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Summer 2012 has arrived in full style here in Chicago and the Halfstack staff is rolling in behind it. We are all so excited and proud to share our second quarterly issue with all of you supporters and readers out there. Summer always brings back great childhood memories for me. I often remember myself daydreaming on the stoop of our old apartment in Humboldt Park during the hot summer days of the 90s; eating my paletas and wondering about where life would take me.

Remember, if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

Editor’s Letter SUMMER ISSUE 2012


Even as a kid, I had big dreams. Despite growing up poor, living in gang infested neighborhoods and seeing some hard stuff as a kid, I still had hope. That’s definitely something my family instilled in me early on. With that hope also came a lot of tenacity and ambition. So, it was never a shame to dream, dreaming in the hood was a way of life and an opportunity for young kids like me to hope to make a difference. Those dreams, I notice, are a frequent underlying idea within the hearts of many of the designers, artists and musicians we are showcasing in this summer issue. It amazes me how resourceful people can be when given no other option, but to “make life work” for them. This issue is about the fighters. It is about those young guns who people may have looked over at one point, but who ended up coming out on top. Musicians like Chi-P and Designers like Rosina Mae, who keep going, even when the going gets tough. They never gave up, even when life threw them in shark infested waters. People like that inspire me. During the making of this issue, there were days and nights where I wanted to give up the fight. Not because the work was too hard or because we had help that didn’t follow through, but because like many of you fighters out there, I was facing some tough times. While embarking on the journey to create this last issue, I was also going through family turmoil and embarking on a personal journey of my own. From divorce to having to share my daughter to leaving a crap job, I was going through some hard times and felt defeated.

It’s been scary and down right hard as hell, but then I see the things that the people we showcased, right here in the magazine, are doing (despite dealing with pain, drama and hurt) and I was inspired to keep going. In life, we are all going to face people who want to see us fail, who take joy in seeing our pain, but it’s up to each and every one of us to not let the naysayers win. It’s up to each and every one of us to keep fighting for our dreams, goals and hopes, but most importantly for ourselves. We can all achieve our dreams, if we believe in ourselves. The beauty of it is, that it is from these hardships, negative people and difficulties that we grow and become even better than before. In life, if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. There’s this new song out by Gym Class Heroes and It touches my soul every time I hear it. I dedicate this song, just as I dedicate this issue to all of the fighters. Here’s the hook, I hope it hooks you too. If you fall pick yourself up off the floor (get up) And when your bones can’t take no more Just remember what you’re here for Cuz I know imma damn sure Give em hell, turn their heads Gonna live life til we’re dead. Give me scars, give me pain Then they’ll say to me, say to me, say to me There goes a fighter, there goes a fighter Here comes a fighter That’s what they’ll say to me, say to me Say to me, this one’s a fighter

jenny Lezan Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder 5

jennifer lezan eic @ chicLezan

kate roth art director @ kateroth1031

mariana quaranta fashion director @ missjacob40

jason m c aloon creative director @ jasonmcaloon




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HEATHER DAVIS Blogger, crafter & fashionista at large.

STELLA ESTRELLA Beauty queen, mommy, fashionista & blogger.

CRISTINA MIKKELSON Music lover, comicon fanatic and all around anamoly.

DANIELLE PULAK Beauty know it all, fashion diva to the max.

KRYSTA HILL CHI --> NYC. HSMs East Coast Fashionista.

AMY STRUCKMEYER Fashionista & blogger at large.

VANESSA VALLIANT Beauty Specialist and makeup and hair artist extraordinaire.

ANDREI PAGSISIHAN Daddy, writer, owner of Bass or Boost Car Services.

MATTHEW SANTOS Gymnast, Model, Health Nut!


Jason Wu




Vera Wang




style file


THE LOOK : Peplum

After successfully saturating the Spring runways, Peplum has been all the rage for fashion lovers everywhere, even making it’s debut on the Red Carpet. Seen on celebrities such as Blake Lively, Solange Knoweles and Emma Watson (just to name a few) Peplum has since taken over the fashion scene one ruffled skirt and Trendy Store at a time. Whether you’re at the office, meeting the girls for drinks or on a romantic night out, there is nothing more truly divine then the peplum bodice. Chic, sophisticated and ever so flirty, it’s a must have this season. No kidding. So ladies, grab your credit card and dancing shoes, it’s time to take the Peplum trend out for a spin-You’re in for a real treat.


layout by Sarah Gaynor

Nastygal : $68

Leather Peplum Shirt : H&M : $99 Two-Tone Peplum Dress : New Look : $55 Mint Peplum Skirt : Top Shop : $68 Metallic Peplum Jacket : Spiegel : $169 11

for her



Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm SPF 20 Sephora : $32.00


Clinique Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 Macy’s : $15.00

2. 4.


HUGGIES Natural Care Hawaiian Wipes-56 Count Target : $4.29

Maybelline Falsies Waterproof Mascara Walgreens : $7.49

Viva La Juicy Rollerball Sephora : $19.00

top 10 beauty


MER 8.




Johnson & Johnson First Aid to Go! Mini First Aid Kit Walmart : $3.22

Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen SPF 30 Target : $8.99



Goody QUIK STYLE Detangling Shower Comb Target ; $5.29

Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant/Deodorant in Light & Fresh travel size CVS : $2.99


layout by Sarah Gaynor

Goody Ball of Elastic Ponytail Holders 100 count Target : $6.99

must-haves 13


for him

Summer Arsenal 1

Always wear sunscreen, even if is to cut the grass. No guy looks good red as a lobster. Banana Boat Sport Performance SPF 30 is a great sunscreen for a guy especially the ones that like to play sports at the beach.

Banana Boat Sport Performance Lotion Sunscreen SPF 30 Target $6.49


Don’t neglect your lips this summer. Make sure to apply Blistex RPM for Men throughout the day when exposed in the sun. Not only does this repair, protect and moisturize but contains SPF 30 so your lips won’t burn or blister from the sun.

Blistex RPM for Men Lip Protectant SPF 30 Walgreens $2.59

Every guy looks hot with sunglasses and even better in Ray-ban Aviator Sunglasses. Aviator sunglasses at the ultimate cool sunglasses. Can’t afford the real thing visit the sunglass at your local mall.

Ray-Ban Aviators (RB8041 55) Sunglass Hut $119.95

Guys if you plan on wearing flip flops this summer, make sure to take care of those feet. Tweezerman Essential Grooming Kit is right for the job. This kit contains tweezers, scissors, nail file and nail clippers.

Tweezerman Essential Grooming Kit Tweezerman $20.00





Wearing flips flops or playing sports can cause cracked heels. Gold Bond Healing Foot Cream is just thing you need. Apply after every shower and your feet will be super smooth.

Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Foot Therapy Cream Walgreens $7.99




We all know guys sweat more in the summer not only because of the heat but also are more active. It is best to use Degree Clinical + Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant Solid Sport Strength. This not only helps with odor it also helps with any underarm wetness. For better results apply before bed as well as in the morning.

Sweat + cologne= not a good combination. During summer days, it’s better to stick to a body mist. Try using Axe Deodorant Body Spray. Just spray all over, and make sure not to over spray.

Degree Clinical + AntiPerspirant & Deodorant Solid Sport Strength Walgreens $8.99

Axe Deodorant Body Spray Target $3.99

Fresh breath is a must, especially if you have any intention of a little pick-up action. LISTERINE PocketPaks Oral Cool Mint Breath Strips are the perfect solution. The strips work instantly and are easy to carry around.

LISTERINE PocketPaks Oral Cool Mint Breath Strips--3 Pack Walgreens $4.19


Don’t be embarrassed to flash that big bright smile. Crest 3D White Whitestrips Vivid Dental Whitening Kit is the most efficient and safest at-home way to brighten that smile. Use daily and you will have some dazzling pearly whites to show for it..

Crest 3D White Whitestrips Vivid Dental Whitening Kit CVS $31.99


To protect your head from sunburn, wear a baseball hat. It doesn’t matter which way you wear it (unless it’s a Cardinals), as long as you’ve got one, and make sure to put sunscreen on areas that hat doesn’t cover. Plus what guy doesn’t look good in a baseball hat?

Nike War Machine Flex Cap Lids $30.00

8 15

SWAG 101

for him

SWAG 101







SWAG 101

SWAG 101









SWAG 101

SWAG 101


PERFECT BLOWOUT: Men, grab your blowdryers! Even with a short cut less than 2 inches, any guy can achieve the perfect blowout. Add Crew Men’s Styling Gel to damp hair, blow dry going from front to back using your fingers. Tame fly-aways with Crew Men’s Molding Clay, and for those with longer hair try a BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium mini flat iron to smooth out the front flip of your hair or to use throughout the top to flatten the ends. Toss in a bit of Joe Grooming Hairspray, and you are ready to not blow with the wind, but have a perfectly manned blow out.

SWAG 101










LINE IT UP: Save a few dollars in between haircuts by trimming the edge of your hair. Start by combing the hair and follow the natural direction which it grows. Comb sideburns and all edges flat down with a small comb. Never use scissors on your own hair, this will give it a “hedged and choppy effect.” Try the Andis T-edger Trimmer Model AEE and start at the hair line and move your way down with the trimmer. Keep your line up fresh with this trimmer in between trips to the barber shop and save a little money at the same time.

SWAG 101


CLEAN SHAVE: Gents, the best shave time is right after a shower. Steam helps the whiskers rise up from the skin. However, never shave if you haven’t cleansed your skin first, otherwise you are placing dirt into your pores which can create acne or razor burn. Apply shave cream and shave in an upward motion, rinse, lather again with shave cream and shave again. Follow up with an aftershave, a little lotion and an SPF 15 product, and your skin will be smooth and conditioned! Try The Art of Shaving “The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave” to get you started.


FLAWLESS SKIN: Get great skin with these few tips. Cleanse your skin daily with a good lotion cleanser not a bar soap. By cleansing you are removing all of the dirt and oil from the day. Men’s pores are larger than women’s which means more oil, so do not wash multiple times a day to remove it. Simply grab a tissue and lightly wipe it off. Apply a moisturizer with an SPF in the evening after cleansing, and add a night cream for softer skin. During the day, wear sunglasses to prevent wrinkles around the eyes, and don’t forget to protect your lips with an SPF sunscreen. Also, try Every Man Jack Four of a Kind Kit – Fragrance Free for every product you could possibly need. 17























BRIGHT EYES: Brighten those eyes with a few tricks! Apply white eyeliner to the lower waterline (Fascinating by MAC is a top favorite), and wipe off any access underneath with a Q-tip. Add a champagne colored eye shadow like the one from Trish McEvoy on the eyelid. Follow that up with a soft brown, two shades darker than your skin tone, in the crease. Use a very thin liner on the upper lash line, gel liner is best. I recommend MAC’s Fluidline. Pop the eye brightener Benefit Ooh La Lift underneath the eyes, and finish with your favorite mascara. You are bright-eyed and ready to go!




FULL LIPS: Get luscious full lips with a touch of TLC and a little help from lip products. Exfoliate the lips once a week and every evening apply a lip moisturizer. For a natural look, add lip liner after an application of lipstick or gloss. For an evening on the town, add the liner to a dry lip holding the pencil on its side and applying soft strokes to fill in the outer line of the lip. Follow up with a lipstick and add gloss only to the center of the lips for a more “pouty” affect. Try these fabulous products to achieve luscious full lips: Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub, Caudalie Lip Moisturizer and Sally Hansen Lip Inflation.






VOLUMINOUS HAIR: Thick hair is a must for this year’s sexy beach waved look. Work Big Sexy Root Pump into wet hair and dry hair upside down. Tease at the crown and sides of the hair with a small brush, and spray roots with TIGI Bedhead Masterpiece Hairspray. Curl hair away from your face with a 1 to 1.5 inch curling iron. Next brush out hair with a large paddle brush. End with another round of hairspray until you have voluminous full sexy hair!

FLAWLESS LOOKING SKIN: First step to good skin is washing your face every night to get rid of the toxins from the environment and follow up at night with a face and eye cream. To protect your skin during the day, always wear an SPF, so apply sunscreen after your regular moisturizer. Use a shot glass full of sun screen for your face, neck, chest and ears. Move on to Smashbox Photofinish HD primer and your favorite foundation. Just a tip on bronzer and blush: the less shimmer the product has, the more flawless your skin will look!







Hi Halfstack! I am a young professional just getting started right out of college. Do you have any tips for me on how to dress appropriately for an interview during the summer months? Sincerely, Young, Fresh and Ready for Work

Clockwise from top right Pencil Skirt & Blazer : $79/$59 : Piperlime Gray Blazer & Pants : $158/$88 : Banana Repbulic Theory Melodic Kriz Blazer & Melodic Marlo Slim Fit Pants : $525/ $235 : Bloomingdales Micro Twill Photographer Suit Jacket & Pants : $278/$128 : Express HUGO Enderson-X Broadcloth Solid Dress Shirt Contemporary Fit : $95 : Bloomingdales Elie Tahari Sleeveless Blouse : $188 : Nordstroms


layout by Sarah Gaynor

LH: Interviews are all about making the best first impression you can make. It is important to dress professionally and look the part of the job that you are going for, while at the same time staying true to your own sense of style. As summer approaches choose suits with a lighter fabric so there is some room to breathe. Your favorite wool suit can be your worst enemy if you start sweating on a hot day. Women can opt for a pencil skirt and a three-quarter-length sleeved blazer for a polished look. Combine it with a sleeveless or short-sleeved printed blouse to add style while staying cool. Men can also gravitate towards a button-down shirt and suit in a lighter fabric. For both men and women, however, keep the look polished and professional. Also, stay away from suits that incorporate shorts as it can give off a more casual vibe.

