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New cbn insert Grade BNK30 for Air conditioning compressor cast iron industry

With the development of the technology ,it required higher and higher on the processing efficiency. So Halnn researched new cbn insert grade BNK30 to satisfy the customer’s requirements. Someone will think that this industry is so easy ,other cutting tools also can machine ,it doesn’t need cbn insert ,it use traditional cutting tools, such as carbide insert and ceramic insert will be make sure the quality. But in modern society ,high speed turning has become the common machining type, and the traditional cutting tools begin loose the advantages. The speed of Traditional cutting tools can not above 350m/min ,and the CNC Lathe can not show the advantages of the high speed turning. If with Halnn BNK30 Grade CBN insert , it not only can arrive the linear speed 1500m/min ,but also make sure the long cutting tools lifetime . Compared with other similar cbn cutting tools ,with the same cutting parameters ,Halnn CBN insert has better performance than other brand cbn insert ,the application case as follows:

Halnn BNK30 CBN insert has excellent high temperature red hardness ,and it can keep stable cutting condition with high temperature .So it use dry cutting type ,thus not only save the cutting fluid ,but also help the manufacturers save the costs with environmental way. If you would like to know more details ,please feel free to contact with us ,whatsapp:+8618695866134

17 01 11 new cbn insert grade bnk30 for air conditioning compressor cast iron industry  
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