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New Delhi 07-11 MARCH 2017

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AHAR 2017 will be the 32nd edition, which is regarded as the largest fair in the food & beverage and the hospitality sectors in India. The mega show for the food & beverage and hospitality industry would be taking place during 7th-11th March 2017, during 10.00 am to 6.00 pm. The event would be meant exclusively for the business visitors during 10.00 am-6.00 pm on

32nd International Food & Hospitality Fair FOOD INDIA Exhibition on Food, Processed Food & Beverages

HOSPITALITY INDIA Exhibition on Hotel & Restaurant, Bakery & Confectionery, Equipment and Supplies

HIGHLIGHTS • Culinary Show • Seminars & Conferences Venue : Hall No. 7, 8, 9,10,11,12,12A,14,15 & 18 Hangars 7A, 7B, 23, 24, 25, 27 Visiting Hours • 07-11 March 2017 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

AAHAR 2017: A Platform of Immense Potential

its first four days, and during 10 am-2pm during 11th March. The event would be open for the business visitors and as well as the general public during 2.00 pm- 6.00 pm, on 11th March that is on the last day of the event. The show has grown by leaps & bounds in recent years and is today regarded as a well -known destination for global vendors and sourcing professionals from the food & beverage and hospitality industry. With the food industry in India, currently valued at 39.71 billion USD, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11 percent to 65.4 billion USD by 2018, the potential for AAHAR is only expected to get bigger in the near future. The slated event is being organised by the India Trade Promotion Organisation, the premier trade promotion body of the Government of India. The forthcoming event is supported by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries (Govt. of India) and Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA). The associates for the event are All India Food Processors’ Association (AIFPA), Association of Resource Companies for the Hospitality Industry of India (ARCHII), Food and Hospitality Support Association of India (FHSAI), Forum of Indian Food Importers (FIFI), and Hotel & Restaurant Equipment Manufacturers’

Association of India (HOTREMAI). AAHAR 2017 will be demarcated into two concurrent exhibitions. ‘Hospitality India’ will cover hotel & restaurant equipment and supplies and ‘Food India’ will be covering food, processed food & beverage products. The show of great significance is expected to attract a diversified visitors’ profile. They include Chefs & Housekeepers, procurement heads, startups & entrepreneurs & consultants, overseas & Indian industry associations, organised retailers / mega chains, overseas buyers / trade delegations, importers & distributors, hospitality service providers, policy makers among others. AAHAR 2017, like its earlier editions, would have an exhaustive list of products on display. It will include fresh produce & dairy products; chocolate; desserts; bakery products & ingredients; organic & health products; frozen, canned & processed food; meat; poultry; sea food; cheese and fine specialty food; snacks; food additives and preservatives; coffee; tea; syrups; juices; energy drinks; other nonalcoholic beverages; alcoholic beverages, bakery & confectionery equipment; food preparation equipment & supplies; food processing & packaging equipment; refrigeration / chillers / freezers; tableware & glassware products; bar equipment & supplies; storage units; kitchen support equipment; housekeeping products

& supplies; laundry & cleaning equipment; linen; furnishings; textiles; fabrics & apparels; corporate gifts; decor solutions; bathroom Contd. on page no. 2

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Elle & Vire, partner of your success So lutions for Foodservice Professionals

International Gourmet Foods

Dabon International (P) Ltd.

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AAHAR ’2017 SHOW SUPPLEMENT Contd. from page no. 1 fittings & fixtures; lighting solutions; cooling solutions; fitness & spa equipment; safety & security solutions; in-room technology and entertainment; hospitality support IT solutions; furniture & interiors; carts; trolleys and mobility solutions among others. Besides facilitating business, Aahar also provides an effective platform of great opportunity for the global food & beverage and hospitality industry to disseminate/gather relevant information and gauge ongoing and future trends, which can greatly benefit many participants at the fair. The forthcoming mega event can be the right place for importers, overseas trade delegations and Indian players in the food & beverage and hospitality space, and also for policy makers and media personnel to exchange knowledge and information. The 2016 edition of AAHAR, which was


spread across approximately 60,000 sq.m, attracted 1,404 registered business visitors, and 518 foreign delegates & buyers from 60 countries. The show also attracted 1034 exhibitors including foreign participants from 23 countries. The foreign exhibitors at AAHAR 2016 were from USA, Canada, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, UK, Norway, Turkey, New Zealand, Peru, China, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, Japan, Pakistan, Kyrgyz Republic, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal & Taiwan. It is being hoped that the 2017 edition of AAHAR would supersede even these praiseworthy statistics of the AAHAR 2016 show. Especially, in the backdrop of the impressive growth and growth potential of the Indian food services industry and India ranking second in the production of cereals, fruits & vegetables, cotton & oilseeds, with the revival of the Indian hospitality industry, with great promise shown in MICE and spa segments in the country, the relevance of a mega event like AAHAR is perhaps more crucial.

Particulars of Purchasing T

he hospitality industry keeps a holistic perspective of service quality, customer satisfaction, and customer value. Like every part of our body has different role and responsibility, which otherwise cannot function properly, every department in the hospitality sectors too has different responsibility to perform and run a smooth functioning. At the same time, the purchase department, which is, of course, the most important segment of the industry, acts as a service center to acquire best value for money and supply high quality products by establishing proper purchasing techniques. Thus the purchase department is always handbound heck of every activity happening in a hotel irrespective of its kind or type. The main purpose of the purchase procedure

of the purchase department in the hotel industry today is to ensure proper material management, i.e. timely purchase, finding the right source, at the right price and the right quality. One of the most difficult things to call is pricing. The success of any system will depend more on the mutual trust, coordination and faith among the people of the concerned department and relevant officers than on the procedure itself. Procedures are always issued as general guidelines and every effort is being made to define it correctly and to the point. Better results depend on how it is interpreted by the individual. While dealing with this, the utmost importance is to be given to the fact that the basic idea of purchase is to procure and get the right material in time, which is the essence of purchase. Larger organizations need to know some vital information that is used for procurement of items in large quantities. Procedure The procedures of purchasing are compiled as a ready reference to facilitate the day-today working and should be strictly adhered to. Therefore all officers/staffs of concerned departments are required to be thoroughly conversant with the contents of the procedure. The procedure deals with materials ordering and receiving. Organisation Normally, there is a purchase department (at the corporate level) under the head of the Director, Finance. In most of the hotels purchase procedures are ensured and guided by the Vice President (Materials), who is assisted by a team of people. Work or work-load is decided from time to time with regard to unit purchase and purchase at corporate level. He is responsible for properly organising the purchase department at various units. Even through the Head of the Unit Purchase is directly reporting to the top person, operationally, functionally and administratively, the responsibility for policy implementation remains with the VP (Materials) and the Unit Purchase Head co-operates with him in this regard. Quality Objective The Unit Purchase Head is responsible for• Procuring material that commensurate with quality specifications given by the user department. • Negotiating for the best rates. • Ensuring no guest complaint due to delay in purchase process. Proper classification is required for the system arrangement of various items. The various groups are defined as under: Food: Meat, fish, poultry, fresh fruits & vegetables, groceries, dairy products. Beverages: Soft drinks, Indian liquor, imported liquor, wines and beer. Tobacco: Cigars and cigarettes Kitchen stewarding items Stores Supplies: Guest supplies, restaurant supplies, cleaning, and other supplies. Linen and Uniforms: All room & restaurant linen, furnishings, sheets, and uniforms readymade/ materials. Printing & Stationary: All printed forms, stationary, menus, checks, etc. Repairs and maintenance: All engineering purchase like paints and spares, etc. Capital Purchase: Any capitals purchase like kitchen equipments, laundry or engineering etc. The materials mentioned in the process are purchased in the regular course of business, besides execution of repairs and maintenance works and procurement of capital items including imports.


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AAHAR 2017

SINCE 1963


Feel A Sensation

VENUS INDUSTRIES WZ-1 , Basai Road, Moti Nagar , New Delhi- 110015(India) Tel: (91-11) 43163300 , 45061071 E-mail: Website:


Chafing Dishes


For the first time ever in INDIA Venus brings to you THE RAINBOW COLLECTION



Hotelware Products3


Foodservice Fixture Fittings

Improving Safety & Hygiene

T&S Brass and Bronze Works, Inc.

After inventing the world’s first pre-rinse unit, T&S was founded in 1947 and manufactures a full line of premium commercial foodservice faucets, pre-rinse units, electronic touch-free faucets for hand sinks and restrooms, gas connectors, and water hose reels. Over 20 years ago, the company created first low-flow spray valve to help conserve water, energy and money. The team of design engineers continues to create industry-leading, water-efficient products. As the market continues to demand more green plumbing and foodservice fixture fittings, T&S will develop innovative solutions that can reduce operational costs by reducing water usage and the associated energy and sewage costs, while also aiding in the obtaining LEED certifications. Leading the way in

Cambro Nilkamal Pvt. Ltd.

innovation, quality manufacturing, sales and customer service, T&S will remain dedicated to the same commitment of excellence which established i t s re p u t a t i o n a s the Single Source Solution for every plumbing application that customers have learned to trust. The company is proud of having a worldwide presence with several facilities and a name that is recognized for quality, durability, and reliability. Visit them at the Aahar Show at booth Hall No 11, Stall No 63, CD&E to speak with their representatives and see various products, including some of pre-rinse units, sensor faucets, hose reels and the swing bracket, glass fillers, and even a minipre-rinse unit!

Cambro Nilkamal Pvt. Ltd. (CNPL) is part of Nilkamal’s Material Handling division. It offers solutions to help hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, messes, canteens, banquet operators, and other commercial food service providers improve safety & hygiene in their operations, increase their storage space, and increase their labor productivity. The main products include crates, serving trays, compartment trays, glasses-&-tumblers, wash-crates to hygienically wash &  store glassware,  gastronome  (GN) pans,  storage  containers,  insulated containers, ice-boxes,  ice-caddies, dish-caddies, service carts,  hygiene pallets, hand-pallet-trucks,

Energy Star awarded to MKN


Carrying food in insulated food carrier

& cold-store shelving. They also sell & service electric carts to quickly & safely transport guests across large campuses. All their products are specifically  designed to improve food safety & hygiene  during  storage, transport, & consumption. They are constantly adding new products to their portfolio to remain ahead of customer’s safety, hygiene, storage, & productivity requirements. Nilkamal goal is to make products designed & perfected over years of experience in developed regions of the world readily available to Indian hospitality customers at affordable prices. In order to do this, a wide range of products are also manufactured in India.

Insulated beverage containers for hot & cold

Hygienic food storage in shelving & boxes Wash crates for glasses & dishes

Energy efficiency label attests the sustainability of MKN combi steamers The internationally recognized and renowned ENERGY STAR Certificate now officially certifies worldwide the energy efficiency of MKN combi steamers*. For many years the MKN international GreenTeam has been working on the efficiency and sustainability of its production processes and products alike. Due to numerous intelligent features the MKN combi steamers are considered to be extremely energy efficient professional cooking appliances. For example, the tripleglazed cooking chamber door boasts an energy saving potential of 28 %** and the heat exchanger can save approx. 1 kWh energy during a single operating hour in Steaming mode in FlexiCombi 10.1.*** The ENERGY STAR is an international energy efficiency l a b e l a w a rde d by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) since 1992 and it now officially acknowledges worldwide the MKN combi steamers to be exceptionally energy efficient. The ENERGY STAR Programme was introduced to Europe by an EU Regulation in 2003 and has been regarded as the official label for energy efficient appliances ever since. The ENERGY STAR Certificate requires MKN equipment to undergo an annual inspection. So, the specialist for professional cooking technology will also be focussing strongly on continual improvement of production processes and products in future to further enhance efficiency and sustainability.

MKN Connect software

Trays for corporate cafeteria

Banquet dishes in a dish caddy

Serving sweets from food pans

Protect your products | Increase your storage space | Improve your labour productivity all while enhancing safety & hygiene

Visit our

An Indo-US joint venture manufacturing & marketing wide range of hospitality products in India. 4

1800 121 9115

Stall # 81A Hall #11 at

Pragati Maidan, New Delhi on 7th – 11th March 2017

With immediate effect, MKN customers can access the most current version of their software whenever they want for simple communication between appliance and PC. The MKN Connect software is now available to download free of charge on the company website. With the MKN Connect software, FlexiCombi and FlexiChef appliance users can create and organize cooking programmes easily on a PC. HACCP data can also be conveniently managed using the software as it can be visualised, archived and printed simply with just a click. The Connect Software is suitable for all appliance sizes and data transfer is by means of a USB stick. You can download the software on the MKN homepage in the Service & Support section: service-support/downloadbereich


Delivering the Best Solutions

Manitowoc Foodservice Changing Name to Welbilt Rebranding as Welbilt: Bringing Innovation to the Table

Manitowoc Foodservice, Inc., a leading global supplier of commercial foodservice equipment, announced that it is rebranding the company, its logo and its brand identity to Welbilt, Inc. The new name and brand represent a long-standing commitment to put customers’ needs first. The change is part of the company’s strategic repositioning after it spun off from its former parent company, The Manitowoc Company, in March 2016. “We are excited to announce the changing of our name to Welbilt, Inc., which further strengthens our corporate identity as a stand-alone company,” said Hubertus M. Muehlhaeuser, President and CEO of Manitowoc Foodservice, “Welbilt reflects our promise and commitment to bringing innovation to the table. Rooted in the Hirsch brothers’ innovative stove in 1929, Welbilt developed to become the first company in the industry pursuing a complete systems approach. The name Welbilt uniquely connects our past with our vision of the future. Our primary objective is to continue offering a complete solution for the entire kitchen with high-quality products supported by excellent service that help our customers’ kitchens reach their full potential. As we continue to innovate and grow, we will always remain grounded in our long history.” Josef Matosevic, Chief Operating Officer commented: “Welbilt is synonymous with great quality and reliability in everything we do. We have significantly improved our operations to live up to that promise. Welbilt is also pragmatically innovative and all our products and solutions are designed with the entire kitchen in mind. Finally we are intelligently connected and create seamless solutions in the kitchen to get the highest operator benefits and help our customers achieve the return on their investment faster.” Andreas G. Weishaar, SVP, Strategy, Marketing and Human Resources said, “The corporate rebranding builds on the accomplishments of our dedicated team over the past year. Today, we are more customercentric and more agile. To meet our future growth objectives, we will focus on further developing our 12 strong global brands under our new corporate name. In short, we are ready to live up to our new name, Welbilt.” Welbilt has one of the broadest portfolios of both hot and cold foodservice equipment in the industry, from ovens, fryers, steamers, grills, ranges and induction cooktops to beverage dispensing, blending, refrigeration and icemaking equipment. The company has a global manufacturing footprint and award-winning brands that serve the world’s largest quick service, fast casual and fine dining restaurants. In 2016, the company released 23 product innovations. Among others, the company received two National Restaurant Association Kitchen Innovation Awards and a variety of customer appreciation awards. The company has also been an ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year since 2009 and has received seven years of award winning excellence. Manitowoc Foodservice, Inc./Welbilt, Inc. provides the world’s top chefs and premier chain operators or growing independents with industryleading equipment and solutions. Its innovative

Disclaimer Views expressed by the companies are not endorsed by Hammer Publishers Pvt. Ltd.

products and solutions are powered by deep knowledge, operator insights, and culinary expertise. The company offer fully-integrated kitchen systems and products are backed by KitchenCare® –aftermarket, repair, and parts service. Headquartered in the Tampa Bay area, Florida, and operating 18 manufacturing facilities throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia, the company sells through a global network of over 3,000 distributors and dealers in over 100 countries. The company has approximately 5,500 employees and generated sales of $1.57 billion in 2015. Its portfolio of award-winning brands includes Cleveland™, Convotherm®, Delfield®, fitkitchenSM, Frymaster®, Garland®, Kolpak®, Lincoln™, Manitowoc® Ice, Merco®, Merrychef® and Multiplex®. For more information, visit

Angelo Po

Founded in 1922, Angelo Po draws on the experience gained during its many years on the international market to deliver the best solutions for the professional catering sector. With about 65% of its sales generated by exports and branches in China, Spain, France and the United States, the company supplies not only top-level restaurant equipment but also turnkey integrated systems for institutional catering, consultants and large hotel chains. Sustainability has always been a guiding principle for Angelo Po, helping it to develop products that stand out on the market for their strong focus on existing and upcoming environmental regulations, with the aim of optimising consumption and energy saving. Thus its products provide ever-increasing sustainability - but that is not all. The company

is currently concentrating on user-friendly, intuitive appliances able to respond to users’ real needs. Hence the drive to create new food-processing concepts, in association with the fast-growing international chains, also prioritising food cost and food safety. In 2016 Angelo Po was acquired by Marmon Food, Beverage & Water Technologies, a company owned by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. holding company, based in the US. The Angelo Po and Marmon businesses are extremely complementary in terms of both geographical coverage and offering. The acquisition therefore creates major technological, industrial and commercial synergies, which will support swift, large-scale expansion at the global level.

Multiple solutions for Food Service Equipment requirements.

Hood Type Dishwasher

Reach in Refrigerator

Indigo Series


Ice-Cube Machines

M Series

Vegetable Slicer

Air-O-Steam Combi Oven

Neo Series

Sotto Series

Contact Grill

Tea & Coffee Urn

Juice Extractor

Wang Professionals (Wang Hospitality Equipment Pvt. Ltd.)

Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Coffee Grinder

We also Represent : INTERNATIONAL



Innovative Fire Solutions

Semi Automatic Coffee Machine

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Visit us at Aahar 2017, Hall No. 9, Stand. 09-41–C. 5



RATIONAL highlights its innovative Self Cooking Center® at AAHAR 2017: Keeping true to the mission of offering maximum customer benefit, RATIONAL AG is delightedly showcasing its recently launched SelfCookingCenter® India edition at AAHAR 2017. The SelfCookingCenter XS, which offers full RATIONAL power and intelligence despite its minimal dimensions of only 55.5 cm deep, 65.5 cm wide and 56.7 cm high, has generated particular interest all over the country since its official launch in November 2016. “We have recently introduced the new RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter® and also the compact version XS and the focus is to reach out to furthermore clients in casual dining segment, snack and bake cafés and QSR segment. Moreover the compact version is ideal for live kitchens in larger hotels.

There is no compromise in terms of quality This is because the SelfCookingCenter XS and functions”, says Hiroshi Akai, Managing is equipped with a fresh steam generator Director, RATIONAL India. The larger units and has all the familiar assistants such as from the SelfCookingCenter series are also iCookingControl, the intelligent support for the making indeed great chef,iLevelControl, the 55.5 cm 65.5 cm impressions in the assistant for optional Indian market already. mixed loading, The SelfCookingCenter HiDensitiyControl, XS – the small sized which guarantees professional in 2/3 size top food quality 56.7 cm through maximum W i t h t h e SelfCookingCenter performance and XS, RATIONAL has p re c i s e re g u l a t i o n succeeded in expanding of cooking chamber the successful range conditions, as well as with a 2/3 unit, which Efficient CareControl, only needs record-breaking minimal space of the automatic cleaning and descaling system. 0.2 m3. It is in no way inferior to the larger This means the SelfCookingCenter XS is ideally units in terms of features and performance. suited to use as a station unit in à la carte, in

Professional class, small format. New: SelfCookingCenter® XS.

100% performance, 100% food quality, 100% intelligence – a genuine RATIONAL. Find out more:

Style & Innovation

Carpet Tiles

Laminate Flooring

Carpet Tiles: Evolve carpet tiles by BVG are renowned for their aesthetic styling, performance and flexibility in the most demanding traffic environments. Evolve offers 4 distinct portfolio of carpet tile ranges, providing an extensive choice of design, color and price options. Laminate Flooring: Our laminate floors are not just about quality manufacturing or innovative details - It's about what our floors can do in your personal interior style. All BVG laminate flooring features surfaces which are 5 x harder to scratch than traditional lacquers, unique surface textures & life like high definition designs that, unlike real timber, does not fade in UV light. Our laminate flooring are so closely matched to real timber flooring, that no one will be able to tell the difference!

Wall Coverings

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring: Engineered wood flooring is a real wood floor covering which consists of 3 or more layers and each layer is placed in a manner where in the grain runs at 90 degrees – this construction dramatically enhances its stability. There is minimal or no change in shape with changes in humidity. BVG's offers European Oaks and American Walnuts that are available in contemporary colors with beautiful brushed texture. Its unique super-matt UV Polyurethane Nano Finish gives it the look of high-class finish without sacrificing wear durability. Wall Coverings: We're delighted to bring you the widest choice of wallpapers direct from the studios of the world's favorite wallpaper design houses. Our collections are a unique offering of innovative and eclectic wall coverings showcasing creative finishes, intricate backgrounds and subtle textures. Designed to have an international appeal, these stunning papers combine the feeling of extreme luxury with the flamboyance.

Cladding + Decking

Cladding + Decking: BVG offers IPE – one of the densest wood available – it is not only strong but the most resilient natural untreated hardwood. An increasingly popular choice for both commercial and residential applications – be it for cladding or decking; it is truly the best material available in terms of strength, stability, durability and natural resistance to decay, wet conditions and infestation by termites or wood borers.

supermarkets, bakeries or snack and bake shops, as well as the first or additional unit. Whether as a built-in solution, wall-mounted or standalone unit, the new SelfCookingCenter XS will find a suitable place anywhere, and grills, steams, fries and bakes all food gently and in perfect quality. Because of its unique user-friendly and pro-active features, the SelfCookingCenter® India edition is undoubtedly most suited for the unskilled staff who do not hold much application experience. The highlights of the new SelfCookingCenter At first glance, the innovative design of the control panel and the more energy-efficient triple-glazed door with integrated LED lighting is a new feature in all units. The triple glazing reduces energy losses through the door and further reduces overall energy consumption compared to the previous model by up to 10%. The LED lighting integrated in the door along with the interior lighting provides food-safety and extensive illumination of the food. This allows even the unskilled kitchen staff to easily recognize the browning level of roasted chicken, samosas or croissants and even in front cooking areas, this is very attractive and appealing to customers. The start screen has also been modified and we have a much faster CPU installed in. Therefore, the all new SelfCookingCenter units are now even more convenient and faster to operate. Rack signalling, whereby a blinking LED light signals which tray needs to be loaded or unloaded in iLevelControl mode is also a new feature. This further simplifies the use of the SelfCookingCente and provides even more support for inexperienced kitchen staff to safely and quickly unload finished food. New generation SelfCookingCenter is now available as the XS version in unit sizes 6 x 2/3 GN and in the familiar unit sizes 6 x 1/1 GN to 20 x 2/1 GN from RATIONAL dealers. The SelfCookingCenter XS is available in the electric model, and all other units are available as electric or gas models.

