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Eccles execution-style killing ...

Businessman’s girlfriend under police guard at hospital, nursing gunshot wound Fire strikes at Canal school Kudos: tremendous effort by firemen and residents

Shot suspect caught with booty

Magistrates' Court starts at … after robbing Regent Street store $50M, completed at $130M Sithe Global would recover its total investment in five years - Anand …would have enjoyed 15 years of profits


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Kaieteur News

Thursday September 05, 2013

Thursday September 05, 2013

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Kaieteur News

Magistrates' Court starts at $50M, completed at $130M By Latoya Giles


unior Finance Minister Bishop Juan Edghill said that there is light at the end of the tunnel as he referred to the newly completed Georgetown Magistrates' Court. He said that they have expanded the building to accommodate eleven courts up from five. He said that all the Georgetown Magisterial courts will be housed in the same new building at Brickdam. Edghill said that this brings an end to renting the building at Middle Street. He said that all of the courtrooms and offices are air-conditioned and sound proofed. Edghill further told Kaieteur News that there is parking for all of the magistrates on the northern and southern sides of the building. He said that the police outposts along with both the female and male holding cells have been rehabilitated. Edghill said that a new transformer will be installed by the Guyana Power and light on September 15. All the magistrates will have

their private chambers and individual walkways leading up to the courtroom. The public also has a new washroom. When asked about cost overruns, Edghill said that he would not say that there were overruns but additional works. The minister said that Government started by putting a cost of $50m. He said that they then saw the need for more works and started with the air conditioning, among others. Edghill further added that tenders for standby generators will be opened next Tuesday. In all, the Minister told Kaieteur News that thus far, they have spent about $130M on the building. Edghill added that government is currently refurbishing the Wismar and Lethem courts and adding new quarters. Wales and Leonora are being rehabilitated. The Minister also noted that there will be a sub office of the Director of Public Prosecutions at Berbice. The Mediation Center at Berbice is also nearing completion. Legal Affairs Minister

The rehabilitated Magistrates' Court Anil Nandlall had stated that this was an initiative under the Modernization of the Justice Administration System project which seeks to enhance the physical and infrastructural institutional capacity of the Justice

Ituni protestors make court appearance The 14 persons, among them a juvenile, were yesterday charged in relation to the blocking of the Kwakwani/Ituni roadway, yesterday at the Christianburg Magistrate Court. According to the police the individuals appeared before Magistrate Clive Nurse charged with willful obstruction of the public way. On September 4, they willfully blocked the Kwakwani/Ituni access road. The police further said that one of the men pleaded guilty to the charge and was fined $10,000 while the others who denied the charge were placed on $5,000 bail. They will make their next court appearance on October 2.

Region Ten Chairman Sharma Solomon, in a recent press release, stated that the Region Ten delegation was informed that scheduled meeting between the Region Te n d e l e g a t i o n a n d Government officials at the Office of the President yesterday at 17:00 hours was postponed to an incident of fire earlier today. “This is indeed unfortunate. However, despite being unable to discuss the pressing concerns facing the people of Sub-Region Two - RDC Ten Councilors will be going

ahead with plans to attend an urgent meeting with residents of Sub-Region II – viz. Ituni, Kwakwani, Aroaima and the Berbice River communities – today at the Workers' Club, Kwakwani at 6 pm”. The release further stated that this community meeting is being held to address the concerns of residents on i s s u e s a ff e c t i n g t h e m particularly the deplorable state of the LindenKwakwani road – a situation which has a significant impact on the lives of the people of Region Ten.

Sector. “No country has ever progressed, economically, and no people have ever advanced, socially, in the absence of a system which

guarantees the prevalence of the rule of law...which recognizes the basic human rights of its citizens and which does not provide a system that allows the

citizenry to settle their grievances, between themselves and the state, as well as among themselves, in an effective and efficient fashion.”

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Kaieteur News

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A proliferation of substandard contractors The government has found itself in a precarious position of having to retender for a number of projects ever so often. Someone looking in from the outside would get the impression that the government is engaging in starts and stops. Better yet, the view is that the government is pursuing development by trial and error. From as far back as one has been looking at the development of social infrastructure, the government has been known to cancel projects, offer explanations to the nation, then go back to tender for the project. There was the project to re-route the pipelines for the Marriott Hotel project. Courtney Benn Contracting Services won the tender and actually imported most of the material. The company began to work, employing large pieces of machinery. After a short while, the government pulled the plug on the project. President Bharrat Jagdeo later told the local media that Guyana had lost the skills capability to even dig some drains and to lay sewer lines. Of course, this could not have been true. The president might have concluded Guyana had lost its skills capability but certainly not to lay sewer lines. In the end, another contractor undertook the sewer redirection; the contract had been re-allocated. In this case it was not advertised. But the same could not be said for some other projects. There was the Amaila Falls road project. In the first instance the contract was awarded to Makeshwar ‘Fip’ Motilall but after nearly two years that contract was revoked. If one thought that they had seen the end of the retendering; then one needed to think again. Some of the lots tendered for had to be taken back from the contractor. In one case the contractor did not have equipment to undertake the project. In another, one simply could not mobilize the resources. Since then, the government has had to tender at least twice for some of the sections. It was the same stop and start for the four-lane highway project on East Coast Demerara. The government awarded a contract to someone who had undertaken government projects in the past. Not all the contracts were duly executed but the government kept granting contracts to these people. So it was with the road project. The contractor failed miserably in the early stages and the government was forced to retender for the same project on two other occasions. One observation is how much retendering costs the government. The practice is usually to advance the contractor what is considered a mobilization fee. The contractors use this money which is often more than the work they would undertake on the project. In the vast majority of cases the government is not known to recover any money and this is often repeated by the Auditor General in his reports. Take the construction of the new Skeldon Sugar Factory. The initial contract was won by a Chinese company. This company never completed the project to expectation and since then, the government has been seeking contractor after contractor to bring the project to completion. In the face of serious questioning, the government would talk about introducing the penalty phase of the project but this is hardly ever done. Instead, a new contractor is hired and paid as if he is undertaking the project for the first time. In many countries unless contractors prove their worth they are not awarded contracts. The view in Guyana is that the economy is too small and certain projects are too insignificant to attract foreign skilled contractors. The result is that the government must work with what is available and these are often those contractors who are prepared to bluff their way through project after project, learning by trial and error. So what is the answer to the present problems? For one the government must be prepared to act indiscriminately. It should not treat some contractors as though they occupy favoured position and are allowed to escape sanctions for flawed work while others are penalized. There is need, too, to recognize incompetence among those who profess to know what needs to be done.

Thursday September 05, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news

This is financial rape and economic slaughter DEAR EDITOR, As usual, Kaieteur News ‘buss the bag’ on the nasty, corrupt, degenerate PPP banditry and misuse of taxpayers’ money. The PPP has been lying to Guyanese all along on the Amaila Falls hydro project. All along they adamantly stated the government is investing only US $100 million when in fact, the PPP was secretly investing US $157.2 million and is providing a guaranteed US$36 million debt reserve for GPL. There are burning questions the Guyanese people are asking of the PPP now in light of these revelations. Who owns the US $57.2 million the PPP government lied to the nation about and tried to hide from the public? Is it owned by the people of Guyana or by individuals or companies linked to the PPP cabal and the soup drinkers connected to the oligarchy? If owned by the elites - who are they? What are their names? What corporate entities are they hiding under? Who is putting up this money? If this US$57.2 million came from the taxpayers of Guyana, why the secrecy, hiding and lying about using it? Was it hidden to enable the profits and returns on that US$57.2 million to be taken and

secreted away without the Guyanese people knowing? Were there plans to steal this US$57.2 million and the returns on equity it would have produced without the Guyanese people knowing? After all, US$57.2 million of taxpayers’ money at 19% guaranteed return on investment on the initial sum of US$57.2M for 20 years is a guaranteed US $217.36 million in returns alone. Were a pack of vagabonds planning on investing the Guyanese people’s money and secretly pocketing those hefty returns? Were these rogues planning on burdening the Guyanese people by forcing GPL to raise light bills on Guyanese in order for them to collect their US$217.36 million? It is grossly unpatriotic, unequivocally ‘dunce’, abjectly incompetent, frighteningly stupid and possibly willfully fraudulent, to knowingly enter into a deal where you are investing and guaranteeing more (US$193.2 million) than the other investor (US$157.4 million) yet you agree to a minority stake in the enterprise (40%) versus the other investor (60%). How could any investor and even worse, any government, willfully debase itself and the investment of the

nation it represents in a transaction in this sheepish, gutless and spineless fashion? How could the PPP government invest and guarantee US $193.2 million in this project while Sithe Global invests US$157.4 M and Sithe ends up owning 60% of Amaila and Guyana owns just 40%? How does the PPP guarantee 55% of this project cost from investors yet agree to 40% ownership of the company? Even at US$157.2 million versus US $157.4 million, how could this shameless and pathetic PPP bunch accept 20% less ownership stake when Sithe Global invested only US$0.2 million more than the government? The evidence strongly suggests this is not stupidity, imbecility, idiocy, t o m f o o l e r y, i n c o m p e t e n c e a n d ineptitude any more. It is not Donald R a m o t a r ’s n e w f a v o r i t e w o r d ‘jackassery’. Not when the PPP has experience in handling large scale projects. This is appearing more like deliberate non-disclosure, false representation, misrepresentation, abuse of position of trust and deprivation to the taxpayers. This is financial rape and economic slaughter. M. Maxwell

Venezuelans approved of Presidential trip to Guyana DEAR EDITOR, Thanks for the coverage of President Nicolas Maduro’s trip to Guyana. The people of Guyana and Venezuela welcomed the visit of the Venezuelan President to our shores (see news item KN Sep 1). I am in Aruba where a lot of Guyanese and Venezuelans are settled and where also thousands of Venezuelans are vacationing — most of them are very wealthy and many come to Aruba annually for a vacation. I get a sense in my conversations with rich Venezuelans that they are not very supportive or fond of President Maduro who, it seems, is more popular among the lower working class and the poor and those who are closely connected with the regime. However, even though nearly half of the Venezuela population is opposed to President Maduro, they support the idea of improved relations with Guyana and other neighbours and they endorse the visit of their President to our country last weekend. They feel the trip will boost economic relations and understanding among our people to reduce conflict and tension on border issues. One cannot escape Venezuelans in Aruba as they currently dominate among visitors on the island – on the beaches, in hotels, resorts and restaurants, shopping, cruises, entertainment, etc. — and many also work for higher wages in Aruba than they would in Venezuela. So do Guyanese, who also enjoy a very high standard of living relative to Guyana — an average of about US$1500 a month. Guyanese and Venezuelans work closely in Aruba in construction and in the tourist industry in Aruba. Since Venezuela is just minutes away from Aruba, which is a very popular vacation destination for them, they prefer Aruba, especially over the last 25 years, instead

of Miami. When I was a college student in NY during the 1970s and 1980s, several Venezuelans were in my classes because money was easily available to seek education abroad. Also, when I visited Miami during the 1980 and 1990s, I used to bounce up with a lot of Venezuelans on shopping sprees. For the last ten years, they have been attracted to Panama, Curaçao and Aruba for vacation and cheap shopping similar to Guyanese. It is easy to strike up a conversation with Venezuelans or other Latinos in Aruba and they come across as very cheerful and warm. They have no problem with Guyana. They are quite friendly and very informed about the politics of their homeland, although not very informed or knowledgeable about Guyana. They are aware that their President visited Guyana, and Latin (South American) news does make the three daily English newspapers (distributed freely on the island) and some are seen reading Venezuelan Spanish newspapers. Venezuelans are not interested in border conflicts with neighbours and are least interested in political nationalism as in previous decades under their dictatorship.

People are focused on improved lifestyles and tend to be more interested in bread and butter issues. They want cheaper goods and less government interference in the economy so they can make more money to improve their lifestyle. They look forward to closer relations with Guyana to benefit their economy and their standard of living. They all complain that their standard of living has been declining over the last several years. They complain about the declining value of their local currency, the Bolivar, and rising prices. They note, for example, that their currency was devalued by 40% in April to some six to one US dollar (official rate) while the unofficial rate is some 32 to one – somewhat akin to Guyana’s currency decline during the 1980s and pegged against the US dollar. I applaud and salute President Maduro for taking time out of his hectic schedule to make a State visit to our shores to help improve bilateral relations. No doubt, the people of both of our countries welcome the visit, which it is hoped will lead to improved relations and greater trade, resulting in a better standard of living. Vishnu Bisram

Will CPL contribute to infrastructural development of our cricket? DEAR EDITOR, It was just last week that the legendary Michael Findlay was commenting on the content of the development aspect of the CPL and I had cause to revisit the spin off benefits that were derived from the Stanford T 20 tournament. We should note that our players come from Clubs and those Clubs are affiliated to Associations and those Associations are affiliated to Boards. While the players who were directly

involved in the tournament would have received their cash and incentives, could anyone say if the CPL will be making any contributions for infrastructural development of cricket to the respective Regional Boards Additionally, is there any provision for compensation to the Boards of any players in the CPL who may opt to play for another franchise in the Champions T 20 tournament? Alex Edwards

Thursday September 05, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

Clarifying Dominic Gaskin’s ill-conceived misconceptions DEAR EDITOR, In response to a letter from Dominic Gaskin, Treasurer and Executive Member of the AFC in the Kaieteur News dated August 28, 2013, we must say that we knew from the very beginning that the task that lies ahead to change Guyana meant breaking from the absurd tradition that all must follow the political leaders wherever they want to take us even if it meant drowning us in the Demerara River or the Atlantic Ocean. It appears that Gaskin and others are stuck in that tradition, which in no small way has contributed to his dogmatic positions in forcing a financial imposition on the GPL consumers and the Guyanese taxpayers. This type of “group think” approach is very dangerous for those who are struggling to feed, house and clothe themselves and their children. Let us serve notice on Gaskin that his unyielding support for the unrighteous Amalia project and Sithe Global reveals unwillingness on his part to transform the nation in an informed manner, with human development being the core value. This look more like Gaskin is on an ego trip to circle the wagons to ensure that Guyana secures hydro-power

at any cost to the taxpayers without any informed analysis of the economic impact on those who will suffer most from this decision – mainly the poor and the working class. Why is he so uncaring and unconcerned about the plight of the poor? We will do as the scripture says, “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” that is, we will not sit idly by and let the likes of Gaskin do anymore harm to the poor and the working class in Guyana with their ill-conceived support for the flawed Amaila project. We say yes to hydro power, but at a reasonable cost to the taxpayers. The Berbice Bridge toll is a heavy financial burden imposed on the people by the uncaring Jagdeo/Ramotar cabal. Is this what Gaskin wants for the people with Amalia? Mr. Gaskin’s noises reveal a mind that clearly does not understand the poverty issues in Guyana, much less the human development challenges facing the nation. Yet he attempted to abrogate that authority to want to legislate and decide for the poor and the working class. This is like the British “massa” saying you natives must work harder since he needed to buy some new furniture for his Lancashire

Is the government for real? DEAR EDITOR, Is this Government for real? Imagine them now accusing the Opposition of not having youths’ interest at heart because they said NO to the Amaila deal and that this affects employment opportunities. Who gave away job opportunities in the Marriott hotel deal? Who entered the agreement to bring in

expatriates to work on a project in our home country when we have the very skills available amongst our country folk? Who? The government and do remember - only a few within the circle knew what was being perpetrated on the Guyanese people. Incidentally, many of us know exactly what is going on because we escaped the ‘no child shall be left behind’ prison walls and therefore will not be fooled. Michelle Cumberbatch.

