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Top Cop tells Commission ...

Linden shooting was unjustified Inquiry hears about Rohee bypassing Top Cop and calling junior ranks p. 3 Commissioners listen attentively to the Top Cop as he testified yesterday

Agricola shooting ...

Alleged shooters missing from desk duties

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Fisherman Anna Catherina triple murder... kills self after Prime suspect’sp. forcing baby to bloodstained 3 drink kerosene pants recovered p. 17

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Tuesday September 25, 2012

Kaieteur News

Agricola shooting...

Alleged shooters missing from desk duties

At least two of the three police officers fingered in the Agricola shooting that left 17-year-old Shaquille Grant dead have allegedly skipped town. The men, according to reports, are reportedly out of the jurisdiction and may even be out of the country. This was the news related by protestors who picketed the High Court yesterday while the Commission of Inquiry into the Linden shooting was being conducted. According to Social activist, Mark Benchop, who

spoke on behalf of the Agricola residents, “The policemen who were involved in the Agricola shooting were just allowed to disappear.” Benchop said there are policemen involved in a fatal shooting and they were not placed on close arrest. If the officers were placed on close arrest and are now gone, then they were then allowed to leave, Benchop suggested. As a result, he said the Police Commissioner and the Crime Chief must answer to the public and the family of young Grant. Shonette Grant said that she wants justice for her son. She said it could only be the acts of senior officials to have the embattled police officers flee the country, if indeed they have gone. Grant said that she was told that between Saturday and yesterday, the named police ranks fled the country. She asked, “If the

officers were under close arrest, how did they escape police custody? It has been more than two weeks, enough time for an investigation to be completed with all the evidence provided,” the mother said. Grant said that toward the end of last week she visited Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee’s office but made no contact with him. The mother said later, she received a call from Minister Rohee who told her that a letter was sent to Commissioner Brumell telling him that he should deal with the Agricola shooting expeditiously. Now the men are missing, Grant said. When Kaieteur News spoke to Commissioner Brumell on the issue he said he was unaware of such developments and had no idea about the cops being missing.

APNU lawyers seek adjustment to terms of reference As the Commission of Inquiry into the Linden Shooting commenced yesterday, lawyers for A Partnership for National Unity had a few objections about the terms of reference and the lawyers attached to the commission. At the commencement of the hearing, Attorney-at-law Basil Williams, who is appearing for APNU, requested from the Chairman Justice Lensley Wolfe if he would consider a stay so that the President can include the shooting events of August 10 and August 12. However, Wolfe said that he could not do anything to the terms of reference but would “embrace” the

suggestion if they were so advised by those responsible for setting up the body. Attorney-at-law Joseph Harmon is also representing the APNU. In the letter which was prompted by interactions with witnesses and residents in the course of gathering statements for the inquiry, APNU said that it felt that the outcome of the inquiry should be embraced by all citizens of Linden and all Guyanese. The party contends that it firmly believes that failing to include these events in the scope of the inquiry would have rendered its findings inconclusive. Attorneys-at-law Hukumchand and Peter Hugh are representing the police. Attorneys-at-law Mohamed Khan and Dawn Holder are appearing for the Guyana Bar Association. Alliance for Change Chairman, Nigel Hughes is representing the relatives of the victims. Yesterday Attorney-atlaw Vic Puran, who had earlier said that he was representing the Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee, informed the commission that he was no longer doing so. According to Puran, the Minister has not honoured his financial obligation.

Tuesday September 25, 2012

Kaieteur News

Anna Catherina triple murder…

Prime suspect’s bloodstained pants recovered - third man in custody

Dead: Afridi Persaud, 6 As investigators continue to piece together the details that led to the shocking murders of a popular West Coast Demerara bar owner and her two young sons over the weekend, there are emerging details of drugs and arrests. Yesterday, the reputed husband and an uncle remained in custody even as reports say that a noisy fight took place in the bar around midnight Friday, shortly before the murders are believed to have taken place. Yesterday, a post-mortem examination was performed on the bodies of Jennifer Persaud, 41, and her two sons, Afridi, six, and 15-month-old Jadon by Government Pathologist, Dr. Vivikenand. Brijmohan gave the cause of their deaths as haemorrhage and shock due to stab wounds. The woman’s body bore several stab wounds and her neck was slashed. The bloodied bodies of the businesswoman and her two sons were found in their home, on a bed, at Lot 67 Sea View, Anna Catherina with their throats slashed, Saturday evening. Police arrested the woman’s reputed husband, said to be in his 20’s and the father of Jadon, after he arrived on the scene and after the bodies were discovered. He had been thrown out of the home early last week. Police sources yesterday said that semen was found on the woman, indicating that there was sexual activity sometime Friday. Persons in the neighbourhood said that they overheard fighting Friday night that went to around 01:00hr on Saturday. Both the reputed husband and his uncle were seen late that night in the shop. Four other persons were also in the shop drinking way past midnight, Kaieteur News was told. The police up to yesterday were reportedly working to break the case wide open, considering the

Dead: Jennifer Persaud, 41

Dead: Jadon Persaud, 15 months

reputed husband and his uncle the main suspects. Investigators reportedly found a pair of trousers with what appeared to be blood stains at the uncle’s home in Anna Catherina. The suspect reportedly claimed that the trousers were his, but said that it was his blood on the clothing. According to a source, the man’s uncle provided an alibi for the suspect by telling investigators that the nephew had spent the entire Sunday night at his home. Kaieteur News was told that it was only last week that police raided the bar searching for drugs. Several months ago, the reputed husband, a deportee from the US, was arrested along with Persaud after a drug raid on the business place. He was reportedly deported for drug-related offences in the United States. Several complaints had also been lodged by the dead woman, a mother of six, at the Leonora Police Station. Police sources yesterday said that there were reports of drugs being sold at the business place. Family members of the slain woman said that it was exactly for this reason that she had evicted her reputed husband. Worried family members had entered the home after not hearing from the businesswoman during Saturday. The family had spoken to Persaud late Friday night. The woman’s father, Kumar Persaud, 66, a former policeman who resides at Friendship, East Bank

Demerara, became worried after his grandson, Raul Ally, returned from the Anna Catherina home on Saturday and reported that he had found the business place locked tight around midday. “He said that her Nissan Titan pickup was still in the yard. He said that neighbours tell he that she dress up and gone out.” Ally had gone there to pick up chickens that his aunt was supposed to buy for his wedding. A worried Persaud and his wife and another relative immediately journeyed to the West Coast Demerara business place. They found the bar locked tight and the lights were off. However, they discovered the back door open and after searching made the gruesome discovery. The older boy was found lying across his mother’s chest. Although the place was ransacked, the father was convinced that robbery was not the motive. “I find $40,000 next to she, roll up, and there was some jewels in a box that anybody could’a see. This is no robbery.” There were no signs of forced entry.

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Linden shooting was unjustified By Abena Rockcliffe Acting Police Commissioner, Leroy Brumell, stated yesterday under oath that the shooting of the three Lindeners on July 18, last, was “unjustified”. He told the commission that Assistant Superintendent (ASP) Patrick Todd gave the order to shoot. Brumell made the statement while giving testimony as the Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the fatal shooting at Linden got underway in the High Court Library. The commissioners are Jamaicans Chief Justice Lensley Wolfe and Senior Counsel Keith Knights; Senior Counsel Dana Seetahal of Trinidad and Tobago; and former Justice Claudette Singh, CCH and former Chancellor of the Judiciary Cecil Kennard from Guyana. The Top Cop, who was the first witness called to present evidence, said that at no point did he give order or approve the use of lethal force. According to Brumell, he did not receive any order from Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee on how to deal with the Linden protest. Brumell was at the time being questioned by Jamaican Senior Counsel Keith Knights who guided him through the series of events before and after the shooting that resulted in the deaths of three Linden residents and severe injuries to over two dozen others. The Top Cop said that prior to the shootings he issued instructions to the then Commander of E&F Division, Clifton Hicken, to conduct talks with the protesters and locate the leaders in an attempt to have them disperse the thousands of protesters. It was then that the commissioner affirmed that the order to shoot did not come from him. Brumell described Hicken as “a short man with a hot temper”. Shortly after the

- Brumell tells Commission shooting, Hicken was transferred to Berbice. The officer was demoted to Deputy Commander. Brumell said that he was dissatisfied with the way the rank handled the issue and he also received instructions from the Home Affairs Minister to remove Hicken from that location. According to the Acting Commissioner, ASP Todd, who reportedly gave the order to shoot, was also removed from the division following reports “we got”. Brumell told the hearing that he did not receive orders from the Minister on how to deal with the protest. The Top Cop indicated that half a unit of Tactical Services Unit (TSU) ranks, including a sergeant and a corporal, was

sent to Linden to assist ranks there as the force received “intelligence” that the protest would have seen heavy disturbance. Brumell told members of the commission that ranks on the scene were pelted with bottles and bricks and had reportedly heard explosions. Commissioner Brumell is to continue his testimony today. Three Lindeners, namely Allan Lewis, Ron Somerset and Shemroy Bouyea, were killed on July 18, when police opened fire on a crowd gathered on the Mackenzie-Wismar Bridge as they staged protest against the government’s hike in electricity tariff in the town. The protest was scheduled to last five days but continued for a month after the killings.

Four kilos of cocaine intercepted at CJIA Police anti-narcotics agents attached to the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) yesterday intercepted four kilograms of cocaine said to be in the possession of an American citizen identified as Shawn Glasgow. Glasgow was apprehended when he attempted to board a flight destined for New York. The drug was allegedly detected by the scanner used by police anti narcotics agents in the wee hours of the morning.

Reports reaching this newspaper indicated that the illegal substance was found stashed in a false wall of Glasgow’s suitcase. The 25-year-old resides at 300 Hawthorne Avenue, New York and was reportedly attempting to board a Caribbean Airlines flight scheduled to depart at 3:30 hrs. A police statement issued yesterday stated that Glasgow has been arrested and is in custody assisting with the investigations.

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday September 25, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news Printed and Published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd. 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana. Publisher: GLENN LALL Editor: Adam Harris Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491. Fax: 225-8473, 226-8210


The bigger picture Very often people fail to see the bigger picture because they are often consumed with the everyday matters. In Guyana, such has been the drive to improve personal welfare that people sometimes lose track of the things that could actually impact on lives. For example, there is much talk about children underperforming in school. That may be true but the reason rests with the fact that no longer are wives and mothers prepared to stay at home to be homemakers and mere rearers of children. And in any case, many mothers are single parents so they are busy trying to put food in the mouths of their children. The result is that children are often left to their own devices, often to their own detriment. Nations, especially the poor ones, are no different. They are too often forced to cope with development. infrastructure always need upgrading; schools need to be built; medical facilities constantly need improving and of course, there is always the need to develop the skills to use whatever facilities are put in place. But there is always more. There are the international issues. In Guyana’s case there are the territorial issues. Venezuela has laid claim to some two-thirds of Guyana. This claim is said to be rooted in the arbitral award of 1899 when the British still ruled this country. There was a boundary exercise and in the end this country got the shape it currently has. But one of the arbitrators, a Venezuelan wrote a letter that he ordered not be opened until his death. That letter claimed that there was some hanky panky by the boundary commission. The result is that Venezuela, despite all the evidence, has set store by this letter. Things remained quiet until this country gained its independence from Britain in 1966. Soon after, Venezuela made its claim known. There were talks that led to a moratorium on the claim. Then the deadline for the moratorium came and Venezuela once more rattled its sabres. Diplomatic negotiations spearheaded by the British and the United Nations led to the appointment up of a Good Officer. There have been two of them to date and the situation is not as tense as it was a few decades ago. One cannot underestimate the influence of the British in protecting this country. And it is this influence that is needed at every turn. Indeed, such was the demand by Venezuela that that country successfully blocked a loan for the construction of a hydroelectric project back in the 1970s. When Guyana attempted other major products in the Essequibo region Venezuela again protested. As recently as last year when Guyana moved to extend its maritime boundary to the end of the continental shelf, Venezuela again protested. In each case, quiet British diplomacy spared Guyana any blushes. Now there is the embarrassing episode of the reprinting of copyrighted material without due regard for the intellectual property of the authors. A British entity has already signalled its intention to approach the courts in the event the exercise goes ahead. Guyana thus needs to look at the bigger picture. It is not believed or expected that the British would abrogate their support for Guyana in the face of the Venezuela challenge. At least this is not expected. However, out of an abundance of caution Guyana needs to examine the bigger picture. If the truth be told, this country, in deference to the economic position of its people, thirty-five per cent of whom live in poverty, the government has been seeking ways and means of easing the financial burden invoked by supplying textbooks. It has been reprinting textbooks for some time now. The only difference between then and now is the fact that there is a hue and cry this time around. Textbooks are not the only things that have been pirated. This country has been and continues to pirate satellite signals to the extent that people expect to see just about everything. They are frustrated this time around because they cannot follow the current T-20 series in Sri Lanka. Even those who see the matches via cable are in fact enjoying pirated signals. The other countries in the region are firm adherents to the protection of intellectual property. Guyana needs not be the aberration.

Mr. President, here are some stark reminders Jagdeo was a ‘law unto himself’ DEAR EDITOR, In your news item, “President Ramotar will not stop any of Jagdeo’s projects,” (KN, September 23), wasn’t President Donald Ramotar being egregiously disingenuous in his characterization of former President Bharrat Jagdeo not ‘being a law unto himself’? In response to questions whether Guyana is likely to see him ‘charting his own course’ instead of being in the shadow of Jagdeo, President Ramotar reportedly said, “I don’t think you understand how we (the PPP) operate… That is why you probably ask a question like that. Jagdeo was not a law unto himself. He has never been a law unto himself. Those were programmes of the PPP. Those were policies of the PPP/C.” Well, here are some stark reminders for the President. W h e n the Jagdeo administration ordered the withdrawal of state ads from Stabroek News in February 2007, PPP matriarch, Janet Jagan joined with others in condemning the move. Jagdeo openly derided her as ‘just another citizen’. Was he not being a law unto himself? In the May 01, 2012 letter to Stabroek News captioned, “The PPP called on the government to restore state a d v e r t i s e m e n t s to Stabroek News but was ignored,” former PPP e x e c u t i v e , Mr. Ralph Ramkarran wrote, “The PPP did not consider the withdrawal of the

advertisements to be a trifling matter. It was extensively discussed both at the Executive Committee and later, the Central Committee, of the PPP which called on the Government to restore the advertisements to the Stabroek News. The Government ignored the decision and since the PPP did not practise ”party paramountcy” there was no way of enforcing it.” Was M r. R a m k a r r a n being disingenuous? Was the late Janet Jagan really speaking as ‘just another citizen’ or the matriarch of the party? On the eve of President Ramotar’s address to the 10th Parliament earlier this year, GTUC General Secretary, Mr. Lincoln Lewis said the “GTUC (is) confident Ramotar will depart from Jagdeo’s autocratic rule,”(KN, February 10, 2012). Was Mr. Lewis wrong in his description of the Jagdeo presidency as ‘autocratic’ or a law unto itself? In December 2009, Jagdeo fired Presidential Advisor, Mr. Navin Chandarpal, for gross incompetence, but Mr. Chandarpal, a PPP executive, retorted that he was fired for being openly critical of Jagdeo over the issue of secret ballots to choose t h e p a r t y ’s p r e s i d e n t i a l c a n d i d a t e . ” Every Guyanese knows who is the most vindictive of all,” he said at the time. Being labeled vindictive as a leader is not far from being a law unto one’s self!

