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Linden Commission of Inquiry ...

Police commander claims he had no authority over TSU ranks - says decision to shoot is the call of TSU commander on the ground p. 6

One of four notices to customers at Gandhi’s Variety Store

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Women caught Police issue Anna Catherina smuggling drugs wanted bulletin triple murder in hair weaves for businessman suspects released Anti-narcotic rank execution… p. 17

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Kaieteur News

Thursday September 27, 2012

Thursday September 27, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Injunction stalls contract Women caught smuggling drugs in hair weaves for pirated text books Now that a High Court has prohibited the publication and distribution of “pirated” school textbooks, Government has halted a contract that was previously issued for the provision of such material. The publishing house awarded the contract to provide the books through the tender process was also served with an injunction. Earlier this month, five companies tendered bids worth millions of dollars for the procurement of the pirated books. These included Giftland Office Max, F&H Printing Establishment, Pavnic Press, Sheik Hassan Printery and Metro Office and Computer Centre; the contract winner which placed the lowest bid of $103,671,162. On Tuesday, Attorney-atlaw Andrew Pollard, on behalf of the British Publishers’ Association, filed an injunction in the High Court stopping all local publishing houses from printing and selling the pirated textbooks.

The orders were served on the respective publishing houses yesterday and they are expected to appear in court today. Pollard said that extensive complaints were made to former Education Minister Shaik Baksh who promised to take action against the illegal act. The Minister never fulfilled his promises, Pollard claimed. That forced the copyright company to move to the court this time around. Current Education Minister Priya Manickchand, confirmed yesterday that until the determination of the court order, the publication of the pirated books will be delayed. She explained that following the injunction, the particular stores have also ceased the provision of the said school books. Prior to the injunction being filed, President Donald Ramotar had said that the Government was rethinking its approach to acquiring the necessary school texts since Ministry officials met with

several British diplomats from the British High Commission to discuss the issue of the pirated books. He said he was unable to go into details on the matter, but it was being addressed. Ramotar’s comment on the matter had come after the London-based body that represents publishers worldwide, blasted Guyana’s decision to buy pirated textbooks. It described the move as illegal. The British Publishers’ Association is an umbrella body of United Kingdom publishers whose members include large publishing houses such as Nelson Thornes Ltd., Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Macmillan Ltd. and Pearson Education Ltd. They are the holders of copyright in an extensive number intellectual works. The foreign publishing houses called their move to the High Court an act to protect and safeguard their intellectual property rights.

GuyExpo 2012 opens today Prisons, Planet Fitness Pro and Texila American University Inc. amongst new exhibitors

A section of what the future city looks like at the Exhibition site The annual GuyExpoTrade Exhibition will open today. There will be numerous new and interesting exhibitors added to this year’s celebrations. Some of the new exhibitors participating in this year ’s trade fair include California Stucco Guyana Inc., Seeram Jewellery Mould Shop, Freightlink Express, Planet Fitness Pro, The Studio/Ram Specialist, Havins Customs Fabrication and transmission, Zoon, Texila American University Inc, Wireless City International, Faith& Sabo Indian Fashion, Planet Paint Ball, IICA, and Euphoria

Entertainment Parks. In excess of 400 exhibitors confirmed their participation. The Guyana Prison Service (GPS), Fitness Pro and the Texila American University Inc have come on board as have several other new exhibitors. The Guyana Prison Service (GPS) will be participating in GuyExpo for the first time. The buzz is going around about Giftland, since the

entity will be basically showcasing and promoting its new mall, which will boost visitors’ shopping experience in Guyana. It is reported that the mall will offer games, 3D movie (continued on page 9)

(The Smoking Gun) The suspiciously towering hairdos of two women who had just flown into New York City from Guyana prompted federal agents to conduct searches that revealed each traveler was carrying more than two pounds of cocaine sewn into her weave, according to court records. After arriving early Sunday morning at John F. Kennedy International Airport on Caribbean Airlines Flight 526 from Guyana, the women appeared fidgety and extremely nervous during routine questioning by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents. In a U.S. District Court affidavit, a federal agent noted that Kiana Howell “appeared as if she was going to faint” and “her carotid artery was pumping.” During a pat-down, an investigator felt “an unusual bulge beneath the defendant’s hair weave.” When asked about the bulge, Howell claimed that it was “part of her hair weave.” When asked to remove the weave, Howell said that she could not “because she had a package that was sewn into it.” Howell stated that her boyfriend in Guyana “told her to bring that package under her hair weave to the United States for him.” While claiming that she did not know the package’s contents, Howell admitted, “It was not a good thing.” Howell’s weave was subsequently dismantled at a medical facility at JFK, where agents removed a rounded package wrapped with clear plastic. Inside was nearly a kilo of cocaine – 996 grams. After Howell’s arrest, she told investigators she had been promised US$7500 to “smuggle the package under her hair weave.” The second traveler, Makeeba Graham, “had an unusually high and bulky hair style,” according to an affidavit sworn by Department of Homeland Security Agent Jeffrey Fidler. After a CBP agent “felt a hard

Makeeba Graham Kiana Howell object on the defendant’s head,” Graham, a 33-year-old Harlem resident, was “asked to remove her hair weave.” After Graham claimed that she could not remove the weave because it “was sewn to her natural hair,” she was transported to the same medical facility at JFK, where the weave was partially dismantled. Inside, agents discovered a rounded package containing more than a kilo of cocaine – 1,046 grams. Howell and Graham were named Monday in separate

felony criminal complaints charging them with narcotics smuggling. Graham was freed on US$100,000 bond, while Howell remains in custody in advance of a detention hearing scheduled for this afternoon. And in Guyana the police arrested Michelle Thomas, called Lovely, yesterday afternoon, in connection with the same drug bust. Her relatives claimed that one of the women arrested may have had Thomas’s passport which they believed was stolen by another relative.

Queenstown is 171 years old Queenstown, one the oldest Villages on the Essequibo Coast, celebrated its 171st anniversary on Tuesday with a series of activities to commemorate the occasion. The Village was bought by ex-slaves in 1841 after other freed slaves would have purchased three plantations, namely, Mocha, Dagaraad and West Field. Chairman of the Queenstown Development Association, Wendell Walcott, gave a brief history of the Village. He said that slaves, on East Coast Demerara, who bought both Queenstown and Victoria, sought to name Queenstown, Victoria, initially, after the then Queen of England but they decided against the

name, since Queenstown was the first individual Village and Victoria was the first Cooperative Village. Renowned former counselor, Isahack Basir, who was among invitees told the attendants that Queenstown and Danielstown, were the first two villages that set the foundation of the establishment of the Essequibo Coast. Basir, who said that Queenstown is geared for development, has also taken the opportunity to encourage the younger residents to preserve their village. The PPP stalwart encouraged students to be an added value, while reminding that Queenstown once supplied food for communities along the Coast.

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Kaieteur News

Thursday September 27, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news Printed and Published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd. 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana. Publisher: GLENN LALL Editor: Adam Harris Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491. Fax: 225-8473, 226-8210


Climate change is real When the issue of climate change surfaced in a big way about four years ago there were the skeptics. Many felt that people were blowing the global situation out of proportion. In fact, there were those who manipulated certain evidence for their own gain. Through their manipulation, they set out to show that the earth was just going through one of its cyclical changes and that the change would be far from catastrophic. As is the case with arguments and counter arguments people are left with information that they may use to their satisfaction. This is human nature. Sick people after being given a medical opinion would seek a second opinion. That is often the best thing to do but what happens when the second opinion turns out to be less threatening than the original diagnosis people invariably cling to that opinion. As human beings we always hold on to the least threatening situation, often to our detriment. It is just human nature to rely on the least stressful information and once that decision is taken, unless something terrible happens to shake that conviction then that position is firmly held. And so it is with the climate change situation. The countries that generate the most by way of carbon emission are reluctant to cut back. China, the United States, Australia are all major carbon emission producers and with the exception of the United States, none seems prepared to cut back on the emissions. And while the debate rages, there is growing evidence of melting polar caps and indeed rising global temperatures. The melting polar caps are giving rise to rising sea levels and thus threatening low-lying states. However, for those of us in Guyana the most telling aspect of climate change is the high temperature that prevails. The daily temperatures over the past few weeks have been consistently high to the point where the shoppers are finding that prices in the market place have skyrocketed. It is not that Guyana has not had its share of drought conditions that seriously affected crops but this time the conditions are prevailing all around the world. The international media are reporting on a severe shortage of globally demanded crops. Corn which goes into so many products, not least among them being feed for animals, is in desperately short supply. The result is that there is a feed shortage which translates into higher cost of the animal products. Just this week there was a lot of talk about pork being short and that pork prices are already going up. The biggest thing in the news in this area is that bacon is already short. But there is more to this. Man will adjust to the rising temperatures because it is in the nature of mankind to adjust to the environment. However, history has shown that radical climate changes have led to the extinction of certain species. Life itself is dependent on a series of changes and any imbalance could be catastrophic. It is for this reason that close attention should be paid to the environment. Guyana is among the least of the polluters although a walk around the city streets would seek to belie this fact. That is why the then President Bharrat Jagdeo has been working so hard to ensure that this country gets paid for its efforts at saving the climate; that is why there is the drive toward alternative energy sources and the move away from fossil fuel generators. When asked about the reason for expanding the Cheddi Jagan International Airport instead of relocating it closer to the coast, one Government Minister said that there has been an eye on climate change and the flooded coastland. The present situation is indeed worrying. The doubters are not saying much. It is as if they expect the situation to merely go away. However, it is going nowhere fast. The people in poor countries like Guyana are the first to feel the impact by way of their pockets. This is always the case.

What a shame! Donald Ramotar defended Jagdeo before defending himself! DEAR EDITOR, The Guyanese people must read between the lines and extract the harsh truths and pivotal questions about this country. President Ramotar recently held a press conference. Reporters questioned him about whether he will chart his own course instead of being in Jagdeo’s shadow (“President Ramotar will not stop any of Jagdeo’s projects,” - KN, September 23, 2012).There is no more burning question for Donald Ramotar. In Guyana, the majority of people believe and think Donald Ramotar is nothing more than a Jagdeo puppet and a front for the Jagdeoites. There is no way Donald Ramotar can be unaware of this terrible opinion of him by the general public. On a personal level, this public view is demeaning, as it suggests that not only is he impotent and just a front for Jagdeo but that he lacks integrity and decency, his best assets when he came to office. This public view effectively strips Ramotar of his only credible characteristics and now reduces him in the eyes of the public to the level of the

Jagdeoites. It basically makes him one of them. Bharrat Jagdeo’s rule was one of the most corrupt and criminalized in Guyana’s history, rivalling Forbes Burnham’s. Any leader who is seen by the public as a puppet to Jagdeo is being viewed insultingly. A leader must defend himself in that situation when faced with those questions from the media. That leader must distinguish himself. He must distance and separate himself from the stench from that previous leader. It is not as if any linkage with Jagdeo is a good thing. Ramotar played second fiddle to Jagdeo in the last election and the PPP fell from grace, suffering a loss of majority power, despite spending outrageously. The loss came from PPP supporters rejecting the atrocities of the Jagdeo regime. To continue to tie oneself to Jagdeo in the wake of this electoral rejection is dangerous. More critically than costing Ramotar his legacy, it could cost the PPP the next election. Despite all of this, we did not see any attempt from Ramotar to distance himself from Jagdeo, not even for the sake of appearance. It was almost as if Ramotar had no

choice but had to follow the script given to him by the Jagdeoites. It was as if he could not even lie to the nation that he was prepared to distance himself from Jagdeo. It seems as if Ramotar had to openly pledge his support to Jagdeo even when questioned by the media whether he was a puppet unable to chart his own course. That can only be deemed demeaning. It also strongly suggests Ramotar is trapped by the Jagdeoites. It appears Ramotar cut some kind of a deal to get the support of the Jagdeo-controlled PPP Central Committee in order to become the president. Ramotar could not become president without the support of the Jagdeoites. It seems like he has sold his soul given his pronouncements backing Jagdeo and absurdly claiming that Jagdeo was not a law unto himself despite massive evidence to the contrary. A man of integrity would stand up and defend himself in this scenario where he is being asked in polite terms if he is a puppet. But Donald Ramotar did nothing of the sort. He defended Jagdeo before defending himself. He

hired more Jagdeoites than Jagdeo himself. He told a bevy of reporters Jagdeo was not a law unto himself, a blatant misrepresentation when faced with facts and reality covering 12 years of Jagdeo rule. Many in this country are now openly wondering how could Ramotar refuse to distance himself from Jagdeo. One has to wonder whether Ramotar had any integrity to begin with. Personal decency is different from political decency. Some are openly thinking Ramotar was targeted by the Jagdeoites because they felt he was easily manipulated and intellectually unsure, which meant he would rely heavily on them for support. They also believe the Jagdeoites knew Ramotar was a diehard party man who oversaw the descent of the PPP into debauchery and corruption while doing nothing to aggressively fight the wrongdoing because he feared the backlash to the party from its voters if a strong crackdown of wrongdoing took place. They believe Ramotar would not confront the Jagdeoites if he is president because of these inherent traits and because of (Continued on page 5)

Will the legal victory of Messrs Sarwan and Simmons usher in an era of public ignorance on WI team selection? DEAR EDITOR, In checking online for the recent whereabouts of English footballer Rio Ferdinand, I read that the former national player was dropped from the English squad over a year ago for what the coach publicly called “football reasons”. My thoughts immediately went to both the WICB/Sarwan and WICB/Simmons affairs. If my understanding of the matter is correct, then one of the main reasons the players won their arbitration awards against the WICB was that public comments made by WICB officials on the reasons for their nonselection damaged, in Mr Sarwan’s submission, his ”reputation as a professional cricketer” and “sullied his career as an international cricketer.” The WICB, you see, had questioned Mr Sarwan’s fitness and attitude. The verdict against the WICB stirred no small measure of confusion in my mind. I had since hoped that more informed contributors to the letter column would have clarified matters. But it seems that transparency and accountability, two of the things for which the WI cricket fans have

continuously clamored over the decades, have now been hit over the fence and into the trench. No more, apparently, could a chief selector now calmly and candidly report at a press briefing on the reasons for the non-selection of players. Not only would the media hang on to his every word, but so too would a battery of lawyers. If “fitness” and “attitude” are now legally taboo in official public explanations for a player’s non-selection, then a player may soon claim that

statements about his “recurring injury”, “shot selection” or “vulnerability in English conditions” are equally detrimental to his reputation and employment prospects. Where will the slippery slope take us? But what about the WI fans? The victory of Messrs Sarwan and Simmons could likely usher in an era of deep public ignorance and wild speculation with regards to WI team selection. The fans could be the big losers in this saga.

