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Chesham TOWN GUIDE 2016-2017

The official annual directory of sport, leisure, entertainment, education, services and business

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The Town Mayor’s Welcome the town scooped a second consecutive Gold Award. Also, partnership with the Friends of Chesham Cemetery saw the refurbishment of the Victorian Hearse House; it has already hosted two fascinating history exhibitions.

Dear Reader, I feel really honoured to be Town Mayor for the third time, particularly as it is my 40th year as a councillor representing Chesham. In the coming year I look forward to meeting many of you and to supporting the huge number of local organisations that do so much good in our town. In my time as a councillor, I have always been involved in issues affecting young people. So, one of my chosen Mayoral Charities is The Theatre Shed. This all-inclusive group raises the aspirations of children and young adults, with those who are able supporting the less able. I am also supporting the Arctic One Foundation, which helps able-bodied and disabled people to get involved in sport. As many of you will know, I am also concerned for the welfare of our elderly, whose issues I became aware of in my previous terms as Mayor. I am glad that the new priority is to keep and support people in their own homes rather than care homes or hospital, and will be happy to support any group that helps that aim. 2015/16 was a busy year for the Town Council and saw it work closer than ever with many of its Town Partners. The Council and the Chesham Society combined efforts to ensure that Chesham’s voice was heard in the planning authority’s consultation on the Emerging Local Plan. Working with Chesham in Bloom,

Looking ahead, the Town Council has made the ambitious step of taking over the mowing of the majority of the town’s verges from the County Council. We aim to use our local knowledge to provide a better service. Having lived in Chesham for the majority of my life, I understand the frustrations of residents concerning car parking. So, I am particularly keen to see the town centre parking review progress towards delivering solutions for some of the most badly affected roads. As the most local council, the Town Council is often the first place that residents come to resolve a problem. So rather than simply complaining, the new Council is looking for ways to work more closely with Chiltern District Council and Buckinghamshire County Council to improve services for the good of the town. I am very proud that the Town Council manages The Elgiva and Chesham Moor Gym & Swim. We are keen to support and invest in these fantastic facilities so they continue to thrive and attract more residents. We will also be looking to invest in play areas and other facilities to deliver the best for Chesham. I look forward to serving a town I am proud of and our wonderful community with all its volunteers, and I take this chance to say thank you for all that you do. ‘Serve one another’ is a wonderful motto for the Town as well as its Council!

Cllr. Noel Brown – Town Mayor This publication may not be reproduced in whole or in part by any means without the prior written consent of the publishers.Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of the contents of the Guide at the time of publication, the publishers and promoters shall not be held responsible for any inaccuracies or omissions. © 2016/17. All rights reserved.

Published on behalf of Chesham Town Council by Hawkes Design & Publishing Ltd, 2 Laceys Yard, High Street, Chesham, Bucks HP5 1BU Enquiries: 01494 793000 or email:



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Chesham Town Councillors

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(Elected on 7 May 2015)



Mohammad Fayyaz (Lib Dem)

Emily Culverhouse (Con)

11 Chalk Hill, Chesham. HP5 2DN Tel. 0777 2027829 Email: David MacBean (Con) c/o Chesham Town Hall, Chesham. HP5 1DS 07854 553762 Email:

c/o Chesham Town Hall, Chesham. HP5 1DS Tel. 07540 410130 Email: Roderick McCulloch (Con) 10 Crossway, Chesham. HP5 3LW Tel. 778223 Email: Bernie Whitfield (Con) 17 Inkerman Terrace, Chesham. HP5 1QA Tel. 07801 431222 Email:

HILLTOP Noel Brown (Con) 7 Hospital Hill, Chesham. HP5 1PJ Tel. 783164 Email: Fred Wilson (Con) c/o Chesham Town Hall, Chesham. HP5 1DS Tel. 07901 555 383 Email:

VALE Mark Shaw (Con) 4 Meadow Close, Chesham. HP5 2LZ Tel. 07951 744656 Email: Nick Varley (Con) 1 NorJo-An Villas, Moor Road, Chesham. HP5 1SA 07960 398804 Email:

LOWNDES Alan Bacon (Lib Dem) Windrush, Bellingdon, Chesham. HP5 2XN Tel. 774870 Email: Jane MacBean (Con) 5 Portobello Close, Chesham. HP5 2PL Tel. 07812 177794 Email:

WATERSIDE Tony Franks (Con) 80 Church Street, Chesham. HP5 1JD Tel. 771003 Email: Peter Hudson (Con) 9 Hospital Hill, Chesham. HP5 1PJ Tel. 07557 819732 Email: Shane Willmoth (Con) 282 Waterside, Chesham. HP5 1PY Tel. 07791 518141 Email:

NEWTOWN Mohammad Bhatti MBE (Lab) 16 Lansdowne Road, Chesham. HP5 2BA Tel. 07859 889748 Email: Qaser Chaudhry (Con) 341 Berkhampstead Road, Chesham. HP5 3AU Tel. 07748 764797 Email:

Town Guide Contents

RIDGEWAY Derek Lacey (Ind) 32 Overdale Road, Chesham. HP5 2DZ Tel. 771508 Email: Peter Yerrell (Ind) 9 West View, Chesham. HP5 3DE Tel. 771583 Email:

FEATURES: The Town Mayor’s Welcome...3, Chesham Town Council...8, Chesham Environmental Group...11, The Chesham Donkey Derby...13, Chesham Town Twinning Needs You!...15, The Elgiva Theatre & Cinema...17, Chesham Moor Gym & Swim...19, Chesham Town Hall...21, Theatre Shed...22, Chesham Museum...34, Dreamflight...44, Chiltern Chamber...49, Chesham’s Traditional Yards...80 LISTINGS: Guide to Your Councils...7, Where to Eat & Drink...23, Where to Stay...25, Pre-Schools & Children’s Centres...27, Local Education...28, Sport & Fitness Venues & Clubs...31, Recreation Amenities...35, Clubs & Societies...36, Community Venues...41, Useful Information...45, Acknowledgements & Notes...82

ST MARY’S Diana Varley (Con) c/o Chesham Town Hall, Chesham. HP5 1DS Tel. 07947 368564 Email:

BUSINESS: Local Business Directory...51, List of Advertisers...79, Chiltern Chamber Members Outside of Chesham...79 5

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A Guide to your Local Councils Chesham is served by three different councils, who all do different things. Below is a list of their key services, to help you find out who does what.

Chesham Town Council Tel. 774842

The Town Council provides allotments, burials and ashes interments in Chesham Cemetery, local parks, open spaces and sports pitches, verge cutting, play areas, Town Hall room hire, management of the Elgiva Theatre, Chesham Moor Gym & Swim and the local produce market.

Chiltern District Council Tel. 729000

Benefits, building control and planning, business rates, car parks, community safety, council tax, dog control, electoral services, environmental health, housing, licensing, noise pollution, pest control, refuse and recycling and street cleaning.


Distributors of the Chesham Town Guide, the Amersham Town Guide and the Amersham Town Council Newsletter

Buckinghamshire County Council Tel. 01296 395000

• All areas covered • Blanket coverage or targeted areas • Street map instructions followed • Delivery reports given

Adult learning, adult social care, blue badges, children’s services, concessionary travel, flytipping, gypsies and travellers, highways, libraries, pavements & streetlights, rights of way, schools admissions, school transport, trading standards and youth services.

Charges from £30 per 1000 copies For a quote or any other assistance we may be able to offer, please contact Denis Office: 01494 766361 Mobile: 07840 613880 Email: 7

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Page 8

6. Chesham Town Council will ensure that the money entrusted to it by the residents of Chesham is securely managed and spent effectively on achieving the above objectives.

Chesham Town Council

The Council is responsible for many of the recreational and social facilities within town, including: Lowndes Park, the Moor and 10 recreational grounds; Chesham Cemetery and St Mary’s Churchyard; three allotment sites; floral displays; football pitches; town centre Christmas lights; the Elgiva; the Town Hall; Chesham Moor Gym & Swim; the war memorial and Market Square’s Clock Tower. The Council has recently taken on cutting the town’s grass verges on behalf of the County Council. But, the Council also works in partnership with a great range of organisations that share its vision for the town and have a tremendous amount of expertise, from the Friends of Lowndes Park to The Chesham Society. Examples of some of the work of these partners are included in the following pages, but the Council is actively seeking to develop these relationships further to achieve the best it can for Chesham.

Chesham Town Council came into existence in 1974, and is the only part of the local government structure that is solely focused on serving the town and its people. The Council is comprised of 19 Members who are elected for a term of four years. Each May, the Council elects a Town Mayor to serve for a period of one year. The last election was held in May 2015 and a full list of Councillors is shown on page 5. The Council, and its Policy & Resources, Recreation and the Arts, Development Control and Executive committees meet regularly to discuss issues and take decisions pertaining to the town. The public are encouraged to attend. They may also ask questions on any issue relating to Chesham during a 15-minute period of Public Questions at full Council meetings. The Council’s vision is to ‘improve the quality of life of all the residents of Chesham’. The Council has laid out a set of objectives to explain how it will achieve this: 1. To enable residents to enjoy high quality social, recreational and cultural facilities within the town and to seek the continuing improvement and development of these facilities in accordance with the desires expressed by the residents.

For more information on the Council and its work, please visit or you can get in touch by the following means: Post: Chesham Town Hall, Chesham, Bucks, HP5 1DS Phone: 01494 774842 Fax: 01494 582908 Email: Twitter: @CheshamCouncil Facebook: The Town Hall office is open to the public between 10am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

2. To encourage and promote the economic and commercial vitality of Chesham in a way that encourages sustainable employment opportunities, housing and business facilities that respect the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in which it is situated. 3. To preserve the unique identity of Chesham and promote its heritage. 4. To consult with, understand and represent the views and wishes of the citizens of Chesham. 5. To create a socially inclusive and caring community, which embraces all its residents equally, seeking to develop their well-being, knowledge, understanding and mutual co-operation. 8

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Chesham Environmental Group Along with my other half, I moved to Chesham due to the fact that over the years, as passers-by, we had both caught a glimpse of its historic charm and beautiful rural Chiltern setting. That was six years ago and we haven’t been disappointed. In fact, we love it, and this spurs us on to play our part in caring for the town. The part I first chose was to join the Environmental Group (CEG), and I haven’t regretted it! One of the great things about joining a voluntary organisation is that you meet a very diverse group of individuals with a range of experience and skills, while sharing the same reason for being there – valuing our unique surroundings. So on my first outing I found myself chatting with that year’s Mayor of Chesham, who was working like a Trojan, sturdy gloves and boots on, helping to clear the riverbank of unwanted undergrowth and litter! Oh – litter! This features in almost every work party – how is it that the odd individual thinks that it’s OK to leave their ugly litter for someone else to clean up? In spite of this, while litter clearance does feature on the list of CEG activities, there is plenty else we do. The Chess, our globally rare chalk stream, requires various kinds of care: trimming back branches, controlling weeds as they creep across footpaths, preserving the imaginative natural landscaping of Meades Water Gardens, or even dealing with blockages to the river flow, notably at Pednor. We also join forces with other local groups on occasion, such as Chesham in Bloom – or with town communities such as Newtown Baptists. Two or three years ago at the Vale end of town, Berkhampstead Field became available for transformation from a grassy patch to a wildflower area of real biodiversity, encouraging the appearance of orchid species and numerous butterflies. It is now a delightful hillside providing mown pathways through the flowers and grasses for dog walkers and nature lovers to enjoy. Now, when I take a moment to see what the group has achieved, there is a sense of real satisfaction. Not only this, but other opportunities develop. Little did I realise that joining CEG would offer me access to river monitoring activities – checking for invertebrates which are vital indicators of water purity; or for water voles in order to protect the environment they share with us.

All this leads to meeting more folks, making new friends, learning more, and feeling more connected with the valued community. Into the bargain you’re treated to nature’s special appearances: a yellow-breasted grey wagtail; a rare plant, or a family of swans – even the blue flash of a kingfisher or the slow, elegant flap of a white egret. Chesham is certainly worth our input! You too can join!

Jenny Pearson For further information please contact: Phil Folly 783691 or Andrew Clark 783035


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The Chesham Donkey Derby The Chesham Donkey Derby, now in its 26th year, is a well established, popular local family event. Started in 1990 by Tylers Hill Scout Group as a way to fundraise to support the group, the event was hailed an immediate success. The second year, planned as more ambitious than the first, saw the Chesham & Amersham Lions join the organising committee. The Derby, held on the Sunday prior to the Chesham Carnival, continued to expand and inspire a devoted local fan base. In April 2004, Tylers Hill Scout Group passed over the mantle to the 3rd Chesham Scout Group, being the largest group in Chesham. Two months later the event went smoothly and the 3rd were established as organisers for the activities on the day. In fact, by 2013 the Lions retired from the committee confident that 3rd Chesham could continue organising the whole event alone. The 26th Donkey Derby in June 2016 was the biggest yet with hundreds of people enjoying the racing, betting, craft stalls, activities and food in glorious sunshine. The Derby prides itself on providing traditional activity stalls, e.g. crockery smash, money tree, play your cards right and splat the rat at sensible costs, surrounding seven donkey races, beer and betting. The BBQ is always a major hit as the meat is locally sourced and cooked fresh while strawberries & cream and refreshments provide essential nourishment during the warm and busy afternoon. Craft stalls, petting animals and donkey rides offer further interest for every member of the family.

Particularly pleasing is the increasing number of families who come along with a picnic blanket and stay all afternoon enjoying the full range of activities and food on offer for all generations. Last June you could hardly see the grass of this level park for the number of people attending. The next Donkey Derby is on 11 June 2017. If you would like to advertise in the programme or sponsor one of the racing donkeys then do get in touch with Janet Sealy on The deadline for the finalisation of the programme is the end of March. Janet will also be booking stalls and the many attractions, as well as collecting donations for the tombolas and raffle. By May Janet will be looking for volunteers to run the Scout stalls and buying all the food and drink to be sold on the day. On the day of the Donkey Derby all the 3rd Chesham leadership turn up at 7.30am and work straight through to 7pm setting up the many tents and gazebos for the stalls, then they welcome the visitors from noon, and laugh and banter their way through to the close of the event about 5pm. The clearing away is always the hardest after a long and tiring day in the sun, but the leaders are always happy that another successful event has been completed. You can identify the team by their scout uniform/scarf so please give them a friendly hello during the day to keep them going. Please remember that Donkey Derby takes place in early June each year and pay it a visit. People who attend for the first time are amazed by the range of attractions and vow to return the next year.


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GERRY MARTINS Master Butcher


Chesham Sausage 46 High Street 01494 773580 14


Page 14

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Chesham Town Twinning needs you! Chesham Town Twinning Association elected a new chairman, Sylvia Ewington, at its annual general meeting in January 2016 and during her two-year term of office she will be presiding over a managed run-down of the association. In the previous year it was decided that, unless there was a reasonable increase in membership, with the emphasis on younger people, the group could no longer carry on hosting visitors in sufficient numbers from our twin towns. Should this happen it would end the life of a group that came together in 1979 for the purpose of finding a European twin town. Friedrichsdorf, just outside Frankfurt, fitted the bill and the councils of the two communities agreed that the link should be formalised, which took place in 1980. In 1986 Chesham took another twin, this time the town of Houilles, just outside Paris, a town already twinned with Friedrichsforf since 1973. In 1995, following an initiative of the then Lowndes School, a third twin town was welcomed to the fold, Archena, in the Murcia region of Spain. In the more than 36 years since that first twinning many exchanges have taken place: social, sporting and cultural. Members from all four towns have stayed in each other’s homes, in many cases forming long friendships and, in one case, even a marriage. There have been sporting contests: football, gymnastics, tennis; each year there is a European concert in either Friedrichsdorf or Houilles, mainly for young gifted musicians from the linked towns; each year there is an International Weekend, usually in May, and a Cultural Weekend, usually in September, when members from Chesham, Friedrichsdorf and Houilles stay in each other’s homes; youth exchanges have taken place each year; and Chesham members visit Archena one year, with the Spanish returning to Chesham the following year. It was Chesham’s turn to host the International Weekend in 2015 and what a weekend it was. There was a visit to Waddesdon Manor, which the visitors found enchanting, a civic reception in the Town Hall at which that year’s Town Mayor Peter Hudson addressed the visitors, emphasising the importance of town twinning,

Visitors from Friedrichsdorf and Houilles together with their host families, Town Mayor Peter Hudson and other councillors, at a Town Hall civic reception during the International Weekend hosted by Chesham in 2015. and a splendid dinner and disco at Chartridge Park Golf Club on the Sunday evening. Houilles has a twin town in the Caribbean island of Martinique, and visitors from there have come to Chesham and some of our members have been to Martinique. Officers from Chesham, Houilles and Friedrichsdorf meet every year, during the Cultural Weekend, to plan the following year’s activities. Now it appears that unless there is a dramatic change in our membership numbers, all this could cease. The links with the towns should continue, as they are civic links, and some of us, many of whom have been involved since the start, will continue to visit our friends in Europe. But sadly, should our Association cease to exist, the majority of these activities will no longer involve Chesham, even though those signs seen when entering the town will probably, and truthfully, state ‘Chesham, twinned with Friedrichsdorf, Germany, Houilles, France and Archena, Spain’. If you would like to get involved with Town Twinning, please visit the web site or contact the secretary Tony White via email at: 15

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Page 16

9 Market Square • Chesham

01494 775882 Balloons, tableware, party bag fillers, jewellery, fancy dress and lots more!

THEATRE including music, dance, pantomime, comedy and children’s shows

CINEMA Films, including 3D, and live screened events in a spacious auditorium



including exhibitions, workshops, wedding receptions and conferences



including restaurant menu, homemade food, 10–3 Mon to Sat OWNED, MANAGED AND FUNDED BY CHESHAM TOWN COUNCIL

01494 582900



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Page 17

The Elgiva Theatre & Cinema The Elgiva team continues to strive to bring you the best in entertainment to Chesham. If you have not yet visited the Elgiva, then please come along and see what we are all about. If you have been before, then please tell your family and friends about us! We have had a very successful start to the year, with sold out shows, films and live screenings, including Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown, Ruby Wax, Rapunzel, Special Kinda Madness, Michael Portillo, The Winter’s Tale and The Lady in the Van. Therefore, it is always a good idea to book tickets in advance. I am sure that our regular cinema patrons will agree that since we have been allocating seats for films (apart from Chiltern Film Society films), it has made the whole cinema experience much easier, and again it is always best to book early to have a better chance of getting the seats of your choice. Looking ahead, we have a varied and exciting programme coming your way. For the music fans we have the tribute acts T.Rextasy, Roy Orbison and the Traveling Wilburys and The Johnny Cash Roadshow, and live music from Los Pacaminos. If it’s comedy you

enjoy, book now for Seann Walsh and Hal Cruttenden. Our live screenings include Kenneth Branagh’s The Entertainer, the Royal Opera House’s Cosi Fan Tutte and Royal Shakespeare Company’s Cymberline and King Lear. Professor Robert Winston returns with a talk on genetics and we have the psychic medium, Tony Stockwell. Last, but certainly not least, the Elgiva and Rare Pantomimes are proud to present our family friendly, traditional pantomime, Beauty and the Beast. Tickets are already available to purchase, so book now to ensure the best seats in the house. Find out more at The Elgiva team looks forward to seeing you here at our theatre and cinema. 17

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Chesham Moor Gym & Swim Chesham Moor Gym & Swim is a friendly, welcoming fitness centre with an outdoor 25-metre pool, a state-ofthe-art gym and outdoor courts for tennis, basketball or 5-a-side. Adult membership for swim, tennis and gym is just £25 per month, and juniors aged 12–21 years can join for just £15 a month. (Cardio equipment only up to 16 years). The heated outdoor pool is open all year, with summer water temperature approx 28°C/83°F, and winter water temperature approx 24°C/75°F. The water is almost chemical-free, so no more stingy eyes and chlorine smell, and much kinder for those with skin conditions such as eczema. Great value season tickets can be bought for your winter or summer swimming. Throughout the summer season (Apr-Oct inclusive) there are special sessions for toddlers, 60 plus/therapy swims, as well as inflatables sessions for 14s and under. Available all year are Aqua Circuits (pay as you go), and Masterclass coaching for you to perfect your stroke technique (free with membership). The gym has high tech equipment including a Wattbike (the choice of many champions), treadmills, rowers, weight machines and kinesis stations. The friendly, expert staff are on hand to help you achieve your fitness goals, or personal training sessions are also available. A variety of classes are run for all abilities – from Armageddon Fitness to Zen Yoga and Meditation.

