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Friday September 27, 2013

Friday September 27, 2013

Kaieteur News

Ramotar makes fervent pitch to developed nations at UN - wants greater cooperation in tackling poverty, narco fight, climate change

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Sami Yusuf to perform at National Stadium


resident Donald R a m o t a r , yesterday took world leaders to task over their less than fruitful approach in tackling Climate Change, combating the Narcotics Trade, and Trafficking in Persons, and even challenged the United Nations to reform itself in order give smaller countries greater representation. Ramotar was at the time addressing the 68th Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Ramotar also challenged the international community to revise how it treats with countries such as Guyana and those in the Caribbean when it comes to accessing financing. The Guyanese leader said that the Caribbean has experienced major setbacks due to the international economic and financial crises which started in North America and Europe. “While it appears that the latter two regions are emerging from these crises, in the Caribbean, the effects are still devastating,” said Ramotar. He pointed out that even as the region continues to grapple with the effects of the financial crises, it is now being faced with even more stringent hurdles. “We are told that as middle income countries measured by GDP per capita - we are no longer entitled to concessionary financing.” Ramotar says that this is now a recipe for reversing the gains made over years in the region “We call for a rethink of this position and urge that greater consideration be given to the special vulnerabilities of our region, where a country can see one hurricane wiping out its entire GDP.” According to Ramotar, “clearly, what we need is

President Donald Ramotar addressing the 68th Session of the United Nations General Assembly increased cooperation with the international community and our development partners and not less.” Turning his attention to the matter of climate change, Ramotar stressed that the phenomenon is even more critical to Small Island Developing States “some of whom face an imminent passage to oblivion.” He reminded the Assembly that “Climate change is not of our making but sadly as Small Island Developing States and low lying states we remain the victims of its most adverse impacts.” He lamented the marked failure of the international community to take decisive action on the matter of the reduction of greenhouse gases which poses a threat to all humanity.

“It is tragic that while we all know the dangers that lurk due to global warming and climate change, we seem incapable of stopping ourselves…This is no doubt due to the unstoppable drive to accumulate for accumulation sake and sheer self-interest on the part of some countries.” On the matter of representation at the level of the UN, Ramotar told the world leaders that the United Nations has a role in ensuring that poorer, smaller, developing countries are not always put at a disadvantage at the level of international economic discourse and action. “It is critical that this body pursues and encourages multilateral approaches to international and global problems.”

Sami Yusuf Arrives yesterday at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport


ami Yusuf, British singersongwriter, composer, producer and accomplished musician, arrived in Guyana yesterday. He is here to perform on September 28 at the Guyana National Stadium, and a sold out crowd is very much anticipated by organizers- Inspire Inc. in collaboration with the Central Islamic Organization of Guyana (CIOG) and the Muslim Youth League of Guyana. Tickets are available at West Demerara and Georgetown locations including: CIOG Office Woolford Ave, Thomas Lands; Gulzar Namdar-76,Meten Meer Zorg West; Ashraf Allie-Parika Outfall, WCD; Imran Hussain (Wolf-Furniture Store)-Leonora Public Road; Roy Hussain Discount Store - Vreed En Hoop stelling; General Admission: Adult - $2,500; General Admission Child - $1,500; Gold Adult - $5,000 and Gold Child - $3,500. Sami Yusuf is an accomplished musician

of international acclaim, endowed with a strong cultural affiliation to music. He studied music with several renowned composers, including those from one of the world’s most prestigious music institutes – the Royal Academy of Music in London. He believes that music is his destiny. Sami learned to play several musical instruments including the piano, violin, tar, tombak, santour, daf and tabla to name a few, at a very young age. He bore the passion to etch a mark in the world of music, which he indelibly did with the release of his groundbreaking debut album, ‘Al-Muallim,’ an album composed, produced and sung by him. The young, British-Muslim instantly became the talk of the town in lands as far and diverse as Egypt and Turkey. The album not only sold well over 3 million copies but also earned him a massive following in the Middle (Continued on page 29)

Friday September 27, 2013

Kaieteur News

Letters... Where your views make the news

The Police Commissioner must start from the very top, but can he? Dear Editor, It is safe to assume that the vast majority of citizens at home and abroad share the sentiments expressed by Commissioner of Police, Mr. Leroy Brumell, when with the top echelon of the Force he met with a West Demerara Community recently – his plea for them to be involved and help is commendable. I believe the Commissioner is a good person and well intended. The big question is in the present environment – can he handle two vital conditions, which if not corrected will make his exhortations meaningless. Apart from the unprofessional heavy hand of the Minister of Home Affairs are the following. First and foremost to secure the support of the Government to allow the Police to deal condignly with all aspects of criminality – People tend to take pattern from those ‘at the top’, a sort of ‘follow the leader’ mentally. We see today corruption on the rise - the award of certain contracts, violation of our constitution, ignoring of protocol, the rest is known, read Kaieteur News, and Stabroek News, Christopher Ram, Bryn

Pollard, Mr. Goolsarran and others who from time to time expose what in essence is criminality. Many of our youths robbed of a National Service experience and a proper education look at what is a daily dose of criminal activity by the ‘big ones’ – they see in their communities poor work by certain privileged folks, they see the rich flaunting their wealth, they see castles next to their shacks, the rest is no secret. So what ladder do they choose to climb? People commit criminal acts based on the opportunity available to them – the office assistant or clerk steals paper or a pen; that is what they can steal. The big boys steal millions in ways that we see daily - People who sold state property for 20 percent of the real value; that is theft or criminality. The Holy books using different words, direct thus ‘Thou shall not steal’, it did not say how much or how little. The Commissioner must start from the very top, but can he? Mr. Commissioner I share with you this Wisdom by Burke. ”Example

is the school of mankind, and they will learn at no other”. The second challenge is for our top cop to ‘manners’ the rogue elements who operate side by side with some of the best women and men in uniform. Those police who shot first, then ask questions, who torture as a standard operation (see the dossier), those who take bribes, some who themselves rob people. The Proverbs remind us, ‘Never trust a wolf with the care of lambs’. When a young man who has seen others close to him brutalized, expect with gun or knife in hand, that is the language or style he has learnt and will demonstrate - no other. I’ve been in a nearby community recently. The Police cannot be effective until and unless residents develop a level of trust and confidence in them and will therefore share information willingly, but that confidence, thanks to some from within, has been eroded though not completely lost. Mr. Commissioner we will support you, but ensure that the Force is not compromised by ministerial dictum. Hamilton Green, J.P.

Professor Samad has helped me and several other Berbice boxers DEAR EDITOR, My name is Damian Simon from Rose Hall Town. I am a big believer in what Professor Dizal Samad has done for UGBC and for Berbice. But I want to let everyone know how this man has helped me personally. First, Professor raised money for me and 30 other boxers to go to Georgetown to fight at the National Amateur Championships. I came away as the National Lightweight Champion. My full-time work is a cane harvester. I have said to many people that the first person

who took an interest in me as a human being is Professor Samad. I see him as my father, so I am maybe biased. But Professor gave me the chance to go to the UGBC to learn how to use computers. (I had never been near a university). He took me there and made me learn. He also insisted that I read and he gave me books. I know that I am one of many, but it breaks my heart that our professor has left. I am asking for you to let people know that we have lost a great and good man. He is kind, decent, although he is sometimes

very harsh when we do not do the right things. He has helped many boxers and our coaches. Anyone can ask Coach Cort of Rose Hall how much Professor has helped us as boxers and youths. Every time one of us wins a title or trophy from Berbice, we rush back and show it to Professor. He is proud of us but always asks us to do even better as young men and women. Mr. Editor, I don’t know who to talk to so that I can have him back in Rose Hall and in Berbice. Damian Simon

We hope that Sophia community centers also benefit from ... From page 4 (based on the 2001 census) should automatically qualify for such an upgrade. A critical assessment would reveal that the community has approximately up to 11,000 youths and none of the community spaces can be considered fully equipped as a sporting and recreational facility. I also gleaned from the news that some 26 grounds (or Centers) in Region 4, would be given access to funds, so I do sincerely hope that 10 percent of the city’s population

would not be left out from this equation, I think it would be a travesty. In Section B Pattensen where I live, I have been observing the activities at the community centre being hosted and coordinated by NGOs, Ministries, Corporations and other groups, so I was really surprised that it was only to the credit of some die-hard NGOs and the work of the community leaders who work with entrenched vision and commitment in the absence of structured support

and access to well needed resources’. It is therefore my compounded hope, dear Editor, that with the increase from 200,000,000 to 300,000,000, that the Minister has stated is now available that our centre and other public open spaces will surely benefit from some support, no matter how small, because this community has a reputation of building on small beginnings. Our community awaits a positive response from the Ministry. Winston Tanner

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Kaieteur News

Friday September 27, 2013

Importance of TVET amplified at Education Fair The notion that Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) must have a significant place in the curriculum at all levels was extensively amplified when the Ministry of Education hosted a TVET Career/Open Day Fair yesterday at the Education Sports Complex Ground, Carifesta Avenue, Georgetown. In fact, according to Chief Education Officer (CEO) Olato Sam, who delivered the feature address, the Education Sector, and by extension Guyana, has come to the realisation that TVET is of immense importance. “It has been a long and arduous road, but we have moved away from a place where technical and vocational education and training was largely regarded as an area of low skills, low wage pursuits.” Sam went on to explain to the gathering of mainly education officials, teachers, students and partners of the Education Ministry that the sector has progressed over the years as it relates to TVET. According to him, although in the past a significant percentage of young people were emerging from the school system equipped to take up meaningful places within the workforce, there were a number who were not so fortunate. He explained that there were many cases where students found themselves with various forms of certification which had no relevance or consistence with the demands of the labour market. “We are no longer there; we have moved away from the position where academic learning was seen as superior and conducted oftentimes at the expense of technical education...We have moved a far place away from the backward mindset that TVET

- as Education Month observances continue

Scenes from the Education Ministry’s TVET Career/Open Day Fair yesterday pursuits are for the less able among us,” Sam asserted. In fact it was such a mindset, he noted, that over the years served to undermine the developmental potential of the nation, even as he elatedly expressed that Guyana has since forged for itself a new position for TVET. Sam emphasised that there is widespread recognition that pupils and teachers’ engagement in the

teaching/learning process must move beyond merely content knowledge towards emphasising skills acquisition including problem-solving, decision-making, teamwork and communication which are invaluable not just in the school setting but also in the work environment. Added to this, the CEO spoke of the need for a more learner-centred approach which places a significant

premium on the competency of students, a notion that has been adopted within the education system. According to Sam, competency-based education and training has long been adopted as the national approach for technical education and a critical component of the Secondary Competency Certificate Programme (SCCP) in more than half of the

schools in Guyana. “This flexible learnercentred approach has well articulated standards defining the outcomes being achieved along with rigours assessments and verification processes...As a result, a significant degree of confidence has been restored to the certification process. It is for this reason that employers along the length and breadth of Guyana can

rest assured that anyone emerging from a technical institute with a certificate in hand is not just theoretically sound but proficient in all the practical skills there is.” Sam said that to facilitate this, a number of technical institutes and training centres have been established in Regions Two, Three, Four, Five, Six and 10. And there are already solidified plans for (Continued on page 25)

Friday September 27, 2013

Kaieteur News

Kenya widens mall attack probe, alert for UK ‘White Widow’ NAIROBI (Reuters) Interpol issued a wanted persons alert at Kenya’s request yesterday for a British woman who has been cited by British police as a possible suspect in the attack on a Nairobi shopping mall that killed at least 72 people. The alert was issued as Kenyan police broadened the investigation into the weekend raid by the al Qaedaaligned Somali al Shabaab group, the worst such assault since the U.S. Embassy was bombed in the capital by al Qaeda in 1998. Interpol - which has joined agencies from Britain, the United States, Israel and others in the Kenyan investigation of the wrecked mall - did not say when Nairobi requested a so-called “red alert” notice for Samantha Lewthwaite, 29. The widow of one of the suicide bombers who attacked London’s transport system in 2005 is believed to

have evaded arrest two years ago in the port city of Mombasa, where she is wanted in connection with a plot to bomb hotels and restaurants. Interpol’s “red alert” cites the previous 2011 plot. Police in Mombasa, a tourist hub, said they were also tracking four suspected militants, following the siege of the swanky Westgate mall in Nairobi which militants stormed on Saturday armed with assault rifles and grenades. The mall attack has demonstrated the reach of al Shabaab beyond Somalia, where Kenyan troops have joined other African forces, driving the group out of major urban areas, although it still controls swathes of the countryside. Al Shabaab stormed the mall to demand Kenya pull its troops out, which President Uhuru Kenyatta has ruled out.

Many details of the assault are unclear, including the identity of the attackers who officials said numbered about a dozen. Speculation that Lewthwaite, dubbed the “White Widow” in the British press, was triggered by witness accounts that one of raiders was a white woman. But Kenya’s government and Western officials have cautioned that they cannot confirm the reports she was involved, or even that there were any women participants in the raid. The government said five of the attackers were killed, along with at least 61 civilians and six security personnel. Eleven suspects have been arrested in relation to the attack, but it is not clear if any took part. Although the Red Cross lists 71 missing people, the government said it does not expect a big rise in the death toll.

