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Sunday September 29, 2013

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The Canawaima ferry service

Facilitating approximately 72,000 passengers annually The Canawaima Ferry which facilitates the Guyana/Suriname travel experience

With approximately, 72,000 persons utilizing the Canawaima ferry service to travel between Suriname and Guyana annually, the transport vessel can be considered an essential partner in trade or tourism.

Minister of Tourism (Ag) Irfaan Ali says that the Guyana/Suriname ferry service plays an integral role in attracting tourists from the Dutch speaking country. Speaking with this newspaper last evening, the

Minister of Tourism (Ag), shed light on the influence of the Canawaima ferry service, with regards to the commercial and tourism sector. Minister Ali explained that the Guyana/ Suriname ferry service which facilitates travel between the two countries has reinforced bilateral trade relations. Ali related that the service

serves as a cost effective, efficient and reliable link between both countries. Weighing in on the tourism outcome of the service, Ali said that the sector is utilizing deliberate strategies to target more Surinamese and Dutch tourists. “Just last month, about an extra five hundred tourists (Continued on page 10)

GPHC accounts clerk in police custody for embezzlement A female accounts clerk, attached to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC)’s Finance Department has been accused of embezzlement and is as such off the job. Hospital officials are of the belief that the public servant embezzled approximately $3M. The staffer was arrested Friday last and is presently in police keeping. Police sources confirmed that the Clerk is in custody but noted that the hospital’s administration is leaning towards resolving the matter “in a manner that will benefit them.” Kaieteur News has learnt that the discovery was made during an audit. This newspaper understands that the suspect was directly responsible for the daily cash

paid to the Finance Department and Petty Cash. However, she did not admit to allegations of theft even though she couldn’t give an explanation for the missing cash. It was reported that the missing $3M is an accumulated sum. But little is known about how long the money has been missing. Several attempts made yesterday to contact GPHC officials for comments, proved futile. The only official who answered a call was the Director of Financial Services, Mohamed Karimullah. However, when questioned on the issue, Karimullah’s response was, “I am not an official spokesperson for the Hospital; you need to contact our CEO (Chief Executive Officer) or PRO (Public Relations Officer).

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Four Brazilians killed as mining pit collapses An investigation has been launched into the death of four Brazilians who died as they sought to access wealth in the gold fields of Guyana. Kaieteur News understands that the four met their demise when a mining pit collapsed at Arau Backdam, Eteringbang on Thursday last. The dead Brazilians are Taigo Nunes Pinto, Ronaldo Da Silva Sousa, Joao Nelson Pinto Mands and Joao Gonsalves Martins. According to police, the men were killed when the 40— foot deep pit caved in about 18:00hrs, trapping them. One other man is said to have been injured and is receiving treatment at a city hospital. The bodies are at Lyken Funeral Parlour awaiting post mortem.

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Guyana and the drug trade The drug trade is pervasive. It has reached every section of the society with the result that one can now see splendour among poverty. In the city there are buildings with North American architecture going up among others slowly collapsing because their owners simply do not have money to rehabilitate them. To the casual observer, the constructions reflect a developing society in which businessmen move to expand their businesses. The truth is that money is not at a premium and anyone who undertakes massive constructions must have an alternative source of funding. The drug issue is of significant consequence to this country. Guyana has many cocaine addicts so the sale of drugs in this country can now be considered a major issue. A perusal of the records in the United States would reveal that countless Guyanese are being arrested almost every day for conspiring to ship cocaine and even marijuana into the United States. They appear in the various courts with such regularity that lawyers who recognise Guyanese in the courts would ask them if they are in any way connected to the people on trial. Scarcely a day goes by without a Guyanese appearing in a court in Brooklyn or in the federal courts of Manhattan on drugrelated charges. We are sure that the situation is no different in the southern states where large numbers of Guyanese reside. During the past few years we have learnt of the novel ways in which people ship cocaine to the United States and Europe. We have had people charged with shipping cocaine in alcohol, fish, lumber, molasses, mints, and even in ochro. The ingenuity can be deemed remarkable. The perpetrators have been arrested and charged. The image of this country as a haven for drug traffickers has been further enhanced and no one has really been charged for dealing with large volumes of the drug in this country. The United States has more record on Guyanese drug traffickers than we do and this should not have been the case. We should have been in a position to provide information to the foreign authorities. The authorities would complain that they cannot get information because people do not talk to the police. But almost 60 years ago the very Americans taught us that we could catch the most serious of drug dealers on tax evasion. All those who put up the towering structures should be made to reveal the source of their income that would allow them to build the structures they erect. The investigators have from time to time announced that they were investigating people. In our opinion, and has been proven over time, this is nothing but talk. We have so far failed to hear or read about anyone being prosecuted for tax evasion although every major country sees Guyanese as notorious tax dodgers. Money laundering is the order of the day, and those tasked with correcting the situation are weaker than we would ever have imagined. It may be that the authorities have given up on seeing Guyanese walk the straight and narrow. Guyana has essentially become a free-for-all. Guyana can now be aptly described as ‘gool’, as is popular in playground parlance – a place designed for untouchables. One school of thought is that the drug dealings have helped stabilize the exchange rate and have helped create employment in this society. Others say that the drug dealings have placed Guyanese in such a bad light that they are disrespected by most countries in the region. But the bottom line is that ill-gotten gains do not really help a country since the people who control the ill-gotten gains would have no regard for the lawful authority and anarchy would prevail. We know that many of the police ranks have been compromised and we know that many other sections of the society cannot now interdict any drug dealers. As frightening as it sounds, it is only a matter of time before the courts are compromised and then we would perhaps find ourselves isolated from the rest of the world. Remember that playground name?

Sunday September 29, 2013

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Politicians and statesmen DEAR EDITOR, The days of chivalry are gone; so also are the days when citizens looked upon their politicians as statesmen. True, a politician and a statesman are not the same thing, but today, like honest politician, it’s an oxymoron. A statesman differs from a politician in that he is guided by a moral compass of strong unchanging principles fashioned by absolute values which do not change even though buffeted by the storms of popular opposition. He has a vision for his people, and he builds a consensus to achieve that vision. Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandella, Alexander Bustamante, Norman Manley,

Eric Williams, Errol Barrow and Cheddi Jagan easily come to my mind. To this list, in the context of Guyana, I could squeeze in Desmond Hoyte and Donald Ramotar. I still vividly recall Cheddi Jagan embracing Forbes Burnham on the eve of our Independence in May 1966, forgetting on that momentous occasion, Burnham’s earlier opposition to Guyana’s independence and his X-13 Plan that catapulted the PPP from office. Jagan’s gesture, to me, was the zenith of statesmanship. When Desmond Hoyte resisted Hamilton Green and almost the entire Executive of the PNC, and opened up the country to free and fair elections, that, to my mind,

was also statesmanship. And when the Don emphatically exclaimed last night at the Fairfield Hall in Queens that Amaila will materialize, come what may, he declared his unchanging principle would not be affected by any storms kicked up by the popular opposition, and that he will pursue a consensus to achieve his vision. I do not believe there is any single Guyanese who does not wish for Guyana to have hydropower. Any opposition comes from politicians pursuing their own agenda, or other individuals with personal axes to grind. These are the people who would bury Guyana only to reign over the grave. Having listened to Donald

Ramotar and his high profile entourage last night I begin to smell elections in the air. And what a good Christmas gift it would be. Amaila means more to Guyana than political independence. Burnham resisted Independence because he did not want it to be given to a PPP government. Today it’s deja vu all over. The campaign slogan will not be “Highway to Heaven” or “Feed, Clothe and House the Nation”. This time it would be “Power to the People”. Granger and Ramjattan will be relegated to the waste basket of history as mere politicians, because this time the people will win. Gokarran Sukhdeo

Sunday September 29, 2013

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Harry Gill, The human rights organizations are silent on the Lusignan the obsolete massacre trial controversy Don Quixote DEAR EDITOR, From the very first letters of Harry Gill, to his letter on Mon, Sept 23, 2013, I identified an obvious familiar trend, an overture to the state for a favoured re-migrant slot in the national body politic, the ramblings of an obsolete Don Quixote. To understand the quest of this less than lofty ‘Quixote’ one must have an overview of the social history of the ‘Genesis of Guyana’. There were people who left Guyana in the early times after 1966 for reasons of special economic and education-field opportunities, others were terrified by the connotations of ideas like socialism and communism. There were others, a ‘some’ who left because they could not bear the decolonizing period, caste privileges shattered, and ‘Dem’ in charge. That relevant ‘some’ of this letter went to Scarborough, there to have all elusions burnt as their favoured status turned out to be a colonial scam played on them by Her Majesty’s sociologists. Insanity and grave disgruntlement followed those who could not adjust. Now we have the Ogres on the horizon of Harry Gill. Harry Gill proposes that APNU and the leader of the opposition have failed ‘we’ who voted for them. I am sure that Harry Gill did not vote for any of the political entities that constitute APNU. I have read his letter and i will not indulge its baseless ‘gaff’. I will, instead, proceed to outline briefly ‘an overview’ on what the joint opposition [AFC included] has done in the interest of the nation. The 10th Parliament came fully on stream on January 2012. For many of us our expectations had to be tempered to understand that these men will have to use up all the space of a full time Parliament, which we don’t have, to reconstruct Nineteen years of premeditated mismanagement and corruption; of boatloads of petroleum products vanishing, of 10%- up Ministers, of the opening of Guyana to organized crime and a money laundering haven, and a loss of humanity where mediocrity, extra judicial killings and the forty thieves of Ali Baba imprisoned all national values in the abyss of free fuh all

lawlessness, resulting in the misguidance of a generation into believing that ‘runnings’ and political patronage and not education and hard work are the criteria for ‘getting up’ economically, leading to the impoverishment of Guyana’s professionals who remained here. As the drug money undermined legitimate businesses, Real estate prices escalated and our mineral hinterland and forest reserves did not escape. Now let’s look at some of the work done by the opposition. January 2013 the leader of the opposition moved a motion in parliament to have an inquiry to probe criminal violence from 2000 to 2010. For some reason, the Speaker altered it to 2004 to 2010. The AFC surprised us, and voted against it. Maxwell, I am sure, was unaware of that change when he wrote his letter on 10 Jan, 2013. The PPP, guilty of another state of wanton bloodletting far greater than the 1961-64 disturbances, now to 20002010, did not support the motion Though they try to play the race victim card as much as they will, they are guilty as sin, of being in bed with Roger Khan and his criminal killer gangs, that slaughtered Ronald Waddell and hundreds of others. Next; Culture was always a too complex phenomenon to the PPP. The still troubling unclarified Caribbean Press fiasco with Dr Frank Anthony and the 1823 monument aberration led to the motion to establish the National Commemoration Commission on 26 Jan 2013. The Local Government Bills upon the evidence of the PPP’s Local government Minister’s indifference to the deterioration of the capital, coupled with the spiteful region [4] four budgetary allocations emphasise the importance of these bills; which however all remain in limbo. Even Mr Isaacs, the clerk of parliament, seemed unaware of his line of command, the details of his prerogatives, under the shadow of the previous “Nah worry wid de law, jus do wah we she.” He too must adjust to the required professionalism of his mandate. It cannot be argued that Amaila falls would have been, as its true nature is unravelled, a giant payday for (Continued on page 6)

DEAR EDITOR, I have noted the disappointment expressed by many in the media about the AFC’s refusal to reprimand Mr. Nigel Hughes, the chairman of the party, over his recent controversy, related to the Lusignan massacre High Court trial. One cannot help, but also notice, that all the most vocal rights organisations have gone into hibernation in the middle of summer. Maybe they will hibernate when another criminal is killed in confrontation with the police. You would recall how vocal these so-called organisations and so-called rights activists were when former Commissioner of Police, Mr. Henry Green was accused of rape and the DPP recommended that he be charged. They literally protested day and night and made headlines and front pages in certain opposition aligned news papers for weeks. Where are they now? Where is Mike McCormack and his Human (or criminal as some would say) rights organisation as some would say? Where is Red Thread, where is Women against violence? etc. What about those who always publicly preach morality and ethics to country, but suddenly becoming mute when the opposition and their peers are involved? How can these individuals and organisations preach moral and ethics and portray themselves as occupying morally and ethically high grounds but chose to be silent when it concerns their colleagues and friends. This sort of behaviour is not just immoral and unethical but is also outright hypocritical! I therefore call on Mr. Hamilton Green, Mr. Christopher Ram and Freddie Kissoon, and their cohorts whom likened Mr. Nigel Hughes to the late great Dr. Walther Rodney to come out of their hibernation and declare to the nation how moral and ethical is it for him to act the way he did in the Lusiginan massacre murder trial. There now seems to be a new member of this club, one you will least expect to join them. He is former Chief Parliamentary Counsel Bryn Pollard, SC. He has been commenting on quite a lot on the Linden Commission of

Inquiry, an inquiry conducted by some of his most esteemed colleagues of the Caribbean. He also commented on the President’s refusal to assent to bills. But weeks going into months since the the Lusiginan massacre trial, and Hughes’ blatant conflict of interest with the Hydro Electricity Project, Mr. Pollard has failed to make a single comment on this reprehensible conduct, acts which in any of the so-called

civilized countries we like to conveniently point to, would have already resulted in very serious sanctions.

To all I say, this level hypocrisy borders on vulgarity. The nation watches on! Faruk Mohamed

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Sunday September 29, 2013

Kaieteur M@ilbox Kaieteur M@ilbox A New direction on the horizon for Guyana DEAR EDITOR, As we look back at the events of the past few weeks, we can be very grateful that circumstances beyond our control have forced Sithe global to withdraw from the Amalia Falls Hydro Project. Had this not happened, Amalia would have come at great cost to the Guyanese taxpayers and would have affected the poor and the working class in Guyana who are already in dire needs of making ends meet. The high cost and the secret financial deals associated with Amalia would have engendered a genuine and lasting blight on Guyana—a blight that would have cost the people over one billion dollars. And the PPP cabal and a few others would have been the major beneficiaries in addition to Sithe Global, Inc., not the poor and the working class who would have been saddled with perhaps the highest monthly energy bills in the Caribbean and the world. So we say thanks to Sithe Global for leaving, but no thanks for trying to

burden the people with an enormous debt. No thanks for charging Guyana, one of the poorest countries in the hemisphere an investment rate of 19% when commercial lending rate range from 7% to 10%. No thanks to Sithe for joining with the Jagdeo/ Ramotar cabal to rip off the taxpayers of Guyana. It is true that the majority of Guyanese want Hydro Power but not at Sithe Global’s humungous cost to them. And for Prime Minister Sam Hinds to defend Sithe’s high investment rate is ridiculous to the point where this corrupt regime continues to disrespect the people of Guyana. We expect our politicians not to be faultless, since they are all human, but we also expect them to be aware and humble enough to know when they are wrong, to admit to it and apologize or resign for any questionable actions. But this has not been the case with the StalinistLeninist PPP regime whose president has shown total

disregard for the Constitution and Parliament by allowing the allotted 21 days to pass before assenting or rejecting a bill passed by the National Assembly. What excuse does President Ramotar have for not assenting to the four Local Government Bills passed unanimously by Parliament in August? All 32 members of the minority PPP regime voted in favor of those Bills, so why the delay? Has Guyana become a country of laws for the poor and none for the rich and powerful? This reckless and wayward behavior by the minority PPP cabal must stop. It is not enough for the speaker of the National Assembly to say that the delay in assenting or rejecting the bills by Ramotar within the 21 day period is causing undue stress/strain. He should take more drastic action to preserve the image and reputation of the institution over which he presides. We believe that he should tell the people in no uncertain terms that President Ramotar and his minority PPP cabal have turned Parliament into a farce. We also believe that all future sittings of Parliament should be suspended until the president assured

Guyanese that he would respect their wishes and assent or reject the bills. Amalia is done with, so we want to turn our attention to a real issue that is reaping havoc on the nation. Although almost every square inch of Guyana has political representatives-MPs and Councilors-all over the country is looking unkempt and smelling stink with piles of rotten garbage, especially in Georgetown. The minority PPP regime has absolutely no shame. It is time for the PPP to stop bickering and join with the opposition to halt this rapid slide of the nation into such lawlessness. Like Dr. Martin Luther King, Guyanese too have a dream that one day Guyana will rise up and live out the

true meaning of its creed as one people, one nation, and with one destiny. They hold these truths to be self-evident that all Guyanese are created equal and that no one should be discriminated against or marginalized because of their ethnicity or political affiliation. Yes! Guyanese dream of the day when the youths will be gainfully employed, the toll on the Berbice Bridge will be reduced, monthly old age pensions will increase from the meager $12,500 to $20,000, civil servants will get a 10% pay increase, the white elephant at Skeldon will operate at full capacity, Brassington and the corrupt PPP cabal will stop their misuse of the taxpayers’ money. They also dream of

the day when corruption and crime will end or be reduced and poverty and homelessness decrease. It is time for Guyanese to unite and stand up for their rights and get rid of this blighted regime if their dreams are to be realized. This can be achieved by the PRO-GUYANA initiative of UNITY AND HUMAN DEVELOMENT currently being advanced by David Granger and APNU. It is a new horizon for Guyana that will bring renewed hope and a new direction for a nation plagued by decades of racial strife, disunity, selfishness, high unemployment and lack of political leadership from the corrupt minority PPP regime. Dr. Asquith Rose and Chandra Deolall, Esq.

Harry Gill, the obsolete... From page 5 many at the consequence of the nation’s further impoverishment. It ranks with the scent of a callous scam rather than pure cluelessness, as was Clico, the Jagdeo airwaves handouts, and the travesty of the- Marriott exposed, and numerous other corrupt indulgences open to us due to the scrutiny of the 10th parliament and the courage of the private media.

The Marriott Hotel which continues to raise the unanswered questions “What is for who “ and “What for?”, in the face of our non-existent tourism market, and astronomical unemployment, which with its phantom gang legacy of abundant weapons has ushered in a new wave of crime? The burdon of correcting the PPP’s devastation of Guyana lies with a change of philosophy

of braver minds within the PPP itself, to collaborate with those already evident in the joint opposition, particularly APNU. David Granger and APNU have demonstrated consistency, and they will not sign the current Money Laundering Bill until it is ready in the national interest. Before us lies the movement to formulate a National philosophy that will in time require constitutional change. The opposition is well poised in demanding a more suitable Home Affairs Minister. A reading list of the insensitive banal utterances of this character renders him inappropriate for any sensitive complex decision making position. I will say of Mr. Rohee, he confirms my father’s advice when he instructed me, I was around twelve –thirteen years old, to read the condensed books of Readers Digest which he subscribed to, dictating to me that what you don’t learn or understand between fourteen to twenty six, you can’t adapt to, at fifty. I would suggest to Harry Gill in his next letter to tell this nation why Barrat Jagdeo should not be at the Hague on charges of presiding over numerous extra judicial murders, some randomly committed by Norcoorganised crime Militias and rogue police empowered by his Government. Tell us why Mr. Winston Brassington should not be now charged for public mischief among other things. Of course he would just be at the top of a very long list. Barrington Braithwaite

Sunday September 29, 2013

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US-Iran: Breakthrough after decades of silence WASHINGTON (AP) — Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was ending his visit to the United States and inching through New York’s notorious traffic when the call came from President Barack Obama in the Oval Office. Fifteen minutes later, the two say goodbye in each other’s language, and a generation-long rift between the U.S. and Iran was that much closer to being bridged. Iranians awoke yesterday to learn about the g r o u n d b r e a k i n g conversation, the first in more than three decades between leaders of the two countries. They pledged to resolve concerns about Iran’s nuclear ambitions, which have isolated Iranians from the rest of the world and led to crippling economic penalties. Upon his arrival in Tehran yesterday, Rouhani was met by both cheering supporters and opposition hardliners who tried to block his motorcade. Several dozen protesters shouted “Death to America” and at least one reportedly hurled a shoe, a gesture of contempt. Supporters greeted Rouhani with cheers and placards praising his peace efforts. The focus now turns to negotiations among foreign ministers and other officials from the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council plus Germany. The group wants Iran to present a more detailed proposal before or at the next round of negotiations, scheduled in Geneva on Oct. 15-16, according to an Obama administration official. Rouhani’s aides initially

Hassan Rouhani reached out to arrange the call, said officials, who weren’t authorized to comment by name and demanded anonymity. But it was Obama who signaled days earlier he was willing to meet with his Iranian counterpart. By the end of the call, Obama was suggesting that a breakthrough on the nuclear issue could portend even deeper ties between the U.S. and Iran. Such a notion would have seemed unthinkable in recent years, when Rouhani’s predecessor was describing America in satanic terms. The telephone call capped a week of seismic shifts in the relationship while Rouhani was in the U.S. for an annual U.N. meeting. Obama had left open the possibility of an exchange with Rouhani, but the Iranian later said the timing wasn’t right. But hours before the phone call, at a news conference in New York, Rouhani linked the U.S. and Iran as “great nations.” The

night before, U.S. and European diplomats were hailing a “very significant shift” in Iran’s attitude and tone in the first talks on the nuclear standoff since April. “While there will surely be important obstacles to moving forward, and success is by no means guaranteed, I believe we can reach a comprehensive solution,” Obama told reporters Friday at the White House. The U.S. and Western allies imposed the penalties after years of Iran’s stonewalling inspections and secrecy about its activities fueled fears about its intentions — especially as they relate to Israel. Iran insists its nuclear program is strictly for peaceful purposes. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., criticized Obama for failing to pressure Rouhani on Iran’s support for Islamic extremist groups and on human rights issues. He said the U.S. is fooling itself if it thinks that Rouhani, who took office in August after running on a more moderate platform, isn’t beholden to Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who controls matters of state, including the nuclear program. For Obama, the call marked a realization of sorts of a stance he took in 2008, when he was first running for president and saying he would be willing to meet with leaders from nations such as Iran, Syria and North Korea without conditions. The policy earned him rebukes from critics who questioned what they derided as a Pollyanna approach to security threats.

Italian government breaks up after Berlusconi pulls out ministers ROME (Reuters) - Italian center-right leader Silvio Berlusconi pulled his ministers out of the cabinet yesterday, effectively bringing down the government of Prime Minister Enrico Letta and leaving the euro-zone’s third-largest economy in chaos. Talks will now start to find a parliamentary majority to back a new cabinet and avoid going back to an election just seven months after the last one. The relentless political jockeying that has defined Letta’s five-month tenure has already thwarted efforts to push through important reforms Italy needs to emerge from a two-year recession, a

decade-long economic lethargy, a 2-trillion-euro public debt and youth unemployment of around 40 percent. The resignations will delay those reforms even further. “So many measures we were working on now risk being set back,” Italian Labour Minister Enrico Giovannini told Rai state television. “On Monday our borrowing costs are going to rise by many points.” Berlusconi’s move comes a day after Letta challenged the center-right party to support him in a confidence vote in parliament. Late on Friday, the cabinet failed to agree vital fiscal

measures to bring the budget deficit within European Union limits, leaving the fragile coalition of traditional rivals from the left and right near total breakdown. Tensions between the two sides had been rising for weeks following moves to expel Berlusconi from parliament after his conviction for tax fraud last month. The Friday cabinet meeting had been intended to find funding to avert an increase in sales tax from 21 percent to 22 percent. That increase, which has been fiercely opposed by Berlusconi’s party, will now kick in from Tuesday.