Tennis court hire is included in membership, or you can pay as you go for tennis, for swimming or for the gym. Chesham Moor Gym & Swim works hard to maintain a community feel and puts on midnight swims, charity events, bacon buttie mornings (1st Friday of the month, 6.30–10am) and the ever-popular Christmas Day swim. The poolside café serves a great choice of coffees, cold drinks, soups, paninis and ice creams; and the centre is ideally located as a base for walks along the River Chess, with a playground adjacent to the centre, and free parking too. For more information call 776975 or visit:


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Chesham Town Hall – your community one stop shop! Being in the centre of town, Chesham Town Hall is in the heart of the community. People visit us on a daily basis to find out information, what’s going on in the area and to advertise local community events. We also deal with enquiries regarding allotments, Chesham Cemetery and local parks and play areas, but that is not all we do! Hundreds of people pass through our doors every week either for children’s groups, exercise classes, clinics, etc. Chesham Town Hall offers a newly refurbished modern environment with full amenities including Wi-Fi and on-site parking, with excellent disabled access.

The Town Hall is also equipped for any business needs you may have for conferences, seminars and AGMs offering a professional service with equipment to hire and also refreshments to help make your event run as smoothly and stress-free as possible. If you would like any more information or a show-round on what we have to offer, please contact us on 01494 774842 or email Visit our website for more information and look at the rooms available for hire: We look forward to hosting your event with you.

Chesham Town Hall boasts four rooms available for hire of various sizes, so whether it’s a birthday party, wedding reception, seminar or a small one-to-one meeting we have a room that would suit! We are very privileged to be part of many community events, by hosting local fundraisers, such as indoor markets, race nights and fish’n’chip suppers. We host birthday parties for all age groups, including children’s parties – our Community Hall can even hold a small bouncy castle along with a mini disco or a children’s entertainer. There is also a fully-fitted kitchen with a large oven to cook party food and a dishwasher just to make life that little bit easier! We also cater for those special birthdays and anniversaries and have been part of these special days for many Chesham residents.


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Page 22

The Theatre Shed The Theatre Shed (formally known as Shed@ThePark) is a wonderful local registered charity that provides children and young people with one of the most important life-skills that they can have in their formative years – confidence. We do this through the medium of theatre, music and the performing arts. It is literally transformative to see a young person turn up who may have had their confidence knocked for whatever reason and see them just weeks later singing, acting, dancing or playing a musical instrument, brimming with assurance, spirit and happiness. We have been around for over 10 years in the heart of Chesham and are currently based at the Chesham Youth Centre. We welcome anyone from the age of six upwards, regardless of background and ability and are proud of our unique inclusive philosophy – our door is literally open to anyone. We are committed to each individual young person – encouraging, inspiring and acknowledging their contributions, whilst ensuring that everyone counts and that everyone can join in. Our small, highly skilled, professional artistic team (helped by our volunteer teenage mentors) hold weekly workshops and aim to put on performances composed

by our members at least once a term. We also have an outreach program which goes into local schools and other institutions to convey the importance of inclusivity. Like many small charities, we survive as a result of the generosity of those individuals who support us and we find that generating income is always a challenge. As a result, we will be holding our biennial Gala Fundraising event on 26 November 2016 and would like as many people as possible to join us for this auspicious occasion. If anyone wants more information on what we do, joining or volunteering for us, attending any of our workshops, our outreach programs, performances or attending our Gala event in November, or making a donation or sponsoring us, please visit our website at Thank you.


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Page 23

Cafes/Sandwich Bars

Where to Eat and Drink

Brazils 17 Market Square, HP5 1HG. Tel. 793377 Brown Sugar 74 High Street, HP5 1EG. Tel. 794722 Cafe Encore (FAIRTRADE)

Inns, Pubs & Restaurants

The Elgiva Theatre, St Mary’s Way, HP5 1HR.

The Bell

Tel. 07976 619610

Chartridge, HP5 2TF. Tel. 782878

Caffe Nero

The Bellcote

66-69 The Broadway, HP5 1BX. Tel. 775388

Chesham Road, Ashley Green, HP5 3PF. Tel. 785739

Clare’s Kitchen

The Black Cat

Unit 6, Francis House, Francis Yard, HP5 1DG.

Lycrome Road, Lye Green, HP5 3LF. Tel. 773966

Tel. 07919 515782

The Black Horse

Costa Coffee

The Vale, HP5 3NS. Tel. 784656

31 High Street, HP5 1BW. Tel. 778792

The Blue Ball


Asheridge, HP5 2UX. Tel. 758305

28-30 High Street, HP5 1EP. Tel. 774974

The Cock & Rabbit Inn

The Drawingroom (FAIRTRADE)

The Lee, HP16 9LZ. Tel. 837540

Francis Yard, East Street, HP5 1DG. Tel. 791691

The Crown


Ley Hill, HP5 1UY. Tel. 783910

49 High Street, HP5 1BW. Tel. 782843

The Full Moon

Liri Cafe

Hawridge, HP5 2UH. Tel. 758959 The Gamekeeper’s Lodge

106 High Street, HP5 1EB. Tel. 772787

Bellingdon Road, HP5 2NN. Tel. 793491

The Little Orchard

The Generals Arms

22 High Street, HP5 1EP. Tel. 794642

77 High Street, HP5 1BX. Tel. 785622


The George & Dragon

3A High Street, HP5 1BG. Tel. 792292

14 High Street, HP5 1EP. Tel. 782402

Rumbles Pantry

I The Golden Eagle

6-8 Church Street, HP5 1HT. Tel. 793380

Chesham Rd, Ashley Green, HP5 3PW. Tel. 01442 863549

Smiley Cafe (FAIRTRADE)

The Hen and Chickens Inn

M & Co, 48-52 High Street, HP5 1EP.

119 Botley Road, HP5 1XG. Tel. 783303

Tel. 792834

The Jolly Sportsman

The Stay and Play

Eskdale Avenue, HP5 3AX. Tel. 786720

24 High Street, HP5 1EP. Tel. 774300

The Old Swan

The Tavern

Swan Lane, The Lee, HP16 9NU. Tel. 837239

96 The Broadway, HP5 1EG. Tel. 258879

The Pheasant Waterside, HP5 1QE. Tel. 783387.

Fish & Chips

The Plough

Anne’s Fish Shop

Hyde Heath Common, HP6 5RW. Tel. 774408

1 Severalls Avenue, HP5 3EL. Tel. 581585

The Queens Head


Church Street, HP5 1JD. Tel. 778690

149 Sunnyside Road, HP5 2AP. Tel. 782804

The Red Lion

Hing’s Fish & Chips

Red Lion Street, HP5 1ET. Tel. 784028

266 Waterside, HP5 1PY. Tel. 784707

The Red Squirrel Brewery Shop


8 Market Square, HP5 1ES. Tel. 784857

57 The Broadway, HP5 1BX. Tel. 772511

The Swan

Shangri-La Take Away

Ley Hill, HP5 1UT. Tel. 783075

154 Broad Street, HP5 3ED. Tel. 771864 23

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Page 24

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Fast Food Takeaways


Page 25

Where to Stay

Abrakebabra 133 Broad Street, HP5 3EF. Tel. 773888


Big Bite

Bedford Arms Hotel

98 Broad Street, HP5 3ED. Tel. 773535

Chenies, WD3 6EQ. Tel. 01923 283301

Burger Inn

Chartridge Lodge

105 High Street, HP5 1DE. Tel. 778066

Chartridge Lane, HP5 2TU. Tel. 837484

Farm House Pizza

Latimer Place

5 White Hill, HP5 1AB. Tel. 771411

Latimer, HP5 1UG. Tel. 0871 222 4810

Marina Fish and Pizza Restaurant

The Nags Head

57 The Broadway, HP5 1BX. Tel. 772511

London Road, Great Missenden, HP16 0DG. Tel. 862200

Peri Peri Chicken 20 Market Square, HP5 1ES. Tel. 786784

Bed & Breakfast

Pizza Base

Chesham Bed and Breakfast

50b Broad Street, HP5 3DX. Tel. 792793

1A Stanley Avenue, HP5 2JF. Tel. 771029

Pizza GoGo

Chiltern Ridge

13 White Hill, HP5 1AB. Tel. 785151

Old Sax Lane, Chartridge, HP5 2TB. Tel. 776309

Rocce Woodstone Oven Pizza

The Greyhound Inn

50 Broad Street, HP5 3DX. Tel. 794100

Chesham Road, Wigginton, HP23 6EH. Tel. 01442 824631 49 Lowndes Avenue


HP5 2HH. Tel. 792647

Beijing Gourmet 18 Market Square, HP5 1ES. Tel. 772287 Chesham Cottage 20 Church Street, HP5 1HU. Tel. 771810 International Chinese 7 White Hill, HP5 1AB. Tel. 782386 Shangri-La Take Away 154 Broad Street, HP5 3ED. Tel. 771864 (Takeaway only)

Indian I Chatgaon Tandoori 96 Broad Street, HP5 3ED. Tel. 783706 Chesham Tandoori 48 Broad Street, HP5 3DX. Tel. 775241 or 782669 Indian Massala 13-15 Greenway Parade, HP5 2DA. Tel. 791087 Papad 131 Broad Street, HP5 3EF. Tel. 783121 Rajasthan 115 High Street, HP5 1DE. Tel. 783111 or 793409

Thai Jasmine Thai 51 High Street, HP5 1BW. Tel. 773940 Queens Head Thai Kitchen Church Street, HP5 1JD. Tel. 778690 25

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TOTS Christ Church Church Hall, Waterside, HP5 1PY.

Pre-Schools, Children’s Centres and Information

Thurs 10-11.30am. Tel. Donna Whatton on 782565 Trinity Tots Trinity Church Hall, Red Lion Street, HP5 1EY. Mon 10-11.30am. Tel. Colin 775651 Tuesday Toddler Group St Mary’s Church, Church Street, HP5 1HY. Tues 9.45-11.15. Tel. 783629 Under 3s Ley Hill Methodist Church, The Green, Ley Hill,

Children’s & Young People’s Information Services

HP5 3QR. Weds at 10am. Tel Rebecca Gorst 784122

Buckinghamshire Family Information Service

HP5 1BX. Mon 10-11.30am. Tel. 772510

Urchins Chesham United Reformed Church, The Broadway,

Tel. 01296 383065 Connexions Free information and guidance for young


people aged 13-19 and up to 25 for those with a learning

Berkhamsted Day Nursery Haresfoot, Chesham Road,

disability. Way In, Sills Yard. Tel. 775951

Berkhamsted, HP4 2SZ. Tel. 01442 358276

Way In Youth counselling, family therapy, sexual health.

Elmtree Nursery Elmtree Hill, HP5 2PA. Tel. 771474

60 High Street, Sills Yard. Tel. 791177

Little Bears Pre-School St. Leonards Parish Hall, Jenkins Lane, St. Leonards, HP23 6NW. Tel. 758081

Children’s Centres

Little Cherubs Day Nursery 92-94 Broad Street, HP5 3ED.

Providing a range of activities and information for

Tel. 778767

parents/carers and their children 5 years and under.

Little Spring Pre-School Greenway, HP5 2BY. Tel. 783070

Newtown Centre Berkhampstead Road, HP5 3AT.

Maryland Pre-School Nursery The Parish Centre,

Tel. 778037

Glebe Way, Chesham Bois, HP6 5ND. Tel. 433426

Waterside Centre 470 Waterside, HP5 1QF. Tel. 792852

Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery RNS House, Fullers Hill, HP5 1LR. Tel. 793843

Parent and Toddler Groups

Newtown Early Years and Infant School Berkhampstead

Most groups will only meet during school terms. Please

Road, HP5 3AT. Tel. 783713

note that these groups may not be registered with social

Old Macdonalds Day Nursery Church Lane, Latimer, HP5

services. Parent and Toddler groups are generally run by

1UQ. Tel. 762336

volunteers and this information is subject to change. You

St Mary’s Pre-School Church Rooms, Church Street,

can also contact the individual churches for activities run

HP5 1HY. Tel. 07812 904952.

for other age groups.

Teddies Chesham Bois Nursery and Pre-School

Chesham Methodist Toddlers Chesham Methodist Church,

107 Bois Moor Road, HP5 1SS. Tel. 785457

Bellingdon Road, HP5 2HA. Thurs 10-11.30am.

The Village Nursery The Bull, Bellingdon, HP5 2XU.

Tel. Mary on 580247

Tel. 01442 863090/07854 522267

Chipmunks Broadway Baptist Church, 78 The Broadway,

White Hill Pre-School White Hill Centre, White Hill,

HP5 1EG. Thurs 9.45-11.15am. Tel. 772244

HP5 1AG. Tel. Deborah Chamberlain on 07762 165087

Emmanuel Toddler Group Emmanuel Church, Broad Street, HP5 3EF. Thurs & Fri 9.45-11.15am. Tel. Gill on 774970 Focus Toddler Group Newtown Evangelical Baptist Church, Berkhampstead Road, HP5 3AT. Tues 1.30-3.00pm. Tel. Mrs Chris Richards 772043 Kids at St Mary’s St Mary’s Church, Church Street, HP5 1HY. Sun 10.30am. Tel. 783629 Lullaby Club Emmanuel Church, Broad Street, HP5 3EF. 1st, 3rd & 5th Weds 10-11.30am. Tel. Sandra 771735 Open Door Toddler Group Thurs 9.30-11.30am at Hivings Church Hall, Upper Belmont Road, HP5 2DB. Refreshments, chat, craft, story time, action songs and fun in a safe, toddler-friendly play area. Tel. Gillian on 07446 184890 27

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Local Education Admission to schools in the Chesham area is managed by Buckinghamshire County Council, tel. 01296 383250. You can find out your school catchment area from their web site

Primary Schools

Secondary Schools

Brushwood Junior School Brushwood Road, HP5 3DW.

The Amersham School Stanley Hill, Amersham, HP7 9HH.

Tel. 786023

Tel. 726562

Chesham Bois Church of England Combined School

Ashlyns School Chesham Road, Berkhamsted, HP4 3AH.

128 Bois Lane, Chesham Bois, HP6 6DE. Tel. 726901

Tel. 01442 863605

Elmtree School & Nursery Elmtree Hill, HP5 2PA.

I I Chesham Grammar School White Hill, HP5 1BA.

Tel. 771474

Tel. 782854

Hawridge and Cholesbury Church of England School

Chiltern Hills Academy Chartridge Lane, HP5 2RG.

Hawridge Common, HP5 2UQ. Tel. 758368

Tel. 782066

Ivingswood Academy Greenway, HP5 2BY. Tel. 783070

Dr Challoners Grammar (Boys) Chesham Road, Amersham,

Ley Hill School Ley Hill, HP5 1YF. Tel. 784205

HP6 5HA. Tel. 787500

Newtown Early Years and Infant School

Dr Challoners High School (Girls) Cokes Lane,

Berkhampstead Road, HP5 3AT. Tel. 783713

Little Chalfont, HP7 9QB. Tel. 763296

Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School Amersham Road,

The Misbourne Misbourne Drive, Great Missenden,

Chesham Bois, HP6 5PL. Tel. 726390

HP16 0BN. Tel. 862869

Thomas Harding Junior School Fullers Hill, HP5 1LR. Tel. 782211

Special Schools

Waterside School Blackhorse Avenue, HP5 1QU.

Heritage House School Cameron Rd, HP5 3BP. Tel. 771445

Tel. 786608

Adult Education Nearest Independent Schools

Chesham Adult Learning Centre Chiltern Hills Academy,

Abbot’s Hill Bunkers Lane, Hemel Hempstead, HP3 8RP.

Chartridge Lane, HP5 2RG. Tel. 0845 045 4040

Tel. 01442 240333

Chesham & District Community Association

The Beacon (Boys) 15 Amersham Road, Chesham Bois,

White Hill Centre, White Hill, HP5 1AG.

HP6 5PF. Tel. 433654

Educational, recreational and leisure activities. Tel. 775190

Berkhamsted School

Chess Valley U3A A learning co-operative for people of

(Pre-prep, Prep, Girls & Boys Seniors & Sixth Form)

retirement age. General meetings held every month with

Various sites in Berkhamsted. Tel. 01442 358000

speaker at The Broadway Baptist Church and there are over

I Chesham Preparatory School Two Dells Lane,

40 activity groups. To join contact the Membership Secretary

Orchard Leigh, HP5 3QF. Tel. 782619

on 862947 or email:

Gateway School 1 High Street, Great Missenden, HP16 9AA. Tel. 862407

Alternative Education Provision

Godstowe Preparatory School (Girls) Shrubbery Road,

Chesham Skills and Enterprise Centre

High Wycombe, HP13 6PR. Tel. 529273

For secondary age students.

Heatherton House School (Girls) Copperkins Lane,

Cameron Road, HP5 3BP. Tel. 358015

Chesham Bois, HP6 5QB. Tel. 726433 Lockers Park (Boys) Lockers Park Lane, Hemel Hempstead, HP1 1TL. Tel. 01442 251712 Pipers Corner School (Girls) Pipers Lane, Great Kingshill, HP15 6LP. Tel. 718255 Westbrook Hay Prep School London Road, Hemel Hempstead, HP1 2RF. Tel. 01442 256143 Wycombe Abbey, High Wycombe, HP11 1PE. Tel. 520381 28

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Peter Woolnough



Page 30

Landscape Construction • Treework Contractors • Compact Equipment Sales & Hire Hard & Soft Landscape Construction Treework Contractor Fencing Repairs & New Installation Patios, Paving & Driveways Hard & Softwood Decking Tree & Hedge Planting Ponds & Water Features Site Clearance Snow Ploughing and Clearing Service 07973 175 244

We specialise in the supply and hire of the best compact, versatile, material handling, access and recycling equipment on the market. This covers Avant 4WD Loaders and Multi-tool carriers, Leguan Lifts and Access Equipment, Gyru-star soil and material screening buckets & Howard Concrete Crusher Buckets to name but a few. 07973 175 244 Established 1991 • Fully insured • Based at Lye Green, Chesham

Since 1986 < Food

< Fair Trade

< Vegetarian

< Local

< Vegan

< Supplements

< Organic

< Remedies

< Free-From

< Hair & Skin Care

Natural Health Information Centre 27 High Street Chesham Bucks HP5 1BG Tel: 01494 771267


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Page 31

Sport & Fitness Venues & Clubs Community Venues


Chesham Leisure Centre White Hill, HP5 1BB. Tel. 791779

The Little Abbey Bowmen welcome beginners and

experienced archers. Tel. Bob Warrington on

The centre has a gym with two fitness studios and personal

01753 883486

trainers, a gym pit and sports hall, 25m swimming pool, teaching pool and crèche. Over 20 group exercise classes


are run each week and there is a dedicated spin studio.

Chiltern Harriers Athletic Club Caters for road running,

There are four badminton and two table tennis courts.

cross country and track and field athletics for seniors and

Themed birthday party packages are available for children

juniors. Tel. Tony Watts on 762747 or Trevor Davies

under 16 and a series of children’s activities are run over

on 726150. All ages and abilities welcome

the school holidays. Chesham Moor Gym & Swim Moor Road, HP5 1SE.


Tel. 776975

Badminton for Adults White Hill Centre, HP5 1AG.

Owned by the Town Council, this facility provides an open

Tel. 775190

air heated swimming pool all year round, a fitness centre and two outdoor courts. The pool is available for hire and


special events run throughout the year, including Midnight

Broadway Bowls Club Welcoming new and seasoned

Swims and Christmas Day Swims. The gym has no joining

bowlers alike.

fee, no contract and you can pay as you go. Personal

Chesham Bowling Club Bury Lane, HP5 1HX. Tel. 783568

training is available along with classes and quarterly gym

Chesham Pioneers Bowls Club For partially sighted and

challenges. The courts are available for tennis, football,

blind bowlers. White Hill Centre, HP5 1AG, Fri 10am-1pm

netball and basketball, with tennis coaching and camps

September to Easter, Chesham Bowling Club on Weds in

available. The centre is home to Chiltern Harriers and

the Summer. Tel. Oli Plater 715461

Chiltern Natural Therapies.

Chess Vale Bowling Club 111 Asheridge Road, HP5 2PZ.

Chiltern Hills Academy Chartridge Lane, HP5 2RG.

Tel. 792955

Tel. 782066.

Over 50s Bowls White Hill Centre, HP5 1AG. Tel. 775190

Home to Chesham Rugby Football Club. The college

U3A Bowls Group White Hill Centre, HP5 1AG.

pitches, including full changing facilities, club house and bar

Tel. Edmund Hall on 763627

are available for use after school hours by the local community for football, hockey, cricket, rugby and athletics.


