2020 Annual Report

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2020 Annual Report Together we can do great things

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Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation

Letter from Carol Carlan Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation board Carter Harrison Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart Ashton Welborn Roger Hall — a job very well done What is life after COVID-19 like? Community thank you Cordova Mall Ball 25th anniversary Ascension Sacred Heart Emerald Coast Level II NICU Events & Announcements Cat Country Cares for Kids Radiothon Charity Golf Classic Donors

Letter from Carol Carlan Dear Friends,

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.” —Mother Teresa

Welcome to Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation’s 2020 Annual Report. As you read these pages, it is my hope that you and your loved ones remain safe and well. Looking back on fiscal year 2020 with immense gratitude, I can safely say that it was a year like no other. Last July, we began planning traditional and new special events, including a 50th Anniversary Gala celebrating The Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart. We also knew that support for the new Bear Family Foundation Pediatric Oncology Center for Hope at the Children’s Hospital would be a focus. We didn’t know the year would conclude in the midst of a pandemic. This year more than ever, I am inspired by Mother Teresa’s statement that highlights this page. Thanks to you, we have done great things. And, together, we will continue to do great things in ways none of us ever imagined, like our virtual 5K. Thus, this report’s theme is: Together We Can Do Great Things! At Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation, 2020 was filled with personality — individuals, groups and events. You’ll meet some of them in these pages, like: Carter Harrison, our Children’s Miracle Network Champion, whose story is moving and inspirational. Ashton Welborn, a childhood cancer survivor, who is now an oncology nurse at our Children’s Hospital. She now works alongside Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz, who she credits with saving her life almost 20 years ago. Roger Hall who, over 20 years, brought Ascension Sacred Heart Emerald Coast (ASHEC) from concept to reality to award-winning status — an extraordinary legacy.

Cordova Mall Ball and its founders celebrated their 25th anniversary. We highlight their stories and the incredible gifts they’ve provided to the Children’s Hospital. The Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) opened at ASHEC, capping years of hard work by Ascension Sacred Heart’s leadership and the NICU team. It fulfills the long-held hopes of Emerald Coast parents and parents-to-be. Yet these are only part of this year’s story. There is also the COVID-19 part. At the pandemic’s outset, we created a special fund to support poor and vulnerable patients and to provide COVIDrelated equipment, supplies and support for our caregivers. You responded with great love and generosity. We were humbled by gifts ranging from $10 to tens of thousands of dollars providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and meals for frontline staff. Today, you continue to provide greatly needed “normal” support and desperately needed innovative support for the “new normal.” The stories, successes and innovations in these pages are yours. None would be possible without you. You ensure the quality of every program and facility so that each patient receives world-class care close to home. With a grateful heart, I return to Mother Teresa’s words and include you as inspiration. “Together we can do great things, and we did!” Warmly, Carol Carlan, President Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation 2020 Annual Report


The board

Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. These dedicated volunteers provide governance and oversight to the organization. We are grateful for their dedication and leadership in support of our mission.








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Foundation Staff HOPE BRADFORD DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR Hope.Bradford@ascension.org






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Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation



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Carter Harrison 2021 Children’s Miracle Network champion Carter Harrison has come such a long way since his days in the NICU of the Studer Family Children’s Hospital, your local Children's Miracle Network Hospital (CMN). After undergoing his first heart surgery at only 28 days old, Carter was later diagnosed with Takenouchi-Kosaki Syndrome — a condition so rare his case could only be compared with a handful of others worldwide. Now nearly 3 years old, this precious little boy has defied all odds. Despite the many challenges that accompany his syndrome, his family refuses to let him be defined by it. They feel blessed to be treated by specialists at Sacred Heart who make his care so personal. “This past year has been one of the best years of Carter’s life,” says his mother, Meredith. “He has stayed well and healthy and is learning a lot of new things.” Carter was not expected to be able to walk or talk, but he’s excelling at both, overcoming challenges with the aid of extra medical equipment and communicating at a level that surprises his parents and doctors. In speech therapy, he sings and practices sign language while using a tablet to help express himself. He’s also a big brother now. There’s so much to celebrate — in 2020, Carter was selected as the Children’s Miracle Network champion, representing the Children’s Hospital throughout the Gulf Coast. “We can’t wait for him to be able to

understand not only what he’s gone through, but also the impact he’s had on others,” his mom says. “Before his diagnosis, we didn’t realize the medical conditions and developmental delays he would have. The outpouring of love from the doctors and nurses and our community has been amazing.” During a recent appointment, one of Carter’s nurses told the Harrisons she had seen his picture at Walmart, a CMN partner organization. “People see him, and they donate because they know where the money is going,” Meredith says. “To know there are families who haven’t gotten a diagnosis in 10 years makes me so much more thankful to know we have this place right here in our backyard.” All proceeds from donations stay in our local community, and Carter’s sweet spirit is an inspiration to everyone who hears his story. “We are a family of faith … we really do believe there is a bigger purpose in all of this,” Meredith says. “That’s where the hospital and the Children’s Miracle Network come in. Despite what Carter has gone through, he can show the community what it means to overcome.” To learn more about Children’s Miracle Network and how you can make a difference, please visit GiveSacredHeart.org/childrensmiracle-network. 2020 Annual Report



Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart Within our reach, within your hands — celebrating a half-century It was a celebration 50 years in the making! The opening of the new Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart on April 1, 2019, ushered in a yearlong celebration of the Children’s Hospital. It concluded in November with a black-tie gala, where 300 guests joyously celebrated history, accomplishments, a half-century of vision and the promise of a bright future. Will Condon, President of the Children’s Hospital, and Carol Carlan, President of the Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation, shared the story of the Hospital’s founding 6

Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation

and the vision that made it a reality. They spoke of the vision in 2015 that transformed plans for an expanded Neonatal Intensive Care Unit into a four-story, state-ofthe-art hospital. The Gala celebrated the completion of the first phase of our capital campaign, Within Our Reach, Within Your Hands. This five-year effort was one of the largest in the history of Pensacola. It exceeded its goal, raising more than $30 million of the $85 million cost of the new Hospital. Specially saluted during the evening were the more than 12,000 campaign donors whose gifts ranged from $1 to $5 million — proving how

much every gift matters, regardless of size, and that together, we can do great things. Most importantly, they shared the vision for the future. It begins with the creation of a specialized pediatric surgical suite and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit fully funded by Ascension. The $4 million campaign for the Bear Family Foundation Pediatric Oncology Center for Hope was announced. When it opens in Spring 2021, this specialized unit will provide the highest level of care for our youngest, most vulnerable cancer patients. In an evening full of highlights, one of special significance was the introduction of Dawn Rudolph, the new President and CEO of Ascension Sacred Heart Pensacola, who had come to Pensacola in October. She shared some of her plans for the coming years and mingled with the guests throughout the evening as the event was capped off with dancing to the sounds of the Bay Bridge Band.

2020 Annual Report


Ashton Welborn

From childhood cancer patient to pediatric nurse Ashton Welborn’s mother knew something was wrong with her second-grader. When the alwayshungry little girl stopped eating and became pale and weak, she took her to the pediatrician. Blood work determined it was mono, but her doctor wanted a second look at the labs. “Your daughter has cancer,” she said — four words no parent ever wants to hear. The doctor told Ashton’s mother to take her straight to the emergency room at Children’s of Alabama in Birmingham. But she didn’t hear any of that. In a daze, she drove her little girl to their hometown E.R. in Tuscaloosa. Finally, on the road to the right hospital, 7-year-old Ashton, her mother and grandmother sang hymns and prayed. Once there, it was a blur of tests and blood work. Then a resident at Children’s of Alabama, Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz, confirmed the diagnosis. Ashton had leukemia. She received her Mediport the following day and underwent two years of chemotherapy. “My mom called him Doogie Howser,” Ashton recalls. “I didn’t know who that was, but I guess he looked like the guy from the TV show. He always wore crazy bowties. He was a very fun doctor.” That was 2003. Now a nurse herself with the Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart in Pensacola, Ashton is now 17 years in remission. 8

Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation

When she was first accepted into the nursing program, one of Ashton’s clinical rotations was in the Studer Family Children’s Hospital. She saw a picture of a familiar face in the elevator — Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz, now the Medical Director of Pediatric Oncology. While her family was in town to help her recover from surgery following a basketball injury, they set up a surprise visit at Dr. Schwartz’s clinic. “He didn’t recognize me. I am much taller, and I have hair now,” Ashton says. “But he recognized my mom and grandmother.” From that moment on, the young nurse updated the doctor who helped save her life at the end of every school year at Pensacola Christian College. When she graduated and began looking for a job, she never expected she’d have the chance to work alongside him. In Dr. Schwartz’s office, there is a small table lined with tiles, each with a tiny handprint. One reads: “Ashton, 8 years old.” On that table now sits a copy of a book she wrote in middle school about her cancer story and the role he played in it. “I see him on the floor now. It’s so neat to work with him,” she says. “That’s my doctor!” Growing up in and out of the hospital, Ashton was always intrigued by the medical field. Many of the friends she met in chemotherapy aren’t

here anymore, or they continue to fight their battles. When Ashton wonders why her life was spared, she believes she was called to help others going through the same thing. “Working as a nurse, I’m able to share my story,” she says. “The parents can say, ‘She beat something so big … my child can do this.’ ” It also encourages the kids, even though they might not fully grasp what’s happening in the moment. Sometimes people say they understand, when they haven’t been through it themselves. But Ashton has. She remembers her own nurses — and of course Dr. Schwartz — who made such an impact on her life. Here’s what she would say to a child battling cancer: “Take it one day at a time. Do everything you can to stay healthy. It’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but eventually it does come. Just keep faith. Pray. That’s all we did. Know that God will comfort you. Family and friends help a lot.” Maybe a family in the hospital can’t see the light at the end of their journey with childhood cancer, but they can see a bright young nurse at the end of hers. Newly engaged, Ashton’s ultimate goal is to work in pediatric hematology oncology. “Just to help those patients and families going through the same thing I went through will hopefully give them hope for that day in the future,” she shares. “Even if it just brings a light for a second, it’s worth everything I’ve been through.” Sacred Heart’s new Bear Family Foundation Pediatric Oncology Center for Hope will provide a dedicated space to serve patients of childhood cancer and their families. To learn more, please visit GiveSacredHeart.org.

s The

Bear Family Foundation Pediatric Oncology Center for Hope, the region’s only pediatric oncology center, at the Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart, is scheduled to open in 2021.

q Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz and Ashton Welborn. 2020 Annual Report


Roger Hall — a job very well done The “founding father” of Ascension Sacred Heart Emerald Coast/Gulf is honored upon his retirement


“Healthcare is only as good as the community it is serving.” If you know Roger Hall, you know that is his mantra. Our grateful community honored Roger in a virtual ceremony marking his retirement and the end of his 17-year tenure as President of Ascension Sacred Heart Emerald Coast/Gulf. A dedicated, compassionate and serving leader, the community has always been what drives him. “The community challenges the hospital to provide services to meet its needs; at the same time, the hospital is challenged to be a servant of the community by taking care of those in need. And, what better way to do that than to ask them to help us?” Hall said. “Give us direction, help us fund it. Every project we’ve done has been through gifts from our community. I think that’s what’s made us successful: partnership with our community, partnership with our doctors and having the oversight of Ascension. It hasn’t been me — I am happy to have been the conduit. I am blessed.” And, through his leadership and service, Roger, in turn, has blessed the community. He took Ascension Sacred Heart Emerald Coast (ASHEC) from concept to reality to award-winning status — honored five times as a Top 100 Hospital® in America. He has overseen multiple expansions, including the Family Birth Place, which this year saw a 10-bed Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation

open, and the introduction of numerous medical specialties, including the Cancer Center and most recently the greatly enhanced Spine Center. In addition to being a Top 100 Hospital®, honors include: Five Stars from the Federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for both ASHEC and Ascension Sacred Heart Gulf — two of only nine hospitals in all of Florida to receive five stars; HealthGrades’ Outstanding Patient Experience awards in 2018 and ’19; the highest score in Florida for Patient Experience; and honors for several clinical services. Over the course of his tenure, Roger helped raise over $30 million to fund Sacred Heart Hospital on the Emerald Coast and its expansions. It has grown from 50 to 72 beds and from 138 to more than 700 associates. Deliveries in the Family Birth Place have grown from 500 to over 1,500 a year. In recognition of his vision and leadership, a plaque with Roger’s picture will be placed in the main lobby at ASHEC, and the Department of Surgery will be named in his honor. Roger will have plenty to do in retirement, especially spending more time with Susan, his wife of nearly 40 years, his daughter and grandchildren. He will be greatly missed on a daily basis, but he will remain a fixture with a shining legacy on the Emerald Coast. Well done! Thank you and Godspeed, Roger Hall.

2020 Annual Report


What is life after COVID-19 like? For a Milton teen, it’s a long journey from the coma she was in while at the Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart. Now recovering at home, 16-year-old Halene O’Connell is fighting the after-effects of the coronavirus. In late June, Halene awoke with a fever and cough. When she began having trouble breathing, she was rushed to the hospital, where she tested positive for COVID-19. On June 28, she was placed in a medically induced coma in the Pediatric ICU and required a ventilator to breathe. Only her mother, Carrie, was allowed to be with her, and she never left her daughter’s side. Miraculously, Carrie never tested positive for the virus, but her husband did and has recovered from it. Halene was discharged after 21 days in the hospital, and her mom shared an update: “All of her blood work looks good, and she is improving every day,” said Carrie. “She was so weak; she had to learn to walk again, feed herself again and, at first, she couldn’t even hold a cell phone.” Halene is doing exercises every day to regain her strength so that she has more stamina when she returns to Milton High School. Halene’s heart was also affected. She was taking blood-thinning shots and steroids for two weeks, and her rapid heartbeat is almost back to normal. “I gave her an Apple watch so she can monitor if she’s moving around too much,” said Carrie. In addition, Carrie says it could take up to six months for Halene’s lungs to heal after a bout with pneumonia while she was in the hospital. As far as long-term outlook goes, the family is trying to stay cautiously optimistic, but Halene’s mom wonders if there will be scarring on her daughter’s lungs for the rest of her life. “It was like her life stopped for a month and, because of the coma and the sedation, she doesn’t remember much,” said Carrie. “She is really looking forward to getting back to school and seeing her friends.” The family has a message for adults and kids alike: Wear a mask.


Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation

Community thank you The past several months have been a time of fear and uncertainty. However, it is during these times that we see the community come together the most. Its generosity and commitment truly show how much our community cares for one another. Local businesses, organizations and individuals have united to help one another in so many ways, both big and small. From businesses providing food to those on the front lines, to monetary donations to help purchase supplies, to PPE donations to keep our hospital fully stocked and prepared, we witnessed a community band together to help those in their greatest time of need. We sincerely thank each and every one of you who contributed, whether it be donated time, money, food or supplies to the staff and patients at Ascension Hospitals along the Gulf Coast. We are blessed to live in and serve a community that stands by one another through the good times and the bad. 2020 Annual Report


Cordova Mall Ball 25th anniversary When Sue Martin resigned as Executive Director of Mardi Gras Pensacola more than 25 years ago, she had an idea to create an event to benefit the Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart Pensacola. The first of its kind, the black-tie ball would be affordable and open to the public, regardless of krewe affiliation. Sue approached Candy Carlisle, then Manager of Marketing at Cordova Mall, with a wild plan to shut down the mall for an evening of revelry on a Saturday night. When she came to the end of Sue’s proposal — the part that said proceeds would go to sick and injured children in the hospital across the street — Candy looked up and said, “I think we can do this.” After much red tape and convincing of owners and merchants, the inaugural Cordova Mall Ball was set for January 1996. Candy served as Site Chair, with Vikki Snider as Event Chair and Ed Morrison as Logistics and Beverage Chair. The Committee asked the Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation for a desk and a phone, where they would work tirelessly behind the scenes asking for sponsorships and inkind donations. There was never a question of, “Why the Children’s Hospital?” When the team toured the NICU prior to the event, there were 53 babies on ventilators or in incubators. Every request, every hour of 14

Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation

time, every obstacle overcome has been “for the kids.” The first year, the foursome had no idea how many people would show up. (They even ran out of cups!) But as they counted the proceeds in the back of a pickup truck just before dawn, they couldn’t believe what they had accomplished. Twenty-five years later, the event has never lost money, raising more than $6 million for the Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart. Today, the Mall Ball is a well-oiled machine with a veritable army of volunteers (many from our local military) who help set up and tear down into the wee hours of the morning. After all the hard work, the founders are most proud of the ways they have been able to make life more comfortable for children and families in the hospital. “I think we’ve made a mark,” Sue says. “The fact that we’ve been able to put over $6 million of equipment and love and time into that hospital means a great deal.” Carol Carlan, President of Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation, has announced, that the four founding members — Candy Carlisle, Sue Martin, Ed Morrison and Vikki Snider — will be permanently named Emeritus Members of the Cordova Mall Ball. These individuals have changed the lives of children and families across our region for decades.

