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November 2012

Election 2012

Attitude of Gratitude


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INJECTING TRUE CHARACTER INTO YOUR SPACE THE 4TH MONKEY - Mind Your Own Business Stunning laser-cut Perspex wall luminarie with handcrafted tassels The three wise monkeys are a pictorial maxim. Some simply take the proverb as a reminder not to be snoopy, nosy and gossipy. “See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil” perfectly encapsulates the mantra “Mind Your Own Business” and is also used to describe someone who does not want to be involved in a situation. Historically, and found today in every Japanese temple, there was a fourth monkey, covering his crotch, who symbolises the principle of “Do no Evil” which was banned from Europe in the Middle Ages. Kandabi wanted to pay homage to it, so it has been abstractly depicted in this piece by a deliberate placement of the light source in the middle monkey’s abdomen.

+44 (0) 131 667 7915 IN TRUE CHARACTER

~Äçìí Hat Trick: It’s a sports metaphor for three achievements by a single player in a game. It can also refer to a magic trick, seemingly producing something impressive from nowhere. We like to think that we came about, as a result of a combination of the two. Hat Trick Strategies is a firm based in the UK and with a presence in the US and parts of the EU. Our consultants have worked in some of the biggest transformation programs within the UK and US and been on the inside of major corporations in numerous industries. We are specialists in project, programme and portfolio management, strategic services and business services such as web development, retail and copy writing, marketing and branding. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, what sells and what doesn’t quite get the job done - and we’re still learning. Throughout our careers, we’ve benefitted from a strong network of professionals on the journey to becoming competent change professionals and business women. This magazine is our way of giving back what we took, coming up in the game. Yet, we aren’t about gimmicks, just results for our customers and sharing what we know with others. Philanthropy is important to our business and so we are proud that in addition to our paid consultancy practice, we offer our range of services to registered charities and non-profit events, free of charge, to help them maximize every penny they raise. Hat Trick Magazine is a programme made possible by Hat Trick Strategies, and an extension to our dedication to philanthropy and knowledge sharing for women. Since the late 90s, too many were left behind by a technologydriven age, where less was made with hands and ‘lingo’ prevailed. On the other polarity, we have told young people to ‘degree-up’ now, while the job market is poor, producing more graduates and post-graduates than ever who fall into the “over-qualified, underskilled” trap. With complicated and seemingly endless routes into employment, many of which offer no guarantee to an actual paid position, throw into the mix a challenging economic situation, children (or simply, life!) and it can be difficult for many to know what skills are valued in the workplace. For those who finally get there, how does one progress up the ladder? In sharing our skills and expertise, we help close that gap for those ‘learning to fish’, while recognizing those who have achieved their dreams. It is with the spirit of knowledge sharing that this monthly e-zine is produced, in hopes to create a network dedicated to professional development, best practice and knowledge sharing, across business industries. We welcome your involvement; consider yourself cordially invited.

Hat Trick Strategies Ltd cannot accept responsibility for unsolicited submissions, articles, manuscripts or photographs. While every care is taken, prices, details or availability are subject to change and Hat Trick Strategy Ltd cannot accept responsibility for omissions or errors. We reserve the right to publish and edit any letters or correspondence received. Photography in this publication consists of original, licensed and works for which express permission has been obtained by the contributor, directly.

DISTRIBUTION This publication is electronically distributed, with coverage in England, Wales, Scotland and North America.

Special thanks to CIPD, CIMA, BPP Professional Education, London Fashion Week and Posh Brats Ltd

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Ann Pissard

Graphic Designer

Michael Hartley

Graphic Designer

Lindsay Pullen

Photography Editor

Semant Jain

Photo Journalist

Shalanda Turner

Fashion Editor

Marina BerBeryan

Celebrity Stye Expert

Karen Salmansohn

Self-Help Editor

Amber Hamilton Henson

Home & Garden Editor

Brittany Harper-De Staedtler Tanya Jackson

Beauty Editor

Mina Muirhead

Health Editor

Patricia Bayne

Opinion Editor

Cherie Brooks DeBurger

Opinion Columnist

Joseph D. Phillips

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Our team consists of professionals at the top of their field, many of whom can be found elsewhere online! Please be sure to explore the hyperlinks associated with their names, for great blogs, businesses and more, from this elite and talented group!


Cover Model: Cassy Grace Photography: Lindsay Pullen Stylist: Erin Foster

CONTENTS About The Cover ........................................... 10 Lil Nipper Snappers Cartoon ........................ 19 Make Your Website Holiday Ready .................20 How Projects Get Done .................................28 The Buzz ........................................................33 What’s The Potential? ....................................36 Have Your Say ................................................39 What Amber Loves: A Crazy Old Door ..........40 Readers Share: Giving Thanks ...................... 44 Spotlight: Women In Leadership ...................46 Attitude of Gratitude ......................................52 Confessions of A Hollywood Stylist ...............58 Karen Salmansohn: Oprah Columist’s Art .....61 Ask Patti .........................................................62 Musings From A Life Lived Well: For Better Or Worse ..............................66 Shasie’s Picks: Holiday Style .........................72 Classic, Mysterious: It Girl .............................78 This Inspiring World: Through Ann’s Lense ....83 Posh Brats: Thanksgiving Column Plus An Anti-Aging Mask Recipe! ..........84 Pin Up Passion: All About Class ....................86 Charlene SanJenko: I Build Strong Women ...90

CONTENTS Like Magnolias: Classic Southern Recipes . .. 94 Health Matters: An Inspirational View .............96 Special From The Editor (US Election) ...........98 A Bit Quackers...............................................101 The US Presidential Race 2012.....................102 Cake Masters Newsletter .............................106

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She decided to change her life, so she did just that.


I wrote a piece on US politics from an expat's perspective for this month's From The Editor, but as I was editing my article on Attitude of Gratitude, a man on our Facebook page pointed out that my poignant headline was ... a Sponge Bob saying. Horrified and immediately googling this revelation, I came across a website of the same name. I sent a text to the number on the website, which led to an amazing conversation with Manuela on her life and her story. From there, frankly, my From The Editor was simply no longer good enough! You see, Attitude of Gratitude was supposed to be a piece about living your life in a state of gratitude. A Thanksgiving theme. Nothing new there; I'd argue that actually, it leaned toward trite. I believe that gratitude is the building block for attracting positivity and success in your life. I also think that staying grounded is key, and should you veer too far off course, that's when life slaps you with a lesson and bring you back into touch. Manuela is living it though. I'm nowhere near Manuela-level. If you watched American Idol Season 6, you'll know Sean Michel, an old classmate of mine. When I saw him on TV, I was amused at the character he’d become and was curious about his journey. Now a spiritual blues artist, I discovered some of his spiritual writings. Though I’ve not heard his music, something he wrote became a personal mantra: "All of us are homeless. All of us are poor inside." You never know who is going to change your life. Or what. It could be a person, a place, a quote or an experience. I think that quote changed me, as a person. When you read Manuela’s story, you will see how her life was impacted after an interaction with a homeless man named Max, and her mission - to be a campaigner for gratitude: the lowest common denominator. She talks about creating a domino effect or a snow ball of gratitude and that's exactly what this lovely woman does as she goes about her life. Check out the full piece on Attitude of Gratitude on page 50, and I hope that as we approach the holiday season, that you will open your soul to that Michelle Fitz penny-drop moment that will change your life, or Editor-In-Chief perhaps even someone else's. P.S. My rubbish Rock the VOTE! editorial on politics can be found later in the issue.

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Photographer, Lindsay Pullen BAD GIRL Boudoir Makeup by Erin Foster Model: Cassie Grace

Interview With The Artist

The gorgeous model from our cover photo is Cassy Grace and believe it or not, she actually is not a professional model at all—she’s just an ordinary, everyday woman like the rest of us.

(Above) Photographer, Lindsay Pullen owner Bad Girl Boudoir

I like to use this as an example to show my clients that it is possible for any, everyday woman to look and feel just as glamorous and desirable as any movie star or magazine model. With the right tools and confidence, any woman can strive to be whomever she wants to be. Photographer, Lindsay Pullen


BAD GIRL Boudoir Makeup by Erin Foster

Page 11

The concept of this photo was to create a vintage-meets-modern patriotic pinup girl, an iconic image that empowers the average American woman. This image can be interpreted many different ways, especially with all the women’s topics brought up this election year. And I will leave the interpretation up to the viewers. As an artist I enjoy the controversy and conversation about my image’s meaning. On the other hand, we can all agree that it is a very patriotic image. Cassy even sent some poster-sized prints to our troops deployed overseas as her little piece of patriotic support from back home. To get to where I am today took a lot of sacrifice, hard work, drive and never giving up! Well, I did the college thing, graduated with a degree in graphic design and went through a few great design jobs, but I always felt like there was something more meaningful I was meant to do. I wanted a more passionate challenge. And at the time, I was doing photography on the side here and there, but I hadn’t realized my true passion just yet. It wasn’t until I began dabbling in women’s portraiture that I realized how much I loved being a photographer. And I really started to fall in love with this type of portrait photography as well. As silly as it may sound, it is so rewarding seeing how the photos make the woman feel so glamorous and confident about themselves.

Ab!t "e

In July of 2010, I launched the official brand of my women’s boudoir and pinup photography, Bad Girl Boudoir. I got so busy taking on photography clients after work and on the weekends that after months of planning and getting my finances in order, I decided to take the leap into self-employment! I left my full-time day job in Lindsay February 2011 to pursue my passion! Photographer, Pullen

BAD GIRL Boudoir Page 12 by Erin Foster Makeup

This was the most exciting, yet terrifying, time of my life. Since then, I have learned so much so fast, just through experience and research—posing the different body types, lighting, dealing with clients, workload, post-production, web presence and SEO, as well as the legalities of running a successful business. And I’m still learning every day, perfecting my craft and growing as a business. I want women to know that owning your own successful business is possible—it is a crazy ride, but I’m loving it! Advice I offer to other beginning entrepreneurs is that the harder you work to perfect what you do, the more successful you become. That may seem pretty obvious, but its as simple as that. Take ‘smart’ risks, learn from your mistakes, and you are bound to find success. Oh, and invest the money for good graphic design and web design, its totally worth it and really invaluable, trust me. :)

Ab!t "e

One thing I wish I would’ve known sooner in my career is the delicate balance working in an industry of all women. It Photographer, Lindsay of Pullen requires a lot of perfected patience and hard work all on its own. BAD GIRL Boudoir Makeup by Erin we Foster As women can be very strong-willed, but we all also carry our

own insecurities. And in this personal and intimate line of work, it is my job to not only create amazing photos, but to be a master of making women feel comfortable and trusting me as the artist in this vulnerable situation. I have a private home-studio in beautiful Saint Augustine, Florida. I have a variety of sets and backdrops available in the studio room, as well as a private bathroom and changing area. I also have a licensed, professional makeup artist available for each session to give clients that cinematic, photoshoot-ready glow. We are an all-female staff and want you to enjoy your whole experience. We are hip and personable ladies who want you to feel like you are just hanging out with some girlfriends, letting us doll you up, and playing dress up in outfits you don’t necessarily get to wearLindsay everyday. Photographer, Pullen

Ab!t "e

BAD GIRL Boudoir Makeup by Erin Foster

Page 14


Advice on getting your perfect dream image is to try to relax, listen to the directions of the photographer and really get into your sexy alterego self. I know it sounds easier said than done, but once you get all dolled up and in your sexy outfit, you might be surprised how much easier it is to feel more “in character.” The more comfortable you are, the easier it will be for your photographer to capture that perfect image you’ve been dreaming about.

Ab!t "e

Photographer, Lindsay Pullen BAD GIRL Boudoir Makeup by Erin Foster

Bespoke Jewellery

Fully hand-crafted jewelry, custom made according to your specification in Great Britain. Beautiful custom metalwork with a focus on metal patterns combined with beads, pearls or gemstones. Completely unique Visit the website for more details on creating your Inner Fyre experience.

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Register As A CIMA Student!

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Louise Golbey

For further information, tour dates and more, please click here Click Here for iTunes!

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Click Here to Watch the debut video of How it Is Page 18

Joey Phelps & Michael Phelps Cartoonists Hat Trick Magazine Page 19

píê~íÉÖáÉë Make Your Website Holiday Ready Mention Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving and the biggest shopping day of the year in the US since about 1976) in a social setting, at your peril. Retailers love Black Friday, named for its tendency to put merchants in the black for the first time all year, but the day invokes a mixed bag of feelings amongst consumers: long lines, stampedes of crowds at retailers and that special flavour of holiday cheer that comes from conflict with a by Michelle Fitz complete stranger over the ‘it item’ of the season that your (insert immediate relative) wants needs. So some love it, others loathe it; and retailers finally clocked on back in 2005, which ushered in a far more civilized cousin, Cyber Monday, the Monday immediately following Black Friday. robustly declared it “Quickly becoming one of the biggest online shopping days of the year” – and quite rightly. There is only question I ask our clients at this point in the year: “Are you ready for Cyber Monday?” Regardless of where you are in the world or your market, in this global economy where cultures, viral campaigns and boundaries collide, now is a great time to revisit your website and prep for consumers from all corners of the internet who are looking for online deals. Steps you should take, now – considering you have less than one month to pull off the biggest opportunity of the year to maximize your profit line: Clear your plans for a day and conduct an honest, review of your website: With a fresh pair of eyes and from the point of view of a brand new visitor with no previous engagement with your website, ask yourself some honest questions. Are you concise? Is your navigation streamlined or is it a bit clunky? Are your products organised in a logical way so that the user is able Page 20

to easily understand your brand, your products and their suitability/ pricing? Are there typos or silly mistakes? In general, do you look the part of a legit business for your market? I cringe when I say this to you, but are you pleasant to view and dare I say perhaps “pretty”?

Some development platforms do publish in a visually inconsistent way, on each of the major browsers. Note of caution: iPad users will have a totally different experience on some sites than a Mac book user.