The tension, however, between the public thirst to be informed and the selectors’ legal restraints on informing is bound to snap. The opposing forces cannot coexist. No marks for predicting the winner. Meanwhile, back in England, Mr Ferdinand, he who was dropped last year for football reasons, has announced he is now in full playing form and is eagerly awaiting a call from the national coach. Sherwood Lowe

So-called ‘pirated schoolbooks’ in Guyana - how sad and ironic DEAR EDITOR, Most people would agree that a sound education is the best way to prepare a child for success in life. That is one thing no one can steal from you, it can be taken with you everywhere and is yours forever. But so much depends on wide reading. Recently several libraries in London have been earmarked for closure – at least 3 in the district where I live - because “no one wants to read books these days”. Everywhere on public transport, old and

young alike are reading from what I can only describe as electronic mini slates – much handier to carry around than books. A few years ago my son authorised me to donate most of his higher education textbooks (almost 300) to Oxfam, the Charity known for its links with the Third World. I thought I would first offer them to the nearby public library, through the local borough council. A spokeswoman for the borough council then told me they could not accept the

books and suggested that I put them out, about 12 at a time, with the weekly rubbish! Oxfam eventually sent a van round to collect them. A case of one man’s meat being another’s poison. Perhaps there could be some central agency in the USA and the UK to organise the collection and dispatch of used and new school textbooks to Guyana, relying on some trusted local group to distribute them fairly. Might be worth thinking about. Geralda Dennison

Thursday September 27, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Home for the elderly is Lack of toilet facilities at Lusignan market is a needed in Essequibo serious health hazard and human rights violation DEAR EDITOR, The eventual establishment of the Anna Regina Fire Station on the Essequibo Coast would have taken considerable time to materialize by the relevant authorities, based on the county’s sporadic population and whether or not it was a necessity at the time. Today, the investment is appropriate given the exemplary work of the fire service and its staff. While there have been growing challenges both economically and socially, the Essequibo Coast is in dire need of a Care Centre for the elderly, since it will be an invaluable investment that will serve to curtail the increasing trend of wandering elderly residents. Old age is inevitable and there are those who prepare for it, while unfortunately there are others who are affected by it. I have seen numerous examples of the elderly who are being neglected daily and are suffering in the most heinous manner. I continue to witness a handicapped elderly man struggling on the public road amid sweltering heat and rain and who seems to be in a lost world without any conscience by others for his plight. He remains a treat to the busy traffic since his daily sojourn is to be subjected in a wheelchair and roll himself to every corner of the road. His consumption of alcohol further enlightens the danger to his health and the traffic that flows, especially in the evening when he ceases to rest at any position on the road. Yet no one cares, and the life of someone who had made his contribution to society is reaping the ignominy of a hostile world that does not seem to care for the elderly. In fact, this gentleman is reported to be the brother of the former Deputy Prime Minister and Member of Parliament of Guyana, the late Winston Murray, whose own contribution to this country was remarkable. Then there are those unpleasant, old beggars that have to eke out a living on the roadside and at the

market places, like the popular and once promising scholar whose only remains now are loads of books and old papers in a rusty bag, just living an unbelievably sordid life in a bus shed. These are people that have families, yet they are being neglected. There is a particular old woman who has to be on her heels daily, along with her daughter, enduring the wrath of false names to seek a meal from somewhere. This is the scene at many villages on the Essequibo Coast, and it is time that the Government initiates this noble task of caring for the elderly by building a home. There are establishments in both Georgetown and Berbice for the elderly, and it must dawn upon the relevant stakeholders that the population in Essequibo is growing and aging, and the hour that cometh should not be an unhappy one for those that are in need of comfort. I therefore suggest that the vast land that exists within the Region can be jointly sponsored by the Government and Food For The Poor for the purpose of having a building that can house those unfortunate elderly residents so they can feel appreciated, receive medical assistance, and enjoy the humane touch of those who care and are willing to support, including business entities and philanthropists. The Government must ensure that this venture becomes a reality. I was recently looking at an American almanac where I saw that there is a day being remembered for Grand Parents (September 9th). Such rich chemistry for the elderly is what will make a society conscious, and appreciate the values and contribution of every single human being. Our elderly must certainly be recognized in a very tangible way. The establishment of a home for those that need such support will certainly be a significant landmark in the lives of our elderly on the Essequibo Coast. Elroy Stephney

DEAR EDITOR, I am writing to draw attention to a serious public health hazard at Lusignan Market. There are no toilet facilities at this market. Vendors coming from as far away as Berbice, many of whom are on the road for up to 12 hours, have nowhere to relieve themselves. They either have to beg to use the private toilets of persons living near the market, pay nearby businesses whatever price is asked, or crouch in the grass in an empty lot across the street. This situation is particularly problematic for female vendors who are less able to urinate freely in public like their male counterparts. Some women reported not drinking anything for the whole day in order to not have to urinate, or to holding in their urine until they return to their homes. This puts these women at risk of bladder and urinary tract infections and other health problems. In addition to being a grave inconvenience, this lack of toilet facilities also constitutes a serious health hazard to the general public who shop at the market. Dangerous diseases such as dysentery, cholera, typhoid, and hepatitis are spread via unhygienic practices and exposure to E. coli and other bacteria that result when proper toilets are not available to people-

especially those who deal with food items. Adding insult to injury is the fact that these vendors pay weekly dues to the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC). The lack of public toilet facilities is a problem across Guyana, resulting in mass despoiling of our common spaces with feces and urine from desperate individuals. Many locals as well as foreign visitors are repulsed by the stench in the streets of our cities and towns. One would think then, that public authorities, when given the opportunity to remedy this situation especially at a place like a market where food items are being handled- would be quick to do the right thing. This however, is not the case. The tarmac where the market operates in Lusignan is government-provided, but the toilets promised by officials during the grand opening, over six years ago, have yet to materialize. NDC officials, presented with a petition signed by the majority of vendors, refused to accept it, citing the fact that stall numbers were not noted. However, the paint of the stall numbers has long faded - a fact that does not prevent the NDC staff from collecting weekly dues from the vendors. Then, stall numbers are not necessary. Obviously, their refusal to accept the vendors’ petition is a clear

sign of their unwillingness to address this issue. I raise the case of the lack of toilet facilities at the Lusignan public market for several reasons. First, as someone who shops at this market, I would like to know that the person selling me my food has access to a proper toilet and hand-washing area, so that I need not worry about falling sick. But this is also a clear example of the callous disregard of the local government authorities, who have enjoyed an uncontested reign of power for far too long, towards the health and welfare of their constituents. It shows also, taxation without representation. The vendors and their ability to earn an honest livelihood are threatened if they do not pay the market fee every week, but aside from permission to sell in that location, they are not provided any other services. The NDC collects their money weekly but treats them like animals, telling them to use buckets to relieve themselves if necessary. In short, this issue and the NDC’s lack of response, in the face of overwhelming complaints and all that is known about basic health and hygiene begs the question of whether these NDC officials are human or beasts dropped from the sky, not born of woman and without sisters, wives, or daughters. To blatantly ignore and

deny fellow human beings this basic dignity is evidence of a most monstrous and corrupt nature. Worse, the head of the market committee of the NDC is female. Her lack of attention to this matter is evidence of the blinding effect of power because she has a position and office and is not standing in the hot sun for 10-12 hours, dehydrated and punishing herself so that she doesn’t have to squat by the roadside, she doesn’t care if the vendors, her fellow women have to. This behaviour is selfish and heartless at the minimum; ultimately, it is responsible for the destruction of the very fabric of our society, where one cares naught for another fellow human and only for their own wellbeing. I share this story of the Lusignan vendors in an attempt to awaken the conscience of my fellow Guyanese. We must wake up, speak out, and stand up for ourselves and the rights of our friends, loved ones, and fellow people when we see them being violated. Everyone has the right to live a dignified life. Let us all join with the vendors of Lusignan and demand that the NDC remedy this serious public health hazard and human rights violation at the market by providing toilet facilities there immediately. S. Nageer

What a shame! Donald Ramotar defended.... From page 4 the restrictions he faces. Ramotar is no Nagamootoo or Ramkarran. Ramotar’s excuse that Jagdeo was not a law unto himself because he was beholden to the PPP is nonsense. Jagdeo co-opted the PPP of which Ramotar was General Secretary. Jagdeo’s handpicked cronies held prime positions and the majority in the PPP Central Committee. The Central Committee was hijacked by the Jagdeoites and its mandatory congress suspended to allow for Ramotar to be approved without an election of the members. The Jagdeoites

were instrumental in Ramotar getting the presidency. The public sentiment is that Ramotar had to reward the Jagdeoites. It is why Ramotar has appointed more Jagdeoites than Jagdeo himself to Cabinet. One has to wonder whether Donald Ramotar has dug his own political grave, where he will continue to be in the shadow, directed by the Jagdeoites like he has in the past nine months. Not only is the public more convinced that he is a puppet and front of the Jagdeoites, he has lost his integrity, the only good thing he had going for him. Some men will do anything for power even if it

means selling their soul. The question is whether this applies to Ramotar? Given Ramotar’s shameful defence of Jagdeo and his refusal to change course from that which Jagdeo had prescribed for him, I suspect Ramotar will likely be president for the next 10 years (two election terms). The man who many believe is the real power behind the throne can only be happy with Ramotar who is a follower, not a leader. There is no reason why he will not milk it for as long as possible by keeping a leader who follows blindly in power. The constitution requires the president to demonstrate independence and to act in

his own deliberate judgement. The reason for this provision, which is prevalent in democracies, is to prevent puppetry where the people vote for one leader only to get a shell controlled by another who cannot get power legitimately. That notion is abhorrent to democracy. It is as if the people had not voted. The Guyanese people have to wake up. M. Maxwell

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Kaieteur News

Linden Commission of Inquiry…. A police sergeant who works in the Police arms room yesterday listed weapons, including rifles and pistols, which were given to ranks deployed to Linden on July 18 when three Lindeners were shot dead. However, at yesterday’s sitting of the Commission of Inquiry in the July 18 events, Senior Superintendent Clifton Hicken claimed he did not know what weapons the ranks from Georgetown had. Further, Hicken said he had no authority over the ranks from Georgetown. He testified that he had requested Commissioner of Police (ag) Leroy Brumell to send a unit from the Tactical Services Unit (TSU) to support him in Linden given that permission was granted for a five-day protest march. That TSU unit comprised of 18 ranks under the command of Assistant Superintendent Patrick Todd. According to Hicken, any decision to fire at the crowd would have been the call of the commander on the ground. Even though he requested

Police commander claims he had no authority over TSU ranks

- says decision to shoot is call of TSU commander on the ground the TSU unit, Hicken said he had no authority over them and any instructions to the unit would have been directed by the Commissioner of Police. Hicken said he briefed the TSU unit on the morning of July 18 about the location, seeking to familiarize them with the area. He said that he did not know whether the ranks from the unit had bulletproof vests, whether they had shields or whether they had weapons, and if they did, he did not know what kind of weapons they had. Hicken was a former commanding officer of the TSU. During his tenure, he said the Police did not have in its store any copper-coated ammunition or any coppercoated pellets. He said he could not account for what happened after he left. On July 18, Hicken was the Commander of E&F Division, the second largest Police district, which covers the town of Linden and its

Police stations at Mackenzie. He was relieved of his duties on July 19, the day after the three Lindeners were killed. The Commissioner of Police had described him as having a short temper, but Hicken said he did not know about that. Hicken is now the Deputy Commander of “B” Division, which covers the Berbice region. Sergeant Aubrey Bowman, who works in the Arms room at the TSU, was the first to testify yesterday when the Commission of Inquiry continued its sittings. Bowman’s duties involve recording the arms and ammunition that he issues. On July 18, he said he handed arms and ammunition to the 18 officers from the TSU who were deployed to Linden. The Commanding Officer, Todd, was issued with a 9 mm pistol and ammunition, Bowman said, while four officers were issued with an

Anna Catherina triple murder suspects released The prime suspect and his uncle who were detained by police in connection with the Anna Catherina triple murder have been released from custody. A source close to the investigation has revealed that both men were released on station bail around noon yesterday. The source said to date, the police have not been able to gather sufficient evidence that would tie the two men to the crime. The police said that as it is now, only scientific

Thursday September 27, 2012

evidence would be able to assist them in bringing charges against their prime suspects. On Saturday evening, last, the bloodied bodies of Jennifer Persaud, her two sons, Afridi, six years, and 15-month-old Jadon; of Lot 6 7 S e a Vi e w, A n n a Catherina, were discovered in their home. Police arrested the woman’s reputed husband, said to be in his 20s and the father of Jadon, when he arrived on the scene, after the

bodies had been discovered. He had been thrown out of the home early last week. Post mortem examinations revealed that the woman was stabbed about her upper chest, lower neck and upper arms about ten times. Her six-year-old son’s throat was slashed and his windpipe was severed, while the baby was stabbed to the left shoulder, and the carotid artery was severed. It is believed that a long knife was used in the attack.

