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Volume 2 Issue 10 Ÿ October 2013

about about Hat Trick (noun): 1. A sports metaphor for three achievements by a single player in a game. 2. A magic trick. We happily accept both deÞnitions. Hat Trick Magazine is a special project targeted at sharing spiritual and professional growth with likeminded people from around the world. We share strategies that truly will change your life, business and career (with a little help from some pro friends). WeÕve all been there: under/un/employed, in a bad situation, in transition, wondering what the options are and not knowing the skills we would need to get us there. We wonÕt lie to you. Coming out the other side isnÕt easy, but we can show you what we learned along to way and help you get the conÞdence to turn that leaf over and pursue that which is your destiny. Knowledge is power. Not everyone fancies themselves to be an entrepreneur but the truth is, even when seeking employment these days, pulling together your resumŽ requires some sly articulation to showcase your skills, be keyword-optimized and with a strong, personable presentation to get noticed. We feature inspirational people who have great careers, amazing businesses, tips and a host of amazing stories will inspire and amaze you. Our editors and contributors are some of the most connected in their industries and specialisms. Hat Trick Your Life! Take control of your lifestyle, your career, your dreams and your journey. WeÕll share what we know and we invite you to join us. If you or your business would like to be featured or simply would like to contribute a feature in an upcoming issue, please email us on 2 • Hat Trick Magazine •

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Michelle Fitz Editor-In-Chief, Page Design Michelle is originally from Arkansas and the head of Hat Trick Strategies, a UK firm for Emerging Technologies, Business Change and Corporate Strategy. Her firm has served US and UK household names, government departments and a portfolio of business coaching clients, based globally. Michelle produces all page layout, custom graphics and ad designs for this publication. She holds professional qualifications in LEAN Six Sigma, PMI PMP, is a Practitioner in both PRINCE2 and MSP and is a leader in digital synergies linking content, the customer journey, social media Hat Trick Magazine • 4 • customer and care words/SEO.

Michael Hartley Associate Design Editor Michael is a British entrepreneur based in Manchester, England and is an expert in graphic design, digital artistry, branding and design management. He is a trained violinist, and brings a tremendous breath of creativity to projects. His firm, Michael Thomas Designs, are experts in brand research for target demographics, image and the production of a consistent brand identity for mid-sized companies. Michael understands how to get at the heart of a firm’s offerings and customer base and works closely with select web designers to implement a consistent look and feel across digital, print and online platforms.

Eleni Sofroniou Illustrator Eleni is an illustrator based in London and owns Fall Into London. She produces the majority of the illustrations which appear in Hat Trick Magazine (which compliment give our magazine its distinctive look and feel). She has previously created pieces for ELLE Magazine, Essex Style Magazine, and The Female Entrepreneur Association. As well as creating personalised illustration, Eleni's illustrations can be purchased from her website.

Andrea Sullenger Business & Tech Editor Andrea is a mix of “kick butt” sales / marketing coach and inspirational possible-i-tarian. She has been working with solo-entrepreneurs for the past 16 years, helping them build their own thriving transactional businesses all while creating streamlined and successful digital products to maximize and leverage their income streams. Andrea shares many of her strategies via Hat Trick Magazine, but to get the latest, subscribe to her list. Hat Trick Magazine • •


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Sandra Cunningham Career & Learning Editor Sandra contributes to the Careers column for the Financial Times and is the owner of Outside In Coaching and Communications, where she helps mid-career women make a successful transition from a soul-sucking, dead-end job to a meaningful and fulfilling career, while creating a lifestyle they can afford and enjoy. Sandra truly believes it’s possible to be wildly successful doing work you love whilst having the work/life balance most people can only dream of. Visit her website for free articles, resources and to sign up for your free e-booklet "21 Pointers to Your Career Edge." • Hat Trick Magazine • 6 Sharpen

Shalanda Turner Style Editor Shasie has a B.S. Degree in Chemical Engineering and works as a Project Engineer for a Specialty Chemicals company in Houston, Texas. When Shasie is not at work, she moonlights in the Fashion Industry. She is the creative voice behind the top Fashion Blog; Live Life in Style, Founder of Houston Fashion Bloggers, Style Editor for online media site, Fashion Brand Ambassador for Monarch Magazine, Owner of Shop Shasie’s Closet and Houston Fashion Examiner for

Charlene SanJenko Wellness & Lifestyle Editor Charlene SanJenko is a serial entrepreneur with a successful lifestyle and fitness practice serving Canada. She is an accomplished figure competitor and has served her community in local government. As a social entrepreneur, she believes there is an intrinsic link between physical and emotional fitness, leadership and excellence. She is a thought leader whose emphasis is in helping transform ordinary ladies into “HIP”, High Impact Performance women.

Brittany De Staedtler Beauty Editor Brittany is an entrepreneur and owner of bath, beauty and skin care brand Posh Brats and flagship store Bathery, located in Macclesfield, England. She is an advocate for career progression for women from small towns. Being from the Southern US, she overcame what could have easily been a template predefined for her, but pursued a career and degrees in Cosmetic Chemistry, leading to the successful career she has held to date. Brittany regularly shares simple beauty secrets you can make at home, as well as her thoughts and skills in business.• 7 Hat Trick Magazine •

Editorial Team

Tanya Jackson Food, Home & Family Editor Tanya is the author of our popular Southern recipe column and the editor for our Food & Home section. She is married to a pastor, her high school sweetheart, and is a proud Southern mother and grandmother. Tanya has lived all over the US, but wherever she has lived, she has brought her love and curiosity for local foods and flavors. Tanya believes the best aspect of having cooked in the four corners of the US, was learning to cook what grows around us; because it is our families that make a difference in our lives and sharing our love and enjoyment of good food together goes hand-in-hand. Trick Magazine • 8 • Hat

Karen Salmansohn Faith & Self Help Editor Karen is an ex-Senior VP, awardwinning ad writer/creative director (at age 27) who left her successful advertising career (having worked as a writer/creative director/ image consultant for numerous household names), to pursue her passion of writing. She owns, is an Oprah columnist and a best selling author and book packager with over 1 million books sold. Some titles: How to Be Happy Dammit; Enough Dammit; The Bounce Back Book; – and many more. Journalists call Salmansohn “Deepak Chopra Meets Carrie Bradshaw”, merging empowering psychology/philosophy tips with edgy humor and stylish graphics.

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Communication is Paramount Don’t Be a Pushover

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From the Editor

Loving Self Celebrated author, Rachael Pontillo, is our featured profile story for this month. I’ve really enjoyed learning about her journey and with a book title like Love Your Skin, Love Yourself, I know our readers will, too. What does loving oneself really mean? I’ve been reading (and listening) to a lot of Louise Hay’s body of work - her life’s work which expands on this concept in much detail. How many times have we been told that we should love our neighbor as ourselves? If you are like me, you may have heard this throughout childhood. Also, if you are like me, you may have applied it with the wrong context. In Louise’s book, The Power Is Within You, she reminds us that “as ourselves” is the key point in the phrase which is, too often, overlooked. Do you truly love yourself? Do you see your past and your mistakes or do you see growth and progress? Are your thoughts ruining your progress? Or do they help you acknowledge your milestones, and press you forward into an exciting new future, full of possibilities?

14 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Although Rachael is a new author, and certainly does not have the catalog of life’s work (yet) that Louise has given us, her approach to self-love and caring for our bodies and our skin are very much attuned to these key messages. Taking care of our bodies, our development and, yes, even our skin, is something that ultimately supports our greatest good and our spiritual progression. We are learning so much about the body and, very interestingly in my opinion, the mind/body connection. I had the great pleasure of reading Rachael’s manuscript and it has opened my eyes to a number of techniques and tips that have changed the way I care for myself and the needs of my body. It has also helped me make the connection between the two, and to ensure that I am looking after both aspects. Loving yourself means loving the whole you, and managing the mind-games our subconsciousness may play. This includes, as Louise reminds us, acknowledging the progress and good you have achieved for your body after just two weeks of sticking to that new diet, or any number of new habits you are looking to implement or change in your life. I challenge you to commit the rest of 2013, to truly reorganizing your thinking and the way that you recognize your progress and achievements. No matter how small. I’m ramping up for a brilliant 2014. Are you with me?

By MICHELLE FITZ, Editor-In-Chief


Letter From the Editor, Michelle Fitz •


Cover Story

A Real Role Model for Real Women Meet Rachael Pontillo

Rachael Pontillo is an author, speaker, and AADP certified Holistic Health and Image Coach with more than 15 years of experience in the beauty and healthcare industries. Following her own challenges with acne and weight, she has helped many women overcome skin conditions and self image issues in her private coaching practice.

By Alicia Kushmaul 16 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Rachael Pontillo

She is the founder and publisher of the popular blog, Holistically Haute™, at, and her work has been featured in top aesthetics trade journals and health and wellness publications and websites around the world. Rachael received her holistic nutrition and coaching education and certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition®; her aesthetics education from The Vision Academy, a Paul Mitchell partner school; and her Bachelor of Science degree from Philadelphia University. She has received continuing education from the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine and the International Dermal Institute on the subjects of health, detoxification, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and advanced aesthetics. Rachael is also a level II Reiki practitioner. Rachael is a recipient of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s prestigious Health Leadership Award, and is a featured skincare expert and ambassador for the holistic skincare supplement company, NeoCell™.

Some role models come with positive messages and borderline trite or cheesy tag-lines. They may even come across as slightly condescending, and make you want to roll your eyes at almost everything that comes out of their PR-produced mouths. It makes you wonder if it’s all just a show. While spreading messages of positive thinking, good health, and wellness is always a good thing, many people just don’t relate to overly perky and airy personalities. Some people benefit more and relate better to someone who spreads positive messages in a more grounded and real fashion.

Meet Rachael Pontillo. Rachael’s definitely a role model who totes around positive messages. She’s always got her secret bag of tricks, with even 18 • Hat Trick Magazine •

more goodness up her sleeve. Does she come with cheesy or trite tag-lines? No. Is she slightly condescending with or overly bubbly? Most definitely not. What kind of role model is she then? Rachael is a coach, guide, teacher, who is dedicated to helping people stay out of their own way in order to achieve their goals. She’s a positive force who can spot a self-saboteur instantly. She knows excuses when she hears them, and helps people work through them. She speaks directly and frankly, and delivers information in a way that people can understand and digest.

“It turns out that our relationship with food is incredibly complex; even the simplest cravings have roots that are deeply engrained within us” A completely self-made woman, she manages a schedule that would make many peoples’ heads spin. She is a published author, creator of her own lifestyle website,, and brand, recipe developer, skincare formulator, blogger, health and image coach, Ph.D. student; and not to mention a loving mother of two girls under age 10, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. Her drive, work ethic, and devotion to her clients and loved ones are admirable, to say the least.

We’re living in the age of coaches. Because of easily accessible training programs, there are more health, nutrition, life, and wellness coaches now more than ever. What sets Rachael apart from every other health coach? She helps people get to the bottom of why they eat what they eat. Sounds Rachael Pontillo: A Real Role Model •


20 • Hat Trick Magazine •

simple, right? While working with Rachael in one of her one-on-one coaching programs, I admit it: I really I wanted to eat cookies for breakfast instead of my recommended green smoothie. So I ate them. No big deal, right? It was just a cookie. My logic when eating those cookies was: “I’ll just have a salad for lunch to make up for it.” I learned that it wasn’t that simple. It turns out that our relationship with food is incredibly complex; even the simplest cravings have roots that are deeply engrained within us. Rachael had me stop and really look at why and how the cookie binge happened. The thought of “because I wanted it” didn’t even begin to scratch the surface. It turns out that the cookie was not just a cookie after all—it was a representation of emotions buried deep inside that only her series of eye-opening questions could have uncovered. What else differentiates Rachael as a coach? She has truly been on the same journey as many of us. I know it’s hard to believe because she is freakishly gorgeous, tall, and thin. AND HAS PERFECT SKIN! However, she too dealt with challenges with weight, bad skin, and other chronic issues. Her journey from being unhappy, sugar-obsessed, and overweight with severe acne was not an easy one. However, using methods that she now teaches to her clients and students, she was able to overcome these challenges and find true health, wellness, happiness, and success.

So began her journey… While her daughters enjoyed a playdate with their friends, Rachael was talking to another mother about returning to the workforce and feeling concerned that she wouldn’t find a job she was passionate about. Her friend suggested she become a makeup artist for weddings and such, since doing makeup is something Rachael’s done since her teen years. Rachael is notorious for always being Rachael Pontillo: A Real Role Model •


in compliance with rules, and she was concerned about liability issues because she did not have a cosmetology or aesthetics license at the time. Her friend suggested she get her license, and this seemed like such an obvious step that she decided to go for it. She enrolled in an aesthetics program at a local cosmetology school and became immersed in studies of the skin—anatomy, physiology, histology, spa treatments, cosmetic chemistry—she found that she was passionate about all of it. While still in school, she was inspired to start a blog. Little did she know that her tiny blog would someday become a huge site and the launching point for her entire brand and career. From there on out Rachael continued to thirst for more information. Having learned about holistic skincare methods in school and after seeing dramatic improvements in her weight and skin condition, she decided to enroll in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition® to learn about holistic nutrition and health coaching. Rachael immediately knew she could merge both her aesthetics schooling and nutrition coaching and REALLY start making a difference in women’s lives.

“She has helped numerous clients achieve their goals and look and feel the best they possibly can. For most people that would be fulfilling enough. Not for Rachael.”

Seeing how she could fill a niche that was so clearly missing, she started talking to women about what they truly want in life, and their struggles with skin conditions, health, and self image issues. Armed with education, passion, knowledge, and a drive to help people she began to really focus her coaching programs and make a difference in women’s lives. 22 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Passion for helping people is something that really sets Rachael apart. You can always hear how incredibly genuine she is when speaking with her. She has helped numerous clients achieve their goals and look and feel the best they possibly can. For most people that would be fulfilling enough. Not for Rachael. Realizing that working with clients one-on-one limited her ability to reach large amounts of people, Rachael decided it was time to write her first book. She just knew that this way she could reach more people and make a bigger impact in more people’s lives. While writing a book is normally an incredibly daunting process for most, Rachael loved it. She quickly realized she had enough content for more than one book. Her book, Love Your Skin, Love

Yourself: Achieve Beauty, Health, and Vitality from the Inside Out and Outside In, was published by Sennin Group in August 2013. Within the first week of her book being released she was number #1 in skin care on Amazon, and she held that position for two weeks.

What’s next for Rachael? With her first book under her belt, she is working her second book as well as an e-cookbook she’s co-writing with her husband who is a classically trained chef. She is also building a brand new online module-based course, and also teaches classes on how to make your own organic skin care products. Rachael also regularly Rachael Pontillo: A Real Role Model •


creates, hosts, attends, and presents at various different skincare and wellness workshops, seminars, and conferences. Rachael Pontillo is one incredibly talented and BUSY lady who isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. She is on her way to becoming a household name, and she is doing it all with the intention of helping people along on their health and wellness journeys so they can live lives full of joy and passion.

Do you have a skin issue like acne, rosacea, melasma, eczema, or psoriasis? Whether it starts in adolescence or comes later, there’s a whole array of challenges that accompany these skin conditions. Sometimes these issues are physical—and other times the issues are emotional or even spiritual. Whether you’re a teenager, a busy parent, or are going through other life changes, this book is your comprehensive guide to healthier and more beautiful skin, an improved self image, and a more joyful life.

Click here to view Love Your Skin, Love Yourself on now

24 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Hat Trick Magazine • •


Business & Tech Tips

We’re Not JUST Making IT Products

Delivering Change I’m going to talk Management Consultancy speak this time around, because I think it is timely, and although this may not resonate with many of our small business customers, I think that it’s appropriate to chat to some of the bigger players who, just like small businesses, are constantly innovating and improving. Several years ago, I was involved with a programme of work which was written about in computing and digital publications, the worldover. With a budget the size of a small country, an extremely exciting and modern scope of work, and a benefits profile that clearly could not be overlooked, it was a no-brainer that this same “exciting” scope of work which was once eagerly discussed in publications would be opened up to complete scrutiny and harsh criticism in the same breath. The programme I outlined in the opening was delivered using a largely waterfall-based delivery methodology. Certainly, you could say that this programme was extremely large with hundreds of complex projects which focused heavily on the delivery of IT

By Michelle Fitz 26 • Hat Trick Magazine •

systems and although business change was also an important factor in the framework, there was little in the way of linking the two together. Imagine you are in business for yourself and have a specific business need for a tool to help you run a particular service or part of your organisation. Someone has proposed you invest in “Product A”. Should you find an alternative solution to “Product A” that filled the business/user need more closely/reliably, offered the same or more in features with greater simplicity, or simply failed to “speak” to the customer base, you would probably not choose “Product A”. In fact you might decide that “Product A” was simply so risky to your business, that you may continue as you are now. Because Do Nothing is, after all, always the first option on the table. But we forget that too easily as we deliver these big programmes and projects of work - we get on with what seems like a great modern plan and forget about the careful management process of BAU (Business As Usual), Transition and Go-Live. Sometimes, we treat the business as though they are simply 3rd parties to the change, rather than the customer that they are, which needs and simply must be a part of the strategy, delivery and change over, in order for our roles to be deemed a success. If this is such a no-brainer when we think about what it would be like when choosing to invest in tools for our own businesses, can you imagine how key the concepts outlined above would be for someone else’s business, organization or customer base? After all, they have a business to run and it doesn’t matter what fantastic, sparkling tool you promise, if it doesn’t align to the existing ways of working, or if there is indication of significant risk to their being able to run the business effectively, I can tell you right now that when push comes to shove, the business/department Delivering Change •


person on the ground affected, will revert to their “old-standby” processes and systems. Why? So that they can simply get the job done. A few years ago, several papers were published in the UK, praising Agile development methodology as the way forward, and I agree that Agile definitely is the best approach to bringing the business into the development process to deliver fit-for-purpose tools and solutions. It is lower cost, allows for innovation and honest go/no-go decisions based on real value to the business that specific features can bring to the table BEFORE it hits the development shop floor. But to be honest, a lot of people are simply applying it wrong. There are loads of papers you can read - some talk about “Agile, Fragile and Wagile”. I’m laughing, but honestly, it’s a valid point.

