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architectural portfolio

mohammad hannan md zahar Bachelor Science (Hons.) Architecture Universiti Teknologi Mara, Shah Alam - Malaysia 2011 - 2015

ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN “If you give people nothingness, they can ponder what can be achieved from that nothingness” - Tadao Ando


Student Public Hub | Semester 08

2 FLANEUR IMPIANA RESIDENCE Residential For Elderly | Semester 07


Urban Infill Restaurant | Semester 05


Specialized Studio Office | Semester 04


Retreat House, Folly, Flat-Pack, Architectural Terms | Semester 01 - 03

Competition 1 KAMPUNG BHARU MASTERPLAN - BEYOND 2020 Strategic Town Planning | Competition

2 GARDEN CITIES FOR TOMORROW Strategic Town Planning | Competition


1993.07.27, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.




+6013-3339170 (Mobile)


Malay (Native), English (Proficient)

EDUCATION 2011.09 - 2015.02 Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam, Malaysia Bachelor Science (Hons.) Architecture

2016 April - June Next Academy, Glomac Damansara, Malaysia Web Development Bootcamp

SKILLS Handmaking

Modeling, Drawing, Sketching, Wood Work, Cast Work

3D Modeling Software

SketchUp, Revit Autodesk, Lumion

2D Modeling Software

AutoCAD, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Website Language

Ruby, Ruby On Rails, HTML, CSS/SCSS, API Integration

Document Software

Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel

WORK EXPERIENCE 2015 Sept - Present Shortstayz ( Tech Startup )

Develop the business plan, create sales strategy. Rebranding, social media marketing. Survey target market.

2014 March - July Chewan Architecture ( Internship )

Design a proposal of high-end apartment & a mosque. Draftman assistant, working & detail drawings.

2011 April - July Crocs Malaysia ( Parttime Promoter )

Work scope involve cleaning, organize and restock product. Generate sales by assisting customers shopping.

2011 January - April F.O.S Apparel Group ( Parttime Promoter )

Work scope involve cleaning, organize and restock product. Generate sales by assisting customers shopping. Working in both kids & adults department.


MITA Fair, Kuala Lumpur Convention Center



Lead magazine editor. Magazine is published online and become reference for Architecture Department UiTM Shah Alam

Ikhtiar Architectural Festival


Participant, to promote Shortstayz portal & services

Heirarchy Studio Trip, Bangkok

Organizer. Head of Closing Night. Manage setups & performance flow. Fund raising with Mercy Malaysia & local artist

Tali Architectural Kite Festival, Port Dickson

Organizer. Creative Team member. Craft and design the theme of the festival. 2013

Garden Cities for Tomorrow, IFHP Centenary Student Competition


Kampung Bharu Masterplan - Beyond2020 Competition


Participant. Won 1st prize Group Installation Competition

PAM Student Architectural Exhibition, One Utama


Organized by Kuala Lumpur City Council (DBKL) & Perbadanan Pembangunan Kampung Bharu (PKB) Working alongside Town Planning undergrad & won consolation prize

25th Architectural Workshop, Universiti Malaya


Organized by TCPA & LEAP, London. Working alongside Town Planning undergrad and Master students. Shortlisted to 14/90 entries internationally.

Participant. Won 1st prize for both Installation & Exhibition Category

Khatam Architectural Review

Organizer. President of the commitee. Manage to get sponsorship from architect firms, alumnis and local printing shops

EXJECTION hub fusion of ideas and thoughts


location / client

student mixed development lifestyle hub of shops and public spaces

universiti teknologi mara shah alam, malaysia




final year (2015) undergraduate

Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam bachelor science of architecture (hons) 08

Issue Derivation

Unemployment Rate in Malaysia decreased to 3 percent in March of 2015 from 3.20 percent in February of 2015. Unemployment Rate in Malaysia averaged 3.26 percent from 1998 until 2015, reaching an all time high of 4.50 percent in March of 1999 and a record low of 2.70 percent in August of 2012. Unemployment Rate in Malaysia is reported by the Department of Statistics Malaysia. “70% of local public university graduates unemployed’ - That almost a national emergency’. Graduates attitudes by becoming to timid and afraid to show their courage as a leader has become one of the main reason of the unemployment rate increasing. Another is when the graduates is lack of working skills and ability to get their job done and achieve what the client or the boss expectation. An unemployment rate is base from a curtain degree of capability in thinking, doing, and developing. By those elements, the rate of unemployment is reduced thus bring interest in employee. Computer science development should be the most integrated in the midst of developing technology in current era. Thus the issue to bring out is to create a space that develop students mindset and developing ahead by their softskills, fundamental technical skills and building up the charisma to inspire others.

exjection extend x injection

‘Extend’, extroversion: <ex> factors of form’, ‘foreigness’, ‘ graft’, ‘no-form’, ‘strategy’ -To come out of oneself. To take one thing out of another.

