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Wednesday September 26, 2012

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The sugar belt is evidence of Sultan Mohamed working class economic stagnation misdirected racist attacks

DEAR EDITOR, As October 5 dawns upon us, we must remind the nation of the good memories and very bad memories associated with that date. The good memory is associated with the “dawn of the new era” and the statesmanlike handing over of power from Desmond Hoyte to the people’s President Dr Cheddi Jagan. That was a nation building moment that will be etched in our history books forever. But what fruits did it bear? Here is an example of one of those fruits. The horrible memory is from the date October 5, 2008 when the Jagdeo/Ramotar regime so called “modern” Skeldon Sugar Factory was commissioned. This Jagdeo/ Ramotar creation promised to reduce the cost of production from 17 cents a pound to an average of nine cents a pound. The reality some four years after – the average cost for sugar production went up to 19 cents a pound after they pumped some $44 billion of the taxpayers’ resources into this factory. But lo and behold, that was not the end of the financial outlay. Today they still have to pay a South

African firm some $3 billion more to reconfigure this problem-plagued factory. Can you imagine the brass of these PPP people? Some $47 billion down the drain and the cost of producing sugar in Guyana went up. Where did these people learn their arithmetic much less their economics? FACT: In Ghana, a similar sized factory is being built by CARGIL, the US agroconglomerate at a cost of $22 billion using American technology which is supposed to be more expensive. However in Guyana, we used Chinese technology, spent some $44 billion and still cannot realize the full potential of this factory. The arithmetic just does not add up! Where did all this money go! And we have the Ministers of the Jagdeo/ Ramotar regime having the nerve to go on national TV and shout at the top of their voice in a truly fish market manner that there is no corruption. Who do they think they are fooling? In conclusion we close with excerpts from President Donald Ramotar inauguration speech of

December 3, 2011: “As President of Guyana, I invite Guyanese from all of our political parties, all civic, religious and other groups in our country, to join me in furthering the economic, human, and social development of our country for the next five years.” Doesn’t the President of Guyana get it; he is not running a cake shop in Guyana? A country cannot progress on speeches only; it is all about effectively engaging stakeholders; designing sound public policy; execution those policies with the full involvement of all the people and during the entire process having good executive judgment. Was GAWU, the AFC, APNU, DDL, Bank DIH, the Berbice Chamber of Commerce, the religious leaders among others engaged on the PPP turnaround plans? So if the basics were not done; how on earth can the Jagdeo/Ramotar regime expect economic, human and social development in the sugar industry? Dr Asquith Rose and Harish S Singh

DEAR EDITOR, This is a response to Mr Sultan Mohamed’s letters of September 8 and September 12, 2012 on my letters about the importance People’s Parliament and “protest” and on the harassment of Dr Hinds. It is interesting how mention of the word “slavery” has moved Mr Sultan Mohamed once again to lofty eloquence against a known stone ager like me, who unlike him, is unfit for the 21st century. I invite him to write another brilliant letter full of “lore” from the past on another statement about slavery, a statement I read in the1940s and never forgot. I thought of it when I heard that Kwakwani residents had taken steps to counter the unelected Interim Management Committee. I have used it since then in relation to various rulers. Here is the statement: “We have found that any government without the consent of the governed is the very definition of slavery.” No. That statement was not made by any Afrocentric Pan Africanist, the new curse words. Was that finding from a warped mind? Of course not.

It was the finding of one of India’s best known thinkers. Mr. Mohamed has a 21st. century mind. Good for him. He chides me for not including Walter Rodney along with Cuffy and Damon. I was saying that some people celebrate Cuffy and Damon, and others, but cannot spare time for the humble People’s Parliament. I was talking of many people’s fear of the present rulers. So he mentions Rodney and in the next breath says that I “allowed” his assassination. He supposes that I am too stupid to understand his accusation of complicity. He also sees me (KN September 12) as concerned only with “Black People.” Is he white? He says nothing of our group’s solidarity with Academics Mohamed Insannaly and Josh Ramsammy. And hear the analyst. Having made me into a “blacks only” activist he now calls for the Indians to stand up for Indians. He wants me to respond to a magistrate without being in her court, or in hearing. He conveniently forgets what others and I have responded to, without waiting on his prodding. He is writing propaganda, not history. I really will not

A Magician’s convention at NIS The Expo warrants DEAR EDITOR, My NIS number is A11110352. Permit me through your media to seek assistance in advising me on the way forward to have the NIS account for all of my contributions. For the past years since retirement I have been making repeated representations to the General Manager of NIS to bring into account all of my contributions in computing my pension. Over this period they have from time to time been finding my contributions in bits and pieces- some 92 contributions are still to be

taken into account. I had hoped that my representation of 29th August, 2012 to the General Manager would have resulted in a closure; this was not to be. Not even a courtesy of an acknowledgement. Like the many who have been denied their just by the NIS and suffered terrible humiliation and have passed away from the frustrations and hassle at the hand of the scheme, it looks as if one has to resort to unclinical behaviour to have one’s problem settled by NIS or await natural resolution-

death. I guess if my case was that of a sugar worker my representations over a decade (and still ongoing) would not be necessary. I do not have a “crystal ball” to help me with the way forward but I do know that matters of this kind have the potential to provoke and result in confrontational situations. Can you kindly advise me as to how I can get my 92 contributions and wash my blood and sweat from the hands of NIS. A.H. Gaffoor

certain action

DEAR EDITOR, It is ironic that the street which borders GPL’s massive facility situated in Sophia (North) has been without light for the longest while, and consequently dangerously trafficked, certainly from the point of view of pedestrians. This is to invite the attention of the organisers of GuyExpo 2012 to arrange to have the situation remedied, if only in the interest of the security of vehicles that are usually parked along this Eastern Highway, during events of this kind. The organisers may also wish to pay a visit to the collapsible wooden bridge which joins Prashad Nagar to Sophia on the same highway, as this writer has sought to do several times. With the expected weight of traffic over this bridge during the Exposition period, it would be prudent to take action to avert a serious emergency. Kindly treat with urgency. E B John

respond to him line by line. Mr Mohamed is preparing the atmosphere for elections in Guyana. My last election was in 1997. Mr Sultan Mohamed sees the need for a Jumbie for use in scaring the people he wants to impress. Here is one of his messages: All I have done was to represent or defend Africans, making me, in his sharp eye, the enemy of Indians. To make these brazen claims he needs either malice or ignorance. Is he really vigilant about leaving Walter Rodney out? A PPP woman leader, not here to defend herself, wrote in 1995 a book “Children’s Stories of Guyana’s Freedom Struggles.” All those named in it were of one race. I am happy to record that there is a cartoon on the last page with one flag, “African slaves” and another, “indentured slaves” with a PPP symbolic figure in the centre. I refer to the first edition of the book . Hm! Slaves? The book is available. There was another edition after the WPA made its comments. And OOPS! Walter Rodney was not among the names; the children were to see as heroes. Ooops! Mr Mohamed seems to believe that people think “slaves” means “Africans”. A Portuguese scholar who did not take flight reminds us in her book who the first “slaves” were in colonial Continued on page 23

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Agricola shooting…

Brumell confirms ranks’ disappearance Commissioner of Police (ag) Leroy Brumell has confirmed that the whereabouts of two of the ranks who were involved in the raid which resulted in the shooting death of 17-year-old Agricola resident Shaquille Grant are unknown. The Commissioner gave the confirmation yesterday when questioned by this newspaper. “I can confirm that two ranks are not there and we are looking for them,” Brumell said. The ranks, who were last seen on Friday, have not reported for duty since Saturday. Residents of Agricola, including the mother and other relatives of the slain youth had on Monday picketed the High Court, and yesterday while the Commission of Inquiry into the Linden shooting was being conducted. They believe that the two cops have fled the jurisdiction to escape possible criminal charges resulting from the fatal shooting of the teenager two weeks ago. So far no decision on whether the men will be charged has been made. Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority, Justice Cecil Kennard, has indicated that he is in receipt of a file on the matter that was prepared by the Police’s Office of Professional Responsibility. That file is to be sent to

the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for further advice. Another senior police official told this newspaper yesterday that while the Force is concerned over the recent development, it is treating the ranks’ disappearance as “absence from duty”. He explained that while the men were removed from active patrol work and were consigned to desk duties, they were not under close arrest. “Even if they were under close arrest, we would have had to place them on open arrest after the stipulated 72 hours would have expired,” the police officer explained. The ranks were not prevented from leaving the Eve Leary compound. He said that when the two men did not show up for duty on Saturday, checks were made at their homes and places where they would usually be, but no one seemed to know their whereabouts. This newspaper was however assured that should the ranks not be located, charges could still be instituted in their absence, if so advised by the DPP. Social activist, Mark Benschop, speaking on behalf of the Agricola residents, opined that, “The policemen who were involved in the Agricola shooting were just allowed to disappear.” Benschop said they are policemen involved in a fatal

shooting and they were not placed on close arrest. “If the officers were placed on close arrest and are now gone, then they were allowed to leave,” Benschop opined. As a result, he said the Police Commissioner and the Crime Chief must answer to the public and the family of Shaquille Grant. Shonette Grant said that she wants justice for her son. She said it could only be the acts of senior officials to have the embattled police ranks flee the country, if indeed they have gone. Grant said that she was told that between Saturday and yesterday, the named police ranks fled the country. However, up to yesterday, police officials could not confirm if there was any record of the men fleeing the jurisdiction. The slain teen’s mother said “It has been more than two weeks… enough time for an investigation to be completed with all the evidence provided,” the mother said. Grant stated that toward the end of last week she visited Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee’s office but made no contact with him. The mother said later she received a call from Minister Rohee who told her that a letter was sent to Commissioner Brumell, telling him that he should deal with the Agricola shooting expeditiously. “Now the men are missing,” Grant said.