These new doctors and the system DEAR EDITOR, I am viewing with some apprehension the article in which the Health Minister is indicating that some newly trained doctors are being deployed to serve across the country. From a layman’s point of view, these newly trained doctors should remain at the main Hospitals in Central Georgetown where they can attain some experience before being sent out to especially Hinterland areas. These ‘newly trained’ doctors should be placed where they could be monitored and not sent to use patients out there as guinea

pigs. As I am on this subject, the opportunity is taken to inform the senior officials at the Ministry of Health that there is a young female Doctor working at the Mabaruma Hospital who treats patients very terribly. She shouts and embarrasses them, comes when she likes and goes when she likes. She appears to be untouchable. Same treatment for young people and seniors. Is this part of the delivery of proper health care? We need for this Doctor to be removed from this location. Mabaruma Resident

mansion, but having no care for the natives’ economic well-being. Well, we remind Gaskin that “massa” day done “lang time” and thus this disconnect between his impositions and what the working class gets, must be exposed. He is lying to himself and to the nation since he cannot with any certainty tell the people what they will be paying for light bills in the first 12 years of Amaila, but he wants to knock the alternative view that this is a rotten deal for the working poor of Guyana. As he rightly said, he believes more in the IDB officials than the financial experts in Guyana. In his support for Amalia Falls hydro power, Dominic Gaskin has ignored the fatal flaws of the project as identified by several accountants and financial analysts including Chris Ram,

Ramon Gaskin, Sasenarine Singh, economists including Dr. Tarron Khemraj and the valuable contribution from one of Guyana’s and the Caribbean’s most recognized economics professors, Dr. Clive Thomas. No one would want to deny the completion of the IDB due diligence report, but not at a cost of compromising the nation’s financial security for 20 years. This reminds us of the parable ‘’only fools rush in where angels fear to tread.” Gaskin wrote that we have “deliberately misused the term interest rate to refer to what is actually a rate of return on investment or equity.” Even a financial dunce will recognize that the terminology was an oversight, but the principle is the same – financial outflow (cash leaving the pockets of the GPL consumers and being

deposited into the New York Bank account of Sithe Global). Whether this increase in light bills that GPL consumers will have to pay is interest or rate of return or management fees; the principle remains the same – cash outflow to fund the financial wants of Sithe Global to the tune of some G$130 billion. Why this deliberate and reckless attempt by Mr. Gaskin to split hairs? Who is he fooling? Further, Gaskin has chosen to personally attack Rose and Singh on whether there was a Bill or a Motion on the floor of Parliament, but again he is caught redhanded splitting hairs, since in whatever shape or form it comes, it is a legislative instrument that was meant to increase the debt ceiling from G$1B to G$150B. That is a contingent liability for every man, woman and child of over

G$222,000 per person. It was revealed only this week that the capital cost of this corrupt deal will now surpass US$1 billion. In such a situation, it is not a matter if this contingent liability would have transformed into a debt; it is when. So Mr. Gaskin can mentally live in his ivory tower totally disconnected from the plight of the poor and the working class in Guyana, but his false utterances will not deter us from defending the people’s right to have a prosperous life. We leave the reading public to decide what they want - the Amaila Falls corrupt deal with the full and unconditional support of the Dominic Gaskins or a reformulated National Hydro Power Project as put forth by the financial and economic experts. Dr. Asquith Rose and Harish S. Singh

Mr. Brassington, please stop this nonsense DEAR EDITOR, There is a famous saying “keep quiet and let people think that you are a fool, than to open your month and remove all doubt.” Mr. Brassington’s taxpayer paid statement to Mr. Ram confirmed the statement referred to above. In his statement, Mr. Brassington states, “a 1% savings in a project this large, yields significant savings”, yet he boasts that Sithe “just earns 19% per year on their investment.” Mr. Brassington, please stop this nonsense. Are you telling us that the 1% savings is very significant, but the mere 19% that your friends will earn is a pittance? This is the essence of your fumigation. STOP raping Guyana Mr. Brassington. My question to you is simple. If we would have paid Sithe 19% per annum on their investment, what part of the principal would have been repaid in these annual payment? You ought to know, Mr. Brassington, that monthly or annual payments to these financial institutions in the early years of repayment go to interest. For a 20-year loan like the one you were about to unleash on the Guyanese public, the proportion of interest to principal would only begin to shift in the other direction after about the 14th or 15th year. So Mr. Ram is absolutely correct. If we had borrowed US$100 million, we would end up paying them US$500 million in return. If you borrow a loan (which I am sure you do not have to do Mr. Brassington), and the interest rate is 5% per annum over a 30-year period, one would

end up paying almost three times the amount of the loan borrowed. Do your Math, Mr. Brassington, with a 19% interest, tell the nation how

much we would have paid Sithe over the 20 years. The only good news here is that Sithe would be laughing to the bank, while

the Guyanese users would be paying through their teeth for electricity. God Bless Guyana. Charles Sugrim

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Kaieteur News

Thursday September 05, 2013

Qualfon Guyana begins another multi-million-dollar investment By Latoya Giles

Within the next two years Guyanese are expected to benefit from a multi-milliondollar state of the art Call centre campus which would be built by Qualfon, one of the leading business process outsourcing providers. The announcement was made yesterday at the sod turning ceremony. The campus would be built at Providence, East Bank Demerara to expand Qualfon’s capacity in Guyana and bring an estimated 6,000 new jobs over the next five years. President Donald Ramotar pledged his full support for the project. Ramotar who delivered the feature address to the gathering dubbed the investment as “technologically important” for Guyana. Ramotar said that he is much esteemed that such a venture has come under his tenure as president. According to the President; information technology is now an important component in the world. President Ramotar explained that IT has now penetrated every sector and trade and it is important for Guyanese to have this new and large investment by Qualfon. He said that the investment will put the country in new ratings which would definitely broaden Guyana’s economy. “Government always wants to broaden the

economy so that we are not just dependent on a single product” Ramotar stressed. With this in mind the president said that is why his government continues to stride to make the country more attractive for investors. President Ramotar said that educating the Guyanese public continues to be one of government’s biggest responsibility. The president noted that there is room for improvement in this regard. He said that some of the problems the education sector may be experiencing are not unique only to Guyana. “Some of the problems we have here in Guyana are not unique to us…some developed countries have the same problems...we are tackling our problems here,” the president stressed. He said that the investment pits Guyana on the cutting edge of technology and will enhance societal development. President Ramotar posited that his administration would continue to tab into critical projects in the ICT sector as well as other aspects of the economy including the energy sector, thus stressing the importance of the Amaila Falls Hydropower project. Finance Minister Ashni Singh gave his full acceptance of the project. Singh told the gathering that this new investment shows that the diversification productive basin of Guyana has moved.

- expected to employ over 6000 persons

President Donald Ramotar along with Qualfon’s CEO Mike Marrow and Site Manager Mark Bouyer turn the sod at yesterday’s ceremony. He said that before this the Guyanese economy was driven by the three major sectors, rice sugar and bauxite. He said that if any of those three sectors did not have a good year, Guyanese would have felt it. He said that government has recognized the intrinsic vulnerability of the situation excessive dependence of one or two of these sectors. Singh said that the consequential vulnerability that it created, so there was the need for Government to

lift themselves from it and it is in this reason why government embarked on a deliberate path to diversify the economy. He said that much is not visible to the casual observer. Singh added that the hundreds of jobs that Qualfon has added, is remarkable. He said that there is a quiet revolution in the area of ICT. Singh said that Qualfon is here because the company recognizes that Guyana is good for business and for investment. He said this revolution did not take place by accident, but it was a deliberate move by Government to improve the diversification process. Chief Executive Officer for Qualfon, Guyana, Mike

Marrow, said that his company is making this major investment in Guyana because the country is well suited to serve the contact career industry. “Qualfon’s largest market is serving customers in the United States. Guyanese understand Americans… since they speak the same language,” Marrow said. According to Marrow the performance of the Guyanese team is second to none. They have topped all the other international locations which house Qualfon offices. He said after the completion of construction, Guyana will be one of the largest business hubs with well over 6,000 employees. He said that Qualfon continues

to invest in employees; the company has the highest employee retention rates. Within the next few weeks the foundation will be laid. The first phase is expected to cost somewhere in the vicinity of US$4M. Over the next two years the other phases will be completed and the cost is expected to triple. Kaieteur News understands that the land was privately owned and was bought by Qualfon and they are still paying for it. The new building will also house an Arts and Culture Centre, accredited University, Medical Service. There will also be a milk subsidy programme for employees. Qualfon is a global provider of call center back office and business outsourcing services. Since 1996 Qualfon has delivered a strategic advantage for billion- dollar companies around the world.

Thursday September 05, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Kaieteur News

Thursday September 05, 2013

Newspaper claims Canada plans to reduce aid to Haiti OTTAWA — The Globe and Mail - The federal government is looking to significantly reduce the amount of aid it sends to Haiti, according to internal documents, saying it has fulfilled its post-earthquake commitments to a country that has long played a key role in Canada’s development strategy. A spokesman for the newly formed Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development said last week that future funding for the Caribbean country is “still under review.” But briefing notes obtained by The Globe and Mail show the government made plans to scale back its contributions to Haiti to about $90-million per year – a major drop in funding for a country that has been a Canadian priority for years. “The Haiti program is planning against an indicative budget of $90million annually, which reflects the level of funding prior to the 2010 earthquake, is commensurate with development needs in Haiti and Canada’s traditional role there,” say the documents, which were written in the fall of 2012. By comparison, Canada gave about $205-million in overall assistance to Haiti during the fiscal year ending in March, 2012, including more than $150-million in direct aid from CIDA. It is not clear from the documents whether the $90-million refers to funding for Haiti from all federal departments or only to the portion that was previously managed by CIDA. In 2009, Haiti received about $198-million in total aid from Canada. Despite the planned reduction, a recent trip to Haiti by International Development Minister

Christian Paradis Christian Paradis was seen by some as a sign that the country is still important to Canada. Mr. Paradis met last week with Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe and representatives from local businesses and development organizations in the minister’s first international trip since taking over the development portfolio this summer. “We certainly noticed in Haiti that this is the first trip abroad of Mr. Paradis and he decided to go to Haiti and just Haiti,” said Frantz Liautaud, Haiti’s ambassador to Canada. “He stated before leaving, and while he was there, that [the trip] clearly marked the importance that Haiti holds in the priorities of the Canadian government.” Briefing material prepared last fall for Mr. Paradis’s predecessor says Canada views Haiti as an important aid recipient, in part because of the risks associated with having a fragile state in the region. Canada is also home to a large Haitian Diaspora, many of whom live in Montreal, say the documents, which were obtained under Access to Information legislation. Although Canada has been among the top donors to Haiti in recent years, the

relationship between the two countries has not always been smooth. Last January, then-international cooperation minister Julian Fantino was quoted in a French-language newspaper saying Canada would stop funding new development projects in Haiti because it was not satisfied with the results – a statement that appeared to come as a surprise to both Haitian and Canadian officials. The federal government has not yet published data on the total value of its contributions to Haiti during the past year. However, a government database of Canadian development programming in Haiti indicates that about 100 projects are still active in different parts of the country, including several that began in 2013. A spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development wrote in an email that Canada “continues to play a leading international role” supporting the country and its citizens. He added that Mr. Paradis’s visit was part of the government’s continuing review of its programming in Haiti. François Audet, a professor at the Université du Québec à Montréal and director of the Canadian Research Institute on Humanitarian Crisis and Aid, said Canada was considered a major donor to Haiti even before the earthquake occurred, and was working with the United States and other countries to assist the impoverished country over the long-term. He said rebuilding Haiti will likely take generations. “Deciding to reduce the budget this much, for me it’s a call to be out of this long-term program,” Prof. Audet said.

Ex-judge a scam suspect Jamaica Observer - SAVANNA-LAMAR, Westmoreland — A former judge was among five persons arrested Monday by the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption (MOCA) Task Force on suspicion of involvement in the multi-million-dollar lottery scam. Police reported Wednesday that during an operation in Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland, a firearm — which they believe is illegal — and documents, known as ‘lead lists’, used in the lottery scam, were seized at the office of the former magistrate, who is now practising as an attorney. According to MOCA spokeswoman Inspector Dahlia Garrick, the operation got under way at 1:00 pm and lasted for several hours. Garrick disclosed that the process of

questioning the attorney and the other four detainees should get under way “within the next 24 hours” in the presence of their legal representatives. Yesterday, president of the Cornwall Bar Association, Michael Erskine, expressed concern that the raid at the attorney’s office could jeopardise the concept of attorney/client privilege, which basically guarantees the confidentiality of information shared between a client and his/her lawyer. “Our concern as an organisation is client/ attorney privilege. The right to privacy. Their documents must at all times be protected. They (police) must not just come to lawyers’ offices and search at random and take away documents at random,” Erskine told the Jamaica Observer.

