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Invest. Impact. Inspire. Campaign for HACC


About HACC When HACC opened its doors on Feb. 14, 1964 at the former Harrisburg Academy on Second Street, it welcomed an inaugural class of 426 students and became the first community college in Pennsylvania. With funding support from school districts across Dauphin, Cumberland and Perry counties, HACC purchased a 157-acre parcel in Wildwood Park and, in 1966, broke ground for a $3.5-million project that would be later designated as the HACC campus. HACC was able to move to its new campus in 1967, just as it became the first community college in Pennsylvania to be accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Three main buildings – McCormick Library, Blocker Hall, Stabler Hall – were completed. Cooper Student Center and Whitaker Hall soon followed. HACC continued to expand physical space and programming to match the needs of the growing student population. The associate degree nursing program and noncredit offerings of workforce and economic development opened for enrollment. As HACC approached its 20th anniversary in 1984, nearly 7,000 students were enrolled, and the HACC Foundation was established to support the College mission in 1985. In 1987, HACC began to offer its first distance-learning courses, which were delivered to 317 via VHS, and the expansion of the HACC impact did not stop there! In 1989, classes opened in Lancaster and Gettysburg, and by fall 1990, students in the Lebanon area were able to enroll in classes in their hometown. The Community Center for Technology and Arts, now Midtown 1, opened in 2001, followed by well-received outreach in York County, prompting the opening of York Center. By its 50th anniversary in 2014, HACC had nearly 22,000 students enrolled across five campuses and in a virtual environment and another 30,000 in noncredit adult learning, Workforce Development and public safety courses. Six varsity athletic teams had been established as part of the National Junior College Athletic Association, and 10 fully online degrees had been developed. HACC unveiled a new brand “YOURS” to illustrate continued dedicated to the community of Central Pennsylvania, and HACC currently offers more than 130 associate degree, certificate and diploma programs, including an ever-growing number of online programs and study abroad opportunities. Today, HACC provides students with modern, well-equipped laboratories and studios, modern campuses and quality programs and services. HACC is the only institution of its kind in Central Pennsylvania and serves to inspire students through its mission - “Creating opportunities and transforming lives to shape the future – together.”

“With the help of donors like you, last year I was able to keep from acquiring any school debt. This helped ease my mind greatly, allowed me to concentrate on my studies, maintain my 4.0 grade point average and make the dean’s list. The financial assistance you have given to me is greatly appreciated and allows me to be one step closer to reaching my goals. Your generosity and support means a lot. I’m excited to see what the future holds for me, and I promise to work hard and eventually give something back to others. Your gift will not only help me, but all the people I will aid in the future as an occupational therapy assistant.” - Janelle Sensing, a HACC student

HACC’s Impact on Our Community From our very beginning in 1964, HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, has provided opportunities for students to plan for a brighter future and gain the skills and training they need to become active members of the business and industry workforce in the region. As its breadth of offerings, geographic footprint and student body have grown, HACC’s impact within the Central Pennsylvania region has been significant. 

HACC’s Military and Veteran Affairs Office serves the second largest active military and veteran population among public colleges and universities in Pennsylvania. HACC’s Vet Success Program provides campus support for veterans to help ease the transition to academic life.

HACC also trains many first- responders, including police, firefighters, paramedics and nurses. In fact, HACC’s Police Academy is the second largest in Pennsylvania.

The Career Bridges program, funded by a grant from the Pennsylvania Developmental Disabilities Council, allows non-degree seeking students with developmental disabilities to earn a culinary specialist certificate or a nurse aide training certificate while participating in existing culinary or nurse aide training courses alongside students without disabilities. This program gives individuals with disabilities the opportunity to attend college, experience campus life, prepare for industry-specific exams and gain skills for future employment.

Culturally, the Rose Lehrman Arts Center on the Harrisburg Campus serves the entire Central Pennsylvania region as a resource for cultural and artistic expression. The Live at Rose Lehrman Artist Series presents a variety of distinctive, diverse, high-quality professional offerings of live music, dance and theatre events aimed at bringing community audiences to campus. These performances serve to educate, entertain and improve the quality of life for Central Pennsylvania audiences.

