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Detective killed execution-style child die in threeat Moleson Creek p. 3

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Dead: Detective Jirbahan Dianand

Pirated textbooks saga…

Housing and population London-based body census 2012 begins today threatens legal action p. 3

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NICIL/Guyana Stores court battle ...

Brassington grilled about Information Packages p. 9

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Kaieteur News

Saturday September 15, 2012

Saturday September 15, 2012

Kaieteur News

Detective killed executionstyle at Moleson Creek Around 05:45 hours yesterday a constable on police patrol noticed Detective Jirbahan Dianand’s Toyota motorcar PHH 6528 parked along the Moleson Creek, Corentyne Public Road. Closer inspection revealed that the 23-year-old detective had been shot on the head execution style. Information reaching Kaieteur News is that the detective was testifying in several drug-related cases. This could have triggered his death. Close sources say that it is believed that the detective was fingered and set up since detectives believe that he was shot at close range and he knew his killer. His wallet and his Blackberry phone were missing. Eight persons, among them two women, are in police custody assisting with investigation. According to reports, the constable who made the discovery thought that the detective was drunk and had parked to take a nap. The constable said that he slowed the patrol vehicle and called out to the detective to wake him up. When he got no response he went to the car where he saw the blood soaked body. It was slumped to the driver’s side of the car because the detective was sitting behind the steering wheel. The constable immediately informed other ranks who raced to the scene and cordoned off the area. Detective Dianand’s body was subsequently taken to

Dead: Detective Jirbahan Dianand

the Skeldon Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The body is at the Skeldon Hospital Mortuary awaiting Post Mortem. The 23-years-old detective who is also known as Bachan and Justin, was the second of two sons born to Dutchie and Drupatie Dianand of Lot 70 Number 64 Village, Corentyne. According to his mother, her son left home about 07:30 hours on Thursday. She said that she did not see him again that day. She said that sometimes he would return home to prepare for his University of Guyana classes but after 8:00

that night his father called his cell phone. The woman said that her son told his father that he would be coming home in a short while. It was not until around 07:30 yesterday morning the police from Springlands Police Station visited her and informed her of her son’s death. The tearful mother described her son as the most loving child any mother could ask for. She added that he was very jovial and would always tell her how much he loved her. She said that her heart would swell when he would describe her as the best mother.

Attorney General office claims Sanasie file missing The lawyer from the office of the Attorney General yesterday claimed before Chief Magistrate Ian Chang that their file in the Anand Sanasie perjury matter cannot be found. The Police had charged Anand Sanasie for perjury. Sanasie subsequently moved to the High Court and secured orders against Commissioner of Police Leroy Brumell, Crime Chief Seelall Persaud and police Corporal Chetram Sewsankar to show cause why the charge should not be quashed. After three appearances in

the High Court the police are yet to produce the evidence used to charge Sanasie. Yesterday, in court, the Attorney General Chambers requested two weeks to find the file. Mr. Roysdale Forde, counsel for Sanasie, argued that this is the third occasion that time is requested and none of the defendants have responded to the order. The Chief Justice granted the AG one week to provide the evidence used to charge Sanasie and further ordered that copies must be served on the plaintiff.

In an invited comment Sanasie said that he has faith in the court system and will await the outcome to prove his innocence. He further stated that this is another action of the government to suppress the GCB and embarrass officers of the Board and these delaying tactics will fail.

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Pirated textbooks saga…

London-based body threatens legal action A powerful London-based body that represents publishers worldwide has blasted Guyana’s decision to buy pirated textbooks locally. It described the move as illegal and is now threatening legal actions. Yesterday, Emma House, International and Trade Director of the Publishers Association Limited (PA) said that Guyana’s decision was in direct contravention of the local, regional and international laws. “The Cabinet’s decision in Guyana to procure pirated textbooks for public schools is an indisputably illegal act. This decision is in contravention of Guyanese law, Caribbean law (CARICOM’s revised Treaty of Chaguaramas) and the international Berne Convention,” PA said in a release statement that was also published on its website. The lobbying body comprises of more than 100 top book publishers including Random House Children’s Books and http:// index.php?option=com_ jw_sme_directory &task=showEntry& id=69&caller=show MemberList&Itemid=1408 Macmillan Education. “The Guyanese government has not contacted publishers to discuss supply of legitimate books. This makes the government’s claim that this illegal action is justified by concern over price totally redundant and disingenuous, if not hypocritical.” The real victims of the government’s actions, PA said, are the Guyanese children, who are now being provided with sub-standard resources by the Ministry of

- says Guyana’s purchases contravenes local and international laws Education. “In light of the official confirmation by the Ministry of Education that the procurement of pirated books is approved policy, publishers will now be assessing their legal options to ensure that an end is put to this unlawful behaviour.” The issue of pirated textbooks, which has been a hotly debated and simmering one for a number of years now, took centre stage this week after the Ministry of Education pre-selected seven companies to supply textbooks, in this case photocopied ones. However, the more prominent bookstores, including Austin Bookstore which holds the rights to distribute original copies to some of the textbooks, were not invited. There were protests including letters to the editors. A Trinidad firm, Royards Publishing Company, reportedly made a surprise bid for the contracts to supply. There has been the argument that Guyana just cannot afford to buy the original books which under local programmes are distributed free to schools. However, it is a lucrative business with government spending hundreds of millions of dollars yearly to buy the pirated copies. Guyana’s copyright laws are outdated and not geared

to deal with the current problem it is facing and there have been repeated calls for these to be adjusted. On Wednesday, Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon, admitted it was a Cabinet decision to procure pirated textbooks for school. In justifying the decision for pirated books being bought by Government, Dr Luncheon also said that it all had to do with value for money. The Cabinet decision was also based on quality and pricing, he said. Local book publishers say that the pirated or photocopied textbooks are sold for half and in some cases, for a fraction of the normal price of the originals. Some of the bookstores which hold the distributing rights to textbooks claimed that they were forced to drastically reduce imports in recent years because of the decision by Government. The piracy issue had seen reports of former Education Minister, Shaik Baksh, denying in 2010 that it was a policy and that he will have to investigate. Last year, explosive (continued on page 6)

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Kaieteur News

Saturday September 15, 2012

Letters... Where your views make the news

Printed and Published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd. 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana. Publisher: GLENN LALL Editor: Adam Harris Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491. Fax: 225-8473, 226-8210


Seeking value for money Some years ago, after an announcement that the Marriott brand was coming to Guyana, there was need for a sewer main to be diverted. The contract was awarded to Courtney Benn Contracting Services. The contractor started the work and suddenly the government pulled the contract. When questioned, President Bharrat Jagdeo said that Guyana had lost the technical capability to undertake the project. That project merely entailed digging ditches and laying the mains which had already been imported by the Courtney Benn Contracting Services. It therefore took a long time for President Jagdeo to realize that the contractor did not have the skills. It turned out that the people who influenced that decision were part of the Marriott team and they wanted a piece of the action. They were after financial rewards. The job was eventually done but when one looks at what is considered a professional job one sees a pitiful case of a section of the main running into the Demerara River and being almost swept aside by the tides. President Jagdeo might have been wrong on that occasion but he was certainly correct when one now examines the contractors who have been entrusted with certain tasks. On Wednesday, the Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon, said that one contractor who won an award for the four-lane East Coast Demerara Highway did such a shoddy job that some of the work has to be undone and redone. We know of many such cases and we actually blamed the administration for awarding the contracts to incompetents. We noted the action of the Central Tender and Procurement Administration. Indeed, we were led to believe that some of the tenders were specially selected. Then we found that government had a penchant for awarding the contracts to the lowest bidder. It is often said that cheaper is not necessarily better. Those who bid cheap are often people who want a toe in the door. More often than not, they do as much work as the money would allow, then seek extensions to their contracts. Some of them were so bad that at one time, the government publicly announced that it was prepared to blacklist contractors who did shoddy work, and did. But it would seem that they were so many that in the end it might have warranted blacklisting just about all of them. So it is that many who do shoddy work in one location still get contracts. The Education Minister, Priya Manickchand, keeps saying that she wants value for money. She says that she recognizes the importance of a job well done. Just this week she adopted a strategy which was attempted in the past but was never successfully implemented. This is the case of entrusting the monitoring of the contract to the contractor. It was done at Bartica and it worked because the people were adamant that they wanted a good product. They knew that it is not often that they enjoy the benefit of developmental works; that the city often takes priority. The residents went so far as to actually stop a portion of the work when they found that the work was not entirely in keeping with the specifications. The same thing did not work at Wakenaam where the contractor told the residents that they “could do what the hell (they) liked”, that he was being paid for whatever he did. Well Minister Manickchand has adopted this approach. She has asked the community to monitor some works being undertaken at Turkeyen. And this may work. Ms Manickchand has already accused the contractors of doing shoddy work. And she knows them. Surely, she would ensure that complaints from the new watchers would be duly dealt with. If she adopts the policy of her colleague in the Works Ministry and sacks the incompetent contractor then the nation may see the start of a policy of forcing value for money. And that is what has been talked about for as long as one can remember.

Barking behind fences without facing the truth DEAR EDITOR, Unlike Romel Roopnarine who gets G$395,000 of taxpayers’ money every month for barking to his OP masters’ commands, I don’t have the time to respond to his every yelp. I write letters on issues facing the Guyanese people out of patriotism, not paid like Roopnarine to sling trite tripe. But I have to set the story straight on Roopnarine’s letter which appeared twice in Kaieteur News under the titles “The AG and the Chancellor earn what the President does” and “The arrogance of Maxwell’s letter is a reflection of the opposition’s mentality”. Contrary to what Roopnarine thinks, the Guyanese people do have a right to question where Jagdeo got the money to build his Pradoville II palace. What did Jagdeo earn and spend to build that mansion? Roopnarine has not provided us with numbers to refute my estimate of Jagdeo earning an average of $1 million per month for the 147 months he was in power. Therefore, I will continue to use that number until Roopnarine and other PPP backers provide verifiable evidence to confirm Jagdeo’s total salary from August 11, 1999 to December 3, 2011. Further, Roopnarine said Jagdeo’s pension will be about US$72,000. Presidential pensions are seven-eighths of the highest salary payable to a President. If US$72,000 is seven-eighths of what Jagdeo earned as President, then Jagdeo was earning about US $82,300 per year or US$6858 per month when he left office. It is clear my estimate of Jagdeo earning $1 million per month for the 147 months he was in office is not farfetched. That stated, I am prepared to be corrected by confirmable evidence to the contrary. $1 million per month times 147 months gives us $147 million in tax-free income earned by Jagdeo in office. According to Jagdeo’s exwife, Varshnie Singh, in a statement released to the press in January 2009, Jagdeo reportedly informed her he had only $10 million in savings after completing his Pradoville I house in 2008. Jagdeo would have earned approximately $108 million by that time. Jagdeo said to the press he showed Singh his filings to the Integrity Commission. He never stated to the press he had more in savings than the $10 million. To have only $10 million remaining in 2008 means Jagdeo exhausted roughly $98 million on his Pradoville I house. I am not deducting living

expenses from that $108 million figure, since Jagdeo was entitled to a spending/ expense account as President which was reportedly $1 million per month as of last year. Again, I am prepared to recant these figures if Roopnarine could provide proof to the contrary, including Jagdeo’s returns to the Integrity Commission and his affidavits and other documents to Varshnie Singh. If based on this publicly known information that states Jagdeo had only $10 million remaining around 2008, which was never refuted by Jagdeo, he (Jagdeo) spent $98 million to build a upper middle class home at Pradoville I, it is reasonable to estimate the construction, design and decorating cost of the Pradoville II palace cannot be anything less than US$1.5 million or G$300 million. Jagdeo’s Pradoville II house is probably the largest personal home in Guyana. It has a pool, poolhouse and other auxiliary buildings. It is unclear whether Jagdeo’s Pradoville I house had a pool. Jagdeo reportedly paid $58,000 for his Pradoville I lot. He paid $10 million for the land alone at Pradoville II, which many commentators