Fusion of Ideas & Thoughts



unproductive active & productive body

independently trying to form a meaning

life & self-existance

Exjection is different from other generative processes in that there is no continuity between the idea inside and the new thought outside

opportunity by the sun orientation

zoning by the neighbouring spaces

spatial axis

-Injection of natural lighting to -Public facing outwards of UiTM reduce negative spaces and to attract more people to enter usage of artificial light the space. -Enlighten the space by ex-Injection of an urban neightending the frame to control bourhood context into the site the starting point of sun glazing -Private spaces is faced towards the neighbouring building as less people will face the backside of the design

-Linearly directed axis facing towards the neighbouring hospital -Promote open space design considered to be seen from the hospital and give good impression and improve mood

Concept Formulation

reduce of zone

high platform

fenestration effect

-The public space is taken into -A platform is designed to ex- -Fenestration is created as consideration to be placed tend the view of the user from a cross ventilation and to outdoor to promote and inject inside of the structure to face inject natural sunlight into the building the positivity of natural envidirectly outwards -Extending the ambiance ronment in urban context -Window views of nature and sensation of being in a -The structure supports the (Persons who have gain the large space semi-public and private spacwindow views of nature are es mostly more patient and felt less frustrated

Concept Formulation

watch and be watched

parking (vehicular movement)

open view and water body

-Injection of courage into the -Injecting the natural view towards user when an open plan that the innerside of the solid building gives the power for the users -To extend the user perspective or to look at each other point of view towards the space -Double volume spaces is -Improve creativity and senses by provided on the ground foor as looking into nature for most of the the level of ground is reduced time to ease the entrance towards -Water as a cooling agent that cools the site the indoor environment -Reduce the usage of mechanical appliance to cool the space -Inject the space with natural element -Extend the water feature into the building

-The vehicular movement in the site is control to the minimum to encourage people to come by walking, bicycle or public transportation -People were encourage to use own vehicle when they see a parking spot -Reduce the glaring hectic factor from outside the site into the site Controled by a risen platform and greenery plantation as buffer zone

Concept Formulation

Plans and Elevations Therapeutic Garden - End axis of site and most private area - Sunken to provide more privacy - Relaxation environment inside garden (therapeutIc and study) - Usage of colourful and fragrant flower to bring in calmness. Outdoor Decking - Outdoor learning library that relate with the therapeutic garden that gives the student indoor outdoor senses in learning. Library + Cafe (attached) -Formal Learning Area For Students and Visitors -To relax and calm their mind in indoor space like library. -Attached with cafĂŠ and an outdoor decking to bring linear sight and enhancing spaces. Retails & Convinient Store -Sales goods and services for students that requires it. Foods & Beverages -Sells foods for students and staff -Cooking and food preparation Open Dining -Creating interaction and reducing shyness in students by being in a crowded space -Closely arranged furniture to enhance amity between users. Outdoor Learning Area -Giving the essence of living and studying in an outdoor area. -Provide a meeting point that become a landmark in the area -Shaded by large trees

Location Plan N.T.S

North Elevation

Outdoor Staff Lounge -Specialised area than been given priority towards the staffs that buffered by trees and shrub from the sight of public -Near the services area to help them rest and work in a comfortable situation

Administrator -Workplace for hub staff -Assist students or visitor for any inquiries

Ground Floor Plan N.T.S

Business Hub -Students were given a space where they can learn on doing business during day and night. -Outdoor hub shaded by trees -Become one of the domain attraction for people to enter as it is placed in the front area of the hub

Holographic Projection Hall -Hologram mini cinema that could take 78 person at a time to watch the holographic projection -Hologram projection hall is prepared for the students to try and learn on how to developing the latest 3D technology and possibly to advance in research and development -The hologram projection is controlled from the operater room Concourse / Gallery -Concourse area is created for the visitor to lingering around the area while looking at the artwork presented in the open area -A seating area is provided for the visitors to relax and watch the view from a higher level -Double volume space is provided by the stairs that connect the ground floor (library), 1st floor (concourse) and 2nd floor (surau) Counselling Room -Consulting students regarding their study, life or perhaps the financial problems that the students may occur -Students can tend to get advice on their profession in study by a recognised counsellor