Thursday September 05, 2013

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A PATIENT SPIRIT A reporter died, went to heaven and saw two lines. Over one line was a sign that read “For men who were dominated by their wives”. There were hundreds of men in that line. The other sign had a sign which read, “For men who dominated their wives.” There was only one man standing in that line. Being a reporter, he went up to the man and asked, “Sir, could you tell me why you’re the only man in the line for “Men who dominated their wives?” “Sure”, the other man responded, “my wife told me to stand here.” Guyanese do not like lines. This may have something to do with the experience of the past when there were shortages and people would see a line, join it and then ask what the line was about. That experience taught patience. People developed the patience to stand in line all day, not knowing when their turn came whether they would get whatever was being sold. Perhaps, it is because the present generation was spared of those hard times that so many Guyanese have become impatient. Some motorists run the red light at junctions just because they do not wish to wait sixty seconds. Banks are usually a very

quiet place and the atmosphere influences the mood. Even loud-mouthed persons are constrained from speaking audibly in banks. Despite this, one can hear grumblings in the lines leading to the tellers. People complain despite the airconditioned atmosphere that the lines move too slowly. They are impatient; they want to get out of there. Waiting ten minutes in a line these days can lead to frustration and at times anger especially when someone jumps the queue. This is a regular practice in Guyana. You are standing patiently in a line and then someone comes up and forms a conversation with the person ahead of you. And the next thing you know is that the latecomer gets into your space. When others see this, they do the same and the entire line is thrown into chaos. Whenever there are big events, being in a queue can be a problem. Order can easily turn into confusion simply because people do not wish to form a line and to wait their turn. It was amazing to see the queue in Libya of persons lining up to see the body of their murdered leader Muammar Gaddafi. One would have expected that there would be a mad rush to see the body of the slain leader. This was however not

Dem boys seh...

Ash Knee get ketch wid fancy frock Dem seh that people does always find excuse fuh dem action. De Amaila project dead and buried because Sithe Global pull out and ain’t got time fuh play wid Guyana again. It got other business to look after. But since de project collapse a lot of things coming out. Dem boys hear that people was getting money even after dem withdraw dem investment; some was charging interest more than any bank would pay. These things is wha cause de opposition to vote gainst Amaila project. But is de excuse that follow. Ash Knee claim how de opposition didn’t heart bout de high interest rate pun dem loan because dem didn’t ask. Well dem boys want to ask he if he did meet a gyal and he only find out after he married that she got two big foot and nothing in between if he woulda tek wha he get. Of course de woman wid she fancy frock woulda tell he when he find out that he never ask. Is de same thing he do wid de opposition. Dem didn’t ask suh he didn’t tell. Dem boys also want to join Brazzy because dem seh that he know how to share money. De waterfalls paper boss man want to get into Hand in Hand. He got de money to invest but he seh that he want de same condition Brazzy like to give people. He want nine per cent interest, he want he money back in five years and he want to draw down he interest fuh de next fifteen years. He also want to get into an arrangement wheh he can get a loan and like who Guyana was getting from de Chinee bank. De one good thing to come out of de Amaila project is that all of a sudden road project getting cheaper and cheaper. People develop de skills how to bid cheap fuh a road project then disappear without doing no work. That is wha Fip do. De principle is called Fipping. Talk half and don’t ask fuh wha you don’t see.

the case. The people lined up calmly to see the remains of the late leader. Even though the majority of those who went to view the body could not be considered supporters of the slain leader, there was calmness about the whole procession of persons. Those in line were patient and waited their turns. The one time that Guyanese seem to exercise tremendous patience is during elections period. The number of persons eligible to vote at any polling station is kept within limits so as to avoid the excuse that

someone could not vote because of the long lines. Yet we find that there are long lines early in the morning as voters heed their parties request to go out and vote early and late in the afternoon just as the polls are about to close. For the remainder of the day, it is just a trickle of persons that can be seen in and out of the polling stations. The vast majority of Guyanese vote early in the morning and late in the afternoon. And you would be amazed that despite having to stand in line, there are few

protests about the length of the line or the time taken. People take voting seriously in Guyana, so seriously that they do not complain about the lines. Interestingly, there are hardly any cases of persons trying to jump the queue. There is so much patience in the election line. If we can do it for elections, we can also do it for normal situation. There is no reason why people should get frustrated at standing a few minutes in a line for a service. They do it for election without complaining

but when it comes to paying a bill, they want to get out of the line quickly. Perhaps they should try gardening. It takes time; its takes effort and it takes tons of patience to get a garden going. It is one activity that relaxes you and teaches patience. Other than that, we should simply have elections every two years.

Sithe Global would have recovered total investment in five years …and 15 years of profits - Anand Goolsarran At a 19 per cent rate of return, Sithe Global, the company contracted to develop the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Project, would have recovered its total investment of US$157M, within five years time, and this is ignoring inflation. Former Auditor General of Guyana, Anand Goolsarran, in an invited comment regarding the repayment arrangement to Sithe Global, said that for the remaining 15 years of its operations in Guyana, all of the payments it would have received would have been profits. He calculated this to work out at US$447.45 million. According to Goolsarran, over the 20-year period, Sithe’s return on investment of US$157M would have been US$596.6 million. He said that as a percentage of the original investment, “this works out to 380 per cent over the 20year period.” Goolsarran said that the return on investment of 19 per cent “appears too high” given

that most of the financial risks were covered by the Power Purchase Agreement, which was also backed by a Government guarantee. He said that Guyana Power and Light (GPL) has also pledged all of its assets as a security for its payments, including all receivables derived from the sale of electricity to consumers. Goolsarran also said that it needs to be borne in mind that at the end of the 20-year period, Amaila Falls Hydro Inc. would have accumulated significant assets, other than the actual infrastructure works which would have been handed over to the Government. He explained that as a preference shareholder, Sithe Global, would be entitled to its 60 per cent share of such assets as a priority over the ordinary shareholder which is the Government of Guyana. The former Attorney General explained that there are two main types of equity investments: ordinary shares, and preference shares.

Former Auditor General of Guyana, Anand Goolsarran

He said that for its return on investment, ordinary shareholders receive dividends when profits are made and dividends declared. In contrast, preference shareholders receive a fixed rate of return regardless of whether the company has made a profit or not. “Preference shares are a half-way house between loans and ordinary shares…The main difference is that there is no periodic repayment of the investment.” He said that should the company have to ‘wind up,’ preference shareholders will be given priority in terms of the distribution of the proceeds arising out of the liquidation. Goolsaran did caution

that “there was no mention of Sithe Global being a preference shareholder in any of the documents I have seen.” This status of the company had been attributed by Financial Analyst, Christopher Ram, who in his writings had said the public might have been led to believe that Sithe Global is an equity investor when, “in fact Sithe Global was allowed to design the project documents so that the repayment of its cash and in-kind investment would be effected through the monthly allin charge to be paid by GPL.” He concluded that “Sithe (Global) then is not an equity shareholder but the holder of redeemable preference shares enjoying total control of all aspects of a project.”

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Thursday September 05, 2013

Thursday September 05, 2013

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Thursday September 05, 2013


Are Guyanese destined to repeat the past? I had a lengthy chat with one of the leading APNU figures after the funeral service last Monday for the father of Kaieteur News senior editor, Nigel McKenzie. Two aspects of his talk need highlighting. First he said that as far as he can tell, APNU will not accept indefinitely the PPP Government just flouting

the decisions of Parliament. Asked what APNU will do, he confessed that he did not know but he felt that such a sordid situation just cannot go on. Secondly, he said that it was his considered opinion that the PPP Government will not change its governance style. It will continue to bully state institutions and

continue dominate the Guyanese society in ways that will not find acceptance in the country. Asked again, what APNU will do, he said he cannot answer since an APNU position of that situation has not been formally discussed The obvious question is what is going to happen if the PPP continues like that. Can anyone answer it? Something is just not right inside the Government. There seems to be no cessation in the authoritarian excesses. Take the University. So much has been written on the terrible state it is in that you would think it can only go upwards. First there is a parliamentary select committee that is currently looking at the entire future of the University. Then there is the Hamilton Report that proposed a restructuring of its governance structure. But protest clouds seem to be gathering at UG with the Council changing the statutes of the University to give the Vice-Chancellor the authority to select the Deans, Assistant Deans and Heads of Departments. At most, if not all universities including UG, these positions are

elected ones. The unions complained that the notice to change the statutes was submitted just two days before the statutory meeting of the Council. The unions say they will not accept it because it is less democratic. Then there is the PPP’s attitude to the local government Bills. One would have thought that since the Bills had parliamentary consensus by now they would have had the stamp of presidential approval. They are still not signed and maybe this one will be the straw that broke the camel’s back, meaning that both the AFC and APNU cannot continue in politics and save their credibility if the months go on and the Bills are not assented to. The Local Government Bills, by necessity, will pit the combined opposition against the Government. On the PPP side, local government elections will be a disaster. If and when it had just got into Government and there was still national goodwill for Dr. Jagan and his PPP, the PPP lost Georgetown badly when municipal elections were held, it is certain to be a landslide victory for the opposition in

many municipalities and regions. Losing the local government elections cannot be anything but a disaster for the PPP because it will further weaken its minority status. What is nightmarish for the PPP if those victories for the opposition happen in 2014, is that they would have come at a time when there are just two more years before general elections are due. The PPP will not have full access to many of those NDCs that they now dominate. On the other hand, the opposition is dying to have the local government contest because not only will it help to reinvigorate what is generally perceived by the population to be a weak opposition, but it will give them greater access to people at the grass root levels just two years before a national election is due. Thirdly, the mistreatment of the North Timehri citizens is another manifestation of the PPP’s madness. It is insulting language to refer to them as squatters. I have visited the place several times since the eviction notice surfaced. These are people who have built modern houses that look like any area in upper working

Frederick Kissoon class Georgetown. The State just cannot demolish these houses and in exchange hand these people a piece of paper and tell them it is title for ownership of land in Soesdyke. How can the State destroy a modern house with modern amenities and their owners to accept such immense deprivations? We can go on to cite more examples of increasing State tyranny but the question remains why isn’t there a cessation? What is the PPP hoping to achieve by this daily show of autocratic force? The analyst has to offer an explanation. The answer will be the subject of another column but briefly, I believe the PPP is strategizing on a confrontation plan which they feel will pay electoral dividends.

Thursday September 05, 2013

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Bandits rob cell phone store right under police nose Two bandits on Tuesday carried out one of the most brazen daylight robberies in recent times, attacking an electronics store, neighbouring the Alberttown Police Station. Unfortunately, while they may have avoided capture for now, they left police with enough clues to hunt them down. The bandits were caught on camera carrying out their act, and since they made no attempt to hide their faces, the police have a very good chance of identifying and apprehending them. The business place in question is A&A Electronics, located at 183 Albert Street, which is owned by a Surinamese national. At the time of the robbery which was about 14:15 hours, two employees, Guyanese Akeem Shameer and Rakesh Chattergun, a Surinamese, were on the premises. Shemeer told this

newspaper that the two bandits walked into the store like normal customers and enquired about I-phone chargers. As soon as Shameer informed them that there was none, one of the men pulled out a gun and pointed it at them, ordering them to lie down. Wi t h t h e i r v i c t i m s effectively subdued, one of the bandits went around the counter and began loading cellular phones that were on display into a bag. Eventually, the bandit who was carrying the gun also went around the counter and physically confronted the two employees. “Two glass cases they empty. They put us to lie down, took our wallets, car key,” Shameer explained. He said that he was relieved of his bank card and $18,000 among other items, while Chhattergun was robbed of $15,000. According to Shameer, the bandit appeared to be

well aware of who was “running the show” at the facility since, he said, “They had the gun pointed at me all the time. They were telling me 'don't move'. I tried to talk to them, telling them

'just take what you want'.” After about five minutes, the bandits must have been satisfied, for they calmly walked out of the store and entered a waiting car which sped away, even before an

alarm could have been raised. In all they made off with about $3M worth in phones and other small electronics gadgets. After the bandits left,

Shameer waited a while before getting up and going outside to raise an alarm. It was only then that their law enforcement neighbours realized what had taken place right under their noses.

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Thursday September 05, 2013

Fire strikes at Canal school By Leonard Gildarie For the second time this year, fire has struck at a West Demerara public school, this time affecting over 600 s t u d e n t s . Ye s t e r d a y, education officials scrambled to find alternative measures for the students of the L’ Av e n t u r e S e c o n d a r y School, Canal Number One, West Bank Demerara. The fire completely destroyed the middle section of the school, including the administrative offices, a number of classrooms and the Home Economics Department. This setback came almost six months after a similar fire destroyed the middle section of the newly built, $60M La Parfaite Harmonie Primary School, located just half mile away. Repairs are still to start on that school. Just two days after the new school year began, worrying parents mainly from the new housing schemes, bordering Canal Number One, supported several fire trucks and a small tender from Wales Sugar Estate that had raced to the scene and managed to contain the blaze to the middle section. An exploding gas cylinder within the Home Economics Department sent the crowds scurrying to safety. The Canals Polder road was blocked to traffic for several hours. According to Anthony ‘Tony’ Arthur, who runs a shop next to the school, he saw the fire and raced over to school and attempted to break into the Home Economics Department from where the smoke was coming. It was shortly before 08:00 hrs and a number of teachers and several students were already in school.

However, the blaze was already too strong and the students and the teachers were evacuated. Headmistress, Althea Daniels-Stuart and the more than 30 teachers, along with students watched helplessly as the blaze destroyed the middle section of the school. A fire tender from Wales Estate was rushed to the area but got stuck in a side dam, forcing several residents to help extricate it. Another three tenders from the Guyana Fire Service were also dispatched to the scene. It is believed that the cause of the fire may have been electrical. Critical registration records were also destroyed leaving school officials with the uphill task of reconstructing data for students. There were unconfirmed reports that an air-condition unit had been left on overnight and this may have been the cause of the fire. But Chief Education Officer, Olato Sam, said that it was too early to make any determination. It was only recently that several windows of the school were replaced and repairs effected to the school. Sam also confirmed that Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand, was apprised of the situation. She has ordered that all stops be pulled out to find alternative measures to accommodate the students. A meeting was set to be held yesterday with parents, education officials and the school’s staffers to decide on temporary measures. A “shift” system was not ruled out. Region Three officials including Chairman, Julius Faerber, were also on the scene. Government has since confirmed that students will restart school on Monday.

