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Will A Career Change Make You Happy?

Deb Lange

Entrepreneurial ADD Hat Trick Your Life

Volume 2 Issue 11 Ÿ November 2013

about about Hat Trick (noun): 1. A sports metaphor for three achievements by a single player in a game. 2. A magic trick. We happily accept both deÞnitions. Hat Trick Magazine is a special project targeted at sharing spiritual and professional growth with likeminded people from around the world. We share strategies that truly will change your life, business and career (with a little help from some pro friends). WeÕve all been there: under/un/employed, in a bad situation, in transition, wondering what the options are and not knowing the skills we would need to get us there. We wonÕt lie to you. Coming out the other side isnÕt easy, but we can show you what we learned along to way and help you get the conÞdence to turn that leaf over and pursue that which is your destiny. Knowledge is power. Not everyone fancies themselves to be an entrepreneur but the truth is, even when seeking employment these days, pulling together your resumŽ requires some sly articulation to showcase your skills, be keyword-optimized and with a strong, personable presentation to get noticed. We feature inspirational people who have great careers, amazing businesses, tips and a host of amazing stories will inspire and amaze you. Our editors and contributors are some of the most connected in their industries and specialisms. Hat Trick Your Life! Take control of your lifestyle, your career, your dreams and your journey. WeÕll share what we know and we invite you to join us. If you or your business would like to be featured or simply would like to contribute a feature in an upcoming issue, please email us on 2 • Hat Trick Magazine •

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Michelle Fitz Editor-In-Chief, Page Design Michelle is originally from Arkansas and the head of Hat Trick Strategies, a UK firm for Emerging Technologies, Business Change and Corporate Strategy. Her firm has served US and UK household names, government departments and a portfolio of business coaching clients, based globally. Michelle produces all page layout, custom graphics and ad designs for this publication. She holds professional qualifications in LEAN Six Sigma, PMI PMP, is a Practitioner in both PRINCE2 and MSP and is a leader in digital synergies linking content, the customer journey, social media Hat Trick Magazine • 4 • customer and care words/SEO.

Michael Hartley Associate Design Editor Michael is a British entrepreneur based in Manchester, England and is an expert in graphic design, digital artistry, branding and design management. He is a trained violinist, and brings a tremendous breath of creativity to projects. His firm, Michael Thomas Designs, are experts in brand research for target demographics, image and the production of a consistent brand identity for mid-sized companies. Michael understands how to get at the heart of a firm’s offerings and customer base and works closely with select web designers to implement a consistent look and feel across digital, print and online platforms.

Eleni Sofroniou Illustrator Eleni is an illustrator based in London and owns Fall Into London. She produces the majority of the illustrations which appear in Hat Trick Magazine (which compliment give our magazine its distinctive look and feel). She has previously created pieces for ELLE Magazine, Essex Style Magazine, and The Female Entrepreneur Association. As well as creating personalised illustration, Eleni's illustrations can be purchased from her website.

Andrea Sullenger Business & Tech Editor Andrea is a mix of “kick butt” sales / marketing coach and inspirational possible-i-tarian. She has been working with solo-entrepreneurs for the past 16 years, helping them build their own thriving transactional businesses all while creating streamlined and successful digital products to maximize and leverage their income streams. Andrea shares many of her strategies via Hat Trick Magazine, but to get the latest, subscribe to her list. Hat Trick Magazine • •


Editorial Team

Sandra Cunningham Career & Learning Editor Sandra contributes to the Careers column for the Financial Times and is the owner of Outside In Coaching and Communications, where she helps mid-career women make a successful transition from a soul-sucking, dead-end job to a meaningful and fulfilling career, while creating a lifestyle they can afford and enjoy. Sandra truly believes it’s possible to be wildly successful doing work you love whilst having the work/life balance most people can only dream of. Visit her website for free articles, resources and to sign up for your free e-booklet "21 Pointers to Your Career Edge." • Hat Trick Magazine • 6 Sharpen

Shalanda Turner Style Editor Shasie has a B.S. Degree in Chemical Engineering and works as a Project Engineer for a Specialty Chemicals company in Houston, Texas. When Shasie is not at work, she moonlights in the Fashion Industry. She is the creative voice behind the top Fashion Blog; Live Life in Style, Founder of Houston Fashion Bloggers, Style Editor for online media site, Fashion Brand Ambassador for Monarch Magazine, Owner of Shop Shasie’s Closet and Houston Fashion Examiner for

Charlene SanJenko Wellness & Lifestyle Editor Charlene SanJenko is a serial entrepreneur with a successful lifestyle and fitness practice serving Canada. She is an accomplished figure competitor and has served her community in local government. As a social entrepreneur, she believes there is an intrinsic link between physical and emotional fitness, leadership and excellence. She is a thought leader whose emphasis is in helping transform ordinary ladies into “HIP”, High Impact Performance women.

Brittany De Staedtler Beauty Editor Brittany is an entrepreneur and owner of bath, beauty and skin care brand Posh Brats and flagship store Bathery, located in Macclesfield, England. She is an advocate for career progression for women from small towns. Being from the Southern US, she overcame what could have easily been a template predefined for her, but pursued a career and degrees in Cosmetic Chemistry, leading to the successful career she has held to date. Brittany regularly shares simple beauty secrets you can make at home, as well as her thoughts and skills in business.• 7 Hat Trick Magazine •

Editorial Team

Tanya Jackson Food, Home & Family Editor Tanya is the author of our popular Southern recipe column and the editor for our Food & Home section. She is married to a pastor, her high school sweetheart, and is a proud Southern mother and grandmother. Tanya has lived all over the US, but wherever she has lived, she has brought her love and curiosity for local foods and flavors. Tanya believes the best aspect of having cooked in the four corners of the US, was learning to cook what grows around us; because it is our families that make a difference in our lives and sharing our love and enjoyment of good food together goes hand-in-hand. Trick Magazine • 8 • Hat

Karen Salmansohn Faith & Self Help Editor Karen is an ex-Senior VP, awardwinning ad writer/creative director (at age 27) who left her successful advertising career (having worked as a writer/creative director/ image consultant for numerous household names), to pursue her passion of writing. She owns, is an Oprah columnist and a best selling author and book packager with over 1 million books sold. Some titles: How to Be Happy Dammit; Enough Dammit; The Bounce Back Book; – and many more. Journalists call Salmansohn “Deepak Chopra Meets Carrie Bradshaw”, merging empowering psychology/philosophy tips with edgy humor and stylish graphics.

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From the Editor

Grateful For My

Beginning I’m so thankful for this opportunity. I am grateful for the food, people and things I have available to me. You’re a blessing to me and I want you to know it; thank you. As an American, these words are a part of my regular vocabulary. Granted, I’m a southern girl, so giving thanks and praise goes right alongside with church on Sundays, calling the Hogs (this is the state college football team, just so you know) and freshly painted toenails. Picturesque, huh? For all that is so good about the South, the history there and some of what many would call backward thinking (things like discrimination and extremism in many forms), makes singing “I am Southern and proud” out loud in an international forum pretty tough. A lot of years away from the area and finding myself the poster child for everyone else’s questions, and I do mean from every country and every walk of life, left me in a hole that needed filling on a spiritual level. I decided to take a look around at other belief systems and cultures, and put the work in to my own spiritual progression. One of the not-so-secret principles I studied was The Law of Attraction aka The Secret. I liked the principle of gratitude and raising your vibration. I liked affirmations. I loved that so much of who I am as a person who believes in positivity, hard work and simply doing the right thing, resonated in existing and ancient Universal Laws. I learned from shamans and teachers and healers and authors and priests and mentors. I learned of my higher self, raising my vibration, about a number of different gods and goddesses and an uncountable variety of practices in meditation, prayer, incense and crystals. I also went to church. 14 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Funny enough, it took taking a look around other beliefs and cultures to appreciate the values I was raised with, in the South. I also came up not only proud but able to shout out loud “I am from Arkansas and damn proud of it” because I am Southern and there is a lot of good stuff there to be proud of and to ensure that I retain as I try and “progress”. After so long being a spiritual nomad, I’ve realized that there are a lot of people trying to be spiritual but losing the plot along the way. You see, if you’re having to fake gratitude, it’s time to recognize that you are repeating mindless phrases and definitely are not only NOT raising your vibration but you’re also robbing yourself of your own spiritual progression because you aren’t connecting emotionally with the process. There is always something in your life that could be taken from you. There is always something that saves your life or gives you comfort. There is always something around you that impresses your human spirit. Say what you want about a Christian upbringing, but growing up in the South taught me that nothing is forever, everything is a gift, and that God is universal and mysterious - the alpha and the omega. It taught me that through God, all things are possible and that you’d attract a lot more flies with honey than you would with vinegar. It also reminded me constantly that as with all gifts, gratitude and thanks were in order. So far, these are the things that have held through every religious and spiritual philosophy I’ve studied this year. Ok, maybe you have to step way back and sqint at it to recognize them in some of the practicies but these were the common denominators. Most of all though, it taught me that going through the motions on anything is only a disservice. Go hard or go home. That includes feeling true gratitude for the things you have and the gifts of progress and success. So find true gratitude and if you’re struggling, start with your beginning.

By MICHELLE FITZ, Editor-In-Chief


Letter From the Editor, Michelle Fitz •


Cover Story

What has being in the transit lounge at the airport got to do with...

a significant life event? With Deb Lange

Deb is a passionate expert on Relationships, Life Balance and Business with Soul who helps people access a re-newed sense of who they are, by accessing their own Intuitive Body Wisdom™. She is an educator at heart; understanding human potential has captured her attention all her life. She reads constantly, has attended more retreats and gained a zillion more qualifications

16 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Deb Lange

than listed here. Masters Degrees in Social Ecology to Business Degrees in Human Resource Development to Graduate Diplomas in Education, Learning, the Arts and Language gave her a good foundation. But she knew there was something missing in this academic knowledge. She travelled the world to learn from ancient wisdom with people far and wide. She has had her body painted by the Himba people in Namibia; connected with nature with the bush men in the Kalahari; danced with street kids in Soweto to say no to sexual abuse; was inspired by world class violinists and artists in Slovenia; walked a song line in Australia with indigenous people; whispered with horses in Colorado, and so much more.

Mentor Deb Lange is reminiscing in Cambodia I am wandering around Kuala Lumpur airport aimlessly, filling in time, wondering what to do. I need water, I have no ringets and I don’t want to change a lot of money. I am only here briefly. It is hot, noisy and dusty. I am sweaty, getting a headache, hmm, I would love to be on that next plane to get me closer to my destination.

I am in transit. Moving from one place to another. It is happening all our life but we don’t notice the small ones, like the space between getting up in the morning and going to a workplace. Then there are the big transits, the getting married, starting work in another country, death of a spouse etc. In simple terms. We are somewhere. We want to be somewhere else. We plan to get there. We get there. And then we go back to where we came from or we settle into our new territory. And then off we go again. That all sounds comfortable and familiar but sometimes there is no 18 • Hat Trick Magazine •

going back, settling in and the ride is somewhat rockier than we expected. The company we worked for has gone bankrupt, or there is no going back to the husband as he has gone, no going back to the house as it was sold, no going back to our health as we have a terminal or debilitating illness, no going back to our loved one as they have died. Something has happened and we are reminded that we have no control over life, and life is not what we thought it would be. How did I get here?

“Every one of us experiences the unknown in different ways ... Do you settle into acceptance of what is and what is not, or do you fight, struggle, resist and complain about what you have no control over?�

We are in transit Out of our comfort zone, our uncertainty, anxiety and insecurities surface. We may be too upset to think about our future, too overwhelmed with grieving our loss or bubbling over with anger at being violated. In transit the future may be unfamiliar so we may make hasty choices in an attempt to create some safety, security and feel in control. Some of those choices we may later regret. We do not know the future. We can not predict a certain outcome from the choices we make. Every one of us experiences the unknown in different ways. For some it may be an adventure for others a traumatic event. Do Deb Lange: Intuitive Body Wisdom •


20 • Hat Trick Magazine •

you settle into acceptance of what is and what is not, or do you fight, struggle, resist and complain about what you have no control over? In the airport I decided I needed a bit of self care. I go exploring, I find the massage chairs, vegetarian food, work out how much money I need, I find the money change. That’s done. I book into a hotel room. I rest. I shower. I muse. My brother’s face is still a strong image when we waved goodbye at the airport. He has been good to me. I muse about my Mum and Dad how I miss them and wish they had lived a little longer to enjoy life. Now I am refreshed, I am ready for the next stage. It will be simple booking in to the next leg of my journey. The unknown surprises me again.

“Have you got your visa for Cambodia?” “No, I was told I could get one on entry.” “Have you got a copy of your return flight?” After rummaging through my bag for the next ten minutes she finally finds the booking that says I have a return flight to Australia.

“Your gate is number 8.” Phew! There is always something unexpected around the corner. In transit at an airport has some common elements with other transitions in life: Being in unknown territory. Heightened emotional states. Recognition of not being in control. Need for self care. Exploration. Unexpected events. Finding your self. New choices. Deb Lange: Intuitive Body Wisdom •


This transit is just one small part of a major transit that has been going on for me since I had the rug pulled from under my feet three years ago. Suddenly single, no income, no house, parents deceased, children grown up. All I had were my assets, my attitude and a blank canvas. I am still creating on that canvas, and this transit to Cambodia for a month with my suitcase packed with my computer to write, water colours to paint, veal treats for my son’s dogs—and not much else—is just what I need. Time with my son, walking, swimming, writing, drawing, is just what I need right now. So if you are in transit, muse over these 3 questions: 1) What can you do to take care of yourself? 2) What can you do to honor the past? 3) What can you do to explore your new territory?

You just never know when the story you share or a question you ask creates an insight for someone-one else. So go on be generous. 22 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Hat Trick Magazine • •


About Deb Lange and Are you working on achieving your dreams in life and business, only something is missing? Maybe you are unhappy with your relationship, or you don’t believe in yourself, or you have had a significant life event throw up a challenge. You have dreams for your business but you feel stuck? Who do you turn to? I am a specialist in significant life and business events that leave us wondering “How on Earth did I get here?” I had a successful management consulting business, fantastic international assignments facilitating leadership programs, I loved my work, had two great kids and a wonderful, successful and supportive husband. But I took my eye off one part of the big picture, my relationship with my husband. After an amicable divorce, I travelled the world to learn from ancient wisdom with people far and wide. I combined this new wisdom with my knowledge from Masters and business degrees and my experience in my consultancy business. It is these practices that I now call Intuitive Body Wisdom™ that I share with clients so they can create the success, freedom, peaceful, soulful businesses and relationships they want to thrive. In simple terms, I guide you to access the wisdom that is already inside you, only you have forgotten how to listen. Connected to your own “Inner Guru” you have an internal navigation system that guides you to keep track of what is often invisible but is influencing our actions in the world: • The alignment of our values and principles with our actions • The consequences and unintended consequences of our actions • The surfacing of unconscious beliefs that are inadvertedly 24 • Hat Trick Magazine •

sabotaging your life, business and relationships • Deeply connect to the source of our emotional and spiritual wisdom Whilst my new online business is focusing on providing transformational books and ecourses I am still available for work as a consultant, speaker, and designer on topics such as:

Why do leaders do one thing and say another? Uncovering Leadership Blind Spots. How to be emotionally resilient for a life and business that adapts, not resists change. Creating soulful, heartfelt business and life Want employees to be creative at work? Are they allowed to play? Invisible conversations in business and life. Why are we all pretending? Work life balance. The reality or a hoax? I am also a Master at designing participative and creative environments for conferences and events and have been an invited keynote and community builder for many conferences. I won an Award for Coaching and Mentoring in 2010 from the Arts and Business Foundation of Australia. This is what my clients say: “I had a giant life reset; moving countries, ending relationships, and changing career direction. It was at the same time I met Deborah Lange. She was amazing. She shared simple and very,

Deb Lange: Intuitive Body Wisdom •


very effective tools that are easy to use, and leave you feeling like you’ve got your own back, and all the good feelings with ease (that I have never felt before). The tools are practical ways to apply all the clichés we’ve heard so often, like ‘love yourself’, ‘tune in’ and ‘surrender’. She shows you HOW to do it and it feels wonderful.” Candace Loy Phd student and artist “I highly recommend Deb. I came to her not knowing what my worth is. I have never been happier in my life with my career, relationships, health and wellbeing. I can go on and on and on but the bottom line is, Deb is heaven sent to me. I would not be who I am right now without her help. Thank you Deb!” Vanessa Ilagan Business Analyst, Hawaii “Deb helped me to get straight to the core of my issues, and it was really clear to me what I needed to do next. I’ve already implemented some of the changes and am feeling centered, calm and grounded. So much gratitude.” Linzi Wilson Subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to hear of the launch of my book, “Be Your Own Guru; to create the life and business of your heart’s desire”. You can contact me at my site or email me at Deb has been previously published in business texts. A study of developing a leadership team was published as “A Sense of Being¨ Chapter 9 in “Effective Change Management Processes¨. Eds: Sankaran, Dick, Passfield, Swepson, Soutmyn Cross Press, 2001. Deb was also a contributor to “The Natural Advantage of Nations: Business Opportunities, Innovation and Governance in the 21st Century” Eds: K. Hargroves & M. H. Smith of The Natural Edge Project. Earthscan 2005. 26 • Hat Trick Magazine •


RE to E H K C CLI bout a e r o rm iscove y

Bod e v i t i Intu at ™ m Wisdo lan

eb www.d

Hat Trick Magazine • •


Business & Tech Tips



This month’s column is a rant, by all acknowledgements. However, I also like to think that I am potentially about to drive home a key message, which needs to be heard (somewhere out there) or at least get a few virtual high-fives. So often, in my line of work, I am asked to adhere to a code of ethics. I’m sure you are, too. I have several professional qualifications and memberships that ask me to subscribe to their code of ethics - the penalty being the threat of losing them (it’s


By Michelle Fitz 28 • Hat Trick Magazine •

kind of like Miss America in that way, if you think about it). As a line manager, I have had to discipline and attend disciplinary hearings for employees who have fallen outside or exploited ethics. And let me tell you, when I have done wrong myself in the past, ethics sure as heck had something to teach me there as well. Ethics are everywhere and they are there to protect us, our companies and, in my view, keep a degree of fairness in the mix. Philosophically, there’s more to it - I mean there are laws, and for everything else, there are rules and principles and degrees of “acceptable” behaviour. It is about what is RIGHT. The totality of all of that, in my opinion, is what could be described as “ethics”. So why is it that adhering to what is considered “ethical” in the business world, so often a matter of legal loopholes and the massaging of rules? Perhaps I’m too honest, or perhaps I simply find it unpalatable, but I believe that in the world of business, honesty and integrity are the least common denominators in the recipe for a long-standing career.

