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VOLUME 1 2012




About This Publication Compassion Fashion Project began in 2009, as a grass-roots network for bloggers and non-profits, which provided a media outlet and marketing platform to promote their efforts, campaigns and fundraisers. With professional backgrounds in project management and creative consultancy, our directors incorporated CFP Consulting, to maximize time and costs associated in providing professional services to both paid clients and a small number of charities free of charge. CFP Consulting is a registered company in the USA and UK, offering specialist Business Change, Home and key Commercial Services such as Management Consultancy, Web Development, Branding, Marketing, PR, Recruitment & Business Strategy. Our motto is Consulting With A Difference and that difference is, we make Philanthropy a part of our business model. Through a network of volunteers, we organize dress-sewing campaigns for girls in the Third World, and provide information on business, careers and personal development via Facebook, an online magazine, and a radio program. Our goal is to share knowledge and show women that no matter how bad things are, they can dust themselves off and make a good life of their own. We share tips, inspirational stories, write resumes for the unemployed or underemployed, and most importantly, we offer professional services to charities and non-profit events so that they can maximize every penny they raise.

We are often asked “Why Fashion?”, in interviews.

CFP is a play on words, to 'fashion' the outlet of service and compassion to that of 'sisterhood' for women across the globe. Our directors also have diverse professional backgrounds, including one whose professional 'past life' was in fashion illustration, and, of course, each has a genuine interest in the creative side of the fashion industry.

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CFP has successfully become an industry leader setting a high bar, particularly in the field of Business Change, Project Management and Strategic Services, such as branding and marketing. Many clients enjoy a certain peace of mind in working with us, as a socially minded firm. The mission of the CFP Journal is to provide information, promote confidence, independence, integrity, kinship and empowerment over obstacles, regardless of one’s circumstance or background. Although our content is geared to a female audience, we also are strong advocates in support of the LGBT community, and anti-domestic violence and bullying campaigns. Our contributors are globally based, volunteers and syndicates. We hope you enjoy our magazine - it’s come a long way since 2009 and we welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions.

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Dedicated to women around the world in times of trouble, regret or solitude. May they find comfort within themselves and in each other.

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I’m often left inspired by the women we interview and engage with at CFP. In this month’s issue, CFP had the pleasure of sitting down with documentary film maker and star of PBS hit show Kitchens of Biró, Shannon Kring Buset - and this article was no exception. As I reflect upon Shannon’s journey and the example her tenacity sets for today’s professional woman, I was left thinking about the urgency for positive life-models in all walks of professional life. Living our best life has become a mantra for many women around the world, thanks to Oprah, but CFP would like to invite you to take this one step further. It’s so trite, but never has the phrase ‘be the change’ been more applicable. Whether you’re midcareer or just starting out, we encourage you to search your heart and ensure you are following your dreams... and your principles.


Fashion DIY: Closet Revival ......................................... 30 Confessions of A Hollywood Stylist ...............................31 Cake Masters: Newsletter and Insider Tip Videos! ....... 32 Undressed Skeleton: Eat Right With Taralynn McNitt ... 34 Southern Corner: Sweet Iced Tea ................................. 36 CFP YouTube: What’s On ............................................. 38 Baby Bliss .................................................................... 39 Home Making With Cyndi: Sewing A Child’s Apron ...... 40 Survivor Series: Ebony Moore ....................................... 42 Joke Box and The Best Tuna Salad Recipe EVER! ........47 To Our Supporters ......................................................... 48


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About the Cover


This month’s cover is from the Natura Morta series by German artist, Hanna ten Doornkaat. Hanna resides in London and more information about her collection can be found here: and

A"#t: Hanna Ten doornkaat

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Hanna Ten doornkaat Explain the title for this piece for us.



In art historical terms the word ‘natura morta’ is Italian and translates as ‘still life’ but when I started the work back in 2001 I used it for its literal meaning ‘the death of nature’.

What was your inspiration for creating this series? I have always had a strong interest in consumer culture, the media and its effects on our consumer society. I was particularly interested in Marshal McLuhan, Canadian educator and philosopher and French cultural theorist and philosopher Jean Baudrillard who both took a very critical look at the occurring changes between reality and hyperreality. All very intellectual and not easily accessible. McLuhan’s theories impressed me because he predicted a lot of what in the meantime has become a major part for many people worldwide. What would we do without social networking and internet ? McLuhan termed the quote ‘the medium is the message’ and that is what I used when I started ‘natura morta’. I wanted to say something about how we are being seduced by the cover of a glossy magazine. The media uses techniques like airbrushing or photoshop to show models with immaculate skin combined with texts which often use terms from nature such as ‘peach-like skin’ or orchids as a symbol for sexuality. In my work I wanted to decode the false messages which is why I used materials like false eyelashes and false fingernails to make my flowers. The bit showing in the middle is a porcelain cast of my nipple. I also researched the meaning of flowers in Dutch still life paintings which often were seen as metaphors for the transience of life. I took a closer look at some paintings with a magnifying glass and found that they had painted imperfections of leaves with caterpillars nibbling on them. This gave me the idea that I would photograph the work with a magnifying lens which meant that any imperfection and dust would show and the end result was a very glossy image of a fake flower but when taking a closer look not so perfect at all. I made a series of three images with the first one being perfect at least at first glance. The second one is where the ‘wilting’ starts and in my image you will notice that the nail varnish is starting to drip and the flower has lost a few petals. The third one has no petals and all that is left is the empty nipple.

Tell me about your work and how it has evolved. Have you made similar pieces? As an artist you move on and your work progresses and/or changes over the years. My work is still based around cultural issues and I have been taking a good look at ‘Natura Morta’ recently wanting to make something related to it......but time will tell. My personal feeling is that this series is even more relevant now than it was when I made it. The younger generation is more and more bombarded with hyperreal imagery which is often nothing more than a constant slideshow of images and virtual statements everywhere.

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Apology Mailbox Dear One:

I want to say I'm sorry for shoving all the scutwork on to you. Honestly, I don't have the energy to do very much around the house, but I know I milk the situation and it's understandably irritating to you. The time you spend on errands means I can do what pleases me with little stress. There's resentment on your part that is only to be expected. As grouchy as you get about it, I still depend on you to get things done. There's only so much I'm able to do so please be patient with me. I know I'm coming off very selfishly and ungrateful. Please forgive me.

Readers: Get the closure you need to move forward with your life or to set things right. Anonymous apologies with fewer than 200 words are most appreciated to

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How To Take Your Clothing Line To Retail By Meredith Corning

When it comes to selling your clothing line, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Before you ever approach a retailer or a buyer, there are crucial steps you must take in the first instance. Fashion Designers too often make mistakes by creating barriers for themselves by not taking a professional approach and by not creating a checklist that will lead them to gaining more customers through retail outlets. View slideshow: Retail markets Create your own checklist by following the steps below: 1.




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Create a look book. By developing a signature look book with its own look and feel, you will be able to showase your work in the most professional light posssible. Find a fashion photographer, make-up artist, hair stylist, and models that represent your brand. Plan out the photo shoot by preparing a vision board prior to that you can refer your photo shoot professionals to during the process. Develop a buyers packet. This is a must have. Never approach a retailer without a buyers packet. Pitching your line without selling/marketing tools will make you look like you do not know what you are doing. A buyers packet will normally include several items, an introduction letter, a company overview, a line sheet, price sheet, order form, look book, and press pieces. If you feel uncomfortable taking on this task, ask a professional for help. Form relationships with vendors and production. Finding a reputable vendor and production house to help you with large orders is something you need to work out prior to selling your line into retail. How long will it take your vendor to turn around an order? How will the order be packaged? No buyer wants to receive your shipment in pieces in an unorganized fashion. Design a sales strategy. Line up dates to attend trade shows as this is a great way to connect with potential retailers and buyers. Be sure you have an online presence including a website, social media, and a blog. Send out press releases to other fashion bloggers and journalists to write articles about your line. Arrange trunk shows. If all of these tasks seem overwhelming, consider hiring a sales representative.

