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27 MARCH 2007 • VOLUME 22 ISSUE 5 BROWN IS BACK IN TOWN MTHS drama presents “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.” Read the preview and see it yourself • 6

• What are you drinking? Find out the health facts on some of those addictive energy drinks • 12–13



TEEN ADDICTIONS MySpace, e-mail, junk food, caffeine. See how these are teen addictions and why • 8–9

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Cast shines in ‘Charlie Brown’

Funding cuts prevent new teacher influx By Leah Pope Executive Editor

Due to funding cuts, Terrace will be losing approximately five teachers next year. The school is assigned funding based on fulltime equivalency staffing (FTE), but is losing 4.76 FTE for the 2007-08 school year. The change accompanies a shift in graduation requirements such as a fourth year of English and an extra semester of social studies. According to Principal Greg Schwab, adjusting staffing to meet these needs while losing teachers “is going to be a challenge.” Nearly every year the administration counts on at least a few resignations or requests to go on leave, but most likely some changes will have to be made to account for each program’s needs. If possible the administration will avoid hiring new teachers so that a minimum amount of teachers as possible lose their positions at Terrace.

WASL may meet delays By Maria DeMiero Leah Pope/HAWKEYE

In “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown,” Linus (Warren Bailey, far left) protests that his sister, Lucy (Rebecca Dumanis, second from right) is going to tell Sally (Blyn Redden, far right) what he said about her while Schroeder (Eli Blaisdell, second from left) tries to get them to focus for a Glee Club rehearsal. “Charlie Brown” Opens this Thursday and runs through Saturday. See page 6 for the review.

Terrace must adjust vending machine content to meet district, FDA standards By Leah Pope Executive Editor

School officials must reconsider the location and food content of Terrace’s vending machines in order to comply with school board policy and federal law. In August of 2005, the Edmonds School District (ESD) school board signed Policy 8600, which dictates that 70 percent of competitive food sales available to students must meet guidelines set out in the policy. The other 30 percent can be any kind of food or drink. According to the policy, for drinks to be in the 70 percent they cannot be carbonated or caffeinated or come in larger than 12-ounce containers. Even 100 percent fruit juice falls into the “unhealthy” 30 percent if the container is too large. The qualifications for food are just as tough. A single snack cannot be deemed healthy if 30 percent or more of its calories are from fat. Sugar content must be below 15 grams per serving, not counting sugar from fruits and vegetables.

“Students will eat what you provide for them… I think if we provide healthier choices, then we’ll be doing better to support students in making healthy choices.” ~Greg Schwab principal

The policy was intended to go into effect as soon as individual school contracts had timed out. According to both Principal Greg Schwab and ESD Director of Food Services Barb Lloyd, schools are gradually easing into compliance with the policy. A federal law that has been in place since 1978 established that carbonated beverages cannot be sold in the same room that students eat lunch in. If there are vending machines that sell carbonated drinks, according to the law, they

must be turned off or unplugged during lunch hours. There are currently three vending machines on the side of the HUB that sell carbonated soda. Schwab stated that Terrace is currently skirting the policy on the grounds that the vending machines selling carbonated drinks are not technically in the HUB, but rather within in a “perimeter area.” According to Lloyd, the Food and Drug Administration will be auditing the school district in January 2008 to see that they are in compliance with the law. Schwab said that the school is prepared for the possibility that the FDA will disapprove, but will deal with that if it becomes a problem. The transition to healthier foods is an effort to keep students on more nutritionally sound diets. “Students will eat what you provide for them,” Schwab said. “I think if we provide healthier choices, then we’ll be doing better to support students in making healthy choices.”


Two similar bills in the Washington state Senate and House could delay graduation requirements for passing the math and science sections of the WASL. The governor is expected to support whichever bill makes it to her desk. Senate Bill 6023 would delay the requirement of passing the math portion of the WASL for students in graduating classes 2008 and 2009. However if they fail the math section they must continue to take and earn at least a “C” grade in math classes to improve their skills. The bill would also delay the passing of the science portion of the WASL to the graduating class of 2011. In addition the WASL, starting with the class of 2013, will include an assessment on biology in the science portion. In the House, HB 2327 is different in the aspect of who the delays apply to. For example the house bill would affect students in the graduating classes of 2008-2012. Students in those classes would not have to pass the math section of the WASL if they pass the SAT, PSAT or ACT, and earn additional mathematics credit(s). The bill would also delay the requirement of passing the science section to the class of 2014. Governor Christine Gregoire has also recommended that Washington delay passing requirements and change the math portion of the WASL. Just 51 percent of sophomores in 2006 and only 47.5 percent in 2005 passed the math WASL. Assistant Principal David Tadlock said, “If they don’t require the class of ’08 to pass the math there’ll be less stress on how to get everyone to standard. But the question still remains about student’s math abilities.”

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27 MARCH 2007

Challenge Day comes to MTHS By Sharon McClintock News Editor

MTHS students and staff are joining forces in order to break down barriers within the school through the work of Challenge Day. The “Be the Change” team, who sponsors Challenge Day, based in California, is coming to Terrace Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 during the upcoming year. They will hold a two-day workshop. According to P.E. teacher Susan Lahti, the goal of this workshop is to “make schools a safer, more accepting, more supportive place for everyone (by) attempt(ing) to break down barriers that keep us separated (and by) mak(ing) the differences not seem to matter so much.” She said that the process, “can be

pretty powerful and some of it painful.” At the workshop there are many activities working toward these goals. Lahti went with about 25 students and some staff last year to a workshop in Everett for Challenge Day. There she saw one activity in which students were playing volleyball on their knees while the teachers were on chairs pretending to be cheerleaders with pompoms made of tissue. The Be the Change team went to Scriber High School on Feb. 13 and will be going to Everett in May this year. Other high schools in the area are also looking forward to the experience. When they come to MTHS, one hundreds students will be involved

with their workshops per day. Also there will be 30-plus staff and community members involved. Nine students and four teachers, including Principal Greg Schwab, met to find out what Challenge Day is really about on Thursday Mar. 22. At this meeting they worked on listening to each other and really opening up. According to the agenda passed out in the meeting the purpose was to “build connections by starting from the heart and developing a spirit of team between the members with the practice of getting real, to make everyone feel included and heard, and to help every person present to know that they are not alone.” Lahti encourages everyone to come to the next meeting on Thursday April 12 at 2:10 in room 121.

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Cheer tryouts are proceeding as normal after a brief suspension of part of the cheerleading team. Several members of the current cheerleading team were suspended for the standard 45 days following a “violation of the activities code,” according to Principal Greg Schwab. They appealed and were reinstated for tryouts. Schwab explained that it was determined that tryouts are not a performance and that not allowing them to re-

Date Thursday March 29–31

Time Event 7:00 p.m. MTHS Musical Opening Night: You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown 7:00 p.m. Human Rights Thursday Festival: March 29 Land Rights For Native Americans Friday March 30 8:00 p.m. Human Rights Festival: The Kulshan Chorus April 5-15 Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Celebrate Seattle Festival: Carmina Burana and Pacific 7:00 p.m. Theater Sports Friday April 13 Wednesday April 18 Saturday April 21 Monday April 23-27 Wednesday April 25 Friday April 27 Wednesday May 2

Location MTHS Theater

Lincoln Theatre, Mount Vernon

Lincoln Theatre, Mount Vernon Seattle

MTHS Theater

7:00 p.m. MTHS Talent Show 3:00 p.m. Class of 2008: Silent Auction (Set-up 1 PM) Care Week

MTHS Theater

7:00 p.m. ESD Talent Show 9:00 p.m. MORP Dance District Wide School Fair

MTHS Theater


MTHS HUB Edmonds Community College


■ Annual exam and counseling ■ Birth control pills, IUD, foam, the shot, vaginal ring, diaphragm, condoms ■ Emergency contraception

audition would be equivalent to a one year and 45-day suspension. The veteran cheerleaders are not guaranteed places on next year’s squad, but will be allowed to try out as if the initial suspension had not occurred. Cheer adviser Marci Mahler said, “As a staff member who’s involved with ASB and athletics, it concerns me whenever there’s a problem with code violations, so this incident is no different.” She declined to comment concerning whether the incident would affect each individual’s chance of returning next year.

