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VOLUME 1 2012

Taralynn McNitt On Planning Your Back to School Diet Game Plan When Bullying Goes From Classroom to Workplace




About This Publication Compassion Fashion Project began in 2009, as a grass-roots network for bloggers and non-profits, which provided a media outlet and marketing platform to promote their efforts, campaigns and fundraisers. With professional backgrounds in project management and creative consultancy, our directors incorporated CFP Consulting, to maximize time and costs associated in providing professional services to both paid clients and a small number of charities free of charge. CFP Consulting is a registered company in the USA and UK, offering specialist Business Change, Home and key Commercial Services such as Management Consultancy, Web Development, Branding, Marketing, PR, Recruitment & Business Strategy. Our motto is Consulting With A Difference and that difference is, we make Philanthropy a part of our business model. Through a network of volunteers, we organize dress-sewing campaigns for girls in the Third World, and provide information on business, careers and personal development via Facebook, an online magazine, and a radio program. Our goal is to share knowledge and show women that no matter how bad things are, they can dust themselves off and make a good life of their own. We share tips, inspirational stories, write resumes for the unemployed or underemployed, and most importantly, we offer professional services to charities and non-profit events so that they can maximize every penny they raise.

We are often asked “Why Fashion?”, in interviews. CFP is a play on words, to 'fashion' the outlet of service and compassion to that of 'sisterhood' for women across the globe. Our directors also have diverse professional backgrounds, including one whose professional 'past life' was in fashion illustration, and, of course, each has a genuine interest in the creative side of the fashion industry.

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CFP has successfully become an industry leader setting a high bar, particularly in the field of Business Change, Project Management and Strategic Services, such as branding and marketing. Many clients enjoy a certain peace of mind in working with us, as a socially minded firm. The mission of the CFP Journal is to provide information, promote confidence, independence, integrity, kinship and empowerment over obstacles, regardless of one’s circumstance or background. Although our content is geared to a female audience, we also are strong advocates in support of the LGBT community, and anti-domestic violence and bullying campaigns. Our contributors are globally based, volunteers and syndicates. We hope you enjoy our magazine - it’s come a long way since 2009 and we welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions.

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Dedicated to women around the world in times of trouble, regret or solitude. May they find comfort within themselves and in each other.

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What is strength? Is it something deeply engrained in us or passed on through the love and condition of others? Some might say it is merely an inane human instinct based on survival. In this month’s issue, you will find some amazing stories of survival which made me pause - pause to consider the complexity of life, to appreciate the life I have been given and those in it, and to give thanks for my own strength to have overcome in times of great challenge or strive in my own life. It’s easy to have a pity party - but what is that anyway? To me, and for so many, it’s a moment to stand up and say “This is me and what I’ve gone through! It does not define me, but it was hell and I’ve survived!”

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Please read about some of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met: Chris and Lacey Buchanan and Patrick Dati. May their stories bring you hope and peace, no matter how your path may have been laid.



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About the Cover

This month’s cover is from The Undesirables series by English artist, Michael Hartley. Michael resides in Manchester and is an artist highly in demand for artistic commissions and graphic designs. For more information about this collection and about Michael’s commissions, visit: A"#t: Michael hartley Page 6




Michael hartley



‘When she was good, she was very, very good, but when she was bad, she was murder.’ - A quote from the cover of a Point Horror novel which sums up this piece perfectly (though I forget the actual title).

Dawn, the young girl in this image, is a creation of our shared nightmares and fears; the things that go bump in the night, which we attempt to shrug off in favour of common sensibility. But common sense can crumble easily, especially in the face of the unknown, and it’s this that I intended to explore here. I have several drawings of ‘Dawn’ but this one I feel has a certain atmosphere to it. The shading helps to create an imposing sense of darkness, whilst the cracked walls make you wonder if the building is even inhabited, save for Dawn. Common sense tells us that this girl should not be here in this particular situation, but I’ll leave it to you to speculate what’s going on, exactly. My work often takes on a dark, macabre theme because there is much to explore. Fear is something that we are all exposed to on a daily basis in some shape or form, and in many ways it shapes the things we do, or rather, avoid. I think we’re all guilty of curtailing certain situations for fear of one thing or another, whether it’s insects, heights, particular social situations or even something as benign as cotton wool! Fear is a powerful force. Therefore, art of this nature is subject to a more personal and honest analysis and will hopefully leave a more lasting, if somewhat perturbing, impression on the observer.

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Apology Mailbox Dear Dad:

I never meant to be so hard to contend with. Maybe you don’t see the rejection and constant ridicule you gave me did a lot of damage, but it did. I was angry. And this road I chose? It turned out to be the hardest one I could have travelled, but I survived. I feel like I lost it all when I turned my back on you. I don’t know if it was healthy but I did what was best for me. It’s been a long road to wholeness for me and yeah this is cheesy but since you won’t talk to me, this is the only way to make amends - so here it is: I am sorry for being an angry kid, for the stunts I pulled and for not being enough. We were in a cycle and it ends now. I forgive you. Someday, please forgive me.

Readers: Get the closure you need to move forward with your life or to set things right. Anonymous apologies with fewer than 200 words are most appreciated to

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How To Get A Job By Meredith Corning Many students finish their degree in fashion and wonder what to do next. Some applicants have been in the fashion industry for years, only to have their company downsize or outsource their position. Then there are always those whom just want a career change and have dreamed of working in fashion, but do not know where to begin. Getting your foot in the door to your perfect job is one of knowledge of the industry, forming key connections, and perhaps taking on internships or entry-level positions. Here are a few rules to follow in helping you get on the road to success. 1.

Continuing education: The fashion industry is constantly changing and growing. Knowledge of the industry is key. There are many ways to go about this and college is merely one. Taking online courses, following fashion blogs, making frequent trips to local book stores to find out the latest news is a great way to stay current. Dissect every angle of the industry yourself and pay attention to what makes something popular and what makes other designs painstakingly pale in comparison.


Exploring the layers: When most people think of a job in fashion, they think of fashion designers, however, this is only one layer of fashion. Fashion is a business, after all, and consists of various markets including buyers, merchandisers, marketers, sales consultants, and photographers, just to name a few. Finding a focus and working that focus through research and networking is ideal.


Networking: Hitting the streets and getting off the internet is crucial to networking. Millions are out there in the cyber world filling out applications while real candidates are marching into offices with up to date resumes and business cards, shaking hands with the powers at be. Attending industry events including fashion shows, trade shows, and relevant seminars is a great way to meet the right people. Asking for a job makes candidates less marketable, so instead explaining that attendance of any event is a way of developing personal growth and searching for new opportunities is an indirect way of letting those know one is looking. Candidates can also find wonderful references at networking events, but only if the candidate has met the source on several occasions.

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In The Fashion Industry 4.

Internships and working for free: Candidates cannot assume that just because they

think they are the best thing since sliced bread or because they have graduated from college with honors that they can go out finding a job making 100k a year. This is not how it works and thinking such makes a candidate seem naive. Instead, when looking for jobs, one may have to take an entry-level position or an internship working for free. It is better to have something to fill the gaps in a resume than nothing. When explaining gaps in resumes, a good approach is to turn a negative into a positive. Nobody wants to hear a sob story. Show how this was an exciting time where traveling, learning something new, or charity work filled those gaps. 5.

Get down to business: Cleaning up those spring break photos off a Facebook account

is critical. Some employers will have candidates login to their social media accounts at an interview. Just because a profile is set to private does not make it so. Not being taken seriously will inhibit a candidate's chances of landing a job, so making sure an online presence is professional is very important. Creating a LinkedIn profile and networking within the fashion industry can be a great way of forming connections and inspiring new ideas for creating a viable candidacy in the working world as well. It is also a good idea to tailor a resume to suit the job that is being applied for, so the necessity for several resumes is a must. Label a title with the job being applied for in mind. Best not to use the title of Creative Director if the candidate is applying for a sales position. Adjust the title to Marketing Director as this will show that your skills match the job being applied for. Last piece of adviceinvesting in a nice business card, not the Vistaprint kind with stock images will make a professional and lasting impression.

Remember, when it comes to a job search, regardless of industry, thinking outside the box in this economy is key. A permanent role may be your target, but a freelance or contract role may be your best foot in the door. Also, be prepared to put in the ground work: make sure you know what the company you are interviewing does, but also its current targets and objectives. Show that you understand their industry and their current strategy. Most of all, take the time to really grasp the scope of the role you’re applying for and how it fits into the department/company. Ensure that your résumé clearly demonstrates transferrable experience to the role for which you’re applying and always include a cover letter articulating the high points of your experience and the key points that call out why you are the only candidate for this position.

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How Unconditional


Impacted The Hearts Of A Nation By Michelle Fitz

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ABOVE: Christian Buchanan at just months old. Born with a rare form of cleft palate and without eyes, Christian and his mother faced constant questions and torment from people in their community until Lacey, his mother, learned to cope both with his illness and champion his cause and others like it. Photo: Lacey Buchanan.

This month, we had the honor of sitting down with one of the most inspiring mothers we’ve ever met: Lacey Buchanan, a mother whose son was born with a rare form of cleft palate which has left with with no eyes. Lacey’s story came to our attention via her truly inspiring YouTube video, which currently has seen over 10 million views and has been featured on news programs from around the world.

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“There was a time, although short, where I felt that I was given a life sentence, a curse, because of all the hatred and questions I faced in public. But now, through Christian’s love and very being, I am so aware of the value each disabled person brings to our world.”

her son and playing the all too important role of wife to her husband.