claim was cheap for the location. The fencing costs on the Pradoville II large property, the land buildup costs to offset flooding, landscaping and other land preparation costs alone will be staggering. The Pradoville II house will likely contain a library and office(s) and probably other specialized features, which significantly drive-up cost. For a man of Jagdeo’s accustomed luxurious taste acquired from sitting 12 years in the presidency, one would assume the interior decorating and fitting will be nothing short of sumptuous and palatial. The complex is several times bigger than Pradoville I, which was built for probably around $98 million. Jagdeo’s Pradoville II home was constructed during a construction boom with high construction costs, escalating cost of living and raging inflation. The question for Roopnarine is if Jagdeo had $10 million left over in 2008 and has acquired $40 million since in salary to December 2011 and $10.8 million in pension from December 2011 to present, he would have $60.8 million today in earnings and pension to pay towards

a probable $300 million home. When we add the $120 million Jagdeo made from the sale of his Pradoville I home, he would have $180.8 million to spend towards this Pradoville II home that is probably worth $300 million. This leaves a hole of $119 million or US$595,000 that remains unexplained. The $180.8 million is assuming Jagdeo spends nothing on personal living expenses. If that amount is reduced for out-of-pocket spending, the discrepancy gets worse. If the cost of the home is increased from my estimate of US $1.5 million ($300 million), the gaping hole in the financial picture gets murkier. These are questions the Guyanese people are asking based on information out there and realistic estimates. If Roopnarine has verifiable numbers and figures to the contrary to what I and many Guyanese have estimated and calculated and to what I have outlined in this letter, I am prepared to be corrected. Until then, the Guyanese people have a right to ask these questions. I will deal with Roopnarine’s other a b s u r d i t i e s i n a separate letter. M. Maxwell

A complete overhaul of the current policing system is required DEAR EDITOR, It is obvious that something is fundamentally wrong with policing in Guyana. It is my opinion that this problem cannot be fixed by a commission of inquiry or some cosmetic change of command. The problems of policing in Guyana will require a complete overhaul of the current system. The shooting of Shaquille Grant a few days ago in Agricola, and the many other documented and undocumented cases of Police ranks discharging their firearms in the line of duty, resulting in the loss of life of unarmed civilians, would be enough for any credible law enforcement agency to halt all current operations. I hope that I never happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and I hope that God grants me the wisdom to know where that place is. Enshrined in our constitution are certain basic rights to life and liberty, and one should feel free to engage in the activities of daily life anywhere and at anytime without the threat of summary execution or murder by police. Acting Commissioner of Police Brumell showed grave insensitivity when he said that Mr. Grant was at the wrong place at the wrong time; how could he make such a pronouncement when the investigation is still ongoing? And how does such a careless remark not influence or taint the proceedings? It becomes clearer everyday that the problem with this police force is one of leadership, training and poor governmental supervision/oversight by the Minister of Home Affairs. If we are to believe the sequence of events that happened that day, the police were responding to a report that a crime was being planned. On the surface this points to great intelligence, but what happened thereafter was

criminal; we are still to be informed of what crime if any, was being committed, and if according to some unconfirmed reports someone shot at the police and it was not Mr. Grant, then why is this young brother dead? These incidents have become all too commonplace and the blood of young African men and the tears of their mothers have been shed too often. It must end now, and we the people must demand that we are better served and properly protected. When we place guns in the hands of young men and give them police powers to act as agents of the state, it should not be a responsibility that is taken lightly or given without the necessary training. The recipients of this responsibility (the police) must also know that there will be consequences for their actions if they act outside the colour of the law or are in breach of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). From everything I have heard and read, this young man did not have to die, he was not in the wrong place at the wrong time, but sadly it seems that he was just another victim of a police force gone wild. I saw this force up close at Linden a few weeks ago, and I could see the murderous intent in some of those young eyes. Commissioner Brumell and his staff must find a way to rein this force in. In deference to the Commissioner, I see very little of the good policemen, maybe because the “bad eggs” as he calls them are constantly on display and they have become the face of the Force. I will close by saying that if we cannot depend on the Guyana Police Force to protect us and keep us safe, then we must start the conversation on how we as a people can start protecting ourselves. Mark Archer

Saturday September 15, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news DEAR EDITOR, September is designated Amerindian Heritage Month. It is a month set aside by the current PPP/C administration to focus attention on the progress made by our indigenous peoples over the years and the challenges that continue to face hinterland development. The theme of this year’s observances “Embracing our Identity, Celebrating our Culture” could not have been more relevant. Amerindians are much more empowered today than in previous years, thanks to an enhanced quality of education delivery, better health care services and a more democratic environment in which Amerindians are free to elect their own village leaders without interference from central government, as was the case under the previous PNC administration. All of this has resulted in a greater sense of group identity and a flourishing of Amerindian cultures. Those of us who have had the opportunity to visit Amerindian communities throughout Guyana can relate more readily to the transformation that has taken place since the coming to office of this current administration. Indeed, it is no exaggeration to say that the entire physical and social landscape of the Amerindian communities have undergone a complete transformation. Today, government buildings are no longer the rundown structures that leak profusely during heavy rainfall. The same could be said of the health facilities, which were a disgrace by any standards. Today, Amerindian communities boast of new schools, health centres and recreational facilities, which as mentioned before have impacted positively on the

quality of life of the Amerindian people. This is especially true of education and health, as reflected in better student performances and enhanced health care delivery. The fact that the Amerindian population has higher fertility rates than any other ethnic group is indicative of a combination of better heath care and education delivery. The incidence of malaria has been reduced significantly due to more robust vector control measures by the Health Ministry which, coupled with more comprehensive immunization programmes, has resulted in higher longevity rates in Amerindian/Hinterland communities. September is also designated Education Month. There is a saying that one cannot be educated and poor at the same time. Knowledge is power and education serves to empower people. This is why education and health services are so important for individual, and by extension, community development. The Guyana government has been putting in increasingly larger sums of money towards hinterland development which has resulted in a transformation of these communities. Amerindian communities are no longer isolated from the rest of the country, as happened under the previous PNC administration when there were hardly any communication and transportation facilities available.

Today, thanks to the construction of airstrips in hinterland regions, it is now possible to travel by air to any part of Guyana in a matter of a few hours. The same is true of the communication infrastructure which has now seen radio and telephone networks in some of the remotest corners of the country - making it possible to transmit information within seconds. In the past, it took days to communicate with hinterland communities due to the unavailability of radio sets and telephone networks. All of this has now changed with the proliferation of cell phones and internet services in several hinterland communities which is impacting positively on the quality of life of the Amerindian people who are now becoming increasingly connected to the global community thanks to advances made in the area of information and communication technology. Under the Low Carbon Development Strategy, it is envisaged to provide every Amerindian home with solar energy which would enable communities to benefit from the use of modern technologies, including computers, which today are the most important tool in the empowerment process. We now live in what is described as the age of

information and any individual or society that lacks access to internet services runs the risk of being marginalized and pushed into the backwaters of development. This is why the current administration is placing so much emphasis on bridging the digital divide by putting in place the necessary information and communication infrastructure and providing laptops to children and young people, in particular those from the low income group. The truth is that computer literacy has now become one of the core competencies that children and young people must have if they are to succeed in this highly competitive learning and work environment. There is no longer the dominance of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic - important as these are in the teaching/ learning process. It is common knowledge that young children are much more adept at computers than adults and the sooner they are exposed to such technology the better for them, in terms of being able to obtain, process and transmit information so vital for their success in life. I wish to take this opportunity to salute all my Amerindian brothers and sisters on the occasion of Amerindian Heritage Month. Hydar Ally

Re-grading of Lodge Secondary School

DEAR EDITOR, The Kaieteur News of 4th September, 2012, reported that Chief Education Officer, Mr. Olato Sam ‘hinted that Lodge Secondary School will soon be named a Grade ‘A’ School as part of the Ministry of Education’s effort to raise the standard of the education institution’ when he visited the school. Please permit me to inform those concerned, that the Ministry of Education cannot automatically name a school as a Grade A school. For a school to be categorized as Grade A, it has to have an enrolment of more than 599 students. That is, the student population of a school for three consecutive years determines its grade. For Lodge Secondary to be re-graded as a Grade A Secondary School, it will need to have 599 students for the next three years. This is the Ministry of Education’s regulation. It is impossible

and futile to classify Lodge Secondary as a Grade A secondary school when approximately 100 students attended last year. This is another example of the Ministry of Education putting the donkey behind the cart. The intention of building Lodge Secondary was to relocate Central High School there. Of course, these plans were made without first consulting the parents of Central High School. When the parents and their children objected to being relocated to Lodge Secondary School, the Ministry of Education found that they had a building with few students. It is my contention that Mr. Sam’s comments are meant to change the ‘mind-set’ of the parents and students of Central High School and to cover another clear error of the Ministry of Education rather than to uplift the status quo of Lodge Secondary School. Mohammed S. Hussain

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Kaieteur News

Saturday September 15, 2012

Housing and population census 2012 begins today Today has been designated National Census Day and the exercise will be conducted at a cost of some US$4M. Yesterday Census Day was officially launched by Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh during a press briefing at the Regency Hotel, Hadfield Street. The census began at midnight. It will be conducted during the evenings when most people are expected to be at home. Dr. Singh lauded the effort of the Guyana National Bureau of Standards for this venture. The Finance Minister on the occasion stressed the importance of a census noting that it is critical for future planning for any country. “The national census is an extremely important exercise not only in Guyana but in countries around the world because the data that are gathered, complied and analyze in reports that emerge provides the most valuable source of information for decision making by all of the

key stakeholders in our country.” The Minister pointed out that it is easy to believe that a census only generates data relevant for governmental purpose. “It is important to any government but it is equally important as it generates data for decision making for all sector…for government we have endeavored to ground our policy making functions in as much data as we possibly can gather through these exercises,” Dr. Singh stated. He added that the census generates data that are important for decision making by a multitude of other parties, including the business sector which actively utilise the data in their own day to day activities. He added that many business people use the census data to help them make investment and other types of decisions. The Finance Minister further explained that exercises like the national census and surveys produce

London-based body ... From page 3 revelations by the Auditor General report of 2010 pointed to serious wrongdoings with the procurement of text books with millions of dollars paid before the contract was even awarded. There were indications also that books were ordered by the Ministry of Education and either not delivered and

or were short delivered. Earlier this year, a senior official in charge of the department at the Ministry of Education which was tasked with ordering the books was removed. Pirated or photocopied textbooks are openly being sold in a number of city stores. It is a billion dollar business.

A group of Guyana National Bureau of Standards workers during the official launching yesterday at the Regency Suites. data that tell about changing population and demographic trends, key indicators in society such as housing, and access to water, health and education. “That indicator set then informs decision making…simple things like the changing gender demographic or the geographic dispersion of our population or the changing age distribution of our population, will inform decision making, it is where one sees the most rapidly growing population that one has to plan for delivery of services” John Mensah, CARICOM’s Regional Census Coordinator, pointed out that in support of

statistics in countries, the Secretariat will receive funding from partners such as the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), whilst other agencies work along with the Secretariat to build capacity in countries with the aim of producing statistics required for policy formulation and the strengthening of the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME). “All member-states are participating in this activity… 16 countries conducted this exercise in 2010 and 2011…Guyana is among four countries conducting census enumeration in 2012 in the

region…the other countries are Turks and Caicos, Suriname and St. Vincent and the Grenadines…Haiti is yet to conduct its census enumeration,” Mensah said. He explained that since 2005, the Secretariat, in an effort to provide support, initiated the first phase in a programme of work that was designed to assist member countries of the community in the preparation for the conduct of the census. Lennox Benjamin, Chief Statistician of the Bureau of Statistics said that his staff of 92 persons is all geared for a huge tasked ahead being on the threshold of commencing field activities for census 2012.

