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#PHOTOGRAPHY the online photography magazine


#photography the online photography magazine

Issue 9

June 2014

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p a m

Genea Bailey

2014 is the year I plan on establishing myself as a serious artist, before now I’ve only been a student or an assistant but now I’m ready to resume producing my own work. At the moment, my work is very fashion and portraiture focused as I enjoy working in the studio and collaborating with other creatives to come up with interesting concepts. Later this year I’ll be collaborating with a vintage boutique photographing their designs. Below is a new shoot I’ve recently finished editing, these images are inspired by 90’s fashion and pop culture.

Model : Macy Chow Makeup / Hair : Katrin Respondek

daisy ware jarrett

My photography projects have taken a back seat over the last few months. Although I have a lot of ideas I have decided to focus my time on two things. - Reading for the Digital Culture & Society MA I am applying to next year - Strengthening my online presence.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been developing...

MAYO is a pseudonym and blog I am currently creating in order to seperate my professional/ academic thoughts from my less formal hobbies, on it i’ll be posting about cosplay, photography, “fun” books (even though I consider nonfiction books fun I know not everyone does) and other awesome stuff I find of the world wide web, from anime memes to fanart. It’s a hub for anime/cosplay/ pop culture fans written by me, a fan. Once this is all up and running I hope to get started on some photography projects.

Ezio+ian ‘Rollergirls’


This project is the first collaboration between photographers Ian Ross Pettigrew and Ezio Molinari. (Written by Ian) I prefer longer and more personal projects, rather than one-day jobs for whatever. We wanted subject matter that would be book-worthy. These girls are fantastic athletes, as a sport it’s very up and coming and has a hard-core following. We hope to get 2 more teams and finish the book.

‘Motorhead Molly’

‘Candy Crossbones’

‘Toxic Shock’

‘Cancer Candy’


‘Homewrecken Holly’


Mathew Scott ‘Travels’ I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and received a BFA in photography from The Academy of Art. I currently split my time between Los Angeles, and San Francisco, working on a variety of commercial and personal projects. This is an ongoing project documenting my travels. These particular images are from a recent trip I took through Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, and Taiwan. There is generally no set concept of what I plan on shooting. I approach this project as a way of documenting the new places I am exploring, as well as the people I meet along the way.

‘Tokyo, Japan #4’

‘Tokyo, Japan #2’

‘Andrew, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’

‘Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia #12’

‘Osaka, Japan #16’


Akif Hakan Celebi

I strive to go beyond established styles and widen the boundaries of photographic expression. This is an ongoing project shot in the streets of Hong Kong with different personalities I find interesting.



I am an award-winning fashion and beauty photographer based in London, UK. I fell in love with photography a few years ago whilst studying for my Recording Arts and Music Business Degree.

I now shoot editorials and campaigns and have worked for magazines such as Nylon, Schon!, Gloss, Hunger TV and more. Flower Scented is a fashion editorial shoot for the March 2014 issue of Nylon Mexico magazine. This project was inspired by the popular Spring/ Summer 2014 fashion trend of flower prints and it was aimed at representing women as young, delicate and colourful creatures. Just like flowers.

twenty eight

‘Flower Scented’

thirty two

William Farges

‘Ligne Blanche (White Line)’

My work is richly influenced by artistic movements from the renaissance to surrealism and tends push the limits of the photographic medium to create a parallel world of the body within a different representation. This series examines our relationship to the body in art, these works frozen, without identity, on a pedestal, appears as some form of humanity.

‘Ligne N°01’

‘Ligne N°13’

‘Ligne N°08’

thirty eight

Route collective exhibition UK

Nestled in the heart of Battersea, the Route Collectives debut exhibition in partnership with Metro Imaging at Gallery On The Corner took place last month and they were kind enough to invite us to their opening night. The exhibition, running from 22nd-24th May, featured work from the 11 London based emerging artists showcasing a broad variety of talent from fashion to experimental video. We were thoroughly impressed with the quality and concept of work exhibited and recommend that you check out their website to stay updated with information about their latest projects and future shows.