HACC students and alumni are also leaders in community service. HACC’s Alpha Nu Omega chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society for two-year colleges, and Alpha Nu Omega Alumni Association were recently recognized as top fundraisers in the country for their work to raise funds for the 2015 American Cancer Society’s fight against cancer.

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude for being selected as one of the recipients of your prestigious awards. This award is greatly appreciated by me and my family. It will be a vital tool in helping me on this journey to obtain a college degree and make positive contributions to my community and the nation at large. I will continue working diligently and do my best to prove I was the right candidate selected. Thank you for awarding me this scholarship. I will be forever grateful for the assistance.” - Navado Robinson, a HACC student

Why A Fundraising Campaign? Community colleges are valued for their varied program offerings, diversity, innovation, dedication to success and responsiveness to an array of needs in the community. HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, strives to maintain the highest level of service to its students, alumni and the community. For more than 50 years, HACC has distinguished itself as a vital organization in the Central Pennsylvania region. Not only does HACC provide excellent opportunities in higher education, it also plays an important role in the region’s workforce development and economic growth. As HACC continues to respond to the needs of the community, it is critical that the challenges of changing demographics, workplace demands and economic factors be addressed. HACC must position itself to meet these challenges with the same standards of excellence with which it has served the community in the past. Planning and preparation for the Invest. Impact. Inspire. Campaign for HACC. began in the summer of 2014 – 50 years after the institution was founded. The fundraising campaign kicked off in August 2015, with HACC employees being among the first to be asked to support it. The campaign will end Dec. 31, 2019. A fundraising campaign will provide HACC with the resources necessary to meet the challenges of its students and the region. The campaign will provide funding for scholarships and emergency assistance to ensure that costs do not prevent students from achieving their goals. Funding will also allow for the renovation of the Cooper Student Center at the Harrisburg Campus to transform it into a one-stop welcome center with an array of services and amenities for students. Additional resources will fund the President’s Fund for Excellence to ensure that innovation remains a hallmark of HACC programs and initiatives. A fundraising campaign is not only an investment in HACC. It is an investment in our community and in the future. It will ensure that HACC’s next 50 years are as successful and impactful as the first.

“Because of the scholarship, I will be able to complete my last semester of college without needing to take out another loan for my schooling. This will help me to not only focus on my studies more, but it will also allow me to build my future and give back to my community quicker after I graduate from college. Your generosity is helping me to achieve my goal to graduate college.

Without the help and support of generous people such as yourself, I would not be able to achieve my goal to the best of my ability. Because of you, I can achieve my goal and I hope to someday be as supportive and helpful in a student’s life as this scholarship and the people involved in this scholarship have been to me today. - Ashley Zehring, a HACC student

Fundraising Priorities The Invest. Impact. Inspire. Campaign for HACC offers a broad range of opportunities that directly benefit students, faculty and the community. Scholarships (Goal: $2 million): Without scholarship opportunities, many HACC students would struggle to afford college. The campaign will allow students to pursue their dreams while minimizing their debt. Each campus has scholarship funds to meet the unique needs of the students in those communities. Emergency Assistance Funds (Goal: $500,000): Unexpected emergencies could stop students in their tracks. A house fire, medical emergency or automobile accident can present challenges and expenses that prohibit students from continuing their studies. This fund helps students deal with these types of unexpected financial burdens and crises. Over 145 students have received emergency assistance funds since 2005, but the need exceeds available resources. Raising additional funds will allow HACC to assist many more students experiencing emergency situations. Renovation of the Cooper Student Center (Goal: $10 million): Built in 1968 to accommodate 7,500 students, the Cooper Student Center is in need of renovations and updates to enable it to accommodate the nearly 10,000 students on campus. The goal of these renovations is to create a one-stop welcome center that will provide students with an array of services, including admissions, financial aid, counseling and advising, cafeteria, study space, veterans affairs, disability services and student club space. The renovations will transform the college experience for HACC’s commuter student body. President’s Fund for Excellence (Goal: $1.5 million): Innovation is a hallmark of HACC’s programs and services. Yet, state and federal funding cuts have made it challenging to stay ahead of the curve. The President’s Fund for Excellence allows HACC to meet pressing needs, encourage faculty to launch special initiatives and strengthen student programs through new opportunities. One of the greatest benefits of this campaign is the unique way in which it creates a sense of community and pride for an institution we love – HACC.