Left to Right: Candy Carlisle, Vikki Snider, Ed Morrison and Sue Martin.

2020 Annual Report


Ascension Sacred Heart Emerald Coast Level II NICU Walton County’s first neonatal intensive care unit has begun caring for premature and critically ill babies at Ascension Sacred Heart Emerald Coast. This 10-bed, Level II unit will care for infants born prematurely, up to two months early, who weigh more than 3.3 pounds. The comprehensive group of caregivers includes board-certified neonatologists (pediatricians with specialized training in the care of critically ill infants), neonatal nurses, immunologists and nutritionists along with a team of specialized nurses, support staff and volunteers. “When parents have their babies at Ascension Sacred Heart Emerald Coast, they can rest assured that they’ll have immediate access to high-quality, compassionate care in the event of a complication,” said Roger Hall, president of Ascension Sacred Heart Emerald Coast. “The NICU is the hospital’s seventh major expansion in our efforts to increase access to specialized healthcare in our community. We are thrilled to offer this next level of care for babies of our community.” The NICU is named in recognition of the Destin Charity Wine Auction Foundation, which gave more than $2 million to fund the construction of this unit. “Our community truly rallied behind the creation of this NICU, and we are so thankful to our supporters, such as the Destin Charity 16

Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation

Wine Auction Foundation, who saw the invaluable service that this unit will provide — the care of our smallest and most vulnerable patients,” said Carol Carlan, president of Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation. The NICU is the last phase of a $30 million hospital expansion, which added 13 new rooms to the emergency department, 12 additional inpatient rooms and 12 new postpartum suites to the Family Birth Place. Ascension Sacred Heart Emerald Coast is the only hospital in the area with a five-star rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the highest possible rating. It is also the only one in the area to hold the “Baby-Friendly” designation from the World Health Organization and UNICEF, recognizing its commitment to the highest level of breastfeeding support and education. Pediatric services at Ascension Sacred Heart Emerald Coast are backed by The Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart in Pensacola, Northwest Florida’s only children’s hospital. The Children’s Hospital provides a Level III NICU for the most critically ill and premature newborns. Should a baby need surgery or have needs beyond what can be managed at the Emerald Coast’s Level II NICU, a mobile neonatal critical care transport ambulance stationed in Miramar Beach will provide rapid transfer to the children’s hospital.

Events & announcements Walmart and Sam’s Club associates, customers and members throughout the Gulf Coast know how to put the fun in ‘fun’draising! Thank you for investing your money where the miracles are during the annual Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals fundraising campaign, benefitting the Studer Family Children’s Hospital. Funds were primarily raised through the stores’ register campaign, where customers and members contributed $1 or more at checkout. Through the collective impact of every donation, more than $200,000 was raised to help our local children and families live better. Thank you for being a difference-maker!

On Feb. 29, students at the University of West Florida set a record high in fundraising for their Dance Marathon movement by raising $87,838.21 #ForTheKids at Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart, your local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. The students put in hard work and dedication over the past year to make this night a success. We are forever grateful for their caring hearts and passion for our Children's Hospitals.

Twenty-one years ago, Preemie Cup started with a mom’s desire to give back to the NICU that saved her daughter’s life. Today, the event has grown to include a sailing regatta, stand-up paddleboard relay, fishing tournament and silent auction. This year, it raised $88,672. All proceeds benefit children in the care of the Level II and Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Units at the Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart.

We extend our thanks and gratitude to Destin Charity Wine Auction for their $175,000 support of our new Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Ascension Sacred Heart Emerald Coast as part of their $2 million pledge. Because of you, we are now able to provide care to our youngest patients along the Emerald Coast.

2020 Annual Report


Cat Country Cares for Kids Radiothon A total of $73,505 was raised during the first-ever Cat Country 98.7 Cares for Kids Radiothon in August 2019 at the Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart. All funds raised will support the construction of the Bear Family Foundation Pediatric Oncology Center for Hope, the region’s only pediatric oncology center, at the Studer Family Children’s Hospital. Participating radio stations included Cat Country 98.7, Newsradio 92.3 and ESPN Pensacola 94.5. In addition, WEAR-TV 3’s Sue Straughn was on site to interview patients and families. Throughout the event, listeners heard stories of bravery and inspiration from children and families who have benefited from the care and expertise of the hospital’s highly trained physicians and staff. “We are just thrilled about Radiothon’s success this year, and we are looking forward to seeing the development of the pediatric oncology center at the hospital,” said Carol Carlan, president of Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation. “We are so grateful to the community for this amazing support of our community’s children and to our media partners for their compassionate hearts for children fighting cancer.” Morning cohost Brent Lane says “The mission of the Studer Family Children’s Hospital and the mission of Cat Country 98.7 is the same — to serve our local community. We like to be helpers and are proud to join Sacred Heart in helping kids and families right here in Cat Country.” 18

Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation

Fun activities included a dunking booth where Dr. Ramak Amjad, Dr. Shannon Boudreaux, Dr. Jason Foland and Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz got dunked, helping to raise funds as part of the event. Carlan and Will Condon, president of the Children’s Hospital, also endured pies to the face in support of our area’s children. Wind Creek Hospitality matched funds donated up to $20,000. Other sponsors included Pen Air Federal Credit Union, Gulf Winds Credit Union, Whataburger and HatchMark Studio. The community’s local Children’s Hospital Network Hospital, the Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart is a 126-bed facility that serves as the only children’s hospital in Northwest Florida. The Children’s Hospital offers a wide range of services to meet all of a child’s medical needs, from a pediatric emergency room and neonatal intensive care unit to pediatric intensive care, cancer care, rehabilitation and a medical staff of more than 120 board-certified doctors across 30 pediatric specialties. The Children’s Hospital provides quality, compassionate care to children, regardless of their parents’ ability to pay. For more information about the services available at the Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart, visit StuderFamilyChildrensHospital.com. To make a gift in support of the Bear Family Foundation Pediatric Oncology Center for Hope, please go to GiveSacredHeart.org/donate.

Charity Golf Classic The 2019 Charity Golf Classic Committee, Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation, and ASH Emerald Coast thank our sponsors, golfers, donors, volunteers and attendees for an outstanding event. Proceeds will benefit the Comprehensive Spine Program expansion that includes the addition of a fifth operating room and equipment that supports robotic spine surgeries. Jon Vice and Cory Fosdyck, Charity Golf Classic Committee co-chairs, worked diligently with their esteemed members to ensure the day was one of complete relaxation and enjoyment for all. It included a silent auction, delicious food and beverages, and entertainment by The Pontiac Stove Company from Alabama. Players relaxed, shared game highlights, and compared how they fared with the unique air cannon that was available as a shot on the course. Top players were honored with awards. “I’m proud to say that our community hospital has one of the premier spine programs in the nation,” said Roger Hall, President, ASH Emerald Coast. “We currently have four operating rooms that are at capacity, night and day, six days a week. I’m thankful for the generous donors who support our continued growth.” The players and supporters of the annual Charity Golf Classic have been an integral part of the success of our local hospital. 2020 Annual Report


Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation Financial information For the year ended June 30, 2020 Current Assets Investments Other Assets Total assets Current Liabilities Other Liabilities Total Liabilities Net Assets Total liabilities & net assets Top Left: Hope Bradford, Gillian Ward, Carol Carlan, Cortlandt Roces, Lisa Wainwright, Jennifer Saba. Bottom Left: Janet Piepul, Tarra Talbert, Emily Ioakim, Adrienne Maygarden.


Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation

$6,666,347 $17,886,959 $2,030,969 $26,584,275 $2,965,256 $205,635 $3,170,891 $23,413,384 $26,584,275

Dream Maker ($5,000,000+)

Guiding Light ($250,000+)

Children's Miracle Network Dugas Family Foundation The St. Joe Company & St. Joe Community Foundation Quint and Rishy Studer Walmart and Sam's Club

Anonymous Alfred I. duPont Foundation, Inc. BBVA Compass Bank Deborah, Avery, Miller III, and Miller Caldwell Clear Channel Radio - WYCL, WMXC, WRKH, WKSJ, WTKX Mr. Mark R. Gregory Fayette & Jewell D. Dennison Bill Greenhut and Family Howard Group, Silver Sands Premium Outlet, Grand Boulevard at Sandestin Mrs. Oletha I. Hunt Kiwanis International Levin & Papantonio Family Foundation, Inc. DeWitt and Susan Lovelace Patricia and Gerald Mills, Sr. Eric and Peg Nickelsen Malcolm Nicoll Constance Niehaus Credit Union for Kids Mr. and Mrs. C. Richard Olson Jr. Preemie Cup Rebels with a Cause for Miracle Camp Regions Bank Sharon and Steve Riedel Rowland Publishing Crawford M. Sandefur South Walton Utility Co., Inc. Styles Media Group George G. & Amelia G. Tapper Foundation United Way of West Florida Vacasa David and Trish Warriner WEAR-TV 3 Roger W. Webb - Wendy's Wind Creek Hospitality

Miracle Maker ($1,000,000+)

Bear Family Foundation

Order of the Cornette

Year ending June 30, 2020

Named for the traditional headdress of the Daughters of Charity, our founders, the Order of the Cornette giving society honors the Daughters of Charity, who often relied upon the kindness and support of others to carry out their mission. Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation’s Order of the Cornette is dedicated to donors whose cumulative giving is $10,000 or greater.

