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V.23.08 | 24 APRIL 2008

Armed robber strikes Teriyaki Garden Thief gets away with little cash Compiled by Hawkeye staff

About $100 was taken during an armed robbery at Teriyaki Garden last Friday evening. According to Mountlake Terrace Police the suspect is a black male in his early 20s, about 5-foot-7 and weighs about 170 pounds. The suspect entered Teriyaki Garden on 44th Ave. W wearing dark clothes and had a bandanna over his face. He then pulled out a gun and demanded money from the cashier. For privacy the witnesses desired to be identified only by their last name. Mrs. Lee, the cashier, said that the suspect pulled the trigger, but the gun did not fire. Police question whether the gun was fake or if it was just unloaded. Lee said she felt traumatized by the robbery and has had extreme difficulty sleeping at night. A camera located outside the 44th Market caught the suspect leaving the restaurant on foot. A worker at 44th Market called the police and multiple police units showed up. The Edmonds Police K9 Unit concluded that the suspect escaped toward the Northern Lights apartments west of the restaurant. …continued on page 2 Teriyaki Garden, located only a few blocks from MTHS was victim to an armed robbery last week, one of many smaller theft related acts.

Colin Diltz/ Hawkeye

And then there was one…

Decline in student enrollment is final blow to eliminating small schools Sharon McClintock News Editor

Starting this spring, small schools have been removed from MTHS due to a district-wide decline in enrollment. Next year students will not be affiliated with any small school and all students will have classes together. There will be no small communities of students that are all in the same classes. The small school formerly known as The Innovation School is now just associated with Project Lead the Way. This is a programmed schedule of classes for technology students that are integrated with Terrace’s graduation requirements. Students in this program may have a similar experience to when they were attending The Innovation School. This change does not affect credits or graduation requirements. Students will be able to take electives that they didn’t have access to before because of small schools. When more students take electives more electives can be supported. This year, 1,579 students attended MTHS. Next school year, there is expected to be 75 fewer students at Terrace. Edmonds School

District of Declining enrollment impacts small schools number (ESD) is teachers expecting and stuto have dents in 300 fewer it so that s t u d e nt s they are in total. equal. The Under 75 students ESD poland 1.8 icies, for teachers every 24.3 lost would s t u d e nt s make the there is five small one teachschools er. The unequal. Hawkeye staff 75 fewer Principal s t u d e n t s The chart shows how many students attended Terrace in 2001, G r e g 2007 and 2008. About 370 fewer students are currently equal 1.83 2003, Schwab attending Terrace than in 2001. teachattributed ers that the declinTerrace will no longer be able to support. ing enrollment in the district to families The district does not plan to lay-off teach- in the area that have fewer high school age ers. Instead, they are just not going to fill kids. some of the positions of teachers whoare To keep small schools, Schwab estimated leaving this year. They will still hire more that Terrace would have to spend an additeachers as needed but not as many as will tional $140,000. Also, class sizes would be leave. even bigger and there would be still fewer Each small school has to have a certain teachers. Another option would have been

taking away technology support. In 2001, Terrace received the Gates Grant to start small schools. In 2002, the school got another grant to help with the project. By 2005, the money from both grants was gone and small schools still needed money to support it. Ralph Nussbaum, dean of students, retired June 22, 2005. The money that went toward his position was transferred to support small schools. Also, Schwab took $90,000 from the supplies budget to maintain small schools. The school had to cut down on printing and other supplies. Schwab said, “In reality it turned out to be a pretty dumb thing to do because I ended up over spending the supplies budget that year. But we had to because we needed paper and supplies. Right now we’re in the process of repaying the district that money.” He cannot take money from other budgets because some have restraints that only allow them to be used for a specific area. Schwab has applied for more grants but MTHS hasn’t qualified for them.

2 | news |24 APRIL 2008 | hawkeye

Local restaurant recently robbed …continued from front

Terrace junior Jacob Anderson was driving with friends in the area Friday night. “The cops were driving around with their lights on and one stopped me. He checked inside the car then he let us go,” Anderson said. According to the owner, Teriyaki Garden has been a target of theft especially by students. Common thefts include stealing cookies, bottles, money from the tip jar and using fake punch cards. However, this was the first time Teriyaki Garden has been a victim of an armed robbery. Detective Sergeant Hansen of the Mountlake Terrace Police requested that those who have any information concerning the crime or suspect please call the Mountlake Terrace Police Station at (425) 670-8260.


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Students silent in support of others By Ashley Janus Hawkeye staff

For nearly 11 years, Terrace has been a host to Gay Straight Alliance (GSA). The GSA works to promote awareness and tolerance to build a safe community for teens that could be dealing with homophobic issues in their own life. On Apr. 25, the GSA will be hosting for its ninth year National Day Of Silence. National Day Of Silence is an annual event that was created to bring awareness to and protest against harassment and bullying. These problems occur often in schools to gay, lesbian, bisexual, or trans gender students. In support of the holiday, participants take a vow to remain silent the whole day. They wear pink, upside-down triangles that read, “ In

500,000 dead by 5-year anniversary of Iraq war Ashley Janus

that could potentially harm the U.S. should be dealt with, as with the current then leader Just recently the number of U.S troops killed or Iraq. She sees that the failure to plan propin Iraq reached the grave milestone of 4,000. erly for the post war period was difficult to Before Mar. 23 this year, 3,996 U.S. soldiers understand. However running in the upcomwere dead but then a roadside bomb struck the ing election she has proposed a plan to bring vehicle of four patrol soldiers. the troops home safely. Her goals include; withIn early 2007 a surge of nearly 30,00 soldiers drawing the troops, building stability in Iraq, where sent to Iraq. and replacing the existing military Republican candidate, force with a new diplomatic one to John McCain believes engage countries and secure the that although the current future of Iraq. Only situation in Iraq is dangerous Barack Obama, another and the 4,000-death count has 34 percent democratic presidential been considered it would be candidate, has opposed of the U.S. a betrayal to the citizens of the war from the beginning. Iraq to withdrawal. The supports According to one of his web effect could lead sites, he believes that the only President them to a genoway to settle this political cidal civil war. Bush’s choice conflict is for the groups H i l l a r y involved resolve the to remain in Iraq, Clinton, the issue themselves. Democratic according to a candidate, stated Newsweek poll shortly after the war had begun that she stated that she supported and voted to give the president authority for the war. She believed the thought of weapons Hawkeye staff

Pregnant? 1-877-NOT-ALONE 6








Confidential, FREE Services pregnancy testing ultrasound scans medical consultation options counseling

Kenmore Clinic (425) 398-5820 6524 NE 181st St. Kenmore, WA 98028

respect for those who had to suffer through discrimination, I wear this and remain silent in hopes that my effort will help to combat the growing threat of hate.” “It’s important,” said freshmen Camden Morrison “so people realize how their community can be affect by rumors and the things people can say. It’s a simple idea and a simple protest that can open the eyes to others.” GSA members will arrive to school early to hand out triangles in front of the school and at the back enterance near the Hub, for people who wish to participate, help promote awareness, and help “combat the hate.” The spring sports assembly that was also scheduled for Apr. 25 was moved to May 2. ASB officials have not yet stated the reasons for adjusting the schedule.

Federal Way Clinic (253) 941-2664 1414 S. 324th St. Suite B105 Federal Way, WA 98003

U. District Clinic (206) 523-4124 4719 University Way NE Suite 204 Seattle, WA 98105

Senior dedicates project to deceased Terrace grad By Shahrum Ali Hawkeye staff

In tribute of former student Chauncey Jones’ death, senior Sean Forde has dedicated his senior project in his friend’s memory. Chauncey was known as a star athlete, a strong willed person, and someone who would go out of his way to help others. He graduated Terrace in 1998. Then, in 2001, he was diagnosed with Leukemia at the age of 20. After four months of fighting, the disease finally claimed his life. Sean considered Chauncey both friend and family. His senior project was a an auction held in Chauncey’s honor with funds going to the Seattle Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. “Everyone I’ve spoken to about donating has been great, and they have given what they can and in some cases a lot more,” Forde told a reporter from the Herald. “This year is going to be much better than last year.” The auction was held at the Edmonds City Hall on Apr. 5. When asked about the auction, Forde said it definitely exceeded his expectations, by about $3000. Forde is part of Chauncey’s Team, a Web site that is dedicated to Chauncey’s remembrance.