RN rifle and 40 rounds of 7.62 x 51 ammunition. He said that some were given Civilian Protection (CP) riot guns with ammunition; some were given .38 special revolvers, while others were given tear gas grenades. Bowman could not say how many of the guns and ammunition were returned. He said another officer recorded that information. That officer is scheduled to testify before the Commission. When Senior Superintendent Hicken took to the stand, he testified that only the Commissioner of Police has the authority to deploy and direct any TSU unit, and that in the absence of the Commissioner of Police, the only other person who has such authority is the Deputy Commissioner (Operations). He said that the unit on the ground receives the instructions of the Police Commissioner through the Divisional Commander under whom they operate. Hicken said he was aware that permission was granted for the march and he deployed a total of 40 persons to “monitor” the march, including the Linden AntiCrime patrol, which he commands. He said members of that patrol were armed with machine guns. Hicken said he arrived in Linden just before sunrise on July 18 and stopped at the Police stations in Mackenzie and Wismar to alert them of his presence in the town. Later, he said he briefed the team that would be deployed on the ground, including the unit from the TSU. About 11:05 that morning,

Sergeant Aubrey Bowman

Senior Superintendent Clifton Hicken.

he left his office at the Mackenzie Police station for the 75-foot bridge which separates Mackenzie and Wismar. Once he got to the bridge, Hicken said he observed a crowd of about 900 persons on the bridge. He said the protestors had blocked the bridge with boulders, derelict “vehicle,” and pieces of metal. Tents were set up on the bridge. He said that he spoke with Region Ten chairman Sharma Solomon, who had applied for permission for the march, and activist Lincoln Lewis, telling them that the blocking of the bridge was unlawful. According to Hicken, Solomon and Lewis undertook to get the protestors to desist from blocking the bridge. Hicken said he returned to his office and all the while he kept informing the Police Commissioner about what was happening on the ground. Hicken said that at the time he visited the bridge he was not armed, and neither was he armed when he returned to the bridge around 17:05 hrs. At that time, Hicken said the bridge was still blocked, and he observed what appeared to be persons cooking on the bridge. He said that the crowd threatened to burn the bridge and burn the town down if the Police attempted to “stop” them. Hicken said he also spoke with activist David Hinds who also promised to persuade the protestors to come off the bridge. Subsequently, Hicken said the Police Commissioner instructed him to let the TSU Unit clear the bridge and he

passed that instruction down to Todd, the commander of the TSU unit. He said that he monitored the situation on the ground via Todd and the officer on the ground, Assistant Superintendent Stanton and was in constant contact with the Police Commissioner. Hicken said that at no time was he in contact with the Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee. Responding to a line of questioning by attorney Basil Williams, Hicken denied that he had threatened the chairman of the Interim Management Committee for Linden and one Mr Sampson, director of the Linden Electricity company. Hicken said that around 19:30 hrs, he received information that people were injured and he dispatched a detective corporal to investigate. It was only until 22:00 hrs that Hicken said he was able to confirm that indeed persons were injured. Hicken said that at 06:00 h the following day he went to the Mackenzie hospital and was told that two persons had died. Hicken maintained that he acted in accord with the Police’s Standard Operations Procedure and did not have any motive to shoot and kill the Linden protestors. He will be called to the stand for a second time today. On July 18, three Linden protestors were shot dead and following sustained protests, the government agreed to an independent Commission of Inquiry. The Commission is chaired by former Chief Justice of Jamaica, Lensley Wolfe.

Thursday September 27, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Linden hospital staff down tools Several staff members of the Linden Hospital Complex yesterday staged a peaceful protest outside the old hospital compound to protest several issues affecting them. Chief among these issues is

what they consider to be the unjustified cutting of gratuity payments for maternity and sick leave. According to the peeved workers if they go on one month maternity leave they

lose three months of gratuity. For three months they lose six months’ gratuity payments. “Is like we can’t get pregnant, or we ain’t suppose to get sick, because these people cutting we gratuity when get sick or

President, Commonwealth discuss threatened Iwokrama project

President Donald Ramotar in meeting with Commonwealth Secretary General Mr Kamalesh Sharma (2nd right) and another Commonwealth Official. Also in photo is Guyana’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations George Talbot ( to President’s right) President Donald Ramotar continued his bilateral discussions in New York on the sidelines of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly’s 67th debate. On Wednesday morning, he and Foreign Affairs Minister Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett met with Secretary General of the Commonwealth, Kamalesh Sharma, and a delegation to discuss a wide range of issues. Accompanying the President is his wife Deolatchmie Ramotar. Included in the discussions were the Iwokrama Rainforest Project and the upcoming Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Sri Lanka next year. Sharma said that the meeting with President Ramotar was “very fruitful” and touched on several issues, including observing Guyana’s elections over the years. “There are lots to discuss

always and we covered the grounds, environment, elections and other areas of cooperation, particularly in the CHOGM that is coming next month, so it was a very rich discussion,” Sharma said. President Ramotar concurred that the discussions were very successful and he is satisfied with the outcome. He recalled Guyana’s long-standing relationship with the organisation dating back to since independence. “We have been an active participant in Commonwealth activities, conferences and meetings in different parts of the world. My discussion this morning (Wednesday) with the Secretary General focused on some issues as these relate to Iwokrama. “Those issues we are trying to have them resolved; we also talked about their elections mission in Guyana, the observations they make

… we spoke generally about Commonwealth issues and the upcoming conference next November, where we hope that we can push the Commonwealth to be even more active in international affairs, because it’s a very big organisation, it has a lot of international influence so we will see what could be done,” the Head of State said. The Iwokrama Centre came into being in 1996 following the signing of an international agreement between the Guyana Government and the Commonwealth Secretariat with the mandate to “promote the conservation and the sustainable and equitable use of tropical rainforests in a manner that will lead to lasting ecological, economic and social benefits to the people of Guyana and to the world in general”. However, the lack of funding is threatening the project.

go on maternity leave,” one nurse complained. “Sometimes we ain’t getting no gratuity, depending on when your maternity leave fall. Take me. I ain’t get none, because I been on maternity leave,” another added. It was also pointed out that one of the hospital maids who was shot during the recent protest, and subsequently had to proceed on sick leave, was only paid three months’ gratuity instead of the full six months. “When we come off we have no pension to get, so why they cutting we gratuity? This is unfair, totally unfair”, was the common refrain. At present health workers attached to the Linden Hospital complex are on a contractual arrangement, with the Ministry of Health, which sees them receiving gratuity payments every six months in lieu of a pension. “The issue with the gratuity started since 2010. Before then it never used to happen.” Representative for the Guyana Public Service Union, Maurice Butters, said, “Our position is that the management and Ministry are taking too long to resolve this matter pertaining to gratuity.

The last time we met, a circular was given to us. It clearly outlined that gratuity would be paid in lieu of pension. Now if that is the case, why, for people going on maternity leave, must they lose three and six months in gratuity? You go on one month sick leave. You lose three months gratuity. Now why must that be, if you telling me gratuity is in lieu of pension. Butters said that the matter could have been resolved years ago, because the workers were promised in 1996 that the hospital would have been corporatized, but the Georgetown Hospital was corporatized instead. He acknowledged that in 2003, documents- draft legislation was done by the hospital and submitted to the Ministry of Health, to have the hospital corporatized. The same thing was done for the health authority, but instead of bringing it to Linden it was taken to Berbice, Butters said. Butters lamented that the Linden Hospital Complex was always being sidelined; And every year that the contract is issued there are changes, and that the changes are not for the betterment of the staff.

“for too long we been on this contractual thing”, he declared. He exhorted the staff, ‘to do what they had to do’ to get what they wanted, and to see that the matter is resolved once and for all. UNDERSTAFFED There are also claims of understaffing of ward maids at the Linden Hospital., with the result that the workload is too much for the few maids currently working there. Workers claimed that sometimes one maid has to clean an entire ward, which they said is too much for one person. They claimed that for any given shift at least 12 maids are required to properly handle the workload. Previously the hospital had about 24 maids, but at present there are only 19. “When we had enough maids sometimes we used to get two maids to a ward, now most of the times we only get one. That cannot work; the work is too much for one person to handle. Is about five months now we working under stress. UNIFORMALLOWANCE The medical staff and maids receive a uniform allowance, but nurses claim (Continued on page 8)

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Kaieteur News

Thursday September 27, 2012

Store owners, customers “seriously affected” by halted sale of ‘pirated’ text books By Abena Rockcliffe In light of the recent injunction granted by Justice Rishi Persaud, at the Supreme Court, prohibiting the publishing and sale of pirated books in Guyana; pertinent business owners as well as working class parents are crying out and asking “What’s next?” Proprietors of businesses that facilitate the sale of pirated books were yesterday served with the court order and are expected to appear at the High Court today. As Kaieteur News (KN) visited Ghandi’s Variety Store yesterday, disappointed customers voiced that they “…really do not know” what to do next as it relates to providing the necessary text books for their children. One customer, who identified herself as Michelle Williams, explained that she was there to buy two books; namely Fun with Language Book two and Raymond Readers.

The books removed from the shelves at Gandhi’s Variety Store now lie in the bond The single mother of three said that she really cannot afford to purchase the original textbooks. “Is me alone look after me children. Up to last year I bought books for my son that was in common entrance class is nuff

Clarification on GPHC maternity Unit issue What appeared in Kaieteur News on September 24, last, under the headline: “No more overcrowding at GPHC’s maternity Unit,” was indeed a misrepresentation of what was said. The interview was conducted on the September 4, last with the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC)’s Maternity Unit’s

Senior Departmental Supervisor, Sister June Cato. In that interview, Sister Cato was asked whether the Maternity Unit was short of any medical drugs as compared to other departments such as the Eye Clinic. Sister Cato replied that she could not speak for other departments. Kaieteur News retracts the story.

I had to buy is what really they doing now; what will really happen by the time I have to buy CXC books?” Another customer who was accompanied by three of her five children said, “I finally got the money to buy these books and now they telling me I can’t get the books”. She pointed to one of her sons and said, “The books was for he. I buy some before but I had to buy them piece, piece.” Dhanram Satrohan, the owner of the store, disclosed that he only opened the section that currently facilitates pirated text books in 2010. He said that before the entire section was set aside for the sale of books, baskets and other articles were on display. He said that only a few “abc” books were on

sale, then. The man said that he was walking around the store when a woman and her children came in. “One of the children said ‘Mommy I want that book’ and she turn and hit the child. I asked her why she hit him when she will soon go across to the other section and buy TCB (hair relaxer).” Satrohan said that the woman responded “TCB cheaper.” “That’s when I saw the need to open the section and sell the books at a rate that most can afford.” In his bond were all the books that were removed from shelves. He said, “Look at all these books. What I am going to do with them?” Satrohan said that hundreds have “passed through to buy books but what we gon do?” At Giftland Office Max, Monica Beepat said that her staff members have been suffering verbal abuse from customers who visited the store to purchase books and were denied. According to workers at the store, those who had prior knowledge of the “whole pirated thing” were calm when told they cannot be sold the

books; but others were disgruntled. They spoke of a woman who asked the sales representatives, “How am I going to send my son to school now?” Beepat said that as much as she may want to assist the working class “we just cannot sell. We have cleared our shelves and that’s it.” Beepat disclosed that she and her team are in constant communication with publishers trying to negotiate a cost that will go well with the pocket of the working class. She said that the store might even sell the books at a cost “just to cushion the market.” “You have to think about the children that will suffer when their parents can’t afford to purchase text books.” Beepat opined that if publishers don’t negotiate at a cost that will meet Guyana’s working class, what they are currently fighting for will be to no avail since an underground market is most likely to develop. “I think it is best for them to negotiate with the established stores before the situation worsens”.

Linden hospital... From page 7 that the $13,000 they receive per year is grossly inadequate. A pair of nurses’ shoes costs $18,000, they said. Auxiliary staff complained that they also receive $13,000, which can only cover their uniforms, and cannot cover safety gear. The uniform allowance is supposed to cover safety gear, which is part of the uniform. The Chairman of the Linden Hospital Board, who

is also an employee of the Ministry of Health, travelled to Linden and later met with the administrators of the institution to discuss the issues. According to Butters the Chairman would be presenting the issues to the Ministry of Health, and is expected to get back to them by next Wednesday. The hospital employees have meanwhile vowed to continue their peaceful protest until all their grievances are dealt with to their satisfaction. (Enid Joaquin)

Thursday September 27, 2012

Kaieteur News

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GRATIS IS NOT ALWAYS GRATUITY There are two types of gratuity payments that are available for persons who work within the public sector of Guyana. The government should in the spirit of a working class government institute laws that would make it compulsory for private sector employees to be entitled to gratuity payments. The first type of gratuity is a “gratuitous” payment which is made to employees who enjoy statutory protection, that is, tenured employees. It is payment when the person’s employment is terminated after having worked

for a specified period of time or when the person retires. It is not a contributory scheme. However, while it is a payment made in gratitude for the long services of an employee, it is also not a discretionary payment made by the employer. The Courts have held that the payment of a gratuity is no longer a bounty of employers but now a part of the entitlement of workers. In fact, there is usually in law a prescribed formula for calculating the gratuity thus removing the need for discretion in determining the amount payable. The formula is usually based on a number

Dem boys seh ...

Some people cry fuh wrang dead Dem does mek serious joke at some hospital. De other day a man get a stroke and he son tek he to a hospital in G/ T. All he family stand up and see when de hospital people put he pun a bed. Dem lef and go home fuh bring clothes and thing. Dem boys seh that de hospital nearly kill dem people. Minutes after de people lef de hospital people move de man from that bed and put he in a room. Dem put another man pun de bed and that man dead de night. When dem people come back de next morning dem see de bed empty and dem ask, “When de man deh.” De people pun de bed nearby seh de man dead last night. Was one bawling. Two of dem faint. De noise bring out another relative who ask dem wha dem a cry for. Dem couldn’t even talk. One of dem seh Daady dead. Right away de family tell dem that Daady nah dead, that he in de room. Two more faint again. But when de victim hear that he dead, he an all faint. Was de whole of GPC dem had to bring. Dem, boys seh if you see Limacol. Dem nearly had fuh get Limacol fuh two woman in de States. Dem lef Guyana wid more hair pun dem head than de law allow. Dem pass through Guyana because dem local drug police was watching lower down. But in New York dem dogs does look after lower down suh de drugs people does look at de top. When dem get ketch one of dem look like if she want faint. All she neck back pumping hard, hard, hard. De Customs people tell dem fuh tek out de weave and dem gyal tell dem how de weave stitch in too tight. Dem had to carry dem to de airport hospital fuh cut out de weave. When dem cut off de weave one of dem same drugs people show she wha been in de weave she had de nerve fuh ask de people, “How that meet in hay.” When dem lock dem up de people in de jail ask de same woman, “How you meet in hay?” Talk half and watch dem hairstyle.