Quality Glassware Ocean Professional

Ocean Professional is the brand created exclusively for food service operators who recognize the importance of creating wining & dining pleasure for their guests. They offer portfolio of world class quality glassware and

In over 15 years of its operations, BVG Industries Pvt. Ltd. has become the leader in the field of floor & wall coverings - A name synonymous with style, class and most importantly uncompromising quality. We are India's most trusted wooden flooring company, with more than 30 Million square foot installed. BVG has a vision of creating a perfect integrated flooring solution for its customers. We follow two simple ethos "Quality and Innovation". To bring focus to our objective, we combine our people, products and services to meet the needs of each individual client. Through our resources, experience and cumulative knowledge of international trends in the building materials industry, we are able to provide world class products at your doorstep.

BVG Industries Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad 505, 5th Floor, Edaikode Towers, Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad-500073

Mumbai E - 5 & 6, Bharat Baugh, Behind Lancelot Building, S.V.Road, Borivali (W),Mumbai-400092

New Delhi 1st Floor, Lane 1, West End Marg, Said Ul Ajab, Saket, New Delhi-110030

Telephone: +91 11 432 42 424 E-mail: Website:


Bangalore 39, South End Road, Basavangudi, Bangalore-560004

professional services that provides assistance in selecting glassware for specific drinks, outlets and occasions to create uniqueness, style and value to guests of food service establishments of all levels. Delight, with new collection for ice cream glasses comes in a modern design with curves that foster imagination. The clear glass allows every element and color of ice cream to shine. It also has a wider top that is open for wilder imagination. The glass thickness keeps the coolness longer, increasing your delightful moments.




Bry-Air launches the BrySmart Dehumidifier Series

BrySmart is Energy Smart. Bry-Air recently launched a new series of Dehumidifiers, the ”BrySmart Dehumidifier … BBS series”, which has two patented technologies, BrySmart® and BryTherm™, embedded in its architecture. This super, intelligent dehumidifier is capable of delivering a baseline additional 20% saving plus a further additional 48% saving, with the respective incorporation of the Bry-Air high performance rotor and the BrySmart™ and BryTherm™ patented technologies. The product modulates various critical components to optimize the energy consumption and moisture removal on a continuous basis.

The eco-friendly dehumidifier is a step forward in energy conservation through enhanced technology (on real time). The user has the option to control parameters and ensure maximum flexibility in operation with the patented BryTherm™ technology. It also has an option to incorporate predictive failure/ maintenance tool for continuously diagnosing and forecasting the component failures - BryAir Prognos™, as an add-on. The BBS integrates futuristic trends like Industry 4.0 and ISO 50001, which gives the users the edge in their technology upgradation and energy conservation. Bry-Air, leaders in dehumidification

worldwide has been at the forefront of energy smart adsorption and airgineering technologies having filed 107 international patent applications for 12 new technologies. Out of which 22 has received grants. Bry-Air is fastest growing adsorption technology group in the world. With over 50 years of experience, BryAir is a global leader in manufacturing dehumidifiers & dryers, gas phase filtration systems, high temperature heat recovery wheels, plastic auxiliary equipment and adsorption chillers. Bry-Air is one of the flagship company of the Pahwa Group. The group has 11 manufacturing facilities in India, Malaysia, China, Brazil, USA (associate plant) and 8 R&D laboratories in India.

KitchenAid India Launches the Coffee Brewer KitchenAid India continues to revolutionize the Indian Kitchen with launch of its new Craft Coffee line. One can bring the coffee house experience into their homes with two new additions to its coffee portfolio; The Siphon Coffee Brewer and The Pour Over Coffee Brewer. Inspired by the careful technique and precision of baristas, the brand’s newly expanded line of brewers offers a range of craft brewing methods celebrated within coffee house culture. Consumers can bring a range of barista techniques that deliver enhanced flavors, aromas and expert consistency of a high-end craft coffee house into their kitchens. Speaking at the launch, Sachin Phartiyal- Director, SAARC, KitchenAid- Small Appliances, said,” India has always been a coffee drinking country but over the year’s consumers and coffee drinkers both have moved on to speciality and craft coffee. With so many niche and homegrown coffee brands mushrooming all over the country, we felt its the right time to launch our range of craft coffee products. Our aim is that coffee lovers can make barista-quality coffee at home without the uncertainty of a great cup of coffee every time. Just like craft beer, good coffee is becoming more prevalent today and therefore we saw a huge gap wherein there is a dearth of good home brewing coffee appliance brand”. KitchenAid® Siphon Coffee Brewer - The KitchenAid® Siphon Coffee Brewer re-imagines the theater of classic vacuum pot brewers with modern engineering, simple setup and fewer parts. It combines the richness of total-immersion

brewing methods with the clean flavor profile of filter-brewed coffee, all without the need for an actual filter. The brewer is constructed of premium glass with stainless steel accents. An included reusable stainless steel filter is simple to clean and eliminates the waste disposable filters create. A strong magnetic interlock system secures the top and bottom carafes together to ensure a tight seal for brewing, while a dual-purpose lid sits on top of the unit during brewing and can then be conveniently attached to the carafe for pouring. An angled cleaning brush makes the unit easy to clean between uses. KitchenAid® Pour Over Coffee Brewer - The KitchenAid® Pour Over Coffee Brewer emulates the technique of an expert barista with a preinfusion stage that pours just enough water to wet the coffee grounds, then pauses long enough to allow the fresh coffee to “exhale” before the final brewing stage. This technique creates the “bloom” that marks a great cup of pour over coffee, without the need to watch, wait and hover over the cup.The brewer also boasts a carefully designed shower head that fully saturates the fresh grounds, and an intermittent brewing cycle that mimics the natural pauses in a handmade pour over brew. In addition, it features multiple brewing temperature settings calibrated for both light and dark roast coffees, and an adjustable cup setting that optimizes the brew for different batch sizes.





The Worldwide Leader

Panasonic Home Appliances India Co. Ltd. The company was incorporated as a public limited company on 9th September 1988 as a joint venture by P. Obul Reddy a leading Industrialist in Chennai, Tamil Nadu in Technical and Financial Collaboration with Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. Japan (now known as Panasonic Corporation). The company started manufacturing of Electric Rice Cookers during the year 1990. It is considered as the pioneer in the field of manufacturing and marketing of Electric Rice Cookers in India and is the market leader in this segment. The company expanded its products line by introduction of Mixer-Grinder under “National” brand by starting production of the same in its factory located at Sholavarm village near Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Panasonic is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of electronic products for a wide range of consumer, business and industrial needs. With a turnover of USD 79 billion, Panasonic ranks 65th in the Fortune 500 list of the largest global corporations and is ranked 4th in Fortune 500 index for ‘Electronics and Electrical Equipments’ and ranked as a ‘World Super 50’ by Forbes. At present the Company manufactures various models of Electric Cooker under Lid Type and Jar Type besides Mixer Grinders of various models. The Company also exports both Cooker and Mixer Grinder to various countries like USA, Canada, Panama, Peru, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Middle East, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Philippines,

Mauritius, Maldives, Bhutan, The other products include- Food Processor, Juicer Mixer Grinder, Meat Grinder, Centrifugal Juicer, Hand Mixer, Bowl Mixer, Hand Blender, Sandwich Maker, Pop-Up Toaster, Oven Toaster, Coffer Maker, Kettle and Microwave Ovens. Products for the Hospitality Industry Kitchen Big Capacity Cookers - (Cooks Upto 4.5 Kgs of Rice) This Electric Rice Cooker is specially designed for Small and Medium Hotel and Restaurant Chain Industry. With a capacity to cook upto 4.5kgs of raw rice. It is an exceptional appliance with less electricity consumption for faster cooking. It also has a unique feature in which it has an in-built auto-thermostat which will cut off the heater once the cooking is completed and thereafter keep it warm for a long time. No need to monitor and reduce s the heat in the kitchen. Currently the Models are available in white and silver color with accessory options.

Meat Grinders - Ideal for large quantity of meat mincing for Kebabs etc Hand Blenders - Ideal for blending and chopping. Super Mixer Grinder - The high performance Mixer Grinders are Ideal for all the commercial Kitchen Needs. It is also one of the safest in its category. Buffet Cooker / Steamer - The Ideal product for steaming idli’s, idiyappam, vegetables, eggs. The food is fresh and retains its moisture. Also rice can be kept warm while on the buffet table. Rooms Kettles - Kettles are available in two models and are very suitable for the Hotel Use.

Momos by Unitas Unitas Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Unitas Foods Pvt. Ltd. is a privately held company, which was incorporated in 2004. UFPL‘s journey began with the setting up of a restaurant in Gurgaon, in June 2004. This was followed by the setting up of a food processing plant in 2008, for the manufacturing of ‘momos/dim sums.’ Unitas Foods Pvt. Ltd. is perhaps the first player in the organised retail business in India to produce momos/dim sums. The company claims that its YUM!YUM!DIMSUM is till now India’s only manufacturing facility for dim sums. The company’s momos have an impressive demand, with their clientele spanning across major five-star hotels, malls, multiplexes, schools, and hospitals, throughout India.

The company’s momo manufacturing plant is a ISO:22000 (HACCP) certified factory, producing thousands of dim sums every day. The dim sums are handmade with utmost care and then frozen at -18 degrees C to preserve freshness and nutrition. Apart from dim sums, the company supplies a range of frozen snacks such as wontons, spring rolls, satay, chicken lollipops, etc. to the F&B industry in India. The company has market presence in Delhi/ NCR, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bhopal, Gujarat and Bangalore among other places. The company’s products are available in 250 gm and 1 kg packs under the brand name ‘YUM!YUM!DIMSUM’ across major retail chains like Walmart, Metro Cash & Carry, Food Hall (Future Group), Modern Bazaar, Le Marche, Needs Supermart, Godrej Nature’s Basket and GPI (24 x 7) stores.





Innovative Kitchen Solutions Mod Kitchen Equipment Pvt. Ltd “MOD” was established in the year 2004 for marketing of commercial stainless steel kitchen & catering equipment. Working with key customers and clients, MOD designed and developed food service solutions to cater to the requirements of the fast emerging foodservice industry in the country. The company has since then thrived on the idea of improved designs, production facilities and customer service and it is because of these efforts that it can today pride itself on being the largest company supplying food service, bakery and beverage equipment to hotels, bakeries, coffee chains and restaurants in India. MOD is also importing a variety of kitchen equipment from various world Class manufacturers in italy, Indonesia, hong-kong, france, spain, Malaysia,Germany Etc. to cater to the specific

requirements of its valued customers. MOD is focused in the areas of Project and Key Accounts Management. The projects executed range from 5 star hotels to canteens, schools, ashrams, hospitals, specialty restaurants etc. While there is an exclusive team working on project execution, MOD can provide complete solution with fabricated, refrigerated and imported equipment. MOD is approved supplier to Mamagoto, Speedyroll, Lite Bite group, Nirula’s, Striker restaurants, The Lalit group, The Oberoi group of hotels and many other International and Indian QSRs. MOD provides them services in equipment design, equipment fabrication, imported and Indian equipment distribution, installation, warranty, service etc.

Facilitating Kitchen Operations Maa Vaishno Equipment

Maa Vaishno Equipment is a manufacturer & supplier of commercial kitchen catering and food services. The company has a wide range of fabricated kitchen equipment for cooking, frying, baking, pantry, storage, washing, refrigeration and service of food for commercial kitchens. The company also provides special gas pipe lines fitting and exhaust hood ducting along with ventilation systems and all type of gas repairing works.

The clientele base of the company includes hotels, restaurants, canteens, hospitals. Maa Vaishno Equipment can facilitate in kitchen planning, LP gas system designing and in engineering details for utilities in kitchens.

Versatile Range of Products F&F Global

Today’s well known home furnishing brand ‘Divine‘ was founded by Subhash Khandelwal in 1984, with a goal to upgrade the quality of home decor in India, having rich experience of working with leading international brands as sole distributor in India.

Consistently going from strength to strength, ‘Divine‘ epitomizes quality and style with its wide range of products. Elegant and Contemporary, the versatile range of Fabrics, Rugs and Wall to Wall Carpets offers discerning customers a dazzling spectrum of products to satisfy the most demanding of tastes, with the most innovative product range and the highest standards in quality. Being a purely trading company ‘Divine‘ as a brand sources the products from all over the world to bring true value for money to the customers and continuous R&D . A devoted team serves to be a perfect ingredient to present a stupendous recipe of innovative product range. ‘Divine‘ marks its presence though its prominent dealer network all over India for all its products. Moreover many prestigious clients from Hotel, Entertainment and Infrastructure industry have been associated with ‘Divine‘ products since a long time in various.

Solution for Better Works Spaces Quartz Home Care

Quartz Home Care (I) P Ltd. is one of the leading companies in India engaged in providing complete range of Housekeeping & Cleaning Products to institutions like Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Corporate Offices, Industries, Schools, Shopping Malls & Multiplexes, Facility Management Companies etc. Quartz’s biodegradable & environment friendly product range includes Floor Cleaners & Polishes, Descaler, Hand Wash, Glass Cleaner, Carpet Shampoo, Toilet Cleaner,

Air Freshners, Multipurpose Cleaner, Wringer Trolleys, Multipurpose Trolleys, Kentucky Mops, Dry Mops & Squeezes. The Products being marketed by Quartz for over two decades have proven quality backed up by excellent service. Quartz also promote the Entrance Matting System, Anti skid materials, Machine & Hand pads, Also on the product line is the imported Floor Scrubbing Machines, Back-Pack Vacuum Cleaners, Vacuum Cleaners (Dry n’ Wet) and Auto Scrubber Dryers.



Chilling Products

For your taste buds only

Saral Food Specialties is a leading marketer and manufacturer of frozen & chilled food products in pan India having a direct reach & coverage of all market segments. With the enthusiasm of a start-up and the resolve of a powerhouse, Saral Food Specialties has been growing steadily since it first started out to meet the needs of consumers & customers for high quality meat products. Saral Food Specialties present a variety of meat & meat products in authentic European & traditional Indian taste in India. To maintain International standards, plant equipped with latest machinery & equipments, using modern European Technology. Saral Foods  is retail marketing its frozen products under the brand name ‘Mr. Foodie’. Saral Foods is a HACCP, FSSAI, ISO 9001: 2008 certified & Export Licensing accreditations to support optimum food safety organization. Strict health & hygiene tests are maintained during all processes, starting from receiving of meats & ingredients to processing, packaging & storage of materials. All products are packed in virgin, foodgrade, imported & finest Indian packaging to maintain hygiene and provide long shelf life to the products under supervision of very experienced butcher and production managers from India’s top meat production. A high level of customization is achieved with ‘Sales Meat Expert’ who manages R&D. Most ingredients used in products are imported from amongst the world’s best, while the meats are procured from quality Indian suppliers after thorough Quality Assurance team & microbiological checks. Mr. Foodie  frozen products are available in Vegetarian, Chicken, Lamb, Fish and Mutton.

Kravour Group is a quality conscious & leading manufacturer & importer of quality foods items in India. They have factory at VasnaChancharvadi, Ahmedabad to manufacture wafer biscuits in various flavours & sizes. Kravour is a group of proactive, well qualified, young and dynamic professionals, who have an experience working with leading Indian corporate & multinational companies. With over 20 years of collective experience in the food industry, Kravour is well positioned to conduct trade with both local & overseas companies in a pragmatic manner. The brands offered by company includes: Kravour Wafer Biscuits (India), Kravour Wafer Rolls (Indonesia), Dip-Ii Biscuits Sticks (Malaysia), Cavendish & Harvery Confectionery (Germany), Ehrmann Yogurt (Germany), Kuchenmeister Cakes

Saral Food Specialties

Fashion for All Oudh Dress Makers

With a manpower of 40, Oudh Dress Makers formerly WHS Fashion started in 1990 offering a wide range of custom design, formal wear and corporate attire for business and corporates including Hospitality, Housekeeping contractors, Education Institutions, financial institutions, Call Centres, retailers and the health sector. Now having a manpower of 100, Oudh Dress Makers executed for Hotel Management Institution like, Banarasidas Chandiwala, Amithy Institute, IIMT Gurgaon; Cleaning contractors like, sodexho, managium plus Inc; Industries like phoenix lamps etc. It has also been delivering inspired uniform solutions, Bed sheets, pillow c o v e r s & Ta b l e linen offering direct, positive impact on staff morale, productivity and guest perceptions. The company can accommodate the most demanding of design requests and the most demanding of production schedules.

Kravour Group

(Germany), Stute Jam ( UK), Krave More Sparkling Juice (Belgium), Kravour Biscuits (Belgium ), Caferosta- Candy (India). The company has a chain of distributors spread across various states of India, in all major cities, who help service most super market chains and independent retail stores in their areas. It has its own direct sales team of 40+ executives, who provide support to our distributors in terms of generating sales from all trade outlets including modern trade, monitor the sales pattern Krave More Sparkling Juices & Drinks and provide competitor analysis helping the management to identify threats / opportunities. The company has dry warehousing facility of 30000 sq ft located at the factory in Ahmedabad & Aircon facilitated warehouse of 10000 sq ft.

DIP-IT Biscuits

Stute Diabetic Jams (Sugar Free)


Cavendish & Harvey Fruit Candies in Jars & Tins

Manufacturers and Importers of : Kravour Wafer Biscuits (India ) Kravour Wafer Rolls (Indonesia) Dip-it Biscuits Sticks (Malaysia) Cavendish & Harvery Confectionery (Germany) Ehrmann Yogurt (Germany) Kuchenmeister Cakes (Germany ) Stute Jam ( UK) (England) Krave More Sparkling Juice (Belgium) Kravour Biscuits (Belgium ) Café Rosta – Candy ( India )


Premium Wafer Bisc


103B & 105P, Vasna Chancharvadi Temple Road, Sarkhej Bavla Road, Ahm Tel: +91-9228016200/ 01 /02/03/04/05/06/07 Mobile :- 9820968939, Email:

Meet us at Aahar 2017, FIFI Pavillion Hall No - 18U, S

Disclaimer Views expressed by the companies are not endorsed by Hammer Publishers Pvt. Ltd.



Giving the Professional Edge

Servicing Food Service Verma Frost

Verma Frost, a leading manufacturer and supplier  of display counter, water cooler, visi cooler, food warmer, wet grinder, bain marie & cooking stall, cash counter, UC refrigerator, burner stove & counter, and electric toaster was established in 1978, in Chandigarh. Its products are available in different specifications. The products of the company are highly appreciated in the Indian food industry for their features such as durability, low maintenance, high performance, ease of operations and long service life. The company manufactures the above-mentioned products using advanced technology and high quality raw material in adherence to international quality norms. The company has an ultramodern infrastructural set up with sophisticated tool

and advanced t e c h n o l o g y. The company’s infrastructure unit is categorized into different divisions such as production, quality control, R&D, sales and marketing, warehouse and logistics which are managed by experts. To ease the money transactions with its customers, the company provides products at market leading prices, in easy payment options. The company is also endowed with a wide distribution network, which facilitates timely delivery of products to its clients. Verma Frost’s client-centric approach, ethical business policies and quality control strategy have formed a huge customer base across the nation.

Craft and Social Development Organisation (CSDO)

Is your valentine upset with you? Do you want to make your children happy? Are you looking for a perfect gift to give to your close relatives on their wedding? Well, if you are facing any of the above mentioned problems there is a very simple solution to each of them; Chocolates. Chocolates are good for your health too. Chocolate making companies earns a huge profit in today’s world. Because of the fact that chocolates are a necessity for the consumers, and do not have a close substitute, they can sell it any price they want to. And

THIS IS WHERE I MAINTAIN BILLY DEC Chicago, IL President/Founder, Rockit Ranch Productions Attendee since 2004

the craving for chocolates by the customers’ makes them buy these. You can also think of making chocolates by sitting at your home. You need to have some basic knowledge and you can start off with your work. Well, now the question arises of how to gain the basic knowledge? You need not worry regarding the same. CSDO is one such institution which will help to learn the techniques of making chocolate. You just need to learn the art, and it’s done! At CSDO the teachers are very much friendly and highly experienced. They help you learn each and every basic thing with full clarity and understanding. CSDO is not after making money, and thus, the fees is not very high. It can be easily afforded by everyone. Therefore, just get ready to start your own business and be independent. Visit us at

Uniform Trust SKY Enterprises

The journey of Sky Enterprises did begin in the pre-independence era. The company has come a long way from the days of Raj to the cyber age. However, over the years, its endeavour to provide quality products has not changed. It has never compromised on is the quality of cloth and dress materials used. The product range of Sky Enterprises is valued for its high quality products and fine stitching. The company uses high grade raw materials, which are sourced from its trusted vendors. Today Sky Enterprises is regarded

Restaurateurs with staying power understand that minding their on-site operation is only half the battle. Just as crucial? The world beyond the host stand, where we learn to stay relevant in our ever-changing industry. NRA Show® is just such a destination—an indispensable gathering packed with on-trend ingredients, innovative products and expert foodservice-industry guidance. Pretty much everything I need to stay ahead of the competition.

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as a pioneer in the field of manufacturing and supply of uniforms and uniform related accessories, and hand-made Zari embroidery in India. The company’s product range include Waiter uniforms, Chef uniforms, uniforms for Indian Air Force and Indian Navy, School uniforms, Reception uniforms, uniforms for Air hostesses, Security uniforms, Housekeeping uniforms, and all other types of Corporate uniforms. The company’s prestigious clientele list includes Indian Air Force and Indian Navy among others. Besides institutional uniform tailoring, the company also executes complete job of drapery and stitching on order.


Modern Shaving The Complete Solution Provider Electrolux Professional Preparation Infinity Hygiene Care

Infinity Hygiene Care is a leading manufacturer of Shaving cream and shaving gel under brand name of ‘Protector‘. This ‘Protector‘ shaving cream is more softens and moistens the skin and the hair, thus making shaving more comfortable and contributing to smoother skin. The advantages of using this cream, rather than soap, oil, or just water, are many. The skill work force under watch full guidance of management company are constantly working hard to maintain of product to be supplied to their supplier across the country for hotels and hospitality industries.

