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This certificate entitles

to a one hour relaxation massage at your home OR a one personal yoga lesson & treatment plan at your home. See reverse for terms and conditions.



Terms and conditions: 1. Certificate must be signed and dated to be valid. 2. Certificate is valid for 6 months from date of purchase, as signed above. 3. Additional charges may apply if client lives outside of the Auckland CBD and surrounding suburbs. 4. Practitioner has the right to discontinue session, at their discretion, in the case of inappropriate behaviour. 5. Client must have appropriate space (2x2m or larger) for treatment available. 6. $20 cancellation fee may apply, at the practitioner’s discretion. 7. Certificate is not valid with any other discount or special offer.

Soothe your body Soothe your mind Soothe your soul


Soothe Gift Certificate  
Soothe Gift Certificate  

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