GuyExpo 2012 opens today From page 03 theatres, and video arcades. The other significant addition to Guyanese entertainment will be a 500-seat food court done in an open air courtyard setting which will offer a variety of local and international cuisines in addition to franchises. This area will not only be for dining. It will also serve as an entertainment hot-spot. GuyExpo 2012 is expected to attract more than 80,000 patrons, in addition to special invitees and guests, consisting of both local and overseas participants, displaying a wide range of products, craft and services. Exhibitors are coming from Brazil, Barbados, Canada, China, India, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Suriname, Grenada, Trinidad and the United

States of America. This year, visitors and exhibitors to GuyExpo will also have a chance to view what is the perception that Guyana would look like in a 2020/2025 vision. The areas focused on in 2020/2025 village are massive road, airport expansion, infrastructure works, rural electrification projects, and the Amaila Falls Hydro Project. Construction companies will also be on board since there is a major demand for cement, given the construction boom and road projects to supplement the housing industry. The expo will be held from September 27 to September 3 0 under the theme “Strengthening the traditional, embracing the new”.

of factors including years of continuous service and the level at which one retires or worked. In many jurisdictions, there are laws which safeguard this entitlement for workers. However within these laws there is usually the requirement of continuous service by the employee. Laws also prescribe that the employee must leave in good standing, that is, the gratuity is only payable based on attainment of a prescribed period of continuous employment. The right to a gratuity is often, but not always, forfeited if the employee is dismissed. In some cases persons may be eligible for a gratuity for working as few as five years of service. But once the minimum number of years, as prescribed in law, has not been attained, then someone who had worked for a shorter period, cannot claim an entitlement of a gratuity. This position finds expression in business law.

Once a public servant retires then that person has a legitimate expectation to a gratuity. The person will look forward to a pension and to a gratuity upon retirement. Usually when someone retires the gratuity is not taxable but there are cases where the relevant laws of provisions allow for situations in which a person who is eligible for gratuity prior to retirement may have his or her gratuity subject to tax. The general rule however is that the gratuity of a retiree however is not subject to taxation. The second type of gratuity is a misnomer. It is not a gratuity at all. It is not gratis but an earned contractual right but which is often dependent on satisfactory performance on the job. This type of payment is usually built into the contract or employees, usually those that are not tenured, and the justification for this is usually given as being in lieu of pension.

The issue of pension, however, needs to be delinked from the payment of a contractual right to periodic payments of a gratuity. The two are not in any way remotely related and the absence of one is merely suggested as the reason for offering a contractual benefit, known as a gratuity. As such no gratuity can be said to be a payment in lieu of a pension more so since a pension is a contributory scheme while a contractual benefit payable during the term of employment and which is called a gratuity is not. Employers should therefore resist equating a contractual gratuity, which has conditions attached, to that of a payment in lieu of pension. This second gratuity is often seen as a benefit of employment but is not an entitlement since it is often a condition of a contract and as in most contracts may be linked to other variable such

performing to the satisfaction of the employer. This is where problems usually arise since in many instances, the employer has discretion in determining what constitutes satisfactory performance since contracts are usually vague when it comes to performance standards that have to be attained. This is the downside to contractual gratuities in that the employee is almost totally exposed to the discretion of the employers when it comes to deciding on what constitutes satisfactory performance. The government can correct this problem through law and ensure that similar payment of gratuity is granted to workers in the private sector.

Kaieteur News opens doors for blood drive Kaieteur News yesterday opened its doors as a blood donation site to facilitate the National Blood Bank’s oneweek blood drive initiative that started on Tuesday. Supported mainly by the entity’s management and staff the initiative netted a mere eight units of blood. This is not the first time that Kaieteur News is being utilized as a blood donation site. According to Kristen Calder, Donor Attendant, Kaieteur News was selected as one of the five sites involved in the blood drive because of responses from

previous exercises. The one-week exercise has already gained over 77 units of blood. The blood received from donors will be taken to the National Blood Bank for further testing. An initial precautionary counseling was done to prepare donors. Three donors who approached Kaieteur News’s donation site were deferred. The team will be conducting blood drives at Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, Lion’s Club Headquarter, and GuyExpo.

Kaieteur News Publisher, Glenn Lall donating blood

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Kaieteur News

Thursday September 27, 2012


Ramotar, Manickchand, Benn and their sheep President Donald Ramotar held a press conference last Friday in which he said some hellraising things which will be discussed in forthcoming columns. For now let’s briefly look at his defence of Bibi Shadick as Chairman of the Broadcasting Authority. His position is that someone with legal training was needed. Out of 250 lawyers, Mr. Ramotar chose someone who has not excelled in the practice of law, was about to give up her law practice when she applied for the post of Registrar at UG and is a PPP Parliamentarian. I guess if this is the best Mr. Ramotar can do then we can safely ask the last person to leave Guyana to turn off the lights (if GPL is still

functioning). Of course there are much, much better choices that were open to Ramotar. Shadick was chosen for narrow, partisan political reasons and the opposition, civil society and a nation of sheep will accept this utter farce, masquerade and circus. The circus doesn’t stop. Education Minister Priya Manickchand has retained the PPP domination of the UG Council. There are still four PPP MPs but now Odinga Lumumba is a UG Councilor. He also represents the Government on the UG Finance Committee. This is the same Manickchand that is yet to reply to Christopher Ram’s two episodes on the number of pensioners at the Ministry of Human Resources when Manickchand had that

portfolio. One is a letter in the Stabroek News, the contents of which Mr. Ram repeated in April this year at a TUCsponsored symposium on the budget. In a statistically-laced argument, Mr. Ram contends that when you take the last census into consideration, there are between 23,000 and 27,000 citizens who are entitled to old age pension minus those who reach sixtyfive but chose not to take it. He concludes his letter stating that “there is a gap of between 15,000 and 19,000 who are paid but not entitled to the pension.” This is the same Minister who promised Operation Rescue UG monthly dialogues. Only one took place in May. The context of

Lumumba’s appointment is identical to that of Shadick’s. It goes like this – ‘we are in charge; we will put our own people, we will show you that you can’t dictate for us and to us.’ Not to be forgotten is that it was under the same Manickchand that Kwame McCoy was appointed on the Rights of the Child Commission. The PPP is in charge alright. The only people not in charge are those who won a parliamentary majority at the 2011 general elections and allow Ramotar, Manickchand, Shadick and Lumumba to do as they please. But what about Robeson Benn? If you want to see sheep in Guyana, go to the junction of Albert and Lamaha Streets any morning during the rush hour. This is one of the busiest intersections anywhere in Guyana. Since the traffic signals came in 2008, the lights there have never worked. For some reason, the

signals there cannot work (I guess Benn finds that it is rocket science). Thousands (not hundreds) use this gateway each morning. The distress tells a tragic story of a lost, sheepish nation. There is total confusion at this junction from Monday to Friday. People look frightened and are frightened. There are always bumper clashes. There are always torrid temper exchanges. Someone is going to get killed at this place. To date not one of those thousands have penned a letter accusing Benn of not doing his work. But even if you are sheepish and cannot call on Benn to fix the signals at least pen a letter informing Guyana on what is taking place. This is my third column on this nightmare. I wonder if it is because I write on this drama that the Government refuses to fix the bulbs. It only proves what kind of rulers we are dealing

Frederick Kissoon with. Remember the cleaning of the trench outside my home two years ago? How can thousands of drivers suffer that fright and humiliation for years and not chastise the subject Minister? Of course Benn did campaign in the last general election and he probably met victims of that fright junction and they probably smiled with him, he smiled with them then the next day, at Albert and Lamaha Streets, they endure their matutinal nightmare. Where I live the roads are probably the worst in the world. The residents complain all the time. And Rohee, I was told, was in the very compound campaigning during the election last year. Sheep don’t drive so they don’t need roads.

Thursday September 27, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Guyana-born WWE wrestler visits hometown


inden's Victory Valley homeboy, Ezekiel Jackson, currently a world rated wrestler, did not get a red carpet welcome when he returned to the Valley, where he grew up- but the adulation shown to him by residents was by far more meaningful to this son of the soil. He has made a name for himself doing the thing he loves--wrestling. “I was born here, and the first time I watched wrestling it was right here in the Valley--I was about eight years old, and from that time I have been smitten. “And not to come back here would be like turning my back on my mother. Good or bad this is my foundation,” Jackson declared, during a short i n t e r v i e w, w i t h t h i s newspaper. He said that it was the first time in ten years that he has visited his hometown. Jackson, said that he left Guyana when he was eleven and started wrestling in 2000. He is now 34. His mother, he added, wouldn't let him start wrestling until he had a firm education foundation. Jackson took the opportunity to visit his old school, the St Aidan's Primary School, and had lunch at the Watooka Complex, where important stakeholders in the mining

town, took the opportunity to interact with him. He has been with the Wo r l d Wr e s t l i n g Entertainment for five years. He was accompanied by his wife Jennifer Jackson, who was visiting Guyana for the very first time. Promoter Carwyn Holland who was instrumental in bringing Jackson back home, said that he thought it was a good idea to bring Jackson back home and 'celebrate him'. It is always better to do so while the person is alive, he added. “Ezekiel Jackson has not only done Linden or the Valley proud, he has done the entire country proud, so we should celebrate him now, when he is in his prime. He has done well, he is a WWE superstar. “Now there is the mindset amongst people that nothing good comes out of the Valley, but Ezekiel has proven them wrong. Terrence Halley (Terrence Ally) also came out of the Valley, and he also did us proud, as he rose to international fame too. Holland said that with role models such as Jackson and Ally, other youths from the Valley would be inspired that they too can achieve much. Holland said that bringing Jackson home had no financial benefits for him, but it gave him much personal satisfaction.

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Thursday September 27, 2012

Kaieteur News

Berbice Chamber House collapses to host workshop The Berbice Chamber of C o m m e r c e a n d Development Association is o rg a n i z i n g a t w o - d a y workshop for potential business entrepreneurs. The workshop will be held on October 10 and 11, 2012 at the Chamber Office at 12 Chapel Street, New Amsterdam. It will cater for

about 30 persons. Known for crafting and successfully organising activities and initiatives that benefit the community, the chamber has this time come up with a programme that will benefit persons with existing small businesses, potential entrepreneurs and single parents. Among the topics to be covered will beUnderstanding the role of small business, managing a small business (Do's and don'ts),understanding the legal and compliance framework, record keeping, constructing and analysing income statement and balance sheets- calculating profitability and forecasting. The participants will be taught how to access financing and preview to areas of lucrative small businesses, how to market their business, (the right placement the right mix), when and how to invest, how

to manage their finances, diversifying. The sessions will also include an inspirational talk from successful business personnel and officials from the Ministry of Labour. Participants will also be able to view a video on the success story of a small business. The BCCDA has put together a wide cross section of lecturers and facilitators that will take the participants through the two-day sessions. Facilitators will be drawn from the Berbice Chamber, the Ministry of Trade Tourism and Industry, The Tourism Authority of Guyana (THAG), Bankers, lawyers, personnel from Consumer Affairs, Accountants, and personnel from Empretec /Guyana Y Business. Certificates endorsed by the relevant stakeholders will be presented to the successful participants.


his house situated at Main Street and 31 Stanleytown, New Amsterdam was in a precarious position for a long time. It came tumbling down on Monday evening. Two occupants, a woman

and her daughter were in the house at the time. Luckily none of them was seriously injured. Personnel from the Guyana Police Force, The Guyana Fire Service and Guyana Power and Light raced to the scene, but

were not required to do much. GPL personnel quickly cut the electrical wire that was attached to the house thus averting any danger and allowing the occupants to remove some of their household belongings.

Thursday September 27, 2012

WANTED Experienced drivers and dispatchers for a reputable taxi service Call: 645-0025 1 Acounts Clerk. Must know to prepare monthly VAT, NIS and PAYE. TSI, Eccles. Call 614-4358 Live in/live out babysitter/ domestic. Call 225-0188 , 225-6070 Survival Shopping Complex, 173 Sheriff Street, needs bond attendants and bond supervisors. Call 227-5286-90 Experienced general domestic to work in Georgetown. Must be honest & reliable & know to cook Call: 656-6388

Kaieteur News

TO LET East Coast $80,000, Campbellville $100,000, Albertown (business) $100,000-60,000, Subryanville US$1,500 Diana 227-2256, 626-9382

Porter $17,000, ½ day cleaner $12,000 weekly. Call 684-8231 Security/watchman. Call 225-6070, 225-0188

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1 reasonable house in Coverden E.B.D to rent Call: 623-1615 Land and building for rent 13,000 ft at Peter’s Hall Public Road Call: 233-6161, 651-8870

2-bedroom house on the West Bank. Call 267-1446 or 674-6080 DATING SERVICE Immediate link: Singles 18-80 yrs. Confidential. Tel 2238237, 648-6098. 8:30am5:00pm. Mon-Sun (Both phones same hours) NO TEXTING

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House to rent in Friendship Call: 266-0163

2 male cleaners, Eccles Call: 614-4358

Live-in waitress to work in bar. Call 661-8965

Just arrived: Allion and Premio, tel: 624-2000, 622-1610


1 Guard, Monday-Sunday, Eccles Call: 614-4358

Handy boy to work; $35,000 per month; living accommodation and meals free. Call 628-1756, 228-5655

2 Bedrooms house, top flat, 19 Hutsonville New Hope EBD Call: 618-2517, 660-6739·

Business place to rent @ Wortmanville. Call 616 - 2445

1 part-time maid. Call 614-8022

One rectangular showcase, average size 3 ft high x 4 ft wide in good condition Call: 622-4386


Fully furnished short term apartments, Eccles. Call 6797139

Driver/salesman for Canter. 676-6700

P.S.G.C.S - able-bodied labourer. Apply at Lot 122 Covent Garden Island, EBD. Call 265-3586, 617-8369, 6653550


Spaces for Business at Vreed-en-Hoop Junction, Top flat Call: 264-2515, 6897569, 684-5561 or 678-4892

1 Cook (Georgetown Area). Call 225-2161 Excavator operator & land dredge worker. Call 675-2253


Better values Realty: to let short & long term rentals and property sales. Tel 225-8101, 225-8103

Skilled carpenters and mason. Call 615-7526

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VEHICLES FOR SALE 1 2 ton Mitsubishi canter truck GJJ, price $750,000 negotiable, excellent condition Call: 697-4770 1 old model Raum, corporate yellow, good condition, 4 wheel drive, $1M Call Carlos 646-3777 Toyota Premio, Alex & Vitz unregistered Call: 269-0432, 686-0323 Toyota K2Z BNN 4836 in good working condition $2.2M Negotiable Call: 2706879, 648-1383, 648-0974 One Toyota Corolla NZE, excellent condition, fully loaded, 16 inch rims, music, alarm etc Call: 264-2870 Leading Auto, Unregistered Allion, Premio, Runx, IST, Alexa, Raum & 212 Call: 6777666, 610-7666 Must be sold 1 Tacoma double cab pick up, no reasonable offer refused Call: 227-8721, 226-3309 Jags’ Auto: IRZ, VVTI, manual buses, Raum, Rav4, Cheapest. Call 616-7635 Buses, Premio(s), gone cheapest. Call 616-7635

Refrigeration Technician/ Electrician, Apply Wieting & Richter Ltd.