Electrolux Professional is the complete solution provider and a specialist of Food Service and Laundry systems to a wide variety of customers around the world, from restaurants and hotels to healthcare and other service facilities. Electrolux is the only company worldwide offering a complete range of high-performance products for professional kitchens and laundries under one global Brand. Strong specialization by product categories to meet the needs of most demanding

customers with flexible, tailor-made solutions. Different customer categories: from Michelin starred restaurants to international hotel chains, from Quick Service Restaurants to high productivity kitchens and laundries. The most extended Customer Care global network: highly qualified sales and service partners supporting our customers in their daily business in each and every corner of the world with a real 360° Customer Care experience, from pre-sales, installation and training, to a comprehensive after-sales process with maintenance and care.

Freshly Baked Waffles Rodaaji Company

Rodaaji has launched a new concept for freshly baked Waffles in hotels breakfast offerings. Fresh Waffles add fun to the breakfast, offering unique experience for the customers. Children specifically enjoy the option of having a fresh baked Waffle. Waffles are slowly becoming a staple in the breakfast as their popularity has

grown immensely. Guests and customers are beginning to look for Waffles as an option. Fresh Waffles are large and filling in nature. As a result, guests eat only one Waffle and this decreases consumption cost per guest. Cost of Waffles is only approx. Rs. 27 as compared to other frozen offerings which are also approx. Rs. 32 but are 3 times smaller so guests tend to eat more, thereby raising food costs per guests. The Waffles are made with fresh & natural ingredients with fewer additives than many other breakfast items and are lower in sugar, salt, and fat. The Waffles are made with malted barley wheat which has a natural digestive so hotel guests fully digest their breakfast. It provides needed energy which will help guest lead a productive day. Moreover, the Waffles offer superior aroma, flavour and taste! Hotels just need minimal space requirements and do not require any freezer space. This cuts down on food preparation and the kitchen employees’ as well as cook’s time to concentrate on the preparation of other breakfast items. In many cases, the fresh Waffle offering has helped cut down cost because other (bread like/or redundant items) can be removed from the breakfast menu which do not directly influence score cards. Fresh Waffles are delicious and are egg less & non GMO.



Decades of Rich Industry Experience EssEmm Corporation

EssEmm Corporation has been established in the year 1997 based in the industrial city of Coimbatore. The company is promoted by M. Sathish Kumar, who is loaded with decades of rich industry experience. The company has started its operations in a small way catering to the needs of Hotels, Restaurants & Industrial canteens and established itself as a prominent player in the industry in a short span of time. Cosmos - the company’s brand promoted and engineered for its range of products has created a revolution in the commercial kitchen machines industrial segment. In the self branding area, EssEmm Corporation makes Multi Utility Grinders (MUG), Potato Peeling Machines, Vegetable Processing Machines, Dough Kneaders, Cutter

Mixers, Chapathi Making Machines and Coconut Scrappers. Cosmos products are used in all leading Hotels and Restaurants. Cosmos products are also exported to the Middle East, Singapore, USA and Australia. Foreseeing the requirement & acceptance for the quality imported machines, strive to get world renowned brands under its umbrella has been on from the beginning. The international companies find a trustworthy partner in EssEmm Corporation as the business ethics, value for brand dealt with, support to the clients are upheld always. In the area of Import distribution, EssEmm Corporation represents some of the World Leaders in Hospitality Industry. Broaster-USA for Pressure Fryers, Convotherm-Germany for

Combi Steamers, Comenda-Italy for Dish Washers, MKN FlexichefGermany for Pressure bratt Pans, Hallde-Sweden for Vegetable Processing Machines, Pitco-USA for Deep Fryers, Middleby MarshallUSA for Conveyor Pizza ovens, Frijado-Netherlands for Rotisseries, Nilma-Italy for Vegetable Washers, IMC-UK for Vegetable Peelers, SirmanItaly for Meat Processing machines, Chung Shen-Taiwan for Cooking Mixers, Bertos-Italy for Cooking Islands & Boiling pans, Burlodge-Italy for Meal delivery systems are to name a few. EssEmm Corporation now expanded its focus into the food processing sector and added Roboqbo-Italy for Universal Processors; DC Norris-UK for food processing equipment; Mill Powder Tech – Taiwan for dry grinding & turnkey solutions; Ceselsan Machinery – Turkey for Roasting & processing machines;

EssEmm Corporation has head office at Coimbatore and having branch operations at Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin & Hyderabad. EssEmm Corporation has got a professional management system in place. Adequate staff at every level has been placed. A talent pool of Technical team is in roam all over South India. The Quality Management System of EssEmm Corporation complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and certified by TUV. EssEmm Corporation doesn’t stop just at supplying the machines; it goes a step further in providing the right solutions, support in terms of maximum utility of the equipment and service back up at its best.

Pipeline to Success R R Sales Corporation

Established in 1995, Delhi-based R R Sales Corporation has positioned itself as an eminent service provider of LPG pipeline installation Services. The company deals in LPG/CNG pipeline installations and kitchen ventilation (fresh air unit & exhaust). This sole proprietor firm has a huge number of clients. The services of the company are tailored to meet the requirements of the company’s clientele and are stringently based upon industrial norms and ethics. The product range of the company includes blower, scrubber, exhaust hood, fresh air system, fresh air washer, exhaust blower, axial fan among others. The impressive product range of R R Sales Corporation is complimented by its skilled workforce. The company places considerable emphasis on research and development and regarding this, has recruited a special panel for research and development. The ethical business policies and customercentric approaches are the cornerstones of the company and have facilitated it to develop a huge client base on a nationwide basis.

Adding Value to the Food Service Kunjapuri Enterprises

Kunjapuri Enterprises is a manufacturer and exporter of tandoors, tandoor fittings and kitchen equipments. The tandoors of Kunjapuri Enterprises are hand-made. The company supplies to hotels, restaurants, banquets, cafeteria and catering segments of the hospitality and food service industry. The company, headed by Susheela Maithani, began its journey in 1999 and the expert craftsmanship along with sustained supervision on the production process play crucial roles in maintaining the high standard of quality of the products of the company, since the last one-and-a-half decade. Hand-made tandoors are traditional way of developing the Indian cuisine. They offer the real taste and texture needed for developing the right cuisine. At Kunjapuri they ensure the quality of tandoors to satisfy the customer’s need of authentic Indian cuisine with its true values.





Crafting Impeccable F&B Equipments

Timeless Traditions

Kumar Equipment (India) Pvt. Ltd. Kumar Equipment (India) Pvt. Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of commercial kitchen, refrigeration and bakery equipments in India. Its product range includes hot and cold equipments, bakery equipments, bar equipments, beverage equipments, dish washing equipments, cake pastry and ice-cream displays, salad display, racks, storage equipments among others. Kumar Equipment (India) is a certified ISO 9001: 2008 and a ‘Trust Passed’ accredited company. ‘Success is always a team effort’ is the company’s motto and the management’s objective is to maximise corporate value during medium to long-term. KEI’s corporate culture

and purpose, vision, mission and values unite its diverse workforce and provide a clear framework and guidance. KEI provides guidance for the behavior and actions of their employees in all its business areas around the world. Under the dynamic leadership of Rajesh Kumar, KEI has carved a niche and has become one of the leading manufacturers of kitchen equipments. His vast industrial experience and sharp business acumen are instrumental in KEI’s phenomenal success over the years. KEI has been associated with kitchen

Fresh & Honest Cafe Ltd. equipment industry for well over two decades, and has been successfully providing its expertise to hospitality industry, residential schools, learning institutes, hospitals, messes of Armed Forces, industrial canteens, clubs, cafeterias, etc. Its operations not only spans across India but is also extended abroad. KEI has two manufacturing units in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan well equipped with latest state-of-the-art plant and machinery. Robust infrastructure, highly skilled and dedicated workforce, and sound R&D are the company’s strengths.

Lavazza is one of the most respected coffee brands in the world known for its distinctive coffee. With presence in over 90 countries, Lavazza brings true Italian experience with every cup of coffee. With a heritage of over 120 years, Lavazza

is known for its timeless traditions of making the perfect coffee following the highest quality standards and authentic coffee making processes. L a v a z z a’s d i v e r s e portfolio of products in different markets caters to the unique tastes of coffee connoisseurs worldwide. A true Lavazza experience is made complete with its wide range of sophisticated European coffee machines that brew the perfect Italian coffee, at home and out of home.

Suite Heart Forever Petals Packaging

Established in 1987, with a view to serve the travel and tourism Industry, Petals pioneered the portion pack in Northern India thereby improving the catering standards especially in the Travel Industry. The Petals brand Suite Heart sachets and blister packs are well known for their q ua l ity b e c a us e premium quality ingredients and packaging material are used and hence can be served with confidence. They can be trusted because completely automated and hygienic processes are used ensuring the safety of users. The Suite Brand of Portion packs have now become popular as correct portion size helps immensely in controlling waste as also giving the user his money’s worth. The entire range of Petals products can be customized to promote the image of the company. They are also available in the attractive, standard Suite Heart packing. Portion packs in the form of sachets, blister packs or kits aid inventory control, are easy to handle and store and also increase shelf life of the product. Petals is also actively involved in packaging development where the entire task of design, material selection, testing, procurement and packaging of a product is undertaken. Contract Packaging of products with facilities specially created with the required ambience is another field in which Petals specializes. The company has been ISO 9001 certified. Although based in New Delhi, Petals has satisfied clients all over India. Their long list of Prestigious clients include the Indian Railways, Indian Airlines, hotels and Hotels and Hotel chains like ITC., ITDC. etc and leaking Fast Food chains



Adding Value to the Table Thakurji Tablwares

The quality of raw materials, workmanship and ideas make the difference between an average product and something special. Thakurji Tablwares believes in producing products which are special. The company is a manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of high quality tableware in India and abroad. Its assortment of tableware comprises

are being designed by master craftsmen, keeping in mind the latest market trends. Thakurji Tablwares’ clientele is spread across hotels, restaurants and airlines. Incepted in the year 1971, Thakurji Tablewares is an ISO 9000-9001certified brand. The production unit of the company is spread over a vast area of 2000 sq mt., in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. Thakurji Tablware is well- equipped with technologically advanced machinery that helps the company to produce the products efficiently. The products of the company are regularly inspected by experts with the help of its in-house R&D and testing facilities. The company has also installed CAD (Computer-Aided Design)/CAM (ComputerAided Manufacturing) facilities.

Nurturing the Design

THS Consulting Pvt. Ltd. THS Consulting offer multidisciplinary foodservice design and planning services for F & B, kitchen and foodser vice operations in hotels, restaurants, cafeteria, food courts etc. THS provides F&B Concepts, Foodservice Design & Facility Planning for Commercial Kitchen & Bar Design, Back of House, Laundry Design, F&B Operational Planning and Foodservice Performance Specifications for Hotels & Restaurants, Hospitals & Healthcare Institutions, Staff Facilities & Cafeterias, Educational & Training Institutions. THS culture is one of pride in performance and

integrity plus a level of commitment that comes from employee satisfaction and motivation. The professionals are dedicated to providing clients with value focused service and result. Experienced in developing and using leading edge concepts to solve challenging situations, THS standard is to incorporate skills developed in one industry into cost – effective solution in others. THS strongly maintain a strong Teamwork ethic throughout the organization. THS culture is one of opportunity – from both a professional and personal p e r s p e c t i ve . We p rov i d e a n unmatched experience whatever your career goals. They strongly believe in Professional Career Development. THS is promoted by Alok Dubey, a Hotel Management graduate from IHM, Bhopal, 2004 batch and MBA in sales and marketing. He has an over all experience of six years in food and beverage service operations.

kitchenware, ice bucket, brass candle holder, pastry stand, cruet set, and rectangular chafing dish. The company offers variety of styles and designs in tableware.  The company’s products

Fresh New Taste Shamsons Foods

Shamsons Foods has launched 100 percent non-alcoholic tasty Bloody Mary mix. Made with premium and quality ingredients, the drink provides fresh squeezed taste of ripe tomatoes. The mix of dash of real lemon juice, coarse

black pepper and a pinch of salt, makes drink perfect for any time. Bloody Mary mix ensures satisfaction till last drop of Tomato Juice or Vodka. The product ensures consistent flavor to

maintain quality at any place. It is a drink that is completely adaptable to suit your personal taste and can be used for more tomato and related cocktail recipes. The Bloody Mary mix offers a ready solution for large catering in pubs, bars & restaurants. It is available in pack of 24 x 160 ml can, with a shelf life of 12 months. The company already has range of products like tomato ketchup, sauces, jams, pickles, squashes, syrup, ready-to-serve drinks. The company offers wide range of Readyto-Serve drinks like Lemonade, Aam Panna, Mango, Litchi, Mixed Fruit, Mojito, Mango Black Current, Tomato. An ISO 9001 : 2008 certified company Shamsons is developing new variants in food products to cater to the growing demand in the Indian food sector. Today the company has created its unique niche in HORECA as well as Retail market segments.

Mar-Apr ’15




Mediterranean Gourmet Foods Manisha International Pvt. Ltd. Established in 1995 w i t h t h e o b j e c t i ve o f establishing a well knit and efficient distribution system for imported FMCG items in India, Manisha International has exclusive tie-ups for India with Paul Hartmann AG, Germany (Diapers), Pastificio Riscossa, Italy (Pasta), Angel Camacho S.A., Spain. (Olives, Olive Oil), Farling Industrial Co. Ltd., Taiwan (Baby Products), Oleifici Colavita S.P.A, Italy (Colavita Olive Oil) and Indalco S.P.A, Italy (Colavita Pasta).




The company has distributors in Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Udaipur, Mussoorie, Dehradun, Agra, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Cochin, Pondicherry,

Ranchi, Vadodara, Goa, Pune, Lucknow, Kanpur, Guwahati, Indore, Kolkata, Thiruvananthpuram, Bangalore, and Chennai. The company is also constantly in the process of identifying and appointing distributors in other major towns and cities. These distributors provide the much needed penetration in the large and wide spread of potential market in a big country like India where Manisha covers more than 75 percent of the potential FMCG middle class market. Manisha has a 10000 sq ft dedicated warehouse in the north of Delhi with full warehousing team and clearly laid down norms based on European model of warehousing. A smaller 2500 sq ft warehouse is also operational which is located next door to the main office. The target outlets of the company are - departmental stores, chain stores, super markets, utility stores, petrol station shops, and street vendors/


Gastronorm Pans available in SS & Polycrbonate at very attractive prices






Regd. Office : # 1, Hakoba Compound, Bombay Cotton Mills Estate, 77, Dattaram Lad Marg, Kala Chowki Road, MUMBAI - 400 033, India. Phone : 022 - 4002 5511 / 22 / 33 / 2370 9141 / 42 • Telefax : 022 - 2377 1135 Delhi Office : 4601, Deputy Ganj, Sadar Bazar, DELHI - 110 006, India. Phone : 011 - 3293 6432 / 2363 1069 / 93122 16432 • Telefax : 011 - 2363 1069 E-mail :



Web :

kiosks. The company has sound banking connections and enjoys very good credit facilities and limits with its bankers, the central bank of India, which is one of the leading financial banks in the country with corresponding banks in most countries of the world. The Directors of the company have been in the FMCG trade for the past four decades and they are now in the third generation of entrepreneurs dedicated to establish and promote international brands of high quality in India.

Leading the Hoteliers ATN Consultants

Facility Planning Consultancy has become one of the most important sector in business service particularly for those planners in hotels, restaurants, staff canteens, bars, flight services, hospitals, and catering and services industry. It can give sensatory guidelines and also can led to the right direction for the planners. The ATN Consultants, a leading hospitality consultancy company with 30 years of experience providing facility planning in the country, is promoted by Naresh Srivastava, a civil engineer who has over 20 years of experience in India and abroad with Oberoi Group of Hotels and more than 10 years of experience as a free lancer for providing facility planning and technical expertise for leading hotels, restaurants, staff canteens, flight services and all types of catering business. The promoter has the requisite expertise to develop and commission all type of areas and equipment’s. The recent projects for which facility planning concept, development and commissioning expertise provided are Taj Group of Hotels & Resorts, Marriott Courtyards & Resorts, Radisson Group of Hotels, Park Plaza Hotels, Holiday Inn Group, Ramada Hotels, Park Plaza Hotels, Comfort Inn Hotels & Resorts, Country Inns & Suites, ASCOT Hotels, DLF Groups, Unitech Group, Medicity Hospital, Forties Healthcare, Assotech Hospitals and other versatile hotels and hospital industry. The ATN Consultants have a proper setup with experienced team of architects, engineers and interior designers to give the best results in all prospects of clients’ requirements. Clients’ benefits and giving world-class service to the clients is their first priority. Their major fields of expertise are: • Area programming • Back of the House Designing • Vendor selection and development • F&B related updated information • Budgeting and costing • Developing Job related Services Drawings • Coordination with Service Consultants • Coordination with architect and interior designers • Services Coordination • Equipment Inspection • Installation And Commissioning • Technical Specifications • Telephone And Locks and Keys Schedule • Library For Selected Vendors. They use reasonable and customary care in application of their professional skills in developing and designing the new properties to benefit the clients as well as operational requirement of the project.

Disclaimer Views expressed by the companies are not endorsed by Hammer Publishers Pvt. Ltd.


Passion for Excellence Euro Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Euro Foods Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in the business of imports and distribution of European food products in India. Since last 25 years the company has gained immense experience in developing and promoting international food & beverage products and solutions for its customers. Euro Foods is the India extension of SAFCO International Gen Trading which started its Indian operations in 2007. Euro Foods represents range of leading brands from Europe. The portfolio consists of German brand ‘IREKS’, represented in over 90 countries offering premium improvers, bread mixes, confectionery mixes, organic & gluten free products, sourdoughs & malts for bakery industry. IREKS task is to supply bakeries, brewers and many other food manufacturers with first-class ingredients and attractive product

ideas. Euro Foods next product in line is ‘VALROHNA’, a world renowned brand in chocolate, which needs no introduction. The company has been providing gourmet chocolates since decades and has been a brand leader in its own category. ‘GIFFARD’ brand synonymous with syrups & sauces is another brand Euro Foods represent. Known for its art for flavours it provides unique

flavours to match the needs of the clients. To offer comprehensive product range Euro Foods engaged in the business of dry Fruits and fruits & vegetables. This range is provided by the brand ‘CHEF’s CHOICE’, which has a wide range in the category to cater the need of the clients. The company known for its quality does offer complete solution with its comprehensive product range.

Midas touch to cuisine PLS Group

As tastes of the masses evolve, a clear trend of experimenting with different cuisines is visible even among traditional guests and customers. This is ref lected in the inclusion of different cuisines in catering business. Chinese flavours are an easy bet and new innovations for preparing the cuisine is inspiring better equipment desing. Catering is big business and right from the high end catererer to the smallest player in the hospitality business, everyone understands that for the success of a Momos counter, the stand is of immense value. This humble street food is popular with all guests. With momos in big demand, PLS group have created a novel product that presents the savouries in a neat and scientific counter that goes well w it h a n y s e t t i n g . Top c a t e r e r s h a v e started using the best equipment available in the market to create an impact among the crowd and food Lovers. PLS group in one company that is always keen to introduce new equipment for the hospitality needs for their kitchen and outdoor catering as well. Naresh Lal, the Managing Director of the PLS group has the required expertise in the specialized field of kitchen equipment. Add to this, his zest for innovation and it makes him amply qualified enough to catch the nerve of the hospitality industry. The company’s recent range of momos counter is creating waves among the industry not only for their look but also for use. This range is intricately designed using approved raw material. The company has a long list of customers which includes the hotels, restaurants, catering institute, banquets and institutions.



Enchanting Stainless Steel Dishes Anupam Industries

Anupam Industries is a quality driven name with a vision on steel and is known for its trend setting approach. Each product designed by Anupam is a mellifluous blend of graceful simplicity, matchless elegance and exquisite beauty. Every year it adds up the number by launching new designs. Last year they introduced much talked about ‘anti-scratch chafing dishes’ that true flavor of world class quality product. They are more of

a designer product, which appeal to eyes, and adds up a new concept in food service. With their introduction of complete range of pots & pans including Polycarbonate GN Pans, Trays, the company now provides comprehensive range in holloware. As a continuous endevour to provide added range of products it has also develop SS Trolleys for banqueting. The company has earned a valuable ‘Seal of recognition’, using the high quality raw material that of Salem 18/8 stainless steel (AISI 304) with the purpose to keep food hygienic, fresh and warm for a long time. The use of high quality material has paid off the company in its continuous development,

innovation and up-gradation. The hard work and usage of best quality raw material product has placed the company at the top. The quality description of the products is outstanding with non-magnetic cup rolled 304-quality sheet for spoons and forks. The 2 mm-2.5 mm thickness knives are made of stainless steel rods. To give the product a touch of fineness, it has separate units for designing, production

and finishing. Their product range includes chafing dishes, gastronome containers, pots and pans, holloware and trays and platters etc. The bar accessories consist a wide range of wine coolers, cocktail shakers, bar tool set, wine rack, ice bucket and bar trays. Enchanting looks of these products with a perfect co-ordination of grace and beauty are designed and crafted with unmatched detailing. The company is designing the best quality equipment designed for the professional catering industry. It is specialized in manufacturing Gastronom pans in vide shapes and sizes. Anupam products are widely used by ITC group, Hyatt, ITDC, Radisson, Taj group to name a few. The company has been awarded ISO 90012001 certificate for its excellence. The company has a showroom at Naraina, where it has been displaying its complete range of product line. It is spread across 25,000 sq. ft. of space.

Chef’s Choice

Remington Steel Arts Knife is said to be ‘life’ of a chef. In fact, holding on to a good quality of knife is as important as for any user in the kitchen. In this very segment the most exclusive branded knife of India, which has been closely associated with star hotels and catering units is Remington Steel. Over the years the company has won an essential place in the commercial kitchens of India. The knives are made from tough, carbon stainless steel that ensures greater edge retention. These knives are heat treated and tempered in an inert atmosphere. Remington knives are appreciated due to its

Jan-Feb ’17



sharp, long lasting edges, user-friendly shapes and sizes and wide range that it offers. The wide range includes French Cook’s Knives, Paring Knives, Steak Knives, Vegetable Knives, Carving Knives, Slicing Knives, and many more. Remington Knives are fully forged to shape from high tough, Carbon Stainless Steel that ensures greater edge retention. Remington Knives are heat treated and tempered in an inert atmosphere. Edges of Remington Knives are ten times sharper and longer than the conventional knives. They are known for their full-length tang for perfect balance and for easier and less tiring cutting. Quality of Remington Knives is at par or above as compared to imported knives. They are precisely handcrafted and finished with each blade honed to an exact perfection and lasting experience.