You can’t simply “wing it” and call it Agile. So, yes, more of us are using various Agile methodologies to develop products, as we should be. However, “soft skills” such as engagement and an up-front understanding of To-Be states and consideration for the delta between As Is and To Be for the business are increasingly being left by the wayside. These aren’t “optional extras” - these are must-haves to ensure delivery of benefits. And my dears, we ONLY do projects and programmes to get benefits. We get benefits by delivering outcomes - and if you don’t know what 28 • Hat Trick Magazine •

those are up front, you might as well flush your budget down the toilet before you begin. And frankly, your time. Too many organizations are handing out multi-million dollar deals which could have been delivered for a fraction of the price and with a better set of benefits and outcomes for the customer. This sounds counter-intuitive. Isn’t that what Agile is supposed to resolve? I mean, we bring the customer into the development process so therefore it HAS to be successful, right? Not always. In Agile, we often appoint product owners, but fail to appreciate the unique complexities and challenges that a change manager and transition manager can help us overcome.

Questions like, “is the business ready to accept the system”, are key for cutover decisions. Other key issues are user acceptance and training. Agile development is an exciting and proactive methodology, but without appropriately applying business change management and transition planning, too many digital projects simply aren’t delivering the benefits and outcomes. Increasingly, many go-live, only to fall over or to create more chaos than innovation and even more close down claiming to have delivered, only to find the solution/processes scrapped before the planned decommissioning or payback periods are achieved. It is a shame for the user, a shame for innovation and a missed opportunity for those of us in the profession, who should be taking a lot of pride in delivering major and exciting change, instead of simply a pay packet. Delivering Change •


Communication is


Communication is paramount... and there is a

ton to tackle, but today we are just going to talk about email communication and how you can up your game, simplify your communication and get what you want! When email first hit the scene it appeared to be simple, clear-cut and a way to get a few things accomplished a little more quickly. Nowadays it seems we all use email and we use it a lot! Think about how many emails you get each day! Is it a lot or is it a lot? FIND ME ONLINE HERE

By ANDREA SULLENGER 30 • Hat Trick Magazine •

So how do you “do” email communication right without loosing your effectiveness, without loosing your touch, without becoming antisocial? I’ve got 9 tips for you to simplify your email time while still getting what you want.

Eliminate the Email Game of Tag ~ Be a

straight shooter, say what you need/want as concisely as 1 possible with as many specifics as needed. Have you ever heard the saying, “one trip in, one trip out?” Try to take this approach. The goal with email isn’t to begin a long and never ending trail of emails about a simple question, task etc. that last for days and would take a CIA operative hours to comb through to find the real question or request. Be clear!

Voice Mail Rule Of Thumb ~ Were you ever

taught, maybe in your first “real” job that it is professional 2 and polite to respond to your voice mails within 24 hours? I was and it has served me well. Take this approach when dealing with email. Don’t let your email sit and go stale or pile up. Three things happen - a) You come off as inattentive and too busy, b) You can easily miss an opportunity, and c) You create overwhelm in your daily business routine when you don’t stay on top of emails.


There is POWER In The “Add A Subject” Line ~ You know you and I are not the only ones that

receive an overwhelming amount of emails daily. Everyone does! That little subject line is where some powerful real estate lies within the email world. It’s your shot at catching someone’s attention, at getting them to stop and read your email. Use it wisely. I suggest you steer clear of writing a proper sentence and you stick to bullet points that reference what you need: (Urgent, Response Needed, Time Sensitive, Confirmation)

Communication is Paramount •


You’re Not Tina Fey ~ I may be going out on a limb

here but you are most likely not Tina Fey or on the cast of 4 SNL, so pull your finger off of the “forward” button and don’t send on the jokes, chain emails, funny video’s of cats or the like. Again, I may be on a limb but most of us don’t have time for that kind of interruption in our work day and find it annoying. It is bad enough when you get them so don’t perpetuate the cycle.

Novels Are For Your Bedside Table ~ You may

love to devour a whole book in a night but most people 5 don’t, can’t and won’t. If you find that when you send emails with multiple points, requests or questions and you only get part of the answer or response you were looking for, take a moment and re-evaluate. Chances are you are writing and shoving that novel mentality down someones throat. Try to stick to asking or tackling one item at a time.

Loop-d-Loop ~ Have you ever been on an email

wheel and can’t seem to get off? You know what I mean… 6 someone writes and email to a whole group, CC’s everyone (yep thanks now everyone has my email address) and then they all keep hitting ‘reply all’! Oy vey! Be smart when you hit CC or BCC. I can’t tell you how many people do not know there even is a “BCC” or that it blind copies the same email to all but doesn’t show everyone’s email address.

Emotion In Email Causes Commotion ~ If

you’re in an email conversation with someone and it turns 7 down a path filled with any emotion other than happy, or if there has been a clear misunderstanding then STOP writing and dial some digits. It is true that tone can not always be read/heard accurately when reading or responding to an email. Save yourself a big old headache and tons of time and just talk it out. 32 • Hat Trick Magazine •

AM I YELLING AT YOU? ~ The answer of course is

no, but you might have misread that and thought I was… 8 right? We are a culture that has become pretty good at communicating without actually using our speaking voice, and because of that we have learned that typing in all caps or bold lettering or using a ton of !!!!!! can work when trying to get across certain points. It actually does so be sensitive to that especially (refer to #7) if you are doing anything other than exuding happiness.

PAUSE ~ Before you hit that send button take just 4-6

extra seconds and confirm that this email is being sent to 9 the right person, the subject will catch their attention, it is clear and concise as to what you need or want, you have clear direction as to the type of response and time frame you are after, and your contact information is what it should be in the signature section. I know it’s hard to not just assume you are done and rush that index finger up to the send button, hit it and it is off… never to be captured by you again before it hits some eyes, so just take a few extra seconds to PAUSE and double check it all!

!? Communication is Paramount •


38 34

¥• Hat HatTrick TrickMagazine Magazine ¥•

Don’t be a PUSHOVER Click to Watch Online!

Stop Saying YES


By Michelle Holmes Don’t Be a Pushover •


Career & Learning

When ‘Need’ Becomes


So many of the ‘needs’ that creep into our everyday language aren’t really needs at all. In conversation with a friend the other day, I was shocked at how often one of us said the words: ‘need’, ‘should’, ‘must’, or ‘have to’. ‘I must get this post written before I leave for holiday.’ ‘I should manage my time better.’ ‘I need my boss to give me more encouragement.’ FIND ME ONLINE HERE

By Sandra Cunningham 36 • Hat Trick Magazine •

‘I have to eat fewer carbs, need to take more exercise, need to lose weight ….. blah, blah!’ It was an exhausting conversation. Not a chat where you hang up the phone feeling uplifted, energised and raring to go. I really don’t need any of these things to happen. I might want them to be true. Why? I’d get to feel a sense of achievement, I’d get to feel in control, I’d get to feel valued, I’d get to feel healthier and I’d get to feel better in my clothes. But the sky will not fall in on my world if they don’t come to fruition. I will still be walking around, doing what I do and being who I am.

And why is this a problem? Have you ever noticed how the average conversation is splattered with self-talk and commentary like this? It has become so normal and familiar to us that we hardly even notice the damage we are doing to ourselves. Our lives have become dramatised with a deep down feeling of insufficiency – in ourselves, in our relationships and in our lives.

The same goes for our careers. Unfortunately, when we approach our work with this mentality, we effectively limit our creative powers. We fail to inspire. We become inauthentic. We sabotage our relationships. We rarely achieve our goals. We deny ourselves the chance to realise our potential. And we make ourselves feel like s**t, because we/they/it are never ‘enough’. Ultimately, the spiral takes hold. And we gradually close down the possibilities of getting what we really want. When ‘Need’ Becomes Neediness •


Find Out for Yourself. Really listen to how we speak with one another. Conversations on the tube, interviews on the radio, your favourite soap, your own inner dialogue (I find my conversations with my dog are riddled). You can even look back at past email conversations.

I promise – you’ll be astounded. And none of us are immune. Instead of ‘I need’~ try ‘I want’ or ‘I will’ Do you notice the energetic shift that comes when you replace ‘need’ with ‘want’ – or even better, ‘will’? Instead of feeling scolded like a wayward child by the invisible monkey on your back, you allow yourself to become the adult – you take on ownership. You are obliged to commit yourself. Take a stand for what you want, and you’ll experience a radically different, more enabling and upbeat set of emotions.

With e-motion, comes motion. • You are far more likely to take action and move forward with this mindset, than one of rule-making and inadequacy. So, when you want to overturn a need-y habit, choose your language carefully. • Next time you hear yourself say ‘I need to XXXX’, consider: Is it true? Really? What might be more true? Then follow this line of enquiry,

38 • Hat Trick Magazine •

• What is a new, more self-empowering intention that I will set for myself? • Why is that important? • What difference will it make? • How will I feel? • How will they feel? (if applicable) • Is it still worth it? • What will make it possible? • What one step will I commit to taking that will make a difference?

I hope that was a help. I’m off now, as I want to finish my new e-book and then I need to take my dog out for a walk before dinner! Sandra X

When ‘Need’ Becomes Neediness •


Optimism Optimism


I’ve always been the optimistic type, much to the chagrin of many people I know. It’s because I’m almost naively optimistic about life and how things will turn out, or how things are in life. I don’t intend on ever changing that though – it’s me and is a core part of my purpose in life. I believe in the best outcomes and the best of people. Being optimistic, for me, helps me to find a reason for carrying on in life. I’m optimistic for the future because experience informs me that the future can be a better place. Optimism is linked intrinsically with hope. If I hope for a better tomorrow, I must therefore be optimistic about tomorrow too. It’s important for the human condition because it helps provide a way


By Sukh Pabial 40 • Hat Trick Magazine •

for people to suspend their belief for a brief moment. We might also link being confident with being optimistic. What are confident people good at doing if not installing a sense of optimism about that which they have confidence in? It’s easy to become blindly optimistic though. That is, to believe something about the future which is not based on anything. Optimism comes from a sense of believing something can be better because experience tells us as much. Take the programme Dragon’s Den as an example. Budding punters take their inventions to potential investors and try to entice them to part with cash in return for a stake in the company. There have been many an occasion when the Dragons have liked the product, but they do not share the optimism of the inventor. More often than not this is because the figures provided do not instil the confidence to achieve a much sought after return on their investment. Or, the Dragon’s don’t share the optimism of the inventor because the evidence doesn’t support their belief. This is a good example of where being realistic about the future is prudent. It means we don’t all clamour after the next big thing because in the main, we need to be convinced it has worth. The difference is, some people get convinced sooner than others. In another example, take the concept of the adoption curve. Those at the early part of the curve have really quite little to base their assertions on, other than the potential held by the product they’re about to invest in. The late majority will only be optimistic about the benefits of investing in the product once they have the evidence to support the optimism of the early adopters. When it comes to human behaviour, though, it’s difficult to have an evidence base on which we can base our optimism. We have

Optimism •


to base it on something more fundamental – how much do I trust you? If I trust you, I have faith in you, and I can be optimistic about what you can help me with. When we are optimistic about our fellow people, we have a belief they will be able to achieve something because experience tells us this is the case. Even if we love someone, this does not equate being optimistic about them or their or your own future with them. Optimism comes from what we know. I can hope for something better, but I may not choose to be optimistic about it because experience tells me this will not be borne out. So optimism in others is dependent on the positive experience I have with them. I often wonder how do we engender optimism in the workplace. Like so many concepts, such as creativity or the fear of not knowing or vulnerability or resilience, we aren’t comfortable with this notion of optimism. It’s all about the numbers in most cases, or it’s about he process or the system we can put into place. I don’t need to care about being optimistic because it doesn’t amount to anything tangible which makes me money. Ugh.

Live in hope. Be optimistic about others. Trust in the human condition. Believe in better (sorry BSkyB for stealing your tagline, although, now, finally, I understand it).

42 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Digital Blessings by Ann Pissard

Positively Emotionally Mindful •


Faith & Self Help


44 • Hat Trick Magazine •

By Karen Salmansohn

Self Help for People Who Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Doing Self Help

The Instant PepTalk App !




Plus, Check Out My Shop!

How are you feeling today? Stressed? Depressed? Working on a dream, and need a quickie faith-booster? Dealing with a grumble-grumble toxic person? You’ve come to the right app – because you’re about to receive an instant pep talk – for FREE! My app’s name is also my app’s mission: Instant Peptalk. (Click here now to see it on iTunes!)

Hat Trick Magazine • •


Rocking My World I haven’t written in a few weeks. To be honest, it isn’t because God has not done much or that I haven’t been inspired. It’s that God is doing so much and sharing so much with me that I can’t even explain it all to you. My cup is full and running over. God has totally been rocking my world. And it is awesome. And it is scary. And some days I am excited. And some days I get frustrated. And some days I feel overwhelmed. And some days I have insane peace. First, there is the Bible study the Lord began. I prayed for 10 women (just 10!) to sit on my couch and laugh and cry with as we shared and studied God’s Word. Do you know what He did? He sent 52 women. 52 women who stepped out in faith and said “yes”


By Katie Clifton, Christian Columnist 46 • Hat Trick Magazine •

to Jesus and His community. These 52 women were strangers one month ago. Strangers, people. It takes courage to say yes to something uncomfortable and walking into a room of strangers is pretty scary for a lot of us. God sent 5 other women to lead this with me and these women are becoming some of the safest, most cherished friends I have ever known. The study began a month ago and the Lord is wrecking us all for His glory. He is drawing women to Him and for some this is the first time in years they are seeking Him. Hearts are changing. Habits are breaking. Chains are falling off and these women are not alone, because God has sent a community of women to surround them and pray for them and encourage them. I believe this entire “idea” of Christian community is one that only comes from the mind of an incredible God.

One of my favorite definitions of Christian community is this: A group of people who love each other, united through a common joy, sharing and living the story of Christ. What we women are experiencing on Monday must be something that makes Jesus smile (that is always my prayer). Jesus had his own Christian community. He had 12 followers who were His closest friends. These men were in Jesus’s inner circle. They left their jobs for Him, their families and their old way of living for Him. This inner circle had their world rocked by His invitation to follow Him. They had a front row seat to His radical healing, His miraculous actions and His controversial teaching. Jesus loved these precious men. Not because of who they were to the world- but because of who they were to Him. He didn’t see them as fishermen and tax collectors or political zealots. He saw them as worthy of His grace, His mercy and His redemption. He saw them as friends, family even, whom were worthy of His love and His blood. Friends, this is the same way Jesus feels about you. Christian community has taken on a whole new meaning in my life. 4 weeks ago we, and other families began meeting in our Christian Columnist: Rocking My World •


home for Bible study. This is another really awesome thing “We do not all attend a big the Lord is doing. church together. We aren’t We call it house all neighbors and we weren’t church. We share assigned to one another for a meal together, Sunday night worship. We worship through weren’t even all friends 4 song and study weeks ago. I am telling you, God’s Word. We are God is blowing my mind united in a common with the amazing people He joy and share our places in our lives.” thoughts, ideas and our struggles with scripture and theology and our common desire is to live out the story of Christ. We do not all attend a big church together. We aren’t all neighbors and we weren’t assigned to one another for Sunday night worship. We weren’t even all friends 4 weeks ago. I am telling you, God is blowing my mind with the amazing people He places in our lives. We are simply a group of people that have hearts who are seeking God and we are all hungry for Christian community. This Sunday night thing is pretty cool and it is just another way God is rocking my world. Since I began writing, some of you have shared ways that you have been impacted or particular ways in which God spoke to you through the words you read here - and I thank you for sharing your heart and for encouraging me.

Tonight, I want to speak to the rest of you. The ones

who just feel like this whole Christian community thing sounds like a creepy Christian club or sorority and you want to run far, far away from it. For some of you, you might be thinking, “what would she do if a non christian wanted to come hang out? I bet she would never let ‘them’ in..” Well, if you are thinking that you are wrong 48 • Hat Trick Magazine •

dear friend. Jesus sat down with prostitutes and shared meals with criminals and laid hands on the “untouchable”, so I am certain that our community would be open to anyone Jesus says yes to. (FYI, He loves everyone.) Every time I write, I pray and ask for God to lead me to the words He wants me to share and the scripture I need to work through. I needed to share that, before I share this: For some of you reading this, you have been tragically wounded by someone who claims the title of Christ follower. This wound may have even caused you to run far away from the church and everyone affiliated with it. I believe for some of you reading this you have even gone so far as to “explore other options”, maybe a god who requires you to sacrifice nothing, maybe a god who says you can make up the rules and happiness is for you to create. Maybe you consider yourself a critical thinker, or man of science and this whole faith idea seems like junk I have been spoon fed and brain washed with. Maybe you believe nothing. No eternity. No eternal consequences for goodness or badness. No afterlife. Maybe this life is just it for you and all this nutty God talk sounds like a sweet fairy tale we pass down from generation to generation. To each of you, I want you to know I have been there too. I have wrestled and struggled and I leaned on my own understanding. (Proverbs 3:56) I have thrown my hands up and I “educated” myself on ways to a god that seemed good and less condemning. Friends, I get you. And tonight each of you are weighing so heavy on my heart.