Anonymous Anonymous Ascension Sacred Heart Associates Bear Family Foundation Blue Angels Classic/ Boeing Championship Bubba and Angie Watson Family Foundation Cepheid The Chadbourne Foundation Cumulus Media D. W. McMillan Foundation Destin Charity Wine Auction Foundation, Inc. Miss Barbara R. Grimaldi Hilton Sandestin Beach, Golf Resort and Spa Cordova Mall Ball Mother Seton Guild Pediatrix, an Affiliate of Mednax Poarch Band of Creek Indians Sacred Heart Emerald Coast Charity Golf Classic Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort James Stephen Turner Charitable Foundation In memory of Mrs. Willie Daniel Witt Guardian Angel ($500,000+) Ascension Sacred Heart Emerald Coast - Guild Ascension Sacred Heart Pensacola Microbiology & Molecular Lab The James H. Baroco Foundation, Inc. Cordova Mall Susan L. Davis & Richard J. Henley Florida Forestry Association/ Log-A-Load for Kids The Kugelman Foundation Tom and Lynn McKenzie Publix Super Markets, Inc. Wava Dyer Ruckel Charles H. and Shirley Simpson Family Foundation Catharine D. Smith The Sansing Foundation

Generous Spirit ($100,000+) Anonymous Anonymous Ace Hardware Corporation American Dairy Queen Corporation M. Denise Barton and Dr. Jerome Hermel In memory of Mrs. Remetha Benjamin Boeing Championship at Sandestin Bob and Patti Bonezzi Buffalo Rock Pepsi-Cola Caldwell Associates Architects, Inc. Cat Country 98.7 Greater Escambia Community Foundation Cox Communications

Craftsmen Specialist of N.W. Florida, Inc. Allyn and Blanche Donaldson Ecological Resource Consultants, Inc. ECUA Employees Golf Tournament Robert and Karen Emmanuel The Estate Of Frank Erhardt Jr. First American Title Insurance Company Florida Department of Health Food World Senior Bowl GAC Contractors, Inc. Greenhut Construction Company Gulf Power Gulf Winds Federal Credit Union John R. Hartman and Katherine M. Hartman Revocable Trust Hoar Construction, LLC Stephen T. Holman & Justin T. Holman Hope on Wheels Hyundai Dealers IHOP Dorothy and Dr. Bob Isom, FACS Mr. and Mrs. John C. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Kerrigan Kerrigan, Estess, Rankin, McLeod & Thompson Keith and Rose Ann Knight In memory of Janet L. Knowles given by Ralph E. Knowles Frank and Julie Kovach Dr. Christopher J. LeCroy Louise Hauss Miller Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Rex J. Lysinger Julian and Kim MacQueen Magic Broadcasting Meridian Bioscience, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Muller Mr. and Mrs. Michael Murdoch NNGS Development Panda Restaurant Group Drs. Matthew and DeLinda Pearson Irene W. and C.B. Pennington Foundation Leadership Pensacola Class of 2014 Florida Panhandle Breast Cancer Association Pink Ribbon Pensacola, Inc. Gannett Foundation/ Pensacola News Journal Joe and Suzanne Quinlan RE/MAX Southern Realty Regional Utilities Dr. Judith W. Ring John and Deborah Roche Gene and Barbara Speni Henry and Ann Blair Stovall Thomas and Donna Sunnenberg telaGen, LLC Trustmark National Bank Monica Ward Stone and Family

2020 Annual Report


Mr. William D. Weatherford Marlene R. Weller Marion G. Wright Paul and Shelah Zmigrosky Healing Heart ($50,000+) Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Accenture LLP Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Adcox, Jr. ALSCO AMC Theatres The Appleyard Family Jane K. Araguel, P.A. Ascension Sacred Heart Associate Activities Team Association of Philippine Physicians Baroco Electric Construction Dr. and Mrs. Paul T. Baroco Rita D. Baroco Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Barrett Mrs. Annette P. Barth Mike and Doris Beam Jake and Betty Belin Belk


Dr. and Mrs. Stuart Bonnin Brookdale Destin Mr. and Mrs. Joe Butler In honor of C.W. & Betty Roberts Carol and Charles Carlan John and Robin Carr CEFCO Convenience Stores Gerald and Linda Christie Len W. Cobb Coca-Cola United CO-OP Financial Services Copy Products Company Fort Walton Beach Kimberly and Sid Cox, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John T. Crunk Darwin D. Davis and Ginny Olson Davis Love, III Foundation Katherine Dearinger Destin Woman's Club Mary and Charles Dickinson George and Hilda Duren Mr. and Mrs. Wallace M. Edmands, Jr. Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon Escambia County Health Facilities Authority Escambia County Sheriff's Office Escambia Lodge No. 15, F. & A.M. Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Faddis FairPoint Communications

Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation

Ann Ruth Figg Florida Hospital Research & Education Foundation, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Fox Fred's Super Dollar Stores Goldring Gulf Distributing Co. Mr. and Mrs. John M. Green Drs. R. Howard and Helen S. Griffen Raymond & Harriet Haas Hancock Whitney Bank H.J. Heinz Company George and Janice Hendricks Heroes For Hope Home Place Furniture Charlotte B. Sanchez Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Jackson Elton and Pat King Mike and Shann Lavallee Lilenthal Investment Foundation Mr. Richard Lipton Love's Travel Stop The Magidson Family Walter E. Markle Marriott International, Inc. Frank D. and Carla A. May

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. McGill, Jr. and Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. McGill, III Patricia Fox McIlroy McLane Company, Inc. Merrill Lynch Mickelson Construction Services, Inc. Margaret Gonzalez Miller Neal Nash Nemours Children's Clinic Paddle For A Cure Panhandle 4-Wheelers Club, Inc. Panhandle Anesthesiology Associates, P.A. Barry and Barbara Parks Pen Air Federal Credit Union Pensacola Pathology PGA Tour, Inc. Donna W. Phillips Pierle Family Charitable Foundation Port St. Joe Lions Club Prudential Coastal Properties Woodrow Wilson Ratliff Prudential Coastal Properties RE/MAX #490291 - Agency One RE/MAX #490484 On the Coast The Red Ribbon Charitable Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Reily Henry and Jane Roberts Rosemary Beach Foundation Douglas A. Ross Sandestin Owners Association, Inc. Sandy Sansing Dealerships Mr. and Mrs. Martin B. Schutty, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. William Schwartz, III Bernadine Shirley Emma Pearl Simpson Southern Wine & Spirits St. Baldrick's Foundation The Alys Foundation The Lewis Bear Company Tom Thumb Food Stores United Way Emerald Coast Tom and Kathy VanOsdol Vorst Family Foundation Noel and Bill Wade Walton County Public Works West Florida Medical Center Clinic, P.A. Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Wilder Randall and Mary Williams Wonderful Wacky Women Hope Austin Wormser Mr. and Mrs. Willis C. Young Joe and Judy Zito

Helping Hand ($25,000+) Anonymous Anonymous Ms. Deborah Ackerman David C. Adams, M.D. and Mary L. Adams, M.D. In loving memory of Gerald Adcox, Sr. by VonDell Adcox Mary and Joseph R. Agostinelli, D.P.M., Colonel, USAF (Ret.) Ascension Sacred Heart Hospital Medical/Dental Staff Ascension Sacred Heart Hospital Gulf Guild Alabama Forestry Association Dr. and Mrs. Bruce E. Albrecht Alys Beach EBSCO Industries, Inc. Ramak and Christina Amjad Amoco Oil Company Anesthesia Cooperative of the Panhandle, PLLC Michael P. Baggett Dick and Laverne Baker Ballpoint Communications Group Dennis Barnes - Barnes Insurance and Financial Services Mr. Anthony Baroco Ms. Vicki A. Baroco Mr. and Mrs. Randall Bell, III Bell Steel Company Mrs. Juanita Bender Dr. and Mrs. William B. Blanchard Blount-Bowden Charity Classic Bonefish Grill - Pensacola BP America Inc. The Family of Dr. and Mrs. J. Wayne Hendrix Mr. Michael C. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Mike Buckingham Dr. Joanne L. Bujnoski Ron W. Burch Albert and Ollie Sue Butler Van Ness and Jonnye Butler, Jr. Langhorne Cardiology Consultants, M.D.'s, P.A. Mrs. Edith G. Carter Marc and Linda Carter Centennial Bank Coastal Community Bank The Coldewey Family Combined Federal Campaign Santa Rosa Beach Community Church Thomas L. Cook, M.D. Newman-Dailey Resort Properties, Inc. Daughters of Charity National Health System Dave's House Washing, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Morris A. Davis