“Currently, I am a marketing major with a computer science minor at HACC. I plan on transferring to Penn State Harrisburg in the fall of 2017 and anticipate graduating in 2019. I have been attending HACC parttime while working, but in the spring of 2016 I began attending full-time while continuing to work. My goal is a challenge, and I will finish it one grade at a time. The scholarship has significantly assisted me with my financial situation and allows me to stay more focused on my educational goals. I will continue to achieve academic excellence and performance through my college career. One day I hope to help someone from my native home, Perry County, in achieving their goals as well. Thank you again for helping me greatly.” - Haydyn O’Brien – a HACC student

Scholarships Overall Fundraising Goal…………………… $2,000,000 Campus Goals: Gettysburg Harrisburg Lancaster Lebanon York

$250,000 $600,000 $600,000 $250,000 $300,000

Our students struggle to afford to stay in school. Some are juggling family, work and a course load. We can help students achieve by lessening financial stress through scholarships. 8,000 Number of Students Who Qualified for Financial Aid Last Year Based on a Completed FAFSA Application


6,000 5,000

Number of Students Who Applied for Scholarships Last Year

4,000 3,000

Number of Students Who Received Scholarship Support Last Year (Students are selected after multiple reviews. A post-acceptance process must be completed before awarding)

2,000 1,000 0 Student Scholarships

The total scholarship applications received each year far exceeds the total students awarded scholarships. By reaching our $2 million goal, approximately 2,000 additional students will receive a scholarship, helping them achieve their educational dreams. For more information, please contact the HACC Foundation at 717-7802321 or

“I was awarded a scholarship, and it has been such a blessing. It's hard when a person feels like they have to choose between making money or continuing their education, and I know I'm not the only one with that struggle. When I was awarded the scholarship, I felt an immediate sense of relief.” -Jessica Shingara, a HACC student

Scholarships - Gettysburg Campus Campus Fundraising Goal…………………… $250,000 HACC’s Gettysburg Campus provides access to higher education for many people who would otherwise struggle to go to college. Only 23.4 percent of residents in our community have received an associate degree. Many studies have shown a correlation between increasing educational attainment and decreasing incidence of poverty, unemployment, incarceration and reliance on public assistance.

Investing in scholarships is investing in a robust, vibrant future for Adams County. Mechatronics Scholarship (Goal: $100,000) The campus’ new Mechatronics Certificate Program is a combination of mechanical and electrical engineering, which prepares students for jobs in installation, repair or maintenance of electrical, mechanical and/or computerized equipment. Manufacturing makes up approximately 19 percent of the workforce in our service area, which includes Adams County and Hanover. By offering mechatronic scholarships, the campus is providing new opportunities for residents and supporting a community workforce need.

“When I received a scholarship, I felt very accomplished after all of the hard work I have done over the years.” - Natalie Smith Student, Gettysburg Campus

Business Scholarships (Goal: $50,000) The Gettysburg Campus has no scholarships in support of business degree programs. Business Administration is the campus’ largest transfer degree program and Business Management and Business Studies are our second and third largest career degree programs. Establishing business scholarships enables the campus to attract top-notch students to enroll in its career programs and supports local businesses that rely on talented employees for their workforce. Gettysburg Campus New and Existing Funds (Goal: $100,000) The Gettysburg Campus has existing scholarship funds that benefit many hardworking HACC students. These funds can benefit even more students through additional contributions. Also, establishing new scholarship funds that are Gettysburg Campus-specific in honor or memory of a family member, friend, professor and organization will help HACC recruit and retain students who would not otherwise be able to afford higher education.

For more information, please contact the HACC Foundation at 717-7802321 or

Scholarships - Harrisburg Campus Campus Fundraising Goal…………………… $600,000 HACC’s Harrisburg Campus is the oldest and largest of the College’s five campuses. With a current enrollment of more than 8,500 students, four out of five students attending a two-year college in Central Pennsylvania attend HACC. The Harrisburg Campus is a vital contributor to the quality of life enjoyed by residents and makes a significant contribution to ensuring that Central Pennsylvania employers will have a qualified labor force now and in the future.