Upcoming Events

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Cheer tryouts continue despite suspension setbacks By Sharon McClintock and Leah Pope

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1-800-230-PLAN (Phone rings in health center nearest you)

8/11/06 10:58:14 AM


See what ASB, the principal and your peers have to say about senior pranks • 5


Have faith—who can you trust if not us?


ow frequently do you have the chance to thank a politician for making your life better? Most likely it’s more often than you think. Though much of the legislation that passes through our state Legislature is of the sort that inspires nothing more than a hiccup of apathy in high school students, it is possible that the House of Representatives’ passage of HB 1307—that is, the student press rights bill—could change the course of every public high school in the state of Washington. To summarize the main points: The bill protects school administrators from lawsuits over content of school media, providing they don’t have prior restraint over the publication. Seems good enough, our administrators generally don’t deserve to get sued. Additionally, if signed into law, the bill would protect advisers of student media from losing their jobs for refusing to censor their students. Still a fairly fine track here, HBN’s Angelo Comeaux, Tempo’s Beth Gilbraith and Hawkeye’s Vince DeMiero are also decent people who don’t deserve to lose their jobs for following the First Amendment. Finally, and in our eyes most importantly, the bill would give student editors control over editorial content of all student media. You trust us to do that, right? Well, some people don’t. The bill passed on the House floor, 58-37, but it still has the Senate to get through before landing on Governor Gregoire’s desk. The whole purpose of student media is to represent what students care about. How can teachers and administrators ever do that properly? They can’t. Can you help? Should you help? As we’ve said time and again, yes! The future belongs to you, the students of today, but only if you reach out and take hold. Call or e-mail your state senator, say how you feel and spread the word! The HAWKEYE staff editorial represents the views of the Executive Council



The future is now: iZombies

umans today are less physically active than ever before in humanity. This has a lot to do with the luxuries of today: cars, supermarkets, electricity, televisions, video game systems, computers, etc. When looking around in an American town, one can see some of the consequences such as obesity, and a lack of self-reliance (if the whole world was restarted today and you were the only person left on earth, chances are you would not be able to adequately feed, clothe, and shelter yourself ). Jacob Tupper While these problems seem bad enough, HAWKEYE staff there are more consequences caused by leisure activities such as watching television or playing video games. For example, neuroscientists are questioning if this lack of physical activity will have an effect on the development of the cerebellum. The cerebellum is located back part of the brain and does not finish growing until humans are in their 20s. The cerebellum is used when humans are facing complicated activities as well as during physical activities. So while the cerebellum is not necessary for some activities it enhances events and without it humans could become much clumsier. According to neuroscientist Jay Giedd, development of the cerebellum is so important that recess can be just as important as academics for children. Spending the day in front of a TV or a computer is also harmful in that leading theory concerning brain development is a “use it or lose it” hypothesis. By age six, the brain is 95 percent of its full size, but grey matter, tissue that makes up the thinking part of the brain, continues to grow and peaks around age 12. After age 12, a pruning process begins (due to having too much grey matter to survive) depending on one’s habits - use it or lose it. For instance, if one spends his time reading, thinking and studying, his brain is going to hard-wire those cells and connections that help with these subjects, allowing one to be good at reading, thinking and studying when you become an adult. On the other hand, if his days consist of sitting around and playing video games, those cells are going to be the cells that survive. This gives you good reason to get out of the house and do some-

STAFF Executive Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Leah Pope General Manager . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Joanna Chu Photo Manager . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Christina Montilla Photo/graphics Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ji Mun Sports Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Jordan Gisler Opinion Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kendra O’Halloran Editorial Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Patrick Hume News Editor ....................................................................Sharon McClintock Technology Editor ............................................................... Corina Cheever A&E Editor ....................................................................................... Colin Diltz Health Editor ......................................................................Katherine Waldo Feature Editor .............................................................................Quynh Dinh


Writers .............................................................Jon Apel, Brandon Brinkley, Maria DeMiero, Heidi Gunderson Olivia Harrington, Michael Pascual, Cassie Soriano, Jacob Tupper, Rostik Vaynshteyn, David Whalen Photographers.. ........ Alan Adzhiyev, Kathryn Goddard, Jamie Postle Adviser .............................................................................Vincent F. DeMiero FANs Coordinator.........................................................................Janet Pope Guardiano Molto Grande .......................................Jim “Animal” Pecotte Mamma Meraviglioso......................................................Lynda McDougal Printing............................................................................... Pacific Publishing Member .................................................................... MTHS ASB, JEA/WJEA, NSPA, Student Press Law Center NOTE: Names in bold indicate voting members of the Executive Council


thing active, or stay inside and do something constructive. Go, do it, for the sake of your brain. High school is THE time to develop good habits. Many students make comments about helping out with the community after high school or college, but why wait? The time to act is now; students should be volunteering or trying to make a difference in some way. Make your life mean something, give your self value and create your own meaning in life and start now. When you die do you want to be the proverbial “that guy,” even to yourself, or would you like to depart knowing that you accomplished something? It’s not hard to get involved or start something new, especially in high school where you have a countless number of teachers and administrators that should be willing to give you hand with whatever you need. Yet, chances are you’ll just brush these words off like much of the advice given to you from adults and peers. But this isn’t your entire fault, because you’re not an adult your judgment skills, which affect your decision making, and your organizational skills aren’t fully developed and they aren’t the same as an adults. In fact, teens and adults actually think with different parts of their brains in some situations. When an adult hears a certain suggestion he usually gets an automatic reaction that helps him decide whether or not the proposal is a good idea or not. On the other hand, teens have to reason the proposal out before actually come up with a decision. Parts of the brain develop at different time, and one of the last parts to mature is the part of the brain that makes judgments. This can help explain why a teen would fight on school grounds, or drive drunk. As far as organization goes, the skills in charge are controlled by the frontal lobe, which like the rest of brain isn’t fully developed until adulthood. So while (at least) six teachers all demand various assignments from you and expect you to keep your academics and social life and everything else organized your brain isn’t fully developed and ready to have adult organiGraphic by: Ji Mun and Patrick Hume zational skills. While the last half of this column presents scientific information that could support many excuses, there aren’t any good excuses for apathy and inaction when youth only legally and mentally lasts 18 years.

POLICIES Mission Statement The Hawkeye’s mission is to The Hawkeye will print as many letters as space allows. provide the MTHS community with quality, thought- Letters must include the author’s name, signature and class or position relative to the letter. Typed or legible, provoking student produced publications. In these efforts, the Hawkeye has established several hand written letters are acceptable, but should not open public forums for the exchange of information, exceed 200 words. The Hawkeye will edit all letters for opinions and artistic expression dedicated to those in accuracy, spelling and grammar. We reserve the right to refuse to print any letter. the MTHS community. Editorials The editorial section of the Hawkeye serves Editorial Cartoons Submissions represent the view as a forum for well-written, thoughtful, longer forms of of the artist. Editorial cartoons accompanying editorials expression. Signed editorials represent the opinions of represent the view of the author. Artwork should be the author. Unsigned editorials represent the opinion of submitted to staff members in room 130. Cartoons are the Hawkeye Executive Council. Views printed herein selected based on their appropriateness and clarity. are meant to be opinionated and do not necessarily Advertising The Hawkeye will not accept any represent the opinions of the Hawkeye staff, student advertising that the Executive Council deems to be: body, faculty, administration or school board. The factually inaccurate; designed to mislead, deceive Hawkeye will print submitted guest editorials as space or defraud; containing malicious, vindictive or allows and requests that all contributors include their unsubstantiated attacks; offering goods and/or name, signature and position relative to the editorial. services illegal for teens to possess, buy or use; libelous; The Hawkeye will edit all submissions for accuracy, obscene; creating imminent danger or disruption to spelling and grammar. We reserve the right to refuse to school. The Hawkeye reserves the right to refuse any advertising, solicited or unsolicited. Advertisements do print any submission. Letters to the Editor Readers are encouraged to voice not necessarily reflect the views or endorsements of the their opinions in the Opinion section, a public forum for Hawkeye staff, student body, faculty, administration the expression of varying viewpoints on relevant topics. or school board. revised 9/2005


27 MARCH 2007


Living up the past—good clean fun W

hat is happening to our generation? Instead of playing catch with our friends in the park, we are plugged into our own virtual world to either play video games or listen to music. We easily forget Quynh Dinh the tragedies Feature Editor we see on the news the minute the broadcast is over. No one remembers Hurricane Katrina or the tsunami that hit in 2005. Most people feel bad about it when they see it on television, but it eventually turns into an “I’m glad I’m not one of those victims” mentality. We are a generation raised by the media. We tend to go with what our peers think is good rather than what our parents tell us. Girls especially, have taken on most of the messages they see on the media about beauty, trends, and sexual appeal. As spring approaches and girls began to bring out their skirts and caprice, we see that worst effect of bad media in our children ever! It is not solely the fault of the individual, however, because it is often easiest kind item of clothing to find at stores. However, there are those who choose to dress too skimpy for school and even for their own good. This is especially apparent in younger girls who are dressing older for their age by the day. Influences from music videos drastically change a girl’s perception of what is considered ‘beautiful’ and appealing. What song lyrics and


television shows are showing these days are that girls have to dress sexy, usually revealing their chest or legs to become a ‘woman’. Rappers are singing more about money, women, and their material belongings than life. Their music videos are a haven of sex with vixens dancing outrageously. Sounds familiar to dances at Terrace? Although hip-hop music is not that only thing that is ruining our youths, they do contribute a large portion to violence and sexual behavior. Girls think they have to dress and act a certain way and boys think they have to the right to imitate some of the things that they see. It is sad to see how young girls are dressing and acting like those they see on television. Even girls as young as ten are going out in mini-skirts and tank tops. Although some wear that kind of clothing with a flare of innocence, but to the older boys, or predators even, they are sending the wrong message. Kids as young as ten are dating. It makes one wonder, “where do they go?” and “what do they do?” Our culture is pushing young girls to grow up too fast, a factor that largely contributes to teenage pregnancy. Who could blame them? They grow up playing with dolls that wear tons of make up and not enough clothes to cover their body. As if that not bad enough, some commercials targeted at young girls show their peers dressed up as little whores whose only passion in life is shopping and flirting with the opposite sex. Sometimes it is hard not to find revealing clothes at stores because they is all

