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GPL takes new Wartsila engines on 50-mile journey to a one-mile destination

Vickram Persaud (inset) being escorted to jail

Well known gambler shot dead over $500 Fly Jamaica to bridge tourism gap between Guyana and Jamaica

Vickram Persaud charged with cop’s murder Fishing industry raises “My concert - Sami concerns over proposed tonight Yusuf tells Chinese fishing licences is for all”Guyanese Accused Cop killer

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Kaieteur News

Saturday September 28, 2013

Saturday September 28, 2013

Kaieteur News

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GPL takes new Wartsila engines on 50-mile journey to a one-mile destination The three Wartsila engines, valued US$26M, on board a barge that will take it to Parika today. GPL’s CEO, Bharat Dindyal


h r e e Wa r t s i l a engines that Government hopes will meet growing electricity demands in Demerara and Berbice, until hydro power comes, have arrived in the country but it will be a huge challenge to move them to the West Demerara site. Yesterday, at the John Fernandes Limited wharf in Georgetown, heavy duty cranes of the Dutchregistered ship, Merwedegracht, lifted the engines, valued at US$26M, to a barge, where they were secured. Each engine weighs around 130 tonnes, making it impossible to be hauled across the aging Demerara Harbour Bridge. Although the new power plant that is currently under construction at Vreed-enHoop, West Bank Demerara, is located one mile from John Fernandes wharf, across the Demerara River, the engines have to travel almost a day to Archies, an area about two miles of Parika. That is because there is no wharf at Vreed-enHoop and nowhere else on the West Coast Demerara area in which the barge can dock and the engines offloaded. The barge with the engines will be taken by sea to Archies, near Parika, then loaded onto trucks and

driven back to Vreed en Hoop, a total distance of about 50 miles. At Archies, a special access road has been repaired specifically to accommodate the transportation of the engines to Vreed-en-Hoop along the public road. According to Bharat Dindyal, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Guyana Power and Light Inc (GPL), the moving of the engines to Vreed-en-Hoop had to be planned to the finest details. A special truck will be moving the engine, one at a time to the new power station at Vreed-en-Hoop. However, GPL is not taking any chances. It will have teams of its workers, and personnel from the Ministry of Public Works and the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph (GT&T) to follow the truck and each of the engines from Archies to Vreed-en-Hoop. With many road bridges along the way and each built to accommodate only 50 tonnes, far less than the 130 tonnes Wartsila engines, special equipment (called flyover bridge) to lay over them will also be used to

prevent any mishaps and damage. The 8.6 megawatts engines, which will make it 17 that Wartsila will have operating for GPL countrywide, are by far the biggest of the lot. On its arrival at the site at Vreed-en-Hoop, special foundation with hundreds of piles, have been built and the engines will be transferred to these. Also arriving yesterday were five large tanks that will hold oil, water and other materials critical to the running of the new power plant. At the John Fernandes wharf yesterday was Prime Minister Sam Hinds, who has responsibilities for energy. According to Dindyal, foundation works are

halfway through at the new power plant with over 800 piles to be driven. Almost 300 more still have to be driven. In addition to two storage tanks, the new power station will have its own wharf to accommodate a fuel vessel. BK International has been awarded a $242M contract for this. The construction site, being built on a sea dam, has been the most difficult of all

sites for GPL, the CEO claimed. In addition to heavy foundation, piles as long as 72 in some instances have to be used, and these were imported. When commissioned in April next year, the 26 megawatts engines are expected to boost GPL’s firm capacity to 106 megawatts. The extra power, which GPL is glad for, will also benefit Berbice when a

power cable across the Berbice River is hooked sometime in the near future. Guyana is struggling to meet increasing demand for power as new housing schemes and business continue to grow. Prime Minister Hinds was hopeful that the new engines may be the last of investments of its kind until the arrival of hydro power.

Saturday September 28, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

AFC’s NY/NJ Chapter is still alive and well

DEAR EDITOR, We wish to respond and set the record straight to Peeping Tom’s article of Sept 22, 2013 and your Editorial of Sept 23, 2013. We don’t know who Peeping Tom is or your editorial writer, but much has been made recently in the press about the supposed demise of the AFC’s New York and New Jersey Chapter consequent upon recent “defections” to the PNC/ APNU. As we read that these developments are a great blow to the AFC movement, we are here to say that nothing could be further from the truth. We are here to say that: “The AFC’s NY & NJ chapter is alive and well.” We are reminded of the quote by Mark Twain, “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” Our Chapter was created in 2005 by a number of patriotic individuals who are still very active in the Chapter. Our goal is to provide support to the brave and courageous fighters in Guyana who seek to uphold the founding principles of the AFC which seek to transform our birth land to a place where all Guyanese are treated equal, have equal opportunity, have good and non-corrupt governance, have a just judiciary, have a decent education and health care, and have a real Constitution among other things. All of our officers including Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and coordinators for various divisions in Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, New Jersey, Florida and DC are still in place. Our Chapter consists of members, supporters and donors who volunteer their time, energies and resources. They are regular hard-working Guyanese from all races and are from all walks of life. They are mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, aunts and

uncles, sisters and brothers, nieces and nephews, and friends and neighbours. Last we checked, our members and supporters are still around, except for the “defectors”. If the group is dead, no one told us yet nor are we aware as yet, and we should know. We are from all strata of society and are baffled at Peeping Tom’s arbitrary classification of us as “middle class”, especially when he/ she has not met or had any discussion with us. As for the so-called ‘defectors”, we are very thankful for their previous support and we wish them nothing but the best in their future endeavours. We live in a free and democratic society and recognise everyone’s right to freedom of speech and association. These gentlemen have provided invaluable service to the AFC, especially Prof.

Euclid Rose in his letter writing and Prof. Tarron Khemraj for sharing his expertise on economic issues. Mr. Rab Mukhraj was somewhat on self-exile for several years now, but we appreciate all he did prior to that. As they exercise their freedom of association, we hope that they will recognize the right of others to disagree with them. Their recent staunch position on the Amaila Hydro issue, and wanting to have the AFC blindly join APNU on all issues, was resisted by the national AFC leadership. The NY-NJ Chapter’s leadership also resisted the manner in which they, especially Euclid Rose, was almost violently opposed to the stance taken by our AFC Parliamentarians whose position of allowing the Amaila Project to go for an IDB due diligence we found thoroughly sensible and

Long live the Community Policing Group! DEAR EDITOR, Kudos to Mr. Washington and the team of Community Police from the South Ruimveldt Phase #1 area. They were missing in action for awhile, and the thieves took this opportunity to harass and rob innocent and helpless road users. Many residents of the area will relate their horrible

experiences at the hands of these vipers. Our prayers have been answered and with this Policing Group, the residents of this area are assured of a Police presence, which will make a difference. Long live the Community Policing Group! Concerned Citizens of South R/Veldt Gardens

perfectly in order. We are also aware that they wanted, against the wishes of the majority in the Chapter, the AFC to align with PNC-APNU and to prepare to go in that format for the next Elections. They found the Chapter’s resistance to that hard to crack, and hence walked into the arms of the PNC-APNU. We rate one of the AFC’s founding principles very highly, namely, that the AFC must be independent from the PPP and PNC/APNU. If that founding principle is not upheld or observed, then and only then will you see the demise of this NY-NJ AFC Chapter and the AFC nationally. It was this middle course and trajectory which caused us to come into existence here in the USA. What foolishness to now run that aground by joining up with one of the two? In any voluntary organization like our Chapter, members will come and go constantly. Some even disappear until the next election or party congress, only to profess their undying loyalty and support.

This is the same in any political party. These gentlemen are not the first to have walked, and they will not be the last. As they move on with APNU, we are reminded that our duty is not to dictate policies or demand positions or use bullying and abusive tactics to force our leaders in Guyana to conformity. We are here to recommend, persuade and assist. As they move on, we will move on too. We in the NY/ NJ - AFC Chapter know who

our current members, donors and supporters are. From a starting few patriots in 2005, to now hundreds, the the NY/ NJ AFC Chapter is indeed alive and well. We’ll close with another quote from Mark Twain, “Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.” Dr Rohan Somar, Chairman, NY/NJ-AFC Chapter Mr. Ewart Marshall, Vice Chairman Mr. Sankar Naihru, Treasurer

Time for a fresh start with... From page 4 tales on television and not provide the police with adequate resources to fight crime? As was said before, the exciting mega projects aimed at breathing new life in Guyana’s economy will not work if evil men armed with guns continue to maraud the way they do now. It is time for a fresh start in Guyana and it should be based on “National Unity and Human Development which is currently advocated by David

Granger, Joseph Harmon and others in APNU. This means that there is renewed hope for a new direction for Guyana. It is time to end the marginalization of a certain ethnic group and the type of racism that raises its ugly head at every election cycle. It is time for Guyanese from all walks of life and from every ethnicity to join and promote unity and human development. Dr. Asquith Rose

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Saturday September 28, 2013

WPA: Walter Rodney’s COI Government needs to not properly constituted take purposeful loans The Working People’s Alliance (WPA) has expressed unhappiness over the operations of the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry. Yesterday, WPA, a party that the murdered politician/ historian helped co-found in the 70’s, said that as far as it is concerned, no Commission has been formally constituted as is required by law. WPA, which has collaborated with the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), and other parties to form a coalition front in the National Assembly, said that over the last week, at least three current and past members have been approached by persons “purporting” to be associated with a Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry. “The WPA has also been formally requested in writing to allow the Commission access to documents that could assist in the inquiry. In the process, it has come to our attention that the Commission has an office and staff and has begun its work. The WPA is unaware of any formal announcement of the Commission by the President in keeping with the legal requirements prescribed by the Constitution.” The party said that it is a requirement by law that a Commission of Inquiry must

Killed: Walter Rodney be announced and gazetted and accompanied by the Terms of Reference and the names of the Commissioner or Commissioners. “When the government in June announced its intention to set up the Commission, the WPA said it welcomed such a commission and expressed its willingness to cooperate with it. But we view the soliciting of statements in the absence of a properly constituted Commission highly improper.” WPA called on the government to take necessary steps to have the Commission formally constituted before proceeding with its business. “Failure to do so would only fan the flames of intrigue and conspiracy which in the long run could compromise the integrity of inquiry.” In June, Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr.

Roger Luncheon, announced that it will be convening a Commission of Inquiry into the circumstances of Rodney’s death on June 13th, 1980. The announcement came on the heels of the -33rd death anniversary of the slain activist. Dr. Rodney was killed when a bomb exploded in a car in which he was an occupant. He was 38 years old at the time. Rodney’s brother, Donald Rodney, who suffered injuries during the explosion, claimed that former Guyana Defence Force (GDF) electronics expert, Sergeant Gregory Smith, had given the politician the bomb that killed him. It was alleged that Smith planted the bomb in a walkietalkie that blew up on Rodney’s pelvic region while he was on John Street, Werken-rust, between Hadfield and Bent Streets, less than 100 metres from the Camp Street Prison. Smith died of cancer 11 years ago in French Guiana where he had gone to live, after his escape from Guyana. There have been claims that Rodney’s assassination was set up by the government of Forbes Burnham, whom Rodney was opposed to. This was because his assassination came at the height of a planned civil rebellion against the Burnham-led administration. But Burnham’s party, the PNC had firmly denied being any part of the bomb blast killing. There has been widespread accusations and finger pointing over the years.

…Marriott should not be priority - says Granger Leader of the Opposition, David Granger, yesterday relied and stressed heavily on the word “purposeful” as he spoke on the numerous loans that the government of the day has been taking. Granger did not see the amount of money that Guyana has been borrowing as a threat to the country’s financial future. His contention was that all governments take loans. But that alone wasn’t justification; the politician added that it is not necessarily all about the amount of money being borrowed but more about the purpose. He told Kaieteur News, “It is all about the purposes to which the loans are being put; how efficiently is it administered and certainly it has to do with the prospects.” Granger went on to say that commercial banks would make sure that a project is viable. They are obviously not going to put their money into projects which they feel are likely to end up in catastrophe. He said, too, that banks are not going to lend their monies to countries that they feel are incapable of repaying. “So I am not afraid of the loan. What I am afraid of is the priority that government has selected.” Granger made known that his party—A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)— believes that at this point in Guyana’s development,

APNU Leader, David Granger funding need to be put into infrastructure that can promote development. “For example we don’t believe that the Marriott is a top priority; it is not going to promote development.” “We believe that maybe a highway to Lethem from Linden is going to promote development, encourage commerce and allow farmers to bring their produce to market. We believe that investment in that type of infrastructure is going to be beneficial to the country in the medium and long term; unlike the investment in a hotel that won’t bring about the same, or similar return.” Granger sees the Demerara Harbour Bridge as a commercial link between the East and West Banks of Demerara. He said that lots of people who live on the west side come to work in Georgetown. “So by not having an efficient bridge and having long delays, mean that people are not working full days. The

situation is a hindrance. Another investment that Granger identified as viable is that that can be put into education. He said that any investment in education will not be wasted. “So I would have taken loans to put UG on a firmer footing; any investment in education is purposeful.” WAYFORWARD Granger also hit down a statement made by the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) to the effect that it matters not, the significance of a negative observation, once it hasn’t emerged from a source that is not pro government, it won’t be acknowledged; nor will the government seek to make correction. Granger said that that isn’t an intelligent position to be taken by the PPP government and added that that ‘attitude’ is unhelpful. He said that APNU believes that as it relates to problems which face us all, criticisms can come from any source. He said that his party has visited dozens of communities and “when we speak about Mahdia, we have been there and saw what is going on.” The politician said, “When we spoke about public security, I had made a criticism years ago about the E and F division being combined. We called for a separation and they did it, so we know they listen.” Granger, however, couldn’t point out one major project that the government adjusted on the call of the opposition.