U.S., China want quick, binding U.N. resolution on Syria, U.S. says UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The United States and China strongly agree on the need for the U.N. Security Council to quickly adopt a binding resolution on eradicating Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal, a senior U.S. official said yesterday in remarks that appeared aimed at putting pressure on Russia to accept the measure. Russia appeared unswayed. When asked if diplomats were close to a deal on a Syria resolution, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters at the United Nations, “Russia’s very close, the U.S. is not.” The United States has been negotiating for days on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly with Russia, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s chief ally, to break a longstanding deadlock on the issue of Syria, where a civil war has raged since 2011. Western diplomats say a deal with Moscow is close, but Russia dismissed suggestions by Western diplomats on Wednesday that the five permanent Security Council members had agreed on the core of a draft resolution on eliminating Syria’s chemical weapons. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry met Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi for about an hour on the sidelines of the annual gathering of world leaders at the United Nations.

Bashar al-Assad “On Syria, both ministers were in strong agreement on the need for a mandatory and binding U.N. Security Council resolution,” said the senior U.S. official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, after

the meeting. “They discussed the value of unity among the P5 (five permanent members of the Security Council) and both felt it is important for the council to act quickly and for OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) to similarly act quickly,” the official said. Diplomats from the permanent Security Council members - China, Russia, the United States, France and Britain - have been haggling over the details of a resolution to back an American-Russian accord announced on September 14 in Geneva to eliminate Syria’s chemical weapons. China has backed Russia to veto three council resolutions since October 2011 that would have condemned Assad’s government and threatened it with sanctions.

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Kaieteur News

Friday September 27, 2013

Minibus/Car fatal accident… Stalled local govt. Bills causing “undue strain” Duo remanded for causing death Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman, viewing the matter of the four stalled Local Government Bills as one that can “brew unwanted tension”, has written the President in an effort to seek solutions. Trotman penned President Donald Ramotar saying that the matter is placing “undue strain” on the Parliament Office. In that correspondence, the Speaker urged the President to use his “good offices” to expedite the process of Assenting to the Bills. The Speaker stated “I am prepared to meet with you at anytime to discuss the matter with a view to ensuring early assent.” The President hasn’t since responded, but Trotman told Kaieteur News that he is expecting to hear from the Head of State soon. The four Local Government Bills, essential for the holding of Local

Government Elections, were passed in the National Assembly since August, 7. This year marks 19 years since the last Local Government Elections were held in Guyana. The House approved the Fiscal Transfers Bill, the Municipal and District Councils (Amendment) Bill, the Local Government (Amendment) Bill and the Local Government Commission Bill. This was after a 12-year period of attempting to reform the process. Local Government Minister, Ganga Persaud, piloted all four of the Bills and while government supported the pieces of legislation, it attempted to amend at least two of the Bills. The Bills were presented to the House after it emerged from a Special Select Committee, which is chaired by APNU’s Basil Williams and where the Opposition holds

a majority. Trotman in his letter stated that he has received several inquiries from Members of the National Assembly on the status of the Bills. He noted, “I have been urged to make inquiries of your Excellency as to your Government’s position on these very important Bills as there are conflicting views and opinions emanating from various quarters of your Government… As indicated previously when I had cause to write to you about two Bills that have been passed by the House that awaited your Assent, I am of the firm belief that the framers of our Constitution intended for all Bills to be assented to within twenty-one days of them being presented for Assent, and this, in my considered opinion, includes and anticipates, the process of examination by the Chief Parliamentary Counsel, who incidentally, in this instance, was present during the consideration of the work of the Special Select Committee that examined the Bills, and is therefore familiar with the amendments proposed and approved by the House.” In the letter, Trotman also stated, “I, with the greatest of respect, wish to state that I can think of no plausible reason why these Bills that emanated from your Government would not find favour with your Excellency. I am aware that there were several amendments that were discomforting to the Government, but these issues were largely addressed during the debate following the presentation of some counter-amendments proposed by the Minister for Local Government, and accepted by the House.” Meanwhile, the Bills are with the Chief Parliamentary Counsel, Cecil Dhurjon. Dhurjon is stationed at the Ministry of Legal Affairs. The constitution has provided the President with a 21-day period for his assent to a Bill. The President has to act on or before those allotted days have elapsed and has the right to withhold his assent and return it to the National Assembly. If a Bill is not assented to, it remains ineffective.

Cordell Bourne and Nandishwar Persaud were arraigned on the charge of causing death by dangerous driving when they appeared yesterday before Magistrate Ann McLennan at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. The court heard that on September 17 at Brickdam and Brummel Place, Persaud, 19, of 37 Duncan Street, Kitty, drove motorcar PNN 4475 in a manner dangerous to the public thereby causing the death of 22-year-old minibus conductor, Gavin Daly of Non Pareil, East Coast Demerara. It was also alleged that on the said date, 33-year-old Bourne of 1243 ‘B’ Field Sophia, drove minibus BPP 9210, in a manner dangerous to the public, thereby causing the death of De Ally. Bourne was without legal representation. The duo was not required to plead to the indictable charge. Whilst the details of the police reports were not disclosed in open court, Defence Attorney, Stephen Lewis, who represented Persaud, told the court that the incident occurred due to a speeding minibus which collided with his client’s car. The lawyer stated that since the incident occurred, his client has been compliant

with officers as he was placed on station bail in the sum of $100,000. Lewis then proposed that Persaud be placed into the custody of his parents who would guarantee his continued attendance at court. Police Prosecutor Deniro Jones, however, told the court that he would be objecting to the lawyer’s application for bail due to the nature of the offence and the fact that a life was lost. The prosecutor added that the seriousness of the offence must also be taken into consideration. Jones highlighted that according to police reports, Persaud fled the scene when the accident occurred. The prosecutor said that both defendants were driving at a fast rate. He noted that Persaud who drove in a reckless manner, was proceeding south on the eastern side of Brummel Place which led to the collision. The conductor, who fell out of the minibus when the vehicles collided was crushed to death. The prosecutor added, “Persaud showed no remorse as he fled the scene.” Persaud’s lawyer then rose to his feet and strenuously denied the claim that his client ran away when the accident occurred.

“My client was in police custody on the same day. He went to seek medical attention and then went to Brickdam Police Station to report the incident on his own.” The lawyer then appealed to members of the court to consider why his client would be placed on station bail if he was seen as a fugitive as suggested by the prosecutor. In Bourne’s case, the prosecutor also objected to bail, pointing out the gravity of the offence, in that a life was lost. He added that Bourne’s minibus was overloaded with passengers who received several injuries, adding that his action was a clear indication that he showed no regard for their lives. The prosecutor highlighted as well, that neither party paid any regard for the traffic signals, as Persaud jumped a flashing red light and Bourne blatantly ignored a flashing amber light. An application was then made for both of their licences to be suspended pending the outcome of the matter .This was subsequently approved by the Magistrate. The duo was then remanded to prison. The two men are expected to return on October 7 for report and fixture.

Taxi driver remanded for illegal possession of gun and ammo A 31-year-old father of two who said he was armed with a gun and matching ammunition for the protection of his family, was locked up after he failed to present law enforcement officers with a valid licence. Presiding over the case at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court was Magistrate Ann McLennan who read the particulars of the charge to Colwyn Anderson. The court heard that on September 25, within the vicinity of Georgetown, the defendant had in his possession, a .38 special revolver with serial number – D37154, without being the holder of a licence. It was also alleged that on the said date, Anderson had in his possession, five matching rounds without being in possession of an

official licence. To both charges, the defendant pleaded not guilty. Representing the accused was Attorney at Law, Gordon Gilhuys who said that his client resides at 105 North Haslington, East Coast Demerara. The lawyer noted that Anderson is attached to Oasis Taxi Service and has been a driver there for some time. According to his understanding of what occurred, Gilhuys told members of the court that his client was outside the taxi service when he was approached by officers in plain clothes. Anderson who addressed the police officers with expletives was consequently apprehended and taken to the Criminal Investigation Department with his taxi. Upon arrival, his vehicle was searched and the officers then claimed that they

found the said gun and ammunition which was hidden under the driver’s seat. The lawyer then asked for his client to be granted bail in a reasonable sum based on the circumstances upon which the revolver and rounds were discovered. Police prosecutor Deniro Jones, who did not reveal the facts of the police report objected to the lawyer’s bail application as he stated that the search was transparent and was conducted in the defendant’s presence. The prosecutor added that the defendant was stopped by officers because he violated a traffic law. Magistrate McLennan then informed the defendant that bail would be refused and he was remanded to prison until October 2.

Friday September 27, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Dismissal of Mahdia Primary School’s HM sees protest A section of the education system in Mahdia is seemingly in trouble, with parents and children demanding the reversal of the Primary School head teacher’s termination of service, which is effective October 1. The head teacher, Wayne Robinson, has been sent on administrative leave and in fact has to vacate his living accommodation today. Protest actions began earlier in the week with parents determined to continue until Robinson is reinstated. Students’ attendance at the nursery, primary and secondary levels have been poor owing to the protest. The protestors are also requesting that the Education Minister visit Mahdia to see the poor conditions under which the students and teachers have to operate. After serving in the capacity for about a year, Robinson was dismissed for not following certain required procedures. Kaieteur News understands that the school’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) held an emergency meeting last Monday, to express concerns over Robinson’s dismissal, stating that they will remain firm of his innocence. The parents believe that Robinson was wrongfully dismissed, and that he was framed with the charges brought against him. They even went as far as to take a decision to keep their children away from school until the headmaster is reinstated. They have vowed to remain resolute until their demands are met. The parents also claimed that ever since Robinson started operating in the region, the education standards have raised. They expressed that every time an individual comes around with the intention to improve the region’s education, he or she is removed. In addition, the parents are calling for the immediate removal of the District Education Officer. They claim that it is that official who has been stifling the development of the region’s education by somewhat “targeting all of the teachers who are trying to improve the education standard in the region.” The parents are contending that although many of them do not have the required finances to send their children to schools in Georgetown, they are not prepared to let the region’s education standards drop any lower. Earlier this year, Headmaster Robinson went against Ministry of Education protocol, and informed the media of some of the hardships that he was

Parents and students stand outside of the Mahdia Primary School calling for the head teacher to be reinstated

faced with. According to Robinson, subsequent to him voicing his concerns over non-payments and poor conditions at the primary school he received a termination letter from the Teaching Service Commission. And he was served another letter from the Regional Education Officer sending him on administrative leave. To make matters worse, Robinson claims that outstanding payments would not be issued to him. Robinson, who has been in the education system for 16 years, one of which he served at Mahdia Primary School, said last February he was brought before the Teaching Service Commission for being absent from the job without an excuse. However, that issue was resolved with him being in the right. Robinson believes that in

addition to him speaking out, another contribution for his troubles was his refusal to disrespect the Regional Chairman. He said the former Regional Education Officer was upset because he allowed the Regional Chairman to enter the school’s compound even though he was told not to. He said though it is not his desire for students to stay away from school, attendance for the past few days has been extremely poor. Of the 280 students, only 13 were present on Wednesday and seven on Thursday. Perhaps in solidarity with the situation, of the over 120 students who attend the nursery school only 54 went to school yesterday whilst about 55 percent of the secondary school student population turned out. Prior to serving as a headmaster in the hinterland

region, Robinson explained that he had served in a similar capacity for the past seven years, and that he is well informed of the Ministry’s obligations towards transferred teachers. Robinson said that in addition to covering his travel expenses into and out of the

region, the Ministry is also expected to provide for his spouse and two children below the age of 18. The former Headmaster said that since the commencement of his tenure, he has been covering all such expenses on his own. He explained that at the end of

every school term, his family would travel out of Mahdia to their East Coast Demerara home at an average cost of $75,000. Robinson had made clear that upon returning to the region, he would usually fill out the relevant claim forms and submit them to the Regional Education Office, but has not received compensation. The man complained of feeling as though he was being victimized, noting that despite teachers being his “juniors”, their travel expenses are catered for. The Regional Education Office had defended its position by saying that the situation was due to “a problem” that surfaced with regards to some of the claims made by Robinson. Kaieteur News understands that Robinson’s claims were subjected to querying, in order to ensure that he had indeed spent money to travel out of the region before claiming for reimbursement.