they sell. Limited Too does this a lot. Their clothes are the smaller and less curvy version of what adults wear. It is cute for a toddler to wear a short skirt and backless top hat naturally go with their plump stoutness, but this trend should not continue when they head into elementary school. No one wants to see a child prostitute waking around school, and no one should have to. What has today’s society come to? Some girls use the excuse, “it’s my body and can I wear whatever I want” to defend their motivation for dressing in a revealing manner. However, until a girl learns to respect herself and her body, she should not be able to dress anyway she wants. Sure, we could blame it on the media or the lack of discipline from parents, but when it comes down to the individual, she is responsible for presenting herself in a respectable manner. It is her choice to wear what she wants, but doing it a particular way can attract bad judgment upon her. Before knowing anything about someone, the first thing we use to judge him or her is by what he or she looks like or is wearing. Outside appearance does matter. It matters when it comes down to a job or even a party. Prejudice is everywhere, and there is no sign of it ending anytime soon. Pulling off the right impression can make or break someone’s future, therefore, why not start young. Learning to discipline oneself at an early age is vital to the financial success of the future.

The AP dilemma

t the end of my 8th grade year at Brier Terrace Middle have a first period and an eighth period, so no matter what, School, students were making the decision between I would be missing class time on three different days. This attending the IB (International Baccalaureate) program at wasn’t just a problem for me either, most AP students are Edmonds Woodway High School or involved in extracurricular activities so while most students going to Mountlake Terrace High do not have a first and eighth period, some have a first period School. About half of the students and play a sport or are in a play. Some students wouldn’t be from Shirley Nicholson’s Challenge able to attend meetings because they can’t get rides at any English and Social Studies class went other time except right before school and right after school. to the IB program. Not only are the letters a burden, they are not that helpI chose to go to MTHS, because ful. Students very often do not forecast classes that they end Jacob Tupper HAWKEYE staff up taking the next year. For example, Jeannie after conversing Mrs. Brzovic’s AP Government class had very few Egger (the Renaissance “Students students forecast during registration last year, counselor), Mrs. Nicholson, and my mother should be but by the first day of school the class was comwere able to make it possible for me to take AP pushed pletely full. (Advanced Placement) European History and to, not It feels as if the school does not want students English 10 in my freshman year. to take AP classes. It does not make sense for a This was one of the determining factors for away from, school to injure its student body by creating barme choosing to attend MTHS. Since my freshadvanced man year, I have taken AP English 11, and AP US riers for students. Our school should be in full academics.” History and I am currently in AP Government, support of students’ academic ambitions. AP Chemistry, and AP English 12. With only 50 percent of last year’s 10th gradI really enjoy the AP classes and the school has always been ers passing all three required parts of the WASL, our faculty supportive of helping work my schedule to fit them. I was should encourage classes that force students to have good surprised to find that this year as registration neared, there study habits and learn more information. Also, in the acawere announcements that students who wanted to take AP demic world, colleges want more than just good grades from classes next year needed to get a form and get it signed by their students, so hard classes like AP classes are necessary for college-bound students. parents and then turn it in. At a school like MTHS which does not have the best repuThis seemed a bit ridiculous to me, but made sense that teachers would want to have a prospective of how many stu- tation for quality academics, AP classes are vital. Students dents wanted AP classes and which classes would be offered. should be pushed to, not away from, advanced academics. So after getting my parents to sign the letters and turning Therefore, I think that rather than spending all the time and them in, I found out that not only did I have to get another money to make letters that intimidate students away from the paper signed for each AP class I wanted to take next year, but hard classes, all of that energy should be put into make letters I had to attend a meeting for each individual class. This meant advertising AP classes. that I had to attend three meetings which were held on various Maybe then Terrace students will start filling up AP classes days before and after school. and begin getting accepted into more colleges or at least put I did not find this fair and I was somewhat upset because I on the right track.

MINI OPINIONS “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”


nd emo kids across Terrace rejoice! Finally, it’s a show about a sad little boy, living a sad little life, that’s absolutely hilarious. Full of doghouse-sitting, piano-playing, kite-flying, blanket-dancing and more, this is something you’ve got to check out. See page 6 for the review.

The weather


f we were living in a different era, we’d probably have sacrificed 11 chickens, three cows, a dove and a yak to weather gods of some kind, just trying to get the weather to stop messing with our heads. This weather really is dangerous to our health. It’s common knowledge that all the snow that came down this winter was merely really cold water, as is the fact that really cold water can also be ice. But ice on roads is what persuades district administrators to cancel school (understandably, nobody wants little children in a school bus to die). But cancelled school leads to compressed homework, that is, more homework at one time. Too much homework leads to stress and anxiety, both of which happen to be symptoms of depression. Now you know why winter always gets you down.


The First Amendment

ow can you not love America’s founding fathers when you think about the amazing legacy in the Bill of Rights? After looking around a bit, you’re probably wondering where the Bill of Rights, or more specifically, the first amendment is today. Well, some people seem to have forgotten it. Say, for example, those trying to prevent students from having a free press by opposing HB 1307 in Olympia. Or those closer to home, who think custodians have even fewer rights to free speech than the students. There are plenty of people fighting to redeem the quality of our first amendment rights, but they can’t do it alone. And besides, as cool as it sounds, the Bill of Rights isn’t really enrolled in any kind of witness protection program.

Groping in the halls


obody wants to see it. And it’s as simple as that. Regardless of what sort of pictures people look at or videos they watch on their own time, the general consensus is that nobody enjoys a couple making out on their locker. And furthermore, if it’s that hard to keep your hands off of him/her, then you probably spend time together outside of school. We have yet to hear a reasonable argument as to why the groping can’t happen then.

• Go see Charlie Brown this weekend! • 6






Q: What do you think about senior pranks?

“I don’t mind them because they aren’t that funny, and not many people notice them.” ~ Jared Hernandez sophomore

“Being a former senior here at Terrace I can relate to the seniors. They were very benign in manor and didn’t hurt any person or object, and didn’t result in any disruption of a school day. There was always a teacher that we could go to, in order to get advice on the prank idea.”

“I think they are okay if there isn’t damage or something that the janitors have to clean up.” ~Bryce Compton senior

~ Nalin Sood AOS Teacher

“I think it’s kind of funny because they are just doing them for fun. And it’s not like they are affecting us.”

“I think it’s funny because unless it’s hurting someone it doesn’t matter. It’s their senior year so they should enjoy it.”

~ Lyudmila Tsinkevych freshman

~ Miriam Zakaria junior




Spring Break?

Stop pranks before they get ugly

s you already know, a few pranks from the class of ’07 have occurred. Though they may seem cool and funny, they are affecting others in a negative way. Our administrators and janitors have had to take care of the clean-up and safety of the school, and it is beginning to cost MTHS a good amount of money. Please be aware of the struggles that our school is dealing with and help stop the school pranking. Now that is said, spring break is on its Stephanie Jones way. Several students and staff are headASB Public ing off on vacations to California, Florida, Relations Officer Texas, and many other places in the United States – even outside of America. I hope that some of our seniors are planning on visiting colleges to help them with their final decision on May 1. Remember, you’re never too young to start visiting colleges, so sophomores and freshmen can check a few places out as well. When looking at colleges, don’t forget to ask yourself these questions: 1) How will this school benefit me? 2) Is the cost reasonable with my needs? 3) Does this school have strong course offerings for the major I am looking at? 4) What are the pros and cons of this school? 5) What are my choices in order and why? 6) What drew me to this school? 7) Where do I see myself in four years? Hopefully these questions will help you with your final decision. I am sure you will all have a great spring break no matter what you choose to do! Also, make sure to look out for spring sports and the spring fling! The HAWKEYE provides ASB officers this column each issue as a part of our mission as an open, public forum


bout a month ago, I took my first sick day in had the doors cleared by 6:50 a.m. and all was well. something like six years. I woke up feeling pretty Except that I spent the rest of the day with wet feet ill and decided I needed to stay home and rest up. and a lost hour of time needed to get the school ready About 6:10 a.m. I got a for the day, no lasting damage was done. call from school informI have two main issues with pranks. First, pranks ing me that there had been are funny to some and an annoyance to others. In a senior prank involving each of these two cases, the pranks resulted in lost about 18 or so large tires time and cost to clean them up. Each time we have strung across the front to spend money to clean up after a prank, it is money of the school blocking that is charged to MTHS. I do not have a line item in access through the main the building budget for the clean up cost after pranks Greg Schwab entrance. We ended up – that money comes from other places in the budget Principal having to call the District and takes from our ability to pay for necessary items for some additional help to remove the tires and get like paper for printing, books and supplies. Second, I the main entrance passable again. Other than the cost worry about students trying to one-up each other. So of removing and hauling away the tires, there was no far there has been no lasting damage to the school. lasting damage to the school and the pranksters had a But if pranks continue, it is a matter of time before good laugh for causing the school some time, money someone or a group goes too far and does something and a minor amount of irritation at having to deal that causes damage. This gets us into a realm where with the clean up. the police become involved and we are forced to conThen about two weeks ago, it happened again. As I sider criminal prosecution. pulled into the school on a Friday So, here is my appeal to those morning at about 5:45 a.m., I who are responsible for the two “Here is my appeal noticed that something did not pranks we have already experi… Please stop look quite right with the main enced as well as those who may before they get out entrance to the school. Upon be planning pranks in the future: closer inspection, I found that Please stop before they get out of hand.” our pranksters had struck again. of hand. This time they had piled snow about four feet high We have a wonderful student body and you are all and four feet deep across all the main entrance doors. responsible young adults who are able to see the ratioA large sign proclaimed, “School Closed due to Snow nale behind what I am asking of all of you. We have so Day” and a smaller sign said simply, “Class of 07”. much to be proud of as a school – a truly involved and The front entrance was completely inaccessible. spirited student body, pride in who we are as a school So, armed with shovels, our two custodians and I community. These are things to focus on. spent the next hour moving the snow from the front The HAWKEYE provides school officials this column each issue as a part of our mission as doors so that we would not be in violation of fire code an open, public forum that clearly states we cannot have doors blocked. We