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3 | Hawkeye | 24 April 2008

Hawkeye Staff Editorial

Olympic torch protests OK


rotests of the 2008 Summer Olympics being held in Beijing, China are not only justified but should be supported. There have been many protests as the Olympic torch has made its way across the globe. There were protests in Greece, Turkey, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, the United States, Argentina, Tanzania and India. Some of the protests have been minor with individuals refusing to take part in the torch relay while other protests have shown major showings of protesters. In Paris, the torch was actually put out three to five times, depending on the source. While some protesters do not belong to any group, groups like Students for a Free Tibet and Amnesty International have supported protests against China. Further protests and boycotts have been planned against the Olympic games. Why such a fuss over the Olympic torch and the Olympics being held in China? China has a poor human rights record with numerous reported abuses against its own people and Tibetans. China frequently executes its citizens. Amnesty International director, Kate Allen gives china the “gold medal” for the role “as the world’s biggest executioner.” Over 60 crimes can lead to the death penalty, including nonviolent crimes such as tax evasion. China also tortures prisoners and gives few civil liberties to its civilians. China also has been harshly criticized (rightfully so) for its continued support of the Sudanese Government which is waging genocide in Darfur. Not only does China support Sudan but also provides them with weapons. China has continued to support Burma despite its massive human rights abuses. On top of all of the human rights abuses and support of abuses abroad, China will also being forcing a major displacement of the citizens of Beijing. In an article by Lindsay Beck titled “Beijing to evict 1.5 million for Olympics” Beck describes how residents that have already been evicted against their will without much compensation or time to leave. So for those that think that people are making too big of a deal about the Olympic games and the torch relay, consider what China represents: a brutal nation that doesn’t even care for its own people, let alone the rest of the world. Along with protests against China, education about China’s human and civil rights abuses should be encouraged. The Hawkeye staff editorial represents the views of the Executive Council

The woes of juice at MTHS F

or many at Mountlake Terrace High School, Spring Break was not a time of relaxation and fun; rather, a time of dismay and anguish, as the return to school was accompanied by the discontinuing of a juice option at Nathan King lunch. Such an Hawkeye staff atrocity was a result of a federal audit, cutting juice to increase protein intake from milk, creating a healthier and more balanced diet. Although, the feds ignored several crucial consequences of discontinuing our juice option! Lactose intolerants, people who can’t drink milk, are genuinely the most affected from the discontinuation of juice, leaving them with few options. They could buy a drink (which costs about half a school lunch) from a school vending machine, but wait, the feds also “discontinued” vending machines during lunch. They could also buy a drink from the vending machines during passing period, resulting in the possibility of being tardy, which over time could break another federal law. Although, our school does provide drinking fountains located in various areas throughout the school. Lactose intolerant students could buy a lunch, and every time they desired a flavorful burst of water simply navigate through a gaggle of students to the nearest drinking fountain, which is almost like having two juices conveniently at your side! The one way that a lactose intolerant person could get a milk is by bringing a doctors note. This is completely unfair as not everyone has time or means to see a doctor for a note of the sort. The objective of such federal legislation is to compose a healthier, more balanced diet for students. Lately, there has been a lot of emphasis on the problem of American obesity, and I understand shutting down the vending machines during lunch and federal audits for schools lunches are part of an effort to battle obesity, which can lead to heart disease, asthma, and diabetes. But when you turn 18, you can smoke yourself to death; or 21 when you have the choice of slowly drinking away your kidneys. Apparently, address-

ing the latter health issues are overcome responsibility, and choice, of parents durby having a little more protein in your ing childhood and while the students are diet. Not to mention, students having the under their roof. option of bringing whatever they want to If students choose to eat healthy or not, lunch, healthy or not. What if someone they should have both options. If they brought enough deep fried choose to eat McDonalds Twinkies for everyone? for every meal, they should Is lunch the only meal in Forcing students to eat healthy have that right. The fedat school isn’t going to instill eral and state government a day? No there are three, and many more opportu- healthy eating habits outside of shouldn’t force students nities and time for stu- it, which should be the respon- to eat healthy, rather to dents to embezzle them- sibility, and choice, of parents inform and educate. Say selves with unhealthy during childhood and while the “this is unhealthy for these students are under their roof. reasons and here is a betfoods. For one meal a day, you are forced students ter option,” rather than “eat to drink milk instead of this or starve.” It’s not just juice, or not allowing them an issue of juice; but of the to buy vending machines snacks during first amendment, people who cant drink lunch resulting in a healthier diet and milk, and plain silliness. By taking away eating habits. Even though you have the juice, students who dislike pouched milk choice of eating whatever you want after are being forced over to other unhealthy school, before, during (if you bring it), options such as soda and sports drinks, and over breaks. or water which doesn’t have any protein, Forcing students to eat healthy at school defeating the purpose altogether. Maybe isn’t going to instill healthy eating hab- water fountains should be discontinued its outside of it, which should be the to increase protein intake.

Staff Executive Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ji Mun Editorial Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jacob Tupper Photo Manager . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Colin Diltz A&E Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Colin Diltz & Kendra O’Halloran News Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sharon McClintock Ad Manager . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Alan Adzhiyev Opinion Editor..................................................................................Amanda Lockleer Feature Editors.......................................................... Maria DeMiero & Kayla Cooper Health Editor.................................................................................... Michael Pascual Technology Editor............................................................................... Cassie Soriano Sports Editors............................................................ Derek Giles & Mallory Jackson Copy Editors.............................................................Ruth Reeber & Robina Hamman Photo/Graphics Editor................................................................................................. Concession Manager........................................................................Kathryn Goddard



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4 | Editorial | 24 April 2008 | hawkeye

Pro/Con: Title IX

Cassie Soriano/Hawkeye

Title IX has been a success and done its job S

ince title IX passed in 1972, many have had mixed feelings about its impact, as some feel it has not offered enough opportunity for female sports while others feel that the legislative demand for equality is hurting male sports. Today, most high schools have sucJacob Tupper Editorial Editor ceeded in offering opportunities to match students’ desires to play sports. Title IX has accomplished offering more opportunities for females. Title IX should not force schools to include more sports merely so the numbers of athletes to student body are pro-

portionately matched by gender. Instead, Title IX should only force schools to take action if a legitimate number of students want to play a sport but are denied the opportunity. Les Congellicre, an athletic director of both male and female sports in Southern California, describes his school as having 13 girls’ sports and 14 boys sports. He says that the school would have 14 female sports but there aren’t enough girls that want to play. Also, one of the boys’ sports has one more competition level (Varsity, Junior Varsity, C) than one of the girls’ sports’ teams. But again the desire just isn’t there and it cannot be forced into the students. Title IX sounds like it has been successful to me, everyone that wants to play can. What

more could Title IX ask for? Title IX has three prongs that are used to evaluate compliance of the law. They are as follows: Prong one - Providing athletic opportunities that are substantially proportionate to the student enrollment, Prong two - Demonstrate a continual expansion of athletic opportunities for the underrepresented sex, Prong three - Full and effective accommodation of the interest and ability of underrepresented sex. Vicky L. Barker, a women’s rights attorney in Southern California, claims that most schools fail to follow these guidelines. However, Congellicre paints a picture of a school where everyone that wants to play can. He mentioned that in 1972, his school did not have any female sports and now it has 15. So while his school may not

pass the first prong it passes the last two which are much more important. He has increased opportunities and fully accommodated interest. There is no need to force schools to have the rights numbers if the crave for sports in fulfilled. Kim Stewart, Activities/Athletics Director here at MTHS, declined to comment on the state of Title IX compliance at MTHS. Title IX is a good piece of legislation as it has helped create opportunities for females at an unprecedented rate since 1972. Sports are great for students has they can help their confidence, team work, social skills and keep them out of trouble. As long as students that want to play sports can, no one should force athletic departments to offer anything more.

Editor’s note: Both the cartoon and editorial above were used in the editorial cartoon and editorial writing competitions in the JEA/NSPA Anaheim National Convention. For additional information on what Title IX is and how it protects use with athletics and beyond visit, www., and The following link: contains the article titled “Trends in Title IX” by Allison Kasic which shows how Title IX has hurt male sports since 1972.

