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Compassion Fashion PROJECT

LA Fashion Week With Celebrity Fashion Stylist, Marina BerBeryan A Savory Southern Cupcake Recipe They’ll Love EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH NYC ‘ODDITIES’ DESIGNER LAURA FLOOK ALWAYS FREE






VOLUME 1 2012




About This Publication Compassion Fashion Project began in 2009, as a grass-roots network for bloggers and non-profits, which provided a media outlet and marketing platform to promote their efforts, campaigns and fundraisers. With professional backgrounds in project management and creative consultancy, our directors incorporated CFP Consulting, to maximize time and costs associated in providing professional services to both paid clients and a small number of charities free of charge. CFP Consulting is a registered company in the USA and UK, offering specialist Business Change, Home and key Commercial Services such as Management Consultancy, Web Development, Branding, Marketing, PR, Recruitment & Business Strategy. Our motto is Consulting With A Difference and that difference is, we make Philanthropy a part of our business model. Through a network of volunteers, we organize dress-sewing campaigns for girls in the Third World, and provide information on business, careers and personal development via Facebook, an online magazine, and a radio program. Our goal is to share knowledge and show women that no matter how bad things are, they can dust themselves off and make a good life of their own. We share tips, inspirational stories, write resumes for the unemployed or underemployed, and most importantly, we offer professional services to charities and non-profit events so that they can maximize every penny they raise.

We are often asked “Why Fashion?”, in interviews.

CFP is a play on words, to 'fashion' the outlet of service and compassion to that of 'sisterhood' for women across the globe. Our directors also have diverse professional backgrounds, including one whose professional 'past life' was in fashion illustration, and, of course, each has a genuine interest in the creative side of the fashion industry.

Want to Write or Volunteer With CFP? Contact us!


CFP has successfully become an industry leader setting a high bar, particularly in the field of Business Change, Project Management and Strategic Services, such as branding and marketing. Many clients enjoy a certain peace of mind in working with us, as a socially minded firm. The mission of the CFP Journal is to provide information, promote confidence, independence, integrity, kinship and empowerment over obstacles, regardless of one’s circumstance or background. Although our content is geared to a female audience, we also are strong advocates in support of the LGBT community, and anti-domestic violence and bullying campaigns. Our contributors are globally based, volunteers and syndicates. We hope you enjoy our magazine - it’s come a long way since 2009 and we welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions.

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Dedicated to women around the world in times of trouble, regret or solitude. May they find comfort within themselves and in each other.

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2012 is off to a great start! Having had a successful Q1, CFP Consulting has seen a great expansion to our portfolio of both paid and charitable clients in the US and the UK. We have just wrapped up a major corporate engagement and are in the process of contributing to the branding and website development for ‘Designing Hope’, a nonprofit event benefitting the registered charity Camp Sunshine and Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

To Advertise or to Be Featured, Contact

We are ramping up our efforts for the second annual Divas Dressing Darlings sewing campaign. Once again, we will be donating dresses to registered US Charity Little Dresses for Africa and also UK Charity Unique Home for Girls (Punjab). Whether you are a designer, tailor or simply handy with a sewing machine, contact us to get involved!


CONTENTS MDNA: Madonna Record Review ..................................16 Baby Bliss in the City .................................................... 17 LA Fashion Week: Who She Saw, What She Wore ....... 18 Sweet and Savory Double Chocolate Cupcakes .......... 25 Kazuri: The Jewelry Company That Gives Back ........... 27 Photobucket to Pinterest (In A Snap!) .......................... 28 Survivor Series: Suzanne Perry .................................... 30 To Our Supporters ......................................................... 37

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A Pearl of An Oddity: By: Michelle Fitz

On the 5th of January 2012, we rang in the New Year with a cracking interview with New York Citybased designer, Laura Flook.

our team for a three hour chat about her life, her designs, and her successful fanbase. We also gave her a few marketing and fashion consultancy tips, and we were pleasantly For those who may not be familiar, Laura honored to be allowed in her world, even if has been featured fairly regularly as she but for a moment. peruses her favourite The Laura Flook line is shop on the inspired by Victorian Discovery Channel and Edwardian hit “Oddities,” a mourning wear. reality TV show centered around the Moreover, this selfNYC shop “Obscura taught seamstress has incorporated classic Antiques and mortuary stitching as Oddities” and its interesting stream of can be seen in several clientele, items, and of her current dress designs. commissioned pieces. Laura follows an atypical design A simple web crawl approach, much as a quickly yielded musician who plays enough research to know that Ms. Flook and composes by ear. was an established “mortician turned model/designer,” but we wanted to take a closer look at what makes up such a lovable series favourite and the method behind her designs.

For extensive catalog information, see and Page 6

It is prudent to note that Ms. Flook, who rarely does interviews or appearances, agreed to chat with

“I see my clothes come to life much as a sculpture would in its raw materials. I know many begin their designs with a sketch, but I work best when I free myself and get into cutting and stitching fabric.”



The Laura Flook line started with just one dress, and Each piece is fullyhas now expanded to lined, and made with a full collection. It has only the best fabrics and materials, reflects a mix of daring the price range of this hemlines, antique solely designer-backed design, and an earthy, velvet touch bridging collection. Although Victorian fashion with initial designs can be mass-produced, each that of the modern era. In addition to her piece is individually dresses, bowties, finished, with quality craftsmanship and as collars, outerwear, Ttrue to the time period shirts and tops are also included. from which they are inspired as possible. Many people seem to draw a conclusion While Laura receives about Laura based on regular orders, her ther presentation, shirt line alone, bearing her logo, sold particularly defining her by her past out via her website profession as a within a month of her mortician. Additionally, appearances on there’s her propensity Oddities. She also to withdraw from works with commissioned clients, society’s norms in typically through word- terms of social behaviour. of-mouth referrals.

