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hospitality supplement A SPECIAL FEATURE ON AAHAR NEW DELHI 14-18 MARCH 2013 Brought to you by:

Aahar 2013 — A Mega Trade Meet and More…


ahar 2013, the international fair on food and hospitality in India, will be held during 14th-18th March 2013, at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. This will be the 28th edition of Aahar. Aahar 2013 will be demarcated into two separate and concurrent exhibitions — ‘Hospitality India’ which will be covering hotel and restaurant equipment and supplies and ‘Food India,’ which will be covering food products, processed food products, food processing & beverages. The forthcoming event is slated to be a mega show and is expected to attract huge numbers of overseas & Indian buyers, importers & wholesalers, besides overseas trade delegations,

28th International Food & Hospitality Fair FOOD INDIA Exhibition on Food, Processed Food & Beverages

HOSPITALITY INDIA Exhibition on Hotel & Restaurant, Bakery & Confectionery, Equipment and Supplies

HIGHLIGHTS • Culinary Show • Seminars & Conferences • Spice Food Festivals Venue : Hall No. 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,12A & 14 Visiting Hours • 14th to 18th March 2013 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

businesspersons, policy makers, media persons, suppliers and hoteliers among others. The comprehensive show has something to offer for big, medium and as well as small players in the food & beverage and hospitality business. Top decision makers and buyers are expected to visit this significant event for the food & beverage and hospitality industry. The event will be held across Hall nos. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 to 12, 12A & 14. The fair is exclusively meant for the business visitors on its first four days, and only on the final day of the fair, it would be open for the general public from 2 pm to 6 pm. For the first time at Aahar, specific halls are being earmarked for specific product profiles. For example, 12-12A are earmarked for showcasing housekeeping and laundry equipments, including furniture, fixtures, and technology equipments, etc.

This mammoth trade event will be organised by India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO), which is the nodal agency of the Government of India for promoting the country’s external trade. The event will be supported by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, and Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA). Association of Resource Companies for the Hospitality Industry of India (ARCHI), Hotel & Restaurant Equipment Manufacturers’ Contd. on page no. 2

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AAHAR ’2013 SHOW SUPPLEMENT Contd. from page no. 1 Association of India (HOTREMAI), and All India Food Processors’ Association (AIFPA) will be the associates for the event. Held since 1981, Aahar has emerged as one of the most important annual trade shows for the food & beverage and the hospitality industry, in India. In the last year’s edition, Aahar attracted 565 exhibitors, including 72 from 19 overseas countries, and in this year the number of exhibitors and visitors are expected to increase even further. 22,264 business visitors, which included 226 overseas business visitors from countries such as Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, China, Canada, Finalnd, Ghana, Hong Kong, Italy, Kuwait, Pakistan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Nepal, New Zealand, Oman, the Philippines, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States of America visited Aahar 2012, which was an appreciable enhancement as compared to a figure of 13,853 business visitors for Aahar 2011.

The annual show, like its previous versions, will be comprehensively represented by the food & beverage, and as well as by the hospitality industry. The exhaustive product range on display will include fruits and vegetables, dairy products, bakery & confectionary products, bakery and confectionery equipments, organic and health products, meat and poultry products, processed food products, wines and beverages, food ingredients, food preservatives, kitchen equipment, kitchenware equipment, food & beverage equipment, food processing, packaging equipment and machinery, farm equipment and supplies, laundry products, guest room products, air & water pollution control equipment and accessories, furniture and interior decoration products, sports and fitness equipment among others. In Aahar 2012, 90 percent of the participants indicated that their objectives were achieved. This points to high level satisfaction at the last year’s exhibition. At this year’s edition, the satisfaction levels of the visitors and

exhibitors are expected to be even higher. However, Aahar 2013, like its previous editions, will be much more than a mega business platform for the buyers and sellers in the food & beverage and the hospitality industry. Aahar is not only about closing the deals but also about opening the eyes to new realties and

evolutions. The event can act as a great platform for the visitors and exhibitors to refresh their information and knowledge base and keep themselves abreast of the evolving trends in various facets of the F&B and hospitality industry. With both these sectors showing promising potential, not only the present, but also the future of Aahar seem to be bright.

Saskatchewan Pulse Growers Saskatchewan Pulse Growers (SPG) represents about 17,000 pulse producers in Saskatchewan, which produces about 99% of lentils and 80% of peas produced in Canada. SPG provides leadership for a profitable pulse industry through research, market development and communications globally. In India, SPG is focusing on the HORECA segment to promote green lentils as versatile ingredients perfectly suitable for all types of cuisines. The green lentils are tested under

commercial conditions and are proved for the versatility and suitability for Indian foods. SPG initiated several programs to create awareness among this segment by partnering with expert chefs and culinary professionals. By participating in events organized by IFCA (Indian Federation of Culinary Associations) and SICA (South Indian Culinary Association), SPG reached out to more than 500 chefs, food industry consultants and media. To create awareness among student chefs, SPG organized culinary competitions where young and creative budding professionals from the industry utilizing green lentils competed with creativity in stirring up innovative dishes that goes beyond traditional Indian cuisine. Discussions between SPG to build partnerships, import arrangements between Canadian exporters and corporate in the Cash & Carry retailing are in process to cater exclusively to the HORECA segment. Articles focusing on better use of pulses particularly in processed foods are published in magazines and websites to reach wider audience. Globally SPG is looking at opportunities to promote pulses as healthy and profitable sources of protein, fibre in the processed food products and is leading research & promotional programs. SPG is in discussions with major food companies to help them explore pulses and/or pulse fractions (protein, fiber, starch) for developing novel and innovative products.



The Changing Face of the Bakery Industry


ike all other facets of life, the Indian bakery industry is passing through several changes. Many of these changes have graduated as happening trends, with the further potential of coalescing into norms in the Indian bakery industry of the near future. There is no denying the fact that bakeries and cake shops of metropolitan India are increasingly assuming a sleek look. Though the unorganised segment of the Indian bakery industry still accounts for 65 percent of the market share of the Indian bakery industry, the visions of sweaty bakers kneading dough and taking out trays of breads and biscuits are slowly getting blurred, particularly for an upwardly mobile consumer of bakery products residing in a metropolitan city of India. In their place, visions of sleek bakery outlets or a chain of retail bakery outlets selling new-age healthy bakery products are gaining prominence. Also most hotels, especially the five and four-star properties, are giving due importance to bakery


business. They are busy creating unique bakery products to cater to the interests of their discerning consumers. Nowadays, almost all top-notch hotels have a patisserie or a cake shop within their premises, which shows the popularity of bakery products with the swish set. Like the look and feel of the bakeries, the bakery products are also going through changes. While a decade earlier, many bakeries in the hospitality properties used frozen products and premixes such as croissant laminates, cookie dough, bread dough, etc. But the baking trend in hotels is now going back towards the good old days of baking without moulds, in open ovens. Health has become one of the important factors for the Indian bakery industry, as with the rising incidences of cholesterol and cardiac problems our society at large is becoming more health conscious. This is necessitating the bakery industry in India to reinvent itself. In fact, this shift in preference towards healthy bakery

products has induced many bakeries to change their offerings. One of the trends is the growing influence of the rising wave of health consciousness in the society on the assorted bakery products. This is being manifested not only by a slew of healthy breads but also by a range of healthy snacks in the Indian bakeries that could keep the cholesterol in check and the diabetes at bay. Healthy whole wheat breads and sugar free desserts are gaining currency in the Indian market. Then there is the growing popularity of chocolates as gift items, especially in the metros and other big cities of India. At the same time, some sections of people in the metropolitan India are not content with run-of-the-mill or standardised cakes and chocolates for their festive and special occasions. They want their cakes and chocolates to be customised, and also embodying certain specific themes. This growing demand for designer cakes and

chocolates in turn is leading to the emergence of an increasing number of talented chocolatiers and creators of designer desserts in the metropolitan India. Overall, the market for the desserts is evolving fast. The popularity of branded ice-creams is also on the rise, as is the consumption of fast food products like pizza and burger, which have influences on the bakery industry. Over the years, the Indian ice-cream industry is making a shift towards the organised from the disorganised, though the disorganised sector of the Indian icecream industry is still much larger than the organised segment. We have been witness to the trend where the ice-cream hawkers selling their home made products are fast dwindling from the metropolitan landscape, and in their place we are seeing the mushrooming of mobile pushcarts selling branded ice-creams of Mother Dairy, Amul, Kwality Wall’s, etc. These branded ice-cream products are also abundant in any good retail grocery store in a big city, and they are also retailed from malls and supermarkets. With the increasing demand for ice-creams, several international brands are eyeing the potential of ice-cream industry in India with great interest. Some of these players have already entered the Indian market, while the Indian icecream brands are on an expansion mode. Overall, the concept of bakeries is undergoing a change. Many bakery joints in metros are now becoming popular hangout zones, and many coffee cafes serving bakery products, and as well as bakeries in five-star properties are seen offering breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Not so long ago, biscuits and cakes were used to be packed in wax papers. Now no branded biscuit or cake manufacturer of India probably could afford to do this, and still hope to survive the forces of competition. These days, most of the organised players in the biscuit industry do pack their biscuits in flexible laminates of composite structures, where every component fulfils a specific function. These laminates have desirable properties such as moisture barrier, gas barrier, and give protection against heat. Biscuits are also being packed in plain cardboard boxes. Its main aim is perhaps to differentiate the product from its competitors, and stand out in the crowd. At the same time, bakery industry, especially the unorganised segment of the bakery industry is facing the challenges of sourcing quality ingredients and equipment, in order to reach international standards. The growing breed of discerning clientele with global exposure and disposable incomes are inducing Indian bakeries and also the big and small companies engaged in the manufacture of bakery products to adopt international standards. However, towards their goal to meet the international standards, perhaps the greatest challenge faced by the bakery industry is to maintain the quality of its basic ingredients. Flour, yeast, butter, sugar, and fruits should undergo stringent quality control in order to attain international quality bakery products, embodying great health and taste. It is not feasible to import all of them, but use of standardised ingredients can facilitate a solution. Presently, one of the major challenges for the small bakeries lies in the procurement of quality bakery ingredients domestically, as imports of ingredients is not always cost-effective. If all the possible ingredients for the bakery industry were made available locally, and at par with international quality, it would benefit many small unorganised players more than the huge bakery retail chains. However, standardisation of quality ingredients is a necessary but not sufficient condition for ensuring international quality products in the Indian bakeries. The health and hygiene of the bakers or dough mixing personnel are equally important, as is the temperature controlled working environments. Source: Bakery Review


Towards Green Hospitality Green hospitality may seem to be a fashion statement, but actually it is a necessity of our times. The growing eco-friendly attitude among people was bound to reflect in greater spread of the culture of eco-tourism and eventually more green hospitality options, as tourism and hospitality, at the end of the day, is essentially about people. And that is what is becoming evident these days, both globally and domestically. Today, business and leisure tourists travelling to or within India can find a host of eco-friendly hospitality options to suit their needs and lifestyle. From five-star properties to luxury tented accommodations, to eco villages and idyllic resorts, now one has lots of options to explore sustainable luxury, in picturesque locales. Not only do these places offer a refreshing approach to tourism, but many of them are also located in some of the most beautiful and scenic parts of India. Lemon Tree Hotels, a prominent chain of upscale business and leisure hotels with domestic presence is also a prominent name in the realm of India’s eco-friendly hospitality industry. Lemon Tree Hotels, which operates 14 upscale hotels across 12 destinations in the country, with presence in Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Aurangabad, East Delhi, Indore, Bangalore, Goa, Muhamma — located in west of Kumarakom— Chandigarh, Pune and Gurgaon, has over the years implemented many eco-friendly processes for energy and water preservation, responsible waste management practices as well as measures to control water, noise and environmental pollution. The energy conservation measures implemented by Lemon Tree Hotels include using Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) technology for air-conditioning, which gives 30 percent more efficiency and superior comfort than conventional technologies in airconditioning. The hotel chain has also introduced CFL lighting, which provides as much light as a conventional bulb, while consuming far less energy. The hotels of the chain have been designed for maximum exploitation of natural light; leading to conservation of electricity. Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels is another hospitality group that is quite serious about its green visions. Take the case of The Park Hyderabad, a seven-star luxury boutique hotel with a stunning façade. Designed by Chicagobased architectural and engineering firm, Skidmore Owings and Merrill, the property reflects Hyderabad’s local craftsmanship, and rich cultural legacy. The hotel’s contemporary design derives inspiration from Hyderabad’s traditional lineage as a historical nerve centre and a modern day capital of design and production of precious stones and rich textiles. However, what makes this modern Indian palace really singular is that it is India’s first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certified green hotel. Wrapped by over 6200 aluminum panels that endows a shading effect and facilitates in energy conservation, the hotel represents the best of responsible luxury. The façade of perforated metal helps to protect the building’s high performance windows from the natural wraths of sun and rain. The firm entrusted to design the hotel, in collaboration with the Stevens Institute of Technology’s Product Architecture Lab in Hoboken, New Jersey, had worked on energy conservation system of the hotel, which has contributed to 20 percent decrease of energy usage in the hotel. Local climate, day lighting, solar gain were only some of the factors which were taken into account during the design of the building, with the

objective of optimising the light and heat gain. The rooms of the property afford wonderful scenery of Hussain Sagar Lake, and also of the fast-paced city of great past and promising present, but at the same time are also shielded from receiving much heat of the Sun. The 270-room hotel has been built by adhering to the construction norms of the US Green Building Council, and it manages to raise the standard of contemporary boutique hotels in India. Succinctly, in this hotel, high-end technology has been creatively used to address the needs of energy conservation. The grandeur of the hotel in no way comprises on its sustainable character. Taj group has also married its century-old legacy of classy opulence with the trendy ecofriendly culture of the times, which in the coming years may lead to the emergence of an unbeatable hospitality combination. Wherever land is available

in hotels coming under this nationally renowned hospitality group, kitchen waste and dry leaves are converted into compost; waste paper from printing is reused as writing pads; pipe steel waste is used as safety railings or in barricades; and old bed sheets are used to make linen bags and cotton napkins. Solar water heating systems at the Taj West End, Bangalore have saved over 51,000 litres of fuel over the last three years, and a biogas plant was set up at Rambagh Palace, Jaipur, which facilitates in cutting energy costs. Battery operated boats connect Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur, to the mainland. They have replaced gasoline-run boats. Here it deserves a mention that the grandiose property stands at the middle of the famous Pichola Lake. In order to increase its energy supply, the Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi, has installed solar panels on its rooftop. The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts is also embracing environmental practices in a big

way. The water of the swimming pool of The Leela Palace Bangalore is heated with solar panels, which are installed on the roof of the porch. At The Leela Palace, New Delhi, wastewater is treated through a multi-stage process, by the state-of-the-art sewage treatment plants. Treatment of the wastewater is followed by its reusing or recycling. However, all said and done, despite such noteworthy above mentioned examples in green hospitality, an opinion floats in some select sections of the Indian hospitality industry that eco-friendly hospitality is a costly proposition entailing huge initial investment. Thus many think they take longer time than conventional not so eco-friendly properties to become profitable realities. At the same time, thankfully many in the industry believe that the apparent and latent benefits of green hospitality properties would eventually override the factor of increased initial investments. Source: Hotel Business Review



Pest Management of Warehouses


he role of warehouses in the global economy is immense. As an entrepreneur, whether you need to store goods for exports or for the domestic market, you need the support of warehouses. Especially, the role of effective warehouse management in the clean & hygiene and food & beverage industry simply cannot be overstated. In the context of these industries, keeping the warehouse free of pests like rodents, insects, birds, etc. is not only essential to avoid the wastage of food products kept in these warehouses, but also to keep those food products clean and safe. It is shocking that approximately 6348 tonnes of food grains stored in various government outlets across the country were damaged during April 2010 to January 2011. In Gujarat, 2595 tonnes of food grains were damaged during that


small time period. Close to 10 lakh tonnes of food grains were damaged in India during 19972007. Pest attack is one of the major reasons behind the damage of food grains. There is hardly any need to say the obvious that India’s food crisis is not a problem of food shortage but of food wastage. According to the World Food Program, more than one quarter of the world’s undernourished people are accounted by India. The country ranks a dismal 66th in the world in terms of battling hunger. Over 20 crore people in India go hungry to sleep, on an average night. In this context, wastage of food by pests is nothing short of criminal. However, because of our inability to control pests in warehouses, these criminal acts of negligence happen on a fairly rampant basis. Though we waste food grains of Rs.60000 crores annually on an average, in real terms the

cost happens to be much higher. Of course, middlemen, transportation lacunae and dearth of cold storage facilities have also contributed to the prevailing food inflation in India, but this monstrous problem can be countered to a great extent if we can significantly lower the incidence of wastage of food products through effective pest control measures. Warehouse pest control is an integral part of routine maintenance procedure. However, commercial storage warehouses present various challenges for pest control programs. There are various types of insects, birds, animals, etc. that can have their infesting influence on the warehouse. If the warehouse is dealing with food and perishable commodities, the challenges of storage become more taxing. But whatever may be the product or the product range stored in the warehouse, it is extremely important for the clientele of commercial pest control that their storage facilities and warehouses are effectively treated.

The products stored in warehouses are often susceptible to irreparable damage, chief among them being through infestation and contamination. Therefore it doesn’t deserve a mention that extreme attention needs to be paid to the sanitation of the warehouse due to the fact that business products, usually food, are stored here after manufacturing and prior to distribution, but sanitation alone, though necessary, is not the sufficient condition for comprehensive maintenance of a warehouse. Though sanitation should be the focus of every integrated pest management program, it is neither the beginning nor the culmination of a maintenance exercise in a warehouse. Assessment, identification of the pests, personalised programmes, sanitation, prevention, environmental controls together create a holistic approach towards protecting and ensuring that a warehouse is kept pest free. For effective pest control in warehouses it is essential to have a regular warehouse audit. Even if there is a single spotting of any pest during a warehouse audit it can be detrimental to the company’s finances and reputation. Of course, for that auditors should be very particular about cleanliness and safety of storage facilities. As per the audit norms, the presence of pests in warehouses is an indication of the company’s negligence or callousness towards adherence to proper sanitation procedures. Therefore, we can say that the prospect of regular audit can be an inducement or a pressure for housekeeping staff to maintain stringent pest control standards in warehouses. Overcoming the accumulation of pests both inside and in the vicinity of the warehouse does directly depend upon the sanitation schedules. They determine what remedies will be needed to address pest management issues germane to the concerned warehouse. Therefore we can say that maintenance of sanitation schedules and adhering to them without fail can help the company prevent many potential health hazards through pest infestation, and its associated legal and financial problems. An ideal integrated pest management programme should commence with a detailed survey of the premises. Characteristic problem areas that most pest management services investigate in warehouses before developing their pest management action plan are usually entrance point for pests, surrounding areas such as garbage stations, gardens, etc., and whether there are any spillages from torn boxes or broken containers of food. Spillages from torn boxes or broken containers attract pests, and storage of pallets or boxes adjacent to walls can provide secured hiding places for pests, thereby making their tracing a challenging task. There should be at least half a meter distance between stored goods and wall-floor junctions. Besides fumigation and applying insecticides, there is a basic method of pest control, which entails simply cleaning to eliminate harborage and food in the warehouse and around the storage area. Using preventive pest control measures like this is better than curative options involving toxic chemicals like fumigation and insecticide, provided they are taken in time. Simple preventive steps like ensuring that there is no crack or gap in or along the windows and doors, there is a mosquito net to cover ventilation and windows, keeping the toilets and locker rooms not within the warehouse, ensuring that there is no presence of garbage and open water disposal system in the warehouse will help to keep the pests at bay. It is common knowledge that pests and animals are always looking for food and water for survival and the availability of food and water will induce them to come to a warehouse or any habitat for that matter. By maintaining cleanliness of the warehouse one can eliminate pests’ and animals’ food sources which are their sources of attraction. Source: Clean & Hygiene Review


Launches Conveyor Fine Quality Pulses AgroPure Pizza Oven AKASA Equipped with simple foolproof operations, this path breaking product from AKASA minimizes waste and maximises labour saving, ensuring consistent and guaranteed product quality. The

Conveyor pizza oven produces a large amount of pizza at a very fast rate. The conveyor belt in the oven bakes, toasts, grills, melts, cooks an item for as long or as short a time as necessary. The speed and temperature of the belt are adjustable for steady cooking of high volume of similar product. This allows the maker to monitor the cooking speed and also craft the provisions according to the customer’s preference. The food goes inside the oven from one side, moves along the conveyer belt and comes out from the other side, once cooked. The heating elements located above and below the conveyor belt, constitutes of wire chains, allowing excellent heat circulation in and around the raw materials. Outfitted with a temperature control mechanism, the operator can direct the heat level on the top and bottom of the product separately. Aiming for a high turnover in restaurants continues to be a major challenge in most restaurant businesses. By pre-setting time and temperature, the conveyors produce unswerving results while churning out the end product. This uniformity also provides standardization of taste and appearance of products which is important to chain operations.

