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Third Parties The Alliance for Change (AFC) appears to be another in a long line of “third forces” in the Guyanese political landscape that is heading the way of the Dodo: extinction. In the British tradition that was inherited (or imposed), Guyanese politics always saw as its model, the two party system in the Westminster tradition. Two parties would display their wares to the public, with the said wares being sufficiently distinct from each other, that the voting public could choose between the two at the ballot box. Interpreted in Guyana, however, the populace divided themselves before even the wares were shown. Without a hoary past in which the population, drawn from the major continents, could meld into a nation, the several groups in the main remained culturally distinct. With two major ethnic groups vying for political power - the authority to give what to whom - the rules of the model did not distinguish on what basis the numbers to form the government by a majority were agglomerated. Ethnic identification early on became the marker of political mobilisation. When the modern political system was born exactly in the middle of the 20th century, the newly launched People’s Progressive Party (PPP) attempted to create a broad, nationalist force that included all the groups by whatever criteria they identified - whether by ethnicity/race or class. It was rather tragic that the opportunistic Forbes Burnham, exploited the cleavage of ethnicity, when he broke from the PPP to form the People’s National Congress. Even though the PPP and even Burnham’s PNC attempted to return the genie of ethnicity into the bottle, progress ebbed and flowed but remained minimal. The two major parties crafted manifestos and programs that were national in scope and made cross ethnic appeals both in words and in the selection of their candidates. And we arrive at the formation of third parties to challenge the two major parties. The first successful one, was the United Force that made a clear distinction in its pro-capitalist ideology rooted as it was in the Portuguese mercantile community. Based on its ideology it was able to attract pro-capitalist support as well as Amerindians that had been close to the Catholic Church run by the Portuguese community. This party did not make any dent in ethnic mobilisation. During the 1960’s a spate of parties attempted to challenge the two major parties directly on the ethnic demarcation but were all unsuccessful: there was no ‘logic” in “splitting the vote” if the direct or sub rosa voting rationale was ethnicity. Faced with rigging of the polls between 1968 and 1992, political mobilisation waned as the the struggled for “free and fair elections”. The Working People’s Association (WPA) was formed in this period and individuals from across the ethnic divides rallied to the call of Dr Walter Rodney who they felt coiled challenge the PNC dictatorship more militantly without precipitating a racial civil war. The return of “free and fair” elections in 1992 returned the country to its now deep-seated ethnic pattern of voting and the WPA and the UF gradually disappeared. The Rise, Organise and Rebuild movement of 2001 was basically a reversion of the older direct ethnic challenge and was more a gesture than an entrenched force. The Alliance for Change (AFC) that first contested the 2006 elections was an attempt to exploit dissatisfaction in the older PPP and PNC by individuals from hose parties that basically saw their leadership paths blocked. Their comparative success at the 2006 elections (5 seats) and the 2011 one (7seats) illustrate the level of discontent with one or the other older party but they always remained vulnerable to those parties addressing the concerns of their constituents. Alternatively, formed by individuals who were motivated by personal “leadership” goals, they were always susceptible to the identical denouement that destroyed the original nationalist movement - the PPP of the 1950. Today, the AFC is evidently on the same path trod by other challenges to the Guyanese political status quo. It would take a Herculean effort to make a credible showing at the next elections.

Monday September 23, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

Killing a few bandits can never be a substitute for an effective human intelligence framework DEAR EDITOR, I was happy to see that the Guyana Police Force seems to be following public opinion as expressed in my last letter. I refer to the almost immediate publication of wanted man Keifa Small’s photograph in the news following last Monday’s fatal shooting encounter between the West Demerara police and bandits, including the late unlamented Kirk Bacchus. I offer my congratulations and I trust that this is the new approach to dealing with all alleged perpetrators in future. Another issue that I think the police administration should pay some attention to is the proliferation of defective police vehicles. In many instances I observe vehicles without rear lights, and operating in a general state of disrepair while we the ordinary mortals must subject ourselves to vehicle

fitness and roadworthiness checks. What, I ask, is the legal basis for government vehicles to be operating without insurance? These are issues that demand attention and remedies if the police expect to be taken seriously. I have to agree with one letter writer who argued that the Minister of Home Affairs should stop shielding the police administration and let them give account for their performance. A question that bothers me is how can the public measure police performance, when it looks as if they themselves haven’t a clue on how to conduct selfperformance measurement? Do the various categories of ranks and appointments have job descriptions? The answer to that question would determine how well we the ordinary

citizens can sleep at nights. From where I sit and based upon my basic knowledge of policing, there should be position descriptions for all members from Commissioner down to the patrol officer. If those are non-existent, then it is a Wild West scenario with no one being held accountable to any ethical standards or job performance. I wish to congratulate Rear-Admiral Gary Best for a sterling performance at the GDF helm, and I recommend Sunday September 15, 2013 KN article in his honour as required reading for officers of the Guyana Police Force. The lesson to be learnt from the Rear-Admiral is that we must be prepared to move with dynamism beyond accepted the traditions, which may be stifling an organization and preventing it from developing in the

modern world. I said before and it bears repeating that the GPF is more moribund now than at any other time in its history. There is no evidence that attitudes have embraced the reality that in order to survive change is a non-negotiable imperative. Yes the Force must trumpet its successes but the serendipitous killing of a few bandits can never be an acceptable substitute for an effective human intelligence framework backed by appropriate technology. I remain convinced that Minister Rohee’s preoccupation with political opposition clamouring is causing him to lose sight of the inefficiencies of the police system. He needs to refocus and deal with those elements of subtle resistance within. Sylvia St Romain

Parenting is not just the act of supporting your offspring financially DEAR EDITOR, “Children protection week” is an errant title which casts the impression that after the duration of September 22-28 has concluded, the overwhelming plight of the children suffering will be forgotten. Conversely, I utterly support this drive. For far too long, the voices and stories of children suffering have gone unheard and untold. Irrespective of the category, child abuse is a devastating cyclone which can be mended through sheer determination, collaboration and perseverance. Despite the policies, programs, numerous laws and initiatives which have been introduced by the state apparatus, there are loopholes in the system, which we the parents, guardians, neighbours,

communities, Toshaos and village councils, media, civil society, religious leaders, the faith based community, g o v e r n m e n t , parliamentarians, judiciary, police, teachers, health workers, social workers, children and young people can eradicate through partnership. The perpetration of traditional prejudices continues to reinforce separations between and/or among children consequently diminishing their self esteem. We are obligated to enlighten the public about the magnitude of child abuse and to ensure that justice is met. The home is the pillar upon which change rests. It is the first and most formative frame of reference on which a child models his/her future. Raising a child is not only a mother’s responsibility but also a

How do we keep our Public Servants in line? DEAR EDITOR, Is it a year or more since we learnt that a channel had been set up for reporting corruption, featuring a hotline under the rubric “I paid a bribe.” After the widespread cynical laughter, many of us have been looking forward to learning the results of that initiative. Can anyone point to any published instances of reports made and investigated? Or to any action at all by the institutions constitutionally mandated to combat the crime

of bribery of a public officer? How do we keep our Public Servants in line? Partly, by letting them know the public is watching them. By reporting loudly and widely every impropriety committed against the people’s interest. By reminding those on the public payroll whom they are working for. Elections or no elections. This has always been part of your mission, Mr Editor, and our duty to help you in it. Gordon Forte

father’s, whose demeanor towards that child and his/her mother shapes the conceptions of the adolescent. Parenting is not just the act of supporting your offspring financially— that is just the surface. Realistically, it is important for the busiest of parents to take time out from their schedules to bond with their children. However, this may be difficult since there are many single parents toiling to ensure the fundamental necessities are provided. I implore you to seek assistance. You are not

nor will you ever be alone. Supportive mechanisms are there to lend a hand of assistance. The inhumane abuse inflicts permanent scars which are rarely overcome. Suffering is detrimental to any child’s health. If help isn’t given in the nick of time that child grows up with repressed emotions which inevitably manifest in violence. Together we can rid our homeland of these sadistic miscreants. Together we can make a difference. Cathy Devi Persaud

Brassington is intentionally selling-out Guyana DEAR EDITOR, A company cannot put up minimum investment and own the majority of the shares (hence, profits) in a project. This means, under current financing structure The Berbice River Bridge, The Marriott Hotel and The Amaila Falls Hydroelectric Project feasibility studies are flawed. Winston Brassington does not know what he is doing. Hence, his competence comes into question. IF he does, then he is intentionally selling-out Guyana which would make him corrupt. Sean McLean

“We want communities more involved” DEAR EDITOR, I am grateful for your article for child protection week 2013 – “We want communities more involved” – Ann Greene, but once again I am disappointed over how the article was written. There were too many incorrectly written statements and many put in quotes purporting to be said by me when they were more the interpretation of the writer to what I said during our conversation. This is a young writer who should be encouraged to write properly, but what is the role of the editor or copy reader? Is it not to ensure correctness before publication? Ann Greene

Monday September 23, 2013

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Letters... Where your views make the news... Letters... Where your views make the news Granger has accomplished nothing UG can explore admitting only a quota of students to each degree program for those who voted for him DEAR EDITOR, First, I wish to commend Mr. Louis Holder for his contribution to the ongoing crime debate in his letter “Security problems can be traced to inept managers” (Guyana Chronicle, Sept. 19). He has made some valuable points. Then I wish to thank the men and women in law enforcement for a remarkable job performance by apprehending the suspects accused of killing MetenMeer-Zorg grocer Zulficar Namdar; robbing his mother at gunpoint on September 10; and guests at a wedding house in Wakenaam earlier on September 7. This police exercise clearly demonstrates that criminals can be brought to justice in a timely manner if the will is there. There is no room for complacency among police officers in the fight against crime. They already have the necessary training, technology and equipment. What is required now, is for Divisional Commanders to be more alert, committed, and for them to apply the pressure on their junior officers to ensure a higher level of jobperformance from the ranks in the field. It is no secret that like teachers, police officers are not as well paid as they ought to be. But persons electing to join these noble professions must be committed and attracted to the mission as opposed to a means of just earning an income. Prosecutors need to get it right this time around, and don’t allow some technicality or breach in the jury selection to give the defense another victory. Now, fresh back from his all-expenses-paid trip with accommodations at the exquisite Yale Club in New York, David Granger continues to do what he does best, wasting time trying to bash Minister Rohee into submission. His latest ploy to get the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) and the Private Sector Commission PSC) to pressure