DEAR EDITOR, On September 6th, an employee from Toolsie Persaud Bond on Lombard Street came to my gate and told me about a dog lying next to a gutter for several days. I went and found the poor thing lying in the same area in the midday sun, looking quite swollen and having problems breathing. With the help of a cart owner we lifted her into my car (she put up no resistance) and took her to the GSPCA where she was put to sleep (I paid $1000 for her to euthanized by injection). As I was about to leave I watched an unkempt, homeless man approach the clinic gate pushing a wheelchair. He parked his wheelchair outside the gate and came into the waiting area. To our surprise this man opened his hands and produced a baby kitten, I took it and asked him where he had found it, he said, “a garbage

heap”. I thanked him and handed it over to a staff person. You could see the compassion in this man’s eyes as he asked the GSPCA staffer, “Please take good care of it”. We exited the clinic together and as we reached the gate, I touched his arm and asked his name, he said, “Mark”. I thanked him again and told him he was very kind to do such a good deed and that he was a good person. He looked shocked and said, “no one has ever said that to me”. I left the gate as Mark started ranting and raving to his imaginary friends. The purpose of this article is to let your readers know that there are many sane people who would have seen this kitten suffering in the garbage pile and just looked the other way. But here came Mark and, against all odds, knew what was the right thing to do and rescued the kitten. Syeada Manbodh

A kind encounter

When PPP Leader Mr. Ramotar was then asked why the PPP was not doing anything to rein in the excesses of President Jagdeo, he reportedly said that the PPP will not interfere with the decisions made by Jagdeo as President. Does Mr. Ramotar not remember saying words to that effect in the wake of Mr. Chandarpal’s firing? Then there is the highly contentious stateowned NICIL issue. The law says NICIL must submit its audited accounts to Parliament every year, yet for eight years, NICIL did not comply with the law. And President Jagdeo did nothing about it? And a l t h o u g h N I C I L’s C E O , Mr. Winston Brassington promised earlier this year to have the audited accounts tabled by July 31, last, the nation is still waiting. Clico (Guyana) broke the

local insurance laws by investing 53% of its local funds overseas at the time of its collapse, and instead of the Jagdeo administration applying the punitive measures prescribed by law against Clico (Guyana), it rushed to place the company under Bank of Guyana supervision. Why was the law skirted here, Mr. Ramotar? In closing, the collective leadership concept President Ramotar also seems to be advocating may have been good for the PPP, but it is no good for government. His abysmal failure to arrest corruption and paint a bold vision for Guyana away from the Jagdeo scam projects will not absolve him of direct responsibility, even if he tries to claim that he was doing what the PPP wants or decides. No wonder the PPP (Continued on page 5)

DEAR EDITOR, I wish to take this opportunity to commend the organisers of the 12th sitting of the National Youth Parliament which was held on September 19th 2012, for keeping the concept of the youth parliament alive. It is my fervent view that this forum is as relevant as it was when it was first conceptualized by the then president of the Georgetown Youth Assembly, Mr. Dennis Glasgow. While the Youth Parliament still lives up to the broad objective of providing a medium through which young people can adumbrate their views on policy issues that have direct implications to their overall development and that of their communities, it is yet to realize the overall vision of the concept. As one of the coordinators of the first youth parliament, I can recall vividly when Mr. Glasgow was giving the implementation team its mandate, he indicated that the vision of the youth parliament is for it to take on a life of its own in the future and become

a constitutional and truly representative forum. Unfortunately, fifteen years after, the initiative is yet to realize this vision. It is from this perspective I would like to throw out a challenge to my friends who are representing youth in the National Assembly and within their respective political parties, namely Dr. Frank Anthony, Minister of Culture Youth and Sport, Mr. Christopher Jones MP, APNU and Mr. Trevor Williams MP, AFC, to come together and work in a bipartisan way and sponsor legislation to formalize and make the National Youth Parliament a statutory body, similar to the one in neighbouring Suriname. Such collaboration will demonstrate that the parties in parliament are genuine in their quest to involve and listen to the views of young people and at the same time demonstrate to the next generation that there is hope in future tripartite political discussions, given the present configuration of parliament Bevon Currie

Make the National Youth Parliament a statutory body

Apology to Abu Bakr DEAR EDITOR, I write to tender an apology to Mr. Abu Bakr for the inclusion of his name (in a letter I penned in KN Sep 21) among those who wrote about troubling aspects of the PNC executive elections of

last July. Contrary to what Bakr may feel, it was not an attempt at deliberate falsehood (KN Sep 24) and no sinister motive was intended. It was a human error and I deeply regret it. Vishnu Bisram

Tuesday September 25, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Linden Commission of Inquiry...

Letters... Where your views

Commission hears Rohee bypassing Top Cop and calling junior ranks

An absurd and disgraceful position

By Latoya Giles Acting Police Commissioner of Police Leroy Brumell has admitted to the commission that although he would have meetings with the Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee, the minister would at times bypass him and directly contact junior ranks. The hearing into the Commission of Inquiry, for the shooting to death of three protestors at Linden started yesterday morning. Justice Lensley Wolfe O.J., Mr. K.D. Knight S.C and Ms. Dana Seetahal S.C along with Guyana’s former Court of Appeal Judge, Claudette Singh, CCH and Cecil Kennard were all present. The commissioner at the time was being cross examined by attorney at law Nigel Hughes who is representing the interest of the victims. Hughes yesterday put to the commissioner that Minister Rohee had bypassed him and had called the divisional commander Clifton Hicken less than 45 minutes before the shooting, before the police had sought to use deadly force at the Mackenzie Bridge. According to the lawyer he intends to establish that there was contact between Rohee and the commander discussing the use of force. The commissioner was asked whether meetings between the minister and him are recorded or if they would have minutes. According to the commissioner they were some recordings and correspondence. Hughes then asked the commissioner if he had met with the minister prior to the July 18, 2012 shooting. Brumell said that he met with the Minister on July 17, 2012 in his office and there is no record of the meeting. The commissioner further told the inquiry that he did not brief the minister with the intelligence information he received. The commissioner was then asked if the minister has direct communication with ranks below him. According to Brumell the minister would call the ranks and it’s a practice which has been ongoing for some time. He was then asked if he knew the minister’s cell phone number, to which Hughes called out. He admitted that he knew the number. Hughes then asked the commissioner if prior to the shooting he received a call from the minister and answered in the positive. The commissioner was asked if the minister requested Commander Hickens’s cell number.According to Brumell he could not recall.

The question was put to the commissioner about whether he had knowledge about a call which was placed by the minister between 5:15 pm to 5:55 pm to the commander’s phone. Brumell said he did not know about that. Hughes further put to the commissioner whether it would be correct to say that you never investigated whether the minister gave direct instruction to the ranks. The commissioner said he did not do so. He was asked if he checked the commander’s phone records, to which he said no. Brumell was then asked if he was aware that commander Hickens was accused of using excessive force in the past. “Are you talking about Buxton…” the commissioner asked and the lawyer said he was not talking about that. According to the commissioner, Hickens told him that the ranks used pellets and tear gas. Hughes further asks the commissioner if he has seen any reports on the shooting and he said that he had not received any reports of the Linden Shooting incident, since the investigation is still

incomplete. Brumell said that he expects the file on the completion of the report. According to the commissioner no one in Linden was cooperating with the police. Moreover the commissioner said that the video recording of the Linden incident by the police did not capture actual shooting by Police. He said that video ended as shooting started. Brumell said that he was told that there was “some difficulty” which caused the camera not to capture that part. “The camera did not capture that part, the footage is about 15 minutes long and the video was just showing the backs of the officers” Brumell told the inquiry. However the same video that only showed the backs of the officers, has shown the persons who were allegedly throwing missiles at the police, Brumell said. The commissioner is to make that video tape available to the court today. Brumell was then asked if the police have a procedure of the use of lethal force in the Guyana Police Force, and he said no. There was a loud

heckle from the persons who were present. Brumell was then asked about a statement which was made by the Crime Chief that the fragments from the bullets were not from the police. The commissioner said he knew nothing about that. According to the commissioner the statement was wrong, but he never placed a disclaimer. He was then asked if the crime scene ranks visited the scene, and according to Brumell the ranks did so. Hughes further asked if the crime scene ranks recreated the event to determine where the exact location the shots were fired from was and where the persons were standing on the bridge, he said he was working on it. The commissioner was then asked if his ranks could determine the distance from where the persons were shot. According to Brumell his ranks are trained to determine that. He was then asked if his force had a forensic capability, the commissioner could not say. The commissioner has promised to bring several documents and videotaping concerning the shooting today when the inquiry continues..

YCT gets donation from overseas based Guyanese The Youth Coalition for Transformation (YCT) has received a donation of a laptop and a desktop computer, a public address system, a printer and other computer accessories from overseas-based Guyanese, Sahaboob Yassin. Yassin made the donation recently at the Agricola Community Center. In his address, Yassin said that it was always his dream to come back to Guyana and rebuild the community. “One of the biggest challenges is not seeing the revival of the youth movement in Guyana,” Yassin said. He said that part of his initiative was to push for the youth initiative in Guyana, not only in Georgetown but also in other parts of the country, thus he sought out the YCT because he saw potential in the organization. Yassin further stated that he would like to see the project develop not just in Agricola but also in other parts of the country. President of YCT, Jermaine Grant, said that the items donated will serve to launch YCT computer classes which would he held at the Agricola Community Center. He said that the programme will complement the literacy programme and also serve

YCT’s president Jermaine Grant accepts the donation from Sahaboob Yassin other communities. He said that among the items donated are laptops which will see them having some mobile classes in identified communities as it relates to the programmes that they will soon start. Grant expressed his heartfelt appreciation and profound gratitude to Mr. Yassin for his kind donation. “It is very timely and I think his investment in the items donated is not an investment in YCT but an investment in young people and a group that has been doing a lot of outstanding work in communities for young people,” Grant stated. Recently the group started a literacy programme in the community. This programme is aimed at helping

to enhance literacy in Guyana. Grant said that the organization has recognized a tremendous need to give back to the community. He said that the entity wanted to give something that would forever change a child’s life. “We did not want to give a meagre gift. We wanted something that would in all be beneficial to them in time to come,” Grant stressed. He explained that the initiative targets children primarily between the ages of eight and 11 years. Grant said that YCT’s ambitions are to extend the programme to other communities where equal demand exists for the improvement of literacy and numeracy.

DEAR EDITOR, I was invited to make a keynote address to the UG Students for Social Change on the topic “Legislating as a means of Effecting Policy Changes.” It is not important that the invitation to me did not indicate that there would be four panelists comprising the Government, the PPP/C, APNU and the AFC. Nor that ‘certain politicians” had insisted that they would only participate if they were given the same time to speak as I was given. What is important for purposes of this letter is that in the course of the questionand-answer session following the presentations, Ms. Gail Teixeira, Presidential Advisor on Governance, was categorical that her Government did not wish to be distracted by copyright laws and was only interested in reducing the cost of school books. Displaying an enormous insensitivity to Guyana’s obligations under the rules of the World Trade Organisation/ WIPO; and under the Economic

Partnership Agreement with the EU and the Revised Treaty of Chagauramas, she dismissed authors’ rights as property and questioned why copyright had to last more than a few years. Even if the Governance czar does not know that the rule of law is the first requirement of governance, I had hoped she would understand that her economic and political case could be met by the Government contracting for the writing of the required textbooks. The government could then be free to grant the right to any and every one to copy as they please. The issue of respect the intellectual property of writers was strongly supported by Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan of the AFC. But I was extremely disappointed that Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine, who like Ms. Teixeira is a member of the Council of the University of Guyana, did not offer a comment on Ms. Teixeira’s absurd and disgraceful position. Christopher Ram

Mr. President, here... From page 4 government is such a mess! And while he regrets the PPP does not have a parliamentary majority, someone needs to tell him that it was his job as PPP General Secretary to keep the party’s support base intact so the PPP could win

the presidency and have a parliamentary majority. That a significant number of PPP supporters voted AFC was evidence of his failure, on top of his failure on GuySuCo’s board. He started out with a failed record and is refusing to buck the trend. Emile Mervin

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Kaieteur News

Lawyer suggests that ranks went to Linden to kill protestors Police Commissioner Leroy Brumell confirmed that ranks, during the July 18 Linden protest over electricity hikes, took high powered semi-automatic rifles (.762 rifles) to engage picketers on the Mackenzie Bridge. He, however, claimed that carrying the high powered weapons did not necessitate the police ranks using them. He claimed that circumstances on the ground would have determined whether the ranks would use their weapons. Brumell testified before the Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the Linden shooting which is headed by Justice Lensley Wolfe O.J.; Mr. K.D. Knight S.C; Former Chancellor of the Judiciary, Cecil Kennard; and Ms. Dana Seetahal S.C, along with former Guyana Court of Appeal Judge, Claudette Singh. Brumell said that the day before the protest started, he was in receipt of information that members of the Linden protest would be armed; “not equal to that of the police but they would have power,” the Commissioner said. Attorney-at-law Nigel Hughes asked Brumell about the length of time it would have taken the water cannon to get to Linden, and he replied within 75 minutes. The Commissioner was thus asked why was the cannon not taken to Linden, when by his own admission, he knew 24 hours in advance that some protestors in Linden would be armed. Brumell responded that the water cannon was taken to Linden before the

- Police carried semi-automatic rifles to Linden - Police Commissioner

Tuesday September 25, 2012

Life of EU’s rice fund ends…

$247M cheque handed over to Finance Ministry - more than 100 loans granted

Brumell responds to questions from Attorney Nigel Hughes shooting. He later changed his evidence to say that the water cannon was taken to Linden subsequent to the shooting. Commenting on the late arrival of the water cannon in Linden, Brumell said that he understood that there was a mechanical failure. Under further questioning, the Top Cop told Hughes that on the day in question Tactical Services Unit ranks (TSU) had four shotguns, two rifles (M70s) capable of firing .762 ammunition, two tear gas rifles and one pistol (9mm). He, however, said none of the officers had police shields. Hughes then suggested to Brumell that “the police went to Linden with the expressed purpose of killing those people” after

concluding that the heavy artilleries that the officers took to Linden was a lot of fire power for escorting persons during a protest. Earlier in the day, Brumell had testified that the police were in Linden only to escort the protestors. “The police did not expect to get into any kind of action,” Brumell said. He added, “Once there is a unit, the ranks have to be armed; there are weapons and they must be used.” Hughes asked Brumell if he knew whether the police who went to Linden had their hands swabbed for ballistics evidence and after his usual pause, the Commissioner replied, “I cannot say”. Brumell said that it was standard procedure for swabs to be done in a homicide investigation. He, however, said that he did not inquire (continued on page 18)

More than $247M, proceeds of a revolving rice fund that has ended have been handed over to the government. According to the European Union (EU) yesterday, over 100 millers and farmers would have benefited from loans of the fund which was being managed by the Guyana Bank For Trade and Industry (GBTI). The fund’s life had ended last year and cheque for $247,542,008 has since been handed over to the Ministry of Finance. According to the EU, in 2003, it started a •24M European Development Fund [EDF] programme implemented through CARIFORUM to “support the competitiveness of the rice sector in the Caribbean”, aimed at increasing the efficiency and sustainability of the rice industry primarily in Guyana and Suriname. The programme

consisted of marketing support, technical assistance, improving water management and provision of working capital. The financial support part of the programme was to enhance the availability of credit to farmers and millers in Guyana. This was achieved by creating a financial facility through GBTI. The revolving fund was established and functioned between November 2006 and September 2011 and provided more than 100 loans to farmers and millers throughout the rice growing areas of Guyana. “The credit facility was successful and the loans have since been paid back to GBTI,” EU said yesterday. GBTI has now released a cheque for $247,542,008 comprising the balance of the revolving fund to the Ministry of Finance as a further part of EU’s contribution to development cooperation support for Guyana.” Commenting on the transfer of the funds, Head of the EU’s Delegation in Georgetown, Ambassador Robert Kopecký, emphasized the importance of the rice sector in the economy of Guyana and highlighted the vital role that the EU’s support played in enabling the rice industry to become more

EU Ambassador, Robert Kopecky competitive. Other components of the programme had sought to aid in the development of National Rice Policy and Strategy Actions Plans by both Governments as well as to encourage producers, millers and exporters into effective and sustainable associations. The involvement of the private sector was also catered for with provision for identification and implementation of research activities oriented to the private sector as well as working capital, EU said. “An expansion of markets through commercial research, promotion and exchanges and integration and dissemination of marketing information and intelligence was an expected outcome upon the programme’s completion,” EU said.