Void (Double Volume) -Void (double volume) in the central atrium to bring an ambiance of spaces that positively bringing in a positive vibe in the students -Reaction by the students to communicate and see each other by the open plan design would create a courage among them to be less timid

Games Room -Games room is divided into 2 which is 1) Indoor games where it is played by their active and productive body such as table tennis and snooker 2)Indoor games that uses the technology and excite the students by the visual entertainment such as PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, and WII

First Floor Plan N.T.S

Student Council Room -The student council is to be the one that become the administrator on student development studies -Student council is selected among voted students in different faculty to give different perspective in their learning skills and ideology. Computer Lab -Computer laboratory is provided for students that may occur a problem in developing their work or a workplace for students that dont have the occomodation like a computer to do their assignment. -Open software classes daily to be held to teach students in advance as in this era, computer skils has become a crucial skills in the outside world

Site Section A-Aâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;

South Elevation

Water Tank -Water is delivered from water suction pump room which located on the ground floor -Water is stored in water tank for commercial use in the building -Place near services area that ease the maintenance and refract the public view from looking at the services area -Placed on the highest level of the building Surau Male/ Female -Prayer space prepared for the students, staffs or the visitors -Place on the top floor to reduce distraction from other spaces that possible to create inconvinient feeling insinde the user -Reduce the noise level as it is place in a private area -An outstanding view looking forward outside spaces gives a calming effect and reduce stress during prayer

Void -1st floor room is closed by ceiling to keep the space in scale on the behaviour of the function -A void area that allows the heated air to go upwards instead of cramped in the lower level

Second Floor Plan N.T.S

Operator Room -Holographic projection hall cinematically controlled by the operator that stays in the operator room provided with computer and a screening window that allows the operator to see the projection -Operator is to be the students or a professional hologramer

Site Section B-Bâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;

East Elevation

Cinematic Section 1x-1x’

Cinematic Section 2x-2x’

Cinematic Section 3x-3x’

Cinematic Section 4x-4x’

Cinematic Section 5x-5x’

Cinematic Section 6x-6x’

Cinematic Section 7x-7x’

Cinematic Section 8x-8x’

West Elevation

Cinematic Section 1y-1y’

Cinematic Section 2y-2y’

Cinematic Section 3y-3y’

Cinematic Section 4y-4y’

Library -An open library enclosed by glass curtain wall bothside that allows the student to be seen from outside to reduce the level of shyness and bring out the confidence level in students -A linear planning and higher entrance to allow a the visitors to watch the whole library from the first step they enter the library.

Outdoor Lounge -An interactive lounge that allows the student to relax by the bar and double volume area -Sculptured wall to bring more attraction and creativity in the students mind -Access towards the fire staircase by open plan(not closed by walls/partition)

natural sunlight low-e glass maximising the indirecy admit 55% of visible sunlight natural lighting inside the but reflect 70% of the associatinterior to reduce the usage ed heat, reducing energy used of artificial lighting. for lighting and cooling space

greeneries as buffer zone against the hectic behaviour outside of the site which is an urban context. greenaries to tune the noise and direct sight.

open & natural ventilated corridor to promote cross ventilation and minimise air conditioned spaces. reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission

The cen from e Act as rectly

central atrium ntral atrium act as central axis every direction of the design a gathering area that can digo to other spaces from the atrium

LED light Use LED lighting for some spaces for energy saving incorporated with motion sensors to reduce energy wastage

deep balcony extended balcony provides shading for the unit below, reducing solar heat exposure to surfaces

fenestration effect Creating an opening both side of the building to create a cross ventilation For a linear and long design a fenestration effect is necessary to give a peek of whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s behind the structure

Detail 2

1-Glue laminated timber (Glulam) structural portal frame, 700x150 mm 2-Steel bolt down post (Galvanised iron shoe) -Stiffener, 8x100mm -Post hole, 570x19mm -Baseplate, 250x330x12mm -Bolt and nut 3-Reinforced concrete base pad with pile cap, 400x800x450mm