President Ramotar in removing Rohee as Home Affairs Minister, has fallen on deaf ears. President of the GCCI and Vice-Chairman of the PSC Clinton Urling made it known that the removal of Rohee will not solve Guyana’s crime problem. In fact, it appears that APNU is either deliberately using the crime situation to create conflict between the Acting Commissioner of Police and the government, or wants to give him the impression that APNU is fighting for his cause. In a recent statement, former Police Commissioner and APNU Parliamentarian, Winston Felix called for Leroy Brumell to be substantially appointed to the post of Commissioner of Police, a position he has been acting in for almost two years. This call comes despite a letter from President Ramotar to Opposition Leader, David Granger on September 2, inviting him to a constitutionally mandated consultation to discuss the appointment of the Commissioner of Police. The letter alluded to the President’s intention to substantially appoint Mr. Brumell as the Commissioner of Police. Was Felix aware of the President’s invitation to Granger, or was he intentionally trying to cause mischief? I support Leroy Brumell’s appointment as Commissioner of Police, and my position is documented in a previous letter months ago. But isn’t it strange that there is no urgency on the part of the Leader of the Opposition, or calls from Felix to confirm the appointments of the Acting Chancellor of the Judiciary, the Hon. Carl Singh and the Acting Chief Justice, the Hon Ian Chang, who have been acting in those positions much longer than Brumell? I wonder why? But as I’ve said before, Granger’s obsession with trying to get Rohee removed from office, is putting the security of all Guyanese at risk. And I’m equally

convinced that it is preventing him from effectively performing his duties as the Leader of the Opposition. Everything Granger does as Opposition Leader has been counterproductive to economic growth and the prosperity of Guyana. Whatever ongoing government projects are taking place in known PNC/ APNU constituencies, is part of the Administration’s policies and commitment to serve all Guyanese, regardless of ethnicity or religion. Neither Granger nor AFC Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan can take credit for that. As Opposition Leader, Granger has accomplished nothing for those who voted for him. He sadly lacks the art of compromise and the political leadership so necessary to unite our people. In a letter, one of Granger ’s strongest supporters, Ex-GDF officer Malcolm Harripaul recently admitted that “The PNC in its 28-year reign established an African-dominated state”. He advised that, “The problem facing the current leader of the PNC and APNU is how to win some Indian votes in order to win the 2016 elections. Brigadier Granger can win over Indian voters if he should start the healing process in 2013, and the first step is that of a political apology to all Guyanese for the PNC’s role in the 1960s.” That apology will never come. Mr. Harripaul and the recent AFC defectors are in for a tremendous disappointment if they believe that the PNC/APNU is more credible and less corrupted than the AFC. My advice to them is to be very cautious and suspicious of any request for financial contributions to APNU at this time. They’ve been bitten before and have learnt nothing from this experience. Now, they have jumped from the frying pan directly into the fire. How dumb can that be? Harry Gill

DEAR EDITOR, Please see below a slight variation of a letter I wrote (emailed) to Ms. Manickchand with reference to my admission to University of Guyana and the fees that I am being forced to pay. The Plight of nonresident GuyaneseUniversity of Guyana: An open letter to Minister of Education Priya Manickchand. DEAR MINISTER MANICKCHAND:

I have just received admittance to the University of Guyana to pursue a Bachelor of Social Science Degree in International Relations. I’ve also received my invoice which indicates that my payment for each school year is US$3048.75. I find this quite alarming because I am a Guyanese national. Not only that, but this rate is significantly close to that which my non-national counterpart will be paying for a degree at the University, i.e

US$4000. I am aware of the University’s policy that states that in order to benefit from the local rate offered to Guyanese students, one must have resided in the country two years prior to the start of the degree program at the University. While I see the obvious concern, where persons who may have been living abroad would take advantage of the affordable education and leave immediately after, Continued on page 6

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Monday September 23, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news... Letters... Where your views make the news

UG can explore admitting only a quota of students to each... From page 5 causing severe brain drain, and also the apparent fact that the University is low on funds and so needs to maximize on its tuition fees, what I don’t understand is why a more suitable approach was not taken to combat this issue. Firstly there is the option of bonding non-resident Guyanese for two years after they have completed their degree programme so as to ensure that they work in and contribute to the country’s economy for a minimum of two years. Bonding is quite simple; all that is necessary is an agreement which the students will be mandated to sign prior to the start of the school year. This will serve as an incentive for non-residents to return to Guyana to obtain their University education and it secures a new set of individuals for the work force every two years. The onus will be on the Government of Guyana to find areas of employment to place these workers. An ideal situation is where the Government can identify specific sectors that need help and filter

individuals into those sectors. In some instances these graduates can help to create new job opportunities for the Guyanese population. If there is a concern about having too many students in one particular area, then the University can explore admitting only a quota of students to each degree program under this special agreement. After the two years, I can guarantee that some nonresident Guyanese will remain in the country, as well as, inevitably some will migrate. The second option is reducing the non-resident fee to one that is more suitable, and is not comparable with the non-national fee. I can tell you personally, I was offered a place at the University of the West Indies and I declined it for a place at the University of Guyana but now I am wondering if I made the right choice because of the high fees I am being charged and poor service I am being offered in return. This brings me to my final suggestion: raising the nonnational fees. US$4000 is significantly lower than what Guyanese and other international students pay at

the University of the West Indies-US$55,000 and other universities. Now I know that the University of Guyana is not as well known or as highly regarded as UWI and you do not want to run the risk of alienating foreign students, however, if you were to improve on the University’s efficiency (including processing applications in a timely manner, upgrading the classrooms and aesthetics at the university, employing more lecturers, new furniture and investing in staff training), and improving on the overall student experience, you could quite easily add US$1000 or US$2000 to the non-national tuition fee without a concern. It is still comparable with the rates of other universities and so affordable, it still beckons international students to come. What the University of Guyana also needs to do is work on its Public Relations. Do you know how many Caribbean nationals do not know that the University exists? Far too many. Additionally, the University should work on its welcoming session for new students. Perhaps they should set up a two-day

celebration, including cultural performances and an opportunity for new students to see certain areas of Guyana and sample Guyanese cuisine just before the first semester begins. Also, if there are no gym facilities on Campus, the University should really invest in this area. Further, the University of Guyana opens its application process too late, therefore, the admissions staff is not given enough time to process applications in a timely matter. I had to wait several months before the university even updated my online profile to state that my documents were submitted. To date, there are still students whose admission status still says ‘pending’ when we are in the 4th week of school. If a proper admission period was set such as November 1st of the previous year to January 31st of the upcoming school year, as is the case for many other universities, there would be more than enough time to have all documents processed in time for the start of the first semester in August, with more than enough time to re-open

admissions in May to facilitate late registrations. It is small manageable improvements such as these that encourage persons to attend particular schools. I have given it a lot of thought and I have many ideas on ways to improve the University of Guyana. Finally, I want you to know that I am a Guyanese national first and always. It just so happens that my parents migrated when I was a child and I was taken with them. I had no choice in the matter. Now that I am older, I have made it my business to visit Guyana when I can afford to do so. I saw the opportunity of returning to Guyana for school initially, and then for work as a good way to come home and make my contribution to society and I can guarantee that I will be an asset to Guyana just as I have been one to my previous country of residence. It is disheartening when Guyanese nationals such as myself are treated like we don’t belong to Guyana. I am a nonnational elsewhere and now I am being made to feel like one in Guyana. I

cannot be a non-national everywhere, I have to belong to somewhere. Since my navel string is buried in Berbice and my passport says Republic of Guyana, you and I both know where I belong. Guyana is the only country that treats its nonresidents with such distaste. In other countries it doesn’t even matter where you were born or where you reside, as long as you obtain citizenship and you have that country’s passport, you are entitled to all the privileges available to their citizens. Guyana has let me down, the University of Guyana and by extension the Ministry of Education and the Government of Guyana have let me down. I sincerely hope that some sort of agreement can be reached between us before I make my final decision on which school to attend and migrate for school on the 22nd of August. You will not only be assisting me to finance my future, but you will be securing a future for Guyana through its nationals all over the world. Concerned Guyanese National

Monday September 23, 2013

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Monday September 23, 2013

Monday September 23, 2013

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SELL- OUT OF THE NATION’S INTEREST The Alliance for Change has urged that a national award be granted to Chartered Accountant Mr. Christopher Ram, no doubt for the insights that he has been providing concerning some of the major contracts of the PPPC government which were conceived under the Jagdeo administration. Well, if Christopher Ram deserves a national award, then Glenn Lall, the publisher of this newspaper, deserves to be named as a national hero. Glenn Lall has done more than anyone else, in fact

more than everyone put together to expose the rascals that are fleecing this country and its taxpayers. Everything that is now being exposed in the media about the Marriott Hotel, Glenn Lall predicted. From day one, he said that the whole exercise was intended to hand over this hotel to friends of the administration. From the very inception he said that government would eventually ditch ownership of the hotel. He said it was rotten and stank to the heavens. He warned that this

hotel would not be feasible and was a scheme to benefit the friends of the ruling administration. He kept saying it all along that this project should not go ahead because it will rip this nation off. Today the wisdom of Glenn Lall has come to light. Everything that he predicted would occur has happened. The nation now faces the task of ensuring that this project goes no further because it is now clear that what Glenn was saying all along, that this project is

Dem boys seh

KIT BUY A POT FUH MEK MORE SOUP Things can’t get quiet these days. Georgetown quiet because de police wukking but de criminals move. That is how dem end up at Wakenaam and Meten Meer Zorg. But dem get ketch. But de people who more bareface ain’t getting ketch. Imagine dem hustle money from every project and dem ain’t get ketch although people know. And dem buying people. Dem buy Kit and he doing everything that de puppet masters want he do. De other day he really put out de works. De next day he go out and buy a jeep. Dem boys also seh that he buy a big pot because he like soup. De pot ain’t got provision, just some carrot cut up because everybody know that carrot good fuh eyesight. Rabbits don’t have to wear spectacles because dem does eat nuff carrot. Kit decide to eat carrots fuh de same reason. He got to look out fuh Brazzy and de Marriott. Dem boys want to know wha happening wid de airport project. Robeson seh that de project going on at full speed except that dem boys ain’t seeing no wuk. Dem got to full out some ravine and things to extend de airport. That mean that dem got to get

nuff stone from somewhere. But Robeson already seh that dem got a stone shortage. BK seh that dem ain’t got no shortage suh dem boys expect he to put out he stones. He seh that he got plenty, more than Robeson believe. Well wid all dem Cuban doctors around is a wonder that he still got so much stones to carry around. Time gun tell if he got plenty. He deliver a lot to

Marriott and that project deh pun hold because money run out. Brazzy now begging people fuh come in but dem boys want to know why he don’t get some of he friends who thief to put back some of de money in de project. At least it gun clean up de excess money before de money laundering bill pass. Talk half and watch out fuh de thieves.

intended to use state resources to fatten the goose of private investors has come to pass. Take a bow Glenn Lall! Take a bow! It is unconscionable, unacceptable, and unpardonable that billions of taxpayers’ dollars have been ploughed into this Marriott Hotel Project and today we are being told that an investor investing a mere US$8M will enjoy a 67% share in the company. An investor with a mere US$8M out of US$58M will own a controlling interest. How more barefaced can things be? It is the Atlantic Hotels Inc. that will have to decide which investor will become the commanding owner of this hotel by investing a mere US$ 8M when taxpayers who would have put some US$19M, or close to two and one half times what that private investor will invest will only control a minority share. This is a high –rise rip off that is taking place and it is rip- off of you and me, the tax payers of this country. It is a sting that will put money into the pockets of whoever AHI decides will be the investor. So for US$8M, whoever AHI chooses will

get control of a US$ 58M hotel. This is a sellout and therefore financial closure must not take place. Glenn Lall, you saw it from the start! You warned everyone. Some took you seriously and kept up the fight to ensure there was transparency and accountability. But some also said “Oh, Glenn has his agenda!” Now they are all seeing what you were saying all along. Take a bow Glenn Lall! Take a bow! Not content to shaft this nation by handing over controlling interest to a minority investor, the AHI is also engaged in “eyepass” against this nation by having the temerity to admit that for the US$15M that will be lent by taxpayers to complete this hotel- which is being constructed without so much as Guyanese shovel man on the construction site- will be done without any interest being paid for the three billion Guyana dollars in taxpayers monies that will be injected to build the hotel. And as everyone expects since this hotel is likely to end up being a white elephant, it will mean that the other US$4M that is invested in equity will not be

recouped whenever a forced sale of the assets has to take place. Donald Ramotar has to squash this project immediately and he has to immediately also fire those individuals who were the masterminds and orchestrator of this project. They must not sit another day in their offices. They must go and go immediately! Not a day more must they spend administering the affairs of this country. They must go and go now! If Donald Ramotar, a most decent and honorable man, does not do this, the opposition has to make it known to all potential investors in this project that the opposition parties will not be recognizing the legitimacy of this project and will be taking steps after any future government to recover what is owed to the Guyanese people and to send those who would have invested in this project packing from whence they came, and send them back- handed.