Wednesday September 26, 2012

Police books show no record of five specific armed ranks deployed to Linden By Zena Henry According to police records presented to the Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the July 18 fatal shootings at Linden, of 23 named Tactical Services Unit (TSU) ranks that were deployed to Linden, the names of five officers who uplifted firearms were not recorded as actually being sent to the mining town during the electricity tariffs protest. Attorney-at-law Nigel Hughes during his line of questioning to Police Commissioner (ag) Leroy Brumell, established with the use of police records; “Unit Book” and “Activity Book” that within the Unit Book, 23 TSU ranks were shown for deployment to Linden, but the Activity Book only showed 19 of those ranks actually going to the scene. According to Commissioner Brumell, the force’s Unit Book is supposed to show the ranks scheduled for Linden and the weapons they uplifted, while the Activity Book would

show the ranks who actually went to Linden, the number of the vehicle they left in, and its driver. Brumell, while both himself and Hughes went through the police records, confirmed that the names of five officers were absent from the Activity Book, although their names were present in the Unit book; the two books are supposed to correspond, Brumell stated. When asked, the Commissioner said he would verify whether four of those five “phantom names” who received weapons were indeed issued weapons, but went nowhere. Numerous other issues were raised pertaining to names and numbers being crossed out from the records. Brumell sought to provide clarity for the crossing-out, but later preferred to have the author of the book testify and explain the changes made within the records. Brumell was also unable to tell the Commissioners Justice Lensley Wolfe O.J.; Mr. K.D. Knight S.C; Former Chancellor of the Judiciary,

Cecil Kennard, Ms. Dana Seetahal S.C, and former Guyana Court of Appeal Judge, Claudette Singh when the crossings and changes were made in the record books. Apart from that, Brumell was again unable to say whether ranks that did not appear in the Activity Book were swabbed by ballistics experts. Commissioner Wolfe later asked Brumell to ascertain whether the weapon numbers that were crossed out in the record book were taken for ballistics testing, since he could not provide the information. Later, the Police Commissioner confirmed that according to his report, no record was made that the police standing order of briefing police officers on the use of weapons was ever done prior to the deployment to Linden. When reminded that to be a part of the police’s riot squad officers must have at least two years in the force, the Top Cop vouched that all ranks deployed to Linden did have the requisite experience.

US citizen remanded on drug charge A United States citizen was yesterday remanded to prison on a drug possession charge. Shawn Andrew Glasgow, 25, of 300 Hawthorne Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court after he was intercepted last Monday at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport with what law enforcement

officials have claimed is a quantity of cocaine, concealed in his luggage. The accused pleaded not guilty to the charge which read that on September 24 at the Airport he had 4.196 kilos of cocaine in his possession which was intended to be used for trafficking. According to police reports, Glasgow was an outgoing passenger scheduled to board a flight which was destined for New York City when he was intercepted by ranks of the anti-narcotic police after a

“strange object” was detected in one of suitcases by the scanner as he was passing through the checkpoint. Further checks made to the suitcase revealed that a whitish substance, suspected to be cocaine, had been concealed in a “false side” of the said baggage. The accused denied that the substance belonged to him, but he was arrested and subsequently charged. The substance was later analyzed and confirmed to be cocaine. Glasgow will return to court on October 3.

Wednesday September 26, 2012

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As worst euro fears fade, U.S. fiscal cliff looms (Reuters) - The euro zone has stepped back from the brink of disaster for now, but the global economy could soon be staring into another abyss if U.S. politicians fail to head off $600 billion in automatic austerity that all but guarantees a new recession. The long-term fate of the single currency remains unclear, but nerves have calmed since the European Central Bank promised on September 6 to act as the buyer of last resort for Spanish and Italian bonds. Now, exactly six weeks

before the U.S. general election, fiscal gridlock in Washington is coming back on the global economy’s risk radar. If opinion polls hold steady and prove accurate, President Barack Obama, a Democrat, will defeat Republican Mitt Romney on November 6. The House of Representatives is likely to stay in the hands of the Republicans, who have a chance of seizing control of the Senate. On the surface, with power split, that could make it harder to avert $600 billion

in spending reductions and expiring tax cuts, equal to 4 percent of gross domestic product, that will kick in at the start of 2013 unless a deal is struck to shrink the U.S. budget deficit by at least $1.2 trillion over the next decade. “The level of political partisanship in Washington is higher than it’s ever been, and that it is making it much harder to deal sensibly with some of the economic and other problems America is facing,” said Xenia Dormandy, a senior fellow at Chatham House, a think tank in London.

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Argentine President Cristina Fernandez lashed out yesterday at the International Monetary Fund for criticizing her country’s murky economic data, blaming the lender for its role in the global economic crisis and declaring: “This is not a game.” IMF chief Christine Lagarde said on Monday that Argentina has three months to improve the quality of its economic data, or else it could face punishment. Lagarde said that if no progress was made, “then the red card will be out,” drawing from a soccer analogy for penalizing players.

Fernandez, speaking yesterday to the United Nations General Assembly, said she would not tolerate such criticism from an organisation she said was complicit in the economic collapse of her country a decade ago - and also played a role in the current troubles plaguing Europe and the United States. “I want to say to the head of the International Monetary Fund that this is not a soccer game. This is the biggest economic and political crisis in recent memory,” Fernandez said. “(Argentina is) a sovereign nation, which makes its decisions in

sovereign fashion,” she said. Wall Street economists and others say that Argentina’s government has massaged its economic data for political purposes and to save money on its inflationindexed debt by underreporting price increases. The government has denied any data manipulation. Successive Argentine governments have criticized the IMF for promoting freemarket policies, which they say led to the country’s 200102 economic collapse, culminating in the biggest sovereign debt default in history.

Argentina lashes out at IMF: “This is not a game”

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Obama at UN calls for end to intolerance, warns Iran UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - President Barack Obama yesterday urged world leaders to put an end to the intolerance and violence that led to the recent killing of the U.S. ambassador in Libya and warned Iran he would do what it takes to prevent it from getting nuclear arms. In a 30-minute address to the 193-nation U.N. General Assembly, Obama called anew for the ouster of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad following an 18-month civil war without saying how to make it happen. He also offered no fresh ideas on solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Beginning and ending his remarks by evoking Christopher Stevens, the U.S. ambassador to Libya who died with three other Americans in a September 11 assault on the American consulate in Benghazi, Obama called on nations to fight such violence. “Today, we must affirm that our future will be determined by people like Chris Stevens, and not by his killers,” said Obama, who seeks re-election on November 6. “Today, we must declare that this violence and intolerance has no place

Barack Obama among our United Nations.” The attack in Libya, as well as those on U.S. diplomatic missions in Egypt, Tunisia, Indonesia and other Muslim nations, was sparked by a video made in California that depicts the Prophet Mohammad as a womanizer, fool and child abuser. While repeating his condemnations of the video as “crude and disgusting” and stressing that the U.S. government had nothing to do with its production, Obama staunchly defended free speech. “The strongest weapon against hateful speech is not repression, it is more speech - the voices of tolerance that rally against bigotry and blasphemy,” Obama said. Saying it is necessary to

“honestly address the tensions between the West and the Arab World” moving toward democracy, Obama said he did not expect everyone to agree with him. “However, I do believe that it is the obligation of all leaders in all countries to speak out forcefully against violence and extremism,” he said. “There is no speech that justifies mindless violence.” “As president of our country, and commander-inchief of our military, I accept that people are going to call me awful things every day, and I will always defend their right to do so,” Obama said, drawing applause and some laughter. The U.S. view, however, was not embraced by all sides. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, president of the world’s most-populous Muslim-majority nation, Indonesia, called for a binding international treaty to “prevent incitement to hostility or violence based on religions or beliefs.” Obama offered no fresh ideas on how to solve two crises - the 18-month-old civil war in Syria and the suspicion that Iran is seeking nuclear weapons - that the U.N. Security Council has been unable to resolve.

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AG dismisses calls for his resignation today Trinidad Guardian Attorney General Anand Ramlogan has dismissed calls for his resignation by today, saying Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley was running scared of the several legal matters against PNM party financiers. Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley issued a 72hour ultimatum to Prime Minister Kamla PersadBissessar on Sunday for Ramlogan to be fired or face further action. But Ramlogan, when contacted for comment Monday, said Rowley and the Opposition People’s National Movement were afraid of the many investigations being conducted against financiers of the party. He told the T&T Guardian he was “not going

Anand Ramlogan to allow him (Rowley) to use me as his political pawn so that he could feel good as the political leader of a party that has three factions.” Ramlogan said Diego

Suriname’s state oil company urged to abort seismic survey plans PARAMARIBO – A war of words has erupted between state oil company Staatsolie and environmentalist organisation Green Heritage Fund Suriname (GHFS) over plans by Staatsolie to conduct seismic oil surveys in the country’s rivers. Insisting that the exploration will harm the wildlife that inhabits the rivers, GHFS wants the oil company to postpone its explorations until the effects are known and a monitoring plan has been implemented. Staatsolie, one of Suriname’s biggest earners, last week announced plans to use seismic surveys to locate oil reserves in Suriname’s coastal areas. Surveys would first be carried out in the Suriname River, and then move westward to the Coppename-, Corantijn-, Nickerie-, Saramacca- and Commewijne Rivers. The company said international standards would be followed. “Other foreign oil companies have used similar research and there have been no reports of serious environmental disruptions. We’re certain that this method offers enough guarantees,” the company stated.

Martin North East MP, Colm Imbert, Rowley and former prime minister Patrick Manning were the leaders of the respective PNM factions. He said the People’s Partnership Government, led by Kamla Persad-Bissessar, was not about to. He said both Rowley and the PNM “are very worried because of the number of matters that are presently before the courts. Those matters before the courts right now go to the root and core of the PNM.” Ramlogan said the people against whom these matters were brought and were to be brought were financiers of the PNM. He said because those financiers were “finding themselves before the courts in civil, fraud and breach of fiduciary duty cases, they realise they need to target the Attorney General because I am taking action against them that they never thought (was) possible.” He said Rowley’s call for his removal was “a smear campaign designed to oust me from office by applying pressure so that they can get rid of these cases.” Ramlogan said the PNM knew “these cases will lead to the downfall of the PNM because they will expose the corruption they were (allegedly) involved in over the last eight years while they were in office.” He said that probably explains “why they voted for Section 34.” Ramlogan said the police investigations into the Landate Development Project in Tobago was as yet to be completed. The AG said Rowley must explain to the people of T&T “how the lands on which Landate was being developed was reclassified from agricultural lands to lands for residential use.” He said Rowley must also “explain fully where the money came from to build that development project.”