I want to dare you all to try something. I dare you

for 90 days to genuinely try out this Christian community idea. I dare you to find a group of people who walk with Jesus and just meet with them. Christians, this challenge is for you as well. This challenge is a scary task for some of you. For those of you reading this who may think I still seem ridiculous, my last question to you is this: What do you have to lose? As human beings we have all been hurt by other people and some of our deepest, most tragic wounds have been from someone clinging to the label of Christian. Jesus knows your pain. His most trusted friends, the men He kept Christian Columnist: Rocking My World •


the closest were the very ones who handed Him over to death and denied even knowing Him. Jesus even knew that the friends He loved would hurt Him and He chose love anyway. He chose community even when it hurt.

Now Jesus was deeply troubled, “I tell you the truth, one of you will betray me!” (John 13:21). “So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other. Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” (vs34-35) Jesus knew Judas would betray Him and He knew Peter would deny Him. Yet, in the midst of His heart ache and disappointment He commanded us all to love one another as He loved us. Friends, as I challenge you to embrace Christian community it is my prayer that you would be shown the love of Christ. Christians, it is my prayer that each one of us who claims the title of Christ follower who live out this love we are commanded to show. I would love to hear from those of you who are up for this challenge.

I am praying for your world to be rocked. I am

praying for you to be surrounded by safe friends who extend to you the same grace and mercy they have been shown. I am praying for you to find a Christian community (small group of people) to begin studying with, sharing with, wrestling through scripture with, and growing with. I invite you to join me on this journey of sanctification.

Your world will be rocked! FIND ME ONLINE HERE 50 • Hat Trick Magazine •

“And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.” Hebrews 10:24-25

“Dear brothers and sisters, if another believer is overcome by some sin, you who are godly should gently and humbly help that person back onto the right path. And be careful not to fall into the same temptation yourself. Share each other’s burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ. If you think you are too important to help someone, you are only fooling yourself. You are not that important.” Galatians 6:1-3

“Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble. Likewise, two people lying close together can keep each other warm. But how can one be warm alone? A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back to back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.” Ecclesiastes 5:9-12

Christian Columnist: Rocking My World •


Do You Suffer From

Chick Flick Syndrome?

It was about 6 years ago on a quiet Sunday. I had been

married for a few years and my two young children had somehow miraculously fallen asleep at the same time. I sat down to read the latest issue of one of my magazines and opened up to a quiz that said “How to Tell If You Have Found Your Prince Charming.” I read through the questions. Does he sweep you off your feet? Does he surprise you with little gifts? Is he more like Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling or Hugh Jackman? As I’m reading, the movie “The Notebook” is on the TV. It’s the kissing in the rain scene. I look over to see my


By Gina Hussar 52 • Hat Trick Magazine •

husband watching MTV’s Jackass on his laptop. He’s laughing, potato chip crumbs on the desk in front of him and he’s wearing a shirt that says “If you think my attitude stinks, you should smell my underwear.” True story.

It got me thinking about the fact that chick flicks and romance novels may actually be doing us a disservice. Have we set our expectations too high? Are we even living in reality? The men of the movies leave flowers and notes. They wait years for the woman they love. They make huge overtures to prove their affection. They write poetry and love songs. Hell I’m happy if he empties the dishwasher without being asked to. Because that is REAL life. That is REAL partnership. Are there men out there who actually do go the extra mile? Absolutely. Do I wish that my husband would sometimes surprise me? Of course. But measuring the success of your relationship based on the parameters set by

“So to be fair, if you expect him to maintain Bradley Cooper type hygiene and behavior, then it’s ok for him to expect you to morph into Angelina Jolie...” Hollywood is fatal. That is not to say that you shouldn’t expect to be treated beautifully, but that your expectations should be fair. Let me put this in perspective for my female readers. The lead ladies in the movies that most guys watch are always gorgeous. They know how to fight, black-belt style. They wear heels and lingerie to bed and are ALWAYS in the mood for sex. So to be fair, if you expect him to maintain Bradley Cooper type hygiene and behavior, then it’s ok for him to expect you to morph into Angelina Jolie no matter

Do You Suffer From... Chick Flick Syndrome •


how many kids you have or how much they threw up that day, right? See how quickly this feels less appealing? Each of you deserves to be in a relationship that makes you feel special and important and cherished. But really take some time to think about what that means. Would you rather he surprise you with flowers every day or take the time to coach your son’s baseball team? (Right now a lot of you are saying, “BOTH!”) I get it. I would like both too. But I would also like his continued understanding that if the baby is up all night every night for three weeks, he should stay at least 10 feet away from me at all times. I would like him to find it perfectly acceptable that I sometimes flop into bed in mismatched sweats wearing a mud mask facial. Live in reality. Honor your needs but manage your expectations.

Not one of us is “Hollywood perfect.” And thank goodness for that! Relationships are meant to be raw, real and remarkable ; )

Gina Hussar is a Spiritual Success Coach. She specializes in Integrated Success, Inner Peace and Purpose Clarity. She is a certified Law of Attraction Practitioner and a Certified Reiki Healer.To learn more or to schedule a complimentary Strategy Session, visit 54 • Hat Trick Magazine •

By Joey Phelps & Michael Phelps Lil Nipper Snappers Cartoon •


Style & Beauty 1






By Shalanda Turner 56 • Hat Trick Magazine •




2 H&M Cape Catherine Maladrino for Kohls 3 Alexander Wang Cato Knee High Boots 4 Zara Checked Legging Style Trousers 5 MICHAEL Michael Kors Large McGraw Buckled 6 Satchel Miu Miu - Hexagonal Sunnies 7 8 ASOS - Felt Fedora Essie - For the Twill of It Fall 2013 Collection 1

Shasie’s Fashion Picks •


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Welcome to the Home of Organic and Ethical Luxury. Inspiring your Fashionable Palate, Whilst also Fulfilling a Desire to Give a Little Back to the World we Live in. Minimalist and Effortlessly Cool Urban Staples.

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Pin Up Bodies Pin Up Bodies


By Sorelle Amoré

74 60

By Sorelle Amoré ¥• Hat HatTrick TrickMagazine Magazine ¥•

Penicl Skirts

Top Style Tips in Wearing This Figure-Hugging Piece

Telling a pin up girl not to own a pencil skirt—because it looks too ‘corporate-y’ for informal occasions—is like telling her not to breathe. This close-fitting skirt is a certified pin up statement piece but to tell you quite frankly, women in general love wearing them every once in a while, mostly because of the way they hug and emphasize the curves of the female body lines agreeably. Today, this classic skirt style has a somewhat unpleasant reputation of being an age-old work wear staple, and that happens to be the case if the wearer doesn’t know how to spice it up a little. Think of it as a blank fashion canvas that you can either dress up or dress down, depending on what kind of look you’re going for.

Pencil Skirts: Top Tips •



Casual weekend wear

When wearing monochromatic pencil skirts for casual wear, pair it up with a tucked button up top. You may also consider wearing a three-quarter sleeve pull over, ruffled top, embroidered cardigan or a boat neck top for a more informal and laid-back look to it. Add a touch of classiness to your look with a matte red lipstick and open-toed sling back heels.

Happy hour ensemble


The versatility of this skirt can effortlessly help you slip from work to cocktail events in a breeze. Pair it with lace top, wrap-around top or a Doris top which can be both work appropriate and seductive when leaving the office door behind. Incorporate additional sultriness to your look with a vampy lip color and art deco charm bracelet.


Hot for a party

Even a standard classic black pencil skirt can keep the party doors open when paired with an animal print bustier crop top, tube top, sleeveless mesh top or graphic tank top. To give your look a hint of rock edge, pair it with a greaser ponytail and long chain necklace.

62 • Hat Trick Magazine •


What else do you need to know about pencil skirts?

• They are universally flattering to women of all height. Wear one that hugs your figure evenly with hem that falls right above your knee will elongate your legs. Pair it with pointy nude heels to give you extra height. • They are one of those clothing pieces that celebrates women of all shapes and sizes. The key is to get a perfectly fitted skirt that contours your body and is not too tight. Avoid skirts that are too clingy and opt for one that is significantly wider around the hem area. Divert the attention from your lower body to your upper body with a flowing or ruffled top. • You can never go wrong with pumps, heels and wedges or any pair of shoe with height to emphasize the chic and classic appeal of this figure-fitting fashion piece. If you’re already tall or leggy, you can wear embellished flats or sandals. So there you have it! These are just a few tips on how to style up this ageless fashion item for various occasions or events with some pieces that you may already have. Do you have any more tips on how to wear this skirt that you’d want to share?

Love always, Sorelle

Pencil Skirts: Top Tips •


Banished to the Naughty Step...

Bad Beauty Habits

I’ve been a bad bad girl. My skin is punishing me with red blotches, enlarged pores, blemishes, and general rotten behavior. Why? It’s an ugly downward slope and completely unforgivable for someone who calls themselves a ‘Beauty Editor’. Shameful. I wish I had a valid excuse but the truth is - Laziness, bad diet, and too much excess! As I write this I am sitting at my desk drinking two litres of plain iced green tea with a sprig of rosemary and lots of fresh lemon squeezed into it. That is my favorite quick-fix for rehydrating my body, and thus my skin, as well as detoxing. I thought I would put together a list of bad habits we should all avoid to keep our skin looking it’s absolute best! FIND ME ONLINE HERE

By Brittany De Staedtler 64 • Hat Trick Magazine •

1. Do Not Over-Cleanse Your Skin! If you have dry skin, you should only be cleansing your face with cleanser or complexion soap at night. You’ll be making your problem much worse than you realize if not! Rinse with just water in the morning instead, and wash your face with cleanser at night.

2. Change Your Bedlinens If acne’s a problem, your pillowcases may be part of the cause. Pillowcases collect skin oil, dead skin cells, bacteria, and excess night creams; As you toss and turn, all of that is deposited right into your pores. Change your pillowcases at least once a week ... but twice is better.

3. Get Plenty of Sleep Chronic lack of sleep triggers a chain reaction of events that reduces collagen production, cell turnover, and barrier repair. If you get too little sleep, your skin looks duller and drier, and wrinkles will form more easily.

4. Stop Touching!

. . . . . . ZZZ


Whenever you touch your face, you are transferring whatever is on your hands, such as oil and everyday grime, onto your skin, causing blemishes and aggravating existing blemishes. If you are one of those girls that is always playing with your hair, this goes double for you - your hands are covered in filth you can’t see!

5. Don’t Fall Asleep With Makeup On This is probably the number one bad beauty habit on every woman’s list. If you don’t remove your makeup before bed, Bad Beauty Habits •


products can build up in your pores and cause blemishes. Take just five minutes before going to bed and banish this bad beauty habit for good!

6. You Do Not NEED A Tan! I know that glowing golden skin can be quite enchanting; however, there is absolutely no excuse for continuing to expose yourself to harmful UV rays that can cause melanoma. There have been wonderful advances in the field of self-tanning in recent years. If you MUST tan to be happy, then go for a tasteful wash of faux colour (no Essex Oompa Loompa orange!)

7. No Dirty Brushes You clean your hairbrush and change your toothbrush regularly, right? So why do you let your makeup brushes, which you use almost daily and put near your eyes, fall by the wayside? Try to clean your brushes once a week. Use a mild shampoo and let them air dry. If it’s good enough for your hair, it’s good enough for your brushes!

8. Stop Smoking! Smoking will not only kill you, it makes you old and ugly - plain and simple! This should be a no brainer. If you smoke, it was time to quit last week. Make the effort to put down the cigs. If the fact that they are bad and incredibly awful for you is not reason enough to quit (although it should be), then think about your skin. Cigarettes will make you look much older as they greatly contribute to a blotchy skin tone & deeper wrinkles. Lastly, stopping smoking will prevent your teeth from further and uneccessary discolouration ... nothing screams ‘healthy!’ more so than a clean, bright, white smile! 66 • Hat Trick Magazine •

9. Drunken Debauchery Okay, it may be fun, but every once in a while you like to wind down the day with a glass of wine, am I right? That’s fine. Going out to a club and drinking way too much, then indulging in a few Bloody Mary’s the next morning? Not so good for you OR your skin. Booze increases the inflammatory agents in your bloodstream, which will eventually lead to premature skin sagging. No drunken night, as fun as it may have been, is worth saggy skin ... or groggy hangover the next day!

10. No Pickin’! I know how tempting it can be to pop a blemish, but you really should try to avoid squeezing your blemishes at ALL costs. Messing with any blemish can cause the bacteria to get further in your skin, which could cause infection and irreversible scarring. You can either ride it out while keeping your face clean, or you can use a spot treatment like straight Vitamin E oil or Tea Tree Oil. Just avoid picking at all costs.

11. Water is Nature’s Magic Elixir! Drinking water can clear up your skin and people often report a healthy glow after drinking water. It won’t happen overnight, of course, but just a week of drinking a healthy amount of water can have good effects on your skin. Personally I try to drink 2 liters of water per day. Where possible I always try to buy natural spring water, due to the benficial minerals your body craves, but ordinary tap water will do too! You can also get your water allotment from non-caffeinated, unsweetened drinks like flavored water, herbal teas, and fresh juices. Bad Beauty Habits •


12. Keep It Moist Some people believe that using lots of moisturizer can increase your skin’s need for the product. Totally untrue! Our skin cannot become dependent on a moisturizer. If you think your skin is dry, moisturizer is the best thing you can do for it. Wind, cold temperatures and heated houses in the Winter can all dehydrate the skin, which can cause eczema to flare up and make the skin itchy and dry. Prevention of this dryness by moisturizing is the single most important factor in protecting the skin from the elements and keeping it healthy.

There you have it ... all things you can start right

NOW! Don’t you love it when lists include things you can actually start immediately, without the purchase of expensive creams, potions, serums,and “miracle” products?

Much Love,

68 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Brittany xx

Artesan Craftsmanship, All-Natural Ingredients

Skincare Bath& Beauty - Made in England -

Order Now

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Marina’s Red Carpet Looks For


1 Style Fashion Week - Roberto Cavalli zebra-print silk shirt with St John black straight leg pants. Completing the look with a side ponytail and a fedora hat. 2 Anthony Franco’s Fashion Show - Channeling “Old Hollywood Glam” vintage gown with golden turban. 3 LA Fashion Weekend (Day1) The famous “Carrie Bradshaw Tutu” with “Sex and the City” T-shirt. The pink tutu was also for Breast Cancer Awareness Month to support “Simas Wish”. 4 LA Fashion Weekend (Day 2) I went for a “Modern Fierce Look”. I paired my neon Etro shorts with Bicci blazer, along with smokey eye make up and straight hair look. I wore open toe black botties with Christian Dior small handbag. 5 FGI LA’s Designer and the Muse with Kathy Hilton - The look I chose for this event was “Parisian Glam”. This was my mother’s vintage dress that she bought in the 1970’s from a vintage boutique in Paris, France. 6 Palm Springs Fashion Week 2013 - I opted for a “Bohemian Look”, since the fashion show was by the pool. I wore a floralprint Tory Burch Long Kaftan with a black cross body bag, adding a Chanel scarf By Marina around my head for the final touch. 70 • Hat Trick Magazine •




Jose A. Ortiz Photography




Hat Trick Magazine • •


Lunafora Pictures



How I Lost My Pregnancy Weight Without Going to the Gym

Losing the pregnancy weight doesn’t have to be this super challenging/daunting task. It can happen pretty easily and naturally if you take a note of these tips while you are pregnant and after. Of course, this is what worked for me, so I can’t make you any promises but hopefully one of the tips listed below helps you to shed at least some of your baby weight. FIND ME ONLINE HERE

By Lisa Wynter 72 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Okay, ready? Watch what you eat while you are pregnant. I KNOW. I KNOW. But seriously, if you aren’t a gym-going person in general, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll start hitting the gym hardcore after your baby gets here. So spare yourself the hassle and curb the indulgences PRE-BABY.


Keep your metabolism going by snacking, a lot! Don’t let yourself get hungry (snacking also helped with my morning sickness). Hunger = extra weight gain. Snacking all the time on healthy treats like fruit, trail mix, and popcorn will keep you full between meals and keep you from overeating at meal time (both pre-baby and after).



Drink tons of water. I prefer flavored seltzer water, but whatever you do STAY AWAY from soda.

Breastfeed. Period. If you can, do it. Trust me, I know how hard it is, but if you can get through the first few weeks you’re home free and the weight loss benefits can’t be beat. Even if you are supplementing with formula, any little bit helps. Besides, it’s the best thing in the world for your baby. If you are having trouble with your milk supply, I recommend Fenugreek tablets. Taking these tablets has more than doubled my supply, so get them here. Almonds and Oatmeal are also great for milk supply.


If you have any additional weight loss tips feel free to share them with us!

For more tips and advice, be sure to subscribe to my Dime Piece on a Dime Youtube channel here! How I Lost My Pregnancy Weight •


Lifestyle & Wellness

Strength, Courage and

Preparing To Step-Up As A

HIP Woman

High-Impact Performance women access their strength, maximize and sustain their energy and tap into their confidence and courage whole-heartedly. Here are our PowHERhouse Top 10 Excellence Habits on how you can too!