“There is no other single event in the country, either economic social or otherwise, that has the type of magnitude that a national census entails,” Benjamin said. Benjamin added that in terms of the concept of a census, it is the only exercise that sees every building within the borders of a country being visited, all activities recorded, all inhabitants of those buildings recorded and enumerated, all being done within a single space of time. Given the number of foreign born people in the country, Mr Benjamin said that the census would provide information on whether there is need for the country to be bilingual. The last population Census in Guyana was done in 2002. Over the next six weeks census officers will visit homes to interview occupants. Members of a household along with its visitors, who spend the census night at that household in Guyana, will be counted, along with foreign embassy staff and their dependents. The census exercise excludes accredited diplomatic personnel and Guyanese nationals accredited to foreign embassies and their family members who reside with them overseas, and Guyanese migrant workers and students in foreign countries who will not be in the country at the time of the census.

“…It’s another execution”- Nigel Hughes Agricola Killing ...

A post mortem yesterday on the remains of slain Agricola teen, Shaquille Grant, revealed that he was shot in the forehead, buttocks and heart. Alliance For Change (AFC) Chairman, Nigel Hughes, who viewed the autopsy, described the death as a clear case of execution. “The injuries speak for themselves; it’s another execution,” the attorney-atlaw said. A police official told

Kaieteur News that police ballistic experts are in possession of two Glock semiautomatic pistols, two MP5s (machine pistols) and a .38 revolver. Police have alleged that they recovered the revolver from the young men after the confrontation. The other firearm were allegedly used by the police ranks who were at the scene. The AFC has been collecting statements on the

shooting to present to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) since the party has stated that it has no confidence in the police investigating themselves. This newspaper understands that the AFC has written to the DPP in relation to the shooting and is currently awaiting response. Also the AFC has revealed that an eyewitness has come forward but the party is ensuring that the witness is secure before releasing statements to the DPP. The police in a press release had reported that they were investigating reports that a group of men were planning a robbery when they were shot at. It is alleged that the ranks returned fire, killing Grant and wounding another youth. The incident has fueled protests staged predominantly by residents of Agricola. However, Commissioner of Police, Leroy Brumell has promised a detailed investigation into the matter.

Saturday September 15, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Anti-American fury sweeps Middle East over film (Reuters) - Fury about a film that insults the Prophet Mohammad tore across the Middle East after weekly prayers yesterday with protesters attacking U.S. embassies and burning American flags as the Pentagon rushed to bolster security at its missions. The obscure Californiamade film triggered an attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya’s city of Benghazi that killed the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans on Tuesday, the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 al Qaeda attacks on the United States. In Tunis, at least three people were killed and more than two dozen wounded, state television said after police gunfire near the U.S.

embassy in the city that was the cradle of last year’s Arab Spring uprisings for democracy. At least one person died in the Sudanese capital Khartoum, a doctor said, after some of thousands of protesters had leaped into the U.S. embassy. As U.S. military drones faced Islamist anti-aircraft fire over Benghazi, about 50 marines landed in Yemen a day after the U.S. embassy there was stormed. For a second day in the capital Sanaa, police battled hundreds of young men around the mission. In Khartoum, wider anger at Western attitudes to Islam also saw the German embassy overrun, with police doing little to stop demonstrators

who raised a black Islamist flag. Violence at the U.S. embassy followed protests against both Washington and the Sudanese government, which is broadly at odds with the West. The wave of indignation and rage over the film, which portrays Mohammad as a womaniser and a fool, coincided with Pope Benedict’s arrival in Lebanon for a three-day visit. The protests present U.S. President Barack Obama with a new foreign policy crisis less than two months before seeking re-election and tests Washington’s relations with democratic governments it helped to power across the Arab world.

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Kaieteur News

Saturday September 15, 2012

Saturday September 15, 2012

Kaieteur News

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THE COMMISSIONERS ARE ALL EMINENT INDIVIDUALS The Commission of Inquiry into the unrest in Linden earlier this year should not dignify the letter sent to it by APNU complaining about the presence of two local lawyers attached to the Commission. It is shocking that APNU should have written to the Commission. This, once again, shows that APNU does not fully understand just what a commission of inquiry is and the appropriate forms of challenging persons associated with the Commission of Inquiry. It must be recalled that when the commissioners were sworn in, there were reports

in the print media indicating that persons within APNU were expressing the hope that a meeting would be held with the commission. If those persons who made such a call had a full and clear understanding of just what is a commission of inquiry, they would not have made such a statement. Commissions of inquiry do not hold meetings; they have hearings. At these hearings persons with evidence about what happened are allowed to lead evidence just as in a court situation. These witnesses will be liable to be questioned and to be cross examined.

APNU ought to be aware of all of these things and therefore their most recent objections are even more surprising. The latest outburst by APNU challenges the presence of two local lawyers who have been appointed to assist the Commission. The reason given is that APNU feels that the lawyers can taint the work of the Commission with bias. This is an outrageous suggestion. It once again shows the limited understanding that APNU has about COIs. The local lawyers who are attached to the Commission of Inquiry are not members of the

Commission. They will not be part of the decision-making of the body and therefore their presence cannot infect the commission with prejudicial bias. APNU is also wrongly asserting that the two local lawyers will be the filter through which evidence reaches the Commission. This is ridiculous. The two lawyers are merely providing support services to the Commission. When it comes to taking evidence, no person wishing to provide evidence is compelled to have his or her statement taken by the local lawyers attached to the

Commission. APNU’s lawyers can take the statements from witnesses. Would this not taint the process also with bias? All commissions of inquiry require secretarial and other support services. And the government is duty bound in supporting the work of the commission which it appointed to conduct the investigation to provide the necessary support for the work of the commission. Also persons making statements will have to provide that will therefore be subject to questioning and cross- examination, just like in a judicial hearing.

To say that the local lawyers filter the evidence that reaches the commission shows a misunderstanding of how evidence is introduced in a COI and how it can be tested. A statement is not evidence until it is tendered. Before it is tendered it has to be introduced and the person giving the statement is liable to be questioned and crossexamined.

NICIL/Guyana Stores court battle ...

Brassington grilled about Information Packages By Latoya Giles The High Court action between the National Industrial and Commercial Investment Limited and Royal Investment Inc. which owns and operates Guyana Stores, was again called up before Justice Roxanne GeorgeWiltshire, yesterday. Royal Investment Inc. is headed by proprietor Tony

Yassin. NICIL is being represented by Rafiq Turhan Khan, while Yassin is being represented by Senior Counsel Rex Mc Kay and Edward Luckhoo. Royal Investment Inc. has been sued by the Privatisation Unit/ NICIL for failing to pay the balance of US$2 million for the 70 million shares in Guyana Stores which the company

Dem boys seh ...

Brazzy got he own beauty pageant in court When you is president you does enjoy de best of everything. Dem have a beauty contest and nearly one dozen homemade girls trying fuh win de crown. All that mean is that dem gun get a trip to de pageant and a couple seconds pun TV. De new Miss Universe come fuh de pageant and she nice. Dem boys seh that when she meet Uncle Donald he blink. De man get a chance fuh kiss de Miss Universe but nobody couldn’t tek a picture because was blows if de First Lady see it when he Uncle Donald go home.But de man pose wid de Miss Universe and he tell dem people that if de people in he Cabinet was suh nice he woulda really enjoy he job. Odinga walking all round wid Miss Universe and when de girl talk he shake he head because de other night during de intelligence segment he realize that dem gyal wha he sending up got to undergo a crash course in talking properly. At least dem know to sit down and cross dem legs. But dem boys seh that crossing dem legs don’t score points in a beauty pageant. Brazzy had he own pageant in de court. He sue Uncle Tony and now he wish he did sit down and shut he mouth. But de money he claim Uncle Tony owe he was too tempting. Now dem lawyers got he trembling and getting red in de witness box.Is a sad day when people ketch you telling lie. But two things happen. Brazzy didn’t believe that he woulda got to testify in he own court matter. One lawyer tell he not to lie because he ain’t at a press conference. Dem lawyers got he parading like dem girls at de Miss Universe contest. De only difference is that dem gyal got nuff thing to parade. All Brazzy got is he belly. Talk half and try wid Brazzy.

acquired for US$6million. At yesterday’s hearing, Head of the Privatisation Unit, Winston Brassington, was cross-examined by Senior Counsel Edward Luckhoo. Brassington was questioned about the information packages which were for investors who were interested in making the purchase. Brassington was also asked whether due diligence was extended to the entire contents of the package. If so, then the selected investor’s right to seek clarification or additional information must necessarily be in relation to any matter contained in the package…The correct person to give that information was the Head of the Privatization Unit – Mr. Winston Brassington, the lawyer contended. Senior Counsel Luckhoo then put to Brassington that it would be improper of him to refuse to give the additional information requested. Brassington denied doing so. Mr. Luckhoo asked if it would be improper for Mr. Brassington to refuse to give additional information during the due diligence period and he replied in the affirmative. The court also heard that although there were many requests for additional information from the packages,

Brassington ignored them. The court further heard yesterday that although one could have requested more information, it was not a courtesy extended by Brassington. Mr. Luckhoo then asked if the witness would agree with him that because of instructions from the Privatization Unit, the Company (GSL) was starved of cash resource. He referred to complaints from Mr. Fries, an experienced businessman and Mr. Maniram Prashad, Chairman of the Board of Directors who was appointed by the President. However Brassington denied that Maniram Prashad was appointed by the president. He said that Mr. Prashad was appointed by the shareholders. Mr. Luckhoo asked Brassington about the appointment of the Chairman and heard that Brassington was appointed by the Cabinet. Brassington went on to give a lengthy explanation but was cautioned by the lawyer not to do so, since he was not at a press conference. Brassington was then asked if it was fair to say that the criticisms of the cash resources were fair and he replied “partly”. Mr. Luckhoo then asked Brassington if he directed or gave instructions in relation to cash flow and net

current assets. According to Brassington, he was. The witness was then asked that given the fact that GSL was run by a Board, if he thought that the Privatisation Unit had the authority to give instructions in that regard. Brassington admitted that he didn’t have that authority. The matter was later adjourned for November 16. In an affidavit signed by Mr. Tony Yassin, he admitted that on October 4, 2000, he entered into an agreement with National Industrial and Commercial Investment Limited (Privatisation Unit) to purchase the shares in Guyana Stores

Limited which was owned by the Government of Guyana. Furthermore it was stated that before entering into the agreement with National Industrial and Commercial Investment Limited, Yassin was given various information memoranda on June 5, 1996 and packages in March 1999 in respect of the matters and facts which were peculiarly within the knowledge of the National Industrial and Commercial Investment Limited, Government and Privatisation Unit. To these, the defendant stated, he had no access method of verifying through its own investigation and inquiry.

