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Issue 2 | 18 Mar ’10


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Editorial Welcome to Gozo Spring is here. You can enjoy a greener side of Gozo this time of the year. After consistent rain showers last weekend, we hope the weather will hold up this time around so we can enjoy a pleasant long weekend. Within this issue Marion Zammit is suggesting a nice afternoon walk on the Northern coast road starting from Marsalforn to the Ghasri Valley. While Claire Borg has put together some practical yet intriguing recipes for your weekend-break cooking. When going out consider visiting Gharb as the local council is organising their annual event ‘Seher il-Punent’. And as Easter is around the corner, there are a few Easter-related events going on in Victoria and Fontana.

At Arkadia we are busy as usual to provide the quality, choice, and value essential for our customers. We have just introduced a baby section in our home department and will soon introduce two kids brands to our fashion department – Tape À L’Oeil and Chicco. At Arkadia Foodstore we have just recently published our second issue of ‘the foodie’. Get your FREE copy when visiting us in Victoria. And at Circle-A we will be hosting Eddie Fenech Adami this Saturday morning to sign copies of his auto-biography ‘INSERVI’. Enough for now. A relaxing entertaining weekend to you all.


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These lanes are made for walking

Article by Marion Zammit | Photos by George Saguna

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Recipes and photos by Claire Borg

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These lanes are made for walking Walking shoes, pocket camera, fresh spring air and a desire to explore... they are mainly the ingredients to get to know another side of Gozo, starting from here...

Article by

Marion Zammit Photos by

George Saguna

Feature As much as we may love to think of Gozo as a cosmopolitan and urban island, reality has been kinder than many buried desires would have it. Thankfully enough, ‘da rock’ as many like to call it, has been blessed through the bounty of nature, and although a smooth rhythmic pace of modern life has at times caught up with it, the strong and heavy arm of progress has often found it less easy to cross the channel towards Gozo. Spring brings with it what is probably the most pleasant climate on these islands, not that we have had a winter this year! But these few weeks that lead the way before the temperatures start soaring, are practically ideal to put on those walking shoes and explore the off-beat lanes and tracks that wind from hills to valleys where traces of modern life are often lost and dispersed. In this first in a series, we’ll seek to explore one of the most kaleidoscopic coastal areas of tiny Gozo. Marsalforn is known to all those treading on the island as ‘the tourist area’, the densely populated summer resort sought after by tourists and locals alike. Yet, in these still dreamy months,

the once fishing village breathes an altogether different aura. Public transport, bus number 21 from the Victoria Bus Terminus, takes you immediately to the heart of Marsalforn. If you opt to go by car, you can easily park along the streets or in the main car park that’s virtually empty these times of year. Stretch your legs and make it to the waterline. My suggestion is to go towards Qbajjar, up from the main shoreline at Marsalforn bay, along the coast towards the Northeast. Qbajjar Promenade, though now in a good need of a redo, still offers an enjoyable space to stroll through, very close to the sea. The tiny beach along which the road twists is probably unpopulated at this time of year, although the thick seaweed that cushions it is regularly home to little family barbecues throughout summer. The recently asphalted road takes a slightly uphill turn. You can walk along the road or opt to move astray a few metres, still walking along the shoreline, and meet a few homey characters playing ‘bocci’ at the ‘bocci’ pitch. This is yet another slice of Gozitan life your Gozo guide - 9

that immediately catapults you to a sort of village life hardly existing any more in Malta or elsewhere. Either way, you’re bound to be back on the new dark tarmac, where the road leads towards Xwejni bay, a spectacle in its own right as the sun turns a denser red. The pebbly beach beneath the Qolla l-Bajda is a cozy setting for a sunset swim. Yet, scuba divers often use it, by day and night, as a springboard to launch their favourite sport as in this part of the island lie some of the most interesting natural rock formations underwater. A stroll along what was initially thought of ‘the coast road’ that thankfully never made it, will have you meet Leli Cini, the saltpan harvester, who – whenever the weather permits – is right there, pulling up sea water to fill his hundreds of saltpans, cleaning them or literally harvesting the

salt, by sweeping the rocky holes clean into bucketfuls of pure white crystallised ‘snow’. If you’re lucky enough and find Leli or his wife having a short break from their back-breaking daily routine, or

packing salt in their rock-cut room across the lane, a short chat with them will make you go home thinking you got to know another side to Gozo than you ever knew!