Fragrance Solutions

Sugandhco (P) Ltd. Sugandhco has been established by the Vijayvergiya family, who is the pioneer in the field of perfumery in India. The company can be regarded as the torch-bearer in innovating and conceptualising of fragrance solutions and discovering their unique and interesting applications in the hotels, resorts and spas. Sugandhco serves the aromatic requirements of spas and hotels by providing them with a single source for highest quality personal care, air care and fabric care solutions. The company’s rich and diverse experience and expertise in perfumery, spanning more than 150 years, comes in handy in offering hospitality properties customised signature fragrance solutions. Its signature scents can induce pleasant feelings, stimulate appetite, trigger memories and desires, instill relaxation and alertness, and create an ambiance your guests will love to be in! The range of products include, Body Massage Oils and Scrubs, Scalp Massage Oils, Hair Henna, Foot Massage Oils, Face Packs and Oils, Aroma Oils, Aroma Lamps, Towel Fragrance, Air Fresheners, Aroma Candles & Tea Lights, Incense Sticks and Cones, Water Fountain Fragrances, Towel Fragrances amongst others.

Designing Furniture Trends Trend n Design

Trend n Design value their customer and concern for quality, comfort & style. They offer quality products & services as a manufacturer of high quality furniture for Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Corporate houses & Townships meeting the latest trends in India and International markets. Being in this business for t he pa s t 29 ye a r s , h av i n g manufacturing unit at Delhi, they have t horou g h k now le d g e of sou rc i n g a nd selecting the best quality raw materials for various applications. This plays a vital role in the quality of products. In the event client wants to develop any design as per

their own specifications, the same is offered within the shortest possible time, and try to match the schedule. The company specialises in - all weather products & accessories including garden chairs & tables, pool/ outdoor furniture, sofas, service trolleys, bar furniture etc. They use synthetic wicker

by ‘REHAU (Germany) & Viro (Indonesia)’ which are one of the best quality wickers available across the globe. T he y a lso of fer ba nquet furniture including foldable buffet tables in different sizes du ly customized a s per t he need, ba nquet c ha i r s, plat for m t rol le y, round table trolleys & chair trolleys in mild steel and stainless steel etc. Trolleys including front office utility carts like Bellman’s trolley, luggage trolley and wooden f u r n it u re i nc lud i n g re s t au r a nt & ba r furniture, furniture for public areas & guest rooms, poolside furniture, umbrellas for pool & garden, liquor trolley, f lambé trolley, valet/coat stands etc. complete the wide range of products in offing.

Meet us at Aahar 2017 Hall No: Hanger -27 Stall No: H27B-01-D

Innovations in Linen Blue Fab

Established in 1996, Blue Fab is a premium manufacturer and supplier of linen to the hospitality industry. The company offers an exclusive range of restaurant linen, banquet linen, bamboo & jute craft, furnishing, and uniforms. The range of restaurant linen includes napkin, napron, table

cloth, place matt & runner, etc. The range of banquet linen includes readymade frills, chair cover, buffet sheet, napkin, etc. Besides furnishing fabric, curtain and upholstery, and shirt, waist coat, trousers, suit, cravette and scarf used for F&B kitchen operations are some of the products offered by Blue Fab. Company has an exclusive range of bamboo/ cane linen. they also came with a laundry project with well equipped advance technology machines. The company has a unique range of production uniform and service uniform which are specially designed to cater to the department/category wise need. With the arrival of more and more fine dining restaurants with innovative ideas, the linen sales are increasing fast and this could enhance the business prospects of the company. At the same time, the introduction of a slew of ambitious hotel projects in the Indian hospitality industry is also expected to increase the demand for their products.

Disclaimer Views expressed by the companies are not endorsed by Hammer Publishers Pvt. Ltd.



Chef Forno

Bakery Superstore

Allied Metal Works

Madhav Enterprises Madhav Enterprise is one stop source for all bakery needs. With comprehensive range of bakery ingredients, supplies and equipment, company helps clients in identifying right product for their specific needs. Madhav have collaborated with reliable vendors of the industry, who provide a wide variety of high quality products. They manufacture these products using quality tested raw material, along with advanced technology and innovative techniques. The selection process for the best vendor is done by procuring agents on various parameters such as economic position, control measures, market credibility, manufacturing techniques, etc. The vendor list that the company maintains

is revised on the basis of the inventory which they receive from them. The organization has employed highly skilled and qualified professionals who have huge experience in this domain. They have a dedicated team of professionals that works round the clock to improvise the quality of the products that they offer. In order to provide a flawless gamut of products, they have set up a well-equipped large warehousing facility with a smooth inventory management system that is administered by warehousing personnel. Being a quality-centric firm, their main objective is to satisfy clients by offering them reliable products in the committed time frame.

Chef ’s Forno from Allied Metal Works can be simply described as a ready to install gas fired pizza oven, but it would be more appropriate to describe it as a 90 second wonder. Chef Forno is manufactured with fine quality of imported stone, which retains heat and maintains the perfect 380 degree centigrade temperature

for thin/semi crust pizzas. The company has introduced a new range of electric oven having the capacity of 1 pizza to 4 pizzas, and is readily

available in stock. These electric ovens are also stone base and work on 450 degree. These smallsized fully equipped professional pizza ovens are ideal for making family meals, barbecues and outdoor grills, or for having a pizza with friends. This equipment is ideal for small restaurants, which have or want to add pizzas and other special wood-cooked dishes in their menu. This oven is suited for mobile pizzeria, catering parties, and for pizzeria as well. However, the oven is not only good for making pizzas but with its help a Chef can prepare various grill and roasters also, and the company’s special grill and roasting accessories help the Chef to get the perfect colour and grill tone. The high quality hand-crafted production makes this oven of great value. The oven is provided with iron/stainless steel support stand. It can be easily transported. Moreover, one can get Chef Forno customised as per one’s design choice. The company uses a special inox steel in this oven, which comes in a variety of textures and colours, which can be easily matched with a wide range of interiors or concepts. The cylindrical shape of the oven gives the oven a special elegance and allows exploiting the space as best as possible. It also helps to orient the stoke-hole according to a varied range of requirements. The original design and shape of the dome enables hot circulation, thereby naturally simplifying the pizza cooking process. Moreover, a lot of suitable material under the backing floor makes possible a ‘stock of heat’, thus avoiding the cooling of the floor and the sudden changes in temperature during the operations. The company has installed around 10 more chef ’s forno in the different part of country and all customers are very much satisfy.

Adding Value to the Food Presentation Makrey Exports

Makrey Exports is the leading manufacturer and exporter of all types of ceramics crockery, copperwares, wood wares and colored glassware for hospitality & catering industries in India. The company produces distinguished models of crockery, acrylic products, cutlery, colored glassware, hollowware, tableware, copper / brass Items, chafing dishes, under the brand ‘Makrey’. The company offers its customers a high quality

product range that meets the latest market Office:/Showroom: C-207, 1st Floor, trends atRegd. highly competitive prices based on Naraina Industrial Area, Phase-1, New Delhi-110028 (INDIA) their experience and know Fhow. The company T +91-11-26169771, 26177232 +91-11-26169233 E W provides complete solution that meets customer requirements. Along with providing an extensive range of designs and products to choose from, Makrey also specializes in providing custom made products and designs as per client specifications. This in turn keeps customer contended and gives them the satisfaction of being able to deliver what is demanded.



Venus Industries

Venus is associated with the art of the luxury dining. They are leading manufacturer and exporter of Stainless Steel commodities, hotelware and tableware, barware, kitchenware, cutlery / flatware, buffet collection, chafing dishes, laufeen dishes, trolleys and many other products embodying uncompromising excellence and supreme quality. Along with providing an extensive range of designs and products to choose from, Venus also specializes in providing custom made products and designs as per client specifications. Serving its customers through a distributor network and a global dealership, Venus offers an extensive variety of well over 2100 products. Innovative thinking, focus on ace quality, exclusivity of designs and being all ears to valued customers are some of the

The Perfect Tandoor Kanhaiyalal Tandoor Pvt. Ltd.

The Tandoor is an integral part of any kitchen that lays claim on serving Indian food to the most finicky international palate. The restaurant business and in fact the entire hotel business is focused around food as an essential component of its service. The right equipment in the kitchens of hospitality institutions make the vital difference between efficient and better cooking.   The business is not new to Avinder and Fakir Chand, two brothers who are manufacturing tandoors under the name of their company- ‘Kanhaiyalal Tandoors Pvt Ltd.’  The two have put more than 32 years of expertise in manufacturing and marketing tandoors to good use, selling tandoors of different sizes and shapes. Made with strict adherence to high quality and precision, the tandoors are available in Copper, Stainless steel and Mild Steel body apart from

simple Clay tandoor. Both the brothers are dedicated to their craft of manufacturing topof-the-line tandoors and are confident of taking their company to greater heights. The recent award for their contribution in the hospitality trade during the 12th annual chef awards  at Hotel Ashok in the capital is a clear evidence of the recognition of their products’ quality. After the noteworthy success in tandoors for the hospitality trade, the company has now introduced the pizza ovens. The various types of Pizza Ovens include Pizza Oven with Stainless steel cladding, Oven with Mosaic design  and  Brick Pizza Oven. This completes the entire range of ovens needed for dishing out great tasting pizza for use by  catering companies,  restaurants and resorts. The ovens are both Gas fired and Wood fired, thereby resulting in a choice for hotel and restaurant and other companies to select the special type for their specific needs. The ovens can be ready with the right heat in mere 45-50 minutes. Once ready, the ovens dish out pizzas in maximum 3 to 4 minutes, this proving to be perfect for quick service.

reasons why leading hotels, corporates and other establishments choose products manufactured by Venus Industries. Founded in 1963 by J K Khurana, Venus Industries began business as a humble organization and tried to move up the ladder with its grit and fortitude. Venus today stands with 54 plus glorious years of existence behind it. Venus also caters to the international market and had its presence in USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Australia and other parts of world. Company Director, Vicky Khurana who is actively involved in all aspects of the running the business be it market research, production management, client satisfaction etc. strongly believes in giving the client value for every penny they spend. The aim is to grow Venus to encompass all needs of the customer under one roof. Innovation & new developments are

part of the routine that is followed at Venus. And following the same, they have developed a range of new products for the Hospitality Industry. To be launched for the first time in the Indian market, is a new range – ‘The Rainbow Collection’. Inspired from the amalgamation of colors in the rainbow; the new range is a reflection of the same. Immensely premium & rich looking, this range includes cutlery, hollowware & chafers, is sure to add sass and appeal to dining experiences. Along with this there are new buffet props, designer nesting tables, outdoor buffet set-ups etc. that we have introduced this year. The range is exquisite and complete & offers the client a one-stop-shop experience for an array of products. The company has clientele that includes all leading hotel chains, resorts, as well as govt. organizations.



Essential Oils for Diffusers

Reed Diffusers

Carpet Fresheners

Water Fountain Fragrances

Anti-Mosquito Garden Sticks

Laundry Fragrances

Floor Fragrances

Hot / Cold Towel Aromas

Customized Siganture Aromas

Strategic Air Fresheners Largest Collection of Aroma Solutions


Lavender Super 3007

Jasmine Super 3007

For more information, pl email or 95192 11233 or write to us at Vedic Aroma Lab, Aroma One Tower, Commercial Plot 35, Jankipuram, Sector E, Lucknow - 226 021 INDIA

*Terms & Conditions Apply

Luxury Redefined




Smoke Point Smoking Cabins S.N. Global

Smoke Solution India / S.N. Global, New Delhi, markets Smoke Point smoking cabins developed by  Smoke Solution, Denmark. It is the only solution that works 100% in air- conditioned areas as it converts the tobacco smoke into clean air and stops the spreading of harmful nicotine and annoying foul odour. The guests can smoke in an air-conditioned area without going out to smoke in unpleasant weather which increases the beverage sales considerably. The cabins are equipped with a fireproof ashtray that can take up to 3500 cigarette butts thereby


reducing the load on the housekeeping staff. They are sensor based and are operational only when occupied which helps in saving power. These cabins have a beautiful Danish design that is completely hasslefree, requires no ducting and can be shifted easily. They are available in different models with a capacity of 6 to 14 people. Smoke Solution India has recently launched a model specially designed for existing smoking rooms to remove the foul smell from them.

The cabins are completely sensor based and automatic. The cabins function only when occupied and automatically switch off when empty thereby saving energy. Smoke Point cabins are ideal for hotels, bars, pubs and restaurants, shopping malls, multiplexes, offices, airports and other public places. They make socialising for non-smokers enjoyable with smokers without the risk of passive smoking.  Smoke Point has won the Award for Excellence for Best Product in Indoor Air Quality by ACREX. The cabins are installed in corporate companies such as L&T, Shell, Convergys and hotels such as ITC Maurya, ITC Grand Chola, Hotel Radisson Blu, New Delhi and Ghaziabad, Sarovar Hotels, Fortune Select Hotel, Westin Hotel, premium bars such as Beer Café, F Bar, Underdoggs and Beer Cafe in NCR, malls like Ambience Mall, Gurgaon, Infiniti Mall in Mumbai and Mantri Mall in Bangalore and also at Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kolkata, Goa and Nagpur Airports.

A P P L Y Lavonne Academy is the pinnacle of patisserie education in India, offering a range of courses from Sugar Art and weekend classes for hobbyists, to the intensive and prestigeous Diplôme de Pâtisserie for aspiring professional pastry chefs.

For more information log on to or contact us at +91-9740544442 or



Your Baking Solution Partner New Maharashtra Mechanical Works

Can’t find the ideal icing nozzles or cake moulds? Do you get frustrated searching for baking supplies & accessories? ‘NOOR’ is a reputed brand for wholesale & retail cake and food decorating equipment. Noor is a familyrun bakery supply store based at Mumbai, They cater to the bakery industry in India & abroad. They have a varied selection of bakeware, moulds, paper goods for the commercial bakers, chefs, home bakers & hobby bakers. With over 50 years’ experience in industrial units they have moved to retailing units too. They offer the very best prices for traders & retail section. Noor is the authorized dealer for Food Grade Mild Steel (aluminum coated steel ideal for baking). This ensures than the baking equipments are durable & will not rust easily. Their newly renovated showroom is bursting with cake decorating tools, baking equipment & more. They are well-equipped with just about everything you can imagine for making, baking & decorating purposes. Items to look out for are Icing Nozzles, Icing Bags, Baking Pans & Trays, Airbrush, Cutters, Tools & Accessories, Sugarcraft Equipment / Tools. Being constantly aware of the latest trends in the bakery industry they look forward to supplying you with the best & latest quality equipment& tools.

Key to India, Europe & Caribbean GUNA Enterprises India

Are you a food manufacturer looking to penetrate the attractive and rapidly growing market in India? Or are you looking to introduce your innovative product in the gourmet food market in the EU? Or are you just looking to expand your global footprint to the Caribbean Islands? If answer to any of the questions above is yes, then GUNA Enterprises is the right partner for you. A unique concept in the age-old business of food products, GUNA brings with it in-depth knowledge, understanding and access to the markets in three vibrant geographies and covering practically the entire spectrum of the food business. With its head office in Delhi and branches in France and the Caribbean, GUNA offers turnkey services in a wide range of services – from market evaluation and relevance studies to in-depth market surveys, preparation of go-to-market strategies, exploiting the diverse distribution and sales network across three continents and communication and marketing services for food products, beverages, gourmet foods and concept products. GUNA can also offer participation and representation in various professional food shows in India, Europe and the Caribbean. It also organises road shows, promotional campaigns, product sampling, test marketing etc. The company is soon launching LONG HORN an energy drink made in Italy, a well-known brand in the EU and other parts of the world. GUNA is now finalising the distribution and promotion strategy as well as a Market Entry programme for Long Horn, proposing a 360° solution, with constant evaluation and evolution in the extremely dynamic and competitive Indian market.


Unveiling New Flavours

Facilitating Food Service

At Aahar International Food & Hospitality Fair, Cremica Food Industries showcases the foray of all new products for retail and food service. Cremica Food Industries has always been at the forefront of innovation including launching India’s first Vegetarian Mayonnaise, as well as Opera crisps which

With its wide range of enticing products Topline Food Equipment LLP (Topline) strives to provide sound and customized solutions in the field of food tray and cup sealing machines and food service equipment to the Food Service Industry. Topline has been offering a novel range of food packaging equipments such as ManualTop Sealing machines for cups and trays which are being widely used by restaurants and fast food outlets everyday. The sealing machines are being used by leading food chains such as Haldiram, Bikanerwala, Barista Coffe company, Spring leaf retail and several

Cremica Food Industries Limited

in India.” Cremica Food Industries Limited, a name that always spelt quality, practical and great tasting food – is fast becoming a household name in India. Its vast array of products has been carefully selected to provide the finest f lavours the food processing industry has to offer. Today, Cremica Food is known for its unique recipes, hea lt h oriented ingredients and state-of-the art qualit y controls and standards. Known for product innovations as well as offering customized and localized food products, they have an extensive product range including Sauces, Mayonnaise, Chutneys, Bread Spreads, Salad Dressings, Syrups and dessert toppings.

Topline Food Equipment LLP

other small and big users all over the country. The company also offers high quality food service equipment from world reputed brand such as Anvil - Convection Oven, Electric Salamander, Sandwich Press, Convection Oven, Chip Dump, Griddle R ibbed To etc. Topline is also a strong contender for offering complete food solutions to their customers for strengthening their back-end operations in the area of food business. Over the years, Topline has managed to create a niche for themselves by offering high quality products to their clientele all over the country at cost-effective rates.

was India’s first cottage style potato crisps. Over the years, Cremica has created a name for its wide range of products in sauces, mayonnaise, chutneys, dessert toppings and ready-to-eat segments and is all set to launch new range of Premium Condiments at the fair. Cremic a w i l l showc a se it s product s starting with Desi Express in the ready-tocook segment which brings the benefit of standardised quality, consistent tastes and f lavours to its hospitality partners, with the added advantage of saving time in the kitchen as well. The product range includes f lavours such as Makhani Masala, Rozana Masala, Chana Masala, Rajma Masala, Subz Masala and Roganjosh Masala and the best quality of its ingredients to ensure f lavours that are natural and closely replicate the taste is what makes the brand stand out in its industry. The classic French fries have been one of the staple foods, and a perfect snack for quick bites. With uniformly cut potato fingers, and a packet of ketchup-y goodness to accompany, Cremica French Fries brings you one of the most satisfying snack experiences. Their epic f lavour assures that each bite is as good as your favourite fast food treat. T he bra nd w i l l a lso showc a se t heir assortment of Opera Chips in the light snack section. These crisps offer a gourmet chomp with their distinct thinness, perfect taste of inimitable f lavours and added crunchiness. The four distinct flavours include - Peri Peri, Cheese Jalapeno, Italian Herbs and Salt & Black Pepper which are the perfect amalgam of classic preparation, select ingredients, and utmost quality. What sets these crisps apart from the usual is that they are hand-made and prepared with personalized attention and a unique cooking style that retains their complex taste and texture. Crem ic a’s Gre at Ser ve ra nge wh ich includes mayonnaise, cheese & black pepper sandwich mayonnaise, honey mustard sauce & dip will also be a part of the product range at the fair for the food service sector. The B2B customers can also avail exciting offers on bulk purchases, apart from special discounts to visitors who buy products at the fair. Akshay Bector, CMD, Cremica Food Industries Ltd, said about Cremica’s presence at Aahar, “We are delighted to be a part of Aahar as it helps us grow as a brand and reach out to our target group. We also look forward to welcoming Industry professionals to showcase game changing innovations that will shape the future of Food Services



Comprehensive Solution for Gourmet Foods Dabon Intl. Pvt. Ltd.

Dabon offers wide range of imported products constituting premier products from premium brands worldwide. Cocio Shakes Up India with Nothing but Great Taste Iconic Danish chocolate drink Cocio founded in 1951, is now officially in the Indian market. After winning over the hearts of Europeans worldwide, Iconic Danish chocolate milk drink Cociois now set to delight India for the very first time, with the launch of Cocio classic and Cocio Dark. Cocio only has 3 natural ingredients: fresh milk from mother company Arla, high quality sugar from ethical sugar cane farmers; and the best West African cocoa which is UTZ-certified. Buying UTZcertified cocoa beans means that Cocio patronizes sustainable farming which helps the impoverished farmers to better their lives. Bottling the beverage and cooking them for a specific amount of time gives Cocio that rich and silky smooth feel. This is where the ingredients mix together to create a unique flavor. To this day, Cocio still uses the same recipe from 1951 and still upholds the same ideals. Because Cocio doesn’t use any preservatives, additives, or stabilizers, the high amount of cocoa naturally settles at the bottom of each bottle – just another sign of its natural goodness. Shaking the chilled bottle of Cocio mixes it back up into chocolaty frenzy. Following the immense success of Cocio in their native Denmark, the brand was then introduced to their Scandinavian neighbors Sweden and Norway. In more recent years, Cocio has also branched out to other European countries, and to the USA. Cocio continues to make waves as the beverage of choice for anyone looking for a straightforward cocoa drink. Veliche™­­­- Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate has introduced a premium Belgian chocolate brand, which can address the needs of artisans. Veliche™ Gourmet is the chocolate brand with a long established heritage in producing fine quality chocolate from the Kingdom of Belgium. Rich in character and complex in f lavour, yet remarkably workable, Veliche™ Gourmet is dedicated to artisans. It reflects innate purity and simplicity, despite its complex nuances. The product has been specifically designed to answer the artisans’ quest for the famous Belgian chocolate taste. The cocoa beans of this chocolate, which are sourced from cocoa growing regions around the world, are tested and analysed three times so as to ensure their premium quality. Produced in the most modern production facility in Europe with the high standards of food safety and consistency, these Belgian chocolates are available in 12 mm Chocolate dots format. To get closer to artisans, digital communication is being focused upon. A brand new website has been launched in 2015 July showcasing the Veliche™ Gourmet brand, its values, products and exquisite recipes, where Chefs can register to get the latest news about the brand. Social media is also playing a big role in Veliche™ Gourmet’s marketing strategy. Elle & Vire - The Elle & Vire brand was established in 1947 by the Elle & Vire Dairy Cooperative (the Elle and the Vire are two small rivers in this part of Normandy). The brand’s


international vocation was rapidly affirmed and in 1975 the Elle & Vire Cooperative was France’s leading exporter of dairy products. Today, the brand is France’s No. 5 dairy brands, with more than one out of two French consumers purchasing at least one Elle & Vire product a year, and virtually everyone is familiar with the

brand (92% awareness rate). At the international level, Elle & Vire sells dairy products as varied as Milk, Butter, Cream, Desserts and Cheese. Elle & Vire products always rank among the most innovative (the first UHT milk in France in 1960, the first UHT cream in 1973, the first UHT dairy dessert in 1985 and the first French spreadable butter in 1992). It is regularly awarded by professionals and consumers. Grandma Singleton – Family cheese makers from 1934.  Situated in Lancashire, and traditional creamy Lancashire cheese is the heart and soul of Grandma Singletons. Making cheese “Grandma’s Way” has been the founding principle over all these generations, and it has

led to a continuous stream of top awards through the years, not only for the products made at Grandma Singletons, but also for the innovation and service provided. The range of cheese made has expanded, to over 30 different types; incorporating many flavours that Grandma would not have been familiar with in her days – Wensleydale with Cranberry, Cheddar with Jalapeno and Garlic ... and even Apple Pie Cheese! Torani -  In 1925, Rinaldo and Ezi lda Torre

AAHAR ’2017 SHOW SUPPLEMENT visited family in Lucca, Italy. The two returned home to their native San Francisco with something very important: handwritten recipes, which they used to create authentic flavored Syrups. These Syrups helped Rinaldo and Ezilda reintroduce the Italian soda to their North Beach neighborhood. And the sodas were a hit. Years later, Torani helped record another hit: Syrup was used to create the world ’s first flavored latte ! The full line of Syrups is the key to building menu diversity. Create a wide variety of appealing specialty beverages for all day parts, customer segments and seasons. The range includes Torani Signature Syrups, Torani Blended Bases, Torani Sauces, Torani Real Fruit Smoothie Mixes.