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Review by Cassie Soriano HAWKEYE staff


ased off of Charles M. Schulz “Peanuts” comic strips, the MTHS Drama Department is preparing for their upcoming play “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown” to debut this Thursday and run through Saturday. The cast of this spring’s play brings out the definite characteristics in these troubled elementary kids. This musical rendition of the worldwide popular comic Peanuts features comic strips by Schulz himself. Watching it reminded me of reading the newspaper funnies as a kid, except with real music. Charlie Brown, the main character in the “Peanuts” comic, is a low-

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self-esteemed, wishy-washy chump played by sophomore Joel Jewett. Whether lonesomely eating his peanut butter sandwich or leading his baseball team, Jewett effectively stays in his depressing character throughout the play. At first, I had some doubts that a student could possibly play a dog, let alone a crazy character like Snoopy. But Brett Morrison has learned well in his previous four musicals at Terrace; his powerful voice and justa-tad-out-there personality work well to bring out the eccentric qualities of Snoopy’s character. Too often is Snoopy thought of as a lovable beagle—Morrison brings back the trickster, not to mention a killer Red Baron sequence. Playing Lucy van Pelt was junior Rebecca Dumanis, who delivered hilarious scenes, almost always outshining the rest of the cast in her accuracy of the character she portrayed. Paired with Eli Blaisdell, as the Beethoven-fanatic Schroeder, their views and characters were firmly expressed in the scenes they had together, despite resulting in Schroeder’s frustration. Dumanis sang and talked in a nasal voice for the entire duration of the play, which nicely accentuated the crabbiness of her character, Lucy.


Photos by Leah Pope Executive Editor

Schroeder (Eli Blaisdell) explains to Lucy (Rebecca Dumanis) that piano players don’t make a lot of money because “playing the piano is an art! Art! Art! Art!”

Schroeder’s believable, and borderline obsessive, admiration for music and the famous composer frighteningly balanced Lucy’ stage presence, so much that I couldn’t decide which character to root for in their squabbles. Junior Warren Bailey’s part as Linus van Pelt showcased his excellent talents as an actor by playing a character who can contemplate the meaning of life while toting his inseparable “security blanket.” Usually, a 6’2” thumb-sucking younger brother would be awkwardly noticeable compared to a 5’2” older sister. But in Bailey’s case there’s just no way to describe in

words how amazingly effective he is in Linus’s toddler-like habits. As the comic strips mandate, Bailey is rarely without his trusty blanket, and it is a frequent gag in the show for someone to take it away. One of the most entertaining numbers, was “My Blanket and Me,” because the whole cast performed a dance, each with his or her own beloved blanket. Senior Blyn Redden rounded out the cast as Charlie Brown’s little sister Sally. Despite her age, Sally is a persuasive,

but cute, little girl, played particularly well by Redden. The acting is indeed amazing in “Charlie Brown, but the work done behind the scenes should not be overlooked. Director Jeannie Brzovic deserves a great deal of credit for the time she put into the show, as do all the student technicians who make the show happen.

Left: Brett Morrison, as Snoopy, sings of the pleasant day, pretty sky and the joy of having a sturdy roof. Right: Lucy, played by Rebecca Dumanis, explains to her little brother Linus (Warren Bailey) that these things called “hydrants” grow all over and no one seems to know just how a little thing like that gets so much water, in “Little Known Facts.”

Left: Lucy (Rebecca Dumanis) sings that “For whatever it’s worth, Charlie Brown, you’re you.” Center: The cast performs a dance together in “My Blanket and Me.” Right: Sally (Blyn Redden) explains to Schroeder (Eli Blaisdell) how each new philosophy makes her life a whole lot brighter.


Praise for ‘Little Prince’ By Ji Mun Photographics Editor

“The Little Prince,” written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, revives the importance of childlike traits, such as innocence and imagination, that are fleeting in our generation. One universal factor among all humans is that we were, at one point, children. However, the importance of childhood can be easily forgotten, especially in the transition from a child to an adult. This is especially true to high school students, who may be overwhelmed with school, extracurricular activities, college, etc. This book might be perfect for you, especially if you are swamped with school, work, and schoolwork. “The Little Prince” is an easy read, comprised of little over 100 pages of easy words and many pictures. Yes, pictures appearing every two pages. The story starts when the narrator, a plane pilot, crashes in the Sahara Desert. In the desert, he meets a little boy, innocent and pure, around whom the book revolves. They become friends, and the narrator learns that the prince is from a planet far, far away. The prince describes his planet and his journey from his planet to earth. The little planet of the little prince has three

volcanoes. Because his planet is so small, the prince just has to move his chair slightly for a sunset, regardless of the time. There is also a rose, which the prince grows to love. In his journey, the prince visits six planets, each with one adult who symbolize the categories which humans develop into: the king, the conceited man, the tippler, the businessman, the lamplighter, and the geographer. The prince observes narrow-mindedness of each man. In comparison to the prince’s planet, which contained three volcanoes and a rose, the planets of the adults were limited, only containing them and objects of one theme. On the earth, the prince observes men’s futile attempt in finding happiness because they have grown forgetful of important matters. The prince encounters a fox who reveals that the most important things in life are invisible to the eyes and that the prince is responsible to the ones he loves. High school students are becoming closer to adults, surrounding their lives with figures, such as homework, grades, SAT, leaving no time for the matters of real consequences. Such figures are important, but are still less significant than relationship with family and friends. Pick up this book today and reassess your priorities.

Start swingin’ in Seattle By Olivia Harrington HAWKEYE Staff

Looking for a cool, fun, all-around great time in the heart of Seattle? It seems like we all are, but it can be difficult to find a safe spot to hang out that is fun for all ages. Fortunately there is a new spot in town where people of all ages can hang out, have fun, learn a new skill, and do so for as little as ten dollars! The venue is called Century Ballroom, located on trendy Capitol Hill, and every Sunday night from 9 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. you can grab a bunch of friends, get all dolled up, and head to this 1920’s style ballroom for a swing dance. Even though this was probably your grandparents’ favorite dance, please believe it, it’s not lame. Swing dancing is steadily gaining popularity in the Seattle area and with kids at MTHS, and for good reason, too. Swing dancing began in the 1920’s and has been popular ever since. From the swingin’ jazz music to the impressive turns and flips, this style of dance is really popular with the younger Seattleite crowd. One reason why the dance has always been a favorite is because of its versatility. There are many types of swing dance including Jitterbug (easiest and most common), East Coast, West Coast, and Lyndi. All of these different styles may seem overwhelming at first, but they really blend together quite seamlessly. If you’re wondering about the difficulty, don’t worry. Swing is extremely beginner-friendly. The “basic” is comprised of three simple steps that provide the base for all of the other moves. If you’re still feeling apprehensive don’t worry, when the club opens at 9:00 the first thirty minutes are comprised of a lesson taught by some of the most advanced dancers in the area; so even if you go without the slightest clue of


915 E Pine Street, 2nd floor Seattle WA 98122 9 p.m. Lesson 9:30 p.m. - 12:30 a.m. Dance All Ages Dance/Lesson Cost: $10

how to dance, you can have fun and walk away with some experience. In fact every time you go you will get progressively better because of the lessons and all the different partners available to teach you new moves. People go with the understanding that you came to have a good time and want to dance, so don’t be worried (or surprised) about being asked to dance; its all part of the social dance experience. As mentioned earlier, Century Ballroom is progressively becoming more and more popular with kids at MTHS. Cameron Hollingshead, Renaissance sophomore, says, “I would totally recommend it because it is really fun, the whole experience. And it’s a really good workout after a while of dancing. It has to be good for you. I think everyone should try it.” He also warns about the sometimescrowded dance floor. This is probably the only downside to this fun weekly event. After about an hour, the ballroom’s 2000 square feet dance floor and elevated terrace can get crowded and hot. This bothers some, but for others it just adds to excitement and ambiance. This ambiance is furthered by the bimonthly live big band jazz music. Where else in Seattle can you get a lesson, dance, and listen to live jazz for $10? If you haven’t discovered Century and the fun swing crowd yet, you should give it a chance.