Lacey has become an unwitting advocate for those with disabilities, thanks to her sevenminute video in which she explains her coping with their role decision to not only Much of the attention as carer for a disabled keep her pregnancy afforded to Lacy’s child. with Christian, despite video came via the Lacey is a joy to speak his anticipated birth blog Godvine, and it to; hailing from defects, but also his was our hope to speak Woodbury, Tennessee, value in society and to Lacey about her this courageous worth. journey both as a mother holds down a mom and as a job and attends law crusader for parents school whist caring for


The synopsis of the video tells a story of Lacey and Chris Buchanan, two high school sweethearts who met at the tender age of just 15, and went on to marry at 21. When Lacey discovered she was pregnant at 23, the couple was elated but within just a week of their happy news, the Buchanan family received word of Christian’s suspected development issues. Despite recommendations of abortion, the Buchanan family


instead chose life for their son, who would be named Christian and they welcomed him with open arms, unable to guarantee his survival but overwhelmed at the news that he would indeed be a live birth in February 2011, and go on to be a happy, thriving baby boy. Christian’s condition is known as Tessier cleft. This condition, although very rare, is best described as a severe form of cleft palate which can impact the formation of the face and in Christian’s case, this

includes the nose, eyes and mouth. Born without a palate, Christian was unable to initially close his mouth and unable to see. Christian faces a lifetime of surgeries, his first taking place at just four days old at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. Lacey and her family have been featured on numerous broadcasts and programs, telling the story of her son’s birth, disability and her own personal triumph over what


was initially quite a cruel introduction to motherhood by a small number of people in her community. Fraught with what felt like constant questions asking “what is wrong with your baby” and loud gasps asking “what is wrong with your baby’s eyes”, Lacey began to suffer from depression. Thankfully, Lacey’s family and that of her husband Chris, has been a beacon of support for this family.




Click here to watch the video that captivated a nation

Lacey, Chris and Christian Buchanan have inspired people across the United States, and now their story has reached numerous nations around the world! If you have a question or word of support for this family, please contact us on and we will ensure your message is received! Learn more about the Buchanan family on their Facebook page!



“Our family is a constant source of support and help. Despite Christian’s surgeries, which are pretty much ongoing and will be for the foreseeable, they will offer such kind acts including clothing, food and other little things because they know the struggle of Christian’s medical care. We could not do it without such a fantastic family behind us and I am so lucky to have such a wonderful, supportive husband”, Lacey said.


“We could not do it without such a fantastic family behind us and I am so lucky to have such a supportive husband.”

'I am constantly reminded that it is the little things with life. Through Christian and his amazing ability to laugh, even though he can’t see, I am opened up to a world that is filled with goodness and joy. The Buchanan family felt compelled to tell their story following Lacey’s discovery of a YouTube video depicting another woman’s struggle with harsh comments about her appearance. Lizzie, the woman whose video inspired and encouraged Lacey, shared her comments as a woman dealing with disfigurement and social issues stemming from her disabilities, impacted Lacey’s confidence in a positive way and inspired her to begin telling her family’s story. In Lacey’s blog, Leading The Blind, she tells of her own struggle and ultimately her triumph as a new mother raising a son with disabilities. Lacey to found the courage to tell her son’s story via her YouTube video and countless interviews with journalists from around the world. In doing so, she has become a respected mentor for mothers of disabled children around the world, simply by sharing her own struggle with coping with the devastating news of Christian’s potential health issues, and ultimately, the social issues and lack of acceptance she felt from strangers following CFP welcomes the Buchanan family as part of the CFP his birth. Lacey’s story is one of network and will be bringing you updates from disappointment, but also of joy and of Christian’s progress in future issues of the CFP Journal. gratitude.





Lacey’s video was featured on a popular blog called Godvine, which displayed her original YouTube video and praised the Buchanan family for their pro-choice stance. This was a major platform responsible for getting the Buchanan family’s message out to what has become a reach of over 10 million views. We asked Lacey if the feature on Godvine really caught the essence of the message she had hoped to convey.


“I know the caption read something along the lines of pro-choice, but that wasn’t the sole reason for my video. There was a time where I was so consumed with what I was going through as a new mother and the questions and look of shock on people’s faces that I truly could not see the beauty in my own son - but no matter what reaction, Christian always found reason to smile. It didn’t matter if the same question was being asked for the 20th time, or if someone was shocked by his facial appearance;

Christian’s reaction was always the same: to smile, to laugh, to welcome that person. That was what my video was about. The value of this wonderful human being, that I have the honor of calling son and the way he teaches me life lessons every single day. Our family is definitely a Christian family and I definitely feel that one reason for my video was to show mothers in similar positions that there was light at the end of the tunnel; that their baby - their son or daughter - was a


person worthy of love and not a disappointment, but a person who will live a worthy life, smile and give you so much joy if only you are open to allowing it,” said Lacey. Trying to imagine the decision Lacey faced at the news of her unborn son’s health issues, there is one thing that is certain: love truly does conquer all. Now progressing through law school, Lacey aspires to specialize in disability law “to help people like Christian.”

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$# life ...

Patricia Bayne CFP Columnist In the checkout line at the grocery store, the cover of a popular women's magazine promises to reveal "Five Happy Foods." At the newsstand, a fashion quarterly boasts "10 Ways to Beat the Blues," and a health periodical touts "Steps to a Happier You." So what's all this hoopla about "Being Happy." It's everywhere I go. Are we obsessed with happiness? Just think about the self-help section of the local bookstore. The size of it alone suggests an industry has sprung up with one purpose as its goal: to teach us how to live happier lives. Thank goodness we aren't completely o.k. with ourselves. If we were, how would all those authors make the money they need to, well, be happy? Even if you are feeling good about yourself, sometimes just walking through that section and skimming a few titles makes you start wondering, "What IS wrong with my life?" You never know when you're happiness will be called into question. Walking with my mother through the local department store a few days ago we were attacked by the "perfume ladies." I asked my mother, "Well, what did you get hit with?" She said, "Happy" by Clinique. That was actually a good thing. She said she needed some "happy" that day. I was hit with "Lovely" by Sarah Jessica Parker. Of all days, THAT was the day I needed some "lovely"! We both started cracking up! How did they know? Often I don't feel like being happy. As a result, I find myself admiring those who are comfortable in their grumpiness. At a hair salon in my neighborhood there is a sweet elderly woman who always asks me how I'm doing and if I'm happy. I always feel obliged to ask her how she's doing and if she's happy. She isn't always happy, believe me. I've listened to many unhappy stories. But sometimes it's interesting to hear of family drama generated by an acquaintance's niece's sister-in-law's denied Facebook friend request from a great uncle's cousin's ex-wife. One thing that is annoying is when I'm actually having a good day, but apparently I'm not projecting it. I've actually been feeling perfectly fine walking down the street and men will pass me and say , "Cheer up, it's not that bad." I didn't think it was, either, but apparently I was wrong. Maybe it's just being human that makes us a bit susceptible to depression. Animals for example, like cats and dogs are so not like us. Although they deal with sadness in completely different




wi$%t map or parachute

ways. Withhold treats from your dog for 365 days in a row, and he or she will still be at the door wagging his or her tail, happy to see you every time you come home. Cats are a little different. Even when you throw them off the bed where they've been so comfy for three hours, a cat will turn around and look at you as if to say, "It's o.k., I was leaving anyway." (He still looks at it like he won since he wasn't suppose to be there in the first place). And then he goes off to play with a toy mouse or torture that poor dog. So what can you do if you are feeling the blues, but don't want to anymore? Here are a few rut-busting ideas that are pretty simple and effective. Those pets are a good place to start. Spend time with them. Take the dog for a walk. Is there a local dog park where you can take Fido off his leash? That sure would be fun. Or find that toy mouse and bat it around with kitty. Studies show that people with pets are happier and live longer, but the key undoubtedly is quality time. Spend time with friends that make you smile and laugh. We have all kinds of friends. Facebook friends are wonderful, but it would be great to be able to spend time with FB friends that are local. Or make new friends, say at yoga class or at the pottery studio. Try to live in the moment. It's not productive to spend time worrying about that exam scheduled for next week. Instead of worrying about it everyday, and letting that nervous anxiety lead to panic, try to keep calm. Look at everything you have to study, break it up into manageable chunks, and study each day before the exam. Possibly find a study partner that can help. Clutter can be a killer. It's difficult to get things done when things are all out of place. It's nearly impossible to meditate, breathe deeply, or simply relax when many of the areas in your home are cluttered with bills, magazines, papers, bulging cabinets and piles of boxes. Even an overloaded purse can weigh you down emotionally as much as it does physically. Prioritize a home organization project. First, try to declutter the rooms in which you spend the most time. After you attack these things, you will feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Even clearing away one pile or one box will give you a feeling of a sense of accomplishment. Build on it and let that good feeling grow. Never underestimate the power of music. It always makes me feel better. If you can't get yourself moving, put on the radio or your iPod, dial up that playlist with the high beats per minute, and take a brisk walk. Go out and get some fresh air. Get your blood pumping and get the air moving through your lungs. You'll see, it will make a difference. And who knows, maybe you can skip the urge to thumb through that tabloid explaining "How to Love Yourself." You already know how.

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When bullying goes out of the classroom It was my second week in a new job. My new team was split across two locations, and I was meeting the other half of the team. A colleague from my office who had also just started her job was also there. I was learning about the roles each member of the team performed, so that I understood how my role interacted with them. ‘Just call me if you have any questions’ said the girl. I glanced at the landline ‘phone on her desk. ‘What’s your number?’ I asked? She didn’t seem to know her number, which I thought was a bit odd. ‘Do you have a mobile number?’ I asked. ‘No. I don’t have a mobile’ she said. She doesn’t know her landline number, and she doesn’t have a mobile ‘phone. Hmmm. I marked this in the back of my mind as a potential issue. Little did I know at the time, how prophetic that thought was going to be. About month later, I was speaking to the colleague who had started her job on the same day as me. ‘Kelly isn’t answering her ‘phone or her emails, and I need information from her’ she said. Kelly was the girl who didn’t know her landline number and

said she didn’t have a mobile ‘phone. I had visited Kelly’s office again during the past month, and had seen her use a mobile ‘phone on a regular basis. ‘She’s got a mobile, why don’t you ring that?’ I replied. ‘She’s not answering that either’ said my colleague. My colleague needed data from Kelly in order to produce financial data. She was one month into a new job, the same as I was, and so looking efficient was paramount. Seven months later, my colleague was asked to leave the company. Kelly was still employed. Two years passed. My role had now largely moved to the other location, and my boss was based there too, so I decided to work there in future. I was now in the same office as Kelly. My boss and I had discussed the Kelly situation, and he had told me that she had been given a verbal warning. I had been worried that she might start being difficult with me, and that I too might lose my job. A new girl started in the team. She was replacing Kelly. After a few weeks, Kelly started saying to people around the office ‘She arrives late, cancels meetings without telling me, and it is going to look like it is my fault, as I have a deadline to hand everything over to her’. It was clear that Kelly was not happy about being replaced, despite the fact that she was a contractor. ‘The new girl has got it all wrong’ she said to us before the meeting started. ‘I’ve been handing over to her but I can see this is not right’.



