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Volume 2 Issue 8 Ÿ August 2013

about about Hat Trick (noun): 1. A sports metaphor for three achievements by a single player in a game. 2. A magic trick. We happily accept both deÞnitions. Hat Trick Magazine is a special project targeted at sharing spiritual and professional growth with likeminded people from around the world. We share strategies that truly will change your life, business and career (with a little help from some pro friends). WeÕve all been there: under/un/employed, in a bad situation, in transition, wondering what the options are and not knowing the skills we would need to get us there. We wonÕt lie to you. Coming out the other side isnÕt easy, but we can show you what we learned along to way and help you get the conÞdence to turn that leaf over and pursue that which is your destiny. Knowledge is power. Not everyone fancies themselves to be an entrepreneur but the truth is, even when seeking employment these days, pulling together your resumŽ requires some sly articulation to showcase your skills, be keyword-optimized and with a strong, personable presentation to get noticed. We feature inspirational people who have great careers, amazing businesses, tips and a host of amazing stories will inspire and amaze you. Our editors and contributors are some of the most connected in their industries and specialisms. Hat Trick Your Life! Take control of your lifestyle, your career, your dreams and your journey. WeÕll share what we know and we invite you to join us. If you or your business would like to be featured or simply would like to contribute a feature in an upcoming issue, please email us on 2 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Hat Trick Strategies cannot accept responsibility for unsolicited coverage made by our contributors including reviews, articles, manuscripts or photographs of products, services. While every care is taken, prices, details or availability of items are subject to change and we cannot accept responsibility for omissions or errors. We reserve the right to publish and edit letters or correspondence received via email, social media or other communication. All advice is given in general terms or as a matter of opinion, for entertainment purposes only, and may not be exhaustive nor suitable for all situations. Always seek specialized professional advice, speciÞcally suited to you or your business needs. Absolutely no part of this magazine should be taken as medical, professional or other advice - always seek the advice of a qualiÞed practitioner.


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Editorial Team

Michelle Fitz Editor-In-Chief, Page Design Michelle is originally from Arkansas and the head of Hat Trick Strategies, a UK firm for Emerging Technologies, Business Change and Corporate Strategy. Her firm has served US and UK household names, government departments and a portfolio of business coaching clients, based globally. Michelle produces all page layout, custom graphics and ad designs for this publication. She holds professional qualifications in LEAN Six Sigma, PMI PMP, is a Practitioner in both PRINCE2 and MSP and is a leader in digital synergies linking content, the customer journey, social media Hat Trick Magazine • 4 • customer and care words/SEO.

Michael Hartley Associate Design Editor Michael is a British entrepreneur based in Manchester, England and is an expert in graphic design, digital artistry, branding and design management. He is a trained violinist, and brings a tremendous breath of creativity to projects. His firm, Michael Thomas Designs, are experts in brand research for target demographics, image and the production of a consistent brand identity for mid-sized companies. Michael understands how to get at the heart of a firm’s offerings and customer base and works closely with select web designers to implement a consistent look and feel across digital, print and online platforms.

Eleni Sofroniou Illustrator Eleni is an illustrator based in London and owns Fall Into London. She produces the majority of the illustrations which appear in Hat Trick Magazine (which compliment give our magazine its distinctive look and feel). She has previously created pieces for ELLE Magazine, Essex Style Magazine, and The Female Entrepreneur Association. As well as creating personalised illustration, Eleni's illustrations can be purchased from her website.

Andrea Sullenger Business & Tech Editor Andrea is a mix of “kick butt” sales / marketing coach and inspirational possible-i-tarian. She has been working with solo-entrepreneurs for the past 16 years, helping them build their own thriving transactional businesses all while creating streamlined and successful digital products to maximize and leverage their income streams. Andrea shares many of her strategies via Hat Trick Magazine, but to get the latest, subscribe to her list. Hat Trick Magazine • •


Editorial Team

Sandra Cunningham Career & Learning Editor Sandra contributes to the Careers column for the Financial Times and is the owner of Outside In Coaching and Communications, where she helps mid-career women make a successful transition from a soul-sucking, dead-end job to a meaningful and fulfilling career, while creating a lifestyle they can afford and enjoy. Sandra truly believes it’s possible to be wildly successful doing work you love whilst having the work/life balance most people can only dream of. Visit her website for free articles, resources and to sign up for your free e-booklet "21 Pointers to Your Career Edge." • Hat Trick Magazine • 6 Sharpen

Shalanda Turner Style Editor Shasie has a B.S. Degree in Chemical Engineering and works as a Project Engineer for a Specialty Chemicals company in Houston, Texas. When Shasie is not at work, she moonlights in the Fashion Industry. She is the creative voice behind the top Fashion Blog; Live Life in Style, Founder of Houston Fashion Bloggers, Style Editor for online media site, Fashion Brand Ambassador for Monarch Magazine, Owner of Shop Shasie’s Closet and Houston Fashion Examiner for

Charlene SanJenko Wellness & Lifestyle Editor Charlene SanJenko is a serial entrepreneur with a successful lifestyle and fitness practice serving Canada. She is an accomplished figure competitor and has served her community in local government. As a social entrepreneur, she believes there is an intrinsic link between physical and emotional fitness, leadership and excellence. She is a thought leader whose emphasis is in helping transform ordinary ladies into “HIP”, High Impact Performance women.

Brittany De Staedtler Beauty Editor Brittany is an entrepreneur and owner of bath, beauty and skin care brand Posh Brats and flagship store Bathery, located in Macclesfield, England. She is an advocate for career progression for women from small towns. Being from the Southern US, she overcame what could have easily been a template predefined for her, but pursued a career and degrees in Cosmetic Chemistry, leading to the successful career she has held to date. Brittany regularly shares simple beauty secrets you can make at home, as well as her thoughts and skills in business.• 7 Hat Trick Magazine •

Editorial Team

Tanya Jackson Food, Home & Family Editor Tanya is the author of our popular Southern recipe column and the editor for our Food & Home section. She is married to a pastor, her high school sweetheart, and is a proud Southern mother and grandmother. Tanya has lived all over the US, but wherever she has lived, she has brought her love and curiosity for local foods and flavors. Tanya believes the best aspect of having cooked in the four corners of the US, was learning to cook what grows around us; because it is our families that make a difference in our lives and sharing our love and enjoyment of good food together goes hand-in-hand. Trick Magazine • 8 • Hat

Karen Salmansohn Faith & Self Help Editor Karen is an ex-Senior VP, awardwinning ad writer/creative director (at age 27) who left her successful advertising career (having worked as a writer/creative director/ image consultant for numerous household names), to pursue her passion of writing. She owns, is an Oprah columnist and a best selling author and book packager with over 1 million books sold. Some titles: How to Be Happy Dammit; Enough Dammit; The Bounce Back Book; – and many more. Journalists call Salmansohn “Deepak Chopra Meets Carrie Bradshaw”, merging empowering psychology/philosophy tips with edgy humor and stylish graphics.

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Michelle Holmes Business Contributor

Sorelle Amore Style Contributor

Mina Muirhead Health Editor, Lifestyle

Gina Hussar Lifestyle Contributor

Manuela Wahnon Lifestyle Contributor

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Dara Avenius Career & Learning

Suzanne Perry Faith & Self Help (Victim Support)

Katie Clifton Faith & Self Help (Christian)

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From the Editor

ThereÕs A Fine Line Between Success and Burn Out Every goal we’ve set, we have met or exceeded. The funny part is, I’ve never been more exhausted in my life. When life takes a pattern of work comprising both your duties and your hobbies, in equal measure, it’s a wonderful thing, to a point. Any small business owner will tell you that there is a Þne line we walk between focused and burned out. I’m no exception. Gone are the days of being told what and how to do your work and in comes everything from business reÞnement, bookkeeping, marketing and communications strategies, social media and networking, presentations and bids, pitches and customer service - and that’s not even taking into account producing any client work you manage to drum up in the process! However, when you reach the stage where home life equals mostly work, research and sleeping, it is time for reßection. It isnÕt pretty and many of our tasks are simply chores which have to happen and can’t or shouldn’t be delegated. In fact, Scottish author, philanthropist and millionaire entrepreneur, Duncan Bernadine, once wrote that an entrepreneur would be simply mad to delegate any of these core functions in the early phases of their ÞrmÕs life. His view, is that in order to learn from the growing pains of doing business and improve decision making, one had to be proactively engaged in the process of actually managing the business. A strong entrepreneur is one which is completely clued up and involved from keeping the books to how work is done on the shop ßoor. 14 14

¥• Hat HatTrick TrickMagazine Magazine ¥•

Apart from having professional services such as lawyers, accountants, and some clerical assistance, my Þrm and all its trappings, inner workings and contracts were for a very long time performed by me. Even this magazine - from planning to design. When we got contracts for work outside of my expertise or included deliverables which could be produced faster by trusted partners or team members, I learned to delegate. Stepping back was one of the most difÞcult skills I would learn, but, strangely, the most difÞcult has been learning to relax. I seem to have gotten caught up in this cycle when I was at college and it continued as I tried to carve out a career (as a woman in a largely maledominated Þeld), professional qualÞcations and juggle some semblance of family life. I never did anything I wanted to do, nor did I have hobbies. I was simply stacking up tasks and feverishly busying myself. Was I productive? I think more than most people, but while a success in one area is Þne, being a failure in every other area of my life meant I had to make a change. Chasing “it all” without parameters meant that weekends were about recovery, sleeping my life away, missing out on the joy of life and actually appreciating what I already had. You’re way more than your profession! To be a happy, effective person, you need boundaries. Without them, you lose balance. Kind of like those guys in the gym who are really proud of their arms but walk around on bird-legs! Look after the whole person and what you do for a living, your passions and the people who bless your life simply by their presence will all bloom. Then you really have it all.

By MICHELLE FITZ, Editor-In-Chief


Letter From From the The Editor, Editor, Michelle Michelle Fitz Fitz • ¥ Letter

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Cover Story

Become Your Best Self Meet Dr. Jennifer

Jennifer Howard, Ph.D., is a recognized thought leader on psychology and spirituality, an internationally-known licensed psychotherapist, life and business coach, Integrated Energy Healer, Nondual Kabbalistic Healer®, professional speaker, and radio talk show host. She combines over 20 years of experience with extensive training and expertise in mind-body psychology, meditation, and the healing arts. She teaches the art of conscious living—being more awake, aware, and alive in every moment. She’s equally at home sharing ancient spiritual wisdom, the latest scientific understanding, and the proven and practical life-changing techniques she’s developed in her work as a psychotherapist, coach, energy healer, and spiritual teacher.


16 • Hat Trick Magazine •


Dr Jennifer

Hat Trick Magazine • •


She is an author, many times over, with an exciting new book: Your Ultimate Life Plan: How to Deeply Transform Your Everyday Experience and Create Changes That Last

Are you ready to live the life you’ve always dreamed of? This “workshop in a book” is the missing how-to for getting unstuck and moving past your problems into a richer, more meaningful life. It will help you do more than understand Wholeness, you’ll experience it. Why settle for average, when the potential to live an amazing life is inside you, right now. Step boldly into your next, deeper level of happiness, wholeness, transformation and success.

Dr. Jennifer was named one of the TOP 25 Celebrity Doctors on Twitter, as well as being dubbed, “The Funniest Shrink on Twitter.” She’s also gained a reputation on Facebook for her compassion, as well as her wit. Her blog is regularly visited by many of her 93,000 Twitter followers and over 7,000 Facebook friends and fans. Her website was named one of the Top 100 Health websites.

1. Introduce yourself to the audience. Tell us a bit about who Dr. Jennifer Howard is. This is your chance to plug your work! Hi, I’m Dr. Jennifer Howard and I’m so thrilled to be in this month’s Hat Trick! I’ve had the great honor of helping many people grow, change, and reach their goals and greatest potentials. I’m a New York City based licensed psychotherapist and life coach (for over 20 years), and the author of Your Ultimate Life Plan: How to Deeply Transform Your Everyday Experience and Create Changes That Last, 18 • Hat Trick Magazine •

which has won a 2013 Gold Nautilus Book Award, a Silver Benjamin Franklin Book Award, and is a finalist in the ForeWord Book of the Year Awards and the Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards. (You can download the first two chapters at To continue and deepen the work presented in Your Ultimate Life Plan, I lead Conscious Living 2.0™ classes, workshops, and retreats; mentor helping professionals; and offer private life and business coaching as well as psychotherapy services. The Your Ultimate Life Plan Workbook will be out soon, and “The Keys to Healthy Relationships” and “Paths of Healing: Meditations for Relaxation and Healing,” are available on my website,

2. If I’m a new potential client, walk me through how you’d get me started with me. As a psychotherapist and life coach my job is to meet you where you are, and then act as a guide on your journey to greater self-awareness and freedom. To do that I’ll ask you some questions to get the conversation started. Questions like: What brings you here, today? Or… What’s going on in your life that prompted you to reach out, right now? How might I help you? Then, depending on what someone says, I start with what’s currently difficult for them in their lives and then help them look at what from the past might be keeping them from moving forward toward what they want, or even knowing what they want. The work I do is in relationship with the other person. Together we create what is essentially a transformational conversation on multiple levels of being. In some ways it’s like Satsang, which is a Sanskrit word meaning association with Truth. My job is to hold a space, through both conversation and silence—using psychotherapy, energetic, and sometimes spiritual means—for you to meet your deepest truth in a moment-by-moment peeling away of the layers of historical programming that keep you from your authentic self. The doorway to this meeting with your authentic self is being fully present and conscious in the moment, willing to question your assumptions, be aware of and meet your Dr Jennifer, Career Profile •


sensations, feelings, thoughts, and inner stirrings. It’s also important to remember that we don’t grow and change in a straight line but rather in a spiral, moving ever inward closer to the True Self. People will say, “I know this already.” Yes, you may know some of this as a concept but if you knew this in your deepest recesses, you would shift, move, and this issue would be lighter or not there any more.

3. What led you to this career path? What would you say to anyone who wanted to follow in your footsteps? After graduating George Peabody College of Vanderbilt University with a BS, I moved to New York City to pursue an MFA in dance at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. I was in bliss. Finally, I could dance all day long and eventually teach dance in a college. Nine weeks into the MFA program, I tore the ligaments in my hip and had to give up the performance program. I was devastated. This had been my dream. What now? Since I had paid many of my expenses through college by doing commercials and print work, I decided to turn my attention to acting, singing, and television, and still danced a little. Of course just like every actor in New York, I took various jobs to pay the bills. I was fortunate and did a fair amount of commercials, soaps, small parts in movies, and print advertising. I did the second female lead in one pre-Broadway tour and spent four months singing and dancing on a cruise ship. In between acting gigs, I spent a lot of time waiting tables and spraying perfume at Bloomingdales. Even though I was in the top 98th percentile of Screen Actors Guild, I began to wonder, “Is this it? Is this really the right path for me?” I had wanted to move people in some way and when I was on stage I could feel that sometimes. But I also felt a deeper call to really make a difference somehow. I kept thinking, “Am I making a difference?” I also found myself feeling anxious at auditions. It always felt like so much was on the line. Sometimes when the stakes were high, I found myself trembling and it was hard to read the scripts. From my personal history, I 20 • Hat Trick Magazine •

often felt that I wasn’t good enough. I wasn’t this enough or that enough. This prompted me to start looking for ways to fix this problem which led me, of course, toward ways to transform my life. I began studying meditation and developing a regular meditation practice. I became deeply immersed in studying healing modalities, and took many other classes and transformational workshops, as well, from weekend seminars to a variety of multi-year and decade-long, or longer trainings.

In my book Your Ultimate Life Plan, I talk about how true passion flows from the deepest/highest Source or God connecting with the True Self, through your essence, and then out into the world. Your true passion’s “a calling, an ache inside that’s summoning you to be the person you were meant to be, so you can make the contribution to this world only you can make.” A year or so into my spiritual studies, I added my personal psychotherapy into the mix. That’s when I began seeing more significant change in my life. I could feel big shifts happening, and the journey was absolutely thrilling! My heart and mind began to open, and I thought, “This is a way I could help people, too.” I felt as though I’d come home. I’d found my true path, and it connected me with my deepest intentions, enabling me to experience a greater sense of alignment and resonance with my life. Becoming a psychotherapist, while continuing to deepen spiritually, would allow me to work at the interface of psychology and spirituality, which was clearly right for me. What would I say to someone who wanted to follow in my footsteps? First off, no one’s path is direct. I would hope they would follow their own path and move forward from their truth, not mine. In my book Your Ultimate Life Plan, I talk about how true passion flows from the deepest/highest Source or God connecting with the True Self, through your essence, and then out into the world. Your true passion’s “a calling, an ache inside that’s summoning you to be the person you were Dr Jennifer, Career Profile •


meant to be, so you can make the contribution to this world only you can make.” So I would ask you, is the path you’re on flowing from your true passion? If it is, follow your heart, dive deep and learn all you can. Even though I’m very intuitive, creative and right brained, I knew I also needed to learn, explore, and study, exercising my left brain. Be willing to meet ALL of your feelings and thoughts. Work to clear out and integrate your own childhood programming that is blocking you from your deepest self that knows what path is right for you. Create a regular meditation practice. Please know that the passion of today might not be your ultimate desire and life’s purpose, but could be a step on the way. Stay awake and aware, and you’ll be guided on your journey.