“I believe that honesty and integrity is all you have to stand behind. Success is a facade, if it lacks those qualities in its foundation.” An HR business partner once told me that her role was to work with leadership to “maximise’ the rules for frameworks within their organisation. Now if you think about that, it makes sense. I mean, we are all trying to do the best with what we have and within the constraints we have as well. Businesses are no different. However, there is such a fine line between “maximising” the constraints and opportunities within a framework and simply enabling unethical behaviour. Staying Ethical •


I am lucky to have worked with amazing clients and a host of extremely ethically-sound organisations. I remember very clearly the impression a global CEO left with me when he insisted that every one of the several thousand employees we would be making redundant should and would receive not only more than the statutory severance package but a retraining stipend as well. I remember him ensuring that processes with unions and consultation were not only adhered to, but were embraced. It’s natural to struggle with ethics, after all, it can be tricky to balance what feels “right” financially or strategically with what may feel “right” to outsiders. Corporations are psychopaths according to that film, right? Well, I don’t think that’s really fair but seriously, if you’re struggling, ask yourself what people would think if it hit the papers and you will quickly get your answer. Why is it that this has become so hard for us, and why is it that multiple complaints or some sordid scandal has to hit before we man up and do the right thing? Am I the only one who finds this offputting? Maybe I have shifted with age, but I just think more of us in business need to follow our hearts more often, and stand up for what is right - or better, stand tall when it is wrong. Be different. I don’t care who they are, the money involved, or the benefit you might have from the situation.

It takes courage to follow your heart when it’s telling you something is wrong. 30 • Hat Trick Magazine •

I want you to know that I understand that what I am saying is a tall ask to apply in real life. I have been there. One of the hardest decisions I have ever made was to walk away from a business/career opportunity, which would have really helped my personal life and circumstances on the basis that it violated the professional code, a few laws and my own conscience. Maybe I’m stupid. Maybe I’m too old fashioned. You call me whatever you like. I just want to be in business for the right reasons and I believe that the universe will provide for me in ways that no dodgy opportunity ever could. It always has. That’s the way I try to live my life. This isn’t a column about a particular client, it’s a column about the duty of care we have as business owners to be the change we want to see in the world. Those of you who know me will already realise that I went through a bit of a full heart/mind/spiritual transformation some time ago. I think this is the one last taboo we have to break down - everybody talks about whistle blowing and standing up for our policies and blah blah, but how many of us are doing something about it? If we are all simply a cog in the wheel, then don’t you see that if enough of us refuse to fall in line and turn our heads that the gears will simply spiral out of control instead of constantly moving in a morally wrong direction? Staying Ethical •


Here are my top tips for following your ethics and your heart in business:


Always at least attempt to highlight your concerns, so that perhaps change can be made and be open to resolution instead of pulling the plug on the relationship.


Consider that this life is lived only once. That’s it. One opportunity. To truly grow, it is about living authentically and using every opportunity and experience as a chance to expand and reinforce your connections, awareness and knowledge. To deny or command less than authenticity, is to deprive your own growth.


Take legal advice and always remember that one contract or one business deal CAN be the beginning of the end of your business. Do NOT protect people simply out of a hope for future dealings or opportunities because even if it goes on for years in a harmonious way, in the digital world, you are just a few steps away from being caught out or ruined in social media in less than a New York minute. If you are a freelancer or a small business, this is suicide. Don’t risk it.


Remember that your values may match others who feel less powerful than you or perhaps have been exploited by

32 • Hat Trick Magazine •

the issues you would like to raise. Being a manager or in a position of authority carries more than just a higher salary band. Be strong enough to use your platform for the greater good. The business world is changing. More of us than ever want to stand against waste, ethical matters and injustice. In fact, some of the most respected business people in the world are holding companies of all sizes to account, even on issues that so many would previously never touch with a barge pole in previous decades. These include issues such as homophobia, kick backs, the good-old boy system, and transparency of government and corporate spending.

You would be surprised how many will stand beside you, if only you had the confidence to rise from your seat.

Staying Ethical •


Got Entrepreneurial ADD

(Or Better Known as EADD)?

I mean, do you have it, maybe, sometimes, all the time or just—squirrel! Okay you get it. Most likely, if you are a true blue entrepreneur you have A.D.D. to some degree. E.A.D.D. (entrepreneurial a.d.d.) isn’t all bad. It is the “thang” in your head that gives you a million ideas all the time, the “thang” that makes you multi-passionate and creative in many areas, but if you don’t keep a tight leash on your E.A.D.D. it can cause mass chaos in your business and your life.


By Andrea Sullenger 34 • Hat Trick Magazine •

What is Entrepreneurial A.D.D. anyhow? It is the flood of ideas you have that bubble up to the surface of your creative brain all of the time! It is that urge to want to pursue everything and that nudge to say “yes” to all people and projects. It is what keeps you coming up with fresh ideas, solutions and perspectives on challenges you or your clients face. It is the belief that you can actually multitask all day and all night long.

How do you fix E.A.D.D.? There are several governors you can place over yourself and your business that can actually alleviate you from E.A.D.D. I don’t think you can or would want to 100% cure yourself, because like I said, it also has great gifts to offer you if you channel it in the right way. However, I also know for sure that you can not cure what one does not genuinely want to be cured. If you’re “making it” while in the chaos and you’re okay with that, then pretending that these rules and changes will have an impact is pointless. If you are not willing to rein yourself in then you can not expect your business or life to go to the next level, and to thrive, verses exist.

Here we go… Come clean about your constant multitasking! Admit it and then commit to stopping! The number one way that you can assist yourself in this area is to utilize a calendar. Block out time for everything and anything. Literally, the only thing I don’t block out is bathroom breaks, they are just a given. Time off, time playing, time investigating ideas, reading, with clients etc. It all is in my planner. If it isn’t, I am screwed and I get thrown off course. Most likely, I find myself down a rabbit hole and 180 degrees off from where I was supposed to be. Give yourself fast and hard deadlines, and back to number one; make the appropriate time to actually accomplish them. Got Entrepreneurial ADD? •


Give it up! You can not be a ‘yes’ to all projects or people. Being a ‘yes’ just means that you are spread too thin, don’t really shine at anything, and your true path is lost on fulfilling others dreams. Have a plan before someone asks you to look at, think about, join or do one more thing. The plan can be simple. How about starting with ‘never say yes right away’, unless it’s to get into the only remaining life raft and you are on the Titanic. Give yourself permission to take twenty four hours to look at, research, and contemplate if this is really a good fit. Seriously, think about the last time you were asked something, if you said yes or no, and if you answered after a twenty four hour time-out, would/did that change anything? Was it life or death? Most likely not, so cool it. Plan to take a time-out. Get a book. Okay, not rocket science, but I swear this will make you feel better or at least more secure. Here’s what I mean; I love sticky notes probably way, way, way more than you, but sticky notes aren’t really conducive to a productive work environment, nor a clear mental status for me. What does work for me is having a “Creation Book”. See, I am a “possabilitarian”, and that means that many, many things in my world are possible. I am always getting ideas about what to create and I am always afraid I will forget them if I don’t write them down. So guess what, I write them down. What that also does for me is to clear my head and open up more space to create.

So HOW do you know what to say YES to and what to say NO to? Simple. Play a little game of connect the dots! Here’s how it works; Whenever a new idea pops into your head or someone brings a cool project or person into your life, take that twenty four hour 36 • Hat Trick Magazine •

window to play connect the dots. Ask yourself these questions and if the answer is overwhelmingly yes, then when the twenty four hours is up say yes, and if it’s a no or you are unclear, dig in a little bit more. If it’s still a no, say no. What is my primary bizz and vision?


Does this new project, client or idea support my primary vision and business?


Would this idea, project, or client bring my primary biz leverage?


Will this new thing bring me more exposure as an authority?


Will my primary biz do all of the same back to the new idea, project or client? (this has to be a compatible relationship, a two way street).

When you get clear and set up the boundaries and systems you need to have, to keep you on your true path and mission, your life and business thrive! You work less and you feel more fulfilled, more freer. What areas of your biz do the dots need connecting?

Here’s to your

fantastic biz and life! Got Entrepreneurial ADD? •


38 • Hat Trick Magazine •

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Got a Fear of Marketing ?

Overcome Your Fear of Marketing Visibility Today FIND ME ONLINE HERE

By Michelle Holmes Overcome Your Fear of Marketing and Visibility Today •


Career & Learning

Will a Career Change

Make You Happy Many people assume that the answer to a miserable job lies in finding a new career. But is it realistic to pin all your hopes for happiness on making such a change? Will it actually make a difference to how you feel? From time to time, I meet up with friends, ex-colleagues and former clients who, just like yours truly, have made a career change (or few) over the years. For many of them it was a good move. But for some, it was a very different story. Sadly things didn’t work out at all as they’d hoped. FIND ME ONLINE HERE

By Sandra Cunningham 40 • Hat Trick Magazine •

On paper it might have seemed like the ideal job: a new opportunity to make a real success of their careers, taking them in a new direction, doing work that challenged them and made them excited, but once the shiny, new polish of the first few weeks wore off, they found themselves struggling, demotivated and completely uninspired in their new role. And in fact, there were many similarities with the job they’d just left.

Why Do Some People Find Career Happiness, While Others Stay Stuck? The most common reasons cited for dissatisfaction about work include problems like an unreasonable boss; feeling under/overstretched; toxic colleagues; having to work ridiculous hours; not receiving recognition, encouragement or feedback; being passed over for progression. It’s usually a combination of factors like these that people blame for their unhappiness, often leading to a decision eventually to move on, find a new job or change career altogether. These problems are real enough, and they also have a damaging knock-on effect to other areas of our lives. So they can’t be underestimated, but, unfortunately when we react to difficult and challenging circumstances like these, by effectively running away from them (ie finding an alternative job), the ‘problems’ rarely go away. Why? Because we’re barking up the wrong tree. And we’re not tackling the real cause of our unhappiness.

The Reason We Can’t Find Happiness We humans are creatures of habit. In spite of wanting to create change in our careers, we tend to seek out situations, people, jobs and organisations that bring with them an element of familiarity. Even if we consciously decide to throw ourselves into the unknown, we will respond to our new challenges and opportunities in ways that have long become second nature to us. As a result, we will re-create pretty much the same patterns and cycles as we’ve Will a Career Change Make You Happy •


experienced before, and we’ll do it over and over again. Finally, we might realise that it’s not our career circumstances that we need to change – it’s the way we approach our career as a whole and the manner in which we respond to those circumstances. But until then, it can be a case of continual trial and error. If we are smart and self-aware, we’ll eventually work it out for ourselves. But if we don’t, our working lives will be filled with the continual, fruitless search for the elusive career that WILL make us happy, or we’ll just give it up as a waste of time.

Where to Look Instead So, if you think you might be looking in the wrong place to find your career happiness, but you know it must around here somewhere, where should you look instead? As Gretchen Rubin writes in The Happiness Project, “I can build a happy life only on the foundation of my own nature.” The more your life—and work—reflects your real interests, values, and temperament, the happier you are likely to become. Could it be time to look inside yourself—get to know YOU again before taking a leap? Okay, it’s easier said than done Finding out who we are can be a tricky one. This is partly because we are not always comfortable with that true self that lies deep

At best, nothing changes. At worst, we just get more and more unhappy, but, read on – there is hope! within us. Instead we lead our lives trying to be the person we think we ought to be, who we wish we were and who we think others want us to be, not our true selves, so we get caught in a perpetual trap that suffocates us, diminishes our self-worth and robs of us our power to deal creatively with the challenges presented by our work 42 • Hat Trick Magazine •

and relationships. At best, nothing changes. At worst, we just get more and more unhappy, but, read on – there is hope!

Change Your Approach Before You Change Career In his classic work ‘Flow’, on how to achieve happiness, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi writes: “The fulfilment we all hope to get in our lives comes about when we can create from who we are. Call it full-blast living.” Full-Blast Living! I love that!!! If you want to build a successful, life-enhancing career that brings you happiness, then you have to take the courageous step of showing up as YOU more often. That means you’re going to start: • • • • • • •

Asking for what you want Saying what you mean Trusting your intuition Taking a stand for what you believe in Knowing what makes you tick (or ticked off) and acting on it Spending time with people and activities that energise you Choosing a career because you want to, not because you ought to • Playing to your strengths more of the time – stop worrying so much about your limitations • Being part of a business where you can honour your values and thrive as yourself Did you get goosebumps when you read that? A bit scary? Yes? Good. You’re ready to do the work, and I can help you! You’ll be amazed at the results. Now, once you have discovered who you are and what you really want, and you’re getting into the swing of being the new you, it’s Will a Career Change Make You Happy •


possible that your next step is not to change career, but to ‘lean in’ to your current job. They say there is a gift in every situation, and this might be your chance to grow and develop in preparation for the bigger opportunity, that no doubt lies ahead, and you may even find that the happiness you want is available to you, right where you are. In any case, you can be sure that a new clarity will emerge.

What If It’s Time for a Change Anyway? When all is said and done, sometimes you just know it is time for a change. Apart from anything else, a new environment (chosen wisely and away from old ghosts) can be the ideal place to reinvent yourself as the new, wiser, more empowered version of you. The important thing to remember is that, in order to be successful and sustainable, the choice to change career should be made from a ‘clean’ place, so first, make a determined effort to learn from the past, learn about you and redefine your career strategy from that basis. Then be sure that from Day One onwards, you’re able to leave your old wounds and self-limiting beliefs locked away in your brief case. If you’ve been in a vicious career circle for rather too long, remember a change of career is not always going to cure your unhappiness at work.

Real happiness in life comes when you are able to enjoy being ‘you’ as you live your life – and that goes for your career too. 44 • Hat Trick Magazine •


¥ Hat Trick Magazine ¥

Hat Trick Magazine • •


This day is Always


As chance has it, today is World Mental Health Day. I didn’t intend to write a post about this in particular but the content is supportive of this worthy awareness. One of the things I struggle with in life is when I doubt my ability to do or achieve something. I can get quite stubborn once I’ve set my mind on getting somewhere or following a certain path. There have certainly been occasions when I know I’m on the wrong path of action, but refuse to move because I have this belief that I’m on a path which I’ve crafted and therefore I must honour. What helps me a lot is the people around me. I am certainly not one to spite my face by cutting off my nose. I quite like my facial features and desire them to remain intact. Much like I quite like my


By Sukh Pabial 46 • Hat Trick Magazine •

psyche and do not care to harm it in any way. And this is where the people I have around me help, a lot. I have strength enough to know that if I voice an opinion, someone will offer theirs whom I trust and I then take this to help me decide my course of action. Because no matter what, I am responsible for my actions. No one compels me to act in a way I don’t already agree with. Which is true of everyone. No one is compelled to act in a way they don’t agree with. Yes, there are bad people in this world who can force you to act against your will, and this is mostly because they have taken away the belief that a person can act positively. We can all act, if we choose to do so. Nothing is planned in this life. We are not determined by some other being. I am, you are, we do of our own accord. Personally this still holds true to my belief in Sikhi. I believe in God, and I believe in my ability to make the right choice. Indeed this is what Sikhi teaches us. If I act in positive ways for myself and in the service of others, I am with God. There are those, though, who believe that they have no choice. That they have no way of making decisions. They are helpless to the path carved out before them. This is a nonsense. This day is yours. It is mine. Each and everyday is a chance to do great. The opportunities we seek are in abundance only if we see them. I am a believer in the power of choice. Even deciding to do nothing is an active choice. Be better. Make that positive choice.

This Day is Always Yours •


48 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Digital Blessings by Ann Pissard

Positively Emotionally Mindful •


Faith & Self Help


50 • Hat Trick Magazine •

By Karen Salmansohn

Self Help for People Who Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Doing Self Help

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T r uth h t u r T h t u Tr

“Then the Jews stirred up the influential religious women and the leaders of the city, and they incited a mob against Paul and Barnabas and ran them out of town.” Acts 13:50

We don’t always like the truth. We tend to expect others to be open and honest and truthful with us, yet when it is our turn to be truthful, little “white” lies often look prettier. We think the truth looks ugly. I have a confession: I am a liar. Scripture speaks to us about saving grace for all kinds of sinners and I read them like a check list. I compare myself to these listed sinners and tend to think I must look pretty good to God.


By Katie Clifton, Christian Columnist 52 • Hat Trick Magazine •

“But cowards, unbelievers, the corrupt, murderers, the immoral, those who practice witchcraft, idol worshipers, and all liars...” (Rev 21:8) Murderer? Nope. Not me Lord. Witchcraft? Safe again. Blasphemer? No. You can add a gold star there, Jesus. Liar? Ouch. God doesn’t see these differently. John says in Revelation that all of these have fate in the lake of fire. Me being a liar does not bring God glory but thankfully Jesus came for all of us messed up people. Grace and forgiveness waits for us all. But it is time to confess our sin, die to it and walk in truth. I think if we are honest, lying plays a part in everyone’s lives. There is just no such thing as a good lie.

An earlier article of mine, Crazy Girl Rant, apparently hit

home for many. I was shocked and overwhelmed at the response, messages and words of “I am right there with you, girl”. There is a large portion of grown women who are aching for friendships and they are struggling with loneliness. Thank you all for speaking up and making me feel less alone in my rant. Several days after that article I really began to pray for all of you who shared your struggles and hurts with me. I knew there was something that the Lord was calling me to do but I was fighting it. After great encouragement and truth from a mentor, I knew God was calling me to begin a bible study in my town for women who are seeking to know “Vulnerability makes me feel the Lord better and naked. I really don’t find joy in exposing myself to others. desiring to make and I am scared to be judged. I build friendships. I am scared my secrets won’t made a status about be kept. I am scared I will be the bible study and talked about. I am scared prayed that just someone will think less of me. I maybe the Lord am scared to disappoint God.” would send a few women to join me on this journey. (I urge Christian Columnist: Truth •


you all to pray about this is your own lives. If the Lord is leading you to step out in faith and connect with other believers, please do it). I am sharing all of this with you, to tell you this: I am scared. That is the truth. As I have begun working through the Bible study book, God has revealed to me that one of the many ways I shut people out of my life is by hiding the truth. Transparency can hurt. Vulnerability makes me feel naked. I really don’t find joy in exposing myself to others. I am scared to be judged. I am scared my secrets won’t be kept. I am scared I will be talked about. I am scared someone will think less of me. I am scared to disappoint God.