AgroPure group began its journey in the year 1970 with a complete set up of dal and flour mill under the guidance of Sh.Ghanshyam Dass Goyal. Today AgroPure group of companies is a leading brand of processor, manufacturers and exporters of fine quality pulses and besan. Apart from incredible business strategy the secret behind AgroPure’s remarkable success is the superior standard of quality and well planned supply chain. The team of highly qualified and well experienced staff has helped in maintaining and growing the company in the field of delivering total quality and business development.

The combination of great exposure and complete knowledge about the industry has always guided the company with the needs of the changing market in both domestic and international spheres. AgroPure believes in 100% quality maintenance with extra care and effort towards building and maintaining relationship with customers. The company constantly strives to upgrade the standards with high quality and on schedule delivery of products. The company makes sure that the products pass through stringent quality checks so that only the best ranges of products reach the clients. Because of the much valued expertise gathered in all these years the company has been able to nurture eminent business relationship with customers and retain them for the longest period of time.

Customising Products DKG Sales Corporation DKG Sales corporation has grown to one of the leading suppliers of Housekeeping & F&B supplies & services. The company manufacturers ‘Housekeeping’ products like Hangers, Coat brushes, Laundry folders, Trays, Tissue paper dispensers, Tea / Coffee amenities, Tray set etc., ‘Food & Beverage’ products like - Acrylic food covers, Mirror cubes, Acrylic mirror platters, Ice sockel stand, Bar accessories, Dishwashing racks, Ice buckets, chopsticks etc, also Brassware / SS products like - Name tags, Badges & Signages, Wastebins etc. Serving the Indian hospitality industry since last 19 years all over the country, DKG Sales today has complete range to offer. The products are targeted at Hotel, Restaurants, Hospitals & Corporate segment. The company specializes in custom made & Innovative supplies.

Disclaimer Views expressed by the companies are not endorsed by Hammer Publishers Pvt. Ltd.



Partners in Excellence

Fashion for All

Dabon International

Oudh Dress Makers

Dabon International (joint venture between Dabur and French specalist cheese leader Bongrain) is the leading organization for the supply of a wide selection of products in the following categories: Creams, butters, cheeses, dairy desserts, chocolate and frozen fruits. The company will make its customers benefit from its exclusive partnerships with international companies such as Elle & Vire for dairy products and Boiron for frozen fruits.

To service its retail and institutions customers with the best, Dabon services a high quality and exclusive offer of products from Emborg of Denmark, Entremont of France Virgilio of Italy, Singletons of UK, Friesland of Holland to name a few and give you an idea of this wordlwide scope . Dabon will also cater to the Indian palate with its innovative premium Milkana dairy offer. These high quality dairy products are manufactured in its Noida ISO 22000 certified plant. Dabon thanks to its investment in supply chain will garantee the best cold chain throughout the country with no compromise

on quality. Its team of experts will advise you and will give you access to a range of services that will help you achieve your most ambitious and demanding objectives. Cooking , pastry making, sales events, store merchandising and category management are just a few of them. The Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore offices are all set up and ready to welcome your enquiries. If you are ready, Excellence is just a phone call away.

With a manpower of 40, Oudh Dress Makers formerly WHS Fashion started in 1990 offering a wide range of custom design, formal wear and corporate attire for business and corporates including Hospitality, Housekeeping contractors, Education Institutions, financial institutions, Call Centres, retailers and the health sector. Now having a manpower of 100, Oudh Dress Makers executed for Hotel Management Institution like, Banarasidas Chandiwala, Amithy Institute, IIMT Gurgaon; Cleaning contractors like, sodexho, managium plus Inc; Industries like phoenix lamps etc. It has also been delivering inspired uniform solutions, Bed sheets, pillow covers & Table linen offering direct, positive impact on staff morale, productivity and guest perceptions. The company can accommodate the most demanding of design requests and the most demanding of production schedules.

The Pioneer of Indian Cleaning Industry Roots Multicelan Ltd. Roots Multiclean Ltd. (RCML) based at Coimbatore, is a joint venture with Hako Werke Gmbh, Germany, one of the leading manufacturer of cleaning equipments. RCML commenced manufacturing its cleaning equipment since 1994 and is still India’s only cleaning company certified with ISO 9002.

The company is reportedly India’s leading manufacturer of mechanized floor cleaning and floor care equipment and is a one-stop shop for cleaning solutions. The company has pioneered the concept of mechanized cleaning in India in as much as it has brought about a renewed interest in the issue. The company since its inception laid a great stress on having its own R&D center which has been successful in developing the state of the art mopping system and its innovation – a mini scrubber drier which has been well received in the overseas market because of its versatility and competitive pricing. The R&D center has set itself the task of bringing out a new product every year. To be a one-stop agency to provide total solutions to the customers cleaning problems its product range is not limited to what they manufacture alone. RCML represents some of the other well-known cleaning equipment manufacturers for various sectors and applications. RCML has established its regional offices in all metros supplemented by a large dealer network in all states and bigger cities to reach its clientele. The well trained and competent sales and service team at present comprises of 150 people. The senior service engineers have been trained and certified by Hako of Germany. The company has a very large clientele in sectors like Hotels, Hospitals, Engineering, Transport, Food & Pharmaceutical, Defence, and Automobile etc.



Porcelain Tableware

Hospitality Consultancy

Omkar International

Nouvelle‘ Gastronomique Solutions

Omkar International launches in India a classic and guaranteed food safe line of porcelain tableware manufactured by Kutahya Porselen (Europe), the largest porcelain tableware manufacturer in Europe. As lead and cadmium reduces the melting temperature of raw materials, many manufacturers use lead and cadmium in their production in order to reduce production costs considerably. Responsible manufacturers, use raw materials that does not contain lead and cadmium even though this increases the production costs. Kutahya Porselen guarantee that their complete product line is Lead and Cadmium free thus using acidic foods on tableware will not leach cadmium from the plates into the food. Microwaving foods using Kutahya tableware do not cause Lead absorption into the food. It uses Lead and Cadmium free raw materials keeping in mind the international food safety standards. According to US Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, eating food or water with high levels of cadmium, severely irritates to stomach and leads to vomiting and diarrhea. Long-term exposure of cadmium in the food and water can lead to kidney disease, lung damage and fragile bones. Eating foods with an acid base such as: tomato sauce, pickle juice, orange juice, apples, soy sauce and salad dressing, cause lead and cadmium to leach from the plates and into food. Unsafe lead concentrations are found in some chinaware after microwave use and this could result in the igestion of large amounts of lead. Automatic dishwashers can damage glazed surface of chinaware, causing lead to be leached. The heat and intensity of the water hitting the plates can cause the glaze to deteriorate off of chinaware.

Kutahya Porselen products are microwave safe, ovenproof, dishwasher safe, edge chipping resistant, resistant to cuts and scratches. All products manufactured are in conformity with European Standards and US Standards.

Nouvells‘ offers professional and specialised consultancy to hotels & restaurants and others involved in hotels & restaurant business. Our network includes qualified professionals with vast experience in the hospitality industry having multiple skills along with creative knowledge to meet the needs of our clients. The company has comprehensive network of resources to provide complete satisfaction to the clients purely on the basis of performance. Under the activities performed company provides complete pre-opening assistance. Nouvelle’design BOH and Kitchen (with a

vision of maintaining high standards of hygiene plus modern and labour saving infrastructure to deliver traditional authentic recipes / dishes). It does Kitchen Designing / Layouts and F&B space requirements as per Cuisine / Menu, No. of Outlets, Laundry, Lockers & Staff Cafe, Butchery, Cold Rooms, Admin Office etc. It offers complete range of services from Menu Planning to Kitchen Equipment planning, Listing & Procurement, along with F&B Service material, Guestroom amenities and Staff Planning & Recruitment. Nouvelle‘ also offers complete services for classification of property.

Excellence in Food Service and Laundry Solutions Electrolux Professional Electrolux Professional is a leading global supplier to the catering, hospitality and care industry providing professional kitchens and laundry solutions. With most comprehensive range of appliances for food preservation and preparation, dishwashing and laundry systems, Electrolux is a brand synonymous with reliability, innovation and sustainability. The company has 70 years’ experience and a portfolio of products designed according to strictest q u a l i t y, safety and sustainability standards. Electrolux Professional is recognized worldwide for its social and environmental performance and its product lines meet and exceed international standards such as ECA, Gastec and EIA. In 2011 Electrolux Professional accounted sales of about EUR 650 million, with approximately 2,700 employees, 7 factories, over 1,000 dealers and 1,000 service partners located in more than 40 countries. For more information, Visit us at AAHAR, stall 7B06A in Hall 7.



Heavenly Bed Snoozer Bedding The Bed behind the Starwood Hotels famous Heavenly Bed -Simmon’s Beautyrest is finally in India. Till a few years back, hotels – in the business of selling sleep – paid scant attention to their beds. Executives from the hotel spent a year developing a new bed for their Westin hotel chain. They began the process by filling a hotel ballroom with 50 beds from 35 hotel chains – representing all the major chains plus luxury and boutique hotels around the world. Their mission was to build the best bed in the hotel industry. After months of testing hundreds of mattresses, pillows and bed linens, they created a stylish and plush, all white bed called ‘The Heavenly Bed’. Since then they have spent nearly US $ 30 Million to put 52000 new beds in the

Westin Hotel chain in the USA. Starwood was then among a small but elite group of hoteliers who recognized the value of comfortable bedding and a good nights sleep. Since then Four Seasons, Marriott, Hilton among others has focused on providing their own customized version of a luxurious Bed to their guests. Simmons – the company manufacturing the Heavenly Bed has been a name strongly associated with sleep all over the world. The company was established in 1870 in the USA and by 1920, introduced the world’s first independent Pocketed Coil Mattress and transformed the way the world slept. Today, Simmons is the world’s number one name in

bedding – with over US $1 billion in sales and is known in more than 70 million households across 120 countries and it still continues to grow. Simmons’s invented the Pocket Coil which provides unmatched stability that eliminates the transfer of movement from one sleeping partner to the other- which means undisturbed sleep even if your partner is tossing & turning around. Simmons is currently being used at the Ritz Carlton, Regent, Raffles, Shangri La, Hilton, Westin, Sheraton, Intercontinental, Hyatt and other fine properties around the world. Simmons has joined hands with India’s own high end bedding manufacturer -Snoozer Bedding to supply Simmons Beautyrest beds & mattresses from their plants in South East Asia.

Suite Heart Forever Petals Packaging Established in 1987, with a view to serve the travel and tourism Industry, Petals pioneered the portion pack in Northern India thereby improving the catering standards especially in the Travel Industry. The Petals brand Suite Heart sachets and blister packs are well known for their quality because premium quality ingredients and packaging material are used and hence can be served with confidence. They can be trusted because completely automated and hygienic processes are used ensuring the safety of users. The Suite Brand of Portion packs have now become popular as correct portion size helps immensely in controlling waste as also giving the user his money’s worth. The entire range of Petals products can be customized to promote the image of the company. They are also available in the attractive, standard Suite Heart packing. Portion packs in the form of sachets, blister packs or kits aid inventory control, are easy to handle and store and also increase shelf life of the product. Petals is also actively involved in packaging development where the entire task of design, material selection, testing, procurement and packaging of a product is undertaken. Contract Packaging of products with facilities specially created with the required ambience is another field in which Petals specializes. The company has been ISO 9001 certified. Although based in New Delhi, Petals has satisfied clients all over India. Their long list of Prestigious clients include the Indian Railways, Indian Airlines, hotels and Hotels and Hotel chains like ITC., ITDC. etc and leaking Fast Food chains

Passionate Acrylic Neena Crockeries Innovation is the key concept. Quality and commitment are the cornerstones of its activity. And this is what Neena Crockeries believes in

at every level. Fruit of the intuition, intelligence and entrepreneurial spirit of Tejinder Singh, Neena Crockeries was created in 1995, and thus grows to the will power and determination of others who shared the same outlook and contributed to making the basic concept a reality. It was started with the manufacturing of Acrylic Crockery in consumer range of dishes. Later it added the commercial range of crockery and fast food table wares like Platters, Menu Stand, Coaster Sets, Napkin Holders, Housekeeping Trays, Service Trays, Chinese Bowls, Plates, Soup Bowls, Spoon, Saucer in various shapes, sizes and colours. These are stain-proof and unbreakable. Even though it is based in Chandigarh, the company has a strong presence in Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi and Punjab. Now it is growing to other regions of India and has already developed dealers in western & southern markets. Pulse Restaurant, Bansal Group, Reliance Industries, ITC Hotels and range of restaurants are their prestigious clients.



Rational Provides Indian Touch

Rational shows live at AAHAR 11-75/A in New Delhi the SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency, a cooking appliance that has revolutionised largescale and commercial kitchens all over the world.Here they will launch their first cook book especially for Indian cuisine. At the HOST exhibition in Mumbai, more than 300 visitors have expierenced the SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency, at AAHAR consumers can reassure themselves to the utilization and performance of the SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency. Rational will

also present their new Indian cook book which can also be purchased at the display. Being able to cook without having to constantly check the cooking process and to get the perfect result by the push of a button – was a dream realized with the introduction of the SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency from Rational. The equipment replaces almost all appliances traditionally found in a professional kitchen, saves space, time and energy up to 70% as compared to kitchens without combi steamer. Be it chicken tandoori, biryani or samosa, every

dish is a success with the SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency from Rational. “Because of the fact that the Indian cuisine differs from the European, Rational R&D department from Germany has been working together closely with the Indian master chefs. Our new cook book testimonies that the Rational SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency is already a new standard for Indian cuisine”, asserted Pinaki Banerjee, Chief Representative, Rational India. To develop the Indian applications even further, Rational’s

Application Manager consults customers regarding the operational technicalities. Rational provides lifetime customer support to the existing consumers of Rational products for attending to their queries and after sales service. “Our company aim is to offer our customers the maximum benefit. We do not sell only a product to our customers; we are selling them a solution for their kitchen and therefore we also guarantee the best service. At AAHAR we are launching our ChefLine in India. All Rational owners can call the ChefLine 365 days a year to get direct and fast application support. We have also established a free technical Service hotline to be available 24 hours for our customers. With our strong technical service network in India we guarantee support within 4 hours for the main cities and 24 hours response time in whole India,” further explains Pinaki Banjeree.

Baking Quality Masterline Bakery Service

Masterline Bakery Service is a division of Bunge India. The company is the pioneer of quality specialty fats and margarines in the Indian bakery industry. Bunge India offers the country’s largest selling and most trusted range of specialised bakery fats, shortenings and margarines through its range of Masterline brands. Bunge India has three factories located conveniently across India to ensure high-end quality for its customers. It provides customised solutions in the specialty oils sector such as confectionary, chocolates, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and dairy fat replacements. Masterline has a wide range of premium and popular fats that suit every need of the baker from cookies to biscuits, from cakes to pastries, and from puff pastries to breads. Masterline provides four ingredients for quality breads — Angel Instant Yeast, Dawn Bread Improvers, Lotus Margarine, and Dawn Pan Releasing Agent. Masterline also has four application centers, located in Delhi, Kolkata, Pune and Bangalore. These are centres of innovation, R&D and training. Professionals can avail the services and solutions of these centres at any time, free of cost.

Disclaimer Views expressed by the companies are not endorsed by Hammer Publishers Pvt. Ltd.



Polishing & Scrubbing Machine Surie Polex Surie Polex, established in 1985, manufactures Grinding & Polishing Abrasives, Machines and accessories for floor, slab & tile, polishing of marble, granite slate, sandstone, ceramics, terrazzo etc. The company has now added new range of cleaning equipment in its portfolio. Surie Polex offers combine solution to perform multiple cleaning jobs in most economical way, no need to invest in heavy and expensive equipment. The unique combination of Polishing & Scrubbing machine and Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner, introduced by Surie Polex, together can effectively do complete floor polishing and cleaning jobs. Polishing & Scr ubbing machines are designed for carpet shampooing, granite & marble polishing and maintenance, scrubbing. Heavy duty vacuum cleaners with option of 2 & 1 vacuum motor, for wet & dry application, are suitable for remote locations where disposal of water is difficult. With its in-house R&D department the company offers latest technology for modern day solutions at reasonable investment. Surie Polex also offers the complete range of Shiners, Crystallizers, Cleaners and Chemicals.

Lifestyle Solutions for Hospitality Industry FCML Projects FCML is a stellar lifestyle retail brand that brings to you; Hospitality Supplies, quintessentially European Luxurious Bathroom design products, elegant and contemporary Home décor products & accessories and à la mode collection beautiful eco-friendly, recycled tiles, all inside one parapet. FCML began its journey in early 1840’s as a steel trading company. With more than a century of expertise under its belt, FCML in 1970 entered the supplier segment market for hotel industry, which in India was still at its nascent stage. After establishing a firm foundation in the sector, in 1999 FCML pioneered the imported

sanitary ware market, forging a tie-up with Jacob Delafon, giving birth to FCML Luxurious Bathrooms. FCML opened its first company owned retail store for bathrooms in New Delhi, in 2001. In 2005, realizing the potential of an emerging Home Décor & Accessories market in India FCML created a home identity under its flagship brand by the name of FCML Home. FCML brings the latest and the finest in innovative designs of European origin to the Indian Customer. FCML makes available brands like Gessi, Laufen, Alape, Pomdor, Demista, Mepra, Milliken Napery Fabrics, Milliken Carpets, Nikko-Patra, Rausch, and Krosno including various others.

Creative Recipes Rodaa ji Company In the fast growing business of imported food product Rodaa ji is one name to reckon with. Having a long history of importing food products from various parts of the globe, Rodaaji today provides range of brands suitable for Indian foodservice needs. It has recently introduced new range of cake decoration and b a k e r y enhancement products along with chocolates in its portfolio. The company range of products include Corn, Olive, Olive oil, Rice, Pasta, Sauces, Polenta, Preserved vegetables, Mushrooms, Truffles, Bar syrups, Mustard & vinegar, Chocolate cups & Decorations, Frozen Fruit Purees and much more. Also it has introduced the range of products from France and Italy including Panettone Classico, P a t t e s , Foiegras and Herbs & Specialty Spices, Vanilla Beans. Through its wide network of distributors & dealers the company is serving wide spectrum of hospitality industry, be it a hotel, restaurant or caterer, anywhere in India. Rodaa ji Company is the recipient of ‘Ambassador of the Italian food & drink 2005’ Award. The company always looks forward to introduce innovative products from around the globe in the Indian market place.