Delifrance Delifrance is a France-based manufacturer of frozen breads, savouries, viennoiseries and pastries and is the innovator of the part-baked baguette! With more than 1,000 product varieties, Délifrance is one of Europe’s leading bakery manufacturers. Every day, Délifrance strives to

serve and support food service providers, as well as retailers, bakers, and its restaurant and café franchises. A creator of bakery solutions for over 30 years, Délifrance makes new taste experiences by infusing simple and essential bakery products with flavour and inspiration. The company has been drawing inspiration from traditional knowhow, which enables it to prepare high-quality products. Délifrance develops recipes with the help of quality French Chefs, and it finds the best talent in hospitality and catering schools around the world, which does facilitate the company’s rich gastronomic heritage to extend its reach beyond the national borders. Delifrance has a strong network of around 25 commercial offices around the world and more than 10 factories in Europe and in Asia (Thailand). It is very important for Delifrance to have local support in every country where Delifrance sells its products; it enables the company to better understand its

customers and meet their different needs. Bonduelle Bonduelle is a family company created in 1853 and has chosen for its mission “to be the world reference in ‘well living’ through vegetable products”. Promoting innovation and a long-term vision, the group is diversifying its business and its geographical presence. Bonduelle possesses unique agro-industrial expertise and is committed to corporate social responsibility, environmentallyfriendly agriculture and the growth of its employees. Bonduelle, the world leader in readyto-use vegetables is present in over 100 countries and will soon be arriving in India. Villars Villars Maitre Chocolatier, a Swiss chocolate company based in Fribourg was founded in 1901. Presently managed by Alexandre Sacerdoti, the company is owned by the multinational group - SoparindBongrain. Among the most coveted chocolate brands, Villars owes its grand success to its wide range of unique p ro d u c t s i n c l u d i n g chocolates containing nuts and almonds in lavish proportions as well as its 72% dark chocolate napolitains. Offering tons of options and catering to highly differentiated tastes and preferences, Villars boasts of having something for every kind of chocolate lover. From Dark Patissier Chocolate Bars to Liqueur Chocolates to Milk Chocolate Gourmet Bars to Fine-filled chocolate and Experience Bars, this world renowned Swiss chocolatier has concocted the most delectable recipes, combining time honoured secret formulae and the goodness of Swiss milk chocolate or dark chocolate with wafers, praline fillings, wafer chips and various dried fruits and flavoured liqueur. Their Swiss Whips, Perrier Swiss Whips and boxes of assorted old fashioned chocolate are a huge hit as are their Drinking Chocolate and Snacking Bars. Milkana Milkana is marketed by Dabon International, a JV between Dabur India Ltd. and Bongrain SA, France, one of the world’s foremost milk processors. Leveraging on Dabur’s legacy of 130 years of experience and French dairy expertise of Bongrain, Milkana (erstwhile Le Bon) has brought in India, new and unique dairy products customized to the Indian palate. The range of products is 100% natural and vegetarian devoid of added artificial flavours, colours and preservatives.

Manufactured in state of the art production facility, with high quality ingredients, Milkana offers a wide range of international quality dairy products including flavoured dips/spreads, creamed cottage cheese, flavoured cheese slices and Morning Lite, a low fat table dairy spread. Steadfast in their commitment to providing nutritious, healthy and delicious options to its consumers, Milkana promises to deliver nothing but ‘the best’. The experts at Milkana have innovated delightfully interesting recipes, using varied spices like Green Chilli, Tomato Chilli, Jalapeno Mexican Chilli and Black Pepper in their cheese slices and spreads/dips. With its unique and savoury recipes, Milkana continues to taste success as it melts more mouths and woos more hearts.



Implementing Software Solutions Solutionz Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Solutionz Consulting, leading provider of innovative IT solutions to the Hospitality Industry consists of a team of qualified professionals to facilitate customers in using IT solutions effectively for their business. The procedure seamlessly merges hardware and software technologies to provide solutions to increase productivity and reduce losses. Based out of Gurgaon the IT hub of the country, Solutionz Consulting possesses expertise,

infrastructure and resources to implement solutions throughout India. The company makes extensive use of ‘Cloud Computing’ in the software to provide benefits like Virtual head office in with Online MIS, Increased flexibility and control of operations, Reduced cost of implementation, Reduced usage of dedicated hardware and decrease in usage of technical manpower. The product basket of the company includes REZOL - ‘Live’ POS, MMS, MIS and central kitchen software, GARUDA - Online PMS & CRS on Cloud, MAIL ME 1 - mass e-mail marketing software, OLIVE - Hotel room automation, digital menu & cake album on iPad & android tablets, WEB SITES - domain

registration, hosting, design, development and SEO services, POS HARDWARE - POS machines, thermal printers, cash drawers, bar code scanners & printers, digital weighing machines, cake printers, etc. Over years, Solutionz Consulting has successfully implemented solutions for various Companies, Hotels, Restaurants, Bakeries and Multi-Outlet Chains. Some of their prestigious clients include Frontier Biscuits, Nizam’s Kathi Kebab, NEC Food Processing, The Belgian Fries, The Pint Room, Kings Lodge, Tree House Hideaway, Kanha Earth Lodge, Surajgarh Fort, Bundelkhand Riverside, ITM University, Mccoy Soudal, JB Glass, Omiro India, Hammer Publishers, DETA, Pink City Expressway, etc.

Breathtaking Bed and Bath Linen Pushkal Textiles

Founded in 1999, Pushkal Textiles has emerged as a major manufacturer and supplier of bed and bath linen for the hotel industry in India. Keeping in mind the ever changing requirements

of the hotel industry for linen and related products, Pushkal Textiles is a one stop shop for quality and contemporary range of bed and bath linen. The wide range of products from the house of Pushkal includes mattress protectors, bed sheets, pillow covers, pillows, duvets, duvet covers, bath towels, hand towels, bath mats, face towels, pool towels, bath robes, shower curtains, restaurant napkins, table cover, etc. With an objective of manufacturing unrivaled quality products at competitive price, the company has been a market dominator for over a decade. Sheets and pillow covers of Pushkal Textiles are available from 120TC to 300TC in super combed yarn and bath linens are available in 100 percent cotton low twisted fine yarn for enhanced water absorption. The company can customize all products as per the requirement of the customers including logo/name woven in bath linen.

Quality Frozen Products


BMS Enterprises

Dec-Jan ’17


Hammer Food & Beverage Business Review


BMS Enterprises, based in Delhi & Noida, was established in 1997 as importers of spring roll pastry from Tee Yih Jia Manufacturing Pte. Ltd., Singapore. Though conventional hand rolled pastry was only used at that point in time, but after successful test trials chefs recognized the quality and value of the product and introduced in the hotels, restaurants, and catering. Today TYJ is a well-accepted brand in India. The company has also introduced a wide range of products such as Antoniou Fillo Pa s t r y, Ba k e r’s Heaven Puff Pastry, Australian Lamb, BMS Prawns, BMS Vietnamese Basa and Nor wegian Salmon. BMS is manufacturing using the products that it imports like TYJ Sheet, Wonton & Gyoza sheet to make products like Dimsums, Cheese Cigars, Prawn Rolls etc. under its Brand Name “King’s Delight”. In a short span of time due to its formidable quality has become famous with the HoReCa segment and now being introduced in Modern Trade and leading Retail chains across India through its distributors spread across the country.


Introducing Prefab Structures Loom Crafts Pvt. Ltd.

A Revolutionary New Concept for the Hospitality Industry. With a unique vision for innovation and path-breaking engineering, Loom Crafts India’s leading manufacturers of complete outdoor lifestyle solutions, has recently introduced Multi-purpose Factory Made Engineered Structures for the first time in India. Fully furnished with all the modern day facilities of a concrete structure along with the option of customization with hi-end equipments and lavish interiors, Loom Crafts Prefab structures

its own asset value. Loom Crafts’ Prefab structures are created to work in harmony with the environment; are architecturally designed, flexible in application, foster sustainability while at the same time maintaining their affordability.

are ideal for a host of commercial as well as residential projects. From luxury villas to modular homes, hi-tech offices to hill-station retreats, beach resort getaways and countryside cabins, whatever the location, weather or altitude, Loom Crafts Prefab structures can be tailored to suit the given conditions and requirement of space. Innovatively constructed with zero use of brick or mortar, Loom Crafts Prefab structures are complete with wiring, plumbing and can be air-conditioned or heated as per the specific requirements. The revolutionary design of these Prefab structures is based around a robust framework, which forms the core structure of the modular building, a virtually indestructible grid of aluminum and stainless steel. Each interlocking square panel is fastened to adjoining sections by a patented locking system designed to withstand enormous pressure. The top is made of fire retardant membrane, innovated to last year after year without requiring any maintenance. While Loom Crafts provides 50 years warranty, these Prefab structures require nearly no maintenance year after year. Self sustaining by nature, Loom Crafts Prefab structures can be relocated at any given point while retaining

Pasta Machine Satellite Plastic

SATELLITE, a leading Importer of Pasta Machine from Italy has successful installed Industrial Pasta Machine in India. Company has state-of-the-art Pasta machine viz. FLORIDA 100 to make different shapes of Pasta like Vermicelli, Fusilli, Macaroni, Penne, Shell etc. The company also has a range of Pasta Machines

for Hotels & Restaurants. With the growing demand of Italian cuisine in India, Satellite has filled a gap for the demand of Italian machines for developing the wide range of Pasta in various Institutions.



Herbal Experience

Design for Comfort

COMBII Organochem Pvt. Ltd. COMBII Organochem was established in 1978, incorporating 20 years in the field of research and application of Botanical & Mineral materials on the human body. COMBII, the brand owner of HERBLINE, is one the largest, the most assured and the only manufacturer and vendor of Natural Skin & Hair Care products with ISO 9001:2008 accreditation in India. HERBLINE brand has won international acclaim for quality and service at the “Quality Summit” in Madrid, Spain in 1999. Having commissioned a new state of the art, modern plant in the Himalayas at scenic Bhimtal (close to Nainital), an excise free industrial area, natural spring water is used to manufacture the products. Being the largest purveyor of guest toiletries to the hotel industry

in India and Nepal, since 1978, COMBII has been a market dominator since inception. HERBLINE purveys to the exacting leaders in the industry – Oberoi Hotels & Resorts (Trident), Marriott, Crown Plaza (Nepal), Yak & Yeti, Radisson (Shimla & Nepal), Chioce Hotels, Charlet Hotel (Mumbai), Park Plaza and scores of other chains & stand-alone properties as well as heritage properties. The HERBLINE product range includes all the Guest Toiletries and Health Club & Spa products. HERBLINE products are also exported to international clients in countries like Mauritius, The Czech Republic, Japan, Maldives, Hungary, Cyprus, UK and USA, to name a few. Manufactured in a modern FDA and ISO approved plant, using internationally approved

Relief India

formulations that have been developed in house through extensive and ongoing efforts of the R&D team, the complete range is based on ‘Naturally derived’ ingredients and well researched ‘Ayurvedic’ properties of plant and mineral matter. In-house microbiology and quality assurance laboratories ensure that perfect, international quality standard products are manufactured and dispatched from manufacturing facilities. All HERBLINE products are gentle and effective on the human body, are biodegradable, eco-friendly, not tested on animals and use recyclable packaging materials.

‘Quality along with Technicality’ is Relief India’s motto. From cook tops to island ranges to refrigeration, the company has undertaken improvements in terms of material, finishing, technical compatibility and aesthetics of its products over the years. At Aahar 2017, one of the company’s products on display will be its beautifully crafted island ranges, which are specially designed for smooth functioning. Also on display at the event will be Cafeteria Service Counters, which can be ideal for sleek cafés in the market. Besides these, being a manufacturer and curator of an impressive array of kitchen ranges, the company will certainly present its other stand-alone standard kitchen equipment too at Aahar 2017, which can complete a kitchen to its minute details. These stand-alone kitchen equipment can be readily bought by visitors at the fair itself. That is not all. Relief India will also showcase Köchwagen, which is a live cooking trolley specially designed to give Chefs comfort within pantry. It is compact yet a fully furnished wagon; all in stainless steel with provisions of ingredient pans, services shelves, LPG cylinders along with a variety of cooking tops. Whether be it a hotel ensemble, a fine dine restaurant, or a mobile kiosk, this trolley fits in varied hospitality infrastructural requirements and allows cooking various cuisines like traditional barbeque, continental, oriental, and Mediterranean.

Hospitality Linen

Home Comfort Texo Fab Home Comfort Texo Fab is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Bed and Bath Linens to Hotels and Hospitality Industry in india. The company has made its presence felt in this market with its quality furnishing items. In sequence to constant expanding wings, the company entered into manufacturing and marketing quality Bed and Bath Linens under its brand name  Home Linen. It has been catering to the evergrowing demands of the Home Textiles and Bed Linen, in the domestic markets (Retail & Institutional segments). The skilled and semiskilled work force under watch full guidance of management with experience well over 20 years, are constantly working hard to maintain the quality of product to be supplied to their esteemed clients across the country. The company range of product includes from Quilted Duvet, Pillows, Cushions, Duvet and Pillow Covers, Mattress protectors are to name a few.

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Electric Shawarma Baking Success Sunrise Victuals Pvt. Ltd. Machine AKASA

This year once again AKASA has added another feather in its cap by manufacturing Electric Shawarma Machine. It is a reliable and cost effective range of Shawarma machine which is manufactured in compliance with the international quality standards. These are extensively used in restaurant, cafe, canteens, hospital canteen and fast food corners. The speciality of electric shawarma machine is that it has multiple uses and attachments. It has a motor driven vertical spit for the ideal shawarma consisting of meat preparation, where lamb, chicken, turkey, beef, veal, buffalo meat, or mixed meats are placed on a spit and may be grilled for as long as a day. Shavings are cut off the block of meat for serving, and the remainder of the block of meat is kept heated on the rotating spit. Shawarma can be served on a plate (generally with accompaniments), or as a sandwich or wrap. The additional attachments consist of skewer rods to make any type of tikkas (veg. or non veg.) manually.

Sunrise Victuals Pvt. Ltd. is a non dairy food products & bakery Ingredient manufacturing & trading company, located at Kundli, Haryana in a pollution free Zone, spread over in vast area. Sunrise Victuals brings out the rich taste of cake cream, glazes, fillings, liquid flavoured colours, eggless sponge premixes, truffle, chocolate cream, cooking cream and other bakery products that are non-dairy in nature for calorie conscious users. Promoted by Anuj Gupta, who has vast experience in the perfume Industry, & the fourth generation in the business, expanded its operations in the food Industry in year 2010, and launched Sunrise Victuals Pvt. Ltd. The company has started his business by importing the NDWT from China in their own brand. They got the great success

from the product & after realising the need of good quality product in Indian market the recipe & technical support from USA & China were matched & after the thorough R&D, started a automatic plant with high quality & hygienic product. At Sunrise Victuals Pvt. Ltd, they are proud to have conquered market with right quality. Stern quality checks never allow any low grade product to step into production process. During the whole processing, the raw materials and the finished goods are rigorously inspected to detect any deviation from the desired levels of quality by quality team. They have to pass every benchmark like purity, hygiene, nutrient value, packaging and proper use of natural ingredients. The company has strong and efficient distributor network that

ensures the on time delivery of these products at the customers place. The prices are highly competitive as compared to their counterparts in the market. The products cater widely to the industries like bakery, confectionery, Hotels & other institutions. To serve all these industries in a competent manner, Sunrise Victuals is well equipped with advanced machine and tools to manufacture quality products.

Turnkey Laundry Solutions Supershine Laundry Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Supershine has been successfully installing and maintaining Commercial Laundry Equipment since 1990, in India and its neighbouring countries. Supershine offers Turnkey Solutions for any kind of Laundry projects. It represents world’s leading brands specialising in Laundry

and Drycleaning equipments. The company has pan-Indian presence to provide quality services and spares as per the requirements of the clients. The list of our clients range from the best in Hospitality Industry - Oberoi, Taj, Hyatt, Sheraton, Le Meridien, Radissons, Marriots, Leela etc., Healthcare Industry Apollo, Escorts, Medanta - The Medicity, Bombay Hospital, AIIMS, etc., Defence - Major Hospitals, AFMC, various establishments and units of Army, Navy, Air Force & Assam Rifles, Railways and Garment Exporters & Commercial Laundries.

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Seafood Delicacies

Enviable Reputation

MM Fisheries Pvt. Ltd.

The foundation of MM Fisheries dates back to 1964 when the then pioneer and now leader of the fishery industry marked a niche for itself. They take pride in unveiling themselves as a leader of the seafood market that has paved way for their success. The interesting and gripping history of MM Fisheries was initiated by being associated with the Oberoi Hotel in 1964. Inviting more business by being true to the business and services they render, got a chance to proudly associate their company with Hotel Taj Mahal since its inception in 1977. Later, with best-proven services, they entered a permanent contract with Hotel Taj Mahal for the next seven years which continued until the late 80’s.  Expansion of business is necessary to the company as blood is to the body. The firm belief in this statement has led to the repercussion

Metal Avenues of expansion of its operations and services in consideration to the sky-rocketing demand of fish and seafood in India. To complement this, company imports best quality of Norwegian Salmon Fish and its portions in addition to various other varieties of Fish and seafood. The company added another feather to their cap by also dealing in import of Basa Fillet (Pangasius Fillet) from one of the renowned company of Vietnam. To facilitate its customers to enjoy the delicacy of fish and other seafood, they have inaugurated its wholesale outlet and six retail outlets to deliver the extra-ordinary quality of products they deal in high quality fresh, frozen and ready to eat sea food.

For over 18 years Metal Avenues has built an enviable reputation of India’s leading manufacturer & suppliers of contract furniture to hospitality industry. Based at Delhi, Metal Avenues is founded by Management graduate and first generation entrepreneur VIpul Jain, whose far sightedness gauged the vacuum in contract furniture industry in India and filled their need of ‘One stop shop’ solution for sturdy, customized and standard hotel furniture & related products with a touch of commitment, professional approach, after sales service and time bound Pan India delivery. Metal Avenues supply furniture to hotels, bars, restaurants, clubs, Amusement parks and banquet halls. With an International renowned client list and unparalleled product range they

have extensive range of restaurant and banquet chairs, tables, booth seating and hotel trolleys. It is sheer quality and commitment towards customers that they are among the very few exporters of contract furniture from India. Metal Avenues products are exported to USA, UK, UAE, Singapore, South Africa and New Zealand

Steel with Style Stec Hotelware

STEC founded in the year 1967 under the leadership of Shri Shantilal Jain is engaged in the business of manufacturing stainless steel products. With an extensive and exclusive range of stainless steel products, STEC has successfully gained a name of repute in the hospitality industry and boasts in being one of the pioneers delivering quality product to Industries, Hotels, Markets, etc. In 1987 STEC took a leap by approaching the customers directly without keeping any mid channel of dealers and distributors. This initiative in

turn ensured the customer satisfaction to an optimum level every time they interact and deal with STEC. Ultra quality stainless steel products are the most exacting demands that have been catered to by the business since 1967. The products are manufactured in a manner that combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative technology, with an end result that is definite to last for years to come. This resulted in an overwhelming response from customers all over the country and worldwide. The uniqueness captured in every product manufactured ensures customer satisfaction and high brand recall. STEC in the year 2004 evolved the concept of Hotelware Super Market exclusively for a target group interested in new setup of business which could leverage ideas in hotel/catering business with close cooperation from STEC by utilization the numerous measures required for success at the point of sale. The professional cast products, untiring commitment and consumer loyalty towards STEC has been a boon resulting in the marvelous success enjoyed by the company for over four decades.


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Fine Quality Pulses AgroPure Capital Foods P. Ltd.

AgroPure group began its journey in the year 1970 with a complete set up of dal and flour mill under the guidance of Sh.Ghanshyam Dass Goyal. Today AgroPure group of companies is a leading brand of processor, manufacturers and exporters of fine quality pulses and besan. Apart from incredible business strategy the secret behind AgroPure’s remarkable success is the superior standard of quality and well planned supply chain. The team of highly qualified and well experienced staff has helped in maintaining and growing the company in the field of delivering total quality and business development.

The combination of great exposure and complete knowledge about the industry has always guided the company with the needs of the changing market in both domestic and international spheres. AgroPure believes in 100% quality maintenance with extra care and effort towards building and maintaining relationship with customers. The company constantly strives to upgrade the standards with high quality and on schedule delivery of products. The company makes sure that the products pass through stringent quality checks so that only the best ranges of products reach the clients. Because of the much valued expertise gathered in all these years the company has been able to nurture eminent business relationship with customers and retain them for the longest period of time.