By Charlene SanJenko

“Women are craving a simple, successful and completely integrated life. We’re done with fractured and fragmented pieces, juggling multiple balls in the air and ineffectively balancing conflicting priorities. Does that mean we’re done with being women? Not at all, but it does mean we’re ready to tackle it differently. Welcome to PowHERhouse.” What is strength? How do you access it? Does strength equal courage? Why is it necessary? Can you reach your ultimate potential without it? What possibilities may pass you by if you are afraid to step-out, step-up and step-forward meeting them headon with your talents, gifts and energy a’blazing? Where would the world be today if we were all in the habit of stepping up? These are questions that I asked – and more – when I began to write my book, Gamechanger, to be released early 2014. I wanted to know what powerful women were doing to access their strength, maximize and sustain their energy and tap into their confidence and courage whole-heartedly. To be effective leaders in this complicated and exhilarating world, we need all of our systems functioning optimally and these vital characteristics fully engaged. We need to be 100% fully alive! Over the past year, I have interviewed 50+ PowHERhouse women. They graciously shared their success strategies, excellence habits and the important routines and rituals that keep them positive, focused, grounded and balanced. Is life crazy for these women? You bet. Do they have stress? Definitely! Do they sometimes feel like the multiple balls they are juggling will come crashing down? Of course, that’s all part of the territory when you are living slightly beyond your comfort zone with a mission of making a difference in the world. All the more reason Charlene SanJenko: Stepping Up As a HIP Woman •


our strength conversation is so important – so let’s begin. Stress and fear are two of our biggest opponents. Many times they cleverly disguise themselves as a lack of time or money but after some honest reflection we typically end up back at the root of our greatest challenge, block or deterrent, stress and fear. In Gamechanger we talk about developing a proactive practice of exceptional living. If we want to lead highly impactful lives, we must be backed by a daily practice that encourages a foundation of energy, vibrancy, positivity and strength that can carry us through life’s ups and downs with ease and grace. Most importantly, it must carry our mission forward – from a place of strength - with positive momentum.

The HIP (High-Impact Performace) women of our PowHERhouse community understand that building strength is dependent on three key pillars: Confidence: Knowing you have a community of

supportive women behind you – a tribe – including a PowHER broker and head-hunter for those opportunities that represent a unique fit for your talents and mission builds confidence. Access to an online forum where PH Peeps provide input to your questions, challenges or wild and crazy ideas builds confidence. Expertise and feedback from our team of experts as and when they are available also build confidence. Sound advice with no emotional attachment is a valuable thing.

Courage: Our courage grows stronger through the daily

practice of effective lifestyle management. Fully integrating all of our various pieces helps to strengthen the fabric of our lives, our families and our communities both locally and globally. For years we’ve put “fitness” into a tiny little box and labeled it “weight 76 • Hat Trick Magazine •

loss”. It’s time to unleash the true power of fitness, becoming stronger on all levels.

Capacity: We build our capacity by bridging gaps

and finding folks whose strengths best compliment our own through mentoring, collaboration, alliances, communication, performance coaching, webinars and events.

“Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.” William Feather

Wondering how to finish off 2013 with a bang and prepare yourself for your strongest most successful 2014 ever? In collecting input for writing Gamechanger and developing my PowHERhouse Performance Coaching Program, I talked to many women. After much filtering and prioritizing, I am pleased to share our Top 10 Excellence Habits. We encourage you to enjoy the entire conversation in my upcoming book, implement the ones that most resonate into your own daily practice, share with us some of your own and remember, the stronger we are, the stronger we are!

01 Happy Transitions: HIP women plan. We do our best to

ensure healthy eating, regular exercise and grounding rituals are a part of our regular daily routine with seamless transitions in our schedule rather hopeful slide-ins or add-ons.

02 Connect To Your Creativity: HIP women recognize

we are incredibly high-functioning beings when we operate from a creative place. We prioritize simple activities that connect us with our creativity on a regular basis. If we want to use our untapped potential, it’s time to turn up and tune into our creativity! Charlene SanJenko: Stepping Up As a HIP Woman •


03 Activate for Actualization: Daily exercise is our time

to check-in with our goals and how we’re feeling about them. What if we used our daily activity as an opportunity to also reconnect with our dreams, visualizing their fruition and positively affirming their possibilities? If it works for elite athletes, it can and will work for us.

04 Baby-steps for Consistency: Overwhelm is a deadly

word. To steer clear of it, HIP women focus on baby-steps. In Gamechanger, learn all about the concept of Ballzy Goal-setting.

05 Move to Magnetize: We all want to be attractive – quite literally, magnetic. Energy breeds energy. You need to move to magnetize!

06 Stringent Focus: “You focus determines your future.”

Athletes set a goal with a future date and work backwards to where they are at the present. What must be accomplished quarter by quarter, month by month, week by week and day by day to reach your goal? Know exactly where you want to go and the steps it’ll take to get you there. 07 Sanity Scheduling: HIP women acknowledge a need for regular time throughout each day to recharge – even if it’s only for 15 minutes. Honour the natural ebb and flow of your energy and work with it to maximize your efforts.

08 Your Friend, Flexibility: Many of us have forgotten the

value of lengthening of bodies, our breath and our brains. HIP women recognize the importance of flexibility on many levels – our bodies, schedules, timelines, expectations and more ~ being kind to ourselves when and where we need it most. Flexibility is our friend!

09 Pure and Simple Integration: Women are craving a

simple, successful and completely integrated life. We’re done with fractured and fragmented pieces, juggling multiple balls in the air

78 • Hat Trick Magazine •

CCharlene SanJenko: Stepping Up As a HIP Woman •


and ineffectively balancing conflicting priorities. Does that mean we’re done with being women? Not at all, but it does mean we’re ready to tackle it differently. Welcome to PowHERhouse. We invite you to check us out more fully.

10 Progressive Resistance for Growth: Progressive

resistance training is a strength-training method in which overload is constantly increased to facilitate adaption. Progressive resistance is essential for building muscle and getting stronger. In much the same way, living your life slightly beyond your comfort zone is also a strength-building method. In many instances, the only thing holding us back from what we really want is our own lack of confidence. If we use the principle of progressive resistance to slowly but surely strengthen our confidence over time, we build the muscles needed to reach our goals. HIP women agree, it’s high-time we flex these muscles!

In my opinion, strength equals courage. I’ve outlined some of the ways you can begin to access your own. It is necessary to do so in order to reach your ultimate potential. Don’t let possibilities pass you by. Be ready with your talents, gifts and energy a’blazing. I can’t wait to see where the world will be when we were all in the habit of stepping up, stepping out and stepping forward as HighImpact Performance women.

Wishing you all the very best! PowHERhouse Recommended Fall Reads: Powering UP! - Anne Doyle Lean In - Sheryl Sandberg Sheryl Sandberg, China & Me - Jen Wrigley Reinventing You - Dorie Clark

80 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Suzanne: I think that would be awesome! Shelly: I would smile and say "Thank You, I work at it!" About PowHERhouse We build HIP Women (HighImpact Performance). Our mission: Helping women build confidence, courage and capacity through the convergence of Lifestyle & Leadership. Study the latest PMP syllabus with Joseph Phillips, America’s foremost in PMI PMP Education. FREE bonus material including exam cheat sheets, one hour of video training and MORE! Buy Now On Amazon


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Clear the Way For a New You The Energetic Impact of Being Cluttered

We all know that an overly cluttered space can make us feel uncomfortable, but have you ever really wondered why? Apart from the irritation that you can’t find what you want when you want it, there is an energy vibration emitted by every single thing in our environment, and when there is clutter this, it’s like an energetic white noise that is present all of the time.


By Kate Spencer 82 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Take a moment to look around the space you are in now, and consider all of the different energetic frequencies that surround you. Then factor yourself into the mix as well, and the complexity of your unique human vibration. It is the combined result of these energetic signals that create the ‘feeling’ of a place. There are also other influences such as light, sound, earth energies and other people. Is it any wonder that we feel agitated when there is too much stuff going on? If your environment is filled with things that you no longer want or need, or things that have a negative association or emotion attached to them from your past, then this will drain you of positive energy and affect you detrimentally.

So what does your stuff mean to you? What is the memory, association or feeling that you get when you look at an item? The energy that you attach to it has a real significance when it comes to its resonance. Imagine you have hoarded ‘thin’ clothes, in case you slim into them, and the truth of the situation is that you are a voluptuous size sixteen or more and that you couldn’t get a pair of skinny jeans over your thighs, never mind your backside (yes this is the voice of experience!) How do feel when you look at these ‘thin’ clothes? If they are really motivating you to eat well and exercise regularly, and you are heading towards your goal weight as a result, then keep them. On the other hand if they make you feel like a monumental failure every time you open your wardrobe and your heart sinks, wishing that you could reclaim your size twelve figure, then this is not helpful! Remember through The Law of Attraction, the way you feel Clear The Way For a New You •


contributes to your field of attraction and manifests experiences into your life that match the energy of your emotions. If you are going to start your day with a feeling that vibrates ‘I am a fat failure’ then your life is going to reflect that, and you will not make the progress you deserve to. You will then be likely to associate even more negative feelings with the ‘thin clothes’ and create an ongoing vibration that will not serve you. My advice is to give these clothes to a charity shop or friend and set yourself free from the old energy. This will lift and change your vibration immediately and by feeling better you will start to attract better experiences to you. If you are like me, clearing out your old stuff can seem daunting. I always seem to start with the best of intentions but half an hour in, when I am surrounded by chaotic fragments of my life from drawers, boxes and under the bed, I can start to feel really overwhelmed. There is an urge to put everything back and hide it away again, even though the sensible part of me knows full well that this will not help. Since I know this about myself I have adapted a routine that is helpful to me, and you could do something similar. Sometimes I ask a friend or relative to help me for a set period of time, to do a specific task. This really helps to keep you focussed and on track, if someone is prepared to give up their time to help you then you are unlikely to waste it. I work by either completed task, or time. If I am working by task then I choose one thing to do, like sort out a drawer or a box. This is psychologically easier than tackling a whole room. When you have completed the first task, you may find that you want to keep going and allocate another task. Make sure you complete one task fully before going on to the next. If I am working by time then I set a timer. Again, it feels far less overwhelming and at the end of the time you can promise yourself a cup of coffee or similar. Another tip is to find something else worthwhile or enjoyable to 84 • Hat Trick Magazine •

do at the same time as clutter busting. This can be listening to an audio program, watching something on the television, listening to radio ordrink talking tothis a friendsmoothie on the phone. twice a day as If theyou

morning and afternoon snack you will quickly feel your These are simple ideas that you can implement to take the dread batteries recharging. Your wellbeing your out of clutter clearing, but theregeneral is one more thing thatwill youimprove, can do digestion willyourself work ßawlessly (making your tummy ßatter!) and to really help ... GET STARTED! your skin will start to glow. Give it a try - I'm sure you will love it

Love Kate x

Is Your Home Making You Sick? •


on her conscious weight loss journey you can get involved online. This summer  I  am  going  to  ditch  the  diets  and  think  myself  thinner,  and   change  those  nega>ve  self-­‐beliefs  that  have  been  holding  me  back  for  far  too   long.  I  know  that  in  my  heart  if  I  can  really  do  this,  then  the  rest  will  fall  into   place  for  me,  and  that  weight  loss  will  be  a  natural  side  effect  to  loving  myself   and  healing  my  past.  


About A Homemade Year

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Mystic Sisters Mystic Sisters Mellissa and Jayshree Mallaya are a household name in South Africa with a clientele of the who’s who from Hollywood to Bollywood. Mellissa followed her heart and now lives with her husband in London where she does Skype, telephone and 1:1 sessions (in addition to planning naughty book club meetings and girls pamper parties). As Seen In Cosmo Magazine!

Write In To Get Featured! Life Or Love Question? Book Your Consultation With Mellissa Phone: +44 7720748095 Or Email Her 88 • Hat Trick Magazine •


By Mellissa Mallaya


Dear Mellissa, please help. I have been in a dead end relationship for 6 years. My husband appears to be the epitome of success and charm but refuses to have any intimacy with me.


Firstly gorgeous, he does sincerely love you. He is feeling so depressed about this situation. Your husband is feeling rather inadequate. His body feels drained and mentally he feels equally drained. Discuss your feelings with him. Being angry will not help the situation. He loves you but feels unable to express it physically. He is going through burnout and feels a total loss of adrenalin. Take a break away. Work on your fun side. He has taken on all the financial pressure since you took a break from working. Focus on love.


Dear Mystic Sisters. Hi! I lost my mum in October two years ago. I still don’t have closure. Please help... Thanks, Mourning for Mum


Sweetheart. Life is a cycle. Your mum’s soul is at peace. You need to find a way to revel in the memories you shared. Holding on to anger for what you could or should have done will not help her soul move on to the next level. She does have a message for you regarding your own personal relationships. She says to stay true to yourself and don’t tolerate any bad behaviour.


Hello Melissa. My dad lost his job. The company didn’t renew his contract as you accurately predicted. Will he find another job soon? My mum has not been feeling too well either. If you can please let me know if everything will be fine with her health, she’s always worried because we lost my gran through cancer... Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you, Q


Hello sugarplum. I am so sorry that a lovely lady like you has to go through all of this. Your parents love, respect and admire your strength and courage that gives them hope on dark days. Your mum does need to look after her health. She is going through depression and is usually a bubbly person. She has to replace her fear with a desire to live. Your dad will get a job later this year. Love and hugs.

Mystic Sisters •



Hi Mystic Sisters. I’ve been in to see you a few times. I love Veer with all of my heart. Yes we are different; we’re from two different schools of thought, two different ways of upbringing and we’re just total opposites of each other. He has been exposed to the cruelty of this world whilst mine for the longest time remained pure and untouched. Yes there a few hiccups along the road, but everything seems to be “as right as rain” lately ... literally. My question is why does he not believe that we are “soul mates”, that as much as we are different, we nevertheless reflect each other. Why is he addicted to pain so much? Why does he kneel to old patterns? Why does he keep going back to an old relationship that is marred with guilt and pain, and all of the things that should make him turn the other cheek? He misses his ex, yes, but he sees things through rose colored lenses, and in the midst of all of that, there I am, still by his side. Quiet, content, slightly disheartened, but holding onto faith. What will make him see things differently and when will he see the truth of the bond that we share? Yours Sincerely, Zara


Dearest Zara, insisting to someone that you are soul mates will not convince them that you are. He does love you. You are kindred spirits and have shared a previous life bond. To be honest, he will keep treating you in this way. His ex will leave him as soon as she finds the next best thing and he will crawl back to you, as he does know your love is sincere and not demanding. He does not respect your love for him. Take a step back. Let him deal with his emotions. Give him breathing space. He needs the chase and you struggle to give him that space to chase you. He will be your partner. Not anytime soon though. If you want a bed of roses, it is not Veer.

90 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Q. A

I am in a dead relationship and want out. I'm scared of Dear Mystic Sisters. I bought a him flat two years ago with a  Is friend. being alone and I like having as a companion. this He was living with his girlfriend then. I lived in the flat and paid acceptable or am I being deceptive and wrong? Daisy a rental. He split with his ex and moved in. We are best buddies


and love spending time with each other. Recently a mutual friend indicated that we are a couple. I later found out that he had been telling peopleMany we arepeople dating! keep How do I approach Exand best so buddy Hi darling, their optionshim? open are

you. He adores you but has become mentally lazy in this relationship. Hestuff, won't walk away unless do. I do new Sweet I can only imagine howyou annoyed yousee are!aI hate lies as well. the flirting on to between the man in 2 years. Yes He it isloved deceptive butgoing mostly yourself astwo theof yousees and you did jump toattached conclusions. I do thinkYou youwould both should downa world as an woman. neversitcarry and discuss this. Tell him how pissed off you are... and kiss and make dead horse about, why carry this? You are witty, loving, naughty up, as I do see some sneaky romantic feelings surfacing from you. andHave gorgeous. Get out there and seize the world! fun!


How to Detox With Green Superfood Smoothies ¥


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104 HatTrick TrickMagazine Magazine •¥ 92 •¥ Hat


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Food, Home & Family

Chicken and


Great for cooler weather and can be heated up­­... if there is any leftover! I use the rest of the rotisserie chicken that hasn’t been eaten to make my broth and cull the chicken pieces!

By Tanya Jackson 94 • Hat Trick Magazine •

od! h t e M


ngredients • Cut up your chicken & barely cover with water - simmer for « Rolled d umplings 2-4 hrs (to get the “goodness”, « 2 cups a ll purpose flour as my mother would say of « 2 tsps ba king powd er the chicken carcass). « 1 tsp salt • Strain the broth and lay out the « 1/3 cup sh ortening meat to cool - chop all the meat « 1/2 cup m ilk into small pieces. • Add the meat, 1/2 stick butter and salt & pepper to taste into the broth heat on low. • Combine flour, baking powder & salt. • Cut in shortening using knives, forks or pie crust mixer. • I use the warmth of my hands to soften the shortening and they help it to mix easier into the flour mixture - mix it until it looks a little like corn meal. • Add milk to make a stiff dough - roll flat and cut into strips (don’t let it dry because you will have noodles, not dumplings!). • Drop the dumpling strips into boiling broth and stir - the flour will thicken the broth as the dumplings are being cooked. • Cook for 10 minutes and serve!

Hat Trick Magazine • •


Cocoa Coca-Cola

Poke Cake


By Amber Hamilton Henson 96 • Hat Trick Magazine •

If you have a sweet tooth, a craving for something REALLY sweet, this cake will hit the spot! It’s ooey, gooey, super sweet. A spongy cake with soft icing melted into the cake that almost crystallizes on top! Cocoa Coca-Cola Poke Cake •


n i t i e k Ma a few ! s p e t s easy To start with you’ll need: • • • •

1 stick of salted butter 1 cup of Coca-Cola 2.5 Tbsp Hershey’s cocoa 5oz. Marshmallows (for the brand I buy, it’s half a bag)

In saucepan, over medium heat, combine ingredients. Stir until marshmallows are melted, then pour into a medium mixing bowl. • 2 cups all purpose flour • 2 cups sugar In your mixing bowl, add in two cups of flour and two cups of sugar and mix thoroughly. • • • •

2 eggs 0.5 cup buttermilk 1 tsp. vanilla 1 tsp. baking soda

In a small bowl, whisk these 4 ingredients together, then slowly add into your mixing bowl, incorporating thoroughly. 98 • Hat Trick Magazine •

This is your cake batter. It’s thin, but bakes up wonderfully! Use a greased 9” x 12” glass baking dish and bake at 350 Fahrenheit for 30 minutes.