Hey Halfstack! I am a modern professional. Sometimes, I see some crazy stuff going on in my office in terms of how some of the guys and girls dress. It’s super important to look put together and fashion forward, but sometimes, I wonder if I get it wrong, and many times, I see a lot of people wearing things that would make me blush. Can you give me some tips on proper office attire for 2012? Sincerely, Dazed and Confused

LH: The lines for “proper office attire” often get blurred. Based on the designated dress code for your office, business dress, business casual, or casual, it is important to be comfortable while pulling a look together that is still professional. As trends change, specific fashion elements can be pulled and incorporated into your normal look. However, it still needs to stay within the lines of work appropriate. Just because neon is coming back in, it does not justify sporting a tight, mini dress in hot pink to the office. Play with neon accessories, such as bracelets and necklaces, to add some fun to your every day dress. Try adding a chartreuse blouse for that pop of color you were looking for. If you are allowed to wear jeans make sure that they are balanced with the right blazer or blouse so you still look like you are ready for a meeting and not a trip to the mall. To have fun with their style, men can add a trendy skinny tie to a button down shirt or incorporate a chambray shirt into their look. Playing with patterns can also be an option, like a plaid structured pant paired with a bright colored shirt. Adding elements of a trend and keeping a look that remains on the more conservative side of the spectrum will keep you looking professional and put together.

Clockwise from top right Juicy Couture Multi Layer Gem Bracelet : $88 : Juicy Couture Neon blouse in yellow : $190 : Piperlime Club Monaco Artem Indigo Shirt : $98 : Club Monaco Theory Bromsgate Roadster Skinny Tie : $98 : Bloomingdales Bedford Textured Blazer : $595 : Neiman Marcus Vince Camuto Bailey’s Skinny Cuffed Cropped Pants : $79 : Bloomingdales Theory Kirsten Torch Blazer : $311 : Bloomingdales 21








Written by Cecily Marano Gaw

by owners Bob Jensen and his son Patrick this brewery is all about hicago. It’s all about the the craft of creating a delicious scene, the trends, the shop and unique beer. They are beers ping, the culture, and the that can be enjoyed simply on its food. The drinks we share with own or with your favorite foods. friends and family in times of Argus is a place that takes pride celebration or to just thank God for the weekend. But, do we know in the proper steps to fulfill all the where our drinks are coming from possibilities of a distinct taste and exclusive beer. A beer that lucky like that beer your enjoying with for us can be enjoyed often at variyour burger? That’s where Argus ous restaurants throughout Chicago Brewery comes in. land. Adding to Chicagoans pride would be the location of brewery at Argus beer is brewed locally on the South side of the city just a half a historic site. Argus is located on 113th and Front Avenue, the same hour ride from the loop. Created


building that used to house the stables to Schlitz Brewery before prohibition. By working together to turn a dream into reality this father and son duo has been capable of producing beer Chicago can be proud of. By conducting an interview with Mike Brady (head brewer) I was able to gain more knowledge on all the steps and jobs that go into the complicated process of brewing. Mike began working at Argus in 2007, when the development of the brewery began. With Bob, Patrick,


Photography by Cecily Marano Gaw Mike, and engineers Bill Schelli and Pete Balskus hard at work the transformation of the building was set into motion. In 2009 Argus Brewery opened its doors and began selling their beer. Argus beer can be found in Ballydoyle, Country House, select Binny’s locations, Oasis Café in West Chicago, and all over downtown Chicago. Recently, Argus created a beer for Jarrett Payton, “Swheatness”. Payton was interested in a part of the beer business and found Argus locally. It is an American wheat ale that was a big hit at several releases through-

out the city in March. When talking with Mike I wanted to get the scoop on the jobs in the brewery and what it takes to produce such success. I can tell you from witnessing first hand it takes a lot of dedication, passion, and sweat. These guys work all day, depending on crucial steps following one another to accomplish the process. Argus has fourteen guys that all play a part in the production. First, we have the owners: Bob

and wife Debbie and son Patrick Jensen. The dream of the brewery came to life. It is now in need of maintenance and care to keep this new local brewery at its best. Mike Brady, who as the head brewer and building foreman keeps the guys in line and makes sure everything that is needed to be done is finished in a timely matter. By being the head of operations he is responsible for not only brewing, but also the ordering of supplies, communicating with salesmen, and overseeing the entire brewery. Brew master Grant Johnston with decades of 23

snkeak peek

experience in the beer industry takes on a responsibility of recipe formulation and quality control. He guides the staff into all processes namely cleanliness and sanitation. This has to be timed and measured properly or there could be a potential disaster. Matt Voelker is the brewer at Argus and manager to the brewer’s assistants. Matt helps Mike out whenever he is not available and takes charge in seeing that everything is properly cleaned and sanitized and prepared for his brew. The brewer’s assistant is Chris Swanson. Chris weighs and mills the grain and removes spent grain.


He also does most of the cleaning in the brewery. The other jobs involve distribution these are the packaging guys. We have Tom Dwyer as the packaging manager, and Craig Noort and Danny Yarbrough as the packaging assistants. Tom takes care of what needs to go out and when and the basic inventory of the brewery. He also makes sure the orders are ready for pick up. In order for the beer to be ready for pick up Craig and Danny must fill the kegs, put the bottles in boxes and on palettes. They also work the labeling machine so you know which Argus beer you are enjoying!

Another important job is the head cellarman, which is Byron Moore. Byron is in charge of filtering the beer and assists the brewers in overseeing fermentation. He also picks up where the brewer’s assistant or Chris finishes. Cleaning and sanitation is a crucial process in this job title as well. Then of course we need the sales. That brings us to Joe Mengel, VP of sales and Nick Lubavich salesman. With experience in retail and the industry these guys help Argus establish their being. Joe and Nick create lasting relationships with the distributors making Argus available throughout

From left: Tom Dwyer, Patrick Jensen, Mike Brady, Byron Moore, Matt Voelker, and Chris Swanson other job can you have a beer and chat with friends on a break?

respect the work behind craft beer and respect the people that do such a thing. Brewing beer has been Some popular beers to check out around for thousands of years. To from Argus Brewery are: Pegasus, see such a historic spectacle right California Steam, and Holsteiner. here in Chicago is an amazing opThey are the three top beers Argus portunity. To contact Argus visit sells that keep people coming back. or if you There are more beers to be released have an inquiry contact Bob or Pat within the coming months. So go Jensen through their website. to your local liquor store or check Prosit! the beer menu at your favorite restaurants. If you really want a good time and to learn and see firsthand the dedication these guys have, check out a tour. I highly recommend a tour because it is a way to

Graphic Design by Kate Roth

the Northern half of Illinois. Last, but certainly not least we have the engineers. Bill Schelli and Pete Balskus. By building this brewery and constantly up keeping the place they keep it going. Installations and maintenance on equipment can be completed by this hilarious duo. So much goes into a brewery. When you can find a passion and thrive for success in such a business it is important to love every minute of it. When working with such a group of guys not only does a lot of sweat go into the work, but also fun and good times. What 25

Sinless tanning BY: DANIELLE PULAK

Sephora Tinted Self-Tanning Mist Sephora | $15.00

Neutrogena Build A Tan ^ Drugstores/Target/Ulta | $8.49

Neutrogena Build-A- Tan

This is the best product for someone is just starting out self-tanning. This goes on like a regular lotion and allows you to control by frequency of application how dark you are. The more you apply the darker you will be.

Sephora Tinted Self-Tanning Mist

Perfect for when you are in the need of some instant results and have had experience with self tanning. Make sure to follow the directions and rub it in all the way to avoid streaky. Do this and your legs will be ready for those short hemlines.

Sonia Kashuk Self-Tanning Towelettes for Body

Looks can be deceiving, when you look at the package, open it up and you get a wipe the size of a piece of paper. Make sure to follow the directions especially apply in circular motion. I would recommend if you want a really dark tan to use another wipe after 2-4 hours.


It is summer and that can only mean one thing, time get outside and start working on your summer glow.

Sephora Tinted Self-Tanning Mist ^ Sephora | $15.00


snkeak peek

It is summer and that can only mean one thing, time get outside and start working on your summer glow. However, more and more cases of skin cancer are being reported each year. Most cases are caused by sun exposure or from tanning in the beds. This summer, skip outside and the beds and do it the safe way. That is self-tanning, whether you do it at home or go to a salon and get air brushed.

When going to a salon to get it done, I recommend going to a place that will custom air brush. I had the pleasure of getting an airbrushed tan at The Sinless Tan located in downtown Chicago. The Sinless Tan is not only a private sunless tanning salon but an advocate for safe tanning and donates to the Skin Cancer Foundation. The Sinless Tan was started after the age of 20, co-owner Katrina was diagnosed with skin cancer. At the moment she knew that she had to get the message out to self- tanning the safe way. After graduating college, she decided with a mutual friend to open the Sinless Tan in Chicago. The Sinless Tan is no ordinary tanning salon; they use the best equipment (same as Dancing with Stars) and an all organic solution that contains antioxidants that is good for your skin while giving you beautiful brown glow. I was waiting to see streaking or possibly turning orange, instead I got the best tan I have ever had in my whole. I highly recommend going for next special occasion or even just because (hey you are worth it). The Sinless Tan offers a ton of different packages for individuals and couples. Can’t make the drive to the city? No worries, with an additional fee they will come to you. To find out more, go and visit their website Don’t have the funds to maintain getting airbrushed? At home self-tanning is another great option. Just make sure to prep the skin before applying. To prep your skin for self-tanner, exfoliate and shave. Make sure to put lotion on hands, elbows, knees and feet to act as a barrier when using any self-tanner, especially when using the lotion form.


The Sinless Tan offers a ton of different packages for individuals and couples. Can’t make the drive to the city? No worries, with an additional fee they will come to you. To find out more, go and visit their website 27




“B.F.G.F” is about something that every guy can relate to: the struggle of knowing your best friend’s less-than-angelic girlfriend gets around when her beau’s busy.

Two words: welcome back. Eight years after their last album, Eve 6 is reunited, and yes, it feels so good. The highly anticipated Speak In Code is everything you used to love about this SoCal trio and more. Armed with catchy beats and life lessons gained along the way, the band has brought back their alternative sound for the masses. Although not too different from their previous work, Speak In Code offers a more updated sound that fits in perfectly to the 2012 pop-punk standard. Max Collins lends his smooth vocals to the sometimes silly, yet fun and witty lyrics. Tracks “Victoria” and “B.F.G.F.” are the two front-runners on this album for the most valiant attempts at infectious and radio-


worthy. “B.F.G.F” is about something that every guy can relate to: the struggle of knowing your best friend’s less-thanangelic girlfriend gets around when her beau’s busy. “Victoria” hits on trust issues and wild ideas of a partying girlfriend away on vacation, though maybe it’s all in his head. Although lyrically juvenile at times, Eve 6 attempts to show just how serious the band is about making its way back onto the scene. Songs like “Moon” and “Lost and Found” are more somber and slightly reminiscent of “Girlfriend” off the 2003 album It’s All In Your Head. The band even threw in a few tracks from albums past just to remind you how awesome they are. Special acoustic versions of “Here’s

to the Night” and “Inside Out” are featured at the end of the album. This record is well worth the eight year wait and if you only check out a few of the tracks, make sure they include “B.F.G.F.,” “Victoria,” “Moon” and “Everything.” Taking into consideration that comeback albums are especially daunting, Eve 6 can rest assured that their fans have welcomed them back with open arms. Speak In Code is just the right mix of truthful lyrics and head bopping beats, perfect for a long drive with the top down










Chicago music doesn’t always get the love that it deserves. Well, Halfstack is here to show support for the city’s fresh new artists out there playing the small clubs, hustling to get their songs on the radio and pulling a nine-to-five to fund their own music. Halfstack had a chance to meet Chicago’s own CHI-P when he was performing his song “CLAP” featuring another local artist, BO Deal, and hear him smooth things out for the ladies with his single “CHEMISTRY.” CHI-P created the “LIONZ DINN” which is composed of close friends and family who strongly support his movement. “I have nothing to lose, but haters,” he said. Unfortunately, he had a recent set back after losing his dear uncle Henry Taylor, but now CHI-P is back and better than before. He is currently performing shows all over Chicago and working on his debut mix tape “New Day, New Season,” hosted by Chicago’s DJ V-DUBB, which is dropping this June. He recently released his single “Champion Song” as a warm-up. His ground stomping, hand-clapping and sophisticated lyrics with serenading grooves mark major buzz for CHI-P music, what many call “a breath of fresh air for the rap game.”