4. In 2008, the economy fell apart and many felt the effects of it and people changed their behaviors based on this, becoming more frugal and less materialistic and more focused on the self. Do you believe it will be a long term reaction or a short term fix? Was this alteration in behaviors long term or are people already reverting as soon as the economy gets better? These hard economic times have brought many people’s fears— about life in general as well as the economy—to the surface of their consciousness. For those willing to meet their fears, work on themselves, and change inwardly not only to meet the challenges of the time but to heal themselves, their transformation has the potential to continue deepening regardless of what the economy does. But for those who’ve only changed their behavior to match current economic conditions, when those conditions change, they’ll likely find a way to conform to the new conditions. Everything that crosses our path in life is an opportunity to grow and change for the better if we do what is necessary and before us.

5. What benefit can someone get from working with you? I love working with people who are in the very beginning of their journey inward, but I think I’m at my best when someone has already done a lot 22 • Hat Trick Magazine •

of work on themselves. Because of the combination of extensive training, my own personal work, and a developed intuition, I can help people get at the heart of what’s going on with them. They’ll progress forward or find the next right move for them, whatever is called for. We all have our growing edge. No one finishes growing and changing. It’s the nature of life. I help whoever is before me stay on their growing edge. Sometimes I’m sure they wish I wouldn’t keep their toes to the fire, but when life gets easier and their relationships become deeper and richer they’re glad I did. The truth is when we were born, we weren’t handed a manual to help us manage life. Most of us didn’t have a perfect childhood, mainly because we were raised by humans and none of us are perfect! We then began to walk our life’s path without the necessary tools to take good care of ourselves, reach our goals, and sustain healthy relationships. Having a great psychotherapist or life coach can ease your load by helping you understand yourself better and learn how to navigate your life in a more effective, powerful, authentic way. They can guide you in a more direct, expedient way. Not that life isn’t somewhat of a natural teacher, but I think we have all met people who are up in years that don’t seem to have much wisdom. You may have heard the old adage: Aging is mandatory, wisdom is optional.

“If we all work on ourselves to become better versions of who we are, children will see role models that are healthier, more real, respectful, and kind.” As you become more present to life, know and understand your feelings and thoughts, face and heal your past, as well as integrate the childhood programming that’s getting in your way, your life changes on so many levels. You experience less anxiety and depression, become more fulfilled, and happier. You connect more deeply with your essence. Your relationships improve. You live with a deeper sense of passion and purpose. You experience greater clarity, focus, stick-to-it-iveness, and Dr Jennifer, Career Profile •


success. The more you clear away what’s obscuring the person you were born to be, the more you embody the amazing being that you truly are.

6. In your Huffington Post article about perfectionism, you brought up a very excellent point - that the Greek origin of the word perfect is to be whole. The subject of bullying has become such a hot topic as many are bullied for various reasons, ranging from weight to sexual orientation and gender identity to race and more. When I was a kid we all got teased but no one I knew was bullied badly enough to commit crimes or commit suicide. How do we restore this idea of wholeness to children? Wholeness is an experience we grow toward as adults. Yet we can minimize the damage done to children so that it becomes easier for them to access their own wholeness as they move toward adulthood. Children are influenced by all kinds of people: parents, siblings, relatives, teachers, coaches, and other authority figures. If we all work on ourselves to become better versions of who we are, children will see role models that are healthier, more real, respectful, and kind. If we are parents, or anyone involved in raising children, it’s important we learn about childhood development and effective ways we can support the children in our lives to be the best they’re capable of being. We can teach them compassion for others, and to respect and honor differences.

What do you think are the keys missing these days? Not enough people are paying close enough attention to their own personal growth and development.

7. What might be some of your favorite television shows? Movies? Books? Music? I love all sorts of music, from singing along with James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt to walking or dancing to Earth, Wind, and Fire. And movies or 24 • Hat Trick Magazine •

TV could be anything from a movie like Mindwalk to documentaries, from old movies to the TV series Castle.

8. You help others restore peace to themselves. What does Dr. Jennifer Howard do to restore peace and sanity to her life when it gets overwhelming? Meditation is both a refuge and a way to refuel my clarity, peace, and sense of spaciousness when life gets overwhelming. I practice different kinds of meditation depending on what’s going on at the time. I also do many of the things I’ve listed in my book and have shared in this free download: I might take a quick nap, take a walk, call a friend, talk with my husband, read something inspirational, do Yoga, journal, go to the beach and listen to the ocean, watch a sunset (love those especially over water), paint, write, cook … I could go on. I’ve always been creative. I think my creativity helps me so much.

Hat Trick Magazine • •


9. Who are some of the artists, entrepreneurs or philosophers who have inspired you along the way? This is hard because I could list so many. I had many teachers along the way and on some level everyone is my teacher. Here are some people that I feel influenced my work: A.H. Almass, John Welwood, Ram Dass, Stephen Levine, Heinz Kohut, John Bowlby, Harville Hendrix, John Bradshaw, Richard Bach, Ken Wilber, D. W. Winnicott, James Masterson, James Hillman, Carl Jung, Rabbi Joseph Gikatilla, Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, Barbara Ann Brennan, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Krishnamurti, Paramahansa Yogananda, Rainer Maria Rilke, Joseph Chilton Pearce, Jesus, Buddha, Rumi, Lama Surya Das, Jack Kornfield, Meister Eckhart, Father Thomas Keating, Father Richard Rohr, Father Matthew Fox, Merce Cunningham, Alvin Ailey, Erick Hawkins, Degas, Monet, Cézanne, Constantin Sergeyevich Stanislavski, Wynn Handman. Music inspires me too but… I could go on but I hope this gives a bit of an idea.

10. The internet has helped us connect to people globally in an instant, but don’t know our neighbors names. I for one am never without my phone in my hand. How would you recommend to this oversaturated age to disconnect and reconnect with themselves, their friends and family? Yes, I spoke of this problem in my book, Your Ultimate Life Plan. “Demands from the outside world can feel as though they absolutely run your life. We all have so many ‘shoulds’ and need-to-dos that we often feel over¬whelmed, like we’re in an acrobatic balancing act, struggling to live a life that meets even some of our needs. Author and Buddhist teacher Lama Surya Das says in his book, Buddha Standard Time, ‘Make time for your life.... Otherwise, life can just unroll like a crazy quilt before us and we miss the best part of the ride, the soaring, magic-carpet flight to realms of self-discovery, self-realization, and connection to all beings.’” One way I teach to do this is to remind yourself to slow down for just a moment, several times a day. I talk about many ways to slow down in my book. In Chapter 12, I give several kinds of quick and long meditations. 26 • Hat Trick Magazine •

You can slow down right now by paying attention to your breath. Here is another way I teach people about being present and truly experiencing the moment. I call this “presencing” yourself, which brings you fully into the present moment with an awareness of and appreciation for all it contains. Here’s a little bit of the practice of “presencing” and how it helps your life. After taking a deep breath… notice what’s arising for you physically. What sensations are you experiencing: what are you seeing, hearing, touching, tasting? Being present physically and noticing the sensations in your body can heighten your experience of every moment of life. For instance, when eating a strawberry, being present allows you to enjoy the subtle variations of flavor in every bite, feel the pleasure of eating it throughout your entire body, as well as be open to memories and other associations from the past. When present, eating a strawberry can be a vibrant and exquisite experience that helps you feel more alive. From being present to the food you’re consuming, you might learn how to feel food in your body, to notice when something really nourishes you, when you’ve had enough and are full. You might also get more in touch with when some food might not be your highest choice in the moment.

Now notice what’s arising for you emotionally. What feelings are you experiencing? Being present emotionally allows you to have a deeper and more satisfying relationship with yourself, as well as others, and enjoy a richer experience of life in every way. This comes from not only appreciating and savoring the happy or peaceful moments, but from allowing and accepting the difficult or painful ones, as well. Knowing and working with your emotional life also frees you and keeps you from avoiding parts of your life. It helps you move past stuck places. Being fully present to your emotions helps you develop the ability to meet whatever’s arising.

Now notice what’s arising for you mentally. What thoughts are you experiencing? Dr Jennifer, Career Profile •


“As you continue to get to know yourself more deeply, you’ll build greater self-awareness that can help guide and lead you down your path.” 28 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Being present mentally, aware of your thoughts and beliefs, helps you recognize when you’re being run around by the stories of your childhood programming and heal those places in you that get in the way of living the life of your dreams. You’re able to move out of the rut of those old stories and make better choices in your life, relationships, and career.

Now notice what’s arising for you spiritually. What spiritual connection are you experiencing? Being present spiritually—connected with your personal essence, or experiencing Ultimate Source, Absolute, or God—helps you be more open to creativity and intuition, and live your passion and purpose more fully. It allows you to live life from the depth and fullness of all that you really are. Being present on every dimension of your being helps you be happier and more successful, have better relationships, and lots more fun. Everything in your life becomes richer, and much more exciting and meaningful.

11. Last month I wrote a column entitled 4 Steps 4 Finding Your Talent. What advice would you give to someone who is struggling with finding personal success in terms of a career? It seems like we’re happiest when our job or vocation flows out of who we truly are rather than the ideas of who we think we “should” be or wish we were. Our highest calling will always be for the highest good for both ourselves and everyone else. This means that in order to reach your highest good, it might be helpful to think about moving toward living your life’s purpose on a day-to-day basis, which includes your career. As you continue to get to know yourself more deeply, you’ll build greater self-awareness that can help guide and lead you down your path. Be kind to yourself in the process by developing patience and learning to trust in a Wisdom that becomes clearer as you walk the path of self-discovery. Then your life’s purpose will reveal itself layer by layer. Remember that what we knew as our best choice when we were younger, Dr Jennifer, Career Profile •


which includes our occupation or vocation, might not be our highest choice now. So, with that in mind, allow yourself to be curious and continue to be open to learning and growing. This can happen in a flash yet often takes time, but bit by bit we discover how to be more authentic, more aware, and more useful to the world. This awareness provides the ultimate peace, wisdom, happiness, and success.

12. Love. Romance. Sex. Relationships. Matchmakers, once a bastion of the yentas of yesteryear, are now making a huge comeback as people search for advice on how to find The One. We’re all trying to navigate this new landscape of love, sex and romance and many of us failing horribly. What would you say is the one thing missing in our relationships these days that might have existed in the past when relationships seemed to sustain for so much longer? I’m not sure if people were more healed in earlier times and relationships were healthier simply because they seemed to last longer. Many people, women for example, didn’t have the same protections and choices that they do today. Greater protection and more choices can make life and relationships richer, but also more complicated. I think we humans are always evolving as the generations move on. Yet it’s important to remember that wholeness is always only a breath away. That being said, healthy relationships start with true intimacy. The intimacy I’m talking about begins within ourselves, and as our capacity to be fully conscious, present, and intimate with our own mind and heart grows, so does our capacity and ability to be fully present and deeply intimate with our partner or spouse. True intimacy sparks our hearts and minds, kindles romance, and deepens the connections we have with each other on every dimension of our being—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. All relationships have their joys and challenges. A happy and successful relationship takes a willingness to look honestly at oneself. Since we fall in love with a combination of the best and worst of our parents and/ or caretakers, intimate relationships can be a catalyst for growth if we are willing to walk the conscious path. Learning how to listen to another, 30 • Hat Trick Magazine •

growing your adult empathic capacity, and self soothing are great skills in helping each individual grow as well as the relationship. When one or both of the parties can’t or won’t do the work that’s required to have it last, a relationship can fail or at least not be the best it can be. But when both parties are willing to look within themselves, as well as work together on the relationship, it grows and deepens.

13. I happen to love astrology. I’m a proud Scorpio. But many don’t believe in it. What’s your take on it and your relationship to it as an energy healer? There are so many ways we have of getting to know ourselves better. Even if it doesn’t occur to some people, it seems to me that astrology is one of those ways. The universe is created with an exquisite interconnectedness between everything. If school teachers, hospital emergency room staff, and law enforcement offices, all attest to the strong effect a full moon can have on people, it seems possible that all of the rest of the planets can influence us in some way, as well. As an energy healer, it’s clear to me that amid all the perceived chaos, the world has order and clarity that reveals itself. Different readings through the years have helped me tremendously with aspects of my life I was struggling with at the time. Obviously, we always have a choice in our behavior and can heal any difficulties that come our way. But looking at our chart can be a great tool in helping us understand and work with what we’re given at birth in terms of gifts, talents, and difficulties. A good astrologer can also help us become aware of what might be challenging to us in our current chart, and open our eyes to something we might have otherwise missed. I think everything is grist for the mill in helping us transform.

14. The Secret was a HUGE phenomenon a few years ago as everyone sought a way to bring positive energy into their lives. What advice would you give someone to bring about positive energy and success into their lives? Dr Jennifer, Career Profile •


First, I would say that a lot of people believe positive or spiritual thoughts will save them from uncomfortable feelings. I’ve seen some use “positive thinking” as an attempt to escape or avoid something they don’t want to face or feel. Wanting only the happy moments, only the positive feelings, not only isn’t possible, it isn’t real happiness. True happiness comes when we can meet life as it shows up. When we become bigger than an emotion that passes through us, we begin to have freedom and true happiness. We are then able to hold all of our feelings, including grief, anger, loneliness, and shame. The more we can allow it all and strengthen our ego, the more we can relax and be truly happy. Otherwise, we remain afraid of life and painful feelings. This may sound counterintuitive to positive thinkers, but the way to bring more positive energy and success into our lives is to face the full spectrum of our feelings and thoughts (from positive to painful), especially around our stuck places. Because as we face, feel, and integrate (unhook) our stuck energy, we naturally move into more of a flow and we become freer, lighter, and happier. So the more we work on and heal ourselves, the easier it is to become positive and stay positive for longer periods of time, although our messy human life guarantees we’ll have a roller-coaster ride through the emotions, and that’s okay.

15. What are some of the ways you’ve seen your work and your clients change over the last 20 years of your work?

Dr Jennifer perfoming one of many book readings, this time in Nashville, TN 32 • Hat Trick Magazine •

I’ve had the great honor of many people passing through my door, so to speak. I’m happy to share a few of the ways people have healed and changed through our work together, but in order to

protect confidentiality I’ve abbreviated or altered many of the details. In general, people come to me with many issues. I’ve highlighted twelve problems that people came to me for help with, and the benefits and changes they received, because I really want you to know that change is possible. Stubborn problems can transform. It may take some time, but it’s such a worthwhile journey

So here are some issues that people have worked with, and how their lives changed by becoming more conscious: 1. Was so depressed, couldn’t get out of bed. Now working, in a good relationship, and no longer depressed. 2. Had a successful career performing in New York, but was unfulfilled and wanted more. Moved back to native country and is performing there. Got married, started a family, and is very happy. 3. Was constantly getting into fights and getting fired. Now is in a great job, and has a great relationship. 4. So anxious it was impossible to study and get college work done. Completed medical school and is now in residency and doing great. 5. Was a successful performer who had affairs with one married person after another. Now has a great relationship. 6. Couldn’t keep a job. Now has satisfying work. 7. Was successful in business, but raged. Went from one marriage to another. Now is in a deeply satisfying marriage and more successful than ever. 8. Only knew how to have unhealthy tumultuous relationships. Has learned how to have a fulfilling marriage. 9. Was unsatisfied living in New York. Figured out needed to move back to hometown, has a new business, and is now very happy.

Dr Jennifer, Career Profile •


10. Couldn’t have a relationship. Now happily in one. 11. Was too anxious to sit still or be alone, was cheating on his wife and using every addiction you can think of to cover over his feelings from childhood. Now has a good marriage, is in recovery, enjoys his alone time, and feels content. 12. Was enabled by wealthy alcoholic parents, felt dependant, trapped, and couldn’t come out as gay. Is now employed, independent, out, happy, and married to their long time partner.

16. Finally, what final advice or thoughts would you like to leave the audience with? You can have a deeply fulfilling life, great relationships, success in a career, and more happiness than you ever thought was possible. It takes making a choice to have a conscious life. As I say in Chapter 2 of my book, “Living a more conscious life changes your everyday experience in measurable ways. You’ll find greater ease, resilience, contentment, and success. As you learn to be present to sensations, feelings and thoughts, you’ll develop ego strength, and move more comfortably with the ups and downs of life. You’ll be well on your way to walking the conscious life path, embodying greater freedom and happiness.” Everyone’s life has highs and lows, challenging times that feel as if they will never end. So please, always be kind to yourself as you move forward in your healing journey.

I’m hoping some of these words are helpful and a guide toward you becoming your very best self. 34 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Click for det ails of my n ew book!