What I have failed to remember is that the Lord already

knows everything. I stand before Him fully exposed. He sees me for all that I am, good and bad. There is no where we can hide from Him. There is no place we can run where He can’t reach us. So, why do I spend time lying to God and to others? When my kids lie to me it looks so ridiculous. Our nine year old has a tale tale sign that she is lying. First she talks, then she sticks her tongue in her cheek and can’t make eye contact. She will promise she is telling the truth, but looks like she has a giant gum ball in her mouth. I can assure you, I see right through it. This is how silly we must look when we lie to God. He sees through us. As I study Acts 13:50, I can’t help but notice how it was the “religious women and the leaders of the city” who ran Paul and Barnabas out. We women can talk a good talk, build up followers to stand with us and we can trample on people all too easily and run them away and shut them out. These women may have been religious but they were not Christians. They didn’t want to accept the truth. The truth seemed ugly to them. Truth would have changed them. All too often when truth is shared with us we refuse to listen. We can even fight the truth so much and run from it, that we run so far away the truth no longer affects us.

“Jesus said to the people who believed in him, “You are truly my disciples if you remain faithful to my 54 • Hat Trick Magazine •

teachings. And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. I tell you the truth, everyone who sins is a slave of sin. A slave is not a permanent member of the family, but a son is part of the family forever. So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free.” John 8: 31-32, 34-36 Jesus tells the truth. Jesus is truth. Truth sets us free. Just saying that out loud makes me want to curl up in truth and find comfort. The religious people didn’t like the truth and unfortunately sometimes I can be more concerned with religion than love and grace. That is the truth. That truth hurts me to share it. I want to ask you:

What truth do you not want to hear from Jesus? What truth hurts you? What truths do you attempt to hide from God? What truths do you hide from those around you? As I am asking the Lord to prepare me for this study with new friends I am becoming so aware of my need to rely on the Holy Spirit. I am asking the Spirit to expose truth and open my eyes to truth. John 15: 26 says, “But I will send you the

Advocate—the Spirit of truth. He will come to you from the Father and will testify all about me.” Christian Columnist: Truth •


I want to encourage you to cry out to God with me. I want to be on my knees begging for the hard truths that I need to hear. I want to hear and respond and be changed. Beginning a Bible study in your community may be something God is calling you to do as well. If so, let the truth of the Spirit equip you. Maybe the Lord is urging you to die to the former life of sin that you have clung to. If He is, surrender and walk in freedom.

The truth shouldn’t look ugly, friends, it is beautiful. “If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.” 1 John 1:8

“Lead me in your truth and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation; for you I wait all day long.” Psalm 25:5

“Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6

FIND ME ONLINE HERE 56 • Hat Trick Magazine •

The Latest Must-Have

For Life

Some of you know that in my former life I was the editor-in-

chief of a digital fashion magazine. That line of work does come with some occupational hazards including sticker blindness and shoe addiction. One term that came up consistently throughout the days of trend watching was “must-have.” Usually a “must-have” refers to the latest “it” bag or refers to the runway trend that you MUST take part in to avoid a worst dressed list. But for me, the term has evolved. For me, a “must-have” is a component of life or relationships that MUST be present and is non-negotiable. I encourage you to steal the term. Let’s break it down.


By Gina Hussar 58 • Hat Trick Magazine •

So often we are settling. We take the less exciting job

because it pays a bit more. We stay in the stale relationship because it isn’t abusive and is at least comfortable. We put up with the inconsiderate friend because we have known them since childhood. If you are reading this, chances are you are older than eighteen and therefore an adult. So I can’t help but ask, why? Why would you, as a fully functioning, intelligent adult, continue to settle for anything less than you deserve?

A few weeks back I held a training series called The

Peaceful Path to Your Life’s Purpose. The very first video was all about defining our non-negotiables. So many of us make decisions based on what we need to DO, when what we should be basing our decisions on is how we want to FEEL. You are free. Free to choose who you let into your life. Free to go to the party, or not go. Free to let someone get under your skin, or blow them off and go

“You have CHOICES. And the best way to honor those choices is to come up with your list of life “must-haves.” These are your non-negotiables.” on your way. You are free to leave that relationship or plug away for another ten years committed to change and growth. You are free to be bogged down by negativity in a constant state of victimhood or you can choose to never let any one person or circumstance steal your hope and vision for the future. You have CHOICES. And the best way to honor those choices is to come up with your list of life “must-haves.” These are your non-negotiables. These are the things, circumstances, feelings, people that you want to have in your life on a daily basis. It’s important to note that the space for all of this blissful must-have living must be cleared. There is no room for your must-haves if your life and spirit are cluttered wall to The Latest Must Have For Life •


wall with “should-haves.” There is no room in your “must-have” life for “should-haves.” It’s one of the beautiful blessings of adulthood. You can weed out the toxic people. You can let go of chores and duties that suck the life out of you. You can distance yourself from relationships that drain your energy and constrict your soul. What you do you want instead? You CAN decide. You CAN and you WILL and it will be on YOUR terms, honoring YOUR must-haves.

Some helpful hints to get you started: How do you want to feel every day? List

five feelings

How do you never want to feel again? List five What kind of people do you want in your


What kind of people do you want out of your life?

It really is that simple. So start your list. Clear your space. Invite the blessings in. Offer them a cozy space in a warm corner of your heart. They’ll stick around.

Gina Hussar is a Spiritual Success Coach. She specializes in Integrated Success, Inner Peace and Purpose Clarity. She is a certified Law of Attraction Practitioner and a Certified Reiki Healer.To learn more or to schedule a complimentary Strategy Session, visit 60 • Hat Trick Magazine •

By Joey Phelps & Michael Phelps Lil Nipper Snappers Cartoon •


Style & Beauty 1





By Shalanda Turner 62 • Hat Trick Magazine •



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Pin Up Bodies Pin Up Bodies


By Sorelle Amoré

74 66

By Sorelle Amoré ¥• Hat HatTrick TrickMagazine Magazine ¥•

Dressing Pin Up Is It Really That Much Effort?

As all pin-up girls would know, there are many misconceptions about us. Such as the “effort” we put into our appearance and how long it takes to complete this look. It’s therefore perceived as not practical for the everyday woman, but this is not necessarily the case. I for one have often found it to be much more effort putting on pants, boots, jackets and scarfs to give myself a “casual” appearance in comparison to dressing pin up - slipping on a dress, stockings and lipstick; and through this article I hope to shed light on the falsehoods and stereotypes around pin-up dolls and their “obsession” with appearances alone. Dressing Pin Up: Is It Really That Much Effort •


I believe one of the biggest misconceptions about us (which is a question I am asked on a regular basis) is – “Do we spend all day doing our makeup and hair to look glamorous?” and the answer to this is absolutely not true! I believe people think this simply because we wear red lipstick and quite often, winged eye liner, which does often take practice to master. I believe this 1940s appearance to be one of the reasons we can potentially be singled out by society. Simply because we are different, have a unique style and choose to “advocate glamour every second of everyday” (- Dita Von Teese). All women have their own makeup routines that they have been repeating daily and therefore it becomes quicker to complete over time. Some women prefer a very natural appearance whilst others love that “beach babe” bronze look (often requiring much more makeup than a pin-up dolls usual routine).

It is for this reason I find it unusual for people to single out pin-up dolls and their “over formal” appearance on a day to day basis, which in reality, takes us around fifteen-twenty minutes. So for those who are unaware of our makeup routines I hope you now have a better understanding. Don’t believe that we are machines that wake up at five o’clock every morning to make our lipstick look perfect and skin as white as porcelain. It’s something we have been doing for years and therefore have the ability to complete as quickly as every other woman does. Another misconception I often find (and again am quite often asked) is how much I spend on my clothes. Many people believe pinup dolls spend hundreds 68 • Hat Trick Magazine •

of dollars on our dresses, lingerie, skirts and shoes (and in some cases this can be absolutely true), however, vintage clothing (when sourced from the right places) is often very affordable for those looking to gain some 1940s pieces for their wardrobe. Ebay and etsy are both fantastic sources for vintage clothing and are often very cheap. I also source clothes from local vintage stores, markets and second hand stores. Other fantastic websites are of course,,,, and Ultimately a pin-up based style is very affordable and can be easily found. Once again I believe people who are unaware of the pin-up culture are often mis-lead due the more glamorous appearance we can have when amongst a crowd, thus, leading to stereotypes about us that are far from the reality. The truth is, that our style does not allow us to blend in due to the fact it is so different and not what is considered to be ‘in fashion,’ which does not necessarily mean we have spent a fortune on our clothes, but it certainly draws attention. Ultimately we dress glamorously because it’s how we feel our best about ourselves; it’s a way we represent ourselves in a crowd and allow ourselves to have a unique look. “Glamour is about

feeling good in your own skin” (Zoe Saldana) - as every

other woman should, regardless of dress, makeup and style.

Lots of love, Etta Envy Dressing Pin Up: Is It Really That Much Effort •


Bake Away The Stress!

. . . m mm


Most anyone that knows me even a little bit

knows that I LOVE to cook. People often wonder why I chose to make soap and bath products for a living when they know how much I love to cook and feed others. FIND ME ONLINE HERE

By Brittany De Staedtler 70 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Before I started Posh Brats, I was having a heck of a time finding work in the UK. For a short time I worked for my husband’s law firm but I quickly saw that it wasn’t going to work. I was too new in the country and he was too intense for me. We fought constantly and frankly, I hated the work! So I went back home and made extra money the best way I knew how... Ebay and baking! I would comb thrift stores, charity sales, estate sales, car boots—just about anywhere I could find vintage clothing. Then I would bring them home, mend what needed mending, clean, press, measure, photograph, and then write beautiful descriptions and list them on Ebay. I wasn’t going to get rich off of it, but it gave me money that was mine, ‘Mad Money’, my grandmother used to call it. Just doing that made me an extra £200-£300 per week on things that probably cost me £50.00. To do my share of household contribution, I baked. All week long I’d bake all manner of goodies. Cookies, cakes, bars, candy, bread—you name it. On the weekends I’d pack up the car, load up some folding tables with pretty tablecloths and baskets and sell my wares at church sales, flea markets and craft fairs. I developed a following and pretty soon people wanted things made for private functions. I was exhausted but it was a pretty tidy income, AND I got to stay home with my then 3 year old son. What I learned—pretty quickly—was once I was doing it full-time as a business, I didn’t enjoy it as much. Perhaps if I had an actual place I could GO to do my baking there would have been more of a separation of work and home. Having the two combined just started to stress me out. The house was too small for industrial sized sacks of ingredients. Everything felt cluttered and manic. NOT a good combination for someone like me. I don’t do well with clutter. I like my surroundings to be pristine and sparkling and I’m very houseproud. I was stressed out, depressed, anxiety-ridden and just plain fed up!

Bake Away the Stress •


So what did I do about all this stress? I started a sideline of bath products to “relax” me... well, we all know what happened eventually.

Posh Brats was born! I learned my lesson about keeping home and work separate. Even if you have a workshop within your home; you NEED a place where you can close the door and step back into your real life. Baking has again become my hobby and stress-relief. I dust it off occasionally for special private clients, and every Christmas I bake for a different charity, sell the goodies, and donate the monies made. Baking is relaxing for several reasons. There is the aromatherapy. Anytime you combine ingredients such as vanilla extract, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, chocolate and so forth, your house is sure to be filled with a scents that remind you of your childhood, holidays, loving grandmothers, and other pleasantly nostalgic associations. Also, baking keeps your hands busy, making it nearly impossible to multitask. With your fingers covered in gooey dough, running to the computer to check your e-mail is pretty much out of the question. When you are up to your elbows in batter and chocolate, you are much more inclined to let phone calls roll over into voice mail. Simplify. Let every aspect of your life have it’s own place and you will find so much peace within that. Much Love, 72 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Brittany xx

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of a Hollywood


LA Fashion




Spring and Summer beauty trends are usually predictable, where we expect to see floral prints, California beachy hair waves with natural make up on the runway. L.A. Fashion Weekend hosted by The Gallery Los Angeles with the Executive Producer, Mikey Koffman, presents each season with the most sought-after fashion


By Marina BerBeryan 74 • Hat Trick Magazine •

shows in the entire Southern California area. Between the top-notch guest list and media coverage, L.A. Fashion Weekend reaches nearly 250 million consumers a season, and continues to grow every year. This spectacular three-day fashion affair was held on the evenings of Fri October 18th through to Sun October 20th, and was held at the Sunset Gower Studios in the heart of Hollywood. The W Hotel Hollywood was the official after party location. Nobu Hotel at Ceasars Palace presented the L.A. Fashion Weekend. Furthermore, in the center of the main room, the three beautiful dressed mannequin-like models—representing Nobu Hotels Ceasar Palace—stood on top of a the 360 degree rotating pedestal. Guests enjoyed drinks from the open bar provided by Tin Roof Cellas, Monster Energy Drinks and Moscato Allegro, and make up services were supplied by the Planet Salon of Beverly Hills. Bibby Financial Services sponsored this event to raise money for the City of Hope. Additional sponsors were California Apparel News, Hollywood Weekly, 97.1 AMP Radio, California State University of Long Beach, Palm Springs Fashion Weekend, Fazio Cleaners, and Sel de Mer Showroom. Friday evening was all about sexy swimsuits showcased by The Salt Collection, Amour Luxury Swimwear, Stone Fox Swim and Mandalynn.

Photography courtesy of Kai He

Confessions of A Hollywood Stylist •


The Saturday featured designers such as Nicole Lee, Aamber Aleyna, Nathanelle Couture, Choe Evangeline and Piper Gore. The models walking down the runway showcased some seriously flirtatious and utterly feminine styles.

76 • Hat Trick Magazine •

This year LA Fashion Weekend’s Haute Couture show was a sizzling affair, with models walking down the catwalk with confidence, showcasing retro-glam and Oscar’s red carpet fashion forward collections from Unique Vintage, Le Mali Designs and Shail K. The show kept me on the edge of my seat wanting to see and witness more fresh looks. See some of my favorite looks below.

Fashion buyers, stylists, and the rest of the fashionistas and fashionistos had a great opportunity to witness the upcoming trends for Spring 2014, at the Sunset Gower Studios with The Gallery LA. Needless to mention, LA Fashion Weekend featured great exposure for its designers with the local, national, and international press.

LA Fashion weekend is the BEST place to be during LA Fashion Week! Confessions of a Hollywood Stylist •


Keep it Funky! Meet Kesha Denise of Funky Flair Boutique

If you’ve been following me for a bit now, you’ll recall that last year I hosted a fashion giveaway sponsored by Funky Flair Boutique. The sexy red dress pictured was taken directly from the ever trendy racks of Funky Flair Boutique, located in Atlanta, Georgia. Without further ado, I give you Kesha Denise, owner and fashion mastermind behind Atlanta’s Funky Flair Boutique:

When did you launch the Funky Flair Boutique?

The origin of Funky Flair Boutique began in 2005 in Los Angeles. I moved to Atlanta in 2006, and once I got adjusted to the “South” I started pounding the pavement in my stilettos by doing trunkshows and shopping parties. I launched the website in 2010 and finally opened the storefront location in February 2013. FIND ME ONLINE HERE

By Lisa Wynter 78 • Hat Trick Magazine •

What inspires you? Music, beautiful people and vibrant colors. What kind of woman shops Funky Flair Boutique?

Women who are fashion conscience and trendy – fashionistas and divas!

When did you decide you wanted to own your own fashion boutique?

I’ve always been around and loved fashion since the age of three, but 2005 is when I wanted to turn my passion into a career.

What’s the best and hardest part about being an entrepreneur?

The best part about an entrepreneur is you are your own boss. Your grind determines your success. The hardest part is there are never really any days off—being an entrepreneur is a 24/7 episode; well at least in my world!

What advice do you have for other women seeking to go into business for themselves? Stay prayerful, keep an awesome roster of supportive family and friends in your circle, have money saved, and always give everything you got and then some! So there you have it ladies, whether you are based in Atlanta and looking to score exclusive, yet affordable fabulousness, or you prefer to hoard—I mean, shop online— Miss Kesha’s on the job! She’ll keep you ever trendy and ever fabulous!

Keep it Funky! Meet Kesha Denise of Funky Flair Boutique •


Lifestyle & Wellness


I’m a Leader?! Are we doing ourselves and our communities a disservice by shying away from the spotlight?


By Charlene SanJenko

What would our community look like—locally and globally—if more women embraced a leadership role with unfettered conviction? What is holding us back from identifying and embracing ourselves as Leaders? Now more than ever before the world is ripe for positive change. Not Hilary, Oprah or Angelina? – so what! Let’s identify where your unique leadership potential fits in. In November, PowHERhouse will be hosting a dynamic webinar where you will gain insight and understanding on the unique aspects of Feminine Leadership and what it means to Own It, Foster It and Live It. We want to invite you to join us. You can register here. We’ll start by discussing a two key questions… • What does leadership look like in my life? • If someone was to ask me, “What is your mission or purpose in life?” What would I say in one line? Pretty big questions, I know. So where do we start? Let’s start here.

The Leader Within: Leadership Starts With Me. Here are the five personal leadership traits we’ll be exploring on our webinar. These aren’t the only ones, but they certainly are some of the most important ones.

1. Find your voice. Stephen Covey says, “One word

expresses the pathway to greatness: voice. Those on this path Charlene SanJenko: OMG! I’m a Leader •


find their voice and inspire others to find theirs. The rest never do.” We have something important to say, something that needs to be heard. We have a responsibility to find our voice, and our time is now.

2. Stay accountable. We’ve heard it

over and over and over again. Imminent success is ours as long as we don’t give up on ourselves. There are people in our lives who believe in us even more than we believe in ourselves. Use these people. Ask them to help you to stay accountable to want you really want and what you truly believe.

3. Walk the talk. The most powerful leaders lead by example. Actions impact us much deeper than words. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi encouraged us to live as if we were to die tomorrow. What does this mean to you and how would it change how you live when you wake up tomorrow?

4. Focus on what you believe. What values do you live

your life by? Do you know? What are the clearly defined guiding principles that direct your thoughts, words and actions each day? What you put your focus on expands. Ensure it’s on what you truly want and believe.