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Monday September 23, 2013

UG seeks to realise a “value Bloody corpse of C’tyne for money” operation man found in house ...three arrested, ice- pick recovered from scene

- lecturers may work longer hours In the quest to realise value for money, a move whereby lecturers work more hours, is under consideration by the administration of the University of Guyana. Talks about this possible action have however not found favour with the University unions, this publication understands. But according to Vice Chancellor, Professor Jacob Opadeyi, implementing such a move is not yet possible since it would first have to become a policy. However, he is adamant that the action is inevitable. This is premised on Professor Opadeyi’s view that “you cannot have a fulltime lecturer teaching one course in a semester and get 12 months’ doesn’t look good in the eyes and all of us know that.” It is for this reason the Vice Chancellor said that efforts have been made to look at “how do you rationalise and get value for money?” He explained that like other workers across the country who are required to work a certain amount of hours per week, the University will be looking to ensure that lecturers are assigned teaching duties of at least 18 hours per week. “Is that too much?” questioned the Vice Chancellor, who was at the time speaking to media operatives. He disclosed that the greatest expenditure of the University is in fact salaries

and entitlements. According to Professor Opadeyi, salaries account for a monthly expenditure of $120 million, an amount he disclosed is always increasing although the productivity is not. “As the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) I have to be looking at those figures...and some departments are asking for 22 lecturers,” disclosed a troubled Professor Opadeyi. He explained that the contractual obligations of lecturers stipulate that they should teach at least 360 hours in a single year but according to him, “do you know how we interpret that, we interpret that at most (360 hours); what kind of English is that?” questioned the Nigerian-born Professor. According to the Vice Chancellor, who took up the reigns of the University earlier this year, he cannot be comfortable with the existing state of affairs and must therefore look for ways in which “we can get value for money.” And even as considerations are being made to address lecturers’ hours, Professor Opadeyi disclosed that moves are also being made to realise a quality assurance system in the coming year. This, according to him, is expected to see all programmes having a second examiner even as all third and fourth year programmes will have an external examiner. Moreover, the marks that students secured in those

Composite Photo: DEAD: Yadram ‘Muff’ Jaggai Balkissoon and the man’s three children

UG Vice Chancellor, Professor Jacob Opadeyi two years will be examined by both a second and external examiners. But even as the University gears for a dispensation of “value for money” Professor Opadeyi noted that efforts will also have to be made to address the poor level of staff salary and compensation. “We cannot run a quality University using salaries that are not conducive to decent living,” said the Vice Chancellor, who disclosed that recently the University was forced to terminate the appointment of a lecturer who was charging fees to give students extra lessons. “The University cannot be run like that and we cannot create an environment where our staff members will be looking for means of increasing their income,” asserted Professor Opadeyi. As such he insisted that salary has to be increased and the compensation system has to be increased...” Added to this, Professor Opadeyi said that moves are also being made to facilitate the upgrade of the University’s infrastructure.

By Leon Suseran The bloody corpse of Yadram ‘Muff’ Jaggai, 36, of Rambharose Street, Number 48 Village, Corentyne, was discovered in his home just after 16:30 hrs on Saturday. The man’s reputed wife, his landlord, and police turned up and found a pool of blood in the kitchen and the body lying in the bottom house. This suggested that the victim had crawled some distance before he died. Additionally, detectives recovered an ice- pick from the crime scene and three of the man’s friends have been detained. Hemawattie Balkisoon, who resides some distance away at Lot 19 Public Road, Number 45 Village, stated that she received a telephone call on Saturday afternoon and left the home immediately for

Number 48 Village. “Me and the landlord [of the building] go in and me see his body lay – dead—blood was in the bottom house and I see blood in the whole kitchen, bottom flat—all over. The whole bottom house [had blood]— like he walked or crawl…he bleed to death,” she said. The corpse was then taken to the Skeldon Hospital. A silver chain that was severed as well as a cloak and a pair of slippers were also recovered from the crime scene. “He does stay there and pay the bills but the lights cut off and the meter disconnected since he did not pay the light bill.” Jaggai and Balkisson, who lived together for eleven years, had separated for just over a year- and- a- half. She blamed the separation on his abuse of alcoholism. She added that Jaggai “would

behave bad sometimes…when he go home and he didn’t get food…and I told him that he didn’t give me money and that how can he get food. I never go to the station and made a report or get a summons—I just cool out with he for the sake of the children. “ Balkissoon stated that she last saw her husband alive two weeks ago. “He don’t come my way and I don’t go his way—he does come on the roadside and call.” Detectives have taken statements from the man’s wife and have arrested three of Jagga’s friends with whom he regularly shared drinks. A post- mortem is expected to be performed in New Amsterdam on the body today [Monday]. Jaggai leaves his three children, Varshwattie, 10, Navindra, 8 and Andy Jaggai, 5.

Robber beats C’tyne man... (From page 3) will shoot me and my mother. “I told him I just had some money in my wallet.” The bandit collected $6,000— ”and he started to search and said if he didn’t find anything more, he will come back for me.” Fortunately, the gunshot alerted one of the next door neighbours who then opened the gates, entered the yard and started to call out for the Nandalalls. The neighbour

also tried to reach the victims by telephone, but the bandit ordered them not to answer. The neighbour stated afterwards that he became suspicious after failing to see the Nandalalls. He then returned home and called the police. “You couldn’t recognize him because he wore the kerchief. He tumbled up and didn’t find anything else and after three minutes I called for my mother and she said that he had gone,” said Nandalall.

Nandalall was badly injured and the neighbour assisted with taking him to the Port Mourant Hospital. He was treated for blood- shot eyes; three broken teeth; head injuries and a swollen face. Additionally, the man has several bruises and cuts about the body. “Pain all over—I got stitches at the hospital and I have to go back today [Monday] for an X- ray and head scan.”

Monday September 23, 2013

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Monday September 23, 2013

Once the villain, coconut oil now a charm By Rehana Ashley Ahamad There has been much controversy surrounding the benefits of coconut and its byproducts. Years ago, our fore parents not only utilized the various components of coconut to make food, but they also sold the nuts in order to provide for themselves and their families. Despite what our ancestors thought they knew about this “great” product, overseas based scientists, just a few years ago, deemed especially coconut oil as being “very unhealthy”. In speaking with my grandmother, Zabeda Ahamad, she explained that ever since the revelation that coconut oil was bad for health, many, herself included, converted to

vegetable oils. “Coconut oil bin good yes. Everybody used to mek it and use it fuh cook. But then after the white people seh it bad, everybody start buying bottle oil. But me personally bin always know that coconut was good. Me grow up knowing that,” my 71-yearold grandmother said. She explained that when I was a kid, my parents used to grate coconut for her (my grandmother) to make oil to cook with. My grandmother noted too that her mother, (my great grandmother) had always cooked with coconut oil, and that she lived a long healthy life. “One, two people does still cook with coconut oil though,” she said. Admittedly, I have

- scientists now know what grandmother knew all along intense dry skin, and for many years now, my grandmother would lament the need for me to use coconut oil. She would say- “yuh think cream and all them fancy things could get yuh skin good? No! me keep telling yuh fuh rub coconut oil pon yuh skin, yuh nah hear. Da the best thing; use it and yuh guh see how good yuh skin guh get.” I believe that that is true, because my sister uses it, and the good results are evident. I have always abstained from the use of coconut oil, mainly because of its smell. But my grandmother yesterday explained

GPHC revamping image to attract more patients Even in the face of some daunting concerns, the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) is working to steadily improve its mode of operation whereby patients are more comfortable to access its services. At least, this is according to Senior Departmental Supervisor of the Maternity Unit, Sister June Cato, who during an interview with this publication insisted that particular focus is being directed to the nurses attached to the institution. According to her, since the GPHC is a referral hospital and is therefore required to cater to patients coming from various hospitals across the Regions, it is expected to deliver a wide-range of services. Sister Cato also mentioned that a great deal of attention is being given to the area of maternal and child health. “We are trying our utmost to ensure that our staff members are equipped to handle any obstetric emergencies...” said Sister Cato. She informed too that already doctors are mandated to undertake an ongoing Advanced Labour and Risk Management (ALARM) programme so as to ensure that they are in a better position to undertake their duties in this regard. And in order to have nurses, midwives in particular, similarly prepared, Sister Cato revealed that they too are exposed to the ALARM programme. “This is being used as part of our continued education because the midwife would have had her training but with the additional ALARM training

GPHC Departmental Supervisor, Sister June Cato the midwife is able to learn how to better deal with obstetric emergencies too,” asserted Sister Cato. Moreover, she noted that within the Maternity Unit for instance “we are encouraging persons to come to the hospital, and though you might have heard negative things we are prepared to offer a better service... I am not going to say to you we will never get another infant or maternal death but we are putting our best foot forward in terms of care,” added the GPHC Supervisor. The moves to continually upgrade professionals, according to Sister Cato, are all aimed at improving the image of the public hospital. Added to this, she said that ongoing customer care workshops are intended to help position staffers at all levels to better deal with the public. “We know that persons come here with varying attitudes but we are having our staff exposed to these training programmes so that they are able to cope with

those different personalities,” said the Senior Departmental Supervisor. She disclosed that already the GPHC has recorded an increase in the number of mothers seeking its services and there are fewer complaints as it relates to staff conduct and their level of professionalism. “I must say that we have been working really hard in the Maternity Unit to make sure that things go right in terms of how the services we offer, are delivered,” added Sister Cato. Sister Cato has been in the nursing profession for over 34 years and is hopeful that those entering the profession are not merely doing so to earn an income. She emphasised that “you have to be able to show empathy with persons coming to access the services we offer here. In this profession you have to have a lot of love and understanding; you literally have patients’ lives in your hands and as a nurse you must be able to support these patients and even their families as well.” She noted too that although there are a number of nurses in the profession efforts are made to depend more on the mature and experienced nurses to help impart to the younger nurses what is expected in the nursing profession in terms of care. These strategic actions that are being embraced by the GPHC are in fact critical to the improving of the services offered, noted Sister Cato, who expressed confidence that “we are moving in the right direction.”

however, that usually, the coconut oil we buy from supermarkets is not always fresh, thus developing the ‘funky’ smell. “Them coconut oil that people does buy these days, most ah them does be rancid. You gah get freshly made coconut oil; dah don’t smell bad,” my grandmother explained, advising that I use coconut oil after it is freshly made. But it appears that the scientists have now discovered the value of this product, something that my grandmother and other elders always knew. The humble coconut is now a darling of the natural-foods world, dominating Guyana’s agricultural exports in 2012. Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy had said that the coconut industry is one of the sectors with large potential for further development. In 2011, coconut earned hundreds of millions of dollars, as the sector produces over 92 million nuts annually. Coconut is the third leading export product, behind sugar and rice. It is in vast demand on the international market. The scientists who once said coconut oil is unhealthy because of its high saturated fat content, now say that the

A must have in the Guyanese kitchen the coconut grater fat in coconut oil is a unique and different from most other fats. They now say that this oil possesses many health giving properties, and is gaining long overdue recognition as a nutritious health food. Coconut oil can not only be used to prepare food, but it is also used in the process of making medicine. Coconut oil was even described as “the healthiest oil on earth”. It is now being said that the saturated fatty acids in coconut oil are predominately medium-chain fatty acids. It does not have a negative effect on cholesterol and helps to protect against heart disease. According to the scientists, it helps to lower the risk of both atherosclerosis and heart disease. It was reported on various

online websites, including the New York Times, that people whose diets are naturally very high in unrefined coconut foods, show surprisingly low incidences of cardiovascular disease. The various articles published suggest that the only thing better than coconut oil, is extra virgin coconut oil. More and more locals are beginning to appreciate the benefits of coconut oil. While they are not cooking with it as was the case before, persons are investing in the byproducts of coconut. Some of these products included roofing tiles made from coconut husk, extra virgin coconut oil, coconut base wine, coconut butter, coconut flakes, ornaments, jewelry, and kitchen utensils.