Headmistress, Althea nd Daniels-Stuart (2 R), briefs teachers.

Firefighters battle the blaze.

Worried students contemplate their next move.

Kudos: tremendous effort by firemen and residents

Thursday September 05, 2013

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Shot suspect caught with booty … after robbing Regent Street store


wo bandits, pretending to be customers yesterday entered Isaac Computer Electronics located in the upper flat of the Regent Multiplex Mall on Regent and Wellington Streets and carted off almost $2M in articles. The knife-wielding bandits escaped with laptops, Samsung and Blackberry phones, and computer tablets after they tied up the two staff members on duty, put them to lie on the ground and gagged them with paper. H o w e v e r, b y m i d afternoon, one of the suspected thieves was hospitalized with a bullet to the stomach. He was shot in the vicinity of Stabroek Market having been tracked there by the owner of the store. From his hospital bed, the man claimed that he was an innocent victim. Proprietor of the electronics store, Anthony Sarjoo, told Kaieteur News that he was just about to leave home when he received a call from one his workers, informing him that the store was robbed. He explained that his workers informed him that two men entered the stall and asked for their phone to be repaired. “When my worker collected the phone and opened it, one of the men put a knife to his neck and took him at the back and tied him up.” According to Sarjoo, while one of the bandits stayed at the back of the stall to make sure that his staff member didn't move, the other one picked up two haversacks from his store and packed the valuables inside and escaped within seconds.

The shot man was reportedly found with some of the articles removed from the store. He was identified as 25-year-old Dwayne Charles of Charlestown. According to reports, about 4:00 pm yesterday, Charles was standing in the vicinity of KFC in the company of two men when a motor car pulled up and man came out and discharged a round into a crowd of people. “All I heard is don't move, don't run and then I hear a POW and people start running for cover,” an eyewitness said. The source said that a man was left lying on the ground bleeding from his stomach. The eyewitness said that the man was then rushed to the GPHC. According to one of the store owners, they received word that one of the suspects was in the market area and decided to give chase. The man added that he saw the assailant standing in front of KFC and discharged a shot after he tried to escape. Up to press time Charles remained in a stable condition under close arrest at the hospital. Ye s t e r d a y , w h e n Kaieteur News arrived at the store, police were already questioning persons and dusting for fingerprints. “I never thought this would have happened. I was never robbed before and I didn't expect anyone to come till up here and rob me,” the businessman said. He also noted that on Tuesday a man entered his store. “He look very suspicious and he ask me for phone card so I told him that I don't have and I sent him to another stall and a little after I hear he and the girl from the stall had some argument.”

The stall that was robbed

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Thursday September 05, 2013

Thursday September 05, 2013

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Thursday September 05, 2013

Top CSEC performers get cash awards from Texila University


aving secured outstanding passes in 20 subject areas (18 grade one and two grade two passes) at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examination this year, Zimeena Rasheed is preparing to write the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination at President's College. Despite several recent daunting concerns about the institution, the former Anna Regina Multilateral School

student said that “no other school has really been an option to me, not even Queen's College.” Following her completion of CAPE, Zimeena intends to pursue studies in engineering like her former classmate, Yogeeta Persaud. Yogeeta secured 18 grade one passes at CSEC and plans on heading to university shortly. The two were yesterday each presented with monetary endowment and a

certificate of excellence from the Texila American University through the auspices of the Private Sector Commission (PSC). Zimeena as the top Student was the recipient of $80,000 which she intends to use to purchase books, possibly at the Austin's Book Store while Yogeeta was presented with $50,000 which she said will go towards furthering her education. Speaking at a forum at the PSC Boardroom

The top performers at centre (Yogeeta at left and Zimeena at right) are flanked by their parents. Texila's Director of International Operations, Ashok Kumar stands behind. yesterday, PSC Chairman, Ronald Webster, lauded the m o v e b y t h e Te x i l a University to recognise the outstanding achievements of the girls. He noted that while the incentive might be deemed as small by some it is nevertheless a token to applaud and encourage the good academic work demonstrated. PSC's Corporate Director, Kit Nascimento, in addressing the small gathering, which included the top performers' parents Varina Rasheed (Zimeena's mother) and Takoor Persaud (Yogeeta's father) and other PSC members, said that Texila University had only recently become a member of the PSC. And according to him, “they are already becoming very active members of the Commission. This is a very worthwhile programme that they have become involved in.” According to Director of

International Operations of the University, Ashok Kumar, “We are very happy as a private institution in Guyana to come out with a rewarding opportunity for the top two students.” Kumar said that the University was first introduced in Guyana in 2010 with a Doctorate in Medicine Programme and by May 2011 had merely seven individuals making up its first batch. Currently the University has two branches, one at Wo o l f o r d Av e n u e a n d another at Sparendaam, East Coast Demerara with close to 300 student population. “I think we are progressing and we have also see a lot of advantage for the students especially the international student who come to Guyana to study and the local students also get benefits which comes as part of our social responsibility,” added Kumar.

Giftland assists Tiger Bay residents with hampers Tiger Bay residents were presented with more than 150 backpacks containing school supplies as Giftland Office Max, Water Street, Georgetown assisted the community in sending their children back to school, prepared. The packages which were distributed Sunday included items for Nursery, Primary and Secondary school students. There were modeling dough, tody crayons, paint sets, and exercise books for the nursery package; and Studmark pencils, pencil sharpeners, exercise books, backpacks for the primary package. There were five star trapper keepers, exercise books, Studmark ball pens, Studmark hb pencils with Studmark erasers to create

the secondary package as part of their charitable drive. Giftland Public Relation Manager, Compton Babb, confirmed that more than 150 backpacks containing school supplies were handed out to school children. He said that during a census conducted recently in Tiger Bay they visited 65 homes as compared to last year when 130 homes were visited. It was decided that all the funds from the Giftland's third annual Talent show will be donated to charity to better meet the needs of the community in which Giftland is located (Tiger Bay). Jade Beepat, the Human Resource Director of Giftland said it's in an effort to create a harmonious (continued on page 23)

Thursday September 05, 2013

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Taxi driver charged with spectacles theft - “he was only trying to help because the building was on fire,” says lawyer


roy Burrowes, a 40-year-old West Ruimveldt resident yesterday appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates' Court on allegations of simple larceny, and pleaded not guilty when Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry read the charge to him. On September 1, last, at Middle Street, Georgetown, he allegedly stole two

sunglasses, and other items valued at $120,000. While the facts of the case were not read in open court, Attorney at Law, Paul Fung A Fat who is representing Burrowes, requested reasonable bail on the grounds that his client has a fixed place of abode at Lot 5 0 2 We s t R u i m v e l d t , Georgetown. “Your Worship there was a fire on Sunday last at

the Da Silva's House of Optics on Middle Street and Burrowes at the time was assisting in getting some of the items out of the building before all got burnt up. He was only helping Your Worship and now he getting charge for such a noble act.” The Chief Magistrate granted the defendant bail in the sum of $100,000 and ordered him to return to court in October.

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Thursday September 05, 2013

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A section of those present at a last week session

American University offers free lectures, workshops to combat domestic violence

Several people are benefiting from an American University of Peace Studies programme aimed specifically at dealing with social woes, especially that of domestic violence. Organizers of the 'Solutions to Violence' free lecture and workshop ongoing at the university's 135 Sheriff Street, Campbellville compound say that they are incorporating the use of Psychology and Psychotherapy to teach people how turn a bad situation into a safe

outcome. Over the past few months, Dr. Eton Simon, Psychologist and President of the American University of Research, has been offering free sessions to professional and ordinary persons from all walks of life. The lectures integrate the usage of Life Skill Psychology which in reality is “Applied Psychology and Psychotherapy to solve violence by helping the individual to be aware of the root cause of their situation.” Yeaswantie Beekhoo, PhD, Director, and Ms. Jennel Williams, Project Officer, along with other psychology students have been working alongside Dr. Simon in structuring the programmes which they say will meet the needs of the Guyanese public. Williams said that the programmes are tailored to address issues such as Mental Health which contributes immensely to violence in the society. To address the issue of violence, each individual has to be aware of the violence he encounters and take responsibility for it. At least one child, teenager, woman or man is a victim of domestic violence during his/her lifetime, researchers say. “Children and teenagers are being abused by parents and family members, while women and men are being killed by a current or former partner.” The institution says that domestic violence is officially classified as "any incident of threatening behaviour, violence or abuse between young children,

teenagers, parents, parents and children and adults who are or have been in a relationship, or between family members, regardless of gender or sexuality". “We think of domestic violence as hitting, slapping and beating, but it can also include emotional abuse which speaks to Mental Health.” Zairol Neisha of the Guyana Professional Councilors Association, said that her organization, too, is offering free workshops and counseling seminars. From last week's s e m i n a r, 6 0 - y e a r- o l d Bennett Snagg, of East La Penitence, told Kaieteur News that he has attended four sessions, but is especially interested in the areas of anger management and psychotherapy. Snagg said that he is involved in several groups in his area that work with persons facing various dilemmas in their lives. He noted that the workshop was intended to b r o a d e n i n g knowledge.Snagg pointed out that some of the persons he encounters face domestic violence, physical and verbal abuse. Twenty-seven-year-old Laurel Glasgow told Kaieteur News that she was drawn to the lectures to broaden her knowledge base, and because she has personally had violent experiences. She said that she wants to learn how to manage violent situations. Glasgow claims that her classes are enabling her to be a better person, while motivating her to think and act different.

Thursday September 05, 2013

Kaieteur News

Eccles execution style murder...

Businessman’s Girlfriend under police guard at hospital, nursing gunshot wound Police are guarding a woman in hospital who they believe is connected to Tuesday night’s execution style shooting that left motorcycle dealer, Kurt David dead. The shooter, according to the police, is said to be a popular Water Street, Georgetown store owner. The woman is nursing a gunshot wound to her foot at a private city hospital. Police believed she sustained the injury during the confrontation that led to David’s death. Sources close to the investigation have indicated that detectives have a suspect in mind and the woman is linked to him. Meanwhile the shooter remains on the run. Kaieteur News understands that the woman is claiming that she suffered the wound during a robbery around the same time that David was shot. However that robbery was not reported to the police who only learnt about the woman’s shooting by chance. There are also reports that the woman was shot when a relative’s gun went off accidentally. That relative has not yet been located. A police source said that the woman is not cooperating fully with investigators. “Let’s just say that we have our suspicions,” said the source. The 31-year-old David, of Seventh Street,

Kurt David Eccles, East Bank Demerara, was gunned down around 21:45 hrs on Tuesday by a man who called him out of his home. He was shot at least 11 times at close range in the chest and back while standing near his front door. The police said that the victim was found inside his home. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital. His relatives are still tightlipped, claiming that they don’t know what could have caused the shooting or who was responsible. One relative would only say that the slain man was self-employed and the father of one. But investigators are

examining the theory that David might have been the victim of a jealous husband, who reacted angrily to a text message that was sent to his wife. A neighbour of the dead man told Kaieteur News that she was at home on Tuesday night when she heard several gunshots. When people dared to emerge from their homes they saw David’s bullet-riddled body outside his house, disputing the version offered by the police about the position of the body. Police were unable to give a motive for the executionstyle killing. David’s death comes after a lull in execution-style killings this year.

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Guyana Prize Awards billed for September 15 The Jury of the Guyana Prize for Literature has released the Shortlists for the 2012 Awards in the various categories of entries. The Shortlists and Winners were decided by a Jury made up of very distinguished judges, selected by the Guyana Prize Management Committee because of their outstanding credentials in the field of literature as literary critics, academics, literary editors, authors and creative writers. The selections in each case are listed in alphabetical order according to the authors. BEST BOOK OF FICTION Ruel Johnson - Collected Fictions A semi-autobiographical collection of short fiction that addresses racial and political tensions, relationships and displacement. Chaitram Singh - The February 23rd Coup A fast-paced fictional account of an attempted coup

2012 shortlist released by a group of disaffected Guyanese soldiers. BEST BOOK OF POETRY Cassia Alphonso - Black Cake Mix A collection of evocative poems with a well-realized creole voice. Ian McDonald - The Comfort of All Things Elegiac musings by a mature poet on aging and mortality. Sasenarine Persaud Lantana Strangling Ixora Complex, introspective poems with a bitter edge. BEST DRAMA Harold Bascom Deportee A screenplay for a crime thriller set in New York and Georgetown, involving deportation, narcotrafficking and corruption. Mosa Mathifa Telford Sauda A morality tale about the

need for understanding and forgiveness between mothers and daughters, and the difficulties of escaping from a legacy of self-contempt. BEST FIRST BOOK OF FICTION Only ONE entry was shortlisted from among those in this category. It will therefore be declared the winner. BEST FIRST BOOK OF POETRY No work was considered suitable for a shortlist in this category. The winners of the Prize will be announced by the Chairman of the Jury at the Guyana Prize Awards Ceremony to be held on September 15, at 19:00 hours at the Pegasus Hotel. President Donald Ramotar will make the awards. Chair of the Jury Prof Jane Bryce will read the Judges’ Report.

Vendor fined for possession of offensive weapon Collin Accra has been fined $30,000 with an alternative of spending two weeks in jail for having possession of an offensive weapon without lawful authority or explanation. Accra had previously pleaded guilty to being in possession of a knife without lawful authority on August 30, 2013 when he previously faced Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry. Accra, 47, a vendor from Lot 3809 North

Ruimveldt had explained to the court that he carries the knife not as a weapon, but for the purpose of pealing fruits. He also told the court that he pulled his knife because he was irritated at having to travel in an overloaded minibus. When he appeared in the Georgetown Magistrates Court yesterday, Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry, handed down the fine. He was remanded to prison on September 2, 2013.

