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Kaieteur News Printed and Published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd. 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana. Publisher: GLENN LALL Editor: Adam Harris Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491. Fax: 225-8473, 226-8210


That Rodney Inquiry Mr. Eusi Kwayana informed this newspaper, and the Guyanese people, via its letter pages that he was contacted on whether he would be willing to offer testimony on an Inquiry into the killing of Dr Walter Rodney on June 13, 1980. He replied in the affirmative. We are pleased, and all Guyanese should also be, that the Government evidently is going ahead with its commitment made at the last anniversary of the historian’s killing, to institute an International Commission of Inquiry (COI) on the issue. The Guyanese nation needs closure on the killing of this son of Guyana, who is perhaps the only one to have achieved such worldwide recognition. His family has been agitating for such closure for years. After Rodney’s death which was caused by the explosion of what he was told was a “walkie talkie”, the PNC invited two UK experts, Dr Skuse and Dr Johnson to investigate the tragic incident that occurred outside the Georgetown Prison. However, they were not required to pronounce on culpability, and in any event, the full report was never released. Skuse was later disgraced in the UK for several flawed “findings”. President Hoyte, pushed by public opinion, conducted an Inquest, but not a CoI into the matter. During the earlier “investigation” even though Donald Rodney, present when his brother was killed, identified the perpetrator as a “Gregory Smith” of the GDF, the authorities denied the existence of such an individual. But when Smith did surface and it was revealed that he had been spirited out of Guyana through official channels, Hoyte was forced to act. However, that inquest simply declared “death by misadventure” and the matter once again fell into quietude. After the PPP came to office in 1992, it was expected that they would institute a COI with some alacrity. But this did not materialise. Rodney’s eldest son, Shaka Rodney protested for such a COI between 1993- 1994. Responding to a request from Caribbean Rights in 1995, a team from the International Commission of Jurists visited Guyana. They declared that the 1988 inquest instituted by the Hoyte administration was “marred by grave defects” and recommended a CoI that would hear testimony from Gregory Smith who should be extradited from French Guiana where he had been residing. The eminent attorney Doodnauth Singh (recently deceased) was appointed Special Prosecutor and then Chief Magistrate K. Juman-Yasin issued a warrant for Smith’s extradition. However, with Guyana not having an extradition treaty with France, nothing came of the matter and Smith subsequently died. It was not until almost a decade later that another call for a COI was raised. This was done in 2005 through a motion calling for a CoI into the “assassination” of Dr Rodney, was brought by the PPP in Parliament. The Opposition parties however moved for the word “assassination” to be changed to “death” because the former term was predicated on a conclusion that the COI was supposed to investigate. The motion was carried with the government abstaining. Nothing, however, came out of the decision, since the WPA felt that if the COI was conducted during the election year 2006, it would unduly influence political sentiments in the present. Once again there was no COI. Earlier this year, however, the matter was again raised when former President Forbes Burnham was nominated by South Africa for their Oliver Tambo Award. Partisans of Rodney, both domestic and international, lobbied for the offer of the Award to be rescinded in view of the alleged role of Burnham in the death of Rodney. The award was put on hold and partisans of Burnham now felt that the Rodney matter ought to be put to rest. We arrive now at the present, where at long last the matter might be put to rest. It is a standing indictment on the reputation of this country among the influential academic and activist global circle in which Dr Rodney’s name is still honoured, that we have not held a conclusive COI. Let us clear up this blemish.

Friday September 20, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS NOT A “DOMESTIC” ISSUE DEAR EDITOR, We write this letter from the perspective of concerned youths, by the alarming rates of domestic violence in our nation but more specifically Zeelugt, especially, as it eventually translates into violent ends for the victims. It has been addressed on numerous occasions, the most recent being July 2012 where they held National Conversation on Domestic violence with Zeelugt being a opener to focus on “ WHAT’S BEING DONE WRONG? WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE”. The issue of domestic violence should no longer be analyzed as a “domestic” one because the effects of the act ripples beyond the arena of the home that leaves children in broken

homes, foster homes and a degeneration of our society. It is our business to be concerned about the upholding of other’s right to live without fear that he/she may be beaten or lose his/her lifes. We all have a responsibility to be duty bearers and speak out against such acts. We think that the community has an obligation to report acts of domestic violence since sometimes victims are not strong enough to make the initial step of getting out of an abusive relationship. The community needs be a supportive group that does not enable abusers. On the other hand, we recognized that abusers need help as well. We recommend that laws are stricter and better implemented. Domestic

violence should no longer be seen as a domestic issue but one that is a public matter and an assault on an individual. Therefore, the perpetrators should be dealt with by the law rather than having the victims plead on their behalf since they are not in position to make a rational decision. A holistic approach is needed to offer viable solutions by providing alternative options for the victims (as some are financially dependent), safe houses and counseling for both parties. The stereotypes are no longer acceptable. Signed, Anand Ram Budhan, Jamal Goodluck, Rasheeda Yansen, Vinod Jaimangal

MAKING DETERMINED EFFORTS TO RESOLVE VITAL SOCIAL ISSUES DEAR EDITOR, As an elderly person, it seems that our society suffers from an intransigence in dealing with serious social issues. There appears to be a consensus among many senior citizens that no genuine improvement will occur in their lifetime and it is hoped that the future generation will see better times. Let us single out one issue which, though basic, has not yet been settled. Transportation is of utmost importance in any society. Efficient means of moving people and goods is needed to power the engine of economic development. In the colonial days there was the railway system, large buses and ferries. Since independence these aspects of transport have been eliminated or scaled

down. The present population is larger than the colonial era but insignificant when compared with many other societies. Scores of letters have been written criticizing the poor performance of mini buses and advocating the reintroduction of large buses. This matter is always under consideration but little progress has been made. Government officials should be made to experience the nightmare of catching public transportation especially at rush hours, on Sundays and holidays or at night. Let the minibuses continue to operate but large buses are also necessary. In the metropolitan countries such as Britain, Canada, and the USA where large populations of Guyanese live, there is reliable transport to take people to work on time. Why can’t this happen in Guyana?

Recently in the media there was a complaint that minibuses were bypassing students because they were not receiving the full fare which is arbitrary. A case was made to have school buses available. That is a good idea. However many students linger on the road for the ‘boom boom’ instead of the ‘cork ball bus.’ They love the loud, vulgar music. Our law enforcement agencies should be rigid in upholding the rule of law pertaining to traffic offences. Finally, if Guyanese are very concerned about the transport dilemma, I think they should avoid attending functions like Mashramani because on many occasions like this, people remain stranded on the road. Let us hope we see a marked improvement in the proper regulation of transportation. Malcolm Maynard

City Hall’s Town Clerk is persecuted DEAR EDITOR, Mr Ranwell Jordan’s unanimous election as acting Mayor of Georgetown has revealed the following: (1) Freed of the presence of the two Greens — Patricia and Hamilton — the City Council could do its business in the normal constructive way. (2) Council and Administration, after many years, have demonstrated to the citizens that they could act in a unified and co-operative way, once they are freed of the presence of the two Greens. Such co-operation used to be the norm in the good days of the Council. (3) The Council, led by its elder

statesman Llewellyn John, praised the qualities and achievement of the Acting Town Clerk and by implication, admitted her remarkable fortitude and courage in the face of the violent persecution, engineered by the absent members, to which she was so unjustly subjected. It is now expected that the acting Town Clerk would be allowed to perform her duties without let or hindrance and would be given the support and co-operation of the Council and the Ministry of Local Government. Such support is necessary in addressing the widespread corruption in the

Municipality, the garbage problem, the illegal street vendors and the drainage problem among others. The Acting Town Clerk would of course not be expected to cleanse the Aegean Stables of the muck and filth which had been accumulating over 30 years in one or two years, but the start she has made is salutary. The Councillors and the Ministry of Local Government must however ensure that on the return of the absent members, their negative stratagems against the Acting Town Clerk must be nipped in the bud. R. Williams


DEAR EDITOR, May I take this opportunity to ask President Donald Ramotar to remember that although the political opposition would like to replace the People‘s Progressive Party/Civic in government to pursue their own development agenda. They want what he wants. That is, to develop Guyana so that once again it is among the premier countries in the Caribbean. It is a start to remember that the

political opposition wants what the government wants and as such consensus politics can be practised. Let‘s start looking at where we can work together rather than to continuing to oppose each other. Consensus politics allows us to co-operate developing mutual trust, mutual understanding and mutual respect. The Government is not good and the Opposition bad. Likewise, the

Opposition is not good and the Government bad. We all have our differing points of views. Let’s talk, disagree, argue, get upset, scratch our heads and come up with solutions to our many problems. We really should start working together. COMPROMISE. It’s a start, not the end. Sean McLean

Friday September 20, 2013

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Guyana 2032 - The ‘Singapore’ of South America DEAR EDITOR, I have started a conversation with the Guyanese public on my ‘I Am Guyana’ television show on Chandra Narine Sharma (CNS) - Channel 6, and generally at other forums about a ‘citizens’ vision’ for Guyana’s development. I think that by 2032, Guyana can become the ‘Singapore’ of South America. Many persons have asked whether it would not be more realistic for us to focus on becoming the ‘Singapore’ of the Caribbean but my response is no. I would like to stick to the ‘Singapore’ of South America because I do believe that we can achieve this. I would like to note that for decades one of the things that Guyanese around the world would say, is that since they were children, they were hearing that Guyana has a lot of potential and can become a very influential country globally in many respects, but yet in 2013, Guyana has not really realized that potential. How can we become the ‘Singapore’ of South America as a national vision for the country? Firstly, Singapore moved from doing poverty reduction to now doing wealth management. When Singapore became independent from Malaysia on

9 August, 1969, more than 50 years ago, the country was faced with several profound issues such as, mass unemployment, housing shortages, among others; it took the country about two generations to make this progression. I am suggesting that Guyana can make the same progression - from poverty reduction to wealth management over the next 19 years, well more like 20 years because I started to promote this concept last year. Singapore at the time of its independence also had issues such as lack of land and natural resources, for example. There was no petroleum but racial tensions. Guyana on the other hand, has huge amounts of land, natural and other resources such as, sugar, gold, bauxite, alumina, rice, shrimp, molasses, rum and timber, among others. So we have more to start with than what Singapore had. I am proposing that we roll-out this vision incrementally, in periods of four and five years. We have to grow Guyana up, grow Guyana down and grow Guyana out. Growing it up means that the quality of the citizenry has to be improved.

