing, and a Porsche in his garage. He knows that his team is the key to his success, and he has created a system to help them get started immediately.

Million dollar income earner

“My team has access to my training system called ‘Millionaire Graduates,’ ” Jiri says. “This is a step-by-step system that takes you through the first 72 hours in network marketing and provides basic knowledge of how to get started and how to make money.” Jiri’s background in network marketing consulting has helped him figure out exactly what makes a business succeed. “Other companies have a hodgepodge of training, maybe a conference call here and there,” says Jiri, “but we have the a complete system.” He says that being focused, disciplined and hard-working is what leads to big incomes.

Heli-ice climbing in Alaska


“This is a real business,” he says, “You start working and you make money. I show people how to become CEOs.”

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SUCCESS STORY Nerium International



magine making a multiple six-figure income every year. And



then imagine walking away from that income to join a new company.

Sound crazy? That’s exactly what Mark and Tammy Smith

chose to do. The Smiths were making good money in another company, but after taking a look at Nerium, Mark and Tammy actually decided to leave their multiple six-figure income to start fresh with this explosive new venture. “We walked away from an already established income because we had that much confidence in Nerium,” Mark says. Fortunately their confidence paid off. Mark and Tammy are now the top earners in Nerium, bringing in $2.3 million a year, and just qualified for a $1 million dollar Live Better Bonus. What gave them their confidence and their success? First of all, says Mark, it was the product. “Anti-aging skincare is the right space to be in,” Mark says. “And our product is the absolute best. People see quick results, and that means our customers keep coming back for more.” Additionally, Nerium’s management team, led by CEO Jeff Olson, consists of some of the top relationship marketers in the world, and they know how to run a business. Olson, who wrote the popular marketing book The Slight Edge is one of the nation’s top businessmen, and together with company President Dennis Windsor and the rest of the team, they have over 150 years of experience. But, most importantly, they care about their brand partners and want to make it easy to share the product and build an income. “You can run your business entirely from your phone with Nerium’s app,” Mark explains. “The company also has Madison Avenue branding, and a compensation package that pays you 13 different ways.” Additionally, he explained, there are iPad, Lexus, and exotic trip bonuses. “Over 200 people have earned bonuses from $25,000 to $1,000,000” Mark says. “And 4500 people have qualified for our car bonus. All that in less than 2 years!” Nerium’s growth is the stuff of record books. With only one product and in only one country, the company has managed to grow 3600% from 2011 to 2012 and was recently awarded the Bravo Growth award from Direct Selling News. “Nerium did over $100 million in sales in our first full year,” Mark says. “I’m pretty sure no one has ever done that. And we were the fastest company to make the Global Top 100 network marketing companies.” But things aren’t slowing down. At their convention, attended

Mark and Tammy Smith left one company to start over with Nerium—a choice that paid big! 22


by 10,000 brand partners, Nerium rolled out the next big thing: an anti-aging day cream that promises to be just as effective as Nerium’s original product.



SEVEN-FIGURE START UP...CONT. “We’re just at the beginning of our growth,” Mark explains. “If we did this much with just one product in one country, imagine what can happen with additional products and international expansion.” The Smiths are committed to

That shows in the company’s commitment to charity. Big Brothers Big Sisters gave Nerium

helping others take advantage of

the Community Impact Award at its 2013 National Conference in Denver. This honor

Nerium’s growth. They have helped

recognizes a Big Brothers Big Sisters partner whose energy and unparalleled generosity has

create over 90 six-and seven-figure

impacted the Big Brothers Big Sisters community. Nerium brand partners are known for

income earners in Nerium in 22

committing time and money to an organization that “pays it forward.”

months. “We have tons of people making $10,000 to over $100,000 a month,” Mark adds.

