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President's non-assent to Bills …

Rohee advises APNU to go to Court - says Opposition wants to bully the Head of State PC students enjoy breakfast on the first day of school

President's College gets $2.5 million upgrade

Suriname Airways eyes GT/NY route West Bank Radio licences revocations… Demerara Opposition moves Dead: Ryan Persaud

youth killed to dismantle by stray bullet Broadcast Authority

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Tuesday September 03, 2013

Kaieteur News

Man beats reputed wife over suspicious cell phone calls A

3 8 - y e a r- o l d man from Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara, was yesterday sent to prison for two years after he admitted

to assaulting his wife, causing her grievous bodily harm, following an argument over suspicious cellular phone calls. Chief Magistrate Priya

Beharry, sitting at the Georgetown Magistrates' Court, read the charge which stated that on August 18 at North East Backdam, Oswald Evans unlawfully

assaulted Shanti Carter, 32 of Lot 23 Success Village, East Coast Demerara, causing her grievous bodily harm. Police reports revealed

that on that day, the complainant was cooking at a camp site and the defendant who returned from the Backdam saw two blocked calls on the complainant's mobile phone. Evans confronted Carter about the said calls and she related to him that she was not aware of who was trying to contact her. The assailant became annoyed and left the site. After some time, he returned intoxicated and took the complainant for a walk. Evans then picked up a piece of wood and dealt his wife seven lashes about her body. She barred the last lash

which fractured her arm. When the matter was reported, the defendant admitted to the facts relating to the said charge. An X-ray which was also presented to the court cemented the claim that Carter sustained a broken arm. When the Chief Magistrate asked the defendant why he committed such an act, he said, “Your Worship, I am really sorry for what I did but she was not answering my question after I confronted her.� After considering the prevalence of domestic violence and the seriousness of the offence among other aggravating factors, Chief Magistrate Beharry imposed the two year sentence on the defendant. The court also heard that the father of two dependent children was charged about six years ago for illegal possession of drugs and ammunition.

Tuesday September 03, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Guyana’s external debt in first half ... Ministries spend less than of 2013 is US$1.2B half of budgetary allocations Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh, has reported that as at the end of June 2013, Guyana’s total external public debt stood at US$1.2B. Dr. Singh made the disclosure in his 2013 mid-year report, which says that the external debt for Guyana is 8.1 per cent less that the corresponding period last year. He explained, however, that the reason for the decrease in external debt stems from the second round of debt compensation with Venezuela that resulted in the reduction of the oil debt owed to that country by US$190.1M. This is equivalent to the value of rice and paddy shipped under the GuyanaVenezuela Rice Trade Agreement from October 2011 to January 2013. As it relates to the payment on external debt, Dr.

Singh said that for the first half of the year, Guyana has paid out just about US$22M. The US$22M in repayments represents an 8.3 per cent increase, according to Dr. Singh, given that for the same period last year Guyana made repayments on its debt to the tune of US$20.4M. He explained that the higher total debt service payments for the first half of 2013 are primarily due to higher principal repayments to multilateral creditors. Meanwhile, on the domestic front, the Minister of Finance in his mid year report for the nation’s expenditure by sector, said that of a total of the $19.2B budgeted in 2013 for the Ministry of Health, at the end of June only $5.4B was spent. A part of this has to do with the fact that of the $2.3B budgeted for health infrastructure, just over $78M

Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh has been expended as at midyear. He said that works on construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of several healthcare facilities are programmed for execution

GPL Fuel savings from Amaila would have been spent servicing its debt - Chris Ram “…a higher, or lower, level of dishonesty by Brassington is hard to imagine” The savings that would have been made by the Guyana Power and Light by not having to buy fuel to generate electricity would have been spent on the prohibitively high debt servicing for the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Project. This is the position held by Christopher Ram who said that Guyana’s lead negotiator on the project, Winston Brassington was being dishonest on the matter. Brassington this past week had said that Ram admits that there will be savings on fuel but “that these will only kick in after 12 years.” Ram described the position by Brassington by saying “a higher, or lower, level of dishonesty is hard to imagine.”

In seeking to clarify the pronouncement, Ram has since reiterated that it is true that there will be savings on fuel but what is being ignored is that for 12 years following Amaila’s coming into operation, the entire savings will be spent on the prohibitively high debt service to Sithe Global. Sithe Global had been guaranteed a return rate of 19 per cent, China Development Bank 8.5 per cent and the IDB, according to Ram, 9.35 per cent. Brassington had also accused Ram of mixing up the Guyana Power and Light’s cost of generation and selling price. According to Ram, this position held by Brassington, is “shamelessly false.” According to the

Financial Analyst “If the truth be told, when I asked Brassington and his team about the 40 per cent tariff reduction which the President, Robeson Benn and Irfaan Ally had been boasting about, they responded with wry smiles that those persons were confusing the two issues of generation cost by Amaila and tariffs by GPL.” Ram said when he asked about statement made by a Government Minister that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) had pronounced favourably on Amaila, “the (continued on page 19)

later in the year. In the Housing Sector, the Minister reported that in 2013, Government budgeted $3.1B, of which $1.1B has so far been expended. He reported that approximately $649.6M has been spent under the 2013 Housing Programme on infrastructural works which contributed significantly to the development of 2,254 new house lots. Dr. Singh said that for the first half of this year, 636 house lots were distributed while another 1,540 titles were processed. In the water sector, a total of $2.7B was budgeted, but just about $455.5M has been spent in the first half of the year. “A major component of the (water) programme is the reduction of non-revenue water losses by improvement of collection, metering of customers, reducing leakage in the network and increasing access to treated water.” As it relates to the Agriculture Sector, the

Finance Minister reported that during the first half of the year, a total of $443.1M of the $1.9 billion allocated was expended to further efforts towards diversification. Under Government’s Drainage and Irrigation programs, Dr. Singh said that in the first half of 2013, $1.7B of its $6.5B allocation has been expended. It was reported also that the safety and feasibility analysis of the East Demerara Water Conservancy Dam is set to be completed at the end of the third quarter, as well as the plan for the operation of the conservancy and a detailed list of works for improving conservancy flows and discharge. He said too that the analysis for villages along the East Coast of Demerara that are susceptible to flooding, has been completed and recommendations have been made, leading to the designing of pumps and pump stations, which is ongoing. As it relates to public

works, specifically monies allocated for roads and bridges, Dr. Singh reported that while $12.6B was allocated for use in 2013, by mid-year, the Ministry had only spent $2.8B. He said that during the first half of the year $2.5B was spent on roads while $306.2M was expended on bridges. Under the Air and River Transport Sector, it was reported that during the first half of the year, the sum of $11.9M was spent for the maintenance of 43 airstrips across the country. He said that $62.7M was spent in the first half of the year, for the procurement of spares for ships and vessels. Dr. Singh also reported that the preliminary designs for the upgrade, expansion and modernisation of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) were completed and infrastructural works are scheduled to commence in the second half of the year.

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday September 03, 2013

Letters... Where your views make the news Printed and Published by National Media & Publishing Company Ltd. 24 Saffon Street, Charlestown, Georgetown, Guyana. Publisher: GLENN LALL Editor: Adam Harris Tel: 225-8465, 225-8491. Fax: 225-8473, 226-8210


For the want of a nail…

The saying that a stitch in time saves nine holds true in every aspect of life. Everyone knows that if, for example, a weakness appears in a structure, once that weakness is unattended then the structure worsens. In Guyana, many homes have gone the way of becoming derelict because the occupants ignored the first board that fell from the building and continued other signs of collapse. Vehicles are no different. Should a driver hear some strange sound coming from the engine, once he does nothing then the situation worsens. Many a vehicle has gone to the graveyard because of neglect. It is the same with the social infrastructure in Guyana and with attitudes that prevail in the nation’s schools. Recently, the government has been spending money to rehabilitate some of the nation’s schools but even this appears to be haphazard, since the contractors are often keen to make maximum profit and therefore do shoddy work. We have roads that are so bad that motorists ignore them. One roadway in Lodge has a large refrigerator in a hole to warn motorists. This hole was at one time a dent that was ignored. It grew and kept growing to the point where it could not be ignored. But the authorities did ignore it so it is now a pond in the middle of a roadway. Squatting is a prime example of neglect. People began to occupy any piece of open land and set up structures that were little more than cardboard shelters that barely kept out the elements. One man set up his structure and the authorities ignored him. Pretty soon others emulated him and the authorities did nothing. Such situations now exist all over the country. With a sense of determination, the government managed to clear the people who once occupied the railway embankment. They had been allowed to live there for decades so that when the time came, they actually challenged the right of the government to remove them. It took force and a piece of carrot to get them to move; the carrot came in the form of compensation to those who claimed that they needed money to replace the material they lost when they were bulldozed from the embankment. We now have the situation in the vicinity of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport where people simply moved on the land and set up homesteads. Today the government wants to expand the runway at the airport but finds that the squatters are in the way. The squatters in some cases do not believe that they are in the way of the expansion project. Others feel that they should be given land to move. These things tell of a government that is prone to neglect serious issues. At the turn of the century when the life of the Soesdyke/Linden Highway came to an end, the government in place negotiated a loan from the InterAmerican Development Bank to resurface the highway. The elections came and there was a change in government. The new government opted to scrap the resurfacing programme, choosing, instead, a patchwork situation that now has people scared to drive on a wavy surface that is life-threatening. In fact, people have crashed and died while driving on the roadway. Why would a government neglect such situations? The reason is that the political system does not afford any politician the need to be accountable to the people. The result is that people complain but many ignore because they could not take the time to listen to people. The result is most painful. Parents are also in the category of people who foster neglect. These days, we complain about parents who do not take time to guide their children or to even support them in the pursuit of their academic education. Just recently, one school noted that some parents could not take the time to capitalize on the after school programme that would help them work with their children. And the nation complains about a decline in academic standards.

Rohee’s handling of the Home Affairs Ministry has exposed all of his shortcomings DEAR EDITOR, The recent appointment of Mr. Clement Rohee to the position of General Secretary of the ruling PPPC, demonstrates the confidence and trust that his comrades in the Executive Committee of that party have in him. Whether one likes Rohee or not his political achievements to date is a success story, particularly when one takes into consideration where he came from, given his early life outside the Metropole Cinema. His upward mobility both politically and socially warrants some consideration. The most important development in respect to his appointment to this important office is that it has improved and strengthened considerably “comrade” Rohee’s chances for a run for the presidency of the country thereby making good his observation that “goat na bite me” . This was his eloquent response when the question was posed to him by a reporter as to whether or not he was contesting to be his party’s presidential candidate for the 2012 general and regional elections. Having said the above, one will be naive not to recognize the other most political significance of Rohee‘s promotion to the General Secretary’s position in the PPPC in light of the current internal power struggle that is being waged in the leadership hierarchy of that party. Readers must not be surprised by the spate of denials which will emanate from the PPPC about its worst kept secret i.e. the ongoing power struggle in the party between the Jagdeo faction and the old guard. Deny it they will and must do, if they wish to keep the myth of a united party which they are at pains to present to the faithful. But the truth cannot be denied. What is obvious since the party congress is that former President Bharat Jadgeo and his faction have lost their grip on the ruling party. The old guard under President Donald Ramotar is now in full control of both Freedom House and the government. Objectively, this is a positive development, since it takes away the contention often made by PPPC insiders that the members of the old guard, during the period of Jagdeo’s ascendancy to power both in the party and government, were locked in a bitter struggle with the Jagdeo brigands for their

political survival. The old guard’s politics of complacency over the years have to be seen in light of this reality. The changed situation means that there is a new dispensation in the party. Mr. Rohee has been given the task to “watch” the back of President Donald Ramotar – so to speak. Equally important, he has the responsibility for repairing the damage to the party’s electoral machine in preparation for the next elections. This is a formable task given that party poor showing in the last elections. Mr. Rohee’s continued occupation of the post of Home Affairs Minister has serious political connotations, given the importance of the position and the pressure put on him to resign by the parliamentary opposition parties, after the police killing of three residents of Linden. More so it demonstrates the thinking of the new rulers in the PPPC as it relates to how

they see their political survival both in terms of the state and party. Rohee was appointed to the Home Affairs Ministry, after Gail Teixeira was removed or forced to step down. My opinion is that Rohee was given that ministry as a compromise struck between the two contending factions in the party. Ramotar’s faction wanted to maintain their control of that ministry by appointing another member of the old guard, and Jagdeo and his faction wanted someone acceptable to the cabal who they were in league with. These are some of the reasons why the PPPC leadership feels confident in retaining, for now, Rohee in the position. To them he is doing an excellent job. When the opposition criticizes the minister, it is in relation to his constitutional responsibilities - but what is good for the nation is not necessary good for the party. Comrade Rohee is loyal to his party and not the nation.

It is this reality that is playing out in relation to the parliamentary opposition motion for his removal. In closing, Minister Rohee political sojourn is a reasonable success story in spite of his known weaknesses. If my recollection is correct, he did short stints as acting Prime Minister and did fairly well in the positions of Foreign Minister and Minister of Foreign Trade. Ironically, it is his handling of the Home Affairs Ministry that has exposed all of his shortcomings. It is likely to either push him further up the political ladder or bring about his political demise. The longer he holds on to this portfolio the more vulnerable he will be. The minister may have sound reasons for wanting to be responsible for both the party and his ministry: but let me advise him of the saying, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Tacuma Ogunseye

The Kleptocrats are having their way with the taxpayers’ money DEAR EDITOR, All decent minded Guyanese tend to look down on those PPP bicycle riders who in a matter of a few years after becoming ministers and permanent secretaries in the government have built beach front Taj Mahals and Palaces for hundreds of millions of dollars. One would have expected that they would have some shame or guilt but that is not the case because they are a shameless group of people. They have also taken over the country’s airwaves for themselves, imposed one of the highest tolls in the world on the Berbice Bridge, ‘bruck-up’ the sugar industry with the white elephant Skeldon sugar factory, and allowed foreign contractors to discriminate against Guyanese workers. As if these were not enough, their latest and biggest hoax is the flawed Amalia Falls Hydro Project, given unconditional support by some political quacks to deceive Guyanese once again. Had it not been for APNU, they were going to sell the country’s hydro power to Sithe Global for G$130 billion and still ask the taxpayers to pay the other G$300 billion. As if bleeding Guyana dry is not enough, they continue to violate the

people’s human rights by restricting and controlling what they do and say, impose higher electricity bills and taxes on them thus forcing the masses into perpetual poverty All of this is happening as the PPP leaders live in luxury; which cannot be explained. These people have and continue to send their children to private schools and to Universities in North America. One former unmarried and childless official boasted that his chandelier in his beach front palace is worth more than G$10 million; an amount that can easily build a comfortable house for a family of four. But they are only interested in themselves and not in helping the poor and the working class. In Guyana, the income gap between the rich and poor continues to soar to new heights as these individuals rule with strong doses of hopelessness and despair injected into the tired population. The kleptocrats have created a system where they can extract huge shares of the country’s wealth for themselves, no matter its impact on the people. They believe that the country belongs to them and they are therefore entitled to its resources, both financial

and natural. It is sad to say that their actions have deprived thousands of Guyanese, especially the poor and the working class an opportunity for a better life. Today, many Guyanese have made the streets their homes, some, mostly women have turned to prostitution, and others, especially the youths have turned to crimes to eke out a living and the kleptocrats have turned high way robbery. When the economic pie of a nation and society is not shared fairly, economic growth stagnates, poverty rises, unemployment increases and crimes escalate and that is exactly why Guyana continues to struggle to grow at a rate to lift all the people up to a higher and better standard of living. Guyanese deserve the opportunity to look forward to a better and prosperous life but once this Ramotar/ Jagdeo cabal is in charge the chance of this happening is zero to nil. It is time for the people to take to the streets and boot this corrupt, uncaring and anti-poor and anti—working class regime out of office, and we proudly say by any, every and all legal means necessary. We call on the opposition, especially APNU to lead the way. Dr. Asquith Rose and Harish S. Singh.

Tuesday September 03, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Letters... Where your views make the news Letters... Where your views make the news

FAILED OPPOSITION REPORT CARD: LACK OF NEW IDEAS AND INITIATIVES DEAR EDITOR, Many have asked me over the last two years why I left the opposition ranks. The main reason, I answer, is their lack of new ideas, initiatives and their obstacle to progress which includes refusal to accept that they have become a dinosaur and need a new approach to politics in Guyana. APNU got fewer votes in the 2011 elections than Hoyte got in 2001. They continue to lose their own constituencies because of their incompetence. At almost every juncture of major issues for the nation, they “ block” because they are named “Opposition” At the State Visit of the Venezuelan President, I ran into a colleague of mine from my REFORM days. The gist of our conversation was although many times we were opposed to certain policies of the government, we always presented alternatives. I have tackled some of these issues in the past but I

feel they must be kept at the forefront as they are key ingredients of our economic modernization plan as presented by the PPP/C to which I have endorsed and support. ISSUES: 1. Amalia Falls: There have been significant claims of analysis by so called experts. In addition to the Opposition Parliamentarians who then repeat these analysis. At no time did any of these experts, the Opposition Leader or his team present any other solutions or alternatives to the Energy Issue our Nation faces. Guyana needs to be an energy driven economy and that requires major solutions to our current approach including the Hydro. Where is their plan for alternative Hydro, Solar or Wind approach? We know many prototypes of these alternatives are being tested around our country. Also, why not allow each Opposition Parliamentarian to

vote separately. I am sure many of them I have talked to will support the initiative to allow the Hydro to remain a Capital Investment for our country while looking at other short term solutions to solve our Energy Issues. In the past, I have suggested we have to look for an integrated approach to our energy crisis. This solution is needed as we attempt to move aggressively in the manufacturing sector. ENERGY is the key to our future economic success. Every year we pull this crap, our nation is left behind our neighbours. 2. A NEW AIRPORT: I serve as an Advisor and Board Member on the Guyana Tourism Board. In addition I am a frequent traveler. I have had many opportunities to interact with both incoming visitors, returning residents and investors during my travels. When one arrives at our Airport, it is very obvious that it is outdated and need to be replaced as a priority, since

this is the first entrance into our beautiful nation. Why on earth would an Opposition MP block this initiative is atrocious I realize many of them cannot afford to travel and that demonstrates their lack of understanding of basic economic principles of ensuring one’s nation economic posture presents an image of “a place to invest”. This is one of those ingredients. Again I challenge the Opposition Leader to call for individual votes and let each MP speak for themselves. 3. SPECIALITY HOSPITAL This last week I spent a few days visiting the coconut plantations and the famous boutique Adel’s Resort in the Pomeroon , at the mouth of the Akawini Creek. One of my close friends has returned from Great Britain to invest and manage the estate. I applaud him for his commitment to our country. We will need cheaper energy to move into

the manufacturing sector of the coconut industry. One of his major issues was Health Care that he said many in the diaspora have raised. We need our specialty hospital to provide comprehensive care to our people. This week I visited a niece in the pediatric section of the Georgetown Hospital and noticed next to her a tiny infant suffering from heart complications. She will need to be evacuated all the way to India if she is to have any chance to live. My heart went out to the young mother as she sat there and caress her baby’s toes. What if we had our own Specialty Hospital here where the poor and less fortunate can have access to specialize healthcare? It’s inhumane for the politicians who may have access to funds to travel to the US or Trinidad for care when they need it yet, this young beautiful infant may die right next to us. SUMMARY:

I can continue a long list of failures of the current Opposition Leader and his team. These are the hot and pressing issues that make it to the papers daily. The economic impact on all of us is significant. As you evaluate each for your self – consider what cheaper energy will do for me and you, what access to improve healthcare can potentially save our children, our parents, much less or selves. What about the many who return, our relatives, investors, we ourselves, why not have them arrive in an airport where they will not get wet, more efficient and present an image of our nation opposite to the one of our newspaper front page which present our nation every day as the worst nation that exists in the World. We have to be proud, we have to part of our own transformation, yes we must ensure full accountability as we make our nation better for us and our children – our future. Peter R. Ramsaroop

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday September 03, 2013

President’s non-assent to Bills …

Rohee advises APNU to go to Court By Abena Rockcliffe Newly elected general secretary of the People’s Progressive Party Clement Rohee has advised the main opposition A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) to take their grouse over the President’s non-assent to bills, to court. APNU is determined to have its Bills come into effect, and is holding President Donald Ramotar responsible for his choice not to assent to the legislations that the party dubbed as enormously crucial. Yesterday morning at a PPP press conference, held at Freedom House, Rohee said that his party is fully behind President Donald Ramotar’s decision as it relates to his decision not to assent to the Bills. He added that the government is of the opinion that the “threats” from the Opposition are purely designed to bully the Head of State into passing “unconstitutional” Legislations.