Growing it down, refers to improving the quality of the leadership. Growing it out, means improving the economy. Growing Guyana up and improving the quality of the citizenry would require embarking on an aggressive and comprehensive citizens’ social change programme over the next four years.. This will require us to improve in synergy, service, strategic thinking - planning and coordination, building strong social capital and being solutionoriented and scientific. Growing Guyana down, refers to the improving the quality of the leadership. Growing Guyana out, means improving the economy. Fundamental to growing Guyana out, is to improve the middle class and reducing the lower class. Our economy has a pyramid shape - at the apex, there is a small upper class, below the apex, there is a small but slowly growing middle class and at the base, there is a huge lower class. The Barbados and Singapore economies, are shaped like a diamond; with a small upper class, a huge middle class and a small lower class. The upper class consists of people with power, wealth

and status; the middle class consist of people with either power, wealth or status and the lower class consist of people with neither power, wealth nor status. In the context of growing Guyana out, increasing the middle class is fundamental. We need to move people up from the base of the pyramid - from the lower class, by creating opportunities for them to have either, power, wealth or status, hence changing the shape of the economy from a pyramid to a diamond shape. From 2013 - 2016, the focus should be on social change - improving service at the individual, institutional and societal levels, developing more synergy in our development processes, strategically thinking about our future as individuals, institutions and a society from a personal, family, community and the societal perspective, building strong social capital by improving relations and relationships, understanding the science and art of development and being more solution-oriented - focusing on finding solutions to development problems as against merely being diagnostic by

identifying the challenges. From 2013 to 2021, the focus should be on growing the middle class, reducing unemployment , expanding the choices and opportunities for the lower class, moving the country beyond being projectoriented to becoming more programme-oriented. Hence the wider and more strategic focus, programmes and projects should be about growing the middle class. Therefore our housing programme should be about growing the middle class. If people own their own homes, it gives them status as a home owner. The education sector secondary, tertiary and vocational educational training programmes should really zeroin on building capacity and capabilities to grow the middle class. Our business ventures - our private sector focus should be on contributing to the growth of the middle class, likewise the banking and other relevant sectors. From 2013 - 2032, focus should also be on growing the size of the population. I was suggesting two million but some persons are of the view that a more realistic and manageable number may be 1.2 - 1.5 million.

Growing the population could occur through increase birth rate which would involve enhancing the quality of the institution of the family, introduction of incentives to reduce out migration and encourage re-migration of citizens and in-migration of non-nationals. I have spoken to persons in Europe who would like to have somewhere warm to live after retirement, we can prepare Guyana as one of the options by improving our social services and health care sectors, among others. During this period focus will also be on more strategic infrastructural development. Therefore with this vision mind, our students’ attention on acquiring an education, would be a means to an end to contribute towards this development vision. Our Politicians irrespective of which party gets into government and the details of their manifesto would work towards a 2032 vision for the country to make Guyana the ‘Singapore’ of South America. This is my dream for Guyana but as singer John Lennon says ‘ you may say I a dreamer’ but I sincerely hope that I am not the only one. Audreyanna Thomas

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Friday September 20, 2013

US clears TravelSpan for flights to NY from Dec. After months of complaints, the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be getting brighter for Guyanese air travel passengers who have been grappling with alarmingly high fares. TravelSpan Incorporated is set to begin direct flights between New York and Guyana starting December 14th, officials of the company confirmed Wednesday evening, hours after meeting with Transport Minister, Robeson Benn, and Tourism Minister, Irfaan Ali. TravelSpan also plans to introduce a scheduled service before the first half of next year. This latest development in the aviation sector would spell positive news for Guyanese who have been faced with high air fares reaching almost US$1,600 per return trip from the US, using the lone carrier, Caribbean Airlines (CAL). Later this month, new carrier, Fly Jamaica, partially owned by Guyanese pilot, Ronald Reece, is also set to make its first landing in Guyana, to take up flight to New York as well. CAL has been under fire from Guyanese and the Government for the fares with the Tourism Ministry summoning principals of that Trinidadian-owned airline to Guyana to explain the situation. CAL was granted flag-carrier status by the Guyana government earlier this year with the hopes that stability to the sector and fares would be positively affected. President of TravelSpan, Nohar Singh, and Rob Binns, a board member, disclosed that Government has no objections in granting the necessary clearance for flights to start December. Already, the US Department of Transport,

which regulates air travel in that country, has given its green light. Singh said that technical information has been submitted by his company and in the coming days, a business plan will be submitted to the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA). Government would, of course, be demanding as is required by regulations, that TravelSpan lodge US$200,000 ($40M) in cash in case of problems. The okay from the GCAA could come in as little as three weeks, it was disclosed. TravelSpan is no stranger to Guyana offering charter flights before halting operations back in 2008. Singh blamed price gouging as the main reason. TravelSpan, he insisted during a media press conference at the Princess Hotel Wednesday evening, never left Guyana but continued its travel agency business before deciding to return. TravelSpan has now hired Binns, a long time US airline executive who at the helm of North American Airlines is no stranger to the Guyana market. The company has a major travel agency operation in Trinidad and the US and offers, through another sister company, tour packages to a number of Caribbean destinations including the Dominican Republic. According to Singh, his company is funding the charter from his own group of companies which has been in the air travel business for 18 years and which has moved 100,000 passengers annually. Already, TravelSpan has signed contracts with Vision Airlines, a Las Vegas plane company to conduct the charters using a wide-body Boeing 767 plane. Both Singh

and Binns assured that Vision has backup planes in case of problems. While initially flights would be conducted on Thursdays and Saturdays, it is the intention to increase this during the Christmas week and during peak times of Mashramani and Easter. Ticket prices could be as low as US$300 for a one way ticket between the New York/ Georgetown route, reaching up to US$450. Singh noted that TravelSpan is wary of the business model used by operators, EZjet and Red Jet, in which ticket prices were too low, making it practically impossible to turn a profit. The Guyanese also disclosed that he was fully aware that CAL’s fuel subsidy by its owner, the Trinidad government, over the years, had impacted negatively on other operators. This issue was raised during the meeting with the two Ministers.

TravelSpan’s President, Nohar Singh (r) and board member, Rob Binns.

TravelSpan will also be using the Vision airplane to conduct two flights weekly to Trinidad from New York. Both Redjet and EZjet folded in 2012 while Delta

pulled out earlier this year leaving CAL to the coveted New York route. Delta and other US airlines have moved to block CAL’s application to fly direct between Guyana

and New York. Currently, CAL has to route its flights from Guyana, through Trinidad. The Boeing 767 will offer 214 economy and 18 business class seats.

TravelSpan will be operating a wide-body Boeing 767 on its New York, Georgetown route.

Albouystown man on life support after stabbing Twenty year - old Jamal Sherlund Edmonson- Barrow remains in a critical condition at the intensive care unit of the Georgetown Public Hospital, nursing stab

wounds to his upper body. Barrow was attacked by a man who rushed into his Cooper Street, Albouystown home yesterday. No one could say what the motive for the attack was

on the unemployed man. According to the young man’s mother, Juliet Barrow, about 10:00 am yesterday she received a call from her son’s friend who told her that Edmonson- Barrow was

stabbed by a man who entered his home. “I been at me stand in Stabroek Market when a lady call me and said he bleeding badly,” the mother said. She added that she further learnt that the assailant broke into her son’s home and began to stab him before escaping on foot. Barrow said that she then travelled to the hospital where her son was taken into the Emergency Unit and placed on a life support machine. When Kaieteur News visited the Albouystown area yesterday, residents said that they did not recognize the assailant as he left the house. “Well we just see this boy run in the house and run out back and then we hear the boy (Barrow) shouting for help, so we get him out and rushed him to the hospital,” one resident recalled. The residents of the area said that the attacker was not somebody who was regularly seen in the area. Up to press time the aggressor is still on the run.

Friday September 20, 2013

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Friday September 20, 2013

Security forces storm pro-Mursi town near Cairo to reassert control KERDASA, Egypt (Reuters) - Egyptian security forces and militants exchanged fire as police stormed a town near Cairo dominated by Islamist supporters of ousted President Mohamed Mursi yesterday, arresting dozens in an operation to reimpose state control. A police general was shot dead and at least nine policemen and soldiers were wounded by a hand grenade in the clashes in Kerdasa, on the capital’s western outskirts. Dozens of police and army vehicles entered the town at daybreak in the second such raid this week to reassert government control over areas where Islamist sympathies run deep and hostility to the authorities has grown since the army overthrew and imprisoned Mursi on July 3. There had been little or no sign of the security forces in Kerdasa since 11 police officers were killed in an attack on its main police station on August 14. The building was hit with rocket-propelled grenades and burned down after police had stormed pro-Mursi protest camps in Cairo that day and killed hundreds of his supporters. “The security forces will not retreat until Kerdasa is cleansed of all terrorist and criminal nests,” Interior Ministry spokesman Hany Abdel Latif said. Special forces stormed a villa belonging to a man they said financed the police station

attack, a Reuters witness said. The police used armored vehicles to smash down the villa’s gates before breaking in the door. But the man, whom they said was a member of Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood, was not there. State news agency MENA said 65 people had been arrested so far. Dozens of weapons, including rocket-propelled grenades, were seized, state TV reported. A police officer said they had arrest warrants for 150 men in Kerdasa for suspected involvement in the attacks on the police station and a church in the area. Members of the security forces in body armor and armed with automatic rifles fanned out through the town. Army checkpoints were set up on the roads into Kerdasa. Masked men set fire to tires to try and obstruct the operation as it got under way. Heavy gunfire was heard in the nearby village of Nahya as police chased a group of men into side streets, TV footage showed. In other footage, two detained men were shown cowering in a van weeping as policemen stood by, and a bearded man with his hands raised was led out of a building by police. Officers entered buildings and courtyards with rifles raised and pointed them at windows. A helicopter hovered over Kerdasa’s mostly deserted streets. Militant attacks have been on the rise since the overthrow of Mursi, Egypt’s first freely elected president.

Friday September 20, 2013

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Giving an inch and being then asked for a yard There is only so much that a government can do. There is equally so much that a government should do. There was a time when it was said that there was free education from nursery to university in Guyana. Parents did not have to pay tuition nor did they need to buy text books. The buying of books did not last too long because like most things, money became short and the government could no longer meet many of its obligations. Of course if the finances were available to continue to do what was envisaged at the inception, parents may have begun to demand other things. They may have asked for free transportation, then having got that they may have wanted free lunches. Then having got that they would have asked for some stipend to help buy uniforms and if they got that they would have asked for an electricity subsidy to help their children study. And if that wish was granted, they would have asked for a vacation allowance. And you can bet that for each one of these demands, there would have been reasons given supporting why the requests was very important for education, thus necessitating more government assistance. In Guyana, we say if you give a man an inch he will ask for a yard. The government can only afford, in many instances, to give only an inch. There are many competing demands for scarce resources and while we may argue about which demand deserve more, there is thumb rule that government cannot provide everything that is needed. Those who benefit from government support must also make a counterpart contribution. Take for example the literary field. There was a time when no support was given to this field. Then one day, Desmond Hoyte decided that there was a need to support our writers, poets and dramatists. And so he launched what was known as the Guyana Prize for

Literature. The awards were, for many years, dominated by foreign-based writers and poets. This led to some criticism, including from within this column, that the awards were mainly rewarding writers and poets who lived outside of Guyana and whose works were already published by established publishing houses. In short, non-resident Guyanese writers were beginning to dominate these awards and this, it was said, was doing nothing to encourage writers resident in Guyana. Fair criticism! But the dollar value and prestige of the awards themselves, it can be countered, can motivate local –based writers to up their game and challenge for the prize. Other things were done to try to encourage and lift the standard of local writing. These may not have been anything spectacular- a few workshops and training sessions here and there, then and now- but at least something was done. It would have been wonderful if every writer who wants to write a book was given a hefty grant to start writing their masterpiece but even the richest countries in the world cannot afford that, much less a country like Guyana where there are so many other competing needs for national resources. The government also in support of the literary arts launched what was known as the Caribbean Classics. This has allowed many previously unpublished works to be published. A number of such works have been put in print and previously printed works were republished under the Caribbean Classics Collection. This undertaking however attracted its fair bit of criticism after it published what was said to be a modern classic, a book by the daughter of a Minister of the government. The criticisms centered not on the merit of the work but on the criteria or lack of published criteria for publication by the Guyana Classics.