CHI-P Rappers are columnists sent to tell factual information to others, who plural noun

put anything

believe there is more to life than just living. But, instead of focusing on the negative, CHI-P does him and understands what is important to explain

him and his supporters. They said God’s gift is power beyond understanding, an iDea


but with great humility always keeping God first. When CHI-P walks onto that Drop KnowleDge

stage, he becomes free. With the LIONZ DINN in the building the aDJ

passion/struggle changes into a field of love/happiness. Don’t forget noun


CHI-P is a father first and still like to be unrestrained & insane like everybody noun


else. His one goal is to leave a legacy everyone a goal

will remember!

photography bt: Daltyn Photography





must hear tunes for summer 2012

Music is a sound in time that expresses ideas and emotion. Now add sunny days, pool parties, cook-outs and blasting new music for “Summer Time.” Let’s start with G-Unit Capitan and 50 Cent. The hip-hop star posted on Twitter in March his fifth album release on July 2nd.

Dusted, Total Dust - Polyvinyl G-Unit Records (2012)

Dusted is the joint venture of two record producers, Rollo Armstrong and Mark Bat, who brought their upcoming indie-music release “Total Dust.” Abandon All Ships is finishing their second studio album entitled Infamous. The Canadian rock band from Toronto is looking to have a heavy mathcore influence. Serj Tankian occasional rhythm guitarist of the rock band System of a Down has an album coming out July 10th. The first single from this album is called “Figure It Out.” American electropop band Passion Pit is dropping Gossamer, their second LP. Passion Pits music has been called “hope in the future of music” with their alternative dance style.

Murder By Numbers - 50 CENT

Records / Hand Drawn Dracula (2012)

The long-haired Alanis Morissette will bring her eighth studio album called Havoc and Bright Lights. Purity Ring, the Canadian indie electronic band, is dropping a sexy spin of music on the album Shrines (4AD). Coming straight out the D, Insane Clown Posse is putting out their 12th album, the The Mighty Death Pop! is the second in a set of six new Joker’s Cards. Finally, we have Bad Boy’s French Montana with Rick Ross to executive produce his debut album Excuse My French. Here was just a peak of amazing music the summer has to offer.


Passion Pit - Gossamer

Columbia Records/ SME (2012) LAYOUT BY: JENNIFER LEZAN

Alanis Morisette- Havoc & Bright Lights Columbia Records/ SME (2012) First Single “Guardian” Available on iTunes August 26, 2012



Warped Tour – First Midwest Amphitheatre July 7th, 2012 Calling all mohawks, tattoos, and Chuck Taylors! Bands like The Used, Breathe Carolina, All Time Low, Bayside, and Of Mice and Men will be shredding on one of nine different stages. For those who are looking for a little bit of old school, check out Anti Flag, New Found Glory, and Taking Back Sunday.

Summerland Tour 2012 - Allstate Arena August 3rd, 2012 Ring, ring. Hello? The nineties are calling, and they want their music back. Six bands you used to love are coming together for one mega show to sing the hits from summer car rides past. Take a trip down memory lane with songs like Everclear’s “‘AM Radio,”’ Sugar Ray’s “‘Fly,’” and Lit’s “‘My Own Worst Enemy.”’

Coldplay – United Center August 7th- – 8th, 2012 Chris Martin and company are coming to the U.C. in support of their fifth studio album, Mylo Xyloto. If you’re looking for serene music with honest lyrics, look no further. Opening for Coldplay are Marina and the Diamonds as well as Charli XCX.

Madonna – United Center September 19th-20th, 2012 Supporting her newest release, MDNA, the original material girl is making her way to the Windy City. At 53, this girl gone wild still has all the moves of a 20- yearold. Surely Madge will be working some of the classics into the set list for one explosive show.


Taste of Chicago – Grant Park July 12th, 2012 Who doesn’t love food, sun, and music? Death Cab for Cutie is completing the triangle of summer goodness at this year’s Taste. If you feel just like a tourist in the city you were born in, it’s time to go to this show!

Lollapalooza - Grant Park August 3rd-5th, 2012 Get ready to give it away to a lonely boy because Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Black Keys are headlining this year’s Lolla! Every Chicagoan’s favorite summer music fest is jam packed with great alt-rock acts for three days of music mania, like Florence + the Machine, Bassnectar, Passion Pit, Miike Snow, Franz Ferdinand, M83 , and Fun.

Honda Civic Tour 2012 – First Midwest Amphitheatre August 24th, 2012

The Honda Civic Tour is rolling through Tinley Park bringing two stellar acts with it. Linkin Park is supporting their June release “Living Things” and Incubus will be bringing material from last year’s release “If Not Now, When.” These two altrock powerhouses are sure to get everyone’s motor running.

Graphic work by Kate Roth

by CRiSTiNa MikkElSeN

fashion & business



Rose Photography by Mike Hammond HAIR & MAKEUP BY: TONI AMBRISCO

Watch out for Chicago’s upcoming Swimwear designer Rose Mae Turner, designer of Rosina Mae.


Article by Stella Estrella Quimby

would be in awe meeting Rose Mae Turner, designer of Rosina Mae based in Chicago. She not only is as beautiful as the models wearing her designs, but she is also friendly and believe it or not, down-to-earth; yes a first in fashion. This exotic beauty of African American and Italian descent has marked her way in the Chicago fashion industry with her unique swimsuits made out of recycled material and garments inspired by the city itself. Taking time out from her outrageously busy schedule, Rose opened the conversation with discussion about why she is known for being a designer who uses lots of color in her designs. I gravitated to it was Rose’s response; surely one can see that looking at her colorful swimsuits and women’s clothing. The colors ranged from a classic black to neon green and all in between. There is not one single solid black outfit!! She swims in color one can say. Rose started Rosina Mae in late 2008 after graduating from River Forest’s Dominican University. Some of her accomplishments along with starting her own clothing 35

fashion & business


her own clothing line at a young age include interning with the Chicago fashion line Evil Kitty by Lidia Wachowska and contributing her talent with Chicago based clothing lines Calfi Design and Spirit Africa. Rosina Mae is a young contemporary womenswear line. Rose prides herself in designing functional pieces of which many do not wrinkle (major plus there) and all pieces can be mixed with one another creating many different looks with very few pieces; helping the economical shopper. Rosina Mae is all about being wearable art, unique, and one-of-kind clothing; kind of like affordable couture. Rose is also a leader in using ethnic models in her advertising. She mentioned that she has learned to embrace her mixed roots even when others were not as accepting, and she feels that in the industry there is a lack of non-white models on the catwalk and in advertising.

classmates hated stretch knits and spandex….and while they stayed away from it… I was drawn to it. When I took a specialty markets course I decided to make swimsuits. I did lots of research and that definitely helped when it came time to sew them. My teacher was extremely impressed with my first attempt and they dazzled the crowd at my school’s fashion show in 2006. The rest became history and now she is known for for her swimwear. Another reason why she loves designing and making swimwear (she does 75% of all the sewing on her garments) was that she spent most of her childhood wearing leotards as a gymnast for over 10 years. Even in high-school she was wearing her spandex as a pole vaulter, diver, and a wrestler. She is also somewhat familiar with the beach lifestyle. In 2006 she traveled abroad to Jamaica and did a sociology and service learning

Why does an upcoming designer specialize in swimwear? Rose shared that she happens to sew well on stretchy fabrics, unlike most designers. In college, Rose stated my

course there. She loved the beach lifestyle and since then has incorporated it into her designs. Where does this self described nomad at heart (she loves to always be on the road) get her inspiration from?

“I like to mix things up a lot”. As Rose states, with Rosina Mae clothing you can go “from the beach, to the street, to the party.”

EVERYWHERE was her response. Even in irreverent activities she gains inspiration, also from the streets of Chicago and from her dreams. Rose keeps a blog on all her inspiration for her designs at Since Rosina Mae is considered ecofriendly clothing due to the reusing of recycled materials for the garments, does she want to be known as a green designer such as Stella McCarthy and many others? Rose does consider herself as being ecofriendly. She is very active and fit, living a healthy lifestyle and showing it with sometimes modeling her own swimwear. Rose also stated that the Rosina Mae customer is also physically fit with an attractive figure and is always on the go! Rosina Mae also is animal friendly (PETA would love her). She does not use any animal skin products in her designs and even uses PVC material as a leather replacement. She also makes it a mission to reduce fabric waste. Even If she can’t use the very small scraps that are leftover, she either recycles it in her accessories collection or donates it to this woman that makes doll clothing. This all proves that this designer not only preaches being eco-friendly and green but also practices it. Currently her designs are sold online only at ustrendy. com and is in the process of setting up an etsy account. Rose also plans on selling at local boutiques and stores soon although there has been many challenges with this stagmented economy. She shared that many people are not willing to buy from unknown designers. That is no stop sign for this ambitious designer, Rose prides herself in having a limited product, in having a one-of-a-kind design and not having her garment be readily 37



available at every store like all national brands. She even shared that she might spread her wings into other fashion cities such as New York or L.A and start selling her line there also. But her heart is in Chicago although she is Atlanta born and raised in Springfield.. Any celebrities that you will like to dress in the future? With a big smile she laid out a list with celebs such as Taylor Momsen, M.I.A, Amanda Seyfried, Dani Stahl and many more. There are no doubts that in years to come these stars will be wearing Rosina Mae.


more fun facts about Rosina Mae, all the clothing is produced in the greater Chicago land area and the company itself is considered fair trade. Upcoming events this summer featuring Rosina Mae include the Fashion Fetish Fete on August 30th and the Chicago Fashion Focus show in September. More information about this line and its exceptional designer can be found at So as our conversation concluded, the last question was asked, where do you see yourself in 10 years from now? With a sly smile she stated still working on it. From the beach, to the streets to the party and to becoming a household name, Rosina Mae has a bright path ahead; almost as bright as the sunny summer beaches it is inspired by. 39

What’s Next for Sony’s Newest Handheld? BY: LUIS ALVAREZ

Playstation Vita

technology & games


When the Playstation Vita was released early this year, the consumers we’re split into 3 seperate groups: Those who bought the system, those who ignored the system, and those who thought it was too expensive or not for them at the time. Surely, being a Sony product, the quality is quite good for a portable, sporting features such as a 4 core CPU, an extradinary 5 inch OLED screen, 2 cameras and more. Coming in at $249 for the Wifi only system and $299 for the Wifi+3G, it surely is on the costly side, especially for a handheld. Rest assured, it does do internet browsing, online gameplay, multimedia functions, etc; Basically what most standard devices do nowadays. But the question is, Is it worth buying one of these if you already own a smartphone or a tablet? Yes. Being a gamer and up to date on technology, I love this little device because it delivers, giving you a true console experience on the go. Granted, the software lineup is a bit weak at the moment considering it came out 3 months ago, nonetheless it has quite a bright future. The graphics in this little powerhouse rival that of PS3 games which is pretty outstanding for it’s size. Unlike the predecessor, the Playstation Portable, the Vita offers 2 analog sticks, giving it a much better feel and making it resemble much more to a PS3 Dualshock controller. This works exceptionally well with games such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Resistance: Burning Skies and Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, enhancing your experience ten fold with all the neat additions. As if that wasn’t enough, the 5 inch OLED touch screen is great, very responsive and the colors look crisp and clean. Carrying the Playstation name,

gaming is the biggest feature of the device. You are fully incorporated into the Playstation Network, allowing you to download Full games, demos, TV shows and movies just as the PS3 can. With both a Touch screen and rear touch pad, this just broadens the possibilities of what the device is capable of. Not only that, but it also has a gyroscope, an accelerometer, the same sixaxis technology found in PS3 controllers and built in Gps. But what can you do with the overwhelming amount of feature? Currently Sony is working on a system, similar to the Android Marketplace, where indie developers can make applications and games for the Vita and be distributed by Sony for everyones use, which is a first in the gaming world. Like all devices, it does have its faults. For one, Sony uses special memory cards for the Vita that can be quite costly, where the 8 GB card can run at around $29.99 and the 32 GB will run you a solid $100. This is saddening because you can get Micro SD cards for half the price! Another varying factor that can make or break the system for you is that the handheld is fairly long, ranging in at 182 mm wide so it isn’t very pocket friendly. Last, but not least, the system is expensive to some. This further bring down the need to purchase a unit when nowadays so many people own smartphones and tablets, so they’re need for on the go gaming is fulfilled by those devices. To finish off, the Vita is an amazing handheld with an incredible amount of potential. Though software lineup is weak at the moment, expect Breakthrough AAA titles to launch on the system shortly. You definitely get more bang for your buck with great quality hardware and smooth as butter software. Look out for the Vita, because it’ definitely a device to pay attention to in the near future.



