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In response the brief of producing an info pack that demonstrates “What Is Design For Print� my resolution was to produce a set of three concertina book which look at the Ideas & Considerations surrounding print. The aim is to demonstrate through the chosen format and production methods some of the options available. The content is focusing on making the reader aware of the considerations to take into account at various stages and broken down into the areas of Colour & Stock, Format & Process, Process & Production. The books are intended to be interactive with throw outs, throw ups, reveals, colour wheel that turns in an attempt to feed the readers with ideas as the read throught the books.

Jane Hansesgaard | OUGD504 | Studio Brief 1

The books are targetting an audience of people who are interested in print and looking for some guidelines, advice and inspiration to help them determine the best way forward for making informed design decisions.


Jane Hansesgaard | OUGD504 | Studio Brief 1

Primary Research

Secondary Research

I undertook quite an extensive amount of research both primary and secondary in order to make informed design decisions about my resolution and also in order to be able to deliver content to my books that is researched to such an extent that I am able to put advice across to my readers. Primary resesarch included visit to lithoprinters, trying out foiling, flocking, copper plate etching induction and book binding.

I look at ideas for format that could be relevant for my books. My focus was on delivering a piece of work that in itself would be a demonstation of some of the options which can be considered when thinking about print.


The three books were digitally printed on 120g coated paper in and I used canson paper to cover the six front covers and as well as for the belly band. The covers have some digital print but with the main focus on the titles being debossed using letters that I lasercut. Throughout the entire process I work strictly with the mock ups at had created at the early stages of the design process in order to help me at the production and finishing stage.

Jane Hansesgaard | OUGD504 | Studio Brief 1

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