your Gozo guide - 11

Back onto the cement-formed road and along the winding route, you will see the soft-looking honeycoloured rock formations beneath you giving way to more saltpans and the vertiginous heights to the open blue sea. Even this natural backdrop has not escaped the veil of legends Gozo is well known for, for the saltpans are linked to a centuries-old tale of a once watchmaker ... but more of that some other day. From here, on very clear days, the Sicilian coast is very visible to the naked eye. And your mobile phone network, for a few seconds, will probably give way to an Italian network or keep on searching for one. Don’t worry you haven’t arrived in Italy yet, but that’s how far we are to ‘Europe’ from this side of the island! But besides the saltpans and the silky-seeming rock, a few more minutes on foot will lead you away from the coast towards typical Gozitan countryside. We are slowly approaching the picturesque village of Ghasri. Half-way between the coast and the first signs of human habitation is the secretly treasured Wied l-Ghasri, an alcove fjord hidden to the undiscerning eye that reveals

Feature a silent tiny world where the only sounds are those of birds and the caressing waves lapping up the white pebbles on shore. The steep stone stairs leading down, and then back up, from road to the beach are well worth the try!

to be ruins of an earlier chapel. Although not intricately decorated as the Baroque churches we are used to, if open, the church is worth a tiny stop ‌ your legs will probably thank you ahead of your walk back.

If you’ve exercised enough for one day you may opt to go back to your car or the bus by taking the same route, but a few hundred metres of paces along the lane towards Ghasri will take you to a lovely little chapel, dedicated to ‘Il-Madonna tal-Patrocinju’. This tiny house of prayer was built in XPDF 1739, on what are understood

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What’s On Seher il-Punent Gharb Main Square

Organised by the Gharb Local Council

Friday, 19th March 2010 6:30PM: Re-enactment of In Guardia 7:00PM: Tal-Qiegha folk Group presents a traditional meal of four dishes including glass of wine or other drinks. Includes Maltese folk music and entertainment by Tal-Qiegha Folk Group and Cini Band Admission: €12 Tickets available from Gharb Local Council. Call on 21560556 24hrs service or send email on

Limited number of seats.

Saturday, 20th March 2010 7:00PM: Defilee’ by Ghaqda Dilettanti tal-Karnival Gibda tal-Habel (Tug of War) Competition Tilwima Talenti Competition* Animators – Stilt Walkers & Fire Jugglers

14 - your Gozo guide

Finalists of the Malta Song Festival Performance by Popular Maltese Band – Airport Impressions *Whoever wants to participate to the competition Tilwima Talenti is kindly requested to contact the Council on 21560556.

Sunday, 21st March 2010

9AM onwards • Exhibition and tasting of typical products including Sicilian and local cheese, • Fruit and wine tables • Performance by Aurora Folk Group • Performance by Tal-Qiegha Folk Group • Live creation and exhibition of the Largest Gbejna ever done in the Maltese Islands • Motorcycles Exhibition 12PM onwards • Show by various dancing companies • Performance by the

What’s On Greenfields 7PM onwards • Family Evening program presented by Claudette Pace and J. Anvil with the participation of Olivia Lewis, Georgina, Jade Vella and Dominic Galea and Band • Competitions Final – Gbid ta’ Habel (Tug of War) and ‘Tilwima Talenti’ • Performance by Malta Song Festival Winner – Thea Garrett Children’s Corner with animators available during all days of the festival

Art & Crafts Exhibitions throughout the weekend • Exhibition by Hurbert Culture Studio • Aquarium Exhibition Cultural Walking Tours

CULTURAL ACTIVITIES Drama – “Il-Klassi” Comedy in Maltese written by Peter Paul Grech, produced by Kercem Drama Group and directed by George Mizzi. Cittadella Centre for Culture & Arts (Gozo Citadel) Friday 19th and Saturday 20th March 2010 at 7:30PM Admission: FREE

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What’s On Book Signing by Eddie Fenech Adami

Former Prime Minister and President Emeritus Eddie Fenech Adami will be signing his auto-biography ‘INSERVI’. Circle-A, Arkadia Commercial Centre, Victoria Saturday, 20th March 2010 at 10:30AM

L-Imsallab Fi Triqatna

Re-enactment of the passion of Christ in the streets of Victoria. Starting from Saint Augustine Square. Saturday 20th March 2010 at 7.30PM

For Opera Lovers “Sweet Music”

“Hora Gloriae”

Sacred Music Concert & Lenten Meditations by the Schola Cantorum Jubilate. Fontana Parish Church Saturday 20th March 2010 at 7:00PM Admission: FREE

