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Hat Trick (noun): 1. A sports metaphor for three achievements by a single player in a game. 2. A magic trick. We happily accept both definitions. Hat Trick Magazine is a special project targeted at sharing spiritual and professional growth with like-minded people from around the world. We share strategies that truly will change your life, business and career (with a little help from some pro friends). We’ve all been there: under/un/employed, in a bad situation, in transition, wondering what the options are and not knowing the skills we would need to get us there. We won’t lie to you. Coming out the other side isn’t easy, but we can show you what we learned along to way and help you get the confidence to turn that leaf over and pursue that which is your destiny. Knowledge is power. Not everyone fancies themselves to be an entrepreneur but the truth is, even when seeking employment these days, pulling together your resume requires some sly articulation to showcase your skills, be keyword-optimised and with a strong, personable presentation to get noticed. We feature inspirational people who have great careers, amazing businesses, tips and a host of amazing stories will inspire and amaze you. Our editors and contributors are some of the most connected in their industries and specialisms. Hat Trick Your Life! Take control of your lifestyle, your career, your dreams and your journey. We’ll share what we know and we invite you to join us. If you or your business would like to be featured or simply would like to contribute a feature in an upcoming issue, please email us on:

Hat Trick Strategies cannot accept responsibility for unsolicited coverage made by our contributors including reviews, articles, manuscripts or photographs of products, services. While every care is taken, prices, details or availability of items are subject to change and we cannot accept responsibility for omissions or errors. We reserve the right to publish and edit letters or correspondence received via email, social media or other communication. All advice is given in general terms or as a matter of opinion, for entertainment purposes only, and may not be exhaustive nor suitable for all situations. Always seek specialized professional advice, specifically suited to you or your business needs. Absolutely no part of this magazine should be taken as medical, professional or other advice - always seek the advice of a qualified practitioner.

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From the Editor



Hat Trick Magazine •


confided in you last month that I was considering the direction of this magazine, its viability, whether to continue it with a different scope, or to decommission it - honouring that it served its purpose. This prompted some deep introspection on what its mission was, who I felt I was serving, and whether we really met those needs at all. I turned to your emails and feedback. I took in your comments about how great it was to have such a different publication, something outside the normal women’s magazine realm. I pondered, and still continue to ponder, whether a spiritual magazine is a gap in the world. Or is it my message, my story, that is the gap? As I reflect back on all the editorial rants, all the attempts at spiritual teaching, and all the knowledge I’ve tried to share with you, I now see a bigger picture. I started Hat Trick Magazine to rationalise some hard truths in my human experience - being a victim of rape at the age of 18, suffering rejection and childhood abuse, mourning the wounds of my divorce and the circumstances pertaining to my gorgeous kids. Never properly feeling a sense of belonging. Feeling left out, somehow separate. These were wounds I had not properly honoured. I had not grieved them properly. It was an extension of therapy to reflect with you. It was a means of being an example of how someone with such a lifetime of pain could continue to live and possibly even thrive. My friends, I hope I helped even just one person. I hope you’ll write to me to confirm that.

As I reflect back on all the editorial rants, all the attempts at spiritual teaching, and all the knowledge I’ve tried to share with you, I now see a bigger picture. Letter From the Editor, Michelle Fitz


“I started this magazine to cope with old wounds and spiritual lessons I’d not yet dealt with, which only kept coming back again and again as themes in my life” I wanted to save myself through the knowledge that by choosing to see the end of this story, my story, by sharing my pains as they arrived, by sharing my pondering of lessons learned along the way as I healed my life, that somehow in healing myself I would heal others, too. I started this magazine for myself. For the first time in my life, I was not seeking anything commercial, I was not seeing a need to be filled. I was reaching out to you just as much as you reached out to me. In some ways, I started this magazine because I felt guilt for being successful. I felt guilt for having such a great career when so many of my friends were struggling - at one point, working at Starbuck’s with masters degrees. And here, here I was, the kid who’d told her parents to fuck off, the kid who fought due to the pain she internalised, the woman who became the shark, the human being whose soul so suffered and internalised a lifetime of often self-contracted pain, doing very well. I started this magazine to cope with old wounds and spiritual lessons I’d not yet dealt with, which only kept coming back again and again as themes in my life. See, that’s how spirit works. That’s how life lessons work. So this magazine, its teachings, it was for me. But just as much as this magazine, this column is mine, I know through my healing, it is yours, too. See, this year, I changed every aspect of my life. It took me nine full months to achieve this. There were special relationships, as A Course In Miracles calls them, that presented to teach me lessons which I refused to acknowledge previously. These were spiritual themes that kept challenging me on a near-


Hat Trick Magazine •

annual basis. Things that I needed to correct, to change, and to own. In my last column, we talked about honouring the wound. We talked about how busying yourself wasn’t always being honest. See, that’s what I was doing. Busying myself. By not addressing things, by not allowing myself to “feel it to heal it”, by not allowing myself to directly take on all the self-hating patterns I was allowing and perpetuating in my life, I was embracing a constant barrage of spiritual lessons. These spiritual lessons were about one thing - self-love and being a willing victim in order to cop an easier ride in life. I was caught in a moment. I was stuck in my own plot line. I would happily continue in any relationship that even half-way served me just to duck out of having to address what happened to me in the past, and to avoid having to take full steering accountability for the future I was creating. It’s like latching onto someone else’s life to avoid really living your own. And once I really did that, saw it for what it was, I took accountability. I also took a great deal of flack on the chin by allowing others to, in some ways, hold me to account for my actions. For my part in the scenario. For my willing participation.

“I was stuck in a moment. I was stuck in my own plot line. I would happily continue in any relationship that even half-way served me just to duck out of having to address what happened to me in the past” Letter From the Editor, Michelle Fitz


“I wondered if I should go back and edit old rants and concepts where I was figuring it out or doing business coaching as an extension of my magazine.” As I pondered the viability of this magazine, I wondered if I should feel shame for “airing my dirty laundry”. I wondered if I should go back and edit old rants and concepts where I was figuring it out or doing business coaching as an extension of my magazine. And what I realised was that this magazine is just another extension of the warm blanket I wear to avoid stepping fully into my truth, my calling. I am here to tell my story. I am here to help people find their truth. I am here to help others cope with life and their unique struggles because I lived through major devastation and survived. I healed myself. It’s time I stepped up into authorship of my own books, teachings and stories. It’s time I be a light in the world, and more than a small lighter’s flame.

By Michelle Fitz, Editor-In-Chief 12

Hat Trick Magazine •


Hat Trick Magazine •


Cover Story


By Michelle Fitz, Editor-In-Chief From The Editor: David Quigley and Samantha Charles began to change their lives, individually, on their own separate paths, as perfect strangers. They just happened to live on the same street (although they didn’t realise this until later). Although each struggled with weight all their lives, they had unique back stories and family dynamics. Weight loss and physical transformation is a topic we haven’t featured previously in our publication. As I reviewed the various aspects of my own life transformation in 2016, I realised that tackling my own weight issues, was a major theme and a gap I needed to cover. I couldn’t have found a better team to feature than this brilliant couple. This is their story, with an intro from David as he recalled the day he decided to really #HatTrickHisLife. For good. From David: I recall a year ago sitting in St James Park, London like it was yesterday. The night before, I’d ended an almost 10 year relationship with my former partner. I was going


Hat Trick Magazine •

to stay at my dads temporarily and my car boot was still full of all my stuff. My head was all over the place, and I could think of nothing but walking out of the door and heading for St. James Park. This place has many special memories for me as it’s where my dad used to take me and my brother every Sunday to get us out of mum’s hair for a while. On the odd occasion mum would come with and we’d have a family day out. We’d spend a good couple of hours feeding ducks, geese, squirrels, pidgeons...even pelicans! Dad would know every species off-hand making it fun AND educational. I sat on a familiar bench for what seemed like a lifetime, staring into space, when suddenly this pidgeon hopped on my feet. For a good minute or two we shared a moment, staring each other out. I managed to grab this shot before he flew off. This moment is significant for me because it bridged the gap between my past and my future. On this day, Samantha Charles was beside me on that bench...if there was ever a day where I needed a friend the most it was this one. Sam and I have a lot in common...we met through a Facebook support group for people on the Cambridge Weight Plan. I had already lost 10 stone and was maintaining my weight. Sam was still powering through her weight-loss and had an unshakeable determination to see it through to the end. I could see this from the first time we spoke. Sam had also recently left her partner and we messaged each other for mutual support.