5. Practicing mindfulness. Self-

awareness, grounded in the present moment, is likely the most important personal leadership trait of powerful leaders. When we can calmly acknowledge our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations, our mindfulness of who we are and what we believe within our environment is put into implementation. It is then we are leading by example based on our values. 82 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Leadership looks different in every woman’s life. The one common thread: It takes courage. PowHERhouse is the muscle behind the Julia : I think I would sayfemale I’m notleaders there yet. IÕmtoanmake unÞnished mission of high-caliber who However, are looking a product at allintimes; if I was Þnished, would dead.  The problem difference their own lives and theI lives ofbe others. We believe that with achievement is determining what to do next… the stronger we are in our bodies, the stronger we are in our lives.

Suzanne: I think that would be awesome!

We invite you to join ourPowHERhouse community. About We build HIP Women (High-

Shelly: I would smile and say "Thank You, I work at it!"

Impact Performance). Our mission: Helping women build confidence, courage and capacity through the convergence of Lifestyle & Leadership. Study the latest PMP syllabus with Joseph Phillips, America’s foremost in PMI PMP Education. FREE bonus material including exam cheat sheets, one hour of video training and MORE! Buy Now On Amazon


Charlene SanJenko: Mommy-Mania •


How To Jumpstart Your Immunity With Vitamin Cures

Early this morning I went running with my dogs, and although I’m actually more of a spring fan, I was blown away by the beauty that fall has to offer. The colors of the leaves on the trees, wild mushrooms wherever I looked - it could have been perfect if the peaceful silence of my run hadn’t been disturbed by this sneezing and coughing jogger who had chosen to take the same route.


By Nathalie de Ahna 84 • Hat Trick Magazine •

I know that many people say “it’s the time of the year”, but actually, there is absolutely no reason to simply accept colds and flus just because it’s getting uncomfortable and dark outside. Actually, ever since I started using vitamin cures and food as medicine, I’m hardly ever sick, and my kids, for example, haven’t missed one day of daycare or school for more than two years now. Here are some of my favorite (vitamin) cures for super immunity.

1. Jumpstart your immunity with green smoothies I am a huge fan of green smoothies and have been drinking them twice a day for many years. Why? They are like salads in a glass, providing your body with tons of easy-to-digest nutrients, and if you make it a habit to add these “super juices” to your daily routine, your immune system will get an incredible boost.

2. Start snacking on simple and real food A little bit of fruit and veggies here and there seems sufficient to many people, but if you want super powers, you have to fill up your tank with premium quality gas several times daily, Monday to Sunday. For this reason, I always have three larger meals and two snacks every day. Firstly, this helps me to effortlessly keep my weight, and secondly, it makes sure my body and immune system are running on high speed all day long.

How to Jump Start Your Immunity With Vitamin Cures •


Of course, snacking on regular chocolate bars does not do the trick and causes a lot more harm than good. But simply try some nuts, fruit dipped in plain nut butter, or olives, for example. There are plenty of options that are simply delicious and wildly nutritious at the same time, and they often can be prepared in a jiffy.

3. Probiotic is the way to go One of the reasons why I try to avoid sugar is that it ruins your intestinal flora. Did you know that it was once even called “white death”? Sugar has a devastating effect on the friendly bacteria in our gut but we need these bacteria because they are a vital part of our immune system. So, what can we do to make our make our intestines disease-proof? Firstly, we can reduce our sugar intake (and please do not switch to artificial sweeteners instead, they are equally bad). Secondly, we can add probiotic foods such as raw sauerkraut or plain organic yoghurt to our diet. Thirdly, we can supplement with probiotics. Probiotics are an extremely safe nutritional supplement, and friendly bacteria such as acidophilus are exactly what we need to show colds and flus the door (and get a nice and flat tummy, too). Just make sure to use a high-quality product and you are good to go!

Super hero vitamin C Vitamin C is one of my favorite nutrients because it boosts our health and looks on so many different levels. I take several grams 86 • Hat Trick Magazine •

of vitamin C every single day, spread in small doses. For example, I add it to my smoothies or water, which gives them a little more zing, and I always have a salt shaker filled with ascorbic acid on my table. Whatever I eat, I add a little bit of vitamin C which has proven incredibly effective in keeping me and my family happy and healthy all year long.

Vitamin D Vitamin D is another power vitamin to strengthen our immune system. Although our body is able to produce vitamin D on its own, when we spend time outside and let the sun shine onto our unprotected skin, most people are deficient in vitamin D, especially during the dark months of the year; we just don’t get enough of this vital nutrient, therefore I take 2,000 IU units in the morning and 2,000 IU in the evening. Also, I have fatty fish such as salmon on a regular basis. Of course, there are more ways to boost your immunity, but information overload is the safest way to frighten off even the most motivated health seekers among us. If you want to prepare yourself for winter, start with this list and take it one step at a time. You will see that this already will make a huge difference!

How to Jump Start Your Immunity With Vitamin Cures •


Trust Your Intuition

How many of us have gone against a gut feeling and lived to regret it at some point in the future? I know that I have for sure and it’s when I am at the point of kicking myself, that I promise to always honour my intuition in the future ... but then a situation comes up and I am not so sure.


By Kate Spencer 88 • Hat Trick Magazine •

So why do we have this head and heart dilemma at times? I believe that its part of the human condition. We have a logical conscious functioning mind with intelligence and reasoning, and when issues and challenges come up we think them through and come to reasonable conclusions, reasonable that is until we feel the stirrings or our intuition suggesting another way! Intuition is the little voice that whispers a different opinion, or the gut feeling that tells you to change direction, but the difficulty is that we usually have little or no proof at all that this is a good idea! This can then be compounded by the fact that you cannot explain this to the people around you; it seems unreasonable and silly to be acting in an irrational way that you cannot justify with anything other than “it doesn’t feel right.” So instead of looking like the village idiot in front of people we know, we shut down that little voice and carry on regardless. This is when things can start to unravel and you look back and wish that you had listened to that higher-self part of yourself that was trying to get through, the part that was niggling and guiding you down a different road that you chose to ignore. The problem is though that intuition can feel vague when it happens. It can easily be written off as you making things up or nonsense, a fleeting whimsical thought, an interlude that might have distracted you. But in our heart we know different. Intuition is the voice of reason without having a reason, it’s often the right thing to do, and it defies logic. Intuition is your deep knowing that there is another way, and that this other way is likely to serve you better. Even if on the surface of it you totally should get married, take the job, play small or a million other things that you feel obligated to comply with, intuition comes

Trust Your Intuition •


IÕm Ditching The Diets Tips for developing your intuition:

from the depths of who you are and signposts you in the direction that will be ultimately best for you. It’s a knowing and a resonance with your core self, and when you are in alignment with this and you are not afraid to trust it, amazing things can happen.

If you’d like to join Kate

• Know that when you have a gut about weight onfeeling her conscious something that this is a time to loss takejourney notice. you can get • Don’t feel that you have to justify intuition; you will involved online. never be able to. • Have faith that you are feeling this way for a reason. This ummer   I  am  going  your to  ditch   the  diets   and  tand hink  m yself   thinner,   • sTry to suspend logical mind see how youand   feel. change   those   nega>ve   self-­‐beliefs   that  have   holding   e  back   for  far  too   • Look for signs and serendipity tobeen   show youmthat your long.  intuition I  know  that   my  heart  if  I  can  really  do  this,  then  the  rest  will  fall  into   isin   correct.

place for  me,  and  that  weight  loss  will  be  a  natural  side  effect  to  loving  myself   Love Kate x and  healing  my  past.  

90 98

About A Homemade Year

HatTrick TrickMagazine Magazine ¥• ¥• Hat

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Is Your Home Making You Sick? •


Mystic Sisters Mystic Sisters Mellissa and Jayshree Mallaya are a household name in South Africa with a clientele of the who’s who from Hollywood to Bollywood. Mellissa followed her heart and now lives with her husband in London where she does Skype, telephone and 1:1 sessions (in addition to planning naughty book club meetings and girls pamper parties). As Seen In Cosmo Magazine!

Write In To Get Featured! Life Or Love Question? Book Your Consultation With Mellissa Phone: +44 7720748095 Or Email Her 92 • Hat Trick Magazine •


By Mellissa Mallaya


Dear Mystic Sisters, thank you for your advice in this column. I love that you are so direct! Please could you shed some light on my issue? My aunt has moved in with me. I love her to bits. The problem that I have is that she criticises me constantly about my cooking! My husband, children and friends love my cooking. I now second guess myself and don’t enjoy cooking as much as before. What should I do ? Kim Exeter


Dearest Kim, oh dear! This is not the most fun spot to be in. Your aunt appreciates you for your hospitality. Your cooking is fantastic. Don’t feel insecure. Your aunt struggles to make conversation and prefers to criticise as part of her conversation. She is old and unfortunately as with many old people, nagging becomes an adopted way of life. She is lonely. Do not argue with her. She is longing for her deceased partner and feels sad. Get her in the kitchen on certain days and get back into the spirit of being you. Don’t become angry or annoyed. Be honest and say your family love your meals but on certain days she is welcome to cook and share her skills with you.

Q us?

Dearest Mellissa. My wife flirts on Facebook and recently I saw her posting fairly raunchy pics on an adult site. Is this the end of

Gary Wolverhampton


Hello Gary. No this is not the end. She is craving attention, from you. She feels emotionally neglected and unattractive. Your previous infidelity has created a mini attention seeking monster. You need to show her you desire her. Send her flirty, dirty emails and texts. She is not seeking a lover. Just the attention. I can see you both happy together.

Mystic Sisters •



Dear Mellissa. My boss is a dragon. Do you perhaps sell any spells that can make her go away?! I am at my wits end and cannot drag myself in to work. How do my colleagues cope? Please help me. Do you see her buggering off any time soon? Amelia Colchester


Sweetheart. Calm down. No I am sorry, I do not have spells for sale. I do offer intuitive motivation packages and can help you develop your strengths. First thing’s first, your boss hates her job, so she is in the same situation as you. She is emotionally fed up with various aspects and her job has become her only focus. Do not make your job your only focus. It is a part of your life. An important part as is everything else. Your colleagues are built differently and react differently. Don’t focus on that. Stooping to gossip won’t assist the situation. Gently befriend her by giving your work the best you can. Yoga is a fabulous release. It will help you to grow spiritually. Please do not hesitate to contact me for the intuitive motivation.


Dear Mellissa & Jayshree, thank you for reading my letter. Please help me to understand my neighbour. Firstly, he is as hot as hell! He is giving me mixed signals. We see each other a few times a week and get on really well, in and out of bed. I have suggested he stays over for breakfast, but he goes home! What is going on? Tina Mayfair


My gorgeous girl. He wants no strings and you have tied a few on. Cut them. It’s not going to work. He has no plans to settle down for the next 4 years. Have fun!

94 • Hat Trick Magazine •


Hi darling, Many people keep their options open and so are you. He adores you but has become mentally lazy in this relationship. He won't walk away unless you do. I do see a new man in 2 years. Yes it is deceptive but mostly to yourself as the world sees you as an attached woman. You would never carry a dead horse about, why carry this? You are witty, loving, naughty and gorgeous. Get out there and seize the world!

How to Detox With Green Superfood Smoothies ¥


Hat Trick Magazine • •


104 HatTrick TrickMagazine Magazine •¥ 96 •¥ Hat


¥ Hat Trick Magazine ¥

Hat Trick Magazine • •


Food, Home & Family

Green Bean Casserole


Everyone loves the ubiquitous Green Bean Casserole for Holiday dinners. It is easy and delicious and now it’s part of every meal during family get-togethers. Even if it isn’t gobbled up, most people require it as part of traditional fall feasting; We sure do in my family and I’ve been told never to leave it out again. One of my daughters pumped it up last year with a new ingredient— it was gone before anyone could get a second helpling. You are going to love it.

By Tanya Jackson 98 • Hat Trick Magazine •

! d o h t e M


• Chop the mushroom up and sauté in 1/2 stick of butter until mushroom pieces are tender. I know it’s a lot of butter, but it’ll taste sooooo good! • Mix the soup, milk, pepper, beans, mushroom and 2/3 cup of onion rings in a 1 1/2 qt. casserole dish.

« 1-10 ¾ oz can of cream of mushroom soup « ¾ cup milk « 1/8 tsp. black pepper « 1 & 1/3 cup canned french fried onion rings « 2 cans green beans, drained (I don’t personally use frozen beans because they tend to be tough in this casserole)

« 1 Portabella mushroom (that is

right, a real Portabella mushroom. If I can find fresh Portabella mushrooms within a small town in a small state at the box store, you can find one too)

• Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes until hot. Top with remaining onion rings and cook for 5 minutes more to crisp the onion rings.

! ’ n i t a e d o o g s i t Now tha





By Amber Hamilton Henson 100 • Hat Trick Magazine •

In honor of Arkansas’s Soybean Month, how about a soybean recipe? We use soy products in a variety of ways throughout the year, but for this time of year perhaps it makes sense to share one of our favorite SEC football gameday snacks: “Spiced, Roasted Soybeans!

Gameday Edamame! Gameday Edamame •


Yep, like all of y’all, I serve wings, little sandwiches, chips & dips, and other snacky foods for the hubby while he watches football throughout the season, and I also serve spiced edamame. There are a variety of ways to season soybeans­—a.k.a. edamame— when roasting. Garlic and parmesan is pretty popular and so is this six season blend. My husband, Mitch, and our daughters LOVE the spiced, roasted edamame! Here’s how I served it today, during the Arkansas/Ole Miss game...

n i t i e k a M a few ! s p e t s y eas Ingredients • • • • • • • •

14 oz bag frozen, shelled soybeans (a.k.a. edamame) 3 Tablespoons vegetable oil (preferably soybean oil) 1/2 teaspoon black pepper 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper 1/2 teaspoon chili powder 1/2 teaspoon ground coriander 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder

102 • Hat Trick Magazine •


Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C).


Place the thawed edamame into a mixing bowl, drizzle with the oil and salt to taste, then sprinkle with spices. Toss until the edamame are evenly coated with the oil and spices. Spread into a 9x13 inch glass baking dish or on to a baking sheet with silicon mat (as I do) in a single layer.


Bake uncovered in the preheated oven for 12 to 15 minutes or until the beans begin to brown. Stir once halfway through cooking and there you have it. Enjoy!

Your Friend,

Amber Hamilton Henson Gameday Edamame


Cancer Treatment


Cherie began as a weekly columnist for the main local newspaper in her area. Her articles focus on a humorous look at married life with five children and the ups and downs we can all relate to. She has won 2 international short story contests as well as being published in Our Canada magazine. Cherie is a breast cancer survivor and a huge advocate of self-exams.

By Cherie DeBurger 104 • Hat Trick Magazine •

As another year comes to an end I am amazed and thankful that I am still here. It was almost five short years ago I was given a devastating diagnosis, breast cancer. When I started treatment I was given a 20% chance of survival due to the aggressive type of the disease as well as the fact that it had spread to thirteen of my twenty-one lymph nodes. That is a very big and sour pill to swallow. My battle with cancer gave me a whole new outlook on life as well as a whole new look. Little did I realize my mastectomy was only the beginning of my physical transformation, like it or not I was in for a cancer makeover.

“My hair seemed to be the first thing on the list and within two weeks I was shedding more than our German Shepherd, so it was time to shave my head and say goodbye to bad hair days.” I was booked for six treatments of chemotherapy, this concoction kills all new cells growing in the body so that if any cancer was missed by the surgery or there is a rogue mutated cell lurking somewhere it would be destroyed. The other side of this coin is the chemo can not tell good cells from bad cells so it destroys ALL new cells as well as your immune system. Within two weeks of my treatments I realized I was going to learn the true meaning of the phrase “less is more”. My hair seemed to be the first thing on the list and within two weeks I was shedding more than our German Shepherd, so it was time to shave my head and say goodbye to bad hair days. I didn’t want to scare my kids by springing such a large change on them with no warning coming home to a bald mom was a bigger change than I thought they could take. We decided the best way to make this go smoothly would be to make it a family affair. I told each child they could shave a strip of hair off my head and the reaction I got

Cancer Treatment Makeovers •


from them was equivalent to winning the lottery. Who knew they would get such a big kick out of shaving my head, I should have done that for Christmas I could have saved a lot of money. My trip to the wig shop reminded me what it was like to play dress up and we had some great laughs at hair styles that, once my hair grows back, I will know never to try. Instead of spending at least half an hour washing, drying, and styling my hair I became comparable to a quick-change artist. I would walk into the bathroom and one minute later emerge with a perfectly styled head of hair. Bed head was a thing of the past and no more worrying about my roots showing, this wasn’t all bad. I relocated all the scissors even higher because my youngest daughter was having a hard time understanding why she can’t pull her hair off at the end of the day like mommy did. I remember drawing on my eyebrows since most of them were gone and my eyelashes were deserting me faster than my kids when I say “it’s time to do homework”. At one point I had approximately five eyelashes left on each eye and I desperately coated them with mascara in an unsuccessful attempt to make them multiply. I resigned to false eyelashes not long afterwards. I have also enlisted the help of the Internet to aid me in my restocking of disappearing body parts. Surfing the Internet looking at breasts was something I thought I would catch my son doing not me. As I surfed different websites ranging from the Cancer Society to transgender sites I decided it was time to close my blinds in fear that someone would misunderstand what I was searching for. With the amount of faux items I was adorning, including fingernails, I felt I could compete with any cross dresser out there. As I take off all of my accessories at night sometimes I wonder if I will remember where to stop. 106 • Hat Trick Magazine •

I unintentionally caused my husband added distress when I found my interest in wardrobe accessories became very important. For reasons unbeknownst to me, I felt the need to compensate for the lose of my breast by updating my wardrobe. My shoe collection grew as did the number of my boots and purses. I discovered that the more hair I lost the bigger my earrings became. It seems the only thing I didn’t mind losing was one of the few things that I gained and that was weight. One of the medications that I was taking during my chemo treatments was an appetite enhancer since it’s well know that people usually have very little to no desire to eat. Well for some reason it worked really well on me and although I was not eating a huge amount I seemed to gain weight anyways. Who ever heard of gaining weight with cancer??? Leave it to me to defy the odds.

At the end of the day I tuck in my kids with a prayer and some hugs and kisses. That is always followed up with yelling at them at least three times to get back in bed, I know every ache, every pain, every tear is a such a small price to have paid to be with my family and watch my babies grow up.

Cancer Treatment Makeovers •


108 • Hat Trick Magazine •

ISSUE 14 NOVEMBER 2013 £3.00



Business Profiles Top tips for taking the

plunge and setting up in business!

Salon du Chocolat Fashion Show


comes to London

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Exclusive Interviews with

Paul A. Young & The Chocolate Genius



Afternoon Tea, Sharp Edge Cake Tutorial, Interview with Carina’s Cupcakes, Nominate Cake Masters Awards 2013, Chocolate Recipes, Interview with Wicked Goodies, Ganache, Tempering Technique, Baking Wish List, Interview with Chokolate, Pricing for ProÞt, Food Safety + more!