and into the workplace One day, I was coming back from lunch and I saw Kelly talking to the new girl in the atrium. Kelly leaned forward so that her mouth was inches away from the new girl, and the new girl backed away. I knew that they were not close friends, so they could not be sharing secrets. It looked like intimidation, but if it was, Kelly was taking a risk as there were 10 or so people milling around. I could see something was not right, and decided to break it up with a light hearted comment. A month later, the new girl was sitting at her desk looking dejected. I suggested that we went to the restaurant for a coffee. ‘I’m beginning to think this team is crazy’ she said. I asked her what she meant. ‘I’m supposed to have finished the handover from Kelly, but what she is telling me is not making sense. She doesn’t have a mobile ‘phone, so I can’t contact her. I don’t know what to do’. My brain cells started to make connections. The picture fell into place. This was exactly what had happened to myself and the colleague who had been asked to leave. Kelly was deliberately ignoring all calls and emails, and in addition, was giving misinformation during handovers, to make the girl look incompetent. This was corporate bullying. But now there was another side to it I hadn’t been aware of before – Kelly was badmouthing the new girl, to colleagues the girl had not yet met. This is what must have been happening to myself and my other colleague. This is why my other colleague had been asked to leave. Who knows what had been said about me. My whole reputation could have been dragged through


Lorraine Hill Head of Global Planning

the mud within weeks of starting my role 2 years ago, and I hadn’t known anything about it until now. The same was happening to the new girl, right before my eyes – Kelly had even tried to engage me in the badmouthing! The nerve of the woman! But what to do? Kelly had been very clever to not leave a paper trail documenting her bullying. It was her word against ours. If you think this story is fiction, you can imagine the problem a victim of corporate bullying faces. The bullying in its totality is only really visible to the victim. Others have no concept of what is happening, even if it is happening only feet away. If you think you are being bullied, start documenting dates, times, places and witnesses. Recording the incidents gives weight to your plea. If the bully has been clever, they will not have left any tangible evidence of their actions. Ask witnesses if they remember incidents – this will be vital for your case. Don’t let anyone convince you that you are being over sensitive or are making an unnecessary fuss about nothing. You will know in your gut if something does not feel right. The new girl raised a grievance, but few people stepped forward as witnesses. Only I could see the pattern of behaviour, because I had been through it myself. In addition, it was clear from previous victims that those that complained were going to be treated as trouble-makers, so witnesses did not want to step forward knowing they risked dismissal. I am happy to report that Kelly was subsequently asked to leave the company.





How to get it, how to keep it

By Click Here & Follow MY Website!

Watch This Video, CLICK HERE!

Confidence is a huge part of feeling good about yourself, loving life and attracting great opportunities - either business related, personal or relationship wise.

Ok...lets face it...All people have gone through bad things. A confident person decided to move on. A non confident person dwells on that situation.

Self-confidence Myths Busted 1. You're Either Born With It or You Are Not...

How about a lady who went through a terrible childhood - poverty, rape, become one of the most powerful people on earth - Oprah.

Sure there a lot of kids you meet that are very outspoken and some who are very shy.

3. If You're Confident - You Are in All Areas Of Life...

It does not mean however that if you're shy when you are young, you can't gain selfconfidence.

Overall self-confidence is your belief in what you can do. If you're a rocket scientist you're certain in your knowledge about spacecrafts. If you're a make up artist you're certain in your knowledge about make up.

This is one I can speak of personally. Being an extremely shy and quite child, I have grown to be one of the most outspoken and outgoing person I know. So don't give up. Your chance can still come. If you want it to. 2. I had an extremely bad past - I can't possibly Page 24 be confident.

One way to create self-confidence is to find an area of life you feel you have mastered and duplicate the feelings for an area of life you want to improve in.



1. Walk 25% Faster

5. Speak Up!

People with self-confidence walk quicker as they have important things to do and they don't have all day to do it.

It takes true courage to speak up. And you surely get more confidence by standing up for what you believe in.

Try it will feel and look more confident.

Try to speak up at least once in a social situation.

2. Stand Up Straight

This does not mean that you have to fight with everyone, but just by putting in a sentence into a conversation will make a world of difference.

Taller people are proven to be naturally more confident. By standing up straight, it gives the illusion you are taller and people that slouch always seem like they are doubting themselves. Confident people don't doubt themselves. 3. Challenge Yourself How can you feel better about yourself when you don't know what you are capable of? By pushing your boundaries and succeeding you prove to yourself you are capable of achieving a lot - giving you more selfconfidence. In the instances you 'fail', by getting back up and trying again, you prove to yourself that you are stronger then you think. Either's a win win situation! 4. Compliment Others Break the cycle of negativity and praise others. Gossip is dreadful. So do yourself a favour and stay clear of it. By looking for the best in others you can also find the best in you. What you put out, you get back in. The more real compliments you give out, the more you will get.

6. Exercise... Oh come didn't really think I wouldn't state the obvious did you? Yes...look after yourself. It makes you look better, feel better and gives you more energy. By shedding a few kilos, or getting through a big workout, it helps you feel like you're able to achieve more increasing your selfconfidence. 7. Watch What You Wear Wear the right colours for you - if in doubt chose one of these 'universal' colours from below. Universal colours usually suit most people. To make sure you get the extra *oomph* from those colours - wear either gold or silver jewellery, whichever suits you most. You can determine this by putting the jewellery up to your face. If you looked tired when you have it near your face, the colour isn't right for you. If you're still not sure…ask a friend. They will tell you the truth.

Fake It Till You Make It! Yes...people don't really know the difference and by faking it for a while, soon it will come to you naturally. Just like when you first started driving a was tough. After a while, it all came naturally.






Can you sew? Why not become a CFP Diva! As part of our Divas Dressing Darlings program, you can help young girls in third world countries receive clothing made from recycled pillowcases and other unwanted fabrics! Let CFP take care of the logistics - and be a part of something wonderful and uplifting!

CFP Consulting are representing Conway Fashion Week! A percentage of ticket sales will go to Bethlehem House, a homeless charity based in Central Arkansas.

June - December


Big clothing drive campaigns kick off for Simone’s Home, a US foster care facility for teen girls. We also will be collecting children’s clothing for Unique Home for Girls (Punjab). Clothing sizes 1-10 are urgently needed! If you can help, please contact us!

If you’re in the US, don’t miss out on the ‘Designing Hope’ event which benefits Camp Sunshine, a special camp for kids with burn injuries, and Arkansas Children’s Hospital.



Planning, chasing up, and redistribution of fabric will take place for all designers/CFP Divas who are taking part in the sewing campaign this year.

Shipments will be prepared for Little Dresses for Africa from our CFP Divas Dressing Darling program!

Check in with us on our progress and consider helping us with any of our drives or campaigns this year!

If you’re in the UK/EU, take part in our drive for UK Charity Unique Home for Girls (Punjab). We are We will also kick off our planning and helping with a PR campaign to get media campaign for the Sewing much needed funding to this Room Project we are organizing for wonderful charity, which prevents Women and Children First, to be unwanted female infants from completed in early 2013! We are in suffering death or abandonment. need of all craft materials and tools, from spare linens, fabric, scissors, used sewing machines, craft paper, sewing pins and needles, etc.

Reminder: We're collecting clothing for Charity. Girls ages 0-10 will go to Unique Home For Girls, Teenagesuitable to Simone's Home, all others will go to Women and Children First. Also accepting sewing materials or checks (made to Women and Children First) to help us build a sewing room for their shelter in January 2013.




Bespoke Jewellery Fully hand-crafted jewelry, custom made according to your specification in Great Britain. Beautiful custom metalwork with a focus on metal patterns combined with beads, pearls or gemstones. Completely unique Visit the website for more details on creating your Inner Fyre experience. Completely custom made to your specifications. This enchanting piece is available as a pendant, earrings and necklace (or set). As with all Inner Fyre pieces, prices are on a by quotation basis, subject to final specifications, materials and time.

Compassion Fashion Hearts Available Individually or As A Set, Custom Designed by You. Show the world You’re A

CFP Diva 50% of proceeds are donated by Inner Fyre to New Unique Home for Girls,

a UK Charity devoted to funding an orphanage for unwanted female infants abandoned by their mothers at birth.




Is Carb-Crazed Confusion Cramping Your Style? A Simple Approach to Eating for Fat Loss Once and For All

There seems to be ongoing

they keep coming up with the

yourself. I’m here to help you

and continuous confusion

latest gimmicks, fads and

wade through the overwhelm,

around the topic of carbs

products to distract us. I’m

but you’ve got to experience

(carbohydrates) and fat

tired of people living their

what works for you. This is

loss. There’s so much

lives half asleep, mega-

what works for me – simply,

information available that

caffeinated, over-medicated

sensibly and successfully:

people aren’t experiencing it

and regularly intoxicated

for themselves – in their own

because they lack the energy, • Take your focus off of

bodies – in order to answer

passion and drive to do

calorie-restriction and

their own questions.

anything about it.

place it instead on keeping your blood sugar

This blog focuses on a simple Enough is enough. It’s time approach to eating for fat loss to cut through this confusing

level constant. • Take your focus off of

because I’m tired of seeing

cr_p. You see, my biggest

carbs and place it instead

bodies that look like they are

frustration is that we’re using

on fibre.

ready to explode from bloat,

it as a crutch. Yes, the cr_p

keel over or just plain ol’ quit

as a crutch! And not a very

at any given second. I’m tired good one, mind you. We

• Muscles are where it’s at for maximizing your metabolism.

of hearing about childhood

don’t know who to believe or

obesity and diabetes. I’m

what to do so we’re doing

enough protein or drink

tired of the fact that the

nothing at all.

enough water.

billion-dollar diet and weight loss industry doesn’t want us to pay attention to a problem

It’s time for all of this to change.

that is possible to sensibly

Here’s how. Just start.

successfully solve so and

Experience what works for

• Most women don’t eat

• Keep it doable or you won’t do it.