When you thought about tablets 3 years ago, the only things that went through your head would probably be drawing pads. Now, 3 years later, tablets are in a world of their own. Though debatable, Laptops will become less relevant over the next couple of years because we have started seeing that transition nowadays due to the fact that tablets aren’t just internet browsing devices, they are powerhouses and at their core, they are also a strong integration of our lives. With that being said, 2012 has been a strong year for these devices, with Apple having over 500,000 apps and Android reaching out to developers to make stellar applications, it shows that the Tablet industry is incredibly serious in taking over. In this article, the comparison between two of the most advanced tablets on the market, the iPad 3 and the Asus Eee Pad Transformer, will showcase each of their highlights and downsides. Ultimately the choice between the two will come down to preference of either Apples smooth and simple system design or

Android’s open source availability and variability between the devices. Another thing to keep note of is the features that will save you money in the near future, from memory slots to how durable the screen can be. These questions are some of the major deciding factors that should be your guide to choosing your perfect tablet. With all this said and done, lets begin. The iPad 3, the newest addition to Apple’s collection of devices, is simply remarkable. Personally, I still own a first generation iPad, so when I got a hold of how beautiful the iPad 3’s screen was, I was blown away. Sporting a 2048 x 1536 resolution Retina screen, it not only blows away the HD requirements, but it also takes the cake for having the best screen on any mobile device on the market to date. To put it simply, it’s hard to look at any other tablet the same after seeing the screen in person. Moving along, the new iPad offers a new beefed up Quad core processor, which allows apps to run faster and smoother than ever before. Another notable addition the iPad 3 has is the ability to use 4G LTE, a much needed enhance-


ment from the predecessors 3G. Other than that, the iPad still looks the same as it did last year with its sleek form factor and one-button interface, which could easily be a good or bad thing if you long for something new and fresh. On the other side of things, we have the Transformer Prime, the android tablet by Asus that is indeed a strong competitor to the iPad. As far as tablets go, this is the cream of the crop, offering a quad core processor, an IPS 1280x800 resolution Gorilla Glass screen, and an 8 MP camera, this is a tablet that indeed lives up to the name “Prime”. First things first, the screen is absolutely stellar, offering a gorgeous HD screen with Asus’s special IPS technology,which provides better image quality, color reproduction, and wider viewing angles. Compared to the iPads resolution, it may seem inferior resolution wise, but it is definitely more of a choice hand-on kind of decision to see which one is more favorable to the consumers eyes. The Prime also sports Android’s latest firmware 4.0, AKA Ice Cream Sandwich, which is incredibly

snappy, especially due to the fact on how well the hardware compliments the operating system. All in all, preference is key between the tablets. Android is essentially an open source operating system, meaning more garage developers have much broader freedom when producing applications. On Apples iOS, larger companies such as EA games, Epic games and Capcom continuously develop high budget games and applications that push the iPad to its limits. On the hardware side, iPads may level up a bit costly compared to some Android tablets and they haven’t had much of a drastic hardware change since 2010, which disappoints considering the majority of Android tablets at least offers a Micro SD slot. To recap, Always take note of how specifications when choosing a tablet, watch youtube reviews, research these devices on websites such as, just make sure you will enjoy and get the most bang out of your buck in whatever your decision may be. 41

Insider Look Designing a Life with Intention & Interview with accessory Designer Jess Constable of Jess LC Written By: Jennifer M. Lezan This issue of Halfstack is about the the ideaidea of chasing your This first second issue of Halfstack is about of finding the dreams and truly making your goals a reality. Which is strength to follow your dreams no matter what! Whichwhy is the of JessofLC was perfect addition to thetoSpring whystory the story Jess LCawas a perfect addition the Sum2012 issue of Halfstack. Jess Constable, the bemer 2012 issue of Halfstack. Jess Constable,mastermind the mastermind hind the blog The girl has an amazing be¬hind the blog The girl has an line of jewelry dishesand outdishes someout awesome life inspiration. amazing line ofand jewelry some awesome life inWhat more could one ask for? Well, a ton, she spiration. What more could one ask for? Well, aalso ton,offers she also small consulting! offersbusiness small business consulting!

So, in my head – where the city ideals and cultural influences all met were either in New York, San Fransisco or Chicago. I also wanted to live in a place that was affordable and didn’t have exorbitant living costs. I also had many friends from Michigan here. So, it worked out perfect for the direction I wanted to take.

Jess took some time out of her busy life, to meet with the Halfstack editors and dish on her line, her life and her visions for the next year. Read on for the interview:

Believe it or not, I accidentally fell into the fashion industry at the age of 15 by making (ugly) ankle bracelets at a local pool. I taught myself to make new styles and sold them to peers and to boutiques around Michigan. In college, I studied Business Administration at the University of Michigan and interned at Macy’s Merchandising Group in product development. The business classes and internship helped me recognize the skills I would need outside of jewelry design to build a successful company. Overall, I cannot underscore the importance of actual experience with business ownership over the past 11 years. You cannot substitute classes for first-hand experience.

HSM – In life we face many obstacles. What are some of the hardest obstacles you have faced since pursuing your business full time? JLC- In the beginning it was getting people to believe that it was my job. I was in business school and everyone was interviewing for these fancy corporate jobs. I already had it in my mind that I was going to pursue my jewelry business. My family always pushed the idea of pursuing my dreams while I had the opportunity. When they finally realized I was doing it, they were not surprised but knew that I always had my good education to fall back on and I could go interview for those corporate jobs that all my friends were getting. Another hard part was not having a steady paycheck. There would be weeks and months where I was worried and had panic attacks, but ultimately I had my spaghetti number. The amount of money I needed for supplies and bills and to eat spaghetti for the month. I don’t know how, but I always seemed to make it every month. I think that new entrepreneurs should live by a spaghetti number as it helps them with a reachable goal every month.

HSM: Can you tell us a bit about how you got your start in designing accessories?

HSM: Can you tell us how the whole idea of how living a life with intention began and evolved? JLC: Well, during my junior year of college, I was super miserable. I had gained 20 pounds from eating and binging and going through depression. I was looking for happiness in things like candy or I kept wanting the next bag, but I was miserable. I was looking to a guy or food for happiness and it wasn’t cutting it. In the middle of all of this, I read this book called “The Art of Possibility”. It had a quote about Michelangelo and the David statue. In this quote, Michelangelo was asked how could you conceive this beautiful work of art from this piece of stone and he explained that it was actually quite simple.

HSM – Why did you chose to bring your business to Chicago? Why do you feel you have been able to grow your business in this city?

He saw the potential within the stones. He saw the statues within the stones and all he had to do was remove the layers. It wasn’t that he was creating something out of nothing, it was that he was just revealing something that was always there.

JLC - People ask me this question all the time [giggles]! I wanted to live in a city where I didn’t have to have a car because I hadn’t had one since highschool and I just had gotten used to the public transit way of life.

I, at the time, was trying to use all these other things in my life and I realized that I didn’t need all of that to make myself happy. I just needed to remove all of this stuff from my life and reveal the person I was underneath.


entreprenuer spotlight 43

bands that rock


allABOaRd Train Company 44




rk A

Jo lle








Do you guys ride a lot of trains? JZ can’t believe this is the first time we’ve been asked this question. MA We used to, but not since we’ve been accumulating gear over the years.

How did you did you come up with the name “Train Company?” JZ Oh, the name question. I feel everyone always

thinks the answer will be more exciting than the truth.[MA] It was originally the Conductors and it was because at the time, I did in fact ride a lot of trains. That name didn’t stick. After a lot of thought, Rob called me and suggested “Train Company” and it stuck. Sounds like a Rock ‘n Roll band.

How did you guys meet/ start your band? JZ Everyone was playing music with one another

before Train Company came to fruition. Mike, Rob and I played in a band when we were in high school and while we were doing that, Mike was in the school Jazz band with Mark. Mark and Sam played in the Jazz Ensemble together at NIU. After our first band broke up I moved to NY for a while to make music. Upon coming back, Mark and I started to hang out more at his place in DeKalb and one beer lead to another, which led to Train Company. It wasn’t hard to figure out the roster for the group, we pretty much picked up where we left off.


Mi t

ke D


Ro itte




What was your favorite city you played in and why? JZ As of right now for me, it was Austin. We were

lucky enough to play SXSW 2010 and we were in awe the entire time we were down there. Everything about Austin is wonderful and I suggest if you haven’t yet, try to get down there for SXSW, you won’t regrett.

What was a funny story while on the road? JZ When we were in Austin we stayed at a relative’s

house. When we pulled up to the house Mike had a rattle snake noise loaded on his phone and played it as we got out. Mark and Rob’s reaction was priceless. Definitely the best prank pulled on the road thus far.

What is the style of your music? JZ We are a rock’n roll band with roots deep in Blues

and Jazz. We have no problem experimenting with different styles which you’ll hear on the new album.

Where do you get your musical inspiration from?

Everyday experiences with friends, family, etc. I can’t speak for everyone but we definitely inspire each other as well. MA any musician/composer that we admire and respect].

So when is your new album coming out and 45

where can we find it?

it’s going to be out Aug. 14th. and you’ll be able to find it every where online and at shows. We have a HUGE CD release show Aug. 17th at the Arcada theater in St. Charles.

Do you have any other aspirations aside from rocking on the stage? JZ I would love to write a movie score some day. What are your goals for the band?

Making music that stands the test of time while mak-

ing a living off what we love to do.

If you could individually or collectively sit in a room with one person (dead or alive) and ask them only one question who would it be? What would question be for them? MA Quincy Jones - How do you do it all?


Say you were given 24 million dollars and had to spend it in 24 hours what would you do with it? JZ I would buy the Chicago music exchange, a mansion

for us to record in, and invest the rest so I don’t lose the remainder of what I don’t spend. MA Train Company Studios & Train Company “records”: no signed bands or major labels allowed. Artists keep ALL of the rights to ALL of their music. Sign as many different artists from as many different genres/countries/influences/instrumentation and let them all collaborate if they want. If not, that’s alright too. 47

Fire Round Questions (for fun)

Who’s most likely to get the most ladies numbers?

Sam, if you lose him at a show, and it’s packed, you will usually find him surrounded by a group of women not too far away.

Who’s most likely to fall on stage? I don’t think anyone has yet, but Sam came close one time RL at Navy Pier so I’ll go with him.

Who’s most likely to make fun of the person who fell on stage? Everyone.

Who would most likely wake up with a sharpie mustache? Rob, he’s usually the first one to pass out after a show. RL Drumming is hard.

Who would most likely draw a sharpie mustache on a passed out band member? JZ No one, we don’t believe in drawing on each other when we’re passed out. MA we respect the passed out by virtue



Hours: 9am - 10pm by appointment only. No walk-ins please. You can book an appointment by calling us, emailing us, using the Book Appointment Page or by Clicking on Book Now.

The Sinless Tan is located at: 3257 North Sheffield, Studio #109 Chicago, IL 60657 (773) 750 - 3595 49

health & fitness





Get in Shape NOW! For any young professional on the move, there is not always a whole lot of time to make it to the gym. This does not mean that you have to skip out on a full and effective workout. The key to getting your heart pumping and burning off the calories is to execute a small series of compound exercises that incorporate multiple functional movements with only a couple light-weight dumbbells and a few feet of space. To melt away the fat and tone your body, here are five workout moves to get you started and can be accomplished in less than 30 minutes.

Written By Matthew Santos 51

Front/back Lunges with Lateral Dumbbell Raise

To find the correct distance for your lunge start by kneeling on one knee. Each leg should be bent at the knee at a they are, stand up. This is how far you should step forwards or backwards every time you execute your lunge.

1. Start in a standing position with dumbbells hanging by your sides (palms facing inwards.) 2.

Leading with your right foot, step into your lunge until your knee is just above the ground. While stepping into your lung are at shoulder height. 3.

Shift your weight to your front (right) foot and return to a standing position by pushing through the ground and stepping your leading leg. While you are returning to the standing position, lower your dumbbells back down so that your arms a control while raising and lowering your dumbbells instead of relying on momentum and the weight of gravity) 4.

Repeat the same movement 12 times while alternating your lead leg. Do a total of 3 sets and do one minute of jump-and-jacks or a similar form of cardio in between each set. The key is to keep your heart-rate up and to avoid taking breaks throughout the entire 5 exercises. Each exercise should be a total of 6 minutes. The entire workout as a whole will be 30 minutes.

Squat Bicep Curl to Overhead Press



To find the correct position for your squat, start by stand tailbone is supported by the wall. This is the exact distan the squat without the support of the wall.

Start in a standing position with dumbbells hanging by your side 2.

Execute your squat while bending your elbows and raising your 3.

Return to standing position (most of your weight pushing throu 4. 5. 6.

Once standing, press your dumbbells up and over your head un palms facing forwards when you reach the height of your over

Lower your press back down by your shoulders into the end p Repeat the entire movement 12 times.