27 MARCH 2007

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Before the ‘Code’ By Amanda Lockleer HAWKEYE staff

If you are interested in a book that contains an ancient secret brotherhood, a new weapon of mass destruction, and an unthinkable target including violence, action, and slight romance then this is a book for you. “Angels and Demons” revolves around dark truths as the battle between science and religion turns to war. Robert Langdon – a Harvard graduate – is the protagonist along with Italian scientist Vittoria Vetra. In their race against time to follow a 400-year-old trail of clues to reveal the secret of the Illuminati cult, the most powerful underground organization ever to walk the earth. When Langdon and Vetra find themselves in a game of cat and mouse they have to think like the killer in order to save the rest of the innocent people. Langdon’s worst fears are confirmed on the eve of the Vatican’s holy conclave, when a messenger of the Illuminati announces he has hidden an unstoppable time bomb at the very heart of Vatican City. There are more than enough twists and shocks in this book to keep the reader wired right up until the final revelation. Not only is this a highly

entertaining and page turning thriller, it’s also an insightful and lucid examination of the present conflict between religion and science. After starting this book, the last thing one wants to do is put it down; it’s incredibly intriguing with so many twists it will give you chills up your spine. A precursor to the best selling book “The Da Vinci Code,” author Dan Brown is one of my absolute favorite writers of all times. In reading angels and demons you will find how much ancient Roman history is tied in with the story about two people who meet and find that they have more than they think in common. When it is a matter of life or death they are dealing with, they will put everything else on hold to save the lives of the endangered people of the church. But when pretty much all hell breaks loose they are part of the few who are in charge of putting the madness to an end and keep the Vatican from being wiped off the map. But what they find in doing so is that some people, such as the Illuminati cult, won’t make it so easy for them. They will do everything in their power to bring down the Vatican even if it takes killing thousands of people.


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Teenage Addictions “Compiled by Hawkeye staff”




Mountlake Terrace, Washington

I can’t wait for that little sound alerting me to the people, companies, or colleges that want to talk to me. It makes me feel good about myself. The number of mail lists I have joined must be around fifty. The more e-mails I get, the better I feel! Most people don’t realize how important it is for me to make sure I don’t miss important e-mails from friends, teachers, and work. I need to stay connected with everyone! That’s why I decided to splurge for the Blackberry with high-speed WI-FI connection. I already had one, but it was a whole year out of date, and I found out this one was much faster. This newer model allows me to log on within a minute. I figure if I check my e-mail every ten minutes (maybe fifteen, but that’s cutting it really close), I wont leave anyone waiting for an extended period of time. The Blackberry cost me my whole savings, so I won’t be able to go on my trip for choir, but at least I will be able to keep in touch with the world. My parents are so funny; they think I have a “problem” with all of my email stuff. I know I’m in control of this part of my life, they just don’t understand. In fact, they almost sent me to this camp for Internet addicts at the Beijing Military Region Central Hospital in China. They heard about the program on the news; the hospital treats patients, mostly people between the ages of 14 to 24, who suffer from anxiety, depression, and lack of sleep from of long hours of online video games and chats. These ridiculous treatments include Internet “cold turkey,” counseling, physical activity, antidepressants, and enforcement of strict regular sleeping patterns. This is ridiculous! People get addicted to drugs and stuff. E-mail can’t be an addiction…right?

Video Games:

Okay. I will admit that I’m a bit obsessed about video games. I think about playing it when I wake up. I think about it when I’m eating breakfast. At school, I’m falling asleep because I stayed up all night kicking some butts or daydreaming about doing so. I get home and it’s game time. No homework. Just 10 hours of pure entertainment! When Xbox 360 came out, I stood in the line for three days. I skipped school the next day, which is reasonable because I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate on schoolwork anyway. Video games dominate over friends. Unlike “friends,” video games are available right there in my room. It’s more entertaining and reliable than they are, except in power outages. I really hate power outages. That’s why I purchased a generator, so I can play games even during a power outage. I don’t invite friends to my house who can’t play video games and I don’t talk to people who don’t know when the next game of Tomb Raider is coming out. Actually, I find more compatible friends online than in real life. I chill with them on online games. In class, I try to sneak in my DS, PSP, and Gameboy behind a book so I can play them when the teacher is not looking. Without PS3 or Xbox, I’ll be in total desolation.

Instant Messaging:

The moment I return home after school, I run upstairs and turn on my computer. No, it’s not the computer games that I’m addicted to or the e-mails that fill up inbox everyday. Once I see a glimpse of that sexy image of Josh Hartnett, I know that my computer is completely loaded. Then, I click the “AIM” icon on my desktop to see who’s online. Whether it’s late-night homework or watching videos on YouTube, the online status on AIM could be two to four hours. It’s ridiculous. Some people spend their time gossiping about the people in school and others talk to their friends in general. I have asked my friends online about homework numerous times. If there’s an essay due the next day or in a couple of days, my friends and I discuss about how we are going to organize the essay and give each other hints and ideas to make it a better essay. Many other people use email, but why use e-mail when you can get your answer in a second? I spend hours and hours on AIM until it’s late at night. There are people online at 12 in the morning, so I’m not the only crazy one. It may be a cliché to say the time is precious, but time is indeed valuable. The Internet has changed the way we communicate. E-mails have replaced the painful hours of handwriting letters, but sometimes in our fast-paced world, that just isn’t fast enough. The person you might be e-mailing to might not be online at that particular moment. This is why instant messaging is quickly gaining popularity. Sure, “IM-ing” your “peeps” can make up for lost time that you have missed with your friends or help you communicate to your friends about homework, but sometimes, it just may be utterly useless. There are many times when I get on AIM and try to focus on










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homework. I shuffle around, get something to eat or listen to my iPod. Then I check who’s online and as soon as I know it, an hour passes by and my essay is blank. I would literally spend hours doing nothing on AIM, but I can’t sign off either. There are countless students who have been in the same boat. You all know who you are. When I come back to school the next day and check my buddy list, I realize that some of my buddies’ statuses are “1 day and 25 minutes.” Now, I consider those people insane. To tell you the truth, I am really glad that there is instant messaging. E-mails are great, but they are just not fast enough. Instant messaging is quick and it saves time. It can help you connect with your friends, but also give you benefits when it comes to schoolwork. What more can you want?

Junk Food:

As a junk food aficionado, I must admit that I eat all types of them: Snickers, M&Ms, Skittles, and all types of chips from the “itos” family: Doritos, Cheetos, Fritos… etc. My habitual need for these kinds of food is not a norm, but what person does not have any obsessions in life? Junk food is everywhere. They are in every grocery store, gas station, school, and every household shelf in America. These types of food are so convenient that I can even find them inside bathroom malls. At my house, my pantry is like a mini-mart of junk food. The bottom shelves consist of a variety of cereals such as frosted flakes and lucky charms whereas the second row holds my all time favorite candy variety; the third row contains my most wanted Costco size bags of chips. Anytime it needs to be stocked I just simply ask my parents to buy more food. It’s like a never-ending supply convenient store. Sure, doctors might disown me at some point for eating so much junk food, but who cares! They have not considered the fact that its better option than pushing drugs up my nose. Consuming sugary or somewhat oily substances actually appeals to the brain and body. The food additives cause some to think they want more. It’s no surprise that there are people who consider junk food as also comfort food. People cannot deny the fact that junk food makes them feel good. Furthermore, there are endless supplies you can easily obtain and at a very affordable price. Although I must admit that at times the I do stay away from the more healthier options, the new products sold by vending companies isn’t such a bad idea. Who had ever thought of fat free or zero calorie junk food? For a society who is very health conscious, product makers had figured to make more money by producing “healthy goods.” Even our own school began selling those 100-calories bags of chips last year. Does this mean that you can eat more of the stuff? Why not! More food for the price of one. My self-dependency on junk food is not as bad as it seems. Some might say it’s just a phase, but to me it’s like a hobby. I know that some may disagree and say it is unhealthy for you and come to conclude that it may kill me someday, but on the other hand, it hasn’t happened yet.