In what way are you different since you have lost such a vast amount of weight? David: Aside from the physical changes, I am so much more confident than I was before. I’m far less self-conscious and less of a people-pleaser. Still a gentleman though.


Hat Trick Magazine •

Sam: On the outside I look like a completely different person now, but on the inside I’m still the same girl trying to figure out what life is about and learning from my mistakes, I just don’t have my body holding me back anymore.

Do you feel that the world “sees you” now? Were you invisible before, and is there a difference in the way you are treated? If so, how do you manage this emotionally? Does the reflection on the difference in how you were treated then versus today affect you? David: Inverting that question I would say that “I see” the world now. I would always keep my head down making my presence and feelings as invisible as possible. I never invested my time in others, so how could I possibly expect the same treatment? Now, whenever I walk down the street or if I’m being served in a shop, I always smile and make an effort to engage with them.

The one thing I notice is that there are so many people who seem impossibly shy and socially isolated the way I was. This is irrespective of their weight or appearance and probably more to do with the fact that so many people interact freely online that they’ve lost track of that tangible element that makes us human. Either that or my barista is thinking “what are you so happy about weirdo? Take your fu**ing coffee and leave!” Sam: I think for me the real difference is how I allow myself to be treated by others.. looking back I put up with so much, I genuinely believed the world was just a bit miserable, now people

A Burden Lifted: A Journey From Weight Loss To Love


“That massive list of limitations, locked in a box for so many years has finally been opened.” hold doors open for me & guys talk to me in coffee shops, people approach me in the street and ask me where I got my top or bag, it’s very strange and I don’t think it’ll ever become normal but perhaps I’m just more approachable now.

How does being overweight when you are a child shape your personality and view of the world? David: I’ve always been a happy child because I have a family that loves me and some amazing friends who took me as I was. I wasn’t completely ignorant of my weight gain, but I was also unwilling to do anything about it. I accepted my limitations and had a massive list of things I couldn’t/wouldn’t/shouldn’t do,


Hat Trick Magazine •

but I did pour my heart and soul into the things that interested me. Mainly drawing and the piano. I was always the clown at school, making noises but never making waves. I matured quite early on in childhood and was very receptive to how mean people could be to each other. My circle of friends got very small in my college years when everybody had a girlfriend but me. That was my loneliest time. Sam: My experience is totally different than David’s, I was a very happy child but my weight was always an issue to



Hat Trick Magazine •

everyone around me, I was bullied a lot and felt the world was a little unfair.. for a long time I had a chip on my shoulder and refused to diet out of principle, I put on a smile and made everyone believe I was happy but inside I was lost.

Has this perspective changed? David: Not really. That massive list of limitations, locked in a box for so many years has finally been opened. As a consequence, I sometimes have a childlike awe when experiencing things that are new to me but trivial to so many others. I also now have an amazing girlfriend who shares the same perspective, having been overweight herself through childhood. Now we pour our heart and soul into doing as much of it as possible. Sam: Yes, now I’m older and I realise and understand that I have control, the world isn’t unfair you just have to learn to see it in the right light and take every new day as a gift!

What triggered wanting to get fit? David : Diet naysayers will always say “you pile the weight back on and then some once you start eating normally again”. Well, ‘normal’ for me is exactly what made

me overweight in the first place. My consultant made it clear that I would need to gradually increase my calorie intake to prevent my weight from spiking suddenly. This is the most important stage of Cambridge Weight Plan; stabilisation. The body has a knack of holding on to stuff it’s been denied for a long time and ends up stockpiling it if the floodgates are opened. To maintain a healthy weight, I needed to adopt some simple but permanent lifestyle changes. For me personally, it was a case of not taking sugar in my tea/coffee at all (and consuming very few liquid calories). Most of my meals are low carb within reason. I started the gym because I needed a routine to stick to in order to stay in control of my weight. It helped me to balance my calories in vs. calories out and gave me time to fine tune my food choices and portion sizes. It took one session to realise that I was going to love it, and it was a positive influence in my life moving forward. Sam: I was really unhappy, my life wasn’t going anywhere fast and I needed to change, I spent so long looking at everything and everyone around me looking for the problem, when actually I was the solution, I

A Burden Lifted: A Journey From Weight Loss To Love



Hat Trick Magazine •

needed to change me and my weight was the biggest issue in my life at that time.

to like me, and now I feel as though I don’t need or want to be accepted by anyone, all I really want is inner happiness, which I’ve found

Did you ever feel the extra weight acted as a layer of protection from others? If Were there any special stages that you so, how do you navigate without it? notice now in hindsight that you had to tackle emotional both during and after David: Definitely! Because I was weight loss? such a big lad, bullies never bothered me at all. I just had to look mean and moody and they’d leave me alone. Little did they know that if they pushed their luck a little I would’ve been a fish in a barrel from the start, so I do consider myself lucky in a crazy way. I would always deprecate myself first in an effort to avoid being the brunt of someone else’s joke.

David: During my weight loss, my clothes were getting bigger, but I felt so out of touch with fashion that I found it very difficult to co-ordinate my clothing choices. I’d only ever worn clothes to cover me up. I was also disheartened when stuff I wanted to wear didn’t quite look right (see next question). When I reached my target weight, I felt like a deer in the headlights. Without my routine of weekly meetings I had to shift my focus onto something else. Without the extra This turned into the gym and with time, I weight, I no longer have grew used to it these things to worry about and if someone’s Sam: I always believed I was an being an arsehole to me, emotional eater, I’d eat when I was sad, I’ll have no compunctions in saying happy, whatever the occasion food “you’re an arsehole”. But if I want to was there, I had to hit rock bottom in avoid a confrontation I’d just kill them my personal life to decide to make the with kindness. It serves to make them change and during my weight loss I angrier and it so much more satisfying. sadly lost my grandad quite suddenly to cancer, I stuck to my weight loss Sam: Again this is where you will see plan and carried on ‘business as usual’ a huge difference between Mine and I reminded myself food wouldn’t bring Davids experiences, if anything my him back, I also have gone through a weight made me a target, I wanted so divorce, birthdays and Christmas all badly to be accepted and for people on plan, I cooked a massive Christmas

A Burden Lifted: A Journey From Weight Loss To Love


dinner and whilst everyone was tucking in I sat and ate my Cambridge Cranberry bar, a valuable lesson learned - food doesn’t solve your problems, it’s fuel, I’ve had some of my best days and nights out ‘on plan’

Do you find yourself being self-critical now, or has a total mindset change come with the weight loss? David : A lot of people ask me do I suffer from loose skin. My answer is No, I don’t suffer from it but I do have it. It did concern me initially, but over the last year with training it’s amazing how much I’ve improved physically and mentally


Hat Trick Magazine •

in light of this fact. It’s not a cross to bear but a memento to wear and I do believe that I would never go back to where I started. Mainly due to my lifestyle change but also because the changes I’ve made are sustainable. I’m extremely proud and thankful for the success and and amazing opportunities I’ve been given. I’ll never strive for perfection or compare myself to others, I can only work towards being healthier than I was yesterday, and the day before that... Sam: I’m going to be brutally honest now, a lot of people assume I’m some perfect superhero who doesn’t eat

anything but veg and Cambridge shakes - people have no idea, I was morbidly obese my entire life, on the outside I’m a size 10/12 training in the gym, on the inside my inner foodie is screaming FEED ME! There have been slip ups of course! I have eaten like ‘27 stone Sam’ would have eaten to the point I was sick, I can’t eat like that anymore, every day is a learning curve and as long as you make the right decisions more than the wrong you’re in a better place! What role did family and friends play (positive or negative) in pursuing this major life goal, and did your relationships/associations change? I’d like to know as much about this as you are comfortable in sharing. David: My social life was at an all time low before I started on plan. I saw very little of my friends throughout my weight loss journey so I didn’t have to takle any major events that could have hindered my progress. In fact, when I finally met my friend for a day out at Thorpe Park I jokingly said that I wouldn’t fit on any of the rides but would come along anyway. His face was a picture when I saw him! I was only a stone away from my goal weight and I had a fantastic day on plan going on all the rides. I always had my late mother in mind when on plan. In 2006 I’d reached

a weight on 17 stone through exercise alone and I remember how happy she was for me. Sadly she died of cancer in 2007 and the exercise stopped. My eating habits hadn’t been addressed and the weight piled back on. My previous partner was positive to start, but half way through my weightloss she told me that I was taking it too far. She was only accustomed to seeing me as ‘big Dave’. If a total stranger saw me at that point in my life, they would probably agree that losing a bit of weight would do me some good. When my gym routine was in full swing, I took a cheeky selfie to measure my progress. I posted a before and after picture as my first post on the ‘Cambridge Diet 100% Support Group’ on Facebook in a bid to convince others that the results were achievable. This didn’t go down at all well with my partner at the time as the post racked up 800+ likes and some rather saucy comments. Mistrust ensued and I was put into a position where I couldn’t feel proud of what I’d achieved without breeding resentment. I had plans in place to become a Cambridge consultant myself, but I kept this to myself because in my heart I felt that this dream would be lost if I didn’t cling to it.