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Kaieteur News

Friday September 27, 2013


Is the PPP following the political vibes in London? One of the most fascinating moments in Guyanese politics is likely to dawn upon this land in six months’ time. From all indications, the PPP is preparing for local government elections. The fascination lies in how countryside voters will treat the PPP in elections for

the NDCs. It is certain that the PPP will suffer devastation in Georgetown. The question is; will that be the trend in the rural areas? If the PPP wins a majority of the NDCs, then either its campaigns were superior to the opposition or the opposition didn’t campaign at all. If it is the latter, then money will determine who wins the NDCs, because for every dollar the AFC and APNU have, the PPP can match that by a million. It doesn’t mean AFC and APNU cannot beat the PPP for control of the NDCs. The opposition parties are never going to match the PPP in resources but with the little they have, the opposition parties have to campaign effectively. If any party is vulnerable

to devastation in the local government elections scenario it should be the PPP. What we are seeing in Guyana, is the worst form of American Republican approach to capitalism that the American Democratic Party and no other capitalist party in the entire capitalist world, including Ms. Merkel in Germany, accept. This is unregulated capitalism where ultrawealthy investors are the only people that do well. In Guyana, even some Republican legislators would find Guyana’s capitalism more extreme than what the US has. The other side of the coin is an impoverished working class and a lower middle class. The middle level stratum is in no position to achieve economic elevation. Guyanese people are too psychologically burdened to follow world news, but some fantastic developments took place in the UK two days ago. The opposition, Labour

Party, held its annual conference and showed off its broad approach to governance should it win in 2015. The conservative newspapers were screaming that the Labour Party was returning to socialism. In a defiant mood, the Labour Party leaders accepted that capitalism is the best system, but not the way it has been adopted by the British Conservatives and their own Labour PM, Tony Blair One of the guiding principles of a future Labour Government will be the book by the multi-millionaire Labour big wig, David Sainsbury, who is part owner of the biggest supermarket name in the UK, Sainsbury’s. Titled “Progressive Capitalism,” this is a fantastic book that no doubt has been read by President Obama since it came out last April, and no doubt most European leaders. It is simply a methodology of what capitalism should be

like. In fact, though Sainsbury didn’t say it, he implies that his approach to capitalism is what capitalism inherently is; there can be no other form of capitalism than the one he describes. In other words, history has come to an end with Sainsbury’s capitalism. Sainsbury argues that Tony Blair went terribly wrong when he accepted neoliberalism in totality. Sainsbury contends that neo-liberalism takes capitalism to levels that no government should accept. One government that did not learn the lessons of Tony Blair was Bharrat Jagdeo’s and now, his successor Donald Ramotar joins the band. How ironic - Jagdeo was trained in communist USSR. And Ramotar worked for eight years in the communist international in Czechoslovakia. Both men belong to a party that has printed in its constitution the adherence to Marxism-Leninism. But both men are unashamed supporters and encouragers of the most indecent forms of neo-liberalism in Guyana. Even a staunch supporter of the PPP, Ravi Dev, finds neoliberalism excessive and inhuman. How poor country folks could watch the takeover of Guyana by ultra-

Frederick Kissoon wealthy men facilitated by Jagdeo and Ramotar and yet vote for the PPP to control over seventy NDCs in this country is not something any psychologist could explain. If the opposition does its work and does it competently, then the local government election should be a rejection of neo-liberal domination in Guyana and the PPP that has nurtured it the past fourteen years. What is taking place in Guyana simply cannot be allowed to continue, and sooner than later, something will have to give. The economic landscape is changing so fast that in five years’ time, all public resources will be in the hands of the ultra-rich. Public land has been given to private business for parking facilities and after hours, these lands are chained to prevent normal parking. Watch how you vote. Please!

Dem boys seh...

Brazzy jumbie arithmetic mek Donald miss a year When something deh pun you mind you can’t sleep in peace. Donald got nuff thing pun he mind. He even write down something fuh tell he Cabinet, but in de mix up, after having a few Black Label, he read de Cabinet speech at de UN. De man stand up and he talk how he got three short year fuh meet 2015. When Ban Ki-moon hear that jumbie arithmetic he tek out he calculator. Dem boys see de man raise he head and watch Donald. He want know if he and Donald living in de same year. Little do he know, Donald was taking bout de three year more that he, Donald, believe he got in office. But he ain’t sure. De Rat tek one already, and Brazzy look like he gun tek two. Two short year done already. That is why Donald ain’t do nutten yet since he tun president. Every time he shape up fuh do something de year done. De only thing he doing is promoting people when dey near fuh lef dey wuk. Is Jagdeo, Brazzy and Ash Knee got he talking bout he three short year. De three of dem write de speech; Brazzy slip in de part ‘bout three years before 2015. Is that kind of arithmetic he use fuh he hydro seed project and de Marriott, and de airport, and de Berbice Bridge. Is now dem boys understand how dem thief de money. Brazzy dem figures always right and de people of Guyana figures wrang. Is confuse dem confuse Donald. Dem trying to do that to de nation, one by one. Brazzy like write, and is he write and tell de shooter how one policeman who got an Amerindian wife, in Sophia, deh wid he wife. De shooter go looking fuh one. Little did he know that Brazzy wid he jumbie Arithmetic mislead him. Dem boys seh that dem got nuff policeman wid Amerindian wife living in de same area. De first door de shooter knock, is that woman husband he shoot. Like CN seh, what a ‘shad, shad shishuasion’. Brazzy cause Donald fuh talk wrong and fuh de woman lef without a husband. Talk half and leh Brazzy tek de woman so de man can shoot he tail.

Friday September 27, 2013

Kaieteur News

Page 11

- IMC undecided Government has ordered Linden’s management to cease taking tolls from trucks crossing the township, saying that it is illegal. But the management of that Region 10 community is still to decide whether it will comply, claiming that the removal of the tolls will wipe out a third of revenue and even see staffers sent home. According to the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, it has revoked the order which enables the Linden Municipality to levy tolls on vehicles traversing the township, inclusive of Kara Kara. Kara Kara is the entrance to Linden coming from the city. “This revocation was conveyed to the Interim Management Committee (IMC) of the Linden Town Council on September 17, 2013 by Minister Norman Whittaker in a letter addressed to the IMC Chairman Mr. Orrin Gordon,” the Ministry said yesterday. Linden has been charging the tolls for trucks and other vehicles for years now. It stepped up its enforcement earlier this year after Government announced that employers are mandated to pay workers a $35,000 minimum wage. However, a “stakeholder” protested to Central Government over the tolls and urged a review. “A legal opinion obtained by government has deemed the order with its attended by-laws “void and unenforceable”, the Ministry said. In his letter to Gordon, the Minister said that the Interpretation and General Clauses Act provides that all such orders and by-laws shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall come into operation on the date of publication, unless it is otherwise expressly provided that they shall come into operation on some other date. “It has been determined that the by-law, which purports to authorize the toll fees on vehicles passing through Linden and more specifically over the Kara Kara bridge, was never inserted in the Official Gazette and consequently this bylaw never came into operation as is required by the Interpretation and General Clauses Act.” Linden, because of its location, is a central point linking the hinterland to the coastland. Persons wanting to head to Kwakwani, Upper Berbice River, or to Lethem,

Region Nine and Brazil, have to pass through Linden. The area is also the gateway to logging and mining concessions, with a significant amount of trade, lumber and visitors from Brazil coming through the bauxitemining community. In his letter to the IMC Chairman, the Minister cautioned the IMC to cease collecting the toll immediately, failing which legal proceedings would be instituted against council. Region 10 Chairman Sharma Solomon was out of the country and Kaieteur News was referred to Eric Harry, Vice Chairman of the IMC. The official made it clear that with annual projected revenues of just over $100M, any removal of the tolls at Kara Kara, the entrance to Linden, will slash almost 30 per cent of its earnings. “Based on our projections, we have already paid workers who were earning below the minimum wage before July 1st. People who were getting $24,000 monthly are now getting $35,000.” Harry said that while he is aware of the directives from the Government, the IMC and leaders of Linden have not made a decision yet on the way forward on the toll issue. On a monthly basis, the town pulls in between $2.3M$3M. The IMC directly employs 104 persons, including cleaners and other staffers. “We also have employed persons to ensure that persons do not pass without

Government has instructed Linden to stop charging truckers a toll fee, saying it is not in keeping with the law. paying. We had a lot of those.” Harry believes that the current unhappiness about the tolls may be linked to increased monitoring at the Kara Kara toll booth, to ensure that revenues are not leaked. There have been complaints of corruption at the toll booth, with thousands of dollars not being handed over to the IMC. Apart from operating the toll booth at Kara Kara, the Linden municipality has a joint partnership with the Linmine Secretariat for the management and operation of the toll booth at the Mackenzie/Wismar Bridge. Prior to the partnership, the bridge was managed by the Town Council, but after urgent repairs were needed – to the tune of $30M, which the Council did not have – the Linmine Secretariat took

the responsibility for the repairs, and subsequently partnered with the Council and later the IMC, to recoup the monies spent. That partnership sees the Linmine Secretariat giving 25 percent of toll revenues taken for any given month to the IMC, plus $300,000 as a ‘gift’. It has been reported that on a yearly basis, the Mackenzie/Wismar Bridge

makes anywhere in the vicinity of $50M. Logging trucks, laden with about ten thousand board measurement of wood, currently pay some $3,000 per truckload, while the minibuses and trucks from Georgetown with merchandise pay a toll of $2,800 and $4,800 respectively. Linden, long considered an Opposition stronghold,

was blockaded last year by residents following the fatal shooting of three persons who were reportedly protesting a proposed hike in electricity tariffs for that town. Linden was closed to traffic for one month, crippling trade and movement of food and other critical supply to the hinterland areas. (Leonard Gildarie)

Page 12

Kaieteur News

AFC reiterates call for Local Govt. Elections “President Donald Ramotar continues to show disregard for local democracy and the people of Guyana and for the constitutional right of Guyanese to elect their local Government authority,” said Alliance for Change Executive member Michael Carrington. This opinion was expressed at his party’s weekly press briefing yesterday, where he also opined that the president has failed to walk in the footsteps of his party’s founder leader Dr Cheddi Jagan who held local government elections two years after he had won the presidency. According to Carrington, the president in his 2011 election campaign at a meeting which was organized by the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association had said if he won the 2011 elections, he would hold local government elections in 2012. Carrington said that even though the president had admitted that there was “desperate” need for local government elections in our

A mini health check is the first step to donating blood

country, he has not fulfilled his platform promise. However Carrington noted that “the time has come, gone and 2013 is almost finished and there is still no election”. “Parliament enacted legislation and caused the said laws to be violated by the Minister, by allowing the various Ministers of Local Government to table bills year after year to postpone the election” Carrington posited. He explained that GECOM holds the power to put all systems in place for the holding of these elections. But like the president, Carrington said, “GECOM too seems not to care, since they never demand for the election to be held in accordance with law, but just go to sleep when the Minister goes to Parliament”. “They totally forget that they are empowered by Act 10 of 1990 which has amended Section 36 of the Principle Act 28:03,” Carrington said. He explained that GECOM knows full well when the elections are slated or are to be held since all the information is on their website. He said that the four Local Government Bills which the President refuses to assent to have nothing to do with the holding of Local Government Elections, but are essential for a better and more democratic system of local governance.

Friday September 27, 2013

M&CC granted construction permission for reserve land - Eddie Boyer

The ongoing construction at the Ruimveldt Industrial site City businessman, Eddie Boyer, has confirmed that the Mayor and City Councillors of Georgetown (M&CC) granted him a lease and permission to c o nstruct on a piece of reserve at the Ruimveldt Industrial Site. Construction is currently ongoing at the location with employees working on a metal frame for a building. Yesterday, Boyer, the main principal of National

Hardware, said that he had applied and waited a long time for a reply from M&CC. “We have many customers coming to National Hardware and a parking area would have assisted in making their shopping experience more enjoyable,” the businessman said. There have been questions about the structure as the land is reserved for M&CC.

National Hardware had applied for it for parking, fencing it along the way, Boyer said. He also disclosed that M&CC was not interested in selling the property and was prepared to lease it. “I think it is at least 10 years that the lease is for.” Last week, Mayor Hamilton Green referred this newspaper to City Engineer, Colvern Venture, after saying he has learnt that an

application was made for a building and permission was granted. Venture also disclosed that permission has indeed been granted for the building by the City Council. This, he said, was based on an application. Venture referred this newspaper to Town Clerk (ag), Carol Sooba, for more details. Yesterday, Sooba refused to comment on the matter.

Friday September 27, 2013

Kaieteur News

Page 13

Page 14

Kaieteur News

Friday September 27, 2013

MOU inked to establish ‘One Stop Centre’ The Ministry of Human Services and Social Security yesterday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with two Non-Governmental organizations (NGOs), for the establishment of a ‘One Stop Centre’. This is expected to shorten the lengthy process which is currently being followed by those seeking justice for abused children. Kaieteur News understands that Guyana is the first country in the Caribbean and South America to undertake the opening of such a centre, and it would be the first of several to be opened here. The agreement was signed by Director of the Child Care and Protection Agency (CCPA), Ann Greene; Chantalle Haynes and Ayo Dalgety-Den of Forward Guyana; Parliamentarian and member of the Board of Directors for Child Link Incorporated, Reverend Kwame Gilbert; and Representative of

UNICEF, Marianne Flach. According to Ms. Greene, the centre is expected to bring together collaborative partners in child protection services and child advocacy for a coordinated response to better serve abused children and their families. “It is a child-focused, facility-based programme, in which representatives from many disciplines, including law enforcement, child protection, prosecution, mental health, medical and victim advocacy, work together to conduct interviews and make team decisions about investigation, treatment, management, and prosecution of child abuse cases.” The centre will have an interview room where child protection agents will ask questions and other agents view and hear the interview from another room. The interview is also recorded and could be used as evidence in a case against the perpetrators.

(From left) Chantalle Haynes, Ann Greene, and Kwame Gilbert sign the Memorandum of Understanding It was noted that when the child is being interviewed in one room, the police, child care officers, welfare officers and other partners can stay in another room taking notes and even request that the interviewer ask pertinent questions that would benefit

the investigations and thus prosecution. The video and audio recording can further be used as evidence in court; the child may never have to see their attacker again, let alone speak of them. The Director noted that this would allow for the victims to heal, instead of having to repeat their horrific experiences to various stakeholders. Earlier this month, Ms. Greene introduced the ‘onestop-centre’ initiative to childcare workers and police

officers in the related field, during a workshop. At that time, she had emphasised that ‘one-stopcentres’ would be a new tool in the battle to prevent crimes committed against children. She had explained that too many times children are asked to repeat the details of crimes committed against them to various officers as the investigative and child recovery process occurs. This, she said, proved adverse for both the investigative process, the child’s recovery process and

even the prosecution process. It was explained that the centre will exist in the various communities and for this reason, community leaders, and other village heads will also be getting attention, and may even be trained in relation to the functioning of these centres. “Again it is the essential partnership that we are looking for. It is a multidisciplinary approach and everyone has to be sensitized to play their part,” Greene told Kaieteur News.