Google your company and your product, separately. Where are you In the blink of an eye – or a click in Google rankings? If you are lower down the list, or even on page 3 or 4, of a mouse, these are the try not to stress – Google rankings immediate reasons you will lose make finding your website quick and the attention of a consumer in painless. Think about how often you less than 20 seconds. will bother with the list on page 4 of a Consider also enabling a live Google search for anything and you adviser function, even if you only will understand what I mean, but invest for the festive period. So rankings aren’t everything. There are often, I’ve been lost on a website or many ways that a consumer may find spoiled for choice and need some your business and the most important direction. For example, I recently thing is that you are visible, your links made a purchase on the Mama Mio work if pulled from social network website but got stuck when it came sites, and the summary which to combining products for my appears in the Google search is specific needs. 10 seconds into punchy and engaging, in order to frustration, I clicked Live Chat compel a consumer to check your instead of the back button to my website out in the first place. Google search for “top body products 2012”. The live adviser not Check the user experience for your only helped me in selecting the right site on iPhone and Blackberry if product but also gave me great tips possible and consider optimising at least the e-commerce areas for mobile on packages which combined my two products and saved me money. users. This is a big deal. Have you checked your website analytics? You That’s a positive e-commerce may be getting lots of traffic, but how experience! So, be honest with long are people actually spending on yourself. The only person you’ll your website? fool… is yourself.

es s

Page 21



Test your website on all the usual PC and Mac web browsers, especially Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome.

Curve balls are always going to come your way when you're least prepared, or expect them. Enlisting a friend with fresh pair of eyes is always a great option for any document or copy in use on your website. You'll never be able to prevent every mistake or foresee every situation which may impact your site, but keeping a regular check on things will ensure that when the curve balls come, you have your eye on one objective at a time.

Selling from your website means making it as engaging, concise and easy to navigate as possible, and with a staggering number of people across the globe who will access your website exclusively on a Smartphone or mobile device, this is a non-negotiable consumer expectation.

they are logistically from, how they have found your site, what they buy and when.

These important insights to your consumer can mean the difference in engaging your customer who has happened across your site via the wonderful world of the internet… or losing them to the Back button out of frustration within seconds of landing. Think about your own tendencies on the net. You do this yourself when you Rookie Mistakes You’re Too shop or research Good To Be Making! online. A great summary on Google - Typos/Spelling Mistakes draws you in, skim, - Chaotic Product Display skim, skim – you’re - Clunky Site Navigation looking for legitimacy and an easy - Broken Links shopping experience. - Lack of consistent branding The ability to be honest with yourself now, will pay back volumes especially Which Brings Us Nicely To Google during the peak shopping season! Analytics: Since it’s a free service, Latency, Server Capacity and using it is a real no-brainer, but to Change Moratorium: It’s every eget the most out of the tool, ensure commerce platform’s nightmare - just you have it embedded throughout when you thought you were all set for your site. If you don’t, you miss out a huge influx of shoppers … your site on a golden opportunity to crashes or slows down dramatically! understand and help influence What’s this? Even for those with traffic over the peak shopping days dedicated servers, latency, or the this year. Doing so will help you measure of time delays due to traffic ensure you have the right options or use on your website, can really for your consumers based on where impact user experience and turn your

Top 5

Page 22

customers off just as they were warming up to buy! If you’re a serious e-commerce seller, consider moving onto the cloud. You’ll avoid the cost of a full blown project to improve your infrastructure and these days, there are a number of stable solutions available for small businesses to larger players alike – even Google have a product (Google Compute Engine) and if you want to double up on your web presence, you may also consider Amazon. Note: if you’re considering a move to Amazon and are tempted by the lure of becoming an Amazon shop, we caution that some shops will need to re-photograph every product in their catalogue to satisfy the white background requirement so do take this into consideration before you dive right in. Moratorium is a key word for all web masters. It’s your nochange time zone and it will be unique to your business and your appetite to risk. Major retailers and Page 24

even banks will typically set a Moratorium period commencing from Thanksgiving and ending after New Year – that means that no changes, unless essential, planned and tested in the development site are made to their websites or ecommerce platforms in that time frame.

It’s the worst thing that can happen – someone wants to buy but can’t, or even worse, technological Armageddon where your website goes totally down. The opportunity cost is great, and we are not talking only money here – in the days of death by social media, a seemingly simple change which renders a popular product unavailable, freezes your website or adds additional burden or wait to your consumer experience will result in … you guessed it: the Back button. I stress that Moratorium will be unique to you. For example, if a client will be investing large sums in social media and Google ads over a distinct period of time, that client will wish to

plan carefully in anticipation for a marketing surge in that timeline. If you have retained a consultancy or development firm, be mindful that changes will likely need to be agreed and outlined early – they won’t want to take the hit if your service goes down, no matter how much cash you promise. After all, they know the power of reputational damage all too well and will not want to take on the risk. Know Thy Product: Even servicebased firms can benefit from an element of e-commerce. I’m a business woman, wife and mother – when it comes to online shopping, I may be looking for the latest item on my 6 year-old’s wish list now and shopping for a product look-book consultant in 10 minutes’ time. Always consider the option of having find, just for website customers. For us, that’s a 20% off coupon on a key service on offer which they must sign up for (they join our mailing list and get a checkout code) and they must use it within a certain time period. If you’re a photographer, maybe for you your product will be a buy it now option for a set session with a number of photographs in an array of sizes. If you sell candles, you need to articulate your products and range effectively and where multi-buys and saving incentives

are on offer, make it clear that this is a steal (and make sure it really is!). Price Points and e-Marketing 101: Remember what I said about being honest with yourself about the experience consumers will have on your website? Nothing frustrates a busy shopper more than the inability to proactively conduct price comparisons. Make your prices clear and research your competitors. According to the Telegraph, in the UK alone (and we are just an island, people!), £1 of every £10 will be spent online and in 2016, US online shoppers are projected to spend $327 Billion! Price comparison matters to online shoppers and what’s worse? It’s right there in black in white and available at the click of a button, so make sure you strike the balance between desired profit margin and maximised sales projection. These are intrinsically linked in the most delicate and fragile way – so show a healthy respect for both sides of the equation and strike a balance on how much of one is acceptable to sacrifice in favour of the other! If you’re new to e-commerce but a pro at shop-based sales, be forewarned that you won’t be able to rely on impulse buys. There’s something psychological about seeing the balance in your shopping cart increase as you go along … something you normally do not see Page 25

until after you’ve invested an hour or so of serious, labour-intensive shopping around a shop or supercentre. Even global giant Wal-Mart admit this to be one of the most technically sophisticated skills of the e-commerce champion, so don’t take it lightly! This is a different ball game … kind of like comparing cricket to baseball.

want to know you are legitimate and an online presence is an essential requisite.

Link your social media accounts. Pick a starting place and pull your accounts through – whether you like to start with your blog and end up at Facebook, selectively Tweet to Facebook as a social media reel on your website, etc, the most important To Know Your Customer Consists time saver and no-fuss way to weave your web presence further is to utilise of More Than Analytics - Listen as many networks as possible but In: If you have the budget, the sync the accounts so as to maximise product base and the marketing your presence and minimise the time drivers to warrant big tools like you spend trying to play the social Radian6 (at a rate of a cool $5 media game. grand a month), well done on you. But for most e-commerce retailers, Mix your social media posts with keeping on topic when it comes to information, freebies and what people are saying online can entertainment. Keep their attention, be as easy as watching your Twitter especially on Facebook, because as feed. Learn the basics of hash tag fans dwindle in their engagement, so monitoring and you are set to get does the number of posts they will invaluable insight into real actually see in their newsfeed but conversations in which your tread carefully to avoid spamming the customers are engaged. Don’t feed to the point of ‘unlike’. delude yourself – sometimes what Similarly, stay on top of tools on offer they are saying is far different to for qualified customers which are free your original anticipation. for you to incorporate to your Make the Web Work For You: website. Credit cards often have nifty Killing two birds with one stone, incentives and tools and PayPal is maximizing your marketing efforts, another easy tool with a great reputation and savvy promotions like whatever you want to call it, knowing the basics can save you Buy Now, Pay Later and, like time and money while increasing Amazon, offer consumer-direct credit your web presence. Social media is card facilities. All of which improve the way the web can work for you. your friend – be open about yourself and your company. People Page 26

Marketing can drive you crazy, so Customer Service Is Still a Part of the Equation: We mentioned having instead drive traffic to you: live chat enabled but there is so Three years ago, we would have much more to customer service when been talking about Google building your reputation online. AdWords and weaving traffic via links from other websites with great Whether it’s eBay, Amazon or your own e-commerce site, your traffic. reputation will live and die through These days, e-commerce comes direct and indirect customer with a whole new box of toys to experience. I hate a site that looks help drive traffic. Get savvy with the part, takes my money and then tools on offer from the likes of leaves me wondering if I’ve just credit card and merchant accounts handed over my hard earned cash to which sync registered cards with a rogue merchant in Kenya … Twitter hash tags for savings on incorporate email marketing as part purchases. Instant couponing! of your sales confirmation process, Make social media posts urgent order dispatch and customer and time sensitive! Word Facebook satisfaction. ads, Google AdWords and even social media posts to drive traffic Grow and retain that customer base and actions. through meaningful, non-evasive Get the customer’s money before correspondence, relevant to the reasons they interacted with you, in the first the competition, make the place. Maintain your customer database experience seamless, and find securely either via cloud storage or email competitive deals that will marketing database. Respect customer incentivise shopping with you instead of your competitor. Things policy. Be known for honesty and followthrough, and your repeat business like … free shipping. customer base will grow. According to Deloitte, “When shopping online consumers say low prices (48%) are the most important factor in helping them decide where to buy, followed by free shipping (20%) and selection (11%). 69% of consumers who will shop online say they are more likely to buy from an e-retailer if it offers free shipping.”

Page 27

How Projects Get Done by: Joseph D. Phillips Business Editor

Page 28

Page 28

o a project manager there are no sweeter words than, “This project is finished. Signed, sealed, and delivered.” But as my dad used to say, “Joe, that grass isn’t going to mow itself.” In other words, it’s in the doing is how projects get done. Projects, like mowing the grass, are done by people. And people and projects can go together like pork chops and applesauce or the less appetizing liver and onions.


The people interested in the outcome of your project are called stakeholders. These folks vary in their influence over the project from casual observer to the guy calling the shots and signing the checks. Stakeholders always fall into one of two categories: Positive stakeholders – the people that are happy your project is happening and want the project to be successful. Negative stakeholders – the grumps/grouches that hate your project and hope that it (and maybe even you) go away and were never created. In other words, they don’t like your project. Key stakeholders on most projects include all of the following: Project manager – You, the project manager. If the project

fails it’s this person’s fault. If the project succeeds, the project manager is allowed to celebrate within everyone else on how the project team and staff all worked together for the betterment of the organization. Customer – the person or group of people that will use the product the project will create. Most often the customer pays for the project either directly or indirectly. To clarify, if I hire you to build I house for me I directly pay for the project. If you create a product that will be sold at Piggly Wiggly Grocery Stores the customers pays Piggly Wiggly, who pays the distributor, which pays you. Performing organization – the organization whose project team members are doing the project work. If you’re an IT integrator you and your project team represent you performing organization. The customer gets the product you’re installing for them. Project team members – these are the wonderful people who love, admire, and respect you the project manager. They do the project work. Project sponsor – the person or group of people that you, the project manager, love, admire, and respect. The project sponsor helps the project manager by authorizing the project manager to use resources such as people, monies, and other resources. He’s a cool dude. Influencers – these are people that wield influence over your project for good or evil. Hmm… can you say politics? These folks may or may not be directly affected by your project Page 29

or the product your project is creating, but they may have, by position or politics, control over your project resources or decisions made in the project.

These organizational influences can work for and against the project manager. The import thing is the project manager has to know what the “rules” are and then play them accordingly. Certainly there are rules that are documented and rules that are Project Management Office not. Isn’t it funny how the (PMO) – not every performing undocumented rules are often the organization has a project management office, but the PMO most important ones? is stakeholder if one exists. A There are some other factors that PMO is a centralized business unit that oversees all project influence how a project is management activities within an completed. As a project manager organization, company, or even a you’ll no doubt use organizational department. PMOs are to assist process assets. These are project plans the project managers with and files from old projects, lessons scheduling, resource learned, policies and procedures, and management, training, and more. project-related knowledge bases. They are fine people. Enterprise environmental factors While people complete projects, also affect projects. Enterprise projects are done within environmental factors are things such organizations. And organizations, as the organizational culture, structure, resources, commercial estimating not-for-profit or otherwise, have databases, project management cultures, styles, and values that affect how the project is managed software, and any other enterprise and eventually completed. Things influences on the project management that affect the project and how the processes. project manager manages the project:

Joe Wants To Know ...

• Organizational values, beliefs, and expectations • Policies and procedures the project manager, the project team, and stakeholders are required to follow • View and opinion of authority • Work ethic and hours of operation • Willingness to accept risk • Management style Page 30

I'm so ready for the election to be over. In my anecdotal experience, businesses have stalled projects like never before in my 15 years as a consultant. I've been four months with lots of meetings and promises, but no consulting or training projects something that's never happened before. No one has said no, but no one has said yes either. Lots of companies pushing things out to next year... what's it been like for you?

Author Bio Joseph Phillips is a leader in the project management and adult education community. He is a PMI-certified Project Management Professional, a Project+ Professional, and a Certified Technical Trainer. Phillips has consulted on project management, business analysis, and adult education for hospitals, architectural firms, manufacturers, and information technology consultancies. He’s consulted organizations on project management framework, process engineering, change management, and the principles of project management. As a leader in adult education, Phillips has taught organizations how to successfully implement project management methodologies, information technology project management, risk management, and other courses. He has taught more than 10,000 professionals through seminars, conferences, and presentations in the United States, Belgium, Germany, France, and the Netherlands. He is a member and of the Project Management Institute and speaks often for chapter meetings throughout the world. He has taught for Columbia College Chicago, Vincennes University, and Ball State University. Phillips is the author of several top-selling books, including IT Project Management: On Track from Start to Finish, PMP Project Management Professional Study Guide, CAPM/PMP Project Management Certification Allin-One Exam Guide, Project Management for Small Business, Vampire Management, The Lifelong Project, and others. Contact Joseph Phillips

Hat Trick Endorsed!. Click Here To Preview PMP Boot Camp Before You Buy!

Page 31

e r e H d A r u Yo Affordable advertising. Clever multchannel marketing strategies. Over 300,000 readers monthly, based in the USA, UK and France - and growing. Let them know you’re out there.

Wedding Photos of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Beil appeared on the cover of People Magazine this month ... so was a teaser about Britney’s legal woes...

Apple lost its appeal against a UK ruling which found that Samsung did not infringe upon Apple’s copyright on tablets. An apology later appeared in the Guardian. We’re touched.

Cuba announced it will remove the need for citizens to obtain expensive exit permits, "white cards", before travelling abroad.

Lance Armstrong made the landmark decision to accept defeat in his fight against doping allegations. He was stripped of all titles as a result in October.