Fining for parking is too much power

If the administration has fining powers, where do they stop?


he concept of fines derives from gov- (testing athletes), what prevents school districts ernmental authority for punishment of from either later drug testing students particicrimes or infractions, generally considered pating in any extracurricular activities, as federinsufficient for other al courts now allow, or testing the entire student punishments, such as population? jail time. The same concept applies to school fines. If Common fining the school can administer fines for vehicles, is generally related who is to say they can’t do the same for breakto traffic or parking ing other school rules? violations. The govInterrupting the Teacher: $15 ernment reserves the Tardiness: $5 right to fine, schools Listening to iPod: $10 Nathan King Hawkeye staff do not. Imitating fedAlthough this may seem obscure (and a little eral and state gov- silly), it is a perfectly conceivable punishment, ernments, Terrace as traditional methods seem to have little effect. administration has been handing out fines, up And what would be more devastating than finto $50, for parking violations during school ing a high school student who has little money hours. as it is. The question arisOn top of all of this, es, do schools hold there isn’t even a sign in authority to fine stu- The question arises, do schools hold authority to fine the parking lot to warn students for parking violations? dents for parking viostudents about fines. lations? The only sign is the one On March 13, the that appears to the right Washington State Supreme Court ruled, in which says nothing about fines or possible punYork v. Wahkiakum Sch. Dist. No. 200, that ishments. random, unwarranted drug testing of student Solely because the governments hold the right athletes, under the state constitution, was to fine for parking infractions doesn’t constitute unconstitutional. the same right for other institutions, organizaIf we were to allow random drug testing here tions, or persons.


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5 | Hawkeye | 24 april 2008

Letter to the Editor

the principal’s corner

Financial crunch dooms small schools


y now you have gotten the letter sent home explaining the changes to MTHS next year. While it certainly seems that this change was dramatic and came from left field without a whole lot of input from anyone, it was a decision that needed to be made quickly and it is truly the best thing we can do, given our situation for next year. So, why are we moving away from small schools? Quite simGreg Schwab ply it is an issue of funding. Principal For each student at MTHS, we receive a fixed amount of funding from the District. It is this funding that pays for teachers. For the upcoming school year, we are projected to be smaller than we are this year— smaller by 75 students. This is a pretty significant decline in enrollment. This loss of 75 students means that we do not have as much money to run our school next year as we had this year, and that is a reality for any school. What complicates matters for us is that we have been using a small schools model that is more expensive to run than a traditional high school. We have been able to make this work in the past because of additional funds we got through grants and larger student enrollment. But as the grant money has gone away and student numbers have decreased, we have

Small Schools

experienced a gradual loss of elements of small schools. This year, our loss in of enrollment was significant enough that we realized we would not be able to maintain the small schools without taking significant cuts in other parts of our school. So, I made the decision to move back to a comprehensive high school model. It was not an easy decision as I realize that many students and staff are very passionate about their small school and would have like to see us continue. One of the biggest challenges we often face is when we have a conflict between what we value as important and the resources we available to us to do the things we value. When we don’t have enough resources, we have to make hard choices and this is one of those times. I think the reason many are upset with this change is that they value small schools and it is incredibly frustrating not to have the resources to continue doing what we value. If I could reassure everyone of one thing, it would be this—we will continue to be a great school because we have an outstanding group of teachers who are committed to making sure that you all have a great educational experience. I have said this more than one time, but it bears repeating here: our model is far less important than the people who work here, both as students and as teachers. I would welcome any questions you have about this change so please do not hesitate to come see me if you would like to talk further about this.

The Hawkeye provides school officials this column each issue as a part of our mission as an open, public forum

a word from your asb officers

School activities update


i everyone! I hope you all had an enjoyable and relaxing spring break. The end of the year is quickly approaching, and I can’t believe it’s already April. There are a couple of exciting events coming up to help get you through the rest of the year, including Care Week, April 21-25, the Spring Sports Assembly, May 2, Spring Fling Week May 12-16, and for seniors, prom, May 10, and graduation, June 12. Demi Boe Care Week is a perfect opporASB officer tunity to show someone you care. Do a random act of kindness! You have no idea how far showing kindness can go. The Spring Sports Assembly is our last spirit assembly of the year, so be sure to deck out in your class colors. Speaking

of spring sports, our teams are well into their seasons and are doing great. So make sure to go show some support and spirit and check them out for yourself! Seniors, prom is less than a month away! It is going to be held at the Seattle Aquarium this year and for everyone planning on attending it’s important that you know if anyone shows up under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the aquarium staff will shut down the dance immediately. So make sure and think of all possible consequences before you decide to partake in that kind of activity. On a different note, make sure you are staying on top of your class work. The grades for our next progress report are due May 6. The closer we get to the end of the year, the harder it’s going to be to raise your grades. So take care of it now! That way you can stay on track for graduation. That’s all I got for you now, keep working hard and enjoy the rest of your year.

Changes affect all students, not just me Dear Editor:

It has recently come to my attention of the obliteration of small schools. When I first heard this, I had to do a doubletake. When I first entered into MTHS as a student, I was very excited about small schools. In the past two years, I have realized that my excitement has remained. I have been in the same classes with the same group of people. I very much enjoy being with them because we all have the same general interests and all get along. By taking the small schools away, there is a large chance of us being removed from those with whom we relate. Though I do not mind getting to meet new people, I personally am a whole lot more comfortable around the people I relate to most. I feel like I can act like myself without the worry of being judged because I am a “choir geek” or because I’m different. I understand that the reason for small schools being created has failed, but the bonds I have created with people have been priceless. I strongly believe that the bonds we make as a teenager in high school greatly affect the people we will be in the future. With the depletion of small schools, things might change dramatically and right now, I don’t want to change. I like small schools and I like the people and teachers I have associated with. I hope that this following year and my senior year the only change will be that small schools have been taken away. I hope that I will still have the same teachers and have classes with all my friends.

Chantelle Wall sophomore

The Hawkeye provides the ASB this column each issue as a part of our mission as an open, public forum

Hawk Talk Q: What do you think about small schools not being implemented next year?

Lisa Taylor

Isaiah Liddell

Jon Ummel

“I think you will get to know your teachers better and it’s more helpful.”

“ I think it’s stupid because I’ve been in small schools for awhile.”

“It won’t change the way I teach, but it will affect the relationships I’ve built with students. And I will miss the small school staff I work with.”



Discovery teacher

Sean Otto sophomore

“I couldn’t care less because most of my classes are not in my small school anyway.”

Vasiti Motokana freshman

“I think it’s good because you have more classes in different parts of the school.”

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6 | Hawkeye | 24 april 2008

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The Pencil Magician Award-winning Niki Tran By Ji Mun

craft and acrylic paints. It was in middle school when she took her first art class and started to take art Meet Niki Tran, an award-winning more seriously. And since then, “I learned artist and a TAAS senior. my techniques from trying different styles She has tackled many mediums – oil and practicing,” Tran said. pastels, chalk pastels, pen, acrylic paints, She works at her mother’s nail shop, “so and recently, watercolor paints. “Well, I you could say we do like nail art stuff,” she was just messing with [watercolor] so far, said. “But I don’t like [manicuring].” but I haven’t really done a piece yet,” Tran But as much as she likes art, she rarely said. Out of all the mediums she has used, has time outside of class to draw and paint. colored pencils and charcoal are her favor- “I try to when I have time,” Tran said, but ites. that’s hardly ever. Tran was titled the Top Tran has no favorite 20 and was awarded an “I want to do [art] at home... It’s subject.“I don’t discriminate,” a way of escaping [for me].” Honorable Mention at she said. However, she likes last year’s Edmonds Art “something that’s different.” Festival. The two drawings for which she She doesn’t have a particular artist whose was awarded, “Latin Princess” and “Lost,” style she admires. “I like doing my own are featured on the left and bottom right, thing,” Tran said. respectively. Tran will be entering two artTran plans to attend University of works, an oil pastel drawing of a Ballerina Washington Bothell after graduating high and a portrait of a model, to the Edmonds school. “I don’t know what to do,” she said, Art Festival this year. “but I am thinking of medical research, For her senior project, Tran created an something in science. “I don’t think I am art portfolio, which consists of some of passionate enough [about art]. You might her old works and pieces created for the lose... the passion [if you pursue art],” she senior project. said. Tran sees art as a stress-reliever. “I Tran started to draw when she was little. want to do [art] at home... It’s a way of “When [I] was younger I would draw and escaping [for me].” doodle on any surface I could find, like Minoring in art is a possibility for Tran, even tables and walls,” Tran said. Tran’s but she is very “unsure about everything” at dad could have been the starting spark for the moment. her passion; her dad is artistic with wood-

Executive Editor

Above: “Latin Princess,” a cultural self-portrait, was done with colored pencil. Niki Tran was awarded Honorable Mention in the Edmonds Art Festival last year. Below: “Home, Sweet Home,” was done with pencils. Tran referenced the picture form a photograph on MSNBC News.