Nevertheless, I felt in speaking with her that there is this beautiful contrast about her, a softness which comes from a place of empathy.


all of which, really, is juxtaposition defined.

In chatting with Laura, we were left with so much more than that of our web crawl: her love for her Labrador, It’s really quite easy to Trocar (named for her see why viewers of her favourite embalming line sometimes lose instrument), her focus. Clearly, the devotion and gratitude designer’s soul is for the companionship behind these creations Trocar gives her and it is difficult to unconditionally, the separate one, without tremendous sense of discussing the intrigue solitude, beauty and of the other. reverence that she exudes in her designs Through her designs, and in her daily life. one can ponder the stark contrast of her There is something intrigue with death and very vulnerable about her preferences which Laura Flook; lean toward something very compassion more so passionate and for the dead she has beautiful. We are assisted in their final fortunate that she moments, than with allows the world to see that of the living. it blossom via her eclectic collection. Coinciding with that is her striking beauty, As with so many other creative fashionistas, “I have had a few people call me saying they had seen her world is one which something I wore on Oddities, and they think it’s perfect, incorporates sadness, but they would like something only they would have. beauty, quality, and Usually these clients are really open-minded and I like the moreover, art, as a creative process. Sometimes, people on the street will pass mechanism for me and comment on what I’m wearing, because what I wear emotive inspiration. is so individual; I pretty much design for myself and anyone there who happens to like it, too, that is just a bonus.” out Page 7




Affordable Beauty Secret

For Amazing

Dita Von Teese Skin

It is called Baiden Mitten where majority of the fuss and is a glove that deeply exfoliates and massages happens. If you are into the skin. It is such a Pin Ups, you must have already noticed that it all simple tool that when I first saw it I did not see starts with perfect, flawless Pin Up Skin, not how it could do anything for me. I thought that it only on your face either was just another (which includes your scrubbing glove that I eyes and lips), but over already had an your entire body. impressive collection of. After all, you show a lot The reason that I finally of skin in the gorgeous, sexy lingerie and skimpy sat up and took notice was because my outfits, so your skin has mother kept raving to be amazing. about it and yes, I did Pinups generally wear a notice that her skin was getting better and better lot of makeup and you with age. I knew that is could be excused for not a normal sequence of thinking that you can skin aging so there had just cover everything to be something there :) up. Not so.


With Pin Up, skin is

Once started using using Once II started Baiden Mitten (which Baiden Mitten (which my Mom gifted gifted me) me) my Mom regularly, I very regularly, I very quickly quickly that realized realized that it was farit was far from useless. from useless. Up till Up tillI then, I had It is much easier to start then, had some some problems with with a smooth, polished, problems with my skin my skin stemming blemish free skin and stemming from teenage acne then use great foundation from acne teenage and my failed and my failed cover up to make your attempts to rid myself attempts to rid myself skin truly flawless. It will of it. of it. allow you to smile, pout I had some shallow acne and wink and look drop scars and redness which dead gorgeous doing it. would not go away. Large Let me tell you about a pores from the days tool that I have when my skin was oily discovered to achieve and very dry patches the most amazing skin from years of trying to with or without make keep acne under control up. which made it almost Page 8 impossible to wear It is not a good look to have so much make up caked on that your face that it will crack if you attempt to smile.



makeup as it would show my skin imperfections even more instead covering them up.

body and make up sits so perfectly on the baby smooth skin. I can now pull of my perfect pin up look effortlessly!

Within few uses of the Baiden Mitten I saw a marked improvement in my skin’s condition. The scars became almost invisible and redness was no more.

I even had a facial cosmetics lady about to try to sell me a product for my skin until she came closer and actually said herself..."Oh, you

Two years down the track, I have perfect Pin Up Skin, not only on my face but over my entire body as well. So I don't have to do the crazy toothbrush/sugar scrubs for my lips to make them perfectly kissable (sugar isn't good for you anyway!). I don't have to use expensive eye creams or cellulite creams! All it takes is a weekly session with my Baiden Mitten. The results are outstanding! I have silky smooth skin all over my

don't need this product...Your skin is too nice" Best compliment ever!

Click HERE to view a demo on using the Baiden Mitten!

Click Here & Follow MY Website!






Can you sew? Why not become a CFP Diva! As part of our Divas Dressing Darlings program, you can help young girls in third world countries receive clothing made from recycled pillowcases and other unwanted fabrics! Let CFP take care of the logistics - and be a part of something wonderful and uplifting!

CFP Consulting are representing Conway Fashion Week! A percentage of ticket sales will go to Bethlehem House, a homeless charity based in Central Arkansas.

June - December


Big clothing drive campaigns kick off for Simone’s Home, a US foster care facility for teen girls. We also will be collecting children’s clothing for Unique Home for Girls (Punjab). Clothing sizes 1-10 are urgently needed! If you can help, please contact us!

If you’re in the US, don’t miss out on the ‘Designing Hope’ event which benefits Camp Sunshine, a special camp for kids with burn injuries, and Arkansas Children’s Hospital.



Planning, chasing up, and redistribution of fabric will take place for all designers/CFP Divas who are taking part in the sewing campaign this year.

Shipments will be prepared for Little Dresses for Africa from our CFP Divas Dressing Darling program!