While these are not all the steps involved in reaching the retail market, it will get you on the right path. Fashion designers' dreams come true everyday by accomplishing their goal of moving their line into stores, so with a little planning and a great deal of hard work anything is possible.




Beauty Recon#ructed

Shannon Kring Buset

She loved, lost and ventured on a journey of self-discovery. An amazing profile of a famous woman who had it all and lost it - only to find unimaginable happiness and success. PBS Kitchens of Bir贸 star and documentary film maker. By: Meredith Corning

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ABOVE: Shannon Kring Buset in her Frida Larios New Maya Language Planting Seeds Dress. Says Kring Buset, “Frida is an internationally acclaimed artist who has recently started a fashion and accessories line using her new interpretation of ancient Mayan hieroglyphs. The project provides employment for the indigenous women and men of Central America. This dress is symbolic of planting and harvesting seeds: of nourishing yourself and your family. Salvadorian women lovingly hand-stitched the garment with locally sourced materials. I wear it proudly at many of my 2012: The Beginning film screenings.” Photo: Tyler Orsburn.

You are a former costar of an EmmyWinning reality cooking series, award-winning author and a very successful entrepreneur, yet some may be interested to know why you left all this behind you with one suitcase on a quest for inner spirituality. How did you get to a place where you wanted to walk away from it all in a search for self?

Page 12

wounded and lacking any sense of direction? Between naps and second helpings of Sour Cream and Onion Baked Lays, I— now heavier in body (literally) and spirit— For six months, I spent Not my most shining found myself thinking teary nights alone moment. Friends and of Flavia Cueva and (wearing my family reminded me her Hacienda San husband's socks, one that I'm nothing if not Lucas in Copán of the few things he'd resourceful, and told Ruinas, Honduras. left behind) in my me to follow my heart. When I had visited kitchen, recreating the But how could I follow there the previous cream-based pasta a heart that, like a bird year, I was instantly sauce he'd made for stunned from hitting a drawn to her fighting me on our first date. windshield, was spirit. Ten years

“When my once-upon-a-time husband moved out, I found myself depressed, alone, and without a sense of purpose —unless you consider sleeping until noon and then going on 12-hour eating benders a higher calling.”




RIGHT: Shannon Kring Buset and the dress’s designer, Frida Larios. Both wear a Planting Seeds dress and Burberry shoes. Photo: Tyler Orsburn.

earlier, Flavia, her own marriage having ended, returned to her family's century-old hacienda in the mountains overlooking the breathtaking Maya ruins. Out of her own ruins, she built an intimate eco-retreat at which others could find healing.

heartbeat. I put down my bag of chips and booked a plane ticket to Central America—to Honduras, the country whose name translates literally to the depths. I had no way of knowing what awaited me in this strange land, or just how fitting its name would prove to be. I lived abroad for As I thought of my time three years, moving to Scandinavia after there, I remembered the kitchen, where the Central America. rhythmic slap slap, When women hear my slap slap of cornmeal story, they invariably being pounded into swoon. I hear a lot of tortillas provides its heartbeat. This place, I “I dream of doing that!” or “I want to have your decided, was where I needed to go to rebuild life!” Looking back, I am incredibly thankful my life, and to learn how to restore my own for the entire

experience. I am even thankful for my husband releasing me so that I could step fully into the life I knew I was meant to have, and so that he could claim the very different life he truly wanted. And yet at the time, the experience was incredibly painful. I made a lot of mistakes, and I caused a lot of needless heartache, both to myself and others.

If you feel that you’re taking up space in someone else’s dream and are too afraid to claim your own, I urge you to listen to the whispers of your highest self before they grow too loud. I obviously needed a scream.

One of your specialties you offer is Keynote Speaking on various topics including Business, Women's Issues, and It is my hope that other Life Strategy. Do you women who are in see a common similar circumstances denominator in what don’t need to go to the your audience wants extremes I did in order to learn no matter the to make manifest their focus of each of innermost aspirations. these topics?

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Whether I’m conducting research on the streets of Guatemala, interviewing a spiritual leader in Indonesia, or speaking to a women’s group in Finland, what I find is that everyone everywhere seeks the same things: Love. Wholeness. Purpose. Having traveled extensively, meeting spiritual leaders from across the globe, and finding a path to inner wisdom must give you an advantage that the everyday woman does not have. Can you share something from your experiences that a woman reading this may be able to use in her own life even though she may not have the ability to embark on such a worthwhile journey as you have? For every woman who embarks on a soulsearching journey to India, Bali, or other sacred sites around the world, there are countless other women whose lives don’t permit an uninterrupted trip to the bathroom. The good news: there is wisdom to be found in the most unexpected


places, including within yourself. I am grateful for the opportunities I have to travel the world. However, with open ears, an open heart, and an open mind, one can truly just as easily find inspiration in a grocery store in Little Rock as at an ashram in Kathmandu Valley. Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, I had to travel very far to realize that I always had what I needed right inside of myself.

For the woman who is engrossed in her career and feels as though there is never enough time to get everything accomplished, but is afraid of falling off track, what advice can you offer her? You’ve heard it during the airline safety demonstration: “Affix your own oxygen mask before assisting others.” How can this same advice be applied to your life?

As a woman in business—or as a man, for that matter— chances are you’re increasingly finding yourself navigating the uncharted, unusually stormy waters of today’s ever-changing, Our contributors—who ever-uncertain marketplace. Your have so far ranged in age from 17 to 86 and staff and colleagues come from all walks of look to you for encouragement. life—prove that one Inspiration. A sense of needn’t hop on an security. Your clients airplane to lead a and customers look to more soulful you for reassurance existence. Their heartfelt stories show that your company is still poised to lead what can happen them to success. What when anyone, a daunting task, as anywhere, chooses you are likely love over fear. Once experiencing your own we begin nourishing challenges and the sacred within ourselves, we come to anxieties. And then add to it the pressures realize and honor the of home life and sacred that exists absolutely everywhere personal relationships. It makes me take a in the world. This is the basis of my inspirational e-zine, Inlightenment: Nourishing the Sacred Within (https:// InlightenmentNourishi ngtheSacredWithin).


sharp intake of air just typing this. So take a deep breath, and repeat after me: “I come first.” What? This seems counterintuitive to us as women, doesn’t it? Selfish, even. And yet how can we serve those around us and the world at large if we are not taking care of ourselves? You might think that if you step away to nurture yourself, you’ll surely mess up your career. Sadly, you may be right. In the highly competitive corporate culture of the United States, for instance, taking time off isn’t encouraged—whether that be leaving work early for a family commitment, using your vacation time, or taking off an extended period time for personal exploration. We’re afraid of being perceived as lightweights, and there’s generally an attitude that if we’re not willing to “give 110%” to our jobs (never mind that this isn’t even possible), there will surely be someone else who will.

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“This is another of my favorite Frida Larios pieces, my Skyband Bracelet,” says Shannon Kring Buset. “Stonecarvers from the Maya village of Copán, Honduras, my spiritual home, worked with Frida to develop her unique accessory line. It is based on her new interpretation of ancient Maya hieroglyphs and uses ancestral, local resources such as jade, obsidian, and limestone. In this case, they made my bracelet with white marble and jade.” Photo: Tyler Orsburn.