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Show us your art


ave you ever wanted to be recognized for your artwork? Then the Hawkeye has a proposition for you! Whether it is poetry, music, or paintings, we want you to show us your work. Our editors will periodically select one or two artists for spotlight. With this sort of deal, what’s to hold you from sending in your demos, photos, portraits – anything you consider art? To reach the Editor, you may e-mail Feature., or for the pieces of art that would be considered less appropriate for electronic travel you may stop by the room 130 after school. Please include your name, age, grade and contact info as well as the title and any information about your submitted artwork. The Hawkeye will print as many artist profiles as space permits. As always, our editors reserve the right to refuse to print material, too.


May 19 A portrait of Arielle Ignacio, a MTHS student and also Niki Tran’s friend. The picture was done with oil pastel.

College via the military


ypothetical Bob is still strug- duty, which means Bob could gling to get his college plans essentially be taking college straight- courses for free and simultanee n e d ously getting paid for doing his out. He’s job the rest of the time. There’s interest- even a Community College of ed in the the Air Force. Every branch of the o p t i o n military has a Tuition Assistance of join- program for active duty personing the nel, which Bob could get inform i l i - mation about from his base’s eduRuth Reeber Co-Copy Editor tary, but it cation officer. seems limiting. If Bob works his The rules for TA funds and contail off to get into one of the ser- tinuing education vary between vice academies, he’s stuck in a real- the Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast ly intense environment for four Guard and Marines, so it’s imporyears, and afterward he has several tant that Bob researches everyyears of active duty and reserve thing thoroughly. This is not parmilitary service ahead of him; and ticularly difficult: a Google search if he enlists, he’d be on “enlisted educadelaying college for tion” yields about A very useful tool a Google four years. Right? 564,000 results. Well, that’s where search on “enlisted education” The most secure yields about 564,000 results. and trustworthy Bob would be wrong. First, while The most secure and trustworthy websites are the websites are the homepages homepages of the the Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast of the branches of the military, branches of the Guard Academies which have a .mil ending (such military, which as have an active have a .mil endduty requirement ing (such as www. immediately after graduation, Then, if Bob has any the Merchant Marine Academy questions at all, he should contact has only a reserve requirement a recruiter for whatever branch and service in the US merchant of the military he is interested marine—that is, commercial ships in. Recruiters are not difficult to that fly the US flag and the com- find, either; if Bob hasn’t seen one panies that own them. standing by a table near the lunch Second, enlisting in the military line, he can try the internet, a does not mean a four-year vaca- phone book, or, quite convenienttion from education (even if that’s ly, the Career Center in the library, what Bob is after!). After basic where resides all manner of infortraining, recruits enter specialized mation about colleges, careers and training for whatever job they will everything in between. enter. Also, there are many distance learning options while on active Tran was awarded Top 20 in the Edmonds Art Festival for “Lost,” a pencil drawing.

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food bank



‘A concern for neighbors’

Story and Photos by Colin Diltz Photography Manager

Top: People line up to recieve food on a foggy Tuesday morning. People line up every Tuesday to recieve food. First row from left to right: Artichokes wait to be sorted for distribution. The food bank gives out fresh produce as well as canned food. Next: Randall Buntting bags oats into individual servings. Bulk items are sorted at the food bank for each person. Next: Karie Smith takes fresh produce for her family. Next: Bags are lined up so that the volunteers can fill them with food. The bags are for the people who aren’t able to pick up the food from the food bank in the morning and must get it later. Secod row from left to right: Shopping carts are in place for families to use to put their food in that they collect from the food bank. The families go through the line and put all their food into the carts and then return them when they are done with them. Next: Karie Smith’s child eats a snack on a foggy Tuesday morning. Even if the weather is not great, the people still have to come out and get their food. Next: Ron Jay unloads onions from the food bank truck, which goes up to Everett to get bulk items. Next: Warren Broderick helps unload the food bank truck, so the other volunteers can sort the food for distribution on Tuesday morning.

The Concern for Neighbor’s food bank has been helping out the Mountlake Terrace region since 1970. Delores Stenoal the current director has organized the food bank for twenty-nine years. The food bank is on the corner of 47th Ave and 225th St. It is completely staffed by volunteers, who wake up early on Monday and Tuesday to help. The food bank is open to volunteers any time for community service hours. The food bank is open from 8:30a.m. to noon for volunteers or donations on every Monday and Tuesday. Delores emphasized that “everyone including myself at the food bank is a volunteer. Nobody gets paid.” This is because the money that would be made for working there “goes to food. Not only food, but to help people financially. Like rent, not a lot but some, utlility bill assitance.” In honor of all of Delores’s hard work, she will be receiving an award from The Washington Commission for National and Community Service at the governor’s mansion on Apr. 28. She first started because she was asked to by the current minister. “He needed volunteers and I volunteered. I’ve done a lot of things through the years, but the food bank is the thing I’ve stayed at the longest,” Delores said. The food bank has created so many memories for Delores. She said, “the thanks from people are the biggest reward [and] the fact that we are helping people. I also volunteer on Tuesday night. Judy makes up bags for the people. Judy, Pat and I work there. Last night [Apr. 16] for example, one woman was going to be late and she called because she had my cell phone number and she said she was going to be late. I told her I was going to stay for her and she hugged me. A lot of people hug us. It’s a blessing.” People can do community service for school or for other things at the food bank and the supervisers will be able to sign off paperwork if asked to do so. To see if the food bank is open call 425.778.7227. Volunteers typically do a variety of jobs. There is a regular group of volunteers that can be seen at the food bank every day that it is open. Jobs around the food bank usually include sorting food, cleaning up the food bank, going on truck runs to collect food from the local areas, and helping out on the distribution day making sure that the food line is running smoothly. Young volunteers are always needed to help carry around heavy items, such as boxes full of cans. “More people should volunteer, especially younger people since the people at the food bank are older,” Delores said. The experience is very rewarding and it looks great on applications for colleges and resumes for jobs. People who have to pick up food from the food bank come in

the morning every Tuesday in the scorching sun, drizzling rain or the freezing snow to receive enough food for three days. This food isn’t supposed to last a week because it is supposed to be an extra provision along with food stamps. People who cannot pick up the food during the morning hours must arrange times between 5:30 and 6 p.m. to pick up their food. The food bank has an unique system of distributing. To be fair people must line up to get food. The line is then split up in different ways and people are given a number, so that their spot in the line-up is guaranteed. There is also a senior and handicap line, where help from volunteers is avaliable. There are always volunteers who are able to help the people out. The lines also are run smoothly, so that everyone isn’t only able to get the food they need, but t in a timely fashion. Families can register to receive food at the food bank, but they must bring in the required paperwork and proof. The food bank currently serves between 150 to 200 families and the number of families is still increasing due to the increase in poverty. The families get enough food for three days and get special treats if avaliable. For example, the food bank this year bought turkeys for its members around Thanksgiving time. The food that is give out depends on the amount that the local stores are able to give to the food bank. The food bank collects food from many places. Some of them are local stores, such as QFC, Roger’s Market, Albertsons, and all the local Starbucks chains. Each those stores gives dairy products, baked goods, and fresh produce. The food is then driven back to the food bank and sorted and stored until the distribution time. Starbucks donates the day-old pastries that weren’t sold and would otherwise would be thrown out if the food bank didn’t arrange to pick them up. The food distributed at the food bank is mostly fresh and packaged food. They pass out cans donated from all over. One of the biggest food drives for this food bank is the one from Mountlake Terrace High School. The food collected during the P.P.P. (Pursuit of the Power Plunger) competition between MTHS and Lynnwood High School is given to this food bank also. This year the P.P.P. collected 19,275 cans for the food drive. Around the holiday season some neighborhoods put up an elaborate display of Christmas lights that people can see from their car as they drive around the neighborhood. One such community that gives its donations to the Mountlake Terrace food bank is Glenmore Estates. At the end people can donate food or money to the Concern for Neighbors food bank. The city of Brier also donated money and food from this year’s tree lighting, which takes place at Brier Park every year. This year the food bank received $12,400 and 4,500 cans of food from the communities.