- says Opposition wants to bully the Head of State Separate and aside from the four controversial Local Government Bills, which statues are unclear, APNU is also canvassing to have two other Bills, which they had proposed, assented to. Those two Bills are the Former Presidents (Benefits and other Facilities) Bill 2012, and The Fiscal Management and Accountability (Amendment Bill) 2012. The Fiscal Management and Accountability (Amendment) Bill 2012, seeks to restore the Constitutional status of the “independent entities”, under the Constitution. These include the Guyana Elections Commission, the courts and the Office of the Ombudsman and other such agencies. The Former President (Benefits and other Facilities) Bill of 2012 seeks to cap the various benefits granted to former Presidents and thus protect taxpayers’ money. The main argument used

by APNU Member of Parliament, Carl Greenidge, was that it is irrational for former Presidents to be granted unlimited resources when the state, itself, has limited resources. Recently, APNU Leader, David Granger, disclosed his intention to convene with the Speaker of the National Assembly with the purpose of discussing the way forward with regards to the Opposition proposed Bills that have not been able to secure the President’s assent. Yesterday, Rohee told media operatives that APNU’s motive for coming out to talk about the Bills is to distract its supporters from the fact that it didn’t support the Amaila Falls Project in the National Assembly. The Home Affairs Minister said that the government continues to monitor the utterances of Granger and other top members of the APNU, “in

their effort to distract from their actions in the National Assembly regarding their vote against critical pieces of legislation which would have significantly advanced the Amaila Falls Hydro project and which directly led to the withdrawal of Site Global from the most significant project in Guyana’s history.” He said that the Government had efficiently addressed the concerns of APNU as it relates to the nonassent of the Bills. He added that the aspects of where the Opposition Bills collided with the constitution and existing laws have been fully ventilated. Further, Rohee stated that “Our constitution resides in the President, a latitudinal power of discretion as to whether he will assent or not. The President, after careful consideration, has decided that he will not assent, and he has complied with the procedure that the

PPP General Secretary Clement Rohee Opposition Leader, David Granger constitution outlines when he decides to withhold his assent.” Rohee said that with regard to Granger’s reference that the law is very clear on the issue and that he holds the Government in default, “…if APNU feels so convinced that its position is grounded in law, why has it

not approached the High Court after making threats to do just that since May this year at one of their Press Conferences. The General Secretary added that the “PPP is convinced that rather than grandstand and create all manner of political illusion to distract from their failings, APNU needs to man up and play a meaningful and responsible role in the development of our nation.”

ACTO Executive Director hails Guyana’s policy of respecting indigenous peoples’ rights The Guyana Government’s efforts at promoting the rights of the indigenous population have gained the recognition of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organisation (ACTO), an international body aimed at the promotion of sustainable development of the Amazon Basin. Executive Director of ACTO, Ambassador Mauricio Dorfler who addressed the ACTO 5th meeting of high authorities on indigenous affairs, today made reference to the granting of indigenous lands, the promotion of higher education, health, access, culture among others.

“These are the experiences that can serve as a model not only for the indigenous people but also for the national development and identity,” Ambassador Dorfler said at the Guyana International Conference Centre (GICC). Policy initiatives by successive People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/ C) Governments have been credited to the improvements that have been evident among the Amerindian communities in the remote areas of Guyana. Minister of Amerindian Affairs Pauline Sukhai told the gathering about Guyana being among the few

Executive Director of ACTO, Ambassador Mauricio Dorfler countries to craft legislation on indigenous rights long before the United Nations (UN) Declaration of

Indigenous Peoples Rights was submitted for member countries’ approval. The protection of indigenous people’s rights and welfare has been given primacy with the legal framework captured in the Amerindian Act of 2006, which Minister Sukhai recommended as a model for other countries to examine. Reference was also made to major development projects targeting the country’s indigenous people based on the consent agreement and priorities of the respective villages. Among them is the granting of land titles to about 90 percent of the eligible communities, the creation of an Amerindian Development Fund (ADF) to

sustain livelihood and economic viability of villages, installation of 12,000 solar panel units to Amerindian households, the investment in modern schools and hospitals in the remote areas, and establishment of computer hubs in 150 villages to support the One Laptop Per Family (OLPF) project. “This initiative (OLPF) is intended to prepare indigenous people’s advancement towards a better life in this current period of advanced technological and information base,” Minister Sukhai said. Access to education has improved significantly with the construction of schools equipped with dormitory, and the school feeding and uniform programmes. Additionally the Hinterland Scholarship Programme and technical vocational training

have provided Amerindian students with the avenue for educational empowerment. A week-long National Toshaos Council (NTC) meeting each year provides an opportunity for village leaders to voice concerns to the President and Government ministers and other officials. September is designated Amerindian Heritage month each year to showcase all aspects of the culture and development of the nation’s first people. This too, was hailed by Ambassador Dorfler. The ACTO High Level meeting coincides with the month - long activities that includes an exhibition, homage to Stephen Campbell the first Amerindian Parliamentarian, visit to a designated heritage village, a pageant and sports. (GINA)

Tuesday September 03, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday September 03, 2013

Tuesday September 03, 2013

Kaieteur News

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PEN AND PAPER PUSHERS SHOULD GO OUT INTO THE STREETS I have noticed that a woman holding a small child in her arms has joined the long lines of professional beggars that peddle their trade at junctions with traffic lights. There are two women in particular who seem content to beg at various traffic lights for the rest of their lives. They even compete with other beggars at some junctions. But this latest addition to the school of beggars is worrying because of the presence of a child in the hot sun being used to evoke sympathy so that persons would give alms to her mother. This is child abuse and it is shocking but not at all surprising that no one has yet

publicly raised noises about this development and ask that the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security take action to stop not only this mother from using her child to beg but also to work with the traffic authorities to ensure that the dangerous practice of persons begging at roadside junctions is stopped. I am sure that tens of thousands of persons would have passed these individuals on a weekly basis. I am sure that amongst those passing them would have been officials of the Ministry of Human Services and who knows, even some politicians.

I do not know how many of our political leaders actually wind down their windows and give these poor souls a “towel”. But by now, they should have already taken action because what is taking place represents a threat to the lives of those begging. No one should be begging at junctions. They can easily be run over by vehicles. They can also be used as bait by bandits wanting to target drivers by luring them into winding down their car windows. Both the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security and the traffic authorities have an obligation

Port Kaituma man found with throat slit Residents of Port Kaituma awoke yesterday morning to shocking news of the death of 36 year old Steve George of 4 Mile, who was found lying on the Quarry roadside with his throat slit, forehead bashed in and with lacerations about his body. According to the sister of the dead man, Karen George, she last saw her brother on Sunday around 8 pm in front of her shop at her mother’s residence. He had brought a serving of pepper pot for her, and had asked her laughingly to accompany him to the launch of Amerindian Heritage in the district. She was refused to go anywhere since her husband

was not at home. She then locked up her shop and went home, while George headed towards “Fat Man Rum Shop.” The following morning the woman said she was preparing her children for school when she got the news that her brother was murdered. “I didn’t believe that it was he,” she said. According to the woman her aunt sent her son to look at the body and ascertain if it was indeed George. The response came back in the affirmative, since the body was clad in a red Jersey and long boots which matched the clothes that George was wearing when he

Dem boys seh ...

Donald mek piwari done When Moses lef de Pee Pee Pee, he seh that he was walking away from friends who he did trust but who mek he haan fall. When dem boys ask he wha he mean by mek he haan fall, he tell dem that he was disappointed. Is when he walking away that he hear one of dem men seh that anybody could understand why he get disappointed. Dem did ask he why he haan fall but he didn’t hear good. Anyhow Moses in a bad way when he vex. He lef de Amaila to Prakash and he decide to tek on de radio licence issue. He blame Jagdeo fuh being crookish. Dem boys imagine that he and Jagdeo even cut a deal fuh office in de government. But dem fall out and Bharrat ain’t give he any licence suh he can’t talk pun radio. But dem got more to things than radio. Dem got Amerindian Heritage Month. De government smart. Dem know that once dem mek de Amerindian happy, de sky is de limit. De government tell de Amerindians that dem is de only people who get a whole month to sport. One man claim how Donald ain’t give dem enough cassava fuh mek Piwari. He hold a sport in Sophia and de next day when de people tun up fuh Piwari, dem had none. And that is why dem Amerindians seh that dem wouldn’t vote fuh Donald again. He can’t organize a sport like Bharrat. He bring dem to town and lef dem stranded. Dem got to buy rum wha expensive. Wha dem ain’t know is de same rum trap Prakash. Talk half and don’t mek Moses disappointed.

was last seen. Karen stated that she doesn’t know who would commit such an act on her brother, or why he would find himself in such a position, since he was never involved in any problems. He was a quiet person she said. The murdered man’s mother Elaine Lam related how her son would usually sleep out at family friends and would come home the next day, so she was not alarmed when he didn’t come home on Monday morning. She too confirmed that Steve was at “Fat Man Rum Shop” and he later went to the family friends who lived not far away. Lam said she was told that her son left the family friend after midnight to come home at her residence in Four Miles, Port Kaituma. Lam said she got in contact with a police who said that he was conducting the investigation into the matter.

to protect lives and when persons stand at junctions begging, they risk being run over by vehicles as was the case not so long ago when a man in wheelchair was run over by a truck. Those persons also distract drivers. They should not be there. And certainly, the one whose foot is in a cast should be in bed or in a hospital and not begging on the streets. I do not accept that there is desperation forcing these persons to beg. What we have is a case of professional beggars and they are being joined by some healthy looking individuals. The use of children to evoke sympathy should not be tolerated. That child can end up being dehydrated from being so long in the sun and it is unacceptable for a mother to be using children in this way. While the authorities are looking into this problem, something needs to be done

about those persons sleeping on the streets, especially near to the markets where most of them get a daily hustle. There is serious health risk because of the actions of these persons, some of whom defecate and urinate in drains not far from where food is sold. If the public health officials in this country were truly strict, all- not one, not a few but all- of the markets in this country would have been closed down by now. All of them are health risks and there is no way that any developed country would allow food to be sold in this way. One of the shocking scenes which can be seen on the ever extending La Penitence Market on Sundays is the sight of vendors playing their trade close to where garbage is dumped. The same thing happens at other markets. This is unhygienic. These are some of the little things that need fixing. Instead we are hearing about

all kinds of big plans, like the dormitory that was recently opened, compliments of the Venezuelan government. In a country like Guyana, we do not need to be institutionalizing old people. We need to be placing them in homes with families with support being given to those families who are willing to take care of these individuals. Only those really serious cases should be institutionalized. But this is not happening. While the rest of the world is moving towards improving travel safety and being innovative in their social security programs, we in Guyana seem to be spending more time pushing pen and paper rather than going out in the byways and observing what are the problems being faced by the people.

Row over sex lands couple in court A row over a woman’s refusal to have sex with her estranged lover landed a young couple in court charged for assaulting each other. Ann Maria Budhram had taken her son to his father for them to spend quality time together, but as she was about to leave the man Alston reportedly assaulted her after she denied his request for sex. Presiding over the case yesterday was Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates’ court. The court heard that on August 23, at Lot 37 Shopping Plaza, South Ruimveldt, Georgetown, 19-year-old

Edwards unlawfully assaulted Budhram, 20 of Lot 165 First Street, Montrose, East Coast Demerara. It is also alleged that Budhram assaulted Edwards during the incident. The couple pleaded not guilty to their individual charges. Court documents revealed that the couple has been separated for some time. On the said date, Budhram went to the defendant’s home at South Ruimveldt, since she would normally take her son to his father’s home. The defendant and his reputed wife then had a discussion in the bedroom about their son after which he began to make sexual advances. The

complainant refused and the assailant got annoyed. Edwards then pushed Budhram and dealt her several slaps to the face. The complainant retaliated and punched the defendant to the face. Reports were made and couple was charged with the said offences. While the unemployed defendants were released on self bail, they were, however, ordered to attend counseling at the Help & Shelter and were placed on a bond to keep the peace pending the outcome of the matter. The couple is expected to return to court on September 30.

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday September 03, 2013

St Rose’s High and St Agnes Primary Schools at war over space “We need a school; we don’t need the Marriott Hotel. Can our children go there and get a classroom? Right now our husband can’t go there and get a job,” parents Over 100 Grade Six students from the St Agnes Primary School who are next in line to write the National Grade Six Examination were locked out from their classroom yesterday, the first day of a new school year. The problem stemmed from an ongoing dispute between their school and the administration of the adjoining St Rose’s High School. The two schools share a large compound. Yesterday, the Grade Six pupils stood in the sun for hours while their parents held placards, shouting, “Enough is enough! We need a building for our children. This is ridiculous. Today (yesterday) is the first day of school and look at what these children have to go through.” Kaieteur News was told that when the Grade Six students turned out to school

yesterday and approached their respective classrooms, which are located in the upper flat of the building, there was a padlock on the main door. Grades One to Four were not affected by this since they occupy the lower flat of the building. However the smaller children joined their older school mates in the sun and shouted, “We want Grade Six. We want Grade Six.” Some of the placards read, “St. Rose’s occupy our classrooms forcefully”; “Mrs. Minister we need a new school”; “This is unfair, we are entitled to a school, Mrs. Minister, help” and “St Agnes first day of school and no classrooms for our children.” This newspaper was informed that even St. Agnes’ Headmistress’ office was

Some of the parents with their placards yesterday.

locked to prevent her from entering. “Dem wicked. They wait until the children them done pack up their classrooms, then they lock them out,” a parent stressed. Scared of being

victimized, the teachers and the Headmistress of the primary school refused to comment but the looks on their faces indicated their dissatisfaction with the Ministry of Education, since they were supposed to make sure everyone was comfortable on their first day at school. “The children dem come well dressed with their new clothes and bags to begin their first day at school and look, they are in the sun. If the Secondary School is comfortable, then the Primary School should be comfortable. These kids have to prepare for exam next year,” one parent said. After learning about the situation, the Chief Education Officer, Olato Sam visited the

school to resolve the issues. He was greeted instead with verbal abuses by one parent when he asked her whether being on the television is the solution to the problem. Sam was taken to the upper flat of the building by the Headmistress, where he was shown the padlock on the door. The CEO then left the St Agnes section and went over to St Rose’s High for “a serious talk.” After a 15-minute meeting behind closed doors with representatives from the St Rose’s High, the primary school children were seen in lines, walking to their classrooms. The CEO explained that “we share part of the building with St. Rose’s and there were some misunderstandings as

to how the allocation of space should be sorted out.” He added that, “we have resolved those issues and are in the process of making sure that all our pupils are adequately place in the entire compound so that both schools can be happy with those arrangements.” Sam told Kaieteur News that he would be meeting with the Board Members from the St Rose’s High School late yesterday. However, parents weren’t too happy with what the CEO had to say. They stressed that, “Dem always making promises that they can’t keep. These children need their education. What is the Minister doing? She went around saying that all schools are ready. Ready my foot!!!” declared a parent

Chief Education Officer Olato Sam came in for some verbal attacks from angry parents.

Tuesday September 03, 2013

Kaieteur News

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GRA’s DEU did not examine rice shipment found with cocaine The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) has stated that its Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) did not examine the rice shipment intercepted in the Dominican Republic last month, because it was not deemed a high risk. GRA boss Khurshid Sattaur, said in a press release yesterday that the DEU’s inspection was not necessary since the Venezuelan destined rice shipment was examined via the risk assessment system. The GRA was clarifying information relating to the agency’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and stated that all procedures were followed prior to the PetroCaribe rice shipment. A few weeks ago drug agents in the Dominican Republic unearthed 70 kilograms of cocaine in a shipment of rice that had been loaded in Guyana and was destined for Venezuela. According to the GRA, “In order to provide clarification on the issue, the Guyana Revenue Authority wishes to state categorically that all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were followed by its officers in the

processing of documents and examination of Goods.” “It should be noted that based on request from the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB), rice shipments coming through the GRDB are granted via Prior to Processing (PTP); a system which is utilized under specifically defined circumstances.” Sattaur said that in accordance with the SOPs, the GRDB would apply to ship on behalf of the ‘exporter’, prior to processing of the Customs Declarations Form C72. The GRBD would then supply the covering letter regarding the PTP along with the C72 form, the invoice and the CARICOM Certificate of Origin. Sattaur continued that, these documents are then subject to “our risk profiling system.” It was explained that, “the risk-profiling system was used for the shipment since it allows for exporters to be profiled based on several criteria, including their reputation, shipping history, destination country and type

The drugs found in the rice shipment from Guyana. of goods.” As such, the shipment was not profiled for scanning, but was physically examined, he said. Sattaur noted that, “the Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) was not required to be present during the examination of the rice shipped. However, physical examination was conducted by the Customs Officer assigned to the GEU prior to the sealing of the container.” He said that the process entailed the observation of

the packing or stuffing of the container with the bags of rice. “It should be noted that the bags would have already been sealed via a process from which the GRA is excluded,” Sattaur pointed out. He continued that, “the GRA systems are periodically reviewed and internal controls strengthened to ensure the integrity of all consignments shipped from Guyana.” He said also, that the organization is committed to such reviews and to

ensuring that SOPs are followed by officials. Nonetheless, Sattaur stated that investigations are still being conducted at an inter-agency level and the findings of that will be made available upon conclusion. In the meantime, local anti- drug ranks say they are continuing with investigations and are awaiting more information from their foreign counterparts in the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. The shipment had passed through the two

countries on its way to Venezuela. So far, officials from the Dominican Republic have detained two persons who they believe are directly associated with the infiltrated rice shipment in which the 70 kilogrammes of cocaine was stashed. Dominican Republic officials were reportedly tipped off about the drugs and intercepted it by pulling off one container, while allowing the remaining cargo to meet its destination.