Check in with us on our progress and consider helping us with any of our drives or campaigns this year!

If you’re in the UK/EU, take part in our drive for UK Charity Unique Home for Girls (Punjab). We are We will also kick off our planning and helping with a PR campaign to get media campaign for the Sewing much needed funding to this Room Project we are organizing for wonderful charity, which prevents Women and Children First, to be unwanted female infants from completed in early 2013! We are in suffering death or abandonment. need of all craft materials and tools, from spare linens, fabric, scissors, used sewing machines, craft paper, sewing pins and needles, etc.

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CFP Advice Columnist By: Patricia Bayne

The cheerleader list was posted on the outside wall of the gym. Girls who had tried out were gathering to see who’d made the squad. As I approached, I heard a friend who was happy to see my name on it say, “Oh, look, Patti made it!” To which I heard a popular girl reply, “Patti? Patti who?” How do you share all the things that make you, you in a brief explanation? The Fiber of my being is my family. It’s big, complex, and diverse. There are just two things one needs to be a part of my family: thick skin and a big heart. I'm a middle child, in between two brothers, at that. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, I feel as though the attitude of the city and its surrounding areas are a big part of who I am: hard working, well-grounded, have my priorities straight. At the age of 12, my family packed up the U-Haul and traipsed off to sunny Florida. A girl always remembers her first crush, maybe her second, too. My first crush was Rick Springfield and my second was my brother’s friend. I remember peering from my bedroom window, watching them play basketball in the driveway, We would leave notes for each other under a rock, one left for me in the morning which I would read and leave one for him in the afternoon. It was innocent, young, and, to this day, we have never even kissed, held hands, or anything. Yet, we’ve remained friends!

Page 10


My mother is probably my biggest inspiration. She taught me that personal style does not depend upon the biggest named designer. After becoming the “new” girl in Florida, she entered me in a local pageant. I didn’t have much confidence, but Mom knew different. It came down to the final elimination and we were asked, “Whom do you admire the most?” Answers ranged from “Cheryl Tiegs, I guess.” to some little-known nuclear physicist, and then there was me. I said I admired my grandmother most because she is so loving, giving, and kind. That is how I won Miss Martin County. I’m not sure whether it was the confidence of winning a little pageant or perhaps my love for the clothes in the new J.C. Penney or Speigel catalogs, but I mustered the confidence to give modeling a try. This enabled me to support myself through college. I learned a lot about women, about myself, and about life, including experiences that I still draw from regularly. A genius I am not; however, I know all about where perspiration can take a person. I was always urged to pursue a career in education. I earned a Master's degree in counseling and enjoyed many years as a school guidance counselor. Those experiences helped me prepare for my most challenging work assignment: being a mother. Life is not always a bed of roses; I relate so much to the ethos of CFP because of my own relationship struggles when I was a young woman. I hope that through my experience, professionally and otherwise, together, we can approach those hurdles and leap over them without breaking stride. You can always Ask Patti. Readers: Questions to Patti with fewer than 200 words are most appreciated to




Bespoke Jewellery Fully hand-crafted jewelry, custom made according to your specification in Great Britain. Beautiful custom metalwork with a focus on metal patterns combined with beads, pearls or gemstones. Completely unique Visit the website for more details on creating your Inner Fyre experience. Completely custom made to your specifications. This enchanting piece is available as a pendant, earrings and necklace (or set). As with all Inner Fyre pieces, prices are on a by quotation basis, subject to final specifications, materials and time.

Compassion Fashion Hearts Available Individually or As A Set, Custom Designed by You. Show the world You’re A

CFP Diva 50% of proceeds are donated by Inner Fyre to New Unique Home for Girls,

a UK Charity devoted to funding an orphanage for unwanted female infants abandoned by their mothers at birth.




I Don’t Think Cabo’s Ready ...(for this jelly) “Hey Patti, I'm 28 years old, and have a fairly decent body. But I really would love any tips you may have to tone up fast for a quick beach body. My girlfriends and I are taking an all-girls getaway in about a month, and I want to look as good as I can on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas. PLEASE help!” Ten pounds to

lose in Toledo Dear Ten Pounds, Don't worry, as you said, you HAVE a good body. We have a month to work with!! I know you have seen in many magazines, especially the “Fitness” types, ways to work out with hand weights….so if you have those, you are set in that area, follow their instructions! Ok, some other ways: 1. Drink lots of water, it hydrates the skin, which makes it appear more supple.

5. Do 30 minutes of aerobics a day. NO, you do NOT have to join a gym. Just put on your favorite walking/jogging shoes and walk quickly. You can even break it up, 15 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes in the evening. 6. Crunches are great for women who LOVE their bikinis, so do crunches every other day. 7. A week before your vaca….buff your body in the shower, use a good buffer and body scrub (can be bought at Target, some stores in the mall sell them).

2. Have oatmeal in the morning with fresh strawberries or bananas. I prefer strawberries, less 8. To look as though you have been tan, get a selftanner at the drug store. Put it on like lotion to fattening. The oatmeal WILL hold you over until moisturize your skin. Make sure you get the right lunch. color to match your skin tone. 3. Eat a light yogurt for lunch, a salad, and you can sprinkle cheese and nuts on it for taste, if you wish. 9. ENJOY AND HAVE FUN! (SEE, EASY PEASY!) 4. Eat fish and a dark vegetable for dinner. Cut out as much fat as you can. Readers: Questions to Patti with fewer than 200 words are most appreciated to

Page 12

Yours Truly,




Whits End Was Some Time Ago ...