Detail 1 N.T.S

Detail 3

Detail 1

Wall 1-Finishes -Tile, Quarry, 10mm thick 2-Membrane layer -Vapor retarder 3- Brick, soldier course, 130mm thick 4- Finishes -White paint plaster, 10mm thick

Detail Section N.T.S

Floor Slab 5-Finishes -Concrete, sand/ cement screed,65mm thick 6-Membrane layer -Vapor retarder 7- Thermal/Air layer -Rigid insulation, 90mmthick 8- Structure -Concrete masonry, floor block 9- Membrane layer -Damp-proofing 10- SubtrateSand, 50mm thick 11- Subtrate -Site - Hardcore, 150mm thick

Detail 1 N.T.S

Detail 2 N.T.S

Detail 3 N.T.S 1-VMZINC Plus standing beam -Preweathered quartz-zinc finishes, 25mm thick 2-Breather membrane -EPDM membrane, 90mm thick 3-Insulation -Rockwool insulation, 50mm thick 4-Vapor control layer -Vapor retarder, 10mm thick 5-Steel metal decking for structural purpose 6-Ceiling plywood timber finishes, 15mm thick 7-Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) purlin 100x150mm 8-Glue laminated (Glulam) structural portal frame connected by steel plate (bolt and nut) 9-Galvanised iron steel plate -Base plate and bolt nut joints 10-Prefinished aluminium 11-Vertical drip specialised vmzinc

mechanical and electrical diagram indicates the services line The water supply to the building start with the water from SYABAS pipeline to the suction tank that located at the ground level, then, the water will be pumped to the domestic tank that located at the top floor of the building by the water pump. After that, water in the tank will supply water to the entire building.

Water and Electrical Riser The water and electrical is supplied through the entire building from ground floor to top floor is through riser that located at stair core. There are two water and electrical riser are provided.

basic uses of water

Suction Tank The suction tank that are located at the ground level are the first water catchment tank to supply to the water tank The water supply is very important to human. The hub design need to provide with good water supply and need to deliver the water to any place through a proper water supply system.

TNB substation

electrical system

The electrical system also important in building design to make sure that the building can operate well. So, the hub design should be design with good electrical layout. The genset room is not provided as TNB substation is located beside the site.

water tap from SYABAS pipeline

from main electrical sourceÂ

flaneur impiana residence Janda Baik is a peaceful small village located in the state of Pahang. It is a simple Malay kampong or village with a population of 1000 people set amidst a small valley bounded by thick rainforest laced tgether with picturesque streams and cool rushing brooks of waterfalls. The site was set up to promote the awareness and importance of preserving and protectiong its ecological system and beautiful nature of Janda Baik and its surrounding hills and streams. Challenges Of its surrounding hill, due to illegal hill farming and de-forestation activities. These have resulted in a rise in temperature, pollution of rivers and streams, erosion and landslip, and decreasing stream water level.

Secured Community -Integrated security system -An island circulation is designed so that everyone could see if thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a possible stranger -Secured in excessive nature and man-made

Artscape -The use of geometrical pattern in designing the landscape -Gives an atmosphere of youthness by providing an obstruct yet balanced artscape

Rainwater Harvesting System -Rainwater is collected and used for irrigation of the surrounding landscape, toilet flushing and trickling roof cooling

Continuous Green -To blend into the surrounding nature instead of delivering an abstact element. -Gives a pleasant sight -Improve resident sense of youth and well being

Car Park -Lowerground level parking provided. -To provoke the movement of users -Terminate sight of vehicular circulation from userâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s view

The design for the community housing (cohousing), is mainly focused on how the reaction and interaction between the residence is connected to each other. The design is to be a elderly low rise apartment that is capable and dedicated to provide a renew experiences by the displacement of space that makes time diffuse in the relative loss of time in space. Spaces desolated by catastrophe in the community. A radical transformations of the space of the housing layout and natural transformation is used to serve and provide experiences for the residence awareness.