Crying baby helps housewife outsmart would-be thief Aided by her crying baby and an alert neighbour, a 31year-old housewife outsmarted a would-be thief who attacked her in her Area E, Ogle, East Coast Demerara residence yesterday. The saga of the baby, the neighbour, the mother and the thief began around 10:00 hrs yesterday, when the housewife, sitting in a room and engrossed on her computer, suddenly felt an arm around her neck from someone behind. She somehow managed to spin around and came face to face with a young man, who warned her to be quiet and demanded ‘the money and the gold jewellery.’ Instead, the woman screamed, and the intruder

cuffed her to the face. He again demanded that she hand over her valuables, and this time the housewife took him to another room in the house. But the victim had left her baby sleeping in a crib on the verandah, and fortunately, the baby woke up and began to cry just as the woman and the thief had entered the room. She reportedly pleaded with the thief to allow her to bring the crying child inside, and the robber then followed her to the verandah. While the woman was bringing the baby inside, she spotted a female neighbour and managed to signal to the woman without being observed by the thief. The

robber also saw the neighbour and reportedly shouted out, “I is de plumber.” But when his victim again signaled to her neighbour, the resident realised that something was amiss and began to scream. The thief immediately jumped from the verandah and began to head out of the community. But residents, alerted by the women’s screams, gave chase and captured the would-be robber. He was then handed over to the police. Kaieteur News understands that the suspect identified himself as a 22-yearold residence of Plaisance, East Coast Demerara. He is likely to appear in court today.

Friday September 27, 2013

Kaieteur News

Salesman’s body fished out of river The body of a 24-year-old father of one was fished out of the Kuribrong River in the wee hours of Thursday following a boat mishap which occurred on Tuesday morning. The dead man was identified as Adrian ‘Dr Love’ Glasgow of 13 Railway Line, Industry, East Coast Demerara, who was employed as a Salesman/Bond Clerk at Japarts Mining Company, Potaro, Region Seven. According to the Chief Executive Officer of Japarts, Terry Singh, Glasgow’s body was found sometime around 3:00 a.m. yesterday, just a few feet away from where the accident occurred. Singh said that Glasgow had been employed with the company for the past three months, operating out of one of their establishments which sold Caterpillar machinery among other heavy duty parts in the interior location. According to reports reaching this publication, around 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Glasgow was in the company of 30 other men who were at the time swimming in the Kuribrong River, Potaro. The man reportedly left the water and took a speedboat which was tied to a stump and headed further up the river. “He pull off with one speed up the river and the next thing we see is the boat flip up in the air and he went overboard,” an eyewitness said. The source further noted that after the accident, over a dozen men then swam to the scene but were unable to locate Glasgow who was at that time feared drowned. Meanwhile, Andrew Glasgow, the dead man’s father, told Kaieteur News that about 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, he received a call notifying him that his son

Adrian Glasgow was involved in an accident while in the interior. Glasgow recounted that his fears were later confirmed after he visited the head office of Japarts in Croal Street and was told that his son had gone missing since Tuesday after a boat accident. The still shaken father said that about 1:00 a.m. yesterday he was contacted by an official of Japarts who briefed him with the distressing news that his son’s body was found. The man said that although he had no knowledge if his son had the ability to swim, he had still held faith for his safe return. A source from the area affirmed that based on the gashing wounds to Glasgow’s face when he was discovered yesterday, the salesman came into contact with the boat’s propeller when he was flung from the boat. This publication understands that of the 30 men who were in the vicinity at the time of the mishap, eight of them have provided statements to the police as investigations continue. Glasgow’s body was expected to reach the city last night.

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Kaieteur News

OAS visit to Guyana...

Friday September 27, 2013

Murdered TSU rank…

We’re prepared to hand over Gunman’s intended target dossiers on corruption - AFC taken into protective custody Leader of the Alliance for Change Khemraj Ramjattan yesterday s a i d t h a t h i s party would be more than willing to meet with the team from the Organization of American States (OAS) that is expected to arrive in Guyana next month to investigate corruption. Ramjattan d i s c l o s e d that his party intends to give the OAS team several dossiers in connection with corruption that it (AFC) has discovered over the years. He said that with all that has been happening with the Marriott Hotel and the bypassing of National Assembly - giving out so much money without approval for its construction – the party is excited to meet with the team. Ramjattan further noted that the AFC would also be discussing the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL), which conveniently is a public corporation company when it has to get tax exemptions, but is private

AFC Leader Khemraj Ramjattan company when it has to invest in big projects like the Marriott Hotel. Ramjattan said that the AFC also has a dossier on the Auditor General’s Report and all the information that speaks of continuous corruption, both at the regional and national level. He said that they several documents which were done by internal auditors from

NDIA and which highlighted several noteworthy discrepancies. Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon, during his weekly post-Cabinet press briefing had disclosed that, “The site visit is intended to provide the OAS with a much broader perspective than a site visit ideally provides on the anti-corruption legislative, judicial and administrative dimensions in Guyana.” This is the first such visit to Guyana. He said that national oversight bodies such as Parliament and the Director of Public Prosecutions would be approached, be actively involved, and dominant in their engagement with the OAS. Luncheon stressed that the OAS would be here to do a site visit and not to promote the creation or filling of constitutional vacancies. “They are here to engage the existing bodies that are involved in these governance activities; that are involved i n a d d r e s s i n g oversight issues.”

The policeman that was the real target of the gunman who killed Tactical Services Unit (TSU) rank, Michael Cumberbatch, is reportedly now in protective custody. Kaieteur News understands that police took the security measure out of concern that attempts may also be made on this policeman’s life by associates of the detained killer. Like Cumberbatch, the rank also lives in Sophia, is of mixed ancestry, and reportedly also has a wife of Amerindian ancestry. Police sources said that the suspect, identified as a 27-year-old Kitty resident, has confessed to shooting Constable Cumberbatch, and stated that another rank was his intended target. According to reports, the alleged gunman had received information that a policeman who lived in Sophia was having an affair with his wife. The suspect was also reportedly given a description of his rival’s wife. Cumberbatch’s wife had reportedly identified the

suspect as the gunman, and he is likely to appear in court today. The suspect was charged in September 2009 in connection with a $16.2M gunpoint robbery. Some North Sophia residents told investigators that they saw the alleged gunman “walking up and down” in the North Sophia area on Monday prior to the murder, and that the suspect had been enquiring about someone called ‘Quacy.’ The dead man’s reputed wife had told Kaieteur News that she was at home with her husband and children on Monday night when someone knocked at the door and asked for ‘Quacy.’ The woman said that she told the visitor, whose hair was braided, that no one by the name of ‘Quacy’ lived there, and the visitor left. But she said that the man returned ten minutes later and again banged on the door while asking for ‘Quacy.’ By this time, the family had gone to bed. Mrs. Cumberbatch said that she looked outside and remarked to her husband that

Dead: TSU rank Michael Cumberbatch the visitor appeared to be drunk. Cumberbatch then went outside and ordered the man to leave. According to her, the stranger asked “who you talking to?”…”And then Michael (Constable Cumberbatch) said ‘what you got in your hand?’ She then heard gunshots. On looking outside, Mrs. Cumberbatch said that she saw her husband lying on the ground and the alleged killer fleeing the scene. The wounded policeman was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he succumbed.

Friday September 27, 2013

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Friday September 27, 2013

Friday September 27, 2013

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Kaieteur News

Friday September 27, 2013

Friday September 27, 2013

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Friday September 27, 2013

Friday September 27, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Bus driver blames police incompetence for his arrest A Route 47 mini bus driver is blaming the “incompetence of the police” for his discomfort of having to spend the night in the cramped lock-ups at the Prashad Nagar Outpost. The driver, who for obvious fear of victimization asked that his name not be published, was locked up on an ‘outstanding warrant’ despite his matter being completed in the court. He is of the view that had the police ranks who detained

him checked their system, his embarrassment and discomfort could have been avoided. Additionally, he is urging that the police upgrade their system to ensure that persons who are in a similar position to him do not suffer unnecessarily. “The police have to get their priorities right. They can’t pick up people just so and put dem in the lock-ups with all kinda people who got cough and so. Suppose I get infected,” he said.

Importance of TVET... From page 6 another such institution in Region Nine, he disclosed. “We have forged a strong relationship with industry (sector) through the Council for Technical and Vocational Education,” said Sam, even as he recognised the work of the TVET Council. He is of the firm belief that it is time that the body “venture beyond the safety of the insulated technical domains and move TVET into every household so that it becomes a national and well understood concept.” Sam noted that in order for an education system to meet its mandate of contributing to sustainable economic prosperity through the creation of a globally competitive workforce, business and industry must play a key role. “We are committing to improving the mechanism for industry to articulate their needs and concerns in order to facilitate the designs and maintenance of programmes that are relevant to the job market needs...We have come a long way in this regard, but given the dynamic nature of contemporary labour environments, we have to ensure that our systems are able to respond to market changes in a timely manner.” Moreover, he alluded to a labour market intelligence survey commissioned by the TVET Council, which he said is of vital importance, even as there are continued moves to upgrade technical teachers and insert a number of quality assurance mechanisms in the

technical education system. Such moves, according to Sam, have allowed for “a cadre of highly qualified assessors and verifiers, and we will continue to equip and improve the quality of the material resources available at all of our institutions.” He noted that yesterday’s fair was one intended to sound a clarion call to usher in the new age in education. This “new plus” is expected to place Guyana squarely inline with contemporary practices that obtain in the Region and further afield, thereby catering to the ultimate acceleration of national development. The fair which was touted as the landmark event in the Ministry’s Education Month agenda, saw the attendance of a wide cross-section of the business sector and a number of entities which fall under the purview of the Ministry of Health, which also has booths on display to highlight their work in the society. The event, which was chaired by the Education Ministry’s Chief Planning Officer, Ms Evelyn Hamilton, embraced the Education Month theme of “Transforming the Classrooms for the 21st Century.” In addition to a number of cultural presentations from students, the event also saw Assistant Chief Education Officer (Technical), Patrick Chinedu Onwuzirike, presenting an overview of the TVET Strategic and Action Plan for the period 2013-2020.

His troubles started on Wednesday at around 17:00 hours, when a party of police ranks launched a campaign to rein in errant minibus operators. According to reports, about 15 persons were found to be delinquent. The driver who spoke to this newspaper related that the ranks told him that an arrest warrant was in force for him on a traffic charge in January of this year. But he protested that he had subsequently attended court for that matter on several occasions and the matter was dismissed because the rank who had instituted the charge failed to show up to give his evidence. However, for some strange reason the arrest warrant was never recalled. “I keep telling them that the matter had been

dismissed but they would not listen. They tell me they have to check with the court the following day.” That meant that the driver would have to remain in custody overnight until the police verify their own information, since they were dealing with an arrest warrant. What is still baffling the driver is the fact that all the time he has been openly operating his minibus every day, dealing with the same police that arrested him on Wednesday, yet he was never arrested on the warrant. “I spent the night in a six by six cell with eight other persons. They let out two persons at about two o’clock and tek in three more. Some of the people I was in there with were for murder and robbery under arms,” the driver lamented.

At about 06:00 hours, he was taken from the Prashad Nagar lock-ups and taken back to the Brickdam Police Station where he spent the next two hours waiting for the police to verify that his court matter had been dismissed. Eventually, after checking their records, the police were able to verify that the minibus driver was indeed a free man. “My warrant was issued

in January and my matter finished in June but the warrant was never recalled,” the driver said. He said that the police eventually released all the persons they had detained the day before, without charge. “They did not even give an apology. The police tell we that they could go to anybody and lock dem up for 72 hours,” the minibus driver stated.

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LAND FOR SALE One land located on Princess street, Georgetown for sale- Call:601-2144 House lot for sale: Friendship, Diamond, E.B.D & in Mocha- Call: 223-0733/ 692-8513 2369.664 Sq/ft of land @ Victoria village, E.C.DCall:225-2626/225-3068 Parfaite Harmonie $1M, $1.2M, $1.4M- Call:6757292




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VEHICLE FOR SALE 1 Nissan X-Trail, year 2006. Price negotiable. Excellent condition- Contact Vishaul @ 612-6867 We buy & sell vehicles for cash, also parts available & 30 seater buses - Call:680-3154 AT192, 212, Allion, Premio, Audi, BNN RZ mini buses, AT170, Marino. Cash or terms- Call:680-3154 One RZ minibus for saleCall:601-2144

Best 2007 Nissan Titan flair, trunk cover, 22" mags, air brush $3.5M- call:674-9593 Toyota AT192, AT212, AT170, Ceres, EP71 Starlet, G-Touring wagon, Tundra, TacomaCall:644-5096/697-1453

WANTED One male cook to work in Interior- Call:666-6836 Experienced Dispatcher, contract cars & drivers- Call: 613-0419.