Jeppe Groth Christensen ‘Gone’

I’m an educated photographer from the Danish Media College. Photography is a big part of my life, and my interest in different kinds of photography changes from time to time, but nothing beats the thrill when you have a new project idea, and just can’t wait to get started. Ever wondered what would happen if humanity disappeared from one night to another? This project is a combination of my fascination with taking photos at places where it would normally be crowded and the total silence that lies beneath it.

forty two

Philip J Brittan ‘Autumn River’

I am not particularly concerned with the interesting but ultimately futile debate about what a photograph is. However, I am very concerned with the role that photographs can play in making us change the way we see and feel, make us change who we are and who we can be. The images were made with some of the millions of decaying leaves that fall into the River Frome, in the southwest of England, and are carried, like brightly coloured jewels, along its length every year. The colourful chaos that is autumn produces a canopy of glorious colours smeared by water and wind.

forty eight


Eva Bowan ‘Collage’

I’m a Brighton based sound designer, freelance illustrator and experimental artist. In every art form I intend to create surreal worlds and replicate a psychedelic experience that could potentially lead to discovering new solutions, feelings and thoughts. I believe that being confronted with  something new and unexpected provides an opportunity to reflect and therefore to develop. Surrealism has always been really close to my heart, probably because of my hyperactive imagination and weird dreams. My collages are the result of my observations of nature and processing it through my own mind. I’m striving to recreate the world the way I perceive it – intangible and changing, enchanting and ghostly.

‘sleep no sleep’



‘space dancer II’

‘space dancer and a silver swan’

‘feather floating’

fifty four

Allyson Anne Lamb ‘Cattelize’

‘Cattelize’ is a group of images depicting Belted Galloway cows, seemingly overcome by an alien invasion, psychedelic encounter, or magic spell. My primary focus has been on cattle because of the strong barrier modern culture has made for cattle as exclusively food animals. In these images, the cows are glowing and are endowed with a mysterious and unnerving presence. I wanted to relate these cows to the alien invasion stories, and Terence McKenna’s theory that the religious reverence for cattle came from hallucinations caused by consuming psychedelic mushrooms which are found in the cattle’s dung.

I am an artist based between New York and Philadelphia, working primarily with photography. I have been focusing on the intimacies between human and animals, and in particular, our food animals.

fifty six

Antonio D’Anna ‘Custonaci’ I was born in a beautiful land called Sicily. I grew with a camera in my hands, but only at the age of 26 did I decide to enter the business of photography; since then I’ve been shooting editorial / advertorial images for magazines and advertising for local companies. These images document an ancient abandoned Sicilian country village where every year in December old craftsmen bring back to life all the forgotten traditional jobs and life scenes from the Sicily of a century ago around a live representation of the nativity scene inside the “Mangiapane” cave.

sixty two

snapshot aesthetic


From documentary photographers such as Garry Winogrand and Nan Goldin to fashion photographers such as Miko Lim and Juergen Teller, the snapshot aesthetic has been a prominent trend for over half a century. Although the movement has been criticised by some suggesting that it lacks thought, we believe its stripped back nature and raw realism is something to be appreciated. With that in mind we present to you, Wenjun and Aturo Soto, two talented photographers who embrace the snapshot aesthetic.



‘The Rain Has Stopped, But the Wind Is Still Blowing‌’ Taking melancholy as a driving force for creativity, this project explores the space where sadness, triviality and harmony intersect. When the alchemic nature of the photographic medium is focused on the urban environment, it allows us to see ourselves, not only in the likenesses of people we encounter, but also in the minute details that enrich our everyday lives.

sixty four

Gergő Gosztom ‘BP - Under Construction’

This series was created in summer 2013, my aim was to show Budapest under construction. I had been living in the capital for almost a year and when I walked around the city with the eyes of a tourist, finding well-known places of interest, I stumbled on mounds and working sites. Cordons lead me from point A to point B beyond which there had been ever-lasting construction sites.


Bastiaan van der Sluis ‘Abandoned Places #1’

My photography is a way of ‘freezing time’. Letting the viewer contemplate what they see and what it means against their own behaviour and environment. Swimming pool Tropicana Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Two years after closure, I noticed the difference between ‘abandonment’ and the ‘adaptation’ of the space. Where on one hand the photos show an overview of the space as a theatre of emptiness, on the other side it shows the re-use by people who lived here.

seventy six


Staszak Photography that tells a story is worth more than a thousand words. Photography will change with the evolution of technology. It will become more accessible, faster and more accurate. The image resolution will increase and the technology will be packed into smaller and smaller cameras until they are replaced by biotechnology. We will take pictures with a blink of an eye. Literally. This image is a portrait of polish actress – Maria Pakulnis taken in 2003.

seventy eight

Kassie‘Breathe’ Jackson My name is Kassie Jackson and I am a 22-year-old photographer from Pittsburgh, PA. I have been taking photos for 4 years. In college, I studied digital art, art history and studio art. I draw my inspiration from all of those mediums, which are all very inspiring. For this series, I wanted to do portraits that showed someone half underwater and half out of water. I also wanted it to have a very dreamlike quality while still having some tension to it.