St. Aidan’s Anglican Church celebrates its centenary Like the town of Linden, where it is found, the St. Aidan’s Anglican Church on Burnham Drive Wismar, celebrates its centenary this year. And like the town, the church has had quite an interesting history, first being established way up the Demerara River at a settlement called Malali, in the year 1897. It was an offshoot of St David’s Dalgin, which at the time was the main centre on the Demerara River. The church was later transferred to Spieghtland at Mackenzie, then subsequently taken across the river to Wismar at its present location on Burnham Drive, sometime before 1913. In those days there was no resident priest, as the entire Demerara District came under the auspices of St. Philips Parish, Georgetown, and later St. Matthews, Providence, on the East Bank Demerara. The first St Aidan’s Anglican Church, at Wismar, which also served as a school, was consecrated in the year

St. Aidan’s Anglican Church

1913 by Bishop Swaby. That building lasted until the year 1968 when it was demolished, and the present structure erected. Interestingly, the church was built almost entirely by the parishioners in a self help effort. It was consecrated by the Lord Bishop of Stabroek, Reverend Philip E.R Elderon the 20th July 1969. Throughout the years St. Aidan’s has always had a school either inside the church itself, or as has happened in later years, on the church grounds.

However, the St Aidan’s school itself, which was an offshoot of the church, has removed to Blue Berry Hill, Wismar, Linden. The church no longer controls the school, which for several decades now has been under control of the Government. Interestingly though, the school is still known as St Aidan’s Primary. Meanwhile, the old St Aidan’s School building still stands aback of the church, and currently houses the Harmony Secondary school.

Monday September 23, 2013

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Monday September 23, 2013

GEA board of directors is not a national secret – Joseph Harmon (From page 19)

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House lot for sale: Friendship, Diamond, E.B.D & in Mocha- Call: 223-0733/ 692-8513 10 Acres of lease land at Long Creek- Call:699-3723 To lease with option to buy, 5 acres fruit bearing landsCall: 261-2988

that was previously there…it’s the same old one” Harmon said. He further told Kaieteur News that government needs to stop acting as though it was some secret when in actuality it should be public. Several days ago Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon, had committed to having the Government Information Agency (GINA), disseminate the names of all of the Directors of the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA). However, this was not forthcoming. What GINA did in fact disseminate was a statement by Prime Minister, Samuel Hinds that “the GEA is being run reasonably well.” Hinds said, too, that there has not been any, and there is no intention to keep secret the names of the members of any Board. “Indeed, our HPS (Dr. Luncheon) reads out those names at his regular post-Cabinet meeting press briefings.” Responding to the fact that it is only this year that the GEA submitted its annual reports, 13 years after its formation, Dr. Luncheon had stated that this does not necessarily mean that the

agency had not been doing any work during that time. “The fact that 12 years of reports are available suggests that these people have not been slacking…They have been abiding, maybe not 100 per cent in completing their statutory responsibility,” said Dr. Luncheon. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Hinds in his response brushed off articles by this newspaper by stating that they have little substance, much conjecture and suggestions, and seem intended to create confusion and illusions of corruption. He said that as Minister responsible for the operations of the Electricity and Energy Sector, “I sense a need and a duty to set the record straight, dispel any erroneous concerns and doubts, and assure the majority of our Guyanese people, as well as others, that the GEA is being run reasonably well, as well as any other corporate body in Guyana, whether publicly or privately-owned, in the context of Guyana today.” The Prime Minister conceded, however, that the GEA was many years late in beginning to have reports for tabling in the National

Assembly. He said that the GEA is currently in possession of its Audited Accounts and reports up to 2012 audited by the Audit Office of Guyana. This, he said, would be tabled in the National Assembly soon after sittings are resumed in October. Chartered Accountant Christopher Ram recently highlighted that with poor accounting practices and no word on who are members of the Board of Directors, the GEA headed by Mahender Sharma, was last year responsible for a whopping US$350M of the nation’s transactions related to fuel purchases from Venezuela. Ram stated that while the GEA came into existence in late 1997 and commenced operations in 1998, it was more than 12 years before any accounts were tabled in the National Assembly. The records indicate that audited financial statements and not annual reports were tabled in the National Assembly for years up to 2009. And, according to the GEA 2012 activities, the audits for the years 2010 and 2011 have been completed, but these have not been tabled.

‘Insightful’ new magazine unveiled

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Parliamentarian for the APNU Joseph Harmon has described the non disclosure of the Guyana Energy Agency Board of Directors by government as unsatisfactory, noting that it is not a national secret. Harmon was at the time responding to a question about government’s delay in disclosing the names of the Board of Directors for the GEA. Harmon explained that the majority of public agencies which had a Board of Directors were to be reconstituted when it came to an end. According to Harmon, government had asked the Opposition to submit the names of persons to sit on the various boards. He said that the APNU and the AFC had both submitted names and there was some confusion about who could have submitted the names. Harmon went on to explain that President Ramotar had extended the life of a number of agency boards until July and then further pushing it to September. According to Harmon government is somehow dealing with the issue in a “piecemeal” manner. “The Board of the GEA is the one

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An innovative and exciting new magazine, which offers in-depth analysis into current issues in Guyana and the Caribbean, is here. The publication, titled Insight, was unveiled last Thursday during a simple, yet elegant cocktail ceremony at the Cheddi Jagan Research Center. Editor- in- Chief of the magazine, Nazima Ragubhir, listed the need for more informed opinions, conversations, perspectives and a secured independent press, as the basis of creating, the forty page publication. Raghubir enlightened the gathering on the prospect of the magazine. “We see the need for additional publication in Guyana, not to compete with the existing dailies but because the founders of this publication see the need to nurture the young democracy by doing our bit. I believe that everyone involved in Insight has a genuine and patriotic concern and feel it is our duty to do our part. We are hoping to make the best of both worlds print and digital…..” She explained that the publication was inspired by Yog Mahadeo’s idea to promote a more informed

The cover of the first edition of Insight. society through standard media publications. “Print publications have been facing many challenges since the emergence of the social media….while more globally recognized print media are facing their challenges, in other parts of the world, the need for more news in print exists, in developing countries such as

Bangladesh and India… this could be because many still don’t have access to IPods, Blackberries and android devices.” The bi- monthly issue will feature information and commentaries into domestic issues and developing stories affecting Guyana, the Caribbean and Guyanese worldwide.

Among other domestic issues, the first edition of Insight focuses on the subject of growing old in Guyana – the highs and lows of the elderly persons in the country. Women’s right activist and national and two time national award winner, Magda Pollard graces the cover of the magazine. Editorial consultant, Wesley Gibbings, views the publication as one which can provide influential knowledge and information to the public. “I believe that this publication will assist in taking journalism from the mere gathering of information…. to the realm of knowledge, which can be applied, to influence lives.” The venture is partially funded by local entrepreneur Yog Mahadeo, who said his vision for the magazine is to provide a platform, where resident Guyanese, those living in the Diaspora and Caribbean nationals can connect and engage in the development of the region. Insight, the print and electronic magazine were both launched on Thursday. Insight is available at local book outlets nationwide, online readers can visit the website at Insight The next edition of Insight will be available in November.

Monday September 23, 2013

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Monday September 23, 2013

Merkel romps to victory Iran’s elite military warns of in German election dangers of dealing with U.S BERLIN (Reuters) Angela Merkel was on track to win a third term as chancellor in a German election yesterday after her conservatives scored their best result in decades, but it was unclear whether she could avoid being forced into a coalition with her leftist rivals. Television exit polls showed Merkel’s conservative bloc - the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU) — on 42 to 42.5 percent, which if confirmed would be their strongest score since 1990. That gives the conservatives an outside chance of securing an absolute majority on their own, which would be a historic success for the 59year-old Merkel, whose steady leadership during the euro zone crisis has made her hugely popular at home. “It’s a super result,” said Merkel, flashing a broad smile. But the survival of her centre-right coalition with the Free Democrats (FDP) was in question, with the businessfriendly party on 4.7 percent, shy of 5 percent mark needed

Angela Merkel to remain in parliament. Adding to the uncertainty was a new eurosceptic party, the Alternative for Germany (AfD), which stood at 4.9 percent, just a whisper below the threshold needed to enter the Bundestag. Support for the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) stood at 26 percent, the environmentalist Greens were on 8 percent and the hardline Left party was at 8.5 percent. That was good for a combined score of 42.5 percent, roughly in line with the result of Merkel’s

conservatives on their own. Short of her own majority and barring a late bounce for the FDP, Merkel will almost certainly have to enter coalition talks with the SPD, with whom she ruled between 2005 and 2009. Negotiations could last months and a new government could adopt more leftist policies like a minimum wage and tax hikes for top earners. “We won’t be committing to any coalition this evening,” SPD second-incommand Andrea Nahles said, reflecting deep resistance within the party to partnering with Merkel for the second time in a decade. Some of Germany’s European partners hold out hope that the SPD could push Merkel to soften her stance towards struggling southern euro states like Greece, but the chances of major shifts in policy are slim. Merkel, the daughter of a Protestant pastor who grew up behind the Iron curtain in East Germany, is now on track to become the third post-war chancellor to win three elections, after her mentor Helmut Kohl and Konrad Adenauer.

DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard has warned of the dangers of dealing with U.S. officials, ahead of expected diplomatic contacts, underlining the internal challenges President Hassan Rouhani could face to improve ties with the West. Rouhani is expected to pursue a charm offensive in the coming week while in New York for the U.N. General Assembly in order to set the right tone for further nuclear talks with world powers which he hopes will bring relief from sanctions, according to diplomats and analysts. Hours before leaving for New York yesterday, the new Iranian president said that Tehran was ready for negotiations with Western powers provided they set no pre-conditions. He also said the world needed to accept Iran’s right to enrich uranium. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) military force was established to safeguard Iran’s revolution in 1979 and has since influenced political, social and economic affairs. “Historical experiences make it necessary for the diplomatic apparatus of our country to carefully and skeptically monitor the behavior of White House officials so that the righteous demands of our nation are recognized and respected by those who favor interaction,” an IRGC statement said. It added the IRGC would support initiatives that were in line with national interests and strategies set forth by Iran’s theocratic leader and highest authority, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The United States and its

Hassan Rouhani allies have imposed tough economic sanctions on Iran over suspicions Tehran intends to develop a nuclear capability. Iran says the program is purely peaceful. The IRGC statement, published by Iran’s Tasnim news agency on Saturday and marking the 33rd anniversary of the start of the Iran-Iraq war, came days after Khamenei and Rouhani told the security hardliners to stay out of politics, in effect instructing them not to scupper the new centrist government’s attempt to resolve the nuclear dispute. The 125,000-strong IRGC has a military budget that is said to dwarf that of the regular armed forces. Its top commanders are handpicked by Khamenei but its clout also derives from former members who have occupied positions of influence in business, parliament and across provincial government. Rouhani spoke about negotiations with the West when addressing the military parade on Sunday to commemorate the annual “Sacred Defence Week”.