While its baking, make the icing. It’s easy! • • • •

1 stick butter 3 Tbsp cocoa 12 Tbsp CocaCola 2 lbs of confectioners powdered sugar

Melt your butter over low heat, add cocoa and whisk. Add CocaCola; Whisk. Slowly add the confectioners sugar, whisking constantly. When your cake comes out of the oven, immediately poke holes in the cake with a fork, and pour icing. Allow to sit for 1-2 hours before serving.

Your Friend,

Amber Hamilton Henson Cocoa Coca-Cola Poke Cake •


Beautiful equals


Cherie began as a weekly columnist for the main local newspaper in her area. Her articles focus on a humorous look at married life with five children and the ups and downs we can all relate to. She has won 2 international short story contests as well as being published in Our Canada magazine. Cherie is a breast cancer survivor and a huge advocate of self-exams.

By Cherie DeBurger 100 • Hat Trick Magazine •

Although I am not a slave to fashion I do like to look good and am not totally without a vein of vanity. As with most mother’s I find myself putting my needs on the back burner. With five children there is not a lot of time for manicures and pedicures or the money to buy all the latest brand named fashions. I decided a long time ago I would much rather be comfortable than decked out in the latest trend. Give me a comfy pair of old jeans and my cowboy boots and I am set to go. My sister, on the other hand, was the one who inherited all the fashion sense and it’s one area in life where we are total opposites. She is always in style and looks like she just walked out of a magazine. As she wears her high heels and spaghetti strap dress with a little coat in the middle of winter I stand beside her in my turtleneck, floor length skirt and bulky winter coat, she may be beautiful but I am warm.

Some people take beauty, or their attempt at beauty, to the extreme. Over the centuries beauty techniques have varied according to era and culture but one thing that they all have in common is pain. It amazes me what we, as women, will endure to conform to what society thinks is beautiful. Plucking eyebrows is bad enough especially when a salon technician does it slowly. Let me clear this up right now, it does not hurt less if you do it slower!! I still prefer it to waxing. I have tried the waxing kits that you can do by yourself in the privacy of your own home. I guess maybe I should have looked for the “Waxing for Dummies” book because it did not go well. Either I had the wax to hot or to cool or it wouldn’t stick to the cloth or the cloth wouldn’t stick to me. Little did I realize at the time that all the failed attempts were really blessings in disguise. At one point all the stars must have been a lined and Venus was in Beautiful Equals Painful •


the seventh house or something like that because the wax stuck. As I ripped the strip of cloth in an upward motion from above my knee to my upper thigh I felt my eyes roll back into my head as the bathroom spun around me. The searing pain that was now the only thing that existed in my world assured me that not only had I ripped the hair and follicle from its natural habitat but at least the top ten to fifteen layers of skin along with it. When I stopped screaming and I could once again focus my eyesight I looked at the swatch of cloth. I was convinced that I had cleared out every hair that had grown in that area, or ever hoped to grow there in the future, and would surely see them displayed forever secured in the wax like a fossil in amber. I threw the kit in the garbage along with the strip that had successfully removed THREE hairs from my leg.

Anyone who has had a bikini wax, or even worse a Brazilian wax, knows this method could be used as a way to get prisoners of war to talk. Even with all the warning labels on products these days leave it to a sleepy teenager to have an accident. Back when I was in high school my friend and I were getting ready one morning, it was early and both of us were tired and didn’t feel like going to school. Like most teenagers we didn’t become fully conscious until after lunch. My friend was sitting at the mirror using the eyelash curler to at least try to make her look more awake, resting her elbow on the counter. I don’t know if she started to doze off or what happened exactly but her elbow slipped off the counter. We stared at each other, our mouths hanging open in sheer disbelief as she slowly turned the eyelash curler around in front of our faces. Her eyelashes no longer graced her face fluttering with each blink, now they were all stuck to the curler making it look like some type of robotic eye. Even with the advancement of science people are still using 102 • Hat Trick Magazine •

treatments from the middle ages. Everyone knows there are blood-sucking leeches in Hollywood but now you can use the term quite literally. Some actresses, including Demi Moore, have confessed to using these parasites to detoxify their blood and increase circulation. But I think the one that takes the cake in my book is a new laser procedure invented by a professor of Dermatology in Manhattan called Hand De-veining. Women are actually having veins taken from their hands to make them look smoother and younger. I thought veins were pretty important and responsible for carrying blood to vital organs and keep your skin from rotting but hey, as long as you look younger. What we, as women, do to ourselves in the name of beauty could actually make someone question our sanity. Of course most women who have to deal with kids, a husband, a career and a home often question their own sanity.

We must all try to remember that beauty comes from within but I, for one, don’t mind a little help.

Beautiful Equals Painful •


104 • Hat Trick Magazine •

ISSUE 13 OCTOBER 2013 ÂŁ3.00


PREVIEW VERSION Buy the full 84 page magazine at


Halloween tutorials



Hand painted


Exclusive Interview: Royal Wedding Cake Maker

Fiona Cairns Tutorial: How to paint on cakes

Afternoon tea, Painted Cake Collection, Win VIP Passes to Cake International, Painting Essentials, 100 Burtonesque Bakers, Interview with Nevie-Pie Cakes, National Baking Week, Cake Spotlight, Dexter Cake ,Carved Pumpkin Cake Tutorial, Recipes from Fiona Cairns and GBBO 1 Winner John Whaite + much more!


Halloween tutorials

26 & 68


Hand painted cake tutorial


Fiona Cairns

Interview: Natasha Collins ~ Nevie-Pie Cakes





Contents 14 17 22 23 36 43 48 54 65 79

 Welcome  to  our  double   themed  October  issue  of  Cake   Masters  Magazine  -­‐  wow  it   was  been  a  busy  month!  

Afternoon Tea  -­‐  Fairmont  Waterfront  Hotel Painted  Cake  Collection Autumn  Cake  Competition The  Cake  &  Bake  Show  -­‐  REVIEW Painting  Essentials  from  Cake  Craft  World Baketopia  -­‐  National  Baking  Week Cake  Spotlight  -­‐  Sugar  Pot  -­‐  Australia Baking  Wish  List  -­‐  Halloween  Edition Dexter  Cake Halloween  Cake  Collection

We have  a  real  seasonal  feel   throughout  the  magazine,   kicking  off  with  a  special   interview  -­‐  Fiona  Cairns  talks   to  us  about  the  Royal  Wedding   cake,  her  business  and  her  new   book  “Seasonal  Baking”.    We   also  get  a  delicious  and   exclusive  autumnal  recipe  from   this  exciting  new  collection.   We  have  three  fantastic   tutorials:  modelling  a  lovely  Halloween  witch,  how  to  paint  on   cakes  and  carving  /decorating  a  pumpkin  cake!  If  you  have  never   painted  on  cakes,  you  must  give  it  a  go,  Nina  from  Mon  Cottage   Cupcakes  really  goes  into  detail,  showing  how  easy  it  really  is! Following  on  from  our  hand  painted  cake  theme,  we  also  have  an   interview  with  the  one  and  only  Natasha  Collins  from  Nevie-­‐Pie   Cakes.


27 Hand Painted  Cupcake  Tutorial   26 Halloween  Pumpkin  Cake  Tutorial 68 Halloween  Witch  Tutorial Interviews

Cake Masters  was  lucky  enough  to  interview  Tracey  Rothwell   from  the  Little  Cherry  Cake  Company,  Creative  Director  behind   the  100  Burtonesque  Bakers  -­‐  of  which  Cake  Masters  was  proud   to  be  one.    

5 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW:  Fiona  Cairns 39 Nevie-­‐Pie  Cakes 50 100  Burtonesque  Bakers  -­‐  Tracey  Rothwell Recipes 12 44 46 64

New for  this  month  we  have  a  cake  spotlight  feature  where  we   home  in  on  one  particular  cake  and  [ind  out  the  story  behind  the   cake  -­‐  hope  you  like  the  one  we  have  selected  this  month!

Maple and  Pecan  Autumn  Leaves Peanut  Butter  and  Jelly  Cupcakes Gluten  Free  Pistachio  and  Chocolate  Torte   Vegan  Orange  and  Pumpkin  Seed  Cake

We also  exhibited  at  our  [irst  ever  trade  show  last  month  and   met  so  many  of  you!  Thanks  so  much  for  stopping  buy  our  stand;   we  had  a  phenomenal  response  to  the  magazine  -­‐  Thanks  to  Ceri,   Debbie  and  Gabriella  for  helping  out  over  the  weekend! As  always  we  love  to  feature  your  cakes  and,  with  two  themes  in   this  issue,  we  have  treated  you  to  two  features  -­‐  enjoy!

Recipes from John Whaite

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Celebrating National Baking Week


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Cake Masters  had  the  honour  of  interviewing  Fiona  Cairns  about   inspirations  behind  her  new  book,  “Seasonal  Baking”,  her   business  and  of  course  the  cake  made  for  the  Royal  Wedding.

Fiona Cairns  Ltd  began  on  Fiona's   kitchen  table  25  years  ago  when   Kishore  Patel  –  Fiona's  husband   and  now  MD  of  the  company  –   spotted  the  potential  of  his  wife's   beautifully  crafted  handmade   cakes.    Kishore  and  Fiona  have   built  the  company  up  to  be  an   established  premium  brand  and   now  supply  cakes  to  Waitrose,   Selfridges,  Harrods,  Fortnum  &   Mason  and  Bon  Marche  Paris.    In   2011,  they  had  the  honour  of   being  chosen  to  make  the  ofWicial   wedding  cake  for  Prince  William   and  Katherine  Middleton.  

make them.    I  thought  fondant  fancies  and   chocolate  éclairs  that  were  frozen  and   defrosted,  were  much  more  exciting  than  her   homemade  cakes.    Of  course,  we  now  sell  our   cakes  to  stores  such  as  Waitrose,  Harrods  and   Selfridges.    Each  one  is  handmade.    Our   signature  fruit  cake  is  baked  using  exactly  the   same  ingredients  you  would  use  at  home!

What’s your  earliest  baking  memory? It  was  a  disaster.    I  was  very  young,  and  I   remember  it  well,  I  was  probably  about  nine   or  ten  I  would  say.    I  had  a  Hamlyn  cookery   book  that  I  won  in  a  competition  at  school  for   a  Christmas  project,  which  I  have  still  actually   got.

You trained  as  a  graphic  designer  and  a   pastry  chef,  they  are  two  quite  different   Wields,  so  how  did  the  accident  happen? Yes  they  are  different,  but  I  think  there  are   quite  a  few  similarities  actually.    I  am  in  the   middle  of  doing  a  wedding  cake.    I’m  using   paint  brushes  and  colours,  and  I  am  making   things  that  are  all  very  tiny  and  precise.    You   know  there  are  similarities  to  drawing,   painting  or  designing;  it  might  not  appear  at   Uirst,  but  there  are.  

I decided  to  make  something  out  of  it  and  the   recipe  was  for  a  large  cake,  but  I  decided  to   make  it  as  little  cakes.    I  think  they  were  called   buns,  but  actually  they  would  have  been  fairy   cakes.    I  can  remember  being  really  upset  that   I  burned  them,  because  I  left  them  in  the  oven   for  the  same  time  that  you  would  leave  a  big   cake!    It  was  a  disaster  and  I  had  to  throw   them  away.    I  got  better  after  that  -­‐  you  learn   from  mistakes  don’t  you! Who  did  you  bake  with? I  used  to  bake  with  my  mother.    She  baked  all   the  time  and  I  used  to  get  a  bit  upset  because   she  would  never  buy  cakes,  she  would  always  

Have you  always  liked  baking  or  did  the   passion  for  it  come  later  in  life? No,  the  passion  came  later.    Obviously,  there   was  something  always  there,  because  as  a   child  I  really  loved  it.    Then  as  I  grew  up,  I   went  to  art  college  and  wasn’t  in  the  slightest   bit  interested  in  cooking  or  baking.    I  didn’t   grow  up  and  know  baking  was  what  I  wanted   to  do.  In  fact,  it’s  happened  completely  by   accident,  I  didn’t  plan  it  at  all.

cookery course.    I  thought,  I  have  to  do  this!    It   was  the  time  of  Nouvelle  Cuisine,  the   beginning  of  the  80’s,  so  the  thing  that  I  was   best  at  on  that  course  was  being  very  precise   and  decorative.    Everything  was  very   decorative  in  those  days,  the  plates  were  all   decorated  and  the  desserts  were  decorated   with  all  sorts;  quite  complicated.   It’s  what  I  loved  doing;  shapes,  colours  and   design.    I  loved  it  and  decided  I  wanted  to   work  in  a  kitchen.    I  started  working  at   Hambleton  Hall,  which  is  a  Michelin  star   restaurant.    That’s  where  I  got  into  cooking   and  then,  making  cakes.  

Thinking about  it  now,  without  either  the   graphics  or  the  art  training,  and  then  the   cooking  or  pastry  chef  training,  there  wouldn’t   be  a  cake  business.    It  is  a  combination  of  the   two.    I  have  come  into  baking  and  cakes  from  a   different  direction.  

I did  graphic  design,  but  I  wanted  to  do   illustration.    With  the  course  that  I  was  on,  I   couldn’t  really  do  what  I  wanted,  so  I  didn’t   really  enjoy  it  very  much.    I  Uinished  the  4  year   degree  course,  and  then  I  did  a  bit  of   illustration  work;  but  my  heart  wasn’t  in  it   any  more,  which  was  very  sad  actually. After  that,  I  got  married  and  I  really  couldn’t   cook,  so  I  decided  to  go  on  a  cookery  course.    I   just  had  this  obsession  about  going  on  a   6

Seasonal Baking  by  Fiona  Cairns,  published  in  hardback   by  Weidenfeld  &  Nicolson  £25,  eBook:  £12.99


Your husband  Kishore,  suggested  that  you   marketed  your  cakes  and  you  went  to  the   Conran  Shop.    So,  before  actually  becoming   part  of  your  company,  what  was  his   background? Kishore  has  been  a  part  of  the  company  from   the  very  beginning.  He  has  always  run  and   built  businesses.  Before  we  set  up  the   business  he  worked  in  knitwear  and  then  for   an  interior  architecture  practice.    We  founded   the  business  together  and  it  was  growing  fast,   but  I  was  struggling  trying  to  run  it  by  myself.     There  was  a  manager  at  that  stage  and  he   could  see  that  the  business  had  big  potential.     This  was  about  13  years  ago,  so  then  he  gave   up  his  other  business  and  joined  the  cake   business  full  time.

phone call  that  asked  us  to  make  the  Royal   Wedding  Cake,  but  we  had  actually  been  asked   about  a  week  or  two  weeks  before  that  if  we   would  like  to  be  considered  to  make  it.    I  can   remember  that,  I  usually  do  actually,   especially  when  it’s  something  as  important   and  as  big  as  that.    I  was  the  one  who  had     reservations  about  it,  because  it’s  such  a  huge   responsibility.  How  did  it  actually  feel  when   Kishore  received  that  phone  call?  I  can   remember  the  feeling  exactly  now,  it’s  not   something  that  I  will  ever  forget.    It  was  a  real   mixture  -­‐  I  remember  I  could  hardly  believe  it   and  it  was  very,  very,  exciting  and  a  huge,   huge,  privilege;  but  also  really  scary  all  at  the   same  time.

There wouldn’t  be  a  company  without  him  at   all.    I  am  a  creative  person,  and  very  often  (not   always  of  course)  but  very  often,  creative   people  aren’t  business  minded  or  aren’t   business  people.  

He said   to   me,   when   looking   at   what   I   was   doing   Uiddling   on   the   kitchen   table   making   sugar   Ulowers   or   baking,   “Oh   you   could   turn   this   into   a   business”,   and   I   can   remember   thinking   he   was   absolutely   mad.     I   had   no   idea   how   that   could   happen,   and   he   said   “Oh   no   you   could,   you   deUinitely   could”.     T h i s   w a s   i n   a b o u t   “ 1985/1986   when   there   was   no   real   competition.     It   wasn’t   fashionable;   people   were   not   making   cakes   then.     It’s   hard   to   believe   now,  I   know;  years  later  and  everyone   is  baking  mad,  but  not  in  those  days.  


What is  it  like  working  with  your  other   half? I  get  asked  that  a  lot  actually.    We  have  been   doing  it  for  so  long  it’s  just  sort  of  normal.    We   are  not  together  in  an  ofUice  day  in  and  day   out.    If  that  was  the  case  I  think  it  might  be  a   problem,  but  it’s  Uine  actually. We  do  talk  about  it  too  much  at  home,  I  have   to  say.    The  children  are  grown  now,  and  get   absolutely  fed  up  with  it.    We  are  not  very   good  at  turning  off  and  not  talking  about  it.

Tell us  about  your  most  ambitious  cake? Oh  well,  the  Royal  Wedding  cake.    That  is  the   most  ambitious. How  did  it  feel  when  you  were  asked  to   make  the  Royal  Wedding  cake?                                     Well  the  thing  is,  my  husband  received  the  

What worried  you  the  most  about  taking   on  this  massive  task? I  suppose  the  thing  that  worried  us  the  most,   or  worried  me  the  most,  was  if  it  would  be   good  enough  or  if  it  would  be  accepted  by   William  and  Kate.    It’s  so  symbolic  and  so   important  isn’t  it;  but  they  were  absolutely   thrilled  with  it,  so  I  need  not  have  worried.    I  

As a  cake  decorator  we  are  always  are   critical  of  our  own  work.    Was  there   anything  that  you  weren’t  totally  happy   with? Yes,  you  always  think  you  can  do  better,  and   of  course  everything  can  always  be  better,  but   I  don’t  think  we  would  design  it  any   differently  though.    I  loved  the  design  and  the   shape  of  it. It  was  beautiful,  it  was  absolutely   stunning! Oh  thank  you!    I  think  that  everything  can   always  be  better.    If  you  are  creative  you  are   never  100%  happy  are  you?  