Investing in scholarships is investing in a robust, vibrant future for Central Pennsylvania. Harrisburg Campus Scholarship Fund for Pell Grant Ineligible Students (Goal: $300,000) Scholarships should touch as many students as possible. An estimated 30 percent of the campus’ student population does not qualify for the federal Pell Grant option. This general scholarship fund will enable the Harrisburg Campus to attract top-notch students and give current students who are ineligible for federal aid another option to finance their education.

“Being a student at HACC helps me achieve my goal of being a lawyer someday. Receiving the financial assistance really makes it possible for me to even go to college because I have a family to take care of. The extra support helped a lot. Without it, I would not be at HACC right now.” - Koranda Fox Student, Harrisburg Campus

Harrisburg Promise Scholarship (Goal: $150,000) This scholarship will assist first-year, financially disadvantaged students who have participated in the Harrisburg Promise program. Students in the program must maintain a 2.5 GPA throughout high school, live in designated school districts and participate in all other program requirements. Students who successfully complete this program and enter HACC as a first-year student will be eligible for the Harrisburg Promise Scholarship. For more information, visit Harrisburg Campus New and Existing Funds (Goal: $150,000) The Harrisburg Campus has existing scholarship funds that benefit many hardworking HACC students. These funds can benefit even more students through additional contributions. Also, establishing new scholarship funds that are Harrisburg Campus-specific in honor or memory of a family member, friend, professor and organization will help HACC recruit and retain students who would not otherwise be able to afford higher education.

For more information, please contact the HACC Foundation at 717-7802321 or

Scholarships - Lancaster Campus Campus Fundraising Goal…………………… $600,000 HACC’s Lancaster Campus has confidence in the talent among its more than 4,100 students and believes in preparing students to become exemplary workers in business and industry throughout Lancaster County. Investing in scholarships is investing in a robust, vibrant future for Lancaster County. Lancaster Opportunity and Access Scholarship (Goal: $100,000) Because many students are working full-time or part-time as well as balancing family and personal commitments, scholarships make a tremendous difference in their ability to attend or remain in college. This general scholarship allows us to reach a large number of students at the Lancaster Campus. Nursing Scholarships (Goal: $50,000) Nursing majors are the largest cluster of students at the Lancaster Campus, with more than 1,000 enrolled. These scholarships allow students to focus on meeting the rigorous academic requirements of the program. Merit-Based Full Scholarship (Goal: $30,000) Merit scholarships are awarded to the county’s best and brightest students. The campus will establish a full merit-based scholarship to attract those students with the potential and promise to make an impact in the county. Lancaster Campus Non-Traditional Student Award Fund (Goal: $25,000) School district superintendents say that high school graduating classes will be significantly smaller in the coming years. This scholarship will help recruit nontraditional students to attend HACC.

“I appreciate receiving this scholarship, because after numerous surgeries and losing my job, it was very helpful towards paying for my education.” -Jeffrey Hill Student, Lancaster Campus

Healthcare Scholarships (Goal: $25,000) Lancaster County continues to have a great need for healthcare professionals. These scholarships will support students enrolled in the campus’ Cardiac Sonography, Radiologic Technology, Phlebotomy and Radiologic Informatics programs. Veterans Scholarships (Goal: $25,000) HACC has always partnered with the Pennsylvania Department of Veterans Affairs to offer financial assistance to veteran students. Recent changes shifted more of the financial burden to veterans. This scholarship will help alleviate some costs for those who have bravely fought for our freedom. “Legends” of Lancaster Scholarships ($25,000) These scholarships will honor those people who have made significant contributions to education. Donors are also encouraged to establish scholarships in honor or memory of other local “legends.” Lancaster Campus New and Existing Funds (Goal: $300,000) The Lancaster Campus has existing scholarship funds that benefit many hardworking HACC students. These funds can benefit even more students through additional contributions. Also, establishing new scholarship funds that are Lancaster Campusspecific in honor or memory of a family member, friend, professor and organization will help HACC recruit and retain students who would not otherwise be able to afford higher education.

For more information, please contact the HACC Foundation at 717-780-2321 or

Scholarships – Lebanon Campus Campus Fundraising Goal…………………… $250,000 For more than 25 years, HACC’s Lebanon Campus has provided access to higher education for many people who would otherwise struggle to go to college. With nearly 1,200 students, the campus is a vital component in workforce development in Lebanon County.