When I was fresh out of college, I had a colleague who came back to work less than an hour after her father was buried. She sat slumped at her desk, tears streaming down her face, staring blankly at her computer screen. At one point, her manager came up to her and briefly put his hand on her shoulder (quickly pulling away, no doubt, because basic human contact is


productive the workforce is in countries where balance is prized, in the United States, valuing our own needs, and the needs of our families, is just not something that is held in high esteem. But speaking as someone who initially with great trepidation stepped off the “hamster wheel”, I can tell you that the leap can be incredibly rewarding. You just

examples to those around us—to our colleagues, our spouses, our girlfriends, our children. If you can’t do it for yourself, can you take care of yourself for them? Do you want to set the example of someone who works, works, works, or of someone who works effectively and efficiently because she is in balance?


I am thankful for the opportunities I was given and for the success that I experienced in that “past life” of mine.

But I was not leading an entirely authentic experience. There was always a part of myself that I kept hidden from that world. I had always dreamt of a “better life”, and yet was secretly a deeply spiritual person. I You recently filmed a loved things like documentary called clothes and shoes, and 2012: The Beginning, so I didn’t see how that You’ve heard it during the which was the most- fit with being spiritual. watched film at And I grew up poor in airline safety demonstration: MipDoc 2012 Cannes the Northwoods of “Affix your own oxygen mask and touches on a Wisconsin, and so I subject that many didn’t see how that fit before assisting others.” people have opinions with my career in about. The Maya upscale cuisine. also frown upon in the may land on your feet, calendar has workplace). I thought, finding yourself planted prompted a huge As it turns out, that “Finally, he’s going to firmly in a great, new discussion about the part of myself that I tell her it’s okay to go career that better year 2012 being kept hidden was what home and grieve.” serves your higher significant. After so desperately needed Instead, he said, “This purpose. documenting this to come forward. Our is why you’re number film, what did you shadows are always one. You’re a trooper.” And maybe you don’t learn and is 2012, in where our brightest I will never forget that. even need to step off your opinion, a light hides, just waiting the hamster wheel. 'beginning' of to shine. Only in My experiences living Maybe it’s as simple something? claiming both our and working outside as not feeling guilty for shadows and our light the United States have leaving work at a Building on my last are we complete. only solidified my belief decent hour. For response, I absolutely that we’re one of the getting an extra half loved my career in And so I secretly most unbalanced hour of sleep in the cuisine. Owning dreamed of inspiring societies when it morning. For leaving restaurants and people through film, comes to the so-called the dirty dishes in the culinary schools, books, and talks. “life-work balance”. sink at night. having a cooking Despite the numerous show, and all of my But who are you to do studies showing just You might not realize related work was such things? how much more it, but we are all incredibly rewarding.

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And so I asked myself: Do I want to create my reality, my world, out of fear? Doubt? Negativity? Insecurity? The worries of my lowest self? Or did I want my life to be shaped by love? Compassion? Positivity? Service? Grace? The truths of my highest self.



I encourage those reading this to stop and ask themselves the same questions. Where in your life are you not living your ABOVE: A Central American silversmith putting the finishing touches on most authentic Kring Buset’s Skyband Bracelet. Photo: Tyler Orsburn. experience, and from To learn more about Frida Larios and her work, please visit the place of your highest self? What are “Wikipedia” when people who have given their entire careers you willing to do to asked where I went to so much to me and to exploring it theorize. change it? film school, because I the world in which we What our viewers had to learn so much all live. think. What the people Lately I am in a so fast!—I am who have lived by the perpetual state of especially thankful that As for what I think of various Maya gratitude and awe. the film has been this the date December 21, calendars for centuries First, because I am for well received. 2012, I believe it is my believe it will be. It is the first time in my life Making 2012: The job as a our beliefs that create living an authentic Beginning was a documentarian to be the reality around us, experience. It feels profound, life-changing as objective as and together, we’re cofantastic. Second, experience for me, and possible. I say this not creating the present because my dream of I am grateful to all of to dodge the question, and the future every writing, directing, and those who welcomed but because I feel it day. And anyway, I producing a film has me into their lives, their deeply: it does not now know that every come true. Especially homes, their work, and matter what I think will day can and should be because I am a firsttheir sacred happen on this much- a great, new time filmmaker with no ceremonies. This film storied date. What beginning. training or experience is my humble attempt matters is what the —I always tell people at honoring the Maya people who have spent Shannon Kring Buset is an award-winning author and filmmaker. She is also a frequent keynote speaker at events across the globe, and has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, FOX, Lifetime, NPR, and in more than 150 publications worldwide, including The Wall Street Journal, SmartMoney Magazine, and Redbook. For further information on Shannon’s projects, please visit and




Symptoms or Root Causes

What Problems Are You Treating On Your Project? By Ross Yingling

What is fever, an upset stomach, numbness in the extremities, or aching muscles? Are they the problem or symptoms of a bigger root cause? Everyone would agree they in fact are symptoms of a bigger root cause. Relative to information systems projects, what are frequently missed deadlines, growing project costs, frequently recurring mistakes/issues, tension amongst team members, bad client relations? Are they the root cause or are they bigger root causes? It is my experience they are only symptoms of underlying issues which are putting the project at risk. Further, if the underlying issues are not resolved, the risk is high the same symptoms will continue and/or worsen. An important question for any project manager is why are projects allowed to degrade to the point an outside resource is needed to try to figure out what went wrong?

As with the field of medicine, project management has a lot of Science that is available for the practitioner to apply to the situation (project). However, identifying and correcting the root causes of problems undeniably are very much art With 20 years’ experience in project management primarily in the information forms. It means systems field, Ross is a seasoned Project there may be and Program Manager, "Big 6" Consultant, common tools and and former blue chip VP. techniques into the project with the available to help with any task to assess the project problem solving situation, identify the root process, but the real trick causes of the problems, is learning when to throw and devise a solution. out conventional wisdom The issues I encountered and do what has to be then (and still encounter done in a way that creates today) are normally fixable as much of a win-win as in and of themselves. possible for the project However, for the team and the team members. members on a struggling I have been in the IS field project, recognizing what for over almost twenty-five and how to fix the years. In one of my roles I problem(s) is not always served as my boss’ clearly understood. It is an “special forces” problem important element that has solver. Meaning, when the to be taken into account need arose, I was when starting to triage the (figuratively) parachuted situation. Page 18



take over and the team members begin trying to protect themselves and get off the project. It is a disease process that can/ will ruin a project and ultimately the client relationship!

Everyone has their list of reasons why projects are distressed or ultimately fail. As humans we notoriously try to identify that one magic bullet to solve all our problems. If it were only that simple! Typically, projects do not fail because of one specific reason or root cause. It is usually a combination of factors that conspire to put a project in peril.