President Obama apparently had coffee before the last two debates of the campaign trail, because by all accounts, he won both by a landslide. The presidential race is now neck and neck both in popular vote and projections for the electoral college. Both President Obama and let politics aside for a few days to help with the relief effort in the wake of super storm Sandy.

Britney Spears’ legal battle against former manager, Sam Lufti, kicked off with lots of juicy drama. Lufti is suing Britney Spears, alleging she owes him millions in unpaid commission fees (15%), Lynn Spears for defamation of character, stemming from her tell-all book and Jamie Spears for an alleged attack! Lynn told the court that Lufti was a drug pusher who took advantage of Britney’s ongoing unstable mental health condition and drug addiction, stemming from ... her break up with Justin Timberlake!

Megan Fox gave birth to a baby boy in secret in September!

Playboy’s Holly Madison is pregnant with her first child! Page 33

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e h T s ’ t Wha tial? Poten

abial by Sukh P ditor Careers E

Page 36

It’s an odd one isn’t it? You’ll be reading this most likely on your commute to work, at your desk, or whilst doing something humdrum. You’ll give it a thought, and let it pass. You’ll get on and do what you’re paid to do, and come back tomorrow to do the same. There will be meetings, there will be lunch, there will be interesting people to connect with, and it’ll all pass without a second thought. It’s life.

But what if your purpose is something else? What if your purpose is to help others? It’s to develop others? It’s to carve your own life? It’s to write your own destiny? It’s to right the problems in society? Are you supposed to pack up your nice well paid job and fulfil your life’s dream? (Please don’t take that as a call to action if you’re not in the position to do so)

But certainly, you’re now thinking, “well what is my purpose I wonder?” And you’ll Was there a probably stop reason you at that started We’re all finding our way question. working in in this world. We all have Unless you can the talk to pressures, insecurities, profession someone. Pose you are in? ambitions, and more that that question I’m kind of to someone drive us to do the work asking the you trust? A we do. question friend? Your Jerry partner? A Maguire found trusted himself asking before he got sacked colleague? Maybe even a coach or from his sports representative job. mentor? That conversation, well it His ah ha moment lead to a life could lead somewhere that’s for sure. changing set of events. Most of us won’t have that though. Even now, We’re all finding our way in this world. you’re just reading thinking, “yeah, I We all have pressures, insecurities, remember that in the movie”. ambitions, and more that drive us to do the work we do. Some of us will I’m asking you, dear reader, what’s be lucky enough to be able to your reason for being at work? Is it to determine that path on our terms. I pay the bills? Is it to buy a new want you to do that. I want you to house? Is it to move country? Is it to believe you can live a fulfilled life. I provide for your family? Is it to have want you to be the best you can be. job security? All of those are very valid you know. And if you’re sure it’s Or you can just think, “Hmm, that one of them, then carry on and do was interesting” and carry on doing the job you’re paid to do. what you’re paid to do. Page 37

Working with Sukh I’m available for consultancy and associate work in the field of learning and development and positive psychology. Read on for more details… Learning and Development. My chosen career path for the last ten years, and I’m not stopping yet. Designing and developing solutions to make workplaces successful through the skills and abilities of their people is the core role of any L&Der. I take this seriously and am actively involved in being a key part of the continuing thoughts and developments in this field. I’ve done everything from interpersonal skills training to management training to leadership development to basic behavioural skills like time management. It’s all interesting, but importantly it’s about getting it right for the business. I’ve developed L&D strategies, been involved in culture change initiatives, delivered whole programmes, and more. Raising self awareness. This is what I live and breathe. We can all learn about ways to influence and encourage others to do things, but until you learn about your own style and what this means for you, how can you expect to do the former? In learning about your strengths, and your weaknesses, you gain strength of mind and conviction that you have a clear path ahead of you. This is what I will help with, and I’m qualified in the MBTI and 16PF to help you. Conversation. That’s what I help to enable. I’m a collaborator, facilitator, and interested in the challenges you’re facing. Through bringing people together, ensuring the right conversation is taking place, and bringing to front of mind better ways of working with others, I want to be part of making it happen. Making things happen. That’s what I enjoy too. People can achieve great things, either on their own or with the collaboration of people around them. I will use what I know to help you make things happen. There are good ways of achieving your goals and ambitions, and there are bad ways. The good ways mean you enjoy the work you do, you have a reason to be motivated, and the output you produce will be better. The bad ways mean none of that happens, and generally things are very selfish. I’m in the camp for doing things the right way. I can be contacted for consultancy and associate work on any of the above. Have a look at the About Sukh page for contact details.

Sukh Pabial is a learning and development professional and if you like what he says, he writes a regular blog. Page 38


Have Your Say!

We love hearing from our readers! If you have a question or comment for one of our writers, please feel free to write to them

Q. How much will you spend this year at Christmas? How do you manage the work rush, leading up to Christmas break? What are your resolutions for 2013? *Will the world end in December 2012?* Did your presidential candidate win?

Page 39

Share your views for publication in the December issue.

Amber What


By: Amber Hamilton Henson Home & Garden Editor

We bought a door, a really, really old door, from an architectural salvage booth at a thrift market, here in Little Rock. The door reminds me of my old, historic house that we sold. In that house, I loved adding really modern elements into the turn of the century home, because I loved the contrast. I still love contrast, so now I find myself adding historic pieces to our much newer (built in ’04-’05) modern house decor in order to achieve the contrast. This crazy old door is my newest addition to help provide the contrast that I love so much. Did you notice that I threw the word “crazy” into the description of the old door? Well, it is a wood door, full of brittle, hand blown glass panes, with four, yes FOUR, locks on it. Crazy, right?! I’m thinking that if a person needs four locks on a door, perhaps they ought not have a glass exterior Page 40

door in the first place. Alas, perhaps they finally realized this, too, which is why I was able to purchase it from amidst architectural salvage! You may notice that it is covered in glossy black enamel paint, over layers of white glossy enamel, over black, over black, etc. The paint, in general, is really well adhered, so I gave it a good old-fashioned scrubbing with a sponge and soapy water. I considered scraping the black-paint-gone-wild drips, runs, and roller marks from the glass panes, but ultimately decided that I like the character it adds to this old door. Furthermore, I decided not to replace the one missing pane of glass. Inexpensive, modern glass just wouldn’t look right beside the wavy panes with all of their wonderful ripples that show the age of the glass in the other panes.

and ModPodge. When I say “we decoupaged” it, what I actually mean to say is that my middle daughter, age 7, did all the work! She loves crafts and was more than eager to volunteer for the project! She did the work by our back door in the kitchen, and I just supervised while I was cooking dinner. Here is a photo of the papers we used, followed by a photo of her working:

We are not using it as a functional door; we decided to hang it on the wall as a decorative art piece in our master bedroom. In order to have it “fit” the room and be a little bit more than just a door hanging on a wall, we made a few changes. First, we trimmed it top and bottom on the table saw in order to make it fit its intended space. By the way, when trimming it, we discovered that it is a cedar door! Score!! Then, we decoupaged it with scrapbook paper Page 41 Page 41

Okay, here is the part where the door is no longer “crazy,” and I become the “crazy” one. Do you notice how much wood is at the base of the door compared to the top? Here comes my crazy: Just as much as I love contrast, I also have this strong gravitation/desire for symmetry. This door is going to hang sideways. It can’t look too busy at one end and as if it is lacking something at the other end. I NEED for it to feel balanced. So, since the ModPodge is gloss, I decided to “fake” three panes at the bottom of the door!! Look at the photo above this paragraph; see the three “panes” with wet whitish-looking glue on the papers. Yep, we inked the edged of the paper with an ink pad intended for stamping, measured proper gaps, and ModPodge’d those papers right onto the wood in order to give the illusion of three more panes!! Fortunately, ModPodge dries really clear and glossy! The desire for symmetry was important enough to me that I did actually create FAKE panes in order to have visual balance. See, told you, “crazy”, right? Regardless, I love the way it turned out! It’s just another layer of interest on this art piece, I hope! Here is a close-up photo of the four locks on the crazy old door, followed by a photo of it hanging above our headboard in our master bedroom:

We love it! We think it adds just the right amount of character, sense of history, and coordination with other pieces in our room. What do you think? Want to see a few more neat projects using repurposed/upcycled doors & windows? Easy, click over to Dishfunctional Design’s project round-up posts here and here. Each of the photos she shows has a text link below the photo for even more info, some of which may be story/tutorial style similar to this post! Page 42


Page 43

Last month, we asked our readers to share what they were most grateful for this year - this is what you said!

Page 44

It’s the main things that matter the most, especially with the recession: food, a home, family, and our health Monique, Atlanta (USA).

Thankful for my job this year. Last year was too hard on this family and I am so glad this was the year we got back to work. God is good! - Janet, Little Rock (USA).

I know this will sound redundant but I just want to say I am most thankful this year for having stability in my family’s lives. Having a roof over our heads and being able to make ends meet consistently and I’m grateful for the support network we give one another. Lastly, I started my own small business this year thanks to your magazine so I can tell you right now that I am very grateful for you! - Tamara, Ontario (Canada).

We have so much more this year to give thanks for. I am so proud that we pause to count our blessings because it’s easy to get lost in the other irrelevent life details. Thankful for my health, my kids and my mother. I’m also thankful that I was able to find childcare that would accommodate my school and YES I am going back! This upcoming year is going to be a game changer. - Tisha, Memphis (USA). Page 45

Spotlight: Women

Maryvonne Maryvonne Palanduz FCMA, CGMA, head of retail finance and risk at Metropolitan Holdings, South Africa, is responsible for the financial function in her company’s retail business. She has implemented an activity based costing model to identify, support and enable operational efficiency as well as inform strategic and tactical business decisions. Her portfolio has recently expanded to evaluate financial risk through automated decision intelligence as a key deliverable for business sustainability. A significant part of her role provides stakeholder confidence in the financial disciplines and controls with effective monitoring mechanisms of the retail business. In her spare time she has been actively involved with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and is currently chairman of the Southern Africa regional board. She also represents CIMA’s Southern Africa region on the global policy committee for international development. In this article, she talks about how she has achieved her success. Page 46

In Leadership

Palanduz Balancing work and family

The main challenge I have faced is trying to progress in my career while raising children and maintaining a healthy marriage, all at the same time. You need to be extremely focused to make sure you do not ‘drop the ball’ on any front. If you are professionally ambitious it is difficult to achieve. You need to balance the odds and slow down, working smartly to ensure that you do not destroy the family in the process.

Breaking through barriers

In my experience young women are often not taken seriously in business, which means they have to work hard at proving their credibility. Once people understand the value you bring this is no longer a barrier, but it is certainly harder for a woman than a man.

The need for female support

A good mentor relationship is extremely beneficial and does not have to be a formal structured process. It allows you to take conscious time out from the fast pace around you to focus on your softer skills. 'There is a need for female role models' When choosing a mentor I look for qualities that I really like in a person and take a variety of learnings from various people – different people for different issues. For example, some mentors have helped me with people management, some have helped with visionary big

Brought to You By

Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

picture thinking, and others with balancing work and home life. I believe there is a specific need for female role models: people underestimate the support required by women in the workplace. I know very few women with children who have not felt guilty about working at some stage in their career. Realising that you are not alone can help you be more perceptive about the challenges.

The role of coaching

I was curious about the ‘coaching’ buzzword so I went for a session to find out more and was immediately convinced of the benefits. It provided a reality check and helped me to solve my own problems. It helped me to stand back and take the time to make conscious decisions about my actions in my professional and personal capacity.

A flexible leadership style

My preferred leadership style is to be consultative and really empower my subordinates to come up with a solution. I have a wonderful team of very enthusiastic and passionate people and I like to be seen as one of the participants in the decision-making process. I enjoy guiding the conversation, getting personalities to work together, and understanding who makes the best contribution in which area. If you can do this, you have a winning output. Page 47

However, it is important to use different management styles in different situations. At times you may need to be more autocratic and at other times more collaborative. It depends on the group of people involved, what it is you are trying to achieve and the impact of the decision. A good leader is somebody who can identify when to use which style.

I do not try to compete with men: I play on my feminine qualities. I have been fortunate enough to benefit from the senior leadership programme offered by my company. It is a very well-structured programme that looks at you first as an individual, then more broadly at your roles in the team, in the organisation and in the industry as a whole. I do not try to compete with men. I rather play on my feminine uniqueness. Women need to find ways to assert themselves while retaining their feminine qualities. Women on board I believe there should be more women on company boards. In any executive or strategic leadership role it is important to have good diversity among key members (culture, age and sex). The decision that comes from a diverse group of people is of a much higher quality than a decision from a group of people who are very similar in thinking. Modern leadership requires stronger collaboration and woman are often co-creators by nature. Be confident about your contribution To succeed in your career you need to be confident about your contribution: too often women underestimate themselves. It is important to keep your identity, be assertive and always position yourself for the next step. Page 48

Study for a degree through CIMA CIMA has partnered with three UK universities to offer students the opportunity to get a degree while also studying towards their CIMA qualification.

Manchester Metropolitan University

Nottingham Trent University

Robert Gordon University

Page 49

Register As A CIMA Student!

Hat Trick Endorsed. CIMA is a global qualification, respected in a variety of industries and an excellent investment if you’re looking for a leadership-driven, strategic qualification.

Page 49

Attitude of Gratitude

How One Seed Of Gratitude Grew All Over Town by Michellle Fitz

An Interview with Manuela Wahnon

Page 53

"It all started one morning when my washing machine broke. As a single lady, I called my brother-in-law to help sort it out. I look back at how I felt and honestly, the way I was behaving was as though my world was coming to an end. It was a firstworld problem."Â Her laugh as she reflected upon the memory of that day was marvellous. It was at this exact moment, in less than a half of an articulated point, that I decided I adored Manuela Wahnon. At 67, she's just a breath of fresh air: gorgeous, with a beautifully well-spoken English accent, and completely switched on to the world around her - digitally and otherwise (she blogs!!). I'm also quite sure she's a fair sight cooler than me. She's a mother of two and since 2009, Manuela has been devoted to keeping her community in Andover, Hampshire litter-free, often seen out every morning with her litter-picker firmly in hand. She reflected upon the rest of her story in our interview together: As I went about the rest of the day, I came across a homeless but educated man, crouched in a shop doorway. His name was Max. I say he was educated because quite honestly, he was well spoken and articulate. In my youth, we would call people like Max a 'tramp'. Tramps are simply people who choose to live a homeless but nomadic lifestyle, by choice. His appearance was the stereotype personified: old worn boots, a weathered face and his few possessions tied up in a old coat. I thought of him that night and in the morning, went to check in on him (expecting a mess). I was amazed. Max was gone and there wasn't so much of a trace that he'd been there. No litter, nothing. I sunk with guilt over the assumption I'd made. I later ran into him and asked how he'd gotten on in the night. He'd slept well and wandered down, determined to have a shave at a local public facility. There he stood before me, clean, freshly shaven and ready to go to the next town. I told him I was pleasantly surprised to find the area he'd been in so clean! He said to me "Of course; why would I want to litter where I live?" Page 54

Opening a local shop

I've carried his words and his demeanour with me, ever since.