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Sunday September 29, 2013

Sunday September 29, 2013

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GUYANA LAUNCHES FIRST CREDIT BUREAU By Kiana Wilburg Guyana took a momentous step in its financial history with the launching of its first credit bureauCREDITINFO (GUYANA) Inc. on Friday. A credit bureau is an organization that collects credit information from lenders and information from other sources on a consumer, analyses it, and uses it to create comprehensive credit reports and other value added services. This information is then supplied to banks and other institutions in an organized format for specified reasons but with the written permission from the consumer. The credit report contains biographic information and details of the consumer’s financial obligations and payment history. It may also include a credit score, which is a statistical estimate or number used to indicate the credit worthiness of the consumer to the lender. The number will enable him to assess the rate at which the person’s debt will be repaid. CreditInfo.Inc is a credit bureau with headquarters in Iceland and bases in several countries. Guyana is now the 60th country to host the information. The local company has a fixed location at Lot 267B New Market Street, Georgetown. It has been one of the fastest growing organizations in credit risk management since 1997 and is known to be one of the top suppliers in the industry. The credit bureau was awarded its licence to operate in Guyana on July 15 and was officially handed over to them at the Bank of Guyana by the Governor of the Bank, Lawrence Williams, on August 29. Williams told media operatives that the credit bureau is an innovation in the

financial architecture of Guyana and is expected to contribute significantly to the growth of the economy. The credit bureau, he said, is a project that grew out of the Financial Sector Assessment Programme (FSAP) of 2005/2006 and the First Economic Summit of 2007. Both the FSAP and the summit suggested the credit bureau amongst a menu of measures to improve access to capital. He also believes that a deficiency in credit information is a significant contributory factor to the prevailing low level of bank intermediation. The Central Bank governor noted, too, that attention was drawn to the challenges small- or mediumsized enterprises face with limited or no acceptable collateral. The large section of the population that is unable to access credit due to the absence of reliable credit history. He said that due to the enactment of the Credit Reporting Act 2010 which came into effect on June 10, 2010, the Bank of Guyana sought to identify the most suitable company for Guyana by first inviting six international credit bureau operators to submit a “Request for Solution.” The Bank of Guyana received four responses and shortlisted two after they were evaluated by the International Financial Corporation and representatives of the Bank of Guyana. The governor noted that careful attention was paid to the technical proposal, the information technology solution and the security of data, experience of the service provider, financial strengths and operational flexibility. CreditInfo.Inc, was subsequently selected, having have met all the

Mr. Reynir Gretarsson, Chairman of CreditInfo International requirements of a set criterion. The credit bureau plays a significant role in the financial markets as it helps to foster more competitive entrepreneurial environments, which in turn, effectively addresses market needs. The bureau will also have several benefits to financial companies, one of which includes, reducing losses of lenders, or insurance frauds considerably. Chief Executive Officer of the bureau, Judy Semple-Joseph, explained that the consumer’s consent is also of critical importance. This publication understands that while the consumer ’s privacy is important, it is however, in the best interest to consent to sharing of any required data as it will allow credit providers and other entities to make an informed evaluation of one’s credit worthiness, which in turn only serves to benefit the consumer greatly. The bureau is also helpful to borrowers since someone with a good credit history will be rewarded. YOUR RIGHTS · If the credit bureau divulges your credit information in contravention of the Act, it would be committing an offence and

therefore liable on a summary conviction to a fine of one million dollars. · Every consumer is entitled to one credit report per year, free of cost. This will enable you to identify the areas in which you need to pay attention to, in order to improve your credit score. · Your file has to be maintained and regularly updated by the Credit Bureau and stored in a secure manner from any misuse, loss or unauthorized access. · Your Credit Bureau may refuse to create a file for you if it considers that the information received is inaccurate and may adversely affect your credit. · All information received by the Credit Bureau, its users and information providers about you are required by law to keep it confidential.

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Dem boys seh

Dem lawyers and doctors sick Nobody ain’t mek more money than doctors and lawyers and accountants. If you go to a lawyer and he got to tell you good morning is money you got to pay. If a doctor got to put he hand and skin you eye you got to pay. In fact from de time you call de doctor secretary and tell she that you want to see de doctor, you got to pay a consultation fee. If a poor man go in a shop he got to pay taxes fuh whatever he buy. Khurshid does call it tax but everybody know it as VAT. Dem lawyers and doctors and accountants does only pay VAT when dem buying dem fancy food and big car and things like that. Well Khurshid decide to shame dem. He publish de names of dem who does pay dem taxes. He ain’t stop dem from wukking but he simply tell people don’t pay dem. De sad thing is that if a man don’t pay a lawyer then de lawyer wouldn’t represent him. In any decent country people who don’t pay taxes does end up in jail. In Guyana even de police frighten to lock dem up suh dem don’t pay taxes. Even Khurshid don’t fight dem down but he quick to fight down de ordinary man who don’t pay taxes. When a poor man don’t pay taxes he can’t lef de country. Dem does embarrass he. He can’t even buy a motorbike. But de lawyers can do no wrang. And dem boys vex. Dem suh vex that dem seh that even if dem got to bring in lawyer from foreign dem gun do it. Dem know some lawyers who does earn at least two million dollars a month and who don’t pay tax but a poor public servant who wukking fuh just above de minimum wage got to pay. Khurshid don’t pay because Bharrat tell he don’t pay; de Chancellor don’t pay, de Chief Justice don’t pay and some foreign workers don’t pay and all of dem wukking fuh at least two million dollar per month. Dem boys claim how de lawyers following dem but at de same time is not dem big ones who got to hire lawyer. Talk half and pay de taxes like a big man.

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Sunday September 29, 2013

Six months later...

US army doctor’s murderers not found, case still unsolved ...mother had hired private investigator The past week marked six months since the mysterious and gruesome death of 42year- old U.S. Army doctor Max Kungel at Number 71 Village backlands, Corentyne. Police have so far failed to apprehend a suspect. Kungel’s body was discovered on March 17, inside a vehicle in the Number 71 Village, Corentyne rice backlands. He was a medical doctor in the U.S. Military. He arrived in Guyana on March 7 to attend a religious function to commemorate his grandmother’s first death anniversary and was staying at his sister’s Anjanie’s residence at Lot 202, Number 72 Village, Corentyne. His body, which bore two gunshot wounds, was discovered in a rented white Toyota Tundra whose doors were sprawled open. Kungel was robbed since his iPhone as well as two other cell phones and three pieces of jewellery were missing; his wallet was empty, save for a few U.S coins and a US$20. Two .25 calibre bullets were recovered from his body, leading police to concentrate in a particular direction although not ruling out all other possibilities. “A .25 calibre weapon is usually associated with a female,” a police source told this newspaper back in March. A close examination of Kungel’s wounds suggests that he was shot at close range. “Very close,” the source declared. “Whoever did this

Omesh ‘Radesh’ Thakurdin planned it very well. This is a different murder from one in which two men are fighting. It is not straightforward. The fact that the phones were taken could be a plan to remove all possible leads,” the source explained in March. Mysteriously, too, the suspect police held for questioning in connection with the murder, was found hanging in his jail cell at the Number 51 Police Station just three days after Kungel’s death. The death of Kungel’s cousin, 28-year-old Omesh ‘Radesh’ Thakurdin, formerly of Lot 286 Number 72 Village sparked protests from his relatives who demanded to know how their son was able to hang himself in a jail cell. Six months later, too, police have no explanation but to say that Thakurdin committed suicide. A lot of questions still linger in the minds of his relatives.

Kungel’s funeral was attended by high- ranking representatives of the U.S. Military and the casket was draped in the U.S. flag. Kungel’s mother, Gopattie ‘Lovelyn’ Kungel, and sister, Anita Chunoo, had complained about a family dispute involving land and disagreement with one of Kungel’s other sisters. They also blasted the slothful investigations of the police here and called on the U.S. Embassy to bring in foreign law enforcement officers to handle the case. The mother stated back in March that the property at Lot 199 Number 72 Village belonged to her husband, who passed away two years ago, and that Dr. Kungel had wanted the property, for which she has all the necessary documents. “He and Anjie wanted it. Which family doesn’t have any ups and downs? Everybody has ups and downs,” she stated. “I found evidence (a phone card) that they went to a lawyer in Corriverton to transfer house and land”, she claimed. But that, she stated, would have had no impact of her losing the house and land, since she has legal paperwork proving her ownership. The family believes the entire murder was planned and orchestrated. “This was planned for him…These persons knew everything. When he came out, where he would have gone, how much money he got, what paperwork was

Facilitating approximately... (From page 3) came to Guyana from Suriname and a beer fest is planned here which should attract an additional one thousand tourists.” According to statistics provided by the Transport and Harbours Department (TH&D), the Canawaima Ferry Service Incorporated facilitates a significant influx of visitors from the Dutch Territory. TH &D General Manager Marcellene Merchant explained that the Ferry transports an average of six thousand passengers per month. “The ferry service usually operates two trips per day, departing port Guyana at nine o’ clock in the morning and another at 1 o’ clock in the afternoon …. The numbers show that it transports an average of six hundred vehicles and six

thousand passengers travelling to and from Suriname and Guyana per month.” Merchant, who is also on the Board of Directors for Canawaima Ferry Inc explained this number, represents the significant amount of trade and tourist activities. “Each passenger pays a fee o US$15 which is equivalent to GYD$3,000 per trip….” Marine Superintendent Garfield Halley said the service operates based on a shared agreement between Guyana and its Eastern neighbour. “The Surinamese government and the Guyana contingent share the operations of the service. We operate on a six month basis…At peak seasons we see a spike in the number of persons travelling between the two countries. During this

time we would usually make additional trips.” Halley explained that the liaison with the essential regulatory agencies has ensured a proficient ferry service. “We have a relationship with the Maritime Department as well as the Guyana Police Force to ensure all our regulations are enforced. Our Internal security personnel on all our vessels would supervise to guarantee that no illegal activities are being conducted and the police would make spot checks from time to time…. “ The Canawaima ferry service was established since 1998 to connect travelers enroute of Moleson creek10km south of Corriverton- to the south drain in Suriname. It is the only legal marine travel connection between the two countries.

doing, the paperwork that said that he was taking care of the property.” Six months later, Kaieteur News visited the place where Kungel was staying before his murder. Except for a close relative (who requested not to be named), all of Kungel’s other relatives have returned to the United States. The relative stated that Kungel’s mother had solicited the services of a local private investigator (PI) shortly before she left for the U.S. The individual added that they last saw the PI in July when the person requested a copy of the video of Kungel’s funeral and also requested to see the grave site of Kungel, which they did. “He asked for a copy of the funeral tape and asked to see the cemetery and I took him there”, stated the relative. However, the relative stated that the PI was never heard from again. The relative added that a senior police rank from Eve Leary visited the residence a few months ago after the funeral and “asked a set of questions already asked by the Berbice police.” “The family wants peace of mind in these matters”, stated the individual,

speaking also about Thakurdin’s ‘suicide’ in his Number 51 Police Station jail cell. “Talking to the U.S. military about the case is easier than talking to the police in Guyana,” stated the family member. They added that Thakurdin’s mother has been having emotional breakdowns since her son’s suicide in the jail cell and the family still wants answers from the police about his apparent suicide. Dr Kungel’s mother showed Kaieteur News a signed Will and Testimony from Dr. Kungel, which he prepared in December 2004, requesting that his body be handed over to the School of Medical and Science of Learning Proposal, Drexel University in USA for scientific studies and research, and insurance monies from which he requested be donated to charity. It therefore pains her that the body was buried in Guyana. Several questions linger in a lot of people’s minds, six months after: Did the Kungels really have a property dispute? What were Kungel’s whereabouts on the night of his murder? Is there

Captain Max Kungel any credence to the police source who stated that a female is usually associated with a .25 caliber weapon? Was there sibling jealousy and rivalry among Kungel and his sister Anjie? Did Thakurdin know anything about his cousin’s death? Why did he hang himself? Was it even a suicide? Why haven’t the U.S. law enforcement officials got involved in the case? The answer to these and many other questions may go unanswered unless the police and relatives of Dr. Max Kungel get to the bottom of his gruesome murder.

UG set to mark 50 years with “Genesis 1” Come October 1, Guyana’s premier tertiary institution, the University of Guyana (UG), will be 50 years old. UG first opened its doors on October 1, 1963. And according to a statement issued by the University, the notable observance will be held under the theme, ‘Honouring the Past, Moulding the Present, Transforming the Future’. And in keeping with the theme, a conversation style symposium will be held on Tuesday in the George Walcott Lecture Theatre. The symposium, dubbed “Genesis 1”, will commence at 14:00 hours and continue until 16:00 hours. It will in fact mark the start of a year-long series of events to commemorate the 50th year of the nation’s national University. The panel according to the University will be the first of 12 planned for the year, with focus on the very early history of the University, particularly its physical location and construction, the thinking and Act that created it and the early days at

Queens College. Among the expected panelists will be Phillip Allsopp, who will speak about the construction of the road connecting UG to the main road, the soil testing and foundations of the buildings that he was directly involved in as Clerk of Works in those days. Joseph Holder is also expected to make a contribution by discussing the construction aspects of the facility and it is anticipated that he will speak from the perspective of an early student who attended the University at Queens College. Also participating will be Senior Professor Mary Noel Menezes, who is slated to discuss the very early history in terms of factual underpinnings; Mr. George Cave who was one of the first students and also an early registrar of the University and Ms. Yvonne Stephenson one of the early librarians. The conversation will be moderated by two young students of the University of

Guyana Mr. Sherod Duncan from the Department of Law and Ms. Searali Phalai from the Department of English. President Donald Ramotar, or a Government representative, is also expected to grace the forum. Vice Chancellor Jacob Opadeyi is scheduled to give the welcoming remarks to the event which is designed to cater to a wide cross-section of the society since it will be streamed live worldwide and carried by delayed broadcast on several local stations. And since the event is free, the public is invited to attend Genesis 1. Those who intend to attend are requested to be seated by 13.30 hours (Tuesday). Meanwhile, persons overseas or who are not able to attend can follow the Genesis series and other aspects of the 50th Anniversary calendar events on: Website:, Twitter: @IloveUniG; Facebook page: “I love UG” and Youtube:

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Only 17 lawyers in Guyana authorized to charge fees There are currently only 17 lawyers, nine medical doctors, 19 accountants, two dentists and three Land Surveyors, who are in compliance with the Tax Act of Guyana and as such no other persons are currently allowed to collect fees for services rendered as a professional in those categories. All of the others have been deemed in breach of the Tax Act of Guyana and are without a valid Professional Practice Certificate. The notice was issued by the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) which is the legal body responsibility for Guyana’s tax administration and has over time threatened to take legal actions against professionals, including lawyers and doctors, who operate without their practice certificates. According to GRA, in Category A- Accountants, Auditors, Legal Practitioners, Medical Practitioners, Architects, Dentists and Optometrists must pay $250,000 for the practice certificate; Category BEngineers and Veterinary Surgeon – $150,000; Category CPhysiotherapists, Pharmacists and Surveyors – a sum of $75,000 is required. Under the Tax Act, the Tax Practice Certificate is valid for one calendar year and is renewable annually. Guyana has a battery of lawyers who ply their trade on a daily basis but according to the most recent listing, only the 17 have been in compliance with the Tax Act and as such have been issued with their certificates. Among the names on the list of Attorneys-at-Law with their certificates to practice were Members of Parliament Bibi Shadick and Alliance For Change Leader (AFC), Khemraj Ramjattan. Some of the other names appearing on the list include Leslie Sobers, Neil Persram, Emily Dodson, Beverly

…all others in breach of tax law, cannot legally collect money for service - GRA

Basil Williams

Nigel Hughes

Khemraj Ramjattan Bernard De Santos, Moses Nagamootoo, Roger Yearwood, Glen Hanoman and Peter Hugh among others. None of the practising

Deborah Backer

Bibi Shadick

Moses Nagamootoo

Bernard De Santos

Bishop-Cheddie, Gary Ramlochan and Chandrawattie Persaud among others. Glaringly absent were the more high profile lawyers

such as Bar Association President, Ronald BurchSmith, Nigel Hughes, Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall, Hukumchand,

legal minds in the main political opposition are in compliance with the tax Act also. Shadow Legal Affairs Minister, Basil Williams, Joseph Harmon, Debbie Backer and James Bond are all deemed to be noncompliant. When the Amendment to the Tax Act, requiring the need for a Professional Practice Certificate was introduced to the National Assembly in 2009, there was vociferous protest from particularly the legal fraternity. Basil Williams had accused the administration of introducing the Bill “surreptitiously” to Parliament without any consultations with lawyers, although a court case was

filed in 2003 over the same issue. That matter was still pending at the time. According to the specific amendment, which the lawyer said was “hidden away” in the last part of the Bill, “an attorney-at-law shall not practise as an attorney-at-law unless he has been issued a practice certificate by the Commissioner General (Guyana Revenue Authority) in accordance with the provisions of Section 39 of the Tax Act.” This was done without any consultations with the (Guyana) Bar Association and the Guyana Women’s Lawyer Association, Williams said. “In other words, lawyers have not had an opportunity to consult as a body on the contents of this Bill.”

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Sunday September 29, 2013

US judge rules in favour of Guyanese company after soured fertilizer deal A judge in the United States of America has ruled in favour of a Guyanese

company over its American counterpart following a soured multimillion dollar

fertilizer deal. The judge JAMES A. TEILBORG, presiding in the

United States District Court, D. Arizona, in May, upheld nine counts of a 13-count complaint stemming from a breach of contract, filed by R. Prasad Industries (“Prasad”), a Guyanese company with its principal place of business in Corentyne, Berbice, against Flat Irons Environmental Solutions Corporation (“Flat Irons”), an Arizona corporation with its principle place of business in Prescott, Arizona, and three husband and wife couples. The fallout is over the failure by the US company to supply fertilizer to the local importer, who does business with the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo). The Guyanese company had sued the defendants for failing to provide the fertiliser even after they had received part payment, but the defendants filed a counter claim in the court, which sought to dismiss the claims in the lawsuit. In the end the judge in a written ruling found that the US company had indeed breached the terms of its agreement with the Guyanese entity. R. Prasad Industries is a Guyanese company which sells and distributes fertilizer to companies and business in Guyana and the Caribbean region as well as South America. The US company, Flat Irons Environmental Solutions Corporation,

sources fertilizer globally and sells fertilizer as a wholesale supplier. Defendants Gary Miller and Robert Carlile are the two Directors and shareholders of Flat Irons (Carlile is CEO and Miller has primary responsibility for operations) and, at all relevant times, represented themselves as acting on Flat Irons’ behalf. Defendant James Keylon at all relevant times, represented himself as Flat Irons’ agent and was compensated based on the transactions between Prasad and Flat Irons. According to court documents, having previously formed a relationship with Prasad, James Keylon, acting as a compensated intermediary, introduced Prasad to Flat Irons in 2012 and represented Flat Irons as a “long-standing, reputable, reliable and dependable supplier of fertilizer . . . able to source all of Prasad’s needs for fertilizer.” In March 2012, Prasad contacted Robert Carlile and discussed Prasad’s current and future needs for sourced fertilizer; Carlile represented that Flat Irons could supply fertilizer to Prasad “with virtually any specifications or quantity. All went well as from March through August 2012, Prasad and Flat Irons successfully completed multiple small fertilizer transactions. But problems surfaced as soon as the deal began to get bigger. In August 2012, Prasad informed Keylon that his company may soon enter into a large state contract in Guyana (with “Guysuco”) and asked if Flat Irons would be interested and capable of sourcing the request. Keylon responded that Flat Irons “was fully capable of fulfilling such an order.” The GuySuCo deal was for 5000 metric tonnes of urea. The US company assured that the urea would be sourced and shipped from Mexico, and “a sample would be sent to Prasad for approval and they forwarded a quotation for the “Total Contract Amount” of US$2,115,000, which included financing, shipping, and transportation charges. The US company requested that Prasad provide an advance payment of US$500,000. On September 19, Prasad, after sealing his deal with Guysuco, complied with Carlile’s request and remitted $525,000 to Miller, but the

funds were never used to pay the Mexican source of urea, hence the fertilizer was not shipped. When Prasad inquired about the status of the urea shipment, all he was told was “we are working on it.” But a few days later the US firm informed the Guyanese company that the deal with the Mexican supplier had been cancelled and that because of a rising market price for urea, they would now have to source urea “able to ship immediately” from China at a higher price than previously agreed. Several queries from the Guyanese company proved futile as directors of the US entity never answered Prasad’s questions. When the director of the local company finally managed to make contact with his US counterpart, he was given a series of contradictory explanations, raising suspicions about their arrangement. By then the US company had acknowledged receipt of the US$525,000 from Prasad and kept assuring that everything was in place and shipment of 1400 metric tonnes of urea was ready from China. The two companies traded emails but could not reach agreement as the suspicion of the Guyanese company grew to the extent that on October 11, a letter was sent to Flat Irons “terminating the agreement” and requesting “an immediate return of the $525,000 deposit that Prasad had wired to Flat Irons” so that Prasad could “find a reliable supplier to fulfill its obligations and commitments timely to Guysuco.” Prasad retained Guyanese counsel, repeatedly requested a refund from Flat Irons, and, on November 2, at Keylon’s suggestion, flew to Arizona in a failed attempt to personally negotiate a partial refund. Prasad then retained Phoenix counsel and demanded an immediate refund of the $525,000 advance payment but the defendants ignored his requests. According to the court documents because Flat Irons failed to source the urea and refused to refund Prasad’s $525,000 advance payment, Prasad failed to meet its contractual obligations to Guysuco and defaulted on its security bond. Guysuco sued Prasad and Prasad’s “business has been virtually destroyed.”

