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Cutting tool industry innovation---BNK30 CBN Cutting Tools with Long Lifetime

With the development of the modern technology ,it required high on cutting tools in automotive industry which push the innovation of the cutting tools industry. In order to satisfy the automotive industry requirements ,cutting tools industry developed many excellent cutting tools with high efficiency ,high performance and high quality. In current times,advanced cutting tools with high performance mainly developed with the development of the high speed CNC Lathe ,so the speed of the development is very slow. In order to satisfy the manufacturers’ requirements,the cutting tools industry must innovate continuously, that can compete with international market. With the development of modern cutting tools materials, carbide insert play an important role ,other cutting tools materials also be improved, and expand the application industry. All these cutting tools materials help the manufacturers improve the working efficiency and improve the Competitiveness in modern cutting tools market with high speed and high efficiency field . The performance of the carbide insert improved continuously, the application field expand and replace the high speed steel cutting tools to become the main cutting tools materials. And specific to different requirements ,researching different grade materials to make sure the usage lifetime ,and it also researched new coated carbide insert ,and improved the working efficiency and expand the application range. With the development of the society ,the ceramic insert appears ,and replace some carbide insert ,it has high hardness ,well wear resistance and the cutting speed will be higher than carbide insert with finishing or semi-finishing steel parts and cast iron parts .It improved the processing efficiency and the products quality. And the price is cheap ,it also realize the dry cutting and hard turning . With the superhard cutting tools (PCD cutting tools and CBN insert) appearance , the processing technology improved ,the application industry are expanding again .Superhard Cutting tools realize heavy cutting ,high speed turning and turning instead of grinding ,and also suit for the international direction of environmental policy. CBN Cutting Tools are widely used in ferrous metal materials industry which with high hardness. For example ,mill rolls ,pump , Rolling acetabular wall ect casting industry; engine block, brake disc ,break drum ect automotive industry and hardened steel industry. For example ,BNK30 Grade CBN Cutting Tools which researched by Halnn Superhard, it can be used for machining automotive industry ,which called “Lifetime King” which means it has long lifetime when machining automotive industry parts. BNK30 Grade CBN insert not only can satisfy high speed cutting , but also has stable performance which satisfy the requirements of the maufacturers’. It has more excellent performance than imported pcbn insert.

Halnn Superhard Materials Co.,Ltd

PCD insert are also widely used in metal industry, Aluminum alloy is the main materials in automotive industry, and the application of the pcd insert improved the cutting efficiency, and the cutting speed can arrive 7000m/min,which Promote innovation and development of the industry. Halnn always devote to researching new superhard cutting tools materials ,to satisfy the customers’ requirements. Halnn insist “High Efficiency, High Quality , Innovation” and make the world no longer have difficult to machine materials . And To be No.1 Superhard Cutting Tools brand. If you would like to know more details, please feel free to contact with us ,whatspp :+8618695866134

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