“Hi Patti, I have two children, my daughter Chelsea and son Ben. Chelsea is the younger of the two, very smart, happy, and grounded. Ben, in 4th grade, is also sweet and smart, but, lately, notes have been coming home from his teacher saying that ‘he's out of control,’ ‘hyper,’ ‘talking during class,’ ‘cannot line up without being told a few times,’ ‘his desk is so messy.’ I just don't know what to do. Also, at home, my husband and I have noticed he's a bit hyper also. He can't sit still and is very jumpy. We actually saw him on the couch watching TV upside down on his head!! Please help!” Nervous in Nevada Dear Nervous, First, I do suggest getting your son evaluated by a doctor and psychiatrist RIGHT away!! Such an evaluation will benefit him. As I was a Guidance Counselor, it seems to me that he is showing signs of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, commonly known as ADHD. Usually children can be assessed by 3rd or 4th grade. Some symptoms may include short attention span, distractibility, organizational difficulties, hyperactivity, and self-control problems. This does not mean that Ben is a “bad” child. He cannot

control these things. You need to be your child's advocate! Please don't be afraid that your child will be labeled. You want him to get the best education, right? So, there are medications to be prescribed that can help him, and you will see tremendous differences in everything, including his grades. Good luck and don't worry. Ben will be fine in no time. Yours Truly,

Readers: Questions to Patti with fewer than 200 words are most appreciated to

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The Golden Rule Remembering Self Love As we grew into

When I'm not By: Stephanie Shar progressing at adults, we were the rate I feel I Allowing yourself to taught to be kind to should be, I get upset be unhappy is a others. Our parents waste of time. Each and teachers told us and frustrated with myself. I then force of us gets one life, so to share, to be nice, myself to stay that why waste it? Have polite, and forgiving way, somehow your moment, and to those around us. believing that I'm not then move on. Don't This is important, allowed to be happy dwell on your yes, but did anyone and hopeful anymore, mistakes or ever tell you to treat telling myself that I shortcomings. Your yourself with the don't deserve it. feelings are same respect? contagious! Do you want to spread I can be very hard on But who really “deserves� anything? positive or negative myself, especially What does that word energy? It's up to when it comes to you. Do you want this even mean? It deadlines. doesn't matter. What world to be a better place? It starts here. matters is this: Page 14

Treat yourself the way you'd want to be treated, then treat others that same way. It's not always easy, but it's worth it! The result is magic. If your life does not feel fuller, brighter, better after completing this process, let me know. (This means I won't be hearing from you.)



Fashion DIY


Boot Straps

These no-sew embellished bootstraps will give your plain boots a very stylish makeover!



-Leather or Textured PU -Metal rings (circular) – 2/ea. strap -Paper for pattern -Studs - 8 -Other trim (optional) -Chain - Cut 2 aprox. 6" -Fabric glue-heavy duty -Scissors -Pencil -Measuring tape or ruler -Needle-nose pliers


strap (for my Second Pair I used one-layer pieces). Apply fabric glue to To start, I created the edges of the my pattern (essentially wrong side of each from the width and strap piece (inlength, the circumference between each of my boot’s ankle area), layer). Lay the then cut my fabric. The identical piece of widest part of my strap is each strap on top of approx. 5 cm/2 -2.125 each glued piece, in. +/-. Seam allowance matching and lining is added only at the ends up all sides together. Let by squeezing the prongs You may need wire cutters to adjust the chain links to closed.) Repeat these of each piece to allow dry. Starting with your your liking. Lastly, trim your steps for each strap. folding over the metal widest strap first, fold straps by adding studs and/ Attach chain to the ring, which is approx. 4 each end of your strap or other embellishments and metal ring between cm/around 1.5 in. for one by one on a metal that's it! Repeat steps to one of the tiered straps (I complete your second boot larger straps and ring. altered this for my 2nd Pair). strap. Now you're ready to 5/8 in. for smaller ones. wear them in style! This may be varied and To secure the strap can be adjusted pieces attach a stud to depending on how you each strap-end by using want your straps to the stud's prongs as a drape. I decided on a guide for piercing ... an tiered look for the first awl tool may be used to pair. pierce through the fabric as well (Secure and Based on the thickness flatten the studs with of your leather there are needle-nose pliers two identical pieces per









MDNA: Madonna Record Review By: Sariane Stilo

As many Americans who watched Madonna’s Super Bowl performance, I was left enthused by LUVMDNA, which although unapologetically bubble-gum, seemed to suggest a return to her pop roots. I have to admit, with collaborations with MIA and Nicki Minaj on the cards, I was also left more than giddy to hear more from her album debut.

fabricated for other aging pop stars who otherwise would have been put out to pasture long ago in their careers, like J-Lo and even Britney Spears.

Suddenly, the “reductive” comment made in the media toward Lady Gaga was all too applicable in respect to Madge’s music.

previous attempt in hip hop (American Life). This time, Madonna did herself no favors.

