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Friday September 18, 2015

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Romanian PM Ponta faces trial in corruption case Reuters - Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta was indicted yesterday on charges of forgery, moneylaundering and being an accessory to tax evasion, piling pressure on a premier also facing mounting criticism and elections. Ponta, who was first charged in August, has repeatedly dismissed the accusations, resisted calls to resign and yesterday hit out at a “totally unprofessional” prosecutor, saying the charges had been fabricated. He has so far had the backing of his leftist party and its allies to stay in power. However in his first comments since the indictment, party chief Liviu Dragnea, while reiterating his support, also left the door open for Ponta to quit. Ponta, who took power in 2012 as the country’s youngest ever premier, will become Romania’s first sitting prime minister to be tried for graft. The case, the biggest yet in a sweeping crackdown on corruption, will now go to Romania’s top court, though no date was set. Prosecutors have said he will remain free during the hearing. “In a normal country, the impact from such a move (the indictment) would be radical and the prime minister immediately would quit his job,” said political analyst Cristian Patrasconiu. “(The indictment) dramatically narrows any space of political manoeuvring by Ponta. He has no future but he will cling to power.” Ponta was already wounded by a shock presidential election defeat

Victor Ponta last November and faces a national election next year. The indictment comes at a delicate time for his government, which has just pushed through a divisive tax-cutting programme and may soon start talks for a new aid agreement with the International Monetary Fund. After touting Romania’s prospects for strong economic growth in a Facebook post, Ponta said the country’s only problem was “the obsession of a totally unprofessional prosecutor to assert himself in his career by inventing and imagining untrue deeds and situations from 10 years ago”. He did not refer to any prosecutor by name. Romania has been dogged by political instability since shedding Communist rule in 1989, but markets appear to have shrugged off the corruption case so far. The leu recovered its earlier losses to trade flat against the euro at 4.416 by the close of trade on

Thursday. Under Romanian law, President Klaus Iohannis, a rival of Ponta’s who used to head the main opposition National Liberal Party, has the power to choose a new prime minister if Ponta steps down. Iohannis could try to cobble together a coalition of the liberals and smaller parties. “A departure of Victor Ponta from the government could pose problems for the party because ... we have no guarantee President Klaus Iohannis would appoint another prime minister from the party,” Social Democrat party leader Dragnea told B1 TV. “There are no signs that the party wouldn’t continue to support Victor Ponta but his own decision is very important. It is important that he is able to organise his thoughts. Based on what he decides we will discuss in the party.” The ruling party’s executive committee will discuss the issue at a meeting on Monday. Iohannis, who had called on Ponta to resign when the case first began, said Romania’s image would suffer because of it. “In my view, the situation is more and more problematic for the prime minister, for the government and for the Social Democrat Party,” Iohannis told reporters. “But we must admit that Romania’s image has the most to suffer from this issue.” The inquiry into Ponta mainly concerns his time as a lawyer and accuses him of colluding with Dan Sova, a former transport minister in his cabinet who is also being investigated for corruption.

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Friday September 18, 2015

Croatia overwhelmed by flood of migrants, EU calls summit Reuters - Croatia threatened to close its border with Serbia yesterday as migrants fled from overwhelmed police, trekked through fields and tried to steal into Slovenia by train in a desperate march westwards that is sowing discord and recrimination in Europe. The European Union’s newest member said some 8,000 migrants had trudged across its border from Serbia in one day, driven from trying to enter through Hungary by a metal fence, tear gas and water cannon. Amid desperate scenes at a railway station on Croatia’s eastern frontier, where thousands were left stranded overnight under open skies,

the European Union called an emergency summit next week to try to overcome disarray in the 28-nation bloc. Croatia said it may have to use the army to stop thousands of migrants crisscrossing the Western Balkans in their quest for sanctuary in the wealthy 28-nation bloc. It shuttled some to reception centres near Zagreb, but many simply slipped the net of overwhelmed authorities and set off for the Slovenian border, just 30 kilometres (19 miles) from the Croatian capital. There, Slovenian police halted a train carrying some 150 migrants at Dobova train station on Slovenia’s side of the border and said they

would be sent back. A Reuters TV crew said some tried to leave the train but were stopped by police. Some refused water in protest. Slovenia later stopped all train traffic on the main line from Croatia through the border point and police stepped up checks in the area with helicopter and land patrols. “We will return them (the migrants) to Croatia in the shortest time possible,” Anton Stubljar, a local police official, told reporters. The stalled train threatens to become the latest symbol of an EU deeply divided over how to handle the influx of hundreds of thousands of people mostly fleeing war and poverty in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Croatian Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic said the country would close its border with Serbia if another 8,000 were to pour over the border in one day. Macedonia tried a similar tactic last month ago, lobbing

A migrant carrying a baby is stopped by Hungarian police officers as he tries to escape on a field nearby a collection point in the village of Roszke, Hungary. REUTERS/Marko Djurica tear gas and stun grenades to keep back crowds, but was eventually overwhelmed. Hungary did it with a 3.5metre (10-foot) fence built the length of its frontier with

Serbia and a raft of immigration laws that rights groups say break international law. Hungary’s crackdown has shifted pressure onto Croatia, Slovenia and Romania. At the eastern border town of Tovarnik, scuffles broke out as Croatian police tried to get women and children to board the buses bound for reception centres

near Zagreb. Women screamed and children cried in desperate scenes. Groups of migrants broke away from the police and set off on foot down railway lines and through fields. Croatia’s president met the army chief of staff and asked the military to be ready, if necessary, to protect national borders from illegal migration, state news agency Hina reported.

Friday September 18, 2015

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DRUG-USE IS NOT A MAJOR PROBLEM IN OUR SCHOOLS I am not too concerned about drug use in our school system. I have reservations about the findings of a survey done last year which suggests that drug use is prevalent in our school system more so in the private schools than in the public school system. My reservations are based on the methodology. If you are going to use a questionnaire to ascertain drug use in our school system, you are likely to have exaggerated findings. There will be some school children, particularly boys who will boast that they use drugs when in fact they have never

smoked even a cigarette. It makes them seem manlier if they admit to using drugs and therefore there is going to be bias in the results provided. I am not going to accept that we have a serious druguse problem in our schools. Teachers have always been able to know when students use drugs. They see it in their eyes and in their behaviour. The drug-use problem I suspect is more prevalent in the post—school years. But I do not believe that it is as bad as it is being painted. I have never seen a junkie in school. I have however seen junkies in most communities around Guyana.

Yet we have not had any survey about drug-use in communities but we are learning about persons from as young as 12 years old using drugs in school. That is hard to believe. It is more likely that one 12-year-old admitted to drug use on a questionnaire. In an area in Berbice called Canefield, Canje, young men are openly smoking marijuana. All you have to do is stand on any road corner any evening, and young men will ride pass you leaving behind the pungent smell associated with the smoking of marijuana. These are not school boys, they are young men and they have access to marijuana.

As Government continues with the “CleanUp My Country” campaign, the Mayor and City Council has embarked on the cleaning and desilting of street drains, alleyways and canals. Areas being targeted are Agricola, Mc Doom, Houston, Ruimveldt, Bourda, Lacytown, Le Repentir and South Cummingsburg. In excess of $5 million has been allocated for the cleaning of avenues and verges in the later. The Bourda Cemetery is

being cleaned of garbage and overgrown weed, and similar works are due to begin at the Le Repentir Cemetery, which is in the process of being fenced. According to City Hall officials, the cemetery will be weeded on a regular basis, once the weather permits. Already the parapets and verges in Carmichael, Main and Camp Streets have been manicured and the City Council will continue similar works in other wards in the City. In the wards of Lacytown

and Bourda more than $65 million has been budgeted, for similar interventions. Works completed thus far have seen Bourda Cemetery being rehabilitated at a cost in excess of $6 million. At Agricola, Mc Doom and Houston in excess of $25 million will be spent to enhance the communities. It is the intention of Government and other stakeholders to restore Georgetown to its previously designated state as the Garden City.

More than $100M to clean up Georgetown

The problem is in the communities. It is not as bad as it is being made out in the schools. There are drug-houses where drugs are sold. The police are not doing a good job of moving against these drughouses. If they were doing a better job, the young boys would not be so brazen. It is hard to comprehend why the police are not moving more swiftly against the drug dealers within communities. I n t e r n a t i o n a l organizations have a vested interest however in representing that there is a problem with drug–use in our schools. Such a diagnosis paves the way for them to initiate some initiative action. These initiatives are what allow these international organizations to show their donors that they are serving

some useful purpose. They know that it is easier to have an intervention done in a school rather than taking on the more arduous task of solving the drug use problem in communities. I am more concerned about school children having sex than them using drugs. I am more concerned about gangs in schools. I am more concerned about the safety of teachers in the school system. I am more concerned with the spread of infectious diseases in school than I am about drug-use. These are the problems that need immediate attention. These are the problems that should be absorbing the attention of local educators and those international organizations that exist, simply because they can represent to their donors that

poor Third World countries need help to deal with social problems. Guyana can solve its own problems. The first step in doing so is to keep these international organizations out of the country’s business and allow the local authorities to solve these problems without all these fancy studies and surveys whose findings are highly questionable. Let some of them go and solve the problems in their own country before attempting to do so here.

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Friday September 18, 2015


Why was Jagdeo at Oasis Café and not at the Marriott? On Wednesday midday, I went into the Oasis Café to collect a document from an expatriate Guyanese. Huddled together at a table were former President of Guyana, Bharrat Jagdeo, Odinga Lumumba and Manniram Prashad. I had to pass that infamous space to get to my friend. As I strolled past, Manniram Prashad did say hello. I cannot remember if I replied. If I didn’t then if Prashad is reading this, he has an apology. My friend offered lunch. I declined, and indicated I was leaving. He accompanied me to the door and as we were about to push the exit, Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine’s best friend, Deo Persaud, joined us outside. Three top level former leaders in the past PPP

Government that created the Marriott Hotel were having lunch and drinks at a pretty expensive outfit in Georgetown. Why not the Marriott? The Marriott was Jagdeo’s baby. It has to receive patronage if it is going to pay its utility bills, pay staff and make a profit. Deep moral obligation dictates that Jagdeo should take his patronage to Marriott. Now really, if Jagdeo cannot support Marriott why should other Guyanese? Jagdeo was speaking in a very low tone. Maybe he needed the privacy but if he did why was he at the Oasis Café. Because of its incommodious nature, the Oasis is the last place one would go to discuss sensitive things. Anyone who has been to the Oasis would know it is

too small a diner to even whisper without the echo carrying to other tables. I was once in the Oasis and I heard a prominent female Guyanese whisper to another female that she wants to marry her and everybody in the café turned around and looked at them. Even though they were at the same table, she should have taken out her smart phone and text the proposal because even a whisper will reverberate in the Oasis. Which reminds me that I cannot understand why Jagdeo is never seen at any public place with a multigender grouping. When I was talking to my friend, I kept looking at the Jagdeo table. Jagdeo has lost weight and lacks that buoyant, aggressive visage he always wore when he was

the leader of the Guyanese Indian hegemony. Jagdeo doesn’t look like the person we saw in Guyana from 1999 to May 2015 when he was King Jagdeo. Somehow he looked a man with lots of burden on his shoulder. Strangely, his stance was a bent one. While Prashad and Odinga sat upright, Jagdeo’s face was close to the table as if he didn’t want to be noticed. But that is understandable. If Burnham had lost power, I doubt he would have wanted to be seen in public. People would have stared in his direction saying look how the powerful Burnham had become ordinary. That thought flew into my mind when I saw Jagdeo in the Oasis Café. Reminds me of Sam Hinds. I have never seen that man in public without seven personal attendants when he was the Prime Minister. It was a weird, crazy situation. I walked out of Kaieteur News offices onto

the pavement on Saffon Street and passing in his joggers were PM Hinds and seven attendants walking behind him. I am driving south on High Street in Kingston and there was PM Hinds in his joggers on the pavement and seven attendants behind him. At 8 pm I am with my wife outside Dr. Fawcett Jeffrey’s clinic at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, waiting for her name to be called. Suddenly in comes PM Hinds with his seven- man entourage. I once asked the question in a previous column if the PPP lost power would PM Hinds become a character in a Tennessee Williams play. Where is Robert Persaud? He has fallen too. But his crazy antics will always find a line in any book on the reign of Jagdeo. There was a time when both Jagdeo and PM Hinds were out of the country. Rohee acted as President and Persaud as Prime Minister. Persaud, according to this

Frederick Kissoon very newspaper, used the siren in his security patrol while driving down a pasture road in a deserted country enclave. I wonder if Persaud takes the subway in the US. It must be a hard fall to take – no one will look in his direction. I glanced at Jagdeo as I was leaving and I remember when he was President he told striking air traffic controllers that if they had picketed him when he deplaned at the Timehri airport, he would have fired them. I guess he still can – but in his mind only.

