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Counties and Municipios by Country

Political Boundaries The governments of Mexico and the United States are federal systems with their administrative divisions made up of states. Cuba is a communist state with its administrative divisions designated as provinces.

United States






In the United States, the states are further divided into counties, or in the case of Louisiana, parishes. Some countries are still sub-dividing their territory, for instance Mexico is constantly creating new municipios in each state. In Cuba, two provinces were created in 2010 by splitting Havana province into two new provinces: Artemisa and Mayabeque.

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In the Coastal Belt, Mexican municipios are more numerous than United States and Cuban equivalents with over four times the number of United States counties and parishes, even though the land area is only about 20% more: 442,000 km2 for Mexico and 370,000 km2 for the United States.

Havana, Cuba. Credit: Global Images

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