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7pm [30] 7pm BBC TENT

8.30pm [403] 8.30pm BBC TENT

free but ticketed

free but ticketed

Front Row Late

Stephen Sackur and HARDTalk


BBC News

Mary Beard hosts an episode of BBC Two’s flagship topical arts show. Mary and her guests debate the big questions in the arts and culture. Pre-recorded for broadcast at 23:05 later in the evening on BBC Two.

Join Stephen Sackur on the set of the BBC’s toughtalking interview programme. If you have a thirst for inquiring journalism and enjoy the cut and thrust of gladiatorial theatre, get a seat in the BBC Tent and judge for yourself.




[34] 9.45pm OXFAM MOOT £10

King Charles

Mae Martin talks to Stephanie Merritt

King of the Road – Live at Hay

Can Everyone Please Calm Down? A Guide to 21st Century Sexuality Covering everything from the pros and cons of labels to coming out and the joys of sexual fluidity, the award-winning comedian ponders all the stuff we get hung up about – and then a bit more. Mae’s mission is to ensure that in a world full of things to worry about, whom we choose to kiss should not be one of them. [32] 8.30pm HAY FESTIVAL FOUNDATION STAGE £8

Michael Fuller talks to Sarfraz Manzoor

With a look that falls somewhere between Adam Ant and Prince and a sound that blends glam rock, psychedelic folk and indie pop, Charles Costa is one of the most compelling and exhilarating live performers in Britain. His 2012 album Loveblood launched the exuberant hit singles ‘Mississippi Isabel’, ‘Bam Bam’ and ‘Lady Percy’. His Gamble for a Rose album appeared in 2016, and his new single Freak has just been released. Come. He’s fabulous. [35] 9.45pm BAILLIE GIFFORD STAGE £15

Kill the Black One First Fuller was born to Windrush-generation Jamaican immigrants in 1959 and experienced a meteoric career in policing, from the beat to the Brixton inferno, through cutting-edge detective work and the frontline of drug-related crime and violence on London’s most volatile estates. He took a pivotal role in the formation of Operation Trident, which tackled gun crime and gang warfare in the London community, and was later appointed Chief Constable of Kent. His memoir Kill the Black One First is a raw and unflinching account of a life in policing during a tumultuous period of race relations throughout the UK, from Britain’s first black Chief Constable. [33] 8.30pm STARLIGHT STAGE £8

Guy Leschziner talks to Daniel Davis

Marcus Brigstocke

Stand-up: Devil May Care Snowflake, Nazi, Remoaner, Trot, Libtard, Brextremist, Feminazi, Piers Morgan... As we divide each other up into more and more unpleasant categories of evil, it is time to establish, once and for all, what is good and what is bad. Who better to arbitrate in these challenging divisive times than Lucifer himself? Brigstocke is a master of satirical comedy with an impressive list of TV credits including his role as team captain on Argumental and as host of The Late Edition and BBC4’s I’ve Never Seen Star Wars. “Rare is the stand-up show that makes you laugh, think and then fight back the tears. This is it.” – Telegraph. 14+ (parental guidance; swearing and adult content likely)

The Nocturnal Brain What happens to our brain at night? Are we really fully asleep and if so how is it that some individuals end up doing what they do? Or can it be the case that perhaps the brain never fully goes to sleep and that in some individuals there is a disconnect between the sleeping part of their brain and the active part of their brain, so that the two become confused? The worldrenowned neurologist weaves wonderful stories that highlight how sleep disorders affect the lives and health of patients and their families.

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Profile for Hay Festival

Hay Festival 2019 Programme  

Hay Festival celebrates its 32nd festival in Wales, 23 May–2 June 2019.

Hay Festival 2019 Programme  

Hay Festival celebrates its 32nd festival in Wales, 23 May–2 June 2019.