1 Silver grey Mitsubishi Cedia Lancer, PLL series, mags, A/C, CD, automatic drive $1.350M negContact:639-7806/680-4752/ 645-7390

Contract Cars @ Gem’s TaxiCall:667-9013/627-9424

New model 212, AC, alarm & 15" rims. Excellent conditionCall:667-9013

Live in attractive waitress, must have secondary education (18-25 years). Boarding & lodging free, $50,000 monthly- Call:6103974


Female worker needed, 3 CXC subject or sound secondary school education- Call:612-1595

BUY/SELL VEHICLES OR PROPERTY save time and money using photo ads Call:6514300/670-4300

Boys to learn mechanical trade, attractive salary. Preferably from the W.C.D and W.B.D- Call:697-3756/ 616-6007 1 Arc/ acetylene welder/ fabricator. Driving an asset. Excellent rates- Call:610-2978

Hilux Surf 4 doors, automatic, 4 wheel drive, needs minor repairs $895,000- Call:6214000

One mechanic to repair minibus and Solid DEF vehicle to work in InteriorCall:666-6836

Hilux Surf 2 doors, automatic, 4 wheel drive, needs minor repairs $795,000 - Call:6214000

Urgently needed live-in waitresses to work in Bar reasonable salary offeredCall:259-0574

Mitsubishi 3000GT in excellent condition, CD player, 18" rims and more $1.9M cash- Call:621-4000

Bill writers and porters to work in Grocery stall, Stabroek market- Tel:2269800/683-9500

Trident car 250cc, new, power window, CD player $450,000 cash- Call:621-4000

Experienced male dispatchercall:686-7862 or 600-1700 (8am-5pm)

Stretch limousine for sale, seats 10 persons, fully powered, excellent condition $6.9M neg- Call:621-4000

Porter age 18-30 apply in person to Hardware Emporium 78 Church Street, Georgetown. Between (National Library & GT&T)

Toyota Camry SV40, crash can be fixed. Sold with documents $350,000Call:621-4000

Wanted to work in Salon on percentage: Nail technician and Hair dresser. Clients required- Call:644-5362 Urgently needed 1 plot of land to buy in Parfaite Harmonie- Call:675-7292

One Black Toyota Vios in excellent condition, $1.7 million negotiable- Call:6892373

1 Gold land @ PotaroCall:628-7605

One stall (3 in 1) at La Penitence market. Also 1 glass cooler 110 volts & one 125cc Jailing Scooter- Call:695-5815

Friday September 27, 2013

Workers wanted for land dredge- Call:688-1087/6942310 LEARN TO DRIVE

Live in waitress- Call:6439007/ 697-2978

B & C Driving School: Lot 5 Hadfield streer Lodge- call: 225-0150, 229-7258, 680-6826

Live In Live Out Babysitter Domestic- Call:225-6070

Soman & Sons Driving School , First Federation Building Call 225-4858, 6445166,622-2872,615-0964 FOR SALE/RENT American Pool Table - Call: 277-0578

One live in & one live out babysitter from 12-8pmCall:225-6070 Sales Representative. Apply in person with written application @ Rite Price Wireless stall 13&14 ‘A’ Bourda Market

WANTED 1 Experienced tractor driver for small tractor and trailer from Mahaica/MahaiconyCall:269-0233/625-7297 Minibus driver living in Georgetown for contractCall:675-3093 CASHIERS WITH COMPUTERKNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE ONLY AND SALE PERSONS @ BUILDING MATERIAL DEPOT- CALL:231-8529 Experience Taxi driversCall:667-9013/627-9424 Attractive live in WaitressCall:228-5129 1 House to buy- Call:6757292 Experience Graphic ArtistCall:225-1445/225-1478 1 Office assistant with own transportation & 1 Security Guard. Apply with written application @ Comfortsleep 49 Eccles Industrial, E.B.D HOUSEKEEPING STAFF FOR HOTEL- CALL:2257372/602 0945 FOR SALE Wages Envelopes, order by call $7 each- Call:671-0601 Diving Suits- Call:265-3449/ 613-5158 Honda CBR 600RR F4I, CE. Asking $800,000 negCall:647-6506 or 660-0444

CAR RENTAL Wings Car Rental- Call:6431131 Aidan’s Car Rental & Pickup- Call: 645-7981/ 6987807 Premio, vitz call: 679-7139 Dolly’s Car Rental- Call: 225-7126/ First Choice Car Rental: Cars as low as $5,000 per day- Call:668-0306/6947817/225-6337 Fab’s Rental: Cars to RentCall:671-6051/609-6890 (Continued on page 31)

Friday September 27, 2013

Kaieteur News

Cause of fatal Islington fire not yet known The cause of Wednesday night’s fire at Islington, East Bank Berbice, which resulted in the death of 88-year-old physically handicapped Margaret London and left her 93-year-old sister, Olive, homeless, has not yet been ascertained. Speculation is rife that a lighted lamp or candle may have been responsible, and investigators were back at the scene during the course of yesterday to get a clearer picture of what caused the blaze to rip through the Londons’ age-old three bedroom wooden house. The two women lived alone and had no children and had refused to go and live with relatives. The house was well furnished, a relative stated. Margaret London had suffered two bouts of stroke, leaving her almost entirely paralyzed and confined to a bed. The fire reportedly began around 19:00 hrs and quickly engulfed the building. The Fire Service responded with two trucks .Water was eventually a problem and had to be sourced from a trench a little distance away. Residents stated that the two elderly women would turn off the electricity and light lamps or candles as soon as evening breaks. They would sometimes be seen cooking late into the evening. One resident stated that ‘Sister Olive’ as she is known would be as late as 21:00 hrs (9 p.m.) cooking. The woman, who would mostly take care of her strokestricken sister, stated that she had earlier taken off the lights and lit a candle and put it into her room, and then lit a lamp and was in the process of making something to eat when she felt intense heat, which turned out to be from flames emanating from the room. A female resident who stated that she used to work with the Londons some time ago, remembered that when she was finished cleaning and cooking, she would make sure that she put away all the matches, but recalled that during the nights the women would get up and light a lamp or candle. Fire fighters and police late Wednesday evening recovered the charred remains of the elderly woman under the bed inside one of the bedrooms. The body is currently at the Arokium Funeral Parlour awaiting an autopsy. Olive London is at present living with a pastor, the same pastor who rescued her from the blaze until residents are



House size 32’x24’ unfinished, land 80’x40’. Location Lusignan- Price $10M neg- Call:617-5714

Rooms- Call:225-9223

VERSAILLES: Furnished 5 bedrooms, self-contained rooms, modern facilities, g e n e r a t o r, beautiful landscape, gated community- Call: 592-6248704/ 592-684-9203 Newly painted 6 bedrooms house, garage & concrete fence $15.5M neg- Call:6195332/604-4174 One Charlestown property with business potential- Call: 673-5882 One 2 storey building with 8ft drive way with two apartments bottom flat in Kitty- Contact Ameer 695-5815

Dead: Margaret London able to find somewhere for her to move. According to residents, the sisters have been living alone in the house for more than 75 years. Investigations are continuing. (From page 30)

Page 31

‘BB’ Eccles- Concrete house 3 bedrooms upstairs, downstairs 2 self contained apartments, 2 bedrooms each toilet & bath $28MCall:227-8409/660-4764 Robb Street $125M, Kitty $30M, Section ‘K’ $40M, Princess Street $62M- Call Diana @227-2256/626-9382

Coolers and ScaffoldingCall:657-0424 Upper flat apartment and shop below for rental at 66 Broad Street CharlestownCall:225-8305/661-7527 To rent 2 Bedrooms fully furnished Short term apartment- Call:222-7891/ 609-9202 3 Bedrooms downstairs apartment @ 19 Goedverwagting, E.C.D $40,000 - Call: 222-9098/ 650-4687 One flat 2 bedrooms house @ Herstelling New H/ Scheme- Tel:660-6555 Apartments to rent US$500 upward- Contact:223-8479/ 647-3768 Houses to rent- Contact:2238479/647-3768 www.

Fully furnished short term apartments, Eccles call: 6797139 Secret Villa apartment, fully furnished apartments Landof-Canaan E.B.D- Call:2665243/266-5245 Harmony Inn: Apartments fully furnished, airconditioned apartments: $5000 per night- Call:6680306/602-8769/694-7817 Hutsonville, E.B.D: Furnished 3 bedrooms/2 bathrooms Bungalow with modern convenience US$550 - Call:697-4131

Haslington, E.C.D: Building ‘A’, concrete/ timber modern 2 storeys, 7 bedrooms, grilled & fenced. Building ‘B’, 3 apartments, fenced- call:2252626/ 225-3068 VACANCY Gardener/ Handyman $3,000 per day & domestic/cook $3,000 per day to work in New Providence- Call:265-7550 Secretary/ assistant @ Berbice-Call:622-6355

Diamond $35,000, Campbellville $100,000, Bel-Air $80,000- US$1000, Atlantic Gardens US$900- Call Diana @227-2256/ 626-9382 One 3 bedrooms upper flat, fully grilled in a quiet neighbourhood @La Parfaite Harmonie- Call:688-7575 Junior

MASSAGE The Gent’s Spa: Let beautiful sophisticated masseuse pamper you: New masseuse available - Call:657-5979

24 Hour East Coast Guyoil needs night pump attendants, salesgirl & office assistantCall: 663-1751/684-2838 1 Female Clerk- Call:231-5171 1 Whole day Domestic- Call: 667-5717/ 650-4761 (between 7am to 6pm)

Furnished short term apartment houses to rent/ sale- Call:687-3017

Albion Truck DriverCall:330-2399/623-5920 Sales person for Plant Shop 18-25 years. Must have secondary education- Call between 8:00am-4:00pmTel:648-1821

EDUCATIONAL I.A.E (Camp street): Forms 15, lessons & adult CXC classes: Maths, English, Business & Science- Call :223-0604/ 683-5742 Electronic Course- hands on training. Starting 2nd October. Abdul electronicsCall:226-655/225-0391

Evening Salesgirls (1:15pm10:30pm), Cashiers & cleaners. Send application & passport sized photograph @ Survival Shopping Complex 173 Sheriff St. Call:227-5286-89 DRIVER and SALES ASSISTANT for Cooking Gas Canter Truck on E.C.D. Salary and Commission. Tel: 266 4427 Vacancy exists for welders. Apply at Alabama Trading Georgetown Ferry Stelling

Kids Computer Courses $4000 monthly @ MicroGraphics Technology Vreed-En-Hoop- Call: 264-3057

Vacancy exists for Accounts Clerk. Apply at Alabama Trading Georgetown Ferry Stelling

Advance Diploma in computer technology: Windows7, Office 2013 6 months course @ MicroGraphics Technology Vreed-EnHoop- Call: 264-3057

Experienced roti/puri cooks, pastry makers, counter servers, cleaners & handy boys. Apply @ Hack’s Halaal 5 Commerce Street

Institute of Academic Supremacy East Street forms 1-5. Adult CXC classes: Maths, English A, Science & Business- Call:226-8468/ 690-5008

One kitchen/ canteen at Secret Villa apartments, Land of Canaan, E.B.D- Call:6680306/689-5838

Trainee refrigeration & AC technician- Call:231-0655/ 683-8734

329 acres of land on Linden Highway- Contact:223-8479/ 647-3768

Paradise, E.C.D: Concrete modern 2 bedrooms, front and rear verandah. Concrete fenced large lot- call:2252626/ 225-3068 Paradise, E.C.D: Concrete modern 2 storeys, 4 bedrooms- 2 masters. Concrete fenced large lotcall:225-2626/ 225-3068

Car wash attendantCall:694-4148 or 225-6296

Jump Start your Career!!! Phone: 220-0401-3 or 220-3488 to schedule your Interview Or Email:recruitment_guyana@

Prime property with business potential close to Leonora Primary School public roadCall:652-0709/268-3572

TO LET Fully furnished Vacation home with all amenitiesCall during working hours227-1218

VACANCY One professional seamstress & one frame builder- Call:6107005/219-1342

Hooked on Phonics classes for children and adult classes- Call:694-0689 Enroll Now! Critchlow Labour College: Industrial & Social Studies, care for the Elderly & CommunicationCall:226-2483

Male janitorial clerk between the ages 18-25 at American Xchange Barber shop. Interested persons Contact 225-3644/643-7339 Pump Attendant & Cashier @Shell Service Station Providence, E.B.D. Must be able to work shift (5am-3pm & 3pm-12pm)- Call:265-7305 2 Cashiers/ office clerks (computer literate) & 2 porters. Apply with written application @ May’s Shopping Centre, 98 Regent St. Georgetown

SERVICES Permanent & Visitors Visa Applications, Profressional Immigration Consultant Room D5 Maraj Building Call:225-6496,6626045,223-8115 Repairs to Fridge, Freezer, AC, Washers, Stoves: Call 683-1312,627-3206 (Nick) Professional and affordable landscaping and tree trimming services. Budram’s Landscaping ServicesCall:656-1326/678-0058 Repairs, sales & spares air conditioning, microwaves, washer, fridges & stoves. Ultra Cool, call:225-9032,647-2943 We repair fridge, freezer, AC, washer, dryer call:2310655,683-8734 Omar HOUSE PLAN DRAFTING FOR ONLY $10,000CALL:694-9843/227-2766 ONLINE SHOPPING ZERO COMMISSION, WEEKLY SHIPMENTS, AFFORDABLE RATES, FREE PRIVATE MAILBOX. CALL:231-5789, 225-9030 WE FILL OUT VISA FORMS:USA, UK & CANADA & CREDIT CARD SERVICES CALL: 231-5789 HOUSE PLAN DRAFTING STARTING @ $9,000CALL:674-0725 Pandit Chrishna Persaud Justice of the Peace, Commissioner of Oaths to Affidavits & Marriage OfficerCall: 225-6344/ 642-5165

SALON Make Up Courses, Artist Trained & Certified in Trinidad. Call: 660-5257, 647-1773

TOUR Suriname return trip 12-16 October. Shopping siteseeing lots of funCall:644-0185/639-2663/ 227-8290/665-5171