It has only been four years since MySpace was first introduced to the public. Last July, it surpassed Google and Yahoo as the most visited site on the Internet, accounting for 4.46 percent of all visits. MySpace attracts mostly those between the ages of 10 to 30. Besides MySpace, there are a number of other things that teenagers are addicted to. Video games, Junk food, and instant messaging are just some of the many distractions teenagers deal with today. Continue reading this MySpace profile to find other things that a typical teenager would be addicted to. I am a MySpace addict. Every day I come home after school only to get on the computer right away. I’ve even tried to get on MySpace at school while it was temporarily unblocked. Without it, I’m bored. MySpace is my life. How many times have you heard of someone having an addiction problem? Usually we hear about people either having a drug or alcohol problem but rarely do we ever hear about someone having an Internet addiction problem. People do not understand how much of an addiction MySpace is. Just like any other addicting thing in this world, once you start doing it you don’t want to stop. Ask yourself a few of these questions: • Do you find yourself checking you’re MySpace at least 10 times a day? • How many bulletins did you post today? • Do you tend to have MySpace open while working in another window? • Do you lie about how much time you spend on MySpace? • Are you denying the problem? If you can say yes to these questions, you may have a problem. If you were to consider spending more time talking to people via phone or in person, you may start to get away from your addiction. MySpace is just a site that a guy named “Tom” came up with. Most teenagers who use MySpace are obsessed over the order of their “Top 8” friends, and how many comments they have. This site is literally a popularity contest between friends to see who has the most friends. Most teenagers are more than likely to accept anyone that adds them on MySpace, giving complete stranger total access to all of their information. I just admit that I do post pointless bulletins in order to get more hits for my page. I obsess over how many hits or comments I get in a day, because of course, the more the better! Sometimes I would sign on MySpace while I am doing homework and press the refresh button on my screen, hoping for the slightest change on my page. When I have a little spare time, I would go on other people’s pages and check out their pictures. Now that there is basically no limit to how many images someone can post on their MySpace, there is no end to all the things I can do on MySpace. Besides MySpace, I also have accounts on Xanga and Facebook to keep me busy when I have nothing to do.

Friends’ Comments Ruth Reeber Today I went off coffee, well, caffeine in general, but it’s coffee that I really love. I’ve had a perpetual headache and a vague sense of longing for my beloved brew. Three cups a day, man! It started out when I was eleven. My parents used to let me have one little Styrofoam cup a week. Then in middle school, it was one cup everyday after school. By ninth grade, I began drinking coffee each morning. Coffee is my way to kick back or focus on something. Except, now, I’ll have to go with herbal tea or something else...dang it!

Timmy Nguyen


Seattle is notorious for its cloud covered horizons, evergreen shrubs, and endless options in coffee. Whether the weather permits, I like to spend each morning cashing in my change at the local coffee shop for that delicious drug-like addiction that wakes me up in the morning. With the recent invasion of Starbucks, I could not help but fall victim to the temptation of coffee every time I drive by. There are people like me who have to have a cup of coffee every day. I bring coffee to all my classes at school. Sure, it spilled a couple of times all over my books and homework, but it’s all worth it in the name of coffee. At night, I use coffee to keep me awake when I’m up late trying to cram in a couple more chapters before finals. Coffee makes life a better place. Some people think I’m addicted to caffeine. What? Caffeine addiction? Some phony doctors claim that coffee is addictive because it causes my brain to become dependent on caffeine to wake up in the morning. Then there is also the problem of the high levels of fat and calories in a typical drink at the coffee shop. I went out and did some research on this and found that some drinks at Starbucks contain up to 490 calories; the choc-brownie Frappuccino. Despite this disappointment, I still feel strongly about coffee. It’s too good, and if you’re afraid to gain a couple of pounds, stick with the black coffee. As for me, a coffee anytime would be OK. Coffee is no harmful addiction, it gives me energy and plus, I don’t have to steal or kill to get it.

Enrique Dominguez

I have been playing video games for 14 years. Ever since I started playing, I never stopped. Video games are like a drug and can be cured. Every day after sports practice, I go home and start playing video games. If I don’t play video games, I feel tired and bored. On average, I play about 6 to 12 hours of video games a day. Each morning, after I take a shower, I go back to my room and start playing video games before coming to school. Even though video games kill my grades, I continue to play. I don’t get much sleep either because I play too much. Usually, I sleep at midnight or two in the morning and wake up at 6:40 for school. But I don’t care, I love video games! I buy and sell games all the time because I beat them every week. I hate video games that are too short to play. I prefer those that last 60 hours or more. Some people told me that video games only make me dumb and violent, but there is no such thing. What is the difference between watching movies and playing video games? Video games are not bad, it is just the specific game that is bad. In the future, I hope to be the CEO of Nintendo, Sony, or even Microsoft after Bill Gates dies.

Personally, I don’t see a problem with MySpace. It’s just our generation’s quirk, every generation has one. It’s just a matter of time before business cards have a name, phone number, email, and a MySpace URL on them. From my experience, here is how to spot a MySpace addict: • changes Top Friends more than once a month • memorizes HTML codes such as <br> or &hearts; • the profile has more than 15 pictures on it • posts pointless bulletins or asks other people to comment on pictures

Renee Noeun I used to be anxious about seeing if I have a new comment or friend request on MySpace. I was always excited every time I got one, that’s how sad it was. I get this same feeling about AIM. I liked to chat with people and check out their MySpace page, but now, it’s getting boring. Nowadays, MySpace always have problems and there are creepy people who are always asking to be my friend. MySpace is stupid, but who said stupid things aren’t fun?

Graphics created and edited by Ji Mun/Photographics Editor

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Global positioning system aids buses By Corina Cheever Technology Editor

The Edmonds School District installed GPS systems on five buses as a trial run for future technology goals earlier this semester. Planning for a trial run that started in the fall led by Reg Clark, director of transportation of 19 years, the district purchased five EVIRNET™ GPS systems from Zonar Systems®. The transportation budget was used to for the purchase of the systems. GPS – or global position system – is the latest technology for tracking movement of tagged objects on earth. There are currently more than a dozen sat-

Patrick Hum



ellites transmitting signals that provide the receiver location, speed and direction of the moving or stationary object. Zonar Systems® is a company focused on making it easier for communication between drivers and increased safety for passengers and operators. Edmonds purchased EVIR® Solutions, a GPS system created specifically for school bus fleets. The system was designed to reduce paperwork and ensure that bus drivers were doing what their contracts required of them. According to School Transportation News, “The system is considered by some industry experts to offer the single greatest potential productivity gain currently available to the school bus industry.” EVIR® Solutions, Electronic Vehicle Inspection Report System Solutions, does more than transmit location, speed and direction. It is designed to ensure that a pre-check, post-check and child-check are always preformed. The GPS device is located in the bulkhead of the bus next to the 2010™ handheld RFID reader. The controller is taken out of the cradle and pointed at strategically placed RFID tags throughout the inside and outside of the bus. The 2010™ handheld RFID reader does

more than just point as tags, but also works in real-time and can track vehicles whether they are inside the yard or out on the road. The tags, circular disks, work by transmitting signals to the bus barn to tell department leadership staff that all the checks have been completed. The tags also transmit signals to the mechanics at the barn so they can be more time efficient and get the buses back on the road. An example situation would be if a bus came in to the yard and parked, a signal would be sent to the leadership staff. In 10 minutes if a child-check was not preformed an alarm would

sound and the staff would do the check. With the new GPS it will be easier to direct substitute drivers in the right direction if they are lost. GPS was originally designed by the United States Department of Defense. Maintenance of the system is about $750 million per year but the system is free for public use. The trial is still in effect with goals to become a permanent part of all the district buses by the 2007-2008 school year.

Chilly hits Portland By Corina Cheever Technology Editor

The Terrace Robotics Club placed second at the Northwest Regional FIRST Robotics Competition earlier this month. Before shipping, this year’s robot – “Chilly” – went though nine intense hours of testing to make sure all the controllers were functioning, but all of the tests were negative and a non-working robot was shipped. Nervous as to how their bot would perform, much of the time before and between competitions was spent in the pits working on Chilly. During this time Chilly went from being a 119-pound nonfunctional bot to a lighter 87-pound robot that worked. After a nerve wracking qualifying round with a record of 4-4, their hard work paid off in finals. The Terrace Robotics Team was allied with Flaming Chickens from Oregon and Energy from Newport, Wash. Not only did the team place second in the competition, but they also received the Underwriter Laboratory’s Industrial Safety Award. The creators of “Herky 01” have again exceeded expectations with the 2007 robot “Chilly.” “We did well because we had a really good strategist,” said Stephen Clough.