Investing in scholarships is investing in a robust, vibrant future for Lebanon County. Manufacturing Scholarship (Goal: $50,000) The Lebanon Campus’ new welding program and other manufacturing offerings directly meet local needs in manufacturing and mining production. Establishing a manufacturing scholarship enables the campus to (1) attract top-notch students to enroll in related programs and (2) support local manufacturers that rely on talented welders and shop workers for their workforce. Information Technology (IT) Scholarship (Goal: $50,000) Computers and information technology touch nearly every aspect of modern life. Job opportunities in the IT sector will continue to grow “much faster than the average” of all occupations through 2018, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This scholarship will draw not only technology-oriented students to the Lebanon Campus, but also those with a creative flair, by supporting those studying computer information systems (CIS), web design or graphic design. John Worrilow Memorial Scholarship (Goal: $50,000) John Worrilow served as the mayor of Lebanon for seven years. This scholarship will honor his memory by providing much-needed scholarship assistance to students who attend HACC’s Lebanon Campus and supporting the education of many in the community that John was a part of since 1921. English Language Learners (ELL)/English as a Second Language (ESL) Workforce Scholarship (Goal: $25,000) The Hispanic community represents 34 percent of Lebanon County’s population. By establishing this workforce scholarship, the Lebanon Campus will be able to test and enroll residents in its ELL/ESL program at no cost or reduced cost to the participants. During the program’s first year, staff tested more than 80 potential students and enrolled 60 students. Of these students, 10 percent are now focused on enrolling at HACC full time. Lebanon Campus New and Existing Funds (Goal: $75,000) The Lebanon Campus has existing scholarship funds that benefit many hardworking HACC students. These funds can benefit even more students through additional contributions. Also, establishing new scholarship funds that are Lebanon Campus-specific in honor or memory of a family member, friend, professor and organization will help HACC recruit and retain students who would not otherwise be able to afford higher education.

“It was not an easy decision to return to school. I am 43, married with two children and working full-time….I am preparing to enter the clinical phase of the nursing program at HACC, and I anticipate a heavier course load than previous semesters. As such, I am grateful for any assistance that allows me to focus less on finances and more on schoolwork. Your generosity is inspiring and I plan to follow your example and share my good fortune with future HACC students by becoming a scholarship donor myself.” - Todd Shirk Student, Lebanon Campus

Scholarships - York Campus Campus Fundraising Goal…………………… $300,000 HACC’s York Campus currently has more than 3,000 students enrolled in classes, evidence of a significant need in York County for an affordable, flexible option for a quality education. These individuals are pursuing the education and skills necessary to obtain jobs with family-sustaining wages.

Investing in scholarships is investing in a robust, vibrant future for York County. Trades and Technology Scholarship (Goal: $100,000) As demand for workers in the trades and technology increases, the campus seeks to grow such academic programs as Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Automotive Technology, Welding and Electrical Occupations. Establishing scholarships focused in these areas will enable HACC to attract top-notch students.

“I appreciate receiving this scholarship because it provides the help and encouragement that motivate me to continue. When I received this scholarship, I felt honored to have been selected and excited to keep working toward my goals.” -Melissa Lazarony Student, York Campus

Fine Arts Scholarship (Goal: $25,000) With art and design classes now being offered at the York Campus, there is a dire need to provide financial assistance to students who want to study fine arts. With a major art institute closing in the area, the campus can fill a regional need for arts education, and offering fine arts scholarships may entice art and design students to attend HACC. Merit-Based Scholarship (Goal: $25,000) Merit scholarships are awarded to students based on strong academic performance. The York Campus will establish merit-based scholarships to recognize and attract those students who show the potential and promise to make an impact in York County. HACC Academy Scholarship (Goal: $10,000) HACC Academy programs at the York Campus are an important pathway for many area high school seniors. The Academy enables students to pursue careers in health care or the trades, providing the skills necessary to enter the workforce or to continue their education. This scholarship would offer students enrolled in the Academy an incentive to continue their education at HACC after graduation. York Campus New and Existing Funds (Goal: $140,000) The York Campus has existing scholarship funds that benefit many hardworking HACC students. These funds can benefit even more students through additional contributions. Also, establishing new scholarship funds that are York Campus-specific in honor or memory of a family member, friend, professor and organization will help HACC recruit and retain students who would not otherwise be able to afford higher education.