Tuesday September 25, 2012

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Obama navigates governing, campaigning on U.N. trip (Reuters) - As hundreds of world leaders and diplomats converged on New York for the United Nations General Assembly’s annual meeting, President Barack Obama teed up a crucial meeting of his own on Monday - with Whoopi Goldberg. With the November 6 election six weeks from Tuesday, Obama is squeezing in his duties as leader of the free world between an appearance on Goldberg’s TV talk show and campaigning in Ohio. Every U.S. president facing re-election must balance the demands of governing and campaigning. Obama’s schedule in New York represents his attempt to show leadership on sensitive issues, navigate what could be a politically delicate week for him, and reach out to a key group of voters. Obama will seek to reassure voters that he can handle the latest challenges in the Middle East and elsewhere in a speech today before the U.N. General Assembly. Like his Republican rival, Mitt Romney, Obama then will address a conference hosted by former President Bill Clinton, a crucial ally. But Obama will skip the traditional one-on-one meetings with foreign leaders that often accompany such U.N. meetings. And in a move almost certain to draw fire from Romney’s Republicans,

President Obama taped an appearance with his wife, Michelle, on “The View,” the daytime talk show on ABC . Obama taped an appearance with his wife, Michelle, on “The View,” the daytime talk show on ABC popular with female voters, whose backing he needs to win re-election. Obama continued to lead Romney yesterday in the Reuters/Ipsos daily tracking poll, 49 to 43 percent. The Democrat has opened up a lead as Romney has stumbled through a series of missteps. These include his hair-trigger response to the attacks on U.S. diplomatic facilities in Egypt and Libya this month, and a caught-on-tape moment in which Romney appeared dismissive of nearly half of America’s voters. Romney’s stumbles shifted public attention from tensions between the White House and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin

Netanyahu, nicknamed “Bibi.” But those tensions are likely to return to the fore in what is likely to be a tougher week for Obama. The president will try to finesse his touchy relationship with Netanyahu while striking a tough line against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who on Monday declared that Israel has no roots in the Middle East and would be “eliminated.” Romney, meanwhile, will be eager to highlight any friction as he seeks to regain momentum in the presidential race. With the unemployment rate stuck above 8 percent, foreign policy has taken a back seat to the economy in the election. But in some respects, foreign policy poses a greater

risk to Obama’s prospects for a second term. Obama could face two more disappointing monthly jobs reports before the election, but he is not likely to have to deal with a catastrophic economic meltdown, along the lines of the September 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers, that would cause voters to reassess their opinions of his stewardship. Any Israeli attack on Iran, however, could prompt a spike in oil prices that immediately would hit voters in their wallets. A dramatic deterioration of the Syrian civil war could force a confrontation with Russia, China and other allies of President Bashar al-Assad. And more attacks on U.S. embassies in the Middle East

Venezuela’s Capriles edges toward Chavez as vote nears - poll (Reuters) - Venezuelan opposition candidate Henrique Capriles edged closer to President Hugo Chavez in an opinion poll but remained 10 percentage points behind the socialist leader in the run-up to the October 7 election, according to two sources who have seen the poll. Recent Datanalisis’ polls show support for Capriles, a 40year-old state governor, growing in the waning days of the campaign as he continues

campaigning across the country. Capriles’ has vowed to create a Brazilian-style “modern left” that balances free enterprise with social welfare programs. Investors expect him to end a five-year nationalization crusade and reduce state intervention in the economy. Chavez, who has been in office for 14 years, says he will deepen his oil-financed socialism if he wins another six-year term. That would

likely feature continued confrontation with the private sector and efforts to support leftist allies in the region. Capriles yesterday led a massive caravan in the sweltering state of Vargas, alongside the Caribbean Sea, waving to supporters from atop a truck. He at times narrowly averted being dragged to the ground by female fans trying to hug him. “Let me tell you, someone who hasn’t done what they were supposed to do in 14

years is not going to do it in the next six years,” Capriles told supporters, who sang and danced to salsa in the spirit of Venezuela’s political rallies, which often look more like street parties. A group of about 100 Chavez supporters waited at the end of the caravan carrying signs that said “Get out, thief” and throwing water bottles at Capriles. The confrontation fizzled without incident, in contrast to recent skirmishes at rallies that have left several people wounded.

could prompt voters to question whether Obama has forged effective policies to deal with the Arab Spring. “Probably the thing that keeps (Obama campaign manager) Jim Messina awake at night right now is stuff outside of the U.S. that they can’t control,” said Steve Elmendorf, a Democratic strategist who has worked on presidential campaigns. NO FACE TIME FOR NETANYAHU Aside from the crises, there are the headaches. Obama and Netanyahu repeatedly have clashed over how to deal with Iran and a nuclear program. That has given Romney a chance to hammer his theme that Obama has not been assertive enough abroad. Although the U.S. and Israeli leaders will not meet in New York, Netanyahu will have face time with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Obama’s appearance on CBS’s “60 Minutes” on Sunday signaled that his relationship with Netanyahu remains tense. Obama said he agreed with Netanyahu that Iran must not be allowed to obtain nuclear weapons, but said he would ignore “noise that’s out there” to draw a line in the sand, as Israel has urged. He also referred to Israel as “one of our closest allies in the region.” Romney allies said Obama’s choice of words suggested he had not done enough to support Israel clearly Washington’s closest ally in the Middle East. Campaigning in Pueblo, Colorado, Romney recounted a string of setbacks in the Islamic world, from the four deaths at the U.S. consulate in Libya to anti-American protests in Pakistan, as he argued that the United States should not be “at the mercy” of events in the region. “We want a president who will shape events in the Middle East,” he said. White House spokesman Jay Carney tried to make the case on Monday that Romney and other critics were reading too much into the “60 Minutes” interview. “There is a certain rather desperate

attempt to grasp at words and phrases here to find political advantage,” Carney said. Romney’s argument that Obama has not done enough to support Israel doesn’t seem to be making any headway with Jewish voters, who still back Obama by a wide margin. But Romney’s hawkish stance on Israel has convinced billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson to spend tens of millions of dollars on Romney’s behalf in the campaign. Issues such as Israel and Iran matter a great deal to some voters, but they take a back seat to domestic concerns for most. A survey released yesterday by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press found that 60 percent of voters said foreign policy was “very important” to their vote, ranking behind domestic topics like education and taxes. Some 87 percent said the economy was very important. Obama can point to significant overseas triumphs during his tenure, such as the death of Osama bin Laden and the end of the war in Iraq. Such victories can evaporate quickly in voters’ minds, however. Republican President George H.W. Bush’s approval rating hit 89 percent after the United States won the first Persian Gulf War in March 1991, but plunged the following year as the economy stalled. He lost his re-election bid to Clinton. Perhaps that’s why Obama is reaching out to domestic daytime television viewers rather than world leaders. “Daytime programming is an opportunity to connect with a segment of the female population the Obama team has clearly identified as crucial to his victory,” said Brandon Lenoir, a political scientist at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

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Tuesday September 25, 2012

WASA board cancels $70m ‘Fire AG by Wednesday’ contract ...cites irregularities in evaluation process ‘Ultimatum’ for PM...

Attorney General Anand Ramlogan

PM Kamla PersadBissessar

PNM political leader Dr Keith Rowley

(Trinidad Express) People’s National Movement political leader Dr Keith Rowley has given Prime Minister Kamla PersadBissessar until Wednesday (tomorrow) to get rid of Attorney General Anand Ramlogan. Addressing his party’s Arima constituency 43rd annual conference at the Arima Town Hall Sunday evening, Rowley, who quoted from Hansard, criticised Ramlogan’s contribution in Parliament about the Opposition’s acceptance of Section 34, when he said both Rowley and another Opposition MP had given their “qualified unconditional support for the abolition of the preliminary enquiry bill” in the house. Rowley said this was a breach of both the trust and respect required by the Parliament of Ramlogan’s office. “...Anand Ramlogan should not be Attorney

General of Trinidad and Tobago. Those are the facts. So we in the PNM will continue to rally this country to stand up to this Government. Today is Sunday. “We meet in public meeting at Arouca Junction on Wednesday night. I invite every one of you present in this room to come to Five Rivers Junction Wednesday night. If by Wednesday Anand Ramlogan is still the Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago, I am asking the people of Trinidad and Tobago to stand by for further action. “I say to Kamla PersadBissessar, Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, do like Richard Nixon when he was confronted and stand up and tell this nation ‘I am not a crook’.” Rowley pointed out that Opposition support for the bill came with the condition that it be properly implemented, and he appealed to the former

minister of Justice Herbert Volney that whatever they did, that they did not go back on their word and try to implement it without ensuring all the relevant steps were taken. He described the early proclamation of Section 34 as a conspiracy hatched by individuals to allow some to escape justice in Trinidad and Tobago. “Before we pass the law in the Parliament, they had carte blanche to go there secretly and breach the parliamentary trust, proclaim key clauses, one particular clause, prematurely in time to head off preliminary enquiry... and is my fault. But I am not accepting that. I am taking blame for having taken the word of these culprits in the Parliament. Rowley said, “We have seen enough, we have heard enough, we have felt enough and enough is enough, their days are numbered.” “And the number is getting smaller every day,” he added.

(Trinidad Guardian) The award of a $70 million Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) contract has been scrapped after it was discovered that attempts were being made to rig the selection process. The contract was for the maintenance of water treatment plants at Caroni, North Oropouche, Navet and Arena pumping station. The contract in question is WTC 179/2011. The job invited interested companies to tender for the maintenance of the plants. The bid document, which was obtained by the T&T Guardian, required tenderers to submit online proposals to be evaluated through what is known as an analytic hierarchy process. This used computer software designed to ensure that bids meet the stipulated criteria for the job. Results are then automatically tabulated to select the company to undertake the contract. Four companies expressed interest in the newspaper ad and in April submitted online proposals. On the basis of the prequalifying process, two companies—TOSL Engineering Ltd and Super Industrial Services (SIS)— were shortlisted for the job. Investigations revealed TOSL submitted a bid of $65,311,338.25 and SIS of $69,027,089.45. Documents showed WASA officials had estimated the job to cost $70 million. The companies were evaluated in the following categories: • Machine shop (20 per cent) • Equipment listing (30 per cent) • Staff (15 per cent) • Work programme for preventative and corrective maintenance (20 per cent) • Price (ten per cent) On the basis of the

evaluation, TOSL was awarded 54.99 per cent and SIS 45.01 per cent. A draft of the evaluation report obtained by the T&T Guardian showed TOSL topped SIS in each category to be selected as the preferred contractor for the job. In its recommendations the evaluation committee stated: “After thorough review and consideration of the bids the selection team recommends the award of a contract to TOSL Engineering Ltd at a price of $65,311,338.25 VAT exclusive.” SECOND EVALUATION TEAM SELECTS SIS However, investigations reveal that on August 3, just hours before the report was expected to be signed by the evaluation team, a directive was given for the report to be scrapped and for a new evaluation team to be set up. The question of who gave the directive remains unanswered. But the T&T Guardian understands that the reason given as to why a second evaluation was necessary was a decision to include additional members in the evaluation team. Documents show that approval was granted in July for the additional members to join the evaluation team the day after the evaluation of the bids had already started. However, a second evaluation team was set up and this time SIS was chosen for the job. Recommendations were made for a contract to be awarded to SIS in the amount of $69,027,089.45 VAT exclusive. Earlier this year, SIS was awarded the $60 million contract for construction of the west side of the Couva/ Preysal Interchange. The evaluation report was then forwarded to the board for approval. No reference was made to the report submitted

by the first evaluation committee. However, concerns were raised after it was discovered that the selection process used by the second evaluation team had not been done using the computerised system. A source explained: “What happened is that instead of the scores being tallied by the system, they were calculated using the normal process. The implementation of the computerised system was to eliminate the concerns of any bidder. “When something like this happens it defeats the entire purpose.” The matter, the source said, was immediately brought to the attention of WASA’s CEO Dion Abdool and instructions were given not to issue the letter awarding the job. SITE VISIT PLANNED WITHOUT LETTER OF AWARD But further investigation revealed that even before the letter of award was set to be issued for the job, a site visit had been scheduled for last weekend. “A letter of award did not go out, based on instructions,” said the source. “So why was a site visit planned? No company was officially informed that they had won the bid.” The T&T Guardian learned that on September 13, TOSL executives wrote to the chairman of WASA, Indar Maharaj, expressing concern over the development. The letter said: “The company responded to the tender and it has been reliably confirmed by the WASA’s selection team report that TOSL placed first in all categories. We were left in shock when informed otherwise.” Chairman admits evaluation process compromised Contacted yesterday, Maharaj confirmed that the award of the maintenance contract had been cancelled. Maharaj said the board took that decision after it was brought to its attention that confidential information surrounding the evaluation process was relayed to external parties. Asked whether TOSL had topped the first evaluation, Maharaj said: “I do not have all the specifics. What appeared is that one of the tenderers clearly had contact with the evaluation team and was able to indicate to me that he was in possession of information from the evaluation process. “What happened should not have happened. It has compromised the entire process.