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Tuesday September 03, 2013


Into the lap of the Government The rejection by the British Parliament of the Prime Minister’s decision to bomb Syria followed by the position of President Obama to let Congress debate the bombing issue before he makes his decision have put the ruling party and the President of Guyana in a quandary. It is like a rotten mango that has dropped into their lap. What these two pieces of international news have done is to demonstrate to the world the basic fulcrum on which democracy rests – the separation of power. The Prime Minister of the UK will

not survive in power if he ignores the choice the Parliament made and go ahead and bomb Syria. It is certain as night follows day that he will lose his office. If he does lose his power, then read the newspapers the next day and the consensus among politicians, commentators, academics and the ordinary folks would be that he ignored the representatives that the people of the UK elected to make decisions for the nation. One assumes, based on these two developments, that both APNU and the AFC may invest themselves with

new energy to confront the government on what is becoming a gigantic paradox in Guyana – a farce and a danger. Farce in the sense that the 2011 election victory for the Opposition has literally and virtually been reduced to nothing, meaning that the majority votes did not matter in how the country was to be administered. Danger in the sense, as aptly put by Opposition Leader Granger, the Opposition cannot go on to accept this for the remaining three years of the PPP Government. The danger is what we must emphasize.

There cannot be a citizen in this country that can be so barefaced or so naïve to think that the two Opposition parties will continue to spend countless hours in the House making laws, using the committee systems to change old conventions in State institutions and it is all wasted. There must come a breaking point. It is unrealistic to think that any opposition that controls the legislature will just allow itself to become a tool of convenience. Where is a comparative example of this in the contemporary world?

One of the fears that the Opposition must as a matter of priority begin to express is whether the Executive will adhere to what the Constitution and the laws require after the conclusion of the Local Government Elections. Under the new system, the Central Government can no longer decide how much money it will give to each Municipality and NDC. The rates are fixed according to population. But what if the government ignores the legal requirement as it is doing in other spheres? The point is that after two

Frederick Kissoon years in Government, the PPP as the party that won the Executive after the 2011 elections has decided it will not recognize the separation of power. That is the point. Now there is the question. What will the Opposition do? The Opposition (both AFC and APNU) will not admit it but if they do nothing about it then they know that they have to go home and forget about contesting another general election because their supporters will not be interested in voting again. I was talking at length to the administrator of the Office of the Leader of the Opposition, Mark Archer last Friday. Archer has a very interesting history which in another column I will write about. I was fascinated at his description of his years of service to Guyana as a soldier and the form his military career took. I didn’t know he returned to Guyana after thirty years abroad. When he told me that, I immediately interrupted him and asked how he would feel if the party he came back to serve should lose the next election. Before he could answer, I said to him; “You know that would mean six consecutive losses.” I am not going to print what was his response. I brought up this Mark Archer event because I believe APNU and the AFC deep down inside their collective mind know that they will lose that combined majority they now have if the state of affairs continues. Human nature is not as backward as the AFC and APNU might think. If your supporters gave you a majority, and you did nothing with it, I believe you are incredibly short-sighted to think that those voters will feel the same way about you in another election. It is really a predicament for both APNU and AFC but more so APNU, which is by far the larger opposition party that gained five more seats than it got in 2006.

Tuesday September 03, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Late delivery of furniture causes hiccups as schools re-open in Berbice Apart from contractors not being able to deliver furniture to schools in Berbice on the first day of the new academic school year, all else seems to be well at schools in Berbice. This was revealed during an inspection by the Region Six Administration of all schools yesterday. Undertaking the gigantic task of visiting the schoolsspending a few minutes at each- were Region Six Chairman, David Armogan and Regional Vice-Chairman, Bhupaul Jhagroo. The regional officials were satisfied with the conditions of the schools, but bemoaned the late delivery of the furniture to the schools. One of the schools affected is Berbice Educational Institute (BEI). Armogan promised, though, that the furniture will be delivered by tomorrow. “We are in the process today of moving around to all the schools, to ensure everything is in order. We have to make sure that children are properly settled in the schools because there will be students going to these schools for the first time,” the Regional Chairman said. He added that from his observations, the students at the various schools “seem pretty much settled….in the sense that the environment seems to be clean… some works were done during the

holiday period in terms of repairs to buildings and delivery of some amount of furniture.” While there are concerns about furniture at some schools, Armogan was optimistic that the situations are manageable. “In some of the schools that regularly have these furniture problems, it is the students who regularly break them up.” Armogan stated that there exists no overcrowding situation at any school, especially since a lot of schools underwent extensions during the holiday to cater for “extra students.” “We had anticipated this because we made provisions for that, but I don’t think it will create any problems.” Berbice schools, including Vryman’s Erven Secondary School, saw numerous renovation works such as the construction of sanitary blocks, extensions, repairs to buildings and roofs and improving running water capacity. “Generally, most of the things we set out to do during the holiday were completed. The only hitch we got is the contractor not delivering the furniture in a timely manner,” he added. And a lot of students were fanning all day since it was a hot day at many schools. The Chairman noted that it is the time in Guyana when temperatures during the day soar and he stated that

Armogan and Jhagroo (centre) inspecting the Vryman’s Erven Secondary School as the HM (right) and his Deputy look on not much can be done to beat the heat in the schools, since it is all associated with “climate change.” “I was at the New Amsterdam Technical Institute (NATI) this morning and everyone was sweating. This is something we have to live with. I guess schools will

have to take initiatives that they have proper ventilation and proper fans and so on and we will intervene where we see the need.” Region Six, which is a very

large Region with a lot of schools, also started the new academic year with a new Regional Education Officer, Ms. Valika Jaiprashad. The new CEO,

accompanied by other Regional Education officials, also conducted fan out exercises to various schools “to ensure everything in place.”

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Tuesday September 03, 2013

Suriname Airways eyes Unidentified body found in Wales backdam, foul play suspected Georgetown-New York route

A worker from the Ezekiel Funeral Service heading to the backdam behind Wales, West Demerara, to retrieve the unidentified body. The body of a decomposing male has been recovered from a dam adjacent to the cane fields in the West Bank Demerara area and police suspect that foul play may have been involved. According to residents of Long Pond, a community that is part of Wales, West Bank Demerara, on Sunday afternoon a sugar worker was making his rounds in the area west of Long Pond when he spotted the body of what appeared to be a male

negro. The body was naked and was lying on a dam parallel to the one that is normally traversed by sugar workers. He contacted his superiors at Wales Sugar Estate and a report was made to the Wales Police Station. However , it was not u n t i l y e s t e r d a y that the police was able to send in a team to the area. A boat belonging to Wales Estate, was used and workers of

Ezekiel Funeral Services along with investigators made their way to the scene, which is located at least two miles from the actual village. Kaieteur News understands that the body had what appeared to be “holes”, suspected to be gunshot wounds. Up to late yesterday, no one had come forward to identify the remains which appeared to have been left in the area about five or six days prior to the discovery.

Surinam Airways Guyana Station Manager, Rudi Westerborg yesterday confirmed that the airline is currently eyeing the Georgetown/ New York route. Surinam Airways currently operates the Georgetown/ Miami route which flies out twice per week. Westerborg yesterday explained to Kaieteur News that company officials are hoping to begin operations between the two destinations in November of this year. He said that Surinam Airways recently acquired another aircraft, thus bringing space to travel to other destinations. According to Westerborg, the move is to satisfy persons who have been continuously asking about whether they would buy into the New York market. He further told Kaieteur News that management has taken their discussions to Suriname and once everything goes well Surinam Airways will be willing to serve the Guyanese public further.

Last year Surinam Airways began their direct flights between Guyana and Miami. The airline flies on Tuesdays and Saturdays from the airline’s base at the Johan Pengel Airport in Suriname to Georgetown. Caribbean Airlines is the only other carrier serving the Miami market from Guyana and that airline is currently the only one flying between Georgetown and New York. Earlier this year Delta Airlines pulled out from the Guyana market stating they had profitability problems. Government had said they were puzzled by the pullout since from all indications the US airline seemed to be doing well. Indications were that it was commanding near full passenger loads, racking up its highest percentage…89 per cent, according to Transport Minister, Robeson Benn. Government had denied reports that Delta was unhappy because Government businesses were taken away from the airline-

businesses like diplomatic bags and mail. There were also persistent rumours that Delta was unhappy that Government was planning to grant Caribbean Airlines flag-carrier status. Government had also denied a report that the airline was pressured after baggage belonging to former President Bharrat Jagdeo was searched. Works Minister Robeson Benn had provided figures of how well Delta was doing, moving from 36,695 passengers between JuneDecember 2008 to 78,221 last year. “The Guyana aviation sector and its passengers have benefitted from the Delta experience. The ongoing and intended improvements at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, especially the slated runway extension and new terminal building, allow us to hold the door open for Delta’s rethink of its options for its engagement in Guyana,” Benn had said during a press conference in February on Delta’s planned pullout.

US-based Guyanese donate school items Overseas-based Guyanese, Kerwin Adams, on Saturday last, donated a quantity of school supplies and toys to about 70 students residing in and around Georgetown. The donation was done through the Mark Benschop Foundation. The children, some of whom were from Joshua House, wer e t r e a t e d t o refreshments as they waited for the handing over of their goodies, which was done at Cody’s Place on East Street, Georgetown. “The bar is celebrating its one year anniversary so, the owner made the place available to us for a few hours to conduct the h a n d i n g o v e r, ” M a r k Benschop, Chief Executive Officer of the Mark Benschop foundation said. The parents and guardians of the children

also expressed gratitude for the much needed supplies, noting that it has saved them a lot of money. “I am grateful, because … me ain’t get to buy school stuff yet. I have six children, and it ain’t easy, s o I w a nt to thank Mr. Adams,” one parent said. Speaking briefly with this newspaper, Adams said he left Guyana at the age of six years old, and since God has shone his light upon him, he felt the need to give back to his people. He decided that providing equipment that will aid in the education of the youngsters was the best thing to do. He said that the items cost him about US $4000. “I am just really glad that I can do something for these kids. It means a lot to me to know that I can,” Adams said.

Donor Kerwin Adams with some of the beneficiaries of the donation.

Tuesday September 03, 2013

Kaieteur News

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday September 03, 2013

Tuesday September 03, 2013

Kaieteur News

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President's College gets $2.5 million upgrade - as officials defend state of institution Following on the heels of daunting concerns highlighted at one of Guyana's premiere education facilities–President's College – Government through the Ministry of Education has taken a hands-on approach towards improving its condition. In fact a sum of $2.5 million was recently expended to facilitate the upgrade of the school's Biology and Chemistry laboratories. This is in addition to a quantity of computers for its Information Laboratory that also presented to the school. PC, as it is popularly known, has also been the recipient of several printers and two projectors, according to information emanating from the Ministry's Public Relations Department. It was also disclosed that infrastructural works were undertaken, including the replacement of windows and tiles, which comes as part of the efforts to rehabilitate the school in time for the new a c a d e m i c y e a r, w h i c h commenced yesterday. But according to Principal Karen Canterbury, recent concerns highlighted about the school are in fact rather “destructive, because efforts and systems are being put in place to maintain President's College in every aspect.” She disclosed that both the academic and nonacademic programmes as well as the physical environs are constantly being improved with a view of keeping the institution “up to standard and to keep the name of the institution flying high.” According to the headmistress, the efforts being plugged into the school have allowed for consistent outstanding performances at both the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate examination and the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination. The Principal's comment were supported by other senior officials including the school's Administrator, Ms Burgess, who is convinced that the “bad” condition of the school might have been highlighted at a time when works were being undertaken. “Maybe when the media had come here, the place was not cleaned. All

the years that I have been here, I have been helping to keep this place tidy, and I have been here for the past three years,” said Burgess. She also slammed reports that the condition of the school is not conducive to learning, adding that “the Ministry has been very supportive to the school over the years,” to ensure quality education is delivered by well qualified teachers. According to her, the only logical complaint that could have been highlighted about the institution was the fact that bushes were evident around the school's compound ahead of the start of the new school year. Speaking to the condition of the school, parent of a new entrant, Yonnette Fraser, said that she is dissatisfied with the reports publicised about the school since her personal observation revealed otherwise. “When I came here for myself, I am seeing things differently...I am satisfied with what I see at the school although there is need for a little more cleaning up,” added the La Bonne Intention, East Coast Demerara, resident. And according to Michael McKenzie, whose daughter has just entered Grade Nine, the level of education at the school could be improved when compared to the past. He is of the firm view that the surroundings of any school have a great deal to do with a child's learning. “We just can't take it for granted that you we are going to concentrate on the academics and ignore the physical infrastructure,” McKenzie told and Education Ministry official. “We need to get our children to understand that despite the negative circumstances they might be faced with, ultimately, they must use that as a stepping stone to push them forward to achieve whatever it is they need to acquire in this life. “We can't allow situations to always get us down. We need to triumph over our trials,” added a very vocal McKenzie.

Students of President's College reciting the National Pledge yesterday

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Tuesday September 03, 2013

Kaieteur News

Beterverwagting PIC ceases classes due to insanitary conditions As thousands of students began their new school year yesterday, pupils of the Beterverwagting Practical Institute Centre (PIC) on the

East Coast of Demerara spent their entire day outside of classes after teachers protested about the insanitary condition of the

A worker yesterday in the school yard while children were outside of classes.

school. In fact the children will remain out of school until Thursday because according to the Ministry of Education,

the BV PIC was unprepared for their children both in terms of the outside as well as inside the building. The ministry in a press statement yesterday said that the school will be closed to facilitate repairs and

renovation works which are expected to be completed in the next two days. These repairs are being undertaken by Central Ministry. Yesterday when this publication visited the school, which houses over

500 students, three men were seen in the yard working feverishly to clear down the high grass in the compound. Dozens of large bags filled with cow manure were seen dumped in a corner at the (continued on page 24)

Tuesday September 03, 2013

Kaieteur News

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West Bank Demerara youth killed by stray bullet The West Bank Demerara community of Vive-la Force was yesterday afternoon plunged into sorrow following the death of a 14year-old resident who was struck by a stray bullet. It is believed the bullet which killed Patentia Secondary School student Ryan Persaud may have come from a high powered rifle believed to have been fired, some distance away on the Eastern side of the Demerara River. Persaud was shot in his back while walking on the dam in front of his house. He died on his way to the West Demerara Regional Hospital. Residents have however turned their anger towards ranks of the Wales Police Station who they say failed to act after several reports were made about stray bullets coming into the community for the past several weeks. The crowd of concerned residents yesterday told this newspaper that the police are to be blamed for the youth’s death and are demanding that action be taken against the ranks responsible. The slain teen’s father, Vishnu Persaud said that his son had just left the yard when someone informed him that he was shot.

... residents blame police for failing to act after several reports “When I run out, I see him lying on the bridge, blood coming out from he mouth and he hollering and like he panting for breath.” The father of three said that he rushed his son to the hospital but he died on the X-ray table. “This thing happening long now and we reporting this matter over and over but the police are not doing anything. The other day a bullet pass throughand-through my house and it pass through other people house too,” the dead teen’s father said. Another teenager in the village, Feroze Husain told this newspaper that he was sitting in front of Ryan’s house catching shrimp when he saw the 14-year-old approaching him with a slingshot in his hand. “He bin walking coming and then he start hollering that something hit him in his back and he run come and tell me to check but he collapse on the bridge and blood start running from his mouth,” Husain stressed. A resident in the area, James Munroe explained that

the gunshots started about three weeks ago and he, as well as other residents, reported the matter to the police. “The bullet hitting people house and the police tell we when the shooting start back, we should call them.” Munroe added that when he returned home from work yesterday he called the police and made a report. “I call them and tell them that the shooting start again. Five minutes after I call again and I tell them that somebody gone dead and then they will come.” “I call back again while riding out from the village and I report it again and the police ask me what I want he to do, so I tell he to call the people from Grove and let them check it out. When I hang up, my wife called me and tell me that Vishnu son get shoot and he

The dead boy’s mother die,” Munroe stared, while adding that he called the station again and informed them that somebody died but they never showed up. The man told Kaieteur News that after the teen was shot, the shooting stopped. “It look like somebody here call them over there and tell

The dead teen’s father pointing to the bullet hole in his house.

them.” Meanwhile, the teen’s mother was inconsolable and could only say, “he was not a bad child.” Investigators from the police’s Criminal Investigations Department (CID) said that it appears that the stray bullet may have lost

altitude because of the distance from which it was fired. Kaieteur news understands that the investigators are questioning several persons on the eastern side of the river with a view to ascertaining who was responsible for the shooting.

Dead: Ryan Persaud A group of angry residents yesterday

GPL Fuel savings from Amaila would have been spent ... From page 3 response was, do you really expect us to answer that?” Ram this past week had suggested that Brassington is embarrassed by the revelation of the amateurism he and his team displayed in negotiations with Sithe Global. Kaieteur News had reported this week that the Confidential Project

Document, which had to be leaked to this publication, has revealed that the money to be expended for the hydro project is in excess of US1B, as against the US858M that government had been touting. That document revealed that while the government had said it would only be putting US$100M to the project, it had in fact committed US$157M to

the hydro project. That document also revealed that the Guyana Power and Light Company would have had to deposit in an ‘Amaila Debt Reserve Account,’ US$36M in order to ensure payments to Amaila. The power company, in order to prepare for the electricity from Amaila, would also have had to spend more than US$90M in capital

works, in order to be ‘hydroready’ It was also reported that among the many questionable arrangements Guyana signed onto was the fact that Sithe Global would have been paid a 19 per cent interest rate on its US$157M for the entire period, despite the fact that over the years it would have been receiving payments on the principal

amount. Ram had said that the transaction was akin to depositing $100,000 in a bank, withdrawing $90,000 but the bank continues to pay interest for the original deposit. This he said would have increased the amount of money to be repaid for the overall project. Sithe Global had also demanded an equity

participation fee which would have seen the company earning an additional US$17M. Sithe Global was also going to be paying itself US$60,000 monthly to oversee the construction of the project that it had designed, thereby inflating the cost of the project and its subsequent repayments even more.