Wednesday September 26, 2012

St. Vincent urges international community to address C’bean’s concerns UNITED NATIONS CMC - As Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders gather here for the 67th Session of the General Assembly Debate, St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ United Nations Ambassador Camillo Gonsalves has called on the international community to address the region’s concerns. Gonsalves, the eldest son of Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, said while it is “not a novel insight to say that the Caribbean is not a numberone priority of either the international community or the United Nations at this juncture in time”, the region has “a great number of very important concerns that must be heard and addressed by the international community. “And I believe that our respective heads will do their best to advance and mainstream these concerns on the international agenda for the upcoming session of the UN General Assembly,” he told the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) ahead of the region’s presentations, which get underway today “And the fact that we are

not grabbing the attention of the international community is in itself not a bad thing, because it means that we are not at war, not experiencing social or political upheaval, not the recent victims of a natural disaster, and not teetering on the brink of any developmental or economic catastrophe,” he added. The Vincentian envoy said while he can’t speak for the CARICOM region or for the totality of their interests, “I am sure that you will hear some common themes running through the regions’ interventions. “First, I believe that you will hear CARICOM member states addressing the ongoing fallout from the global economic and financial crisis, and the continuing impact of that crisis on Caribbean growth and development. “I am certain that you will hear calls for concrete and coordinated global action in alleviating the impact of this fallout, particularly vis-a-vis the small, vulnerable, heavilyindebted states like those in the Caribbean,” he added.

Camillo Gonsalves Gonsalves said other issues expected to be raised include sustainable development and climate change, noting that the UN recently held an “important sustainable development conference” in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. “CARICOM states will be stressing meaningful, tangible follow-up from that conference,” he said, adding that “similarly, climate change, which already affects our region, is likely to get worse without concerted, coordinated international action.

Foreign-owned entities treat J’can customers differently, says CAC Jamaica Observer - THE Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) is taking serious issue with what it says is the failure of some foreignowned commercial banks to offer Jamaicans the same customer service standards that they make available to customers in countries where these banks originate. The CAC says the disparities cannot be allowed to continue, as customers in Jamaica and other Caribbean countries should benefit from the same standards that apply to customers in the European or North American operations of these banks. Officials of the commission, who were guests at the Jamaica Observer Monday Exchange, believe more pressure should be placed on all local banks to accept a banking code that sets minimum standards governing their dealings with customers. This has led the CAC and its consultants to intensify its campaign to get more Jamaicans, including advocacy groups to

lobby local banks to change their stance on a proposed code of conduct for banks. Candice Ramessar, project coordinator for Consumers International, which is providing support to the CAC, says similar concerns were raised by citizens of Latin American countries, who at the time, questioned why international banks operating in their countries were not offering them the same level of service that they were offering to their clients in North America and Europe. “They honestly believed that European banks operating in Latin America had different standards in Latin America than they did in Europe. The Latin American citizens said this situation should not continue. A bank consumer in Latin America is no different from a consumer in Europe,” said Ramessar, who asserted that some banks have adopted banking codes in their own countries, but have not extended the benefits to be derived from these codes to Caribbean nationals.

Wednesday September 26, 2012

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Four things that will gain the Govt. greater public confidence From all accounts, the government is moving ahead with the construction of the Marriott Hotel. As presently conceived, this hotel will continue to attract controversy and result in Guyana being isolated, internationally, if the worst fears of those who have reservations about this project materialize. So far a convincing case has not been made out that this is a viable project. The

same marketing pitch that was made about Cricket World Cup 2007 has been made about this hotel: that it will bring in tourists and revolutionize the tourism sector. We all know what happened after the Cricket World Cup. The controversial aspects of this hotel project, however, go beyond its viability. One central concern has been the investment model, in which it is said some investors will enjoy preferred shares over

that of the government which is putting in over eighteen (18) million US dollars. Even if the government does not wish to backpedal on this project, it should see the wisdom of removing the controversial aspect of the preferred shares. It should also immediately offer its shares at par value to the private sector. If the private sector sincerely believes that this hotel is going to make money,

Govt. releasing more land for small, medium scale miners - Region 10 to benefit from special concessions The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, through the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC), is making more mining properties available through a lottery of special mining permit parcels in each of the six mining districts. The lottery, according to the Ministry, is part of several efforts being undertaken by the government to support small miners and to ensure they have an opportunity to access land for mining. The Ministry yesterday noted that its Minister, Robert Persaud, had earlier said that calls were made by small miners for access to more lands for mining and it is anticipated that the lottery will provide a favourable opportunity for miners that are interested. The lottery will be held simultaneously in the various districts on Wednesday, October 03 at Kwakwani, Region 10; Mahdia, Region 8;

Bartica, Region 7; Port Kaituma, in Region One and Lethem, Region 9. The participation in the lottery for special mining permits in the Berbice Mining District is restricted to bona fide residents of Region 10 only, the Ministry warned. “In addition, residents of Region 10 will also benefit from a special exemption as part of the general requirements for participation. This is part of government’s commitment to expand Region 10’s economic activities for social and economic improvement.” Field Staff of the GGMC will be hosting meetings, in anticipation of the lottery on October 03 to provide technical support and guidance to potential applicants. “The Commission is also inviting interested participants to consult with the relevant maps which are on display at the GGMC head office and mining stations and

initiate the required application process.” Meanwhile, to assist new entrants within the mining sector, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment and the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGMDA) will host a seminar to provide support to potential miners on how to acquire mineral properties, trade transactions for gold and diamonds, and the administrative and environmental requirements for sustainable mine management. The seminar will be held at the Sleep Inn International Hotel, Brickdam, on Friday. In recent months, miners have been clamouring for more lands as gold prices remain high. There has been a rush to the interior for the highpaying jobs, much to the detriment of traditional jobs on the coast and to the logging sector, another big earner.

Dem boys seh

Dem gun lef de thiefing money There is a true, true saying, Failure is an orphan, success has many parents. When a man become successful and get plenty money he does get nuff relatives. Dem got people who only got to hear that somebody rich and dem does identify demself as some far off cousin sister pickney. Dem got all description fuh how dem tun relative. Tek de case wid de doctor wha dead. He still deh in de parlour waiting fuh somebody bury he. Is when people hear bout de money he got in de bank and de property he own all over de country is then dem come. Some come from England, some come from Australia, from South Africa and one come from Papua New Guinea. Some of dem ain’t know wheh dem come from. Dem boys seh that dem

never know that de man had so much family. One woman come from America and claim how she is de dead man daughter. Dem boys sure is a man name Peter, called Petes fuh short, who bring she in. She ain’t know she mother name, she ain’t know she date of birth and she ain’t know wheh she born. Dem had other relatives tun up but when de parlour people ask dem some question dem go home fuh come back and never come back. Well dem boys seh that dem got nuff people who gun end up like de doctor. Tek de Bees, especially de big Bee. Dem tek so much from de treasury and through dem contract that dem got more money than dem and four generation can spend. Some of dem ain’t got a chick or a child because dem couldn’t get. Imagine when Bharrat

pass on and people coming fuh claim that dem is he children. Then dem got de other Bees. People gun find out that dem dead and forge documents. Dem same Bees use to forge contracts and collect money without doing any work. Some of dem, like de fat one, even forge de children birth certificate. Well imagine de line fuh claim de palace at Sparendaam, or de wine parlour pun Lamaha Street. That is because fuh all de thiefing nobody can’t carry nutten when dem dead. That is why when some of dem realize that dem gun dead and lef all of that dem gun bawl pun dem dying bed. That is when dem gun got to prepare to answer to Peter, not Petes. Talk half and put back wha all yuh thief while you got time.

then it should have no problem in placing its money where its mouth is. The opposition may have given up the fight over this project, but this may have to do with the fact that it was interested in preventing this investment from going ahead rather than in ensuring that the best deal was struck for the country. The same principle of ensuring the best possible deal rather than no deal should apply when it comes to the Amaila Falls Hydroelectric facility. There are two principal concerns here, but at least one opposition party is so mired in a conflict of interest relationship that it cannot forcibly oppose this project. In the meantime, the concerns remain. The first concern is the overall price of this project. The second concern is the failure to make public the details of the power sales agreement, which would indicate the price at which power will be sold to the GPL and consequently, the price at which electricity will be available to consumers. This project is not going to make any sense, unless the price at which electricity is delivered to consumers is reduced between 40- 60%. Any lesser range of reductions will simply not

make sense. The government seems to be moving forward with this project, and it is for them to now tell the Guyanese people what will be the final cost of electricity. At the same time, the government should invite an independent review of the cost of this project. In short, they should ask an international firm to evaluate whether Guyana will be obtaining value for money for this project. The PPP once did this for OMAI, and there is no reason why they should not do it to settle, once and for all, the controversy over this hydroelectric project. Following closely on the heels of the problems with the Skeldon Sugar Factory, Guyana’s progress can be checked if this hydroelectric project flops. If it does not bring returns, then Guyana will find itself in serious problems. It is time that the President of Guyana assures the Guyanese people that he will guard against this happening. It is time that he undertakes a review of the cost of the project as well as announces the cost of the delivery of electricity after this project would have been completed. It is no use Guyana

boasting about the savings from not having to import petroleum when this project is finished, without factoring in that the return on the investment will represent a significant outflow of foreign exchange itself and this will be happening not for one or two years, but for twenty years, by which time the investors would have been repaid many times over. If the government seriously believes that both the Marriott Hotel project and the Amaila Falls Hydroelectric project are good for Guyana, it should not have any objection to the proposals made above, these are: 1) Removing the preference shares for selected investors in the hotel; 2) Offering government shares immediately to the private sector; 3) Announcing the details of the power sale agreement between the GPL and the company that will be responsible for the Amalia Falls Hydroelectric Plant and; 4) Conducting a value for money audit of this project.