Saturday September 28, 2013

Kaieteur News

Obama, Iran’s Rouhani hold historic phone call (Reuters) - President Barack Obama and new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani spoke by telephone yesterday, the highest-level contact between the two countries in three decades and a sign that both sides are serious about reaching a pact on Tehran’s nuclear program. Obama, who pledged as a presidential candidate in 2007 his willingness to have direct contact with U.S. adversaries, had hoped to cross paths with Rouhani at the U.N. General Assembly, but the Iranian side decided an encounter was too complicated. Yesterday, however, the Iranians said Rouhani was interested in a phone discussion before he left the United States, according to a senior administration official, and the White House quickly arranged the call which took place at 2:30 p.m. (1830 GMT) and lasted about 15 minutes. Speaking to reporters, Obama said both men had directed their teams to work quickly toward an agreement on Iran’s nuclear program. He said this was a unique opportunity to make progress with Tehran over an issue that has isolated it from the West. “While there will surely be important obstacles to moving forward and success is by no means guaranteed, I believe we can reach a comprehensive solution,” Obama said at the White House. “The test will be meaningful, transparent, and verifiable actions, which can also bring relief from the comprehensive international sanctions that are currently in place,” against Iran, Obama said. Rouhani, in his Twitter account, said that in the conversation he told Obama “Have a Nice Day!” and Obama responded with “Thank you. Khodahafez (goodbye).” He added that the two men “expressed their mutual political will to rapidly solve the nuclear issue.” The United States cut diplomatic relations with Iran a year after the 1979 revolution that toppled U.S. ally Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and led to a diplomatic crisis in which 52 Americans were held hostage for 444 days. The price of oil fell yesterday as tensions eased between the United States and Iran after the ObamaRouhani phone call. “The phone call was an important milestone - a calculated risk by two

Barack Obama

Hassan Rouhani

cautious leaders mindful of domestic constraints,” said Yasmin Alem, senior fellow at Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center. “More than anything else it shows the high level of political capital invested in a peaceful resolution of the nuclear crisis.” The telephone call, the first between the heads of g o v e r n m e n t of the two nations since 1979, came while Rouhani was heading to the airport after his first visit to the U.N. General Assembly, according to a statement on Rouhani’s official website. Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif have been asked to follow up on the ObamaRouhani conversation, the statement added. “The biggest taboo in Iranian politics has been broken. This is the beginning of a new era,” said Ali Vaez, a senior Iran analyst at the International Crisis Group.

As president, Rouhani is the head of the government but has limited powers. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is the ultimate authority in Iran with final say on domestic and foreign policy, though Rouhani says he has been given full authority to negotiate on the nuclear issue. Obama nodded to that power dynamic in his remarks, saying both men had given signals that Iran would not pursue nuclear arms. “Iran’s Supreme Leader has issued a fatwa against the development of nuclear weapons. President Rouhani has indicated that Iran will never develop nuclear weapons,” Obama said. “I have made clear that we respect the right of the Iranian people to access peaceful nuclear energy in the context of Iran meeting its obligations.”

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Kaieteur News

Saturday September 28, 2013

Brazil polls show Rousseff’s popularity still on the rebound BRASILIA (Reuters) President Dilma Rousseff continues to recover popularity lost after the massive protests that shook Brazil in June, bolstering her chances of re-election next year, two polls published yesterday showed. The polls confirm the results of other recent public opinion surveys showing Rousseff has overcome the dramatic drop in support she suffered after the protests, which targeted all of Brazil’s political elite, including her ruling Workers’ Party. The number of Brazilians who consider Rousseff ’s government “excellent” or “good” rose to 37 percent in late September from 31 percent in July, according to an Ibope opinion poll commissioned by the National Industry Confederation, or CNI. That is still below the 55 percent level she polled in June before hundreds of thousands of angry Brazilians took to the streets to protest against corruption

and poor public services. Rousseff responded with pledges to improve health and education and reform proposals to make politicians more accountable. Rousseff ’s personal approval rating has risen to 54 percent from 45 percent since July, the poll said, while the number of Brazilians who trust her stewardship of the nation climbed to 52 percent from 45 percent. “More Brazilians trust her now than those that don’t,” said Renato da Fonseca, research director at the CNI. Another poll by Ibope published by O Estado de S.Paulo newspaper yesterday confirmed Rousseff as the clear frontrunner for the October 2014 election in which she is widely expected to seek a second term. The poll of voter intentions showed that she is now 22 points ahead of her nearest potential rival, former presidential candidate and environmentalist Marina Silva, who is racing to register

a new political party to be able to run in next year’s election. Silva, the only politician to gain ground from the protests, had narrowed Rousseff’s lead to 8 points in July. Rousseff now has more voter backing than the two next possible contenders combined if the election were held today, the poll showed, indicating that while she might not be able to avoid a second-round vote, she would win a run-off. Brazil’s high cost of living could be her Achilles heel. The CNI/Ibope poll showed that 68 percent of Brazilians disapprove of her efforts to curb inflation, up from 57 percent in June, the last poll in which the question was asked. The CNI/Ibope poll of 2,002 people was conducted between September 14 and 17 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percentage points, the same as the Estado/Ibope poll, conducted between September 12 and 16.

Dr Wayne Kublalsingh arrested again - Case against environmentalist adjourned to December 4 Trinidad Express - Leader of the Highway Re Route Movement Dr Wayne Kublalsingh was arrested for a second time yesterday afternoon. Kublalsingh was taken into custody after he refused to move out of the way of an excavator clearing land near Mon Desir, Delhi Road, Fyzabad, for the construction of the Solomon Hochoy Highway extension to Point Fortin. Eight other protesters were also led away from the construction site, but were not detained. The Express was told that Kublalsingh will be charged with resisting arrest and obstruction. The arrest was at around 2 p.m. On Wednesday, police arrested Kublalsingh on a highway construction site nearthe Mon Desir Interchange, and charged him with obstructing police

Dr. Wayne Kublalsingh officers in the course of their duties, assault and resisting arrest. He appeared before Siparia Magistrate Taramatie Ramdass on Thursday, pleaded not guilty to all charges and was granted $10,000 bail. When he left court, Kublalsingh immediately returned to the

protest site. There was a stand off between Kublalsingh, officials of OAS Construtora and police officers this afternoon. At around 2 p.m, Kublalsingh was approached by a police officer. The group, sitting in the path of an excavator, was told that they would have to move or face arrest. Kublalsingh asked the police officer if he was aware that the protesters were on private land. The officer said he did not have that information, and was only doing his job, which was to clear the path for the earth mover. The officer again advised the protesters to move, but was told by Kublalsingh that he would be making a big mistake if he arrested someone on private property. The officer left, conferred with OAS Construtora officials and returned with more police officers. Members of the media were advised to stand back and the protesters were held by the arms and escorted from the area. Among the group was the couple claiming ownership of the land. “Come an you all move me from my own land?” the woman screamed. Kublalsingh was lifted bodily and carted off. He was placed in an OAS Construtora vehicle and taken away.

Saturday September 28, 2013

Kaieteur News

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WHAT IS TO BE DONE? It would be unreasonable to ask the President of Guyana to simply annul all the existing agreements relating to the Marriot Hotel, the Berbice River Bridge and the Amaila Falls Hydroelectric Project. That would represent a major political blow for the ruling party, the fallout from which would smother his chances of securing a second term. That is, if President Ramotar, is indeed interested in a second term. There is one view out there that suggests that President Ramotar, may not at all be interested in a second term and may simply be a one term president, holding the fort until an eligible successor is found. Even if such a proposition

is accepted, however, there remains the problem of whether President Ramotar would wish to be held responsible for the loss of political power by the PPP. It seems almost inevitable that unless he does something, and urgently, about the controversies that have mired the Amaila Falls Project, the Berbice River Bridge arrangements and the Marriott Hotel, his party will face difficulties in having a workable majority in the National Assembly. These present controversies are threatening to cause greater alienation of PPP supporters come the next elections, something that may relegate the party to the opposition benches.

So what is to be done? The President does not need to reinvent the wheel. He just needs to examine how in other jurisdictions similar controversies were addressed. Many years ago there was a similar controversy about major projects in Trinidad and Tobago. At the heart of this controversy was a political rupture within the then People’s National Movement (PNM) then headed by Patrick Manning. The approach to that issue was not to deny or bury one’s head in the sand. Instead a commission of inquiry (COI) was launched to examine a number of issues relating to the functioning of the Urban Development

Dem boys seh...

Sam holding on to de dead People don’t tek lef easy. If a man wife lef he de man does go to extremes. He does cry and go to wheh she deh and things like that. Some man does even kill. He does tell he friends that he ain’t tekking lef. Is de same thing wid some women. Dem does haunt de man and beat any new woman that he got. Dem does break up he car and shatter he window. Tek a child who got to lef home to go to school. De first couple days is torment. De child does cry fuh break he heart and when things get bad he does behave like if he mad. Dem boys see children try fuh jump through window. Well Friday morning Sam behave like de man who get lef, like de woman who man dump she and like de child who going to school fuh de first time. He announce up front that he ain’t tekking lef from de Amaila Falls project. It ain’t done. In fact, he seh that if he got to sing and dance fuh get Amaila he gun

do it. Well dem boys seh that wid he two lef foot and a voice like a cricket Amaila will surely gone fuh good. And he ain’t like some of he colleagues who got money to hire whoever dem want. And he can’t borrow from dem. De man seh that Amaila is a good thing but he let he guard slip and she fall through he hand. That is wha happen to de man who shoot de policeman de other day. Everything slip fuh he. Even in court he mouth slip and he talk how he gun stick by he reputed wife forever. He like Sam and Amaila. No matter wha happen to Amaila Sam ain’t leffing de project. He prepare fuh dem, to hold a national election over de project and he intend to have de project, no matter de cost. He like a man holding to he dead wife and refusing to bury she. Talk half and get Sam to learn to tek lef.

Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (UDeCOTT) which was responsible for the major projects that were the subject of adverse media speculation. Initially the then Prime Minister had reservations about appointing a Commission of Inquiry indicating that no specific complaint has been made. However, when it was later pointed out that a conflict of interest charge had been made against one of the top officials of UDeCOTT, the Prime Minister agreed to the COI in place of the joint select committee of parliament which he had initially favoured. A COI was announced and undertook its work. Apart from examining the construction sector in Trinidad and Tobago, it focused also on the operations of UDeCOTT and did an analysis of all of the major projects, including the major waterfront improvement project which encapsulated the construction of the Hyatt Regency Hotel. While for other reasons Patrick Manning was forced to call general elections which his party, the PNM lost to the People’s Partnership, the

decision to go with a COI helped to diffuse the controversies swirling around him because of UDeCOTT. There is no reason, no justifiably reason, why in the face of an almost total loss of public confidence in the manner in which the Marriott Hotel deal has proceeded and the implications of the financial model of that venture for the Amaila Falls Hydroelectric Project, that the President of Guyana cannot do the same as was done with the COI into the construction sector of that country. If we can have a broadbased COI to examine all these major contracts under the Jagdeo regime and determine whether the public interest is being served, it will help not only to diffuse much of the political controversies within and outside of our parliament but will also provide a basis on how these projects should be pursued henceforth. Many expected greater fireworks to come out of the COI into the construction sector. However, both UDeCott and the PNM came out looking much better after the report than had been anticipated. The establishment of a

credible COI to probe all of these major projects undertaken by the Jagdeo administration would seem at this stage to be a political masterstroke by the President. It will allow him to have an authoritative report from which to quell public displeasure about the manner in which public- private partnerships have been handled by the former administration and it will also provide him with a sound basis on how to proceed with these projects. The President may have to be nudged into this direction and it would help if some of the leading members of his party begin to press him to appoint a COI into NICIL and the major projects and privatizations that took place under the control of that body. This may well save Donald Ramotar’s presidency and save his party from returning to the opposition benches.

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Saturday September 28, 2013

‘Cobra’ and murderous Coast Guards get stiffest penalties at Criminal Assizes ... dead witness frees murder accused, two alleged rapists walk without trial The Criminal Assizes session which commenced last June, has seen most of the murder accused either being found not guilty, or guilty of a lesser count of manslaughter, while one man was sentenced to serve 78 years in prison and another three to face the gallows. The assizes session saw a total of 217 cases listed for hearing before Justices Navindra Singh, Brassington Reynolds, James Bovell-Drakes, Dawn Gregory and Franklyn Holder. During the latest criminal assizes session, Tyrone

Rowe, called ‘Cobra’ was convicted of the robbery/ murder of Troy Collymore in 2010 and was sentenced to 78 years in prison. He had appeared before Justice Navindra Singh. Those sentenced to face the gallows are former Guyana Defence Force Coast Guard ranks, Sherwin Hart, Devon Gordon and Deon Greenidge, who were found guilty of the 2009 murder of Dweive Kant Ramdass, which occurred on August 20, 2009, at Caiman Hole in the Essequibo River. They appeared before Justice Franklyn Holder.

Tyrone Rowe called ‘Cobra’ HUNG JURY During the criminal assizes session, 21 cases

From left the Coast Guard ranks Delon Gordon, Sherwin Harte, Deon Greenidge who were sentenced to death were presented in the High Court of Demerara, of which Justice Navindra Singh, disposed of 11 for the offence of murder. There were two hung jury verdicts. These will have to be retried. Of the 11 murder cases before Justice Singh, there were five not guilty verdicts. One such verdict pertained to the Lusignan Massacre. James Anthony Hyles, known as ‘Sally’ and Mark Royden Williams, were acquitted by the Jury. The State has since filed an appeal citing “strong and compelling evidence for a conviction.” In another of the cases, the accused walked away from the

murder charge because the main witness died. This forced the trial judge to direct the jury to return a formal verdict of not guilty. In the other three cases, two of the accused pleaded guilty to the lesser count of manslaughter and were sentenced to 20 years and 27 years respectively. The other person found guilty of manslaughter was sentenced to 30 years’ imprisonment. Before proceeding on leave, Madame Justice Dawn Gregory completed murder cases. One of the accused that appeared before her was found guilty while the other did not share the same fate.