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Thursday September 05, 2013

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Thursday September 05, 2013

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Fire breaks out at Office of the President A fire engine was rushed to the Office of the President (OP) yesterday after fire broke out at Climate Change Division. A statement from OP said that no one was injured but the Guyana Fire Service is currently conducting investigations into the “small fire”. OP said that the fire was quickly extinguished by staff with support from the Guyana Fire Service (GFS). The Climate Change, Accounts and Personnel Divisions are all housed in the same building and these departments were affected also.

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A fire tender at the Office of the President yesterday.

Rohee, Simona Broomes clash over robbery... From page 17 name during a TIP Training of Trainers' Workshop, yesterday, said that in a democracy everyone is free to level allegations and accusations. Irrespective of who are accused the matter will be investigated. According to Rohee, “Once the allegation is levelled the police have the constitutional right to investigate those allegations. If someone walks into a police station and level an accusation against the Minister of Home Affairs even though the Minister is responsible for the police the police have the right to investigate the allegation.” He said that no one is above the law and there are no holy cows in society. He said that Guyana does not have a rouge Government since it respects Conventions. He said that Government's policy is not to condone TIP.

According to Broomes, when she started GWMO she knew there would have been great resistance to any battle waged against TIP, but did not expect it to be to this extent. “I wish to make it public that apart from this intimidation, and I strongly believe that this is the case, I have also been receiving emails from unknown persons who have threatened to harm me and defame my character. “I ignored these vile threats until one email mentioned that my three children would not be spared. I am now very concerned and scared,” Broomes said. “My members are also concerned for their safety as it is now obvious more than ever that our personal safety is at grave risk when we travel into the interior to rescue victims of TIP and exploitation,” she added. She stated that the “pow-

ers” have not been very supportive of GWMO's work, and this is public knowledge. It was very disconcerting to read that Rohee, who has never afforded GWMO a meeting, insinuated that the only reason Broomes is waging a battle against this scourge is to receive plaques and medals. “I would have the Minister know that plaques and medals were never on the horizon when I started this organization. Rather, it was my years of working in the interior and observing women

being exploited and abused- I finally said, enough is enough”, she said. “I, Simona Broomes, stand resolute in my quest to wage a war against TIP and to eliminate this scourge from our society. The children and women who are crying out for help are my driving force and I will not let them down”. “As for the continuing investigation by the Guyana Police Force I stand ready to assist them in anyway and should charges be laid against me I will defend myself in the court of law”.

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Giftland assists Tiger... From page 18 relationship among coworkers, that she came up with the idea of a talent night to be a fund raising activity and charity event. Present at the giveaway was Local Recording Artiste Michelle King alongside two of Giftland's Ambassadors Devon Davis (Mr.Giftland Man of Steel) and Alisha Fortune (Track and Field Cham-

pion / Bodybuilding Champion). Yesterday Giftland OfficeMax opened its doors to accommodate back-toschool shoppers. Loyal customers were given slashing discounts. Some customers enjoyed as much as 50 percent off selected items. Huge customer support has become a regular feature for the entity during this period.

WANTED Live in domestic & waitress, living accommodation free, salary $50,000 monthlyCall:610-5043 Dish washer, apply to Shanta’s 225 Camp and New market street Georgetown CONTRACT CARS @ CITY TAXI SERVICE CALL: 660-1100 Widowed/divorced live in domestic, labourer, car/van driver- Call:610-2978 Boys to work in kitchen, puri cooks, pastry makers & servers @ Hack’s Halaal Restaurant 5 Commerce Street, G/Town One experienced person to look after layer birds in the Interior- Contact:666-6836 1 Cleaner must know to cook to work in snackette, age 2035- Call:647-7432/223-5798 Law Tutor wanted- Call:6840347 Cleaner- Call:225-3234 One live in maid must know to cook & clean, preferably from country side or interiorCall:666-6836 One experienced driver to work in interior to drive bus & lorry- Call:666-6836 Wanted contract cars @ Atlas Taxi Service: South Ruimveldt gardens, VHF radio network- Call:661-3043

EDUCATIONAL Lessons Classes: Phonics, Reading (A Beka System), Language & Mathematics (412 years) @ 197 Roxanne Burnham Gardens- Call: 6194355/218-2076 Institute of Academic Supremacy: Form 1-5 CXC adults/ lesson classes. CXC Maths, Engilsh, HSB & Business- Call:690-5008 I.A.E (Camp street): Forms 15, lessons & adult CXC classes: Maths, English, Business & ScienceCall:223-0604/683-5742 Wr i t i n g C X C M a t h s / English, Business subjects, Social-St/HSB, Biology. Jan/June, 2014. Forms 1-2 inclusive- Call Mr. Lee 231-2076 WANTED Wanted Cleaner to work in Tuschen. Twelve thousand dollars per week ($12,000)Call:684-8231/629-4236

Drivers & porters for canter truck must be between 45yrs and older. Wages $25,000 per week- Call:684-8231 Workers for land dredgeCall:694-2310 Live in attractive waitress, boarding and lodging free $50,000 monthly- Call:6105043 One live-in or live out maidcall:668-3985/264-3355/6837936 Security Guard With Police Clearance For Night, Truck Driver And Sales Person With CarCall:231-8529 Workers wanted for wash bay, male & female- Call:6694676 Skilled carpenters. Must be able to work with limited supervision- Call:602-9469/ 615-7526 One live in domestic to work in Mahicony River. Serious inquiry- Call:225-6571

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Thursday September 05, 2013

Procurement of male condoms attract $30M bid Under the Ministry of Health bids were opened on Tuesday at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB), Ministry of Finance, Main Street, for the procurement of male condoms.

The Agriculture Sector Development Unit (ASDU) received bids for the supply, delivery, installation and commission of lab furniture and cabinets for biological and tissue culture laboratories (completion of works.)

The Community Road Improvement Programme (CRIP) which operates under the Ministry of Housing received bids for the rehabilitation of Samaroo Dam at Best Klien/ Pouderoyen Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC.)

The Ministry of Education received bids for the supply and delivery of equipment for Canegie School of Home Economics.

Still within the education sector, bids were also opened for supply and delivery of metal lathe and crank shaft grinder for the Essequibo Technical Institute.

Potaro Road worsens one year after repairs

The Ministry of Labour Human Services and Social Security receive bids for the construction for extension of office building, phase one, Brickdam.

The National Park Commission received bids for the rehabilitation of sections of the main and internal road of the zoological park.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Natural Resources received bids for the supply and delivery of one motor vehicle.

For the Supreme Court, bids were opened for the rehabilitation of juror’s room and Windows at Suddie Supreme Court, Region Two.

The last mile in the 5 Mile road which was not surfaced

Bids were also opened for the rehabilitation of Vigilance Magistrate’s Court, Region Four.

Bids were also opened for the sealing of courtrooms and installation of air conditioning units at Victoria Law Court, Region Four.

Minibus operators in Bartica, Region Seven, are angry after a key road has fallen into disrepair, one year after millions of dollars were spent to fix it. Back then, members of the United Minibus Association of Bartica and residents had embarked on protest actions for something to be done. According to the Micah Williams, Chairman of the United Minibus Association of Bartica, an agreement was entered in September last year with the Regional Chairman, Gordon Bradford, and Regional Executive Officer (REO), Peter Ramotar of Region Seven, for remedial works to be done immediately on the One to Five Mile Road. It was also agreed that maintenance will be done to

ensure that the road does not fall into disrepair again. However, Williams claimed that only one month after the remedial works were done to fix the stretch of road, it started to deteriorate and now, 12 months later, repairs are commencing. The official stated that this will be to no avail since the road is not built to withstand the heavy vehicles that constantly traverse it. Rather than being asphalted, the road consists of clay, crusher run and tar. Further compounding the problem are the heavy rains that would erode the surface that the road presently has. Works commenced since last year on One Mile to Four Mile Bartica/Potaro Road with the remaining fifth mile

incomplete. This, Williams stated, was a cause for concern since there are new housing schemes within the last mile of the Five Mile road and with the current state of the road, transportation in and out is very difficult. The Chairman of the minibus association said that a letter was sent to the REO Ramotar and Regional Chairman Bradford requesting a “meeting to discuss, development plans for the resurfacing and constructing of the road in Bartica.” No response was given to the letter and as such an ultimatum will be given for the officials to listen to the recommendations. Williams stated that in the event the ultimatum is not addressed the association will initiate strike action.

Thursday September 05, 2013

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Rohee, Simona Broomes clash over robbery allegation Simona Broomes, President of the Guyana Wo m e n M i n e r s ' Organization (GWMO) is demanding that the Guyana Police Force behave professionally. She said that she wants no special treatment as ranks investigate assault and robbery allegations leveled against her by a businesswoman remanded for human trafficking. Two Mondays ago, Broomes, who has been rescuing women and children from the sex trade, was detained at police headquarters in relation to assault and robbery allegations. She was released on $10,000 bail and is expected to return to Eve Leary on September 6. Her arrest has been very topical with many organizations and individuals expressing dismay with the police action. Broomes has since submitted a written statement to the Director of Public Prosecutions. In a statement responding to the police version of events surrounding her arrest, Broomes said, “In that

release the police stated that my accuser, Ann Marie Carter, who is facing multiple Trafficking In Persons (TIP) charges in the court, made the allegations upon her arrest in August, after evading arrest for months following the April 21, 2013 date of the alleged incident.” However, Broomes said that the police should have records which would indicate that Carter was in fact first arrested in June 2013 and was charged with a TIP-related offence on June 28. Carter was initially remanded to prison, but later granted bail and this was reported in the daily newspapers on June 29. The TIP hero recalled that Carter was again taken before the courts on August 19 on another trafficking charge. On August 21 she was on a charge of assaulting her. “It took almost another week before the police arrested me and later placed me on bail for allegedly assaulting Ms. Carter and stealing a gold chain that was reportedly around her neck when I rescued four females, including three children who

President of GWMO, Simona Broomes

Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee

were being held against their will and forced into prostitution,” Broomes said. Broomes questioned why Carter did not make the allegation of assault and theft against her when she was arrested in June but waited only after she was charged with assaulting her. “The statement in which she made the allegations and which I saw during my lengthy stay at the police Criminal Investigation Department (CID) headquarters was dated August 19. It also begs the question as to when the purported medical

certificate, as was stated in the police release, was issued. “It would have been instrumental if the police had made this public, as this I am sure would have shed some

light on the issue,” she noted. She said, “The normal procedure of a medical certificate bearing credence is a report being made to the police and a medical paper being issued. This is then taken to a medical institution where the person is seen by a doctor.” “How can the Guyana Police Force ascertain that the supposed injuries listed on the medical were sustained on April 21 in the Puruni Backdam?” Broomes recalled that when she was assaulted by Carter she had attempted to report the matter at the Bartica Police Station but the police did not take a statement. In fact, her statement was only taken when she returned to Georgetown and publicly

decried the police refusal to take a statement. “One was subsequently taken at CID Headquarters. At that time I showed the police photographic evidence of the assault and indicated that I had witnesses, but the detectives refused to take statements from the persons who were available,” she stated. Broomes said that neither she nor GWMO members wish to be in receipt of any special treatment from the police, but expect the police to be professional in their work. “And, in this incident it is glaring that this has not been the case,” she added. Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee, who did not directly mention Broomes's (continued on page 23)

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Thursday September 05, 2013

Senate panel approves resolution on Syria military strikes WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved a resolution yesterday authorizing limited U.S. military intervention in Syria, setting the stage for a debate in the full Senate next week on the use of force. The committee voted 10-7 in favor of a compromise resolution that sets a 60-day limit on any engagement in Syria, with a possible 30-day extension, and bars the use of U.S. troops on the ground for combat operations. The compromise is more limited than President Barack Obama’s original proposal but would meet his administration’s goal of punishing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government for what the United States says was the use of chemical weapons on Syrian civilians, killing more than 1,400 people. The relatively close committee vote reflected the broad divisions on the authorization in Congress, where many lawmakers fear it could lead to a prolonged U.S. military involvement in Syria’s civil war and spark an escalation of regional violence. Five Republicans and two of Obama’s fellow Democrats - Chris Murphy and Tom Udall - voted against the resolution. Democrat Ed Markey voted “present,” saying in a statement that he is still undecided. The full Democratic-controlled Senate is expected to vote on the resolution next week. The Republican-controlled House of Representatives also must approve it. The fate of the resolution in Congress is uncertain as scores of lawmakers in both parties have yet to stake out a public position other than to say they are looking for more answers. Obama and administration officials have urged Congress to act quickly, saying U.S. national security and international credibility is at stake in the decision whether to use force in Syria in response to the use of chemical weapons. “If we don’t take a stand here today, I guarantee you, we are more likely to face far greater risks to our security and a far greater likelihood of conflict that demands our action in the future,” Secretary of State John Kerry told the House Foreign Affairs Committee at a separate meeting yesterday. “Assad will read our silence, our unwillingness to act, as a signal that he can use his weapons with impunity,” Kerry said. Anti-war protesters greeted Kerry, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the U.S. military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, during their House committee appearance. Protesters held hands splattered with blood-red paint in the air behind Kerry as he spoke. Murphy said he opposed the resolution because he was concerned a strike could make the situation worse in Syria and he feared the possibility of a prolonged U.S. commitment. “I oppose it not because I don’t gag every time that I look at those photos of young children who have been killed by Assad in his lethal attacks. It’s simply because I have deep concerns about the limits of American power,” Murphy said. The committee vote came after the two committee leaders - Democratic Chairman Robert Menendez and senior Republican Bob Corker - crafted a compromise to meet concerns that Obama’s proposed resolution was too open-ended. Republican John McCain, a proponent of strong action in Syria, objected to the more narrow compromise. The committee adopted his amendments spelling out the policy goals of degrading Assad’s ability to use chemical weapons and increasing the military capability of rebel forces. “These amendments are vital to ensuring that any U.S. military operations

Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Sen. Robert Menendez, left, confers with Committee member Sen. Barbara Boxer. (AP Photo) in Syria are part of a broader strategy to change the momentum on the battlefield in Syria,” McCain said. The committee rejected Udall’s amendment to prohibit air and naval forces from entering Syrian waters or air space, and an amendment by Republican Rand Paul of Kentucky that would have reaffirmed Congress’s role in declaring war. Polls show strong public opposition to U.S. military involvement in Syria, and the debate in the U.S. Congress is unfolding one week after Britain’s Parliament rejected British involvement in any military operation. In Sweden, Obama issued a blunt challenge to U.S. lawmakers to authorize a military strike on Syria. “My credibility is not on the line. The international community’s credibility is on the line,” Obama told a news conference in Stockholm. “And America and Congress’s credibility is on the line, because (otherwise) we give lip service to the notion that these international norms are important.” Kerry told House lawmakers that at least 10 countries have pledged to participate in a military intervention in Syria, but did not identify them or specify what roles they would play. Many members of Congress have said they are worried the resolution could lead to the deployment of U.S. ground troops, or “boots on the ground,” in Syria - which administration officials said would not happen. “It’s very clear on the House side there is no support for boots on the ground,” House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce told Kerry at the hearing. Kerry answered flatly, “There will be no boots on the ground. The president has said it again and again.” Kerry had a sharp exchange with Republican congressman Jeff Duncan, who said the administration has a credibility problem after the deaths of American diplomats in Benghazi, Libya, last year. He accused Kerry of being too cautious. “I volunteered to fight for my country and that wasn’t a cautious thing to do,” Kerry, a Vietnam War veteran, told Duncan. “We don’t deserve to drag this into yet another Benghazi discussion when the real issue here is whether or not the Congress is going to stand up for international norms with respect to dictators,” Kerry said. In the Senate, Majority Leader Harry Reid is confident that a majority of the 100 members will vote yes, but is still unsure if he can get the 60 votes needed to overcome possible Republican procedural roadblocks, aides said. In the 435-member House, a senior Republican aide predicted that most of the 50 or so Republicans backed by the conservative Tea Party movement will vote no. A number of Democratic liberals are also expected to vote against the resolution, placing the final outcome in doubt.