Steven L. DeCesare, M.D. and Julie A. DeCesare, M.D. Deep South Crane rentals, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Demark Direct Energy Dr. and Mrs. William Dobak Jim, Stephanie, Danielle, AJ, and Stephen Duggan Sockeye's Beach and Sport Kerry and Brian Eaton Edwin Watts Golf Shops, Inc. Buddy and Joyce Elmore Emerald Bay Development Corp. Patrick and Olivia Emmanuel Joseph and Susan Endry Brent & Lori Faison Fellowes Brand Inc. Mr. Frank Flautt, Jr. Terry and Barbara Fleischman Fleming's Prime Steakhouse Florida Blue Foundation Florida Freedom, Inc. Peter and Elese Fodor Drs. Jason and Amy Foland Mr. and Mrs. Dana Foster Michael and Jean Fowler Fred Waters Baseball Clinic, Inc. Roger and Joni Ganger Thomas Sandifer Gibson & Mary Atkeson Gibson Gerardo Dieguez Gomez and Katia Dieguez Otero Grand Chapter of Florida Order of the Eastern Star Great Southern Restaurants Greater Pensacola Tennis Association Phoenix Medical Practice Management, LLC Gulf Coast Region Mustang Club Gulfside Landscaping, Inc. Roger and Susan Hall John Daniel and Frances Dorchester Harrell Bets and Gap Haynes Health Check Incorporated Peter Heckathorn and Janet Ikeda Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Heidecker Reynolds and Stacey Henderson Hill-Kelly Dodge, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Phil Earley & Mr. and Mrs. Ed Holland Huff Developments, LLC Dr. and Mrs. Vincent L. Hughes James J. Marks Foundation, Inc. Steve and Nina Jeffords Dedicated to the memory of Jim McCormick; Jemco Plastering, Inc. The John Newell Wade Foundation Laura and Chuck Kaiser Ms. Tammy Karamarinov Kooter Brown's Krewe Du YaYa's

The Krystal Company Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph E. Kuhn Justin and Amber Labrato Jon and Jo Ann Laible In Memory of Margaret Laible Landrum Family Foundation Nell & Britt Landrum Patrick & Philomena Madden Denis and Maureen McKinnon Dr. and Mrs. David J. McMahon Richard and Demetria McNeese Dr. Sean M. McWilliams Medical Practice and Management Partners Dr. David Miller MMI Mechanical Contractors, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Elliot Moore Mr. and Mrs. Jerry F. Murdock Robert E. and Charlotte L. Nedley Mr. and Mrs. James D. Neilson, Jr. Ms. Antonia B. Noonan Mrs. Rita O'Connell Leonard and Karen Olson Cindy and Gary Pablo, M. D. Mr. and Mrs. Ashley D. Pace, Jr. Panhandle Charitable Open, Inc. Vincent J. Pasquarello in Memory of Cynthia L. Pasquarello Mr. and Mrs. Jerry K. Pate Peg Leg Pete's Pensacola Bay Center Pensacola Radiology Consultants PetSafe Mr. John and Kathy Pleune Dr. and Mrs. Roger A. Poitras Power of E3 Preble-Rish, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Amos L. Prevatt James E. Ray RE/MAX #490277 - Southern Realty RE/MAX Coastal Properties #49347 In memory of William J. (Billy Joe) Rish - Given by Carol Rish Rite Aid Corporation Robert A. Benz Family Foundation Judge Wilkes C. and Mrs. Dorothy Anne Robinson Rock Hard Designs Davage J. Runnels Russenberger Foundation The Patrick J. and Beverly A. Ryan Charitable Foundation Sam's Fun City Sandbaggers Charity Golf Classic Don Sawyer Linda and Dr. William E. Schmidt and Family Drs. Jeffrey and Robin Schwartz The Chapel at Seaside Security's Lending Hand Foundation Dr. Christopher Shawyer Sherry's Cake Shop

Shipes Landscaping, Inc. Shirley's Deli / Badass Coffee Justine Simoni Manuel Siverio Dr. and Mrs. James W. Smith Mrs. Teresa D. Smith Spencer Gifts, LLC Dr. Charles D. Stavely Rita J. Stern Katharine S. Stinebiser David and Marilyn Stowe Studer Foundation Studer Group Dr. and Mrs. Hugh L. Sutherland, Jr. Sweet Potato Queen, Inc. Dr. Paul A. Tamburro The Dr. John B. Webb Family Dr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Trawick Tuscany Italian Bistro United Way of Northwest Florida Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Van Diver, III Jon and Teri Vice VIP Pensacola W. L. Gore & Associates Billy and Mickey Walker Warren Averett Waste Management, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Bryan Weidner Wells Fargo Subway at Ascension Sacred Heart Hunter and Carol Whittington Mr. and Mrs. Norris L. Wood Dr. David and Michelle Zielinski Good Samaritan ($10,000+) Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Sharlene and Shane Adkison M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Merlin Allan GMAC/Residential Funding Corporation Fred and Ampy Cox Mr. James M. Altamura Aluma-Form/Dixie Manufacturing Company AMC Classic Pensacola 10 Amerigroup Charitable Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Warren R. Amos Michael and Kimberlee Anderson Dick and Carolyn Appleyard Armstrong World Industries, Inc. Ascension Health Ministry Service Center AT&T Atkins Kathryn J. Ault

Captain Joe H. and Carolyn Ausley Washington High School Student Government Mr. and Mrs. Jens H. Bach Robert and Barbara Bagby Ballinger Publishing BancorpSouth Given in Loving Memory of Dodi Barnett by Jim Barnett Mr. and Mrs. James H. Baroco, Jr. Mary Jane and Steven Barone, Sr. Milton and Janice Beal Sally N. Bean Beard Equipment Company Beck Partners, LLC Beckman Coulter, Inc. BellSouth Advertising & Publishing Marianne Berrigan-Grant Peter D. Birckhead Miriam P. Birdwhistell Autumn & Peyton Blackledge Dana and James Bledsoe Coy and Katherine Blevins Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida Mr. & Mrs. William E. Boger, Jr. Salvatore A. Bonelli Debbie and Ben Bostic Boyd Printing, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. James H. Bradley Mr. and Mrs. James W. Bradley Mrs. Liz Brill Cajun Specialty Meats, Inc. Major General Bill V. and Dona Brown in Memory of Erna V. Campbell and Mary E. Brown Gary and Shearer Brown Margaret J. Brown Dr. & Mrs. Michael A. Brown Bruno's Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Buehler Buffalo Wild Wings Ferdinand M. Bumagat, M.D. Timothy T. Burchell William R. Burden, M.D. James J. Burns Gerry and Donna Butterfield Nancy and Rex Buzzett Superior Bank Calendar Girls of 30A Mary Reedy Callahan Mr. and Mrs. Joe Capers Capital City Bank K. Caraway, RN Carmike 10 #73012 - Panama City Carr, Riggs, & Ingram, LLC Carrabba's Italian Grill Julia and Richard Carrell Ralph and Robbie Carroll Bob and Jane Carron Dr. Craig C. Cartia Mr. and Mrs. James D. Catington Liz Cauley

C-D Jones and Company, Inc. Centennial Bank Chandler Construction Co., Inc. Chesebro Enterprises Inc. Frances A. Childre Child's Play Dr. Nancy Churosh Steve and Charleen Clark In Memory of Charles W. and Doris Clements Coastal Vascular & Interventional, PLLC The Coca-Cola Company Comfort Systems USA Community Bank, Coast Compass Bank Lamar and Tracy Conerly Thelma Cooey Mr. William Coots, Jr. Carl and Wanda Coppenger Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Corbett Susan and Anthony Cornejo Margaret M. Costin Allen and Cathy Cox Cox Business Cox Media In Memory of Reverend James E. Cronin Crown Health Care Laundry Services The Milton S. (Mike) Culotta Family Dr. & Mrs. Gary D. Cumberland Elizabeth F. Curry, MD and Thomas L. Curry, MD Jimmy and Deborah Curtis Cypress Development, LLC E. Jean & Elisa Dabezies, M.D. Dave and Darrell Dabria Anthony and Martha Danis Melba A. Darden The Daughters of Charity Jim and Elizabeth DelMauro Dr. and Mrs. T. Joseph Dennie Dean F. and Laura Dennison Hugh and April DePaulis Silvio and Joanne D'Orazio Winifred "Winky" Weil Dowdle Downey Trees, Inc. Tarek Eldawy, M.D. and Abeer Abutaleb, M.D. Electronic Display Networks Emerald Coast Hospice The Endoscopy Group, LLC Frederick P. Ernst Escambia County Medical Society Alliance Estate of Betty Darcey Mims Estate of Helen M. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Roy M. Evans, Jr. Evergreen Gail and David Ewing Express Employment Professionals William W. and Carol S. Fearon