Market Leader Wang Professionals

“Wang Professionals” has been operating successfully in the field of Hospitality equipment since a decade. The company is managed by industrious Sales and Service professionals associated with Commercial Kitchen and Laundry Equipment market for more than a decade. A recent venture in the field of electronic locks & safes is being operated under Wang Hospitality Equipment Pvt. Ltd. Headquartered in Delhi with operations extending to Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata, apart from a team of dedicated marketing & service people; the company has professional dealer organizations operating in the Metros and other major cities. Wang Professionals represents Indian and Foreign majors like Electrolux Professional(Commercial kitchen equipment), Manitowoc Foodservice

(Frymaster, Garland, Cleveland, Delfield for Ice cube machines, Flakers, Beverage systems, Fryers, Clampshell grills, Frost tops), Carimali(Semi automatic & fully automatic coffee machines), Sirman(Meat preparation equipment, bar equipment), Santos(Juice extractors, bar blenders, ice crushers etc.), Salva, Zanolli & Moretti Forni(Deck Ovens & Pizza Ovens), Perlick & IMC (Bar equipment). Wang Professionals is also the distributor of Electrolux Laundry Systems for their complete range of washer extractors, tumble dryers & flatwork ironer. The company represents ILSA Spa for their dry cleaning machines and Pony SPA for their complete range of finishing equipment. The company has also taken up the distributorship of VingCard & Elsafe for their range of electronic locks & safes for Karnataka and northern region of India. The Company triumphs in catering to the institutions and hospitality segment which needs a strong service back up for the capital equipment

installed in them for the smooth functioning. Wang Professionals work closely with esteemed clientele and fast food chains like Coke, Nirula’s, Yum International (KFC & Pizza hut) & Papa John’s etc. The company visualizes to be recognized as a major supplier in the Hospitality sector for quality products and operations extending to all segments of the market, through wide product acceptability coupled with strong after-sales service support in the years to come.

Creating Designer Products S K International

SKI Established itself in 1984 i.e. 35 years ago with a group of well qualified and competent professionals, Hotel executives and engineers with hardcore professional streams. Today they have the modern-well equipped plant to produce undisputed quality products, varied spectrum of design for customize usages and timely delivery. The company specialise in Hotel Furniture, Equipment & Custom made products. The range of products includes - Banquet Table & Chairs, Cocktail Tables, Stage Blocks, Parquet Dance Floor, Buffet Tables, Tray Jacks, Partitions, Mobile Bars, Trolleys, Food Warmers and Outdoor Furniture. After rigid process of hard work and continuous research and development they created the brand SKI which is known for its quality, durability, reliability and environment friendly. They today have a trust of 32 years of association with hospitality industry. A long list of clients in India & abroad have made SKI products their standard and repeated orders from clients proves that their range of products is one of the finest available. All products manufactured by SKI are engineered to exceed expectations and to let you enjoy your operations.



Creating new Niche Veeba Foods

Veeba, a young company founded in the year 2013 by Viraj Bahl, entered highly cluttered market represented by multiple companies representing same product segment. To create its market niche the company stood for Quality

Planning to open a Restaurant or a Hotel? Look no further…. International Hospitality Partners International Hospitality Partners, a boutique hospitality consulting firm has been creating new restaurant and hotel concepts since 2003, the founding principles of IHP have been quality, consistency and integrity. As a consultancy, they focus on creating business models that work and are able to sustain and grow, this is the reason that IHP has been thriving, and so has their client base. They have been consulting for majority of hospitality chains, and are well established in the Quick Service Restaurant sphere too. As a natural extension to their work, two new companies; OnlyChefs and OnlyFnB came into existence four years back and are now are unique portals offering recruitment solutions for chefs and F&B service. After a total of 12 years of consulting and with over a half of century of collective cuisine expertise, IHP has served more

than 350 clients, as a principal the company does not over book the consultants dates, so that each concept gets the attention and principal consultant presence that is required. The focus of IHPs kitchen planning service lies in minimizing the floor area taken for kitchen and staff support, having a professional chef with 14 years of continuous five star hotel experience of heading award winning restaurants has helped IHP create their own model of operationally excellent kitchens which are low on space but provide all that is required for a smooth functioning. This has earned the patronage of leading restaurant chains for kitchen design at their upcoming outlets as well as new

international restaurant chain entering India also have benefitted with IHP’s kitchen planning and facility design services. The experience IHP gained from running Karma Hospitality, their hotel management company, operating the Treehouse brand of hotels across 5 locations in India, has helped the team of consultants at IHP understand the practical aspects of F&B operations in a smaller set up and small towns, a unique skill that makes IHP just right for food retail and non-Metro town consultancies too. This has also helped IHP excel in the art of upgrading and turning around existing projects. IHP provides the highest degree of hotel and restaurant consulting services to clients across India and abroad too, with offices in Delhi and Gurgaon, they have been serving clients in Middle East , Hong Kong and Bangkok also.

& Innovation as main parameters which became synonymous with brand Veeba in a short span of 3 years. Veeba started as an institutional supplier of sauces, emulsions, dips and dessert toppings to some of the biggest names in the QSR industry. The company worked closely with these clients to help create some of their most iconic products over the years. Soon after it found its feet the company entered HORECA segment with the same ideology. It constantly came up not only with innovative, high quality products but also convenient packaging ideas for hotels, standalone restaurants, bakeries and caterers. Today Veeba Foods has a pan India distribution presence and supplies to even the smallest of bakeries and hotels in all major cities across the country. In 2015 Veeba entered the retail space. Once again the company went back to the guiding principles of Quality & Innovation, found a gap in the segment and decided to fill the same. Instead of launching the same set of products that everyone else was offering, Veeba decided to enter the retail segment in 2015 with a range of 18 one of its kind products. It is extremely low on fat, with fat content as low as 1% and going up to 23% only along with 100% vegetarian. Besides a number of products that have been launched in this range were never available in India before. The company focuses heavily on raw material sourcing and imports ingredients from all over the world to get the right taste. In January of 2017, Veeba launched its second range of 19 retail products, called the Veeba Favourites. With different kinds of Mayonnaise, Sandwich Spreads, Dips & Italians, Veeba aims to cater to the changing taste of the Indian palate, without being heavy on the pocket. The retail launch opened to an unprecedented response for both ranges and Veeba’s products are now present across stores throughout the country. Veeba hired some of the most experienced people from within and outside the industry and created one of the most experienced teams in food processing industry. Veeba is already amongst the biggest sauce companies in the B2B space and a recognizable brand in retail. Veeba aims to be the most admired & loved food company in the country.

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Business Application Software & Solutions

Sizzling Collection

CSAT Systems Pvt Limited

Taking technology trends into consideration CSAT®, the leader in restaurant management solutions, has unveiled new eCABS® POS FnB Applications to assist restaurant owners with these latest technology trends. CSAT® now offers POS under Windows, Hosted and Android platform for single outlets to chain to manage the complete operations. These applications consolidate the POS FnB Billing data from Multiple Outlets. It has ability to do online data transfer of real time billing / transactions. At outlet Guest / Steward tablet Guest CRM / Loyalty / Social media – Web order Offline auto sync. CSAT® is a renowned Delhi NCR based software development & marketing organization providing computer software applications &

related services to the hospitality industry since 1988. It has over 3000 installations in over 18 countries across the globe. With Delhi NCR as base, CSAT® operates extensively throughout India, with additional sales and support offices at Chandigarh, Dehradun, Jamshedpur & Mumbai and overseas representatives at Australia, UAE & UK. CSAT® specialises in business application software for the Hospitality industry segments like Clubs-Association, Membership & Society Operations, Events, Banqueting & Catering Management, Property Management-Hotels, Resorts, Motels, Residential Suites, Hotel Apartments, Inns, B&B and Guest Houses, POS FnB - Restaurants, Bars & Lounge, Pubs, Bistro, Food Courts & Counters, Night Clubs,

Pan To Plate Hospitality

‘Pan To Plate Hospitality’ started in 2014 by Divesh Arora with the help of his mother Deepa Arora. As the name explains itself, Pan To Plate is involved in the distribution of kitchen and operating supplies form a pan to a plate, which is kitchen to the restaurant. They now specialise in end to end supplies i.e tableware, kitchenware and

QSR’s & Home Deliver, POS Retail-Retail Billing and Warehouse Operations, WellnessSalon & Spa Operations-Salon, Health Club and Medical Spa. eCABS® Hospitality Business Application Suite offers on premise & hosted solutions under Browser, Windows Desktop & Android.

Buffetware. They represent major International brands which includes, Kahla, a p r e m i u m   p o r c e l a i n   f o r m   G e r m a n y, Tognana  porcelain  form Italy, Mepra, the  luxur y  flatware form Italy, Lacor form  Spain,  which encompasses of kitchen pots and pans and other kitchen tools, Pavoni Italia and Martellato form Italy, for the bakers, Debuyer form France for the kitchenware, Blanco, King Metal Work, Avon and many more. In the past 3 years this Chennai based company has expanded its wings towards projects based in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi. They have been part of a few key projects in India like the Mercure Hyderabad, Radisson Bangalore, Feathers Chennai, Novotel Chennai, and many more. Since the heart behind the brand was none other than a known veteran, Chef Jugesh Arora, Pan To Plate has always been the favourite of the chefs.

Locking Rightly

Vista Hospitality Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Jan-Feb ’17


Vista Hospitality Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the premium solution providers, serving the Indian hospitality industry. The company provides solutions covering small to big properties in the Indian hospitality industry. Its clientele includes hotels, resorts, restaurants, catering companies and entertainment outlets throughout India. The company works as a trader, importer  and  supplier  to source and offer fine electronic locks, electronic safes, touch panels,

mini bars, mirror TVs and room amenities to the customers. They provide most effective and timely services to their clients. Vista Hospitality Solutions is providing excellent quality Miwa Electronic Locks in North India. MIWA Lock Company Ltd. has grown to become Japan’s foremost provider of high-performance locks and security systems. The lock making company claims to have the expertise to manufacture and control quality for every aspect of every lock, from start to finish. MIWA’s line of legacy Magnetic Stripe locks has served the hospitality industry for many years. Tried and trusted, they are still largely in use today.



w Hangers w Kitchenware / Pizzawares w Food Display w Housekeeping Products w Beverage & Cereal Dispensers w Trays w Baskets (SS Wire) w Security Products w Bar Items & Accessories w Buffet Enhancement Products

Plastic Hangers

Cheese Cup

Dough Roller

Satin Hangers

Pan Girpper

Pizza Cutter









Pizza Tray with Hard Coating

Pizza Tray

Red & Green Spatula


Pizza Showel

Coat Brushes & Shoe Horn

Cone Dispenser

Stainless Steel Wire Baskets / Products

D K G Sales Pvt. Ltd.


Head Office

72/5, 2nd Floor, Street No. 3, East Moti Bagh, Sarai Rohilla, Kishan Ganj, Delhi -110007, INDIA Phone : 23696742, Mobile : +91-9999826782, 9810007063

E-mail :, ¤

Branch Office

Plot No.132, Udyog Kendra, Extn.II, Greater Noida, Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh-201306

Website :



Ceaseless Customer Satisfaction Rans Technocrats Pvt. Ltd. With in a short span, Rans Technocrats have carved a niche in the equipment market scene in India in the field of wide ranging commercial kitchen equipment. An efficient team of engineers and manufacturing professionals supervise the production of custom designed kitchen, catering, bakery, and food service equipment. Since kitchen equipment sits on the nerve center of any hotel, it is vital to maintain high production quality standards and quality of metal in the machines and equipment. The company uses 18/8 quality stainless steel under exacting customised manufacturing process. Indian cooking conditions apart, the handling, temperatures and water quality etc. are all considered while selecting metal quality for the

particular equipment. Rans have been able to offer value for money in their quick response after sales service. This has come about because an Operations Engineer heads a separate team takes care of the factory and the after sales services. This results in faster turn-around time to attend to clients. The company also represent leading international foodservice equipment companies like Rancilio, Sirman, Migel, Comenda, Rieber, Foinox, Lainox, Anomo, Autofry, Schaerer, Hallde, Eurofours, OEM, Alto Sham, Giorik, Chanmag etc. The range of products include Ice Cream machine, Meat Mincer, Ice cube Machine, Ovens, Mixers & Juicers, Coffee Machine, Pizza preparation counters, mobile counters, Salamanders, Display Cabinets,

Plate Warmer, Gas Ranges, Mini Master Fryer, Sandwich Griller, Bain Marie, Trolley etc. The range of imported foodsevice equipment along with Indian equipment helps in providing customer one stop solution. Looking forward to a greater leap in growth, the company has set up new production plant at Manesar near Gurgaon. The new production facility will help in executing larger projects and maintaining quality standards and time schedules. The clients serviced by the company include Bharat hotels, Radisson, Oberoi group, Taj group, Welcom group, Jaypee group, to name a few.

Upgrading Technology

Bharti Refrigeration Works When it comes to selecting the best cooking equipments and pantry equipments manufacturer, then clients tend to choose Bharti Refrigeration Works. The company has been manufacturing pantry equipments since 1998 and exporting the same to Nepal, Sri Lanka and South Africa. Their list of food preparation utensils is considered the best and reliable at the global level. The company examines all the quality constraints involved in the hygienic production of cooking equipments. On its basis, they conduct production procedures and hence assure a quality range. The kitchen equipments collection available with them is unique and it is assured to give a new uplift to your cooking related work. With perpetual investment in technological upgradation, product innovation and quality control methods,’Bharti Refrigeration Works’, has carved a reputation for its products in the national, as well as international market. Since its inception in the year 1998, they have been able to set standards for productivity and quality with ground breaking equipment design and entrenched themselves as one of the most

preferred manufacturers and exporters. Their products include Kitchen and Refrigeration Equipments such as Food Preparation Equipments, Pantry Equipments, Cooking Equipments, Bakery & Confectionery Equipments, Dish Wash Equipments, Pot Wash Equipments, Food Storage Equipments, Food Service Equipments, Commercial Refrigeration Equipments, Exhaust System & Fresh Air System, Commercial Kitchen Equipments, Hotel Kitchen Equipments, Sweet Display Counters, Restaurant Kitchen Equipments, Ice Cube Making Machine, Imported Kitchen Equipments, Commercial Cooking Range, etc.  For the last eight years, the company are relentlessly catering to the varied requirements of a wide spectrum of customers covering hotels, hospitals, industrial canteens, defense canteens and messes. Over the years, they have been able to set standards for productivity and quality with revolutionary equipment design.



Facilitating Classy Interiors CI interiors Pvt. Ltd.

CI interiors Pvt. Ltd. comprises a tea m of hig h ly sk i l led professionals. It is producing fine bedding systems, bed and bath linens, wide range of upholsteries & furnishings, table linens with

Exceptional Comfort, Support & Durability Snoozer Bedding Limited

‘Snoozer’ is considered as the pioneer of spring enhanced luxury mattresses in India in the year 1995. The company has been quietly helping discerning hoteliers & home owners sleep faster & better - without resorting to any gimmicks or dramas typical in the mattress industry. Exceptional features like firm sitting edges, minimum partner motion disturbance, no need to flip feature & a unique ‘clean top’ design for better sheet fittings are their hall marks. This niche’ specialised mattress company has built up an

enviable reputation of custom manufacturing to International Hotels Chains latest specifications plus adding ‘India specific heavy duty usage’ parameters for exceptional comfort, support & durability. Snoozer is known to neither compromise on their brand specifications or prices offered to the clients. Over the last twenty years brand Snoozer has consistently been rated top in providing luxurious comfort combined with the right  orthopedic  support & excellent build quality.

their wide array of modern, traditional and classic designs. The company also produces fine room interior solutions like lighting, placements, furniture, etc. suiting individual client requirements. The company has work experience of 20 years in servicing hospitality industry, corporate houses, restaurants, hospitals, offices and residential complexes. It has state-of-theart fully automated facilities of production to ensure world class quality on sustained basis. The products and services of CI Interiors have had earned high level of customer satisfaction. The company is also known for its high standards of customer care.

The Aroma of Success

Constellation Projects Nuova Simonelli is an Italy-based company producing espresso and cappuccino machines since 1936. The company now owns the Nuova Simonelli and Victoria Arduino trademarks and it has a global presence, being in 120 countries around the world. Nuova Simonelli is growing strongly with

excellent financial ratings as was reflected by the Company to Watch awards in 2011, 2013 and 2014. The intensive investment in R&D and in new technologies allowed the company to become an innovative company in the industry and to be selected as the Official Technical Partner of the World Barista Championship for the last seven years. Nuova Simonelli stands out for its focus on innovation and for its collaboration with various universities (15 international patents) and it coordinates a strategic network of key stakeholders. Its wide range of products covering traditional and bean to cup machines and grinders satisfy diverse customer needs. The company’s team of engineers is fully dedicated to pre-and post-sales with over 600 days in the field per year.

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Serving Hospitality in Style

Unwavering Dedication

True to its image and the lifestyle of its clients, Mehta Furnishers continues to remain a preferred brand among the hospitality professionals. By combining art and utility, the company reflects a distinctive aura of excellence in its products. With rare passion, supplemented with thoughtful, creative and proactive approach, the company takes care to meet up even the not so usual needs of its demanding clients. Over the years, Mehta Furnishers, which has served major hotel brands for the past 25 years, has earned the well deserved reputation of being a trend setter in the field of wicker arts. Started as cane furniture company in 1984, Mehta Furnishers has diversified to various needbased cane and wooden products for various segments of hotel supplies.

Quality food products require unwavering dedication to quality at every level of our operation – from inspecting wheat a nd buying it, through transport, storage, processing, packaging and distribution. DFM’s decades of experience in wheat and wheat products have taught them that the journey is a never-ending one - there are always new facts to learn, new practices to implement, and more sophisticated machinery to install. The company pride in being open to learning, willing to change, eager to verify - as long as it believe these efforts will result in higher quality products that are meaningful to their consumers. Recognising that consumer expectations,

Mehta Furnishers

Famous for its customised mu lti-utilit y wicker baskets, amenity aids for guest rooms and spa, trays, trolleys, caddies, and F&B service aids, the company is into cutomising a range of products. The new Housekeeping Trolleys and Mobile Caddies from Mehta Furnishers are set to raise the bar for mobile platforms in the corridors of boutique hotels, where aesthetic appeal is valued. The products are trendy, userfriendly, workably priced for the value they deliver and what’s more, are environmental friendly. With this new range those huge service stations in the hotel corridors are set to become a thing of the past.

Manufacturer and Supplier of Tailor Made Match Box Supplier of Fancy Match, Cigar Match Box for Hotels and Resorts

Visit us at Flat No. 07, Plot No. 521, IGNOU Main Road, Hall No. 7, Stall No. H7O-04-A Nebsarai, New Delhi-110068 Tel.: +91-11-29536729, Mobile: 9958400662, 91-9871973332 E-mail:

The Delhi Flour Mills Co. Ltd.

too, are always changing, a key part of the management effort is to be in constant touch with customers. The organization and delivery systems are designed to ensure that this is built into their way of being. The company Dedicated to the finest foods. Stag-Super Patent, Stag–Patent, Stag-MPM (Multi Purpose Maida), Stag-Maida.

Creativity and Innovation Fortune Gourmet Specialities Pvt. Ltd.

A dedication to the finest foods, the highest levels of quality and service, together with a philosophy that embraces the full spirit of creativity and innovation, are the founding principles that drive Fortune today. Fortune Gourmet Specialities Pvt. Ltd.

came into being in April 1997. From its foundation as one of the only specialities in cheese, they have rapidly expanded into a broad range of products including meats, seafood, pasta and dry goods. Quality and authenticity have remained watchwords and have not only won them recognition but have built an enviable reputation as pioneers in the introduction of unusual, exotic and premium food products to inspire the most discerning of customers. The customer base comprises of all leading modern retail stores along with these they also like to believe that there are no 5 star restaurants in India who is unaware of the products offered by Fortune Gourmet. The company works very closely with all their manufacturers to specially develop products to meet the needs of discerning professional chefs who wants the best.

Innovative Kitchen Products The New India Electric

At New India company offers a wide range of commercial kitchen equipments like LINCON  heavy duty  Pulveriser, Mixer Grinder, Vegetable Processing  machine & Juicer,  The company is the sole selling agents f o r   Im p e r i a   Italy  the leading manufacturer of  Pasta Noodle making machine, Cookie press, and related products. The company also represents Reber - Italy manufactures of heavy duty  Tomato Strainer, Pasta Press, Graters, Meat Mincers, Sausage Fillers and Vacuum Machines, these products can are used in hotels, restaurants as well as for home use.



Visit us at Stall No: 12A-12, A,B,C,D Hall No: 12 A



Offering Customised Solutions Uniclean Equipments Pvt. Ltd. Established in the year 2000, at Bengaluru, Karnataka, Uniclean Equipments are the leading manufacturer and supplier of Vacuum Cleaners, Mega Trap for Mosquitoes, Scrubbers, Sweepers and High Pressure Washer. Uniclean hold the expertise in manufacturing and supplying a wide assortment of Industrial Vacuum Cleaner. In order to assemble this range of vacuum cleaner, they use the finest quality components that are tested to ensure the quality of the end product. The offered range finds usage in various sectors such as engineering, foundry & abrasive industries, hospital, institutions, automobile & service center, hotels & halls, etc. Further, they provide this range to clients in various specifications at market leading prices.

55.5 cm

The well-organized team of professionals assists in providing i n n ov a t i v e t e c h n i q u e s to save time and resolve housekeeping applications. They ensure that the offered products are manufactured using premium quality raw material in adherence with the international quality standards. Optimum quality, superior performance, long lasting service, less maintenance cost and user friendly interface makes their offered products highly popular amongst clients. In addition to this, these undergo

65.5 cm

56.7 cm

Professional class, small format. New: SelfCookingCenter XS. ®

100% performance, 100% food quality, 100% intelligence – a genuine RATIONAL. Find out more:

several tests on well-defined parameters to assure their flawlessness and quality before supplying to clients. The company offers after sale support and customized solutions as per the details provided by the clients. Owing to hitech transportation facility and proficiency of delivery agents, they deliver these products to clients in timely manner across the country. Managed under the leadership of our mentor Thyagaraj (Director), the organization has reached the apex of success and has gained appreciation from all over the country. He motivates the workforce to strive hard and achieve the predefined goal of organization.

Designer Products Smartserve Houseware Pvt. Ltd.