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Kaieteur News

Saturday September 15, 2012

Attorney General moves to court again By Latoya Giles The Attorney General has once again moved to the High Court against the Joint Opposition. This time the AG wants the court to overturn the “No Confidence” motion that was passed against Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee in Parliament recently. The AG is contending that the “No Confidence” motion that was passed on July 30 was unlawful, in violation of the doctrine of separation of powers, unconstitutional, null, void and without any binding force or effect, in so far as the same purports to “censure” and express “no-

- wants High Court to quash “No Confidence” motion against Rohee confidence” in the Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Clement Rohee MP. According to the court documents, Rohee was appointed a Minister and Minister of Home Affairs in the Government of Guyana by His Excellency President Donald Ramotar in accordance with Article 106 of the Constitution. The document stated that on July 25, last, the Leader of the Opposition sought the leave of the Speaker of the National Assembly to move a

motion which, inter alia, called upon the National Assembly to express ‘No Confidence’ in the Minister of Home Affairs, over his alleged inability to discharge his responsibility for public security. Despite objections from the Government side of the National Assembly, the said Motion was duly allowed by the Speaker to be debated and was indeed debated and duly passed by the National Assembly on Monday 30th July, 2012. The Government side of

the National Assembly had voted against the said motion and the Joint Opposition voted in its favour. Since passing the said motion, leaders of both A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and the Alliance For Change (AFC) have made statements to the effect that the National Assembly will sanction Minister Rohee if the said “No Confidence” motion is ignored by Minister Rohee and/or the Government of Guyana. The AG also made reference to a meeting which was held by APNU members concerning the matter. It was noted that on August 24, at a public meeting held at Stabroek Market Square,

APNU Deputy Leader and Member of Parliament Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine published that upon the resumption of sittings of the National Assembly in October 2012, the Joint Opposition would approach the Privileges Committee of the National Assembly to suspend Minister Rohee for six months if he fails to adhere to the “No Confidence” motion. Mention was also made at a press conference held on August 7, where the Opposition Leader, Mr David Granger MP, speaking on the passage of the “No Confidence” motion reportedly said that the opposition will remove the Minister of Home Affairs from

Office. The Attorney General is contending that the members of the National Assembly cannot and do not hold their seats at the confidence or lack thereof, or at the pleasure of the National Assembly since Members are elected to hold a seat in the National Assembly by secret ballot of the people and in manner set out in Articles 60, 61 and 160 of the Constitution of Guyana, and in the manner outlined in the v a r i o u s elections and electoral laws of the land. The opposition has blamed Rohee for the deaths of three Lindeners during the month long protest in the community.

Prison brawl lands NOC inmate in hospital A 17-year-old New Opportunity Corps inmate, who was incarcerated at the Anna Regina lock ups following the recent unrest at the juvenile facility, at Onderneeming, is nursing a fractured skull. He sustained the injury after he was severely beaten by a fellow inmate who apparently operated out of a gang at the Suddie lock ups, on Wednesday night. The incident occurred some time around 11:30 hours. Reports from the Region stated that one of the inmates, who allegedly beat his fellow inmate, r e p o rtedly beat another prior to Wednesday night’s incident and was transferred to the Suddie lock ups. Commenting on the recent incident, Assistant Director of

Youth, Davenand Ramdatt, said that his Ministry was made aware of Wednesday night’s incident some time on Thursday morning. Ramdatt said that the incident was an unfortunate one. He said that despite the juveniles have been charged and incarcerated for arson and for escaping from a juvenile facility, the inmates are not left unattended. Follow up works have been ongoing. The Youth Director said the teen involved in the beating needs counseling. “Workers at NOC make frequent visits to both the Suddie and Aurora lock-ups, and provide the inmates housed there with personal necessities and meals.” On August 22, last, dozens of inmates staged a daring escape from the

juvenile facility at NOC. The following day, while police were successful in apprehending all of the escapees, a number of inmates set the tailor shop and the female dorm alight. Both buildings were destroyed. That incident has caused the Ministry of Youth and Culture to establish a commission of inquiry. That team is headed by former Judge Prem Persaud; Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, Alfred King; Senior Superintendent and Divisional Commander of “D” Division, Christopher Griffith; Senior Probation Officer of Human Services and Social Security, Trenetta Scott; and Mr. Maydha Persaud, a retired headmaster and member of the (continued on page 16)

Saturday September 15, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Saturday September 15, 2012

Saturday September 15, 2012

Kaieteur News

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Plans to expand Doobay Renal Centre in the pipeline facility celebrates first anniversary One year ago today, the Doobay Renal Centre opened its doors at 8-9 Courbane Park, Annandale, East Coast Demerara, offering a subsidized renal service to the public. However, its not-for-profit operation will not be limited to renal service alone since according to Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Vickram Oditt, there are already plans in the pipeline to expand and include other healthcare services. “We are looking at our options right now and we are checking out cost and the availability of people for expansion. No sense we expand and we don't have the doctors to run it. We are trying to get our plans finalised and by next month we will reveal details,” Oditt said yesterday. Wi t h a m i s s i o n t o provide affordable and quality healthcare, the Renal Centre opened its doors on September 15 last year. It has attended to some 60 patients suffering from renal failure. Renal failure is a medical condition in which the kidneys fail to adequately filter toxins and waste products from the blood. This development often requires that patients undergo dialysis which is the artificial process of getting rid of waste and unwanted water from the blood. Dialysis may be used for people who have become ill and have acute kidney failure or for relatively stable patients who have permanently lost kidney function. About 25 individuals are currently accessing dialysis treatment at the Doobay Renal Centre, according to Oditt. Some patients, he said, are required to undergo this procedure twice a week while others must do so thrice weekly, a state of affairs which depends on individual patient's

Mr Vickram Oditt condition. Though he was unable to speak to the number of patients who have since died due to their prolonged sufferings, Oditt said that “there are some patients who developed complications and were admitted to the hospital and died.” He explained, too, that dialysis cannot work well alone. It is required that patients be very disciplined in their general lifestyles including diet, exercise and even fluid intake. He alluded to the two main factors that contribute to renal failure – diabetes and high blood pressure. “If persons control these things obviously they can live more healthy lives.” Oditt noted that while offering renal failure service is generally costly, the Doobay Renal Centre has continually been trying to reduce the cost per dialysis session. The initial cost was $24,000 but has since been reduced to $9,000. This Oditt attributed to the unwavering support mainly from overseas donors. “We don't want to build a big bank account...The directors of this facility have achieved what we wanted to in life and (continued on page 17)

The Doobay Renal Centre

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Kaieteur News

Saturday September 15, 2012

Miss Universe visits Doobay Renal Centre

The gorgeous Miss Universe Leila Lopez (at right) paid a courtesy call on the East Coast Demerara Doobay Renal Centre, yesterday. There she met with patients and staff. In photo she stands with the equally dazzling Mrs Dawn Doobay, Chairman of the facility. Also in photo is patient Shirley Mohan who has been receiving dialysis from the institution for the past year.

Saturday September 15, 2012

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Speciality Hospital…

Transparency Institute welcomes Govt. decision to reassess contract Transparency Institute of Guyana Inc. (TIGI) says it welcomes the government’s decision to reassess the award of the US$18.1M contract awarded for the construction of the Specialty Hospital at Turkeyen. There were five bids and the contract went to Surrendra Engineering Corporation Ltd. TIGI urged that the matter be resolved as quickly as possible and that in the interest of transparency and the public should be informed of the results. “In the interest of accountability the public must ensure that it is getting value for money and that the project will be professionally executed and completed by those best qualified to do so,” TIGI noted. The Transparency Institute further disclosed that media reports as well as a review of Surrendra’s website noted that the company has no experience in the construction of hospitals. For the purpose of bidding for

the project, Fedders Lloyd Corporation Ltd., who bid lower, formed a consortium with NOUS Hospital Consultants, which has expertise in building specialized hospitals and has commissioned about 90 hospitals around the world. Fedders also contended that there were irregularities in the bidding and evaluation process, especially as regards the extension of time for the submission of bids; numerous changes to the tender documents after invitations to bid were solicited; and the submission of a bank guarantee from an Indian bank to be confirmed by a local bank. The Ministry disputed these charges and indicated that Fedders Lloyd was disqualified on “administrative grounds”. It is not clear what those grounds are. “We recall the poor tendering decision to award a substantial contract to Synergy Holdings to build a road to Amaila. Synergy

had no proven competence in building roads. As expected, that contract had to be terminated by the GOG because of the failure of Synergy to complete. With this in mind Transparency Guyana reasonably expects that the government and indeed all taxpayers would not wish such a re-occurrence which ultimately brings to bear a heavy burden on the people of Guyana.” TIGI emphasised. In this regard, the Transparency Institute underscored that Guyana welcomes the Government’s decision to reassess the award of the contract in view of a protest being lodged with the Ministry of Health by Fedders Lloyd. The hospital is being funded through a line of credit from India of US$18 million. The government here intends to staff the hospital with specialists from India to do complicated surgeries, ranging from heart operations

and organ transplants to cosmetic surgery. Preliminary works have begun at Turkeyen, East Coast Demerara where the specialty hospital is intended to be built. The announcement for construction was made in February 2011 by former President Bharrat Jagdeo when he returned from India after securing a US$18M line of credit. Government had budgeted $150 million to commence the preparatory work. Cabinet awarded $97M to G. Bovell Construction Services in January 2012 to commence those works which included the construction of a fence, bridges and gateways. The other bidders for the project were Shapoorji Pallonji & Company Ltd (US$42.4 M); Jaguar Overseas Ltd of India (US$18.6 million) and Vydehi Institute of Medical Science and Research Centre of India (US$19.5 M).

Innovative measures needed to improve writing skills The need to implement innovative measures to help students improve their writing skills was highlighted Wednesday by Assistant Chief Education Officer, Ms Bibi Alli. This move is especially urgent in the face of competing features such as television, computer games, social networks (particularly Facebook) and cell phones, which, according to Alli, are offering stiff competition to the education system. According to the senior Education official, instead of reading and practising to write, many youths are today seen texting on their phones and engaging in social media activities. She underscored that “the more we practise to write, the better we would be able to write. The more we read, the better

- Asst. Chief Education Officer

Assistant Chief Education Officer, Bibi Alli readers we will become,” while alluding to the old adage – practice makes perfect. Alli was at the time facilitating a discourse at the National Centre

for Educational Resource Development (NCERD), Kingston, Georgetown, during a Ministry of EducationGUYAID essay competition prize-giving ceremony. The senior official, who has a keen interest in English Language, has over the years been involved in marking students’ essays. She, however, observed that the quality of writing has been noticeably deteriorating, indicating the need for more to be done to arrest the daunting situation. Alli made reference to the need for teachers to ensure that essay writing is done as stipulated on the timetable at all levels of the school system. She also pointed to the importance of teachers marking and correcting students’ writing as well as to encourage them to edit and correct their own work. “Students should be encouraged to read so that they have information to put in their essays that can model the writing of good writers. “We must remember that writing is a process, it is not a simple set of steps that teachers can teach and students can memorise. It is important to implement them and practice.” Alli also spoke of the role of parents, adding that they need to monitor what their children do at home and ensure that they complete their homework and assignments, and read as often as possible.

“I know how difficult this can be today because of the many distractions that are competing for our children’s time...but we have to make the effort. “We must remember that language skills are crucial factors in ensuring academic success, positive self-esteem, and improved life chances.” According to Alli, parents with young children must spend time talking to them, reading to them, and creating an environment that would encourage them to both read and write. She stressed, too, that the importance of writing and language development cannot be over emphasised. “It is for this reason that it is given prominence on the school curriculum, regardless of the grade and the level. It is for this reason that unless students pass English Language at CSEC they cannot matriculate.” Alli stressed that the benefits of being able to write are tremendous, including to entertain, to foster artistic expression, to explore the functions and values of writing, to stimulate imagination, to clarify thinking, and to search for identity. “We all know that language is man’s major form of communication. The ability to write our thoughts and feelings in the various formats is a skill we must all develop and maintain for effective communication,” Alli asserted.