18 - your Gozo guide

Screening of Puccini’s opera “Gianni Schicchi” preceeded by a short introduction and synopsis. Tea, coffee & biscuits will be served. Cittadella Centre for Culture & Arts (Gozo Citadel) Sunday 21st March 2010 at 4:00PM Admission: €2.50

NightLife Friday, 19th March

Birthday Bash ZUMA Bar (Paradiso), Xlendi 10pm onwards

Victor Chetcuti - Live D-Venue, Xaghra 10pm onward

Saturday, 20th March

80’s-90’s Night KU Club, Victoria 10pm onwards

Sunday, 21st March

Live Jam Session by Keith and Christoph

Live Room 2nd Floor, Zeppi’s Pub, Qala 6pm onwards

Arkadia, GOZO Naxxar Road, BIRKIRKARA

What’s Cooking

Some easy cooking suggestions while staying over on Gozo.

Recipes & photos by

Claire Borg Ingredients from

Widow Soup

What’s Cooking Widow Soup Serves 6 • • • • • • •

remaining potatoes, and the cauliflower into florets and add to the soup. Add also the Gbejniet.

1 Large Cauliflower 2 Medium Onions 2 Carrots 7 medium Potatoes 1 Cup of fresh shelled peas 1 Gidra ‘Kolrabi’ 6 Gbejniet ‘ Local Fresh Sheep Cheeslets’ 3.5 Ltrs of Water 2 Tbsp Kunserva ‘Tomato Paste’ Oil for cooking / Sea Salt / Black Pepper 6 Eggs - Optional 175 Grams of Ditali Corti (short pasta tubes)

Check the cauliflower and when done, remove from soup, placing in a large serving plate on the side. When the potatoes are done, also remove them from the soup, then remove the gbejniet. Break the eggs into the soup, like when poaching them, being careful and not stirring, and cook them for about 5/6 min. Remove from soup and set aside with the other vegetables. Add the pasta, and cook according to pack instructions 8/10 min.

Cook the onion gently in oil until its soft. Add the carrots, kolrabi and 1 of the potatoes, all diced small. Cook together on a gentle flame for about 5 min. Split the cauliflower in half. Chop one of the halves finely and add to the cooking vegetables. Cook for another 5 min, then add the Kunserva, season and continue cooking for another 5 min. Bring the water to a boil and add to the vegetables and simmer partially covered for about 30 min. Cut in halves the 6

Serve the soup, followed by a selection of the cooked vegetables and a poached egg. The Gbejniet can be served with the soup or with the vegetables, as one prefers. As a must, the vegetables should be drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with freshly ground pepper and flakes of sea salt. Salted tuna or canned tuna, olives and fresh crusty bread spread with ‘Kunserva’ (tomato paste) are often served accompanying this second plate.

• • • • •

your Gozo guide - 21

What’s Cooking • 1 tbsp sesame seed oil • 3 Tbsp Sweet Chilli sauce • ½ a small cucumber – peeled, deseeded and finely sliced • 3 Spring onions – peeled and finely sliced • 1 small can bean sprouts – drained • sea salt to taste • 2 tsp Chilly flakes - Optional

Chicken Noodle Satay

Chicken Noodle Satay • 200 Grams Rice Noodles • 200 Grams Chicken Breast • 5 Tbsp Crunchy Peanut Butter • 5 tbsp dark soya sauce • 1 can Coconut Milk • 1 Tbsp fresh Mint – roughly chopped • 2 Tbsp fresh Coriander – roughly chopped • 1 Tbsp fresh Parsley – finely chopped • 1 small red pepper – washed, seeds removed and finely chopped 22 - your Gozo guide

In a pot, bring to the boil the coconut milk and 300 ml of water. Add the chicken breast and boil until cooked (about 15 minutes). Drain and cool. If you have leftover roast chicken you can use that instead. Slice thinly. In a large pot bring to the boil about 2.5 liters of salted water and cook the rice noodles according to the pack instructions. Rinse with cold water, drain and set aside. Mix the soya sauce, sesame seed oil, sweet chilly and peanut butter together until evenly combined. Mix into the well drained noodles. Add the chopped vegetables and the fresh herbs and mix evenly. Add the chicken, season and serve.

Exotic Fruit Salad • 1 Papaya – Peeled and seeds removed • ½ a Pineapple – Peeled and centre piece removed • Tinned Lychees – drained • 1 Mango – Peeled and stone removed • 1 Banana – Peeled • small bunch Black Grapes – Washed • I punnet Physalis - Washed • 1 Pink Grapefruit – Segmented • 4 Passion Fruits – Cut open and fruit scooped out Wash, peel, chop and arrange fruit accordingly. Mix together in a large bowl and serve chilled.