When a team continues experiencing the same symptoms over and over the team members tend to get fixated on resolving those issues. As a result they begin to lose perspective and if not addressed that fixation will cause a loss of focus on the stated project objectives. If the situation goes addressed it could cause the team to become totally discouraged. At that point, product quality is probably not the priority of individual team members. Survival mode will ultimately

Consider what happens when a patient seeks treat for a medical issue. He/She is brought in because the patient is having symptoms they are not comfortable treating themselves or continue to be present after attempts to resolve them do not work. The Patient is reacting to the symptoms of an underlying issue(s). Doctors learn to discern the difference between a root cause and a symptom by studying and experience. They use their experience to develop action plans to control the immediate symptoms and resolve the primary root causes. How do they do this? They first and foremost are able to do so by knowing their subject matter. Then once they engage the patient they precede with asking detailed questions, listening to the answers, studying the patient's history and observing the patient's physical appearance and mannerisms. All of these


steps come together to allow the doctor to devise to see the whole solution, rule in/ out specific medical issues, conclude more tests are needed, and/or defer to a specialist. The exact same process should be used when attempting to resolve any project related problem: Ask, listen, study, and observe. Through my experiences I continue to see six root causes I believe are the genesis of most (not all, most) struggling projects. My list is strongly influenced by the information systems industry which is where a vast majority of my time has been spent. However, I believe these six root causes are applicable to any project management situation. In my next article I will present the list of the six root causes of most project failures and talk about each of them in detail. Over the last twenty-five years I've been on some very good projects and some very bad projects. It should come as no surprise that good projects are good a reason and bad projects are bad for a reason. It is rarely accidental!

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The Good...The Bad...The Ugly...



Eyebrow Shapes

Click Here & Follow MY Website! To Watch This Video Now Click Here! The perfect eyebrow shapes can create such a huge impact on your face. Keeping your eyebrows neat and well-shaped will contribute a great deal in framing it. With your eyebrows, it can help draw attention to your eyes and can also accentuate the features. That is why most women prefer to have it done professionally. Let's face it, not all of us are gifted with the talent to properly shape our eyebrows so why don't we just give in and let the professionals do their magic? It won't hurt and it'll be worth it in the end. Pin up models are beautiful but they even look more beautiful because of their wellshaped eyebrows. It just shows how they take care of themselves and they clearly evoke the idea of being a beautiful and seductive woman. Next to the eyebrows, their cat eyes and their red lips are included in the three main features that is always emphasized on their faces and these features made their trademark.

Happy 1st Birthday Pin Up Passion! Page 20

Celebrating All Through The Month Of June!




Read on: Discover the good, the bad and the ugly! Over-Plucked Eyebrows

The Big ‘M’

Too many women go for this shape! As you can see, this shape is very thin. This not very ideal and sometimes this shape occurs when the plucking is not done correctly. Sorry to be blunt...reminds me of a hooker look :(

This particular shape is named big ‘m’ because of its arch which is the same shape as the letter ‘m’. Additionally, it is more raised, unlike the normal eyebrow shape which is a bit lower than this.

The Clown

The Downhill It is called the clown because it has its similarities with the clown's eyebrow. It gives a woman a surprised look! Reminds me of some scary cougars I have seen out and about...

Triangle This eyebrow makes women look really harsh. Balls of steel (hehe)...not sure that is such a good thing...

Why is this considered as the best shape of eyebrows? This is because it is very proportioned, has the right amount of thickness and curves and can match any face shape. So, for women out there, THIS MUST BE YOUR EYEBROW INSPIRATION! Now, are your eyebrows flat, downhill, triangle, clown-like, over-plucked or resembles the Macdonald's golden arches...? Or do you have the best shape of eyebrows? If you don't...get them professionally looked at. You must. I have been there - too thin, too thick and finally after studying pin ups managed to get the perfect pin up eyebrow... I can't tell you enough how much it has made a difference to my look...and people notice the difference...massively.

Straight Edge

The name for this shape perfectly described the look of this eyebrow. It is downhill because as you can see, it starts high and at the very edge, it is not proportion anymore because it is resembles a kiddie slide. Why look so sad for all the time, lady?

Its minimal curvature gives the name straight edge or flat. Noooo expression...ever.

Oh and one more's preferable that you pluck rather then wax because if you wax too much, the elasticity in your skin decreases and you will get droopier eyes sooner. Oh and one more thing...eyebrows are sisters not twins. Don't try to match them exactly the same. Most of the time this is not possible and this pursuit for perfect symmetry will drive you to insanity.

The Best Eyebrow






Can you sew? Why not become a CFP Diva! As part of our Divas Dressing Darlings program, you can help young girls in third world countries receive clothing made from recycled pillowcases and other unwanted fabrics! Let CFP take care of the logistics - and be a part of something wonderful and uplifting!

CFP Consulting are representing Conway Fashion Week! A percentage of ticket sales will go to Bethlehem House, a homeless charity based in Central Arkansas.

June - December


Big clothing drive campaigns kick off for Simone’s Home, a US foster care facility for teen girls. We also will be collecting children’s clothing for Unique Home for Girls (Punjab). Clothing sizes 1-10 are urgently needed! If you can help, please contact us!

If you’re in the US, don’t miss out on the ‘Designing Hope’ event which benefits Camp Sunshine, a special camp for kids with burn injuries, and Arkansas Children’s Hospital.



Planning, chasing up, and redistribution of fabric will take place for all designers/CFP Divas who are taking part in the sewing campaign this year.

Shipments will be prepared for Little Dresses for Africa from our CFP Divas Dressing Darling program!

Check in with us on our progress and consider helping us with any of our drives or campaigns this year!

If you’re in the UK/EU, take part in our drive for UK Charity Unique Home for Girls (Punjab). We are We will also kick off our planning and helping with a PR campaign to get media campaign for the Sewing much needed funding to this Room Project we are organizing for wonderful charity, which prevents Women and Children First, to be unwanted female infants from completed in early 2013! We are in suffering death or abandonment. need of all craft materials and tools, from spare linens, fabric, scissors, used sewing machines, craft paper, sewing pins and needles, etc.

Reminder: We're collecting clothing for Charity. Girls ages 0-10 will go to Unique Home For Girls, Teenagesuitable to Simone's Home, all others will go to Women and Children First. Also accepting sewing materials or checks (made to Women and Children First) to help us build a sewing room for their shelter in January 2013.




Bespoke Jewellery Fully hand-crafted jewelry, custom made according to your specification in Great Britain. Beautiful custom metalwork with a focus on metal patterns combined with beads, pearls or gemstones. Completely unique Visit the website for more details on creating your Inner Fyre experience. Completely custom made to your specifications. This enchanting piece is available as a pendant, earrings and necklace (or set). As with all Inner Fyre pieces, prices are on a by quotation basis, subject to final specifications, materials and time.

Compassion Fashion Hearts Available Individually or As A Set, Custom Designed by You. Show the world You’re A

CFP Diva 50% of proceeds are donated by Inner Fyre to New Unique Home for Girls,

a UK Charity devoted to funding an orphanage for unwanted female infants abandoned by their mothers at birth.

What You Do Every Day Designs Your Destiny CFP JOURNAL MAY 2012



Daily practice is a term that I use over and over and over again: • The practice of how we choose to live our lives on a daily basis by the choices we make.

Let me put it bluntly:

Whatever you do every day designs your destiny.

• If you eat consciously and move your body every day – day after after – you will create a lean, fit, healthy and energetic body. • If, on the other hand, you eat donuts, drink pop and sit in front of a computer all day – day after day – you will create a body that is bloated, overweight, stiff, lethargic and likely not feeling all that well at all. The key is consistency. Don’t worry about exactly what you do – keep it simple: baby steps – but do it everyday.

Re-balance. Realign. Repeat. Re-balance. Realign. Repeat.

3. They’re dabbling with both

Ben was a promising young

but not consistently enough to

boxer. Time and time again his

more forward with any

coach would try to tell him

momentum People aren’t as successful with their attempts to reclaim their natural shape as they’d like to be because: 1. Their eating is aligned but their exercise isn’t;

towards their goals. They’re stalling on the freeway! Let me give you an example. A

2. They’re exercising but their

number of years

isn’t dialed in; eating

ago, my partner

Clean & healthy breakfasts don't have to be boring: eggs, black beans, avocado, tomatoes, topped with a few pecans and hot sauce.