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PHEV paves way for plug-in hybrid vehicles Plug-In Electric Vehicles available in 2009 By Joan Tran Hawkeye Staff

It has been announced that Plug-In Electric vehicles will be available to the public in 2009. The announcement comes from several major car companies, including Ford. The production of the PHEV first began with Professor Andy Frank. Professor Andy Frank and his team of engineering students began designing and building the PHEV in the 1990’s. His work got recognition and funding from several car companies, such as Nissan, General Motors, Saturn, Ford, and others. Later, other car manufacturers, such as Toyota, began investing into the PHEV project. Many prototypes have been completed and demonstrated. More testing, however, is needed to have it on the road. The PHEV is similar to that of a regular Hybrid Electric Vehicle, or HEV. However, while the HEV has standard gasoline and electricity for its energy source, the PHEV can attain power

from any electricity outlet. Once the PHEV exhausts all its electricity, then the gas in the fuel tank will be used. Depending on the capacity of the battery size of the plugin hybrid, this can be enough for about 60 miles. Also, while 25 miles worth of gas costs three dollars, 30 miles of driving with electricity costs 81 cents. The PHEV can achieve zero to 60 miles per hour in less than nine seconds and can go 120 miles per hour for about two minutes even with a low battery. The “side effects” of the PHEV is that the car is expensive with both the battery and car included. It has not been proven yet, but a PHEV is believed to be 10 to 20-percent more than a regular hybrid, which costs $2,500 to $3,500 more than a similar equipped gasoline vehicle. A PHEV also raises some safety concerns by containing a pack of charged up batteries and a tank full of flammable gas. It, along with other types of hybrids, it is still under further study, therefore there will be many oil changes, smog checks, tuneups, and other maintenance needed.

Since a plug-in hybrid has an alternate power source, it does not emit as much carbon dioxide as a gas-fueled car. For example, in 12,000 miles of driving, a car powered by gas produces around 12,000 pounds worth of carbon dioxide. With the plug-in hybrid, it only lets out three 3,900 pounds of carbon dioxide. This was according to Joe Romm, who was an official of the Department of Energy. However, it must be understood that electricity does come from somewhere. It is developed through burning coal. Plug-in hybrids also emit sulfur dioxide which is poisonous in large quantities. This emission of sulfur dioxide discharges twice as much compared to cars running only on gasoline and three to four times more than a regular hybrid car. This was the results from a study done by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Just like a gas-fueled car emits carbon dioxide; the plug-in hybrid also leaves its mark on Earth, adding its own greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere. Today, there are prototypes of plug-in hybrids out there. But car manufacturers are still trying to advance this plugin hybrid into its best shape. They are also trying to make the car more affordable. 2009 is the best guess to when this can be achieved.

Graphics by Cassie Soriano

Clap once. Clap twice. PClapper software makes controlling computer convenient By Sara Suryan Hawkeye Staff

Recently formed, PClapper is a small online company that has developed clap-controlled software for computers. Much like the infamous Clapper of the 90’s, PClapper can be downloaded onto a computer and enable a wide range of uses. For example, open a favorite hip-hop track with one clap and then turn the volume up with two. Email can be opened with two claps and then closed with three. Four claps will do the trick if the computer needs to be turned off. PClapper is free for all to download, but requires a PC microphone in order to catch the sound of a clap. The biggest benefit of this software is the convenience. If you are across the room reading Leo Tolstoy’s “War and Peace,” and just can’t tear yourself away to play the next track on your computer, you can simply clap twice, and

continue on reading. They are soon to continue the convenience trend and release a Clapper alarm clock. The PClapper only works with Windows-compatible computers, and plug-ins must be downloaded to do some of the actions. It also requires the .Net framework from Microsoft. In order to get PClapper, download the software from the company’s website. After installing, the user can configure the clap actions that they wish to be recognized to perform almost any action. Also, for an extremely bad microphone, plug in large headphones into the microphone jack, and clap into the left headphone. This is the first of the Clapper product string to work on a computer, and right now PClapper’s only finished project. For more information and download help, visit the website’s Frequently Asked Questions at

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Clune’s Corner

meet mr. clune allows them to study or complete tasks at hand much more effectively minus the feelings associated with the medications’ “speed-like” effects.

What’s the problem? (No free ride) Michael Clune Intervention Prevention Specialist

Michael Clune is a highly skilled, experienced Chemical Dependency Counselor and is available to help and assist MTHS students and staff with Alcohol/Drug issues. This could be another student, one of your friends, family members or yourself needing information, a referral or counseling services. Clune is a Nationally Certified Addictions Counselor, a Mental Health Specialist and he is also Nationally Certified to deal with Domestic Violence/ Anger Management and Relapse Prevention problems.

Phone: (425) 431-5599 Office: Counseling Center Hours: 7a.m.-2p.m. M-F

A Closer Look at Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta, Stimulants. First some history. .The history of Ritalin dates back 40-60

years ago when chemists created the drug using natural stimulants including caffeine and ephedrine. Ritalin was tested on lab rats and the results showed the rats were more focused, calm, and manageable. The short-term effects of the drug pushed the chemists to keep experimenting and derived the long lasting stimulant Ritalin (methylphenidate), which was first introduced as a treatment for hyperactivity in 1950. After the National Institute of Mental Health officially recognized Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in 1980, the sales of Ritalin, manufactured by Novartis AG, took off. Since then, Ritalin has become one of the most commonly prescribed medications for the tretment of ADHD. Hey if it’s good enough for the rats.

Nerdy technical stuff: Some stimulant drugs that have been gaining popularity by students are Ritalin and Adderall, and Concerta. The trade name for these drugs is methylphenidate (meth-ill-fen-i-date). Ritalin and Adderall are two of the most prevalent prescription drugs used in the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Even though they are stimulants, a medical provider in standard doses for people with ADHD and ADD, these prescription drugs have been shown to assist some people with AD(H)D to sustain their attention for a longer amount of time. This

the Ritalin debate is the question if its use can lead to psychological drug dependence in the long run. A study in the Archives of General Psychiatry titled “Is Methylphenidate Like Cocaine?” concluded that indeed it was. Its lead author, Nora Volkow, director of Nuclear Medicine at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, N.Y., used positron emission tomography scans to look at where and how quickly Ritalin acts in the brain. In Volkow’s study, eight healthy male volunteers were injected with the drug. Their scans were then compared with those subjects in previous studies who had been injected with cocaine. The authors reported that the distribution of Ritalin in the human brain was “almost identical to that of cocaine.” The drugs’ effects also peaked at almost the same time — between four and ten minutes in the case of Ritalin, and two to eight minutes for cocaine. Even the highs were similar. In 1990, there were 271 estimated emergency room mentions for methylphenidate in DAWN (Drug Abuse Warning Network). In 1998, there were 1,727 mentions for methylphenidate in DAWN of which about 56 percent were for ages ten to seventeen.