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Business & Tech Tips

Gmail Tabs Proving B2B Marketing


If you are a brand marketer, you may have noticed that your Gmail inbox has changed. Since the beginning of July, Google has begun a global roll-out of a new tabbed mailbox feature to Gmail, impacting millions of personal and business users. It started with the desktop site and over the coming weeks will roll out across apps, in an effort to help users keep on top of an ever-growing feed of email. Many users welcomed the change, noting that the tabbed mailbox was useful for sorting email according to priority. Others noted that it helped prioritise email and organisation. However, with millions of businesses and even universities choosing Google Apps as their main technology partner, the B2B community expressed concern and disappointment over the lack of consultation or impact, especially for small businesses.

By MICHELLE FITZ 36 • Hat Trick Magazine •

The new tabbed mailbox “auto-sorts” emails according to five main categories: Primary, Promotions, Social, Updates, and Forums, with the Promotions category stirring up a growing controversy for millions of B2B marketers. The panic? Email marketing and verified newsletter subscribers now receive correspondence from marketing campaigns in the “Promotions” tab rather than the Primary mailbox. Many critics of the new feature believe that the Promotions tab is nothing more than yet another Spam folder and will drive B2B customers away from their interaction with brands they have chosen to follow. In fact, even within my own company’s email inbox, the Promotions has, indeed, mixed a number of “spammy” online links and Nigeria spam email with a mix of newsletters and email campaigns that I legitimately subscribed to and follow. So, the impact from a B2B or B2C perspective is potentially a concern, particularly when you consider the psychological association it can create for subscribers. Why is this an issue? For years, entrepreneurs and marketing executives have embraced the concept of newsletter and email subscriber lists, to the delight of marketing campaign management giants, such as Aweber and Infusionsoft. Many online millionaires, including Marie Forleo, embraced this strategy and can contribute much of their success to it, having invested significant budget into both the technology and online ads to effectively attract voluntary opt-ins. This technique provides a bank of “warm customers,” those who are familiar with your brand, products and services, but haven’t yet engaged or made a purchase. Online experts already forecasted concerns over the impact to search engine traffic, thanks to social media providing both local and international methods of searching for word-of-mouth referrals and “Likes.” Gmail B2B Marketing Nightmare! •


Could this be an example of an epic Google failure to understand the evolving consumer, or will email marketing simply have a new tool in the belt to help consumers find the information they want, with the click of a button? Share your comments on how this might affect your business. In the meantime, follow this work-around and be sure to share it with your list so that they can be sure to receive their valuable newsletters from your company. Option One: Turn off tabs entirely and continue using labels and folders. • At the top right of your mailbox, click the “X” next to the tabs, which now appear in the mailbox; • A pop-up will appear and you should deselect “Social and Promotions” and click “save”. Option Two: Alternatively, if (like me) as a consumer, you actually like the automatic sorting of your email, you can leave the tabs and simply choose for certain emails to be exempt from the process and automatically be delivered to the main mailbox. • Go to the Promotions Tab and review for any emails you would like to be automatically delivered to your Primary inbox tab • Drag and drop any single emails from authorised marketers and content producers you follow, and drop it into the Primary tab • You will get a pop up alert, informing you, “This conversation has been moved to “Primary.” Do this for future messages from xxx(at) your-opt-in-site(dot)com?” Many email marketers have already sent out special communications to their subscribers, explaining the change and the options to work with or around the new feature. Whatever you decide for your inbox, remember that (despite some early warnings of impending doom) research from many popular email marketing tools have reported only a minor decline to the impact of email marketing campaigns, as a result of the new tab feature. 38 • Hat Trick Magazine •

If you found this helpful, be sure to share these steps with a friend to ensure they are receiving the content they enjoy most, in the best format for them.

Gmail B2B Marketing Nightmare! •


Does the Early Bird

Get the Worm?

Does the early bird really get the worm or is that just a saying? Or, how about those night owls… maybe they actually have it right. Maybe they are getting more done and moving forward with life and work far better than that bird. You see, I am not an early bird and so I found myself asking this question. Well the real question actually came out like this, “Could I get more done, be better and more accomplished if I learned to love mornings? What do accomplished and successful people do differently than the rest of us?” I am always analyzing what I can correct to make my life easier, better, more productive or more fulfilled. I started my research and here is what I found out about that “early bird” theory! FIND ME ONLINE HERE

By ANDREA SULLENGER 40 • Hat Trick Magazine •

After reading about people like Steve Jobs, Martha Stewart, Oprah, and Tony Robbins, they did all seem to possess this belief… that the early bird does in fact get the worm. Whether they are also night owls or not I am unaware but the reoccurring thread with all of them is that they utilize the early morning hours, and for some I do mean early, to set the stage for a productive, creative and fulfilling day. They have practiced their routines so many times that the way each one begins their day felt like to me to be almost ritualistic. Maybe even a little sacred. Weather you are one of these early birds or a night owl makes no difference. You and I can not deny that the above mentioned names are accomplished, respected and successful. We also know that there are countless books and articles written on this theory so there has to be something to it…right? Being the night owl I am I wanted to see if I could adopt some of this philosophy, put it into practice and actually see a difference. I wondered if I would feel a difference, if it would actually have an impact on my productivity and on my results. I also knew that setting myself up on a new schedule was not going to work. Even the word schedule seems really confining to me, but never the less I wanted to try. What I do know is that I like rituals. They seem to me to be comforting and almost nostalgic. This is what I decided to call my new morning plan, my morning ritual. As I continued my reading of others that have already subscribed to an early morning ritual routine and as I fumbled my way through mine I found that the first hour seemed to be the most important. It is what the rest of the day was hinged upon. The great and motivational Tony Robbins calls this, “The Hour of Power”. The first few mornings were definitely not hours filled with power for me. They were more like hours filled with fumbling and bumbling but I pressed on.

Here are some rituals you can put into practice that will prove to not only turn you into an Early Bird getting plenty of worms but also into a more fulfilled and productive person... Does the Early Bird get the Worm? •


1 2

Plan to get up at least an hour before your house awakens and is moving at the speed of light. This will allow you the stillness to wake, prepare and engage in the day the way you want to and at a slow enough pace that you should feel connected and not thrust into the hurried pace of your schedule. Do not engage in technology first thing. This means, no grabbing your mini computer to do a quick “check in” of your email or social media. I promise if you skip this one you are already thrown way way off.

Find a place that is quiet and of comfort and do a brain dump. This I learned from the great, Julia Cameron in her book The Artist Way. Sit and write out everything you are thinking. This is not a story but rather just your random thoughts about what’s happening in your life, dreams you had the night before, what needs to be done today, etc, etc. Don’t write it for the sake of someone else reading it because they won’t be. Simply write your thoughts, in your words and feelings. Try to write three pages of this brain dump. I know that sounds like a lot and some days it might be but shoot for three. The more you get out onto that paper the farther you will be in your day. When I started this ritual I was skeptical that it would change the course of my day or my thinking in any way, but I can honestly say it is the one thing that has actually changed the most in my day and my way of thinking.


If you get stuck in your writing try this, these are prompts that I sometimes use. Write out five things you are thankful for, write five things you are proud of, write out five things you are excited about accomplishing, write out your top five business and top five life goals.


Spend 15-20 minutes meditating or visualizing about your life. Sometimes the above writing prompts help me with this also. One other tip, if you have never practiced meditation do some try outs and see what works for you. What I mean by this is, if you find yourself really grounded sitting on the floor in your room then do that. Or if it works better for you outside with your bare feet in the grass do that. Meditation is a personal thing in my opinion and 42 • Hat Trick Magazine •

in order for you to get the most from it and to actually do it and take it on as a ritual you have to find what works for you. What works for me is to be near water. I love to meditate in the shower or in my den but listening to ocean wave sounds. If you can begin your day like this you will find that you enter the day with less stress and anxiety about what you need to get done. You will have more clarity about what is important and needs your attention first and you will feel clear headed about the direction of your life, goals and dreams. I dare you to try it out for just five days and see if there isn’t a shift in your energy, attention and creativity.

Practical Matters For The New Early Bird Once you are ready to start your work day and dive into that pool of never ending to do list items, emails, phone calls and of course social media try adding these simple rituals to your day. Keep a monthly to do list rather than a daily one. Use the monthly list as a place to write out all the items you want or need to tackle this month. Think of it is as a holding tank for the items. It is a place that you can always go to add new items, retrieve tasks to accomplish and it is never going to get lost in the daily work shuffle of your calendar. It also allows you space and time to not feel like you have to fit it into your daily schedule and add more pressure to get it done today. Make it a habit to review it two to three times a day with quick once over glances and see how you can incorporate these items into your already full day. How ever you keep your daily schedule, whether electronically or in a planner, only allow yourself three spaces of HAVE TO GET DONE TODAY items. Most of the time busy professionals don’t allow for any buffer time in their day and have the planner so crammed full of to do items that even Super Man himself couldn’t finish it all. They don’t plan for the time to return emails, phone calls or plan for anything unexpected so by the end of the day they really only accomplished three things on that 189 item to do list anyhow. Does the Early Bird get the Worm? •


Eat the Frog First….that is an old saying by Mark Twain but it refers to taking on the hardest job you’ve got first. It is 100% true. If you will prioritize those three tasks on your to do list with the hardest one being put first you will get more done. Lastly, give yourself at least 30 minutes of buffer catch up and evaluation time before you call it a day. Take that 30 minutes to clean up your work space, your calendar, your sticky note pile and to write down your three new must do items for tomorrows list. This way you will leave work and feel free to unplug knowing that you are all set to begin the new day tomorrow with things in order and a plan.

If you want to be as accomplished, successful and respected as people like Oprah, Steve Jobs and Tony Robbins then consider following in their footsteps and take on the challenge of becoming an early bird. I promise if you put into place these rituals you will be reaping a harvest of worms like never before!

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46 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Overcome Shyness

and a fear of the camera! Click to Watch Online!

Camera Shy?

How to Overcome Shyness and a Fear of the Camera FIND ME ONLINE HERE

By Michelle Holmes How to Overcome Camera Shyness and a Fear of the Camera •


Career & Learning

Why Mid-Career Change Efforts

Succeed or Fail

Having just decided to go back to her old career, my client looked at me with an embarrassed grin and asked,

“Do you find that many people take a u-turn, when they’d thought that a new direction was what they wanted ?” It made me stop for a minute, and when I thought about it, the answer was most definitely,



By Sandra Cunningham 48 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Don’t get me wrong here. Many people do change career – very successfully – and they often manage to discover that elusive sense of purpose and fulfilment that we all dream of. I think I may be one of them. But my curiosity was sparked. So I took a closer look at the stories of people I’ve known in the past (including me), who re-invented themselves and their work-lives in mid-career and so far, haven’t looked back. When I compared them with those who faltered, gave up or just stayed stuck, I was able to uncover at least three aspects of the approach they took, which seemed to make all the difference.

1. Planning Without Action Most attempts at career change begin with come serious soul searching, the envisioning of an ideal future and the uncovering of your personal values, interests and skills – all the things that make you tick. There’s a whole industry in psychometric tools designed to help you do that. Based on these insights, you’re then meant to identify a few options, research them, select a goal – and then go for it! So, what do a lot of people do with all that planning? The truth is – nothing. Gaining better self-knowledge is hugely valuable in lots of respects, but having a career strategy does not increase your likelihood of making a major leap into the relative unknown. Going back and reviewing previous jobs and past achievements can generate useful insights about what has worked in the past, but it still doesn’t deal with the problem of paralysis when it’s time to make a forward move. In actual fact, most successful career changers don’t allow a small thing like building a plan to get in their way. They may have a few foundational ideas, and planning may come into it, but they don’t wait until everything is clear before they start putting out the feelers. What’s interesting is that they often begin with relatively small steps and they will sometimes make mistakes, but they do fail forward and they learn as they progress. So whereas many of us assume we need to find clarity first before taking action, these people gain their clarity gradually and as a result of taking action.

Why Mid-Career Change Efforts Succeed or Fail •


2. Holding Out for THE Perfect Job I am convinced that the myth of the ‘Perfect Job’ is nothing but a conspiracy designed to breed feelings of dissatisfaction and inadequacy in the very best of us. In our more rational moments, most of us would agree that the pursuit of perfection is nothing short of de-moralising and completely counter-productive. But most of us aren’t that objective when it comes to making big, scary decisions. Meanwhile, when we focus on the Perfect Job as our future goal, the opportunities that come along in the meantime just never measure up and very often end up getting dismissed. I have found that the people who succeed in finding their new beginning are noticeably skilled at living in the present and they will consciously make decisions in the most imperfect of circumstances. In my experience, the best we can hope for in our careers is NOT perfection, but a sense of movement in a direction that has the strong possibility to bring fulfilment, satisfaction, work-life balance or whatever it is you’re looking for. If we can accept this and learn to enjoy the ride, we are more likely to find the success and happiness we crave. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions in our working lives. So what? With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident, and more and more successful.

3. Consulting the Wrong People It’s hugely tempting and completely natural to want to share your dreams with family, friends, close colleagues and peers. On one level, it makes complete sense to consult with people who know you well and who can help steer you towards those new and exciting opportunities. But take 50 • Hat Trick Magazine •

care, as they don’t always know, or want, what is genuinely best for us. So often, this keeps us from getting the very thing we strive for – change. It sounds a bit harsh and please remember, it’s not usually a conscious ploy to sabotage your efforts. But be aware, your desire to radically alter your life, can pose a threat to others on so many levels. In any case, if you want to find new answers to the question, ‘What will I do with my life?’ it doesn’t make much sense to keep looking in the same old places. You need inspiration, ideas, connection with people who have followed a similar path – and succeeded. So it really helps to start expanding your networks in new and unfamiliar directions, otherwise – believe me – the chances of you slipping back in to your old, familiar rut are very real indeed.

To Sum Up...

At the end of the day, what really strikes me about the people we’re talking about here, is that in most cases, the transformation they have achieved did not happen overnight and in fact, for some, it is still ongoing. They didn’t necessarily leave their jobs immediately either. It usually starts with a powerful and positive intention (perhaps you are experiencing that right now). They may have a hazy vision of a future that looks quite different to the present – but one that they want so badly, they are prepared to work at it. It then becomes a journey of discovery, which is as enriching as the promised destination.

Take it from one who knows, changing career in mid-life is not as easy as some would have you believe, but it is highly possible and extremely worthwhile

Why Mid-Career Change Efforts Succeed or Fail •


The Future of


Have you had a chance to look at the latest report from the Learning and Performance Institute about the Capability Map of L&D professionals? It makes for interesting reading. You can download a free copy of the summary report here, and if you’re a paying member you can download the full report here. Here’s what I’ve taken away from the report. L&D will become a dead profession in the next five years unless we undergo radical change. Or thought about another way, L&D has the prime opportunity to position itself as a value adding service to the business. Either way the future for the profession is highly volatile. I’m not even being sensational about this.

What are L&D professionals good at? • • • •

Managing the learning function – hurrah! Live delivery – phew. Learning resources – yay! Performance improvement – come on!

What are we poor at?

• Business skills and intelligence – financial management, industry awareness, and procurement – oh man, that’s a hard

52 • Hat Trick Magazine •


By Sukh Pabial

message to hear from all of us who think we’re doing a good job. • Analysis and strategy – assessment and evaluation, competency management, performance analysis – wait, we’re meant to be advising the business on all these things. • Learning information and architecture – data interpretation, information architecture – this doesn’t surprise me.

This isn’t my opinion (983 of you said this) Learning and Development hasn’t moved on beyond identifying learning needs and developing and designing interventions that meet these needs. It’s stuck. It’s stuck its heels in, and is refusing to accept it needs to change. “We don’t need to change, it’s the culture of the organisation that needs to change,” or “I’m trying to move the organisation to become a learning organisation, and they’re just not ready for the journey”. I hear this a lot. There are L&D professionals sitting there, right now, all worried about how they can argue the toss with HR about whether or not the Diversity programme should be an e-learning package or face to face delivery. There are L&Ders trying share their knowledge about presentation skills by videoing and giving feedback to the people attending. There are L&Ders who are trying to re-design their e-learning offering to make it more inclusive and accessible. Because that’s what we’re good at doing. We’ve been sold to. We’ve been sold McDonald’s, when we should be seeking freshly cooked, natural goods to make our own food. The Future of L&D •


For L&D to be effective in the world of tomorrow here are the things we need to learn and need to learn fast:

User Experience I don’t mean the UX of going through a learning intervention. I mean the UX of people experiencing your company brand. How do we improve that UX? What does that mean for the way people are working? What does that therefore mean about the skills, knowledge and behaviours they need or use? That then informs about the L&D intervention required.

Data L&Ders tend to be better at devising engaging, interactive learning interventions which give them high scores on their evaluation forms. What we’re bad at is taking customer data to inform if the L&D intervention made an impact. Forget big data, and ROI evaluation strategies. I’m talking about the basics. If I send someone on a time management course, can I see that the customer has an improved experience of us? That’s the direct link I need to be able to make. I should be able to collect data which either supports or refutes this.

Commercial Acumen The world we operate in means commerciality is high on everyone’s agenda. Understand the pressures the organisation is facing. Those pressures mean they are natural barriers to people’s learning. If people aren’t learning, they’re not improving. If they’re not improving they won’t be commercially focused. Get under the skin of the organisation. Get all anthropological about the way you operate. That’s where our learning begins and therefore how we devise truly innovative learning interventions.