Justice Brassington Reynolds in June commenced two murder trials and while one was completed through a no case submission being upheld, the other had to be aborted after this publication reported the details of a voir dire (a trial within a trial) and statements made by the State Counsel. Editor-in-Chief, Adam Harris, and the journalist were both charged with contempt of court and fined. Justice James Bovell Drakes, during the criminal session heard six murder cases. In the first murder trial there was a hung jury and a retrial was ordered. In another of the murder trials, the accused was sentenced to 19 years’ imprisonment after the jury returned a unanimous verdict of guilty of the lesser offence of manslaughter while in the other two matters the jury returned a unanimous verdict of not guilty. There are at present two cases still in progress before Justice James Bovell-Drakes. ESSEQUIBO Meanwhile in the Essequibo jurisdiction, two trial Judges heard a total of 20 murder trials. Justice Franklin Holder first sat at the Essequibo Criminal Assizes which commenced in May, while Justice William Ramlal continued from July. Of the 20 cases that were listed to be heard for the May Assizes, four matters were completed, three for the offence of murder and one attempted murder. In two of the murder cases, the accused pleaded guilty to the lesser offence of manslaughter and was sentenced to five years. In another of the cases the jury returned a unanimous verdict of not guilty. In the case for the offence of ‘Attempt to Commit Murder’ the victim informed the trial judge that he did not Continued on page 24

Saturday September 28, 2013

Kaieteur News

More contributors, rate increases lik ely likely to solve NIS’ financial woes - Chairman Managers of the National Insurance Scheme (NIS), which is facing concerns over its long term viability, has urged for agreements among stakeholders on key measures that will ensure the financial future of the entity. NIS is the state-controlled body which has been managing the social insurance fund charged with paying pensions and other medical benefits. It is now celebrating its 44 th anniversary. Immediately, NIS is targeting measures to significantly expand its contributor base and raise the rates. It is looking to better manage growth in benefit expenditure, particularly pensions. According to Chairman, Dr. Roger Luncheon, even though the spectre of an imminent dire situation is highly exaggerated, the scheme’s financial viability does evoke apprehension among the informed. “Essentially, the scheme’s expenditure growth is outstripping revenue growth. Contribution income, the main ingredient of revenue was $11.32B in 2012 while benefits expenditure, the main ingredient of expenditure, was $11.33B,” Luncheon disclosed in a release yesterday. “As is known, long term benefits dominate the benefits profile with over 43,000 pensioners in payment at July 2013. The aging population, longer longevity has impacted significantly on this growth in benefit expenditure.” The NIS Chairman believed the scheme may not have been rigid enough in insisting that more selfemployed join up and contribute, as is the regulation. At the end of 2012, the active population of employed contributors numbered 117,219, while the active population of the selfemployed was only 8,791. “The self-employed situation of anomaly is evident in the face of the size of parallel economy in Guyana. Importantly, the contribution rate has seen occasional annual increases in the last decade.” Against this background,

NIS Chairman, Dr. Roger Luncheon NIS continues to offer a pension linked to minimum wages in the public service with a wide range of shortterm benefits to contributors and pensioners. “The end result is predictable. Expenditure growth exceeds that of revenue. The NIS fund is therefore being used to meet the operational deficits currently being incurred. As a result, the NIS fund has failed to show growth over the recent years as deficits in operational costs have been financed from the savings in the fund.” In 2011, the fund was $30,410,427,000 while the 2012 unaudited fund was $30,214,987,000. The 8th actuarial report, which is a mandatory review of NIS performance, on the scheme’s financial status, has disclosed details of the situation and made concrete proposals and recommendations about solutions, Dr. Luncheon said.

The NIS situation has raised even more concerns. “Nationwide public consultations at that time provided ample evidence of concern among stakeholders. A general principled approach must include increased revenue collection and controlled expenditure growth.” Luncheon also pointed to the 2013 National Budget, in which the Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh proposed an increase in the contribution rate for both employed and self-employed to 14% and 12.5% respectively. However, this did not help much in reversing the deficit. “The Central Government absorbed and subsidised that increase for employed contributors whose incomes were less than $50,000.00. The impact of the contribution rate increase did not significantly reverse the deficit which was simultaneously being negatively influenced by the increasing cost of doing business by the scheme.” The NIS Chairman assured that while there is little likelihood of a collapse of the scheme in the short to medium term, the current situation is not sustainable. “The interventions are obvious but consensus among stakeholders and decision makers is a paramount necessity. In Barbados, a similar situation attracted such consensus on their way forward, under which their scheme rallied without stakeholders’ discord and divisiveness.”

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APNU knocks Govt on school situation A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) is calling on the government to address the serious concerns plaguing the education system, more particularly within the context of primary schools. At a press briefing yesterday, Opposition leader Brig. David Granger, spoke to what his party terms the “first day disarray”, the continuous state of inadequacies that primary schools and their respective pupils face when schools open on the first day during September every year. Inadequacies include the unsanitary state of school compounds. Such are not conducive to learning, as well as providing the necessary framework for the promotion of growth. Granger said “these poor conditions, so evident at the annual ‘first day disarray’, have been a contributory factor to the escalation of the migration of trained teachers, the rising level of illiteracy, the

increasing number of school dropouts and the swelling of the ranks of unemployed youths.” APNU Granger has strongly denied and debunked the remarks made by head of the Presidential Secretariat Roger Luncheon which insinuates that the Opposition is responsible for the spate of school protests around the country. Granger alluded that it is nonsensical to think that APNU would be able to coordinate multiple protests all over the country. According to APNU these inhibitive conditions that children face, have lead to protest by concerned citizens. “Protests are now as commonplace as any subject on the school curriculum. Parents and students find it necessary to object to the conditions which are a disincentive and a deterrent to their studies. Remedial action, when taken, seems to last only a few months until similar problems recur the following year,” Granger

posited. Granger added, “Protests this year were a perpetuation of a pattern that has prevailed over the recent past. There were protests at Hope West Primary School; at Enmore; Ann’s Grove Primary School; Bagotville Primary School; Golden Grove Primary School and St. Ignatius Primary School in the Rupununi Region, all in 2009. Sporadic protests have recurred every September.” “The public perception is that the PPP/C administration is not serious about creating primary schools of excellence. A progressive policy would require a new attitude to ensuring that basic sanitary standards are met; to repairing decrepit buildings; to replenishing learning material; to supplying cleaning materials and to restoring a favourable and friendly learning environment, especially in rural and hinterland primary schools,” APNU declared.

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Saturday September 28, 2013

PM Hinds defends 19% return to Sithe Global - says Govt. willing to hold referendum vote Government has vowed to pull out all stops to make hydro power a reality. Prime Minister Sam Hinds said, yesterday, that it is even willing to hold a referendum on the issue. During a visit at the John Fernandes wharf yesterday to oversee the arrival of three Wartsila engines, Prime Minister Sam Hinds also insisted that his Government was not accepting that the project “is not an immediate reality.”

He told reporters that he is even willing to “dance a jig” and “sing a song” to get support for the project. Last month, the US developer, Sithe Global, pulled out after the main opposition party voted against two key legislations which Government said were critical for the financing of the project. Opposition cited concerns over the cost which was estimated at over US$850M. The Opposition had also

questioned the rate of returns to Sithe Global and the other financiers —Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and China Development Bank (CDB). It will be biggest infrastructure projects in Guyana and one of the largest for the region. Sithe Global said that one of the requirements for financing for the project was consensus by especially Opposition parties in Parliament. Since then Government, while making it clear that the project was in trouble, said that it is still holding out hope that a new partner could be found or that even Sithe Global could be enticed to remain. According to the Prime

Minister, the question of Amaila is not a political one or one of the ruling party. Rather, it is one where the costs of energy for Guyana could be halved with the coming of hydro power. Hinds said that he was caught “flat-footed” by the Opposition stance, since the People’s National Congress (PNC), in 1976, has been backing the Amaila Falls site, in Region Seven, as an ideal location for a hydro facility. In 1982, another study reinforced this. The Prime Minister insisted that his party never “rejected” hydro power and that the records will show this. It is the hope that the Amaila project will be realized in four to five years, he said. Regarding concerns from financial analysts and Opposition sources that interest rates for the IDB loan at nine per cent would have been too high, Hinds explained that Guyana was once one of a group of countries that fell under the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) arrangements in which debt relief and low interest loans

were made available from financial institutions. Guyana, he said, has come out of that arrangement and now has to pay the higher interest rates charged to middle income countries. The IDB interest charges, as such, is not unreasonable. He also defended the decision to allow Sithe Global a return on investments of 19 per cent. Sithe Global would have been managing the project for the 20 years before handing it to Government at no cost. This rate was comparable to other commercial investments. According to Hinds, another company that had been interesting in developing the Amaila hydro in the early 2000s, had been negotiating with Government, and was demanding 25 per cent in returns. The negotiations fell through after it was recognized that Guyana could not afford to take the deal with oil prices at just US$30 per barrel. It would have been cheaper to use Wartsila engines then, than hydro. It is the belief of the ruling party that the current Amaila

Prime Minister Sam Hinds Falls hydro power deal is “as good” as any other. He also made it clear that current cost for electricity using fuel-fed engines and based on current oil prices stands around 23 US cents per kilowatt hour. Hydro would work out to around 12 cents and after 10 years would reduce to about nine cents. The hydro project has sharply divided the Government and the Opposition in the National Assembly, with Government threatening not to assent any legislations tabled by the Opposition.

Well known gambler shot dead over $500 - “He (suspect) run in one of them toilets and take out a gun and shoot he (victim)” - eyewitness

A father of one was early yesterday morning reportedly shot dead by one of his gambling buddies over an argument for $500 at the London base vulcanizing shop on Mandela Avenue, Georgetown. Manford Lewis of Lot 81 D’Urban Street, Lodge was shot to his forehead at around 01:00hrs yesterday. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). According to information received, Lewis, a brushcutter operator along with workers from the vulcanizing shop were gambling in front of the establishment when he (Lewis) reportedly lost a game. It was reported that the father of one refused to pay

Dead: Manford Lewis his debt of $500 to one of the workers from the vulcanizing shop, who he had lost the game to. “They start arguing and

then they start pelting bottles at each other and then this boy (suspect) run in one of them toilets and take out a gun and run behind Manford and shoot he and then run away,” an eyewitness related. Yesterday, the dead man’s mother, Myrna Thomas, a Police Sergeant attached to the Kitty Police Station said that she was at home when her older son, Alvin Andrews called her and informed her about Manford’s demise. “I went to the hospital and I saw him in the fridge. He looked like he was sleeping. I see he had a wound to his head,” the mother related. She explained that the last time she saw her son was during last week. “I got a weeding job for him at one of them Ministries. He come, weed, collected his money and left.” Lewis’ brother, Andrews said that one of the suspect’s friends informed him that he (suspect) who is currently on the run is considering taking a lawyer and surrendering to the police. “The boy tell he friend that he want hand in he self but he has to get a lawyer.” Lewis leaves to mourn his mother, three siblings and one child.

Saturday September 28, 2013

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Vickram Persaud charged with cop’s murder - claims he was tortured to give confession

They made it clear to me that I will not get away with this murder and they will beat me for a song.” At this point the accused removed a tattered material which appeared to be a piece of vest he wore whilst the police officers reportedly tortured him. Persaud told the court that when he was beaten, they changed his clothes. What he presented was what he managed to hide in his crotch.

Vickram Persaud lowers his head as officers escort him to the holding cell


ven though newspaper reports have headlined that a suspect has confessed to the gruesome killing of a TSU constable, the suspect’s testimony in open court contradicted this. Vickram Persaud, a 28year-old father of two, whose last address, according to police reports, i s D o c t o r ’s D a m , L a G r a n g e , We s t C o a s t Demerara, was yesterday remanded to prison after he appeared before Magistrate Faith McGusty at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court where the murder charge was read to him. Persaud was not required to plead to the indictable charge. On September 23, last, at North Sophia, he allegedly shot and killed

Constable Michael Cumberbatch of the Tactical Services Unit. The defendant begged the court for 30 seconds to say a few words and to show the court, the wounds he has received due to the brutality of the police force. Persaud said, “Your Worship, because these police officers know I would do anything for my wife they torture me to sign some statements and I had no idea what was on the statement. The same night they pick me up; they took me and beat me up real bad. All my head was bleeding. I was shocked repeatedly with an instrument. They beat me up in the absence of officers Henry and George at the Criminal Investigation Department.

The unrepresented defendant added, “Your worship they had me in an identification parade and those people that identify me don’t know me. Although the window was tinted I coulda still see was who because I see when the woman come up the stairs at the station because they had me seated outside.” Persaud insisted that he was tortured mercilessly and attempted to remove his

pants to show the court room the shock marks that he claims to still be visible on his scrotum and his buttocks. He told the court that the officers got him to make a video by beating him for hours and forced him to say things that he was not comfortable with. He said that these things relate to the crime. He then begged the court to ensure that he got the opportunity to seek medical attention. Police Prosecutor

Seon Blackman then petitioned the Magistrate for three weeks as the file was sent to the Director of Public Prosecution and is expected to be returned with advice within that timeframe. The accused who rears poultry and who said that he is going to remain completely devoted to his common law wife was refused bail. He is expected to make his next court appearance on October 17.

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Saturday September 28, 2013

Bagotsville Carpenter latest road fatality A

Bagotsville We s t B a n k , Demerara Carpenter became the latest road fatality, on Thursday night, after being run over by a vehicle on the Stanleytown Public Road. Carley Gregory Wright, 58, of Lot 71 Bagotsville West Bank Demerara, met his demise at around 19:15 hrs after, the motorcycle which he rode, CF 290 smashed into the door of a minibus, and ended up in the path of motorcar. According a press statement, police investigations revealed that Wright was riding motorcycle CF 290 proceeding north along Stanleytown Public Road. He struck the right side door of minibus, BDD 1690, after the driver, Byron Sampson opened it, as he passing the parked vehicle. This resulted in Wright falling onto the public road and colliding with motorcar PMM 1009, which was being driven in the opposite direction by Nicholas Lopes. Speaking with this newspaper, Lopes said that

DEAD: Carley Gregory Wright

The damaged front fender of Motorcar PMM 1009

The damaged motorcycle he was a heading south, along the public road when the vehicle he drove, collided with the motorcyclist. “… I just saw when this guy, lost control of his motorcycle, he just sort of flew off and it happened so quickly, he ended up in my path …I tried to mash the brakes and turned to avoid

hitting him, but unfortunately he was hit by the right side of the car.” The man explained that he attempted to take the injured man to the hospital but could not do so, because the vehicle had sustained a flat tyre. “The man was motionless but he was not dead, so I quickly tried to

empty the back seat of my vehicle to assist in getting him to the hospital but then I realized that I had sustained a flat tyre.” Carley Wright was subsequently taken to the West Demerara Regional Hospital in an unconscious state and pronounced dead on arrival. Wright’s Niece Simone

Batson, told Kaieteur news that she had seen her Uncle three days before the accident. “Uncle Carley was at my house in Canal Number Two, doing some work but I was not at home, I am told that he was heading home but ended up colliding with the minibus door as he turned the corner unto the public

road. After he was struck, he flew in the path of Raum, and was run over.” Relatives of the dead man related that visible signs of injuries include a puncture to the back of his head, and abrasions on several parts of the body. The cause of death will be revealed on Monday after a Post Mortem (PM) examination is conducted. Wright occupied Lot 71 Bagotville residence, for fifteen years. He was the caretaker, of the building. The owner of the house, Keisha Williams described the deceased as a dear friend, generous and willing to assist people at all times. Wright leaves to mourn his many relatives and friends. Police investigations into the matter are ongoing.