CFP Official Fitness Guru CFP JOURNAL MAY 2012


(ie. share knowledge) how to

bag for 3 rounds, work the

train so he would win more

double-end bag and speed

boxing matches and excel in his

bag for 3 rounds each, and

career. “It is simple,” he’d say.

skip for 15 minutes, do his

“You start with three rounds of

ab work and run everyday.

shadow-boxing then spar for 3-5

Day after day, week after

rounds, hit the heavy bag for 3

week, he’d repeat this


rounds, work the double-end bag training regime until it and speed bag for 3 rounds

became a practice for him.

each, and skip for 15 minutes,

Sure enough, he started to

do your ab work and run

win. Match after match, until

everyday. And that’s the end of

he reached the National

it.” Ben never wanted to listen.

Qualifiers for the 2000

He wanted to try and figure out

Olympics before turning pro.

Ben, now in his early 40's and still one of the most consistent trainers I've ever met!

his own way. He had a lot of

what his coach has been telling him to work. And he did it every

Now, most people would

day. It became a practice that he

probably get stuck on the

integrated into his daily life, a

‘what’… How many rounds did

practice that led to his imminent

hands in the air and surrendered he train per day? How high did

success. In my upcoming book,

to trying to figure it out. He

Freeway to Fat Loss and

potential, but no consistent plan. Finally, one day Ben threw his

he get his heart rate when he

started to train just like his coach was skipping? What types of

my 21-Day Detox*, we take a

had explained. It seemed doable drills was he doing on the speed

look at what you can start doing

to him and something he could

bag. And the honest truth is,

and keep doing with a focus on

implement on a daily basis. He’d

that’s not what mattered. The


shadow-box for three rounds,

real key to success for Ben was

spar for 3-5 rounds, hit the heavy that he surrendered and allowed

This is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle.




Nail Advice “Hi Patti, I'm 25 and we live in Nantucket in the summer right near the beach. It's beautiful. I also love swimming. But I also want my nails to look nice in the summer, too, along with a great tan of course. I was just wondering if you have any cool ideas about nails. I don't use acrylic nails, I hate the smell and I think it ruins your nails after a period of time. So, any ideas?� Nails in Nantucket

Dear Nails, I think it's great that you don't use acrylic nails. They can cause problems for your nails including dangerous infections. A girlfriend of mine, tragically lost her aunt from a Staph infection just two days after having her acrylic nails changed. Back to your question. Since we are coming upon summer, keep up on your pedicures. A good tip is to match the color of your pedicure and manicure. Pink shades of polish are good colors for summertime. Even if you choose pink, you still have a wide range of selections with dark shades, light shades or even those with glitter. A trend I have seen on the runways lately:

putting two shades on the nail. For example, use a dark pink at the nail bed and a light pink for the rest of the nail. This can also be reversed. It resembles a French manicure, but with color. You can literally go to town picking your two colors, but like when designing a room or choosing an outfit, be sure to choose colors from the same palette. In my opinion, black and gray polishes that were all the rage this year are better suited for fall and winter. There is just one more color I'd like to mention because it looks great with a tan. A bronze color looks beautiful on your nails and toes with a tan, and I've even found a beautiful shade by Chanel called "golden sand". I think you're going to have a great time on Nantucket. Yours Truly,

Readers: Questions to Patti with fewer than 200 words are most appreciated to

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It’s not abuse! ...Right?

“Dear Patti, I'm 17 years old and I don't know who to talk to. My two best friends think my boyfriend abuses me. They have come right out and told me they think he does. He's only done a few things to me. I don't think he's "abusive", so I'm writing to you to see what you think. One night we got into a bad argument, and I can't even remember about what now. He threw me down so hard on the bed that I accidentally hit my head on the night table. He didn't mean to do THAT. He just meant to push me on the bed. It wouldn't have hurt that much if I was just pushed down on the bed, it was an accident. He's a very big guy, and sometimes when we argue, he'll block the door way so I can't by, even when I want to. I beg him to please let me get by, but he won't allow me. One other thing Patti, when we argue he'll grab my arms as to keep me in his apartment so I can't leave and my Mother has seen bruises on my upper arms. Patti, what do you think?” Confused in Cleveland

Dear Cleveland,

abused women. Find one you are comfortable You have two caring friends who are with and go weekly. Seek a support group for concerned about you and letting you know. abused women. And rely on your friends. If You are making a mistake made by many you feel the urge to call him, call a friend young women. You're in an abusive instead. Go out with your friends and make relationship. You may not realize this, but it will new friends, too. Always stay in a group. escalate. Nobody has the right, including your Never walk alone anywhere!! He may be boyfriend, to put his hands on you, block you keeping tabs on you, watching where you go from where you want to go, push you, or do and who you're with. PLEASE always be with any of the actions you have described. I don't people, NEVER alone. I cannot stress that know you personally, but I care about you, and enough. One in four teenage girls are you need to seek help immediately. First, you physically abused by their boyfriends, so by MUST stop seeing your boyfriend. The writing to me, you may have helped yourself violence toward you will only get worse, not and other young women. Good luck and be better. Then, you have to talk to your parents. safe. They care about your well being and love you Yours Truly, the most. Find a counselor who works with Readers: Questions to Patti with fewer than 200 words are most appreciated to

Page 27




From ages 7-17, I filled over 20 journals. I enjoyed documenting my life long before blogging was around. However, much of what I wrote was very dark. I felt horrible because I didn't have a boyfriend. I felt ugly and worthless. I concentrated on what I didn't have, as opposed to what I did -- an amazing family and wonderful friends. I'd always been surrounded by love, but it wasn't the type of love I longed for, so I thought of it as less important, less meaningful.

By: Stephanie Shar

Since then, I've had my fair share of relationships, lasting from a few weeks to a few years, ranging from completely casual to deeply serious. I've given my heart away many times -- too many times -- only to have it broken, the shards thrown in my face. I've been hurt physically and verbally, hurt down to my very core, a type of hurt that hit places I

Page 28

didn't know existed. I've had family love and friend love, but I've wanted romantic love, too. I've wanted it all, and up to this point I've been willing to throw myself into every opportunity, thinking over and over again that I'd found The One... But now, I'm exhausted. Yet, my heart still beats. A good friend recently gifted me the book Life Lessons, which I've been reading slowly, journaling as I go. It's categorized into chapters regarding individual facets of our lives, and the lesson on relationships points out something I'd never recognized before: we tend to think of romantic love as the only love that really matters.

I remember complaining a their significant other. Annoyed jealous of people that are able couple months ago: "I'm and jealous, I FASHION wailed half-PROJECT to keepCFP walls up. I wish I CFP JOURNAL MAY 2012 COMPASSION CONSULTING surrounded by good men, but it sarcastically, "Nobody loves didn't love so easily, freely, doesn't matter, because I'm not me!" Ouch. How does a abundantly. But I will never be in a relationship with a good statement like that make the a guarded person -- no matter man." Yes, you read that right people that do love me feel? how much I want to be. -- I was complaining because I was loved in a way that I didn't Growing up, I wondered why I It's hard to have hope for the care about. I'm realizing how got hurt so much, and now I future when things continue to selfish and stupid that must know: it's because I'm risky. get more difficult as I grow come across, how much of an I'm not talking about skydiving older. But as I grow in age, I ungrateful perspective that is. or cocaine, I'm talking about also grow in my soul, and my And doesn't feeling the need risks of the heart. Traps are heart only gets bigger the for a man in my life completely laid out for me and I walk harder it breaks. contradict my self-proclamation right into them, instead of of feminism? trusting my intuition. Or I'm learning. maybe, my intuition is wrong. I'm working on it, but it's a Either way, I wish I was safe. continuing process; I'm I'm jealous of people in ashamed to admit I still catch relationships, but I'm also myself. The other night, I went out with a few co-workers. Before leaving the office, some of them said that they couldn't go due to plans with

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Fashion DIY

closet Revival Have you ever tossed aside a garment that you hardly wear because of it's constrictive attributes? Perhaps the bust area in your garment was too tight or you wished that the neck area could open up a bit more! There are tricks to revive a garment even in the smallest way. Here's how to revamp an old top or tight-fitted knit!