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Kaieteur News

Tuesday September 03, 2013

Parents should be ashamed to use their children’s illness to solicit money - Three Rivers Foundation Executives of the Three Rivers Kids Foundation (TRKF) have expressed their irritation with parents who use their children’s illnesses to solicit money from the public, while misusing the name of the organisation. According to the President of the Foundation, Jeanette Singh, the goal of the charity-based organisation is to assist under-privileged and sick children to access medical services, which are not readily available in Guyana. Singh made known that since its establishment in 2005 the foundation has helped about 115 patients from Guyana to obtain “lifesaving” medical treatment in India. During a brief telephone interview with Kaieteur News, Singh mentioned that she, along with other members of the foundation, became particularly perturbed after seeing a newspaper article a few days ago, which featured a parent who had received monetary donations from a local charitable organisation towards her child’s corrective heart surgery in India. The parent had stated that while her daughter was receiving assistance from the Three Rivers Kids Foundation for the surgery and accommodation in India, finances were still short by US$7,500 (G$1.5M). According to the parent, the sum represented the amount that would still be needed after financial assistance is received from the Ministry of Health. “She doesn’t know how they will acquire the money, but is hoping for the best. She

is asking the public for whatever assistance can be given,” the article stated. Refuting this, the President of the Foundation informed Kaieteur News that the organisation pays the entire cost for all the children, including medical fees, airfares, accommodation and all medicines. “Once the child is accepted by Three Rivers Kids Foundation, the family is informed of this.” Singh added that at no point in time is the parent notified of the overall cost of the surgery and, as such, is not able to ascertain how much money is needed to be raised. “I have no idea how they come up with these figures. It’s baffling!” Singh made known that from the time of its establishment until 2007, the Foundation paid the full airfares for the parent who will be accompanying the child. However, this was stopped when it was observed that soon after the families arrive in India, they would be found purchasing expensive items such as mobile phones, digital cameras and alcohol, among others. “Some families who have sick children in Guyana and require overseas treatment use this opportunity as a means to solicit funds for their own use”. Singh disclosed that on one occasion, one mother was bragging to others in India that she had collected so much money for her child that she was able to buy a piece of land in Guyana. Based on those occurrences, Singh said, the Board of Directors of the

Jeanette Singh with some of the patients who received overseas medical treatment. Foundation then decided that the accompanying parent should contribute towards his or her own airfares for all future missions, as they are able to purchase items that are not related to the child’s

surgery. An approximate sum of US$2,500, according to Singh, is enough to cover the airfare. In order to raise this amount, Singh informed that the families are encouraged to

organize and participate in fundraising activities such as Bar-b-ques and bake sales. It was reported that overseas based relatives of the families would often step in to pay for the airfares.

“If, despite genuine efforts, the accompanying parent is unable to raise the funds to pay for his or her airfare, then the foundation will assist that person,” the TRKF President stressed. Referring to the fact that the parent featured in the recently published article was soliciting some US$7,500, while mentioning that they have been receiving assistance from the Three Rivers Kids Foundation, Singh said that it shows total disregard for legal agreements since the Foundation “does not grant permission to anyone to use our name to collect money in Guyana or anywhere else.” In cases like these, according to Singh, it is unfortunate that the Foundation will be forced to remove the child from its list of beneficiaries. “We cannot have this kind of misbehaviour and not do anything about it.” She noted, in this regard, that public-spirited citizens who seek to offer assistance should be vigilant and ask for proof before donating their hard earned money to anyone. She said that the Foundation will be more than happy to answer any questions or confirm any information regarding a patient who needs assistance. Furthermore, she is urging members of the local media to verify the facts before publishing any article where people are asking for donations. “Some families are well aware that the media will publish anything they tell them and this creates an easy opportunity to collect funds for themselves.”

Armed robbery charges for soldier, interdicted cop A Guyana Defence Force Corporal and an interdicted policeman are likely to appear in court today for allegedly abducting and robbing two female fast food employees and a teacher at Linden, last Friday. Kaieteur News understands that the soldier is to be charged with armed

robbery while the policeman is to be charged with robbery under arms and illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition. The detained Police Corporal is a Tactical Services Unit rank who was charged last year, along with two of his colleagues, for allegedly robbing a gang of thieves of

valuables that they had stolen from a West Coast Demerara family. Investigators had detained the policeman’s girlfriend but released her without charges. Police alleged that the policeman and his accomplice relieved a male teacher of $1M in jewellery and also robbed two fast food outlet

employees during separate attacks on Friday at Blue Berry Hill, Wismar, and near Co-op Crescent, Mackenzie. According to reports, a 34-year-old Sales Supervisor and a 20-year-old Sales Clerk from the Church’s Fast Food outlet at Co-op Crescent, Mackenzie, were heading home in a taxi shortly after midnight on Friday, when the driver stopped at a shop. Two men, who were armed with a shotgun, then entered the vehicle and took the Supervisor’s cellular phone and $2,000. The robbers reportedly also questioned the Supervisor about the time when the day’s sales are taken from the outlet. Afterwards, the bandits locked the two women in the car trunk and drove to Millie’s Hideout at Linden, where they left their captives. The women

eventually managed to free themselves and contacted the police. It is believed that the same robbers went to a Blue Berry Hill, Wismar night club, where they forced a 36-yearold teacher to accompany them after identifying themselves as policemen. The victim was allegedly taken by car to the Soesdyke/ Linden Highway and relieved her of a gold chain and two gold and diamond rings worth approximately $1M. However, after her escape, the teacher gave police the licence number of the getaway vehicle. A police patrol eventually spotted the car and after a lively chase, the robbers eventually crashed the vehicle into a culvert. Two men fled the vehicle, but a 24-year-old Assistant

Manager from a city boutique was found sitting inside with some of the booty from the two robberies. The interdicted rank was subsequently detained at a bus shed at Bamia, on the Soesdyke/Linden Highway. He was reportedly in possession of a Glock Pistol and six live rounds of ammunition. The GDF Corporal later visited the Mackenzie Police Station in the company of a relative and claimed that his car was stolen in Georgetown on Wednesday. That car turned out to be the same vehicle in which the robbers had fled. He was also detained. Kaieteur News was told that the robbery victims later picked out the soldier and the interdicted policeman during an identification parade.

Tuesday September 03, 2013

Kaieteur News

Radio licences revocations… The Alliance For Change (AFC) yesterday announced that it is planning to raise several critical matters during the coming session of the Parliament, including revisiting the 2011 controversial allocation of radio and cable licences. The National Assembly is due to reconvene in October. According to Vice Chairman of the Alliance For Change (AFC), Moses Nagamootoo, his party remains convinced that the 2011 allocations of radio and cable licences, days before former President Bharrat Jagdeo stepped down, smacks of nepotism and corruption. “…That your government can give away national assets to cronies and friends, is no equivocation to the fact that these should be recalled…be rescinded, cannot just be swept under the rug.” Nagamootoo had served

Opposition moves to dismantle Broadcast Authority, revisit law

as a former Minister of Information, before it was brought under the control of the Office of the President. AFC is not discounting revisiting the Broadcast Act and dismantling the current board. However, this will have to come hand-in-hand with the people raising their voices as part of the objections. Revelations that the licences, with multiple frequencies, went to mainly friends and for party members, sparked protests and calls for the allocations to be rescinded and the process reviewed. There was anger also that established media houses like Kaieteur News, Stabroek News and Capitol News, were all bypassed, raising questions about the fairness of the process. Under agreements with the Opposition, new radio

and television licences could not be granted unless new broadcasts laws were passed and an authority established to overlook the process. Although the laws were passed when Jagdeo, as Minister of Information, approved the licences that among other things, included five frequencies to his personal friend, Dr. Ranjisinghi ‘Bobby’ Jagdeo, the authority had not become functional until several months later, in 2012. Critics argued that the process was unfair and broke political trust, giving the Government a monopoly. “Here you have the Broadcast Authority headed by Bibi Shadick, a sitting Member of Parliament… a former Minister of the Jagdeo (President Donald) Ramotar Government. That shows clearly and betrays a conflict of interest.”

“The authority should be shaken up. There is no room for a politician to head it. It needs independent experts who know how to deal with issues like the electromagnetic spectrum. We are saying that the there is no competence in the authority to deal with the allocations. We also have to come back to whether the authority is properly composed.” That the licences were allocated to those especially “in bed” with the government, is not only immoral, but wrong. “This is wrong… this is unlawful… this violates all decencies and known principles of which you could judge fairness and equity and justice, because all you would have done is hive off national resources to your friends.” According to Nagamootoo, allocations of the licences are tantamount

Aviation veterans say Guyana can restart its own national airline By: Zena Henry The Guyana government has embarked on numerous projects; some that have brought much controversy, concern and, especially, parliamentary division. But one project that can admirably be aimed for is the rebirth of another national airline. This is the view of past and present local aviation veterans. Although it would pose a major challenge, aviators believe that another national carrier is not farfetched. It was in fact mentioned that it would be one project, if managed properly, ease the aviation woes the country is currently facing, and possibly generate much needed revenue. It was made clear however that expertise and articulate planning and management would need to be implemented if Guyana is to, this time, maintain its own airline. In addition the aviation veterans warned that should it come to fruition, political interference has no place in aviation. This is one of the areas retired Director of Civil Aviation (ag) Mr. Aubrey Alexander was keen on. In a special interview with Mr. Alexander, Kaieteur News was told that it takes much work to maintain an airline. More importantly, he insisted that expertise and skills must be secured as the “aviation

Page 21

industry requires a special breed of people.” He told Kaieteur News that large sums of money would be needed for start up, but it is money that Guyana could secure. He continued that management would have to start small and there will have to be some considerations on the type of aircraft that would have to be leased, since buying a plane might not be immediately feasible. He related that the major aim of any airline should be to increase profitability by all means while ensuring safety. This means that the right employees would be needed to provide the right customer, aviation and technical services. Additionally, the Guyanese airliner would have to devise ways of continuously increasing its profits. For example Alexander pointed out, the defunct Guyana Airways Corporation (GAC) during its operations, did not charge extra cash for changed flight dates and cancelled flights. He said the airline allowed persons to travel with open dates. This cannot be a feature with the new airline if the aim is to maximize profit, Alexander explained. He continued that the aviation industry has changed and the policies needed to ensure the airlines survival would have to accommodate those changes.

Alexander reiterated that political interference should definitely plat no part if the airline is to prosper. In this case, he suggested that government would have to approve the airline, but leave the managing to the experts. Guyanese-born Jamaica Civil Aviation Director and first local Jet Captain Egbert Field also told Kaieteur News that Guyana is capable of maintaining a national carrier. He explained that Guyana is a very lucrative market, one that Guyanese could themselves take advantage of. The former GAC pilot, while making reference to the country’s failed airline, said that much work would be needed for a national carrier. “When something is torn down, it can be a bigger challenge to rebuild,” he told Kaieteur News. He said that as far as he is aware, GAC’s failure was not as a result of poor performance, financial or operational woes. According to the registered earnings, GAC was making a profit and it is not farfetched to think that Guyana can go there again. Like Mr. Alexander, Field insisted that expertise and proper management should be the main interest if a project like returning a national carrier is to be embarked upon. Apart from this, Field cited the meaning of a national carrier to its people and the prestige associated with it.

He recalled that during GAC’s operation, it was something that many people looked forward to. He said that youngsters were mesmerized by the planes as they were offered tours of the plane’s cockpit. “It was something to aspire to,” Fields said with much enthusiasm. He stated that a national carrier is something that a country and its people can be proud of. Former GAC head, Fazel Khan had told Kaieteur News in a previous interview that political spite had caused the downfall of GAC. He claimed that a disagreement with the government of the day had led to his removal as GAC’s top man. He said however, that at the time, GAC was very profitable, while the airline still managed to pay all taxes and dividends due to the state. While providing excellent service to passengers, and expending millions in operational cost, Khan said, GAC still registered pre-tax profits from $3 to $GY500M, even attaining $GY900M profit, at one time in a four year period. In his view, the failure of GAC was a mistake. “By the time the government realized... it was too late,” Khan declared. Presently, with Guyana not having its own airline, many Guyanese are of the view that other multinational air carriers are taking advantage of the situation.

Moses Nagamootoo

to the worst crime that a regime can commit. “It enjoys and promotes incestuous relationship, with its own friends and cronies. This is not the way to go because there are many persons granted licences here and there… the question is do they have the capacity to invest?” So far, of the 11 radio licences granted, only three have started broadcasting. Licences. Five frequencies each also went to the PPP newspaper, T h e M i r r o r, a n d t o a n overseas-based sister of senior Government Minister, Robert Persaud. Licences, but with single frequencies, also went to some others. “Where there is a monopoly… there is no competition; where there is a no competition, there is no fairness and no fair playfield. It means the game is rigged. The mighty will strangle the small.” The AFC official added that the allocations went against the grain of what was originally envisioned. The idea, he explained, was to establish community radios, including one at the University of Guyana. “This is where the culture, way of life can be reflected in a homogenous facility. The monopolies of radio stations as reflected by the allocations take away from these intentions.”

An overhaul and new regulations were also designed to benefit the “lowly” and the “mighty”. “That is what is called a quality democracy; not a cowboy, sheriff-come-totown, wild-west tradition where the sheriff decided who gets the gun. That was the characteristic of the Jagdeo Government in the name of executive authority.” According to Nagamootoo, the fact that applicants with a certifiable track record were overlooked while “Johnny and Jennies-come-lately” were approved, compound the insult and strengthen the claim that there was executive lawlessness. Applicants who were not considered by the Jagdeo administration have been asked to reapply. However, there have not been any decisions as yet by the Broadcast Authority to address new applications for radio and television liences. A former executive of ruling People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) who resigned after differences, Nagamootoo disclosed that the long overdue appointment of members of the Public Procurement Commission and a proper functioning Integrity Commission are also top priorities of the AFC

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70 doctors who recently completed training ready for deployment The Ministry of Health today commenced the registration and orientation processes for the first 70 doctors who recently completed their medical studies. Fourteen are being deployed to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital, 10 to the West Demerara Regional Hospital, 8 to the Suddie Public Hospital, 8 to Linden Hospital Complex and 30 to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. During a press conference in the Ministry’s boardroom yesterday, Minister of Health, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran emphasised that these efforts are a part of the Ministry’s vision to facilitate continuous learning of health care providers. He noted that during the day the first batch of doctors were able to interface with the Permanent Secretary and Personnel Manager and discussed their contractual

arrangements, accommodation and other planning. As part of the initial process, the doctors including those who recently returned from Cuba, will be engaged in additional training sessions in ALARM, Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support and Visual Inspection Using Acetic Acid (VIA). With regards to the 200 odd doctors who returned from Cuba, Minister Ramsaran indicated that they too, will be engaged in similar training sessions during September 12-28. The intention is that all the doctors will complete the training and their orientation before the end of the month. While these doctors fall under the supervision of the new Regional Health Services Director, Dr. Monica Odwin, the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development also has a role

to play in ensuring that they are introduced to the management of the hospital at which they will be posted, Regional Health Officer and the Regional Executive Officer who will function as their administrative supervisors. Minister Ramsaran noted that the process is a collaborative one among the Ministries of Health, Local Government and Regional Development and Public Service. Additionally, the doctors will be given an evaluation journal similar to that given by the medical council. In relation to the offering of post-graduate studies, Minister Ramsaran explained that talks have been had with the Cubans and as a result of that discussion four Guyanese doctors are preparing to travel to Cuba to commence their post-grad studies. This arrangement is

similar to that of the initial one made between the Governments of Guyana and Cuba for the offering of medical scholarships. Additionally, doctors are also encouraged to pursue studies in the administrative and policy aspects of the medical field. That partnership has resulted in hundreds of Guyanese being able to access scholarships and the construction of critical medical facilities such as the Suddie, Diamond, Mahaicony and National Ophthalmology Hospitals. He also emphasised that there have been expressions of interests from Cuban trained Caribbean nationals to complete their 6th year of study and rotations here in Guyana. Minister Ramsaran indicated that thus far two are already in the programme and more requests are expected. (GINA)

Strange that APNU talks about unemployment when it helped destroy AFHP - Pres. Ramotar President Donald Ramotar has criticised the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) for its statements about youth unemployment, particularly given the party’s role in assisting to destroy the Amalia Falls Hydro Power (AFHP) project which would have had a transformative effect and resulted in the creation of jobs for Guyanese, including youths. Speaking at the launch of the Amerindian Heritage Month 2013, President Ramotar said, “I find it strange that people will talk about youth unemployment, about unemployment generally in the country and damaged one of the projects that would have increased employment to our people, would have helped us to save enough money to generate new economic activities.” The Amalia Falls would have resulted not only in reduced cost of electricity for consumers and the business community, but would have transformed the lives of all Guyanese. President Ramotar also accused the Opposition of manufacturing all kinds of excuses in order to justify their narrow-mindedness, with regards to their position on the hydro-power project as he pointed to their latest distortions about the project’s debt. “They are saying that we are increasing the debt on the nation. That is totally not true. This project is fundamentally a private sector investment…” he said. The Head of State had

reiterated several times before that Guyana is incurring no debt from the project, which is one of its strongest benefits for the taxpayer. There will be a reduction in the GPL tariff which will allow for the removal of the subsidy that the taxpayers have to give the power company today (which is mainly used to offset the cost of GPL’s electricity). This will save over US$30 million per year, or US$600 million over 20 years, to be invested in other areas such as education, health and roads. Secondly, a pass-through of the remaining savings to

the consumer, will result in a reduction of over 20% in the electricity bills of Guyanese businesses and consumers within two years of the start of Amaila’s operations – and significantly more in the years ahead as GPL’s tariff gets progressively cheaper (unlike with oil and diesel, Amaila’s electricity price decreases dramatically over time). The pass- through of GPL’s progressively cheaper tariff can lead to reductions in the consumer tariff well in excess of 50% of today’s price after twelve years. “It seems that we have a group of people instead of

concentrating on development and manufacturing of goods and services, they seem to be specialised in manufacturing confusion and lies.” The private sector and other stakeholders on several occasions have made clear their position that the project is one that is good for Guyana. The investor, the Sithe Global, responded to the political bickering by throwing in the towel; and the people, the ordinary Guyana are now bracing themselves for all those things that follow high energy prices. (GINA)

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PROPERTY FOR SALE ‘BB’ Eccles- Concrete house 3 bedrooms upstairs, downstairs 2 self contained apartments, 2 bedrooms each toilet & bath $28M- Call:2278409/660-4764

WANTED Wanted contract cars @ Atlas Taxi Service: South Ruimveldt gardens, VHF radio network- Call:661-3043 Dish washer, apply to Shanta’s 225 Camp and New market street Georgetown

