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2008, Installation White corral fence, 260 x 1,60 m REAL ESTATE curated by Claudia Spinelli for the Kunstverein Solothurn, Kunstmuseum Solothurn For the exhibition REAL ESTATE, Haus am Gern enclosed the Fine Art Museum Solothurn in a three-tiered white corral fence.

NIMBY NOT IN MY BACKYARD von Claudia Spinelli

A surprising number of US real estate agencies carry the words “White Fence” in their names. If you google the words, it soon becomes clear that they have become almost an idio­ma­tic term. Similar to the office worker’s always clean, white collar, the white fence symbolises an elegant life­ style that knows neither dirt nor sweat. Whatever it encloses pre­ sents itself in the best possible light. The white fence makes a small, but crucial difference, dividing the world into what is mine and thine; inside and out-

side; rich and poor – even good and bad? The fact that in the wake of the current US mortgage crisis, the underlying allusion to respectability has become farcical is another matter. When real estate is turned into an investment venture, the result is not castles in the air, but rank growth infiltrating the global economic system and blocking rational thinking. (…) A white corral fence is a symbol of the “real world”, alluding to real wealth, real estate, real buil­ dings and horses, as well as so-

Claudia Spinelli, *1964, lives and works in Basel. She is an author and curator. Before becoming director of Kunstraum Baden in 2009, she was a freelance art critic for the Neue Zürcher Zeitung and the Weltwoche and from 1996 – 2000

cial status (people want to show that they have “arrived”). But what if the fence surrounds a museum? A museum that is pu­ b­lic, and therefore belongs to everyone? A museum that is ob­ li­ged to ideals as much as to real values? Like all projects by Haus am Gern, NIMBY intends to be more than me­re metaphorical commentary. It wants to interfe­ re with real-life situa­tions; it wants to disturb us so that we may see and experience a familiar situation in a new way.

she managed the Klei­ne Helmhaus as well as the Galerie Walcheturm in Zürich. As guest curator she has produced exhibitions at Château de Nyon, Kunsthaus Baselland and P.S.1 in New York amongst others.

CREDITS Host: Kunstverein Solothurn (Art Association Solothurn), Roswitha Schild Location: Kunstmuseum Solothurn, Christoph Vรถgele Curator: Claudia Spinelli Installation: Peter Gysi, Annatina Graf, Barbara Wiggli Fence: REAL Zร„UNE AG, Wangen a.d.Aare Pilot: Alex Heuberger

MONO/e NIMBY Not In My Backyard  

MONO is a folder gathering 20 single small books. It's in fact the first Monograph about the work of «Haus am Gern» 1998 - 2010 with lots of...

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