Materials -Buttons or snaps -Needle and thread -Binding/twill-tape -Measuring tape/ruler -Scissors -Pins (optional)

To start, measure your top or jumper from the top edge of the center front to the bottom hem edge, then cut down the center of the garment body to open the cardigan. (I used an old turtleneck.)



For button placement use a pin and measuring tape to mark where you want your buttons sewn. If your'e not certain if you will like the buttons that you've chosen try taping them first to the garment to have a good visual prior to sewing. That's it! A semi-constricting turtleneck was quickly transformed into an accessible spring cardigan!


To secure raw edges (at center front) fold over the face side of the fabric approx. 1/2" toward the wrong side of the fabric (back side of fabric), then top stitch closing the folded edge and creating a facing. With the facing side up use twill-tape or binding to adhere the tape to the new facing by ironing or stitching it to the fabric. To finish the cardigan add buttons! For this project a diverse style of buttons were added for an artsy aesthetic.




Marina Confessions of a Hollywood Stylist

Style Watch By: Marina Berberyan

Hollywood's red carpets are full of celebrities wearing trendy nail polish. To stay on trend, opt for a tomato or cherry hue and apply clear top coat for a brilliant, chip-resistant finish.

Tip: To lift yellow nail stains caused by pigments in dark polish, scrub nails with baking-soda toothpaste.

Pointy Shaped Nail is the celebrities' new favorite trend.

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Cake Masters Welcome to our first ever newsletter! It is finally here! Our first newsletter which will be all about cake, cake and more cake! Thanks for all your ideas on what we could include, we have taken all your comments on board and will incorporate ideas in our next few newsletters. As this is our first newsletter we would love to get ANY feedback from you (bad or good) about how we can make it better and what other things you would like

This is a sample of what’s happening here at Cake Masters

Click Here to Read the FULL Newsletter! For bookings and enquires please email

to see us include. We hope you enjoy our first newsletter!



Cake Stencils: Piece of Cake One of the most simple, yet unbelievably beautiful techniques, which bring a truly luxurious feel to your cake designs. Watch the video, and learn just how easy it is to stencil on cakes!

Stencils available in my shop!

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Make Your Own CFP JOURNAL MAY 2012


Silicone Plastique is an amazing, food grade silicone mould making putty that has the consistency of cookie dough and is very easy to mix and apply. Created by a chef in order to bring the art of mould making into both commercial and home kitchens.


Click HERE

Watch the video and get links to discounts, only for Cake Masters fans!

Your Views We asked our followers what they thought of the new Stork "Easy to Mix Baking Liquid" and unfortunately, only 10% liked this product.

A staggering 90% of you gave negative feedback, with the following themes coming through as feedback: "The product is just too expensive" "My cakes tasted chemically" "The kids did not like it" "It was quickly binned!" "There was a greasy texture" "The cakes did not rise"

"The colour was an odd artificial yellow" " My cakes were crispy round the outside" " My cupcakes sunk" "My cakes were horrible" "The texture was not fluffy"

FEATURED PRODUCT - MINI GEMS MOULD - ÂŁ4.99 Perfect for those last minute diamond jubilee inspired cakes! This mould is perfect for making little gems with gelatine, candy mixture or sugarpaste finished with lustre dust. For making sugarpaste gems, push small amounts of coloured paste into the moulds and finish with lustre dust or lustre spray. Click here for a tutorial on how to make gelatine gems. Click here for a tutorial on making candy gems. For more ideas on jubilee inspired cakes and equipment you can use to make fantastic looking cakes for the Jubilee, check out our jubillee pin board on Pinterest.

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Meet New CFP Contributor, Taralynn McNitt

For A Healthy Food Lifestyle

Undressed Skeleton.

of when we hear the word “skeleton” are

I’m sure that name

the bones in our body. The term of

doesn’t strike your mind

Skeleton I am referring to is the one that

with a healthy thought

lived in my closet for so many years. The

on weight loss

dark skeleton I was terrified to face who

immediately. That’s

defeated me over and over again. It hid

understandable but you

behind large sweatshirts, baggy

have to remember that

sweatpants and cried in silence. The

there are two meanings

secret skeleton of a loss confidence.

of the word skeleton.

This skeleton made me feel

The first thing we think

embarrassed, insecure, powerless, uncontrolled, miserable, and damaged my ability to find the courage to defeat it. After series of events I found the strength deep inside of me to open the closet door and undressed the skeleton to the world and myself. I no longer have this dark skeleton hanging around in my closet and it’s undressed forever. We have to be honest and face our skeletons to find happiness now and then. Whether it’s abuse, body image, life goals or any other situation, a dressed skeleton can hold you down. The skeleton I kept in my closet cast a shadow of gloom over everything I did in life. I’m happy to say the skeleton is undressed and will never live within me again. It took a huge weight off my shoulders, literally.

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10 Ways To Eat Grapefruit 1. Broiled

With Recipe Links!

Grapefruit with Ginger and Brown Sugar

6. Grapefruit Sorbet

2. Grapefruit

7. Grapefruit and

Salad With Fennel, Avocados, And

Truvia (I have this every morning)

Red Onion

3. Whipped

8. Ruby Red

Grapefruit Fiber

Grapefruit, Golden


Melon Balls & Purple Thyme Salad

4. Raw Kohlrabi & Grapefruit Salad

9. Grapefruit Basil Marmalade

5. Grapefruit & Cranberry Salad

10. Orange and Grapefruit Terrine




Corner By: Tanya Jackson


Southern Sweet Tea is the one thing that makes a meal truly southern. If you go to a restaurant and ask for tea and they don't ask "Sweet or unsweet?" Get up and walk out. They will not cook your meal the way you want it. Southern Sweet tea is the best thing for those hot days, (you know what I mean at 100 degrees and 80 percent humidity) to really refresh your body.

Southern Sweet Tea Begin with fresh cold water. Bring to a rapid boil. Do not, and I repeat, do not use an aluminum pot to boil your water. I use my teapot because it can whistle and let me know it is boilin' hot. When we go to Hot Springs, Arkansas to visit relatives, I always get large 10 gallon jugs of the hot water. My son likes the cold water, but I think the original hot water makes a better tea.


2 When you see your water in

a rolling boil or hear the whistle tea kettle, it is time to of your

Page 36

make the delicious brew. I use a family sized tea bag, 7g of Pekoe tea, because it makes the strength I like: really, really strong.


Place your container in the sink, where your tea will be prepared. I use a plastic pitcher, because it won't shatter when you pour the boiling water into it. (Guess you can figure out I have done that foolish stunt at least once.) Pour the water in first-then put in the tea bag

3 Leave it alone. You have to

leave it alone so it can steep and get out all the good flavor. [Middle English stepen, perhaps of Old English origin; The Free Dictionary]

Pause and learn something as you wait for the right time to take out your tea bag.