Family and children are important to Mark and Tammy, who started in the home business industry because they saw not only the potential for financial success, but also the freedom that the industry offered. “We have a vacation home in Hawaii where we go often,” says Mark, “and we homeschool

While the money, the bonuses,

our kids. That was the most important thing to us: that we get to spend 7 days a week with

and the leadership are important,

them. They’ve been able to travel with us and see places that most children don’t have the

Mark and Tammy are also thrilled

opportunity to experience.”

with the company culture. “Nerium is a family-run business

And there’s money for the fun things, too. Even though they aren’t big spenders, on a recent wedding anniversary Tammy treated Mark to his dream car: a Ferrari Scuderia 16M.

with a classy culture,” Mark says. “We

“I’d always wanted a supercar,” Mark says. “It’s been a dream of mine. And really, that’s

are attracting top-notch people who

what this business gives you: the freedom to do what you want and to fulfill your dreams.” n

are looking to get ahead. We bring our kids to conventions. It’s just very positive—Nerium is about making people better.”

To learn how you can start making money with Nerium, visit: or call 1.866.940.5859.

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Finally F ou nd I t !

After years of searching, Josh Denne has finally found the honest opportunity he’d been dreaming of. n 1995, 17-year-old Josh Denne was


“By the end people were lying and

fired up about network marketing.

creating an illusion,” he says. “Supposed

A high school dropout whose family

leaders had purchased downlines and

had always struggled financially, he saw

added corporate income, but they made

the industry as a way to make real money.

it seem like they were just regular people

“Maybe I was too naive, but I got fired

who’d made millions, doing what they

up,” Denne says. “What I saw with this

Josh says his mom joined the

successful, even though you may have a

business, and even though she had

checkered past. I had thought my life was

the strongest work ethic of anyone he

over because I screwed up and dropped

knows, she still wasn’t able to generate

out of high school. Network marketing

much income.

gave me hope.”

Frustrated, he tried to express his

Josh didn’t understand business, and

concerns, only to be ignored, offered

he didn’t make any in his first network

a move to a new state, and finally he

marketing opportunity. Disillusioned

made the decision to walk away and the

and frustrated, he spent the next few

promised “residual income” was cut off

years working and getting deeper in debt.

almost immediately. “I just couldn’t look

He worked for $9/hour, commuting

another person in the eye and tell them

over an hour each way. But Josh soon



they were going to succeed,” Josh says.

realized that the raises he’d been promised

He moved on to other business

never materialized, and others at the

opportunities, cynical about the reality

company who’d started years before him

of network marketing. But after a few

weren’t any closer to the successful life he

years, broke because of the bad economy


and with a family to support, a friend



could do too.”

industry intrigued me because you can be





asked him to join a company that was

marketing again. At least he could

in the process of becoming a network

be his own boss and in charge of his

marketing opportunity. While he wasn’t

own future. It took about a year, but

excited about it, he agreed to meet with

he eventually got traction and started

the company owner.

to build his business. And after ten

“From the first meeting, it’s obvious

years, he’d made several million dollars.

something was different,” Josh says.

However, the company in his eyes had

“Most CEOs will pick you up in a

changed and the dishonesty he saw with

limousine, wearing a Rolex, because it’s

some of the company leaders made him

all about the image. This guy did none of






The owner of the company, called Seacret, was Izhak Ben Shabat. Both Josh and his wife, who he says is the one with the intuition about people, were impressed by their conversation with Izhak, who they believed had the desire to truly help people. “When we were done I said, ‘I don’t care what you’re doing, I want to be a part of it,’” Josh explains. “He was the real deal.” What Izhak and his company were doing was transitioning from a business based around mall kiosks

history, manufacture Seacret’s products without

was finally a business where average people could

doing over $100 million in retail sales in over 40 countries

owning any part of the company!

make money.

around the world, to a business based on relationships.