54 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Collaboration with Suppliers Gone are the days of partnering with the likes of ASK Europe, or Reed Learning, or Ashridge Business School to deliver your L&D programmes. For any of us to stay relevant, we need to come up with solutions which are exciting, innovative, and fresh. You know what stifles that thinking? Thinking you can come up with a solution by yourself. Or providing a brief and asking suppliers to tender their solution. You know what would be exciting? Sitting in a room with suppliers, and everyone is on equal footing. You jointly discuss the situation, and what is needed for the organisation to move forward. Agreements are then made about who can deliver what. Collaboration rules.

Financial Acumen What does profit and loss mean? What is a balance sheet? What is the difference between profit and surplus? How do I write a business case? What is CAPEX? What is EBITDA? Fundamental questions about the financial running of a business. This is what gets talked about at senior levels. This is what we need to know better. When we get reports like this from the likes of the LPI, I get all het up. I think “ah fudge it, I’m going home cos we all suck”. When I’ve had my rant I think, actually this is the time to be excited about the profession. We have such skills and knowledge available to us, and all we have to do is ask. It’s crazy thinking, and it’s so simple. I just need to get up, walk over to some different people and start to ask a different set of questions. Suddenly I’m learning about things I never knew I needed to care about, and actually I can suggest ideas to positively improve the way we do things. Suddenly I’m not the one receiving information at the pace of the organisation, but I’m being pro-active about finding out about the organisation and new opportunities become available.

The Future of L&D •


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Just as a flower will wilt and die without water and the Sun... a relationship will fade without communication and love.

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Faith & Self Help


58 • Hat Trick Magazine •

By Karen Salmansohn

Self Help for People Who Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Doing Self Help

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Ants on My Fries Choosing Thankfulness You need to know some things about me: First, I love

people. Second, I am not dumb. Third, I do not recommend using me as an example for your own life. Now that I have that out of the way I will tell you - I picked JP up off the side of the interstate. Discernment, people. Remember I am not dumb. The Holy Spirit led me to and gave me nothing but peace the entire time. JP was 78. He had been a cowboy and rancher his entire life. He was wanderer because the Lord had called him to be a missionary. I need you to know how very uncrazy this all actually sounded coming out of his mouth. JP was weathered looking from years in the sun and hard labor. He was neatly dressed, all in denim. It was September in Arkansas and he had on a clean long sleeved denim shirt tucked in to his jeans. His belt had wear marks from habitual use and his shoes were clean but becoming worn out as well. He was blind in his left eye. He slept in a one man tent near a church, but was FIND ME ONLINE HERE

By Katie Clifton Christian Columnist 60 • Hat Trick Magazine •

headed to Ohio. He said God told him to go there. I stopped and talked with JP and then took him to get food and shelter for the night. While waiting for food the following conversation took place with JP and my oldest kids: “Once I was on the road and was real hungry. I told Jesus how hungry I was and how much I needed something to eat. Of course, Jesus already knew. But He likes hearing us talk to Him and telling Him what we need. I kept walking. And do you know what I saw on the ground?” My kids were hanging on his every word. They eagerly asked, “What?” with anticipating smiles. “I looked down and there was a sack from McDonald’s. (My kids were smiling from ear to ear at this point). Inside that sack were some french fries. But there were ants crawling all over them.”

“As he told that story I sat with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat and that lump is there right now. Oh Lord, how I need grace and mercy every day!”

“Awww man. Oooo yuck. Gross!!” “So, you know what I did? (My kids nodded and were fascinated) I blew off all those ole ants and I ate those fries. You see, the Lord knows what we need and He hears us. But He gives us what we need, and it doesn’t always look like what we want. He promises to care for us, not to give us the whole buffet.” I have tears in my eyes all over again. I came home and journalled that night so I wouldn’t forget JP’s words. As he told that story I sat with tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat and that lump is there right now. Oh Lord, how I need grace and mercy every day! Don’t we all? We all just fuss and gripe about our lives. Today JP’s words echo in my ears and slap me across the face. I have been wanting the whole buffet: so caught up on hoping and wishing and praying yet lacking thankfulness for what is in front of me. How silly and human I am.

“Don’t love the world’s ways. Don’t love the world’s goods. Christian Columnist: Ants on my Fries •


Love of the world squeezes out love for the Father. Practically everything that goes on in the world—wanting your own way, wanting everything for yourself, wanting to appear important— has nothing to do with the Father. It just isolates you from him. The world and all its wanting, wanting, wanting is on the way out—but whoever does what God wants is set for eternity.” 1 John 2:15-17 (MSG) Last night I began a ladies bible study. (I need prayer on this please friends) God used Crazy Girl Rant to set a wave of change into motion. First he brought me friends who may or may not be just as crazy as I am, and they all said “We hear you. We love Jesus. We get lonely. We need change. Lets do this thing.” Ok, not their exact words, but close. God is really providing me with awesome women and I am being surrounded with their love and encouragement every single day. The Lord also sent women, at least 50 of them, who were all led to walk this journey with us so that we can all grow together and become a reflection of Jesus. God is so good. But, Satan also sucks. I firmly believe that every single woman who attends this bible study will be thrashed around and beat down by Satan over the next 6 weeks. I believe this, because I know Satan wants to destroy the love, accountability, laughter, spiritual growth and FREEDOM that God has waiting when we women join together, embrace and live life together- united in a shackle of grace and love that binds us all together. Satan is scared of 50+ women coming together to celebrate Jesus and walk in the freedom of salvation - and he should be - because we are a threat to his plans! Satan wants to isolate us all and with this new study I want to stand up with open arms and shout, “Here I am! Flawed and always needing Jesus and wanting to live life with community!” Take that, Satan. I don’t know if you are reading this and you are choosing to walk through this “Girl Talk” study with me or if you might just also be getting run over by Satan too... but today I am claiming that enough is enough! I have had it! I may have a few ants on my fries, but today I am choosing thankfulness. Today I am choosing to see my circumstances as God sees them. Today I am looking at what the Lord has provided and praising Him rather than complaining. And today I would also love to know where that old cowboy has gone, so that I could hug him and kiss his weathered 62 • Hat Trick Magazine •

cheek and thank him for allowing the Lord to use Him to bless me. “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9 “Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” James 5:16

“Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you are a listener when you are anything but, letting the Word go in one ear and out the other. Act on what you hear! Those who hear and don’t act are like those who glance in the mirror, walk away, and two minutes later have no idea who they are, what they look like. But whoever catches a glimpse of the revealed counsel of God— the free life!—even out of the corner of his eye, and sticks with it, is no distracted scatterbrain but a man or woman of action. That person will find delight and affirmation in the action.” James 1:22-25 (MSG)


Christian Columnist: Ants on my Fries •


It’s Okay


So I had an appointment last week. It was one of those appointments

that had been on the schedule for weeks. It was the kind that cannot be interrupted under any circumstances barring a zombie apocalypse or something equally dire. But I have three children and am working from home and they don’t really care about important business appointments especially if a new episode of Spongebob is on or their sippy cups need a refill.

Long story short, my regular childcare help was unavailable. My

back up was unavailable which means that I did nothing short of move mountains to arrange for my children to be out of the house at the time of


By Gina Hussar 64 • Hat Trick Magazine •

this business call. You’ve probably guessed by now what happened. My husband left work to come home for the children. Ten minutes before the scheduled appointment time, the other party cancelled. But something miraculous happened. Or rather did NOT happen. I felt nothing. I rescheduled, called my husband and told him to bring the kids back and moved on with the day. A year ago, I would have been FUMING. I would have been cursing the other person for their lack of consideration. I would have been agonizing over the fact that my husband had to completely rearrange his schedule and for nothing. I would have been resentful of the inconvenience. My heart would have beaten faster, my blood pressure would have raised and more than likely the whole day would have been shot. But now, I felt none of that.

I can’t tell you what an amazing feeling it is to stay in peace. Who

knows why the other person cancelled? Maybe she had an emergency. Maybe she forgot and double-booked (honest mistake). Or maybe she simply didn’t feel 100% on her A-game and preferred to reschedule at a time when she felt more productive. The reason is irrelevant because odds are I will never know the TRUE reason. And I don’t have to. And neither do you! Living in love means that you operate from a place of faith. You give others the benefit of the doubt. You trust that they are doing the best they can at any given moment and you forgive them when they falter, whether you’ve met them in person or not. Detach. Let go of your need for everything to go as planned. Don’t take things personally because usually it isn’t at all about YOU. Trust that the hiccup actually served you for the better even if you can’t quite see clearly HOW. Think of how many times you have let an unforeseen circumstance throw you into a ball of anxiety. Did it help? Would getting stressed have caused the other person to keep our scheduled appointment? No. Stressing and reacting to things that are beyond our control is a waste of time and energy and serves no purpose whatsoever. Trust, let go and stay in peace. Me? I decided to be grateful for the unexpected break. And I curled up the kiddos. Spongebob isn’t so bad. It’s Okay. Really. •


Ask Ask




Laura, I have been married to the same woman for 11 years and she will no longer sleep with me. No explanation and every time I try to get her to about she rejects mymakeup knowledge, she has not Laura, is talk it still badit,manners tome. do To your in a cheated and I definitely have not either. We have two sons, 11 and 9, and a restaurant because lately, I notice that all the younger ladies great family and career. She has been this way for over two years and I can’t outWe everything from a rooms compact to eye make up! live thisare waytaking anymore. sleep in separate (her choice), kiss hello and When didTV this become I don'tlike mean to show my age, goodbye, watch together but OK? it is honestly a brother/sister relationship. You’re a woman andhave I respect your even opinion. Your bio says give it to but we would not dared getting out theyou’ll compact atme straight so please, all Jolene means, tell me exactly what you think. Lost cause or the table in the by 70s.  worth saving? Peter York



Hi Jolene! Do I agree with putting on a full face of makeup

Dear Peter, I think it is a lost cause, honestly. Find someone who is in a restaurant, No. And I also believe it your nose needs a more than a “room mate”. Real relationships are not supposed to be little powder, yourself to the restroom dab a bit on. this way. Maybeexcuse the spark is just gone. It seems she isto not interested course areHave longyou gone, a different eratothan inOf making thisthe any70's better. triedand explaining all of this her?today, If she standards today there in public have anwork all time low in XOXO my seems uninterested, is your sign.reached Hope things out for you! Laura book! It almost seems that "anything" goes and it also goes



unnoticed. Sadly. XOXO Laura


Our resident Agony Aunt answers your questions in the same way she’s been imposing her opinion upon friends and loved ones for years.


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66 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Write In!

By Laura Bariola


Laura, I want to thank you for letting us write in bothering you! I need advice. I have moved around the whole of my adult life and need help deciding where to put roots down. I haven’t met Mr Right and my work is something I can do anywhere. No where in particular feels like home. Do you have any advice for finding out where I am supposed to be? Anne P


Hi Anne! Thank you for writing! Roots are a great thing to establish. I love the fast paced life of a bustling city, as I am from Memphis, TN, but my roots are in a small city in Arkansas now! I am married with 3 kids, so I can’t have my cake and eat it to! My advice is to move somewhere that you can see yourself living many years from now if you plan to find that Mr. Right and start a family! My dream is to live in New York City, so please move there and let me live vicariously through you! Good Luck! Laura


Dear Laura, I have started coupon collecting and I know from mutual friends this is something that is popular where you come from too. Can you give me some tips for how to get started? Carrie Green, UK


Hi Carrie! As someone who coupons, I would love to help you get started! There are TONS of sites on Facebook that offer couponing tips, coupons, etc. Just search for them and like the pages! They offer lots of information! Also, to get a binder started, YouTube has many videos that give you step-by-step instructions! I am a fan of also!! Good Luck and Happy Savings!! Laura


My 12 year old needs a laptop for her school this year and she is asking for a Mac which is a major purchase. I am not for it or against it but do you feel this is too big of a purchase at this age? Also, how do I balance such a purchase in light of a younger sibling who won’t be needing such an extravagant purchase for school? Amy J


Hi Amy! As the mother of a 12 year old, we purchased him a laptop for Christmas last year. He wants a Mac, but so do I! For $1,200, I would never purchase him that unless maybe it was for a high school graduation present, or he saved his money and bought it for himself. His $398 laptop does everything he needs for school! And if he school were to require him to have a Mac to be able to complete assignments, then they would need to buy it for him! XOXO! Laura Ask Laura, Advice Column •



I have been extremely depressed for a month after losing my job. I am sure I will get another one soon but it still has really messed me up. I’ve been in bed for 2 weeks most of the time. How can I get out of the funk? Sara I


Hi Sara! I am sorry to hear about you losing your job. The only problem is, if you don’t get out of bed, how do you expect to get another one? In today’s economy and job market, you have to THROW yourself out there,be dressed, and ready to go! I have been there, done that and realized that by not helping the situation, I was getting nowhere! Get up Girl! Good Luck! Laura


Dear Laura, when I exercise, I have no endurance and feel extremely tired. I have been to the doctor and haven’t had any negative test results. I am overweight and unhappy. How can I get motivated to increase my physical fitness? Elena, London


Hi Elena! I am happy to hear that you have been to see a Doctor with all negative results, But am sorry to hear that you are struggling. I am not a regular “exerciser”, but I do know that you have to get on a track that is right for you. Eating healthy and maintaining a routine that suits you is a start. Make sure you are eating healthy, drinking lots of water and getting plenty of sleep. Maybe try walking everyday, starting with like, 10 minutes for the first week and bumping it up to 20 minutes the next week. If you are still fatigued, I suggest going back to the Doctor to discuss if maybe something else is going on. XOXO! Laura


Dear Laura, my boyfriend and I have gone stale and I am a serial relationship person. I took a look at an online dating site and the attention I have gotten has been overwhelmingly flattering. I want that spark back but I know it is gone with him and that he is not the right person for me. I would never cheat but I don’t know how to break his heart. What can I do to help? Anonymous UK


Anonymous. Sadly, there is no “easy” way to break up with someone. It hurts no matter the situation. Period. Sure these dating sites get you lots of attention because you are vulnerable right now! If the spark is gone, and you know that you cannot get it back with him, let him go and move on. Best of Luck! Laura 68 • Hat Trick Magazine •

By Joey Phelps & Michael Phelps Lil Nipper Snappers Cartoon •


Style & Beauty


By Shalanda Turner 70 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Blouse, French Connection Pencil Skirt, Zara Handbag, Alexander McQueen Shoes, Vince Camuto, VC Signature Heart Buckle Belt, Alexander McQueen Lipstick, Revlon Ring, Kendra Scott Earrings, Kendra Scott

Shasie’s Fashion Picks •


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Pin Up Bodies Pin Up Bodies


74 74

By Sorelle By Sorelle Amoré Amoré ¥• Hat HatTrick TrickMagazine Magazine ¥•

The Beauty Detox Solution:

It all starts within... I don’t know about you, but I sure as heck am one of THE most skeptical people who probably walk this earth. I’ve told this embarrassing story previously, that I once didn’t even believe fridges worked. A pile of rotten fruit and veggies later, I learnt to love the fridge. It’s hard to not be skeptical about ‘beauty secrets’ that are hyped up in the media today however, as it seems everyone is just trying to get that dollar out of you... so who do you trust? I personally always like to stick with mother nature and when I heard that Dita Von Teese herself uses this method, I jumped straight onto the bandwagon (although my hippie, cutting edge mum has been telling me to do this for years)...

The solution is simple... Mother nature comes to the rescue. Pin Up Passion: The Beauty Detox Solution •


The Beauty Detox Solution Green smoothies.

Now if you are one of those people that HATE anything too ‘healthy’ or you’d rather sulk at the table for 5 hours then to finish your veggies, just stop and bare with me. I’ll provide you with a few simple recipies that surprisingly taste very much like fruit juices! Yummi, yummi for my tummy! And it’s all in the name of beauty right? Having just one green juice in the morning (even if you don’t have any other veggies throughout the day), will make you feel and look great!


First Thing’s First

Ok, so we’re making smoothies here, not juices, so you need to get yourself a blender and not a juice maker. If you juice your veggies, you destroy the fruit and vegetable fibres and turn your ‘health kick potion’ into a sugary drink. Not such a great start. I picked up a ‘Magic Bullet’ for just $30 second hand off Gumtree (try eBay as an alternative). These bullets are so easy to use, small and you can drink straight from the cup you were blending in! Efficient! 76 • Hat Trick Magazine •


The Ingredients

This is where it gets can pretty well put whatever fruit you like in this green smoothie, as long as you top it off with about a third of greens whether it be spinach, lettuce, celery or any other green leafy vegetables.


Apples Pineapple Rockmelon Kiwi Fruit Bananas Passionfruit Ginger Carrot Beetroot Lemon

Blend Away! Squish the fruit into your blender, add water into the remaining spaces so you’re drinking a smoothie and not eating it and blend, blend, blend! One of these juices a day will keep the collagen away! Here is me with my first self-made green smoothie.


Pin Up Passion: The Beauty Detox Solution •


Why Your Skin Does NOT Need Fancy Designer Chemicals...