Tell us  about  your  new  book;  the   inspirations  behind  it,  your  favourite   recipes  and  why? You  know,  I  have  been  asked  about  favourite   recipes  before.    I  don’t  have  one  favourite   recipe.    I’m  going  to  have  to  try,  but  that  is  so   hard  to  answer  that  one.    I  have  got  quite  a  lot   of  favourite  recipes.    I  have  probably  got  at   least  half  a  dozen.    It’s  quite  difUicult  to  say   which  one  is  my   favourite.

his is  the  book  that  I  always  wanted  to  write,  it   was  an  idea  I  had  all  those  years  ago.    Although   it’s  always  been  important  to  be  “seasonal”  in   cooking,  it  perhaps  wasn’t  as  important  as  it  is   now.” did  worry,  of  course  I  did.    Also,  the  other   thing  I  had  to  worry  about  was  that  it  was  a   secret  and  what  if  someone  leaked  it,  or  even   just  trying  to  get  it  to  Buckingham  Palace  in   one  piece!    There  were  so  many  things  to   worry  about,  but  we  also  had  to  enjoy  it  -­‐  it’s  a   once  in  a  lifetime  opportunity.    We  couldn’t   stop  pinching  ourselves!

How was  it  transported  and  did  you   actually  have  a  back-­‐up  plan  in  case  of  a   disaster?   There  was  a  team  of  us  making  the  cake,  it   wasn’t  just  me.    I  think  there  was  about  eight   or  nine  of  us  working  on  the  cake;  but  there   were  also  the  strategists.    My  husband  and   Pat,  our  Operations  Director,  organised  the   logistics.    It  was  organised  in  such  Uine  detail,   that  every  eventuality  was  covered.    We  had   made  of  lots  and  lots  of  spare  parts  and   Ulowers,  and  we  Uinished  it  in  Buckingham   Palace  for  two  and  a  half  days.    It  all  went  very   well.

This is  the  book  that  I   always  wanted  to   write,  it  was  an  idea  I   had  all  those  years   ago.    Although  it’s   always  been  important   to  be  “seasonal”  in   cooking,  it  perhaps   wasn’t  as  important  as   it  is  now.

I remember,  even  at   art  college,  some  of  my   work  was  about  the   seasons.    I  was  illustrating  the  spring,   summer,  autumn  and  the  winter  and  I  love  the   cycle  of  the  seasons.    

The seasons  and  cooking  seasonally,  has   always  been  very  important  to  me.    If  I  see   strawberries,  I  would  never  buy  them  in   November  or  December  for  example;  or   asparagus.    I  wait  for  the  British  asparagus  in   May,  and  I  get  very  excited  about  it.    I  also  look   forward  to  our  English  strawberries.    There’s   also  nothing  quite  like  the  peas  we  grow  in  the   garden!   I  just  think  sometimes  we  can  lose  sight  of  the   seasons,  as  everything  is  available  all  year   round.    So  not  only  do  you  pay  a  premium  for   whatever  you  are  baking  or  cooking,   sometimes  it’s  also  been  Ulown  half  way   around  the  world  and  you  always  compromise   on  taste.    It’s  much  more  special,  and  more   delicious,  if  it’s  more  locally  grown  and  fresh. Continued


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Maple and Pecan Autumn Leaves


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From SEASONAL  BAKING  by  Fiona  Cairns

Afternoon Tea With

Bees & Wolves

Fairmont Waterfront Hotel Vancouver ~ Canada



Travel ~ Taste ~ Try If you  ever  Google  "Afternoon  Tea,"  you'll  get  a   deUinition  along  the  lines  of:   “Afternoon  Tea  is  a  light  meal  typically  eaten   between  4  pm  and  6  pm.  Observance  of  the   custom  originated  amongst  the  wealthy   classes  in  England  in  the  1840s.  Traditionally,   loose  tea  is  brewed  in  a  teapot  and  served   with  milk  and  sugar.  Afternoon  Tea  is  a  meal   composed  of  sandwiches  (usually  cut   delicately  into  'Uingers'),  scones  with  clotted   cream  and  jam,  sweet  pastries  and  cakes.   Interestingly,  scones  were  not  a  common   feature  of  early  Afternoon  Tea  and  were  only   introduced  in  the  twentieth  century.”   Well,  I  have  had  the  pleasure  of  NOT  enjoying   this  deUinition  of  Afternoon  Tea  recently,  in   Vancouver  and  San  Francisco....  and  with   bees  and  wolves.   Firstly,  I  would  like  to  personally  thank  the   lovely  Naomi  from  Tea  Party  Cakes  for   arranging  our  "HIVE  TEA"  at  the  Fairmont   Waterfront  Hotel  in  Vancouver,  BC  -­‐  in   Canada.  What  a  treat  (well  not  just  the  tea,  but   the  chance  to  hang  out  with  Naomi!)!!  The   highlight  was  really  the  house  honey,  which  is   produced  from  the  hives  on  the  hotel's  rooftop  

gardens. But,  the  rest  of  the  beautifully   presented  food  was  also  just  amazing:  locally   sourced  loose  leaf  teas  and  smoldering  local   artisinal  cheeses,  carefully  paired  with  a   mouthwatering  honey  infused   accompaniments.  Pastry  Chef,  Stephanie   Greenslade,  and  her  team  serve  handmade   signature  Honey  Almond  Cakes,  delectable   Garden  Thyme  Lemon  Lollipops,  and  Bannock   Bread  Scones  with  scrumptious   sweets,  prepared  in-­‐house.   On  my  return  to  San  Francisco,  my  dear  friend   Sherry  Page  of  Culinary  Getaways  had   recommended  the  Afternoon  Tea  at  Craftsman   &  Wolves  in  the  Mission  district.  I  was  like   "What?"  Afternoon  Tea  in  the  Mission?  So  I   just  had  to  check  it  out  with  my  Ecuadoran   Ulute-­‐playing  BFF,  Raquel.  You  know   what?  IT  WAS  JUST  SO  RUSTIC!!  I  was   awed  by  the  presentation,  seemingly   simple  at  Uirst  -­‐  with  the  savouries   and  sweets  presented  on  a  wooden   cake  stand,  against  the  brick-­‐ walled-­‐interior  of  the  bakery...   but  don't  let  the  simple   presentation  fool  you;the  menu                                       packs  a  punch!  Thai  mango           scone,  buckwheat  crumpet                                    with  

Jen with  Naomi  from  Tea  Party  Cakes

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By Jennifer  DeGuzman-­‐Rolfe Jen’s  Just  Desserts  

clotted cream  and  lime  curd,  ocean  trout   verrine,  peas,  preserved  lemon,  pancetta  duck   conUit,  onion  and  red  wine  jam,  mustard   butter,  brioche  savoury  ginger  scallion   madeleines,  seasonal  pâte  de  fruit,milk   chocolate  marshmallow  white  shoyu   caramels  ...and  all  for  $22  per  person  -­‐  you   can't  beat  that!   Whether  you  prefer  traditional  afternoon  tea,   or  something  a  bit  different,  what  I  have  really   enjoyed  about  all  of  my  AT  experiences  is  the   variety  on  offer,  at  home  or  abroad...

Painted Cake Collection Made by:  Three  Little  Blackbirds Photography:  Erin  Schaefgen  Photography




All cakes  made  by:  Three  Little  Blackbirds Photography:  Erin  Schaefgen  Photography


Made by:  My  Sweet  Cosette Photography:  Dayan  Neely

Made by:  My  Sweet  Cosette Photography:  Dayan  Neely


Made by:  Tatoo  Cakes



Made by:  Eleganza  Designer  Cakes

Made by:  Pam  Bakes  Cakes

Made by:  Wonder-­‐Cakes


Made by:  Rock  Cakes


Made by:  Little  Black  Cat

Made by:  Joyliciouscakes  

Made by:  Scarlett  Loves  Cake


Made by:  Scarlett  Loves  Cake




The Cake  &  Bake  Show   in  partnership  with   Billington’s  was  back   at  Earl’s  Court  London   last  month.  Cake   Masters  ticket  winner   Eve  Miles  shares  her   review  and  account  of   the  day.

After spending  several  weeks  shouting  at  my   TV  whilst  watching  the  Great  British  Bake  off   last  year,  I  decided  to  apply.    I  spent  the   following  3  months  baking  continuously  and   growing  a  real  love  for  bread  baking  and  a   respect  for  pastry….  I  did  manage  to  get   through  to  the  third  auditions  and  the  Uinal  48   of  their  list,  but  not  quite  their  Uinal  13.    For   now  I  continue  to  be  a  mum  and  baking   enthusiast,  helping  friends  with  their  cakes   with  the  hope  one  day  soon  to  kick  off  my  own   business. So,  when  I  saw  Cake  Masters’  competition  to   win  tickets  to  this  year’s  ‘Cake  and  Bake’  show  

in return  for  a  review,  I  thought,  what  an   excellent  idea  and  it  motivated  me  to  put   myself  forward  for  the  challenge.    I  was   excited  about  the  idea  of  going  and  writing  a   review;  not  only  because  of  my  great  respect   for  what  I  think  is  one  of  the  most  relevant   cake  decorating  magazines  I  have  seen,  but   also  for  my  all  round  love  for  all  things  bake-­‐ able.  

So when  I  received  the  message  on  Facebook   from  the  team  at  Cake  Masters  that  said  ‘WE   PICKED  YOU’  I  couldn’t  quite  believe  it!!    What   luck!    I’ve  actually  been  picked. Having  not  been  to  the  show  before,  I  was   super  excited  to  see  what  they  have  to  offer.     My  only  pre  conceived  expectation,  following   reviews  I  had  read  from  last  year,  was  to   expect  enormous  crowds.    So  I  made  my  plan   to  arrive  at  the  show  early.

My sister  and  I  arrived  at  Earls  Court  at   10.30am.  (That  was  as  early  as  my  kids  let  me   manage),  but  we  were  pleased.    There  were  no   queues  for  us  on  arrival  and  as  we  made  our   way  up  the  stairs  we  were  serenaded  with   some  wonderful  songs  from  a  stylish  50’s   dressed  female  duo.

We grabbed  our  show  guides  (£5)  and   checked  out  what  and  who  there  was  to  see.     There  were  lists  of  all  of  the  shows  and  classes  






available.  The  classes  looked  really  good;   Pastry,  Sourdough,  Perfect  piping….  They   were  an  extra  £8  each,  but  I  would  have  said   that  wasn’t  too  much  if  there  was  one  you   would  enjoy.    I  did  pass  by  one  of  the   classrooms  later  on  and  they  were  c  nicely   closed  off  from  the  hubbub  of  the  rest  of  the   exhibition.

We walked  round  to  Uind  the  Cake  Masters   team  and  my  Uirst  impressions  whilst  walking   were  good.    The  stands  were  spaced  out  nicely   and  I  could  see  lots  of  yummy  cakes  and   brownies  that  smelled  delicious.    There  were   ribbons,  moulds,  cutters  and  every  tool  under   the  sun  available..  Now  I  was  getting  excited.   My  purse  was  getting  itself  ready  for  some   spending!! We  met  the  lovely  Rosie  and  Ceri  at  the  Cake   Masters  stand.    Had  a  lovely  chat  about  the   day  and  about  life  being  a  cake  lover.    She   wished  me  luck  and  then  we  set  off  to  see  the   stands.

My Uirst  stop  was  at  NEFF,  I  wanted  to  check   out  those  amazing  looking  hide  and  slide   ovens  in  more  detail  because  a  baker’s  biggest   and  most  important  tool  is  their  oven,  and  I   like  to  dream  of  my  kitchen  being  the  same  as   the  GBBO  tent.    One  side  of  the  stand  was   Uilled  with  the  smell  of  freshly  baking  bread   and  two  ladies  demonstrating  the  ovens.  


I, of  course,  went  straight  to  the  top  of  the   range  option  for  more  info.    I  was  quite   surprised  at  some  of  the  great  functions  of  the   ovens.    I  loved  the  ‘Aqua  assist’  option  (  a   small  drawer  hidden  at  the  top)  which   releases  vapour  into  the  oven  which  is  ideal   for  bread  baking  and  I  am  told  also  great  for   cake  baking  to  give  extra  moisture!    I’d  never   really  thought  of  adding  extra  moisture  to   cake  baking.

The ovens  also  have  nice  little  baking   functions  such  as,  bread  baking  (Hot   temperature  with  vapour  release)  dough   proving  (low  gentle  temperature  with  fan   circulation)  and  others.    I  was  shown  how  the   lights  inside  the  oven  reUlect  off  of  small   mirrors  that  sit  inside  the  hide  and  slide  door   so  your  baking  sits  in  the  oven  on  full  display.     So  in  short,  a  dream  oven.    I  was  really   impressed.    That  one  will  be  added  to  the  ‘one   day’  list!

There were  a  few  major  set  ups  that  were   unmissable:  Lakeland,  Sainsbury’s,  NEFF,  Dr   Oteker,  Renshaw,  Billington’s…  and  then  there   were  the  smaller  stalls  that  sat  in-­‐between,   Uilled  with  goodies;  one  side  of  the  exhibition   was  more  bread  and  food  based  and  the   opposite  side  seemed  to  be  the  cake  related   side,  which  made  sense  and  made  it  easy  to   navigate  through.    There  were  show  spots   where  they  had  live  demonstrations  with   celebrities  then,  as  you  would  expect  in  a  big   Cake  and  Bake  show,  there  were  the  major   cake  displays,  which  were  all  quite  amazing.   The  Cake  Catwalk

This was  a  competition  display.    All  the  cakes   are  themed  ‘London  Fashion  through  the   Decades’.  It  was  very  stylish,  with  a  big   catwalk  and  all  of  the  cakes  displayed  on  it.     Sadly  I  wasn’t  around  to  see  who  won,  but  I   did  get  to  see  when  several  models  came  out   modelling  dresses  that  could  well  have  been   made  of  icing,  each  carrying  one  of  the  cakes   from  the  competition.  It  was  a  great  display  of   how  fashion  can  inspire  our  cake  creations.   Wedding  cake  of  the  future

My sister  and  I  loved  this  display.    So  many   beautiful  tiered  wedding  cakes,  all  so  different   and  inspirational,  lined  up  across  four  long   tables  that  people  circled  around.  Some   classic  vintage  styles,  some  urban  grafUiti  and   some  sculpted  novelty  styles  -­‐  inspiration  for   everyone.    I  heard  one  of  the  ladies  in  front  of   me  in  the  queue  say  “That’s  what  I  want  for   my  wedding”.    What  a  perfect  time  to  inspire   all  of  the  upcoming  brides  of  the  next  year.     Oh  to  have  a  cake  displayed  here?!!   It  was  nice  for  me,  as  a  cake  maker  who  has   made  several  wedding  cakes,  to  really  look  up  

close at  other  people’s  work.    I’m  always  very   critical  of  my  own  work,  but  only  really  get  to   see  my  own.    I  focussed  on  the  sharp  edges,   the  Uine  detail  of  the  royal  icing,  the  use  of   moulds,  lace  and  gold  leaf.    I  consider  myself  a   low  level  intermediate  and  just  getting  to  cast   my  eyes  over  these  beautiful  cakes  was  a   really  helpful  learning  experience.    I  think   some  of  the  best  are  the  most  simple. Billington’s  Dessert  Table  Displays

This was  a  really  impressive  display  of  several   cakes  that  were  on  show  almost  immediately   as  you  walked  into  the  exhibition.    The   crowds  around  them  were  quite  large,  but  the   cakes  on  display  were  awesome.    There  was  a   full  sculpted  bust  of  the  Queen  and  her  Corgi   created  by  Michelle  Wibowo.  It  really  was   quite  unbelievable,  just  like  a  wax  work!    One   of  those  cakes  that  it’s  impossible  to  believe  is   cake,  but  Uills  you  with  joy  knowing  it  can  be   made! The  other  cake  that  caught  my  attention  was   the  ‘Alice  in  Wonderland’  display.    They  were   my  Uirst  experience  of  seeing  very  good  large   scale  sculpted  cakes  that  just  blow  you  away.     I  stood  staring  at  the  pieces  on  the  cake  for   ages,  just  trying  to  Uigure  out  how  each  piece   had  been  made,  but  very  soon  got  budged  out   of  the  way  as  the  size  of  the  crowd  increased.