It's why I now set aside time every day to help clear litter in my community, the very least I can do. I tried to give him some money but he wouldn't accept it. I can't help but laugh, but it's true, he left me with wealth beyond expectation. When you get to be my age, you’ll see how much time you have on your hands to reflect. Even when you had planned to avoid it, if possible. I did quite a bit of reflection for some time after that interaction with Max, and especially in contrasting the disproportionate reaction I'd had earlier that day to my First World problem, my washing machine. I realised that I wanted to change my life. When you get to be my age, you, too, will find the undertaking such a goal can be. Everyone could and should do much more with their lives. I realised a few things about myself that I didn't like. I'd trapped myself in an identity and lifestyle of consumerism. I wanted to be frugal and minimalist. I wanted to be grateful. Most of all, I never wanted to be caught up in that mode of thinking again. (originally featured in HugoFox News, written by Jess Hyslop)

I am present every single day in my life. I am mindful to count blessings and to tell people that they are a blessing. My environment is a blessing. There's no way I'd ever drop litter. Not that I was a litterbug before, mind you! But this world is so much greater than simply me. It is not all about Manuela. In fact, it's also not all about‌ any one thing or person. I want to make a mark on my community and am touched when I get such positive feedback, when my message touches a life. This week, I was astounded to have received messages from people impacted by super storm Sandy in the US East Coast. Some of these people have escaped with nothing but their lives, others were spared, as were their homes, but each of these stories has reaffirmed that my message of gratitude for what you have is as essential to the human condition as breathing. To live in such a state of existence is to deny yourself joy. If I'm the only place people hear this message, to live in a state of gratitude, then that's my mission accomplished. I recently was interviewed by Jess Hyslop for an article which first appeared on HugoFox News. I explained "If you think you have nothing to be grateful for, imagine what it would be like if you had emphysema and couldn't breathe, or were blind and couldn't see or were deaf and couldn't hear, or you'd been in an accident and had lost your sense of taste. Lots of people have to cope with these things. So you should always be grateful for what you have. With all the gifts you've got, why would you spend your money on things and then not dispose of them in the right way? It's so easy to put things in the bin!" I'm so grateful to Jo Scicluna, former editor of the Andover Advertiser, and now Director of Hampshire PR, and the exposure that Jess Hyslop and HugoFox News have afforded my cause. Since then, I've been featured in the Daily Mail and I'm being featured in a documentary for the BBC. It's the message - Attitude for Gratitude. I hope that my small efforts help bring about a domino effect - or perhaps a snowball of collective efforts from young, old and all ages, to do their small part to make a different to our community and to our world.

You can read Manuela's feature in HugoFox News, written by Jess Hyslop, online here and for more information, please read further, here. A special thanks to Ms Jess Hyslop and Manuela from all of us at Hat Trick Magazine.

Page 57

Photo Credit: Andre Cohen Photography Skin Care: Valentina MedSpa


Confessions of A



By the time this goes to print, we will be getting ready for Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales, but I couldn’t let an issue go by without including some of the excitiement from Hollywood this Halloween!

Click HERE to Play Video Page 58

Me? Well, I was the Evil Queen Raveena from Snow White & The Huntsman and I think you are going to LOVE some of the great outfits our celebrity friends wore this year. Check out the video at left and don’t forget to share your photos on my Facebook page!

Some   of   my   fave   outfits! These   3    cuties    have    been   a    hit   all    over   the    net

These   3    cuties   ...    I’m    proud   to    call    mine!   


You know her from her inspirational books and posters Karen Salmansohn, Oprah columnist and happiness guru, has launched a brand new shop and now YOU can get her best loved posters, and slogans featured on handy notebooks, mugs, tank tops and more!

Believe/Materialize Keepsake Box

Jr. Ringer Tee “More love in the world please”

Mug “The cure for procrastination is caffeination!”

Visit Karen's fabulous new shop! Here's your chance to get some of Karen's awesome posters and slogans on everything from notebooks, to mugs to tank-tops! Treat yourself today, or share the love with somebody who deserves it! Don't forget to check out Karen's main website for more wisdom, humor and fantastic freebies!

by Karen Salmansohn Self Help Editor

Page 61

Check out my book PRINCE HARMING SYNDROME which offers insights and tools to break bad relationship patterns for good. And the insights/ tools apply to dealing with both Princess Harmings and Prince Harmings in other words, applicable to men and women both.

Page 61

by Patricia Bayne Opinion Editor


“Patti, my other half says I’m on a budget until Summer 2013 so that means I need to make my money stretch from Autumn, into Winter and then Spring! I actually am at the point where I need to invest in some more make up and nail varnish so this is probably a good time to write in anyway. Considering this is supposed to last me the best part of half a year, I could do with some help! I really don’t want to downgrade if at all possible. I’m a huge designer counter girl.” Bridget on a Budget (Houston)

Dear Bridget, I asked some of the Hat Trick girls to share their latest purchases and you’d be surprized at how many will not only last you that long but will stay on trend right through Autumn, Winter and Spring. I’m pleasantly surprized, at the variety of lines our girls wear and their comments and rationale behind their purchases. The girls are three very different shoppers but each have a common qualifyer and that is to get great products which get along with their own skin type and will go the distance. So, you won’t be the only Page 62 one maximizing your purchases this year!

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour, Number 533 April

Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer for Lips by Chanel 106 Myriade

The first person I approached was Michelle (our Editor) and that’s mostly because she is a natural value for money Chanel girl. I’m not sure I ever thought those two descriptions would go together, but that’s the only way to describe her! Open her makeup bag, and you will find an array of beautiful and classic pieces that would make any gal swoon - no matter what time of year/season. Michelle says she recently invested in colors she would describe as ‘winter berry’ to add a pop of healthy, feminine color. By the way, the lip gloss pictured goes on a very healthy raspberry shade that goes with most skin tones. Chanel is a safe, go-to brand for Michelle’s skin with loads of variety in their color palettes. Perfect for a busy professional who only wants the one stop on her way through the mall. Page 63

Which brings us to our Beauty Editor, Brittany. I knew her response might be something natural and I have to admit, I was curious to know which one she’d choose. Her reply? “To be honest with you, I couldn't recommend anything in a designer line as I no longer use any of them. The products all use animal testing and ingredients. For cosmetics I use Bare Minerals since they are a natural and cruelty-free option. They are highly pigmented and of the same or better quality than brands like the designers and MAC. You can sleep in mineral makeup and it won't hurt you...obviously I don't but it's very kind to your skin.�

This kit is how I got started with the line. That gives you the coverage and their eyeshadow palettes are amazing.

Liner Shadow

* British readers may purchase BM at Page 64

Next up was our Fashion Editor, Shalanda, who told me “I actually don't buy designer. I buy from drugstores and to be honest I don’t buy very much or very often. The last lipstick I bought was in July!” Check out Shasie’s Picks below - hey, and don’t think for a moment that what she saves at a designer make up counter isn’t spent on shoes! Good idea! So, the views from each of our very different girls (shape, Covergirl Devine coloring, size, and shopping habits alike) were clear: remember that buying make up should be as personal to your face and attributes as possible and to choose products you love and will use again and again. And you’re not the only one who wants to make their money stretch further. The line and color palette you choose is an individual choice, but don’t be a slave to a label unless it has served your skin well and you simply get along with it.

Patti Revlon Certainly Red

Patti is a former guidance councilor, and a graduate & post graduate from the University of Pittsburgh. Her advice does not constitute medical advice and you should always consult your doctor concerning any health or emotional issues. Readers may submit questions to with the subject “Ask Patti” Page 65

Musings From A Life Lived Well by Cherie Brooks DeBurger Opinion Columnist

For Be#er Or Worse

Usually, anything new is fun and exciting but over time no matter how badly you try to resist the inevitable the feeling starts to wane. The first time you experience the steep climbs and heart stopping drops of a roller coaster are thrilling but after time it loses the excitement and you look for another coaster that's higher and faster.

get ready when they have made plans and are going out on the town for the evening. Husbands with more years under their belts have to be bribed to go for drinks and dancing. When it's time to leave he will sit in the car and lay on the horn, all the while threatening to leave without her if she doesn't hurry up.

When a teenager gets their license to drive they want to drive all the time and for any reason. Any errand that needs to be done with the car brings them begging for the opportunity to do it for you. After dealing with enough traffic jams, other crazy drivers, engine problems and the uncanny ability to hit each and every red light driving soon loses its' thrill.

New husbands thoughtfully present her favorite flowers and expensive jewelry when a wedding anniversary comes around. Seasoned husbands blissfully unaware until they get home quickly make an excuse to run out to the store after their wife reminds them what day it is.

This human fickleness also includes the beloved sanctity of marriage. Just like many other things, over the years, (sometimes it only takes a few months) the "newness" wears off. It’s not difficult to tell which couples have only just dreamily floated down the long white flowered aisle of wedding bliss and which couples have been married so long that they don't remember the date let alone the aisle or the bliss of being a newlywed. For example newlywed husbands can be found waiting patiently for their wives to Page 66

New husbands try to keep bodily functions disguised or hidden. Seasoned husbands will exit the bathroom waving their hands saying, “You don’t want to go in there!” New husbands spend their days off doing hanging around the house and doing odd jobs from their “honey do” list. Seasoned husbands not only avoid the list but the house altogether and spend the day at the golf course or watching the game with the boys. Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying that women don’t fall into these categories

as well. We are not above being memory and as for matching lulled into the comfort zone of undergarments if the laundry is really contentment. Women also work far behind she doesn't even wear a very hard at the beginning of a bra. relationship to look great all the time, have gourmet meals on the New wives have three course meals table and make believe that being cooked and on the table waiting for sweet comes effortlessly. As time their husbands when they get home goes on things begin to change or from work. Wineglasses filled and relax and some music on fantasy maybe even gives way a candle or We are not above being lulled into to reality. two. the comfort zone of contentment. Seasoned New wives wives have get up early to fix themselves up, the cordless phone and their favorite apply a little makeup and brush take-out menus waiting on the table their teeth. They are singing when their husbands get home. sweetly in the kitchen brewing coffee and getting breakfast ready New wives always have the house when their husbands get up. clean and tidy, carpets vacuumed, Seasoned wives will be staggering floors mopped. Things are picked up around the kitchen with their hair and put in their place. Seasoned all matted and sticking up straight, wives tell people to watch their step no make-up, unmatching pajamas, as the enter the house and need to and a torn robe. clean a spoon out of the dishwasher for stirring the coffee. The dust and New wives take special care to cobwebs that are noticed are shave their legs and under their declared as early decorations for arms daily to keep their body soft Halloween. and smooth for their husbands touch. Some even go the extra mile So as the years go by and our true with bikini waxes, eyebrow shaping personalities emerge we find that and matching underwear and bras. the person we are sharing our life Seasoned wives can almost braid with is less than perfect. But, the hair on their legs by the time before you complain, remember spring arrives and then shave in the they have to live their life with summer only when they will be someone who is not perfect wearing a dress or shorts. The pain either‌you. of waxing anything is only a

Page 67




89 Causewayside, Edinburgh (Scotland) EH9 1QJ Eva Hammerson is a Spanish professional interior designer based in Edinburgh, with a passion for lighting, vintage finds, and mid-century-modern iconic design. After the successful launch of Kandabi, her quirky brand of statement lighting wall luminaries, Eva was itching for the right space to branch out onto every aspect of home interiors including lighting, furniture, accessories and wall art. Destiny, for the shop ‘found’ her, not the other way round, put the most perfect environment and opportunity in her hands to painstakingly and lovingly restore a jaw dropping Georgian space into a dream retail space in a sought-after and ‘left-bank’ area known as Causewayside in the South side of Edinburgh, Scotland. “After pealing 7 layers of vintage wall paper, I came across the original wall plaster and found the most incredible luminescent turquoise swirls of colour ever imaginable. I nearly cried with joy for it is precisely what gives my shop a highly distinctive and unique signature look. Next, I found an antique original stone fireplace in the back room no-one knew existed, which will provide a warm live fire in the winter, adding extra cosiness and much needed warmth in this northern climate”. Eva Hammerson’s shop is not really a shop, it’s a ‘private world’ where everything on display is up for sale, including its owner whose services as a professional interior designer can be put to the very best use. “Being Spanish, I wanted to create a true ‘Mi casa es su Casa’ (My home is your Home) welcoming feel-good factor. I think I have succeeded judging by the number of clients who sit comfortable in the sofa playing the guitar, taking inspiration from artfully displayed objects or having fun with my Spanish maracas”. Eva’s goal is to encourage people to be far more adventurous and have fun when decorating their homes, with a ‘no rules’ instinctive approach to putting interior schemes together. “I believe that if you only buy what you absolutely love, your home will somehow come together, pulled by the invisible but powerful thread of your personal taste. My mantra is follow your instinct and be brave for your house is an extension of your persona, and thus a blank canvas waiting for you to put your own unique stamp on it. The most successful interiors are always those with an eclectic mix of vintage and contemporary furnishings, which results in a more relaxed and authentic aesthetic, and avoids that ‘too studied’ and contrived show-home look”.


Rated 5 Stars By Industry Experts For

Whether you are looking for that one-off unique piece to inject individuality and character into your space, or a special present with authenticity and ‘wow factor’, visit


+44 (0) 131 667 7915

Shasie’s Picks by Shalanda Turner Fashion Editor

Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and you may be stressing about what to wear! Thoughts of dressing to impress the in-laws , or playing a game of flag football to wearing clothing with room to overindulge, thanksgiving attire may be giving you heartburn Here are my recommendations on what to wear for your outing, whether it’s with family or friends.


Odds are you may feel a little full after Thanksgiving and nothing is more horrible than wearing restricting clothing after a yummy meal. I recommend any dress that pulls away from your stomach: empire waists, A-lines & wrap-dresses. ..Be loose, be comfy. Click through for more info on each dress.