Kiss It!

Now I bet you just said to yourself...”Kiss what, Brittany?” Kiss my elbow? Kiss my ear? Kiss my tookus?

Nah, nothing like that. By “KISS” I meant only... “Keep It Simple, Silly!” Skincare, Folks... Keep It Simple! FIND ME ONLINE HERE

By Brittany De Staedtler 78 • Hat Trick Magazine •

My lovely editor at Hat Trick Magazine asked me to write about some of these fancy designer chemicals she’s so fond of. Yes, she loves the natural stuff too but no matter what I tell her...she goes back to trendy designer skincare full of ‘acids’.

Guess what? It’s all bullhonkey... Seriously, if you feel the need to waste your money on this stuff, just save the effort of hauling your wrinkled carcass to the nearest designer cosmetics counter and send me your money instead. I’m about to tell you something... Those fancy acids do nothing for you but add to your problems in the long run. They actually make your skin even MORE sensitive! You can get the same and safer NATURAL results from crushing some fresh strawberries and grapefruit pulp and applying that to your face every other week... seriously!

Let me get REAL with you here. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and virtually the only organ that you can watch. Personally I don’t think I’d have too much entertainment out of watching something like my adorable pancreas... just sayin’. Annoying and troublesome skin conditions like rashes, pimples, eczema, and illnesses like chicken pox or measles are attempts by the skin to clean itself out. This is Nature’s way in health: the body will try, must try, to clean itself of toxins, foreign chemicals and poisons. Nature eliminates wastes. You may not like it; it may not look romantic; it might even itch. However, the toxins must be expelled. Since the skin is your largest organ, it will by nature want to do a lot of cleaning out. The more it does so, the more you needed it to. Simple, proper diet eliminates so many complaints. Whole foods, raw or lightly-cooked vegetables, grains and fruits, lean meats & fish and no chemically-doctored food will go a very long way to improving your Why Your Skin Does Not Need Fancy Designer Chemicals... Kiss It! •


skin in a short time. My personal beauty secret is to drink at least 2 litres of water per day with the juice of fresh lemons squeezed into it. Unfortunately, many folks are inclined to and even encouraged to put creams, salves, ointments and other fancy designer-comemedicated “remedies” on their skin to try and doctor those awful sin conditions. The dermatologist won’t tell you any differently either because HE’s getting kickbacks from the drug companies to prescribe this stuff to you. He WANTS you to age so he can keep selling you more and more services. All he’s doing is making short-term ‘improvements’ to your appearance by delaying what the body is trying to do...DETOX! Let’s “clear up” this skin medication question right here. First of all, there is no such thing as “worn-out skin.” Fortunately for us, skin is a magical and wonderful self-repairing, and virtually indestructible living thing. Nature repairs and mends skin beautifully. When you cut yourself, you might disinfect the wound with iodine or some other preparation. But does the iodine re-knit the skin, make the new cells, or weave new tissue? No, Nature does. When a surgeon stitches up an incision or a wound she brings the skin together and holds it in place with sutures. But if Nature didn’t re-unite the cells, what good would the stitches do?

Vitamin C and E seem to be most important for proper healing and maintenance of your skin. Vitamin C is well-known to be essential to holding the cells together and encouraging their normal growth. Show me a person with chronic skin problems and two times out of three I’ll bet their diet is deficient in E or C. 80 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Your skin is a living, breathing, body-cleaning organ. If you clog it up, you’re in trouble. In the James Bond story Goldfinger people were painted gold. Remember that they died? Your skin MUST be free from poreclogging crud! That’s why these designer UN-natural creams, ointments and salves are not doing any more than removing the symptoms of skin excretion and detoxing. In slowing down or blocking this excretion they are clogging the pores and of themselves adding to what has to be cleaned out. Why make the skin have to now excrete these added toxins on top of the old ones? It’s like shaking the dirt out of your rugs... in the middle of the living room. If you don’t use any of the countless patent skin treatments for beauty or disease, your skin will be that much better. Treating symptoms is just trying to fool Nature. Coating over the body’s cleansing efforts does not make you or your skin well. Keeping drugs, artificial colors, preservatives, alcohols, artificial fragrances, and those foot-long chemical names off your skin can only help it.

If Nature had wanted us to use lots of synthetics on our body, she would probably have put Triethanolamine, Carbomer-934, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Dimethicone, Sodium Myristate, Stearyl Alcohol, FD&C Red #4, Yellow #3 and other “beauty necessities” within easy reach for foraging and not had them coming out of labs infested with tumor-ridden lab animals.

Why Your Skin Does Not Need Fancy Designer Chemicals... Kiss It! •


Not a pretty picture is it? Guess what... you should see it in person. No, folks, your B-girl has not lost her mind. She... I... am SICK to death... to my eye teeth of being asked, told, cajoled and sweet-talked into supporting chemicals that I DO NOT and WOULD NOT use on my own face, never mind in my own products. It’s not going to happen! You have it from the horse’s mouth. Take care of yourself INTERNALLY first, and if you’re going to use products on your skin: Keep them simple, keep them natural, and in turn you will... Keep your beauty! It may lose me endorsements, writing jobs, or freebies from companies wanting me to review their products but guess what... I will at least know I told you lovely folks the TRUTH!

Much Love,


82 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Artesan Craftsmanship, All-Natural Ingredients

Skincare Bath& Beauty - Made in England -

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of a Hollywood


Resident fashionista Marina Berberyan gives us the low down on this season’s fashion


and fashion



By Marina Berberyan 84 • Hat Trick Magazine •



2 1 2 3 4



DO Mix silver and gold DO Mismatch your shoes and belt Be daring, DO wear bright colors and bold prints. The size on the tag can be sometimes off, DO try if you think it might fit. 5 DO keep your ensemble tasteful without overexposure to ruin the peek-­a-­boo aesthetic. 6 Express yourself through your clothing! DO have fun with fashion!



1 2 3 4 5 6

DON’T wear pants the wrong length. Never wear the designer brand name head-­to-­toe. DON’T be afraid to mix floral prints for an edgier feel. DON’T overaccesorize your look with big blings all over you. DON’T put ruffles on anything you want to look smaller. DON’T hesitate to have fun with fashion, life is too short! Confessions of a Hollywood Stylist •


Eyelash Extensions...

Don’t Do It!

My mother in law stumbled upon a deal for professional eyelash extensions via Living Social, and I thought why not? As a new mom on maternity leave I spend most of my days looking like ‘who done it and ran’, so dammit I deserved them. And, I love love loved them, at first...

Here’s what you need to know about the process: 1. You lie on a massage table, eyes closed, while individual lash extensions are glued on. 2. It can take up to 2 hours, so if you’re an antsy type skip this entire process and learn how apply strip lashes. 86 • Hat Trick Magazine •


By Lisa Wynter

3. You can’t get the lashes wet for 24 hours 4. You can only use oil free eye makeup remover like this one by Neutrogena 5. These can last up to a month 6. If you cherish your natural lashes, have these removed professionally. Otherwise, run the risk of never seeing your own lashes again.

My Initial Review I like the look of these, but learning how to wash my face is taking some getting used to. Normally I lather and then douse my face in water. No bueno. You gotta be gentle gentle with these. I’ve already lost one lash. This can grow into an expensive habit. Lash extensions can run up $200 per application (not that anyone in her right mind should pay that much when there are deals on Groupon and Living Social for under $100 ALL the time). Still, it’s pricey. Most salons recommend a touch up visit where they glue on any lashes that have fallen off. This appointment can cost around $30. So yeah, more $$$.

So far, so good. For me, these are definitely more “natural” feeling than strip lashes. If you do plan to buy a lash extension deal from Living Social or Groupon, be sure to shop through Ebates so you can get cash back for your purchase. Not sure how Ebates works? Click here. Not being able to wash your eyelids and your face in a natural manner is wrong. Just Wrong.

Eyelash Extensions... Don’t Do It! •



88 • Hat Trick Magazine •


Update (2 Weeks Post Installation) If you wear eye makeup, particularly eyeliner, don’t even waste your time or money! Although you’re told that oil free makeup remover is fine, the physical act of going anywhere near the lashes and glue will cause them to loosen and fall out prematurely. By the 3rd or 4th day I started losing lashes in clumps. For the amount of money you spend you want these suckers to last the full month, right? But unless you never rub your eyes or you are comfortable sleeping on your back, they won’t. I barely got a week out of these. I had these lashes professionally removed after only 2 weeks with only a few lashes remaining on each eye, and STILL, my natural lashes seemed to suffer. I didn’t lose any lashes, thank God, but they were significantly shorter. The cosmetologist gave me a whole song and dance about my real lashes now being in a growing period, but honestly, I think being suffocated by glue for 2 weeks stunted their growth.

In the end, I’m happy I got them and I would totally get them for a wedding or prom, but for real life? They aren’t practical, especially if you wear eye makeup everyday and luxuriate in being able to wash your face and eyelids.

Eyelash Extensions... Don’t Do It! •


Lifestyle & Wellness

Creating a Wellness Culture:

Strong Bodies, Strong Leaders and Strong Bottom Lines


By Charlene SanJenko 90 • Hat Trick Magazine •

What do health, wellness and self-care have to do with building and sustaining uber-successful business leaders? How about - EVERYTHING! Society has tucked fitness into a tiny, little box and labeled its primary benefit, ‘weight loss’. In the past, it’s has been ‘a nice little attempt’ that sits on the side of our desks and the side of our lives for that opportunity – if and when we have the time – to engage in it. No more! It is time to elevate the role that fitness plays in our career, business and life. Simple, pure and complete integration is needed now more than ever before – the convergence of Lifestyle and Leadership. “I knew that the stronger I felt in my body, the stronger and more confident I was in my life. It was my mission to share this experience with other women as a means of helping them reach their ultimate potential in every aspect of their lives.” I left my corporate position, my 22nd floor office, two amazing assistants, and the somewhat smug self-confidence that a guaranteed salary and full benefits can bring when I was just 30 years old. I realize now, I was at the ‘start of the pack’. According to Jennifer Gilhool in her article, An Open Letter to the Board, “Women, in particular, have been deserting large corporations and starting their own businesses in record numbers… Most women who leave large and medium-sized employers to follow the entrepreneurial path tell researchers they are seeking greater professional opportunity, personal satisfaction, and work/life flexibility. They also mention ‘being sick of worrying about office politics’ as another key factor in their decision to strike out on their own.” That was me. I wanted to make a difference, and that difference wasn’t aligned with my corporate position. As a result, my fulfillment fell and my entrepreneurial journey began in 2000 as a Lifestyle Management Consultant. I knew that the stronger I felt in my body, the stronger and more confident I was in my life. It was my mission to share this Charlene SanJenko: Creating a Wellness Culture •


experience with other women as a means of helping them reach their ultimate potential in every aspect of their lives. It’s 2013, and ‘the pack’ is catching up. A recent article profiling Promega Corp., a U.S. biotech company with 1,200 employees which claims $300 million in annual revenue, states that “Promega have concluded that meditation classes -- along with yoga, ubiquitous fitness centers, workspaces infused with natural light, and healthy meals -- contribute to a happier, healthier working experience. And happier, healthier workers make for a stronger business.”1 These health, wellness and self-care benefits are happening on company time because Promega understands their direct value to its bottom-line. According to Fast Company, Apple has a futuristic spaceship-inspired headquarters in the works so their 13,000+ employees can enjoy amenities such as grassy lawns with volleyball courts, outdoor seating for lunch and orchards to wander while thinking through ideas. You Tube’s office is complete with a rock climbing wall, lap pool, walking trail, indoor putting green, and two-storey indoor slide [Fast Company, July/August 2013].

I recently interviewed three women who are leading High-Impact Performance (HIP) lives as successful entrepreneurs, executives, thought leaders, change-makers, loving partners and busy mothers. How are they building and sustaining their HIP lives? Let’s find out…

What do health, wellness and self-care have to do with building and sustaining uber-successful business leaders? LG: As an entrepreneur, you are the driving force behind your business. When you reach a certain level of “business success” you need the confidence, clarity, strength and ability to not only sustain your business 92 • Hat Trick Magazine •

but have the energy to fulfill your desired experience and lifestyle. Being exceptionally healthy is essential. The bottom line is that there will come a time when you must choose your health and well-being in order to reach the next level in your business. JHG: To be vibrant and attract positive people with positive energy, being healthy is a must. Health and wellness are two of the most important aspects in my life. How I fuel my body and a high level of fitness are priorities for me that I do not put second to anything. I know that the focus and energy in my career are back-stopped by eating well and being fit.

Personal Vibrancy is a term I use a lot. The concept is simple - consistent exercise, healthy fuel, and routines/rituals that keep you grounded and positive are the key to being attractive and magnetic to the people and opportunities you are looking to connect with in order to move your life forward. What are your thoughts or experiences with Personal Vibrancy? LG: Agreed. You are the magnet. The opportunities that show up on your doorstep are a direct reflection of the energy that you are putting out into the world. FG: I completely agree. My daily early-morning ritual of spiritual podcasts, working out and meditating keep me grounded and positively prepared for very busy days filled with the responsibilities and obligations of three children and three businesses. JHG: Healthy people have a high level of vibrancy, we almost glow and others are attracted to this quality. Healthy people laugh more, love bigger and help others always.

Moving forward in business whether as an entrepreneur or top executive requires confidence and courage. When did you start to notice your confidence and courage increasing? How did it Charlene SanJenko: Creating a Wellness Culture •


come about? What’s the best example or personal story you can give from your own life? LG: A year ago I knew I was ready to take my business to the next level, and as a Business Strategist, I had a very clear understanding of what I needed to do. One of my top key strategies was to refocus on my health and start training again in order to a) re-build my confidence; b) increase my stamina to have more energy and focus in order to deliver at a different level; and, c) to ensure that I had a positive experience by getting more in touch my body and enabling me to stay very in tune with my needs as my company grew. And it’s paid off! JHG: What changed for me in my 40’s was that I really started connecting with amazing women, and I had learned enough along the way to open up and show them who I was. With this great risk has come great reward. I think that becoming a mentor was another pivotal moment for me. When I realized that the student had become the teacher my confidence skyrocketed and I became much more compassionate towards others. I believe that compassion and the ability to really be invested in someone else’s success breeds an unselfish type of confidence which shines brightly.

How do you keep your energy balanced. There are so many demands on our energy how do you sustain yours? LG: My training is no longer negotiable. I do Pilates, yoga, weights and running. I eat to feel good and fuel my body for maximum energy (that doesn’t mean I don’t eat chips and enjoy a glass of wine at all). I am extremely mindful that the amount of energy that I give, I consistently replenish. I have to respect the core truth that if I want to truly live an exceptional life then I must first honor and nurture my body and soul. Only then will I have the best of me to give to my son, my partner, family, friends and clients. FG: I sustain mine by my morning ritual and by eating well. I’m a big 94 • Hat Trick Magazine •

believer in juicing! When I juice fresh veggies, I can almost feel the energy surging through my body as I drink it. And my girl-friends also give me energy through their wisdom and perspective. Most of all, being present with my three daughters allows me to view life at their level. And their level is fantastic! Kids see so much more than we do. They give me the energy I need to stay on my path. JHG: One word, Crossfit. Best thing I have ever done for myself, and I will be doing it until the day I die.

I believe a key component of Leadership Development in the future is effective Lifestyle Management. It is time for us to elevate the role that we allow fitness, health & self-care in our lives. No longer can we afford for it to be something we might do when we have time. It must be a center pillar of a HIP (High-Impact Performance) Women ~ a PowHERhouse. Do you agree? If so, why do you personally think so? And again, how is this statement personally relevant in your life? JHG: It is THE centre pillar of my life. I can not function without being fit and healthy, for me it is very simple. I do not sacrifice my fitness routine for anything, I schedule the rest of my life around it. The level of success in my career and life are totally related to how fit and healthy I am. Charlene SanJenko: Creating a Wellness Culture •


About PowHERhouse: PowHERhouse builds strong female leaders because leadership occurs when you step into your own true greatness, own your ultimate potential and demonstrate it in the world through your authentic action.

About Our PowHERhouse Interviewees:

Jake Hassel-Gren

is a well-known community leader and active participant in many local leadership and mentorship programs. She places high value on working with and influencing young people both in their careers and their community contributions. Although her career is important to her, nothing is more important than her health and wellness. As such, Jake has been a competitive and amateur athlete since the age of five. Over the last three years, her fitness focus has been as a competitive Crossfit athlete. There’s nothing she loves more than throwing heavy barbells around with the amazing group of women she trains with at her home Crossfit box.

Leah Goard is a soul

searching business and life strategist, writer, speaker, partner and mom. Through Define, Design, Align she helps passionate, adventurous, individuals & business owners find clarity, take action and create freedom in their businesses and lives.