For more information, please contact the HACC Foundation at 717-7802321 or

Emergency Assistance Funds Overall Fundraising Goal…………………… $500,000 Campus Goals: Gettysburg Harrisburg Lancaster Lebanon York

$50,000 $225,000 $100,000 $50,000 $75,000

The Emergency Assistance Fund is available to assist students facing a financial emergency and unexpected financial burdens, excluding tuition-related expenses.

 

The funds assist students enrolled at HACC who could be forced to delay or suspend their education if they do not receive extraordinary finanical help. Separate emergency assistance funds have been established for the Gettysburg, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Lebanon and York campuses.

Over the years, Emergency Assistance Funds have enabled students to achieve their educational goals. While primarily aimed at helping students continue their studies, these funds have occasionally been life-saving. These funds have assisted a student escape domestic abuse, helped a student whose house was destroyed by fire and provided temporary shelter to a homeless student. To ensure this process provides assistance to students who truly need extraordinary help, we follow a stringent application and selection process. Each student must apply online, provide an unofficial transcript and, when applicable, a vendor invoice. The application is reviewed by a campus Emergency Assistance Fund committee, comprised of a campus leader, a representative from financial aid and a representative from student affairs.

“I am very grateful for the HACC Emergency Assistance Fund as it has helped me in obtaining my much needed nursing supplies. Without this help, it would have been very difficult to have these items on time for my class. These types of programs are a great and needed emergency resource for students who might be in a difficult financial position. Lack of funds should not be an obstacle to obtaining an excellent education and thanks to programs like this, obstacles are eliminated!” -Jomarie Angier, a HACC student

Since 2005, 145 students have received emergency assistance funds. In 2014, HACC received 227 applications for emergency assistance. Of those applications, 50 were approved. The number of total applications far exceeds the number of approved applications. By achieving our goal of $500,000, we will be able to assist approximately 1,000 additional students who experience emergency situations.

Top Areas of Need Home needs & childcare Auto repairs & transportation Needed school supplies

For more information, please contact the HACC Foundation at 717-780-2321 or

Cooper Student Center Fundraising Goal …………………… $10,000,000 For the first time in 45 years, we are making plans to rebuild the Cooper Student Center on the Harrisburg Campus. It was built in 1968 with an anticipated capacity for 7,500 students, and we are now approaching 10,000 students on campus.

Our goal is to create a new “one-stop” welcome center, where students have easy access to a range of services:  Admissions, financial aid, counseling and advising  Comfortable lounge and study space for commuting students  Cafeteria  Student government offices and student club space  Student services like veterans affairs and disability services

It makes sense for student services like financial aid and advising to be together to work as a team. If they’re physically close together, it’ll save time for students instead of having to go back and forth. They can both be in the same place and give more detail to students…People like changes, and it’s important to change and to move forward. - Alice, a HACC student

These renovations will transform the HACC experience for our students. Because HACC students are commuters, they need a comfortable space to read, study and perform group work. Many of the spaces for admissions, financial aid and counseling and advising are too small. We aim to improve these areas greatly, creating a helpful, friendly environment for both prospective and current students. The Cooper Student Center will be transformed from a building to a true student hub. The renovation schedule is as follows: Date Feb. 1-18, 2016 Feb. 8, 2016 Feb. 15, 2016 Feb. 19, 2016 Feb. 19-26, 2016 Feb. 22, 2016 Feb. 22, 2016 March 7, 2016 June 2017

Action Staff members in the Cooper Student Center begin packing Student life offices (SGA, SPB and The Fourth Estate) begin moving to Blocker 221 Student life offices reopen in Blocker 221 Disability Services Department begins moving to Blocker 101 Furniture and items will be moved from the Cooper Student Center to PSECU Welcome Center and student services reopen in PSECU Disability Services Department reopens in Blocker 101 Demolition begins in the Cooper Student Center Renovations complete

For more information, please visit You may also contact the HACC Foundation at 717-780-2321 or

If all the services were available, it would be a lot less stressful for students. I’m a veteran, and I spend a lot of time in Cooper. The building definitely needs a makeover. It needs to be brought out of the 1950s and into the 21st century for the students to spend their time there. – Jordan, a HACC student