Hilux Solid Def pickup in excellent condition. Call 2222662, 691-2077

Girls to work in bar, age 18 to 25. Call 256-4096

Honda Civic $900,000 Call: 653-2620

2005 Tacoma 4-cylinder, Honda ATV. Call 233-6161, 651-8870 6 Cars sold as a lot, $600,000. Call 677-0294

Roofing Shingles 15-15-15 Fertilizer Call: 266-2711, 6094594

Large broilers (meat birds) Call: 266-2711, 609-4594

Toyota Starlet EP71 Call:6482075

One 15-HP Yamaha, long foot. Call 689-5254, 643-0332

Green coffee 800 and 1000; available wholesale & retail. Call 277-3531

Energy saver bulbs Call: 6411127 Just Arrived! Pressure washers 2700 & 3100 PSI, pallet jacks, car mats & seat covers. Call 614-8564, 6800862 NINTENDO 64 Systems, controllers and cartridges. Also PSI games, 609-8132 (Max) SONY PLAYSTATION - 2 Systems; also original games for PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox & Xbox360. (Max) 609-8132 Yellow cars, Tacoma, Canter. Call 614-8022 One ERF Hauler with one 45ft log trailer & one model M truck Call: 653-4455 Damaged corrugated zinc sheets Call: 226-7054

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Toyota Raum Late PNN series, immaculate condition AC, CD, Alarm, Rims, price negotiable Call: 691-7475 or 657-1796 Tundra for sale, 2003 silver bubble tray workable in good working condition, call: Keisha on 660-8925 2005 Toyota Allion with TV/ CD, 2004 Toyota Avensis (green) with TV/DVD, 2006 BMW 320I Call: 615-4114 2004 Toyota Avensis, newly registered, 6 CD changer, White, low mileage $3.7M Call: 622-4245 1 RZ Minibus, BGG Series Call: 629-0172, 687-0487 2 & 3-Ton open back Canter, never registered. Call 6172891 2007 Toyota Ractis: fully loaded, never registered. Call 617-2891

FOR SALE 1 225 KVA Generator, 1 Hiace Canter, Premio, 3 light towers, car batteries Call:624-2000

1 diesel RZ Minibus Call: 6753093 25 inches TV and Playstation2 with (5) five games Call: 6731980, 227-7175 Plants, Petunia, Marigold, Salvia, Perri Winkle, Carnation, Zinnia- 5 for $1000, vegetable seedlings, A.K Plant Shop Call: 610-7363

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Plants. Mussaenda 3 for $1000, Hibiscus 2 for $1000, Bougainvillea 5 for $2000, A.K Plant Shop Call: 610-7363

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Sale! Dell Computers with 20’’ LCDs $55,000, Future Tech 231-2206

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One 35 Tractor Engine (4 cylinder perkins) fully refurbished (price $450,000) Call: 624-9149 or 671-4707

Seadoo Jetski 18ft fiberglass speed boat with 175 Hp Yamaha engine. Call 233-6161, 651-8870

Ready made dance costume, all styles, leotards, tights etc, visit upstairs Rayon House of Fashion Call: 622-4386

IBM Lenovo laptops, $60,000; Acer laptops, $100,000; Toshiba laptops, $120,000. Brand new Call 681-2111

2001 Nissan Civilian 30seater: import condition, A/ C, tint, PNN. Call Phillip, 6169523, 683-7819

Plucked chicken $290 lb Call: 698-8324‘

2007 Toyota Ractis: fully loaded, never registered. Call 617-2891

1 stall @ Vreed-en-hoop stelling next door to Fatboy Store Call: 680-0143

Doberman/Rottweiler puppies, 12 weeks old, tails docked, all shots current Call: 681-1385 (Continued on page 20)

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Kaieteur News

Thursday September 27, 2012

Squatters still occupy Mahdia arcade …potential vendors point accusing fingers at REO Once again Region Eight’s Government-appointed Executive Officer, Ronald Harsawack, is being accused of impeding development within the district. Members of Mahdia Arcade Committee have claimed that Harsawack’s slothfulness in evicting squatters from the area where the arcade is supposed to be rebuilt, is frustra t i n g economic growth in Mahdia. In 2010, fire destroyed two dozen buildings in the Mahdia commercial zone. The Housing Ministry has since regularized the area, creating a neat layout for the erection of 28 stalls. But, the area is now a squatter settlement. Harsawack was appointed by Minister Irfaan Ali to oversee the rebuilding of the arcade, which involves

the eviction of squatters. A deadline for the six-week notice to dismantle the shacks to allow vendors to erect their stalls was on April 30, 2012. According to a member of the Arcade Committee, Floyd Herman, Harsawack recently sent out notices to the squatters to remove from the area but this deadline has also elapsed. He said that sending out notices is not enough since some squatters are determined not to remove. While, the squatters are occupying the area building materials purchased from funds provided by Government are rotting. Herman said that Government provided $20M towards rebuilding the arcade and $5M to clear an area for a new housing scheme. He confirmed that the housing

scheme is cleared and persons are now identifying plots. Some $11.4M was used to clear debris from the burnt arcade area, and to erect five proper concrete walkways and washroom facilities, he added. Another $8.6M was used to purchase and transport building materials including cement and steel. “The cement is getting hard and steel getting rusty. Some vendors have made deals with businesses to utilize their materials and return them when the vendors are ready to build,” Herman related. Herman said that since Harsawack became the Regional Executive Officer (REO) he only met with Committee members once. Meanwhile, the Committee is frustrated and clueless as to

Child Protection Week ...

Failure to report child abuse is an offence - CPA Director A failure to report a suspected incident of child abuse is an offence under the Protection of Children’s Act says Director of Child Protection Agency (CPA), Ann Greene. Child Protection Week is being held this week under the theme “Adults, take action against abuse: The time is now.” Other activities set for the week include the Stop Child Abuse rally was hosted yesterday at the National Stadium from 17:00hrs and a family fun day and concert at the Botanical Gardens from 14:00hrs on Saturday. Director of Child Protection, Ann Greene, said society should understand that child abuse is the mistreatment or neglect of a child by an adult-parent, relative, guardian, caregiver or stranger which results in physical, sexual, emotional and/or psychological harm to a child. Adding that child abuse is an offence in the Laws of Guyana, the CPA director said that when child abuse is suspected; a person has a moral and legal responsibility to report it to the CPA or to the police. The hotline number is 227-0979. “You are encouraged to call in and report cases of abuse. Persons will remain anonymous. You are not expected to have evidence of the abuse; simply recognizing that something does not look right with a child could mean that it is probably not right,”

Director of Child Protection, Ann Greene the CPA director explained. Underscoring that the convention on the Rights of the Child does not challenge parental authority, Miss Greene said that the convention stipulates that children have the fundamental rights to survival, development of physical and mental aptitude, rights of protection against anything that tends to diminish their development and the right to participate in family, cultural and social life. She explained that positive parenting involves the use of techniques that work well with every child regardless of their age, background, temperament, culture or tradition. In giving some examples Miss Greene said parents should avoid harsh punishment and excessive shouting; encourage children to take responsibility for their

b e h a v i o r, l i s t e n t o t h e child’s views and negotiate solutions together, keep track of a child’s development and changing abilities to assist in their development, and focus on good behavior while being assertive in expressing request. She noted that the objective of this year’s theme and activities is to remind adults to take action to prevent and stop child abuse. Aimed at increasing awareness as it relates to the issues of child abuse, Child Protection Week is observed annually in some 120 countries worldwide. The first such occasion in Guyana was in 2004, to propel local groups and individuals into action to ensure that children are kept safe, the release explained. It said that the CPA is demanding that adults take action now to stop abuse, as children, by their nature, are vulnerable and dependent upon adults for their survival. “Much work is being done to ensure that children are made aware of their rights, responsibilities and the actions they should take, in the face of abuse. “In order to stop child abuse, each and every member of society must take action and, if something does not look right with a child, it is probably not right. Early identification and reporting are interventions deemed vital in the prevention of child abuse,” Miss Greene explained.

Shacks encumbering the arcade area

what is being done to remove the squatters. “We should have started rebuilding already. Look how

long we without our stalls. It looks like he doesn’t want us to progress. We went to three different Ministers about his

attitude but nothing happen. This is just stressful. We can’t take it anymore,” Herman stated.

Guyana businessman languishing in Dubai jail over a year without charges, bail By Ray Chickrie Dubai, UAE- Guyanese businessman, Abul Kalam Azad Sattaur, has been held in jail in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, since August of last year, while travelling from Bangkok to Sao Paulo, Brazil, through Dubai, where he overnighted for a business meeting with an Afghan national. Sattaur is currently being held without charges at the Marakabat Police Station in Dubai. He claims that in August 2011 he visited the hotel room of a businessman to arrange a deal for the sale of diamonds. Just after that, the police burst into the room and arrested both of them, according to Sattaur. They searched the businessman and found 40,000 counterfeit UAE currency notes in his possession. Sattaur was arrested as well and has been held in detention ever since. The Guyanese still hasn’t been charged with any crime, but Emirates authorities are claiming that Sattaur had a forged US$100 bill in his possession. Sattaur was born in Skeldon, Guyana, and travels on a Guyana passport, according to the Guyana Embassy in Kuwait. He is the owner of a diamond firm in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he is married to a Brazilian national and has children, all of whom

live in Sao Paulo. On a regular basis, he travelled to the Far and Middle East before his arrest in Dubai, he revealed to Guyana’s ambassador to Kuwait, Dr Odeen Ishmael during several phone conversations. Sattaur is allowed to make phone calls from jail. Last March, Sattaur contacted the Guyana Embassy in Kuwait, and that same month Ishmael made official contact with the UAE through their embassy in Kuwait City, seeking information about Sattaur, as to why he was arrested, and why he has not been charged after being held in detention for such a long time. “Despite reminders, we have not obtained any response as yet,” the Guyana ambassador said. This was followed by a visit to the UAE by Guyana’s Middle East envoy, George Hallaq, where the issue was again discussed with authorities there. Hallaq was told that charges would be instituted and that Sattaur would appear before a court. That hasn’t happened yet and has left many wondering why, after a year, Sattaur is still languishing in Emirati detention without charge being pressed. And with UAE’s authorities silent on the case, questions are being raised as

to their respect for international conventions that protect people from being detained indefinitely without charges. Two weeks ago, Sattaur was taken before a judge in Abu Dhabi and was told that an attorney would be provided for him. However, there was no lawyer for him and no case has been made against him, Sattaur told Ishmael. However, not being able to get the Emirates’ version of events, some pieces of the drama may be missing. One organisation in London, Fair Trials International, has shown interest in Sattaur’s situation and sent him paperwork more than two months ago, but he has not received it. Again, this brings into question the lack of transparency and inaction of the United Arab Emirates to address Sattaur’s plight. With little success in getting the UAE authorities to address the issue, in light of the fact that Guyana is not a superpower, Sattaur’s wife is expected to approach the Brazilian government to intervene. Brazil’s growing international influence, and being a member of the BRICS group, may push the government of the United Arab Emirates to act. (

Thursday September 27, 2012

Kaieteur News

Anti-narcotic rank execution…

Police issue wanted bulletin for businessman The Guyana Police Force has issued a wanted belletin for Mool Persaud Maniram, called “Rakesh” whom they say is wanted for questioning in relation to murder committed on Police Constable 20682 Jirbahan Dianand on September 14, 2012. Dianand was found dead with two bullets to his head on September 14 last. His body was found in a slump position in his car on the Corentyne. The rank was said to have been involved in several major drug bust in the Berbice area prior to his death. Anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of Mool Persaud Maniram c/d “Rakesh” is asked to contact the police on telephone numbers: 333-2191, 333-3876,

333-2151- 3, 225-2227, 225-6411, 911 or the nearest police station. Maniram is no stranger to the police as in December of 2007, police had issued a wanted bulletin for him in connection with a illegal airstrip. The airstrip was discovered in the Guyana Defence Force during a routine flight to the area. A burnt Czech-made Let 410 turboprop aircraft and a burnt all terrain vehicle had been found on the airstrip. The airstrip- 3,600 feet long and 375 feet wide-- had been spotted by a Guyana Defence Force pilot during a routine flight in that area. The airstrip was found near a logging concession owned by the same businessman.

Wanted by police Mool Persaud Maniram

Child Protection Week ...

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Guyana to enhance quality of foods being exported Cabinet will soon be in possession of the draft Food Safety Bill aimed at ensuring that foods produced locally are of the highest quality. The Bill seeks to establish a Food Safety Agency that will ensure a harmonized way to regulate the food industry and guarantee safety from the farm to the consumer. According to Agriculture Minister, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, Guyana must be able to export foods that satisfy sanitary and phytosanitary measures. The Bill provides for the transformation of slaughter houses- which are common around Guyana- into abattoirs ensuring that beef is produced to the highest quality like in any part of the world. Dr. Leslie Ramsammy stated that the Ministry’s Food Safety Bill is among several Bills that are to be presented to Parliament.

The Food Safety Bill has been discussed widely by stakeholders and the Ministry of Agriculture will ensure that it is subjected to the relevant scrutiny. Dr. Ramsammy noted that the Bill is part of the Food and Nutrition Security Strategy’s implementation. Guyana is a net exporter of food and in July 2011, Guyana launched the Food and Nutrition Security Strategy. He said the strategy will see Guyana produce high quality, healthy food for Guyanese. In addition it will enhance the country’s reputation as a net exporter of food. Since its launching, the strategy is being implemented in accordance with its goals. There are three components to the strategy: facilitating sustainable and stable employment; promoting systems for use and consumption of healthy foods for increased nutrition

of all Guyanese; and promoting increased institutional coordination and functioning for improved food and nutrition security. He said that another example of its implementation is the Hinterland Rice and Beans Project in Region Nine. This feasibility programme was established with 150 acres of rice cultivation and 15.5 acres of beans cultivation in Moco Moco. In the first crop, more than 2,000 bags of rice paddy and more than 4,200 pounds of beans were produced. All the rice and beans produced were utilized in the district. This programme is continuing and it is expected that several other hinterland areas will start similar projects, securing employment for residents and providing access to affordable food. It is anticipated that as part of the Food Safety Bill a Food Safety Commission will be established.