Saturday September 28, 2013

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Berbice crime wave.....

Four murders, two armed robberies

in Berbice over the past 2 weeks By Leon Suseran There has been a spike in serious crimes in Berbice. Over the past two weeks, there have been four murder/robberies. There have also been two daring daylight armed robberies, both of which resulted in the occupants being badly beaten and terrorized. Interestingly, all of the criminal activities over the past two weeks have been centered on the Corentyne coast. Those dead are rice miller Lallapersaud ‘Lall’ Juggerdeo, who was shot dead on the night of September 10 at his home in N u m b e r 5 1 Vi l l a g e ; shopkeeper Abdul Majid, 79, of Lot 12 ‘A’, Number 70 Village; Ravindranauth ‘Parbattie Bucket’Chan, 54, of Lancaster; and Yadram ‘Muff’ Jaggai, 36, of Rambharose Street, Number 48 Village. Except for the murder of Chan, police have thus far come up empty- handed in solving the others. Chan’s battered body was found two Thursdays ago in an

Abdul Majid

Ravindranauth ‘Parbattie Bucket’ Chan

Lallapersaud ‘Lall’ Juggerdeo

abandoned house in Lancaster. He shared the house with the suspect, Totaram ‘Ramesh’ Edwards, 49, popularly called ‘Rasta man’ of Lancaster who was charged on Monday with murder and appeared at the Whim Magistrate’s Court. He has been remanded to prison until October 14, 2013. Meanwhile, even though police have conducted raids in Rose Hall Town and held two identification parades at Springlands Police Station in connection with Majid’s death, no one is currently in custody nor has anyone been charged for that murder.

Majid and his wife were attacked by at least four persons who had visited the shop under the pretext of making a purchase. Majid was found in his store with his feet bound with electrical cord around 10:30 hrs two Sundays ago. A sum of cash and a quantity of jewellery were reported to have been stolen. Regarding the Corentyne rice-miller murder, the son of Juggerdeo, Basant Jaggerdeo, said that he was visited by President Donald Ramotar two Saturdays ago who expressed condolences and promised to have the police work assiduously to

Totanarine Nandalall find the killers. Bandits stormed his Number Nought Village home on September 10 shortly after 19:45 hrs. The elderly man was responding to a commotion in the bottom flat of his residence when one of the gunmen discharged a round which hit him. Five bandits entered the bottom flat where some of Jaggerdeo’s relatives were relaxing around 19:45 hours. He died before he could receive medical attention. Also, police have released the three suspects

that were held in the case involving the death of Jaggai whose bloody corpse was in a state of decomposition. It was discovered in his home just after 16:30 hrs last Saturday. The man’s reputed wife, his landlord, and police turned up and found a pool of blood in the kitchen and the body lying in the bottom house. He had crawled some distance before he died. Additionally, police recovered an ice- pick from the crime scene. The three friends of Jaggai, who were arrested, were released a few days ago. Then there were the armed robberies. A Fyrish lumberyard proprietrix, Chanmonie Soodoo, 47, was beaten and robbed on September 17 by two men who visited the business place under the guise of customers and later escaped with an undisclosed sum of cash. The incident occurred

Yadram ‘Muff’ Jaggai at 168 Courtland Road, Fyrish, around 11:00 hrs. And last Saturday, a lone gunman stormed into a home around 10:15 hrs at Alness, Corentyne and brutally attacked one of the occupants, Totanarine Nandalall, 36, of Lot 51 Alness Public Road during a terrifying ordeal. His mother, Hansranie Nandalall, was also beaten. The man was badly beaten in his face and about his body by the masked gunman, who also fired a shot into the roof of the house. All he was able to put his hands on were $6,000 which the Nandalalls had in a wallet. The bandit also escaped with a cell phone. No arrests have been made in that case. Police figures reveal that there have been 31 murders since the beginning of July last – eleven within the last three weeks in Guyana, four of them in Berbice alone.

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Saturday September 28, 2013

Saturday September 28, 2013

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Saturday September 28, 2013

Fly Jamaica to bridge tourism gap between Guyana and Jamaica Zena Henry Arriving on time, to a roaring crowd at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) Thursday night, the much talked about Jamaican airline, Fly Jamaica, officially commenced flight services between Guyana and Jamaica and North America. The airline management reiterated that it will bridge the tourism gap between Guyana and Jamaica. Captain Ronald Reece, F l y J a m a i c a ’s C h i e f Executive Officer, told the gathering of government officials, foreign

personages, staffers and well wishers, “What we have basically done is to create history by joining two countries by an air bridge.” The captain told the attendees at the inaugural flight’s cocktail party that hopes are high that Jamaicans and Guyanese citizens will benefit by increased trade and tourism between the two countries. He said that Jamaica has beautiful beaches, while Guyana offers jungles, birdwatching and the breathtaking Kaieteur Falls among other things. Reece encouraged citizens of both

Fly Jamaica gets warm welcome on inaugural flight nations to take advantage of the Fly Jamaica opportunity and explore the nations. Minister of Housing and Water and acting Tourism Minister Irfaan Ali said that

The Fly Jamaica crew

the government would seek to work hand in hand with Fly Jamaica to promote Guyana. The Minister highlighted the need of an airline for the purpose of

while expressing hopes that in the coming six weeks a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) could be signed, first with St. Lucia for closer ties as it

internationally recognized airport is one of the steps to improve air transport. It also provides the need to reach peoples in the Diaspora and Europe, Benn said.

From left Public Works Minister Robeson Benn and wife, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds and wife, Captain Ronald Reece and Acting Tourism Minister, Minister of Housing Irfaan regional integration and a joint tourism venture. He said that Fly Jamaica has added “one of the most versatile, natural and exciting tourism destinationsGuyana- to its routes.” He said that the government is moving towards working with the Jamaican tourism authority for a joint packaging arrangement for tourists wanting to travel to both countries. Ali believes that in this way both countries would be promoted by this one air carrier. He stated that there has been a 15 percent increase of Jamaicans visiting Guyana and that was before the arrival of Fly Jamaica. With Fly Jamaica, the Minister said he believes that the number could be significantly increased. Additionally, Ali said that moves are also being made to find common ground with other tourism destinations such as Barbados and St. Lucia,

relates to tourism. The Minister concluded that there is a vast tourism market in Guyana that has to be explored. He said that natural attractions that both Guyana and Jamaica have are enough for forward movement. Ali applauded Fly Jamaica for its initiative to add Guyana to their routes before registering his belief that the Jamaican carrier will be successful. Minister of Works, Robeson Benn, after w e l c o m i n g a n d congratulating Fly Jamaica on its inaugural flight stressed the need to create connectivity among countries like Guyana and Jamaica; not only for tourism but for business, shared knowledge, experience and expertise. He said it is pivotal for CARICOM countries to connect for business and commerce. Benn added that upgrading the CJIA so that it could be slated as an

For improved services, he reiterated an upgrade for the CJIA with great emphasis being placed on the lengthening of the CJIA runway by some 1000 metres. Benn said there is a dire necessity to make the terminal buildings larger, modern and more efficient to meet international standards. Following the formalities, Fly Jamaica’s foreign and local entourage grooved to sweet and bold dancehall and pop styles out of Jamaica. Fly Jamaica had brought the likes of Assassin, Wayne Marshall among others as ambassadors for the prized air carrier when it landed Thursday. Well wishes and a lasting Jamaica/Guyana partnership went out to the airline, a joint venture between Guyanese and Jamaicans seeking to bridge the gap between the two noticeably similar nations.

Saturday September 28, 2013

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Former Guyanese IDB President meets Ramotar at -born journalist, Ric United Nations General Assembly Mentus, laid to rest N


uyanese-born journalist Ric (Ulric) Mentus w a s We d n e s d a y remembered as a member of the profession who had a reputation for reporting the truth, particularly about politicians, even when to do so led him into controversy and even danger. At his funeral service at Clark and Battoo’s Chapel on Tragarete Road, Port-ofSpain, Wesley Gibbings, President of the Association of Caribbean Media Workers, spoke of Mentus’ unique skills. Mentus, 87, a journalist in three countries—his native Guyana, Jamaica and T&T—died alone in his Chase Village, Chaguanas home on September 1. His body was not found for days. Among the newspapers he worked at were the T&T Guardian, Daily Mirror and Sunday Graphic. The congregation at his funeral was small but included senior members of the media, among them Lennox Grant, former editor-in-chief of both the T&T Guardian and Express, and Express columnist Keith Subero. Neil Rolingson, former member of the Integrity Commission, also attended. Gibbings, recalling Mentus’ life and work said, “Unraveling Ric’s place in the scheme of things is more like negotiating Wilson Harris’ hinterland excursion of the Palace of the Peacock than sitting through the 55minute Caribbean Airlines

flight between Piarco and Timehri.” Mentus, he said, would “answer a probing question with a question of his own which, when one thought about it carefully, pointed in the approximate direction of an answer.” Gibbings spoke about Mentus’ “hard-hitting” columns published in the Guyana Telegraph in the early 1970s when the country’s political situation had become drastic. Journalist Rickey Singh—who was meant to deliver the eulogy but could not travel owing to ill health—was fired from the Telegraph at that time after the paper’s editorial balance had, according to his bosses, shifted to hostility towards the Guyanese government and intolerance of its policies. Officiating minister Gregor Florence, addressing the gathered journalists, reminded them that speaking the truth was a fundamental obligation. “We may lose friends from it, because some people don’t want to hear the truth; it hurts. We must, however, speak the truth and speak the truth to power,” he said. “As journalists, never compromise the truth and be prepared that that truth may lead you into trouble. If I came back in a next life I would ask to be a journalist so I can question the entire Bible, because I need to know—that’s how I find faith.” (http://

Kerosene lamp caused Islington fire


kerosene lamp that was left lit in the bedroom caused the Wednesday night fire that claimed the life of 88-year-old Margaret London of Lot 6, Cross Street, Islington, East Bank Berbice. This is according to the Chief Fire Officer in ‘B’ Division, Supt. Compton Sparman. The bed-ridden woman was stricken with stroke and lived in the house from birth with her sister, Olive London, 93. The latter survived the inferno. The house had electricity. Meanwhile, the survivor continues to be with the Pastor Ryan Manpowan and

his family at Overwinning Bible Church, East Bank Berbice. When contacted yesterday, Pastor Manpowan stated that he was among the first persons on the scene of the fire that fateful evening. He reached the scene just after 19:00 hrs. “I was like the first set of persons that reached the house, and the boys slammed the door down and I was behind them. I ran down the steps to go to the back and then I saw the other old lady and lifted her and run out on the road,” he added. He added that the sisters always loved to light their lamps, even though the (Continued on page 20)

EW YORK CITY -President Donald Ramotar and Inter-American Development Bank President Luis Alberto Moreno met yesterday in New York at the margins of the meetings of the UN General Assembly. They discussed the various development challenges facing Guyana as well as the IDB’s long-term commitment to support Guyana’s national development strategy.

President Moreno congratulated President Ramotar on the effective management of fiscal policy by the Government of Guyana’s economic team following massive debt forgiveness in 2006. As a result, Guyana has consistently maintained fiscal stability and sustained economic growth throughout the international economic downturn. During the meeting with President Ramotar, President Moreno emphasized that the IDB is fully committed to

playing a leading role in helping Guyana to modernize its energy matrix and to advance its innovative Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) in a manner that maintains debt sustainability while providing the desired benefits to Guyana’s economy and its people. Both leaders agreed on the pressing need to diversify Guyana’s energy matrix in a way that protects its environment, improves energy sustainability, and lowers total energy costs.

President Moreno emphasized that the IDB is especially enthusiastic about providing Guyana with technical and financial support to reform energy sector governance. This is of immediate importance to lower the risks and maximize the benefits of any initiative in the energy s e c t o r. B o t h l e a d e r s instructed their respective technical teams to jointly explore alternative ways to upgrade and diversify Guyana’s energy matrix.

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Queenstown is 173 years old Q

ueenstown, one of many plantations bought by exslaves during 1840, is celebrating its 173rd anniversary. And since the annual observations began in 1990, residents both young and old have been staging a planned week of activities each year. At a simple ceremony, former Parliamentarian and PPP stalwart, Mr. Isahak Basir, said that the Village, Queenstown, has a lot of unwritten history. Basir explained that Queenstown was a pioneering Village that lent support to especially Indentured Immigrants, who had come from India. Queenstown was also the f i r s t Vi l l a g e o n t h e Essequibo Coast to have established a system of local governance and Mr. Basir called on the people of Queenstown to preserve their rich history and make an effort to establish a museum. “Let us build on s i m i l a r i t y a n d commonality.” Mrs. Daphne Marks, one of the many seniors of the Village, remarked how grateful she was to be afforded the opportunity to share some insights about Queenstown. She said that the Village was able to have established its first Village Council in 1847 with rates being collected. Marks also alluded to a police outpost, which she informed, was established at Capoey. Marks reminded the gathering that a former member of Queenstown, Mr. William Dainty was the recipient of the Order of the British Empire.

Region Two Chairman, Parmanand Persaud, told the audience that unity as a hallmark, would allow residents to work together to achieve their goals. Parmanand, while pledging his support especially to the Queenstown Association, similarly promised residents of Queenstown that they would continue to be the beneficiaries of social and infrastructure works. The upgrading of roads and culverts are testaments, Persaud reminded. In 1908, an interesting incident occurred in the Village. The heir of a former slave master who came to the colony had Queenstown advertised for sale. Immediately, then Inspector of Districts, H.E Cameron brought the deed to the attention of the village and the sale was successfully opposed. Certificates of Appreciation were presented to Imaam Bacchus and Sons Ltd, Mrs. Elsie Marks, Desiree Pearson, Abdul Farouk, Mr. .Curtis Austin, Ms. Shaida Khan, Sidney Alves, Ms. Veera Venture, Vincent Walcott, Morris Walcott, Yvonne DrakesEllis, Julian Cummings, Dr. Henrick ‘Dudley’ Ellis, Food for the Poor inc, Wendell Walcott, Crumwell Mentis and Ms. Cheryl Vaughn. Recognition was also extended to Zameena Rasheed, a Queenstown resident and top CSEC student. Queenstown has ten Christian churches, the oldest, St. Barthlomew, a mosque, a Hindu temple, a Health Centre and a post office. (Yannason Duncan).