96 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Julia: I think I would say I’m not there yet. However, IÕm an unÞnished

Fawn Gill

hasifbeen others the be dead. The problem product at all times; I wasteaching Þnished, I would benefits of health &iswellness for almost years with achievement determining what 20 to do next…

as a certified personal trainer, Pilates instructor & fitness instructor, it took a divorce for Fawn to Suzanne : I thinkbut that would be awesome! learn the true importance of self-care. Her focus has now shifted to the mind-body connection Shelly I would smile as and say "Thank You, I work at it!" utilizing: such methods meditation & yoga. Moving forward, her desire is to help women celebrate their own magnificence through true selfAbout PowHERhouse We build HIP Women (Highcare and compassion. Fawn is also a proud mom Impact Performance). Our mission: Helping women to three exuberant girls and owns a successful confidence, courage and capacity through the gymbuild and yoga studio -

convergence of Lifestyle & Leadership. Study the latest PMP syllabus with Joseph Phillips, America’s foremost in PMI PMP Education. FREE bonus material including exam cheat sheets, one hour of video training and MORE! Buy Now On Amazon


Charlene SanJenko PowHERhouse ¥ Charlene SanJenko: Creating a WellnessWomen Culture •

91 97

5 Effective Steps To

A Complete Body Mind Makeover The best thing I’ve ever done was wake up one day and say: “I need a change! NOW”. I was a cranky, drained and tired-looking young mother and I was fed up with not recognizing my own face in the mirror anymore. I mean, I really loved my kid and partner. But - before I had decided to start a family and agree to the house, offspring, and two cats that came with it - I had been funny, sexy and joyful and all of this had simply gone “poof!” My life as a working mother juggling a thousand things at the same time had taken its toll and I was finally ready to snatch it right back! So - after a visit to our local grocery market - I ventured out on a journey with a brand new juicer and blender and this turned out to be the beginning of a complete and utter body & mind makeover! Because in what seemed like no time whatsoever, I said goodbye to my exhausted alter ego who thought she couldn’t live without meat and who was more often stressed out than working out, unsuccessfully trying to deal with one child, one business, and one dog. And I welcomed with open arms a health & wellness addict who is zen-loving, relaxed, happy and pretty darn good at handling two kids, two businesses and two dogs. And you know what - I have never been in better shape! FIND ME ONLINE HERE

By Nathalie de Ahna 98 • Hat Trick Magazine •

God, how I love juicing! But let me be clear: although turning yourself into a new person can happen fast, it does not happen automatically. If you want it all, you have to give it your all! You need that certain itch for change and, once you feel it, you must grab it with both hands and not let go of it again! Because change is good and it is never too late to take a U-turn and rewrite the plot of your own life! So, if you, too, are itchy and ready to change BIG time, here is my stepby-step guide:

1 Find a fun, inspiring detox program and follow it through. Start with a short cleanse and feel what it does to you (honestly, when you make it through the first few awful days full of headaches and dizziness, you’ll wake up in the morning and think you’ve had the best sex ever)!

2 Educate yourself! Learn all you can about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. I went back to school to do so and now I’m an orthomolecular nutritionist, trained in homeopathy, phytotherapy and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy. But don’t panic - you don’t need to study hard to find out more about what is good for you and what is not. Discovering how to live healthily can actually be truly entertaining. Just regularly visit good Internet sites or look at magazines offering up-to-date information and how-to-guides and you will simply learn by reading, not even realizing you’re becoming a health expert yourself! 5 Steps to a Complete Body Mind Makeover •


3 Start moving! I go running with my dogs 4-5 days a week, simply because they will ruin the house if they aren’t walked properly. I hated it in the beginning; but now I LOVE it so much that I even got myself customized shoes which I named after my dogs: “Mini” and “Coop”. Don’t worry if you don’t have dogs that will MAKE you work out - just look for something which will encourage you to WANT to do so. The best thing I’ve found is a mini-jumper because hopping around on a trampoline is so much fun it doesn’t even feel like you’re exercising.

4 Make sure you stay motivated! I know, this is tough for many people, including me. But something as simple as post-its can help with that. Put them EVERYWHERE. For example, I have one on my wardrobe which says: “You are more bootylicious than you’ve ever been!” This makes me feel sexy and reminds me to use my mini-trampoline regularly, because you DO get a great behind from jumping! The one on my fridge says: “Choose wisely, but ENJOY” - and this is exactly what I do when I eat. So, whatever it is you need some motivation for, write yourself inspiring post-its and stick them all over your place!

5 Finally, walk the talk and put your education to work! Ditch the junk food and your lazy habits and simply love the new you! 100 • Hat Trick Magazine •

If you drink this smoothie twice a day

as morning and afternoon snack you will quickly feel your batteries recharging. Your general wellbeing will improve, your digestion will work ßawlessly (making your tummy ßatter!) and This is how I changed my life and - once you your skin will start to glow. Give it a try - I'm sure you will love it

feel the itch - this is how you can do it, too!

How to Detox With Green Superfood Smoothies ¥

5 Steps to a Complete Body Mind Makeover •



Let Yourself Off the Hook Why Forgiving is for You and not for Them

Let’s face it, we are all holding on to something that eats us up. Yes we have done our best to get on with our lives and we know that “success is the best possible revenge”. Even though we threw ourselves into our career, business ventures, diets and new relationships, it’s still there though, niggling. That feeling that someone did you wrong and hurt you, damaged you or took something from you that you simply cannot move on from. You are carrying the pain of un-forgiveness and until you process and release these negative emotions, you will always be chained to your past to some degree.

The thing is that we’ve got it all wrong. I’m going to say something radical here so bear with me… forgiving someone else is a gift to yourself, not something you do for them. It’s not something that you do for your ex, your old business partner and that girl that you used to be FIND ME ONLINE HERE BFF with. It’s not about them in the least.

By Kate Spencer

102 • Hat Trick Magazine •

You forgive because you deserve to be free from the negativity, and the stress of carrying it around. And also because you recognise that feeling the pain from your past does not serve you in your life in the present, and is in fact harmful to you. You forgive because you deserve a peaceful and happy life without the baggage. Carrying around negative emotions creates a massive resistance in your flow, it’s like a huge boulder in your pathway that you can’t get around and it stops opportunity, goodness and positive energy flowing to you. No matter how hard you work with Law of Attraction if you have underlying negative emotions like hate and resentment going on you’ll struggle to manifest what you are asking for. All of the emotions, beliefs and feelings that we have make up our core signature vibration and no matter how many affirmations you say or meditations you do, your vibration will be sending out a signal of resistance if you do not forgive past hurts. You don’t want to be stuck like this, especially over something that happened in your past that you can’t change or influence now.

Perception - what have I made this mean? When looking back over past events, especially when these events have been upsetting to us, our brain filters the information in ways that fit into our perception. This means that we see our version of what happened which is specific to us, our own personal account of the event. There have been multiple studies completed regarding eye witness testimony that have shown that as humans when we observe an event, we usually come up with different accounts of that event and recall different details depending on our perception. So several people could see exactly the same thing and have a totally different account of it. Once you have observed or experienced something, our brain searches for a meaning for this event. Once it’s found one, we file away that meaning and create an association. This is where things can get very interesting from a psychology perspective, because depending on the way that you were feeling at the time of the event, this can massively change that association or meaning. For example my husband could come in from work one evening and be very off hand with me, sulky and Let Yourself Off the Hook •


bad tempered and generally not want to engage. Depending on how I am feeling in that moment this behaviour could have many interpretations. If I am in a good space and feeling confident in our relationship I might interpret this as him having a really stressful day at work and be understanding and supportive. If I am feeling a bit wobbly and perhaps my victim archetype has made an appearance, I could interpret his behaviour as him not loving me, having an affair, wanting a divorce etc. This is a simple example but I hope that it gives you the idea that the way you look at things creates the meaning in your own mind. The meaning that we give things is not always “the truth” of a situation, it is simply “our truth” in that moment. Have a look at the old scenario from a now time perspective and see if the meaning that you have given this event or exchange is fair, or if you want to change it in the light of some distance.

People do the best they can This is a concept that is difficult to take on board for some of us, but believe me it is really going to help you in terms of forgiveness and moving on. Your first human reaction to this statement if you have been really badly hurt or treated in a horrible way is that your ego will start to speak up and tell you that person X is a bad person, its right to hate this person, they deserve to suffer and more negative thoughts about them. Again, I am are not saying that what happened was ok, but based on that person’s life experience, feelings, parenting, life skills, beliefs, influences and much more that they did what they could in that moment. It might not have been great, but it was what they could do. And perhaps you accepted someone treating you in a way that did not serve you, but at that time you were doing the best that you could too. Spend some time thinking about this and start to move your consciousness towards the idea that everyone concerned was doing the best that they could do.

What is the cost to me? What the cost is to you of hanging on to these bad feelings and pain from 104 • Hat Trick Magazine •

your past? There could be all kinds of costs such as you not feeling peaceful in your life, not being present, carrying around feelings of anger, not feeling good enough, not being able to have a new relationship, not being able to trust anyone, and so we go on. Look for the true cost to you right now of carrying around these negative feelings and not releasing them, and start to see more clearly why forgiveness would be a really helpful thing to do for yourself.

What is the gift to me when I release this? How would you feel if you could let all of those feelings go? What would be the gift that you would be giving yourself by allowing yourself to forgive? When you focus on this instead of hanging on to the pain and anger you can start to see why this truly is an act of self-love and that you are letting yourself off the hook and no one else.

We all what w do e but wh can, know b en we etter, w e do be tter.

What is stopping me? I’ll help you out with this one… yourself. Your ego will possibly want to hang on to the pain and misery, as in the case of deep emotional trauma and pain you will have included this so far into your story that this is now a part of your identity. Your victim archetype might want to hang on to this self-concept even though its sabotaging you and keeping you stuck in a negative place. But think about this for a moment - We all do what we can, but when we know better, we do better. Let Yourself Off the Hook •


And you know a whole lot better now. IÕm

Ditching The Diets

Isn’t it time to release the pain of your past and set yourself free? Forgive who and what you can, and allow yourself at last to start moving forwards, your life is waiting.

Love Kate x

If you’d like to join Kate on her conscious weight loss journey you can get online. at There is a free mp3 meditationinvolved to download that will help This summer   I  am  at going   to  ditch  the  din iets   and  think   yself  thinner,  aand   you to look situations your lifemthrough Higher change  those  nega>ve  self-­‐beliefs  that  have  been  holding  me  back  for  far  too   Self perspective and release old emotional pain long.  I  know  that  in  my  heart  if  I  can  really  do  this,  then  the  rest  will  fall  into   trauma. place  for  me,  and  that  weight  and loss  will   be  a  natural  side  effect  to  loving  myself   and  healing  my  past.  

About A Homemade Year

98 HatTrick TrickMagazine Magazine ¥• 106 ¥• Hat

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Hat Trick Magazine • •


Mystic Sisters Mystic Sisters Mellissa and Jayshree Mallaya are a household name in South Africa with a clientele of the who’s who from Hollywood to Bollywood. Mellissa followed her heart and now lives with her husband in London where she does Skype, telephone and 1:1 sessions (in addition to planning naughty book club meetings and girls pamper parties). As Seen In Cosmo Magazine!

Write In To Get Featured! Life Or Love Question? Book Your Consultation With Mellissa Phone: +44 7720748095 Or Email Her 108 • Hat Trick Magazine •


By Mellissa Mallaya


Dear Mellissa. Thank you for taking the time to reply to us confused souls! I am so upset. I was planning to elope with my fiancée to Mexico. I bought us both tickets and wanted to surprise her. I also had got my folks and her folks tickets. My issue is my mum went through my drawer and found the tickets. She then spoke to my fiancée and asked her about Mexico and her parents travelling with us! I then had to tell my fiancée everything. How should I approach my mum as she took the most special plans I’ve made and ruined them with her snooping? Distressed Son


Oh Dear! I’m so sorry! Deep breaths. Unfortunately some mums come with a built in snooping device. You do need to address your mum. You have entertained her interfering behaviour for far too long. So much so that she thinks its her right. You are an adult man! She is going to present a drama theatre when you do confront her, so perhaps ask your family to be present. She and your dad need to spend quality time together as she does feel lonely and neglected. Your mum was a bit jealous in thinking that you were spoiling your in-laws. Therefore she jumped to conclusions. Be direct but tactful. Your mum does have a jealous streak in generally think with your heart and therefore do not want to upset anyone.


Dear Mellissa, My husband of two years has been lying to me. He was made redundant but instead of telling me, he ‘went in to work’ for the past week. I only found out when I called his work. I feel so miserable. How could he lie to me? Ramona

Hello lovely. Your husband was hoping to find a job and then deliver the bad news of his redundancy. He did not realise he was indeed betraying your trust. He knows you get pretty worked up. It is a ensitive time for him right now. Tell him you support him and stand by him and that you will discuss this issue later. He will be working again in September.


Mystic Sisters Answer Your Psychic Questions •



Dear mystic sisters, Thank you for this opportunity. I have a few questions. I recently met someone who is a few years older than me. I am crazy about her and I assume she feels the same way. We are going to South Africa to meet my family. I have already got a message from my mum that she is not welcome in our home. What do I do? I am planning to move to South Africa to set up a new business and this frustrates me to no end as I am a mummy’s boy. Joe kool


Dear Mr Kool, Firstly, deep breaths. Unfortunately your family are being biased more due to her heritage than her age. Your first focus is you. It is not about being selfish but more about being self evolved. Yes you are a mummy’s boy, and you will always be. But you are an independent man. Stay true to your emotions, commitment and love. Your partner is very accommodating and open and she will be a perfect fit into your family. Your family are not going to be open nor loving initially to her. With this in mind, avoid confrontation, arguments and bitterness. Sometimes we are all afraid of the unknown. Rather than rotate your holiday, choose to rotate your family around your holiday. Spend time bonding with them out of the house. Book quality time with your mum and partner that is bonding but avoids too much conversation, like a spa day etc. Your holiday can be a nightmare or it can be fulfilling.The business idea looks like a success, but I do see you moving back to SA in eighteen months, so hang in there.

110 • Hat Trick Magazine •


Hi darling, Many people keep their options open and so are you. He adores you but has become mentally lazy in this relationship. He won't walk away unless you do. I do see a new man in 2 years. Yes it is deceptive but mostly to yourself as the world sees you as an attached woman. You would never carry a dead horse about, why carry this? You are witty, loving, naughty and gorgeous. Get out there and seize the world!

How to Detox With Green Superfood Smoothies ÂĽ


Mystic Sisters Answer Your Psychic Questions •


104 HatTrick TrickMagazine Magazine •¥ 112 •¥ Hat


¥ Hat Trick Magazine ¥

Hat Trick Magazine • •


Food, Home & Family

Summer Fresh Creamed Corn

:) m m m Mm

By Tanya Jackson 114 • Hat Trick Magazine •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Shuck corn of husks & silks Ingredients Cut tips off corn Wash corn « Large frying pan Stand corn on end & cut « 6 Fresh Corn in the husks off corn close to cob « 1 stick butter (8 tlbs. butter) Melt butter in large skillet Carefully lay corn into « ¼ cup milk skillet « 2 tlbs sugar Cook on low, stirring often « 1½ tsp cornstarch for 15 min « 2 tsp salt & 1 tsp pepper Add 2 tlbs sugar Continue to cook on low, stirring often 10 min Disolve 11/2 tsp. cornstarch in 1 tlb. of milk Add ¼ cup milk and dissolved cornstarch Continue cooking on low and stirring until mixture thickens approx: 8 min Add 2 tsp salt and 1 tsp pepper Serve in large bowl

PS: If the liquid doesn’t thicken in 8 min. add more dissolved cornstarch 1 tsp at a time

Hat Trick Magazine • •


Broccoli Salad

Sweet & Tangy


By Amber Hamilton Henson 116 • Hat Trick Magazine •

On a Facebook page, there was a call for viewers to submit their favorite BROCCOLI recipes. I realized I didn’t have a favorite of my own to submit. I usually serve BROCCOLI steamed or just lightly sautéed with butter, unless I’m putting BROCCOLI into a casserole or quiche. In a casserole or quiche, my broccoli usually is just a supporting ingredient. However, someone else submitted a recipe for BROCCOLI SALAD. With just slight modification, we’ve fallen in love with this recipe. The original poster referred to the recipe as, “An oldie, but Goodie.” You’ll see why! With still crunchy broccoli, raw sweet onion, and a really sweet tangy sauce, this salad is ABSOLUTELY A KEEPER for us. Broccoli Salad Sweet & Tangy •


Thanks for the original written recipe go to someone I’ve never met, Carol Chambers Thompson.

The Recipe For Broccolli Salad Sweet and Tangy: • 2 lbs. Fresh broccoli cut into small florets, discarding stalks, and lightly steamed to retain crunch • Grated cheddar cheese; (6-8oz) • 8 slices of bacon fried crispy and crumbled • 1 small sweet onion. (Vidalia onions are my preference) Mix the ingredients together then refrigerate. Just before serving add dressing Sauce, coating thoroughly.

For dressing Sauce: • 1/2 cup real mayonnaise • 1/4 cup sugar, • 1 tablespoon white vinegar. Then, gently mix almond slices or cashews into the salad before serving.