Heading towards  the  bread  side  of  the   exhibition,  I  passed  something  that  caught  my   eye.    A  chocolatier  who  was  busy  creating  a   huge  wall  hanging  piece  like  a  3D  Batman   inside  a  frame.    He  explained  to  me  he  was   using  simple  milk  chocolate  that  he  would   knead  with  his  Uingers  until  soft  and  then   literally  squish  down  in  layers,  building  up  his   image  of  batman.    It  was  an  amazing  creation.     I  might  try  it  with  my  next  bar  of  galaxy....or   maybe  not

Then we  hit  the  savoury  area:  Artisan  bakers,   tasty  pies,  delicious  cheeses,  pastries  and   more.    We  stopped  and  had  a  sneaky  pie  for   our  lunch  from  “New  Zealand  Gourmet  Pie”…   It  was  sooo  good.    Next  stop  bread.  The  Uirst   bakers  we  walked  past  were  called  Olivers   and  the  guy  on  the  stall  said  “Bonjour”  to  me   …  I  try  to  reply  in  my  best  French  (which  was   very  embarrassing)  and  asked  him  “if  he  was   a  baker?”….He  said  “no,  lucky  for  you”...  Then   his  fellow  stall  holder  told  me  he  is  “Oliver”...   He  is  the  master  baker,  but  he  doesn’t  like  the   attention.    I  liked  his  modesty,  but  the  bread   piled  high  around  him  was  so  impressive.     Beautiful  loaves  of  so  many  different  kinds,   Foccacia’s,  rye  sourdough,  oat  and  seed   breads,  baguettes...  It  must  have  taken  some   sweat  and  tears  from  his  team  to  have  made  it   all.    I  chose  a  cob  shaped  loaf  that  was  part   sourdough  and  part  wholemeal  bread  with   walnuts  and  apricots.    It  was  the  nicest  bread,  


such lovely  textures  and  Ulavours.    If  only  his   bakery  was  close  to  my  house!

At about  12.30  we  headed  back  over  to  the   cake  side,  but  by  now  it  was  busy.    Much   busier  than  the  bread  area  we  had  just  come   from.  We  had  to  carefully  wade  through  the   crowd  in  between  what  seemed  like  quite   wide  areas  before.    We  checked  out  some  of   the  cupcake,  brownie,  cookie  and  cake  pop   stands.    I  chose  a  chocolate  and  zucchini   cupcake  with  a  chocolate  ganache  on  top.  It   was  a  really  lovely  moist  cake  with  a  gingery   Ulavour  and  although  you  couldn’t  taste  the   zucchini  in  it,  it  added  to  the  texture  yum.  

I really  loved  all  of  the  retro  bits  for  sale  at  a   stall  called  ‘Baker  and  Maker’.    They  were  jam   packed  with  quirky  things  for  your  baking  and   kitchen:  paper  straws,  cake  stands,  cases,  wall   hangings,  badges  and  clocks.  All  sorts,  but  all   very  unique.  And  they  had  really  cool  denim   aprons  on  that  I  loved. A  crowd  started  forming  at  the  Sainsbury’s   Competition  Theatre  so  we  followed  to  Uind  a   live  bake  off  taking  place  between  John   Whaite  and  James  Morton.    They  were  making   some  biscuits  and  bought  up  two  members  of   the  audience  to  help.  Then  they  said  they  had   some  extra  helpers  for  James  Morton,  because   last  year  he  was  the  looser  and  half  of  this   year’s  GBBO  line  up  came  on  stage  to  help.     When  the  baking  had  Uinished  they  chose   three  children  from  the  audience  to  judge  and   choose  a  winner,  which  the  kids  loved. The  Billingtons  show  stage  was  very  good  too,   a  much  better  open  space  to  gather  around.     There  is  a  large  seated  are  speciUically  for  VIP   ticket  holders,  but  lots  of  people  gathered   around  the  outside  of  the  seats  and  got  a  good   view.    The  Sainsbury’s  theatre  is  a  lot  harder   to  gain  a  good  view  though,  so  grab  a  seat  as   early  as  you  can.

After the  shows  we  had  two  last  stops..  One  to   Lakeland….I  mean  you  can’t  not  right?    Then   lastly  to  Dinkydoodle  Designs.    I  had  seen   them  in  the  Cake  Masters  September  issue   with  her  amazing  Richard  Branson  cake  and   that  they  would  be  selling  airbrush  kits  during   the  exhibition.    I  had  to  go  and  investigate,   because  that  is  one  important  bit  of  kit  that  I   haven’t  yet  got.    I  wanted  to  know  how  they   worked,  because  they  seem  like  complicated   beast  to  me;  so  Dawn  Butler  guided  me   through  how  the  airbrushes  work,  techniques   and  ideas  of  how  to  use  it.    She  sprayed  and   glazed  an  apple  as  an  example  of  what  you   can  achieve  and  I  got  all  excited  thinking  of   taking  all  my  fruit  and  spraying  it  for  the   kids!! The  airbrush  kit  is  pink,  which  makes  it  that   bit  more  exciting  and,  although  you  can  use  it  


such lovely  textures  and  Ulavours.    If  only  his   bakery  was  close  to  my  house!

At about  12.30  we  headed  back  over  to  the   cake  side,  but  by  now  it  was  busy.    Much   busier  than  the  bread  area  we  had  just  come   from.  We  had  to  carefully  wade  through  the   crowd  in  between  what  seemed  like  quite   wide  areas  before.    We  checked  out  some  of   the  cupcake,  brownie,  cookie  and  cake  pop   stands.    I  chose  a  chocolate  and  zucchini   cupcake  with  a  chocolate  ganache  on  top.  It   was  a  really  lovely  moist  cake  with  a  gingery   Ulavour  and  although  you  couldn’t  taste  the   zucchini  in  it,  it  added  to  the  texture  yum.  

I really  loved  all  of  the  retro  bits  for  sale  at  a   stall  called  ‘Baker  and  Maker’.    They  were  jam   packed  with  quirky  things  for  your  baking  and   kitchen:  paper  straws,  cake  stands,  cases,  wall   hangings,  badges  and  clocks.  All  sorts,  but  all   very  unique.  And  they  had  really  cool  denim   aprons  on  that  I  loved. A  crowd  started  forming  at  the  Sainsbury’s   Competition  Theatre  so  we  followed  to  Uind  a   live  bake  off  taking  place  between  John   Whaite  and  James  Morton.    They  were  making   some  biscuits  and  bought  up  two  members  of   the  audience  to  help.  Then  they  said  they  had   some  extra  helpers  for  James  Morton,  because   last  year  he  was  the  looser  and  half  of  this   year’s  GBBO  line  up  came  on  stage  to  help.     When  the  baking  had  Uinished  they  chose   three  children  from  the  audience  to  judge  and   choose  a  winner,  which  the  kids  loved.

The Billington’s  show  stage  was  very  good   too,  a  much  better  open  space  to  gather   around.    There  is  a  large  seated  are   speciUically  for  VIP  ticket  holders,  but  lots  of   people  gathered  around  the  outside  of  the   seats  and  got  a  good  view.    The  Sainsbury’s   theatre  is  a  lot  harder  to  gain  a  good  view   though,  so  grab  a  seat  as  early  as  you  can.

After the  shows  we  had  two  last  stops..  One  to   Lakeland….I  mean  you  can’t  not  right?    Then   lastly  to  Dinkydoodle  Designs.    I  had  seen   them  in  the  Cake  Masters  September  issue   with  her  amazing  Richard  Branson  cake  and   that  they  would  be  selling  airbrush  kits  during   the  exhibition.    I  had  to  go  and  investigate,   because  that  is  one  important  bit  of  kit  that  I   haven’t  yet  got.    I  wanted  to  know  how  they   worked,  because  they  seem  like  complicated   beast  to  me;  so  Dawn  Butler  guided  me   through  how  the  airbrushes  work,  techniques   and  ideas  of  how  to  use  it.    She  sprayed  and   glazed  an  apple  as  an  example  of  what  you   can  achieve  and  I  got  all  excited  thinking  of   taking  all  my  fruit  and  spraying  it  for  the   kids!! The  airbrush  kit  is  pink,  which  makes  it  that   bit  more  exciting  and,  although  you  can  use  it   with  all  types  of  edible  paint,  she  explained   how  her  paints  speciUically  use  a  mix  of   ethanol  and  colour  powder  so  basically  rather   than  spraying  water  onto  your  icing  the   ethanol  evaporates  and  just  leaves  the  colour,   hence  no  extra  wet  on  your  icing.    Clever!    So  I   got  myself  a  big  full  kit  of  the  colours  and  


airbrush and  I  am  really  looking  forward  to   learning  to  use  it.    Before  I  left,  I  got  to  have  a   go  at  winning  a  prize  in  their  human  air   blowing  rafUle  box.    It  was  impossibly  hard  to   grab  the  tickets  and  I  felt  like  I  was  in  the   Crystal  Maze,  but  it  was  lots  of  fun!  Oh  and  I   won  a  stencil  too!

One thing  I  had  noticed  about  the  exhibition   was  the  type  of  crowd  they  had  attracted.    I   assumed  on  our  way  in  that  it  would  be  one   enormous  swarm  of  women,  but  it  really   wasn’t.  I  saw  lots  of  small  babies  and  children   of  all  ages,  men  in  groups  and  families.    There   were  activities  for  the  children  to  do,  which  is   an  excellent  idea.  There  was  a  cookie   decorating  area  and  a  cupcake  one  too.  The   cupcake  decorating  was  £1.50  a  cake.    Lots  of   kids  were  getting  involved  and  enjoying  using   sprinkles  and  icing  to  make  a  few  big  messes.  

I walked  away  feeling  like  I’d  had  a  really   enjoyable  day.    I’d  met  some  lovely  people,   seen  some  really  amazing  and  inspirational   cakes,  purchased  some  goodies,  eaten  some   great  food  and  learnt  a  few  new  things  along   the  way.    There  were  a  good  couple  of  hours   where  the  crowd  size  got  a  little  intimidating   and  frustrating,  so  an  early  start  is  probably  a   very  wise  choice,  but  overall  it  really  was  a  lot   of  fun.  Thank  you  Cake  Masters  for  our  great   day  out! Dates  for  next  show:  Cake  &  Bake  Show   4-­‐6  April    2014  Manchester  Central   Photography  Kristy  Court  &  Evie  Miles

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Hand Painted

by Nina Evans

Cupcake Tutorial 20



        

     

 



SugarWlair Edible  Lustre  Dust   From  £2.15

Set of  5  PME  Craft  Brushes  £5.25

Silver Jet  Airbrush  Kit  £199.00


Paint Pallet   £2.99

Superwhite £2.25

Rejuvenator Spirit   £1.98


All you need to paint on cakes!

SugarWlair Paste  colours   From  £2.30 23




Interview with Natasha Collins SPOTLIGHT

Nevie-Pie Cakes


“Nat%re of  Love”  ~  Sugar  Pot,  Aust6alia PREVIEW VERSION

Stunning hand painted works of art...

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Natasha Collins  is  known  in  the  cake  circuit   as  one  of  the  best  hand  painted  cake   decorators.  Cake  Masters  interviewed   Natasha  to  Wind  out  about  her  business  and   passion  for  painting  on  cakes. Tell  us  a  bit  about  yourself?   I  am  an  artist  and  baker,  who  specialises  in   hand-­‐painted  and  illustrated  cakes  and  biscuits.   My  parents  are  both  artists,  so  it  was  inevitable   I  would  work  in  a  creative  industry.    They  are   both  also  keen  home  bakers,  and  I  have   followed  them  in  this  area  of   their  lives  too.    Encouraged  by  my  creative  parents,  I trained  as  an  illustrator,  and   worked  for  over  a  decade  in   the  fashion  and  textiles   industry;  Uinally  becoming  the   Assistant  Art  Director  for  the   London  ofUice  of  a  major  US  fashion   textiles  house. I  had  to  give  up  my  design  career  when   my  children  arrived  on  the  scene,   leaving  me  for  four  years  with  no  real  

Natasha Collins  from  Nevie-­‐Pie  Cakes

outlet for  my  creativity,  which  I  found  very   tough.  But  as  the  children  grew  bigger,  along   came  the  inevitable  children's  parties...and  with   parties,  came  cakes,  which  I  painted  and   sculpted.    Each  subsequent  cake  became  more   elaborate  with  every  birthday;  until  friends   began  asking  if  I  could  make  cakes  for  them   too...and  ultimately  the  Nevie-­‐Pie  Cakes              specialist  bakery  was  formed.                      Tell  us  about  your  business                                        There  are  three  main  areas  of  my                                    business.    I  make  celebration  cakes,                                              mostly  for  weddings,  but  I  still                                                  create  a  few  special  birthday                                                        cakes.  I  also  work  with  a                                                                      freelance  creative  consultant,                                                                                                  Miss  Cakehead,  and                                                                                                through  her  I  have                                                                                                    been  involved  in                                                                                                  some  really  fabulous                                                                          events.    I  teach  painting  on                                                                  fondant  skills,  both  in  the  UK                                                        and  overseas.                                  


Describe your  cake  style  in  a  few  words I  specialise  in  painted  cakes  and  I  can  really   paint  any  style  that  I  like,  (mostly  due  to  a   career  as  a  textile  designer),  but  I  suppose  I  am   best  known  for  romantic  Ulorals  and  vintage   rose  designs. What  is  your  earliest  baking  memory? I  can  remember  making  a  loaf  cake  with  my   best  friend;  we  must  have  been  about  seven.    I   can  still  see  it  very  clearly  in  my  mind.    The  top   was  very  cracked  and  we  covered  it  in  green   water  icing!    I  can't  remember  how  it  tasted,   but  if    it  was  anything  like  it  looked,  it  was   probably  inedible.  I    have  deUinitely  improved   since  then.

How did  you  get  into  painting  on  cakes?   I  started  by  making  sugar  models  and  Ulowers   made  with  cutters.    I  don't  have  the  patience  for   the  big  modelled  roses,  but  one  of  the  Uirst   cakes  I  was  asked  to  make  after  starting  Nevie-­‐ Pie  Cakes,  was  a  70th  birthday  cake  and  they Continued


Miss Cakehead  and  Friends  Open  Doors  to  a  Baker’s  Paradise  on  October  11th To  celebrate  National  Baking  Week  14th  –   20thOctober,  the  infamous  Miss  Cakehead   is  curating  a  team  of  the  UK’s  Winest  food   artists  to  create  a  100%  edible  pop-­‐up— in  the  form  of  a  magical  meadow—in   London’s  Kingly  Court,  just  off  Carnaby   Street.   The  pop-­‐up,  entitled  ‘Baketopia’,  will  be   open  to  the  sweet-­‐toothed  public  on  Friday   11th  and  Saturday  the  12th  of  October.  The   Wonka-­‐esque  landscape  will  feature  over   3000  portions  of  baked  goods  for  guests  to   devour  over  two  days—everything  is  edible   and  everything  must  go.

The Tattooed  Bakers,  Nevie  Pie  Cakes,   Caking  It  and  Conjurer’s  Kitchen  are  just   some  of  the  contributors  to  the  project,   which  is  also  supported  by  John  Whaite,   National  Baking  Week’s  ambassador  and  the   winner  of  the  2012  Great  British  Bake  Off.  

John has  created  [ive  exclusive  recipes  for   National  Baking  Week,  some  of  which  will  be  

baked into  the  pop-­‐up  for  visitors  to  harvest   for  themselves  and  take  away.   Inside  Baketopia  —  which  is  being  created   with  the  help  of  National  Baking  Week’s   supporters,  Pyrex,  Stork,  JUS-­‐ROL,  Nielsen-­‐ Massey,  JUST  MILK,  Billington’s  and   Kenwood  –  guests  will  also  be  able  to  dip   frog-­‐shaped  cookies  into  a  milk  fountain;   harvest  meringue  mushrooms;  break   honeycomb  pieces  from  a  bee  hive;  catch   pastry  butter[lies  and  even  pull  hyper   realistic  looking  carrot  cakes  from  chocolate   cookie  earth.

The centrepiece  of  the  tasty  tableau  will  be  a   giant  unicorn,  created  by  the  Tattooed   Bakers,  made  from  rainbow  cake  and   complete  with  edible  gold  leaf  embossed   hooves  and  horn.  

To show  their  appreciation,  guests  will  be   encouraged  to  make  a  £2  donation  to  Great   Ormond  Street  Hospital  Children’s  Charity,   National  Baking  Week’s  charity  partner.  All   donations  will  go  towards  a  ward  kitchen  for   the  hospitals  brand  new  respiratory  unit.

Miss Cakehead  comments:  “It’s  a  dream   come  true  for  our  collective  to  get  creative   for  National  Baking  Week.  It  felt  only  right   for  us  to  make  a  utopian  landscape,  good   enough  to  eat,  which  would  inspire  others  to   bake.” Alexandra  Blyth,  Marketing  Manager  at   Pyrex,  founder  and  lead  supporter  of   National  Baking  Week  says:  “Baketopia  is   the  ultimate  celebration  of  baking.    This   magical  installation  will  kick-­‐off  a  fantastic   week  of  activities  to  excite  experienced   bakers  and  novices  alike  to  rise  up  and  join   the  baking  revolution.”

Baketopia will  be  open  from  12pm  –  7pm   on  October  11th  and  12that  unit  1.16,  next   to  Sutra  Cookery  School  in  Kingly  Court.   Guests  can  book  priority  entry  at  hKp://  or  simply  turn   up  on  the  day  to  enter  the  edible   wonderland.  

Photography ©  Nathan  Pask





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“Nat%re of  Love”  ~  Sugar  Pot,  Aust6alia



As a  new  feature  to  Cake  Masters   Magazine,  we  will  be  selecting   particular  cakes  and  delving  deeper   into  the  story  and  inspirations   behind  them.  Our  Wirst  CAKE   SPOTLIGHT  is  this  stunningly  bold,   hand  painted  cake  from  Priya   Maclure  at  Sugar  Pot,  Australia. Tell  us  a  bit  about  you:   A  proud  mother  of  two,  I’m  passionate  about   baking  all  things  sweet.  Born  and  raised  in   India,  I  came  to  Australia  to  further  my   education  and  14  years  on,  I  now  call  Sydney   home.  

I would  describe  myself  as  mainly  self-­‐taught.   Over  the  years  I’ve  attended  a  few  cake   decorating  classes  with  international  cake   decorators  to  try  and  learn  new  techniques  and   perfect  some  old  ones. I  believe  in  the  warmth  and  comfort  of  my   family  and  in  the  beauty  of  nature  that  GOD  has   created.  It  is  this  sentiment  with  which  each   and  every  cake/cupcake  of  mine  is  made.  