This is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle.

CFP Official Fitness Guru CFP JOURNAL MAY 2012



It sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? That’s because it is! You CAN do this. First and foremost, consistency is key. Let’s break it down a little further to ensure clarity: Take your focus off of calorierestriction and place it instead on keeping your blood sugar level contact. is a reason why bodybuilders eat Take your focus off carbs and We grew up learning that if our

in a very similar fashion. Why?

goal was to lose weight then we

It works. Try it for yourself. Eat

must eat less. I’m going to

sensibly; smaller portions more

challenge that. If your goal is

often. Never allow yourself to

long-term sustainable weight

get overly hungry where a

loss, energy, a positive mood

smaller portion doesn’t feel

and outlook, a ‘personal ideal’

adequate. I call this proactive

bodyfat level and overall health,

eating. Continuously remind

calorie intake restriction is NOT

yourself that food is fuel. And

the answer. There is a reason

allow yourself one ‘free’ meal

why diabetics eat and exercise

and one ‘cheat treat’ per week to

to keep their blood sugar levels

ward off any feelings whatsoever

as constant as possible. There

of deprivation.

place it instead on fibre. Aren’t you tired of the whole carbohydrate chatter? I sure am. Here’s the deal: Instead of focusing on carbs, place your focus on fibre. The average adult requires 25-30 grams of fibre each day for optimal health, energy and yes, weight loss. If your focus is on fibre, you will be eating the most beneficial carbs available. Simple. Done.




My life’s work:

I build strong women. A good place to start is to


track how much fibre you are


currently getting in your daily


our bodies adequate amounts

diet. I’d guess that most

fuel (your food), regular

of protein consistently

North Americans are getting

performance testing (your

throughout the day in order to

in about half of their daily

exercise) and regular

keep our blood sugar levels

CLICK to watch (Video Inspiration)

requirement (12-15 grams) on maintenance (your rest and

and energy constant as well

an average basis. This is part relaxation).

as to build much-needed

of the reason we’re bloated,

quality, lean muscle. Add to

backed-up, heavier than we need to be and nonenergetically foggy. Muscles are where it’s at for maximizing your metabolism.

Most women don’t eat enough protein or drink enough water.

that the notion that the majority of women are functioning in a dehydrated

A broad statement but one

state, and you start to see

that I believe to be true.

why we are in the situation

Women don’t tend to naturally that we are in: bloated, crave protein or be aware of

overweight, tired, cranky and

This point fits hand-in-hand

their water requirements.

generally unhappy with how

with my comments above

They crave sweets, muffins,

we look and feel. Change it.

regarding calorie intake

bagels, comfy-cozy foods that Start to eat regular amount of

restriction. The more lean

feel good because let’s face

protein consistently

muscle you have on your

it, there’s a huge emotional

throughout your day. Educate

frame, the more calories

eating problem that we’re

yourself on what those protein

your body burns even at

also tackling here. If we can options are, which ones

rest! How cool is that?! I like ‘get on the bus’ of the eating

appeal to you and suit your

to think of it as creating a

for fuel mindset, we’ll soon

lifestyle. And above all else,

high-performance vehicle

realize that we aren’t allowing DRINK YOUR WATER.




Charlene Keep it doable or your

feel safe strategizing that we

up overwhelming yourself

won’t do it.

will be well on our way within

instead of moving forward to

12 weeks if she sticks to the

the first step, and then the

game plan, works hard and

next, and so on, and so on,

I have a saying, ‘Chunk it down to doable.’ Whatever your goal, if you

practices diligent consistence. and so on. To start, we focus just on the

don’t chunk it down to doable, first 4-week period and then you won’t do it. Let me give

break it down even further

you an example. A female

into just the very first week.

client wants to lose 30

From there it’s workout by

pounds. Okay, we

workout, meal by meal, step

immediately put together a

by step, rep by rep… you just

doable game plan depending

keep ‘getting ‘em in‘, my

on her situation, schedule and saying for the daily practice of quite honestly, level of

getting your meals and

commitment. Most clients

workouts in that add up slowly

can safely drop 1-2 pounds of but surely, steadily, bit by bit body fat per week, sometimes to success. If you focus on a few more the first week

the fact that you’ve got 30

because of the bloat factor. I

pounds to lose, you’ll just end

Charlene SanJenko is a fitness & lifestyle expert and performance coach who lives in one of the most amazing places on earth ~ Gibsons, BC on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Her passion is building strong women through physical training, motivation and empowerment mentoring, and meaningful and impactful events for women.




Clutter Hell “I really need help organizing my closet, when I open my doors, things fall out all over me. Part of my problem is I have no walk-in closet, just a cramped box of a room stuffed with my things. I'm really in a closet crisis! Do you have any tips for me?� Cluttered in Corpus Christi cleaning, remove them from the dry cleaning bags as soon as possible and hang them on the felt hangers. Start by editing your wardrobe. Take out Hooks or racks which can be attached in your clothing you haven't worn in a year or more closet or on the back of your doors are great and anything that no longer fits. for storage bags, belts, purses, scarves and Then, what can be done with the closet robes. space? Can shelves or a closet system be And finally, shoes. A daunting obstacle for any installed? Expect to pay at least $200 or girl! You may need to use the original boxes more, but it may be worth the investment. they came in, stacking them on the floor of the Another step to clutter clearing is choosing the closet, or on shelves and maybe under the right hanger. The thin ones covered in felt are bed. Perhaps a hanging shoe organizer will great because your clothes won't slip off them. help. I know of some friends who tape photos Next, organize your hanging blouses first by of the shoes to the boxes so they know what sleeve length and then by shade. Anything is in them. that will stretch when hung should be folded neatly and put on a shelf. Have fun and good luck organizing! For fine suits, dresses and jackets, I recommend storing them in a garment bag. As Yours Truly, soon as you pick up clothing from dry

Dear Cluttered,

Readers: Questions to Patti with fewer than 200 words are most appreciated to

Page 32




Coping with the death of mom “I'm 38 years old. About 10 years ago I lost my Father to an extended illness. I never realized how painful it was to lose a parent. Well, two weeks before Christmas, I lost my Mother unexpectedly. Now I almost feel like life's not worth living. My Mother and I were so close, talked on the telephone several times a day, had lunch once a week and she watched my children regularly. Patti, I just don't know what I'm going to without her as a part of my daily life. What can I do?� Sad in Sioux Falls Dear Sad,

depression that is associated with mental illness. It is temporary, and it's effects will I'm sorry for your loss. I know you're going ease with time and healing. through a very difficult time. Perhaps 5. Acceptance. In this stage, a person understanding grief may help you cope accepts that her loved one is gone, with it. The five basic stages of grief are: physically. She may never feel comfortable 1. Denial. Imminent and actual death is with it, but grows to live with it. very scary. We are programmed with a defense mechanism to protect ourselves In grieving, people spend different lengths from fear by refusing to believe it exists. of time working through each step and 2. Anger. This is normal and caused by the express each step more or less intensely. pain. It may be directed anywhere whether Not everybody goes through all of these rational or not. stages, nor do they progress through them 3. Bargaining. "If only" and pacts with God in order. It is quite common to enter into are typical attempts by the grieving person various stages depending upon events that to regain control that has been taken from trigger memories. them. I'd recommend finding a bereavement 4. Depression. Withdrawal, regret, group or contact a nearby hospice program sadness, seemingly never-ending, and for help. I hope you will find this helpful as normal. It is part of the process when a you go through this challenging journey. loved one dies. It is not the kind of Readers: Questions to Patti with fewer than 200 words are most appreciated to

Page 33



The same reasons that readers like my blog are the same reasons that other readers don't: I'm outgoing, fun-loving and extroverted, while at the same time By: possibly chaotic, overwhelming and a little too honest. I think it's the same when it comes to people in other aspects of my life as well. Not everyone is going to like my personality, and that's okay. I could probably have more blog readers and more friends if I changed myself, but I don't want to go against who I am. There was a point, though, when I started to do just that. As far as I know, anyone who has a deep passion for something wants to be paid to do what they love. Musicians want to be paid to make music, actors want to be paid to act, and writers want to be paid to write. That's why I don't think there's any harm in bloggers

Page 34


Stephanie Shar keeping track of followers or pageviews. In fact, if you want to make a living from your blog, you should do that. You won't make money unless you have an audience. However, if you are changing yourself or your work in order to attract an audience -- and therefore, make money -- you're doing something called selling out. We've seen musicians do it, we've seen actors do it, and we've seen writers do it. Over the past few months, I started to notice what my readers responded to most. People didn't necessarily make comments about what they liked or didn't like to see, but I could tell what was going over well by the amount of comments I received, and I

started to tweak my content for now. And it's okay if that important than quantity. This based on that. I worked really COMPASSION changes again,FASHION too -- change whole post one big CFP JOURNAL MAY 2012 PROJECT CFP is CONSULTING hard to give my audience what does not have to be bad. reminder. they wanted, and I hate to admit that my work paid off -- That's what I continue to So I when I tweeted this, it my views and followers went remind myself as I continue was a little funny -- but up. Then, as I wrote in my last stumbling blindly through my completely serious. It feels LESSONS post, I wondered why twenties. Within the past five silly to say, but I definitely blogging wasn't as fulfilling. years, I've had seven home have more friends all over the addresses, fourteen first world (that I've never even Now I know: It was because dates, five workplaces, three met) than friends in LA. I was my blog stopped being strictly car accidents, six hospital never part of the 'in' crowd, about my passion. I read once visits, and two big break-ups. and I never will be. My life or that if you want your blog to Many people have entered and my personality may be weird become a full-time job, you left my life during this time. -- but they're uniquely mine. need to treat it like a fullIn fact, it seems as if the older And that is cool. time job. But once I started to I get, the more friends that treat my blog like work, I fade away. I'm not going to I've said it before, and I'll say started to burn out. I realize pretend that it doesn't hurt, it again, and I'll keep saying it, now that blogging itself wasn't but I'm also not going to let it as much as I have to: It's time giving me stress -- it was the completely control my to be me, and it's time to love pressure of feeling that my emotions or determine my being me, in blogging and in blog had to be a certain way. I self-worth. Right now, I can life. It's time to let go of the had started to use my blog as count the people that I see past, relax about the future, a business that catered to its and talk to regularly, outside and focus on the present. It's consumers. And it wasn't very of my co-workers, on one time to forget that time fun. hand. But I need to remind exists. myself that I don't know if I would have quality, of had this epiphany if I hadn't course, is more posted about my inner struggle here. The different perspectives you shared and the sweet words of encouragement I read were so important to my thought process. I've realized that maybe it's okay for blogging to be a 'side job' or hobby, and I'm going to treat it that way Page 35





There are a variety of simple ways to make your outfit stand out by accessories alone! Today's DIY is inspired by beautiful neon colours. In this project I've used gradated colour thread, however you may use solid colour thread if you prefer. Stand out this summer with a fun and easy DIY necklace!