Enjoy!! 118 • Hat Trick Magazine •

I don’t post a lot of recipes, primarily because I only want to post favorites. I’m an experimental cooker. We try lots of different things. This one is among only a handful of new recipes I’ve discovered in the last year that wasn’t already a staple in our house that my husband and I both truly, truly enjoyed thoroughly. As an homage to being an oldie, but goodie, I’m serving in my vintage FireKing bowl covered in gold decoration. LOVE IT! Do you have a favorite BROCOLLI SALAD recipe? If not, you might want to give this one a try! Your Friend,

Amber Hamilton Henson

Broccoli Salad Sweet & Tangy •


You Know You’re getting old


Cherie began as a weekly columnist for the main local newspaper in her area. Her articles focus on a humorous look at married life with five children and the ups and downs we can all relate to. She has won 2 international short story contests as well as being published in Our Canada magazine. Cherie is a breast cancer survivor and a huge advocate of self-exams.

By Cherie DeBurger 120 • Hat Trick Magazine •

The years have passed seemingly unnoticed, I say this because in my mind I am still the energetic, unstoppable, limber, wrinkle free and in shape girl I was when I entered my twenties. Every once and a while when I try to do something that I used to do and fail miserably it reminds me that even though I feel and think relatively the same I am a little longer in the tooth than I used to be. One morning I was getting out of a nice hot shower feeling good about life, humming a little tune. I was drying off with a big yellow towel and happened to get a glimpse of the reflection in the full length mirror of the shower door. I gasped at the image thinking someone had entered into the bathroom unbeknownst to me while my ears were deafened by the sound of the water streaming out of the shower head. After realizing no one else was in the bathroom my mind screamed “wholly crap is that me?!” I stared in disbelief at the wrinkled, graying, and widening figure that was my reality.

It doesn’t end there though; other facets of my life have been affected by this merciless thing identified as time. I remember those days when I would find out about something exciting to do after work and I wouldn’t think twice about going. I didn’t use my watch to keep track of the time; if the sun was coming up I knew if I didn’t want to be late for work I had to get home for a shower and a change of clothes.

Now when I go out I am checking my watch often calculating how many hours of sleep I would still get if I went to bed by the top of the next hour. Of course some evenings are so much fun I don’t check my watch and although I am home long before sunrise I need to strategically place a few toothpicks to keep my eyelids in the open position. Nothing gets done well the next day if anything gets done at all. I could not gain weight in my teenage years; the doctors credited it to my high metabolism. At that time in my life I used to be able to eat anything I wanted and as much as I wanted and my body would just burn it off. I was a chocoholic as well as a fast food junkie. Even after my first couple pregnancies the baby weight would just fall off without any special diets You Know You’re Getting Old When... •


or exercise routines. (Remember before you hate me and stop reading I specifically said “in my teenage years”) For a long time my eating habits drove my sister and some of my friends crazy. It was very frustrating for them to have to watch everything they ate while I stuffed my face. After a few decades and five pregnancies all those people I drove nuts can now rest assured because my metabolism has turned on me and for the first time in my life I have love handles. Why am I gaining weight at this point in my life when I am getting more exercise on a daily basis running after five kids as well as the fact that I don’t eat nearly as much as I used to because I no longer have the time? I find it very ironic that now my chemistry has changed and I have the astounding ability to gain weight just by looking at or smelling something? I used to laugh at my husband as he stretched out his arm to focus more clearly on the small print of things. Now I find myself holding that medicine

“Some of the music my kids listen to doesn’t sound like music to me. Now if that doesn’t signify getting old I don’t know what does.” bottle a little farther away but I’m sure, due to the economy, it’s a strategic effort by the companies to save money by reducing the font size on the labels or directions. Well it could be. When my kids talk to me there are times I don’t have a clue as to what they are trying to tell me. I wonder if they have made the word up themselves and I find myself asking them what certain words mean. Just to even out the playing field I will use very long and intellectual words once and a while so they have to ask me the same question. Some of the music my kids listen to doesn’t sound like music to me. Now if that doesn’t signify getting old I don’t know what does. Every generation has a new strain of music that the grown ups don’t get and I am now in that category. I was out shopping with my oldest daughter a few weeks ago and saw 122 • Hat Trick Magazine •

a really cute shirt. I held it up to get my daughters opinion and reality smacked me across the face when she told me it was to young for me. Ouch! Another reward of getting older, for women anyway is the introduction to the wonderful world of mammograms. I no longer have to wonder what a nut in a nutcracker feels like. Maybe it’s just me but I think the technician should have bought me dinner first or at the very least told me her name. I leave you with a few more signs that you are getting old but I am not saying that I have personal experience with the following.

Someone comments on how tan you are thinking you just came back from a vacation but really it’s your age spots now connecting. The police show up at your door due to a disturbing the peace complaint but the noise is not a party it’s your television but it’s the only sound level you can hear the TV at. You will find yourself buying wax for hair removal but you don’t use it on your legs it’s for your chin.

If you have any comments or questions please contact Cherie at

You Know You’re Getting Old When... •


124 • Hat Trick Magazine •

ISSUE 11 AUGUST 2013 ÂŁ3.00


Edible Flower Fragrances


Sugar flowers that smell like flowers!



Cake Lace

Afternoon tea at Kensington Palace

Wedding Cake Project

Oriental Lily Tutorial


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Interviews with Handi Mulyana and Rudy Martinez, Wired Sugar Lily Tutorial, Peony Tutorial,The Wedding Dress Cake, Brave Brides Who Made Their Own Cakes, Baking Wish List and lots more! 1



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Cake Lace Wedding Cake Project



EXCLUSIVE Interview Ron Ben-Israel

Brian Marcus  Photography  



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   Summer’s  here  and  the  wedding   season  is  in  full  swing…and  Cake   Masters  Magazine  has  devoted  this   August  issue  to  all  things  bright  and   beautiful! I’m  so  excited  to  have  an   international  legend  gracing  the   pages  of  our  magazine  -­‐-­‐-­‐  the  one   and  only  Ron  Ben-­‐Israel.    Ron’s   inspirational  cakes  are  so   beautifully  made;  we  have   dedicated  several  pages  to  show  off   his  fantastic  talent  and  let  you  have   a  little  insight  into  his  world!   In  fact,  our  interviews  this  month   are  all  about  the  boys!    We  have  a  special  interview  with  Handi  Malyana   from  Handi’s  Cakes  and  also  from  Rudy  Martinez  from  Man  Bakes  Cake;   who  is  subject  to  many  a  Facebook  crush!   This  issue  is  all  about  Wlower  power!    We  have  an  extra  special  feature   called  The  Floral  Wedding  Collection  with  over  25  pages  of  exquisite   Wloral  inspiration  for  you  to  feast  your  eyes  on.   Even  our  wonderfully  detailed  tutorials  are  continuing  with  the  Wloral   theme.    In  this  issue  we  have  a  step-­‐by-­‐step  wired  oriental  lily  tutorial   from  Claire  McDonald  and  a  fantastic  Cake  Lace  and  Peony  wedding  cake   project  from  Claire  Bowman,  both  will  help  you  achieve  breathtaking   results!   Other  features  include  a  great  article  from  Cakeolgy,  where  they  tell  us   all  about  the  awesome  wedding  cake  dress  they  made  at  the  Cake   International’s  PME  Live  Competitions  last  year.    We  also  have  a  lovely   feature  on  the  brave  and  talented  brides  who  made  their  own  wedding   cakes!?    Not  something  I  would  want  to  be  doing  the  day  before  walking   down  the  aisle!     I  also  really  hope  you  enjoy  our  Wedding  Cakes  feature;  there  are  some   simply  stunning  designs  that  I  know  will  feed  your  imagination!

Afternoon Tea  -­‐  Kensington  Palace Floral  Essentials Brave  Brides Baking  Wish  List PME  LIVE  Competitions  -­‐  Wedding  Cake  Dress Recipe  -­‐  Strawberry,  Balsamic  Vinegar  &  Brie  MufWins The  Floral  Wedding  Cake  Collection

Tutorials 10 Oriental Lily 42 Cake  Lace  and  Peony  Wedding  Project Interviews 4 Rudy  Martinez  -­‐  Man  Bakes  Cake 24 EXCLUSIVE:  Ron  Ben-­‐Israel  Cakes 50 Handi  Malyana  -­‐  Handi’s  Cakes


As always,  I  would  love  to  hear  any  feedback  from  you.


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Front cover: Featured  Cake  -­‐  Ron  Ben-­‐Israel  Cakes   Cake  Lace  -­‐  Claire  Bowman  Claire’s  Chique  Cakes Oriental  Lily  -­‐  Claire  McDonald,  Claire’s  Cakes  and  Bakes Ron  Ben-­‐Israel  Interview  -­‐  Ron  Ben-­‐Israel  Cakes,  Brian  Marcus  Photography  


Meet Rudy From Man Bakes Cake

Tell us  about  you  and  your  family Well,  I'm  a  native  Californian.    Born  and  raised   in  Orange  County.    It  was  just  my  Mom,  Dad,   Sister  and  me  in  the  immediate  family.    Almost   all  of  my  extended  family  still  lives  in  California.   I  have  some  relatives  in  Texas  and  Nevada.    I'm   an  Uncle  to  a  Niece  and  Nephew,  and  a   Godfather  to  two  young  boys.    I  had  a  relatively   carefree  upbringing.  Sunny  California  in  the   70's  was  a  great  place  to  grow  up.    I  moved  to   NYC  in  the  Fall  of  1997.    I  had  planned  on   staying  a  year,  but  fell  in  love  with  the  city.    I've   been  here  16  years.    I'm  very  close  to  my  family   and  we  still  talk  on  the  phone  a  few  times  a   week. What  did  you  do  before  baking?   I  did  many  things  before  baking.  I  was  in  charge   of  a  high  school  theatre  department,  worked   for  a  magazine  publisher,  had  about  every   single  job  you  could  have  in  the  service   industry  and  catered  for  some  time...but,  most   people  from  my  "previous  life"  know  me  from   my  singing  and  acting  career.   What  is  your  earliest  memory  of  baking? When  I  was  very  young,  I  remember  trying  to   make  a  recipe  that  I  saw  in  a  children's  section   of  the  newspaper  called  "The  Mini  Page."  It  was   for  some  kind  of  custard  pie.  It  didn't  turn  out.   The  texture  left  quite  a  bit  to  be  desired.  I   distinctly  remember  the  look  on  my  Mom's  face   when  she  tasted  it.  Well,  come  to  Wind  out...they   made  a  retraction  in  the

paper  because  they  had  printed  the  recipe   incorrectly.  I  felt  slightly  vindicated,  but  it   wasn't  until  years  later  in  college  that  I  tried   baking  anything  else.  That's  when  I  started   making  cheesecakes.

You were  selected  to  be  part  of  the  50   brightest  bakers  collaboration.  What  was  it   like?  Fast!    Very  fast.  I  was  only  asked  a  few   days  before  the  deadline.  I  replaced  another   baker  who  had  an  injury.  I  really  didn't  know   what  I  was  doing  and  just  jumped  in.  I  was   initially  nervous  because  I  didn't  have  a   concept  for  my  square,  but  once  I  sat  down,  I   just  tried  to  rely  on  a  child-­‐like  sense  of  fun.  I   just  started  doing.  Not  thinking...just  doing.  On   top  of  that  small  experience,  I  cannot  tell  you   how  remarkable  it  was  to  be  working  with   people  from  all  over  the  world  that  I  had  never   met.  Egos  were  left  aside  and  we  all  just   worked  towards  the  common  goal  of  Winishing.   It  was  a  dream  experience  and  something  I  am   so  fortunate  to  have.  I  have  made  my  best  cake   friends  from  that  experience.

What do  you  honestly  think  of  the  cake   world  and  the  negativity  that  goes  with  it? Since  I  am  new  to  baking,  I  honestly  didn't   know  there  even  was  a  "cake  world,"  until   recently.  It's  been  a  fun  and  interesting   introduction  to  me  and  I  am  just  getting  the   sense  of  how  big  AND  how  small  it  really  is.    As   far  as  the  negativity,  it  really  saddens  me  to  


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The Orangery Afternoon Tea

Kensington Palace ~ London



Travel ~ Taste ~ Try For the  past  few  months,  I've  been  sharing  my   experiences  at  some  of  London's  more  non-­‐ traditional  afternoon  tea  (AT)  locations.  Don't   get  me  wrong,  I  do  looooove  trying  out  new   things,  and  especially  new  AT  offerings.    Truth   be  told,  I  am  not  a  fan  of  cucumber   sandwiches  and  my  'usual  date'  (aka  my   husband,  Mark),  is  not  a  fan  of  wearing  fancy   clothes  to  AT,  so  the  alternative  AT  options   seem  to  be  a  little  better  for  casual  dining  (&   non-­‐cucumber  sandwiches  -­‐  LOL)!  Yup,  some   places  require  a  jacket  for  gents,  and  some  a   tie,  as  well.

On this  occasion,  I  am  pleased  to  share  the   photos  and  info  from  a  very,  quintessentially   British  AT,  which  I  had  the  pleasure  of   enjoying  with  my  whole  Rolfe  family,at  the   Kensington  Palace  Orangery.    My  lovely   mother-­‐in-­‐law  decided  to  treat  us  with  high   tea  after  we  toured  the  wonderful  and  historic   Kensington  Palace  and  gardens.  I  will,  Wirst  of   all,  recommend  booking  to  avoid   disappointment.    Luckily,  we  did  have  a   reservation,  but  those  without  had  to  wait  in  a   bonaWide  queue,  in  the  rain.    There  is  plenty  of   seating  in  the  Orangery,  but  you  can  imagine  

how many  people  take  the  stroll  from  the   palace  to  the  garden  and  to  the  Orangery  in   hopes  of  an  AT  treat.    The  wait-­‐times  being   quoted  to  those  in  the  queue  were  about   30-­‐45  minutes.    OK,  logistics  sorted,  now  onto   the  AT.  

As mentioned,  this  is  a  traditional  afternoon   tea.  Part  of  this  Wine  tradition  is  service  in  Wine   bone  china.  Goodness  me,  I  just  fell  in  love   with  the  gorgeous  china  that  was  set   stunningly  on  the  table.    The  tea  was  served  in   a  Wine  silver  service,  and  the  AT  was  served  on   a  three-­‐tier  cake  stand,  and  all  enjoyed  in  the   amazing  setting  of  the  Kensington  Palace   Orangery.    I  couldn't  stop  looking  around  at   the  height  of  the  ceilings,  the  fab  indoor   foliage,  and  the  huuuuge  windows   overlooking  the  palace  and  gardens.   The  atmosphere  might  be  a  bit  more  on  the   formal  side,  and  you  won't  Wind  any  raucous   parties  here,  (it  was  mostly  families  and   couples  when  we  visited),  but  it  is  still  a   lovely,  almost  serene  experience.  We  had   great  service,  and  all  thoroughly  enjoyed  the   sandwiches,  scones,  and  cakes/desserts  that  


By Jennifer  DeGuzman-­‐Rolfe Jen’s  Just  Desserts

were offered.    The  accompanying  pink  bubbly   wasn't  bad,  either  :-­‐)

My favourite  part  of  this  AT  was  actually  the   delicious  scones,  served  warm,  with  clotted   cream  and  strawberry  jam.    I'm  pretty  sure  we   were  starting  to  Wight  over  the  jam,  until  we   were,  thankfully,  provided  with  more. For  those  of  you  visiting  London,  or  maybe  if   you  live  nearby  and  have  never  visited   Kensington  Palace,  I  would  recommend  the   palace  tour,  followed  by  tea  in  the  Orangery   for  an  enjoyable  day  out.    A  little  history,  a   little  afternoon  tea;  you  can't  go  wrong  with   that!  



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Lily Tutorial By Claire McDonald from Claire’s Cakes and Bakes



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Taking the plunge...and baking their own wedding cakes!