Sunday September 29, 2013

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Prefeasibility study for DHB takes into consideration three locations Management of the Demerara Harbour Bridge (DHB) will soon be in possession of a prefeasibility study that examined three options for the location of a new Demerara Harbour Bridge. The study was expected this month-end but the consulting firm did not forward the document to the Ministry of Public Works. This is according to the Rawlston Adams, General Manager of the DHB at a recent press conference to update media operatives of a pivot changing exercise on the 35-year-old structure. He said that the prefeasibility study is being done in collaboration with the Public Works Ministry. “We have looked at three locations: one at the existing site; the other at New Hope (East Bank Demerara) going across to Patentia, West Bank Demerara; and we looked at Versailles going across to Houston,” he said. He explained that because it is a prefeasibility study all options had to be examined

but DHB desires a fixed high level bridge. Adams said that the consultant is currently revising comments made by the DHB and Ministry. A completed report would be presented to Transport Minister Robeson Benn, who would forward it to Cabinet for the way forward. In a recent interview with this publication Adams indicated that the location from Versailles to Houston seems to be a preferred choice. Building a structure at the existing location is not a priority since the bridge spans the widest part of that section of the Demerara River. Hence, it would be too costly a project. At this year’s Engineering Conference, Adams said that the preferred location to erect the 2.25 kilometers structure is from Versailles to Houston. The company contracted for this project must have the capacity to design and build. Though the Public Works Ministry will not design the structure it has outlined its requirements which include a

Dawn DaSilva’s brain surgery in T&T a success “My daughter is eight and my son is 12. They are the main reasons I have to make it. Who will look after them if I am gone?” Dawn DaSilva wondered just before leaving Guyana for her most important journey. Last week in Trinidad, Neurologist Dr. Robert Ramcharran performed a successful surgery to remove a tumor in DaSilva’s ‘middle brain’ at the St. Clair Medical Associates Hospital in Portof -Spain and informed that the single parent mother of two is now awaiting a biopsy to determine if the tumor is cancerous. Speaking from Trinidad, Dawn’s father informed that if everything goes to plan, his daughter has to spend at least 28 days in Trinidad before she can travel. Dawn hails from Berbice and has worked at Eureka Labs for the past 16 years. It was reported that the 40-yearold is now out of the ICU and speaking. Dawn grew up in Corentyne, before moving to New Amsterdam. She has been living in Georgetown for the past 15 years. “I first realized something was wrong when I started

Dawn Da Silva getting this strange numbness on the side of my face about a year ago, but I did not make much of it until I started getting severe migraine headaches a little after that,” she explained in an interview with Kaieteur News. Last year August, she was advised to do a CT scan before doing an MRI exam. The tests confirmed that she had a tumor which was affecting her vision and memory. The surgery cost US$ 27,000 and doctors say the next two weeks are critical to her recovery. “I truly believe that God (Continued on page 55)

reinforced concrete bridge with at least four lanes; pedestrian walkways; navigational channel of 100 metres; air draft of 50 metres; and maximum gradient of five percent. To effectively deal with the current traffic congestion that affects users of the bridge face and commuters of the East Bank Demerara thoroughfare, Adams believes a new bridge would be the solution. He said traffic congestion is a problem not

only plaguing DHB but the entire East Bank Demerara “In our calculation traffic is growing by eight percent per annum over the past four years. We have done our little bit here in facilitating the double lane exercise but that is limited in terms of scope as the traffic continues to increase that becomes more and more inefficient so there is little we can do outside of what we have already done and all the initiative. We have taken to deal with the

condition and our only solution is to build a new bridge”, he said. Another measure undertaken by the bridge to curb the traffic congestion is changing the timing of morning retractions. Adams said that the bridge would no longer have 5:30hrs retraction. Retractions would be at 5:00hrs. And, instead of the bridge being opened for 90 minutes it would now be for one hour. Even with increased traffic leading to higher

income maintaining the existing structure, which has to be maintained daily is beyond the reach of DHB. The bridge depends heavily on Government subvention. According to Adams, revenue has been increasing between five and seven percent every year but that is not enough to cover operational costs which amount to about $1billion annually. And, only recently the bridge was able to earn $400M.

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Linden toll booth illegal, Minister ImmigrationINFO (Immigration News For Our Community) Questions about U.S. Visa Lottery Whittaker orders its closure Open from Oct. 1st – Nov. 2nd

The controversial issue of the toll booth in Linden, which has featured in the media has taken another turn, as Town Clerk Jonella Bowen, obeying an order from Minister Norman Whittaker, shut the booth down Friday evening. Her action came despite a decision by Council that the booth would continue to operate while it seeks legal recourse. Meanwhile, in another correspondence which came from IMC Chairman Orrin Gordon, who is out of the jurisdiction, it was pointed out that ‘the Minister met with six councillors and the Town Clerk on September 16, 2013, in his office in Georgetown. “He basically outlined that the Cabinet’s position was that the Council’s booth was illegal, because it was not gazetted. We continued to advance our case that, in our opinion it was legal. The Council argued that there were the likely consequences of the “redundancy of more than 60 employees, and the deficit of $3mil loss in revenue”. Gordon described the move by Government as “highly discriminatory”, and said that it lacks any meaningful alternative. Those sentiments were echoed by acting IMC Chairman Eric Harry and

Councillor Charles Sampson, who held a press briefing to update members of the media of the Council’s position. Sampson said that if the toll booth wasn’t gazetted, it was not the Council’s fault. “This toll booth has been operating for sixteen years now and it was sanctioned by the Minister. “All of a sudden there is a problem. As soon as we took steps to run the booth more efficiently there is a problem. This started after we reinstituted collecting toll on a 24-hour basis.” “Before then, all the trucks heading for the interior used to only travel at night when they didn’t have to pay the toll, now because they have to pay the toll they complaining. But these very truckers that crying to pay $5000, pay five and ten times that amount at the various points, along the way, while travelling to the interior.” Harry pointed out that the toll booth was sanctioned by Minister

Whittaker, and a By Law was also signed by him. But now the very same Minister is saying that the By Law has been rescinded, Harry lamented. “We have begun to pay the minimum wage in July, and if we remove the toll the impact will be devastating; we will have to retrench workers. “We budgeted for that toll revenue, so it is very integral to the running of the council. And we told the Minister that if we’re given a subvention of $60 million a year, then we can close it.” There was no response to that suggestion, Harry said. The toll booth was established in 1997, to help the Linden Town Council to garner revenues for the running of the municipality. The booth garners between $2.5 million and $3million every month. The Interim Management Committee is meanwhile pursuing legal action in this matter.

Attorney Gail Seeram In the past week, my office has received many questions about the upcoming visa lottery. Therefore, we will seek to answer some of these very relevant questions through this column. Can I apply for the visa lottery if I have a pending immigration petition? Yes, a person from an eligible country may apply for the visa lottery even if they have a pending immigration petitions filed by a parent, spouse or sibling (brother or sister). Do I have to submit a photo of my wife and children? Yes, every eligible person must upload a digital photo with their application. Children over age 21 cannot be included in the visa lottery application. Can I download and save the visa lottery entry form into a word processing program and finish it later? No, you will not be able

to save the form into another program for completion and submission later. You must fill in the information and submit it while online. How soon after I submit my entry will I receive the electronic confirmation notice? You should receive the confirmation notice immediately, including a confirmation number that you must record and keep. However, the unpredictable nature of the Internet can result in delays. You can hit the “Submit” button as many times as is necessary until a complete application is received and the confirmation notice sent. However, once you receive a confirmation notice, do not resubmit your information. How do I know if I am selected? Yo u m u s t u s e y o u r confirmation number to access the Entrant Status Check available at starting May 1, 2014

Gail S. Seeram through at least September 2015. Entrant Status Check i s t h e O N LY m e a n s b y which you will be notified if you are selected, provided further instructions on your visa application, and notified of your immigrant visa interview appointment date and time. The only authorized Department of State website for official online entry in the Diversity Visa Program and Entrant Status Check is

Baroombar shooting…

Frustrated mother Shot taxi driver succumbs seeks help to put disabled son in orphanage five months later Eion Simpson, the taxi driver who was struck by a stray bullet in front of Baroombar almost five months ago, succumbed to his injuries early yesterday at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. On April 22 last, Simpson, a father of two was standing on North Road in front of the strip club when he was hit by a stray bullet. A security guard attached to the adult club, 40year-old Troy Anthony Adams was also shot. Adams was discharged from the hospital a few days later. No one was arrested for the shooting. Yesterday, at Simpson’s Lot 93 North East La penitence home, his mother, Jennifer Simpson, explained that her son was discharged from the hospital three weeks after he was shot. “He was bed-ridden. He was paralyzed from his shoulders down. He could not

DEAD: Eion Simpson move or feel anything. The doctor told us that the heat from the bullet burn his spinal cord,” the mother stressed. She added that the day when her son was shot he left home as usual to work taxi in the vicinity of the strip club when they later received the

tragic news. “Since he came home from the hospital, we had to take care of him. Feed him and do everything. He could have talked because nothing happened to his brains,” the woman stressed. She explained that although her son was discharged from the health institution, he had to be readmitted on numerous occasions. “We had to take him back to the hospital like about five or six times because his condition had gotten worse,” Simpson stressed. She explained that last Friday, the 32-year-old was in and out of consciousness. “His eyes were opened but he couldn’t see. When you call him, he would make sounds. He was not eating too so we decided to take him back to the hospital and he was admitted there until he passed away.” According to the grieving mother, since her son was shot no police officer visited her son to take a statement. “My son was shot and police didn’t come home nor do anything. Even at the hospital, the nurses didn’t do anything for him. They would just go and peep at him and move off. His wife had to do everything.”

The mother who stomped her 12-year-old differently-abled son two Tuesdays ago fracturing his right foot, is calling on the relevant authorities to assist her in putting the young teen in an orphanage. The woman, Hermattie Sahai of Helena Number One, Mahaica told this newspaper that she can no longer financially provide for the boy, Stephan Sahai anymore. It was reported that two Tuesdays ago the mother of seven stomped the young man who is incapable of doing anything for himself, fracturing his foot. He is currently hospitalized at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC)’s Paediatric Ward. The mother has confessed to stomping the boy, claiming that she was frustrated and took out her anger on him. Yesterday, the woman told Kaieteur News that a police o ff i c e r, accompanied by a social worker visited her home during last week in an effort to chart a course forward in the situation. “The social worker went to my daughters’ school to check on their attendance

and when she (social worker) visited the home I told her that I want to send my son to a home and she told me that I have to get some medical records for my son.” “I can’t take care of him anymore. I does have to buy two pampers every day and sometimes I don’t have money to buy so I does have to leave him with the one he wear the previous day,” the woman claimed. She added that she cannot afford to send her other children to school regularly because her husband is not providing enough money to support the home. “He does only give me $500 a day and that is not enough because I have to cook, pay bills, pay rent and send my children to school. I talk with him (her husband) about sending Stephan to the orphanage and he agrees. We will go see him once a week and I am planning to take up a job,” the woman stressed. Meanwhile, Head of Child Care Protection Agency, Ann Greene said that her officers have managed to locate the family and are currently working with them to provide assistance.

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Housing and You… By Leonard Gildarie Last week, we spoke extensively on new measures by Government regarding how homes should be wired. I received several comments, including one from an angry “electrician”. Before we move into the meat of this week’s article, I want to address the ranting of this person. I really welcome comments…It tells me that people are reading and are concerned. The more comments, the better…and we have been receiving quite a number of them every week, especially from our overseas readers. The articles are intended to educate, especially new homeowners, of concerns which have stalled numerous homes, leaving many families battling to finds hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, to complete the structure. While there are decent contractors, many persons are taking advantage of the huge demand for skilled workers by pretending to be contractors. The complaints have been many. The comment last week from the reader, that the criticisms are unfair to a poor man who is attempting to make an honest living, is irrelevant in my mind. In last week’s article, we spoke of the danger of bad wiring and the practices that can lead to costly and deadly consequences. There can be no excuse for bypassing established regulations, endangering persons and property. With questions over the Guyana Power and Light (GPL)’s voltage and supply up in the air, the importance of wiring and for contractors to know the regulations, without resorting to shortcuts that are not recommended and accepted, cannot be overstated. Another reader from New York, Hemwant Persaud, a real estate inspector, noted that the issue of unlicenced/

Once more the criminals are on the prowl and they are targeting certain locations in the city. Of course, the police are patrolling, but these young criminals are also patrollingin cars. The issue will come to a head when they visit a home owned by a simple individual who happens to be a firearm holder. One of the intruders will be shot, but the homeowner will find himself in some trouble because the shot invader will claim that he

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Design changes and its impact on budgets uncertified electrical contractors is prevalent mostly among medium and low income homeowners, because there are not many licenced/certified contractors, and the few are working on the high income homes, commercial properties and other high-paying jobs. As such, many homeowners are forced to utilise the services of unlicenced/uncertified electrical craftsmen who are not being supervised by the person whose licence/ certificate they are working under. Many of the electrical contractors make numerous mistakes and homeowners end up with homes that have numerous mistakes and are unsafe. No surprise there. These include wires that are too small to handle the load; minimal number of outlets being overloaded; not grounded, open neutral and reversed polarity outlets which are potential safety hazards and improperly located and unsecured outlets that can cause electrical shock. The reader also pointed to poor quality/sub-standard materials which create an inferior electrical circuit. “Last but not the least and the most disastrous which many will deny but exists, is the buying of electrical certificates, (many of the electrical contractors will pay electrical inspectors for certificates which are used for GPL connection).” The problem with a purchased certificate, Persaud noted, is that no inspector inspected the work and as such, the issues that exist are not identified for correction and homeowners are living with unsafe electrical circuits in their homes. This is an issue that will continually be discussed, as there clearly seems to be a lack of personnel from the regulatory entity to effectively monitor the many homes being built. In the more developed

countries, my research has shown, before the walls can be sealed, the electrical inspector has to make his/her check to ensure it was done according to regulations. The use of conduits, accepted colour coding of wires, breakers, and distance of outlets from sinks all have relevance. We may have to return to this issue at a later date. Today, we want to deal with the matter of design changes. Design changes simply mean that adjustments are made to the original plans while construction is ongoing. These can and will have impact on deadlines and the budget…the extent will obviously depend on how it is managed. Now, before building, homeowners have to produce a floor plan showing the construction to be done, indicating room size, distance from fences, location of doors, windows, and whether it is

was merely passing by the home when he was shot. ** The spate of road accidents is worrying. The weekends are the worse because that is when drivers

behave as though they are the only people who need to be driving. There will be a collision in the northern part of the city that would see the hospital being overwhelmed. ** A fraud is going to be highlighted. Some shady business had been underway at the main hospital in the city for a long time. An audit is going to reveal the extent of this fraud. The police are already probing, because government funds are not to be trifled with.

Any changes to designs while the home is being built will more than likely cost you more…Avoid this as much as possible.

one storey or more. Most persons can visualize the home they are building before a stone is laid. The wife and I fought over designs for months. Still, we messed up on a few things. These are unavoidable. Zorina Gafoor, a project management expert, writes that there is nothing wrong with design changes, especially when there are new innovations being revealed every day. The homeowner has to balance his/her finances or look at phasing the work. If there is no possibility of immediately getting additional funds, a phased method of construction is best, meaning, you may have to leave the fence for later, and concentrate on the

completion of the roof, kitchen and bathroom. Gafoor argues that changes can occur very early in a project. I must point out here that any changes to the plans will have to be approved by the NDC or City Council before continuing with construction. While most persons in Guyana don’t worry, I am advocating here that the right thing…the correct thing…be done. The changes that happen early in the design process are less expensive when compared to those that take place after it is introduced during full scale construction. This simply means that it is cheaper to make the changes on the plan than while building. Many persons

would order that the wall fall a certain way or a step is moved from a certain location to another. Or the porch design is to be adjusted to now include two holes. Drawings are not set in stone, especially incomplete drawings with missing information. This can lead to all sorts of problems and changes. Also unforeseen site conditions can lead to modifications. All of these changes will have a cost attached to them, and that is why a contingency sum must be set aside to cover these changes. Most homeowners I know don’t put aside an amount for emergencies or cost overruns. The reason for this is simply that they don’t have the money and the banks, being the conservatives that they are, find it hard to want to lend more. The more details and specs you have up front will lead to fewer changes down the road. Owners tend to make changes when they see the house starting to take shape. That is why it is good to make a model of the home before construction starts. These models are now made using computers, where you can have a virtual model walk through and around so that the client or owner can get a feel for the space. I like this recommendation. People can visualize a computer-designed 3dimensional model which can give a feel of the home rather than what a simple drawing or floor plan would offer. Most of the persons who specialize in drawing plans for homes would own a computer with the necessary software for a 3-D model home. So we have quite a few thoughts to ponder on this weekend. Enjoy it and don’t forget to send your response as usual to gildarie@

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Sunday September 29, 2013

THE MONSTER OF Pakaraima Mountain

By Michael Jordan Do strange things sometimes happen in the hinterland? I mean baffling, sometimes terrifying things that cannot be easily explained away? You bet they do! I had my own weird experience some several years ago, when a dredge owner whom I had befriended invited me to stay in his camp at Cuyuni. I readily accepted, since I saw it as an opportunity to write a few features about the interior, and to do some research for a project on which I was working. As it turned out, I almost regretted my decision.

The food was bountiful, the scenery was beautiful, but, for some reason, I could not sleep at night in that Cuyuni camp. My hammock was near the outer perimeter of the campsite, and every single night, when I lay in my hammock, I had this intense, disquieting feeling that something or someone was staring at me from the jungle. I couldn’t explain it. It wasn’t as if I was a stranger to the interior. I had spent almost a year at Papaya, the National Service camp in the North West. At night, the mist was thick and you could hear the howling of baboons from the

jungle. A few of the young women were prone to a strange fit that we called ‘anta banta’. This would cause them to run screaming into the night. But this experience at Cuyuni was different. I began to dread nightfall. I would lie terrified in my hammock, praying for daybreak and staring at the section of the forest where I sensed this malevolent presence lurked. I greeted the end of my stay in the jungle with a sense of relief. But those nights in the Cuyuni came back to me during an interview with a resident of the Rupununi. People who know me well know that I am curious about so-called ‘supernatural’ experiences in the hinterland. I asked this Rupununi resident about his own unusual experiences, and he admitted that he, personally, had never experienced the inexplicable. But he did relate some unusual but true stories about the hinterland. His view, though, seemed to be that there was a logical explanation to many of these stories, even if one of these stories was about a monster in a mountain. THE PAKARAIMA MOUNTAIN MONSTER He told me that there is a mountain in the North Pakaraimas, and the myth is that a monster inhabits it. He said that there is heavy undergrowth of bush at the foot of that mountain, and it was not difficult for him to imagine that those bushes concealed a cave in which some fearsome being lurked. The story about this ‘monster’ begins with a young woman from a community of the North Pakaraimas. She had no children, and was also

widowed. According to the story, her husband’s battered body was found in the village. The superstitious looked at the injuries on the body and concluded that he had fallen victim to a ‘Kanaima’, a sort of assassin in Amerindian lore with supernatural powers, including the ability to change into a jaguar. Eventually, though, the woman married again; and one day, in the seventies, several residents, including the woman and her second husband, went on a fishing expedition near the mountain. The other villagers eventually left, while the woman and her husband remained behind. The woman, it is alleged, also decided to go home while her husband opted to continue fishing. But nightfall came and the man failed to arrive home, and the following day, villagers launched a search for the missing man. They were shocked when they eventually stumbled on his battered body near the same mountain. Again, some concluded that the second husband was also the victim of Kanaima’s wrath. Because he was found near the mountain, others concluded that something had emerged from the mountain and killed the husband, before retreating again to its lair. The woman married a third time, and all reports indicate that husband number three is still alive, having escaped the wrath of the ‘Kanaima.’ THE MYSTERY OF THE VANISHED PROSTITUTE My friend went on to tell me about another unusual

incident which occurred in the North West. ‘Baby’ was a prostitute who used to travel to the Potaro to solicit porkknockers. In the late 1970s, she eventually struck it rich, and, laden with raw gold, decided to walk from the Potaro River to Maikwak, a mining settlement some three days away for someone travelling on foot. For reasons unknown, ‘Baby’ decided to let a male friend accompany her on the journey. ‘Baby’ never made it to Maikwak. She just vanished, never to be seen again. The man who was accompanying “Baby’ on the journey alleged that he was walking ahead of the prostitute on a trail, when ‘Baby’ began to tire. He claimed that when he eventually looked behind him, there was no sign of ‘Baby’. According to the man, he assumed that the prostitute had mistakenly taken another trail. About three years later, a hunter discovered a human skull in the Kopinang area. The skull had one gold tooth, and this made some speculate that the victim was the longlost ‘Baby.’ Police were informed, and the skull and a few bones were buried at the same spot. However, the remains were never identified. SHARLO’S DIAMONDS There was no mystery to the third story. ‘Sharlo’ was an old St. Lucian man who had several claims in the interior. He was the licenced owner of a shotgun which was so old that it would sometimes fall apart. One of the claims that ‘Sharlo’ had was located in the Potaro, and he worked this claim with his teenaged grandson. From all accounts, the St. Lucian’s claim was a profitable one, and it seemed that seldom a day went by without the old man locating a diamond or two. A short distance from ‘Sharlo’s’ claim was another claim belonging to a Bartica miner known as ‘Django’. While ‘Sharlo’s claim was productive, the claim owned by ‘Django’ yielded little. Now, ‘Sharlo’ was an affable fellow, and every day he would go over to ‘Django’s camp and show the younger miner the precious stones he had found. This went on for some time, until one day ‘Sharlo’s body was found in his mining pit. He had been shot in the

head with his own shotgun, which lay nearby. The precious stones he had gathered were gone…and so was Django. But someone had witnessed the deed. Sharlo’s grandson would later tell police that he had peeped from the bushes and had seen Django making off with the old man’s diamonds. Persons also recalled seeing ‘Django’ walking on ‘the line’ to Maikwak. The suspect was eventually arrested and taken to Georgetown, where he was charged and remanded for Sharlo’s murder. But, for some reason, I am told that Sharlo’s grandson never testified against Django, and the accused was eventually freed. They say that Django migrated to Brazil, where he suffered the same fate that he had meted out to old Sharlo. After he had finished telling me his stories, my friend from the hinterland attempted to put his own logical spin on the events. Explaining the myth of the ‘Pakaraima Mountain monster’, he suggested that the woman might have killed or arranged the deaths of both of her husbands, possibly because of an extramarital relationship. In the case of ‘Baby,’ the prostitute, he suggested that the male friend who had accompanied her on the trail killed ‘Baby’ and made off with her gold. And that set me thinking about my Cuyuni experience. Had there really been something in the jungle? My conclusion now is that, at the time, I had been working hard on a story based on Amerindian folklore, and that my research had caused my imagination to work overtime. Listening to my friend’s stories, and analysing my experience, I can only conclude that Kanaimas and unseen things that walked at night were far less fearsome than one’s own imagination and the treachery of false friends. If you have any information about any other unusual cases, please contact us by letter or telephone at our Lot 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown office. Our numbers are 2258465, 22-58458 and 2258452. You need not disclose your identity. You can also contact Michael Jordan at his email a d d r e s s :

Sunday September 29, 2013

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What would these investors say when they see Guyana? The title of this article should be, “The most dangerous mind in the world,” referring to the mindset that is in charge of this hapless, helpless, hellish country. Let us quote from one of the most influential power-holders in Guyana, Mr. Winston Brassington, in the September 26 issue of the Stabroek News; I would ask all readers to read this extract again and think of the mind of the people who are in charge of Guyana and reflect on whether we will ever come out of the mess this country has been in for over sixty years. Here are the words of Mr. Brasington: “There continues to be demand for high quality rooms, in fact, we have had a number of investors coming to Guyana who have said that after having looked at the best we had to offer that they would prefer to go to Trinidad and come back the next day for the meetings. We have investors on record who fly their jets to Guyana have meetings and fly back preferring to stay in Trinidad because of our lack of high end rooms,” (end of quote). Could you believe what you have just read? These were the words of one of the closest advisors to former President Jagdeo, and he has continued in that role with the current President. Do you understand what Mr. Brassington is saying? Please forgive me, but I think I want

to explain the thinking behind Mr. Brassington’s words. Basically, he is telling Guyanese that foreign investors do not want to stay at any hotels in Guyana because our rooms do not meet international standards so the people fly here, have their business confabulations and stay over in Trinidad and come back the day to negotiate in Guyana. Against this background, Mr. Brasington said that Guyana needs a Marriott. Well here is what I will boldly say to Mr. Brassington; none of those investors, not one of them who complain about the rooms they see at Princess Hotel and the Pegasus, would invest in Guyana if they see what Guyana is like; if they see what a rotten, stink, smelly city Georgetown is and the mountains of filth that have enveloped the territory of Guyana. I am telling Mr. Brassington that none of those investors will even want to see Guyana again, if when they concluded their talks, before they embark on the private jets they visit the University of Guyana or our public schools. Why would any investor want to put money in a country where there are no working traffic signals and no stop signs on the roads to tell you who has the right-ofway. I am saying most boldly to Mr. Brassington that I know this world as much as he does, and if an investor

frowns on the hotel rooms he/ she sees in Guyana, then those persons will not touch Guyana again if they see what a dilapidated country it is. What would President Ramotar and Mr. Brassington do if one of these investors, say someone from Microsoft, request to see the Faculty of Technology at the University of Guyana? Someone is going to dirty the inside of their trousers if that request is made. First, the investor will have to see the garbage on the roads while on the way to UG. Secondly, there are no functioning labs in the Faculty of Technology.