✓1 container to boil water ✓1 container to steep tea ✓1 to 2 quarts of water ✓1 family size tea bag( 7g of Orange Pekoe and Pekoe cut black tea) ✓1 1/2 cups of sugar ✓Lemon slices or wedges ✓Gallon size pitcher or container


Now take the tea bag 4 out and stir in 1 1/2 cups of

Pekoe Tea: A grade of black tea consisting of the leaves around the buds.[Chinese (Amoy) pek ho : pek, white + ho, down, fine feathers.]

sugar. The hot water will melt the sugar. Stir and stir until you no longer feel the granules. Fill up the 2 quart pitcher with cold water.


When used outside the context of black Put some warm water in a tea grading, the term Pekoe (or, gallon pitcher, especially if it occasionally, Orange pekoe) describes is glass to prepare it for the unopened terminal leaf bud (tips) in warm liquid. Pour your tea flushes. As such, the phrases "a bud steeped sugared tea into the and a leaf" or "a bud and two leaves" container/pitcher and fill to are used to describe the "leafiness" of a top with cold water.You can keep this in the fridge, for flush; they are also used about a week. (But nothing is as fresh as fresh.) interchangeably with pekoe and a leaf or pekoe and two leaves. Wikipedia Your brew should be clear as beer. You should be able to see through it. Add ice and a wedge of squeezed If this is too much info for you then just lemon and you have the best thing yet for hot summer enjoy what years and years of days. investigating and businesses have put


together as Iced Tea Mix.

Tanya’s Tips

➡Did I mention never, never store your tea in a metal container.(Not complaining, but this is why some restaurant's tea has a "tinney" flavor. Tea stored in a large metal container.) Ok, just so we understand each other. ➡Don't forget to eat the lemon rind when you are done with that drink. See, we know how to really enjoy the heat! Page 37




Our Channel Is Growing! What’s On Eye Tutorial: Get the Look

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Q & A with MsKimiKiwi

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CFP Sewing Campaign 2012

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By Cyndi Sanders

Mommy’s CFP CONSULTING Little Helper Intermediate Uses Sewing Apron Machine


Fabric The following materials are sufficient for one apron. For best results, use wide cotton, corduroy, or other medium-weight fabric • Main Fabric Piece 1 – 24” x 15” • Main Fabric Piece 2 – 24” x 8” • Final Fabric Piece – 6” x 40” or two pieces 6” x 40” (depending on the child) • Coordinating sewing thread

Any good cook needs a little helper, and no little helper is the same without a lovely apron!

should be long enough to go around the waist, with enough slack to tie a pretty bow.

Every child is different and we are working without a pattern, so although the basic apron should be fairly suitable for most children, the tie may need to be longer or shorter, depending on the size of your child. The tie

Wash and iron your fabric to make cutting and sewing a bit easier. Using coordinating thread, thread your sewing machine. My fabric is red, white and black and I am planning to

use light colored thread so that the stitching shows up. Since each machine is a little different, you will need to refer to your machine handbook to properly thread your machine and make a bobbin. Mine has the instructions for threading the machine on the front edge (mine opens up and has a diagram)

Finished size Designed to fit ages 3–5 (6–8). Apron is 17¼ (18¼)" (44 [46.5] cm) long and fits a waist circumference of 22–24 (25–28)" (56–61 [63.5–71] cm). Apron shown fits ages 3–5. To ensure proper fit, the child should be measured to determine the appropriate size.

Notes Remember to wash, dry, and press all fabrics before beginning (consult the fabric care information on the bolt for any special instructions).

Page 40



Sew the two main pieces together at one end. Start and go about 5 stitches and back stitch. Go almost to the end and backstitch about 5 stitches and then go forward to the end. Iron the seam flat and then fold the longer tie in half (print side inside). Iron it so that it is even and flat. Now sew along the longer edge (do not sew at the ends) close to the edge but make sure you get it straight and pretty. Turn inside out, and iron flat. If you did not sew the ends together, this will be fairly easy. After you have turned the belt, ironed it and have it straight, you can turn the ends inward and sew them down with a straight stitch on top, be sure to backstitch to keep the seam in place. (Most machines have a lever that makes the machine go in reverse.) Now to prepare the apron pieces, you will Fold and iron the edges in about ¼ inch and then again ¼ inch making sure it is straight. Then sew as close to the edge as you can while making sure you have gotten the seam straight. This is to make sure that the material does not ravel. After you have done this, you will turn the top edge of the pocket down about an inch also folding under ¼ inch to make a smooth edge. You will sew this down close to the edge (the edge that is double folded.) Try to keep the edge straight. Use pins to pin it in place, making sure the pins are lined up in such a way so that the machine will go over them smoothly. I pin vertical to my seam line.

Do the same steps to the other piece of apron. You will be making a casing for the belt, after you have made the edges. Make sure that the casing is at least 3 inches so that the belt will lay flat. I measure the second piece against the first piece to make sure I have both pieces the same width.


Be sure to cut all the hanging threads as you go. It will be easier to find them if you don’t wait till the end. Once you have your two apron pieces finished on the edges and the top, you will then pin them together to finish sewing them together. This is the hardest part of the apron. You will want to have the front piece actually behind the back piece (it will be the pocket piece). Make sure it is lined up, with the other piece and that the printed side of the pocket is against the backside of the apron. Not right sides together. When it is turned it will be correct if you can see the printed fabric for both pieces. Now sew along the bottom all the way across. And the repeat so it will be double stitched. This will keep it together for a much longer time. Once you have sewn the two pieces together, you will turn the pocket toward the front, iron flat and stitch the sides together. This may also be done twice to make sure it does not come apart. They should be lined up very well before you sew. Pinning it together to make sure they stay lined up. Then you will find the center and sew a straight line from the bottom to the top. Back stitch at both the top and the bottom. The very last step is to thread the belt through the casing. You may tack it to keep it from coming out of the apron. Tacking is just a few stitches right in the center. Forward and back. Now you have an apron for the little cook in your life.

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Compassion Fashion PROJECT Ebony Moore Survivor Series

By: Meredith Corning

excited to share her with you all as I am certain you will take away much from her story and her art. Here is what she said: I hope your day is blessed. My name is E-Bone and I'm a passionate singer/songwriter from North Carolina hoping to inspire other survivors as well as current victims! I pray that my music will empower those who are suffering and may they find the strength and faith to walk away and not be a victim anymore. I really want to encourage other women. I've been through mental, sexual and physical abuse and have Ebony Moore - This Month’s Survivor finally found the courage as an artist to not only I got a sweet email from a young lady named write about it but record it, not the abuse part but, how I overcame and am determined to win! I Ebony Moore, or E-Bone (her musical stage want others to feel as victoriously as I do name), who inspired me through her words, because, we all deserve peace, love & happiness. I'm now engaged to a wonderful man music, art and thoughts on life. I am so and thank God that I did walk away years ago or it could have meant my life, then I would This series highlights the stories of brave never know how precious and wonderful life survivors of personal struggle and triumph. truly can be. Thank you so much for your time and keep up the amazing work! :)

If you have a story to tell, please write to us at

To the brave few who share their stories, we thank you for encouraging others and helping us all to see they are not alone.

Of course, I am happy to share her music with you along with an interview and the original, powerful art. Please get to know the extremely talented and strong woman that is Ebony Moore in her own words:

Page 42



blame my dad though


pulled the trigger but

because I realize now by the grace of God, that someone hurt him the gun was jammed. too. He is now a

As he tried to fix it, I

deacon in the church

jumped in my car and

and very inspiring! So sped off. He threw the if God can forgive him gun at the car but

Ebony Moore Of course, I am happy to share her music with you along with an interview and the original, powerful art. Please get to know the extremely talented and strong woman that is Ebony Moore in her own words:

so can I.

missed. Even more

Can you tell us

sad, his 3 yr old son

about a particular

was in his car crying at

incident that stands

the time. Once I got

calm him down. He

out in your mind and

the police involved, he

would raise his voice,

the approximate

never bothered me

punch holes in the


again. Then I met the

walls or break things.