Dem boys seh...

Jagdeo gun lose he visa Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, had the title Mahatma bestowed on him. Mahatma means Great Soul. He made a lot of people follow his teachings. One of dem was Martin Luther King of America. De same way how Gandhi free India, King free black America. Well this is de Gandhi that seh, “Corruption is like a disease. It eats away at the foundation of people’s faith in government.” He seh it also undermines de stability of countries. Dem boys now understand why Guyana so unstable. It was corruption from top to bottom when Jagdeo tun president. And it continue wad Donald Dumb. Dem got a new govt and people getting tired of waiting to see wha action dem gun tek. People seh dem too slow, that dem moving like turtle. When dem boys talk bout corruption Jagdeo use to seh that people only ah imagine that there is corruption. Dem boys want him to know that is not an imaginary mansion he got. He swimming pool and de US$500,000 chandelier is not imaginary too. Dem real and he must come out and tell de nation wheh he source of funding come

from. De United Nations seh dem had many problems when dem meet Jagdeo to talk about corruption. Dem boys seh de people in de United Nation shoulda know better than to go and sit wid a scamp who deal wid scampishness. Corruption start wid Jagdeo and it ends wid DD. That is why de people want dem to declare everything wha dem own and all dem wealth because de people know wha dem got and people know how much dem got. Some know wheh dem got de wealth. Dem seh when mouth open story jump out, especially when people drinking dem 10-year or dem12-year brown rum. Is everybody talking bout corruption in Guyana. Uncle Sam talk, de Canadians open dem mouth and de British shout it out. Jagdeo cuss all three and when he nah cuss he put other people fuh cuss. Dem boys hear he visa gun get tek way soon and when that happen he can’t go to de apartment wha he own in Queens. He gun have to send Babbie to clean it. Talk half and tell Soulja Bai to wake up wid de audit.

Friday September 18, 2015

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Worrying loopholes exist at GRA - Finance Minister While the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) contributes the bulk of revenues intended for the Consolidated Fund, Finance Minister Winston Jordan has said that there are worrying loopholes which have been found. He said that the coalition government is making “serious moves” to remove the identified weaknesses. Jordan said that an analysis of the problems and challenges facing the entity shows “heavy top management of the authority, coupled with low staff morale and a lack of succession planning, both vertically and horizontally.” He added that the GRA lacked transparency and accountability since it was politically compromised under the previous administration. The Finance Minister said that policies and procedures were poorly enforced, and there was

limited intelligence gathering. He said that the cost of conducting transactions was high, which often led to involuntary compliance. He said that it is, therefore, imperative that GRA’s organizational and managerial capacity is strengthened and enhanced in a sustainable manner. Jordan said that the InterAmerican Development Bank has been asked to lend assistance in strengthening the entity. The Finance Minister also said that as a result of declining external inflows to Guyana, due in part to debt relief given under the Highly Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiative and the Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative (MDRI), the GRA has assumed added importance over the last decade in generating resources to meet Government expenditure programmes.

Minister, Winston Jordan He expressed that this role will expand, in the medium term, as the government accelerates its programmes and projects to enable Guyanese to experience the good life. The Finance Minister said

that his government will constantly review the current operational standards and bring them in line with international best practices, train a core staff to manage the Authority, and build a new ethos that emphasizes service delivery and efficient revenue collection. He said that the expectation is that when the tax reforms are fully implemented, the current capacity strengthening exercise will compensate for the decline in foreign inflows. On the topic of tax reforms, Jordan reminded that on the campaign trail, among the promises made by the coalition government was the implementation of an Action Programme for the First 100 days. The Finance Minister recalled Government’s promise to “immediately implement a phased reduction of VAT ...” Jordan said that upon

acceding to Office, the government found a tax system that is characterized by high tax rates. He said that this resulted in innumerable requests for tax exemptions and concessions, which totaled $55 billion, in 2014. The Finance Minister said that this is “an unacceptable level of tax evasion that is clearly unlawful, discriminatory and stifles competition.” He said, too, that that level of tax evasion represents “widespread discretionary elements, which have been used to favour and reward friends, rather than encourage development; and low and/or no compliance.” The Finance Minister said that the system is broken but it will be fixed. Jordan asserted that this will be done in a comprehensive manner - one that results in a transparent and predictable tax system that rewards effort, promotes investment, improves the

national competitiveness, and removes distortions between and across sectors. Jordan said that it is for these reasons the government delayed the phased reduction in the VAT, and has established a Tax Reform Committee to undertake a detailed assessment of the tax system. He said that this committee is headed by NICIL Chairman Dr. Maurice Odle, an economist. Dr. Odle has served in various positions at the United Nations and Caricom with distinction. At Caricom, he was the economic advisor to the CARICOM Secretary General. The Finance Minister has no doubt that the economist will do the same in his new posts. Since major work has been completed in this area recently, Jordan said that he expects the Committee to complete its work by the end of the year.

Racing vehicles leave one dead in West Dem collision

Dead: Mahindra Sugrim

The pick-up truck that crashed head-on with Sugrim’s car A head-on collision between a car and a pick-up truck Wednesday night at Vreed-en-Hoop, West Coast Demerara (WCD), left one person dead and two others nursing injuries at the West Demerara Regional Hospital. The accident reportedly occurred just after 20:30 hrs. It involved a Toyota Tacoma truck and a Toyota Avensis. The dead man has been identified as 23-year-old Mahindra Sugrim of Goed

Fortuin, West Bank Demerara (WBD). Sugrim was the driver of the Avensis. According to information received, two vehicles were allegedly heading in the direction of Vreed-en-Hoop at a fast rate when one of the drivers lost control of his vehicle, and slammed into a car before crashing head-on with Sugrim’s car, sending it into a nearby trench. Eyewitnesses confirmed that the driver of the Toyota pick-up truck and another vehicle were racing. Kaieteur News was told that the 23-year-old remained pinned inside his vehicle for several minutes. He was rescued by residents nearby and was rushed to the West Demerara Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. It is unclear which vehicle

the two other persons were in, but they remained hospitalized at the West Demerara Regional Hospital. At the time of the accident, Sugrim was reportedly heading

The car Sugrim was driving at the time of the accident to La Grange, West Bank Demerara, while the other vehicle that slammed into him was heading in the opposite direction. Investigations are ongoing.

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Friday September 18, 2015

President’s College set to reclaim self-sufficiency status - Principal President’s College is currently on course to returning to being a selfsufficient institution. This is according to Principal of the institution, Ms Carlyn Canterbury. She, during a

recent interview with this publication disclosed that under the Chairmanship of Mahender Sharma (Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Energy Agency), the school Board had

spearheaded measures that could help the institution become self-reliant, a mode of operation it was able to embrace in its early days. Although the life of the Sharma-headed school board

has come to an end, Canterbury said that among the measures introduced were moves towards transforming the school’s farm into a state of the art operation that takes

advantage of all possible technology to produce vegetables and meat kind. “Presently we are supplying from our farm, meat to the food service department, some 4,000 pounds of chicken per week and we have started to produce greens too,” said Canterbury. The efforts all come as part of a five-year plan which outlines strategic improvement tactics for the Golden Grove, East Coast Demerara School. “We hope to bring our school back to its former glory…” said Canterbury as she spoke of the intentions to make the school into a more comfortable environment, especially for non-resident students. In addition to the construction of a swimming pool, Canterbury said that the vision for the school includes the possible addition of a theatre. The latter feature is under consideration because of students’ consistent interest and excellent performance in drama. This saw President’s College being named the champion at the National Drama Fest earlier this year, an achievement that will see the school being able to represent Guyana in Trinidad in the first week of November. Detailed in the school’s five-year improvement plan, too, is the rehabilitation of the school’s playfield to a point where it can even host national events. “We do have a large plot of land, but as I speak it is not accessible to the students because it needs rehabilitation,” said Canterbury. Canterbury mused over the fact that some $15 million has been allocated in the National Budget for the rehabilitation of the playfield and according to her, “we are very grateful for that.” Just last week the senior secondary school celebrated 30 years of existence. And according to the Principal, the school has defied many odds in order to remain among the outstanding schools of the countries. Among the odds that the school has been faced with in recent years are infrastructural issues. “President’s College is 30 years old and some of its infrastructure is 30 years old…obviously there is need

President’s College Principal, Ms Carlyn Canterbury for repairs and rehabilitation works; some (works) have been ongoing but not sufficient,” asserted the Principal. She is however optimistic that restorative works will swiftly move apace. Her optimism is premised on the fact that mention has been made by officials within the Ministry of Education that there are “lots of plans in the pipeline for the school”. “We have read reports (in the press) that even the Minister has pledged to turn things around at the College and he visited during the August vacation to see firsthand, so in my opinion, there is hope that those plans will materialize pretty soon,” said Canterbury. She asserted, “We await that extra support to enhance the physical appearance of President’s College…we patiently await that intervention.” Even as she anticipated infrastructural improvement, the Principal said that the school’s five-year plan also details measures to enhance the academic standard of the school. The intent, according to her, is to help restore the school to a premier status. While the school was initially established in 1985 to cater to the top two percent of the pupils existing primary level public schools, its status was subsequently reduced to a mere senior secondary school on the East Coast of Demerara. The school currently offers residential placement to students from hinterland locations and non-residential placement to some on the East Coast of Demerara between Cummings Lodge and Mahaica who attain a score of 491 or more.

Friday September 18, 2015

Kaieteur News

Chinese engineer killed in pit cave-in at CJIA A China Habour Engineering Company (CHEC) engineer is dead and another remains hospitalized at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) after a humus pit collapsed and trapped the two workers for several minutes. The incident occurred around 10:40 hrs yesterday at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) expansion site. The dead engineer has been identified as 23-year-old Liu Li. He was pronounced dead at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). His colleague, Zhang Yixun, also an engineer, remains a patient at the GPHC. He is said to be in a stable condition. Kaieteur News understands that both workers recently traveled from China to work with the engineering company. According to information, while working on the CJIA runway expansion, a humus pit collapsed, trapping the two Chinese nationals. The Ministry of Public Infrastructure in a statement said that Minister David Patterson has asked that an investigation be launched into the incident, immediately. At the hospital yesterday, Liu Li’s brother, who also works for CHEC, refused to speak to the media. There were a number of Chinese nationals at the hospital including locals, who work for the said company.

Colleagues of the dead Chinese worker outside the Accident and Emergency unit of the GPHC yesterday The driver, who took Li to the hospital, said that he was at the airport when the incident took place but that he was at another location. “A worker called and tell me to come now. When I went I see they pull the two men out and put them in the vehicle and I bring them to the hospital,” the driver said. Several workers, who assisted in pulling the two engineers from the pit, were seen at the hospital with mud on their skin. They refused to speak to the media. Meanwhile, this

newspaper was told that the two engineers were taken to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre where Liu was pronounced dead, but his brother and other officials from the company refused to accept that the man had died. They subsequently took him to the GPHC where they told hospital workers, “No he is not dead, he still has some percentage of life left. We want our own doctor to come.” Kaieteur News was told that Liu’s body was taken to

GPHC’s morgue, only after two doctors, who are originally from China, arrived at the hospital and later pronounced him dead.