A Burden Lifted: A Journey From Weight Loss To Love


“To be honest it was only my best friend Stacey that I really had holding my hand the whole way through the journey.” Ultimately, the relationship broke down because we had very different views of how our futures were panning out. It was the best decision for both of us as we have found happiness going our separate ways. I lived at my dad’s for a short while and continued to post on Facebook. This is when I caught Sam’s attention. She herself had gone through a breakup and we kept in touch. When we finally met, we learned that not only did we live in the same town, we were on the same street but had never noticed one another. We struck an inseparable bond and it’s been this way ever since. Sam: My family were really supportive, my friends - to be honest it was only


Hat Trick Magazine •

my best friend Stacey that I really had holding my hand the whole way through the journey, I had a lot of ‘friends’ on social media at the time who would tell me the generic ‘it’s not safe to lose weigh that fast’ or ‘you’ll put it all back on’ .... well didn’t I just prove them wrong..!

What’s the best thing about not having an extra 100 or so pounds to carry around? David: I can confidently take a step or make a decision to do something without having to worry about “Can I, Can’t I? Will I fit? What will people think? I have a spring in my step and feel so much happier for it. The fact I don’t carry the weight anymore

helps me to motivate anybody who may be in a similar situation as I was in. I understand where they’re coming from and I have so much empathy toward them. In a weird way, I’m thankful for being overweight as it truly changed my perspective and attitude. As the saying goes, ‘never judge someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes’. I didn’t clock the mileage, but does 30 years count? Sam: I’ve now lost 238lbs, and there are some massive highlights like we did a sky dive in Vegas in Feb and going on rollercoaster etc, but the best bits for me? Going into a shop and buying pretty dresses, being able to tie my shoelace in a shop, fitting in the bath tub, sitting on a train and someone being able to sit next to me, it’s the tiny little things that people who had never been overweight would take for granted!

What’s the most surprising physical change you have seen in your body or face that you did not anticipate? I cannot believe the change in your eyes and I didn’t know you could lose weight in a nose LOL! Sam: MY FEET! I have dropped 2 shoe sizes! David: My feet too! I was a size 10, now a 9. I also have a ridiculously square chin that I never know I had. Cue the Johnny Bravo jokes...

Is weight loss a gift? Are you grateful for this new life or did it bring challenges? Sam: I don’t believe weight loss is a gift, you have to work for it and want it more than anything in the world, the gift is the inner strength you have to find to take on a challenge like that. I

“I have a spring in my step and feel so much happier for it.” A Burden Lifted: A Journey From Weight Loss To Love



Hat Trick Magazine •

am incredibly greatfull, to be honest I still have to pinch myself. Now that this chapter is closed, you find yourself helping others find peace in body and mind by becoming Cambridge Weight Plan Consultants. I want to know what the future holds for you versus what it could have been if you denied the issue and kept going as you were. David: I dread to think how I’d have ended up if I carried on the path I was following. I’d probably be thinner than I was, but for very different reasons not of my making. My health was at an all time low and as I said before, my weight was dropping as I couldn’t keep anything down. Too much of the wrong stuff! With Sam now, I feel like we have the ‘right stuff’ and together I truly feel like nothing is a barrier for us anymore. We’ve shared the same journey and pass on our experience to others. Already we are so proud to see clients reaping the benefits of a life they never dreamed possible, especially within such a short period of time. At this point in time, I’m so excited to be maintaining with Sam now. We seem to alternate pushing each other out of bed to get down to the gym, so with our combined efforts we’ll always be moving forward. Sam: This last chapter will never be closed.

Weight management will always be a massive part of my life and Cambridge specifically is something that’s now embedded into our core. As consultants we now get to help so many others. I can’t possibly imagine what life would hold now if I hadn’t taken that first step. All I know is I wouldn’t be anywhere near as happy as I am now, and I’m so, so thankful for the amazing friends I’ve met on the way... and my David of course

Sam and Dave, out there is a kid who is exactly like you - with the same experiences, trials, and dreams. What advice do you have for that kid? David: I would tell him to “keep dreaming and let your imagination run wild. That’s where your inspiration is found. If things or people get you down, never bottle your feelings up. Turn to the people who love you because they’ve got your interests at heart. Be patient, observe the world around you and learn from it, because one day those people will someday turn to you.” Sam: I would tell them to stop caring so much about what others think of you, count your blessings, do what makes you happy, follow your heart, and have faith, everything that’s meant to be will be, stop trying to figure out what life will bring for you and go out and get it yourself.

A Burden Lifted: A Journey From Weight Loss To Love


Your Life

Find me online here

By Charlene SanJenko 30

Hat Trick Magazine •

Crush your energy hang-ups and reclaim your natural energy rich, powHERful state.


oretta Cella is an instigator of change, influencer of possibilities and a conscious globetrotter. She’s an advocate for young women’s education and leadership development, and over the last 15 years, has worked in human services within 10 countries. Loretta holds a background in child and youth counselling and a Masters in Leadership. She’s also an ICFtrained coach and a certified change manager. This PowHERhouse has worked tremendously hard supporting thousands of people, including young women, through her charity, Passion Foundation, and we are so thrilled to share her portrait with you!

Describe your Mission. What’s it all about for you? The last little while, I’ve been diving really deep into understanding this “mission” business. I realised that my mission has always been to create and provide tools and resources for people to thrive in a meaningful and sustainable way. However, what I’ve discovered more recently is that when I really focus my efforts on assisting people to develop their leadership from the inside out, BIG things start to happen for them. That creates an unbelievable amount of joy for me. I really believe that the more purposeful and conscious

When we take power, we tend to show integrity with values of compassion, empathy, connection, and collaboration - values that our world desperately needs right now. PowHERhouse | Energy Management for a powHERful Life


people are, the more happiness it creates for them and in our world. For me, it’s really about shifting all the anxiety, depression, fatigue, and scarcity in our world - that result in inhuman acts - to creating more awareness, mindfulness, understanding, and abundance in all areas of life, especially in business. It’s about assisting people to see the possibilities and creatively engineering the three most important categories of their lives: Self, Community, and the World.

empowered and accountable for their own happiness and assisting each other to experience greater life satisfaction and success in a meaningful and sustainable way. My ambition is to take this educational platform from townships in South Africa and slums in India to the public and private sector and everything in between so that we can create a giant network of people who are thriving and shifting their communities in a positive way. This mission is something I’m already acting on.

What is your ultimate dream for your Describe what success looks like – Mission and where you’d like to take it? complete fruition. I want to take the Leaders for Humanity initiative global within the next few years. I want to see people from all walks of life feeling

You know, success used to look like the ability to take something I loved doing out in the world to support people to thrive. That’s it. It was simple.

If I had to highlight something, it would be the moment I realised how a little person like me could have so much impact in the world. 32

Hat Trick Magazine •

However, when I was creating the Leaders for Humanity initiative, I did a few informational interviews with established and well-known people in Vancouver. One particular gentleman told me he thought that what I was creating was incredible; however, he felt the majority of people were not ready for such a developed state of being, both in business and in their personal lives. It was disheartening to hear this from someone who is evolved and forward thinking. However, I got it: I’m a visionary and I see things as they can be and don’t always see the huge gap from where we are. That comment fuelled my mission’s definition even more. Now, success looks like getting people pumped up to take action; people from all walks saying “I’m ready to have more impact” and overcoming whatever was stopping them in the first place and then doing the work to get there. It looks like a network of people across the globe who are shifting their leadership and making an impact in our world in a positive way. And it looks like a team of people globally making that happen. If I can get even one uninterested people interested in being a leader for humanity, I would say this is successful.