■ Silver medal awarded to all team members


Men’s soccer team season kicks off• 15



IS THIS NORMAL?! Meet Ms. Nelson

Dear Ms. Nelson:

Kimberly Nelson ITN?! Columnist

My boyfriend smokes pot all the time. Usually, he doesn’t push me to try, but sometimes he does. I really love him Dear Ms. Nelson, but I am getting sick of it. What should I do? Not that I’ve tried them, but what do drugs do to you? Signed, Stressed Out Signed, Just Curious

Dear Stressed Out: That’s a difficult situation that warrants careful consideration. First of all, you can love a person but not love what they do. We are such complicated people with lots of crazy habits, not all of them good for us! And, all of us do things or are interested in stuff that other people don’t understand or appreciate. For example, I can’t for the life of me, understand why guys wear their pants hanging down by their knees. Your butt hanging out is disgusting and disturbing to me, but since I can work hard not to see it I still love those students. However, drugs are a different thing. There are tons of issues related to drugs that are harder to deal with than sagging pants! Here’s what I am talking about: • Sagging pants are not illegal, drugs are. • Sagging pants don’t kill, drugs can (unless of course, you trip and fall climbing over a fence, fall and smash your head in). • Sagging doesn’t kill off your brain cells, drugs do. • Sagging doesn’t cause you to make stupid decisions, drugs do. • Sagging doesn’t cause hallucinations and massive thirst, some drugs do. • Sagging doesn’t drive the nachos, Slurpie and Twinkie industry, drugs do. • Sagging doesn’t cause a person to ignore their commitments, drugs do. • Sagging doesn’t cause you to lie yourself into a hole, drugs do. • Sagging doesn’t cause you to slack off on your homework, drugs do. • Sagging pants, while hideous to look at, are less ugly than a cracked-out boyfriend who doesn’t shower anymore. • Sagging pants may embarrass your grandmother, but drugs will hurt her way more than embarrass her. • Sagging might not keep you from making your dreams come true, drugs often do. • Sagging probably won’t disappoint your girlfriend, doing drugs will. • I’ve never heard of anyone breaking up with someone over sagging pants, but lots of people break up because of drugs. • Sagging pants are a lot easier to live with than the side effects of drug use. Have I made my point yet? Boyfriends and girlfriends: NEVER settle

for a partner who sells you out for drugs, who puts drugs before you. You can keep dating them, if you don’t care about yourself and want to keep ignoring your own needs. Maybe setting a boundary, and saying “no” would put them into action to make some changes in their life. If that doesn’t work, they are not ready for change, and not ready for a loving mature relationship. Drug users: Isn’t your partner more important than drugs? Please talk to someone you trust about your problem. There are lots of people who will listen and help you find assistance. While your family or friends might be upset, they love you enough to help you. ~ Dear Just Curious: I am always so surprised when kids as me this question because you all learn about that in Health. Maybe we need to spend more time on that topic, or maybe you all had Mr. LeWarne or Mr. Weber and they couldn’t find a video on the topic. Drugs fall into five categories: narcotics, depressants, stimulants, hallucinogens and cannabis. (See the graph to the right.) So, basically, drugs are bad, mmm’k? Some people say, “Oh, a little isn’t going to hurt you.” It’s true, you probably won’t get caught the first time, or have any other major problem. But, you will have disappointed yourself by selling out. And, if someone special found out, how would they feel about that? Like your grandma, or your little sister? OR MS. NELSON! I would be so disappointed in you if you sacrificed your dreams for a night of partying. Promise me something: Make sure that you have someone you can call who will pick you

up if you get into a troubled situation. Call me! I’d rather get up in the middle of the night to pick you up than go to your funeral.

ITN?! Columnist Kimberly Nelson is here to answer all health-related questions you might be afraid to ask, or to address questions she just feels like she really needs to answer. Credentials? Yep. She’s got ’em. Not only is she an MTHS health educator, she has a masters degree in Theology and Counseling. So, submit your questions to the Hawkeye, Ms. Nelson or Katherine Waldo in room 130. Letter writers may choose to remain anonymous for ITN?! Questions.


27 MARCH 2007




By Cassie Soriano HAWKEYE staff



nergy drinks, the recently popular alternative to coffee in the United States, has sprouted some health concerns for teens lately. Red Bull, Monster, Jolt Cola, and SoBe’s No Fear are all examples of popular energy drinks among young adults, athletes and nonathletes alike. Energy drinks such as these are meant to provide a boost of energy, as its name implies. The amount of caffeine it contains acts as a quick boost for a short period of time, providing both mental and physical stimulation. On average an 8 oz. energy drinks have 80mg of caffeine, which is equivalent to a weak cup of coffee. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it’s recommended that a beverage only contain a maximum of 65mg per 12 oz. Energy drinks today are well over the recommended amount, and only Red Bull has been approved by the FDA. ‘Cocaine’ energy drink, for example, contains about 280mg per 8 oz., compared to Coca-Cola Classic’s 24mg per 8 oz. drink. Because the FDA does not require a drink’s caffeine content to be clearly labeled, it’s easy to have difficulty finding the ‘healthiest’ energy drink. There are even certain energy drinks that advise the consumer not to drink the same drink twice in one sitting. The effects of energy drinks depend on the consumer’s metabolism. Drinking energy drinks can either improve a person’s ability to get through their day, or leave them feeling nervous, anxious, jittery, or irritable. Dopamine, a chemical in the brain’s pleasure center, is affected by caffeine to make a person think that they have more energy. The effects of the brain chemical adenosine, which is involved in sleep, is blocked by caffeine as well, causing neurons in the brain to think that it’s in an emergency. As a result, the body’s pituitary gland releases adrenaline, the body’s “fight or flight” response. Adrenaline causes eye dilation, extra sugar released by the liver into the bloodstream for more energy, and the heart to beat faster. Unlike Sports drinks, energy drinks don’t re-hydrate the body with sodium, and can actually cause electrolyte disturbances, nausea, vomiting, and heart irregularities. Electrolytes are the body’s electrically charged ions, including sodium, calcium, potassium, and chloride. Cells use these electrolytes to maintain voltages across their cell membrane and carry electrical impulses, such as nerve impulses and muscle contractions, to other cells. Regular consumption of caffeine, like other stimulants, builds up a tolerance for it. The more a person intakes caffeine, the more the body becomes physically and mentally dependent on it. A decrease in caffeine intake after building a tolerance results in oversensitivity, as blood pressure drops dramatically. This leads to a headache, lasting one to five days, from an excess of blood in the head. By consuming more caffeine, or taking Aspirin, these symptoms go away, thus repeating the dependency cycle. Reducing caffeine intake can cause irritability, unable to work, restlessness, and on extreme cases, vomiting and nausea. While it’s thought that high-caffeinated boosters are a new fad, energy drinks have been popular in Asia long before they were introduced to the United States. A Japanese pharmaceutical company had released an energy drink in 1962 called Lipovitan D. The drink was designed to help employees work hard the whole day, as well through the night. Like most of the popular brands today, Lipovitan D contained taurine, a natural sulfur amino acid produced by the body of animals to regulate heart beat and muscle contractions. Another common ingredient to energy drinks is the Venezuelan and Brazilian shrub guarana.



27 MARCH 2007



By Katherine Waldo Health Editor/Web designer


ed Bull and vodka? How about a bomb – a Jäger bomb (a.k.a. Jägermeister and Rockstar)? A rising fad among many party go-ers is to mix energy drinks with their alcoholic beverage. It’s the newest “sober-up” myth. Although, it’s consumed with the alcohol, people contend that they feel “less drunk.” Like all other sober-up tactics this does not work. Drinking usually depresses the body making a person more tired while energy drinks do just the opposite, which is why people think they are less drunk. In a study that appeared in journal “Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research,” researchers found that mixing energy drinks with alcohol does not improve a person’s physical performance. Corresponding author of the study, Souza Formigoni is an associate professor at the Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil, who stated, “Many young people use them mixed with vodka, whisky or other spirits. While the combination of the two may give people the ‘sensation’ of reduced alcohol effects, their abilities are in fact compromised for complex tasks such as driving a vehicle.” Why is it that people claim to be more alert or “feel less drunk?” That can be contributed to mass amounts of taurine and guarana (sometimes referred to as guaranine). No matter the source, the point is that mixing alcohol with an energy drink gives the false feeling of not being drunk. When mixing alcohol with energy drinks do not get behind the wheel. The effects are just like those of drinking just alcohol.


The rumor that taurine comes from bull urine is somewhat false. The word taurine is derived form the Latin term “taurus” meaning bull. That is because when taurine was first isolated in 1872 it was isolated form ox bile and semen. 1872 was a long time ago. Nowadays taurine used in the food and pharmaceutical industries is synthetically produced through the combination of cysteine, methionine, and vitamin E. Some energy drinks (i.e. Rockstar) contain around 1000 milligrams of taurine. Taurine is just not used for energy drinks but also in products some my use on a daily basis like contact lens solution, creatine and anabolic steroids.

lly ifica er c e Jäg s sp cup e the ce of e k r a e oi to mlass wh heir ch d h t tg arte s st a sho fill wit e i n s a i mp ter ould e co he cen son w m o t per ds s . In e fa bomb tside a h t er ou ith p w he Jäg d the u g pin oun or t Kee gned f and ar i des oured k. is p rgy drin ene


Guarana is sometimes also referred to guaranine. What is found in energy drinks os extracted from the seed of the guarana fruit. On the nutrition label it reads guarana extract. Guarana stimulates the central nervous system (CNS). Guaranine comes from the caffeine in the guarana plant. Basically guaranine is another from of caffeine. A study published in the June 2001 issue of the “Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics” found it aided in weight loss. There was an average of a 45 pound weight loss for those in a group taking a guarana mixture. The group that was on placebos only averaged a 1 pound weight loss.