Chesham Moor

Chesham Youth Amateur Boxing Club Chesham Youth Centre,

Tel. Chesham Town Council on 774842.

Old Drill Hall, Bellingdon Road, HP5 2HA. Tel. Jackie Wylie on

Owned and managed by the Town Council, the common

772303. Friendly boxing club for boys, girls, men and women.

accommodates football pitches. Codmore Field and Pavilion


Tel. Chesham Town Council on 774842.

Chesham Cricket Club The Meadow, Amy Lane, HP5 1NE.

Owned and managed by the Town Council, the sports

Tel. Steve Ayres 758714. Men’s, women’s and juniors’

ground has two football pitches and an artificial cricket


wicket. The pavilion provides changing facilities and a small social area, which is available for private hire.

Exercise Classes

Marston Field

50+ Stretch & Flex White Hill Centre, HP5 1AG.

Tel. Chesham Town Council on 774842.

Tel. Elaine Hayton on 07939 520207. Mon 2-3pm

Owned and managed by the Town Council, there are two

Aerobics/Keep Fit Chesham Town Hall, HP5 1DS.

senior football pitches and a multi-sports area.

Tel. Elaine Lockwood on 863052. Thurs 7.30pm 31

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Aqua Circuits Chesham Moor Gym & Swim, Moor Road, HP5 1SE. Mon 10.30-11.30 Winter. Mon 9.30-10.15 & 88.45pm Summer. Tel. 776975 Aqua Workout Chesham Moor Gym & Swim, Moor Road, HP5 1SE. Tues, Fri, Sat 10.30am Apr to Oct. Tel. 776975 Armageddon Fitness Chesham Moor Gym & Swim, Moor Road, HP5 1SE. Mon 6.30pm and Saturday 8.45am. Tel. Hannah on 07800 515676 I The Bagnall Centre 71-79 Waterside, HP5 1PE. Tel. 791288. A variety of exercise classes are on offer

T’ai Chi in action

Cardio Tennis Chesham Moor Gym & Swim, Moor Road, HP5 1SE. Tues 9.30am. Tel. Lucy 0781 7293675

Chesham & Amersham T’ai Chi School

Chesham Zumba Chiltern Hills Academy and Chesham

Friday 8pm Beginners Class

Grammar School. Tel. 07504 636910

Tel. Pat Khaihra on 771675 / 07885 856 029

Outdoor Circuits Moor Gym & Swim, Moor Road, HP5

Chesham Taekwondo Club at Chesham Methodist Church

1SE. Sat 9.45am. Tel. Jonathan Popple 07753 340984

and Chiltern Hills Academy. Juniors and adults.

Shirl Fitness Lowndes Park and Emmanuel Church,

Tel. Keith Whitley on 778764

Broad Street, HP5 3EF.

Chiltern Karate Association Chiltern Hills Academy,

Vivre Fitness White Hill Centre, HP5 1AG and Lowndes

Chartridge Lane, HP5 2RG. Tues 8pm.

Park Boot Camps. Tel. Heather Blakeborough on 582952

Tel. Erin Thwaites on 758079

Zumba Chesham Town Hall, HP5 1DS. Weds 7.30pm.

Ki-Aikido White Hill Centre, HP5 1AG.

Tel. Nadine

Tel. Chris Dolling on 07778 265622 Thai Boxing Chesham Moor Gym & Swim, Moor Road,


HP5 1SE. Weds & Fri 6.30pm. Tel. Tom and Sam Ward

Chesham United Football Club The Meadow, Amy Lane,

on 07732 251113

HP5 1NE. Tel. 783964. Chesham United's first team play in the Premier Division of the Southern Football League. Home matches have a 3pm kick off on Saturdays and midweek


games are usually on Tuesdays at 7.45pm. The Meadow is

Hazel Hussey Pilates The Bagnall Centre,

also home to the Chesham United Reserves, Chesham

71-79 Waterside, HP5 1PE. Tel. 07958 649989.

United Under 18s, Chesham United Ladies, Chesham United

Classes Mon, Wed, Thu and Fri

Youth Football Club and Chesham United Football Academy

Pilates with Georgia Brown. Weds at Bagnall Centre,

Chesham Athletic Football Club are mainly based at

71-79 Waterside, HP5 1PE Thurs and Fri Town Hall, HP5

The Moor. Youth football for Under 6s to Under 16s.

1DS. Tel. 434416

Pilates at Chesham Moor Gym & Swim, Moor Road, HP5 1SE. Tues 9.30am and Fri 9.15am. Tel. Abigail Sagar on 07973 320669

Golf I I Chartridge Park Golf Club Chartridge Lane, HP5 2TF. Tel. 791772. 18 hole course

Private Health Clubs

Chesham & Ley Hill Golf Club Ley Hill, HP5 1UZ.

Fit4less Chesham 97-99 High Street, HP5 1DE. Tel. 784524

Tel. 784541. 9 hole course

Fitness4Less Amersham Road, HP5 1NE.

Gymnastics Raans Gymnastics Club Chesham Leisure Centre,


White Hill, HP5 1BB. Tel. 774107

Bank Farm Riding for the Disabled Farm, Bank Green, Bellingdon, HP5 2UT. Tel. Anne Coney on 758550.

Martial Arts

Charity providing riding for disabled children in and around

Chesham Kickboxing and Martial Arts Academy

Chesham. Bank

Classes at Chesham Leisure Centre, White Hill, HP5 1BB.

Chesham & District Bridleways Association

Tel. Bill on 07946 538342

Tel. Ricky Dutton 785279 32

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Page 33


Aylesbury & District Ramblers Group Tel. 01296 625590

Chesham Rugby Club Chiltern Hills Academy,

Buckinghamshire & W. Middlesex Area Ramblers

Chartridge Lane, HP5 2RG. Tel. 793827. Community club

Tel. 0208 422 3284.

providing rugby for all ages, sexes and abilities

Chilterns 20-30s Walking Group affiliated to the Ramblersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Association and is aimed at people in their 20s and 30s.

Squash & Racketball and

Chesham 1879 Lawn Tennis & Squash Club Pednor Road,

Chilterns Weekend Walkers affiliated to the Rambersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;

HP5 2JU. Tel. 785383

Association. Ramblers Association (Amersham & District)


Tel. Mrs Moody on 727504

Aquafun Swim School Heritage House School,

Simply Walks Free walking group. No need to book.

Cameron Road, HP5 3BP. Tel. Jill Brien 07866 529 120.

Tues 9am from Hivings Free Church, Upper Belmont Road,

Adult and Baby lessons

HP5 2DB for an easy walk or Thurs 10.30am from Moor

Chesham Leisure Centre White Hill, HP5 1BB. Tel. 791779.

Road car park for a longer walk. Tel. 475367

25m swimming pool and teaching pool with adult only, under 5s, splash and tumble, disability and women-only



I The Bagnall Centre 71-79 Waterside, HP5 1PE.

I Chesham Moor Gym & Swim Moor Road, HP5 1SE.

Tel. 791288. A variety of yoga classes are on offer

Tel. 776975. Open air, heated pool, open all year round.

Kundalini Yoga Chesham Moor Gym & Swim, Moor Road,

Includes adult-only and lanes swimming, triathlon,

HP5 1SE. Tel. Katy on 07476 489057

coaching, aqua workout, therapy/60+ swimmers and

Hatha Yoga Chesham Town Hall, HP5 1DS. Tues 1pm,

toddler swim, inflatable sessions and

Thurs 9.15am. Tel. Caroline Biddle on 07742 588883

pool hire

Hatha Yoga White Hill Centre, HP5 1AG.

Chesham Swimming Club

Tel. Pamela Gonnet on 580741. Tues 10.30am

Tel. Andy Mackay on 07785 326128

Liz Brown Yoga Waterside School, Blackhorse Avenue,

I Dolphin Swimming Club Heritage House School,

HP5 1QU. Mon evenings. Tel. 07941 425187

Cameron Road, HP5 3BP. Tel. 01628 523250

Zen Yoga and Meditation Chesham Moor Gym & Swim, Mon 7.30. Tel Emma Hudson 07853 874283

Table Tennis Chiltern Table Tennis Club Chesham Leisure Centre, White Hill, HP5 1BB.Tel. Mike Atkinson on 785609 Table Tennis and Short Tennis White Hill Centre, HP5 1AG. Tel. 775190. Mon 1-4pm and Weds 1-5pm

Tennis Chesham 1879 Tennis & Squash Club Pednor Road, HP5 2JU. Tel. 785383 I Chesham Moor Gym & Swim Moor Road, HP5 1SE. Tel. 776975. Courts for hire. Tennis coaching and cardio tennis, call Lucy on 0781 7293675

Walking Chesham is a Walkers Are Welcome Town, part of a national scheme to support recreational walking. Walking route leaflets around Chesham and the surrounding area, including the Chess Valley Walk, are available from Chesham Town Hall, Chesham Library and Chesham Museum or can be downloaded from

A walking group in the Chess Valley 33

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Page 34

Chesham Museum After three years of hard work, Chesham Museum received the excellent news that it has been accredited by the Arts Council. “This is a very significant achievement and has been very much a team effort,” said vicechairman Chris Spruytenburg. “Everyone concerned deserves thanks from those connected with the Museum and from the town at large. It's been a long journey and involved numerous meetings to keep the momentum going and to tackle the next hurdle. The trustees must be congratulated for seeing the need and pursuing the goal of accreditation. Richard Hoyle, the museum's assistant curator, deserves credit for sticking to his task of leading the effort. Its museum mentor Karen Perkins, director at Luton Culture, also played a crucial role in steering us through the 'hurdles' of accreditation as does curator Harriet Ellis who worked tirelessly,” he said. Having achieved the required standard, the trustees can now look forward to closer collaboration with neighbouring museums and borrowing items to exhibit. One such exhibition that could come its way is the Art of Islam, which is on display in the county museum in Aylesbury. We will also be able to press ahead with securing funding from a number of sources. While this has been going on some of the trustees have been engaged in informal discussions with Chesham Library with a view to sharing the premises. This has happened elsewhere as organisations grapple with making economies. The proposed move would make a lot of sense as it would offer us more room, more people to view the exhibits, longer opening hours and greatly reduced rent.

Last autumn, the Museum team agreed that it needed to revamp its existing retail area to allow improved display of all items for sale and so increase revenue. The trustees obtained a grant for the work and in early February the various shelves and furniture were installed by a local carpenter and painted by project manager Tony Eustace and other volunteers. The pictures show part of the fresh new look in the shop area which should attract many more customers. Finally, the trustees have been strengthened by the addition of four new members, John Wolff, Joe Walker, Andrew Ketteringham and Ray Payne.


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Page 35

Recreation Amenities Allotments

reference section, local studies collection, business

Amersham Road, Asheridge Road and Cameron Road

information, study & revision guides, national and local

allotments are managed by Chesham Town Council,

newspapers. Various activities for children and occasional

tel. 774842. Chesham residents only

events for adults. Open Monday to Thursday and Saturday.

Chesham Allotments Group for Town Council allotment

See for opening times

tenants. Coffee mornings, meetings, social events.


Duke of Bedford Trust Allotments, Bois Moor Road.

Chesham Museum 15 Market Square, HP5 1HG.

For Waterside residents. Tel. Peter Hawkes on 793000.

Tel. 792549. See for

George Piggin Allotments, Germain Street. For Old Town

opening times

residents. Tel. George Piggin on 450507. Waiting list applies.

Open Spaces There are several green spaces for residents and visitors, many of which are managed by Chesham Town Council. Tel. 774842. Berkhampstead Field off Vale Road – a 2 hectare field and designated Local Wildlife Site. Managed in partnership as a chalk grassland habitat with the Chesham & District Natural History Society Co-op Field sloping 4 acre field near Asheridge Road, including a play area Lowndes Park off St Mary’s Way, HP5 1HU. 36 acre park including a children’s play area, skatepark and multicourt. Free open air concerts take place on Sunday afternoons in

Lowndes Park wildflower bed

July and August Meades Water Gardens off Red Lion Street. A 3 acre


recreational area with a restored stretch of the River Chess

Chiltern Film Society bringing world cinema to your

chalk stream habitat

doorstep. A season of varied international films on selected

The Moor off Moor Road, HP5 1SA. 17 acre stretch of

Wednesdays at 8pm, September-May at The Elgiva.

common land along the River Chess. Includes a play area,

Membership gives a substantial discount on the standard

football pitches, outdoor pool and recreation centre

price, and guaranteed admission. Please call Sigrid on

Nashleigh Hill Recreation Ground off Nashleigh Hill,

01494 727498, or see

HP5 3JF. Includes informal football area and play area

I The Elgiva St Mary’s Way, HP5 1HR. Tel. 582900.

Play Areas

300 seat venue with latest Dolby Digital sound technology

Chesham Town Council manages 10 children’s play areas

and large screen showing a mixture of popular, foreign

across Chesham. For more information tel. 774842

language and art house films, plus live streaming events

Theatres & Theatre Groups Library

I The Elgiva St Mary’s Way, HP5 1HR. Tel. 582900.

Chesham Library and Study Centre Elgiva Lane, HP5 2JD. 300 seat theatre, with facility to host 400

Tel. 0845 230 3232

patrons for standing concerts. Presents a varied programme

Books and magazines, DVDs, CDs, spoken word and

of professional opera, ballet, pantomime and theatre

computer games for loan. Collection of materials in Urdu.

productions by a variety of local amateur dramatic

Public internet access, free WiFi access, free online

companies. Music includes classical and rock concerts, folk

resources, computers for people with visual impairments,

and pop events. The venue has a licensed bar and is home 35

3779.7 Chesham Town Guide16-17:Layout 1


to Café Encore. The Box Office is open 10am to 3pm


Page 36

Clubs & Societies

Monday to Saturday The Little Theatre By the Park Church Street, HP5 1HU. Tel. 784414. An intimate theatre seating 90. As well as hosting local

Activity Groups

theatre companies, the Little Theatre has regular activities

Chess Valley U3A A learning co-operative for people of

including dance classes and children’s groups

retirement age. General meetings held every month with

Blag Youth Theatre drama classes for 7 to 15 year olds at

speaker at The Broadway Baptist Church and there are

White Hill Centre, HP5 1AG. Tel. Richard Beaumont on

over 40 activity groups. To join contact the

01923 772320. Sat 10am-1pm

Membership Secretary on 862947 or email

Chesham Bois Catholic Players Little Theatre by the Park,

Church Street, HP5 1HU. Tel. 785903. Chesham Methodist Players Chesham Methodist Church Hall,

Archaeology and History

Bellingdon Road, HP5 2HA. Tel. Keith Hitchcock, 784483

Chess Valley Archaeological and Historical Society

Chesham Musical Theatre Company Performances mainly

at The Elgiva.


Chesham Theatre Company Productions at

Painting for Pleasure White Hill Centre, HP5 1AG.

The Elgiva and the Little Theatre by the Park.

Tues 10am and 1.30pm. Tel. 775190.

Thursday Art Group White Hill Centre, HP5 1AG.

Panda Players Musical amateur dramatics group.

Thurs at 9.30am. Tel. 775190. The Theatre Shed Chesham Youth Centre, Bellingdon Road,


HP5 2HA. Tel. 07952 461344. For local children and young

Chesham All Girls Band Marching band for girls aged

adults of all abilities.

8-18. Practice nights Tues & Weds 7-8.30pm at the Scout

The Lion Rampant Medieval re-enactment display society.

HQ by Chesham Station. Bandmaster Tim Smith MBE.

Tel Trevor Pilling on 786902.

Tel. 764569.

Venues for Hire


I I Chesham Town Hall HP5 1DS. Tel. 774842.

Chesham Bridge Club Chesham Town Hall, HP5 1DS. Accessible from the High Street with

Tel. Mary Spicer on 782355. Tues. 7.30pm. Duplicate and

on-site parking. Four rooms for hire for conferences,

pairs rubber bridge.

classes, meetings, training courses, parties and receptions. Full disabled access.


Chesham Youth Centre Old Drill Hall, Bellingdon Road,

Chesham Germains Male Voice Choir Rehearsals at White

HP5 2HA. Tel. 794872.

Hill Centre, HP5 1AG Mon from 7.30pm. Tel. Ray Walton

Douglas McMinn Centre East Street.

on 01296 624329.

Tel. 783636.

Chess Valley Male Voice Choir Rehearsals at Chesham

I The Elgiva St Mary’s Way, HP5 1HR. Tel. 582900.

Methodist Church, Bellingdon Road, HP5 2HA. Available for hire for exhibitions, busy

Tues at 8pm. Tel. Tony Usher on 785454.

conferences and receptions.

Chrysalis Community Choir Meets Weds 7,45-9.30pm

The Guide Hut by Lowndes Park. Tel. Kate Webber

at Broadway Baptist Church, 78 The Broadway, HP5 1EG.


Tel Pru Stone on 581115.

The Little Theatre By The Park Church Street, HP5 1HU.

Damon Singers Rehearsals at White Hill Centre, HP5 1AG

Tel. 784414.

Weds 8pm. Small, mixed choir. Tel. Patrick Lunt on 712583.

The White Hill Centre White Hill Centre, White Hill,

Knights of Harmony A capella male chorus. Rehearsals at

HP5 1AG. Tel. 775190. Run by the Chesham & District

White Hill Centre, HP5 1AG Thurs 8pm. Tel. Chas Owen

Community Association. Fully licensed main hall for parties

on 01296 668985.

and several other rooms for meetings and courses.

Theatre Shed Community Choir 07952 461344. 36

3779.7 Chesham Town Guide16-17:Layout 1



Page 37

All telephone numbers are Chesham code (01494) unless indicated otherwise. I denotes members of Chiltern Chamber. I denotes businesses which have advertised in and therefore helped fund the production of the Town Guide.

Civic Groups

Knit and Natter knitting group for beginners to experts.

Chesham Society Tel. Tony Molesworth on 773381.

Wool, needles, crochet hooks & patterns available. Meet in The Lounge, Hivings Church Hall, Upper Belmont Road, HP5

Community Associations

2DB 10am-12pm on the third Fri each month. Tel. 581089.

Asheridge Vale & Lowndes Community Association Tel.

Weaving Class White Hill Centre, HP5 1AG.

Mark Griffin 07543 172610.

Tel. Bobbie Kociejowski on 0208 748 0924.

Townsend Residents Association

Wednesday Lacemakers White Hill Centre, HP5 1AG at

Pond Park Community Association Tel. Mark Shaw on

9.30am. Tel. Jennifer Watkins on 01442 825348.

07951 744656.

Mixed Crafts (needlecraft) White Hill Centre, HP5 1AG.

Victoria Road Residents Association Tel. Chair Ruth Juett

Tel. 775190.

on 07942 895566 or Secretary Jonathan Tedd on 772676. Waterside Community Association

Dance and Music


American Line Dancing White Hill Centre, HP5 1AG. Weds from 7pm. Tel. Diane Murphy on 520031.

Community and Social Groups

BrightStarz singing lessons, musical/theatre drama classes at

Asian Ladies Support Group Tel. Talat Siddiqui on 786861.

White Hill Centre, HP5 1AG. Tel. Lee Bright on 07961 833426.

Cameo Group for people who are over 50 and on their

Chesham Folk Club at White Hill Centre, HP5 1AG. Mon

own. Meets 2nd Sun of the month 3-4.15pm,

from 8.15pm. Tel. Mike Stephenson on 01442 875127.

Hivings Church Hall, Upper Belmont Road, HP5 2DB.

Chesham Folk Dance Club English folk dancing. Meet 8.15

Tel. 775936.

pm Fri at the Guide Hut, Bury Lane, HP5 1HX. Tel. 785191.

Chesham Asian Welfare Society Masud Ahmed

Eleanor School of Dancing Line Dancing, Ballroom, Latin &

07876 502324 or

exercise to music. Classes at Chesham Town Hall, HP5 1DS

Chesham Townswomen’s Guild Meet first Weds each

and Scout Hall. Tel. Ellie on 758330.

month, 2.30pm at Chesham Town Hall, HP5 1DS.

Gong Baths Sound meditation. Sessions at the Bagnall Centre

Tel. Pat Semon on 763843.

and the Guide Hut. Tel. Sam Hyder on 07787 291529.

Chesham Over 50s Positive Action Group Open to anyone

I Hartbeeps Baby & Toddler Classes at the Guide Hut,

over 50. Meet 3rd Fri each month, 10am at Chesham Town

Bury Lane, HP5 1HX. Weds 10am sitting to toddling,

Hall, HP5 1DS. Tel. Barbara Richardson on 786576.