Page 32

Kaieteur News

Friday September 27, 2013

Friday September 27, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Page 34

Kaieteur News

Friday September 27, 2013

Iran hits at ‘unfair’ U.N. nuclear agency ahead of talks VIENNA (Reuters) - Iran has sharply criticized the U.N. nuclear watchdog over “baseless allegations” about its atomic activity, a document showed before talks between the two sides today to discuss a stalled inquiry into suspected bomb research by Tehran. The uncompromising language in the paper, and the fact that Iran asked the U.N. agency to make it public, may disappoint those hoping for a softening of the Islamic state’s nuclear stance under new President Hassan Rouhani, a relative moderate. Iran’s new government said on Wednesday it wanted to “jump-start” separate talks with six world powers on a diplomatic solution to a decade-long dispute over its uranium enrichment program and hoped for a deal in three to six months. But in a 20-page “explanatory note” posted on the website of the International Atomic Energy Agency yesterday, Iran’s mission to the IAEA detailed many objections to its latest report on Tehran’s nuclear program, issued last month. “The claims and baseless allegations against the Islamic Republic of Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities ... are unprofessional, unfair, illegal and politicized,” it said. It was an apparent reference to the IAEA’s concerns, spelled out in a series of quarterly reports, about what it calls the possible military dimensions to Iranian nuclear activities. IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano had “relied on some forged, fabricated and false information provided by Western intelligence services

Hassan Rouhani and known sources hostile to Iran”, the Iranian note, dated September 12, said. Iran has aired similar views before. The document appeared on the IAEA website (http:// Documents/Infcircs/2013/

infcirc854.pdf) as Iran’s foreign minister was due to meet his big power counterparts in New York to discuss Western suspicions that Iran may be seeking to develop nuclear weapons capability. Iran denies this. In Vienna today, officials from the IAEA and Iran will hold their first talks since Rouhani took office in August, in a new attempt by the U.N. agency to secure Iranian cooperation with its inquiry into suspected activities applicable to the development of nuclear weapons. Separately from big power diplomacy to head off a Middle East war over Iran’s nuclear ambitions, the IAEA has held 10 rounds of talks with Tehran since early 2012 to try to gain access to sites, officials a n d d o c u m e nts for its investigation.

Friday September 27, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Kaieteur News

Friday September 27, 2013

Friday September 27, 2013

Kaieteur News

Letters... Where your views make the news The City Council needs to get its act together and determine who really is in charge DEAR EDITOR, Something is seriously wrong with the attempted termination of two of the city’s garbage collection contractors, Cevons Waste Management and Dartmouth Skips by the acting Town Clerk. As I understand it, the Mayor and City Council has three contractors responsible for the collection of garbage; Cevons Waste Management, Dartmouth Skips and Puran Bros, but according to the news, the acting Town Clerk has been attempting to terminate the service of both Cevons Waste Management and Dartmouth Skips. Puran Bros continues to work without any problem.

If, as it is claimed, that Cevons Waste Management, Dartmouth Skips and Puran Bros contracts have expired, then why attempt to terminate the service of two and not all. More than that, the Mayor and Councillors said they knew nothing about this attempt, neither did they authorized the Town Clerk acting to take such action. What is really going on at the City Council? Who is giving the acting Town Clerk orders? What is her role to the City? Perhaps, the action by the Minister of Local Government to hand pick her for the position, says it all. Perhaps, she is taking

orders from the Minister and not the Council. This is a good case of the tail wagging the dog. The Council needs to get its act together and determine who really is in charge. Citizens voted for Councillors who would properly represent them. They should not have a Clerk, whether the Town Clerk or any other Clerk, forcing decisions upon them that they know are not the best for the City. At the end of the day, the buck stops at the Mayor. Come on Mr. Hamilton Green, you can do better than that, take control of the Council and help citizens be healthy, comfortable and safe. Aubrey James

Questions for the President DEAR EDITOR Mr. President, when s t a r ting a new business (which is what the Berbice River Bridge, the Marriott Hotel Project, Amaila Falls Hydroelectric Project, etc. are) that offers a product or service, you start with whatever price someone else is charging for that product or service. If it is a completely new product you make an assumption of what you can charge. This is your feasibility study. Then, Mr. President, you look at your expenses (wages, buildings, maintenance, utility bills, insurance, etc). You factor this into your feasibility study which then changes the price for your goods or service. Next, you look at your financing (not just loans, but your own equity). This again changes your price that you can charge. This is as far as I believe we have done the feasibility studies in Guyana. What needs to happen is that an account needs to be made for the change in ownership and control of the

projects.This has not happened. Mr. Winston Brassington repackaged the deals, thus changing t h e o r i g i n a l feasibility study; therefore, they are all flawed.

Then, he actually used the Privatization Act to bypass the Procurement Act. This is not acting in good faith. The Procurement Act is there for a reason. Sean McLean

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Kaieteur News

Friday September 27, 2013

Athletics and Weightlifting in focus...

GHRA holds general meeting

From page 39 finals tomorrow. Coach Julian Edmonds has been taking the athletes through their paces every day after arriving on Wednesday September 18, they closed out training on Wednesday last. Athletics time is from 10:00hrs here, 11:00hrs Guyana time. The weather will be no different than what has been reported in earlier reports, rather, it is expected to be much more challenging at the athletics Stadium which is outdoors but the athletes have promised to give of their best. The lone Weightlifter who will be in action this evening from 19:00hrs will be Deniola Bristol in the 53kg division. Darren Williams will be competing tomorrow in the 77kg class while Sheriah Melville will contest the 63+kg division on Sunday. Coach Sean Cozier said that he is confident his lifters will hold their own.

The Guyana Horse Racing Authority (GHRA) will be holding an urgent general members meeting on Sunday 29th September beginning at 12:00hrs at the Bush Lot United Turf Club, Sea View Park, West Coast, Berbice. A number of topics are set to be discussed including looking at race meets for the rest of the year. Reviewing race meets that were completed since the formation of the body; looking

Friday September 27, 2013 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): Is it time to take a more drastic approach to solving a problem, Aries? If you've made several attempts to resolve your trouble to no avail, it might be something to consider. As long as drastic doesn't equate with destructive, you may find it works to try something more aggressive. *************************** TAURUS (APR 20 MAY 20): Tap into your creativity to unblock your emotions today, Taurus. This can be a more powerful tool than you realize. *************************** GEMINI (MAY 21 JUN 20): You may need to deal with disapproval today, Gemini. This will likely come from someone you see as a superior or authority figure, perhaps a parent or teacher. *************************** CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): Taking time alone is essential for everyone, Cancer, but recognize when you're isolating yourself to the point where it's unhealthy. If you ask why you're taking this time and answer because you're avoiding something or someone, you need to reconsider. Things will only build and get worse under these conditions. *************************** LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): Watch out for the greeneyed monster today, Leo. It can rear up before you even say the word "jealousy" if you're not on your guard. Many situations that cause this feeling are born of insecurity. ************************ VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): You may feel insecure about your appearance today, Virgo. This can be a vicious cycle, and the end result is almost always negative. Rather than picking yourself to pieces, find ways to accept your looks.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): Jealousy might rear its head today, Libra. The key to coping with it is to understand why you feel insecure. If you're jealous of a partner, why is this? *************************** SCORPIO (OCT 23 NOV 21): Arts and crafts may hold your interest today, Scorpio. Even if you lean more toward sports, an artistic streak likely runs pretty strong in you. *************************** SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 - DEC 21): Getting along with others may prove challenging today, Sagittarius. The planetary aspects can have you isolating yourself. You might feel impatient and easily annoyed. If this is so, stay solo if you can. *************************** CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19):Don't be surprised if you're a little weepy today, Capricorn. The day's planetary influences could enhance your sensitivity to everything, including your feelings. Let yourself cry if you need to - it can be cleansing. *************************** AQUARIUS (JAN 20 FEB 18): Obsessive thinking may be something you need to look at today, Aquarius. Common areas for such behaviors are in the pursuit of money, power, success, and romance. *************************** PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20):Don't act impulsively today, Pisces. It can be easy to confuse this with spontaneity, but one has more thought in it than the other. Look before you leap! Think everything through from decisions to projects to contracts. for hurt by being gullible.

at race meet for the rest of the year; registration and affiliation of the various clubs, classification and reclassification of horse, jockeys, trainers and horse owners association and payments. Issues affecting Horse owners and the smooth running of horse racing will also be issued including disciplinary matters. The present position with the Horseracing Legislation

will also be looked at. President of the body retired Chancellor Justice Cecil Kennard will chair the meeting which is expected to be attended by representatives of all the horse racing club in Guyana, the major stables and horse owners. The meeting is also expected to hear from the various committees that have the put in place on the work that they have done so far.

Berbice maul Essequibo... From page 42 from 11 Tests, snatched 613 from 8.1 overs, while offspinner Krishnadat Ramoo, who replaced Gudakesh Motie (unavailable due to West Indies youth team duties) in the side, supported with 2-29 as they orchestrated a dramatic collapse. Boddie again played aggressively, pounding five fours in 35, while Fredericks hit four boundaries in 22 as Essequibo galloped to 55 in 15 overs before their collapse. Jason Heyliger (17) was the only other batsman to reach double figures. Anthony D’Andrade, who smashed seven fours and two sixes in his unbeaten 47 and his Skipper, the 32-year-old Sewnarine Chattergoon, who has played four Tests but none since 2008, saw their team to an emphatic win. Chattergoon finished on 35 not out with six fours to leave Essequibo as the only team without a win. (Sean Devers)

Friday September 27, 2013

1st South American Youth Games By Franklin Wilson in Peru Guyana’s medal tally increased by one to five (5) on day six of the inaugural South American Youth Games (1SAYG) in Lima, Peru yesterday after Narayan Randhani lost his semi-final game in the Badminton Singles competition. Ramdhani, who defeated Jesus Sanchez of Venezuela in their quarterfinal encounter, could not repeat that performance coming up against the number one ranked player in South America and the Pan American Region. However, the young Guyanese did not go down easy as he fought with his more experienced and older rival in both sets which he eventually lost 15-21 and 1421. The 15-year-old Ramdhani, while disappointed he was not able to conquer his rival, was pleased with his performance in the competition. His father and Coach,

Kaieteur News

Ramdhani cops bronze in Badminton; Gaskin & Adams ends with 50m breaststroke PB’s; Edghill & Britton out of TT singles Gokarn, said he was also pleased with the performance of young Ramdhani coming up against players who are much more experienced even though they are still pretty young in this age-group competition among fourteen (14) South American countries. Soren Opti of Suriname, the number two ranked player also lost his semifinal match and like Ramdhani, won a bronze medal which they will be presented with at today’s presentation ceremony following the final. Both players will now contest the Mixed Pairs doubles where they will team up with colleagues from other countries. Swimming Hannibal Gaskin and Omar Adams closed out the swimming competition for Guyana with personal best achievements in their 50m breaststroke events. Competing in first half of

heat 2, Omar Adams whose reaction time after the starting whistle was very impressive, was not able to match the speed of the six other competitors in this event, ending in 7th place in a time of 30.49 seconds. He was however able to lower his entry time for the event which was 32.09 seconds; the winning time for this heat was 26.23 seconds. Gaskin too, while not able to keep up with athletes who are much more exposed at this level, managed to post a better individual time. His entry time was 29.79 and he swam 29.64 even though he was not at his best. The winning time for this heat was 26.23 seconds; there was a tie in this race. Coach Sean Baksh said he was quite pleased with the overall performances of his swimmers which also included Onika George. He is of the view that with much more pool time and competition at higher levels,

Guyanese swimmers would be able to be way more competitive against their peers from other countries. Table Tennis Both Chelsea Edghill and Shemar Britton were eliminated from the Singles competition after final preliminary round play yesterday. Edghill having won one game and lost two on the opening day, Wednesday, had to win her encounter against M. Lorenzotti of Uruguay to advance but that was not to be as the timid Edghill lost the battle in three sets, 11-7 11-5 11-4. Britton looked well against all his opponents, taking comfortable leads only to allow them to rebound and put him away. In the afternoon session, he lost to H. Cifuentes of Argentina in four sets, 9-11 8-11 11-8 7-11. Britton was leading comfortably in the second set by as much as 6 points but somehow shut down mentally

Albouystown, Wortmanville begin battle for Inter-Ward B/ball title

By Edison Jefford Guyana’s best, and most firm, referees will certainly have their work cut out tonight in the muchanticipated duel between Albouystown/Charlestown and Wortmanville/Werk-enRust in Game I of the best-ofthree Final of the Inter-Ward Basketball Championships. Rest assured that the two urban-based teams are used to tough street-ball, which will be employed at its maximum tonight at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall to give either side advantages that can ensure a 1-0 lead in the three-game series heading into tomorrow night. In the semis last weekend, Plaisance/Vryheid’s Lust, which have been the most offensively potent team in the 2013 competition, after scoring in excess of 100 points twice, were dismantled against Wortmanville with some tough plays within the closing minutes. Plaisance had no answer for the banging they received in the paint. Alberttown/ Bourda that came up against Albouystown in their semi had no answer for the same style of basketball as well with Collis ‘Forty’ Pluck running a riot in the paint for 20-plus points. Tonight’s final puts the two toughest teams in the competition against each other in a feud that is

Page 39

which allowed enough space for Cifuentes to claw his way back. Despite the Guyanese winning the third game 11-8, the Argentine who gave up height advantage to Britton, rebounded to win the fourth at 7 to seal victory. Britton’s final game against A. Cabrera of Ecuador was no different in terms of him being able to hold his own for periods in the game but losing focus and patience as the matches matured. HE was comfortable ahead in the first set but lost 10-12; Cabrera then took the next two set at 7 and 9 to wrap up victory.