FREE Get your copy from



MAR - APR 2010

Exotic Fruit Salad







Arkadia, GOZO | Republic Street, VALLETTA The Plaza, SLIEMA | Main Street, PAOLA







soups, pasta, meat dishes, fresh fish, also lobsters, oysters, cozze, and vongole fresh


Martin Garces Street, Yacht Marina, from our aquarium, all at reasonable T: 2156 3317 | M: 9944 4999 price. Our extensive wine  6ICTORY3QUARE 8AG list includes Ta’ E: Mena Wines produced in 4EL Gozo using our W: grape varieties grown exclusively on the  6ICTORY3QUARE 8AGHRA island. Il-Kartell is beautifully placed on 4EL-OB the picturesque left corner of Marsalforn E MAILDVENUE ONVOLNET Bay on the water’s edge, with an indoor 3ETINTHEHEARTOF8AGHRAISTHE option making it an ideal winter retreat. NEW$VENUE"AR2ESTAURANT Open Daily for Lunch and Dinner. WITHITSUNIQUEDININGAMBIENCE








-ARINA3TREET -ARSALFORN"AY -ARSALFORN IL-KARTELL RESTAURANT 4EL-OB Marina Street, Marsalforn Bay, E MAILILKARTELLRESTAURANT ONVOLNETOR Our bistro is the sort of place /FF-ARSALFORN2OADBE only locals T: 2755 6918 | M: 7900 1965 CONNECTION MELITACOM 4EL&AX know about but with the food and ambiance E: to charm all. Our menu is aWWWTAFRENCRESTAURANTC satisfying mix of WWWIL KARTELLRESTAURANTCOM W: the best local delicacies, pizza, pasta, and 3INCE)L +ARTELLRESTAURANT grills. Traditional ‘Fenkata’ and ‘Majjalata’ LOCATEDONTHEISLEOF'OZO HAS nights served on request. Our bistro is BECOMETHEVENUEWHEREFRIENDS situated in the street which links you from Kercem up to Sabina Square which leads MEETTOENJOYlNEFOODANDWINE you to the centre of Victoria. INANAMBIENCEOFWELLBEING4HE CHEFSTREATOUR-EDITERRANEAN Open for Dinner from Tuesday to Since 1973 Il-Kartell restaurant, locaed AND'OZITANCUISINEWITHGREATCARE/URMENUOFFERSAWIDE Sunday. Open for Lunch on Saturday on the isle of Goz, has become the venue and Sunday. SELECTIONOFANTIPASTI SOUPS PASTA MEATDISHES FRESHlSH ALSO APPRECIATIONOFLOCALCULIN where friends meet to enjoy fine food and wine in an ambience of well being. LOBSTERS OYSTERS COZZE ANDVONGOLEFRESHFROMOURAQUARIUM ALL KITCHENENABLESAWARD WIN The chefs treat our Mediterranean and ATAREASONABLEPRICE/UREXTENSIVEWINELISTINCLUDES4A-ENA WHICHSATISlESTHEMOSTDI 7INESPRODUCEDIN'OZOUSINGGRAPEVARIETIESGROWNEXCLUSIVELY CHEFSTASTINGMENUISSUP 26 - your Gozo guide ONTHEISLAND)L +ARTELLISBEAUTIFULLYPLACEDONTHEPICTURESQUE SEASONALPRODUCEFROM'O


Xlendi Churchill Bar, Pizzeria & Restaurant Triq ix-Xatt, T: 2155 6614 | M: 9944 1880 E:

Our establishment is conveniently situated at the water edge of Xlendi Bay. Situated on the left side of the bay, we serve a wide range of delicacies from traditional Maltese food, to pizza, to fresh fish. We specialise in serving traditional Maltese food such as rabbit and beef olives (bragjoli). We are reasonably priced as we cater for groups of friends and families. Enjoy Xlendi Bay while eating out at Churchill.

Open Daily for Lunch and Dinner.

28 - your Gozo guide

Useful Contact Numbers Police: 2156 2040 Emergency Line: 112 Gozo General Hospital: 2156 1600 Tourist Office: 2155 0254 Gozo Channel Co. Ltd: 2210 9000

Pharmacies open this Sunday: Palm Pharmacy Palm Street, Victoria Tel: 2156 6170 Tony’s Pharmacy Qbajjar Road, Marsalforn Tel: 2156 3617

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Your Gozo Guide - Issue 2  
Your Gozo Guide - Issue 2  

18 Mar '10 - St. Joseph Weekend