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Cafe Syed Murshed

-Railings allow the space above to be used safely -The Large overhang provides shelter from sunlight and rain -Spiral stairs are space efficient and also aesthetically pleasing

-Large block on the front anchors the building -Provides space for Logo -Creates a nicer entrance

-The Black white and black concrete creates a pleasant contrast and work well together

-The dividers adds interest and maintains an open and airy space -The panel will provide a quite space and make the blank wall more intresting

-The access point allows the space under the overhang to be utilised

-Consistent and muted colour scheme that works well together -Modern interior design matches well with the modern exterior -Soft furnishing to further reduce noise

-Leaves further help absorb and reduce sound -adds interest to a plain wall and muted colour scheme -The Green pairs well with the earthy coloured wooden interior

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