Describe your success strategy in one sentence. Easy. Get in front of as many people can I can and share the possibilities.

Biggest highlight in your career/ journey thus far? Just one?! There is no way I can pick just one. But if I had to highlight something, it would be the moment I realised how a little person like me could have so much impact in the world. While I was doing my Masters degree at Royal Roads University, I came to the understanding one day that I was already doing what I seeking to do in the world. For 7 years I had been teaching girls and people about authentic leadership in a very powerful way and although I knew I was making an impact, I didn’t realise the real value of it or myself in the process. Basically, I was teaching a simpler version of my degree instinctively, and when I walked across that stage in June of 2015, with that realisation and the rewards it gave me, it was like I had given myself the “badge” I needed and craved for years.

One thing that you feel has been most pivotal or useful thus far in your career/journey?

PowHERhouse Profile | Loretta Cella


One of the most pivotal parts of my journey so far has been my decision to get really curious about what all this [life] really means for me and acknowledge that who I am impacts the world greatly. Although this work is really for the rest of my days, it has allowed me to see everything and everyone differently. It allows me to be open to more possibilities and choose a different path in life.

How would you describe what brings you the greatest joy in your current role? The greatest joy for me is seeing all my clients thrive. There is NOTHING more exciting to me than being able to offer others a container in which they connect to and establish their service in the world, and as a result, they are happier and healthier. Their business thrives more, their employees are happier and more productive, and their customers are more satisfied. And with my charity, Passion Foundation, I see the girls raise their own bar, reaching for their fullest potential, not only in service to themselves but to others.

What would you like women to most understand or consider – on a higher level – with regards to your role and your mission.


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I would like women to understand that they are enough. What they have inside of them matters BIG time, and they can create whatever they want. I also would like them to consider that the world needs them to thrive, to collaborate, not compete, and work toward “fighting” less and being more. I’d like women to know I’m in their corner and if they are ready to do the work, I’m able to assist them to make it happen.

Best advice you ever received… Fight less and be more. Stop trying to prove yourself and start being who you really are.

What would be your top three tips for women regarding walking their talk and courageously approaching what is most important to them? Firstly, stop. Stop trying to be everything to everyone. Secondly, pause. Pause every day, listening to yourself. Even starting with 5 minutes in the morning. Just listen to you. Your voice, your feelings, your questions about your life. Thirdly, start. Start taking what you are hearing and doing something with it.

You don’t need to do it all at once baby steps.

Yes, I have pretty long days, and have three things I do every day to keep my energy up and focused:

(And, like laundry, rinse and repeat!) As soon as I’m awake, I ask myself what I need and listen. Then I imagine myself receiving that throughout the day and what the feeling is like.

How do you balance being an impactful community leader, a the founder and executive director of a charity, a contractor, and a business owner, volunteer and so much more without dodging your own self-care? My self-care comes first, period. I’ve learned that the hard way. Without me feeling healthy, happy, and connected, I cannot use my superpowers for good. Like my iphone, I need to plugin daily. [Editor’s note: Love this! Lifestyle + Leadership, integrated.]

I do a minimum of 15 minutes of yoga every morning. As soon as I’ve walked and fed the dog, I roll out my mat and begin my practice. Following my yoga, I do 10-20 minutes of meditation (depending how late I’ve woken up!). I have a very specific meditation practice that is very powerful and a great source of energy through the day.

You must have some pretty long days. How do you keep your energy up and your focus consistent? How do you

What would you say are your Top 3 Excellence Habits (i.e. habits that ensure your success).

stay PowHERful and on the top of your game?

Daily meditation to centre and ground

Everyone I meet has the potential to become a partner or someone I will work with. PowHERhouse | Energy Management for a powHERful Life



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me, my daily service agreement to ensure that I’m being mindful and purposeful in my day, and exercise to ensure that my vehicle is strong and healthy.

Describe your Top 3 Time Management Tips as they relate to your Mission. Oh, this is one area where I fall of the wagon often! However, I know that when I schedule my calendar with alerts, check my calendar every day and start each day with a to-do list which allows for “room”, I’m always on time – with time to breathe.

Describe collaboration and what it looks like/feels like on the ground – how does it show up in your life? Collaboration means to work together or bring together. To me, that is really what partnership is about. Everyone I meet has the potential to become a partner or someone I will work with. This requires give and take, generosity, open communication, sharing of ideas, and creating joint opportunities. Everything I do, I try to collaborate with others on. I ask a lot of questions of what they do and how I can be of service to them, based on my skills and expertise.

PowHERhouse | Energy Management for a powHERful Life


Describe a favourite hobby or adventure. Travel is, by far, my favourite thing in the world - being in other cultures and experiencing other ways of being. I also love being in nature and playing in the kitchen. Favourite energy meal or snack (healthy). I love my almonds and medjool dates. Favourite indulgence or treat. Tiramisu! Top 3 things on your Bucket List. Time in the Fijian islands Learn Hindi Finish my second book What does giving back (fulfillment) look like to you? Giving back is about leaving the world a little better each day. It’s about bettering myself everyday. It’s about stepping outside of myself to assist others as often as I can without compromising my own intrigue. It’s exactly what I’m doing and why I’m so fulfilled in life. I never leave home without my... Mala signature beads!


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Your thoughts on mentoring young women? What do you feel your most valuable lessons to pass on are? Well, I would not have gone on this journey without mentorship. I have had so many mentors over the years. The most profound experience was with a long-time mentor who passed some years ago. Without his guidance and support, I would not be doing the work I do today. Gary was a teacher I had who walked his talk. He was his own person

and never shifted his character to appease others. He was strong but very kind and always open-minded. He extended himself to others with humility and never wavered in his outof-the-box, brilliant but quirky thinking and abstract ways of seeing the world. His mentorship steered me and encouraged me but he would never do the work for me. Having that example in such a powerful way shaped my way of seeking the world. In turn, I have been a mentor for so many that I have

PowHERhouse | Energy Management for a powHERful Life


If we really want to step up the game, we need to sit down together and map out how we can create a network of PowHERhouse women, strategically enhancing everyone’s mission lost count, and give the same style of mentorship that Gary did. Mentoring is a gift and a privilege. It is not to stroke one’s ego and should be attended to with humility and earnest curiosity. You learn more than you give. As one of our leaders Xubie in Uganda said, “There are so many youth out there on the global platform who want to have a voice”, and, as a mentor, it’s about giving someone the space to be heard and supported to bring that out into the world in a healthy and productive way. It’s about sharing our lessons and expertise and supporting mentees to learn their own path and not give them our own bible


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to follow. When we give people our way of doing things, we take away their ability to think critically, and that critical thinking is what is missing in so much of our world. The best lesson I can pass on is to support youth’s ability to think critically.

Where do we go from here in terms of supporting and inspiring women to step-up and continue moving forward with their missions… regardless of how hard it may feel at times? #confidence #courage #connections #capital There is still much work to do to

support and inspire women to step up and continue moving forward in their missions. However, there is a clear line between empowering and powering as there is with competition and collaboration. The more we empower women with information and education and facilitate and support collaboration, the less time we have to spend healing the negative results of power struggles and competition. For some reason, there is this belief in our world that empowerment means to take power. When we take power,

we tend to show integrity with values of compassion, empathy, connection, and collaboration - values that our world desperately needs right now. When we empower (“empowHER”), we assist women to come together to support and lift each other up. If we really want to step up the game, we need to sit down together and map out how we can create a network of PowHERhouse women, strategically enhancing everyone’s mission and actively engaging possibilities not just for ourselves, but also for others!

Loretta Cella’s Fundamentals to Effective Leadership is coming up in Vancouver on April 2, 9 and 16th. Details here. Use promo code: POWHER to save 20%. Payment plans are available. $150 down and 3 payments of $115.

Publisher. Producer. Builder of Strong Women. I am a social entrepreneur, author, community leader and second-term Councillor for the Town of Gibsons in BC. At my core, I am a woman who believes the stronger we feel in our bodies, the more positive and powerful we are in our lives. In fact, I believe one of the greatest factors holding women back both personally and professionally is a lack of integration between lifestyle management and leadership development.