Saturday September 15, 2012

Family of child road fatality pursue legal action “Even though locking up this man would not bring back Kellon, it would surely give us some kind of comfort to know that justice is served,” said Vibert Hunte who lost his nephew to a late afternoon accident. On August 13, six-yearold Kellon Europe was fatally struck down by a minibus on Mandela Avenue, near the South Ruimveldt Shopping Plaza Bridge. Reports in several sections of the media indicated that the lad and his older sister were walking “in the corner” when a speeding minibus struck him down. The driver of the route 72 minibus, BMM 7207, was identified as Mark Gobin. Eyewitnesses reported that, initially, they thought the bus had hit both children. Gobin was subsequently charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and breach of insurance. Hunte, speaking on behalf of the bereaved family, said that they are still seeking closure. “To know you lost your loved one is painful but to know that their death went unpaid just makes it worse,” said Hunte. He pointed to the fact that on August 20, Richard Mohamed had swerved from a car and slammed into a pickup, resulting in the death

Kellon Europe of his father, and has since been charged with causing death by dangerous driving. “What happen to our loss? Don’t they see it relevant?” he asked. The man added, “This man break a child hand, foot and ribs and no charges for that; what is really going on?” A senior officer in the Police Traffic Department had advised that the family needs to ensure all necessary statements are made to the East La Penitence Police Station. Hunte said that even the terrified nine-year-old who witnessed the killing of her brother issued her statement to the station. “Still nothing has been done.”

Deeds Registry cashier arrested for fraud A cashier attached to the Deeds Registry is in police custody following the discovery of a fraud. The matter surfaced on Wednesday when a lawyer conducting a routine transaction handed some $300,000 to a clerk as payment. The clerk took the money to the cashier who issued a receipt. This would have passed unnoticed had the lawyer not returned to the court to collect some documents related to his transaction. When he approached the supervisor of the registry, it transpired that the document had disappeared. A subsequent examination of the receipt found that it had been issued from a book not in use at the registry. And that book went missing during the investigation.

Immediately, Registrar Azeena Baksh called in the police who promptly arrested the cashier. When contacted, Ms Baksh declined to comment on the fraud. All she would say was that irrespective of political or trade union affiliation or friendship or contacts, she would not condone corruption. “Corruption in the Registry has to be curtailed. No contact or friend would influence any decision that I make. This registry has to account to the public and to the auditors.” During this investigation, the registry found that there were three prior transactions that involved false receipts. The cashier was appointed through the Public Service Commission in July.

Prison brawl lands NOC ... From page 10 Teaching Service Commission. Forty-eight inmates appeared at the Charity Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Leron Daly. Eight of the 48 were charged with arson while 40 were arraigned for escaping

from a training school. Twelve of the inmates are female. Magistrate Leron Daly ordered 16 of the inmates to the juvenile facility in Georgetown since she was not enamoured with the idea of the young inmates being placed in a lock-up with adults.

Saturday September 15, 2012

Kaieteur News

Kumaka waterfront for remedial works Stalled revetment works at Kumaka Landing

Stalled revetment works at the eroding Kumaka Landing is expected to recommence shortly, says Region One Chairman Paul Pierre. According to Pierre, the Region has been assured by the Transport and Harbours Department (T&HD) that the machine to drive the timber piles needed to support the sheet piles and additional building materials will be transported within a week to the area. The Chairman said that works to correct the first revetment works that collapsed in March, started in June but was halted one month later because the machine had encountered mechanical problems. “I was recently told that

within two weeks the machine would be up here and one week has passed so I am hoping that soon the machine would be up here because the roadway is near to the waterway,” Pierre said. In light of the roadway that is being threatened by the eroding landing the Region will be placing gravel to strengthen the structure. Currently, erosion to the roadway is not significant since the collapsed revetment in the waterway is acting as a buffer to the river, he added. In March, speedboat operators had complained about the incomplete ‘wooden sheet pile revetment’. Engineers of T&HD were tasked with undertaking the revetment

works halted their operations when the facility started to collapse. Regional Vice-Chairman, Fermin Singh, had conceded that the engineering works have proven to be faulty, but he had assured that it will be rectified soon. And indeed works began in June. The water levels of the river could prove to be a challenge. He insisted that the incomplete work is owing to poor engineering. Boat operators in the area are fearful that the current revetment may also collapse like the one in March because of faulty works. One boat captain observed that the sheet piles are not yet tied to the piles.

Plans to expand Doobay Renal ... From page 14 our aim is just to help people and that is exactly what we are doing. We are hoping that we can cut cost per dialysis even further.” The directors of the facility have started working in collaboration with Government, a move which should see materials utilised by the facility becoming available at a cheap cost. This will, by extension, serve to reduce the cost incurred by patients, Oditt said. Apart from the nursing and auxiliary staff, the facility receives the expert service of nephrologists and other health personnel from the McMaster University Medical Centre in Canada. These experts, according to Oditt, usually visit the East Coast facility every two months. Currently Dr Azim Gangji of the Nephrology and Transplant Division of the same Canadian facility is in Guyana where he is setting the tone for proposed transplant op-

erations in the near future. Transplant operations are expected to be undertaken, once more, at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). The GPHC has been the recipient of donated equipment from the Doobay Renal Centre to facilitate the creation of a dialysis centre. The overseas experts will facilitate the transplant, according to Oditt, who noted, “We consult with these experts all the time because there are currently no qualified nephrologists in Guyana, so we need to work with people who are experts in the field.” Premised on the fundamental principle to give back to the society, the Doobay Renal Centre, which is named in honour of its visionary, Dr Budhendra Doobay, was built with monies acquired primarily through fundraising activities in Canada, the United States and locally, as well as through donations.

Dr Doobay, an eminent Vascular Surgeon at the Hamilton and Niagara hospitals in Canada, had migrated some years ago with his family. He is regarded as the only non-white to have been the recipient of the Queen's Golden and Diamond Jubilee medals and is said to be well honoured and respected in Canada. He currently heads an organisation in Canada called the Vishnu Mandir through which much of the capital finances for the Renal Centre are derived. The East Coast location was used mainly because a plot of land was donated by Dr Doobay and because “we feel strongly that we should provide services outside of Georgetown. People appreciate the fact that we are at a central East Coast Demerara location,” Oditt said. An adjoining lot has since been acquired by the directors of the facility in order to facilitate expansion plans.

Page 17

Piracy victims plead with police for return of recovered items The persons who suffered losses over the weekend at the hands of river pirates are pleading with the Guyana Police Force for the timely return of their property. Three men who have been charged for several counts of robbery at high seas are said to be the pirates. On Thursday, Acting Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry ordered that the items be photographed by the police and returned to the virtual complainants. However, when contacted yesterday, two of the victims, Vibert Singh and Cecelia Singh, said that they spent all day yesterday between the Criminal Investigation Department Headquarters and the

Magistrates’ Court but to no avail. Cecelia said that when she visited an Officer of E&F Division she was told that they are awaiting an order from the court. The woman said she then visited the police prosecutor at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court where the ruling was made. She said that she was told that the same was communicated to the ranks dealing with the matter. However, up to press time the woman said that neither she nor her son was able to uplift the outboard engines which were stolen from their fishing boats. Hence the victims are pleading with the police for the timely return of their engines as fishing is their sole means

of income. On Saturday evening last, Singh’s boat and its crew member of five were attacked and robbed in the North West District. The men were relieved of two outboard engines, a quantity of fish glue and other valuables. The woman’s son who also has a fishing boat suffered the same fate in the same area. Several other boats were attacked and robbed. Already three men, Gary Joseph, Richard Mangal and Eon Sampson, have been remanded to prison after being charged with the offence of robbery at high seas. Wanted bulletins have been issued for two other men who are believed to have been involved in the recent attacks.

Mahaica men discharged of “attempted murder” charge

Two of the accused when they were charged last year Four men who were accused of attempting to murder Gowkarran Gurdatt, back in 2011 walked out of the Mahaica Magistrates’ Court, free after Magistrate Alex Moore upheld no case submissions by attorney at law Jerome Khan. The men, Mahase Persaud, Norfy Ramkissoon, Bisham Singh and Haynarine Gopaul were charged on June 3, 2011. The preliminary inquiry lasted about 15 months. The prosecution had alleged that the four men had inflicted the injuries on Gourdatt on May 16, 2011 at Broken Water-Land De Hoop Mahaica, ECD and as a result the man died several days later. However the defence which consisted of Attorney

at law Jerome Khan, Mursaline Bacchus, and Arune Gadraj argued that the state failed to show any evidence that the four men had no intention to commit any murder. Yesterday in court, Khan in his submission said that police were sloppy in their investigation. “They moved hurriedly to recommend charges even though the evidence pointed elsewhere,” Khan stated. The case in itself had some technicality since Gurdatt died a few weeks back at the Georgetown Public Hospital. The charge was instituted after the police alleged that the men inflicted several blows to Gurdatt. However a post mortem examination

performed on Gurdatt failed to show that the blows to head, that caused his death. According to sources at the Georgetown Public Hospital the man had died as a result of a coronary defect. The men were on $250,000 bail during the PI.

Page 18

Kaieteur News

Imran “Magic” Khan alleges police assault Boxing sensation, 19-yearold Imran “Magic” Khan is seeking justice after claims of an unjustified police assault reportedly committed against him. Khan is alleging that a police rank on motor bike patrol kicked him while he (Khan) rode a motorbike, and later assaulted him with his firearm. According to Khan, just after noon on Wednesday, he mistakenly rode his motorcycle up Smyth Street, between Hadfield Street and Brickdam, which was recently made a one- way. The teen said that two officers riding separate motorcycles noticed him. One rank ordered that he stop his cycle. The other rank gave him the okay to proceed on his way. He alleged that when he took off, the rank who had ordered him to stop, rode after him and kicked him on the leg, causing him to sway and nearly hit a vehicle. Khan said that he stopped his motorcycle and the ranks came up to him and conducted a search on him and his pillion rider. The boxer alleged that nothing was found on their person, but the police punctured his motorcycle wheel and instructed him to be on his way. The teen said that he did nothing about that incident except to report it to his coach, James Walcott, who lives in his community. The following day, Khan said that around 10:30 hours he was standing on a street in Albouystown with Walcott and another friend, when he saw the said police officers patrolling in the area. Khan said that he pointed out the

policemen to his coach. This prompted a harsh response from the ranks. “When I show he de officer who stamp me off my bike the day before, de officer watch me and seh when you see officers, you must shut ya mouth; don’t say nothing!” Khan alleged that his coach directed him not to say anything, so he got out his cell phone and directed his attention there. The police officer parked his motorbike and went over to Khan and ordered the boxer to look at him. According to Walcott, the officer continued to ask Khan to look at him but Khan refused and continued to pay attention to his phone. “He keeping telling Imran look at me, but Imran ain’t watching he, he keep with he phone like if he texting and de officer said, hey look at me, you ain’t hear ah seh look at me. You is any bad boy?” Walcott then alleged that the other officer riding cycle CF 7175 got off his bike and rushed Khan, slamming him into the wall of a nearby building. The other rank who told Khan to look at him, reportedly grabbed the boxer by the throat and lifted him off the ground, before the other officer pulled out a gun and lashed the youth across the head, Walcott said. “That was the same rank who kicked me off my bike,” Khan informed. Following the incident, Khan along with his coach and friend went to the Brickdam Police Station where they made a report. They said they went to the Police Complaints Authority, before heading to the hospital, but the office was

closed at the time. Walcott said they later contacted Mr. Steve Ninvalle, President of the Guyana Amateur Boxing Association and they were directed to the Eve Leary Police Station where a confrontation was held with the said police officers and a senior rank whose name they can’t remember. According to Walcott and Khan, both policemen denied ever harming the boxer. They reportedly told their superior that Khan had drugs. “Dem tell de big man that they de passing and dem sell narcotics and when they see Imran he had a brown paper in he hand and when Imran see dem he crush up de paper in he hand.” Walcott said that when he asked the ranks if they did not hit the teen in his presence, they denied. Another report was made at the Ruimveldt Police Station where they were directed following Eve Leary. Walcott and Khan’s pillion rider both confirmed the actions of the police. When contact was made with Commander of ‘A’Division Assistant Commissioner of Police, George Vyphuis, he said he was not aware of the incident. He however assured that he would look into the matter.