The criticisms was no doubt fueled by the fact that there are many good local writers, and perhaps a fair deal of pretenders, who believe that their works should equally be eligible for publication under the Guyana Classics Brand. Ironically one of the criticisms made was that a book recently written could not qualify as a classic. Another related criticism was that the very idea of a modern classic was oxymoronic. By the time the 2013 Guyana Prize for Literature Awards came around, most of our outstanding foreign

based writers who are internationally known had put down their pens and this left the field open. And local based writers dominated the 2013 awards. At this stage it is hard to conclude whether any of the shortlisted works compare in quality with what went before but an award is an award and it was a refreshing change to see locally-based writers doing so well. This development of course has led to calls for more to be done to ensure that the works of local based writers are published. In other words, the government

should do more to publish local writers. Well, that surely is a case of giving an inch and being rewarded with a demand for a yard. The Guyana Prize for Literature is a prestigious award. If an unpublished or self-published work is good enough to win an award, then it should be good enough to be published by the more recognized publishing houses, should it not? Not necessarily. But it is for those whose writings carry the backing of the Guyana Prize for Literature, to undergo the litmus test about the

commercial worth of their writings by seeking to have these works submitted to reputable and recognized publishing houses and see whether they will be published. If they are not, then perhaps these works are good enough for the Guyana Prize but not enough to be published.

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Friday September 20, 2013

Friday September 20, 2013

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Parents of St. Agnes students blocked from entering school, clash with police It was confusion at the St. Agnes Primary School yesterday, as parents were blocked from entering the building to pick up their children. Kaieteur News understands that this situation was initiated after parents got word that Education officials were meeting with staffers at the school and turned up demanding an audience with them. This privilege was denied, prompting the parents to become irate. The police were called in and the gate was

ongoing outside, students were seen sticking their hands out of the window, as they chanted the words “we want go home, we want go home.” The students were subsequently released one by one sometime after 14:00hrs, as police officers closely manned the gate to ensure that parents did not go inside. As they came out one after the other, some of the children, evidently disturbed, were seen crying. “This ain’t right wah they doing…dem scaring de children. Is nah big mules deh

Angry parents waiting to collect their children who were locked inside

“They giving the Trinidadians 10,000 acres of land, but them can’t find one acre fuh build a school fuh we children” - Parents locked. Enraged parents and guardians hurled criticisms at Ministry of Education Officials who were inside, as they stood at the school’s entrance in the hot sun. “Is lunch time, and they got dem children in deh hungry, hungry. I don’t understand why these police officers deh at the gate. Let us go in and get our children. We ain’t come fuh fight nobody,” a woman whose three children attend the school, said. As the commotion was

got in deh, is lil children. And the people at the gate operating like is Camp Street jail we guh to. We just come fuh collect we children, so me ain’t see the need to mek they feel suh frustrated and frightened,” one mother said. While there were those who went to the school’s location just to pick up their children, there were others who showed up to show support for the parents and voice their disapproval of the Education Ministry’s intention to relocate some students to the St. Angela’s

A parent consoles her disturbed daughter

Primary School which is right next door, and St. Ambrose Primary, a few blocks away. In a recent media release, Education Minister, Priya Manickchand, explained that this would only be a temporary solution until the government constructs six additional classrooms for the students of St. Agnes Primary. “I don’t know if we ain’t clear enough, but we ain’t want dem ship we children like packages. We want a new school for them. These children deserve a new school; they future in jeopardy. Wha is so hard about building a new school for them?” asked one father. He was heard shouting the words- “they giving the Trinidadian’s 10,000 acres of land, but them can’t find one acre fuh build a school fuh we children. Plus they spending millions fuh rent St. Rose’s High School building.” The call for a new school building for St. Agnes Primary is nothing new, but ever since the commencement of the new school year earlier this month, parents and students have been consistently pressing for this to become a reality. This is because of an ongoing dispute between that school and the administration of the adjoining St Rose’s High over space. The two schools share a large compound on Church Street, Cummingsburg, Georgetown. Parents continue to complain that their children are continuously being “bullied” by those of St. Rose’s High School for their classrooms and additional space. Kaieteur News

understands that the high school has been cramped for space for some time now because students of the St. Agnes Primary are housed in an area that St. Rose’s needs for its Sixth Form class. In addition to the space constraints and the dilapidated state of the building, both parents and children are concerned about sanitation. During two protests prior to yesterday’s fiasco, parents, inclusive of members of the Parent Teachers’ Association (PTA) lamented that their children would complain of serious “nastiness” at the school.

Parents had told Kaieteur News that their children would relate seeing rats swimming in stagnant sewage in the yard and beneath the floor boards. Of all their grievances,

parents of Grade Six students are most annoyed at the fact that the continuous feud is a major distraction to those preparing to sit the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) in a few months.

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Friday September 20, 2013


Moral guidelines the PPP will never follow There are times the PPP get criticized for policy and action that is common throughout the world. Take President Obama. If you look at his recent diplomatic appointments, many of the leading countries in the world received as ambassadors, persons who had contributed financially in large ways to Obama’s presidential campaigns. There were some caustic comments about these appointments in the media since many of these appointees were not serving foreign service personnel. If Obama could do this, then you expect it to happen elsewhere. And it does happen. There is no way in the US or tiny Singapore or India that a candidate who wins power is going to bypass those that

helped him/her in major ways. Human nature does not operate like that. Many appointments the PPP made since it came to power in 1992 were contextual therefore normal in terms of what you find in the world. The difference between the PPP and literally the rest of the world is that the rest of the world expects their placements to act properly, do the right things and behave according to civilized norms. From Obama to the smallest country in the world one will find that when these appointees misbehave, they suffer serious consequences. It is simply a moral convention that when you serve in government and you commit egregious acts, then your political life will be in jeopardy. We can cite the

recent case of Jack Warner. Warner was a priceless asset to the UNC until international controversies began to swirl around him involving accusations of financial fraud. If there is any great value the original communist leaders had while they ruled Cuba was that they were intolerant of immoral behaviour of highly placed leaders. If any government in the world refuses to sanction its highly placed officials it is the PPP regime and in this respect Burnham, Jagan and Hoyte were giants on the global stage not just in the Caribbean or Third World. By international standards, Burnham, Jagan and Hoyte were not prepared to retain politically appointed officials who abused their power in crass and terrible

ways. I may be wrong but I cannot see the leadership of Granger, Ramjattan and others in the AFC and APNU tolerating the kind of horrible misbehaviour that takes place in the PPP Government and that has been going on since Mrs. Jagan vacated the presidency. Blaming Mr. Jagdeo alone may not be the right analysis. Even though Mr. Jagdeo was unmoved by the callous and immoral action of other PPP leaders, many of the influential voices in the PPP came to the protection of their colleagues who committed very nasty, unbecoming acts while they held office. Why the PPP behaves like this and why you hardly find another government that is so shamelessly protective of its bad eggs will entail a

Raid on for Meten-Meer-Zorg killer Heavily-armed joint services ranks yesterday raided a section of Campbellville Housing Scheme for Keifa Small called ‘Frog Eye’, one of the main suspects in Monday’s

shootout at Meten Meer Zorg, West Coast Demerara, in which alleged gunman Kirk Bacchus was slain. Kaieteur News understands that the ranks cordoned off the community

and searched several homes, including Small’s residence. However, they eventually left after failing to locate the suspect. Police said that Small, who hails from Campbellville, is wanted in relation to the murder of Zulfikar Namdar, which occurred at MetenMeer-Zorg, last week Tuesday. A police source informed that he was the suspect who managed to elude capture when police chased him and Bacchus in Meten-MeerZorg. Police described Keifa Small as an African male who is medium built and dark in complexion. His last known address is listed as Lot 74 Campbellville Housing Scheme, Georgetown. “Anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of

voluminous analysis. Maybe there is no rational answer. I have been writing about the PPP since it came to power and some of its reactions may be impossible to explain. But every social phenomenon has an explanation. Perhaps we in Guyana have not found the reason for what can easily be described as illogical, inexplicable and irrational. Why would a ruling party retain an apparatchik that is simply beyond redemption? Why would such a government tolerate officials who as soon as they receive their letter of appointment, they bark at members of the public? Why would a government persist with someone who continues to abuse his/her power? Some of the interpretations that have been around a long time include the electoral invincibility of the PPP, meaning that they keep their bad eggs because they know they cannot lose elections so the electorate cannot punish them. This still does not make sense. If you know that you can never lose elections then you have a logical basis for

Frederick Kissoon punishing wrong-doers because those wrongdoers cannot hurt you at election time. So we come back to square one – why does the PPP continue to behave like this? Is it happy to do so even though there is a third party around that can appeal to PPP constituencies and that third party has in fact hurt the PPP badly at the last election? It still does not make sense. You are a minority government, you want to recapture your majority; then why give space to other organizations that can exploit your weaknesses? The case of NCN comes to mind. Where are the findings into allegations of financial misconduct at NCN? Where are the key players who were under investigation? Do they still work with the PPP Government or th e P P P itself?

Dem boys seh...

Keifa Small called ‘Frog Eye’ Keifa Small called ‘Frog Eye’ is asked to contact the police on telephone numbers 2256411, 226-6978, 268-2298, 2682222, 911 or the nearest police station. All information will be treated with strict confidence,” the police said.

Freeness does mek people sing sweet Birthday is a time when people does either spend or have people spend pun dem. Is also de time when all of a sudden friends who never talk to people whole year suddenly find time to talk to dem. Was Nigel birthday and people come from Timehri to wish de man happy birthday. These was people who wuk wid he brother and all dem use to call he brother Mecca. Dem hear was Mecca birthday and since one size fit all dem tun up to wish Nigel happy birthday. De drinks was li’l slow in coming but when it come people eye light up. Some of de same people didn’t have time to mek speech. One lady sing till she believe that she was a canary. But dem had people who had nice words. All of dem talk how de man is so good that one lady decide that if this Nigel dead before she, she would not be going to de funeral because if de man alive and people talk suh nice, imagine wha dem gun seh when he dead. But dem had other things that mek people shake dem head. Brazzy is de man behind de Marriott. He tell de nation how dem private people put in dem money. Well when dem boys ask question dem find out that no private people ain’t put in money. Is only de money that Brazzy put in build de hotel. De wuk now stall. Of course don’t talk bout de panic. Brazzy deh begging round fuh money because he telling everybody that he don’t want no white elephant. When dem boys ask he bout de white elephant he claim that whatever done build gun represent an asset. But dem boys smell a rat. De man certain that he gun get de extra money. He boasting bout some private investor. Dem boys seh that is a Guyanese who got nuff money and who just passing some through an offshore banking system. He did admit that Republic Bank done tackle some other local businessmen. And all this happen when Bharrat heself did talk how dem got foreign people line up. Talk half and keep you eye open fuh de scampishness.