All in all, this Madonna fan is sad to report that, One can’t argue with the There are a few tracks for the first time, I’m left longevity of her career, which clearly address the with a sense of sadness which is a direct breakup with husband for an aging pop goddess testament to the effort Guy Ritchie, but fall short who, rather than growing Madonna has personally of being candid or and embracing her invested in keeping her reflective. Not that a tell- emotional maturity and career on track. From all was expected. They unleashing insight to the every angle, she has were simply coldly powerful journey she has earned serious street derivative in comparison led as a woman (as say, No doubt, it is clear that, credibility based on to other similar Cyndi Lauper has via her to a certain degree, sheer hard work, channelling of personal sensational blues Madonna has indeed a physically, musically, and experience by other album), she has instead great respect for young otherwise. artists in recent years. continued down a path emerging artists who more aligned with Since her unprecedented I can see a few tracks demonstrate a capability obsession for bottling the megadeal with Live playing in clubs without for pushing the envelope fountain of youth, from all Nation and highly question. But these are or further evolving the directions. promoted collaborations the kinds of tracks that pop and top-40 music with some of the most only a stiff drink and Lastly, Madonna, your genres. respected creative great atmosphere can film actually wasn’t that However, with the Super talents in music in recent make “fun” or even bad. Keep going. We Bowl performance, I years, I had high tolerable. want to see more of must admit I was left with expectations for this what’s inside or at least It’s as though she is now a polarized expectation album. I was surprised to bring back collaborations retooling her approach to of either some very find several tracks which with Pharrell. her music to mirror brilliant tracks with the echoed recycled anything that seems to We’ve seen all the likes of MIA behind the variations from previous work well for other provocative outfits, the creative steering wheel, albums (Celebration or yet another desperate was really at the forefront artists: Adele’s reflective, gritty, offensive language, attempt to cling onto of my mind when I heard post-breakup album, the and the (no longer very) inclusion of Nicki Minaj shocking stage critical relevance via the Girl Gone Wild) and costumes. It’s time for careers and abilities of nearly every track which (who was also on pretty other artists. consisted of lyrics which much every other artist’s another reinvention. album prior to even more or less seemed to Unlike some, I have recording her own) and have the sole goal of enjoyed the dance era of striving to rhyme rather even, to some degree, Madonna’s music, a note her previous risks in than tell a story or draw taken from Cher’s career an audience into an experimentation in other strategy and again rePage 16 genres, as with her emotive journey.




Page 17

Website: Blog: Instagram: Search Marina BerBeryan Twitter: @MarinaBerBeryan Lookbook: MarinaBerBeryan Facebook: Marina-Celebrity Fashion Stylist Page 18


CFP Red Carpet Inside Scoop!

Page 19

WHO I SAW What I Wore Celebrity Fashion Stylist and Image Expert Fashion Group International's “Meet the Designer and Muse,” Los Angeles Fashion Week at ACE Gallery, Los Angeles, California, Fashion Group International's “Meet the Designer and Muse,” Los Angeles Fashion Week at ACE Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA, March 8th, 2012 I rocked the red carpet in a vintage romper which outlined my curves. Accessories were minimal, just a golden cuff and Givenchy earrings. I’ve tried the latest nail polish trend, painted my ring finger golden and the rest, black. Fact: Did you know that people tend to notice your ring finger more often than the rest? I paired this ensemble with my satin Jimmy Choo heels. For a pop of color, I carried my Dolce & Gabbana crystal-studded tangerine purse.



With Vanessa Williams

With Shaun Robinson of Access Hollywood and Adrienne Maloof, Beverly Hills Housewives

(Above) With Sue Wong, Celebrity Fashion Designer

(Above) George Blodwell, Legendary Wardrobe Stylist

What I Wore I rocked the red carpet in a vintage romper which outlined my curves. Accessories were minimal, just a golden cuff and Givenchy earrings. I’ve tried the latest nail polish trend, painted my ring finger golden and the rest, black. Fact: Did you know that people tend to notice your ring finger more often than the rest? I paired this ensemble with my satin Jimmy Choo heels. For a pop of color, I carried my Dolce & Gabbana crystalstudded tangerine purse.

Page 20

LA Fashion Week With

Marina BerBeryan ...................................................................... Project Ethos Fall ‘12 Runway Show at Avalon, Hollywood, California, March 13th

What I Wore This evening I went for more of a vintage retro trend. I guess I can call it the “Lady Gaga” look. I completed my outfit with a gray vintage jacket that had big, padded shoulders and rolled-up sleeves. What I love about the big and strong shoulder look is that it creates an illusion of a thin waistline. I wore black skinnies, added a wide black belt, and put on knee- high boots to achieve the tall skinny girl look. As far as makeup, I went for mesmerizing metallic smoky eyes and natural lip color. For a youthful look, I put my hair up in a ponytail. I had couple of red carpet pictures taken, but couldn’t get a hold of the photographer, due to LA Fashion Week Madness. So, I included a photo taken from my iPhone which is not so great.

WHO I SAW What I Wore Celebrity Fashion Stylist and Image Expert London Calling’s Los Angeles Homecoming Party at Sires Crown loft, downtown Los Angeles, March 14th

What I Wore

Since this event took place at the penthouse, Downtown LA, I figured I’d dress warm, look chic and glamorous at the same time. I added a pop of purple to my black wardrobe by wearing bright purple skinny stretch pants by Yaso Jeans and a black open-back vintage Nannell sweater with black velvet knee-high boots by Guess; A modern Fashionista in boots! I accessorized my look with Swarovski bracelet and purple/blue-crystal earrings. I had a fabulous time and absolutely enjoyed the event. Page 22

LA Fashion Week With Marina BerBeryan ...................................................................... Sue Wong’s Fall ‘12 presentation at Atelier Sue Wong, Los Angeles, California, March 16th

What I Wore

Page 23

That day was extremely cold in LA, so I wore gray wide-leg wool pants by Isaac Mizrahi, gray vintage ¾-sleeve sweater with pearls, and a white pearl belt. I accessorized the look with pearl bracelets; an arm party. For makeup, I had hot-pink lipstick to match my Pink-Rose Valentino Purse. I let my hair down to achieve a feminine look and wore a Vera Wang short-sleeve faux-fur for warmth. I do support PETA. I went for an elegant and conservative look since Sue Wong’s Collection theme is all about beauty, femininity, and elegance.