“In these talks all the rights of Iran, including nuclear and enrichment rights on our own territory should be accepted within the framework of international law,” he said, according to state news agency IRNA. Rouhani also paid homage to Iran’s armed forces and indicated that the country would not forget about the suffering former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein imposed on Iran, and his backing from Arab and western states. Iranian television showed footage of the parade featuring Sajjil and Ghadr missiles which commanders claim have a range of about 2,000 km (1,200 miles). Media reports said the latest air defence systems were also showcased. “Our armed forces do not aim to dominate and colonize the region but in the face of aggression they will not dither and will defend the independence and the honor of our country and revolution with all their might,” Rouhani said. U.S. President Barack Obama and his aides have made clear that they are ready to test Rouhani’s intentions to seek a diplomatic solution to the nuclear dispute. The White House has left open the possibility Obama and Rouhani could meet on the sidelines of the U.N. meeting, and a U.S. official has privately acknowledged the administration’s desire to engineer a handshake between the two leaders, which would be the highest-level U.S.-Iranian contact since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Last week, Khamenei appeared to give his strongest endorsement yet to Rouhani’s attempts to initiate talks with the United States, saying he agreed with “heroic flexibility”. Reflecting optimism over Rouhani’s diplomatic initiative, Iran’s currency, the rial, has strengthened against the dollar by more than six percent. Open-market traders currently offer around 29,000 rials to the dollar versus 31,500 a week ago.

Monday September 23, 2013

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Islamist gunmen hold hostages in Kenya siege, 68 dead (Reuters) - Islamist militants were holding hostages yesterday at a shopping mall in Nairobi, where at least 68 people were killed in an attack by Somalia’s al Shabaab group. The al Qaeda-affiliated movement demanded Kenya pull troops out of its northern neighbor, where they have pushed al Shabaab onto the defensive over the past two years. There was no word of other demands from the dozen or so gunmen - and possibly women - said to be barricaded in a supermarket with an unknown number of captives. One Kenyan TV station said 30 were still being held, nearly 36 hours after Saturday’s devastating assault. Brief volleys of gunfire and a blast interrupted a day of stalemate. A Reuters correspondent saw security personnel on the move and, as dusk closed in, two helicopters swooped low over the Westgate shopping center, which has several Israeli-owned outlets and is frequented by prosperous Kenyans and foreigners. But despite a Twitter comment from a Kenyan security agency suggesting an imminent operation, the evening passed with little sign of action. Kenya’s president, vowing not to abandon the “war on terror” in Somalia, was cautious about the outcome, saying only that the chances of the attackers being “neutralized” were “as good ... as we can hope for”. “We will punish the masterminds swiftly and painfully,” he said. In addition to the dead, more than 175 people were wounded in an attack that began around the middle of the day on Saturday, when the mall was heaving with customers. Previous such raids, in Russia, the 2008 Mumbai attacks or January’s al Qaeda assault on an Algerian gas plant, have generally ended with many hostages losing their lives. British Prime Minister David Cameron, confirming at least three Britons were dead,

Kenya Defense Forces soldiers arrive at the Oshwal Centre now serving as a makeshift medical shift adjacent the shopping mall yesterday. said: “We should prepare ourselves for further bad news.” U.S. President Barack Obama called Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta to express condolences for the “terrorist attack” and offered support to bring the perpetrators to justice. Dutch and Chinese citizens were also killed in the attack claimed by al shabaab, as were a French mother and daughter and two diplomats from Canada and Ghana. U.S. citizens were wounded. For hours after Saturday’s attack, the dead had been strewn around tables of unfinished meals. At one burger restaurant, a man and woman lay in a final embrace before their bodies were removed. Only after Kenyan forces moved in could many shoppers escape, some after a full day hiding in terror. The focus of attention yesterday was the mall’s branch of Nakumatt supermarket, one of Kenya’s biggest chains. A Red Cross volunteer said nine more bodies were taken out of the store late yesterday, which the Red Cross said raised the toll to 68. Volunteers said they believed more corpses were still inside, unreachable for now. Scores of Kenyans

gathered at a site overlooking the mall, awaiting what they expected to be a violent denouement. “They entered through blood, that’s how they’ll leave,” said Jonathan Maungo, a private security guard. President Kenyatta, facing his first major security challenge since being elected in March, said he lost a nephew and the man’s fiancée in the raid and vowed to defeat the militants. He urged wealthy governments not to warn their citizens against visiting a country heavily dependent on tourist income, while insisting he would not pull out Kenyan troops from Somalia: “We shall not relent on the war on terror.” Saying all the gunmen were now in one place, Kenyatta added: “I assure Kenyans that we have as good a chance to successfully neutralize the terrorists as we can hope for.” But the heavily armed and well disciplined attackers, still unidentified, had shown no hesitation in killing civilians. The spokesman for al Shabaab’s military operations told Reuters in Somalia his group had nothing to fear: “Where will Uhuru Kenyatta get the power with which he threatened us?” said Sheikh Abdiasis Abu Musab. The assault was the biggest single attack in Kenya

since al Qaeda’s East Africa cell bombed the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi in 1998, killing more than 200 people. Al Shabaab’s siege underlined its ability to cause major disruptions with relatively limited resources, despite having lost its hold on Somali cities after African troops moved in. “In terms of capacity, while the group has grown considerably weaker in terms of being able to wage a conventional war, it is now ever more capable of carrying out asymmetric warfare,” said Abdi Aynte, director of Mogadishu’s Heritage Institute of Policy Studies. Kenyatta, who said Kenya was still trying to establish conclusively who was responsible, said women were among the 10 to 15 attackers. Asked whether hostages had explosives strapped to them, he said he would not comment on operational issues. Kenya’s deputy president, William Ruto, asked judges at the International Criminal Court in The Hague to allow him to return home to help deal with the siege and its aftermath. He and Kenyatta face charges of crimes against humanity for their alleged role in coordinating deadly violence after the contested 2007 elections, when they ran

in rival camps. Both deny the charges. They won a vote on the same ticket in March. The dead in Saturday’s assault included children, and the wounded ranged in age from 2 to 78. More than 1,000 people were evacuated by security forces combing the mall, littered with shattered glass and pools of blood. An Israeli security source said Israeli advisers were at the scene helping Kenya work out how to end the siege. Shortly after shots were fired on Sunday, Kenyan troops in camouflage ran below a restaurant terrace along the front of the building that had buzzed with customers when the attack began. Kenya’s National Disaster Operation Centre referred to a “major engagement” on its Twitter account when a blast was heard. “It’s going on, it’s going good,” one Kenyan soldier who had been in the mall yesterday told reporters as he left the scene. But later in the evening, the situation appeared calm. After emerging yesterday morning from a hiding place under vehicle in the basement car park, a woman, giving her name as Cecilia, told Reuters by telephone she had seen three men in the attack who looked like Arabs, judging by their skin color. “They were shooting from the exit ramp, shooting everywhere,” she said. “I saw people being shot all around me, some with blood pouring from bad wounds. I was just praying, praying ‘God, keep me alive’ and that my day hadn’t come.” Witnesses said the attackers had AK-47 rifles and wore ammunition belts. One

militant was shot and arrested early on in the siege, but died shortly afterwards.

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Monday September 23, 2013

Senior politician given life term for corruption JINAN, China (Reuters) - A Chinese court sentenced ousted senior politician Bo Xilai to life in jail yesterday after finding him guilty of corruption and abuse of power, a tough term that gives him little chance of staging a political comeback. Bo was a rising star in China’s leadership circles and cultivated a loyal following through his charisma and populist, quasi-Maoist policies, especially among those left out in the cold by China’s anything-for-growth economic policies. But his career was stopped short last year by a murder scandal in which his wife, Gu Kailai, was convicted of poisoning a British businessman, Neil Heywood, who had been a family friend. While Bo has the right to appeal within 10 days from Monday, the sentence effectively puts an end to his political ambitions and the glamorous lifestyle he enjoyed as a member of China’s ruling elite. The court in the eastern city of Jinan, where Bo was tried, ordered that all his personal assets be seized, and deprived him of his political rights for life, according to a transcript released by the court’s official microblog. “Bo Xilai was a servant of the state, he abused his power, causing huge damage to the country and its people ... The circumstances were especially serious,” the court said in its judgment. State media said he would probably appeal, in which case the supreme court in Shandong province, where Jinan is located, would have to hear the case within two months. As all courts are party controlled, they are unlikely to overturn the verdict. While Bo could have been given the death penalty, many observers had felt this was unlikely as the party would not have wanted to make a martyr of him. Bo did himself few favors with his feisty defense at his

Ousted Chinese politician Bo Xilai (C) is handcuffed after the announcement of his verdict inside the court of Jinan, Shandong province yesterday. (REUTERS) five-day trial, said Zhang Ming, a professor at Renmin University in Beijing. “My predication was for shorter,” he said. “His denial of guilt led to a longer sentence.” The court showed a picture of a handcuffed Bo, with clenched fists in an apparent show of defiance, flanked by two towering policemen who held him by his shoulders and forearms. Two more policemen stood by. Heavy security and roadblocks around the courthouse kept bystanders back, with no signs of any Bo sympathizers present, unlike at the beginning of his trial when a handful showed up to express support for him. At the end of Bo’s trial last month, prosecutors demanded a heavy sentence, saying his “whimsical” challenge to charges flew in the face of the evidence. The court rejected Bo’s defense almost entirely, aside from one small section of the bribery charge related to travel expenses for Bo’s wife

and their son, Bo Guagua, paid for by businessman Xu Ming, for which it said the prosecution’s case was flawed. It also rejected Bo’s claims of coming “under psychological pressure” when he said he initially admitted to Communist Party anti-corruption investigators that he had received bribes. “The pressure Bo Xilai said he came under does not count as being illegal under the rules about forced confession,” it said. Gu Yushu, a lawyer appointed by Bo’s sister, Bo Jieying, but ultimately denied permission to represent him in court, said he did not believe the evidence submitted justified the sentence. “The facts were vague and unclear,” he told Reuters. One of Bo’s most highprofile supporters was, however, unbowed by the sentence. “Knowing the kind of person he is, he will fight to the end,” said Sima Nan, a

well-known defender of Bo’s policies who makes a living appearing on television entertainment shows. “This is like a soap opera and we’re only half-way through.”