Like most prescription drugs there is a minimum to zero chance of dependency or addiction disorders that can occur. When these drugs are abused and taken like they’re Skittles then there’s a moderate to high risk that physical, mental and emotional problems will start to surface. First off, can you die from abusing these forms of stimulants? Well, in a word, yes. In Canada, 2005, Adderall XR was removed from the market for six months Image Courtesy of Ritalin is prescribed to people dealing with in response to twenty sudden deaths and symptoms such as ADD and ADHD, but many twelve strokes in adults and children using have been found to use it as a recreational the drug. In February of 2006, the FDA, drug. (Food and Drug Administration U.S.A.) reported 51 fatalities in patients taking My conclusion is simple. Schedule II ADHD medications. Crushing the pills drugs, such as Ritalin and Adderall, have and snorting these stimulants is highly a high propensity for misuse, abuse, and dangerous and you could experience heart dependence. Widely prescribed for schoolfailure or a heart attack. age children by medical professionals, many In reading some Psychology 101 books adolescents and young adults snort Ritalin Misdiagnosis of ADHD is a common and Adderall as they believe that they are I noticed that drugs such as Ritalin have problem that com- safe alternatives to cocaine. This could not listed side effects plicates the Ritalin be further from the truth. First, both the such as loss of You may think that you are safer and more frugal by controversy. Some p o t e n c y appetite, menRecent animal tal and physical snorting Ritalin and Adderall, rather than cocaine, but you say that Ritalin of Ritalin growth can be are harming yourself in similar ways. You also run the risk is now over-pre- and Adstudies suggest impaired. My of arrest for having and using these substances without a scribed, and that derall exthat children who prescription. undesirable changes ponentially folks would say are mistakenly in the brain may re- i n c r e a s e it would “stunt diagnosed with sult over time. ADHD children are typi- when they your growth.” In the late 90’s and early 2000’s my work cally taken off of Ritalin when they reach are snorted ADHD and treated at an elementary school had a lot to do adulthood. Interestingly, these individuals or injected with Ritalin may with the students that were labeled as seem to be more prone to cocaine addic- b e c a u s e be more likely to ADD and ADHD. Most of these students tion. Why is that? Because Ritalin and they enter develop depression were taking Ritalin, Addrell or Concerta cocaine are similar drugs, it’s possible that the bloodADHD adults are unknowingly using co- stream diin various potencies. as adults. I noticed after observing, working and in- caine as a replacement for Ritalin. In other rectly. Secteracting with this group for 4-6 years that words, it may be an attempt to self-med- ond, prescription medications, especially their physical appearance’s were generally icate. Cocaine may help individuals with when they are not prescribed for the user, thin and skinny in a unhealthy manner and ADHD focus, feel calm and in control. as with illicit drugs, do not diminish their generally a high majority didn’t eat break- You may think that you are safer and more potential for harm. These actions make the fast or lunch very often. As a CDP I view frugal by snorting Ritalin and Adderall, misuse and abuse of these substances as or these prescriptions as having a place, but rather than cocaine, but you are harming more harmful than cocaine, since the user currently believe that they have been over- yourself in similar ways. You also run the may believe snorting Adderall and Ritalin prescribed. I think because of the huge risk of arrest for having and using these is safe. numbers of families in North America substances without a prescription. (read: millions) that have been prescribed Dangerous effects of Schedule II Drugs these stimulants that the American attitude is, well these must be safe and harm•Irregular heartbeat (heart arrhythmia) less no matter how taken, like Skittles and •Problems with circulation •Psychotic episodes Smarties. •Increased aggression •Toxic shock HELLO! Can we say faulty belief systems? Recent animal studies suggest that children who are mistakenly diagnosed with ADHD and treated with Ritalin may be more likely to develop depression as adults. This can be explained by Ritalin’s effects on the reward pathway. We know that Ritalin increases dopamine levels in the brain. But an unnecessary increase in dopamine during childhood may change how the brain develops. The brain may become desensitized to natural rewards like food, romance and social interactions, leading to depression

Real Life: (Not boring) Probably the most controversial theme in

Withdrawal symptoms: ritalin,adderall, concerta •Severe Depression •Severe Emotional depression •Psychosis •Exhaustion •Restlessness •Nausea •Extreme Feelings of agitation •Anxiety •Agitation •Abdominal Cramps •Insomnia Information courtesy of

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is this normal?!?

Meet ms. nelson

A closer look at Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta, Stimulants.

Dear Ms. Nelson: A student asked me a question and I really need your help. They asked me, “How do you know you are in love?”

Signed, Mr. Morrison

Kimberly Nelson ITN?! Columnist

ITN?! (Is This Normal?!) Columnist Kimberly Nelson is here to answer all health-related questions you might be afraid to ask, or to address questions she just feels like she really needs to answer. Credentials? Yep. She’s got ’em. Not only is she an MTHS health educator, she has a masters degree in Theology and Counseling. So, submit your questions to the Hawkeye, Ms. Nelson or Michael Pascual in room 130. Letter writers may choose to remain anonymous for ITN?!

LOVE! We don’t need no stinkin’ love! To define love is one of life’s greatest mysteries. Have you been to a book store lately and noticed all the books on emotions, relationships, mental health? Well, basically, that whole section is on the pain, confusion, and delight connected to love. This is what I do know: Love is a façade that we build around us so that we don’t go crazy. It’s the glue that holds our life together. It’s the excuse for out-ofcontrol lust. Loves makes us crazy, and do things we are embarrassed about. It’s our projection against life’s storms. Love is the cause of creation and beauty; therefore all art, music, dance, writing and poetry are an expression of love. Nature is a weighty expression of love. According to one of my favorite songs (extra credit if you can name the song or band), “love is a social disease”. Not to mention that “Love Stinks”, “Love makes the world go round”, and “all you need is love”. Love is a painful and joyous angst. The feeling you get when you see the love of your life is like getting slugged in the gut and receiving a million dollars, all at the same time. Like eating your favorite desert, only to find out it was made of rotten food products and you end up throwing up. Or like being excit-

Dear Ms. Nelson: This year’s prom is at the Seattle Aquarium, what happens if my date is found swimming with the fishes?

Signed, Guido I guess it depends on where you find your date. Is she literally swimming in the tank? If that happens, act like you don’t know her, back into the crowd and laugh with everyone else. When she finally decides to come out, she will reek like seaweed and might have barnacles growing on her butt. That’s ok if you are dating a mermaid.

ed to go to the zoo, only to find out that the monkey house is closed due to flying poo. It’s like getting a driver’s license and not having a car to drive; ever! You get my drift…

Love grabs hold and doesn’t let go. Do you know why some people say that teens are too young to really fall in love? I hate that. Those adults are reacting to the fact that they haven’t re covered from their teen love affairs yet. They still carry a torch for that special someone who rocked their world 30 years ago. In their cynical state, they poopoo other’s feelings of love. And that’s not nice. Love is REAL. Romantic love releases chemicals in your brain that make you feel all giddy and excited. Your body reacts to that special someone and I’m not even talking about the sexual parts. You get a rush of emotion (not to be confused with lust) that makes the whole wide world a happy place. You end up being nice to people you don’t even like, petting dogs that crap in your yard, and actually drive the speed limit because YOU CAN! It’s all about love: the balance in our psyche that keeps us from ripping our own hair out when we are frustrated with the world. Love is the peace in our hearts, the joyful tears we can’t stop, and the giggles at silly jokes. Consider the vast amount of emails we Maybe she is cheating on you with an otter. You know how those otter gangs are, they are smooth talkers! And SLY DOGS! You don’t have a chance in the world to get her back. Don’t even think about picking a fight with them. If you got up in their seaweed grill, they will slap you silly with their tails and beat you like an old clam shell. Talk about embarrassing. I can’t imagine anything worst that getting your butt kicked by a gang of otters. And you thought otters were so cute! But, if you find her swimming with a cement block tied to her leg, I bet it’s Styrofoam and she’s just trying to get rid of you. In that case you should have taken a shower before you left. In either case, you’re a chump and are go-

receive and send that include cute babies, kitties, and puppies. In actuality, those are really annoying, but we find perverse bliss in their cute little faces, causing us to get a little release of the love hormones. It’s like a little drug that makes us happy and content. Basically, love DOES make the world go round. It makes us get up in the morning and face the day. But how do we know that we are in love. First of all, love and lust are NOT the same. Lust is a powerful sex force that we are all born with. It drives our attraction to others and the need to procreate. But love is different. It’s much more difficult to explain or understand. It’s about knowing that you are doing what’s best for both of you. That both are happy, able to compromise, and able to see the exquisiteness of your partner outside of their body parts. Think about this: If you couldn’t have any romantic intimacy with them, would you still want to spend time with them? If so, you are probably in love. If you are able to put their needs above yours, without loosing yourself, you are probably in love. If the thought of seeing them makes you get butterflies in your stomach, you are probably in love. Please remember, just like Cinderella had to return home by the stroke of midnight because reality would set in, romantic love looses it thrill and becomes realistic. And realistic love takes lots of work. It’s all good though, because it’s worth it!!

ing to be just another topic for her new tattoo that will be placed between her back side dimples.