WHO I SAW What I Wore Celebrity Fashion Stylist and Image Expert Betsey Johnson, Dina BarEl, and Viloriya at Sunset Gower Studios, Hollywood, March 16th

What I Wore

I decided to wear black skinnies with large off- shoulder silk blouse bought from an Angle store. I wore a three-buckle widewaist belt to show off my thin waist. For a pop of color, I added to my black ensemble a neon sweater and neon/ black Rock and Republic wedges. To dramatize this look, I accessorized my wardrobe with a vintage-esque side hat. I adore hats!!! Accessories also include a Hermes bracelet and black flower ring. For make up, I applied a lush shade of green eyeshadow with hotpink Mac lipstick. The achieved image is definitely, fun, girly, and tres glam.

LA Fashion Week With Marina BerBeryan ...................................................................... Betsey Johnson, Dina BarEl, and Viloriya at Sunset Gower Studios, Hollywood, March 16th

What I Wore

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I decided to wear black skinnies with large off- shoulder silk blouse bought from an Angle store. I wore a three-buckle widewaist belt to show off my thin waist. For a pop of color, I added to my black ensemble a neon sweater and neon/ black Rock and Republic wedges. To dramatize this look, I accessorized my wardrobe with a vintage-esque side hat. I adore hats!!! Accessories also include a Hermes bracelet and black flower ring. For make up, I applied a lush shade of green eyeshadow with hotpink Mac lipstick. The achieved image is definitely, fun, girly, and tres glam.



By: Monica Wirzfeld

Cake Mix - 1 C. (115 g) unsweetened cocoa powder - 1½ C. (413 ml) boiling water - 2½ C. (288 g) all-purpose flour - 2 tsp. (10 g) baking soda - ½ tsp. (3 g) baking powder - ½ tsp. (3 g) salt - 2 vanilla beans

Sweet & Savory

By: Stephanie Shar Double Chocolate


- 1 C. (225 g) butter, softened - 2 C. (450 g) sugar - 1 tsp. (5 ml) pure vanilla extract

This sinfully rich chocolate cake is a family favorite and a huge hit at parties! baking soda, baking powder, and salt.


Finely chop whole vanilla beans (or process in food Preheat oven processor until fine). to 350°F (180° C., In large bowl, beat gas mark 4). Place butter, sugar, vanilla cocoa powder in large bowl; gradually beans, and pure vanilla on mediumadd boiling water, high until well whisking until combined. Set aside combined. Add in eggs, one at a time, to cool. In medium and beat until mix is bowl, sift flour,


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light and fluffy, or about 5 minutes, scraping down the sides of the bowl often. Add sifted dry ingredients in fourths, alternating with cocoa liquid. Stir slowly to prevent splatter. (I use two sheets of paper towels to shield over bowl, eliminating splatters.) Scrape sides of bowl. Beat

about 3 minutes on low or until combined.


Pour batter into paper baking cups, about 2/3 full. Bake 24 to 28 minutes, or until center is just barely set. Be careful not to over-bake. Cakes should slightly resist pressure of your finger. Let cake cool for 10 minutes.

Frosting - 12 oz. (340 g) 60% cacao dark chocolate - 2 C. (550 ml) whipping cream - 5 Pieces of smoky bacon, cooked crisp By: Stephanie Shar - Remembering 1 Tb. (15 g) of bacon grease Self Love

The Golden Rule 1 Tb. bacon grease. Add 4 For remaining ½ cup frosting, coarsely of cold cream; chop chocolate whisk to and place in a combine. Place large bowl. In a frosting in the small saucepan freezer. bring 1½ cups Depending on whipping cream freezer temp, just to boiling— and type of bowl immediately pour that is used, the over chocolate, mix may sit for and whisk until 15 to 30 minutes. smooth, and add Whisk

occasionally until Makes 24 frosting is regular sized spreadable and cupcakes. remains glossy.


After applying frosting to cupcakes, cover and chill. Allow cupcakes to stand at room temperature 30 minutes before serving. Page 27

The Jewelry Company

That Gives Back The medical treatments provided by the clinic are free, but they also cover 80% of any medical bills from treatments done by outside facilities.

Fabulous, right? So how does Kazuri maintain this awesome responsibility of providing for the people of their country? By selling exquisite, handmade, handBy: Shasie Turner painted ceramic pieces of jewelry and pottery. Each bead is shaped by Meredith Corning, the The mission of Kazuri is hand, kiln-fired to perfection, then handdirector of Compassion to provide and sustain painted, and fired again. Fashion Project, has a employment Their jewelry ranges treat for you! Her friend, opportunities for from necklaces, Patty Ellis recently disadvantaged bracelets, and earrings returned from a trip to members of Kenyan over a range of Kenya with an amazing society. styles, lengths, discovery: A jewelry Kazuri was started by and colors. company named Kazuri. Lady Susan Wood in Patty captured Kazuri is the Swahili 1975 with only a few the below word for “small and women experimenting pictures from beautiful” which in the art of bead her visit to the appropriately represents making. Sadly, Lady workshop. their handcrafted Wood passed away in ceramic beads, but they 2006, but her company are unique in another Not interested way. Outside of creating and legacy live on. Now in jewelry? pottery and jewelry, the their workshop, located Definitely check main mission of Kazuri in the heart of Nairobi, out their other Kenya, employs over is to provide product lines employment for the less 340 women, mostly single mothers. Outside ranging from fortunate in Kenya. handbags to of employment, they Their goal is further pottery pieces. also provide medical emphasized by the care for the women and Kazuri is also a company’s mission their immediate families member of the World statement: Fair Trade Federation, via their onsite clinic.

an internationallyrecognized organization which authenticates fair wages and safe working conditions at production facilities worldwide. Rest assured the women are working in fabulous conditions. So, how can you support this company and their cause? If you are in Kenya, you’ll find a few outlets selling the products, but, don’t fret if you won’t be in Kenya any time soon. Kazuri’s products are exported to over 30 countries around the world and you can purchase their products online from their list of approved distributors.