Thirdly, the Technology Faculty is surrounded by bush and garbage. Mr. Brassington went on to say; “Princess is not an international brand.” It has to be an act of madness for a country to want an international brand name hotel and the country’s infrastructure is falling down and is a total disgrace. How can you put money into an international brand name hotel and your only university is falling apart or has fallen apart? How can you want an international brand name hotel and the central office for criminal investigation of the

police force is an awful looking, dirty place with all the windows broken and no fans and working toilets and not even a half-working computer?. How can you want an international brand name hotel and your capital city has no functioning waterways to act as outlets when it rains even for half of a day? But just as important as these questions are other questions. For example, why would any sane, decent investor leave Barbados, Suriname and Trinidad and put money in this country when they see what Georgetown is like? I am an

Frederick Kissoon academic not a business person, but I would advise any investor from any nation not to put their capital in a land that looks like Guyana. Guyana is not a country you want to invest in, in 2013, when we look like a territory that is still in the 12th century. Man oh man, even traffic lights we don’t have in Guyana. Why do we want a Marriott then?

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Book Review: Book: The Legend of Kwame-Kwamo by Nicole Titus Critic: Dr Glenville Ashby On the heels of her highly acclaimed ”Akin to No One,” Haitian screenwriter and author, Nicole Titus continues her foray into the fascinating field existentialism. This time, though, she has geared her work toward children between the ages of 8 and 12. The Legend of Kwame-Kwamo chronicles the life of a mythical figure who is discovered in the lush forest of Pangaea by farmers Papa Joe and Nanou. But this is no ordinary baby. Called Kwame-Kwamo, the child grows precipitately in

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Sunday September 29, 2013

An Endearing Tale of Kinship and Forgiveness size and superhuman strength. Yes, he is robustly strong, but he is humble and compassionate. In one exchange he asserts, “I don’t want anyone to worship me! All I am is a servant of Primum Mobile Immotum (God). “ He also proves jocular but richly philosophical. KwameKwamo is a paradox that befuddles his adopted parents and two of his friends - Diti and Kiki (brother and sister) who are his young neighbours. Together, Kwame-Kwamo and his friends embark on an experiential journey. Of all the attributes bestowed on humankind by the Primum Mobile Immotum, KwameKwamo has chosen to drink from the fountain of wisdom,

kinship and forgiveness. Only then can he retain his strength and be of service to humankind. Titus is authentically vivid, pointed and well cadenced. Her characters are definitive and lend substance to her pedagogical mission. Sure, history swirls around the main character, but this giant of a personage is really incomplete without the erudition of Kiki who serves as scribe, anthropologist and social activist throughout the journey. Also integral is the scientific mind of Diti, who, as a naturalist, lends substance to the thematic underbelly of Titus’ work. Nature is our friend. Let’s safeguard it, is Titus’ clear message. The interplay between

Kwame-Kwamo and the “wild” animals, his love for the outdoors and nature’s willingness to bend to his gentle suggestions are indicative of our lost potential. The three friends soon learn about prudence and the sin qua non of decision making when they are inadvertently tricked by criminals who succeed in gaining freedom. They are pilloried by the villagers and banished. Despite the disappointment they rally and continue their mission. What seems to be a culturally learning experience for Kwame-Kwamo in his second encounter - if only for the physical characteristics he shares with the people of that village - turns into a near deadly experience. It is there that Kwame-Kwamo is told that his friends ”would make our race inferior if we mingle with them,” and that “women are property...They are only here to do our bidding and bear our children.” Titus is ever so instructive. Kinship, she warns is not based on commonality of physical attributes but centers on shared values and philosophies. As the friends contemplate returning home after that harrowing experience, there is vacillation on the part of KwameKwamo. He is reflective and expectant and wanders off with a promise to return the following day. He never does. Disappointed over Kwame-Kwamo’s supposed self-centeredness, Kiki and Diti reluctantly leave, unbeknown that their friend sustained an injury and is incapable of upholding his word. The companionship of the animals during KwameKwamo’s travails and his eventual rescue by the Little People whom he had earlier helped, make for an endearing scene of kinship,

gratitude and humanity. There is one lingering issue, though. Will Kwame-Kwamo forgive his friends for their impatience and lack of trust? The answer is all too easy. Titus’ work is an axiomatic masterpiece. Its mythological carapace is stripped of its incredulity. The Legend of KwameKwamo is timelessly elucidating. Her protagonist challenges the blight of ethnic superiority when he refuses to battle another people. His friend Viki rails against the specter of gender inequality and the importance of nature and learning is encouraged in every village they encounter. Titus may have geared this work for children, but in key areas we are all child-like. And the lessons of “KwameKwamo” speak to us all. Feedback: glenvilleashby him on Twitter@glenvillleashby Kwame-Kwamo by Nicole Titus 2013 EDUCA VISION, Inc. Florida, USA ISBN: 9-781-58432-993-0 Rating: Highly Recommended

Sunday September 29, 2013

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If only businessmen could give back Of late all we seem to be talking about is the spate of criminal activity. And indeed there is a lot of criminal activity conducted by very young men. Some time back I did speak about these young men leaving school illequipped to perform meaningfully in the society. At school, many of them from dysfunctional homes, the young men could only speak about the things they would like to have. They spent their school hours thinking about the physical possessions they wanted and refused to learn. Sadly, they do not weigh the disadvantages of a criminal life; they do not think about the attention they would attract and the consequences of being at the wrong end of the law. This past week I saw an interesting sentence imposed on a young man who attracted the attention of the country and, quite obviously, the law. Tyrone Rowe was merely seventeen when he became a household name, probably as popular as Usain Bolt. People said that at that early age, and with an inability to properly reason, he killed people. I had a neighbour who was a minibus driver and who happened to be driving along Laing Avenue with a group of people destined for Suriname. It was very early in the morning - at a time when

most people are in bed except for those who must travel to work some distance away. My neighbour managed to drive to Cemetery Road before he crashed into a trench. He had been fatally shot. The police never found the shooter, but people in the underworld always know who does what. The word came that Tyrone Rowe called Cobra, wanted to rob the bus and the driver dared to drive away, so he had to be shot. Of course, by then, Cobra was on the run; a teenager who could not afford the luxury of sleeping in a home. There were reports that he slept in the cemetery, but he had to eat, so he applied what he knew to get a meal; he robbed people. He shot them too, because he did not set store by reasoning. He could not come to the realization that killing could lead to the gallows while robbery could only lead to a jail term. As fate would have it, Cobra faced the hottest young judge on the circuit. This young judge has already developed a reputation for getting through the most cases in a criminal session and for handing down the stiffest of penalties. Cobra was fingered in a robbery/murder at Plaisance. At the time he was merely 18. He has been confined to 78 years in jail which translates into the harsh fact that he will

not be on the road in my lifetime. I am not sure whether Cobra will serve as an example for other young men. It does not seem that way, because I see them parading the streets each day looking for prey. A businessman recently asked me whether there is a solution, and I drew his attention to the time when there was the Guyana National Service. Some people did not understand, so they claimed that national service was something Burnham had devised to produce ‘douglah’ children. They did not think about the saying that the devil finds work for idle hands. National Service afforded those who did not do well in school a chance to learn a skill while acquiring discipline.

Many of these young people who would have fallen through the crack turned out to be leaders in the society. One name that comes readily to mind is Assistant Commissioner of Police Paul Slowe. I see these things and I wonder at what more could be done to save the young people of Guyana. We have some fantastically rich people who do nothing but think about themselves. In recent times there have been protests over the conditions at some schools. These rich businessmen cannot take the time to help with furniture, they do not attend parentteacher meetings and for sure they do not seem to care what happens to the school. In one school the contention was about the

seating arrangement. In my day at primary school the benches were not designed for comfort. However, the focus was on learning, so the discomfort of the seats paled into insignificance. Perhaps there may have been some children in my time who could have done better had the seats been more comfortable, but who knows? What we do know is that times have changed over the past fifty years and seating should not be a problem. I said to the businessman that if he could give something back to the society then he may not have to worry about criminal attacks. I suggested that he form some sports club. It has been proven that when young people are occupied they do not have time

Adam Harris for anti-social behaviour. It would be interesting to see a plethora of sports clubs springing up in Guyana. People like Cobra might suddenly find an interest in either cricket or football or hockey or even track and field. None of the young athletes have time to run around with guns.

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Sunday September 29, 2013

The role of the AFC as an opposition political party It is widely accepted that opposition political parties form a critical component of any modern democracy. In fact, the basis on which any party can form an acceptable and legitimately-elected government is one which also produces an acceptable and legitimately-elected opposition to that government. The expectation that a governing party will implement policies in keeping with its own priorities and the platform on which it was elected, must therefore be tempered with the presumption of resistance from the political opposition. As most Guyanese are now aware, this presents a dilemma for a government requiring the support of the opposition in order to implement its legislative agenda. It is up to that Government, if it wants to function effectively during its term in office, to engage its parliamentary adversaries in a way that advances its own agenda. If it fails in this regard, then it is free to return to the electorate to seek greater authority. The People’s Progressive Party-Civic (PPPC) Government, not to be inconvenienced by the norms and conventions of a modern democracy, has chosen to ignore the majority opposition in order to continue to run

things in its own way. In doing so, it has violated several sections of our constitution and has resorted to demonizing the opposition, and in some cases, even its constituents. It is quite clear that the PPP-C Government does not believe that Guyanese people deserve to enjoy real democracy, and that what they have been offering for the last two decades is a light version of the concept, without all the calories of the real deal. The Alliance For Change (AFC) has always held that the key to Guyana’s development lies in significantly improving the way the country is governed. The AFC sees itself as a part of the entire apparatus of governance in Guyana today, and is mindful of its various roles and responsibilities as an opposition political party within that apparatus. Some of these follow. The AFC maintains that any opposition party worth its salt ought to present itself to the electorate as a viable alternative to the government of the day. Fundamental to the concept of a constitutional democracy is the ability of the people to change governments. This, however, relies on the existence of an electable alternative to the incumbent.

One may argue that in Guyana’s case it relies on the existence of an electable alternative to the two major political parties who have nurtured ethnic insecurity as the basis for mass support, giving most Guyanese very little in the way of real options. Either way, the AFC believes it has a responsibility to the people of Guyana to ensure that it remains a politically viable organization. The AFC understands that the checking of executive power by another elected branch of government, such as a legislative assembly, is a healthy feature of the democratic system of governance. It is largely the presence of the political opposition within such assemblies that makes this such an effective device, and in the case of Guyana’s National Assembly, this device is made more effective by the slim majority held by the opposition. However, the power to check the nation’s executive must not be wielded in a way that is detrimental to the people of the nation, and the AFC is aware that it now faces the additional responsibility of ensuring that this does not happen. The party will continue to be the determining factor wherever there is division between the PPP-C and APNU

on any matter before the National Assembly, and its decisions will therefore attract greater public scrutiny than before. The AFC has always taken positions based on deliberations and consultations involving a broad cross-section of views and careful examination of available information, and is convinced that this process provides a sound basis for decisions on matters of national importance. It is not surprising, therefore, that the party has become the focus of criticism from those with inflexible or predetermined positions that the AFC could not support. The ability to compromise, far from being a weakness, is an important aspect of making progress in the face of gridlock, and the AFC sees this as part of its role as an opposition party. It is unacceptable for the people’s business to be parked indefinitely while those tasked with collectively advancing it refuse to negotiate solutions. Negotiation is an essential part of the political tool kit which all parties have a responsibility to employ in the process of reaching acceptable compromises between opposing positions. At this point it is worth observing that the failure of the President to assent to the local government bills tabled by his party, and approved unanimously in the National Assembly after negotiated amendments, is hardly an indictment of the process. The credibility of his government is what is at stake, and the ball is now in his court, despite the contrived ping-pong game with his Attorney General. Opposition parties are saddled with the additional

role of championing the cause of various disaffected groups and individuals who feel they have nowhere else to turn to have their matters addressed. The AFC fulfils this role increasingly, with more and more persons calling upon the party to represent them in matters of concern. The role of the political opposition in national development is one which deserves emphasizing. It should never be overlooked that national development is a long-term process that transcends governments and individual leaders. It is unacceptable for an elected government to embark on a series of long-term projects without prior consultations with the political opposition. The opposition is an important stakeholder in a country’s development and must have an input in its development plans. Longterm projects need to be prioritized and sequenced within an agreed-upon development strategy, so that there is a clear understanding all around of how and where they fit into the grand scheme of things. A series of grand schemes will not do the trick. The AFC has repeatedly stated its readiness to participate in any serious attempt at crafting a development strategy for Guyana. Guyana’s underdevelopment has everything to do with the failure of successive governments to allow opposition parties and other stakeholders to play a meaningful role in determining the country’s future. In addition to playing a critical role in national politics, opposition parties also make valuable contributions at the community level by winning

seats on local government councils and by being directly and specifically accountable to the communities served by those councils. The complete denial of democracy at this level, for over fifteen years, has shut out the eight-year-old AFC from participating in Neighbourhood Democratic Councils and Municipal Councils across the country. This has severely limited the party’s ability to play a role in community development and management. The AFC is, nevertheless, preparing itself to participate in Local Government Elections so as to develop stronger ties with the people of Guyana at a level of maximum impact. Any discussion on the AFC’s roles and responsibilities as an opposition political party cannot conclude without references to its rights in the same capacity. Foremost among these is the right of access to certain state resources currently monopolized by the governing party. The AFC continues to insist on access to the State media in order to share its views and positions with the people of Guyana, particularly on matters in which the government’s positions have been exclusively carried by those media. At some point the party will be forced to intensify its efforts to correct this disgusting disregard for the majority of the Guyanese public by a government that is clearly undemocratic. At that point the role of the political opposition in extraparliamentary action against specific abuses by the government may become a relevant addition to this article.

Sunday September 29, 2013

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Sunday September 29, 2013

The PPP is failing our primary school students The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) administration is presiding over a broken primary school system that is failing the most vulnerable section of the population – our children. The chaos in the country’s primary schools continues to contribute to the high rate of delinquency and the low standards of performance. The atrocious results at the essential annual National Grade Six Assessment examinations are evidence of a diseased and disordered system. ‘First-day disarray’ – on Monday 2nd September this year – was only the most recent in the series of annual calamities that plague primary schools countrywide. It was a distressing display of the attitude of the PPPC administration and the Ministry of Education towards the more than 100,000 children who attend public primary schools. Protests are now a commonplace subject on the school curriculum as parents and students find it necessary

to object to the conditions which are a disincentive and a deterrent to their studies. Remedial action when taken, however, seems to last only a few months until similar problems recur the following year. September’s protests against appalling conditions at schools, many of which are located in poor rural and hinterland areas, were the main means of attracting the administration’s attention to the awful conditions under which children study. Over a hundred Grade Six students of the St Agnes Primary School in Georgetown were locked out of classes during the morning of their first day, owing to insufficient space. Students at the Beterverwagting Practical Institute Centre in the Demerara-Mahaica Region spent the entire first day outside of classes after teachers protested against the insanitary condition of the school. The Moblissa Primary School was unprepared owing to incomplete construction work. Shortages of furniture, incomplete

sanitary blocks and unsanitary conditions prevented schools in the East Berbice-Corentyne Region from functioning efficiently. The Port Kaituma Primary School in the Barima-Waini Region has been without potable water and students have to depend on the rain for water. The toilets were filthy and the stench was unbearable. The school compound had not been weeded and garbage was dumped outside the back gate. Severe shortages of learning materials at the Mahdia Primary School in the Potaro-Siparuni Region prompted the Parent-Teacher Association to protest. Other complaints included a shortage of textbooks, a shortage of toilet paper and overcrowded classes with as many as 71 students. The Parent-Teacher Association at the ParikaSalem Primary School in the Essequibo Islands-West Demerara Region locked the gates to protest against unsatisfactory conditions including overcrowding with

three or four pupils sitting on one bench in a classroom, flooding in the schoolyard, leaking roofs, unsanitary toilets and bat droppings falling on students during classes. Parents from La Parfaite Harmonie in the same Region – furious over the state of their primary school which had been built only two years ago – actually blocked the gates of the school there to prevent their children’s attendance. The parents were protesting not only the failure to repair a burnt-out section of the building but, also, the overcrowding, mosquitoinfestation, skin infections and uncomfortable heat suffered by their children. Protests this year were merely a repetition of a pattern that has prevailed over the recent past. The ParentTeacher Association of the Hope West Primary School at Enmore, Demerara-Mahaica Region, had to bring classes to a halt by protesting against the poor sanitation issues in February 2009. Parents of children attending the Ann’s

Grove Primary School, in the same Region, angrily protested against the poor state of the 90-year-old school that same month. Parents shut down the Bagotville Primary School on the West Bank Demerara and the Golden Grove Primary School on the East Coast Demerara in November that year, to protest the shortage of teachers and the lack of water in the washrooms. Teachers and parents of the St. Ignatius Primary School in the Rupununi Region staged a protest the same month to complain about the absence of potable water and poor sanitation. The ParentTeacher Association and scores of residents of Port Kaituma protested the “deplorable” conditions the community primary school and surrounding roads last year. Parents of children at the same school returned to the picket line this month, this time closing down the school on account of its unsanitary conditions, overcrowding, filthy toilets and thick vegetation surrounding the

school, which parents described as “unsafe.” The President of the Republic and the Minister of Education, in a bizarre coincidence and blithely oblivious of the turmoil in the primary schools, merrily participated in a massive rally at the National Park on 13th September to celebrate ‘Education Month.’ The public perception is that the PPPC administration is not serious about creating schools of excellence. Such a policy would need a new attitude to repairing decrepit buildings, to replenishing learning materials, to supplying cleaning materials and to restoring sanitary standards, especially in rural and hinterland primary schools.These poor conditions, so evident at the annual ‘first-day disarray,’ are contributory factors to the escalation of migration of trained teachers, the rising level of illiteracy, the increasing number of school dropouts and the swelling of the ranks of unemployed youths.

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Sunday September 29, 2013

Sunday September 29, 2013

SUNDAY SPECIAL GOVT. SACRIFICES BILLIONS OF TAX DOLLARS TO ENRICH PRIVATE PARTNERS In recent years, the Guyana Government has been pursuing a number of largescale infrastructural projects. However, while Government has been putting in large sums of money, it does not control the companies that run these projects. Rather, the ownership has been inexplicably placed in the hands of the private investors. Three projects have recently been coming under intense scrutiny. These are the Berbice River Bridge, the Marriott Hotel and the Amaila Falls Hydroelectric Project. One common personality running through all three is Winston Brassington. It is noted too that all the projects were initiated by former President Bharrat Jagdeo. MONDAY EDITION BERBICE BRIDGE PROFIT SKYROCKETS IN 2011 The Berbice Bridge Company Inc (BBCI) this past week filed its annual returns for 2011 and this document has revealed that the company’s profit was more than 58 per cent more than the previous year, financial analyst, Christopher Ram, says. According to Ram, the company in 2010 made a profit of $137M, while for 2011 this jumped to $217M. While the company would have raked in $1.2B, its expenditure for the year stood at $984.3M. Ram has since reported on his website that while the company’s profit margin would have increased, the report “is not without serious questions.” BBCI is chaired by Keith Evelyn of Hand in Hand, with its other Directors including Avalon Jagnandan and Ravi Ramcharitar of Queens Atlantic Investment Inc (QAII), Egbert Carter, Maurice Solomon and Former Chancellor, Cecil Kennard while Winston Brassington serves as Company Secretary. Ram lambasted the company and its report signed off by Company Secretary, Winston Brassington, as failing to comply with the International Reporting Standards. Ram, in his writings has pointed out that in its financial statements, it claims that the “statements have been prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting (sic) and the requirements of the Companies Act.” He said too that “In their audit opinion, the company’s auditors TSD Lal & Co also makes the same claim…They are both wrong,

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Financial Analyst, Christopher Ram very wrong.” Ram said that this is something he had pointed out when the company filed its 2010 report. BLOODY CORPSE OF C’TYNE MAN FOUND IN HOUSE The bloody corpse of Yadram ‘Muff’ Jaggai, 36, of Rambharose Street, Number 48 Village, Corentyne, was discovered in his home just after 16:30 hrs on Saturday. The man’s reputed wife, his landlord, and police turned up and found a pool of blood in the kitchen and the body lying in the bottom house. This suggested that the victim had crawled some distance before he died. Additionally, detectives recovered an ice- pick from the crime scene and three of the man’s friends have been detained.

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Keith Evelyn

Company Secretary Berbice Bridge, Winston Brassington

was in his home when a man entered the yard, knocked at the front door, and began calling for ‘Quacy.’ Cumberbatch’s wife reportedly told the visitor that ‘Quacy’ did not live there. However, the visitor reportedly refused to leave the yard, and this prompted the policeman to come outside. According to reports, Cumberbatch told the visitor “you ain’t hear no Quacy living here?” and ordered the man out of the yard. The visitor reportedly responded by shooting Cumberbatch twice, before fleeing on foot.

of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh, the revenue for GEA is $40M with its expenditure standing at $99.3M, hence the need for a $58.6M subsidy to meet its shortfall. “The estimates therefore did not recognize the US$350M worth of fuel transactions under the PetroCaribe agreement.”