Five Bills available to De Sinco Trading brings Tresemme enforce protection and Hair Motion products to Guyana! As Child Protection Week 2012, continued under the theme, “Adults, take action against child abuse; the time is now” thousands of children are caught in a cycle of abuse. Generally, child protection refers to protection from violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect. Children subjected to violence, exploitation, abuse and neglect are at risk of: shortened lives; poor physical and mental health; educational problems (including dropping out of school); poor parenting skills later in life and homelessness, vagrancy and displacement. In a statement to the press recently, Human Services and Social Security Minister, Jennifer Webster, under whose portfolio child protection falls, said that Government would be working towards ensuring that children are made aware

of their rights, responsibilities and the actions they should take, in the face of abuse. Under the Children’s Bill there is a comprehensive package of legislation with five Bills to enforce such protection. These are Adoption of Children Bill; Child Care and Development Services Bill; Custody, Access, Guardianship and Maintenance Bill; Status of Children Bill; and Protection of Children Bill. Experts say successful protection increases a child’s chances of growing up physically and mentally healthy, confident and selfrespecting, and less likely to abuse or exploit others, including his or her own children. Reports further suggest that the results of the two projects under the Child

Man on $10,000 bail for stealing plastic containers Wesley Ferdinand, 48, of Sparendaam was yesterday released on $10,000 bail after he allegedly stole $20,000 worth in plastic containers and footwear from a female vendor. The man admitted to the crime but explained that he accidentally threw away the items. “I was sweeping up the place and see the things in a bag. I tek them for rubbish so I throw them away.” The defendant also claimed that he might have given some of the items away. Chief Magistrate (Ag)

Priya Sewnarine-Beharry, who was hearing the matter then told the defendant that a not guilty plea will be entered for him based on his explanation. Ferdinand told the court that he wished to maintain his guilty plea. He explained that he spends most of his life on the streets and he does odd jobs to survive but that he would repay the complainant for the articles if he is given a chance. The virtual complainant agreed to be compensated for the items and the Magistrate released Ferdinand on bail.

Protection programme will be achieved through the development and implementation of an essential package of public policies and legislation for the protection of children. These rights-based projects are tailored to address needs at both the governmental and nongovernmental levels so that at the community level, access to essential quality social services that reduce children’s vulnerability to violence, abuse and exploitation which include psychosocial support, will be improved. A national consultation hosted in early 2006 to address the report on Juvenile Justice made several recommendations that point to revision of the existing legislation and institutional strengthening so that the judiciary, social workers and all who engage children in conflict with the law use the detention facilities for children as last resort. Improved access to legal aid for adolescents in conflict with the law, communitybased mediation and alternative dispute resolution are all components of this process. Additionally, the capacity of caregivers and support to community for the reintegration of adolescents in conflict with the law into their families and communities is also being addressed. The purpose is to ensure protection for women and children through the promotion of safe communities and families.

Several of the products which would now be on sale in Guyana

De Sinco trading along with Unilever Caribbean has brought to the Guyanese market the “Tresemme and Hair Motion” care products. The two distributing giants launched the product line recently. Human Resources Manager of De Sinco trading, Alicia De Abreu told Kaieteur News that the company held a knowledge seminar which was aimed at educating local stylists, beauticians among others about the benefits of using the products. De Abreu explained that they will have the exclusive and authorized right to distribute the products which include tresemme , motions, soft and beautiful, VO5 hair care, Noxzema and St.Ives facial care line . De Abreu stressed that the importance of having both the stylist and consumer trained

with the proper techniques will ensure the best usage and customer satisfaction from these or any other product. She added that the seminar was hosted by

international expert hair stylist, Ms Aileen Toro. De Abreu told Kaieteur News that Toro shared information and did live demonstrations with different products.

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Kaieteur News

Amelia’s Ward house goes up in flames

Thursday September 27, 2012

Missing OLPF laptops…..

Six staff sent home… Police still tight-lipped Crime Chief, Seelall Persaud for information. However, several calls to the Crime Chief went unanswered. The missing laptops were believed to have been stolen from the project’s warehouse, the IT Department and the Administration Departments. A source from the project’s Public Relation Department told this publication that the six staff members who were sent on leave to facilitate the investigation were working in the departments where the computers went missing.

News of the theft came as soon as the government appointed a new project manager, Margot Boyce. She has taken over the responsibility of operating the project, a few months after the former manager, Sesh Sukhdeo resigned. A reliable source from the project’s head office informed this publication that OLPF distribution has been delayed due to corruption from its inception. The OLPF is meant to distribute 90,000 computers to poor families who cannot afford one.

Six former employees of Patsan Trading are accused of pilfering $15 million worth of powdered milk from the Company. Germain Tulloch, Parmanand Persaud Jaggernath, Marlon Baiechu, Jose Rodney, Cordell Minoo and Romando Persaud allegedly broke and entered a bond of Patsan Trading and stole 550 cases of Milex milk powder some time between Tuesday August 28 and Friday September 21. They all pleaded not guilty to the allegation when they faced (Ag) Chief Magistrate Priya SewnarineBeharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court yesterday. Their attorneys Harun

Gajraj, Paul Fung-A-Fat and Patrice Henry requested bail in a reasonable sum since their clients are of the view that the value of the items mentioned in the charge had been exaggerated. As such the lawyers asked that the court take the “overstated sum” into consideration when granting bail. In their bail application, the lawyers also said that their clients pose no risk of flight, have unblemished records and have cooperated fully with police ranks during the investigations. According to Police Prosecutor Gordon Mansfield, all the defendants had been employed at Patsan

Trading Company Limited when the Chief Executive Officer of Patsan decided to review the records of the close circuit television camera after there had been a breakage. The defendants were seen removing the articles from the company’s bond. Mansfield did not oppose bail but asked that it be set at a substantial sum and on condition that the accused lodge their passports. However, Attorney –AtLaw Patrice Henry argued that his clients’ job required that they handle the items. Fung A Fat claimed that the stolen articles were recovered. The Magistrate released the accused on $500,000 bail each.

A variety of medical services will be offered free of cost to citizens from today at the Project Dawn Liliendaal, Greater Georgetown, facility. This medical move comes as part of the efforts of medical experts attached to Deskan Institute and Training Medical Mission which has been travelling to Guyana to render such services for the past 10 years. Though based primarily in the United States and Canada, the Mission which includes a number of medical practitioners with Guyanese roots, has been offering paediatrics, cardiology, ear, nose and throat among other services. A team of professionals, led by Dr Joan Liverpool who

specialises in Community Medicine, arrived in Guyana last Friday and has already started rendering services to members of the public. Residents at Leonora, West Coast Demerara, were exposed to the medical expertise over recent days and there are plans to travel to the Fort Wellington Hospital which has over the years accommodated the visiting experts’ mission. They have also provided services to the Parika area over the years as well. However, this is the first time that the mission will be offering its services out of the Project Dawn location. The free services will continue until tomorrow there and in Fort Wellington. The mission is

It is now a little over one month since six workers from the One Laptop Per Family (OLPF) project were sent home to facilitate an investigation into the theft of over 100 computers and police are still tight-lipped about their findings so far. Yesterday, a police source from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) headquarters told Kaieteur News that they will be penalized if any information is leaked to the media. He also advised this publication to contact the Fire early yesterday morning razed a one-bedroom wooden cottage at 2111 Central Amelia’s Ward, leaving in its wake only blackened rubble, and a zinc bathroom and latrine on the property. Several sheets of zinc were also piled up in a corner. The house was reportedly unoccupied at the time of the fire, as the owner, Holland Cambridge, was reportedly out of the country. According to reports, neighbours observed the house on fire, shortly after 4:00 hours, after they were

awakened by the barking of dogs. “All I hear is pow, pow. When I get up to see why the dogs barking the next thing I see is the big fire coming from the house,” a neighbour related. Another neighbour said that the owner of the house, who lived alone, had recently left to go and work overseas. His four children are currently living with his mother in Canvas City, Wismar, because the man has separated from his wife, it was reported. “It is a real shame the way

The Guysuco employee, Satish Kisten, called ‘Dingo’, 29, of Brothers Village, East Bank Berbice, who was found dead in a trench on Friday died by drowning following a bout of epilepsy (fits). These were the findings by Dr Vivekananda Brijmohan after conducting a post mortem examination on the body on Tuesday at the New Amsterdam hospital. This finding dispels rumours that the man was bitten

by a snake. Marks that were believed to be from a snake bite were seen on the man’s neck. Those marks were later confirmed to be ant bites. Police and Guysuco officials had launched an investigations into the circumstances surrounding the death of the recliner (trench cleaner) attached to Guysuco Providence Estate. According to reports, Kisten and four other weeders were

the house burn down, because I visited the guy once, and he had every little convenience there. But he is always going somewhere. Sometimes he goes into the interior, and now I hear he gone overseas”. “But somebody used to put on lights and so for him”, another neighbour declared. Neighbours claimed that there is no way the building could have been saved, as the fire tender took at least 20 minutes to arrive on the scene, by which time the flames had already engulfed the place.

Guysuco weeder died from Epilepsy and drowning

Satish Kisten, called ‘Dingo’ dispatched to clean a canal at an area called ‘Three Bridge’ South Glasgow on Friday. The men were engaged in removing weeds from a 12-foot canal at an area about two miles from the Glasgow Public Road. It was reported that the men had regrouped and just resumed work when Kisten was discovered missing. Upon closer examination the man’s hat was seen floating in the canal. An alarm was raised and a search of the canal was conducted. Kisten’s lifeless body was eventually fished out of the canal. Kisten leaves to mourn a wife and two children.

Six fingered in $15 million milk theft

Four of the accused

Overseas mission offers FREE medical services in rural Guyana

Dr Joan Liverpool known to attend to in excess of 200 individuals per day. According to Dr Liverpool, while service will start from around 09:00 hours at Project Dawn and 07:00 hours at Fort Wellington “we usually stay at a location until we would have looked at the last patient.”

Thursday September 27, 2012

Kaieteur News

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CONCACAF reaches agreement Dizzy Azarenka reaches for international broadcast rights Tokyo quarters

NEW YORK – Following a market-wide RFP, the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) announced this week that it has accepted a joint bid from World Sport Group and Traffic Sports for the confederation’s international media rights. The two-year pact was reached after due process from the CONCACAF Evaluation Committee, comprised of Victor Montagliani, Canadian Soccer Association President; Eduardo Li, Costa Rica Football Association President; and Cheney Joseph, Grenada Football Association President; who assessed the different bids. “This is yet another broadcast agreement that will contribute to elevating our properties as global brands while expanding the reaches of our football,” said CONCACAF President, Jeffrey Webb. The agreement includes fullmatch and highlight television broadcast rights for the 2013 Gold Cup, CONCACAF’s

biennial championship for national teams that continues to grow in popularity with fans worldwide; the 2012/13 and 2013/14 editions of the CONCACAF Champions League, the UNCAF Copa Centroamericana, as well as next year’s CONCACAF Men’s Under-17 and Under-20 Championships. Under terms of the deal, World Sport Group and Traffic Sports acquired the right to market the CONCACAF properties in all territories outside of the CONCACAF region, with the exception of rights for the Champions League in Latin America. Television, web and mobile communication devices will be utilized as transmission vehicles. Jochen Losch, President International Business of TRAFFIC Sports, expressed to be “delighted to continue our long lasting relationship with CONCACAF, by marketing their every time more attractive football assets together with our friends and business partners from World Sport Group.”

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LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): It may feel as though you’re more appreciated at work than you are at home. Perhaps that’s because you’ve been too modest about your accomplishments. ********************************** SCORPIO (OCT 23 NOV 21): Don’t lord your power over colleagues who aren’t as important as you. It’s important to make friends with people at all levels. You never know when you’ll need a little extra help. ********************************** SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 - DEC 21): If you don’t understand something, you’ve got to ask for clarification and explanation or you could make a serious mistake. It’s not easy to ask for help, particularly since your instructor has poor communication skills. ********************************** CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): A colleague or romantic partner is pulling a power play. Don’t pretend you are immune to their behaviour. It’s better to confront the matter now, while you still have respect for this person. ********************************** AQUARIUS (JAN 20 FEB 18): A close relationship may be more troubled than you realise. It’s important to keep an eye open for subtle clues. If a lover or workmate seems distant, it may be because he or she is unhappy. ********************************** PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): Beware of lending precious objects to lovers or children, or you could regret it. Even though you’ve always valued people more than possessions, you still have a sentimental attachment to certain items.

(Reuters) - World number one Victoria Azarenka recovered from a bout of dizziness to beat Italy’s Roberta Vinci 6-4 6-2 and reach the quarter-finals of the Pan Pacific Open on Wednesday. Wrestling again with her service demons, second seed Maria Sharapova produced a laboured 6-2 7-6 victory over Czech Lucie Safarova to also reach the last eight in Tokyo. Azarenka had her blood pressure checked during the changeover after going 4-3 down in the first set but somehow dug in to take it after Vinci dumped a forehand into the net. “I felt dizzy on court and my head was spinning between points,” said the Belarusian. “I was just trying to finish the points as quickly as possible.” Azarenka, who won this year’s Australian Open and reached the U.S. Open final earlier this month, found her feet again to race to a 4-0 lead in the second set. Still looking flushed between points, Azarenka offered her opponent a glimmer of hope by dropping the next two games before slamming the door firmly shut. A sliced backhand brought business to a quick conclusion, although Azarenka was still grimacing as she shook hands with Vinci and waved to the crowd. “I arrived a few days before the tournament and really struggled with my health,” said Azarenka. “I’ve been trying to save my energy for my matches.” “I don’t know what exactly it is. Hopefully I’ll know as soon as possible and get rid of it. I was pretty lucky. I don’t know how I got through really.” French Open champion Sharapova finished with an ace but double-faults on big points almost cost the Russian the second set as the sun set over Tokyo Bay. “After a long match yesterday, I was just happy to win in two (sets),” said Sharapova, who had taken more than three hours to dispatch

British qualifier Heather Watson the previous day. The two-times Pan Pacific Open champion was almost forced into a decider having blown a 3-0 lead in the set before winning the tiebreak 7-5. FURIOUS REACTION Sharapova almost choked in the breaker too, opening a 4-1 advantage before a wild forehand allowed Safarova to drew level, prompting a furious reaction from the Russian. Muttering to herself angrily between points, Sharapova smacked her racquet against the court in disgust but held her nerve and had just enough in the tank to get the job done. “After being up 3-0 I was frustrated,” said the Olympic silver medallist, who served 14 double faults in her opener and six against Safarova. “I don’t think it should have gone to a tiebreak because I had the momentum going in the second set.”