President’s Fund for Excellence Overall Fundraising Goal …………………… $1,500,000 Campus Goals: Gettysburg Harrisburg Lancaster Lebanon York

$200,000 $550,000 $300,000 $200,000 $250,000

HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, has big ideas. We see opportunities ahead, and we want to share our dreams with partners who can help bring them to life. Being successful in the 21st century demands innovative ideas and programs. The more proactive HACC is in solving the challenges of the years to come, the better we can serve our students and the more impact we will have in Central Pennsylvania. There is a new normal in higher education. In the past few years, the College has experienced considerable funding cuts from the state and federal governments, as well as from our supporting school districts. At the same time, there has been a growing demand for accountability. These realities compel HACC to assess and transform our approaches to teaching and service so we can prepare our students for a rapidly changing world. In times of financial difficulty, unrestricted and discretionary money is worth its weight in gold to a college. Gifts to the President’s Fund for Excellence give the College the capacity to meet pressing needs as they arise, launch special initiatives and capitalize on new opportunities to strengthen student programs. In the past, the President’s Fund for Excellence has provided funds to:  Provide “Essential Anatomy” application of 3D anatomical models at HACC’s Gettysburg Campus  Develop a Community Innovation Center on HACC’s Harrisburg Campus  Establish HACC’s first collaborative classroom at the Lancaster Campus  Establish a writing center at HACC’s York Campus  Provide GED bridge training to begin the process toward enrollment in a degree program  Revamp HACC’s website For more information, please contact the HACC Foundation at 717-7802321 or

“Node seating is the classroom of the future – it allows faculty and students to quickly rearrange the classroom to better interact with each other and view course materials presented using Smart classroom technology. When asked about their experiences with a new grant-funded node seating classroom at HACC’s Lancaster Campus, more than 85 percent of participating students reported that they enjoyed taking a class in the new room and 100 percent of faculty enjoyed teaching a class in the room. Of faculty who used the room, 80 percent reported that the node seating helped their students connect to one another and increased participation and student learning.” –Tammy Gingras-Moore, adjunct instructor of communications at HACC’s Lancaster Campus, 2015 recipient of a Seeds of Change Mini Grant from the HACC Foundation, a project funded by the President’s Fund for Excellence.” -Tammy Gingras-Moore, Adjunct Professor of Speech

Naming of College Buildings, Grounds and Rooms Student-friendly HACC facilities are imperative to the College’s success. Imagine your company, foundation or family enjoying the recognition that comes with your name honored for generations on a building or in a room. The five campuses have naming opportunities, which can be found online at Naming Opportunities at the Harrisburg Campus Any donations for naming spaces in the Cooper Student Center on the Harrisburg Campus will go directly to funding renovations in the building. However, donations for naming opportunities not related to the Cooper Student Center will be contributed to the President’s Fund for Excellence. Naming Opportunities at the Gettysburg, Lancaster, Lebanon and York Campuses Naming opportunities at the Gettysburg, Lancaster, Lebanon and York campuses will be available for existing spaces. All donations for naming opportunities for existing spaces at these four campuses will be designated for the President’s Fund for Excellence.

“The environment is what I like most about HACC. It is so amazing to have computers to use when you need them or to be able to just relax while doing homework. I wanted to attend HACC, because the rates were very affordable, and I wanted a place in which I could feel safe.” -Claudia Medina, a HACC student

For all five campuses, the naming of the spaces will not occur until donations are paid in full. For more information, please visit

Cooper Student Center, Harrisburg Campus

Lebanon Campus

For more information, please contact the HACC Foundation at 717-780-2321 or

Ways to Give Giving to HACC is easy! We accept many forms of giving. The information below outlines just how easy it is to contribute to HACC.