Coach Linden Johnson noted that both his players are talented, held their own against the opposing players who are also talented but posited that they Guyanese duo somehow were not playing to their full potential, Mentally he said, they were not 100% which allowed their opponents the room to overcome them. Edghill and Britton will now seek fortunes in the Mixed Doubles competition today, Edghill will team up with Alejandro Toranzos of Paraguay while Britton will partner Melibeth Velarde of Panama.

Athletics and Weightlifting in focus from today at 1SAYG Guyana’s Track Athletes will be taking to the track from today as will one of the three Weightlifters when rivalry at the inaugural South American Youth Games continues in Lima, Peru. Tirana Mitchell and Dequawn Vancooten will be seeking to enter the 100m finals respectively when they take on the opposing countries in the semifinals. Andrea Foster will be contesting the 1500m final and hopes are high for the Guyanese quartet to add to the medal tally. Jason Yaw will be contesting the 400m semi (Continued on page 38)

Andrea Foster

World Champs Argentina demolish... Naylon Loncke

Nicko Fraser

Randy Richardson

extended beyond basketball. The urban conflicts of both ‘hoods’ will be live on the court tonight in what will be a gruelling contest for supremacy and bragging rights. Albouystown has ensured that its hardcore supporters accompany them to each game, which will increase for the final. The same will be the case for Wortmanville with supporters of both teams opposing each other in an east/west conventional seating arrangement. The tension and emotions will be high with referees in the centre to ensure that quality basketball is played throughout the game. All-in-all, the final, beginning tonight at 8pm, will be a classic on the local roster with a juxtaposition of street and officialdom. Pluck with support from Nicko Fraser and Marvis

Hilliman has been the toughest to overcome in the paint and front court for Albouystown/Charlestown, which also has Joel Ifill, younger brother of national star, Andrew Ifill, playing in the power forward position. The four players are a decent combination of ‘big men’. Albouystown’s back court is vulnerable, which will be an area for Wortmanville/ Werk-en-Rust to exploit; veteran guard, Trevor McCleod does not have the support in neither on-court or bench personnel. Conversely, Wortmanville has the swingm e n t h a t could play in the front court, then swing to the back court such as Naylon Loncke and Randy Richardson, which gives any defence headaches to guard. The inside-out offence is one of the most slippery in the game. Apart from Loncke and

Richardson, there is Michael Turner, who has unleashed an unexpected superior brand of basketball at this level that has caught many off guard. Wortmanville looks like the more position-specific team on paper, which gives them an edge. They have a pure shooter in Shawn Gillis to support the forward, swingmen and they have a true centre in Joslyn Crawford. They also have the deeper bench with Elton Jefford Jr. It is for Coach, Clement Brusche to see these strengths and maximise their potential. But anyway, Albouystown/Charlestown, characteristically, will not roll over and give up the win. Wortmanville/Werken-Rust will have to take it and that’s an introduction of a fight between two urban teams that knows more than anything else, how to represent themselves.

From page 42 route to an Argentina total of 11 goals by halftime. While Aymar, winner of the World Player of the Year award a record seven times, was content to play the role of playmaker in the first half, but she would further excite the voluminous crowd in the second half with a plethora of goals of her own. Guyana fought bravely in the second half, but gained very few opportunities to threaten the Argentine goal. Aymar, meanwhile, chalked up four goals to her name in the second half, while Rebecci added two more to her first half double. Argentina repeated their amazing first half performance with eleven more goals in the second half. Coach Philip Fernandes indicated after the game that it was a difficult match for the Guyanese as they were outclassed in every aspect of the game. Fernandes said that the team made several tactical adjustments during the match, but that did not

improve the situation as the Argentines were too powerful for the Guyanese to establish an impact on the game. With the Guyanese overwhelmed by the hosts, Guyana now faces Uruguay in the crossovers for 5 – 8 places. Fernandes indicated that the competition for the last few spots is really the major focus for the Guyanese ladies. He stated that the team knew they would not be able to compete with the very top teams in the competition, but that they are hopeful to make an impact among the next tier. The winner of the Guyana versus Uruguay match today (Thursday 26th September) will go on to play in the 5th& 6th match, while the loser will battle to avoid the final place in the eight team competition. World #36 ranked Uruguay will be a difficult challenge for the #56 ranked Guyanese who last met them in the World League one year ago and lost by 4 – 1.

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Friday September 27, 2013

Former Multi students tackle sports infrastructure on road to reinstatement of school

Somewhere amidst this dense undergrowth lies what was once the Multilateral School. The old students vow to restore it to a playable plot Physical Education has been a vital aspect of the school curriculum and many a young man (and woman) can attest to the many benefits derived from participation in sports. The popular idiom ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ simply exemplifies the importance of sports in the school curriculum, yet the emphasis placed on this very

important activity in some schools merely underscore the inability or reluctance of local sports administrators to effect the requisite actions to enhance the fortunes of school children. Anyone attending the North Ruimveldt Multilateral School during the late seventies and early eighties can attest to the sports conscious agenda of the

administration of that school and supported by a vibrant Sports Ministry of that era. The field aback the school was touted to be the largest in comparison to many others and was well groomed. The large auditorium to the south of the school was well equipped with sports gears, gymnastic equipment and well kept changing lockers. On the eastern side of the

Courts / Petra Organisation Schools Pee Wee Football Tournament

Twelve matches scheduled for opening round tomorrow Twelve matches will be played on opening day in this year’s Petra Organisationorganised Courts Pee Wee Schools Football Competition which commences tomorrow, at the Thirst Park ground. In the first game of the day, defending champions Marian Academy battles East La Penitence on pitch #1, while St. Margaret’s square off against Green Acres on pitch #1, starting at 10:30 hrs. In the next double header, Redeemer engages Sophia, while St. Ambrose and

Enterprise lock horns from 11:20 hrs. The third set of matches will see Tucville and Winfer Gardens face off, while South Ruimveldt and West Field round out the engagements starting at 12:10 hrs. In the fourth round of matches, St. Angela’s is drawn to play Ketley, but word from the Organisers has confirmed that the latter will not participate in the tournament and a replacement is being sought. In the other game, F.E. Pollard and Success is paired to play each other at 13:00 hrs.

West Ruimveldt tackles Stella Maris and that will be followed by the clash between St. Gabriel’s and St. Stephen’s at 13:50 hrs and in the final set of matches for the day, North Georgetown play J.E. Burnham to be followed by the encounter between St. Sidwell’s and St. Pius from 14:00 hrs. Meanwhile, the Organisers held a briefing and Lunch for members of the media yesterday at the Bransville Apartments where the rules and fixtures were discussed.

9th Annual Laparkan Holdings Ltd Cycle programme fixed for tomorrow at National Park The 9th Annual Laparkan Holdings Limited (11) Race Cycle Programme is set for Saturday at the National Park Circuit. Events slated for the day are 12-14 years Boys and Girls 3 laps, Veteran U-50 years 5 laps, Veteran over 50 years 5 laps, Veterans over 60 years 5 laps, Juveniles 10 laps, BMX Boys open 3 laps, BMX Boys 12- 14 years 3 laps, BMX 9-12 years 3 laps, BMX 6-9 years 2 laps, Mountain Bikers 5 laps and School Boys and

Invitation 35 laps. Robin Persaud is the defending champion for the 35 laps School Boys and Invitation; he won the race in 1hr, 20 minutes and 55 seconds in 2012, while Raul Leal who sustained an injury during a training session earlier this year, won the 10 laps Juvenile in 26 minutes 0.251 seconds. Junior Niles is the current champion of the 5 laps veteran U-50 event. He crossed the finish line in 11 minutes 49.69

seconds. Jude Bentley and Alfie Soonaram are the title holders of the 5 laps Mountain Bikers and 3 laps 12-14 Boys and Girls races respectively. Bentley won in 13 minutes 20 seconds while Soonaram time was 7 minutes 7 seconds. nRepresentatives of the sponsor will be on hand to distribute the prizes to the respective winners and action gets under way at 09:00hrs. The programme is being organsied by national Cycling Coach Hassan Mohamed.

Headmistress, Margaret Joseph (R) inspects the hard court in the company of Senior Master, Kirwyn Mars (extreme L), PRO, Lincoln Callender and Secretary Eshelle Cambridge school was a hard court complete with basketball hoops and also facilitated football, lawn tennis and other disciplines. But all this is a thing of the past; the current unsightly jungle-like topography of the playfield has been in that state for so long that hardly anyone would believe that many of this country’s elite athletes have actually honed their skills there. The hard court is also in an unkempt state and is no good to the children yearning for somewhere to play football, cricket or just simply run around playing a good old game of ‘catcher.’ Recently, the members of the North Ruimveldt Multilateral School Old Students Association (NRMSOSA) has installed a new executive with former

boxing champion, also a former member of the school, Michael Benjamin, installed as President. Andrea Hunter is the Vice President with Eshelle Cambridge as the Secretary. The other executive members are Arthur Gibbs (Treasurer), Lincoln Callender (PRO). Committee members are Dexter Wyles, Ricardo Manbodh, Terrence Mentore, Julia McKenzie and Rawle Carter The executive group held discussions with the headmistress, Margaret Joseph last Wednesday on varied topics and a need to revitalize the sports sector was high on the agenda. Two other teachers, Senior Master Kirwyn Mars and Senior Mistress, Lillian Prowell were also present at the forum. Though the discussions expanded to several issues, a

pertinent one was the rehabilitation of the playfield and hard court. Since the cost of rehabilitating the field is somewhat prohibitive, the members of the NRMSOSA hope to tackle the latter facility. Towards this end, the group has planned a function dubbed ‘Back in Time Party’ at the Loft Disco, Alberttown scheduled for October 25 next. Already, the group has benefited from the largesse of furniture giants, Court, who has donated a financial package to offset the cost of the venue while Giftland Office Max has donated the tickets. The group plans to engage in several other fund raisers in the near future as plans are in train to resuscitate the sports sector while placing emphasis on the social environment.

F&H Printing Countrywide Million Dollars plus” Dominoes commences today The F&H Printing Establishment located at 90 John Street Campbellville, Georgetown ,with the blessings of the Guyana National Dominoes Federation (GNDF) will commence its “Countrywide Million Dollars plus” Dominoes competition today at its headquarters (90 John Street Campbellville, Georgetown). The competition begins with the playing of corporation zones which comprises teams from corporate entities, various Government Ministries and Agencies and Private Sector businesses. A recent press release stated that players can only play for one team in the entire competition, regardless of the zone.

Schiebeler & Co. ltd of T&T onboard

Hazim Hakh Manager F&H Printing Establishment Over 60 teams are expected to participate in this segment of the competition

and Double Six time is 19:00 hrs. Meanwhile, Schiebeler & Co. Ltd of Trinidad and Tobago has committed to sponsoring the first prize of the competition. Hazim Hakh, Manager F&H Printin g Establishment, is a passionate dominoes enthusiast and decided to sponsor the event last year with the aim of popularising the sport and also to foster better relations among the various entities. Following unexpected success, he decided to put his energies behind the tournament for a second year. His aim is the make the event an annual one.

Friday September 27, 2013

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Page 41

Anticipation high as officials launch Police pulls plug on Bush Lot ‘Sambo’-a popular martial Arts form United Turf Club race meet Though a popular sport on the world stage, few Guyanese really know of Sambo which, in fact, is a thriving martial arts form that originated in Russian. Interested persons will be introduced to the intricacies of the sport when officials of the Guyana Sambo and Combat Sambo Federation (GSCSF) convene at the National Gymnasium tomorrow afternoon to officially launch the sport on the local scene. Activities get underway with a training seminar and conclude on Sunday September 29th. The event will be graced by Dr. Andrey Moshanov; Head of Development of the International Sambo Federation (FIAS) and Panamanian Grandmaster Dr. Chu while instructors will be drawn from several countries including Russia, Panama, Suriname and Trinidad & Tobago. Carwyn Holland became Guyana’s first certified instructor earlier this year and is the President of the GSCSF. He opined that Guyanese have had a tradition of excellence in combat sports but feels that locals are often stymied in their efforts to showcase their potential overseas. The GSCFA President is particularly enthused with the introduction of Sambo to

Carwyn Holland

Dr. Andrey Moshanov

Guyana and stressed that there is a wealth of opportunities available for the exposure of Guyanese talent through the parent body, the International Sambo Federation (FIAS). Sambo is also included into the official program of the World Martial Arts Games SportAccord, the Pan-American Games and the World Summer Universiade 2013 and is on par with Olympic sports. Officials are also confident that the sport will soon be inaugurated into the Olympics. FIAS has been the official international governing body for Sambo fighting for approximately thirty years while fostering and integrating Sambo federations worldwide. To date, over eighty countries have embraced Sambo, with

FIAS offering support resources, training opportunities and regular competitions worldwide. Sambo is a Russian originated, martial arts and combat sport which teaches selfdefence devoid of weapons. It is ideal for improving hand-tohand defensive abilities for both experienced combat sportsmen and novices; its ‘Safe Fall’ programme has consequently been embraced by UNICEF. Experienced combat sports men and novices alike can benefit from Sambo training. Mr. Holland an advocate for sports tourism and is eager to introduce Sambo to Guyana. He envisages numerous opportunities on the international stage for local participants. Holland may be contacted on telephone 2264484.