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Nigerian jailed after swallowing ‘coke filled’ pellets The Camp Street prison has gotten another inmate. Yesterday Nigerian National, Michael Solomon was jailed for eight years when he pleaded guilty to two counts of drug trafficking charges, after an appearance in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. On September 9, last at ‘E’ Field Sophia, Solomon, 32, had 91.55 grams of cocaine in his possession for the purpose of trafficking. Further, between September 9 and 15 last, at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) he had 245.6 grams of cocaine in his possession also, for the purpose of trafficking. Solomon’s Attorney, who arrived after his client had pleaded to the charges begged for him to be sentenced in mitigation. The attorney pointed out that his client is a father of one. He said that the court should consider the fact that Simon pleaded guilty because he did not want to waste the court’s time. Magistrate Ann Mc Lennan sentenced Simon to four years imprisonment on each charge. The sentences will run concurrently. In

addition, he was ordered to pay a fine of $745,470. In relation to the first charge, Police Prosecutor, Corporal Deniro Jones told the court that Simon is a Nigerian National, who came to Guyana on vacation. Jones informed the court that on the day in question, the police acting on information went to the home of the defendant at Lot 141 ‘E’ Field Sophia, and conducted a search. During the search the police found a transparent zip lock plastic bag containing six pellets under a wall facing. The pellets were probed and a whitish rock-like substance was found inside of them suspected to be cocaine. Simon was arrested by the police and taken into custody, where the substance tested positive for cocaine. It was subsequently weighed in his presence and amounted to 91.55 grammes. As it relates to the second charge, the prosecutor explained while in custody, Simon confessed to police that he had swallowed cocaine. He was taken to GPHC, where he excreted 16 pellets containing the illicit substance.

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Man held after drinking partner’s corpse found on bridge Police have detained a Crabwod Creek, Corentyne man after the body of his friend, with suspected marks of violence, was found on his bridge at around 12.00 hrs yesterday. Ganesh Permaul, 34, also called ‘Bunjal’ and ‘Vinood,’ was found dead some hours after he was drinking with his nowdetained friend. Police have received reports that the men were overheard fighting. The suspect, who lives alone at Crabwood Creek, reportedly told police that they were drinking at his home on Wednesday night, and he asked Permaul to buy a bottle of “extra white” rum and a pack of cigarettes. He alleged that Permaul eventually returned with ‘some men,’ who identified themselves as police ranks. According to the detained man, the ‘policemen’ said that they had found Permaul with narcotics. He claimed that the ‘policemen’ took the bottle of ‘extra white’ and forced Permaul to drink some of the liquor. The ‘ranks’ allegedly then departed, leaving Permaul at his house. He claimed that he retired to bed for the night, and when he awoke yesterday, Permaul, who was still alive, was in his verandah. Permaul’s friend also claimed that he went out, but when he returned, he found Permaul’s body on his bridge. He stated that he called the police and the body was taken to the Skeldon Public Hospital Mortuary. But police have received reports that the friend had sent Permaul to buy drugs and became annoyed when Permaul returned empty-handed. Neighbours reportedly heard the men fighting, leaving investigators to suspect that Permaul was slain and dumped on the bridge.

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Friday September 18, 2015

Interference reported in attempted rape probe Reports are emerging that Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud has had cause to intervene to prevent interference into the investigation of the attempted rape of a female constable by an Assistant Superintendent of Police. Kaieteur News understands that Commissioner Persaud has issued certain instructions to investigators after it was observed that “certain developments in the matter were raising eyebrows”. The Police Office of Professional Responsibility is investigating the incident which allegedly occurred two Sundays ago at Lethem. This newspaper was told that the female Constable, who was recently posted to Lethem, was on duty when she was summoned by the Officer to his private quarters. Not wanting to disobey the order, the young Constable went over to see

- embattled police officer transferred to Mabaruma what the officer wanted. According to a source at Lethem, the Officer began making advances to the rank after which he reportedly held unto her and tried to kiss her. “He asked her if she ever had sex since she came up to Lethem and when she said no, he held unto her and tried to fight her to have sex,” the source told this newspaper, adding that the female Constable managed to ward off the officer’s advances. What the officer did not know was that the Constable has a well known uncle, who holds a similar rank and who is stationed at the headquarters of the Tactical Services Unit, Eve Leary. When the Constable contacted her uncle shortly after the incident, the man

became incensed and immediately contacted high ranking officials of the Force, who ordered the immediate transfer of the officer while, commissioning an investigation into the matter. The Constable was subsequently transported to the city where she was interviewed. She reportedly gave investigators a further statement yesterday. Meanwhile the Officer has been transferred to Mabaruma, in the north of Guyana. The officer’s move has not gone down well with several other police officers who feel that he should have been brought to the city where he should be working under strict supervision. “From one lucrative area

to another lucrative area,” is how one officer described the move. A source has informed that since the investigations began, “people have been calling on the officer’s behalf”, trying to influence the probe in his favour. “What is even more disturbing is that other officers have been talking down the girl and the investigators are getting very upset,” a source at Police Headquarters, Eve Leary, told Kaieteur News. It is expected that upon completion of the investigations, a report will be prepared and sent to the chairman of the Police Complaints Authority who will make recommendations before the file goes to the Director of Public Prosecutions for advice. The incident is a reminder of the much talked about culture within the Guyana Police Force where sexual harassment of female ranks appears to be the norm. “It happens a lot in the Training School. It used to be for promotion; now it’s being done by force,” one officer admitted.

Friday September 18, 2015

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Wash bay employee, 15 and car Fisherman on bail after break-in at Guyana Stores owner charged after accident City Magistrate Ann McLennan released a fisherman on $150,000 bail yesterday after he pleaded not guilty to a charge of break and enter and larceny in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts. Kevin Anthony McRae, 29, of Leopold Street, Georgetown, allegedly broke into Guyana Stores Limited between September 5 and 7 at Water Street, and carted off a quantity of items to the value of $1.6M. McRae, who had no legal representation explained to

the Magistrate that he did not steal the items. He also claimed that he does not know what the police are talking about. The defendant told the court that during the time that the items were stolen he was at home because his “foot was sick”. However, Police Prosecutor, Corporal Deniro Jones informed that the items were not recovered. He added that the defendant has no antecedents. This matter comes up again on October 6 for statements.

Kevin Anthony McRae

Deportee nabbed, ‘Salt Fish’ wanted for robbing Corentyne resident One man is in custody while the police hunt another following a robbery committed on a Corentyne resident on Sunday last on the No. 35 Public Road, Corentyne, Berbice. According to information, around 18:30 hrs on Sunday, Bharrat Sookram, 26, of Friendship, Corentyne, Berbice was riding his motorcycle on his way home when he heard someone shout, “Stop, stop.” He looked around and he noticed two men known to him as “Deportee” and “Salt fish” at the side of the road. The men asked him for a drop up the road, but he refused. With that he was pulled of his bike by one of the men while the other stabbed him on his left side neck. The two men then made off with the motor cycle.

Sookram was subsequently picked up and rushed to the New Amsterdam hospital where he was admitted for emergency treatment. The matter was reported and the police began investigation. Acting on information the cops journeyed to Black Bush Polder on Tuesday where they recovered the motor cycle in an abandoned house.

Acting on further information the cops returned to the Black Bush area on Friday where they nabbed “Deportee”. He has since told investigators that he and Sookram are friends and that the man lent him the bike to go home. He said that he learnt that the man got stabbed but he never made an effort to go and see him in hospital.

Following the traffic accident on Wednesday morning on the East Canje Public road in which a 15 year old wash bay worker took a car from the business entity and crashed into a cane cutter , two persons, the driver and the owner of the car have been charged. The two Gurudat Chisolm, 15, the car driver of Adelphi Village, East Canje Berbice and Pooran Rambarrat, the owner of Canefield, East Canje, Berbice, appeared on Thursday before Magistrate Shurdel Isaacs Marcus on two charges each. Chisolm is charged with being an unlicensed driver and breach of insurance. Car owner, Rambarrat is charged with permitting breach of insurance and permitting an unlicensed driver. They were placed on $10,000 bail on each of the charges and are expected to return to the Reliance Magistrate’s court on 7th October where the matter has been transferred.

According to information, the man, Gurdat Keshwar called “Cokes”, a cane harvester of Gangaram Settlement; East Canje Berbice was cycling along the Betsy Ground, Public Road when he was struck down by the motor car PNN 5577. The accident is said to have occurred around 08:30 hrs on Wedneday. Information revealed that the owner of the car had taken the vehicle to a wash bay at Adelphi to be cleaned. The teen who works at the said wash bay, took the car and went for a drive towards Gangaram. He was on his way back and was said to be driving at a fast rate of speed when he lost control of the vehicle on the Betsy Ground Public Road and collided with a lamp post before slamming into Rambarrat who was cycling on the road. The man was picked up and rushed to the New Amsterdam hospital where it was revealed that his right leg

The teen driver after his arrest Wednesday morning was broken in two places. He was subsequently transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he remains warded.

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Friday September 18, 2015

Maps show E’bo roads given Spanish names; Guyana wants Google to correct Guyana, a member of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur), is asking Google to remove certain street names in Essequibo, an area which is being claimed by Venezuela. The Government of Guyana was alerted to the renamed roads, in Spanish, which seem to suggest they are part of Venezuela, Foreign Affairs Minister, Carl Greenidge said. “We have to get technical advice to get Google to remedy it. We have to see how Google can be made to be responsible. Maybe they are not aware,” he said in a Mercopress report. Greenidge noted that Google Maps has labeled a major road in the disputed coastal region of Essequibo Av. 100 Bolivar rather than Essequibo Coast Public Road or Anna Regina Public Road, as Guyanese call it. A perpendicular road was labeled Calle 100 Guyana. Greenidge said Guyana would pursue a court order if necessary. “It has implications for more than Guyana because if a country’s leadership can wake up one morning and decide that their borders run from Alaska to the Cape of Good Hope, for example, and they can simply just tell Google this and...those people will implement it, then

it’s a recipe for chaos,” he said. Venezuela has long had claims on the Essequibo region. The Essequibo region, Guyana’s biggest, has long been denoted on Venezuelan maps as a “reclamation zone”. The area covers 160,000 sq kilometers, is rich in natural resources and is equivalent to two thirds of Guyana’s territory. Earlier this year, President Nicolas Maduro issued decrees extending Venezuelan maritime boundaries to include the seas off the Essequibo region, which include oil reserves currently being explored by US oil giant ExxonMobil. ExxonMobil has announced a significant oil find. Guyana maintains that valid land borders were set in 1899 by an arbitration court decision, a decision Venezuela has never recognized. Last month, Maduro met with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to seek UN support for mediation. But Guyana claims the longstanding UN-led mediation process- the Good Officer process- meant to resolve the dispute has yielded little results and that its neighbour is using the delays to its advantage. Guyana’s President David

The Google map of Essequibo coast showing the renamed main public road. (Arrow indicated)

Granger instead called for a definitive legal settlement of the dispute in the Hague. Ban Ki-moon has since dispatched a fact-finding

mission to Caracas and Georgetown. Many in Guyana feel their larger neighbour is seeking to lay hands on its newfound oil

wealth. The Venezuelan leader’s critics counter Maduro using the border dispute -as well as the latest with Colombia- to

distract voters from high inflation, a severe recession and rampant crime, ahead of December’s legislative election.