Friday September 20, 2013

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Six vehicles involved in Mc Doom pile up

The wagon PMM 5620 which the minibus ran into

The Minibus BMM 6196 Traffic on the East Bank of Demerara yesterday came to a halt after six vehicles were involved in an accident on the Mc Doom Public Road just before noon yesterday. According to an

eyewitness, the route 42 minibus BMM 6196 (Georgetown to Timehri) was reportedly travelling at a fast pace collided with a white Toyota Wagon which collided with four other

vehicles. The pile up resulted in vehicles along the East Bank being stalled for almost 30 minutes. Traffic officers then hurriedly removed the

McBean appeals CJ’s dismissal of case Former Senior Superintendent of Police Simon McBean has appealed the ruling of Chief Justice Ian Chang, following the dismissal of the civil suit brought against the Police Service Commission and the Attorney General over his sacking from the Guyana Police Force. Attorney-at-law Patrice Henry has filed legal documents on behalf of the former police officer, challenging the decision of the CJ which says that McBean was not wrongfully dismissed and will therefore receive no benefits. McBean through his lawyer is of the view that, “the CJ erred in law and misdirected himself in finding that the former senior superintendent of police was absent from duty for the period of December 25, 2007 to September 14, 2008. This is “despite cogent, uncontradicted, unchallenged, compelling and incontrovertible evidence in the form of Medical certificates that cover for the same period, and was accepted by the Guyana High Commission in Britain and the Administration of the Guyana Police Force (GPF).” The appeal document says that it was never proven that McBean had been absent from duty based on his “unauthorized participation in a Master’s Degree.” The plaintiff said that for the CJ to say that McBean was absent from duty is against the weight of the evidence that was led, and conclusively establishes a new reason or ground for his

Former Superintendent Simeon McBean dismissal as opposed to an unauthorized participation in a Master’s Degree. According to attorney Henry, to say that his client could not be a full time student and a member of the Police Force is outside of the rules and regulations of the Public Service of Guyana. It was mentioned that extraneous, irrelevant and unknown circumstances were taken into consideration by the CJ when this aspect of the decision was highlighted. Henry is also convinced that the CJ failed to take into consideration that no known or existing rules, regulations or procedures were breached by the plaintiff. It was mentioned that McBean’s

position was supported by the PSC and the Attorney General, and hence, he was never charged but was consequently paid by the GPF up to when he was ‘unlawfully’ dismissed from duty. Earlier this month, Justice Chang ruled that the former policeman will not receive damages, pension or gratuity, since he was rightfully dismissed from the Police Force for a breach of procedure. McBean had taken annual leave in the United Kingdom, but extended his time after becoming ill. It was however established that he had acquired a Master’s Degree after finishing his studies during his UK stay. McBean’s lawyer had argued that he had followed the necessary procedures to make authentic his purpose for being absent from duties. McBean had provided medical documents which stated that he encountered a form of depression which had to be resolved by finishing his academic course. The CJ said however, that McBean could not have been a member of the Guyana Police Force and a full time student. He said too that McBean was absent from duty by engaging in the unauthorized participation of a Master’s Degree.

vehicles involved in the accident into the corner of the road as to allow traffic to move freely. Reportedly no one was seriously hurt during the accident.

This taxi HB 5676 which was involved in the accident.

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Friday September 20, 2013

GCCI wants win-win scenario for BK and Public Works The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and industry (GCCI) in overlooking the ensuing back and forth exchanges between the Ministry of Public Works and BK International over whether or not there are stone shortages within Guyana, is calling on both parties to come to an amicable decision that would bring about consensus. The contentions came about when the Government signaled its intentions to import stones since contractors were complaining of stone shortages on the market. BK however in response to the Government, invited the media to inspe c t t h e i r quarry plants and see firsthand their production and surplus of stones available for sale. BK International has even stated further that should sales not be forth coming they will have no choice but to export their granite stones. The company’s CEO Brian Tiwarie said “we are giving up to this month end; if by this month end we see that they are not taking the stone, then we will ship it out, because we have an order of 50,000 tonnes per month to head to Trinidad. A Brazilian company is doing a huge highway in Trinidad we are now signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to have the 50, 000 tons delivered with our ships.” This also comes in the wake of the market currently being supplied with slate stones by Gafsons Industry, a type of stone that BK has quantified as being inferior. Minister of Public Works Robeson Benn however in defending that there is indeed a shortage, expounded that the mere fact that stone is being imported and that stone prices have risen by 40 percent in two years,- is evidence enough that there is a shortage of stone on the market. According to figures from the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC), five quarries owned by BK, Toolsie Persaud and Baracara Quarries among others produced over 483,000

GCCI President Clinton Urling tonnes of boulders, crusher run, sifting and other stones last year. Government projects demanded 1.16 million tonnes, clear indications that there is a shortage. The Ministry said it has since advised the administration to import stones as quarries have not been producing enough to meet local demands. Taking all of the above into consideration GCCI in a press release, yesterday stated that “It is our principled and fundamental belief that if our local private sector companies can supply any goods or services adequately and which meets the necessary quality threshold, then the government should not intervene and compete or cause market distortion by importing such goods and services. In this particular case, the Ministry of Public Works should concede the benefit of the doubt to BK International and take the company up on its stated public position that it can sufficiently supply the domestic market with stones if the requisite demands are made.” Moreover, GCCI calls for “constructive and productive dialogue and consultation between the Ministry of Public Works and private industry players to asses and evaluate the current challenges and to arrive at common ground on this issue to ensure that the best possible outcome is arrived at for the interest of all Guyanese.”

Friday September 20, 2013

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“Commissioner of Police (ag) Leroy Brumell should be confirmed now!” The first step to end political manipulation of the Guyana Police Force is to confirm Deputy Commissioner Leroy Brumell to the substantive position of Commissioner as soon as possible. This is the position of several senior law enforcement officers, political activist Aubrey Norton and former Commissioner of Police now Member of Parliament Winston Felix. “By now, it is no longer a question among members of the Guyanese society as to whether Government officials have their claws sunk deeply in the power pool of the Police Force,” said Felix, a view that is shared by Aubrey Norton and other serving police officers. Frustrated citizens have also expressed that, “in order for any real progress to be achieved by the GPF, which has been striving in their endeavours to observe the letter of the law, there must be an end to the political influence over the Force.” It is the view of those who spoke to this newspaper, that a Commissioner, whose tenure of security is in limbo, is vulnerable. Norton said, “The Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee and PPP are using his (Brumell) non appointment as a sword of

- Former Top Cop

Commissioner of Police (ag) Leroy Brumell Damocles to make him vulnerable.” “They are aware that when a person is close to retirement, they are afraid to lose their benefits and are therefore less likely to challenge the wrongs of the administration, and consequently, turn a blind eye to the wrongdoing of the political directorate.”Brumell has less than a year before he officially retires from the Force. He is one of only two deputy commissioners who were appointed by President Donald Ramotar last year.He began acting as Top Cop almost two years ago when then Commissioner Henry Greene proceeded on administrative leave to

facilitate an investigation of rape following allegations leveled against him.Greene subsequently died leaving that void at the top of the organization. Norton believes that another critical step is the need for the Minister to restrict his involvement to policy formulation and leave the day to day running of the GPF to the Commissioner and his senior officers. “Such high level of professionalism appears to be outside of the Minister’s competence and his authoritarian, if not dictatorial style. The evidence suggests that the Minister’s interest is in micro managing and pursuing a narrow PPP agenda at the expense of maintaining law and order and promoting the interest of the people of Guyana,” the activist said. He continued, “His penchant for micro management is best illustrated by the recent ruckus with senior policemen over his arbitral refusal of their leave. It is reminiscent of his usurping of the functions of the public servants in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and determining even when and if clerks got leave while

70 house lots being sought for phase one Timehri residents Public Works Minister Robeson Benn said yesterday that some 70 house lots are being sought for Timehri North residents in the immediate path of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) expansion project. The Minister was at the time clearing up misunderstands about the Timehri North residents having to go to the Ministry of Housing to apply for house lots. The residents told Kaieteur News that at the first meeting the Public Works Minister had with residents, they were told that they would be acquiring house lots from the Housing Ministry. They said it was mentioned that residents would be moved in phases and those in close proximity of the airport would be the first set to be moved, since they directly affect the extension project. It was mentioned however that visits to the Housing Ministry to ascertain the system under

- Public Works Minister which they would receive the house lots, proved that nothing was in place for them. Public Relations Officer for the Timehri North Development Council (TNDC) Sherlanda Daniels said that residents identified in phase one of the moving plan visited the Housing Ministry, but were told by housing workers that nothing was in place for the Timehri community and that there was no designated area for residents to apply. Benn said yesterday that the housing process is being facilitated by the CJIA. He said that airport officials and the Public Works Ministry have already written to the Housing Ministry for 70 house lots which would be given to those persons immediately affecting the airport’s expansion. Benn explained that the residents do not have to go to the Housing Ministry to receive the house lots but stated that they will be called

in when locations have been ascertained. He mentioned that this is being determined based on the residents request as to where they prefer the house lots since some persons have requested land along the East Coast and other places, while some have opted for Yarrowkabra. On the other hand, residents are adamant that Housing Minister Irfan Ali should meet with the community to tell them firsthand what plans are in store for them. While residents say that if it is absolutely necessary they will move, they are adamant that unless proper compensation is offered, they will not be removed. Benn had stated firmly on other occasions that land would be provided for Timehri residents, but they had nothing more to get since they are “squatters” on airport property. The residents however pointed (Continued on page 16)

he mismanaged that Ministry.” “It must be recalled that one thing that came out of the Linden Commission of Inquiry is that the Minister violates the protocol and procedures of the GPF and speaks directly to policemen at various levels. That level of political interference will have to stop if there is going to be an end to the political control,” Norton declared. Rohee’s alleged micro management of the GPF first gained public attention during a bitter spat early last year with Assistant

Former Top Cop Winston Felix

Aubrey Norton

Commissioner David Ramnarine. The Minister had instructed that Ramnarine be disciplined after claiming that

he had lost confidence in him. Ramnarine was subsequently relieved of his Divisional Commander status.

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Friday September 20, 2013

Govt. to introduce Whistle Blower legislation to fight corruption Government will soon be looking to discuss at the level of Cabinet, the importance of the ‘Whistle Blower’ legislation with a view of aiding the fight against corruption. This disclosure was made by Presidential Advisor, Gail Teixeira, during

a Post Cabinet press briefing at the Office of the President yesterday. In fact, she told media operatives that the proposed piece of legislation has been brought to the attention of the Attorney General’s Office, who is expected to assist the

process. A Whistle Blower Legislation, according to Teixeira, is intended to create a more enabling environment for people to make reports as it relates to instances of corruption whereby persons are protected from

harassment or other associated dangers. This proposed legislation is in fact one of the areas that has been examined by the Organisation of American States (OAS) with the support of a number of countries. The OAS has in place a MESICIC, which is its mechanism for the implementation of the InterAmerican Convention against Corruption. Guyana signed onto the Convention in 2001, a move which was subsequently ratified, according to Teixiera. A total of 31 countries have signed on to the Convention and according to the Presidential Advisor “there was a request by the countries of the OAS for assistance from the OAS Technical and Legal Departments to help us in crafting the draft guidelines for Whistle Blower legislation.” The legislation, according to her, was completed this year after a number of workshops with lawyers, draftsmen and countries, who together worked towards the draft guideline on the areas that would cover the legislation. “So we are taking those draft guidelines and converting them into a piece of legislation for Guyana to examine, so that will be an important component that has to be brought forward,” said Teixeira. And the other mechanisms that the Government is looking at to fight corruption are the

Presidential Advisor, Gail Teixeira, addresses members of the media yesterday at Office of the President Auditor General Office and the Public Accounts Committee, which according to Teixeira, are mechanisms that do not exist in all countries that have signed unto the OAS Convention. “Guyana has a number of architectural, constitutional, legislative as well as administrative measures in place ahead of a number of other countries,” Teixeira mentioned. Her comments were forthcoming even as she responded to a question from this publication relating to moves by the Transparency

Institute Guyana Inc. to mount a Billboard in the vicinity of the Demerara Harbour Bridge encouraging the support of the public to help fight corruption. According to Teixeira, “I personally have no problem with that...having a billboard is not sufficient but it is part of awareness and that can suffice.” However, she pointed out that the most important factor in this regard are the actual mechanisms to help fight corruption whereby investigations can be undertaken and possible charges can even be made.