Do a total of 3 sets and do one minute of jump-and-jacks or a s tween each set. The key is to keep your heart-rate up and to av out the entire 5 exercises. Each exercise should be a total of 6 m as a whole will be 30 minutes.


a 90 degree angle. While keeping both feet firmly planted where

ge, raise your dumbbells straight out to your sides until they

g your back (left) foot forwards so that it is side-by-side with are hanging down by your waist. (the key is to use slow


ding against a wall. Step only one foot-length forward. Now lean back with your body in an upright position until your nce you should use for your squat. (You should always be able to see your toes) Now step another foot forward and do

es (palms facing forward.)

r dumbbells towards your shoulders.

ugh your heels.) Keep your dumbbells by your shoulders.

ntil your arms are straight. (During the press, your arms should twist from palms facing towards your body, to your rhead press.)

position of the bicep curl, and then lower the bicep curl back down to the hanging position, palms facing forwards.

similar form of cardio in bevoid taking breaks throughminutes. The entire workout 53

Side-to-Side section text

Lunge with Front Raise

1. Start in a standing position with dumbbells hanging by your sides (palms facing towards your body.) 2. Step straight out to the side approximate one leg length. 3.

With your upper body directly above your leading leg, bend your knee and lower your body down with the support of dumbbells are on each side of your ankle. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Push back up and return to the standing position.

Once standing, turn your hanging arms so that your palms are facing backwards, and raise them straight forward (arm Lower them back down slowly until they are back to hanging. Repeat the entire movement 12 times alternating the leg that you lead with. Do a total of 3 sets and do one minute of jump-and-jacks or a similar form of cardio in between each set.


Standing Crunch with Tricep Curl 1.

Start in a standing position holding dumbbells in front of your s 2.

Lift one knee up and lower your chest at the same time. The g 3.

Return to standing position and repeat movement with other le 4. 5.

When the 12 standing crunches are complete, lift the dumbbel or more.

Then lift them back up to full extension above your head and r

It is very important that you keep your back straight and not a arching. Failing to do this can result in injury to your lower bac Do a total of 3 sets and do one minute of jump-and-jacks or a


f your leg (upper body leaning forward slightly) until your

ms straight) until they are parallel to the floor.


shoulders and elbows down by your sides.

goal is to bring your chest and knee together as close as possible by pulling with your abdominal muscles.

eg. Do a total of 12 repetitions.

lls above your head and lower them back behind your head hinging at the elbows until your arms are bent at 90 degrees

repeat for 10 reps.

arched while doing your tricep curls. Engage your abdominal muscles to keep your back supported and prevent it from ck. similar form of cardio in between each set. Finish with some light stretching. 55

Things you should


Gonorrhea at a Glance HIV?AIDS at a Glance A common sexually transmitted disease (STD) Often has no symptoms Easily treated Easily spread with or without symptoms Condoms offer good protection

HIV is the infection that causes AIDS. HIV has few or no symptoms for up to 10 years or more before symptoms of AIDS develop. There is no cure for HIV/AIDS, but treatment is available. Latex and female condoms offer very good protection against HIV.

Gonorrhea. You know you don’t want it, but why exactly? Gonorrhea is an infection caused by a kind of bacteria that can infect many parts of the human body like the penis, vagina, cervix, anus, urethra or throat, but those are just the most common areas. Whether you call it “the clap” or “the drip,” gonorrhea can be huge health risk if not treated.It affects about 600,000 women and men in the United States every year.

Although everyone has heard of HIV/AIDS and many have been tested, this is one of the biggest threats to human life. In the United States, more than 980,000 cases of AIDS have been reported to the government. About 40,000 women and men in the United States get HIV each year.



Gonorrhea is fairly easy to treat. If you have it, you will need to take an antibiotic. Health providers usually prescribe a single dose, but some gonorrhea infections are resistant to certain types of antibiotics.


At this time, there isn’t a cure but there is treatment for anyone who has contracted HIV/AIDS. Treatment includes taking medicine called cocktails to build up the immune system,though the product is very expensive.

health & sex

w Ds HPV at a Glance A very common infection A few types can lead to cervical and other cancers Treatment available for cell changes in the cervix caused by HPV Spreads easily by skin-to-skin contact There are ways to reduce the risk of getting HPV


There is currently no treatment. Most HPV cases are not harmful, but treatment is available for the abnormal cell changes in the cervix that are caused by HPV.

Graphic Design by Kate Roth

HPV is mainly associated with woman but men can contract it as well. Many people will have it once in their life from sexual intercourse, but most of the time it will go away on its own. 57

Laws of Attraction

sex & relationships

Written by Stacy Trax

The laws of attraction are a hotly debated topic. They can be applied to everything from employment to empowerment to finding the perfect guy or girl for you. There’s a lot more to success than positive thinking or having a perfect body. Help the universe out a little with a few tips and tricks to increase your batting average and score a few more dates. One of the most basic tips you can apply is personal hygiene. Let me just say this one more


time with emphasis, PERSONAL HYGENE. I cannot tell you how many times my friends and I have turned down really amazing guys because we cannot get within 10 feet of them without being overwhelmed with their breath or body odor. The same goes for women; if you’re not taking care of the basics you’re selling yourself short. I know, I know, there’s a bunch of women out there pulling their hair out right now because they don’t have more than 10 minutes to spare in the morning. I’m not talking about spending hours in the bathroom; I’m talking about adding

that extra 5 minutes of primping to make yourself feel attractive, put together and confident. Confidence is sexy, so is brushing your teeth, regularly. Now that you’re feeling confident, increase your odds of meeting someone. The cardinal sin, and one that I’m completely guilty of, is not socializing enough. By socializing, I don’t mean go to the bars more, while that’s better than nothing, it’s not as good as joining a club, volunteering, going to the gym, taking a class in something that you’re interested in, or, brace yourself, smiling at a stranger. Now I know what you’re thinking,

STRANGER DANGER, but the people you spill your guts to on online dating sites are just as dangerous as someone in a coffee shop. If you start smiling at strangers in dark alleys that you’ve found in a bad neighborhood, you’re on your own. The basic idea that I’m trying to get at is that as a society, we’re lacking in face to face social interaction and it’s insanely refreshing when someone smiles and says hello instead of looking at the floor.

ate your relationship, or your list. They’re not all multimillionaire gymnast supermodels. Let’s be realistic. Finally, relax; be positive and confident in your ability to succeed. Brian Lee of advocates that the most attractive people are the ones that are truly comfortable with themselves. Confidence attracts confidence and people who are

independent and self assured (not conceited) are in the position to focus on their partner without being dependent. If your self-esteem isn’t quite up to the task yet, take some time for reflection and work on yourself. Let’s make 2012 the year that we stop stressing out and start enjoying our relationships and ourselves.

Graphic Design by Kate Roth

Well, all the pain of grooming and leaving the hermit hideout is over, now what? It’s time to figure out what you want in a partner. A hole (or pole) and a heartbeat is not an acceptable answer if you’re looking for lasting love. Alice Gorman ( suggests that you write 100 things that you’re looking for in a mate on a piece of paper and hide it away for a while. That way, if you’re ever in doubt that the person you’re with is the right one, pull out the list and see how many qualities they have. If they’re not even close to your list, it’s time to reevalu- 59

fashion & style

Fashion on



hair feathers.


op culture was everything in the 70s. From Hippies to Disco to Punk Rock, the 70s were full of cultural changes that shaped society for years to come. Television, movies, and musicians truly changed the way people viewed fashion, style, and sexuality.

The 80s brought the importance of designer labels and the appearance of affluence. The age of the New Romantics were upon us, bringing occasion wear like cocktail dresses, shoulder pads, and straight skirts. However, dressing down soon meant wearing tight Spandex fitness wear as casual wear. Supermodels didn’t even exist until now, with Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell starting their reigns.

“The once sexy Twiggy Where were you in 1970? Proband Jane Fonda beably not around. It’s so strange to think back in the disco era, and think came the even sexier that our parents were the generation that built fashion into what it is Farrah Fawcett and Bo today. Derek.” Call it independence at it’s fin-

Graphic Design by Kate Roth

est. For the first time, men and women were free to choose what they wanted to wear, and change that style day-to-night, as well as day-to-day. People weren’t expected to wear certain clothing. A woman could wear a floral blouse today, a mini skirt tomorrow, and a lace maxi dress the day after that. Getting into the neighborhood disco was much like trying to get into that hot club in town today... If you’re not wearing a tight halter top with hot pants, you’re just not getting in! Fitted clothing became necessary. Hip huggers for men and women alike. With this drastic change of clothing from the 60s to the 70s, it’s no shocker that the women modeling the clothing also became very different. The once sexy Twiggy and Jane Fonda became the even sexier Farrah Fawcett and Bo Derek.

As mainstream clothing became skimpier, female actresses and models really changed. Models now seem skinnier than ever, with body mass indexes (BMI’s) as low as 15. In the early millennium, the thinner a woman was, the better she looked. While some models are still just as skinny, it has become much less acceptable to look ill. This society is made up of two bodies: the advertising medium and the one you see on the street.The idealist “Hour Glass Figure” is not as sought after. Stars like Adele and Jessica Simpson prove that it’s okay not to be 100 pounds.

The 90s quickly approached with long line jackets, trousers, and petticoats, along with high waisted jeans and short crop tops, a la Kelly Kapowski of ‘Saved By the Bell.’ Lycra became an essential fabric in much clothing, allowing a much tighter fit. Donna Karan was one known for this, by blending this material with jersey to hide women’s body defects. Designers like Calvin Klein began highlighting sexuality to advertise their clothing – a concept that many, many designers adopted and still focus on. Kate Moss became the face of that sexuality. The millennium brought a repeat of all of these eras, and to this day, continues to recycle old ideas. It’s 2012 and the trends are literally a blend of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Mixing 90s crop tops with 70s lace, 90s flannel with 70s hip huggers, and 80s oversized tops with 70s

Free People- Beaded and Studded Battenburg Crop Cami 61

Mixed Print Bandeau Swimsuit by Tory Burch Be all the rage at your beach parties this summer by sporting this attractive and stylish Tory Burch swimsuit. Adjustable straps allow for the perfect fit. $250 (set)

iMainGo X Portable iPod Speaker System This speaker system is great for the beach. It keeps your iPod dry while blasting the tunes. All battery-powered so no external power source need. $69.95

Archer Farms Mild Chunky Salsa Food is essential for a successful beach party. Go with chips and salsa from the Archer Farms line at Target. Their chunky salsa is to die for! $3.99

Igloo Island Breeze Maxcold 50 Roller Cooler Keeping your drinks cold is the most difficult thing for a hostess to do but with this sturdy cooler it’s easy. Also, the wheels help when rolling it through the sand. $44.99

By Amy Struckmeyer

When you think Beach Party, Chicago definitely doesn’t come to mind. But let’s face it, plane tickets to Florida don’t come cheap. Besides, a true hostess would be able turn the North Avenue Beach into sands of the Sunshine State. All you need are a few things: friends, snacks, music and drinks. One trip to Target certainly will be enough to find the items for many successful beach parties, and with all the money you saved, you’ll be able to splurge on a cute swimsuit and cover-up. Also, don’t hesitate to ask your friends to bring along necessities like drinks—you can even have a suggestion book of beach worthy cocktail recipes for them to whip up. There may be no whales in Lake Michigan, but it’d be a shame to put such a cute suit to waste. Sand is sand, so let’s get this party started!


Wildflower Caftan by Tory Burch A bright, lightweight cover-up to compliment your fabulous new suit while walking to and from the beach. $225

layout by Sarah Gaynor

beach blanket

By Amy Struckmeyer Living in a Lakeview high-rise can make it difficult to keep a garden, no matter how green your thumb is. Due to the lack of space and clean air, a Chicago dweller needs to know their products in order to produce a successful and stylish garden. You may question the stylish part, after all a garden is plants and mud, but just take a step into HomeGoods, Pier 1 Imports or even Target for your pick of stylish Tiffany Blue pots and pink handled shovels.

Now that you have the fun part down, it’s time to get your hands dirty. Herbs and small vegetables, like cherry tomatoes, are great starter items reducing your risk of green thumb failure. Be sure to plant a few mums or pansies to give your garden a splash of color. These can be grown in small pots on your balcony, but if your building offers gardening plots, be sure to check that out as well so you can start growing larger items once your skills are at full strength. One thing to remember: Have fun. If the plant dies, it dies—at least you had fun and looked great planting it, too!

Paisley Trowel & Pruner Set Pier 1 Imports : $19.95 This stylish set is the perfect thing for maintaining your mini garden. The shovel is the ideal size for smaller pots.

Seeds of Change: Grandpa Ott’s Morning Glory Seed Home Depot : $3.79 Don’t forget the seeds! Seeds of Change offer a wide variety of vegetable and flower seeds that are 100% certified organic.

Boots Planter Pier 1 Imports : $39.95 Who said planters have to be boring? This Wellington boot styled planter is great for tall herbs or flowers.