Page 70





so feminine

Feminine, Flowy, Beautiful

Page 71



Vests are every girl’s best friend! Not only do they provide a level of weather protection, but they hide problem areas, and really snazz up a look! Check out these options to wear to Thanksgiving.



2. 1. Reversible Drape Faux Fur Vest, Bebe $129.00 2. Faux Fur Vest, Express $128.00 3. Feathered Faux Fur Vest, Express $118.00

Page 72

Skip the jeans this holiday, and go for stretchy leggings! Leggins are the gift that just keeps on giving. Every fall they come back with new patterns and styles every time. This Fall bright colors, brocade print, and leather are taking over this trend.


1. 3.


1. Stella Extreme Stretch Jean Legging, Express $79.90 2. Bar III Leggings, Color Blocked, Macy’s $29.99 3. Sexy Stretch Legging, Express $29.90 Page 73

Final Touch


Capes are so popular right now, that you won’t be able to shop for an outerwear coat without finding one. Not only are the heavier ones great for the outdoors but shawl capes are popular to wear and update an outfit. Not ready for a cape? Try a boxy pea coat.



Page 74


1. Anne Klein Cape, Printed, Macy’s $149.99 2. Calvin Klein Coat, HoundstoothCheck Cape $169.00 3. Style&co. Plus Size Sweater, Macy’s $59.99

It’s no secret that boots are the go-to footwear of choice during the Fall. However, there are many different types of boots. For thanksgiving, I recommend going with a lower heeled or flat boot. They go well with any outfit, and you’ll be comfortable. Try a riding boot or ankle boot style.

Shoe Upgrade 1.

3. 1. 2. 3. 4.



Calvin Klein, Tracie Tall Riding Boots $159.99 Alfani, Donelle Step N Flex Booties $94.99 Nine West, Watermelon Tall Boots $95.40 Pink & Pepper, Rebecca Tall Shaft Boots $99 Page 75


Classic, Mysterious

‘It’ Girl

The "It" Girl: a young woman renowned for her femininity, fashion sense and often her family connections. She easily combines an innocence with a sense of sexy confidence. She breezes through life with doors opening for her, and designers falling over themselves to dress her. Not all of us were lucky enough to be born into such a family, but just like the former Kate Middleton, many an "it" girl has not allowed that to stop her, creating her own legacy and mystique. A lover of glamour and vintage style, she knows how to fuse a soft, silky dress like the one from Halston Heritage (who dressed all of the 'it' girls of his day) with the oh-so-now Elizabeth and James (the label of the Olsen twins, who undoubtedly understand vintage glamour) rabbit and coyote fur vest. Pairing it with a necklace (from Charmed Circle) and a bracelet that her grandmother would have adored, she easily adds some edge and strength to her look, reminding us all that she is no doubt a strong and confident woman underneath all the soft femininity. For night, our girl carries over the tough and sweet look, pairing a 70s inspired silk tie-front blouse from Tibi, with a richly embroidered Tracy Reese tiered jacquard skirt that boasts a graphic box pattern. Topping it off is of course nothing less than a black leather motorcycle jacket. She may look oh so sweet and innocent, but don't cross our gal! IfMystery she wants a more classic feminine look, the Trouve pocket shirt in cream, paired with a Milly Raquel A-line skirt in classic black topped off with her grandmother's pearls gives her a perfect day into night look with minimal effort. And that's the secret of the "it" girl, is it not? To always lookSemant feminine, confident, and oh so effortlessly chic! Photojournalist: Jain, PhD

Fashion writer: Dara Avenius Photojournalist: Semant Jain, PhD * Fashion Writer: Dara Avenius Photojournalist: Semant Jain, PhD Page 78 Page 78 Fashion Writer: Dara Avenius

Halston Heritage chartreuse dress $375 Elizabeth & James rabbit fur vest with coyote trim $695 Charmed Circle large horn necklace in citrine $345

Page 79 Page 79 79 Page

Page 80

Trouve pocket shirt $88 Milly Raquel skirt $290

Tibi mini Oriole tie blouse $298 Tracy Reese tiered jacquard skirt $235


Photography by: Ann Pissard Graphic Artist

Why do we overlook our internal lighthouse as it strives to keep us safe through life’s great storms?

Brittany Harper-De Staedtler Beauty Editor

Posh Brats

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others. – Cicero

This month we will celebrate our best and most important holiday, Thanksgiving. While celebrations of the harvest have existed for as long as civilization (for indeed it was agriculture that necessitated both), this particular holiday is uniquely American. Or at least it was until other former British colonies started having a festival called Thanksgiving too. Okay, I know some enjoy pointing out the tragic irony of the American Thanksgiving: that it was originally a celebration of the bountiful harvest provided by the native inhabitants of the land, who were subsequently slaughtered by the beneficiaries of that kindness. But the tragedy of one action does not undo the beauty of another. The beauty of that first Thanksgiving day rests in their acknowledgement of the blessings and good fortune they had received by the very fact that they were still alive. The pilgrims and the Native Americans saw the bounty before them and had the dignity, respect, and intelligence to be grateful. I think perhaps we should all try to bring those very things to our Thanksgiving table this year and see how it improves our understanding of this holiday. No matter where you hail from, couldn’t we all use a day when we collectively sit around a gathering of our loved ones and BE thankful?

What are you thankful for? I am thankful for my family more than anything else, for they are my true sources of sustenance and joy. I am thankful for my awareness of the importance and impact of my natural beauty products. I am thankful for crisp autumn mornings and the ever-present British rain (without it I would get NOTHING done!) and my friends. I am thankful that I am still on the right side of the grass. With Love and Thanks, And bacon. I am very thankful for bacon.


Cranberry Anti-Aging Face Mask

Mix ingredients until it becomes a ★ paste. Cover and refrigerate for 45 ★ minutes to let the mixture thicken. Remove ★ from the fridge and let sit for about 10 minutes. Spread the mixture on clean, dry ★ skin, avoiding the eye area. Relax for 15 minutes, and then rinse off with warm water. Be sure to test for sensitivity by applying the mask to a less sensitive area of the body, such as the forearm before applying to the face. Page 85 1 cup fresh cranberries 1 cup seedless red grapes 2 teaspoons grapefruit juice 1 raw egg white

by Sorelle Amore Columnist

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Pinup Photography

Where to start, How to achieve amazing pin up shots

The beauty of pinup photography is just enough to catch the eye of a lot of people. There are a lot of aspiring photographers who wish to delve in to the world of pinup. Yes, you might have seen a lot of pinup photos and surely, at some point, you have fallen in love with the photos. Page 86

When talking about pinup photography, it is very important that you know what you're talking about. A lot of people claim to this photo style but in reality, some don't even know the history or background. The whole idea of this particular photography is to show women in a subtlety suggestive but cute way. You don't want to be too over the top. The pictures usually fall into two categories - either black and white or super colourful. If the photos are grey, make sure you work extra hard to ensure it the photos are classy and don't happen to fall into the raunchy realms category.

Pin Up Photography is all about class Learning pinup photography can't be achieved in a snap. For you to be able to gain more knowledge about what is and not within this area of expertise, you should be ready to do some research. It is true that there is a lot of innovation and creativity in the community of pinup photographers and there are ideas to work off the original artists and re-create their works in a more contemporary fashion. In fact, there have been some pinup artworks that have been “re-created� and some people are planning to do the same with their photos. This particular photo revolves around the 50's and for you to be able to take photos that will take your audience back to the 50's, there should be classic poses, imagery and clothing. There are a lot of pinup photos that you can find online and these photos can serve as your inspiration. You can also find a lot of books about this. Page 87

Learn from the

best pin up artists

Read about Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas, you will definitely learn loads from them like poses, hair, makeup, presentation and locations from their amazing paintings that you can copy in your photography. They are the most known pinup artists and they continue to be, up to now. If you are very willing to learn this photography style, you can always sign up for workshops that will help you with your photography skills and to help you learn more about taking pinup photos. There are also online workshops that you can enroll yourself in. Remember, always practice, practice, practice! The next thing after you have mastered the concepts of photography and maybe even copied down-pat your mentors style is to find your unique style just like these photographers have:

Miss Missy Photography

Bexterity Pin Up Photography

Page 88

Roy Varga

Miss Missy Photography


Gold Coast Pin Up Photography

By by Sorelle Amore Columnist

Page 89 Image Copyright Sassy Studios

Page 90

iBuildStrongWomen I’ve been asked over and over for my Top 10 Fat Loss Tips. Well, here they are.  More information.  Words on a page. Unless, you put them into action. #1. Know what you want. Focus. Those who know exactly what they want and by when are the most successful.  Not enough can be said about razor-sharp focus. #2. Want it bad enough. Desire. You’ve got to be ready to commit – full-on – to the work and follow-through that is necessary to achieve your goal.  No one else can want it for you.

it five years from now, it’s likely not for you in the long-term. Anchor what you want into a tangible action (ex. I want stronger, leaner legs and glutes; therefore, I’m going to powerwalk at an incline for 30 minutes most days.) Trust that this action will result in yourdesired goal.  If you need a proven plan simply and successfully laid out for you, you may want to take a look at my 90-Day Sleek & Sexy Online Fitness Transformation.

#4. Find your staples: Consistency. Staples provide structure.  Staples help me with consistently successful eating – a few current examples: Edamame (shelled soy beans) at lunch-time with my choice of protein helps to keep my #3. Anchor what you want to an energy constant and cravings at bay.  I also use a lot of ground flax seeds or action plan. Implement. With your hemp seeds because I choose not to commitment firmly in check, create a plan that feels both doable yet results- use flour or oats in my cooking or driven.  If you can’t see yourself doing baking.  A variety of local organic greens Page 90

provide much more satiety than

this: If you want to shed body fat, you

regular lettuce, and roasted zucchini,

must fuel your body within one hour of

asparagus and green beans are

waking up and then every three hours

definitely one of my dinner-time go-

thereafter until you go to bed to

to’s. If you are struggling to find your

continually boost your metabolism and

staples, I encourage you to read my

prevent over-eating.

new book, Freeway to Fat Loss. It’s a quick read with lots of tips, simple information and usable tactics.

#6. Protein, water and fiber up, sugar out!  Protein builds muscle. Muscle improves your metabolism.  Muscle

#5. Practice proactive eating after a

burns more calories – period. Water

Power Breakfast. You’ve heard it a

keeps your system flushed and hydrated

million times, and now you are going

so you can properly assimilate the

to hear it again. Breakfast truly is the

nutrients you are eating. Fiber helps you

most important meal of the day so find feel full and keeps you regular. Fiber also one that works for you, stick with it

helps to regulate your blood sugar level –

and don’t miss it. Some people have

the key to many things including

a hard time eating first thing in the

shedding body fat, optimal energy and

morning. If that’s the case, start with a anti-aging.  All help to prevent cravings.  fruit smoothly with protein powder –

Sugar is the devil. Stay away from the

even a small one. Others feel the need devil.  Your body’s composition is directly for toast and coffee first thing in the

related to the fuel you are putting into it.

morning. If this is you, I highly

This concept is crucial to your success!

recommend a Simply Bar with natural

On November 3rd, we’re hosting a Body

peanut butter. It’s a natural protein bar Composition & Nutrition Workshop with that is low in sugar and calories, high

Peter Schwagly of BodyComp Imaging of

in protein and fiber and has a great

Vancouver. We highly recommend that

texture. If you have no time for

you attend this session and will be

breakfast in the morning, try Char’s

offering it at Vibe, our studio in Gibsons

Powerhouse Protein Breakfast

as well as virtually. Contact us for further

Pudding. Basically, it boils down to

details. Page 91

Quality in =’s Quality out

rejuvenate and reconnect with the girls

#7. Be accountable and take a

over a weekend of fitness, yoga, spa-

Cheat Day. Set a timeline – with a

time, shopping, great food and so much

start and a finish – a deadline and

more. Come and join us!

someone to check in with and be accountable to. We all could use ‘a little help from our friends’ so whether that’s a buddy, mentor, coach or trainer – find that person and use them.  Let them know which day each week you’ll be taking as your Cheat Day and take it.  Why?  Because it provides a mental break and helps to boost your body’s metabolism by not letting it get too comfortable with a certain routine.  Besides, we all need something to look forward to!  What

#9. Practice a Positive Mindset: Fake it ‘til you make it.  Practice a positive mindset daily.  Yes, daily.  Sometimes that’s a tough assignment that calls for re-anchoring yourself to those really important things in your life, the things that keep you going: a loving husband, a beautiful family, exotic plans to explore the globe or an entrepreneurial vision that is going to leave a legacy. The positive far outweighs the negative and is exponentially more powerful.

are some of your favourite treats?

#10. Celebrate small successes.

Mine include: yam fries, burritos and

Acknowledge and celebrate each and

dried mango!

every success along the way. The more

#8. Move everyday! We were born to move.  Somehow over the years we’ve forgotten this. We sit far too much with poor posture, shallow

you acknowledge that the process IS working, the more it WORKS! It always works, and it will work for you. Let me know how you are doing.  

breathing and a weak core. Remember, energy breeds energy.  If you want to look and feel better, take action and MOVE IT!  We’re proud to offer West Coast Women’s Wellness Weekends.  These weekends offer you a getaway to recharge, re-energize, Page 92

In January 2013, I’ll be offering the opportunity to train with me LIVE no matter where you live in the world.

Thank God for technology bringing us closer together and closer to our goals. Â What a perfect Christmas gift request. Feel free to connect with me on Facebook or drop me an email anytime at Always listening and in your corner cheering for you!

Page 93 Page 93

Like Magnolias

Classic Southern American Recipes by Tanya Jackson Food Editor

Grits This past fall, you know southern fall, 60 degrees one day, 84 the next and if Canada comes whirling down it could actually get down into the 40’s. Well this fall my husband and I have been sick with some kind of crud; that is southern for “I am not going to the doctor. I know I can outwit this and outlast it.” sickness. So on a Monday morning I said I was going to have grits. Grits consist of coarsely ground corn, or sometimes alkali-treated corn (hominy). Grits are similar to other thick maize-based porridges from around the world, such as polenta, or the thinner farina. Wikipedia I just wanted something soothing on my throat and warm in my tummy as I went out the door to work. Grits is the southern way to wake up. Have you seen the vintage (code for old) movie “My cousin Vinny?” Two New York boys held for murder in the south and they call cousin Vinny who has never tried a case, to be their defense lawyer. The south will never be the same after Vinny makes his appearance. Page 94

In the diner for breakfast, Vinny and his girlfriend want to eat breakfast. Vinny Gambini: [Vinny and Lisa receive their breakfast orders, Vinny looks at his skeptically] Whats this over here? Cook: Grits. You never heard of grits? Vinny Gambini: Sure I've heard of grits. I just never actually *seen* a grit before. We love this movie and can almost quote it which is very annoying to family and friends. If you can, try to have personal family quotes. It is a good thing. I buy the brand name “Jim Dandy” grits. Yep, really named that. Here is the recipe for 4 servings, cause you are going to save the uneaten grits in the pan and make grit patties tomorrow.