Vanessa Chea/ The Hawkeye

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Ghostland brings Seattle to its feet at a full Showbox By Colin Diltz

Photography Manager

It was April 4 at the Showbox, the sold out show for Ghostland Observatory was waiting as the band finally came out at 10:15p.m. The duo comes from Austin, Texas and as they said at the concert Seattle is their second home. The room was completely packed with people dancing to the electronic funky beats. Smoke filled the air as lights cut through its thickness and made the atmosphere of a great dance party. There was no space where people weren’t dancing or bobbing their heads to the catchy beat. The lead singer, Aaron Behrens, was all over the stage; meanwhile Thomas Ross Turner added the sound that flowed in between each person in the crowd. They played songs off all three of their albums and each song was played with a precise intensity that would force the crowd to dance and jump around and scream out in delight. It was easy to get lost in crowd and people of all ages joined together to just dance for the sake of dancing and having a good time. “Silver City” was the song that seemed to be one of the best that night. Even the crowd sang along to parts of it. The song comes off their first album “ meat.” It’s beat is very easy to dance too and the crowd did

sang along with the synthesized chorus. The crowd at times was even singing to each other as they were dancing. The excited feeling was slowly being subdued and the song had a mellow feeling that people would experience when they are experiencing “butterflies” in their stomach. However, after the song ended the crowd got all pumped up again and was back to their usual dancing around and just having a good time. This one point though was probably one of the calmest times during the concert and it greatly shows how the music that Ghostland Observatory produces can alter moods. One of the most unique songs of the night though had to be “Piano Man.” The song has the lyrics of a love song, but the beat that keeps people interested. The instrumentation constantly changes and after every chorus there was a small piano solo that just Used with permission from seemed to exemplify the song. Right after the duo was done playing the just that all over the dance floor. crowd immediately started clapping for more. They were Another highlight of the evening was “Shoot ‘em Down.” answered quickly and got a three song chorus, including Aaron Behrens got into this song. The way he sang and the song “Rich Man.” his dance moves when he wasn’t singing just fed off the This band truly was a band that plays better live, not to crowd’s energy. He even leaned out on the audience and say their albums are weak, but their live shows are a whole they held him up as he was bouncing off their combined different experience. They played another show the next hand support. day for twenty-one and over only and that show also sold “Stranger Lover” was probably the song that was the out. most danced to that night. It seemed that the slowness of The next time they play, they will be in Washington is at the song just built up the excitement of the crowd. People the Sasquatch Music Festival at the Gorge.

Two marathon runners and their miles to go 2 Guys and a Bag of Popcorn say what’s worth watching and what should be rented later



By Colin Diltz

Photography Manager

Whenever Simon Pegg appears in a movie it is sure to have a great mix of British humor present. Just like other movies that he has been in, “Hot Fuzz” and “Shawn of the Dead” Simon is the main character in “Run Fatboy Run.” The title describes the basis of the movie. Dennis, played by Simon Pegg, is running a marathon to win back the heart of his love Libby, played by Thandie Newton, who he ran away from on the day of their marriage, while she was still pregnant. It seems that the movie shows how much a failure Dennis really is. His life seems to be him wallowing in his troubles for much of the film. His job as a mall security cop obviously is unpleasant for him because of the scene that introduces him chasing a thief down. His apartment and his health emphasize this even more. His life is the pits, until he finds a way to get back his wife. Now by this time the movie starts to shift to a common movie making trick of showing the underdog over taking the handsome man who is athletic and trying to steal Dennis’s love away. This man seems to be the total opposite of Dennis. Whit, who is played by Hank Azaria, is a rich American with a definite future. Libby falls for this man and Dennis decides that he has to prove to

Libby that he loves her and that Whit isn’t right for her. The movie slows at places, but the common sense of humor makes the movie down to earth. The ending however is very dramatic and will remind sports movie fans of great movies where everything goes right or wrong. Even though it is predictable the ending is a great way to end the movie. It isn’t very realisitic, but movies aren’t always so in the way they end.

By David Clark

Used with permission from

Hawkeye staff

“Run Fatboy Run,” the movie debut of director David Schwimmer, is a movie that I found to be decently funny, possibly something worth renting. The story revolves around a man by the name of Dennis, played by Simon Pegg, and his attempts at securing his love back with his ex-fiancé Libby, played by Thandie Newton, whom he left at the alter, pregnant. Dennis is known, somewhat

famously, for never completing a single project or holding himself to commitment (i.e. never paying his bills, letting people get away with theft, never securing tickets for shows, etc.). Finally, Dennis decides to do something completely out of character and join the Nike River Run, a marathon coincidentally being ran by Libby’s current fiancé Whit, played by Hawk Azaria, who stands in stark constrast to Dennis in the sense that Whit is rich, handsome, and a bad person. “Run Fatboy Run” had an almost distracting amount of male genitalia jokes, which is probably either the British comedy speaking or evidence of a profound writer’s block. I did enjoy that the films from Simon Pegg are adding more and more dramatic moments to each script. Unlike a like of other films regarding a man and his family, it seems like the characters actually possess some life to them. Dennis shows himself as a particularly needy character, doubting himself over and over again. Libby comes off as a rather bitter character to Dennis, only because of her bad experience with him, although she often warms herself around him because of old romances. “Run Fatboy Run” was a decent film with various moments of laughter as well as many serious moments to offer some cotrast. Definitely a movie worth your time if you need something a bit more lighthearted.

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21 28 05 12

Hot Chip $15 @ The Showbox

ESD Talent Show 6:30p.m. @ MTHS Theatre

23 30 07 14

Socratic $8 @ El Corazon

24 01 08 15

The Mae Shi $9 @ The Vera Project

As I Lay Dying $17 @ The Showbox

22 29 06 13

25 02 09 16

26 03 10 17

Exposure Music Festival $12 @ El Corazon

Blood on the Wall $18@ Chop Suey

We Versus the Shark $8 @ El Corazon

Los Lobos $70 @ Benaroya Hall

Gold Finger $18 @ El Corazon

Pleasureboaters $8 @ The Vera Project

DeVotchka $19 @ Showbox SoDo

Joe Jackson $37.50 @ The Moore Theatre

Dream Theater $TBA @ The WaMu Theatre

SE Quad Band Concert 7p.m. @ MTHS Theatre

SE Quad Orchestra Concert 7p.m. @ MTHS Theatre

Minus the Bear $17.50 @ The Showbox

Dancing through the Decades $5 @ MTHS 7-10p.m.

Senior Prom @ Seattle Aquarium

Cake $32 @ The Paramount Theatre

The Slackers $15 @ El Corazon

Atmosphere $20 @ The Showbox

Tapes ‘n Tapes $15 @ The Showbox

Bobby Hutcherson Quarter $27.50 @ Jazz Alley

Amber Pacific $15 @ The Showbox

Someone Still Loves You Borris Yeltsin $10 @ The Vera Project

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Half way check for Spring Sports See how your Hawks have been doing and what you should expect from them Track and Field By Navarre Kerr Hawkeye Staff