The trial gripped China, especially details of the extravagant life of the Bo family, including expensive foreign trips, exotic food and the purchase of a villa on the French Riviera. The court ordered that the villa, bought for the family by businessman Xu, be confiscated, though it was not immediately clear if that meant the Chinese government would have to present its case for the seizure to a French court. Bo, 64, who was Communist Party chief of the southwestern metropolis of Chongqing, mounted an unexpectedly fiery defense during his trial, denouncing testimony against him by his wife as the ravings of a mad woman hoping to have her own sentence reduced. But the court said Gu was clear-minded in her evidence and there was no basis to say she was hoping for her sentence to be cut. Bo repeatedly said he was not guilty of any of the charges, though he admitted making some bad decisions and shaming his country by

his handling of former Chongqing police chief, Wang Lijun, who first told Bo that Gu had probably murdered Heywood. Wang fled to the U.S. consulate in the nearby city of Chengdu in February last year after confronting Bo with evidence that Gu was involved in the murder. Wang was also jailed last year for covering up the crime. The state prosecutor had said Bo should not be shown leniency as he had recanted admissions of guilt ahead of his trial. Senior party figures feared Bo could stage a political comeback one day if he was not given a harsh sentence, sources told Reuters after the trial. A light sentence could have undermined President Xi Jinping’s pledge to go after corrupt political heavyweights as harshly as those lower down the pecking order. Bo may still end up being released early, said Shang Baojun, a prominent human rights lawyer. “Release on bail and medical parole are both common for government officials,” Shang said.

Egypt set for total rewrite of Mursi constitution

CAIRO (Reuters) - Egypt is likely to completely rewrite the constitution adopted under Mohamed Mursi, a spokesman for the committee amending it said yesterday, in a further push to reverse changes introduced under the deposed Islamist president. The 50-member committee, which includes two Islamists but no representative of Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood, was appointed by the interim government installed after the army overthrew Mursi in July following protests against his rule. More than 2,000 Islamists, mostly from the Brotherhood, have been arrested in the past two months, including Mursi and most of the group’s other leaders. The government said the Brotherhood declined an offer to join the committee. The Mursi constitution, drafted by an Islamistdominated assembly and approved in a referendum in December, was seen by Mursi’s opponents as failing to guarantee human and women’s rights and to reflect Egypt’s diverse population. “The amendment can be partial or can be total,” committee spokesman Mohamed Salmawy told a news conference. “The general drive inside

Mohamed Mursi the committee is for total change of the constitution, so probably every single article of the constitution is going to be amended or changed or deleted or a new one added.” One major change is likely to be a reversal of a change to the voting system, made after the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak in 2011, by which two-thirds of parliamentary seats went to party lists and one-third to individuals. Under that system, the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist parties won about 80 percent of seats in elections, so any change is expected to reduce those parties’ electoral chances. “The individual political figure makes more sense to

the public than a party list of names they do not know,” Salmawy said. The committee is also considering scrapping an article in the 2012 constitution that allows journalists to be jailed for what they write. “You cannot have prison terms in any legal case that has to do with something that has been published in the press. You can have fines,” Salmawy said. The new constitution is also likely to drop a ban on Mubarak-era figures from public office, according to an early draft leaked to the media this month. Amr Moussa, Mubarak’s foreign minister who is chairing the committee, said: “I don’t think the discussion has addressed the role of individuals ... The people will elect the member they find suitable to represent them.” Moussa added that the committee had not yet addressed the question of the threshold for the number of votes necessary to pass the constitution when it is put to a referendum after the committee has finished its 60day drafting process. Although endorsed by a 64 percent when put to a referendum, Mursi’s constitution ignited some of the bloodiest street protests of his turbulent year in power.

Monday September 23, 2013

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‘A categorical lie’ - Holness accuses Shaw of attempting to mar the value of JLP Strategic Review Report Jamaica Gleaner - Leader of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Andrew Holness has accused his challenger Audley Shaw and the faction aligned to him of attempting to undermine the value of the Strategic Review Report in order to destabilise his plans to transform the organisation. Holness described as “a categorical lie” claims by Shaw that he was unwilling to release the document in the public domain. “I think they have made every attempt to undermine the reform of the Jamaica Labour Party, to then use it as an excuse to challenge, but I don’t think that they have been successful... We have continued to do our work,”

declared Holness. “I have always maintained that the JLP is not a private institution,” he said. “It depends on the electorate, public support ... and the public has an interest in seeing what the party is doing to reform itself,” said Holness. The JLP leader said he was always of the view that the report was a very important tool in bridging the gap between what the JLP and the public want the JLP to be, and that he communicated this to the party. “Mr Shaw, from my recollection, remained quiet on the matter,” said Holness. “That set off, in my mind,

suspicion and caution at the same time.” He added: “So yes, we will have to release the report, there is no question about that. I can be clear that I was one of those who advocated the position that it was important that the public be made aware of our attempts to transform the party.” Holness said he had communicated to the Standing Committee that he felt that the public would understand what was in the report and what was contained was nothing new that the public did not already know, but it would be a structured compilation of the issues. He said if it were not for his detractors, he would

Recommendations to ease travel across OECS CASTRIES, St. Lucia CMC – Chief Immigration Officers and Comptrollers of Customs from across the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) have made recommendations to facilitate ease of travel for OECS citizens and visitors to the region.The recommendations were made during at a meeting in St. Vincent and the Grenadines to streamline proposals approved at an OECS Council of Tourism Ministers in January. These included full clearance of travelers only at the initial port of entry, harmonisation of procedures to collect departure taxes, enhanced compatibility of software for information sharing and harmonisation of standard operating procedures and improvements to service quality at OECS borders. The OECS Secretariat has submitted a brief on the decisions to Ministers, for consideration of their respective Cabinets. So far, the Ministers for Tourism in St. Kitts and Nevis and Grenada have reported that Cabinets in these two Member States had approved the decisions and actions related to ease of travel in the OECS region. Dr Loraine Nicholas programme officer in the OECS Secretariat’s Economic Affairs Division says the just ended workshop focused on providing definitive advice to the relevant Ministerial Councils, on any changes necessary whether in respect of legislation, regulations,

Dr Loraine Nicholas administrative practice, infrastructure or otherwise, to implement the agreements at the technical and/or political level. Nichols said some of the changes proposed included the reconfiguration of infrastructure and facilities at airports. “In addition to immigration checkpoints there should also be separate gates or channels for intraregional travelers to distinguish them from other categories of visitors. It was also suggested that the regulations for immigration and customs should be harmonised due to variations that currently exist across the region relating to areas such as accompanied baggage allowances and maximum currency allowances,” Dr. Nicholas

said. The OECS Secretariat also committed to coordinating a regional training programme for border control officers in the final quarter of this year. The training will cover areas such as customer service, good practices and standard operating procedures. It is intended that this training would provide a basis for the development of a training manual for border control officers in the OECS. Support from the European Union in facilitating ease of travel across OECS Member States is being provided under the project Economic Integration and Trade of the OECS Region. That project, administered by the OECS Secretariat, is financed out of resources from the 10th EDF regional programme, and seeks to contribute to the establishment of the OECS Economic Union as a single economic and financial space through the development of a harmonized policy, legislative, regulatory and administrative framework, as well as the enhancement of the institutional capacity and export competitiveness of OECS economies.

have made at least the executive summary public. “I brought the high-level review, which was just completed, to the Standing Committee retreat in late January/early February and I read aspects of the report to the Standing Committee,” Holness claimed. He said a debate ensued among all officers of the party on whether the report should be released. Some members took the view that the report should not be released because it would give away our strategic advantage as to how we are going to position ourselves against the Government,” said Holness. Others, he said, took the view that the report should be released because the public would appreciate and understand what the party was attempting as the report

would not be saying anything that the public did not already know. “What it would do is show that the JLP is willing to carry out an introspection of itself and come to an acceptance of what its shortcomings are and be prepared to address them,” said Holness. He said others took the view that while this may be true, there was still a need to preserve strategic advantage so a summary of the report should be released, similar to what the PNP did in releasing a three-page document on the Brian Meeks report appraising that party’s performance. “The committee essentially agreed at that point, but we agreed on something else - that it would not be fair to release the report publicly before it could have cascaded through the

Andrew Holness various levels and the hierarchy of the party,” said Holness. He said it was agreed that the report would be released first to the officers, and then that would be filtered down to the area councils after which all the agents of the party.

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Monday September 23, 2013

COP, UNC meet to resolve issues Furor over Venezuelan President’s right to travel over US airspace

Trinidad Express - THE United National Congress (UNC) and the Congress of the People (COP) are attempting to work out their internal differences. Saturday, a meeting between the two parties was held at Paria Suites, La Romaine. Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and COP leader Prakash Ramadhar both attended. Persad-Bissessar did not speak to the media but indicated she was just arriving from an appointment with the dentist. She stayed only a short while at the meeting. Ramadhar, speaking to reporters during a break in the meeting, said discussions amongst the People’s Partnership members were fruitful. He said: “We are committed to going into a second term of government and to ensure that we do so as a unified partnership. The

Kamla PersadBissessar problems that we have internally, we need to address those and to strengthen a sense of commitment with all of our partners towards a common effort of fulfilling the dreams of the population that they gave to us in 2010.” Last Thursday, the COP held an emergency national council meeting to discuss a breakdown in negotiations

between both parties. COP chairman Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan said while the COP wanted six corporations, the party was getting ready to prepare candidates for five corporations, including the Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation in the upcoming Local Government elections. Issues discussed as the meeting yesterday were perception of the Partnership, fairness within the Partnership and “a host of things that are in the public domain”, Ramadhar said. When asked what the perception of the Partnership was, he said: “That we are not working fully as a team and that I believe is the issue of communication.” Ramadhar said the greatest threat to the Partnership would be failed promises from past administrations and “all those who stand in the way of what we have promised to deliver”. Ramadhar will be acting as Prime Minister when Persad-Bissessar leaves to attend the United Nations General Assembly in New York, USA today.

MIAMI - CMC – Bolivian President Evo Morales has called for an emergency meeting of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States in the wake of a furor over the United States’ denial then reversal of permission for Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro to travel over US airspace in the Caribbean. Calixto Ortega, the highest-ranking Venezuelan diplomat in the United States, said here on Friday the US State Department had denied Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro the right to travel through US airspace in Puerto Rico on his way to China before reversing the decision. Ortega told reporters that US authorities had initially denied Maduro’s aircraft the right to cross Puerto Rican airspace, according to the Miami Herald. He said the same Cubana de Aviación airplane, with the

same crew and Maduro on board, had flown over Puerto Rico on a previous occasion, adding that he was “surprised” by the US denial on Thursday. Before embarking on a four-day trip to China – his first as president – Maduro charged that the United States forced him to change his travel plans by denying him permission to fly through Puerto Rican airspace. “To deny a head of state to travel through the airspace of Puerto Rico – a territory that they colonized – is a serious error,” he said in a statement, describing the incident as an act of aggression. Maduro also accused Washington of denying visas to some of the delegates expected to travel with him to the United Nations General Assembly this week. Morales accused the United States of carrying out a policy of intimidation,

Evo Morales adding that he plans to file a lawsuit in an international court charging US President Barack Obama with crimes against humanity. But US State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf said the Venezuelan President’s request in the latest incident was “properly submitted.