2020 Annual Report


Richard and Rosalene Feller John E. Fellowes Christi and Patrick Ferry, M.D. Fiorentino Family Foundation in memory of Al Fiore (08/10/1932 - 1/19/2005) First United Methodist Church of Port St. Joe Fishbein Orthodontics Fisher Cabinet Company, LLC Ramona K. Fleshman In Memory of Juanita Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Wade H. Fleshman, III Mrs. Myra C. Forester Foresters Forever Memories Foscue Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Fransen Fraternal Order of Eagles Jessie B. Frayer Trust Jeff and Susan Friedman Frito-Lay, Inc. Fritz Brothers Tree Service, LLC Nina Fritz FormSystems, Inc. Peggy Geppert Mr. Joseph P. Giangrosso, Jr. Timothy S. Gilbert Walter and Jan Givhan Anita S. Godwin Dr. and Mrs. Michael L. Goodman Eddie and Michele Goodman Goody's Family Clothing Panama City Donna Sue Gore Governor's Gate Apartments Grande Pointe, Inc. Greater Pensacola Aquatic Club, Inc. Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos Society Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Green Estate of Dudley Greenhut Liz Greenhut Guernsey & Associates Gulf Atlantic Constructors, Inc. Gulf Breeze Optimist Club Gulf Coast Wings of Hope, Inc. H. M. Yonge & Associates, Inc. Hank's Furniture, Inc. Hard Rock Café Destin In memory of Doris Bjornberg Harper The Harper Wright Families Haven of Our Lady of Peace Dr. and Mrs. Mose S. Hayes, III Dr. Kerrian Hudson


Pamela S. Heinold, BHGRE, Main Street Properties Hematology-Oncology Associates Hemingway's Island Grill Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Henkel Mikal and Linda Hensley Hershey Chocolate U.S.A. Shannon Higgins Theresa M. Hinson Jack and Myra Hirschhorn In Memory of Craig & Steven Hogan In Loving Memory of Kaylie May Hollis Dr. and Mrs. George H. Holmes Home Instead Senior Care Dr. Kimberly Hood and Mr. Drew Hood In loving memory of Kenneth Michael Hook Jan and E.W. Hopkins Mrs. Leota Jane Hosler Hot Spot BBQ Lance and Mary Hughes Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Hummel Mr. and Mrs. Willis L. Hunter, Jr. Independent Order of Foresters, Court 1621 International Paper Keith and Laura Irwin Jambalaya's Grill & Oyster Bar jehle-halstead, inc. Jewelers Trade Shop John and Mary Jewell Suzanne M. and Jose R. Jimenez, M.D. Jitney Jungle Charitable Foundation John S. Carr & Company, Inc. John Webb Winter Golf Tournament Johnson Development, LLC Greg and Linda Johnson Michael and Phyllis Johnson State Farm Insurance Dr. Thomas and Venetia Johnson Kevin and Sheryl Johnston Dr. & Mrs. Jimmy E. Jones Robert and Nettie Joseph Boswell Builders and Sons, Inc. Junior Service League of Port St. Joe Christopher and Jules Kariher Kids Triathlon Kimberly-Clark Corporation Dr. Stephen G. Kimmel Kinsey, Troxel, Johnson, Walborsky & Bradley, P.A. Albert Klein, Jr. & Family Klocke & Associates Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kostuik Kraft Foods Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Krynicki Jerrald and Pippa Kuenn

Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation

Mr. Larry L. and Dr. Patricia McNames Kunkel L. Pugh & Associates Dr. Robert D. Stainback and Dr. Judith A. LaMarche La Petite Academy - Niceville La Petite Academy - Pickwood Drive Kevin and Donna Figg Lacey Dr. Susan J. Laenger Kevin W. Lahey Laidlaw Education Services Lex & Deanie Lancaster Mr. & Mrs. Allen Lastinger, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William C. Lavery George and Jacquelyn Law Mr. and Mrs. George O. Layman Mr. and Mrs. John M. Lee Cliff & Wanda Leppanen Julia F. LeRoy Teri Levin Mr. and Mrs. William H. Linder Ken and Robin Lloyd Dr. Kenneth W. Long Robert A. Lopp Luke and Regina Lundskow Dr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Lynch Hossein and Teresa Maleki Drs. William & Nancy Maloy Mandalay Beach Resort, LLC Mr. and Mrs. W. Jeffries Mann Mrs. Rose Mannes Dr. William and Terri Markowski Dorothy C. Martin Stanley and Rosemary Martinek Paul Martinelli and Kelly Dellasala Drs. Elizabeth and Arthur Mazyck Mr. and Mrs. William G. McArdle, Jr. Claudette and Jack McGill McGuire's Irish Pub Nancy and Bill McKelvy Mr. and Mrs. James E. McKern Mr. and Mrs. William J. McLaughlin Dee McLeod, M.D. McMahon - Hadder Insurance, Inc. Melba B. Meyer Charitable Trust Mellow Mushroom Mercy Hospital, Inc., Miami, FL Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Merk, Jr. Kevin & Terry Miller Ms. Jane J. Mills Mrs. Doris B. Mink Ann Moody Mr. & Mrs. Alan D. Moore Ed and Betsy Moreau Morette Company Angel D. Morrobel, M.D. and Maria Morrobel, M.D. The Mullet Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Roger G. Murray, Jr. Dr. Dina M. Navarro and Family Navy Federal Credit Union NBC Securities, Inc.

Newcomers Club of Pensacola Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Nicholas Dr. H. Norman and Diane Noe W.J. & Jane C. Noonan Charitable Trust Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Norcross Northeast Pensacola Sertoma Club Dr. and Mrs. Rex L. Northup Martha and Rob Obbink Drs. Michael T. and Lan Q. O'Donnell Ogden Services Corp. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Olinger OnMedia Zimmer Southeast, Team McMilion Cat Outzen Erma Palmer Dr. Nicholas G. Papajohn Paradigm Investment Group, LLC Mrs. Elizabeth A. Park In memory of Evelyn Pate by Mayor Frank Pate John L. Peacock, Jr. and Jerre A. Peacock Pediatric Associates, P.A. Jessica and Anthony Pelezo, MD Pensacola Beach Yacht Club Pensacola Big Game Fishing Club Pensacola Ice Pilots Pensacola Men's Baseball League, Inc. Pensacola Pediatrics Pensacola Runner's Association Pensacola Sports Association Pensacola State College The Perez Family Dr. and Mrs. Robert K. Persons Pete Moore Automotive Group Joseph E. Peterson, M.D. Brad and Seana Phelps In loving memory of Cecilia R. "Sylvia" Pierce by Linda Maria Pierce Walter and Lalla Pierce Pink Pirates of Navarre Dr. & Mrs. Albert A. Post David and Michelle Powell Rick & Debbie Powell Mr. & Mrs. Bobby B. Price, Sr. Proffitt PR, LLC Bambi and Tom Provost Michael L. Psikogios, M.D. Lourdes F. Quiray, MD Ratcliffe Foundation RE/MAX Real Estate Center #49173 RE/MAX #490351 - Horizons RE/MAX #490353 - Gulf Properties The Track Family Fun Park Mr. and Mrs. Sam R. Reda Travis Reed Wes and Carolyn Reeder Susan and Jim Reeves Lynn Reichler Jerilynn Renfroe Mr. and Mrs. James H. Richards