Adrian  and  Cassie

Cake Details:  There  were  4  Wlavours-­‐ lemon,  lemon  &  raspberry,  chocolate   and  vanilla  &  raspberry

How long  it  took:    It  took  me  a  week  on   and  off,  as  I  marzipanned  and  iced

Why did  you  decide  to  make  your   own  cake?  I  was  a  bride  on  a  budget,  as   we  invited  150  guests!    So  decided  I  was   going  to  do  my  own  venue  decor,  cake,   evening  dress  and  bouquets!    So  a  few   months  before  -­‐  (I'd  never  made  a   decorated  cake)  I  bought  Peggy   Porschen's  “Cake  Chic”,  as  there  was  a   special  offer  in  a  wedding  magazine.   Once  I'd  Winished  decorating  my  venue   with  Wlowers  and  candles  at  midnight   the  night  before  my  wedding,  I  still  had   to  return  home  to  decorate  my  cake  -­‐  so   with  the  help  of  my  two  sisters  we   added  Wlowers  to  my  cake  before  I   admitted  defeat  at  1am  and  called  it  a   night!    So  it  was  very  crudely  Winished-­‐ check  out  the  unWilled  gaps!  But  I  had  to   accept  that  I'd  run  out  of  time-­‐  as  long   as  it  tasted  delicious-­‐and  not  a  bad   effort  for  my  Wirst  ever  wedding  cake.     I'm  so  glad  I  did  it  as  I  never  would  have   got  into  the  fabulous  world  of  cake!     Would  you  do  it  again?  Yes  -­‐  but  only   my  cake!    A  bride  should  be  pampering   herself  the  night  before!  :)

McAvoy Photographers

Alice and  Chris

Cake Details:  All  fruit  so  I  could  make  it  in   advance  and  have  it  decorated  the  week  before  so   I  wasn't  rushing  about.  I  also  made  cake  pops  and   all  of  our  cookie  wedding  favours  that  were   personalised  with  each  guests  name  so  they  knew   where  they  were  sitting.  I  had  a  cake  table,  with   cupcakes  and  other  sponge  cakes,  which  a  good   cake  making  friend  of  mine  made  (A  Little  Slice  of   Heaven  in  Beverley)

How long  it  took:    There  was  a  full  week  of  work   in  the  decorating  as  I  made  all  of  the  Wlowers  as   well  and  then  had  to  get  them  all  positioned  in  the   right  place.  I  also  then  had  to  travel  with  it  for100   miles  to  my  venue. Why  did  you  decide  to  make  your  own  cake:  As   making  cakes  is  my  job,  as  soon  as  people  knew  I   was  engaged,  the  Wirst  thing  they  asked  me  was   'are  you  making  your  own  cake?';  so  I  had  to   really! Would  you  do  it  again?  Of  course!


Ania and  Mark  

Cake Details:  4  tier  dark  choc  mud  wedding   cake  with  vanilla  buttercream  Willing How  long  it  took:    Took  25hrs  to  make

Why did  you  decide  to  make  your  own   cake?  I  decided  to  make  my  own  wedding  cake   because  I  love  cake  decorating  and  I  knew   exactly  what  I  wanted  and  how  I  wanted  it.     Would  you  do  it  again?  I  would  deWinitely  do   it  again.    I  have  learned  so  much  from  working   on  this  cake.    Never  will  I  make  the  same   mistakes  again  -­‐  and  I  haven’t  since.   I’m  just  happy  that  it  was  my  own  cake  this   happened  to  and  not  one  of  my  customers.    I   had  a  lot  going  against  me  on  the  day;40+   degree  heat  and  98%  humidity  just  did  not  do   well  for  my  buttercream  and  fondant.   Since  making  this  cake,  I  have  put  in  a  lot  of   time  researching  icings  and  am  now  using  only   humidity  friendly  fondants  and  I  have  switched   to  crumb  coating  with  ganache.


Rika Singh  Photography

Sasha and  Keegan

Cake Details:  The  cake  was  traditional  fruit  cake   that  I  baked  on  17th  October  (exactly  a  month   before)  and  left  to  mature,  while  I  fed  them  every   week  thereafter! How  long  it  took:    I  only  started  decorating  the   cake  on  the  Monday  of  the  week  of  the  wedding   and  drew  a  total  blank,  looking  at  hundreds  of   sketches  and  ideas  that  I  had  all  the  months   before.    I  couldn’t  settle  on  any  of  them.    Until  I   started  thinking  about  all  my  favourite  things-­‐   peacocks,  pearls  and  paisley  -­‐  the  design  was  a   done  deal

Had to  stop  working  on  the  cake  for  a  few  hours   to  go  and  have  my  Mendhi  done,.  The  cake  was   completed  by  Thursday  morning  with  matching   Mendhi  hands  

Why did  you  decide  to  make  your  own  cake?   There  were  2  things  that  I  was  certain  of  even   before  I  knew  I  was  getting  married;  there  had  to   be  a  candy  station  Willed  to  the  brim  with  my   favourite  sweets  and  that  I  had  to  make  my  own   wedding  cake.  I  couldn’t  bear  the  thought  of   someone  else  stealing  my  thunder  on  our  special   day;  so  I  had  to  bake,  decorate  and  be  in  total   control  of  everything  that  had  to  do  with  the   cake,  including  the  table  that  it  was  going  to  be   on. Would  you  do  it  again?  I  would  deWinitely  make   my  own  wedding  cake  again,  and  planning  to   make  a  fancy  cake  for  the  rest  of  our   anniversaries  to  come.

Mererid and  Daniel

Cake Details:  My  wedding  cake  was  5  tiered;  the  bottom   tier  was  sponge  and  one  above  it  was  a  rich  fruit  cake,   the  three  top  tiers  were  dummy  cakes.     How  long  it  took?    It  took  me  about  3  weeks  to   complete  and  I  did  it  in  stages,  changing  my  mind  about   the  design  as  I  went  along!  The  cake  took  about  a  week   to  design,  cook,  and  decorate  before  the  wedding  day.     We  delivered  the  cake  to  the  hotel  the  night  before  to   make  sure  everything  was  in  place.    But  on  the  morning   of  the  wedding,  me  and  my  mother  and  my  two   bridesmaids  at  6  o’clock  in  the  morning  were  Winishing   the  cupcakes  and  putting  them  in  the  boxes  before  we   went  to  get  our  hair  and  makeup  done!  

Why did  you  decide  to  make  your  own  cake?  I   decided  to  create  my  own  wedding  cake  because  I'm   deWinitely  a  perfectionist,  and  I  would  possibly  pick  out   any  faults  on  the  cake  if  someone  else  made  it!    Also,  I   saved  a  lot  of  money  that  way,  as  I  never  count  my  own   time  into  cakes;  I  would  rather  they  were  perfect,  than   done  too  quickly.    I  was  also  very  lucky  that  my  mother-­‐ in-­‐law  is  a  Wlorist,  Delyth  Price  of  'Del's  Flowers';  so  as  a   gift,  she  made  all  the  Wlowers  for  us...and  there  were  a  lot   of  beautiful  Wlowers  too  :) Would  you  do  it  again?  DeWinitely!  I  was  so  proud  of   what  I  had  done  and  achieved.    It  may  have  been   stressful  and  crazy  at  times,  but  it  was  so  worth  it.    We   had  the  most  amazing  day  and  night  Willed  with  so  much   happiness,  love  and  a  lot  of  dancing...I  would  do  it  all   over  again  in  a  heartbeat!  Just  wish  we  could  do  it  every   year!  


Laura and  Shaun  

Cake Details:  Fruit  cake  bottom  tier,   middle  tier  coconut  and  lemon  sponge,   3rd  tier  was  pistachio  and  chocolate. How  long  it  took:    Started  fruit  cake  6   months  ago,  to  feed  regularly  with   brandy.  The  making  of  the  cake  took   around  24  hours  in  total,  with  2  hours   assembly  and  touch-­‐ups.

Why did  you  decide  to  make  your  own   cake?  12  months  ago,  when  I  saw  a   similar  design  from  an  American  cake   maker  being  sold  at  $6000!  There  was   also  nothing  on  the  market  which  was  as   unusual  as  this.  So  glad  I  did  now;  it  made   it  all  that  extra  bit  more  special. Would  you  do  it  again?  DeWinitely


Baking Wish List

Sugar flowers  for  Cake   Decora1ng Amazon  £12.59

Measuring spoons   Cake  Cookies  &  Cra5 £4.92

Cake Lace The  Cake  Decora?ng  Company   £8.99

Kenwood kMix  Mixer Tesco  Direct  £299.00

Floral frilly  apron Belle  La  Vie  £20

Silicone wheel  mould Windsor  Cake  Cra5   from  £6.25

Chic &  Unique  Celebra1on  Cakes  by   Zoe  Clark   £18.99

Edible metallic  food  £4.00

Edible flower  fragrances The  Cake  Decora?ng  Company   £11.95

Edible glue The  Hobby  Warehouse   £3.75

Peony cu>ers Le  Beau  Cake  £19.99

6 silicone  flowerpot  muffin  cases Lakeland  £5.99



KPME set  of  3  carna1on  cu>ers  £3.89

Mini measure  cup Cake,  Cookies  &  Cra5s  £1.50

Digital spoon  scales  £10.44

Squires Kitchen  modeling   cocoform Squires  Kitchen  £5.55

Owl cu>er Sam’s  Cupcakes  £10.25

Vintage cut  glass  cake  stand Bake  &  Maker  £18.95

OXO good  grips  flour  siNer John  Lewis  £12.50

Covapaste sugarpaste  5kg The  Great  Cake  Warehouse   £13.50

Egg separator Lakeland  £5.99


Modern rolling  pin Doves  Farm  £7.99

Set of  3  bow  patchwork  cu>ers Patchwork  CuZers  £3.75  

Meri Meri  pink  stripe  cupcake  box Sam’s  cupcakes  London  £1.75


© Kate  Whitaker Photograph  Brian  Dorsey  ~  New  York

Cake Master and creator of the world’s most exquisite cakes



“Ron BenIsrael does amazing sugar work… formed flowers – so perfect!

With no introduction required, Cake Masters is truly honored to interview and showcase what only can be described as the breathtaking works of art from Ron Ben-Israel Cakes! As Chef-­‐Owner  of  one  of  the  country’s  Winest  couture  cake  studios,  Ron  Ben-­‐ Israel  started  his  confectionery  adventures  after  a  Wifteen-­‐year  career  as  a   professional  modern  dancer.    Upon  retiring  from  performing  with  companies   spanning  three  continents,  he  converted  his  art  background  and  ballet   training  into  the  discipline  of  pastry  arts.   After  apprenticeships  and  engagements  in  Toronto,  Canada  and  Lyon,  France   he  was  led  to  New  York  City.    In  1996  his  cakes  were  discovered  while  on   display  in  the  windows  of  Mikimoto  on  Fifth  Avenue.  Commissions  quickly   followed  from  Villeroy  &  Boch,  Baccarat,  DeBeer’s,  Bloomingdales  and   Bergdorf-­‐Goodman.

In 1999  Ron  established  his  Wlagship  design  studio  and  bakery  in  Manhattan’s   fashionable  SoHo  neighborhood.    In  addition  to  wonderful  private  clients,   many  of  New  York’s  premier  hotels  such  as  The  Pierre,  The  St.  Regis,  The  NY   Palace,  The  Ritz-­‐Carlton,  The  Waldorf-­‐Astoria,  The  Four  Seasons  and  the   Mandarin  Oriental  are  devotees.    Aside  from  serving  the  northeast,  his  cakes   are  frequently  delivered  to  destinations  throughout  the  continental  U.S  and   abroad. Ron’s  creations  have  been  featured  in  countless  publications,  many  times   adorning  their  covers.    Some  publications  include:  The  New  York  Times,   People  Magazine,  Martha  Stewart  Living,  In  Style,  Glamour,  Cosmopolitan,   TimeOut  and  Vogue.    In  2004,  Vogue  named  Ron  the  number  one  best  baker   and  Martha  Stewart’s  favorite  baker.   In  2011,  Ron  became  host  and  judge  of  the  hit  show  Sweet  Genius,  which   recently  aired  for  a  third  season  on  the  Food  Network  USA  and  abroad.


His cakes taste as good as they look!” -­‐ Martha  Stewart   presenting  Ron  Ben-­‐ Israel’s  cakes  on  the   Oprah  Winfrey  show.

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Introducing our new sparkling Golden Granulated cane sugar. Inspired by the South Pacific, its shy aroma, subtle caramel flavour and gentle crunch add delicious taste and texture to your baking creations.


y spired, butter iterranean in se e n a y u G From Medso to wn light ft b,rofruity demerara inspired



/welovebaking tasteandsmile

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LIVE Competitions @Cake International 50kg of icing, 200 flowers, 30 layers of ruffles, 24 slabs of cake...ONLY 3 HOURS Cake Masters  caught  up   exclusively  with  reigning   winners  Laura,  Fiona  and   Emma  to  Sind  out  how  they   did  it!   Please  tell  us  a  little  about  your  team  on  day There  was  myself,  Laura  George,  owner  of   Cakeology,  Fiona  Pearce  from  Icing  Bliss  and   Emma  Williams  who  used  to  run  the  shop  at   Cakeology.   Tell  us  about  your  company Cakeology  was  founded  by  myself  in  2011,  and   opened  an  ofWicial  shop  in  Raynes  Park   (Southwest  London)  in  April  2011.    We   specialise  in  custom  made  cakes  for  all   occasions,  as  well  as  teaching  cake-­‐decorating   courses  and  we  have  an  onsite  shop  where  you   can  buy  all  the  cake  decorating  equipment  that   you  need.    We’ll  be  launching  our  online  shop  in   the  next  few  months.    We’ve  grown  from  a  two   person  company  to  now  having  5  employees  in   two  years,  and  things  are  deWinitely  on  the  up,   with  our  cakes  being  a  massive  hit  with  the   local  community.    Tell  us  about  the   competition We  heard  about  the  PME  Team  Challenge   Extravaganza  having  won  the  PME  Cake   Decorator  of  the  Year  in  the  November  before.     It’s  a  competition  where  you  get  to  enter  as  a  

team and  complete  an  eye  catching  show   stopper  of  a  piece  in  front  of  a  live  audience  at   Cake  International  at  the  EXCEL.    The   competition  lasts  for  3  hours,  and  was  based  on   a  ‘Seasons’  theme.  There  were  9  Winalist  teams   and  the  comp  was  spread  out  across  3  days.     We  were  on  the  last  day  (Sunday). Tell  us  about  how  you  picked  your  team Our  team  was  formed  very  easily.     Fiona  came  to  us  wanting  to  form  a  team,  and   Emma  and  I  excitedly  stepped  up  to  form  the   other  two  members  of  the  Cakeology  Team.     We  all  have  very  different  skills  and  this  was   why  we  worked  so  well.    Fiona  is  fantastic   at  pretty  delicate  details,  Emma  is  great  at   organisation  and  Wlower  making,  and  I  love  to   carve  cake  and  push  it  to  the  extremes.  

What roles  or  responsibilities  did  each  team   member  have As  we  only  had  3  hours  for  the  challenge  and   only  basic  prep,  like  kneeding  icing,  was   allowed  prior  to  start  time,  we  had   to  work  very  efWiciently  to  get   it  all  done  in  time.    We  had   50kgs  of  icing  to  kneed,   200  Wlowers  to  make  and  24   slabs  of  sponge  to  carve.    Fiona   had  30  layers  of  rufWles  to  make,   Emma  had  to  crack  on  with  small   Wlowers  to  cover  the  dress  and  I   had  to  start  splitting,  Willing  and  





        

     

 


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CAKE LACE AND Peony WEDDING CAKE   PROJECT By  Claire  Bowman  from   Claire’s  Chique  Cakes 23

ISSUE 10 JULY 2013



Handi Mulyana He has baked for Oprah, Rihanna and

appeared on Australian and Indonesian Master Chef...

Cake Masters Interview





The Floral Wedding Cake Collection

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Elizabeth’s Cake  Emporium Claire  Graham  Photography


Emma Jayne  Cake  Design 27


Melissa Woodland Cakes Flowers by Tarnia Williams Flowers for Weddings - Photography - Hannah McClune 28


The Designer  Cake  Company 29


Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium Photography - Cristina Rossi



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Emma Jayne  Cake  Design 31


The Chocolate  Strawberry

Photography -­‐  Vicy  Brace,  Brace  Portraits 32


Let’s Eat Cake 33


Elizabeth’s Cake  Emporium FO  Photography





Arty Cakes 36


Arty Cakes 37


Kay Gajra  at  Kaykes 38


Emma Jayne  Cake  Design 39


McGreevy Cakes 40


CoCo's Cupcakes 41


Sugar RufWles  Wedding  Cakes Powder  and  Paint  Photography 42


Elizabeth’s Cake  Emporium Photography  -­‐  Cristina  Rossi 43


Hilary Rose  Cupcakes



The Designer  Cake  Company 45


Patisserie 42




Bliss Pastry


Yellow Bee  Cake  Company




Elizabeth’s Cake  Emporium Photography  -­‐  Cristina  Rossi


Intricate Icings Elevate  Photography Nylah's



Nylah's 51


Hilary Rose  Cupcakes





Cake Decorating Classes Classes in Thame, Oxon with expert teachers including the world renowned cake artist Alan Dunn and Royal Icing expert Ceri Griffiths

Call now

01844 213428

Cake Decorating Classes Learn how to make cakes, bakes and sugarcraft at one of our world renowned classes located near London All classes with an award winning patient teacher

Tel 01245 281356 / 07917 126 630

Cake Decorating Classes from the Cake Decorating Company Based at our flagship store in Nottingham we are offering a range of courses from SugarVeil to Buttercream, we aim to cover almost every technique in cake decorating.


Cake Decorating Classes in Anglesey

07811783901 Learn to decorate cupcakes and tiered wedding cakes


Introducing our new fully flavoured Light Soft Brown cane sugar. Inspired by the Mediterranean, it brings a delicious, sweet and buttery caramel flavour to your creations, whatever you’re baking. 55

ired, Pacific inspted to la From South u n ra g en mellow gosldpired, fruity demerara in e s e n a y u G


A OF TASTaEkiSng /weloveb


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Hat Trick Magazine August 2013  

No matter where you are, you can Hat Trick Your Life.

Hat Trick Magazine August 2013  

No matter where you are, you can Hat Trick Your Life.