After more than two months of intense perpetration and the assurance that all is well and with just a few days away from race day, the police have thrown a missile at the organising machinery of the Bush Lot United Turf Club (BLUTC) one day horserace meet which was slated for this Sunday 29th September by refusing to give permission. The meet which was being organised in collaboration with the Inshan Bacchus Trucking Service and Nazrudeen Mohamed ‘Junior’ of Jumbo Jet Auto Sales and Stables has been rescheduled for November 10th at the same venue. The police have cited the police Gymkhana on the same date at Hopetown for the reason to refuse permission. However, the organisers are not too happy with the police last minute decision. They indicated that they will incur a great degree of losses as a result of the last minute refusal by the police force to provide security for the event. “They knew about this event and their Gymkhana a long time ago, why they did not make a decision about permission then, to wait at the last minute to refuse to give permission is reprehensible. All systems were in place, all other permissions were granted, horses were beginning to

Event rescheduled for November 10

Coordinator Lakeram Buddy Sukdeo arrive at the venue and other auxiliary set up were being moved into position when the police called for a last minute meeting and notified that no permission will be granted.” “There is no security crisis, why can’t the event be help simultaneously with the Gymkhana,” they queried. The seven race meet has so far attracted over 70 entries with incentives totaling over $7M being up for grabs. A number of the country’s top horses have already entered with the feature race being for horses classified ‘C’ with a $1.2M first prize and over a mile. The other events were for horses classified E and

lower one mile event with a top prize of $600,000 and trophy. The six furlongs three Year old event for the Guyana and West Indies bred and born horses for a winning take of $500,000 and trophy. The event for two year old Guyana and West Indies Bred horses over five furlongs also for $500,000 and trophy. The six furlongs race for horses classified G3 and lower for a winning purse of $400,000. The ‘I’ and lower six furlongs race for$200,000andtheJandKsix furlongs match up for a winning pocketing$150,000. Among some of the sponsors on board were Banks DIH Limited, Buddy Shivraj, Jumbo Jet, Trophy Stall Bourda Market, Inshan Bacchus Business Enterprise, Lekeram ‘Buddy’ Sukhdeo, Mohammed ‘Nanko’ Shariff Business Enterprise, Phagoo General Store, Eron Lall Civil Engineering and Construction, Baijnauth Sawmilling, Darmin Chattergoon, Romell Jagroop construction,Premo Baldeo, Rohan Oudit construction among others. Persons can make contact with Coordinator and Treasurer Lakeram B. Sukhdeo on Number 232-0558 or 672-0810 or President Roop Jagit (tel 232-0231) for further queries. The organisers have planned more prizes and races for the next date. (Samuel Whyte)


Trophy Stall and Goodwood hand over trophies THE SECOND Georgetown Softball Cricket League Inc. (GSCL) organized 12/12 tournament received a b o o s t y e s t e r d a y, w h e n Devi Sunich, the wife of Managing Director of Trophy Stall of Bourda Market and Hadi’s City Mall Ramesh Sunich, handed over the first placed trophy to the organizers first vice-president Ian John. The gesture emphasized the corporate support which has been forthcoming for this tournament following a s u c c e s s f u l inaugural competition last May; this was highlighted by Director of Sport Neil Kumar, at the opening ceremony three weeks ago. Kumar said that he was following the first tournament in the press and is confident that the second will be successful and says that the GSCL Inc. is setting a good example. “When I look at the list of sponsors you have this second tournament, it is indeed encouraging and it shows that those persons are

….Tournament concludes this weekend

Mrs. Devi Sunich, wife of Managing Director of Trophy Stall of Bourda Market and Hadi’s City Mall Ramesh Sunich (left), hands over the first place trophy to first vice-president of the GSCL Inc. Ian John. confident and have placed their trust in the executive members of the GSCL Inc., while the uniformity of the

teams shows the growth of the sport”, stated Kumar. Mr. Sunich in an invited comment following the

presentation yesterday said he felt pleased to be associated with the GSCL Inc, adding that his team has reached the quarterfinal stage of the present tournament. “The GSCL Inc. is really doing a fantastic job with softball cricket for teams in the Capital City and its surroundings and when I was approached to come on board, I had no hesitation doing so”, said Sunich. John thanked both Sunich and Managing Director of Goodwood Racing Services Chetram Singh for their timely contribution towards the successful staging of the GSCL second tournament. “Not only has they been working with us, but they are other sponsors who have been contributing to the success of our tournament and I wish to thank them on behalf of the GSCL”, said John. Other sponsors who have been making their contribution felt are Memorex

Enterprise, Five Star Minerals, Romain Car Wash, Chung’s Global Enterprise, Star Party Rentals, Global Marketing Agency, Chunilall Baboolall, Hopkinson Mining, Dale Scott Gas Station, Mike’s Copy Centre, Elegant Jewellery and Pawn Shop, King’s Jewellery World, Digimax, Fabulous Homes Realty, Better Value Realty, Aagman Indian Cuisine, the Management of Everest Cricket Club and the management and staff of Regal Stationery and Computer Supplies, especially their Managing Director Mahendra ‘Anil’ Hardyal, who has been the driving force behind the GSCL Inc. Meanwhile, the tournament will culminate this weekend at the Everest Cricket Club ground, with the playing of the quarterfinals tomorrow from 09:30hrs sharp, with the quarterfinalists being Regal XI and Trophy Stall (Group A), Speedboat and Recharge (Group B), Wolf Warriors and Invaders (Group C) and

defending champions Memorex and Universal DVD Titans from Group D. Tomorrow’s matches will see Wolf Warriors and Universal DVD Titans meeting first, followed by the Memorex versus Invaders matchup, Regal XI will then take on Recharge, before Trophy Stall play Speedboat. The winner of match number one will oppose the winner of match number four in the first semi final On Sunday whilst the winner of the second and third quarterfinal matches, will collide in the second semifinal matchup, with the two victorious sides meeting in the final on the said day. As was evident when the GSCL Inc. ran off the first 12/12 tournament in May, w h i c h s aw Memorex defeating Regal XI to take home the top prize of $600,000 and trophy, following the feats of the then Most Valuable Player (MVP) Shimron Hetmyer, the finals for the second tournament will be broadcasted live via NCN Radio.

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Pepsi Inter-County cricket

Berbice maul Essequibo by 10 wkts, book place in Sunday’s final Berbice warmed up for their Pepsi Inter-County 50 overs final against Demerara at Albion on Sunday with a crushing 10-wicket win against Essequibo at Bourda yesterday in a one-sided final preliminary round game. Played in blistering sunshine on a flat track

Berbice coasted to victory by scoring 94 without loss replying to Essequibo’s embarrassing 93 all out in 31.1 overs. A handful of spectators watched as the Essequibo openers Skipper Royan Fredericks and Wicketkeeper Kevon Boddie again give

Manager of Fitness Express Ian Rogers (left) hands over the trophy to organizer David Hunte (extreme right). Senior organising secretary of the Georgetown Dominoes Association Mark Wiltshire is second from left while Ashton Clement is second from right. Demerara. The winning team will receive a trophy and $175,000, the runner up a trophy and $75,000 and third place $40,000. The player sharing the first love with the best average and the most valuable player of the final will be given $5,000 each. Meanwhile, Fitness Express has sponsored the first place trophy. Yesterday

DCB launches Over-40 T/20 Tournament

their team a solid start before the side from Guyana’s largest County capitulated to a double digit total in ideal batting conditions by losing all 10 wickets for 38 runs. Twenty-seven year old Leg-spinner Devendra Bishoo, who has 40 wickets (Continued on page 32)

Hunt\B4 Dominoes: Providence, Thunder, Rage register wins Providence, Thunder and Rage have registered victories in the opening round of the David Hunt\B 4 Dominoes competition which got under way last Sunday at Dynasty. Providence marked 72 games to win group A ahead of Phantom 70 and Masters 62. Junior Smith scored 16 for the winners while Colin Thomas made 15 for Phantom. Rage chalked 76 games to win group B while R and R placed second with 70 Mix Up third with 66. Vibert De Freitas and Ronald Beharry rattled up 17 each for Rage, while Orin Favorite and Larry Edwards made 16 apiece for R and R; Rawl Peters and Mark Wiltshire had 15 apiece for Mix Up. Thunder won group C with 76 games while Lions took the runner up spot with 72 and Gangster finished third with 70. Junior Bailey led Thunder with 17 games, while Kevin Boston scored 15 for Lions. Dereck Collymore and Sheldon Collymore rattled up 15 each for Gangster. The competition continues this evening. The final will be played on Sunday at Middle Street, Pouderoyen West Bank

Friday September 27, 2013

at a simple ceremony held at the entity’s location in Sheriff Street, Manager Ian Rogers upon handing over the prize to the competition organizer David Hunte said they are happy to be part of the tournament, while Hunte thanked them for their support. The runner up trophy is being donated by Ashton Clement.

President of the DCB and proprietor of Raj Singh Insurance Brokers Raj Singh (second left) hands over the sponsorship cheque to DCB administrator Melinda Bishundyal. East Bank Demerara cricket coordinator Deonarayan Debidial (right) and DCB Marketing Manager Ray Persaud displays the winning and runner-up trophies The Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) yesterday launched its inaugural Over40 T20 competition for subassociation teams affiliated with the DCB. Eight teams from across Demerara will be vying for top honours. The format will see two teams from each area (Georgetown, East Band Demerara, East Coast Demerara and West Bank Demerara) playing each other once in the preliminary round, which is slated to bowl off on October 25. At the launching ceremony held at the Georgetown Cricket Club pavilion, purported president of the DCB, Raj Singh said the competition is specifically geared towards bringing a

close to the rancor and disunity that has permeated the smooth and efficient administration of the game in Demerara. “We trust that all administrators would come on board with this bold gesture by the DCB aimed at fostering unity and cohesion amongst those said persons within Demerara as no one will be excluded,” Singh said. Matches will be played every Friday at 13:00hrs for eight weeks and to make the games more interesting, each player excepting the wicketkeeper would be required to bowl two overs each. Meanwhile, it is intended that a strong Demerara team

would be selected at the end of the tournament to oppose their counterparts from the other two counties at a later stage. The tournament is sponsored by Raj Singh Insurance Brokers and Trophy Stall. Interested players can make contact with the following persons from the various areas: Georgetown: Nazimul Drepaul – 615 8683 and S. Atwell – 609 6976; East Bank Demerara: Johnny Azeez – 649 0243 and O. Sandy – 685 3142; East Coast Demerara: Colin Europe – 611 6675 and Sheik Mohamed – 615 1900 and West Bank Demerara: Lalta Digamber – 623 9694 and K Mangal – 628 0484.

World Champs Argentina demolish Guyana at Pan Am Cup

Price Right Supermarket U/ Corentyne 2nd division Cricket

Ramdass scores first century for springlands

The Price is Right Supermarket Upper Corentyne Second Division cricket competition first round started with a blast as Springlands opening batsman Trishan Ramdass hammered 135 with 11x4 & 12x6 as Springlands defeated No.72 All Star by 168 runs. Scores were Springlands 289-5 from 35 overs in reply No. 72 All Star were bowled out in 23.5 overs for 121 runs. Bowling for Springlands Nadeem Shahabudeen took 3 for 23 and T.Ally 2 for 1. In other first round matches Skeldon Community

Centre defeated Young Royals by 8 wickets. Scores were Young Royals bowled out for 46 runs. Bowling for Skeldon Victor Pedro took 3 for 8, Deon Esau 3 for 14, Skeldon replied with 47 for 2 with Christopher Jaundoo 31*. No. 70 Young Star defeated No.73 Young Warriors by 8 wickets. Scores were No. 73 Young Warriors 145, N.Jainarine 36. Bowling for No. 70 Young Star T.Kumar took 4 for 14. In repay No. 70 Young Star scored 149 for 2, A.Haniff 56* and K.Sugrim 34*

No. 48 Challengers defeated No 52 Survival by 16 runs. Scores were No.48 Challengers 161, Askhay Homraj 45, M. Homraj 34. Bowling for No.52 Survival M.Kendal took 3 for 24, N.Cambell 3 for 23. No. 52 in reply was bowled out for 145 runs. M. Harvie 34 and D. Ramdeen 25 were the main scorers. Bowling for No.48 B.Persaud took 4 for 20, B.Samaroo 3 for 16 and J.Baijnauth 2 for 28. The competition continues this weekend with 13 matches at various venues in the Upper Corentyne area.

Luciana Aymar: caption- Argentina’s star player Kuciana Aymar (with ball) about to fire a shot at the Guyana’s goal. World champions Argentina inflicted a crushing 22-0 defeat over Guyana at the Pan Am Hockey Cup which is being played in Mendoza, Argentina. Featuring an experienced side including 7-time world player of the year, the Maradonna of hockey, Luciana Aymar, Argentina were near flawless in their performance.

From the outset of the match Guyana appeared to be totally star-struck and outclassed by their experienced opposition and struggled to string together passes amidst stifling pressure from the world #2 ranked team. Argentina took just 2 minutes to pounce on a loose pass from Guyana’s right midfield to counterattack with a four-pass combination

finished off by a tip in from Martina Cavallero. The wave of blue and white continued to steamroll the Guyanese as goalkeeper Alysa Xavier was called upon frequently to make saves, but the rebounds would often be met by an Argentine stick for the put back. World rated striker Carla Rebecci got on the score sheet twice in the first half en (Continued on page 39)

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