All graphics edited by Ji Mun Photo/Graphics editor


27 MARCH 2007


TraditionalJapanese Japanese Karate Traditional Karate

Power Kickboxing—Family Classes Power Kickboxing – Family Classes 22811-100 Ave. Edmonds, 22811-100th Ave. Edmonds WA

206-718-1183 206-718-1183

Check out where the Hawks stand among the WesCo South • 16



Spring sports update


Hawks well into third season hunt BASEBALL

By Stephanie Jones HAWKEYE Staff

Baseball season has begun and the team is ready for any and all competition. With the skills of key players such as junior captain Garrett Totten, senior captain David Miller, senior Kyle Jesus, senior Wes Pair, senior Josh Starkenburg, and several others, Coach Andrew Watters plans on leading the team to victory at state. “We play the toughest division in the state,” he said. Because of the new turf, the team has been going through new techniques during training, “We are getting used to our new fieldturf field. We have spent a lot of time taking ground balls and learning how the ball plays. It should turn into a great home field advantage for us,” informed Watters. Not only are they learning new techniques to increase t h e i r “We are game, but the new gelling. The varsity experienced members players are now a have helped part of the narrow the baseball family , communication the team gap with the is learning new players. how to get So far, the along and team is coming they hope this will together well.” give them ~Andrew Watters an advanmen’s baseball coach tage. “We are gelling. The experienced players have helped narrow the communication gap with the new players. So far, the team is coming together well. Varsity baseball has already played against Snohomish, Marysville Pilchuck, Blanchett, and Lynnwood with a 4-1 record. All of their games are the ones to watch and they hope their fans come out to see them. “When the weather gets good, catch a game. The new field allows for a faster-paced style of baseball that can be very exciting.” Said Watters with a reminder that, “admission is free!” The teams next game is at 11:00 AM on March 31 vs Sammamish.


By Brady Barnes HAWKEYE Staff

Numbers, skills and victories, these are the things that the Terrace Track and Field team has improved on so far this season. Both the men’s and women’s team have showed themselves as a force to be reckoned with in WesCo South. “The teams, both Men’s and Women’s, have great spirit. I saw solid performances all around.” Head Coach Russ Vincent comments on Terrace’s victory over Lynnwood and Meadowdale. Both teams dominated the meet, and the Men’s team scored 92 points over the Maverick’s 47 and the Royal’s 35; the Women’s team scored 88 to Maverick’s 46 and Royal’s 45.

Caitlin Hovick had a solid performance finishing in the top five in three events: fifth in shot put, third in discus throw, and first in javelin throw. Junior Chris Wells placed second in the shot put competition, behind senior Vladimir Stadnitskiy, but took first in both the javelin throw and discus throw. One other notable performance came from Cameron Frazier, as he took first in the 300 meter hurdles. Frazier really stepped up, while Eric Doyle is currently out with a hip flexor. If ready, look to see Doyle compete again, after MTHS’s spring break. The Hawk’s Track and Field team has grown over the years in numbers and discipline. After the meets are over, the team stretches and “cools down” before stats. If you enjoy watching great athletics and competitions make it a point to go out and watch MTHS’s track and Field meets.


compiled by HAWKEYE staff

The MTHS softball team has started off the season slow with a 1-2 record in non-league play. The team lost to Arlington, and Sedro Woolley, while also defeating Cascade 6-3. The young team should compete with most of the teams in WesCo. Their game today starts the first of three straight road games; they play at Kamiak with a 4:00 PM game time. The team then plays again Thursday at Shorewood, also with a 4:00 PM game time.


compiled by HAWKEYE staff

The men’s golf team had a solid start to the season; defeating Meadowdale, Shorewood, and Shorecrest in their first match of the season. Jordan Wall, and Bobby Shoemaker led the way shooting a 33 and 34 (Par: 34) at Ballinger GC. League play begins April 9, at Mill Creek CC, and the Hawks have a great chance of competing with the top teams in the division.


compiled by HAWKEYE staff

The Hawks women’s golf team has done “as well as expected” according to head coach Todd Weber. The team has had to battle through the bad weather this year Chloe Treece has stepped up a lot to help the team this year. The Hawks start league play on March 27 at Walter Hall. The much-experienced team is one of the top teams in their division


By Stephanie Jones HAWKEYE staff

Last Thursday, women’s tennis team played at an eventful meet vs Kamiak, but at the end Terrace lost 7-0. It was obvious that MTHS was not going to let them win easy. Several of the matches were very close with a one to two point loss.

Jordan Gisler/HAWKEYE

Jon Swanson (in the dark jersey) stays on the ball, Saturday, battling it out against Edmonds-Woodway at Edmonds Stadium.

Sarah Cumberland had a close loss against Kamiak with a score of 7-5, and Corinne Pingul and Teryn Bouche teamed up giving Kamiak a run for their money. The team is practicing hard and are getting ready for their next matches. The team is improving well, learning new tactics that make the game stronger and rigorous. The Hawks are learning not to let down which is showing in their games. With all the challenges that the tennis team has had to face, they are doing a great job succeeding them, and this can lead them to a winning season. Women’s tennis will have their next game today at Edmonds Woodway at 3:45 PM where they will go for the win.


By Brady Barnes HAWKEYE staff

The men’s soccer team is off to a rough start and need to start playing as a team. If they do not they can expect a rough year. The MTHS

soccer team is currently last in WesCo South, with a record of 0-3-1. The team has caught some unlucky bounces with multiple starters being injured and having to sit out games. There have been some positives. In the opening game against Lynnwood, freshman forward Manix Alvarez, scored two goals for Terrace. Freshman goal keeper “Ben Winters has been playing very impressively, and has impressed many varsity players,” said Hassan Nakour. The team attributes losses to Kamiak and Lynnwood to defensive breakdowns, and other teams catching lucky breaks. The Hawks are starting to get frustrated, showing it when an a player punched a member of the opposing team knocking him to the ground. This player has earned himself a multiple game suspension. Hopefully the Terrace boys will be able to come together to play as a team, and put their talent to some good use.


27 MARCH 2007




Know who to have to win a championship

ith the season about a week away I’m 100 RBI’s. He’ll also have 30-plus home runs sure most of you have already drafted and 10-plus steals. The sleeper in this group your teams but if not I’m here to help. is Jorge Cantu. This time last year he was supI will tell you the best posed to be great. players at each position At third base you should try to get Alex and a sleeper player to Rodriguez. He really has something to prove keep your eyes out for. this year and I think he is going to have a great At catcher the best year. The sleeper is Joe Crede. He went under player is Joe Mauer the radar last year with 30 home runs. hands down. He led the At shortstop I would look at Jose Reyes. He David Whalen major leagues with a gets you all the stolen bases you could want Sports Columnist batting average of .347 plus he will give you about 20 home runs. He’s and a slugging percent- definitely the best short stop. age of .507 he would lead the majors in batting The sleeper here is Felipe Lopez. Two years average again this year but look for him to bat ago he had 23 home runs and last year he had .320 hit 20 home runs, 90 44 stolen bases if he can add RBI’s, and add 10 steals with those together he would be that. The sleeper you want the steal of the draft. “Joe Crede went to look for is Gerald Laird. In the outfield I would go under the radar Playing in Texas he could with Carl Crawford if your last year with 30 reach .290, 15 home runs, league has strikeouts as a neghome runs.” and 65 RBI’s. ative. The reason is because At first base you have the he does everything for you. best player in the league for If strikeouts don’t hurt fantasy. Albert Pujols who missed time last you then I think you should go with Alfonso year still had career highs in homeruns and Soriano because he can put up crazy numbers RBI’s. With him not getting the MVP last year in every category. watch out for him to be more motivated and The sleeper here is Gary Sheffield because ready to put up huge numbers. he will be healthy the whole season since he is The sleeper at first base is Chris Duncan playing DH. Another guy to look at if you need who had 22 home runs in only 290 at bats last steals is Corey Patterson, plus he will give you year. 20 home runs this year. At second base I would go with Chase Utley. The last sleeper for outfield is Chris Young. Look for him to hit over .310. He will also score He has good plate discipline, speed and some more than 100 runs and drive in more than power.

Don’t miss it: The return of Sportswriters picks, with a twist. In the next issue


Softball Division All W L W L Ed-Way 1 0 1 2 Shorecrest 1 0 1 1 Shorewood 1 1 1 3 Jackson 0 0 1 1 Kamiak 0 0 0 3 Lynnwood 0 0 0 3 Mariner 0 1 0 3 Meadowdale 0 1 0 3 HAWKS 0 0 1 2

Men’s Soccer Division All W L T P W L Shorecrest 4 0 1 13 4 0 Kamiak 3 0 1 10 3 0 Ed-Way 3 1 1 10 3 1 Meadowdale 2 1 1 7 2 1 Shorewood 2 2 1 7 2 2 Jackson 1 3 0 3 1 3 Mariner 1 3 0 3 1 3 Lynnwood 1 4 0 3 1 4 HAWKS 0 3 1 1 0 3

T 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 1

Baseball Division All W L W L HAWKS 2 0 4 1 Kamiak 1 0 3 2 Mariner 1 0 2 1 Meadowdale 1 0 2 2 Jackson 0 0 2 0 Ed-Way 0 1 3 1 Shorecrest 0 1 2 1 Shorewood 0 1 1 3 Lynnwood 0 2 2 3

Women’s Tennis Division W L Ed-Way 3 0 Shorewood 3 0 Jackson 1 0 Kamiak 2 1 HAWKS 1 1 Shorecrest 1 2 Mariner 0 2 Meadowdale 0 2 Lynnwood 0 3

as of 3/25/07

as of 3/23/07

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