Friday September 18, 2015

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French Ambassador meets with Minister Trotman French diplomat, Jean Mendelson, who is currently on a world tour to promote awareness on climate change visited with Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman, aaccompanied by French Ambassador to Guyana and Suriname, Michel Prom and Melvin Houwen, his sworn translator. Mendelson, who currently serves as a Goodwill Ambassador of the French Republic for Climate Change, for Latin America and the Caribbean, visited with minister Trotman as part of preparations for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP21 slated to be held in Paris, France in 2015. The International Climate Conference will be held at the Le Bourget site from November 30 to December 11, 2015. This will be the 21st annual session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 21) to the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the 11th session of the Meeting of the Parties (CMP 11) to the 1997 Kyoto Protocol. A m b a s s a d o r Mendelson’s visit was organised out of the need to

understand the concerns related to climate change internationally and national situations. The meetings are intended to focus on country preparedness for the Conference, expectations on the 2015 Agreement and the identification of the points of convergence between the countries of the region, especially in the area of the transfer of finance and technology. He also underscored the need for the timely submission of country contributions to the Conference. In welcoming the Ambassador to Guyana, Minister Trotman related that Guyana is in the process of finalising its contribution. He also gave assurance that the final draft will be submitted by October 1, 2015. Last week, the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment, held its National Stakeholders Consultation to formulate the ‘Intended Nationally Determined Contribution’ (INDC) on Climate Change from Guyana, which is expected to be presented at the Conference. INDCs will be foundational for the Paris climate agreement, demonstrating countries’ intent to decarbonise their

Lovely Lass man charged with stealing goats Sherland Wallerson, 22, of Lovely Lass Village, West Coast Berbice, who is accused of stealing four goats, was remanded to prison when he appeared before Magistrate Charlyn Artiga at the Weldaad Magistrate’s Court on Thursday, September 10. According to the prosecution, on August 22, the complainant observed that some of his animals were missing and quickly organized a search party. With Wallerson as a suspect, the group visited and confronted the accused after they were able to positively identify the animals. The accused was subsequently arrested on September 8th, and charged with stealing four goats. He was placed before the court on September 10. Wallerson who was unrepresented, pleaded not guilty of the offence and was remanded to prison. He will return to court on October 8.

Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman (right) meets with Jean Mendelson, Goodwill Ambassador of the French Republic for Climate Change and French Ambassador to Guyana, His Excellency, Michel Prom.

economies and invest in resilience. “We may be small in population but we are large in our forest resources,”

Minister Trotman said that Guyana is prepared to represent its interest at the Climate Change Conference

in December. He also signaled government’s willingness to explore the areas of transfer of finance

and technology and to take advantage of any such opportunities which can be beneficial to the country.

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Friday September 18, 2015

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Letters... Where your views make the news

Re-design of the website of the Guyana Forestry Commission DEAR EDITOR, The previously chaotically disorganised and incomplete website of the Guyana Forestry Commission appears to have been relaunched without testing. Most of the website currently consists of headings with no contents under them. The website designer or manager does not seem to know the difference between the Forests Act 2009 as the primary forests legislation and the Guyana Forestry Commission Act 2007 as the mandate for the

operation of the GFC. The subsidiary Forest Regulations are not mentioned. The National Forest Plan 2001/2011 has become the Notional Forest Plan – probably not intended as an ironic commentary on the failure to implement either version of the Plan. The email contact for the GFC is given as, which not surprisingly is a nonaddress. According to the World Bank-coordinated Forest Carbon Partnership Facility,

there is an expectation that Guyana will submit an Emission Reduction Project Idea Note (ER-PIN) at the next FCPF Carbon Fund meeting in mid-October. There is no mention of an ER-PIN on the GFC website. Certainly it would be good to see a properly modernised, helpful and authentic website for the GFC. But please could the GFC test any new website before making inaccessible all the key documents from the old website. Janette Bulkan

A Slap in the Face for Neo-Liberal Capitalism

From page 5 They don’t play fair, they believe in the primacy of the market but their market is arbitrary and unforgiving, whereas we believe in the wealth the market can create but not in the unfairness that comes if it is not mediated.” This was a direct and bold attack on neo-liberal capitalism. Jeremy Corbyn sent the crowds wild when he called for action on what he described as “grotesque levels of inequality in Britain”, and stated that the victory will be for the whole of society when Labour shows that, “we don’t have to be unequal, it doesn’t have to be unfair, poverty isn’t inevitable and things can and will change”. Organization for the Victory of the People (OVP) welcomes Corbyn and Watson’s victory. It can only strengthen

the global resistance to the totalitarianism and tyranny of the so-called free market and those who enforce it worldwide. It is this same neo-liberal capitalist agenda, rejected by President Burnham and his government, and then accepted by Presidents Hoyte, Jagan, Jagdeo, Ramotar, Granger and their governments, that has Guyana in ruin. We in Guyana must understand that poverty and social inequality are not products of a natural order, something we must accept as a given, as proponents of neo-liberal capitalism so desperately want us to believe. Poverty and inequality are human constructs and can therefore be deconstructed by humans. We live in one of the most resource rich countries in the

Caribbean, with a population of less than a million, and yet, we are told by both external and internal forces, that Guyana is too poor to offer its citizens economic justice in the form of livable wages, free healthcare and education, decent and affordable housing, adequate nutrition and dignity. Take sense out of nonsense. This is a lie. Of course, a better Guyana and a better world are possible. It requires a redistribution of wealth and resources - a democratization of the economy - and that is something that we in OVP will continue to fight for. The new acronym must be TIAA – ‘There Is An Alternative’. The Victory of the People is Inevitable! Gerald A. Perreira Leader, Organization for the Victory of the People (OVP)

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One 4 bedrooms house, Lot 80 Daisy Street S/Ruimveldt -$15M, wood/concrete-Call: 652-1234, no agent. 2 Storey 45x35 concrete property, lower flat incomplete. Land 65x120 @ Diamond N/S 5th Avenue,E.B.D- Call: 664-5052 House and land for sale, situated at lot 95 La Penitence Street Albouystown. Call: 6875851; 1-604-589-1852

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Friday September 18, 2015

Friday September 18, 2015

Kaieteur News

Trinidad attorney general asks for more time for Warner extradition PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad — Trinidad and Tobago’s newly sworn-in attorney general, Faris AlRawi, has asked for more time to consider the United States’ extradition case against former FIFA vice-president Jack Warner to face multiple racketeering, corruption and money laundering charges in New York. Shortly before an initial deadline expired at 4 pm on Wednesday, in a letter to Chief Magistrate Marcia Ayers Caesar, counsel for the attorney general stated that Al-Rawi, who took up duties this week after being sworn in last week Wednesday, needed additional time to consider a request from Warner’s attorneys that was refused by his predecessor Garvin Nicholas. Ayers-Caesar was asked to extend the deadline to Monday morning, when Warner is scheduled to reappear before her. If the application for an extension of time is refused, Ayers-Caesar will apparently have to quash the proceedings against Warner and return his passport, which was seized when he was granted bail after being detained on a provisional

Jack Warner warrant in July. The US will then be forced to restart the process. Warner, 72, was indicted in May on 12 charges of fraud, racketeering and wire fraud. The offences are alleged to have taken place in the United States, Trinidad and Tobago’s and other jurisdictions between 1990 and when Warner resigned from FIFA in June 2011. He is one of 14 former executives of world football’s governing body who were indicted on a series of charges in an ongoing

investigation into corruption in football conducted by the FBI and the Department of Justice. Warner surrendered to police in Trinidad in May after a provisional warrant was issued for his arrest. There have been persistent reports from Port of Spain that Warner made a deal with the then opposition People’s National Movement (PNM) to block his extradition in return for his assistance in successfully bringing down the former government at the general elections on September 7. According to a senior American intelligence source, US authorities are watching the progress of Warner’s extradition process very closely and, if there is any indication of deliberate delay on the part of the new government, will take appropriate action. Speaking at a press conference in Zurich, Switzerland, on Monday, US Attorney General Loretta Lynch said that, based on new evidence in the massive FIFA corruption scandal, she anticipates “pursuing additional charges against individuals and entities”. (Caribbean News)

Brazil opposition seeks Rousseff impeachment for fiscal crimes

Dilma Rousseff BRASILIA (Reuters) Brazil’s opposition parties yesterday filed a request in Congress to impeach President Dilma Rousseff for breaking fiscal rules by allegedly manipulating government finances to benefit her re-election last year. The request was backed by some members of Rousseff’s main political ally, the fractious PMDB party, Brazil’s largest, whose votes would be needed to succeed in ousting the president. The most serious move so far to seek her impeachment is based on the findings of a federal audits court that said the Rousseff administration doctored government

accounts last year to allow more public spending in the run-up to the October election, in violation of Brazil’s fiscal responsibility law. The request accuses the president of signing decrees to authorize public spending behind the back of Congress in an election year. Just six months into her second term after her narrow re-election, Rousseff is facing mounting calls for her resignation or impeachment. She has been weakened by a massive bribery scandal that has implicated members of her coalition, and by B r a z i l ’s s l i d e i n t o t h e worst r e c e s s i o n in decades.

Opinion polls show two in three Brazilians want to see her impeached but it is not clear that the opposition has the political clout to trigger impeachment proceedings in the lower house of Congress. Rousseff’s opponents say they have 280 votes but would need two thirds of the house, or 342 votes, to open an impeachment trial that would be held in the Senate. “The opposition on its own cannot get impeachment approved in the lower chamber,” said Senator Ronaldo Caiado of the centerright Democrats, an opposition party. I m p e a c h m e n t proceedings in the lower house depend on Speaker Eduardo Cunha, a fierce enemy of the president who broke from her coalition this year to join opposition efforts to obstruct her legislative agenda. The request was drafted by another prominent lawyer, Miguel Reale, a consultant for the main opposition party, the PSDB. “We fought the dictatorship of guns. Now we are fighting the dictatorship of bribes,” Reale said at a news conference.

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Friday September 18, 2015

Max: UWI under threat

Former president George Maxwell Richards, left, exchanges greetings with Spiritual Shouter Baptist Archbishop Barbara Gray Burke at the inter-faith service for the ceremonial opening of the 2015-1016 law term at the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Port-of-Spain, Wednesday. Centre is Dr Fazal Ali. PHOTO: ANDRE ALEXANDER Trinidad Guardian - The University of the West Indies, St Augustine, is in grave danger of losing its autonomy and this is a dangerous development. That was among several concerns raised by former president and former UWI’s St Augustine campus principal George Maxwell Richards during the ceremonial opening of the 2015-2016 law term. He spoke to an audience of judges, lawyers, diplomats and politicians during an inter-faith service at the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Port-ofSpain, Wednesday. He said that former prime minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar was told of such issues. “It is with deep concern that some most unwelcome signs which suggested that the university was in grave danger from losing its autonomy which I regret to say was under considerable threat.“The university must enjoy a good measure of autonomy because its contribution depends substantially on the activities of its academics and students to discuss, evaluate, criticise and investigate ideas and thus make available to the policy-makers and the community possible

options,” Richards said. He also said there was a reluctance on the part of the UWI’s staff to travel to the recently opened law school in Debe, Penal “I wish to highlight the academic isolation of the new students and the reluctance of academic staff based at the main campus in St Augustine to commute to Penal. “Let me assure that I would have raised these issue, no matter which government had assumed responsibility,” Richards said. While saying free tertiary education was important to T&T, Richards urged that it be continued but he called for more stringent measures to be implemented. Saying it was important that a detailed manpower survey be conducted, Richards said priority must be given to those in “important disciplines.”“I hate to say it... not social sciences,” Richards said, adding that a country’s most significant resources was its human capital since this was key to national development. “Knowledge for its own sake is a luxury that we cannot afford. It is crucial to note that the university has a role to play in ensuring that not

every social value is measured in terms of technological achievement,” Richards said. In expressing further concerns, he said those included several probing questions, like whether the university was to be an “ivory tower”, “service station” or “frontier post”. Richards said the institution owed a duty to the three constituencies, namely the students, its disciplines and the community. Persad-Bissessar who was also present at Wednesday’s ceremony said she was not aware of reluctance on the part of staff to travel to the Debe Campus. “We have put everything in place and it would be a great tragedy if the campus was not to open. If it is that staff do not want to commute then that says something very interesting. “Then that says that all the staff were from somewhere else. Is it that there are no staff from South? Are there staff who now commute to go to St Augustine?” PersadBissessar asked. On comments made by Richards that the university was being politicised, Persad-Bissessar said, she would have to find out what Richards meant.

Daily Nation - Barbados has rubbished a suggestion that it has refused to pay the more than $2 million being claimed by attorneys who successfully represented Jamaican Shanique Myrie before the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) almost two years ago. Myrie accused the Barbados Government of

discrimination because of her nationality when she arrived in Barbados on March 14, 2011, after being subjected to a body cavity search. She was awarded $77 000 in damages and received her money eight months after the CCJ ruling. A Sunday Observer report stated that the Barbados Government “remains unmoved, and there

is no indication as to when payment, in part or full, will be made to the attorneys . . .” However, Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite, in a Barbados Government Information Service release Wednesday, dealt with on the c l a i m f r o m M y r i e ’s attorneys, the firm , including attorney Michelle Brown.