Tuesday September 25, 2012

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The buck begins and stops with Uncle Donald and not with Cabinet All executive authority resides in one person, the President. Ministers do not have original executive authority. As assistants to the President, they merely carry out responsibilities delegated to them by the President. This is one of the reasons why there is the principle of collective responsibility within Cabinet. When a decision is taken at that level, it binds all the members of the Cabinet. They may disagree with that decision but once they intend to remain within the government, they are obligated to suppress any public disagreement. Ministers who leave the government and subsequently criticize the administration are often asked why they did not raise objections when they were in government. The main reason why they could not do so while they were with the government is because of the concept of collective responsibility. They were bound by the collective decision of the government. Within the government,

ATV duty free letters… Three officials of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), who have been fingered in allegations of bribery during the seizures of two All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), have been interdicted from duty pending an investigation. According to GRA officials, the three were all from the Enforcement Unit. They were identified by a businesswoman as allegedly being the officers who took hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes for helping

however, the buck begins and stops with the President. Executive authority does not reside in the Cabinet and as such the President is not compelled to go along with a decision of Cabinet even though in the spirit of democratic centralism, the President may defer to the wishes of his “assistants”, the Ministers within the government. Ultimately, however, the buck stops at the President. He cannot excuse any decision of the Cabinet as not being his. In the presidency alone resides original executive authority. The President therefore has to understand that he is the one to whom the nation looks towards to ensure that things are fixed. The ministers may end up being responsible for the actual fixing but the authority and instruction to fix is ultimately the responsibility of the President and the President alone. As such, the President cannot be a “hands- off” President. He may not wish to place his brand on the

presidency but he sure will be held accountable for his failure to assume responsibility, and it’s hard to see how he can assume responsibility without his own imprint being marked on the affairs of state. This does not mean that the President has to micromanage the country. This is perhaps one of the image problems facing the current President. For years the public has been accustomed to a certain style of presidency, one in which no detail was too small for the executive presidency, one in which there was believed to be a great deal of micromanagement and one in which the stamp of the presidency was to be found in even the most trivial of matters. There was once the example of the president having to meet with music cart operators, something that in most other governments would have been handled by a lower- level ministerial functionary. People have therefore grown accustomed to a ubiquitous presidency. And

thus the style of the incumbent president is unsettling to those who have come to expect a president that is supposed to involve himself in as many matters as possible. This is obviously not the style of Donald Ramotar. He seems to be someone who believes that effective government is one in which responsibility is delegated and where Ministers and bureaucrats are allowed greater freedom to undertake their work. This is a completely new style which heightens the importance of ministers and bureaucrats. A great deal more can be done in this way but it is not a style of government to which the Guyanese have been accustomed over the past thirteen years. In fact, even Burnham once had his Prime Minister, Dr. Reid, being responsible for the work of his ministers. So that even Burnham saw the need to ensure that ministers were held accountable to his chief assistant, the Prime Minister. But Burnham understood

Three GRA Enforcement officials interdicted her to acquire duty free letters on a number of ATVs. They were sent home on Friday. The matter reached the Office of the President. Last week, the Kuru Kururu businesswoman, Marsha Chase, and her lawyer blasted GRA for its handling of investigations. Police had attempted to arrest Chase while she was said to have been at Kaieteur News. The businesswoman was reportedly asked to pay in excess of $8M in duties and fines for importing a number

of the ATVs. Chase had alleged that she paid GRA officers for the duty free letters for the bikes and had fingered at least one of them. She offered to give evidence. Instead she was sent a demand notice to pay over $8M. Under regulations, miners are entitled to duty free concessions on the ATVs which are a popular means of transport in especially the mining areas and other hinterland communities. The woman had said that

Dem boys seh ...

Top Cop saving he soul Dem long time teacher use to frighten dem pickney by putting de wild cane pun de table. Dem commissioner who hearing de evidence in de Linden shooting decide fuh put two bible pun de witness stand. De Top Cop was de first man dem call. He did plan fuh lie but when he butt up de two bibles he come to he senses. He remember two of dem Top Cop dead de other day and all two was lying scamps. This top cop who tell everybody he is a short man wid a short temper watch dem bible; one was black and one was blue, and he start fuh sweat. One been pun he left and one been pun he right. Every time dem ask he a question he look right and he look left and seh “I can’t lie. I can’t save nobody here”. He tell heself that he got to save heself and let he brother go astray. In this case he let he ranks guh astray, including Rohee.

Today dem commissioner gun add a Bhagvad Gita and de Holy Koran next to dem bibles. Dem boys seh that Bharrat Ramroop and Barbie Jagdeo and all dem Bees, including Irfaat, should go pun a witness stand, too. Dem lie so much and continue to lie to de nation every day. Dem boys hope and pray that Uncle Donald set up a special commission fuh investigate. Dem boys done prepare fuh testify and dem gun testify in front of all dem holy book because wha dem got fuh talk is de truth, de whole and nutten bout de truth. So help me Gawd. Meanwhile, Rohee and de Chicken Commander sweating because de officer who dem plan putting de blame pun done seh that he nah bearing no strain. De commissioner done let loose and he ah let loose too. Talk half and listen who gun talk all.

one GRA officer told her that she could import the bikes using the concession letters. Chase said that before the letters, she would pay over $1.7M in duty for each bike. However, the officers allegedly made her hand over up to $600,000 for the duty free letters. The matter came to light in August after GRA’s law enforcement arm stopped a Canter carrying two of the bikes which she had sold. According to the GRA, Chase was called in after investigators seized the bikes. She later gave a statement and identified one of the officers. Her lawyer, Manoj Narayan, said that it was sad that GRA, despite inviting citizens to come forward and identify its corrupt officers, had chosen instead to penalize her with hefty fines. The woman had been prepared to testify. GRA had come out in a statement criticizing the woman and her lawyer. This is not the first time that there have been allegations of wrongdoing over duty free concessions and the importations of ATVs. Earlier this year, GRA admitted that it was probing incidents where concessions were granted. It is believed that over $100M was diverted

also the need, like Ramotar, to give his ministers greater scope. It will take some time for Guyanese to become accustomed to the new style that Donald Ramotar has brought to the presidency. And he has brought a new style. So whether he wants it or not he has already rebranded the presidency. Ministers now have greater scope in pursuing policies and programmes but there is a downside to this because where greater responsibility and authority is delegated, there is always the need to ensure that those to whom such authority is delegated or to whom greater responsibility entrusted must in turn be held accountable for their actions. Where there are failings, as was recently the case with a minister in Trinidad, the chief executive must act with decisiveness in holding the minister accountable and fire that person. Perhaps such a case has not yet presented itself but when it does, the President will have to choose between his loyalty to his Cabinet

colleagues and the need to ensure that government is effective. Certainly from the questions that the media posed to the President at his recent press conference, they consider him to be the chief executive and the person where the buck stops. They wanted to hear what he had to say because they consider him as the Chief Executive. He has done well to hold that long awaited press conference and while some of his answers may have been too generous to his predecessor, the media is now gaining a better understanding of how the president is thinking. Not all of his positions will bring applause; not much of it has excited the nation. But once the President understands that ultimately he stands responsible, then he should be given that opportunity to speak his mind and express his views on the things over which concern has been expressed.

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Tuesday September 25, 2012


Every country has corruption, beggars but… I sit at the People’s Parliament on High Street opposite the National Assembly everyday and what I observe on the streets has stunned me even though I have been a social activist my entire life and have witnessed all the things I need to see in Guyana. To see the level of poverty and mendicancy in this country simply lacerates your psyche. Poor people and destitute ones pass by every second. Now to an untrained mind, this would not be something unusual because poor people and homeless citizens exist all over the world. That is not the point. You have missed it badly if you argue that way. I read a columnist in one of our dailies who wrote that

he saw beggars in the US and Canada and there is corruption in the US so he doesn’t know why people do not focus on those sins in those countries. I would hope that Clive Thomas responds to that columnist because it is vital, almost priceless to educate young people on how you contextualize what you observe in life. The economists in APNU, the AFC and persons like Christopher Ram should reply to this gentleman and discuss context because young minds need to know how you analyze corruption and poverty with the context of Guyana. It needs no in depth training to know it is not the existence of corruption that one should be preoccupied

with but how a country deals with its existence. One must be naive to think that the adverse effect of corruption is the same in every country. The people who should know this better than others in the entire world are Guyanese. We live next to Jamaica and Trinidad where minor faults of public officials lead either to their dismissal or prosecution. The US is certainly no angel in world politics. There are corrupt senators, politicians, etc. But you are certainly dishonest and indecent to think that these people are immune from the law and there is official protection for them as we see in Guyana. To insinuate that there is a similarity in how the US and Guyana treat

corruption is to display immense subjective bias. We come now to beggars and poverty. One academic point is important before we do that. When you treat social depravities in a country you must contextualize. Variables like levels of GNP, GDP, population strength, etc, must come into your analysis. Take a most commonsensical example. If forty persons are shot dead on a campus in India or China, it would be almost zero percent of the population. There would be no national crisis. If that should happen in Guyana, with a population of just above 700,000 the entire nation would be thrown in deep depression. Every family would have a friend or relative who was among the

victims. The point is exactly the same with corruption. If an American senator pinches one million American dollars, in what substantial way would it affect spending in education or public infrastructure? The US with a population of 300 million has a national budget in the trillions. That very one million dollar sum in Guyana would devastate social spending. The context explains why. We are poor and the national budget is limited. Surely that columnist must know that much more than a million American dollars have been siphoned off in corrupt transactions in Guyana. I honestly do not want to belabour the point because I think it is too commonsensical to debate. The same with poverty. How many Torontonians are poor within the economy and population of Canada? Above I referred to the way countries deal with social ills. Here is an experience of mine. I had my post-graduate education in Canada. One day my wife and I were entering a popular store patronized by immigrants, “Honest Ed”. One block before the store, two men approached us

Frederick Kissoon and begged me for money. Just as we were about to enter “Honest Ed”, two men came up to us in civilian clothes, showed us their police identification and asked us what we were told by the two persons. We said that they asked for money. The police then approached the men. We did not wait to see what happened but it was obvious that it was an anti-begging operation to stop mendicants from harassing citizens. The problem with Guyana which you do not find in Canada and the US is that too many talk-show hosts and opinion-writers are not trained in the social sciences and they dwell on complex subjects that call for such knowledge and analytical input. But I guess this is the Guyana we live in.

Tuesday September 25, 2012

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GuyExpo preparations unfolding


ith Guyana’s hosting of the h i g h l y anticipated Trade Exhibition – GuyExpo – being just mere days away, works are progressing feverishly at the Sophia Exhibition Site. In fact, a visit at the facility yesterday revealed that a colossal makeover of the facility is in progress. A captivating allure was observed from the western gateway to the site which showcases in bold bright designs features, which not only focuses on the event but also notable developmental projects, that have been

taking centre stage over recent months. These include oil exploration, track and field, and the Amaila Fall Hydro Power Project. The signage also h i g h l i g h t s t h e Ta k u t u Bridge, plans for the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, the Skeldon Sugar Factory and even the national bird among other attractions. However, this does not take away from the ‘Future City’ layout which is characterised by the several imitation buildings, some of which represent historic buildings. Workmen were seen in

top-gear yesterday as they strived to unfold an appealing change to the facility which seeks to bring life to the environment. The works come days

ahead of the annual Exhibition which will be held under the theme “Strengthening the traditional, embracing the new” and will be staged from

September 27 through September 30, 2012. A number of entities ranging from those involved with telecommunications to fashion have already started

to emphasise their presence at the Exhibition Site and are expected to appeal to both local and overseas patrons when the event gets underway.

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Tuesday September 25, 2012

Tuesday September 25, 2012

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Pretenders queue up as dead doctor's next of kin - American woman claims to be daughter who died two years ago


t's the stuff that drama movies are made of. A very reclusive rich man dies leaving a vast estate. He has no wife and of the only children that he had, one is dead and the other had not been heard from for decades. Of course whoever could prove that they are a close relative and shows enough interest in ensuring that the dead millionaire gets a decent burial stands a good chance of somehow inheriting a fortune. But like in the movies, there is always the skeptic who would try to put a spoke in the wheel of the fortune seekers. If the plot s ounds familiar-it's the Guyana version of many Lifetime movies. It involves the once p o p u l a r Obstetrician/Gynaecologist, Dr Charles Clarence Validen, whose decomposed body was discovered by police in his home at Agriculture Road, Triumph, East Coast Demerara (ECD) a little over three weeks ago. The 76-year-old S p e c i a l i s t Obstetrician/Gynaecologist was positively identified by his maid when she arrived at the property to do her usual work. On that day, the maid, upon arriving at the house, found that everything was as she left it a few days before. The doctor's room was still locked. She called for him several times and after receiving no response, she decided to call the police, who arrived swiftly at the scene, at around 09:30hrs. They broke the door to gain access to the bedroom. Upon entering the room, they found the doctor's decomposed body lying on the bed. Now this is where it gets interesting--Lyken Funeral Parlour collected the body as usual and they waited for the next of kin to turn up so that the procedure could be followed; post mortem examination and all. Days passed and no one turned up. Weeks passed and still no one turned up. There were reports that the doctor was a very secretive man and initially it was reported that his wife and children were residing overseas. As it later turned out, Dr. Validen's wife committed suicide in Scotland a few months ago; his daughter died in Canada two years

expressed the belief that the woman is being paid to say that she is the doctor's daughter. Kaieteur News understands that the 39year-old woman claimed that she was born in Canada but in fact her American passport showed that she was born in Guyana. “Come on you must know where you were born,” said the funeral parlour employee. To compound matters

A young Dr. Charles Validen ago, while his only son is residing in Canada but had suffered some sort of depression and could not be immediately contacted. In the meantime news began circulating that no one had come forward to claim the body. This was surprising since the goodly doctor was known to possess great wealth. But the situation did not last long, for no sooner had the information was filtered fortune seekers began turning up at the funeral parlour claiming kinship. They even offered to pay for his funeral. But the proprietor of the parlour smelled a rat and refused to release the body, demanding that proper documentation be provided-such as birth certificates- to prove kinship. In all 10 persons, two of whom claim to be relatives have so far showed up claiming to be close relatives of the deceased doctor and offering to bury him. But in the most bizarre twist that occurred yesterday, an American woman showed up claiming to be the doctor's daughter. Instantly alarm bells began ringing among the funeral parlour staff since they are convinced that the doctor's daughter was dead. They had learnt this from his former brother-in-law John Anderson who resides in Norway. Their suspicions grew stronger when she claimed that she has no relative in Guyana although distant family members of the doctor had turned up. “Her story is not consistent. She could not even remember her 'mother's' name. She was shaking and very nervous when I asked her about her mother's maiden name,” said a parlour employee, who

internet checks revealed that the woman is a troubled individual who was reported missing on May 8 this year but was found four days later. “Something just was not right.” This newspaper was reliably informed that the local police as well as the American and Canadian diplomatic missions in Guyana have been informed about the developments. “There are too many persons coming forward

without documentation to prove relationship. We cannot bury the doctor without covering ourselves as a funeral parlour should the real relatives turn up.” The 'daughter' from America was told to return with proper documentation in order to claim the body. Meanwhile, the story has almost reached its climax, with the dead doctor's brother in law contacting the parlour last evening with the news that the dead man's

son, Jonathan Validen, had been found living in Manitoba, Canada. As it turned out Jonathan has an 11-year old son living in Barbados and they are as close to next of kin than all the pretenders. They have instructed that the funeral be put in hold until they arrive in Guyana to give Dr. Validen a proper burial. The late Dr. Validen died leaving millions of dollars in properties and cash.

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Abusive husband sets woman on fire A 25-year-old housewife was badly burnt on Wednesday night by her reputed husband over a pack of baby milk which he thought was given to her by another man. Latoya Jones of ‘B’ Field Sophia is currently nursing severe burns to her neck, both hands, back, abdomen and her right foot at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.

Tuesday September 25, 2012

Kaieteur News

Yesterday, a sobbing Jones said that the burning stemmed from an altercation she and her husband had earlier that week. The mother of four said that a female friend of hers had given her a pack of milk for her baby two Mondays ago but her husband thought that it was given to her by his competition. “He come home on Monday and he see the milk

and he ask me who give that to me and I say one of my friend at the corner of the street. Then he start curse and beat me and then on Tuesday he beat me again because of the milk,” the 25year-old house-wife lamented. She said that on Wednesday, the father of her two youngest children went home drunk some time after 23:00hrs and “before he start

cussing and beating me I tell he to stop and I pick up the lamp to go cook roti. He start cussing me and telling me that he will burn me and he left.” The woman recalled that her reputed husband returned a few minutes later and ordered her to hold the lamp in her hands. He then threw gasoline on her. She was immediately rushed to GPHC by her neighbours. Her two youngest children were also admitted to the hospital for smoke inhalation but were later discharged. Kaieteur News was unable to contact the

The sobbing Jones

woman’s reputed husband but was told that he works with the Ministry of Public Works. The mother of four is

pleading with the authorities to help put her husband behind bars. “He does beat me steady and nobody nah do anything.”