Sharp Edge Ganache tutorial


Pricing for PROFIT



5 & 34


Chocolate Fashion Show 2


Contents 14 17 32 40 43 58

Afternoon Tea  -­‐  One  Aldwych,  London Cake  Masters  Awards  2013  -­‐  Nominations  open! Chocolate  Essentials  from  Windsor  Cake  Craft Baking  Wish  List Sharp  Edge  Cake  Tutorial  by  Way  Beyond  Cakes  by  Mayen Cake  Spotlight  -­‐  Masked  Ball  Cake  -­‐  Tracey’s  Cakes

5 27 30 56 68 74 76 78 80

Salon du  Chocolat  -­‐  Fashion  Show Chocolate  Tempering  Technique Ganache  Technique Pricing  for  ProJit Interview  with  the  Food  Safety  Team Business  ProJile:  Lady  B’s  Cupcakery Business  ProJile:  Way  Beyond  Cakes  by  Mayan Business  ProJile:  Marzipan  Moon  and  Sugar  Dust  Stars Business  ProJile:  Kake  and  Cupkakery


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW:  Paul  Joachim   The  Chocolate  Genius Wicked  Goodies EXCLUSIVE  INTERVIEW:  Paul  A.  Young Chokolate Carina’s  Cupcakes Grace  Couture  Cakes


We are  ecstatic  to  have   interviews  with  two  awesome   chocolate  revolutionaries.  First   we  have  a  pioneer  of  taste   sensations  from  the  UK,  Paul  A.  Young,  who  chats  to  us  about  his   exciting  projects  and  his  fascination  with  Jlavour.  Then   international  chef  and  Food  Network  Challenge  winner  Paul   Joachim,  aka  The  Chocolate  Genius,  showcases  amazing   chocolate  ganache  sculptures,  which  are  usually  created  LIVE  in   front  of  audiences. Cake  Masters  Magazine  was  also  lucky  enough  to  attend  Salon   Du  Chocolat’s  Jirst  mouth-­‐watering  chocolate  fashion  show  here   in  London!  We  have  a  selection  of  the  sensational  couture   dresses  from  the  show  for  you  to  be  mesmerised  by.    To  top  it   off,  we  have  lots  of  chocolate  inspired  recipes  and  handy   techniques  for  you  to  try.


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Welcome  to  the  November   issue  of  Cake  Masters   Magazine  which  is  literally   choc  full  of  ideas!    This   month  it’s  all  about   tantalising  chocolate   creations  and  valuable   insights  on  running  a  cake   business.

Our second  theme  is  all  about  the  cake  business;  we  have   included  stories  about  how  people  started  out,  some  useful   advice  and  a  handful  of  inspirational  business  proJiles  for  you  to   absorb  if  you  are  having  thoughts  about  setting  up  shop  or   taking  caking  to  that  next  daunting  step.  


20 Coconut &  Chocolate  Layer  Cake  -­‐  Clandestine  Cake  Club   and  The  Groovy  Food  Company 36 Muscovado  Chocolate  Cakes  with  Cocoa  Nibs  and Mayan  Spiced  Syrup  -­‐  Paul  A.  Young   38 Chocolate  and  Beer  Cake  -­‐  Will  Torrent

Interview with Carina From Carina’s Cupcakes on CI success, business and internet trolls

We have  a  very  special  interview  with  Carina  from  Carina’s   Cupcakes.  We  talk  to  her  about  the  success  of  her  business  and   the  highs  and  lows  of  that  journey,  including  the  horrendous   episode  of  trolling  that  shook  the  Facebook  cake  community.

November is  a  busy  month  for  cakers,  with  the  hotly  anticipated   Cake  International  at  the  Birmingham  NEC  from  8th-­‐10th   November.  We  will  be  there  helping  to  judge  the  PME  Live   Competitions  and  I  hope  to  see  you  there  too!  Enjoy  this  issue!

Rosie x Editor

Front cover  cake:  Wicked  Goodies


Review Ceri Roberts




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Salon du  Chocolat’s   world  famous  fashion   show  came  to  London   for  the  6irst  time  this   year,  featuring  models   walking  the  catwalk   wearing  couture   out6its  made  entirely   out  of  chocolate,   created  by  local  and   international  designers   and  chocolatiers. 5

Photography Paul Winch-Furness

Lindt EXCELLENCE  has  joined   forces  with  chocolate  artist   Paul  Wayne  Gregory  to  create   a  chocolate  dress  entitled   “Eternal  Diamond”  with   Graduate  Fashion  Week  2013   winner  Lauren  Smith.


Photography Paul Winch-Furness

“When designing  our  dress  Hannah   and  I  wanted  to  create  a  piece   which  would  represent  the  colours   and  textures  associated  with   chocolate.  Taking  symbols  of   Steampunk  we  have  created  a   6lowing  skirt  and  corset  which   represents  the  femininity  and   passion  associated  with  chocolates,   adding  delicate  chocolate  cameo’s,   keys  and  cogs.”  ~  Julia  Wenlock,   Toot  Sweets  Chocolates


Photography Jen’s Just Desserts

“I wanted  to  celebrate  Salon  du   Chocolat  coming  to  the  UK  for  the  6irst   time,  so  I  gave  the  dress  the  theme  of   “The  English  Rose”  and  decorated  the   dress  with  handmade  chocolate  roses  -­‐   the  English  national  6lower”  ~  Mark   Tilling  of  Squires  Kitchen 8

Photography Paul Winch-Furness

Artisan du  Chocolat  has  created  the   “Maya”  dress,  a  cowl  neck  dress   embellished  with  sugar  diamonds   and  chocolate  pearls,  sprayed  with   the  6inest  chocolate  and  a  chocolate   bouquet.  The  dress  is  inspired  by   Art  Deco  splendour  and  has  been   transformed  into  the  ultimate   chocolate  wedding  dress.  “  


Afternoon Tea at

One Aldwych

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Covent Garden ~ London



Travel ~ Taste ~ Try Are you  looking  for  a   'scrumdiddlyumptious'  afternoon   tea?    Well,  this  one's  a  really  fun-­‐ themed  one,  courtesy  of  One   Aldwych  Hotel  in  Covent  Garden.    

They've partnered  with  the  West  End's   "Charlie  &  The  Chocolate  Factory"  musical  to   create  a  magical  tea  experience,  from   decadent  golden  eggs  to  blueberry  brioche   and  playful  Jlavoured  candy  Jloss,  every  item   reJlects  the  wit  and  wonder  of  Roald  Dahl's   classic  tale.  The  sweet,  savoury  and  sandwich   items  are  made  by  a  team  of  expert  chefs  who   use  nothing  but  the  Jinest,  freshest   ingredients.  The  teatime  treats  are  presented   with  a  selection  of  leaf  teas  and  infusions  from   Covent  Garden's  Tea  Palace,  each  of  which  has   been  chosen  to  complement  the  Jlavours  from   the  kitchen.   Firstly,  the  hotel  might  look  fancy,  but  the   atmosphere  inside  One  Aldwych  is  very   chilled.  The  AT  is  served  in  the  bar/lobby  area   of  the  hotel.    As  it's  near  the  touristy  Covent   Garden  area,  many  patrons  arrived  quite   casually  dressed  and  the  open-­‐style  seating   really  made  people-­‐watching  very  easy.  This   relaxed  and  chilled  ambiance  really  made  the   experience  more  relaxing.  The  staff  were  very  

helpful and  friendly  as  well,  and  they  totally   did  NOT  rush  us.

The AT  on  offer  is  moderately  priced,  at   around  £30  per  person,  but  of  course  I  had  to   opt  for  the  extra  "Cocktail  Charlie":  Dalmore   whisky  mixed  with  Grand  Marnier  Cherry,   chocolate  bitters,  grapefruit  juice  and  cherry   syrup,  topped  with  Champagne.  I  am  a  sucker   for  dry  ice  effects  and  this  one  was  spectacular   to  look  at  AND  drink! The  savoury  sandwiches,  tarts  and  quiches   presented  were  delicious  and  plentiful.  When   we  Jinished  this  Jirst  course,  we  were  offered   'reJills'  which  was  much  appreciated,  because   the  quiches  really  were  quite  yummy.

Then the  teas  arrived,  along  with  the  "magical   afternoon  tea"  service.  It  was  magical,  in  as   much  as  there  were  so  many  elements   (chocolate  and  non-­‐chocolate)  to  look  at,   touch,  taste,  explore...  The  scones  and  jams   were  yummy,  and  we  had  fun  guessing  the   Jlavours  of  the  cotton  candies.    The  chocolate   elements  were  decadently  chocolaty  and   plentiful.  I  mean,  I  left  with  a  full  and  happy   belly!!  


By Jennifer  DeGuzman-­‐Rolfe Jen’s  Just  Desserts  




of Chocolate Sculptures

Paul Joachim 13




Chocolate GENIUS

Paul Joachim,  International   celebrity  chef    and  Food  Network   Challenge  winner  was  the  perfect   star  to  interview  in  our  chocolate   themed  issue  of  Cake  Masters   Magazine.  Editor  Rosie  had  the   honour  of  interviewing  Paul  and   dipped  into  the  chocolately  world   of  The  Chocolate  Genius.     Describe  yourself  in  3  words I  have  two  words…  Artist  and  Chocoholic.  I   love  chocolate,  and  I  love  sculpting  in   chocolate  so…Passionate  Chocolate  Artist.

You were  trained  classically  as  a  Tine  artist,   can  you  tell  us  how  that  actually  evolved   into  food  and  then  chocolate? I  received  a  BFA  in  Studio  Art,  and  graduated   from  college.  I  was  living  a  good  life,  but  I  kind   of  lost  my  way  in  terms  of  being  an  artist.  

didn’t want  to  be  a  Chef.  But  once  again  the   light-­‐bulb  went  off  and  I  realised  I  could  do   both  art  and  food  together.   I  found  my  passion  and  it  was  sculpting  in   cake  and  chocolate.

So why  didn’t  you  just  stop  with  just   normal  fondant  covered  cakes? Well  that’s  what  I  did  for  years  and  I  always   found  using  fondant  a  struggle.  It  wasn’t   something  that  just  came  naturally  to  me  as  I   found  it  difJicult  to  work  with.  As  I  continued   to  develop  my  cakes,  I  discovered  ganache.   When  making  ganache  I  realised  that,  if  I   thicken  it  up  a  little,  I  could  potentially  sculpt   with  it.    It  was  3  years  ago  when  I  made  my   Jirst  life-­‐sized  cake  mostly  using  ganache.  

I felt  there  was  a  big  hole,  and  I  was  searching   for  where  my  passion  was.  Then  it  turned  out   that  it  was  my  Mom’s  60th  birthday  cruise  ship   themed  party  as  she  was  going  on  a  big  cruise   where  I  decided  that  I  was  going  to  go  all  out   and  make  a  3D  cruise  ship  cake.  It  was  my  Jirst   fondant  cake  I  ever  made  which  included  a   sugar  sea,  the  balconies,  a  pool  and  lots  of   other  details.  It  really  came  out  amazing,  and   that  is  when  the  light-­‐bulb  went  off,  and  I  said   “Wow!  Maybe  someday  I  could  take  this  and   turn  them  into  actual  sculptures.”  That’s  how   this  all  started.  

Have you  had  any  speciTic  training  working   with  chocolate  or  cake  decorating? No,  it’s  all  self-­‐taught.  Once  I  realised  this  was   what  I  wanted  to  do,  I  stayed  up  from  10pm  to   2.00am  when  my  family  were  sleeping  on  a   regular  basis,  practising  and  practising,  and   teaching  myself  the  basic  skills.  It  was   extremely  stressful  at  times  but  satisfying  at   the  same  time.

When you  started  working  with  chocolate   for  the  Tirst  time,  how  was  it?   In  the  beginning,  I  was  having  a  really  hard   time  with  the  cocoa  butter  separating  from   the  rest  of  it  and  making  it  into  an  oily  mess,   and  not  knowing  what  to  do.  After  talking  to   several  friends  in  the  industry  that  are  experts   in  modelling  chocolate,  I  realised  that  I  just   needed  to  be  patient.    I  had  the  ability  to  be   incredibly  patient  with  it,  and  to  learn  the   intricacies  of  how  it  behaves  under  certain   circumstances.  How  hot  or  cold  it  is,  how  long   has  it  been  out  -­‐  all  of  this  matters,  and  now  I   am  really  in  tune  with  that  and  that  has  really   helped  me  succeed. How  did  you  come  up  with  your  name  ‘The   Chocolate  Genius’? I  have  a  publicist  I  work  with  and  I  have  to   give  her  credit.  She  came  up  with  the  name   and  then  I  started  bouncing  it  off  people;   everybody  loved  it.  

Tell us  about  one  of  your  best  cakes I  would  say,  the  Yoga  cake.  I  have  been  doing   yoga  for  11-­‐12  years  now  and  it  is  something  I   love  to  do.  One  of  the  yoga  studios  asked  me  to   do  a  life  sized  yoga  cake  for  their  holiday   party.  I  was  super  excited  about  that   opportunity  and  I  worked  with  one  of  the   instructors.  

I have  always  loved  food,  so  over  the  years,   people  asked  me  why  I  wasn’t  a  cook?  It  was   always  just  a  really  strong  hobby  of  mine,  but  I  




This girl  was  just  absolutely  an  amazing  and   incredible  athlete.  I  went  down  to  their  studio   to  meet  with  her  and  decide  what  posture  I   was  going  to  do,  we  eventually  chose  the   dancers  pose.  I  never  thought  that  somebody   could  hold  it  long  enough  for  me  to  be  able  to   sit  there  and  to  sculpt  it  live,  but  she  really   did.    

The other  challenging  part  of  the  entire  piece   was  the  engineering  behind  it.  It  was  the  most   difJicult  thing  that  I  had  done  up  to  that  point,   making  it  so  the  piece  could  be  impressively   standing  on  one  leg.

I sculpted  it  live  in  6-­‐7  hours  at  the  party,  and   then  at  the  end,  we  cut  the  cake  up  and  served   it.  It  was  very  satisfying  and  was  a  lot  of  fun.  I   look  back  at  the  pictures  now  and  I  still  say,   “Wow,  did  I  really  do  that?”

Is that  your  best  creation  to  date  for  you? I  have  had  a  couple,  each  one  has  its  own   merits  and  challenges.

When I  do  these  live  events  things  can  go   wrong,  not  all  the  time,  but  there  are  things   going  on  in  the  background  that  people  don’t   know  which  are  really  difJicult  to  manage!  

For example  the  LeBron  James  cake  that  I  did   was  9.5ft  tall  and  it  was  over  200lbs  of   chocolate.  There  are  multiple  things  that  went   wrong,  but  I  stayed  completely  calm,  never   freaked  out  and  in  the  end  it  was  a  really  good   experience.

When you  are  doing  something  that  size,  you   really  want  help,  but  my  assistant  had  a  family   emergency  and  she  wasn’t  able  to  come  down   with  me  to  Miami,  so  I  ended  up  having  no   assistant.    It  was  hard,  but  I  plugged  through.   Then  on  the  last  day  of  the  event,  which  was  in   a  huge  tent  outside,  I  walked  in  and  noticed   that  everything  was  wet.  I  hurried  over  to  my   9.5ft  tall  sculpture,  when  the  groundskeeper   came  in.  “Oh  my  God,  Oh  my  God!  The   sprinklers  went  off!”  I  looked  down  and  I  saw   my  platform;  it  was  completely  saturated  with   water.   I  mopped  it  up  and  I  noticed  that  the  sculpture   was  leaning.  I  realised  that  the  wood  was  so   wet  from  the  sprinklers,  that  it  had  ruined  it,   and  the  screws  that  were  holding  down  the   piece  were  no  longer  attached.  

I called  over  someone  to  help  me  and  we  put   in  some  new  screws,  and  we  thought  that   would  Jix  it,  but  when  I  pushed  the  sculpture   (and  remember  it’s  already  at  200lbs  plus,   9.5ft  tall)  and  the  whole  thing  just  shook  back   and  forth.  I  really  didn’t  know  what  I  was   going  to  do,  because  the  new  screws  we  put  in   weren’t  holding  in  the  wet,  ruined  wood.


We ended  up  putting  a  cinder-­‐box  and   sandbags  on  the  base  and  covered  it  with   fabric,  and  that’s  how  I  ended  up  working  the   entire  day.    But  the  end  result  was  really   worth  it,  and  the  process  makes  it  a  signiJicant   cake  for  me. The  other  piece  that  I  would  say  that  I  really   love  is  the  Harp  cake.

I did  that  for  a  sculpture  museum,  the  Albin   Polasek  Sculpture  Gardens  and  Museum  here   in  Winter  Park.  It  was  for  a  new  wing  that  they   were  opening  at  the  museum  and  they   requested  me  to  create  a  replica  of  their  Emily   Fountain,  which  is  on  the  grounds  of  the   museum.  The  piece  was  so  beautiful.  When  I   look  back  on  it  now,  I  really  cherish  how  it   came  out;  even  the  strings  in  the  harp  where   all  chocolate  with  no  supports. So  how  did  you  get  it  to  stay  like  that?  How   did  you  do  the  strings? It  was  just  modelling  chocolate,  so  the   delivery  was  a  little  bit  hairy.  I  had  plenty  of   extra  modelling  chocolate  just  in  case  they   came  off,  so  I  could  repair  it  when  I  got  there.  I   even  had  to  go  over  a  mile  of  construction   works,  which  was  completely  unexpected  and   nerve-­‐  racking.  It  was  really  bumpy,  but  on   this  occasion  I  did  not  have  anything  to  repair;   it  was  just  perfect.  


What’s been  your  biggest  compliment? It’s  hard  to  pinpoint  one  thing.  Last  night  I   sculpted  at  the  Museum  of  Art,  live.  They  don’t   realise  its  chocolate,  and  they  walk  up  and   they  smell  it  and  say,  “That’s  chocolate?”   I  love  it  how  amazed  people  are  and  also  when   people  say  it’s  unique  and  that  they  have   never  seen  anything  like  it.   When  I  made  the  Harp,  at  the  event  some   people  walked  in  and  didn’t  know  it  was  a   cake.  