Page 10

Kaieteur News

Wednesday September 26, 2012


Pirated schoolbooks: The evil in post-colonial failure If you take the amount of money the West paid to Third World oil-producing territories since the oil Arab embargo in 1973, those countries should have become developed states on par with the US or any European nation. The amount is in the trillions of dollars. Yet those Arab lands are not as sound in their economic structures as the West which bankrolled them and continue to do so. V.S. Naipaul would have the answer – the Third World is a natural-born disaster. Take Libya and Cuba. Gaddafi was caught and executed after his escape

convoy was bombed by French jets. After forty years in power, with trillions of dollars going Libya’s way under Gaddafi, it was the French who were responsible for his eventual death. In Cuba, after almost half a century of Fidel Castro in power, Cuba without imperialist exploitation of its resources (this very exploitation which motivated his revolution), is not even a third rate Third World economy. Castro has the answer – Cuba could never have taken off because of the American blockade. Not even a schoolboy studying economics in high school

would believe that. There is a whole school of thought in political psychology (forget Naipaul’s ranting) about the permanent (eternal) psychological violence, colonialism has inflicted on Third World generations. The Guyana case is quite sad. It reminds us that there may be conceptual validity in the theory of permanent damage. Just look at Trinidad under Manning and Guyana under the Jagdeo/Ramotar combination. Why would any Third World country like Trinidad spend almost US$250 million to host the Summit of the Americas? Very

few Third World countries can do that, much less Trinidad. Guyana is the most tragic example. The Guyana Government decides to buy pirated textbooks that cost a few hundred million dollars, because the cost of buying the original is prohibitive. Yet this is the very government that spent almost twenty times what the original textbooks would entail in the following areas; summit of Mercasur Heads; summit of Commonwealth Finance Ministers; hosting of Carifesta (rich Bahamas declined to have it); construction of an Olympicsize swimming pool that serves less than one percent of the population; huge expenditure of the yearly Jamzone bacchanal which sees the sponsoring of America’s top singers (Neyo was paid US$250,000 for a one-hour performance) and West Indian cricket stars. After forty-five years of Independence, the Government of Guyana cannot afford to import schoolbooks, but have to resort to stealing writers’

copyright stamps. This is the Caribbean that Naipaul so derogates. This is the Third World that the West continues to treat as mendicants. The British Ambassador to Kenya referring to this beggar mentality said; “They vomit on our shoes.” Then Jamaican Prime Minister, Bruce Golding described Guyana as embarrassing CARICOM with its international begging. There must be some serious psychic affliction in the Third World that their leaders could spend dozens of billions of local currency on international conferences and concerts, but cannot find a few hundred million dollars to buy textbooks, and for whom – the nation’s school children. In the pirated textbook scandal, the focus is on the illegal purchase and the depravity of a UN memberstate openly and unapologetically saying that it has no moral objection to copyright stealing. This emphasis has shifted the discussion away from the nature of post-colonial failure in the Third World. Few

Frederick Kissoon Guyanese would accept that the State hasn’t got the few hundred million dollars to buy the original texts. That should never be debated. The Guyana Government has the money. It will spend it tomorrow on another project. What is under analysis here is the post-colonial mentality. The argument is that the colonial effects have so scandalized the psyche of Third World cultures that its leaders are naturally strangulated in breaking out of their psychological prison. Spending money on education is not a priority for the PPP Government. In any future NCN debate, the Government side will run away, because resources to public schools of all types are scandalous, and have been like this since the PPP took power over twenty years ago. Any citizen who says that he/she loves this country must cry over what UG has become. This columnist has a daughter at UG and if my income could have allowed me to send her to any other university elsewhere in the world, I would. The less said of UG, the better for the mental stability of this nation. My deep, personal feeling is that Guyana’s tragedy may be stemmed if we try a national government. It is the only game left.

Wednesday September 26, 2012

Kaieteur News

Page 11

Seven bids for embankment works at East Bank B’ce Under the Ministry of Public Works, seven bids were opened yesterday at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB), Ministry of Finance, Main Street, for emergency embankment works at Stanleytown, East Bank Berbice, Region Six. With an engineer’s estimate of $12,340,000 the bids were as follows:

Four bids were also submitted under the Ministry of Housing and Water for the Community Road Improvement Programme (CRIP) - Supply of computer equipment and accessories.

Bids were also opened at the NPTAB for the provision of security services at the Zoological Park under the National Parks Commission. The bids:

The Ministry of Home Affairs received seven bids for the Citizens Security Programme ”Supply and delivery of thin client computers and accessories.” The bids:

Under the Ministry of Home Affairs, bids were also submitted for the procurement of works - renovation of Barker and Patterson Dorm, Sibley Hall Prison, Mazaruni, Region Seven - Guyana Prison Service. With an engineer’s estimate of $3,327,500 the bids were:

Still in the security sector, there were another six bids for the procurement of works renovation of the kitchen, Sibley Hall Prison, Mazaruni, Region Seven - Guyana Prison Service.

Meanwhile, in the Education sector, four bids were submitted for rehabilitation works at President’s College. The engineer’s estimate was $6,859,670 and the bids:

Page 12

Kaieteur News

Wednesday September 26, 2012

Anna Catherina triple-murder...

The environs of the Industry Housing Scheme, East Coast Demerara (ECD)

were yesterday engulfed in sorrow as six-year-old Afridi Persaud was laid to rest.

Afridi’s bloodied body, and those of his mother Jennifer Persaud, 41, and 15-month-

- Cops still to find conclusive evidence against prime suspect old brother Jadon, were found at home on a bed, with throats slashed, at Lot 67 Sea View, Anna Catherina, West Coast Demerara, last Saturday evening. The funeral service was held at his grandmother’s residence. Family, friends and several other persons were on hand to pay their respects during the three-hour proceedings. The slain boy’s grandmother and other close relatives gathered around his coffin staring at the remains with disbelief. She asked “Why did this happen to my grandson? Why? He is so small…..” As she cried, she recalled an earlier conversation the now dead six-year-old had with an older sibling a few days before he met his brutal demise, “he tell he brother that this house will be his house and nobody else…….” “Owhhhhh meh baby… How can me experience this in my life…. Owhh…me never imagine this would happen …” As the boy’s body was being fetched by relatives to the Cummings Lodge burial site, his sisters, brothers, father and his grandmother held on longingly to his coffin. He was buried according

to Muslim rites. It is unclear when his mother and infant brother will be interred. Meanwhile, some four days after the gruesome killing of the businesswoman and her two sons, police are still trying to gather compelling evidence that will tie their main suspect to the crime. Up to press time yesterday, there was reportedly no “concrete” evidence against the two suspects that were in custody. This publication was told that investigators may be forced to release the two men as their stipulated 72 hours in custody will soon elapse. Police are still to conduct tests on a pair of the suspect’s pants to ascertain for sure whether spots on the clothing are indeed human blood. It is unclear whether the Force has the forensic capability to match the bloodstains to the victim. Semen and blood samples were also taken from the victim. Kaieteur News understands that the main suspect is sticking to his alibi that he was at his uncle’s home for the entire night when his reputed wife was slain. The uncle, who is also in custody, is corroborating the nephew’s story.

Chief Magistrate (Ag) Priya Sewnarine-Beharry has ordered a probation report on a man - pending his sentence - who admitted to brutally wounding his neighbour. Kester Thomas yesterday pleaded guilty to unlawfully wounding Dwayne Cain. Reports are that on Thursday September 20, Thomas armed himself with a cutlass and inflicted lacerations about several

parts of Cain’s body. Thomas also attempted to set Cain’s residence on fire. In his explanation to court, Thomas said that Cain beat him with a piece of wood after they had a disagreement, hence he retaliated. “He beat me first and we had a chop out… He see blood and he run” The man said that after he was beaten by Cain, he went away and returned some time

6-year-old Afridi Persaud A source said that it now seems that only forensic evidence will enable the detectives to crack this case. Police arrested the woman’s reputed husband, said to be in his 20’s and the father of Jadon, when he arrived on the scene, after the bodies had been discovered. He had been thrown out of the home early last week. Post mortem examinations revealed that the woman was stabbed about her upper chest, lower neck and upper arms about ten times. Her six year-old son’s throat was slashed and his windpipe was severed, while the baby was stabbed to the left shoulder, The carotid artery was severed. It is believed that a long knife was used in the attack.

Probation report ordered for man who wounded neighbour

later with bottles of combustible fluid and matches which he lit and threw into Cain’s home in attempt to burn it. However, this time when the complainant attempted to stop him, Thomas ran to his bicycle, pulled out a cutlass and dealt him several chops. According to Thomas, the weapon belonged to a neighbour. Cain sustained injuries to his head, neck, eyes and other parts of his body, and as a result received 32 stitches. The incident is said to have stemmed from a quarrel over a lighter. Thomas further claimed that he was “too angered” by the complainant and thus acted in the manner which he did. The Magistrate ordered that Thomas remain behind bars until September 28 for a probation report to be done, after which he will be sentenced.

Wednesday September 26, 2012

Kaieteur News

Businessman sues GNBS’ Exec. Director Owner of Isaaac Computer Electronics, Anthony Sarjoo, has moved to the High Court against acting executive director of the Guyana National Bureau of Standa r d s ( G N B S ) Evadnie Enniss, seeking damages in excess of $100,000 for “libel content written by her” and published in this newspaper. Enniss’s letter was written in response to an article published in Kaieteur News (KN) headlined “Businessman feels harassed by GNBS.” KN’s article stated that Sarjoo felt as if the entity dealt with him badly when placing “on hold” signs on his cell phones because he refused to tag them refurbished. According to Sarjoo, he saw no need to tag his phones refurbished, because the invoice presented upon receipt of the phones stated “…condition: New” Nevertheless, two representatives from GNBS accompanied by three police ranks, according to Sarjoo, “barged” into his store and placed the signs. This newspaper understands that this was as a result of an issue taken to the government entity by a customer who purchased her phone and soon after noticed certain malfunctions. In her letter to the Editor of this newspaper, Enniss stated that she “…categorically refutes the spurious claims of harassment made... since the facts differ from what actually transpired.” She said that the mandate

of the GNBS is to ensure that commodities imported and offered for sale are in compliance with established national standards and “not to harass stakeholders.” The letter further stated that “…it was discovered that these phones (those sold by Sarjoo) were refurbished and not new. This was verified by an independent certified technician in the presence of Mr. Sarjoo’s technician”. “Recognizing the phones were refurbished; the company was informed and advised to label same as refurbished…GNBS visited Mr. Sarjoo’s business premises in the company of three police officers since he previously obstructed GNBS Inspectors from entering his premises and executing their duties. The presence of the police officers was merely to allow GNBS Inspectors to carry out their functions as is mandated by the GNBS Standards Act, as a result of the actions taken by the GNBS to place the refurbished phones on hold due to the absence of relevant labels…” The letter also stated that “the GNBS wishes to inform the public that Mr. Sarjoo was not issued with a permit to sell cellular phones, hence, the phones sold at this outlet have been placed ‘On Hold’ pending the affixing of the correct labels to guide consumers accordingly”. Contacted yesterday, Enniss said that she will stand by her position taken in the letter.