Kseniya Arhangelova with... Dennis Ostermann, Nastiya Vasilieva & Andrey Goncharenko ‘Royal chronicles’ This project is international – Germany + Russia. I drew some sketches of the plumage costume and Nastiya helped me to bring it to life. We made the costume over one month. Location of shoots: Forest in Moscow and mountains in the south of Germany.

Rob™ ‘A Forest’

eighty four

I use the camera to capture copies of reality that play out before me. That reality is quite ordinary and whilst much of my work appears to be landscape in nature, it is also deeply social, tackling the subject of mans interactions with the landscape and also with others. If you go down to the woods today, it won’t be a surprise to find not teddy-bears, but objects discarded by others. Here, those objects are juxtaposed with the woods, creating a tenuous relationship, more abstract than if photographed in situ, as a blot on the beauty of our woodlands.



‘Shotgun Cartridge’


Unconventional printing techniques

The photo can take many shapes and forms, most commonly today it exists digitally; some photographers however experiment and play with more traditional printing techniques to produce unique, unreproducible images. Peter McCabe, Fabricio Schmidt and Kayung Lai are three photographers doing just this. I am a photographer and artist from Dundalk in Ireland. I love to work with analogue materials and alternative methods of capturing an image. It is the uniqueness of each image that I love and wet plate allows me to create just that.

‘Friends on Wet Plate’

Peter McCabe

This project is about capturing a one off image of my friends. I want to capture the real person and the essence of each person. No photoshop or retouching but a raw and real portrait.

Fabricio Schmidt

‘Palimpsest allerlei’

My main focus is the use and processing of photos in montages, collages and installations, but also alternative printing processes. My main technique is the palimpsest,where I print photos on used paper as old money (without value), maps, graph paper, letters and pages of books. With the palimpsest technique I want to show how life is fleeting, but also that people move during their life; that people have multiple layers that are placed over old layers. But you can always see the traces of the layers of the past, nothing is forgotten.


Lai ‘1993’

My photographic practice is the exploration of my cultural identity as a British Chinese citizen. I am interested in exploring the changing definitions of my cultural identity by creating visual strategies for exploring the idea of a third space, where the  binaries of living in-between cultures, languages and borderlines intersect. The initial images were home videos stills of my childhood, which were reminiscent of a time when family ties were unaffected by language barriers as I used to be fluent in Cantonese. The film stills were chemically weathered in order to address the nostalgia experienced for a time before conflicting cultural identities.

ninety two

Homo Ex Machina ‘Surre’

I’m a London based photographer and come from Poland. I am inspired by the surrealistic artists like Hans Bellmer, Joel-Peter Witkin, Wendy Bevan, Sally Mann and Witkacy. My sensory map of art contains a human body, neurobiology, mathematics and cosmos. The cycle ‘Surre’ is a disjunctive zone of faces, still life, old images and radiograph of brain. In ‘Surre’ I am balanced between inversion and asceticism.




‘Adela’ (mua: Joanna Szustopol)


Aissa Ai (mUA: Monika Marońska)

ninety eight

Cat‘LucidSusilo Dreams’ Indifference is the greatest aphrodisiac. Lucid Dreams is a series of experimental photography which has been edited to achieve a painterly look.

one hundred and two

Gustavo Minas

‘Bahia, 2014’

I was born in Cassia, Brazil, in 1981. Today I’m a street photographer based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and publish my work online daily. I’m also also a member of SelvaSP, a collective of street photographers of Sao Paulo. These photos were taken during a road trip I took with my girlfriend through Bahia state, northeastern Brazil, in March 2014. They are just a part of a visual diary I made during those days between Chapada Diamantina, Valenca and Morer.

one hundred and eight

Tomasz Böhm ‘Temple’