PowHERhouse | Energy Management for a powHERful Life



LINDSAY MARINO Medium, Author, Speaker


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By Joey Phelps & Michael Phelps Lil Nipper Snappers Cartoon



Isn't All Negative

By Cherie DeBurger 48

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doesn’t come with instructions or directions and is filled with surprises - both good and bad. What makes all the difference is how you handle each bump in the road. I have discovered that attitude has a tremendous effect on a body physically and emotionally. This magazine is meant to help all types of women, to strengthen, inform and aid each one who flips through the pages. This is my attempt at helping those women who have faced or are currently in a battle against breast cancer. Sometimes laughter can be the best medicine. In January of 2009, I hit a bump in the road of life. It was an unexpected bump and one that, until later, I would have given anything to avoid. I was diagnosed with a very aggressive breast cancer. I was stage 3, which means the cancer was not contained and had spread to my lymph nodes. I

should have known when I found the lump in my armpit that I was in trouble. So much cancer runs through my family that even our dogs die of cancer. We aren’t biased; we have “entertained” many types of cancer between my father’s family and my mother’s family. There has been colon, prostate, breast, ovarian and even tongue cancer. My prognosis was not good and I was told treatment would have to be quick and intense and even then no one was promising me anything. After wrapping my head around the news I was absolutely astonished to find out how many women were struggling through similar situations.

My prognosis was not good and I was told treatment would have to be quick and intense and even then no one was promising me anything. Cancer Isnt All Negative


I figured with so many of us having to deal with it, it was time to take a look at the pros of breast cancer and some of the lighted hearted moments of my journey. Everyone I told had a story of a sister, best friend, mother, or relative who had battled or was battling the same life threatening disease.

coloured. Now I was going to get to watch my hair go down the drain along with the $100 I had just spent at the hair salon.

I figured with so many of us having to deal with it, it was time to take a look at the pros of breast cancer and some of the lighted hearted moments of my journey.

That got me thinking about all the money we would be saving while I was in chemo. I had long thick hair down to my waist so the money we saved on shampoo and conditioner, haircuts and dye jobs would probably be enough to take a real vacation instead of just a mental one.

When I was told that the biopsy was positive I got to take a mini vacation, it was only a mental vacation but it was a vacation nonetheless. After the shock wore off, I realised that the first laugh was on me because one week before my diagnoses I had gotten my hair cut and


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Fighting cancer gives you a type of freedom from the everyday rules of life. One thing you have in abundance is medical appointments. There are blood tests, bone scans, CT scans, MRI’s, EKG’s, so you get to know you way around the hospital very well. One day, I had some free time in between appointments at

the hospital so my teenage daughter went with me so we could do some shopping. When I told my husband our plans, he never asked me what I was going to buy or how much money I was planning on spending or, his favourite way to tell me to take it easy discreetly, letting me know what bills are due. He just smiled as he broke out in a cold sweat and told us to have a good time. Another big bonus was eating whatever I wanted and as much as I wanted before starting chemo

and, if I felt like it, during chemo. Of course, I tried to eat as healthy as I could to help my body fight and recover from the beating it was taking but I could splurge. There would be no guilt ordering that second dessert or eating an entire bag of peanut M&M’s knowing that the chemo will be sure to take away my unwanted pounds. I am a huge believer in self exams because if I hadn’t found my lump when I did, it most likely wouldn’t have been discovered until I was considered terminal. I was forty-years-old when I was diagnosed and that used to be considered young for breast cancer, although I think those stats are

Due to the size of the tumor, I was advised to have a radical mastectomy which meant removing the entire breast as well as all the lymph nodes Cancer Isnt All Negative


changing. Due to the size of the tumor, I was advised to have a radical mastectomy which meant removing the entire breast as well as all the lymph nodes. Forget facelifts, I was amazed and surprised at the fact that my mastectomy worked better at making me look younger than any plastic surgery I could have had. After my mastectomy bandages came off, I was amazed at how much I looked like I

was twelve-years-old again. There are many things that I went through on my journey and although I never would have chosen that path I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I hadn’t travelled it. I learned so many different things and met so many wonderful people who, among other things, have restored my faith in humanity. So, please know that if you are on this road now, it’s not all bad, there are peaks and valleys as with everything in life and how will you know you’re on a peak if you never experience a valley.

If you know someone who is battling cancer, an ear, a smile or just being there to hold can make more of an impact than you can ever know. If you have any comments then please feel free to email me at 52

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Egg Salad One of the great things I like about Easter is all the good leftover eggs. Yep, I actually love having different colored eggs rolling around my fridge. No, really. I kind of miss that vibrant pool of color during the rest of the year. We always have boiled eggs. One of my daughters tends urban chickens that keep everyone in the community supplied with eggs, and we make all kinds of items; deviled eggs, tuna salad, potato salad, and egg salad These are great for after school snacks, but before you freak out, I will let you know a trick to keeping egg salad digestible.

By Tanya Jackson 54

Hat Trick Magazine •

INGREDIENTS 3 hard boiled eggs peeled (I save the shells for my compost pile) 1/4 cup mayo (Hellmans is the best)

Method ww w w w w w w ww ww

Smash peeled eggs, or get a hand chopper (like you see on TV) ‘cause kids love those things! It’s really fun watching them take turns pulverizing those eggs. Take pics. Life is happening n.o.w. What are you waiting for? Dump eggs into bowl. Add mayo and olives. Mix together. Now here is the key to great tasting and stomach pleasing egg salad: Add juice from the olives. Mix into an easy to use mixture. The vinegar in the juice will counteract the eggyness. Yes, dill pickles and olives help the eggs to digest more evenly. Toast the saltine crackers.

I love egg salad on bread, but the crackers give the egg salad a nice yummy crunch. It’s also fun for you, ‘cause those kids aren’t going to be so “grungry” - you know, grumpy AND hungry. What great memories you’ve made. Food always makes us think of home. Make it a good one!

Creamed Peas With Potatoes & Onions


About a Homemade Year

Your Look





By Michelle Fitz













Essential Oils: Must-Know Info From Aromatherapist Andrea Ellsworth

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By Rachael Pontillo 60

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romatherapy. It’s such a lovely sounding word, isn’t it? The word itself evokes a kind of magic, similar to the word “alchemy.” The idea that one can become relaxed, stress-free, and healthier simply by inhaling pleasantsmelling essential oils is quite appealing–especially considering how unpleasant many conventional health therapies are.

I started using essential oils for just about EVERYTHING, because I was told they were so pure and safe. I ingested them in water and capsules because I was told it was safe. I used them “neat” (undiluted) because I was told it was safe. I didn’t seek outside information, because I was told that everything I needed to know was already available via the company’s website and partner websites.

Though I was first introduced to Things were fine for awhile. I loved aromatherapy many years ago when I using my essential oils, and I loved studied Horst Rechelbacher’s work, I using them especially in my skincare didn’t start working with essential oils products. My skin loved them too. But until years later when I started making then a few things went wrong. I tried my own skincare products. This was treating a cold sore with an undiluted also about the same time that many of essential oil and ended up having a my health coach colleagues began to horrible reaction. I gave an undiluted get involved with multi-level marketing blend to a friend with the usage (MLM) essential oil companies. I had a instructions I’d been taught, and she friend introduce me to a rep, and I’m ended up getting a severe migraine. not gonna lie–I drank the kool-aid and Even though it was the “right” oil for bought in hook, line, and sinker. her symptoms, it was the wrong oil for

“I started using essential oils for just about EVERYTHING, because I was told they were so pure and safe.” Essential Oils: Must-Know Info From Aromatherapist Andrea Ellsworth


her. My own husband can’t be in the same room with me if I use one of the company’s popular blends, because he gets physically ill. So I pulled back. I started going through research from brand-neutral resources and realised that I was WAY

in over my head. I was also frustrated that the company I was with provided inadequate–and inaccurate–training and usage instructions. I ended my relationship with that company and became much more cautious and conservative with what I said–and wrote–about essential oils.