70 house lots being... (From page 15) out that they developed Timehri and some have been living there all their lives. They also highlighted their concern with the fact that despite organizing their community as they were asked to do in order to have the area regularized, this was never done. The community has also argued that unfair treatment is being meted out to them since “squatters” in Khali road- also located in close proximity to the airporthave been regularized, while they (Timehri residents) are being forced to move. The community also mentioned that persons displaced in Berbice as a result of the Berbice Bridge construction were compensated and they expect the same treatment.

Friday September 20, 2013

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VEHICLE FOR SALE Corolla Axio - TV/ DVD $2.875 - Call: 697-0294 2006 UNREGISTERED PREMIO FULLY LOADED $2.8M. 2003 UNREGISTERED SPACIO BODY KIT, FULLY LOADED $2.25MCALL:642-7295/617-2891 1 -2004 Madza RX-8 6 speed needs an engine, 1 -2004 new model Noah. Both never registered- Call:664-3755 1 Mazda Axela late PPP series- Call:664-3755 Toyota Sprinter AE110. Top condition $1.1M negotiableCall:611-3210 or 690-9168 New ATVs: Introductory price $1,450,000 (Duty Free)Call:691-0234 New 2013 Isuzu: D-Max single & double cabsCall:691-0234 Mitsubishi 3000GT in excellent condition, CD player, 18" rims and more $1.9M cash- Call:621-4000 Hilux Surf 2 doors, automatic, 4 wheel drive, needs minor repairs $875,000- Call:6214000 Hilux Surf 4 doors, automatic, 4 wheel drive, needs minor repairs $950,000- Call:6214000 1 RZ Toyota Hiace minibus, working condition- Call:6625614 BUY/SELL VEHICLES OR PROPERTY save time and money using photo ads Call:6514300/670-4300 Trident car 250cc, new, power window, CD player $450,000 cash- Call:621-4000 Stretch limousine for sale, seats 10 persons, fully powered, excellent condition $6.9M neg- Call:621-4000 Tractor from Canada: 285MF $2.5M, 265MF $2M, 165MF $1.8M, 135MF $1.3M, Ford Ranger pickup $1.5MCall:682-5230/628-9596

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Highly motivated individuals needed for sales leadership training, earn $50,000- $100,000 as you learn- Call:225-7560/680-8218

Kuru Kururu 20 acres with farm house and creek. 26 acres with creek- Call:2615500/643-1861

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Kaieteur News

Friday September 20, 2013

Brumell proud of ranks, but says much work still needs to be done - suspects reportedly for court Monday Commissioner of Police Leroy Brumell yesterday heaped praise on his ranks for their success in capturing several members of a criminal gang that is being linked to the recent attacks at MetenMeer-Zorg and Wakenaam. But he admits that much work needs to be done to keep serious crime in check. “I feel good, I know it is tough (but) I am encouraging them (the ranks),” the Top Cop said. “Sometimes constructive criticism is a good thing. We can’t rest (yet) but we are getting somewhere.” The Commissioner had come in for some criticism, especially following his appeal to the public not to

“push the panic button,” over the recent surge in murders and other serious crimes. Brumell said that some of those captured over the past few days are likely to be charged today. However, Kaieteur News was told late yesterday evening that the suspects may now appear in court on Monday. At least nine suspects remained in custody yesterday. Among them are a boat owner whose vessel was allegedly used during the robbery at Wakenaam, and a Meten-Meer-Zorg resident who allegedly informed the gang about cash that was at the home of Zulficar Namdar. Some of the suspects have already reportedly

confessed to being part of the gang that committed both robberies. But relatives of some of the men, who are being detained at the Leonora Police Station, yesterday alleged that the suspects were beaten. An attorney told Kaieteur News that while he saw no visible marks of violence on his client, some of the other detained men appeared to have been beaten. One of the gang members, Kirk Bacchus, was slain during Monday’s shootout with lawmen at Meten-MeerZorg. A wanted bulletin was issued for his alleged accomplice, Keifa Small, called ‘Frog Eye,’ who managed to escape. Meanwhile, the Top Cop said that other ranks are still working to solve the murder of businesswoman Sirmattie Ramnaress, who was found murdered earlier this month in her Diamond New Scheme, East Bank Demerara residence.

Kaieteur News understands that detectives returned to the crime scene yesterday and Brumell indicated that investigators have some further work to do before seeking legal advice. Investigators have questioned the woman’s reputed husband, Police Sergeant Colin Bailey,

extensively about the case. The policeman has denied having anything to do with her death, and said he is eager to have the case solved. Brumell said that police are also trying to locate city businessman Rondy Jagdeo, who is wanted for the murder of Kirk Davis, who was gunned down outside his

Eccles, East Bank Demerara home this month. Police said that Davis was killed over an affair that he was having with the shooter’s wife. Brumell has said that police are certain of the perpetrator’s identity and that police had received reports that he had either gone into the Interior or to Suriname.

Vagrant’s battered body found in Corentyne house The badly battered body of a vagrant was found at around 20:00 hrs yesterday in an abandoned two-storey house located near the public road at Lancaster Village, Corentyne. Police said that the victim, Ravendranauth Chand known as ‘Parbattie Bucket’, and said to be in his forties, was found lying on a stair in

the bottom flat of the building. Sources said that he was apparently clubbed in the head and other parts of the body. “He was beaten with a wood which was on the step,” a villager told Kaieteur News. Kaieteur News understands that the victim, who is originally from Sisters’ Village, East Bank Berbice, was an alcoholic who would roam the community and sleep in the abandoned house. Police sources said that the vagrant would sometimes share the premises with a

mentally ill man known only as “Rasta Man’. Police suspect that this man committed the heinous crime. According to reports, residents heard someone screaming in the building at around 20:00 hrs. The man’s battered remains were found shortly after. Officers from the Whim Police Station reportedly removed a large piece of wood from the scene, which was allegedly used to beat the victim. The victim’s body was taken to the Ramoo’s Funeral Home at Williamsburg.

Friday September 20, 2013

Kaieteur News

Marriott Hotel...

NICIL/AHI evaluating tenders for entertainment complex Four proposals submitted by companies or individuals to operate the US$4M entertainment complex of the Marriott branded hotel being constructed in Kingston, are currently being evaluated by National Industrial & Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) and Atlantic Hotel Incorporated (AHI). This is according to Winston Brassington, head of NICIL, who said that the tenders or proposals are being evaluated in consultation with Republic Bank Ltd and Marriott Hotel because the selected bidder would be operating a casino. Brassington, who did not want to disclose the names or jurisdictions of the bidders, confirmed that local companies have responded to the numerous advertisements. The number of independent entities evaluating the tenders is questionable since AHI that owns the hotel and entertainment complex was created as a private company by NICIL. There is seemingly no difference between the two entities in terms of leadership. NICIL’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer/Company Secretary, Marcia NadirSharma is also the Company Secretary for AHI, which is also headed by Brassington. According to Brassington, the Marriott Hotel is not being funded by the Consolidated Fund but with moneys from NICIL. The political opposition has argued that the money earned by NICIL is in fact state funds and should be turned over to the Consolidated Fund. Brassington however has argued that only dividends payable by NICIL should be deposited into the Consolidated Fund. With AHI being a private company it does not have to follow public procurement procedures that would have required the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board evaluating the tenders. According to Brassington, the criteria being used to evaluate the tenders was set out in the package issued to anyone looking to be an operator. He said that broadly speaking Government was looking to confirm that the potential operators are committed and able to make the outfitting investment. In addition, the potential operators had to submit

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Husband sets house on fire even as wife makes report at station

Firemen at the scene after the fire was extinguished Head of NICIL and AHI, Winston Brassington conceptual designs of the entertainment complex “to show they have a concept of what they are looking to do with some level of details”. He added that they had to provide financial projections. “These projections were at least in accordance with our feasibility projections because we want to know that the expected cash flow from the entertainment complex will be consistent with our business plan,” he explained. Brassington said that information provided would allow Government to judge the potential operators on technical and financial capabilities to undertake this project with respect to both resources and technical people, who would operate the casino. Last year, reports of Government deciding to

Deputy Chief Executive Officer of NICIL and Company Secretary of AHI, Marcia Nadir-Sharma separate the Marriott Hotel from the casino, night club and restaurant were rejected by the Opposition. A Partnership for National Unity’s Parliamentarian, Joe Harmon, had blasted Government for wanting to separate the Marriott Hotel from its main revenue earners. He had said that the money being invested in the hotel should have been spent on something else to the benefit of the public. “Instead of investing into the Marriott, the government should have built a new harbour bridge which is very critical,” Harmon stated. Harmon believes that the move is in keeping with a “bigger and grander” financial scheme to steal the public’s money.

A security guard is on the run after burning down a house he shared with his spouse at 548, Recht-Door-Zee, Parfaite Harmonie last evening. Police are on the hunt for the man, identified as Godfrey Douglas. Reports reveal that even as his spouse who was identified as “Sherry” was making a report at the La Grange Police Station about her husband’s threat to burn the couple’s home down after a heated quarrel, the man had already set the house ablaze and left. The building was a one storey wooden structure. The woman is an itinerant vendor who

operates at the Parika Market. When Kaieteur News visited the scene, Guyana Power and Light (GPL) workers were seen disconnecting electricity from the building. Eyewitnesses say the Fire Service was prompt in responding but was still too late to save the house which was quickly consumed by fire. Neighbouring houses were saved as the occupants drenched their houses with water . “When I peeped out the window all I see is the house on fire, and it happened after 20:00hrs, and then the fire service and GPL people come.” Another eyewitness related .