AG: Waiting on Myrie’s lawyers

Friday September 18, 2015

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Friday September 18, 2015

Former GFF Competitions Coordinator cries foul after... From page 37 function was to coordinate the referees’ functions. The GFF also informed the Ministry that the two goals and nets will be rented for $15,000.00 while a donation of six balls has been approved. No mention was made of preparation of the playing area because no such request was made to the GFF. Ms Davis further instructed that I take the GFF’s response to Ministry on that very day (Monday 10). This was not possible because of the court marshal’s delivery of the document on that very day. However, I ensured that the document was delivered one day later. On that day also, I had a meeting with the Ministry’s representatives on the

fixtures and other matters, Besham Ramsaywack and Ivan Persaud and the former individual informed me that twelve female teams and eleven male teams are expected to participate and confirmation would be had by Monday August 17. He further requested a budget for the games and instructed that the document be addressed to the Minister within the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples Affairs, Ms. Valerie Gerrido Lowe. Admittedly, I was unable to complete the document in a timely manner and this was due to the unavailability of my computer which was among the items seized when officials from the Supreme Court swooped down on the GFF offices in compliance

with a court order. I subsequently completed the document as was requested by the Ministry. Since the Amerindian Heritage Month Sporting Activities started to have use of the Everest Ground in 2013, I have been assigned by the Ministry to coordinate and prepare the ground for the football matches. On the said Thursday, I completed the budget with the help of Mr. Lancaster who told me the cost per match for the Referees, twenty on (21) games have been slated based on the amount of teams that is anticipated to participate in the games. Also included in the budget was the rental of goals and net, payment for the marking of the ground,

Friday September 18, 2015 ARIES (MAR. 21APRIL 20) Put your efforts into moneymaking ventures. There'll be difficulties if you spend too much. Use your charm, but don't be phony. TAURUS (APR. 21MAY 21) A passionate encounter with your mate should help alleviate that pent-up energy. Don't let your emotions interfere with your professional integrity. You could have a need to make some changes today. GEMINI (MAY22-JUNE 21) You will find good buys and you will lift your spirits. Maybe it's time to look into ways you can improve your health. Don't waste this exciting day by sitting at home.

LIBRA (SEPT. 24 -OCT. 23) Social activity should be on your agenda. Deception and confusion regarding your status in society is likely. SCORPIO (OCT. 24 NOV. 22) You will want to take off and have some recreation. Your family may be feeling neglected and unloved. This may not be the time to lend or borrow. SAGITTARIUS (NOV. 23 -DEC. 21) Your confidence will stabilize your position. Take a different approach; make an offer they just can't refuse. You will do extremely well if you get involved in competitive activities today.

CANCER (JUNE 22JULY 22) Avoid functions that will bring you in contact with those you find difficult to get along with. Do your own thing. You may have the energy to clear up that mound of paperwork facing you.

CAPRICORN (DEC 22.- JAN. 20) You can have a working relationship with children if you exercise patience and understanding of the dilemmas they face. You should catch up on correspondence. Don't let your mate force you into making a decision that you aren't ready to make.

LEO (JULY 23-AUG 22) Dig deep, ferret out any hidden concerns before you sign your life away You may want to put your creative thinking cap on. Be careful not to divulge secret information today.

AQUARIUS (JAN. 21 FEB. 19) Take care of your personal needs. Have a heart-to-heart talk with family and find out what the problems are. You may find yourself caught in a triangle.

VIRGO (AUG. 23 -SEPT. 23) Your obviously unique way of doing things has caught the eye of someone in a higher position. Your partner will blow situations out of proportion. Don't believe everything you hear.

PISCES (FEB. 20-MAR. 20) Colleagues may try to undermine you when talking to superiors. Control your temper by getting immersed in your work. Don't take sides if you wish to remain on good terms with both parties.

acquisition of field marking paint, white wash and transportation of same, scotch tape, transportation of goal posts, paying workers to assemble and dismantle goals and Coordinator Stipend. I advised the Ministry to make the requisite payment of the referees’ fees to the GFF as was suggested by Mr. Lancaster as well as the goal and net rental, whilst the remainder of the money should be paid to me which would have been used to fulfill the aforementioned requirements. This method was used in 2013 and 2014 and was successful hence the reason for me submitting same as was requested this year. In 2013 the Ministry requested that I submit my TIN # so that it can be stored in the computer for future references. At no time was I informed by the GFF not to submit same to the Ministry despite the fact that I had informed the GFF that was how it was done in the past. I took the budget to the Ministry at approximately 14:00hrs and handed same to Mr. Besham Ramsaywack who said he will take it to the Minister and they would be getting back to me as soon as possible. Between 15:00 hrs and 16:00 hrs (not too sure of the time, because it was not important at that time) I received a call from the GFF Office that the General Secretary wanted to see me at about 17:30 hrs but was subsequently told to report to work on Friday 14th Aug 2015. As per agreement I visited the office of the General Secretary and was told of my infraction and given the letter after I was asked to explain the reason for me sending same of which I did. I was asked to repeat what I told him in the presence of Ms Davis whom he eventually summoned and I

King strikes... From page 40 Number five batsman Lambert got 51 runs comprising eight fours and a six. Earlier, openers Horace Miller (eight) and left-handed Captain Palmer (seven) both failed. Palmer made a century in last week’s game. Cotterell took 2-35 for Campbell’s XI, while fellow West Indies pacer Jerome Taylor grabbed 1-30 off seven overs. The trial matches are geared at helping selectors pick Jamaica’s squad for the second staging of the Professional Cricket League, set to begin November 6. (Jamaica Observer)

was asked to sign a copy. I was further told that the letter was prepared on Mr. Urling’s instruction and I should have an audience with him if I am not satisfied. On Friday 14 th Aug, at approximately 13:10 hrs I visited the office of the Ministry of Indigenous People’s Affairs and spoke with Mr. Besham Ramsaywack of what had transpired and he advised that I meet the Minister. On that very day, at around 14:30 hrs I had another meeting with Mr. Ramsaywack and Minister, Garrido Lowe and the issue was discussed. Mr. Ramsaywack admitted that he was the person who requested that I submit a budget based on the previous years. The Minister informed us that Government’s approach to these matters would be different and she is seeking donation to offset expenses. She said that she was appalled when she saw the amount so she immediately called the GFF. She however said that

she will talk to Mr. Clinton Urling on the matter and try to negotiate my re employment because the budget was not submitted on my own accord. Conclusion: I never intended and would never ever try to defraud or commit a dishonest act by trying to obtain payment from the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples Affairs for myself and the GFF. My sole intention was just to expedite the process so that the relevant payments could be available because payments from the Ministry sometimes take an eternity. I was however ignorant of the new arrangement and I maintain that enough information was not forthcoming with regards to the preparation of the ground by the GFF. It is my view that if it is the opinion of the GFF authorities that I committed an offence I should have been given a chance to defend myself, but on this occasion the reverse was done. Readers you are to decide, where I went wrong. Lawrence Griffith

Friday September 18, 2015

Kaieteur News

>>> Letter to the Sport Editor <<<

YBG must be complimented DEAR EDITOR, First I must congratulate Youth Basketball Guyana (YBG) on its 10th Anniversary for the School tournament. I was always a part from the first year as an official or a spectator. This year I am impressed with the talent I saw from Linden, Kwakwani, New Amsterdam, Corentyne and Georgetown as a spectator and an official. The players who are shortlisted for the Inter- Guiana Games (IGG) are the best and would be the future of Guyana’s Basketball, age ranged 16-19 years old. Second, that bunch of players are going to need proper guidance for IGG and the future. Now is the time the Guyana Amateur Basketball Federation (GABF) has to stand strong and put the right Coaches in place to train and nurture these guys for the future. It is time. The GABF shortlisted four Coaches, we are at home and I’m sure Suriname and French Guiana is going to come with three or more Coaches. It is time the GABF put a selection panel in place to select our national team along with the Coaches. After watching the just concluded tournament, the Coaches that stand out are Dave Causway, the Coach from Linden (Kevin Bonnett) and Coach, Willon Cameron from Berbice. Causway has a lot of experience at that level. He represented Guyana and won at IGG; he also played in Suriname and Trinidad and just came off a tour with the senior team. Not taking anything away from the other two coaches I named, but he used his experience to win two male titles at the just concluded school tournament. So let’s get it right, four Coaches, Mark Agard, who won

IGG at home, Dave Causway, who played and won on the same team that Mark Agard coached and the Linden Coach that won for the first time and Willon Cameron from Berbice as their under-study. We can’t just put two school Coaches in an international arena. I saw such at the last IGG, so let us be realistic. My choice of a selection panel along with the Coaches should be Lugard Mohan, former national Captain, Herbert Adams, former national player, Michael Singh, GABF VP of Operations, and Cecil Chin, Technical Director of GABF where everybody will have their 12 players along with the coaches and then do the math to arrive at the best team. After IGG, with the support of the National Sports Commission (NSC) and corporate sponsors, we should incorporate some other young players along with the squad with the help of the Coaches and selection panel, to nurture them for future International tournaments. I know with my proposal, the man power named as Coaches and Selection Panel, Guyana at home or abroad will win this year’s IGG basketball tournament and future international tournaments. For the female team, a lot of work has to be done. The two coaches selected in Ms. Gordon and Ms. Debbie will need some help in preparation. Guyana has the expertise to join heads and hands to win the double, so let’s cooperate all in the best interest of our country. Dennis Clarke Editor’s Note: Guyana will no longer host IGG 2015

Former GFF Competitions Coordinator cries foul after dismissal DEAR SIR, After giving yeoman service to the Guyana Football Federation for close to 16 years I was unceremoniously dismissed over an alleged infraction with no mention of any benefits for years of unbroken, dedicated and loyal service to football and the nation. I received the dismissal letter Friday 14th August, signed by GFF General Secretary, Richard Groden, who informed me that he was instructed by the Chairman of the Normalization Committee, Clinton Urling, to dismiss me with immediate effect for gross misconduct. I was accused of attempting to fraudulently obtain payment from the Ministry of Indigenous People’ Affairs for sporting activities relating to Amerindian Heritage Month 2015. The letter accused me of “gross display of dishonesty expressed as detailed” and informs that “you are hereby served notice of dismissal from your position at the GFF with Immediate effect.” Sir, I believe this allegation to be false, malevolent, insolent, libelous and defames my character. I am also contending that proper procedures were not followed since there was no proper investigation into the matter nor was I given a fair hearing in keeping with natural justice, fair play and in conjunction with the labour laws of Guyana and FIFA’s statutes. Sir, the Laws of pertaining to misconduct is clear and dictates that should a player commit an infringement he/she receives a verbal warning, is cautioned and/or ejected by issuing either a yellow or red card, respectively. Please also note that there has

been instances where red cards have been withdrawn after an appealed and investigation which establishes that the referee’s decision was incorrect. Likewise, in any fair justice system a person is at least given a hearing before judgment is passed. Sadly, I was not afforded that privilege and I contend that such action borders on despotism and autocracy in the leadership of the GFF. Let me state what transpired on this occasion, on Thursday 6th August, Ministry of Indigenous People’s Affairs official, Besham Ramsaywack, delivered a letter to Chairman of the Normalization Committee, Clinton Urling. The official further suggested to me that I prepare the budget for my programmes over the past three years and submit a copy to the Ministry to facilitate payments. I took the letter to the Assistant General Secretary, Diedre Davis, along with a copy of a document that I had prepared in 2014 that was submitted to the former administrators in the subject Ministry. She informed me that she will deliver the document to the members of the Normalization Committee for their guidance. On Monday August 10 I engaged Ms Davis in a discussion in the presence of Head of the Referees’ Department, Stanley Lancaster on the role and functions of the GFF in the Heritage Month Football Tournament. In response, Ms Davis read out the response of the Ministry to the GFF and the latter entity’s response. My primary role was to design the fixtures whilst Mr. Lancaster’s (Continued on page 36)

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Rugby World Cup 2015: England ‘want to capture 2012 spirit’ Rowntree (second left) issues instructions to Joe Launchbury (left) and Courtney Lawes (centre) yesterday.