1. Boil 5 1/3 cups water 2. Add 1/2tsp salt, and slowly wisk in 1 1/3 cups dry grits. 3. Stir till thick. I use lots of butter and salt in my bowl. My dad, from further south puts sugar and milk in his. Well, at least we are both confederates, so I give him a little slack. The next day you are going to make grit pancakes. 1. Use an egg or two, a little milk and if you are really fancy, some cheese. 2. Mix those together, make little patties and fry them up in your pan. I like a couple of fried eggs with mine, but no other meat. You can use ketchup if you like, or just plain. Fresh coffee with chicory if you like and that is “Sumemp-else.”

Good morning, World. Page 95

those few days right after having an awful case of the flu. Ever notice that? For days after recovering from a cold or some random food poisoning you feel so very happy. I find myself taking deeper breaths, smiling for no reason and thanking God that I am no longer debating whether death might actually be better than my current state of misery. But how does one truly recover from a health crisis and come out smiling?

Health Matters by Mina Muirhead, R.N. Health Editor

n the United States, November is the month that we celebrate Thanksgiving. It is a simple holiday, really. You get together with family and friends and mostly just eat and watch football. With our family, as with a lot of families, it is a tradition to go around the table and say what we are thankful for. So this got me thinking, what am I thankful for?


On the top of most people’s thankful list is health. It’s easy to say, and really when we say it, we do mean it. But health is one of those things in life that we do typically take for granted. I’m embarrassed to say, but a time in life that I have always been really grateful for my health are Page 96

I asked my dear friend Theresa that very question. I’ve known Theresa for about 7 years. She is one of the most vivacious women that I have ever known. Theresa is a personal trainer and life coach. She has run over 20 marathons and climbed 36 fourteeners (as we like to call the tallest peaks in Colorado). Theresa has raced in “Ride the Rockies” 5 times, which is a competitive 500+ mile bike race in Colorado. She has also competed in figure and body building in her spare time. Theresa is someone that I would love to emulate. She is a wonderful mother, wife and friend. She always has a kind word to say. When she asks how your day is, she truly wants to know the answer. She is someone you can count on when you need her. In early 2011 a mammogram changed Theresa’s life. Yet, a year and a half later Theresa is the same smiling, beautiful person she was before. In fact, she’s better. At the time of the fated mammogram, Theresa’s mother had survived breast

and again when she was 66. Because of this family history Theresa went yearly since the age of 40 for mammograms. At the beginning of last year, she was 47 years old and 6 months late for her most recent mammogram. A spot was detected and a biopsy confirmed cancer. It was stage I, therefore only a lumpectomy was needed to remove the cancer. Because Theresa’s mother had a significant background with breast cancer, Theresa decided to be tested for the BRCA gene. She tested positive.

through. She had so much strength and courage. I simply followed her lead.” Theresa also gives credit to her community for helping her. Her son’s soccer team organized meals and her friends came to the hospital to visit. She received cards and letters of encouragement from people she barely knew. These small acts of kindness are what helped her smile through the pain.

I know sometimes we can feel uncomfortable about what to do when someone we know is going through a difficult time. We want to show our love but feel we may overwhelm them, or we This is when the harder decisions may not be sure of what to say or do to became a reality. Theresa’s options show our support. What we maybe don’t basically came down to having a double mastectomy or taking long term realize is that small words of encouragement and love have a huge Tamoxifen and being monitored every impact. You won’t take the disease away. 3 months. During this time her No one expects you too. You can, daughter was having her own health issues and her mother’s breast cancer however, lift some of its heaviness. had returned for a 3rd time. Theresa says she did what she needed to do to Every time I see Theresa she is radiant. move on with her life. She scheduled She laughs often and loves life. If you surgery and in a span of 3 months had didn’t know her story, you wouldn’t even a double mastectomy, breast realize that she had one. I am thankful for reconstruction, and a total what her friendship has taught me. The hysterectomy. courage it takes to enjoy life while facing significant challenges. Being able to be Whenever I would see Theresa during thankful for our own health and for the this time she would tell me what she health of our loved ones is in itself a gift to was going through in the same manner be thankful. as one would talk about their experience with the flu. She laid out the facts for herself and her family and tackled each problem as it came. She has never felt sorry for herself. She Mina graduated with honors with her talks about other people she knows BSN from the University of Northern that have it much worse and gives Colorado in 1997. She is a member of them credit for being the strong ones. When I brought it to Theresa’s attention the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery. Have a question for Mina? that not everyone would have such a Please write to good attitude about the same and struggles, she gives credit to her mom. “I saw what my mom had gone include “Mina” in the subject field.



Page 98

I've been an American expat for nearly a decade, a consequence of falling in love with a man with a British accent in my mid-20s and raising our children here. I stay on top of US current events, although I note that throught the years, it's been a little bit like watching characters and their plotlines from MTV's Real World unfold. In fairness, that’s because being American is complicated. So are our politics. I remember post-9/11, watching at home in Chicago with a newborn in my arms, as President Bush declared "If they're not with us, they're against us!" and welling up with pride, as we rallied behind President Bush, trying to make sense of an incomprehensible travesty. I could not have possibly anticipated back in 2001, that I would watch so much more unfold from the UK, at a time where the US economy was humbled and where my accent would speak for me before I could even finish my name. Between 2004 and 2008, being an American abroad was difficult. I particularly grimaced at the idea of two main social situations: taxi journeys and visits to the hairdresser. They’re the only situations I can name off-hand where it is appropriate and natural for a complete stranger to take an innocent question like “So where are you from...” and use it as a segue into political questions that could make Madonna shuffle uncomfortably in her seat. Still, some of the comments I’ve taken on board through the years have opened my eyes. Things like concerns over backwards attitudes where women’s health was concerned and over the top religious propeganda fed into the faithful’s ears to manipulate their votes and sway them toward a conservative agenda ... or a liberal agenda. The banking crisis hit between 2007/2008 and then Obama was elected. That’s when the tide turned and things got a little bit easier for us expats. I put this down to the way the financial crisis demonstrated how very connected we had become and the fact that the UK completely embraced social networks in that same year, enhancing that global sense of community and each person's place within it now played out even more openly. Now in 2012, I watch the Presidential race and find that I am neither a Democrat nor Republican, but an American, looking into what I can only observe as an insular and often tunnel-visioned way of thinking and behaving - across all parties and affiliations.

FROM THE EDITOR I caution those who blame Bush for the state of US affairs to remember that it was the Clinton era and associated whimsical ideals of making every American a homeowner, which led ultimately to what is now known as "The Great Recession". Or was it Regan's vow of "No New Taxes", which led us to rob Peter to pay Paul and adopt a na誰ve expectation for a certain standard of living, regardless of our economic position? Or perhaps it is Woodrow Wilson's fault; after all, he was president when the first intangible drilling and development cost deduction began in 1917 (translation: subsidising the cost of oil and artificially suppressing the cost to us, the consumer). In fact, was there ever a point in American economics where one legacy did not impact that of the incumbent President? I'm no historian, but the likely answer surely is 'no'. When did "a chicken in every oven and an automobile on every driveway" evolve to "the latest Smartphone with unlimited calling package, and restaurant meals 2-4 times per week no matter where you are on the economic spectrum - employed or otherwise"? Surely this decadence is accountable for much of which plagues us. This year, more than ever, we Americans need to vote with heart and mind joined up, with the future of our workforce and that of our children in mind. It's so trite, but we really do need to look to the values our grandparents and great-grandparents held dear to turn the state of the nation around. And make no mistake, it will be us and not a political party, not any one leader, but the American public as a collective, even those who may find themselves displaced or expatriated, who will wrangle it back into position. In the meantime, I watch and attempt to do my small part from my seat outside the bubble, feeling as though I surely will burst from mixed emotion and equal measures of hope for a nation I so truly love.

Michelle Fitz Editor-In-Chief Rock the VOTE! Page 99

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Q. How much will you spend this year at Christmas? How do you manage the work rush, leading up to Christmas break? What are your resolutions for 2013? *Will the world end in December 2012?* Did your presidential candidate win? Share your views for publication in the December issue. Page 100

A Bit Quackers

I have been in many places, but I've never been in Cahoots. Apparently, you can't go alone. You have to be in Cahoots with someone. I've also never been in Cognito. I hear no one recognizes you there. I have, however, been in Sane. They don't have an airport; you have to be driven there. I have made several trips there, thanks to my friends, family and work.

I would like to go to Conclusions, but you have to jump, and I'm not too much on physical activity anymore. I have also been in Doubt. That is a sad place to go, and I try not to visit there too often. I've been in Flexible, but only when it was very important to stand firm. Sometimes I'm in Capable, and I go there more often as I'm getting older. One of my favorite places to be is in Suspense! It really gets the adrenalin flowing and pumps up the old heart! At my age I need all the stimuli I can get! And, sometimes I think I am in Vincible but life shows me I am not! Page 101

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US Presidential Race 2012 Politics: they are enough to make your head spin and that’s before you even consider the cost or the process! According to the Centre for Responsive Politics, the 2012 US Presidential race is set to be the most expensive in history. At a huge $6 Billion campaign tab, and President Obama and Governor Romney at a combined $2.6 Billion, it’s hard to believe a key driver in this race was actually spending. Perhaps we digress. There seem to be a good number of people divided and confused (sometimes in equal parts) by one issue in this Presidential Race. For some, it’s been vocal candidate views on embryo research, contraception and terminations. For others, the one issue has been the fear that we cannot afford these fantastic ideals on the table with the Obama administration. One lady has expressed her concern over comments made by the Obama administration which lean toward a very anti-aviation stance, something important to her family as her husband (the family breadwinner) is employed in the aviation industry. This race has been the soap opera of all elections. Four years ago, we had a dramatic Sarah Palin with her beauty pageantry and down-home colloquialisms, alongside the revered public servant in John McCain – paired against an eloquent and hopeful young black politician from Chicago, a Harvard graduate, who identified and unified working and middle class America with prosperity measures – campaign promises – like healthcare reform, capturing Bin Laden and closing down Guitmo. 2012 has shown a different balance of rhetoric which at various points, each having struck a cord with many Americans simultaneously. Americans want a fair game: jobs, on par with their training and skill set, as under employment has become something of an epidemic for many Americans

Did Y# Know?

To qualify for President of The United States, you must: • Be a Native-born U.S. citizen • Be at least 35 years old • Have lived in the U.S. for 14 years

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In 2000, Al Gore won the popular vote but lost the election to George W. Bush - this happened three other times in history: 1824, 1876 and 1888


not reported in the unemployment statistics; fairer health insurance underwriting; and reform on government spending. The highs and lows? Where do we begin? Romney, the multi-millionaire who won’t share his tax returns and boasts a lush lifestyle and career portfolio which includes mass-outsourcing of jobs to China. Romney on camera at a private fundraiser, talking about the 47% of lazy Americans who want something for nothing. One debate, which after the video gaffe made by Romney should have been a “give-me”, where Obama left his mojo at home and gave the win to his opponent. Another where he came back nearly nose-to-nose (literally) in response to his administration’s handling of the Libya attack, and yet one more which was more peaceful but offensive-line where both sides went toe-to-toe, calling each other out on alleged misrepresentation of fact. And then of course, super storm Sandy, which rocked the East Coast just as this publication went to press, showcasing the President as an actiondriven “use my direct number if you need anything” guy and Governor Romney as your every-man, concerned not with politics, but with aiding those displaced and in need while his plans to cut federal funding for FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) were castrated publically, and contrasted by the Mayor of New Jersey on (shudder) the conservativeleaning news channel, Fox. It’s a close race! So what would happen if there was a tie in the electoral college? An interesting scenario consisting of a potential Romney President and Joe Biden VP! Seriously, that’s part of the rules and you can learn more directly at CNN

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Autumn Competition Winners

Letter Tappit Tutorial

Is your cake in our October Hall of Fame?

Niki Tomkinson the baker with a heart of gold

Cakes Around the World Feature



B AKING ~ DECORATING ~ S H A R I N G Hello everyone, welcome to our October newsletter! It has been a really busy month with so much going on! Firstly, I am loving the front cover of this issue! I have decided that going forwards, I will be featuring your amazing cakes on the cover of our magazines, so please continue to share your creations on our Cake Masters facebook wall. We have a special feature telling you all about our competition winner Becky Brine from Bubba’s Bakery which was part of her overall prize. We have a a Halloween theme throughout this issue with some awesome tutorials; some great skull cakes, and a fantastic article from Posey Furnish telling us all about the celebration that is Halloween. One of the best bits of this issue has to be the “Cakes Around the World” feature. We had so much fun researching this, and looked high and low for the best of the best. I hope you like this feature as we very much enjoyed putting it together for you. As we have mentioned before, this magazine with act as a bit of a round up, incase you might has missed something on facebook. As always am in awe of all the caking and baking skill out there and I will do my best to “shout out” all the amazingly talented cakers by featuring you in my magazine. Looking forward to November already! Are you going to Cake International? We will be there, filming a short video - SO EXCITED! Please do let us know about your thoughts, we love to hear your feedback on what you liked, what could be better, and what else you would like to see! Enjoy!

Rosie x FRONT COVER: Becky Brine ~ Bubba’s Bakery - Cake Masters Competition Winner 2


Autumn Competition Winners 35


In this issue...