Wireless broadband use up but Caribbean and least developed countries left behind UNITED NATIONS CMC – With nearly two out of every five people in the world online by the end of the year, more than two-thirds of those living in developing countries, including the Caribbean, will not have access to the Internet, says the United Nations in a global survey of broadband access. The report, the second produced by the UN Broadband Commission for Digital Development, surveyed broadband access in 160 economies around the world. It reviewed progress on price, household and individual access, government broadband policy and gender, and access to high-speed technology. “As the world becomes increasingly digital, simple connectivity is no longer enough,” said UN SecretaryGeneral Ban Ki-moon in his message for the launch of the report. “Affordable broadband must be within reach of people, businesses and governments in all corners of the world,” he added. According to the report , while Internet penetration globally will reach 38.8 per cent by the end of 2013, more than two-thirds of people in developing countries will still remain unconnected. The findings also reveal that more than 90 per cent of people in the 49 least developed countries, including the Caribbean, are

Ban Ki-moon without broadband access. “Internet, and particularly broadband Internet, has become a key tool for social and economic development, and needs to be prioritized, even in the world’s poorest nations,” said the SecretaryGeneral of the UN I n t e r n a t i o n a l Telecommunications Union (ITU), Hamadoun Touré. He serves as co-vice chair of the Commission with Irina Bokova, Director-General of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Mobile broadband subscriptions, which allow users to access the web via smartphones, tablets and WiFi-connected laptops, are growing at a rate of 30 per cent per year, according to the report. By the end of 2013, there will be more than three times as many mobile broadband connections as there are

conventional fixed broadband subscriptions, making mobile broadband the “fastest growing technology in human history.” The Internet “can widen access to learning, enhance its quality and empower men and women, girls and boys, with new skills and opportunities. But this does not happen by itself – it requires leadership, planning and action,” said Bokova, urging greater action to bridge the gap with countries being left behind. The top 10 countries in the world for Internet use are all located in Europe, with the exception of New Zealand in 8th place and Qatar in 10th, the top seven – headed by Iceland and Norway – have Internet access of over 90 per cent, the report says. For the first time, the report also tracks a new target mandating “gender equality in broadband access by the year 2020”, which was set by the Commission at its March meeting in Mexico City. ITU figures confirm that women worldwide are less likely to have access to technology than their male counterparts. The Broadband Commission has emphasised the importance of broadband access as a way to accelerate the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) pertaining to education, which aims to achieve universal primary education for boys – and particularly girls – by 2015.

Monday September 23, 2013

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Take back your communities... (From page 2) are seeking to involve community members such as religious leaders to work with petty criminals rather than imprisoning them. But many West Demerara residents complained about the tardy response by police to criminal activity in their communities. One woman called for the reintroduction of the death penalty, a call that was supported by the Commissioner who pointed out, however, that that issue has to be discussed. The woman also called for an increased police presence on roadways and the indefinite confiscation of licences for motorists charged with causing death while driving under the influence. Another community member spoke about police road blocks being conducted in dark areas on the roadway. He spoke about an incident where police ranks were on the roadway but he thought

twice about stopping since the ranks could not be easily identified as lawmen. Another resident suggested the creation of licence plates that stipulate the origin of vehicles so as to prevent falsifying of licence plates during crimes. To that, the Crime Chief said steps are already in motion with the Guyana Revenue Authority for standardized licence plates. The community members also appealed for more resources for the effective functioning of Community Policing Groups. The head of the Tuschen community policing group said they are unable to function effectively because of the lack of materials. He spoke further about conflicts between police ranks and members of his CPG. A request was further made for closer ties with higher members of the Force. Several residents expressed gratitude to the senior

officers, with a collective call being made and reiterated for the confirmation of Brumell as Commissioner of Police. The residents say they are happy with the recognition given to their community by the Police. When Kaieteur News spoke with some of those present at yesterday’s meeting, they said they felt reassured with the support from the police, while their presence has to some extent eased some tension in the community. Meten-Meer-Zorg was gripped with tension after Zulficar Namdar, a grocer, was shot dead at his family’s home. More concern arose when a mid- morning shoot out started a stone’s throw from where yesterday’s meeting was held. The police are still hunting persons said to be part of the dismantled criminal gang. Eight persons were charged with murder in relation to this matter.

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The creative mind of... (From page 10) you from writing but it is set to stop you from writing. And that is my primary hurdle. KN: Do you believe that the government is doing enough in terms of writing workshops? RJ: I think the government has had a passive-aggressive relationship with the Guyana Prize and I don’t think the current government is too enamored of writing. There have been several calls for workshops from the Guyana Prize and the government has not provided funding for that. This year there were workshops, two of which I conducted but it is not enough. And unless their hand is forced, the government of Guyana will not commit to writing workshops. KN: What is next for you after winning the Prize? RJ: Well, I am looking to create a writing space where I can work with young writers and whichever other stakeholders are willing to work along with me so that this can be achieved I’d be happy with

that. KN: Are there particular authors who have influenced your writing? RJ: One thing that is a constant source of inspiration for my writing is the people around me and the place in which I live and even the people I interact with. However, one of the writers that influence my writing is Jorge Luis Borges, an Argentine novelist. And one of the things that I have learnt from him is that this book which I have written doesn’t capture the essentials of the world but what is important is that you continue to strive to do so and I think that is one of the beauties and frustrations of being a writer. I think that outlook is something that humbles me. Moreover, Martin Carter also influences my work as well. KN: How do you feel winning the Guyana Prize for the second time? Do you feel vindicated since the Dabydeen issue? RJ: I don’t feel vindicated at all. I mean, I entered the

prize to win and I did. That speaks for itself. I am not going to throw that fact in anyone’s face. However, a lot of work needs to be done, especially with the Guyana Prize for Literature. Writers are supposed to unsettle things and we need to be given the space to do that. Also, more encouragement needs to be given to our young writers. There are a lot of great young writers but enough is not being done to help them to expand their potential. With the right guidance, a lot of the writers, some of which I know, can win the Guyana Prize. KN: What is your view of a Publishing House for Guyana? RJ: There are a lot of challenges in this regard. However, the biggest challenge of all is what I call, “the economy of scale,” the issue of finding a market to actually benefit from publishing your books and to do that it is expensive. However I have solutions to these challenges. But that is another article by itself.

Monday September 23, 2013 ARIES (March 21 - April 19): You spent quite a bit of your hard-earned money last month, didn't you? It's only surprising that you didn't get even crazier and spend even more than you did. ******************* TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): Your sign is famous for being magnetic, to say the very least. You can walk into a room all by yourself and somehow manage to walk out with seven phone numbers just a few minutes later. ****************** GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): The person who's just asked you if you can keep a secret? Tell them honestly that if it's your secret, it's impossible. But theirs, however -- there's no way you'd allow it to be even tortured out of you. ******************** CANCER (June 21 - July 22): From the very moment you open your eyes, you'll be in the mood to socialize. You can get together with friends tonight -- at your place, of course, the favorite meeting place for everyone you know -- and make some arrangements for the next big event. ********************* LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): The authority figures you've been dealing with lately are quite happy with you -- not only with what you've done, but with the reputable qualities you've displayed. ******************* VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): Opinionated? You? Well, not usually. That's not to say that you don't feel strongly about certain things, only that

you're not ordinarily quite so adamant about it. ********************* LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22):If you thought you were having fun over the last few days (especially in the department of romance, your favorite) well, you ain't seen nothing yet. ********************* SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov. 21): You're tired of the secrets. You've had it with furtive glances, masked emotions, clandestine meetings and anything else that even remotely smacks of behindthe-scenes dealings. ******************** SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. 21): Contrary to some people's opinion, you're an extremely hard worker, especially if you feel personally involved in the outcome, or personally attached to the project. .********************* CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 Jan. 19): The stars are all about seduction and lovers right now, especially for your sign. What a great combination! ******************** AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 Feb. 18): There's only one way to let your family members know just how much you think of them, and how close they are to your heart. ********************* PISCE S ( F e b . 1 9 March 20): You're not usually all that tough to talk into playing peacekeeper even if you feel strongly about something, mainly because you'd rather be cooperative than cause contention.

DTV CHANNEL 8 08:25 hrs. Sign On 08:30 hrs. This Morning 09:00 hrs. Live! With Kelly and Michael 10:00 hrs. Sabrina the Teenage Witch 11:00 hrs. The View 12:00 hrs. World News 12:30 hrs. The Young and the Restless 13:30 hrs. The Bold and the Beautiful 14:00 hrs. The Talk 15:00 hrs. Criminal Minds 17:00 hrs. Charmed 18:00 hrs. World News 18:30 hrs. Nightly News 19:00 hrs. Greetings and Announcements 20:00 hrs. Channel 8 News 20:30 hrs. Dancing with the Stars 22:00 hrs. Hostages (Series Premiere) 23:00 hrs. Sign Off

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Monday September 23, 2013

Monday September 23, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Roger Moe is new Western 1st South American Youth Games – Lima, Peru; Day 2 Gaskin nails PB in 50m free; Tigers FC President

cyclists struggle, Lambert suffers mechanical problems

Newly elected President of the Western Tigers Football Club, Roger Moe (right) pose with Anthony Stanton (left) and Allan Walker shortly after the conclusion of the elections process. Just about two months after the mass resignation of the executive committee, members of the Western Tigers Football Club convened yesterday morning at the Club’s West Ruimveldt playfield and elected an executive committee with former chairman of the Interim Management Committee, Roger Moe, firmly installed to the position of President. Paul Daby is the Vice President, while former national footballer, Anthony Stanton, is the Secretary. Founder member of the institution, Allan Walker, is the new Treasurer but the election of Assistant Secretary/Treasurer and Public Relations Officer has been deferred to a later date while the membership addresses amendments to the constitution. The Returning Officer was Mark Waldron, while several football officials graced the function including President of the Georgetown Football Association (GFA),

Vernon Burnette, his Vice President (Admin) Lavern Fraser and General Secretary, Odinga Lumumba. The Club’s constitution allows the executive committee to serve for one year and several of the members moved to have this law ratified in order to give the new executive body time to address internal works. However, this motion was ruled unconstitutional and turned down by Mr. Waldron, which means that the Club, which has operated devoid of elections for 4 years, will have to return to the polls by the end of December next. Meanwhile, Mr. Moe, who served as chairman of the Interim Management Committee, expressed gratitude to the players for their resounding confidence in his ability. He admitted that he was not contemplating the role but felt obliged to do his part to reinstate the club as the best local unit. He acknowledged the input of

officials of the GFA in the eventual elections process even as he expressed gratitude to the former office bearers. Lumumba and Burnette both delivered inspirational words to the new executive while urging them to work towards the continued development of the sport. “You have to be serious while exercising discipline and respect for your leaders,” exhorted Lumumba. Mr. Burnette reiterated the need for discipline even as he pointed out the huge strides made by the club despite the adversities. The players were engaged in their first match after the elections process yesterday afternoon at the Tucville Ground when they faced off with Santos FC in the GFF League playoff tournament. The new President urged the players to win. “Let us leave the past in the past and look to the future,” he advocated.

Spirited T&T bowlers defend middling total

ESPNcricinfo - A fearsome attack led by Ravi Rampaul set Trinidad & Tobago’s Champions League campaign off on a triumphant note, as they comfortably defended 135 for 9, against Brisbane Heat in Ranchi. An intense Rampaul was both economical and penetrative throughout his spells in the innings, and although Heat may have been pleased to chase so few, they were rarely granted more than a brief glimpse of victory during the chase. Rampaul finished with four wickets for 14 from 3.4 overs, with Sunil Narine, Rayad Emrit and Samuel Badree also contributing fine spells. Denesh Ramdin played something of a lone hand to give his attack a reasonable target to defend, as he hit 48 from 38 after Heat had sent T&T in to bat. No other batsman breached 20 for T&T, as Heat’s quick bowlers enjoyed the bounce in the Ranchi strip, as well as the slight movement early on.