Tuesday September 25, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Tuesday September 25, 2012

Number of child abuse cases unacceptable - Minister Webster There are currently too many children who are vulnerable and at risk, a state of affairs that has been linked to instances of failure on the part of adults. This situation has therefore amplified the need for increased child protection throughout the country, according to Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Jennifer Webster. Her disclosures were detailed in a message to mark Child Protection Week which commenced on Sunday. According to Minister Webster, the number of confirmed cases of abused children for the year so far, is quite unacceptable. “We all know that for many children the reality out there is far from the ideal. The statistics tell a story,” the Minister said. “There is no voice and face to the human tragedy of abuse and neglect.” Abuse and neglect, the Minister asserted, serves to effectively rob victims of their self esteem and dignity, and affects their mental and physical health. This, by extension, allows for a negative impact on families

and the society as a whole, she added. “In addressing children’s issues and rights we need to pay attention to the primary caregivers,” the Minister emphasized. She made reference to the Child Protection Agency (CPA) which, according to her, is demanding that adults take action now to stop abuse. Children by their nature, she explained, are vulnerable and dependent upon adults for their survival. She said that much work is being done to ensure that children are made aware of their rights, responsibilities and the actions they should take, in the face of abuse. “This is placing the responsibility for the protection of our children on tiny shoulders. This cannot be allowed to continue. Therefore, it is time that adults take responsibility for keeping our children safe,” the Minister asserted as she warned that “neglect, violence and pain should form no part in the lives of our children.” In fact, she pointed to the innocence, vulnerability and dependent nature of children,

Human Services Minister, Ms Jennifer Webster even as she highlighted how curious, active and full of hope they usually are. She noted that their time should be one of joy and peace, of playtime, learning and enjoying their childhood. Children’s future, she added, should be shaped in harmony and cooperation allowing them to mature as they broaden their perspective and gain new experiences. “The responsibility is ours as adults to make that happen. Our role begins in the home as parents and guardians, but extends to the wider society, including the

community, schools and religious gatherings. “I believe that there can be no greater gift in life than that of inspiring a child’s future. Indeed, this is the basis for the value placed on the teaching profession; our teachers have the responsibility and the privilege of guiding and inspiring the children in their care to achieve their full potential,” the Minister said. Webster underscored that adults owe it to children in their community to take action to prevent abuse. Community members, she said, must learn to recognize when a child is at risk, and be able to ascertain what support and assistance should be offered. In order to prevent child abuse, she added that “we must dedicate our efforts to change some of the inappropriate attitudes and behavioural patterns towards children which exist within our communities. “We must see our children as having a right to grow up in an environment that is free from abuse, neglect and exploitation. Child abuse, leads to the destruction of a child. We must stop child abuse now!” The success of each

Bauxite Company of Guyana Inc. granted mining licence

Mr. Eton Chester, Chairman, Board of Directors, GGMC presents a copy of the signed Mining Licence to Mr. Laziz Mardonov, BCGI’s Finance Manager. Witnessing the presentation are Minister Persaud, Mr. Rickford Vieira, and other representatives of BCGI. The Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) under the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment on September 18 signed a multi-million US dollar investment with Bauxite Company of Guyana Inc., a subsidiary of RUSAL, Russia’s aluminum giant, for a 20-year Mining Licence for Block 38 deposit. The expansion will lead to more job creation which is a realization of a promise made by President Donald Ramotar. Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Robert

Persaud; Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment, Mr. Joslyn Mc Kenzie; Chairman of the Board of Directors GGMC, Mr. Eton Chester; Commissioner of GGMC, Ms. Karen Livan; and Deputy Commissioner GGMC, Mr. Rickford Vieira; and BCGI’s Finance Manager, Laziz Mardonov, along with other officials witnessed the signing of the licence. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the GGMC signed on behalf of the Commission. This signing supports

government’s intention to expand Region Ten economic activities for social improvement. Minister Persaud has been pushing the major companies to expand and invest more in Guyana’s bauxite industry and the mining sector, and to develop more communitybased projects while conducting better mining practices. The Prospecting Licence covers a total area of approximately 12,711 acres located approximately 69 kilometers south-southeast of Linden and 27.4 kilometers

north-northeast of Ituni, along the Linden-Ituni Road. The signing of the agreement is a result of Minister Persaud’s interaction early last month with residents of Kwakwani and surrounding communities where calls were made to create opportunities for residents to benefit and the communities to develop. He has since engaged RUSAL’s executive and highlighted some of the concerns raised at the community meeting in Kwakwani that centered on the company’s relationship with the residents.

child, she offered, is dependent upon the collective and individual responsibility of all; a responsibility that none of us can afford to neglect. “We need to nurture our children to realize their full potential so that they can become productive adults. They need to be cared for, educated and loved. “As a country we have our fair share of challenges. Our children need special protection and guidance. They are the future leaders of Guyana,” the Minister insisted. Although Guyana has made significant strides in addressing this dilemma, the Minister did admit that there is room for improvement. She related that there are several key pieces of legislation, which were passed in the National Assembly to protect the rights of children. In addition, she revealed that Guyana is a signatory to the UN Declaration on the Rights of the Child.

In appealing to the citizenry to work together to secure a bright future for children the Minister sought to “recommit our Government’s support towards the protection of our children, and to indicate that this issue will continue to be given the highest priority. Let us all unite and take action against child abuse. The time is now!” This year Child Protection Week is being observed under the theme, “Adults, Take Action Against Child Abuse: The Time is Now!” Child Protection Week is an annual event aimed at increasing awareness as it relates to the issues of child abuse. It is observed in over 120 countries worldwide. It was first observed in Guyana in 2004 to propel local groups and individuals into action to ensure that children are kept safe in light of the fact that many children have encountered abuse in one way or another with adults being the perpetrators.

Awareness campaign nets increase in child abuse cases - 3,999 incidents recorded last year

By Rabindra Rooplall For last year there were 3,999 incidences of child abuse cases, a noted increase compared to previous years, the Social Services Statistical Bulletin for 2011 has shown. In comparison, 2010 recorded 3,377 incidences of child abuse cases while in 2009 there were 868 cases. Figures show that females are more likely to be abused than males. The most common forms of abuse were neglect (47%), physical abuse (21%), and sexual abuse (18%). Last year, Region Four recorded the highest percentage of child abuse cases (56%). Other regions where a high number of reports were made were Region Six (14%), Region Three (14%) and Region Ten (8%). It was further noted that the most prevalent perpetrators of child abuse

were mothers (42%), fathers (25%) and step-parents (6%). Data indicated that child abuse is perpetrated by the very people who are believed to protect children. Parents constitute the greater proportion of aggressors. They account for 73% of the cases. The Social Services Statistics has shown that of the 3,358 children who were abused, 29 per cent attend Primary school, 26 per cent attend Secondary school, and 19 per cent do not attend school. This vividly shows that children are mostly abused while they are at the primary level of education. Experts say child abuse continues to be an intolerable ill in society. When cases of child abuse were taken to the courts, many times the child was intimidated by the atmosphere of the court, and (continued on page 17)

Tuesday September 25, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Fisherman kills self after Odinga Green walks free again! forcing baby to drink kerosene Up to late last night doctors at the Georgetown Public Hospital were battling to save the life of a 21-month old boy whose father had forced him to drink a potentially deadly dose of kerosene before killing himself with another poisonous liquid. Jairaj Jaikarran was fed a glass of kerosene by his father 41-year-old fisherman, Mahendra Jaikarran, who collapsed and died minutes later in his neighbour’s yard, after he too had ingested a deadly dose of a so far unknown poison. Jaikarran’s older son, fiveyear old Neeraj, managed to flee to another neighbour’s yard after refusing the glass of kerosene that his father had offered him too. The incident, which occurred arou n d 0 8 : 2 0 hours at Mon Repos North, E a s t C o a s t D e m erara, stemmed from a domestic dispute that Jaikarran had with his reputed wife. Sources in the Mon

Mahendra Jaikarran Repos area said that whenever Jaikarran, a heavy drinker, returns from a fishing trip he would usually accuse his reputed wife of having an affair. As a result the couple would normally argue with each other in the presence of their children. One such argument took place on Sunday, prompting the woman to flee the house

Senior IT official sues GRA for ‘wrongful dismissal’ A senior official within the data entry department of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) has been dismissed and he is suing for over $2M. In a writ filed last week, Francis Simmons of the stateowned tax agency’s Management Information System (MIS) department is claiming damages in excess of $1M for wrongful dismissal. The writ was filed against GRA. Through his lawyer Stephen Lewis, he is also asking for another $1M for breach of contract and interest under the Law Reform Miscellaneous Provisions Act. There have been reported issues with GRA’s data entry centre. In recent years,

Attorney-at-law Stephen Lewis millions of dollars were lost in revenues because of manipulations in the entries of transactions with businesses.

with the two children after Jaikarran threatened her with violence. Early yesterday, Jaikarran collected his two children from his wife and took them home. A few minutes later, fiveyear old Neeraj Jaikarran ran back to his mother and told her that his father was giving his brother kerosene to drink. By the time his mother reacted, Jaikarran had already forced the child to drink and was already out of the house. The woman eventually grabbed the child and rushed him to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was admitted. Meanwhile, Jaikarran went to a friend’s house nearby where he was seen with a bottle in his hand, acting strangely. According to a neighbour, when the friend asked what was the matter, Jaikarran dismissed him as if nothing was wrong. “All he say is ‘Boy me done!’” the neighbour told this newspaper. Jaikarran was then led outside the yard where he started vomiting before collapsing to the ground. He appeared to be dead. No effort was made to take him for medical attention. His father, Mahadeo Jaikarran, who lives a short distance away, told Kaieteur News that he saw his son alive around 06:00 hours yesterday. “He come by me fuh $500 fuh buy milk fuh de li’l boy and I give he,” Mahadeo Jaikarran recalled. He said that about two hours later he received word about what his son had done and he immediately went across to confirm the information. It did not take him long to ascertain that his son had ingested poison for he found him lying motionless on the ground with what appeared to be froth coming from his mouth. The p olice were subsequently informed and they are awaiting a post mortem examination on Jaikarran’s body.

Police hunt two teens Marijuana users following stabbing Police are still trying to Reports added that while sentenced locate a 17-year-old and his the injured teen did not older brother from Mashabo. The younger of the two brothers, it was reported, allegedly inflicted multiple stab wounds with a knife to the back of another teenager from the Essequibo Coast. The incident occurred Sunday night in the Amerindian community. The teen, who is in a serious condition, is said to be receiving saline at the Suddie Public Hospital. The older brother of the teen apparently dealt slaps to the now injured teen.

retaliate, he was observed holding onto the older brother. During that episode, the younger brother sneaked up and proceeded to stab the victim with a knife. This recent incident is said to be the second wounding to occur on two previous heritage celebrations. Two brothers were involved in a fight last year. The younger brother was hospitalised after he sustained injuries at the hands of his older brother.

Rudy Persaud and Martin Eastman, who both had cannabis in their possession, were yesterday fined $3000 each and ordered to perform three months community service by (Ag) Chief Magistrate Priya SewnarineBeharry. The two accused each had one gram of the illegal substance in their possession. They pleaded guilty to the charges. Eastman said that he suffers from malaria and uses the drugs as medication.

By Latoya Giles Former death row inmate and murder accused, Odinga Greene, called ‘Dingo’ can consider himself twice lucky as he was freed yesterday by Justice Franklyn Holder who upheld no case submissions made on his behalf. Greene, 36, of Wisroc Housing Scheme, Linden, and also of Lot 73 Leopold Street, Georgetown, was on trial for the murder of 28-yearold Nazalene Mohamed of Lot 1 East Ruimveldt Front Road which occurred between February 2 and February 12, 2007. He was represented by Attorney-atLaw Nigel Hughes. Greene had been convicted of the murder of Sandra Harvey on April 26, 2004, and was sentenced to death by Justice Dawn Gregory-Barnes. On appeal, a retrial was ordered by the Guyana Court of Appeal and this was done before Justice Jaynarayan Singh who upheld no case submissions and freed Greene on May 12, 2005. Three years later, Greene was before the Courts again, this time charged with Mohamed’s murder. In both cases, Greene admitted taking the women to Linden where they were both found bound and strangled. He gave statements in which he claimed in both cases that the women were left with “a man”. Harvey was murdered between December 9 and December 12, 1999. Greene was subsequently found with her jewellery. His defence was that she had given it to him. In upholding no case submissions yesterday, Justice Holder directed the jury to return a formal verdict of not guilty for Greene and following this, told him that he was free to go. Greene and his relatives thanked the Judge before hastily exiting the courtroom, even as the sister of the dead woman began crying. As she left the

courtroom, she could be heard saying, “There is no justice in this country.” The Prosecution’s case, led by Senior State Counsel Judith Mursalin, together with Diana Kaulesar, was that on the evening of February 2, 2007, Greene had arrived at Mohamed’s home with a car where Mohamed and her friend, Desha, called ‘Black Girl’, joined the car. Mohamed’s mother, Jenny Martin, asked her why she was wearing all her jewellery and she said it was because Odinga told her that she should wear all because she “had to look nice where she was going”. Upon enquiring where she was going, Mohamed told her mother “Cayenne”. She was never heard from again. Some 10 days later, the decomposing remains of a woman were discovered in an abandoned coal pit at Third Phase, Wisroc. An autopsy was performed on the body by Dr. Nehaul Singh, following which the body was buried at a cemetery in Linden. Based on 34 photographs taken of the corpse by Corporal Troy Yorrick, Jenny Martin positively identified her daughter by a red and green tattoo around her navel. Mohamed had been tied from her toes to her ankles

and then to her wrists. A female blouse and a black string were tied tightly around her neck. All her jewellery was missing and her gold capped teeth were also removed from her mouth. She was still dressed in the clothing her mother last saw her wearing when she left with the accused. Dr. Singh gave the cause of death as asphyxiation as a result of ligature strangulation. The day following their trip to Linden, Greene returned to Georgetown and then fled to Suriname where he assumed the identity of “Orlando Lewis.” Some 13 months later, in March 2008, he was brought back to Guyana by Surinamese Police and handed over to Inspector Ray Geness at Moleson Creek Police Outpost where he maintained that his name was Orlando Lewis. When he was taken to the Central Police Station, he was identified as “Odinga Greene” by Superintendent Chapman, following which he was escorted to CID, Eve Leary, and then to Linden. When told by ASP Julius Wright of the allegation that he had murdered Mohamed, Greene gave a lengthy oral statement in which he admitted to taking her to Linden but that they had gone there “to buy weed”.

Narco accused granted bail Sherwin Garraway, a sugarcane harvester of Lot 409 Caneville, East Bank Demerara, is accused of having six grams of cannabis in his possession for the purpose of trafficking. He subsequently admitted to the charge which was read by (Ag) Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court yesterday. However, the Magistrate entered a not guilty plea for the accused after he refuted the claims of the police.

Garraway told the court that the police arrested him while he was on “the road looking to buy some food.” “The police stop me and went behind a stand, then they show me a packet and tell me is me own. I didn’t have it with me.” The prosecution did not object to what the accused had to say and he was therefo r e r e l e a s e d o n $50,000 bail. Garraway is scheduled to make his next c o u r t a p p e a r ance on October 2.