Thursday September 05, 2013

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Thursday September 05, 2013

Cleveland kidnapper Castro Venezuelans skeptical of power sabotage claims commits suicide in prison cell CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Venezuelans were skeptical yesterday of President Nicolas Maduro’s claims that saboteurs were responsible for a blackout that left about 70 percent of the country without electricity and caused chaos in Caracas, interrupting subway service and snarling traffic. For many, no explanation was necessary: Government neglect and incompetence are to blame for blackouts that have plagued the country for years while rarely affecting the capital. “I don’t believe this tale about sabotage. We all know who is to blame,” said Adriana Montoya, a 45-yearold housewife who said she was stuck for hours in traffic that snarled as traffic lights went dark and subway service halted in Caracas, which lost power for five hours Tuesday. Others complained of being stuck in trains in darkened subway tunnels before being evacuated to

Nicolas Maduro safety. Demands for the resignation of Electrical Energy Minister Jesse Chacon flooded Twitter. He had vowed after being named to the post in April to revamp the power grid. Chacon said the blackout was caused by problems with transmission lines in the Bajo Caroni region, where 60 percent of Venezuela’s power is generated by hydroelectric plants. Fourteen of 23 states lost power for much of

Tuesday. Maduro claimed sabotage by “the extreme right-wing” was the cause but did not present any evidence. “We are facing a low-level conflict that seeks a high impact on society and politics,” he said. Even before Maduro’s announcement, top opposition politician Leopoldo Lopez poked fun at officials who have claimed in the past that thunderstorms or iguanas climbing on power lines caused blackouts. “We already know what you are going to say: That it was an iguana, a lightning bolt or sabotage,” he tweeted. During the campaign leading up to an April presidential election that Maduro won by a razor-thin margin, Venezuela was hit by numerous power outages. That prompted Maduro to accuse his political adversaries of resorting to sabotage as a means of hurting his chances for a victory. Chacon said authorities were investigating Tuesday’s failure.

CLEVELAND (Reuters) Ariel Castro committed suicide by hanging himself with a bed sheet in his prison cell, an Ohio coroner said yesterday, just one month into a life sentence for the kidnapping, rape and beatings of three women he kept imprisoned for a decade. The former school bus driver, who pleaded guilty to 937 counts in July, was found hanged in his cell at an Ohio prison late Tuesday. An autopsy on Wednesday confirmed the cause of death was suicide by hanging, said Dr. Jan Gorniak, the Franklin County coroner. “This man couldn’t take, for even a month, a small portion of what he had dished out for more than a decade,” said Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty, who agreed to a deal that spared Castro the death penalty in exchange for life in prison. Castro had been taken off suicide watch while still in Cleveland’s Cuyahoga County Jail on June 5, a spokesman said, and his was the seventh suicide in Ohio prisons this year, according to the American Civil Liberties Union, which called for a full investigation. State prison and county jail officials denied Castro permission to receive independent mental health counseling, even though he had contemplated suicide in 2004 and was likely to suffer depression after being sentenced to life in prison, his defense lawyers said. “We were never provided any explanation,” defense attorney Craig Weintraub said. “We don’t know what the rationale was to take him off suicide watch.” The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction said its mental health staff found that Castro did not need to be placed on suicide watch, which would have meant a guard checked on him every 15 minutes. “Our credentialed mental health staff determined this,” said spokeswoman Ricky Seyfang. “Suicide watch was not required for him.” But the department said

Ariel Castro in a statement it set up a committee of legal, health and other experts to review the death and publish findings within a month. Castro, 53, was sentenced on August 1 to life plus 1,000 years in prison without the possibility of parole for abducting the three women and keeping them in the dungeon-like confines of his house, where they were starved, beaten and sexually assaulted. The case captured international attention when it broke in May, as many people were elated by news the three women had been found alive, then stunned by the details of their ordeal. Some $1.4 million in charitable donations poured in from 10,800 donors seeking to help the women resume their lives. Castro was taken into custody in May, just after Amanda Berry, 27, Gina DeJesus, 23, and Michelle Knight, 32, were freed with assistance from neighbors who heard Berry’s cries for help. Also rescued was Berry’s 6-year-old daughter, fathered by Castro and born during her mother’s captivity. Police recovered from the home a suicide note and confession he wrote in 2004. The house where the three were held, bound with chains and ropes for periods of time, has been torn down along with two neighboring abandoned homes, creating an extended vacant lot in the working-class neighborhood. Castro was transferred to the Correctional Reception

Center outside Columbus, the state capital, on August 5 and was to remain there while undergoing mental and physical evaluation before being transferred to a permanent lockup, prison officials said. He was in protective custody with guards checking on him every half hour - rather than the 15 minutes for those on suicide watch - and isolated from other inmates at the Correctional Reception Center in Orient. Ohio prisons are at 130 percent capacity, a prison watchdog group says, and the Castro hanging closely followed that of Ohio death row inmate Billy Slagle, 44, who was found hanged in his prison cell on August 4, three days before his scheduled execution. Results of an investigation had yet to be released. Since 2000, suicide rates in Ohio prisons have remained mostly stable, generally ranging between four and eight deaths per year, according to the Correctional Institution Inspection Committee. The exceptions were 2004 and 2007, which each had 11. “The last page has been turned,” said Julio Cesar Castro, uncle of the Castro brothers and owner of a general store in the neighborhood where the women were held. The Castro family learned of his death from the media, attorney Weintraub said, and word spread quickly through the west Cleveland neighborhood. “Rot in hell, Castro,” a woman passenger yelled from a white sport utility vehicle driving by the site on Wednesday, part of a slow but steady line of cars moving past a group of television trucks. “I guess he couldn’t handle it. He took the coward’s way out,” said neighbor Walter Freeman, 57.

Thursday September 05, 2013

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Assad ally said to defect, Putin chides U.S. on Syria AMMAN/DOHA (Reuters) - General Ali Habib, a former Syrian defense minister, has become the most senior member of President Bashar al-Assad’s ruling Alawite sect to defect, opposition figures said yesterday, as Washington debated a military strike on the war-racked country. Habib had been under house arrest since he resigned in protest at Assad’s crackdown on demonstrators in 2011 but had reached the Turkish border late on Tuesday with Western help, Kamal al-Labwani of the Syrian National Coalition told Reuters. Other sources also said Habib had fled but Syrian state television denied he had left his home. Turkey’s foreign minister said he could not confirm the general had defected. Washington and Syria’s main backer Russia remained publicly at odds over U.S. plans for a possible military strike but both raised the prospect of easing the deadlock when President Vladimir Putin hosts world leaders at a G20 summit today. U.S. President Barack Obama said he would continue to try to persuade Putin of the need for punitive strikes on Assad for using chemical weapons when the two meet in St. Petersburg. But Putin again questioned Western evidence. He accused U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry outright of lying when, in urging Congress to approve strikes on Syria, Kerry played down the role of al Qaeda in the rebel forces. “Al Qaeda units are the main military echelon, and they know this,” Putin said. “He is lying and knows he is lying. It’s sad.” Having surprised friends and foes alike by seeking approval from Congress before attacking, Obama has been working to build support at home and abroad. In Stockholm en route for Russia, he appealed to lawmakers’ consciences: “America and Congress’s credibility is on the line,” he said. “The question is how credible is Congress when it passes a treaty saying we have to forbid the use of chemical weapons.” In Washington the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved a resolution authorizing the use of military force in Syria, clearing the way for a vote on the resolution in the full

Senate, likely next week. Obama is also seeking approval from the Republican-led House of Representatives. Earlier, Putin had said in a pre-summit interview with the Associated Press that he could not absolutely “rule out” Russia supporting a U.N. Security Council resolution to punish Assad - if it could be proved he had used poison gas.Briefing members of congress in Washington yesterday, Kerry said those comments were “hopeful” and “there may be a road forward where Russia would consider not blocking action.” A senior Western official said that, while Moscow was unlikely to say so in public, there were signs Russian officials believe Assad was indeed responsible for the deaths on August 21 and that it had strained Russian support for him - providing an opening for a new, concerted drive to end the conflict. However, Putin’s characteristically blunt tone towards the U.S. position appeared to limit prospects for a breakthrough in a stalemate that has prevented international action to rein in a conflict that has killed more than 100,000 Syrians and left millions homeless but which neither side has been able to win. The rebels, largely drawn from Syria’s Sunni Muslim majority, have captured big swathes of territory and won backing from Gulf Arab states such as Saudi Arabia, as well as from Turkey and Western powers. But Assad, armed by Moscow and backed by Shi’ite Muslim Iran, has held on in Damascus and elsewhere. Christians, Kurds and others, as well as Western leaders, are wary of Islamist militants among the rebels. Assad’s fellow Alawites, an offshoot of Shi’ite Islam, fear annihilation if he loses and provide the backbone of the president’s armed forces. Numerous defections over the past two years by senior commanders, either to the rebel Free Syrian Army or into exile abroad, have not led to a collapse of Assad’s defenses. But the flight of Habib, if confirmed, would lend credibility to suggestions that parts of the Alawite community may be turning against Assad. Previous high-level defections have generally involved Sunni officers.

“Ali Habib has managed to escape from the grip of the regime and he is now in Turkey, but this does not mean that he has joined the opposition. I was told this by a Western diplomatic official,” the SNC’s Kamal alLabwani said from Paris. A Gulf source told Reuters that Habib had crossed the Turkish frontier late on Tuesday with two or three other people. He was then taken across the border in a convoy of vehicles. Kerry said he did not know if the report of Habib’s defection was correct but “there are currently defections taking place, I think there are something like 60 to 100 in the last day or so, officers and enlisted personnel.” Born in 1939, Habib was defense minister from June 2009 to August 2011 and has also served as Chief of the General Staff of the Syrian Army. He is from the port city of Tartus. Some opposition sources say that Habib disagreed with the use of force against protesters at the start of the revolt in 2011. Those sources say he was dismissed. He later said publicly that he had left the post for health reasons. “Habib is a simple and honest. Unlike the Assads he is not corrupt,” said a military defector who served under Habib. “His defection will rattle the Alawite community because it will be seen as

another man jumping off a sinking boat, indicating the coming fall of the regime.” Predictions of the imminent collapse of the fourdecade-old Assad dynasty, including by Western leaders, have turned out to be wishful thinking before. Recently, the alleged use of poison gas has been cited as evidence of desperation in the Assad camp. The head of German intelligence told members of parliament this week that German agents had recorded a call between the Iranian embassy in Damascus and a senior figure in Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shi’ite militia, which, the agents believe, betrayed a lack of confidence among these two key Assad allies. A person who attended at the lawmakers’ briefing on Monday said the material was presented as evidence of Assad’s role in the release of poison gas in rebel-held suburbs of Damascus on August 21. But it also indicated doubts about Assad’s tactics. The Hezbollah official said Assad was wrong to order the gas attack and that it indicated he was losing his nerve. Germany has ruled out joining any military action in Syria. Following the failure of British Prime Minister David Cameron to win parliamentary backing for air strikes last week, France and Turkey are the only military

Ali Habib

powers lining up behind Obama. The French parliament debated Syria on Wednesday, though President Francois Hollande does not need approval for action. His foreign minister, Laurent Fabius, said using force against Assad could pave the way for a new round of diplomacy. French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault told parliament that failure to strike Assad would send a message to the likes of Iran and North Korea that they could defy Western powers with

impunity, notably over concerns about their nuclear programs. Obama has won the backing of key figures in the U.S. Congress, including among his Republican opponents. The administration is trying to balance the views of many in Congress who want a narrowly defined resolution explicitly ruling out ground troops against calls from hawks such as Senator John McCain, who has pushed for a broader resolution that would allow direct U.S. support for Syrian rebels.