Saturday September 28, 2013

Fishing industry raises concerns over proposed Chinese fishing licences


oncerns are heightening among members of the fishing and trawler industry about plans being considered by Government to grant a large number of deep sea fishing permits to the Chinese despite requests being made for locals to reduce fleet numbers. Officials say that the proposals are being considered by authorities to the chagrin and consternation of the local sector. Kaieteur News was told by some concerned maritime operators that a decision is impending on whether some 40 licenses should be granted to the Chinese by the Agriculture

Ministry. They argue, however, that this is within a period when local sea operators are being urged to reduce fleet numbers because of dwindling stocks and a growing need for more protection in the fishing industry. In 2010, an overhaul of the industry was suggested with the aim to reduce the number of operating trawlers by January 1, 2011. Members of the Guyana Association of Trawler Owners and Seafood Processors (GATOSP) were further considering a proposal that could reduce its fleet of fishing vessels by at least 20 per cent.

The fishermen see the move to issue foreign licenses as a slap in the face as they were working with the government to meet their concerns about excess fishing and diminishing resources. One operator said that if the licences are granted that could mean negative impact for local producers. He suggested that, “Like in other parts of the world, they could set up a mother ship which processes the fish right there on the boat.” The operator said that the licensed boats would perform the ground task of catching the fish while the mother ship, equipped with workers and the relevance

equipment clean and process the fish before shipment. The 20 percent reduction has been in effect for little over two years, but Kaieteur News was told that a report from the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM), which Guyana is part of, is to be presented on the current state of the fishing industry and the concept of depleting resources. Leslie Ramalho, President of GATOSP, said that he is aware of the matter. He said that he will however seek clarification on the issue from the relevant officials. Efforts to contact Agriculture Minister Dr Leslie Ramsammy proved futile.

A Balanced Caribbean path to shared prosperity is possible By Hasan Tuluy The recent High Level Caribbean forum in Nassau was the latest in a series of discussions to develop a road map for the region’s longterm economic growth while addressing persistent debt and fiscal issues. A significant consensus about the path forward is clearly taking shape. It is time for decisive action, so that the region can build on hard won social and economic gains. The reasons are multiple. The region’s poverty reduction and shared prosperity gains in the past decades are at risk of being reversed. In the three decades after 1980, the Caribbean region’s gross domestic product per capita increased six fold, bringing

about significant poverty reduction. Then, the global financial crisis of 2008/09 hit and exposed the fragility of the growth model in some Caribbean countries. Jamaica and the OECS islands experienced contractions of 3.1% and 5.3% respectively in 2009. Jamaica, which had seen its poverty rate drop almost 20 percent over two decades, saw it increase by eight percent in a few years. The Forum took place the day after the U.S. Federal Reserve revealed that it would not start tapering its asset purchases after all. By then however, countries in the Caribbean such as Belize and the Dominican Republic had already seen yields of sovereign bonds rise by 130 and 40 points, respectively. That episode served as a stark reminder that, for the Caribbean, challenges from outside can be significant and uncontrollable, yet Caribbean nations have many good reasons to be open to foreign investment, increased trade and financial

market access. The benefits outweigh the uncertainty of global economic and financial engagement. The solution is not to close themselves, but to be m o r e o p e n a n d implementing fundamental changes that will increase resilience. The risk of not establishing strong fundamentals now is that when the expected increase in financing costs finally happen, pressure will rise on local exchange rates and international reserves especially for those countries with large current account deficits such as those in the Caribbean. Investors will likely become more selective and focus on country fundamentals, moving their resources to those economies that are successful in implementing credible and sustainable reforms. That would only add to an already challenging situation. Weak fiscal positions, declining foreign investment, frequent natural

Kerosene lamp... From page 19 house had TV and electric current. “The old people always like their lamps at night. The church used to pay the electricity bill. They have been using lamps for all the years.” When asked how London is doing today, he stated, “We’re trying to make her happy. Health wise, her appetite—she’s doing very well in everything.” He added that the church folk at Frank Memorial Presbyterian Church in New Amsterdam, the church that the deceased woman use to attend, will pay all expenses for the funeral, which will take place as soon as a Pathologist comes forth to do an autopsy on the charred remains, which still remain at the Arokium Funeral Parlour.

disasters, limited access to financial markets and other factors have already conspired to bring about a major debt burden for many Caribbean countries, hampering Government’s ability to deliver services to the people. Working with governments and development partners, we have put forward a Comprehensive Debt Framework, a balanced approach that will require the contributions of the international community, p r i v a t e s e c t o r, p u b l i c institutions, and civil society to succeed. It will focus on building a more sustainable growth model, improving fiscal balance, public sector management, building resilience to natural disasters, pursuing debt restructuring and strengthening debt management. If we are to preserve the gains of the past and secure the future for today’s youth in the Caribbean, we need to work together to create a virtuous cycle of faster economic growth and lower debt, generating opportunities for all and s h i f t i n g t h e r e g i o n ’s economic outlook to a more sustainable path, a path which puts people at the center, ensuring that human and social investments are part of the new, balanced shared growth paradigm. The time for diagnostics is definitely over. Hasan Tuluy is World Bank Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean

Saturday September 28, 2013

Kaieteur News

Trinidadian accreditation expert facilitates enlightening workshop An efficient National Accreditation Council in any country is an imperative body to safeguard students not only against the influx of technology-driven programmes but the increasing number of ‘diploma mills’ around. At least this is according to Curtis Floyd, a Director attached to The Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT) who was yesterday engaged in facilitating a quality enhancement workshop intended to help improve the efficiency of the National Accreditation Council. Incidentally, the National Centre for Education Resource Development (NCERD) venued forum was organised by the local Accreditation Council. Floyd during an interview with this publication yesterday emphasised that since education is something that oftentimes requires high investment, there is a need to ensure that value for money is realised. In fact, he underscored that any student pursuing higher education would want to know that after completing their programme of choice, the resulting certificate will be accepted both nationally and internationally. In this regard, he noted that students would therefore want to ensure that their qualification has been earned from a legitimate institution. It is for this reason, Floyd underscored that a National Accreditation Council is “extremely, extremely important” particularly given the existing state of affairs in the world as it relates to education. According to him

“we have had too many horror stories of persons spending lots of money, spending years studying only to find out on completion that their certificate is of no value and nobody is willing to accept it.” Moreover, the ACTT Director, who is charged with Accreditation and Quality Enhancement in Trinidad, emphasised that the role of any Accreditation Council is to function as “watch dogs” by keeping the interest of students in mind and ensuring that whatever programmes they are pursuing in institutions are legitimate. Speaking at the opening of the forum, Minister of Education Priya Manickchand echoed an appeal to the organisations represented at the forum, that require the services of the National Accreditation Council, to embrace the way forward that will encourage the efficacy of the Council’s operation. “Here is the day to change that expectation (where) irrespective of what you put out you will be registered, you will be accredited or you will be certified. It is not going to happen!” asserted the Minister. She also alluded to the fact that the move to engage the various organisations that provide educational services was premised on the fact that there is evident potential locally for the offering of quality education services. “If we didn’t think that you could provide quality service you wouldn’t be in a room where we are helping you to be able to do that...we

ACTT Director, Curtis Floyd would just dismiss you as failures and move on to the next set of people who we believe can,” added the Minister. And according to the ACTT Director, Trinidad’s Accreditation Council was certainly not the best when it was established in 2004 and commenced operation the following year. “We too needed the support from the higher learning commissions and we seized the opportunities for training and we have grown; we have benefited tremendously,” said Floyd. It is for this reason, he said, that “we are only too willing now to share the information that we have to assist the Accreditation Council here in Guyana and any of the other Accreditation Councils within the Region.”

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Corruption in child support…

‘Bounced cheques, court system is frustrating’- aggrieved single parents By Kiana Wilburg Mothers who find it extremely difficult to obtain money from the fathers of their children invariably turn to the court. However, according to a group of single parent mothers, that system is also frustrating. On Thursday, some women gathered at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court and were frustrated after their child support cheques were not honoured. One perturbed woman said, “This court system just sickening. They have issues and they need to rectify them. Just imagine this is what you have to go through just to get some money.” However, Mr. Mohamed Bacchus, who is the clerk of courts, said that the problem has been rectified as it was due to the court having instituted a new signatory. So, when the women thought that the issue of bounced cheques would have been the last of their troubles, they turned up yesterday just a few minutes after 10 am, only to be greeted with another setback. They were told by the clerks to return on Monday for their cheques because they, the women had come too late. The women explained that despite their pleas for an excuse since they were not aware of the change in the time, they were told that nothing could be done. One woman said, “We told them we have obligations

and children at home to take care of but it is as though they don’t care.” Another woman who was in tears said, “My house will now have to go without groceries for the weekend because of this nonsense that they are going on with.” “They told us how the bank ain’t got money and the bank giving them problems but they don’t know the agony they putting us through. They did not notify us that there will be a new time to collect money. And if that is the case, they should inform us. Why weren’t we notified of this new change?” Another mother of four young children related, “Oh gosh, I beg them to see if they could do something for me but they determined that I came too late. The thing is, if you change the time and you now have a new procedure why not inform mothers with a two-day notice or something, so that we can be able to adjust our schedules to deal with this? If is not one thing is the next.

“My children are at home now and I am depending on my last $2000 for the weekend to carry us through. The court supposed to help us but they only making matters worse.” Another woman said that she was informed by a confidential source inside the court, that the issue with child support is one that reeks of corruption and should be investigated. She said, “The court ain’t got money. “There was an issue some time ago where one of the court clerks de thief up all the child support money and just disappear. Since then the court was never able to catch back itself. According to my source, what is happening is a first come, first serve situation. So, if three men pay child support on one day which ever three women come early getting the money and so the men who think that money going to their wives really are mistaken.” But this cannot be true since the sums vary according to the beneficiaries.

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IMMIGRATION INFO: Immigration News For Our Community Attorney Gail S. Seeram Through this “Question & Answer” column, our goal is to answer your immigration questions. We appreciate your comments and questions. If you have a question that you would like answered in this column, please email: Question #1: I tried to enter USA with a fake USA passport 23 years ago. I was caught and was sent back to Guyana. Soon after I decided to come to UK. I am a law abiding UK citizen with a British passport. I applied to visit my parents who are US citizens and was denied a visitor visa due to my violation. How can you help? Answer #1: In general, United Kingdom (UK) citizens are eligible for a visa waiver so not required to apply for visa, just register using the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) program and automatically get to visit and stay in U.S. for 90 days. So, your ESTA application was probably denied. You may seek an INA 212(d) (3) waiver from the U.S. Embassy and show your parents in U.S., reason for travel to U.S. and your strong ties to the U.K. Question #2: I tried to enter the United States illegally six years ago. I was caught up in Aruba. I was using a US citizen’s passport that was reported as stolen. They took my photos and my biographic data and I was sent back to Guyana. I was not formally charged with anything by the US government. Recently I tried to obtain a visa legally and was denied. My question is will I ever be allowed to enter the US? Answer #2: The U.S. Immigration system probably has you noted as making a false claim to U.S. citizenship since you used a stolen U.S. passport to try to enter the U.S. Most likely, you will not be allowed to enter the U.S. since you do not qualify for a waiver for a false claim to U.S. citizenship. A waiver does exist for false claim to U.S. citizenship but you do not qualify for the waiver. Question #3: M y husband is a permanent resident in the USA. He filed for me and my children in June 2011. We received the DS-3032 paper. How much longer do we have to wait to get the other papers? How much longer do we have to wait to get the interview paper?



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Gail S. Seeram Answer #3: Once your husband submits the DS-3032 (now required to be submitted on-line as DS-261) along with DS-260 on-line (formerly Form DS-230) and the affidavit of support, then you should have an interview at any time. Question #4: M y father’s brother who is a citizen put in for us in Nov 2002. How much longer do we have to wait to come to the US? However me and brother will be over age, but we came 7 years ago to the US with a visitor visa and stayed. We went to school and college. Will that affect my parents when they go to get the visa to come? Answer #4: Y o u r overstay will not affect your parents petition. Currently, for sibling petitions, visas available for petitions filed on or before August 2001. So, your parents have about a one-year wait. Unfortunately, since you and your brother over stayed in U.S. and are over age 21, you both will not be eligible to gain legal status through your parents’ petitions.

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VACANCY Gardener/ Handyman $3,000 per day & domestic/cook $2,500 per day to work in New Providence- Call:265-7550 Secretary/ assistant @ Berbice-Call:622-6355 One female to work in Grocery and General store between the ages 20-30 years- Call:695-5815

Sales person for Plant Shop 18-25 years. Must have secondary education- Call between 8:00am-4:00pmTel:648-1821 Evening Salesgirls (1:15pm10:30pm), Cashiers & cleaners. Send application & passport sized photograph @ Survival Shopping Complex 173 Sheriff St. Call:227-5286-89 DRIVER and SALES ASSISTANT for Cooking Gas Canter Truck on E.C.D. Salary and Commission. Tel: 266 4427 Vacancy exists for welders. Apply at Alabama Trading Georgetown Ferry Stelling

SERVICES Permanent & Visitors Visa Applications, Profressional Immigration Consultant Room D5 Maraj Building Call:225-6496,6626045,223-8115 Repairs to Fridge, Freezer, AC, Washers, Stoves: Call 683-1312,627-3206 (Nick) Professional and affordable landscaping and tree trimming services. Budram’s Landscaping ServicesCall:656-1326/678-0058 Repairs, sales & spares air conditioning, microwaves, washer, fridges & stoves. Ultra Cool, call:225-9032,647-2943 We repair fridge, freezer, AC, washer, dryer call:2310655,683-8734 Omar HOUSE PLAN DRAFTING FOR ONLY $10,000CALL:694-9843/227-2766 ONLINE SHOPPING ZERO COMMISSION, WEEKLY SHIPMENTS, AFFORDABLE RATES, FREE PRIVATE MAILBOX. CALL:231-5789, 225-9030 WE FILL OUT VISA FORMS:USA, UK & CANADA & CREDIT CARD SERVICES CALL: 231-5789 HOUSE PLAN DRAFTING STARTING @ $9,000CALL:674-0725 FOR SALE Diving Suits- Call:265-3449/ 613-5158