Commercial Kitchen & Utility Equipment Vanya Industrial Equipments Family-owned and operated, Vanya Industrial Equipments (Vanya) manages process as well as kitchen projects. The company has developed and maintained comprehensive engineering practice based on the principles of quality and client satisfaction. Vanya’s mission is to provide solutions for secure kitchen environments. This has been a focused goal since the firm’s inception in 2005. Vanya has a wide range of commercial kitchen equipment fabricated to meet specific needs that includes Preparation equipments,

Cooking equipments, Pantry equipments, Storage equipments, Refrigeration equipments, Bakery equipments, Dish washing equipments and Service equipments fully geared to render advisory services in the areas of CAD designing of kitchen, integrated planning & placement of various sections of commercial kitchen equipments for multiple operations. The company is fully equipped to cater to any volume of kitchen equipment requirements in this regard, with the assurance of best quality

workmanship in the equipments. Continuous evolving of user needs and technological discoveries demand that s y s t e m architectures be open to facilitate changes as well as the exchange of information. Vanya has experience in systems engineering and integration, thereof, to enable successful programming, design, and implementation of specialized kitchen projects over the country is never a challenge for the company. With both an intuitive and technical understanding of clients’ needs, Vanya offers result-driven approach to problem-solving.

Crafting Impeccable Equipments Kumar Equipment (India) Pvt. Ltd. Kumar Equipment is one of the largest manufacturers of commercial kitchen, refrigeration and bakery equipments in India. KEI specializes in providing consultancy, designing, layout plans with complete technical details of F&B equipments for commercial kitchens, canteens, bakeries & messes, etc. on turnkey basis as well as on individual product basis. The company’s services also extend to designing, layout and installation of exhaust and fresh air systems as well as LPG pipeline, for facilitating the safety and economy of the projects. KEI has been allied to the kitchen equipment industry for over two decades, and has been successfully providing its expertise to hospitality industry, residential schools, learning institutes, hospitals, messes of Armed Forces, industrial canteens, clubs, cafeterias, etc. Its operations not only spans across India but is also extended abroad. KEI has two manufacturing units in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan well equipped with latest state-ofthe-art plant and machinery. Robust infrastructure, highly skilled and dedicated workforce, and sound R&D are the company’s strengths. Its product range includes hot and cold equipments, bakery equipments, bar equipments, beverage equipments, dish washing equipments, cake pastry and ice-cream displays, salad display, racks, storage equipments among others. Kumar Equipment (India) is a certified ISO 9001: 2008 and a ‘Trust Passed’ accredited company.

Caring Kitchens Allied Metal Works Conducive and fresh atmosphere in the kitchen results in higher productivity amongst kitchen staff, Chef and other workers, but designing and maintaining a kitchen that cares is often not that easy. However, with Allied Metal Works, providing turnkey designing and implementing kitchen facilities at leading properties in north India, building a caring kitchen is not a very difficult proposition either. The company has gained a foothold in the hotel industry with its services and equipment for the kitchen, especially for its kitchen ventilation system. Allied Metal Works also manufactures kulfi machines, which are sold all over India in large numbers. The company has now also entered the bakery segment by introducing Rotary Oven, Dough Kneader, Planetary Mixer, Sheeter and Bread Slicer in the market. The rotary baking oven is available in a variety of model and size, which can be operated manually or through microprocessor. The unique feature of the machine is that it can be run by electricity/ gas/CNG/ or diesel.



Sustaining Traditions Serving Hospitality in Style Shamsons Foods Shamsons Foods is an offshoot of a heritage gained from last three generations. In 1920 company started manufacturing pickles, murabbas etc. in a humble way not only as a means of livelihood but as a way of life. The same traditions are still followed as the leading principals of the group. Besides the traditional items, the present generation has added additional product range in Pickles, Jams, Murabbas, Sauces, Canned foods, & Drinks besides special products like Mango Panna. These are mouth-watering delights for all age groups. Best quality of seasonal fruits and vegetables are picked up at appropriate time and blended with high quality Indian spices to attain a perfect taste under the brand name - Diamond’s. It has the oldest FPO Licence No. 7 which itself denotes how old the company is in this business. With vast experience along with modern manufacturing techniques, quality control packaging, it is adding more flavour and quality to the products keeping in mind the present tastes of people in all age groups. The products are prepared under highly hygienic conditions and strict quality control. The company has been ISO 9001 certified. Today the leading hotels, restaurants, caterers and airlines are using ‘Diamonds’ products all over India.

Mehta Furnishers True to its image and the lifestyle of its clients, Mehta Furnishers continues to remain a preferred brand among the hospitality professionals. By combining art and utility, the company reflects a distinctive aura of excellence in its products. With rare passion, supplemented with thoughtful, creative and proactive approach, the company takes care to meet up even the not so usual needs of its demanding clients. Over the years, Mehta Furnishers, which has served major hotel brands for the past 25 years, has earned the well deserved reputation of being a trend setter in the field of wicker arts. Started as cane furniture company in 1984, Mehta Furnishers has diversified to various need-based cane and

wooden products for various segments of hotel supplies. Famous for its customised multi-utility wicker baskets, amenity aids for guest rooms and spa, trays, trolleys, caddies, and F&B service aids, the company is into cutomising a range of products. The new Housekeeping Trolleys and Mobile Caddies from Mehta Furnishers are set to raise the bar for mobile platforms in the corridors of boutique hotels, where aesthetic appeal is valued. The products are trendy, userfriendly, workably priced for the value they deliver and what’s more, are environmental friendly. With this new range those huge service stations in the hotel corridors are set to become a thing of the past.

Redefining Comfort in Sleep Springwel Mattresses P. Ltd. Springwel, a name synonymous with quality and comfortable sleep products, pioneer of spring mattress in India, is all set to redefine

comfort by promising highly comfortable sleeping solutions. Springwel Mattresses (P) Ltd. has captured a substantial market share in India aiding the brand to grow in manifold. Excellent market appreciations, continuous up gradation, prompt services indicate the strong customer base that Springwel enjoys within the market. Springwel offers the widest range of mattresses in the flexible and attractive price bracket of Rs. 1000/- to Rs. 200,000/-. Be it in spring, foam, coir, latex or fiber, Springwel provides the best in every class. With consistent improvement in existing product line Springwel is bringing innovation for the best sleeping experience. Springwel Mattresses creates customised surface for individuals to provide optimum support and comfort in every product that it sells in the market. Today, there are 16 exclusive showrooms of Springwel products, which are aiding people in choose the right product as per their individual preference.



Enchanting Stainless Steel Dishes Anupam Industries

Anupam Industries is a quality driven name with a vision on steel and is known for its trend setting approach. Each product designed by Anupam is a mellifluous blend of graceful simplicity, matchless elegance and exquisite beauty. Every year it adds up the number by launching new designs. The latest addition has been the much talked about ‘anti-scratch chafing dishes’ that true flavor of world class quality product. They are more of a designer product, which

appeal to eyes, and adds up a new concept in food service. The recent launch of complete range of pots & pans, the company now provides comprehensive range in holloware. As a continuous endevour to provide added range of products it has also develop SS Trolleys for banqueting. The company has earned a valuable ‘Seal of recognition’, using the high quality raw material that of Salem 18/8 stainless steel (AISI 304) with the purpose to keep food hygienic, fresh and warm for a long time. The use of high quality material has paid off the company in its continuous

development, innovation and up-gradation. The hard work and usage of best quality raw material product has placed the company at the top. The quality description of the products is outstanding with non-magnetic cup rolled 304-quality sheet for spoons and forks. The 2 mm-2.5 mm thickness knives are made of stainless steel rods. To give the product a touch of fineness, it has separate units for designing, production and finishing.

Their product range includes chafing dishes, gastronome containers, pots and pans, holloware and trays and platters etc. The bar accessories consist a wide range of wine coolers, cocktail shakers, bar tool set, wine rack, ice bucket and bar trays. Enchanting looks of these products with a perfect co-ordination of grace and beauty are designed and crafted with unmatched detailing. The company is designing the best quality equipment designed for the professional catering industry. It is specialized in manufacturing Gastronom pans in vide shapes and sizes. Anupam products are widely used by ITC group, Hyatt, ITDC, Radisson, Taj group to name a few. The company has been awarded ISO 9001-2001 certificate for its excellence. The company has now introduce a range of Pots & Pans and Cutlery, Stainless Steel Trolleys. It has also introduced Polycarbonate GN Pans, Trays.

Sleeping Solutions Comfortech Comfortech is the manufacturer of premium bedding systems in India. With a modern state of the art fully automated facility, Comfortech ensures world class quality product on sustained basis. The company guarantees unrelenting quality, innovation and design of unique specialty sleep products that optimizes sleep. Comfortech’s establishment of extremely

customer focused operations facilitates closer bonding with the customers, thus ensuring the customization of sleep systems according to consumer requirement. With a robust infrastructure, outfitted with latest techniques, the manufacturing capabilities of the company comprises of high precision fabric cutters, blow fill machines, single needle and double needle stitch and quilting machines, compressing/vacuuming machine, sealers, all catering to customers need for timely production and supplies. With highly skilled and experienced team supported by technical and non technical staff, the company boasts of superior manpower. Comfortech has shown remarkable growth since inception by marketing its comfort product lines and exclusive product benefits. The products have been highly appreciated within the existing customer base and have gained the trust of consumers by timely after sales support. With prompt and efficacious response to every customer query, Comfortech has earned the trust of many. The products range from premium cotton bed sheets, pillow covers, duvets, duvet covers, mattress protectors, cushions, comfort enhancers and more. The prestigious clientele of Comfortech includes Jaypee Group, Park Hyatt, MBD Radisson, Antara Hotels & Resorts Pvt. Ltd, ITC Hotel Fortune Grace, Fortis Healthcare Ltd, Apollo Health and Lifestyle Ltd., Apollo Clinics, SRL Limited, Westside Stores, Jagajit Industries, etc.

Disclaimer Views expressed by the companies are not endorsed by Hammer Publishers Pvt. Ltd.



Three generations of high-level dishwashing technology

Professional Cleaning Solutions Miraclean Tools (P) Limited Miraclean Tools (P) Limited is India’s largest manufacturer of Professional Cleaning tools and Premium Cleaning chemicals, with consolidated turnover. It is the leader in professional cleaning tools and cleaning chemicals in the industry. Established in 2001 in India, Miraclean presence indeed cuts across the length and breadth of India. The company’s manufacturing base in India is spread across Mumbai. Managing Director, Kanak Raj have been in the business of Cleaning Tools and Painters Tools in Middle East for around eight years, migrated to Mumbai and started manufacturing of Professional Cleaning Tools and Premium Cleaning Chemicals. In India he adapted the

same system and succeeded in developing 100+ innovative products suitable for Indian cleaning industry. Many products carry patent registration in India. Miraclean is also expanding its international footprint, established through exports since 2003. The company’s professional tools are already being marketed in several countries in Middle East. The foundation of the company’s growth over the last 12 years is based on a deep understanding of economic stimuli and customer needs, and the ability to translate them into customer-desired offerings through leading edge R&D. Miraclean is equally focused on environment-friendly cleaning chemicals. Miraclean products consists Dry/ Wet Mops,

Winterhalter Gastronom variety of brushes for various cleaning purpose, Heavy Duty Wipers, different types of Dusters and Scrubbers, Glass cleaning tools, Mop buckets, Broom handles, Cleaning Caddy, Janitors Belt, Safety tools, Room Fresheners of PDCB / Aerosol / water Based and a lot more other products.

Headquartered in Meckenbeuren, Germany, Winterhalter Gastronom GmbH is a market leader in innovation of Commercial Ware washing technology. The company specialises in delivering complete dishwashing solution amid a concept that covers machine technology, water treatment, accessories, professional planning, consultancy and engineering services to fulfil customer specific requirements. Winterhalter India, headquartered in New Delhi provides the complete range of Winterhalter products and sales and service support across India. Winterhalter India services hotels, restaurants, industrial canteen, educational institutes, hospitals and office canteens. The prestigious list of clientele like Taj Group, Oberoi Hotels, The Leela Hotels, EROS Group, Hilton International, Accor Group, ITC Hotels, Radisson Hotel, Marriott Hotels, Hero Group, Maruti Suzuki, Volkswagon, Ranbaxy, Airtel Toyota Kirloskar , Google , Wipro, Infosys, TCS , Genpact, testimonies the success and patronage that follows the company.

Refrigeration & Freezing Equipment Hindustan Refrigeration

The Hindustan group started their flagship ISO 9001:2008 certified company-Hindustan Refrigeration Stores, a well-known landmark of Darya Ganj, in the year 1947. The company represented global manufacturers and played an important role in the setting up of cold stores in Northern India. The Hindustan group is known for the dependability and reliability in trading activities, represents leading icons, like VOLTAS, Celfrost, Elanpro, Haier, O General, Polaris, CIBIN, Danfoss, Maneurop, Bitzer, Emerson Copeland , Emkarate, Fuchs, Chemplat, LAE, Dupont, Rothenberger, Guntner, Stefani, Koldin, Verikold & Igloo, etc. and are essentially known as an one stop source, for anything and everything related to cold storage equipments. Along with trading the company manufactures Cold Rooms, Chillers, Ice Cream Equipment, display Cabinets, Visi Coolers / Freezers, Softy Ice Cream Machines, Cold Storages, Monoblock & Split Condensing Units etc. A reliable name in the market, Hindustan Refrigeration Stores has been carrying on the apparent legacy for more than 60 years.



Introducing Prefab Structures Loom Crafts Pvt. Ltd. A Revolutionary New Concept for the Hospitality Industry. With a unique vision for innovation and path-breaking engineering, Loom Crafts India’s leading manufacturers of complete outdoor lifestyle solutions, has recently introduced Multi-purpose Factory Made Engineered Structures for the first time in India. Fully furnished with all the modern day facilities of a concrete structure along with the option of customization with hi-end equipments and lavish interiors, Loom Crafts

Innovatively constructed with zero use of brick or mortar, Loom Crafts Prefab structures are complete with wiring, plumbing and can be air-conditioned or heated as per the specific requirements. The revolutionary design of these Prefab structures is based around a robust framework, which forms the core structure of the modular building, a virtually indestructible grid of aluminum and stainless steel. Each interlocking square panel is fastened to adjoining sections by a patented locking system designed to withstand enormous pressure. The top is made of fire retardant membrane, innovated to last year after year without requiring any maintenance. While Loom Crafts provides 50 years

warranty, these Prefab structures require nearly no maintenance year after year. Self sustaining by nature, Loom Crafts Prefab structures can be relocated at any given point while retaining its own asset value. Loom Crafts’ Prefab structures are created to work in harmony with the environment; are architecturally designed, flexible in application, foster sustainability while at the same time maintaining their affordability.

Prefab structures are ideal for a host of commercial as well as residential projects. From luxury villas to modular homes, hi-tech offices to hill-station retreats, beach resort getaways and country-side cabins, whatever the location, weather or altitude, Loom Crafts Prefab structures can be tailored to suit the given conditions and requirement of space.

Chanya Ties with Omnitec Chanya Enterprises

Chanya Enterprises, distinguished market leader in providing absolute hospitality solutions has been appointed as a distributor of OMNITEC products in India. OMNITEC, Spanish corporation manufactures mini bars, electronic safe door locks and energy saving switches apposite for contemporary hotels, resorts, motels, guest house etc. Beside this Chanya Enterprises is also one of the leading outsourcing units of hospitality products from Spain, Hong Kong and China. The company has an outsourcing office in Hong Kong and has recently launched its line of porcelain crockery in India under the brand name ‘Finesse’. The porcelain range from Finesse is heat resistant and microwave proof so as to be favored for multiple utilization. Chanya Enterprises has also launched a rechargeable, smoke free flickering candle which is environment friendly and completely harmless. As a much favored hospitality solution outsourcer, Chanya’s product list includes a wide range of electric kettle, hair dryer, guestroom telephone, ironing board, magnifying mirror, electronic weighing scale, guestroom I-pod, bathroom mat, guestroom leather products, amenity tray, internet cable holder, guest amenities, wooden hanger and housekeeping products. With an outlook for constant growth and customer satisfaction, Chanya Enterprises ensures in providing only the best in the market for its loyal and future customers.



Commercial Dishwashing Machines Meiko (Asia) Techcentre Pvt. Ltd. Founded in 1927 at Offenburg, Germany, the Meiko Group is a major global player in the development, manufacturing and distribution of specialized commercial dishwashing machines & systems. Further, it is also renowned for its range of washer disinfector appliances and sluice room furniture used by leading hospitals in the healthcare sector. Meiko has 18 wholly owned subsidiaries in Europe, USA, the UK, China, Australia and it has recently established a subsidiary in India,

Meiko (Asia) Techcentre Pvt. Ltd., with head quarters located at Bangalore. Meiko is well established in the Indian market since the early 1990s and it has a long list of patrons and satisfied users. Most leading chains such as the Taj Group, Oberoi, Welcomgroup, Marriott, etc. have zeroed in on Meiko Dishwashing machines due to their reliability and low operating costs. The Meiko range of equipment includes Automatic Dishwashers with Stationary

Operations, Automatic Pass Through Washing Units, Special Dishwashing Systems, Conveyor Systems, Food Waste Treatment Systems, Industrial Kitchen Equipment (Shelving, Tables, Dish Shower, Baskets), and Hygiene Equipment for Hospitals and Homes. The philosophy of Meiko is to produce products of the highest quality standards and offer these at the most competitive prices. Meiko seeks to bridge the gap between Germany and India by establishing a nation wide specialized professional service which will ensure that even the most remote locations receive the service support, distribution network with easy availability of spares from the local warehouse and reduce the lead and reaction time. The objective of Meiko is to assist the hospitality industry to establish an ecofriendly warewash facility that meets the highest HACCP Hygiene Standards.

Innovative Cutlery AWK Steelwares Pvt. Ltd. Awkenox has launched a new range of buffet ware with its bold black and milky white colour range that includes buffet elevation, multi level

risers, plate holder, ice tub, snack warmer set, etc. Awkenox has been innovating world class cutlery by introducing a classy look and feel to it, which is traditional in its craftsmanship Each piece is crafted to enhance the royal treat. On the other side, there is a modern pattern manufactured with a satin handle finish. In this, the cutlery is made out of 304 Stainless Steel, which is unique and has a hollow handle to make it look good and user-friendly

Home Textiles & Bed Linen Kesri Transcontinental K e s r i Transcontinental is a part of Kesri Group which was founded over 20 years ago in Panipat, Haryana. The company has grown from its humble beginnings into a flourishing business house supplying world class and innovative range of quality bed linen and sleep gear to some of the most reputed and fastidious clientele in the hospitality industry. Homescapes, which is a brand owned by Kesri Transcontinental, enjoys a preferred status in both retail & institutional segments, specially the hospitality industry, as all the products meet the international standards, ensured by its strict quality control systems in place. Homescapes products take good care of the demand and quality standards of home textiles and bed linen in the domestic and international markets. The company has its factory in Panipat, Haryana, spread over 2.5 acres with a modern and automatic plant & machinery for pillow filling, quilting, stitching, tufting and processing. The exquisite product range includes the following: • Down & feather pillows, cushions & duvets (comforters). • Down & feather mattress pads & feather beds. • Super micro fibre pillows, duvets & cushions. • Siliconised hollow polyester fibre pillows, duvets and cushions. • Mattress protectors & toppers. • Duvet covers, pillow covers and bed sheets. • Memory Foam pillows & mattress toppers. • Bamboo, Soya & Merino fill duvets and pillows. Homescapes today has become synonymous with consistent quality and constant product innovation. The company also plans to bring to its valued patrons a number of new products in the near future that would contribute to the comfort enhancement of the guests and would also add to the prestige of the clients.