Page 21

GBTI makes generous donation to Mercy Hospital Building Fund

Representatives of the Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital have expressed sincere gratitude to the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry, for a “sizeable donation” that the entity made yesterday, stressing that it will certainly aid in helping to complete Phase One of the Rebuilding Project by its intended deadline of December 2012. In the accompanying photo are stakeholders who were present at the simple ceremony.

From left: Chairman of the Building Fund, Mr. Christopher Fernandes; GBTI’s Head-Banking Operations, Mrs. Collette Lyken-Ramdial; Chairman of GBTI’s Board of Directors, Mr. Robin Stoby, S.C; CEO of St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Ms. Helen Browman; Roman Catholic Bishop Frances Alleyne and Chairman of St. Joseph Mercy Hospital’s Board of Directors, Mr. Conrad Plummer.

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Wednesday September 26, 2012



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Wednesday September 26, 2012

Kaieteur News

Page 23

Letters... Where your views make the news

Sultan Mohamed misdirected racist... From page 5 Guyana. They were some of the indigenous people. Has he heard of them? Chiefly, though, Mr Mohamed wants me to spend my little time attacking a government which lost power in 1992. That is his preferred role for me. He takes real flight when he accuses me of “allowing” the assassination of Walter Rodney. So I was a conspirator. And who “allowed “the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi in 1948? And if this is not too surprising, who allowed an assassin to make an attempt on my life in the light rain, early in the morning on March 23,1992 on Alexander Street? It was the fiftieth birth anniversary of Walter Rodney. Does he know that it was an Indian man looking at his plants who shouted at my intending assassin, a man I never saw before or after, a Black man with a foreign accent? I had passed out, a new experience. I lost speech above a loud whisper. I was medically examined. It was Brother Josh Ramsammy who told me that it would take me several weeks to regain my normal pitch of voice. It took all that time. My letter on the People’s Parliament did not call for Guyanese to march anywhere, or to march all over Guyana. I have led as many illegal marches in Guyana as any other single, par–time, civil outlaw. In the WPA and the PCD it was part of my portfolio. I remember one illegal march, a Saturday late morning, down High Street, after a conference at NAACIE, with Dr Jagan, Dr Rodney and others. Mr Sultan Mohamed might have been there. That march was against the PNC. And it was all right. The PNC had rigged

elections. It is my humble opinion that the PPP/C has rigged a Cabinet. So what, Mr. Mohamed? He writes brazenly. It is the old problem of “the single story”. He writes brazenly, “Indeed, Mr. Kwayana more than anyone amongst those who fought alongside Dr Jagan’s PPP can be pinpointed for his singular championship, defence, promotion and agitation for black people’s rights and aspirations.” Note the word “singular”, I am no candidate but he is warning younger people that anyone who says a word in favour of a “Black” cause is no longer a Guyanese. This is not our history. I did not “fight alongside Dr Jagan’s PPP.” I am one of its founders with a record in it that cannot be called race biased. Before 1953 I had about as many estate trespass notices as Dr Jagan and Dr Lachmansingh and Mrs Jane Gay. Mrs Jagan, Rangela and Alexander Perry. Tell the young people that, too. I have had to defend the PPP and the PNC against this curse of the single story. Mr Sultan Mohamed is not original. Look at his treatment of Mr Frederick Kissoon, because Mr Mohamed wants all Indians in one camp, but is above race! When the President attacked APNU and AFC with rigging the November 20211 elections did he make exceptions? And all these allegations about inciting Lindeners are off the mark. My forgotten book on 1971 turned up somewhere and some scholars sought my permission to publish it. That was a record a revolt against the Burnham Government and I did not make it up. Now this book about 1971 will confirm that Linden people have not needed incitement to defend their interests.

They make or choose their own leaders. They once accepted Ayube Edun and the MPCA in place of H.N. Critchlow and the BGLU. To approve protest now against the Holy Family is a mortal sin worthy of Mr. Mohamed’s high moral condemnation. Of course Mr Mohamed does not believe “protest” means “march”. He is only trying to scare others. I would not stay here though and call on others to march. If he knew me, he would know that is not my way. One minute. Here is a glimpse at Mr.Sultan Mohamed’s refined 21st century mind as in one of his letters he rebukes my backward thinking. I wrote, and I believe, that a country that allows itself to run into a state of “no protests” is heading for slavery. I did not address this to Africans on some island, but to all Guyanese, including Mr Sultan Mohamed. Is he suggesting that only Africans read the Kaieteur News? Or that my language is coded? He tries to show that I mean “slavery” imposed on Africans by another race of Guyanese. Guru Mohamed writes, “Obviously there is no white presence in Guyana like long ago colonial days. With the PNC effectively ensuring the Portuguese quitting Guyana after their own folly of coalition in 1964 there is, again, no prospects…” Concluding that there is no chance of the Portuguese as enslavers, Mr Mohamed seeks an answer. He argues, “And despite Indians never being slaves nor slave owners, Mr. Kwayana’s exhortations therefore cannot be categorised as being subtle. In provoking and harnessing fears about a

coming slavery among his black kith and kin, he unequivocally can only mean that the new slave owners would be, who else?” Mr. Sultan Mohamed is very, very subtle, bless him, in his own opinion. He writes freely about Indians, Africans and Portuguese. Is he perhaps one of our new Whites? I ask because he borrows Ian Smith’s “kith and kin” concept and places it in my head. What does he mean by saying that “the Portuguese” quitted? Is that true? But there were Portuguese citizens all those years in the PPP and in the PNC and in the UF. He also speaks of “their own folly”, meaning the folly of a “the Portuguese” an entire people. If I had written that, it would be more proof of my backwardness. But Mr Sultan Mohamed feels privileged to speak like that of a race of people. Is it because they are a minority? Mr. Mohamed seems to be more than an ordinary, average citizen reading a newspaper. Eusi Kwayana

PROPERTY FOR SALE (From page 22)

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Kaieteur News

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The way forward for the Federer, Azarenka remain development of sports in Guyana top in tennis rankings developmental monies. There are many International Organizations looking to invest and we will have to explore these.

By Clive H. Lloyd, CBE, OA

Former West Indies Captain and now special adviser to President Donald Ramoutar has given his thoughts on the way forward for sports development in Guyana. Kaieteur Sport presents the entire missive on his findings following a period of study during his new role with the government. Recently the sporting gods smiled on the fair city of London after an inordinately rainy spring and early summer, precisely as the Olympic flame was lit to raise the curtain and welcome the world’s best athletes, to the 2012 Olympic Games. Looking back, the Games evoked emotions and reactions ranging from pregnant anticipation to excitement to frustration Anticipation of the phenomenal level of achievement by the best athletes in the world; excitement as one witnessed the epitome of athletic prowess as muscles and sinews were stretched to the limit in athletic competition and frustration at the mediocre performance of Guyana’s athletes. One was compelled to lend vociferous support for our Caribbean neighbours and their remarkable athletes like Keshorn Walcott, Kirani James and Usain Bolt, for being the absolute best at what they do, outclassing the performance of athletes from major competing nations including the United States, China, Great Britain and others. Bearing witness to these West Indian athletes’ amazing talents, gave me pause for thought - I could not help but be saddened at the state of Sports in Guyana however I wondered what it would be like if our vast home-grown talent in Track, Field, A r c h e r y, Rowing, Shooting, Swimming, Cycling, Boxing, Weightlifting, Pole Vault, High Jump, Long Jump, Javelin, Hammer and Discus Throw, Squash and Table Tennis, were professionally trained and developed to compete in future Olympics and International Events. My strong view is that within the borders of our nation, there is an abundance of young men and women, from every race and creed, with immense mental and athletic ability who could be trained to compete! In my opinion the difference between these young men and women and Usain Bolt,

Clive Lloyd Keshorn Walcott, Kirani James, Shelly Ann FraserPryce, is the lack of proper training facilities with state of the art technology and equipment and professional coaching. It is our responsibility to identify and provide these young men and women with the tools they need to succeed at home and abroad. These are the issues that must be urgently addressed as we look at the way forward for the development of Sports in Guyana. Short term Plan: we must look to erase the painful emptiness of the London 2012 experience and put in place a plan that would incorporate the following:a) Plumb the reservoir of talented athletes - in the words of the Song of the Republic, ‘from the Pakaraima peaks of power to the Corentyne lush sands’. b) Develop a cadre of athletes capable of making more than just a token appearance at international level and more particularly at the upcoming 2016 Olympic Games, just across our border in Brazil. c) Build a National Track & Field Stadium and Velodrome, and an Olympic Training Centre with State of the Art Equipment and Technology. d) Provide our athletes with professional coaches of international acclaim. e) Develop a rigorous training program, supported by commercial entities including Adidas, Nike, ASICS, Reebok, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Banks DIH, and DDL. f) Restore our grounds and playing fields throughout Guyana to encourage raw talent and provide our youth with places to practice. All the above will require Funding and we will have to look at home and abroad for

LONG TERM PLAN The Government of Guyana should seek to elevate the level and the quality of sports programs in schools all across the country and make it an important part of the schools’ curriculum. Over the years scientists have long held the view that regular aerobic exercise – that is vigorous exercise – can positively affect the brain. In fact expanding research has shown that exercise can improve the performance of the brain by boosting memory and actually speeding up the learning process, and studies have shown that school-age children who have a higher level of aerobic fitness processed information more efficiently. It is vital that Government as well as teachers and other administrators understand the importance of Sports in the development of our society and recognize the virtues of applying human and financial resources to this institution accordingly. Sports provide healthy challenges. Sports create scholastic and professional opportunities. Sports provide a foundation for wholesome human development. To the youth it extols the virtues of peaceful coexistence and teamwork, and manifests the value of discipline and dedication. A regiment of Sports and good nutrition is a catalyst for fitness and good health. A healthy society is the underpinning of a productive nation. On every continent throughout the world, even the casual observer would discern that Sports has always been on the cutting edge of progress and a vehicle for fostering peace and unity. We must, as a Nation, seek to create such an environment, provide the facilities and the opportunity for purposeful and meaningful participation by our students and youths in the various disciplines of Sports. Such an investment in our youth is a worthy down payment on Guyana’s future.