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Social Media Cheat Sheet

Photobucket to Pinterest

In a Snap By: Andrea Valentine

Pinterest users: For those who have images in their Photobucket that they want to upload to Pinterest, here's a streamlined method I have discovered:

• • •

• • • •

Log in to Photobucket and Pinterest on different browser tabs. Open a notepad or sticky note. On Photobucket, for each album, at the bottom of its page, check the select all box. If there are images you DON'T want to include, check their individual boxes so as to deselect them. Click on Choose action pull down its menu. Click on the bottom option, generate link codes. Click in the Direct Link window - it will display COPIED. Alt-Tab to your notepad/ sticky note.

• • • • • • • • • •

Ctrl+v to paste the link codes. Select the top URL, Ctrl+x to cut it. Alt-Tab to your browser. Click on the Pinterest tab, click Add and Add a Pin. Ctrl+v to paste the URL and click Find Images. Pull down to choose a board name (or create a new one). Click in the Description window, enter desired text. Click Pin It. Alt-Tab to your notepad/sticky note. Repeat until all images have been pinned.

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Compassion Fashion PROJECT SUZANNE PERRY Survivor Series By: Meredith Corning

Can you describe your non-profit, OP Musichouse and the services you offer?

fantastic talent while using my own story to raise awareness about the realities of domestic violence.

I have always been a

I saturate the media

serious music lover.

focusing between

The energy of live


music is what I chose

and domestic

as my medium and I

violence and the do-

hold live music events

gooders in the

all over Western New

community that

We provide

called "take your reins"

York as a means to

mainstream hasn't

moral support for men

care packs.. it's custom

promote some

caught wind of yet.

and women impacted

to each person's needs

Suzanne Perry, Loving Life!

This series highlights the stories of brave survivors of personal struggle and triumph. If you have a story to tell, please write to us at

To the brave few who share their stories, we thank you for encouraging others and helping us all to see they are not alone.

abusive relationship

by domestic abuse

from food to diaper

and violence:

coupons to toiletries to

parents, siblings,

household items or


clothing. (No cash is

in all kinds of

dispersed.) Aside from

scenarios. We

that, we offer a

also give physical

network of support and

product to people

referral services

coming out of an

custom to each individual's needs.

Page 30

that she could call 911 long living room only but ONLY when I told

being illuminated by

her it was okay. It

the blue of the TV.

happened about a

They asked about a

week later. It was the

disturbance. He very

last time I would ever

calmly and smoothly

be beat up by him

said to the officer that

again. The fighting

nothing was wrong,

was well underway

and that he was, "Only

when she came home having a beer with my Suzanne Perry (Middle) custom to each individual's needs.

from a friend's and

wife, tell him, Honey..."

she was ordered into The officer shined his gave you the strength to get out? her room. My husband light into my husband's

Our big event of the

continued to throw me

face as he spoke, then

around, shouting and

on the can of beer. He

year is

I was with my abuser


from the time I was 17. swearing, kicking and

moved the light to me

Concert: Because love At 20 we had our first

spitting, slapping and

standing back to the

shouldn't hurt" which is child and 6 months

throwing me into walls

wall at the far end of

a 3-day live show with

later I fled. He cajoled

and smothering me in

the room, noticing

over 40 bands, uniting

me into taking him

our bed. After passing the blood dripping

against domestic

back and I returned.

each other and she

down my jaw, blood on

violence and abuse. It

This happened twice

pleaded for me to give

my clothing, and the

streams live around

more and then I

the OK to call, on the

bright red hand print

the world to expose

married him. The final

3rd time I finally said

on my throat. They

the issue. It's been

time I was feeling

OK, call now.

said, "Come on,

watched from 8

pretty trapped and the

countries and 34

beatings got more

states and continues to intense and frequent. grow in popularity.

You were married to an abusive partner, but were able to finally leave. What Page 31

asshole, you're coming A short while later, the

with us." Our

Buffalo police came

daughter and I went

Our daughter, then 16, and scary enough it

down and filed

said to me "It's him or

was all calm when they immediately for orders

me, I can't take living

arrived. It was about

of protection and

like this anymore." I

11pm on a Thursday

because I promised

couldn't let my girl run

night and he sat on the the kids this time, I

away! We made a pact couch with a can of right then and there

beer in the dark, the

never looked back.

our wedding.. friends

identified and

were non-existent.

supported, not treated

He would accuse me

like second-class

of cheating on him,

citizens or hushed up.

lying to him and when For a person to finally I would numb myself

get the strength to go

to his insults, he

for a protection order

would verbally attack

and the courts closing

the kids. He would tell earlier, is Bracelets raise funds for OP Musichouse. Purchase here for $1.00.