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Meet Kristen Coniaris

Author of  the  blog,  Wicked  Goodies  and  the  book,  Cake   Decorating  with  Modeling  Chocolate Tell  us  a  bit  about  yourself   I  am  Kristen  Coniaris  and  I  hold  a  Professional   Chef’s  Degree  from  the  Cambridge  School  of   Culinary  Arts  and  have  17  years  of  work   experience  in  the  food  industry,  specialising  in   bakery  management,  product  development,   and  cake  artistry.   As  of  2013,  I  have  made  over  1,000  wedding   cakes,  three  award-­‐winning  gingerbread   houses,  and  one  giant  rooster  cake  for  an   episode  of  TLC’s  Fabulous  Cakes.  I  currently   live  in  Cambridge,  Massachusetts,  U.S.A.  

Have you  always  baked  and  decorated   professionally? My  mother  started  teaching  me  baking  skills   early,  so  by  age  12,  I  was  already  building   elaborate  gingerbread  houses  as  a  hobby.  For   the  Jirst  half  of  my  career,  I  worked  in   restaurants  and  catering.  For  the  second  half,  I   was  a  pastry  chef  and  bakery  product  

developer. I  worked  inside  of  some  giant   baking  factories  with  conveyor  belts  and   hallways  full  of  ovens.  Then  in  2010,  I  broke  my   back  in  a  cycling  accident.  While  recovering,  I   turned  to  blogging,  and  that’s  how  my  food   writing  and  cookbook  publishing  career  got   started.   Tell  us  about  your  business Wicked  Goodies  is  an  information  resource  for   professional  and  amateur  bakers.  The  website   is  loaded  with  tips  and  techniques  that  I   learned  while  working  in  bakeries.  My  aim  is  to   make  commercial  knowledge  more  open-­‐ source,  for  those  who  want  it.  Recently,  I   expanded  into  Jilm,  so  I’m  incorporating  all   kinds  of  videos  into  upcoming  ebooks.  With  the   blog,  I  also  aim  to  entertain  readers,  since   baking  can  be  stressful;  so  that’s  why  I   sometimes  blow  up  a  cake  or  drop  one  off  the   roof.  

Why chocolate? I’m  not  crazy  about  the  starchy  Jlavour  and   gummy  mouth  feel  of  fondant.  I  think  modelling   chocolate  not  only  tastes  better,  but  is  a  more   versatile  and  sophisticated  cake  decorating   medium.  

How did  you  get  into  working  with   modelling  chocolate? In  2008,  I  learned  how  to  work  with  modelling   chocolate  while  freelancing  as  a  3D  cake   sculptor/decorator  at  a  boutique  bakery  named   “Cake”,  where  rolled  modelling  chocolate  is   used  to  form  exquisite  bows,  ribbons,  roses,   and  wraps  for  upscale  wedding  and  specialty   cakes.  I  was  instantly  hooked.   How  easy  did  you  Tind  it  initially? I  found  it  to  be  tricky  at  Jirst,  but  I  was  lucky  to   have  been  trained  by  some  pros,  which  helped.   At  that  point  in  time,  there  was  hardly  any   literature  on  the  topic,  so  I  had  to  solve  




Massive thanks  to  Cooking  with  Chocolate:  Essential  Recipes  and  Techniques  (Book  &  DVD)   By  Frédéric  Bau  for  sharing  a  preview  of  his  book  and  fantastic  chocolate  techniques! Photography  by  Clay  McLachlan   19


Cooking with  Chocolate:  Essential  Recipes  and  Techniques  (Book  &  DVD)   By  Frédéric  Bau  Photography  by  Clay  McLachlan  



Cooking with  Chocolate:  Essential  Recipes  and  Techniques  (Book  &  DVD)   By  Frédéric  Bau  Photography  by  Clay  McLachlan  



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© Chris  Brock    Photography  




PAUL A.YOUNG A revolutionary and captivating chocolatier at the forefront of the British chocolate scene... Star of  Salon  Du  Chocolat  London   2013,  Paul  has  a  reputation  for   being  an  incredible  Tlavour   alchemist,  developing  exceptional   Tlavour  combinations  with  perfect   balance.  Cake  Masters  Magazine  

interviewed Paul  to  Tind  out  more   about  the  groundbreaking   chocolatier.   Describe  a  typical  day  in  the  life  of  Paul   I  never  have  a  typical  day…cliché  I  know,  but  I   don’t.  Each  day  brings  new  challenges.  I  work   at  my  PC  from  home  early  in  the  morning   before  walking  my  dog  Billi  around  the  quiet   Covent  Garden  streets,  then  head  to  one  of  my   shops  to  catch  up  with  the  teams.  I  can  then  be   developing  products  for  upcoming  seasons  or   private  clients.  Lunchtime,  I'm  back  home  to   feed  Billi,  then  back  to  another  shop  or   meetings  with  clients.  Evenings  I  can  work   very  late,  as  I'm  still  a  chef  at  heart  and  can't   go  to  sleep  early.  Saying  that,  I  can  be  in  and   out  of  TV  Jilming,  photo  shoots,  product   shoots,  events  and  managing  my  growing   team;  so  each  day  is  very  different. After  working  your  way  through  top   restaurant  kitchens,  where  did  your   fascination  for  chocolate  come  from?   I  have  no  idea  at  all,  it  took  over  me   organically  and  got  into  my  blood  stream  


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quickly. I  love  working  with  it,  eating  it  and   being  able  to  create  some  of  the  world's  best   chocolates  using  stunning,  fresh,  seasonal  and   British  ingredients. When  did  you  really  start  experimenting   with  Tlavours?   From  the  day  I  started  training  to  be  a  chef.   It's  always  been  a  passion  of  mine  to  use   interesting  Jlavours  and  to  be  creative.  It's   sometimes  a  challenge  to  achieve  exactly  the   right  balance  so  that  the  chocolate  tastes   incredible,  but  that's  what  makes  it  exciting.

What is  your  most  popular  chocolate?   My  sea  salted  caramel  is  the  biggest  seller,  but   new  interesting  chocolates  always  sell  very   well,  especially  if  they  are  innovative  like  my   California  prune  and  porter  trufJle  or  Pizza   Pilgrim  Margherita  trufJle. What  Tlavour  combinations  have  not   worked?   Thankfully  I've  not  had  anything  that  hasn’t   worked  eventually.


Chocolate and Beer Cake Taken from Patisserie at Home by Will Torrent

Ingredients 125  g  salted  butter   125  ml  lager  such  as  Stella  Artois 125  g  self-­‐raising  Jlour 40  g  cocoa  powder 1⁄2  teaspoon  bicarbonate  of  soda 125  g  caster  sugar 75  ml  milk     1  egg,  beaten 1  teaspoon  vanilla  extract 50  g  dark  chocolate,  broken  into  pieces 1-­‐kg  loaf  pan,  lined  with  greaseproof  paper Serves  6-­‐8 Method

Preheat the  oven  to  180˚C  (350˚F)  Gas  4.

Put the  butter  and  beer  in  a  saucepan  over  low  heat   and  heat  until  the  butter  has  melted.  

Sift together  the  Jlour,  cocoa  powder  and  bicarbonate   of  soda  in  a  mixing  bowl  and  add  the  sugar,  milk,  egg,   vanilla,  chocolate  pieces  and  melted  butter  mixture.   Mix  to  combine. Spoon  the  mixture  into  the  prepared  loaf  pan  and   bake  in  the  preheated  oven  for  50  minutes.  A  skewer   inserted  in  the  middle  of  the  cake  should  come  out   clean  and  the  top  of  the  cake  should  bounce  back   slightly  when  prodded. Allow  to  cool  slightly  in  the  pan,  then  tip  out  and   serve  warm  as  a  dessert  with  a  chocolate  sauce,  or   eat  cold  when  it  becomes  moist  and  irresistible.

Recipe taken  from  Patisserie  at  Home  by  Will  Torrent Publishers:  Ryland  Peters  &  Small,  £19.99 Photography:  Jonathan  Gregson



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BuVerflies, ladybirds  and  bees  £5.50  

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Sharp Edge Cake Tutorial


By Mayen Orido

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Sharp Edge Cake Tutorial Materials: ¥  

¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥

Chocolate ,  semi-­‐sweet   in  this  recipe  we  are  using  2lbs  or  32oz Heavy  whipping  cream   in  this  recipe  we  are  using  1lb  or  16oz Cake  saw  or  cake  leveller Heat  proof  measuring  cup Offset  spatula Digital  scale Bench  scraper Immersion  blender

Step 1:

Measure your  semi-­‐sweet  chocolate  and  cream.   The  ratio  of  semi-­‐sweet  chocolate  to  cream  is   2:1,  so  here  I  am  using  2lbs  or  32oz  of  semi-­‐ sweet  chocolate.  For  the  cream,  we  will  need   1lb  or  16oz.  of  heavy  whipping  cream.

We need  to  melt  the  chocolate  using  the   microwave,  in  20-­‐30  second  bursts.  We  are   melting  the  chocolate  separately,  with  no  cream   in  it.  Be  careful  when  you  are  at  the  point   where  almost  all  the  chocolate  is  melted  and  do   shorter  bursts  in  the  microwave,  so  you  avoid   burning  your  chocolate.  Melting  the  chocolate   separately  and  boiling  the  cream  separately,   makes  it  easier  for  the  ganache  to  come   together.  The  chocolate  working  temp  is   83-­‐86°F.

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Interview with Nadia from SPOTLIGHT


Beautifully handcrafted from modelling “Nat%re of  Love”  ~  Sugar  Pot,  Aust6alia chocolate...




Nadia is  well  known  in  cake  world   as  an  expert  in  the  art  of  modelling   with  chocolate.  Her  mystical  and   magical  creations  are  beautifully   created  with  careful  and  precise   attentional  to  detail.  Cake  Masters   Magazine  interviewed  Nadia  to  Tind   out  more.   Tell  us  about  your  background I’m  Spanish,  based  and  born  in  Belgium.  I  grew   up  moving  back  and  forth  from  Brussels  to   Gijon  (Asturias,  Spain).  I’m  the  proud  mum  of   two  daughters  (3  and  6  years  old,  my  two   treasures).  I  have  a  master  degree  in   translation,  but  I  have  actually  worked  as  a   legal  and  software  training  assistant  in  an   American  International  Law  Jirm  since  2002   (this  is  my  full-­‐time  job).  

As a  self-­‐taught  hobbyist,  I  always  loved   handicraft  art,  even  if  I  had  really  never  had  the   opportunity  to  follow  any  courses.  My  mom   said  Fine  Arts  was  not  a  job,  and  that  I  should   think  about  my  future.  So  I  left  it  aside  for  more  

than 20  years,  but  always  sought  the   opportunity  to  be  creative…

I loved  baking  desserts  since  I  was  a  child,  I   started  when  I  was  12  making  some  “choux  à  la   crème”  and  always  asked  (well  I  should  say   "obliged")  my  mom  to  bake  her  own  cakes…as  I   hated  the  ones  we  found  in  the  bakery  shops  in   Spain! I  discovered  the  world  of  cake  design  almost  3   years  ago,  when  I  wanted  to  bake  and  decorate   my  daughters  cakes  in  November  2011.  At  that   time,  I  noticed  that  90%  of  the  market  was   exclusively  devoted  to  sugarpaste  and  only  a   tiny  percentage  to  modelling  chocolate  and   marzipan.

In the  winter  season  of  2011,  I  decided  to  make   a  cake  for  my  colleagues  birthday  and  try  my   hand  at  3D  Jigurines.  I  was  so  in  love  with  the   result  and  blown  away  by  the  encouragement   from  my  friends,  that  I  decided  to  launch  my   page  “ChokoLate”  in  February  2012.  

I tried  desperately  to  Jind  books  about  cake   design  in  French;  nothing  existed  on  the  market  


and the  English  books  available  didn’t  match   my  style.  So,  as  I  love  to  teach  and  share  my   knowledge,  I  decided  to  write  a  book  about   modelling  chocolate  with  the  French  Publishing   Editor  Vitrac  &  Son,  entitled  “Découvrez  la  pate   à  Chocolat”.  It  contains  6  very  detailed  step-­‐by-­‐ step  tutorials  for  animals  from  the  6  continents.   It  was  published  this  year  in  March  2013,  and   I’m  still  looking  for  an  English  publisher  willing   to  buy  the  rights  to  make  the  English  version.   Why  chocolate? I  love  chocolate,  couldn’t  live  without  it!   I  always  eat  a  piece  of  chocolate  every  day…  I’m   an  addict!  

How did  you  get  into  decorating  with   chocolate? My  obsession  with  modelling  chocolate  started   when  my  junior  daughter  was  turning  2  years   old.  I  had  a  very  bad  experience  with   sugarpaste  (and  marzipan)  a  couple  of  weeks   before,  during  the  birthday  of  my  eldest  one   who  was  turning  4.  They  are  both  born  the   same  month  as  me,  in  November.  So  I  started   browsing  alternatives  to  marzipan  and   sugarpaste  and  noticed  that  modelling   Continued


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Pricing For Profit by The Cake Makery Introduction by  Sarah  Jones

The very  Tirst  celebration  cake  that  I   made  was  wrapped  in  33  chocolate   Tlake  bars.  Having  only  made   cupcakes  until  that  point,  I  remember   saying  to  the  customer  ‘I’m  afraid  I’m   going  to  have  to  charge  £25.00  for   that’.    The  chocolate  alone  cost  £14.00   and  I  hadn’t  even  turned  the  oven  on.     What  was  I  thinking?   I  was  probably  thinking  what  most  people   think  when  they  start  a  new  business: ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥


I must  get  this  business I  must  make  the  price  reasonable You  can  buy  a  bigger  cake  in  the   supermarket  for  £10.00 I’ll  probably  get  a  deal  on  the   ingredients I  need  to  get  a  good  reputation;  it’s   worth  putting  in  the  extra  at  the   beginning. I  don’t  mind  not  taking  a  wage   whilst  I  get  established.  You  have  to   make  a  name  for  yourself.

The problem   with   this   approach   is   that   your   order   book   quickly   Jills   with   low-­‐cost   bookings   and   it’s   very   hard   to   raise   prices   once  you  have  started  charging  too  little. You  must  value  your  time  from  the  very   beginning,  just  as  you  would  do  if  you  worked   for  someone  else. You  also  need  to  be  realistic  about  your  costs,   because  they  won’t  go  away  whilst  you  are   pretending  that  they  aren’t  there. The  sad  truth  is  whether  you  are  highly   trained  in  Sugarcraft  or  someone  learning  as   they  go,  usually  a  year  or  two  into  running   your  own  business  you  realise  that  you  are   still  undercharging  and  you  are  exhausted.  

It’s at  this  point  that  the  business  you  set-­‐up   and  loved  can  become  an  unbearable  weight   on  your  shoulders  and  with  the  order  book  is   still  Jilling,  you  start  to  feel  trapped.  It  doesn’t   have  to  be  like  that.  

The following  article  is  a  very  useful  reminder   of  all  the  hidden  costs,  so  that  you  can  PRICE   FOR  PROFIT  and  ENJOY  your  work. Knowing  what  to  charge  for  a  project  can  be   quite  a  daunting  for  the  new  freelancer.  You   need  to  think  about  the  value  of  what  you  do.   If  you  have  previously  been  employed,  your   employer  was  the  one  who  knew  the  price  to   charge  for  services,  and  how  much  your   contribution  was  worth  to  them.  People  will   often  call  a  business  up  and  ask  ‘what  do  you   charge?’,  it  may  be  a  straightforward  question,   but  the  answer  for  custom  made  cakes  is  not   so  simple. Cake  decorators  will  charge  enormously   different  rates.  We  all  have  different  skill   levels  and  we  tackle  different  types  of  cake   projects.  We  also  have  different  expectations   of  our  earnings  and  differing  overheads  to   cover,  so  it’s  understandable  that  rates  will   vary.

Hence, it  can  be  hard  to  have  a  set  rate.  Clients   will  however,  often  need  a  rough  Jigure  to   work  from,  so  it  is  wise  to  do  some  research   into  how  much  you  are  going  to  charge  and   what  your  local  market  can  bear. Pricing  cakes  can  be  particularly  difJicult  –   especially  if  you  are  starting  from  scratch.   Most  people  undercharge  for  their  cakes  for  a   long  time  before  gaining  conJidence  to   command  more  reasonable  prices.  Cakes  are   often  very  detailed  and  intricate,  many  taking   hours  to  complete.  Sugarcraft  processes  are   labour-­‐intensive,  you  might  have  to  spend   several  days  on  the  details  for  one  wedding


Include in your calculations: The cost of your basic cake ingredients The cost of the cake filling Sugarpaste for covering Modelling/flower paste for decorations Cake boards Dowels if the cake is tiered Cake box Baking paper or cupcake cases Ribbon Oven usage Your time for everything! Think of all the tasks that you will have to do to complete the clients cake from start to finish. Designing the cake for the client Shopping for ingredients Lining your tins Weigh, mix, bake and wash up Level, fill and cover the cake Modelling and making flowers Piping and lettering Boxing up and delivery if required



cake, and  that  is  inevitably  going  to  be  very   expensive,  you  have  to  be  realistic  and  if  that   is  what  it  costs,  that  IS  what  it  costs.

You must  also  consider  including  in  your  fees   everything  from  baking  paper  to  line  the  cake   tins,  boards  and  boxes,  to  design  time,   weighing,  mixing  and  baking,  shopping  and   more  -­‐  you  will  never  make  a  proJit  if  you  do   not  account  for  all  of  these  things  and  include   them  in  your  quotes.

In today’s  modern  world  we  have  technology   to  help,  so  it  can  now  be  relatively  simple  to   cost  individual  cakes,  if  you  are  using  an  app   like  Cost-­‐a-­‐Cake  Pro.  Your  hourly  rate  can  also   be  incorporated  into  the  App  to  make   calculations  simple. Cost  A  Cake  Pro  is  available  for  iPhone,  iPad,   Android  and  Kindle  Fire  devices,  and  can  save   you  a  great  deal  of  time  when  it  comes  to  

working out  what  your  cakes  cost  to  make.

You can  add  all  the  ingredients  that  you  use   regularly  into  the  built-­‐in  pantry,  including   their  cost  and  weight  as  you  buy  them.  You   can  add  anything  including  all  the  things  you   use  when  baking  from  basics  like  Jlour,  eggs   and  butter  to  odd  things  like  brandy  for  your   fruitcakes,  or  apples  for  the  apple  pie  you  are   baking  for  your  family!