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

(Reuters) - ATP World Tour rankings on Monday (last week’s positions in brackets) show Roger Federer and Victoria Azarenka heading the respective men’s and women’s Tennis World ranking. Here is the list of the players, there rank and points acquired: Men - 1. (1) Roger Federer (Switzerland) 11805 points 2. (2) Novak Djokovic (Serbia) 10470 3. (3) Andy Murray (Scotland) 8570 4. (4) Rafa Nadal (Spain) 7385 5. (5) David Ferrer (Spain) 5960 6. (6) Tomas Berdych (Czech Republic) 4965 7. (7) Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (France) 4520 8. (8) Juan Martin Del Potro (Argentina) 3850 9. (9) Janko Tipsarevic (Serbia) 3285 10. (10) John Isner (U.S.) 2610 11. (11) Juan Monaco (Argentina) 2565 12. (12) Nicolas Almagro (Spain) 2515 13. (13) Marin Cilic (Croatia) 2455 14. (14) Richard Gasquet

Roger Federer (France) 2165 15. (15) Milos Raonic (Canada) 2090 16. (16) Stanislas Wawrinka (Switzerland) 1865 17. (17) Kei Nishikori (Japan) 1865 18. (18) Philipp Kohlschreiber (Germany) 1855 19. (20) Gilles Simon (France) 1800 20. (19) WTA rankings on Monday (last week’s positions in brackets): Women - 1. (1)

Victoria Azarenka (Belarus) 10265 points 2. (2) Maria Sharapova (Russia) 8435 3. (3) Agnieszka Radwanska (Poland) 8295 4. (4) Serena Williams (United States) 7900 5. (5) Petra Kvitova (Czech Republic) 6690 6. (6) Angelique Kerber (Germany) 5085 7. (7) Sara Errani (Italy) 4755 8. (8) Li Na (China) 4526 9. (9) Samantha Stosur (Australia) 4200 10. (10) Marion Bartoli (France) 3800 11. (11) Caroline Wozniacki (Denmark) 3595 12. (12) Ana Ivanovic (Serbia) 3200 13. (13) Dominika Cibulkova (Slovakia) 3005 14. (14) Maria Kirilenko (Russia) 2835 15. (16) Kaia Kanepi (Estonia) 2544 16. (15) Roberta Vinci (Italy) 2425 17. (17) Lucie Safarova (Czech Republic) 2210 18. (18) Nadia Petrova (Russia) 2005 19. (19) Vera Zvonareva (Russia) 1875 20. (21) Varvara Lepchenko (United States) 1855.

Haye rules out Klitschko bout in Ukraine after receiving death threats from ‘crazy racists’ Sportsmail - David Haye has ruled out fighting Vitali Klitschko in Ukraine due to fears he could be targeted by ‘crazy racists’ should he get a crack at the WBC heavyweight champion. Haye is champing at the bit to fight Vitali after losing his WBA crown to Klitschko’s younger brother Wladimir in Hamburg last year. He subsequently retired only to return to beat fellow Briton Dereck Chisora in July. And the 31-year-old Londoner is now eyeing a clash with the older Klitschko - on the proviso the fight

takes place in Germany. He told SportBild: ‘I’ve never been to Ukraine but I have heard it’s very dangerous for a black man. ‘There are crazy racists who have already sent me death threats. So Germany would be the best and safest place for me to beat Vitali and get out of the stadium alive.’ The Klitschkos usually fight in Germany due to television deals but Haye is unimpressed with their choice of opponent. He added: ‘He (Vitali) has promised the world so many times that he could knock me out. That is rubbish. ‘I’m too

fast, too sexy and too talented to be blown away by a large, slow robot from the Ukraine. ‘I think the fight Haye against Vitali Klitschko is the only heavyweight fight the world wants to see. ‘I am not interested in fighting against 50 wimps like the Klitschkos do. I want the big fights that no fan wants to miss. ‘Vitali likes to compete against boxers who have no chance of winning. ‘Then he tries to fool his TV station RTL and the rest of the world, that he is fighting good opponents. I can only laugh.’

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Kaieteur News

Wednesday September 26, 2012

Darren Elcock…Judo practitioner extraordinaire sets his eyes on Olympics Gold By Michael Benjamin The urge to enhance their respective stations in the sports arena has led to widespread migration as Guyanese sportsmen and women flock other Caricom and industrialized countries in droves in search of better opportunities and accomplishments. This phenomenal pattern of migration has not only witnessed large chasms in the respective disciplines locally but in too many cases the locals arrive overseas and receive shock treatments that drastically enforces the reality that not all that glitters is gold. On the contrary, there are those sports personalities that break into the international arena but refuse to acknowledge any association with the country of their birth. Local history is

replete with individuals of that ilk but one could hardly blame them since the road to the top is fraught with compromises that often times force the individuals to assume strong alliances with the ‘other’ country in order to attain the top echelons of their respective disciplines. Darren Elcock is a judo practitioner of Guyanese heritage who has migrated to Alberta, Canada and despite his phenomenal successes, a patriotic fire still burns in his breast to the extent that he has signaled to local judo authorities his desire of representing this nation at the 2016 Brazil Olympics. Kaieteur Sport spoke with Darren from his Canadian base and the young man reiterated his desire to serve the country of his birth. He said that he returned to

Darren Elcock Guyana in August last and spoke briefly on the phone with President of the Guyana Judo Association (GJA), Geoff Sankies. They were supposed to have met to discuss the ramifications of Darren’s participation in local judo and subsequently the

Foo (135), Bishoo (106 and 3 for 16) power... From page 29 25 for the 7th with Clinton Pestano to steer them to a decent 236 for 7 in 50-Overs. Blairmont could only respond with 159 all out. In scores from the two quarter-finals played: At Albion, Albion Community Centre beat Police by 218 runs. In the match which was reduced to 45 Overs-a-side because of rain. Albion Community Centre choosing to bat first, 292 for 6 in 45 Overs with Jonathan Foss 135, Devendra

Bishoo 106, offspinner Leon Andrews 4 for 53 from 9 Overs. Police 74 in 30.2 Overs with Martin Singh and Rocky Hutson 13 each, Devendra Bishoo 3 for 16 from 8 Overs, Gudakesh Motie 3 for 16 from 6.2 overs offspinner Latchman Bisram 2 for 28 from 9 Overs. At Port Mourant, Rose Hall Town Gizmos & Gadgets beat Blairmont Community Centre by 77 runs. Rose Hall Town Gizmos & Gadgets deciding to take first strike

236 for 7 in 50 Overs with Jason Sinclair 73 N.O, Rajiv Ivan 27, Khemraj Mahadeo 23, pacer Deveshwari Prashad 2 for 34 from 10 Overs. Blairmont Community Centre 159 in 42 Overs Deveshwari Prashad 32, Omesh Mangal 28, Kevon Jawahir 21, Rajiv Ivan 2 for 13 from 3 Overs, Assad Fudadin 2 for 14 from 5 Overs, Guyana Under-19 left arm spinner Shawn Pereira 2 for 24 from 8.1 Overs and former Guyana Under-19 pacer Clinton Pestano 2 for 49 from 7 Overs.

All to play for as Windies girls face... From back page history. She has the record for the fastest half-century and century in ICC Women’s World T20. Back in 2009 she made a blistering 50 from just 22 balls against Australia at Taunton. Two years ago she became the first women to reach 100 in a T20 – off just 38 balls – against South Africa in St Kitts. In that innings she hit a world-record nine sixes and added a tournamentrecord 118 for the fifth wicket

with Shanel Daley. The bowling is led by Anisa Mohammed, the experienced off-spinner, who is the leading wicket-taker in Women’s T20 history with 62 wickets in 43 matches at an average of just 12.04 runs per wickets. This experienced trio along with left-handed allrounders Shanel Daley and Stacy-Ann King; teenaged leg-spinner Shaquana Quintyne; pacer Shakera

Girls win 2nd Test to stay on course

Jamaica Observer - JAMAICA’S Sunshine Girls defeated England, 49-44, in the second match of their tri-Test netball series at the Echo Arena in Liverpool Monday to level the series 1-1. Led by goalshooter Jhaniele Fowler with 32 from 36 attempts, the Jamaicans led at the end of the first quarter, 1412, 25-20 at half-time and 38-31 at the end of the third quarter before going on to victory. Romelda Aiken assisted with 12 goals from 16 attempts while Anna Kay Griffiths had 5 from 12. For the English Joanne Harten top scored with 19 goals from 26 attempts. Rosie Allison had 15 from 23 while goal attack Pamela Cookey landed 10 from 10. Jamaica must win the series to retain their world number three ranking earned after their win at the Americas Federation of Netball Associations (AFNA) in June. The final match will be played at the EIS in Sheffield today.

Selman; and Aguilleira, with both bat and gloves, are the ones who form the strength in the squad. Speaking at Tuesday’s media launch, Aguilleira said the recent tour of England was a bit disappointing but they aim to get it right in the warmer climatic conditions in Galle. “I must say inconsistency got the better of us in England, and I’m happy it happened before we got here to Sri Lanka. It was an eye opener,” she outlined. “We have a lot of talent in the batting, but having said that we haven’t really put enough runs on the board to give ourselves an opportunity to win. It is important to set a solid foundation.” Squad: Merissa Aguilleira (captain/wicket-keeper), Stafanie Taylor (vice captain), Shemaine Campbell, Britney Cooper, Shanel Daley, Deandra Dottin, Stacy-Ann King, Kycia Knight (wicketkeeper), Anisa Mohammed, Subrina Munroe, Juliana Nero, Shaquana Quintyne, Shakera Selman, Tremayne Smartt

possibility of his involvement in the Brazil Olympics. However, the meeting never came off as Darren left for Canada shortly afterwards. As a child Darren was drawn to combat sports and practiced karate at the YMCA, Thomas Lands. Shortly afterwards, when he was merely eight years old, his family migrated to the North American country but despite his best efforts, the absence of a reputable Karate club stymied his efforts and in January 2003, Darren signed up as a member of the Airdrie Judo Club, Alberta Canada, under the tutelage of Head Sensei, Paul Hachey. His rise to the top was a phenomenal experience and even though he still has much to achieve, Darren is satisfied with his progress. In Judo, improvement and understanding of the art is denoted by a system of ranks split into kyû and dan grades. These are indicated with various systems of coloured belts, with the black belt indicating a practitioner who has attained a certain level of competence. As initially designed, there were six student grades ranked in descending numerical order. Beginners were given the rank of sixth kyu and wore a light blue belt. Once they had passed an elementary level of instruction, they were promoted to fifth kyu, when they would adopt the white belt. This they wore through fourth kyu. The remaining