Materials - Flat linking chain - Solid colour thread or ribbon (=length of chain + approx. 20cm or 8" - Scissors - Cord ends or metal tab ends (2) - Needle-nose pliers


First take flat chain and cut it to your preferred length (you may use measuring tape to see where you want your necklace to drop). Then, with colourful thread cord start inserting one end of the thread in every two chain links over and under the chain, weaving the the thread cord through the chain links (see images). Next, make two knots (with the thread) on each end of the chain to secure the thread cord to the chain. Note: It's best to use slightly thicker thread or ribbon than your chain links width. To make the adjustable sliding loops/straps first tie a knot at one chain-end = your left side or (side A), allowing the loop end to be open and extended on the thread's outside edge. Then, make a second knot this time closing it to secure the open loop. Next, on the opposite chain-end = your right side or (side B), interlock its thread-cord with the extended loop of side A by wrapping the ends underneath the loop and back outside of side B's thread-end. Finish side B by creating the same knots and closing the loop ends. Check and adjust. Now, you have new adjustable straps! To check this, you should now be able to pull on both sides to make the necklace tighter or looser. Pull each chain-end tightly on the double knots to secure. Use scissors to cut excess from the loop ends, but leaving at least a small space for your metal tab/cord end placement. Add your metal tabs to finish the thread-end edges by using pliers to attach them. Secure each metal tab

closed and you're finished! Now wear your neon summer necklace in style!




Marina Confessions of a Hollywood Stylist

Style Watch By: Marina Berberyan

Cute Summer Gucci Jellies Remember the good old days when those plastic jellies were the ultimate signal that summer was here? Well, you can still have it all with these yummy shoes by Gucci! These bright colors are on trend and oh-so indulgent!

Page 37




Cake Masters London Cake Crawl 2012

Miss Out On This Year’s Crawl? Register your interest for next year, CLICK HERE!

June was an amazing month for Cake Masters! We celebrated our second annual ‘Cake Crawl’, on Saturday, 16 June. A daylong event, the cake crawl is a fan tour of London’s best cake boutiques, allowing our crawlers to see and taste some of the most divine cakes the city has to offer. We also were involved in a cake competition for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee! Check out some of the photos from both of these events, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more info on these and other amazing events!

For cake classes and enquires, please email us on Don’t forget, £10 off ALL classes in July! AND be sure to look out for official newsletters, promos and offers on our website!

Our Very Best,


Page 38


Guess what this What fats do you use the most? What brand of butter, CFP JOURNAL MAY FASHION PROJECT CFP CONSULTING flower is 2012 made COMPASSION of! oil, shortening (?!) or marg do you use in your cakes? Get a step-by-step on how to make this flower CLICK HERE!

I know we have a huge amount of stork fans on this page! Read the full article here.

“How do I get flattopped cupcakes?” The No. 1 Cake Masters question & its unbelievably simple solution!

Page 39




There was some fierce competition as part of our Diamond Jubilee Cake competition! With two categories, ‘Business’ and ‘Bake for Fun’, we were hard-pressed to choose winners!

Bake For Fun For a closer look at all the contestants, click HERE. These are just a few of the absolutely fantastic entries we received!


Page 40



Business Entries

For a closer look at all the contestants, click HERE. These are just a few of the absolutely fantastic entries we received!


Page 41

London Cake Crawl 2012



One of our cake crawl groups, all set for a fab tour! Some of the freebies in the goodie bags this year! Special thanks to ALL the shops who participated.

Page 42




(Above) Rosie had a fantastic time putting together the final accents to make the day extra special for all our cake crawlers. (Top Right) Our starting point - beginning with The Hummingbird Bakery. (Bottom Right) Thank you to Falcon Products Ltd for the freebies! These cupcake cases don't need a muffin tray! Who wants to try some out? (Right) Our cake crawlers were treated to a free CD from The Robbie Boyd Band! Rosie loves the song Angel. Be sure to ‘Like’ them on Facebook!


Page 43

First Stop!MAY 2012 CFP JOURNAL

For More Photos from The Hummingbird Bakery, Click HERE!


Page 44





Second Stop!

For More Photos from Jane Asher, Click HERE! Page 45

Third CFP JOURNAL MAY 2012 Stop!


Partridges Food Market


Duke of York Square

(Left) Greg and Sandra from Rummanco. Although this wasn’t a planned stop, our cake crawlers found a fantastic little stall called Rummanco with the best tasting cakes! Greg's wife, Anne Marie, does all the baking, and Greg and Sandra sell the lovely cakes on the stall.

For More Photos from Partridges Food Market, Click HERE! Page 46




Second Stop!

Page 47


Fourth Stop!

For More Photos from Peggy Porschen Cakes, Click HERE!

Page 48






Fifth Stop!

For More Photos from Lola’s hand crafted cupcakes, Click HERE!

Page 49

Sixth Stop!




For More Photos from Choccywoccydoodah, Click HERE! Page 50

For More Photos from Bea’s of MAY 2012 CFP JOURNAL Bloomsbury, Click HERE!



Seventh & Final Stop!

Page 51


Corner By: Tanya Jackson

This month we are going to talk about Okra. Okra is a hot weather plant. This means it has to be grown in hot nights, not just hot days so the bloom will set. That is why Okra is so popular here in the south. Hot days don’t usually cool off too much. I can get up at 2 in the morning and go on my back porch and still sweat like it was midday. We just stay hot, and we love our Okra. Some say it comes from Africa and some say it comes from Asia. Either way it is here to stay. Cooking Okra is pretty easy. To eat it plain just boil it whole until it feels tender to the fork. You may have to work at liking its slimy and gooey consistency, but this is one of my family’s favorite ways to eat it. Page 52




✓ Rotisserie chicken. Usually it doesn’t all

get eaten up and the leftovers make a great tasting broth. ✓ 2-3 cups of Okra cut into pieces. Not too small, but like a stew vegetable. ✓ 2 Onions cut up ✓ 2 cloves garlic or 2 tsp garlic powder. ✓ 2 large cans diced tomatoes-drained but save juice. ✓ 2- 3 tbls. Worcestershire sauce ✓ Salt & Pepper ✓ Rice-White or Brown. I like gooey rice which is short grain, but my family likes long grain. I have used brown when I felt I needed to make everything “healthy.” “The products of the plant are mucilaginous, resulting in the characteristic "goo" or slime when the seed pods are cooked; the mucilage contains a usable form of soluble fiber.” Wikipedia To fry it cut it into ¼ inch slices. Salt and pepper it, roll it in some cornmeal or dry cornbread mix. Get a skillet hot with bacon grease (don’t give me no guff about bacon grease) or vegetable oil about 3 tbls and put your okra in it to fry it up good. Basically you are stir frying it until it is lightly browned. You will want to cook it up at the end of preparing the rest of your meal because it is best eaten freshly cooked. I find it easier to cook small amounts at a time, because a large amount will cool the pan and it will be hard to crisp the okra evenly. Some people use Gumbo and Okra interchangeably. I have made Gumbo without okra and it was still good. The Okra does thicken up the liquid, (see previous Wiki explanation) but you can do that with four and oil, (roux) or cornstarch and a liquid, or the spice, File. I make a Chicken Gumbo with leftover rotisserie chicken.

Chicken Gumbo



Wi$ Okra


1. Dump all the leftovers of the rotisserie chicken, including the gelatin and string into a large pot of water. Stew the leftover chicken until it falls apart; a couple of hours to half a day. (This depends on what you are doing that day.) 2. Strain the liquid and put the pieces of chicken etc. to the side. 3. Pick out the chicken pieces and throw away the rest unless you have a blender in which you can blend it while it is soft to make dog food. You gotta be frugal folks. Get with it. 4. In the broth put the chicken pies cut up, the okra cut up, the onion cut up, the garlic, (I don’t usually cut up the garlic, but you can if you like it.), the tomatoes drained (remember to save the juice), 2 tbls of the Worcestershire sauce, (hold on to the other 1 tbls), 1 tsp salt and pepper to taste, (this means if you are like me, I like to taste my food, but some like their food to whoop ‘em in the mouth with pepper. You should know which you are and which your family is by now.) 5. Cook over low heat for an hour stirring constantly (tomatoes are nasty about sticking to bottom of pan.) 6. It should be the consistency of a stew/ soup: not too thick and not too runny. This is where you can leave off the tomato juice and extra Worcestershire sauce or add it for the correct flavor you like. 7. In the meantime about 20 minutes before you want to serve it, cook your long grain rice according to package. ps: Remember brown rice will take 45 minutes and you should have a rice cooker to cook short grain rice.

Page 53

(Above) Cornmeal okra





Get earning wi" Park Lane! Want a new jewelry wardrobe? There are three GREAT ways!

It’s as easy as placing an order where the customer can create there own sale. Always a bonus item for shopping with Park Lane. Become a hostess for a show and receive $300-$800 in new jewelry. Or become a Fashion Director by starting your own business for just a $5 investment. I am looking to hire 5 new people for this Fall selling season. Our opportunity offer part-time to full-time work with top commissions! Referrals receive $50! 501-960-2000 Home/Catalog/Bridal/Office/School Shows Fundraiser for non-profits with a 30-50% contribution based on sales. Host a show for FREE jewelry!! Park Lane launches !r new Fall line % end of July!