Addiitonally, knowing that the world of retail has

Helping people, working for an honest opportunity

Because they had to sell their products to passers-by

changed due to social media and customer review

and providing a quality product has given Josh new

in a mall, the products had to be powerful and show

websites, Izhak and the rest of the family realized that

faith in network marketing.

immediate results. There was no time to convince busy

they could use network marketing to spread the word

“I’m loving this,” says Josh. “This is the ultimate

mallgoers to spend time looking at something that didn’t

about their powerful products and reduce the costs

promise of network marketing. The customer feels


that come with marketing and retail and as a result,

like a winner, because they got a good product. And

As a result of constant improvement and

and most importantly, give massive discounts to their

I’m finally in a business that can make a difference and

investement in the formulas, Seacret’s skincare

worldwide customers, while sharing the wealth with

has value.” n


those that help to spread the word.





improvements and, as a result, the largest skincare

Josh was on board. After observing Izhak up close

manufacturer in the world made an offer to do

for months, he could see that his first impressions of

something they had never done in their 100 year

the man’s honesty were correct. And best of all, this



If you’re looking for a true opportunity and a real shot at making money, talk to Josh and his team about Seacret! Call 1-866-528-8098 or visit





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e’ve all had weekday mornings when we open our eyes before sunrise and want nothing more than to stay under the warm covers to continue that wonderful dream that was so rudely interrupted by the blare of the alarm clock. Thing is, we can’t. Most of us crawl out of bed and begin the agonizing process of getting ready for another day at the office. As much as we wish we could, we can’t just roll over and drift back to sleep. Aaron and Sophia Rashkin can—and do. After starting an online home business, the couple’s lifestyle was transformed into one of those fantasies most people only dream about while they sleep. Aaron and Sophia have hundreds of thousands of dollars tucked away in the bank, a thriving business that continues to soar, and two boys who get their parents’ undivided attention every single day. “Our new business is completely life-changing,” Aaron says. “How many people can say they wake up every morning without the financial pressure of today’s economy?” Things weren’t always so nice for the Rashkins. Aaron and Sophia were top leaders in a traditional network-marketing company where they worked tirelessly to achieve a lifestyle of total independence. Unfortunately, the hard work wasn’t paying off. Though the couple was



among the top earners in the company, they quickly found out the phrase “top earner” is relative. “We worked our tails off but weren’t making the kind of money we wanted,” Aaron says. “Our monthly checks were just enough to cover the mortgage, and we were among the more successful people in the company.” It wasn’t just the money that had Aaron and Sophia frustrated. There was something far more valuable at stake— time with their children. The Rashkins put in countless hours every week building their network-marketing business, and it came at a price. They desperately wanted more time with their eight-year-old son and had another baby boy on the way. Aaron and Sophia knew they needed a change. “Our business ate up all of our time and caused a lot of stress,” Aaron says. “We weren’t able to bond with our boys because we were always doing business. For the amount of money we made, it wasn’t worth it.” But today, life is very different—no cold calls, no hitting up family and friends, and no home parties. “It’s a real business, and it earns real income,” Aaron says. Aaron and Sophia’s new business has given them the lifestyle they’ve always wanted. There are five digits on their monthly paycheck, and with a business that’s growing every day, it’s easy for the Rashkins to take a few weeks off here and there to relax at home or go on vacation. In the past year, they’ve visited the Dominican Republic, Lake Tahoe, Austin, Las Vegas, San Diego, New York, and Florida, and so far, they have trips to Asia, the Greek Islands, and Hawaii scheduled for next year. More importantly, though, their family never takes a backseat to work. The couple has breakfast with their two boys every morning, and because they can afford a full-time nanny to take care of their youngest son, Aaron and Sophia are able to attend every event at their older son’s school—something few other parents can do. Aaron and Sophia stress that their situation isn’t unique to them. “Anyone with a sincere desire to be successful, who is willing to put forth the effort, can achieve their dreams through this business. We have countless members on our team who are experiencing life-changing results in a timeframe that’s worth getting excited about,” Sophia explains. “There are so many people making big-time money here right out of the gate,” Aaron adds. “What took us five years to make in our previous company we made in less than a year here. There are team members six and seven months into the business who are earning more than they thought possible. This business is the real deal.” n Go to or call 888.879.4441 to learn more about the home business that allows Aaron and Sophia Rashkin plenty of time with their family and has eliminated their financial worries for good.

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