11am toddlers to 5yrs and 12pm newborn to sitting.

Pond Park Over 30s People’s Group social & community

Tel. Caroline on 07970 719803.

group meets every Monday in Hivings Church Hall, Upper Belmont Road, HP5 2DB from 10am-12pm. Tel. 583381 after 4pm. Probus Club of Chesham for retired and professional businessmen. Meet Chartridge Park Golf Club, Chartridge Lane, HP5 2TF on second Tues each month at noon. Tel. Joe Walker on 78399. Women’s Institute meet at Chesham Town Hall, HP5 1DS on 2nd Weds each month at 7.30pm. Tel. Margaret Heywood on 771272.

Crafts Bobbin Lace Makers White Hill Centre, HP5 1AG Mons 9.30 am and 1.30pm. Tel. Jane Lewis 259198. Chesham Arts & Craft Society Tel. Christine Smith on Experiencing a gong bath

771662. 37

3779.7 Chesham Town Guide16-17:Layout 1



Page 38

Jacqu’in the Box Drop-in music sessions. Weds. 10.15am

Chartridge Horticultural Society

(0-4 years) and 11.15am (0 to little steps) at the Little Theatre

Tel. Harry Denham 837405.

by the Park, Church Street, HP5 1HU. Tel. 07948 371615.

Chesham Horticultural Society & Allotment Holders’

Keyboard Class at White Hill Centre, HP5 1AG. Tues

Association Tel. Mike Allenby 784391.

7.30pm. Tel. Bruce Glenister on 784505.

Chesham in Bloom Civic gardening group.

Maggie Monk School of Dancing Ballet, Tap, Modern,

Tel. Kathryn Graves 583798.

Street Dance, Musical Theatre, Contemporary and GCSE

White Hill Gardeners’ Group Tel. Christine Hosier 771807

dance for children and Ballet, Tap and Modern for adults. Classes in central Chesham. Tel. 01908 785057.

Model Clubs

Sargent and Plester School of Dance Ballet, Tap, Modern

Chesham & District Model Boats Club Meet Sundays in

and National Dance, Street Jazz, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre

Lowndes Park. Tel. Eric Little on 786750.

and GCSE Dance. White Hill Centre, HP5 1AG. Tel. Yvonne

Chesham Model Railway Club White Hill Centre,

Plester on 07931 136342.

HP5 1AG. Mon at 8pm. Tel. Nigel Clark on 782347.

Tina-Louise School of Egyptian Belly Dance

Model Flying Club White Hill Centre, HP5 1AG.

and Hawaiian Hula Town Hall, HP5 1DS,

Weds at 8pm. Tel. D. Humphrey on 772853.

Sun afternoon. Tel. 716947. Tuffney Performing Arts Dance and fitness, various

Natural History

Chesham venues. Tel. 07542 236 133.

Chesham & District Natural History Society St. Mary’s Church Rooms, Church Street, HP5 1HY. Second Mon


7.30pm. Contact Georgina Lomnitz on

Chesham Environmental Group Voluntary action group.

Tree Enthusiasts: The Dendrologist Federation SAE for

Tel. Phil Folly on 783691.

details of membership to Hon. Sec. Merelene Davis

Chiltern Society Regional environmental charity.

PO Box 341, Chesham, HP5 2RD.

Tel. 771250. River Chess Association Local river conservation group.

Photography and

Chesham Photographic Club White Hill Centre, HP5 1AG.

I Transition Town Chesham

Tues 8pm Sep-Apr. Tel. Julia Bradbury on 774593. and

Political Organisations

Chesham & Amersham Conservative Association


12 Aylesbury End, Beaconsfield, HP9 1LW. Tel. 673745.

I Chesham4Fairtrade supports Chesham’s Fairtrade Town

Chesham & Amersham Conservative Club

status. Tel. Kathryn Graves on 583798 or

Lower Ground Floor, Douglas McMinn Centre, East Street,

HP5 1JD. Tel. 771003. Chesham & Amersham Labour Party

Flower Arranging

Tel. Peter Ward on 772247.

Ley Hill Flower Club meets every other Weds at

Chesham Labour Party Tel. Mrs B. Hunter on 774552.

2pm at Ley Hill Memorial Hall, Ley Hill, HP5 3QR.

Chesham & Amersham Green Party

Tel. Gill Holland 783878.

Tel. Kate Folly on 783691. Chiltern Green Party

Friends Groups

Chiltern Liberal Democrats

Friends of Chesham Cemetery volunteering group.

Tel. Alison Pirouet on 571018.

Contact via the Town Hall on 774842.

UKIP Chesham & Amersham Branch

Friends of Lowndes Park volunteering group.

Tel. Phil Folly on 783691.

Service Clubs Gardening Groups

Amersham & Chesham Lions Club Tel. Bob Roe on 771397

Bellingdon, Asheridge & District Horticultural Society

Inner Wheel Meet first Weds each month at Chesham

Tel. Rachel Watts 785322.

Town Hall, HP5 1DS, at 7.30pm. 38

3779.7 Chesham Town Guide16-17:Layout 1



Page 39

Rotary Club of Chesham Meet at Chartridge Park

Uniformed Groups

Golf Club, Chartridge Lane, HP5 2PF on Fri at 12.45pm.

British Legion Lower Ground Floor, Douglas McMinn

Tel. John Harding on 863067.

Centre, East Street, HP5 1JD. Tel. 784803 Royal Air Force Association Tel. Stan Seale on 758304.

Slimming Groups Slimming World Weds 5.30 & 7.30pm Town Hall, HP5 1DS

Youth Organisations

and Fri 9.30am and 11.30am White Hill Centre, HP5 1AG.

Air Training Corps 2204 Sqn

Tel Liz Thorp on 07922 595272.

Tel. Flight Lieutenant Geoff Bowles on 0788 191 8406.

Weight Watchers Weds 10am and Thurs 6pm at Town

Boys’ Brigade meet at Broadway Baptist Church,

Hall, HP5 1DS. Tel. 08457 123000.

78 The Broadway, HP5 1EG. Mon 7.30pm for 12-18 years and Fri 6.30pm for 5-11 years. Tel. Brian Moss on 763893.

Town Twinning

Chesham Youth Centre Old Drill Hall, Bellingdon Road,

Chesham Town Twinning Association

HP5 2HA. Tel. 794872.

Tel. Patricia Cherrill 778780.

Girlguiding Rainbow Units (5-7 years),

Brownie Units (7-1), Guide Units (10-14) and Ranger Units (14-25). Tel. Pat Scragg on 784606.


Girls’ Brigade meet at Broadway Baptist Church,

Chesham & District Transport Users’ Group Meets every

78 The Broadway, HP5 1EG. Fri 6.30pm for 5-11 years.

6 weeks with aim of optimising public transport in and

Tel. Christine Vockins on 774558.

around Chesham. Tel. Alan Wallwork on 775286.

Scouts and Cub Scouts Tel. Paul Rawlins on 772943.

Metropolitan Line Users’ Federation

Many of the local churches run youth groups.

Tel. Gordon Dixon on 01673 842425.

Please see pages 45 and 46 for their contact details.

Rayners was established in 1990, being the first purpose built care home for the elderly in South Buckinghamshire and we remain family owned and managed. Maple Tree House Assisted Living Apartments We are proud to offer, on the same site as Rayners, Assisted Living Apartments. These spacious apartments are designed for those who require the reassurance, security and backup Rayners (Extra Care Home) Limited Weedon Hill, Hyde Heath, Amersham, Buckinghamshire HP6 5UH

of a residential care home without having to enter a communal

Tel: 01494 773 606

the same benefits and independence of residing in their own email:

home. All have their own double bedroom, assisted bathroom

living setting. This concept offers the resident and their relatives confidence and peace of mind, whilst still retaining

with spa bath, hallway, lounge/diner and fully fitted kitchen.


3779.7 Chesham Town Guide16-17:Layout 1




Page 40

3779.7 Chesham Town Guide16-17:Layout 1



Page 41

Key to Community Venues & Locations 31 Chesham Leisure Centre 32 Chesham Grammar School 33 Library 34 Post Office 35 United Reformed Church 36 White Hill Centre CDCA 37 Broadway Baptist Church 38 Food Bank 39 Guide Hut 40 Lowndes Park 41 Scout HQ 42 Chesham Station 43 Chesham 1879 Tennis & Squash Club 44 St Mary’s Church 45 Little Theatre by the Park 46 Town Hall 47 McMinn Centre 48 Chesham Museum 49 Watermeadow Surgery 50 Trinity Baptist Church 51 Thomas Harding School 52 Meades Water Gardens 53 The Bagnall Centre 54 Amersham Road Allotments 55 Chesham Cricket Club Ground 56 Chesham United Football Club Ground 57 Christ Church 58 Chesham Moor Gym & Swim 59 Duke of Bedford Charity Trust Allotments 60 Chesham Moor 61 Waterside School

(for map see the following page spread) 1 Marston Field 2 to Hazeldene Farm 3 Hivings Free Church 4 Greenway Sub Post Office 5 Ivingswood Academy 6 Nashleigh Recreation Ground 7 Co-op Field 8 Royal Mail Sorting Office 9 St Columba’s Catholic Church 10 Brushwood School 11 Asheridge Road Allotments 12 Newtown Evangelical Church 13 Newtown School 14 Elmtree School 15 Chesham Mosque 16 Chesham Cemetery 17 Chess Medical Centre 18 Cameron Road Allotments 19 Heritage House / Skills & Enterprise Centre 20 Codmore Field 21 Chiltern Hills Academy 22 Chesham Rugby Club Ground 23 Methodist Church 24 Quaker Meeting House 25 Spiritualist Church 26 Emmanuel Church 27 Chesham Youth Centre 28 Elgiva Theatre 29 Citizens Advice Bureau 30 Police Station




Page 42





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(for key see page 41)

Community Venues & Locations


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Page 44

Celebrating 30 years of Dreamflight Each year, Dreamflight takes 192 children aged 8-14 with a serious illness or disability on their holiday of a lifetime to the theme parks of Orlando, Florida. The children travel without their parents, but instead with a team of volunteer Doctors, nurses and physiotherapists who ensure they have 10 days of excitement, friendship and fun. The Charity was founded in 1986 by Patricia Pearce MBE, who in the early years made everything happen from her ‘kitchen table’. The organisation has steadily developed and is marking its thirtieth year by moving to their new home in Chesham. Patricia commented ‘Councillor Peter Hudson [pictured below] championed Dreamflight as his Mayoral Charity last year, so we already feel really welcomed. We’re so grateful to Peter for all his fundraising, passion and understanding of the importance of volunteers. We certainly wouldn’t be able to do what we do without our amazing army of volunteer helpers. Thank you to everyone in Chesham who makes a difference, it’s a wonderful community’. Dreamflight needs to raise in excess of £750, 000 a year to finance the annual 10-day trip. Costs include a fabulous welcome party for their Very Important Children (VICs) at Heathrow, chartering a Boeing 747 to fly everyone to Florida, daily transport and entry to

the theme parks, accommodation, catering, medical equipment and of course – plenty of ice cream! The Charity has a small head office team who pull the whole thing together and is proud to say 95% of funds raised go towards the VICs, making sure each child has their very special trip of a lifetime. Dreamflight believes that fun, friendship and laughter can often do what medicine can’t and they’d love to share some of the magical moments they’ve caught on camera with you. Please visit to see the trip in action. If you’d like to hear about all the fun events planned this year or if you have any fundraising ideas, please contact Lisa Bishop on 01494 722733.


3779.7 Chesham Town Guide16-17:Layout 1



Page 45

I I Workaid Refurbishing tools & equipment for people in

Useful Information

need. The Old Boot Factory, 71 Townsend Road, HP5 2AA. Tel. 775220

Animal Welfare Chiltern Cats Protection Rescues & re-homes cats in the

Counselling & Mediation

Chiltern area. Helps with assisted neutering for people on

Chiltern Counselling 9a Market Square. Tel. 786024

low incomes. Tel. 0345 260 2396

Mediation Buckinghamshire free of charge community,

Chilterns Dog Rescue Society Rescues & re-home dogs.

inter-generation family and youth offending mediation.

Tel. 01296 623885

Tel. 520821

Marjorie Nash Cat Rescue Re-homes cats in the Chiltern

Relate Relationship counselling & sex therapy. Tel. 791180

and South Bucks area. Tel. 715345

Way In Youth counselling , family therapy, sexual health.

South Bucks RSPCA Cares for unwanted and abused cats,

60 High Street, Sills Yard. Tel. 791177

dogs, small animals and birds. 24-hour Cruelty Line: 0300 1234 999

Debt, Credit & Poverty Assistance Bucks Floating Support For people with housing support

Car Parks

needs. Tel. 01296 484322

Long Stay: Albany Place, East Street, Station, Water Meadow

Chesham Sick Poor Fund Funds for bedding, comforts,

Short Stay: Catlings, Saffron Meadow (Sainsbury’s), Star Yard

fuel, medical aids, recuperative holidays for sufferers of ill

See for more information

health and poverty. Tel. 783304 Chiltern Foodbank 71 The Broadway, HP5 1BX.


Tel. Dave Worrall 07582 171906. Open Tue & Fri

Chesham Cemetery Berkhampstead Road.

10.30am-12.30pm and Wed 1.30-3.30pm

Managed by Chesham Town Council. Tel 774842

Christians Against Poverty – Chesham. Free debt counselling. Tel 0800 328 0006


South Buckinghamshire Community Bank Support for

Alcoholics Anonymous Chiltern & Thames.

people with poor credit history or difficulties with financial

Tel. 01628 530055

management. Tel. 0208 756 3866

Buckinghamshire Mind Support for people in the community with mental health issues.

Disability Information & Assistance

Sun House, 32 Church Street. HP5 1HU. Tel. 792244

Buckinghamshire Disability Services Charity speaking up

Bucks Vision Visual impairment charity. Tel. 01296 487556

for disabled people’s interests. Tel. 568864

Cardiomyopathy Association Tel. 0800 018 1024

Remap South Bucks Charity providing custom-made

Carers Bucks Tel 0300 777 2722

equipment for disabled people. Tel. 07762 337345

Carers Trust Crossroads Care Service. Tel. 568980 I Chiltern Citizens Advice Bureau Drop in Mon-Thu

Employment & Benefits

9.30am-4.30pm and Fri 9.30am-1.00pm; Appointments

Jobcentre Plus 31 Red Lion Street, HP5 1LD. Tel. 654700

Mon-Thu 9.30am-4.30pm and Fri 9.30am-1pm. Townsend House, Townsend Road, HP5 2AA. Tel. 775349

Faith Groups & Beliefs

Chiltern Samaritans 149 Station Road, Amersham, HP6 5DJ. Tel. 432000

Anglican (Church of England)

Community Impact Bucks Support for the voluntary and

Parish of Great Chesham. Parish Office open daily

community sector. 6 Centre Parade, Place Farm Way,

9.30am-1pm. Tel. 783629.

Monks Risborough, HP27 9JS. Tel 0845 389 0389

Christ Church. Waterside, HP5 1PY. Tel. 773318.

Douglas McMinn Centre Day Care Centre and community

Emmanuel. Broad Street, HP5 3EF. Tel. 791282.

pop-in, East Street, HP5 1DG. Tel. 783636

St. John’s. Bellingdon. Tel. 772914.

DrugFAM Supporting families affected by drug or alcohol

St. George’s. Tyler’s Hill Road, HP5 1XJ. Tel. 773318.

misuse. Tel. 442777

St. John the Evangelist. Ashley Green, HP5 5PN.

Trevor Collins Foundation Bowel cancer charity.

Tel. 775564.

Tel. 786827

St. Mary’s. Church Street, HP5 1HY. Tel. 783629. 45

3779.7 Chesham Town Guide16-17:Layout 1



Page 46


Health & Hospital Services

Broadway Baptist 78 The Broadway, HP5 1EG.

Accident & Emergency at Stoke Mandeville Hospital,

Tel. 772244

Mandeville Road, Aylesbury, HP21 8AL. Tel. 01296

Newtown Evangelical Baptist Berkhampstead Road,

315664. Phone 999 in an emergency.

HP5 3AT. Tel. 583790

Red Cross Home from Hospital Service. Extra support for

Trinity Baptist Red Lion Street, HP5 1EY. Tel. 775651

people following short stays in hospital. Tel. 01296 316626. Minor Injuries & Illness Unit at Wycombe Hospital, Queen

Free Churches (Non-Denominational)

Alexandra Road, High Wycombe. HP11 2TT. Tel. 526161

Chartridge Mission Church Chapel Lane, Chartridge,

Gladstone Surgery, Chess Medical Centre, 260-290

HP5 2TH. Tel. 776481

Berkhampstead Road, HP5 3EZ. Tel. 782884.

Hivings Free Church Upper Belmont Road, HP5 2DB.

New Surgery, Chess Medical Centre, 260-290

Tel. 792197

Berkhampstead Road. HP5 3EZ. Tel. 782262.

King’s Church. Services at Chiltern Hills Academy.

(Emergency Tel. 782101)

Tel. 792814.

Water Meadow Surgery, 31A Red Lion Street, HP5 1ET. Tel. 782241. (Emergency Tel. 782242)

Humanist Chiltern Humanists.

Housing and Homelessness

Meetings at Wendover, Amersham and Rickmansworth.

Bucks Floating Support Support for people with housing


support needs. Tel. 01296 484322

Mosque. 212 Bellingdon Road, HP5 2NN. Tel. 772065.

Homeless tel. Chiltern District Council 732013 (out of hours emergencies 0207 093 6443)

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Housing Interaction Trust for people aged 16-25,

Chesham Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Kingdom

60 High Street (Sills Yard), HP5 1EP. Tel. 792870

Hall, Griffetts Yard, Bellingdon Road, HP5 2NW. Tel. 792944.



Hospice of St Francis Spring Garden Lane, Berkhamsted,

South Bucks Jewish Community. Services in Amersham

HP4 3GW. Tel. 01442 869550

and Cheder in Ley Hill. Tel. 0845 644 2370.

I Rennie Grove Hospice Care Tel. 877200



Chesham Methodist. Bellingdon Road, HP5 2HA. Tel. 785956

General Market in the High Street, Weds and Sat.

Ley Hill Methodist. The Green, Ley Hill, HP5 3QR.

Tel. Danny Wadmore on 0792 9987 664.

Tel. 783048

Flea Market in the High Street on the first Sunday of the

Mother’s Union

month 10am to 2pm in the summer and in December.

Parish of Great Chesham. Gill Pearce Tel. 257537.

Tel. Ruth Juett on 07942 895566. Local Produce Market in Market Square on the 4th

Quakers (Society of Friends)

Saturday each month. Tel. Kathryn Graves on 583798.

Friends Meeting House. Bellingdon Road, HP5 2HA. Tel. 782848.

Older Persons

Roman Catholic

Age Concern Good Neighbours. For over-60s in their own

St. Columba’s. 432 Berkhampstead Road, HP5 3HQ.

home who need additional support. Tel. 07779 979882. Age UK Bucks. Tel. 01296 431911.

Tel. 785269.

Includes handyperson service.


Bucks 50 Plus Forum. Contact Andy on 01296 622 122.

Chesham Spiritualist Church. Higham Road, HP5 2AF. Tel.

Bucks Falls Prevention Service. Tel. 426868.


Cameo Group for people who are over 50 and on their own. Meets 2nd Sun of the month 3-4.15pm, Hivings

United Reformed Church

Church Hall, Upper Belmont Road, HP5 2DB. Tel. 775936.

URC at The Broadway, HP5 1BX. Tel. 776014.

Chesham Over 50s Positive Action Group Open to anyone 46

3779.7 Chesham Town Guide16-17:Layout 1



Page 47

over 50. Meet 3rd Fri each month, 10am at Chesham Town

batteries, car tyres, cooking oil, engine filters, waste engine

Hall, HP5 1DS. Tel. Barbara Richardson on 786576.

oil, glass bottles and jars, garden waste, gas bottles,

Chess Valley U3A. Lifelong learning for the over-60s.

fluorescent tubes, energy saving fluorescent bulbs,

Tel. 714420.

hardcore, household electrical goods, man made wood,

Lunch Clubs - held at a number of Chesham churches.

paper, scrap metal, soil, textiles, wood.

See pages 45 and 46 for contact details. Bellingdon Road, HP5 1HY. Tel. Waris Mohammed on

Registrar of Births, Deaths, Marriages & Partnerships

07871 388183

Beaconsfield Old Town Registration Office,

Movers and Shakers Chesham Style for over 55s.