Surviving School

Taralynn McNitt Sitting at the lunch table with my barbie lunch box was the ultimate in elementary school, opening a secret note from mom was always a plus too. Middle school was a little different, I switched to the brown paper sack, and was a little embarrassed with moms secret notes. During high school I was too lazy to pack a lunch, my mom thought I was too grown up to have her make my lunches, so I settled with bringing a few dollars for hot lunch. Now a days I like to bring the large purse with my lunch and snacks inside! One thing I never forget is my purse, so if my lunch is inside , there is no way of going

hungry and being left with unhealthy choices. (take out, vending machines, staff pizza) You want to make sure to have a purse that can hold all your personal belongings and your food without over flowing! It needs to be able to shut easily, if not you will have some smashed food! YUCK! Also a cute purse looks better than a crumbled up paper sack!

Page 55




I always put my snacks and lunch in little plastic baggies. Sometimes its easier to label which is which and the times to help your hunger stay under control. For the morning snack I have fresh pineapple, Grapes, and Kiwi. For Lunch I have a Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich, Baby Carrots, Cherry Tomatoes, Pepper Jack Cheese, and Snapped Peas. After school or after work, I am so hungry from the exhaustion of the day I go home and just raid the kitchen sometimes. In order to get the raid urge under control I have a afternoon snack I usually eat on the way home. That way when I enter the house, there is no need to go into the kitchen before dinner. I like to eat a carb snack that way I can have energy to either work out or do something fun before dinner. If taking the time to put all your food in plastic bags is hard to fit in, do it the night before. Inside the bag “Hunger Killers” is raw mixed nuts, and dried fruit. This is my go to emergency snack. If I’m so hungry Ill take a handful from this bag and munch, this is much more healthier than munching on candy, or pastries. Start preparing a lunch box before bed! It’s easier to

plan a meal before your taste buds tell you what you are in the mood for, which may be something




Bowl of Oatmeal! 1/2 Grapefruit! 1 Hard Boiled Egg! 1 Small Apple!

unhealthy. Bringing a lunch to school or work will save you money and take the tough food decision off your shoulders. It’s hard to get through school without studying so it’s a must! Fastest, Easiest way


to air pop your

sometimes gets

popcorn! Great for

boring, frustrating,

Dorm rooms!

tiring and can lead to mindless snacking! If you are going to go for the snacks to help you study make sure you make smarter choices! Eating chips from a bag is bad enough but one serving of Doritos

has 150 calories,




X 9g of fat, 17g of carbohydrates. It’s so easy

Drinking lemonade can make you feel so

to eat away not thinking about what you are

refreshed, but when your lemonade has

doing. Plus who wants cheesy fingers all

30grams of carbohydrates and 30grams of

over their homework?!

sugars you will only be feeling refreshed for about 20 minutes before you crash leaving

One serving of jelly beans has around 100

you no study time.

calories, that doesn’t seem to bad, but it doesn’t help when all the calories are

Microwaved Popcorn has around 150

coming from sugar and carbohydrates. After

calories a serving with 7grams of fat. That’s

eating one serving of small jelly beans you

just a serving, so eating out of the bag may

will be left wanting more.

lead you to more can a serving! Ever eaten an entire bag of microwaved popcorn? I’m

The average Ben & Jerry’s ice scream has

guilty of it!

close to 1000 calories per pint with 78 grams of fat. So when you are mindless

When I was a little kid my favorite snacks

snacking on delicious ice scream that may

were Zebra cakes and even though they

do some damage!

are unhealthy for kids they do more damage to your body when you get older.




Those little cakes leave you wanting more

Just like all the other sweets it will lead you

and its unfortunate because they are 330

to a crash and an unfocused study.

calories! That’s almost and entire meal! Instead of eating the Doritos try a There are healthy kinds of fruit snacks you

portioned size bag of Organic Cheddar

can eat and most parents would prefer

Pita Ritas! They have so many nutrients

their kids eating fruit snacks vs. candy but

that Doritos cant compare to. You will end

for me they just don’t cut it. 1/4 cup of fruit

up saving tons of calories.

snacks is around 130 calories. They leave me hungry and wanting more.

Instead of eating those little fruit snacks try a fresh fruit cup! They will keep you satisfied

Bags of Cookies are just pointless. You

after indulging and also give your body more

think you are eating cookies in proportion

nutrients. A mixed fruit cup at Panera bread is

when you are basically eating several

around 70 calories and would be a perfect

portions of pure sugar and carbohydrates.

grab n go snack.

This is just a crash food and shouldn’t be eaten as a snack but as a desert in moderation.

Instead of eating a 330 calorie zebra cake swap it for a rice cake! You can eat 8 rice cakes before you equal the same amount of

Sometimes when you are trying to stay

calories as a zebra cake.

awake late to study the first thing that comes to your mind is caffeine, so you stop by a coffee house and grab the most delicious frappeyou can find! You probably will be taking in around 700 calories after adding all the syrup and whipped topping. I

Next time you need your caffeine fix, try a unsweetened ice tea! It has about 5 calories and just as much caffeine. Do I need to explain further why it’s the better choice vs most frappucinos?

know some people who drink one of these

Instead of getting your energy from little

everyday. I wouldn’t want to be them 3

sugary jelly beans go for the trail mix instead!

years from now.

It has so many more nutrients that your body

A regular sized snickers bar has about 240

needs to stay energized.

calories. It is high in sugar and carbs and

Instead of going for the chocolate candy bar

is one of the worse choices for studying.

go for the fiber one bar! Your body needs




✔ fiber and sometimes we forget to include it in

One thing to invest in for college is an air

our diets. Fiber one bars are so delicious and

popper for you popcorn! Especially for

half the calories of most chocolate bars.

mindless munching! One cup of original popcorn air popped is 15 calories with 0 fat!

Animal crackers are the best thing since

Its guiltless!

cookies! They are really low in fat and low in calories. You can eat about 20 of them for 120 I don’t know about all of you but I could sit calories. Most sugary cookies are 120 calories down and eat an entire pint of ice cream and per cookie, not worth it! Animal crackers are my be left wanting more. Since most pints are favorite snack. I also love dipping them in

about 1000 calories and everyone needs their

almond breeze.

ice cream fix now and then I buy Arctic Zero! It’s 150 calories for the entire pint with 16

Lemonade is great but so is flavored water! It

grams of protein! My favorite is Vanilla Bean.

has no calories and keeps your body hydrated and doesn’t flood it with un-needed carbs and School is a period of adjustment — new sugars. Flavored lemon water is my favorite.

friends, a packed course load and lifestyle changes. Food habits vary during school;




Look at the cafeteria menu before going there for a meal. Many schools post their menus online or on a wall outside the cafeteria. Choose a healthy option before you get there. Hunger can complicate decisions and diminish willpower. Pick your food ahead of time to prevent the influence of emotions, fatigue and hunger. Research the nutritional information of foods that are offered in the cafeteria. Ask a classes interfere with mealtimes, homecooked meals are a distant memory, and there is unparalleled access to unhealthy (yet tasty) food choices. Step into a school cafeteria and witness the variety of food options and frequently unregulated portions. Cafeteria eating does not have to mean weight gain. You can maintain a healthy diet

food services manager how food is prepared and what condiments are used in meals. Ask if dietary requests can be accommodated in the cafeteria (less oil, no butter). Request a brochure that lists nutritional information or a link to the information on the school’s website. Navigating the Cafeteria

throughout school if you learn about the school’s food choices, educate yourself about healthy eating habits and practice portion control and moderation. Become an informed eater. Schedule an appointment with the school dietitian. Meet with her to discuss your concerns about making healthy food choices in the cafeteria. Determine with her what nutritious foods are available at your particular school.

Walk through the entire cafeteria if you did not plan your meal ahead of time. Scan the cafeteria for healthy options. Choose baked or broiled foods, whole grains, low-fat, lowsugar and low-sodium foods. Include vegetables, low-fat dairy, complex carbohydrates and lean sources of protein in each meal. Mix and match items from different areas of the cafeteria to meet your dietary needs. For example, combine a baked chicken entree and the salad bar.




Limit your intake of fried foods, desserts,

are busy with homework and other out of

juices, sodas, chips and other high-calorie

school activities, or we are just way to

foods. Treat yourself occasionally (two to three times a week) to the aforementioned foods

tired and want to relax. Dont dread having gym class, take advantage of it and put 100% to your workouts! This will

and stick to one serving size. Restrictive diets impress your gym teacher and help can lead to binge eating.

shape your body!

Choose low-fat condiments — low-fat

Start A Committee

mayonnaise, low-fat salad dressing, reducedcalorie butter and low-fat cottage cheese — and use them sparingly. Wait 10 to 15 minutes in between courses if your cafeteria is an all-you-can-eat

Get together with a group of students or staff members and talk to your schools or offices about putting in healthier vending machines! When you walk into the break room or

establishment. Assess your hunger level and cafeteria, the vending machine often is determine if you need more food. set up so it is the first thing you see. The Game-day favorites — chips, nachos, pizza, wings, and ribs — spoil many diets. If you’re a sports fan, you may also be glued to the couch for hours every week, so you’re not burning off the extra calories from game-day foods. Try these tips: 1

Serve veggies and low-fat dip as part of your spread.


Eat from a plate instead of grazing at the buffet. This helps you keep track of how much you’re eating.

Take Advantage of Gym Class Sometimes being a student makes us

have less time to work out because we

shiny wrappers and colorful packages are meant to catch your eye, but the vending machine can be detrimental to your diet if you don’t choose wisely.