Growth With a Elegance in Design and Structure Agarwal Glass Centre Clean Vision Karcher India A world leader in manufacturing commercial, industrial and household cleaning equipment, Karcher, a family firm founded in 1935 by Alfred Karcher, currently has more than 9,000 employees in 60 countries and 100 subsidiaries. The manufacturing units are located in Germany, Italy, Romania, United States of America, Brazil, Mexico and China. With fifty thousand service centers located in all countries, Karcher ensures full service cover for the astute customers worldwide. In the company’s development centres, more than 600 engineers and technicians are engaged in design-engineering new solutions, ensuring constant up gradation of technology and products. In 2012, Karcher cleaning specialist posted a sales of more than of € 1.9 billion, selling over10 million machines, highest in the history of 75 years of business. With a continuous development of new solutions supported by its strong customer base, Karcher has steadily grown since inception. With a clear corporate focus of economic success and sustainable development, Karcher has obtained patents and has won numerous international design awards in over a thousand of its invention. Almost 85% of all Karcher products have been developed within the last 5 years providing the best and most innovative cleaning solutions. Karcher has successfully demonstrated its expertise in many unusual cleaning projects, such as: Statue of Christ (Rio de Janeiro-Brazil), Statue of Liberty (New YorkUSA), Brandenburg Gate (Germany), St. Peter’s Square (Rome-Italy), the Olympic Games in 2000 (Sydney-Australia), Colossus of Memnon (Luxor-Egypt), Mount Rushmore (South Dakota-USA) etc.

Started in 1991, Agarwal Glass Centre is now one of the reputed manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Hotel ware products, hotel kitchen equipment and hotel products. Acknowledged for elegant design, attractive color and various forms, the company also offers uniforms and linen ware that are intricately crafted with the use of quality fabric by skilled designers. With the support of creative professionals and sound infrastructure, Agarwal Glass Centre has set benchmark of quality in the market. The company ensures that the products are in compliance with the needs of clients and are at par with international quality. Quality controllers thoroughly check each & every product before it gets delivered to the esteemed clients. Owing to unrelenting efforts, the company has acquired

a rich clientele across India, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. The reason for the success and growth of the organization is the support and encouragement from the Mentor, Anil Agarwal. With his valuable expertise and able supervision, the company has earned appreciation from clients across the globe. Some of esteemed clients of the company includes Hyatt, Leela’s , Lavasa Corp Pune, The Lalit to name a few. With the implementation of creative designing techniques and material of high quality, Agarwal Glass Centre offers Kitchen Equipment of high quality which are manufactured as per the latest trend and hence are globally appreciated. Customers can avail Kitchen Equipment, Crockery, Glassware, Bar Accessories, Trolleys, Crates & Bins, Stainless Steel Dustbins, Wooden Trays & Articles and Buffet Decoration articles.

Some of the highlighting features of the products are attractive designs, easy to clean and maintain, light weight and are available in different shapes, colors and patterns. The company’s experience ranks very high in the hospitality industry. With this immense experience of 15 years the company has also started the expansion of sales from Pune to panIndia. Well supported by spacious warehousing abilities and wide distribution network the company has been able to feed bulk demand within the shortest frame of time. During Aahar the company will be showcasing a new range of porcelain crockery. The products of international range will be displayed at the show.

Designer Cutlery & Tableware Neeti Udyog Established in 1982, Neeti Udyog is a leading manufacturer and exporter of designer cutlery and tableware. With decades of experience in manufacturing and delivering quality products which are creatively designed, the company

has carved out a niche for itself in the hospitality industry across the globe. The USP of Neeti Udyog is that it can deliver custom made products. With its motto “You Sketch We Craft” the company can fabricate all items as per the specifications/ dimensions of the customers and can also develop the existing designs in silver-plated wares, stainless steelwares, copper wares, and brass wares. The range of cutlery and tableware of Neeti Udyog are immensely popular across the leading hotels, restaurants, and other food service outlets.



Mediterranean Gourmet Foods

Designing Furniture Trends

Manisha International Pvt. Ltd. Established in 1995 with the objective of establishing a well knit and efficient distribution system for imported FMCG items in India, Manisha International has exclusive tie-ups for India with Paul Hartmann AG, Germany (Diapers), Pastificio Riscossa, Italy (Pasta), Angel Camacho S.A., Spain. (Olives, Olive Oil), Farling Industrial Co. Ltd., Taiwan (Baby Products), Oleifici Colavita S.P.A, Italy (Colavita Olive Oil) and Indalco S.P.A, Italy (Colavita Pasta). The company has distributors in Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Udaipur, Mussoorie, Dehradun, Agra, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Cochin, Pondicherry, Ranchi, Vadodara, Goa, Pune, Lucknow, Kanpur, Guwahati, Indore, Kolkata,

Thiruvananthpuram, Bangalore, and Chennai. The company is also constantly in the process of identifying and appointing distributors in other major towns and cities. These distributors provide the much needed penetration in the large and wide spread of potential market in a big country like India where Manisha covers more than 75 percent of the potential FMCG middle class market. Manisha has a 10000 sq ft dedicated warehouse in the north of Delhi with full warehousing team and clearly laid down norms based on European model of warehousing. A smaller 2500 sq ft warehouse is also operational which is located next door to the main office. The target outlets of the company are -

Trend n Design departmental stores, chain stores, super markets, utility stores, petrol station shops, and street vendors/kiosks. The company has sound banking connections and enjoys very good credit facilities and limits with its bankers, the central bank of India, which is one of the leading financial banks in the country with corresponding banks in most countries of the world. The Directors of the company have been in the FMCG trade for the past four decades and they are now in the third generation of entrepreneurs dedicated to establish and promote international brands of high quality in India.

Trend n Design, the manufacturer of high quality furniture for hotels, motels, resorts, corporate houses and townships, offers the latest furniture trends in India and international market. The company has a thorough knowledge of sourcing and selecting

the best quality raw materials for various applications, which play a vital role in the quality of its products. The company has its manufacturing unit in Delhi. The impressive array of wooden furniture of the company includes restaurant and bar furniture for public areas and guest rooms, poolside furniture, umbrellas for pool and garden, liquor trolley, and flambĂŠ trolley among others. All weather products and accessories include garden chairs and tables, service trolleys, and bar furniture. Trend n Design also has a range of banquet furniture, comprising customised foldable buffet table and banquet chairs.

The New Generation Mosquito Traps & Pest Management Pest Control & Management Services With more than 3500 species of mosquitoes worldwide, each species is unique and is attracted by different combinations of sensory stimuli of human & animal activities. Keeping such factors in mind, researchers from all over the world are experimenting on various innovative, non-toxic and environmentallyfriendly products on mosquito management. The need for mosquito management is very important in India and traps can be an ideal monitoring tool to undertake scientific mosquito management as well as to provide relief to hospitals & nursing homes, hotels & banquet halls, schools, farm houses, project areas, etc. from the pest ridden problems. Pest Control & Management Services is endeavoring to implement modern & innovative techniques of mosquito management besides dealing with non-toxic, non hazardous and environmentally-friendly solutions for rats and mice, flies, lizards & cockroaches. The company is over a decade old in the market and has already gained popularity amongst its consumer reach. Headquartered in Delhi, the company is expanding its reach in NCR and the neighboring north Indian states. The company has more than 100 satisfied clients, and a dedicated team headed by a highly qualified and experienced entomologist with international training & exposure in public health pest management system.



Macho Range of Machines for Bakeries Nagpal Brothers (Regd.) Nagpal Brothers is India’s one of the biggest Bakery & Confectionary Machine/Equipment manufacturing companies. Since its establishment in 1949 by late Shri Banwari Lal, Nagpal Brothers has seen complete customer satisfaction as its primary goal. In order to meet this objective, it had strived for perfection in all areas of its expertise, from sourcing and selecting raw materials to designing, fabrication, finishing till installation, as well as after sales services to cater to the needs of its clients. They go the extra mile to keep themselves abreast with the global trends. Today the company is well known for the

quality and durability which ensures them as a leading manufacturer with state-of-the-art work facilities and sound technicial knowledge. The highly motivated team of Nagpal Brothers works in perfect harmony to meet the most stringent quality standards. The whole range of bakery machines are displayed under one

roof in their showroom/works at mayapuri with live demonstration facility. The company claims to have the foremost names in the bakery industry through out India and abroad as their client list. Its exhaustive range of products includes Flour Shifter, Water Batching Tank, Spiral Mixer, High Speed Mixer, Dough Hoist, Dough Divider, Dough Rounder, Dough Moulder, First Proover, Prooving Chamber, Rotatry Rack Baking Oven, Swing Tray Oven, Electric Deck Oven, Bread Cake Rusk Slicer, Colling Tunnel, Plenatary

Cake Mixer, Cooking Machine, Bun Divider, Sugar Grinder, Dough Sheeter, Egg Breaking Machine, Colour Sparay Machine, Sealing Machine. In order to identify new products. Nagapal has developed an extensive range of moulds and trays with latest technology in perfect food grade alusteel/pure aluminum/stainless steel material. The company pays close attention to the creation and introduction of new range to be the best available in the market. They also customised items according to the customers requirement. The company is member of various esteamed Organisation like Society of Indian Bakers, Indo - German chamber of commerce, Indo - Italian chamber of commerce and many more organisation of repute.

Market Leader Wang Professionals “Wang Professionals” has been operating successfully in the field of Hospitality equipment since a decade. The company is managed by industrious Sales and Service professionals associated with Commercial Kitchen and Laundry Equipment market for more than a decade. A recent venture in the field of electronic locks & safes is being operated under Wang Hospitality Equipment Pvt. Ltd. Headquartered in Delhi with operations extending to Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata, apart from a team of dedicated marketing & service people; the company has professional dealer organizations operating in the Metros and other major cities. Wang Professionals represents Indian and Foreign majors like Electrolux Professional(Commercial kitchen equipment), Manitowoc Foodservice (Frymaster, Garland, Cleveland, Delfield for Ice cube machines, Flakers, Beverage systems, Fryers, Clampshell grills, Frost tops), Carimali(Semi automatic & fully automatic coffee machines), Sirman(Meat preparation equipment, bar equipment), Santos(Juice extractors, bar blenders, ice crushers etc.), Salva, Zanolli & Moretti Forni(Deck Ovens & Pizza Ovens), Perlick & IMC (Bar equipment). Wang Professionals is also the distributor of Electrolux Laundry Systems for their complete range of washer extractors, tumble dryers & flatwork ironer. The company represents ILSA Spa for their dry cleaning machines and Pony SPA for their complete range of finishing equipment. The company has also taken up the distributorship of VingCard & Elsafe for their range of electronic locks & safes for Karnataka and northern region of India. The Company triumphs in catering to the institutions and hospitality segment which needs a strong service back up for the capital equipment installed in them for the smooth functioning. Wang Professionals work closely with esteemed clientele and fast food chains like Coke, Nir ula’s, Yum International (KFC & Pizza hut) & Papa John’s etc. The company visualizes to be recognized as a major supplier in the Hospitality sector for quality products and operations extending to all segments of the market, through wide product acceptability coupled with strong after-sales service support in the years to come.



Innovation in Cooking

Business Application Software & Solutions

Celfrost Innovations

CSAT, a renowned software development & marketing organization provides computer software applications & related services to the hospitality industry since 1988. Due to indepth understanding of business processes of hospitality Industry, CSAT® has been developing comprehensive suite of software applications under Microsoft WINDOWS/ Browser platform to manage all the front & back office operations of following hospitality & other segments. CSAT develops applications and software that manages Club membership operations, Enterprise resource planning for manufacturing and trading organisations, various software that tackle functioning for varied hospitality institutions, etc. CSAT boasts of 3000++ installations in over

Induction cooking- an innovation in modern cooking is changing the way the world cooks and serves food. Celfrost brings to India the advanced Dipo Induction cooking technology to assist chefs in the kitchen by increasing

productivity and efficiency and by decreasing the preparation time. The technology behind this product prepares food earlier than cooking gas or electricity. Additionally its energy saving method in the cooking unit ensures a cooler, safer and greener kitchen. Dipo’s commercial induction cook tops are engineered to deliver the precision and consistency required in professional cooking on the other hand ensuring quality as well. Dipo induction cook tops are Aerogel insulated and can endure high temperature cooking for a maximum period of time so that one can enjoy the same durability, control and productivity that one would expect from heavy duty ‘back of house’ cooktops. The Dipo Induction buffet warmers comes with reliable heating technology to keep the food warm for long durations whilst giving a contemporary look to the buffet spread. They are suitable for induction cooking or warming. All these highly innovative induction cook ware spread from Celfrost is definite to change the way food is cooked and served.

CSAT Systems Pvt Limited 18 countries across the globe. With Delhi NCR as base, CSAT® operates extensively throughout India, with additional sales and support offices at Chandigarh, Dehradun & Mumbai. Overseas representatives are also present in countries like Australia, UAE & UK. The eCABS® applications from CSAT are Windows Desktop, Client / Server, Cloud and Browser based. Various verticals specific basic modules, add on modules and interfaces are also available. Scale able standalone applications for small users & comprehensive enterprise applications for professional and corporate users are also developed at CSAT. The eCABS® application range starts from basic billing operations to multiple outlets / property management. These applications are

available for small & medium enterprise level operations. Since these applications are already in operations hence would require least time to implement with desired customisation. The software applications are comprehensive, cost effective and would provide best value for money. CSAT also designs, develops & implements software applications as per requirements for the hospitality related operations.

Chef ’s Choice Remington Steel Arts Knife is said to be ‘life’ of a chef. In fact, holding on to a good quality of knife is as important as for any user in the kitchen. In this very segment the most exclusive branded knife of India, which has been closely associated with star hotels and catering units is Remington Steel. Over the years the company has won an essential place in the commercial kitchens of India. The knives are made from tough, carbon stainless steel that ensures greater edge retention. These knives are heat treated and tempered in an inert atmosphere. Remington knives are appreciated due to its sharp, long lasting edges, user-friendly shapes and sizes and wide range that it offers. The wide range includes French Cook’s Knives, Paring Knives, Steak Knives, Vegetable Knives, Carving Knives, Slicing Knives, and many more. Remington Knives are fully forged to shape from high tough, Carbon Stainless Steel that ensures greater edge retention. Remington Knives are heat treated and tempered in an inert atmosphere. Edges of Remington Knives are ten times sharper and longer than the conventional knives. They are known for their full-length tang for perfect balance and for easier and less tiring cutting. Quality of Remington Knives is at par or above as compared to imported knives. They are precisely handcrafted and finished with each blade honed to an exact perfection and lasting experience.



HI-AIM 2013 March 21- 22, 2013 at Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi

A milestone event in the hospitality industry announces “Challenges of Implementation” as a theme for the conference this year HI-AIM has been conceptualised to become a landmark forum for the hospitality industry. It provides an enriching opportunity for the convergence of Hoteliers, Hotel Brands and Hospitality related decision makers - Architects / Interior Designers - on a knowledge sharing platform to confer and exchange ideas on key issues and emerging trends in the hospitality industry. Hi-Aim 2013, a two-day event comprising a Conference + Exposition, is scheduled to be held on Mar 21 & 22, 2013 at Le Meridien Hotel, New Delhi. The event promises to be the most comprehensive industry trade show in the Indian Sub-Continent. The Conference will feature hospitality thought leaders and design trendsetters as key speakers and panelists. The Exposition will feature Top 50 quality brands that will showcase innovative products and services for the design and building of hospitality projects. The programmes will include networking opportunities that allows one-on-one interaction between participants. HI-AIM is much more than just a conference for the exchange of viewpoints. It incorporates a dedicated focus on design and development. Here industry leaders address issues such as design-and-build related topics, sustainability, trends and forecasts. Breaks between conference sessions allow ample time for visiting the Exposition The Conference is slated to be attended by over 250 Delegates and a host of distinguished professionals associated with the hospitality industry viz., Hotel Operators, Developers, Technical Services Team of International & Domestic Hotel Chains, Financial Consultants, Banks/Institutions, Academics, Architects, Landscape Architects, Interior Designers, Structural, MEP Designers, Facility Planners, Project Managers and over 25 Exhibitors will be showcasing their products this year. Exhibiting companies will cover a wide range of products and services: Appliances & Furnishings, Architecture & Interior Design Companies, Contractors/Builders/Developers, Decor suppliers, Furniture suppliers and manufacturers. Announcing the Theme for the Conference - “Challenges of Implementation”, Romesh Koul, Co- Founder of the Conference said, “It is indeed going to be very exciting keeping in mind the profile of our distinguished speakers & panelists.” Again this year leading Hotel Companies like Accor, IHG, Starwood and Le Meridien, New Delhi are supporting the Conference as “Gold Sponsors” while Carlson Rezidor, Hilton, Hyatt Hotels, Marriott Hotels and JHM


Interstate are supporting it as an “Associate Sponsor”. Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration has provided support as a Knowledge Partner and leading international hospitality design firms such as WATG, RSA, HBA, ADG, amongst others are making presentations and participating in panel discussions.

HI-AIM has packaged together so much quality, expertise and potential opportunities that it is certain to be a must-attend that will draw top-rung visitors and exhibitors. The event is managed by K-Factor Communications Pvt. Ltd. For more Information, login to website


Geared for Comprehensive Laundry Needs


huge commercial laundry plant endowed with tunnel laundry facility is coming up in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. It is expected to be operational by November 2013. CLPPL is a Private Limited company incorporated on 18 th November 2011 with the primary objective of catering to the linen and garment cleaning requirements of hotels and general public. CLPPL has envisaged to set up this commercial laundry at RIICO Industrial Area, Pathredi, Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. The company has already acquired 1.52 acre land for setting up this commercial laundry plant. Central Linen Park Private Limited

(CLPPL) has tied up with Supershine Laundry Systems Private Limited for successful implementation of the project.Here it deserves a mention that Supershine Laundry Systems Private Limited is a leading turn-key laundry solutions provider in the country with its scope encompassing project planning & assessment, supply of laundry equipments and other allied equipments, installation and commissioning of laundry and other allied equipments, laundry operations and after sales service support. “Supershine Laundry Systems has vast experience in executing similar projects like the above-mentioned one and has executed 400 such laundry projects

in India till date. We are confident that Supershine will be able to effectively execute the supply, installation, commissioning and the after sales service aspect of this project,” informed Karan Goyal, Vice President, Central Linen Park Private Limited. This forthcoming impressive facility at the industrial hub will not only be targeted at meeting the comprehensive laundry needs of the five-star and four-star hospitality properties across Delhi-NCR and Jaipur, but would also holistically address the retail laundry needs. The retail services will be provided by CLPPL’s retail arm named Wonderkleen. From room linen, staff

uniforms of hotels, and F&B linen to shirts, trousers, coats, jackets, sarees, suits, etc. the forthcoming unit will cover a huge range of laundry products under its ambit. The services that would be provided at the laundry will include washing, drying, dry cleaning, and ironing. The laundry operations of this commercial laundry unit will be able to clean all kinds of linen, garments and clothes. “This huge facility is geared to adapt to linen/garment processing demand variations,” pointed out Goyal. The annual capacity of the plant will be 13,870 tonnes, which is amazingly high as compared to the capacity of average laundries in hotels and hospitals or in usual commercial laundries. The daily installed capacity of the laundry unit comes to an astonishing 38 tonnes per day. The facility will be endowed with worldrenowned imported laundry equipment brands like Milnor(USA) and Jensen(Denmark), use best of the laundry detergents, and have impeccable support structure in accordance with international standards. Moreover, the plant spruced with tunnel laundry facility will also be handled by a management and operations team with years of enriching professional experience. Logistics to match expected delivery schedule, and competitive pricing would be other hallmarks of this forthcoming commercial laundry unit. This commercial laundry plant on the anvil is expected to effectively counter the opportunity cost of in-house laundry operations, both in terms of space and human resources. Today, outsourcing of laundry operations by hotels and hospitals is gaining currency as it helps save costs and facilitate to focus the units more effectively on generating revenues. We can easily visualise that outsourcing of laundry operations to a stateof-the-art laundry facility that can easily match and even exceed the expectations of laundry services of five-star properties, can enable the given hotel to better and more creatively focus on critical revenue generating challenges like that of selling rooms or better positioning its F&B options. “Besides, the real estate dedicated to inhouse laundry service can be better utilised by the hotel for revenue generating initiatives such as banqueting options, dining restaurant/s or can be even used for developing more rooms, if a state-of-the-art outsourced laundry operations is available at affordable rates, not very far from the given hospitality property. Moreover, outsourcing of laundry needs can improve linen utilisation rates by reducing the average linen per adjusted guest room,” explained Goyal. Besides outsourcing of the noncritical tasks like laundry operations can reduce the costs of having an FTE on board. On the expansion plans of this laundry unit, Goyal sounded extremely enthusiastic. He informed that CLPPL is planning to expand its presence aggressively, and over the next five years, the company is envisaging to open laundry units in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. “It is aiming to be a 100 crore company in the ensuing five years,” aired Goyal. CLPPL would diversify into linen hiring concept as well in the future.