TUESDAY EDITION TSU RANK SHOT DEAD A Tactical Services Unit police constable was gunned down at around 21:00 hrs Monday, after he stepped out of his North Sophia home to speak to a man who claimed he was there to see someone. Michael Cumberbatch, 29, of 111 North Sophia, was reportedly shot twice at close range near his front door. He succumbed despite efforts to rush him to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. Relatives said that Cumberbatch, a father of two,

As an agent of the state, it is inappropriate for the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) to treat revenue belonging to the state, as its own revenue. This is the contention of former Auditor General, Anand Goolsarran, who in his recent writings on accountability, said that while in the GEA Financial Statements the US$350M in fuel transactions is represented as revenue; this is not reflected in the National Estimates (Budget). According to 2012 National Estimates, presented to the Parliament by Minister

GEA Boss Mahender Sharma

Former Auditor General, Anand Goolsarran

WEDNESDAY EDITION ‘COBRA’ GETS 78 YEARS Twenty-one-year-old Tyrone Rowe called ‘Cobra’ was Tuesday sentenced to 78 years imprisonment by a High Court judge following a guilty verdict returned after four hours deliberation by a 12member mixed jury. Rowe, who appeared confident, sang that he would be freed, even as he was being escorted back to the courtroom under heavy security. Rowe was however visibly shocked when he heard that the jury unanimously found him guilty. The accused, whose address was given as Lot 268 Independence Boulevard, was said to be one of the men involved in a robbery/murder which took place in the East Coast Demerara community of Plaisance, in 2010. Justice

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Navindra Singh told Rowe that based on the use of a firearm during the robbery he would get five years, for the death of the victim, Troy Collymore called ‘Collie’ and ‘Nelly’ during the course of a dangerous felony, he received 10 years. For previous criminal matters, Rowe got three years, while the remainder of the sentence was attributed to Collymore’s murder. The court noted, however, that Rowe’s sentences will not run concurrently. State Prosecutor Teshana Lake told the court that Rowe had other matters against him, particularly robbery under arms. She said she is aware that the accused is currently serving two sentences. The four-day murder trial saw some nine witnesses testifying on behalf of the prosecution. This included the mother of the deceased and a police eyewitness who placed the accused at the scene of the crime. THURSDAY EDITION “WRONG POLICEMAN I KILLED” – SUSPECT ADMITS TO KILLING TSU RANK A 27-year-old Kitty resident has confessed to killing TSU Constable Michael Cumberbatch, who was shot on Monday night at Sophia. Kaieteur News was told that the alleged shooter has told police investigators that Cumberbatch was not his intended target. This newspaper was told that Cumberbatch’s reputed wife identified the suspect positively Wednesday during an identification parade. Kaieteur News was told that the suspect has told investigators that he went to

the wrong house. “Apparently he is accusing another policeman of being in a relationship with his wife…but he went to the wrong house” the police source explained. This newspaper was further told that the suspect has told investigators that he was told that policeman was living in Sophia with his wife who is an Amerindian. C o i n c i d e n t a l l y Cumbertbatch’s wife is Amerindian. However the suspect went to the wrong house. Granny, 88, perishes in fire Tragedy befell two elderly sisters Wednesday evening when a fire destroyed a twostorey house at Islington, East Bank Berbice, burning one of them to death. Firefighters searched feverishly with flashlights and forks for the charred remains of 88-year-old Margaret London. The bed-ridden woman stricken with a stroke lived in the house from birth with her sister, Olive London, 93. The house had electricity. Two fire tenders were deployed to the scene. Both of them accessed water from the nearby Berbice River, but the building had already been reduced to ashes by the time they arrived. Eyewitnesses stated that the fire which started some time after 19:00 hrs, devoured the wooden structure within minutes. The NexGen Internet Café located next door was saved from the inferno. Kaieteur News found the survivor, Olive, sitting in a nearby shop, still shaken from the fire, and of course, losing her younger sister, for whom she cared up to the fateful evening. She told this newspaper that she had prepared a cup of hot tea (Continued on page 39)

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Sunday September 29, 2013

Sunday September 29, 2013

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The three Wartsila engines, valued US$26M, on board a barge that will take it to Parika today

GPL’s CEO, Bharat Dindyal

From page 37 for her sister and was about to take it to her bedroom, but smelled smoke “and felt heat” coming from the back of the building, where her sister’s bedroom was located. “I feel the heat and the front was catching fire!” Everything was lost in the blaze, including pictures of the dead woman. FRIDAY EDITION M&CC GRANTED CONSTRUCTION PERMISSION FOR RESERVE LAND – EDDIE BOYER City businessman, Eddie Boyer, has confirmed that the Mayor and City Councillors of Georgetown (M&CC) granted him a lease and permission to construct on a piece of reserve at the Ruimveldt Industrial Site. Construction is currently ongoing at the location with employees working on a metal frame for a building. On Thursday, Boyer, the main principal of National Hardware, said that he had applied and waited a long time for a reply from M&CC. “We have many customers coming to National Hardware and a parking area would have assisted in making their shopping experience more enjoyable,” the businessman said. There have been questions about the structure as the land is reserved for M&CC. National Hardware had applied for it for parking, fencing it along the way, Boyer said. He also disclosed that M&CC was not interested in selling the property and was prepared to lease it. “I think it is at least 10 years that the lease is for.” Last week, Mayor Hamilton Green referred this newspaper to City Engineer, Colvern Venture, after saying he has learnt that an application was made for a building and permission was granted. RAMOTAR MAKES

FERVENT PITCH TO DEVELOPED NATIONS AT UN President Donald Ramotar, Thursday took world leaders to task over their less than fruitful approach in tackling Climate Change, combating the Narcotics Trade, and Trafficking in Persons, and even challenged the United Nations to reform itself in order give smaller countries greater representation. Ramotar was at the time addressing the 68th Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Ramotar also challenged the international community to revise how it treats with countries such as Guyana and those in the Caribbean when it comes to accessing financing. The Guyanese leader said that the Caribbean has experienced major setbacks due to the international economic and financial crises which started in North America and Europe. “While it appears that the latter two regions are emerging from these crises, in the Caribbean, the effects are still devastating,” said Ramotar. He pointed out that even as the region continues to grapple with the effects of the financial crises, it is now being faced with even more stringent hurdles. SATURDAY EDITION GPLTAKES NEW WARTSILA ENGINES ON 50-MILE JOURNEY TO A ONE-MILE DESTINATION Three Wartsila engines that Government hopes will meet growing electricity demands in Demerara and Berbice, until hydro power comes, have arrived in the country but it will be a huge challenge to move them to the West Demerara site. On Friday, at the John Fernandes Limited wharf in Georgetown, heavy duty cranes of the Dutchregistered ship, Merwedegracht, lifted the engines, valued at US$26M,

to a barge, where they were secured. Each engine weighs around 130 tonnes, making it impossible to be hauled across the aging Demerara Harbour Bridge. Although the new power plant that is currently under construction at Vreed-en-Hoop, West Bank Demerara, is located one mile from John Fernandes wharf, across the Demerara River, the engines have to travel almost a day to Archies, an area about two miles from Parika. That is because there is no wharf at Vreed-en-Hoop and nowhere else on the West Coast Demerara area in which the barge can dock and the engines be off-loaded. The barge with the engines will be taken by sea to Archies, near Parika, then loaded onto trucks and driven back to Vreed en Hoop, a total distance of about 50 miles. At Archies, a special access road has been repaired specifically to accommodate the transportation of the engines to Vreed-en-Hoop along the public road. According to Bharat Dindyal, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Guyana Power and Light Inc (GPL), the moving of the engines to Vreed-en-Hoop had to be planned to the finest details. A special truck will be moving the engines, one at a time, to the new power station at Vreed-en-Hoop. However, GPL is not taking any chances. It will have teams of its workers, and personnel from the Ministry of Public Works and the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph (GT&T) to follow the truck and each of the engines from Archies to Vreed-en-Hoop. With many road bridges along the way and each built

to accommodate only 50 tonnes, far less than the 130 tonnes Wartsila engines, special equipment (called flyover bridges) to lay over them will also be used to prevent any mishaps and damage. The 8.6 megawatts engines, which will make it 17 that Wartsila will have operating for GPL countrywide, are by far the biggest of the lot. On its arrival at the site at Vreed-en-Hoop, special foundation with hundreds of piles, have been built and the engines will transferred to these. Also arriving yesterday were five large tanks that will hold oil, water and other materials critical to the running of the new power plant. According to Dindyal,

foundation works are halfway through at the new power plant with over 800 piles in total to be driven. In addition to two storage tanks, the new power station will have its own wharf to accommodate a fuel vessel. BK International has been awarded a $242M contract for this. The construction site, being built on a sea dam, has

been the most difficult of all sites for GPL, the CEO claimed. In addition to heavy foundation, piles as long as 72 feet in some instances have to be used, and these were imported. When commissioned in April next year, the 26 megawatt engines are expected to boost GPL’s firm capacity to 106 megawatts.

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Sunday September 29, 2013

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Sunday September 29, 2013

Sunday September 29, 2013

Kaieteur News

GPSU issues two-week ultimatum to Govt. on salaries The Guyana Public Service Union (GPSU) has condemned Government for what it said is the continued breaking of laws by Government which refuses to meet with bargaining agents to negotiate salary increases for members. The union, the largest public servant representative body, has been battling a number of years now with Government over the issue. It has become normal now for Government to announce increases in December for workers. This, the union, has been complaining is arbitrary and not in keeping with labour laws. The matter was a major one in the GPSU 20th Biennial Conference which ended on Friday. It was held under the theme, “Relentlessly Pursuing Good Governance, Decent Work, Social and Economic Justice”. The conference brought together delegates from Georgetown and the 10 Administrative Regions of Guyana to review the performance of the union over

the last two years and to make recommendations for the next two. The union gave Government two weeks to meet. “ … D e l e g a t e s unanimously agreed that the GPSU condemn the government for breaking the law, flouting the procedures and not honouring the obligations to meet with the bargaining agent of public servants. “Further, delegates call on the Government to meet with the union within two weeks at the bargaining table and conclude such negotiations in a timely manner.” GPSU said that its delegates will continue to update its members and to discuss with them forms of action to convey to the administration the seriousness and commitment to decent work and fair treatment. “The GPSU has already called on the Government for a 25 per cent increase in salaries and wages for 2013. The union is prepared to initiate any form of industrial

action if the demands are not reached. The delegates called for unity, militancy, solidarity and strength as the conference ended on a very high note.” The union said that the conference, its highest decision-making forum, closed with 30 motions brought to the floor for discussion and consideration. “These motions included wages and salaries, allowances including the meal, uniform and footwear allowances, leave and leave allowances.” There were also motions relating to amending the Constitution of Guyana with respect to the Public Service Commission, and amending the Laws of Guyana – the 1997 Trade Union Recognition and Certification Act, and the Pensions Act. Also raised was the prevalence of contracts being offered in the public service, as well as land for housing, day care and child-care facilities and agriculture for public servants.

Kenya says ‘at war’ with al Shabaab, faces security questions NAIROBI (Reuters) Kenya is “at war” with Islamist militants who attacked a Nairobi shopping mall, the government said yesterday as it faced questions about whether it had received advance intelligence warnings of the deadly strike. A week after the raid on the Westgate shopping centre that killed 67 civilians and police and was claimed by the Somali militant group al Shabaab, the government has been trying to reassure Kenyans that it can protect them from further attacks. Three Kenyan newspapers reported on Saturday that a year ago the country’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) had warned of the presence of suspected al Shabaab militants in Nairobi and that they were planning to carry out “suicide attacks” on the Westgate mall and on a church in the city. In front-page stories, the Nation, Standard and Star newspapers questioned whether the Kenyan government and military may have failed to act on this and more recent warnings this year by local and foreign intelligence services. “It is not a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer,” Mutea Iringo, principal secretary in the Ministry of Interior, told Reuters. “Every day, we get

A boy prays with his father after lighting a candle during a memorial service in front of the Westgate shopping mall yesterday. REUTERS intelligence and action is taken as per that intelligence and many attacks averted. But the fact that you get the intelligence does not mean something cannot happen,” the senior official added. “What we are saying is that we are at war, and that every day some young Kenyan is being radicalized by al Shabaab to kill Kenyans,” Iringo said, calling on citizens across the east African nation to be alert and cooperate with authorities. The newspaper reports emerged ahead of a meeting tomorrow of the Kenyan parliament’s defense and foreign relations committee which is expected to ask security chiefs how much warning they had of last two last Saturday’s assault.

In the mall attack that extended into a four-day siege, gunmen fired on shoppers and tossed grenades leaving a trail of victims and shocking Kenya and the world. Al Shabaab said it acted in revenge against Kenyan troops who have been fighting it in neighboring Somalia for two years. Britain’s government said yesterday a sixth British national had been identified among those killed at the mall. French and Canadian nationals also died. The Star quoted another NIS briefing in February warning of a gun and grenade attack in Kenya similar to a three-day killing spree by militants in the Indian city of Mumbai in 2008.

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Sunday September 29, 2013

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Joint Services honours outstanding Angoy’s Avenue students Members of various arms of the Joint Services bodies in Berbice have joined with the Safe Neighborhood Council of New Amsterdam that so far encompasses the areas of Mount Sinai, Angoy’s Avenue, Vryman’s Erven, and Smithfield to honour top students from the depressed Angoy’s Avenue area. The students performed beyond expectation at their national and regional examinations held earlier this year. The Joint services/Safe Neighbourhood Council group recently provided financial assistance to the top National Grade Six Assessment students and top Caribbean Secondary Examination Council (CSEC) student of the Angoy’s Avenue area during the simple ceremony held in the community. The students recognized were -Keyana Samuels who obtained a place at Queen’s College; Lavena Sooknan who obtained a pass for Bishops High School; Ophelia Junior who secured a place at St. Rose’s High; and Chris Sears who passed to attend New Amsterdam

Divisional Commander Fire Compton Sparman Multilateral Secondary School. They all received financial assistance to help them with their academic programme. Top CSEC student from the area Kelyan Sulker who obtained 10 subjects with three grade one passes and six grade two passes was also rewarded. She was also rewarded by Commander of Police B Division Assistant Commissioner Brian Joseph. At a ceremony to recognise the students, Commander Brian Joseph extended congratulations to those who were awarded. He called on them to continue to press forward in their quest

for further education. He stated that despite the circumstances one can be successful, as long as you put your best foot forward. Divisional Officer of the Guyana Fire Service Senior Superintendent Compton Sparman also praised the students for their outstanding work. He promised the Fire Service’s continued support in the future. Banks DIH Berbice Sales Manager, Joshua Torrezao, also congratulated the students on their success and said they must believe in themselves. He urged them not to settle for what they have achieved so far, but to strive for more achievements. Several businesses in the community including beverage giant Banks DIH Limited has partnered with the Safe Neighborhood Council to help enhance the lives of the residents of the area. Members of the Joint Services also took the opportunity to present some desks and benches to Simone Dainty who has been providing free classes to students in the community in the areas of numeracy and literacy among others.

Man’s mangled body found on lonely Mahaicony road The police are conducting investigations into the circumstances surrounding the death of Curtis McGarrell, 43, of Cottage Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara, whose body was discovered by a motorist on the La Raissonoble Public Road, East Coast Demerara early yesterday morning. McGarrell’s death is highly suspected to be a case of hit and run. It is believed that he was attempting to flag down transportation when he was struck down on a lonely stretch of road, for he was still tightly clutching the fare in his hand when his body was

discovered. According to the police his body which bore a wound to the forehead was identified by his nephew, Neil Lynton, after a report was made at the Mahaicony Police Station. His sister Patricia Lynton told Kaieteur News that McGarrell, a labourer, had left his home on Friday afternoon to go to Central Mahaicony, a few miles away for his usual after work drink. “Soon as he draw he pay he does go and tek he li’l drink,” Lynton, who lives at Ithaca West Bank Berbice told Kaieteur News. She stated that on Friday

Truck rolls off Bartica... (From page 15) persons in the city fill their trucks with supplies. It would be taken to the ferries and left there in care of persons. It would be picked up at Bartica. It is believed that this was the case of the Canter. It is alleged that workers on the vessel moved the truck to another section to balance. There were also questions yesterday why a metal gantry, which is used as a door to secure the vessel, had been removed and why a chain was instead in its place. It was this chain that the enclosed Canter broke. There were unconfirmed reports that the truck was hanging for a while over the edge of the ferry and that the captain attempted to turn the vessel in a direction that would have allowed the vehicle to roll back on board. However, this was to no avail. Yesterday, a senior official at the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) explained that the MV Makouria was in the Berbice River route using the gantry but this was removed. The Ministry of Transport will now be looking for an alternative to the chains.

night she had a strange feeling that something was amiss since she was having difficulty sleeping. The following morning her son telephoned her saying, “Jay, I get news fuh you. Yuh brother dead.” According to the woman, her son had received a message early yesterday morning that McGarrell had been struck down. “So when he go, they see he pon de road lie down, all break up,” Lynton said. She is convinced that her brother was on his way home when he met his death. “Me son say he get de $120 wha he was to pay he passage, and like he de flagging down thing fuh come home. He dead with de $120 in he hand,” Lynton said. “He had to be drinking but dey knock he down and lef he right deh,” she added. “When I go to Mahaicony and I see he, I does catch he and put he in a bus and tell de bus man whey he coming off,” Lynton explained. The condition of McGarrell’s body suggests that after he was hit and left lying on the road, he was run over by other vehicles. Investigators from the police traffic department combed the area for clues but have not yet come up with anything substantial.

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Site preparation for GuyExpo 2013 in excellent shape Booth for Sterling Products Limited (left) alongside the framework for another business

By Kiana Wilburg Clearly, I wasn’t the only one who tried to get a sneak peek of the site preparations for this year’s GuyExpoTrade Exhibition. I visited the Sophia Exhibition site yesterday and I stumbled upon two couples, three families and a team of businessmen from Trinidad and Tobago. While the skeletons for some sites have not even been erected as yet, other businesses are simply adding the finishing touches. As anticipation continues to grow with the opening day just four days away, those who were at the site said that they believe that this year’s exhibition will probably be the most exciting of them all. Hosted under the theme, “Advancing Productivity through innovation, modernization and expansion,” the event is known since its genesis, to be one that is used by small, medium and large local businesses, to market their products to Guyanese and international markets. And while this year would see participation from 265 local exhibitors, 14 Chinese companies are also expected to be a part of the

event. In addition, 12 countries will be visiting the occasion this year. Derrick Cummings, CoChairman of the Planning Committee for GuyExpo said that there are several main spots at the exhibition. These include the Entertainment centre, Main auditorium, Annex Auditorium, Service Pavilion, Tourism Village, International Pavilion, Local/ Secondary Food Court, Technology Village, Kids Area and Beverage Area. He also stated that the companies have registered under the categories of Technology, Manufacturing, Services, Others, Tourism, Games, Confectionery, Furniture, Arts and Craft, Processed Food, Clothing, Costume Jewellery, Fashion and Design, Food and Beverage, Franchise, Horticulture, Photography and International Companies. Cummings said that the Photography booth will be located east of the Kids Area. He said that the Annex Auditorium will house Agro processors, Arts and Craft, Costume Jewellery and Fashion and Design while the Main Auditorium will consist of mostly, local manufacturing companies. One woman who was on

site yesterday said, “I think the layout for this year’s event seems to be much better. For those booths that are near completion, I like the arrangement. I think that businesses are really going all out this year to make their appearance in this event even better. “There is more space between some of the businesses and the layout does not seem as though everything is cramped together.” A Trinidadian businessman and his team, who are visiting Guyana for the first time and have a keen interest in the site said, “From all that I have read, Guyana has great potential and being a visitor for the first time, I am excited to see all the beautiful works that are displayed even within the city. I can only imagine the kind of extravaganza this event will be. “I am eager to see the skills of the designers at the show and I am particularly interested in seeing what the international companies have to offer and what kind of response they will get from this foreign market. “I think this is an excellent initiative and the government of Guyana surely needs to be commended for this effort.”

A welcome sign being placed on one of the structures at the site.

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Sunday September 29, 2013

GUYANA’S HIGHWAY BANDITS IN UNIFORM By Ralph Seeram The minibus was supposed to pick me up at 2pm; it was now 3pm and the bus was late to pick me up. It was a special hire, I was paying for a round trip so there was no need for them to pick up passengers. When I got the driver on the phone he said that they will be arriving soon; that they had a problem on the way. I retorted that I hoped the problem was not that they stopped to have “a drink”. If that was the case they can turn right back. I even went further to tell them (the driver and two cousins) that I am going to smell their breath for liquor. I do not travel by public minibus in Guyana. When I visit Guyana I would like to return to Florida “in one piece”. Travelling by public minibuses reduces that possibility. I always hire a taxi or in this case a minibus, and I would advise anyone in the Diaspora visiting Guyana to do the same. Anyway there is another dangerous hazard on the

roads in Guyana; they are the nightmare for drivers on the roads in Guyana. Drivers fear them more than the dangerous traffic hazards they face daily. The source of fear is the police in uniform, and they are not limited to traffic ranks on the road. It seems that any police can go stopping vehicles without cause, to “shake down drivers”. I want to make it clear that not all policemen are corrupt; some of them put their lives on the line, and some lost their lives in the line of duty. When my driver arrived, they explained that they were stopped by a policeman, who after finding all their required documents were in order, held on the driver’ license for no reason telling them he will “take dem down” obviously meaning to the station. He then started to negotiate a “small piece” for the return for the licence. The problem was that none of them had much cash on them; they had bought enough gas to reach Georgetown from Berbice, and had little cash left. Anyway

to “make a long story short” they gave him G$1000 for the return of the licence. Policemen extorting money from drivers is nothing new. I can remember way back in the 80’s it was the same old story. A policeman was demanding a bribe in front of the Weldaad Police Station. I came out and confronted him telling him that I will go into the station and call the Berbice police head (whom I knew then). He quickly let us go on our way. I get the impression that drivers in Guyana are resigned to the fact that paying extortion to policemen is a way of life if they are to survive. The standard fee seems to be G$3000. The threat is always, “I will carry you down”. Not wanting to waste time and lose a day’s work, a driver is forced to pay these highway robbers in uniform. The problem is those in charge of the Guyana Police Force know this racket is an ongoing exercise, but do nothing seriously to eradicate it. If you do nothing tangible to rid the problem then my view is those in higher authority in the police force actually encourage it. At this point in time it seems engrained.

The Commissioner of Police cannot say he is unaware of this problem, but what the Commissioner of Police needs to do is make strong efforts to eradicate this practice. Please don’t hide behind the excuse of “call and report it”. The process has to start internally, within the force. I can’t remember reading of policemen being dismissed from the force for taking bribes. While I was in Guyana I observed a notice in the Guyana Chronicle dated August 18 from the Ministry of Home Affairs advising drivers of offences for which a traffic ticket could be issued, offences for which the drivers need not go to the

station. In other words the policeman cannot take you to the station for those offences. It covers some of the most common offences for which the police attempt to threaten drivers to take them to the station. The notice went on to list phone numbers and emails where drivers can report policemen who threaten or take them to the police station. I asked a journalist friend of mine, whether drivers call the numbers; his answer, “why call nobody answers or responds”. Herein lies the problem, Guyana has laws on the books, but enforcement is the problem. If a policeman takes a driver and his vehicle to the station

for an offence that should be ticketed, would that police be penalized, I doubt it very much. To me what is needed is a proactive approach by the Ministry Of Home Affairs, the Guyana Police Force and the various taxis and minibus associations to distribute flyers and also educate drivers by way of media etc. of their rights, as well as punishing offending officers. Readers will notice I did not touch on those guilty of the offences and bribe the officer to pay less than the cost of the fine, that’s for another day. Ralph Seeram can be reached at email

Guyanese nurse heads London based nursing home Nursing is a profession that calls for true love for humanity, caring hands and a devoted personality that truly wants to help people who cannot do it for themselves, so it was no surprise why Tricia Yahya made the decision to join the profession. Yahya has reached the peak of her career as she was recently promoted to Manager at the Priory Nursing Home in London. Tricia was born and raised in Mabaruma, Region One where she attended the North West Secondary School. At age fifteen she applied to the Georgetown School of Nursing, but because of her young age was denied entrance. At the time of her application to the Nursing School, Tricia was a young teacher at the North West Secondary School. “I kept applying to go the Georgetown School of Nursing but was too young to enter into the Professional Programme” Yahya told Kaieteur News. However all was not lost since (Continued on page 55)

Guyanese Nurse Tricia Yahya

Sunday September 29, 2013

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Less than 15% of secondary school graduates seek post-secondary education - Report By Rabindra Rooplall Caribbean countries have taken significant strides to increase enrollment in primary and secondary education and have allocated considerable public resources to the education sector. However, less than 15 per cent of secondary school graduates seek postsecondary education, according to a recent 2013 Caribbean Knowledge Series World Bank report. The report cited Guyana among Caribbean countries that achieved near universal enrollment at the primary and secondary level. Other countries include Aruba, Belize, Barbados and Grenada. However, access to higher education remains low with less than fifteen percent of secondary school graduates going on to postsecondary education. Even more worrisome, are the reports of poor student

Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) performance on test items that require critical thinking, analysis or communication. Despite having received up to 11 years of formal education, school leavers often struggle greatly to find employment. This fact is most pronounced amongst the youth cohort – inclusive of 15 to 29 years olds – where the rate of unemployment is double to quadruple that of adults in the region. The report added that enhancing education quality, skills and labour productivity requires robust data collection systems. Accurate, comprehensive and timely data are required to promote effective policymaking. As such, the report noted that currently, data is insufficient to effectively assess the skills gaps and inform policy makers and private sector partners as they work to enhance the

education system. More information is required regarding the depth of the skills mismatch and the factors contributing to it. As the Caribbean economies continue to evolve, accurate employment surveys and administrative data are needed to identify the industries of the future and the skill sets and expertise that will be required to fill these jobs. For many years the focus of the international education community was on ensuring access to and duration of studies, however, the report further cited that Caribbean countries perform well on these dimensions. “Since 1960 the average years of educational attainment of the adult population has increased from 4.3 to 10.3, a rate today that is comparable with the

South American average and approaching the average of Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries.” Despite the high level of investment, the report stated that the quality of education in the Caribbean remains low. In this dimension, Caribbean countries have significant room for improvement. The average pass rates for standardized tests in core subjects such as English and Mathematics are less than 50 percent, and many students lack basic skills in information and from a formal education standpoint, these less than satisfactory outcomes point to systemic issues at each level of the education system. “Quickly evolving skills demands require new responses from training and education systems alike.