Track is certainly off to a running start this season. Boys were victorious against Edmonds Woodway and Meadowdale with a close game of 27 – 23. For distance runs, senior Ben Walters took 1st in the 800 meter, senior Matt Beeninga took 1st in the 1600 meter, and sophomore Ben Miller took 1st in the 3200 meter. Coach Rust Vincent said, “Committed players that remain on the team are getting a lot out of the season. They are improving right and left and beating a lot of personal bests. It is a pleasure to witness and fun to watch. Assistant coaches Lewarne, Guerra, Rankin, and Johnston help immensely in helping the athletes advance their skills.” As well as upperclassmen there are a new freshman that add significant skill to the hawks. Freshman Hunter Rook took 1st in 110 highs, 300 hurdles, and Javelin. Freshman Zach Aquino also Colin Diltz/Hawkeye took 1st in long jump. The girls beat During the first two weeks of April, Cheer tryouts took place for the 2008-2009 squad. Members of the new team are Taylor Gehlen, Lindsey Meadowdale but fell Hendricks, Samantha Kinsella, Gricelda Montes, Mikayla Morgan, Steph Morraitis, Vivianne Nguyen, Leigh Ann Novotny, Hannah Odgers, and For distance short to Edmonds Antonia Rovig. Woodway. Senior runs, senior Alayne Smith won Ben Walters 1st in discus and Soccer Team play Jackson at 7:30 p.m. on Laura Glasgow, who usually scored three played a close game of 3-6 and 5-7. Double took 1st in the beat her personal Apr. 22, at Edmonds Stadium or face one to five points on each match, but recently players Binder and Stead played a close 800 meter, best with a distance of their rivals, Meadowdale, at 7:30 p.m. at whipped ten points on each game. “The game of 3-6 and 4-6. “This doesn’t show team is improving altogether,” Treece said. up on the score, but they went to lots of of 91feet’ 3inches”. Edmonds Stadium on Friday, Apr. 25. senior Matt “The scores are getting higher.” deuces,” Coach Gigi Johnson said. Two Sophomore Ciara Beeninga took Treece predicts that the team will score single players were victorious in their game. Rink won 1st in 1st in the 1600 High jump and beat 60-70 points each match and individu- Reitmann played 6-0 and 6-1 and Truong meter, and ally score five points more as they improve. finished victoriously with a score of 4-6, her personal best “The team will keep improving throughout 7-6, and 6-2. sophomore Ben with four4 feet’ 10 By Ji Mun the season,” Treece said. “They are doing really well… They are a inches”. Also Allana Executive Editor Miller took 1st young team. I’m anticipating [greatly] for Sheehan beat the in the 3200 The boy’s golf team is keeping up their next year. I couldn’t ask for a better team,” pole vault school meter. Johnson said. record with a height great winning streak. With the exception of the league match, the team has won Come support the women’s tennis team of eight8 ’feet. in their next game at Jackson on Apr. 25 The next meet is this Thursday against every match. In the unfortunate league Lynwood and Kamiak at Edmonds match played on Tuesday before spring By Ji Mun Woodway. The hawks were also invited break, the team lost by only two shots. “We are doing [well],” Captain Jordan Executive Editor to the Marysville Tomahawk Classic this The women’s tennis team is Wall said, “and we are getting better.” Wall Saturday. predicts that the team will achieve their active and strong; they were goal of sending four boys to the state tour- victorious in a match against Lynnwood on Apr. 10. Both the nament. Most of the boys are experienced golfers, single and double players played By Jacob Tupper but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room well; single player Teryn Bouche Editorial Editor for improvement. “Matthew Crump has seized victory with 6-2 and 6-1 With a three wins and eights loses, the improved the most,” Wall said. and Lex Juretich won 6-3 and men’s soccer team still has four games left. 6-2. Ann Truong beat her oppoThe team has beaten Lynnwood twice and nent with a score of 6-0 and Mariner once. The team stands in seventh 6-2. Shelby Windrom suffered place in Wesco South, ahead of Lynnwood an unfortunate loss of 2-6 and and Mariner and trailing Edmonds- By Ji Mun 1-6. The doubles team Ashley Woodway by one win. According to senior Executive Editor Juretich and Willada Loch won The girls’ team scored 59 points and placed 7-6 and 5-7, then finished the Jory Tindall the teams performance has been “better than last year but we have our last in both games against Lynnwood on game by winning 6-2 in their good days and our bad days. We tend to Apr. 15 and against Everett on Apr. 17. last match. Molly Erikson and play down to the skill level of weaker teams Captain Chloe Treece scored 28 points Ashley Kizziar played a close unfortunately.” Or in the words of sopho- in both games and placed first against game of 5-7 and 5-7, and Sarah more teammate Manix Alveraz “our consis- Lynnwood and second against Everett. Binder and Alexa Stead won Despite the team’s discouraging placing, by scoring 5-7, 3-4, and 4-3. tency is pretty soft, because on certain days we’re nasty.” Tindall also said, “we’re doing Treece said, “It is [a good score] for a team The hawks won an overall game better than the two past seasons. We have with not much experience.” of 4-3 in the match against The girls’ team placed 2nd in the match Lynnwood. more wins and I think we work better as a team and have more potential… Looking against Jackson, Mariner, and Lynnwood The team did not fare as well at our skill level at the beginning of the on Apr. 22. Captain Chloe Treece scored against Kamiak on Monday, year to right now we’ve made quite a bit of the highest with 29 points and Lizzy ending with an overall score Strauss scored fifth with 16 points. improvement.” of 2-5. Single players Erickson Colin Diltz/ Hawkeye The most improving golfer is junior scored 1-6 and 0-6, and Bouche Cari Smith runs against Shorewood. Come see the Terrace Hawks Men’s

Men’s Golf

Women’s Tennis

Men’s Soccer

Women’s Golf

16 | Sports | 24 april 2008 hawkeye

wesco south spring sports standings Women’s Tennis WesCo Overall W L W L 11 0 10 0 Jackson (4A) Edmonds-Woodway (4A) 11 1 11 1 8 2 8 2 Shorewood (4A) 3 3 3 3 Kamiak (4A) 5 6 5 6 Meadowdale (3A) 3 7 3 7 Shorecrest (3A) 2 7 2 7 Mariner (4A) HAWKS (4A) 2 8 2 8 0 9 0 9 Lynnwood (4A)

Baseball tied for WesCo lead

Colin Diltz

Men’s Baseball WesCo Overall W L W L 9 3 12 3 Jackson (4A) 9 3 10 6 Meadowdale (3A) HAWKS (4A) 9 3 10 6 7 5 10 6 Shorewood (4A) Edmonds-Woodway (4A) 8 6 8 8 5 7 7 9 Kamiak (4A) 4 8 5 10 Shorecrest (3A) 3 11 4 14 Lynnwood (3A) 2 10 4 11 Mariner (4A) Softball WesCo Overall W L W L 9 0 10 3 Jackson (4A) HAWKS (4A) 7 1 9 3 5 4 6 5 Kamiak (4A) 5 4 7 5 Lynnwood (3A) 5 4 1 3 Shorecrest (3A) 5 5 5 8 Shorewood (4A) Edmonds-Woodway (4A) 4 6 4 9 3 7 3 10 Mariner (4A) 0 10 0 12 Meadowdale (3A) Men’s Soccer WesCo Overall W L W L 9 1 9 1 Shorewood (4A) 9 2 9 2 Jackson (4A) 9 3 9 3 Shorecrest (3A) 7 3 7 3 Kamiak (4A) 6 2 6 2 Meadowdale (3A) Edmonds-Woodway (4A) 2 1 2 1 HAWKS (4A) 3 8 3 8 1 11 1 11 Mariner (4A) 0 13 0 13 Lynnwood (3A)

Photography Manager

As the season reaches the end, the Mountlake Terrace Hawks are tied for second place overall with Meadowdale. Since the last issue of the Hawkeye, the baseball team has won seven games and lost three, leaving them in a three-way tie with both Meadowdale and Jackson for the lead in WesCo. One of these games was versus the top team in the WesCo South division: Jackson. When they met on Terrace turf they lost 4-11, even with senior Jake Theis pitching. He pulled up short and wasn’t able to stop the powerhouse from scoring. The blame isn’t to be put on one person though because it also seemed that the offense couldn’t get into the groove and left many runners stranded on bases. Jackson’s starting pitcher, senior Ricky Kellogg, was excellent as well, allowing only two runs on four hits through five innings of work. The Hawks were also hampered by three fielding errors. The next day however was a different story at Jackson. The Hawks won, but the last inning was very exciting as Jackson nearly came back and caught up with the Hawks. The Hawks held them and clinched the victory. Shortstop Garrett Totten, a senior this year, hit a home run and a double this game helping the Hawks out substantially. Be sure to check out the Hawks in their last games versus Mariner, On April 28 versus Shorecrest at their field and on April 29 at Mountlake Terrace.

Colin Diltz/Hawkeye

Junior Jake Sells rounds third during the Hawk’s 11-4 loss to Jackson.



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