The first guy was

next guy a year later

He would say hurtful

mentally abusive and

and he was older,

things to my mom,

obsessed over my

about 37 and a "prince

brothers and myself

weight if he thought I

charming." He showered me with

Describe briefly your

that scarred us. When was getting fat and I got older, I thought would criticize my hair

experience with

this kind of behavior

took me to fancy

domestic violence?

was something all men in 1999. When I possessed. I thought it discovered he had

and clothing, this was

expensive gifts and restaurants but when I would voice my

My dad was mentally

was normal for men to

cheated on me, I broke opinion or question

abusive at times when

have attitudes, be

up with him. He

things, he would get

I was growing up. He

control freaks and that

stalked me and one

angry and hit me in my

would get drunk and

a man didn't care

night almost pushed

face. He would force

come home enraged

about me or love me if

my car off the road

me to have sex and

with my mom who

he wasn't possessive

with his, so I pulled

sometimes brought in

didn't like him drinking

over me. I was in two

over and he rushed to

a friend after he had

at all. He'd take his

different abusive

my car window with a

gotten me drunk and

problems out on all of

relationships, one

gun, demanding for me let him lay with me,

us and it was crazy!

when I was 21-22 and

to get out. He said

too. It was awful. I

Sometimes we'd have

then the next when I

that if he can't have

never reported

to call the police to

was 23-25. I don't

me, nobody will and

anything because

Page 43



your abuser and if


had already forgiven

so, what happened? him. I pray they have I only reported the

both changed.

first abuser and of course, he was let go. What advice can you During that time,

give other domestic

being from a small

violence survivors?

town, the police just basically said don't do Forgive and press Spiritual Warfare, by Ebony Moore

it again and let him

forward. Do not hold

go. By the grace of

onto any bitterness or

I felt the blame and

Even though I always

God, he left me alone.

resentment towards

since he was my

had my music as an

He got married, but is

the individual because

boyfriend, I was

outlet to escape and

now divorced, living

you will continue to be

hide the pain and

with his mother and is

a victim inside and

shame I felt inside. It

miserable. He saw me trapped to the pain.

suppose to do "whatever" for him. I

wasn't enough to

was young and

one day and

You will be cold-

suppress it. I had

confused. Until, the

apologized for the

hearted and mean to

suicidal thoughts, so

past. I forgave him

people who don't

Lord sent me a sweet

my friends encouraged and went on my way. me to get some The second guy, he

friend and she would

pray with me and I was counseling and I did. I also continued to pray able to leave him and and the more I talked gained a strength that about it with loved would change me ones who understood, forever. I never let

the better I felt. I

anyone abuse me after became stronger and

deserve it and it's not fair. You need to

just went on with life,

release it and let go

thinking he threw me

and let GOD! You

away and because he

survived, the worst is

has his money, he can

over. You have a

get any woman he

chance to enjoy the

wants. I pray for him,

rest of your days,

because he now

victoriously. Some are

suffers with a serious

not so fortunate. We


now ready to sing

survived for a reason

How did you deal

about it! I want to help illness that has slowed others become him way down. I've stronger too.

only seen him once

encourage one person

since we split in 2002

who has been affected

with the aftermath of abuse?

and if we can just

Were you able to take and he apologized and like we have that is a legal action against I let him know that I blessing!

Page 44

Describe your music

until I have this

emotions on paper. I

Project and how do

and writing and how masterpiece. It's a titled it "Spiritual CFP JOURNAL MAY 2012 COMPASSION FASHION PROJECT

you feel our CFP CONSULTING

does this help you

gift! I have designed

Warfare," because

organization helps


several posters,

that's just what it was,


My music is definitely

banners, invitations

the angel on one

I contacted The

my mirror. I always

and name plates for


Compassion Fashion

sing and write to me,

others but art shows

battling against

Project because I was

so that I can get

would not ever

the devil on the other

moved by how you

through whatever or

showcase my work,

and I was stuck

help others. You help

just express my

because they

hopelessly in the

women by allowing

feelings. It's a mixture misunderstood it.


them a chance to

of r&b, pop & rock with They didn't have a

If you can tell

speak and be heard,

some gospel

category for it, so

someone out there

so that the inspiration

influence. I'm able to

they'd just ask me to

who is in an abusive

comes from them. It's

share my stories

take it home instead of relationship one

not someone who has

through song and

putting it on display.

thing, what would it

never been through it

have actually had

What mediums did


that's speaking out

people come up to me you use in this piece, Get out now! You are

against domestic

after a performance


not alone with your

violence but some

and tell me how my

Warfare" (markers,

fear or emotions. Do

amazing and

music touched them.

colored pencils)?

not feel ashamed or

courageous women

Can you tell us about In the "Spiritual

embarrassed because who have experienced

your artwork?

Warfare" piece, I used

it's not your fault.

it. They are

My artwork is

some dark ink, light

Call the police and

wonderfully gifted as

something I do to relax colored pens, colored

seek help! There are

well. You have poets,

my mind. When I

pencils of all colors as

various organizations

designers, artists and

have no words to say

well as a highlighter. I

such as My Sister's

motivational speakers

or write down, I

was feeling between

House as well as

who may not even

convey it through my

melancholy and

the National Coalition

know that they are, but

artwork. I mean, I am

anxious to just get out

Against Domestic

they're stories have

totally out of it while

and party my blues

Violence who will

enlightened so many!

I'm drawing and I

away, but yet praying

support and comfort

It's phenomenal and

use mostly inks,

for balance and peace

you! Please get out

I'm so honored to be a

because a mistake is

within. I grabbed

because your life is at

part of this awesome

not a mistake to me,

a sheet of typing


new journey and I pray

but another line or dot

paper from the printer

that leads me to

and just started

What made you

create something else

drawing. I stayed in

contact The

unique on the page

that night and put my

Compassion Fashion

to be just as inspiring as all of you.

Page 45


By Andrea Valentine

Tuna Salad

1 7-oz. can tuna (200 g) 1-2 stalks celery, diced 2 C. (124 g) three bean salad 1 sweet pepper (yellow or red), chopped 2-3 stalks green onion, chopped 1 lg. tomato, chopped 1/4 C. (25 g) shredded cheese your choice (optional) • 2 hard-cooked eggs (optional) • 1 C. (75 g) shredded green lettuce or mixed greens • garlic bread • • • • • • •

Prepare the salad plates individually. Spread on each plate a bed of the shredded lettuce. Flake tuna and divide on each plate. Add the ingredients you wish to include on each salad plate. Offer your favorite salad dressing and serve with warm garlic bread.

Joke Box By Andrea Valentine

Two blondes walk into a bar chanting "51,51." A few moments later a group of blondes join the others, also chanting "51, 51." By this time, the bartender is getting curious. Two more blondes enter the bar and join the others, "51, 51." One blond is holding a picture frame and sets it on the table as the blondes gather around it, still chanting "51, 51." So finally the bartender goes to see what's going on. He asks, "Why are they are chanting "51, 51?" One blonde showed him a 24-piece Cookie Monster puzzle and said, "We put this together in 51 days when the box says 4-6 years!" Page 47







Meredith Corning

Michelle Fitz

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This is our old name The Compassion Fashion Project (we rebranded to Hat Trick in late July 2012)

CFP Journal June 2012  

This is our old name The Compassion Fashion Project (we rebranded to Hat Trick in late July 2012)

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