Believe it or not, there are some healthy

your metabolism running in high gear and

options inside your vending machine. All

give you lots of energy to burn. Keep in

you have to do is look past the food

mind that most vending machine packs of

loaded with fat and sugar.

trail mix actually contain two servings. One serving contains about 8 g of protein

Nuts Nuts always are a good option when your stomach is grumbling but you want to

and about 250 calories. Animal Crackers

keep your diet healthy. Be sure to choose

When you simply must have the crunch

nuts that are raw and unsalted. Nuts give

that comes from a cookie, consider

you a rich source of healthy fats and

selecting a package of animal crackers.

proteins, and also are full of fiber, which is

Animal crackers are lightly sweetened

helpful in ensuring you feel full until it is

and have a flavor that is guaranteed to

time to sit down for your next meal. The

take you back to your childhood. Choose

key to eating nuts is to practice

the original animal crackers and avoid

moderation, as the calories can add up

the varieties that include frosting and

quickly. Your best choice is a 1 oz.

sprinkles. A 1 oz. package of animal

serving size of cashews, which contains

crackers contains just 4 g of fat and 130

10 g of healthy fats, 5 g of protein and


about 150 calories. Trail Mix When you are craving something sweet, you might be tempted to choose the various cookie options. By selecting these cookies, you are setting yourself up only to get a quick fix of sugar, and you will be tired and hungry soon after you eat them. Trail mix makes an excellent substitute. Trail mix contains tons of protein and healthy fats and, unlike cookies, will keep



Dried Fruit While vending companies obviously cannot place fresh fruit inside their


machine-size 2 oz. serving of low-fat popcorn contains 8 g of fiber. Chewing Gum

vending machines, dried fruit might be your next best option. When deciding on what type of dried fruit to purchase, avoid any that are covered in sugar, which that takes a healthy snack and makes it just as bad as the candy bars. Most dried fruit will be fat free and less than 100 calories per serving.

Sugar free chewing gum is often found at the bottom of vending machines. Putting gum at the top of your vending machine snack list can help reduce your appetite and help you lose weight, the May 2007 issue of “Appetite” states. In this study, volunteers that chewed gum before a buffet lunch ate less than those that

Whole-Grain Chips Whole grain baked chips, like Sunchips, are a low-fat, fiber-rich alternative to traditional chips. When choosing your chip, keep an eye out for the “Whole

didn’t chew gum. Additional chewing gum benefits include a reduced incidence of dental caries and improvements in focus and concentration. Healthy Snack Bars

Grain” stamp, which signifies that the product is at least 50 percent whole grain. Frequent whole grain consumption is associated with a decreased risk of stroke, heart attack and diabetes, the Whole Grains Council states.

Granola and other healthy snack bars are also available in individual vendingmachine portions. Research the products first to make sure they are as nutritious as you intend, and not cleverly concealed “candy bars.

Reduced-Fat Popcorn Pretzels Reduced-fat popcorn is another whole grain option that’s considerably higher in fiber than most other vending machine snacks. Eating fiber can help curb appetite and reduce Type 2 diabetes risk, states. A vending

While many other foods have more nutritional value than pretzels, this snack makes a good alternative to candy bars and soft drinks. Unsalted pretzels made with enriched flour have just 2g of fat and



229 calories, according to NutritionData.


You can also use the healthy dinner leftovers!

Pretzels also contain iron, calcium, fiber and protein. Try pretzels made with whole wheat flour for an even healthier snack. Sunflower Seeds

It gives you extra time to plan a healthy balanced meal! Gives you extra time to eat a healthy breakfast!

While 1/4 cup of sunflower seeds contains 205 calories, this snack also

At night you can pack what you should eat. In

contains folic acid, vitamin B5, selenium,

the morning you may pack what you crave.

copper, manganese, magnesium, vitamin B1 and vitamin E. The George Mateljan Foundation reports that one serving of sunflower seeds contains 90.5 percent of

Tape or staple the sack at night that way you can add more food in the morning! Freshman Fifteen

the recommended daily value for vitamin E.

Typically the first semester at a college or university is a transitional period for a college

Granola Bars Granola bars contain fiber and protein that help you feel full. They also contain calcium and iron, which play important roles in bone health, oxygen storage and DNA synthesis. Nutrient Facts reports that one granola bar with almonds has 120 calories, 5 g of fat, 1 g of fiber and

freshman, where they break apart from the rules and regulations of their parents to become self ruling young adults. This change of lifestyle removes the parental guidance teens have lived with their entire life. In this new environment, a college freshman is able to go as they please, do what they please, drink and eat what they want, when they want.

2 g of protein. This snack also has zinc,

In most family environments parents

thiamine, phosphorus and magnesium.

determine the time of dinner and what is

Pack your lunch the night before!

served. At most colleges and universities, students are presented with various food

Mornings can get very hectic and put a pause choices for each meal. The problem is there is on your healthy lifestyle!

no one there to tell students what is healthy and what is not. The student tends to eat what




Wheels or Heels

The National Sleep Foundation found that,

Get some wheels. Although a car may be

“Lack of sleep could affect a person’s

outside of the budget, a bike isn’t nearly expensive. You can bike to class, around campus, even around town, burning off extra calories.

emotions, well-being, concentrations, productivity as well as performance. In addition, recent studies also found that the lack of sleep also give rise to many serious health

Credits for Fitness Take a fitness class. Look for an aerobics class, or get creative and try a class in fencing.

problems such as increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depressions and also weight gain.” Getting enough sleep each night is important in maintaining a daily

Join a Gym Not A Sorority


Look for a gym membership. While gym memberships can be costly, you may have

College Calorie Habits

access to a free membership in your student

As a college student, eating late and eating

fitness center. Or you may be able to

junk food contributes to weight gain and

leverage your student status into a

overeating. Skipping breakfast can be harmful

discounted membership at a local gym.

to your health and mental well-being. Starting the day with a healthy, well balanced meal will

Go To The Grocery Store

increase metabolism and energy throughout

Go to the grocery store. Supplement your


cereal, pizza and hot wings with fresh fruits

There Better Be Breakfast

and vegetables, and other healthy snacks

Eating breakfast is essential to maintaining a

that you may not find in your dining hall.

healthy diet Food is fuel, not just for the body

Instead of picking up a donut before your 8 a.m. exam, run across campus with a granola bar in your hand.

but also for the mind. Without some type of breakfast, the mind and body won’t function as well. Feeling sluggish, bad grades, poor


concentration may all consequences of

Incorporate more fruits and vegetables into

skipping breakfast.

your diet. Every time you have junk food, balance it with a salad, an apple or a V-8.

A “healthy breakfast” doesn’t mean a doughnut

Simply filling your tummy with more food that

and a soda. Try for some sort of protein and

is good for you leaves less room for the food

carbohydrate combined, preferably, with a

that made you gain the freshman 15.

piece of fruit. A whole-wheat bagel with cream

Shut Up and Sleep!

cheese, an egg sandwich, a bowl of cereal and glass of juice are good choices.




Energy Fail Energy drinks are ubiquitous on college campuses. They provide a quick source of energy in a convenient can. But inside those cans are loads of sugar, caffeine and chemicals.They do, indeed, give you a quick burst of energy, but it quickly wears off and the student will feel even more exhausted than before. Some energy drinks have more caffeine than they claim to, and some may

Get On Track, Get Organized!

not work at all. At around $3 a can, as of 2011, they aren’t cost effective either.

Start preparing your day the night before to make your life more smooth.

Energy drinks can be useful in a pinch, but a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast

Forgetting about your morning doctors

will benefit the student far better than

appointment could cause you to miss your

anything in a can. For an old fashioned pick-

morning breakfast or fitness class leading you

me-up, a cup of coffee works just as well—

towards an unhealthy day.

without the chemicals and sugar.

Forgetting about the Friday night party could

Again With The Booze!

leave you munching away on unhealthy

There are a dozen reasons to avoid drinking

snacks because you had no time to prepare a

alcohol in college, one of which is the

healthy party tray.

calories. A bottle of beer usually contains over a hundred calories. Also, many health

Forgetting about your Friday morning exam

problems are associated with drinking

could lead you toward stopping at a drive thru,

alcohol, and binge drinking can have serious consequences.

skipping your work out to study, then waking

Creating a weekly schedule helps you stay

up skipping breakfast and heading to class.

on track with a healthy lifestyle. It’s easy to

Most likely you will be tired all day and have

put off exercise when we forget about our

another unhealthy start.

priorities. When there is so much going on

unorganized can become stressful. being

There are so many obstacles we have to learn how to face to stay healthy, scheduling can




Download and print a copy of your schools cafeteria menu! Mark down what your choices are and be prepared for the unhealthy days! Mark off what days you will be bringing a sack lunch or extra fruit. If you are stuck with an unhealthy menu and an empty stomach you may over indulge or gain weight overtime with the excess unhealthy items. Allow yourself Pizza once a week and try to cut back on the school’s nachos and other unhealthy items.

Keeping a healthy lifestyle starts with

important not to get hungry during the day

healthy foods. Often we start our healthy

because that can lead to unhealthy

lifestyle by going to the fridge and throwing


out all the junk inside of the house and head to the grocery store for a fresh shopping trip.

Keeping Apples, Bananas, Trail Mix, 100 Calorie Snack Packs, Pretzels, Water

Cutting back at home is a great way to start

Bottles and Granola Bars are a great start

off a healthy lifestyle but what happens

to your healthy locker.

when you open up your locker to a giant bag of cookies or an open package of gummy bears? May not be pretty. Don’t forget to stock your locker with healthy snacks. It’s

Take a picture and show me what your locker or space looks like!




After receiving tons of emails I’ve noticed the

walking around showing our emotions to the

pattern of “losing weight to stop bullying”

world puts us out to target. Bullies don’t look for that bubbly smiling person because it’s a

No matter what you look like or how much you weight bullying is still wrong!

lot harder to bring someone down who is radiating in confidence. Bullies look for the

I was bullied to the extremes as a kid, and

weak targets who already have low self

watching others go through what I

esteem and will get hurt faster. Try to find

did devastates me.

that confidence and let it shine.

There are so many things we can do to stop

*Stick with your friends.

being bullied but its unfortunate that we even

Most likely your bully isn’t going to tease you

have to worry about being bullied.

when it’s them against you and a group of

* My mom always told me (wow I feel like

friends. Also make sure your friends don’t

Forrest Gump) To kill people with

strike at your bully because that will dig

kindness, it’s painful not to fight fire with

a deeper hole.

fire but it’s one of the best methods. *Stand up to your family and friends. I remember walking down the halls with black hair and blue highlights feeling so excited because it was the night of my first show with the band, and a cheerleader said to me “Wow look at that fat emo”….I wanted to turn around and tackle her like an animal but instead I turned my head and told her “Good luck at the game tonight”….I’m sure she felt really stupid…But she never looked my direction again after that.