29 Windsor End, Beaconsfield, HP9 2JJ.

Talks, crafts, quizzes, exercise and lunch. Held at Chesham

Open Mon-Fri 9am-4.30pm. Tel. 475200.

Movers and Shakers Chesham Chesham Youth Centre,

Methodist Church, Bellingdon Road, HP5 2HA. Tel. Gill on 785956.

Scouts Christmas Post

South Buckinghamshire Handyvan. Free home security,

Special local Christmas card delivery. Stamps and

advice & assistance for eligible over 60s. Tel. 01255 473999.

collection boxes in selected local newsagents and stores. Contact Brian Gowlet 07713 090106.

Police Station Chesham Police Station. Broad Street, HP5 3EA. Tel. 101.


In emergencies tel. 999. Front counter closed until


further notice.

Local bus timetables and maps are contained in the Chiltern & South Bucks Travel Guide available from the library, Town

Post Offices

Hall and selected newsagents. Timetables can be

Chesham Post Office. 93 High Street, HP5 1DE.

downloaded from

Tel. 785823.

Tel. 01296 382416.

Greenway Sub-post Office. 11 Greenway Parade,

Arriva. Tel. 0344 800 4411

HP5 2DA. Tel. 783133.

Carousel. Tel. 01494 450151

Sorting Office. 6 Howard Industrial Estate, Chilton Road,

Red Eagle. Tel. 01296 630402

HP5 2BJ. Tel. 782775.

Red Rose Travel. Tel. 01296 747926

Recycling/Household Waste Sites

Vale Travel. Tel. 01296 484348

Contact Waste Management Tel. 729000.


Recycling Facilities

Chesham Station, Station Approach, HP5 1DH. Ticket

Main site at Star Yard car park: glass bottles and jars, plastic

office hours Mon-Fri 7-10am, Sat & Sun 10-11am.

bottles, steel and aluminium cans, papers and cardboard,

Terminus of the Metropolitan Line. Regular service to

textiles, shoes and books. Other sites: Bellingdon Road

central London. Tel. 0843 222 1234.

Methodist Church, Cameron Road, Codmore Playing Field,

Links to Chiltern Railway services from Chalfont & Latimer.

Gamekeepers Lodge, The Moor, Upper Belmont Road and

Tel. 08456 005 165.

Water Meadow car park. Other recycling facilities:

Transport Schemes

boundary collection of paper, cardboard, glass and plastic

Chesham Voluntary Hospital Car Service. Tel. 785249.

for all households on a fortnightly cycle. Boundary

Chiltern Dial-a-ride. For people who cannot transport

collection of food waste weekly.

themselves or use public transport due to age, illness or

Other Refuse Services

disability. Tel. 766123.

Fortnightly boundary collection of general waste, collection

Community Transport Hub. Tel. 01844 348834 (10am-4pm).

of bulky household waste (charged service), free clinical waste collection, garden waste collection (charged service).

Water and Sewerage

Household Waste Site

Water Affinity Water

Latimer Road, HP5 1TL. Open 7 days a week, 9am to 6pm

General Enquiries. Tel. 0345 357 2407

(1 April to 30 September) and 9am to 5pm (1 October to

Operational Enquiries. Tel. 0845 782 3333.

31 March). Vehicle access height restriction 1.75m.

Leakspottersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Hotline. Tel. 0800 376 5325.

Recycling facilities available: cardboard, car and domestic

Sewerage Thames Water. Emergencies tel. 0800 316 9800 47

3779.7 Chesham Town Guide16-17:Layout 1



Page 48

Chiltern Chamber â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the voice of local business Chiltern Chamber exists to support business and the economy in Chesham, Amersham and environs. We deliver a broad range of activities, designed to benefit businesses, business people and the local business environment.

Promoting your business


Chamber website, in a searchable database of members

First and foremost, we are a Networking Organisation, and a friendly one at that. Over a year, we organise more than 30 opportunities for members to meet up, make new contacts, and uncover new business opportunities. Our twice-monthly Breakfast Club, alternating between Chesham and Amersham, has proved a big hit.

and services.

Business is frequently done as a result of contacts and leads through the Chamber and its meetings. All Chamber members can have their own page on the

Access to advice Our Committee and Ambassadors are made up largely of business owners and senior employees, with considerable and varied experience of business. When asked to help or advise on specific business situations, we can usually help, or via our network, put you in touch with someone who can.

Building the local business environment Through links with local government and other institutions, we can make our voice, and those of our Members, influential in local consultations. We also enjoy working alongside other local Chambers and

Supporting vibrant High Streets

business organisations. We see such organisations as mutually complementary, rather than competition.

A conduit for business & local information

Through our special recognition awards we

Our networking meetings are opportunities to share information, and to hear authoritative speakers talk on matters of importance to businesses and their owners. We keep our membership up to speed with local issues such as the Joint Local Plan, and initiatives such as Small Business Saturday. Our web site is updated regularly; we have a long and growing mailing list; we are active on social media, with more than 1,100 Twitter followers.

recognise the efforts of those who have helped make our area a better place to live and do business.

Developing skills We take an active interest in development of skills and young people in the region. In particular, we cooperate where possible with Bucks Skills Hub and Young Enterprise.

Business support and networking 48

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Social networking events

Having fun

Join us

Some of our events, such as our summer garden party, Golf Day and Christmas event, are very social occasions, conducive to making new friends as well as business contacts.

More than 25 new members joined the Chamber in the first half of 2016. We are a happy, growing and inclusive network. We welcome guests to most of our events, but are always keen to encourage new members, with the closer relationships that membership brings. If you would like to take a more proactive role with the Chamber, volunteering is an opportunity to raise your business and personal profile, contribute knowledge and skills in a meaningful way, and even to develop new knowledge and skills. We are open to ideas for new initiatives. Following the Brexit vote, 2016/2017 may be a time for cultivating links with similar organisations in Europe, but weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d need volunteers to help â&#x20AC;&#x201C; any takers?

Focus on skills and training


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Local Business Directory We aim to update the Local Business Directory each year to ensure that this is a valid and useful document for residents of the town. We therefore encourage you to contact the Publisher if you have corrections or additions at All telephone numbers are Chesham code (01494) unless indicated otherwise. I denotes members of Chiltern Chamber. I denotes businesses which have advertised and therefore helped fund the production of the Town Guide.

Accountants (see also Financial Advisors)

More Design, 30 Moor Road, HP5 1SE, 792771

I I Alexander-Churchill LLP, Brandon House,

I Honeybelle Graphic Design Sophie Honeybelle,

90 The Broadway, Chesham, HP5 1EG, 783737, 07747 745041

I Bridgeson & Co, 31a High Street, HP5 1BW, 791660

I I Studio Beam Ltd, 117 Broad Street, HP5 3EF,

Certax Accounting, Cherry Tree Farm,


Pednor, HP5 2SZ, 778216 Cestreham Business Services, Amaryllis, 2 Lee Farm Close,

Advice Bureau

Botley Road, HP5 1XW, 778993

I Chiltern Citizens Advice Bureau, Townsend House,

Chess Valley Chartered Accountants, 5 Portobello Close,

Townsend Road, HP5 2AA 0844 2451 289

HP5 2PL, 773939

Agricultural Merchants

I C J Chartered Accountants, 50 Bellingdon Road,

Agricultural Central Trading Ltd, 90 The Broadway,

HP5 2HA, 580054

High St, HP5 1EG, 784931

Elizabeth Pooley, Norfolk House, Station Road,

George Browns Agricultural Machinery, Vale Road,

HP5 1DH, 791012

HP5 3NZ, 782334

I George Hay & Co, 235 Berkhampstead Road, HP5 3AP, 784285

Antiques & Collectables / Bric a Brac

Grist & Company, 74A The Broadway, HP5 1EG, 792160

Antique Restoration & Polishing, 1 The Row, Hawridge

I I Littlestone Golding, 16 Station Road, HP5 1DH,

Common, HP5 2UH, 758172


Collector's Paradise, 40-42 High St, HP5 1EP, 794947

I I Murrayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Accounting Services Ltd,

John Armistead Restorer of Antique Metal,

Mead Court, 10 The Mead Business Centre,

Malham Cottage, Bellingdon, HP5 2UR, 758209

176-178 Berkhampstead Road, HP5 3EE, 792792 I J W Ridgeway & Co, 106a High St, HP5 1EB, 774077


Richard Wyatt & Co, 109c High St, HP5 1DE, 782915

I Alison Phillips Design Associates, 499 Waterside,

SAS Accounting Services, 7 Lycrome Rd, HP5 3LA, 776460

HP5 1QF, 07946 616376

Sharp Consulting (UK) Ltd, 182 White Hill,

Berkeley & Brown Planning & Architecture

HP5 1AZ, 786182

583152 / 07767 301803 Cannon Morgan & Rheinberg Partnership,

Advertising Agencies / Graphic Designers


(see also Printing & Pre-Press)

Seabrook Architects, The Studio Barn,

Andy Roker Design, HP5 1PY, 775489/07958 103055

Bury Farm Court Yard, Pednor Road HP5 2JU, 778918

Butterfly Print & Design, Graphics House,

Jonathan R Vize Riba Chartered Architect,The Brambles,

21 Germain Street, Chesham, HP5 1LH. 782605

145 Botley Road, HP5 1XN, 775306

Chesham Graphics Design, 33 Chartridge Lane,

Lawrence Wiggins Associates, Norfolk House,

HP5 1JL, 792921

Station Road, HP5 1DL, 791040

Chris Sims, 384 Berkhampstead Rd, HP5 3HG, 771706

Martin Dowling, 112-116 Broad Street, HP5 3ED,

I I Hawkes Design & Publishing Ltd., 2 Laceys Yard,


High Street, HP5 1BU, 793000

I Maurice Phillips Partnership, Unit 2,

I LaserLines, Unit 7, Chiltern House, Waterside,

105 Bellingdon Road, HP5 2HQ, 793777

HP5 1PS, 770790

I Steve Viney, 178 Botley Road, Chesham, HP5 1XR,

JN Creative, 49 Germain Street. HP5 1LW, 791915

791949 51

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Page 52

3779.7 Chesham Town Guide16-17:Layout 1



Page 53

Art Dealers / Galleries / Picture Framers

Beauty Therapists / Salons

Cambrian Picture Framers & Gallery, 12 Darsham Walk,

Face Facts, 1st Floor, 4 High St, HP5 1EP, 775412

High Street, HP5 1EP, 791365

Flix, 5 High Street, HP5 1BG, 782825

Chesham Glass Company, 33 Broad St, HP5 3EA, 783812

Magic Hands @ Altered Image, 101 High St, HP5 1DE,

I I Hawkes Design & Picture Framing, 2 Laceys Yard,


High Street, HP5 1BU, 793000

My New Look / Bridal Looks, Felden,

Monopteros Fine Art, Trinchicunum, Hunters Close,

Orchard Leigh, HP5 3QE, 786976

HP5 2RJ, 771311

Pretty Nails, 108 High Street, HP5 1EB, 794259

The Drawingroom, 1 Francis Yard, High Street, HP5 1DG,

Nail & Beauty on Broadway, 73 Broadway, 791931


Nailicious, 32 High Street, HP5 1EP, 256993 / 07903 682728

Arts & Crafts

Tan Tan, 9 Broad Street, HP5 3EA, 774326

I I Blue Haze, 2 Church Street, HP5 1HT, 782030

The Lemon Rooms, 76 The Broadway, HP5 1EG, 786723

I JPS, 7 Market Sq, HP5 1HG, 791112

Top Nails Salon, 11 High Street, HP5 1BG, 782255

W H Smith, 79-81 High Street, HP5 1BX. Tel 792084

UR Beauty Angels, 84 Broad Street HP5 3ED, 07821 459060

Auto Electrics

USA Diamond Nail, 38 High Street, HP5 1EP, 774417

Mark Auto Electrics, Trumarro, 173a Hivings Hill,

Bed & Breakfast - see Where to Stay page 25

HP5 2PN, 785446 PW Auto Electrics, Unit 2 Crown Ind Estate,

Beverage Distributor

180 Berkhampstead Rd, HP5 3ET, 793838

I Coles Trading Ltd., 21 Groves Way, Chesham HP5 2WL. Tel. 07976 254102

Bakers & Confectioners I Auberge du Chocolat, Unit 28, Chess Business Park,

Biomanufacturing Consultants

Moor Road, HP5 1SD, 774179

Biopharm Services Ltd, Unit 1, Chess Business Park,

Darvell & Sons (Chesham Bakehouse)

Moor Road, HP5 1SD, 758011

28-30 High Street HP5 1EP,774974 Greggs, 49 High Street, HP5 1BW, 782843

Blacksmith - see Ironwork-Decorative

Sophies (Handmade Chocolates & Cakes),

Blinds and Awnings

3/4 The Gatehouse, Elgiva Lane, HP5 2JD, 782999

Regency Awnings (UK) Ltd, Copsham House,

Balloon Printers - Wholesale

53 Broad Street, HP5 3EA, 794508

B-Loony Ltd, Buck House, Sunnyside Rd, HP5 2AR, 774376

Bookkeeping Services Banks

Chiltern Accounting Services, 27B Berkeley Avenue,

Barclays, 102 High Street, HP5 1DY, 654303

HP5 2RN, 07411 024716

Halifax, 26 High St, HP5 1EP, 657803

SAS Accounting Services, 7 Lycrome Rd, HP5 3LA, 776460

HSBC, 17 High St, HP5 1BJ, 08455 841271 Lloyds, 79 High St, HP5 1DE, 782191


NatWest, 13 High St, HP5 1BQ, 08457 888444

Betfred, 12 High Street HP5 1EP, 0800 731 1210 Coral Bookmakers, 9-11 White Hill, HP5 1AB,


0800 169 0299

EmilyCulverhouse Westbrook Data Protection Services, 5 High Street,

Book Shops

HP5 1BG, 07540 410130

Waterstones, 54 High St HP5 1EG, 778628 W H Smith, 79-81 High Street, HP5 1BX. 792084

Bathroom Equipment Respatex International Ltd, Watermeadow House,

Brewery Shop

HP5 1LF, 771242

Red Squirrel, 8 Market Square, HP5 1ES, 784857 53

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Brick Manufacturers / Merchants


H G Matthews, The Brickworks, Bellingdon, HP5 2UR,

I Gerry Martins Master Butcher,


46 High Street, HP5 3ET, 773580

Valley Haulage (Brick Merchant),

Godden Butchers, Unit 1 Crown Business Estate,

Nut Hazel Cross Farm, The Vale, Hawridge, HP5 3NU,

180 Berkhampstead Road HP5 1EP, 772997


Hazeldene Farm, Asheridge Road, HP5 2XD, 783501

Brush Manufacturers Camping Equipment

R Russell, 45 Townsend Road, HP5 2AA, 782837

Millets The Outdoor Store, 35 High Street,


HP5 1BW, 791920

A P Green Builders Ltd, 162 Bois Moor Road, HP5 1SS, 773114

Car Dealers

Alexander Construction Ltd, Unit 4a Woodlands Farm,

Chesham Cars and Vans, Chesham Service Station,

Vale Road, HP5 3NJ, 775897

Bellingdon Road, HP5 2NT. 783364

Braid Construction & Interiors, 10 The Braid, HP5 3LU,

Chesham Trade Centre, Townsend Rd, HP5 2AA, 778234


Church Garage, 164 Bellingdon Road, HP5 2HG, 776333

Brooks Building Services, 43 Chessmount Rise, HP5 1RB,

I I Priests of Chesham Ltd (Ford/MG Rover), Latimer Rd,


HP5 1QQ, 784491

Mark Scott Construction Ltd, 434 Chartridge Lane, HP5 2SJ, 794545

Car Parts & Accessories

Pro Supply Engineering Services Ltd, 20 Hampden Ave,

Autopartz, 216 Bellingdon Road HP5 2NN,

HP5 2HL, 792612


Redding & Webb Ltd, Melbourne, Vale Rise, HP5 2BG,

I in Motion, Unit 33,


Chess Business Park, Moor Road, HP5 1SD,

Tuskar Construction Services Ltd, Unit 2, Botley Lane,

797820 / 0800 120 1303

HP5 1XS, 785689

Motor Parts Direct, Unit 8, Anglo Business Park,

W L Stokes & Son Ltd, Rowan Bank, 344a Chartridge Lane,

Asheridge Road, HP5 2QA, 772635


Car Repairs Building Societies (see also Banks)

BPC Motor Engineers Ltd, Chilton Road, HP5 2BH,

Nationwide Building Society, 75 The Broadway, HP5 1BX,


0845 266 0317

CWL, Hollycroft Works, Whelpley Hill, HP5 3RN,

Skipton Building Society, 12 Market Square, HP5 1ER,

01442 833336


Central Garage, 42 Townsend Rd, HP5 2AA, 784336 C S Automotive, Unit 1, Botley Lane, Ley Hill, HP5 1XS,

Building Services (uPVC)


Buzzard Fascias & Fixings, Unit 4, Botley Lane, HP5 1XS,

Excel Motor Services, 22 Bellingdon Road, HP5 2HA,


792777 Four Plus Services (Priests), Latimer Road, HP5 1QQ,

Business Services


Anteris Consulting Ltd, 1 Lee Farm Close, HP5 1XW,

Harrap Motors, The Garage, Alma Rd, HP5 3HB,



Fairleas Business Services, Fairleas House,

Latimer Garage Services Ltd, Colmax House, 216

1 Portobello Close, HP5 2PL, 771430

Bellingdon Road, HP5 2NN, 772691

QED Management Services, 6 Aylward Gardens, HP5 2QX,

I Newtown Garage Ltd, Unit A1-A3,


Alma Road Industrial Estate, HP5 3HB, 772277

Rephrase, 298 Chartridge Lane, HP5 2SQ, 02033 974870

I Oakleigh Garage Services, Unit G, Chiltern Commerce

Smart Cartridge, 111 High Street, HP5 1DE, 792497

Centre, 43 Asheridge Rd, HP5 2PY, 792828 55

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Telephone 01494 771877 07745 344931 HOME & OFFICE RESTAURANTS HOTELS ESTATE AGENTS



Page 56

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Page 57

Wey Lane Garage, Wey Lane, HP5 1JH, 783631

Charitable Organisations

White, B S (Car Body Repairs), Two Fields Farm,

Buckinghamshire Mind, Sun House 32 Church Street, HP5

Whelpley Hill, HP5 3RL, 01442 832031

1HU, 792244 I Chesham4Fairtrade, The Forelands, Red Lion Street, HP5

Car Valeting

1EZ, 775651

Aqua Mobile Valeting, 12 Rachels Way, 07831 831977

Douglas McMinn Centre, East St, HP5 1DG, 783636

Chesham Hand Car Wash, Unit 3 Howard Industrial Estate,

I Dreamflight, 15 Chiltern Court, Asheridge Road, HP5 2PX,

Chilton Road, HP5 2AU. 07500 887752


Fitchâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Garage, Amersham Road, HP5 1NQ, 776644

Housing Interaction Trust, 60 High St, HP5 1EP, 792870 Mediation Buckinghamshire, 520821

Car/Van Rentals

River Chess Association

I J & R Car & Van Hire, Unit 1 Chess Business Park,


Moor Road, HP5 1SB, 727277 / 794444

Theatre Shed, Chesham Youth Centre, 07952 461344 I Transition Town Chesham,

Cards - Retail and

Card Factory, 47a High St, HP5 1BW, 792636

W H Smith, 79-81 High Street, HP5 1BX, 792084

The Chiltern Society, FREEPOST (HH601), Chesham, HP5 1ZA.