Awareness campaign nets increase ... From page 16 for that reason would not speak. Of the 3,999 incidents of child abuse, 60 per cent were counseled, 16 per cent were reported to the police, whilst three per cent of the cases went to court. Of 489 children, 50 per cent were placed with Family/ Relatives Kinship, 33 per cent were placed in residential care facility, and 11 per cent were placed in foster care. Officials say that since children cannot protect themselves alone, adults must learn to recognise and inquire about behaviors that make children vulnerable or suggest that abuse has occurred. Adults must not wait for children to speak about abuse. This position leaves

them to face the confusion and trauma of victimisation on their own. Keen attention must be paid to the early signs of abuse. Parents must learn to listen and take seriously the verbal and non-verbal cues of children suffering from the sexual advances of adults. Director of the Child Protection Agency, Ann Greene, had noted that this is the eighth year her agency is acknowledging that Child Protection Week is being observed worldwide. This, she said, is being done so that people can be reminded that “No child deserves to be abused since child abuse robs children of the persons they would have become”.

According to the statistical bulletin, this increase in cases is due to the awareness campaigns of the Rights of the Children and the relevant safety nets in place. Nevertheless, experts say cases of child abuse in the education system are not reported to the agency since many schools try to contain the issue(s) and deal with the situation at their level. It was further noted that the law says if any teacher or professional knows that a child is being abused, it is their duty to report it. Failing to do so could attract legal sanction. The head teacher is supposed to report cases; a lot needs to be done by the heads, and even other teachers.

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Tuesday September 25, 2012

US Embassy donates Kwame McCoy walks free generator to Counseling centre in second assault matter

The U.S. Embassy’s Humanitarian Assistance Programme (HAP) donated a 32-watt generator to the Domestic Violence Counseling Centre (DVCC) in Region Six on August 20, last. This is the latest in a series of activities undertaken by the U.S. Embassy to support efforts to combat domestic violence in Guyana. The HAP Team Director, Marcus Reeder, addressed guests during the generator donation ceremony and emphasized U.S. support for

community organizations that seek to improve the lives of Guyanese citizens in the face of domestic violence. DVCC Director, Dr. Vishalya Scharma, also delivered remarks, noting that domestic violence has been on the rise in Guyana for the last several years, and stressed the need for a response. Regional Democratic Chairman for Region Six, David Armogan also told guests of the DVCC about the importance of having a domestic violence center.

Several representatives of community organizations attended the generator donation ceremony, including the Upper Corentyne Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Roadside Baptist Church, and local government officials. The Centre is to be able to deal with spousal abuse intervention, suicide prevention, and to provide overall counseling to victims. The staff of the Center is in the beginning stages of operation and warmly welcomed the generator donation.

PNCR assists Region Six top student

As Natalie Ross, the victim in the second assault case against Information and Press Liaison to the President Kwame McCoy failed to present herself at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court for the second time, Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry yesterday dismissed the criminal matter against the government official. McCoy walked free after the court ordered the prosecution to close its case and Attorney-at-law Jaya Manikchand submitted that there was no case for him to answer. Yesterday was set for the prosecution to present Ross so that the woman could confirm or deny a letter presented to the court by McCoy on the last occasion. According to McCoy, Ross reportedly wrote a letter to the Director of Public Prosecution stating that she no longer wanted to continue the case against the state agent. That could not be confirmed since checks at the office of the DPP proved that the Director was on annual leave and she could not be reached. The staffers at the Director’s office could not confirm the letter. The Court thus ordered the prosecution to have Ross present in court to make the connection with the letter. The assault victim was still a no show since the police said she could

…victim a no show

Kwame McCoy not be reached. The court thus ordered that the matter against McCoy get on the way. Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Denise Griffith was the first and only witness on the stand. She testified to receiving the report of the alleged assault and what actions she later took. Her evidence was based on procedures during the investigation. The court then ordered the prosecution to close its case. It was given enough time to get witnesses and the victim present in court, the magistrate noted. Manickchand who took the place of Senior Counsel Bernard De Santos said that there was no evidence to suggest that McCoy was guilty of any

offence committed against Ross. She said that the police have a duty to prove that McCoy was guilty of the offence but they had not made a Prima Facie case against her client. The lawyer thus asked for the case to be dismissed and the court upheld the request. Last year October, McCoy reportedly struck Ross with his Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). Reports were that the two persons ended up in an argument pertaining to their political positions. It is alleged that McCoy got into his vehicle and directly hit the woman with his car, causing her to receive overnight medical attention at the City’s Public hospital. Prior to this matter McCoy paid a $70,000 fine after he was found guilty of assaulting another person under the same circumstances as Ross. The government official was fined $20,000 for threatening Clifton Stewart; telling him that he was a marked man. McCoy was also fined $50,000 for gunbutting Stewart after he objected to the Government agent’s actions while erecting photos of his Presidential candidate during last year’s election. Stewart ended up in an argument with McCoy. He was followed and provoked before being assaulted.

Minister assures Diaspora ...

Tourism Industry is on the upbeat in Guyana

Shaqwane Crawford and his mother Donnel Rigby (centre) receive the sponsorship deal from PNCR Executive member, Jevauhn Stephens The People’s National Congress/Reform through its leader, Brig. David Arthur Granger, in commemoration of its 55th anniversary has awarded the top student of Region Six, Shaqwane Crawford of Tucber Park in New Amsterdam, with a full scholarship for his next five years in secondary school. The assistance was made possible through collaboration with the PNCR Florida Chapter. The presentation took place Sunday in New Amsterdam. Shaqwane gained 509 marks and was selected from a shortlist of 14 students who did well at the last National

Grade Six Assessment. The lad, who attended All Saint’s Primary School, now attends President’s College, Golden Grove, East Coast Demerara. To be qualified for the award the aspiring lawyer had to satisfy certain criteria including his academic and overall performance in school, financial status, good discipline, and participate in extra curricula activities. To continue receiving the scholarship he will have to continue his excellent all round performance. Crawford and his mother, Donnel Rigby, recently received a cheque from PNCR executive member Jevauhn

Stephens on behalf of the party. Stephens said that it is a privilege for the party to make a contribution to someone’s academic life. He said that the PNCR is always willing to put in the extra effort for the betterment of its Guyanese brothers and sisters, especially young people. He said that the PNCR’s introduction of Free Education from Nursery to University helped thousands of Guyanese gain the basics in life. Ms Rigby and her son expressed gratitude to the PNCR and promised to do their best to uphold the ideals and aspirations of the donors.

Tourism, Industry and Commerce Minister Mohamed Irfaan Ali has assured members of the Diaspora that the industry is on the upbeat in Guyana. The Minister was on a whirlwind visit to North America where he met and addressed several groups about the state of Guyana’s tourism and Industry sectors. The Minister stressed how much Guyana was on the verge of opening the sector through the many events currently organized and implemented. He brought his audiences up to date on the success of the recently

held Building Expo, and reiterated that plans for the staging of this year’s GuyExpo were well in train with a number of new initiatives. The Minister also hinted that several overseas Government and private sector organizations will be in attendance in the newly constructed International Pavilion. Canada and other countries are slated to provide exhibits in the areas of building and manufacturing products. Other projects outlined by the Minister include a re-focus of the” Main Big Lime” on December 26. He said that new initiatives were being planned

Lawyer suggests that ... From page 6 whether the swabs were done in the Linden matter since he felt that “the man in charge of crime knew what he was about”. He said that he expected investigators to swab the hands of ranks in the Linden matter. Brumell then confirmed that officers failing to swab the hands of ranks stationed at Linden on July 18 would be

in dereliction of their duties. The Commissioner responded that an officer knowing the procedure and not following it “could be in dereliction” of his duties. He, however, said that he did not believe that investigators would intentionally fail to swab hands of the ranks sent to Linden. For this reason, he said, he conducted no investigation into the matter.

such as the layout of booths and products that will be on hand for display and sale. Emphasis will be placed on Art and Craft. There will be some booths displaying locally produced household items such as cooking products and building supplies, since a number of Guyanese have taken the opportunity to secure lands offered by the Housing Ministry. Another main event is the planned “Re-Discover Home” project which started this year, and will continue next year. The Minister also announced that US-based Guyanese broadcaster Bobby Vieira has been contracted by the Tourism Ministry to assist in Marketing and Promoting Guyana in the Diaspora. The Minister also hinted at Guyana’s possible elevation within the Caribbean Tourism Community through its attendance at the upcoming Annual Caribbean Tourism Conference, slated for Nevis in October. The Minister who met several interested groups and stakeholders returned home on Sunday.

Tuesday September 25, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Drayton rules as top junior chess World renowned Guyanese wrestler... players qualify for imminent C/ships Seasoned junior chess player, Anthony Drayton amassed an impeccable 6 points to cart off the spoils and send an ominous message to National Junior champion, Haifeng Su when action in the Guyana Chess Federation (GCF)/ Demerara Distillers Ltd (DDL), Topco Juices Junior 2012 Chess Qualifiers concluded at the Kei-Shar ’s Sports Club, Hadfield Street Stabroek, over the past weekend. Ron Motilall and Saeed Ali ended on 5 ½ points each while Carlos Petterson scored

5. Davion Mars ended the tournament on 4 ½ points, while Dravin Drickpaul and Trenton Bennett accrued 4 points each. By dint of their placing, those players have qualified to challenge current champion, Haifeng Su for his title within the next two weeks. Marian Academy representative, ten year old Ethan Lee was adjudged best player in the U-13 category, while Davendra Narine of West Demerara Secondary copped the prize for Best U16 player.

Meanwhile, DDL Sales Manager, Alexis Langhorne presented the prizes to the winners and reiterated her company’s support to the sport while sharing the hope that more players will be attracted to the popular board game. President of the GCF, Shiv Nandalall, expressed gratitude to the executives of the beverage company for their demonstration of support and commitment while urging the emerging top guns to prepare diligently for the imminent junior championship.

Tuesday September 25, 2012 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): Jumping to conclusions as you so often do is not such a good idea today. Talk to the people you are introduced to; they could be helpful in your career or in some other way. **************************** TAURUS (APR 20 - MAY 20): If competing for the attention of anyone who can help you climb the ladder of success, your practical mood will impress. Discussions regarding your professional interests will go the way you’re hoping. **************************** GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 20): If you work in journalism, communications, teaching or travel, past efforts now bear fruit. Your success could mean someone else will fail. For this reason, don’t let it go to your head. Celebrate your victory in private with a few close friends. **************************** CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): To be fair on yourself and your partner, you need to discuss buried hurt or hidden sexual tensions. Being resentful without saying why will do nothing to help your relationship. Instead of keeping your feelings locked inside bring them out into the open. **************************** LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): A frank response to a direct question is not always a wise option. You’re inclined to be candid and give honest answers but is this what people really want? **************************** VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): A burst of physical energy makes you feel on top of the world. Ideas flow in abundance. You are thinking big and aiming high. Confidence in yourself makes you forceful and dramatic.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): A colleague is going through a hard time, they’re looking for someone to hold accountable. Be sure they don’t start blaming you. **************************** SCORPIO (OCT 23 NOV 21): Some form of crisis or calamity at home makes for a dramatic start to the day. The effort needed to sort order out of chaos helps divert your mind from a stressful career matter you’d also wanted sorted out. **************************** SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 - DEC 21): You will be called on to make some snap decisions and you may have to tell a lie to save face in business. It’s amazing how quickly your mind can work when there’s a need to avoid an argument or potential problem. **************************** CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): Recognition for your efforts of over the past two weeks could come in the form of a gift or a boost in income. You should feel proud that this is a reward for hard work carried out to the best of your ability. **************************** AQUARIUS (JAN 20 FEB 18): You find yourself at an emotional cul-de-sac, wondering about your feelings for someone and your joint goals. You aren’t used to such strong emotions and this makes it difficult to think logically. **************************** PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): A friend is willing to help you tie-up some loose ends in your private life if you will let them. They may have contacts in the right places or knowledge that will help put an end to a matter that has been on your mind.

From page 23 of the earth, engaged in every activity. Despite this, no one would have envisaged a burly wrestler, plying his trade with aplomb, would actually be Guyanese. Doubts do not alter the truth and yesterday afternoon, WWE superstar, Guyanese, Ezekiel Jackson landed at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timerhi for a short stay among his country folks. This is his first visit to his birthplace since achieving world acclaim, made possible through the corporate intervention of several persons and entities including Banks DIH, EzJet Airlines, Princess Hotel Guyana, Mohamed’s Enterprise, Evergreen Adventures Inc, Impressions, Universal Travel, Standard Distributors, Guyana Beverage Inc, Aubrey ‘Shanghai’ Major and Ray’s Motor Spares. While in Guyana, Jackson will appear at several public functions and will visit several city schools as well as the Georgetown Public Hospital. He will also feature at Guyexpo activities slated to get underway on October 27 next. Saturday afternoon, soon after he had entered the country, Jackson was paraded around Georgetown in a motorcade and will leave the Capital City for his hometown, Linden today. Born Rycklon Stevens in the mining town of Linden on April 22, 1978, Jackson migrated to the United States during his youthful years and soared to be one of the most fearsome WWE superstars, battling with the likes of Triple H, Big Show and the Great Khali and others. A former resident of Victory Valley Wismar, Jackson attended St. Aidans Primary School and shortly after landing in the USA, signed a developmental contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. His career took off in the Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) in late June when he teamed with Keith Walker and defeated Kofi Kingston and Eric Pérez. He continued to compete in both tag team and singles matches and in May 2008, he wrestled

his final match in FCW before graduating to the more prestigious WWE’s main roster. The WWE sensation soared to superstardom in the wrestling fraternity, regaling fans the world over with his signature moves and powerful physique. International Boxing Promoter Carwyn Holland who accompanied the wrestler in the motorcade around the city, touted Jackson’s visit as historic and a major achievement for Guyana. He pointed out that Jackson, a true son of the soil has risen in his designated field even as he retained his Guyanese heritage. It was not all smooth sailing for Jackson as in 2010, while in Glasgow, Scotland, he incurred an injury to his right quadriceps muscle during a

match against Kane, and was sidelined for all of six months. While recuperating, Jackson was drafted to the Raw Brand as part of the 2010 WWE Supplemental Draft. The burly wrestler is most feared for his ‘Standing Side Slam, the Chokeslam, the Torture Rack, Backbreaker rack, Lariat, Multiple Scoop Slams’ and the Shoulder Block, all signature moves of this consummate athlete. He has literally abandoned his name while in the ring for the more fearsome, ‘Guyanese Goliath.’ CEO of Holland’s Entertainment Promotions, Carwyn Holland, hails Jackson’s visit as a significant and historic event that could be the catalyst to promoting Guyana’s diversity while enhancing sports tourism.