Client’s Brief

Norizah •Facing qiblat •Private garden •Maximise view (Morning sun) •Natural Fencing •Link Unit •Close to parking



•Qiblat Oriented •Maximise view •Maximised natural •House away from lighting and ventilation car movement •Preserve greenaries and distraction •Prefer privacy only for •Natural fencing her and her spouse •Link Unit •Communicate with •Every facilities neighbours preferably sharing style

What Do They Desire & Need? •Living with friends and family •Carefree living where they can have whatever and wherever they want. •Having an active lifestyle •Disable friendly for elderly people •Reduce vehicular movement from their view •Basically they want everything they desire as they have no constraints in money

What They Really Desire & Need Systematic living between private and public spaces

Aggressive circulation and flexibility to move around

Anxiety to feel young and free from problems

Provide enough facility for everyday living

Maximised Security

Design Development Diagram

Unit Typology




Type A



Block Design Type B

Residence Block

Front Elevation

Rear Elevation

Right Elevation

Left Elevation

Unit Block Section Y-Y’

Unit Block Section X-X’

Common House

Outdoor Dining Deck

Ground Floor Plan

Double Volume Lobby

Therapeutic Garden

Outdoor Pool

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Common House

Unit Block Section X-X’

Raw & Brutalism Material

Unit Block Section X-X’

Construction & Details Roof Construction -Roof tiles as roof finishes -Supported by steel trusses system -Insulated using rockwool insulation -Roof gutter designed to be at the middle of roof tiles

Repeating Construction -The floor plans of the three floors are similar, hence the construction can be made easier and less different components are needed

Prefabricated Steel Louvers -Pre-fabricated vertical steel louvers to control direct heat and natural ventilation. -As facade treatment.

Light Weight Construction -IBS light weight brick railing -IBS light weight brick wall -IBS light weight composite floor slab

Railing -500-900mm height planter box railing supported by stainless steel bracing -IBS light weight brick wall unit balcony railing

Post & Beam Construction -600mm x 600mm IBS precast steel column transfer load from first floor 600mm x 600mm precast steelframe beam to ground level. -1500mm x 300mm IBS precast concrete retaining wall transfer load from first floor precast steel frame beam to ground level.

IBS concrete panel is installed for external wall

IBS composite floor slab

precast light weight concrete panel railing

light weight brick for internal walls

Steel trusses system 25° pitch with rockwool insulation to Eng's detail Roof tiles finishes to Eng's detail Mid-span Gutter Lining Copping Roof Tile Lead Flashing Pre-primed

Steel trusses system pitched with rockwool insulation to Eng's detail




Batten Anti-Ponding Board




BALCONY IBS light weight brick wall

IBS powder coated Aluminium door frame

IBS standardise glass window

Custom railing aided with mechanically eng. water feature

IBS light weight brick wall railing

Timber strip floor finish

Ceramic tile to Arch selection


Outdoor water curtain

600mm x 1200mm composite floor slab


500-900mm height planter box railing supported by stainless steel bracing


600mm x 600mm Polished Ceramic tiles finish 600mm x 1200mm composite floor slab


500-900mm height planter box railing supported by stainless steel bracing



50mm x 100mm IBS Light weight vertical steel louvers Landscape to entrance door



BEDROOM IBS standardise glass window

Custom railing aided with mechanically eng. water feature

Outdoor water curtain

CORRIDOOR 50mm x 100mm Vertical Louvers

Landscape to entrance door


IBS light weight brick wall railing

Timber strip floor finish

Ceramic tile to Arch selection

Outdoor water curtain

BALCONY IBS light weight brick wall

IBS powder coated Aluminium door frame



BALCONY IBS light weight brick wall

IBS powder coated Aluminium door frame

IBS standardise glass window

Custom railing aided with mechanically eng. water feature Timber strip floor finish

Ceramic tile to Arch selection

600mm x 600mm Polished Ceramic tiles finish 600mm x 1200mm composite floor slab


IBS Shear wall to Eng's Detail


600mm x 600mm IBS precast steelframe beam to Eng's detail.

1500mm x 300mm IBS precast concrete retaining wall to Eng's detail.

stone planks for outdoor landscape

2.4m depth Lift pit


600mm x 600mm IBS precast steel column to Eng's detail.





Landscape to entrance door

600mm x 600mm Polished Ceramic tiles finish

Gutter Construction

450mm parapet wall to Eng's detail

CORRIDOOR 50mm x 100mm Vertical Louvers

500-900mm height planter box railing supported by stainless steel bracing


125 min


600mm x 600mm IBS precast steel column to Eng's detail.

IBS light weight brick wall railing

Escape x Exotic Urban Infill Escape had been use as the concept for this restaurant. It is an escape for those who works overload in an urban context, a hectic culture. An escape is to provide a space for those who in need the most base on the levels of the needs for privacy. The targeted client is for the students, employee around central market, businessman that need a private area for lunch meeting. The concept escape is highly relating with the keyword Exotic to conclude, as exotic means the desireable, something thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a must. You have to work harder to own the best view and the best service aside from the foods serve.