South Ruimveldt $14.5M, Uitvlught Oceanview $4.3M, Bel-Air Park $45M, Prashad Nagar $60M- Call:231-2200/ 618-7483


Furnished building in the interior, fully equipped along with six rooms- Call:604-6999

Widowed/divorced live in domestic, labourer, car/van driver- Call:610-2978

Property for sale by owner located at Regent Street, Georgetown- Call:225-1831

Boys to work in kitchen, puri cooks, pastry makers & servers @ Hack’s Halaal Restaurant 5 Commerce Street, G/Town

VERSAILLES: Furnished 5 bedrooms, self-contained rooms, modern facilities, generator, beautiful landscape, gated community- Call:592-6248704/ 592-684-9203 Wharf Land, Ruimveldt, Supply, Soesdyke 200’x300’ $45M, Lombard streetCall:231-2200/618-7483 1 Large 5 bedrooms house with Business @ DiamondCall:627-3902 Prime Business Property at East Coast- Tel:222-2014/ Cell:622-8004 Eccles $6M, West $5M, Charlestown $15M, Prospect $15M- Call Diana @ 2272256/626-9382

One attractive waitressCall:678-1481 Two men to manage wash bay ages 20-25. Must be able to work without supervision- Call:227-5169 Law Tutor wanted- Call:6840347 Cleaner- Call:225-3234 One live in maid must know to cook & clean, preferably from country side or interiorCall:666-6836 One experienced driver to work in interior to drive bus & lorry- Call:666-6836 Salesman with own vehicle to distribute food products. Motivated drivers can apply (good commission)Call:666-5676 Wanted to buy: Small living trench fishes (all types) Patwa, Hassar etc.- Call:6448381

EDUCATIONAL Electronic CoursePractical, 12 persons per c l a s s . R e g i s t e r early. Beginning 4th September @ Abdul Electronics - Call: 226-6551 or 225-0391 Lessons Classes: Phonics, Reading (A Beka System), Language & Mathematics (412 years) @ 197 Roxanne Burnham Gardens- Call: 6194355/218-2076 Institute of Academic Supremacy: Form 1-5 CXC adults/ lesson classes. CXC Maths, Engilsh, HSB & Business- Call:690-5008 Alliance Francaise French classes, commence September, 2013- For further Information Tel:226-0854/ 682-7943/218-1108/226-1897

Live in attractive waitress, boarding and lodging free $50,000 monthly- Call:6105043 One live-in or live out maidcall:668-3985/264-3355/6837936 EDUCATIONAL I.A.E (Camp street): Forms 1-5, lessons & adult CXC classes: Maths, English, Business & ScienceCall:223-0604/683-5742 Wr i t i n g C X C M a t h s / English, Business subjects, Social-St/HSB, Biology. Jan/June, 2014. Forms 1-2 inclusive- Call Mr. Lee 231-2076 FOR SALE/RENT American Pool Table - Call: 277-0578

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Tuesday September 03, 2013

NGO working to help reduce health care discrimination against sex workers The notion that all members of the population should have access to available health care services is being amplified by Youth Challenge Guyana (YCG), even as the NonGovernmental Organisation (NGO) seeks to direct focus to Sex Workers in Region Eight. The sex trade is one that has been found to be rampant in the gold mining Region, particularly in the Mahdia environ, so much so that sex workers are no longer uncomfortable with disclosing their profession. At least this is according to YCG’s Executive Director, Dmitri Nicholson, who during an interview with this publication, informed that “I have found more women are more open to saying they are into sex work...I don’t know whether it is an increase in the trade but I do know that they have become very comfortable with the service they offer.” And it was in recognition of the health concerns associated with the burgeoning trade that proactive moves were recently employed by YCG whereby at least one-third of its budget is directed to targeting those involved in sex trade activities. However, YCG’s work in this regard commenced several years ago through collaboration with the USAIDS/GHARP programme, which targeted both Commercial Sex Workers, as well as miners who are known to be the primary clients. The programme, according to Nicholson, has since been moving from strength to strength, whereby those in the target Region, sex workers in particular, now have a better understanding of how to protect themselves from HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. “They have been giving us the needful feedback and they are

requesting more condoms and are also informing their peers about condom use and have even been engaged in demonstration exercises as well,” Nicholson disclosed. The YCG outreach operation is supervised by its Health Manager, Alana Walters, who along with others from Georgetown are tasked with visiting the Region on a monthly b a s i s t o f a c i l i t a t e Vo l u n t a r y C o u n s e l l i n g a n d Te s t i n g . However, a team, complete with a social worker, providing psychosocial support and counselling and a prevention officer, is required to remain on the ground to spearhead the activities in the Region, Walters said. The team, she disclosed, also includes a peer educator, who once was a sex trade provider and has been very instrumental in reaching the target populations since she “knows how to get around with the sex workers; where the spots are and even the ‘language’ they use.” And according to Walters, over the period February to July, YCG has been able to reach a total of 102 sex workers, of which 101 have been counselled, tested and appear receptive of the information and materials, including condoms and lubricants, provided to them. She disclosed too that “sex workers are very keen on getting tested, especially the ones who we have encountered. They are very open to accepting condoms because they understand the risk of having multiple partners.” Moreover, Walters is confident that the information provided to them has placed them in a better position to understand the signs and symptoms that could

YCG’s Health Manager, Alana Walters, and Executive Director, Dmitri Nicholson

characterise health concerns, including urinary tract infections. In addition to offering HIV Education to the sex workers, Walters said, much focus is also directed to the importance of personal hygiene, since YCG recognises that “the two are sort of linked and we do a lot of work in this area.” As such, sex workers are encouraged to be wary of having clients insert their fingers or other foreign objects into their private parts, according to Walters. The sex workers have also been exposed to financial management sessions when the NGO staffers venture into various sections of the Region. And according to Walters, the sex workers are not only privy to

information on how to lower their risk and avoid clients who insist on having unprotected sex; but to discuss matters of interest to them, even how to avoid instances of violence. The YCG’s outreach effort has also been influential in helping the sex workers to formulate a network where they are able to share information among themselves. This move, according to Walters, is crucial to ensure that new workers are enlightened of the ways to minimise potential risks. Added to this, Walters said, that YCG has been collaborating with bar and brothel owners, who have direct and constant contact with the sex trade population with a view to ensuring that

condoms, lubricants and other useful resources are readily available. And should the sex workers require medical attention, YCG has been engaging medical personnel in the Region to ensure that health services are provided without discrimination. In fact, following a YCG-spearheaded training session, health officials in the Region became proactive in conducting community o u t r e a c h e s t o reach those at potential risk who were previously discriminated against. And according to Nicholson, “we are encouraging private sector companies to become more involved in helping to support this type of work because the risk is great to not only people in the sex trade but staffers from various organisations who interact with them.” “If persons are infected and become ill and even die, these companies will by extension suffer because the labour force will be reduced,” explained the YCG Executive Director. It is for this reason, Walters said that earnest strides have been made to address the evident concerns with major emphasis on the need for all individuals involved to “step forward to access health care and other facilities provided to them...Human rights apply to all, and sex workers, like miners must take advantage of these rights, and this must be recognised by everyone.” In this regard, YCG has been looking to partner with not only Government but other entities to widen the efforts to reduce or even eliminate stigma and discrimination against sex workers and work together to ensure that the associated risks become a thing of the past.

Beterverwagting PIC ceases classes due to insanitary conditions From page 18 entrance of the school. In the school garden, plants and produce were literally invisible as thick grass grew over them. Animal pens in the farm were also bordered with grass and there were no signs of animals. A high stench of urine was present in both male and female washrooms. What was more disturbing, a worn-out toilet brush which looked like it was previously used was found in the hand sink of the female washroom. A concerned parent who was present at the school yesterday said that when she contacted her son, he explained to her that the school had no classes due to the “high bush” in the compound. “I was at work because I had to leave early, so I didn’t get to see him off, but some-

thing keep telling me to call him and when I did, he told me that the entire yard had high bush and the head-master called off school,” the parent said. The woman added that when she arrived at her son’s school, she was greeted with the sight of high bushes which almost covered the walkway. “I have never seen this school in this condition. The bushes were so high in the school yard that you couldn’t see the school from the gate. Is this what we sending our children to school for?” The mother said. Another parent told this publication that on the day of registering his daughter at the school, he questioned the teachers about the deplorable condition of the compound. “When I arrived here, the first thing as a parent, I

thought to myself, is that this place is dangerous. When I enquired about the condition of the compound, the teachers told me that Ministry of Education will have some weeders over to cut down the bushes,” the man said. He added that when he arrived at the school yesterday morning, he was astonished that the same place he left over three weeks ago had evolved into a “safari”. “This is unacceptable. Are we housing animals here? And then the Ministry comes in here like they all concern when they should have done something from since the school closed.” Officials from the Ministry of Education arrived around 1:30 pm yesterday and were seen in discussion with teachers of the school. The headmaster was unable to be reached for a comment.

Tuesday September 03, 2013

Kaieteur News

Letters... Where your views

We need to be allowed to monitor this project in our community DEAR EDITOR, The residents of Jonestown, Mahaica would like to thank you for assisting them in getting their road (Lima Road) repaired. We recalled that you did several articles on this road and also carried pictures of its deplorable state. We also went as a delegation to the Minister of Public Works, Mr. Robeson Benn, and left pictures of the road with him. Now, years later, we see a contractor has begun doing some work on the road. However, while we are grateful, I must say that we are dissatisfied with how things have gone so far. In the first place there seems to be a deliberate effort to exclude us from monitoring the project. Editor, we are hearing that the road would not be linking up with the Railway Embankment Highway and that it will only go to a certain point. This is totally dissatisfying to us and smacks of political discrimination. Why? Because the other communities that are aligned to the governing party have

their roads done right up to the new Railway Embankment Highway. The other thing is the contractor seems to feel he is doing us a favor because work is being done at a snail’s pace. I invite the media to come and talk to the residents and you will hear for yourselves what the people have to say. Editor, we urge the authorities to deal with us in an even-handed way. We are not beggars or stepchildren; we are Guyanese citizens with legitimate expectations. We know of other communities which were and are involved in the works being carried out in their area by being invited to the signing of the contract and provided with the Bill Of Quantity (document showing scope of works) to be done. Editor, we hope there is not a deliberate effort being made to exclude the residents from Jonestown Mahaica in monitoring a project that is intended for their benefit, and that the authorities will read this letter and make an effort to include us rather that exclude us. Earle Lambert

Inaccurate recounting of the PNC’s efforts at hydro-power DEAR EDITOR, Your editorial repeats an inaccurate recounting of the PNC’s efforts at hydro-power insofar as it omits what I think is an important detail. You repeat that the Venezuelan objection killed the project.That may have been true. However, it may also have been born with a congenital defect. I recall that either in 1969 or 1970 the government brought a team of experts to give an opinion. I think that there were at least 20 of them. The figure I recall was G$3 billion. Their expert opinion

was that the project as conceived would not work. Notwithstanding, the government decided to go ahead. There is always the possibility that I am confusing my projects but what else was there at the time that could cost $3 billion that we were thinking about? Frederick W. A. Collins

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Tuesday September 03, 2013

UPDATE - GUNPLAY IN THE BEETHAM Police officer in riot gear form a human wall along a street in Beetham Gardens, Port of Spain today

(Trinidad Express) POLICE exchanged gunfire with people at Beetham Gardens this afternoon, as a protest sparked by the police killing of a resident on Sunday night, continued to rage. Members of the media were caught up in the faceoff, having to run to a safe area and take cover during the height of the instability. Three National Security Ministry helicopters circled the housing development located east of Port of Spain, as police attempted push back residents and clear the debris from the east bound lane of the Beetham Highway and Priority Bus Route. The protest appeared to have been quelled this morning with the intervention of Deputy Commissioner of Police Mervyn Richardson, but shortly after noon, there was an escalation, with police and soldiers using tear gas on residents and firing into the air at one point. Express journalist Rickie Ramdass, was one of several media personnel caught in the gunfire. He said “We were making our way through one of the alleys in the Beetham, when we heard rapid gunfire, and saw resident running in our direction. The police warned us not to go forward because they were in a battle with the resident. We took heed”. Ramdass said that police blocked the highway and several point and took up

strategic positions before squad cars, aiming their guns into the Beetham Housing Development and firing. Resident claimed that they never fired on police who were in full riot gear, and that law enforcement were taking a brutal approach against them because the area was considered a crime hot spot. The sporadic protests throughout the day has caused traffic gridlock out of Port of Spain despite the efforts of police. Residents plan to continue the protest into the night. BEETHAM residents had yesterday warned that this morning’s back-to-school rush hour traffic as the perfect time to stage fiery protests over the shooting death of a young man from the area at the hands of police officers. The residents last night faced off against police over the shooting of Christopher Greaves, who they say was left to bleed to death while they looked on helplessly. The residents staged fiery protests simultaneously on two of country’s major roadways last night to express their anger. That action led to traffic gridlock. The situation all began with the shooting of 23-yearold Greaves around 6.30 p.m. Greaves was a father of two from Fifth Street, Beetham Gardens who worked at National Fisheries, Sea Lots. He was spending time with his baby son Isaac

when he decided to go to the shop at the corner of Third Street, Beetham Gardens. Greaves exited the shop with a soft drink. At the same time police officers were conducting a mobile patrol in the area. Residents claim the officers opened fire on Greaves without reason. They showed bullet holes on the wall of the shop to bolster their point. Greaves was hit and ran. The officers followed him still shooting. The residents showed the Express scattered bullet holes all along the street. Greaves tried to run through an alley along Third Street but was eventually shot down by the officers. He lay there bleeding for at least 30 minutes, residents said. “He was laying down there, bleeding, fighting for breath and the police keep pushing us back. We had a car ready to take him to the hospital but they kept pushing us back,” Greaves’s elder brother who requested anonymity said yesterday. Eventually Greaves was dragged out of the alley and placed in the tray of a police van. Reports said he died on the way to the Port of Spain General Hospital. Residents showed their frustration over the situation by throwing debris and lighting it ablaze along Eastbound lanes of the Beetham Highway. They did the same thing along the Priority Bus Route also. Police officers had to divert traffic, including maxi taxis exiting Port of Spain to the Eastern Main Road. Residents said they will continue their protests.

Tuesday September 03, 2013

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FRENCH INTEL: Syrian regime led chemical attack

French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, right, reacts as he arrives at the French Prime Minister in Paris PARIS (AP) — A French intelligence estimate alleges that the Syrian regime launched an attack Aug. 21 involving “massive use of chemical agents” and could carry out other strikes of a similar nature in the future. The government published a 9-page synopsis Monday about Syria’s chemical weapons program that found that at least 281 deaths could be attributed to the attack in areas outside Damascus. The analysis based that count in part from dozens of videos culled by French intelligence services. The extract said “the analysis of intelligence that we possess today leads us to estimate that on Aug. 21, 2013, the Syrian regime launched an attack on some areas of the Damascus suburbs held by opposition units, bringing together conventional means and the

massive use of chemical agents.” President Francois Hollande has backed a call from President Barack Obama for a military strike against Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government in retaliation for the chemical attack. Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault hosted lawmakers, his defense and foreign ministers and intelligence and security officials Monday to discuss Syria. France is “determined to take action against the use of chemical weapons by the regime of Bashar Assad, and to dissuade it from doing so again,” Ayrault said after the meeting. “This act cannot go without a response.” Ayrault added that France would not act alone and that Hollande was “continuing his work of persuasion to bring together a coalition as soon as possible.” The intelligence estimate

also said it didn’t appear to be the first time that chemical weapons were used in Syria this year. It said French intelligence services had collected urine, blood, soil and munitions samples from two attacks in April - in Saraqeb and Jobar - that confirmed the use of sarin gas. “These past events and the simultaneous and massive use of chemical agents in the night of Aug. 21, 2013 in the Damascus suburbs confirm that the Syrian regime deliberately crossed a line,” it said. “Our services have information ... leading us to believe that other actions of this nature could be carried out again.” France’s parliament is to debate Syria on Wednesday but no vote is scheduled. The French constitution doesn’t require such a vote for Hollande to be able to authorize military action.

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Militants attack US base on Afghan supply route MOHMANDARA DISTRICT, Afghanistan (AP) — Militants attacked a U.S. base in Afghanistan near the border with Pakistan on Monday, setting off bombs, torching vehicles and shutting down a key road used by NATO supply trucks, officials said. At least three people - apparently all attacking insurgents - were killed. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the strike in the Torkham area, the latest in a surge of attacks in Afghanistan as U.S.-led foreign troops reduce their presence en route to a full withdrawal by the end of next year. Militants frequently target NATO’s supply lines in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. In a brief statement, NATO confirmed an “unsuccessful coordinated attack by enemy forces” but said none of its personnel were killed. The military alliance generally does not release information on wounded troops. No members of the Afghan security forces or civilians were killed or wounded, according to Esa Khan Zwak, chief administrator in Mohmandara district, in which the base is located. Ahmad Zia Abdulzai, spokesman for the governor of Nangarhar province, said several militants wearing suicide vests and carrying other weapons staged the attack, and that Afghan and U.S. forces exchanged gunfire with the insurgents. NATO helicopters joined the fight, he added. The encounter began around 6:30 a.m. and

lasted three and a half hours, said Masoum Khan Hashimi, deputy provincial police chief in Nangarhar province. Afghan security forces trying to clear the area were still in the process of defusing a bomb in a car. At least one car bomb also was successfully detonated in the attack, Hashimi said. An Associated Press photographer at the scene saw three bodies of suspected attackers - apparently shot dead from the NATO helicopters. The suspected insurgents didn’t manage to enter the main base area, but had tried to hide under a small canal bridge near it when they were hit. The highway between Jalalabad city and Torkham, an important route for NATO supply trucks, was closed, Abdulzai said. Militants on both sides of the Afghan border have frequently targeted the supply line, leading NATO to shift much of its supply delivery toward routes from Central Asian states instead of through Pakistan. Afghan officials say a parking lot at the outpost was a stopping point for many types of vehicles used by U.S. and other NATO forces. Hashimi said four U.S. vehicles there were completely burned. In an emailed statement, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said the insurgent group was behind Monday morning’s attack, and claimed it had destroyed several tanks - an assertion Hashimi denied.