Effective Laundry Solutions Ramsons Garment Finishing Eqpt. Pvt. Ltd. Ramsons is India’s largest manufacturer of commercial laundry, dry cleaning and garment finishing equipments. The only company in the industry with multiple European and American technical collaborations, Ramsons products are ISO & CE certified, manufactured out of 3 state-of-the-art plants in accordance with set international standards and specification guidelines. Ramsons along with Alliance Laundry Systems (Wisconsin, USA) jointly manufactures the CE & ISO certified D’Hooge range of high-spin soft mount washer extractors and chest heated flat work ironers in India. Ramsons have been exporting D’Hooge

equipments to premiere institutes worldwide since 2010. With a joint venture with M/S Veit GmbH (Landsberg, Germany), Ramsons also manufactures vacuum ironing equipments since 1994. The company believes in every laundry being unique, therefore works closely with every client providing a customized one stop solution for their specific requirements. From setting up ‘Vended Laundry’ via coin operated/smart card technology to setting up ‘On Premise Laundry’ at India’s leading institution and organizations, Ramsons leads in technical/commercial

expertise and equipment supplying capacity catering to various specification and customization. Ramsons are the authorized distributors for Speed Queen (USA), Pony (Italy), Union (Italy), BMM Weston (UK) & HJ Weir (UK) among others in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The organization prioritizes customer satisfaction and attentively caters to provide Turnkey Laundry Solutions to every client and principals. Armed with the largest after sales network in India, Ramsons service centres are located in 16 cities across the country, providing immediate solution to any product grievances. Ramsons technical specialists are particularly trained to provide expert after sales service and operational training of the products.

Breathtaking Glasses ANI Glass Corporation ANI Glass Corporation is one of the most reputed companies in manufacturing of wide range of glassware for the hotel & food service industry. The company’s entire range of glassware is created with the best available raw materials. The company is constantly striving to design and manufacture the glassware that meets its clientele’s taste and requirements. The wide range of products that ANI Glass Corporation provides to the hotels, restaurants, pubs and distilleries include tumbler glasses, beer glasses, pilsner glasses, rolly polly glasses, wine glasses, martini glasses, champagne glasses, stem glasses, whisky decanters and many other such products in the category. Cut glasses, logo glasses, bud vase, bowls, ashtrays, and mugs are some of the miscellaneous products of ANI that have also acquired popularity in the market. With its vast experience in manufacturing, the company has earned its reputation as a supplier of high quality products at competitive prices. ANI also accepts the sample-making orders for its esteemed clients. ANI products are not only ideally suited for the top-line hotels and restaurants, pubs and bars but also appropriate for distilleries and breweries, who present ANI glasses in the promotion of their liquors and beverages. The company has been targeting both these segments — hospitality as well as winery— equally. In the current fiscal year, various liquor as well as juice and syrup manufacturing companies have expressed their good faith with ANI products for their brand promotion whether it is whiskey or wine and other soft beverages.

Premium Acrylic Crockery La’ pliant La’pliant has developed its expertise in designing customised range of acrylic crockery. Its products can also be availed with custom prints and company logos, on demand of the clients. The company’s corporate strength is backed by state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, which enable it in meeting the desired requirements of its clients. The company undertakes customised article development as per specifications, and also creates tailor-made display counter designs. The acrylic crockery range of the company is endowed with unique features, which keep them stain free. The products are also chip and crack resistant, and are absolutely safe in dish washer. Last but not the least, these products are very light weight and yet are extremely durable.



The Art of Food Service Products Aksai

Aksai is one of the leading suppliers to the hotel & restaurant industry in India. Their expertise in F&B, Housekeeping and engineering products has helped various properties to evolve new products as per changing patterns of the industry. Skill of developing intricate designs, to suit the ambience and presentations, is their prime area. The range of products offered by them includes Food display items, Chef serving stones, Glass platters and plates, Bar accessories, trays and salvers, Gastronorm pans, Stoneware crockery. They are also representing International Food service products like Tablecraft, Dudson, Impulse, WNK, GET, Hatco, Robocoupe. Today Aksai work closely with leading properties of India like Taj Group, Oberoi group, ITC group, Le Meridian, Hyatt, Radisson, Leela and many more. They work as one stop solution for designing & producing world-class products. Through their in depth knowledge and skills they are providing tailor-made solutions, as per the need. The company is backed by over 30 years of experience and expertise of Hospitality Industry Technocrats, who has vast experience in both designing & Innovation of concepts. Recently they have made state of the art showroom at Gurgaon, Haryana displaying the entire product range under one roof.

Complete Systems, Complete Solutions Kitchnrama Headquartered in New Delhi, Kitchnrama is a leading supplier of food service equipment, smallwares and spare parts to the hotel, restaurant and the cinema industry. With the objective of providing its services across the country, the company works with associates based across Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Chandigarh and other states as well. Kitchnrama serves as distributors for a large number of manufacturers specializing in food service & refrigeration equipment. The primary advantage of dealing with Kitchnrama is that it provides the convenience of obtaining diversified equipment from one highly dependable source at factory prices. The suppliers of Kitchnrama include some of the

best known and most prestigious firms in the field of commercial refrigeration, institutional kitchen and fast food service equipment. With over twenty years of experience in the industry, the company provides analysis of the needs of its clients for specific jobs. The highly skilled professional staff of Kitchnrama can also plan the facilities and recommend equipment essential for achieving greatest possible efficiency and economy. Besides facility planning and marketing of equipment, the company is also into the business of maintaining and servicing equipment. Some of the clients of Kitchnrama include the leading names of the industry like Oberoi Hotels, Taj Hotels, Radisson, ITC group, PVR Cinemas, Sahara, etc.

Global Taste on Indian Plate Epicure Frozen Foods & Beverages Pvt. Ltd. Epicure is one of India’s largest importers of a m b i e n t temperature food products. It has diversified portfolio from primarily retail oriented to HORECA focused products. It has reach to all the corners of the country with the network of distribution and suppliers across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Goa, Hyderabad, Chennai, Chandigarh etc. The products brought in by Epicure are on the shelves of all the major retail chains across all metros. The objective of the company is to bring in the best and therefore represents the leading companies across the globe like EckesGranini(Juices-France), Delverde(Pasta-Italy), Classic Foods(Chips and tortillas-USA), etc. which are trusted names in quality and customer satisfaction at their homeland. It has something for everybody in its basket of goods from cookies, pasta sauces, salad dressings, crackers, cheese twists, peeled tomatoes, beverages, ready to cooks meals etc.



Herbal Experience

Beverage Dispensing

COMBII Organochem Pvt. Ltd. COMBII Organochem was established in 1978, incorporating 20 years in the field of research and application of Botanical & Mineral materials on the human body. COMBII, the brand owner of HERBLINE, is one the largest, the most assured and the only manufacturer and vendor of Natural Skin & Hair Care products with ISO 9001:2008 accreditation in India. HERBLINE brand has won international acclaim for quality and service at the “Quality Summit” in Madrid, Spain in 1999. Having commissioned a new state of the art, modern plant in the Himalayas at scenic Bhimtal (close to Nainital), an excise free industrial area, natural spring water is used to manufacture the products. Being the largest

purveyor of guest toiletries to the hotel industry in India and Nepal, since 1978, COMBII has been a market dominator since inception. HERBLINE purveys to the exacting leaders in the industry – Oberoi Hotels & Resorts (Trident), Marriott, Crown Plaza (Nepal), Yak & Yeti, Radisson (Shimla & Nepal), Chioce Hotels, Charlet Hotel (Mumbai), Park Plaza and scores of other chains & stand-alone properties as well as heritage properties. The HERBLINE product range includes all the Guest Toiletries and Health Club & Spa products. HERBLINE products are also exported to international clients in countries like Mauritius, The Czech Republic, Japan, Maldives, Hungary, Cyprus, UK and USA, to name a few.

Manufactured in a modern FDA and ISO approved plant, using internationally approved formulations that have been developed in house through extensive and ongoing efforts of the R&D team, the complete range is based on ‘Naturally derived’ ingredients and well researched ‘Ayurvedic’ properties of plant and mineral matter. In-house microbiology and quality assurance laboratories ensure that perfect, international quality standard products are manufactured and dispatched from manufacturing facilities. All HERBLINE products are gentle and effective on the human body, are biodegradable, eco-friendly, not tested on animals and use recyclable packaging materials.

Pacific Merchants Pacific Merchants, manufacturer of quality keg beer dispense equipment has a 50,000 square feet manufacturing plant in North India. The company works on ISO 9001: 2000 TUV certified systems and has been producing beer faucets, beer line brass fittings, keg couplers, brass hardware drinking water equipments, bar ware and other beverage dispensing equipments in India since 1999. Pacific Merchants has achieved a reputation in USA, Australia, UK and other worldwide markets for superior product quality, undying leadership and love for its beverage dispensing products. Today, Pacific Merchants is has revamped its brand name to “Krome Dispense”. The company works closely with breweries and bar owners and thereby has procured several contented customers over the period of time. Pacific Merchants is the channel partner for patented “Beer Foam Detector” and “Glass Washers” which are produced in Canada & Germany respectively.

Total Hospitality Solutions Ravinder Hospitality Equipment With an experience of over 40 years in the field of designing, manufacturing and after sales services, Ravinder Hospitality Equipment has pioneered the hospitality solutions industry since inception in 1968. A company endorsed by a group of senior professionals, Ravinder Equipments has successfully d e l i v e r e d hospitality solution in India with its complete range of commercial hospitality products. International standard equipment and techno-economic aspects of after sales service tuned in optimum satisfaction for the consumers with every purchase decision. A company that initially started off as a service maintenance contracts and suppliers to dealers in different brands now manufactures equipments that have been successful in gaining its loyal customer base. Having over four decades of solution providing expertise and specialist team of highly qualified, experienced mechanical engineers and technocrats, the company now directly supplies and services to the best of the Hospitality chains and institutions in India. A vision to be distinguished as the paramount hospitality Solutions Company in the country and markets served, the company offers and manufactures the finest brands available in the country making outstanding customer service as the differentiator.



Translating Designs into Classic Kitchens Rite Equipments Pvt. Ltd. Rite Equipments has been operating in India for over 19 years and brings leading brands in FoodService Industry such as Hobart, Koldtech, Crathco, Neumarker, Garland, Winterhalter, Foster, MKN, Inoksan, Rational, YPT, Waring and other world leaders. The

Exotic Hotel Ware Venus Industries Venus Industries is celebrating its 50th year of existance this year. The company through its hardwork and innovation has established itself as a leading player in its product segment. With over five decades of experience in national & international markets, Venus Industries is today an established name in manufacturing and exporting premium quality of stainless steel items, hotel wares - flatware, tableware, chafing dishes, laufeen dish & trolleys, lighting buffet collection, electrical & others, bar ware, and kitchenware. It now also offers exclusive Zebra Table Accessories. Inspired by the know-how and experience of Shri.J.K.Khurana, the founder of Venus industries, the name Venus

is now synonymous with the art of the luxury dining in the hospitality industry. The “SUNEV” range of products from Venus Industries are fusion of stainless steel with ceramic, stainless steel with glass, stainless steel with wood, & stainless steel with acrylic. The products are available in retail stores like Lifestyle, Westside, @ Home, Reliance and in such other renowned names. The successful combination of professional experience, creativity, and unparalleled knowhow has thrust Venus Industries into a leadership position in the supply of stainless steel wares to the hospitality industry since last 50 years. The consistency and superior quality of the products along with innovation of international standard and its commitment to provide customer’s satisfaction has earned it an unenviable position in the hospitality segment.

Company has dedicated Project Division for handling turnkey projects and specialises in giving complete customised fabricated equipment and imported equipment for commercial kitchens. The "Team" at Rite Equipment is well trained by their international partners to meet rapidly growing Hotel Industry's various needs. Rite Equipments has vast experience, besides in-depth knowledge of Indian FoodService Industry and has been instrumental in bringing some of the latest International technology to India. A well organised structure in the company ensures that various levels of the business are sharply focused to provide unmatched support to the customer. This structure is certainly most suited for delivering high standards in terms of products and services. Recognised by leading National and International Kitchen Consultants, Rite has successfully executed many complex installations.

Turnkey Laundry Solutions Supershine Laundry Systems Pvt. Ltd. Supershine has been successfully installing and maintaining Commercial Laundry Equipment since 1990, in India and its neighbouring countries. Supershine offers Turnkey Solutions for any kind of Laundry projects. It represents

world’s leading brands specialising in Laundry and Drycleaning equipments. The company has pan-Indian presence to provide quality services and spares as per the requirements of the clients. The list of our clients range from the best in Hospitality Industry - Oberoi, Taj, Hyatt, Sheraton, Le Meridien, Radissons, Marriots, Leela etc., Healthcare Industry Apollo, Escorts, Medanta - The Medicity, Bombay Hospital, AIIMS, etc., Defence - Major Hospitals, AFMC, various establishments and units of Army, Navy, Air Force & Assam Rifles and Garment Exporters & Commercial Laundries.



The Touch That Matters

Tower Whip Topping

Feather Touch

AB Mauri India Pvt. Ltd.

‘Feather Touch’ fine bone china specializes in heavy duty, stain resistant chip proof and most durable hotel tablewares in this part of the world. Over the years, with in house research and development and consistent efforts to procure latest imported raw materials have yielded into world-class fine bone china product. This endeavor to achieve highest levels of quality, durability and service continues unabated. In this time of liberalization of imports for hospitality services, Feather Touch has proved the superiority of its product and those who imported chinaware are reverting back to its

product. It has achieved 300 per cent growth in last three years in Sales, which itself is an indication of their achievement in this field and the trend is still going strong. Moreover, 20 per cent its product has been exported to US, Europe and Gulf countries. In this segment 100 per cent growth is anticipated in next financial year and new production lines are being added to cope-up with additional demand on all fronts. To meet new challenges including new shapes, styles, décor etc. new system and technologies are being introduced to strengthen existing work force.

AB Mauri Pvt. Ltd., the leading yeast & bakery ingredients company, is launching its ‘Whip Topping’, under its flagship bakery brand named TOWERTM. After winning several accolades in the South-west Asian markets, the new TOWERTM WHIP TOPPING is here to storm the bakeries in India. TOWER TM Whip Topping is a premium quality product that has been designed by AB Mauri’s global experts, making it a perfect blend of performance and taste. It not only compliments the creativity of the Chefs with its superior stability and perfect sheen, but also delivers a blissful experience while relishing a cake.

TOWERTM Whip Topping is a product of intensive market study on this category, and of extensive trials conducted in the Indian market to match user requirements. This focussed approach has helped AB Mauri in achieving another milestone and the company is happy to present this product to the bakers in the country with pride and honour.

Tenacious Tandoors Munnilal Tandoors Pvt. Ltd. Munnilal Tandoors Pvt. Ltd. has been engaged in manufacturing and exporting of MS / SS tandoor, clay tandoors, gas tandoors, drum tandoors of different varieties and sizes for over 36 years now. The SS Round and SS Square tandoors of the company have also won the prestigious NSF 500 certification. Of late, it has modified its tandoors to provide some friendly features to them. Munnilal Tandoors offers a special tandoor where jute rope is wrapped around the entire outer surface of the tandoor, thus providing a protection cover for the tandoor users from the unbearable heat. The company, refurbished five years back, is committed to o f f e r i n g aesthetically designed tandoors and efficient customer service through platforms which includes online service queries as well. Due to its emphasis on providing quality, efficiency, reliability, competitive price, and instant delivery, the company has earned the reputation of being one of the most reliable manufacturers and exporters of tandoors in the world. The clientele of Munnilal Tandoors include major groups of five star hotels, such as Ashok Hotel, ITC Welcome Group, Oberoi Group, Taj Groups of Hotel, Maurya Hotel, Le Meridian Group, Leela Ramada, Radisson, and Hyatt Hotels. Munnilal’s family has been in the trade of manufacturing tandoor for three generations. With tandoor food becoming popular, they have been innovating new products to export them all over the world. The company has recently launched for the the first time in India a unique concept- Gas Fired Pizza Oven. The ultimate benefit of the products offers a very near taste of originally made pizzas in clay ovens, traditionally used in Italy.

Disclaimer Views expressed by the companies are not endorsed by Hammer Publishers Pvt. Ltd.



Particulars of Purchasing T

he hospitality industry keeps a holistic perspective of service quality, customer satisfaction, and customer value. Like every part of our body has different role and responsibility, which otherwise cannot function properly, every department in the hospitality sectors too has different responsibility to perform and run a smooth functioning. At the same time, the purchase department, which is, of course, the most important segment of the industry, acts as a service center to acquire best value for money and supply high quality products by establishing proper purchasing techniques. Thus the purchase department is always hand-bound heck of every activity happening in a hotel irrespective of its kind or type. The main purpose of the purchase procedure of the purchase department in the hotel industry today is to ensure proper material management, i.e. timely purchase, finding the right source, at the right price and the right quality. One of the most difficult things to call is pricing. The success of any system will depend more on the mutual trust, coordination and faith among the people of the concerned department and relevant officers than on the procedure itself. Procedures are always issued as general guidelines and every effort is being made to define it correctly and to the point. Better results depend on how it is interpreted by the individual. While dealing with this, the utmost importance is to be given to the fact that the basic idea of purchase is to procure and get the right material in time, which is the essence of purchase. Larger organizations need to know some vital information that is used for procurement of items in large quantities.

liquor, wines and beer. Tobacco: Cigars and cigarettes Kitchen stewarding items Stores Supplies: Guest supplies, restaurant supplies, cleaning, and other supplies. Linen and Uniforms: All room & restaurant linen, furnishings, sheets, and uniforms readymade/ materials. Printing & Stationary: All printed forms, stationary, menus, checks, etc. Repairs and maintenance: All engineering purchase like paints and spares, etc. Capital Purchase: Any capitals purchase like kitchen equipments, laundry or engineering etc. The materials mentioned in the process are purchased in the regular course of business, besides execution of repairs and maintenance works and procurement of capital items

including imports. The procedure that is followed before placing an order for procurement for the above-mentioned item is described below: Annual Contracts The company enters into annual contracts with approved suppliers. For this, a joint committee comprising of the following persons from the unit/units negotiate the yearly contracts for most of the hotels: • Vice President (Materials) • Unit Financial Controllers • Executive Chefs form each unit • Food & Beverage Controllers from each unit Most of the time, the convener of this committee is VP (Purchase). He advertises in

major newspapers inviting quotation according to specific months in a year. All the quotations are opened along with the representation from the Finance Department. The Purchase Department prepares comparative statement with the previous years rates. The convener then circulates a copy of the said comparative statement to all the committee members and fix up the meeting of the committee to negotiate the contracts with the suppliers. The committee then negotiates and submits its recommendation to the Director (Operation) and Director (Finance). The signing of annual contracts is done with the vendors before 31st March of every year, along with the general terms and conditions. Food supplies, grocery products, beverages, tobacco, kitchen stewarding & store supplies are purchased in a daily routine of business. The Purchase Manager procures these items after negotiating the rates with the vendors and issues the standing orders from time to time for annual rates contracts as mentioned above.