Brief For this project, students will have the oppurtunity to design a restaurant of a selected shop lot of a given site. This is an individual project where each student is to select a specific type of food of an ethnicity. The image, cncept and design of the restaurant have to reflect the type of food and/or the ethnicity that the student chooses. Special attentions needs to be given on the space organization, quality of spaces and functions. Apart form that, choices of materials, color schemes and basic construction technology should be included to best represent the image of the restaurant.

Pasar Seni Kuala Lumpur The Kuala Lumpur Central Market, also known as Pasar Seni, is a centre for Malaysian culture, arts and crafts. It is a place where all the handicrafts from all sorts of races is being promoted to the tourist and visitor. The Cenrtal Market dates back to 1888 and used as an open wet market for the people in Kuala Lumpur. Later when the open market continued to expand, a permanent structure was built to house all vendors. By the 1930s, the permanent structure was further improvised to have the current size and art

Precedent Studies

Urban infill is very different compared to stand alone or a stall on a beach. To give the sensation by designing the restaurant as the customer is in somewhere else that is not in an urban context.

Giving authentic scent cuisine. A different kind of taste for each customer. Like blindfolded and given a taste of delicacies. Study shows that while blindfolding a person to taste or touch or hear something, it brings out the greater taste of the cuisine. A surprising effect and an exotic way to eat apart of eat like the usuals.

A simple and fast deliveries. To serve and deliver faster give the restaurant a greater impression. Conveyer is used to make sure the foods is delivered in a convincing manner, where people can have a look at everyoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s order. Give more varieties of choices.

Brings out the best of the best from what the locals have to give. An example is Durian. The king of fruit, which somehow gives a very different persona for someone whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve never tried one. Just from the smell itself.

Base on the multi ethenicity and culture in central market, it gives a similarity towards the multiflavour of malaysian foods. Thus, the restaurant is to be an exotic malaysian restaurant as it only sells which we wanted most when we come to a city if weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re from the village. As what is most wanted by the tourist that came to Malaysia that says to be a food heaven, The restaurant is to be a compilation of those exotic foods to be sell by sets which is Tribal Sets

Local Fusion Sets

Durian Dreams Sets

Ground Floor Plan

Section X-X’

Section Y-Y’

First Floor Plan

Escape Specialized Studio Office We are required to focus on comparative formation base on analysis of precedent studies, basic contextual appraisal and site exploration. Fundamental principles relating to function, form and space to be emphasized. Addressing concepts, architectural functions, and spatial organization. a small simple structure with integrated knowledge of environmental science and construction.


-Hishamullah Hj Ishak -Born 1960 Sept 22 -Marine officer before involved -Married -Father of 4 children

Everyone is being observed everytime and everywhere they go. But by who and why? It is the espionage that secretly obtaining information considered secret or confidential without the permission of the holder of the information. more likely to gain inteliligence of others. A private government organization that used to gain info preventing

Counter Intelligence Cyber Crime Violent Crimes Organized Crime



as espionage is secretive and confidential he need a camouflage profession to be seen by everyone else.

Event Manager

as the one heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s camouflaging with. event manager allows espionage to easily communicate with contact person. camouflaging as an event managing in specific job such private party, corporate event, conference, and event launches


To slip or get away, as from the confinement or restraint to succeed in avoiding.

Concept Statement

To ease the client’s movement to escape from any unexpected danger and enemy that may occured at anytime without being realized and ease him pursuing his own business.




hajime castle using merely more on the circulation to avoid direct enemy to reach the castle

using the same concept of a maze on how to make someone being lost

as the ability of a chameleon to camouflage to be visible from others is also important for the client to escape anytime

• Lengthen the entrance • Gives time to escape • From other route

• Purposely done to give time for the client to escape during the period of enemy • Mostly done by arrangement of space

• To blend with the surrounding • Camouflage through spaces, profession, and circulation

Design Process

Bubble Diagrams Begins with the inception of being passive and active which is same as yin and yang. to esape from anything, this is merely whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s to defy in much stronger terms. Example; to escape from someone bigger in size is best either being passive or active. it depends on how we dealt with it. In mutual characteristics is what to show to other people and better not to be shown. a spy and an event manager works the same. whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best to stay hidden, and what is shown. I work out on it by observing the reality of common perspective of hidden path (backlane road) and main path (main road).