Smoke rises from NATO supply trucks following an attack by militants in the Torkham area near the Pakistan- Afghanistan border in Jalalabad province east of Kabul, Afghanistan

Nigeria ruling party splinters as some urge change LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — A splinter group has been formed within Nigeria’s ruling party by a former presidential candidate and seven governors who want more action against poverty and crime, one of the governors said Monday, in the first major internal challenge to the president since he was elected in 2011. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi, the governor of the southern Rivers state, told reporters that they hope to “transform from just a party that presents a candidate to a party with certain ideology.” He said the new group within the ruling People’s Democratic Party, or PDP,

wants the government to do more to fight poverty and insecurity as well as improve education. “If you don’t deal with poverty, you have insecurity,” Amaechi said. “If you remove impunity then you don’t have anything to worry about.” The governors made their move during a weekend convention by President Goodluck Jonathan’s party, which has won every election since decades of military dictatorship ended in 1999 and democracy was restored. The final trigger for the splinter group came amid an internal fight to fill vacant positions within an influential committee of the ruling party.

Another senior party member, former interim PDP leader Kawu Baraje, said on Saturday that it was their “sacred responsibility to save the PDP from the antics of a few desperadoes who have no democratic temperament and are therefore bent on hijacking the party for selfish ends.” Amaechi insisted, however, that they remain part of the PDP. “I think the splintering itself is generally a positive thing,” said Raufu Mustapha, a Nigerian lecturer on African politics at the University of Oxford in England. “The party’s power was beginning to threaten the quality of

democratic expression in the country, so anything to strangle that threat is a good thing.” Mustapha said tension within the ruling party had been festering for some time, and called it a struggle for power rather than an ideological contest “because most of them are cut from the same cloth.” But they have started an important debate and some represent change, he added. The governors lead states that tend to have high voter turnout in elections, presenting a challenge to the current leadership of the party. Nigeria, which has a population of more than 160

million, holds elections in 2015. Jonathan, who as vice president came to power after President Umar Yar’Adua died in 2010, has not said if he will run again. He would face the challenge of a coalition of three opposition parties. Some northern politicians within the ruling party don’t want Jonathan, a southerner and a Christian, to run for a second four-year term, objecting that northerners were cheated of their turn at the presidency when Yar’Adua died. Analysts say there is an unwritten agreement within the ruling party that power

must be shared between the north and the south and a northern president should be succeeded by a southerner in order to balance power in Africa’s most populous nation. Nigeria is divided about equally between Muslims who dominate the north and Christians who live mainly in the south. Traditional rivalries between Christians and Muslims have intensified because of an Islamic uprising in Nigeria’s northeast. The Boko Haram terrorist network is accused of killing more than 1,700 civilians since 2010, according to a count by The Associated Press.

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Tuesday September 03, 2013

Hero mom killed by drunk driver (Trinidad Express) Mother of four, Denyse Seepersad-Joseph, died a hero on Independence Day, when she threw her daughter out of her arms as a speeding car slammed into them. Seepersad-Joseph, 39, was struck by the vehicle and died at the scene. Her fouryear-old daughter Abigail was saved. Little Abigail was being treated at the San Fernando General Hospital for minor injuries last evening. The child’s father, Richard Joseph, said his wife lived for their four children. “Everyone is saying that she threw the child out of her arms to safety. She was a kind, loving person. She lived only for her children. She was actively involved in the church,” he said. Seepersad-Joseph, a housewife, was visiting relatives at Palmyra Village, near San Fernando when the

incident occurred around 7.30 p.m. Police said SeepersadJoseph parked her Volkswagen Bora car on the roadway and was taking her daughter out of the vehicle. Seepersad-Joseph, of Brother’s Road, New Grant, was struck by a yellow Nissan Laurel car. The driver never stopped. Police said Abigail was flung from her mother’s arms at the side of the roadway. Her mother was crushed by the car. The accident was witnessed by SeepersadJoseph’s four children— Jason, 13, Charissa, nine, Ana, six, and Abigail. Richard Joseph said, “My wife and kids were visiting relatives. Her father, brother, sister-in-law and their kids were with her at the time. I understand she parked the car and was taking out our daughter when they were hit.” Joseph said he was at work in Point Fortin when

relatives called with the news. “I went to the hospital. My wife was already dead. Abigail was being treated by doctors,” he said. Police said the child was not seriously injured. Relatives said SeepersadJoseph’s children were distraught and unable to come to terms with their mother’s death. Investigators said a 44-year-old Palmyra resident walked into the San Fernando Police Station shortly after the incident. The man told police he “knocked down something” on the road. Police said a breathalyser test was administered on the driver and he failed. The driver was detained by police and is expected to be charged with the offence. S e e p e r s a d - J o s e p h ’s body was removed to the San Fernando General Hospital mortuary, where an autopsy is expected to be performed today.

Prison time for phone threat to rape, mutilate and kill woman AFTER pleading guilty to telephoning a woman and threatening to rape, mutilate and kill her, Ian Roy was sentenced to four months in prison. The 49-year-old was spared the maximum sentence of six months because he had no prior convictions and pleaded guilty on the first available opportunity. According to the facts read out by Inspect Gale Charles, Roy telephoned a woman on August 15 and told her he would rape her twice and then threatened her that he would “hang up yuh panty”. The woman made a report to the Maraval Police Station. Roy also sent numerous “Call me Requests” to the woman and left a voice message saying he would rape her, slit her throat, cut off her breasts and leave them at a police station and place her underwear on an electrical wire.

The Cyber Crime Unit of the police service was contacted, Charles read, and the man’s number was traced. The calls took place on August 15, 18 and 19, said Charles. Roy, after listening to the facts, told magistrate Cheron Raphael that he was “apologetics” for what he did and promised that it would never happen again. He said that he and his girlfriend had recently broken up and he was stressed and just dialed a number. Charles told the magistrate that women were under siege in this country and that a strong message should be sent to both Roy and “persons of his ilk”. Charles said the message must be sent so that women could at least answer their phones in peace. Raphael agreed and sentenced Roy, of Mulchan Street, Guaico, Sangre Grande to serve four months in prison. Roy upon hearing his sentence told the magistrate “Thanks very much ma’am”.

Tuesday September 03, 2013

Kaieteur News

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WI PRESIDENT - “WE SEE A HEALTHY FUTURE” From page 30 give more professional attention to their cricketing careers. There will also be a number of development programmes that will be rolled out. % The league saw a very healthy employment opportunity for several past West Indies greats in the form of coaching or consultants’ role. What’s your take on this? The WICB unequivocally supports and commends any and every opportunity that allows our legendary former players to nurture new talent and to give back to the sport. This is something the WICB has recognised for several years now and we have endeavoured to engage a number of former players throughout West Indies

cricket at various levels and in various capacities. For example, Clive Lloyd is a member of the WICB’s marketing and business development committee and is a former WICB director and West Indies manager. Joel Garner is a director currently who previously served as West Indies team manager. Richie Richardson is the current West Indies team manager, while Desmond Haynes and Jimmy Adams both served as batting consultants to the West Indies teams. Courtney Walsh is the West Indies Under-19 team manager as Carl Hooper is the batting coach at our West Indies Sagicor High Performance Centre in Barbados. Ottis Gibson is the West

Indies team head coach. Sherwin Campbell is the West Indies women’s head coach. Andy Roberts, Rohan Kanhai, Sir Viv Richards, Roger Harper and the late Malcolm Marshall are all former West Indies head coaches. Sir Rev Wes Hall, Sir Clyde Walcott and numerous others have been team managers as well so there are very few, if any, legends of the game who have not been involved in West Indies cricket at one level or the other in some capacity after their retirement. I am particularly proud that one of my first acts as president of the WICB was to launch, in partnership with the West Indies Players’ Association (WIPA), a retired

Tuesday September 03, 2013 ARIES (MAR 21 - APR 19): Today you may have some important phone calls to make, Aries, and want to get them out of the way before doing anything else. You will definitely get your message across, because your communicative abilities are very strong. ******************************* TAURUS (APR 20 - MAY 20): Good news about money could create some excitement in your household today, Taurus. One of your goals might be to invest some of the funds in fixing up your living situation. ******************************* GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUN 20): An intriguing new neighbor, perhaps someone you’re attracted to, could move in near you, Gemini. This might prove very exciting. ******************************* CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22): Your intuitive abilities should be operating at a very high level today, Cancer. You might inadvertently receive some positive psychic messages about your future, and this could prove very exciting. ******************************* LEO (JUL 23 - AUG 22): A friend could introduce you to an exciting new person for whom you feel a very powerful physical attraction, Leo. This meeting could prove exciting, but stay calm and remain objective. ******************************* VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEP 22): Some exciting career developments could have you flying high today, Virgo. Perhaps you’ve just reached a longterm goal or managed to get a break that tells you that your goals are now within reach.

LIBRA (SEP 23 - OCT 22): Tonight you might decide to attend a group activity of some kind, perhaps one concerned with philosophical or spiritual matters, Libra. Everyone who attends is apt to feel very strongly about the subject, so discussions could prove lively and exciting. ******************************* SCORPIO (OCT 23 NOV 21): Your financial situation could be greatly boosted by a development you hadn’t expected, Scorpio. Perhaps some investments suddenly skyrocket in value, or maybe the homes in your neighborhood are suddenly worth more than you thought. ******************************* SAGITTARIUS (NOV 22 - DEC 21): A legal matter that may have been pending for a while could finally be completed t o d a y, Sagittarius. It’s very likely to go in your favor. ******************************* CAPRICORN (DEC 22 JAN 19): Your physical energy is likely to be high today, Capricorn, so you might not feel like staying indoors. Take care of your body first, and get in a good workout. ******************************* AQUARIUS JAN 20 - FEB 18): An exciting rush of physical passion could hit you today when you’re introduced to an interesting new person, Aquarius. ******************************* PISCES (FEB 19 - MAR 20): Chores that need to be done around the house could be at the top of your priority list today, Pisces. A female visitor, perhaps your mother, could come by and making your place look great will preoccupy you.

players foundation to get our former greats to become more involved in WICB development programmes. % With the newer T20 leagues like the one in Sri Lanka folding up, the Bangladesh one and even IPL under some pressure, how does the CPL T20 plan to sustain itself on a long-term basis and run in a transparent fashion? Let me tackle the issue of transparency first. When we structured the CPL, we were very deliberate in creating a tournament committee that is tasked with ensuring that the rules and regulations are upheld. The Most Hon PJ Patterson, a former prime minister of Jamaica and an internationally respected figure chairs that committee, and I have every confidence that they will continue to monitor the proceedings and to ensure that the CPL functions with integrity and transparency. I have also have listened to the comments and reviews of the players, commentators and administrators and they have been almost 100 per cent positive and encouraging. That in itself is a ringing endorsement of the CPL. With regard to the business plan and the operational aspects of the CPL it would be more appropriate to allow the CPL officials to address this directly. % Are there are any plans to try and convince the Indian board to release some players for the CPL next season? This is another question which I would prefer the CPL officials to respond to except to say that the CPL is the official T20 tournament of the West Indies Cricket and as of 2014 the winner of the CPL will represent the region in the Champions League and also that the CPL will receive the necessary support of the WICB in all endeavours which aim to enhance and grow the league within the rules and regulations of international and regional cricket. % How hopeful are you about the emerging talents thrown up by the league like Nicholas Pooran or Sheldon Cotterell? We are pleased that the talents and skills of some of the younger players are gaining regional and international attention but to those of us who have been involved in West Indies cricket through the years this is no surprise. This is simply the result of the developmental process which we have been giving serious attention to in recent

years. Nicholas Pooran, for example, may have come to the attention to the fans watching on television during the CPL but he has been part of the WICB Under-15 and Under-17 development programmes and the same is true for Sheldon Cotterell. Cotterell is a bit of a late developer but has been playing in our Caribbean Twenty20 tournament for two years. In fact, he is a graduate of our West Indies Sagicor High Performance Centre. There are many others who have come through the system — Jason Holder,

Kieron Powell, Devon Thomas. There are also others who are just on the cusp of following in the footsteps of others such as Carlos Brathwaite, Miguel Cummins, Nkrumah Bonner, Kraigg Brathwaite, Veerasammy Permaul and others. And then there is a long list of very exciting youth cricketers who are set to follow them as well. Many of them will be on show during the ICC Under19 World Cup next year. Overall, we see a strong and healthy future for West Indies cricket in the coming years.

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Tuesday September 03, 2013

WI President - “We see a healthy future” Gulf News - Dubai, United Arab Emirates - The success of the inaugural Limacol Caribbean Premier League (LCPL) T20 has renewed a fresh surge of optimism towards improving the health of West Indies cricket, financially and otherwise. It has brought back the crowds to cricket in the Caribbean, TV revenues have shown an increase — giving rise to hopes of a turnaround. No wonder then that Whycliffe ‘Dave’ Cameron, the young president of the West Indies Cricket Board at 42 years old, is buoyant. Cameron and his vice-

president Emmanuel Nathan, who swept to power in the WICB elections in March, can lay claim to some brownie points — but he admits that it’s only a job well begun. The Jamaican, who has been involved with the West Indies board for more than a decade (he had been vicepresident to his predecessor Dr Julian Hunte for over five years), surely knows his job entails more than just staging a successful Twenty20 league. The pressure of expectations on the CameronNathan team is enormous, what with former fast bowling great Colin Croft even likening

them to the combination of Bill Clinton and Al Gore when they rose to the helm of US administration in 1993 in a column. In an exclusive interview with Gulf News, Cameron dwells on a range of subjects — the success of the LCPL T20, its bearing on the country’s cricketing scenario and the rise of emerging talents. % Gulf News: How does the West Indies board plan to build on the success of the inaugural CPL T20? Whycliffe ‘Dave’ Cameron: Firstly, we are most pleased with the success of

India’s NZ tour advanced to January India last played New Zealand at home in 2012 © Associated Press

the CPL. It builds on the Caribbean Twenty20 (20102013) in energising cricket throughout the region and getting the fans very excited about supporting regional teams. The WICB is currently discussing and examining ways and opportunities of leveraging the success of the CPL to the wider benefit of West Indies cricket, particularly with regard to regional tournaments and match attendance. There is much to analyse and study and understand how we, as WICB, can benefit from the successful staging of the inaugural edition of the CPL. % Can you give an idea as to how the WICB will benefit from it in financial terms? The WICB stands to benefit directly from the CPL in two clearly defined areas. First, the WICB receives an annual licensing fee from the CPL for the rights to host the tournament. This fee will

WICB President Whycliffe Dave Cameron and CPL’s Kieran Foley. certainly contribute in a significant way towards the overall annual financial position of the WICB. Second, the WICB owns a stake of the CPL and once it becomes profitable, the WICB will receive a percentage of the profit share. There are also other areas

where there will be significant indirect benefit. One of the most important areas in this regard is the CPL funding of 60 retainer contracts for regional players every year — which will allow a large group of players at the regional level to be able to (Continued on page 29)

Zimbabwe players agree to play first Test

ESPNcricinfo - India will tour New Zealand for a month in mid-January for five ODIs and two Tests, with the first one-dayer to be played on January 19 and the second Test ending on February 18. New Zealand Cricket’s release came a day after the BCCI’s working committee approved the tour. The announcement increased the uncertainty surrounding India’s South Africa tour in November, the itinerary of which is yet to be finalised. The New Zealand tour was scheduled to begin in early February, according to the ICC Future Tours Programme, but will now start around two to three weeks earlier, eating into the time allotted for the South Africa tour. In fact, according to the itinerary announced by Cricket South Africa in July, and objected to by the BCCI, the third and final Test in Johannesburg was to end on January 19, the day on which India will now be thousands of miles away commencing their New Zealand sojourn.

The make-up of the South Africa trip had already been put in doubt after it was left out of a list of upcoming series announced by the BCCI a day ago, which included a freshly-planned home Test series against West Indies in November. West Indies will then travel to New Zealand after playing in the subcontinent, for a series that starts on December 3 and ends on January 15, four days before the home team’s first game against India. David White, New Zealand Cricket’s chief executive, said he was unaware about the itinerary of India’s tour of South Africa but added that NZC had finalised the dates only after discussions with the BCCI. White did not want to speculate on why the BCCI’s release on Sunday had not included the dates but confirmed both boards had worked together on the final itinerary. “Those dates have been signed off with the BCCI. We had been in discussions

just before the (BCCI) working committee meeting and worked through the dates and that was ratified at the meeting,” White told ESPNcricinfo. He was understandably pleased about the prospects of a tour that is likely to be a money-spinner for his board. “It’s brilliant that the Black Caps will be playing five ODIs against the world’s top oneday side given the proximity of the World Cup in 2015,” White said. While the boards have stuck to the five ODIs as laid out in the FTP, the originally scheduled three Tests have been cut down to two, while the Twenty20 international has been done away with. The venues will be confirmed in a week or so, NZC said. India last toured New Zealand from February to April 2009 for a longer trip consisting of two T20s followed by five ODIs and ending with three Tests. While New Zealand won both T20s, India took the ODIs 3-1 and the Tests 1-0.

ESPNcricnfo Zimbabwe’s players have decided against boycotting the Test series against Pakistan, easing some of the uncertainty over whether the matches would take place. The players had been protesting against late payments, and had set Zimbabwe Cricket a Monday deadline to transfer the money to their accounts. The players haven’t received their dues yet but Brendan Taylor, the captain, told ESPNcricinfo they were willing to “take the word of ZC that they will pay before the second Test.” The only Zimbabwe player who has refused to play the first Test, which

starts on Tuesday, is Sean Williams, who decided he wouldn’t take part unless he was paid. Wilfred Mukondiwa, the MD of Zimbabwe Cricket, said the board was working with its bankers to ensure players received their payments at the earliest. Other than Williams, the only Zimbabwe player to miss Monday’s training session was Taylor, who was away on paternity leave. He was expecting the birth of his son on Monday, and Taylor had not yet decided whether he would play the first Test. Zimbabwe’s players had aborted their training session ahead of last Friday’s ODI against Pakistan, and there had been doubts over

whether that game would go ahead. The players and their newly-formed union decided against boycotting the ODI but the Test series was in danger till today’s decision. The latest pay dispute first reared its head two weeks ago, before the start of the Pakistan tour, when the players formed a union and refused to train until their demands were met. This is not the first time salaries have caused problems in Zimbabwe cricket this year. The players threatened a boycott before their April series against Bangladesh in protest over what they considered an unsatisfactory daily allowance for non-centrally contracted players.