Established in 2009, Smartserve Houseware Pvt Ltd is excited to bring to you designer household products which mainly include Bohemia Crystal -Glassware series,  Smartserve  –  and many more branded products to add to the kitty.  Designed and imported from various countries our products are with series of quality grades, applied with advanced production technology and equipment. Our exclusive range of crockery fit well for the classy interior of modern household. To start with precisely formed, thinwalled Crystal glasses with smooth rims are suitable even for the finest wines; elegant tumblers enhance the taste of other, equally popular drinks. Together, they are decorations of a festive table as well as suitable complements to informal meetings. Currently we are selling our products through major modern retails formats of India. We are also present in almost all online business formats. Newly formed is our online website to cater to you directly. “Unity, Integrity, Innovation” are our business philosophy, and we have joined hands with massive clients based on high-quality products and sincere service.

The Art of Food Service Products Aksai

Aksai is one of the leading suppliers to the hotel & restaurant industry in India. Their expertise in F&B, Housekeeping and engineering products has helped various properties to evolve new products as per changing patterns of the industry. Skill of developing intricate designs, to suit the ambience and presentations, is their prime area.

The range of products offered by them includes Food display items, Chef serving stones, Glass platters and plates, Bar accessories, trays and salvers, Gastronorm pans, Stoneware crockery. They are also representing International Food service products like Tablecraft, Dudson, Impulse, WNK, GET, Hatco, Robo Coupe, ScHott Zwiesel, Paderno, Revol, Carlisle, Spring, Le Creuset, Deagostini. Today Aksai work closely with leading properties of India like Taj Group, Oberoi group, ITC group, Le Meridian, Hyatt, Radisson, Leela and many more. They work as one stop solution for designing & producing world-class products. Through their in depth knowledge and skills they are providing tailor-made solutions, as per the need. The company is backed by over 30 years of experience and expertise of Hospitality Industry Technocrats, who has vast experience in both designing & Innovation of concepts.



Growth With a Clean Vision Karcher India

A world leader in manufacturing commercial, industrial and household cleaning equipment, Karcher, a family firm founded in 1935 by Alfred Karcher, currently has more than 9,000 employees in 60 countries and 100 subsidiaries. The manufacturing units are located in Germany, Italy, Romania, United States of America, Brazil, Mexico and China. With fifty thousand service centers located in all countries, Karcher ensures full service cover for the astute customers worldwide. In the company’s development centres, more than 600 engineers and technicians are engaged in designengineering new solutions, ensuring constant up gradation of technology and products. In 2012, Karcher cleaning specialist posted a sales of more than of € 1.9 billion, selling over10 million machines, highest in the history of 75 years of business. With a continuous development of new solutions supported by its strong customer base, Karcher has steadily grown since inception. With a clear corporate focus of economic success and sustainable development, Karcher has obtained patents and has won numerous international design awards in over a thousand of its invention. Almost 85% of all Karcher products have been developed within the last 7 years providing the best and most innovative cleaning solutions. Karcher has successfully demonstrated its expertise in many unusual cleaning projects, such as: Statue of Christ (Rio de Janeiro-Brazil), Statue of Liberty (New York-USA), Brandenburg Gate (Germany), St. Peter’s Square (Rome-Italy), the Olympic Games in 2000 (Sydney-Australia), Colossus of Memnon (Luxor-Egypt), Mount Rushmore (South Dakota-USA) etc.

Creating Innovative Products D K G Sales Pvt. Ltd.

D K Sales Corporation, established in the year 1987  by  Dilip Kumar Gandhi, is a Delhi based manufacturing company which has engraved its position in a short span of time in hotel and restaurant industry by creating innovative products. The office cum factory has state of the art manufacturing unit at Delhi. The company has a complete range of more than 30 types of different hangers. Other variety of product includes Designer Cloth Hangers, Cane & Wooden Products, Leather Products, Tissue Paper Holder, SS Dustbins, Shoe Tray, Jute & Cotton Sleepers.  DKG offers complete range in In-room Products, In-room Accessories, F&B Products, Cutlery, Crockery, Glasswar, Holloware, Kitchen Equipments, and Housekeeping Products. The Company stands for its reputation that has been

earned over many years. They are also authorised Hospitality suppliers for Panasonic Home Appliances. DKG have been successfully satisfying clients with unmatched quality products. Through the aspects of high quality, competitive prices and capability of undertaking big consignments, it has become a reputed name in the market. The sincerity and handwork has always been appreciated by their honoured clients. The dexterous team is the most significant asset of the organization as it is due to their constant efforts that they are able to carve a niche in the market. The team comprises designers, quality controllers, research analysts, marketing representatives, warehouse in charges and packaging experts, who always try to work towards meeting the specific end product demands of the clients. The integrated functioning of the organization is also well

taken care of, by qualified administrative staff. Skilled team of quality controllers are engaged in testing at various production stages so as to deliver qualitative range in the market. The company is the first and foremost choice of clients because of: Qualitative range, Customization facility, Competitive prices, Easy modes of payment, Wide distribution network, Timely delivery, Ethical business policy. The company offers customised dealing, anything in product range can be customise according to standard, design, sizes and colour of the clients choice. D K G Sales has a team of hotel professionals with experience in various fields of hospitality. DKG has been associated with most of the Indian and International chains like: TAJ Group, The Oberoi Group, Trident Group, ITC Group, The Lalit Group, Jaypee Group, Marriott, Hyatt, Taj Vivanta by Taj, Premier Inn, Sarovar Portico, Hilton and many more. The company is also doing restaurants like Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut, Teco Bell, Star Box, and many more.

Adding Opulence Sam International

Sam International is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of stainless steel, polycarbonate kitchen accessories, hooks, glass shelves, and classic hooks, in India. Sam International was founded in 2001 to develop innovative and luxurious stainless

steel bathroom & kitchen accessories. Sam international combines world class expertise in design and innovation, at competitive prices. The company has also adopted strict quality norms, and closely monitors the products during the manufacturing process. Sam International’s products go to leading hotels and corporates. Innovativeness, focus on quality, exclusivity of designs, and high degree of responsiveness towards its customers’ preferences are the reasons behind Sam International’s success story.



Bakery Solution Providers Nagpal Brothers (Regd.)

High-tech manufacturing capabilities, coupled with personalized service, a global presence with soled Indian footprint, sixty three years of being in the business, Nagpal Brothers (Regd.) at present, are the unquestionable leaders in designing, fabrication, manufacturing and installation of world class bakery confectionery equipments. A modern dynamic outlook, years of experience and consistent quality has yielded rich dividends, Today Nagpal Brothers (Regd.) not only manufacture a complete range of bakery & confectionery machines but also offer customized bakery design solutions for the production and related logistic needs of clients.  The company is widely known for its distinctive innovations, research & development which are so very important for the continued

growth of the baking and confectionery industry. Nagpal Brothers (Regd.) remains committed to ‘Complete Solution Excellence’. The business mission of the company is to provide greatest possible value to customers, thereby gaining and holding their respect, loyalty. To deliver clients, optimal, satisfaction by offering high quality bakery & confectionery machinery that is superior value for money, technically advanced and is virtually maintenance free. To ensure faster production that is convenient & cost effective for small, medium & large commercial bakeries. To hire the best people they can find, and create work environment where every employee is provided the opportunity to develop to their maximum potential.


Spreading Hope and Calmness

Primacy Industries Limited Primacy Industries Limited is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of innovative, quality scented candles and aerosols with a focus on providing an understated sophistication for home fragrance products. Started in 2005, their work in the home fragrance segment has led to the world’s most extensive selection of perfumed candles (pillars, jars, cups, tea-lights, votive etc. in varying sizes, shape and colours) and flameless fragrances (aerosols, fragrance oils, reed diffusers). With a single minded focus on superior facilities, combined with experience and passion for innovation, Primacy is committed to constant improvement with a relentless dedication to


One Stop Solution for Commercial Kitchen and Laundry

Kitchen Range

developing premises, processes and people. P r i m a c y Industries Ltd. has successfully managed to grow and evolve from a single plant operation in retailer branded (private label) candles, to a leading independent manufacturer in the home fragrance sector. It has by and large established its sheer dominance in the previously fragmented fragrance industry through a combination of tested strategies and tactical add-on acquisitions. With extensive operations based in Mangalore and Gujarat, Primacy caters to some of the biggest stores in the US, Europe and the Middle East, including Walmart, Dollar General, Michaels, Tesco, Matalan, Homebase, Dollar Tree, H&M, Family Dollar, Kmart Sears, Rite Aid, Big Lots, K Mart Coles, Woolsworth, Wilko, Home Center, Home Max etc. Primacy Industries Limited has its client base spread across the world and reach out to them in the stipulated time with greatest efficiencies. True to its meaning Primacy has established itself as a partner of choice for all its clients for more than 10 years and has garnered enough experience to make you successful in chosen line of fragrance business. Their clients get an easy access to scale and Global reach through the joint venture with MVP Group International. They combine their proven strategies for success that best suit clients goals and meet customers’ expectations.

Excellence in Chocolates Callebaut Best of International Brands for complete range of Commercial Kitchen & Catering Equipment Stainless Steel fabrication for custom built Commercial Kitchen Equipment :Preparational, Cooking, Catering, Refrigeration, Exhaust System, Storage and Service Equipment Repairing & Maintenance Support, Spare Parts for virtually every Brand for Commercial Kitchen and Laundry Equipment Spare Parts for Commercial Kitchen and Laundry Equipment

Spare Parts for :- Commercial Kitchen & Catering Equipment - Preparation, Cooking, Bakery and Refrigeration Equipment, - Food Service, Washing and Storage Equipment Spare Parts for :- Commercial Laundry & Dry-Cleaning Equipment For All International Brands and Indian Made Equipment

Repair & Maintenance For Commercial Kitchen and Laundry Equipment * After Sale support * Installation & Commissioning * Service, Repair & Maintenance - Non-comprehensive Annual Maintenance - Comprehensive Annual Maintenance We tackle jobs that other companies don’t do

We offer complete service backup for complete range of commercial kitchen and laundry equipment.

Laundry Range

Best of International Brands for Commercial Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Equipment. Custom made Stainless Steel Accessories and Storage Equipment for Laundry & Dry-Cleaning Equipment


Khasra No. 173, Ground Floor, Behind SBI Bank, Rithala, New Delhi- 110085, INDIA Tel.: +91-11-27042121, Mb. : 9811622587, 9811625827, 9811437558, 9990058517 Email :,, Web:


Founded in 1911, Callebaut is regarded among the finest Belgian chocolates by many, and not without reason. The brand’s more than a hundred-year-old legacy is complemented by its deep commitment towards impeccable excellence. Barry Callebaut is one of the few chocolate makers which select its cacao beans itself. Through close collaborations with the cocoa growers, the Barry Callebaut Group, which owns the brand, gets access to fine cocoa beans for every single of its chocolate recipes. Callebaut chocolates are characterised by 100 percent natural ingredients, sugar, premium milk and of course natural Bourbon Vanilla. Callebaut chocolates are exclusively produced in Belgium. Callebaut with its presence in India for more than a decade, continues to inspire talent through its perfectionism of Belgium chocolate. When it comes to premium chocolates, Chefs, artisans and entrepreneurs can rely on Callebaut to facilitate their creativity. Catering to the HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes), bakery-pastry segment and independent chocolatiers with its wide range of couvertures and service products, Callebaut can be construed as a one-stop solution for the chocolate and chocolate-related products for professionals in India.  Callebaut is now welcoming professionals from all around the world to further perfect their chocolate skills through a Chocolate Academy center located in Mumbai.


Style & Class

BVG Industries Pvt. Ltd. In over 15 years of operations, BVG Industries Pvt. Ltd. has become the leader in the field of floor& all coverings - A name synonymous with style, class and most importantly uncompromising quality. BVG is an innovative and progressive company that has always responded to architectural and design advances - signifying BVG’s commitment to design and quality. It has been their mission to relentlessly introduce new and improved products into their portfolio. The constant endeavour is to provide clients - be it home owners, office

Academy of Pastry Arts Launched in Bangalore The 4th global centre of ‘Academy of Pastry Arts’ was opened with a grand fanfare. Chef Frederic Hawecker, MOF travelled all the way from Paris to undertake a class on chocolates and Pralines. Besides him, the other guest was Chef Abhijit Saha, the founder director of Fava and Caperberry at UB city. The guests watched the amazing display on Sugar candy making by Chef Frederic, Chef Mukesh from Academy of Pastry Arts who represented India in the World Pastry Cup and Chef Ming Ai from Malaysia Academy who also did an amazing sugar display along with dessert buffet by Chef Frederic and the chefs from the academy. Although this centre was conceptualised just 6

months ago, in India, the ‘dream’ was conceived six years back in Malaysia; the dream to make Academy of Pastry Arts the finest and biggest hub in Asia. This dream acquired the wings of reality when the centres were opened in Philippines and Delhi NCR. All this has been made po s s ib l e by the relentless pursuit and conviction of Niklesh Sharma from active support of his partners Dinesh Sharma and Hemant Kumar. Niklesh is the leading light who believed in himself when everybody else was skeptical, went ahead and opened the first academy in Malaysia in 2010. Dinesh and Hemant stood behind him as pillars of support,

emotionally and financially. The Bangalore centre is located in Koramangala and spread over three floors, in about 17000 sq.ft. area. There are a total of 13 kitchen-classrooms besides the other paraphernalia like student lounge, locker rooms, centralised store, etc. On offer is one year Advance Diploma that includes 9 months of hands on learning and 3 months of internship. The cost of this course is Rs 6 lakhs. Additionally, one gets an opportunity to attend a 24 day intensive programme in flagship institute in Malaysia. This course worth Rs 2 lakhs is offered free of cost and students only have to take care of their travel and accommodation. Overall, a student would get 1640 hours of handson learning which is one of the highest duration by any institute globally. Besides this, the academy also offers courses on weekends and for industry professionals who want to upgrade their skills. Similar course on Culinary will start from next month onwards.

owners, designers or architects - an exclusive collection of laminate floors, hardwood floors, carpet tiles, wall coverings, decking and exterior cladding. BVG global partners enable them to offer the world’s finest materials while conforming to strict environmental and manufacturing standards. To bring focus to their objective, they combine people, products and services to meet the needs of each individual client. Through their resources, experience and cumulative knowledge of international trends in the building materials industry, they are able to provide world class products at your doorstep.

Delightfully Fresh McCain Foods (India)

In 1957 Wallace and Harrison McCain, along with their brothers Robert and Andrew, founded McCain Foods, opening the first production facility in their hometown of Florenceville, New Brunswick, Canada. Under Wallace and Harrison’s leadership, McCain Foods quickly established itself within the Canadian marketplace and thus began the journey to become the world’s largest producer of French Fries and Potato Specialities. McCain Foods (India) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of McCain Foods Limited in Canada. Since 1998, McCain has been engaged in agriculture R&D and in development of frozen food market in India and subcontinent countries. McCain products are used by leading fast food chains, hotels, restaurants, catering companies and are popular for in-home consumption. At McCain, it’s our constant endeavour to create good food that is delightfully fresh. In order to maintain an impeccable standard of quality, we strive to use the highest quality ingredients. Our products are prepared simply with wholesome ingredients made by good people who care about delivering quality in every box, every bag and every bite. McCain focuses on providing great variety to customers and consumers. A delectable range of 25 products are available, world favourites like McCain French Fries, McCain Smiles and local delights such as McCain Aloo Tikki, and real cheese appetizers like Potato Cheese Shotz. A recent introduction to the portfolio are 3 delightful melty cheese filling samosa and 9 MM Crinkle fries.



Spic and span without a magic wand! Spic and span, in half the time! IFB Industries.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? This is the solution kitchen and housekeeping employees around the world would love to have. Especially when it comes with the manager’s nod of approval and the regular customer’s cheerful smile. That’s the kind of thing that sets you free. IFB’s commercial range of Dishwashers and Washing Machines are a must have in any professional kitchen or laundry. Take a look at some of their special features that make life easier for you, day after day after day. An IFB Commercial Dishwasher is a huge convenience because it acts tough on dirt and

gentle on utensils. It cleans at 55ÚC and rinses at 85ÚC, making sure that the dishes come out sparkling clean. Moreover it fits in everything, from the tiniest teaspoon to fancy big plates and expensive wine glasses in its spacious and flexible racks. For tougher stains, the Power Wash

option creates extra water pressure for a thorough cleaning. The drying system is also hygienic as the steam cleaned utensils come out with the perfect glaze, without the use of any cloth. And finally, the Dishwasher is so user friendly that even a person who has landed on the job for his first day can make a striking impression. Now that’s when the smiles really brighten up the room. The IFB Commercial Washing Machine is also a great investment when it comes to performance and functionality. This state-of-theart appliance takes the stress out of bulk washing at the push of a button. Designed from advanced and patented technologies, the washing machine comes with multiple heating options to deliver spotless clean clothes, from tough tablecloths to soft and fluffy bathrobes, in very little time. Get your business the IFB advantage and earn countless happy smiles, the kinds that set you free!

Refreshing Juice, Fresh Feel Bold & Spicy like Last Night

Newch Laun < Made with premium, quality ingredients

160 ml

200 ml

300 ml

600 ml

< Pack of twenty four, 160 ml. per can

Ready to Fruit Serve Drinks- Available in Different Flavours < Lemonade < Aam Panna < Mango < Litchi < Mixed Fruit < Mojito < Mango Black Currant < Tomato < Guava < Apple

< Non-Alcoholic Drink < A crisp snack of celery garnish

Rajkiran Kitchen Equipments

Rajkiran are Manufacturers, Importers & Exporters of Quality Hospitality Equipment, required for proficient operations of Hotels, Restaurants, Fast Food Parlours, Bakery, Bar, Industrial Canteens, Hospitals, Commercial Kitchens, Food Processing and other allied units. Apart from providing the equipment, company

also specialise in complete layout design & engineering facilities. With more than 7 years of experience in production and manufacturing of Hospitality Equipment, Kitchenramma by Mohta & Co Equipment is a renowned name across the industry earning itself respect and credibility. The company has been able to carve a niche for itself due to its consistent quality, time bound deliveries, competitive price, excellent after sales service & transparent policies. The wide client base of Mohta & Co Equipment is a reflection of its business motto .Welcome to the world of Fine Hospitality Equipment, equipment whose hallmark is performance and the cutting edge technology used during the manufacturing process.

< Fresh squeezed taste of ripe tomatoes < Dash of real lemon juice, coarse black pepper and a pinch of salt

These small cans of Bloody Mary Mix stay fresh and are ready when you have company or just for yourself.

Manufacture & Exporters of Jams, Pickles, Murabbas, Tomato Ketchup, Sauces, Mango Panna (Aam Panna), Squashes, Syrups, Juices, Canned Fruits & Vegetables. Now Also offering Portion Packs/Single use Sachet for Salt, Pepper, Sugar, Tomato Ketchup, Pickles, Jam etc.

SHAMSONS FOODS 100% Vegetarian

Creating Modern Kitchens

An ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Company

RAI.No. : 10015064000531

B-39, Lawrence Road Industrial Area, Delhi-110035, India Phone : 011-47062838, Mobile: 9810783838, 9810117239 Factory: 564, HSIIDC, Food Park, RAI, Dist. Sonepat, Haryana. E-mail: Website:


Dealers Enquiries Solicited for Institutions

Art on the Wall Pristine Marketing

Wall coverings impart warmth, refinement, depth and natural nuances which can give life to the bare walls. They highlight the authentic character of the space, be it a house, office or a hotel. Succinctly, wall coverings give the much needed edge to the interior design. As far as wall coverings go, ARTE plays a crucial role. Pristine Marketing brings Arte wall coverings from Belgium. ARTE strives to use innovative techniques to create unique wall coverings. Its alluring and often surprisingly new designs provide inspiration for a discerning

audience worldwide. The intrinsic values of ARTE wall coverings are the elegance, luxurious feel, exquisite quality and technical expertise, combined with the ease of application for both residential and commercial interiors. The range of ARTE boasts of sophisticated glass beads, elegant velvet prints, electrifying metals, patchwork of natural tree bark, hand woven inlays, wrinkled hand crushed papers, embossed metallic prints, three dimensional textiles, natural plant fibres and many more. This Belgian company has been a leader in the international wallpaper market for more than 25 years.

Disclaimer Views expressed by the companies are not endorsed by Hammer Publishers Pvt. Ltd.



Lavonne Academy is the pinnacle of patisserie education in India, offering a range of courses from Sugar Art and weekend classes for

Healthy Replacement for Sugar Tata Chemicals Ltd.

Today, more than 400 million individuals are diagnosed with a life threatening disease called diabetes. Statistics have shown that 70 million of them are Indians. Our country faces the dual burden of malnutrition and lifestyle diseases at an unprecedented scale. Diabetes and many other lifestyle diseases can be prevented or countered by adhering to a balanced diet consisting of whole grains, proteins, fruits, vegetables, fats and with low /no added sugar. Today there is a crying need among the Indian consumers for tasty, authentic and affordable sugar alternatives. India’s food industry is at a nascent stage as far as designing products which support the healthy lifestyle needs of the modern consumers go. TataNQ is one of the players catering to this need. TataNQ has been working to develop scientifically designed food products as part of its mission towards delivering healthier food solutions. TataNQ believes that the three important factors to be considered when designing successful and healthy food products, which are sugar free or low in sugar, are taste, authenticity and affordability. The food product’s taste should not be compromised because of its low sugar quotient or the absence of sugar; right labels, scientifically validated and traceable ingredients with enhanced nutritional profile of food are also critical; at the same time the product should be affordable. All these attributes are ingrained in TataNQ’s corporate philosophy.

The Pinnacle of Patisserie Education in India

hobbyists, to the intensive and prestigeous Diplôme de Pâtisserie for aspiring professional pastry chefs.

Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Pastry Arts Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Pastry Arts is an academy run by, and for, people who are passionate about baking. They offer a range of courses suitable for amateurs as well as those with industry experience. From intensive 480hour diploma program, to hobby classes over the weekends, and sugar-art classes through the week, there is something for everybody! At Lavonne, they strive towards holistic tutoring in the field of hospitality, employing both theoretical and practical methods. The faculty comprises professionals who have proved their mettle in the F&B industry in India, and studied at the finest pastry and boulangerie academies around. In addition, Lavonne often invites guest chefs from across the globe, to bring their experience and technical know-how to the students. The facility is also outfitted with the very best of equipment, to match the growing

standards of the baking industry. They embrace the principles of fun learning, and students are encouraged to experiment & innovate with their craft, while still focusing on the most professional output imaginable. Lavonne is affiliated with world-renowned City & Guilds, London. Lavonne offer their prestigious Diploma in Patisserie, a course designed to equip students with all the knowledge and experience required of a professional pastry chef. Everything from basic puff pastries to making intricate plated desserts is covered in this rigorous 480-hour program, truly preparing students for all aspects of the vast, competitive culinary industry. Intensive 6-week Certificate Course in Baking and Patisserie  is one that is designed for the benefit of those looking to pursue a professional course in pastry arts but who do not have

the time or resources to take up our 4 month Diplome in Patisserie program. The course will be held Monday through Friday and the syllabus would cover everything from European Breads, Pies, Tarts, and Tartlets, Tea Cakes and Cookies to Viennoisserie, Chocolaterie, French Desserts, Wedding Cakes, and Fondant work, among a range of other subjects.log on to or For more information Lavonne’s Weekend CourseorPackage lets contact us at +91-9740544442 students choose any eight courses out of the available thirteen, and pay a flat price of Rs. 25,000.

The Online Platform Toshi Automatic Systems Pvt. Ltd. Toshi Automatic Systems Private Limited has come up with its own website. The is here to serve its clients with ideal entrance & hygiene automation products. Toshi has some of the most reliable, durable and resistant products in the realm of automatism to offer. The website primarily deals in all types of entrance & hygiene automation products. Toshi sells numerous entrance & hygiene automation products to various sectors, which includes the hospitality industry too. Toshi markets products which are absolutely authentic, genuine and dependable. They are extremely tough, durable and are perhaps the best for performing heavy duty. All of these products are of supreme quality; most of them are imported from the best European brands. Toshi has an abundance of stock available and products offered by the company are available at the most affordable and reasonable prices. Toshi’s website can be construed as a one-stop solution for entrance & hygiene automation products. The products showcased at the Toshi’s website can be purchased by any regular consumer as well as by any business reseller. The customers can purchase these products through the online payment mode. What is more, the purchased products shall be delivered at the given address within a short span of time.



The Name you can Trust Soft Sensations Pvt. Ltd.

Soft Sensations Pvt. Ltd. (SSPL) has been dedicated to sourcing and supplying the most durable, beautiful, and ergonomic products available to the hospitality and food service industry since 1990. SSPL is the leading supplier in India for WMF cutlery, Stoelzle glassware, Alfi carafes, Narumi bone China crockery, S c h o e n w a l d porcelain crockery, Lodge enameled cast iron pots & pans, Rosseto buffet ware, Axum glass platters, Pordamsa porcelain serving ware, Utopia tableware, SKS banquet

Innovations That Will Change The Way You Cook

furniture, Deson live cooking stations, Gharieni and Olymp spa & salon furniture, Glatz umbrellas, and Bette bathtubs. The company ranks amongst the top most suppliers in the field of hospitality as they offer a wide range of products with an assurance of high quality workmanship. No matter if you are representing international or regional chains, independent businesses, trade associations, schools, universities, consultants, analysts, or event organizers, their company offers outstanding professional support tailored to your needs. They can furnish your hotel, restaurant, catering

Food Warmer


Food Warmer 604

Donut Fryer

facility, school or college canteen, at a very competitive price and save you valuable time in researching and locating suppliers. With a team of experts that offers personalized service, they are always focused on what is best for your business and what fits your needs. SSPL is a company with experience and global advantage in sourcing products from all around the world at the most competitive prices. SSPL is built upon a foundation of traditional values of reliability, quality, innovation, drive, and flexibility. Their success is founded on the principle that they strive to put you, the customer, at number one. They will continue to adapt, evolve and bring the latest solutions for hospitality management from all across the globe to India, our home. They have been serving the industry for more than quarter of a century and will continue for many more decades to come.

Stone Deck Oven

Chocolate Warmer

Pizza Stone Oven

Sandwich Griller

Convection Oven 130 Ltrs.

Induction Cooktop

Waffle Cone Maker

Crepe Maker

Conveyor Pizza Oven

Pizza Oven 40 Ltrs.

Multipurpose Salamander

Mixer MB20

Let the Excellence of our Work be a reflection of yours Conveyor Toaster

Waffle Maker

Visit us at Aahar 2017 Hall no.11 Stall no. 77-A

Popcorn Machine

Induction Wok

Akasa International

Serving Since Last Decade

Contact us: NEW DELHI - 09811117464, 09313414134,

All Our Equipments Are 100% Indigenous made in India with Complete Service Backup, High Quality, Exclusive Designs Energy Saving & Lower Maintenance. AKASA Gives you more than you pay for. AHMEDABAD8NAGPUR8KOLKATA8RANCHI8HYDERABAD8LUCKNOW8VIJAYWADA 8PONDICHERRY8COIMBATORE CHANDIGARH8CHENNAI8BENGALURU8GUWAHATI8INDORE8RAIPUR8AMRITSAR8AGRA8 JAIPUR

Cooling with a warm touch Freeze Controls

Freeze Controls is offering hardware components for the refrigeration Industry, representing some of the world’s leading brands and working with the Indian manufacturing Industry to collaborate and add value to their products, since last 20 years. The company offer wide range of products like Door Locks, Hinges for- Hinged doors both flush as well as overlap type, Hardware for Sliding Doors, Telescopic SS slides for Commercial Refrigeration Equipments Drain Heaters, Door Heaters, PVC Covings, PVC Gaskets, Pressure Relief Valves. Freeze control represents Compex the Inoxveneta Spa, business unit focused on components for professional kitchens – Filler for Hoods, Foam insulated Drawers, Sliding Rails etc. Discover the range of telescopic  and  linear sliding rails developed by Compex for drawers. Characterized by an excellent quality/price ratio, the linear and telescopic sliding rails are made of stainless or galvanized steel, and they are particularly suitable for the extraction of industrial drawers and they are used mainly in the professional furniture (e.g. professional kitchens). They also have Kason’s GreenGuard commercial hardware and accessories for OEM, fabrication and replacement applications for Commercial Coolers, Freezers, Ice Makers, Commercial Cooking and Warming Equipment, Refrigerated and Heated Cabinets, Foodservice Kitchen Installations, Ware-washing Machines, Foam Insulated Panels, Industrial Enclosures, Material Handling, Truck Body Doors, .Cold Stores

Innovative Designs

FNS International Pvt. Ltd. Relish the true sense of fine dining with FNS - a brand that has revolutionized cutlery across India. Sublime, regal, and opulence is what you will savour with the brand’s finest avant-garde creation. Albeit modern in designs, the products bear the traditional heritage of skilled craftsmanship which understands the taste of culinary connoisseurs across the globe. Beautifully formed and meticulously finished, each FNS product is perfectly shaped. From last 11 years, FNS brand is providing aesthetic enhancement to culinary decor experience with International standards. In the backdrop of being one of the most innovative players in hospitality sector of the country, FNS  understands the value of aesthetics and quality in catering articles, be it for serving snacks, beverages, full dinners or buffets. FNS has a wide range of bar accessories, table accessories, chafing dishes, dispensers, snack Servers, buffet displays and trolleys. FNS is launching a gamut of new products this season to add to its exhaustive collection.



EVENTS’ CALENDAR HOTELEX 2017 28-31 March 2017 Shanghai New International Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China

The Bakery World Expo 15-17 June 2017 Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, India

Heimtextil India 20-22 June 2017 Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India

Food and Hotel Vietnam 25-27 April 2017   Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center Ho chi minh city, Vietnam NRA Show 2017 20-23 May 2017 McCormick Place, Chicago, USA Tuttofood 2017 8-11 May 2017, Fieramilano, Italy HOFEX 2017 8 - 11 May 2017  Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Hongkong, China   Bakery China 10-13 May 2017 Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre Shanghai,China SIAL China 2017 17-19 May 2017 Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre Shanghai,China Thaifex- World of Food Asia 2017 31 May- 4 June 2017 Impact Challenger & Exhibition Centre Bangkok, Thailand

advertiser index A T Exim Foods Pvt. Ltd..................................... 38 Academy of Pastry Arts India............................ 10 Agro Pure Capitals Foods Pvt. Ltd..................... 31 Akasa International............................................ 50 Allied Metal Works............................................ 52 ATN Consultants................................................ 38 Bharti Refrigeration works................................ 21 BMS Enterprises................................................ 12

Ambiente India 2017 20-22 June 2017 Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India

BVG Industries Pvt. Ltd...................................... 06 Cambro Nilkamal Pvt. Ltd................................. 04 Chandra Engineers............................................. 46 Combii Organochem Pvt. Ltd............................. 40

Bakers Technology Fair 7-9 July 2017 CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India THAILAND RETAIL, FOOD & HOSPITALITY SERVICES 2017 13-16 July 2017 Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC) Bangkok, Thailand. F&B pro + Hospitality Expo 2017 3-5 August 2017 Dr. Mukherjee Indoor AC Stadium, Panaji, Goa, India MIFB 2017 9-11 Aug 2017 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia   HOTELEX CHENGDU 2017 11-13 Aug 2017 Chengdu Century City Int’l Convention & Exhibition Center Chengdu,China Hong Kong International Tea Fair

Cook & Bake Academy....................................... 18 Cremica Food Industries Ltd.............................. 30 D K G Sales Pvt. Ltd........................................... 39 17-19 August 2017 Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center Hongkong, Vitafoods Asia 5-6 September 2017 Expo & Convention Centre at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Food & Hotel Thailand 2017 6-9 Sep 2017 Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC) Bangkok, Thailand Asiafruit Logistica 2017 6-8 Sep 2017   AsiaWorld-Expo, Hongkong   HOSFAIR 2017 8-10 September 2017 China Imports & Exports Fair complex Guangzhou, China Drinktec 2017 11-15 September 2017 New Munich Trade Fair Centre Munich, Germany Annapoorna World of Foods India- 2017 14-16 September 2017   Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai The Hotel Show 2017 18-20 September 2017 Dubai World Trade Centre Dubai, UAE EDT Expo 2017/Food Istanbul 2017 20-23 September 2017 CNR Expo, Istanbul, Turkey Food and Hotel Malaysia 2017 26-29 September 2017 Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ANUGA 2017 7-11 October 2017 Koelnmesse Cologne, Germany HOST 2017 20-24 October 2017 Fieramilano exhibition centre, Rho Milan, Italy


Jan-Feb ’17

Bakers Technology Fair 16-18 Nov 2017  HITEX Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad, India   Hotel Expo 2017 22-24 Nov 2017 The Venetian Macao, Macau

Dabon International Pvt. Ltd. ( Corporate)......... 56 Dabon International Pvt. Ltd. (Cocio)................ 53 Dabon International Pvt. Ltd. (Ell n Vire)........... 01 Dabon International Pvt. Ltd. (Villar)................. 47 EssEmm Corporations........................................ 27 FNS International Pvt. Ltd.................................. 11 Freecom Trading Pvt. Ltd................................... 42 Freeze Controls India......................................... 34 GUNA Enterprises India Pvt. Ltd........................ 35 Hindustan Refrigeration Stores......................... 45 IFB Industries Ltd. ............................................. 22 Infinity Hygiene Care.......................................... 42 International Hospitality Partners (IHP)............ 48 International Hospitality Partners (Only Chefs)... 50 Kanhaiyalal Tandoor Pvt. Ltd............................. 43 Kravour Foods Pvt. Ltd....................................... 08 Lavonne Academy of Baking Science & Pastry Arts....26 Loomcrafts Furniture India Pvt. Ltd............. 28, 29 Mahto Kitchen.................................................... 45 Manitowoc Foodservice India Pvt. Ltd.............. 17 Mehta Furnishers............................................... 38 Mentinox India................................................... 23 Mod Kitchen Equipment Pvt. Ltd....................... 33 Munnilal Tandoors Pvt. Ltd................................ 09 New Maharashtra Mechanical Works.............. 40 NRA 2017........................................................... 14 Oscar Hospitalities Concepts............................. 49 Oudh Dress Makers Pvt. Ltd.............................. 45 P Lal & Sons....................................................... 55 Pan To Plate Hospitality..................................... 36 Petals Packaging Company................................ 38 Rans Technocrats Pvt. Ltd................................. 15 Rational International India Pvt. Ltd.................. 44 Remington Steel Arts......................................... 13 S R Techno Traders............................................ 37 Saral Food Specialities (Mr. Foodie)................. 52 Shamsons Foods................................................ 48 Shapes Products................................................ 54 SKY Enterprises.................................................. 32 Soft Sensations.................................................. 41 Solutionz Consulting Pvt. Ltd............................. 40 Stec Hotelware.................................................. 20 Sugandhco (P) Limited....................................... 25 Supershine Laundry Systems Pvt. Ltd............... 19 T&S Brass & Bronze Works Inc......................... 46 Tata Chemical Ltd............................................... 07 THS Consulting................................................... 44 Top Line Food Equipment Pvt. Ltd...................... 40 Veeba Food Services Pvt. Ltd............................ 02 Venus Industries................................................ 03 Wang Hospitality Equipment Pvt. Ltd................ 05 Winterhalter India Pvt. Ltd................................. 16 Woodage............................................................ 24 Wyntronix Innovations Pvt. Ltd......................... 42



Shaping Classiness Facilitating Quality

Freezing with Quality

Akanksha International Pvt. Ltd. Kies; a distinctive name that defines deep freezing and cooling:The first question which might come to our mind is when there are so many brands for deep freezing appliances. Then why people are choosing kies for the purpose, what is so special about the kies and which makes it unique and distinctive. Kieshas provided some unique features that would give it a specified identity. You are trulygoing to experience the best out of all with cooling and deep freezing. This has bought on a boundary to serve fresh and hygienic food even if you store it for long time Let’s cook a different way with zedtech:On the other hand Zedtech has manages to bring

on with kitchen equipments in a broad range. They have managed to serve with a broad and commercial range of equipments that are going to help with frying, baking and heating and cooking. Zedtech have taken best with serving varieties of equipments which are going to shorten the time of cooking with giving a better taste to your palate. Working with these cooking appliances by zedtech has made the day to day life style easy going. Most important of all is these being designed by experts delivering an excellent in quality as well as available in a broad variety and is cost effective. For the reason when food and taste is changing then why not have a change to the cooking process as well as equipments.

Shapes Products Pvt. Ltd.

Kalka Metal Udyog

Launched in 2007 to make a mark in the cutlery business, Delhi-based Shapes Products Pvt. Ltd. provides fine and classy cutlery that can make a difference to the dining experience. The company is a leading manufacturer and marketer of branded stainless steel cutlery with exquisite designs. The company has two cutlery ranges within its ambit, which are Shapes Premium Cutlery Range, and Koko Economy Cutlery Range. Besides dazzling look and exquisite designs, colourful packaging is another of the strong points of the cutlery products of Shapes Products. The company’s stainless steel cutlery products are extensively used in corporate gifting, in hotels and also in household use.

Kalka Metal Udyog is a niche brand in the field of kitchen crockery, cutlery, chafing dish, bar equipments and uniforms. It has earned considerable recognition as a manufacturer, supplier and importer in this segment. The clientele of the company in the hospitality industry includes renowned hotels, resorts, restaurants, and caterers, etc. Precision and quality are the company’s hallmarks. The company’s range of crockery is a product of fine quality of materials sourced from certified vendors, and the application of hi-tech machines and advanced technology. Their packaging also involves utmost care.

Adding Value Creating Kitchens with

Distributor Enquires Solicited

Finest Equipments Best International Brands Under One Roof


Blast-Chilling, Shock Freezing, Defrosting Machine

Bakery Convection Oven

Vacuum Packing Machine

Italian Stone Pizza Oven Blenders


Complete In-House Fabrication Unit

Planetary Mixer

of Hospitality 32 Years Experience

Four Burner Range with Oven Baking Oven

Chinese Range

We are a leading marketer and manufacturer of frozen & chilled food products in pan India having a direct reach & coverage of all market segments. Our frozen products are available in Vegetarian, Chicken, Lamb , Fish and Mutton Try our full line of gourmet, flavorful, healthy, veg products, chicken products, including fully cooked and fresh chicken sausage, chicken meatballs, chicken burgers, and even breakfast chicken sausage!

Lava Grill

Done Stone Pizza Oven

Kulfi Machine


C-8, Udyog Vihar, Phase-V, Gurgaon, Haryana-122016 Phone : 0124-4111451, Mobile : 09910197976, Email:, Web:

A HACCP, FSSAI, ISO 9001: 2008 certified company.


Steel of Substance Metinox India was established in the year 2015. The company is one of the principal exporters of kitchen utensils that are designed with precision by the experts.

Admn. Office : AJ-4C, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi-110088 Ph. : 27472155, Telefax : 011-27473455 Works : Plot No. E-23, Sector-3, D.S.I.D.C., Industrial Area, Bawana, Delhi - 110039 Phone : 9810159353, 9868235160, E-mail: Branch Office : P.No. 356 Saheed Nagar (Ground Floor) Bhubaneswar-751007 Mob. : 08338084868 Tel. : 0674-2542038 E-mail:

Visit us at :

The quality of raw materials, workmanship and ideas make the difference between an average product and something special. Thakurji Tablwares believes in producing products which are special. The company is a manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of high quality tableware in India and abroad. Its assortment of tableware comprises kitchenware, ice bucket, brass candle holder, pastry stand, cruet set, and rectangular chafing dish. The company offers variety of styles and designs in tableware.  The company’s products are being designed by master craftsmen, keeping in mind the latest market trends. Thakurji Tablwares’ clientele is spread across hotels, restaurants and airlines. Incepted in the year 1971, Thakurji Tablewares is an ISO 9000-9001certified brand. The production unit of the company is spread over a vast area of 2000 sq mt., in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. Thakurji Tablware is well- equipped with technologically advanced machinery that helps the company to produce the products efficiently. The products of the company are regularly inspected by experts with the help of its in-house R&D and testing facilities. The company has also installed CAD (Computer-Aided Design)/CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) facilities.

Metinox India

Teppanyaki grill

Under Counter Refrigerators

Thakurji Tablwares

These kitchen utensils are popular for their attractive look and flawless sheen, which can leave the onlookers impressed at the very first glance. Premium quality stainless steel is used in the manufacturing of these utensils to make them long lasting. Since the kitchen utensils from Metanox India are 100 percent rust-proof, they are hygienic to use.


Art that Works Acrysil Limited

Acrysil Limited is a pioneer in composite quartz technology & is one of the largest manufacturers of granite sinks in the world. These sinks are wellknown for their awe-inspiring looks, innovative designs & German technology. After creating a benchmark in composite granite sink, Acrysil ventured into the world of stainless steel kitchen sinks, faucets, food waste disposers & also offers a wide range of domestic kitchen appliances such as microwaves, wine chillers, dish washers, cooking ranges, ice makers among others. Acrysil Limited exports to more than 40 countries across the globe with major exports to USA, the UK, China, Canada, Germany, France, the oriental & Gulf countries. Acrysil Limited has also entered the hospitality

is made of full stainless steel body, which provides durability to the product. It is low on maintenance and is easy to clean. CARYSIL–ICE MAKER has an ambient temperature ranging between 10°-43°C. These extremely reliable & versatile ice makers produce 45kg & 12kg of ice per day, having an ice storage capacity of 15kg (for 45kg model). The rated power consumption of the ice maker is 400 W and it maintains an ambient humidity at ≤ 90%. CARYSIL’s commercial ice maker is a stateof-the-art technology with front hinged door that can be placed undercounter & be placed free standing or can be used in built in applications. These ice makers hugely compliment the company’s– wine chillers, which are class apart & can easily be utilised in domestic & commercial environments. CARYSIL is here to present international technology & quality at affordable prices. CARYSIL’s products are backed by 24x7 after sales service & spare parts that can maintain the equipments in mint condition endlessly.

Bunge’s Promising Indian Journey Bunge is a 58 billion USD agribusiness conglomerate, headquartered in New York. Founded in 1818 in Amsterdam, Bunge today has over 35,000 employees at 400 facilities, in 40 countries. Bunge is one of the world’s largest oilseed processors and one of the world’s largest sellers of bottled vegetable oil to consumers. Bunge is the world’s largest wheat and corn dry miller. Bunge is producing bottled oils, mayonnaise, margarines and other food products for consumers, and milling wheat and corn for food processors, bakeries, brewers & other commercial customers. In a bid to capitalise on the burgeoning

Asian market, Bunge established its Indian footprint by buying the iconic Dalda brand, and Masterline from Hindustan Lever Limited. In 2011, Bunge India further increased its share in the Indian edible oils market with the acquisition of Amrit Banaspati Company. In Bundi, Bunge has a crushing plant that delivers on the dual advantages of crushing both soya and mustard. In the last eight years, with its focus on building up its business in India, the company is re-establishing the leadership of Dalda in the Vanaspati category and has also extended the brand into edible oils.

industry. Keeping in mind the needs of the Indian hospitality market, specifically of the end users, and with emphasis on eco-friendly, energy saving and multifunctional technology, the company has introduced its range of commercial kitchen equipments under the brand name CARYSIL. The just launched CARYSIL–ICE MAKER has application in restaurants, bars, hotels & even in private residences. They are functional both indoor & outdoor. The Ice Maker by CARYSIL

Shining with Quality King Metal Works

King Metal Works has introduced a stainless steel g.n. pan, which can be useful for the hospitality industry. KMW brand’s stainless steel g.n.pan  is made from 18/8 grade stainless steel and hence is

totally rust free. The product is endowed with heavy thickness of 0.8 mm to avoid handling dents, and also with anti jam function.  The product has NSF {American  Food Safe Grade Certificate} duly marked on  each pan. The stainless steel g.n. pan of King Metal Works is available in all sizes, with & without perforation. Besides it has international standard matt finish, and  thus it has good resistance to scratches on use. Succinctly, the product has great value for money.

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A classic chocolate milk drink made from the original 1951 recipe of cocoa, milk, & sugar. There are no additives and drink it hot or ice cold - whatever floats your boat. It’s impossible not to enjoy!

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AAHAR â&#x20AC;&#x2122;2017 SHOW SUPPLEMENT


AAHAR â&#x20AC;&#x2122;2017 SHOW SUPPLEMENT


AAHAR â&#x20AC;&#x2122;2017 SHOW SUPPLEMENT


Aahar Hospitality Supplement 2017 by HAMMER  

"HAMMER" have released "Hospitality Show Supplement" on AAHAR'2017, 32 International Exhibition for Food Processing, Hotel & Restaurant...

Aahar Hospitality Supplement 2017 by HAMMER  

"HAMMER" have released "Hospitality Show Supplement" on AAHAR'2017, 32 International Exhibition for Food Processing, Hotel & Restaurant...