three grades third kyu, second kyu and first kyu, all indicated with brown belts (for seniors) or with purple belts (for juniors). The tenth degree black belt (jûdan) and those above it have no formal requirements. The president of the Kôdôkan, currently Kanô Jigorô’s grandson Kanô Yukimitsu, decides on individuals for promotion. Only fifteen individuals have been promoted to this rank by the Kodokan. On January 6, 2006, three individuals were promoted to 10th dan simultaneously: Toshiro Daigo, Ichiro Abe, and Yoshimi Osawa. This is the most ever at the same time, and the first in 22 years. No one has ever been promoted to a rank higher than 10th dan. Darren is currently ranked at the Brown belt level and nurtures hopes of attaining the highest rank some day. The young man said that he practices his trade twice per week; one day randori (fight off) while the other training day is specifically allotted for fitness activities. Ever since migrating, Darren has accomplished a host of lucrative accolades. He is a member of Team Alberta and participated at the Canadian National Championships for the past three years. He also earned a prestigious spot on the Canadian team, in the U17 category, at the World Championships in Kiev, Ukraine. Some of his other accomplishments include a

gold medal in the team championships in the Alberta Winter Games in 2010. He also clinched a gold medal in March 2011 at the Edmonton international championships. In March 2012, he journeyed to Portugal where he participated in the Junior World Cup tournament. The awards are many; in 2011 he copped the Tom Green Way Memorial as well as the Most Outstanding U17 Male in Alberta Canada. He also won the Best Spirit Award in a competition staged in Airdrie, Canada. Darren is currently in training for the Quebec Open, in that Province next month, while he will be participating in the Canadian National Championships slated for Toronto Ontario in June 2013. He said that judo is a special sport and one can no longer qualify as a nation but as an individual practitioner. He said the top 16 players in the world ranking may qualify for the Olympics. He also said that while he has been fighting at the junior and senior level, he is not yet ready to practice fully at the latter level since this may take a heavy toll on his young physique. Quizzed on his desire to represent the country of his birth, Darren said in a matter of fact tone, “I believe I could win that coveted gold medal for my country.” he has since promised to pursue the idea with Mr. Sankies “and build a strong relationship.” Darren considers such a feat a part of his national duty.

Pakistan beat Bangladesh to reach... From back page followed up his half-century against New Zealand with 29 not out off 24. Coach Dav Whatmore told BBC Sport: “Our minimum targetwas 140 but we always wanted to win the game outright.” However, they will be concerned about an erratic display from a bowling attack which boasts the three highest wicket-takers in Twenty20 international history in Saeed Ajmal, Umar Gul and Shahid Afridi. The normally imperious Gul was alarmingly wayward, giving up 43 runs in three overs, Hafeez conceded 28 from three, and the wicketless Ajmal allowed 32 from four. “There are still a number of areas that we could improve on,” added Whatmore. “It’s a work in progress all the time.” As poor as the Pakistan bowling was, Bangladesh deserve credit for a positive approach after they won the toss, with Tamim Iqbal and Mohammad Ashraful putting on 34 for the first wicket in 3.2

overs. Shakib maintained the offensive in a superb display of controlled aggression. Targeting the gaps in the field, he hit 13 boundaries, including a six over deep midwicket immediately followed by a slash for four over point off the out-of sorts Gul. Captain Mushfiqur Rahim leant support with 25 off 26 balls, although he was granted a huge let-off when Tanvir Sohail inexplicably dropped the simplest of catches at mid-wicket. When Mushfiqur and Mahmadullah were dismissed in quick succession, Pakistan seemed to be wrestling back the initiative but Shakib hammered three fours off Gul’s third over to ensure Bangladesh’s total did justice to his scintillating innings. With Pakistan needing 140 to qualify and knock Bangladesh out, the Tigers needed to start as well with the ball as they did with the bat. They almost took a wicket with the first delivery of the innings when Hafeez edged just past the fingertips

of a wide slip. An even better chance arrived at the start of the second over when Abul Hasan failed to hold on to a miscue from Nazir above his head at mid-on. Reprieved, the Pakistan openers began to find the boundary with ease to stamp out any chance of falling short of qualification. After sharing the highest partnership of the tournament, Nazir and Hafeez fell in quick succession to give Bangladesh a glimmer of hope, but Jamshed and Kamran ruthlessly finished the job with an unbroken stand of 52 from 28 balls. Mushfiqir told BBC Sport: “We batted well and would have taken 176, but we missed a couple of chances. If we took those chances it probably could have been better.” Scores: Pakistan 178 for 2 (Nazir 72, Hafeez 45, Jamshed 29*) beat Bangladesh 175 for 6 (Shakib 84, Tamim 24, Arafat 3-25) by eight wickets.

Wednesday September 26, 2012

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Batting collapse erodes Sagicor HPC gains DHAKA, Bangladesh – More impressive bowling from Veerasammy Permaul and a half-century from Kyle Hope on Tuesday, were undone by another Sagicor High Performance Centre batting collapse, again triggered by spin, putting them in danger of losing their tour match against Bangladesh-A. The 23-year-old Hope hit the top score of 52, Marlon Barclay made 33 and Andre Fletcher added 20, as the Sagicor HPC, chasing 239 to win, stumbled to 120 for six at the close on the penultimate day of the four-day match at the Sher-e-Bangla Stadium. Hope struck eight fours from 70 balls in 96 minutes, but he was one of four wickets that fell for 12 runs in the space of 45 balls, as Saqlain Sajib captured 4-27 from 14 overs to undermine the visitors’ batting. This unfolded after Permaul grabbed 4-44 from 27 overs and was supported by Sheldon Cotterrell, Carlos Brathwaite and Jomel Warrican, as Bangladesh-A were dismissed for 186 in their second innings about halfhour before tea. Cotterrell took 2-15 from six overs, Brathwaite 2-33 from 19 overs and Warrican 2-65 from 24.5 overs, but Naeem Islam hit 60, Raqibul Hasan got 35 and Enamul Haque Jr 25 to prop up the Bangladesh-A innings. The Sagicor HPC were set back early, when Trevon Griffith fell for one in the fourth over, as they reached 20 for one at tea. After the break, the emerging West Indies players sunk to 36 for two, when fellow opener Andre Fletcher

Sagicor HPC batsman Jermaine Blackwood is surrounded by appealing Bangladesh-A players, as he is adjudged lbw. became Saqlain’s first wicket. Barclay joined Hope and spent just over 1 ¾ hours at the crease, stabilising the innings with a third-wicket stand of 65 before he was lbw to Naeem Islam. His dismissal set the collapse in motion with Saqlain trapping Jermaine Blackwood lbw for one before he bowled Hope and had Brathwaite dismissed for a duck, the Sagicor HPC sliding from 101 for two to 113 for six. Earlier, the Sagicor HPC toiled to keep the Bangladesh-A batting in check, after the home team continued from their overnight total of 88 for three. The visitors’ bowlers kept things extremely tight in the morning period, restricting them to 149 for six at lunch, after picking up the wickets of Raqibul, the Bangladesh-

A captain, caught behind off Permaul, Anamul Haque bowled by Brathwaite for nine, and Forhad Hossain lbw to Permaul for one. After the interval, Permaul made an almost immediate breakthrough, when he bowled Shahadat Hossain for one before the Sagicor HPC were frustrated by an eighthwicket stand of 31 between Naeem and Enamul. Cotterrell separated them after close to half-hour, when Naeem was caught behind following an innings that included half-dozen boundaries from 213 balls in 357 minutes. The Sagicor HPC left-arm fast bowler followed up, when he bowled Nazmul Hossain for a two-ball duck before Warrican brought the innings to a close with the removal of Enamul.

The Sagicor HPC players are on a month-long tour to Bangladesh. Scores: BANGLADESHA 199 (Mominul Haque 50, Raqibul Hasan 32, Naeem Islam 30; Sheldon Cotterrell 4-15, Jomel Warrican 2-32, Veerasammy Permaul 2-57) and 186 (Naeem Islam 60, Raqibul Hasan 35, Enamul Haque Jr 25, Mominul Haque 27; Veerasammy Permaul 4-44, Sheldon Cotterrell 2-15, Carlos Brathwaite 2-33, Jomel Warrican 2-65). SAGICOR HIGH PERFORMANCE CENTRE 147 (Andre Fletcher 51, Marlon Barclay 22; Enamul Haque Jr 18.5-3-45-7, Saqlain Sajib 2-43) and 120 for six (Kyle Hope 52, Marlon Barclay 33, Andre Fletcher 20; Saqlain Sajib 427).

Maturing Narine stays one step ahead From page 28 imperative with every dot ball. Having ruled out going down the track to combat the turn, Joyce decided lateral movement would help him. As the bowler entered his delivery stride, Joyce shuffled towards off stump. This time, he might have hoped, he could get closer to the ball as it turned away from him and play it away through the off side. Only, it didn’t turn away. Perhaps seeing Joyce’s movement, or maybe having anticipated it, Narine had gone wide of the crease and pitched the ball outside leg. It wasn’t the off-break either, it just went straight on. Once Joyce realised this, it was already too late. His hurried sweep missed, and the ball zipped behind his pads to peg back leg stump. In three deliveries, Joyce

had not been able to get near the ball. Narine was helped by the surface, sure, but when the batsman took measures to negate that turn, Narine was a step ahead. Having set him up with two big offbreaks, he made the batsman look inept with one that barely turned at all. Narine says Muttiah Muralitharan is his idol - and given how much he rips his offbreaks, it’s not difficult to see Murali’s influence - but that dismissal had a touch of Shane Warne about it. He didn’t rely on mystery or even just on big turn; he cornered the batsman into surrendering his wicket - a hallmark of a maturing spinner. “He’s a guy who has got a lot of tricks up his sleeve and always thinks he can learn new stuff,” captain Darren Sammy said of Narine after the

match. “When you see him practice he’s always trying new things. New run-ups, new actions, he just looks to improve his game all the time.” West Indies now move into the Super Eights without having won or completed a full match. Their batting looks as powerful as that of any team in the tournament, but despite a good outing against Ireland, questions remain about their bowling against top opposition. Narine has already proved himself adept at this format, having earned the purple cap in this year’s IPL, and perhaps he can be the bowler who quells those fears and propels his side deep into the competition. “Narine loves when the batsmen are looking to attack him,” Sammy said. “With the scoreboard pressure, and the requirement to score quickly

in Twenty20, it gives him the edge with all his tricks up his sleeves. The more we progress and the more we play on these wickets, the more assistance it will give him. These are good signs for us going into the Super Eights.” Pallekele will be Narine’s next test. It has perhaps been the least spin friendly of the three venues so far, and he will likely have to rely on more of that guile when the West Indies move there for all three Super Eight matches. For now, Narine may get by simply on turn and variations, but in future, opponents will grow accustomed to him. If he maintains his devotion to the spinner’s art of the swindle, he might be on track to emulate the longevity he admires so much in his favourite cricketer.