Zimbabwe players have decided not to boycott the Test series against Pakistan due to begin in Harare on Tuesday © Associated Press

Tuesday September 03, 2013

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Our investments in powerlifting has paid off - Minister Anthony By Franklin Wilson Minister of Culture Youth and Sport Dr. Frank Anthony and his Permanent Secretary, Alfred King yesterday hosted Guyana’s first Under18 Sub-Junior Powerlifting Gold Medalist Gumendra ‘The Golden Boy’ Shewdas and the Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation (GAPF) to a sumptuous lunch and reception at the New Thriving Restaurant, Water Street, Georgetown. The occasion was to celebrate and recognize Shewdas’ achievement; he captured Overall and Deadlift Gold at the World Juniors & Sub-Juniors Men’s Championships held in Killeen, Texas, USA, last week. Minister Anthony boldly stated that his Ministry’s investment in the sport of powerlifting has been paying great dividends and the achievement of Shewdas is indeed a proud moment for all Guyana. “I think we all can be proud of this young champion and he is an example of what can be achieved if you persevere. Very often we don’t not think of the benefits that sports can bring; most of the times we argue and fight over all kinds of different things but when it comes to putting our country up I think sports is one of those areas where we can really come together as a nation to honour our

- hosts luncheon for U-18 World Champ Shewdas & GAPF members athletes and identify with their glory.” Powerlifting, Minister Anthony noted, has been growing over the past couple of years and the ministry would have been happy to make contributions along that journey reminding that his ministry would have bought competition quality weights for the federation which has contributed to their development and achievements. “Since then I think, all our investments in powerlifting have really paid off. We can really say that the sport has really taken off in Guyana. We are very proud that you’ve been able to host international competitions here, we’re very proud that you’ve been able to participate in several international competitions and at all of those you have always come back with medals.” The proud minister further stated that with Guyana consistently overpowering the best the Caribbean has to offer in the past few years, our athletes now have to turn their attention to the world stage. “Even on the world stage, we have seen that our athletes are on par with anything that they have out there and that we can excel. I just want to

say that we must not let this kind of victory get to our heads, we must constantly be practicing. We have to think about our developmental programme, our training programmes so that we can now churn out more champions.” The gathering was reminded that Guyana has now created an expectation that we are now the Caribbean powerhouse in the sport and pressure will be on us to always excel and defend our records so we cannot take things lightly. “So I’m very proud of the achievements of the federation but this means that you will have to work even harder going forward.” Permanent Secretary King said echoed the minister’s sentiments that the glory brought to this nation by Shewdas is shared by all. King was quick to encourage the athletes present, the cream of Guyana’s best that they need to work hard to keep the sport clean pointing out all that’s been taking place on the Caribbean and world stage in relation to drugs. “As you would recognize, drawing attention to yourself as the Caribbean powerhouse and getting there on the international stage, you can very well attract for

WELL DONE YOUNG MAN! Minister Anthony congratulates Gumendra Shewdas on his accomplishment in the presence of PS Alfred King (right) and GAPF President Peter Green. yourselves a similar treatment like you’ll find now in Jamaica where every athlete is being looked at closely and therefore keeping the athlete and sport clean should be something you would want to pay attention to as well.” President Green in his remarks enforced the notion that it was indeed a proud moment for all present noting that the federation started from humble beginnings in 2008 but has grew in stature ever since in terms of its own achievements at every level. ‘Big’ John Edwards, Winston ‘Little Master ’ Stoby (World Masters Deadlift Champion), Randolph ‘The Accomplisher’ Morgan and female Dawn Barker have all kept the Golden Arrowhead

flying high, making Guyana the envy of the Caribbean and further afield in the sport. Green, who has been at the helm of the body, charting its way back to prominence after a lengthy period of dormancy, posited that the achievements of the senior and masters’ athletes have been positively filtering down to, and motivating the younger athletes. “It’s a very proud moment for me as president; it has been a collaborative effort by all with the Office of the President, the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport, federation members and sponsors doing their part.” Shewdas’ Coach Mr. Egbert Jackson, who was described by Green as ‘indefatigable’, also came in

for high praise from the federation head for laying the foundation on which Shewdas has been standing. “On behalf of the federation, I would like to say thank you to Gumendra’s coach, his parents who believed in me and gave their all; they believed in him as I did. Thank you to the Ministry of Sport for listening to my plea.” In brief remarks, the ‘Golden Boy’ Shewdas said he would like thank everyone for their support, especially his parents - who were also present to share the moment – and his coach for pushing him in the gym. “I would also like to thank the powerlifting federation and the president for your support as well, thank you.”

Ex-heavyweight champion Tommy Morrison dies at 44 USA Today - Tommy Morrison, the former heavyweight champion who stood toe-to-toe with Lennox Lewis and George Foreman and later tested positive for HIV, died Monday. He was 44. Morrison died Sunday night at a Nebraska hospital, said Tony Holden, his longtime promoter and close friend. The family would not disclose the cause of death. In 1993, Morrison beat Foreman to win the WBO heavyweight title, only to lose it to unheralded Michael Bentt in a defeat that scuttled a showdown with Lewis. Morrison would fight Lewis a couple of years later, getting knocked out in the sixth round in Atlantic City, N.J. Morrison, nicknamed “The Duke,” never reached the status of such contemporaries as Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield, but it was surely a full career. He was a prodigious puncher whose bid to fight in the 1988 Seoul Olympics ended at the hands of Ray Mercer, who later dealt Morrison his first professional loss. He had a starring role in “Rocky V” alongside Sylvester Stallone. And perhaps most memorably, Morrison tested positive for HIV when the virus still

carried a significant stigma, only to declare later the test was false. Along with numerous legal issues, including a prison sentence that stemmed from weapons and drunk driving, Morrison’s name became attached to headlines that would eventually overshadow his work in the ring. “If Tommy was fighting today, he no doubt would be a world champion,” Holden said. “You have to look at who he was fighting in the ’90s, the guys in that division were Tyson, Lennox Lewis, Riddick Bowe, Ray Mercer, George Foreman. There’s no one with that talent today. Tommy would absolutely dominate if he were in his prime boxing today.” Morrison won his first 28 professional fights, beating faded champions such as Pinklon Thomas along the way. His career reached its apex in the summer of 1993 with a unanimous decision over Foreman, then in the midst of his comeback, to claim a vacant title. As with so many things in Morrison’s life, the good was quickly followed by the bad. Morrison was in line for a highprofile bout with Lewis when he was upset by Bentt in Tulsa, Okla., not

Morrison poses after he weighed in before his fight against John Castle in 2007. (Charles P. Saus AP) far from where Morrison was raised. He was knocked down three times and the fight was called before the first round ended. Along with the stinging defeat, Morrison saw a potential $7.5 million payday for a title unification fight against Lewis wash away.

“I zigged when I should have zagged,” Morrison said afterward. “It’s one of those situations you have to live with and learn from it. I’ll be back.” Morrison indeed came back, but he was never the same feared fighter. He beat a bunch of long shots and faded stars over the next couple of years before his loss to Lewis. That fight happened in October 1995. By February, Morrison had tested positive for HIV. He’d been preparing for another fight that winter when his blood test came back positive for the virus that causes AIDs. Morrison’s license was quickly suspended by Nevada, and the ban was, in effect, upheld by every other sanctioning body. Morrison said at a news conference he’d never fight again, blaming his plight on a “permissive, fast and reckless lifestyle.” His lifestyle never changed, though, even when he stepped away from the ring. He had already run afoul of the law in 1993, when he pleaded guilty to assaulting a college student. He also dealt with weapons charges and multiple DUI incidents over the years. He was finally sentenced to two years in prison in

2000, and another year was added to his sentence in 2002 for violating parole. When he was released, Morrison said his HIV tests had resulted in false positives, and he wanted to resume his career. He passed medical tests in Arizona — even as Nevada stood by its decision — and returned to the ring. Morrison fought twice more in his career, winning once in West Virginia and for the final time in Mexico. He finished with a record of 48-3-1 with 42 knockouts. “Tommy’s a very stubborn person and he views things the way he wants to view things. That’s his right and privilege,” Holden said. “All through his career, him and I would come not to physical blows but disagreements on certain things. We always ended up friends. That was Tommy. “That’s the way Tommy took off after he was told he was HIVpositive,” Holden added. “When he first was told, I was taking him to seek treatment and to different doctors around the country. And then he started research on the Internet and started saying it was a conspiracy. He went in that direction and never looked back.”

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Tuesday September 03, 2013

GAPF President calls on Rain plays havoc with schedule at U.S. Open Minister to reward Shewdas There has been much talk about the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport and the Government of Guyana rewarding our sportsmen and women whenever they excel of the world stage. Once again we are faced with such a situation, this time, 18-yearold Berbician powerlifer Gumendra Shewdas is the athlete in focus. Last week in Killeen, Texas, USA at the World Juniors & Sub-Juniors Men’s Championships, Shewdas destroyed all in his path to become Guyana’s first Sub-Junior world champion having won the overall gold as well as the deadlift gold. Minister of Culture Youth and Sport Dr. Frank Anthony hosted a luncheon in Shewdas’ honour and present were his fellow athletes, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry Alfred King, Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation (GAPF President Peter Green and his fellow executive members. Green, after making his remarks and just before lunch was served, took the opportunity to call on Minister Anthony to emulate what Trinidad and Tobago government has been doing for their athletes. Green said that it would have been remiss of him and his executive

Peter Green GAPF President and athletes would not have rested well if he {Green} did not call on the minister to reward Shewdas for his outstanding achievement that is unmatched. “I know we are not poor, I would ask you Minister to think of a suitable reward to what the 17 yearold swimmers and hurdlers have been receiving from the government of Trinidad and Tobago and do the same for our athletes, please consider it.”

VCB hearing begins Decorated athlete faces panel on positive drug test case Veronica Campbell Brown

Jamaica Observer - MONTEGO BAY, St James — The hearing into the positive drug test returned by multiple Olympic and World

Championships gold medallist Veronica Campbell Brown got under way yesterday at the Jamaica Conference Centre. Campbell Brown, who returned the adverse analytical finding at the IAAF World Challenge meeting held at the National Stadium in May, was expected to be present for the hearing in front of the three-member panel assembled by the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA). It is understood that the panel will comprise former chief justice Lensley Wolfe, Major General John Simmonds, the former chief of staff of the Jamaica Defence Force, and Dr Aggrey Irons. The 31-year-old Campbell Brown had earned a bye in the 200m to this year’s IAAF World Championships in Moscow, Russia, after winning the event at the previous staging two years ago in Daegu, South Korea but was suspended after accepting the finding of the B sample in June. The athlete, who has won nine individual medals at the Olympic Games and World Championships, was one of several high-profile Jamaican athletes to test positive for a banned substance this year, as former World Record holder and World Championships bronze medallist Asafa Powell and Olympic Games silver medallist Sherone Simpson also tested positive for a stimulant at the JAAA National Senior Trials held in June.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Nearly five hours of play was lost to rain at the U.S. Open yesterday, forcing tournament organizers to cancel dozens of matches and issue an revised playing schedule. Only one of the eight singles matches scheduled for yesterday was completed before thunderstorms arrived just after midday ET (1600 GMT). Play did not resume until just before 5 p.m. ET (2100 GMT), by which time officials had to change the schedule to cope with the backlog of matches. A total of 37 matches, mostly doubles and juniors, were postponed until today. The only main draw singles match that was held over was the highly-anticipated center court clash between world number two Victoria Azarenka and Ana Ivanovic. Roger Federer’s fourth round match against Tommy Robredo was moved from the Arthur Ashe Stadium to Louis Armstrong Stadium, marking the first time he had played on the smaller court since 2006. Before the rain arrived, Roberta Vinci managed to beat her opponent and the foul weather in the nick of time to charge into the quarter-finals. Vinci needed just over an hour to defeat fellow Italian Camila Giorgi 6-4 6-2 and reach the last eight at Flushing Meadows for the second year in a row. “Of course I was lucky,” said Vinci after scampering off the courts before the clouds burst. Slovakia’s Daniela Hantuchova

Mopping up work being done after the downpour. (AP) was closing in on her first quarterfinal appearance at the U.S. Open in more than a decade, leading American wildcard Alison Riske 6-3 4-4 at Arthur Ashe Stadium. Romania’s Simona Halep, one of the hottest players on tour with four WTA titles since June, was just one point away from leveling her match with Flavia Pennetta at Louis Armstrong Stadium. Halep lost the opening set 62 and fell 4-2 behind in the second before reeling off three games in a row and reaching set point on her own serve. QUICK WORK Better known as a doubles player, Vinci made light work of her match with Giorgi, who had come through the qualifiers just to get into the main draw. Giorgi upset former world number one Caroline Wozniacki to reach the fourth round

but was outgunned by the more experienced Vinci, who is ranked number one in the world in doubles and is defending her U.S. Open doubles title she won last year with Sara Errani. “It wasn’t my day,” Giorgi said. “I didn’t play good.” New York’s fickle weather has been a major talking point at the U.S. Open for years with each of the last five men’s finals spilling into a third week because of rain delays. For years, U.S. Tennis Association officials balked at the idea of building a roof because of the enormous cost of covering Arthur Ashe Stadium, the largest tennis stadium in the world. But they have finally relented, announcing two weeks ago that they would commence a massive renovation program, which would include a roof, by 2016 at the earliest.

Jamaican footballer King lured out of retirement Jamaica Observer - Marlon King, the enigmatic Jamaica striker, arrived in Jamaica yesterday with some 12 other UK-based players, old and new as the Reggae Boyz enter door-die World Cup qualifying matches against Panama away on Friday, and then Costa Rica at the National Stadium next week Tuesday. King, 33, was coaxed out of international retirement by new Jamaica head coach, German Winfried Shcafer who succeeded Theodore “Tappa” Whitmore in July, after the latter resigned following a string of poor results during the Brazil 2014 World Cup qualifying campaign. The former Birmingham City striker resigned as a Jamaica international out of frustration last November, after he was overlooked by Whitmore, even after having served a two-match ban following an alleged breach of curfew rules during a friendly match in Panama City last year May. King’s two-match suspension would have embraced World Cup qualifying semi-final games against Guatemala in Kingston and Antigua and Barbuda away. Another player, Preston North End’s Chris Humphrey, was also suspended in that incident and never recalled. Speaking to the Jamaica Observer in late July, Schafer had

indicated then that he would be meeting with a number of existing Reggae Boyz, including King, plus the possibility of new prospects on a trip to the United Kingdom as he looks to shore up the ranks ahead of death-defying World Cup qualifying matches. The German also indicated that he was prepared to look past the player’s past alleged indiscretions as he aims to fix the offensive part of the team’s play after its poor form in front of goal during the hexagonal stage of CONCACAF eliminations. So far, Jamaica sit at the bottom with two points and must have favourable results in their four remaining games if they wish to at least snatch the fourth-place playoff spot that would pit them against the champions of Oceania. Jamaica have scored only two goals and conceded eight in six matches. The USA lead the points standings with 13 points, followed by Costa Rica on 11, Mexico 8, Honduras 7 and Panama 6. No stranger to trouble, King was also banned for two years by the Crenston Boxhill-led federation for another curfew-related incident in London, 2006. On the return of Captain Horace Burrell to the helm of the JFF in 2007, King was immediately reinstated to the team. In December 2008, King was arrested on suspicion of punching

KING... lured out of retirement to help rescue Jamaica’s fading World Cup qualification bid. a 20-year-old female university student in the face, causing a broken nose and split lip for which she was treated in hospital. In a highly publicised case, he was later convicted of sexual assault and assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and sentenced to 18 months in prison. King has had a relatively successful career playing in England, having represented Wigan Athletic, Hull City, Middlesbrough, Coventry, Watford, Leeds, Nottingham Forest and Birmingham City, parting company with the latter recently. King has scored 12 goals for Jamaica in 22 appearances.

Tuesday September 03, 2013

Slingerz Goal for Gold football championships Alpha ‘The Hammer’ United FC resisted a fierce late attack from Slingerz FC to register a 4-2 victory and take the championship honours when the inaugural Slingerz Football Club/National Association of Women’s Football Goal for Gold football championships concluded at the Georgetown Football Club Ground, Sunday evening last. Andrew Murray netted a double in the 49th and 61st minute for the winners with support from his Captain, Dwight Peters, and Kithson Baines in the 29th and 34th minutes respectively; Colin Nelson (41st) and Devon Millington (63rd) were the players on target for the losing team. This was after the women’s title was decided when Georgetown embarrassed Bartica 4-0 to take the

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Alpha Utd, Georgetown are inaugural CHAMPIONS in vaunted encounters honours in that segment of the tournament. Sasha James led the onslaught with a brace in the 2nd and 22nd minutes, while Neshanna Costello and Andrea Lashley completed the rout in the 14th and 54th minutes respectively. The Alpha/Slingerz duel started at a fast clip with both teams attempting to establish early dominance. Quason McAulay sped down the right flank and fed Devon Millington a deft pass but the nippy striker failed to take full advantage of the offer. The exchanges switched to the centre of the field and Alpha enjoyed a greater percentage of control but they were made to work hard as the Slingerz front men attacked venomously. Both goalies were also tested as the ball

Andrew Murray whizzed past the respective goal mouths. While Baines worked relentlessly to grab the initiative for Alpha, McAulay was emulating his feats for Slingerz but with both teams

fresh and energetic, many an opportunity were thwarted. It took the skill and dexterity of Dwight Peters who dribbled his way down the right flank and delivered a fierce kick from a slanted angle that sped by the ‘keeper’ and nestled aback the Slingerz goal. The players continued to battle for supremacy and a tussle just outside the 90 yards box caused the referee to gift a free kick to Slingerz. Kester Jacobs took the shot but his strike was too powerful and sailed over the uprights. As play continued both teams engaged in roughhouse tactics and it was not long before Dwayne Jacobs became the first casualty, hopping off the ground with an injured left leg and was

replaced by Selwyn Isaacs. Peters starred once again and slid past the opposition’s defence before passing the ball to Baines who slammed in Alpha’s second success. Baines sent Alpha further ahead with a stinger but shortly afterwards, Slingerz upped the ante and several shots narrowly passed Alpha’s goal mouth including a corner and a free kick before Colin Nelson narrowed the lead with a stinger that sent his team’s supporters in frenzied jubilation and the score at 3-1 at the intermission. The clock was ticking away with Alpha enjoying a comfortable lead when Millington struck to send his team closer to the equalizer. Murray’s second success dampened their hopes even

though that player faced the referee’s wrath and was sent packing after he was cited for time wasting for a second yellow card which amounted to a red. Play was held up for a short time as the players argued against the referee’s verdict. The little time left after the matter was resolved proved to be inadequate for Slingerz and they were eventually restricted to the second position in the tournament. Alpha United pockets the two million dollars first prize, Slingerz receives one million. Georgetown women receive the $250,000 first prize, while Bartica goes home with half of that. The prize giving ceremony will be staged at a date to be announced.