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Kaieteur News

Friday September 20, 2013

Friday September 20, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

A MOST DISRESPECTFUL ACT DEAR EDITOR, Yesterday, 18 September 2013, you carried a story we found appalling, shocking and utterly surprising. It was about our beloved teacher/ educator Sir Chandra. For the thousands who knew him as one of the country’s greatest primary educators and who have passed through his hand) we are flabbergasted to have learned about the charges brought against him and his appearance before the Honorable Judge. Throughout our years sitting in his cramped classrooms we never knew that side of his character and for us he has crossed the red line. Even though we love h i m d e a r l y w e will not tolerate this disrespectful behaviour to Aunty. We remember Aunty as a kind, charming and wonderful person. We must have drunk

hundreds of gallons of water from her and she never showed any disgust. What Sir Chandra did to her was unacceptable and we want him to know that although he has contributed greatly to our scholarships and success; we are on her side and strongly condemn his actions. In our years under his tutelage, he enforced the need for the boys in the class to show respect for the girls, and as such we have cultivated tremendous respect for our womenfolk. We are absolutely certain that she will withdraw charges against him but should there be any reoccurrence we will take matters in our own hands. With the click of a button we will gather thousands of his former students and we will leave the rest to your imaginations what the reception will be. Sir Chandra, you are so

special to us that we speak about you every time we congregate, but you let us down. Please be nice to your family. The family is the basic foundation of society, your wife is a garment to you and you are a garment to her. We urge you to desist from such behaviour and attitude,

apologize to her and the rest of the family. Bring her flowers, take her to dinner and be the best individual you can aspire to be. Former students Hana Mohamed, Z Bacchus, S Persaud, S Baksh, R Samuels, A Mohamed

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Kaieteur News

Friday September 20, 2013

Putin sees hope in Syria deal; Kerry says it’s vital U.N. acts

Female members of the “Mother Aisha” battalion sit together along a street in Aleppo’s Salaheddine district, September 19, 2013. REUTERS/Loubna Mrie M O S C O W / WASHINGTON (Reuters) Russian President Vladimir Putin said yesterday he could not be 100 percent certain a U.S.-Russian plan for the destruction of Syrian chemical arms would be carried out successfully, but he saw reason to hope it would. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said it was essential the deal reached last Saturday be enforced and that the U.N. Security Council be willing to act on it next week, when the U.N. General Assembly holds its annual meeting in New York. “The Security Council must be prepared to act next week,” Kerry told reporters In Washington. “It is vital for the international community to stand up and speak out in the strongest possible terms about the importance of

enforceable action to rid the world of Syria’s chemical weapons.” Putin told a gathering of journalists and Russia experts in the Russian town of Valdai that he could not be 100 percent certain the plan for the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons would succeed. “But everything we have seen so far in recent days gives us confidence that this will happen,” he said, adding, “I hope so.” Russia and the United States brokered the deal to put Syrian President Bashar alAssad’s chemical arms stockpiles under international control to avoid possible U.S. military strikes that Washington said would be intended to punish Assad for a poison gas attack last month. Under the U.S.-Russian deal, Assad must account for his chemical weapon stockpiles within a week and see them destroyed by the middle of next year. The five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council - the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China - have been discussing a draft resolution this week that Western powers hope will make the deal legally binding. But Russia, a key ally of Assad, is unhappy with the draft’s references to possible punitive measures against

Syria under Article 7 of the U.N. charter, which talks about U.N. authorization for sanctions and military force. Diplomats say the resolution could come to a vote as early as this weekend or next week. Assad said on Wednesday his government was willing to get rid of its chemical weapons but it would be a very complicated operation that would take about a year and cost about $1 billion. “If the American administration is ready to pay this money and take the responsibility of bringing toxic materials to the United States, why don’t they do it?” Assad said in an interview with Fox News. Assad again denied his forces were responsible for a chemical weapons attack in Ghouta, outside Damascus, on August 21. Putin also reiterated Russia’s contention that the attack was staged by opponents of Assad. The United States says the attack killed more than 1,400 people, including more than 400 children. U.N. chemical investigators confirmed on Monday the use of sarin in a long-awaited report that the United States, Britain and France said proved government forces were responsible.

Friday September 20, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Kaieteur News


NEILS RETURN ENSURES KINGS BEAT PISTONS BY TEN, 53-43 Captain Steve Neils (Jr.) returned as the reigning Linden senior basketball champions Kashif and Shanghai Kings rebounded after their first game loss with a 53-43 win over Wismar

Pistons, when the two sides clashed on Wednesday night in the Trophy Stall Regulation Open basketball championship at the Mackenzie Sports Club hard court.

Neils, who was absent for the Kings first game, marked his return by steadying his side which went down to Block 22 Flames in their opening game, 63-55, as he tossed in 12 points as centre

Friday September 20, 2013 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): Is it time to take a more drastic approach to solving a problem, Aries? If you've made several attempts to resolve your trouble to no avail, it might be something to consider. As long as drastic doesn't equate with destructive, you may find it works to try something more aggressive. *************************** TAURUS (APR 20 MAY 20): Tap into your creativity to unblock your emotions today, Taurus. This can be a more powerful tool than you realize. *************************** GEMINI (MAY 21 JUN 20): You may need to deal with disapproval today, Gemini. This will likely come from someone you see as a superior or authority figure, perhaps a parent or teacher. *************************** CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): Taking time alone is essential for everyone, Cancer, but recognize when you're isolating yourself to the point where it's unhealthy. If you ask why you're taking this time and answer because you're avoiding something or someone, you need to reconsider. Things will only build and get worse under these conditions. *************************** LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): Watch out for the greeneyed monster today, Leo. It can rear up before you even say the word "jealousy" if you're not on your guard. Many situations that cause this feeling are born of insecurity. ************************ VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): You may feel insecure about your appearance today, Virgo. This can be a vicious cycle, and the end result is almost always negative. Rather than picking yourself to pieces, find ways to accept your looks.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): Jealousy might rear its head today, Libra. The key to coping with it is to understand why you feel insecure. If you're jealous of a partner, why is this? *************************** SCORPIO (OCT 23 NOV 21): Arts and crafts may hold your interest today, Scorpio. Even if you lean more toward sports, an artistic streak likely runs pretty strong in you. *************************** SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 - DEC 21): Getting along with others may prove challenging today, Sagittarius. The planetary aspects can have you isolating yourself. You might feel impatient and easily annoyed. If this is so, stay solo if you can. *************************** CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19):Don't be surprised if you're a little weepy today, Capricorn. The day's planetary influences could enhance your sensitivity to everything, including your feelings. Let yourself cry if you need to - it can be cleansing. *************************** AQUARIUS (JAN 20 FEB 18): Obsessive thinking may be something you need to look at today, Aquarius. Common areas for such behaviors are in the pursuit of money, power, success, and romance. *************************** PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20):Don't act impulsively today, Pisces. It can be easy to confuse this with spontaneity, but one has more thought in it than the other. Look before you leap! Think everything through from decisions to projects to contracts. for hurt by being gullible.

Omally Sampson, who was held to six points in that defeat, top scored with 14. Shooting guard Orin Rose added seven for the defending champions, while the best scorers for the Pistons were Dwight Cooper with 14 points, Kurt Bascom with 13 and Mark Louis chipped in with eight. Tonight Half Mile Bulls play Bankers Trust Falcons in the first game at 7.30pm and the second is between Amelia’s Ward Jets and retrieve Raiders at 9.00pm On tomorrow two more matches are slated with Pistons taking on Block 22 Flames and Kings down to face Victory Valley Royals.

Friday September 20, 2013

Grand opening set for... From page 43 used are the one we play on at home, the Stag 1000 so that a plus. I am looking forward to good things from our players in this competition which will be hot and exciting.” Badminton coach Gokarn Ramdhani informed that his two players have adjusted well so far. Yesterday they were able to play some warm up matches against players from Argentina which went well. “The venue is fine and they have been doing well so far. I found that because of the air, the shuttle has been moving a bit slow but we will adjust to that and be ready to take on our competition with success.” Weightlifting Coach Sean Cozier too, expressed confidence in his three athletes.

They have been fine tuning their techniques at their sessions and like the others, the weather has been a challenge, “But we are getting their and will be ready,” Cozier boasted. The boxers and cyclists also trained yesterday. There was a minor accident where Alonzo Ambrose fell coming down a hill and did not negotiate a bump properly. He was taken to hospital where he received a few (3) stitches for a minor cut on his left shoulder. Cycling Coach William Howard said that Ambrose will be fit and ready for competition. Howard noted however that the Mountain and BMX cycles that were promised by the Organising Committee were not yet delivered up to last evening which will pose some challenges for his charges. Despite the many hiccups, Team Guyana is focused on taking on their competition and doing well.

Friday September 20, 2013

Kaieteur News

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1st South American Youth Games Profiles

Guyana will be represented by a 31 Member team at the 1 South American Youth Games in Lima, Peru featuring 13 other countries competing in 19 disciplines. The Games which will see athletes between the ages of

14 – 18 competing will see Guyana competing in Athletics, Badminton, Boxing, Cycling, Weightlifting, Table Tennis and Swimming. Kaieteur Sport is pleased to bring you Profiles of our athletes and Coaches.


Sport: Athletics – 100m & 200m @ 1SAYG Age: 16 School: East Ruimveldt Secondary Past Achievements: 2013 Junior Carifta Bronze Medalist – Bahamas; World Youth Championships – Ukraine Goal for 1SAYG: Aiming to medal


Sport: Weightlifting – 77kg Category Age: 15 School: East Ruimveldt Secondary Past Achievements: First Overseas Assignment Goal for 1 SAYG: Aiming to win Name: Sean Cozier Sport: Weightlifting Coach Age: 39 Past Achievements: Former National 1992 - 2008


Sport: Athletics – 100m @ 1SAYG Age: 16 School: St. John’s College Goal for 1SAYG: Aiming for Personal Best Time and medaling in the process, will try his best.

Name: JASON YAW Sport: Athletics – 200m & 400m @ 1SAYG Age: 16 School: B.V Secondary Past Achievements:

2013 Carifta Games Bronze medalist – Bahamas where he became the first male Guyanese sprinter to medal at these games; World Junior C/ships in Ukraine; won T&T Junior National C/ships 2013 and is the only 400m ranked youth on men’s list in South America. Goal for 1 SAYG: Seeking to win Gold in both events


Sport: Weightlifting +63kg Category Age: 14 School: Dolphin Secondary Past Achievements: 2013 Pan American Under-17 Championships – Mexico Goal for 1 SAYG: Seeking to win Gold

Match-fixing: Ex-Fifa security chief wants global intelligence body BBC Sport - Football needs a global body to deal with match-fixing because the game is in “crisis”, according to Fifa’s former head of security Chris Eaton. Police in Singapore have arrested 14 people said to be part of a gang involved in global football match-fixing, including the alleged leader. Officials said 680 suspect games have been identified between 2008 and 2011. Eaton said a “global intelligence system” would see information shared more easily and action taken quicker. In February, European police agency Europol said that hundreds of games worldwide, including those in the Champions League and World Cup

qualifiers, had been linked to a match-fixing syndicated. And a month later, the Football Association contacted all 22 Blue Square Bet South clubs after concerns over suspicious betting patterns in the division. “Football is in crisis, undoubtedly in lower leagues,” Eaton told BBC Sport. “It doesn’t mean it will always be in the lower leagues or that it is not going to return to international friendlies or competitions.” This month, Singapore and Australian police - in two separate investigations have made arrests relating to match-fixing. In the Singapore investigation, it is understood that Singaporean businessman Dan Tan, the alleged global

match-fixer at the head of the gang, is one of those who has been arrested. However, while Eaton, who is now chief executive of the International Centre for Sports Security, believes the arrests in Singapore and Australia are “very significant”, he says there is more to do. “It is a strong message sent to criminal organisations who are operating in this field,” he said. “It is very important because up until now, we’ve focused on players and match-fixers. But the real people who need to be caught are the people who are organising the betting fraud.” He argued a global intelligence system would enable “sport, bookmakers,

sport betting regulators and police around the world to collectively get together and share information for these timely operations”. “Sport can’t wait for these two or three-y e a r investigations that Europe is common for,” he added. In relation to the arrests in Singapore, a Fifa spokesman said: “We are aware of the matter and will continue to monitor the situation. As the matter is ongoing, please understand we are not in a position to provide any further comment. “Speaking generally, we welcome all actions taken by law enforcement bodies to bring the perpetrators of match manipulation to justice.”




Sport: Athletics: 1500m & 3000m @ 1SAYG Age: 16 School: Blayden Hall Secondary Past Achievements: 2012 Carifta Games – Bermuda; 2011 IGG Suriname Goal for 1 SAYG: Aiming for Gold medals Sport: Athletics Coach Age: 39 Past Achievements: Former national junior sprinter and current Record holder of the Under-20 National Schools 100m which still stands at 10.60secs.