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Persaud bowls NSC to victory A five wicket haul by leg spinner Deonarine Persaud guided Noitgedacht Sports Club to narrow victory over Maria’s Pleasure Sports Club in a feature 30 over match played on Sunday last at the NSC ground. The game, which was sponsored by NSC Chairman Trevor Stewart, saw the home team batting first and despite losing a few early wickets, scored a challenging 191 before they were bowled out in 28.4 overs. Matthew Cheong made a run a ball 40 while Neil Ramalho supported with 24 as Kennard Lewis captured 3-29 and Bernard Lewis 3-40. The visitors in reply made 189 all out in 29.1 overs. Kennard Lewis was their leading batsman with 43, while Ryan Gordon stroked

39. The pair shared in a fighting fourth wicket stand of 76 after they were reduced to 20-3 in 4 overs before Gordon was caught at mid wicket off Persaud, who then accounted for Lewis two overs later, as the host fought back. Bernard Lewis 38 was the only other batsman that showed resistance as Maria’s Pleasure fell just short of their target. Persaud was the most outstanding bowler for the winners with 5-20 while Anthony Osborne took 2-55. NSC received a trophy for their efforts, while Kennard Lewis took the man of the match prize. Speaking after the game, Stewart congratulated the Noitgedacht team and encouraged the players to take the game seriously.

Jaguars resume preparation for International commitments Georgetown, Guyana The Golden Jaguars commence the first stage of their preparation for next months World Cup qualifiers and 2012 Caribbean Football Union Cup, with training session throughout this week at the Police Sports Cup Ground, Eve Leary from 7:30 to 9:00 am daily. These sessions will mainly be focused on the fitness enhancement and assessment of the players via a conditioning plan by the teams Brazilian trainer Americo Falopa. Supervising the team for the week, will be national assistant coach Wayne Dover in the absence of national coach Jamaal Shabazz. Shabazz has commitments with his Trinidad and Tobago club Caledonia AIA, in the CONCACAF Champions League this week versus Honduras team Marathon. With the European,

Caribbean and North American players also currently unavailable due to club engagements, the assembling squad will be 18 man local-based contingent. Some of the more notable players in the squad are striker Anthony “Awo” Abrams, mid-fielder Konata Manning and wingers Dwight Peters and Dwain Jacobs. Although the final two World Cup qualifiers versus CONCACAF giants Mexico and Costa Rica on October 12th & 16th respectively is high on the agenda, one eye is also being placed as aforementioned on the Caribbean Football Union Cup. 25 teams have entered the qualification process for the C a r i b b e a n Championship competing for a total of 8 spots in the final tournament. Guyana have been placed in Group two and will face hosts St. Lucia, Curacao and St. Vincent and the Grenadines

from October 21-25th. Even though the qualifying tournament is also part of 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup qualifying process, the tournament has not been included by FIFA on the FIFA International match calendar meaning that the participating nations’ first choice players may not be available to play due to club commitments. With this factor in mind, coach Dover has noted there is much incentive at hand for the local players to impress to be a part of those matches. Guyana training squad: Richie Richard, Dellon Young, Derrick Carter, Jason Crumwell, Les Charles Chrichlow, Dwain Jacobs, Kester Jacobs, Philbert Moffat, Konata Manning, Andrew Murray Jr, Dwight Peters, Anthony Abrams, Daniel Wilson, William Europe, Aloysius Edwards, Anthony Benfield, Anthony Abrams, Clive Nobrega.

Wednesday September 26, 2012

2012 Hand-in-Hand Second Division 40-overs Cricket Competition in West Berbice

Hopetown Utd through to the final Hopetown United have become the first team to reach the final of the inaugural 2012 Hand-in-Hand Second Division 40-Over Cricket Competition which was organised by the Berbice Cricket Board for teams in West Berbice. They achieved this landmark after defeating rainbow Generation of Seafield by 41 runs in their semi-final. In the match which was played at the Hopetown Ground and which was reduced to 30 Overs-a-side because of the late arrival of the home team, Hopetown United won the toss and chose to bat first. They lost Kelwin Bennet (0) in the first over with only 4 runs on the board after which Derwin Nelson and Steffon Adams put on 27 for the second wicket. After Nelson went for 13 and Ludwick Joseph for 2. Hopetown slipped to 37 for 3

Sunil Narine

Cricinfo - On a forgettable night fraught with soggy frustration for fans and disappointment for the exiting team, Sunil Narine produced a piece of cricketing brilliance that will linger with those who were watching closely. The first rain interruption had shaved two overs from the match, and as soon as play resumed, Darren Sammy brought Narine into the attack. Left-hander Ed Joyce was on strike and Narine opened with a menacing offbreak; whirring through the air unnervingly, dipping, pitching on leg stump and spitting beyond the batsman’s prod.

The victory was twofold for Narine. He had the batsman groping already, but there was also turn here, plenty more than there had been on previous evenings. On Saturday he had shaken off indifferent form in the practice matches to send down two good overs against Australia. Had he not overstepped in his second over and the free-hit been sent into the stands, he might have traveled at less than a run-aball on a surface favouring batsman. Joyce didn’t come close to hitting that first ball and, like Narine, knew now that the pitch was pulling for the

before Adams and Delon Wayne put on 60 for the 4th wicket after which Adams fell for the top score of 33. Wayne was then joined by Ruel Edwards and together they put on 42 more valuable runs with Wayne eventually falling for 28 and Edwards 25. Claude Saul (31) then held up the lower order

Women’s World Twenty20 set to begin with Sri Lanka vs. South Africa BBC Sport - The Women’s World Twenty20 begins on Wednesday, with hosts Sri Lanka facing South Africa in the opening game. All the women’s group matches are being played in Galle, with the semi-finals and final in Colombo. Australia are the defending champions after beating New Zealand in the 2010 final in Barbados. England, the 2009

Maturing Narine stays one step ahead Sunil Narine didn’t rely on mystery to defeat Ed Joyce, nor even on big turn. He cornered the batsman into surrendering his wicket a hallmark of a maturing spinner

Steffon Adams

enough to see Hopetown United reach a healthy 172 for 9 in their 30-Overs. Bowling for Rainbow Generation, Dunston Cummings took 2 for 19 and Keno Gravesande 2 for 27. When Rainbow Generation began their run chase, they almost immediately lost Dexter Cummings for 0. Brentnol Woolford (12) and Gravesande (18) then added 26 for the 2nd wicket but with pacer Claude Saul removing both of them, they slipped to 32 for 3. They never really recovered from this position and even though Dunston Cummings chipped in with 36 and Wayne Fraser 21, Rainbow only managed to reach 131 for 9 in their allotted 30 Overs. Bowling for Hopetown United Claude Saul took 3 for 29, Carwyn Wayne 2 for 14 and Steffon Adams 2 for 15.

bowler. He also knew that trotting down the wicket might be too big a risk. If the bowler sees him coming, a shorter delivery will take enough turn on this pitch to evade him. Even if Narine didn’t anticipate his advance, there would be no room for error. If the first ball was so charged with venom, maybe Narine will become even more difficult to judge in the flight as he warms to his work. Better to stay at home and play it off the turf. Smelling the batsman’s hesitance, Narine pitched another one on leg, only slightly shorter, to give Joyce an even better look at the deviation. The batsman prodded again, and again he was beaten thoroughly. Ireland’s run rate was flagging. With the game shortened and rain in the air, boundaries became more Continued on page 27

winners, open against Pakistan on Thursday and will be keen to banish memories of 2010, when they failed to reach the semi-finals. Although the women’s game sometimes struggles for media attention, all three World Twenty20 tournaments have benefited from being played in parallel with the men’s competition, with the semi-finals and final played on the same days and at the same ground as the men’s. Sri Lanka are not among the favourites for the title, but vice-captain Sandamali Dolawatta hopes the hosts can generate more backing from the locals if they get off to a winning start in Galle. “We need to win matches for the fans to support us,” she told the BBC Sinhala Service. “It is because Sri Lanka [men] won the World Cup in 1996 that Sri Lanka became a cricket-mad country. “This time we have the advantage of home conditions, so if we perform well, fans will support us. “Our first aim is to qualify for the semi-finals as the matches will be played in Colombo, just ahead of the men’s semifinals, so I think it will be the first time we play in front of such a big crowd.” The difference between the International Cricket Council’s prize money and daily living allowances for women and men have also

made headlines, but England skipper Charlotte Edwards insists that, although the ICC should look at the situation after the tournament, her squad’s focus is on the cricket. “It’s not about the money for us. If we played for money we would be playing different sports,” she told BBC Sport. All 14 of Sri Lanka’s female players serve in the country’s army, navy or air force, and captain Shashikala Siriwardene feels they have benefited from that link-up. “Those three services are doing a great job for us because they have allowed us to play full-time cricket,” she told the BBC Sinhala Service. “Although we are contracted by Sri Lanka Cricket, our financial situation was not that secure, [but now] what the girls have done is securing their future financial situation, especially keeping in mind the fact that we will have to retire from the game sooner or later.” South Africa have never won a World Twenty20 match, but captain Mignon du Preez said: “We are the underdogs, so we don’t have anything to lose and we can go out there and have some fun. “For Sri Lanka, it’s their home ground so they’re under a lot more pressure because they have to perform in front of their home audience.”

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