Design Process

More usable area by vehicle and public. - Seems much busier and more scenes happening. - More view of surrounding. - Indicate as major circulation area.

Rarely used by vehicle and public. - More worrying (cause by the rate of crime in a big city). - Less view of surrounding. - Indicate as minor circulation area. blue- main road green- backlane road

Design Process

1. From the masterplan circulation 2. Transfered to 1:25 plan of site 3. Main road (circulation) becomes the area for main access/public rooms 4. Backlane (circulation) becomes the hidden passages/ secret walkway ( Private & Confidential Area )

Plans & Elevations

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Plans & Elevations

north elevation

section x-xâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;

east elevation

Plans & Elevations

south elevation

section y-yâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;

west elevation

Interior Sketch

Environmental Factors

orange - sun ray blue - ventilation


MIXED MIxed Projects A compilation of first year project. Our practices require us to use handskill without usage of computer to soften and improve our creative thinking. To improve the understanding on architectural language and its literature. We are required to focus on comparative formation base on analysis of precedent studies, basic contextual appraisal and site exploration. Fundamental principles relating to function, form and space to be emphasized. Addressing concepts, architectural functions, and spatial organization. a small simple structure with integrated knowledge of environmental science and construction.

Tropical Retreat / Hideout Passive Design x Timber Construction Third semester project tropical retreat/hideout emphasize the study on antrhopometric and ergonomics in the design. consideration of using passive design strategies and timber construction. Study of habitable space cater for 2 foreigners to experience and appreciate hot and humid climate of the tropical climate set in janda baik.

Design concept derived from the idea of a plane simulator that provide an experience to the user of having the real situation even from inside of the simulator. an approach or concept of natural simulator is to gives the foreigners to experience the climate in janda baik. Design derived overall from the site itself. through the site context for the most appropriate and suitable spacing and organization. create the environment of relaxing, ergonomic, and have an enjoyable view. The organization is derived from the shape of the site (river and contour), the form that create the facade and ambience of interior spaces is derived from a group of rocks on site that provide balance number for the framing system to be done.

Encroaching “Go beyond what is right or natural / Intrude. “ Encroaching may be labelled as “Cultural Imperialisme“. Encroachment by design means that this may be partly considered as a special case of encroachment by the mass media. It involves the dissemination of fashionable images designed to display products (clothing, decor, architecture, etc.) of more traditional design.

Project 2 - 1003 Second semester project is of spatial exploration of a 1003mm volume through considered acts of manipulation of : solids, voids, planes, edges, openings and points. The aim of the project is to generate form and space through various methods of architectural drawing and making models with the emphasis on exploring the idea of the crafted space.

Flat Pack ( Movement & Manipulation ) Jumping Horse Eyes, nose, mouth and ears of a horse shows that the creature itself is unique on its own to have different features. For an example, a horse’s ears is large and pointed ears that can capture sound wave from any direction or how it affected by the horse’s mood. When curious / interested, ears angled forward. As in for this study, I’ve decided to do a research and through study on the horse’s movement when it is jumping. Which included in these 5 phase Approach Take-Off Flight / Suspension / Airborne Phase Landing Recovery / Getaway An x-ray of the horse jumping is traced and studied throughly. Within many layers overlapped to find a simpler form. As the x-ray is studied via the positioning of the switch bones such as the knee bones. Every movement have it’s own core to start with. The mechanics that allows it to moves. Sequence motion during the phases above is studied and collaged within each others in an order of the jumping process. It is then compress into one pattern. In finding a simpler form of pattern, silhouettes formed into one rhythm jumping motion form. It is then compress into 3 different compartment that explains the 3 different core action.

Mechanics Hinge As the connector between two structure to give adequate strength and flexibility when open. Gliding System Gliding system is to gives an opening and closing enclosure as the roof Velcro Velcro is used to make it easier for user to open and close to get more space or to convert it into a smaller dimension. The space is reluctantly depends on the user, a flexibility advantage within the structure.