Sharapova next faces eighth seed Samantha Stosur of Australia in the WTA premier five event after last year’s U.S. Open champion beat Slovakia’s Dominika Cibulkova 6-4 7-5. Seventh seed Li Na, one of three Chinese players to travel to Tokyo despite escalating political tensions between China and Japan, was beaten 4-6 6-3 64 by Denmark’s Caroline Wozniacki. Former world number one Wozniacki next faces defending champion Agnieszka Radwanska, the third seed, who progressed with a 6-4 6-3 win over American qualifier Jamie Hampton. Fifth seed Angelique Kerber played party pooper for the Radwanska family, however, overpowering Agnieszka’s younger sister Urszula 6-1 6-1. Azarenka awaits the German. Sixth seed Sara Errani ended the French resistance, overcoming ninth seed Marion Bartoli 3-6 6-2 6-2 to reach the last eight.

Gustard, Smith looking to... From page 21 learnt a lot from him because we have met on a number of occasions when he is doing training courses. He passed on a lot of advice (especially) about always being vigilant. (Bucknor) has really been an icon for us.” Both Gustard and Smith said that umpiring the game was a labour of love and there was no place for lack of commitment. “The WICB are looking for young umpires and there is scope for movement, so there is an incentive for anyone to get involved,” said Smith. “I really love umpiring,” said Gustard. “There are some days when it can be really difficult, but when you have the love for the sport, this helps you to overcome all the challenges.”

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(Reuters) - Germany coach Joachim Loew remains the best choice to lead the team despite their Euro 2012 semi-final exit that extended their 16-year run without a trophy, German football association boss Wolfgang Niersbach said on Tuesday. Loew, who took over after the 2006 World Cup, has steered the team to a Euro 2008 final spot and last four appearances at the 2010 World Cup and this year’s Euros.

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Following their 2-1 semifinal loss to Italy in June, Loew has been under growing criticism for failing to deliver a trophy. His contract runs to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Germany’s opening two World Cup qualifying wins have also been less than impressive. “Joachim Loew is competent, straightforward, serious. He is and remains for the DFB the ideal national team coach,” Niersbach told the WAZ newspaper group. “We should also not forget that we are second in the world rankings and it cannot be that after every Euro 15 coaches are fired and only one stays on.” Among those critical of Loew’s work has been Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness, who said the coach should be tougher with his players. “It is wise for the DFB to stick with continuity,” said Niersbach. “Only Denmark’s Morten Olsen has been longer in his job than Loew in

German national team coach Joachim Loew arrives at the 10th UEFA Conference for European National Team Coaches. REUTERS/Kacper Pempel Europe. All other teams have changed coaches many times. “I ask with what success? By the way Spain had to wait 44 years for another title before winning (Euro) 2008.”

Taufel to quit umpiring after T20 World Cup

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(Reuters) - Australian Simon Taufel will end his international umpiring career after the ongoing Twenty20 World Cup in Sri Lanka to groom the next generation of elite match officials, the International Cricket Council (ICC) said on Wednesday. The 41-year-old has umpired in 74 tests and 174 one-day internationals in his outstanding career, winning ICC Umpire of the Year award for five successive years from 2004 to 2008. Taufel said in an ICC statement that he wanted to spend more time with his family. “In my new position as

ICC umpire performance and training manager, I look forward to help create professional programmes and resources to support the current and future generations of cricket match officials,” he added. ICC Chief Executive David Richardson paid tribute to one of cricket’s most consistent umpires. “Simon has been one of the most respected umpires for over a decade due to his excellent decision-making and man-management skills. “He has been a role model for umpires globally who look to him for inspiration and guidance,” he added.

Thursday September 27, 2012

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Gatorade/Pepsi Sonics ‘Refresh Your Game’ 1st, 3rd Division B/ball Tourney

Double header to set things going tomorrow With over $260,000 up for grabs in the Gatorade sponsored Pepsi Sonics ‘Refresh Your Game’ First and Third Divisions Basketball Tournament, teams entered in the competition will begin to do battle tomorrow with a double header planned, at the Burnham Court on Middle and Carmichael Streets. In the opening encounter, Pacesetters are scheduled to take on Republic Nets starting from 19:00hrs and that will be followed by a clash between Dyna Ravens and Guardians at 21:00hrs. A triple-header is planned

for the following day with Pacesetters engaging Eagles from 16:00hrs and immediately after fans will see Colts battling Pepsi Sonics at 18:30hrs, while the feature clash is between Patriots and Panthers at 21:00hrs. Then on Sunday, Panthers collide with the GDF from 16:30hrs to be followed by the game between Republic Nets and Buxton at 18:30hrs, while the marquee matchup for the night features Colts vs. Pepsi Sonics at 21:00hrs. There will be an exhibition game among junior players from the Pepsi Sonics Club.

Skeete t\20 cricket-South Essequibo...

Rising Star, Golden Fleece off to winning start Rising Star and Golden Fleece recorded victories as action in the Edward Skeete and family twenty\20 cricket competition commenced last Sunday with two matches in South Essequibo. At the New Opportunity Corps ground, Rising Star made light work of Invader Masters winning the game by 58 runs. Rising Star batted first and posted 145-5 off their allocation of overs with Ricardo Peters top scoring with 40, while Otis Roberts contributed 39 as Daveanand Madhoo and Linden Daniels collected two wickets apiece. Invaders Masters were bowled out for 87 in 15.4 overs

in reply. Madhoo was the only batsman offering resistance with 21. Deraj Dindyal was the pick of the bowlers for Rising Star with 3-14 while Rovin Dusraj took 2-24. At Golden Fleece, Eknauth Persaud made 65 and Jewan Singh scored 36 as the host posted 162-7 off 20 overs after taking first strike against Zorg. Mark Gonsalves 1-26 and Anthony Adams 1-23 were the most economical bowlers for the visitors who could only muster 146 all out in 19.5 overs. Gonsalves and Adams returned to score 29 and 21 respectively as Raj Parbattie claimed 3-21 and Rovindra Madhoo 3-14.

Threats and caustic barbs as boxers sign for ‘Hurry Up promotions’ affair A vicious exchange of caustic barbs characterized the contract signing ceremony yesterday when boxers slated to exhibit their wares at the Hurry Up Boxing Promotions ‘Foreign Invasion’ convened at the Avenue of the Republic offices of Abdool and Abdools Insurance Brokers to consummate the deal for the 36 rounds extravaganza at the Banks DIH Thirst Park Ground, Saturday October 13 next. Howard ‘Battersea Bomber’ Eastman was initially scheduled to match gloves with unbeaten American middleweight, Frank Galarza but will now engage Simeon ‘Candyman’ Hardy in an 8 rounds light/middleweight affair. According to promoter, Leon Moore, the American pugilist fought in a brutal contest last week that ended in a draw. Moore said that Galarza’s management team contacted him and postponed the bout saying that their fighter was not in good shape for another bout so close on the heels of last week’s encounter. Rather than postpone the card, Moore turned to the reliable, Hardy who unhesitatingly agreed to step into the ring with the ‘Battersea Bomber.’ Not only did Hardy agree to the bout but he was extremely brash about his intentions. Sitting directly opposite Eastman at the signing ceremony, Hardy delivered his usual diatribe and warned Eastman that the result would be the same as when the two fought three months ago. For the record,

ALL ABOARD: The boxers affix their ‘Johnny Hancocks’ to their contracts yesterday afternoon.

Hardy had overcome a sustained attack from the former European champion to prevail over 8 rounds. “I’m happy about this rematch; it will give me the perfect opportunity to put things right,” declared Eastman. “Ever since the (last) fight I have developed tremendously while Eastman has declined; he is the worst for wear unlike me who has improved,” retorted Hardy. Then in a brash outburst he offered Eastman a way out, “I will allow you to have a few replacements outside the ring and you could tag them at anytime you wish.” Eastman simply shook his head and retorted, “I hope on the night in question you can walk the walk as you are talking the talk.” Hardy was not the only one in a garrulous mood. Jermaine King, who opposes

Gustard, Smith looking to make the right calls ST. JOHN’S, Antigua – Umpires Patrick Gustard and Verdayne Smith said they were both elated to be elevated to the West Indies Cricket Board’s Senior Umpires Panel (SUP). The directors of the WICB approved the recommendations of its Umpires and Match Referees Committee for six promotions to the senior umpires’ panel, when they held their last meeting in Barbados a fortnight ago. The umpires elevated were Gustard, Smith, Zahid Bassarath, Leslie Reifer Jr, Danesh Ramdhanie and Nandkumar Shivsankar. Gustard said he had been working hard to make the cut, following his first-class debut two years ago. “This is really, really important to me,” he

- hail Steve Bucknor for advice and guidance told WICB Media from his native Jamaica via telephone link-up. “The first-class match I did in 2010 was a great experience, so I am glad to be on the senior umpires’ panel at this time and be able to have another opportunity.” Fellow Jamaican Smith said this was justification for the hard work and commitment he had put into umpiring over the years. “It is only a small step up the ladder,” he said. “As my mentor would say, ‘It’s just means that the work will get harder now because I want to move on further, so this is just a small step towards my ultimate goal.” Both umpires have similar stories about unfulfilled

Page 21

promise as players and wanting to stay involved in the game driving their interest in this side of the sport. The 41-year-old Gustard said: “I played the game, like most young West Indian boys, from my days at school. I really loved the game. But when I realise there won’t be any stardom for me, I chose to give back the service to the game itself and I decided to get into umpiring.” Said the 34-year-old Smith: “When I was younger, I always dreamed of playing for West Indies. I wasn’t a bad player in high school, but players like Chris Gayle and Ricardo Powell were among my contemporaries, and maybe I didn’t have the same self-belief like them anymore.

I still wanted to be in the Test arena and I figured the best way would be to be an umpire.” Jamaica has produced some outstanding international umpires, with the incomparable Steve Bucknor at the head of the class. Both Gustard and Smith, teachers by profession like Bucknor, said they have benefitted from his influence and hoped to come close to scaling the same heights. “The first time, I met him I was overwhelmed,” said Smith. “But what I picked up from him over the years is to have confidence in yourself. Call it the way you see it, and don’t be influenced or intimidated by others or the situation.” Gustard said: “I have (Continued on page 19)

Caribbean Boxing Federation (CABOFE) middleweight champion, Edmond DeClou in a 6 rounds super/ middleweight affair, has warned his opponent to expect a torrid night. King said that he is in the best shape of his life and is ready to resume his winning ways. His words must not be taken lightly especially after his lopsided victory over Troy Lewis in his last bout. DeClou shrugged aside the remarks saying that his fists will do the talking on fight night. He admitted that he was not at his best in his last two outings but has remedied the errors that were responsible for that. “That does not erase the fact that I am the Caribbean Boxing Federation and the local middleweight champion so you had better take note,” declared DeClou. Moore will also lace up his gloves against Juan Carlos Pena out of the Dominican Republic. The multiple champion recently fought under the Boxing 360 Promotions but has since relinquished all ties with the American group. He will best be remembered for his bout against Breilor Teran, a tough Venezuelan that had tested him to the hilt. Moore had copromoted that card with Carwyn Holland and the general view was that he was not as focused as he should have been. This time Moore said that all systems are in place and he has designated certain responsibilities to his competent team and will not have to worry much. In the other bouts, Clive Atwell will match gloves with Orland Rogers in a 6 rounds catchweight affair. Atwell is only now beginning to gel as a professional and has removed Rudolph Fraser and

Revlon Lake in devastating fashion in his two last bouts. Rogers is unimpressed and has promised to come out slugging. “At the end of the bout I will be declared the winner,” he prophesied. Atwell was unable to attend the function and could not respond appropriately. American, Allan Phallen will come up against Charlton Skeete in a featherweight 4 rounder as Skeete, now in his third professional bout, attempts to notch up his inaugural victory. Meanwhile, President of the Guyana Boxing Board of Control (GBBC), Peter Abdool, lauded Moore for his bold initiative. He reminded of the dearth of promoters as against a plethora of talent even as he pointed out that events of this nature have been the foundation for past pugilists like Andrew Lewis among others. Moore beseeched the support of the corporate community as well as the public. He said that his love for the sport is the catalyst for his involvement in the promotional arena. The former bantamweight champion will be moving up in weight to the featherweight division and said that he feels stronger at the new weight. He said that he has always wanted to give back to the sport that has been so good to him. Moore also said that he has spoken to several promoters in the USA and is currently fine tuning arrangements to have several American fighters engage local pugilists on a constant basis in future cards. Fans could also expect an action packed affair if negotiations between heavyweights, Anthony Augustin and Mitchell Rogers fructify.

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England v WI, World T20 2012, Super Eights, Pallekele...