Procedure The procedures of purchasing are compiled as a ready reference to facilitate the day-to-day working and should be strictly adhered to. Therefore all officers/staffs of concerned departments are required to be thoroughly conversant with the contents of the procedure. The procedure deals with materials ordering and receiving. Organisation Normally, there is a purchase department (at the corporate level) under the head of the Director, Finance. In most of the hotels purchase procedures are ensured and guided by the Vice President (Materials), who is assisted by a team of people. Work or work-load is decided from time to time with regard to unit purchase and purchase at corporate level. He is responsible for properly organising the purchase department at various units. Even through the Head of the Unit Purchase is directly reporting to the top person, operationally, functionally and administratively, the responsibility for policy implementation remains with the VP (Materials) and the Unit Purchase Head co-operates with him in this regard. Quality Objective The Unit Purchase Head is responsible for • Procuring material that commensurate with quality specifications given by the user department. • Negotiating for the best rates. • Ensuring no guest complaint due to delay in purchase process. Proper classification is required for the system arrangement of various items. The various groups are defined as under: Food: Meat, fish, poultry, fresh fruits & vegetables, groceries, dairy products. Beverages: Soft drinks, Indian liquor, imported



Skillfully Roasted With Passion Kanhaiyalal Tandoor Pvt. Ltd. One of the few businesses that have withstood the tests of time and have survived the worst downturns is the food business. Eating out might have received a beating time and again, but it never touched heavy lows, even amidst the worst of recessionary pressures. Besides the food, service and décor, the efficient and progressive food outlets have relied on the range of quality equipment in their endeavour to never compromise on the quality of their gastronomic offerings, which also helped them to tide over the frequent and the infrequent crisis. The restaurant business, and in fact the entire hotel business has food as an essential component of its service. The right

equipment in the kitchen of hospitality institutions makes the vital difference to the cooking. Tandoors are one of the most important equipment in a kitchen, especially for Indian cuisines, which are integral part of many restaurants and hotels. Kanhaiyalal Tandoor Pvt. Ltd., which is run by two brothers— Avinder Kumar and Fakir Chand — has been in the business of manufacturing quality tandoors for a very long time. The two have put their more than 30 years

of expertise in manufacturing and marketing of tandoors to good use and are selling tandoors of different sizes & shapes. Made with strict adherence to high quality and precision, the tandoors are available in copper, stainless steel, and mild steel body. Simple clay tandoors are also available. The unwavering dedication of the two brothers and the stringent adherence to the quality of the products has seen the company sailing through the market. The company’s emphasis on quality has assured continual business. Kanhaiyalal Tandoor Company has expanded its offering and entered the field of Hotel wares made from top quality of Brass. The wide range includes cutlery, hotel wares, chafing dishes, platters, dongas, thalis and other related items suitable for serving cooked food.

Celfrost Launches New Brand Centre Celfrost Innovations Celfrost Innovations recently launched its 15th Brand Center at Jail Road, New Delhi in order to tap the expanding West Delhi market. The remaining Celfrost brand centers are already in operation in Mumbai, Delhi, Goa, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Gurgaon and other cities in India to promote its globally acclaimed range of commercial refrigeration & food service products that include popular international brands such as Vestfrost of Denmark, Manitowoc of USA, La Cimbali of Italy, Taylor of USA, Merrychef of UK, Lincoln of USA, Hamilton Beach of USA among others. Neeraj Seth, MD, said, “The stores will offer

a wide range of products suitable for hotels, restaurants, bakery shops, coffee shops, bars & pubs, clubs & canteens, food retail stores and so on. After receiving an overwhelming response to the first 14 stores launched in India, Celfrost decided to open the second Brand Centre in New Delhi. The stores will enable the brand to reach a larger audience who prefer to touch and feel the products before buying. All the products are based on world class technology and come with a host of benefits for its users. The differentiating factor for the company is its assured after-sales service support by our experiences service team”. The new Celfrost brand centre, located at Jail Road, New Delhi showcases Reach–in refrigerators, Showcase chillers, Confectionery showcases, Wine coolers, Absorption minibars, Chest freezer-cum-coolers, Ice machines, Espresso coffee machines, Soft ice cream dispensers, Juice dispensers, Granita machines, Back bars, Bar Blenders & Water coolers.

Polycorbonate Range M.P. Enterprises We under the brand name of “ Kenford” are one of the distinct manufacturers of Polycarbonate products useful for the Hospitality and the Food Service Industry. The product range includes Cafeteria Trays , Glasses, Dinnerware, Stack Bowls, Tableware, Compartment & Display Trays , Salad Platters. Our G.N Pans & the lids are the exclusive products. Recently the company has launched Color coded G.N Pans in Ceramic Cream , Green & Red. Through “Kenford” the company have always strive towards excellence and are committed to deliver best quality products at a reasonable price. The company has distributers in all major metros and plan to expand its reach to other cities & towns.



Pasta and Noodles Machine Satellite Plastics Introducing the world s finest and popular MARCATO Pasta and Noodles making machines. These manual machines are a must for Restaurants, Fast Foods, Hotels, and

Caterers. Attach a Motor if you desire to for convenience. All our equipment is small and compact, sturdy and economical. Attachments available to make the entire range of pasta like Chow Mien (Chinese), Spaghetti, Fettuccini, Trenette, Ravioli, Agnolotti, Cannelloni, Macaroni, Bucatini, Fussili, Penne and so on.

Hair Dryers for Hotels Eagle Forgings Eagle, known for world-renowned products for hospitality sector, mainly concentrates on bedroom equipment, bathroom equipment, table top supplies and k i t c h e n equipment products. Of its bathroom equipment range Aliseo~Northmace, hair dryers is one of the renowned brands worldwide. Its features are, spring-loaded switch, multi speed/heat settings. Designed specially for hotel with certified safety features, provides over-heat protection, energy saving, UL listed and theft resistant.

Durable and Dashing Metal Furniture Samrat Furnishers Samrat Furnishers offers a wide range of well designed and durable metal furnisher, be they banquet chairs, fast food joint furniture, trolleys or odd shape banquet tables. Moreover, the company also manufactures display signs and signage boards in different finish and design. The primary attraction of its range of furniture is the powder coating which gives it a brilliant finish. All facilities regarding manufacturing are done in-house. For hotel and restaurant furniture quality stainless steel is used. Samrat Furnishers has specialised in industrial canteens and offers them turnkey solutions so far as their furniture needs are concerned. The finish of the products can be chrome plated, powdered or polished, as per

the requirements. Be they chairs, tables, linen, bellhop trolleys, podiums, function boards, planter- all come with a unique finish and strength. The expertise of the company also lies in banquet furniture and it has also come up with a range of wrought iron furniture that is finding favour with the hotels and restaurants. Various range of Samrat Furnishers products are in use in various properties like Taj Hotels, Sarovar Park Plaza Hotels, Triumph ResidencyBhuvneshwar, Marion –Bhuvneshwar, McDonalds-Delhi besides Sahara Airlines, Jindal Steel, Daewoo Motors and host of other institutions. It has been providing durable products to the hospitality industry for the last 25 years.

World Class Provider of Specialty Oils & Fats Kamani Oil Industries Pvt Ltd Kamani Oil Industries Pvt Ltd (KOIPL) is one of the leading manufacturing organization in the field of specialty oils and fat products in India. The company is the first Indian vegetable oil industry to be HACCP certified (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point). Dedicated to providing highest quality oils and fats to the customers, it has a wide range of products for specialized applications to the Food, Pharma, Cosmetic and Nutraceutical industry. The company has a state of art production facility which is being constantly upgraded to ensure production flexibility. The product range includes a range of vegetable oils, Bakery shortenings, Margarines, Confectionery fats, Dairy fat replacers, Nutritional and healthy oils. Commitment towards quality & service has helped KOIPL become the leading supplier to the major food processing industries. It is a research oriented organization and prime focus is health, nutrition and innovation. With an ambitious vision to be a world class provider of specialty oils & fats to the industry with an increasing global presence, the company has staff strength of more than 300 employees and our annual turnover is appx 950 crores. The company headed by Board of Directors who have vast experience in commercial and technical aspects of the field. The company has a world class 550 TPD vegetable oil processing unit to cater to the needs of growing global food market and serve its customers better. The facility ensures optimum production capacity with minimum wastage and deep respect for environmental, industrial and food safety.



Ceaseless Customer Satisfaction Rans Technocrats With in a short span, Rans Technocrats have carved a niche in the equipment market scene in India in the field of wide ranging commercial kitchen equipment. An efficient team of engineers and manufacturing professionals supervise the production of custom designed kitchen, catering, bakery, and food service equipment. Since kitchen equipment sits on the nerve center of any hotel, it is vital to maintain high production quality standards and quality of metal in the machines and equipment. The company uses 18/8 quality stainless steel under exacting customised manufacturing

process. Indian cooking conditions apart, the handling, temperatures and water quality etc. are all considered while selecting metal quality for the particular equipment. Rans have been able to offer value for money in their quick response after sales service. This has come about because an Operations Engineer heads a separate team takes care of the factory and the after sales services. This results in faster turn-around time to attend to clients. The company also represent leading international foodservice equipment companies like Rancilio, Sirman, Migel, Comenda, Rieber, Foinox, Lainox, Anomo,

Autofry, Schaerer, Hallde, Eurofours, OEM, Alto Sham, Giorik, Chanmag etc. The range of products include Ice Cream machine, Meat Mincer, Ice cube Machine, Ovens, Mixers & Juicers, Coffee Machine, Pizza preparation counters, mobile counters, Salamanders, Display Cabinets, Plate Warmer, Gas Ranges, Mini Master Fryer, Sandwich Griller, Bain Marie, Trolley etc. The range of imported foodsevice equipment along with Indian equipment helps

in providing customer one stop solution. Looking forward to a greater leap in growth, the company has set up new production plant at Manesar near Gurgaon. The new production facility will help in executing larger projects and maintaining quality standards and time schedules. The clients serviced by the company include Bharat hotels, Radisson, Oberoi group, Taj group, Welcom group, Jaypee group, to name a few.

Sustaining Leadership Stefab India Ltd. Stefab is South Asia’s largest manufacturer of Industrial Laundry machines with over 7,500 laundries already in operation in India & foreign lands comprising of over 42,000 machines, since 1975. It’s manufacturing facilities are

spread over 18,000 sq mts, with production capacity of one machine every hour. Stefab’s quality standards are world class & there is a significant price advantage when compared with foreign machines. Also availability of spare parts “Off-the-Shelf ” at very low price & Post Sales Service through our large Sales & Service network all over India, are obvious advantages. Today Stefab’s equipment is equivalent to any brand available from the Developed parts of the World. Stefab prominently scores over its foreign counter parts on account of Availability of Spares, Services, Sturdiness of Structures, Drives, Components etc.

High Defination of Coffee WMF WMF offers Bistro with additional Milk power, Steam power, Touch s c r e e n , Illumination in 5 different colours, Cup & Cool. It provides high performance with 200-300 cups per hour depending on Coffee recipes. It has won the Design award Coffee machine -a poetry in your coffee shop which attracts the consumers. A Revenue maker with Style & Status also avialable-with sub-counter cooler System. Sub-counter cooler for much extra milk with little space on the counter adjustable temperature from 0-8°C removable milk insert with ca 9.5 liter volume separate on-/off-switch. Compact milk hose guidance through the drip pans required separately suitable for coffee machine Bistro! It requires nominal power of 54 W at 30 V. The dimensions are: Width 450 mm, Height 240 mm, and Depth 560 mm.



Customer Focused Solutions and Services Soft Sensations SSPL a company known to the Indian hospitality industry for over two decades brings innovative products and services into the market for customers throughout. When it comes to “TABLE TOP” items, an unmatched selection is what SSPL offers to markets by and large. SSPL’s division of ‘BANQUET FURNITURES’ comprises of complete solutions for any sort of establishment. With tie-ups and association with renowned national and international majors like WMF, NARUMI, STOELZLE, ALFI, SKS, LODGE, ROSSETO, BDK, PIAZZA, etc the organisation boasts of uncompromising quality and satisfactory buying every time a purchase decision in made. The knowledgeable sales staff, unmatched product selection, nationwide footprint, makes the organization a chosen supplier to almost all types of foodservice businesses including independent restaurants, regional, national & international hotel chains as well. The products are sourced globally to bring to the Indian customers all that they need from custom designing to impeccable after sales services; SSPL keeps consumers abreast of changes in the industry. With a focus to become India’s premier hospitality company by providing unparalleled products, quality service and business consultancy SSPL delivers satisfaction with guarantee. While utilizing the global resources, caring for the environment and enabling employees to deliver uncompromising excellence to clients is relentlessly undertaken by SSPL. In pursuance of bringing excellence in work SSPL strives to bring ‘value for money’ for every dedicated and future consumer.

Implementing Software Solutions Solutionz Consulting Solutionz Consulting, leading provider of innovative IT solutions to the Hospitality Industry consists of a team of qualified professionals to facilitate customers in using IT solutions effectively for their business. The procedure seamlessly merges hardware and software technologies to provide solutions to increase productivity and reduce losses. Based out of Gurgaon the IT hub of the country, Solutionz Consulting possesses expertise, infrastructure and resources to implement solutions throughout India. The company makes extensive use of ‘Cloud Computing’ in the software to provide benefits like Virtual head office in with Online MIS, Increased flexibility and

control of operations, Reduced cost of implementation, Reduced usage of dedicated hardware and decrease in usage of technical manpower. The product basket of the company includes REZOL - ‘Live’ POS, MMS, MIS and central kitchen software, GARUDA Online PMS & CRS on Cloud, MAIL ME 1 - mass e-mail marketing software, OLIVE - Hotel room automation, digital menu & cake album on iPad & android tablets, WEB SITES - domain registration, hosting, design, development and SEO services, POS HARDWARE - POS machines, thermal printers, cash drawers, bar code scanners & printers, digital weighing machines, cake

printers, etc. Over years, Solutionz Consulting has successfully implemented solutions for various Companies, Hotels, Restaurants, Bakeries and Multi-Outlet Chains. Some of their prestigious clients include Frontier Biscuits, Nizam’s Kathi Kebab, NEC Food Processing, The Belgian Fries, The Pint Room, Kings Lodge, Tree House Hideaway, Kanha Earth Lodge, Surajgarh Fort, Bundelkhand Riverside, ITM University, Mccoy Soudal, JB Glass, Omiro India, Hammer Publishers, DETA, Pink City Expressway, etc.

Sensuously Premium Delights Puratos Food Ingredients Puratos’ Carat Coverlux is a premium range of dark, milk and white multi-purpose compound chocolates made primarily with fractionated fat and refined to a smooth texture. They afford great chocolate taste, thanks to the intense flavour of the specially selected cocoa powders, and give a mouth feel that is similar to that of Real chocolate. The impeccable refining process gives these chocolates their fine and smooth texture. Their shiny appearance owe to the high quality of vegetable fat as an ingredient. Their superior shrinking properties facilitate easy demoulding. These chocolates have multi-purpose roles in bakery operations. They can be used for decorating, enrobing, and in flavouring of patisserie, muffins, fillings and mousses, and are especially suitable for moulding. Puratos’ proven know-how in chocolate processing guarantees superior products with excellent taste, texture and viscosities. Matched with its expertise in bakery and patisserie, Puratos is able to offer great possibilities to meet the needs of today’s bakers, patissiers and chocolatiers.Compound chocolates for industry usage is a specialty of Puratos. They bring a wide range of benefits to the chocolatier. and chocolate manufacturer.



Baking Creativity

Contract Furniture Solutions

Mrs. Bector Foods Specialties Ltd.

Metal Avenues

Established in 1978, the product range of Mrs. Bector Food Specialties Ltd. includes condiments, meals, snacks, bread and biscuits. The Cremica brand of Mrs. Bector is today spread over 250 food items. The company provides sandwich & snacks solutions, pizza solutions, mayonnaise & derivatives and toppings and syrups to various coffee chains, pizza chains, sandwich chains, ethnic chains, food retail chains, hotel groups and airlines. The sandwich & snacks solutions of Mrs. Bector include Tomato Ketchup,

Metal Avenues a pioneer and trendsetter in hotel and restaurants furnishings in India specializes in quality furniture built to withstand heavy usage in the hospitality industry. The sophisticated and modern range of outdoor furniture, pool side and lawn furniture includes Designer chairs, Table Bases, Sofas, and Table Tops. The products range in variety of style, colors & materials. The collection of outdoor furniture is available in wood, wicker with contemporary alternatives in stainless steel and aluminum. Metal Avenues excels in being positioned as a one stop shop for high quality Indian and imported furniture, offering the largest collection of furniture for all segments of the

Sattive Ketchup, Tomato Chilli Sauce, English Mustard Sauce, Salsa Mexicana, Chilli Garlic Dip etc. Mrs. Bector’s pizza solutions include Pizza Pasta Sauce, Classic Pizza Sauce and Tandoori Pizza Gravy. Among the mayonnaise and derivatives, Vegetarian Mayonnaise, Real Egg Mayonnaise, Chef ’s Choice Mayonnaise, Flavoured Mayonnaises and Bread Spreads are popular. It also offers, various chutneys, ready to cook gravies and marinades in the Indian food category. The fruit spreads, fruit toppings, jams, syrups, caramel topping, choco fudge topping, chocolate dressings are also widely appreciated products of Mrs. Bector Foods Specialties Ltd.

hospitality industry like Restaurant, Banquet Hall, Pool Side, Guest Room and Hotel Carts. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and warehousing availability, Metal Avenues has a pan India presence. A proud legacy of quality, veracity and steadiness places the company among the premier exporters of fine furniture in countries like USA, United Kingdom, Dubai and South Africa. The esteemed clients of Metal Avenues includes major players in the Indian Hospitality industry namely Pizza Hut , KFC, Costa Coffee , Mc Donald’s ITC, Radisson & Lemon tree Hotels to name a few.The products offer highest quality combined with long term durability, warranty and industry experience providing an optimum level of service and solution capabilities.

Steel with Style Stec Stainless Steel

STEC founded in the year 1967 under the leadership of Shri Shantilal Jain is engaged in the business of manufacturing stainless steel products. With an extensive and exclusive range of stainless steel products, STEC has successfully gained a name of repute in the hospitality industry and boasts in being one of the pioneers delivering quality product to Industries, Hotels, Markets, etc. In 1987 STEC took a leap by approaching the customers directly without keeping any mid channel of dealers and distributors. This initiative in turn ensured the customer satisfaction to an optimum level every time they interact and deal with STEC. Ultra q u a l i t y stainless steel products are the most exacting demands that have been catered to by the business since 1967. The products are manufactured in a manner that combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative technology, with an end result that is definite to last for years to come. This resulted in an overwhelming response from customers all over the country and worldwide. The uniqueness captured in every product manufactured ensures customer satisfaction and high brand recall. STEC in the year 2004 evolved the concept of Hotelware Super Market exclusively for a target group interested in new setup of business which could leverage ideas in hotel/ catering business with close cooperation from STEC by utilization the numerous measures required for success at the point of sale. The professional cast products, untiring commitment and consumer loyalty towards STEC has been a boon resulting in the marvelous success enjoyed by the company for over four decades.