Not all bullying is at school or work. A lot of the times bullying comes from siblings, friends and other people who are close to you. There were plenty of times my family made comments about my weight, and friends who teased me a little. The people who matter the most are the ones that can hurt you the greatest. That is when it’s time to talk, and tell them how you feel and what it’s doing to you and your self esteem. Most

*Bullies look for the weakest link. Find

of the time they will understand and it can


turn into a motivation and

Sometimes we aren’t always happy with our

positive environment for reaching a healthier

appearance or our lives at the moment but




*Never be afraid to let someone know


*Don’t target yourself.

whats going on. Walk a different direction home or in the We are all afraid of being called a “rat” or

hall. Never be somewhere a lone near a

“tattling” but bullying is serious and if you

bully. Also bullying also can by cyber

don’t talk to someone who can stop it, it will happen to others. By making people aware

related, so never put yourself out there for the bully to catch. Not a day goes by where I don’t receive a

of the situation you are saving other

rude comment or an email of someone

students from the harassment. If you don’t

ripping me apart and bringing me down,

stop bullying before it’s to late it can get

of course it stings a little bit but most of

dangerous, and in some cases deadly. *Stand up for others

the time it’s from someone who obviously has some things going on in there life, and it’s a lot easier to say things behind and internet screen than to

You may not be the one being bullied, but

someones face so I don’t take anything

that doesn’t mean you can’t put a stop to it.

personal and I click “delete” Learn to

If you are in a group of friends who like to bully don’t give them credit or laugh at their

erase the temptations of cyber related bullying as well.

jokes, tell them how unnecessary and rude it

Together I believe we can put an end to

is. Inform them about the cycle of bullying

bullying, because I am sick of it and I’m sure

and how it leads to depression, suicide, and

many people would agree! Who is with me?

low self esteem. Not everything is easy in life and it’s hard to always be happy, but having someone constantly put you down adds difficulties. Most of the time people bully because they think it makes them look cool, feel popular, or boost up there self esteem, so if you call them out on it, they may feel embarrassed. Some bullies are mocking the behaviors that happen at home so talk and dig deep into the bullies personal life and find out what’s going on. Bulling

This is the perfect “QUICK TO GO” breakfast,

is definitely a way to hide personal issues

that you can keep in a dorm! Or at home. It’s

going on.

FULL of nutrients and keeps you full!




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Repurposing Crafts Recycle Every Day Objects!





By Cyndi Sanders

As an avid scrapbook and crafting fan, I have enjoyed a number of projects which incorporate repurposing and recycling of old items. This is a great project which takes no time at all! Simply soak the labels off of tictac containers and apply labels of your choice. Use these for seed sorting to easily store and sprinkle next year’s crop or use for craft storage like beads, glitter, clips or other tiny craft materials.

I’d like to hear your repurposing ideas - to share your projects, please write to me at

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Survivor Series Patrick Dati By: Michelle Fitz

Patrick Dati, Public Speaker and Author

To the brave few who share their stories, we thank you for encouraging others and helping us all to see they are not alone. This series highlights the stories of brave survivors of personal struggle and triumph. If you have a story to tell, please write to us at

Click To View This Video Page 74




Patrick’s story is a dark one, and as with too many survivors it sadly begins in childhood. A personal friend of mine, I am more than familiar with his story of sibling torment, abuse and his rape as a young boy which was suffered at the hands of a grown man at a shopping mall in his home town. Like Patrick, I also experienced childhood abuse and understand all too well the effects suffered later in life. I also understand the torment one undergoes after speaking out about our experiences, losing the support and reassurance that comes from an extended family, completely. Patrick will be appearing on CFP Radio in July to tell his story more fully but in the meantime, we wanted to share with you a bit about how Patrick has moved beyond his abuse and blossomed in respect of his self worth.

Patrick (left) taking part on the float to s u p p o r t m a r r i a g e equality in Chicago in July 2012 This year, Patrick has given Patrick has started a inspirational talks to youth movement called You And Me and other causes to bring Can Stop Bullies - and is an awareness to bullying in the author now telling his story classroom. He has also and helping others who suffer become actively involved with “to show them it’s OK to his community and is an come forward”. active member of Illinois Equality, an organization in Patrick is an out and proud support of gay marriage. gay man with a beautiful life; something he never thought We encourage you to explore possible until he came to Patrick’s website and support terms with his sexuality and his message. The life and the abuse he suffered as a psyche of the child you save child. may very well be that of your own son or daughter.

“As recently as one year ago, I couldn’t speak these words (or even think about them) without feeling physically ill. Today I can openly say that I was raped as a young child. Throughout my life I have carried the burden of overwhelming guilt and shame as if it was somehow my fault. I laid awake at night wondering if I could’ve fought a little harder, screamed a little louder, ran a little faster. I tortured myself with thoughts of what I should’ve and could’ve done differently. Now I’m a survivor speaking out to help other victims to Page 75 show them it gets better.”

Excerpt from Patrick’s Work CFP JOURNAL MAY 2012



To Read Patrick’s Full Story Click HERE for Many parents overlook what they believe to be normal sibling bullying.” rivalry. They see physical aggression, hear the insults, and Another get told about the manipulation. But they do nothing. Parents like these may truly believe they aren’t doing anything wrong expert in by not coming to the aid of their younger child. This was my childhood life until I was an adult and my older brother threatened to kill me for the last time. I’m speaking out: visit my website.bullying says, Sexual abuse of children and sibling bullying are hidden crimes. Nobody seems to know. Everyone, especially parents, think sibling bullying is just brothers rough housing, but then such bullying, which begins at home, transfers to schools. It spreads like a disease. Most parents never know their child was sexually abused, because children who are sexually abused don’t tell. An expert says, “People assume that the eldest child is the strongest in the sibling group and so will do the most bullying. In reality, it’s the middle child, competing for his

parents’ attention and love, who exhibits the greatest propensity

child abuse and bullying is always warned, “Don’t tell or else….” You don’t tell if an abuser or bully threatens you, and those who sexually abuse children often threaten to kill them and even their family if

“Sibling bullying is widespread

the child tells. A child who does

and occurs all the time. We

tell is rare and incredibly brave.

now know that sibling bullying

Prevention of sibling bullying

also spreads to bullying at

and childhood sexual abuse

school. Furthermore, children

needs to start at home.

who are bullied are most likely

Parents must take

to suffer behavioral and

responsibility for educating their

psychological problems. They

children on the importance of

feel no place is safe for them.”

telling. If it doesn’t start at

Why don’t kids tell? Being an

home, we don’t stand a chance

adult survivor of childhood

of putting and end to these

sexual abuse and sibling

awful crimes. I was a victim of

bullying, I understand why kids

both childhood sexual abuse

don’t tell and why these crimes

and sibling bullying. I survived

are not disclosed. Although

but at an awful price. It took

there are many reasons why

me 47 years to come forward,

children don’t tell anyone they

including many years of

were sexually abused or

therapy. Finally, I woke up and

bullied, the most common

said, “Enough!”

reason is FEAR. The victim of

Page 76

CFP Radio is coming soon in July! Whether you are a business person, have a project to promote, are actively engaged in women’s issues, involved with a shelter, etc, CFP would love to hear from you! With a reach of over 260,000 visitors each month, we can help your campaign!

To be featured, contact us on

Strawberry Glace Pie

By Andrea Valentine Here is a different take on the classic fresh strawberry pie, a spring/summer staple. The difference is a thin layer of cream cheese on the crust's bottom, adding a sweet, cool contrast to the berry burst of flavor. This pie makes up quickly. The only "real" work involved are prepping the berries and cooking the glaze, and even that's really no chore. Cook's Note: To save time use pre-packaged refrigerated pie pastry. Just fit into pan and bake. A frozen pie crust works well, too. Just be sure the frozen shell isn't broken! Though the pie is usually topped with real homemade whipped cream, if time is a factor, use Redi-Whip instead. I do not recommend Cool Whip or other non-dairy topping. The taste impact of fresh cream, cream cheese, and strawberries just isn't there.


1 9-inch unbaked pie shell, your own or storebought • 3 oz. softened cream cheese Bake the shell according to package (or recipe's) direction. Allow to cool thoroughly. Evenly spread softened cream cheese over shell bottom. Refrigerate shell while prepping filling. • • •

1½ lbs. fresh strawberries. 1 Cup sugar 3 Tbs cornstarch Wash and cap berries. Slice in half. Set aside half for bottom layer of pie. Meanwhile, in a blender or food processor, puree remaining berries. You should have about 1½ cups of puree.

In a heavy medium-size saucepan, combine sugar and cornstarch. Stir until well blending. Mix in berry puree, stirring to blend completely. Cook over medium heat until thickened. Glaze will be done when mixture comes to a boil and clarifies. It will look somewhat like hot jam. Remove from heat and allow to cool. To Assemble: Remove chilled shell from fridge. Evenly spread reserved berries. Then pour cooled glaze over all, covering evenly. Refrigerate pie at least 3 to 4 hours. (Best if made night before or early in the morning) Serve topped with your own homemade whipped cream or Redi-Whip. Refrigerate any leftovers, but I doubt you'll have any. A duck walks into a convenience store and asks the clerk, "Do you have any grapes?" The clerk says no, and the duck leaves.

Joke Box By Andrea Valentine

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The next day, the duck returns and asks, "Do you have any grapes?" The clerk again says no, and the duck leaves. The day after that, the duck walks into the store and asks, "Do you have any grapes?" The clerk screams at the duck, "You've come in here the past two days asking for grapes. I told you every time, no, we don't have any grapes! I swear, if you come back in here again and ask for grapes, I'll nail your webbed feet to the floor!" The duck left and returned the next day. This time he asked, "Do you have any nails?" The clerk replied, "No," and the duck said, "Good. Got any grapes?"







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CFP Journal July 2012  

This was our name (The Compassion Fashion Project) BEFORE we rebranded to Hat Trick in late July 2012.

CFP Journal July 2012  

This was our name (The Compassion Fashion Project) BEFORE we rebranded to Hat Trick in late July 2012.

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