Essential oils are POWERFUL substances. Though essential oils come from plants, they do not have the same effect that an infusion or extract of the plant has on the body. They are far more concentrated and contain volatile compounds. The study of aromatherapy isn’t some weekend workshop either–it includes extensive information about the chemistry of the oils, and how they act with different people’s body chemistries. This crucial to understand

when using oils for yourself or suggesting them for other people. They are natural, but essential oils deserve the same level of caution that one would give to pharmaceutical drugs. I also began to study more about herbalism and plant conservation through organisations like United Plant Savers. Though the influx of herbal remedies is a good thing, it’s also a

“Though essential oils come from plants, they do not have the same effect that an infusion or extract of the plant has on the body. ” 62

Hat Trick Magazine •

scary thing, because over-harvestation is a very real concern. Essential oils require extensive amounts of plant matter to create a tiny amount of oil.

Using them undiluted and liberally is not only potentially unsafe (and completely unnecessary), it also puts certain plant species at risk for extinction.

I am not YET an aromatherapist. It’s definitely on my bucket list, but until I have the time to complete the necessary education, I only take essential oil advice and guidance from registered clinical aromatherapists. In my course, Create Your Skincare, I’ve brought on Anna Doxie, a registered clinical aromatherapist. She oversees all aromatherapy-related content and so I can be sure that what I’m recommending in terms of how much essential oil to use is

safe and accurate. I also recently had the opportunity to interview aromatherapist and organic skincare formulator, Andrea Ellsworth, of Andrea Ashley Co, to discuss this matter in detail. Part 1 of our interview was more about self-image and self-love, but in Part 2, Andrea offers must-know information about essential oils. Whether you’re brand new to aromatherapy or have been using oils for some time, this is excellent information.

Find out what what Andrea says about essential oils below.

Essential Oils: Must-Know Info From Aromatherapist Andrea Ellsworth


How To Style

A POLKA DOT OUTFIT There are gals who wear polka-dots and there are gals who don’t. I’m definitely a polka-dot kinda gal. Why? It’s fun, cute and retro. It reminds me of 50’s and 60’s fashion. Polka dots are IN this season (Summer 2016) and the trend is scattered all over the place from the runway to the red carpet and the streets.

“In order to incorporate the polka-dot trend into today’s fashion, the secret is to combine its retro style with today’s modern look.”


Hat Trick Magazine •

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By Marina BerBeryan


Read my styling tips on polka-dots below: 1 In order to incorporate the polka-dot trend into today’s fashion, the secret is to combine its retro style with today’s modern look. 2 I always suggest to my celebrity clients to keep one thing in mind when shopping for polka-dot outfits: ‘Make sure you keep things proportional. In other words, if you are petite then you ought to go for petite polka-dots and if you’re lean then opt for larger polka dots.’ 3 Those gals who are not a big fan of polka-dots but would love to rock this trend, I recommend to accessorise your outfits with polka-dot scarves, headbands, shoes or purses. 4 Today, I paired my formal polka-dot shorts with a cute wink-wink shirt for a school meeting. I combined a formal polka-dot shorts with a Fun-Friday-Vibe white shirt. For a pop of colour, I wore my comfortable chic-looking yellow peeptoe pumps and accessorised the outfit with my new Chanel denim backpack. My favourite polka dots are black and white or red and white. What’s yours? Hugs and kisses, Marina

“I recommend to accessorise your outfits with polka-dot scarves, headbands, shoes or purses.”


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Your Skills

How To Get Started With

Facebook Live For The Fi rst Time Find me online here

By Andrea Sullenger 72

Hat Trick Magazine •

me, you probably use Facebook daily and are noticing all the Facebook Live streams in your newsfeed. Businesses, celebrities and even the president are getting in on the fun. As a coach and entrepreneur I am all for anything that drives excitement and gets people involved!

There are other streaming programs, but I love Facebook Live for a few reasons: millions of people use Facebook already, you only need your phone, descriptions go into newsfeed automatically and everything is saved to videos when you end the stream.

Alright, we have the why covered! Let’s get to the nitty gritty…how to start. Know Your Why Why is streaming going to help your business? What’s the point and the desired outcome? Doing it because you can, everyone else is or so you can advertise is probably going to just waste your time. You need to be entertaining and compelling, so put on your thinking cap. Plan And Then Plan Some More Figure out the who, what, how and when before you get started:

How often are you going to stream and when? What are you going to cover: specific topics, the ‘fun’ side of your company, Q&A sessions or just wing it? How long will you stream? FYI – recommended length is 10+ minutes but you can go up to 90. Who are you trying to reach? How do you want them to engage with you?

“What are you going to cover: specific topics, the ‘fun’ side of your company, Q&A sessions or just wing it?” How To Get Started With Facebook Live For The First Time


“Give yourself a break! Laugh off mistakes and keep practicing. Run through your topic, ask a few friends to hop in a stream and give feedback.” Get set up You can use professional video equipment, but the genius part is you can just use your phone. Make sure you have an updated version of the app and get comfortable with the controls. You can find great blogs and tutorials online for help. Practice, Practice, Practice Take a deep breath, set your privacy to just yourself and go for it. Don’t worry about staying on topic, just talk for a few minutes. Now, watch and review. How is the lighting and video quality? Are you moving too much?


Hat Trick Magazine •

What’s behind you? Can you hear background noise? Are you too loud or not loud enough? Give yourself a break! Laugh off mistakes and keep practicing. Run through your topic, ask a few friends to hop in a stream and give feedback.

Now you are ready to go live! Here are few extra tips: ● Put the word out – you can send out a few teasers on your personal and business Facebook pages and your other Social Media outlets. ● Figure out a compelling headline or reason people should join. Put your blog writing skills to work here. ● Have a friend log into your account on a computer and ask them to keep up with responding to questions. You can just focus on talking and being brilliant! ● Have a good time! Make eye contact, smile often, speak loud and clear and move around a bit if you can. Videos play automatically in newsfeed but on mute. You have to be visually

stimulating to draw people in. ● Introduce yourself, your business and what you are doing at the beginning. Repeat it a couple of times in the first few minutes and then occasionally afterwards. People will be jumping into your stream at different times so don’t leave them hanging. ● Interact frequently. Call out a few people by name and respond. You can laugh at their comments, give a quick answer or just show you are paying attention by saying hi. ● Decide on a sign-off and make sure you use it each time. Make it clear you are ending the stream.

Hat Trick Magazine 9 Tips for•a Killer Elevator Speech


Happiness is not achieved by the conscious pursuit of happiness; it is generally the byproduct of other activities. Aldous Huxley


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More Thoughts On

Digital Skills In L&D

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By Sukh Pabial 78

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sn’t just everyone talking about digital skills these days? It’s like the topic du jour for everyone, all the time about everything.

I read a really insightful piece last week about how the Department for Work and Pensions are setting out to become digital innovators. Yeah, the DWP, notorious for finding inhuman ways to treat people who aren’t doing well in society - my words and my judgements, no one else’s. One of the most stalwart of government departments is jumping on the bandwagon of digital, and it makes a lot of sense that they do too. In an age when austerity has driven many public offices to fundamentally re-think how

they work, turning to digital is a much needed progression. And yet, there are still many L&Ders who haven’t moved in step and in line with digital progression – and I’m left wondering (forever) why? There is no argument from anyone leading on the new world of L&D that face-to-face training and workshops isn’t still a highly useful form of learning delivery. In fact, it’s still what most L&D departments buy in terms of learning solutions. It can still be relevant, it can still deliver high quality content, and is still a highly engaging form of learning delivery.

What I’m more concerned about is the absolute lack of thinking on how digital technology enables us to provide much more rounded support when it comes to learning delivery, and a lot of it accessible to most L&Ders. More Thoughts On Digital Skills In L&D


Our understanding of e-learning has come on leaps and bounds from the days of converting slide decks to simple click next training. And we’ve come on from just dumping every piece of knowledge and content into e-learning too. Those methods were never good enough and they still aren’t. We can now develop e-learning where the content comes direct from subject matter experts, in original documents, including video, no longer than 20 mins, and with much improved user experience. In fact, the technology is now there to break away from e-learning as we’ve known it into what’s called ‘microlearning’ or ‘bite-size’ learning. This is where you use a short video platform like

Vine or Periscope, you capture a short video for how something is done and share it with your network. We’re now learning that you can provide resources and content to people when it comes to programme / campaign based content and this means not every part needs to be face to face training. For example, instead of explaining models and theories in a classroom, why not provide the source content ahead of time, and use the classroom environment to have a full and proper debate about the content? Instead of running a training course on PowerPoint construction, why not send a YouTube video of someone explaining exactly that?