Home® Floral Steel Watering Can Target : Prices may vary by store The key to a successful garden is making sure your plants get enough water. Stylishly water your plants with this printed watering can. layout by Sarah Gaynor

Gnome Pot Stake Target : $5.99 I’m not going to tell you this stake is essential but with a 10.0 on the cuteness scale, it would be a great addition! 63

section text


Melanie Griffin (yes MEGA disaster)

First Victim (A.K.A Star): Elvira, oops….It’s Snookie: the pint-sized terror from the Jersey Shore. We all thought that this drunken party whore couldn’t surprise us anymore, well she has. Not only is she pregnant (That is NOT surprising--we’re guessing she is fated to be the next octomom) but she loves to look much older and creepier with her homage to Elvira. Also, honey….get a new shirt; this one literally blends in with your eerie hair. Somebody must have had WAY TOO MANY DRINKS….not her, but her hairdresser.

How did you ever get Antonio Bandera’s to marry you??? That is the question I ask myself EVERY TIME I see a picture of you. Those pants really show her age, I am guessing 80? Next time when you decide to attend a concert and try to act young, why don’t you just try looking young? Stop dressing like you belong in the fried green tomatoes club and start looking like a sexy MILF that deserves to be married to that Spanish hunk of yours.


__ ___ 64


By: Stella Quimby

An Examination of Star’s Modas.


Ok, you are at a concert (Coachella), but that is no excuse to look like you live out of a garbage can next to Oscar the Grouch. You are young, cute and have a great figure….why wear a top made out of paper? Lady, you are part of the Roberts family, you literally can afford a top made out of hundred dollar bills. Also, you live in California, not during the 30 days of darkness in Alaska; get a tan.


Emma Roberts (famous for being Julia Robert’s niece)

layout by Sarah Gaynor

_____________ _______ 65

section text

Christina Aguilera The Diva

____ _____ WTF? 66

I love my Christina, and I am 100 percent behind women who want to flaunt their curves. But when the flaunting begins suffocating those curves and making them look like balls of fat trying to wave hi to everyone—that is a big NO-NO. This dress is not flattering to anyone except ladies who have NO ounce of fat whatsoever. Second, the color is light and lustrous, attracting more light to it, making the wearer look larger than life.

This lady is DESPERATE for attention! Not only does she hound paparazzi to get a picture taken, but she even dresses like she’s in a bad eighties movie that does NOT star Molly Ringwald. Also, why is she wearing sunglasses when it is clearly dark out? Are all the camera’s stalking you really blinding you with light? Oh Paris, go back to mommy and daddy’s home (castle) and ask for a bigger allowance to buy more current and fashionable clothing. Just a thought.

Paris Hilton (really…is she still a star?)


______ _____ 67

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Summer is here, and in Chicago, that means loads of amazing events. Looking for more than your local elementary school carnival or drunken neighborhood street fair? Something with more depth and culture? Look no further! One event you won’t want to miss is the Randolph Street Market. The world famous urban antique market located in the historic West Loop neighborhood (1350 Block West Randolph and 1340 W. Washington St. between Ada & Ogden) is a great choice for anyone looking for hours of fun, while learning a ton!

The 8- acre European-style, indooroutdoor market showcases over 250 purveyors of high-quality, amazingly priced furnishings, vintage clothing, and one-of-akind items. This groovy “Market of Markets” offers items of all kinds including art and antiquities, fashion, furniture, jewelry, paintings, posters, maps, and so much more from the world’s top pickers. Not looking to buy anything? Soak in the unlimited creative inspiration and entertainment through food, drinks, live music, DIY and craft demos,, and beauty treatments, to


name a few.

“You just can’t not have fun at the Randolph Street Market. It’s safe, clean and has the best people watching, and shopping, in Chicago. It’s also a top place to meet singles and to bring your leashed dog!” says organizer Tali Hylen. Some key pickers this season include Manly Vintage, Shelton Galleries Nashville, Zig Zag, and Atomic Barbie. Fashion designers can find Kate Boggiano, Redgi Woods, and Kirsten Goede of Objets d’Envy. Artists include Billy Craven and Betsy Birkey, meanwhile foodies can feast on Baba Pita, Fritz Pastry, and Gotta B Crepes. Randolph Street Market runs one weekend a month (July 28-29; August 25-26; September 29-30) from 10a.m.- to 6p.m. on Saturdays and 10a.m.- 5p.m. on Sundays. Tickets run from $3 to $10. Kids are free. For more information, visit http://randolphstreetmarket. com.


DuSable Museum Arts and Crafts Festival

DuSable Museum of African-American History, 740 E. 56th Place. (Washington Park, Chicago) July 14-15, 1 to 8p.m | Free -Nearly 200 artists bring their African-American themed arts and crafts to this outdoor celebration at the DuSable Museum of African-American History. In their 38th year, this festival also features food vendors, entertainment, and a children’s pavilion.

Ethnic Arts Festival

Dawes Park, 1700 Sheridan Road., Evanston July 21-22, 12-7p.m. | Free -Celebrate cultural diversity at the 27th annual Ethnic Arts Festival.! Over 125 artists and vendors come together to represent their cultures in the form of music, dance, art, and food. Whether you’re looking for clothing, jewelry, or arts and crafts, you will find that every continent has a presence.

Taste of Latin America

3600 W. Armitage Ave., Armitage and Central Park Avenue (Logan Square, Chicago) August 24-26, 11a.m to 10p.m | Free -Alderman Roberto Maldonado supports this inaugural fest, where Central and South American vendors join to showcase their heritage and Latin culture through food, wine, live music, and arts and crafts.

German-American Fest

4700 N. Lincoln Ave., Lincoln and Leland Avenue (Lincoln Square, Chicago) September 8-9, 12p.m | Free -Lincoln Square presents the 92nd annual festival, featuring German music and vendors. Enjoy traditional German cuisine, like brats and potato salad, along with (of course!) some tasty beer.! Entertainment includes a beer-tapping ceremony and the 47th annual Von Steuben Parade. 69

section text

Interview with Tali Hylen


1) How would you describe the and drinks of all kinds, interactive DIY and craft demos, beauty treatatmosphere at the Market?

tures, and so much more from the world’s TOP pickers.

RANDOLPH STRE It’s the grooviest, most visually exciting shopping carnivale, with over 8 acres filled with surprising and one of a kind items you can’t find anywhere else, for the body, home, tastebuds and mind. Find items from the past that are still current as well as one of a kind pieces to personalize every aspect of your life! These items are brought to Chicago by the top pickers nationwide, presenting barely used glitz shopped by every day folk and top furniture and fashion designers too! People fly in from around the globe to shop this world famous market, it’s America’s Largest (and liveliest!) Urban Antiques Market! You’ll find new items as well, from hot up and comers with brilliant ideas. Come experience live music, food


ments- you name it! You just can’t not have fun at the Randolph Street Market. It’s safe, clean and has the best people watching, and shopping, in Chicago. It’s also a top place to meet singles and to bring your leashed dog!

3) Are there any key designers you are spotlighting at the Market this year? -Morgan Gagne/Manly Vintage machine age mid century modern furniture

2) What kind of merchandise can a shopper expect to find -Bruce Shelton/Shelton Galleries at the Market? Do you target a Nashville, TN he’s top top top and well known, specific demographic? No demographic specifically targeted as there is literally something for everyone at our market- guaranteed! Promising over 250 select purveyors of high quality, amazingly priced items, this vintage “Market of Markets” offers items including Art & Antiquities, Fashion, Furniture, Ceramics, Clocks, Glass, Jewelry, Paintings, Posters, Maps, Sculp-

modernism art, silver, walking sticks

-Mark Fisk/Mainly Art Cincinnati, OH racing and gas station, auto antiques plus modernism furniture -Diane & Doug McElwain/Sport & Spool Antiques North Carolina antique sports memorabilia & spools

EET MARKET -Marsha Evaskus/Zig Zag Chicago, IL art deco & moderne -Don Coclough & Lisa Polito/Mr. Modern Chicago, IL mid century furnishings, eclectic -Barbara Lash/Atomic Barbie Glen Ellyn, IL 50’s, 60’s, 70’s furniture, vinyl -Sarah Polster/cusionchicago Chicago, IL vintage decorative arts, textiles, lighting -Karen Fontanetta/Bellafabric Green Bay, WI vintage fabric, trim, lace, sewing supplies

-Tahnee Lathrop/Kitschy Kitchen Goods Bloomington, IL mid century kitsch funk Fashion Folks/Indie Designers: -Kate Boggiano -Kirsten Goede/Objets d’Envy -Redgi Woods Artists: Billy Craven Betsy Birkey Food peeps: Baba Pita Fritz Pastry Gotta B Crepes

Graphic Design By Kate Roth

-William Rawski/Gosia Korsakowski Chicago, IL Architectural Anarchy 71

section text


CHECK THEM OUT ONLINE! >> As told by Maggie Moffett 72

Location: 2344 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL PICS ALL Courtesy of:


LaTonya Williams, designer of Elizabeth Smith “The NEW White Blouse” LaTonya Williams, just a few years ago was a student of mine at the International Academy of Design and Technology Chicago. She was an ambitious student who always gave 100% at school and at her passion; fashion. Now LaTonya is part of the current 2012 Chicago Fashion Incubator’s class and is making headlines with her innovative designs for the simple white blouse. I got a chance to chat with this up comer on her life, designs and most importantly her future in the Chicago Fashion Industry. Written by Stella Estrella Quimby 73

designer spotlight Hello Fashionista!!! Thank you for taking time out from your busy schedule to chat with us (Side note: Incubator designers are constantly working on their collections, participating in seminars and getting mentorship from established industry insiders); First is first, what made you interested in getting into fashion design? You might say that I inherited my love for fashion. My late grandmother and seven aunts were all involved in fashion. As such, it’s no surprise that I started sewing at the age of 10 and continued on throughout high school (even designing costumes for the school plays). In 2000, while working full-time in the IT industry, I started working for John Casablanca Model and Career Center; around that same time, I designed my first line. our designs are geared towards the white blouse. What gave you that idea to enter that niche? When I was a student at the International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT), one of our projects was to design a blouse. I loved creating an item that was unique, yet maintained its simplicity. So, after graduation, I decided to focus on the white blouse – the staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Unlike the 20+ white blouses in my closet, I wanted to create something with both simplicity and pizazz. What other designs do you do? Do you also cater to other niche markets?


I have designed every type of garment, including women’s, men’s, and children’s casual and formal clothing. White blouses are the first of many different lines to come under the Elizabeth Smith name. Why did you decide to enter the Chicago Fashion Incubator? When I began my line, I was confident in my ability to design clothes that would sell. What I lacked was the entrepreneurial framework to make my product a household name. The Chicago Fashion Incubator was the perfect vehicle for me to reach my goals. What about the Chicago Fashion Industry captivates you to stay and design your line here in our great city? The Chicago Fashion Industry gives new designers the chance to make it in this competitive market. Many of our Chicago designers are recognized worldwide based on the avenues provided by Chicago focused programs. The International Academy of Design and Technology, the Chicago Fashion Foundation, the Apparel Industry Board, Chicago Fashion Group International, Richard Driehaus, and now the Chicago Fashion Incubator (just to name a few) are all great resources for any new designer to have. Since entering the Chicago Fashion Incubator, is there anything new that you learned that surprised you about the fashion industry or the city of Chicago?

LaTonya: Since entering the Chicago Fashion Incubator, I have been amazed at how supportive the city is to new designers. I always knew there was a wealth of resources here, but the CFI (Chicago Fashion Incubator) has opened my eyes to even more avenues. How do your family and friends feel about you being part of the newest incubator class? My family and friends have been very supportive of me every step of the way. As I share with them the work that I am doing through the Incubator program, they are excited to see what comes next. There is such prestige associated with being part of the incubator; with all the resources and information provided by the incubator, what are your plans once you graduate from CFI? After I complete the CFI, I am going to leverage all that I have learned to make Elizabeth Smith Fashions a household name. Any advice to upcoming fashion designers? To upcoming fashion designers, I have two pieces of advice. One, fashion designing is hard work. But, like anything else, it’s worth it if it is your dream. Two, it’s not enough to know how to design. You also must know the business side to make your product a success. Other than being a fab fashion designer, what else is on your list to achieve? What else do you want to do?

I currently dabble in other areas of the industry, through teaching young models and as a certified make-up artist. But, ultimately, I think I will one day go back to school to obtain a Master’s in Business Administration. In 5 years from now, where do you see yourself?

HalfStack: Any last words for our Chicago readers? I am so thankful for all you’ve done to contribute to my success! If you haven’t already, please order your white blouse today ( and like/follow me on Facebook (www. and at Twitter (!/esfashions)

In the next five years, I would like to expand beyond white blouses. I’m currently working on a business plan to include men’s neckties and sports jackets. Foremost, I will maintain the attention to detail, fit, sophistication, and construction that are characteristic of any Elizabeth Smith garment. Any upcoming fashion events or shows where you will be showcasing your designs? Currently I am presenting my collection at the 2nd Annual Fashion Fetish Fete fashion Show on August 30; Fashion Night out in September, and at the Chicago Fashion Focus in October. So you were on a fashion competition show called So you Wanna Be A Designer, prior to CFI, any plans on entering Fashion Star or any other shows like Project Runway? I don’t have any immediate plans to participate in a reality show, but who knows what the future holds! In the So You Wanna Be A Designer competition, I was fortunate to be the second runnerup. It was a great experience, but lots of hard work.