The pantry  also  has  a  separate  section  called   extras,  where  you  can  include  any  additional   and  non  edible  items  such  as  cake  boards,   boxes,  ribbon  and  dowels,  and  use  this  area  to   calculate  your  oven  times,  delivery  times  and   anything  that  else  that  needs  to  be  charged  for   as  part  of  your  regular  orders. When  your  pantry  is  bursting  with   ingredients,  you  can  begin  to  add  in  your   recipes.  With  Cost  A  Cake  Pro  you  can  create  a   recipe  for  anything  -­‐  as  long  as  the  ingredients  


are listed  in  your  pantry.  Fill  your  recipes  with   different  tier  sizes  that  you  bake  regularly,  so   creating  quotes  for  wedding  cakes  that  have   multiple  tiers  becomes  a  quick  and  easy   process. Once  you  have  your  basic  set  of  recipes,  you   can  quickly  create  quotes  to  price  up  any  cake   order;  from  novelty  cakes  to  cupcakes  and   wedding  cakes. If  you  don’t  have  a  smart  phone  or  device  that   runs  such  an  app,  you  can  do  the  same   calculations  for  all  of  your  ingredients  and   extras  using  a  software  program  like   Microsoft  Excel,  or  look  on  Google  for  free   spreadsheet  software  such  as:­‐ free.html ____________________ For  more  information  on  Cost  A  Cake  Pro     search  your  app  store  or  visit



“Masked Ball  Cake”  ~  Tracey’s  Cakes

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     

 





Carina’s Cupcakes 37


Carina from  Carina’s  cupcakes  is   recognised  for  her  vintage,  highly   decorated  cupcakes.  Over  a  short   period  of  time  she  has  built  her   business  into  a  strong  brand   opening  doors  to  some  amazing   opportunities,  but  it  hasn’t  been   easy.  Carina  tells  us  her  business   story  and  shares  the  elating  highs   and  the  desperately  rock  bottom   lows,  covering  how  she  started  in   business,  to  winning  at  Cake   International  and  how  she  coped   with  internet  trolls. Tell  us  about  your  earliest  baking  memory? My  Nan  taught  me  all  about  baking  from  about   the  age  of  3.  As  soon  as  I  could  reach  the  mixing   bowl,  every  Friday  we  would  make  Scones  or   Victoria  Sponges,  or  some  other  sort  of   traditional  English  bake  that  would  involve  us   getting  very  messy.  I  really  only  got  back  into   baking  with  my  own  daughter  when  she  was   about  10,  and  caught  the  bug  for  it  again.  

How did  Carina’s  Cupcakes  start? I  have  a  medical  background  and  was  a  nurse  in   the  cosmetic  surgery  industry  for  about  6   years.  Baking  started  to  become  my  passion   and  I  remember  making  cup-­‐cakes  for  my   Sister’s  birthday  in  June  2010.  Cupcakes  were   all  the  rage  in  the  UK,  within  about  3  weeks  I   had  lots  of  people  asking  me  to  make  cupcakes   for  them  so  by  the  end  of  that  month,  I  decided   that  I  was  going  to  set  up  a  business  and  do  it.

I slipped  a  disc  in  my  back  and  had  to  have  16   weeks  off  work.  I  spent  a  lot  of  time  laying   down  Jlat,  reading  tutorials,  watching   ‘YouTube’  videos,  reading  magazines      and  sort   of  swatting  up  on  different  aspects  of  cake   decorating.  At  the  time  they  were  all  generic,   piped  swirl  cupcakes,  so  I  spent  a  long  time   trying  to  pipe,  and  I  just  couldn’t  do  it.  I  still   cannot  use  a  piping  bag  to  this  day.  If  somebody   asked  me  to  pipe  a  buttercream  rose  I  would   crumble  in  the  corner  and  cry.

and detailed  they  were.  I  have  always  had  a  bit   of  an  obsession  with  miniatures.  I  love  dolls   houses  and  all  the  little  furniture  that  goes   inside.   When  did  you  ofTicially  start  the  business? I  ofJicially  set  the  business  up  on  22nd  June   2010

Did you  ever  think  that  your  business  would   grow  to  what  it  is  now? Absolutely  not,  not  in  a  million  years.  I  was   quite  adamant  that  I  didn’t  want  to  create  a  big   business,  what  I  wanted  to  do  was  bake  and   create,  I  never  wanted  to  have  the  headache  of   tax,  employees  and  managing  a  big  business   that  comes  with  scaling  up.  I  was  really   adamant  about  that,  but  over  time  it  developed   with  such  speed  and  force,  I  kind  of  fell  into  it. How  did  you  expand? It  really  expanded  was  when  I  realised  that  I   could  actually  post  cupcakes.  I  realised  quite   quickly  that  my  local  area  didn’t  have  the   money  or  the  market  for  a  highly  decorated   cupcakes,  they  were  only  interested  in   buttercream  cupcakes.  I  knew  that  if  I  was   going  to  realise  my  dream  of  having  something   decorative,  ornate  and  beautiful,  I  had  to   expand  my  market  and  my  customer  database.   The  only  way  I  could  do  that  was  by  posting   cupcakes  out.  

I searched  literally  everywhere  trying  to  Jind   information  on  posting  cupcakes  and  there  was   nothing  at  all.  I  decided  to  investigate  myself   and,  after  lots  of  posting  and  many  squashed,   crushed  cupcakes  at  the  other  end,  I  found  a   way.  The  Jirst  time  I  posted  a  buttercream   cupcake  successfully   (before  the  pods   were  out  there)   I  actually  used  a   cake  pop  stick  in   the  centre  of  the   cupcake,  so  it   stopped  them   from  tipping   upside  

I had  this  vision  that  I  wanted  to  create  these   beautiful,  highly  decorated,  boutique  cupcakes,   but  I  didn’t  have  any  of  the  skills  required  to   create  them.  I  started  to  play  around  with  tools   and  sort  of  came  up  with  my  own  ideas,  and  my   own  style  that  looked  quite  different  to  what   was  out  there  already.  A  lot  of  it  was  trial  and   error  to  be  honest,  a  lot  of  mistakes  and   accidents.  These  accidents  fortunately  turned   into  something  that  people  really  liked.   You  said  that  your  vision  was  to  have  a  very   decorated  cupcake.  What  inspired  you  to   have  that  style  and  design? I  was  inspired  by  the  beautiful  wedding  cakes   that  were  out  there  and  seeing  how  intricate  


down. You  would  have  a  small  hole  in  the   middle,  but  I  would  send  a  pack  of  Jlowers  so   they  could  stick  a  Jlower  over  the  top  of  the   hole.  That’s  how  unsophisticated  it  was.   Ultimately,  it  worked  very  well  and  the  fondant   cupcakes  posted  perfectly.    I  Jigured  out  that   they  really  did  stay  absolutely  perfect  and  it   was  minimum  fuss.   When  people  realised  I  could  do  it,  I  was   Jlooded  with  emails  and  contacts  asking  me   how  to  do  it.  I  initially  thought  “No,  I  am  going   to  keep  all  of  this  business  for  myself,  and  I  am   going  to  service  the  whole  of  the  UK  with  my   cupcakes,  it’s  going  to  be  great  and  I’m  going  to   be  rich!”    But  you  quickly  realise  that  actually   you  can’t  possibly  service  the  whole  of  the  UK   with  your  cupcakes  -­‐  it’s  not  a  realistic   expectation  and  that’s  when  I  wrote  my  Jirst   PDF  tutorial  for  posting.  It  was  just  huge.  That   was  the  very  start  of  it  and  that’s  what  really   propelled  it  into  being  widely  known,   particularly  on  the  Facebook  circuit.

So that  was  really  what  started  it  off  for  you,   your  Tirst  PDF  tutorial? Absolutely,  yes. How  do  you  feel  about  people  copying  your   style? Now?  I  Jind  it  fantastic;  it’s  the  nature  of  my   business.  At  Jirst,  before  I  did  couture  cake   tutorials,  when  people  used  to  copy  my  cakes   that  weren’t  made  into  a  tutorial,  I  used  to  get   really  upset  about  copying.  It  used  to  really   stress  me  out,  and  it  used  to  really  annoy  me.  I   had  many  run-­‐ins  with  people  that  I  felt   aggrieved  by.   What  I  have  quickly  learned,  and  the  reason   that  I  started  to  do  couture  cake  tutorials,  is   that  people  were  going  to  copy  me  whether  I   cried,  screamed,  shouted  or  not.  I  had  no   choice,  so  that’s  why  I  started  to  develop   collections  purely  for  tutorial  purposes,   because  I  knew  that  people  wanted  to  copy   what  I  was  doing.  



When you  look  at  it  in  a  different  way,  and  you   create  cakes  that  are  there  to  be  copied,  it   becomes  a  different  avenue  for  your  business. I  don’t  post  the  private  wedding  cakes  that  we   do  now,  unless  I’ve  got  the  Bride’s  outright   written  consent.  We  don’t  share  any  of  them   on  our  page,  we  always  advise  our  brides  that   if  they  go  out  on  the  page,  they  will  be  copied.   I  still  regularly  get  people  messaging  me  to   say  “so  and  so  has  copied  your  work”,  and  I   have  had  conversations  with  people  and  they   will  say,  “I  have  never  even  seen  your  work”.   They  have  seen  it  through  somebody  else  that   has  used  my  tutorials  and  it’s  3rd,  4th,  5thhand   inspiration.  It  is  a  really  great  feeling  to  know   that  you  can  inspire  people  all  across  the   world.  I  don’t  get  that  upset  about  it  anymore.

People copying  designs  is  always  going  to  be  a   touchy  subject  and  there  are  always  going  to   be  people  who  feel  very  strongly  about  it,  or   feel  resentful  towards  it;  but  as  I  say,  the  only   way  that  I  could  deal  with  it  in  the  end  was  to   ensure  the  cakes  I  didn’t  want  copied  aren’t   put  into  the  public  domain.  It’s  the  only  way  to   Jix  it. Is  it  hard  to  stick  to  your  vision  and  not   just  do  the  thing  that  makes  the  most   money? The  money  has  been  great  and  the  business   growth  has  been  fantastic,  but  for  me  the   bottom  line  doesn’t  come  down  to  how  much   money  I  make  from  it.  I  could  probably  go   back  into  cosmetic  surgery  nursing  and  earn   more  money  than  I  earn  now.  It’s  not  about   the  money;  it’s  about  the  passion  of  creating   something.   How  did  you  market  your   business? The  only  marketing  that  I  have   ever  really  done  is  through   Facebook.  I  have  never  done   wedding  fairs,  expensive  events,   exhibitions  or  anything  like  that.   Obviously,  I  have  done  Cake   International  in  terms  of   competition  cakes,  but  the   entirety  of  my  marketing  has   gone  through  Facebook.  

of it  down  to  a  sort  of  Jluke  and  some  of  my   best  creations  have  come  out  of  trial  and   error.  I  think  that’s  what  made  me  stand  out   from  other  people;  I  did  things  my  own  way.  I   think  the  marketing  side  of  it  came  down  to   constantly  trying  to  inspire  people,  putting   stuff  out  there  and  allowing  people  to  see  it   and  spread  the  word  about  it.  

So you  went  from  making  cupcakes,  to   posting  cupcakes  and  then  to  having   tutorials.  What  was  next? Next  for  me  was  the  website.  The  website   came  along  because  I  had  been  selling  cakes,   the  posting  tutorial  and  a  small  line  of  posting   equipment  through  my  Vista  Print  website.  As   I  wrote  more  tutorials,  I  realised  that  people   also  wanted  to  buy  the  tools  and  equipment   that  I  had  used  and  I  saw  a  gap  in  the  market.     So  I  added  various  products  through  my  little   website,  but  I  started  to  think  about   developing  the  business  to  hold  more  stock   and  sell  useful  items  on  a  larger  scale.   I  had  paid  £1,000  for  my  Jirst  bulk  order,   which  was  a  terrifying  experience!  I  had  never   spent  £1,000  on  anything,  ever.  At  the  time  I   was  considering  going  live  with  my  new  site   and  newly  acquired  stock  just  before   Christmas,  when  I  was  pregnant  with  baby   number  5,  Elvis.

I had  decided  after  my  daughter  was  born,   that  I  deJinitely  wasn’t  going  to  have  any  more   babies.  Finding  that  out  I  was  pregnant  just  as   I  was  about  to  launch  into  pushing  my   business  hard,  was  really  quite  frightening.  It   completely  plunged  me  into  despair;  I  just   didn’t  know  what  to  do  with  myself.  It  was  a   real  up  and  down  time  for  me.

Yes, absolutely.  I  think  it’s  something  that   people  know  me  for  and  it’s  something  that   people  are  quite  familiar  with.  One  of  the   things  I  was  criticised  quite  heavily  for  was   being  so  personal  on  my  page  and  letting  my   followers  know  that  I  was  pregnant.    I  see   hundreds  of  other  Facebook  pages   announcing  when  they  are  pregnant,  it’s  a   really  common  thing.  

Unfortunately, after  a  lot  of  complications,  I   lost  my  son.  People  knew  that  I  was  pregnant,   they  saw  that  I  was  in  hospital  for  9  weeks  on   complete  bed  rest.  In  hindsight  now,  Facebook   and  the  contact  that  I  made  with  people   during  that  time  was  probably  a  mistake;   maybe  I  let  people  in  too  much.  It  was  a  really   difJicult  and  shocking  time. Can  you  tell  us  what  happened?   It  was  5th  January  and  I  was  almost  16  weeks   pregnant  I  woke  up  in  the  middle  of  the  night   and  I  was  haemorrhaging  badly  and  went   straight  to  the  hospital  where  they  said  that   they  thought  I  was  going  to  lose  Elvis.  They   kept  me  in  for  2  days  and  when  the  bleeding   stopped  and  they  sent  me  home.

Two days  later  they  rushed  me  back  into   hospital  where  they  kept  me  in  then  on  bed   rest.    They  still  felt  there  was  a  chance  of   losing  him  as  I  had  Placenta  Previa  and  a   blood  clot  same  size  of  the  baby.  They  kept  me   in  for  almost  9  weeks  altogether.    I  had  4   blood  transfusions  and  they  kept  telling  me   that  I  shouldn’t  still  be  pregnant,  but  I  was   getting  through  with  the  support  of  my  family   and  people  on  Facebook.  Everybody  kept   telling  me  “stay  positive…  stay  strong…  it’s   going  to  be  Jine…  you  have  come  so  far”.  

One of  the  things  I  was  criticised  quite   heavily  for  was  being  so  personal  on   my  page  and  letting  my  followers   know  that  I  was  pregnant.    I  see   hundreds  of  other  Facebook  pages   announcing  when  they  are  pregnant,   it’s  a  really  common  thing.  

I think  I  owe  a  large  proportion   of  my  success  to  luck;  that’s   honestly  and  genuinely  how  I   feel.  I  have  a  lucky  gift  in  terms   of  creating  my  cakes  and  I  do  see   it  genuinely  as  a  gift,  because  up  until  the  age   of  30  I  had  never  even  decorated  a  cake;  so   there  is  no  other  way  that  I  can  see  it.    I  have   fears  sometimes  that  I  will  wake  up  and  my   creative  luck  will  have  run  out  and  I  won’t  be   able  to  make  cakes  any  more.  I  do  have   nightmares  about  it  quite  regularly!  I  put  a  lot  

I successfully  got  through  that  December,  and   then  in  January  I  started  to  have  major   problems  with  my  baby  and  I  ended  up  in   hospital  for  a  long  time. That  must  have  been  a  hard  time  for  you.   Do  you  want  to  talk  about  Elvis  as  part  of   this  interview?  

When I  had  the  21  week  scan,   and  they  said  he  was  absolutely   perfect,  but  the  huge  clot  was  a   constant  threat  the  whole  time  I   was  in  hospital.  They  decided   they  would  deliver  him  on   March  8th,  but  on  February  17th   I  woke  up  at  4  am  and  I  knew   that  I  was  in  labour.

He was  delivered  at  about   11.45pm  that  afternoon,  but  he   wasn’t  breathing.  It  was  awful,   because  he  was  a  perfect  little   baby,  he  was  just  a  tiny  baby,   and  you  just  go  through  many   emotions.  I  had  so  much  guilt   and  felt  so  much  pressure;  I  just   didn’t  know  what  I  was  supposed  to  do  and   how  I  was  supposed  to  deal  with  it.   At  the  time  both  myself  and  my  partner  were   self-­‐employed,  and  he  had  been  off  for  9   weeks  caring  for  the  kids,  so  we  were   struggling  to  make  ends  meet.  I  remember  





“Nat%re of  Love”  ~  Sugar  Pot,  Aust6alia



Susan, one  of  my  best  friends  at  the  time,  had   taken  over  the  running  of  my  Facebook  page   for  me  to  help  me  keep  the  business  going.   During  that  time,  one  lovely  lady  from  Canada   put  a  post  on  saying  that  she  felt  that  if  people   just  donated  £1  it  would  make  a  massive   difference  to  me  and  my  family,   and  that  was  how  all  the   donations  started.   It  was  amazing.  It  was  the   togetherness  that  really  helped   my  days  pass;  knowing  that   people  cared  and  that  they  were   thinking  of  me,  it  really  helped.

Elvis’ auction,  which  continued  to  fund  for  a   little  while,  but  then  a  huge  amount  of   negativity  came  our  way  and  people  were   saying  that  we  were  keeping  this  money  and   that  it  was  being  used  to  further  my  business. I  decided  not  to  do  it  at  all  from  then  on,

all together.  The  Jirst  cakes  that  I  put  on  the   framed  boards,  I  just  put  one  on  each  side,  and   I  was  just  amazed  at  the  effect  that  it  had.   Even  when  I  had  imagined  it  in  my  head,  and   even  when  sketched  it  out,  I  couldn’t  imagine   that  it  would  have  that  kind  of  effect.  I  took   them  into  Cake  International   not  ever  for  one  minute   thinking  that  I  would  get  Gold   for  them,  I  just  wanted  to  enter.  

“I tried  to  defend  myself  online,  but  the   more  I  tried  to  argue  with  them,  the   worse  it  got.  It  just  seemed  to  snowball.  I   went  through  and  I  blocked  them,  when   I  saw  one  particular  post  which  said,  “I   am  looking  forward  to  seeing  you  at   Cake  International  tomorrow,  our  paths   will  cross,  and  you  will  see  me.”

The donations  initially  went  to   the  cost  of  my  baby’s  funeral.  As   much  as  the  state  provides   funerals  for  babies,  the  cofJins   that  they  provide  are  for  children   and  are  quite  big,  so  when  you   put  a  tiny  baby  in  they  get  lost  in   there.  I  wanted  to  have,  a  special   crib  for  him  and  fortunately   because  of  the  donations  that  people  had   made,  I  was  able  to  do  that.  