Welcome from Rosie ~ Page 2 Birthday Cake Competition Winner ~ Page 4 Skull Inspiration ~ Page 11 The Big Deal About Halloween ~ Page 16 Halloween Tutorials ~ Page 18 Vintage Competition Winners and our favourite entires ~ Page 21 Running Competitions on Facebook ~ Page 29 Tappit Tutorial from The Chocolate Strawberry ~ 30 Autumn Competition Winners ~ Page 35 The Baker with a Heart of Gold ~ Page 36 Border Moulds Feature ~ Page 38 Cakes Around the World Feature ~ Page 39 Cake International Memories from 2011 ~ Page 51 Most Desired ~ Page 52 Off Shopping ~ Page 54 Chocolate Cake Recipes ~ Page 55 Hall of Fame ~ Page 56

Tappit Tutorial

Cakes around the world


Halloween Tutorials 19 3







from Bubba’s Bakery 5


Talented BAKER & Cake Artist ... and ONLY 20 years old Congratulations Becky ~ Cake Masters Winner of the Birthday Cake inspired competition. There is nothing we love more, than finding out more about you- the talent behind the cakes. We caught up with Becky to find out more. Q: Tell  us  a  bit  about  you  and  your  family  “I  grew  up  in  Yeovil  and  had  a  very  arty  childhood.  I  used   to  spend  every  weekend  with  my  Nan  and  Granddad   pain<ng,  drawing  and  baking  cakes.  We’ve  always  been  a   close  family,  and  I’ve  been  brought  up  to  appreciate   everything  I  have.  As  a  kid  I’d  always  prefer  to  play   football  in  the  park  with  my  dad  than  going  shopping  like   all  the  other  girls  were!”    

cupcakes and  adding  more  and  more  cake  equipment  to   my  collec<on.  

As a  joke  my  partner  said  I  should  set  up  a   Facebook  page  called  ‘Bubba’s  Bakery’   because  that’s  my  nickname  from  him  and   everyone  he  works  with  thought  I  worked   at  a  bakery  because  they  got  so  many   cupcakes!   I  set  up  my  page,  and  my  <ny  liTle  cake  page  soon  grew,   and  has  now  reached  over  1400  fans.”

Q: What  is  your  earliest  memory  of  baking   “My  first  memory  is  making  fairy  cakes  with  my  mum  on   a  Friday,  and  then  going  to  my  Nan’s  house  the  next  day   to  do  the  same  thing!  I’d  make  sultana  and  cherry  cakes   with  my  mum,  and  cakes  with  icing  and  plenty  of  sweets   with  my  Nan! Q:  What  is  your  baking  story? “In  my  second  year  at  college  I  met  my  partner,  and  at   only  17  made  a  massive  choice  to  move  in  with  him...  200   miles  away  to  Southend  on  Sea  where  he  lives!  I  s<ll   con<nued  my  college  course  but  also  found  another   hobby  to  occupy  my  <me…  baking.  I  started  making  cute   cupcakes  for  him  to  take  to  work,  and  then  someone   asked  me  to  make  them  a  cake...  and  my  cake  obsession   began!  I  ended  up  passing  my  course  by  adding  cake   decora<ng  into  my  final  major  project.   APer  my  course  ended  I  started  job  hun<ng,  but  in  the   mean  <me  my  days  were  filled  with  designing  cakes  and  

                                                                                       Con<nued  >> 6


Q: What  have  you  learned  about   yourself?   “I’ve  learnt  that  being  your  own  worst  cri<c   can  some<mes  take  its  toll.  I’ve  had  many   sleepless  nights  worrying  about  what  the   customer  will  think,  and  some<mes  mid   cake  I’ll  break  down  worrying  it  won’t  be   good  enough.  I  think  it’s  nice  to  know  I  care   so  much,  and  want  the  cake  to  be  special   but  over  <me  I’ve  started  developing  more   confidence  and  learning  what  my  limits  are.   Of  course  there  will  always  be  an  order  that   makes  me  want  to  give  up  cake  decora<ng   all  together…  but  then  I  have  a  cup  of  tea,   watch  some  goofy  Youtube  video  and  get   back  to  work  because  it’s  always  worth  it  in   the  end.

Q: Where  do  you  get  your  baking   inspira;ons?  A  lot  of  my  inspira<on  comes  from  online.   It’s  an  amazing  place  filled  with  astounding   cakes,  tutorials,  helpful  forums  etc.  I  also  fill   up  my  sky  box  with  cake  programme  aPer   programme.  Ace  of  Cakes  has  always  been   my  favourite.  I  know  they  aren’t  the   neatest  decorators  and  they  cause  a  lot  of   controversy,  but  I  love  how  they  push   boundaries  and  make  things  with  cake  that   you  just  don’t  think  possible.  

Q: Who  is  your  role  model   “Ahh  this  is  a  tough  one…  There  are  so   many  decorators  out  there  I  could  only   dream  of  being  as  good  as.  But  I  can  narrow   it  down  to  two.  Duff  Goldman  and  my  Nan.   Duff,  because  he  pushes  cake  to  its  limits   and  reminds  me  (aPer  a  stressful  day)  that   cake  decora<ng  is  fun!  And  my  Nan,   because  I  always  want  to  make  her  proud.   She  was  the  sweetest  person  I’ve  ever   known,  and  I  know  she’d  want  me  to  be   successful  in  this.  So  I  push  myself  for  her.”



Q: What  has  been  your  biggest   challenge? Myself.  I’ve  never  been  someone  with  a  lot   of  self  confidence  and  belief,  so  to  work  for   myself  has  been  a  struggle.  It  doesn’t   maTer  how  many  people  tell  me  how  good   a  cake  is,  all  I  can  see  are  the  flaws.  It’s   something  I’m  definitely  trying  to  work  on   though,  and  aPer  a  year  I’ve  no<ced  a   massive  difference.  The  more  confidence  I   have,  the  more  willing  I’ll  be  to  try  new   things  and  the  more  I’ll  grow  as  a  cake   decorator.

Q: Tell  us  an  interes;ng  fact  about   yourself   I  once  performed  on  stage  at  Disney  land   Paris.  It  was  for  my  school  choir,  and   despite  not  being  able  to  sing  and  being   absolutely  petrified  I  stood  on  stage,  and   sang  my  heart  out  to  a  load  of  French   people  that  couldn’t  understand  a  word  we   sang!  

Give us  3  top  baking  ;ps:   •

Glove up!  For  the  first  year  of  baking  I   used  to  colour  fondant  with  bare  hands   and  it  definitely  showed  aPerwards.   Rubber  gloves  have  saved  me  from  any   more  ‘What  happened  to  your  hands?”   conversa<ons!

If you  want  to  add  edible  pearls  to  your   cake  but  don’t  want  to  pay  for  a  certain   colour  that  you  don’t  need  many  of   then  just  buy  white  pearls  and  colour   them  yourself!  Just  get  a  liTle  plas<c   bag  (a  sandwich  bag  will  do)  and  then   add  a  liTle  powdered  colouring  to  the   pearls  and  shake  it  un<l  the  colour  has   coated  them  equally.

Stock up!  It  seems  obvious  but  if   there’s  a  good  offer  on  fondant,  icing   sugar  etc.  then  fill  up  your  trolly!  It   might  seem  expensive  at  the  <me  but   prices  are  only  going  up  and  I’ve   no<ced  that  baking  items  don’t  seem  



Becky in her dressing room

Becky in the local press

Q: What  has  been  your  proudest   moment?  

Becky posing with her entry

I think  it’s  safe  to  say  taking  part  in  an   ‘amateur  cake  compe<<on’  filmed  live  on   Channel  4’s  Fern  Show.  I  was  scouted   through  Facebook  and  asked  to  submit  a   design  based  on  the  royal  wedding.  I  was   short  listed  and  then  finally  chosen  to   take  part.  For  the  first  round  I  made  my   first  ever  three  <er  cake,  with  a   champagne  boTle  carved  from  rice  crispy   treats  on  the  top.  I  made  it  to  the  final   and  decided  to  make  my  biggest  cake  yet.   It  was  3P  by  2P  wide  and  took  up  the   en<re  back  seat  of  the  car!  Unfortunately   I  didn’t  win,  but  I  got  to  meet  some   amazing  people,  three  incredible  cake   decorators  (we’ve  all  stayed  in  contact)   and  the  cake  legend  herself…  Jane  Asher!



Becky with the cakes she made for an event at Bulbarrow Farm which was the first big event she catered for >>>>

Below are some of Beckyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s other awesome cakes



Posey from Cake Tails tells us why the Americans go all out during Halloween... "Cupcakeologist" Posey Furnish is American by birth but, as she says, "British by choice." Posey grew up in the States amidst her mother's bespoke wedding and party cake business which - quite literally - whetted her appetite about the importance of flavour. She moved to London in 1997 to follower her heart and pursue a lifelong dream of living in England, and in so doing embraced British culture, including the cuisine, before settled in Wimbledon Chase in London.  Over the years she has worked in range of fields in the UK including schools, libraries, event management and communications but never lost sight of her passion for making food - particularly baked goods - taste as good as they look. When the American cupcake craze hit London, Posey was initially delighted but gradually became more and more disappointed and disillusioned as the interpretation of how a cupcake should taste was cheapened and weakened. Posey's baking was always sought after by office colleagues and friends but it was only when she took the leap and began applying the principles of mixology and cocktail-making to her cupcakes that a business idea grew - CakeTails by Posey - in 2011. Her cakes were featured in a Daily Mail article in August and from there she's gained fans and praise for her baking from fans in Spain, Denmark, France and Australia. Something else Posey is passionate about is raising her young son with an awareness of American culture, and in particular, American holidays and traditions. She shares her view of Halloween with us, to show the "real" side of this holiday, because it's one of her favourites (it's also her birthday!).



Recently a  friend  and  I  were  in  a   shop  which  had  a  few  Halloween   items  on  display.  This  friend  is,  like   me,  a  fun-­‐loving  mum  who  enjoys   celebra<ons  of  any  kind,  par<es,   kitschy  things,  retro  sweets  and   baking.  But  unlike  me,  she  is  not   American.  So  in  response  to  my   obvious  delight  about  haunted   house  cake  stands  and  graveyard   napkins,  she  said,  in  a  bemused  

“tell me  again   why  Halloween  is   such  a  big  deal?  I   just  don’t  get  it.” way,  

She is  not  alone.  Many  –  okay,   most  –  of  my  friends  simply  do  not   “get”  Halloween  or  why  it  is  such   an  enjoyable  –  and  important,   holiday  in  the  States.  And  sadly,  as   is  the  case  with  so  many  American   customs  and  tradi<on,  the   elements  that  have  been  adopted   by  the  UK  in  recent  years  are  the   most  commercial  and  least   important  to  making  Halloween  so   much  fun.  Now,  of  course  trick-­‐or-­‐ trea<ng  –  one  of  the  few  elements   that  has  taken  off  over  here  –  is   one  part  of  celebra<ng  Halloween.   But  most  of  the  really  enjoyable   celebratory  aspects  are  being   missed  out  on  by  folks  who  choose   to  celebrate  Halloween.   Growing  up  in  a  small  New   England  town,  Halloween  was  one   of  the  major  community  events   for  the  en<re  year.  The  party  held   in  the  centre  of  town  –  either  in   the  church  hall  or  community   centre  –  was  looked  forward  to  by   neighbours  and  residents  of  all   ages.  For  me  as  a  child,  Halloween   prep  began  in  early  October   through  heated  playground   discussions  about  what  costume  

our mums  would  make  (we   weren’t  limited  to  being  a  witch/ devil/vampire/ghost  like  children   are  here  in  the  UK  –  I  personally   was  a  ballerina,  a  nurse,  Queen   Guinevere,  a  cat  and  a  “velvet   witch”,  to  name  a  few).  But  it   wasn’t  just  the  kids  who  looked   forward  to  Halloween  or  got   dressed  up.  Our  mums  –  and  in   some  cases,  dads  –  saw  it  as  a   chance  to  decorate  our  yards  and   houses,  make  amazing  costumes   for  themselves  as  well  as  for   children  and  best  of  all  –  to  bake   special  treats.     As  one  of  my  fellow  ex-­‐pats  told   me,  “My  mom  was  big  into   Halloween.  She'd  start  making   cookies  and  pumpkin  bread  weeks   in  advance.”  And  it’s  true.   Halloween  is  a  crea<ve’s  dream   come  true  –  and  in  par<cular  –  a   baker  &  cake  decorator’s  dream   come  true!  Obviously  pumpkins   feature  heavily,  both  in  flavour   and  design  ideas.  But  it  doesn’t   stop  there.  Into  royal  icing?  Think   elaborately  iced  cookies  shaped   like  brooms<cks,  witches  hats  and   ghosts.  Like  miniature  cakes?  How   about  bat-­‐shaped  mini  cakes   drizzled  with  a  black  maple  icing.   More  of  a  pie/tart  baker?  Try   pumpkin  &  chocolate  pies  with  a   swirled  paTern  to  look  like  spider   webs.  Or  if  you  enjoy  a  challenge,   do  a  search  for  “shortbread   haunted  houses”  and  you  will  see   work  to  rival  any  winter<me   gingerbread  house  fantasy.  And  of   course,  there  are  the  cupcakes  –   quite  literally,  millions  of  them   (my  search  for  “Halloween   cupcakes”  returned  15.4m   op<ons)  to  accommodate  your   personal  preferences  and  styles. Halloween  baking  –  in  kind  with   autumnal  baking  in  general  –  is  

also an  opportunity  to  work  with   seasonal  ingredients:  fresh   pumpkins,  just-­‐picked  apples  and   root  vegetables  like  carrots  and   beetroot  all  feature  heavily  in   popular  recipes.  Or,  as  another  ex-­‐ pat  friend  men<oned,  “aPer   Halloween,  my  mother  a  few  days   later  would  take  the  pumpkins   from  the  stoop,  carve  them,  and   boil  them  down...She'd  freeze  the   pies  she  made  for  Thanksgiving.”   These  types  of  vegetables  make   for  the  most  incredibly  moist  and   flavourful  cakes  –  something  we   Yanks  are  always  striving  to   achieve. On  the  day  itself,  the   aforemen<oned  trick-­‐or-­‐trea<ng   (which  actually  happens  a  lot  less   now  than  it  did  20-­‐30  years  ago)  is   so  much  more  entertaining  than   the  UK’s  approach  of  cheap  rubber   masks  and  capes  bought  has<ly  as   an  aPerthought  by  many  parents.   Care  and  aTen<on  is  given  to   what  you  dress  up  as  -­‐  “the  best   part  of  Halloween  was  deciding   what  we  wanted  to  be  and  the   lengths  and  crea<vity  my  mom   went  to,  to  make  our  costumes”   and  it  is  truly  anything  goes   because  we  don’t  limit  ourselves   to  just  monsters  and  witches!  In   addi<on,  many  households   par<cipate  in  the  experience  itself:   “One  year  my  dad  put  out  a   scarecrow-­‐type  man  on  the  front   porch  in  a  chair  at  the  beginning  of   the  month,  including  a  mask  and   hat.  On  Halloween  he  put  a  bowl   (of  candy)  with  a  sign  saying,   "please  only  take  one”  and   removed  the  dummy,  put  on  the   ousit  himself  and  sat  with  the   bowl  in  his  lap.  Whenever  a   greedy  kid  came  up  he  would  grab   their  hand  and  say,  "Sign  says   TAKE  ONE'!"  You  can  bet  he  gave  a   few  teens  a  big  fright!”   17


Reflec<ng back  on  the  origins  of   Halloween,  it  is  s<ll  an  opportunity   to  remind  ourselves  that  death  is   the  other  side  of  life.  Many   churches  in  America  –  certainly  all   of  them  in  my  small  hometown  –   embrace  the  holiday,  choosing  to   see  it  not  as  a  celebra<on  of  evil   but  a  reminder  that  there  are  two   sides  of  the  proverbial  “coin”.   Poking  fun  at  the  modern   iconography  of  devils,  witches  and   ghosts  can  be  affirming  and  a  way   of  presen<ng  a  definite  non-­‐ western  approach  to  death  –  not   that  it  is  to  be  feared,  but  that  it  is   simply  a  part  of  life.