Carpenters & Joiners

I I Workaid, The Old Boot Factory, 71 Townsend Road,

M E Arnold, 112 Bois Moor Road, HP5 1SS, 775771

HP5 2AA, 775220

G Rossi Carpentry, 76 Lynton Rd, HP5 2BS, 772019

Charity Shops Carpet / Upholstery Cleaning

Age Concern Ltd, 5 Market Square, HP5 1HG, 256521

Red Services, 2 Crabbe Crescent, HP5 3DD, 792124

Barnardo's Children's Shop, 128 High Street,

Simply Clean, 14 Darvell Drive, HP5 2QL, 771877

HP5 1EB. 771148 British Heart Foundation, 52 High Street, 791281

Carpet Suppliers / Fitters

Cancer Research, 34 High Street, HP5 1EP, 785835

H P Bateman, 210 Great Hivings, HP5 2LP, 775755

Helen & Douglas House, 60 The Broadway,

I Summerling Carpets & Curtains Ltd, Unit 2,

HP5 1EG, 791815

90 The Broadway HP5 1EG. Tel: 786307

Oxfam, 86 The Broadway, HP5 1EG, 775248

I Yerrell Flooring, 118-120 Broad St, HP5 3ED, 791042

Rennie Grove Hospice Care, 116 High Street, HP5 1EB RSPCA, 47 High Street, HP5 1BW, 810118


Shaw Trust, 33a High Street, HP5 1BW, 791909

Draycast Foundries Ltd, Bellingdon Road, HP5 2NR, 786077

Sue Ryder, 16 High Street, HP5 1EP, 0843 273 0036 The Arctic One Foundation, 15 Eunice Grove, HP5 1RL,

Caterers - Outside Catering


Boolee Scrumptious (cakes) 07834 160534

I I The Workaid Shop, 71 Townsend Road,

Cuisine Delights, 114 High St, HP5 1EB,

HP5 2AA, 775220

793645 / 07976 615137/07950 651243

Chemical Manufacturers/Distributors Catering Logistics

I Kilrock Products Ltd, 16 Alma Road, HP5 3HB, 793900

I Global Infusion Group, Nashleigh Hill, Chesham,

Chemists - Dispensing

HP5 3HE, 790715

Boots The Chemists, 58 The Broadway, HP5 1EG, 782966

Ceilings - Suspended

Chess Pharmacy, Chess Medical Centre,

Abacus Ceilings Ltd, 7a Waterside Business Park,

260-290 Berkhampstead Road, HP5 3EZ, 782968

Waterside, Bucks, HP5 1PE, 791797

FMY Chemist Ltd, 36 High St, HP5 1EP, 782866

Quality Suspended Ceilings, 48 Berkeley Avenue,

Garlicks Chemist, Watermeadow Surgery, Red Lion Street,

HP5 2RW, 791173

HP5 1ET, 784664 57

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Page 58

3779.7 Chesham Town Guide16-17:Layout 1



Page 59

Rowlands Pharmacy, 252 Berkhampstead Road

Chesham Podiatry, 70 Broad Street, HP5 3DX, 774276

HP5 3ET, 782929

Chiltern Natural Therapies, Chesham Moor Gym & Swim,

Superdrug, 65 The Broadway, HP5 1BX, 773286

Moor Road, HP5 1SE, 07847 485805 Chiltern Physiotherapy Clinic, Water Meadow Surgery,


Red Lion Street, HP5 1ET, 782241 /07923 543788

ISP Childcare, Aureole House, 9 Church St, HP5 1HS,

Elizabeth Calderara Fabulous Feet, reflexology for children

792999/0800 0857989

& children with special needs, The Crystal Healing Clinic, 19 Broadlands Avenue, HP5 1AJ, 778055/0779 1659554

Children’s & Baby Wear

Flix, 5 High Street, HP5 1BG, 782825

M&Co, 48-52 High Street, HP5 1EP, 792834

The Healing Point, 109b High Street, HP5 1DE, 792143

Monkey & Bob, PO Box 827, Chesham, HP5 9AZ, 758588

Joanne Boyden-Wilson, Amatsu Therapist/ Reflexologist, 201 Chartridge Lane, HP5 2SF, 588022

Children’s Entertainers

Judith Baker, Chartered Paediatric Physiotherapist,

Rainbow Bigbottom & Co, The Studio, Park View,


Stanley Avenue, HP5 2JF, 771029

Julia Brammer, Alexander Technique Teacher and Massage Practitioner, Chesham 783684/07739 836174


Laceys Yard Therapies & Gifts, Homeopathy, Shiatsu,

The Lemon Rooms, 76 The Broadway HP5 1EG. 786723

Reflexology, Massage, Acupuncture, Crystals 2 Laceys Yard, High Street, HP5 1BU, 771324

Christmas Trees

Phoenix Rising (Aromatherapy & Reiki), 112 Broad Street,

Christmas Tree Farm, Amersham Road, HP5 1NE, 794031

HP5 3ED, 792392

Friendly Firs, Little Friar’s Field, Pednor, Chesham,

Terry Breeze, McTimoney Chiropractor, 4 Windsor Road,

07712 480043

HP5 2DF, 783999 Womb Healing and Blessing,

Civic Groups

Shally 07545 149 503

I The Chesham Society, 107 Hivings Hill, HP5 2JU,

Computer Services / Consultants


Alcom Computing, 84 The Broadway, HP5 1EG,

Cleaning Services – Office & Domestic


I BN Building Services, 12 Victoria Road, HP5 3AJ,

Chilcomp Limited, 16 Station Rd, HP5 1DH, 791673

07572 369545

Computer Repairs++, 07831 373871 / 01494 564251

I Chiltern Cleaning Services Ltd, 13 Gordon Road,

Confident Computing, 15 White Hill, HP5 1AB,

HP5 1PL, 774545


Maxime's Ironing Services, 07963 249574

Easy Links, 150 High Street, HP5 1EF.

Oven Clean, domestic oven cleaning, 462761

259962 Komputer Consultancy Services Ltd. (KCS),

Coach Hire

8 Chess Business Park, Moor Road, HP5 1SD, 773722

Turners, 105 Asheridge Road, HP5 2PZ, 791771 Naughtons of London & Chesham, 785451

Computer Software/Internet Developers (see also Internet & Multimedia)

Complementary Practitioners

Axia Management Services Ltd,The Old Bakehouse,

I Balbir Chagger - NLP & Hypnotherapy,

Eskdale Ave, HP5 3AX, 775516

119 Broad Street, HP5 3EF, 07944 931437

Connect Systems, The Island, Moor Rd, HP5 1NZ, 810900

I The Bagnall Centre, 71-79 Waterside, HP5 1PE,

I Europa Testing, 72 Germain St, HP5 1LW, 07414 607503

791288 Ben Colyer, Cranial Osteopathy for Babies and Adults,

Computer Systems / Equipment

Chesham 07799 258883

Connect Systems, The Island, Moor Rd, HP5 1NZ, 810900

Chesham Osteopathic Clinic, 2 Mill Close,

N E Computing Ltd, 12 Alma Road Trading Estate,

HP5 1QL, 793747

HP5 3HB, 792002 59

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Page 60

3779.7 Chesham Town Guide16-17:Layout 1



Page 61

Conference & Management Training

Chesham Dental Care, 14 Red Lion Street, HP5 1HB,

Chartridge Lodge, Chartridge Lane, Chartridge,


HP5 2TU, 837484 / 0845 230 5858

K/Dent Dental Laboratory, 116a High Street, HP5 1EB,

  Chesham Town Hall, Baines Walk, High Street,


Chesham, HP5 1DS, 774842

 Market Square Dental Practice, 16 Red Lion Street,

De Vere Venues, Latimer Place, Latimer, HP5 1UG,

HP5 1EZ, 792810

764422/0844 980 2312

Tooth Booth, Chess Medical Centre,

 Purple Patch Events, 9 Chiltern House, Waterside,

260-290 Berkhampstead Road, HP5 3EZ, 730940

HP5 1PS, 783785

 York House Dental Practice, 249 Berkhampstead Rd, HP5 3AS, 783874

Conservatories - see Double Glazing Copywriter / Journalist

Dieting & Nutrition

Lucy Jolin, 73 Chartridge Lane, HP5 2RG, 773683

Slimming World, Liz Thorp, 07922 595272 Herbalife, Natasha Newlands, 07810 470149

Councils DIY Shop

 Chesham Town Council, Town Hall, HP5 1DS, 774842

Wickes, Townsend Road, HP5 2AA, 776932

Couriers & Delivery Services Doctors

PCS Logistics, Unit 7, Phoenix Business Centre, Higham Road, HP5 2AJ, 0845 880 2213

New Surgery, Chess Medical Centre, 260-290 Berkhampstead Road, 782262

Creative Projects

Gladstone Surgery, Chess Medical Centre,

 Patchwork Associates, 66 White Hill, 07973 830440

260-290 Berkhampstead Road, 782884 Watermeadow Surgery, Red Lion St, HP5 1ET, 782241

Crime Prevention Products CPP, Chiltern Court, Asheridge Road Industrial Estate, Asheridge Road, HP5 2PX, 792592

Dog and Pet Home Boarding/Walking Animal Antics, 07790 240238 Dog Walking, 01494 727729 or 07795 655175

Curtains / Soft Furnishings

 Must Love Dogs, 07540 287704

Anna Christensen Interiors, 26 Brushwood Rd, 774935

 Puppy Dog Hotel, 23 Little Hivings, HP5 2NA,

Lynda Cooper Curtains, 292 Chartridge Lane, 783863


 Summerling Carpets & Curtains Ltd, Unit 2,

The Chiltern Dog Walker, 07958 322252

90 The Broadway HP5 1EG. Tel: 786307

The Dog House, 01494 867149 Walk-eeze, 01442 834398, 07866 587117

Cycle Shops  L J Stronnell Cycles, 56 Broad St, HP5 3DX, 784255

Domestic Appliances / Sales & Service


Chiltern Domestic Servicing Ltd, 129 Broad Street,

Braziers Dairies, Bellingdon Rd, HP5 2NN, 784232

HP5 3EF, 771682

Rowan Tree Goats Farm, Ley Hill, Chesham, HP5 1UN,

CP Summers Ltd, 58 Frances St, HP5 3ES,


778375/07956 560530 Domesco Ltd, 109 High St, HP5 1DE, 784214

Decorators Merchants

Sharley Domestics Service Repairs, 485926

  Colour Supplies Ltd, Unit 2, Chess Business Park, Moor Road, HP5 1SD, 782601

Double Glazing & Window Repairs

Topps Tiles, Unit 1, Townsend Road, HP5 2AA, 793189

Banaglaze Window Systems, Crown Business Estate, Berkhampstead Rd, HP5 3ET, 794794

Dentists / Dental Repairs Chess House Dental Practice, 105 High Street,

Drainage Contractors

HP5 1DE, 771856

Aspect Water Solutions, 868108 61

3779.7 Chesham Town Guide16-17:Layout 1



Page 62

Picture framing Conservation grade mounts • Non-reflective glass • Canvas stretching I enjoy working with local artists. My particular interest is history and heritage and I offer a large collection of Chiltern street scenes and landscapes from Victorian times onwards. Please call to make an appointment. Peter Hawkes 2 Laceys Yard, High Street, Chesham, Bucks HP5 1BU • 01494 793000 • •



3779.7 Chesham Town Guide16-17:Layout 1



Page 63

Drain Doctor Plumbing, 24 Long Meadow, HP5 2BN,

Electric-Call Ltd, 6 Field Close, HP5 3LB, 772262


 Gilbert Electrical (Bucks), 1 Pentagon Place, Berkhampstead Rd, HP5 3AP, 786929


 GWS Corporation Ltd., 12 Victoria Road, HP5 3AJ,

Di Burnett Youth Theatre, 773917

07446 746506 E W Jenkins & Son, 17 Codmore Crescent,

Dress Making / Dress Designers

HP5 3LX, 783442

Clem Short, Seamstress/Designer, 14 Gladstone Road,

Lindean, 21 Germain Street, HP5 1LH,

HP5 3AD, 774719

783936 / 07740 404670  Martyn Electrical Services, 17 Manor Way,

Driving Schools

HP5 3BG, 583277

ASM Driving School, 778909/07789 547959 Ken's Driving School, 72 Nalders Road, 774978

Employment & Recruitment Consultants

St Christopher Driving Academy, 29 Eunice Grove,

Driving Forces, 1-3 Market Sq, HP5 1HG, 785113

HP5 1RL, 782158

Job Centre Plus, 31 Red Lion Street, HP5 1LD, 654700

Dry Cleaners AAK Dry Cleaners, 122 High Street, HP5 1EB 774444


Johnsons (Drive-In), 1 Broad Street, 785349

Amba Tools, Buckingham House, Mineral Lane,

Simply The Best, 90 The Broadway, HP5 1EG,

HP5 1NL, 791563


 Silverson Machines Ltd, Waterside, HP5 1PQ, 786331

Educational / Tuition

Engineers - Agricultural & Horticultural

Ahead Tuition, 07846 251764

D.Cox Engineering, 1 Hawridge Hill Cottages, The Vale,

Bucks Adult Learning Chesham Centre, Chiltern Hills

Hawridge, HP5 3NU, 757234

Academy, Chartridge Lane, HP5 2RG, 0845 0454040 EdExtra, Long Acres, White Hill, HP5 1AG,

Engineers - Consulting

784630 / 07971 668703

JNP Group, Link House, St Maryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Way, Chesham

 Flying Start Tuition, 6 Broadway Court, 80-82 The

HP5 1HR, 771221

Broadway HP5 1EG, 772898

Powell Tolner & Associates, 29 Red Lion Street, HP5 1EJ,

Greek language - private tuition, Irene L,


88 Frances St, HP5 3ES, 782554 / 07919 434402

TP Engineering Services, The Thorns, Mineral Lane,

Kumon (Chesham), Chesham Grammar School, White Hill,

HP5 1NJ, 771100

HP5 1BA, 0800 854714 / 01753 279787

Thomas DMC, Kinta House, Botley Road, HP5 1XG,

  Pen and Ink Tuition Ltd., 25 High Street, HP5 1BG,



Engineers - Design Electrical Goods - see Domestic Appliances

 J.P. Hildreth Ltd, 114 Chartridge Lane, HP5 2RG, 07761 967115

Electrical Supplies - Wholesale City Electrical Factors Ltd, Unit 12,

Engineers - Precision

Howard Industrial Estate, Chilton Rd, HP5 2AU, 792300

Guest Gear Services, Higham Mead, Higham Road,

Gil-lec Limited, Wey Lane HP5 1JH, 778800

HP5 2AH, 794667

Electricians & Electrical Contractors

Engineers - Structural - see Stuctural Engineers

(See also Lighting and Electrical Engineers)  A R Darvell Ltd, 2 Upper Gladstone Road,

Equestrian & Pet Supplies (see also Saddlery)

HP5 3AF, 775512

Bellingdon End Farm Supplies, Bellingdon, HP5 2UR,

Cummins Electrics, 773172/07956 951941

758239 63

3779.7 Chesham Town Guide16-17:Layout 1



Page 64

hawkes DESIGN & P u b l i s h i n g LT D

Introducing Designs for Life magazine

Whether youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re an artist, therapist, environmentalist, philosopher â&#x20AC;&#x201D;

or simply interested in living well, add your voice, or connect with like-minded people, in this printed and online local publication. 2 Laceys Yard (Centre for Creativity & Wellbeing ) High Street, Chesham, Bucks HP5 1BU 01494 793000


3779.7 Chesham Town Guide16-17:Layout 1



Page 65

Estate Agents

Fireworks - for Displays

Bairstow Eves, 83 High Street, 775544

Shellscape Pyrotechnics Ltd, 126 Bois Moor Road,

 Brown & Merry, 3 Market Sq, HP5 1HG, 775650

HP5 1SS, 774119

 Chancellors, 64 The Broadway, HP5 1EG, 774343

Fitness – see Health Clubs

 Hadlands, 3 Broad Street, HP5 3EA, 792552  Potter & Ford, 112 High St, HP5 1EB, 778844 Sovereign Estates, 70 The Broadway HP5 1EG,

Flags & Flagstaffs


Flagmakers, 9 Higham Road, HP5 2AF, 783938

The Frost Partnership, 1 Germain Street, HP5 1LH,

Flooring Services / Tile shops


Town & Country Flooring to Design,

Etched Glass Graphics

20–22 Red Lion Street, HP5 1EZ, 775909

Partition Graphics Ltd, Unit 9, Chiltern Court, Asheridge

Topps Tiles, Unit 1, Chess Business Park, HP5 2AA,

Road, HP5 2PX, 776673

793189  Yerrell Flooring Ltd., 118-120 Broad Street, HP5 3ED,

Fabric Wholesalers


Chess Designs Ltd, Unit 36, Chess Business Park, Moor


Road, HP5 1SD, 772074

The Flower Box, 32a High Street, HP5 1EP, 778283

Farm Shops

The Flower House, 122 Lye Green Rd HP5 3NH, 773044

Hazeldene Farm, Asheridge Road, HP5 2XD, 783501 Johns Lane Farm Shop, Johns Lane, Ashley Green,

Food Bank

HP5 3PT. Tel. 01442 864366

 Chiltern Food Bank, 71 Broadway, HP5 1BX, 775668

Feng Shui & Bazi Consultant

Football Club

Jo Mitchell, Feng Shui Innovations, 150 Botley Rd,

Chesham United Association Football Club, Amy Lane,

HP5 1XN, 783189

HP5 1NE, 783964

Finance Brokers

French Polishing / Clock Repairs

Chiltern Consulting Ltd, 5 Esprit, Asheridge Road,

P M Wilder, 2 Cobblers Court, HP5 3DQ, 786901

HP5 2PY, 786316

Function Rooms/Hall Hire Financial Advisers

Ashley Green Memorial Hall, 07979 634988

 Buckinghamshire Mortgage Co. Ltd., 16 High Street,

Chartridge Lodge, Chartridge Lane, Chartridge, HP5 2TU,

HP5 1EP, 778000

837484 / 0845 230 5858

  Chessman & Partners Ltd., 4-10 Red Lion Street,

 Chesham Town Hall, Baines Walk, HP5 1DS, 774842

HP5 1HF, 778199

Chess Suite Function Rooms, The Meadow, Amy Lane,

 Sovereign Financial Services, 70 The Broadway,

HP5 1NE, 783964

HP5 1EG, 792737

 Chiltern View at Chartridge Park Golf Club, Chartridge,

Porter Brown & Co, 7a Waterside Business Park, Waterside,

HP5 2TF, 791772

HP5 1PE, 791243

 The Elgiva Theatre, St Mary's Way, HP5 1HR, 582900

Waterhouse Business Group Barnsite, Lycrome Road,

The Little Theatre by the Park, Church St, HP5 1HU,

HP5 3LQ, 771115

784414 The White Hill Centre, White Hill, HP5 1AG,

Fire Risk Safety

775190, 22 Victoria Road, HP5 3AJ, 07968 361523

Funeral Services Fireplace Showroom

 Chesham Muslim Funeral Service, 72 Broad Street,

 H G Matthews, Bellingdon, HP5 2UR, 758225

HP5 3DX, 772966 65

3779.7 Chesham Town Guide16-17:Layout 1



Page 66

Ann-Marie brings you a NEW choice of vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and organic food and drinks. Also, body care products, supplements and much more, from her shop at 164 BROAD STREET.