Preparations well advance... From page 20 horses which will see the winner running away with $400,000 and trophy over 1000M. The I and lower event also over 1000M for a purse of$150,000 and trophy, is sponsored by Mohammed “Nankoo” Shariff of the Shariff Racing stable. J class event will see the animals racing for a winner’s money of the $100,000 and trophy in another 1000M event. Romel Jagroop Construction takes charge of that race. The K and L class match up will see the winner pocketing $80,000 and trophy courtesy of the BLUTC over 1200M. Apart from Banks DIH among the other sponsors are

Mohammed Shariff of the Shariff Racing Stable, Buddy Shivraj, Jumbo Jet, Rommel Jagroop, Trophy Stall Bourda market Dr Bramdeo Singh, Inshan Bacchus, Lenny Singh, Chatterpaul “Chen Singh” Deo and Phagoo’s General Store. The individual performers including top jockey, stable and trainer will be presented with trophies compliments of The Trophy Stall, Bourda market. Interested persons can make enquiries with Coordinator and Treasurer Lakeram .B. Sukhdeo on Number 232-0558 or 672-0810 or president and President R. Jagit (tel 232-0231). Race time is 12:30 hrs. (Samuel Whyte)

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PROPERTY FOR SALE (From page 15)

SERVICES We repair fridge, freezer, AC, washer, dryer Call:2310655,683-8734 Omar Computer repairs/servicing of computers/virus removal/ software onstallation.! We also do Data Recovery, Techworld 225-7939 ONLINE SHOPPING NO COMMISSION, WEEKLY S H I P M E N T S , AFFORDABLE RATES, FREE PRIVATE MAILBOX. TEL: 231-5789. FREIGHTLINKEXPRESS@ GMAIL.COM WE FILL OUT PASSPORT & VISA FORMS: USA, UK & CANADA TEL: 231-5789 Repairs to gas stove, washing machines, electric stoves. Call 686-6209

Transported land, wooden & concrete house situated at Lot 18 Zeskendren Mahaicony East Coast Demerara Call: 221-2737 Lamaha Gardens 2 storey building, fully A/C, garage, hot & cold, 5 bedrooms, 2 master rooms, security alarm Call: 223-6218, 649-2366 East Street grilled & air conditioned bottom flat suitable for Doctor’s Office, B & G’s Realty 617-9717 One house on double lot, Middle Road, Georgetown. $22M negotiable. Call 600-6890 Nandy Park 2 storey concrete, 6 bedrooms, 4 baths, garage 2 drive ways Call: 622-6619 Prospect $15M; Bel-Air $40M-US$3.5M; Section M $20M; Prashad Nagar $28M. Diana, 227-2256, 626-9382 30’x51’upstairs & downstairs: concrete walls and floor upstairs; transported land, 92’x226’; price negotiable. 660-6739, 618-2517

We refill HP Cartridges for $1800. Call 650-7699 US Visa Application Services. Call Nicole (Y.E.S) 643 6630. No CDs/flash drives needed. Family discounts offered. Mahadeo’s Construction reliable services for your building. Contact Tony on 618-3523, 669-7376 for free estimates and plans. USA, Canada, UK, Visa application services. Call 661-4875, 641-7273. Discounts available. Vreeden-Hoop opposite station, upstairs Nokia Store. Looking to sell your property? Contact House Recruits & we will take care of your business Call 6437633, 643-7699

VACANCY Welder/fabricator, age 25 to 35, internet café female, age 18 to 25 for interior location Call: 642-0176 Office clerk, sales girls/ b o y s . A p p l y Av i n a s h , Water Street. 226-3361, 227-7828

The Bailiff seizes control at Rising Sun horserace fundraiser By Samuel Whyte The Bailiff of the Habibulla stable and trained by Fazal Habibulla with Raj Drepaul on mount took advantage of a good start and held on to the lead for most of the race to seize control and create another major upset in the horseracing circle to win the feature C and Lower event when the Rising Sun Turf Club in collaboration with Banks DIH Limited successfully held their grand one day horse race meet at the Rising Sun Turf Club, Arima Park, West Coast Berbice on Sunday. It was an action packed day of racing which saw nine races being contested and over $5.2M in prize monies and trophies at stake with close to 75 horses taking to the track. Twelve horses took to the starting gates and with only 11 places available it was decided that the Bailiff will start outside of the box. The animal took advantage of the freedom and got away for an early break as the others lead by the Score’s Even tried desperately to catch up. Into the back stretch the animals were going at full throttle with Donut Prince by then starting to make its move. The Bailiff maintained a slight lead followed by the Score’s Even with Donut Prince in tow as and they all thundered down the track. As the animals hit the homestretch, the three horses were spread out across the track, blazing

TOUR Suriname Tours & Vacation Trip, Shopping, Site-seeing, Malls, 6 to 9 October, 26 to 28 October. Call 639-2663, 644-0185, 665-5171, 227-8290

TAXI SERVICE Return of J & D Taxi Service & car rental, around Town $340 only Call: 231-9434, 2230036

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LAND FOR SALE 1 ½ acre, 48ftx1300ft V/ Hoop Call: 627-9351 Vreed-en-Hoop house lots. Call 658-0115 PARTY RENTAL Trampolines and Bouncy Castle. Call 225-2598, 6410784

Tuesday September 25, 2012

CAR RENTAL Aidan’s car, pick up & canter rental Call: 698-7807 Progressive Auto Rental cars from $4000 per day. Call 643-5122, 656-0087; email Premio, Vitz. Call 679-7139

A representative of the Bacchus stable (right) collects the winning two year old trophy from Mr Donald Lawrie of The RSTC towards the finishing line and it was the Bailiff that held on for a close victory in the 1400M event and claimed the $700,000 winning purse and the Banks DIH Trophy ahead of Score’s Even and Donut Prince with Celebrating Love fourth. Settle In Seattle of the Shariff Stable with Jamaican Brian Blake on its back continues its winning ways with another convincing victory with an easy gate to pole win in the co-feature event for Guyana and West Indies bred three year old horses. The animal was never really challenged as it blazed to victory to take away the $350,000 top money and trophy in the 1400M event from Roxana, Feels Like gold and Princess Kiara. There was a very close finish in the E and lower opening event of the day with Technology of the Elcock stable with Rupert Ramnauth in the saddles winning from The Bailiff and Majestic to romp away with the $320,000 top money and trophy. Ameera’s Joy trained by Lakeram Sukdeo of the Bacchus stable and ridden by

Jockey Desmond was out of the gates quickly to get away from the field in the Two- year old event for Guyana and West Indies bred horses and claim an easy victory with Gold Princess, Wild Grinder and the Legend occupying the other placings. The win was worth of $300,000 over 1100 meters. War Craft owned and trained by Marcel Crawford SC and skillfully ridden by Winston Appadhu came through with a bolt of speed from down the pack to take command of the G class 1400M event to ease home ahead of Sleeping Thong, Stormy Lass and Gabriel’s Gold to take the $220,000 winners money and trophy on offer. Silent Night with Colin Ross on the perch secured another win for the Shariff stable as it won the Guyana Bred two year old race over 1100M from Royal Passion, Rainbow Flyer and Spice to take the $100,000 first prize and trophy. The H and lower event saw Jockey Paul Delph guiding Joyful Victory of the Jagdeo stable to a convincing

victory as the animal ran unchallenged for most of the race to take the $200,000 prize and trophy ahead of Dream Girl, Wicked Intention and Blessings over 1300M. Royal Time of the Ross stable with Semple in the saddles had a good time as it took care of business in the ‘I’ class 1100M event ahead of Mona Lisa, Golden Reprise and Prixe Fire. The win was worth $150,000. There was another win for the Bacchus stable as Hard Running’s trained by Lakeram Sukhdeo won the JKL event and the $100,000 prize and trophy over 1100M. Veteran Jockey Desmond was adjudged top Jockey, while Mohammed Nankoo Shariff took the top trainer award. The Shariff Racing Stable made sure there were no hindrances as it took charge of proceedings to be adjudged the top stable. They all received accolades compliments of The Trophy Stall, Bourda Market and the organizers. Over 85 horses were entered to participate in the day’s proceedings and close to $ 6M in cash up for offer.

Preparations well advance for Bush Lot United Turf Club Horserace meet The Bush Lot United Turf Club (BLUTC) of Bush Lot Village, West Coast, Berbice will be the next stop for the Horseracing bandwagon as preparation are well advanced for the Club’s one day $6.5 M race meet on Sunday September 30. Eight races are listed on the day’s programme and so far over 65 horses have taken entry which closed Sunday. A number of feature races are listed with races for B, E G, the three and two year old events being the top drawing cards. The Feature race will be for horses classified B and lower with the animals set to cover a distance of 1500M. The winner is set to take home a whopping $1M and trophy

compliments of Jumbo Jet Auto Sales and Stable. The co-feature event for three Year old animals Bred and Born in Guyana and the West Indies has a first prize of $500,000 and trophy over 1200M compliments of BLUTC. There is the event for horses classified E and lower with the top notch field expected to compete for the $450,000 and trophy compliments of Buddy Shivraj Auto Sales over 1200M. The G class race will be a 1000M affair with the animals running for a winning purse of $300,000 and the Dr. Brandeo Singh trophy. Banks DIH Limited sponsors the event for two year old Guyana and West Indies Bred (Continued on page 19)

Tuesday September 25, 2012

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2012 Elizabeth Styles U-21 Knockout 50-Over Cricket Competition...

Page 21

NBS\GCA second division competition...

Blairmont advances to final Williams, Narayan hit after upsetting Bermine half centuries in MSC win

Blairmont Community Centre defeated Bermine in their 2nd round and then earned the bye to the finals when the 2012 Elizabeth Styles U-21 Knockout 50Over Cricket Competition continued in the Ancient County recently. Leg spinner, Kevon Jawahir picked up 4-17 from 4 overs with support from left arm spinner, Waqar Hassan (3-11 from 3.3 overs) to restrict Bermine to 91 all out in 18.3 overs before Deveshwari Prashad lashed an unbeaten 39 for the eventual winners. Albion Community Centre and Skeldon Community Centre were also in winners’ row and earned a semi-final berth. The latter team earned a decision over Port Mourant but the Port Mourant side has protested the decision, blaming the umpires for wrongfully disallowing one of their colleagues from bowling by dint of the fact that he did not bat during the innings. Albion Community Centre had earlier posted 142-5 in 35 overs against West Berbice with two former Guyana U-15 cricketers, Veerapen Permaul and Sharaz Ramcharran contributing unbeaten knocks of 54 and 45 respectively in a 80-run, 3rd wicket stand. West Berbice started their reply positively reaching 113 for 3 when Albion leg spinner, Avinash Wajib, undermined them by taking 5-14 from 4 overs. That side subsequently lost their last 7 wickets for a paltry 12 and was bowled out for 125. Skeldon Community Centre then scored a relatively easy 5-wicket win over Port Mourant despite Boughnarine Persaud posting a

Deveshwari Prashad top score of 49. He also took 331 from 10 overs, all in vain. In other matches played, Blairmont Community Centre beat Bermine by 5 wickets in a match reduced from 45 to 20 overs after a prolonged shower. Bermine won the toss and batted making 91 all out in 18.3 overs with former Guyana under-19 batsman, Joemal LaFleur top scoring with 40. Blairmont Community Centre replied with 93-5 in 17.2 overs after Deveshwari Prashad lashed an unbeaten 39. Kevin Jawahir (4-17), Waqar Hassan (3-11) and Devendra Lalsa (2 for 14) were the principal bowlers for Bermine while bowling for Blairmont, Kevon Jawahir took 4-17, Waqar Hassan 3 for 11 and Devendra Lalsa 2 for 14. Over at Bush Lot in West Berbice, Albion Community Centre beat West Berbice by 17 runs. That match was also reduced to 35-over due to the rain, Albion Community Centre, won the toss and batted first, scoring 142 for 5 in 35 overs. Veerapen Permaul (54) and Sharaz Ramcharran (45*) were the best batsmen

Boughnarine Persaud

Kevon Jawahir while Roun Johnson (2-31 from 7) copped the bowling honours. In reply, West Berbice reached 125 in 34 overs with Kord Griffith (31), Sherwin McPherson (28) and Andrew Dutchin (25). Avinash Wajib (5-14) and David Latchaya (211 from 4 overs) were the best bowlers. In the action in Port Mourant, Skeldon Community Centre beat Port Mourant by 5 wickets after the latter team was invited to take first strike and amassed 159-9 in 41 overs. Skeldon Community Centre then compiled 160 for 5 in 41 overs.

Independence Sports Club, Vergenoegen advance in WDCA 20/twenty cricket tourney Independence Sports Club of La Grange edged past West Coast Invaders by 9 runs when action in the West Demerara Cricket Association 20/twenty cricket tournament concluded at the Joe Vieira Park WBD over the past weekend. Batting first, the Invaders scored 126 for 6 in their allotted 20 overs with Lincoln Leander scoring an unbeaten 27 with support from Deon Carew and Kellawan Talcun, both contributing with the bat. In reply, Independence reached 117 all out with Safraz Esau scoring 52 not out and Jagnarine Etwaroo contributing 28. Richard Barker captured 5 wickets for 9 runs in his four overs for the Invaders, while Brahain Bhowdat picked up 2 wickets for 14 runs. Over at the Wales

Community Development Centre, Vergenoegen swept aside Cornelia Ida in an exciting finish after the match was reduced to 18 overs. Batting first Vergenoegen scored 90 all out in 18 overs with Dwayne Graham and Kevon Boucher scoring 22 and 19 respectively. Bowling for Cornelia, Ida Ameer Khan captured 2 wickets for 17 runs and Bissram Thomas 2 wickets for 14 runs in their allotted four overs. Cornelia Ida could only muster 85-9 in 18 overs due to superb bowling by Heimchan Persaud who snared 4 wickets for 1 run in his four overs. He was supported by Rajiv Balgobin who took 3- 9 in three overs. Earlier, Vergenoegen prevailed over Wales CDC in

a closely contested quarterfinal affair. Wales batted first and amassed 114-7 in 20 overs after Ramesh Takur and Ramzan Ally had contributed 41 and 22 respectively. Bowling for Vergenoegen Davendra Singh and Rajiv Balgobin captured 2 wickets each. Vergenoegen then knocked off the required total (116 for 5) in 19.4 overs with Rajiv Balgobin scoring a boundary studded 58. Brian Pooran bagged 3 for 16 in his four overs but in a losing effort for Wales CDC. The finals will be played this Sunday September 30 Sept. 2012 at the Joe Vieira Park shortly after the conclusion of an exhibition match. Cricket fans and clubs in the West Demerara will be allowed to view the proceedings free of cost.

Shaquille Williams and Vishal Narayan slammed contrasting half centuries as Malteenoes Sports Club trashed University of Guyana by 138 runs as the New Building Society\ Georgetown Cricket Association second division 40 over competition continued last weekend with a number of matches. At Malteenoes, the home team won the toss and decided to bat and posted 217-7 after the game was reduced to 39 overs. Williams struck five fours in a top score of 56 (5X4) and received valuable support from Narayan who made an even half century, inclusive of five fours. Nikosie Barker 23 and Kwame Crosse 20 were the other leading run getters as offspinner Royston Alkins and Damien Vantull picked up 2 wickets apiece. UG in reply were never in the hunt and fell for 79 in 18.3 overs. Suresh Dhanai with 20 not out and Nicholas Carryl 16, were the only batsmen that reached double figures as leg spinner Steven Sankar bagged 4-5 off 2.3 overs, while Crosse returned to claim 4-28 from 5.At Everest, the home team won their encounter against Third Class after the latter eventually conceded defeat. Third Class who won the toss and batted were 124-4 in 33 overs when a player whose name was not on the list

of players submitted to the umpires before the toss appeared to bat. The home team captain, however gave permission for the player to continue the match but told the umpires his team will protest the game if they ended up on the wrong side of the result which prompted Third Class Captain to throw the match. Randy Ramrup was unbeaten on 43(3x4), while Clint Jones made 29 and Alvin Castello 20. Kevin Paul and Javed Rasheed had so far took 2 wickets each for Everest. Meanwhile on Sunday, University of Guyana made light work of Ace Warriors, winning the game by 10 wickets at the Malteenoes Sports Club ground. Ace Warriors won the toss and elected to bat first and were bowled out for 129 in 23.3 overs. Garth Allen hit five sixes and one four in a top score of 54 as left arm spinner Damien Vantull captured 4-33 off 8 overs and Dennis Heywood 3-44 from 5. UG then responded with 130 without loss in 17.5 overs with Dwayne Dodson leading the way with 60(5x4), while Nicholas Carryl made 38(4x4). The competition continues on Saturday with the semifinal matches. (Zaheer Mohamed)

Beach Soccer team for T&T intensifying preparations Beach soccer players seen participating in one of the sessions currently being conducted by Abdulla Hamid in Linden.