- rate of unemployment has quadrupled Addressing the skills gap is a priority. The sectoral shift experienced by Caribbean countries, together with the digitization of business processes and production technology, has rendered many repetitive, manual jobs obsolete, while increasing the profile for jobs that require non-routine skills.” “As work places continue to be transformed, employees will require constant skill upgrading. All types of businesses and organizations are tasked with recruiting employees and upgrading

their skills in line with their operational needs. This is a cost that employers must manage in order to be competitive in a global economy. The absence of the required skills and competencies amongst employees has resulted in high costs to employers and under training of employees.” The Caribbean Knowledge Series World Bank report is an occasional series that presents World Bank knowledge in an accessible format. It is meant to assist knowledge sharing.

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Guyanese nurse heads... From page 52 she was recognized by the late President Desmond Hoyte at a general forum in Mabaruma where she was speaking on behalf of teachers. According to Yahya, it was Hoyte who encouraged her to join the Commonwealth Youth Programme. Within a few months Yahya said she was travelling to Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados to represent Guyana. After a few years she was eligible to start the Professional Nursing Programme, which she commenced at the Georgetown School of Nursing. She did the practical aspect of the course at the Georgetown Hospital. She told Kaieteur News that after completing her studies she graduated as a Registered General Nurse. She served two years at the

Mabaruma Hospital where, according to her she gained more valuable experience. Still wanting to do more, Yahya said she applied to the Georgetown School of Nursing to do the Midwifery Programme. Some 18 months later Yahya graduated and subsequently again moved back to the Mabaruma Hospital. Yahya told Kaieteur News that she was one of the first persons involved in the initiation of the Regional HIV and AIDS Committee of which she was chairperson for a number of years. Several years later Yahya migrated to the United Kingdom where she was registered with the Nursing Midwifery Council and started working as a Supervisor. Yahya said she returned to the classroom a

few years later after migrating to London and was qualified to teach in Health and Social Care level two. A year later she was promoted to Deputy Manager. Several years later Yahya was made Clinical Lead. Years of hard work and dedication finally paid off, as Yahya was recently promoted to Manager at the Priory Nursing Home. Yahya told Kaieteur News that she believes that life is about being able to give help to others and affect change in a positive way wherever possible. As a result, Yahya said she supports a number of charities and runs the annual marathon for the Breast Cancer Charity. “Honesty, hard work and determination to improve myself and the life of others always gives me a sense of well being” Yahya told Kaieteur News.

Dawn DaSilva’s brain... From page 13 would not bring me this far to leave me and I know he will guide the doctor’s hands and heal me,” Dawn had said before she left for the Twin Island Republic. Having a positive mindset is the key to Dawn’s recovery and seeing her children again is a huge inspiration. Her ‘church family’ at the Church of the Nazarene in Meadow Brook, including her Pastor,

Rajkumar Outar, has been a tower of strength in her time of need and she thanked all those who have helped her to make the surgery possible Dawn was going to Cuba to do the surgery (which cannot be done in Guyana) but Trinidad and Dr. Ramcharran were recommended by Guyanese cricket commentator and journalist, Sean Devers. Devers, who will celebrate the first anniversary of his

brain surgery (performed by Dr. Ramcharran) on Wednesday, developed brain cancer but the cancer cells were killed by radiation at the Brian Lara Cancer treatment centre in Trinidad and the former National cricketer is now in remission. Devers, who is scheduled to do his final MRI for the year this month assisted Dawn in her fundraising drive and hosted two TV programmes for Dawn.

Sunday September 29, 2013 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): Things may be happening too fast around you today. *************************** TAURUS (APR 20 MAY 20): Make sure you aren’t projecting a picture of yourself that doesn’t represent the real you, Taurus. *************************** GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 20): Remind yourself of all the positive things you have going on in your life now, Gemini. *************************** CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): The fire within you is burning extra hot, Cancer, so make the most of this incredible internal furnace. *************************** LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): You may feel the urge to get up and go today, Leo, but at the same time you may feel like you aren’t prepared. *************************** VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): Tension is building today that may wreak havoc with your harmonious nature, Virgo.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): You may feel extra passionate today, Libra, so don’t be surprised if you take things to extremes even more than usual. *************************** SCORPIO (OCT 23 NOV 21): Find your strength from within, Scorpio. There’s a great deal of it in there, and it’s ready to erupt like a volcano. *************************** SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 - DEC 21): Your strong yet steady pace may get a lift today, Sagittarius. *************************** CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): There’s excitement today that indicates that things are happening, things are changing. Stay alert and in tune with what’s going on around you, Capricorn. *************************** AQUARIUS (JAN 20 - FEB 18): You’re the sensitive one in a sea of anger today, Aquarius, so keep your guard up. *************************** PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): You should mesh quite well with the prevailing energy today, Pisces.

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Property for saleContact:699-9926 Lance Gibbs Street, Queenstown. Regent and Alexander Street- Call:6677659 House and land price $10M @ Grove H/Scheme 4th bridge- Contact Farida 6774404 Paradise, E.C.D: Concrete modern 2 bedrooms, front and rear verandah. Concrete fenced large lot- call:2252626/ 225-3068 Paradise, E.C.D: Concrete modern 2 storeys, 4 bedrooms- 2 masters. Concrete fenced large lotcall:225-2626/ 225-3068 Haslington, E.C.D: Building ‘A’, concrete/ timber modern 2 storeys, 7 bedrooms, grilled & fenced. Building ‘B’, 3 apartments, fenced- call:2252626/ 225-3068 Two storey house, six bedrooms & two kitchen @ block ‘8’ Tushen, E.B.ECall:650-2982 2 Storey business premises: 94 Campbell Avenue, C/VilleCall:680-8857/647-300-4294 CAKES & PASTRIES Baking & sewing courses @ W.C.D- Call:276-4018/6936335

Car wash attendantCall:694-4148 or 225-6296 Trainee refrigeration & AC technician- Call:231-0655/ 683-8734 24 Hour East Coast Guyoil needs night pump attendants, salesgirl & office assistantCall: 663-1751/684-2838 1 Female Clerk- Call:231-5171 1 Whole day Domestic- Call: 667-5717/ 650-4761 (between 7am to 6pm) Jump Start your Career!!! Phone: 220-0401-3 or 220-3488 to schedule your Interview Or Email:recruitment_guyana@ Albion Truck DriverCall:330-2399/623-5920 Sales person for Plant Shop 18-25 years. Must have secondary education- Call between 8:00am-4:00pmTel:648-1821

Prime property with business potential close to Leonora Primary School public roadCall:652-0709/268-3572 18’x24’ Property at 1045 Caneville Grove, E.B.DCall:685-8934/686-7766

VACANCY One professional seamstress & one frame builder- Call:6107005/219-1342

LAND FOR SALE One land located on Princess street, Georgetown for sale- Call:601-2144 House lot for sale: Friendship, Diamond, E.B.D & in Mocha- Call: 223-0733/ 692-8513 Parfaite Harmonie $1M, $1.2M, $1.4M- Call:6757292 2 Medium scale mining properties in Frenchman (843 acres) and Mahdia Potaro (79 acres)- Call:2591264 Monogomery Stuart Waiakabra, Linden Highway: 1,409’x403’ or 13.73 acres. Concrete house thereon. 1,100 feet from HighwayCall:619-4152 Transported house and cultivated lots (3 acres) at lot 3D Ledesir Canal #1 Polder, W.B.D. Owner migratingCall:664-9923 2369.664 Sq/ft of land @ Victoria village, E.C.DCall:225-2626/225-3068 32 Acres for sale, Lot 5 Content Mahaicony, E.C.D: US$175,000: Call:813-3194219: rpooran@ FOR SALE/RENT American Pool Table - Call: 277-0578

Evening Salesgirls (1:15pm10:30pm), Cashiers & cleaners. Send application & passport sized photograph @ Survival Shopping Complex 173 Sheriff St. Call:227-5286-89 DRIVER and SALES ASSISTANT for Cooking Gas Canter Truck on E.C.D. Salary and Commission. Tel: 266 4427 Vacancy exists for welders. Apply at Alabama Trading Georgetown Ferry Stelling Vacancy exists for Accounts Clerk. Apply at Alabama Trading Georgetown Ferry Stelling Experienced roti/puri cooks, pastry makers, counter servers, cleaners & handy boys. Apply @ Hack’s Halaal 5 Commerce Street Male janitorial clerk between the ages 18-25 at American Xchange Barber shop. Interested persons Contact 225-3644/643-7339 Pump Attendant & Cashier @Shell Service Station Providence, E.B.D. Must be able to work shift (5am-3pm & 3pm-12pm)- Call:265-7305 2 Cashiers/ office clerks (computer literate) & 2 porters. Apply with written application @ May’s Shopping Centre, 98 Regent St. Georgetown

SERVICES Permanent & Visitors Visa Applications, Profressional Immigration Consultant Room D5 Maraj Building Call:225-6496,6626045,223-8115 Repairs to Fridge, Freezer, AC, Washers, Stoves: Call 683-1312,627-3206 (Nick) Professional and affordable landscaping and tree trimming services. Budram’s Landscaping ServicesCall:656-1326/678-0058 Repairs, sales & spares air conditioning, microwaves, washer, fridges & stoves. Ultra Cool, call:225-9032,647-2943 We repair fridge, freezer, AC, washer, dryer call:2310655,683-8734 Omar HOUSE PLAN DRAFTING FOR ONLY $10,000CALL:694-9843/227-2766 ONLINE SHOPPING ZERO COMMISSION, WEEKLY SHIPMENTS, AFFORDABLE RATES, FREE PRIVATE MAILBOX. CALL:231-5789, 225-9030 WE FILL OUT VISA FORMS:USA, UK & CANADA & CREDIT CARD SERVICES CALL: 231-5789 HOUSE PLAN DRAFTING STARTING @ $9,000CALL:674-0725 We Refill HP cartridges for $1800 call: 650-7699 Pandit Chrishna Persaud Justice of the Peace, Commissioner of Oaths to Affidavits & Marriage Officer- Call:225-6344/6425165 Upholstery, recovering of sofas chairs, recliner, couches and more- Call:6135132 Brian Moe @642-3543: Computer Technician: Home and Office visits at your comfort!! FB:brianmoe.165

MASSAGE The Gent’s Spa: Let beautiful sophisticated masseuse pamper you: New masseuse available - Call:657-5979

Sunday September 29, 2013

Kaieteur News


From left: Zoleka Mandela, granddaughter of former South African leader Nelson Mandela, Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, and athletics superstar Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce stand for a photo as they voice their support for the Long Short Walk campaign. This is a global initiative designed to place road safety on the global agenda. (Photo by Fern White-Hilsenrath) Jamaica Gleaner - PRIME MINISTER Portia Simpson Miller has used one of the many events on the margins of the 68th Session of the United Nations General Assembly to declare that Jamaica is open for business. Addressing a group of American philanthropists and business leaders in New York on Thursday, Simpson Miller encouraged them to come to Jamaica. “Jamaica is more than a brand. It is the pride of a people,” said Simpson Miller. “I want to declare that we are open for business. If anyone here wants to invest

in one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, there can be no place that is prettier than Jamaica. “These are difficult times because of the state of our economy, but we are not going to give up or give in,” the prime minister added. Simpson Miller said while her week in New York has provided no time for rest, she was grateful for the energy to push ahead as she was interested in seeing how she could seriously move ahead towards growth, development, and job creation in Jamaica. “We want to place serious

focus on the masses of people - the poor, the oppressed and the disadvantaged - as it is critical to our development,” she said. In addition to a number of bilateral sessions on the margins of the General Assembly, Simpson Miller and her team met with Luis Alberto Moreno, president of the Inter-American Development Bank. That meeting was a closed-door session. However, it was expected that the prime minister would ask the bank to support a number of local economic programmes.

Integrity Commission writes PM on “Emailgate” Trinidad Express - The Integrity Commission (IC) has written to Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, urging her to waive her rights to privacy by allowing Google Inc to tell all as it relates to her e-mails of September 2012. The commission’s request is contained in a letter to Persad-Bissessar dated September 19, 2013, headlined “Investigation into the alleged e-mail affair”, in which it called on her to write to Internet service provider Google Inc, “authorising them to release” to the commission “a true copy of all communication to and from the account kamlapb1@ for the month of September 2012”. The commission has also asked the Prime Minister to provide it (the commission) with a copy of this “letter of authorisation” and said it anticipated an early response

in the matter. Persad-Bissessar’s e-mail address was implicated, along with the addresses of Attorney General Anand Ramlogan and Works and Infrastructure Minister Surujattan Ramba-chan, in being used to convey messages to each other during the height of the Section 34 debate in Sep-tember last year. The contents of the e-mail are being linked to a criminal conspiracy against the judiciary, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), the media and the Office of the Opposition Leader. The charge was made by Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley in Parliament on May 20 this year, trig-gering a police investigation headed by Deputy Commissioner of Police Mervyn Richardson and later by the Integrity

Kamla Persad-Bissessar Commission. Prior to bringing the controversial issue to Parliament, Rowley had six months earlier sent it to then president of the country Prof George Maxwell Richards. In its letter to the Prime Minister, signed by registrar Martin Farrell, the commission explained that at the “core of this investigation is information allegedly transmitted via a number of electronic mail accounts”, one of which is kamlapb1@

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Sunday September 29, 2013

St. Vincent blames developed countries for failure to meet Millennium Development Goals Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves on Friday called upon the United Nations to face “an unfortunate, inconvenient truth”. The developed world is to be blamed for the failure of the international community to reach Goal 8 of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), he told the General debate of the 67th Session of the U.N. General Assembly in New York. The eight MDGs — which range from halving extreme poverty rates to halting the spread of HIV/ AIDS and providing universal primary education, all by the target date of 2015 — form a blueprint agreed to by all the world’s countries and all the world’s leading development institutions. “Our collective failure to achieve the Millennium Development Goals is largely rooted not in the shortcomings of earnest and hard-working developing countries, but in developed countries’ abject abandonment of Goal 8, titled ‘Develop a Global Partnership for Development’,” Gonsalves said. He said the U.N.’s own MDG Gap Task Force noted that the quest for such a global partnership experienced “significant backsliding” in 2013 and that “the political momentum for advancing international development cooperation seems to have waned.” He further stated that 16 of 25 developed countries decreased their aid budgets last year, and Official Development Assistance (ODA) contracted for the second consecutive year, the first such contraction since

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves addresses the General Debate of the 68th session of the U.N. General Assembly. (UN Photo/Ryan Brown) the creation of the MDGs. “In a time of crisis, when assistance is most needed, ODA is itself in a deep and prolonged recession. The twists and turns by so many developed countries on this issue have been most disappointing,” he said. “Without predictable flows of meaningful, nondiscretionary assistance, the post-2015 development programme will remain, substantially, a fleeting illusion to be pursued, but rarely, if ever, attained,” he further stated. Gonsalves, however, applauded the efforts of the developed nations that take their commitments on ODA

seriously. “I hail, too, a raft of other countries which are in a genuine developmental and functional partnership with us,” he said, mentioning Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, Venezuela, and Taiwan. St. Vincent and the Grenadines is among a handful of poor and underdeveloped countries in the Caribbean, Central American and Africa that recognise Taiwan as a country independence of China, which considers it a renegade province. Gonsalves said Taiwan is “principled and practical conduct of intergovernmental relations. I-witness News

Govt. focused on reducing food import bill Jamaica Gleaner - Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Finance and Planning, Horace Dalley, says the government is continuing its efforts towards reducing the country’s food import bill by US$300 million per year. Speaking at the annual Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC) Customs seminar on Thursday, at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston, Dalley said this is being done through initiatives such as the agro parks project. “The numbers up to December 2012 was that we import about US$1 billion worth of food. We have to incrementally reduce that, that is why we are embarking on the agro parks,” he said, while soliciting the assistance of importers in achieving this target. Through a partnership involving the

Government, farmer/investor and the private sector, 3,237 hectares (8,000 acres) of land is being engaged in the production of a number of critical crops across nine agro parks. Three agro parks are currently in operation – Plantain Garden in St Thomas; Amity Hall, St Catherine; and Ebony Park in Clarendon. Another two parks are expected to come on stream by the end of the year. The minister further lamented that the country is too dependent on imports of sometimes inferior, cheap consumer goods “that our people can produce and produce better.” President of the JCC, Francis Kennedy, said his organisation is willing to work in partnership with the Government and multilaterals “to change the way in which we do business in Jamaica.”

Sunday September 29, 2013

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Sunday September 29, 2013

Sunday September 29, 2013

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U.S. Republicans reject Senate bid to avoid government shutdown (Reuters) - The U.S. government edged closer yesterday to a shutdown as Republicans in the House of Representatives rejected an emergency spending bill approved by the Senate and pushed instead for a one-year delay of President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform law. In the latest round of high-stakes brinkmanship between Democrats and Republicans, Republican leaders said after a closeddoor meeting, punctuated by loud cheering, that the House would vote yesterday on their latest plan to scuttle the healthcare law, known as “Obamacare.” It would then return to the Senate. Democrats in the Senate have already defeated one House proposal to derail Obamacare and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said they would do so again, calling the Republican move “pointless.” A Democratic aide said the Senate would “strip everything out” of the House measure and “send them back a clean bill.” As of yesterday’s afternoon, the Senate was deciding on when to meet, but the timing may leave only hours for it to act. Neither side wants to be the last to cast the final vote that would lead to a shutdown, a concern that has turned the funding measure into a hot potato being tossed between the two chambers until the last minute. While polls consistently show the American public is tired of political showdowns and opposed to a shutdown, House conservatives were

jubilant about the fight ahead. “This is a win-win all the way around,” said Arizona Representative Matt Salmon, who describe the mood of Republicans as “ecstatic.” Since the healthcare measure is attached to a mustpass bill to continue funding the government when the fiscal year ends at midnight tomorrow, its failure would close down much of the government for the first time since 1996. For good measure, Republicans said they would also approve a bill repealing a tax on medical devices that helps fund the healthcare law. In an effort to signal their seriousness about a shutdown, as well as cover themselves from political fallout, Republicans said they would separately approve a bill to ensure that members of the U.S. military continue to be paid if government funding is cut off. In a government shutdown, spending for functions considered essential, related to national security or public safety, would continue along with benefit programs such as Medicare health insurance and Social Security retirement benefits for seniors. But hundreds of thousands of civilian federal employees -from people who process forms and handle regulatory proceedings to workers at national parks and museums in Washington would be furloughed. The healthcare law, set for launch on Tuesday, will provide insurance coverage for millions of uninsured Americans through exchanges.

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Islamists, ruling party members chide Sudan’s Bashir amid protests (Reuters) - Islamists and members of Sudan’s ruling party called on President Omar Hassan al-Bashir yesterday to cancel deeply unpopular austerity measures, the first sign of dissent inside ruling circles after a week of unrest that has killed dozens. Police fired teargas to break up thousands of people in the capital during a sixth day of protests against cuts to subsidies on cooking oil and fuel that doubled pump prices overnight. Some in the crowd chanted “Freedom, Freedom” and “Bashir, you are a killer”, said witnesses. “Mr President, in the light what is happening we demand an immediate stop of the economic measures,” read a petition signed by 31 members of the quasi-official Islamist Movement and the ruling National Congress Party (NCP). Bashir has ruled Sudan since coming to power in a bloodless 1989 coup that was backed by Islamists and the country’s powerful army. It is highly unusual for members of the political elite to question his actions publicly. “The government has not allowed citizens to demonstrate peacefully,” the petition added, urging prosecution for those responsible for opening fire on protesters and compensation for relatives of killed people. The government has not acknowledged using live ammunition. Police said on Saturday unknown gunmen opened fire on a group of protesters on Friday, killing four people and bringing the official death toll to 33.

There was no immediate reaction to the petition from the government. Bashir has not commented on the protests since announcing the lifting of subsidies on Sunday - part of austerity measures driven by a severe financial crunch exacerbated by the secession of oil-producing South Sudan in 2011. The petition was signed by former NCP parliamentary caucus head Ghazi Salah el-Din and a prominent army officer who authorities accused of being involved in a coup attempt against Bashir last year. In Khartoum’s Burri district, home to a top government official, more than 1,000 people gathered for the funeral of one of the victims, Salah Mudahir Sanhuri, a member of a prominent merchant family with good relations with the government. The crowd grew to more than 3,000 people, most of whom rushed home when police started firing teargas. The country’s borderlands have grappled with revolts for decades but

the relatively wealthy heartland has seen little turmoil in the recent past. Khartoum has been brimming for days with armed civilians and security personnel carrying rifles, patrolling streets in broad daylight and manning rooftops. Opposition activists have accused the ruling NCP of vandalism and of arming militias to turn the public against the protesters. The protests are much larger than demonstrations against corruption, rising inflation and early fuel subsidy cuts last year. But they are still tiny compared to the masses who turned out to oust rulers in Egypt and Tunisia. The United Arab Emirates condemned the crackdown, the first Arab country to criticise Khartoum. “The UAE expresses its utmost concern at the unexplained and excessive use of force ... and the effects this will have on Sudanese society,” Anwar Gergash, minister of state for foreign affairs, told state news agency

WAM, calling on Sudan to exercise “wisdom and caution”. The comments come a day after Sudan closed the offices of two UAE-based pan-Arab TV stations, alArabiya and Sky News Arabia, for their coverage of protests. Bashir has stayed in power despite rebellions, U.S. trade sanctions, an economic crisis, an attempted coup last year and an indictment from the International Criminal Court on charges of masterminding war crimes in the western region of Darfur. He denies those charges and still enjoys the support of the army, his ruling party and many businessmen. Analysts say Sudan has not seen an Arab Springstyle revolt because of a weak and divided opposition. Amnesty International and the New York-based African Center for Justice and Peace Studies said at least 50 people had been killed by gunshots to the chest or head by Thursday night, citing witnesses, relatives, doctors and journalists.