Saturday September 15, 2012

GWI executes contract for Linden potable water GWI executives yesterday inked contracts with contractor Jagnahan for the installation of transmission and distribution systems, and for the replacement of deteriorated mains in the Linden community, as part of the US$12.3 million Linden Water Supply Rehabilitation Programme (LWSRP). The contracts were signed in the Linden Enterprise Network on Republic Avenue, Linden. According to Chief Executive Officer of GWI, Nigel Niles, Lot One of this phase has to do with the replacement of deteriorated mains and installation of new mains in Wisroc, Canvas City, and other parts of Wismar. Lot Two involves the installation of mains in Fairs Rust, Central Mackenzie and Amelia’s Ward-- both the old and new housing schemes. Niles said that the Linden Water Supply Rehabilitation Programme was jointly funded by a loan from the IDB, and the Government of Guyana, and that it is scheduled to be executed within a five-year period. “It was signed in 2011 and we’ve already passed just over a year, and now we are at a stage where the major works are being awarded and now scheduled to be executed. He added that there were three components of the

programme with the first being the construction of two new state of the art water treatment plants. These plants will be located at Amelia’s Ward, close to the existing water treatment plant, and at Wisroc, also close to the existing Plant there, Niles said. He added that the new Plants are designed to treat and supply water at a minimum pressure of five metres and of a quality acceptable to WHO standards. According to Niles, the reason for the intervention is because of the existence of five deteriorating water treatment plants in Linden. Niles said that some of the Plants were established since the 1930’s and 1950’s, and thus it was time for their rehabilitation and replacement. Subsequent to a ‘master plan’ done by a consultant of the Inter American Development Bank, it was recommended that two new plants replace the existing infrastructure, he pointed out. The construction of the new facilities will most likely commence at the latter part of 2012, Niles added. Director of Capital Investment and Planning, Ramchand Jailal, said that the rehabilitation of the water supply system is expected to significantly enhance the quality

Accused in $80 million housing scam granted bail By Rehanna Ramsay The two persons fingered in the most recent multimillion-dollar housing scam were yesterday released on $1.7 million bail each when they reappeared before (Ag) Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry. The two, Denise Griffith and Balkaran Lillie, were represented by Attorneys-atLaw Rexford Jackson and Adrian Thompson respectively. The lawyers renewed their bail application. On the last occasion, the two persons were remanded on three counts of obtaining by false pretense, in that they allegedly obtained over $1 million dollars from Latchmie Manbodh, Benna Stanislaus and Ramkumar Rajban while pretending that they were in a position to provide house lots. Reports are that the two accused had collected money from several persons under the pretext that they could legitimately acquire lands for them at a cheaper and faster rate than operated at the Housing Ministry. The defendants are believed to have created a system to trick unsuspecting persons into believing that they had connections with staff of the Ministry of Housing who would facilitate them in acquiring the

house lots. Lillie and Griffith allegedly conspired together to lure their victims into thinking that they could obtain these lands at the Little Diamond Area on the East Bank of Demerara. After numerous complaints were made to the Housing Authority, a police investigation was launched. The probe led to the arrest of the two defendants, who were then placed on an identification parade where they were pointed out to the authorities. They were later charged with the offence. Further reports suggest that 18 more criminal charges are likely to be laid against the defendants. In his renewed application for bail, Griffith’s lawyer, Rexford Jackson, told the court that his client has an alibi. The lawyer claimed that Griffith was not in Georgetown but that she was in Essequibo at the time that the alleged crime was committed. Jackson further said that case against his client is one of “mistaken identity.” He explained that only one person out of a group accusers identified his client as the person who took part in the misdemeanor. The lawyer also said that his client is “only 19 years old and had

no previous brushes with the law.” Attorney-at-Law Adrian Thompson who rendered legal service to Lillie requested bail at an affordable sum. Thompson told the court that his client is a laboratory technician who poses no risk of flight since he is willing to lodge his passport pending the determination of the trial. The prosecution did not oppose the lawyers’ applications and the magistrate granted both defendants bail on condition that they lodge their passports and report to Brickdam Police Station fraud squad unit every Friday. The matter is adjourned until September 17.

of life in Linden. He outlined works to be executed by GWI over the next five years. These include the construction of the two new water treatment facilities at Amelia’s Ward and Wisroc, as well as booster stations, reservoirs and the installation of new transmission mains, and rehabilitation of the distribution system. The new treatment facilities and upgrade of the distribution system will ensure an improved water quality as well as higher standard of service, Jailal said. “We are aware that the current system is not adequate due to its age and the growth of the town over the years, but when the new Plants are operational, customers will enjoy a higher standard of treated water,” he added, noting that the new Plants are designed to deliver water quality that fulfills World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. Jailal also noted that the programme will encompass a large public education and community outreach component, as the success of LWSRP also depends on the willingness of Linden residents to partner with GWI on water conservation and protecting freshwater resources, and maintaining safe household water supply. For customers to enjoy higher levels of service, they must avoid wastage, he emphasized As regards the protection of fresh water resources, Jailall said that the Wisroc water treatment plant will be utilizing water from the Dakoura Creek, hence Lindeners must protect the creek and its watershed from pollution, by avoiding activities such as mining and forestry and the dumping of garbage in or around the creek. Jailal said that while the new facilities will provide an improved level of safe potable water, contamination can still occur if customers are reluctant to adopt safe habits, such as storing water in covered containers and consistently cleaning receptacles. The GWI initiative was applauded by Lindeners, including Vice Chairman Byron Lewis, and Chairman of LUSCSL, Valerie Adams-Patterson.

Businessmen survives boat disaster Three members of a Richmond Village, Essequibo Coast, family are grateful after surviving a near death experience in the Pomeroon River. The boat in which they were returning from Venezuela encountered problems and sank at Bird Island, in the Pomeroon River. The businessmen are frequent travelers to neighbouring Venezuela where they purchase large quantities of foodstuff which are resold on the local market. Millions of dollars worth in foodstuff, three barrels of fuel and engines were reportedly lost. The men who were more interested in clinging to safety emptied one of the barrels of fuel and held on to it until they were rescued by a boat. Devin Narine, a popular businessman, is said to be receiving treatment for burns he sustained after the incident. The two others are said to be stable.

Saturday September 15, 2012

Kaieteur News

Ricky Hatton comeback: Hitman returns in... From page 21 Hitman”, has not fought since suffering a secondround knockout by Manny Pacquiao in May 2009. He was then stripped of his licence to box in 2010 after admitting using cocaine. But

he appeared before the British Boxing Board of Control (BBBoC) in Cardiff on Wednesday to ask for it back. “ I t ’s been well documented w h a t ’s happened to me since the last time I’ve been in a

boxing ring,” Hatton said. “I’ve started looking after myself a bit better and getting fitter. That’s how it started. I don’t want to be fighting at four or six-round levels - I want to fight for world titles.

Saturday September 15, 2012 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): You aren’t short of energy today no matter where you are, who with or what you are doing. *************************** TAURUS (APR 20 - MAY 20): It could prove to be in your eventual interests to discuss your thoughts for the future with your partners. Pursuing goals that aren’t shared with loved ones could cause problems in the future unless you discuss this from the start. *************************** GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 20): You wonder whether you have taken on too much recently and perhaps certain commitments seem beyond your ability. If you tell yourself you can’t do it, you could talk yourself into believing this even if it is not so. *************************** CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): Plans made for today are touch and go; someone shows signs of changing their mind. Your mood is flexible and you will swiftly fall in with whatever is decided on. *************************** LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): If you can’t quite get into a relaxed mood this is because your mind is rebelling at the thought of trivial pastimes. You have a lot of thinking to do. *************************** VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): Your partner might notice a change in you; you want your feelings to be taken more seriously. Other people need to realise that sex is not a game.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): A purchase you might make on a whim will give you a lot of pleasure. You might add variety to your shopping list by trying out new brand names, new shopping centres or spending your money with a little more imagination. *************************** SCORPIO (OCT 23 NOV 21): A relative who usually keeps their opinions to themselves offers you some useful advice today. You will take this seriously because you know they have your best interests at heart. *************************** SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 - DEC 21): Despite feeling a need for seclusion you will not be wasting your time. You are in for an active and resourceful day. *************************** CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): You could be spending time today with people who are less well off than yourself. There is a strong desire to channel your humanitarian impulses into projects assisting the needy and suffering. *************************** AQUARIUS (JAN 20 FEB 18): Friendships play an active and important part of today’s events. Reunions with past acquaintances revive your interest in an old hobby or activity. *************************** PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): It is not a good idea to indulge in fanciful notions when new projects are being discussed.

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GFSCA Samuels ready to step... Softball tourney... From page 22 L.B.I. Top Gun vs El Commandante. 1:30pm-East Bankers vs Tornado. 3:00pmLady Jaguars vs Fazal Kayume Angels. Pitch 2: 9:30am-Wellman vs East Bankers Masters. 12:30pmRegal Champs vs Trophy Stall Angels. 1:30pm-4R Lioness vs Wellwoman. 2:30pm-Enterprise Stars vs Mahaica Creek Princesses. Pitch 3: 9:30am-Princess Hotel All Stars vs Success Warriors. 11:30am-Flashers vs Lusignan Third Street. 1:30pm-J & J Bengal Tigers vs Country Road. Ogle Community Centre: 9:30am-Desperados vs P & P Vipers. 11:30am- Shortman vs Accomplishment. 1:30pmDesperados vs Shortman. Wellfair Canje ground: 1:00pm-Memorex/Celebrity Times vs Young Achievers. Banana Land ground: 1:00pm-Oldendroff vs Betsy ground Triple Star. Call Khalid Baksh at 6181908 for fixtures in Essequibo and Robby Saywack at 6600049 for fixtures in East Berbice/Mahaicony.

From back page continue their preparations with a full training session on Saturday at the R Premadasa Stadium at 9 am. They will have another training session on Sunday at the P Sara Oval at 2 pm. On Monday they will have their second warm-up match against Afghanistan at P Sara Oval at 2:30 pm. The ICC World T20 tournament, which features 12

teams, will be played from September 18 to October 7. The West Indies have been drawn in Group B alongside Australia and Ireland and both first round matches will be at the Premadasa Stadium in Colombo. Their opening match will be against the Aussies on Saturday, September 22 followed by a clash with the Irish on Monday, September 24.

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LAND FOR SALE 1 ½ acre, 48ftx1300ft V/ Hoop Call: 627-9351 Charlotte Street $65M, Eccles $36M, NARI ECD 72’X600’Call: 687-2806 At PLN. Vreed-en-Hoop, W.B.D, Area: 39,382 sq ft. Suitable for business or house lots Call: 264-2515, 689-7569, 678-4892, 684-5561 Nandy Park 60x100 $12M, Diamond land with foundation $5.5M,$3.5M Town to country 6727390,225-0843 Diamond 17 St. corner lot $4.5M, Diamond $4.8M,$3M, $8M Town to country 672-7390,225-0843 Craig 60x800 $22M, Samantha Point 100x200 $4.5M, Regent Street US$2M Call: 225-0854, 686-9888 Large Land in Bagotville, WBD. Great for farming/ residence. Call 614-0036, 2311719 Vreed-en-Hoop house lots. Call 658-0115 Kuru Kururu - 20 acres with creek and farm house, 10 acres farm land. Call 2615500, 643-1861

Kaieteur News

FOR SALE One Toyota Corolla NZE in excellent condition with fully loaded chrome rims, music, alarm, etc. Call 264-2870 Complete sound system, Hifi sound; 75 KVA Cummings generator. Call 610-1230, 6735828 IBM Lenovo laptops, $60,000; Acer laptops, $100,000; Toshiba laptops, $120,000. Brand new Call 6812111 Just Arrived!! New Dell desktop & laptop computers, starting at $65,000 each. Call 253-3426 Seadoo Jetski 18ft fiberglass speed boat with 175 Hp Yamaha engine. Call 2336161, 651-8870 Stainless steel meat saw, meat grinder, electric wheel chair. Call 233-6161, 651-8870 1994 Leyland Daf 145/150 with winch, perfect for backdam. US$26,000 negotiable. Call 688-1202 One 290 Massey Ferguson tractor, 3 trailer & 1 dish plough. Working condition. Contact SewhSankar Mangal /Vishnu, Lot 9 No 1 Canal, WBD. Daschund mix with Tibetian, 6 weeks old pups. Call 2704231, 602-7233, 660-9470. 304 Section B Non Pariel, ECD.