Kampung Bharu masterplan -beyond2020 Strategic Town Planning Competition

The progressive world is evolving at a tremendous rate urbanized and cities are where numerous of the future development growth will happened. Concurrently, Kampong Bharu, a prime land situated next to Kuala Lumpur city centre which it is one of the few Malay settlements in the city still exist with the Malay and Islamic heritage value. As the result of the imminent globalized economy, the Malay settlement need to distinguish by assimilating for creative capital, essence and capability. Therefore, our vision for the development of Kampong Bharu is to transform the area as an Inspirational Malay Heritage Model Beyond 2020 and in order to achieve this, we have come up with four objectives which are

• Enhance the Malaysia economy and Kampong Bharu residents’ social mobility • Preserve the malay heritage value • Attract investors and tourists • Encourage sustainable development

Activates the Historical Value Preserve and enhance the buildings architecture especially the buiding that have significant malay history value in Kampung Baru. i.e : the house of the late Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Preserve the seven main road which have history value of the late Sultans or Raja Preserve the land owned by the Selangor Sultan Conserve almost the physical aspect due to avoid the loss of sentimental value by the residents there.

Tangible to the Intangible Use the ukiran motive in the design which symbolize Malay Product Design. The ukiran Motive use flora/ fauna/space/ geometric/ khat/Caligraphy Unlocking the Value Reprogram buildings to fulfill the promise of a lively address. Intensify development around public transport stations Convert buildings to program that will better serve the community and be more profitable . Cultivate the Guiding Light Physical markers of not only the historical heritage but also the Malay culture and future legacy of Malaysia

Connecting the People Provide pedestrian access, reduce vehicle dependence, Unparalleled accessibility Into the Village Provide pedestrian access, set up a bicycle and traditional Malay transportation system to bring people sightseeing. The Communal District Support the Malay communal lifestyle by provide cultural heritage centre which to be introduce everything about malay to worldwide. Supply opportunities for residents to engage with heritage malay product making. Inject program geared towards strengthening culture and commerce

Garden Cities For Tomorrow Strategic Town Planning Competition

In context of urban 21 century, the rapid urbanization has made the new settlement arise nearby from the centre as a sprawl. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s rarely to find a new urban settlement far from the city center which is self-sustain because the city needs a support from the surrounding to growth. The urban Malay village in Kuala Lumpur known as Kampung Baru (KB) is unique place where the settlement of country located in the middle of a busy urban metropolitan capital Malaysia next to the skyscraper of PETRONAS Twin Tower. Comprising diverse local and foreign residents as well as varied land use activities with low rise development, KB is well known place which preserved the Malay lifestyle in urban areas. The pressure of urbanization from the surrounding areas has force KB to be shaped to meet the current and future urban challenges. This represents a quite similar background of Garden City concept where the benefits from the county and town will be assimilated in one place.

Re-imagining Garden City in Urban Malay Village, Kuala Lumpur Adapting multiple approach to create a more sensible and friendly neighbourhood. These approach also would increase the level of visibility which improved the aspect of safety, accessibility and produce a transparency urban image • Grows their own food through ‘hydroponic individual farm’ for high rise housing and individual allotment of urban farm in the village housing area. • Use a tropical trees and ‘local fruit farm scape’ to enhance the beauty of KB and act as orchids urban. • ‘Wakaf scape’ which is a furniture donated by the past away family to the local authority to be used in a public area as a reflection towards community ownership of land and long-term stewardship of assets. • Preserve the name of street which is use a Royal of Malays name. • The preserving of status of “Tanah Kurniaan Sultan” (Royal Land Award) to preserved the existence of Malay community and ownership in the city of Kuala Lumpur. It is imagination of how generous green space linked to the wider natural environment, including mix of public and private networks of well-managed, high-quality gardens, tree-lined streets and open spaces. The transformation of economy, technology and industry will be done to reflect a high-quality imaginative design combining the very best of town and country living to create healthy homes in vibrant communities. This would give a strong local jobs offer in the Garden City itself, with a variety of employment opportunity within easy commuting distance of homes. This creates an access to strong local cultural, recreational and shopping facilities in walkable neighborhood. The resident can move freely to anywhere around the KB and within Kuala Lumpur. Thus the Garden City of 21 century must link to the surrounding area and cannot reliable only to the resources from inside.

mohammad hannan md zahar

Architecture Portfolio  

Collection of selected works during my period of studies in Malaysia, Universiti Teknologi MARA Shah Alam, Bachelor Science (Hons.) Architec...

Architecture Portfolio  

Collection of selected works during my period of studies in Malaysia, Universiti Teknologi MARA Shah Alam, Bachelor Science (Hons.) Architec...