Smoke Point Cabins SN Global SN Global, markets Smoke Point smoking cabins, which are developed by Smoke Solution, Denmark. It is the only smoke solution that works 100 percent in airconditioned areas as it converts the tobacco smoke into clean air and stops the spreading of harmful nicotine and annoying odour emitted from smoking. This enables the guests to smoke in an air-conditioned area without having to go out to smoke outside the premises, which in turn may increase the

beverage sales of the restaurants or hotels considerably. These cabins have a beautiful Danish design that is completely hasslefree, requires no ducting and can be shifted easily. They are available in different models with a capacity of 4 to 14 people. One model has been designed specially for existing smoking rooms to remove the foul smell from them. The cabins are equipped with a fireproof ashtray that can take up to 3500 cigarette butts, thereby reducing the load on the housekeeping staff. The cabins are sensor based and are operational only when

occupied, which helps in saving power. Smoke Point cabins are ideal for hotels, bars, pubs and restaurants, shopping malls, multiplexes, offices, airports and other public places. They make socialising between non-smokers and smokers enjoyable without the risk of passive smoking. The cabins are installed in hotels such as Radisson Blu, New Delhi and Ghaziabad, premium bars such as Rockman’s Beer Island, F Bar, Underdoggs and Golfworx in NCR, in malls like Ambience Mall, Gurgaon, Infiniti Mall in Mumbai and Mantri Mall in Bangalore, and also at the Bangalore and Hyderabad airports.

Revolutionising Cleaning Aman Cleaning Aman Cleaning is one of the leading manufacturer and importer of floor cleaning machines in India. The company manufactures floor scrubber machine and other types of floor cleaning machines. It has a tie-up with two Italian and two Turkish companies for other range of products. The primary tie-up is with Lavorwash Italy for its FASA Brand Products and with Ghibli Italy for its floor scrubber’s only. The third tie-up

is with Tektem Makina and Star Makina from Istanbul Turkey for its scrubber drier range and vacuum cleaner range. The products manufactured by Aman Cleaning are catered to major industry sectors like heavy industries, auto workshop, multiplex, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, railways, housekeeping companies, offices etc. The company has pan-India presence with dealer located in all major towns of India. The complete range of product includes - single disk / three brush floor cleaning/polishing machines, industrial wet/ dry vacuum cleaner (1-2-3 motors), automatic scrubber drier machine (mini and standard) electrical and battery operated and ride on type, road/ floor sweeping machine (walk behind and ride on type), high pressure water jet cleaner, carpet driers, upholstery cleaner, back pack vacuum cleaner, foam generator, glass cleaning tools and manual cleaning equipments and tools. The company has introduced a unique offer for its customers to provide combination of three machines at the package rate of Rs. 58,000 + Tax. The package includes High Pressure Washer, Single Disc Floor Scrubber and Wet/ Dry Vacuum Cleaner. This offers a comprehensive set of equipment for a company at economical price. This offer is valid till 30 April 2013.



Spic and span without a magic wand! Spic and span, in half the time! IFB Industries. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? This is the solution kitchen and housekeeping employees around the world would love to have. Especially when it comes with the manager’s nod of approval and the regular customer’s cheerful smile. That’s the kind of thing that sets you free. IFB’s commercial range of Dishwashers and Washing Machines are a must have in any professional kitchen or laundry. Take a look at some of their special features that make life easier for you, day after day after day. An IFB Commercial Dishwasher is a huge convenience because it acts tough on dirt and

gentle on utensils. It cleans at 55ÚC and rinses at 85ÚC, making sure that the dishes come out sparkling clean. Moreover it fits in everything, from the tiniest teaspoon to fancy big plates and expensive wine glasses in its spacious and flexible racks. For tougher stains, the Power Wash option creates extra water

pressure for a thorough cleaning. The drying system is also hygienic as the steam cleaned utensils come out with the perfect glaze, without the use of any cloth. And finally, the Dishwasher is so user friendly that even a person who has landed on the job for his first day can make a striking impression. Now that’s when the smiles really brighten up the room. The IFB Commercial Washing Machine is also a great investment when it comes to performance and functionality. This state-ofthe-art appliance takes the stress out of bulk washing at the push of a button. Designed from advanced and patented technologies, the washing machine comes with multiple heating options to deliver spotless clean clothes, from tough tablecloths to soft and fluffy bathrobes, in very little time. Get your business the IFB advantage and earn countless happy smiles, the kinds that set you free!

Facilitating Food Service Topline Food Equipment Pvt. Ltd. With its wide range of enticing products Topline Food Equipment Pvt. Ltd. (Topline) strives to provide sound and customized solutions in the field of food tray and cup

sealing machines and food service equipment to the Food Service Industry. Topline has been offering a novel range of food packaging equipments such as ManualTop Sealing machines for cups and trays which are being widely used by restaurants and fast food outlets everyday. The sealing machines are being used by leading food chains such as Haldiram, Bikanerwala, Barista Coffe company, Spring leaf retail and several other small and big users all over the country. The company also offers high quality food service equipment from world reputed brand such as Anvil - Convection Oven, Electric Salamander, Sandwich Press, Convection Oven, Chip Dump, Griddle Ribbed To etc. Topline is also a strong contender for offering complete food solutions to their customers for strengthening their backend operations in the area of food business. Over the years, Topline has managed to create a niche for themselves by offering high quality products to their clientele all over the country at cost-effective rates.

Solution for Better Works Spaces Quartz Home Care Quartz Home Care (I) P Ltd. is one of the leading companies in India engaged in providing complete range of Housekeeping & Cleaning Products to institutions like Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Corporate Offices, Industries, Schools, Shopping Malls & Multiplexes, Facility Management Companies etc. Quartz’s biodegradable & environment friendly product range includes Floor Cleaners

& Polishes, Descaler, Hand Wash, Glass Cleaner, Carpet Shampoo, Toilet Cleaner, Air Freshners, Multipurpose Cleaner, Wringer Trolleys, Multipurpose Trolleys, Kentucky Mops, Dry Mops & Squeezes. The Products being marketed by Quartz for the last two decades have proven quality backed up by excellent service. Quartz also promote the Entrance Matting System, Anti skid materials, Machine & Hand pads, Also on the product line is the imported Floor Scrubbing Machines, Back-Pack Vacuum Cleaners, Vacuum Cleaners (Dry n’ Wet) and Auto Scrubber Dryers.



Breathtaking Bed Furniture for Uncompromising Comfort Metro Plus Lifestyle and Bath Linen Pushkal Textiles Founded in 1999, Pushkal Textiles has emerged as a major manufacturer and supplier of bed and bath linen for the hotel industry in India. Keeping in mind the ever

changing requirements of the hotel industry for linen and related products, Pushkal Textiles is a one stop shop for quality and contemporary range of bed and bath linen. The wide range of products from the house of Pushkal includes mattress protectors, bed sheets, pillow covers, pillows, duvets, duvet covers, bath towels, hand towels, bath mats, face towels, pool towels, bath robes, shower curtains, restaurant napkins, table cover, etc. With an objective of manufacturing unrivaled quality products at competitive price, the company has been a market dominator for over a decade. Sheets and pillow covers of Pushkal Textiles are available from 120TC to 300TC in super combed yarn and bath linens are available in 100 percent cotton low twisted fine yarn for enhanced water absorption. The company can customize all products as per the requirement of the customers including logo/ name woven in bath linen.

Established in the year 1997, Metro Plus Lifestyle is one of the leading organisations in the furniture industry. The company is a manufacturer and importer of an exhaustive range of leisure seating systems and recliners for offices, restaurants, cafés, auditoriums, pool sides, home theaters & multiplexes, and banquets. It also manufactures garden furniture, corporate gifts & accessories. The gamut of outdoor and garden furniture of the company is popular for its exquisite designs and durability. ‘Chairwalla’, ‘Outdoors’, and ‘Kursiwalla’ are the leading brands of Metro Plus Lifestyle. Starting off with trading in the range of

molded furniture, Metro Plus Lifestyle has today grown by leaps and bounds and has expanded its activities to the domain of office furniture, rattan garden furniture, outdoor, patio, swings, gazebos, cast iron, aluminium, and beach and poolside furniture. Engaged in manufacturing, enhancing and customising institutional furniture, the company is committed to meet tough challenges in the form of stringent specifications and rigorous quality standards set by its customers. Under the able guidance of Rajesh Malhotra, Director, Metro Plus Lifestyle, the company has carved out a niche for itself in the hospitality industry.

Importing Taste, Affordably BMS Enterprises BMS Enterprises is involved in the imports of traditional frozen food from Singapore, seafood from Vietnam, and some exotic food from Australia, for over 15 years, and has distribution network across the country. Its sister concern, Connoisseurs is a four-yearold company involved in imports of exotic frozen IQF fruits like blueberry, raspberry, strawberry & blackberry, and also some seafood from Vietnam. BMS Enterprises is also engaged in the manufacturing of frozen snacks like ready to fry spring rolls, samosas, seekh k a b a b , satays, and paranthas. This year, the c o m p a n y launched cold cuts like sausages, ham, frankfurtters, salami, mortedellas (chicken & pork) to name a few. Also this year the company has come up with frozen hara bhara kebab, vegetable shammi kabab, and potato cheese balls. The company has to its credit of introducing IQF frozen exotic fruits in the retail pack of 200gm across India. These packs are very reasonably priced despite of being exotic and imported.



Ensuring Quality Food Dharampal Satyapal Ltd India has traditionally been known for diversified gastronomy and rich civilization. The most important element of any cuisine is the spices and Indian spices are famous world over their various aspects like aroma, texture, flavor, colour, etc. DS group pioneered in the year 1987 the launch of hygienically packed, free flowing, iodized low sodium salt in its innovative packaging to offer the consumers a high quality product at reasonable price under a brand name “Catch”. For the first time in India, Catch brought in a monumental change in the usage of salt

from kitchen to dining table in an attractive, user friendly and tamper-proof dispenser which is made from biodegradable material. This striking movement created a new market segment where Catch table top spice range almost enjoys monopoly till date and still has no serious competitor, validating its claim of an unrivalled product backed by excellent packaging; Catch received the Super brand status in 2009. Catch represents various products that DS Group has launched in the market. In each category, it is a strong player

with respect to unparalleled quality and unique blend of ingredients. Catch spices are packed in food-grade, metal-lined cartons, flexible laminates and convenient composite cans available in a variety of pack sizes. Catch exercises a state-of-the-art, Low Temperature Grinding (LTG) technology for manufacturing of spices. This particular procedure prevents evaporation of volatile and delicate oils allowing the spices to retain their original aroma, while imparting a wholesome, authentic flavour to foods. Unlike most other brands, Catch spices have no fillers are thus better than others available in the market. Catch stands for an unwavering commitment to product quality, value and innovation. Going through a series of rigorous quality test throughout the process of

procurement and manufacturing, Catch spices ensure perfect hygiene with every pinch that goes in to your food. At Catch, all the products are developed only after extensive research & development and a highly technical procedure is adopted for packaging to ensure best buy in every respect.

Innovative Commercial Equipment PLS Group Catering is big business and right from the high end caterer to the smallest player in the hospitality business, everyone understands for the success of snacks counter is of immense value. The humble street food is popular with all guests. With such snacks in big demand, PLS Group have created a novel product that presents the savories in a neat and scientific counter that goes well with any setting. Top caterers have started using the best equipment available in the market to create an impact among the crowd and food lovers. PLS group is one company that is always keen to introduce new equipment for the hospitality needs in the kitchen and outdoor catering as well. Naresh Lal, the managing director of the PLS group has immense expertise in the specialised field of kitchen equipment. Added to this his zest for innovation makes him amply qualified enough to catch the nerve of the hospitality industry. The company’s recent range of Bhalla papri counter is creating waves among the industry not only for the look but also for the use. This range is intricately designed using approved design and specification in mind. The company has a long list of prestigious clientele which includes the hotels, restaurants, catering institute, banquets, institutions and others.

Disclaimer Views expressed by the companies are not endorsed by Hammer Publishers Pvt. Ltd.



Innovative Luxury Window Solution Washroom Hygiene Green Future Windows Pvt. Ltd. in various colors and mode of operations. Known under the brand name “Green Products May it be a housing project, a five star hotel, Future”, the company offers a comprehensive Buhania Bros. ‘Buhania Bros.’ under the brand ‘Rancher” has grown to one of the leading suppliers of washroom hygiene products in a very short span. The comprehensive range of products in washroom hygiene segment include:

range of window solutions, from fixed windows to casement, tilt and turns to parallel sliding, lift and slide to fold and slides, etc. Multiple international tie-up’s and association endow Green Future to offer multiple solutions to cater every kind of budgets and project requirements. With an experience and expertise in the solutions provider industry, Green Future tenders all the opening solutions to the market in a wide variety of materials - uPVC, Aluminium, Thermal break, Alu-wood and Bullet proof windows. To complement the same, clients can also select integrated blinds

hospital, institutional projects, high-end apartment or premium villas, Green Future is present in almost all the sectors and serves pan India. Few of their ongoing projects are Holiday Inn Hotel (Delhi), Floraville by Paramount Group (Uttar Pradesh), IIT campus (Himachal Pradesh), Multispecialty hospital (Madhya Pradesh), ISKCON (West Bengal). Green Future products are weather resistant, termite and corrosion resistant, sound insulated, thermal insulated, fire resistant etc. Under the Go – Green initiative Green Future ensures that all products are manufactured in environment friendly facilities.

Automatic Aerosol Dispenser, Manual Liquid Soap Dispenser, Sanitizer, Automatic Urinal Flasher, Automatic Faucet, Paper Dispenser, Automatic Hand Dryer and Liquid Soap Dispenser. Established since 1996, the company has pan-Indian presence and committed to provide quality products along with sound after sales services. Through its commitment towards clean environment, it strives to improve the quality of life at establishments across the nation. The products are targeted at Hotel, Restaurant, Hospital and Corporate market segments. The company specializes in custom made and OEM innovative supplies. The company has already installed its products in leading hotel & corporate segments including Parliament House, ONGC, NHPC, US Embassy, Nokia, and Radisson hotel, few to say.

Anti-Bacterial Mattress Coirfoam India P. Ltd. It feels great when your guests wake up feeling more dynamic, more active and more lively. That’s why Corfom mattresses have been designed and perfected to give your guests a more rejuvenating sleep. CORFOM mattresses keep sleep environment more hygienic because of the collaboration with Amicor. AMICOR is an innovative layer of latest intelligent fibre, which prevents allergens and provides the most hygienic sleep environment. It is not a coating but a permanent layer which w o r k s through the entire life of the mattress. Not only it increases the life of the mattress, but also provides healthier sleep environment for guests, especially for kids, senior citizens, for people with known allergy to bacteria & dust mites. After falling asleep, we shed skin flakes into the bed and pillow. The warmth and humidity inside our beds encourage a micro fungus to turn these flakes into a food source for mites. By preventing the fungus, the mites cannot eat our skin and have to go elsewhere to find food. Amicor layer works as a preventive barrier. It is gentle and does not kill, but mites simply cannot thrive inside Amicor Pure bedding. Top names such as The Leela, Taj, Radisson, Neemrana Hotels in the luxury hospitality industry choose CORFOM for the long and proven experience we have in producing customised mattress.



McCain Foods Limited McCain Foods Limited is a privately owned multi-national company and is the world’s largest processor of French fries and specialty potato products. Besides French fries and potato products, McCain foods also markets a range of quality frozen food products including pizzas, appetizers, vegetables and desserts which are sold in more than 160 countries worldwide. Today, McCain Foods is a global leader among food processors with 50 processing plants across 6 continents. In fact, about 1 in every 3 French fries consumed in the world today is produced by McCain. With employee strength of over 19,000 and sales of over $6 billion (Canadian), McCain is the only truly global French fry Company in the World. The remarkable success and global leadership of McCain Foods is built on its sustained

investment in potato agronomy, a win-win partnership with farmers, superior process technology and product innovation. McCain Foods India Pvt. Ltd (McCain Foods India) established in 1998, is a 100% subsidiary of McCain Foods Ltd, Canada. McCain Foods India has been engaged in laying the foundation for a sustainable potato supply source through investment in an extensive agronomy program, by partnering with potato farmers in India and by developing the nascent frozen foods market in India. McCain Foods India in 2007 had set up its first processing plant in Mehsana district of Gujarat by investing approximately Rs 150 crore. Today in the fast emerging Indian market, McCain Foods leads the name in frozen French fries and potato specialties. McCain products are

most popular and are obtainable in almost all modern supermarkets and traditional stores. The company is increasing its presence in India by channelizing the distribution of its competitively priced products through a specialized cold chain distribution system across Tier I and II cities. The company is educating masses and the future customers about the products through well planned sampling and promotion programs. McCain range of products available in India also includes the international range of frozen products like French Fries, Super Wedges, Smiles, Rosti Rounds; Indian ethnic specialties like Aloo Tikki, Idli Sambar, Chill Garlic Potato Bites, Veggie Nuggets, Veggie Burger Patties

and Imported Cheese appetizers such as Cheese and Jalapeno Nuggets, Macaroni ‘n’ Cheese Munchies and Mozzarella Cheese Sticks. The products are used by leading international and domestic Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) as well as consumed by Hotels/Restaurants, Caterers and Canteens in India and abroad, are also very popular with retail consumers.

Launches New Collection of Holloware Fns This season gets luxurious and classy for hospitality industry as FnS launches the latest collection of Hollowware that is exclusively perfect for customer satisfaction and delight. India’s booming hospitality industry in recent time has brought a ray of hope for

the economy with the increase in arrival of foreign tourists and domestic travelers exploring the countr y’s attractive destinations and landscapes for business and leisure. Besides the premium services provided in hospitality industry, what really attracts guests to a particular hotel depends on a variety of factors. Certainly it is the cuisine, the soul of hospitality and international standards of stay one provides for the complete satisfaction of the guests, deliverance of timely service and lots others. This has in turn channelized an opportunity for many other industries to be associated with hospitality business. One major opportunity that has been sieved out is for Tableware brands, an essential element for delivering the end consumer with global standards of F&B consumables. Understanding the needs of hospitality sector with years of experience, cutlery from FnS has been able to occupy a table space where no other cutlery brand would have imagined. The brand understands the aesthetics of culinary art. Though modern in designs, FnS cutlery has reflected the traditional heritage of skilled craftsmanship that gratifies the taste of industry professionals across regions in every product that is manufactured. FnS has researched and crafted out an exemplary range of dining products exclusively for food service industry in various categories like Bar accessories, Table accessories, Snack servers, Buffet displays, Chafing dishes, etc. This will heighten the brand experience to a next level of recognition.



One Stop Security Solutions

Cutlery Dryer

Onity India

Mod Kitchen Equipment

Onity (formerly TESA Entry Systems) is a part of UTC Fire and Security, which is a business unit of United Technologies Corp (UTC). UTC is a multi-billion dollar global corporation with rich histories of technological pioneering from their world-leading business units such as Otis Elevator, Carrier (Air Conditioners), Pratt & Whitney (Jet Engines), Sikorsky (Helicopters) and Hamilton Sundstrand. UTC brings to Onity world-class quality processes and R & D resources. UTC is a company that thrives creating and maintaining a balanced environment, actively embracing diversity both in the workforce and in the way we approach challenges. Since 1984, Onity has set the standard for locking doors electronically with installations of more than 3.7 million electronic locks throughout the world. As a leading global provider of electronic locking systems, Onity offers innovative technological solutions and services for the Hospitality, Corporate, Education, Government and Marine markets. The company’s ever-expanding family of facility management solutions includes Electronic locking Systems, In-room safes, Minibars and Senercomm® energy-management systems. Headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, USA Onity has R&D and

manufacturing operations in Spain, Mexico, China, and the U.S., as well as an extensive sales and service network that spans more than 115 countries around the globe. Onity has set base as a private limited company in India in 2002, since then it has become the leader in the Hospitality Industry with over 650 Hotels with more than 60000+ rooms installed with its range of products primarily the Electronic locking System.