West Indies target England spin problem Cricinfo - England will face another examination against spin in their first World Twenty20 Super Eights tie against West Indies in Pallakele today. Destroyed by India’s Harbhajan Singh and Piyush Chawla at the group stage, they must now combat West Indies’ Sunil Narine and a potential unknown accomplice, Samuel Badree. Narine is West Indies’ “trump card” according to their captain, Darren Sammy, but perhaps it is possible to exaggerate the likely extent of the ordeal after England’s batting horrors against India. The most danger to England is more likely to emanate from the usual place: West Indies’ long list of destructive batsmen. Narine had a bowling average of 199 in England last summer in all competitions his only wicket came when he dismissed Jonathan Trott in an ODI at the Rose Bowl and Trott is not even here. After his success in the IPL, England played Narine rather well. If he is to prove a trump card, it will have needed a change of suit since the sides last met. As for Badree, he is a 31year-old legspinner from Trinidad whose international exposure amounts to two T20I matches against New Zealand in the United States. He claimed Tim Southee as his only wicket and is the only international player who can fairly claim to be bigger in Florida than the rest of the cricketing world. There again,

he is an unknown quantity and, in England’s current state, that is a good thing to be. It is not that the Pallakele pitch is expected to favour the spinners, not this early in the tournament anyway, just that West Indies have unsurprisingly taken a view. It was hard not to after the way England capitulated to India, bowled out for 80, their lowest Twenty20 score. But even if you add in the offspin of Chris Gayle and Marlon Samuels, who are both most notable for the expenditure of a minimal number of calories in delivery, England will be telling themselves that their fallibility against spin is in danger of being overplayed. England’s T20I captain, Stuart Broad, is doing his best to shrug it off. “We are ready for that,” he said. “It is not as if we have found out yesterday that people are going to bowl spin at us. Coming to Sri Lanka, we sort of knew that because those are the conditions we will face. It is important as individuals we try to counteract it.” Broad refuses to accept that England have technical issues against spin bowling. Even if he harbours doubts, it is far too late to do much about it now. The only option is to try to restore self-belief and trust that England somehow brazen it through. “The challenge is all mental,” he claimed. “It is all about getting yourself back

Teenager Dananjaya could stand in for injured Mendis (Reuters) - Sri Lanka could turn to uncapped teenager Akila Dananjaya if spinner Ajantha Mendis fails to recover from injury in time for the World Twenty20 Super Eight game against New Zealand at Pallekele today. “He’s certainly very close to playing,” Sri Lanka coach Graham Ford said yesterday. “He was probably going to play against South Africa and then the game got reduced and there was the chance he would’ve been bowling with a wet ball. “He was going to get a game there and he’s certainly not here just to carry the drinks.” Ford said the 18-year-old Dananjaya, who bowls four varieties of spin, could be a useful weapon. “He’s got a lot of

variations with good control and it’s going to take any batsman who hasn’t seen him a bit of time to work out what he does,” said Ford. “In this format of the game that’s quite an advantage.” Mendis strained his side a week ago in the group match against Zimbabwe. MRI scans showed he had a slight tear in his left side. New Zealand captain Ross Taylor expects spin to play a part in the Super Eights as all matches will be doubleheaders. “Spin has been very successful in this form of the game,” said Taylor. “With two games tomorrow, the wicket could deteriorate and take a bit of turn for the second game and not the first game. “The main message is to be aggressive and not let them settle.”

into a positive frame of mind and reminding the guys in the team that they are good players. They have performed well to get into this England team and we have matchwinners in this side. “We just talked about our strengths. Learn from the mistakes you make but don’t dwell on them. We have players who have played spin well. We have talked about how we’ve done that.” But Sammy looked particularly perky as he presented Narine as a potential matchwinner. “We will definitely look to bowl spin against them,” he said. “I think everyone who comes on to bowl has a big part to play but Sunil is our trump card. He has done well for us in international matches and hopefully he’ll have a big impact on the English batting line-up. “England are the defending world champions. I don’t think they will allow the last game India to play on their minds. We have our plans and just have to go out and execute them.” Sammy excused Narine’s poor show in England on the grounds of miserable weather, which did not make the pitches conducive to spin and pointed out, accurately enough, that England’s senior spin bowler, Graeme Swann, also survived on meagre returns. Broad is not the first person to extol the attractions of Pallakele. Contrast that with Sri Lanka’s unveiling of the jerry-built, and unfinished, Dambulla Stadium to unsuspecting England tourists about a decade ago and it is a huge stride forward. “It’s my first time to the ground, it looks fantastic,” Broad said. “It reminds me a bit of Caribbean grounds actually.” Another reason, perhaps, why Sammy was feeling so content.

Thursday September 27, 2012

Hamilton’s defiance fails to save Sagicor HPC Sagicor HPC batsman Jahmar Hamilton gathers runs in the leg-side. © WICB Media

DHAKA, Bangladesh – A defiant, unbeaten 47 from Jahmar Hamilton failed to inspire the Sagicor High Performance Centre team and Bangladesh-A claimed a 52-run victory in their tour match yesterday. The Anguillan wicketkeeper/batsman struck three fours and two sixes from 69 balls in 101 minutes to lead the last charge to victory, but

the Sagicor HPC team were dismissed for 186 in their second innings inside the first hour on the final day of the four-day match at the Sher-eBangla Stadium. None of the visitors’ remaining batsmen reached 20 before left-arm spinner Saqlain Sajib completed the demolition, when he had Sheldon Cotterrell caught

EAGLES SOAR INTO NEXT ROUND - Next stop: Albouystown tonight Eagles soared into the next round of the ongoing Mackeson Smooth Moves 3on-3 Basketball Competition Tuesday night when they played undefeated to top their group at the Court located at California Square, East Ruimveldt. Adrian Hooper, Marks Wills, Louis James and Kadeem Jacobs combined to put Eagles through to the next round after they beat

MediCare 10-9 and McDoom Kings 14-5. MediCare and Kings played to an 11-11 draw with Kings advancing. The contest continues tonight at the Independence Boulevard Basketball Court in Albouystown with more games in the Georgetown Zone. The competition is being played across Guyana for the biggest purse in local basketball, which is an enormous $1M winner-take-all top prize.

Imam Bacchus schools cricket competition – E’bo

Mohamed, Beharry star as ARMS book final berth Middle order batsman Siddiq Mohamed made a fine 48 and left arm spinner Hemant Beharry grabbed 5 wickets for 7 runs as Anna Regina Multilateral defeated Aurora Secondary by 83 runs in the second semifinal of the Imam Bacchus schools 40 over cricket competition last Saturday at the Affiance ground, Essequibo Coast.

Hemant Boodie 25, Beharry, and Nathan Persaud with 22 each, supported Mohamed as Anna Regina Multilateral posted 168-9 after taking first strike in a match which was reduced to 25 overs due to rain. Ravindra Parasram captured 3-27, while Wazim Karoon, Kevin Chetram and Isaiah Latchman picked up 2 wickets each.

Aurora Secondary in their turn at the crease were bowled out for 85 in 22 overs. Andy Dass was the only batsman that reached double figures with 13 as Mohamed backed up Beharry in the bowling department by taking 3-14. Anna Regina will now face Johanna Cecelia in the final on Saturday at the said venue. Action Starts from 10:30 hrs.

behind for a third-ball duck to finish with 5-61 from 22.4 overs. The outcome meant that no team scored more than 200 in the match and ended the four-day programme on the tour for the Sagicor HPC. The emerging West Indies players face the same opponents in three One-day matches, starting on Saturday at the same venue. Starting the day on 120 for six, chasing 239 for victory, the Caribbean side suffered an early setback, when Yannic Cariah was caught close to the wicket of left-arm spinner Enamul Haque Jr. Two overs later, Veerasammy Permaul fell for three to Enamul, who trapped Jomel Warrican lbw for five, finishing with 3-73 and match figures of 10-118 to make him a shoo-in for the Man-of-theMatch award. The Sagicor HPC is on a month-long tour to Bangladesh. They opened the trip with a draw in a fourday match against the Bangladesh Cricket Board Academy at the Sheikh Abu Naser Stadium in Khulna. Scores: BANGLADESHA 199 (Mominul Haque 50, Raqibul Hasan 32, Naeem Islam 30; Sheldon Cotterrell 4-15, Jomel Warrican 2-32, Veerasammy Permaul 2-57) and 186 (Naeem Islam 60, Raqibul Hasan 35, Enamul Haque Jr 25, Mominul Haque 27; Veerasammy Permaul 4-44, Sheldon Cotterrell 2-15, Carlos Brathwaite 2-33, Jomel Warrican 2-65). SAGICOR HIGH PERFORMANCE CENTRE 147 (Andre Fletcher 51, Marlon Barclay 22; Enamul Haque Jr 18.5-3-45-7, Saqlain Sajib 2-43) and 186 (Kyle Hope 52, Jahmar Hamilton 47 not out, Marlon Barclay 33, Andre Fletcher 20; Saqlain Sajib 22.4-6-615, Enamul Haque Jr 3-73 for match figures of 10-118).

Thursday September 27, 2012

Kaieteur News

Underfunded national bodybuilding team did well - says GABBFF President, Keavon Bess


resident of the Guyana Amateur Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (GABBFF), Keavon Bess told the media yesterday that even though the national team that competed at the Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Championships in Puerto Rico was underfunded, they did well to return with a gold and bronze medal. Guyana’s team comprised Devon Davis, who won gold in the 132 lbs category, Kerwin Clarke, who placed third in the 154 lbs category, Marlon Bennett 143 lbs (placed sixth) and Alisha Fortune, who also placed sixth. “We managed to send four athletes based on our budget. We used the little finances we had, but of those finances they returned with five medals,” Bess said, adding the Bennett and Fortune got medals for their participation in the competition. “We have a gold medal from a very prestigious competition. Bodybuilding is not a sport that all the sponsors will rush to support, we are not a big sport, but we are urging corporate Guyana to support us based on these results,” he

continued. Bess was speaking at a press conference at Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) Headquarters yesterday, following the team’s return to Guyana Sunday night. He singled out a few corporate people who supported the team for the CAC Championships. According to Bess, the federation has a few programmes to raise funds on its own, which is being drafted into a proposal that will be shared with the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, following a meeting with minister, Dr. Frank Anthony some time ago. Gold Medallist, Davis said he left Guyana to win gold and he did just that while Clarke related that he was aiming for gold as well, but fell short. “The better body won, but I will be preparing myself and body for CAC in the Dominican Republic next year,” Clarke said. Bennett was adamant that in his mind he felt he did better than sixth place, but the judges had another view while Fortune indicated that she will continue to pursue her dreams of becoming an international bodybuilding gold medallist.

England’s Stuart Broad says Gayle wicket key BBC Sport - Stuart Broad says his bowlers must be “aggressive” towards Chris Gayle when England meet West Indies in the World Twenty20 Super Eights in Pallekele today. Broad believes the key to victory is dismissing West Indies batsman Gayle, 33, before he can cause any damage. “As bowlers you have to try and get him out in the first couple of overs,” said the England captain. “We know he’s dangerous but we’ve got a very aggressive bowling unit as well.” Gayle hit 54 from 33 deliveries in West Indies’ 17run defeat to Australia on 22 September, his only innings so far at the tournament. “Chris Gayle’s an experienced Twenty20 cricketer,” added Broad. “He knows his game, he waits for a few overs and then goes for it. “We saw Steven Finn knock him over at the Twenty20 at Trent Bridge [this summer] and we’ve just got to back our skills and really come hard at the West Indies side.” England fast bowler Finn admits he has to do more if England, the defending Twenty20 champions, are to win the first of their three Super Eight group fixtures, the others being against New Zealand and hosts Sri Lanka. Finn, 23, has picked up an early wicket in each of England’s first two matches in Sri Lanka, but that was not enough as they fell to a 90-run defeat against India on Sunday. “As an opening bowler, I have to set the tone for the team,” he said. “I haven’t been brilliant at doing that in the games we’ve played so far. “It’s great that Broady entrusts me with that new ball - to go out there and try and do it - and it’s something I really enjoy. “It’s my job up front, sometimes bowling at the most dangerous batsmen, to get them out early on.”

Guyana’s CAC Bodybuilding Team strikes impromptu poses at the GOA Headquarters yesterday following a press conference; from left the four-member CAC team was Marlon Bennett, Kerwin Clarke, Devon Davis and Alisha Fortune.

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t r o Sp Women’s World T20 2012, Group B, Galle...

England v WI, World T20 2012, Super Eights, Pallekele...

South Africa, West Indies West Indies target score comfortable wins England spin problem P. 22


SPNcricinfo We s t I n d i e s opened their World Twenty20 campaign with a notable victory against New Zealand in Galle as Deandra Dottin slammed a quick fifty, making short work of a decent total to complete a seven-wicket win. It was their first victory over New Zealand in either T20s or ODIs. Chasing 118, West Indies were pegged back by the dual loss of opener Tremayne Smartt and No. 3 Shanel Daley in the second over bowled by Erin Bermingham. But Dottin came together with Stafanie Taylor in a rapid 82-run stand that turned the game in West Indies’ favour. Dottin hit six fours and two sixes in her unbeaten 42-ball 58 as West Indies completed the chase with two overs to spare. New Zealand, put into bat, laid a strong platform as they reached 63 for 1 in the tenth over with captain Suzie Bates contributing 32 off 34 balls. But the fall of Sophie Devine triggered a collapse New Zealand lost the next eight wickets for 47 although the run-rate stayed around six an over. New Zealand’s 117 was the second highest total in Sri Lanka, but Dottin’s innings made the difference. West Indies leapfrogged South Africa in Group B points-table on account of a

Deandra Dottin plays a ball towards the on side (ICC Getty).

better net run-rate after both teams notched up a win on the opening day of the Women’s World T20. Earlier, South Africa produced a strong performance in the field to score a comfortable sixwicket win against Sri Lanka in the opening match of Women’s World T20 in Galle. After choosing to bowl, South Africa reduced the home side to 17 for 4 within the first eight overs Susan Benade and Dane van Neikerk sharing two wickets apiece. Sri Lanka lost their fifth wicket when Marizanne Kapp effected a run out in the tenth over. Four more run outs followed and Sri Lanka were only able to manage 79.

Captain Dilani Manodara top scored with 24 in an innings where nine batsmen failed to get into double figures. S o u t h A f r i c a wicketkeeper Trisha Chetty, who was involved in six dismissals in the first innings - four run outs, one stumping and one catch - led the response with a 40-ball 33. Apart from a minor hiccup in the tenth over when Deepika Rasangika got the wicket of Benade caught behind and two balls later, Sri Lanka manged to run out South Africa captain Mignon du Preez, there was no pressure on the batsmen and South Africa cruised to the target in the 18th over.

Dwayne Smith and Fidel Edwards chat during a training session (AFP).

West Indies captain Darren Sammy at a training session (AP).

Andy Flower addresses a group of players during batting practice (AFP).

Eagles soar into next round P. 22

- Next stop: Albouystown tonight

Eagles’ Louis James powers his way into the paint and releases the ball off the glass Tuesday night at California Square, East Ruimveldt.

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