What’s also becoming more and more relevant is how people use online collaboration tools. 80

Hat Trick Magazine •

Sites like Ning, Slack, Basecamp or Conceptboard allow people to contribute to collective information, share thoughts and insights and build and develop their content knowledge. There’s more that can be done in this space and that I could describe – far more. What’s concerning to me is that there are too many L&Ders who have their head in the sand about digital and its capabilities that they’re just not providing the right kind of support to the people they’re trying to support. Instead they’re offering

the same old kind of old solution which is stuck in an old way of thinking and doesn’t consider adult based learning principles or modern models and ways of thinking.

I’m not saying that L&Ders need to know everyone type of digital solution that’s out there, but we do have to better consider the inclusion of a range of learning options when it comes to learning solutions. More Thoughts On Digital Skills In L&D


Why The

Law Of Attraction Is Not Working For You!

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By Uchechi Ezurike-Bosse


ike many people, I fell in love with the Law of Attraction when I first came across it from the movie, The Secret. I remember hearing about it from The Oprah Show, and I quickly rushed out to the nearest bookstore and bought the DVD. As soon as I watched it, I remember thinking it was everything that I always believed and hoped for, all packaged in this little gift called the Secret and The Law of Attraction. I immediately started to put to practice all that I learnt. Ask, Believe, Receive. Sounded easy enough. I had some initial successes. However, I struggled to manifest the bigger things. Although, I believed in the power of this law, I couldn’t help feeling discouraged and felt like I was failing at it. However, the truth is, nobody fails at the law of attraction, just like you cannot fail

law of gravity. If you walk off a building, you cannot ‘fail’ to fall down and hurt yourself. Most people forget that the Law of Attraction is based on the Law of Vibration, which basically states that everything in the Universe (including you) ‘vibrates at a different rate of frequency.’ Your habitual thoughts influences your emotions, which in turn controls the frequency you vibrate. So it’s not your thoughts that draw things into your life, but actually your feelings and emotions. However, your thoughts play a critical role in the manifestation process because it is the influencer of your feelings. So, if you’re saying hundreds of affirmations a day, thinking about what’s wrong in your life and feeling fearful that your desire and goals not not manifest, then truly you won’t see the manifestation of your desires.

Another big reason why you may feel that the LOA is not working for you is that you’re trying to manifest from a place of lack. If you feel you do not have it, then you’ll continue to not have it. Why the Law of Attraction is not working for you!


Again, no amount of affirmations will help. You need to come from a place of abundance knowing that you have everything you need to make it happen. If you have a desire for something, then you MUST have the resources and abilities to manifest it. If you did not, then you would not have had the desire in the first place. Feeling like something is missing only continues to perpetrate the conditions of something is missing and the very thing that you want will continue to elude you. Another big obstacle is your subconscious beliefs and program conflicting with what you want. This comes up a lot for people especially when it comes to manifesting more money. If you’re not seeing the physical manifestation of your desires, then subconsciously, you’re

resisting it. Yes, even money! How many times have you heard ‘money is the root of all evil’, or ‘making money is hard’, and ‘people like you can’t get rich’, to even one that came up for me around how ‘being rich is unsafe’. All of these programs are outside of your conscious awareness, but undermines your efforts to have more money or anything else that you desire. So you try to use the Law of Attraction to manifest, however your subconscious mind is in opposition, and your core beliefs goes against what you want. As a result, you don’t get the physical manifestation of it. You need to ensure that your conscious desires (thoughts) are in alignment with your subconscious beliefs and the actions that you take. Once you have alignment, then you’ll begin to manifest what you want quickly and with ease.

Yes, it takes work to re-program your mind and there’s so many great resources out there including my own self-study program Mind Money Miracles that helps you program your mind for wealth and success. 86

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Another area where people feel that the LOA is not working for them is in the time it takes for them to see their manifestation. The biggest mistake in this is that the LOA is indeed working. The manifestation of your desire is manifesting, but yet to be seen in the physical. Instead of focusing on your desires and having faith and trusting the process, you begin to get frustrated and feel disappointed. Frustration and disappointment are low-level frequencies and so you must be in the same vibrational frequency as your desires in order to receive it. Your goals and dreams were indeed coming to you, but because you are no longer where in the same vibrational frequency (remember the law of vibration), you were unable to receive what you wanted. Consequently you conclude that the LOA is not working for you, when in reality it was!

to remember, your job in the creation process is to focus on what you want to manifest. Have faith and believe that you will receive what you want. Do not focus on how this will come about. The how is up to God/Universe. When you focus on the how, you then bring your limited consciousness into the equation. I love what Mike Dooley says in The Secret when he states, ‘The “hows” are the domain of the Universe. It always knows the shortest, quickest, fastest, most harmonious way between you and your dream.” Remember: the next time you begin to worry and focus on how your goals will manifest, have faith, remain focused on the ‘what’, and the ‘how’ will be shown to you!

Lastly, there is also the focus on the how instead of the what. Here’s the thing

Why the Law of Attraction is not working for you!


Your Spirit

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By Karen Salmansohn

Tools To Find Love After A

BadOr Tough Divorce Break Up Find me online here

By Karen Salmansohn

If you’ve ever felt as if you were wearing a “KICK ME” sign on your heart, you are not alone. About 50% of all marriages now end in divorce.


et many millions of people go on to extremely happy first (and even second) marriages and wildly satisfying new (and

improved) relationships. (Note: Many of these people are graduates of my Never Again Program – where I share many tools to boost courage and vetting skills!)

Happily, over 75% of people who divorce eventually experience the guts and glory needed to remarry. In many ways love at second-marriagesight can benefit from the experiences of the first, according to Susan Hendrick, professor of psychology and a researcher at Texas Tech.

those in first marriages,” says Cherlin. “Perhaps because as people grow older, they feel less bound by societal conventions and more in touch with their inner needs.”

“If two year olds can learn not to touch something,” says Hendrick, “adults can learn a certain direction in love is negative and thereby make better love choices next time around.”

In this ever changing love marketplace, Americans (savvy consumers that we are) can with practice learn to be better love shoppers, according to Barry Dym, psychologist and co-author with Michael Glenn of “Couples.”

It seems we make different kinds of love choices, too, according to Andy Cherlin, professor of sociology at Jon Hopkins. “Partners in re-marriage differ much more in religion, education, and agethan

“Love has entered the consumer age,” says Dym, “If a marriage doesn’t work, we learn to shop differently for love – and review our needs more carefully. As time passes we’re less afraid to ask

Tools To Find Love After A Bad Divorce Or Tough Break Up


detailed questions before bringing the love object home. Some of us may even discover there was nothing wrong with our past love objects — we just didn’t know how to use love properly. Eventually we learn to follow love’s directions a little more carefully so we can get the most out of it.” Barbara De Angelis, author of “Real Moments For Lovers,” agrees. “We have to learn how to love like we learn to drive a car. We don’t expect to immediately sit down and drive unless we’ve been taught. We must learn how first. And the greatest education for how to love is being in a bad love relationship. It will show

you your selfishness, your fears, your insecurities. There’s a reason a relationship didn’t work, and it’s not that love sucks, it’s that you still need to learn how to love properly.” A vast majority of us steer ourselves into disasterous heart-breaking, ego-smashing love accidents due to that blurry vision called love-at-firstsight. Psychologists report that the number one reoccurring lesson their love troubled patients learn is to be wary of love at first sight – and instead cautiously look for love at 1,999, 991st sight – a love with more emphasis on lasting rather than lusting love.

Psychologists report that the number one reoccurring lesson their love troubled patients learn is to be wary of love at first sight 92

Hat Trick Magazine •

“Eventually we learn to get past lust blindness,” says De Angelis, “thinking we’re so attracted to each other, this must be love. We learn to be suspicious of strong sexual attraction — that we need something more, like common interests, goals, love styles.”

call it cynicism, but realism. The couple is realistic about being unhappy at times. We have this big myth relationships are all about love. Eventually we learn it’s more like a business partnership, sharing responsibilities, solving conflicts.”

Bob Emory, professor of psychology at University of Virginia explains, “The first time around many couples are concerned more with the wedding ceremony and notion of marriage. The second time they realise there’s something past the wedding day. They enter into the love union with… I wouldn’t

David Olsen, psychologist and director of “Prepare/Enrich” agrees. “In subsequent marriages our expectations both increase and decrease,” says Olsen. “They increase because each partner is more aware of his/her needs, and decrease because they’re more realistic about potential problems.”