LaTonya Williams will be a household name in years to come, in the meanwhile, I got to go online and get me one of those sexy and distinct blouses of hers!!!! 75

style guide summer 2012







Summer is here! Can you give the guys and girls some tips on purchasing bathing suits for their body types? With summer headed our way it is important to feel confident in the right swimsuits that highlight your best assets. With so many options available out in the market place, life can be made simpler by knowing what looks work best for your shape. Women who have straight figures should gravitate toward looks that give them more shape and create the illusion of curves. Two pieces that have ruffle and print accents can help with this. Try a bandeau bikini top in a floral print or go for a classic silhouette with a ruffled string bikini. Choosing pieces that have embellishment and detail to them can help play up the features that need to be highlighted. Curvier women can go to a solid color that pops or look to the color blocking trend to highlight specific sections on a suit. Mixing and matching separates can also help with playing up the features you want the eye to go to and what you would like to minimize. Pick a two piece bikini in a fun color that is accented with detailed hardware for a clean modern look. Or try a chic one piece with two toned color blocking that is both flattering and comfortable. Men have a lot of options to choose from, depending on your style you can go for a preppy plaid short, a sporty look, or more of a casual laid back hipster style. For the smaller waisted figure try a classic printed trunk like a checkered board short with a lace up drawstring waist. Choose sleek and


tailored trunk styles to highlight and streamline a slender figure. For a more athletic or curvier build go to options that are looser and have a more square versus rectangular shape. This will create a look that is balanced for the body type. Try a solid colored trunk that has a more relaxed fit or a vertical striped trunk for a more unique look. A good swim suit can be a great investment piece to add to your wardrobe. Finding the right one can take some thought and attention to detail but the results are well worth the effort. Above all feeling comfortable and confident in your swimwear is most important so choose a look that both flatters and shows off your personal style.

Curvier women can go to a solid color that pops or look to the color blocking trend to highlight specific sections on a suit.



Nanette Lepore

y v ur


Basta Surf

- VS -


Ella Moss



Nanette Lepore

Marc By Marc Jacobs


 Trina Turk 77

secrets of an mua



Complexion Radiant Complexions are a desire for any women. A few tips to achieve this is control oil, acne, dry skin and dullness with proper skin care. Practice safe sun by always applying sunscreen to the entire body, a great body lotion is Vaseline SPF15. Consult a dermatologist or aesthetician for proper skin regime.

Glowing Skin Summer bronzed skin is achieved by a fabulous bronzer. Always apply bronzer under the bones of the face, for example under the cheek bone. Use a fluffy blush brush and start at the ear near temple and flick the brush forward toward the apple of your cheek! Bronzer MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural.


Sultry Eyes Sultry Eye’s are a must for an evening out. Smolder eye pencil by MAC Cosmetics is great to line the upper and lower water line. Smudge a smoky brown shadow on your lower eyelid and add your favorite mascara to pump up lashes.

Ruby Lips MARIO BADESCU - $12


Red lips can create quite the challenge. Quick tip is to moisturize lip with a lip balm then blot off with a tissue. Take your favorite red lip pencil and line and color in the line of the lips along with outer corners and middle of top and bottom lip. Follow up with your lipstick. Chanel Bois De Rose Precision Lip Definer.

Lush Lashes Sick of those black flakes falling from your lashes half way through your day? Instead of water proof try Bobbi Browns new Smudge proof mascara. It lengthens curls and wears all day without the worry of smudging around the eye area.

MAC - $15

Safe Sun Stay sun safe with a fabulous spray tan! Check out Bliss: A Tan For All Seasons. Exfoliate prior to application, allow 5 minutes to dry then get dressed and head out bronzed!

Clear Pores Clear pores at home quick tips..exfoliate once a week, try a extracting mask and moisturize daily. Extracting masks are those that either heat up or dry down to a powder and removed with a cotton pad and tepid water. Try Mario Badescu Silver Powder. MAC - $29




Sultry Eye’s are a must for an evening out. Smolder eye pencil by MAC Cosmetics is great to line the upper and lower water line. 79

secrets of an mua

You wake up and realize that you have a huge red zit on your face. now what?!

Beauty Emergencies BY: DANIELLE PULAK

Six tips to help you through some of the nastiest beauty emergencies!

1 A Zit You wake up and realize that you have a huge red zit on your face. As hard as it is, don’t pop it! Wash your face with your daily cleanser. Then apply Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment. Just dabble a little bit of the cream over your zit. Be sure to let the cream dry well before applying any makeup. Make sure ti wash your face before bed and re-apply the spot treatment. Follow this routine and that zit will be gone in no time.


2 Cold Sore

Some people are lucky to never experience cold sores, others are not so lucky. In the case that one develops, start using Abreva immediately. Make sure to clean the area especially if you wear makeup. Apply over the affected area up to 5 times a day. Make sure to wash your hands before and after each application.

3 Blotchy Skin Sometimes our skin gets blotchy for no reason. Sometimes it is caused by stressed or our environment. In the case that this happens, draw a bath and

add a packet of Aveeno Active Naturals Soothing Bath Treatment. This treatment is all natural and will help calm and soothe your skin. Allow yourself to soak in the bath for at least 15-20 minutes. If you continue to get these outbreaks, make sure then to go see a doctor.

4 Puffy Eyes Been out all night partying and your eyes are to showing it? The best thing to do it is to wear Solace Gel Soothing Eye Mask. Just make sure to refrigerate mask for 60 minutes or for quick results 10-15 minutes in the freezer. Make sure to place a piece of fabric or tissue between the mask and your skin.

5 Streaky Tanner Everyone wants that nice even self-tan but a streaky self- tan happens to the best of us. With the help of Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil you will be able to correct the streaking in no time. Pour the baby oil over the streaky area and rub off with a clean washcloth. Then rinse with warm water, reapply self-tanner as needed.

Tool Kit

6 A Perfect Mani Don’t have the time or money for that salon manicure? Follow these 7 easy steps with the help of Handy Dandy Mani by Ms Manicure 1. Cut and shape your nails to your liking. 2. Soak your hands in a bowl containing warm water and antibacterial soap for 2-4 minutes. Use the nail brush if needed. 3. Take a cuticle pusher and push back all of your cuticles. Don’t cut them, leave that to the professionals. 4. Buff each nail.


4. Take a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol and wipe each nail off. This will help with keeping the polish staying on longer and remove any buffing debris


5. Apply a coat of OPI Base Coat; make sure to allow it to dry. 6. Apply at least 2 coats of your favorite summer polish. If using a sheer color a 3rd coat of polish may need to be applied.


7. Allow nails to dry for at least 1-2 minutes and then apply a coat of OPI Top Coat. *Make sure to allow 20 minutes for your nails to fully dry, no one wants smudged nails.

$3.34 $6.29


$4.95 81

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From Hp’s premium collection, the ENVY is quite a powerhouse for all your everyday needs. Rocking the Macbook Pro looks while running Windows 7, this powerhouse sports a full HD 1080p screen, 8 GB DDR3, and most of all, an intel i7 processor, the best of it’s kind. This makes a great buisness computer and makes an amazing laptop for students while still having a stylish appeal.


Price: $1299.99 Where to buy:



Ipad 3

Sony Xperia S As smartphones reign our pockets faster and faster, it’s nice to have them look as good as they can possibly be while still getting the most out of the hardware. Well, the Xperia S delivers, offering dual core 1.2ghz, a “White magic” display and 32GB internal memory. With beefy speculations, the design doesn’t come far behind. The unit looks absolutely beautiful and begs to be in your pocket. Price: $499.99 Where to buy:

Alongside Smartphones, Tablets have gained much momentum and press from trying to replace the laptop with a much more portable solution. Though not as powerful as laptops, tablets such as the iPad gives it a run for its money. With currently the highest resolution screen in a mobile device that is just jaw dropping and pushes it to be as a strong portable video player. Besides the screen, the OS is so simple and smooth a caveman could use it and with its app store, at the moment having over 500,000+ apps, you just can’t go wrong with the iPad. Price: $499, $599, $699 Where to buy:




Sony Smart Watch Android has become one of the biggest operating systems in the smartphone industry, and when new industries grow, new accessories come to be, some good and some bad. Fortunately for the Sony Smartwatch, this is a great peripheral, allowing you to connect wirelessly to your smartphone, allowing the ability to check emails, tweets, music and you can even take calls with this. Though on the costly side, the smartwatch will make a great companion to your android smartphone and definitely worth checking out


Price: $150 Where to buy:

Kindle A device where you can hold Hundreds of books and that weighs less than one single book is definitely a must have. From reading a novel at the airport to using the Kindle as a home for all of your college books, the kindle acts as a jack of all trades for all of your reading needs. Price: $79.99, $109.99 Where to buy: Amazon

Playstation Vita To put simply what the Playstation Vita, it is a slightly dumbed down Playstation 3 with modern hardware features. This may or may not interest you, but once you hold it in your hand, it feels just right having such a powerful console in a handheld form factor. The device sports a 5 inch touch OLED screen, a rear touch pad, quad core processor and two cameras. With all these hardware implementations, you can expect endless possibilities in gaming for the Vita. Price: $249, $299 Where to buy: 83

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CULTURE SPOTLIGHT Genghis Khan: The Field Museum When we speak of Genghis Khan, the Mongolian Warrior, we often refer to him as being a savage, uneducated killer who literally annihilated ancient Chinese cultures. Not more is known in main stream culture about this ruthless conqueror.

gol empire. This exhibit concentrates on the life and times of this warrior and statesman (bet you didn’t know he was one) and showcases the largest collection of 13th century Mongolian artifacts ever assembled in a single showing.

In comes the Genghis Khan exhibit at the Field Museum and suddenly we all start learning a little bit more about this nomad. He conquered more than 11 million miles across Eastern Europe to Asia which was once Khan’s Mon-

There are over 200 items from this culture and you start really capturing the essence of the man called Genghis Khan.


One interesting fact that you learn at


this exhibit is that Genghis Khan could be your great-great-great granddaddy. He is the ancestor of more than 16 million living people today!!! According to the American Journal of Human Genetics, close to 8% of men in the region of the former Mongol empire (remember it includes Eastern Europe) carry identical Y-chromosomes to Genghis. Only makes sense when you acquire the knowledge that he had 5 wives and over 500 concubines. Genghis

Khan’s army conquered more lands and people than the ancient Romans did in their 400 year old rule. was only not a brilliant warrior and leader in his army and not to mention a lady’s man, but he was also an innovator of many services/products that we still use today. He bought about the modern post office and paper money to name a few. Also this so called “savage” man implemented a legal code called “Yasa” which governed acts such as murder and adultery and he was also one of the first environmentalists. He prohibited citizens from bathing in streams and rivers and required them to pick up litter….now he is sounding like he belongs in Seattle!! Another fun fact is that in just 25 years, Khan’s army conquered more lands and people than the ancient Romans did in their 400 year old rule. Also, Genghis Khan allowed these conquered people to practice their own religion and way of life; very unlike the Romans. The exhibit itself had tons of facts not only about Genghis himself, but about his family and the whole Mongolian culture itself. There were videos about his life story showing key points about his life and even his fall (no set story on how he died…mystery). There are also videos on ancient Mongolian life and even how the modern Mongolian lives today.

My personal favorite part about this exhibit was the tent (home) where these people lived. You learned about the nomad lifestyle which is very foreign to us all and it is incredibly interesting to know that many of these people today still live exactly the way their ancestors did hundreds of years back.

29 adults, $18-24 seniors/students with ID, and $15-20 for children 4-11. Be prepared to be captivated by the man known as Genghis Khan.

Check it out today!

You also get to see murals, video projections of battlefields and many weapons. The most common was the bow and arrows used while they were on their horses. Since these people were horse people, there were many equestrian artifacts, armor and even chain mail to view. This exhibit is a must to visit. It is not only very informative on this man that we hardly knew anything about except for a common stereotype, but is also fun to view past artifacts and learn about the Mongolian culture today. There are many visuals (artifacts, videos) plus many sounds (from the videos) that children would get entertained by and it makes the murals and weaponry displayed feel more realistic. Don’t worry, this exhibit is at the Field Museum till September 3rd (SO HURRY AND GO) and is included in the Discovery and All-Access passes to the museum which are priced at $22-

Location: The Field Museum is located at 1400 S Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60605. Phone: 312-922-9410 (General Field Museum Information) Lead Sponsor: Allstate Insurance Company 85



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In the gaming world, summer isn’t really the time where AAA titles are released, due to the fact that it is usually something reserved for the Fall. Surprisingly, this summer seems quite promising, with games that definitely contain that “Summer fun” feel. This summer also shows that Sony is serious about making their Playstation Vita as innovative as possible with titles such as Metal Gear Solid and Gravity Rush.