Vacancy exists for Accounts Clerk. Apply at Alabama Trading Georgetown Ferry Stelling Experienced roti/puri cooks, pastry makers, counter servers, cleaners & handy boys. Apply @ Hack’s Halaal 5 Commerce Street Male janitorial clerk between the ages 18-25 at American Xchange Barber shop. Interested persons Contact 225-3644/643-7339 Pump Attendant & Cashier @Shell Service Station Providence, E.B.D. Must be able to work shift (5am-3pm & 3pm-12pm)- Call:265-7305 2 Cashiers/ office clerks (computer literate) & 2 porters. Apply with written application @ May’s Shopping Centre, 98 Regent St. Georgetown

MASSAGE The Gent’s Spa: Let beautiful sophisticated masseuse pamper you: New masseuse available - Call:657-5979

TOUR Suriname return trip 12-16 October. Shopping siteseeing lots of funCall:644-0185/639-2663/ 227-8290/665-5171

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Saturday September 28, 2013

CVQs introduction next year will foster certification for skills – Olato Sam Guyana through its education sector is gearing to deliver Caribbean Vocational Qualifications (CVQs) by September next year, a move

that is being touted as a landmark occasion for technical education here. But according to Chief Education Officer, Olato Sam, this

development will only represent the beginning of a progressive move whereby “our prior learning assessment recognition

centres will be giving many of our citizens, who possess various skills but no certification, opportunities to train, re-train or upgrade their skills and receive certification at the end of it all.” This, according to him, will allow for “our skilled artists, artisans and technicians, whose labours are undervalued, to be able to demand fair wages for their toil after acquiring certification.” Moreover, Sam said that the Ministry of Education is committed to meeting the requirements of the Caribbean Association of National Training Agency and the Caribbean Examination Council in the shortest possible timeframe which will facilitate the delivery of labour-market relevant CVQs both at the technical institutes and secondary schools. In fact the CEO who was at the time speaking at a Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Career/Open Day Fair Thursday, concluded that in order for Guyana to be able to compete effectively within the contemporary global market place, there is need for an ideal blend of academics and technical skills. He observed that in the past “we have done a poor job of emphasising the technical dimensions of this a result we have been plagued by a lack of adequate knowledge and w i d e s p r e a d misunderstanding and misinformation regarding TVET.” According to Sam, TVET has to be the pathway for eradicating poverty from this society and even has the potential to serve as an

avenue for reducing unemployment challenges. As such, he added, that it must be regarded as one of the strategies for re-engaging young males in education while giving girls new nontraditional employment options that will facilitate greater gender parity. And even as Guyana ventures into what Sam described as a “new viable economic sector in the area of mining and the impending oil industry he underscored that “we must produce a vibrant, knowledgeable and skilled workforce that is able to exploit the opportunities being created in these industries.” But, according to Sam, this ambitious objective is not likely to occur if “we continue to regard TVET as the alternative essence the stepchild of the education system.” TVET, according to the CEO, has to be regarded as the primary pathway even as he emphasised that stakeholders of the education system also have a key role to play in correcting the fallacies and debunking of myths about TVET. According to him the nation has a right to know that the overwhelming percentage of new jobs created in Guyana and further afield are in the technical and vocational areas. In fact Sam amplified that since TVET is now a highskilled, high-waged undertaking it is imperative that teachers, parents and students at all levels gain a deeper appreciation of the well articulated TVET pathway which forges a course all the way to the tertiary level. Moreover, Sam insisted

From page 10 wish to proceed with the prosecution. He was compensated by the accused and the trial judge directed the jury to return a formal verdict of not guilty. BERBICE Over in Berbice, Madame Justice Dawn Gregory, commenced the sitting in May and Justice Navindra Singh continued up until the

June Assizes commenced. Of the 33 matters that were listed to be heard during this session, five were disposed of. One of these cases was for the offence of rape. The others were indecent assault and abduction. The Trial Judge directed the jury to return a formal verdict of not guilty after the mother of the alleged victim, informed the Court that the

Chief Education Officer, Olato Sam that “we must improve our career guidance services and provide more timely, relevant information for young people through opportunities such as these (Career/Open Day Fairs) making them more aware of the wide ranging employment opportunities and the excellent learning potentials that exist in this area (TVET).” TVET, according to him, can in fact be the vehicle for the modernisation and the development of Guyana, a state of affairs that will require “champions of TVET at every level within every sector of this society.” As such Sam, on Thursday, threw out the challenge to each representative at the Career/ Open Day Fair to internalise the vision of TVET and simultaneously explore the linkages within their respective spheres of influence thereby being the much needed champions of TVET. “Together we will totally erase the barriers of traditional thinking and add much needed support to the national thrust to not only transform our classrooms but this nation we all love and in doing so we will live out the mantra ‘skill is wealth’,” asserted Sam.

‘Cobra’ and murderous Coast... victim had migrated and did not wish to proceed with the matter. There are also two Carnal Knowledge cases and another two for the offence of Murder. In one of the two Carnal Knowledge cases, the accused was also indicted for buggery but he was acquitted after the jury returned a unanimous verdict of not guilty on both counts. In the other case, the alleged victim also indicated that she no longer wished to proceed with the matter. Justice Navindra Singh completed the two cases of murder. In the first trial, the jury did not agree on a unanimous verdict and a retrial has been ordered while in the other case there was a unanimous verdict of not guilty.

Saturday September 28, 2013

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“MY CONCERT TONIGHT IS FOR ALL” - Sami Yusuf tells Guyanese


r i t i s h s i n g e r, Sami Yusuf has s a i d t h a t although he is indeed the ‘King of Islamic Pop,’ his concert tonight will be for all. He explained that it is not an Islamic event, but one to celebrate truth and spirituality among all races and religions. A clear indication of this being a fact is that the event is also in partnership with the Hindu’s Unite for Guyana. Starting from 18:00hrs, there will be a local segment which will feature the recitation and translation of parts of the Holy Quran, as well as local talents featuring winners of the Regional Qaseeda competitions. This includes a performer who is just eight years old. There will also be an awards ceremony where the top three National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) and Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) students will be honoured. After the local segment, Sami Yusuf will serenade patrons in his soulful voice. And since show time will coincide with prayer time, there will be two separate tents where males and females can offer prayers. The singer believes that the world would be a better place if only people had faith and knew who they were. “He, who knows himself, knows God,” Sami Yusuf said, urging persons to come out with their families for a night of musical serenity. The show is being organized by Inspire Inc, in collaboration with the Central Islamic Organization of Guyana (CIOG) and the Muslim Youth League. According to Chief Executive Officer of Inspire Inc, Yog Mahadeo, there are a number of overseas based Guyanese along with other nationalities who are coming to see Sami Yusuf perform Tickets are available at We s t D e m e r a r a a n d G e o rg e t o w n l o c a t i o n s including: CIOG Office Woolford Ave, Thomas Lands; Gulzar Namdar76,Meten-Meer-Zorg West; Ashraf Allie-Parika Outfall, WCD; Imran Hussain (WolfFurniture Store) -Leonora Public Road; Roy Hussain Discount Store - Vreed-enHoop stelling; General Admission: Adult – $2,500; Child – $1,500; Gold Adult – $5,000 and Gold Child – $3,500. Yusuf told reporters

yesterday that while he has not been able to see much of what Guyana has to offer, he admires the unity of the various races and religions, saying that he prays it remains that way. He also praised the warmth of the Guyanese people. The young, BritishMuslim instantly became the talk of the town in lands as far and diverse as Egypt and Turkey. The album not only sold well over 3 million copies but also earned him a massive following in the Middle East, North African nations and South-East Asia. Charmed by his good looks and heartwarming mannerism, the ‘young’ amongst his fans would emulate what they saw in Sami - a leader. In an unprecedented manner, an artist-fan tandem flourished with the subsequent release of “My Ummah,” Sami’s highly acclaimed second album which sold over 4 million copies. Sami was soon headlining CNN, the BBC, ABC, Al Jazeerah, not to mention, every mainstream TV channel in the Middle East and Turkey. Hailed by Time magazine as ‘Islam’s biggest Rock Star’ and ‘The most famous British Muslim in the World’ by The Guardian, it was only a matter of time before sheer dynamism of what the media dubbed a ‘popular act’ became the subject matter of think-tank studies. Transnational Broadcasting Studies, in two separate papers lauded Sami’s state-of-the-art music videos ‘a beacon of positivity and substance;’ his music an alternative and competitor to the mainstream Western music. His success was soon acknowledged by the University of Roehampton in south-west London, as a result of which Sami became the first and youngest Muslim recipient of the honorary Doctor of Letters award in recognition of his extraordinary contribution to music. In attainment of this prestigious award, he not only stands alongside Mark Twain, J.K Rowling and Robert Frost, but is also one of only three musicians in the world to be ever honored thus. So, not just Guyanese, but music lovers are all asked to come out in their numbers to not only support Yusuf, but to support Inspire Inc. which has been bringing clean, family oriented and inspirational concerts.

Sami Yusuf engages organizers at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport

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Saturday September 28, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news...

What has gone wrong with our vision? DEAR EDITOR, Beauty is a product of nature. Trees are a product of nature. Wood comes from trees. Therefore, beauty is an embodiment of things made and produced by wood. What a beautiful edifice stands gloriously between two streets, Regent and Charlotte, portraying a

magnificent work of art – beauty – it is the City Hall! My heart would pain to witness another beautiful creation of art left to “die” and be demolished. What has gone wrong with our vision? How do we repair the “broken site?” Is it that we have killed the spirit of true love and the meaning

of life? We are travelling in the wrong direction. It is surely, time for us to “wake up” and steer the “vehicle in the right direction. V. Seepaul aka Queen Mother Aisha

Saturday September 28, 2013

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Saturday September 28, 2013

Germany’s left wants grassroots blessing before joining Merkel (Reuters) - Germany’s opposition Social Democrats decided yesterday to put any decision to join a ‘grand coalition’ with Angela Merkel to a vote of its 472,000 grassroots members, an unwieldy process that could complicate the creation of a new government.But an extraordinary meeting yesterday of 200 party leaders also gave embattled chairman Sigmar Gabriel a green light to begin exploratory talks with Chancellor Merkel’s victorious conservatives to see if there is scope for fullfledged talks. Merkel’s Christian Democrats emerged as the dominant party from Sunday’s election but her party fell short of a majority, winning 311 seats in the 630seat parliament while the SPD took 192. The Greens got 63 seats and the radical Left party have 64. Merkel’s conservatives need a new coalition partner and would prefer a ‘grand coalition’ with the SPD, a reprisal of the right-centre alliance she led from 2005 to 2009. But SPD leaders and party members are reluctant,

Sigmar Gabriel fearing a loss of identity. “The SPD decided that we’ll be available for exploratory talks with Frau Merkel,” said Gabriel, 54, at the end of the four-hour meeting after dozens of SPD activists protested loudly against a grand coalition outside party headquarters. “But the party did not open the door for full-scale talks,” he said. “If Frau Merkel invites us to exploratory talks we’ll take the findings from that meeting back to the party leaders before deciding if we’re open for full

negotiations.” Ordinarily a party chairman or small group of party leaders makes decisions to enter talks but Gabriel, under pressure in Germany’s oldest party for another election drubbing, is being cautious and seeking party endorsements for all key decisions. Exploratory talks with Merkel and her conservatives could start on Monday or next week. Based on past experience full-fledged talks would take up to two months. According to the decision yesterday, all 472,000 SPD members would be given the chance to vote on any decision to form a grand coalition in midNovember, before an annual SPD party congress in Leipzig set for November 1416. “Gabriel will be severely damaged if he doesn’t get this through,” one SPD executive board member told Reuters. Olaf Scholz, a powerful SPD board member and Hamburg mayor, said that the SPD wasn’t afraid of the talks failing and of possible new elections. He said the ball was in Merkel’s court.

Sudanese police fire teargas as crowd demands Bashir resign (Reuters) - Police fired teargas yesterday to disperse thousands of Sudanese demanding that President Omar Hassan alBashir step down, a day after clashes in which rights groups accused security forces of shooting dead at least 50 people. B a s h i r, w h o s e i z e d power in a 1989 coup, has not faced the sort of Arab Spring uprising that unseated autocratic rulers f r o m Tu n i s i a t o Ye m e n since 2011, but anger has risen over corruption and rising inflation in the vast African country. Yesterday more than 5,000 people demonstrated after prayers in the biggest

Omar Hassan al-Bashir protests for many years in the Khartoum area. At least two people were killed and more than 300 wounded, among them 111 policemen, a health

ministry official told alShorooq television. Angered by a police crackdown on protests against the slashing of fuel subsidies, about 3,000 took to the streets in Khartoum’s twin city Omdurman, across the Nile, shouting “Freedom! Freedom!” and demanding a change of government. Defying a heavy security presence, the crowd marched to t h e c e n t r a l m a r k e t , holding banners saying “No, No to price increases!” Police fired teargas, sending some protesters running for cover. But most remained, some hurling stones at the police and others torching cars.

Saturday September 28, 2013

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Saturday September 28, 2013

Energy the most critical issue facing the country, says Paulwell MONTEGO BAY, St James — MINISTER of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining Phillip Paulwell says energy is the most critical issue facing the country, adding that the use of renewable energy is one way to significantly lower the cost of electricity in the island. “There is no other issue that would affect poverty, that would affect unemployment, that would affect economic growth in Jamaica than energy,” said Paulwell. “And as minister I make no apologies for fervently fighting hard to ensure that we fight this problem once and for all. And we are going to fight this problem once and for all.” He urged Jamaicans to “look at what we are doing by energy efficiency, energy conservation, and

Phillip Paulwell incorporating renewables into our mix.” Paulwell, who was addressing the Jamaica Alternative Energy Expo and Conference at the Montego Bay Convention Centre on the weekend, argued that the 360-megawatt project, expected to come on stream

in 2016, “will enable us to take out of the system some old equipment and provide us with cheaper energy.” He urged the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) to get on with their work of helping to facilitate the provision of cheaper energy to Jamaicans. Executive Producer of the Jamaica Alternative Expo Peter Shoucair told reporters at the opening of the two-day conference and energy expo last week Friday that the event is aimed at making the public aware about the entities that offer alternative energy, and to educate them on how to reduce their energy costs. He said some 50 exhibitors — local and overseas — were in attendance at the event, which was first staged in Kingston in April.

Cop charged under Prevention of Corruption Act …It is alleged that on September 4 Aguillera who was then attached to the Central Division, photographed stolen items which were recovered earlier that day and sent it to the wife of a person who was detained in connection with the incident. By JENSEN LAVENDE jensen . lavende @ trinidad express . com Trinidad Express THIRTY-TWO-YEAR-OLD police constable Ramond Aguillera yesterday appeared before

Magistrate Christine Charles in the First Court, charged with perverting the course of justice contrary to section 5(1)(b) of the Prevention of Corruption Act 1987. Aguillera who has 12 years service was charged indictably. Moments after the charge to the constable Charles was informed by Aguillera’s attorney, Ravi Rajcoomar, that Aguillera had obtained station bail of $120,000 on Thursday night, shortly after being charged.