07850 221138 or 07342 979815

01494 784255 56 Broad Street, Chesham, Bucks HP5 3DX


3779.7 Chesham Town Guide16-17:Layout 1



Page 67

 Church View Funeral Services, 161 Broad Street,

 Gatehouse Gifts, 10 High Street, HP5 1EP, 792225

HP5 3EF, 776777

Harvey Johns, 10 High Street, HP5 1EP, 782161

Cooks Funeral Service, 127 Broad St, HP5 3EF, 791359

Laceys Yard Therapies & Gifts, High Street, HP5 1BU, 771324

Furniture - Makers & Designers England Bros, Higham Mead, HP5 2AH, 792633

Golf Clubs

Michael Johnson Furniture, Unit 1b, Larkin Industrial Est,

  Chartridge Park Golf Club, Chartridge, Chesham,

Springfield Rd, HP5 1PW, 774000

HP5 2TF, 791772 Chesham & Ley Hill Golf Club, Ley Hill, HP5 1UZ

Furniture - Retailers


2nd, 88 Broad Street, HP5 3EF, 07734 955010

Graphic Designers - see Advertising Agencies

Bucks Beds, 85 Broad Street, HP5 3EF, 07734 955010  Chiltern Care Chairs Ltd, 21 Germain Street, HP5 1LH, 793129

Greengrocers (Wholesale)

Sheratons, Unit 7, Anglo Business Park, Asheridge Road

Green Valley Grocers, 7 High Street, HP5 1BG

HP5 2QA, 775735

Gyms - see Health Clubs Garage Services - see Car Repairs Hairdressers & Barbers Garden Landscaping / Maintenance / Nurseries (see also Lawnmowers)

Altered Image, 101 High Street, HP5 1DE, 773382

Chessmount Nurseries, 41b Chessmount Rise, Waterside,

Cut UK, 2 High Street, HP5 1EP, 778429

HP5 1RB, 772051 (no longer open to the public)

Fantasia Hair, 1st Floor, 4 High Street, 783207

Cowie Design Associates, 26 Springfield Road, Waterside,

Flix Hair and Beauty, 5 High Street, HP5 1BG, 782825

HP5 1PW, 772735

King'z Barber Shop, 124 High St, HP5 1EB, 07731 555601

CS Garden Services, 07864 868629, 785160

K&Ds Barbershop, 33b High Street, HP5 1BW, 261140

Green Ladies, 01494 583274

Klass Kuts, 13 Market Square, HP5 1HG, 778670

Horticon Nurseries, The Nursery, Kiln Lane, Ley Hill,

Latimers Hair & Beauty, Unit 3, 90 The Broadway,

HP5 3QS, 774667

HP5 1EG, 778416

Irma Ansell Garden Design, Elm Cottage, Asheridge Road,

Laura's Locks & Lashes, 07511 05009


Mane Hair Design, 1 Market Square, HP5 1HG, 794424

M Stone Landscaping, 13 Marston Close, HP5 2PR,

Melâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Barber Shop, 107a High Street, HP5 1DE, 786878

785757/07919 362038

Monalisa, 10 Darsham Walk, HP5 1EP, 772107

 Oaklands Garden Maintenance, Unit 10, Alma Road

Simply Hair, (mobile service) 07734 499244

Industrial Estate, HP5 3HB, 771219

The Barbers Room @ Fantasia, 1st Floor, 4 High Street,

 Peter Woolnough Landscaping, 2 Mattesdon Cottages,


Lycrome Road, Lye Green, HP5 3LQ,

 Twilight Unisex Salon, Unit 5, The Gatehouse,

785866/07973 175244

Blucher St, HP5 2JB, 786699

The Barber Shop, 2 High Street, HP5 1EP, 778429 Broadway Barbers, 73 The Broadway, HP5 1BX, 784167

Pro Supply Engineering Services Ltd, 20 Hampden Ave, HP5 2HL, 792612


Roger Pearce Landscaping, 07790 240238

 Handyman Help, 580020 / 07711 410904

Shepherd Nursery, Chartridge, HP5 2YD, 775688

Hardware - Retail Gifts

 Pearces Hardware, 6/8 High St, HP5 1EP, 784174

 Anatolian Crafts - The Bazaar, 236 Waterside, HP5 1PG, 07768 298677

Hardware / Garden / DIY Distributors

Candles@Miss Soy, 8 Hillside, HP5 2PQ, 793261

 McMinn Hardware Wholesalers, Weir House Mill,

En Route, 456 Berkhampstead Rd, HP5 3HQ, 793350

Latimer Road, HP5 1QJ, 786241 67

3779.7 Chesham Town Guide16-17:Layout 1



Page 68

Health & Safety in the Office/at Work

Internet Cafe

Back 2 Basics, 430 Waterside, HP5 1QE, 07765 682043

Confident Computing, 15 White Hill, HP5 1AB, 793834

 Chiltern Consulting, Unit 2 Power House, Higham Mead, HP5 2AH, 778499

Internet, Multimedia & Websites (see also Computer Software / Internet Developers)

Health Clubs

 Adelante, 6 The Power House, Higham Mead, HP5 2AH,

 Chesham Moor Gym & Swim, Moor Road, HP5 1SE,



Cary Digital LLP, 7 Lansdowne Rd, HP5 2BA,

Fit4less Chesham, 97-99 High St,HP5 1DE, 0844 7707814


Chesham Leisure Centre, HP5 1BB, White Hill, 791779

Consultants-Direct Ltd., 4 Hospital Hill, HP5 1PJ,

Fitness4Less, Amersham Road, Chesham, HP5 1NE, 774200

792680 Ley Hill Solutions, Beech House, 9 Cheyne Walk, HP5 1AY,

Health Products / Stores


  Healthright, 27 High St, HP5 1BG, 771267

Netui Ltd., Chiltern House, Waterside, HP5 1PS, 0207 183

 Healthy Home Choice, 164 Broad Street, HP5 3ED,


07342 979815

Net Commerce Solutions Ltd, PO Box 328, HP5 2JG, 778926

Heating Contractors

SJI Web Design, The Barn, Savecroft Farm, Bellingdon,

E W Jenkins & Son, 17 Codmore Crescent, 783442

HP5 2XN, 758155

Franklin Heating Ltd, 19 Hampden Avenue, HP5 2HL,

  Studio Beam Ltd, 117 Broad Street, HP5 3EF, 583960


Ironwork – Decorative Hotels - see page 25 Where to Stay

 Stephen Cheeld, The Old Smithy, Hawridge Common, HP5 2UQ, 758126

Household Stores

GWS Ironwork, 31 Broadlands Avenue, HP5 1AJ,

Home Life Warehouse Ltd ‘Circle 7’, 1 High St, HP5 1BG


Pearces Hardware, 6-8 High Street, HP5 1EP, 784174

Janitorial Supplies

Supersaver, 25 High Street, HP5 1BG, 776623

Summit Hygiene, Cameron Rd, HP5 3BX, 793414

Human Resources Jewellery Retail & Repairs

Velo HR, 280 Chartridge Lane, HP5 2SG, 02032 392109

Chesham Gold Buyers, 81-84 Broad Street, HP5 3EF,

Illustrator – Digital


 Sophie Honeybelle,

Gold & Jewels, 21 High Street, HP5 1BG, 774849

0774 774 5041

 In Ore Jewellers, 8 Darsham Walk, High St, HP5 1EP, 784163

Image Processing Systems Module Design Sundance Multiprocessor Technology Ltd, Chiltern House,


Waterside, HP5 1PS, 793167

England Bros, Higham Mead, HP5 2AH, 792633 Howdens Joinery Ltd, Unit 4/5, Chess Business Park,

Insurance Brokers

Moor Rd, HP5 1SB, 793653

 Asprey Harris, 252a Berkhampstead Road, HP5 3ET,

Kitchen Furniture Manufacturers


Top Notch Designs Ltd, Units 3-5,

Interior Designers & Furnishers

Alma Road Industrial Estate, HP5 3HB, 791123

 Avant-Garde Interiors Ltd., 3 Crown Cottages, Ley Hill, HP5 1UY, 264024

Kitchen Planning & Installation

County Interior Design, Pump Barn, Bellingdon

Dream Doors, 5 Broad Street HP5 3EA, 378024

Farm,Bellingdon, HP5 2XU, 757220

Wickes, Townsend Road, HP5 2AA, 776932 68

3779.7 Chesham Town Guide16-17:Layout 1


Not only do we offer ‘Quality Marquees’ at competitive prices, but also a friendly, helpful & reliable service for any occasion The Old Smithy, Hawridge Common, nr. Chesham, Bucks HP5 2UQ. Telephone: 01494 757049



Page 69

3779.7 Chesham Town Guide16-17:Layout 1




Page 70

3779.7 Chesham Town Guide16-17:Layout 1



Page 71

 Latimer Property Services, 772540, 07801 866118

Marketing & Advertising Consultants

I Dream Kitchens, 28 Red Lion Road, HP5 1EZ,

 ABCG (AshtonBrand Consulting Ltd), 26a High Street,


HP5 1EP, 770317 Chiltern Magazine Services, P & A House, Alma Road,

Ladies Fashions

HP5 3HB, 771734

M&Co, 48-54 High Street, HP5 1EP, 792834

Chiltern Marcoms, Grass Verge Cottage, Chartridge,

 Sarah Smith, 4 Darsham Walk, High St, HP5 1EP,

HP5 2TF, 775865


 Max-eBiz Ltd, 0845 0509711


HP5 2JD, 372130

Chesham Launderette, 77 Broad Street, HP5 3EA, 791588

Motivation Marketing Ltd, 1 Chiltern Court,

MI PR Global, Ground Floor, Cairn House, Elgiva Lane,

Asheridge Road, HP5 2PX, 794445

Lawnmowers & Garden Equipment (see also Garden Landscaping / Maintenance / Nurseries)

QED Management Systems, 6 Aylward Gardens,

Brownâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Town & Country Centre, Vale Works, Vale Road,

 Web-Clubs Ltd, The Club House, East Street HP5 1DG,

HP5 3NZ, 782334


Leisure Amenities - see page 35

Marketing, Management & Business Development

Lighting & Electrical Engineers

 Another Angle, 23 Asheridge Road, HP5 2PY,

Lamps & Tubes Illuminations Ltd, Unit 1,

07970 789752

Springfield Rd Ind Est, HP5 1PW, 783541

 Horigan, 26a High Street, Chesham HP5 1EP.

HP5 2QX, 783994

Tel. 770301

Maintenance - Machinery Marquee Hire

TGW Services, 2 Cogdells Cl, Chartridge, HP5 2TR, 837701

 Chesham Marquees, The Old Smithy, Hawridge

Management Consultancy / Training

Common, HP5 2UQ, 757049

Consultants-Direct Ltd., 4 Hospital Hill, Waterside,

Top Hat Marquees Ltd, 785171/07894 238201

Chesham HP5 1PJ. Tel 792680  Ley Hill Solutions, Beech House, 9 Cheyne Walk,

Mechanical Hydraulic Engineers

HP5 1AY, 772327

Cole Mechanical Services Ltd, Unit 12, Chiltern Court,

Manor Resources, 26 Manor Way, HP5 3BH,

Asheridge Road, HP5 2PX, 775675

776181/07961 177017 QED Management Systems, 6 Aylward Gardens, Chesham


HP5 2QX, 783994

M&Co 48-54 High Street, HP5 1EP, 792834

Markets Chesham Market, Amersham & Chesham Market Traders

Mobile Phones & Services

Co-operative Ltd, operating on behalf of

Carphone Warehouse, 39/41 High Street,

Chiltern District Council, Danny Wadmore 07929 987664,

HP5 1BW, 772588

or Chiltern District Council on 732093

Easy Links, 150 High Street, HP5 1EF. Tel 259962

Chesham Flea Market, Ruth Juett 07942 895566


 Chesham Local Produce Market, 583798

Ford & Ellis Motorcycles Ltd, 132 Broad St, 772343


Mototune Ltd, Hospital Hill, HP5 1PJ, 785220

Market Research & Analysis


WDG Ltd, 26a High Street, HP5 1EP,

 Chesham Museum, 15 Market Square, HP5 1HG, 07970


627841 71

3779.7 Chesham Town Guide16-17:Layout 1



Page 72

Brian D Suttie (Chesham) Ltd INDEPENDENT Professional Eyecare Eye Examinations We use state of the art technology including OCT, retinal and slit lamp photography in addition to our routine eye examinations. We also run a Specialist Dry Eye Clinic. Contact Lenses All our resident Optometrists are highly experienced contact lens practitioners. We fit all types of contact lenses, including complicated prescriptions and multifocals. Spectacles & Sunglasses We have an extensive range of frames to suit your style, needs and budget. All leading brands including Nike, Chloë, Adidas, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Ray-Ban® etc. Care Plans Enjoy the many benefits of our Spectacle and Contact Lens Care Plans. Payment by instalment for spectacles and contact lenses. Full examination fees, including extra and specialist examinations are all covered by a monthly fee.

NEW! OCT Retinal Scanning available It’s not just your vision we care about - it’s your health too... Early detection of Age Related Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma etc

0845 379 0099 44 Broad Street, Chesham, Bucks HP5 3DX 72

3779.7 Chesham Town Guide16-17:Layout 1



Page 73


Pets & Aquatics

Kevin Meayers Organ Builder & Restorer, Unit 1,

Pet Essentials, 46 High Street, HP5 1EP,

214 Bellingdon Road, HP5 2NN, 776716


Prozone Music, 20a Station Road, HP5 1DH, 776262

Petrol Filling Stations

 Perfect Pitch, 72 The Broadway, HP5 1EG, 774826

Fitchâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Garage Ltd (BP), Amersham Road, 776644


Shell Oil Filling Station, Nashleigh Hill, 794568

Berkeley Stores, Berkeley Close, HP5 2RL, 783469

Esso Oil Filling Station, Amersham Road, 799130

Broadway News, 110 High Street, 782097 Bulldog News, 8 Red Lion Street, HP5 1HF, 784802

Photographers & Studios

 Costcutter, 7 Greenway Parade, HP5 2DA. 784105

Andrew Quigley Photography & Film, 12 Nashleigh Hill,

E Brackley & Son, 74 Broad Street, 782875

HP5 3JF, 07889 549584

Newtown News, 204 Berkhampstead Road, 782220

Mark Sisley, The Bury, Church St, HP5 1JE, 791547 / 0800 581473

Off License & Wine Merchants

MAD Studios, Unit 13 Anglo Business Park, Ashridge Road,

 Costcutter, 7 Greenway Parade, HP5 2DA. 784105

HP5 2QA, 784898 Photography by Spring, Jasons Hill, HP5 3QW,

Office Supplies

07901 826334

 JPS Stationers, 7 Market Square HP5 1HG. 791112 Smart Cartridge, 111 High Street, HP5 1DE,

Photographic Library

792497/0870 0116247

Ian Freeman Photography, (Chilterns) 2a Sayward Close, HP5 3DP, 775798


Peter Hawkes/Ray East Collection, (Local History)

Boots, 18 High Street, HP5 1EP, 793498 / 0845 1253758

2 Laceys Yard, High Street, HP5 1BU, 793000

  Brian D Suttie (Chesham) Ltd, 44 Broad Street, HP5 3DX, 784141

Photography - Equipment & Processing

Optomeyes, 95 High St, HP5 1DE, 786606/0845 0344952

 Chesham Cameras, 113 High St, HP5 1DE, 783373

Specsavers, 9 High Street, HP5 1BG, 777190

Physiotherapists see Complementary Practitioners

Turner & Browning, 4 High Street, 782957 The Ultimate Eyeware Co, 25a High Street, HP5 1BG, 794466

Piano Sales & Repairs Osteopaths - see Complementary Practitioners

Chiltern Piano Co, Bankside, Broomstick Lane, Botley, 786912

Painters & Decorators Alan Paul, 62 Cresswell Road, 774599

Plant Hire

ZK Decorating Property Services, 49 Glenister Road,

Betaworld Plant Services Ltd, Pressmore Lodge,

HP5 2AY, 07454 219926

Ashley Green Road, HP5 3PF, 782426 Chesham Digger Hire, 66 Upper Belmont Rd, 772196

Party Shop Plastics - Injection Moulding

Razzle Dazzle, 9 Market Square, HP5 1HG, 775882

Euromoulds, Unit B, Chiltern Commerce Centre,

Pest & Vermin Control Services

Asheridge Road, HP5 2PY, 778810 778810

ISS Pest Control, Latimer House, Latimer, HP5 1UG,

Kayden Plastics, 214 Bellingdon Road, 772076

0845 458 2468

Plastics - Point-of-Sale

Tindle Pest Control Services, 773187 / 07774 784532

3 Way Displays, Unit 3 Orchard House Ind Est,

Pet & Aquatic Wholesalers

Amersham Road, HP5 1NE,

Cagex Accessories, Bury Farm, Pednor Rd, 792140

773553 73

3779.7 Chesham Town Guide16-17:Layout 1



Page 74


Printing & Pre-Press

Archers Plumbing & Drainage, 4 The Bungalows,

Butterfly Print & Design, Graphics House, 21 Germain

Chartridge, HP5 2TT, 837045

Street, Chesham, HP5 1LH. 782605

Aspect Water Solutions, 868108

 Hawkes Design & Publishing Ltd., 2 Laceys Yard,

T Bingham, 3 Aylward Gardens, HP5 2QX, 775756

High Street, HP5 1BU, 793000

K & E Engineering Services, 18 Codmore Crescent,

 Inklink, Unit 4 Waterside Business Park, Waterside,

HP5 3LZ, 771281

HP5 1PE, 791320

Franklin Heating Ltd, 19 Hampden Avenue,

IPA Print Associates Ltd, Unit F, Chiltern Commerce Centre,

HP5 2HL, 782038

HP5 2PY, 791532

JNC Services, 6 Vale Rise, HP5 2BG, 791910

 Orbitpress Ltd, 11 Market Sq, HP5 1HG, 778053

S P Lewis, 1 Windsor Road, HP5 2DF, 774856

P & A Press, P & A House, Alma Road, HP5 3HB, 773075

Lindeans, 21 Germain Street, HP5 1LH, 783936

Prestige Press (UK) Ltd, Unit 5A Waterside Business Park,

R A Oakes, 3 Hillcroft Road, HP5 3DJ, 783099

Waterside, HP5 1PE, 774813

B J Redding, 140 Severalls Avenue, 775210 Steve Barnett Plumbing & Bathrooms Ltd., 772168

Product Design

D J White, 54b Pheasant Rise, HP5 1NT,772813

Iomlan Design 07762 641558

Plumbers Merchants

Promotional Merchandise

Plumb Center, Unit 3, Crown Ind Est,

Biblio Products Ltd, Seymour House, The Broadway,

180 Berkhampstead Road, 792247

HP5 1EG, 776655

Woodleys, 28 Essex Road, HP5 3HZ, 782712

Property Improvements / Maintenance  Latimer Property Services, 772540, 07801 866118

Post Offices Chesham Post Office, 93 High Street, HP5 1DE,

Property Management


Docwra Property Management, Meadow View, Bellingdon,

Greenway Sub-Post Office, 11 Greenway Parade,

HP5 2XW, 758585

HP5 2DA, 783133 Sorting Office, Howard Ind. Estate, Chilton Road,



Chiltern Counselling, Market Square, HP5 1HG, 786024 Kirsten Heynisch, Chesham, 07751 710277

Poultry Farm R Waller, Long Grove Wood Farm, 234 Chartridge Lane,

Public Houses and Country Inns - see page 23

HP5 2SG, 772744

Publishing / Publishersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Services

PR / Media / Copywriting

Exclusive Magazines, Chiltern Court, 9 Asheridge Road,

1st Choice Speakers (UK) Ltd., P.O. Box 562 Chesham,

HP5 2PX, 771144

HP5 1ZJ, 773020

  Hawkes Design & Publishing Ltd, 2 Laceys Yard,

Kingpin Media, 6 Avenue House, Park Road, HP5 2JR,

High Street, HP5 1BU, 793000


Redbrook Media Ltd, 36a High St, HP5 1EP, 784920 Silver Star Books, 24 Partridge Close, HP5 3LH, 771362

Pre-Schools - see page 27

Simpler PR Cairn House, Elgiva Lane, HP5 2JD, 793501  YourChesham, PO Box 810, 07791 338868

Precision Tools CPM Mould Solutions, Pattison House, Addison Road,

Radio Communication Equipment

HP5 2BD, 782131

Aerial Facilities Ltd & Aerial Sites plc, Aerial House, Asheridge Rd, HP5 2QD, 777000

Print Brokers Focus Business Forms Ltd, 20 The Warren, Chartridge,

Recruitment - see Employment & Recruitment Consultants

HP5 2RY, 791607 74

3779.7 Chesham Town Guide16-17:Layout 1




Page 75

3779.7 Chesham Town Guide16-17:Layout 1


Removals & Storage


Page 76

Soft Furnishings see Curtains/Soft Furnishings

Abbotts Removals, Lyndhurst Road, HP5 2DY, 775886  Clark’s of Amersham, Higham Mead, Higham Rd, HP5 2AH, 774186

Solar Panels / Renewable Energy

J & R Self Storage, Unit 1, Chess Business Park,

Chiltern Solar, 773400, 07543 836342

Moor Road, HP5 1SD, 794040 Tingay Removals, 8 Cherry Tree Walk, HP5 3JN,


773710 / 07976 440567

BPS Solicitors, 85 High Street, HP5 1DE, 782244   IBB Solicitors Ltd, The Bury, Church Street, HP5 1JE,

Residential/Nursing Homes


 White Hill & Culwood Residential Care Homes for the

 Lennon Solicitors Ltd, Chess Chambers, 2 The Broadway

Elderly, Culwood House, 130 Lye Green Road, Chesham,

Court, HP5 1EG, 773377

HP5 3NH, 782992

Richardson Smith & Co, Ground Floor, Sherwood House, Stones Courtyard, High Street, HP5 1DE, 772773

Restaurants, Cafés, Takeaways - see page 23

Sheratons, 4 Broadway Court, HP5 1EG, 791483

Roofing Contractors

Sports Clubs & Societies - see page 31

B&F Scaffolding, 793423

Sports Goods

 Broadlands Roofing Services, 70 Hivings Hill, 793044

 FastBreak Sports, 29 High Street, HP5 1BW, 786677

Saddlery & Leather Goods (see also Equestrian Supplies)


Cox the Saddler Ltd, 23 High St, HP5 1BG, 775577

 JPS Stationers, 7 Market Sq, HP5 1HG, 791112 W H Smith, 79-81 High Street, HP5 1BX. Tel 792084