England’s players have been urged to seek the spirit of the London 2012 Olympics when the World Cup starts today. The hosts begin their Pool A campaign against Fiji at Twickenham, before facing Wales, Australia and Uruguay. “For our guys, this is the time of their lives,” said England forwards coach Graham Rowntree. “They are on their own turf, in front of their families, with potentially 15 million people watching on TV.” England flanker Tom Wood said: “On the back of the Olympics and what it did for the British athletes, we want some of that. “I know it’s a two-way thing. We’ve got to go out there and give them something to cheer about, and hopefully on the back of that it’ll be a snowball effect.” Rowntree questioned the suggestion that there was more pressure on England than Fiji, who are ranked ninth in the world. “They will have 50 million

people supporting them. The players are aware of that support, so which team is the pressure on?” said Rowntree. “We can feel the excitement. It reminds me of the Olympics. It simmered and simmered and then it was here and the whole country got behind it. “There’s a lot of talk about this word ‘upset’, but we’ve prepared well for this game. The lads are fitter than they’ve ever been. I’m excited for them.” Fiji - ranked ninth in the world - have lost their five previous games against England, but won the Pacific Nations Cup in August. England lock Geoff Parling warned that Fiji’s forwards will be a tougher proposition than in the past, when their backs offered the biggest threat. “They are much better organised and have improved immensely in the past two seasons,” said Exeter’s Parling, who will start in the second row alongside Courtney Lawes. Parling described

Glasgow Warriors lock Leone Nakarawa as “one hell of a player”. Fiji also feature 6ft 5in, 20-stone winger Nemani Nadolo, who plays for the Crusaders in the southern hemisphere Super Rugby competition, in their side. “If we’re not on form they’ll be a threat,” added Parling. “But it’s about what we can do against them.” MATCH STATS - These sides have met five times in Test rugby, with England winning by at least 13 points on each occasion. - England are on a run of seven straight victories at Twickenham, their best run of its kind since a sequence of 22 home wins between 1999 and 2003. - England have scored two or more tries in each of their last 10 Twickenham Tests and have scored a try in each of their last 14 at the ground. - Fiji have won their opening game at the past two World Cups and have won four of their six openers in total. (BBCsport)

Gasol steers Spain into Euro final, seals Olympic berth A resilient Spain beat holders and hosts France 80-75 after overtime to reach the European championship final and clinch an Olympic berth thanks to a breathtaking performance from their captain Pau Gasol yesterday. The Chicago Bulls center scored 40 points and collected 11 rebounds to set up a showdown with either Serbia or Lithuania, who meet in the other semi-final today. The top two teams from the 24-nation tournament will advance to next year’s games in Rio de Janeiro and the next five enter three intercontinental qualifying tournaments for an extra three spots. Spain trailed by 11 points in the third quarter but turned

the tide to lead 66-63 before France forced the additional five minutes with an audacious three-pointer by Nicolas Batum. The Charlotte Hornets guard then faltered in the final minute, showing nerves when he missed three free throws with Spain 78-75 ahead. The effervescent Gasol, who has carried injury-hit Spain throughout the competition, put the icing on the cake with a dunk on the buzzer to silence a raucous home crowd. Roared on by their fans in Lille’s soccer stadium, which has been adapted for the event, France appeared to be in the driving seat after stifling Spain’s back-court shooters.

The home side also dominated the boards in the first half, collecting a barrage of offensive rebounds as Gasol often had to battle several rivals in the paint. But the 35-year old from Barcelona, a double NBA champion with his previous team Los Angeles Lakers, was unstoppable in attack as Spain finished off their opponents with an 8-0 run. France’s San Antonio Spurs playmaker Tony Parker looked tired and the quadruple former NBA champion was confined to 10 points after hitting only four of 17 shots from the field. The final and the bronze medal game will be played on Sunday. (Reuters)

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Friday September 18, 2015

Day, four ahead at weather-hit FIFA suspends number-two BMW Championship official after ticket allegations

Jason Day tees off on the 4th hole. Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports Jason Day rocketed out of the blocks yesterday in his quest for world number one status and a fourth win in six starts, seizing a four-shot early lead in the opening round of the weather-hit BMW Championship. Day, who could leapfrog Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth to reach the top of the rankings with victory this week, produced sizzling form as he moved to 10 under par after 17 holes before play was suspended for the day due to the threat of lightning. That left the Australian world number three a commanding four strokes ahead of American Daniel

Berger, who eagled his final hole, the par-four ninth, for a six-under 65 in breezy conditions at Conway Farms Golf Club. Masters and U.S. Open champion Spieth was part of a four-way tie for third at five under as he tried to keep pace with playing partner Day in the third of the PGA Tour’s four concluding playoff events in the season-long FedExCup race. Spieth was level with fellow Americans Brendon Todd, who returned a 66, Kevin Chappell, who had completed 16 holes, and Justin Thomas, after 13. Day, who won the

Canadian Open, PGA Championship and The Barclays in his last five starts, chalked up four birdies in his first six holes and though he gave a shot back on the 17th with a three-putt bogey, the 27-year-old then caught fire. He birdied the 18th, holed out for eagle from a fairway bunker at the par-four first and added back-to-back birdies at the second and third to storm three strokes clear. Day picked up further shots at the seventh and eighth to get to 10 under and raise hopes of a possible 59, then hit his tee shot at the ninth into the right rough before the siren sounded to halt the action under threatening skies. Spieth was unable to keep pace with the red-hot Australian, despite registering a hole-in-one at the second and a chip-in birdie at the third, and was five under for the round after 17 holes. World number one McIlroy was at three under after 12 holes in an elite field of 70 players from which just 30 will advance to the Tour Championship finale next week in Atlanta. PGA Tour veteran Jim Furyk, who shot a 59 two years ago at Conway Farms in the second round of the BMW Championship, withdrew from the tournament with a wrist injury after completing just six holes in the opening round. (Reuters)

2024 Olympics: LA, Hamburg, Rome, Budapest & Paris bid Los Angeles, Hamburg, Rome, Budapest and Paris will compete to host the 2024 summer Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will elect the winner at a vote in Lima, Peru, in September 2017. Toronto mayor John Tory announced on Monday that the Canadian city had decided not to bid for the Games, citing other priorities. The IOC changed the rules in August to ensure every city bidding for the 2024 Olympics progresses to the final vote. Previously the organisation selected a shortlist of candidates on which the 100 IOC members would vote. The change came after four cities - Oslo, Stockholm, Krakow and Lviv - withdrew during the bidding process for the 2022 Winter Olympics. Beijing narrowly beat the only remaining challenger, Almaty of Kazakhstan, in the final vote of IOC delegates. IOC president Thomas Bach said his organisation will conduct “confidential polls” to judge public support in each of the five bidding cities. “The IOC wants to send the athletes only in cities where they are welcome,” said Bach. “This is why public support for a bid is so important.” The 2024 candidates Los Angeles, USA: The only bidder from the United States following Boston’s withdrawal in July. Seeking to stage the Olympics for a third time after hosting in 1932 and 1984. The LA24 bidding team is promising

to “put on a show that only LA can do for the greatest athletes on the face of the earth”. The plans are again based around the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, which would become the first stadium to host three Olympic games if the city’s bid is successful. Hamburg, Germany: Will hold a referendum in November on whether the city actually wants the Games, but the early signs are promising after 20,000 people joined a torch-lit march to demonstrate their support. Proposing a carbon-neutral Olympics with venues within walking distance of each other. Bidding to stage the Olympics for the first time, Hamburg proclaims itself as Germany’s sportiest city and a recent survey revealed 80.5% of men and women in Hamburg take part in at least one sport each week. Germany also wants to host the 2024 football European Championship. Paris, France: Twice hosts in 1900 and 1924, the French capital is still smarting from losing the 2012 Olympics to London. That bid was criticised for being dominated by politicians, so triple canoeing gold medallist Tony Estanguet has been made a vicepresident of the bid this time. Like London 2012, Paris is promising a host of iconic landmark venues: open-water swimming in the Seine; triathlon at the Eiffel Tower; and a cycling time-trial finish at the Palace of Versailles are some of the proposed locations.

World soccer body FIFA put Jerome Valcke, its secondranking official, on leave yesterday just hours after an ex-footballer raised allegations he may have been involved in a deal to resell 2014 World Cup tickets for a lucrative profit. FIFA, which has been rocked by corruption investigations by Swiss and U.S. authorities, said in a statement it was made aware of allegations involving Secretary General Valcke and has requested a formal investigation by the FIFA ethics committee. Earlier yesterday, former Israeli soccer player Benny Alon said at a news conference in Zurich that he agreed in 2013 to pay cash to Valcke to secure plum World Cup tickets in Brazil. He said the plan was to then sell the tickets to fans at a markup and split the proceeds with Valcke. Alon said the deal fell through and he never paid the soccer official any cash. Reuters could not independently confirm Alon’s claims. Valcke “unequivocally” denied the allegations as “fabricated and outrageous” in a statement from his U.S. lawyer Barry Berke. “Mr. Valcke never received or agreed to accept any money or anything else of value from Mr. Alon,” the statement said. FIFA controls the rights to sell all the World Cup tickets and has sanctioned officials in the past for reselling the coveted World Cup spots at a higher price. Alon’s allegations come on top of probes by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Swiss Attorney General’s Office into corruption at FIFA following the indictment of 14 senior soccer officials and sports marketing executives in May. Earlier this week U.S. and Swiss authorities said they were expanding the investigations and more arrests were expected. Valcke faces no charges in either the U.S. or Swiss investigations of FIFA. A spokesman from the Brooklyn prosecutor’s office handling the U.S. case declined to comment on the news of Valcke’s departure. Alon got into the ticket marketing and hospitality business after retiring from the game as a player. He said his company JB Sports Marketing AG discussed with Valcke in 2013 the allocation of tickets with better views of the field for the World Cup. Alon says he informally

Jerome Valcke. Reuters/Maxim Zmeyev agreed to split revenues from the re-sale of the tickets with Valcke 50-50 in a deal that could have netted the soccer official more than $2 million. While Alon provided emails to the media he said backed up his claims, the documents

were incomplete and could not be independently verified by Reuters. Berke, Valcke’s lawyer, said in his statement that “FIFA entered into an agreement with Mr. Alon’s company, JB Sports Marketing. That agreement and FIFA’s subsequent business dealings with Mr. Alon were vetted and approved by FIFA and its legal counsel.” FIFA did not respond to a request for comment on Valcke’s statement. Valcke, who had already indicated he was preparing to step down by next February, has had a checkered career at FIFA. He originally joined in 2003 as marketing director but was fired in December 2006 for his part in botched sponsorship negotiations with credit card firms MasterCard and Visa. (Reuters)

GCA tournaments play on this weekend Matches in the first and second division Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA) tournaments are set to continue this weekend. Tomorrow at 09:30hrs at Bourda, Guyana Defense Force (GDF) will face GNIC with Edward Bowen and Matthew Kissoon the umpires in charge, at 13:30hrs Georgetown Cricket Club will take on University of Guyana with Cyril Garnath and Mario Nicholls calling play and on Sunday at 09:30hrs Malteenoes will host GDF (Nigel Duguid and Yosef Yisrael) in the Carib Beer first division T20. In the New Building

Society second division 40over from 10:30hrs tomorrow, Everest will travel to Malteenoes (Shannon Crawford and Deon Feassal), GNIC host St. Stanislaus (Linden Mathews and Joseph Jeffery) while Police will journey to Demerara Cricket Club where Ernest Hinds and Leyland Liverpool are the officials. On Sunday at 10:30hrs in the said tournament Muslim Youth Organisation will entertain Ace Warriors at GNIC SC (Daniel Richmond and Clyde Layen) and GCC will stay at home to Gandhi Youth Organisation (Andrew Allen and Randolph Rose).