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Thursday September 05, 2013

Thursday September 05, 2013

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Bravo to mentor in Papua New Guinea From page 35 to enter the new Australian competition, due to get underway in September. The thrilling West Indian trio, who between them hold remarkable amounts of accolades in international cricket, will be honoured at a VIP Gala Dinner in Port Moresby, which will be attended by the country’s ministers of Parliament, top dignitaries and

other high-profile corporate and business sector leaders. Cricket PNG’s CEO, Greg Campbell, a former Australian Test cricketer and uncle to iconic Australian cricketing superstar Ricky Ponting, said he reached out to Bravo’s representative, Emma Everett, in a bid to request that the top cricketer play role of mentor and ambassador to PNG’s gifted international squad and

the country at large. “Papua New Guinea is a cricket-mad nation and our team have historically always looked up to West Indies cricketers,” said Campbell. “In fact, the West Indies were the first international team to tour PNG back in 1975 and our cricketers look to emulate their entertaining style of play and their spirit of the game. We wanted to

Thursday September 05, 2012 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): Acknowledgement for work well done could come your way, Aries, as those around you suddenly seem to see you in a new light. In some cases, a touch of fame could result. *************************** TAURUS (APR 20 - MAY 20): Your desire to advance your education and learn new skills could be promoted by a sudden event that points you in the right direction, Taurus. You could start training an artistic talent or learn to use new technology or find out about the latest advances in scientific knowledge. *************************** GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 20):Today you might feel an overwhelming physical attraction to a new person even if you're already involved, Gemini. Also, an unusual stroke of luck could bring some extra money your way. *************************** CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22):An unexpected invitation to a social event could put you in touch with unusual, fascinating people, Cancer. Some of them may be involved in professions that interest you. Some may become your friends and others might prove to be valuable business contacts. *************************** LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): Have you been thinking about adopting a pet? Even if you haven't, a lovely little dog or cat could come into your life now and show signs of wanting to stay with you, Leo. ************************ VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22):A friend could propose that you participate in a new project together. This may be something you've never done before, Virgo, and you're likely to have doubts. If you have any interest at all, don't let your doubts get in your way.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): A sudden feeling of love for your home could catapult you into redecorating, Libra. News could come your way of sudden good fortune involving a family member. This is likely to affect the entire family in some way, so while you're happy for your relative, be glad for yourself, too. *************************** SCORPIO (OCT 23 - NOV 21): New channels of communication may open up for you today. A female author whose work you enjoy could release a new book, Scorpio. *************************** SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 DEC 21): Your adventurous side could show itself, Sagittarius. You might have a talent for an activity you never considered before, such as rafting, flying, mountain climbing, or skydiving! *************************** CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): Lucky you! An unexpected break could come your way that gets you started in just the direction you've wanted to follow. This could involve love, career aspirations, or simply a new way of living that you've been longing to experience. *************************** AQUARIUS (JAN 20 FEB 18): You're sensitive, Aquarius, and impressionable. You may not appreciate the intense atmosphere building, but it may be just what you need to get motivated. *************************** PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): A goal that you and some friends have been trying to reach may take a sudden turn and show signs of manifesting sooner than you expected. This could be a real break for you and you might be baffled as to how to make the most of it.

align our top players with a mentor and a powerful global superstar who could inspire them with his presence and his invaluable international experience and guidance. Dwayne Bravo has achieved incredible heights of success within both West Indies Cricket and on a global platform, and as the current Captain of the West Indies ODI squad, we felt he was the perfect candidate.” He added that Cricket PNG is participating in a number of crucial cricket advancement initiatives and their players and the public are elated at the forthcoming arrival of Bravo, Roach and

Richardson on their shores. “The atmosphere and excitement in the air that Dwayne Bravo, Kemar Roach and Richie Richardson are coming to town, has been astonishing,” said Campbell. Bravo echoed the Cricket PNG CEO’s sentiments saying: “Advancing the game of cricket in developing nations of the world is something I have always wanted to become involved in. A cricketer today is a role model to millions and I wanted to use this opportunity to pass my knowledge, skills and expertise onto promising new talent and use my own experiences and leadership apti-

tude, to motivate youth across the world.” Roach and Richardson agreed that visiting Papua New Guinea ahead of the country’s Independence Day celebratory weekend, in particular, would bring forth poignant memories of a world championship West Indies team from 1975, who were back then, the first international team to visit the South Pacific nation, and on that occasion too, during the country’s Independence Day celebrations. The first programme of the Dwayne Bravo led PNG cricket advancement initiatives, will take place next Thursday, in Port Moresby.

From page 32 rescued Pakistan from 182 for 8, and yesterday, after being dismissed first ball in the morning, he snared four wickets to keep Zimbabwe’s lead from getting out of hand.

Still, there can be no doubts over which of the two sides will be happier at this stage of the Test - Zimbabwe’s stand-in captain Masakadza sported a huge grin and even tried out a couple of dance

moves as he watched the final overs of the day. The only time Pakistan looked like they could take control of the game was early in the second session when Zimbabwe slipped to 68 for 3. Junaid Khan, the pace spearhead, was rewarded for a probing over in which he tweaked his line and length till he got it perfect on the final delivery, getting Sibanda to nick to the keeper. Off the next ball, Ajmal fired in a straighter one and Masakadza was bowled as he played for the spin. Raza is in his first Test and Waller hadn’t scored a halfcentury in any format since his 55 at the start of the Bangladesh series in April. With the wicketkeeper Richmond Mutumbami not really a recognised batsman, the lower order also didn’t inspire too much confidence. Waller, though, wasn’t cowed by the situation, showing his confidence by hitting his first ball for four, a cover drive off Ajmal. That shot made a frequent appearance as Waller sprinted to 33 off 30 balls, with the help of seven boundaries. In what has been a low-scoring game, that burst of run-making was even to shift the pressure back onto Pakistan, and it made it easier for Raza to settle in. Scores: Zimbabwe 281 for 7 (Waller 70, Raza 60, Ajmal 477) lead Pakistan 249 (Azhar 78, Misbah 53, Chatara 3-64) by 32 runs.

Ajmal strikes but Zimbabwe take lead

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Thursday September 05, 2013

Home going service for the Bolt plans to retire after late Albert Barton is today Want C/wealth gold to

The home going service for the late nationa l footballer Albert Barton will take place today at the Sandy’s Funeral Home, 1 Chapel Street, Lodge. Viewing of the body will be from 13:00hrs with the service commencing at 15:00hrs. Barton received his final whistle on life last week Monday at the age of

81 after returning home on vacation from Canada where he resided. He donned national colours in the 1950s and 60s as a right centre back and was referred to T’berts. Barton, who lived at Bent Street in Georgetown also played for Victoria FC, YMCA FC and Juicy FC and was employed at John Fernandes Ltd.

Rio 2016

Albert Barton

Wayne Rooney posts head injury picture after England criticism BBC Sport - Wayne Rooney has posted a picture of his head injury on Facebook after the striker was questioned over his commitment to the England squad. Rooney suffered the cut via the boot of Manchester United team-mate Phil Jones, forcing him out of England’s World Cup qualifiers on Friday and Tuesday. He said: “Some people seem to be questioning my commitment and the fact I had to pull out of the two games. “I’m sure people will see the reason why I won’t be able to play.” Rooney, 27, added: “There’s nothing I would like more than to be helping the lads in the qualifiers.”

Wayne Rooney posted this picture on his Facebook page. (Facebook Wayne Rooney) United boss David Moyes said the forward could be out for three weeks following the

accident, which happened on Saturday in the build-up to United’s defeat to Liverpool a game Rooney missed because of the injury. England team-mate Theo Walcott has described the p h o t o g r a p h as “like something out of a horror film”. Roy Hodgson’s side face Moldova at Wembley on Friday and then a difficult trip to Ukraine on Tuesday. Rooney is one of three players who have withdrawn from the squad due to injury. Glen Johnson was forced off with an ankle injury during Liverpool’s victory at Anfield on Sunday, while United’s Jones was also substituted with a similar problem.

Italian doping probe of Jamaicans moving forward ROME, Italy (AP) — The criminal doping investigation into former 100-metre world record-holder Asafa Powell, Jamaica teammate Sherone Simpson and their trainer has been delayed by bureaucratic problems but will go ahead. Udine prosecutor Andrea Gondolo told The Associated Press on Tuesday that his office has been unable to contact the athletes to ask whether they want to observe the testing of substances sequestered during a police raid in July on their training base in northern Italy. The athletes can observe the testing themselves or designate a lawyer to do so. They have 20 days to respond once contacted. “The problem has been finding an address to deliver the notification to see if they want to observe the tests, because some of the tests cannot be repeated,” Gondolo said. “But I think we should be able to move

forward within a month.” If the athletes cannot be contacted, prosecutors could go to the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association instead. The Canadian trainer, Christopher Xuereb, was already contacted. Milton Samuda, a Jamaican attorney who represents Powell and Simpson, did not respond to e-mails or calls seeking comment. Following the July hotel raid in Lignano Sabbiadoro, where the Jamaicans have been training for years, the athletes and Xuereb were formally placed under criminal investigation for violating Italy’s doping laws. The raid came after it was announced that Powell and Simpson had tested positive for the banned stimulant oxilofrine at the Jamaican championships in June. The athletes blamed Xuereb, their newly hired

trainer, and said that new supplements he provided caused the positive tests. Xuereb responded by saying that he didn’t give the sprinters performanceenhancing drugs and suggested he was being made a scapegoat. Italy’s doping laws include sections for use, administration of banned substances and importation of banned substances. Administration and importation carry more severe sentences and therefore Xuereb risks harsher punishment, Gondolo said, adding that the athletes do not risk prison time. The confiscated substances appear to be from the United States, according to the containers they were found in, Gondolo said. Powell and Simpson also risk bans from sports authorities. They have already stopped competing and missed last month’s World Championships in Moscow.

Jamaica Observer - The world’s fastest man Usain Bolt said Wednesday he wants to win more gold in Rio, set another world record in the 200 metres next year, and perhaps win a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games. “So far, (it) is after the Olympics in Rio,” Bolt said of his retirement plans. “I think if I am in great shape, I’ll go there and do what I have to do. I think it will be a good time to retire on top.” Winning another three gold medals in Moscow last month made him the most decorated athlete in world championship history with eight gold and two silvers. He has six gold medals from the Olympics. “If I want to be among the greats of (Muhammad) Ali and Pele and all these guys, I have to continue dominating until I retire,” Bolt said ahead of his final race this season in the 100 at tomorrow’s Van

completecollection Damme Memorial. Bolt won the 100, 200 and 4x100 relay at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and at last year’s London Games. He won the same triple at the 2009 worlds before repeating that feat in Moscow last month. At 27, Bolt has the experience to know that a lax season midway between Olympics can hurt him. In 2010, a soft entry into the year and subsequent injury cost him almost a full season. “I kind of didn’t do much in the offseason and then got injured and had to start from scratch. So this season, I will not make that mistake again,” Bolt said. Like 2010, next season has no major championships, but Bolt is thinking of new goals for 2014. He already owns the 100 and 200 world records and

shares the 4x100 with his Jamaican teammates. He acknowledges the 100 record of 9.58 seconds will be extremely tough to better, but he hopes to improve on the 19.19 he ran in the 200 in Berlin four years ago. “I have learned, I have maste r e d t h e a r t o f running the turn,” Bolt said of the 200. “So if I can stay injury free and be in good shape, then it is possible for me to definitely go after the world record.” As a Jamaican, Bolt c a n c o m p e t e i n the Commonwealth Games, too, something he has yet to do. Next year, the event will be held in Glasgow, Scotland. “I have never been to Commonwealths and so it is always good to add to your collection of gold medals,” Bolt said. (AP)

JamRockerZ pip Brazil to advance Jamaica Observer CARACAS, Venezuela — Jamaica’s basketballers pipped Brazil 78-76 to secure a place in the second round of the FIBA Americas Championship here at the Poliedro de Caracas Tuesday night. The 24-year-old forward Samardo Samuels, a dominant figure at this tournament so far, led the way for the JamRockerZ with 21 points.

With the victory, Jamaica joined favourites Puerto Rico, Canada and Uruguay as the teams to advance from Group A. The winless Brazil unit, usually a powerhouse at this level, was sent packing. A relaxed-looking Samuels told the Jamaica Observer after the match that “the team deserved the success” after gradually improving after the opening game

blowout loss to Canada. Teams to advance from Group B were Mexico, Argentina, Dominican Republic and hosts Venezuela. Paraguay were eliminated from that group. The second round begins today. The four semi-finalists at this Championship qualify for the basketball World Cup to be held next year in Spain.

Ajmal strikes but Zimbabwe take lead ESPNcricinfo - Even after the strong showing of their bowlers on the first day in Harare, doubts persisted over whether Zimbabwe would pose a challenge, given the fragility of their Test batting, especially in the absence of Brendan Taylor, and the quality Pakistan’s attack. Those concerns were heightened soon after lunch, when both the set batsmen Vusi Sibanda and Hamilton Masakadza were dismissed off consecutive deliveries. However Malcolm Waller, who found form over the past week after a miserable India series, and debutant Sikandar Raza underlined Zimbabwe’s ability to stand up to the bigger teams with a 127-run fourth-wicket partnership that put Zimbabwe on course for the lead. The home side were ahead by 32 at stumps, and will probably need a few more considering they have to bat last in the game, when Saeed

Zimbabwe's batting showed plenty of spine © Associated Press Ajmal’s bag of tricks will prove a handful. For the second day in a row, Ajmal did his bit to keep

Pakistan from falling too far back in the game. On Tuesday his unbeaten 49 had (Continued on page 31)

Thursday September 05, 2013

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‘Netball at its lowest in 15 years’ - GNA President By Sean Devers At the age of 53 many women would be tending to their grand children instead of wanting to head a struggling National Sports Association. But former National Netball player Lavern Fraser-Thomas is not ‘many’ women. The mother of five, who also represented her country in Basketball, was elected as President of the Guyana Netball Association (GNA) last month. Fraser-Thomas disclosed that she took over the leadership of the GNA at a time when the sport of Netball is at its lowest point in the past 15 years. “It’s an uphill task since I took over as GNA President at a time when Netball in Guyana is at its lowest for the past 15 years” Fraser-Thomas lamented. Fraser-Thomas became a

Lavern Fraser-Thomas in her office at UG. single parent after her husband passed away but that did not deter her from wanting to continue giving back to sports as an Administrator. The former athlete, who has held administrative and managerial positions on national teams since

Lavern with UG cricket team which toured Barbados representing Guyana in Netball for the last time in 2006, plans to widen the pool of local Netball players at a time when the sport is on a