Belony rules the roost; Persaud stars as North win ECB 50-over tourney Cave retains consistency By Zaheer Mohamed Adams slams century in first round at GASP Open Suresh Persaud stroked a

fine half century as North Essequibo defeated East Bank Essequibo by 1 wicket to win the final of the Essequibo Cricket Board (ECB) 50-over competition on Sunday at NO 1 ground, Reliance, Essequibo Coast. Persaud hammered four fours and three sixes and got support from Vishwanauth Lall who made 48 with five fours and two sixes and Hemant Beharry with 23 (2x4) as North successfully chased 155, finishing on 158-9 in 29 overs. Hemchand Persaud was the most successful bowler for East Bank with 4 wickets, while Jason Heyliger grabbed 2. Earlier, East Bank batted first after the game was reduced to 30 overs due to a late start caused by excessive moisture in the pitch and posted 155 before they were bowled out in 29.5 overs. Rajiv Balgobin led with 41 inclusive of four fours and one six, while Travis Drakes made 24 (2x4, 1x6) and Sheldon Alexander 16 (1x4, 1x6). Pacer Mark Tyrell bagged 3-25, while Beharry captured 2 wickets. East Bank overcame Central Essequibo in their semi-final game on Saturday at the said venue. East Bank took first strike and scored 176 all out in 29.2 overs. Jason Heyliger made 38 (2x6, 3x4), while Sheldon Alexander contributed 37 (4x4,2x6) and Kevon Boodie 24 (3x4,1x6). Bevan Adams captured 5-22, while Herry Green had 2 wickets. Central responded with

Ricardo Adams

Kevon Boodie

Mark Tyrell

Wakenaam scored 205-9 batting first after the game was reduced to 35 overs due to rain. Mark Tyrell picked up 3-34, while Suresh Persaud and Hemant Beharry had 2 each. North replied with 206-8 in 33 overs with Vishwanauth Lall top scoring with a robust 83 which contained nine sixes, while Rajiv Manichand made 44 not out. There were 2 wickets apiece for Nazeer Mohamed, Wayne Osborne and Ricardo Adams. In the first round matches played on Friday, Central got a walk over from Pomeroon, North beat South by 2 wickets, East Bank overcame Bartica by 112 runs and Wakenaam hammered Leguan by 100 runs. At Walton Hall, South scored 187 all out in 30 overs with Royan Federicks top scoring with 73 while Hemant Beharry took 3-23. North made 190-8 in 28 overs in reply. Suresh Persaud 40, Avinash Persaud 32 and Uvindra Balgobin 31 were

162-9 in 30 overs. Navindra Persaud led with 31 (3x4, 1x6) and Lalchan Narine made 29 (4x4,2x6);Hemchand Persaud claimed 3-21 and Heyliger 219. The game was reduced to 30 overs. North got the better of Wakenaam in the next semi-final at Devonshire Castle. Oyono Sampson hit eight sixes and two fours in a top score of 72 and received valuable support from Chandrika Ragnauth 39 not out and Bernard Lewis 18 as

their leading run scorers. Anthony Adams and Royan Federicks grabbed 3 and 2 wickets respectively. The game was reduced to 30 overs. At Parika Salem, East Bank rattled up 191 all out in 29.2 overs. Kevon Boodie stroked 79 (4x4,4x6) while Alexander and Mark Braithwaite chipped in with 39 (3x4,2x6) and 28 (3x6) respectively. Glendon Federicks snared 3-39 and Sean Garraway took 2-16 for Bartica who were skittled for 79 in 20.2 overs in reply. Romeo Narine made 16 as Hemchand Persaud picked up 4-12 and Alexander 2-14. The game was reduced to 30 overs. At Enterprise, Ricardo Adams fashioned an attacking century to guide Wakenaam to a massive 3244, batting first after the game was reduced to 40 overs due to rain. Adams smashed two fours and twenty two sixes his 177, while Navishaul Pooran scored 45 (2x4,3x6) and Kemo Paul 32 (4x6) not out. Tyrone Narine claimed 355. Leguan put up a decent challenge before they were bowled out in 37 overs in response. Huckumchand Savitir was their principal scorer with 66 (7x6), while Muneshwar Jattan made 39; Adams returned to bag 4-39, Paul took 2-28 and Nazeer Mohamed 2-32. The competition was used to select the Essequibo team for the upcoming Guyana Cricket Board Eldorado 50 over inter county tournament.

Leon Belony

Wayne Cave

President of the Guyana Association of Scrabble Players (GASP), Leon Belony, led from the front when in a brilliant display of word forming skills, he amassed an impeccable 6 points and a positive spread of 868 to take the top prize when the GASP staged an Open C h a m p i o n s h i p in the pavilion of the Malteenoes Sports Club Thomas Lands, Sunday morning last. Wayne Cave retained some measure of consistency and finished second with 5 points and a positive spread of 238, while Colin Chichester closed off the podium spots after scoring 3 points and a negative spread of 71. Belony’s victims were Robert Williams (193), Devraj Deonarine (89), Cave (47), Michael Benjamin (258), Maurice Munru (113) and Chichester (168). Cave rebounded from the Belony loss to chalk up wins over Munru (101), Orlando

Colin Chichester Michael (50), Chichester (82), Benjamin (84) and Deonarine (21). Chichester also lost to Deonarine (154) but won from Kevin Williams (90), Robert Williams (37) and Orlando Michael (156). The players will resume practice sessions on Thursday evening at the Malteenoes Sports Club in preparation for the next championship, another GASP Open on September 15 next.

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Tuesday September 03, 2013

Duguid says LCPL was good Shiv Chanderpaul, Sarwan invited to Demerara Trials exposure for West Indian Umpires Jacobs, Johnson, Barnwell to lead teams

Steven Jacobs Former West Indies under-19 Captains Steven Jacobs and Leon Johnson along with West Indies T20 all-rounder Christopher Barnwell will lead the teams as the Demerara Cricket Board (DCB) host two trial matches on Thursday September 5 and Friday September 6 at the GCC ground, Bourda. These two 50-over games are trial matches and involve three teams and are in preparation for this year’s Eldorado Senior Inter-County 50-Over Round Robin Cricket Competition scheduled to commence on September 21. Team One play Team Two on Thursday with the winner of that game facing Team Three the next day and players involved are requested to be at Bourda for 09:00hrs on Thursday and Friday. Test batsmen Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Ramnaresh Sarwan, both former West Indies Captains, are among the invitees. However, the 33-year-old Sarwan, who scored 15 tons and averages 42.6 with five centuries from his 181 ODIs, is nursing a wrist injury which requires about four weeks rest and is not expected to participate in the trial matches. Thirty-nine year-old Chanderpaul has 28 hundreds

Christopher Barnwell

Leon Johnson

First class umpire Guyanese Nigel Duguid feels that the recently concluded Limacol Caribbean Premier League (LCPL) T20 tournament was a wonderful experience for the West Indian umpires. He was speaking with Kaieteur Sport on Saturday evening at the Guyana National Stadium where Guyana Warriors played Trinidad and Tobago Red Force in their last of two warm up matches which the visitors used as preparation for the Champions League T20 in India later this month. Duguid said that the experience will serve the region umpires well especially at the higher level. He stated that it was a privilege for him to officiate in the final with international umpire Billy Bowden. “I learnt a lot from Billy, he gave me some good points and I relished the experience,” he added. Duguid, who was on International Cricket Council duty in Ireland officiating in the Women’s T\20 World Cup qualifier where Pakistan, Sri

Nigel Duguid Lanka and the host nation made it through when the LCPL commenced, indicated that the standard in the inaugural LCPL was relatively high. “The LCPL had international flavor, it can be compared to the Indian Premier League and the fact that international players were involved made it more exciting,” he said. He believes that the tournament will grow from strength to strength. “The

support from the public was good and I think that the competition will attract more sponsors as well as players from different countries in the future,” stated Duguid. The 43 year old who played first division cricket for the Georgetown Cricket Club before switching his attention to umpiring thinks the tournament will did well for West Indies cricket since the players not only played alongside cricketers from different countries but worked with other coaches as well. Duguid began his umpiring career at the age of 30, became fully qualified in 2006 and was selected on the Regional first class panel in 2010. He credited Compton Vyphuis (late), Clyde Duncan (late) and Eddie Nicholls for his success so far. He feels that one must love the game to be an umpire which is sometimes a thankless job because umpires only gain recognition when they erred and they don’t get enough compliments.

John Fernandes Insurance Services Ltd Second Division Hockey League Ramnaresh Sarwan

Shiv Chanderpaul

from a record 148 Tests with an average of 51.83 and only six other West Indians average above 50 in Test cricket. His 10,830 Test runs is only bettered by Brian Lara’s 11, 912 among West Indians. The left-hander from Unity Village on the East Coast of Demerara has not played an ODI since March 2011 despite a solid average of 41.6 and 8,778 runs from 268 ODIs. Team One: Steven Jacobs (Captain), Robin Bacchus, Andrew Light Jr, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Chanderpaul Hemraj, Kemol Sevory, Deonarine Seogobin, Zaheer Mohamed, Amir Khan, Leon Scott, Carl Rambarose, Kelon Carmichael, Andre Stoll, Stephon Brown

Team Two: Leon Johnson (Captain), Shemroy Barrington, Tagenarine Chanderpaul, Ramnaresh Sarwan, Joseph Perry, Rajendra Chandrikar, Alvindra Seepersaud, Vishal Singh, Shaquille Williams, Collis Butts, Charwanye McPherson, Joshua Wade, Paul Wintz, Jeetendra Sookdeo Team Three: Christopher Barnwell (Captain), Trevon Griffith, Ryan Ramdass, Brian Sattaur, Darwin Christian, Dexter Soloman, Balbinder Shivpersaud, Raj Nannan, Steven Sankar, Elton Baker, Shivram Persaud, Carlos Larose, Seon Daniels, Yetesh Danpaul Photos: Barnwell, Jacobs, Johnson, Shiv Chanderpaul. (Sean Devers)

All Greys crush Airbenders to maintain pole position All Greys edged one step farther from their competition rivals when they crushed the Airbenders by 6-1 on Sunday as the John Fernandes Insurance Services Ltd Second Division Hockey Competition resume, at the Providence National Stadium. Going into Sunday’s match in the top position with only 6 matches remaining in competition, the All Greys got off to a positive start when midfielder Alan Fernandes split two defenders to enter the left side of the circle and slipped his shot past the advancing goalkeeper after just five minutes of play which gave them the lead. The Airbenders (national

women’s team) showed good composure and continued to move the ball around in possession, but appeared vulnerable to the swift counterattacks of the All Greys. It was one such attack in the 19th minute that produced the second goal of the match for All Greys. Timothy Jonas broke from the right wing to escape his defender, received a beautifully weighted through pass, before laying it into the path of Jonathan Yearwood for the finish to nudge the score to 2-0. The Airbenders to their credit kept attacking and searching for a goal of their own which came from a powerful Kerensa Fernandes cross from

KAKA: Brazil international leaves Real Madrid for AC Milan BBC Sport - Brazilian Kaka has left Real Madrid and rejoined former club AC Milan. The 31-year-old forward cost Real £56m when he joined them from the Italians in June 2009, but it is believed he has gone back to Milan on a free transfer. The 2007 World Player of the Year has signed a two-year deal. His exit comes in the wake of Gareth Bale’s arrival at Real, a move which pushed Kaka further down the pecking order and meant he wanted to leave before the transfer window closed. Talks between the player, Real president Florentino Perez and AC Milan vicepresident Adriano Galliani lasted until the early hours of Monday morning. A Milan statement said: “Last night after 20:00

CET, thanks to the traditionally good relationship between the two clubs, Real Madrid and Milan reached and formalised an agreement for the transfer of Ricardo Kaka into Rossonero colours. “And overnight, a little before 03:00 CET in the morning, an agreement was reached with the worldclass Brazilian.” After leaving Sao Paolo as a teenager in 2003, Kaka won the Champions League and a Scudetto during his six years in Milan, and landed the prestigious Ballon d’Or award in 2007. During his time with Real he lifted the Primera Division trophy, the Copa del Rey and the Spanish Supercup. Kaka has scored 29 goals in 87 appearances for Brazil and played at three World Cups.

Kaka (Getty Images)

the left wing with was deflected ever so slightly by Samantha Fernandes in the scoring circle. It was game on at 2-1. The blistering morning sun took its toll on the players of both sides in the second half. As the pace slowed, the veteran All Greys used their superior ball-handling skills to wrest control of the match and it was now the Airbenders who had to remain content with the occasional counter-attack. After a scoreless first nine minutes of the second half, the All Greys chalked up two quick goals in succession through a Brennette Gordon field goal and an Alan Fernandes penalty corner strike that took an unfortunate deflection off a defenders stick. While the Airbenders made several promising forays into the heart of the All Greys defence, the veteran defenders coupled by brave goalkeeping from Sheldon Corlette kept them off the score sheet. The All Greys instead were the more successful of the sides, finishing the match with two more goals in the 60th and 65th minute through Brian Asregado and Jonathan Yearwood to take the final score to 6-1 forAll Greys. The competition continues this coming week once the weather permits.

Tuesday September 03, 2013

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U.S. swimmer completes record-breaking Cuba-to-Florida swim (Reuters) - American 64year-old long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad yesterday became the first person to swim across the Florida Straits from Cuba without a shark cage, succeeding on her fifth attempt at the feat. Nyad came ashore about 53 hours after she set off from Havana, completing the estimated 110-mile (177km) journey and setting a record for the longest ocean swim without a shark cage or flippers, according to her crew. She was met by crowds in Key West who surrounded her, snapping photos, when she staggered ashore as they were enjoying sunny beach weather on the annual Labor Day holiday. Helpers were waiting to give her medical treatment and immediately placed her on a stretcher and hydrated her with an IV, before she was taken to a hospital. Her face looked sunburned except around the eyes, where she had been covered by goggles, and her lips were swollen. It was her fifth attempt in 35 years to make the crossing. About 2 miles

Tour of TnT Independence Classic

before she reached Key West, Nyad paused briefly to thank her support team, treading water as she addressed the vessels bobbing in the sea around her, according to blog updates on her website ( “This is a lifelong dream of mine and I’m very, very glad to be with you,” she said. “So let’s get going so we can have a whopping party.” The marathon swimmer had said this was her final attempt, this time using a protective silicone mask to better protect her from potentially deadly box jellyfish that forced her to end one of two attempted crossings last year. Her doctors aboard a support vessel said earlier yesterday that Nyad’s tongue and lips were swollen, causing her speech to be slurred and raising concern about her breathing, her blog reported. Nyad was also “very cold” and had canceled scheduled feeding stops overnight “in the hopes that swimming would keep her warm.” Nyad said at the outset that the custom-made mask

Diana Nyad entered the history books today after completing a 103-mile swim from Cuba to Key West in Florida (Reuters) slowed her and made it more difficult to breathe. Officials initially estimated it could take up to three days to complete the swim, but Nyad benefited from a favorable current, her crew members said. The treacherous Florida Straits has been conquered only once, by Australian Susie Maroney, who used a protective cage at age 22 during a 1997 swim. The cage glided on ocean currents and enabled Maroney to make the journey in just 25 hours.

Australian endurance swimmer Chloe McCardel abandoned her quest in June to make the crossing after she was severely stung by a jellyfish 11 hours into her attempt. Nyad’s fifth attempt to make the crossing comes 35 years after she made her first go at it aged 28 in 1978, when she gave up after covering 76 miles in 42 hours, with the aid that time of a shark cage. Nyad departed on Saturday morning accompanied by five support boats that also

Geron Williams wins 4th & final stage; place 2nd overall


uyanese cyclist Geron Williams, who is training in the United States and competing with Team Foundation, recorded one of the biggest performances of his career when he won the fourth and final stage of the Tour of TnT Independence Classic in the Twin Island Republic and also finished second overall. When this year’s edition of the tour ended on Sunday morning last at the Mucurapo Foreshore it was the young Guyanese Williams, who had two previous podium finishes on Stage 1 and 2, finally stepping into the top tier of the podium. Earlier in the race, Adam Alexander, Williams’ team mate and Byron Anson (Team Petrotrin) broke away from the bunch from as early as the first 20km of the race. The two stayed away until the peloton drew them back as they neared the Grand Bazaar intersection on their way heading back into Port of Spain. With a mad dash for the finish line, it was Williams who had the winning flick to the line, just beating Jamol Eastmon (Heatwave) and Joshua Alexander (Team Foundation) to the line. Akil Campbell was the pick of the juniors’ on this stage, finishing just ahead of Joshua Kelly and Edwin Sutherland. The three

provide her with food and water. Nyad put on a jellyfishprotection suit on Sunday, but did not immediately use her protective mask, her website said. Instead, the exposed parts of her face were slathered with a special protective cream dubbed “Sting Stopper,” it said. At one point on Sunday, Nyad floated on her back kicking and led a crew of 35 people keeping her on course

through the strong Gulf Stream current in singing “Happy Birthday” to a crew member. Nyad made the swim stopping every 40 minutes to eat, taking several bites of scrambled eggs and pasta, the blog said. Her long-distance accomplishments include swimming around the island of Manhattan in 1975 and a swim from the Bahamas to Florida in 1979.

Bailey-Cole takes ISTAF gold in Berlin Kemar Bailey-Cole

Final stage winner and Overall 2nd place finisher Geron Williams (3rd right) pose with his fellow Team Foundation members.

juniors represented Rigtech Sonics. Trinidad and Tobago veteran Emile Abraham of Team Predator, who led the standings coming into the final stage, ended in fourth position and that was just enough to hold onto his lead with 42

points to take the overall top spot. The fact that Williams won the final stage in exciting fashion saw him leap f r o g C a l i x t o B e l l o o f Te a m Predator/USA to finish second overall on 40 points, Bello ending on 38.

BERLIN, Germany (CMC) — Jamaican sprinter Kemar Bailey-Cole captured the men’s 100 metres at the ISTAF Athletics Meeting in Berlin, Germany on Sunday. Bailey-Cole, the World Championships sprint relay gold medallist, clocked 10.04 seconds to beat veteran St Kitts and Nevis sprinter, Kim Collins, 10.15 and Norway’s Jasuma Saidy Ndure, 10.17. In the women’s 100 metres, veteran Jamaican sprinter, Aleen Bailey, was sixth in 11.60. American LaKeisha Lawson won the 100m in 11.18, ahead of Germany’s Verena Sailer (11.32) and Ashleigh Nelson of Great Britain (11.45). Jamaica’s Kerron Stewart took third spot in the women’s 200 metres clocking 23.03 seconds while Bailey was seventh in 23.56. American Tiffany Townsend won the event in 22.77 with another American, ChaRonda Williams second in 22.82.

t r o Sp

Our investments in powerlifting has paid off - Minister Anthony - hosts luncheon for U-18 World Champ Shewdas & GAPF members

Gumendra Shewdas (centre) pose with Minister Anthony, his PS King, GAPF President Green, other Executive members, his parents and fellow athletes yesterday at the New Thriving Restaurant.

John Fernandes Insurance Services Ltd Second Division Hockey League

All Greys crush Airbenders to maintain pole position

All Greys Alan Fernandes (with ball) is being challenged by Airbenders Marisha Rodrigues on Sunday.


Alpha Utd, Georgetown are inaugural CHAMPIONS in vaunted encounters

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