Egypt’s foreign minister says transitional government phase to end by spring (Reuters) - Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy said yesterday the transitional phase of government in Egypt should end “by next spring,” replacing leaders appointed after the army ousted elected president Mohamed Mursi in July. The Egyptian army headed by General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, ousted Mursi, a Muslim Brotherhood leader, on July 3 after mass protests against his one-year rule. An interim government was appointed and a roadmap for a transition to new elections was announced. “Work is under way, in

line with the roadmap, on several tracks. It has so far succeeded in establishing the principles of justice, freedom and democracy, as a basis for governance,” Fahmy told the U.N. General Assembly. “This will be followed by parliamentary elections, then

presidential elections, so that the transitional phase ends by next spring,” he said. Egypt’s interim government is working on amending a constitution that was drafted under Mursi by an Islamist-dominated assembly.

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Sunday September 29, 2013

Sunday September 29, 2013

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Sunday September 29, 2013

Sunday September 29, 2013

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“Flying the Caribbean and the rest of the world with Fly Jamaica Airlines!” Colin E. H. Croft Please pardon the digression, and personal references here, but this weekend, in Guyana, something absolutely phenomenally special that has been very long in coming, finally manifests itself. ‘Fly Jamaica Airline’, that absolutely needed regional cum international airline, after overcoming a gazillion roadblocks, makes its debut, with flights to and from New York City, via Kingston, Jamaica, to Cheddi Jagan International Airport in Guyana. Present and expatriot Guyanese should be ecstatic! There is no one more proud than me, as I have had direct contact with some of the major players here, rubbing shoulders with them long before any of this was even a thought in anyone’s mind. Captain Lloyd Tai, the Jamaican connection in FJA, a veteran of Air Jamaica, is a cricket fan, and has always been vocal, and encouraging, when it came to West Indies cricket. He is quite an aviation pioneer too. Like, for me, unbelievably, playing cricket for West Indies 1976/77 to 1982, this reality that is ‘Fly Jamaica Airline’ was the vivid dream of another visionary – Captain Paul Ronald Reece - also a student at Central High School when I attended 1966 to 1971. We were good friends, always exchanging aviation hopes. With many travel and logistic problems publicly aired by management of Limacol Caribbean Premier League after the initial tournament was over, many hunger for a day when this

new venture might come to compete with already established Caribbean Airlines (CA) and Leeward Island Air Transport (LIAT). That will not be easy. Aviation is like a hydra. It has many heads and manifestations; variations galore. Even if one works well, there is no certainty that the whole will also exist efficiently or profitably. Even massive airlines, like my favorite US airline, Delta Airlines, who itself only emerged from bankruptcy in 2007, reinventing itself, combining with Northwest Airlines, to be the juggernaut that it now is, and whose employees bought its first Boeing 767 – “The Spirit of Delta” – in 1982, have had to desist from flying to Guyana,

due to supposed – so Delta suggests – outside, unfair, perhaps political, interference. CA and LIAT have served Guyana and the Caribbean relatively well, if sometimes unreliable. FJA will hope to get some of that massively lucrative market – Guyanese supply at least one-third of CA’s income – that are flights between Guyana and New York, and between Guyana and Toronto. We shall see! Most who knows me know that I have been involved in aviation for many years. I was an Assistant Air Traffic Control Officer from 1973 to 1981, before migrating from Guyana. I spent many early mornings on Runway 05/23 (now 06/24), actually

Letter to the Sports Editor

Was the relevant protocol observed in coordinating this football tournament? DEAR EDITOR, The publication of an article on pg: 31 of K.N. (25.09.13.) captioned “Troy Cook Memorial Football finally kicks off today”, from all indications has breached an important aspect of seeking the relevant approval. But with the sad state of the sport’s administration in the city, and the GFF is no different nationally, it comes as no surprise that the important aspect was overlooked, primarily due to a lack of knowledge.

Sir, worst yet Camptown FC is observing its 41st Anniversary, and in coordinating an 8 team knockout tournament, has failed to contact the late Troy Cook’s mother, sister or relatives to seek their approval. Protocol dictates that this is a norm. Since from all indications this was not done, at least an official invitation must be dispatched for the remainder of the tournament. And most importantly a percentage of the profits be given to the late

individual’s mother, who is not enjoying the best of health presently. Failure to adhere should result in the relevant sanction (5) being imposed. I shudder to accept that under previous administrations of both the GFA and GFF, would have allowed plundering of the sport for financial gains by a chosen few, while an immediate family member of the deceased stands to gain nothing financially. Orin Davis.

outrunning dogs and snakes, to be fit enough to play cricket well. That is nothing like the determination of Ronald Reece. Like a few of us, he too got a Commercial Pilot’s License. When he heard that then Guyana Airways might be hiring, he paid his own hard earned money to get his Boeing 757 ratings; expensive; hoping for a job. Now, for FJA’s B-757, he certainly will need them. This guy is a die-hard aviator! I have done Flight Dispatching and Customer Service Management, and with engineering school and additional continuous, always on-going training,

after I stopped playing for West Indies, I worked for United Technologies/Pratt & Whitney, one of the world’s premier airplane engine builders. I even had input into Pratt’s PW-4000 engine, and others, which power, still, some of the world’s largest airplanes. Obviously, I love aviation. Reece, who also played cricket with us at CHS, ate, drank and imagined aviation! Things did not go well for Guyana Airways. Had it continued, GA could have been well established now. Eventually defunct, it did leave Reece and others that I know well too, relatively well qualified. Captain on Fly Jamaica Airlines’ first flight from New York to Guyana this weekend is Neil “Butch” Savory. I consider him one of my best friends. Another veteran pilot, Jimmy Harewood, makes up that triangle. Butch is also a product of Central HS, and Queens College, and a past ATCO too, who even taught me to drive, while I played for West Indies. He supported me much. His parents and home were also mine. We may have gone our diverse ways in life, marriages and children etc., but the friendships remain strong! So, what should the Caribbean expect from Fly Jamaica Airline, especially as it reflects around our only

Colin E. H. Croft integrated international sport – cricket? That is an important question, especially with LCPL in vogue. Many returning Caribbean diaspora still live in NYC and Toronto. Supposedly suffering Guyanese have wished, hoped, even prayed, for another air carrier to be competition for Caribbean Airlines. They have their wish. How the symbiosis of these entities operates will be intriguing! But the returning diaspora, with disposable income after many years of very hard toil “up north”, are also cricket fans who will be longing to see LCPL and other West Indies Cricket Board sanctioned events, tours and tournaments, when held in the Caribbean. FJA can be instrumental for them here. Yes, this weekend’s aviation activities in Guyana are quite exciting and unique! Enjoy!

Rising Sun Turf Club President’s Cup Horserace meet fixed for next Sunday Over 50 of the country’s top race horses have already taken entry for the next race meet slated for next Sunday, October 6th 2013 at the Rising Sun Turf Club, Arima Park, West Coast Berbice. That’s the date when the Rising Sun Turf Club in collaboration with the People’s Progressive Party, stages their one day President’s Cup horserace meet. Nine races are carded for the day with over $8 million in incentives available includi n g cash and trophies. The A and lower event has returned to the fold which will see top horses such as Score Even, Elle’s Vi s i o n , T h e M e s s a g e , California Strike and Settle In Seattle among others in action over one mile for a hefty $1.5 M and the

President’s Cup. The other races listed for the day are - the one mile race for Three-year-old West Indies bred maiden animals and Guyana Bred three year old animals for a $600,000, winner’s money. The 1100 M race for D3 maiden horses and those classified E and lower also for a first prize of $600,000. There is an event for horses classified F and Lower over 1400M for a pole position takings of $400,000. There are two events for two years old animals over 1100M each - with the animals bred and born in Guyana competing for a $300,000 winners take. The other event for West Indies bred horses will see the winner pocketing $400,000. The winner of the G3 and lower 1100M event will get $400,000. A competitive field is

expected to take to the track in the race for animals classified ‘I’ and Lower for the $200,000 top money over 1400 M. Horses running in the J and Lower race, which is another 1100M even, will battle for a top prize of $140,000. Entries are expected to be closed on Monday September 30th and interested persons can contact Fazal Habibulla on Telephone No 232-0232 or 6577010, Justice Cecil Kennard on telephone numbers 226-1399, 225-4818 or 623-7609, Roopnarine “Shine’ Matadial on 325-3192, Chandilall on 615-8239 or Dennis DeRoop on 6099143. The race will be run under the rules of the GHRA. Race time is 12:00 hrs. (Samuel Whyte)

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Sunday September 29, 2013

Miller takes 9 as West Kvitova downs Kerber to take Tokyo title Indies A win big Mysore, India – Nikita Miller took five wickets and Veerasammy Permaul added three as West Indies A beat India A by 162 runs in the first unofficial Test, taking a 1-0 lead in the three-match series yesterday. Needing 314 runs to win the match after West Indies declared at their overnight second innings score of 130 for three, India were bundled out for 152 by first innings chief wreckers Miller 5-40 and Permaul 3-56 at the Gangothri Glades Cricket Grounds. Manpreet Juneja’s resolute knock went in vain as India A succumbed to a humiliating 162. The hosts were earlier dismissed for 245 in the first innings, giving West Indies a lead of 184 runs. The Indian top-order failed miserably with Manpreet being an exception with his 193-ball 70 after a first-innings effort of 84. In the second innings, India lost half the side with a mere 90 runs on the board. Captain Cheteshwar Pujara (17) failed for the second time in the match, which proved

quite crucial. Openers Lokesh Rahul (9), Jiwanjyot Singh Chouhan (24) and Pujara (17) were dismissed cheaply but Juneja was the last man out. The lower-order batsmen could not hang on with Juneja and lost their wickets after finding no answer to the mesmerising bowling by West Indies spinners. For West Indies, the match was set up by captain Kirk Edwards (91), Kraigg Braithwaite (90) and Assad Fadudin (86) with their brilliant halfcenturies in the first innings, which helped the team amass 429 all out. Riding high on such a huge total, West Indies bowlers, especially spinners, exploited the conditions effectively, hardly giving a chance to the Indian batsmen to settle down in both the innings. Left-arm orthodox spinner Nikita Miller was the pick of the West Indies bowler with figures of nine wickets for 101 runs in the match. Permaul, on the other hand, snapped up three wickets for a match haul of eight in a fine exhibition of

spin bowling as he reached the 200 first class wickets mark. Right-arm off-break bowler Narsingh Deonarine was also handy with two crucial wickets of Rohit Motwani and Harshad Khadiwale. In contrast, the Indian bowling was a great disappointment as Ashoke Dinda, Ishwar Pandey and Mohammad Shami did not fire in both the innings. They struggled to purchase wickets despite bowling 73 overs in the first innings for three wickets conceding 224 runs between them. They went wicket-less in the second innings as they failed to stick to a consistent line and length. The two teams will now travel to Shimoga for the second unofficial Test which begins from October 2. Scores: West Indies A 429 (Brathwaite 92, Edwards 91, Rasool 5-116) and 130 for 3 dec (Powell 68) beat India A 245 (Juneja 84, Permaul 5-85, Miller 4-61) and 152 (Juneja 70, Miller 5-40) by 162 runs.

(Reuters) - Czech Petra Kvitova overcame a second set meltdown to dispatch Angelique Kerber 6-2 0-6 6-3 in the final of the Pan Pacific Open in Tokyo on Saturday to claim her 11th WTA tour title. The 2011 Wimbledon champion sealed victory on her fourth match point when Kerber could only find the net after the Czech lefthander had forced her back with a customary deep forehand. It was Kvitova’s second WTA title of the year following her success in Dubai in February and the win is expected to move her up from 11th to seventh in the rankings as she closes in on a spot at the WTA Championships in Istanbul next month. “It’s always a great feeling if you win a title at a tournament. It means a lot for me. I’m glad I have some points toward the Championships,” Kvitova said after her win at the $2,369,000 hard court tournament. “I still have some tournaments left but I want to focus on today. I just want to enjoy.” The match up between

Petra Kvitova of the Czech Republic celebrates after defeating Angelique Kerber of Germany during their singles final match at the Pan Pacific Open tennis tournament in Tokyo September 28, 2013. REUTERS/Yuya Shino the duo, who both ousted former world number ones in the last four, was the first allleft handed WTA final since 2009 and first in 20 years at a ‘Premier’ level.

Seventh seed Kvitova, 23, made a fast start by using her bludgeoning ground strokes to wrap up the opener 6-2 before the momentum shifted heavily in favor of the German. Kerber, 25, began to find her range and broke Kvitova three times in the second set to level the contest but was unable to carry that momentum into the decider. The German, seeded five in Tokyo and ranked ninth in the world, double faulted to hand Kvitova a key break in the second game of the third set as the Czech raced into a 4-0 lead after another booming forehand gave her a second break. But Kerber refused to give up and she broke back in the fifth game when Kvitova netted a backhand and then held serve to make it 2-4. However, eventually Kvitova’s power and accuracy told as her forehand came up trumps after being to blame on the three previous match points. “I was just lucky I did a good job at the end,” Kvitova said. “Of course, I was feeling a little bit tired. Angie came back in the match and I just tried to focus on the point at hand.”

Mackeson/TGH Pacesetters Inter-Ward Basketball Championships

Thomas drops 42 to give Albouystown Game 1 By Edison Jefford A l b o u y s t o w n / Charlestown guard, Sheldon Thomas dropped 42 points against Wortmanville/Werken-Rust to give his team Game 1 in the best-of-three Mackeson-sponsored Trinity Grid Holdings (TGH) Pacesetters Inter-Ward Basketball Championship Final Friday night at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall. Thomas’ solo heroics led to a blowout 80-55 win for Albouystown. He was the only player in double figures for his team, which literally gave Thomas the right to exploit the weak defensive strategy against him; Joel Ifill

had eight points. Naylon Loncke scored 17 points and grabbed five rebounds, while Joslyn Crawford had 13 points and 16 rebounds for Wo r t m a n v i l l e / We r k - e n Rust, which will have to win two games straight to topple the defending champions in the 2013 competition. Thomas started hot, landing a three-pointer then a jumper off the glass to give his team an early 9-2 lead. But Wortmanville’s, Randy Richardson and Loncke went to work on the boards, which led to a 12-14 deficit with three minutes to play in the first quarter.

Trophy Stall, Memorex... From page 70 Balram Samaroo 18. Albert Gill snared 2-23 for Wolf Warriors who replied with 106-2 in 9.5 overs. Amrit Rai smashed 82. Regal overcame Recharge after the latter opted not to continue their innings due to bad light. Chasing 142 Recharge were 85-6 in 8 overs when they decided halt the proceedings. Keon Joseph made 44 (4x4, 1x6). Earlier Regal posted 142-3 after the game was reduced to 10 overs. Safraz Esau belted eleven sixes and one four a in a top score of 94 not out while Patrick Rooplall made 24 (2x4) Rupesh Motilall bagged 3-16 and Mohamed Ayube 2-9 for Regal.

Loncke then equalised 1414 with a coast-to-coast layup; jumpers from Jermaine Taylor and Michael Turner gave Wortmanville an 18-14 lead. The quarter ended 1817 for Wortmanville that seemed to be the offensively potent side in the period. However, Thomas again went downtown early in the second period, which launched a 10-0 run for his team with seven minutes to play before halftime, but Turner went to work to cut the lead in what was shaping up to be a colossal battle. Crawford and Loncke continued to pound their way in the paint before Loncke swung outside to land backto-back three-pointers and a layup to equalise with nine seconds left before halftime. It remained a deadlocked game at 34-34 midway through the contest. Albouystown and Wortmanville exchanged points when the game resumed, but midway through the penultimate period, Thomas and Dave Causway put on a three-point shooting exhibition that was really the turning point of the game for

Albouystown/Charlestown guard, Sheldon Thomas (second, right #12) goes inside the paint for a left-handed layup against a crowd of Wortmanville/ Werk-en-Rust defenders Friday night at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall. Albouystown. The duo combined for a 10-point 49-39 lead, which was quickly extended to 5439 owed to a 20-point run from Albouystown. The offensive onslaught forced a timeout

from Wortmanville deep in the third quarter that ended 6142 with Albouystown in a healthy lead. Albouystown continued its pressure defence and calculated offence to ensure

an offensive run continue in the fourth period. Thomas ran riot for the biggest individual score of the competition so far. The game was over with Wortmanville literally giving up.

Sunday September 29, 2013

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Hussey stars as Super Aragon Grand Prix: Marc Marquez Kings cruise into semi-finals beats Jorge Lorenzo to pole

Marc Marquez claimed his seventh pole position of the season BBC Sport Championship leader Marc Marquez claimed his seventh pole position of the season at the Aragon Grand Prix ahead of title rivals Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa. The Spaniard, 20, is aiming to become the first rookie to win the title since 1978 and left it late to take pole with a track record lap of 1:47.804. Lorenzo was one hundredth of a second back, while Pedrosa will start third. Great Britain’s Cal Crutchlow and Bradley Smith were seventh and eighth. Marquez leads the overall title standings by 34 points from both his compatriots Lorenzo and Pedrosa. With Aragon the first of five remaining races, Marquez is odds on to take Lorenzo’s title and become the first

rookie to be crowned world champion since American Kenny Roberts 35 years ago. Ahead of the decisive qualifying session, Lorenzo failed to make use of final practice, with Yamaha team director Maio Meregalli stating the rider’s bike was struggling for grip. However, Lorenzo quickly broke Casey Stoner’s 2011 qualifying record at the circuit and then went faster with two more laps before Marquez clocked his own recordbreaking time. “That pole was so close with Dani and Jorge going so fast, but the most important thing is the race and we will have to take care of the tyres,” said Marquez. Lorenzo won at Misano last time out despite Marquez starting from pole, but the concerns surrounding his

Yamaha were compounded after the race when the bike seemed to suffer more problems. Pedrosa held pole for a brief period late on in the 15minute qualifying session before eventually slipping to third, as did six-time world champion Valentino Rossi, who ended up fourth. “I expected to improve with my second tyre but couldn’t, so third in the end is ok,” said Pedrosa, who won last year’s race. “I’m hoping for a good start because the first corner is so tight.” Britain’s Crutchlow will have work to do if he is to improve his fifth-place championship standing after only securing seventh on the grid, while his compatriot and Monster Yamaha team-mate Bradley Smith was pleased with eighth.

Srinivasan set to be re-elected ESPNcricinfo - N Srinivasan is set to be elected unopposed as president during the BCCI’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Chennai on Sunday as his was the only nomination filed for the president’s post. Despite being subjected to public revulsion following the IPL corruption scandal that saw his son-in-law Gurunath Meiyappan arrested and chargesheeted, Srinivasan had announced his intention to contest the election following the Supreme Court clearing decks, while preventing him from taking charge till further notice. Srinivasan was supported by all the six South zone associations, thus taking out the possibility of a contest for the top post. Similarly, incumbent secretary Sanjay Patel and joint secretary Anurag Thakur also submitted their applications after the consent from the BCCI members.

N Srinivasan’s was the only nomination filed for the president’s post © Associated Press Treasurer Ravi Savant, meanwhile, is set to be replaced by Haryana Cricket Association secretary Anirudh Chaudhary, another Srinivasan supporter. Savant’s name has been proposed as the vicepresident from West Zone. Likely office-bearers:

President - N Srinivasan, Secretary - Sanjay Patel, Treasurer Anirudh Chaudhary, Joint Secretary: Anurag Thakur, Vicepresidents - Ravi Savant (West), Rajiv Shukla (Central), SP Bansal (North), Shivlal Yadav (South), Chitrak Mitra (East)

ESPNcricinfo - Chennai Super Kings sauntered through to the Champions League semi-finals with an effortless eight-wicket win in Ranchi, while scuttling Brisbane Heat’s tournament hopes. A stuttering Heat top order laid a mediocre foundation, before the men in the middle ran aground on Super Kings’ spin. R Ashwin was almost indecipherable in the middle overs, but Ravindra Jadeja and Suresh Raina contributed fine spells as well; the trio shared four wickets and conceded just 37 runs in 11 overs collectively. Michael Hussey then stroked an unhurried, unbeaten half century, to help run down the target of 138 in 15.5 overs. Dom Michael had had quite a road to the Champions League in 2013, but could not manage to make a run in his first Twenty20 match, departing in the first over to Mohit Sharma. James Hopes then promised much during his 14-ball 20, but mis-hit Albie Morkel to mid-off to leave his side at 29 for 2 in the fourth over. It wasn’t until spin arrived after the Powerplay, however, that Heat’s evening truly took a nosedive. Ravindra Jadeja had had a poor tournament with the ball until tonight, and perhaps Heat had planned to dominate him early, but Dan Christian’s attempt to hit Jadeja’s first ball for a straight six, ended with him being caught at long-off for three. Four balls later, Joe Burns edged Jadeja to slip to collect a golden duck. All this did was set the scene for Ashwin’s last three overs, which cost two runs and claimed the wicket of Chris Lynn who underestimated the turn Ashwin generated from a conventional offbreak, and top-edged to short third man. The remaining 17 deliveries were a canny mix of googlies, offbreaks, carrom balls and more big-spinning leggies.

Michael Hussey struck seven fours in his halfcentury © BCCI

Heat’s middle order could hardly lay a bat on his deliveries, and soon abandoned any thoughts of hitting him to the fence. The six overs following the Powerplay cost Heat four wickets for 12 runs, and from 66 for 6, a total below 120 beckoned. Ben Cutting, however, stroked his best Twenty20 innings to elevate his side toward credibility. He was watchful alongside Chris Hartley to begin with, hitting six from his first 14 balls, but adopted violence as the innings drew to a close, hitting five sixes from the last 10 balls he faced to finish on 42 not out from 25. On a decent batting pitch, and with dew collecting on the outfield, 137 for 7 would rarely have been a base for victory, and at no stage in the chase did it test a purring Super Kings batting order. Hussey and Vijay punished indiscipline, but the

pair were largely content to push runs into the outfield when the bowlers found their line. With Super Kings’ bowlers having prospered, Nathan Hauritz’s overs shaped as crucial ones for Heat, but he was launched for two sixes in his first over, and was almost as expensive in his two subsequent overs. Vijay departed for 42, breaking a run of three consecutive ducks, but after having helped put on 75 runs for the first wicket in 9.2 overs, the side were well on their way to victory. MS Dhoni finished the match with a six, much to the delight of his home crowd, and Super Kings confirmed themselves as the in-form side of yet another tournament. Scores: Chennai Super Kings 140 for 2 (Hussey 57*, Vijay 42) beat Brisbane Heat 137 for 7 (Cutting 42, Hartley 35) by eight wickets.