VEHICLES FOR SALE Toyota Picnic, 2004: leather interior, owner driven. Call 623-6261, 600-6261 One RZ minibus, BFF 9631; recently reconditioned. Price neg. 691-5290, 661-6076 1 RZ minibus, EFI cat eye light. Price: $950,000 negotiable. Call 266-1253 Brand new Runx, colour Silver. 1 used 192, low mileage, excellent condition. $1.4 million negotiable. Tel 624-7991, 679-9444 1 Toyota Harrier $3.5M, 1 RAV4 2002 Model ACA21, 4 doors $3M Call: 231-7837 8am-4pm

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Saturday September 15, 2012

(From page 15)

We repair fridge, freezer, AC, washer, dryer Call:2310655,683-8734 Omar

Alexander Street, Kitty, $49M; Nandy Park, $38M; Duncan Street, $115M. Call 225-0854

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Saturday September 15, 2012

Kaieteur News

Page 21

Trophy Stall Doubles Tournament... Boxing great Ali honoured for fights outside the ring Miller / Andrews make it to final (Reuters) - Heavyweight boxing legend Muhammad Ali was honored on Thursday for his humanitarian efforts and civil rights work at an awards ceremony in Philadelphia. The $100,000 award called the Liberty Medal, sponsored by the nonprofit National Constitution Center, was presented to Ali by his daughter, Laila Ali, a former boxer herself. Ali, 70, who has been silenced by a long battle with Parkinson’s disease, was honored as an icon of constitutional ideals and the American dream, the center said. He “has been an outspoken fighter for religious and civil rights; a conscientious objector who took his battle to the Supreme Court and won; an ambassador for peace and justice worldwide, and a tireless humanitarian and philanthropist,” the center said in a statement. “Muhammad Ali continues to this day to inspire young people throughout the world,”

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter told the ceremony. Since he retired from boxing in 1981, Ali has worked on philanthropic and social causes around the world. He has made goodwill missions to Afghanistan and North Korea, delivered medical aid to Cuba, traveled to Iraq to secure release of 15 U.S. hostages during the first Gulf War, and most recently, worked for the eventual release of the three American hikers held captive in Iran, the center said in its statement. “We are here today to honor a true champion of freedom,” David Eisner, the center’s president and chief executive, told the audience. Ali did not speak at the ceremony, held in the hometown of his bitter former rival Joe Frazier, who died of liver cancer last November. But his wife, Lonnie Ali, said he was “deeply honored ... to be a beacon of liberty.”

Top seed Jeremy Miller/ Jason Andrews booked their place in the final of this year’s Trophy Stall-sponsored Doubles Tournament after securing a comprehensive win over the pair of Bishan Dalip / Kester Abrams 6-1, 6-0 and will now await the winner of the match between Daniel Lopes /Nicholas Glasgow taking on Sandeep Chand/ Godfrey Lowden. The pair dominated with heavy topspin groundstrokes which their opponents had no answer for with their only consolation being the five aces that Dalip sent down during the match. Earlier, Sandeep Chand/ Godfrey Lowden took out

Jason Andrews

Jeremy Miller

second seeds Leyland Leacock/Gilbert Barckoy 2-6 , 6-0, 10-7 in their encounter. Lopes and Glasgow advanced with wins over Ryan Cumberbatch/Anthony

Sookram and Alex Brassington and Adrian Kanto. Matches continue today with the tournament set to culminate tomorrow with the Men’s Doubles finals.

Tenelec Inc.BCB 50 over div. 1 final... ECCB release revised U-19 40 overs fixtures Archrivals RHT Gizmos & Gadgets & Albion to clash tomorrow

The East Coast Cricket Board has released revised fixtures for their Under-19 40-overs competition, matches bowling off at 11:00hrs starting today. Following are those fixtures: Saturday 15th September Team 1 Team 2 Venue Enmore vs LBI Enmore Enterprise vs Golden Grove Enterprise Lusignan vs Ogle Lusignan Buxton vs Mon Repos Buxton Plaisance drew the bye Saturday 22nd September Enmore vs Plaisance Enmore Enterprise vs Mon Repos Enterprise Buxton vs Lusignan Buxton LBI drew the bye Saturday 29th September Enmore vs Mon Repos Enmore Buxton vs Enterprise Buxton Lusignan vs Mon Repos Lusignan Plaisance vs LBI CPC Golden Grove drew the bye Saturday 6th October Enmore vs Mon Repos Enmore Enterprise vs LBI LBI Lusignan vs Golden Grove Lusignan Plaisance vs Ogle CPC Buxton drew the bye Saturday 13th October Enmore vs Lusignan Enmore Buxton vs Golden Grove Buxton Plaisance vs Mon Repos Lusignan Ogle vs LBI CPC Enterprise drew the bye Saturday 20th October Enmore vs Buxton Enmore Enterprise vs Ogle Enterprise Plaisance vs Golden Grove Buxton Mon Repos vs LBI CPC Lusignan drew the bye Saturday 27th October Lusignan vs Enterprise Lusignan Buxton vs Plaisance Buxton Ogle vs Mon Repos CPC LBI vs Golden Grove Enterprise Enmore drew the bye Saturday 3rd November Enmore vs Enterprise Enmore Buxton vs LBI Buxton Lusignan vs Plaisnace Lusignan Mon Repos vs Golden Grove CPC Ogle drew the bye Persons and clubs wishing more information can contact Mr. Raymond Barton on 220 1636 or 626 0223.

Spectators are expected by the hundreds at the Albion Cricket Ground tomorrow when Albion Cricket Club clash with arch rivals Rose Hall Town Gizmos and Gadgets (RHTG&G) in the final of the Tenelec/Berbice Cricket Bard 2011 50 overs first division competition. A keen contest is anticipated with many of the best players in the Ancient County expected to be on show. Albion defeated Memorex Bermine in their semifinal last Saturday while the unbeaten RHTG&G cruised past Universal DVD Young Warriors on their way to the championship game also on Saturday last. Even though Albion failed to submit their team despite many requests by The Berbice Cricket Board, they are expected to be led by West Indies ‘A’ Captain Veerasammy Permaul with their batting centering around discarded West Indies opener Sewnarine Chattergoon who scored a century in the semi final, the hard hitting Jonathan Foo, West Indies middle order batsman Narsingh Deonarine,

Veerapen Permaul and Kandasammy Surujnarine. Veerasammy Permaul and Devindra Bishoo can also contribute with the bat. Their bowling will be led by West Indies leg spinner Bishoo, WI ‘A’ team skipper Permaul, National Under-19 left arm spinner Gudakesh Motie-Kanhai, Deonarine and Veerapen Permaul. In form West Indies middle order batsman Assad Fudadin will lead the Rose Hall Town Gizmos and Gadgets and will seek to help his team continue their dominance in Berbice cricket. He will be supported by a strong batting lineup that includes National wicketkeeper/batsman Delbert Hicks, Rajiv Ivan, Khemraj Mahadeo, Renrick Batson, Jason Sinclair, Clinton Pestano, Eon Hooper and Shawn Perreira. Pacer, Pestano already with two five wicket hauls in his last two Tenelec matches, will lead the bowling attack with support from medium pacer Renrick Batson and Fudadin. Off spinners Ivan, Hooper, Shailendra Shameer, Loyydel Lewis, and leg

spinner Perreira have all been bowling well and are expected to do the bulk of the work on a spin friendly track.

The winning team will receive $100,000 and the c h a m p i o n s h i p t r o p h y, runner-up $50,000 and man-of-the-final $10,000 and a trophy.

Ricky Hatton comeback: Hitman returns in November Former world champion Ricky Hatton says he will box again, more than three years since his last bout. “It’s more than a comeback,” said the Manchester-based boxer, 33. “I’m fighting to redeem myself.” Hatton retired last year with a record of 45 wins and two defeats. But the Briton, who held the WBA and IBF light-welterweight and WBA welterweight titles, has

decided to return, with a fight scheduled for 24 November against an unnamed opponent. “I want British boxing to be proud of me again,” added Hatton, whose fight will take place at the Manchester Arena. “The only way to convince everyone I’m back is by flattening someone on 24 November.” Hatton, nicknamed “The (Continued on page 19)

Page 22

Kaieteur News

Saturday September 15, 2012

$6.5M on offer as Bush Lot United Top Berbice Cyclists to assault National Park for this weekend’s event Turf Club stages Horserace Meet

From left Dwight Holder, Sean Rasheed, Wasim Hasnu, Syboune Fernance, Neil Reece and Randolph Roberts. The Flying Ace Cycle Club of Berbice has upped their preparation for the sixth annual five stage cycle road race which is slated for October in Guyana. According to club Coach Randolph Roberts, the lone Berbice cycle club as part of its preparations, will be fielding teams for the upcoming cycling events in and around Guyana. According to Roberts once

the team gives a good account of itself they may be able to challenge team Guyana at the October 11th – 14th road race. Starting today the club has selected a strong six man team to participate in a race in the National Park, Georgetown. The team selected will participate in the feature 35 lap, 36 mile event. The team is lead by top cyclist and club captain Neil

GFSCA Softball tourney continues tomorrow The Guyana Floodlight Softball Cricket Association (GFSCA) sponsored by Mike’s Pharmacy, Ariel Enterprise, Trophy Stall, Ramchand Auto Spares, Survival, Motor Trend, and Petama Enterprise, continues tomorrow with several matches. Fixtures are as follows: Fairfield ground: Pitch 1: 9:30am-Trophy Stall B vs Jaguars. 11:30am-Rockaway vs Challengers. 1:30pmMahaica Masters vs Better Hope. Pitch 2: 9:30am-Trophy

Stall A vs Super Star X1. 11:30am-Queens Park Rangers vs Cena. 1:30pmSuper Star X1 vs Cena. Parika School ground: 9:30am-Never Lose vs Dynamic Security Force. 12:30pm-Dynamic Security Force vs Park Rangers. GNEC ground: 9:30amRegal Masters vs Front Liners Masters. 12:30pmRegal vs Rafman X1. 2:30pmRegal vs Front Liners X1. Cyril Potter College ground: Pitch 1: 11:30am(Continued on page 19)

Action packed encounter as Independence Cup cricket competition concludes Savage Masters will oppose Success Masters when action in the Independence Cup cricket finals gets underway at the famous Bourda sward tomorrow morning. The two teams will battle in a 25 overs a side duel starting at 10:30hrs. Patrons are asked to arrive at the venue early so as not to miss any of the gripping action.

Reece and will include the inform Dwight Holder, while the other riders are Shawn Rasheed, Syborne Fernandes and Wasim Hassnu. Marcia Dick is the lone female.