Sport: Weightlifting Age: 15 School: St. Rose’s High Past Achievements: Represented Guyana at cricket in 2010 and has donning national colours in Martial Arts since she was 7 yearold. Goal for 1 SAYG: To do her best in this sport as she has done in the others

Mohamed slams century as Eccles Beat Unity by 9-wkts A fine century by Shaheed Mohamed guided Eccles Sports Club to a comfortable nine wicket victory over Unity Sports Club in a feature 25 overs match played last Sunday at Unity. Opener Mohamed ended unbeaten on 102 and got support from Hemraj Garbarran who cracked a robust 91 not out to see their team home for the lost of one wicket in the 23 over, finishing on 208. Anthony Carto removed Joel Dilshan early, but any hopes of a Unity victory were soon halted by Mohamed and Garbarran as the pair shared in an unbroken second wicket of 198. Carto had 1-39. Earlier, Unity took first strike and posted 207-9 off their allotted overs. Shabaab Budhram was their leading batsman with 52 while Jagdesh Persaud supported with 34 and Naim Chand 27. Off spinner Johnny Azeez grabbed 4-19 and Kapildev Singh 2-40 for Eccles who received the winning team trophy. Unity took the runner up prize while Mohamed collected the best batsman and man of the match awards. Azeez was given the most outstanding bowler prize. The game was sponsored by the Unitech Awning Company of Eccles.

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Kaieteur News

Friday September 20, 2013

FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca- Two Cycling Events carded Cola comes to GEORGETOWN, GUYANA for tomorrow and Sunday GEORGETOWN, GUYANA, — For the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Coca-Cola is creating the world’s most inclusive, participatory experiential event ever. The FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola will give more than one million people across the world the chance to experience the FIFA World Trophy in their own communities. Guyana included, the FIFA World Cup Trophy will arrive in Georgetown on October 30, 2013. This will be the largest and longest global tour of the FIFA World Cup Trophy by Coca-Cola. Visiting more countries than ever during its nine-month journey, a total of 89 countries, with events in 39 countries across the region that is home to the host nation, Brazil. The tour will also be visiting 50 new countries that have never had the opportunity to host the trophy before. The FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola is an exhibition of the real, oneof-a-kind, solid-gold FIFA World Cup Trophy. The tour officially started in Brazil on September 12, its first international stop. It then is traveling to Fiji, Vanuatu and Tahiti in the South Pacific to get to Costa Rica on September 24 as the first point of its appointment in the Americas. The FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola will arrive at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), Timehri at 09:00 hours on October 30 where dignitaries will give a “First Look” of the Trophy before attending the

National Cycling Coach, Hassan Mohamed has organized the second Annual RRT Enterprise Youth Cycle Programme for Saturday at the National Park Circuit at 09:00hs, while Mohamed has planned the third Annual Banks Malta 50 Miles Cycle Road Race for the next day in West Demerara. The Banks Malta 50 miles race will commence on the West Bank of Demerara at

08:00hrs at Wales Police Station, proceed to Bushy Park on the East Bank of Essequibo before returning to Demerara Harbour Bridge for the finish. The Veteran, Mountain Bikers and Female will turn back at Uitvlugt Community Centre. The first six finishers will receive prizes. The first three Juniors, first three Veterans, first three Mountain Bikers

and first three Females and first Over-60 rider will all receive prizes. Eight Prime Prizes to be won during the course of the race. Outdoor event Manager Clayton McKenzie and other representatives from the company will distribute the prizes to the winners. The 2012 Winners, except Raul Leal, are expected to defend their titles are:

FIFA world cup trophy

Media event. Banks DIH Limited Sports Club at Thirst Park will be the venue for an exclusive experience where the FIFA World Cup Trophy will be on display and invitees will get a chance to have their picture taken with it at the event. The tour continues through Central America and the Caribbean to the November 7 and from there will travel Africa, Middle East, Asia, South and North America and Europe, to return

to Brazil in late April 2014, in time for the start of the World Cup. The Coca-Cola Company has had a long-standing relationship with FIFA since 1974 and has been an official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup since 1978. Coca-Cola is a long-time supporter of football at all levels. This is the third time that Coca-Cola and FIFA have come together to bring the Trophy Tour to the world, starting in 2006 and then again in 2010.

Trophy Stall Male/ Female Softball Begins As GFSCA prepares for its next International Softball Tournament

Orin Bancroft wins in Barbados as amateur boxers experienced mix fortunes in Barbados The three amateur boxers that travelled to Barbados to participate in a goodwill tournament Sunday September 15 last, experienced mixed fortunes with Harpy Eagles junior representative, flyweight Orin Bancroft winning a close 2-1 verdict, while his compatriots, Junior Henry, also at a similar level as Bancroft and senior flyweight pugilist, Joel Williamson, both dropped points decisions. Harpy Eagles coach, James Walcott, traveled with the squad and reported that Bancroft turned in a masterful performance that left no room for doubt as to who had won the bout. However, Walcott said that he was surprised

In benjie as ‘boxing Orin Bancroft’ that the decision went that close. He said that Bancroft stuck to a plan and

overwhelmed his man and easily won the bout by a wide margin, contrary to the judges’ scorecard. The coach said that Williamson was matched against one of the best boxers in Barbados and gave a good account of himself. He further said that in his estimation, the Guyanese pugilist had done enough to clinch the verdict but the judges felt otherwise. Quizzed about Henry’s performance, Walcott said that his charge had lost fair and square. However, he said that Henry procrastinated in the early rounds and only came to life in the final stanza which proved to be insufficient in the end; he also lost on a 2-1 verdict.

GFSCA organiser Wayne Jones (right) receives tournament trophies from Ramchand Ragbeer & Ramesh Sunich (centre). Trophy Stall of 241 South Road & Bourda St. Lacytown, City Mall and the Trophy Stall, Bourda Market, are the sponsor of the next Nationwide Male/Female Softball Tournament. Games begin next Sunday Sept. 29th at various venues around the country. This Trophy Stall Tournament is a stepping stone for players to get practice with the White-Ball as the Guyana Floodlight Softball Cricket Association (GFSCA) prepares for its next

International Softball Tournament “Guyana Softball Cup III”. The tournament will feature teams from New York, Florida, Canada and Guyana, as teams battle for World’s softball supremacy. “Guyana Softball Cup III” will be held in Georgetown at various venues on November 8th, 9th with the finals being played on Sunday Nov. 10th at the GCC Ground Bourda. The Trophy Stall Softball starts next week and will be played in three categories; Male/Female Open and Male

40 years and over. Winning prize for the two male categories are $100,000 + Trophy. Runner-up will receive $25,000 + trophy. For the female, winner is $50,000 + Trophy, and Runner-up is $25,000 + Trophy. There will also be prizes for Player of the Tournament and Man of the match in the final. Teams interested can call Wayne Jones at 650-1790 (Demerara), Khalid Baksh at 618-1905 (Essequibo) and David Looknauth at 618-3717 (Berbice) for registration.

Friday September 20, 2013

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GCA competitions Basketball set to be revamped in Berbice continue this weekend The sport of basketball is set to get a new lease of life in Berbice and that is if things go according to plans of a new Interim Management Committee (IMC) that was recently installed. After a set of meetings and consultations a new body was put in place to oversee the implementation of a basketball programme in the Ancient County. It was observ e d t h a t a p r o p e r body was not in place and although the name Berbice Basketball Association (BBA) was being used there was not a functioning unit in place. Recently a group of former players including some from overseas, some sports administrators and business personnel in the area met and decided that something must be done to help revive the once thriving game in the County. Thus the IMC was put in place. The new body is being headed by former player and vet Keith Myers with former

GFA Playoffs A goal apiece from Va s h i l e C a n t z e l a a r a n d Lerone Charles was enough to secure victory for Santos FC over Fruta Conquerors after their clash ended 2-1 when action in the Georgetown Football Association ( G FA ) P l a y o ff s w h i c h continued on Wednesday, at the Tucville Community Centre ground. In the earlier encounter, Julian Forris’ 80th minute strike enabled Riddim Squad to beat Camptown FC 1-0. In the feature game, Cantzelaar and Charles netted in the 9thand 64th minutes respectively, while Eon Alleyne’s penalty just before the first half concluded had the game deadlocked at the break. Wi t h b o t h t e a m s needing a win to boost their respective chances of qualifying for the upcoming Guyana Football Federation Premier League which commences next month, Santos by virtue of its win placed the club in an excellent position to do so. They took the lead through Cantzelaar, who netted from the penalty spot after they were awarded a spot kick

Chief Labour Officer Norman Semple as the Vice President. The Secretary is former National Netball player Petra Ford with Accountant Clement DeNobrega serving as the Treasurer. The Assistant Secretary/ Treasurer is John Smith. Sports Enthusiast and founder of The Unity of The Nation Group Eli Hazel is the PRO. The broad based group also has five committee members in Businessmen Joshua Torrezao of Banks DIH, Former National Volleyball Captain and Basketball player Charles ‘Wheels’ Bristol- Henry of Bristol’s Mini Mart, Community activist Ryan Alexander of Yikes Business Establishment, Amstel Curt and Lloyd Liefve of Pam American Motors Sales. Representatives from as far as Ma h a i c o n y, a n d other parts of Region Five (West Berbice), Corentyne, East Canje and New Amsterdam were present at the meetings. Among the task of the IMC is to

oversee the drafting of a new constitution and the holding of elections. The IMC will also work with the clubs in the county to make sure they are in proper order and properly constituted and make sure that the BBA gets affiliated to the Guyana Amateur Basketball Association (GABA) which is the governing body for the sport in Guyana. The group has also made contact with prominent businessman and Berbician Courtney Benn to help rehabilitee the court at Vryman’s Erven. Former national player, overseas based Sean Semple has also vowed to assist. Whilst the executives are working on the completion of the constitution, a number of follow up meetings are being planned for various parts of Berbice where sensitization programmes will be held along with coaching sessions, while exhibition games will also be played.

Santos and Riddim Squad latest winners resulting from a handled ball infringement. H o w e v e r, w h e n h e strode up to take the kick his initial effort was parried back intoi play by the g o a l k e e p e r, but unfortunately it landed right back into the path of Cantzelaar, who made no mistake this time, lashing the ball back into the net. Santos and more directly Cantzelaar suffered in the dying seconds of the first half when he was shown the red card for deliberately preventing Conquerors Gerald Gritten from scoring after the player was heading towards the goal to attempt to gain the equaliser and was impeded inside the 18-yard box. Alleyne, a very reliable penalty kicker stepped up to take the kick and he sent the keeper the wrong way as he placed his flat right footed effort to the right corner of the net. Even though played the duration of the second period with 10 players, they looked more menacing in offence and most persons felt that it was only a matter of time before they did as the host struggled

for consistency in a lacklustre display. Their lethargic performance did not go without punishment as Charles ran on to a perfectly weighted pass that spilt two defenders, easily rounded the Conquerors goalkeeper, before finishing with aplomb to guarantee three crucial points for his side. Victorious coach Dwain Babb during an invited comment said, “It was a good game. When we went down to 10 men, I told the team they are gonna come out and run at us and that we need to be more defensive and counter when we can.” Conquerors Head Coach Sampson Gilbert in a post match comment said “As a result of our failure to convert our opportunities the defensive aspect of game was put under pressure. We had the opportunity to win, but we are not scoring goals”. “ We a r e d e f i n i t e l y looking forward to qualifying out of the tournament and we are taking it one game at a time,” he said.

The Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) competitions continue this weekend with several matches. The fixtures read; On Saturday and Sunday, Hadi’s first division 2 day Everest will play Police at Everest with Mario Nicholls and Cyril Garnath umpiring and Gandhi Youth Organization will take on Georgetown Cricket Club at Malteenoes with Ryan Banwarie and Nolan Hawke calling play. Play starts at 09:30hrs. In the Banks Malta U-13

25 overs semi finals on Saturday at 09:30 hrs, Everest will face Transport Sports Club at GYO while GYO will clash with Demerara Cricket Club at the said venue from 13:30 hrs. Javed Persaud and Daniel Richmond will officiate in both matches. On Sunday in the Brain Street U-15 semi finals at 09:30 hrs, GYO will host GNIC with Heuvel Cunha and Deon Feisal in charge and Everest will travel to DCC with Anthony Ramsahai and Andrew Allen doing duties.

NBS second division 40 over on Saturday at 11:00 hrs: GNIC vs Malteenoes at GNIC, umpires Jagdesh Goberdhan and Randolph Rose, MYO vs Saints at MYO, umpires Linden Matthews and Heuvel Cunha. On Sunday at 11:00 hrs, GCC vs Transport SC at Bourda, umpires Edward Bowen and Javed Persaud, UG vs Sophia at GNIC umpires Zaheer Mohamed and Randolph Rose, Police vs Malteenoes SC at Police, umpires Clyde Layne and Joseph Jeffery.

Josiah-Tanner is the one to beat on Sunday - US-based athlete to defend Courts 10k title Euleen Josiah-Tanner has been the most dominant female road race runner in the last three years with an impressive collection. JosiahTanner will no doubt be the one to beat on Sunday when Courts Guyana Inc. hosts its fourth 10km Road Race Classic. Josiah-Tanner, who has won the prestigious CARICOM 10km Road Race and has placed in the top of many of the Caribbean’s leading 10km Road Races, will most likely be unchallenged on Sunday in the absence of Alika Morgan, who is in Indonesia. Josiah-Tanner defeated Morgan last weekend at the AinLim 10k race. However, Morgan, who placed third in the race, has left for the Islamic Games in Indonesia, a decision from the Athletic Association of Guyana that has once again deflated Josiah-Tanner. However, the United States-based Josiah-Tanner will quickly recover this weekend to extend her dominance on the local longdistance running scene. Jevina Straker, who also defeated Morgan last weekend, is likely to be her biggest challenger at the Courts race. Josiah-Tanner has competed at the Run Barbados 10km race and was the first Caribbean woman to cross the finish line. She has been competing in and out the region for quite some time with an insurmountable number of successes. There is no doubt that she will be the one to beat when she takes the road on Sunday. The race will have five categories, namely Junior (age 16-19); seniors (Men 20-

Euleen Josiah-Tanner 34) and (Women 20-39); Masters (Women 35 and over); Masters (Men 40-54) and Masters (Men 56 and over); all categories will attract cash prizes and trophies. Banks DIH under its Powerade and Aqua Mist brands are also partnering with Courts for the race that will doll out $100,000 each to the open male and female winners. Second place will pocket a sum of $80,000; third $60,000; fourth $40,000 and fifth $20,000 for fifth place. The top junior male and female athletes will win $60,000 while second, third, fourth and fifth get $40,000, $30,000, $20,000 and $10,000 respectively. The Masters women 35 and above and men 40-54 earn prize monies of

$60,000, $40,000 and $25,000 for first to third while the Masters men 56 and above will pocket $40,000, $25,000 and $15,000 for first through third. The route for the race will be: the race will start in front of Courts, Main Street, proceed North to the Seawall Road, east along the Seawall Road, continue east along Rupert Craig Highway northern carriageway to turn at Church Road, Rupert Craig Highway southern carriageway into Kitty Public Road, South on Vlissingen road, west on Lamaha Street, south on the eastern carriageway on Main Street, turn around at the cenotaph to finish on the western carriageway of Main Street in front of Courts.

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Friday September 20, 2013

Edwards states comeback case with ton

ESPNcricinfo - After We s t I n d i e s A w e r e hammered in the opening one-dayer, they had just one day to regroup against an India A side high on confidence and a captain who made a stirring comeback ton. For the second game in succession, West Indies lost the toss, but it wasn’t a bad thing as their batsmen batted the hosts out of the game to take the series 2-1. ‘A’ tours are essentially auditions for the national side and West Indies ended the series with two gains. The relatively unknown Jonathan Carter sent a message to the selectors with a century in the second match and in the third, Kirk Edwards sent them a reminder with a comeback ton. The tour had a lot of context for Edwards, who

said ahead of the series that he was looking to build on this opportunity to make a comeback. He last played for West Indies in May 2012 and his previous ODI appearance was a year e a r l i e r. T h o u g h h e h a s played an equal number of Te s t s and ODIs, indications have been that the selectors see a bigger role for him as a Test batsman. Having juggled both one-day and four-day captaincies so far, Edwards was relieved of the duty in the shorter format to allow him to focus on his own batting and give Kieran Powell experience at leading a side. Edwards was guilty of not converting his starts in the first two matches. On Sunday, he edged to the keeper after making a brisk 19; on Tuesday he moved to 36 after smashing a six over square leg but was stumped down the leg side

Windies A clinch series, Johnson among runs the following ball while trying to repeat the stroke. To d a y, h e h e l d b a c k , initially preferring to play from the crease. Three boundaries off Yuvraj Singh, through the off side and over midwicket, got him going. What would have helped settle Edwards early was the start provided by the openers. Kieran Powell, who had struggled to push on in the earlier matches, made a conscious effort to force his way into form, risking his wicket with a few top edges. When Edwards walked in at No. 3, he had the cushion of 74 runs made in just over 13 overs. The start rubbed off on Jonathan Carter and Leon Johnson as well, who shared stands of 66 and 93 with Edwards. Edwards’ knock was a typical one-day innings - steady building

followed by acceleration. He focused on taking singles, and as his fifty approached, had the confidence to waltz down the track to the offspinner Yusuf Pathan and loft over deep midwicket. He reached the mark with a massive six over long-on that was headed perilously close to the press box windows. Edwards took apart the part-timers, cutting the offspin of B Aparajith past the wicketkeeper and short third man for boundaries. Johnson’s more aggressive knock at the other end put West Indies on the path to a big score and after he was dismissed, caught at cover, Edwards took control. He was helped by

questionable field placements by Yuvraj after t h e 4 0 t h over. With no Powerplay restrictions, India had as many as five fielders in the ring on the off side, with three in the deep on the leg side. It worked against India as the bowlers repeatedly used length deliveries against the set Edwards, who picked the gaps past point and cover with ease and bludgeoned a six over the clubhouse roof to hasten his progress towards a century. Siddarth Kaul was punished for 23 in an over, and without any protection in the deep on the offside, Edwards picked him for three consecutive boundaries. He acknowledged his century with a simple raise of the

Shawn Cox goes after another world title belt in historic South Africa encounter Just over a year after he suffered a technical knockout loss to Russian pugilist, Denis Levedev, for the World Boxing Association (WBA) cruiserweight title at the Crocus City Hall, Myakinino, Russia, Barbadian heavyweight pugilist, Shawn ‘The Sniper’ Cox has traveled to another continent and will face off with South African, Danie Venter in the latter fighter’s hometown, for the World Boxing Federation (WBF) cruiserweight belt tomorrow evening. Cox arrived in South Africa last Thursday and has been putting the final touches to his preparations for tomorrow night’s fight. He is accompanied by his manager/ coach, Sam Layne who is exuding confidence that his charge will be the new champion when the smoke is cleared. In an interview with this newspaper earlier in the week, Layne said that his charge is well prepared and rearing to go. He said that Cox is capable of going the distance but he (Layne) believes the fight won’t go the full twelve rounds. Conversely, Venter will enjoy home advantage and has promised to give Pretoria a fight worthy of watching. “Saturday is a big evening for us in Pretoria since it’s been 34 years since fans had witnessed a live boxing match,” the South African has been quoted as saying. His coach, Charles Backhouse said that the crowd can expect exciting and scientific boxing from his

bat and the knock was a confidence-booster ahead of the three unofficial Tests, which he will captain. He was bowled for a run-aball 104 off a yorker from Jaydev Unadkat, who took his first List A five-for, though the left-arm seamer was gifted his wickets a s t h e b a t s m e n looked for quick runs. West Indies made 100 runs off the last ten overs and that was enough to shut the hosts out. The only passage that kept India in the hunt was the third-wicket stand of 112, off 117 balls, between Aparajith and Yuvraj. An estimated 11,000 filled the seats at the Chinnaswamy - the best turnout of the series expecting another masterclass from Yuvraj. Yuvraj powered along at more than a run-a-ball, slogging the spinners several rows back. Aparajith, who replaced the out-of-sorts Unmukt Chand, made good use of the opportunity with some positive drives. A worried Powell summoned his troops for a quick chat after the stand grew. When Yuvraj played back to a straight delivery by Ashley Nurse and lost his stumps, India’s resistance receded. India needed another big partnership to wrest the initiative but Yuvraj’s departure proved untimely. Scores: West IndiesA312 for 9 (Edwards 104, Johnson 54, Unadkat 5-55) beat India A 267 for 8 (Aparajith 78, Yuvraj 61) by 45 runs.

Shawn Cox

charge who has numbing power in both hands and could produce a knockout. Cox is no slouch nor is he a stranger to Guyanese boxing fans. Ever since he has made his debut on the local scene against Leon ‘The Lion’ Gilkes in September 2010, Cox has endeared himself to Guyanese to the extent that he has been unofficially decreed citizenship by his fans. He has defeated several Guyanese pugilists including Winston Pompey, Wayne ‘Big Truck’ Braithwaite and Anthony Augustin. He is a regular feature on the monthly Guyana Fight Night boxing cards. Mr. Layne said that despite Shawn being born in Barbados he has a close affinity to Guyanese and would like to share the

honours with them when he would have won the title. “And so I would like you to convey my sentiments to all Guyanese that (Shawn) will be fighting for their honour,” assured Mr. King. Under the apartheid system, South Africa has been starved of world class boxing matches and it has been 34 years since Pretoria last saw a world title fight when Gerrie Coetzee, thought to be ‘The White Hope’ clashed withAmerican ‘Big’John Tate for the World Boxing Association (WBA) heavyweight title at Loftus Versfeld on October 20, 1979, in front of an impressive crowd of 81 000. In that context, Cox will be engaged in a historic feat and would be more than anxious to deliver the goods.

File photo: Kirk Edwards’ knock was a typical one-day innings - steady building followed by acceleration © Associated Press

Leon Johnson

World Cup 2022: Uefa... From page 44 summer,” said Fifa vice-president Jim Boyce. “Everyone was certainly in agreement about that.” Boyce, a former president of the Irish Football Association, added that the debate was now whether the tournament would be played in January of 2022 or in November and December of that year. Uefa favours January so that it does not impact on the Cham-

pions League, but British associations want to ensure their domestic festive fixtures are protected. Boyce says the associations do not want Fifa to rush that decision. “There is still nine years to go and people feel Fifa should sit down with all the major stakeholders and come up with a solution that would cause the minimum disruption to football,” he said. “There is plenty of time to do that in

my opinion.” Fifa could agree in principle to alter the timing of the World Cup at a meeting in Zurich early next month, but the news that European football chiefs are backing a switch is significant. That is because European associations represent 10 members of Fifa’s 22strong executive committee, which will make the final decision.

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