Carlos Brathwaite gives back to school Bridgetown, Barbados West Indies all-rounder Carlos Brathwaite returned Monday morning to where it all began for him –– Milton Lynch Primary School –– and thrilled the young aspiring cricketers there with his presence. Not only did he bring inspiration, but Brathwaite also brought cricket gear which he presented to the excited lads. Brathwaite who attended the then named Christ Church Boys School in the early 1990s, gave the attentive young cricketers several life and sporting tips

and encouraged them always to give of their best in all their endeavours. Brathwaite who went on to Combermere and came under the guidance of highly regarded coach and former Barbados pacer Roddy Estwick, will leave shortly for Sri Lanka on his first Test tour. He has so far played four One-Day Internationals and two Twenty20 Internationals. Brathwaite will be one of seven Barbadians on the squad led by newly appointed captain, Jason Holder. (Barbados Today)

Friday September 18, 2015

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‘Holder will need to Trinidadian appointed separate the politics’ to chairmanship of the - Smith World Boxing Council

Graeme Smith, the former South Africa captain who took charge of his country’s Test fortunes as a callow 22-year-old in 2003, hopes that Jason Holder can put the team politics to one side when he takes over as West Indies’ Test captain for the first time in Sri Lanka next month. Holder, 23, was named as Denesh Ramdin’s successor for the two-Test series that gets underway in Galle on October 14 after displaying impressive leadership credentials at the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand earlier this year. Coming only months after a pay dispute led to West Indies’ withdrawal from their tour of India in October 2014 - a move that landed the WICB with a multimillion dollar bill for compensation which is still being thrashed out - the team battled back from an early defeat against Ireland to reach the quarterfinals, where they eventually lost to the finalists, New Zealand. Despite his tender years, Holder has already received the endorsement of one of the region’s greatest players, Brian Lara, who praised his “demeanour” during that tournament and likened his stature to that of a young Clive Lloyd. “Clive Lloyd was not the best batsman, he was not the best bowler back in the early 70s but you could tell that a lot of the players respected him,” Lara told ESPNcricinfo ahead of the Help for Heroes charity match at The Oval. “I hope that Jason gets the same respect from the players, and also the board. He finds himself in a very tough situation where there are unhappy players but if the board gives him the support that he needs and he can express himself, then he can become a very successful captain.” There are no better role models for young captains than Smith, whose tenure began against the backdrop of South Africa’s humiliating early exit as hosts of the 2003 World Cup, and with the Hansie Cronje match-fixing scandal still an open wound for many of the country’s leading cricketers. He went on to lead South Africa for 11 years and a record 109 Tests after being appointed at an even younger age than Holder. However, Smith recalled how he had been forced to learn on the job in the early years of his captaincy and warned that Holder would face as many challenges from outside the dressing-room as from within it. “I think he’s got to understand the unique challenges within West Indies cricket,” Smith told ESPNcricinfo. “From my perspective I had to do that in South African cricket also. It took me three or four years to come to terms with it.” “I think when I was 26, I had captained South Africa for four years and I only really started figuring it out then. I think that next period was probably my best period as captain, when I understood my team, the type of players I had, myself as a leader, and how I wanted the team to play.” Smith sustained his authority in the intervening years through his sheer weight of runs, not least his extraordinary scores of 277 and 259 in the opening two Tests of the tour of England in 2003. But, by his own admission, he “bumped his head” as a leader

Commits to development of the sport in the region

Graeme Smith

Buxo Potts engages legendary promoter/manager in discussions Jason Holder on several occasions, not least during a feisty one-day series in 2004 when he was outmanoeuvred by New Zealand’s veteran captain, Stephen Fleming. “The sooner [Holder] learns his own strengths and weaknesses, the better he’ll be able to lead that team,” Smith said. “We all know West Indies has the unique challenges. I wish him all the best but we all know it’s not going to be easy.” Smith added that the best means of sustaining his authority and escaping the pressures caused by the inter-island rivalries that have often beset cricket in the Caribbean was for Holder to foster a team environment that protects and nurtures West Indies’ competitive spirit. “You’ve got to separate the two,” he said. “You have to understand and manage that space as well as possible outside, but if you can protect that environment, you can get those players playing for you and get the most out of them.” “The minute the two environments leak [into each other], when there’s a lot of politics, it’s tough. He’s got to find a way of galvanizing that environment, and create a culture within that team space where the players want to play for him, want to do well, and separate the two in many ways.” Lara praised the selectors for the appointment of Holder, but reiterated the need for the WICB to follow that move up by backing their captain. However, he also believed the new leader would be fully capable of looking after himself. “He’s a tall, good-looking guy,” said Lara. “Nobody would have backed Clive Lloyd into a corner back in the day, looking for a fight. I don’t think anyone is going to back Jason Holder into a corner. I think he’s going to get a lot of respect from his teammates.” (ESPNcricinfo)

Professional boxing in the region may receive a major fillip following the appointment of former boxing promoter/manager and special advisor to the Trinidad and Tobago Boxing Board of Control, Buxo Potts, as chairman on the World Boxing Council (WBC). His appointment encompasses the chairmanship of the Central America and Caribbean region for the WBC development initiative. Mr. Potts made the disclosure at a press conference held at Alicia’s Guest House in St Ann’s Trinidad and Tobago yesterday morning and said that he was grateful for the show of confidence in his ability even as he expressed delight for the opportunity to serve. “I want to thank God and everyone for helping me to promote the sport of boxing in this region. The World Boxing Council considers me to be an integral part of boxing and I have been appointed as a chairman,” he said. Potts’ tenure as the special advisor to the T&T Boxing Board of Control ended last month and he said that he is happy that the WBC has decided to give him the opportunity to develop boxing in the region. He explained that the appointment had its genesis at a meeting in Mexico with

officials of the WBC, World Boxing Association (WBA) and the International Boxing Federation (IBF) to discuss ways of rekindling boxing, referred to as a dying sport. Recently retired multiple champion, Floyd Mayweather, renowned promoter, Don King, and former world champions, Oscar De La Hoya, George Foreman and Lennox Lewis were also at the convention. “There are 19,000 boxers in the Caribbean looking for an avenue to box and we want to facilitate them while developing boxing in all forms,” Potts was quoted as saying. He further pointed out that the convention did not only address hard core boxing issues but dealt with other related issues like social development and antibullying. Meanwhile, plans are in train to host a World Cup

Boxing tournament after the 2016 Rio Olympics has c o n c l u d e d . M r. P o t t s expressed the hope of participation of Regional Governments while encouraging the intervention of several Ministries in Tr i n i d a d a n d To b a g o including the Ministry of Community Development, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Security, Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs. The Trinidadian plans to send proposals to those ministries soon even as he hopes to incorporate the business community into his plans. Potts has been a major force in the careers of Guyanese boxers and had one time managed Wayne ‘Big Truck’ Braithwaite. The two had parted ways just before ‘Big Truck’ had challenged Vicenzo Cantatore for the WBC Cruiserweight belt.

Mzwanele Kompolo: South African boxer dies after fight


outh African fighter Mzwanele Kompolo has died after he was knocked out in the first round of a fight in Frere. Kompolo collapsed in the ring after being beaten by Siphenathi Qampi in the Eastern Cape and went into a coma. Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula said: “It is indeed sad to hear of this news involving the passing of this young upcoming athlete.” Another boxer, Australian David Browne, died on Tuesday after being knocked unconscious in a fight.

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Friday September 18, 2015

PCL simulation match...Shiv Chanderpaul, Reifer turn in useful performances

Shiv Chanderpaul on-drives Gudakesh Motie during his unbeaten innings.

Tevin Imlach strokes Keon Joseph back past him.


eteran Shiv Chanderpaul’s unbeaten 34 and a three-wicket haul from left-arm pacer Raymond Reifer highlighted the final day of the three-day simulation match for the Guyana team preparing for the 2015/2016 WICB’s Professional Cricket League (PCL) Four-Day First Class Franchise which ended at Bourda yesterday. Resuming on 64-3 with Skipper Visual Singh (45) and Kemo Paul (4) Singh’s X1 lost Paul who was run out by the length of pitch in a terrible mix-up with Singh

and once the captain was caught off the impressive Reifer, who produced ‘both way’ lateral movement off the seam, wickets tumbled in a heap on track which offered some help for the bowlers. In Sunny conditions, Steven Jacobs (2) was LBW to medium pacer Chris Barnwell before left-arm Test spinner Veerasammy Permaul, accounted for Anthony Bramble (7); bowled with a ball that did not turn and Kemol Savory, caught at short-leg for a duck. Paul Wintz (6) was then caught behind off left-

arm spinner Ray Nanan who bowled with consistency while Reifer had his fellow Bajan Jevon Searles (2) caught at second slip as he edged one that moved away from the right-hander as the innings folded for 124. When Assad Fudadin’s X1 began their second innings they lost their Captain caught behind off Steven Jacobs, who troubled the batsmen yesterday with some quick turning off b r e a k s . Ta i g n a r i n e Chanderpaul played in subdued fashion before, in rare showing of aggression, the left-hander clobbered

Motie for six over long-on but he generally played with responsibility before an inexplicable swipe, which was skied to mid-on, accounted for his demise. Taignarine’s father, 41year-old Shiv Chanderpaul joined West Indies under-19 batsman Tevin Imlach and after a shaky start showed his son how it should be done by effortlessly flicking Motie way over the square-leg boundary. The senior Chanderpaul demonstrated the value of 164 Tests and 345 FirstClass matches experience, working the ball easily into

Usain Bolt donates £838K and Sports Equipment to his Old School in Jamaica During his reign as the fastest man on the planet, Usain Bolt has used his celebrity and resources to benefit those who are less fortunate—particularly in his home nation of Jamaica, where his charitable foundation has done much excellent work. Fresh from his triple gold medal-winning performance at the 2015 Beijing World Championships, Bolt has offered a very generous donation to his old school. William Knibb Memorial High School was given a huge boost this week when Bolt donated £838,000 ($1.3 million) in addition to a large quantity of sports supplies. Bolt provided the financially challenged school with 50 pairs of football boots, shin guards, 50 Usain Bolt branded footballs and bibs to help the school in their campaign for this year’s ISSA FLOW DaCosta Cup.

the gaps while pouncing on every bad delivery as he flicked Anthony Adams to the mid-wicket fence and swept Motie disdainfully for four more. Imlach (10*) looked a model of defence while showing a delightful repertoire of sound stokeplay. He offered excellent support to Chanderpaul in their unbroken partnership as Fudadin’s X1 reached 762 when played ended.

Next week will see more physical training along with ‘nets’ sessions before two three-day practice games are organised next month. The Guyana franchise begins the defence of their PCL title on November 6. The South American side will play their first three matches at home before playing Trinidad & Tobago at the Queen’s Park Oval and Jamaica at Sabina Park in their last two games for the year. (Sean Devers)

King strikes ton in Jamaican trial match

Bolt handing over one of the branded footballs to a student of the school.

Brandon King


The Puma-sponsored athlete Bolt, who recently returned to the island after his triple gold haul at the IAAF World Championships

in China, also donated cricket bats, pads, clothing, gloves and balls to assist the school in their upcoming cricket season.

This bout of generosity comes a few days after Bolt accidentally left a London nightclub without settling a £10,000 bill. (Eurosport)

ingston, Jamaica - Young middle-order batsman Brandon King crafted a century before retiring hurt on day one of the three-day Jamaica cricket trial match between Paul Palmer’s XI and John Campbell’s XI at Sabina Park, Wednesday. King, the former West Indies youth batsman, hit 103 batting at number four in the order as Palmer’s XI ended the day on 263-4. The free-scoring 20-year-old batsman, who made 80 in last week’s opening trial game, hit 13 boundaries in his knock off the 171 deliveries he faced yesterday. But his innings was curtailed when he was struck in the rib cage area by a lifting ball from left-arm pacer Sheldon Cotterell. There appeared to be no medical team on hand to assess King’s injury, but indications coming from the training camp are that no bones were broken. Up to press time yesterday, the batsman did receive treatment from physical trainer David Bernard. Meanwhile, former Jamaica Captain Tamar Lambert and Andre McCarthy both contributed half-centuries to support King’s ton. McCarthy, 28, who batted at number three, struck 57 runs, including seven fours and a lone six in his knock. (Continued on page 36)

Friday September 18, 2015

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15th NAPF/FESUPO Pan-American Powerlifting Championships...