The Guyana Beach Football Association (GBFA) representative team selected to attend the third annual Bagosports Invitational Beach Soccer Tournament in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) has been intensifying its preparations at the Bayroc Sand Reserve in Linden under the guidance of FIFA certified

coach Abdulla (Zico) Hamid. According to a release from the GBFA, the team has benefitted from sessions conducted over the past (4) four weekends ahead of this all important tournament which the association hopes will aid in stimulating interest in this format of the sport locally and set Guyana on a

developmental path in this segment that has become increasingly popular worldwide. It added that the association is pleading with corporate Guyana for financial assistance to get to this tournament which runs from November 2-5, at the Turtle Beach Heritage Park in Tobago.

Phyllis Carter Khan, Rabindra star as Memorial t\20 Cricket in Leguan... Maryville secure place in final Aseeb Khan fell one run short of a half century while medium pacer Chetram Rabindra grabbed 5 wickets for 19 runs as Maryville defeated Rebels by 74 runs to secure a place in the final of the Phyllis Carter Memorial twenty\20 cricket competition in Leguan. In the lone semifinal which was played on Sunday at Enterprise, Maryville took first turn at the crease and

despite losing a few early wickets still managed to score a defendable 178 all out in 19.3 overs. Khan who shared in a third wicket stand of 44 with Doodnauth Danraj, hit three fours and two sixes while Danraj stroked two boundaries before he was dismissed for 22. Tulsieram Premnauth chipped in with 21 towards the end of the innings as medium pacer Wazir Alli bagged 5-22.

Rebels in reply were pegged back by purposeful bowling from Ravindra who removed both openers in quick succession in the second over. They never really recovered and were bowled out in 15.4 overs for 104. Alli and Trevor Whyte were their leading run scorers with 20 each. Maryville will now clash with Young Warriors who drew the bye in the final on Saturday at Enterprise from 12:00hours.

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Sammy: “Big up to the bowlers; We are ready for Super Eights” Colombo, Sri Lanka – West Indies bowlers did an excellent job on Monday night against Ireland but rain had the final say in their Group B ICC World T20 match at the R Premadasa Stadium. The Windies were accurate from the very first ball when Fidel Edwards knocked over the stumps of William Porterfield and they kept the Irish in check to limit them to just 129-6 off 19 overs in the match cut short by the inclement weather. Chris Gayle led the bowling with two wickets with his quick off-spin. He brought the crowd to life with the new “Gangnam Style” dance after he took both wickets. Edwards, Ravi Rampaul, Darren Sammy and spinner Sunil Narine all picked up a wicket to help maintain the pressure. West Indies never got a chance to start their reply as the heavy showers forced the officials to call off the match. The result allowed West Indies to qualify for the Super Eights stage – as they finished the preliminary round second behind Australia in Group B. Sammy spoke after the match and was clearly delighted with the bowling effort. He had special praise for Rampaul, who was good at the start of the innings and at the death, and Gayle, who had his first bowl in international cricket this year. “I back our bowlers to come good. This was a much improved performance from the last game (against Australia). Big up to Ravi the way he came back in this game. He must have been a little down on confidence but the mettle he showed out there tonight is good for us going forward in the tournament,” Sammy said. “To have Gayle bowling in international cricket for the first time after a while, came out good for us, so we have a lot of bowling options and I back my bowlers to restrict teams.” The skipper said everyone in the camp was eagerly looking forward to the next phase of the tournament. The Windies will travel to Kandy on Tuesday morning where they will play all three Super Eights matches at the Pallekele International Cricket Stadium. They will have a full training session tomorrow morning before their first match is against defending champions England on Thursday. First ball is 7:30 pm (10 am Eastern Caribbean Time/9 am Jamaica Time).

Darren Sammy (Getty Images)

“We just believe we can go out there and win. Yes, I am aware of what happened back in the World Cup in the Caribbean, when England qualified without a win and won the tournament. As I said before, the most important thing is our belief and we just have to do well in the Super Eights,” Sammy said. “Obviously, England are the defending champions and we don’t want to underestimate anybody. We just need to go out there and bowl properly and execute our plans. Not just (Sunil) Narine, our fast bowlers also bowled quite well today and everybody seems to be in good shape for the game against England. I am looking forward to it,” the 28-year-old added. “We are here and we have strong belief in ourselves and in the team. The first goal was to reach the Super Eights and we have achieved that. Now we need to start off very well against England. This is the business end of the tournament and we mean business. We have not played a lot, we have not played a full match, so we have a lot left in us.”

Tuesday September 25, 2012

Fletcher says Sagicor HPC helping to restore confidence DHAKA, Bangladesh – Andre Fletcher said he has benefitted from the time he has spent at the Sagicor High Performance Centre so far and a desire to make a return to the senior West Indies squad is part of his driving force to succeed. Fletcher led the way with 51, but Enamul Haque Jr’s impressive bowling upstaged him, as the Sagicor HPC team stumbled in their tour match against Bangladesh-A on Monday. The Grenadian batsman, opening the innings, led the way with 51, but Enamul undermined the visitors’ batting with 7-45 from 18.5 overs of left-arm spin, as the visitors crumbled to 147 all out, replying to Bangladesh A’s first innings total of 199. The Sagicor HPC were fought back, restricting the ATeam to 88 for three in their second innings – an overall lead of 140 – before stumps were drawn on the second day of the four-day match at the Sher-e-Bangla Stadium. “I think I have been able to find a balance, staying positive in my approach, yet I have been very selective with my strokes,” Fletcher told WICB Media. “I have been working on a number of my technical flaws at the Sagicor HPC and so far things have been working out for me. I am also preparing myself mentally for the challenge and I have been getting my confidence back, and it has been showing in these two matches. He added: “The Sagicor HPC has helped me to identify the strengths about my game – how use them to my

Sagicor HPC opener Andre Fletcher gathers runs on the leg-side. © WICB Media advantage. “I have also come to grips with my weaknesses – how to counter them, how to have a game plan. These are some of the things that I have been putting into practice in the two matches that we have played and it was worked for me.” Fletcher conceded he and his teammates were not patient enough against the Bangladesh-A spinners and this was principally responsible for their downfall. “Though the pitch was not at its best, we should have dug in more and be more patient,” he said. “But that’s

the game sometimes. “It’s not a fast pitch and there is a lot of turn for the spinners, and from the first day, it was cracking up, but we needed to change our approach and wait for the bad balls.” Fletcher was a member of the senior West Indies side that took part in the last two ICC World Twenty20 Tournaments in England three years ago and the following year in the Caribbean. He and his teammates have been following the senior West Indies side closely at the current ICC World Twenty20 Tournament taking place in nearby Sri Lanka – and this has helped to fuel Fletcher’s desire on the trip. “I am very eager to get back into the mix-up with the senior West Indies squad,” said Fletcher. “I am working very hard. I know it will be tough, but I am prepared to put in the long, hard yards and with the grace of God, everything will fall into place. “I will get back onto the big stage and get a chance to showcase my talent once again.” Fletcher said though Bangladesh-A appeared to have the upper hand on the Sagicor HPC, he believes they can transform their fortunes and win the match. “We need to bowl well and try not to let them get a lead of over 250,” he said. “I think anything below this will be gettable, once we apply ourselves and be patient. There is a lot of time left in the match and the runs will come.”

Mohamed survives strong field to win Courts Golf tourney Dave Mohamed survived a strong field that included most of the country’s top golfers Saturday evening to win the annual Courts Golf Classic that was being held as part of its 19th Anniversary festivities at the Lusignan Golf Course on the East Coast. Mohamed shot a net 63 from a gross 84 playing off a handicap of 21 to edge a field that averaged under a net 70 throughout. Joann Deo was also in form with a net 65 from a gross 86 plying off a handicap of 21. Deo won the tournament three years ago. Club Captain, Rawle Moore also had a net 65 but finished third after Deo compiled a better score on the back nine. Imran Khan was

closest to the pin while Gavin Todd had the longest drive in a contest that included 36 of the most seasoned golfers. Managing Director of Courts, Clyde DeHaas, observed the high levels of the competition and the competitive nature of the players, committing to continued support for the event that is becoming one of the premier calendar events for the Lusignan Golf Club. DeHaas complimented the participants, stating that Courts will maintain its corporate role in the development of sport in Guyana. Apart from the prizes handed to the top golfers, Courts Guyana Ltd. also handed out gift bags to the hard working caddies.

Managing Director of Courts, Clyde DeHaas (second, left), Marketing Director, Molly Hassan (fifth, right) and Courts Marketing team pose with male and female champions Dave Mohammed and Joaan Deo (centre) Saturday night at the Lusignan Golf Club.

Tuesday September 25, 2012

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Sagicor HPC batting undermined by spin DHAKA, Bangladesh – A half-century from Andre Fletcher was upstaged by impressive bowling from Enamul Haque Jr, as the Sagicor High Performance Centre team stumbled in their tour match against Bangladesh-A on Monday. Fletcher led the way with 51, but Enamul undermined the Sagicor HPC batting with 7-45 from 18.5 overs of left-arm spin, as the visitors crumbled to 147 all out, replying to Bangladesh A’s first innings total of 199, about an hour before tea on the second day of the fourday match at the Sher-eBangla Stadium. The Sagicor HPC fought back, restricting the A-Team to 88 for three in their second innings – an overall lead of 140 – before stumps were drawn. Sagicor HPC captain Carlos Brathwaite made the breakthrough, when he removed Nasiruddin Faroque for six in the penultimate over before tea, as Bangladesh-A reached 17 for one at the break. After tea, left-arm spinner Jomel Warrican

added to the early Bangladesh-A wobble, when he bowled left-handed opener Imrul Kayes for 13 in the second over after the break, leaving the home team 21 for two. For close to half-hour, the Sagicor HPC met resistance, when Mominul Haque joined his captain Raqibul Hasan and stabilised the innings before he was caught behind off left-arm spinner Veerasammy Permaul for 27, sinking Bangladesh-A to 57 for three. There was no further success for the Sagicor HPC, as Raqibul, not out on 21, and Naeem Islam, not out on 13, batted through until the close. Earlier, Fletcher, a century-maker in the first tour match against the Bangladesh Cricket Board Academy, struck 10 fours from 65 balls in 1 ½ hours at the crease, but there was neither substance nor stability from the rest of the batting. Marlon Barclay made 22, but no other Sagicor HPC batsman reached 20,

World renowned Guyanese wrestler returns to birthplace Ezekiel Jackson


espite the belief that wrestling is not as authentic as it is touted to be, and despite the fact that the sport fails to comprise a part of the Guyanese calendar of activities, a committed group of Guyanese religiously tune in whenever the renowned World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) sponsored shows are aired. Those fans will be able to associate with such names as Ted DiBiase, The Colóns, Zack Ryder, the Big Show and other stellar WWF stars. Guyanese are a phenomenal lot and occupy all corners (Continued on page 19)

and Saqlain Sajib, another left-arm spinner, added to their woes with 2-43 from 14 overs. Opener Trevon Griffith fell for four early, when he became Enamul’s first scalp before Barclay and Fletcher kept things moving with a stand of 42 for the second wicket. But the Sagicor HPC lost their way badly and they were rocking on 99 for six at lunch, after Fletcher’s departure, lbw to Saqlain Sajib, triggered a

collapse which saw five wickets fall for 19 in the space of 52 deliveries. After the interval, the Sagicor HPC lower-order was little or no match for Enamul, who brought the innings to a close, when he had Sheldon Cotterrell stumped for three, as the visitors lost their last four wickets for 23 from 61 balls. The Sagicor HPC players are on a month-long tour to Bangladesh.

CLOSE:BANGLADES H-A 199 (Mominul Haque 50, Raqibul Hasan 32, Naeem Islam 30; Sheldon Cotterrell 4-15, Jomel Warrican 2-32, Veerasammy Permaul 2-57) and 88 for three (Mominul Haque 27, Raqibul Hasan 21 not out); SAGICOR HIGH PERFORMANCE C E N T R E 1 4 7 ( A n d re Fletcher 51, Marlon Barclay 22; Enamul Haque Jr 18.53-45-7, Saqlain Sajib 2-43).

Enamul Haque Jr.

t r o Sp

Ireland knocked out as West Indies go through

Rain halted play after five overs (AP).

Sunil Narine celebrates the fall of Ed Joyce (AFP).


BC Sport Ireland have been eliminated from the World Twenty20 and West Indies are through to the next stage after their Group B decider was ruined by rain. Ireland posted 129-6 in their rain-reduced innings of 19 overs, but further showers saw the match called off before the Windies could bat. Both sides lost to Australia in their first match, but West Indies advance because of a better net run

rate. West Indies will play England in their first Super Eights game on Thursday. The omens looked poor for Ireland when skipper Will Porterfield was out to the very first ball, for the second successive match. But Ireland battled back well, despite their innings being disrupted by a rain delay, and Niall O’Brien topscored with 25 to help the associate nation to a competitive total. The match was set up n i c e l y, b u t a h e a v y

downpour in the interval lasted long enough to see proceedings abandoned, meaning Ireland went out of the competition following a rain-ruined match for a second successive time - the same thing happening against England in 2010. Paul Collingwood’s side, beneficiaries in Guyana two years ago, went on to win the tournament, and Darren Sammy will be hoping the same destiny awaits his powerful West Indies side. They will be pleased with their display in the field,

after their bowling attack struggled against Australia on Saturday - the Aussies had reached 100-1 from 9.1 overs in reply to 191-8 when the rain brought a premature end to that match. They took wickets regularly enough to disrupt Ireland’s momentum in Colombo, and their key weapon may yet be offspinner Sunil Narine, who picked up the important wicket of Ed Joyce as Ireland looked to overcome the early loss of their captain, bowled by a beautiful Fidel Edwards delivery. Joyce (17) and opener Paul Stirling (19) had repaired the early damage when the rain came, with

their side 33-1 from five overs. However, on the resumption, Narine got two deliveries to turn away from Joyce before bowling him round his legs. Stirling soon followed, caught by Gayle attempting to hook Sammy, before Gary Wilson, with a breezy 21, and Niall O’Brien added 33 for the fourth wicket. Gayle removed both to underline his all-round abilities - celebrating both wickets with a gleeful jig before Kevin O’Brien, Trent Johnston and Nigel Jones added late runs to help Ireland to a reasonable total. Frustrated by the return of the rain, Ireland can at least take some comfort from

a battling effort against a useful Windies side who now face England, New Zealand and Sri Lanka in the next stage of the competition. Super Eights explained The next stage of the World T20 is split into two groups of four, with teams playing each other once and the top two in each group progressing to the semifinals. England, West Indies, Sri Lanka and New Zealand make up one group, with India, Australia, South Africa and Pakistan or Bangladesh in the other. Scores: Ireland 129 for 6 (Gayle 2-21) v West Indies match abandoned.

The Bailiff seizes control at Rising Sun horserace fundraiser P. 20

Banks DIH Branch Controller Gavin Jodhan (left) hands over the Bank DIH trophy to the Habibulla connections for The Baliff upset victory in the feature C class event.

Ms Aeyshia Shariff of the Shariff racing stable, at right, collects the winning trophy in the Three Year old West Indies and Guyana event from a representative of the RSTC

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