We got  to  a  point  where  we  realised  that   actually  people  were  donating  more  money   than  we  could  have  possibly  have  needed.   Although  the  money  was  being  donated  to  my   family,  I  felt  we  could  do  more  with  it  to  help   other  people;  so  with  all  the  extra  money  that   we  had  left  over  we  set  up  ‘Dreams  of  Elvis’.

‘Dreams of  Elvis’,  which  was  a  closed  group  on   Facebook,  allowed  lots  of  women  and  men  to   come  forward  who  had  experienced   something  similar  and  had  lost  babies.  This   group  formed  a  network  of  support,  not  just   for  me,  but  for  lots  of  other  families  out  there   as  well.   With  the  funds  we  provided  memory  boxes   and  caskets  for  parents  who  had  lost  their   children.  For  those  parents  who  had  lost  their   children  in  the  past,  we  funded  memory   bracelets.  Somebody  had  sent  me  a  silver   locket  which  I  wear  all  the  time.  It’s  got  little   footprints  and  it’s  got  his  name  engraved  on   the  back  of  it.  It  is  something  that  brings  me   great  comfort  and  I  knew  that  having   something  like  that,  a  piece  of  jewellery  that   you  wear  all  the  time,  goes  a  long  way  to   remembering  your  baby  without  it  being  open   and  obvious  to  people.  So  the  memory   bracelets  we  sent  people  would  have  little   trinkets  that  they  would  have  remembered   their  babies  by;  maybe  a  name  bead,  a   coloured  bead  or  just  something  personal  that   would  remind  them  of  their  baby. We  continued  to  do  that  for  a  long  time  and   only  stopped  when  the  money  ran  out.  We  did   one  last  fund  raising  push,  the  ‘Dreams  of  

because it  was  opening  up  a  can  of  worms.

So when  did  the  negativity  start,  and  where   did  it  come  from? There  was  a  little  bit  of  initial  negativity  when   we  lost  him.  There  were  a  few  instances  on  a   few  pages  where  they  were  saying  that  they   felt  it  was  distasteful  that  I  was  being  public   about  it,  they  didn’t  like  the  way  that  I  was   dealing  with  it.  It  wasn’t  anything  that  bad  and   it  wasn’t  like  the  attacks  were  towards  me,   about  money  or  anything  else,  it  was  just   purely  just  people  showing  their  distaste  and   everyone  is  entitled  to  their  opinion. When  it  really  got  nasty  was  after  Cake   International.

What happened  at  Cake  International? I  had  never  entered  a  competition  and  I  really   wanted  to  have  a  go.  Obviously,  I  was  always   going  to  do  the  cupcakes  class.  I  had  just  done   the  Giltee  Candee  collection,  which  was   actually  the  Jirst  collection  I  did  after  losing   Elvis;  it  was  like  my  coming  back  collection.   I  had  done  a  tutorial  for  it  and  I  had  this  idea   that  I  wanted  to  do  Giltee  Candee  for  my   entry.  

When I  told  my  mum  what  I  wanted  to  do,  she   had  her  doubts  and  said,  “Well  you  have  done   a  tutorial  for  it,  what  if  other  people  make   them  and  submit  them  as  well?  It  would  be   like  looking  in  a  mirror.”  Obviously  I  knew   that  people  wouldn’t  be  able  to,  as  the  rules   state  quite  clearly  that  they  have  to  be  your   own  designs  and  your  own  work.   She  had  stirred  something  in  my  mind  by   saying  that  it  would  be  like  a  mirror,  that’s   where  the  initial  idea  came  from  and  I  put  it   41

So, how  did  it  feel  when  you   realised  you  had  actually   won  the  Gold? It  was  amazing,  it  was  the  best   feeling!  I  was  completely  elated   to  see  the  Gold  Award  card  on   it.  I  was  just  absolutely  thrilled,   even  more  so  when  I  later   found  out  that  I  had  also  got   ‘Best  in  Class’!

Sadly though,  after  posting  on   my  page  that  I  had  won  gold  at   Cake  International  and  how   excited  I  was,  there  were  suddenly  lots  of   horrible,  nasty  comments  and  lots  of  nasty   images  being  plastered  all  over  the  place   online.   This  was  the  start  of  the  same  group  of   women  who  went  on  and  on  to  torment  me   for  a  very  long  time.  They  had  a  problem  with   m  and  said  my  cupcakes  were  “samey  and   unoriginal”.  I  can’t  even  begin  to  tell  you  the   evil  and  wild  stuff  that  they  said,  but  one   example  was  that  I  had  only  won  because  I   had  been  giving  sexual  favours  to  the  Judges   and  I  didn’t  deserve  to  win  anything.   It  was  jealousy,  I  know  it  was,  but  they  really   ruined  my  win  for  me,  and  it  really  took  the   shine  off  of  me  getting  my  Gold  award.  

I tried  to  defend  myself  online,  but  the  more  I   tried  to  argue  with  them,  the  worse  it  got.  It   just  seemed  to  snowball.  I  went  through  and  I   blocked  them,  when  I  saw  one  particular  post   which  said,  “I  am  looking  forward  to  seeing   you  at  Cake  International  tomorrow,  our  paths   will  cross,  and  you  will  see  me.”  Being  quite   the  naturally  defensive  person  that  I  am,  my   initial  reaction  was  not  good.    All  my  friends   told  me  to  rise  above  it,  ignore,  block,  delete.   They  were  right  and  at  this  point  I  just  wanted   to  go  home.


During the  journey  home  it  had  kicked  off   again  on  my  page,  a  different  set  of  women   this  time  -­‐  it  was  just  absolute  craziness.  They   were  just  being  horrible  and  vile.  It  started  off   by  them  saying  that  I  was  ripping  people  off   with  the  products  I  was  selling,  that  I  had   imported  them  from  China  for  pennies  and  I   was  just  trying  to  extract  money  from  people   like  I  had  after  the  death  of  my  son.

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Interview with The Food Safety Team The Forest of Dean District Council Gloucestershire By Sarah  Jones from  The  Chocolate  Strawberry

None of  my  family  had  been  allowed  a   cooked  meal  for  the  last  three  days.  The   dishwasher  Tilter  had  been  cleaned  with  a   toothbrush.  I  couldn’t  sleep  properly,   because  I  once  heard  that  food  safety   ofTicers  had  inspected  a  Take-­‐Away  in   Nottingham  and  found  a  bucket  of   ‘unidentiTiable  meat  products’  at  the  back   of  the  kitchen.    What  if  my  children  had   hidden  a  similar  bucket  somewhere  in  the   house?  I  wouldn’t  put  it  past  them. Yes,  it  was  time  for  my  Jirst  Food  Safety   Inspection  and  suddenly  I  could  see  nothing  in   my  kitchen  except  dirt  and  faults.  It  was  clear   they  would  shut  me  down  that  afternoon. When  Dennis  and  Beth  from  The  Forest  of   Dean  ofJice  arrived  they  tried  to  lull  me  into  a   false  sense  of  security  by  smiling.  They  drank   from  one  of  my  mugs  without  looking  at  it  for   an  extended  period  of  time.  They  didn’t  even   enquire  where  I  had  purchased  my  tea  or  how   old  the  milk  was. It  soon  became  clear  that  actually  their  role   was  to  support  local  businesses  and  advise   them,  rather  than  close  them  down. We  went  through  everything  from  how  to  Jill   in  my  diary  properly,  to  food  storage  and  the   packaging  of  products  ready  for  sale.  By  the   time  they  left,  I  felt  that  I  had  a  place  to  go  if  I   ever  needed  advice  and  could  safely  ring  them   without  fear  of  having  the  contents  of  my   fridge  seized  immediately. So,  when  Cake  Masters  Magazine  wanted  to   run  a  piece  on  food  safety  I  knew  just  the   people  to  turn  to.  The  same  questions  are   always  being  asked  on  cake  making  forums   and  hear-­‐say  all  too  easily  becomes  fact.

Here are  the  answers  to  your  most  popular   questions  from  The  Forest  of  Dean  District   Council  in  Gloucestershire.    They  even  sent  us   a  photo.  You  see,  they’re  not  scary  at  all.

Tell us  a  little  about  your  team   The  Forest  of  Dean  D.C  Food  and  Safety  Team   consists  of  5  OfJicers  and  one  part  time  admin   support,    who  deliver  a  broad  range  of   services,  including  Food  Safety,  Private  Water   Supply  monitoring,  Infection  Control  and   Health  and  Safety  at  Work.  We  deal  with  all   types  of  food  businesses,  from  small  home   caterers  to  large  multi-­‐national  companies.   Between  us  we  have  a  wealth  of  experience  in   food  safety  enforcement,  and  the  ofJicers  can   give  advice  and  guidance  on  many  specialist   subjects.  

I remember  you  said  that  you  preferred  to   see  that  someone  had  done  a  practical   Level  2  Award  in  Food  Safety,  rather  than   the  on-­‐line  version.  On-­‐line  can  be  cheaper,   so  what  is  the  beneTit  of  a  practical  course? The  law  requires  people  running  food   businesses  to  be  suitably  supervised,   instructed  and/or  trained.  Environmental   Health  teams  will  want  to  ensure  that  staff   have  enough  training  in  food  safety  which  is   relevant  to  their  role.  One  of  the  beneJits  of   taught  courses  is  that  you  get  to  meet  other   like-­‐minded  people  on  the  course.   Continued

When someone  wants  to  start  a  cake   making  business  from  home,  where  is  the   Tirst  place  that  they  should  look  for  details   on  set-­‐up  and  safety  requirements? Contact  their  local  authority  food  safety  team   for  free  advice  and  a  food  business   registration  form.  Most  authorities  can  also   provide  a  list  of  food  hygiene  trainers  in  their   area.  Some  authorities  offer  advice  visits  or   business  start-­‐up  packs,  so  call  your  local   authority  to  start  the  process.  For  advice  on   starting  your  food  business  and  help  Jinding   your  local  authority  go  to:  http://­‐industry/ caterers/startingup/

Can you  open  a  business  without  having   been  rated? You  should  register  your  food  business  at   least  28  days  before  opening.  This  allows  the   local  authority  the  time  to  enter  your  business   details  into  their  system  and  integrate  your   business  into  the  inspection  programme.  The   business  will  be  risk  rated  at  the  Jirst  food   inspection  and  it’s  this  rating  that  generates   the  National  Food  Hygiene  Rating.


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Meet Alina From Grace  Couture  Cakes Cake  Masters  has  been  intrigued  to   Tind  out  more  about  Grace  Couture   Cakes  ever  since  seeing    news   about  Alina  baking  for  HRH  Prince   Paul  and  Princess  Lia  of  Romania.     We  spoke  to  Alina  to  Tind  out  more   about  her  cakes,  her  business  and   of  course  baking  for  Royalty! Tell  us  a  bit  about  you I  am  an  economist  with  a  Masters  Degree  in   Marketing.  Prior  to  opening  Grace  Couture   Cakes,  I  worked  in  real  estate.  

What is  your  earliest  baking  memory? I  remember  my  mother  baking  traditional   Romanian  cakes  for  every  birthday  or  holiday.  I   remember  that  magical  smell  of  cocoa  and   cinnamon.  Looking  back  now,  I  think  I  probably   loved  the  smell  more  than  the  cake  itself.  It  still   brings  back  great  memories.   What  do  you  like  to  bake  the  most?                                   To  be  honest,  I  am  terrible  at  baking  cakes,  but  

I love  baking  macarons.  Making  the  perfect   macaron  was  our  biggest  challenge;  so  in  the   process  I  have  learned  to  love  making  them,   just  as  much  as  I  loved  the  result.   Describe  your  cake  style Our  style  is  classy,  simple  and  romantic.

What made  you  decide  to  set  up  your   own  business? After  our  daughter,  Ana  Grace,   was  born  last  year,  I  knew   that  I  also  need  a  new  start  in   my  career.  The  idea  came   before  that,  while  planning   our  wedding,  and  noticing   that  it  was  a  challenge  to   Jind  the  perfect  cake   caterer,  one  that  would  be   able  to  transform  my  wish   into  reality.  

How did  you  go  about   establishing  it? It  is  a  family  business  and  I                                                                           had  the  support  of  my Continued 44


Business Profile

Lady B’s Cupcakery ~ Mablethorpe UK By June  Brett,  Owner  of  Lady  B’s  Cupcakery   ~Mablethorpe  UK “I  am  47,  married  to  Andy  for  9  years  and   have  4  amazing  children:  Craig  23,  Jake  20,   Tom  13  and  Daisy  who  is  9.

We moved  to  Mablethorpe  6  years  ago,  and  it   was  Daisy's  7th  Birthday  2  years  ago  that   inspired  me  to  renew  my  love  for  baking. We  were  holding  a  Hawaiian  themed  party  for   her  and  I  wanted  something  different  for  her   cake  so  made  a  pair  of  Jlip  Jlops,  it  turned  out   ok  and  had  amazing  feedback.  That  was  it,  I   was  hooked. I  soon  discovered  that  Facebook  held  the  key   to  my  obsession  with  everything  cake.  Every   night  after  work  I  would  come  home  and,   when  the  kids  were  settled  in  bed,  I  would   search  the  pages  and  throw  myself  into   learning. As  a  child  I  loved  baking  with  my  Nan,  I  often   said  to  her  my  dream  would  be  to  own  a   Teashop…  little  did  I  know.

I started  to  buy  basic  equipment,  colours,   cutters  and  experiment  in  the  evenings,  taking   cakey  treats  to  my  colleagues  as  gifts,  as  I  just   loved  creating. Soon  word  got  out  that  I  made  cakes  and   slowly  orders  started  to  roll  in,  slowly  at  Jirst   and  then  then  they  increased  to  the  point  that   it  was  almost  a  full  time  job.

My job  was  a  seasonal  one  and,  in  the  winter   of  2011,  I  had  such  a  busy  Christmas  that  I   decided  to  take  the  plunge  and  not  return  to   my  full  time  job.  Lady  B's  became  my  full  time   job  in  January  2012.

Lots of  hard  work,  networking  and  Facebook   advertising  soon  saw  my  orders  come  Jlooding   in  and  Lady  B's  Jlat  out  with  orders. It  wasn't  until  Dec  2012,  when  I  decided  to   make  chocolate  houses  and  orders  went  

through the  roof,  that  I  actually  realised  there   was  a  massive  market  for  what  I  did.

Andy, my  husband,  had  seen  our  shop  become   vacant  just  before  Christmas  and  on  Boxing   day  we  rang  the  number  in  the  window.  A  few   days  later  were  holding  the  keys,  it  literally   was  as  quick  as  that.

We decided  to  go  for  it  and  my  childhood   dream  was  in  touching  distance.  With  the  help   of  my  amazing  family  we  worked  solid  for   weeks,  researching,  sourcing  products,   furniture  and  decorating  the  very  tired  shop   we  had  made  a  6  year  commitment  to,  and   transformed  her  into  the  beautiful,  elegant   shop  she  is  today.

To say  it  has  been  hard  work  is  an  absolute   understatement,  we  knew  it  would  be  hard   but  no  one  can  prepare  you  for  just  how  much. It  truly  is  24/7.  Juggling  life  between  work   and  home  is  the  hardest  thing  ever.  It’s  so   demanding  and  there  are  days  I  struggle.  I  Jind   it  hard  to  say  no,  although  I  have  lately,  as  the   hours  had  spiralled  out  of  control  and  were   affecting  my  health. We  have  just  survived  our  Jirst  summer  and  it   has  been  insane.  We  have  opened  6  days  a   week  and  baked  1000s  upon  1000s  of   cupcakes  and  orders  for  my  amazing   customers,  who  have  allowed  my  dream  to   become  a  reality.

The hardest  part  for  me  is  the  balance   between  work  and  family.  Some  days  I  feel  so,   so  guilty  for  working  so  hard  and  hope  that   the  kids  don’t  just  remember  Mum  was  always   making  cakes  ...  I  am  working  to  build  a  future   for  them  and  hope  that  I  make  them  proud.   Anyone  that  is  considering  opening  a  shop   1)  Work  from  home  Jirst  and  build  a  good   client  base.   2)  Research  your  area  and  know  your   products  will  sell.   3)  Choose  the  shop  location  carefully,  make   sure  there  is  footfall  ,  bus  routes  and  a  market   for  your  product.  

4) Don't  overspend,  set  a  budget  and  stick  to   it,  with  lots  of  research  and  careful  buying  you   can  create  amazing  things  on  a  very  small   budget.  We  had  a  budget  of  £5k,  we  did  go   over  slightly  and  have  since  re  invested,  but   we  have  done  so  when  we  have  had  the   money,  buying  more  equipment  and  widening   our  product  range.   5)  Full  Jlexibility,  never  say  never.  I  was   adamant  that  I  would  only  sell  cake  when  we   opened.  After  the  honeymoon  period  and  the   novelty  wears  off,  you  have  to  be  prepared  to   accept  that  you  may  need  to  diversify.  We  now   do  sandwiches,  high  teas  and  children’s   parties  too. I  have  no  regrets.  I  admit  to  having  lots  of   lows,  but  also  some  incredible  highs  too. Think  the  low  point  has  to  be  the  sacriJices  I   have  made  spending  time  with  my  family.  I   had  major  guilt  over  summer  as  we  worked  6   days  a  week  and  had  very  little  precious  time   with  the  children...  BUT  we  snatched  some   amazing  days  to  do  some  fab  things  together,   sometimes  it’s  really  about  quality  time.  

We have  grown  as  a  family  and  all  pull  our   weight.  The  kids  are  involved  and  Thomas,   our  son,  worked  through  summer  and  has   become  a  demon  charmer.  The  old  ladies  love   him,  I  feel  so  very  proud  of  him.

Andy is  my  ROCK,  without  him  I  really   couldn't  do  all  I  do.  He  is  the  glue  that  holds  us   together.  He  runs  the  shop;  I  Jloat  between  the   shop  and  home,  where  I  still  do  all  the  baking,   as  the  shop  has  limited  space  for  baking. I  constantly  worry  about  money,  even  though   we  are  always  so  busy  and  we  are  making  a   fab  living.  I  worry  that  it  won't  last,    orders   will  dry  up,  and  the  dream  will  end.  

Nothing is  easy  I  guess  and  my  motto  has   become  NO  pain,  NO  gain. We  will  soon  be  almost  a  year  old  and  I  am   already  looking  forward  to  new  adventures  in   the  shop.  Next  year  will  be  different.  I  have   learnt  that  BALANCE  is  the  key  to  success  and   value  your  worth.”

“ I have learnt that BALANCE is the key to success” 45


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