Richcor, Inc. Riding For A Reason Ralph, Blake & Grant Rish Buzz Ritchie The Roach Foundation, Inc. Ralph and Margaret Roberson Louise Robison Drs. Cesar & Theresa Roca Rodney L. Rich & Company, Inc. Dr. & Mrs. Edwin W. Rogers, Jr. Ronald McDonald House Charities Rosemary Beach Trading Company Edie and Paul Rosenblum Raymond L. and Sarah C. Roton Generously Provided In Memory of Connor Wood In memory of Elizabeth B. Ruby Dr. Alex and Keri Rusynyk Dr. Alan & Susan Sacks Family Saenger Theatre Saint Thomas Health Services Nashville, TN Sammy's Management Company Sanders Brothers Electric, Inc. Sandestin Lions Club Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. David, Webb & Julianne Sansing Bob and Carol Saucier Kit and Sue Sause Henry, Samantha, Emma, Elizabeth, Caroline and Steven Savoie Mr. Rodney Savoy Joe and Susan Scarborough Sidney & Marsha Scarborough Lori and Dr. Jeff Schievenin Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Schlenker Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Schloss Carol and Ron Schmidt Seaside Community Development Corp. Dr. Sharon Luent Seidel and Dr. Myron Seidel SEOM Solutions, Inc. The Seton Fund of the Daughters of Charity Shark's Tooth Golf Club Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Shoaf Tom and Kim Shrewsbury Dr. and Mrs. Morris N. Simhachalam Mrs. Zachary A. Simpson Clay and DeEtta Smallwood William and Becky Smith Bill and Trisha Smith Socks Galore/Hanes Soft Rock 94.1 South Gulf County Volunteer Fire Department In Memory of William G. Spence, Sr. from Bill and Catherine Spence Glenn and Kelly Spradlin St. Joseph Catholic Church St. Vincent's Foundation

Nancy & William Stafford The Star & The Times Newspapers, Gulf/Franklin Counties Steel Systems of Pensacola, Inc. LeAnne & Matthew Steiner James and Ruth Anne Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Stickney, Sr. Estate of Dr. and Mrs. Joe H. Stovall, Jr. Peter C. and Doris J. Stratakis Stryker Subway Development of Northwest Florida Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Switzer Talking Rain Beverage Company Dr. Jason Tanner Ted Ciano Family Melody and Scott Teel Ms. Carrie Thomas Tijuana Flats Burrito Co. Dr. Ruben B. Timmons Raymond and Kathleen Timothy Tuck & Sandra Todd-Atkinson Transamerica Triad Isotopes, Inc. In memory of Blaise H. Vallese, Jr., James M. Vallese and Evelyn Vallese; Given by Theresa Anne Vallese and James Paul Vallese Valley Crest Companies Tutta S. and Cyril E. Vetter Dr. & Mrs. Andrew B. Walker Walton County Snowbirds Mr. and Mrs. Garrett W. Walton The Walton Sun Jim and Susanne Ward Warren Hollow Metal Doors & Frames Sherri Hemminghaus Weeks Mark & Laura Wehry M.D. Alicia and Robert Weil West Florida Area Health Education Center Bill and Brenda Westfall Paul & Joyce Westhoff Charles B. and Betty White White Wilson Medical Center In Honor of Our Loving Parents; Given by David and Tina Whitfield Robert and Thyra Whitford Amy and Kevin Wilson Dr. & Mrs. Robert K. Wilson, Jr. Patricia Windham in Memory of Jay Windham Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Wingo Robert "Bob" and Mary Rita Wish Women's Civic Club of Panama City Beach Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wright LuAnn Young Mr. and Mrs. James K. Youngblood Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Zimmermann

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Annual donors Visionaries ($50,000+) Anonymous Bear Family Foundation Bubba and Angie Watson Family Foundation The Chadbourne Foundation Cordova Mall D. W. McMillan Foundation Destin Charity Wine Auction Foundation, Inc. Dugas Family Foundation Gulf Winds Federal Credit Union Hilton Sandestin Beach, Golf Resort and Spa Hoar Construction, LLC The Kugelman Foundation Mother Seton Guild Poarch Band of Creek Indians Ms. Teresa K. Robinson Rowland Publishing The Sansing Foundation Catharine D. Smith The St. Joe Company & St. Joe Community Foundation

Humanitarians ($25,000+) Cat Country 98.7 Impact 100 Pensacola Bay Area, Inc. Tom and Lynn McKenzie Eric and Peg Nickelsen Credit Union for Kids Panda Restaurant Group, Inc. #2225 Naval Air Station PX Florida Panhandle Breast Cancer Association Dr. Judith W. Ring Sacred Heart Hospital Emerald Coast - Guild

Guardians ($10,000+) Cox Communications Cumulus Broadcasting Susan L. Davis & Richard J. Henley Escambia County Sheriff's Office Terry and Barbara Fleischman Florida Forestry Association/ Log-A-Load for Kids Stephen T. Holman & Justin T. Holman Love's Travel Stops #561

Mickelson Construction Services, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Murdoch Neal Nash Panda Cares Foundation & Panda Charitable Foundation Panda Restaurant Group, Inc #02366 Panda Restaurant Group, Inc. #02354 Panda Restaurant Group, Inc. #02389 Panda Restaurant Group, Inc. #02819 Panda Restaurant Group, Inc. #2074 Panda Restaurant Group, Inc. #2673 Pensacola Photo Booth / A DJ Connection PetSafe Louise Hauss Miller Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jim Pierce Power of E3 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Reily John and Deborah Roche Rosemary Beach Foundation Mr. Lewis Topper Tom and Kathy VanOsdol VIP Pensacola Walmart #1224 - Creighton Road Walmart #2533 - Gulf Breeze Walmart #818 - Panama City Beach WEAR-TV 3 Wind Creek Hospitality Joe and Judy Zito

Benefactors ($5,000+) David C. Adams, M.D. and Mary L. Adams, M.D. ALSCO Mrs. Juanita Bender Ms. Linda Boyd Capital Container Inc. James & Carol Catington CEFCO Convenience Stores #412 CEFCO Convenience Stores #415 Centennial Bank The Community Foundation of Louisville Dr. and Mrs. T. Joseph Dennie Driven Brands US Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Dugas Escambia Lodge No. 15, F. & A.M. First United Methodist Church of Port St. Joe Fishbein Orthodontics Drs. Jason and Amy Foland Forever Memories Mr. and Mrs. Cory Fosdyck Dr. Thomas Fox

Mr. Sean Gallagher Girl Scouts of Gateway Council Bill Greenhut and Family Hancock Whitney Bank Howard Group / Silver Sands Premium Outlet / Grand Boulevard at Sandestin Dr. and Mrs. Vincent L. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Jackson Joy In Childhood Foundation Ms. Tammy Karamarinov Landrum Family Foundation Nell & Britt Landrum George and Jacquelyn Law LJ Gourmet Popcorn and Dripzles Love's Travel Stops #453 Mr. Joseph W. Lyman, III Mr. and Mrs. Rex J. Lysinger Marriott's Legends Edge at Bay Point Mr. John H. Martin Medtronic Spine & Biologics Gary M. Pablo Panda Restaurant Group, Inc. #02283 Panhandle Charitable Open, Inc. Pen Air Federal Credit Union Gannett Foundation/ Pensacola News Journal Publix Super Markets #1296 Perdido Key Joe and Suzanne Quinlan Robert A. Benz Family Foundation Rock Hard Designs Sam's Club #8119 - Pensacola Mr. Paul Battle and Mrs. Kerry Anne Schultz The Seaside Interfaith Chapel Shampoochies Manuel Siverio Dr. and Mrs. James W. Smith Somerby of Santa Rosa Beach Southern Wine & Spirits Studer Foundation Noel and Bill Wade Walmart #1207 - Callaway Walmart #1222 - Pensacola Boulevard Walmart #2114 - Chipley Walmart #3119 - Panama City Beach Walmart #3439 - Navarre Walmart #5771 - Pensacola Walmart #5872 - Santa Rosa Beach Walmart Neighborhood Market #6531 Waste Management, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Bryan Weidner Marlene R. Weller Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC - Pensacola Mr. Alan Yordy and Mrs. Joan Kropf

Patrons ($1,000+) Ace Hardware #10167 - Racetrack Ace Hardware #11892 Ace Hardware #14304 Home and Garden Center Ace Hardware #14451 Ace Hardware #16274 Consolidated Ace Hardware Ace Hardware #5547Ace Home Helpers Mary and Joseph R. Agostinelli, D.P.M., Colonel, USAF (Ret.) Mr. Ramil Alfafara All My Sons Moving and Storage Dr. Ramak and Christina Amjad Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous AppRiver Ascension Ms. Sarah Ayers Michael P. Baggett Drs. Bevin Weeks and Kenneth E. Baker Mr. Aaron Ball BancorpSouth

Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Barrett Mike and Doris Beam Ms. Stephanie B. Bell Ben & Jerry's Berkadia Commercial MTG LLC Peter D. Birckhead Autumn & Peyton Blackledge Dr. and Mrs. William B. Blanchard Blue Knights Motorcycle Club Ms. Janeth Bondurant Mr. Weldon Bradshaw, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Buehler Timothy T. Burchell Cafe NOLA Caldwell Associates Architects, Inc. Joe and Lea Capers John and Robin Carr CEFCO Convenience Store #407 - Niceville CEFCO Convenience Store #408 - Crestview CEFCO Convenience Store #409 - Niceville CEFCO Convenience Stores #410 CEFCO Convenience Stores #413 Mr. and Mrs. William B. Chandler Chesebro Enterprises Inc. Frances A. Childre

Child's Play Church of the Resurrection Dr. Nancy Churosh Steve and Charleen Clark Clark Partington Attorneys at Law Classic City Catering Mr. Michael Clivner Coastal Skin Surgery and Dermatology The Coca-Cola Company Community Bank, Coast Ms. Britni Cooke Covenant Care Cowin Equipment Company, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Harry R. Cramer, Jr. Credit Union for Kids Pen Air Federal Credit Union #01303 Crown Health Care Laundry Services Mr. Franklyn L. Cutrone Dave and Darrell Dabria Newman-Dailey Resort Properties, Inc. Dairy Queen #41750 - Niceville Mr. Dan Danforth Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Davis Dermatology Specialist of Florida Dillard's Direct Energy Services #81 Dixielectricar of Destin

2020 Annual Report


Silvio and Joanne D'Orazio Dunlap & Shipman, P.A. Mr. Christopher J. Echele Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon The Endoscopy Group, LLC Envision Healthcare Charitable Escambia County Healthy Start Coalition, Inc. Evergreen Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Fabian Fastsigns Ms. Victoria Finley The Fish House Ramona K. Fleshman FMGI, Inc. Mr. David R. Frazee Stephen T. Gampher The Gathering at Sandestin Mr. Joseph P. Giangrosso, Jr. Anita S. Godwin Goldring Gulf Distributing Co. Good News Methodist Church Governor's Gate Apartments Sally Grace Mr. and Mrs. David L. Gray Bill Greenhut and Family Dr. Pamela M. Grier-Hall Gulf Power Company H2O Distributors Mrs. Kathleen G. Hall Roger and Susan Hall Ms. Delila A. Hancock Harvesters Federal Credit Union Hatchmark Studio Dr. Kerrian Hudson Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Heidecker Pamela S. Heinold, BHGRE, Main Street Properties George and Janice Hendricks Highpointe Hotel Corporation Reverend Richard Hines, Jr. Dr. Marjorie Homlar Hot Spot BBQ Mr. Jordan Howden Insurance Zone International Paper Ms. Peggy A. Irving Captain Lester T. Jackson Jewelers Trade Shop Michael and Phyllis Johnson State Farm Insurance Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Kahn Kinder World Mr. Michael King Mrs. Zenobia Knight Mr. Richard Knowles Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kostuik Mr. Larry L. and Dr. Patricia McNames Kunkel Justin and Amber Labrato Dr. Susan J. Laenger


Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation

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Ace Hardware #16129 - Bristol Ace Hardware #16416 - Lynn Haven Ace Hardware #16973 Ace Hardware #17322 Cantonment Ace Hardware Ace Hardware #3245 Ace Hardware #4549 - Walker's Ace Hardware #5538 - Walker's Ace Unlocks of Pensacola Mr. Robert Adams Alicia Rose Victorious Foundation All Pro Maintenance Amazon.com American Legion Auxiliary Unit 340 Ms. Nicole Andrews Mr. Leon Angelacos Mr. and Mrs. Larry S S. Bacon Dick and Laverne Baker Ms. Heather Ballard Dr. and Mrs. Paul T. Baroco Ms. Janet M. Barrett Amy Barron Mr. Eric Bartlett Mr. Michael Bass Mr. William H. Beeson, Jr. Belly To Cradle Bere Jewelers Ms. Alicia Bigelow BJ's Brewhouse Ms. Julia Blatz Mr. Ronald Blum The Bodacious Olive LLC Mr. Kevin Bogert Mr. and Mrs. Chad Bonner Mrs. Teressa Bradley Mr. Jerry S. Brown Mr. Percy Brown Ms. Lisa Brown Buffalo Wild Wings Ms. Lea Ann Bullard Ms. Kathleen G. Burk Mrs. Patricia A. Burns Mr. Kenneth Burrell Ms. Suzanne M. Camilli Mr. Dominic Canfora Capital Genealogy Mr. Larry Carlan Carousel Supermarket Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Carter CEFCO Convenience Stores #813 Mr. Michael Chambers Ms. Alicia Christy Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Cirincione Mr. D.G. Cobb Mr. Douglas Coleman Colombia Sportswear #458 Dr. Gulnur Com Community Coffee Company, LLC Mrs. Catharine Condon Mrs. Mary C. Corboy Susan and Anthony Cornejo

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Mr. Oren Powell Premier Property Group Mr. and Mrs. Josh Priestley Mr. and Mrs. James D. Prim Ms. Pamela Provencher Publix Super Markets #0677 - Destin Publix Super Markets #0823 Lynn Haven Publix Super Markets #1005 - Panama City Beach Publix Super Markets #1258 - Santa Rosa Beach Publix Super Markets #1351 - Freeport Publix Super Markets #1461 - Niceville Ms. Melba K. Pulaski Pure Pilates Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Pyfer Ms. Anne R. Pyron Ms. Carol O. Quina Ms. Krista Quinn Mr. Dick Rakers Mr. Stewart Ramsey Mr. Peter Rasnick RE/MAX #490353 - Gulf Properties Red Lobster Restaurant Ms. Haley Reiss Ms. Sheila Richards Mr. and Mrs. James H. Richards Ms. Sandra K. Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Harold Riffell John and Julie-Anne Rispoli Mrs. Lauren Robinson Mr. Edwin Rodriguez Mr. Caleb Rogers Ms. Denise Roll Mr. Christopher Roney Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Rowell Mr. and Mrs. John Russell Mr. and Mrs. Lewis S. Russell Rusted Arrow Mercantile Ms. Pearlas Sanborn Mr. Fred Scheidegger Ms. Shawn D. Schnyder Ms. Casey Schoenbeck Ms. Marcia Scott Kerrie Sessions Mr. and Mrs. Calvin D. Silcox Dr. Deborah Simkin Ms. Jessica Simpson Sims Orthodontics, LLC Mr. Paul Sirmans Dr. Robert C. Sledge Mr. Curtis Smith Mr. Jerry D. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith Ms. Lorenda Smith Ms. Judy Sneed Mrs. Michele S. Sorrell Southern District Church Extension Fund Ms. Briana Southers

Ms. Christie Spencer Dr. Francia T. Squatrito, DPM Mr. and Mrs. David P. Stewart Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Stickney, Sr. Ms. Aaron Strachan Ms. Sue Straughn Quint and Rishy Studer Mr. and Mrs. William Sullivan Mr. Frederick Szymanski Ms. Beverly Teseniar Ms. Rita Thomas Dr. Jennifer Thompson Mr. Lee Thompson Thompson Holdings Foundation Fund Tijuana Flats Burrito Co. Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Trahan Dr. and Mrs. Sam H. Traughber Ms. Lydia Tucker Tuscany Italian Bistro Two Men and A Truck Ms. Amy Underwood United Networks of America United Way of OkaloosaWalton Counties Mrs. Ashley Vannoy Mr. Anthony Vendetti Mr. Thurman Waller Walmart #1605 - Mobile Highway Walmart #1620 - Brewton Walmart #3075 - 23rd Street Panama City Kellie Walsh Mr. Michael M. Walsh David, Gillian & Euan Ward Ms. Kimberly D. Warner Warrington Hardware and Marine Ms. Shelley Weaver Mr. Michael Weber Ms. Rebecca Weber Mark & Laura Wehry M.D. Wellness Cucina LLC Charles B. and Betty White Ms. Faith Whitman Hunter and Carol Whittington Ms. Donna Williams Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Williams Mr. Jeremy Wilson Mrs. Jean Wingo Ms. Donna L. Wisdom Mr. Jacob Wolfe Mr. Peter M. Woodfield Mr. David Woy Mr. Jerry Wright Ms. Melissa Wright LuAnn Young Erin and Cole Yuknis Mr. Frank M. Zaborowski Ms. Carmela Zayas Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Zimmermann

2020 Annual Report


Together we can do great things

Pensacola Office

Emerald Coast/Gulf Office

2200 Airport Blvd., 2nd Floor Pensacola, FL 32504 (850) 416-4660

7700 US Hwy 98 W., Suite 300 Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459 (850) 278-3700

givesacredheart.org shf@ascension.org


Ascension Sacred Heart Foundation

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