Tell us  about  your  business: In  life,  we  often  need  a  gentle  nudge  to  move  us   in  the  right  direction.  My  sign  came  in  the  form   of  the  Cancer  Council  Bake-­‐Off  organised  in  my   previous  corporate  life.  Judged  as  the  best  cake   in  the  competition  by  one  of  Australia’s  Uinest   chefs-­‐  Matt  Moran,  I  took  the  crucial  step   forward  and  created  Sugar  Pot.   Since  its  birth  in  2008,  Sugar  Pot  has  provided   couture  cakes,  cupcakes  and  mini  desserts  for   all  occasions.  All  Sugar  Pot  products  are  baked   from  scratch  using  all  natural  and  fresh   ingredients.   Tell  us  about  your  cake  and  what  it  was  for   I  created  this  cake  as  my  entry  for  a  cake   competition.  As  this  was  my  Uirst  time  entering   a  competition,  I  knew  I  wanted  this  cake  to  be   different.  I  ruled  out  “what  not  to  do”.  I  knew  I   wanted  to  challenge  myself  by  incorporating   different  techniques  and  mediums  on  this  cake,   and  so  turned  to  fabric  patterns  and  designs   online  for  inspiration.  

What was  your  inspiration  for  the  design? I  have  always  been  inspired  by  nature  and   textile  design,  and  so  most  of  my  cakes   incorporate  these  two  elements  in  some  way  or   the  other.    I  was  captivated  by  the  print  on  the   fabric  from  the  very  Uirst  moment  I  saw  it   online.  I  knew  I  wanted  to  capture  the  raw  and   uncomplicated  earthy  feel  of  nature  being   portrayed  on  the  fabric  and  transfer  it  on  to  my   cake.  My  concept  for  the  cake  mainly  stemmed   from  the  design  on  the  fabric.  

What were  the  key  elements  of  the  cake? From  the  Uirst  time  I  saw  the  print  on  the  fabric,   I  knew  in  my  mind  how  I  wanted  the  design  to   come  to  life  on  my  cake,  and  thus  chose  to  hand   paint  the  pattern  on  to  the  cake  rather  than   convert  it  to  an  edible  image.    This  would  give  it   the  rustic  feel  I  was  after.  The  birds  on  the   fabric  were  what  drew  me  to  the  design  and  so  

I wanted  to  incorporate  them  into  the  design  of   this  cake.  I  wanted  them  to  be  the  focal  point  of   this  cake,  hence  the  decision  to  make  them  in   2D,  instead  of  hand  painting  them.  My  process  

for making  them  was  to  roll  out  fondant,  let  it   dry  for  10  minutes  and  then  I  drew  the  outline   of  birds  on  them.  The  bird  outlines  were  then   cut  out  and  left  to  dry  overnight.  Once   completely  dry,  the  next  day  they   were  painted  with  gel  colours  in   contrasting  shades.  Lighter  shades   were  Uirst  painted  and  let  to  semi-­‐ dry  and  then  darker  shades  were   overlapped  and  dragged  out  to  give   the  “raised  “texture  effect  to  the   fondant  surface.     From  the  start,  my  aim  was  to   steer  away  from  a  traditional   white  wedding  cake  and  so   chose  to  incorporate  black   into  the  colour  palette,  in  a  

way where  it  complements   the  painted  tiers  and  at  the   same  time  adds  a  textural/ fabric  like  feel  to  the  entire   cake.  I  wanted  to  create  the   illusion  of  depth  and   movement  and  hence   choose  to  cover  the  black  tiers  in  diagonal  pleats.   My  process  for  making them  was  to  cut  strips of  black  fondant  and   attached  it  to  the  tier   diagonally,  gluing   only  


half of  each  strip  to  the  cake.  The  outer  half   was  gently  pushed  away  from  the  cake,   creating  the  depth.

For me,  this  was  the  most  time  consuming  part   of  creating  this  cake.  It  took  me  over  4  hours   for  the  bottom  tier  alone!  I  wanted  to  capture   the  basic  human  nature  of  wanting  to  “gently   touch  Ulowers”  and  so  decided  to  add  a  few   gumpaste  wild  blossoms,  buds,  berries  and   leaves  between  the  tiers  of  the  cake.   For  more  creations  visit


Burtonesque Bakers 32


Meet Tracey Creative Director ~ Tim Burton Collaboration We are  fascinated  by  groups  of  bakers   collaborating  from  all  over  the  globe  on   different  and  inspirational  projects.  Cake   Masters  interviewed  Tracey  Rothwell  from   The  Little  Cherry  Cake  Company,  to  Wind  out   more  about  the  awesome  collaboration  that   we  had  the  honour  of  being  a  part  of  too!   Tell  us  about  you I'm  a  26  year  old  ball  of  excitement  who  hasn't   grown  up  at  all.  Mum  of  2,  wife  and  geek. When  I'm  not  cake  decorating  (which  is  rare!)   I'm  watching  horror  Uilms,  eating  pizza,  gaming   and  being  a  general  gooUball.  Random  fact   about  me:  Freddy  Krueger  touched  my   butt....yes  really!     Tell  us  about  the  collaboration The  collaboration  has  been  an  experience  I  will   never  forget.  It's  been  so  much  more  than  a  few   bakers  making  a  collage;  we  have  strengthened   existing  friendships,  made  new  ones,  and  been   through  a  lot  in  our  6  months  planning.  They   really  are  special  things. From  what  started  out  as  a  way  to  honour  an   amazing  man  on  his  birthday  and  have  a  chance   to  work  together  on  a  bigger  scale,  ended  up  as   something  much,  much  bigger. What  inspired  you  to  do  this? The  inspiration  came  from  a   previous  collaboration  I  was   involved  in,  The  Starry   Night  Van  Gogh  collage,  

which was  run  by  Alyssa  Hall.  

It was  so  fun,  that  there  were  ideas  circulating   about  doing  another  one.    I  noticed  it  was  Tim   Burton's  birthday  in  August  (which  was  6   months  away  at  the  time)  and  it  was  something   I  would  LOVE  to  celebrate.    I  threw  the  idea  out   there  and  people  were  climbing  on  board;  he   has  so  many  fans  throughout  the  creative   industries.    After  previously  only  working  with   50  bakers,  I  wanted  to  make  a  bigger  collage,   like  a  montage  of  mini  pictures  to  make  up  one   big  picture.  We  were  going  to  need  more   bakers!

How did  you  organise  it?: With  double  the  amount  of  decorators  (which  I   hadn't  entirely  thought  through!)  we  needed  to   be  REALLY  organised.    I  had  colour  coded  lists   all  over  my  computer.    Luckily  two   collaborators,  Lesley  (Royal  Bakery)  and  Sheryl   (BunsintheOven  Cupcakery),  stepped  up  to   take  the  role  of  admin  in  our  Facebook  group,   where  we  worked  for  6  months  handing  out   characters  and  making  sure  things  were   running  smoothly. Tell  us  a  bit  about  the  members: They  were  a  total  DREAM!  It  wasn't  hard  to                  Uind  100  at  all.    The  members  added  friends,                          family,  and  even  friends  of  friends.    Each                                        person  knew  someone  else,  and  in                                                the  end  we  had  a  waiting  list!  The         _____                                      guys  worked  so  hard  and  

seriously they  were  the  nicest  bunch,  everyone   just  got  along  so  well,  encouraged  each  other   and  supported  throughout  tougher  times.

What was  hardest  about  organising  it?: To  be  honest  we  didn't  have  many  problems!     That  was  down  to  having  such  a  nice  group  of   people.    The  hardest  part  was  probably  the   website,  which  took  up  A  LOT  of  man  hours  and   brain  power.    We  had  3  members  working  on  it,   as  well  as  my  web  designer,  Pip.    Once  it  went   live,  it  got  hit  so  hard,  it  kept  crashing!  We   experienced  400  hits  per  second,  and  it  now   stands  at  over  half  a  million  hits. Tell  us  about  your  piece:   I  had  Skeleton  Boy  from  the  Corpse  Bride   (decided  by  a  draw  from  the  hat!).    I  never   really  get  the  chance  to  do  3D  cakes,  but  always   want  to  have  a  go,  so  it  was  a  perfect   opportunity.    I  pulled  out  my  power  tools  and   set  to  work  making  an  MDF  support.    He  stood   on  wooden  dowel  legs,  and  his  body  was   chocolate  cake  with  chocolate  buttercream   Uilling,  covered  in  ganache  and  then  fondant   'clothes'.    As  I  was  airbrushing  in  some   shadows,  I  was  amazed  that  he  was  still   standing;  I  actually  made  a  3D  cake  and  it   worked!  Ha,ha! Which  piece  was  your  favourite?: That’s  like  asking  which  one  of  my  children  is   my  favourite    ;-­‐)  Ha,  ha!


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Tracey with  her  piece,  Skeleton  Boy


Baking Wish List

Egyp2an Orange  Sugarflair  gel £2.10

Black Extra  Sugarflair  gel   Cake-­‐  £3.89

Peppermint Sugarflair  gel  The  £1.95

10” Milk  glass  stand  £6.99

Non s2ck  skull  pan WindsorcakecraV  £3.99

Black candy  melts HobbycraV  £3.00

Coffin mould  £6.99

Orange Renshaw  sugarpaste  £1.50

Brain mould  £9.99

Tradi2onal paper  bags   From  £1.50

Lavender Sugarflair  gel   Cake-­‐  £1.75


LiAle Venice  Cake  Company  Boxes John  Lewis  £6


Baking Wish List

Halloween pumpkin  sprinkles Edible-­‐  £1.50

Eyeball mould  £9.99

Orange sprinkles Ebay:  rainford]ger  £.170

Happy Halloween  cookie  cuAers Party  Parade  £6.99

Jet black  Renshaw  sugarpaste  £1.50

Cake stand:  Koziol  Stacking   Babell-­‐  Orange  £18.95

Foil cupcake  cases Edible-­‐  £2.25

Vampire cupcake  cases Planet  Bake  £2.50

Spider cupcake  cases Lakeland  £2.99


Gold edible  lustre  spray HobbycraV  £7.49

Playing cards  patchwork  cuAers  £8.00  

Halloween skull  cases  £1.50



Halloween Pumpkin Cake Tutorial

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by Dawn Butler


Vegan Orange & Pumpkin Seed Cake From Elizabeth  Dunsby,  vegan  food  blogger   Ingredients  


280g self-­‐raising  Ulour 170ml  almond  milk 1tsp  baking  powder 100ml  vegetable  oil 200g  caster  sugar Zest  and  juice  of  half  an  orange ¼  cup(measuring  cup)  of  pumpkin  seeds

Pre-­‐heat your  oven  to  gas  mark  4/180  degrees  and  grease  and  line  a  round  cake  tin.

FOR THE  GLAZE  TOPPING Zest  and  juice  of  half  an  orange 100g  icing  sugar Tablespoon  of  pumpkin  seeds

In a  mixing  bowl  combine  the  Ulour,  caster  sugar,  baking  powder  and  orange  zest.  Mix  the   almond  milk  and  oil  together  with  the  orange  juice  and  slowly  add  to  the  dry  mix  whilst  stirring.   Pour  the  mixture  into  the  greased  and  lined  cake  tin  and  bake  for  1hour  and  10  minutes-­‐  1hour   and  20  minutes,  until  golden  brown  and  a  knife  comes  out  clean.

Whilst in  the  oven,  make  the  glaze  by  combining  the  orange  juice  and  zest  from  the  other  half  of   the  orange  with  the  icing  sugar  and  mix  well.

Once the  cake  is  cooked,  leave  in  the  tin  and  pour  on  the  glaze-­‐  this  should  soak  into  the  top  and   sides  of  the  cake.  Sprinkle  with  pumpkin  seeds  and  a  little  more  orange  zest  to  serve.

© Elizabeth  Dunsby


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Annabel de Vetten’s

Dexter Cake 39


To celebrate the final series of Dexter starting on FOX, the channel commissioned a full sized Dexter cake, created by food artist Annabel de Vetten from the Conjurer’s Kitchen. Cake Masters spoke exclusively to Annabel to find out about her background and her sponge version of Dexter! “I fell  in  to  cake  decorating  by  accident.  I  had   always  enjoyed  baking  cakes,  so  I  decided  to   make  our  own  wedding  cake  in  2010.  We  were   on  a  budget  and  I  thought  it  would  be  cool  to   make  it  myself.  It  had  to  magic  themed,  to   match  our  whole  wedding.  My  husband  is  a   professional  magician  and  I  am  a  hobbyist.  We   met  through  magic,  at  my  local  magic  society,   so  the  whole  day  was  all  about  that.   I  had  never  decorated  a  cake  before,  so  I  bought  

a book  (Planet  Cake)  and  taught  myself  a  few   basic  things  over  a  period  of  a  couple  of   months.  I  made  a  few  practice  cakes,  learning   from  trial  and  error.  I  really  enjoyed  it,  carried   on  buying  books  and  learning,  and  that's  what   got  me  started.  The  cake  came  out  really  well   considering,  and  soon  the  orders  (from  friends   at  Uirst)  began  Ulooding  in.  Although  that  Uirst   cake  isn’t  spectacular,  looking  at  it  now,  it  is  the   most  important.  I’ve  now  quit  painting  because   the  cake  work  has  completely  taken  over.  

I’ve always  been  an  artist,  from  the  age  when  I   Uirst  could  put  pen  to  paper.  I’ve  studied  art  for   many  years  and  have  a  degree  in  Fine  Art   Sculpture.  In  a  way  I  see  cake  as  another  artist’s   medium,  like  clay  or  paint.  It’s  another  way  to   express  yourself,  adding  a  bit  of  your  own   personality  to  each  cake.    I  know  I  am  terribly   lucky  to  be  able  to  switch  from  one  cool  job  to   another!  I  am  also  very  lucky  that  I  can  make  all   of  these  unusual  cakes  and  chocolates  for  a   living,  because  I  have  clients  who  want  them.  I   love  being  the  ‘go  to’  person  for  weird  cakes.  I   often  get  calls  that  start  with  “This  may  sound   weird,  but  can  you  make  a  …..  (insert   strangeness)  …”  They  make  me  happy…   The  Dexter  cake  was  a  PR  job  for  Fox  TV,  to   celebrate  the  beginning  of  the  8th,  and  last,   season  of  Dexter  here  in  the  UK.  They  asked   Emma/  Miss  Cakehead  to  have  one  of  her  team   of  bakers  to  make  the  realistic  looking,  life-­‐size   Dexter  cake  and  she  chose  me  for  the  job.  It  

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was pretty  daunting,  but  as  a  huge  Dexter  fan  I   was  very  excited  too!

The entire  cake  took  a  painstaking  100  hours  to   make,  and  weighed  in  excess  of  105  kilograms.   Flavoured  with  20  blood  oranges,  this  5ft  10”   edible  masterpiece  used  a  massive  240  eggs,  25   kg  Ulour,  16  kg  buttercream,  18  kg  sugar,  20  kg   of  sugar  paste  and  marzipan,  and  15  kg  of   buttercream.   I  knew  the  head  and  face  would  be  the  most   important,  most  recognizable,  so  I  had  to   mainly  focus  on  that.  I  wanted  to  capture  his   dark,  amused  look,  rather  than  him  looking   frightened  or  angry.  At  this  point,  even  I  don’t   know  how  the  series  ends;  if  he  lives  or  dies.  So   I  Uigured  making  him  look  terriUied  would   suggest  something  that  might  not  be  correct!  Of   course,  I  had  to  include  the  trademark  cut  on   the  cheek,  the  thing  that  Dexter  did  to  collect  a   drop  of  his  victim’s  blood  to  place  in  his   collection  of  slides.  His  stubble  had  to  be  just   right  too.  I  don’t  think  he’s  clean-­‐shaven  in  a   single  episode!   I  bought  a  stainless  steel  butcher’s  table  that   was,  according  to  the  description,  “able  to  hold   a  whole  carcass”.  I  thought  that  would  do   nicely.  I  bought  cling  Uilm…..a  lot  of  cling  Uilm.  

Fox wanted  him  dressed;  not  in  his  typical  ‘kill   outUit’,  but  in  a  grey  T-­‐shirt,  like  in  the   Continued

Halloween Witch Tutorial

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by Yili Brown 41




W AR G o O

Made by  Avalon  Cakes

ve RY rn C ex A t f KE ew A pa LER ge T s!



Cake Collection


Made by:  Arsenico  e  Vecchi  Merletti

Made by:  Kupkaketree

Made by:  Yellow  Bee  Cake  Company

Made by:  Horse  Country  Cakes

Made by:  De[initely  Cake

Made by:  Miss  Piggy’s  Cakes



Made by  Mi  Tulip  ~  Lou  Lou  P’s  Delights



Made by:  Cecilia’s  Sugar  Art

Made by:  Callicious  Cake

Made by:  The  Conjurer’s  Kitchen

Made by:  MNHAMMY  by  So[ia  Salvador

Made by:  All  Mine  Patisserie


Both made  by:  Cake  Artist  Sarah  Jones Linginfelter  Photography


Cake Decorating Classes Classes in Thame, Oxon with expert teachers including the world renowned cake artist Alan Dunn and Royal Icing expert Ceri Griffiths

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Cake Decorating Classes Learn how to make cakes, bakes and sugarcraft at one of our world renowned classes located near London All classes with an award winning patient teacher

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Cake Decorating Classes from the Cake Decorating Company Based at our flagship store in Nottingham we are offering a range of courses from SugarVeil to Buttercream, we aim to cover almost every technique in cake decorating.


Cake Decorating Classes in Anglesey

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