Mod Kitchen Equipment has recently introduced ‘Cutlery Dryers’, imported from Nicem-Italy, which will help foodservice industry in hygienically drying, polishing and sanitizing cutlery. The new technology offers hygienic alternative to manual wiping of the cutlery. The dryer automatically removes the water stains and help in reducing the bacteria. It also removes the traces of dust and eliminate the need for periodic burnishing. It will help providing consistent finish and immediate availability of the cutlery. The company is one of the major suppliers of quality foodservice equipment. It offers one stop solution for planning, procurement, erection and commissioning of complete

commercial kitchen and c a t e r i n g equipment for major chain of h o t e l s , restaurants and caterers. Manufactured to exacting standards, the equipment is almost custom designed, keeping specific needs in mind. The company has already successfully installed kitchens in multinational organisations, armed forces, hotels, restaurants and catering facilities.

Electronic Safes and Door Locks Ozone Overseas Ozone provides end to end solution for a modern day hotel architectural hardware requirements. Two smart solutions for Hotels offered by Ozone are Electronic Safes and Software b a s e d Electronic Door Locks which are specifically made for hotel use. Ozone safes are available in various sizes, features and are extremely user friendly providing a smart and effortless use. These high quality in-room electronic safes assure security in the convenience of the room. Electronic door locks use 3 types of technologies i.e. Bio Metric Finger Print

Recognition, RF Card Reading technology and Numeric Code Programming through a key pad. The RFID card locks offered by Ozone are compatible with Hotel Access Management System Software and come with high quality All our products are backed by the Ozone Quality and service and come with a 1 year comprehensive warranty with onsite service.



Equipment for Servicing Hospitality Impeccably Culinary Perfection Osca Resources Relief India Relief India is one of the India’s foremost manufacturers of catering equipment for professional kitchens and food service industry. Established for decades, the reputation for commercial kitchen equipment manufactured by Relief is built on a commitment to Quality, R&D and Innovation. Relief India consistently ensures that the company remains in the forefront of

kitchen and catering equipment technology. This is done through the motive of driving optimum performance, enhanced quality and decreased energy consumption. The in-exhaustive range of products from Relief are used throughout the catering sector – from street corner cafés to world-class restaurants, clubs, pubs, institutions, hospitals and corporate. Renowned for quality, reliability and innovation, with an unrivalled reputation for customer service and support, Relief has earned a name of world-class repute in commercial kitchen equipment in the past four decades. The consultancy and engineering team of Relief caters to the more specific needs of the consumer by providing solution to kitchen design and building needs through the specific customization. In the state of art manufacturing unit of relief the need to environment safeguard and effective work environment is recognized actively thereby each product manufactured ensures the same. Relief India deals in a number of products that ranges from Cooking equipment, Catering, Service and buffet line, Refrigeration, Preparation and washing line, Baking, Barbeque, Storage and Bar accessories.

Osca Resources offers a variety of services across the various facets of hospitality industry, such as food & beverage, catering, hospitality recruitment and many others. Over the years, the company has introduced various nonalcoholic beverages in India. One such product is named Vincero, a 100 percent alcohol free wine. Vincero which is a wine minus alcohol targets health conscious wine drinkers. Presently, Osca Resources caters to the needs of the international markets as well. The major markets which the company delivers include the Indian Sub-continent, South-East Asia and East Asia among others. Amongst its various services, the company

is also engaged in recruiting capable Chefs who successfully meet the requirements of the company’s clientele. The company ensures to maintain the quality as well as consistency of food & beverage services which they deliver, and upholds its reputation further by interacting with its clients to get their constant feedback. This aids to the standardization of quality and deliverance of every product that is sourced. Osca Resources’ sophisticated and modernised infrastructures, as well as the experienced and qualified employees together facilitate to offer highly specialised, professional and expert services, directed primarily towards client satisfaction.

Innovation in Paper Manufacturing Scraft Products Pvt. Ltd. With a lineage that stems in the paper industry for over two decades, Scraft was founded as a company that is dedicated to producing high value and innovative paper products. The change in consumer buying pattern and a definitive shift in consumables of home and personal care have made a tremendous growth in the respective industry. Taking care of the same Scraft is engaged in different market segments namely Home Care (Food Wrapping Aluminium Foil and Cling Film), Tissue Care (Napkins, Hand Towel, Kitchen Roll, Toilet Paper Roll, Face Tissue Box, Industrial Roll), Hygiene Care(Hand Sanitizer Gel & Wipes, Adult Diapers, Adult Under sheets, Kitchen Wipes), Baby Care (Baby Wipes), Beauty Care ( Wet Wipes) With a passion and dream to serve all consumer segments, Scraft has rigorously maintained the reputation of serving the consumer with innovative paper stationery

products. This in turn also serves as an effort to contribute to the education sector. Scraft’s paper stationery range includes Exercise notebook, Drawing book, Spiral and hard cased diaries, conference pad etc. With the wide range of product line Scraft is present all over India catering to all market segments like General trade, Modern trade, Institution, Govt. bodies, HORECA and others.

Sourced from the Purest Mount Spring Beverages Mount Spring Beverages Pvt. Ltd. (MSBL) is one of the fastest growing manufacturers and distributor in the natural mineral water segment in INDIA. With a registered corporate office in New Delhi (INDIA), the relatively young company was established in the year 2007. Having successfully launched its brand of bottled mineral water under the name of “Mountain Spring”, MSBL has gained a name in the market in a very less time. MSBL has a list of clientele that ranges from institutions, hotels, retail outlets, corporate houses etc. MSBL plans to enter into the mineral soda market and also aims to foray into flavoured water by launching these products adding on to their current brand. The state of art manufacturing plant of MSBL is situated at the foothills of Himalayas in Himachal Pardesh (Poanta Sahib) which is a region known for natural spring water. The geological formation of this region is ideal for rain water to trickle down to the deeper layers of the earth. Its journey to the deepest reservoirs can take decades and even centuries therefore MSBL presents its customer not only water that is pure but also enriched with a taste inculcated from the minerals found in the Himalayas. Bringing premium quality products to all homes, institutes, public place and ensuring the continuous maintenance of quality and care in every bottled product, MSBL is although a newbie in the industry, its foothold is extremely firm and ambitious. The new packaging will be available in 500 ml & 1 liter, to be launched this month.

Trusted Name in Cleaning Continental Instruments Continental Instruments under CONTA GROUP was established way back in 1981 and has been serving the Hospitality Industry, Corporate, Institutions and Facility Management companies with innovative products in the hygiene category. Being one of the pioneers in the trade and having more than 1000 various cleaning, hygiene, housekeeping & tissue paper products, Continental Instruments can proudly boast as one of the major suppliers in the market currently. The vast range includes Janitorial Products, Floor & Window range, Professional Mechanized Cleaning Equipments, all types of Dispensers needed for Modern & Hygienic Washrooms, Tissue Paper Products, Public Area Utilities, Guest Room Linen, Waste Management systems, Guest Amenities & Toiletries, House Keeping Utilities, and Cleaning Chemicals etc. The prestigious clientele list includes Dabur India Ltd., Haylide Chemicals, Hokwang Industries (Taiwan), Technical Concepts (UK), CONTA GROUP being over 3 decades old and a brand to reckon with is now promptly delivering goods and services with its arm spanning throughout India. Having introduced new concepts for ways of cleaning and hygiene, the company is now an ISO 9001 – 2000 certified company.



EssEmm Corporation revolutionizes the way bulk cooking done! EssEmm Corporporation provides State-of-the art, Energy efficient Kitchen machines for bulk food preparations. Be it an Industrial Kitchen or a Restaurateur or a Residential School or College, the need of the hour is cost saving, user-friendly, durable kitchen machines. EssEmm Corporation has mastered the art of hygienic cooking methods in the commercial cooking environment, where time, space, labour means money. Today’s kitchens need to be very clean, faster and free from cumbersome manual processes. EssEmm Corporation introduced Combi Steamers for the bulk cooking of South Indian

food items like Idly, Kitchadi, Rice, Sambar, Vegetable steaming, baking, grilling, etc., changed the way cooking done at commercial kitchens. The latest addition ‘Cooking Mixer’ is a boon to bulk preparation of Gravies, Rasam, Poriyal, Koottu and frying of onion, tomato, variety rice making, curd rice, etc., The Universal peeler is a machine to peel small & big onions, garlic,

potato, beetroot and other root vegetables. There is a Vegetable Washer & Vegetable Cutting Machine for bulk Vegetable prepreparations. Advanced Dish & Ware washing solutions are available for washing Plates, Glasses, Cuttories, Cutleries, etc., Pot & Utensil washers are available for washing bigger containers, pans,

vessels, etc., Bulk Fryers are available for frying snack items, which would save oil to great extend and keep the environment clean and less heat. There are imported high speed ovens & conveyor pizza ovens distributed by EssEmm Corporation, widely sought after by Quick Service Restaurants. EssEmm Corporation goes a step further in recommending the right machines, implementation & practical use of the machines, Chef /cook training, technical support for maintenance as well as after sales support at best in the industry!

Leading the Hoteliers ATN Consultants Facility Planning Consultancy has become one of the most important sector in business service particularly for those planners in hotels, restaurants, staff canteens, bars, flight services, hospitals, and catering and services industry. It can give sensatory guidelines and also can led to the right direction for the planners. The ATN Consultants, a leading hospitality consultancy company with 30 years of experience providing facility planning in the country, is promoted by Naresh Srivastava, a civil engineer who has over 20 years of experience in India and abroad with Oberoi Group of Hotels and more than 10 years of experience as a free lancer for providing facility planning and technical expertise for leading hotels, restaurants, staff canteens, flight services and all types of catering business. The promoter has the requisite expertise to develop and commission all type of areas and equipment’s. The recent projects for which facility planning concept, development and commissioning expertise provided are Taj Group of Hotels & Resorts, Marriott Courtyards & Resorts, Radisson Group of Hotels, Park Plaza Hotels, Holiday Inn Group, Ramada Hotels, Park Plaza Hotels, Comfort Inn Hotels & Resorts, Country Inns & Suites, ASCOT Hotels, DLF Groups, Unitech Group, Medicity Hospital, Forties Healthcare, Assotech Hospitals and other versatile hotels and hospital industry. The ATN Consultants have a proper setup with experienced team of architects, engineers and interior designers to give the best results in all prospects of clients’ requirements. Clients’ benefits and giving world-class service to the clients is their first priority. Their major fields of expertise are: • Area programming • Back of the House Designing • Vendor selection and development • F&B related updated information • Budgeting and costing • Developing Job related Services Drawings • Coordination with Service Consultants • Coordination with architect and interior designers • Services Coordination • Equipment Inspection • Installation And Commissioning • Technical Specifications • Telephone And Locks and Keys Schedule • Library For Selected Vendors. They use reasonable and customary care in application of their professional skills in developing and designing the new properties to benefit the clients as well as operational requirement of the project.



Fragrance Solutions

Strive to exceed your expectations

Vedic Aroma Lab

Head Quarters in Delhi . Mittal International is today one of the leading importers of kitchen & Fast Food equipment for Indian Hospitality Industry. Renowned for it’s customized service, the company offers a wide range of equipment to the Hotels, Restaurants, Fast Food Joints, Ice Cream Parlors, Coffee Shops, Super Markets, and Food Centers. The range of products includes “SCOTSMAN” Ice Cube machines, “TYLOR” Ice Cream machines, “VITAMIX” Mixers and Blenders EXPOBAR” Coffee & Tea Machine, “DIHR” Dish Washing machine, “SIRMAN” Food Preparation

Vedic Aroma Lab™ has been established by the Vijayvergiya family, who is the pioneer in the field of perfumery in India. The company can be regarded as the torchbearer in innovating and conceptualising of fragrance solutions and discovering their unique and interesting applications in the hotels, resorts and spas. Vedic Aroma Lab™ serves the aromatic requirements of spas and hotels by providing them with a single source for highest quality personal care, air care and fabric care solutions. The company’s rich and diverse experience and expertise in perfumery, spanning more than 150 years, comes in handy in offering hospitality properties customised signature fragrance solutions. Its signature scents can induce pleasant feelings, stimulate appetite, trigger memories and desires, instill relaxation and alertness, and create an ambiance your guests will love to be in! The range of products include, Body Massage Oils and Scrubs, Scalp Massage Oils, Hair Henna, Foot Massage Oils, Face Packs and Oils, Aroma Oils, Aroma Lamps, Towel Fragrance, Air Fresheners, Aroma Candles & Tea Lights, Incense Sticks and Cones, Water Fountain Fragrances, Towel Fragrances amongst others.

Mittal International machine, “COOLEX” Refrigerators & Freezers,” RATIONAL” Ovens and many more. The company offers complete tailored made packages to the hospitality industry including consultancy to Hotels, Restaurants, Fast Food Joints, Ice Cream Parlors, Coffee Shops, Super Markets, and Food Centers, and satisfy all customized needs of the customer. The range of products suits every budget. The company with their offices in Mumbai& Chennai and Business Associates at Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ludhiana,

C a l c u t t a , Ahmedabad, offers a nation wide warranty, free installation, after sales service. The Qualified trained team of engineers is always on the move to ensure International quality service. Some of there esteemed Clients includes Barista, McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Haldiram, Taj Hotels, ITC Hotels, Oberoi’s, Westin Hotel, Radisson Hyatt Regency. There warehouse is well stocked with spare parts and an efficient service team ensures quick turnaround maintenance and repair. They also undertake service contracts for your existing equipment. They are responsible for innovative business idea like Ice Cream Parlor, Coffee Shop, Frozen Yogurt Parlor, Fast Food Chain etc.

Innovations in Linen Blue Fab Established in 1996, Blue Fab is a premium manufacturer and supplier of linen to t h e hospitality i n d u s t r y. The company offers an exclusive range of restaurant linen, banquet linen, bamboo & jute craft, furnishing, and uniforms. The range of restaurant linen includes napkin, napron, table cloth, place matt & runner, etc. The range of banquet linen includes readymade frills, chair cover, buffet sheet, napkin, etc. Besides furnishing fabric, curtain and upholstery, and shirt, waist coat, trousers, suit, cravette and scarf used for F&B kitchen operations are some of the products offered by Blue Fab. By March 2012, the company is going to launch an exclusive range of bamboo/cane linen. By September of this year, the company is coming up with a laundry project with well equipped advance technology machines. The company has a unique range of production uniform and service uniform which are specially designed to cater to the department/ category wise need. With the arrival of more and more fine dining restaurants with innovative ideas, the linen sales are increasing fast and this could enhance the business prospects of the company. At the same time, the introduction of a slew of ambitious hotel projects in the Indian hospitality industry is also expected to increase the demand for their products.



EVENTS’ CALENDAR Aahar 2013 14-18 March 2013 Pragati Maidan, New Delhi HOTELEX 2013 1-3 April 2013 Shanghai New International Exhibition Center, Shanghai,China SIAL China 2013 7-9 May 2013 Shanghai New International Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China Thaifex- World of Food ASIA 2013 22-26 May 2013

ADVERTISER INDEX Impact Challenger, Thailand HBF 2013 14-16 June 2013 Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai HOSFAIR 2013 27-29 June 2013 China Imports & Exports Fair Complex, Guangzhou TRAFS 2013 25-28 July 2013 Hall 103, Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Bangkok

Hong Kong International Tea Fair 15-17 August 2013 Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Hongkong

Agarwal Glass Centre ................................ 32 Alpha Foam Pvt. Ltd ................................. 28 ATN Consultants ...................................... 34 Automatic Instrumentation (AKASA) ....... 32 Baker Enterprises ....................................... 40

Food Ingredients India 2013 3-5 October 2013 Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai

Blue Fab .................................................... 44

The 2nd Shenzhen International Hospitality Equipment & Supplies Fair 14-16 October 2013 Shenzhen Exhibition Center, China

Celfrost Innovations Pvt. Ltd. ..................... 9

BMS Enterprises ....................................... 14 Broadway Steel Furniture Mfrs. ................ 30 Buhania Bros ............................................. 41 Combii Organochem Pvt. Ltd. ................. 34 Comfortech ............................................... 46 Cosmic Healers Pvt. Ltd. ........................... 39 D K G Sales Pvt. Ltd. ................................ 18 Dabon International Pvt. Ltd. ..................... 1 Epicure Frozen Foods & Beverages Pvt. Ltd. . 48, 52 EssEmm Corporation ......................... 36, 49 FCML Projects .......................................... 35 FNS International Pvt. Ltd. ...................... 11 Freshco Fruits N Nuts Pvt. Ltd. ................ 47 Green Future Windows Pvt. Ltd. ............. 28 Hindustan Refrigeration Stores ................. 22 HOTREMAI ............................................ 10 IFB Industries Ltd. .................................... 16 Kamani Oil Industries Pvt. Ltd. ................ 37 Kanhaiyalal Tandoor Pvt. Ltd. .................. 44 L-comps Impex Pvt. Ltd. .......................... 22 Loomcrafts Furniture India Pvt. Ltd. . 26, 27 Marshalls Wallpapers ................................. 31 McCain Foods India Pvt. Ltd ................... 25 Meiko (Asia) Techcentre Pvt. Ltd. ............. 38 Metro Plus Lifestyle .................................. 24 Miraclean Tools Pvt. Ltd ........................... 42 Mitora Machinex ...................................... 34 Mod Kitchen Equipment Pvt. Ltd. .......... 47 Mrs Bector Foods Specialities Ltd. .............. 6 Munnilal India Pvt. Ltd. ........................... 40 Nagpal Brothers (Regd.) ........................... 45 Neeti Udyog ............................................. 44 Omkar International .................................. 15 Oudh Dress Makers Pvt. Ltd. ................... 38 Pacific Merchants ...................................... 29 Parshadi Lal & Sons Pvt. Ltd.. ................... 51 Perfect FMCG Pvt. Ltd. ............................. 4 Petals Packaging Company ........................ 38 Quality Equipment Co. ............................ 49 Ramsons Garments Finishing Eqpt. Pvt. Ltd. . 19 Rans Technocrats Pvt. Ltd. .......................... 7 Rational India ............................................ 21 Ravinder Hospitality Equipment .............. 24 Remington Steel Arts ................................. 13 Rite Equipment Pvt. Ltd. .......................... 33 Saskatchewan Pulse Growers (SPG) .......... 20 Shamsons Foods ........................................ 36 Soft Sensations Pvt. Ltd. .................... 17, 23 Solutionz Consulting ................................ 38 Stec Stainless Steel Pvt. Ltd. ...................... 43 Supershine Laundry Systems Pvt. Ltd. ..... 12 The SCS Agribusiness Consultants Pvt Ltd. ... 2,8 Trend n Design ......................................... 34 Venus Industries .......................................... 3 Vikram Furnishers & Decorators .............. 44 Wang hospitality Equipment Pvt. Ltd. ....... 5 Winterhalter India Pvt. Ltd. ...................... 30


Aahar Hospitality Supplement 2013 by HAMMER  
Aahar Hospitality Supplement 2013 by HAMMER  

The only show Supplement/tabloid in India for a major hotel, foodservice and catering tradeshow. The editorial provides in-depth information...