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Strauss reveals Pietersen troubles ESPNcricinfo -Andrew Strauss has revealed for the first time how he feared his England team would be undermined by Kevin Pietersen’s antipathy towards those running English cricket long before matters came to a head in a home series against South Africa in 2012. The fallout from the ECB’s refusal to sanction Pietersen’s wish to retire from 50-over cricket, and also be free to play more IPL, was seen in a long-running furore centred upon a series of disenchanted text messages sent by Pietersen to South African players. Strauss has now admitted that he suspected “treachery” as the affair so dominated the summer and ensured that what should have been a celebration of Strauss’ 100th Test at Lord’s instead became a frustrated climax to his career. He retired “tired and generally hacked off with life”. In his new autobiography, Driving Ambition, which is being serialised in the Daily Mail, Strauss tells of how he took Pietersen aside at a golf day ahead of the South Africa series to discuss his state of mind. “I had heard some troubling rumours he might be preparing to separate himself from English cricket after a further attempt to get the ECB to yield ground had failed,” he writes. “At a golf day a few days before the first Test, I took him to one side to ask what was going on. It was clear he was far from happy. I challenged

What should have been a celebration of his 100th Test transpired to be a frustrating end to Andrew Strauss’s career © Getty Images him to think about his legacy and the goals he wanted to reach with the rest of his career. Unfortunately, we were interrupted and it is fair to say that I did not know at the time quite how close he was to the edge.” England suffered a heavy defeat in the opening Test and the Pietersen situation worsened in the week of the second Test at Headingley. “On the practice days, he seemed completely withdrawn, as though he was consciously distancing

Courts/Petra Organisation Pee Wee Schools Football Tournament Defending champions Marian Academy suffered an early loss in this year’s Courts/Petra Organisation Pee Wee Schools Football Tournament which kicked off yesterday, at the Thirst Park ground. They went down to East La Penitence by a 2-1 margin with Leon Yaw netting a double in the 17th and 27th minutes of play, while Dominic Roberts’ 20th minute strike had levelled the proceedings. In the day’s full results: St. Margaret’s defeated Green Acres 5 -0 Josiah King netted in the 12th, 20th and 30th minutes, while Andrew Harrison 10th and Diego Briton 25th supported with a goal apiece. F.E. Pollard beat Success Primary 2-0 Cordell Charles struck in the 11th and 25th minutes St. Stephen’s edged St. Gabriel 1-0 Wesley Thompson scored in the 27th

himself from the team, and on the first day of the game itself he seemed determined to let everyone in the ground know just how unhappy he was. “As captain, I could not let it go and I called him into a back room to make it clear his behaviour was unacceptable. I was shocked by his lack of contrition and his apparent hostility towards me. It felt as though he was trying to goad me into a confrontation. It was almost as if he was trying to engineer an excuse to turn his

back on the team.” Despite his issues, Pietersen played one of his finest Test innings at Headingley; 149 that helped England get a foothold in the series. But in his press conference that followed, he expressed his difficulties and suggested he was about to take some decisions that “would make me very happy”. “I was unsurprised to then hear Kevin had given a disturbing press conference following what was a thrilling drawn Test match. What greatly puzzled me, though, was his comment that, ‘It’s tough being me, playing for England’, seemingly implying he was being treated badly by his team-mates in the dressing room. For me, he had crossed the line. He seemed to be at best destabilising and at worst undermining our carefully cultivated team environment.” Pietersen was dropped for the final Test at Lord’s but the issue marred Strauss’s 100th Test. He retired following the defeat and admitted his “unbelievable frustration” at the manner in which his career ended. “This is the last time I will make this walk as an England cricketer, although I am far too frustrated, tired and generally hacked off with life for it to be a rousing emotional affair,” he writes. “”I find my space in the far corner of the room, near the television set, and sit down. I pack my helmet in my kitbag and then bury my head in my hands. For 10 minutes I sit, unable to move.”

Defending champs Marian Academy lose

Courts’ Pernell Cummings kicks off the ball to signal the start of this year’ tournament in the presence of Petra’s Troy Mendonca (left) yesterday. South Ruimveldt then demolished West Field Primary 7-0 Christopher Bovell hammered in goals in the 12th, 20th, 25th, 27th and 29th, while Therese James 16th and Alex Charles 26th added the other two goals. Ketley Primary squeezed past St. Angela’s 2-1 Ryan Fredericks 24th and Ezekiel Benjamin 27th were the players on target for the winners, while Ashanti Browne 22nd minute made

the lone response for the losers. Enterprise Primary trounced St. Ambrose 5-0. Jeffrey Blair 25th and 28th, Ryan Fraser 6th, Antonio Canterbury 21st and Garfield Dover 26th netted for Enterprise. West Ruimveldt edged Stella Maris 3-2 Akil Plass 12th, Rayon Jones 14th Rayon Jones 14th and LeAndre Gilbert 20th were the players that found the back of the net for West Ruimveldt,

while Darron Niles 34th and 35th tucked in a brace for Stella Maris. East La Penitence defeated Marian Academy 21 Leon Yaw scored a pair in the 17th 27th minutes, while Dominic Roberts 20th strike proved insufficient. Tucville Primary beat Winfer Gardens 4-0 DeAndre Linton- 7th, 13th and Royheam Marques 2nd, 18th were the players on the scoresheet.

Sunday September 29, 2013

Scrabble players resume rivalry in Open Championship this morning

Michael Benjamin

Moen Gafoor

Some two weeks after ascending the podium in the runner up position of the recently staged Guyana Association of Scrabble Players (GASP) Open Championships, Michael Benjamin will attempt to improve on his showing when that entity stages another open championship at the Malteenoes Sports Club pavilion this morning. Benjamin had defeated Moen Gafoor in the final prelunch game by the slimmest of margins (1) but faltered with a narrow loss in his final set to Kamta Ramnarine (5) after he had defeated Michael (54) and Wayne Cave (39). In the meantime Gafoor had rebounded to defeat Maurice Munru (162) and Orlando Michael (268 as against 171) to register as many games as Benjamin (5) but with a higher positive spread of 672 to take the spoils. This morning the competition is expected to be just as intense especially since National Scrabble Champion, Abigail McDonald

and her predecessor, Fred Collins, are expected to compete. Also, one cannot rule out Wayne Cave who has improved leaps and bounds after winning the last Intermediate Championships and clinching a podium spot in the an open tournament shortly afterwards. The ladies will also want to mark their names among the elite crew and one could expect keen rivalry from Grace Hercules and Ruby Cummings among others. One tough day of word forming skills is therefore on the cards with the winner receiving a beautiful trophy plus bragging rights. As usual, registration commences at 09:45hrs while the first tile will be moved at 10:00hrs sharp. Those persons with GASP boards are asked to ensure they are at the playing venue on time. Those getting there on time pay a registration fee of $500, while latecomers will have a $200 increase while their clocks will be activated in their absence.

Spectacular displays expected as police annual Gymkhana takes to Berbice today

It has been long in coming and when the Police finally deliver their version of the Gymkhana to Berbice, it is expected to spectacular. The Hope Town Community Centre Ground West Coast Berbice will today come alive as thousands are expected to throng to the venue for the Guyana Police Force Gymkhana. The event is expected to see policing with a difference and will feature a number of breathtaking displays. The gymkhana, which is a regular feature on the force’s calendar of activities, will see ranks from the various departments performing stunts and other daring displays. The police mounted and canine branches are expected to take center stages when they take to the arena and carry their animals through various routines including drills, jumping through fire and musical chairs. The tracker dogs will also show what they can do. A number of majorettes’ groups will also take to the sward for their drill and physical displays. The bikers from the various police motorbike divisions including traffic, dirt bike will also be doing their stuff. A number of novelty events including foot drills, late for work, physical displays, Lime and spoon, needle, three legged race and many more including the police military band will also be on show. The action starts at 11:00hrs.

Sunday September 29, 2013

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Amateur boxers storm Davids helps Titans stroll to win Culture Centre tarmac tonight

consistently short and wide. Morne Morkel began with a relatively testing over to Parthiv Patel, angling the ball across him from over the wicket and inducing a couple of plays and misses. He then went round the wicket though, as did most of the bowlers, presumably to change the angle and cramp the two left-hand batsmen for room, but couldn’t pull it off. Dhawan and Parthiv took advantage, lofting the repeated deliveries comfortably outside off stump over the infield. Playing primarily in the air cost Dhawan when he picked out third man in the first over after the Powerplay. Seamer David Wiese was the bowler and, buoyed by that big wicket, he went on to turn the tide of the match. He had Parthiv bowled with a slower ball while hitting across the line and Hanuma Vihari

caught brilliantly at midwicket with a well-directed short delivery. The local batsmen continued to disappoint for Sunrisers. After Vihari was out for six, Biplab Samantray was stumped for no score, overbalancing while trying to flick a leg-side delivery. The three big overseas batting options, JP Duminy, Thisara Perera and Darren Sammy, also failed for Sunrisers - after Dhawan was dismissed, they managed just one boundary and 43 runs in 10 overs. Dhawan apart, they lost five more wickets in the same period. A chunk of the credit for those wickets need go to Titans’ sharp fielding. There was Davids’ effort to dismiss Vihari - he had run across from midwicket to square leg and leapt to latch on to the skier then there was Farhaan Behardien’s spectacular take at long-off. Sammy had muscled the ball flat and hard in his direction, and Behardien must have been left with stinging palms as he jumped to intercept the rocketing ball. Keeper Mangaliso Mosehle then connected with a direct hit to send Perera back. If it hadn’t been for some big hitting by Karn Sharma and Steyn in the final couple of overs - Steyn was particularly brutal on Marchant de Lange in the final over, making room and hitting two fours and two sixes Titans’ top order would have been even less tested than it was. Scores: Titans 147 for 2 (Davids 64, Rudolph 49*) beat Sunrisers Hyderabad 145 for 7 (Dhawan 37, Wiese 3-17) by 8 wickets.

Members of the victorious GYO teams display their prizes along with representatives of the sponsor and GCA. Banks DIH communications manager Troy Peters is standing far left. collected the prizes for the best bowling performance in the up the most wickets while the batsman, bowler and most competition (6-6), Hinds most outstanding all-rounder valuable player in the final and collected the prize for the best accolade went to Nicholas Hinds received the best fielder batsman in the tournament, Sattaur (61 runs and 8 wickets). award. Elnathan Suknanand Sachin Premchand of Everest Speaking at the presentation took the trophy for the best grabbed the award for picking ceremony, president of the GCA

Roger Harper thanked Banks DIH for their support and congratulated GYO adding that they played well through out the tournament; he also paid tribute to TSC. Communications manager of Banks DIH Ltd Troy Peters said that the company is pleased to be associated cricket at this level. He stated that they are happy with the commitment shown by the youngsters and hope that they can grow from strength to strength. He urged the coaches to continue working with the players and wish them well in the future. Peters also spoke about the importance of discipline. Meanwhile, vice president of the GYO Khemraj Ramjattan donated books to players from both teams and urged them to take their education seriously.

- Mackeson Fight Night continues

Hundreds turned out in Linden last weekend to get a glimpse of the amateur boxers in Mackeson Fight Night debut. The action continues tonight at the National Cultural Centre tarmac with some 13 bouts carded for the night. Guyana’s best amateur pugilists will storm the National Cultural Centre tarmac tonight for the second edition of the Mackeson Fight Night, which started last weekend in Linden, and is slated to continue tonight with 13 bouts and an exhibition encounter. Last weekend, hundreds turned out in Linden to witness the card that was met with rave reviews from enthusiasts, who had not seen amateur boxing in Linden for quite some time. Tonight, the action moves to Georgetown, the centre of amateur boxing. President of the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA), Steve Ninvalle, told Kaieteur Sport in an invited comment yesterday that he is expecting even a bigger turnout since Georgetown is where most of

the country’s amateur fighters are based. “The first one in Linden was something extraordinary; the support that we received in Linden was great. I expect to receive a little more support in Georgetown since Georgetown is the hub of the activity as it relates to amateur boxing,” Ninvalle said. The GBA President said that the competition has sparked and ignited an enthusiasm for amateur boxing. “This competition is extremely good and I think the sky is the limit,” Ninvalle said. He believes Mackeson’s input is the right fillip the sport needed. The open-air environment with the ‘square jungle’ set up outside, allows for persons from those respective communities to witness what is an entertaining feature.

ESPNcricinfo - Group B might still be the more open of the two groups, but Titans gave their chances of progressing quite a boost with a thumping victory over Sunrisers Hyderabad in Ranchi. That didn’t look likely when Shikhar Dhawan and Parthiv Patel were belting some wayward bowling from Titans around in a rapid halfcentury opening stand, but, as has always been the worry for Sunrisers, their middleorder frailty was exposed and, this time, their bowlers failed to bail them out. Captain Henry Davids, who has been prolific in most domestic games recently, and Jacques Rudolph - who had got into double digits only three times in his previous eight T20 innings - were involved in what was only the second century stand of the main tournament, as Titans chased down 146 without breaking a sweat. Davids took the early initiative, hitting six boundaries in the P o w e r p l a y, the highlight being an insidehit off Dale Steyn over the covers for six. By the time he was dismissed for 64 in t h e 1 3 t h o v e r, Ti t a n s needed just 34 more and Rudolph saw them through though he couldn’t secure a half-century. Victory was sealed in the 17th over, with eight wickets to spare. Sunrisers openers had got off to a similarly dominating start after being inserted. In their p r e v i o u s g a m e , against Brisbane Heat, they had done superbly to defend 123, but before that a lack of discipline cost them dearly against Chennai Super Kings. They produced equally errant lines in this match, bowling

Technical Director, Terrence Poole said that their will be added entertainment tonight when rising-star, Theresa London takes on Dwon Thompson in a female bout aimed at giving them exposure. “Everybody was in the gym working; everybody looking to come out as champion; everybody wants the big prize,” Poole said yesterday, adding the preparations to host what is being touted as a mega event tonight is well on stream. In addition to the fights, Mackeson provides adequate entertainment throughout the night with its varying sound systems. The final of the Mackeson Fight Night will be held in the Ancient County of Berbice this weekend. (Edison Jefford)

David Wiese thwarted Sunrisers after their blistering start © BCCI

GYO are GCA\Banks Malta U-13 champs By Zaheer Mohamed Gandhi Youth Organization (GYO) won the Georgetown CricketAssociation\ Banks Malta Supreme U-13 25 overs competition by defeating Transport Sports Club (TSC) by 45 runs in the final yesterday at GYO ground. GYO posted 320 off their allocated overs but lost 5 wickets which reduced them to 270 after they were inserted by TSC in front of a small but vocal crowd. Pradesh Balkishun top scored with 21, while Anil Singh 15, Chandra Mohan 11 and Robin Williams 10 supported well. Alex Rogers (09) and Anil Singh featured in a third wicket stand 27 to steady the host innings before Balkishun and Mohan beefed up the total with a last wicket stand of 37. Toney Singh, Joel

Spooner, Randy Persaud and Ronald Jaisingh picked up 1 wicket each. TSC started off their reply cautiously as their batsmen rotated the strike well and managed to keep their wickets intact, but Balkishun brought GYO back into the contest with a 3 wicket haul conceding 9 runs from 3 overs. His efforts were mainly responsible for TSC being restricted for 2856 in 25 overs but finished on 225 after the deduction for dismissals were made (10 runs for each wicket lost). Adrian Hinds led with 21 and Mark Baptiste 09. The pair added 39 for the last wicket. Mahendra Dindyal and Danesh Alli backed up Balkishun with 1 each. Both teams received trophies while members of both teams were given medals. Balkishun

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Paradigm Shift? By Rawle Welch Out of the blue, a strange, but encouraging phenomenon has created a buzz within the sports community and that is more teams and athletes have been able to participate in regional and international competitions without having to endure the customary fatigue and snub. Recently, a large contingent of athletes were able to attend the 1st South American Youth Games in Peru, boxing coach Sebert Blake has been chosen to attend an Olympic Solidarity Course in Hungary, the junior badminton team sojourned to Puerto Rico, the national ladies hockey team is currently in Argentina competing at the Pan Am Cup, a small contingent of athletes are in Palembang, Indonesia at the Islamic Solidarity Games, Winston Stoby just returned from a competition in the USA, amateur boxers slated to attend a tournament and training course in Kazakhstan and the list goes on. However, the cost of attendance at quite a few of those events has been substantially borne by the international parent body and its local affiliates. In our case, the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) seems to be the primary entity facilitating the travel and participation of many of those teams and athletes and while it is known that the Association has assisted in the past, the recent developments must be interpreted as a paradigm shift that should benefit our athletes. Our athletes over the past 2-3 decades have been subjected to many disappointing episodes during their careers with many deciding to end theirs after being unable to endure the

pain and suffering of sacrifice without rewards and it is the hope of many that even though the year 2013 saw many of our local teams and athletes being able to travel to compete, it is not just another figment of the imagination, but a new dispensation that signals Guyana’s readiness to follow the paths of Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and quite a few other outstanding counterparts in the Region. The construction of a synthetic track, the imminent commencement of the long awaited FIFA GOAL Project and the restoration of community grounds all point to the new ambition of the respective authorities, but that must be facilitated by high class training for our athletes so that they could move from PB’s to medals. That will involve all the requisite support to produce an Elite Athlete including making a more energetic effort to strenghten ties with Jamaica and closer to home Trinidad and Tobago in addition to adequate financial backing. It is clear that our officials haven’t done enough to draw down on the successes that countries such as Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago are having, these two examples, especially the former are not settling for PB’s, but are pouring in substantial funding into sports that will almost certainly guarantee success. Olympic Javelin champion Keyshorn Walcott, world champion Jehue Gordon and Olympic and world champions Usain Bolt and Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce just to name a few, have all been produced at a heavy cost, but look at the rewards for their respective countries, it proved that the cost of investing in them became miniscule when compared with the economic and other related spin-offs.

1st South American Youth Games

Yaw strides to bronze in 400m, qualifies for 200m final Ramraj & Opti clinch bronze in Int. Badminton doubles

Rawle Welch Our national teams and athletes have had measured success when compared with our Caribbean counterparts and while many of us believe that this country possess an abundance of naturally talented athletes, that natural endowment cannot suffice in this era of technological advancement. One just has to recall the accurate predictions Australia fast bowler Glen McGrath made whenever they faced the West Indies. McGrath on a few occasions predicted how and when he would dismiss one of the greatest batsmen the world has ever seen in Trinidadian Brian Lara, who had made so many runs against the Aussies in his career. It was simply a case of studying his weaknesses and working perfectly on exploiting them to his advantage, but no one could dispute the fact that Lara wasn’t a genius of a batsman. That is what technology does, ask Bolt and others whose flaws were worked on by their respective coaches and corrected. Natural talent could only take you so far after that it is a matter of being supplied with the support and working with a high class coaching staff to take you to the Elite Level. PB’s even though it is an encouraging achievement is not enough, especially when there isn’t a vision to take it past that.

GSCL Inc 12\12 tourney

Trophy Stall, Memorex, Wolf Warriors and Regal through to last four Trophy Stall, Memorex, Wolf Warriors and Regal have booked their place in the semifinals of the Georgetown Softball Cricket League Inc. (GSCL Inc) 12\12 tournament after recording victories in their respective quarterfinal games yesterday at the Everest Cricket Club. Trophy Stall defeated Speed Boat by 6 wickets. Speed Boat managed 109-7 in 12 overs after taking first strike. Wazir Hussain scored

36 (1x4, 3x6) and Greg Singh made 32 (1x4, 2x6). Trophy Stall replied with 112-6 in 20 overs. Surujpaul Deosarran led with 36 (1x4, 2x6) while Fazal Rafeek supported with 32 (2x4,1x6). Lantley Hinds took 2-19. Memorex got the better of Invaders, winning the fixture by 12 runs. Alvin Ramdass top scored for Memorex who batted first with 29 while Seon Hetymer stroked 25; Memorex rattled up 115-5 in 12 overs.

Sunday September 29, 2013

Michar Mathura claimed 2-16. Invaders were restricted for 103-9 in 12 overs in reply. Arvin Seepersaud cracked 47 as Joshua Garnett grabbed 417. Wolf Warriors triumphed over Universal DVD Titans by 8 wickets. Titans batted first and managed 103-7 off their allotted 12 overs. Chandrashakar Arjune slammed 35, while Troy Gonsalves made 19 and (Continued on page 66)

National Pride! Jason Yaw (right) poses with the with Anderson Cordeiro (Brazil) and Venezuela’s Kelvis Padrino after they collected their respective medals. By Franklin Wilson in Peru Guyana increased its medal haul by two to 7 (1 silver 6 bronze) on the penultimate day of competition at the inaugural South American Youth Games (1 SAYG) here in Lima, Peru, yesterday. Sprinter Jason Yaw strolled to bronze in the 400m final while on the Badminton Court, Ambika Ramraj teamed up with Soren Opti of Suriname to take the bronze medal in the International Mixed Doubles competition. In the 3000m final, Andrea Foster finished fifth out of six athletes in 11:03.6s, this event was won by Estefany Guacho of Ecuador who ran at blistering pace in 10:17.7s. Gabriela Lamb of Brazil (10:19.4) and home girl Elizabeth Ortiz (10:20.8) were 2nd and 3rd respectively. Foster was with the pack up until three laps but thereafter, the top three along with Paulina Burgos of Chile opened up a gap on Foster and Oriana Rozo of Venezuela that increased with every stride. Yaw, looked impressive in the first 100 meters of the 400 and should have paced himself better over the next 200m before increasing the speed over the final 100. He however tried too much in the middle of the race and was struggling at the end to the extent that Venezuela’s Kelvis Padrino edged him for the silver just before the line. Brazilian Anderson

Cordeiro crossed the line in 48.14 running out of lane 3, Padrino’s time was 48.91s while Yaw achieved 48.98s was outside his personal best. Yaw went into to this final with the best time of the six athletes, 47.76s. Seconds after the 400m ended, Yaw came down with an upset stomach which resulted in the sprinter having to receive medical attention. It was felt that as a result of this he would have not been able to contest the 200m semis but the 16-year-old showed great courage and determination by insisting that he would be fine. About 30 minutes later, he was back on the track to contest the 200m semifinals and was drawn in heat 2. When it ended, Yaw was 3rd in 22.64s, this performance has earned him a spot in today‘s final and he has promising to aim for another medal to end on a high. Tirana Mitchell was also scheduled to contest the 200m but suffered a left hamstring injury on Friday in the 100m semis which cut short her participation at these Games. BADMINTON Fourteen-year-old Ambika Ramraj teamed up with Soren Opti of Suriname to contest the Under-19 International

Mixed Doubles, their exploits together was good enough for the bronze medal in a competition that involved 10 countries. Ramraj’ countryman, Narayan Ramdhani teamed up with Florencia Bernatene of Argentina. In the first round, Ramdhani and Bernatene lost in a three sets entertainer to Brazilian Igor De Oliveira and Chilean Andrea Montero, 2116, 18-1, 14-21. Ramraj and Opti of Suriname drew a bye to the quarter-finals and the pair went on to defeat Jose Guevara of Peru and Maryi Ordonez of Colombia - 23-21, 21-11, 21-18 to earn a semifinal place. They were not successful in getting past Serafin Zayas of Argentina and Lohaynny De Oliveira of Brazil, going down in straight sets, 21-12, 21-14. WEIGHTLIFTING Darren Williams was down to contest the 77kg division last evening, while his teammate Sheriah Melville will compete in the 63+ class today, the final day of competition. On the opening night, Denoila Bristol competing in the 53kg category, ended 5th with personal best lifts in the Snatch as well as the Clean and Jerk.

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