But beyond  all  of  the  delicious   and  fun  aspects,  Halloween  is  a   community  event.  

As a  mum  myself  now,  I  can  see   how  it  was  an  opportunity  for  all   of  the  parents  and  families  to   come  together  and  share  their   crea<vity  and  baking  in  a   collec<ve  way.  Sure,  there  was   and  always  will  be  a  sense  of   wan<ng  to  slightly  outdo  each   other,  but  in  America  we  call  that   kind  of  compe<<on  “healthy”  and   it  always  seemed  to  mo<vate  the   mothers  (and  a  few  dads)  to  want   to  make  something  delicious  and   lovely  to  look  at  (if  eyeball   cupcakes  count  as  “lovely”)  to   share  with  our  friends  and   neighbours.  And  for  the  non-­‐ professional  baking  community  in   the  UK,  shouldn’t  that  be  worth   something  to  us,  in  our  streets  and   towns?

This year  –  for  the  third  year   running  –  I  am  organising  a   Halloween  party  with  some  of  the   parents  I’ve  met  through  my  son’s   school.  We  will  hire  a  hall,   organise  some  spooky/silly  games   and  there  will  be  cakes,  decorated   by  parents  and  kids  alike.  We   won’t  be  winning  any  prizes  but   we  will  all  be  having  fun  together,   and  that  is  what  Halloween  in   America  really  is  all  about.

Okay, so  maybe  it’s  a   li>le  bit  about  the   candy,  too...either  way,   Happy  Halloween!

...on the subject of halloween

Tutorial from Glorious Treats >>

...WE LOVE THESE, and so easy to make! 18


Halloween Tutorials

Tutorial from Best Friends of Frosting >>

Tutorial from SweetAmbs >>



Halloween Tutorials

Tutorial from Callicious Cakes

Tutorial from The Chocolate Strawberry



RUNNING COMPETITIONS ON You commonly see Businesses running competitions that are against Facebook’s Guidelines:

Running competitions directly on their Facebook Page. You are required to use a competition application must not run a competition directly on your Wall.

Having users automatically enter by ‘Liking’ a Page. You may have them first ‘Like’ your Page but this must lead on to entering a properly set up competition.

Conditioning entry in the promotion upon a user providing content on Facebook, such as posting on a Wall of a Page, uploading a photo, posting a status update (such as asking Friends to ‘Like’ the Page). Any interaction a user takes must be using the competition application and not directly on your Page.

Notifying winners on their Facebook Wall. Most people do not realise that Facebook requires that you notify the winner by email or other means, but not using Facebook in any way to do so.

The above was taken from a really interesting article where it goes on to talk about the Facebook page that was owned by a French retailer called Kiabi being deleted by Facebook for violating promotion rules.


Read the full article from SearchEngineJournal here >>

The safest way to run a competition is by installing an application like Top Tab>>

Stop wasting your time and money running random giveaways and make your fans promote your business! Try Top Tab - a voting competition platform for Facebook Pages. Take advantage of our FREE preview mode and amazing customisation options! Fan Pages devoted to charity may use our platform completely free of charge. 29

The chocolate strawberry

Getting perfect lettering is not always easy and there are lots of different tools and bits of equipment you can buy, tappits being one of them. Most people find tappits the hardest to use to we wanted to bring you a tutorial. Sarah from The Chocolate Strawberry has a unique signature style with her cakes, were she combines the use of words on her cakes and cupcakes. We at Cake Masters are a fan of her designs and perfect finishes - it was only fitting to ask Sarah to put together a tutorial of us.

Tuto"al >>



The chocolate strawberry

Tuto"al The Chocolate Strawberry

What yo u need:

Step 1 Roll out a little flower paste until it's so thin that you can see some of the cornflour through it. Use the cutter provided with the tappits to cut a strip. Leave it to dry a little for a few minutes.

- Flower paste - Cornflo ur for du sting the board - Non-sti ck acryli c rolling - Tappit pin cutters - Grease proof/ba king pap - Edible er glue - Small p aintbrus h



The chocolate strawberry

Step 2 Press your cutter in to the icing and wiggle it back and forth GENTLY to get a clean cut. The cutters do get blunt after a while and will need replacing if you use them a lot.

The Chocolate Strawberry

Step 3 Tap your letter out on to the paper to dry completely.



The chocolate strawberry

Step 4 The upper case letters are easier to cut than lower case if you are just beginning. I find the letter 'r' in this font is not very good, so I cut an 'n' with a scalpel to create a better shape.

The Chocolate Strawberry

TIP: The flower paste can be coloured as usual with gels or bits of coloured fondant. You can also leave them to dry completely and use metallic sprays on them. As you get better, you'll be able to cut thicker letters.



The chocolate strawberry

Step 5 Place the dried letters on to the fondant to space, then push them in slightly to mark their position. Apply a few dots of edible glue to ensure they are stuck down. Using a tiny paintbrush really helps you get a clean finish. If you use too much glue the letter will become transparent.


The Chocolate Strawberry 34


Autumn Competition

Winners Violet Beeton


Rosy Lai

Sarah Pierce

Zoe Moss



Wed#ng Dreams

saved by a lady with a heart of gold... Dozens of brides had their wedding dreams shattered after the “Brides of Portsmouth” shop in Elm Grove Southsea suddenly closed up shop earlier this year. The company said that they were unfairly implicated in a show on Channel 5, “Cowboy Traders” in relation to a previous owner of the shop. Niki Tomkinson from Sweet Creations went out of her way to make the cakes for the brides who had been let down and has been left out of pocket. We wanted to find out more about this lovely lady who saved the day for so many brides. Q: Tell us a bit about you and your family “ My names Niki & I am 33 years old. I live with my husband Stuart and we have been married for 10 years, we have 2 sons , Jack 9 years old and Alfie 5 years old.”

Tell us a bit about your background: I started cake making 4 years ago from my kitchen, just making the odd cake for family and friends. Word got around and I was asked to make more… so my business naturally grew. It simply grew too big for my kitchen so I took the next step and got a little workshop.” Tell us a bit about your business: “We opened our doors on the 7th August 2011, just carrying on making cakes and cupcakes. We were approached in March 2012 by the bridal shop “Brides of Portsmouth” to take on wedding cake orders, and in May 2012 we agreed to help with their wedding packages.”

What happened with the company going bust? “I was notified by my friend who went to get her wedding dress and the shop was closed. I then contacted my contact in the company of which whom I thought was the manager who informed me they hadn’t been paid for months and had left their jobs. A subsequent note was left on there website saying they would resume business on the following Tuesday. However, on when Tuesday came, a note was placed on the shop window saying that the shop had gone in to liquidation and customers should contact the liquidators. I then phoned Sharon Keates who worked for the company and asked what was happening. She told me that due to the Channel 5 program “Cowboy Traders”, they had suffered loss of business and could no longer trade.”

What was the reaction of brides to the awful news? “Panic, devastation, sense of worry and disbelief.”



Why did you take it How much time did it upon yourself to help? take? “I had been in touch with some of the brides via the social media network and I was made aware that some of them had already paid substantial amounts of money. I didn’t want to be the reason they didn’t have a cake on there wedding day.” How much out of pocket are you? “Roughly a few thousand pounds.”

“I’ve cleared the bulk of the orders now but still have a few remaining.” What was the feedback from the brides when they heard you were going to do the cake? “Very Happy that they didn’t have to spend out any more money then they already had.”

What is the feedback from the brides when they picked up their cakes? “We delivered the cakes to the venues, and all the brides have been happy with what they had received.” How do you feel about what you did? Im just glad I could help them out , and appreciate all the thanks I have been given .

Thanks for sharing your story with us!

Niki, That’ s want us back ed to from your webs leave you honeymo on an to sa ite as som y with a thanks v promisede feedbac d e able dvice on ry much . We wou k for to pro the c f when ake a or helpingld like vide, n i a t fanta was ma nd for th d what y us s mind tic and w de. The c e actual c ou are , we ake l ake wo as exa recom oo mend uld have ctly what ked w n ing y ou to o hesitat e had in Than i a n yone on ks ag ain, else. Gaz & Lor na G lenist er



Border moulds feature! I tried  border  moulds  from  Marvelous  Molds  this  month.   The  unity  and  preTy  in  pleats  moulds  are  my  favourites! Our  video  tutorial  can  be  viewed  here! Have  a  look  at  the  collec<on  at  The  Cake  Decora<ng  Company.

Border Moulds  CollecEon




ar$nd % WORLD

As the temperature drops and the coats come out the cupboard, summer holidays are a very distant memory! I went to Marrakech for a long weekend and it was just lovely! I wanted to dedicate the next couple of pages to cake based on certain countries around the globe! First up, is this lovely suitcase cake and fancy globe from Amy Scott Cakes Love the land on the globe, just fantastic! Enjoy Rosie x




Beautiful Parisian cookies from Icing Bliss

Stunning black royal icing Eiffel Tower from blogger “Me and Mine”.

Do you fancy having a go at making your own royal icing Eiffel Tower? Check out this awesome tutorial from Sugar Duchess!




Awesome work from The Cake Diosa. This cake took over 60 hours of labour and was sold for $120 (only!?) and achieve a $10 tip! WOW is all I am going to say!!!pisa




Love these cupcakes representing Santorini. Lovely finish from Sweet Dimple Cakes



Egypt The best Tutankhamum cake on the planet! Fantastic work from Extreme Bakeover




This Moroccan lantern cake from Heather Barranco DREAM CAKES is absolutely stunning! The attention to detail is superb with every mosaic piece perfectly finished. I went to Marrakech earlier this year and is was just so beautiful ~ below are some of my holiday snaps!




Mini dragon cookies from Walking Down the Cookie Road. Really easy to make, visit their blog to see step by step instructions on how to make these cute little dragon cookies.

Beautiful hand painted kimono cookies from Sugar Envy. Visit their page to see absolutely stunning works of art!




I am such a fan of Michelle Sugar Art. Her cakes are amazing and she is way up there when it comes to cake talent. Michelle has some great videos where she shows how she makes cakes form start to finish - check the following videos out!





USA ~New York

Stunning work of art from For the Love of Cake Custom Creations in Toronto. The sugar pieces around this particular wedding cake are simply beautiful! VISIT THEIR PAGE FOR MORE STUNNING WORKS OF CAKE ART!




The cake above depicts the African Safari experience perfectly, from the textured patterns around the bottom of the cake to the perfectly perched hat. Awesome work from Key Art Studio Cakes

We searched high and low for a cake that had the perfect African sunset with animal silhouettes. I love the gorgeous colouring and hand painted artwork. The giraffe on top is extra special! Fantastic work from Frosted Memories by Emma 48


UAE ~ Dubai

The iconic Burj Al Arab cake from Yeners Cakes. This cake has been engineered to sheer perfection




Excellent Sydney Opera House from Yves Cakes




Cake International Memories from 2011 Are you going to Cake International at the Birmingham NEC this year? The show last year was simply brilliant, and a must go for anyone who sleeps, eats and bakes cake.

We will be going up on the Friday and will be creating a short video all about the show! If you see us filming say hello, as we will want to take footage of your opinions too! If you are a stall holder or someone entering a competition and will be there on Friday who wants to be part of the video please register interest by emailing us!



...hurry they fill up quickly!




THE HOME MAT Sized for the HOME decorator. 22" X 22" Works perfect for HOME based cake artist with more limited work-space - cover up to a 12" cake. THE ONLY FOOD SAFE VINYL FONDANT MAT AVAILABLE - This patent pending 2mat system is a revolutionary way to roll out and cover cakes with fondant. Use this Food Safe tool and our method to make a Fondant cake and get professional results instantly!





Half Sphere Moulds So the contestants on the GBBO really struggled with making tea cakes, but actually... I am not sure it is that hard (she says...!!) This mould is only ÂŁ5.99 from Baked by Me and also includes links to a really handy step by step tutorial, showing you how EASY making tea cakes are!





Halloween spooky house toppers These topper come in a range of sizes and look brilliant on any cake. Sizes include 1.5 inch, 2inch, 7.5inch and 9.8inches.

16 Piece Decorating Tip Set Petal Decorating Tips 61 and 97 Writing Tips 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 Basket weave Tips 45 and 48 Closed Star Tips 24 and 54 Leaf Decorating Tips 74 and 69 Open Star Tips 20 and 21.



Double sided cutter set Plain on one side, fluted on the other and all kept neatly together in their own container. 48 to 98mm Diameter. (1 7/8" up to 3 7/8"), Set of 6 £3.49



A M A Z I N G CHO C OLAT E C AKE RECIPE We asked you to share your best chocolate cupcake recipes with us and we tried the Devils Food Cake from Nigella. It worked an absolute treat for the cupcakes we made so thanks for letting us know about this recipe!

Ingredients • • • •

See the full recipe here! • • • • • •

50 gram(s) cocoa powder (sifted) 100 gram(s) dark muscovado sugar 250 ml water (boiling) 125 gram(s) unsalted butter (soft - (plus some for greasing)) 150 gram(s) caster sugar 225 gram(s) plain flour ½ teaspoon(s) baking powder ½ teaspoon(s) bicarbonate of soda 2 teaspoon(s) vanilla extract 2 medium eggs

Other recipes you told us about that we will try soon! Old fashioned chocolate cake from Nigella Chocolate mud cake from TWIS Weddings Primrose Bakery chocolate cupcakes Chocolate Cupcakes from GoodtoKnow Chocolate Oreo cupcakes from AmyWriting Brown eyed baker dark chocolate cupcakes



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