However, this does not mean passion is not still on our love shopping lists. Even though our taste buds might get duller as we age, our ability to feel passion never dulls, according to Hendrick.

companion becomes more of the basic central theme of love.”

“Recent statistics coming out of sociological sex surveys indicate passion continues to go on — and on. In fact, research on married couples indicates passionate-sensual love is a good predictor of how satisfied couples will be. It’s just that looking for a

Hendrick believes we can learn to achieve this ideal passionatecompanion love model — not only because we’ve learned lessons and developed our love skills, but because we have extra motivation. “Quite simply,” Hendrick says, “We want at all costs to avoid another failure.”

Tools To Find Love After A Bad Divorce Or Tough Break Up



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By Manish Kumar Arora

Aries 21 March-19 April

This month should start with a surge of confidence that enhances both your romantic life and your work or education life. This confidence will peak and trough throughout the month but will generally sustain you. Travel and general expansion of your life looks likely in December. This is a month for consolidating your savings and ensuring that you have a carefully planned budget. If you budget well there could be some major gains by the end of the month. December is looking absolutely fabulous in terms of romance and friendships: someone new is likely to blow your mind. For those still at school it is possible that you will detect an affinity for a subject you thought you hated.

Favorable Dates Dec 1, 2, 10, 11, 19, 20 Favorable Colors Yellow & Purple

Taurus 20 April-20 May

This could be a period of significant changes for you in almost every area of your life. The key to making those

changes successful is to rely on your instincts and intuition. A very busy month lies ahead of you, but it carries with it the chance for some wonderful new developments that will have a lasting impact in your life. A new and important friendship is also on the cards and this person is likely to be crucial in many of the big decisions you will be making over the coming months. You’ll thrive on challenges, changes, and new beginnings around this time! And as if that wasn’t enough excitement brace yourself for a more frantic pace next year.

Favourable Dates Dec 2, 3, 11, 12, 20, 21 Favourable Colours Red & White

Gemini 21 May-20 June

This month is likely to start with some financial ups and downs. This will be a time where you need to be a little bit more discerning about the advice you’re offered in terms of money. You won’t want to seem ungrateful, but you will need to assert yourself. You’ll start the month ahead with a need to establish some self control in order to achieve your goals, but this will impact on your social life, as you’ll be inclined to be a little wilful with your friends and family, but this will ease soon. Romance

Horoscope Predictions For September 2016


might hit a rocky spot but when you stop being fearful of commitment, things will get better and better.

Favourable Dates Dec 1, 2, 10, 11, 19, 20 Favourable Colours Purple & Brown

Cancer 21 June-22 July

You will have a number of exciting ideas in the mind which could lead to a very profitable venture with a friend. It’s important to keep in touch with all your friends this month so make sure that you find time for all the special people in your life. The latter half of the month will see you trying to resolve what you really want to achieve in life and is likely to involve some serious soul searching. Contentment for you will come in the form of excitement and fun. Romance will go through the usual hiccups as you waver between wanting intimacy and needing independence, but you are likely to find a happy medium if you choose.

Favourable Dates Dec 5, 8, 14, 17, 23, 26 Favourable Colours Red & Blue 96

Hat Trick Magazine •

Leo 23 July-22 August

This month is likely to start on a very strong note with regards to your finances, but on a weaker note in terms of your personal relationships. A bid for freedom and independence suggests that you’ll be reluctant to commit yourself totally. Some heart to heart conversations early in the month should help to put matters right. You’ll start thinking about taking romance into a new and altogether more satisfying direction after 23rd. However, you may attract a rather domineering partner, someone who won’t help build your self esteem, so think hard before you commit yourself to anything.

Favourable Dates Dec 4, 7, 13, 16, 22, 25 Favourable Colours Yellow & White

Virgo 23 August-22 September

You’ll tend to bottle things up instead of expressing your feelings, but this will give way to some positivity namely a renewed sense of fun. You’ll become almost impish and

yet charming, which bodes well for romance. There is a strong possibility that you will also discover a new talent related to performance of some kind. There are likely to be some short-lived challenges at work or school, and you may need to put your foot down, and you’ll find that life starts bringing some long overdue surprises. You will also feel a need to travel or at the very least a desire to face a new and exciting challenge.

Favourable Dates Dec 4, 7, 13, 16, 22, 25 Favourable Colours Yellow & White

Libra 23 September-22 October

You could be looking for new avenues to invest your money this month, Let go of frivolous spending and stick to a budget to align with your goals. Pursue a creative project and partner with others to stay connected to your community. Flashes of insight from your dreams can assist you in innovative ways. You are much more reflective than usual and you will discover many useful new insights into yourself and those around you. If you nurture this talent who knows where it might lead. You’ll find that you’re becoming the center of

attention, although you’re likely to be tempted to overdo it. You will enjoy confiding in friends about matters very close to your heart.

Favourable Dates Dec 3, 7, 12, 16, 21, 25 Favourable Colours Red & White

Scorpio 23 October-21 November

Your confidence will soar as new and exciting opportunities become more apparent and emotional satisfaction comes from making connections, reaching out to others, and dreaming up ideas for a better, happier, more fulfilling future. However, it’s important that you don’t nurture an idea that you may regret putting “out there” later on, such as a commitment or promise. It is likely that you will meet someone during this time, and that they will be a significant romantic interest in your life. It is important that you consult your friends for their advice and listen to it even when it doesn’t seem to agree with your natural instincts.

Favourable Dates Dec 3, 7, 12, 16, 21, 25 Favourable Colours Red & White Horoscope Predictions For August 2016


Sagittarius 22 November-21 December

This is a time when you need to define, understand, and crystallize your significant relationships with others. If you already have a partner, this is a time when any issues surrounding compromise, flexibility, and the ability to give your heart to your partner will surface. Changes in the image you project to others, and perhaps your personal style and appearance, take place this month. You might go through a series of personal makeovers. You may very well discover new interests and desires that help you to rid yourself of outdated habits or attachments to the past that no longer serve you well. New friendships, long-term goals, travel, or group associations may be part of this process.

Favourable Dates Dec 3, 6, 12, 15, 21, 24 Favourable Colours Red & Green

Capricorn 22 December-19 January

This will prove to be an excellent time for concentrating on educational or 98

Hat Trick Magazine •

career matters. You can expect to work hard for the money but also see more money coming in from your hard work. You may receive a job offer. Healthy partnerships can be the outcome in this period, whether they are new ones or strengthened existing partnerships. Work that involves serving others may begin now and bring you much joy. Your dreaming world may be especially rich, lighter, helpful, and more intuitive. Meditation and retreats may be particularly helpful to you now, as they regenerate and invigorate your spirit. Much pleasure and growth might be found in solitude and contemplation.

Favourable Dates Dec 2, 5, 11, 14, 20, 23 Favourable Colours Red & Yellow

Aquarius 20 January-18 February

This is a cycle in which you become more compassionate, empathetic, and sensitive, or get in deeper touch with these traits. You are more able to get in touch with your subconscious mind, and confronting your fears can be quite pleasurable during this period. You will show great compassion and sympathy to those in need. Work that involves serving others and charitable activities may begin now and bring you much joy.

This is a time when you need to define, understand, and crystallize your significant relationships with others. This is a time when any issues surrounding compromise, flexibility, and the ability to give your heart to your partner will surface.

Favourable Dates Dec 1, 2, 10, 11, 19, 20 Favourable Colours White & Blue

Pisces 19 February-20 March

This month will start with bundles of potential, but you will need to seize the

opportunities. You are likely to feel less fraught and more inclined to sticking at the things you start. You may be tempted to escape or avoid certain situations in which you feel pressured by others or where demands seem too steep.. Try not to make quick decisions based on feelings at the moment. The social status, rank and professional prestige will still be the major focus in your life. You are not worrying about the past so much and rather setting your sights on the future, and setting your sights high. While it’s a good time to pursue happiness, do avoid the pitfalls of over-confidence and overdoing.

Favourable Dates Dec 2, 8, 11, 17, 20, 26 Favourable Colours Red & Blue

Manish Kumar Arora. K.P. Astrologer, Numerologist, Tarot Card Reader & Vastu Consultant. Email for a personal reading or consultation at


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