Charles allowed the bail to continue, and adjourned the matter to October 25 and transferred it to the Couva Magistrates’ Court. Sgt Daniels of the Professional Standard’s Bureau was the complainant in the matter. It is alleged that on September 4 Aguillera who was then attached to the Central Division, photographed stolen items which were recovered earlier that day and sent it to the wife of a person who was detained in connection with the incident.

Saturday September 28, 2013

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Chinese firm under U.S. sanctions wins Turkey missile defence system tender ISTANBUL (Reuters) NATO member Turkey has chosen a Chinese defence firm that has been hit by U.S. sanctions to co-produce a $4 billion long-range air and missile defence system, rejecting rival bids from Russian, U.S. and European firms. The Turkish defence minister announced the decision to award the contract to China Precision Machinery Import and Export Corp (CPMIEC) in a statement on Thursday. In February, the United States announced sanctions on CPMIEC for violations of the Iran, North Korea and Syria Nonproliferation Act. It did not say precisely what CPMIEC had done, but Washington has penalised the company before. In 2003, Washington said it was extending sanctions on the firm for arms sales to Iran. It was unclear when those measures were first imposed. Officials at state-run CPMIEC, the marketing arm of China’s missile manufacturing industry, could not immediately be reached for comment. Turkey, which has the second-largest deployable military force in the NATO alliance, has no long-range missile defence system of its

own, but NATO has deployed the U.S.-built Patriot air and missile defence system there since 2012. The winning Chinese FD2000 system beat the Patriot, the Russian S-400 and the French-Italian Eurosam Samp-T. Raytheon Co (NYS:RTN), which builds the Patriot missile system, said it had been informed about the Turkish decision and hoped to get a briefing soon. It said there were 200 Patriot units deployed in 12 countries, including Turkey. “NATO has long supported the system, deploying Patriots in five aligned countries and, in 2012, providing a requested Patriot deployment to Turkey. Given this strong performance, we hope to have an opportunity to debrief and learn more about this decision,” Raytheon spokesman Mike Doble said. CPMIEC does not make missiles itself. The two main manufacturers are China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp (CASC) and China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp (CASIC). CASC makes intercontinental ballistic missiles, while CASIC focuses on short- and intermediate-range rockets. After decades of steep

Building collapse kills 13 in India’s Mumbai, more feared trapped (Reuters) - A five-storey apartment block collapsed on Friday in the Indian financial centre of Mumbai, killing at least thirteen people. Rescuers worked into the night to pull out survivors and casualties from the concrete rubble. City authorities said 46 people were rescued by evening. It was not clear how many more were still in the rubble. Employees of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, also known as the BMC, were housed in the building. A neighbour in the next block said she heard a loud cracking sound as the building caved in. “As dust settled, I realised the BMC building was gone,” the neighbour, Catherine James, told Reuters. Rescue workers used six cranes to remove debris. The

building was believed to have been about 35-years-old and home to a b o u t 2 0 families. “Five members from my family were trapped i n s i d e . S o f a r, t w o h a v e been rescued. I am praying to God others will also come out a l i v e ,” said Preeti Pawar, who was standing among crowds of relatives and onlookers outside the collapsed block. The cause of the collapse was not known. Mumbai mayor Sunil Prabhu said the block w a s n o t o n a n o f f ic i a l list of dilapidated buildings. In April, a building collapse killed 72 people in Thane, just outside Mumbai. Officials later said the structure had been built using poor materials and did not have proper approvals.

military spending increases and cash injections into local contractors, experts say some Chinese-made equipment is now comparable to Russian or Western weaponry. China last year became the world’s fifth-biggest arms supplier with 5 percent of the market, according to the Stockholm International

Peace Research Institute. Pakistan was its biggest buyer. Turkish Defence Minister Ismet Yilmaz’s statement also said a contract to produce six corvette ships by Koc Holding (IST:KCHOL), Turkey’s biggest conglomerate, had been cancelled. A contract to build two ships would be

awarded to the Turkish naval shipyard. The construction of four remaining ships will be put out to tender later, Yilmaz said. Koc Holding was recently accused of backing the 1997 military overthrow of Turkey’s first Islamist-led government, sending the firm’s shares tumbling on fears of a deepening vendetta

against the country’s secular business elite. The Turkish government launched a probe into the taxes of Koc energy firms in July, weeks after criticising one of the family’s hotels for sheltering protesters during anti-government unrest that rocked several cities over the summer.

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Saturday September 28, 2013

Saturday September 28, 2013

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GFSCA\Trophy Stall Trophy Stall 10\10Tapeball Softball starts tomorrow finals set for today The semifinals and final of the Trophy Stall Bourda Market 10\10 Tapeball competition is set for today at the National Park Tarmac. Environmental Protection Agency will face National Insurance Scheme in the first semi while Courtney Benn Contracting Services and Guyana Power and Light will play Guyana Forestry Commission in the second with the winners clashing in the final. The winning team will receive a trophy, medals and $30,000, while the runner up will take home a trophy and $20,000. Trophy Stall has sponsored the competition to a tune of $260,000 in cash prizes, trophies and refreshments.

Saturday September 28, 2013 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): Smile, Aries, because the forecast is bright today. You'll be in a curious mood, just right for new encounters. Perhaps this will add a little spice and enjoyment to your love life. There's a wide spectrum of experiences awaiting you, ready to offer fulfillment. A spirit of adventure prevails. *************************** TAURUS (APR 20 MAY 20): The Rolling Stones said it best, "I can't get no satisfaction," and that's how you've been feeling lately, Taurus. *************************** GEMINI (MAY 21 JUN 20): You're often preoccupied by other people's lives. Your devotion to others will be appreciated today, Gemini. *************************** CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): You may have some trouble getting out of bed today due to a desire to let the world carry on without your help for a while. Cancer, you can yield to that lazy urge today, for the aspects are likely to assist you in fulfilling your goals. Take advantage of some time off to rest or perhaps tidy your nest. You might want to make that bed, too. *************************** LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): The day ahead should be excellent, Leo. You tend to work with an energy unparalleled by the other signs, and today you reap some rewards for your diligence. ************************ VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): You've been lucky for the last two months, there's no doubt about it. Lately it seems like your luck is changing. It's hard to pinpoint, but something isn't quite right in your daily life. At the moment, the planets are imparting some lessons that could be difficult to bear, Virgo.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): This is going to be a good time to get a global view of things, Libra. Take full advantage of the current planetary aspects by reading some books on spirituality or travel. *************************** SCORPIO (OCT 23 NOV 21): It's true that having to earn a living isn't always the most agreeable thing in life, Scorpio. However, we all know that it's necessary. *************************** SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 - DEC 21): If you've had some problems in your sentimental life during the last few months, Sagittarius, they're probably behind you now. *************************** CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19):If you aren't the most self-assured person in the world, Capricorn, take a look around and see all that you've done. True, you still have many unattained dreams, but look at how many you've already realized. A lack of confidence in your abilities is holding you back. *************************** AQUARIUS (JAN 20 FEB 18): You may meet some new people in the next few days, Aquarius. Someone in your professional life may help you launch some unusual experiments that have never been done before. *************************** PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): It seems as though you're trying to live down some criticism, Pisces. For weeks you've taken special care to look over your work to catch any mistakes. Perhaps the number of errors you found surprised you. Criticism from others stung even more as a result, because you could see that it had some merit.

The Guyana Floodlight Softball Cricket Association (GFSCA) organised Trophy Stall Softball Tournament, begins this weekend with several matches as teams gear up for GFSCA next International Softball Tournament, “GUYANA SOFTBALL CUP 111” on November 8, 9 and 10. Male teams will use the big white balls which are available at Trophy Stall, Mike’s Pharmacy, Survival,

4R, and Gain Mart & Bel Air Rubis Service Station. The Tournament is expected to go into full gear from next week and interested teams can contact Wayne Jones on 6501790 (Demerara), Khalid Baksh on 618-1905 (Essequibo) and David Looknauth on 618-3717 (Berbice). Fixtures for Sunday September 29 at Enterprise Ground: Pitch 1: 9:30am-Brickery

Super Stars vs Farm. 12:30pmEnterprise Legends vs Park Rangers. Pitch 2: 9:30am-Success Warriors vs P and P Warriors. 12:30pm-Industry Super Kings vs Success Masters. DCC Ground: Pitch 1: 9:30am-Floodlight vs Front Line Masters. 12:30pm-Savage Masters vs Parika Defenders. Pitch 2: 9:30am-Regal vs Wellwoman. 10:30am-Trophy Stall Angels vs Mahaica Creek Princesses. 11:30amWellwoman vs 4R Lioness. 12:30pm-Young Guns vs Buddy’s X1.

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Saturday September 28, 2013

Cuban athletes get pay raise, green light to work abroad HAVANA (Reuters) Cuban athletes will be allowed to work abroad and have been granted significant wage increases and larger bonuses for their performance, official media said on Friday, in hopes of stemming a decline in the country’s performance in international competitions. The government’s decision comes even as athletes, in particular baseball players, are defecting in record numbers, with 21 currently contracted by the U.S. major leagues, some earning multi-million dollar salaries. Just this week, a promising young Cuban pitcher, Raicel Iglesias, 23, failed to show up for training and was widely believed to have left the island, which would make him the latest talented prospect to seek a lucrative Major League Baseball contract in the United States. Cuba’s famed boxing team suffered a similar series of defections in recent years, lowering its performance at the Olympics, world championships and other international events. The exodus of athletes is mainly due to wages equivalent to $20 per month, in sharp contrast to their potential earnings abroad. The measure is the latest reform of the Soviet-style

Cuba’s Raicel Iglesias pitches a ball during the last preparation game for the World Baseball Classic (WBC) in Fukuoka in this March 1, 2013 file photo. REUTERS/AIN / Ricardo Lopez Hevia/GRANMA system under President Raul Castro, who replaced ailing brother Fidel in 2008 with a call to update the country’s economic and social system to the 21st century. “The Council of Ministers deemed just the decision to perfect the compensation system of athletes, trainers and specialists,” Granma, the Communist Party daily, said. “Other measures will progressively go into effect to update practices so they are more in sync, from our

perspective, with the world and thus contribute to achieving better results in sports.” The Cuban government has repeatedly denounced what it calls the theft of its talent, charging it is part of U.S. efforts to undermine socialism and part and parcel of sanctions that do not allow contracts with Cuban athletes who maintain their residence on the island. The new measures, approved by the government last week, allow athletes to

sign contracts with professional leagues abroad, breaking with a policy established soon after the 1959 revolution, which shunned professional sports as exploitative. The athletes will still have to “meet their obligations to national teams,” Granma said, including in international competitions, and will have to go through the state’s sports institute for approval. It was unclear from the official announcement if the ruling would apply to the Cubans currently playing in the U.S. major leagues. Oakland Athletics outfielder Yoenis Céspedes, winner of this year’s Home Run Derby, the popular competition the day before the annual All-Star Game, defected in 2011 and signed a $36 million, four-year contract. Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig, who left Cuba in 2012, signed a seven-year, $42 million contract. Puig made his Major League debut on June 3 and has emerged as one of the top contenders for the Rookie of the Year title.

GCB names squad to face Bangladesh in U-19 fixture The Guyana Cricket Board have shortlisted a squad of 16 to face Bangladesh in a U19 50 over contest at the Georgetown Cricket Club ground Bourda on October 5. This match will serve as preparation for the Bangladesh squad that will be competing against the We s t I n d i e s U - 1 9 i n a seven match 50-Over series from October 7-21 in Guyana. The Guyana squad will be encamped from October

2-4, 2013 and all players are to make contact with manager David Black or coach Adrian Amsterdam urgently. The squad reads: Ricardo Peters, Ryan Shun, Kamesh Yadram, Shawn Pereira, Sharaz Ramcharran, Kemol Savory, Vishal Narayan, Steven Sankar, Herry Greene, Martin Pestano Bell, Romario Shepherd, Kemo Paul, Shailendra Shameer, Ricardo Mohamed, Shivram Persaud and Bernard Bailey. David Black Manager and Adrian Amsterdam Coach.

MYO Inter- Jamaat Tape ball tourney set to start on October 13 The annual Muslim Youth Organization of Guyana Inter-Jamaat Tape ball cricket competition Sponsored by Trophy Stall is schedule to start on Sunday 13th October 2013 at the MYO ground, Woolford Avenue, Thomas Lands, Georgetown. The registration fee is $3,000 per team, while lots of trophies and cash incentives will be at stake. All Jamaats interested in participating in this competition are kindly asked to make contact with Br. Imran Ally on 231-9822 (h), 689-7425 (c) or Br. Azad Ibrahim on 624-3362(c). Registration closes on Tuesday Oct 8th.

PYO T\20 cricket in E’bo

Jaguars, Rising Star record victories

Jaguars and Rising Star recorded victories when play in the Progressive Youth Organization (PYO) Twenty\20 competition continued last Sunday on the Essequibo Coast. Playing in zone B, Jaguars defeated host Pomona by 5 wickets. Pomona batted first and scored 108 all out in 18 overs. Y. Jagdat made 28 (1x4,3x6) while A. Baksh contributed 21 (1x4,1x6). Hufert Thomas claimed 4-12 and Zande Mahadeo 3-18. Jaguars replied with 110-5 in 17.1 overs with Norman Federicks top scoring with 56

(5x6) while Wazim Kamal chipped in with 28 (5x4) not out. Reshad Ally captured 39. In the day’s second encounter at the said venue, Jaguars went down to Rising Star by 8 wickets. Jaguars took first strike and were skittled for 92 in 19.5 overs. Shazaad Alli stroked 24 (2x4,1x6) and Albert Ramnauth made 17 (1x4); Narendra Singh and Jagdesh Dindyal picked up 3 wickets for 6 and 17 runs respectively. Rising Star responded with 96-2 in 11.5 overs. Ricardo peters led with an unbeaten

46 (4x4,2x6), while Deoraj Dindyal supported with 23 (2x4). In other matches, Masters beat New Opportunity Corps and Golden Fleece triumphed over Masters. The competition continues today with Rising Star facing Golden Fleece at Affiance No.1 ground at 09:00hrs. The winner will face Imam Bacchus in the final on the said day. Minister of Culture Youth and Sport Dr. Frank Anthony is expected to present the prize to the wining team.