Marino Jeffrey takes SA Overall gold, Andrea Smith and Osmand Mack capture bronze

After the first two days of intense competition and despite two lifters nursing severe injuries, Team Guyana recaptured a gold medal and two bronze in the Raw segment at the 15th NAPF / FESUPO PanAmerican Powerlifting Championships which are taking place in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil. Marino Jeffrey, against the odds captured Guyana’s first gold medal in the South American (Overall) segment while also taking overall bronze medal in the Pan American segment. Jeffrey, competing in the 93kg class achieved a Squat of 222.5kg, Bench Press 100kg and a Deadlift of 227.5 for a Total of 549.5kg. Dr. Osmand Mack was a South American Overall bronze medalist in the 73kg class with a Total of 580kg (Squat 202.5kg; Bench Press 137.5kg; Deadlift 240kg). Andrea Smith on debut at this level achieved a bronze medal in the South American Overall battle whilst also achieving Personal Best (PB) lifts in the Bench Press and Deadlift. Smith had an Overall Total of 315kg, a bronze medal performance. She set a new Bench Press PB of 57.5kg and Deadlift PB of 147.5kg whilst doing

110kg in the Squat. Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation (GAPF) Public Relations Officer / Organising Secretary Denroy Livan who is also performing coaching duties in Brazil informed that both Dr. Mack and Jeffrey competed with serious injuries. Jeffrey is nursing a pectoral muscle injury while Dr. Mack who was involved in a motorcycle accident just before leaving Guyana has a hamstring and coccyx injuries. Despite the handicaps, the lifters are persevering since they are putting country first. Dr. Mack and his daughter Brittany who is the first ever female Sub-Junior to represent Guyana at the international level, Smith and Rudolph Blackman will be in action today when the equipped segment of the competition begins. “We are expecting big things from Brittany Mack, Osmand and Ms. Smith again.” Livan who also reported this is the worst championships they have attended in terms of getting results in a timely manner said the medal ceremony on the opening night (Wednesday) was at midnight. (Franklin Wilson)

Drakes and West in Guyana to look at HPC’s players We s t I n d i e s H i g h Performance Centre (HPC) Head Coach, Englishman Graeme West along with its bowling Coach former West Indies pacer Barbadian Vasbert Drakes arrived in Guyana on Wednesday night to look at those Guyanese cricketers from this year’s class of the HPC. The 46-year-old Drakes who took 33 wickets from 12 Tests from 2002-2004 explained that he and West will leave Guyana for Trinidad tomorrow after having discussions with Guyana’s Head Coach Esuan and some of the players who attended the HPC. “We want to have a look at the players who attended but also as much local players so that we will have some background information when they come to the HPC. We want to work along with the local coaches when a Guyanese comes to the HPC their initiation will be easier” Drakes pointed out. Drakes who was unbeaten on 27 when West Indies successfully chased a world record 418 to beat Australia in Antigua, said that he intends to talk with the four Guyanese in the West Indies under-19 team

Vasbert Drakes and Eusan Crandon at GCC yesterday

and let them know what is required of them. “We want everyone all over the Caribbean to be on the same page so that when the players come back into camp before the West Indies under-19 team departs the Region everyone would have been doing basically the same things” Drakes added. The eleventh ICC U-19 World Cup will involve 16 teams and will be played in Bangladesh. The 10 nations

with ICC Full Membership automatically qualified for the tournament. Five additional teams will qualify t h r o u g h t h e d i ff e r e n t regional tournaments. The sixteenth spot in Bangladesh will go to the best of the second-place finishers from the regions. The Guyanese in the squad are Kemo Paul, Shemron Hetmyer, Akshaya Persaud and Tevin Imlach. (Sean Devers)

Dr. Osmand Mack 73kg Bronze medalist.

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Friday September 18, 2015

Dawn of a new era in Guyana’s football as Stag Elite League kicks off today By Franklin Wilson A new chapter in the development curve of local football will take shape from this evening when the new Stag Elite League organised by the Guyana Football Federation Normalisation Committee (NC) kicks off with four of the eight teams looking for a sound start. Ever since coming into being, the NC has embarked on a mission to change the face and fortunes of local football with the full back of the GFF affiliates following a very stormy period the sport. While it has not been all smooth sailing, there have been a number of encouraging moments and the Stag Elite League is one of the positives for the game; a tournament that will see eight of the nation’s leading clubs battle over the next eight months for supremacy with the biggest ever prize monies for a league at stake -

Alpha play Slingerz, Pele oppose GFC ($15M) and two spots to the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Club Championship which is the precursor to the Scotiabank/CONCACAF Champions League. Much has been reported on this league for the past few weeks including Ansa McAl being the marquee sponsor under their Stag Beer brand along with Courts (Guyana) and ENetworks also lending corporate support which is vital to the sustenance of the league. The GFF had also reported that FIFA will also play a major financial role. Well, the time for all talking is over and it is now down to showcasing what would have been absorbed over the past two months or more during intense trainings sessions that have been ran by all the teams. While a number of tested, tried and proven

players would be featuring in the teams, it is highly anticipated that many young and exciting players will come to the fore during this league that will add depth and meaning to the national programme, the ultimate aim. The feature game this evening between Guyana most successful club side, Alpha ‘The Hammer’ United and this nation’s youngest and most promising club, Slingerz based on the West Demerara will present a good test for both teams with fans being able to possibly see how the league will swing in the ensuing months. Clubs have been shopping players from around the Caribbean for players to boost their local brigade so this in itself is a welcome strategy that can only lift the standard of the sport. Alpha United has been

consistent in this regard having carried the national flag at many a regional and international competitions in the past. They {Alpha}have maintained this necessary strategy and Head Coach Wayne ‘Wiggy’ Dover who has been very quiet in terms of prediction says that they will be featuring a mixture of seasoned and young players. In what is anticipated to be a humdinger of a clash against Slingerz, Dover noted that it will be a big test for Alpha since they will be using a number of recently acquired Under-23 players the likes of William Europe, Delon Lanferman, Sherwin Skeete, Clive Matthews, goalkeeper Dorville Stewart and Stephan Ramsay. Among the experienced players who will be suiting up for Alpga are Captain Daniel Wilson, Grenadian Kithson Baine, Jamaican Wa y n e E l l i s , Q u i n c y Madramootoo and Philbert Moffatt. Exciting forward Domini Garnett is reported to be on loan with Slingerz from Caledonia AIA where he had signed a 2-year contract last year with the Trinidad and Tobago based Pro League side. It has also been reported that St. Vincent and the Grenadines national goalkeeper Winslow McDowall. The opening game will set the tone for what is to c o m e , a s G e o rg e t o w n Football Club (GFC) set to unveil a new brand of football will take on Pele FC, a club seeking to regain lost pride. Pele will be spearheaded by former national players Gregory ‘Jackie Chan’ Richardson and Travis ‘Zorro’ Grant. GFC’s General Manager, Faizal Khan is of the view that Richardson and his clan had their chance and it is time for a new breed of well coached, disciplined, young and quality players to be given a chance to shine. Khan commented: “GFC this year will show case the most exciting young football players from all over Guyana, so be afraid of my GFC young squad, they are coming for you! They are tired of being talked down to and have a point to prove, they are going to play

Fiazal Khan

Wayne Dover

Shad Fernandes

Domini Garnett exciting football and turn heads this season.” Khan shared that they have been investing in young players over the past two years and the majority of his players that played in the GFA league last year defeated Pele 2-0 when they were undefeated. He said that they have now graduated into the Elite League squad and are eager to prove that they deserve the chance at this level. The likes of Curtis Kellman, Isiah Ready, David Coates, Keron Soloman, new acquisition Kelsey Benjamin a leading player from the Digicel Schools championship and Linden Dorway who are players that are well trained and well developed, according to Khan. “We been able to add a little bit more steel through the middle with the likes of Golden Jaguar Derrick Carter, Linden Pickett, Gregory ‘Sugar’ Denny, forward Michael ‘Magic’ Henry and Kurt Johnson from Linden.” Khan also informed that they have invested lots of money and would have brought in a professional physical trainer from Havana Cuba, Orlando

Gregory Richardson Guirola Machado who worked previously with St. Vincent & the Grenadines national team as well as Cuba and he would have whipped the GFC team into, “fighting fit shape”, the General Manager stated. “It’s a pleasure to be the general manager of an up and coming club, we have spent a lot of money on our surface, the club house is being renovated and onwards and upwards for GFC. We are looking to attract lots of fans and any person who hasn’t got a team in Guyana to follow at the moment, we are saying come and watch a GFC game, you are going to fall in love with these and exciting players.” Another double header is set for tomorrow in Berbice at the #5 ground. Buxton United will open against Fruta Conquerors from 6pm with the home team, Monedderlust battling GDF in the feature clash.

Friday September 18, 2015

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‘Quick Shift Part 2’ Drag Meet set for October 4


ollowing the completion of the third leg of the Caribbean Motor Racing Championship (CMRC) in Barbados last weekend, motor racing fans can now turn their attention to the upcoming local Drag Meet dubbed ‘Quick Shift Part 2’ scheduled to be staged on October 4, at the South Dakota Circuit. With Guyana set to host the final leg of the CMRC in November, any aspect of motor racing is anticipated to evoke excitement and support among the fans and judging from the previous Meet which attracted over sixty competitors, another day of raw speed is in the making. Team Wrecker led by A n a n d R a m c h a n d ’s Misubishi Evolution was crowned overall champion of the day after winning the ten seconds category along with consistent performances in the other divisions, but his dominance could come to a screeching halt if competitors such as the Daby brothers Rondell and Peter take to the starting grid. Other drivers such as Chet Singh, who took pole in the eleven seconds category driving a Mitsbishi Evolution VII, Sanjay

FLASHBACK! Two of the fastest cars driven by Anand Ramchand (left) and Rondell Daby await the starting lights ahead of their showdown earlier this year. Persaud, who stole the spotlight in the twelve seconds division piloting a Mercedes SL 500, Roland Bana in the thirteen seconds category being at the helm of a Toyota Levin, Les Thomas, who had things his way in the fourteen seconds division in the driver’s seat of a Toyota Corolla and Rayon Brijpal in the fifteen seconds category in a Toyota RunX could also threaten Ramchand for the overall champion driver accolade. The fair-sized crowd that braved the inclement weather and clearly enjoyed the thrill the drivers provided proved without doubt that this format of the sport is rapidly becoming popular. When you add the presence of dragsters from Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago into the mix then you know that spectator appeal and bragging rights are the

BVIFA empowering Coaches through CONCACAF D License


he British Virgin Islands Football Association ( B V I FA ) y e s t e r d a y commenced a Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) “D” License Certification Course for Coaches that will conclude on September 20, 2015 at the BVIFA Head Office and at Capoons Bay. Aimed at empowerment, the course will be conducted by CONCACAF’s Jonathon Martinez, Vin Blaine and Marcos Santillan and will cover a wide range of areas, including Principles of Coaching, Training by Age, Fundamentals of Planning a Training Session, Physical Tr a i n i n g , H e a l t h a n d Security, the Development of Community Clubs, as well as other elements related to

coaching Youth Football. CONCACAF launched its first “D” License coaching course in 2013, serving to reinforce the governing body’s vision and commitment to education, so that the standard of the game can be raised throughout the region. The new licensing system designed and executed by CONCACAF’s Development Office and funded by the Confederation as part of its on-going commitment to the growth of the sport, will provide coaches from across the region with a valuable, internationally recognized license, as well as the tools to impart that knowledge at the local level. Certification is dependent upon passing an examination given at the end of the session.

essential factors spurring the segment of the sport in a northern direction.

The cost of admission is Adults $1000 and children under 12 $500.00. Among

the sponsors of the event are Rent-a-Tent, GTT, Fanatix Designs, AR Jiwanram

Printery, Ganesh Parts and General Store, Valvoline among others.

t r o Sp 15th NAPF / FESUPO Pan-American Powerlifting C/ships Dawn of a new Marino Jeffrey takes SA era in Guyanaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Overall gold, Andrea Smith and football as Stag Osmand Mack capture bronze Elite League kicks off today Alpha play Slingerz, Pele oppose GFC

South American Overall 93kg Gold medalist.

Andrea Smith Squats in Brazil.

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