Septic Tanks / Sewage HD Services Ltd, Thorne Barton Farm, Chesham Rd,

Steel Fabrication

Ashley Green, HP5 3PQ, 792000

 GWS Corporation Ltd, 12 Victoria Road, HP5 3AJ, 07446 746506

Sheet Metal Work Structural Engineers

IDF Ltd, Moor Road, Waterside, HP5 1TE, 791250

 Glasspool & Thaiss, 11 Chiltern Court, Asheridge Road,

Shoe Repairs

HP5 2PX, 771314

PJ Shoe Repairs, 104 High St, HP5 1EB, 786956

JNP Group Link House, St Mary’s Way, Chesham HP5 1HR, 771221

Shoe Shops Supermarkets / Grocers

Colton Footwear, 43-54 High Street, HP5 1BW, 773654

Alhalal Meat & Grocery Store, 68 Broad Street, Tel. 771947


Asheridge Stores, 35 Asheridge Road, HP5 2PY. 793074

Onvi Support Services, 112 Severalls Avenue, HP5 3EL,

Bellingdon Stores, 135 Bellingdon Road, HP5 2HG. 785928


Biedronka Polish Deli, 63 The Broadway, HP5 1BG, 07577 252964

Sign Makers, Signwriters & Window Film

Botley Stores, 195 Botley Road, HP5 1XT. 776244

  Punch Signs Ltd., Unit 5, Asheridge Business Centre

 Costcutter, 7 Greenway Parade, HP5 2DA. 784105

Asheridge Road, HP5 2PT, 01753 892888

Park & Shop @ Esso Petrol Station, Amersham Road, 799130

The Window Film Company, Unit 6 Anglo Business Park,

Sainsbury’s Superstore, Elgiva Lane, HP5 2YA, 793052

HP5 2QA, 794477

Spar @ Fitch’s Garage, Amersham Road. Tel 776644 Shop at Shell Petrol Station, Nashleigh Hill, HP5 3JF,

Social Networking


Parlour People, Chesham 07540 410130

Waitrose Ltd, The Backs, HP5 1DR, 791711 76

3779.7 Chesham Town Guide16-17:Layout 1



Page 77

Surveyors - Building

Toy Shops

Peter Mountain Associates, The Curve, Millfields,

Harvey Johns, 10 High Street, HP5 1EP, 782161

HP5 1SG, 772264

Trade & Industry Associations Surveyors - Chartered

 British Dental Industry Association, Mineral Lane,

Evans & Crawley, Bridge House, Water Meadow,

HP5 1NL, 782873

HP5 1LF, 775666

Training Consultants Sweet Shops

 The Garnett Foundation, Unit 4, Chiltern House,

Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe, 69 The Broadway, 773487

Waterside, HP5 1PS, 794264

Taxation Accountants

Travel Agents

 Belmont Consultancy, 2 Belmont Rd, HP5 2EJ, 786827

Thomsons, 37-39 High Street, HP5 1BW, 782148

TaxAssist, 117 High Street, HP5 1DE, 778900

Personal Travel Agents, 415010 The Thomas Cook Group Ltd,


62 The Broadway, HP5 1EH,

Phoenix Rising (Aromatherapy & Reiki), 112 Broad Street,

0844 335 7167

HP5 3ED, 792392

Tree Surgery Taxis (Taxi Rank on the Broadway, Chesham)

 Cholesbury Tree Fellers,

A - Z Taxis, 722722

Tames Tree Services, 758862 / 07788 763127

Cabco, 786370

J & D Clark, 28 Francis Street, 783536

Chiltern Executive Cars, 07920 448956

Peter Woolnough, 2 Mattesdon Cottage, Lycrome Broad,

Crown Taxis, 580580/794242/793010

Lye Green HP5 3LQ, 785866

1 Widmore Cottages, Asheridge, 758539

 Gilberts of Chesham, 771000 Hyrons 24 Hour Service, 786486

Tyre Distributors

Mike Blanchard, 782670, 793300 in Motion, Unit 33

Taxiline, 793300

Chess Business Park, Moor Road, HP5 1SD, 797820 Just Tyres, 190 Severalls Ave, HP5 3EN, 794248

Taxis / Private & Contract Hire Cars

STS Tyre Pros, Amersham Road, HP5 1NG, 786051

Chiltern Executive Cars 07920 448956 Turners Minicoaches, 105 Asheridge Road, HP5 2DZ,



 Flying Start Tuition, 6 Broadway Court, 80-82 The Broadway, HP5 1EG, 772898

Telecommunications Equipment

Kumon (Chesham), Chesham Grammar School,

 Green Telecom, 7 The Power House, Higham Mead,

White Hill, HP5 1BA, 0800 854714/01753 279787

HP5 2AH, 0800 9555 300

EdExtra, Long Acres, White Hill, HP5 1AG, 784630 / 07971 668703

TV / Video / Radio / Rentals & Servicing

  Pen and Ink Tuition Ltd., 25 High Street,

RTS Video Ltd, 12 Sunnyside Road, HP5 2AR, 785034

HP5 1BG, 773300 Ahead Tuition,

Timber Merchants

The White Hill Centre, HP5 1AG, 416110

Crownform Plastics & Timber Co, Bunkers Yard, Hivings

Upholstery / Loose Covers

Hill, HP5 2PG, 792065

J Horn, Griffetts Yard, Bellingdon Road, HP5 2NW,

Tool Hire


Eros Tool Hire, 265 Berkhampstead Road, HP5 3AS,

 Richardson Re-Upholstery, 1a Bois Moor Road, HP5


1SH, 793413 77

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Utility Discount Service

Water Supplies

Utility Warehouse Discount Club, 83 Hivings Hill,

H D Drilling Ltd, Thorne Barton Farm, Ashley Green, 792000

HP5 2PG. Tel 07545 530826

Water Treatment Equipment Veterinary Centre

K & E Services, 35 Codmore Crescent, HP5 2LZ, 771281

 The Wheel House Veterinary Group, The Wheel House,

Will Writers

Amersham Road, HP5 1NQ, 782001

Ash Wills, 1 Pulpit Close, HP5 2RZ, 580550 / 07808 647816

Video & DVD Producer, PO Box 558, HP5 3ZR,

Window Cleaners


MPW Window Cleaners, Copsham House, 53 Broad Street, HP5 3EA, 772655

Video & Media iotaMEDIA, 7 Benham Close, Chesham, HP5 2PD,

Wood Products

07973 567824

Cheston Woodware Ltd, rear of 24 Broad Street, 775144 James East & Son Ltd, Broad Street, 782136

Waste Disposal Service Front Line Waste, 80 Upper George Street, HP5 3EH,

Wood Turners


A Rogers Sons, 64 Higham Rd, HP5 2AF, 785276

Index of Advertisers A Christmas Carol ..............................IBC Alexander Churchill Accountants ..........40 Anatolian Bazaar...................................64 A R Darvell Electrical.............................58 Barking Mad.........................................31 Blue Haze Arts & Crafts ........................64 Brian Suttie Opticians ...........................72 Broadlands Roofing ..............................58 Caan Thomas Engraving .......................75 Chancellors Estate Agents.......................4 Chartridge Golf Club ............................10 Chatgaon Tandoori...............................25 Chesham Cameras ...............................16 Chesham Grammar School ...................26 Chesham Local Produce Market ...........20 Chesham Marquees..............................68 Chesham Moor Gym & Swim ...............18 Chesham Muslim Funeral Service .........70 Chesham Preparatory School ................29 Chesham Town Hall..............................20 Chessman & Partners ...........................14 Chiltern Care Chairs..............................52 Chiltern Chamber .................................49 Chiltern Cleaning Services ....................58 Cholesbury Tree Fellers .........................66

Church View Funeral Service ................62 Clarks of Amersham .............................70 Colour Supplies.....................................60 Costcutter.............................................66 D & S Services ........................................7 Dolphin Swimming Club .......................26 Elgiva Theatre.......................................16 Flying Start Tuition ...............................29 Framework Studios ...............................75 Gatehouse Gifts....................................24 Gerry Martin Master Butcher ................14 Glasspool & Thaiss................................14 Golden Eagle ........................................24 Handyman Help ...................................58 Hartbeeps.............................................18 Hawkes Design & Publishing ................64 Hazelmere Windows & Doors.................9 Healthright ...........................................31 HG Matthews Fireplaces.......................62 Home Health Choice ............................66 Honeybelle .............................................7 IBB Solicitors .........................................24 In Ore Jewellers ....................................81 J&R Car & Van Hire..............................BC JPS Stationers .......................................26 Laserlines Creative ................................75 Latimer Property Services......................54 78

Littlestone Golding Accountants ...........52 Local History Books ..............................82 Lords ....................................................70 Murrays Accountancy Services .............50 Must Love Dogs ...................................66 Oaklands Gardening.............................41 Oakleigh Garage ....................................6 Orbitpress.............................................64 Pen & Ink Tuition..................................26 Perfect Pitch .........................................62 Peter Woolnough Landscaping .............30 Picture Framing ....................................62 Priests Ford...........................................12 Punch Signs ..........................................60 Rayners ................................................39 Razzle Dazzle Party Shop......................16 Richardson Reupholstery ......................60 RTS Video.............................................68 Sarah Smith ..........................................81 Sky House Design Centre .....................56 SRL Accounting Services......................IFC Stephen Cheeld Ironwork .....................58 Steve Viney Architect............................56 Stronnells Cycles...................................66 Studio Beam .........................................68 Workaid Shop.......................................78  denotes advertisers in Listings

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Chiltern Chamber of Commerce Members Outside of Chesham See page 49. To contact us call: 0800 014 9811 or email ACCOMMODATION EMERGENCY HOUSING James Oliveri Limited Suite 1, East House, Chiltern Avenue, Amersham HP6 5AE, 07798 795410 ACCOUNTANTS Cannon Moorcroft Ltd 3 Manor Courtyard, Hughenden Avenue, High Wycombe, HP13 5RE, 450123 Wilkins Kennedy &Co. Anglo House, Bell Lane Office Village, Bell Lane, Little Chalfont HP6 6FA, 545594 Wycombe Accountancy Ltd 26 Beechfield Way, Hazlemere, High Wycombe, HP15 7TP, 814234 ACTUARIES Barnett Waddingham Decimal Place, Chiltern Avenue, Amersham, HP6 5FG, 788100 ART CONSULTANCY Chalfont Art & Framing ABS House, 35 Chiltern Avenue, Amersham, HP6 5AE, 766220 AUCTIONEERS Amersham Auction Rooms 125 Station Road, Amersham, HP7 0AH, 729292 BEAUTY Nails & Beauty Bucks c/o Arabella Rose, 7 Sycamore Place, Hill Ave, Amersham, HP6 5BG, 07769 151408 BUSINESS SERVICES Compass Business Development Ltd. 389 Burnt Oak Broadway, Edgware, Middx. HA8 5TX, 02089 520952 CHARITY Rennie Grove Hospice Care Rennie House, Unit 3 Icknield Way Ind. Estate, Tring, HP23 4JX, 01442 820731 Roald Dahl's Marvellous Childrens' Charity Montague House, 23 Woodside Road Amersham, HP6 6AA, 917691 COMPUTER SOFTWARE/INTERNET Myco Systems Ltd 17 Criss Grove, Gerrards Cross, SL9 9HG, 01753 893390



CUSTOMS CONSULTANT J.D. Consultants Ltd. P.O. Box 330, Edgware, Middx, HA8 5WJ, 02082 050999 DISCOUNT ENERGY ADVISER Utility Warehouse 58 Frankland Road, Croxley Green, WD3 3AU, 07958 369282 EDUCATIONAL Tutor Doctor ABC 2 Stable Cottage, The Broadway, Amersham, HP7 0HJ 419388 ESTATE AGENTS Binks (Sales & Letting) Ltd Perronet House, Hill Avenue, Amersham, HP6 5BT, 434788 John Nash & Co. 31 Hill Avenue, Amersham, HP6 5BX, 725005 FINANCIAL SERVICES P.W. White & Partners Ltd. Apex House, 31 Chiltern Avenue, Amersham, HP6 5AE, 434544 Choice Loans Beech House, Knaves Beech Business Centre, Davies Way, Loudwater, HP10 9SD. 410125 HEALTH & WELLBEING SISU International: Forever Living 27 Elizabeth Avenue, Little Chalfont, HP6 6QG, 765262 HEATING ENGINEERS South Bucks Heating Engineers 78 Station Road, Amersham, HP7 0BD, 0800 1488178 HORSE RACING SYNDICATION Solario Racing The Cottage, 3 Castle Hill Farm, Castle Hill, Berkhamsted, HP4 1HH, 01442 877597 HOTEL/RESTAURANT Bedford Arms Hotel & Restaurant Latimer Road, Chenies Village, nr. Rickmansworth, WD3 6EQ, 01923 283301 INSURANCE BROKERS Luker Rowe & Co. Ltd Century House, London Road, Amersham, HP7 0TU, 733337 INSURANCE BROKERS NPA Insurance Broking Group 3-4 Park Street, Hitchin, SG4 9AH, 01462 440088 LOCAL GOVERNMENT Amersham Town Council Flint Barn Court, Church Street, Amersham, HP7 0DB, 434000 MARKETING Focus on Growth 10 Saxon Close, Amersham, HP6 5QA, 726467 JGC Marketing Ltd 14 Batchelors Way, Amersham, HP7 9AH, 724113 79

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MARKETING & ADVERTISING CONSULTANTS Max-e-Biz Limited 27 Old Gloucester Road, London, WC1 3AX, 0845 050 9711 OPTICIANS Cross Eyes Opticians 53 Hill Avenue, Amersham, HP6 5BX, 258586 PHOTOGRAPHER â&#x20AC;&#x201C; GENERAL Redpath Studios Great House Farm, Chenies Manor, Chenies, nr. Rickmansworth, WD3 6EP, 549944 PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Hinch Property Management Services Ltd. Suite 3, 1st Floor Offices, East House, Chiltern Ave, Amersham, HP6 5AE, 02079 899128 PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Paradigm Housing Group 1 Glory Park Avenue, Wooburn Green, HP10 0DF, 03003 031010 RECRUITMENT Better Prospects Recruitment Ltd. Chiltern Business Centre, 43 Woodside Rd, Amersham, HP6 6AA, 433346 CV Screen Ltd. Unit A, 12 Bell Lane Office Village, Bell Lane, Little Chalfont, Amersham, HP6 6GL, 541880 SOLICITORS B.P. Collins LLP Collins House, 32-38 Station Road, Gerrards Cross, SL9 8EL, 01753 889995 SOLICITORS Blaser Mills Rapid House, 40 Oxford Road, High Wycombe HP11 2EE, 450171 STEEL TUBES Jack Nathan Ltd. 17 White Lion Road, Amersham, HP7 9HZ, 07932 518677 SURVEYORS - CHARTERED Brasier Freeth The Edward Hyde Building, 38 Clarendon Road, Watford WD17 1HZ, 01923 210810 VIDEO PRODUCTION Take One Business Communications Media House, 12 Manor Courtyard, Hughenden Ave, High Wycombe HP13 5RE, 898919 WEBSITE DESIGNER Dovedale Design Ltd. Wreyland, Broombarn Lane, Great Missenden, HP16 9JD, 07349 585068

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Chesham’s traditional yards Our town’s historic yards were often associated with public houses or light industry, offering a secure place away from the High Street to carry out manual work and to take delivery of goods. Most yards incorporated small workers’ cottages, many of which had been declared unfit for habitation by the early 20th century. Chesham lost several of these backwaters to the slum clearances; for example Townfield Yard and Duck Alley – notorious in their time for insanitary living conditions. Their potential for conversion to desirable residences and characterful shops was hidden from those who lacked the necessary vision or foresight to save them. The yards that remain represent an important feature of today’s town.

The images below are of Lums Yard and its original picturesque dwellings, before they fell into neglect, having been abandoned, and then the conversion to boutiquestyle shops. In the 1980s this renovation project created Darsham Walk – originally a passageway through the heart of the terraced cottages, revealing tiny, low-beamed and somewhat impractical retail spaces, later readjusted to have individual access from the yard and larger, financially viable floor plans. Across the road in Laceys Yard, the buildings date back to 1649. Several generations of the Lacey family stitched saddles and harnesses within from the late 18th century. Herbert Cox joined them in the 1890s and eventually took over the saddlery business in 1911. His son and grandson succeeded him, and the buildings of Laceys Yard are still owned and cared for by the family. This care is reflected in the attractive shops and gardens created by the tenants and enjoyed by the public. The 17th century half-timbered building within Francis Yard has survived intact. During the early 19th century it was the site of The Angel Inn. It was also, quite possibly, the shop of Roger Crab, Chesham’s ‘mad hatter’ and famous English hermit, who lived 1621 to 1680. Currently, Francis Yard is home to the Drawingroom art gallery, café and music venue. Remarkably this is not the first music scene to be hosted in Francis Yard. The Trap Door Club at the Botley House stable block saw performances from many renowned folk singers between 1964 and 1967, including Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. It would be good to see other town yards brought back to life. Tap Yard and Lewins Yard would make prime candidates. In 1998 Chesham Town Council relocated its Town Hall from the historic Malt House in Elgiva Lane to purpose-built premises in Parsonage Lane at the far end of Star Yard car park, as part of the Sainsbury’s redevelopment plans. The entrance to Catling’s Garage was demolished and a new access from the High Street created with the name Baines Walk, in recognition of the local politician and historian Arnold Baines. An extract from the new book ‘Chesham in Living Memory’. 80

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01494 784163


We are a local independent jewellers offering a unique collection of gold, silver & titanium jewellery Handmade and commissioned pieces. Onsite workshop for repairs and advice. Watches, batteries and straps.

Established in Chesham for 15 years. Come and browse in our beautiful shop or visit our new website to view online.

6â&#x20AC;&#x201C;8 Darsham Walk, High Street, Chesham HP5 1EP


We offer a diverse collection of exquisite fabrics, classic style and unusual, modern items that allow the wearer to feel like an individual. Our knowledgeable and dedicated team provide an honest and professional opinion, resulting in the right woman discovering the right garment.

OPEN: Mon 9.30am - 4pm, Tues - Sat 9.30am - 5pm. PARKING: in Star Yard 4 Darsham Walk, High Street, Chesham, Bucks HP5 1EP

01494 791954 81

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A resurgence of interest in local history The 2,000+ followers on Facebook’s Chesham Heritage site inspired this new book. It has over 200 photographs of Chesham, from the first motor car in the town of 1900, through the elegant 1930s, to the radical changes of the 1960s. Remember the White Owl café, the Embassy cinema, the Co-op Hall, Chesham United at Wembley, Blucher Street, the House of Tree and the old Town Hall in Market Square? Find them all here with a story that brings us happily to the present day. ‘Chesham in Living Memory’ is available at £9.95 from Waterstones, JPS Stationers, Orbitpress and Chesham Cameras. Find this and other titles, such as ‘Chesham at Work,’ at – delivery is free of charge in the UK.

Further details: 01494 793000

chesham heritage


Publisher’s note

The Chesham Town Guide has been written and compiled on behalf of Chesham Town Council by: Cllr Noel Brown, Town Mayor; Mark Barnes, Elgiva Theatre Manager; Rachel Watts & Kathryn Graves, Chesham Town Council; Chris Spruytenberg, Chesham Museum; Paula Wyatt, Dreamflight; Jenny Pearson, Chesham Environmental Group; Janet Sealy, Chesham Donkey Derby; George Jeffrey, Theatre Shed; Friends of Chesham Moor Gym & Swim; Tony White, Chesham Town Twinning; Sophie Honeybelle, Sue Hutcheson, Emily Stronnell, Dyan Thornton & Peter Hawkes, Hawkes Design & Publishing Ltd; Jean Pritchard, Vee Bharakda & Robert Gibson, Chiltern Chamber.

Our priority is to update the Chesham Town Guide each year to ensure that this is a valid and useful document for residents and newcomers to the town. We invite you to contact Chesham Town Council if you have corrections or additions to local information at and to contact us with up-todate business information at 11,000 copies of this Guide are printed and we endeavour to get a copy to every household and business within Chesham. Further copies are available at the Town Hall and other community outlets.


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Chesham Town Guide 2016 - 2017  

The official annual directory of sport, leisure, entertainment, education, services and business for Chesham, Buckinghamshire.

Chesham Town Guide 2016 - 2017  

The official annual directory of sport, leisure, entertainment, education, services and business for Chesham, Buckinghamshire.