Rampaul found swing early on, but it was his impeccable line that set the tone for T&T’s bowling effort. Often pitching short of length, Rampaul cramped the Heat’s openers for space, and soon dismissed captain James Hopes, who played on coming forward in the third over. Rampaul’s first spell lasted only two overs, but the rest of the bowlers matched his discipline. Heat had only lost one wicket at the end of the Powerplay, but could not manage a run rate better than 3.66. Subsequent attempts to reel in the required run rate were often short-lived, and retarded by dismissals. Only Joe Burns had the measure of the attack, but even he could not achieve a laudable strike rate. When Rampaul returned in the 16th over to break Burns’ leg stump, the batsman had hit 45 from 43. Scores: Trinidad & Tobago 135 for 9 (Ramdin 48, McDermott 4-37) beat Brisbane Heat 110 (Burns 45, Rampaul 4-14) by 25 runs.

Day two at the inaugural South American Youth Games in Lima, Peru turned out to be a quiet one for the Guyanese swimmers and cyclists. Apart from Hannibal Gaskin achieving a personal best time in the 50m freestyle his fellow swimmers, Onika George and Omar Adams had contrasting experiences while the cyclists also endured their fare share of challenges. The lone female rider, Crystal Lambert was confident of holding her own against her competition, was in the leading pack of six riders on one of two hills in the 20km contest and holding Brazilian Ana Paula Casetta who tried to breakaway but Lambert made the move with her also. It was at this point that Aruban rider crashed into Lambert’s back wheel, effectively ending her chances. Coach William Howard who should have been following Lambert was abandoned by their assigned driver after being taken to the track which meant that Lambert had to be assisted by someone else after struggling for more than five minutes to get her cycle fixed. By this time she said that she was in tears without any assistance forthcoming. The race was eventually won by Ester Galarza of Ecuador in 37 Minutes 56 Seconds. Ana Paula Casetta of Brazil and Paraguay’s Agua Marina Espinola were second and third respectively. The male duo of Junior Caribbean Silver Akeem Arthur and Shaquel Agard had their fare share of excitement also. The course that they were practicing on was not the course that was used for yesterday’s 40km event. Their assigned car according to Coach Howard actually took them to the track they were used to before realizing that it was not the right one. They arrived minutes before the start of the event at the official course; pressure already beginning to build on a cold and windy day. They riders tried their utmost to warm up but according to their coach, it was difficult so to do based on the challenging conditions. Prior to the start of the race, moments before actually, the vehicle assigned to Chef-de-Mission Dr. Karen Pilgrim had to be assigned to

A dejected, Crystal Lambert

Howard for the Guyana riders. The race started at a fast pace with the local duo holding their own until they encountered the hilly section of the course. Initially they were able to handle the pressure but the trio of eventual winner, Rodrigo Dos Santos of Brazil, second placed John Rodriguez (Columbia) and third placed Esteban Villarreal of Ecuador separated themselves from the others and they were never caught again. The male riders traversed the course four times; twice more than the females, when it ended, Dos Santos’ time like the second and third placed finishers was One Hour 3 Minutes 57 Seconds. The mountain bike riders will be aiming for better fortunes today when they go into action at 11:00hrs. They will not be faced with a dissimilar course but their course is a very challenging one. They have never raced on a course like this one, very hilly with steep turns, dry and dusty, but according them (Stepano Husbands and Alonzo Ambrose) they are up to the challenge and will be striving to do their best. In the pool, Hannibal Gaskin achieved a personal best time in the 50m free; he

bettered his previous mark of 27.66 with 27.55. Over the same distance, Omar Adams clocked 28.15; he was slower than his best of 27.75. Onika George, competing in the 100m free was slow off the blocks as a result of not hearing starters orders. George did try her best to catch the other swimmers but wasn’t able to do so and ended with 1:09.93 having entered with a time of 1:06.69. A visibly emotional George did not have much time to recover and was soon competing in the 50m backstroke where she clocked 34.46, her entry time was 33.31. Coach Sean Baksh summed up the day as a challenging one while giving his charges kudos for their efforts. The swimmers will be back in the pool tomorrow. Gaskin and Adams will contest the 200m free while George will be in the 100m backstroke. Apart from cycling, Guyana’s Boxers will also be in action today. Tefon Green (49kg) and Joel Williamson (56kg) will take the ring. Both fighters along with Travis Fraser (69kg) drew bye’s to the second round. On day one, Michael April contesting the 52kg division, defeated W. Choque of Bolivia.

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Monday September 23, 2013

Forde makes it two in a Victories for TSC, MSC and MYO row with Courts 10k win GCA\NBS 40-over second division tourney

Azeez grabs 6 wkts, Mars, Ifill take 5, Ali slams century By Zaheer Mohamed Transport Sports Club (TSC), Malteenoes Sports Club (MSC) and Muslim Youth Organization (MYO) recorded victories when play in the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA)\ New Building Society (NBS) 40 over second division competition continued last weekend. Transport Sports Club (TSC) outplayed the host Georgetown Cricket Club (GCC) by 6 wickets yesterday. GCC took first turn at the crease and were routed for 87 in 27.2 overs. Ray Barker made 27 (1x4) and Manny Forde 19 (1x4). Off spinner Azeem Azeez led the visitors bowling with 6-21 from 6 overs. TSC responded with 88-4 in 21.1 overs. Charwayne Mc Pherson top scored with 47 (5x4), while Waqar Bacchus made 19 (2x4). Left arm spinner Devon Lord picked up 2-22. At Police Sports Club ground Eve Leary, MSC got the better of Police by 3 wickets in a closely fought encounter. Police managed 202 all out in 35.4 overs, batting first. Pernell London led with 46 (5x4), Randolph

Knights supported with 40 (4x4, 1x6) Fitzroy Culley 26 (4x4) and Stephan Blair 24 (2x4). Cordel Mars captured 5-37 and Carlos La Rose 2-44. Danny Narayan then led MSC victory charge with 63 (3x4, 1x6) while Karim Naughton chipped in with 34 (3x6) and Keifer Naughton 32 (2x6). Darson La Rose was the pick of the bowlers for Police with 4-44. At MYO on Saturday, Zulfikar Ali stroked a fine century while Chien Gittens slammed 86 to spearhead the host to a huge 267-run victory over St. Stanislaus. Ali reached the boundary four times and cleared it twice in a top score of 101 as MYO rattled up 336 before they were bowled out in 36 overs. Chien Gittens hammered eleven fours and three sixes in his innings while Imtiaz Pooran supported with 40 (7x4) and Zamal Khan 29. Marlon Roberts and D. Doodnauth claimed 2 wickets each. St. Stanislaus found the going tough were skittled for 69 in 21 overs in reply with Prince Roberts (10) being the only batsman to reach double figures. Anthony Ifill grabbed 5-31, Richard Latiff 2-1 and Parmanand Parsram 2-5.

- Josiah-Tanner also underlines dominance

Azeem Azeez At Guyana National Industrial Corporation (GNIC) went down to Malteenoes Sports Club (MSC) by 2 wickets. GNIC batted first and scored 120 all out in 28 overs. Ronole Bourne made 46 (4x4) and Ovid Richardson 26 (3x4). Steven Sankar captured 2-5, Kareem Naughton 2-29 and Carlos La Rose 2-31. MSC in reply encountered a few nervous emoents before they eventually won the game for the lost of 8 wickets in 23 overs, ending on 121. La Rose was their leading batsman with 39 (5x4) and Keifer Naughton chipped in with 29 (4x4,1x6). Richardson, J. George, S. Simon and P. Sookdeo took 2 wickets apiece.

By Edison Jefford Cleveland Forde was just too good against any plan his opposition may have hatched against him yesterday morning in the Courts 10km Road Race, romping to his second straight win in as many weekends to further underline his local supremacy. A heavy lead pack, which included Dennis Horatio, Nathaniel Giddings, Tyshon Bentick, Lionel D’Andrade, Winston Missenger and Cleveland Thomas went out pacing against Forde in the first two kilometres, with Forde about five metres behind. However, it took only another kilometre before the pack was strung out with Giddings, who went back to his barefooted preference and Thomas about 20m ahead of the others. It was clear that an intention was there to pressure Forde early in the race. But just before the halfway stage, Forde proved many who believed that he did not have primary endurance wrong when he worked to overhaul Thomas and Giddings’ lead, joining them on their way back to the finish line around the five kilometre mark. Horatio and Missenger formed the second pack with D’Andrade, Bentick and Devon Barrington forming the tertiary packs about 20 metres behind. Thomas and Giddings managed to maintain a stranglehold on Forde, who fell 15 metres off the intense pace. Again, Forde worked to overhaul their lead just after the seven kilometre stage and suddenly got into another gear midway through the deciding kilometres; Thomas and Giddings were unable to respond and it was Forde against himself and the clock yet again. “I came out to just do my best. I know it would have been tactical for me. There was no need for me to push myself to the limit, even though I was tired at the end. I expected more of a challenge this time,” Forde told Kaieteur Sport following the race.

He clocked 33:02, which was 14 seconds faster than he went last Sunday, to win. Thomas was second in 33:16, which was the time Forde won with last week; he shaved 26 seconds off of his last performance, while Giddings was third in 33:19; Missenger finished fourth in 34:09, beating Dennis Horatio (34:59) into fifth place in the Men’s overall race. United States-based, Euleen JosiahTanner ran unchallenged to win the Women’s race in 38:37 with Jevina Straker finishing second in 43:07; Ashanti Scott finished third in 46:26 with Carlissa Atkinson (48:22) fourth and Shion Boyer (50:00) in fifth. In the Junior Boys category, Grivon Grant won in 36:07 ahead of Rupununi’s Samuel Kaitan and Kevin Nicholas, who had 36:26 and 36:43 respectively. Carl McKenzie (36:46) was fourth in the race while Leon Nick (39:20) rounded off the top five finishers. Linden’s Cassie Kirton won the Junior Girls race in 43:54 ahead of Abdemi Roberts (45:11) and Shantel Hinds (54:38) in that order. Mearisha Carter (1:09) was fourth. Cyrleen Phillips once again emerged winner of the Masters Women in 50:29 with Denise Jeffrey the affable du and tri-athlete second in 55:19; Simone Baburam (57:14), Carla Benjamin (1:00.6) and the former middle distance queen, Lorriann Adams (1:04.6) was third to fifth respectively in the category. Ian Archibald won the Master’s Men 4055 category in 38:17, while Errol Warde finished second in 42:23 and Linden Harrison third in 43:22; Silas Brummel (44:48) and Orin Josiah (44:51) tied up the final prize slots of the group. In the Master’s Over-55 category, it was Llewellyn Gardner, who won with 41:19, while Maurice Fagundes (47:47), Debidyal Harold (56:19), Ivelaw Henry (58:19) and Dr. George Norton (58:24) placed first to fifth respectively.

Hadi’s 2-day 1st div cricket

GCC hammer GYO by inns & 155 runs GCC yesterday inflicted a crushing innings and 155-run defeat on GYO at the Malteenoes Sports Club ground in the two-day Hadi’s first division cricket competition.

GCC amassed 291 with national under-15 batsman Ronaldo Ali Mohamed hitting 74, Delon Fernandes 73, Jetendra Sookdeo 67 and Winston Forrester 28. Forrester and Sookdeo

Leon Scott added 102 for the first wicket before Forrester departed as former national under-19 pacer Leon Scott grabbed 7-79. GYO were then bundled out for 91 in their first innings despite 41 from Ablish Deokie and 12 from teenager Chris Deonarine as left-arm spinner Raj Nanan taking 7-31. Asked to follow-on 200 run behind, GYO feared even worse in their second innings being dissmised for a paltry 45 with pacer Bernard Bailey claiming 5-14 and Jamal Anderson 4-21.

Monday September 23, 2013

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