Pyeongchang rejects North Korea proposal to co-host 2018 Games SEOUL (Reuters) - The organizing committee for the 2018 Winter Games in South Korea’s Pyeongchang (POCOG) has poured cold water on North Korea’s suggestion that it could cohost some of the Olympic skiing events at its Masik resort. North Korea’s International Olympic Committee (IOC) member Chang Ung hinted on Tuesday that the North was willing to host events at the resort in Wonsan, Gangwon province. However, POCOG responded on Wednesday by saying that holding events hundreds of kilometers away from the host city was unrealistic and would breach IOC regulations. The two Koreas have only resumed dialogue in recent weeks after months of tensions earlier this year appeared to take their frayed ties to the brink of war as Pyongyang threatened missile and nuclear attacks against the South and its ally the United States. The United States fought on the side of the South in the 1950-53 Korean War, which ended in a truce, not a peace treaty. “Co-hosting goes against International Olympic Committee regulations which stipulate that, unlike the World Cup, all the Olympic events be held within the host city,” the committee said

in a news release yesterday. “We should make sure technology and administrative works are in optimal condition in order to host an event- and athleteoriented Olympic Games. Holding some of the events in the Masik resort, more than 300 kilometers away from Pyeongchang, cannot guarantee meeting this goal,” the committee added. IOC Chairman Jacques Rogge has previously expressed opposition to cohosting events with North Korea, saying in 2011 that the IOC would consider allowing the two Koreas to march together at the 2018 opening ceremony but not to share events. “As far as spreading venues between the two countries, that is something we do not consider under the current Olympic Charter,” said Rogge. 2018 POSSIBILITY On Tuesday, North Korea’s Chang told U.S. funded broadcaster Voice of America that the Masik resort could possibly hold 2018 events if an agreement could be reached. “When construction is complete, it (Masik) can be used in an international event and possibly in the Olympic Games,” Chang was quoted as saying in the telephone interview. He acknowledged, however, that it was not a simple decision to make and

that there would have to be complex discussions among several bodies such as the IOC and International Ski Federation to assess the possibility. Last month, Switzerland banned the sale to North Korea of equipment for the luxury ski resort planned for the ruling elite in the impoverished state that is under U.N. sanctions. The North approached several Swiss companies to provide chair lifts and cable cars worth 7 million Swiss francs ($7.57 million) for its sprawling Masik resort, the Geneva daily Le Temps reported on August 19. But the Swiss government, contacted by the companies for clearance, added luxury sporting equipment to its list of goods banned under United Nations sanctions, Marie Avet of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), said. “The Federal Council decided on July 3 to also put infrastructure for sports facilities on the list, especially when they have a more luxury character for resorts,” Avet told Reuters. “These resorts have a luxury character, that is why it is not appropriate to export.” North Korea has said construction of the resort was part of its plans to boost economic development and improve livelihoods and not just for the elite.

downward sloop. “I plan, along with my other executives, to increase the player base since at present there are only five Netball clubs in Guyana. Three of those clubs are in the City, while there is one each in Berbice and Essequibo” Fraser-Thomas, who grew up on the East Coast of Demerara, revealed. “It is also important to garner the human resource for Coaching and Off i c i a t i n g . We ( G N A ) hope to target the schools and Church communities since a lot of girls can be found in both of these communities,” Fraser-

Thomas, who managed the national female Football and Netball teams, said. Fraser-Thomas holds a Degree and Diploma with distinctions in Public Management along with several certificates in Sports Administration and Coaching and she is presently employed as Sports Organiser at the Universityof-Guyana (UG). Fraser-Thomas, who made her National Netball debut in 1978 before playing her first Basketball game for her country in 1994, is banking on support from the former Netball players to aid in her developmental

programmes. The recipient of two National Awards (Coach of the Year and Sports Personality of the Year) Fraser-Thomas challenged the former players to get on board. “We hope to attract those persons who have played the game to maybe volunteer three hours per week to teach the young girls not only game skills but also life skills since Netball is a team sport,” FraserThomas added. Fraser-Thomas served the National Sports Commission (NSC) for over 20 years as a Sports Officer and was responsible for sustaining the sport of Netball by getting schoolgirls involved in the game. She informed that the biggest deterrent to the Sport is unavailability of persons willing to give of their time to teach the girls the basics of Netball. “Venues are also a problem although at present it is not a huge concern since Netball can be played on both grass and Tarmac. I want to encourage those with knowledge of the game to come forward and assist us,” Fraser-Thomas concluded. Those desirous of offering assistance can contact FraserThomas on telephone number 680-5850.

National junior cyclist... From page 34 this reporter on the excellent progres s t h a t R a u l i s making. “Raul has been recovering very well and we are very happy for this. The cast on his right hand was removed today (yesterday) and we expect that on September 16, the steel pins in the hand will be removed after which he will start therapy on both hand and feet.” Uncle Ray noted that they have already begun the process of ensuring that his nephew gets back on his cycle soonest by procuring certain pieces of

equipment to aid in this regard. He {Ray} is extending special thanks to Dr. Fawcett Jeffrey and Dr. Ronvair Gajraj for their support and love during Raul’s time of need. Gratitude was also extended to Kamal Seebarran, Safraz Khan, Gavin Gouveia, Cynthia Dookie, Paul Choo-weenam and all the cyclists and officials who stood by Leal during the past trying months. “ We a r e e t e r n a l l y grateful to these persons for rendering assistance to us in whatever little way

they did. Their combined efforts would have assisted the healing process for Raul and we know that he will be back competitively to make us all and his country proud.” Up to the time of the accident, Raul Leal was one of the leading juvenile/ junior cyclists with a bright future. According to his uncle, the future is still bright and young Raul will be back with a bang for the new season. Kaieteur Sport joins will the cycling fraternity in wishing this talented cyclist well.

Coach Egbert Jackson... From page 37 but it costs US$30.00.” The experienced trainer reasoned that if the athlete cannot afford that and goes to a competition against a lifter of similar ability who can afford it, that athlete will certainly enjoy the advantage since they will get five, ten pounds more.

“Once we have the requisite support in place the sky is the limit. We have a couple of very talented guys. Gumendra did exceptionally well and I hope he keeps going from strength to strength.” Like many of our other powerlifetrs, Shewdas was one of the athletes selected for drug testing.

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Thursday September 05, 2013

Skeldon Community Centre win inaugural ‘Beto’ Sukhpaul Memorial 20/20 cricket Skeldon Community Centre (SCC) made full use of home advantage to turn back the challenge of Number 48 Challengers in the final of the inaugural Mohabir Baljeet Sukhpaul (Beto) Memorial 20/ 20 cricket competition which was played at the Skeldon Community Centre Ground on Sunday last. The one day tournament, which involved four teams, was sponsored by the widow and two sons - Swarendra Sukhpaul (Suren) and Rajendra Sukhpaul of the late Mohabir Baljeet Sukhpaul of the Sukhpaul Business Enterprise with business throughout Berbice and was organized by the Upper Corentyne Cricket Association (UCCA). The teams involved were the four zone winners in the Upper Corentyne cricket competition. In the final SCC whipped No 48 Challengers by 46 runs after earlier defeating No70 MYO by seven wickets in their semifinal clash, while No48 Challengers advanced to the final by eking out a one run victory in a cliff hanger over No 71 in front of a large and appreciative crowd. All the matches were played of 15 overs duration due to time constraints. In the final, SCC took full advantage of the generosity of the of No 48 Challengers who asked them to take first strike and blasted 122 for 6 off their allotted 15 overs. Their charge was led by with Dharchan Charitar 49 (2x6); Chris Jaundoo made 21, while there were 10 each from Victor Pedro and Gajanand Nauth. Extras contributed 16. Bowling for No48, James Watson and Jewan Baijnauth picked up two wickets each while there were one apiece for John Brijbalass and Benny Persaud. Batting in twilight conditions on a pitch that started to keep low the

The captain of the SCC team receives the winning Mohabir Baljeet Sukhpaul (Beto) Memorial trophy from the widow and two sons of the deceased. Challengers never put up much challenge and were held to 76 for 7 off the allotted of overs, with Persaud 18 and Munesh Lalu 14(3x4) being their top scorers. Bowling for Skeldon, Charitar, Wazir Hussain and G. Mangal picked up two wickets each, while there were one each for Pedro and Jameel Jackman. Charitar was later named man of the match and received a trophy and $5,000. Earlier, SCC earned their place in the final with an easy seven wicket win over Number 70 MYO in their semifinal match. Batting first Number 70 MYO made 69 for 8 off their 15 overs with Y. Khan making 14. Bowling for SCC Pedro, Y. Debideen and Nigel Trots snared two wickets each. In reply, SCC hurried to 72 for 3 in 13.2 overs as Nauth top scored with 21 not out, while Charitar put in another man of the match performance with an unbeaten 20, while Pedro contributing 13. The second semifinal went all the way down to the wire with Number 48 Challengers holding their

nerves to snatch a slim one run victory over the much Number 71in their encounter. The No48 Challengers took first strike and made 101 for 7 with Lalu 25and man of the match Satrohan Singh 24(2x6, 2x4) being their top scorers. Bowling for No71 Samuel Singh took three wickets ,while there were two apiece for Watson and Baijnauth. Number 71 in reply kept within range of the score even as wickets tumbled at regular intervals. At the start of the final over, they required 12 runs. Two runs were then needed of the final delivery with nine wickets down as B. Persaud clean bowled K. Seeram to give No 48 Challengers victory. At the end of the finals at a simple presentation ceremony, SCC were presented with the beautiful Mohabir Baljeet Sukhpaul Memorial trophy and $25,000, while $15,000 and a trophy went to the loosing finalist. The trophies and prizes were presented by the widow, sons and other family members of Sukhpaul. Mohabir Baljeet Sukhpaul, who earned his

reputation as a leading businessman, was a former Mayor for Corriverton and was also a competent wicketkeeper batsman. He was also a leading community activist. The trophies and sponsorship cheque was previously handed over to the UCCA by the sponsors at a simple ceremony at the Sukhpaul’s Gas Station in Corriverton earlier in the year. The Upper Corentyne area covers teams from Number45 to Crabwood Creek areas. Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Linden Murray of the UCCA thanked the Sukhpaul family for their continued support in the form of sports, community and youth and educational activities, noting that the late businessman was an integral part of activities on the Upper Corentyne. The Sukhpaul Family plans to make it an annual affair. All proceeds from the activity including gates, drinks and food rights will go towards the development of cricket in the Upper Corentyne Area. (Samuel Whyte)

Beharry Automotive Ltd maintains support for motor racing Beharry Automotive Limited joined the growing list of sponsors to pledge support for the Guyana Motor Racing & Sports Club (GMR&SC) Sunday’s Race Meet which is scheduled to be staged, at the South Dakota Circuit. Sales Manager of the C o m p a n y J a n Ve r w e y handed over a cheque for an undisclosed sum to Manager of the Club Rayon Samaroo, at the entity’s

business location on Charlotte and Wellington Streets recently. Verwey speaking on behal f o f t h e C o m p a n y expressed delight at having the opportunity to contribute to the Meet and more importantly the sport, adding that the partnership between the two entities has always been strong and enduring. Samaroo in response thanked the Company on

behalf of the Club for maintaining its support for the sport, adding that the club will endeavour to make the day an exciting one for the fans and to ensure that a high level of discipline is exhibited by the competitors throughout the day. He also noted that with the support of the corporate community, the sport of motor racing is assured continuity which

will not only benefit the competitors, but lovers of the sport as well. According to Samaroo, some 22 races are carded for the day and competitors will line up in all the different categories in what is already being hyped to produce some exhilarating performances. The first race is set to begin at 09:00 hrs with the line up of competitiors set for 08:30 hrs.

BVA to hold Mini Volleyball Festival for Schools in Lower Corentyne The Berbice Volleyball Association(BVA) in keeping with its mandate to develop and promote Volleyball in Berbice, will be holding a one day “Mini-Volleyball Festival” on Friday, September 6th at the Area “H” Ground in Port Mourant for Primary schools and the 7th grade of Secondary schools in the area. The “Festival” is part of a project approved by the FIVB and the Ministry of Education and commenced in the first half of 2012 under the Allied Arts Unit of the Ministry of Education. In Berbice one such festival was held at the Berbice High School in July, 2012 for schools in the New Amsterdam/Canje Education District. The International Volleyball Federation’s (FIVB), input is in the form of finance, special volleyballs for kids, volleyball nets and volleyball manuals for teachers. The aim of the festival is to provide school children 913 years old with the opportunity to enjoy the game, learn new skills, acquire

habits of self-discipline, and learn to co-operate with others, make new friends, compete fairly and have fun in a motivating atmosphere. The “Festival” planned for the 6th September has received the permission of the Department of Education, Region 6 and the Guyana Volleyball Federation (GVF) and is being coordinated by the BVA’s Treasurer, Godwyn Allicock, who is also the main facilitator. He will be assisted by senior BVA volleyball players in the area and the teachers from the participating schools. The schools invited to participate are:- Primary Bohemia, Courtland, Cropper, Belvedere, Fyrish, Albion, Rose Hall Town, Port Mourant, Tain, Auchlyne and SecondaryLower Corentyne, Port Mourant, J.C Chandisingh, Corentyne Comprehensive, Manchester, and Winifred Gaskin. At the conclusion of the “Festival” all of the participating schools will receive two kids’ volleyballs and a FIVB Development Volleyball Net.

National junior cyclist Raul Leal recovering well - uncle, Ray Leal extends gratitude to all who assisted By Franklin Wilson The high level of indiscipline exhibited by many of the drivers using the roadways in Guyana has brought sorrow to many a family by way of death of their loved ones whilst many more have been left with broken limbs that they will have to live with for the rest of their lives. Those who are able to recover are eternally grateful to the Almighty for allowing them the opportunity to rebound. One such person is National junior Cyclist Raul Leal who was involved in an accident with a minibus in May whilst he was on his way to training one afternoon. The accident left Leal hospitalized for many weeks nursing a broken right hand and feet. The scars and pain from the accident was much to bear according to the talented

Raul Leal cyclist, but the love extended to him by his immediate family and friends as well as his fellow cyclists, administrators and members of the business community, kept him going and now he is closer to getting back in the saddles. Leal’s uncle, Ray, who has been with him every step of the way dropped by yesterday to update (Continued on page 33)

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