I’m Tomasz Bohm, I was born in Mikolow, in Poland and graduated The Silesian University of Technology in 2009. I’m a traveler and mountain climber, specialising in documentary photography. I currently work as a freelance photographer in Silesia. I work in Norway, USA, Georgia, Poland and many other countries. The ancient Egyptians called their temples The Houses of Adoration. Nowadays, places destined for conversing with God are frequently narrowed down to stained glass windows, paintings and opening hours hung on the front door. A closed area filled with people does not inspire discovering inner peace or intimate meditation. Thus, my permanent search of what has been lost begun in desolate places. In such places, it is easier to experience the unity between God, nature and human.

one hundred and sixteen

Joel Hayden ‘Chat Room Narrative’

Photography has a foggy relationship with truth, it give us the opportunity to make impossible views through the frame. My use of the photographic image is to exploit veracity’s power to convince. For these images I asked strangers on chat rooms such as omegle and chat roulette to describe a dream they have had to me. It is never really possible to truly reimagine an image of the mind, but through the telling of its narrative a third party can render their interpretation.

one hundred and twenty



‘De cuerpo ausente’

I have been working in photography for several years. My preferences are portraits, nude and decontextualisation. I like capturing what I imagine, and to imagine what I capture. I would rather not theorise too much about the meaning of my work, I simply expect that the images will express for themselves. ‘De Cuerpo Ausente’ was born from my need to convey a multitude of sensations that I experienced in the last year, being 10,682km’s from home. I thought about all of the people who, despite having been left behind, are still present some way; just the same way as a part of myself is still with them. Thus, every time I walk through the streets of Santiago, it’s like I’m missing a part of me. Some days I hobble because I am missing one of my legs. Others, I’m completely floating due to the lack of both. Sometimes I’m unable to reach what is right in front of me, and sometimes I’m even moving headless, although never losing my way.

one hundred and twenty four

Valerio Polici ‘Ergo Sum’

I’m a freelance photographer, born in Rome in 1984. I’m interested in developing personal long term projects, focusing on the private and the intimate aspect of social/anthropological issues. Always searching more for evocative and less explicit images. “Graffiti was the missing piece in our puzzle to remain teen ager forever” - Ruzd Drm crew. Berlin 1999) Among intrusions, climbing, infinite running and a lots of adrenaline, this is the story of their escape and to a certain extent also about mine.

one hundred and thirty

Elena Yang I am a freelance photographer-artist; specialising in portraiture and conceptual photography. Using photography as a means of social-expression, I make pictures about society, to identify with hidden aspects of their character, to understand someones reality and also to express my interpretation of the world around me.

These images are part of a project that aims to document the Jewish community living in Stamford Hill. The more time I spent trying to take some pictures of their community, the more I thought about the contradiction of a community whose values depend on keeping the world at bay, trying to run away, faster then their brisk walk, every time someone from “outside� tries to make an eye contact.


Aldo Andrés Soto Espinoza

one hundred and thirty two

I am a 29 year old professional photographer who was born in Constitucion, Chile. I started photography while studying dentistry, my love for photography grew and became my new focus of study.People remain to focus of my personal work.

Vestigios is a project based on the photographic portrait, in which the people photographed have one or more scars on face or neck. They also leave a psychological mark, that vestige, mark of an event that transformed speak of a personal story, an experience of life marked by deep changes.

one hundred and thirty six

Nicola Onions ‘Fragments of a Mind’ I am a conceptual fine art/documentary photographer using both film and digital techniques. I am just about to graduate from my photography and moving image degree at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design. At the moment my practice is focused on looking at memory, loss and existence and using different techniques to visualise this. My Grandmother and Grandfather both suffer from Alzheimer’s and Dementia. After my Grandmother died I became concerned with memory loss and how it effects the sufferer and those around them. I did this by documenting my Grandfathers life and delving into his past and memories.

I used thawing ice as a visual representation of memory fading and altering what you remember.

one hundred and thirty eight

Isaim Lozano I am a self-taught artist who was born and lives in Colombia (South America), I don’t want to speak about my images, I hope they speak for me.

one hundred and forty two

On the cover

Keit ‘Burn’

This portrait featuring long braids was made for sampling purposes. The photo is part of its “good bye series”, the last image I’ve made with this hair, but the first one in motion.

one hundred and forty four

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We would like to say a BIG thanks to everyone who took part in this issue. A big part of this magazine is being able to bring creatives from all over the world together in one book. This map shows where all the photographers from this issue are based.

one hundred and forty six

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