our daughter that he

unacceptable. For a

would make sure she person who did make it

Everything had to be

would never get her

and has to go to court

just so. The feeling

driver's license or a

against the abuser, so

that he was the

good job, that she was

sitting in the same

only person in the

fat and moved like a

waiting room especially

world I could really

slug, he told our son he unsupervised, is a

I am a generally

trust; I was supposed

"sucked for a son."

recipe for disaster. It's

optimistic person and

to confide in him only -

When I stepped up in

not rocket science,

in a good mood. But it

it was a slow

their defense, I was

protect those who need

kicked, spat on and

it, we do not ask for

Can you give an example of the type of abuse you endured?

was usually fear driving brainwashing. home worrying about

anything unreasonable

what level of

I needed to ramp up for literally thrown to the a month just to go to K- floor. Scared to leave

drunkenness I

mart. He would

and scared to stay - It

enforce and protect the

would find him in, if we

constantly tell me how

was pure hell.

rights we are born with

got "bad mail," who he

fat and ugly I was, how

- life, liberty, and the

encountered, how he

stupid and disgusting I

pursuit of happiness..

What is your was feeling or if he was and how nobody personal opinion of would be in some would ever want me. how we treat ridiculous tangent for He would rape me and domestic violence no good reason at all. insist that that's all I in our society and Nothing I did was good was good for. He what changes enough for him, and he peeled every layer of would you like to was only happy when my being away, leaving see? he felt completely in

me isolated from

not to be insulted, beaten, and held prisoner in our own homes, our paychecks taken, our fingers broken and our compassion mutilated.

Domestic violence is

power and nobody was family; my own mother

grossly misunderstood.

"talking back."

Victims need to be

wasn't even invited to

- only for the law to

Page 32

More bracelets from OP Musichouse. OP Musichouse Store

Shelters promising confidentiality being constantly found online or otherwise, resources who outlived the nonprofit

abusive partnership and does not see a way out, what advice would you give them?

life-cycle, it seems

masks out some real

healthy relationship is red flags. Don't even one in which each

walk, RUN from the

partner supports the

relationship - and they

other. Not putting the other down to

will try to do things

feel better about their

like cry, threaten

more and more the

I hope my story will

self. If you suspect

suicide, some very

protections are less

inspire exactly those

something isn't right,

irrational things to get

and less and that we

people - to recognize

go with your gut. Our you to return... don't

are a neglected

behavior markers that intuition is almost

take the call, don't


can spark danger.

always the voice of

allow any

Extreme jealousy,

reason and

explanations. Get out

sometimes what

and stay out, it very

appears to be love

well could save your

barring you from If someone is doing things you love reading this and feels "stuck" in an - these are huge

warning signs. A


Page 33

Why do you believe that creative outlets are an integral key to survival and awareness?

realize we

We need to be able to


express ourselves -

to let those

vent. It's healthy. To


keep a journal/write,

flow through

draw, paint or other

their chosen

means of expressing


aren't alone, and can relate. It's very

our feelings and situations is how we can cope and identify

OP Music House

our innermost

The emotions. Usually in Compassion an abusive situation, Fashion Project the perpetrator raises personal discovers and destroys care products, the "proof" of the clothing and feelings and accessories for experiences. This women's shelters. underlines their power How important do and control over their you think this is for victims. To be women trying to liberated and allow to start their lives express freely, without over?

helpless - this is

them look better, feel

perfect. It

better and start anew

shows love, caring and is priceless. Often beauty, because they

people at a shelter

are receiving items

only have the clothes

crafted with people's

on their back... to

very hands. Hand-

receive a nice robe,

made items spell

purse or something

LOVE. Someone took

personal to call their

their time just for you.

own is very important

It shows compassion.

at this stage. I am so

People who reach the

happy to have found

reticule, chastising or

I love the idea.

shelter are still "in

your project online and

violent outbursts

Creativity rocks. To

shock" and they

that you have found

is nirvana for a


often feel like nobody

me, and I look forward

survivor. Then to meet collective creativity

cares, while waiting for to a collaborative effort

other artists and

with people who are

scary court dates and

in the near future. It's

musicians who have

scared and may feel

learning how to cope;

a beautiful thing that

shared similar horror


receiving warm items

you do and you have

paths helps us to

confused,numb and

from the heart to make my full support!

Page 34

Suzanne Perry, Loving Life!

shows which is on

fan mail in the US

I reach as far and wide

WBNY out of Buffalo

Mail... and I framed it

as possible and am

( http://

after wiping the tears

trying very hard to


from my eyes.

raise money to support

om/schedule.html) ,

Our website

a 32 town tour next

and "Pied Piper of

is www.opmusichouse. summer. I feel like I'm

Positive" on Think

org Please write to me

running in a vat of

Twice Radio ( http://


molasses trying to


at enoughofit7@gmail. reach people with the

I have a few monthly


com or fill out the

voice of hope, and

radio programs,

suzanne-perry.html )

contact form on the

optimism that all CAN


as well as Suzanne

OP Music House page. live a productive life

Spotlight" is a 90

Perry: Victim to Victor

I personally read and

outside of control and

minute show that I

on Blogtalkradio

respond to every

violence. We need to

invite original bands on (

single message, it

expose the abusers

to be interviewed and

m/suzanneperry). Also

means so much to get

and stand up to

we promote their

I love to get email... I

feedback and continue bullyish behaviors!

music and upcoming

actually got a piece of

to support each other!

Where can people find you/your nonprofit to keep up with what you are doing and how can someone get involved?

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Meredith Corning

Michelle Fitz

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