Check Please make all checks to payable to the HACC Foundation and mail to: HACC Foundation One HACC Drive Harrisburg, PA 17110

Online To contribute online, please visit

Stocks and Bonds Bestowing a gift of stocks and bonds can offer highly favorable tax advantages for the giver. If you donate stock that has risen in value and that you have held for more than one year, you will be entitled to a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the stock. Your accountant and attorney can advise you as to when it is optimal to gift your stocks and bonds and what you need to do to assure proper documentation. When you give highly appreciated securities to the HACC Foundation, the Foundation receives the full value of those securities and you may receive a tax benefit. For instructions on how to contribute through stocks and bonds, please contact us at

Matching Gifts Many employers will match the charitable donations of you or your spouse. Please check with your employer to see if the company participates in such a program. If so, we urge you to take advantage of this opportunity. Information about other ways to contribute is available online at

The HACC Foundation, established in 1985, is a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The HACC Foundation (Federal Tax ID #23-2353614) raises private and corporate contributions in support of HACC.

“I choose to give to the HACC Foundation because I know my money will go directly to opening up educational access and equity to those in my community. The HACC Foundation is a vital tool that helps grow HACC’s global reach through face to face classes, virtual classes and our iTunes U complete course catalog.” -Alfred Siha, HACC donor

HACC Fundraising Parties: Host a Special Event with Friends While Raising Money for HACC! Love for HACC + Love for parties = Fundraising party The concept is simple. Identify a special occasion (birthday, anniversary, promotion). Throw a party to celebrate it. Ask your family and friends to contribute to the HACC Foundation in lieu of gifts to you. HACC fundraising parties are fashionable, informal and fun. Most guests genuinely enjoy parties with a purpose. A successful fundraising party depends on an engaging blend of food, people and atmosphere. Volunteer party hosts are supported by the HACC Foundation, and the expenses for their parties are considered tax-deductible. In 2015, HACC champions held 12 fundraising parties. Those parties raised a total of $46,730.30 from 225 individuals. The funds were contributed to the HACC Foundation. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. You have an excuse to celebrate with your family and friends, and every dollar raised positively impacts HACC students! With a little creativity and planning, your event could be the talk of the town, just like Greg and Jean King’s anniversary party. For more information, please contact the HACC Foundation at 717-7802321 or

“In celebration of our 20th wedding anniversary, Jean and I realized that we had an opportunity to not only celebrate with friends, but to raise funds for the HACC Foundation at the same time. As a member of the HACC Foundation Board for more than 12 years and former Board chair, HACC is near and dear to my heart. We decided to host a cocktail party, inviting friends from the past 20 years of our life together, and asked that friends consider donating to the HACC Foundation in lieu of any gifts. The cocktail party was a great success with approximately 100 people R attending at the Colonial Golf and Tennis Club. It was a celebration of our anniversary, our friendships, our community, and of course HACC!” -Greg King, HACC Foundation Board member

HACC Board of Trustees

Thomas B. Richey, Chair Toni H. Sharp, Vice Chair Peter C. Wambach, Secretary Mark A. Whitmoyer, Treasurer Niles S. Benn, Esq. Daniel P. Delaney, Esq. Randy E. Eckels Deep C. Gupta Sally S. Klein Hector R. Ortiz, Ph.D. Robert J. Phillips Keith R. Sadler Jeffrey A. Shaffer Vicki R. Shannon Teresa D. Williams, Ed.D.

HACC Foundation Board of Directors

Kenneth R. Shutts, Chair Stephen Staman, Vice Chair John J. "Ski" Sygielski, Ed.D., President, HACC, and Secretary, HACC Foundation Linnie S. Carter, Ph.D., APR, Vice President of College Advancement, HACC, and Executive Director, HACC Foundation Timothy Sandoe, Vice President of Finance, HACC, and Treasurer, HACC Foundation Marion C. Alexander Dennis L. Benchoff H. Edward Black Oralia Garcia Dominic, Ph.D. Norma Gotwalt Budd Hallberg Nicholas Hughes Dwayne A. Hunt, Employee Representative Greg King Gary Laabs Thomas B. Richey Richard “Rick” Scott Melissa Shupe Sheryl M. Simmons Frank R. Sourbeer Richard W. Stevenson, Esq. Jonathan D. Williams William H. Alexander, Emeritus Ernest P. Davis, Emeritus Frank J. Dixon, Emeritus Kristen Olewine Milke, Emeritus

For more information, please contact us at or 717-780-2321. HACC is a multi-campus two-year public comprehensive community college serving 10 counties and 65 school districts in Central Pennsylvania.

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Learn more about the fundraising campaign for HACC, Central Pennsylvania's Community College.

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