Preparations have begun for the Bush Lot United Turf Club (BLUTC) one-day Horserace Meet slated for Sunday September 30 at Bush Lot Village West Coast Berbice. Eight races are listed on the day’s programme with over $6.5M in cash and prizes at stake. Several exciting races are billed with the B, E and G classes along with the two and three years old events being the top drawing cards. Several top horses will contest the ‘B and Lower’ event over a distance of 1500M and the winner will take home $1M and trophy compliments of Jumbo Jet Auto Sales and Stables. The supporting events will see the 3 year-old animals, born and bred in Guyana as well as the West Indies in action. The winner of this event carts off $500,000 and trophy compliments of BLUTC. Then there is the event for horses classified ‘E and Lower’ over a 1200m distance. The winner receives $450,000 and a trophy while the ‘G Class’ event over 1000M will guarantee the winner $300,000 and a trophy. The race for 2 year-old Guyana and West Indies Bred horses will see the winner carting

off $400,000 and trophy after the 1000M event has concluded, while the ‘I and Lower,’ also over 1000M, has a winning purse of$150,000 and trophy. In the ‘J Class’ event, the winner receives $100,000 and trophy. The day’s activities conclude with the ‘K and L’ Class match-up over 1200m where the winner pockets $80,000 and trophy. Several members of the corporate community have teamed up to offset the huge costs associated with the promotion of the event including Banks DIH, Mohammed Shariff of the Shariff Racing Stable, Buddy Shivraj, Jumbo Jet, Rommel Jagroop, Trophy Stall Bourda Market, Dr. Bramdeo Singh, Inshan Bacchus, Lenny Singh, Chatterpaul ‘Chen Singh’ Deo and Phagoo General Store. Other prizes at stake are for the top jockey, stable and trainer and have been put up by the Trophy Stall, Bourda Market. Interested persons can make enquiries with the Coordinator and Treasurer Lakeram .B. Sukhdeo (232-0558, 672-0810) or President R. Jagit (232-0231). Race time is 12:30 hrs.

‘Hurry Up’ Moore stages fistic night of fury Reigning PABA and WBC CABOFE Super Bantamweight champion, Leon ‘Hurry Up’ Moore, has combed the globe searching for that elusive fight that can turn him from a hardworking fighter into an international champion, or preferably, a world champion. Despite winning most of his bouts Moore is yet to clinch that elusive world title and though he still nurtures ambitions of becoming a world champion, the man who has earned the sobriquet ‘Hurry Up’ has changed his focus slightly and will be promoting a boxing card scheduled for Saturday October 13 at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall (CASH). The card will feature several international fighters out of the USA while Moore will also lace up his gloves against Juan Carlos Pena of the Dominican Republic. Negotiations are still underway for this bout as well as the bout between Joseph Angola, a Columbian living in the USA and Edmond DeClou. Moore said that he is still in discussions with the Columbian fighter but is confident that those negotiations will bear fruit. All

Howard Eastman/Clive Atwell return to the ring of the other fights have been finalized and awaiting approval from officials of the Guyana Boxing Board of Control (GBBC). Moore recently returned from the USA after engaging in discussions with several promoters out of which several boxers from that country will compete against local counterparts. One of them, Frank Olazo will match gloves with former European champion, Howard Eastman in an 8 rounds middleweight affair. Berbician, Kelsey George, who has had a torrid time ever since commencing his professional career, will match gloves with another American, Mateen Abdul, in a light/heavyweight 6 rounder while Joseph Angola. Local featherweight champion, Clive Atwell, will also be in action against Barbadian based Guyanese, Gardiel Roberts. The former pugilist has distinguished himself in the featherweight division when he stopped Rudolph Fraser to capture the crown. He returned one month later to knockout Revlon Lake even after that fighter had

Leon Moore

Clive Atwell

knocked out Mark Austin, who had earlier held Atwell to a draw. John Douglas, Guyana’s only representative at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics will match gloves with Anthony Augustin in what should be a brutal fight among two musclemen in the heavyweight division. Moore said that he had always nurtured ambitions of giving back to the sport that has been so good to him. He said that most of the established promoters have decided to take a break with only the GBBC engaged in such activity.

Moore further explained that while in the USA he spoke with a few established promoters and he has been able to broker a deal with them that involves several; competent fighters against locals. He said that the impending card is the first of a series that will see local fighters in frequent combat against their American and other counterparts. Meanwhile, the local fighters have already affirmed their participation and have opened camp at gyms around the city. Kaieteur Sport will be keeping fans abreast of their activities.

Saturday September 15, 2012

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DHQ defend GDF Inter-Unit Athletics title - Perry storms to 20.1 seconds in 200m

GDF Chief of Staff, Commodore, Gary Best (centre) poses with the champion unit, DHQ at the Base Camp Ayangana Ground yesterday.


e f e n c e Headquarters ( D H Q ) successfully defended its Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Inter-Unit Track and Field title yesterday at the B a s e C a m p Ay a n g a n a Ground with Rupert Perry also in the celebratory mode after storming to 20.1 seconds to win the 200m. DHQ ended up on 336 points to win the title with

B a s e C a m p Ay a n g a n a (BCA) taking second in the divisional competition with 231 points and 31 Special Forces/Training Corps third with 173 points. First Infantry Battalion/21 Artillery was fourth with 132 points, Base Camp Stephenson (BCS) fifth on 111, Coast Guard sixth on 55 points, 4 Engineers seventh on 32 points and second Infantry

Patrick King (left) stomps his authority in the Men’s 400m race yesterday. in the cellar position on five points. Against the backdrop of DHQ’s overall win, sprinter Rupert Perry, who was part of the trio that was exposed to the High Performance Centre in Jamaica earlier this year, boggled minds in the 200m final when he blasted to 20.1 seconds to win the event. Patrick King was second in the 200m with 20.4

seconds while Akeem Stewart ran 20.7 for third in the blistering race. Letitia Myles won the female race in 24.5 seconds while Tiffany Smith got second in 24.9 and Shonnett Hatton third in 27.4 seconds. Smith won the Women’s 100m race in 12.6 seconds with Maureese Skeete placing second in 12.8 s e c o n d s a n d Ta n i s h a

Dorway third in 13.9 seconds. King won the male race in 10.2 seconds with Stewart second in 10.5 seconds and Davin Fraser (10.7) third. Smith also won the 400m Women race in 59.7 seconds while Shonnett McFarlene was third with 1:10.1 and Candace Benjamin (1:17) third. King doubled up as well when he won male 400m in 48.8 seconds with

Leslain Baird third in 49.6 seconds and Adrian Corlett (53.1) third. The event was held to select the GDF team for the joint-services competition that will be held at the Police Sports Club Ground, Eve Leary next month end. Police have already held their contest to select their team in the hope of overhauling current champs, GDF.

Narine wants to get his hands on the ICC Emerging Cricketer Award COLOMBO, Sri Lanka – West Indies spin bowler Sunil Narine is looking forward tonight. The 24-year-old believes he has done enough to win the International Cricket C o u n c i l ’s E m e r g i n g Cricketer of the Year award and wants to get his hands on the trophy. The annual International Cricket Council’s Awards gala will be held at the Water’s Edge at 4:30 pm (7 am Eastern Caribbean Time/6 am Jamaica Time). Narine is on the short list which also includes New Zealand fast bowler Doug Bracewell, Sri Lankan toporder batsman Dinesh Chandimal, and James Pattinson, the Australian pacer. To qualify for the award a player must be under the age of 26 at the start of the observation period and have played fewer than five Tests and/or 10 One-Day Internationals and/or five T20Is at the start of the voting period. “It would mean a lot to me to win this award…I will just hope and see what happens tomorrow night

(Saturday night),” Narine said. “It’s a privilege to be nominated. Now coming onto the scene and being up for an award is a good feeling. It’s through hard work and dedication which has brought me to this point. I look forward to being nominated for a lot more awards. “When I was called up for the West Indies team I was just looking to fit in, work hard and try and maintain my place in the team. I just want to continue performing and get a permanent place in the team,” Narine said. Narine came onto the international scene when he made his first appearance for West Indies in India late last year, and has been quite successful in his first year of his career. He made his Test debut in England in June and has so far taken 12 wickets in three Tests, including a matchwinning 5-132 against New Zealand in the first Test in Antigua in July. He played a pivotal role as the Windies won both matches in the two-match rubber.

He has played 15 OneDay Internationals with 28 wickets at 18.82 runs per wicket. He was brilliant in the recent Digicel Series against New Zealand – which the Windies won 4-1 – and was named the Digicel Player of the Series. Narine has been equally impressive in the T20 format with seven wickets in five appearances for the Windies. His economy rate is a mere 6.4 runs per over and he has become one of the toughest bowlers to score off. He showcased his brilliance for Kolkata Knight Riders in the Indian Premier League and won the Most Valuable Player award as his team won the title. “My debut means the most to me so far. I was called into the team and to play against India in India and to bowl the way I did, I think that was a good achievement. To make my debut and help us to win the match was pleasing for me,” he said. In that match he bowled first change and ended with 2-34 off 10 overs as the West Indies bowled out India to

win by 16 runs after setting a victory target 260 at the Sardar Patel Stadium in Ahmedabad. “It was a total team effort to win against New Zealand in all three formats. To come back from losing in India and losing (Test Series) against Australia to beat New Zealand was something to cherish and something quite memorable. It said a lot about the team – that we have heart. We want take that momentum and come here and do well in the T20 World Cup,” Narine added.

The West Indies will continue their preparations for the ICC World T20 tournament with a full training session at the R Premadasa Stadium today at 9 am. They will have another training session tomorrow at the P Sara Oval at 2 pm. On Monday they will have their second warm-up match against Afghanistan at P Sara Oval at 2:30 pm. The ICC World T20 tournament, which features 12 teams, will be played from September 18 to October 7. The West Indies

Sunil Narine have been drawn in Group B alongside Australia and Ireland and both first round matches will be at the Premadasa Stadium in Colombo. Their opening match will be against the Aussies on Saturday, September 22 followed by a clash with the Irish on Monday, September 24.

t r o Sp

Samuels ready to step-up with bat and ball C

olombo, Sri Lanka – Marlon Samuels believes he will have a key role to play in the West Indies team in the upcoming ICC World T20 tournament. The top-order batsman, who also bowls clever off-spin, is expected to be called upon with both bat and ball in the

coming weeks as the Windies look to win the title for the first time. “My role will be in every department – batting, bowling and fielding. I’m in good form with the bat. I did well in England and continued on against New Zealand. I have also been working hard in the nets and

I feel ready,” Samuels said. “I’m always confident. I got some big scores in recent times and that also helped to boost my confidence a bit more. I feel I am on top of my game. I’ve been getting in the yorkers and I approach my bowling the same way as I have always done. I’m just trying to get the balls in the

block hole and bowl as many dot balls as possible,” Samuels said. At age 31 and with over a decade’s experience in international cricket, Samuels is one of the go-to players in the squad and said he is looking forward to the challenge. He enters the tournament with superb

batting form following some brilliant performances this year. He made a careerdefining 117 in the second Test against England at Nottingham and followed up with a career-best 123 against New Zealand in the victory at Sabina Park. “The pitches here are not much different from those in the Caribbean ... slow, so you just have to wait on the ball and play it a bit later. We have a fit team and everyone is playing together. The signs are we will do well in this tournament,” Samuels noted. “If you look at T20 around the world, the people that are bowling 90mph aren’t really playing. It’s the people who bowl medium pace and slower balls. I’m sure once we execute our plans we will be okay, but we are not taking anybody for granted. We will be playing Ireland the same way we are going to play Australia.” The West Indies will (Continued on page 19)

Marlon Samuels (Getty Images)

Boxing great Ali honoured for fights outside the ring 21P.

Boxing great Muhammad Ali waves after being awarded the Liberty Medal, as his wife Lonnie (L) and sister-in-law Marilyn Williams (R) look on, at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia,

DHQ defend 23P. GDF Inter-Unit Athletics title - Perry storms to 20.1 seconds in 200m Printed and published by National Media & Publishing Company Limited, 24 Saffon St.Charlestown, Georgetown.Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491 or Fax: 225-8473/ 226-8210

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