GSCL Inc. 12/12 Quarterfinals .... From page 36 Invaders. Even though he will not be available, the defending champions can turn to his older brother Seon, Roy Jaffarally, brothers Jason and Keon Sinclair and John Percy who can take them into the final four. If Invaders have any chance of invading the defending champions’ camp and coming away with an upset win, they will have to

rely on the services of Vikash Dhaniram, Alvin Seepersaud and Amin Seepersaud, to make it a reality. Both Trophy Stall and Regal XI can start as firm favorites for their matchup against Speed Boat and Recharge respectively, taking into consideration their recent performances in softball tournaments across Guyana. Delroy Pereira, Martin Dutchin, Fazal Rafiek, Patrick Khan, Shailendra Ramnauth

and Surujpaul Deosarran will lead Trophy Stall’s lineup against the likes of Wazir Hussein, Greg Singh, Peter Alleyne and Omesh Narine, who will be doing the same for Speed Boat. Patrick Rooplall, Chien Gittens, Richard Latiff and Ricky Sargeant will lead Regal XI’s quest for a place in the final four, even as Vickram Kissoon, Ricardo Adams and Travis Drakes look to do the same for Recharge.

Saturday September 28, 2013

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Cookson wins UCI vote after chaotic congress

FLORENCE, Italy (Reuters) - Briton Brian Cookson was elected International Cycling Union (UCI) president on Friday amid farcical scenes to bring an end to the lurching eight-year reign of Pat McQuaid. Cookson won by 24 votes to 18 in the vote that took place towards the end of a long and chaotic UCI congress in Florence after an acrimonious campaign with mud-slinging from both camps. “It is a huge honor to have been elected president of the UCI by my peers and I would like to thank them for the trust they have placed in me today,” a calm Cookson said in his post-election speech as McQuaid, chairing the congress, looked stunned. “The campaign to get to this point has been intense but I am under no illusion that the real work starts now. So I call on the global cycling community to unite and come together to help ensure that our great sport realizes its enormous potential. “This is the vision that will drive and focus my activities over the next four years. Cycling is still reeling from the Lance Armstrong doping scandal, during which the credibility of the UCI under McQuaid and

British Cycling President Brian Cookson rides a Velib self-service public bicycle during a photo session after a news conference in Paris June 24, 2013. REUTERS/Charles Platiau his predecessor Hein Ve r b r u g g e n h a s b e e n questioned, notably by the U.S. and World Anti-Doping agencies. B ritish Cycling

President Cookson, backed by Russian oligarch and Katusha team owner Igor Makarov, had promised to change the way the sport is governed and create an independent anti-doping authority.

‘POWERFUL MESSAGE’ U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) CEO Travis Tygart, the man behind Armstrong’s downfall, welcomed Cookson’s win over McQuaid, who had called into question USADA’s evidence and methods following the investigation into the American rider. “The outcome of the UCI election sends a powerful message that sport leaders

Basketball IMC gets down to work, conducts outreach on West Berbice The Interim Management Committee (IMC) of the Berbice Basketball Association, which was recently installed to help revive the sport in the Ancient country, has begun to work. Last Sunday members of the executive along with some coaches and players from New Amsterdam, Canje and Fyrish toured Mahaicony in Region Five where a number of basketball related activities were held. According to Public Relation Officer Eli Hazel, a sensitization meeting was held, followed by a few exhibition games and another set of coaching sessions under coaches - former national and Berbice players Andrea Millington and Alton Holder. Some talent spotting was also done. Players from throughout West Berbice were present at the interactive engagement. According to Hazel, the

main trust of the activity is to rekindle the flame of basketball which once was a top sport in Berbice. Hazel stated that the turnout was good and the sessions were beneficial. Person were identified to continue training to make up three Berbice representative teams from the two Regions in upcoming tournaments in other parts of the country shortly. The IMC plans to visit other areas where similar exercises will be undertaken. The IMC body came about after it was observed that no proper body was in place to organise the game in Berbice. Among the task of the IMC is to oversee the drafting of a new constitution and the holding of elections. The IMC will also work with the clubs in the county to make sure they are in proper order and properly constituted and make sure that the BBA gets affiliated to the Guyana

Amateur Basketball Association (GABA). The group has also made contact with prominent businessman and Berbician Courtney Benn to help rehabilitate the court at Vryman’s Erven. Former national player overseas based Sean Semple has also vowed to assist. The new body is being headed by former player and veteran Keith Myers, with former Chief Labour Officer Norman Semple as the Vice President, Secretary former National N e t b a l l p l a y e r Petra Ford, Accountant Clement DeNobrega is the Tr e a s u r e r, w h i l e t h e A s s i s tant Secretary/ Treasurer is John Smith and Eli Hazel is the PRO. There are five committee members in Businessmen Joshua Torrezao, Charles ‘Wheels’ Bristol- Henry, Ryan Alexander, Amstel Curt and Lloyd Liefve. (Samuel Whyte)

who fail to fully protect the rights of c l e a n a t h l e t e s and the integrity of their sport will be held accountable,” Tygart said in a statement. “We are confident that as president, Mr Cookson will take t h e d e c i s i v e a c t i o n n e e d ed, so that cycling can truly unshackle itself from the past and pursue a clean culture for future generations of cyclists.” Irishman McQuaid had been seeking a third consecutive term as president but the congress began with discussions over his eligibility to stand in the election because he was not nominated by his home federation as required by the UCI constitution. His candidacy was backed by Thailand and Morocco, which McQuaid said made him eligible, a point reiterated by two lawyers from Switzerland, where the UCI is based. No details were given as to who had hired the lawyers. SURREAL TONE

Following a confusing morning at the majestic Salone dei Cinquecento in Florence’s stately Palazzo Vecchio, which housed the office of 16th century Italian politician Niccolo Machiavelli, a planned vote on a change to the UCI constitution making it clear McQuaid could stand in the election plunged into chaos. New Zealand delegate Richard Leggat suggested the vote on constitution changes be held next year after the federations had been consulted. The meeting then took on a surreal tone with delegates, and the watching media, at times unclear what congress was actually being asked to vote on. Eventually, after heated debate, a few laughs echoed around the room as the 42 delegates agreed to a secret vote on whether voting on constitutional changes should take place on Friday. Almost inevitably, the

result was 21-21 and McQuaid agreed there would be no vote on constitutional changes because there was no a b s o l u t e m a j o r i t y, s t i l l leaving most of the media in a state of confusion as to his eligibility. After five hours of argument and apparent indecision frustration began to creep in with an Algerian delegate telling the congress: “Are we here to vote if we should respect the rules? It’s a lack of respect. We’re also here to see some cycling and we’re going to miss the (Under-23) race”. In the end, it was down to Cookson, who in his preelection speech had pointedly mentioned his nomination from his national federation, to remind the congress what they were there for, saying: “We’ve had enough of this. I propose that we go straight to the vote between the two candidates.” It was a bold move that ultimately paid off.

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GTC Annual Athletics, Cycling and Swimming Championships roll off in Berbice

Mr Nedd (Left) keeping scores of the event By Leon Suseran The 28th Athletics, Cycling and Swimming Championships of the Guyana Sugar Corporation/ GuySuCo Training Centre Port Mourant (GTC/PM) commenced on Monday on the Corentyne. The programme began with field events and swimming. On Tuesday, there was the InterHouse Softball Cricket Competition. The final day of the 3- day sports culminated with the cycling and other track events. Student Welfare Officer attached to the GTC/PM, Mr. Levi Nedd, speaking to the media at the launch of the event on Monday added that, “At this training institution,

we try to round our apprentices off to be able to cope with the challenges of everyday life, and the sports aspect does not differ from the education and spiritual aspect. We inculcate culture, academics and other talents at the school and this is one of the aspects that we have every day. It is part of the training.” He noted that sooner, or later, the apprentices will be required to be marked on competency- based skills and that the annual sports at GuySuCo/GTC/PM are a “good start” for them. The annual sports, he added, forms part of the training of the apprentices currently pursuing academic

as well as technical training at the facility. The apprentices are placed into five houses which compete for the winning positions. They are Baboolall House; Hanie House; Thompson House; Fletcher House, and Molten House. Scores thus far for the events are: Baboolall- 26 points; Hanie, 29 points; Thompson, 29 points; Fletcher, 13 points; Molten, 13 points. The winners of the simmer events were: Baboolall won with 23 points; 2nd place was Thompson with 18 points, third place Hanie with 17 points, and fourth place Molten, 5 points and Fletcher with 3 points.

GSCL Inc. 12/12 Quarterfinals kick off today at Everest QUARTERFINAL action in the second Georgetown Softball Cricket League Inc. (GSCL) 12/12 championships, bowls off from 09:30hrs today at the Everest Cricket Club ground, where the eight teams will battle for a place in tomorrow’s semifinals. The tournament commenced two weeks ago which saw Regal XI and Trophy Stall (Group A), Speedboat and Recharge (Group B), Wolf Warriors and Invaders (Group C) and defending champions Memorex and Universal DVD Titans from Group D advancing. Today’s matches pit Wolf Warriors against Universal DVD Titans, Memorex versus Invaders, Regal XI playing Recharge and Trophy Stall battling Speedboat. Picking the semifinalists from the above mentioned matches would be a difficult task, as all eight teams have showed that they are capable to hold their own, thus making the action an exciting one that should not be missed. Wolf Warriors will be

Semis and final set for tomorrow

Chien Gittens looking to the services of their skipper Amit Rai along with Safraz Karim and Mohammed Riaz to post a mammoth total on the board, so that their bowlers led by Riaz-Karim, Diyaram Persaud and Davenand Persaud can defend easily. However, the Balram Samaroo led Universal DVD Titans should not be taken lightly, even though they lost to Memorex in their final

preliminary round matchup, when asked to score 93 for the second time during the day. Not that their batting lineup which includes Samaroo, David Lukenauth and Chandrashaker Arjune could not get the required runs, but the Memorex bowlers backed by some magnificent fielding, was the deciding factor in that contest. Lukenauth, Rajendra Sookdeo and Mahendra Baldeo, will lead the Titans’ bowling lineup with the aim of reducing Wolf Warriors to a meager total, especially knowing that their team will be without the services of national player Rajiv Ivan. Like the Titans, Memorex will be without the services of national Under-19 opener Shimron Hetmyer, who will be in the West Indies Under-19 preparatory camp for their upcoming seven matches clash with Bangladesh Under19 that bowls off in Guyana on October 5th, for their engagement against (Continued on page 34)

Saturday September 28, 2013

Daley gears up for tough NZ series Jamaica Gleaner Kingston, Jamaica - West Indies Women all-rounder Shanel Daley is expecting a tough series against New Zealand Women when the teams meet in a three-match one day international series next month at Sabina Park. The series, which is set to bowl off on Sunday, October 6, will see West Indies looking to build on their appearance in the final of the ICC Women’s World Cup in India last February. It will also provide both teams an opportunity to faceoff again after West Indies got the better of the New Zealanders in play-off action to reach the final of the World Cup. “It’s going to be a tough series as New Zealand is one of the better teams in women’s cricket,” said Daley, who is ranked number one in the ICC Women’s Twenty20 bowlers ranking. “They have very good players, classy players, with quite a few being ranked in the top 10 of bowlers and batters. “We will, therefore, have to play well day in and day out, something I know we are more than capable of,” she added. West Indies, which will be contesting a series in Jamaica for the first time, earlier in the

Shanel Daley looks back during Windies Women practice. month named a 17-member squad for the series. The squad, which assembled in Jamaica on Sunday, is presently undergoing a one-week training camp with coach Sherwin Campbell. TRIMMED TO 14 The squad is expected to be trimmed to 14 before the start of the series. Included in the squad are four Jamaicans with Daley and world number-oneranked Twenty20 batswoman Stafanie Taylor heading the list. The others are wicketkeeper Natasha Mclean and batswoman Chinelle Henry.

The series, in the meanwhile, will be the first of three to be contested by West Indies over the next two months. The second will be a TriNation series, which will feature highly ranked England, at Kensington Oval, Barbados. England, which finished third at the World Cup, and West Indies are then set to square off in a three-match one day international series at Queen’s Park Oval, Trinidad. WICB president visits women’s team in camp The president of the West Indies Cricket Board, Dave Cameron, visited the 17member women’s team at Sabina Park yesterday morning. The squad is in Jamaica for a camp scheduled for September 22 to 30, preparing for a series of one-day and Twenty20 internationals next month against England and New Zealand. The series bowls off in Jamaica at Sabina Park October 6, 8 and 10, with three ODIs against New Zealand. The West Indies’ Stafanie Taylor is the highest ranked Women’s player in ODI seventh in batting, second in bowling and number one in the all-rounders section. The team is ranked second in the world.

Samuels, Moseley join coaching staff WICB Media - ST JOHN’S, Antigua – Two former West Indies players have been added to the coaching staff of West Indies teams. Ezra Moseley, the fast bowling all-rounder from Barbados, will join the West Indies Women’s team as an Assistant Coach while Robert Samuels, the opening batsman and former Jamaica captain, will join the West Indies Under-19 team as Assistant Coach. The West Indies Women are in Jamaica preparing for the three-match series against New Zealand at Sabina Park and the Windies Under-19s are in Guyana in camp, as they get ready to face Bangladesh in a seven-match rubber. Samuels, 42, has worked coaching at the Under-19 level for over a decade. Earlier this year he was at the helm as Jamaica won both the WICB Under19 four-day and one-day tournaments. Since retiring Moseley, 55, was a Barbados selector and worked for several years with the Barbados Women’s team.

Ezra Moseley Robert Samuels Roddy Estwick, longstanding coach of the Under19s, welcomed Samuels to the team. “It is great to have Robert on board. He was a successful Jamaica batsman and captain and has worked with the Jamaica Under-19s for a few years now. He will know most of the players very well and brings a wealth of knowledge and tactical skills to the team,” Estwick said. Sherwin Campbell, has been in charge of the

Women’s programme since 2008, and said Moseley was a good addition to the Team Management Unit. “Ezra is an excellent coach and it is great to have him join the team as we prepare for the upcoming series against New Zealand and the games to follow in a few weeks,” said Campbell. “He has been involved with women’s cricket for several years now and is passionate about what he does. I’m sure he will fit in very well and make a great contribution to the continued development of women’s cricket.”

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