Resistance Burning Skies

Given that the Playstation Vita was released 3 months ago, it already has its first FPS. Resistance lays the template of how future First Person Shooters should be, with perfect controls, stunning graphics and well designed 8 player online multiplayer, this is one you cannot miss out on. Price: $39.99 Platform: Playstation Vita Release Date: 5/29/2012

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

Continuing the major success of the first two Kingdom Hearts games on PS2 and the Spinoffs on GBA and PSP, this game is a full featured action packed Kingdom Hearts games that still features the convoluted and enjoyable plot points that made the first two great. Being a KH game, you still get the same lovable Disney Characters and the genius gameplay from its predecessors with a high production cost to boot. Price: $39.99 Platform: Nintendo 3DS Release Date: 7/31/12

Gravity Rush

One of the most anticipated games for the Vita to date, Gravity rush demonstrates that Sony is serious about making the PS Vita one of the greatest portable systems of all time. This game is an open world game, mostly similar to the PS3 series Infamous, that is all about manipulating gravity. Being an Action adventure game, the art, music and gameplay is astounding and simply beautiful. For any owner of a Vita, this game is definitely a must buy. Price: $39.99 Platform: Playstation Vita Release Date: 5/29/2012

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

After 2 years since its initial reveal back in E3, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, set in the near future, is a very feature-rich Third Person Shooter based on searching for a terrorist group who killed a team of “Ghost Soldiers”. The campaign is fun, but the game shines in its multiplayer portion, where the action is spanned over 10 well thought out maps and 4 game types. Also to note is that GR:FS has a set of exclusive features on the Xbox 360 version of the game, having to do mostly with the Kinect peripheral where you can do simple tasks by waving your hands or even talking into the camera. Price: $59.99 Platform: XBOX 360, PS3, PC Release Date: 5/22/2012


Persona 4 Arena

Persona 4 Arena, also known as Persona 4: The Ultimate, is the brainchild between the companies Atlus and Arc System Works. P4A is a deep and creative fighting game that closely resembles the Blazblue games that also features characters from the highly successful Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series. For fans of fighting games and the persona series, this game will surely be an enjoyable game and one you should pay attention to in the coming months. Price: $59.99 Platform: PS3, XBOX 360 Release Date: 8/7/2012

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

When the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection was released for the PS3 and Xbox 360 last year, it was welcomed with much acclaim and praise even though it was just a re-release of games that came out during the PS2 era. Now, what you’re getting in the Vita version is essentially 2 of the greatest games on the PS2 with an HD upgrade, new touch controls and most of all, just having the portability to take it anywhere. Honestly, what is not to like about this game? Price: $39.99 Platform: PS Vita Release Date: 6/12/2012

Little Big Planet Vita

“Play, Create, Share” is the driving force behind the Little Big Planet series, and If you haven’t caught up with the series, you’re really missing out on some of the most creative games available to date. Although it plays off as a simple platformer, the real premise of LBP is to make your own levels that millions of people can play around the world. As you delve deeper, your skills at making these levels will progress and will get you hooked on them. Don’t be surprised when you spend over 10 hours working on a level, it’s that addicting. Price: $39.99 Platform: PS Vita Release date: 8/21/2012


If you have not heard of Minecraft yet, Congratulations, you’re one of the lucky ones to not fall in love with it. For the past couple of years, Minecraft has been playing a vital role in PC gaming, and now after much delay, the game is now available on Xbox 360 via XBLA. The whole concept of Minecraft is similar to the previously listed Little Big Planet, where you build “worlds” in an Lego-like gameplay system. Not only is it indefinitely simple, but the graphics look very retro, which compliments the game very well. Either on PC or Xbox, you cannot possibly go wrong with getting this game. Price: $20.00 Platform: Xbox 360 XBLA Release Date: 5/9/2012

Lollipop Chainsaw

Chainsaws? Check. Cheerleaders killing the zombies? Blood gushing action? Check! From the creatively twisted mind of Suda51, the producer of games such as Killer 7 and No More Heroes comes a game that is just plain bizarre to gaming. In this game, you kill zombies as a cheeleader with a chainsaw, and as black and white that sounds, it is probably one of the greatest ideas ever made up. If you have one of those days where you have nothing to play, this game will welcome you generously to a one of a kind experience.

Persona 4 The Ultimate

Two Persona games in one year is indeed a blessing from Developer and Producer Atlus. Set as a remake of the original JRPG Persona 4 on the PS2, you play as a student who can summon “Personas”, which are basically monsters you are in control of. This game will definitely give you over 50 hours of gameplay without a doubt and now with this remake, cutscenes and voice acting has been greatly improved. If you haven’t played the original PS2 version, it would be bad judgement to ignore this masterpiece. If you have, it’s still worth it to play P4 on a portable. 87

interiors & home


Spruce Up Your Creative Space By: Heather Davis

Do-It-Yourself projects have become so much more than a hobby – they’ve become a way for creative souls to save and make money, through giving and selling their unique arts and crafts. Blogs like I Spy DIY, P.S.-I made this..., Designlovefest, and Not JUST A Housewife showcase these fun projects on a regular basis for thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of followers! Whether you prefer Etsy, Pinterest or a blog for inspiration, your Sunday afternoons just got way more crafty.

Beach-themed Ribbon Pretty Wall Art Jar Centerpiece Inspiration Pick up a blank canvas at your local Jars are a dime a dozen, whether Board art store. Mod Podge your canvas with pages from an old novel or yesterday’s newspaper. Go online and print out a couple medium images of birds. Cut them out. Using a Sharpie marker or black acrylic paint, draw a couple of tree branches. Use pencil to trace the birds onto the canvas, so they are sitting on the branches. Color these in with marker or paint. Now draw some leaves onto your branches. Feel free to experiment with multiple canvases or different subjects.


you want to buy a new Mason jar from the art supply store or you simply want to wash out the Prego jar from dinner. Pick up some natural colored twine, turquoise ribbon and a small starfish (or any sea shell) to decorate your jar. Toss the lid, and tie the twine around the neck or center of the container into a knotted bow. Superglue the shell to the twine. Voila! You have a centerpiece. Fill it with sand and sea shells, a bouquet of flowers, marbles, a beta fish or anything else you want. Be creative!

Ribbon Inspiration Board Show off your latest inspirations anywhere using a ribbon and colorful clothespins. Keep all of your favorite photos, fabrics and clippings in one place, and change them out as often as you like! Even better than having an instant, nohassle mood board is the fact that you can change the color of the ribbon and the location of the ribbon at any given time.


“Do-It-Yourself projects have become so much more than a hobby...” 89

interiors & home

Remodel your kitchen without spending a fortune In this vast environment of every penny counts we learn that today’s market is more competitive than ever. Although kitchen remodeling maybe on the lower end of your things to getter done, now is really the best time! Sometimes with a remodeling project you may think that everything must go. That is not the case, but with most Kitchen jobs a face lift is only needed to spruce upa desired look. With a little bit of deciphering what is important to keep vs. what needs to go isyour first priority. Here are key steps to help any kitchen remodeling project and ways to save money in the process. Jessica Darquea Kitchen and Bath Designer @ The Granite & Marble Depot Aurora: 630-966-9666 Fax: 630-966-8610 Rolling Meadows 847-788-8800 Fax:847-797-1742

Jessica Darquea of granite and marble depot 90

Step by step 1 Is your flooring worth keeping?

Consider the colors you want in your new kitchen. Does the flooring coordinate, contrast or match. In most cases flooring is usuallyneutral, which makes it easy to keep. Well, that is if it is in good conditions. If only a couple tiles or a small area needs to be replaced, there are ways to locate extra material. Start by finding out the name of the product color and product line. Search Engines are great a well, but the source is even better. Check first if this can still be ordered from the supplier and it is not discontinued. If it cannot be ordered again that means it is not in demand and a sign that it needs to goBut this gives you the opportunity to start from scratch in building your ideal kitchen Tile and Hardwood are both preferred.




The bulk of any kitchen remodeling project is greatly influenced by what kind of cabinets you have or would like to have. Most people want to get rid of their old Golden Oak Cabinets as they are outdated and blah. But what you may need is to just change the color, whether it is a darker stain option or a custom paint job. Many a times new cabinets are not the answer, if and only if they are still in good condition. You can shape up your cabinets yourself with a darker stain. First start with a hand sander, next test your inside panel with the stain you prefer before it is applied. If this sounds a bit challenging, a handy man familiar with wood refinishing would be of great service to you. If an Antique White, Jade Green, or Smokey Grey color is what you are looking for, head to the paint department and ask what is recommend for your type of cabinet. To customize it a coffee glaze can be applied with a thin paint brush around the indented panels. If you don’t trust yourself a quality painter would be of grave assistance. As the great motto goes - If it is not broke, don’t fix it, but contrary you can make it look a lot better! If your cabinets need to be replaced explore the many options with a cabinet specialist. Kemper has a great line with hundreds of options to get you started, go to


Let’s face it Laminate countertops are dated. Yes, you can get a laminate that looks like Granite but the price for Granite is a lot more cost effective in the long run. Both Granite and Quartz (Engineered Stone) will outlast your existence in your home guaranteed! It will add value and prestige to your investment. The first step it to take measurement of your existing cabinet layout, it is as simple as the below. 91

interiors & home

Next find your color. It is important that you contrast your cabinets. If your cabinets are dark you would need a medium to light countertop and vice versa for a lighter cabinet. If your cabinets and flooring are darker you must go light on the counter. Think of this process like dressing yourself, you wouldn’t wear brown pants, a brown shirt and a brown tie. But instead would accent and complement the colors according to the colors your liking. Note: Don’t be too matchymatchy with your accent colors either, if it does not exactly match the cream trim no one will notice! Move on and focus on the big picture. Go to www. to reference color options. Each slab is unique, so it is important that you select your own slab for fabrication. Granite is natural stone, it is harvested from Mother Nature and no two slabs are exactly alike. Once you find your slab get your pricing. Rule of three quotes before you purchase. Also, I recommend that you go to their facility and you are comfortable with their set up. Make sure the quality is there! Sinks ? – Under mount is the way to go! Stainless steel is very affordable and is usually given complementary from the granite company. If you do not like Stainless steel gowith what you prefer and don’t look back. Because a sink is every hand washers preference, and there will be some maintenance regardless of the material. Backsplash – a 4” backsplash was the norm but,now a tile backsplash (from top to bottom) is preferred. Another simple yet elegant option is to do a full high backsplash in the same granite material, although this is more costly than the first two options. Tile backsplashes can be relatively inexpensive if the material is consistent. For example a simple subway pattern or 4X4 on a diagonal can run around $6 a square foot, plus mortar, grout, a bucket and trowel = $200 per average kitchen. Given you would have to put you handy tool belt on for installation. “The key” in tile selection is the color and feel of the room. Since the backsplash is the final touch to complete your Newly Remodeled Kitchen, complete and match the color scheme. Utilize the granite sample and cabinet swatch to find your tile preference. Tile is the most versatile there are millions of options, colors and sizes. Since the Kitchen is the heart of the room, a warm and cozy feeling is desired, a safe base color such as a cream, beige or golden is recommended for resale. But if you are not selling, go with your gut, it most likely is the right selection if it makes you smile


March Remodel: Existing Hardwood Oak Floor, New Kemper Cabinets: Havana Maple, New Granite Countertops: Yellow River, and Durango Travertine Tile Design with crackled glass inserts

“So what are you waiting for? Go and amp up your Kitchen with some pizzazz! You won’t regret it!”



Bass 5










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editor’s pick summer must H&M

-5 Pocket Shorts in Streth Cotten Satin with Pleats at Front and Sewn Cuffed Hems Price $17.95

Nordstrom (Juniors)

-Lush ‘Drew’ Blouson Tank Dress Price $44

Burt’s Bees

-Chemical Free Sunscreen with Hemp Seed Price $14.99


O.P.I. Nail Lacquer


-Vintage Minnie Mous Collection Summer 2012 Price $6.99


-Mercer V-Neck Tee Price $19.93


-Cherry Chapstick Price $2.29

Aldo Shoes

- Herena Neutral Wedge Price $48.99 95

last looks for him & her

Looks for eve Brighten you style with this floral cover up for the beach. It’s fun, flirty, and cute!

NIght out

Be casual but sleek while heading over to a BBQ, weather it’s with friends or a date!

BBQ Picnic

Beach Wear Lace Striped Dress 27.80

Slip-On Romper Org. 38 Sale 28.50

Essential Polka Dot Shorts 12.80 Look sophisticated yet sexy in thi navy blue lace dress for a night out on the town!

The Ladies


ery occasion Brighten you style with this floral cover up for the beach. It’s fun, flirty, and cute!

NIght out

Be casual but sleek while heading over to a BBQ, weather it’s with friends or a date!

BBQ Picnic

Beach Wear Poplin Shirt Org. 49.99 Sale 39.99

White V-Neck T-Shirt www.H&

Linen Bermudas org. 59.90 Sale 39.99 Horizontal Strip Trunks

1969 Straight Fit Jeans 69.95 Look sophisticated yet sexy in thi navy blue lace dress for a night out on the town!

The Men 97





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